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The Daily Canadian Sep 23, 1907

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 4%\)%i  -Daily
,,1.1'mh 2.    No. 94
Uncial Stringency May
pi, ion of President of  Confedera-
lion Life Association���Fears For
Grain Crop Groundless.
J. K    MacDtmald,
.     . ..nl. .I.���ration lit* X*
I Canada, �� hoaa tu ���..' __*-**
������ ������������, mr     i    .pen-la. n  I. ��  tt;..*-.
..,        ,,. , :i,.n irlp In the
,   ,,,.l..,n>       lie  Ib  ariiiln
...    B   MiielKmnltl. anil
maaacar ol Ot* Win
���.,,���   *_a-___to-     'I'll.
.       I :rr,.'1111.1    _Osl_l
.    _U!   ninth   taialll*.   M
t���M home i.a Hi'' C   N. U   lr..m ���*���
tunri a ���*���-I Improve.-
il  1  .-..nn* out here." re-
^ I. maid lam nlKht.    "In
* ., ..I man) raporb, on __> oo_
ih.   ImrvuHi Mm.-.
nob  a  contraill r ,,r>
tin   Urn'   I   *>.i     r. ally   jiniiar -il   fol
[ .,���   must   ugreeiilily  "in
(.il ��!i.]i I Linked over the rountr'v
I (muni matter. In such a _������ft* ll���I
il: i i. '��� ..in ****_���lp���I 1 iiavll'll
kh all UiiiiiiKh the *0-t_-T- portion
L ��� . '.   nn   aa.iiipany Iunl I
| l    in     I   found  tbl-jP
... lor*   e.inilltlon.    Tak-
| n 'li.   KBli'van   1   tli't.
��� ar..    .law   and   in   p*A���*���'
k. HI    .'..lllll   Inn I..   Il'lia ..
| ar   Mi.    inarvelloilB   v,ay   Iha*
lit-..   __   Ha'ttla-al.
|,-i..;,    I   I. ii    Toronto."      Ctlllllnlla-ll
Mil, IS.lllail.      I    lliuila-    lip    ni>    mill.I
should JO ..v.'r the Kulltliern  p"I
r erta  rln.ri.iu:lily  and  hava- ���
:ii,   ea.ui.t i >.   anal   1  have
��� KTeral day*  at   dllta'rent   U>wna,
t ilif   siiri'oim.llaa\   eoiiiitia.
I nlviuas iiiiilntalni.il ufier my  lli-m
tn.null  ih.. w.-sl  aome yearn a_n
|r ri �����_, i ..:in-, t,, he a uri'i.t eoiinlt' .
moil  Kii\   now   tluu   1   um   ini.ie
lirn,.il n, Him opinion than ever. .
ri certain amount uf dama*rc
liiu- nop*   ihrouKh   the   n-cent   had
\ -,,1     ri..      Iomm  In   muni'  in
��,.', will be bear]. hut In _M i___-
>,ll ill ' rar.r In.lin. where I wil* yes
Wi"    I   run    si.ui,    .if   I h..   Ilna��t   fall
pal     iil.l   -alsli   iii  huve.  und   it
' "I .ir I inli-ln kiiv II Iii tha. ex
I'lnti iii Ibe Hoiith eoiiiiiry where 11
I r      ��li. iii   that   Ib   atandlna
food,   nnd  will   run   enally
10  I... ihe ���    I,nl   lu   ���Om*   plan.'*
.   '!,,   *tor���]   hiiH   swa-pl   over  It   Ih
bl down    In a fa'w  OM���* "t
ptlon   I   .'Minnli.-.l   lhe   helllln
(..nnil  tbe  kernel*  perfa-etly   frai
in ir'��ii. irini   lh.   only   Iokh   that   I
1 ,  co*i of enttl-i it     '���
...   nature  ptovldeil  [or  this
I        i!     ,1   Iha-  Klllltl   Willi
'"    a.    thai    r till'll     mill    kepi    tha-
���i ooi   in oourae in h..iih' imitaaoaa,
[ a loai   'I..IH ihe Kialii thin
Y knocked down, Inn I alai noi ihlnk li
| bearg u la lanerall) ���____-
ID    Hi.'    .111.'!.     IIH    III     W ll 1,1
'   iKhi oi tin   money ittuatlon, Mr
'Uonald I. ii.i.ii ,.i. "Thai  Is a prob-
;i'   pn r-.'i.i   thnt   nn   pa't-Hiin   .'im   . I
Wt   pan i.ni,   BurnsttH* wluii  the
���"' ���   I.Ill   DM   tlllllK   1    lllll   Hllle   ..'
'!'"    Hint   Hi.   atrlngenoy   win  limi
'*    "I ' '      t.riri|.    ill     l.risl,    nnal    a a.ii
J       ',     ma) n..1 b* uu Ft���*r. Pro1
I"   "".   "I   Hi.    iiirina   r, iih..iih  Tor  Ihe
I no* li the lai-t thru ihe whoi*
priii tor ii period .-tit<>> ...t great pro*
,'��� in'.. Industrial wet., opened up.
prow line* ���r luiHin.-HH expand*- anal nr iivini' iha* world over hio,
'. ' *''���������''��� th* railroad. In fan
I*. I'lie. lime inoreaaad their rnlle-c*
I* '"" bave Mni'1,',1 uml all UiIh on
prowed .ni,in,!   with   11>.-   r..Kiill   Hint
i-.'iii !���..,; hare  h me entirely  n
��'<"'<���'     inn these work* hnve i.. -ro
""I there ...u hart one o_\i���� >.i tin
Ink   J"*'        '""���    '"'">"'     lilnme   tin
["��let i. i.t'iii,' i,, |,.���,| money; thej
Pro  hare  noi   -rol   it   to  lend.    Of
'*">'ii.n the proaperlty wa* balnl
mh they were rathei tri* with theli
!"",* u'"' ""* '���"���"'���'  thai lhe reaeila.ii
, '"" �� ireai deal mora than if the)
,,...'..'"' "*" i*niiiiiniiv.   Tbei. In oon
i   """���  i'..linn,.in   ���v,.r U|(,  fad   tln.i
.mm,,,",''' money  tied up In  in
in. . foreign oountrlei.   Thla 1*
f   o�� certaii, extent, ..a they have
Hi'   ,, ,    . *��rk. '""  U"'*' nllHlillltel.
h���v    '���'"  ' '"" '"���"������' In Sue ..r .*,,���.,
r ,'...,',,i'",,"s,i""''* "' ""*.>* l.-ixl iiion,..
||' ni v" ll8>'1118 "������""id h,. dlautrou-
r1"'   iiaii'1... '"'k  "'"!' I"'v,��� <*���  '���",l
l-itheir_-_" ">���'">�� tiwat the money
u>��.niiiiul al au hour'anoUog;
11 iniiHi be no placed lhat it can lie got
In at. an hour's notice."
Mr. Ma.rllonulij. naked 11 he considered the western people exUavuKunl in
the mutter of titiyla_ autos, replied that
ha> considered UiIh a piece of twuddle
aud stated that "the poor farmers wife
has a hard enoiiKli Ufa- as It is. und any
luxury that can he afforded Is i.umrl.
uhly cheap at the price. There Is one
mutter lhat I do consider western
people extravagant tn, and that Is lu regard to machinery. When a inun buys
a hinder or drill out In this country, he
does not trouble to put It awuy for thu
winter atlet' the season Is over, but
l.-uvi's it on the spot where he fliiishea'
with II, until he requires It the following spring.    This is waste. '
In conclusion. Mr. MuclJjiral) slate.I
lhat he wus going north us far as ICd
llioutnn, and thence east to I'rluce Al-
l.erl and Saskatoon, anal I.',,,-- I lo see
the same amount of praepe. itv us be
luu! fa'und In centrul anil southern Alberta.
Standard Oil Operating in Texaa in Spite
of Statutea.
New York Sept. ������'I���That thai Ptaii-
duid Oil company Ib opa____| undi r
the name of the Corslcann Kefinlng i o.,
In the state ot Texas, which has fotblil
.i.n ilit- oil coinblue to upectte within
Hi. stale, .iu Indlcata-d t-day \ inn
rVeala) ll Tliford. treasure of the
Hiiii.laid Oil company. un.i,.r . Xltminu-
tlon lu the goverliuii.nt''' suit __*lxi_t
the company, testllled lhat H c Kolger
.mil ('. M. Payne, whom Frank II. Kellogg, the uttorney for the government,
stuies control the (.'.orsicana oompany,
ure prominent In the conduct of the ul-
fulrs uf the Standard Oil compuny.
Mr Kellogg Bought to draw from the
witness Uie inforuiulion that the Corsi
cana company waa re*Til a Standard
OU oompany and operating in Texas
because tbe antl-trusl laws of thut stale
would not permit the combine to oper-
ate In it Mr. Tilford replied lhat aj*
tar as he knew the Standurd Oil company had no Interests In Texus He Hald
that Mr Folger und Mr Pays* were
In.Hi ofncorB of the Standard Oil eom-
Imny, but he wns not aware that they
nwiri'd iha- Corsieana company.
Mr Kocki'feller'B i���.'H.iiint prollts
during tha- past eight ya-ars huve aggregated allium! J12ri.0t.ll.000.
Al Tua-hday's hearing It was testlfleal
that in the years from 1SK9 to IBM |n-
elusive, the Standard Oil company had
earned a total  profit or |4M_-U_H_
Famouis Counsel for Idaho Charged With
Conapiracy  to  Defraud   Federal
llnlHf. Idaho. %wpL li:t.���A tsiM*oiul ��ob-
hIiih of thr Kt'dcral rourl cmivi'iit-il here
mtluy to try Untu-d Stutt't* St'nutor Wil-
Hum lioruh, who Ib charged with cuu-
HpiriitK lu d**rniud tht- Fedt-ral Govern-
UH'nt by ���tfimrllH HU'gal t-nlry of tiui-
ber Uindfi. Tlu* Indictmunt was rt'turn-
<t>d luHt April und lnoludi'd l-i-sidi- Scnu-
tor Horali, Krunk Murtln, attornoy-gt��n-
oial of Idaho und*-r Ciovoruor Stt'im-
niburg b udministrailou; Sumner (J.
Moon and J. T. Hatlwr, millionaire
atiK-kboldtxtm of thf HarhtT Lumber Co..
it-aiding in WiHconsin, I*. H. Duwub, J.
I Wi-IIh, 1_. M. Pritohmrd. John Kint-aid,
William Sweet, Albert M. Palmer and
H. S. Kand. Senator Horah ai-tked for
and has been accorded the privilege of
a Hcpurute trial.
The Invent tKUtlon of tbe grand jury
lu��t dprlng Into the ttmber lands fraud-*
piudmeil n pnitound Heniriation. One
huudn-d ami tlHy witntUM were called
und the rviiiiMiec Hhowcd thai un organ
laud raid had been made by the Barter
Lumbar Company on the timber  land
ut [.ewlston dlHtrlct It developed thai
In Holae County about fifty UiouHtiml
aorat "f land were putented by (him
uili'H   and   turned   over   to   the   lumbei
The plan wiih very almple und one
thai hai ol'en been lined to rob the
ri.v.'tiiuient The law permltH a per
hou to tile a claim tbl land but tlie per-
Hon   niUBt   take  outh   Unit   he   Ik  buying
tbe Land witb bin own monaji and thai
lhe uctloii   (h bOttl  M*.     IU' 1��  limited
to 160 ooroM, and "(��������> tha payman. ot
18.60 an iora �� oartifloati tar the anar
tar MOtlon Ih turned over to him. The
lumber eompanv Ih churged with huvlng
hurnlthod bUndradl of men with money
ti�� buv laud with It was necehHUiy to
have the protection or government of-
SotaU, titt political leaders of both Domo
eralic und Uepubllcan parties were put
on tlie pav roll of tbe lumber company
It   is  ebarged  that   Semitoi   llorah  co
onoratadl with Govamor Bteunenburg
in puBhlnf thi patanta through for tho
dnmmleB and thut __��� u result the lum
ber eompanv obtained pouaaalon of
timber worlb more than $1,000,000. Tho
Indictments returned charge that Humeri uc.ctiHori Induced the dummleH to
file claims on lands.
(Iovernment offldall knew of the land
hands two yours ago and special agent.i
conducted tin Investlgallon. Much evi
dence was galbered and preparations
were made to bring the guilty parties
to Justice, but the urreBt of the officials
of tbe Western Federation of Minora
Tor the murder of Governor Steimen
berg and Ihu connection or Senator
llorah with tlu- pronecutlon or the al
leged murder cuhoh catlHed a poltpOnO
menl hu- a year.
fcH-nntor Uorah, whoae trial Ih now to
commence, Ik the Uepubllcan leader in
Idaho aud hiti close personal aud political frieudH are involved by the indictments. They declare that these are
tbe result of a political conspiracy
batched by Ruick, a Democrat, who has
opposed  Itoruh In  Ills political  tights.
Belated   Prudence  and  Silence  of  Hon.
Frank   Oliver.
Winnipeg, Sept. 23.���Hon-. Frank Oliver, minister of the interior, arrived in
the city eariy this morning on the delayed Pacific express. He is registered
at the Royal Alexandra, a-nd stated that
be was iu the weat for the purpose of
making a final inspection of Manitoba.
Alberta and Saskatchewan before the
opening of parliament.
"I have never had a really good opportunity to look over the west since
1 have been in the cabinet," continued
the minlsTer, "and now I intend to spend
two or three weeks going as far west
as Ihe Crow's Nest, and returning over
the Canadian Northern, through Alberta.
Saskatchewan   and   Northern  Manitoba.
"Aa regards prosperity l consider the
west to be in first clans condition, and
compared with what It used to be the
difference is a very marked one. The
people now have a confidence in the
eountry which they never had before,
wlille quitters are few and tar between."
Asked to make a statement regarding
ihe Asiatic question in Hritish Columbia.
Mr. Oliver said it was a matter which
was now being settled by diplomats. .
R. L. Borden's Viait.
R. L. Borden, leader of the Dominion Conservative party, will address a public meeting in the opera
house Saturday evening at fc
Special arrangements have been
made to enable Mr Horden to leave
Kamloops Friday night and reach
Nelson early Saturday evening via
Nakusp and Rosebery.
It is likely that lhe Rossland Conservatives will arrange for a
special train and attend the meeting in Nelson, returning to Rossland the same night.
New   York   Yacht  Club   Roused   by  Sir
Thomas   Lipton's   Challenge.
New York, Sept. 21!.���Preparations for
the defeuce of the America's cup has
begun by the New York Yacht club.
At least one syndicate Is being organized to build a yacht to defend the trophy, and there may be a second, perhaps more. There seems to be only one
opinion as to the management of the
defender. Kveryone appears to agree
that it will be vested to K. D. Morgan
It h* understood that several or the more
prominent young men in the club have
been either tentatively or definitely
promised to subscribe to the syndicate,
aud that a Tew others or the older men
who have not been represented in previous syndicates will subscribe. Thost
mentioned aa'hetng generous subscrib
ers to the syndicate are lSdwurd H. Har
rlman. Col. Robert Thompson, C. K. G.
Hillings and R A. Ramey. The cost of
reproducing the Reliance would be up
wards or half a million dollars. The
Reliance cost $200,000 to build and
$*_00,000 to run, while the club spent
I&0.000 on the mere conduct of tin
races. Material and workmanship are
more expensive now than they were
then, and it is believed that the new
defender will exceed these figure*-.
State Haa Evidence.
New York. Sept. 2.1.���It is understood
that Frank M Kellogg, of the govern
meut's counsel in Ihe suit to dlssllve tin
Standard Ui) company of New Jersey,
has Important evidence iu his posses
slou bearing on the alleged relationship
between railroad rebalCB and the piollh
of the corporation ln the last elglr.
years, lt Is also stated that this phase
of Mr. Kelloggs cuse Is being reserved
until the line of question he pursued
last week is finished. To back his re
ported evidence as to rebates. Mi Kel
logg has had BUbpOOttaa served on sev-
rni I railroad men, among thaSB boSQfl
JelTerson Justice, assistant romp, rol bi
of the Pennsylvania lines, and W. T.
McCulloeh. andltor ol tbe rrelglit accounts or the New York Centrul. The:
huve been ordered to produce certain
papers dealing with the transportation
of oil- John Ci. Milburu. counsel lor the
Standard Oil company, has made a
statement about tin1 hearing, In which
he says: "Most or tlie transactions
which Mr. Kellogg wants to know about
happened ho long ago that it Is not
strange if the witnesses are unable to
give him the auswers he seems Lo expect." Mr. Milburn said that the company had nothing to conceal aud it waa
pei-rectly willing to place at Mr. Kol-
logg's disposal any of Us records.
Veteran Actress Returns.
New York, 8ept. 2U.��� Mrs. Annie
Yeamuns. America's oldest actress, will
retire rrom the stage with the celebration of her seventy second birthday on
November IH. The honor oT being th"
"grand old lady of native theatre" fell
to Mrs. Yeamaus upon tbe death <>r Mrs.
Gilbert and Ihe retirement of Mrs. Sol.
Smith. Mrs. YenmauH has been before
the public for sixty-two years.
W. A. Galliher Interviewed in Calgary
Opposed to Oriental Influx Bat Doe-
Rot Accoont for Silence oo
fre-ty With Japan.
The Calgary Albertan of Saturday
has the following interview witb W. A.
halliher, M. I'. for Kootenay:
W. A. (...Ililu-i, who represents the
Kootenay In the Dominion house, arrived Irom the east yesterday and will
spend a few days in tbe city. Mr. Galliher is accompanied by Mrs. Galliher,
and they have Just recently retuurued
from a trip abroad. While on his return journey to the VOOt Mr. Galliher
���topped at Ottawa, and with Mr. McPherson, the* member for Vancouver,
had u special interview with Sir Wilfrid
Laurier to diucuBs the Asiatic invasion
into Hritish Columbia.
When seen by the Albertan last night
at the residence of C. P. McQueen,
where Mr. ami Mrs. Galliher are Btop-
ping, Mr. (..ullih'.-r said the Asiatic influx was a very serious thing for British
Columbia, and would mean a great deal
in the I'm.ure. When asked aboul the
outcome of the conference with Sir
WiKrid, he sahl that the premier had
been in oommuuication with the Japanese government for some time, and
the government were doing their utmost
to facilitate matters for the people of
Hritish Columbia. He expected that the
Japanese envoy, Mr. lshi, would Bhortly
be in Ottawa, .'- ' would discuss the
question on every point with thai gentle
Mr. Galliher stated that in past years
there had been a secret understanding
between the Japanese and Canadian
governments that the Japanese govern
ment would only give a permit for one
man from every district in Japan to
emigrate to Canada. This amounted ti
about 500 a year, and this arrangement
had been adhered to In past years. But
then another question had cropped up
tor though the Japanese government ad
here to this agreement, the Japs kepi
coming in from other points, Buch as
Honolulu, and tbe United States coast
cities, and there was nothing to hindei
them, though in all probability the Can
adlan government would demand thai
the agreement he kept to the letter.
"Yet, even if this were done," he con
tinued. "I am not sure that it would b(
absoluted satisfactory to the resident*-*
or British Columbia.
"The Japanese government on the
other hand might refer to the treaty
which allows people of hoth nations tc
come and go between the two countries
and settle in either of them if they so
desire. In that caBe the portion of tlie
treaty affecting Canada would have to
be annulled, as the people of British
Columbia would rather lose their trade
with the Orient than allow the country
to he overrun with Asiatics."
When asked if he thought a head tax
would be placed on Japanese, he said
that that was absolutely out of the ques
tion owing to the treaty. If the trade
relations between Japan and the Dominion wen- to be continued, the aecr.-t
treaty between the two governments
would have to be strictly adhered to, a-*
it was for such a number of year*.
"As to tlie cause of the present invasion," he said, " that |b somt.thing
thut no person knows. The transportation companies deny that they are the
root of the evil; as a matter of (act.
nearly all the Japs are brought o\er
by a Japanese line. The railway companies who are doing so much building
in Ibe province all Btate that they are
no! bringing these meu lu. but that Is
a question
"My opinion, aside from politics, and
speaking us a citizen of British Columbia, Is that 1 would much rather see the
province retarded in its growth If It is
necessary, by losing the Japanese trade,
than have the provisos overrun with
the   Asiatic   people."
Government's Investment Does Well  in
Alberta���Estrays  Cause  Trouble
to Farmera.
Calgary, Sept. 28.���The buffalo at La*
mont are doing well aud are now in
the best of shape. They appear to
take to their new home and are apparently satisfied with their surroundings. Mr. U Willis who has the herd
In charge, vouches foi* this statement.
They have In Ihe past summer fatten
ed up wonderfully on the succulent
grass   of   thhe   Alberta   plains,     When
they arrived here from Montana they
were in very poor condition and some
of them looked as though they would
not survive a month. During the summer the buffalo have been keeping well
to the bush, as the mosquitoes and flies
were particularly bothersome. Very
few of the herd were to be seen for
any considerable time in the open;
they seem to prefer the shelter of the
woods at all times. They have the run
of the enormous tract of country owned
by the provincial government, fully 10,-
000 acres.
Provision has been made for the winter. The contract has been let to several parties to put up the fifteen hun-
hred tons of hay required for winter
fodder. The hay has been saved and
will he hauled to the park this winter,
when the snow arrives. The buffalo
will subsist on the dry natural grass
of the prairie during the winter,. If
they can get lt; but If the snow is
very deep they will have difficulty in
pawing lt to get at the grass. Under
these conditions the weaker ones could
not stand a very severe winter.
Inside of three weeks the next lot of
buffalo will arrive. They consist of about
three hundred head, and have just
been rounded up by Pablo and his band
of Mexicans near Missoula, Mont. They
are in excellent shape, having spent the
summer among the bills of Montana.
With the arrival of these the number
at Elk Park will be swelled to a total
of over five hundred head making the
largest herd of buffalo in existence.
The entire park has been securely fenced Mth heavy wire. The fence is
about ten feet high and extends right
down to the ground. No wolves or coyotes can enter the enclosure and safety
is in this way afforded the young bison
which would otherwise prove an easy
prey to the skulking and cunning coyotes which become very bold in winter.
Three of tbe buffalo have escajied
from the park and are now at large a*
different points In the surrounding coun
try. They are travelling here and there
In the several localities, but do not
seem to wander very far away. Several persons have reported as having
seen the big creatures, but no attemn
has been made to corral them. At different times this summer, the wander
ing truants have soared the country in
habitants by their sudden appearance
and have in one or two Instances dis
puted the road with farmers driving t<
the city. They are being traced however, and thiB winter when the snoy.
falls, it Is the intention of the keepers
to track them and drive them back to
the park again.
It Ib not known exactly how long
they will be kept at Elk Park, but as
soon as their permanent home haa been
settled upon they will be taken from
Manleal    Conduct     of     Zionltea     nnd
Other Factions.
Chicago. Sept. 23.���Zion City wa:
shaken with successive sensations ye.1
terday as the result of the torture am.
killing of Mrs. Letitia Greenhaugh b
Parhamites. The Sabbath was given
over to denunciation meetings, devil
dances and aermoll unequalled since
the revolt against the regime of Alex
ander Dowie. The Parhamites gloried
ln their demon worship and hurled de
fiance at the tidal wave of indignation
which is rising against them at a velocity which threatens to swaep them bt_m
existence. Meanwhile the Voliva snd
antl-Vollva factions are bitter in tbei:
vituperation of each other.
Following a day of spectacclnr meetings, a dozen of the leaders of the Parhamites held a barbarous meeting It-d
night, after a manner of the old Flavel-
lantes, at the home of Joseph Miller, a
disciple of Charles Parham. 2911 Sschol
avenue. Wild gibberings in the "language of tongues," screams and Incantations which could be heard for a block
distant, were utterer while the "worshippers" flayed each other, tore their
clothing from their bodies and tortured
themselves In various ways. Police were
summoned by neighbors to quell the
disturbance, but by the time the blue
coats arrived, the Purhamites had dis
Marconi at Glace Bay.
Sydney. N. S-, Sept. 23.���Mr. Marconi
arrived at Glace Bay last night to mak
preparations for the establishment of
the trans-Atlantic wireless coiumunic*.
tton between Canada and Great Britain
Within a few weeks, it Is hoped, a constant night and day service will be In
Mother of Peeress.
Paris, Sept. 23.���Mrs. Levi Z. Letter,
widow of the capitalist, and mother < f
the late Lady Cur-con, Is confined to her
apartments at the hotel Rltz here, -Offering from liver trouble. A cablegram
has bean sent to Jos. Leiter, her bou.
who is in Chicago and he will start at
once for Paris. Mrs. Colin Camphe I,
who was Miss Nancy Leiter, is expected to arrive Boon. Ms. Lelter'B physicians have ordered her to take a complete rest.
Invalid and Hero.
New York, Sept . 23.���A committee
of prominent citizens of the east side
has been organized to raise a fund foi
the benefit of the family of Wm. Eaton,
a clerk tn the general post office, who
although an Invalid, heroically saved
two boys from drowning and loat his
life from the exposure. Eaton had been
111 fur a long (inn-   but he went to the
foot of East Seventh
from hla home to get the freeh air
to watch the boys who bathe off t,
pier there. Presently he saw John
Schack and Geo. Maloney being carried
out into the river by the tide. Throwing off his coat Eaton jumped into the
water and succeeded in bringing both
the lads back to the pier. As he lifted
the second one to the ladder which
leads to the pier flooring., he fell back
into the water. The watchman on the
pier went to his rescue in a rowboat,
but Eaton was dead when the boat
reached him. Eaton leaves a widow
and seven small children.
New York Theatre Scene of Disturbance
Caused by Song of  Kossuth.
New York, Sept. 23.���Because Baron
Otto Von Hoenning O'Carroll, consul
general of Hungary in New York, was
mindful of his official obligations and
would rise when a certain Hungarian
song was sung at a concert here, there
was a general disturbance and the eon-
cert broke up. The song was sung by
Mme Reby, a Hungarian actress, at
Terrace Garden, and the concert was attended by many persons in the Hungarian colony. The song Is called the
"Kossuth song" and is officially under
the ban of the Austrian government.
Baron O'Carroll is a native Hungarian,
but represents the dual empire here.
No sooner had the actress started the
song than the Hungarians jumped Dp
and applauded with ferver. Barron
O'Carroll and some attaches of bis office
who were with him. did not do so. which
was the signal for a general demonstration against him.
Strange   Phenomenon    Recorded   From
Northern   Alberta���Rumbling   Noise
Causes Alarm.
St rathecna. Sept. 23 ��� P. Winters
Caws, who Is homesteading six miles
from Pembinu river and about twenty-
five miles northwest of St. Anne, reports a remarkable phenomenon thai
occurred at five o'clock Saturday afternoon. A rumbling souud which lasted
from two to three minutes, and which,
were it not for the effect ou the animal
life of the district, might have been taken for the noise of an approaching wagon, was heard. Those whose attmitio-n
was first attracted by the sound would
have paid no attention to It were it not
for the fact a horse which was tethered
near by and which was used to the rope.
excitedly broke loose and ran headlong
over a neighboring embankment. The
dogs ran under the tentB In abject fear
and hid themselves, and cattle stampeded across the country and were not
found for some time. Coming down
yesterday Mr. Caws and Mr. Butler, hy
whom he was accompanied, were isked
by all whom they met, "Did you hint
that noise on Saturday afternoon?" At
the narrows of St. Anne, the Indians on
the reserve asked excitedly about the
strange rumbling sound and said their
cattle and horses all stampeded in a
high state of excitement. The Indians
were much perturbed.
The Btrange sound was heard at St.
Anne, and was described as being in a
north-westerly direction.
For n radius of fifty miles reports
came to the party of the hearing of the
strange rumbling and its effect on animal nature.
A party Is drilling for coal on the
Pembina, in the direction whence the
sound came, but whether or not an explosion of gas occurred has not been
The general Impression In the neighborhood seems to be that the cause ot
the unusual sound was either the des-
scent of a meteor or else an earthquake
It was snowing slightly at the time and
at first lt was thought that the noise
was a rumble of thunder, but this idea
was soon disiiellod because of Its continuity, and the fact that there was po
rise or fall to It uuch as a peal of
thunder, no matter how long, produces
The north country Is In a great state
of excitement over the phenomenon.
and word Is anxiously awaited from
further north, as tt has been found that
the sound haa been heard east, west
and south for a distance of a hundred
miles, and it Is assumed that coming
from the north, us it did. something as
to its cause may be reported from thnt
Hague's   By-Product.
London. Sept, 2:t.���The admiralty has
decided, it is said, that all the vessels
of the Dreadnaught class now building
shall be armed With <��ie,ht new type 18^1
guns so disnosed that they can be fired
on either broadside. The new weapon
will be forty feet long and a shell hou,
It, It is calculated, will pierce twenty
inch Krupp steel armour at a range of
3,000 yards.
Bishop Threatened.
Rochester, N. Y., Sept. 23.���Bishop
McQuaid, of the Roman Catholic dioo ���-
of Rochester, made the declaration before a large crowd which had gather* d
for the cereni'-uy of blessing the grav*. s
in Holy BopUlchor cemetery, that an attempt was made a short time ago by
foreigners to extort $5,0no from him.
and that he was told that four of the
men were under oath to kill him. A
number of street vendors at the cem
eterv nates and their proranatlon or the
Subbath led the bishop to make the Ala
closure. Ciller of Police lluyden says
no clun to the senders of the threatening lettets has beeu found.
Moorish Camp Destroyed
by Gen. Crude
Brilliant Achievement of Composite
French Force���Short List of
Casablanca, Sept. 23.���Negotiations
for cessation of hostilities have failed
General I.rude on Saturday resumed the
offensive and burned the Moorish
camps at Jidl Brahim, south of Casu-
blanca, und dispersed the tribesmen
who offered hut little resistance. These
operations were chiefly notable for a
brilliant forced march of the French
troops, who covered forty kilometers
Inside of twelve hours.
The expedition, consisting of 2.000 in-
fanty with a detachment of cavalry, artillery and native auxiliaries, left camp
before dawn, and formed Into two hollow squares, one behind tbe other. In
this formation they marched aome distance under the cover of darkness, and
unobserved by the tribesmen. A heavy
morning sea fog came up at daybreak
and forced a half hour's halt, during
which shots by the advance gimrds gave
the alarm to the enemy. The tribesmen came up in large numbers, but a
vigorous attack hy the first square soon
dispersed them. No further Rtand was
made by the enemy during the march,
although scattered groups of horsemen
harassed the French hanks. After the
destruction of the camps had been effected, the tribesmen returned to the
attack, a troop of cavalry repelling a
spirited charge by the Moorish horsemen. The French then abandoned their
defensive formation and the column, returned to camp. Their losses were one
killed and ten wounded.
The destruction today of the Moorish
camp at Sidi Brahim, south of Casablanca, and the dispersing of the tribesmen has resulted in new overtures for
peace. Several caids representing Oul-
seeyan. Zanata and Zyada tribes, presented themselves at General Drude's
headquarters last evening to discuss the
conditions which the French commander proposed for the submission. His
terms include the unconditional surrender by the Moors of their arms,
againbt which the caids are holding out,
but upon which the French authorities
Alt  Grounds of Quarrel  Between Great
Britain and  Russia Are  Now
St. Petersburg, Sept. 23-*-Ratiftcntion
of the Anglo-Russian convention took
place at the foreign office here this
afternoon. The Anglo-Russian convention regulates the respective interests
of Great Britain nnd Russia in Thibet,
Afghanistan aud Persia. Russia maintains her position In the north of Persia,
and Great Britain to the south. The
other governments Interested in Persia
have been assured that the convention
does not threaten the integrity of that
country and does not Interfere with the
vested interests of any one. For this
reason the question uf the Bagdad railroad Is left to future negotiations between the (lowers, including Germany
und France. The convention guarantees
the maintenance of the present poultion
of Thibet and Afghanistan, each of the
cantractlng powers agreeing not to endeavor to obtain any advantage in these
fields which might be to the disadvan
tuge of the other.
Russia, It was announced, from Sep'-
20, made prompt use of the free hand
given under the terms of tho Anglo-
Rn.'.siau <tpnventl<4n and conveyed a
direct plan to the national assembly at
St. Petersburg.
More Victims.
A party of six, including one married
couple, arrived iu Nelson laat night from
Liverpool whence they sailed on Sept.
7th. They are all clients of Rev. J. L.
BrookB and came expecting Immediate
employment on fruit lands reserved for
them. Their coming removes all doubt
of the fraudulent nature of Mr. Brcuks'
oompany. fj-e knew early In August
thut he couldnot tulfil his contract, and
he has since received copies of The
Daily Cunadian of August 19th. containing au account of tlie position In which
his first victims were. The recent arrivals ure EQngllsh, Scotch and Welsh.
They are young andj Intelligent, are
pleased with Nelson, and If they can
obtain employment they will not regret
their move, although they will see)' redress of Rev. J, L. Brooks.
_��� ���)
IB _a.i in mom
l- ���'
The Daily Canadian
Will close at 1 p. m. on the
Wednesday and Thursday, but
Imperial Bank of Canada
D. B. WI1.KIE  Pr-widenl
Head Office:   Toronto.
0.000     I
Capital Authorized    ,.10,000.000     Capital   Paid   Up          4,830,000
He��t           4,830,000 . *%.      ___
Br_nc__s in British CoI_mbi_:
Interest  allowed on   deposits   from date of deposit and credited quarterly
selson branch J.   M.   LAV,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D   1869.
 $3.900,OCO     Reserve  Fund $4,390,000
Hut, after all, it ts the public welfare
that should be considered first. Nelson
has been fortunate ia its j-olice force be-
yond any other city in Canada. Arthur
Pitchford and James Wightman are too
well known in Nelson to require any
public praise. \V. H. Mclieath baa help-
Bd Um force in emerKencies many times
and has won the confidence of all thai
know him. Charles \V. Young i^ n *���*���
cent addition to the city fore*-, but he
has a record of ten years in the provincial force and a reputation tor ['luck,
fidelity ami int��-lli ���_���<���_��� net- surpassed bj
none in that body. Individually the
men art- unexceptionable and the ��� ������ Qti
ui tin- lust few days have shown in the
force a spirit of loyalty and camaraderie
which must add [greatly to Ita ��� t!.- ���
Nelaon cannot afford to i"s��- the
���errioee of such a force without graver cause than has been
shown. All Nelson knows what
It cost in money, in Inefficiency
and in bitterness of faction divisions, to
have the city fire department fur years
the shuttle-cock of municipal politics.
It would be a calamity if any series ol
events led to similar treatment of the
police   force.
Before the commissioners meet again
there is time for angry feeling to subside and calm thought assert itself. Revenge is not sweet, lt is the Wtteres.
drink a manly man can place to his
lips. I_et hasty words and actions be
forgotten and let all think only of what
Is best for the peace and order and for
the good name of the city of Nelson.
Nelson .-And District.   Dlitrict of Wee. K -.u nay
Tale notice lb-.* K. 8. r. amyih. ol   t r - o r   H
i      .nation iuiaU.-rmtD, ml- ndi   to apply tot
i ipH-U!   umber licence  over  the   following de-
���.erlbed lauda:
No 1. i ommenclng ata poat planted near tht*
uorthea*-i loriitTpiwi u! Let am _.-. on U-m��n
("reel*". an-1 marktr-i K. ti f. Hmyih BOW be ��� ���*���*��� ��� ���'"
nerpoat >o 1. thenee *o chain* north mora Of
lexa io about midway ot ibe aoutb bono lery line
ol tin-t-tr licence No. S-JM, thence to i-bain*   eaat,
thenee* nhalei aouth. tbv_i-c *���) ebeini ee��i.
theme 4*> cbalnf  aouth, thence to       -    - -   *:
more or letai to the a-iuiheaal-'orner <���; a'
Lol   No  _ft**, tteuc*   to  ������b-wu*   :. -uce ��
--bains wnl to the point ol commei.
Deled Jblh July, I sun. H. ti. P   smith.
Henry Be-eheft, Agent.
For Sale
25 ft. lot on Carbonate St 1175.00
50 ft. lot on Latimer St., fenced
and cultivated 1450.00
Cottage,  3   rooms,   electric   liRht.
water    17W.00
*a\ acres within one mile of city;  suitable for market garden.  Terms given.
Real   Eatate   and   General  Agent.
315   Baker  St.,   Nelaon.  B. C.
Unexcelled facilitie. for the tran.action
of all  kind, of  Banking  Business.
Saving. Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Saving. Bank Account-.
on Application, In Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
f:       -��� ��� ���. ������ i  layi a * *K by the
Baker til..  Nelaon, B. 0
(But>af:nption "ratea-^
. :��.- -    -.    ��� -.-* a month ���">��� . Irert '.
' t    '   a -   _.- U lent by mall, when
f.ai. in ad-ranee.
Ad.-eruj.ina ratea on application.
All   rn  .:...-���   paid   In    aetttement   o!    The Dally
i'*q_''l-U    a' |
Jor ���uba'-riptionii
mt��oijiu|, ii...-. _*e receipted loi on tne pnauni
lorma ol tne Company. Other ta_M 1 pta are not
Monday.   Sept.   23.   1907.
Whatever   opinions   may   b*B   belt-   on
the subject from the |ioint of law or of
public policy, there is no doubt whim-v. :
that th<- prevalent feeling in the city In
n-g-ird to the local police situation Ib
one of deep and sincere regret.
The situation is one that calls not
for abuse or raking up of old tupleee-
a at stories from any source, but for
calm, patient snd fort*-��� ring consideration. Kadi party concerned should
try to credit tbe others with honesty
and iairnesH of purpose, and the final
KnidiiiK eonsidermUon of ail  should  be
tin* v,i-ilai'- snd the t-ood nam'- nf N<*1-
We think that everyone ol the parties
Chiefly < <-ii< < rn<-.' bar acted hastily, and
that calm reflection with a return to
that good nature in public affairs which
has always characterized Nelson, will
open the way for an tinderhtandinf-*.
We hope lhat there will be no though'
of reopening any matters already dosed
by the police count-proceeding or other
wise. Tbat can do no good, bul may en
gender bitterness that will take years
to allay and from which the city may
The unfortunate Incident of last Wed
nesday ni��bt and Thursday morning
should never have gone as far aw ii
has. It began, assuming that all char
EM, expressed find implied, are true, ir
what was at the worst a Fair da>
frolic. I
As to the arrest and the eircumstan
ees under which It was made, .then
Is no apparent reason to questio.
the good faith, even the generosity ol
Oonst-ables UcBeath and Young. 11
may lie that they did not fully under
stand   the   circumstances.     It   certain!.\
who d<-livered, the only blow struck In
their presence, should have been taken
In charge. Hut the explanation offered by Constable McBeath, that he used
his discretion, seems a valid one, and
at the very worst, he was guilty only
of an error In Judgment. Constable
Young was in the presence, and pn-
sumably under the direction of his senior.    Ills fault is not apparent.
It is not hard to understand, or even
to sympathize with, the Mayor's resent-
ment on learning that as the result of a
quarrel between a citizen and a stranger, in which the latter was the aggressor, the citizen was taken Into custody
and the stranger let go.
We feel all the more reluctance about
criticizing the Mayor's action b**caiise
he has been the target for unfair attack on this subject, both public and
It was extremely unfortunate that the
result of his Immediate suspension of
half the force involved extra duty
on two such faithful aud willing servants as Chief Pltchford ami Seargeun.
Wightman. although -special petrol men
were at once engaged
it is Impossible   not to   sympathise
with the subsequent action of the chief
and sergeant in standing by their comrades, and, for the same reason, with
the action of Commissioners A nnal-1 e
and   Irvine  for  upholding  the Mayor.
It Ih unfortunate that In such circurn-
Htances there Is always special expression of private opinion to stiffen the
backs of all concerned. By Friday
night there was evidenced a most r<--
Erettable absence of the spirit of com-
j promise and mutual forbearance on
both   sides.
We cannot help thinking that If
Chief Pitch ford's appeal for his men
had been made before, not after the
resolution had been passed, It would
have fmpreBsed the commissioners with
a sense of the severity of the step they
were taking. We believe, and we are
glad to be able to believe, that none of
the commissioners WAS actuated hy
any motive but tht love of fair play.
They felt, and quite pardonably, that
a citizen had been unfairly dealt with.
It is possible that In their quick and
generous resentment of that fact, they
forgot themselves to be fair to their
own servants. It Is not a light matter
to summarily dismiss officials with pre-
viously unspotted records for an error
of Judgment   about   which th ere  is no
In in* matter of an application tor the If-'ie of
a dnpllcate r.t lhe r.-rt-lM-ate of Title for lot ZJ,
iu-1 th�� weal hall' of lot 2\, block HI. in the Town
of Nelaon.
Noll'*: i�� hereby given lhat it 1�� my Intention
io laaue at Lhe expiration of one month after lhe
:. *-i publication hereof a duplicate of ihe certificate of title for the a.i-ivt- land**, in thi- name of
Ljdla i-hieldfl, whl-h certificate ta dated t*M **lat
dar of I-eetsmb.-r, 1'jro. and numl-red rtMI x.
���H   K. MkI.ii/id,"
Dlatiiet k*-Ki��*rar.
M< .---I I-and lUatrhl    Plain. ; ...' w   -. Eo
No. S
TaXe notice that J. K. F Stewart, ol CoUiac*
wood. Out., occupation lumberman, .Men tl in
apply for a apecUt Umber li .
I..* \u% de-viri-K-ii lauUi*-: ODmjaettCtllg -tap *��l
planted aboul *�� iliaiun Mtuth and 1 baini west
..; i-.ft No. i, marked J. k r.Stewart*! H 1 eh
ner poat. thenc* aouth lau chains, wcii--.- weat *0
theuce norlh lfiO cbmui, i:.- n- ������ ������_������. *0
i _u_ina to plfu-e uf roni-i.D--t-wiiU i outamitut "3-W
lera more or le_*.
July _ilh, lia/i. J__f B   F  HOWAKI
Nelaon I-and liutrict DUtttet ��>! V\ etrt Kootenay.
Take notice that Hen r) Et-dcheii oi NeItoa, B.
C . pro*-pv��.t-r, intend** io appl* foi * tpaolaJ 11-
itijit- Ui i ul and catry away umber Irom tlie fol -
lowing deaci lbe*l laucu .
No 1   ' 'omiiiencinic at a   pout pi*au-d near "he
northeau-t coruer p-wi of Timber Ltcenc.  t*.o  '.'-*���*
and   marked   lleury Kexhert north weal oorner-
p^nt  No   6, theuce e-j ehalna  *���.'.:'.��� thenea ��i
nmini ���t- thence BOChatcu nortli  theace so
> balm vi.at to place of cui-inien-.---uiciil.
I'ated July _��ih, 1901.
No. 7 ''omroenctng at a (nn-i planted near the
northwent corner j.*u��i of timber ll ������*:��� e No */j_4
aul marked Henry ken Jm ri -- a-eat come* i-oat
No .. thence 160 ehalu- eaat. ihence *U chatua
north, thenee 16U chalua rat, theaea 40 chalna
���oulh lo point of coiumem-emt-ut.
bated  ��uly *_6lh, linn.
No. u. ��"ommenclng a: a poet planted 'ta Mono*
ment creek about To chain- *ni>r-* or laaa from
w here Monument creek em pile- into U-mon
-,Te_k and marked Hear; ���'- UlilWltnai
nerpoat No tl thence I6u chaim xouth, thence to
chaini weal, thence 1G0 chain* iKir-n. ihence 44)
Uiama eaat to place ol Dommi ni ement.
bated July Jblh. 1*JT HlMiV KEICHEKT,
\\'.. will txhlblt in ��iur Hbow n>om  un   ���_.__���_   fiinir. ca.ninirnrlnK  Tut*..lay
no��t a m___lfloenl dUpla* of lini��.rt.il  Trlmni.'il  anil  Pattern HaiH, Iniliuling
all Hi" v. ry ].f. -'  Ir. nih and K��W Y..rk nt) law anil creatlnna ln Lallies' head-
wear In   Iii.-   l-a.litre   ui,-ti*-date  Nhadef..
\\'.' iiivit.' ill.   In.ll.'s tai call and itm-scrl. our Immense aasortment  nf  Fall
and Winter lint.-.  N> ��   Knru.  .Mnnil.s.  Skirts nml Kan.y and Stapla. Iir> (i.iaiiin
>\'o   Hii.u    Nothing   of Mullllrdt,r���l>r.
l.HiC.-l .. ...ailila.   <_>ii..llt> AttwrtLlud
Nelaon l_and 1'Utrl. t
Taka notice   that
Ui-.ui. :���-(**���
r**.ir**i' A Icxaud
ply   t..f
Nelaon Land Dlatrlct. Dutm t ol Weet Kootenay
Notice ia hereby giveu (hat ��� dayt after date
I intend ui apply to the Chief < .-inmist-loner ot
Landi and Work- tot Mrmlttloa to cut and
��� arr. away timber from the io.lowing dt-urtTlbvd
No. 4 i'ommencing at a poat marked H. St ti.
S -A corner,-Ml ihatun eaat ol the N- E. ecrner
ol lot No nil. poat joarkt-d K -N.K. corner,
Iheuce eaat au chain.--, IheOCe aoutb SO chain*.
thenca wchi eo cbains, ihem-e north 80 cbaina to
place of commencement cuuuiaiug *&+.��� acrea.
No   it   L'omuienciUK ai ihe   N   'A . corner of H
���- B   timber claim No   4, thence north HU cbatna,
ihence eaj-t ao chain.. Uien-e aoutb SO t-naina.
thence weat ao chain* Uj plaoa of commeucemeut
ai .ocaiion poet No   5, coutaiuing Mo a*.-rea
I    1.1.   N illKMIHH    l'.v I>A'��tJjr.
.en   liuicrufi. Agent.
Dated July ii.-.   : ���:
Nelaon l_aud District Dutrlct of Weat Kooteuav
t__kl notice ahat Paul Aug_>t Paula*.n, of Kit
���'heuer, B.C., cy-cupatton iumbeiman, tutend-
to apply foraapecial umber licence over tbe fol-
���owuig deacribel landa; 'omuitucltig ata poat
planted al the kouthweit Qornai of aur<.eyetl lot
7__*l-(- 1 lbenee aoulh to tbe DOTUieni b-mndary
ot Umber licence No. "Join, thenee weat to the
uorlhweat corner of aald limber UcaneS, them-e
-������.'.:. Ui the northern boundary of lut "5l_. :i.. ;.. .-
following aald boundary, of aaid lo*. weit to tbe
ri*ht of-way ol tbe Brui��h UoliimL.a >-.uthelii
kallway, Lbenee following aald r_*;ht-of-way tn a
norih-eai-ierly direcii.-u io place otqiiniesnos
ment, and containiug ������*> acrea, more ur   ��� --
Dated JulT Jind. Un,   Paul AnenR kafi-aoj*.
f  kaalo,
^^^^ apply   lor   a  -���*������-ta.   tlmbei
IP-ence   out   th-    t-.ll.iwtni*   deaeiibed    lanaa:
('oDiurui lUtc at a p<*l   planted m:. Ih* uorlhweat
eorner of Section Lt, ownKhip7, Kootena} dla-
iru-t, being Br^.ut one-third of a mile aonth of
the nouth ba.nudary   line  of   the Indian ra���If 8.
iheuce uath ainiut tt rjnin> io theenaterle
bank of K.H.tcuay river: thenee -������itiieaaterly
alonit Kootena]   nv.r bank a hoot eOchalha ha
the aoutn b.:i-.iiarj of ���*-���.���;, '.��� fownahtp 7;
theuce easterly ��t-*ut ."io i-naln- u> ihe uorthweat
coruer of l_.t rd : iHenCM Bortb ���*��' ��� tiaina aloag
the wett ti'tun lar> dJ [_ot 8l_. thenee Wi-at to
ehalna to the point o_ < onnfBOTint. and containing MO ai*- - m ���������
Dated Julv 4. ma USOSeS \t ��� * . ������   ra
Nela.m J and I>ia.ri-1 ������ I *��������� K.-.ienay.
Take noiu-e that Kran "Ui !��� Land Kraacr. of
Fernie, B C-. eleffk, intendi le aptly for a a,*.-la.
licence  over   the   (ol.owing    chMertbed   land":
rommencinj �����, a |-*--t planted atxnit a*rven
mllea went of tl.- K.-.:.ii��) ri\��-r. at.l ai*out one
mile nor-b of lhe in --national t-oinilary Hue,
and about one and a t\\ artgi north -a-ierly from
th" norlh ea*t DOT-* r ��* llabei 1 .i-iiee Ko. tDSI,
thenee aouth ��.��� tha na,   'h. lit   w- -i -a) chaina,
thanea north SB baina. thenee eaat ao chaina to
point of commenct-nient. and i-uutaiulug Mo
a r.t, more or leaa.
Located t3th, of June. 1907.
KvahMcClILUH  Fk.-ik
Dated ihU *th ol July, 1*'*:.
Take notice that O. C. Clark, ol Nelaon, B. ('.,
aaloon keeper, inteodi to apply for a apectaj tim-
berlieenoe over tha following dcr-crit'ed land:
Coat-aen* \nt   at   a   p  -t     y' .nted    on    Moruliie
Mountain, al-mt oue mile w*-*t of Hmelter < reef.
and adtolntnfC. C ('lark'a location tor Umber
licence No  I. and about one mile aouth <���< Nr'
���un,   thence   weit   ii   chaini,   thenee   aouth   "O
��� hain--,  thenee ea-t an chalna,  thenc*  north au
chalna to pinea of i- iftnnlng,
Date.1 July I6ih. I9in. C   0. Cl.lBS.
Darin Booth. Agent
Lieu tenant (jovernorin*
Conneil ��* pror>oaal umler the [irovialona of tfc
Notice  ta  hereby given   that the
have huhmlttud in  the
 and Strt-ama Act," for  eleoring   tin) n-
moving - ������ -i- .���' ������ ��� from'>oat kw.-r and Meadow Creek, iu lhe Dlalrii-lof Weat K'xtteuay, and
tor maklni* the aame flt for ratlin*- and ���'.���.*.
iDf- thereon tOgM* Umber, lumber, ratu*ud r-raft*-
and Ior erecting and main tai nlng ttoomt- for
holding, sorting and delivering log* and Umber
brought down aald creek and river, and for at
tachtng booma lo the ��hore of nald BIBSk and
river for aaid pttipoiM.
The land* tobe ���-feeted b* aaid work are:--
I-ot* Xft'2, M87, -M3, and auh lot* 1, l\, 11. 1*1, 14 and
U of ltOi4i>92. '-roup 1, Kootonaj Dlatrlct.
The tolli proposed Ut bl charged are ���ueh �����
may bo fixed hy the Judge of the County Court
of weat Kooteuay.
Dated siat July, v*n.
Thi ISTia.N-Ti'JKAi, Ll'mbik '. Mm  .m:... Co.,
In the matter of an ap[��Ilcation for the tame of
a duplicate < ���::.:.���*<������ ol Title for part (40 acrea)
of Loi tl_L 'iroup one. ln tho District of Kootenay.
Notloe fa hereby glvan that It la ray Intention
u> liiue at the expiration of ont month from tbe
flr-t publication hereof aduplP-ale ni the (er-
ttf f-iU* of '1 Itle for the above land* In the name
'if Andrew Mormon, which Certificate nf Title
1�� dated the Mb day .* ������'��; ; -��� . and num-
1-t-re.l 2XVJK.
Lend keglatry office. VAstrn, B 0 .September
iMh. I -r.
���ll   r. Ma.-Laob,"
Diatrict Bsgutrsn
Notice la hereby giveu that f>0 daya alter date 1
intend to apply Ut the Hou. cuiel commlaaloner
of l_an<la and W'orka for permlaalon to purehaae
the following de-M-rlbe-J landa, altuated in West
Kootenay diatrict; Commencing a', a poat marked by name aa luttlal . --. ol the .'Svuth Fork
branch, one hundred (eel from the junction of
Loal creek with the aouth fork; thence oue-
'4 uarter mile u- the nortb weal (orner poal, tbe net
one mile u- the northeatt comer poat, tbence
one-quarter mile to tbe aouthi-a.it < orner poat,
theuce one mite Ui   the place of commencement
june_*7. tSlfiT. Lo<.*aie'l by Wa. Cohkolly.
Nelaon Land Dlatrlc:.   Diatrict ut VY_��i Kootenay
Take notice that   Moore,   Kepple A - o., of i,ar
land, heuu , oc-eupatlou  lumbermen,   lutenda lo
apply lor a ���p.-'-lal timl*er   hct-uce  over   the   fol-
lowinif daaextbod tonda: Commeuelug at a poat
plante-l on Moat-uito creek, on the weal aide of
Arrow lake, and - ��� ��� . one half mile weat of th��-
���ou tb weat cornerof Umber limit No. iaTi, theme
uorth au chalna, thenee weat *o chalui, Uienue
*ouih ���*' chatua, lbenee eaai ao chain* to point of
I'liuiini'in'i m--:.��� and containing b4u acrea. more
or leal.
Dated 15th. July, 1WT. Mooal, Kkl-i-La-_* Co.
John R. (.'AUtiNa. Agent.
Take notl<.: mat 30 daya ajter date f Intend to
apply to the Hon lhe Chi*. I'ommiaaloner ot
1-aud* and Wore-, Victoria, for permlMlou Ui
cut and carry away Umber from the following
d(-acr.ts-<l Landi m Vteat Kooteuay:
No. 1. Coinmri.' ing at a ������oat planted at the
*outhwe*t corner Ol '���. -i- r .i- ���:.-���- ���*��� thenc,
weat to ��� ii��:n- lbenee aoutb W ehalna, tbeuee
eaat HO chain*, ihence norlh HO chain* to place ol
L.ated May il, 190*7.       J.T. BuiuJBaa, LOSSlOT,
J  w. i ���.; ic K**.. Agent
No. 2 Commencing ai a poet planted at tbe
���oiitheaat coruer of application No. I, thence eaat
HU enaiua. thenc- north no chalm, thent-e weat DO
ehalna. thenea a-mth au cbaina to place of commencement.
Dated May 31. 1907.        J   T. Buaotaa, Locator,
J. W. Coi-BCRM. Agent.
Nelaon I-and butriel.   Diatnctot Weal Kootenay.
Take notice that I, ti. V. Wallace, of Fernie.
B i'., hoielki-cp.-r. intend to apply tor a apeati-l
tlmber licence over the following deacrtbc-l
laudf :
1. (-ommenrtng at a poat plautM about tour
mile* weat of the Knot* nay river and one mile
uorth of the International boundary line, thence
*oulh HO chalna. ihence eaat 80 ehalna, ::.- n< ������
north HO chaina, them-*- weat Ko ehalna to the
polnl of commencement, containing i-4U ai-rva.
more or leai.
Daled July J3rd, llaX.
_. comtnt-ncitig ata poat planted at the north-
weat corner ol location No 1, the"c�� aouth iw
chaina, thenc�� weal tu chalna, thenc*. north ho
chain*, thence eaat m chalna u> the point ol
commencement, containing 6Mi air.**, more or
Dated July 23rd, 1907.
9. (''ommenclng at a poat planted at north
weat cornerof location No. 3, then-e north s"
chain-, then<�� w. -��� *o main*, tinm.- aouth -*0
ehalna. lbenee *���*>: no ���luiQ* Ui tbe -m.iih of
commen<-ement, ci>nlalning 64u acrea, more or
I en.
Dated July OMftU WK.
4. Commencing at a poat planted at the north-
weat corner ol No 1 li��cation, ihenrtr north au
ehalna, thenee eait HO cbatna. theuee aouth HO
���-t.aina, thence in it A0 chalua t o the point of
commencement, coutainlug ������<������ a.-rea,  m**r*> or
KetoOfl Land Dlatrlct. Dlatrlct of Weat Kootenay
Take notice thai Moore. Kepple A Co , of (lar
laud. Peun., oc*ciip��Uori lumbermen, Intend to
apply lor a ap-t* lal Umber ttoanci over the lollowiug deacrlbed landa: Comuienetng alar-oal
ptatttc-lon Mia��-jiilto ereek. an the we-t -life 61
Arrow lake, and al-out one half mile *-..�����*. of the
a-.ulhwcai OOmar of tttnbOf limit No- 4X77. thence
��� ���frt. SO ehalna. theuce weat (W chalna, thottoa
north to cbaina. thence ��� ��-', an rhalna to point of
��� iimm-'uccment, aud containing MO acre*, more
or leaa.
Dated 1" tli July, 1907       Mooaa. KKTMJi A CO
Johm K  CAlJUVa. Agent
Nelaon l-ant Dlitrlcl    Dlatrlctof Weal Kootenay
Take notice   that   William    Andrew    Koaa.  of
Kernle. K < . hotel keeper Inteuda to appiv for
a apeclal Urnher licence over lie toUowUU dt -
rrlbod land*: Coinmencing at a poal planted
tt.outMi mile! weat of the Ko*>teuay river, on
l urn i reek. In lite Diatrict of Went Kootenay
n-i-l lie ing al*out atx mlle�� north of the Internal!-ual t-ouudarr tine, and attuate at tbr
norlli- aat corner of William Andrew Ko__-' No
S timt-.r ' lalm, thence north M) ehalna. thence
��.��-. 80 i halua. thenc r-oilh �������� cbain*. |_MU ���
ea*l HO ebalna, to tfce p<ilut of commencement
Located JulyVrd. An
Dale.1 tbe -tt. of Aug    1907
W n: u�� Am.ri* Rr-n
Rl .-..n Land DUtrlct.   Dlatrlct of W_��at Kc-otenay
Take notice that I. Kvan Kreaer, of Fernie. B.C.,
Oterk, intend to apply for a apeclal umber license
over thi following deaariWd landa:
1. Commcnctiia* bi A paaft p!ante*I at the N. K
corner about I', milea north of lhe luicrnailoii
ni bonndary line and at-Otil 11 mllea we*t ��l the
Kootenay  rteer (about mw mile north of the
north   tjoundary   of  T    L   No    HOT.')   thenre   HO
chaina aouth.   thenee an  ehalna  weat.   thence ho
chain*, north, tbence tkt chalna eaat   to the place
of beginninn.
Dated July .lit, .AT.
2. (ommenclng at a poat planted at the N K.
corner of location No I iheuce aoulh an chain*.
theuce eaat at) chain*, ibt-nie north an chain*.
theme weat wi ehaln- Ut the place ol   Ijaaglnaltig.
Dated July rut, 1107.
1. Commencing at a poat planted al the N. K.
corner ot l icatton Ko '. thence north Hu'halna,
thence anal ��� cl,atn��. thence aotith *�� .-halna,
thenre we��t ID rhain*. u> place of beginning
Doled -'-.ly -i*t. tSBI.
I, ('(.aim ncing at the N K roroer ol location
No. 1. thenea north an chalna. ihence weat NO
��� halni    ':.   ii' ���    ��,,i,(n Ho chain*.   theu-*e   eaat   to
ehalm to the j i*< * **l i-ogiunlng.
Dated July fiat, l��/7.
h Comiiieni*,!,-- at a poat planted one mile
eaat of the N I corner of location No 3, th**n-e
���oulh Oi chaina, ihence weat to i halna. thenc,-
north to ehalna, thenee eaatHOchaina to the place
of ln-|inniii(
Dated July -'lat. 19tT7.
6 (omni-ii. it _ a-, a p*-*-t Planted at the N. K.
coruer of locatp. . wn ,, tb- not aouth SO chalua.
thenea oaal Bikiliu, thenea north no chaina,
than e weal DOi'ir-m- io in    pla  .of -*egl unlng
Datod July IUI   UWT.
7 ('omic. inn. .ii t��>*t pi ante 1 at the N K
i oruei o* ��� ,tlou N.. \ if.rn' e ti ��� i lh **i chalti*.
thenoa ��� *-��l ���*) chalna. Hou e -oulh Ml ehalna,
then.,    real -o chain* Ui the  pUQrof  beginning.
Date i lol] UM, iwi7
8.    ( < tiiii' ii   ,ng at a poat   plant-**.'   *i the N. K.
com.*    if location Sn   t, thenoa  oocth *) chain*,
thenci* weat SO ehalna, ttience aoutb hu ehalna,
Ihem-e  '-a*i Oi ��� ham*, lo >h -   plaee of beginning.
Dated July :i*t. W1 **  nasssb Lsssssc,
J    i-. ,'������)�� n. Agent
Take notice hat I. Arthur tteZ P^.brt,
tend to apply for Mrmtaaimi to p_rchal^-li
lowing deaeiibed Un-u iVimi-iVn/iS,.*1*
planu-,1 at the S K corn.-, -,i I,.* r, ... **
Od H. K. OOfWer, thence north tocbait., .S*
weat _U rhalna, thence aonth ��0 that-i !___!
eaat _U rhalua lo p.>lnt �� ����in__r-iw-.1_,.r_2
containing 10 acrea, more or leaa   1
June7.11W7 AiTHtaAm hT.1Ml
Wiluam alohio mill*, a,^     '
Taie  notice that I. William k   ;,-,.    ~~|
U> appl} for p-trml*a|on in ptircb-u, ... r^*
Ing   ���!. ���..ril-'l   land*      ("nmrnrii. _,'.
plauted at lhe ti. K  corner ol Lotiri ,y
e.1   northeavt    corner.    thoOM    *������������ t
thence   aouth   el   ehaln*. theoce eatt ��� ,
Iheuce   north 4>> chain* u-  potei
Take nonce ihat John Koaa, of Fernie BC.,
hotel-keeper, inunda to apply {or smcja im-
ller licence over the lollowlng deacrlbe-d landi:
1. t-onmeucini  ata  poet _P_**��<��?,���-B A^.P..!
on tbe north lork of tbe wiuth fork ol Loaf rc.-k,
about five mile* up creek from where two foik*
mS Vndat-ouial- mllea north of {Ji'-J**"'*;
lloual   Boundary Line  and about twenty eight
trictof Weil Kwi'tenay. Nel��m .Mining Dlvlalon
���    'of the
Boundary 1
weat  of  Ko
HtrlkeB tho lay mind uh u link peciillar
ihut tbt; man wliu rt-cvlvt-d, not tbe man    toriously great dlffereuce of opinion
Not-ce la hereby given, for the Information of
Intending aettler*. aud othcrH, lhat acti-cllon haa
been made of Ibe 3..'iOO,000 acrea of laud altuated
in tin* i--.it" Itivt-r Valley. Province of i-rltlah
Columbia, granted to the Dominion (ioveriirne"t
under the provlsiona ol Kactlon 7 of "Ar. Act
relating Ui the Iff'and Kallway, the Graving
Dock and Railway I.>- r, :-.   of the Province,"   aud
raafa land is net opentotntn under the laud
law* of the province
Th* block Mleeted ll doasrtbsd aa fullowi: ���
Commencing at a point a:!';, mllea aouth of lhe
PeS** Hiveroii the l_Uth Meridian, betas �����-���
BMtorO boundary of lhe province, thehce weat
'ft mllea and 'Wi U chain*, ihence no lb 12 tnll��*
and "-.V0*-" eimlna, meuee eaat 7,1 mllea and M.S.
chain*, thence Miuth to the *n,lnl of cotnmenc*'-
metit following Die l_uth Meridian and containing approximately ..'���(*i.oou acrea.
Notice la -nt... glean ihat. with a view to
facilitating iM-ttlemeiil ln tbe valley* oi the
Peace, Faranip and 1'a'k Klvera, the following
belt uf laud 4u mile* lu width and extending
-0 mllea on each *ide ol lhe Peace, Paraulp and
Pack Kiver* haa been reserved for actual aetllera
to be aco,ulred by prer-mptiuu only under tbe
Laud Act, inch land not tmlng open for aale.
leaae, licence or other alienation under the aaid
Act except by pre empuon :
Commencing at the mteraectlon of tbe weitern
boundary of the bio k of land a-elected hy the
l omlnlou (iovernment with the Peace river,
tbence following the i'eace Hlver and Par*nlp
River to tbelrOonfltieiioe with lhe Pack River
and   thence   following   the   Pack   river to  the
tioint, where aald Pack River leavei Mcl-co"!
,ake, and extending for a distance of _o mile*
nn w ii M'l��' nl (.nid Rivera and approximately
170 mile* in length.
All Utndl OUlndg the boundarlea of the Dominion  Oorernment   Clrant   and -the  reear-ra
alane deacrlbed are OpSU for location under the
lawa of the  Province.
Acting Chief (ommlaaloner of I_and* and Worka
Lmi'i- and Worka Iieparliiient.
Vn-toi ia, Bvptember lStb, 1907.
milci weat of Roolenar Kiver. tbence eaat to
.baina thence north 80 chaina, tbeben wen feu
cbalC" to hank ot *aldcfeek, thence do*u Itream
U> pISSS of commencement.      f ^ U.e.tor,
_. (omineucing at a l^jWM^.K
weal corner of I. Roaa'a No. 1 location, thence
we. au chalna. thence north M chalna themm
eaat to I halna more or leaa to hank ol aald . reek.
SSto. down .Irene. V P��ace of _^e^mint
a rnmirtcticine al a IM��at planted ator near
_ii ��   il ��.!..""." ..I J- "�����*���- ��f. 11Uwwlo-,
tlii-u.'ir t-a.i -si .lialus, raiaretar 1ms. lis.l.l . r..k.
IffiS up ��tmm u. ���..��� oi --j*';^'"'.-^ -u.r
4, Commencing at a poal planted at or near
lhe mulhweat corner of J   Koai'i   No. 1   ��a-alioii,
thenee eaat m chaim, thenoe mth 80 chaini.
thenoe waat to chain*, m<��re or lea*, to bank oj
-.aid -reek, ihence up iiream to place oleum-
BMmSSIBSBl, j    UjmM.laX^Un,
6. Commencing at s.poat plsntod abont two
mild aouth of tn.- M.uihweat corner of J, Boaii
No. 1 l.-caiioii.oi. lhe norlh lork of the lontb
fork ol L .1 creek, and about four mllea tip
���tream, l-mn where lhe two forki meet, thenoa
eailtHlchaliii. thence nortb to chain*, Ihence
weatW' ehalna, more or leai. to bank of *ald
creek, thonoa down htream m place ol com menee-
D-eUl' J. luwa. locator.
f, Commencing at a poit planted at. or near,
theaouihweiicoriicrofJ. Bin** oo. 6 location,
on I^oM creea, lbenee weat to chalna, thenoa
north to ehalna, tbmice Huchain i eait, mon or
leaa, to bank of aald creek, theuce down ilreeia
to place of commencement.
l!oealed iMh June, 1K07. J* BOSli UWStOr.
Time for a-lv. rtialng   extended  by the Aaainlaril
' Commlaaloiier
Nelaon I-and Dla'.riet.   Dlitrict St HeSt Kootenay,
Tale  notice   that Thoa.  K.   L. I>ig��n. of   Ron
ner'a K- rry. or-eui-aUou painter. Ultendi U; apply
 -���_*i_^_^_- t" ���*,Pl-
toraipceial Umber  licence over  the  following
dasmined landa:   Ooteewnslns et a poal planted
onlhc-ou'h aide of Moundaiy creek, alx.ut in
mllea weal of the Kootenay ilrer, tbtnM wait M
ehalna, thenee aoulh HO chain*, thenee ....!��..
chalua, thenci! north HOi-halua lo the j-olutof
cniiiuieHCumeut, and containing 040 acre., more
or leai. __ _   ,    _
Dated July Olb, 1WT7.        TllOl-Ai K. L. iMiAM,
Dated July -3rd, 1UC/7
b. Commencing at ��� f-oat plant. 1 al-out two
milea north and KaOl eaat ot tha northweaj
corner of location No. 1, thence aoutb hu chaina,
ihence  eaat Ho cbaina,   thence   north   m chalna.
ilianw -*e.t au chain- to the point of now tosses
ment, containing Mo a. rem, more or leaa.
Daled J>ily x-trd, Wn.
a.   t'ommenelug at a   poat   planted   at   north
weat corner of loeatlou   No   V ih- :
chain*, thence  weit ao ehalna, thenci north hu
chalui, thence eaat 10 chaini to the point Of com
iiieur-eir-f m, < ou tain ing '-lu a- r. - m .r,   or lea*.
Dated July ��rd. I'joi.
7 ( ommenclng al a poat -danted at ito north
wett corner of location No. V thenee north SO
cnaina,   thence weat no fitietne. thanoa ���nntti ao
��� halua. tbence eaai Hti chalna to the ftomt of coin-
ni'iH emeni, containing 6-0 acrea more or leal.
Dated July tord, 1M/7
��� Commeu- ln| at a p-*>at planted at the north
we.t corner of location No '��. thenee north WI
chalna, thence  eaat  W chalna.   then.,-   Mmth   _D
chalna, thanea weat i-Ocbaiui to the point of ,���m
mencement. containing '-to acre, more or leaa.
Dated July .3rd, 1D07.
v. Commencing ata poat planted a*v>nt '2
mllea weat of   the uorthweat   coru-r  nf  location
No   b,  theOOl   aoulh HO   iluln., u  "���   ''�����'   SI
chain* theOOff north *i chalua. thanoff Weil HO
chalna in the point id coifimciic.-ment. and con
tainlng Mo aerea more or leu.
Dated July Mth, 1*1/7.
I" i ommenclng at a poll planted at th.
north weat corner ol location No. ���. thence noitfc
to chalna. thenos aaat SO cbaina. tlw-nee aootfa ���*-
chaina,   thence  weat 10 chain* to  the   p>dnt   ol
��� nijiiucnceraent,   containing M0 aerea, mure   or
Dated July Mth,  1307.
11 Commencing at a poat planted abont 1
U mllei weat ol the uorthweat aomef ol lOcattoS
Nn 9 and shOBtkj "���>-'' *>"nth thoreol -
- i ith au chalua, tnence eait HO chain*, then .
north ho chalna, thenc.- weat Wi chain* lo the
point of i ommenc-rncut, eoutaining HO aeroffi
more or laaa.
Dated July Mth, 1907
I.. Commencing alapoat planted at tha uorih
weit --orner of location No II, tbanee north ao
chalna, theuce eaat 10 chalua, thence *nuth Ho
'halna, thence weat Ml chalna to the p-,nit of
cominencemeut,  containing  M0  ai r- .,   more ot
Dated July ��th, 19(n.
13. Cornmeue)mi ata tftut plant"! at the north-
weat corner of location No 11, lhe_.ee riorlh to
ehalna, tbence weal ao chain., thenst aomh Ho
chalna, thenee eaai HU ehalna to the punt of
commencement, containing MO acrea, more or
Dated July Mth. 11W7
14. Commencing at a po.t planted at the nnrlh-
weit corner of location :-o II, thence aonth M
ehalna, thence weat HU ehalna. thence north HO
Ohlklu, thaoaS eaat HO chalna Ut the [kiIhi of
ennimeru-ernent, conlainlng  SH  SSTSS,   more or
DStod July Mth, 1907
I'. Comrnencltig at a pOSI planle.] about two
mllea north of uorthweat cornerof location of No,
II, thenoa aoulh Ho ohallU. thenee ea.t ���*���- chalna.
thanoa north ���)ebalna- tnenc-- we.t a-i chain*
to the point ill WHIIIIISIISSI.IS.Jlj containing t-40
acre*, more or leaa.
Dated July Mth, 1**7.
11, Commenring ata po.t planted at lhe north-
waal corner of i'c-auou No. 1/i, ih��*nce north Hu
chain*, thenc j eaai Hu chain*, thenee .,,,,- h >.,,
Chalm, Ihence we.t HO ehalm to lhe point of
commencement, containing r,i<. aorga, mure or
Dated Juiy Mth, 1907.
17. Commencing ata poit planted at the norlli-
we.i corner of lo- atlou No t.'i, theuee north aO
chalm. thenee weat HO ehalna. then-,. Month in
chalua. Ihence eaat HU ehalna to tha polnl of
cnmuiffiiceineni, containing <iHJ acre*, mure or
Dated July '_u,th, 1907.
Ill Commencing at a po*t planted at the
nor l h writ corner oil. a-a Ion No  II. lhtl>0S��Oalfi
HU chaina   ihence weal Hu ehnln*, then I ���-  th SO
chain., thenee eai-l HO ehaln* tn Iha l",||it of i om-
rn .|. . mi.',, i   eoiiialtiliig S-Oaen a mote or 1,-..
Dated July Mth   PJ07 ti  Y  Wam '   R   MWalAfi
Julia Hmo�� ���>, Agunt.
Nelnon I uml Dl.lrlcl. Dlatrlctof Weal Kootenay
Take notice that I. Kllxal-eth Ferguaou. of Nn
���on. Hut I* h Columbia, occupation married WO
man. intend to appiv for permlaalon lo pur< lio<<
the lollowiug iii'- nf--d land : Cominenclng at a
po*t plaute-1 4<' chalna weat of the aoutbeaat corner if letlcli .*.*. l..'Aii-M|it.i, Kooteuay, and
marke-1-E. K '��   N    Y.    corner," theuce   weat   Ho
ehalna* thanea  aouth au rhalna. thence eaat mi
-halm, thenee north 4u ehalna to theplaie of
commencctiu-nt and containing 120 acrea more
Will Juir, A.   '). I��l7.    KUI/��TTTTH Pitaol ���!���  ���-
by W. A. (alder, agent.
Nelaou I-ateI Dlatr.d.    Dlitrict of Weat Kootenay.
Take notice that I, David U    Kurta, of   Nelaon,
B  (*.. (h ��� upatlon  men haul, Intend   to apply for
iv-111 !--[.ii, in purchaae  the   following deacr|l>ed
land:   (ominenctug   al   a poat    planted   al    the
aotith went   corner   of   ���SSttOS   M,   townahlp   W,
Kootaaay, aid marked "D.u. K 'a ti. W. corner,"
ih.'t...    north   no chalna,   thence  eaat  40 chalna,
thenea  loath  B chaina, thenee  went 40 chalna
to tti*   point of commencerneni aud   containing
���   a. re- mon* or leai.
1Mb July, 1907. Davit* (i   Kt'STX,
W. A   lalder, ageut.
lake notice tbat 1. Thoma* Harry W'Hiou, in.
land to ai.ply for permlaalon Ui purchaii the follow lug detvcritied land : Commencing i,lap*.-l
planted at Uu- h K corner of lot Ihm and marked
V �� corner, theuce aoulh In chain*, thehce
we*t lu ehalna, Ihence annth 10 ehalm, thenre
we.t |t) ehalut, tbence aoulh 10 chalna. thru- e
we.t lu chalna, thciicc aouth 10 chalna, thence
weillu chaim, Iheuce nonh 40 ctiaitia, thence
eaat 4" chain* to -wdtit of commencement and
containing tOOnefSa, more or leaa
June 7,  191/7 l""-f   lieu   Wll.aoN.
Willi AM   V    o-,,-., Mltl-H. Igetit
Ni-laon Land DUtrlct. Diatrict ol Weat KeOVtSSf
Take notice lhat I, John E_SHf. of NelMin, M. C.,
on upatlon miner intend to apply for permia-
alou to purchaae the following .'���-..'1 H-.l landa:
Commencing at a po.t planted at the N K of
l^.i "ir thenci- eaat 20 chain*, thciicc ���ootfa M
chain., thenee weal JO chalna, Ihence north 20
chain, to j...ml of commeucr-ment, containing 40
--������- more or ���**���**"**
Auguat '2nd,  19UT,
John La ho.
ham. m..re or h ��.  1., 11���
Fulltnore'a I'. R  , thence*
Hahl   boundary t
lake more  SO ol
1 oijiiih tireinent.
Hay 2nd, 1907.
jr'th" --.. -. ���
 .halm eaat along the
ke.   iheuce north along the
inure  or   leaa  to polut of
J. D   Moore.
Agent (or Harry  Mel-cod.
Nel-snu in..' Dihtrlet.   Dlatrlctof Weat Kooleliay.
'lake notice Dial 1 leorge Rufun Carter of Hlrdar,
occupation, brldgeman, Intend* 10 apply for nt-
million    to   puivhaae    the   lollowiug    .ie.crlt.ed
land : ' ommeii'tiig at po.t planted al th-  Mi
'������i f   m   Ron*'application Ui purchaae,
inaiked ti W,, thenee north 40 chalua, tbence
ea.t 40 chalna, thenee. aoulh JO chalna to A.
I'urry'i preemption. Iheticu well Jn ehalm.
tin nee aouth SB ��� halm, thence whiI #> chain* tn
place  of   eommeticeiuellt    containing   l'_n  acrei
swrs or !������
Dated July 19, 1907.       Uronur 1 1 c a Cantkk,
W. J. H-OTT, Agenl
I, the underHlgiied, attSt to day* intend to ap
t>ly to the Hon [heChlal Cominlaaloner of I-and a
tli'l Work* to ,....,.-., the lollowiug de-MTllajd
latiil: Commencing al (he N. K. 1 . nf l.oi VMfti
���i.  I,   thenee   we.)   tu  (lialiin    thctice   north   .'"
"halna,   thenoa  ea.t   In chain*,   thetu' Uh 'JO
chalna to point of commencement, eoutaining HO
acrea more or leu.
LotiatO    Man h ,'aih. 1907 W, A. Mu.l.i.
.���<rH.r   ��....u -*. ��� nam. mi  poic; 0( (M
ment. and c.QUlit'.nr t*i acrr. m-ir- ,���
June 7. 19*07 _ William Rsanuia.
William a!"'-."" 5n!u4i^iJm
Fixtr daya after date I intend toipe-aia
Hon Chief Commliatoner of !___,.:. _- *��
Victoria, B C . to purchaae the W.w-fi
acritwd land, aituated In ibe weat C/wuttTiia
trlct: Commencing at a poat plu-ia) -!���
weat aide of Kootenay lake. ne��t lk:nj
polnl. and marked J McKmnnc �� �� taw
|mmI, Ihence weit SO rbaia*. tbean Mffj
chalna. Iheuce eait to ehala* more ������_-*.-
ahore. tbence along lake iborr u> p.._: .
Dated April 4. 1907. - rri-dJ M'Kj
Nelaon I_and Dlatrlct       ���.-������.������->'.,.__. |
Take   notice   that   MwSSfl Fraatr
Montana.   C   **���  A . oaonfOlSja ���> �����
lend* to apply   for   ttermtaaloo la a
lollowlng   aeecrlbed   land      Cuaao*M III
p��al planted on   lhe **e-t  ��' ..--  .< ��� ���>>��� i^, |
���ban (Cariboo) lake aad
oi 1*01 r~~ "
l_.t a j.t#. ia_tin-' mii;   ���-._.l. ���._.-...����
caalni. \h4tJML\T eaat 3) < naibt. tftea-** wall
aim, tbentWaait 40 ebaiaa, do��ot _-aiiha
weat ahore   of   t'pper   Whatatiaa v *r.W!_feI
ihence   northerly and  weaterly a_Mf item|
���hore HO cnaina. more er leaa. lu p_si_fa
i-iru<euieui.   and  umlatnlof Ugtam
May Oth. 1907 i   - ,     -...__ |
Hixty daya after date 1 mun. U ifMkefl
Hon    chief Commliatoner of Lu4*u4Vm
for   r*ermla*tnn to  purchaae  tbr !.IjmimS1
a��-rlbed land   in   Weat kno-cbaj- .nine. Qnf
menclng   at a   |-oat marked A <   lia-arki
uoruer  poal,   running 40 rhalna awwfj*
tbe boundary of TimnVr Uo-iht ><j aa ta
aoutberly   '-��� cbaina,  thanaa wa-b-aySSg
tbeuee northerly   '���* rhalna 1.-1.1   Ul
track io Hi. i.1��.t i-l . "inm*-DiYa��l,-_!Ulf
two hundred acrea. mor-r ur Iraa
Located lb la 9th day of May. IK.
Ai   ImM
Notice li herihy given :��� ���   ���    ��-<irtu
intend toapplr Ui the HonoratMt ���*-._��..������ 1
mtaalnner  of f_anda and   Work- ��� ���-���-._a*i ]
Ui purr bat**- the fnllowlliff dea-nfcel __tl
In   W>ai   Kootenay dlatrlct    ' oanrr
Doet plantt d at the  weet bonn-aiyaf
and about lo chalua a-iu:h of tbieatt hiaalaf
ol the right-of way of Ibr Btwikia
way, and   marked   P.  A   P'a
r the B c-��C-*riS
_ -nee weal tflSl hatn*. ih-fweaon-U-*
boundary of the rtgbi-of way *t l_
ra: '
aanialarr a,l lb. rl.B.-oI ... �� = ' *V_!I
illway. lh*ua*. luiraiwlni salal l-����jr'��"l
rl.hl ail w��j lu >n -aaU-rlr -IM*_����" 1
Niuu.larr ol I-I ���*J HI il..-. . ���� "J_"J|
a ..liini.-Ii.-flnj.ul,   .-oniBiail.. IHstt*-^
!*��*��� _.
I)��l-al this Mth aUr a.l Ll"- '��"_,,__ ,
N��Uoii l-ll.l IMstrl.l. l.l.lllrlaal .��'"-���"
Tak* i���,ll,-�� tlaat I'.ul An.ri.l lwl>��._2
.'h.ri.r. II I . ���.-a-,i|..ll..ii lumt-mu. ��g
toaPl.lv t..r Mr���.__-. .a. pur.h_.is.*"
lu. .l-_rll��al l.li.l. I ..mma-r rti�� ���""
plaiiuaal at Ibssaurs l..i,.t'l.r, oa .-
w.y nl lhe Brutal, iail.ial.is 1 mk-
way an.l ��l..ut rtt ah.In. .���I.rl. '���"������-^
Sja.n ..l.l rall��*y. iha..ii*��>nio ����**��_"
*a*l   'Al   a-h.lli.. lh.-r.aa.   ...Uh  *' **"-"T 3
r.sl fo rhalns. Ih.u,-. no... w "' ���""'J
arrnlih.Tl.hta.l..- "' i'" """'iffl
Hniilhrrn Hallway, ih.n.ar "**_2__S
���all ri.l.t .,1 w.y ta. I>l��'*<>'*��!,-!ir^f
Kau-al ihls Ji���l d.y ol ��"����"���'*��� ,,_.
I'.rL Al��r*i a��**
N,;.,,., l.n.l Ll.Ill  '     DtjO ���'   '���"''������"*
T.k.-   MUM   11..I   '<'  *'''mm,���uZi
w���in.i,��. r   ��. *.. '"������'ll|~""��',_tS5l
ten.ls U> .pply u.r permlssii.n 1��l>���fi
l���U���wlu�� .li-rlta-"! Ian.1 , ""f:S-|*
p.a.1 pl.lat.'.l "ll   111-   W-Jl ,l'"��� "U"5_*
ir.sr, (.-.rll��.| WW. .n;l "<&��$&*
oil.,I Him. then.-, wa-sl �� ��� n'1""-^J J��t
W.'hullis. I___M*UI -,"'1'""",;, Sl**
Ph.lns la. l��.lnl ..I ~.mm..Drrm��.l. >���'������
In. sal w.a-s' mors ... la-M. ,���M.I**
fi.y mh. !��n UK^   -
N.l.a.n l-nal DUtrlat.  Iilsim'��� "< *"'%Z
T.ka. notla-. Ih.t Wsl.-i .""'^'uuiiS
Mouuu*. I' �� A ���'"''���''>-'''   ���"s." .a***
la. apply  lor Pt��7*!_,*__J��7!|i|M
..louth,-a.,.I '���'"" l'""''Vr,,'"-lUI_J
II,.-.,..- a-..   J"   .'halns. '''���������"'T.'iV.IAls-**
,.,11,1     ,���ii,.i|.'.iii.'lil.   �����"
..Ta'.. mora- or l.-ss W.'.TI. Vl���*,*
May Will, !��'���
��r��ly  alar, alwr aa 1" I A'''!11' * ,**,.,��
..... I..r. ol Hnrtoli CM. UIJ-JVJ ���'��������
llhlel .a.mn.ls.la.iia'i"' '��"'   ,,? w���t S*-_
tori*. II  ���' ��� <<'-r'.X'r, n     '."""-"US
posl m.rk.'.l   "A    A   p.���'    ���, l���l I
,l.nl.-.l��l Ihrr.   a,    ''"""':.",;. .
.......lu. notilif"..'!"111-,'. .'',., ���,,
tln-n.-a. soulli r..,.|..li... no'I"
pl..-��ol(.oniin..ii..."i.-nl     ,,���,,. B'**^l
Au.ii.llst. inorr ***^ ---a
sn i-���.ii.i..n.i ��"���������";.';'";",.,i ���
M.nll.al...     I.ri.i.''     .'*.",,|���.rr.l JflH
���H-rmlulon l" P""*���" ,'''. , .    plani-* SI
.���,!���   I'oinui.ii.'liiK   "l  "I To.Liil"-"?
".limn.', l-m II- "��;'���;,." ".Tlr ���><
 aril..���I     _>-*,-'   "['   \J'>'��m'S
n..rk��.l"H   C  N.K ';"'".;,,,���, mam*",-?
H... 1,.1.,-a. II..'."'" ��"' "I,   J    in poU'-''*
iiiciicetilcUt, coll HI ll nut    '    .u|*
i..t.,i ..uth .lay a.l *"��'""���, "���.i'<��"-,._.|
A��,.,l'. A' I""'"" .^l
Neliuti Laud IM.tt
Nclaoh Laud Dlaliici-   "J**"'   r    WkOmfM
.i.-i      Ktalia     *     ..  .., IIPI
T���t.     I...1I"'     ''"', ,���.,.     Iiil"l",'.rtf��'
All,,,..,    M..I.H..I.".   ''"���;,', |_, i..i"'3*��
lor |..rn.lssli,ii m I"1'. ,*, ,1 s I""1 'ITS'!
,',n'���l l.n.l r lor..""' '�������," ,,.|.ll. ",'���>'
lh" lh.. "'���'',,,���  nl ��'"   V
',,". ��M'i,.i,.-. v.';*,;,,;,;":':;.!"*''"**
 t-��!::!:;:z!'^""T    . i
���r..snllan.l. ""'"".��* ivian.1 ���''.*Uij.
U.U..I vciral ***jjjjjjlS,i ��u��t**.*r The Daily Cenadian
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
The BACON We Sell
It Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and .Smoked.    Our Mams Are
Excellent   Also.    All   Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lard in AH Siz.es.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
UlitricL Dlatiiet of WsstKeetftosy
,-.�����   uml   Patliefc   -heriili.   of    N.'-oli,
,���'.   |mtlnn  proapeetor, Intenfla ti; apply
III    j,. .    nvir lhe   follow in*
,.'., .   ,:,i-    Oommenelnaat a |h*-i --inni- -t
*, *..   ,,,,,,. t poat of lot ASi. balm I'ainck
. -,   h   (-orner poal   nimuiue  acmtfa  N
I .   weat ho ehalna, thenea north SD
J ,    ;  -,, ebalna to point of uom-
i .''���������
*,   . |f|  lift, 1907 I'aTah K MiihaN,
Kaica ftnLuro, Agent.
Y        _ Otatrict of Vest Kootensy
Take notloa thai  relet l-nnd, of
..,-;:,.���*  B.i   ,oo-  ipatlon luinlMTitian, lutenda
��� ��apeclal  tlmtier tlosnoa over tho
��� i ���     landa    < omasnolng ai a
��� -,-������' .' the north ���-n.-*t-*rl>- p.-*. ol U>1 IU
��� ��� rnnth ol umber llosaeo Ito, Wl*,
-hi-, thanoa earn ��> chain>.
ebalna, thenoa weaiio chaiim
bcdnl 0| '-oii.meiii-euielit, and   containin-[
, ���
J Dab ���:    it j K��tb IM. l'mn Unto.
���-'. d Land Dl��trli I   Dlatrtrt of Weat Kootenay
T rake notloa   lhat   Peter Lund, ol
I i ipmtlon  Ininberman, intendu
-. ipeclal Umber lloenoa over ihe
Ian la      UomiMBOteji at a
in eaat   tuonulary   of lot hi*-, im
ltd in i- KCtl anl to chalua
I ���   p.��i   uiui  No. i. thenea  north
��) ebalna,   thenee aouth SU
a-eat to ehatna to the j��>int of
itol, and oontalnlng  MB acrea. more
��� ! 3 :.\- ��� ������������'   I 0) Pass* LlND.
nataadtHft          Dlitrtst of Waal Keo-enss
ki   notl . that   I'eier   Lund, of
_MD��r, ti i    occupation lumberman, intend-.
'��� miner licence over the lol-
' 'nintiit-iit-ltiit al a (*������������'
_k-*i on an eaat boundary of lot au. to ehalna
;���..��!   i'��� itn   Ko  I-   Unnce
in>--t   HO   rhalna.   thenre
.  vast SO chain- to point
���ii'     ami   crtutalnluit  610  acrea,
I ivn. I'm-* Hn*t\
fe thai .'ra f. Taylor, edare, of Arrow*
��� * ll t'apply for a apeclal lit-en-'e
'Ut  IudU-i   Irom   lhe    fol low Uik   deacrlbed
. ma Nl ii poat planted 70 chains
I re* n >n  from < an boo
���    -���        ra I   ray lor'a. W. Partttna' B. W.
H Lbl  -iiuh  by T. I.   N-i  Tt*-��.
r 1     !        -o. 1:'.2. Ilii'llir    IU.rth   HO
���   to  rhalna. thelue   aouth to
real -.   . ha in* to point  ot coin-
No H) C'nmtiiencin-- nt u poal plauted about *>
chalua more or lean aoulh (/..in the uorth-
v..-i corner of lot Ko Ml on main lxmou
creek i-ii'I   iniirKeil   If��*nry K.-Uhert  eaat  coruer
post so  10. thsnoa _o ohaln* north morenr lem.
to alxiul undvvay of the aoulh boundary line of
timber licence ��o kh'*, ibe net- loo chalua weit.
thsnoa Ki chalna aouth, thence ico chalna eaat
to petnt of com mencement.
liaU.l July i^th.lVW.
No. 11 Coininenctug al a poal planted on Monu-
mriit creel, alMiut Tu chaina, more or leaa, -mi lb
from Mhcre Monument, reek, t-mptya into Lemon creek, and near Henry lUlchert northeait
corner po-a of Umber l'M-at|oti Ko H, aud market!
"Henry Keichert uorihweiil eorner pOBt ao 11,"
ihem-e UOefaatni aouth, Lhenw 40 ehalm eaai,
then.-*- ISO ehalna north, thSOea *��� chalus weal
tO Ibe l>olilt D* comuit-uremeut
Ualed July i!7th, VJ01.
HlNRY KkiiHBRT, Locator.
Nelaou Land IMatrlct.   blilrlct of Weat KfNitenay
Take notice that I, Harold N. Edite>combe, ol
Ferine, B l'.. clerk. Intend lo apply for a apeclal
tin.*- or licence over the following deacrlbed
i.. ''oinmencttiK at a jK��t planted -*- '-���''' ''"n
llueiiee ol the norlli fork af Corn creek at*out
un mllea Irom iu continence with tbe Malu
i ri'.-k ihence nouth *0 chalna, thence west 1��0
i-hatni, thence north 40 chalm, thence eaat 160
��� baina tn the place of be-glnning, couuIuIuk 640
acrea, more or leaa.
l-orated Auguat 17th. Wn
9. ��� iiinnu-m in*.- at a poHi planted on the bank
of lhe north fork of torn creek abOBt two milea
from It* confluence wllh lhe Malu creek, thence
aouth W chalna, theuce weat HO chalua, theuce
north Ho chalua theuco eaai 80 chalua to the
pla.-c of U-Ktuning, containing M0 ceres,   more
or Laaa
Located August 17th, Wdf,
8. Commcucini* ai a poal planted on the bank
ol the north lork of Corn creek aboul four mllea
from Ita confluence with tbe Main creek, tbence
am:tb *���* ��� - - thence eut **> cbaina. thence
nor:h Ml chalua.   tbeuee  weat  HO  chalua   to  tbe
lace of beginning, containing ������'���' acrea, more or
���������- Being nla boat plant.-.] MOchatna
aeaaterly direction from Cariboo
l-irkius'.   Ira K   Tayler'a ti. W.
' t.nuude-1 on tbe weat by T. I- TSW,
f larlort and  w   I'arkim'T. I-
) rili fi  I'haln-i.   thence  eaat  !��>
��� ���    ���    ������      aim-, thence eaat i����
^ ' ol i (intmen- emen
I' IDlltrlaU   Dlatrlctof Weal ICooteuay
f rebyftrao that Si dayiafter date l,
��� '   ������ Iberg   miner.ol Nelaon, U.V . intend
F e Hon the < hi-1 Oomeuenoasr at
1 rka for a apeclal licence to cut and
p- ftwaj Umbet from the following de--crilK*d
on   -iiiiimtt  creek,   in   the   Weal
Hla) DUU - i
' oiumeti- inn al a jwi.t  market J   1'. Hi
nonbeait oornor pout,  hwnteil on
.       - mlt creek  abont two mile* irom
r "inning   -s-oith   mj  chalua,
r ���       i io ehalna. thenos running
lbenee waat *w ohalna,  thanea
Ochalai, tbanoa   running  eaai tl) cbalu*.
aoutb 40   'ham-.   UieiiceeaaltO
I * menonsset.
afc '. mi the ��th da) ������! Auenat, liar.
Iohh p. Bwbuosso, Looster,
i- ��� in* agent i'"**'* ��� MctDosuJ)
��� '-.��� hi Lng ai �� iHMt marked J 1'. 1*1
rthweatcorner poat, hM-atcd on
���.oIH immll creek, about two mtlsa from
'��� -���*��� tbenoa running mhiiIi 80 chain*-,
nningeaat80ehalna, thsnoa runntug
��� nalni Lbenee running went ho ehalna
���    '��� ' ���'iiiii-. -ii fluent.
���  . it, da; of AuK.i-i. nun.
lniiN P  BweoSSSO) Locator.
pai hli agent Puoa Mcikjnau}.
s-.nua<i tnatrtot Dlatriot of Wast Kootsnay
"���aoUoethal J  R. F. Hiewart, ol (\>lling-
"��.obu,oceopatlon Inmbersuui, intend* b
ftl lot
'* �� apeclal limber   ip.,
��� over   lhe   fol-
���i ami-;   Commenalna ataposi
| mull .-i.nin I boat OUC Inlle  aouth
���* luv.i i��� ftr the hed walei * of l.ran
. .naTi...|j   r   k, Hiewart'a N. K   A.ngll
t ��� <.orUi  t. ohalna, tbanoa  eaai ��
C'.:,     "" "I. nn |,hi..-.,  thenee    went   _->
T !'��������   aouMi   *.'�� <liN!"��,  ihence   e*i*.t   MO
pjw.u.,!,..  north S6 ohalna. thenoa waat 10
l-.r.-T   p ""   '     ' oinruriu .niciit, i-.iut.ilnltiK
u%. "*���"������' "r leaa.
" UM.,  H.  F   HTEW-BT
���J* Und Dlatriot. Dlitrict ol Weat K.K>t,nay
ib' nottoathal I k i Stewart, of foiling
wit i,.""''''''l-otiun liimherinaii. lutenda lo
_K?alrU__iiil ll!"b'r llOOnoa   over   thefol-
t -i landi    Coramencloi si �� poal
V ,      "m""*Mi "���'t'"' ������tssll oieaS due
M 'uiittin  Uaadoa- mino, about 80
uraulta    reek   marked J   it. F.
JAlOm It   F   HHBWAK'-.
I*"'* Und i.L.iii,-,    iMMri-t of Wem Kouteuay
���'".., l'",("",V,,.,,1l-   -UsSSUdST    Ullleaple.   of
[b '-j     ���������leik.nH,.,,,, toanply i���i sspooisl
W J  ,m '������'   the ioiro\viiiK iiiMMi,,,!
fin -r,*. l   i.      ,l ,or-i woorn -nek witb tho
ll,-i'i.    ,,    ,'"''��� 1M"U'  ���" OhSlng, Ihence weM
|"'.ti.ivi, ''  1""1'' -1'1 hSlOB,   ll.cn.', t
I i ".',., (""' "' SSflnnttlf,  coutainlug
11 north talK r','1 ,,"r'1 l'1"""*'! "ii the hank
Hit  ' , "' * ,'\u Preafc aboul lour mllei
'^''���i.iiiV,.       *MI' Ul" Mslu enck,thanoa
U  *-. , _-.���   "���'''���������<'   Waa'   HiicliHinH,   thence
m*01 baBlnnii.if   ��IU? ,,,M   K'' '���'������� !��-*��� tC the
Iw.    ���"""Ink, oontsintni MO aorsa, mon
''l,"!in),A!!K,|M Wihi HOT,
f    Itar
,,M|       >* ���   i poit plantod on tin- bank
"om i���.���;..���   V.'." l ,vrk llboui -onr milea
111��'"ha i       ' ","1 Ul" M��1" orsoki t!���<-���	
1,1   Hn  'li*,i,i'_    i!   "'���'   V','',l   ���*,oli��liia.   Ihence
'" "'   '"-Klll.iit._- "l,M   M *'>-HlHM   to   lhe
tm,       sinniBf, eonutniugiiwaciei,  more
***** -ittHltt Mth, HOT.
-"���.SkiNbgi, u,i.i i��|.|B. Looster.
A   IU' KBIT,  Agent.
^,^l.Ml(ll,^,'1','   ""���""-tolWoMlKomcnv
I1    i PaTtorlni5i.nr?   ,l,'"'l'��Tt. ol   N.laon,
ft"M" ��'i'ai,   . ",1' ���*���' "Pffi ror I ���psolsi
��� " '*' 'oi-unei   ��� W"'���
lnl^H'l''''^l.l,,1,!!,,.lH,r������J���',���"l .���������������l*"- ����'Hr  the
W   r,l-"'an..ii KVi W- ,,,,r��"'r l��>��t  nl
Nx-ated Auguat 17lh. 1907.
& loinmeuclng ai a poal pu.nt.-d ou the bau_t
of the north fork of U0TB creek about 6 milea
from Ita confluence with tbe Main creek, tbence
north 40 chalna, tbence eaai 1*1 cbalm, iheuce
aoutb 40 chaina, thenoe weat 100 chaini lo the
plane ol beginning, containing &40 acrea, more
or  .���������a.
Hated Auguat i��**i, .   J.
�� Commencing at a poat planted on the bank
of the north fork of Corn ereek atioiil alx Uillea
from ita confluence wllh the Main Break, tlu-tn-e
m>uth NO chalua, thence eaat 80 chalna. thence
norlh to cbatna. lbenee wet-t HO chatua io the
place of beginning, coutainlug M0 acrea, more
or leaa
l-tKated Auguat 16th. 1-VT.
1. rouimcucing at a poal planted on the bank
of the north fork of t-orn creek al-out all mllei
irom Ua confluence with lhe Main creek, thence
aouth HO chalua, theuce weal SO cbalua, thenee
north hu chalna, iheuce eaat 80 chalna to the
place of begin in nr containing 640 arrea, more
or leaa
1    i .n  1 Auguat H-th, l'*r<
II. N. l.f.r.' ..Mint. I<ocalor.
A. HacgBTT,  Ag.-ni.
Nelaon I-aud lUitrtci.   Dlitrict of Weat Kootenay
Take nbtlce tbat we. Archibald Brmniier and
POOTSS Young, both of the city of Nelaon, In the
l r.. Mine of Brltlah Columbia, lumb* rmeu, intend to apply tor *-������������. ui timber HcenieioTvr ibe
following ���!<���-   j '.[-. -1 landa:
1 Commencing it a poat planted about MB
yarda weaterly Trora the Juiicllon of the north
and main forka of tfumiiitt cn-ek. a creek flowing
into Koolenay river aouth of lhe ���outhcrti end ol
Kooleuay lake In the dlitrict ol Weal Kootenay.
whi'-h Junction ia about 18 or B mllea from the
mouth of inch creek, theuco aouth 40 chalua,
;i..-!.������ eaat 1��0 chalna, tbence uorih 40 chalna,
tbence weat 160 chalua to the point of eommeuee-
me iu and containing 640 acrea more or H*ia.
ak-hii-.au-  HaiiMi.
Hi-nil thla .Mh dav ol Auguat, HOT.
���2. Commencing   at a |*oal   planted   about   2ft0
Sarda weaterly from lhe main and north forki or
iiuimll creek, a creek fl.iwlng Into Kool��uay
river winih of the aoutheru end ol Kooteuay lake
lu Ihe dlatrici of Weat Kootenay, then-x* aoulh M0
chalua theuce weat M chalua. theuce aouth 40
rhalna, thence weat 40 chalna. tbence norlh HO
chatua thenc-.- eaat 40 chalua, thence norlh 40
ohalna, thenoa aaat 80 chaina io the point ofoocs*
iu, iH-emaiit  and   coutaililiig  ��W  acrei   more or
leM <��� co-Hog TOVMa
Hated thla :.lh day of Auguat, HOT.
8 Coiumenclng al a MSI planted about 'a** feet
north (rom tbe bank ol the main hiiminit creek,
��� uil about 2 mllea weaterly from lhe jutiotlon of
the norm fork and the main lork ol auch cruek,
-, , re. I flowing into Kootenay river aouth ol lhe
aouthern end of Kooleuay laku in the diatrtcl ol
Weal Kootenay, thenee aoulh m chalna, thence
.-aat wi chalua. tbence norlh HO chalui. ihence
weat SO rhalna to the polntof coinmoucemenl
and containing 640 acrea more or IS8B
An. iili'*J.I>   ItKKMKBR.
Hated Ihla 5th day of Auguat, HOT.
4 Commencing at a poit planted about*, inllc.i
���P an unnamed creek l.owilig Inio riummll
,-rcek from the aoulh at SBOUt 22 mllei from the
mouth Ol Hummlt creek which   latter ia a creek
.���.*. in.- into KooU-uay river aoulh of the aouthern end of Kootenay lake In lhe dlitrict of Weat
Kooteuay. thenee nnrlh HO cbalm. thenee eaat to
ohalna,   theuce aouth ho chalua. thonce   weal ho
ohalna to ths point ol ttnmmsassnisiil sod con
mining MO acre, more or leai.   ^^ ^^
Dated thta.Mh day of Auguit. wn.
f, Comineiictng al a BOSl planted two mllea 0B
anuiinained creek (luu lug luto Himiliill ereek
Km"the -oulh �� about 22 milea from the��� mouth
of hummlt ureek, which latler la a creek 11 ��wdus
  Kuniutiav river aoulh ol tho aouthern  eud
IK.Xiaylakeln   iho dllUlOt of   Weal  Koote-
ly       hem"    -ou!!!   to   chaina.   thatlOS   SSSt%
chaina. thenee   north HO  ehalna,   thence   WgS tm
ehaiiiBlo lhe iMilnl of coinmeiiceuieut and  BOB-
laln.ng MO acrea more or ^klfuW HltIMNIR.
Dated thla ,r.th day of Augual, I9tr7.
0 Commeuelug    StSPOil   I laiiU-d   ���.�������'*   ��"��
and | half   mllea up the   uorih   fork of   H'lin
���reek    a creek [lowing Into Knotcliay river aolltll
ol uie louthora ond ol sootaoay inks In Itodla
tficl ol Weat KnotuBay, thenre ��a��l H< chalna,
theneo  M.uth  40 chain., thence eaat W   dam.
Ihence    th 40 chnlua, thence    we.I ��    "gSlOB,
ihence norlh 10   chalna. thence   weal to   chalm.
e   !���!: north in chaim to the point oleommeuce
met and containing MO acre. BjBfSor h-J..^
Hated thla ml. day of Augual. 1007.
n rTinv1,:;!,,un'i;.:ep,nortV,l^voi:Vd
;:; UkH: n^nouVnL'.tun^
,,( The .outlier,, cn.r of K��ol..|.ay lak j. n the
dlHlrtclolWeai KiHilciiay,lh. '*""!���� halm
���I*::,;;:;: sz\1S-XtiP* K,.....u':f~-
������. l .'..i,t.iiiii.�� ��'" ���''"���,"���,'""������'���or ������*������
"���""" ,''''i">'',Ai'ir....."-.B���*.i,...
.     .-..iiaaaai.t.i'llii.   ,lt   H   paast    B.s\B_~    .IsilU   ��
MU.rtVr""    ill" -"slorly lrm!i  lh. aorlh   otj
Knnili   I  01     I,  iin.l   ���>I'O.'t  two  ""I""  ���"".,*
k :: ' iilk'/in"]'���',.ii.tri... ..!���-.- z>��x\���.-
. n
I   li'
I.Kl'i"! till" Ll li .'ay
I),  OOBUn-UUU hi ��� i>o.i i.i.utoal   ��i>
Operation Coatty and Ore  Low Grade-
Profits Small Even With Most
Careful Economy.
South Africa *?xten<la from the Cape
to the Zambesi River about 1,700 miles,
covering an area of 1,400,000 square
miles. It takes In Rhodesia, the Transvaal, Hwaztlanil. BftStttolaad, N'alnl.
Orange, River Colony Cape Colony,
Ztiluland, and Huchanahmd. The native population including Portugese
te rritory is aliout 5,000,000. The area
of Rhodesia is 7*50,000 square miles.
The Transvaal is 126,000 square miles
ln area (ahoul four-fifths the area of
The most important gold discoveries
have been made In the Transvaal where
now one-third of the total gold output
of the world is produced from a stretch
of gold-bearing ledges 00 miles in
length. The Transvaal was a bankrupt colony ln 1877, but it is now pro-
duslng gold at the rate of 120,000,000
per annum.
The white population of the Trans
vaal is about 300,000; about 114,000 of
thla population are located In the vicinity or the mines. There are 100,000
natives and 5*3,000 Chinese employed
in other occupations in and near the
mining towns. The lM.otiO white people of various occupations on the mining area of Witwaterarand are sup-
jiorted directly or Indirectly by the
mining industry and their numbers
have increased proportionately as the
mining industry has progressed. When
the mines were first discovered only
the high grade ore was mined and treated. At the present time the average
value of the ore mined and treated la
only   $S.50   per   ton      It   requires   econ-
Nelmn 1-and HlBtrht Hlitrici of Weil Kooteuiy
Take notice that i 'lyde K McClure, ol Rttavllle,
W'aRh , of in.-_tH.il i.-.riser. Intendu to apply for
a ipeclal Umber licence over tbe following described landi-; On ihe eaul ilde of Prieat river,
two and i half mllei nortb ol lhe international
boundary line: Cninmenrln-r al a poit planted
two and a half mil-** north of the HKernatloiiHl
boundary line, thence eait HO rhaln��, theuee
louth HO rhiloi. tbence west W chiJm. thenre
north M chum to lhe point ol BSSSetenssswei
and conlainlng f>tu acres, more or ]���-*
Dated Sepl. Uth. 1907.        ClTM E   M.-tuai,
K   W Hhith. Agent.
Nelaon I-and Dlitrict. Dlitrict of Weit Kootenay.
Take notice thai Jay Bovee.nf Rnr-Mlle. Waih ,
oecupailon butcher, luteudi In apply (or aapselaj
Umber Hi-euce over the lollowiny dene-Hied
landi; on the eait Ude ol trlem river: t'om
menclng at a post plaute<1 one and a hnli uillei
nortn of International boundaiy line. th(;nc��*
eait B .-lulu*, tbence aoutb ���-��� chains, ihence
west to cbalm. thenee north *o cnalm to the
polut of commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or less.
Dated rtept   14th, IW. Jay Bnvas.
K   W. -MiiH. Ageut
Nelion Land Dlitrict. Diitrlet of Weil Kootemy
Take nollce thi' Wenley Bovec. o( Kltzvllle,
Waih , occupation butcher. Intend! lo apply (or
a special limber Uce noe orer the (cdlowtna del*
erlbed landi; on the eait tide o( Priest river:
( ommenclng at a poit planted one and a hilf
mllei norlh of the iuiarnallonal bounlary line,
thenee west no ebalni, thance louth to chilm,
ihence eait to chaini. them-e north M) chaim to
l*olnl of commencement, containing M0 icrei.
more or leu.
Halod Ik-pi   14th, 1W7. Wei Lav Hoyeb,
K   W.flHiTn, Agent
Nelion I-and District. Dlnlrlct of Weit Kootenay
Take notlca that Ulraon P. Hchlftel, of Nader,
Idaho, oecupatton lumberman, luteudi to ipply
for a -iM-cit-l timber Uoence over the following
deicrlhed landi; on the east aide o( Priest river:
Commencing al a poit planted on the earn side
ol Priest river, two and a half mil. - north of ihe
international boundary line, thence nor h W)
chalm, theuce east M) chalui, thence aoulh NO
chalm, Ihence weat Mo chaini to point of commencement, containing 640 acrei, more of leaa.
Dated Sepl 14th. UM,        himon P. BcnirvBL,
K. W smith. Agent.
uarter o(ajnlle wciterly from the uorth fork
oi riummll creek aud about three mile* up inch
uorth fork (rom iu Junction wllh the main hum,
���nu creek, a creek Mowing Into Kooteuav river,
-���oulh of thu southern eud o( kootenny lake ln
the district Weit kootemy, thence weat HO
chalui., thence north 80 chalm, theuce east tW)
(���halm, thenoe louth 80 cbalm lo the point o(
commencement, aud containing 640 acrei, more
or leu.
Daled thli 6th day o( Auguit, 1907.
Am mi,i*: i- HniMNtJt.
10. Commencing at ��� pool planted aboul a
nuarter of a mile weiterly from the nortb fork
ol Summit creek and about three mllei up such
north (ork (rom lu Junction with the main Uuui*
inlt creek, a creek flowlug Into Kooteuay river,
south ot the loulberu eud of Kootenay lake, in
the dlitrict of Weil Kooteuay, thenca wesl 40
chalm. thence aoulh 160 cbalm, theuoe east 40
chalm, theuce north 1ft) chalm to the j-ciin ol
commencement, and containing 640 acrei, more
or leu.
Daled tblaiotb day n( Auguit. 1��07.
Aat HiitAi.n BnrMNxa-
11 Commencing at a DOS* plmled about ball a
mile eailerlv from the south fork of Hummlt
creek and about one mile io .lh of tba main
Hummlt creek, a creek (lowing Into Kooteuay
river loulh of the aouthern end of Kootenay lake
lu the dlatrlct of Wen Kootenay, lnance east 80
chalm, thence amih Ao chatua, tbence west 80
chalm, Ihence north 00 chaim to the point of
OOaunsnosnant S&d coulalntng MO acres mora
or leai. ABCHiaALn Mkemnkk.
Dated thli '.Mat day of Augui-l, HWT.
Certificate   of   Improvements
���'MnntraaP' and ������-.uelwc" Mineral Clalmiiltu*
ate lu the Nelaon Mlulng Dlvlilon, of Weit
Kootenay Hlitrlct. .    .     '
Where located: Wait branch of norlh fork of
--aim hi river,   on   Craig   Mountain,   atfout   nine
above .latm-i.
Aud further take nollce that action, under
���SfltlOD *7. in nit he commenced tie (ore the lllll*
auce of inch Corllficatc of Improveineuti.
I in ie-1 Uili i-'ih day of ricptemt-f r, H*o7. ^
In Iho matter of au application for tbe Issue of
dupllcat-'inf the .'���>ruilcnti�� ol Title to lota lt,
)J kikI )���<. group 1, W'nil Kootenay Dlitrict, also
kuown is the "Kootenay Chief," "('���omfort" and
"Hum" mineral clalini reipcctlvely.
Nome U DSrSby given tint It li my Intention
to lime at the . M'tuition of one month after the
nt f, iiubllcatlou hereof a duplicate nf Certificate
of Title Sa OWda ol an uudl.ldcd 81 lOOthi In
each of the a'ove loU, taiued on the 17th day of
May, A H, Ikki'i In Ihu uame of John C. Aimwortll,
mnl alio a duplicate of Certificate of Title No.
i.-JUla of an undivided 19-lOOlhH Hi each of the.
abovu lots, Itisued on the 17th ilay of May, A. D
IHWl.iu Ihu name of tleorge J. Almworth.
Hand Itcgialry OIUcu, Nllnon, B. C, AugiiHtAlh
IIH 17.
"II. P. Mi. I.gnu."
Dlatrlct Hoglilrar.
omical mine management to produce
flo.OOO.OOOfrom ore going $8.50 per ton
in a country where living expenses are
twice as high as they are In the United
States and to pay interest on capital
invested. The skilled labor ia performed by white men and the unskilled
labor by negro natives or Chinese under the direction of white men.
Tbe white miners and mephsnlCS
(not including officials) are paid M to
$5 per day, and the colored labor costs
from 75 to 80 cents per day including
food. While contractors make from
$150 to $500 per month on rock-dtill
work. Over 55 per cent, of tlie cost
of mining Is paid out for wages, rnd
three flfthe of this amount is for white
labor including staff officials and cle:*ks.
It will be seen that all white laoor
could not be used for mining ei^ht-
dollar ore so as to pay for supp-ie-*
and Interest on capital invested where
the conditions are such that it takes
four people to mine and e?t:*yct lhe
gold out of a ton of It. 'a a country
where the cost of living Im d mblo what
It ia in the United States. A mine
crushing 500 tons per Hy I*-* roine-
times capitalized at $2,500.00).
Working expenses vary from $r�� to $S
per ton. The natives anl Chinese ire
fairly good workers when properly
managed. They principal work they do
underground is single hand drilling,
shriveling and tramming, and assisting
white rock-drill en and other miners.
Some of them are proficient at single-
hand drilling and they can put down a
���Moot hole In quartzlte In from 2V_> to
?,% hours, and this Is considered a
shift's work and entitles them to a
day's   pay.
Manager J.  H.  Plummer on  Quarrel  of
Dominion    Companies.
Montreal, Sept. 2".���J. H. Plummer,
president of the Dominion Iron and
Steel Co.. said this morning that If the
directors of the Dominion Coal Company had remained true to their contract with them for the supply ot
coal the Dominion Iron and Steel company would today be paying dividends
on its preferred stock, but now all depends on what is the outcome of tht��
difference with the coal company. Thi}
Steel Company's ambition Ib to give its
shareholders all that is coming to them.
While it would not be proper for him
to predict an Immediate payment of
dividends, Mr. Plummer said that if the
plant at Sydney continues to do the
same business for next year that it has
done during the past six months thertf
will be returns that will prove gratifying tu those financially interested iu
the Steel Company. Regarding tut ure
legal proceedings, lhat would all depend
on what action ts taken by the coal comf
pany. As to compromise with the coal
company, Mr. Plummer said he did not
consider ii the place of the managemen*t
to make the first advance In such a
move. The Steel Company, howevet^
was not unwilling to consider any arrangement that will tend to remove tht
difficulty over coal supply. It does on
the face of it, he said, seem a pity that
two Industries should be forced into o
prolonged struggle when the situation
might be saved and the advancement
of both companies be served by an
honest adjustment of the differences.  *
Mi.si ,'orr.r.TiRi.i.. quarters     Nelson!
Only the best ul Liquor, .nd clg.ra.
All Kind, nf Heating Plant! In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Hou...      Tai. 181.
r. C. GREEN       t, t. BU1U>_N        A. H. GREHI
Civil Engineers, Dominion and Britisfa
Columbia Land Surveyors
I'. 0. Bo. MS    Phone 2.1 B.
We have them In  Bill  and 8  Tb  Size..
Qiiotaliuna  nlvi'ii on    any   Klcctrlcul
HoatlnK Duvlcu on tho Market.
Piano  and  Singing Lesson *.
Given  by  Mr.. Winter  Every Saturdny
Mr��. Wlntor huldn c.-illlliiilo from
Royal Acailumy for pianoforte playlnc
ami hIiibIiik. Crilftcato from Trinity
c.n.-ir.'. I ...n.l.ni, Km-. for theory of music. Srliiiiui-Hlilp of the London Coneer.
viiinlra. of Murali- for mIiikIiik and piano
playing.        Addraaa Box 7M. Nelaon.
Por Unpaid Dellnq|u��nt Taxes in the Nelaon Aa-H-Hsmunt District, Province
of British Columbia.
I hereby give notice on Friday, the Eleventh day of October, A. D. 1907, at the hour of twelve o'clock noon at
the Court Houae. Nelson, n. C. I shall offer for sale by public auction the lands hereinafter set out of the persons
In said list hereinafter set out. for the delinquent taxes unpaid by said persons a. on the thirty-first day of December
1906, and for interest, coBts and expenses. Including cost of advertising said sale. If the total amount due is not sooner
J. T. Wilson, 13.86	
A. R. Wilson, 2S4	
Robert Wood, 70	
John Kay, 80	
C. H. Duncan. 320	
P.   Grlschell,   61.21	
E.   Mallandaine,   120	
M. McCarthy, 7	
Mrs. H. W. Hendren, 35	
B. Helm. 40	
La. E. Schuler, 4.29	
John Relth, 6.37	
N.  Gagnon, 99.20	
Mrs. L,. C. McDonald 35.40	
Lucky   Boy   Mining   and   Milling   Co.,
Ltd., 93.06	
Theodore Johnson, 99.91	
Ryan & Donelly	
Broken Hill M. & D. Co.. Ltd.,29.89	
Pilot Ymir Co., Ltd.. 42.33	
H. L. Lindsay, 148. 20	
R. L. Baron, 153	
McKelvey & Randall, 776.53	
Ah Wing,  1.09	
Description   of     Property.
LoU 2, 3, and 8, B 98, O.l	
Lot 914	
In lot  S266	
Lot 5076	
Lot 6372   	
Bk.  15, lot 812	
Bk. 27,28, and 29, lot 812	
Bk. 6, lot 891	
Bk. 14Jot 891	
Bk.  20. lot 891	
,InS  ec.   6,   Tp.   7 A	
In Sec. 2 and 3, Tp. 15, Lot 1237	
In Sec. 3. 4. 9, and 10, Tp. 14, Lot 12:17.
In Sec. 1, Tp. 15, Lot 1237	
In Sec. 23, 24, 26. Tp. 37. Lot 1238	
In Sec. 19, 20, 29, 30, Lot 1241	
In Sec. 36, Tp. 36, Lot 1238	
In Sec. 25, Tp. 17, Lot 1242	
In Sec. 1, Tp 39, and Sec. 6,  Tp. 40, all.
In Lot 1241	
In Lot 4595	
In Lot 4598	
In Sec. 7, Tp.  17  Lot  1242	
** s
* o
��� l*i
. ��
0 _
2 0al
Dated at Nelson, II. C, this 9th il ny of September, 1907.
Collector, Nelson Assessment District.
Rates to
The Coast
Greatest Chance of the Sea.on.
The "Bare" Wear Only
would lie enough to recommend our fine-
looking and easy-fitting Shoes, but there
is a stylishness about them and a lasting shapeliness that Is making tha-ni
very popular among "men who know."
They are made on the newest lasts, of
the best leathers, and conform to tbe
most approved styles in men's footwear.
We are ready to fit all feet, and at
prices that make Shoes look like a gift.
See the Coast
at Its Best
Return Ticket. (19.05.    On aale   Sept.
20th to 24th.     Good until Oct. 3rd.
Return ticket. S16.55.    On aala Sept.
27th  to  Oct,  2nd.    Good  until  October   10th.
Tickets for Westminster Fair may be
ilastlned Vancouver if desired.
For further particular* call of write
A.ii.l'.A..V.nron��.r. D. P.A.. Nelaon
Tremont House
_-aropa.11 .ad _���..noa. Plan
ileal, a eu.   Boom-, irom �� ou. to 11
Oaly WhIU H.ip ���iaplo*��_.
l��ir St., Nt-iaoa Propriatan
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Aftt'iit for TniM-ott .<*titicbe>
��Uil I'fU-r.mru I'-Mi-H-i.
Fliivit Lol of  BoaU lu B.C.
Foot ot JoMphtoe Hi.       T��l. Alfl
Queen's Hotel
Bak.r MrMt, Nelson. B. 0.
\  Lighted by Kleotriolty and
v Hearted by Hot Air
Larv. .nil .lomforlabl. Bedroom, .nil 1-lr.t-
cl������Dlnlit. ���00m. Maniple Room, lor I'.iiniiHir-
Vl.l    Man.
HHH.   K.   1: (-I.AKKK.   IT.irrlotla.ss
Bartlett   House
1110. w. iiAKii.n-r,
Best Dollar-a-D-y House In Nelson.
Tha Bar I. th. Pineal.
WhIU Help Only Bmplo****.
Joa.pl.lii. HI.
Fire, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability ���**���������*���*��**�������-
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
Choice Fruit
I Ha-re 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Froit Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one bloc it.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
$1000 Cash and the bnlance on extended i my incuts will buy a six-
roomed house and five lots; good
location,   price $2,1.0(1
$000 cash aud the In- lance on extended payments Will buy an clght-
roonioil house und Tot % block
from the enr line, price... .$1,(100.
$600 cash and the balance monthly
payments will buy a six-roomed
house and lot on Silica street,
price $1300.
$1100 cash and $2r. per month will
buy a seven-roomed house and lot
on Victoria street, price $1800.
A. M. Can. See. O. K.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlee:   Henley Building.    P. O. Hox I'M
Baker St. NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Unions i.n cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
In the Matter of    the "Land     Registry
Act" and Amendment, thereto,
���AN Cain tho runner ol an amill-.atl.iii lair Iha issue ol
a dup-joateo! the . . .tnr.iai.' of Tlile latr  Lou.
inn. jriif... Hii.l -*...:    tin.up 1. Kootenay  Dlatrl.it.
Nailta-a. Is tit<ri.l>- .iva'U that II Is  my   Intention
In Issue ,11 ii..' .. 1.1.:,'..'.i ..l one month [rom Die
first pilbllOHtl.au liera'aal a ilui.ll.'Ht.. Certifier,te ol
���l ill.' In Ihe hI,,,vi. .I.-.. |...'.l Inn.ls, In Die n.........I
I......>s ItiMl.rl.'k  HnhiTlsou, whli'h  ('.'..ttlt.at.) Is
.UI...I tin- Uth il.r ail A.iKUst. 1H1IH, l.n.l is hum-
Ij.ua! K-yl.try ot!!.'.'. Nelson, B.I'.. Hist nl
AIIKUSI. 11KI7 II. !���'. M.I'I.KOII,
liisiriiri MaiiLtrar.
J. A. KK1CKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 'J.'.O.    Opposite Court Hon.,,
and Poatofflce, Nelaon. B. C. ,
Royal Hotel
MK.H. Wil.1.1AM   KOUKHTH,
Ratea tl unit 11.AO u Davy.
Special Hates to Kevui-r rlo-rdnt.
i *
����: *��
i- * 11
.' !u.*-"f ii
t. ,
tv t
���    i
The Daily Canadian
Our Alarms will never let you
oversleep. $1.50 and $-2.50. The
very best.
It nisnula'-ttirt-'l  (rum 1 up   BBC-rt   Ukb-UOO. eon-
ripen��ti mi-t 6vm+wwmvooot\.    '*'*> mild, full*
f]��v.>rt-*1 ft��<*  ���*���"-*'!     A lol��eu-<-o jrou
ought :o try
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yate-Kootenay  Ice, Fruit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co.. Bak.r   and   Ward   Sta.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
10 Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Goadsdaile & &
Next Door to Bank of Conmerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils lor|
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Kmlilarn. will iiud it to their ad-
vaut���ga- to us..1 our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Best  Located   Hotel  in  Nelson
(.'n.'arr l_e m.n.g.-uia-iit til R. ���. Sa.1,1
late ol Toronto. Ottawa au.l
.1 I". Srniih ran.I wife, ri-iaikan.-: W. II
Robertson, 0 Maltby, Winnipeg; (I
Ajtvicory, Hamilton; W. Irvine.
O.'.r. V.rnon   and Ward Str*��ta,
M3LSO.N. H. 0.
II. Stiles, Seattle;  I)   U. Kl.na-. Belling'
ham; J. F. Kelly. S|K)kanc;   V. A. I'.-ar-
.-.in   P. Ii   M-TariS-, Calgary;   M.  Herman.  New   Yank:   T.  Jackson.  Clinton:
Or.   Fo.it.-.  R.   Smalla-K.     Cra-a-riwood;    K
IMrks. Fa-rnie;  J. \V. H.-rbert. Spokam-
\V.   dra ry.     W.   Kennell.   Fr-rnle;    A
Henderson. KnKland;   R. S.  H.-nda-rson.
Vancouver;  C.  A. Spandowlki, Burton:
J.   Hawkins.   Roaaland;     .1.   MCataater,
Koch Siding; J. H. Campbell, Ymir.
S. C,   Walter*. 8llv.-ria,ii    H,8   Good
win. Crawford  Bay;   J. Mrl_ir.-n.  Van-
I*    Allison.   U.   Fairsyth.  J.   Fraser.  J.
Mnnroe,  KnsiUutd;  W.  J, Can. Salmo;
I     K    Wa-laata,   R.-va-lsIokH;   J.   Mattla-r.
Brie; O. North. Norlh Y.rkima.
.1.   Holm.-H.     \V.   .1.   Watklns.    fl.   I,
Llody,   S.   Jones.    England;     S.   Ixi.lil.
I 'ranliriKik.
7-Rooma, All Modern, on Victoria St.
with two Shacks on rear renting $4
each. Houae good for $25 per
month.     Owner   going   to   Coast.
Only $1,800.      Good Terms.
Don't Want Emma.
New York, Sept. 23.���It was learned
from sources ln the linnligration department that Emma ������*__���, hitch
priestess of anarchy Is to be barred
from the United States. Afta-r the assassination of President McKlnley,
whlab Uie murderer attributed to tlu*
inllanimolory ���peS���OSa of Etnmn Gobi-
man. rone-re.. ana-tad laws barrini:
out anarchists who fcmxi-ecl at our
uata-s for a.linlitanci- "xnprlaonmenl
has hitherto failed to SUPprea* Miss
Goldman'�� i.ri-acliitii! of terrorism anil
destruction, but tt is belle-red ihat exclusion  will succeed.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping. Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing  Btovea, etc.
111 Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
LOST���A patr ��>i  loot) brown  Riove--. bi-t *---���<-n
vietf-rirt antloornarol mtuler ana Carbonate
tttrcem.    Kelnrn UtOapMlan DfllOB.
ttOI.D   (MAIN,   t-etwet-ti    Hoover   and    Verinm
Strata. Bnllabla reward win \w paid (or Ita
return.   KoDanntd a UhB%tt\j.
Al'OCKKTBUOK (���uiiUlnliiir �� ilKin-1 ctiequ, nl
thaVaeond Ballel Mining Compani- parable
to *). c. wada, and lanara. nnoar kindly
Loan ai n<> Plana i un.
TWO FIKHT-CLAtiti kOOMH. ���'.earn h��ated     April v bonaekaeoar. am iui. kw. o.biftw*
wavtk"    A   Miatte filri  or  Yooni Lady Im
OenaralHonaaworiti Apply n< ��� ; i < ranbroolt-
A    1'AIUNKK    -A111)   I'.."1   to    pnmhaM  a   fruit
raiif-h near Nelion   a good Bpeoulatlon- Hnrt-
III*r tli-t-il tiol Ih- n.'livi.,y -���T.KKK-*'I oil 'nin-h
Kor partlonlan apply r <*- PBOol EH,
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealer. In staple and fancy Qrooeria.
Butter, Kkkb.
(lump nnd Miner*' Boppllea.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or Bell anything.
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of .lapaticHf Goods now on sale
411 kinds of Ulnnerware ln stock. Part
INELrSOIN,    -     B. C
*10 DOWN
-$10 MtfJR MONTH
IO ACkl.iS
We offer you bait fruit IutuIb;
bett terms; fast locution; Ik-hI
climate. Abioluta til U'H. You
don't have tO UM all of your iihmiiih
1 tt paying for land. W(> want you
to  put  it into development    We
alBo hare tracts of GO lo -oOOi) acri'H.
prlOM and terms the best. We own
these lauds and handle nothing on
If you don't see Frultvale you
miss thn beat In 11. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelaon, B. C.
Real   Estate   Sale.
Mrs   Mallt-lle, of the Kootenay  :
bat   aurehsswd   E.  Kllby'3  residence on
Vernon street.
Provin.cal Police Office.
The  provincial  police office  Is  beins
r.-(.aired, and none too soon.    An
other Improvements  is a  new   riM.f on
tha- lallildinK.
Young Liberals.
A meeting of the Yunc Liberals' \-
BO���U���ion will be helal in A M. .la.hnsi'n s
office tAnl���_' ai S.IIO o'clock in ri-ca.m-
mend delergata a to ihe pnnim-inl Uber-l
Cleaning   Up  the  Grounds.
The ra-ci-.-aiion Rroiiiials are Iw-ini;
iia-rin.-.l op after the Kair. II is est!
mated Umt ore* $700 worth of confetti
���aa- -catt.-red broaaicast ainrinc tha-f..nr
.lays ol lh'- carnival.
May   Return   Voluntarily.
It is stated today that \V. Jewell.
C. P. R. frel'-'ht conductor, who Is wanted by lb-' N'.-lsi.n patlic for assrnilllni^
.1 c" linnyan P*riday eTenlng, will return (rom rt|Mikane of his own accord
and face the charge.
If not you can purchase one.
Are    Prize    Winners.       Price
Saturday S.1.90.
Freight  Rate  Conference.
V. W. P.-ters. B.-na-ral freight traffic
manager of the C. P. R. western lines,
rirrlvt-d from Willi peg this morning and
la in conference this afta-rniHin with a
committee of lhe board of trade anil
wholesalers'  association.
To Save Transformer.
F. A. Smith, city electrician, explains
that lhe lurnlng out of tbe lights for .1
.-hurt time Saturday night wns necea
sury to save a transform, r which bad
; . n ..verloadetl for several nights. The
a���saolt on him !>y employ-ea of Ibe
Re���- fariiival company was canned bj
his action in attempting to preserve
ally  properly   from  destruction .
Prisorers  From   Fernie.
P. Parks came in from Fernie with
three prisoners for the provincial gaol.
Two of the prisoners will serve six
mouths each and the third was sentence- to on. year. The crimes c. m-
mltted were petty thefts. A pec ili.ir
thing ln connection with the eon-ic . .11
of theee men is that the one win. .ap-
plled the inforniatlon on which tbe mllet-
two were found guilty, in turn convicted on lhe evidence of the men h--
hud sen!   to gaol.
Ka.lo Fair.
The Kaslo Fair opens tomorrow morn
ing and last.s till Tuesday evening. It
will be thrown open to lhe public tomorrow at 1 :i" p. in. The steamer K<��-
kana-a- will not leave Kaslo liitni.rr.ua
Ull 1'. p. m. Single fare for the round
trip bus l,a-a-ti griintea! from all lake
ports, ami Care and ona-lbinl on all mil
way lina-s in Kootenay. The d_���en. ..1
Kaslo bava- worked bard for tin- success���
of their Kair and their efforts should
be rewarded by a large attendance.
Exhibit for Spokan..
The lil.-a a.r sending a mineral a xhii.lt
from Nelson to Spokane ..rigiiiata.il with
T IJ ' Pl-CtST, chairman of tba- uiiliernl
di-parl ina-nt of tba'  Na.-Lson  Fair.     TiroM
who contributed to tbe expenses were:
II. II. .Mighton _ Co., Procter *i lllack-
wood, fl. P. Wells, W. K. Thomson,
Kootanav Orchard Association. Hudson's Hay compuny, A. Lean, P. K. Mor
risoti, 11. and m. Bird, Toye m Co., and
A meeting will be held in A. M. Johnson's office at 8.30 this evening to recommend delegates to attend the provincial   convention  at  Vancouver	
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Growu-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the (Quality and Reccoinmend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lfc>.
K. W. 0. Block . Phone 1*.
Whole*-.le ��,:.'.  KeUU Dealer* in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Caiupfi supplied on short*r**��t notir* and
lim-'-r price. Nothmjf but   frvsh tuni
���A !���,..].--,,:���.. Hi--._t.- mili yuppie* k**pt iu fetDok
Mail orders receive careful nttennmi
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manage*.
Corner Silica and Joseihine ats.
If you want to get the most out of
your visit to town, make 11 .1 paint ta
visit our store. Here)} ;i- :i matter t��f
secinp the many beautiful artlclei antl
novelties displayed, a visit to our store
will well repay you.
We make it a point to be always up-
to-date, aud If possible, a date B-ttead
If there is any nen article or new
novelty in the various lines we handle,
that has merit, we an- pretty sure to
have it.
have Just opened up a shipment of
beautiful goods that you will want to
ts not excelled an> where for richnt-ss
and elegance. We lULVe tbe vej-v lat��-st
things in LADIKS' HAND BAGS,
PURBB9 Etc. In Church Books, PKKS-
BR BOOKS, In rich and beautiful bind-
in ta we have the lateM and flnest specimens of the binder's art
WOOD BURNING) we have the outfits,
and a full assortment of materials for
we have the requisite materia]*���White
French China. Fry's Paints for China
Pattit-llgS, Windsor and NeVtoa'fl Oil
and Water Colors.  Brashes, etc.. etc.
IN BOOKS our shelves are stocked
with the very best of tho new and recent fiction, as well as all Uie leading
standards. If you are a book lover you
should ask to uce mir Leather Hound
India l'a|��r Packet editions of the
���ta&dard authors. They give an added
zest to the delights of reading.
Eaton-IIurlliut lines���Nuff said.
Is Rehow/ied
"tsBusimess Energy
Plums, per basket 35c
Peaches, per lb     . 15c
Pears, 2 lb. for    25c
Apples, 3 lb. for  25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Telephone Mil.
W. G. Thomson
h<"'K-'KI I KK . rr 1
Nelson, B. C.
P. llnrnK & Co. The rollvctlun, proparly
iniiiiiii.-al and labeled, will n.inaln por-
iiii.iii-ntly am a-xliililtlnn In tho Spokaria-
chiiinlier ol Connnerce. Mr. 1-roctor
Iihh ra-civi-al a wire today from tin.
Larson brothers, who are In clui*_e <*f
tti.r mill.nil il|.|.urlment, tliBt Koota nay's
<axlill.lt Is thrt-o times us largo uh any
P. TJ. McTiivlsli arrived from Calgarj
luKt nlRht and Is a Riiest at the lliim...
W. P. Tierney nrrlved from the
iiiiniiilary Saturday ninht and Ib spend-
Ing a fa-w dayH nt home.
B, 11. Williams, formerly on the n��-
nytng muff or lhe Hnll Minus smelter,
now wllh the I inly Reduction Oompany
nt Hedley. is lu town for a few days
lie win leave to return* to Hedley Thins
day in.>rnine.
Record   Time  for   Liner.
New   York,  Sept.   It.���A   wireless   de.
spiueli to the Cunard Company sent lust
iil(!hl from lhe Cunard steamship Lusitanla, uml dated ut Halifax early today
reads: "TO-t-bt clear, wind southeast,
sea smooth, si I 18,0  knots."
One of Nelaon'. Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedroom., sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lota
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. D . Daily
W.    O.    Q1ULETT
Uuntmctor   nnil
Hole auenl (ur tin- POttO BtOO l.nint-'T <:n.. Ltd.,
rtilKll yaflri. !������������ .-:. ��n; l ���'��� r ������- ������."'. lumber, luru.-1
work IN breflkatl ���"'>��i*t lath mid KhlMKli-a, ch-iI.
and dooin. <'*im-iit, brlrk and llmv (or laic.
Automatic Rrltnl'-r.
Yard and f_uiory: VernouHt.. cant of Hall
rsiJi-Morv, is. c.
P. O. Uo�� 9MX Tiilf-phiine 17n
The Silver Grill has opened un*
der new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal  in the city.
Corporation of  the City oi Nelson,
Applications fur tho poslttoni uf Patrol-
H-n on the Niiton Poltofl Poroe will Im*
���<-t'iv<��i by tha oudendgned op until tt
'clOOk p   HI., Hi*pt -Mi. livxt.
Appli'-initH will npply in their own
nnawritinR itntlnR ngo, height, welgbt
ml .-xpcrii-Fn �����_ "rhfv Hliiuild Im' Mi'i'timpiiii -
���d by at lciiHt  throe roeeot te��timomali
Transform your kitchen Into a chee ry dwelling house by Installing
Thiil Ih a factor you must keep In mind, und Ihu new comer to British
Columbia wants a stove Hint suits nil purposes. Hums liny fuel; brightens
iha. kitchen; make- eooklnu easy ami eeononnoU. Buck's Merit Range,
ih... beat for ail cooking or heating; the strongest, the _a_dl.it, must dependable ami greatest fuel-saver. .�������__���
Standard Furniture Co.
Complete House Furnishera and Under-takera.
Agent.   Mason   &   Hindi   Pianoa
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
Maaufacturacl by th*
Remington Typewriter Company
Remtico Paragon Ribbon,
���in all colors and for
all makes of typewriter,.
Remtico Paragon, Red Se*l
and Billing Carbon.���of
different wei(-hu suited
for all classes of work.
All Remtico Typewriter
Supplies are known ai
the Highest Grade
Goods Manufactured.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended To.   Phone S1
Canada Drug & Book Co., Limited
B.   A.   ISAAC
R.  W.   HINTON ���
iilNC.IINlil-WS    A.PS'L>   COINTHAerOkS
f-OUINl:>E*-!�� AINU
tV_|-...lrl..|{  ,,,,,. .I.alalalaau .s*-:ul��l x. II I, I ssnnnUh.   .-.tiu.'l M.i.r
W...S.  Mini... ...taj  .Mill  Muuhln.ry.      M.ir,iilaa;tur.rs.il
Or.   I���Mrs.,   14.   ta.    _e>n���*��� _t..rs.*   Ossrss.
aa.-.      INEUSOIN,    B. C. tjgfff
The Hall Mining and Smeltinj |
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
*Xl^ Lombe*, Shingles,
l_��tl-i, AAoulcllrnfs* Doors, Window***
Turnud Work unci llrnukets. Mail Onli.r. --TO-tipilT stl-s_��rla |
VIIWMOP. HTHBBT   ...    Nl'.I .M< >*S. ��. C.
Wholaaaia Provlalona,
Ilo.i.rnmont flUSlillllJ Onn-Prinnrl Knclia recclv-d wrnklj fn** Irom ��*
.linn,     For Nil., lay all l.-i.iliu-( gTou��r..
OlTlo.. and wan-houiM.: Hontton Blonk,    Phone 70.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B-^j
Wn w.iuld llko to irs all nui i.struiiKroinrortuhl.a tbla wlntof '"���'��� ��� "^1
.In bo w.a luivo In sliia-k ilua l-a-at uhhoiI.-iI  Una nf lii'iillin? *tl"v('K ' 1
Htnvi's snd ran_(_t aval barora praMntBd t�� tha poblla i" KooisflM-     M
Wi. wi.nl,I Imi |,|..in��.il to hIiow  yini    our line uml b-tor- t***i*t ���
iliHHi. kindly _M What w.a linv.. tn offtr, a
J. H. Ashdown Hardvr^
Company, Limited
B-a*^ I
for AU
Wn Curry nil A-w"""''"' "
Kxti.imivi.niwH uml Vnrl.'iy
Tools, Builders' Hardware
Ranchers* Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd


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