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The Daily Canadian Oct 8, 1907

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Array ��*Te  5-**iltj   ��ana
No. 107
\     il
Fifty Cents a Month
Parget deal
era. Contractors Are
Doing Well
j p. Palace Allowed to Shut off
L cf New Vice-Regal Rcsi-
fc-cc���Public Works Losses.
Ln ocl   '     It '*'i,s slinun in ptili-
\mu cuii.run." last session thnt
.. ��� contract given out by the
I department wns a iinilltal.lf lius-
-���-,.. ting company.   The
pay,    (::,..    lor ench   sub-
-atiilna-. ami ill.' contracting .rom
b to ri Bberbrooke
.ti.lr   supplies   the   material,
[*. di livers  Hi-  goods
il- is a n. r   iirotlt of 11 SO, or
Er-   ol 136 lor the pat-
bi ���...��� 11..in  is still   15"  per
There was    no
other than   cost  of
|urnl    Ighl   plus   the   promotion
Al   rtia- time of tht*
rn -.arch air.   company  had   rta-
!���.        for  -'."."   uisflilnee   and
t-:-:-.--::.irs with the 'aiivi-rniiu'nt
aal.l.ll     llla-y   Will      ri.l*vi\��'
ti, lor machine, which will cost
S- far as wns shown the
r cost ol the patent right would
, l.' to $30 each for this quan-
looki like 11 net profit of $:H��n..
it..-, orders, and It Is believed
Govern in i-n! has already paid
Ji|*a-iy aboul l'.>."i.f��, as the DBS-
mam:, been delivered in
piaiaj up rap.nil slock of the com-
'   ��� ��� :   "'��� "   and  rive  thous-
Sotea vers given for the
|ri*ht     Bl I-sued   lo  the
-'sin  1600,    and   was   dls-
I ill Irli.aa:      -t   Jr". I   tn   !>>.'.i.".<
ilanis  officials,   military
��-- 1   lltii isns     One    of    the
: shares is un etofied
("��>��� politician  :n  sir   Frederick
li   is  not   supposed
���' ��� man's   siock  cost   lilm
..i.y though li.  is or was n. n. r
' lhe 1 apltal.    Ii   may  be
l:   '������    thai   this   iniii'lilne   is   a
��� r.'r. ii snd ihat It waa
! ' pi licj  lanufactur.
country, i.*..-  the  Kosa  rllle.
I   " ��� " ..r military In.le-
��� Bui when lt was found that
tu of the Instrument oouVd be
10 the great   ttnancial advan
]"���������    -tractors ihe department
I*"1   I"    Ira v.-     tbese     imrtions
l-t'i Canada already  made, aa
��� ��H!i tha it,M.B rifle contrnct.
-�� Ilrar.il Trunk hotel In thla
"1 f>vi,r of the Uovernment, to
I..1 urosa the front approach
����� Hill Park, thus beautifully
- '""a .i���w the new depart*
""'MlDgs. t���r the design of
���' ".iinin la paying over |_0.-
,r'"'f ar"l expenses,   The hotel
"""I three stories higher than
(<���rumv.it buildings,    lt haa been
-Mo III*" scene since the prize
"'"ha* new buildings were called
' --".lulu,   changes the condl*
-rh*hlr'1    ,h''"e    Vlaa*    Were
n'" architects who obtained
-Plain their design was
will a ylew of the total effect
��P including the Parliament
��s oonnecUni   bridge,   nun
I'eaiai attention to the
... lhe WelUnttoa Btreet
ni__.n."**l0n  "'  '���*���   ���**��*���"   -_
lanu       '  KrU',""1     c*'��''K-��     lhe
...  u'ie and altogether  shine
,���',,""* '"�����* building trom
Till ,1 ! ,""",' l"n'-'*'   H"> 'I '��
���*>_ '"" Grind   Trunk
�� Un. ���i,    h"H ol-talned for his
IM Choicest and  cheapest   In-
Ma- .   "'"'nuurd   Impoaad   by
A.      ,',K;   '*  '"�������*"   S   men-
����'" 'hill the premier haa
I land I,, , ''. <'''"'llllon"  ��f  <he
fUkta it,.,.,        ���'""liuny that the
*i,      "'"'" n'" >>" attaohe-
!**1 Park    'J'"'"1"1"'*' Pillion of
���I n, ...   ,H" *"-*������-- It  may   be
'    'hi'   hotel   back
���WW   11,000,000   llllllal
' l.rlzi-
""ire Ir.
|l as,
��* tha-
i**m th��I!!! .,mt ^"ow5S
-'ntnihi....,  " Mtel wash.
"r Inquiry   into  the
*iiHU,r held oittixtm
' ���%-* ()1
i/1'1"- Kno\o'r ""'" Hl,llngs in
��*li . 1 ?.   htu ""���    Kov.n*
while under construction. Mr. Douglas examined (he pluns but only as he
���UppOMd for the purpose- of the tenders. Everything was left to the officers
and advlnors of the bridge company.
The Government bridge expert, says
now that he had suspicions before the
a* cldent respecting the ch'rd v. hieh
���MOM to have been defective. iJut he
was not asked to exprtss an opinion,
and when he objected to the consulting
engineer's plan; he was overruled. Thi
���bow J- remarkable want of vigilance
on the part of the Qovecnment, --��.**!iic
that the -���oinpany which was allowed a
free hand I��ad not invested a quarter
of a million on the enterprise whllo the
goveriinif-n! was ftMfliaiug B liability
of seven to ten million.**. The Statute
clearly required government approval
Of the plans and departmental Inspection of the work.
Within a few months we have had
the collapse of the lift lork structure
on the Trent canal, the fall of the Laurier Lower at Ottawa, and the Quebec
bridge catastrophe, all in public works
.supposed to be under supervision of
Government officers, all built according
to plans approved by Government, aad
all paid  for by the people of Canada.
Text of Poet's Address to Canadian Club
Has Seen Greater Problems Solved
by  Britons.
Vancouver, Oct. S.���Rudyard Kipling,
speaking before the Canadian Gtab yes-
t- iday afternoon, in referring to Vancouver, pictured an army pouring
through a mountain pass, the vanguard
moving on and becoming lost in the
great landscape searching for transportation and shelter, and likened the immigration  from  the east  to this simile.
He continued: If 1 had not as great
faith as I have In our breed and iu our
race, I would tremble at your responsibilities, but I have In you who have
come through the mountain passes already, as I believe in the great throng
that ts on its way through the mountain
passes here, a fertilizing stream that no
power can check, though they may
strive for a  little time to delay  it.
"You have a rightful pride in your
city. My pride Is In your destiny. The
head of this great army has scarcely
emerged through the pasues. In a short
time it must come through in a flood.
Ft is you, gentlemen, who are responsible for the handling of that army, not
the Dominion, but the province. You
will see that great army corps corning
through with their wives and children
It.nking for hom'-s, and perhap.** it ii
woith while to remember that the state
depend* 0:1 the family and the fami'y
on the woman and the woman on the
��� I beg you to believe that if I have
not spoken on your problems it is not
berau.-e 1 underrate the problems which
confront you. 1 have lived too long
1111001 men overwhelmed by problems
darker than those which confront you.
I have seen them borne down by these
problems but I have never known them
to be overcome by them.
"Let us so order our i.CTalrs that our
children and nnd our Children*! children
may nay Our fathers secured us a goodly heritage.' and b'ese our memory
Than this there ts no higher reward for
a nation."
Resigned Again.
(Special to The Dally Canadian )
(.rand Forks, Oct. h.���At the regular
H.-HHli-n of the city council hold laat
evening Mayor Jeffrey Hani mar banded
tn his resignation as mayor, which was
officially accepted by the council. This
action of the mayor's WM not a surprise.
An election for mayor will b-i held at
"I ne mi
���upervlie or in-
"0 of  thla  bridge
Walls Were Strong.
Ktrathconi-. Oct. �����-An accident which
might have resulted In a very serious
loss of life occurred yesterday afternoon. On the construction of the new
Odd Fellows' temple over twenty men
were at work, contractor Martin h'mse'f
superintending the raising of a 1,600 lb.
derrick on the third fl.��or. He had Just
asked four men to assist him when a
violent gust of wind bl��W In the third
story wall. .Mr. Martin called to the
men on the third story to run to the
rear of the building, which they did,
making their escape Just in time as the
hack wall blew out at that moment.
Meanwhile twelve men engaged at the
front of the building hurriedly made
their escape and succeeded in getting
clear before the front wall also blew In.
Only the third story has suffered damage. No one was Injured, aud the !oss
confined to the third story Is not heavy.
Northern railway, Mr, Gruber succeeding F. H. McGulgan, who left the service after a stormy interview with J. J.
Object to Attack.
New York, Oct. 8.���Complaints against
antl railroad legislation of various states
characterize the annual PepOIte of three
railroad companies which have just been
issued. The roads are the Atchison,
Topeka and Santa Fe, the Wabash, and
the Chesapeuke and Ohio. President
Bdward P. Ripley, of the Atchison, says
Of rate reductions: "It is hoped and believed that the public will soon realize
that Its recent attitude towards railroad
companies ln general has not been Just
to their stockholders and bondholders,
and also that unless the confidence of
investors in the security and stability
of railway investments is restored, it
will be impossible to obtain the additional railway facilities which are necessary to the development of the country."
Bacon to Be Ambassador.
New York, Oct. 8.���A Herlln despatch
to the Times states that it is reported
in well informed quarters there that
Assistant Secretary of State Bacon will
be appointed as ambassador to succeed
Mr. Tower, who has asked to be relieved
as I'nited States ambassador to Germany on account of his private business
More  Japanese   Arrive���C   P.   R.   Party
Leave Winnipeg Tomorrow���General  News ot Dominion.
Victoria, Oct. 8.���The S. S. Tango
Maru. of the Japanese line, arrived here
yesterday afternoon from the Orient
and landed ISO Japanese passengers.
Japanese papers brought over by the
liuer comment very moderately on the
Vancouver rioL H. M. S. Shearwater
returned to Esquimau today from patrol
duty in Behring Sea.
Toronto, Oct. 8.���The gross receipts
of the Toronto Street Railway for the
year ending August nis were $3,340,-
161.94, an Increase of $372. 280.85. The
city's percentage of this was $409,904,
an increase of $73,333.
Port Arthur, Oct. 8.���Geo. Ironsides,
who since the year 1S97 has been in tbe
Dominion government employ as inland
revenue officer here, has been superannuated and retired from the service. For
thirty-seven years he has been an active employee of the Dominion government, coming here from Sault. Ste.
Marie, when- he held a simi'ar position.
Kenora. Oct. 8.���The bylaw to raise
$75,000 for completion of water works
power development passed yesterday by
a majority of forty-nine.
Toronto, Oct, 8.���Rev. Dr. William
Jones, bursar and registrar of Trinity
college, died last night after an Illness
of three weeks. Deceased waa siity
nine years old and was a son of the late
Chief Justioe Jones.
Toronto, Oct. B.���A portion of the
Temiskamlng and Northern Ontario
railway, 37 miles above New Liskeard,
has twice swallowed itself and the railway commission is now waiting to hear
what ita next performance will bo.
Brentford, Oct. 8��� Char.es Duncan,
aged 75 years, a prominent carpet and
furniture merchant, Is dead. He had
been an alderman and a useful member
of the board of trade.
Gore Bave, Oct. 8.���Joseph Onn_ey.
father of R. ft, Gamey, l. P. P. for
ManftouHn. Is dead, aged about 70 years.
Deceased had lived In Gore Bay for
many   years.
G. N.   r\.  Changes.
Burlington. Ia., Oct. S.���It was rumored   hero   today  that  General   Manager
James M. Gruber. of the Burlington, will
resign to enter the Bervlce of the Great
Toronto, Oct. 8.���William Ross, aged
48 years, and his sou aged 18, were
drowned in Dumber Bay yesterday
afternoon by the capsizing of their
canoe. The bodies are not yet recovered.
Cobalt, Oct. 8.���Six inches of snow
foil here yesterday.
Winnipeg. Oct. 8.���Sir Thomns Sbaughnessy nnd party of C. P. R. directors
arrived In the city yesterday afternoon.
Today they inspect the terminals and
leave for the coast  Wednesday .
Dubtic. Sask., Oct. 8.���Albert To'lef*
son, who lives two milea notrh of here,
was killed today by being struck by tho
(lywheel of a thresMng engine.
Council Divided on issue
of Police
Mayor's Reappointment of F. A.
Smith as Electrician Endorsed���
Rental of liui'ding Plant.
The city council was in eession last
night for about two hours and a half,
most of it spent ii. animated discussion
stimulated possibly by the presence of
about 70 onlookers. All matters that
have been the subject of recent disputes
uame up for consideration and all with
rather     inconclusive       results. The
changes in the police force were con-
d�� mned to the extent of refusing to vote
the salaries of the present members.The
temporary reappointment of F. A. Smith
as city electrician was endorsed, ihe
rental by the mayor of the city's building plant was discussed at length and
left over for further consideration and
a request lor a report from the late city
The council met a few minutes after
eight, with Mayor Gi-lett in the chair.
Aid. Selous, Anuab'e. Rose and McMor-
ris also present Tlie minutes of the last
meeting were read and  adopted.
The finance committee's repent recommending several payrolls totalling
$543.25, was read by the clerk.
Aid Selous a��kcd: "Shouldn't the
payroll be included in the report of the
finance committee?"
After some discussion the question
was waived and the payrolls passed.
Tb��| board of poV**-**-_. coramissioners reported the permanent suspension of
Patrolmen McL-eath and Young, the acceptance of the resignations of Chief
Pitchford and Sergeant Wightman, and
tho appointment of P. O. Carroll as
chief, and C. G. Wheeler as sergeant.
The mayor: What is your pleasure?
Aid. Rose: What do you waut us to
The mayor: You can do nothing except file it.
Aid. Selous: Are these appointments
at the same salary?
The mayor: Not quite. The Bergeant
ls given $100 a month.
Aid. Rose: That seems extraordinary.
We had a good sergeant before at $00.
Why is a new man of whom we know-
nothing given higher pay?
The mayor: They have agreed to do
the work with three men instead of
Aid. Selous: There is another extraordinary feature. Tho board at a recent meeting announced the appointment of a fourth man to an old and
tried force. Now, with a noW" and untried force, they report that three are
Tho discussion grew general as to the
powers of the commissioners and the
coancil, the mayor maintaining that the
council had no authority over the police
commissioner*. The analogy of the position of the school board was used by
both aides.
The reading of the Municipal Clauses
Act showed that the council must pay
tha salaries fixed by tbe board subject
to appeal to lieutenant -go to raoMn-c-j unci..
Aid. Selous moved to refuse the salaries and appeal to the lieutenant-gov-
Aid. McMorrls thought they should
appeal only the increase to the ser-
g ant. As ht. was over-ruled he voted
with Aldermen Sclou*. and Rose, and
Aid. Selous' motion was carried. Aid.
Annable dissenting.
Th e report of the police commissioners was then filed.
Fire Chief Deasy reported recommending new hydrants on Willow, Hoover,
and Silica streets. The report was referred to the flre, water and light committee.
A letter from Messrs. McDermtd and
McHardy ottered terms for employees*
liability Insurance. The letter was referred   to   the  finance  committee.
Capt. Gore wrote asking for a light
at the whip yard between 7 and 8 a. m.
and 4 and 6 p. in. He wanted 150
candle power, lt was referred to tho
flre, water and light committee with
power to act.
William   Mitchell  wrote from   Bound
ary Falls presenting a bill for his expenses in prosecuting the three confidence men, Adams. Johnson and Hatch.
Aid. Annable thought Mr. Mitchell's
expenses should have been paid by the
Aid. Selous thought it should not be
Aid. Annable moved a reference to the
city solicitor, but Aid. McMorrls' motion to file was adopted.
The city engineer reported having examined the Whitewater and Cottonwood
flumes, and presented tenders for the
necessary repairs from A. G. Lambert
& Co., and the Yale-Columbia Lumber
company, and also recommended an extension nf the Baker Street sewer at a
cost of $230.
In reply to questions by the mayor
and Aid. Selous the city engineer said
there was no need of immediate repairs
to the Whitewater flume but he thought
the Cottonwood Lake dam should be repaired at once.
A request from G. B. Olton for the
Faker Street sewer was also read.
Both recommendations were referred
to the board of works.
The city clerk asked for arrangements
to cover the city's overdraft at the Bank
of Montreal by a note. The finance
committee were authorized to sign such
a note.
Th e mayor asked that the council
reconsider the acceptance of the resignation of F. A. Smith. He also announced that with the approval of four
aldermen he had reinstated Mr. Smith
pending approval by the council.
To a qi:::-.-ii ri bv Aid. Selous the
mayor said he ho/2 not vetoed the resolution.
Aid. Selous pointed out that the council had appointed Let*Me Sleel to the
charge of the plant. As the mayor had
not vetoed the appointment nor suspended Mr. Steel, the latter was still
legally In charge and Mr. Smith's appointment therefore Illegal.
The mayor contended tbat he had a
right to make any temporary appaoint-
ment he considered in the city's interest.
Aid. Annable explained his course and
moved for reconsideration of the motion
accepting F. A. Smith's resignation.
Aid. McMorriB explained that he had
refused to be a party to such reappointment, except temporarily and pending a
permanent appointment. He was opposed to reconsideration of the motion.
Aid. Rose followed Aid. Selous in
maintaining that the reinstatement of F.
A. Smith was illegal.
Further discussion led to an impasse
expressed by Aid. Selous, who said:
"T am trying to persuade the mayor
that the council not the mayor makes
these appointments, and they can be
changed or varied only by the council."
A further verbal altercation followed
between the mayor and Aid. Selous during which the mayor remarked:
"I wish also to inform the Dally
News that this Is no one man rule."
Aid. Annable's motion was still without a seconder.
Aid. Selous: The mayor seems to consider Mr. Smith the only competent man
ln sight. Personally I consider Steel
for more competent. There was also
another thoroughly competent man In
Aid. Selous moved that the motion be
not reconsidered. Aid. Rose seconded
the motion.
An Interruption from the audience
led to a warning from the mayor that
he would order the room cleared. Julius
Relsterer asked permission to speak and
also gave the version of the affair given
Aid. Selous' motion wss lost by the
mayor's casting vote. Aldermen McMorrls and Annable also voting nay.
Aid. Annable then moved to reconsider which Aid. McMorrls then seconded.
Aid. Selous then told of his Investigation at the Mayor's request, last Monday, of Smiths conduct Saturday night,
Sept. 28th. The then chief of police, A.
Pitchford, reported that Smith was intoxicated on that occusion. Smith to the
mayor and himself had admitted having
a bottle of liquor in his possession. Ho
alsogave the version of tbe affair given
by Mr. and Mrs. Nat Reiss, that Mr.
Smith was annoying a member or members of the company.
Aid. Annable: I don't think there ls
any doubt as to Smith's being drunk.
Further discussion followed, not all
Aid. Annable's motion was then put
and carried, Aldermen Selous and Rose
Aid. Annable moved that F. A. Smith
be appointed temporarily pending permanent filling of the position.
Aid. Rose objected that there waa as
yet no vacancy.
The motion was then rescinded, Aldermen  Selous    and     Rose    dissenting.
Aid. Annable's motion to appoint Smith
was then seconded hy Aid. McMorrls
and carried on the same division, "from
this date" as Aid. Selous stipulated.
Aid. Selous then asked for the finance
committee's report.
The city clerk explained that it contained no recommendations on which action could be taken.
Aid. Rose supported Aid. Selous' contention.
T he city clerk then presented it in
the form in which he had it, asking for
the calling of a special meeting of the
city council to consider the payrolls,
the appointment of F. A. Smith, and the
use of the clly property by the mayor,
signed by Aid. Selous and Rose.
The mayor: Is it your pleasure to consider this a recommendation to council.
Aid. Rose:   Why was a meeting not
At the mayor's request the clerk explained that he had conveyed such request to the mayor who had refused to
call a meeting because he considered it
The mayor added that there was not
a request from three members, and be
was not obliged to consider anything
There was further inconclusive dialogue between the mayor and Aid.
Selous as to the expediency of the holding of a meeting a week ago.
The city clerk then, at Aid. McMorrls'
request, read the resolution of March
25th authorizing the renting to him of
the city's hoisting plant which stipulated that the matter should be arranged
by the city engineer and the city electrician, the rent fixed, and a guarantee
given by the mayor.
The city clerk could not say whether
the city engineer had ever consented to
the removal of tne plant, or bad ever
fixed a rental.
The mayor added that he had asked
former city engineer, A. L. McCulloch,
for such a report, but had not got lt. ,
At the mayor's request Mr. Lawrence
told of the interview referred to, and
that he remembered Mr. McCulIoch's
fixing $15 a month as the rental.
The mayor: Go into this very fully,
gentlemen. If you please.
Aid. Annable: Are you using more
machinery t��an .va* covered by thnt
Tbe mayor: I meant my request to
cover all the building material.
The clerk then read an inventory: 1
hoisting engine, 2 boilers (one of which
required repairs costing $1981, 1 mixer,
1 mixing engine, 1 boom, 1 bucket, 2
rock skids, and unspecified derrick fittings.
Aid Rose w*as told that all such machinery, except the mixer which was at
the zfnc works, lent by him, hnd been at
tho power plant at the time of the request.        ***���
ln reply to Aid. Selous the city clerk
gave the cost to the city of the machinery when purchased from D. McBeath
and company, the total being $2,574.73.
This figure, however, included freight
and Installation. The cost of bringing
it from the power plant to the city was
The mayor remarked that the machinery would be of no use to the city until
they were ready to increase the power
plant. He said that at the time when
he got it was three years old. in nse all
that time. He estimated it worth when
he got lt between $1100 and $1200. He
also stated that Including cost of hauling, of repairs, and returning ln good
condition, he thought he was paying a
fair rental, and assured them that he
did not want anything for nothing, that
he had made his bargain openly, and If
lt were thought that he had not paid
enough, he was ready to pay more. He
also advised the sale of the machinery.
It was agreed that A. L. McCulloch
should be asked to make his delated
The mayor also reported that he had
latedy received bids for some of the
machinery he had been authorized to
Aid. Selous suggested that the clause
of the building bylaw requiring permits
be advertised. A motion to that effect
was adopted.
Aid. Rose asked that the light on
Railway street asked for some time ago
be put ln. The mayor said lt would be
Aid. Selous asked that lights on Water
Btreet and on the wharf be rearranged
and Increased.
In reply to Aid. Annable the city engineer reported progress with negotiations with the railway companies for repairs to the wharf.
Other suggestion** as to lights and
sidewalks were made.
Council then uUjourned to Monday,
Oct. 21st.
R.L. Borf^arCanadhi
Club lt\:t.eoo
Urges That Public Hen Host Rot Use
Positions for Private Gain���
Was Warmly Welcomed.
Pricei of Metal*.
New York, Oct. 8.���Silver 65c; copper. 14c; lead, $4.75.
London. Oct. t���Silver, 30d.; lead,
��19, 10s.
Calgary, Oct. S.���The Canadian cluk
held their regular luncheon yesterday im
the rooms of the Young Men's clnb,
after which they were favored with aa
address by R. L. Borden. Mr. Borden
was introduced and said:
"Ladies and gentlemen: This ls the
first time I have had the pleasure of addressing a Canadian Club with ladles
present, and I consider it a delightful
innovation. After travelling through the
west, I am delightfully surprised witli
the progress It has undergone since I
paid my last visit to this fruitful part oT
the Dominion.
"It seems to me that the fulfilment ot
the promise of the country is now readily described in the part of Holy Writ
which says "Those who went forth ween*
ing to the fields have returned bearla^
precious sheaves.' I want to tell yea
that the east Is prouder today ot tho
west than the west is of Itself. We al*
glad for your splendid prosperity as-
the future that awaits you. In my addresses throughout the country I have
touched to some extent upon the relation of parties to the government, and
on that point I want to talk to you today. With regard to the knowledge of
constitutional government I have noticed that the men of Quebec are more
ra.-nllla. with It t__b tire ropreiwntaUtea
from the other provinces. The French
Canadians have always had complete
confidence in British Institutions. They
have always relied on * British justice
and British fair play." Mr. Borden here
traced the beginning of the constita-
tfonal government from the earliest
tiroes, particularizing on British Institutions and the methods of British statesmanship.
"What was the ideal of British statesmen of the nineteenth century concerning constitutional government? It waa
thut those directing the affairs of the
country should have no emolument or
enrichment whtlc ln office. Both Britain and the United States have had difficulty with this phase of government
just as we have difficulty with lt on a
smaller scale."
Returned Missionary Describee Land as
Rich in Minerals but Wild and
Edmonton, Oct. 8.���Among those coming from the north today was one of the
pioneers Anglican missionaries of that
country in the person of Rev. J. T.
Marsh, who has spent the past fifteen
years among the Indians there. Foni-
teen years of that period were spent ai
Hay River post on Great Slave Lake,
and one year at Fort Learned. Rev. Mr.
Marsh says Hay River post is. roughly
speaking about 1,000 miles north of Edmonton. It is four years since he was
down from the north before.
"The life of the far north ls a lonely
one," said the pioneer. "And I am
glad to get out to civilization again
after fifteen years absence. We only receive three mails a year and are nbut
off from the outer world except by *
dog train in winter, and a trip by that
method for a thousand miles ta not to
be envied. The country around tba
Great. Slave Lake ls rich In mineral*,
and when they are opened up the popo*
lation will rapidly increase, but until
then there Is not much Inducement for
the immigrant.
"For 360 tlays out of the year our continuous diet three times a day Is fish
and potatoes and imported luxuries,
which are our necessities. To take
goods to Hay River posts costs IS.75 a
hundredweight, and at thin rate any Importation Is a 'luxury-'"
HoSBSrS Use Automobile.
o.  N._S., Oct.  S.���The  bank  at
^TTTTTaTirTeTrv was robbed early this
morning of more than "5,000 besidos
valuable papers. The safe was dynamited and the building ls reported badly
wrecked. Citizens were alarmed by the
.--.Illusion and a fight ensued. The roh-
ii.Ts escnped in an automobile and aa
trace of them has yet been found.
'��� i
_:-.." i/ii
..;: i 1 ���
' ���  ���      '
.(1 -
���   '
-i; *
The Daily Canadian
Clothing,    Gents*   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise vou tbe best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital  Authorized    $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up          4,830.000
Kest          4,830,000
V. R. WIL.KIE. President.
HON. I.OBERT.JAFFRAT, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
\BLsoN BRANCH _!���   -VI,    LAY,   Manaster.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A. D.  18G9.
 $3,900,000     Reserve Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
..DIAL   ATTENTION   given   to  the I       HOME   SAVINGS   BANKS   Furnished
���Savings    Bank    Department,    and ��__���___,              .              ..   _,
,  .      a.           _;.    .  H_.       .    , on Application   in Large. Medium
interest    credited    Quarterly    on i-r               ���              _
Javings Bank Accounts. or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published iu a��ya a weet by tbe
Baker 3:..  Nelson. B. C
Bnosorlption rate-i, 50 cents a month delivered
In tbe city, or f_ ���.*.. a 7tar 11 sent by mail, when
paid in advance.
Advenu-ing rate* on application.
All monies pall in settlement ot The Dally
Canadian accounts, either tor subscriptions or
advertising, must be receipt*-*! for on tbe printed
forma ol the jmpany. Other receipt! are noi
Tuesday, October 8. 1907.
It l*. becoming increasingly evident
that at the close of the next Dominion
genera] campaign" British Columbia will
not be represented at Ottawa by seven
supporters of Sir Wilfrid I^aurier. whe-
C-Ufer that gentleman be then premier or
.leader of the opposition.
Bi-iice l.*0_ this province bai bad a
Vlild Lil-*-ral delegation at Ottawa. It
i -fl*--* have been thought that a phalanx
ao strong and so loyal to Its chief might
have been entitled to some consideration The solid delegation from Nova
Scotia has won for that province many
material concessions, chiefly by way of
public works and appointments to the
Civil 8ervice. Hut Hritish ColmnMa'l
solid seven has won nothing Mtoepl a
public affront from the premier when
be passed over all tbe flr_rt eta i I
members and called Mr, Temp 1
from  the   Senate  to join his cabinet.
It is a remarkable circumstance thai
not one of the seven considers himself
bound in any degree to represent the
interests or wishes of this province, 01
to do anything but blindly and submissively vote as he is told.
During the three years that hav<-
elapsed eince the last general election
British Columbia has had a definite Issue with the Dominion government on
the Question of the financial relations
Of the province and the Dominion. It
was not at the ouLset oor Is it now a
li Tiding line between the parties ln pro-
������lnciitl politics. As a matter of fact
"""���10E Premier McHride went to the conference of Canadian premiers at Ottawa,
he went armed with a resolution that
had been unanimously adopted by the
legislature of the province after a resolution offered by J. A. Macdonald, leader of the Opposition, had been accepted
by tlie premier.    Since then, It is true,
Bevi n. Sir Wilfrid Laurier announced
that '"Chinese immigration Is not an
Issue in the east. The wishes of British
Columbia Liberals will prevail " What
are the wishes of Hritish Columbia Lib-
. ,. ' Have they ever been plainly ex-
prea *-l to Sir Wilfrid Laurier?
The fact that the influx irom Asia'
that Is feared now Is not Chinese bnt
Hindus and Japanese, doesn't really at-
fecl the question. The Hindu Invasion
may indeed have been unforeseen, and
as the Hindus are our fellow-*-:,! .vis of
the Empire, they constitute an excep
tlona] difficulty. But the Japanese Immigration was foreseen. Steps to check
it were promised and the country was
told, were actually taken. But, since
then, a treaty has been signed between
Canada and Japan giving Japanese of
all classes the right to enter in unliiuited
numbers. And this was done with the
silent consent of the seven representatives of British Columbia, the only men
dt Ottawa specially qualified or charged
to speak for this province. It is no
wonder that no story is considered too
silly which may conceivably help to
cloud that plain issue.
there have been disputes as to the
premier's conduct of his case, but at the
recent Liberal convention in Vancouver.
at which the Solid Seven were present,
the Liberal party of the province merely 1 (solved to regret that the premier
had not taken a stronger stand. That
resolution may be allowed to supersede
Mr. Templeman's extraordinary state-
mi in that Better Terms is a dead issue.
The Liberal party stands committed to
the maintenance of the province's c!aim
for Beu��r Terms. The position of the
Conservative party on the subject is
well known. The whole province then,
as represented by the two parties. Is
agreed as to the justice of the claim.
And yet of its seven representatives at
Ottawa who are there for the purpose
of safe-guarding the rights of this province, not one has ever raised his voice
for her rights. This Is. as we have said,
an extraordinary position and one that
will stand a lot of explanation in the
press and on the platform when the
Liberal candidates next appeal to the
Another question they will certainly
be required to answer Is "Why has the
promise made by Liberal candidates In
1004, that construction of the National
Tr aiuscontinental railway would be begun from the Pacific coast as early as
elsewhere, been not on.y violated but
ignored?'' It is well known that railway
construction benefits and stimulates a
country only In proportion as it offers
labor to the people and a market to the
producers. A line Ol railway piercing
the Rocky mountains north of the Inhabited part of this province, and pushing Its way westward with Imported
labor, and with all it. material and Supplies purchased outside the province,
will confei no benefit until it actually
reaches tbe coast. That was certainly
not what the electors of Hritish Columbia understood by the promise made in
this respect to them by their present
members during the last campaign.
They have been deceived In this as in
many other matters, and, if we appreciate correctly the temper of Hrltlsh Columbians, they will want to know why,
and will be at least a little harder to
fool a second time.
There Is another question, and It Is
most  unfortunate that it should be a
political issue at all. But the responsibility for Its having been thrust Into the
arena of party politics, lies wholly with
our representatives at OLlawa. the Solid
Rich Prize From Egypt.
New York. Oct. S.���The American Museum of natural history has just received from Egypt twenty-seven cases
of rare fossils, about six hundred specimens in all, comprising forms new to
science, exceedingly valuable fossils
of the ancestral elephant, and of an
extraordinary beast, the Arsinoiherium.
which Is not closely related to any living from any extinct species.
Love to Distraction.
Montreal. Oct. S.���Victor Hanc, a
young Frenchman. L'l years old. just out
from France, killed himself at his boarding house. Hanc had fallen in love with
Mary Hane, the sixteen year old Bister
of the woman who kept the boarding
house. The young woman's relatives
had no objections to Hanc, who was a
sturdy young fellow and employed in
the Angus shops, but they objected to
the marriage on account of the girl's
age. Saturday afternoon Hanc endeavored to persuade the girl to marry him
in six months but while she reciprocated
his affection she was determined to follow the advice given her and wait for a
couple of years. The decision so depressed Hanc that he shot himself In
the girl's presence. Mary Han. fainted
and had to be taken to the Notre Dame
All Kinds nf Heating  Plants ln  Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Oofra House.
In the matter of an application 'nr the iFstie ot
a-luplicate of the Certificate of Title for lot 22,
an-l the went half of lot -'I, block 61. ln the Town
of NeUon.
Notice is hereby glren that it in my Intention
to (erne at the expiration of one month tifter the
first publication hereof a duplicate of the certlllcate of itMe for the above land., In the name of
Lydia Shields, which certificate ts dated the *lat
day of Pet-ember, 19U0, and numbered .t9��l K.
"H   V   M_-.-l-i.--r. ������
11   F. MacLeod.������
Diatrict Registrar.
Notice I* hereby given that the undersigned
have submitted to the Lieutenant Governor*tn-
Councll a proposal under the provisions of the
"Klvern and BtrSama Act," for clearing and removing obalructiona from'-oat River and Meadow Creek, in the J> 1 -*tr 1 *:t of West Kootenay. and
for n* a king tbe same tit for rafting and driv
ing thereon log*., timber, lumber, rafts and .-.���>.!-
and for erecting and mn in tain Ing booms for
holding, sorting and delivering logs and timber
brought down aaid r-reek and river, and for attaching booms to the shore of said creek and
river for said purposes.
The Landi to be affected by said work are: ���
Lots >"..'. ".IHT. 40B3, and sub lots 1, ��. 11 IS, 14 and
Uol Lot 4592. '.roup 1, Kooteuay Distr.ct.
The tolls proposed to be charged are such as
may be Axed by the Judge of the (.'ouuty Court
of Weat Kootenay.
baled 31st July, 11*07.
Thi International Lcmbkh .'. Mk_u.anti.-E Co..
Notice Is hereby given, for the lraformatioii of
iat-'iidiiig settlor*- and others, that selection has
boen made of the 3,600,01-0 acre* of laud situated
In in. Peaea Kiver Valley, Province of Hritish
���lol .: . ������.>��� granted to the Dominion (iovernme'-t
under thfl provisions of Section 7 of "Au Act
relating to the Island Hallway, the "'raving
flock and Railway Lauds  of the Province,"   and
mob land la not open to entry under the land
law�� of tlie province
Thi block MleOted Is described ��9 follows: ���
Commencing at a point 3;;-., milea lOUtb of the
P��a  1   Kiver on   ll.e   121)1 li   Meridian,   being   the
eaatern boundary of the province, thence west
7.r> miles and llau-l chains, thence noi th 72 miles
and SYO't chiilus,  tnence east ~:> intlcH and   :ih HI
rhalns, thenee south to the point of commencement following the 120th Meridian and containing approximately il-frOo.ooO acres.
Notice \u also given tbat. with a view to
facilitating seitlement In the valleys ol the
I'eaie, Parsnip and Pack Rivers, the following
belt of laud I- miles in width aud extending
20 miles on each side of the Peace, Parsnip and
Pack Rivers has been reserved for actual settlers
to be acquired by pre-emption only  under tbe
Land Art, such land not being open for sale,
lease, licence or other alienation tinder the said
Act except by pre emptlon: ���
Commencing at the intersection of the western
boundary of the bloek of land aelected by the
I oroinlon (iovernment with the Peace river,
tbence following the Peace Kiver and Parsnip
Kiver to their confluence with the Pack River
and   thenco   following   the   Pack   river to  tho
Eolnt; where said 1'ar.k Kiver leavea Mcleod
ake, and extending for a dlitanceof 20 mllea
on each aide of said Klvcn and approximately
170 miles In length.
All lands outside thn boundaries nf the Dominion .iovernment Grant and the reserve
above described are open for location under the
lawn of the Province.
Acting Chief Commlasloner of Lands and Worka,
Lands and Worxs Department.
Victoria, September lath, vjoi.
Nelsou Land District. District of West Kootenaj
Take notice that R. S. t. Smyth, of Procter. B,
0H occupation lumberman, lntendi to "pply fcr
a ���peciaJ timber licence ovtr the following de-
-iribed lauds;
No. 1. t'ummenclng at a post plan*, d near the
nortbeaat coruerpost 01 Lot 1*0 J848 ou Lemon
(reek aud marked ti. ti P. ..myth aoutb weal 0Of-
u.-rpost No 1, tbence 40 chalua north more 01
!������!-.�� 10 about midway of the south boundary line
01 timber licence No. 9260, theme sOehsitis east,
thence M obaina south, tbanee 40 oba-ni eaat,
thenc-. 40 chaina south, theine ho ciiaius west,
more or leaa to the southeast corner ol alorosaid
Lot No 2M3, thenee 40 cbalm nortb, theuce4u
ciiaius tMt lo the point o. 1 ouimeiicetin lit.
bated 26th Julv, UW7, K & P _-J*yiH,
Henry Keichert. Agent.
Nelson Land Dillrlct.   Dlatlif '. ol Waal Kooteuay
No. 3
Take notice that J. R. F   Btewart, of Colling
wood, Out., o-vupatlon luui.-orii-.au, intend* to
apply for a special timber licence over the following deacrlbed lauda: Coin tne tiring at a p-tst
planted about S5 cbalua aoulh and In chain* weat
of post No. 2, marked J. R Y. Stewart*! N. K corner poat, thence aoulh 1W chaius. thenre west 40
chaius, iheuce uorih ltiO chains, iheuce east 40
chalna to place of commencement coutaluiug 640
acrea mort* or teas.
July ..4th, 1*77. .)*__-_������  Ii   F. STkW ART.
Nelson Land District    Diatrict of Waat Kootenay.
Take notice that Heury Keohcrt of Nelson, B.
C , prospector, intends to arply tor a special li-
04 nee tu cut aud carry away umber from the following deaciioed lands:
No 6. Commencing at a p*-**: planted near ibe
northeast coruer posl of r.*.i*>er Licence **o y2b6
aud marktd Henry Keichert northwest corner*
post No 6, theuce So cbattifl south, iheuce M>
chains eu*, tbeuee 80 cbaii__ north, tbence SO
ihaius west to place of coiumenceiu.-nt.
Uatcd July 2t>lb, 1907,
No. 7. Commencing at a p'>!-t planted near the
uorih west corner poat of timber Hceuce Nu. 9266
and marxed Henry Reuben ���*. west corner post
No 7. thence 1_0 ebalni east tbenoa 4u chains
north, tbence 160 ebalni west, tbenoa 40 chains
south to polut of comnieuce._-.ent.
Dated July 2tith, llVT.
No. 8. Commencing at a post planted OB Monument creek about 7u cnaina more or less from
���a here Monument creek . mo ties into J-emou
creek aud marked Henr. i:> i< nor! tiurilieaatcor-
nerpoai No a tbence leu cbaina aootb, tbenoe-fl
ehnina   wesi, theuce   160 ebalni nortb. theuce 40
chains east to place ol commencement.
Dated July With. 1---7 llx.sav Keichert,
Nelson Land Dlatrl  -    Dlatn it Ol West Kootenay
Notice is hereby gr. - :i trial     1 days   after  date
I intend loappiy to tbe Cblel ��� "ommtsMoner 01
Lauds and Works fur permission to cut aud
CajTJI away timber [rom i__e lot-lowing described
No. 4 Commencing a: a poat marked H. A ti.
N. W . coruer, 800 cbsiM eaat ol tbe N- K. ci rner
of lot No 812, post marled K. ii. N.K. corner,
tbence east SO ubalna, tbenoa south B0 chain--,
iheuce wesi w> chaiu*-. tbence nortb ao chaina to
place of oommeneemeni >������ ntatutng 64o acres.
No 5 Commencing at tbe n. w. corner of H.
A ti. timber claim No 1, tbenoa north flO chaius,
tnence east Mj chains, then.-e south ao cnalns.
iheuce wtst B0 chains to place ol ���ommencemtul
at location poal No in tainlng 64o seres
I  ��.   .-��� EUtannanoair, i_ocator.
beo   Hus.roll, Agent.
Dated July Sib. I_��u7.
Nelson Land Dlatrlct Dlatrlct ol West Kootenav
Take notice -hat Paul August 1'aulst u. 01 Kit
chener, B C, occupation itimbei man, lntenda
lo apply for a special 11 tuber lie lire over tiie following deaeiibed lands:    1 oxainenring at a poal
piamed at the louthweet oorner of ���ur*eyed .01
...id 1 tbenoe aoutb to the northern boundarv
of ttmber UoenceNo.701ft, tbenoe west to tne
II on h west coruer of said timber licence, tbence
south to tbe northern boun.iary of lut BIS, tbanoa
following said boundary, of said lot wett to tbe
riKbl of-way of the orillsh 1,0111 int-.* Southern
Railway, t_.en.-e following said ri^htolway 111 a
north-easterly direction to place of commencement, and containing ftaO aerea, more or leas.
Dated Julv 2nd. laur.    PaVL At(jl*_-T pAl'LaoN.
Nelson Land District. Dlstrlctof "est K-..-trnay
Take uotice that Moore. Kepple A Co . ol *���'"
land, Penn-, occupation luinoermcn. Intend to
apply tor a special timber Ucenoe orer the following deaeiibed lands; Commencing ��i *P��m\
planted on Moaqulto creak, -u tbe wesl
Arrow lake, and about one half mile west, ol Ibe
s 01 ib west corner of tlmbei limit No   I**. ��� '
loutb80cbaina, tbence west BO obelus, ihence
ii,.rib BOcbnloa, thenee eaai Rl ebalni 10 polnl "f
eouiliieuceincui, and   coutaiiulug rl ' a- i-s. more
..[   less
Dated 1Mb July, 1��*7.     Mn-iaa. Kn rs .v CO
JORM K  I'Ai.atvs, AgeUI
Kelaon land DlitrloL Dlatriot ol Wast Kcm
Take  notice   tbat   William    Audre.*     Bt
Pernio, B 0 , hotel-keeper lntenda to sp]
a stH-i lal Umbai licence over tin [oltowiui
cnbeti lauds: t'ommcuctng at a pn-l pi
��� bout 111 miles west of   the  KOOtenay   rl1
Corn oreaJk, in the District of Weal Koc
and being about six miles north ol tba
uatl nal !������*',n !��iv line, and situat? 1
unrllieaat coruer of Wililam Andrew Rosa
.���. timber claim, ihence uorth 80 ebalni- t
weat SB cbaina, theuce smiih _-> cbaloi, 1
east 80 cbains, to the point ot com me uce m
Loeated July Vrd, i9oi
Dated tbe 8tb of Aug   1907
William Amxikw [
ss,  of
ia tai
ti tba
.'   No
Agsnts   Buttsrick   l*ai
Nelsou Land Dialrlet. District of Wesl KoOtOttSf*
Take uotice that (ieorge Alexander, of Kaslo,
B C, intends to apply for a si-eclal timber
licence over lhe following deacrlbed lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the northwest
corner of Section 13, township 7, K.>.>t.-tiay district, being about oue-lblrd of a mile south of
the south boundary line of tbe Indian reserve;
tbence south about --.*_ chains to lhe easterly
bauk of Kootenay river; theuce southeasterly
aloug  Kootenay   river  bank  about 80 chains lo
the south boundary ol Section 12,Townehlp?j
theuce easterly about SO chalna to tba northwest
coruer of Lot aft 1;   ihence   north to cbains along
the treat boundary of Lot ai-.; thenea west 80
chains to the point 0. oommenoementi and containing 610 acres, more or leal
Dated Julv 4. Ii*u7. UB0SO1 -kUDU-NUB.
Notice is hereby given lhat BO days alter date I
intend to apply to tbe Hon 'hlef Commissioner
of Lauds and * orks for permisr-ion to purchase
tbe following described lauos, situated in West
Kooteuay dlatrlct: Commeuelug al a post marked by uame aa initial post of tbe bouth Fork
branch, oue hundred feet from the Junction of
Lost .-reek with the south fork; tnence one-
���1 uarter mile to lhe northwest coruer post, thence
one mile to the nurtbeai-t corner poat, thence
one---uarter mile to the southeast eorner post,
thence one mile to  ibe place ot commeucemeut
June:'*, 1907. Located by  Wm   CONNOLLY.
Nelson Lsnd District.   Dlstri'd ol West Kootenay
Take notice that  Moore,   Kepple A t o., of Garland, Penn .occupation -unittermen,  Intends to
apply ior a special timtar   In-eto-e over   the   fol-
ImHng daaeribed landa;   Commencing at a post
planted on Mosquito creek, ou tbe west side of
Arrow lake, and about one half mile West of the
southwest cornerof timtn-r Hunt No. 4a77, thence
north M) chains, thence ��eM to chaina, thenre
south 80 cbains, tbence east Ho chains to polut of
commencement, and containing 6tu acreb, more
or less.
Dated 15th, July, 19.7. ICoobv, Kiri-LB A Co.
John R. CAa-KiN.*. Agent.
Nelson I aud District.   District of Weat Kooteuay.
Take notlea that Kvan McCieliand Fraser, of
Fernie, B. c , clerk, intends to apply for a special
licence   over   tbe   following     described    lands:
Commcn-ing at a poet planted about seven
miles wei-d of the Kooienay river, and about one
mile nortb ol the International boundary line,
and al-out one and a quarter north-easterly from
the nortb east coruer of Umber licence No. 8057,
tbence south ho chains, thence west SO chains,
thence north to chains, theuce east hi chains lo
polut of commencement, aud contsiulug &4u
acres, more or less.
Located Uth, of June, 1907.
Dated Ibis 8th of July, 1907.
Take notl��-e that C C. Clark, ol Nelson. R. C,
saloon keeper, intends to apply for a ���pecle. limber licence over the following described land:
CommcnciuK.-al a post plumed ou Morning
M nun tai 11. about one mile weat of Bmi Iter creek,
end aololning C. C Clark's location fur timber
licence No 1, aud about one mile south of Nelaon, theuce weat 80 chains, thenre south HO
chains, ihence east 80 chains, theuce north 80
chalna to j...*. ��� of beginning.
Dated July lt-lh, 1W7- C. 0. Clark,
David Booth, Agent.
Nel*oti Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice tha' Wesley Bovee. of KiizvHle.
Wash , occupation butcher, lntenda to apply for
a special timber licence over the following described lands; on the east side of Priest river:
Commencing at a post planted one aud a half
rr les north of the international boundary line,
thence west BO chains, thence aouth to chnins,
thence eaat BO chaina, then--.* north 80 chalus to
1-oint of commencement, cciitaluiug 640 acrea,
more or leu.
Dated Sept. 14th, UOT. WOMLMT BoVSS,
K   W.Smith, Agent
Nelaon Land District. District of West Kootenay
lake notice that Himon P. Bchiff<l, of Nailer,
Idaho, occupation lumberman, lntandi lo npply
fur a ipeolaj timber licence over the following
described lands; on tbe east side of Priest river:
Commencing at a poal planted on tin-east side
of Priest river, two and a half mil. s north of the
international boundary line, theoce nor h 80
chains, tbence east HU chains, thenca south 80
Chaini, thenre weat 80 nhaiiis to point of oommeneement, containing 640 acres, more or less
Dated Kept. 14th, 1WT7. KMOM P. S. HirrBL,
K. W SMITH, isgi-nt.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Clyde K. McClure, of Kl avillc.
Wash .occupation   barber.  Intends to apply for
a special timber licenee over the   following described   lands:   On the east  aide of  Priest rivur.
two and ��� half miles north of the international
boundary line:   Commencing alapost planted
t-ro and a half miles north of the International
boundary  line,  thence   east 80 . baina,  thence
south 80 chains,  thence westHO chains,  thenee
north W) chains to the polut 01 commencement
aud containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated Sept, 14th, 1907,        Ci-YOB E. HcOMms.
K. W. Shith, Ageot.
Nelson Land District. Dlstrlctof West Kootenay.
Take notice that Jay Bovee. of Kilzvllle. Wash ,
occupation butcher, intends to apply for a special
timber licence over the following deao*ibed
lands; on the east side of i'rlest river: Com-
ineiM-ftig at a post planted one and a hall miles
norm of international boundary line, thence
������hm hi* chains, thence south HO chains, thence
wost 80 chains, theuce nortb Hn chains to Ilm
point of commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or lesa.
Dated H_*pt. 14th, 1907. Jay Bnvae,
K. W. SMITH, Agent.
Take notice that a)'lays alter Sate I intend to
appiv to tbe Hun   tba Chi ( Commlaaloner ol
Minoi and Work*. Vjrtort*-. tor permission to
cut  and   carry   awav   tlml��-r from the following
descr bid land, in Weal Kootenay:
No. 1.   Commencing at a poat planted at the
southwest eorner ol Umoerlioenae8MB, thence
west to chsins. tin-nee south to chalua, theuce
east 80 chain-, tbence uorth 80 cbains to piece ol
uaud Ua] ���!. vjoi.     J.T. Bunone, I-oraior.
J W ' o. aums, Agent.
No. 2 Commencing al a post planted at tbe
southeast oorner ol application So. 1. them-rcast
80 cnains, tbence nortn B0 ebalna. ihence west ho
chains, tbence MUtb -0 cbalua to (dace of commencement
Dated May 31, 13177.        '   T. Br����-_-*���*. Locator,
J. W  CoLMtKN, Agent.
Nelson I-and District,   District of West Kootenay
lake   notice   that   we. Arcbtbeld Bremm-r and
George Voune. both of tbe city of NeUon, in ihe
Proviii'-e of British Colombia  lumbermen, tn
tend to apply tor special timt-cr licenses over the
following described lauds:
1 Commencing ata p. ���-��� planted al>ont SB0
yards w-sterly from the junction Of ihe nor.h
and main forks of Summll creek . a creek .lowi: g
Into Kootenay river souih ot tbe sontbwi n end of
Kootena] lake in the district of Weat Kootenay,
which junction is about 18 <>r '..'milt* ir.n.i tbe
m.ntii of lOCh creek, theUre sou id 40 cbalua,
tbenoa cast l***" chaius, thence north 40cbalos.
tbenoa weat 100 chaini to the i>oint -��f ���-t-mtnence-
men   and c*>n:aiiilug 040 aires more >>r laaa,
Daled this ".tb dav of August. DO)
2. Ci-muiencitig   sta posl    planted    abOBt   2_>0
vardi weaterly from tne main and north forks of
Summit creek, a creek flowing Into Kootanay
river south of the southern end ->f Kootenay lake
in the dialrlet ol West Kootenay, tbenoe souih to
chains, tbence west to chad*, tbence south 40
cbains, thence we-t 40 cbains, thenee north 80
cbains, tbence ea-d in chaius. tbanoa north 4"
chalus, tbence east 4<< cbains to the point Ol com
mencement and eoiiuiuing cu> acres more or
less. C--.OKUK You No.
Dated this T>th day of August, y*fi.
'3 Commencing at a poet planted about '--no feet
north from the bsiik of the main Summit creek,
and abontS mllei westerly from the Junction of
the nortn fork and the main fork of such creek,
a creek tlowing luto Kootenay river SOOtb nf the
southern end or Kootenay lake in the dlst-ut of
West Kootanay,thenoe aoatntt obaina*tbenea
east 80 chains thence n--rib HO chalua, them-e
weit BO rhalna tn the point of commenceuieui
and containing 110 acres more or less
AHHUHtl.li   I1HKM-.ER.
Dated this ''th day of August. 1S07.
4 Commencing at a pogt planted about .' miles
up an unnamed creek llowlng into hummlt
creek from the south at aOO-lt 22 miles from the
mouth of Hummlt creek which latter is a creek
flowing Into Kootenay river south of the southern end of Kootenay lake In the dlstrt t of West
Kootenay, tbence north 80 chains, thenre east 80
chains, theuce aoulh 80 chaius, thence *,.-���-
chains to the polut ol commencement ami con
laluli.g tj-10 acrei more or less.
(iKoftOK  VOCNO.
Dated th's 5lh day of Auguit, Wt~
5 Commencing at a post planted two miles up
an unnamed creek flowing into Summit creek
from the south at a Unit 22 miles from Ibe in outh
of Summit creek, which latter 1* a creek Lowing
into Kooteuay rlv��-r south nf the southern eud
of Kooienay lake in the district nf West Kootenay, tbanoa south Ho < halua, tbence east HO
chains, tbence north BO chains, theuee west 80
cbslns lo the polut id r->mmeuceiiieni and containing C10 acres more or It wa.
Dated this r.th day of August, 1307.
8 Commencing at a post planted about one
and a half miles up tbe north fork of Summit
creek, a creek flowing Into Kootenay river south
of the.southern end uf Kooteuay lake in the dlatiiet of West Kootenay, thence eaat ao chains,
thence aoutb 10 chains, theuce eaat to chains,
thenre aoulh 40 chains, thenre weal 80 rhalns,
tb-Mirc north 40 chains, thenee west 40 rhalns,
tbence norlh 10 chalua tu the point of com mencement aud containing Mo acres more or leas.
Dated this 6th day of August. 1U07.
7. Commencing atapost planted about one
mile snd a half up the north fork of Hummit
creek, a creek flowing into Kooteuav river south
of the southern end of Kooteuay lake, in Ihr
dlstrlct of West Kootenay, thence north H chains,
thence weal 4o chains, theuce north 4u cbaina
thence east SO chains, thence south 40 chalus,
thenre east 40 'halns, thenre south in chalna,
thenre west SO cbains to the pointof rommence-
in.'iit and  containing 640 acres, more or lesa.
Dated thla 6th day of Auguat. 1307.
AR( Hi 111 I.I* Hdr-i-aKi!.
8. Commencing at a post planted about a
'I uarter of a mile westerly from tbe north fork
of Summit creek, aud about two miles and a
half up such north fork Irom Its .unction with
the main Summit creek, a creek flowing into
Kootenay river, south of the southern end of
Kootenay lake In the district of West Kootenay,
thenee north HO chalus, thence east ao chains
thence aoutb 80 chains, thenre west 80 cbaina to
the polnl of rommeir-cmcnt, aud containing 640
acres, more or leas
Dated this Oth day of August, 1Q07.
'iaoKOK VofNO.
9 Commencing at a post planted   abont a
uarter of a mile westerly from the north fork
of Summit creek anl aboul three miles up ineb
north fork from lis Junction with the main Hum,
rnlt creek, a creek flowing Into Kootenay river,
south of the aouthern end of Kootenay .ake in
tho district West Kootenay, tbence west to
chains, thenoe north 80 chains, thence eaat 80
ebalna, tbence aouth ho chains to the point of
oommeneement, and Containing mo acres, more
or less.
Dated this 6lh day of August, 1907.
10. Commencing at a post planted about a
quarter of a mile westerly from the norlh fork
ol Summit creek and about three miles up Hindi
north fork from Its junction with the intiln Sum-
mil creek, a creek flowing luto Kootenay river,
soulli 01 tbe southern end of xooicuay lake, lu'
the district of W*pst Kootenay, thence west 40
chains, tbence south 160 chains, theuce east 40
chains, tbence north im chains to tbe point of
commencemeut, and coutainlug mm acres, more
or less.
Dated thli-��th day of Augtikt. 1007.
Am IMi'AJ 1. Bri-mnkr-
11 Commenclmr at a post planted about half a
mile easterly from the south fork of Hummlt
creek and about one mile so ith of the main
Summit creek, a creek flowing Into Kootenay
river south of the aouthern end of Kootenay lake
lu the district of Wesi Kootenay, thence east Hu
chains, thenoe south So chains, thence west HO
rhalns, thence north 80 chaini tn the polut of
i'omm-rnccment and containing 6-10 acres more
Or less, ARCH'ilAl I-   II ll KM MCH.
Daled this 21st day of August, 1907.
Nelion Land Diatrlet. District ol Weil Kootonay"
Take notice that I, Cbgrlea Hldney Leary, of
Burton City, B. C , occupation farmer, Intend to
apply for permission topurehase the following
described land : ('ommenclng at a post plant*.!
about live mllea northwaat from the mouth of
I Mosuulto creek and marked "C. H. L's northeast
corner," thence south 80 chalui, thence weat 80
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ebalni, tbence norm to chains, tbence eaai ao
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tto aerea.
Sep*.. 7th, lttU*.. Cmui.ES fidnkv Lxaby.
Nelsou Lend District Dlstrlctof West Kootenay
Take notice ihat Angus Mc.iii, ot the City o<
Nelaon* occupation t! reman, intends to apply for
nermUhloti to port base the following de*. -i-bed
iHuds: Commencing at a post planted at tbe
N.  W.   corner   L    1*.   M.nrUon's   ranch,   li   Klre
Valley, thanoe north forty (W) chains, then.-e
east   forty   [__>)  dittos,   tbeuee   south   furl y   (*-���)
chain-, theuce weat forty (40) chains  to point of
cunniencemenl,   and conlainlng   one hundred
and sixiy (l��-) acres, more or lesa.
DatM Bepte nU-r _tud. 1907.     amirs KoQtLL,
-���        . . I-and District.   l-!��trl- t of We-t Kootenay
lake no! he that 1. Kvsn Kraier. of K.-rni-, B.C.,
clerk, Intend to apply for ,* special umber it* ens.
OVl r the folio* in* deacrlbed land-:
1. I omtnenclnj at a post planted   nt the N. K.
corner about i1. mllea nortb of tba Int* matton
al boundary   line and ebOttt 11 mllei   v.. ^t Ol the
Kootanay river (atiout on* mtb- mul. uf tb"
north boui.di.ry of 1. L No WTj) Uicucc to
cnalns south, ttience n�� enaitis west, them-e to
chaina north, thence HU chains ea��t ui tbe place
of i-cginulnz.
Dated July '.'111, IW7.
2. Coramenclug al a poet planted at the N. K.
corner of location No 1. tbence south HU chains,
thence east ki cbains. iheuce north >*-i chains,
tbence we.t to chain- lo tbe place of   tjeginmug.
Dated Jul'  xlst,  . ��� ���
I, ('omrneu'-lng at a post planted at the N K.
oornar of location Ko 1. tbenei nortb --"ciiains,
tbence east HU cbaina, thence south H-) chains,
tbence w-* hu chains lo place ot beginning.
Dated July Jlst, 1'S'T.
4, Commencing wt toe N K corner of location
Ho. l, thenee north to chains, tbenoe areel Bl
chalus. then-e aouth Hn chain*, tbence eaat hu
chaim lo the ilaee 11 beginning.
Dated July ilst. 1W7.
5 Commencing at a poet p'anted one mile
east of the N. K. c��irner of location No. 3. thence
south ho chaina, thence west mi chains, thctice
north HO chains, tbeuee east HO chaina to ihe place
of beginning
Dated July ilst, WT,.
6. Commencing at a poal plauted al the N K.
corner of location No. .*>, thence south HO chalus,
tbence eaat to chains, tbence north HO chains,
theuce west B0 chains to the place of beginning.
Dated July sflst, 1W7.
7. Commcuclng al a post planted at lhe N I
cornet of lo"��tinu No. b, ihence norlh HO cbains,
thence east HO chains, thence south to ebalns.
theuce weit h0 chains lo lhe plaOe of  beginning
DaU-d July Jlst, 1307
8. Commencing at a post planted at (he N. E.
corner of location No. f*. tbence north hu chalus,
thence west HO chains, thenre south ao chains,
tbenoa  east Ho chain- ��������� *:.���    place ol beginning.
Daled July Jlst, VJOl E. Kkahek. UOOfttOT.
Joh.i Ha  ��s. Agent
Nelson l.and District. Dlstrlctof West Kooteuay
Take DOtloa that I, Klizala-lh Ferguson, of St\-
���on, Hrltfib Columbia, occupation married uo
man, Intend to apply for j. r it i--ii-i. Ui purchase
the following described land : Commencing at a
|..-i pin :. ���������.; IU chains west of tbe southeast corner of MOtlon 22, Township 6V, Kootenay, and
marked -K. K.'s N. K come*''thence tttttl Ho
chains, tbence south to chains, iheuce east HU
chains, thence nortb 40 chains to tbe place of
commencement and containing H2U acres more
15th Julv, A. D. Iftu7.    KUKATKTH FBTUt'LOfl.
by W. A. ('aider, agent.
Nalsou Laud District.   Dlstrlctof West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, David U Kurtz, of Nelson,
H. ('... occupation merchant, intend lo apply for
permission to pun-haae tbe lollowiug deacrlta-d
[and: Commencing at a post plauted al the
southwest coruer of section t(. township ill,
Kooteney- and marked "D. U. K 'a H. \\. corner,"
lbenee north HO ehaius, thence eaat 40 chalus,
Iheuce aouth Ho chains, thence wesl 40 chains
to the {Kiiutof commencement and containing
.'..���*i Riii- more or lesa.
14th July. 1MT. DaviiiH   Klbtz,
W   A. Calder, agent.
Take notice tbat I, Thomas Harry Wilson, Intend to apply for peruilsaio.) to purchaae tne lol-
low lug  described land :    Commencing   at a post
Slanted at tbe H. E. cornerof lnt'-ViH and marked
. K corner, tbence aonth lo chains, theoce
west 10 chains, lbenee south 10 rhalna, theuce
weat 10 chalui, thence south 10 chalua. tbence
weat Hi chalna, theuce south lo chains, thenre
west lo chalna, thence north 40 chains, thence
eaat 40 chains to point of commencement and
containing luu acrea, more or leas
June'.', 1907 I iinJU'. Hknu.  Wilson,
'A'n.i   ui Ai.opzo Mii.iji, Agent
Nelsou Laud District. District of West Kootensy
Take uotice thai 1, John Lang, of Nelson, B. C,
ocrupatloii miner Intend to spply for permission to purchase tho following dcacrlt-cd lands:
Commencing at a poht planted at tbe N. K. of
Lot w/.i_. thence east 20 i halna, ttience s./i.di M
chains, the uce wust 'Al cbains, tbence north /u
obelus (o point of comtnciicuuienl, containing 40
acres, more or less.
August 2nd, 1U07, John Lahu.
Notice is hereby given that no daya alter date, 1
Intend to appiv to tbe Hon. Chief Couiniaaioncr
of Lands ami Works for permission to purchaae
the following descr I lied land in West Kootenay
district, on weat shire of Lowet Arrow Lake,
adjoining l/il No. i'.HK. on the* sou lh : Meg I lining
at a post marked "Harry Mcl-eod's N.K coruer
post and planted on the shore of Lower Arrow
Lake, at the soulbeAst corner of (.'apt Koslund'a
M'-MH, tlieuce west '20 chains, Ibe lice south '20
chaius more or leas to the north boundary of It.
Kullmore's I'. K., thonce .*��� chains eaat along the
niid boundary to lake, thence north along the
lake shore 20 chains, mure or leas Lo polntof
May 2nd, 1907. J. D. Moore,
Agent for Harry McLeod.
Nelson Land District.   Dlstrlctof West Kootenay.
Take notice that (Ieorge Kufun Carter of Hlrdar,
occupation, brldgeman, Intends to apply for per-
mission to purchase the following described
laud: Commencing at post planted at the northwest corner of B. Ross'application to purchase,
marked B. W��� thence north 40 chains, thence
oast 40 chaini, thence south 20 chains to A.
Curry'i pre-emption, thenco weat 20 ehalns,
theuce south 20 chains, thence west KO chains to
place of commeucemeut eoutaining 120 acrea
more or less.
Dated July 12, 1907.       (IgoaoK RUPUB Cahti-k,
W.J. Bcorr, Agent.
I, the undersigned, after flO days intend to apply inilii! Hon. the Chief Commlasloner of l-ands
and Works to purchase the following desctibed
land: Commencing at the N. K. tl. of 1-017589
0. la, tlieuce  weat 40 chalna, thence  norlh 20
chains tbence east to chaini. thrn<t,-*��
chains frt polut ol comm.memem ��JLT*"
acres more or less.
l-penta    Warctt-Mtti. IM
-/u,7 'U/V*""r datei intend io unitl
Hon   Uuef Commissioner of Lsa-i- StM
\ b*toria.   B. C. to purnhsse u��       ��� ..1
scrlbtid lsnd. situated iu   he W-.- _;
trlct:    i-omineni-ing at  a   put A
w��-st   side  of   Kootenay  lake, kmjiti
point,  and  mark#-d J. MrKmn-ti��
poat,   tbence  west mt ihaim,  ibem
cbalm. theuce east au chains m��rt'��
shore. tbe.ic�� along lake iborelo
Dated April 4. |W1
filgneJ J X i.rmM
Nelson Laud Disirlct.  Hl-trkloi ftViita
Take notice thai I'lilltp Rrooktbtni afSau
Be. if-cui>atiiiu laticber. lntendi t-. ��w7|
iH-Miilsslon to pur lis*-- the !.*;i.._ri:.f .:��-J
fond       commencing  at s  putt pltaadMftL
ireet shore of t'pper Whstsiiaa y tribc->tjifc|
the 8,   I    cortit-r of lot81J��, ttienr����_��:ae
tbenoe south ho chains, thence can Sd
nioreor left*,   to  tbi  ibon nftbelib, t,
noTtbi rty along the said shore 10 rkilH. i
or leaa, to point ���' commetic-'iufni. coauu
ifi-i aeree. more or less.
Daled Sept   iJlli. IM     Yttmu- bioou
sixty days aft.-r dale 1 miend u tp
Hon Chief Commissioner ol Lan-bii
for ix-rmlsslon to purchase lit folk
scribed laud in West kooi��ns; .i*m
menclng at a post iaa-kr-1 ��� tt;
norncr post, rutining M la ��� ���������**
lhe boundary of HmtTtr iictnce S* n
southerly ta) chsins. tbeeetwMlHflH
thence noriberly ��� ahetei l_d_e '���'.���
track to the piai c of i ommen rmsaLn
two hundre-1 acres, mole or n*v
I_4M.au.-i this ��lb day of Hay, OK
A  C H- -������! ;.'fr.|
Notice la tieraby given tbat ea asyi alter OM
intend to apply to the UoDorsbli itttChtttiit*
mlaaloucr of Lands and '* .-(���'���* ,--rr:-iid
u> purchase the follow ing d��*--ifcf4iaijd.��(iaiB
in Wrst Kooteuay dlnn-M CamtuatniuW
post plant- d al the west U-.a*.*** ���'iLotJB'm
and about lo chalne -���'!���.!��� ���'-' ��*,..,:_, _***.nl*J
of the rlghl-ofway of ifai b i'._��aiktteri
way. an��f marked Y k7r% !W|k-��-��*M
tbeuee west luu chaina, thentttnnhwi-itwl
ndary of tbe ngbf-of-way ��* -1
ilway. ihence (ollowli	
ni aid uwrnii-Tola
right o'l-way in sn casu-rly .irt**non��"
boundary of I>.t 3*2 HI. thPtiK wuifl OOmM
eouinieucement, con:alnln( 100 sew. r--
Dated thia I4lb day of June, -�����.
PiCL A rem PiT
Nelson I-and Dialrlet. District ol/-������'������""I
Take notice that Paul Aueud I'a-ilx-oo.o*M
chener. B. C. o��*eupallon lumbertaaii. ifltfl
to apply for peraUBlon M puri-hw* ��������"-
lug (leaerltiHl lands: Commd nni ��i�� I
plantetl at the *..ulft hottiirtiiy t�� "J "f
nit o| the Brliiah - olumliis. -"p3"*���,
way and about:�� cbaint wester.j fr.-oai
Hon aald imllwar,thineesoi)tbm�����^
eaat a> chain., tbanee wuia �����pw'*
east CO chains, theme north t�� v.be v*t ui
ary of the righl of-way of th* Bni*��b ��*l
Hoiitbern    Railway,  iw!��ft3i
aaid right-of-way to place "I ...niiniB---***!
Dated this 2nd day of August, Wi. i
i.i       Ai Ut 11
I A.lg.1"'. -**   -
rati Aiwn ���"
Ni-Uon I_in.l m.trk-l.  iiulrlnolR-HW
Moi.l.n.. IJ fl. A., "''T'^rSlilt
len.l. to applr lOF wrmlalon I��P"JM
Inllcwlnx   .'iL-nu-d  I.--:   '"VKJlB
Ih.u (l *.rlbo.,) la**, ."J ��!;-,���"'" .',*��,"
���i.a-turn, iii.n.-,. wmi "''������'���',',..,w-l
w . i,.,iii.. H.--U*.*��.imtit.m. ��'",J������
I..I.I. lo |��ilnl ol UUgMMI���*** '
In* HO -.Tec nrnr, or leM
, Will. 11-17.
Nol.on L-.ni* UUIrli'l Dl.lrlcl ..I "J" 'JJJL
T.ke notice Ih.t W.ll-r _W��_*_7J
Monl.,1.. I* B . . .ki u.-lloii ' I"t,r_"
l...n|.ly lor ji.rml..lon tantm"J^L
HiK .1e��<*rllie.l I.u.l i ",".'""'"', '",,,,{ .**���
if on the we.t .Ir.ire ..I I'l'l**' " ���� "' J '���
l.ke. .nd .1 the u..rlli*e�� ���_*"��)����
Iheuce   we.t no.* �����.  '���" ��*J^""J �����__1
theuee eut ao rh.lii-. 2**"?"������,!_��I
point   ol   conimrnienieul,   ���"" *"' T
.ere., more or le., wiltii"-"*
M.y .���'Jlli. l��.T
FUI, .l.y. .Iter 'l��'*'V,'J''Y,���'��|l'_i
r.n.rl.Jr. of H.rrlon I ill. I-*-"���' f JM
irhlel Coinmluloner of ' "" ," ,,,-1.1, *����J
Inn.I- -II..-..' .��  ���  "I  BurU.n   J ������ a
,���0.1 ni.rk.-1  ������ ���    A   ��'"<,"", ml)"}?
fiiliiilnit norll, tu I h.lM,    '���' ""Z., ��r__
ihence Smith _u otalni, thence am
pl.ee olcomm.'ii .i.i.ut      .,,���,.,��� (in
Auinu.t 1.1. B1 _JfzZ���-
Nel.on *_*n,t IH.lrlct.   "<'''"! "[""'!< ,*
T.k. none 1 H-je-jj*ur*m
 _........    ...iiiicr   nl   UH*     .���.' n
.it   r...rll..'*i-i
in- �����"' ',��!
��t    liurtlie*"!     ..." ...V".!!.!! '"
m.rko.1   'H   '*   N   �� ''""     *,*    III.""*'
attain, -W' ������-'":'",".re..
mciiconicui,.;.'.' i".1:;':,;'.';";:.';''
u DWrWolW-tW-.
I ve nilicn in.11 ,"'.      * ,,.. ������ .nrl t"u.~,'iVtm
���n.rkcl F �� H ��� .    J    , ,��� t^��St
north HO i.linlii*..    hi     '   ��   ���,, hnl'i*'"'    I
...nil. Wl ch.lni.. II''"    ,    (����* I
communcciiiclll. .���"'"���"" .K|s,n. _ ���,���..   I
���ommcnccinciii. .""'*''��� \ffl, .,,   |
Il.lc.l SOU, .Iny ol Aii��u��J:     ., -JKJS
 .... A. in-""      A
Fr.nk V. H.'-i""'"';.?.^;,'   nnil"! W jM
**-���'���" i"*v:,l,,.A in******
acrea of
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f finest  quality stamped "Canada Approved"  by Government
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P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Kaslo, Rossland Boundary
Nt'io-iUnd Dlitrict. Dlitrict ol West Kootenay
i__a notice ihal Patrick Hheran. of Nelson,
��� i- 0,-rupaHoii prospector, intend* to apply
L-'.oecU. Umber licence over the followine
VLn .-���<��� lands:    ' -.lumeticlnft at ipofi planted
Jmh. *��� �� ''"���'"-'���" >M'*' "' l"-**-*4-*- ,m;1u** >'������'-���*
���h.Tsn'l N. K. corner poit ruumnK iouih ho
SitM thanea weeHOrb^na, thence north BO
{ffintbMoa eaat M ciiaius to point ol com*
Smii met. lw..       PAfticf femur,
"* Kaii-a Stkano, Aiient.
>y-,.*���* Land Dlitnet.   District oi West Kootenay
Claim Ho 1.    Take notice that   Peter  Lund, of
Ward per H l   . ��K-cupation iunabernian, intends
Ut apply lor a-pedal  timber licence orer the
intl-iirlDi   b-i rib-Mi   lands:   Comtiiencthx  at   a
dw  Plauu-d at the  north easterly  post of loi HU
Mqi   south   Ot tlmbei  licence No 7018,
lib I'-J chains, thenee east 40 chaina.
north 1<Wchalna, tbence ireeteO chain*
nl ol ��� "jomeii.-ement, au.l  containing
mora or i��-ss*
D��iadJolr_ntb, i>7. VTtmt Unro.
Rtlion IJiol I'i-trlct    District of Wesl Kootenay
Claim Ho,3     Take notice  that   I'eter I.und, of
W-.fi] dc*   B. C . oocnpatlon IntnlM-i-man, intend*
Idtpulyloi a ipeelal   timber licence over the
follow!nn deacrlbed   lands:     Couiioenciue  ata
pui | lantod on an easl   Ixoindary  of lo- fa, UN
.    ...   :���'. u| ���im--*-r licence TolH and to cb-tlns
...       \ ,.-.i:,.:-  y ��t rlalm   No. 1. thence   north
Di htitu, ihence eaat to chain*, ihence south an
chains, tbenoa eJeet no chains to the point of
emant.and coutalnlnK  MO acres, more
ot leu.
Hal..! Jilv *th, 1907. Vcm I.rsn.
Selton lJ.ni. DUtrlct   District of West Koo'euay
Claim No I.   lake notice that   1'eler  Lund, of
Wirdpei   H '   . o.'i'p��tioii lumberman, intcu 1"
U* ippl] r*r a specie! timber licence over the .olio-*- [nf h - ni--* 1 landa:  Oomtsenetu at ��� p*mi
;   au eaat boundary of lot -ill, "��-i chains
u.rtli-d mv  loeation post claim   No. I,  Ihence
U,   tnence eaat wj chains,   theneo
���   i    lain*, tbenoe weat m chaius to point
������������������������������it.    and  eoutaining  6to acres,
��� ���-
Dated Augait l-t. IW7. tarn LntP
;..- laot.i i :.i*t Ira Y. Taylor, olera. of Arrow,
ht* I, B,' Intend! lo apply for a ipeclal licence
to rut timber   from   tht*    following   described
Sri l (''imm.n.-lni at a post planted *-0chalna
lUO -':��� Hn eaaterly direction Iroin ��"aril-oo
.__���. _���_._*-.��� Ira Y. Taylor's, W. parkins' B W.
.tided ��m tbe south by T. I. No VMfc
on Iii- *"f*sft l.y T, L tto. IGTi, thenee norlh 80
ehalns. tbence east SO cbains, Iheuce south MO
ebalni, ib-*i ��� west hu chains to point of coin*
1 ;.."���!�� post planted fUehalns
-li'UtK-a-] 1 in ii easterly direction from Cariboo
lake mirked "W Parkin*'. Ira F Tayb.r's 8. W.
Wtntl poit," i-oiiii'led on th* well by T. L 16ri,
joolb by Ira F. Tavlor's snd W. Parkins' T. I..
Ko 1. thence north 40 rhalns, theoce cast I'M)
���:...-.- .!!������ -...uth to chains, thence weat lt-0
chaini to [Hint of commen- cmen".
VV. K. f>oiLvir,
 laa F Tav ton. _
KiUoo Un.) Diatrlet. DUtrlct ot Weet Kootenay
Unties I- hereby given tbat 10 day* alter date J,
-n_n P. ���*���*. I berg, miner, <d Nelaon, B.C , Intend
tuapply u> tin- Mi-u. th** Chief Comm|a_ionor of
Ua 1 and Works for a spwial lU:.i_��*e to cut and
cany away timber from the following described
Uni- .United on mi mini t creek, In the Weil
Ktiolena) Dlltrlet]
So. I -Commencing at a jMist markclJ Y. ti a
tlmler limit, nr.riioast coruer -mm l, lo*-ated on
'���*������'. fork ol -n mm it creek about two miles Irom
main creek, tbettee running south au chains.
'��������� on running west 40 chains, thence r-iuulng
bortbel chain*, thence west 40 chains, thenee
borUi80cbalm. tbenoa running eaai 40 ehalni,
nolag eontbeO chains, theuce east to
ibaiii-1<. ���.;���,.. ni mmmenoenent-
b-RsU-d on the Wth -lav of August. 1907.
loan P. SwivuaOi [_oeator.
l>er hi- agent 1'an a McDon\li>
1 .ami nelnfl at a poal marked J r. fi'*-
<tmts-r limit, mirth west corner pott, located on
west fork of "unitr.it creek, about two miles Irom
���tin creak, tbenoa mnniug south hi chain*,
tlieucp rntitiiiii* east H'i chains, thence running
tiuttti-.H-imtns. th��ncv running west mj chain*
(odium n( lomraeiiccmeut.
UN-ate i ,,u Uie _"_ ih day of August, VJOl,
John p  mvii.|.., no. locator,
per his agent I'Ricr McD-nsui n.
N-U.ni Uml Diatrict. Dlatrtcl ol Weat Kootenay
.So. 1
Take notice ihat J. R. F. Stewart, ot Uolllng-
waod, Ont., occupation lumberman, lntendi to
��PPly tore��pec|_-| tnnbtr ll-enceofer the fol-
I'laitiK d.n-ribe-1 'ends: I'oiomentdng at a post
tainted on ��� small stream abont one mile iouih
['I tulnmbia kiver near the bead watetaof t.ran-
ite Creak, maraed J, it. y. Hi.wart'a N. K. Angle
l-od. Ihence north 4n chain*, thence west 40
wauu ihence south HO chain*, theuce west v��
cnani. thence south 4*'. chain*, theuce easl BO
' ntini. the ii tie north t*> rlialnv tbonoe weit _0
'asiiii to p ni-,.   ,,' coinmcucement. eoutaining
'-"'������*  more .o le**.
July Brd, 1907. SaMOM R. K   tntWABf
J'.-'-n Und District.  Dlstrlctof West Kootenay
���������Jr notice that J.R, F. Hiewart. of Colllng-
"'"������i.'nil,. occ-ipaitlou   lumberman.  Intends  to
���pply for ��	
���PP y h.r a nacrUl timber Unenoe uver lhe fol-
�� m in .leM-rfW I ..mi- Commi-iidtig at a |xisl
Meted mi tbe etratb side ot a small creek due
weat nit ���!,,. Mountain Meadow mine, about HO
*. _ V*:, 2* '-ratilte r��H*k marked J. R V
oL, N  K *'iKle p'-st, ihence east 20 chains,
*���!�����' louth so cbalua, thence   wosl 2t) chains
uieii,-.  nortfa  7**.
tbencesouth   M
J,��lT -in., wn.
hains, tbenoe wesl 11 chalus
dialns, theuce nasi HO chains,
halua to place of commence
���40 acrea more or lea*.
Janes K  I   f-RBWAitT.
that   I.   Alexander    (.llloapie,   of
dark, Intend to apply fo,
N-fUiiti Umi District.   Dislricl ol Weit Kootenay
,.*al-e   notlc
reriiU*, li  i
tllnlk-r   "
,!��� t'""iiii''in log nt a post planted nt the onn-
Mai , '".������l" '""ih f����-k of Corn crook wllh tho
iwch-o' " \n%'h*'�� north 40 chains, tbenoe west
ko ��� ��o "'��� u,,.!ll,'e ������'������th 40 chains, tbenoe east
wn H.r. I       lM: Pi*0'- *������ bi-Kinning. oontalntna
������* r ������. more or lesa.
'���   ,",t...t Augnai 17th. 1907.
til ih,. '',1,,l!''I;,'l,nw ul K P,,*t planted on tbe bank
Inn ni .f"rk '������   (,*,r-' <������'t',-������' about four miles
loiiih Li''Vu,,"'*"',��' wlUi the Main cr*ek, thence
ii,,, ,',,||!'ll|'i thence went ho chains, tlicnce
Dlaoann ''h,,i"1"' lbenee east Hi chains to iho
orlSi,-"������������"���-eg- conlainlng 640  ncres, more
olthe KV1,"K *l ��� P*** I'-anlod on tho bank
bom11*c�� i'...k "' (:��rn VTWk- -WW- font mile*
north Kti..i."'n',u wllh th0 ���*��������*��- ''reok. Ihence
Mill i-i ,'��� ki?_-noe wmt Hi) chains, tbenoo
Place of i ���V0"- Whence eaat 80 chains to the
or leV,    lM��"***l"K. containing 640 acre*,  moro
Located Atigu-itlCth, 1907.
Al.l\AN|,KK OILLPHI'IK,  Uli'Mtor.
- - A. Ha(jk_*tt. Agent.
N*l"on Und^tatrtctTTuitrlot ot Weat KooTonTy"
R " hrosV^t^1*,1 n*art Retohert.ol Nelion.
���'����owhi2,i'.,lA?,,.,l1 l,arry. "way timber from
MOHbed IhuiIh
from tbe
How In,* ,1,,,
DoA5ail?��rof-0Sf,_.^*i��_?lt P-ft0***-- n*,*r J-Jl*.
��ufl near  i -ni    lt��V ��*   -'"iber Ucenoe No. NM
marked i7,,rl IWi *-���- "������-1" Lemon crook and
-,e* ���. th<.ii,.! an lV,,<*l"'rl southeast corner poal
*��������- tli'i... ao ,''1-',���,*������ north, thonce 80 chains
���H.ttot_Mfc Ss '���'������-h" wmth. thenco 80 chain*
D��-*,i tJS ���SV4t'on,mi'uoum0111-
No. 10 Comtnenciog at a post planted about '20
chalui mere or leas south from the northwest corner of lid **.. ��>i. on main Lemon
creek ao i maraed flenry Keichert eaat corner
poat so 10, theuce 40 chain* norlh more or lee*
to about midway of the south boundary line of
timber licence no *���.��� . tbence Wt chalua weat,
thence 40 chain* south, tbence 160 chaini eait
to i-oinl of commencemeui.
Da led July _r7th,l��/J.
no. ll i'ommencing at a post planted on Monument creek, about 70 cbaios, more or lew, aouth
from where Monument' reek, em ply a Into Lemon creek, and uear Henry Keichert northeast
corner post o< l!-oti**r location No H, and marked
'���Hen*-y Keichert northwest corner post ro 11,"
tbence let) ebalOl Mouth, theuce 40 chaini ca*t,
theuce LAD chains north, thence 4') chain* weit
to tbe point o* comiueucement.
Dated July _T7tb, WT.
Brunei Bnu9t_nr�� Loea-tor.
Nelson Land District. District of Weat Kootenay
lake uotUe that I, Harold N. Edgecombe, ol
Ferule, B c . clerk, intend to apply lor a special
timber licence over the follow ing described
2. Commencing at a post planted at the confluence of tlie north fork of Corn creek about
tWO mllea Iroin Its conlluenco with the Main
cre<k thence south 40 cbaina, thence west 1 no
chains, tbence north 40 chains, tbence eaat DVi
chains t*i the place of beginning, containing 640
acres, more or leu.
Located August 17th. 1907.
5. Commencing at a |��ist plantetl on the bauk
of the north fork of Corn creek about two miles
(mm its oobJtttenee rltn tbe Main creek, tbenoe
eoui^ ho chains, ihence trtOt HOchalns, theuce
norlh H" chalus. then--*.* east HO chaina to the
place of beginning, containing 'Uu i.crei, more
or lea*.
Located August 17th, V'Ol,
3. (Joum-en dug at a ;������>������ planted on the bank
of the nortL fork of Corn ere. k about four mile*
from its confluence with the Main creek, iheuce
south 8n chains, thence ea��l to chaius. tbence
nor b Ho chains, thence west -*' chaina to the
plaee of beginning, containing t>4U acres, more or
Located August ]7lh, IVn.
6. Commencing al a peel planted on lhe bank
of the north fork o| Corn creek about 6 m.les
from its confluence with tb��- Main creek, thence
north 4o chains, thence east 1��J chains, ihence
���outh 41 cbains. tbence west lfio chains to the
plaoa tit beginning, contaiuing C--40 acres, more
or let*.
D*tod August huh, 1��7.
fi Commencing at a post planted on the bank
of the uorth fork of Corn creek about six mllei
from Ita confluence with the Main creek, tbence
south HO chaius, thence easl HO chains, tbence
north HO chain*, Ihenoe west tin chains to the
place of beginning, eoutaining '���!������ acrea,  more
or leea
Lo, ated August 16tb, 1901.
7. Commencing at a post planted on the bank
of the north fork nf Corn creek abont six mllea
from Itaoonfluenea will- the Main creek, lbenee
soiitn M chains, tbence west 80 chain*, thence
north ho ebalna. theuce cast 80 chain* to tbe
place of beginning, eoutaining 640 acre*, more
or less
Located August Diih, lOifi.
H. N. EnoaroxBg, I-ocator.
A. UacKtTT. Agent.
Time lor adverli-dug extended by tbe Assistant
Nelaon Land D:��'.rlct.   Dlstnci ol West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat Tho*. K. L. Log tin, of Bonner's Ferry, occupation painter Intend* to apply
mi *��� M'.-.-i-*: Umber licence over the following
deicrlbcd land*: Commencing at a post planted
onthesiuilh side of Boundary creek, about 10
mile* west of the Kooteuay river, thence west ID
chain*, thence south HO chains, thenoe eait 80
chains, thence north 80chains to ihe polntof
commencement, aud containing 640 acres, more
or lea*.
Dated July fith- 1907.        THOma* E L. Looan.
Nelsou I and  Dulricl     Di-trlci of West Kooienay
Take notloe  that   Henry   lUicbert. of Nelson.
B ��. ,   prospector,  in end to apply for a special
timber   licence   over   the   following    oeiorlbed
.KiCHkBT, Locator
Certificate   of   Improvements
"Montreal ' and -'ijuehoc" Mineral Claim* situate In the Nelson Mining Division, of Weal
Kootenay District.
Where located I *e*t branch of north fork of
Halmon river, ou Craig Mountain, about nine
miles irom Krle, B. C
Take notice that 1. Alfred Kruestt*a!!upe, Free
Miuer'i Certlflcate No new. Intoud, slxly days
Irom the date hereof, lo apply to the Mining
Kecorder (or a cVrtttiealo ol improvement*, for
the porno*- of obtaining Crown (Irani* of tho
above vlalmi- .    .
Aud further take notice that action, under
section S7. must be commenced before tho Issuance oUueh Oerttfloete 61 ImprovemenU.
Dated thi* l_!th day of tieptember, 1907.
Certificate of Improvements-
"fnion'Minoral Claim iltijetc In the Ncl*on
Mining Division, of the Weit Kootenay DbUrleL
Where located ��� >n Toad Mountain two and a
halt mllus tnim  Nelson, B. C.
he poimnoH.���	
anaeoeotaucta derttfleate of imiirovcmenia
Dated thla^rd day of Hjplr-nl^f. AM. . K
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tender* addrerscd to the um en enec at hi*
onbo lu the Court House, In tho City of
Nelaon will be received up till the
_,r iSo'Uifk, in tho afternoon, of frt
rtiv   November 1st. 11*07.  for   the    pure base of
SK'MAnwP Mineral culm, tartfirib. VrV"p,^
_r����i.-na!v District, which was declared to be
toftueT-fcTO the .ax *ale bold In .ho
ritv Nelsou, on tho ftth d*y ol November, 1906,
}}Jft_!toflS-nt totSt up till June WthMWUB. end
CO?h.\un*et price upon tho laid mineral cUlm,
wi. ehInoluSe* tbe amount of delinquent UMl
��, d costs el be time of forfeiture, with Interest,
and WJM��i >   ' accrued,  cost  of  atlver-
wl. U-b' e* the least amount that will be considered
liKl"'l Bt Nc-Iboii. H C. tbla 27tli iUyol8.pt.
QOTonim.nt AgoDl, NoUon, B. C
Montreal, Oct. 8.���The annual statement of the Molson'a Bank or C-inadri
was Issued today. Net profits for the
year, after deductlnK expenses of man*
aRenient. reservation for interest accrued on deposits, exchaiu-.r and provision Tor hail and douhiru! debts,
amounted to $5'4,o:S8 added to which Is
$.6,987.-8, halance at credit ot prolli
nnd loss account on September 2U, 1906,
making a total ror the year of 1571,126,-
13; of this amount |r>17,:i:iS.u2 was appropriated for dividends and other banking expenses, leaving a. surplus tor the
year of 848,888.4..
Toronto, Oct. 8���The board of arbitration appointed to investigate questions
in dispute between the Canadian Pacific
Railway and Its telegraphers which sat
in Montreal last week, haa failed to
agree according to reports here.
Ottawa, Oct.8.���The labor department
has no definite Information with regard
to conclusion ot negotiations now in progress for settlement of the dispute between the C. P. R. and Its operators,
hut hopes that a satisfactory solution
of the problem may yet be reached.
Ottawa, Oct. 8���Sir Wilfrid Laurler
returned to the city at noon yesterday.
Hon. Mr. Fielding assumed his official
duties yesterday. Mr. Brodeur is expected back today. The mall from Major
Moodle, at Fort Chucrhill, Hudson's
Bay, reports all well among the little
garrison charged with maintenance of
law and order.
The Railway Commission is now engaged reviewing evidence of inspectors
taken in Investigation of railway accidents, during the past summer and it
is probable that ln cases where wilful
neglect and abuse of rules governing
the operation of trains ls shown the provincial authorities will be asked to lake
Ottawa, Oct. 8.���An Important insurance case In-fore the supreme court yesterday was that of I.amothe va. North
American Life Assurance Company. The
appellant is the assignee of a policy or
insurance ror $r,.u00 on the lire or C. O.
C.rntho Montreal, who died .lue 5th. 1905.
attar a  rew weeks' Illness.    The policy
To All   Pointa   In   Kootenaya.
MONTREAL, $46.10; OTTAWA,$44.85;
HALIFAX, 858.40.
Correspondingly Low Rates from and
to All  Intermediate Points.
Prepaid passage arranged.    Reservations  secured, etc.  through  this office.
For further particulars call or write
A.G. P. A. .Vancouver.
1.  1'.A., Nelaon
Certificate of Improvements.
���'Mil BOP* l'-raclloir' Mineral Claim, Rltuale
In tlie Trout Lake Mining PlvlKlon, ol Weal
Ko.il"iiay  Iilatrlcl. !_.'.. le.l  on    Poplar   ereek,
l*l'ake notleo Ih-t I, t\ l'a.lley Free Miner'n
IVrtllleale No. BASH*, lnlelKl l.�� .lay. Irom the
ila'e hereof lo apply to lhe Mining Keeoltlor for
n ivrtllleat*. of Improvement*. Inr the nttrpoic of
obtaining: a Clown (Irani ot the above Claim
And further take uott-ro ihat nelion under
Hoi Hon to, umai he rouimeuee.l before the
liauSno. ofiUflh Cerlllle.le ol    un....v.-in,-nis
Hated this Mh day ol October, HOT. 	
t.   I AllL���t.
In tho matter of an am-llcatlou for the lKnueof
dantOitaa of the Oertl.li-at._of Title to loti 11,
12 ami IS. aroi.pl, Weat Kooteuay Dlatrlct, aluo
known aa the "Kootenay Chief," "Comfort'* and
"Lniu" mlnoral clalma rofipectively.
Notice li hereby Riven that It la my Intention
to l_.uo at the expiration of oue month after the
il mt publication hereof a duplicate of Certificate
of Title No. fWOln of an undivided SMOOthi in
aaop ol the n��*ove lota, laaued on the 17th day of
May, A. I). 18fVi In the name of John 0. Alnaworth,
nnd alao a duplicate of Certificate of Title No.
NOOK of an uiiilivi-liM I'MiM'Hi-* in each of the
above loti, isnued on tho nth dny of May, A. D
1886, in the name of Oeorae J. Alnaworth.
Laud UoRt-try Ofttco, Kelaon, B. C. Auguit Oth
w H. F. MacLbop,"
Dlatrlot Keglatrar.
The Daily Canadian
if-lO DOWN
if-lO PER MOlNTt-t
We offer you best fruit lands;
best terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
in paying for land. We want you
to put it into development We
also bave tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Fruitvale you
miss the best In B. C.
Kootenay  Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
Cleared,    cultivated,     planted
with  So  trees, good   water,
first rate location, $700.
was applied for September 5, and issued Sept. 21!. 1904, in favor of Grothe's
wife and children, and transferred to
Lamothe next day. On ihe filing of the
claim for insurance, the company
brought suit for cancel'ation of con-
tiact ol iusurance, and alleged in effect
that the policy was fraudently obtained.
wa3 a wagering contract, that Gothe
was fraudently personated by another
person at the medical examination, and
ihat false answers were given to questions in application and to the medical
officer regarding family history, habits
and conditions of health of deceased.
In answer to questions at the trial the
jury found for the plaintiffs as to wagering character of policy, and incorrect
representations, and the action was
maintained by Judge Doherty. The
Court of King's Bench affirmed this
judgment and defendant appeals on
grounds of misdirection by the judge in
his charge to the jury and that the verdict was against the weight of evidence
and asks for judgment in his favor, or
new trial.
Hamilton, Oct. 8.���A most unusual application was made before Judge Monck
this morning. The assizes opened this
afternoon and one of the principal cases
will be the trial of Jake Sunfield for
murder. Sunfield is a Pole and is quite
unprepossessing, with a stubbed beard.
The jail authorities refused to shave
Sunfield, not wanting to take chances
with the burly prisoner when his trial
is so near. His lawyer, J. L. Counsel,
today applied for an order to compel the
jail authorities to shave him. Jake
wants to be shaved too, but Judge
Monck said he did not think he had
authority and referred the lawyer to
Chief Justice Falconbridge.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
(O to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on Bala.
All kinds of Dlnnerware lo stock. Patterns.
W.   a.   GILLETT
Gontraavetot*  nnd
Bul Id tar.
Bole igetit for the Porto Klro Lumber Co., Ltd..
.-���tHil viit-.In Hough ftnd <lrt-r-.il lumber, turned
work >nd bri..'(-.tn, Coft_t lath and shtngle-i, f-afih
ftnd dnorit. (Yinent, brick ftnd lima for ftftle,
Au torn ft tic grinder.
Yard aud factory: Vernon Bt.. e��itot Hall
MILSON,   l��. C
P, O. Box 28-- Telephone 178
We have them  In  61b  and  8  tb  Sizes.
Quotations  given on    any   Electrical
Heating Device on the Market.
F. C. GREEN       F. F. BURDEN       A. B. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia land Surveyors
F. 0. Box 145   Fhonc 2.1 B.
For Unpaid Delinquent Taxes In the Nelson Assessment District. Provlm
of British Columbia.
8.f   1
I hereby give notice on Friday, the Eleventh day of October. A. D. 1907, at the hour of twelve o'clock, noon, at
the Court House, Nelson, 11. C, I shall offer for sale by public auction the lands hereinafter set out of the persons
In said list hereinafter set out, for the de linquent taxes unpaid by said persons as on the thirty-first day of December,
1906, and for Interest, costs and expenses, including cost of advertising said sale, if the total amount due ls not sooner
Description   of     Property.
A. R. Wilson, 294	
Robert Wood, 70	
John Kay, 80	
C. H. Duncan. 320	
P.   Grischell,   61.21	
E.   Mallandaine,  120	
M. McCarthy, 7	
in lot 3266 	
Lot 6076	
Lot 5372   	
Bk.  15, lot 812	
Bk. 27,28, and 29, lot 812	
Bk. 5, lot 891	
Bk. 14,lot 891	
L. E. Schuler, 4.29	
John Reith, 6.37	
Lucky   Boy   Mining   and   Milling   Cot,
,lnS  ec.   6,   Tp.   7 A	
In Sec. 2 and 3, Tp. 15, Lot 1237 \	
In Sec. 23, 24, 26, Tp. 37, Lot 1238	
Theodore Johnson, 99.91 	
Rvan & Donelly	
Ilroken Hill tt, & D. Co.. Ltd.,29.S3 	
Pilot Ymir Co., Ltd., 42.33	
H. L. Lindsay, 148. 20	
R. L. Baron,  153	
McKelvev & Randall, 775.53	
Ah  Wing,   1.09	
In Sec. 19, 20, 29, 30, Lot 1241	
In Sec. 36, Tp. 36, Lot 1238	
In Sec. 25, Tp. 17. Lot 1242	
In Sec. 1, Tp 39, and Sec. 6,  Tp. 40, all	
In Lot 1241 i	
In Lot 4595	
In Lot 4698	
In Sec. 7, Tp.  17 Lot 1242	
- g-
^ -s
6 30
200    860
2 00
2 00
28 06
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 9th day of September, 1907.
Collector, Nelson Assessment District.
Tremont House
Europe*- ��nr* Ajnerlcrm Flsn
He.li 25 ns.    Room. Irom 16 CU. to 11.
Oalj White Help Employed.
Baker St., NeUon Proprietors
Mosl comfortable quarter*      NelBoraJ
Only the beet ol Liquor* and _!_*_-.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room ls unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. EBICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Rouse
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Qtseen's Hotel
Baker Street, Meleon. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Larre an*  l.'otrjfortable Bedrooms and First-
olaaa.lnl&s Room.   Sample Room! [or Commercial   M.D.
MBS.  K. C.CLARKK. Proprletreii
Bartlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day House In Nelson.
The Bar la tha Fine*..
White Help Only Employed.
Joeephlne Bt.
Nalaon. B. C.
Royal Hotel
Rates (1 and $1.50 n, Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders
The Silver Grill haa opened under naw management. White labor
only employed. The beat 35 cent
meal In the city.
In the matter of an application for the Is-iue ot
a duplicate Certificate ot Title for part (40 *erei)
of Lot M_. (.roup one, In the DUtrlct of Kootenay.
Notice li hereby given that tt li my intention
to lxiue at the expiration of one month from the
first publication heroof a duplicate of the Certificate of'1 Uie for the above lands In tbe nume
of Andrew Morrison, which Cortlflcate nf Title
Ih dated tho Mh day of March, laoo, and numbered -H89__.
Land Reglitry Office, Nelson, B. C..September
Wth.lW. ���-_,__���*,
"H. F. MacLiod, '
Di.-uru-i HegUtrar.
$1000 Cash and the balance on extended paymentswlll buy a six-
roomed house and five lots; good
location,   price $2,500
$600 cash and the b9 lance on extended payments win buy an eight-
roomed house and lot % block
from the car line, price... .$1,900.
$500 cash and the balance monthly
payments will buy a six-roomed
house and lot on Silica street,
price $1300.
$600 cash and $25 per month -rill
buy a seven-roomed house and lot
on Victoria street, price $1800.
Fire, Accident, Life and Employers* Liability _n_-tir-u.ee
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
Choice Fruit
I Have (0,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frott Lands in
British Coltunbia*
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
7 rooms and bath, 50 ft. corner lot,
centrally located, one-half cash,
balance   on   terms $2100
5 rooms and bath���excellent repair,
electric light, water, sewer, 1 1-2....
lots,  on   terms $2000
3 rooms, water, electric light, chicken house, woodshed; on terms..$ 750
5 rooms with two excellent lots In
Fairvlew;   water $1350
Victoria St.   (75 ft.   corner) $   500
Houston St. (60 ft. corner) $ S7S
Chatham St., Fairvlew (30 ft.) $.00
6 3-4 acres, easy of access by wagon
road, partially cultivated; suitable for
market garden.   Terms liven
160 acres on Kootenay River, good
train aervice $3000
Real Estate Agent
318 Baker 8t~ Nalaon, B. C
Piano and Singing Lessons
Given  by  Mrs. Winter  Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Eing., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conservatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing. Address Box 796. Nalaon.
In tha Matter of    the "Land    Registry
Act" and Amendments thereto,
In the matter ot an _ppuc-t*on tor the lime of
a .triplicate ot the Certificate ot Ti.le lor Lota
2S01, .��*>, an.l '2303,   Un.up 1. Kootenay District.
Notice tt hereby Riven that It la my Intention
to lnrtuo at the expiration of one month from the
flrat publication hereof a duplicate Certlflcate ol
Title to tbe above described lands, tu the name of
Jamea Roderick Robertson, which Certlllcate la
dated the 9th dar of August, WM, aud ls numbered lMK-k.
Land Refl.try Offlee, Nelson. B.C.. 31st of
August, HOT. H. F. MacLKOl),
Oleu-cl _egiatrar.
I. E. Users of Electrical Sad Irons
The City Council hag fixed a flat rate
of 50 cents per month for each Klectric
Iron used in private houses and $1.30
per month for each Electric Iron used
tor commercial purposes.
And notice is hereby given to all
those using Electric Irons to make application at the City Hall (if they have.
not already done so) for power required.
ANYONE found using Electric Irons
or other heating device without first
making application for power will be
prosecuted without further notloe.
By Order. W. E. WASSON.
City Clerk,  i
Nelson, B. 0, Sept. 25th, 1907. J
i -;
',   3
Vm ���:
''     1*      ,
The Daily Canadian
our stock for the New Jewelry and other
goods we are opening up almost every
day. We a-e exhibiting Brooches. Necklets, Pendents. Bracelets, all in new designs. The new Enamel Jewelry In
Flowers, Hirds and Hugs Is most attractive.
J. O.  Patenaucle
Ii m��nu.acture_l from tne fine*, tobacco. nun*
rip*-J-*-*-' h*--l devr-.weet4.ned.     1 .'a mild, .ull-
flaTored and cool.    A tobSOM you
.ought to try*!
f obacconi-t.    Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Fruit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. eo.. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
jo Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. L Croadsdaile & _��*
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch.
Creosote, Oils lor
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Eci'der* will find it to thetx ad-
v-Ltage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning .tovee, etc
Iii Cast ��aker St. Phone No. A114
A. McDonald & Co*
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries.
Hotter.  Y.vg..
Camp and Miners' Bupplies
A   *.!   Can   Be*   C. E
Mining Won. a Specialty.
Office    Ilealey Bul.din*     Y   O. Hoi *24
Baker  St..  NELSON.   B. C.
lNE__-_K>r**J,     -     B. C.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cot-
tsgei of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large baaement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
eaay terms. Certainly a -nap. 3 lots
.75 x 125. Apply to j. R. B., Daily
Best   Located  Hotel in  Nelson
_"_)���_*-"��� the m_.nage_ri.-_i. nf  K. K, Noble
late ol Toronto. Ottawa ami
tt  ��� -   * -***=
.1 H. Thomas, London. C. H. Brown,
Milwaukee; C. H. Rowland.-*. Willow-
Point; F. S. York, Arrow Lake; R. D.
Turner. Winnipeg: A W. Robinson, Toronto;   G.   E.  Martin. Hamilton.
Cor. Vfnon   nnd \V_-_rcJ Straats,
NBL__*ON. t��. C
N. F. McNaught, Silverton; E. H.
Burden, W. H. Pinchbeck, Slocan; T.
Rill. Winnipeg; D. W. Alton. Nonh
Dakota; J. A. Smith, F. A. Freshman,
T. D. Thompson, H. A. Marshall, Toronto; C. More ton, Montreal; It. P. Kane
Kaslo: C. E. Legg, Mrs. L. Wilson. Spokane; Miss HoustojQ, Golden; R. L. Gal-
brai.h, Fort Steele; J. Chowen and wife.
Stratford; S. E. liailey. J. T. Fife. Vancouver; J. W. Champion. Rossland.
A EL Hodgson, Vernon; F. P. NefJl, J.
Sherwood and wife. Spokane; W. W.
Jackson, Creston; E. J. R. Walton, S-
Wilkinson. Ashland; Mrs. C Thorp, J.
McCUfch, Medlord, Alia.
Mrs. P. Campbell, Ymir; Mrs. G. A.
Smith and family. Slocan; W. Light-
loot, Brandon; G. A. Clay, Mrs. J. Mes-
)<;.-. Ferguson; W. B. Mclsaac, Erie; W.
Clopp, .). Beaton, L. Ker, E. Buckley.
Salmo; H. Clark, Kelown;��; 1) A. Jie-ir*
lek, ]��. \\* Cni.-luiln;. Vancouver; il, VV.
Crawford, Revelstoke; VV. K;n_\ S3
Junction: C M. Wallace. Farron; A. (i
Blaine, Cranbrook.
D. MoCalliim. M. Pugsl'-y. G Keraz:. .
Mi;-- Balud, M. B-tanger, Slocan: J.
Lamb. Winlaw; \\\ Sredman. Bpdkani
A Beddrfe&aon, Ferguson; G. Bond.
Le ..;*_, \V May. W. Blrkett, H .'.;.-
Lt an. \ I'aintini*. (.rt-f-nv. uo<!; W McGregor, Fernie; A. it. Keller, k. KQrbx-
Slocan Junction, J. Reid, Castlegar, F.
L ���;. es,  Gerrard.
A.     W.     Sweet.     Calgary;
Sooyoc, Sasi.atfMin;  M. Ames,
Coy,   L.   I>    Sn.ith,   Si-okur.--;
Sl'>can  Junction.
I; M-irdck. G. TrefusU. Slocan.
Denton. Holland
A. Van
J A M<-
A    Boy.;.
Kaolin is an a'uminous s.llrnTe. <.*���-
riv*-d from tbe decomposition uf f��-ld-
par     II Ib in*-r*-ly a fine variety of 'lay
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent fnr Trn-rnn t���**,nu ���*���__*��
��� li<.  f ��� '��� ���',-  ���'-'  *;,... a
ri��*��l l*ol -if   ''- .-> in 0.0.
-*���(_������_. of Jfrtu-'.f i '���*��� tif..        'I*_i    Alt-
U'Kr-A LAT'V*��� L'MJ.R-I.LA wlttl gol-1 I1ISM��1
'���:,:;���      l.'fl   ���(   K     V    lU'J. on   *n��-..l   nf   <Htb
Bi i-i     fin*..-'  pleaiw-  return  t"  Parker*!  J-tn
plornx-til *. .'.:.��� -  - ���������: MSS.W rt-wari.
i.'-i    a paff of  loos* i-r-twn   k"'",',��.  betwera
VKftorJfc an-I rorncr f.f   HtHTiii-%- MM   '.ri-i^L-U-
Mr'-el-'     Kftnrij t*> 4'an*-ilati Oflln-.
CH.LI' ' 11 A I N, *�����-.*.-���-��� n uu*Otrfpt *������*(- ViTDfiD
���*���������*���-*��� H'jn��l,if r-ward will be p_.id for itt
return.    _-.-*.>��-rrot-* A M<It, ��� *���
A J'OrKK'IMinK .'orulnlug a - Igiir-l i*l.e.*-i��* nf
tht* *"���.-<-��� ml k-lief Mirilt.i* 'ouipHfii, pttfOhU
la li. C wads, and lettem. Pindar kindJj
]'�����������* ��t No .'iH<*��- las.
TWO FHtwr.i'i.AHS kuOHH, n^tm heated     Ap
���M-* bkStWMrsSS-W   ��r<J flat. K   W   Chlnrk.
WANTEP��� Hit-t.i_.iit-.ii by  Young Krouman (mar
rit"1 j uI lUnj to tack le auyihing. eiperletiR^
A   CAKIN-.H    wm,   |2,wKj  u*    j.tirfba_e   a   fruit
ran. h oear Nalaon   a fOOdspspttlsMnn, J-an-
Pot Seed not In- m-tlveiy *-ii(-ng-N) on ranch.
For ptir'lcular* atii.lv T   O   PSwTKlt.
\V\.'IK|i J .... in. i��i,, | V\l>ha iH-wly arru-t-V.
want, iliitiiiwiii in iin-iiti'iiiixfrnr*Unilar work.
A I.im   -*��� H. W    H., Dally  ' "-iia-ll-iu.
WAN I Kli- Kngllahiiian 38. wanU t-ltuatlun for
week Of lunger, gooil m-li'ilir. untjil to pflloa
ritllUMf       Ail'lr*----   H    W I'hiIv  I  Mlinrltaii.
WA INTKP-o I'ur. liam-a Co-u (*oai, (Htli i*i.j. r
Apply J k  M.,oara tbii offloa.
Building   Committee.
The reftuiar quarterly meeting of the
building fund committee of St. Saviou's
church takes place this evening in the
Parish Hal! at S.30.
Moving Pictures.
The moving picture show opens at Hall
street this eveninu*. Besides moving
pictures there  will  be illustrated songs
..    .   ���. .rud.-vi:!--   acts.
W.il Be Buned in Seattle.
Telegraphic in.-rructions were reebelv-
ad this morning from Thomas Hooth. ar
Vancouver, to forward the body of hi*
brother, David Hooth. to Seattle for
burial. The body will be sent via S|*r>-
kar.e on tonight's train.
An  Error.
A later letter, also addressed to the
DaiiyChronicle. from Rev. J. L. Brooks'
solicitor, acknowledges an error in -Mr.
Brooks' statement, and explains that
Mr. Hammond's cablegram was received
Jury 22nd not July 2nd.
Creston  Fruit.
In the window- of Poole-I-onithurst
Co.'s store today is an exhibit of fruit
and vegetables grown at Creston. including tomatoes, peaches, grapes and
strawberries, the latter freshly gathered
by O. J. Wiggen, and all well ripened.
Collision at  Beasley.
A*. ���; 20 a. m. today a light engine going west collided *. r*.h a ea.-r t.ouii'i
fre;-;.*i*. train near Beagle; Siding. Hoth
engines were damaged somewhat but
there was no other consequence except
slight delay to the early westbound
trains. The accident was due, it is suie
posed, to a mistake by a new despatches
Y.  P.  U.
meeting of the Yung Peoples' Union
will be held in the Presbyterian church
this evening at fe o'clock. Rev. F. H.
fJraham will give an address on "Character," and Mr. J. Doyle will speak on
the recent Seattle International C. K.
convention. There will also be a musical programme and refreshments served.   All young people are invited.
W. H. A.
Tbe meeting of the Women's Hospital
Aid. held in BL Paul's church parlor this
afuin.jon.was well attended. Reports
<-!. th.- booth conducted by lie Aid a:
the Nelson Fair ihowed receipts io be
5' 1.1 profit" ���2.1" Resolutions oi appreciation ami thanks were paued and
ord red to be conveyed to the Ball
Trading Co., P. Hums & Co., Ni laoo
Transfer Co., O. .\!.l!<-r, of ihe Nelson
Coke and Car. Co., star liak.-iy. It. C.
Joy, Hudson's Hay Co.. Palace Heal
Uarket,  Kootenay    Coffee    Op., it.  M.
Hood & Co.. ihe lin.iiu-*. rs of the Grand
Fork, fruit exhibit, and to man;   ladiei
. I   :-.-::-���'.rr.  Dot   titflt.t.t. n Ol  the  Airl.  \* !. .
b        - i with donations or service-!
Meat Inspect.on.
A letter from J G Rutherford, Dominion veterinary inspector general and
l;ve stock commissioner, encloses for
publication an article on proper killing
and dressing of live stock. As that industry is not followed to any extent ln
this district the article Is not publish**-!
The following extract contains the principal suggestion 10 lariners who wish
to kill animals for m_ut packing entab-
liBhm.-nis: ''Provision has been mad*
for the admission on Inspection, of
dr.-fcsed carcases wiib the head, heari.
lung, axr.1 liver held by their natural
attar*hm**ntH. such c*arc_jieH to be In-
spatted before entering ibe establishment, and if found fit for food to be so
mark.y]  aud  admitted for packing  pur-
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
Rob. M. Hood & Co.
K. W. C. Bloek . Phone 1��.
Golden West   Soap   Powder
in 3-lb. packages, 25c
Corner Silica and Josephine 8ts.
Wholesale aati KeUll Pealers la
Fresh and Salted Meats
CainpB (-applied on ���hflftnl notice and
lowest price. Nothing but  fretLb and
wholesome meat** nnd supplee kept in btock
Mail order* receive careful attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Matuig-w.
Its Scan ej?y
Its BusmEss Eiiergy
This is a selected list of th-   more important, and the more popular titk-s in
new and   recent  fiction.
"Tht--  Daughter of Anderson  Crow,** thfl
men McCmcheon book, cloth $1.35
'Satan Sanderson." by H;-."-- Ermlnie
Rives,  paper 75c. cloth   $1
'Joseph Vance." by William . ��� -Morgan, described as the flrst . ������ ������
of The  20th centurv, fl.:.'",
"Spirit   Lake,"   by   Atthu*    !'���
cl< th $1 &0.
"The   Long   Labrador  Tra Dil
lon   Wallace,  cloth   $1 ""
"Th** Crimson Conquesi " by '
Hudson, cloth   $1.S0.
"The Younger Set," by Robt. W.
Chamber--, author of "The Fighting
Chance." cloth  $1.35.
"The Fighting Chance.      y ��� ��� :.-.
doth ti.'.'.o.
"The Glen o*Weeping." by .-..-.rjorie
Bowen, cloth $1.35.
"The Hrass Bowl." by I_ouis Joseph
Vance, cloth  $1.35.  paper  76c.
"The Priest." by Harold Begble, cloth
We give the promptest ar:! best service it is possible to give. We d---*.*,.atch
all orders the day they are received*
and w�� fill them right.
Try  us  with your  next   mail  order.
Plums, per basket   35c
Peaches, per lb  15c
Pears, 2 lb. for 25c
Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
W. G. Thomson
__S-5S--* ""    Nelson, B. C.
l-!��i*-i��   .1-4
Telephone 161.
poses, while if round to ba deceasi I
bfl condemn**\! arid tanked."
H U Calbraith. of Fort Steele, returned to the city  last   ni;*__t
X. F UcNaught bun down from
Siherton las*  night and Is nt :h*   ll'ini*
I* p. Kane, postmsster ol ECssto,os_ms
la :;��.-t night ami left this morning for
Max Crowe, formerly one of N-'-'m.
leading  tnerchsnts,   later  of  Bosslsnd
now   with   headn'iar'ets   l:i   Befil I:-
spending   some   days   at   thi   11D9SS   TO
nt-wing old soqnaintan*   ���.
Prominent   Montreal   Merchant*   on   Industrial and  Financial Outlook   in   Canada.
Montreal. Oct. b--SeTera! ne-1 known
wholei-nle and mining flrniK report ��.o-.k-
entng l-ij-..n��� -. (n CsnsdS, bur the situation Ib genertiKy considered intrinsically sound.
W. H. Hrock, Limited, ThnlS���!��� dry
pKSfsl "No doubt there !s hotnr retctric
tlon In trade !n Ibe .-..,��� the t-ankf* bd
Tiding that course a<i they want to fc_MP
on  the safe slds "
Caverhill, I-* srmo&t Oo.| wholeesle
hardware: "There may be a motetnent
to curtail buslnsfl In the Northweft but
p'-o[,it* otlt Chart will not be under ��
cloud long. This is a great country and
it behooves us all to stand by It.    Any
way. it in signih ant c f what our company thinks of tba -Utah-ion tha.; ws
Miiil sen 1 * ur men out then
Arnes H-'>)--*i.   Lt '. .    v..... >.  -.���
and shoes:     "Th��-  OTOp !������ a  ia:!.    short
and   p"iha;s  so:ii"  <r   the  nervin:-  ��� n-
du ii'.���  want   to ���.'���  ;if:- r I ..  \:<
��� .*      in- usual   Common sense win ba
exercised   in  tha   distribution   of I
in district    were crops *.r.   poor, si  I
tailors   will   be   ask  d   hy   their   supply
houses to go along slowly this year "
.1. T. Ball, wfaolesala boots an*! ���
'It i^��� a jrr.-;it in:**;.ike Ut Off wolf The
attitude of the banks . n * b< Iping
things at all If they hud t ik* n tba
present utand years ago and had di.
couraged such rapid expansion (hen
they would have acted wiwe'y hut the
check tbat has been put into busin* m
now is tying everything up"
The J. c. Wilson Co.. wholeer'**
paper: "W. do not look for any mich
drastic renults of the trade situation at-
withdrawal of salesmen from thn Northwest. Retailers m'ty not be Inclined
to buy so eagerly this season, but our
men art- all out cm their regu'ar trip*"
Air Brakes Failed.
Heattle. Oct. (������Two (rsmpu were
Ullled. Foreman (illberl earnest of Ta
coma Is mlisstng, and beloved t_o lie
dead, and Kngineer F K. Myers of Ban
Francisco, and Mrakcr__an Thomas were
Herlously Injured In a wn-ck near Anm
i*>n, on the Northern Pacific, last night
The train wan a freight, westbound, consisting of IS ���.*������. of bay, grain, aud live
stock, a caboose and an engine The
entire train was destroyed, the wreckage
catrhlug fire soon after tbe smash.
Trainmen declare that the failure or the
air brakes on a heavy grade caused the
Transform your kitchen into a cheery dwelling house by Installing
Thn. i- n farlur you muni k?fp - nilnd. and till new comer to Urttl-h
Colrimblu wnnlH a Htove that *ult�� all iiurpoBeK. Uiirna any fuel; brlKhtene >
the kitchen; makeo cooking ea��y and eeouomlcal. Duck'- Merit KanKf,
the beat Tor all cooking or heating; the strongest, the handleat, moBt de-
penilubl.* und >-....���. . i  fuel-aaver.    t__hM__-l
Standard Furniture Co.
Complete Houae Furni.heri and Under-takera.
Agenta  Maaon  *  Rlach  Planoa
Owing to an Increasing bunlnes�� In
the regular lines of Drugs and Stationery we must have more room, und wil]
have lo close out several of our "aid.
lines." We commence with CHINA
WARE. Our new stock Is all In for th.-
Xiiias tia.le. und It all goes In at our
Clearing   Out   Prices..
A visit to thla department will mt--r
est you.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER  and   WARD.
Phone  81
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company. Limited.;1
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
n. .xa.utaU with  I >��-_|���.l ^ ...     *lh..l   M.lnl
,��*J  JV-III   M.._l.ln_n\ .       Mnnuluclurara ot
.rat.   ta.   I-.    Cootra.tora.   _*sarrss.
ELSON,    13. C.
The "Bare" Wear Only
would t>e enough to recomroeodourfia---
looklrif. and <-sfiy-f.ttii_R Sbo��i. but ���:������:���
Is a BiyMefanf-SH about them sod t ._.���'
lug *-.iHp--)jnt-ss that U luskloc th.m
very popular among "men who know*
They are made on tbe newest luu. of
tbe best leathers, snd conform to tb.
tnoii approved styles In men's toatssV
We sre ready to fll all feet, and it
prices tbat make Shoes look like i {1ft
STS!SS?S Lumber, Shingles,
L.��th, Aloulciings, Doors, Windows.
Tul IHd -rV'orlt Hnd lirucketa. Mail Orders urouiptlr atttuded to
vnw.'so-* tiTHiiirr  ...   .���vi_i_t��0-��'. l*. _".
Wholcaaia Provl��lon��,
Oorerm-rnt Oroam-r- One-PonDd Bncla r*-ret����*d weekly frush trom lh*
churn.    For sale by _U It���-ding *n��*m.
OfDoe and war-bouae : Ho-aton Block,    Phoo. 79.
Josephine Street. Nelion, B. C.
_ i
We would like to nee all our patronaoomfortsble this winter and In order
do so we hsve ln stock the b*tu\ assorted line of hest*--g ototvt and cookmc
stoves  and   rang��*H   ev-T  befure   presented to the public In Kn^'ona*
We  would  be   r��J��*--i��ed to show   you    our Hn* snd before mt-kio-f y"��-r \W
rhaso kindly -***<��� what *���<   bave to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Ltmtted.
Nelaon Branch.
for AU
We Carry an Assortment ol Unt.��u_
Kit- Da-faMM and Variety
Tooly, Builders' Hardwart,
Ranchers' Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd*


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