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The Daily Canadian Feb 1, 1908

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ni canlpay more, but can not
|nv a purer or better MINERAL
vn.R than "HALCYON."
I.UMK   2.      NO.   204
iijrtance of Protest by
H. B. Ames, M. P.
has   b,
to the
tciorward   Original   Documents
[roper* y of Parliament���Deals
Coming to Light.
I aaa,  Feb.   1.���A   vary notable vic-
....    achieved   by   the  opposition
I m when after a weak of de-
on tbe question an ta. whether or
I ; ..'ills nhould be open to the
I  in- inlaeiH Oi parlia1111.nl or
I rng  a, hia-li   Hon.  Frank  Oil-
laid down the principle   that   they
[i.l not, and Hon. W. B. Holding sta*
1 oppo 1..-a ha* in, rights except
:  i.v  ih,. government, the
1   made  the   unprecedented   ex-
ol  the um. aable  position of a
.1.1 i.r the crown by producing the
1.11   documents   sought    by  11   B.
oi Montreal.    So aatonlshed was
I thai   the opposition   almost
, - .,, cheer their victory, and the
1 0   the  government side  ax
ed   the   mosl   Intense   chagrin.
Oliver   .-li" bad  refused  laa praa
tha   papers, was compelled  tai do
1   the 1. qui si   ..!'  Sir   Wilfrid  l.nur-
���blmsi If,   who     tabled     them.     The
which th.- opposition put up made
�����,!.... sii.I.-   for tha   premier   to act
was shortly after the house open-
���this afternoon, Sir Wilfrid made
brief suit, main in respect to recent
l> the production of the origin-
ments Bubi equ, ntly laying upon
lab ���    I th,  bou 1.  ih.. complete us.'
I -   originals  a   .-mall    portion    nf
Mr.   .men expressed a desire to
he premier said:  "I stated the oth-
I would make 1, statem, at
iy in th,' hulls., wiih regard to the
ii..n which  has occupied  lis  atten-
lime.   1 am na.i in go back
II lha   I*,  lion  whleh   has  been tak-
overnmenl   with  regard  ,0
Hi.'  house obtaining  orlc*
ilocumenta. The motion by the lion.
si. Antolne   having been
II has been observed Ihat
1;.. mber cannot renew his mo*
��� sea pt   by   unanimous   consent   of
Perhaps the point of order
.1,1 in.1 have been taken but for clr
1  think It is lactla-r always
idhere 10 iin' rules of the bouse, bul
. 1  ii... clrcumstanosa 1 have asked
���   -    1. 1  ..I ilia. Interior taa place up-
tables of the house th.* originals
Kin for.   it has been represented t"
il   li    woulal   he   inconvenient   to
ak up ih.* llle. therefore 1 now lay it
11 th.   table m tin- boose for Inspeo-
l>>  Mr. Ames, or any other member
il, in in- returned by the clerk
he .1. partment as soon as he is done
h 11 "
Ihe nrila.rs of the day J. 0. Turlff.
\ssiniiiiaia. said he wanted taa call
tti atlon of the    house to   Xh* re-
rl.s  iiiaal,.   l.y   th,. member  for  (iran-
.-. in respect 10 himself. The re-
i.s, he said, were of very offensive
  and he presumed that they were
Intended  10    be   offensive.    Turin
11 'i loted fiom the speech made by
Reid   on   Friday   iii  connection
debate on the production nf
.1 documents as follows:
>\'i   have another case, the Oalway
.1  ileal,   made   by   this   man   ktfjwn
a.   When we got 10 the original
pen, we faaaind  that  two ma-ii   in  this
1I1 ai   were  tin.  honorable  mem-
>   for   lluinlioll   (Mr.   Ailnmsoll   and
la:iff 1. Everybody knows that Ave
��� ������. years ago every dollar these men
���''I was a suit of clothes on their
and today Huy are travelling
""i worth a million. One of them
an  officer  in  the   department  or
Interior and Is now going around
country to explain one of the great-
aeandals ever perpetrated by any
adian Government and yel the
ne "linistir  ls   nol   willing   that   we
'"i Bee the original papers because
what those original papers may ills-
"1 just want to say," said Mr. Turriff,
'���i' concluding a quotation from Hans,
'i. "that this statement, so far as it
''���';-'  to myself,  Is not   only offensive.
"   ii   is  absolutely   untrue,    1  mean
"   Utement ihat i was 11 pauper Ave
'  n vears ago is raise, and the State-
""t that I am either a millionaire or
ii "ling as   ti   millionaire   is   equally
"���"   I Just wish to add that If the hon
'"iiihiT   from   (Irenvllle   ,>r   any   oilier
"I of   ibis house    has    any    charge
"msl  me either as a  member of the
"i;" an- i.mrifti of the government, the
'i.s uf n���, a,OU9(, pmyiju lt mode by
''"'i   that   enn   ba.   alone,   and   If   the
iiii?1       <',��-"��!''8 to tako tho responsibly  ol   making a   clinrge   I  am   quite
ny to meet him."
Several questions were put bv wi'st,
'"ii   members.      Dr.    Roche   nsked   on
"".ii terms the title to St Peter's re-
*". Manitoba, was extinguished by
' government, and several oilier ques-
nns hearing ,an the'same subject    ii"
��� ������ informed by Mr. Oliver thnt the re-
w**rve, which consists of    45,000 acres,
go/ ���- nmeur.
11 par,     a    reserve    of
Lak*l     Winnipeg
ity relations will
' over by Hie Indians
rumen, to be held In trust
and disposed of in the manner which
would lu the best way contribute their
welfare. Aeconllng to the lerms of surrender Sll.Ullu aeres of land will be all
Tided among the Indians. The chief
win get 180 acres, ex-chief an.l councillors iiii acres, and oilier Indians in proportion of aboul 80 acres each.
Three thousand acres will be
apart as hay land. Th,
agreed to sot
7...11.in acres near
Treaty money and t
1." continued- Heasonable assistance
will ]����� given the Indiana in establish-
big thi'in on the new reserves. The
government, Mr. Oliver said, would not
recognize agreements or assignments of
patents, nor does it propose to protect
parties who hold such assignments.
11. S. Lake, QuAppadle, asked if. In
view of tin' resolution passed by the
Manitoba drain Growers' association
at Brandon, criticising the action of th"
banks in refusing to grant money to
farmers on bills or lading, thereby causing hardship, the government proposes
io take st. i.s te remedy conditions; also asking why tha- statement In regard
,0 ih,- government's negotiations with
hanks promised by Mr. Fielding on lle-
r. mber I. had not lia-.-n ma.la*. Mr.
Fielding, in reply, said that as lhe bank-
ers hail been responsible for any advances   am   bills   aii   iailing.   they   naturally
had   '"   be   jltalga s.
Th" transactions with banks not having been concluded, no announcement
had   been   made.    A  measure  dealing
with th" siii.j.'ct would shortly taa* introduced in the house, when full ale*
tails would he furnished.
Th" debate was continued by it. .1.
Watson, Parry Bound; .1. Logan, Cumberland, N. s.; G. 11. Brabason, Ponfr
lac ami W. Caron Ottawa. A. A. Wright
.1 South Renfrew moved the adjournment
Hon. Rodolphe I.emieux's mission to
Japan will be discussed on Thursday
when Hii- opposition's view ol tha- result
will be given by R. L. Horden. A gen-
era] discussion will probably ensue.
Before the house rose tonight. Dr.
Bproule inquired as to th.. arrangements which have been made to supply seed grain to the farmers or ..Iberia and Saskatchewan. Mr. Fielding
said that the government would be prepared to make a statement in the
course ot two or three alays.
A discussion of the ISa-aoglan Bay canal project occupied a part of today's sittings, wiih specta] reference 1.�� iii.' Interim riqiaart nl tile survey laid on the
labi.. or ih.- house on Friday last. The
tqplo was lntroduoed by c. A. McCool,
Liberal m, mber or Nlptsslng, who moved for all copies anal reports In posses
Binn'of the government. He argued
thai the canal when constructed, will.
among other things, regulate the rates
and reduce tne distance from Fort
William to iii" seaboard, develop Canadian shipping, allow lane vessels tu
reach the seaboard without tin-aklug
bailk anal aid in solving the prohli'in of
transportation or crops, a problem
which the railways have been unable
to solve.
Mr. McCa.ol estimates that ir the. canal secures halt or tha' estimated trade
of two hundred mllll-m bushels it
woulal mean a saving of over three mil-
Hams in freight to the country annually.
Gerald White. Conservative, Norih
Renfrew, gave comparisons of the val-
ua> of tha- proposed canal in competition with tha- United Stall's. From
Knit William to Liverpool via N.-w York
was t.-'ss'.' miles; via Georgian Baj canal It woulal ba- only 4.12:! miles, a gain
a.r snil miles. From Fort William to
New York via Buffalo the rat.' on grain
is lour nnd a hair cents per bushel;
from Fori William to Montreal by canal
it is estimated at una* and a hair cents.
Old Channel  of Lightning Creek Yields
$75 to  Yard.
Beaver Pass, 11. cv.-h. I.���The old
Lightning Creek channel has again
been Struck and Ilia' richest kind O pay
Is promised. The lai.'si find is direct.
I-. opposite ihe town ot Stanley, or van
Winkle, as ih,. paistai authorities have
i: and Is on tin' claim worked bj
lames Thompson Harry Edena and
Dows Beventy-flve cents to the pan.
equal to seventy-live dollars to the yard,
is the least the gravel ims shown since
Monday, January 20, when color was
hist discovered. The partners have
drifted ami teet or tunnel and sunk several Mind shafts ln their search tor
ihe lost channel; and so great was their
faith in the property that they ntaeei
an order of twenty -thousand dollars
some time ago- Their Judgment is
BOW vindicated and this good fortune
should huve the affect of enoouraging
the owners or La Fontaine, ope and one
half mill's below on the same creek, to
again gel la. work on tha- propeil*..
which was I'la.sa-.l alaawi, last spring, at
a time when aooording to the best informed miners in this dlatriot, the
most prlmlslng ground was alums
reached The indications for a busy und
iiraispefWiis season In old Cariboo were
never better, antl every mull brings inquiries that show the readiness of capital to iii'i'-ane Interested where there is
good  reason  to believe  it will obtain
adequate   returns.
P. E. I.'s New Premier.
Charlottetown, P, BS. 1., Feb. 1.���Hon.
Frank   Hassard   has   been   unanimously
recommended by tha* governmenl members ns premier in place of the late
Hun.  Arthur  Peters.
\ f.&.oiisUave /\$se,
^       FEB? -1908
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
Fifty Cents a month
Thaw Acquitted on Ground
of insanity
Counsel Have Already Begun Fight
for Liberty���Plea Has Served
Its  Purpose.
Now York, Feb. 1.���Acquitted today
of the murder of Stanford White, on the
grouuds that he was insane at the lime
of commission of homicide, Harry K.
Thaw was ordered by Justice Dowling
to be committed to the Mattewan asylum for the Criminal Insane until buch
'ini ��� as he can convince the state lunacy
commission that his heing at large will
not endanger the public safety. Thaw
was lod to the Tombs and will remain
there until the sheiirr can arrange Lis
transfer to the asylum, lloth Thaw mul
his wife, the latter being the only member of Thaw's family in court whci lhe
jury unexpectedly returned its ver*-.-",,
seemed pleased and satisfied with th-
outcome of the case. Thaw st.. a 1 an I
smilingly bowed his acknowledgement
to the jurors aa they filed out of >L-*
box. District Attorney Jerome also
seemed satisfied as he conta-nded e��ei
since thu crime was commit te J that
Thaw was medically, if not legally le-
Thaw's counsel thanked the i'lnrs
with a hearty handshake for oion cf
the 12.
Only a few spectators were hllo.vel
to enta-r the court rajom when the Jury
reported. Justice Howling warn *d tut m
against any demonstration whatsoever,
but .l"si,i,.. this. Theoaiore Pell, tl.e
noted tennis player, broke Intai verocious
applause as ib... foreman uttered the lirst
words of the verdict "not guilty." Pell
was immediately arrested and arraigu-
a-ai before Justice Dowling alter the
Jury had heen discharged anal lined $7.ra
for contempt of court. It was I2.2n
.a'alaaa-k Ihls alta*rna aaul, just Slla hours
after the jury had retired, that the first
words came from the counsel room.
Justice Dowling took his seat on the
bench at 12.42 p. 111. and it was about
five minutes later that the verdict was
All the aloors of the Court room were
locked and save for a newspaper messenger no one was allowed to leave the
chamber until the proceedings were
At tho request of the defendant's
counsel Justie IX.wling has delayed the
execution of the order committing Thaw
to the asylum until 2 p. m. to allow
oounsel ta, confer as to whether or not
a right of habeas C0rpU8 will be sought
to have this sanity tested by a commission before he is taken to Mattewan.
The jury all refused to deliver the
secrets of their deliberations.
When the news or the verdict was
communicated to Mrs. William Thaw*,
the mother or the prisoner, at her ap-
partnicn's in the Hotel Lorraine, she
said "Thank Cod, my son is saved. 1
am perfectly satisfied."
Harry Thaw was acquitted of tlie
murder of Stanford White ta.aiay on the
grounds of being insane nt the time of
the murder. Immediately the jury returned its verdict. Justice Howling com-
mitti'd tha* prisoner to the asylum for
the criminal iusant at Mattewan, subject to his possible recovery.
The jury hail been out twenty-five
hours almost lo a minute and are said
to liava* taken about a doza'ii ballots
before reaching a verdicts When the
verdict   was   announced pandemonium
bulk,*  loiasa.   iii   th..  court   riaaiin.    Liltla.-
ton asked Judge Howling ia. release ihe
prisoner Immediately. The Justice refused iin' request and a messenger was
despatched to ga*t Jerome, who was in
Ills office, Upon Jerome's arrival lhe
request fur Thaw's release was renewed, Afier a moment's reflection Howling said: "The jury having found for
acquittal on ilia* grounds of Insanity at
ihe time of tin' shooting, the oourl feels
it incumbent on itself to look Into the
testimony given during the trial in,- iba-
degree a.f thai unsoundness. Helena!-
anl's experts sought lo establish anaemic lind progressive Insanity. That
testimony was based on prior outbreaks
on the part of the defendant. The
nurse who cared lor him, a London physician from .Monti' Carlo, Dr. Wells nnd
Dr. Hrown ta.stilled lo the same outbreaks, it appeared from evidence that
recurrence is reasonably certain to take
place at any time. The court is satisfied that to allow defendant, having
been acquitted on thr ground of insanity, and the court deeming discharge
at this time to be a danger, 11 ls ordered lhal Harry K. Thaw he taken forthwith lo Mattewan Stale Hospital (or
Insane, and the court orders the sheriff
of this county to conduct him there Immediately."
Littleton took exception to the word
"forthwith'-' and urged reasonable delay lo consult Ills client. Dowling granted reasonable time.
Harry Thaw left the Tombs for the
Grand Central slat ion en route to Mattewan at 4.07 p. in. Ho was accompanied to the asylum by Deputy Sheriff
Dell,    his    wife aud   Attorney   Daniel
O'Rlelly. A great crowd cheered as the
aiitaamohile speeded out of the prison
Market    *Jery    Steady���Business   Stays
Normal���Quotations  on   the
Mining  Exchange.
The stock market for the past week
showed but little change, prices fluctuating only a fraction, with tradings
about normal.
D. C. Copper showed a slight decline,
selling down about one-eighth with but
little interest manifected. Dominion
Copper also declined with each day*a
trading, showing a difference of about
50 cents per share throughout the
week's tradings. Granby remained firm
anal  almost unchanged.
Alberta Coal & Coke and International Coal both strengthened slightly, with
more demand noticeable than for sev-
a-ral months. Diamond Vale Coal continued active, and sold up slightly. Galbraith Coal and Royal Collieries attracted a number of buyers, with about
the  usual  anient of  business  recorded.
Con. Smelters and Canadian Gold
Fields Syndicate remained steady and
showed almost no difference from last
week's close. Cariboc-McKiuney had a
slight Hurry the beginning of the week,
but flattened out, selling back over one
cant per share on the close. Rambler
Cariboo anal Sullivan were uninteresting and unchanged.
The following are the approximate
quotations for the week ending today:
Askea.     Bid.
Alberta Goal & Coke $    .S15      $      .31
B. C. Copper       5.12'^        5.00
Cons. Smelters     S5.00 75.00
Cariboo   McKinney..        .03 .02
Can. Gold Fields 04 .03
Can.   Marconi       2.25
Dominion   Copper...      2.25 2.12*4
Diamond   Vale 15 .13
Diamond   Coal 55 .48
Granby         95.00 90.00
Galbraith   Coal 28 .25
International    Coal..        .85 .82
La Plata  Mines 12
Roval Collieries 25
Nicola Valley   C. & C. 100.00 95.00
N'icola Coal   Mines..        .05 .04
Panhandle   Smelter .        .04 .03
Rambler Cariboo 86*4 -25
North  Star 10 .07
Sullivan     0B*4 .Ofay
Snowstorm         1.41 1.38
Tel-Kwa   Mines 09
White Hear ���...        .03 .02
Western   OH,  Ord...        .95 .85
Gen.   Wood   Retires  From  Command of
Philippines  Division.
Washington, D. C. Feb. 1.���Army circles are much interested in the future
of Major General Leonard Wood, who
has fixed upon this date for the explra-
tin of his service In command j*>f the
Philippines Division. He is not expected to return to the United States for
some time, however, as he intends to
spend several months In Europe on
leave of absence for purposes of rest
and recreation before resuming active
He will probably not reach this country till fall and by that time the military situation may be considerably
changed. It Is understood that he can
succeed General Frederick D. Grant in
command of the department of the
F.ast If he wants It. On the other hand,
he may be ordered Io Washington to
assume the office and duties of chief
of staff as the relief of Gen. Franklin
Until General Hell was appointed the
office or chief of staff, which is regarded as the most Important office in the
army, was invarahly filled by the officer
aaf highest rank. Lieut. Gen. Young.
Chaffee and Hates held that office in
Succession, and the appointment of Gen.
Bell followed tlie request of Lieut. Gen.
II. 111.v C. Corliln to be assigned to the
eaiiniiiand of ilia- Southwestern division
al St. l.ouls. Instead of to the office of
Chief or staff, to which his rank naturally entitled him. Gen. Arthur Mac-
Arthur succeeded Gen. Corbln as lieu*
1. nam general, but as he was nol on
the best ol terms with Secretary Taft,
it was deema*d best to make no change
In the office of chief of staff Tor his
benefit No such reasons would apply,
however, ta. the case or Gen. Wood,
who. in addition to becoming the sen-
Ian* officer ol the army In active service, is a warm personal friend of both
the president and tho secretary of war.
It Is pointed out by several army officers that the appointment of Oen.
Wood as chief of staff would effect ti-
nlly remedy the present anomalous con*
dition of affairs at the war department.
due to the tact that Major-General Fred
C. Ainsworth, the present adjutant gen*
oral a.r the army Is senior to the present chieT or staff, and consequently Is
not called upon to perform the ordinary
routine duties of his "office, except In
special cases, where ho takes orders direct Trom the president, the secretary
of war or the assistant secretary ol
School Attendance.
The attendance at the public schools
of Nelson and the Hume addition for
January was: High school, enrolled 40,
attendance, :i:.7r,, percentage of regularity 8G.8: public school, enrolled, 481,
attendance, SISO.8, percentage. 88.3;
Hume, enrolled IH.altendance, 82, percentage, R7.2; total, enrolled 505, alten-
dnni" 497.5, percentage 88. Principal
Sullivan's division of thi' public school
had the highest percentage, 1)0.5.
Government  Preparing
for Campaign
Obvious Preliminaries to Appeal to
Electorate���Canada From
Ocean to Ocean.
Ottawa, Feb. 1.���Signs are multiplying that the country is on the eve of a
general election.
The announcement that tlie government has decided to advance four million dollars to the farmers of Saskatchewan and Alberta to finance their
seeding operations Is one of the largest
Hut there are others. The supplementary estimates, it is said, will bulk
more largely than any previous work
of Finance Minister Fieldin?, and the
"interests' of the doubtful constituencies   will   be   well   looked  after.
In the east, the government has
made a bid for the support of the shipping industries hy rescinding the privileges of the Norwegian steamers to ply
their coastwise trade between Canada
In Uritish Columbia the big fight will
be on the irninigration question, and the
government will claim support by reason of the arrangement with Viscount
Hayashi, Japanese foreign minister.
What help the premier expects to get
in Manitoba will depend upon the boundaries bill which is to come later in the
session. Wili he continue to oppose the
claims of the   province?
Quebec will not be forgotten when
the anti-election favors are passed around. There may he more wharves
where there is no water to float craft,
bridges and docks and breakwaters,
while Ontario is promised postofflces,
haruor improvements and other public
Roth sides expect an appeal soon after the session. Hecause of this the
members are making preparations for a
long siege.
Winnipeg, Feb. 1.���E. A. Kirsch, a
traveller for the Redmond company,
limited, of Montrealand Winnipeg,
drank laudanum at the Royal Alexandra hotel yesterday morning and died
at the general hospital several hours
afterwards. So motive for the act Is
given.    He is well  known  in  the east.
Winnipeg, Feb. 1.���Miss Lily Murray,
the school teacher whose mysterious
absence from the city occasioned considerable alarm on the part of relations and friends, has been located in
Portage la Prairie.
Ottawa, Feb. 1.���Another stage in the
negotiations looking to the purchase of
seed grain for the farmers in. Alberta
and Saskatchewan who requires it. was
reached when a conference was held
in the office of the finance minister to
discuss the financial phase of the
scheme. In addition to Hon. W. S.
Fielding, there were present Hon.
Frank Oliver, Hon. J. A. Calder, and
Hon. W. R. Motherwell, representing
the government of Saskatchewan, and
Mr. George Harcourt. deputy minister
of Agriculture from Alberta.
The amount of money is not yet
known, hut it is not likely to exceed
two million dollars at the outside.
The proposal Is that the Dominion
government shall make a loan to the
provinces of the amount which they require, taking ns security bonds of the
province. This is because the Dominion can borrow at a lower rate of interest than the provinces.
The distribution of the money will be
left to the two provinces, who will expend a sum necessary for the purchase
and delivery to farmers who need It.
taking a first mortgage claim upon the
farmers' land. . This plan will enable
those who are in close touch with the
farmers to see that the distribution of
the money is not abused and tbat the
distribution of the grain is confined to
those who actually need it.
An official statement as to the exact
terms of the agreement reached between the Dominion and the provinces
may be forthcoming soon.
Ottawa, Feb. 1.���The examination by
Ames of the originals of the timber limit documents moved for by him and tabled in the commons by the premier, disclosed some important Information.
Two of the three tenders for one of the
timber limits are unmtstakeably in the
same handwriting. Tho lowest tender
is that of Angus Fraser, a barrister of
Ottawa, and the price named is one
thousnnd dollars. The second tender is
for $fi,70i). Tho third is for $7,000 and
is signed hy W. H. Nolan, a machinery
agent, of Montreal.
The tenders of Fraser nnd Nolan are
In the same handwriting and in similarly addressed envelopes with t>*e startling fact that iho figures seven thousnnd dollars are m different ink.
The supposition is that the Individual
in whose interest tho lowest tender wan
put in protected himself by also putting
in a second with the amount to be filled in by some one In tlie department
o* the Interior who was instructed to
fill in the blank with amount slightly
In excess of the bonafide tender so that
with the assistance of an official, the
timber limit would be sure to fall to
the party who had offered a sum ?.r),-
700 less than one of the tenders. It
was also discovered in a cursory examination of the papers that the timber
was transfered by Nolan to the Imperial Pulp company.
Sir Daniel McMillan, the present lieutenant-governor of Manitoba, is president of the Imperial Pulp company and
his initials are affixed under the signature of the company.
It is a curious fact, however, that the
handwriting of the signature "W. H.
Nolan," in the transfer, is not the same
a; that of the W. H. Nolan signature
in  the tender.
The area of the limit is seventy miles
and a prospectus, it is said, has been issued in Winnipeg, floating the proposition at five hundred thousand dollars.
The timber berth referred to is located in the vicinity of Moose Lake, North
Lake and Winnipegosis.
Regina, Feb. 1.���The suit known as
Rrown vs. Darragh, by which Edward
Brown, of Portage La Prairie, sought to
have a contract involving a quarter of
a million dollar's worth of land carried
through, will be withdrawn from the
courts next week. It is learned today
that a basis of settlement out of the
courts has been arrived at by the
parties to the action.
Guelph, Feb. 1.���Rev. Robt. Torrence,
D. D., one of the foremost Presbyterian
ministers of Canada, died suddenly at
his home here yesterday, aged 86 years.
London, Feb. 1.���D. S. Perrin, head of
the biscuit firm of D. S. Perrin & Co.,
is dead, aged 75 years.
Brockville. Feb. 1.���Al) the schools,
closed on account of small pox some
weeks ago, reopen Mond iy, the disease
having been practically stopped.
System of Merit and Demerit Marks for
C.  P.  R.   Employees Goes  into
Effect  Today.
Winnipeg, Feb. 1.���Effective February 1, a new system of discipline will
be inaugurated on western lines of
the Canadian Pacific railway, that is
the territory extending from Fort WM1-
liam west. A circular covering this
change has been issued in the office of
Assistant General Manager Bury.
By the new system it is the Intention to insist on a more rigid compliance with the company's rules. All
employees are being started with a
dean sheet. In the past discipline
was meted out by suspension. Demerit
marks will now be placed on the credit
of an employee. For every repetition
of an offense by an employee the number of demerit marks will be doubled.
When the demerit marks against any
employee number sixty his services will
be dispensed with. For every twelve
consecutive months of good service free
from demerit marks an employee will
have twenty demerit marks deducted
form those that may stand against his
The circular is as follows:
"Commencing this date discipline will
be administered on western lines as under:
"It is the intention to insist on a
more rigid compliance with the company's rules and regulations, which are
made for the protection of the lives of
the public and employees, as well as
for the protection of the company's property.
"All employees will start with a clean
record beginning this date.
"Any exceptional service rendered
will be credited to the employee's record.
"A weekly discipline list will he issued on each division. This list will
show cause, extent of discipline, or action and extent of reward.
"Employees will as heretofore be
subject lo summary dismissal for insubordination, drunkenness on or off
duty, frequenting saloons or places of
low repute, using intoxicating liquor
when on duty, incompetency, dishonesty, failing to carry out train orders
and rules respecting train movement.
"Where previously discipline was meted out by suspension, demerit marks
will be placed in the record of an employee. For every repetition of an af-
fe_.ee by an employee, the number of
demerit marks will be doubled. When
the demerit marks against an employee
number sixty his services will be dispensed  with.
"For everyt welve consecutive months
g,*od service free from demerit marks,
an employeo W*H have twenty demerit
marks deducted from those that may
stand against his  record.
"Employees will be advised when demerit marks are recorded against them
the same as they have hitherto been
advised respecting disciplinary meas'
"Heretofore discipline has been meted ont in the form of suspension with
attending monetary loss to employees.'
It will be noticed from the circular
issued by Mr. Bury that all employees
commencing Feb. 1, will start with a
clean record, and although the discipline will be possibly more rigid, there
will be an opportunity afforded employees to regain a clear record
through earning sufficient merit marks
to counterbalance demerit marks, the
result, of unsatisfactory service requiring disciplinary action.
Equity Claim Filed For
Western Railways Are Charged With
Unlawful   Combination  in
Restraint of Trade.
Washington, Feb. 1.���lH-fted States
Attorney Hiram K. Booth, acting under
the direction of the attorney-general, today filed iu the circuit court of the
United States for tho district of Utah,
sitting at Salt Lake City, a six billion
equity claim in which the United States
is made claimant and the Union Pacific
Railroad company, the Oregon Short
Line Railroad company, the Oregon
Railroad company, and the Navigation
company, the Atchison, Topeka and
Santa Fe Railroad company, the Southern Pacific R. R. company, the Northern
Pacific Railroad company, Farmers'
Loan and Trust company, E. H. Harriman, Jacob Schiff. Otto Kahn, James
Stillman, Henry H. Rogers, Henry C.
Frick and William A. Clark are defendants.
Tbe bill sets out In detail the several
agreements, contracts and operations by
which the several defendants at various
times since January 1, 1901, are alleged
to have secured for themselves and
others, the management and control of
the various defendant roads, their
branches and steamship lines, and to
have ever since operated them ln restraint of trade and commerce among
the states, and with foreign nations in
violation of the act of congress, approved July 2, 1890. entitled "An act to
protect trade and commerce against unlawful  restraint  and  monopoly."
The MU alleges combination and conspiracy among the defendants ln derogation of the common rights of all the
people of the United States, and asks:
"That the individual defendants named
and their associate stockholders and
each and every person combining or
conspiring with them and their trustees, agents or assigns, present or future, be perpetually enjoined from doing any or every act or thing in furtherance of the combination or conspiracy*
or tending to carry out the conspiracy
described in this bill of complaint, or
intended or intending to complete control or partial control of said competing
railways by the Union Pacific Railway
company, the Oregon Short Line Railway, or the Oregon Railway and Navigation company, or their officers, directors and executive committees, or In
the control, legal or practical, of any
person or persons, association or corporations, acting for or in lieu of said
Union Pacific company or the Oregon
Short Line Railway company, or the
Oregon Railway and Navigation company, ln carrying out the unlawful combination herein before alleged."
Japanese   Minister  Discusses   Plans  on
Emigration���Turning  to  South
Toklo, Feb. 1.���At a sectional committee meeting of representatives today
naron Chlnda, vice foreign minister, in
reply to a question on the foreign emigration policy of the government, pointed out that South Africa was an undesirable place for Japanese emigrants
and a legation will be established in
Chile to promote better relations in
both countries ln the matter of trade
and emigration.
The government had been making
careful Investigations which shows that
Chile and the Argentine republic are favorable to emigration and "wherever,"
said he, "our emigrants are welcomed,
the government will not prevent them
going there." It ls believed it will not
be necessary to conclude any special
treaty for emigration and that existing
stipulations are sufficient to protect Japanese   subjects.
At another sectional meeting M. Oe-
shlak, minister of war, was asked It
Japan should maintain a large military
force, and continue military preparations In the presence of assured peace
like the present. The minister replied
that even In European countries, where
there was not. the slightest probability
of war no nation retrenches ln the matter of national defense The fullest
military equipment was the best guarantee of peace. Japan's armament was
not directed against anybody, but the
nation must always be prepared against
the eventualities.
Denis O'Sullivan Dead.
Columbus, Ohio, Feb. 1.���Denis O'Sullivan, the Irish actor and singer, died
today at Grant hospital after an operation for appendicitis performed Thursday. He was born in San Francisco
In 1886. His wife is here. His greatest success was  ln "Peggy   Machree."
��� *' * M
���n -
,-lb-i. "V. H
��� \i "i 1 ..j Daily Canadian
Clothing*    Gents*   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
iu these goods, and cau promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
Capital Authorized $10,000,000    Capital Paid Up	
K Rest    $4,860,000
HOa-T. ROBERT JAFFKAY, Vice-President.
D. R. WILKiE. President.
Brariijlics in British Columbia:
Interest allowed on deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
inbuso.-n buanch ��J��   IVI.    LAY",   MniifiKer.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.   1869.
.$3,900,000     Reserve Fund , *4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
SPECIAL   ATTENTION   given  to  the
���avings    Bank   Department,    and
-.Iterest    credited    Quarterly    on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published tu aiayn a wee- t>y the
Baker Bt..  Nelacaa, B. O
SuoBCrlptlon rates, &u cents a month delivered
in the olty, or 15.00 a year il sent by mall, when
palal lu a.lvauce.
Advertising rates on applli'atlon.
All mouies palal in  settlement ol The Dally
llauaattau aoooOUte, eillia-r I..I RUbeorlptloni or
advertising, musl ba- raaa a-ipta.l tor ou llle printed
laan.is ol the Compauy. oilier receipts are uot
Saturday.   February   1,   1908.
A week ago the Liberal organs of
tin- whole Dominion were loud iu abuse
oi ll. is. Ames, M. P.. of Montreal, the
Conservative member who dared to ask
lor the produciiaui in the,house of original public documents, and Sir Wilfrid Laurier's magnanimity In allowing
them to be produced was us loudly
praised. Apparently the people of Can-
ads have become bo much accustomed
to bureaucracy thai they hav, forgotten that it is tlif Inalienable tight
of their elirti'd representatives ... see
And examine such documents.
Since that right has anally been concealed no niore need be nald on thai
score. Hut when the documents were
produced there wns a greal profession
of iujurid innocence. Ministers proudly announced ihui Ihey bad nothing to
conceal. They were nol afraid to open
their books faar Inspection. Yet the lirst
document Inspect, d reveals an obvious
fraud���two tenders signed with different names but in the same hand writing, and the amount iu one obviously
entered by some one in the department
._! once there is another outcry. If
the opposition want un Investigation
they must make a definite charge of
fraud against some Individual. That is
a new theory in administration.
It is followed by the Utterly LmperU'
nent defence that similar frauds were
commuted prior to 181)6 tinder Conservative   administrations.
There ls practically uo denial of lhe
fact there has beau opportunity for
fraud, and that fraud has been committed. If the Incident stood alone It
might be susceptible of an explanation that would exonerate ministers
from complicity, bul it is only one of
.uauy.    The  Jtllalnuore  townslte  steal
was probably lhe most glaring offense.
Hut every man who has had dealings
with the departments ai Ottawa���
and there are not a few in Nelson���
knows by experience that no claim is
ever considered on its merits. The
"friends" of ministers have to be placated before any stranger can deal with
a department.
Mr. Ames has performed a valuable
public service and it will be appreciated throughout the country notwithstanding the shower of abuse from the
hired  apologists  of  the  administration.
When tlie session opened it was generally expected that there would bo
many inquiries into government wrongdoing.    The failure of the government
officials in connection with the Quebec
bridge indicates either wholesale corruption or gross Incapacity. The payments in advance to the Ross rifle com*
pany were certainly Irregular, aud the
Investigation lias led to a charge by
the company's solicitor that government officials were guilty of a conspiracy to defraud. These things were
known before the 9<*BRion began, hut
probably no one suspected ."iat the dls-
bonesty was so widespread as it is now
sa-. n to be.
The Besslon of 1907 will remain no-
torlous for the exposures of private
alin that drove three ministers from
olllce anal slinulil have driven a fourth.
The session of 1908 will be notorious
for the exposure of maladministration
and corruption in nearly every depart.
mint  of the public service.
chinery for steamers, the name of
which is withheld for the present, has
been awarded the contract to supply
ilia- machinery for a new steamer which
the llrand Trunk Pacific Railway Company will build, at Victoria, H. C, for
operation on the Skeena river, along
which the new line will run. The va-s-
sel will be built iu Victoria, is. c. and
taken north early ln the Bummer, lt
will be engaged chiefly iu the carrying
of supplies fur tin* u. T. P. construction camps along lhe route lapped l.y
tin. Skeena river between Port BJssing-
ton. at the mouth, and Haselton, ut
tha. head of navigation. The liiia-s of
the new vessel will be laid down ut
Victoria   tills    weak   unil   she   is   Io   be
rushed to completion by the middle of
.May. This will be tin. lirst of several steamers which the G. T. IV will
build for Uie "northern British c\il-
unibla trade."
A New York jury has decided that
Harry K. Thaw, who shot and killed
Stanford White, is mentally Irresponsible. He will, presumably, be caanliu-
ed for a time In an asylum for the
criminal insane, but there is little
doubt that before long he will have his
liberty again. The reluctance of American juries to convict men whose guilt
is well known may arise from humanitarian motives, but It is the chief cause
of the survival of "lynch" law. It Is
bard for an American not to come to
Hi.' conclusion that unless a murderer
be caught and killed at once, the
chanci' of his ever getting his deserts is
very slight.
G. T. P. To Build Steamer.
Toronto, Feb. 1.���One of the largest
firms   in   the   city  which supplies   nja*
Take notice that I will, on the 9th
day of March. 1908, a*iply for a transfer
a.i Hi" liquor license for the Silver King
liolel. situate on Lots Seven (7) and
Bight (8,, in Block Ten (10), on the
south side of Uaker street in the City
of Nelson, from Robert Dalziel to myself. '
Dated at Nelson, D. C this 20th day
of January, A. D. 190S.
Notice Is hereby given that all taxes
for the year 190S under the Assessment
Act 1906 and amending acts, nnd under
the Public Schools Act, are now due
and payable.
Collector of Revenue, Nelson, B. C.
Nelson. B. C, 2nd Jan.. 1908.
Tenders Wanted for the Purcriase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders address to the undersigned, at his
offla*e, III tha-Court Haause. lu tbe Clly ol Nelson,
will be rea-etveal up till the hour aal 5 o'eloa'ic. In
the afternoon, ol Fri.lav. February 28th, 1908,
for the purehase all the " Eden " Mineral
Claim, Lot 11*7, llroup 1. Kaxatenay Illstriet.
av-hich waa declared to be forfeited to the Crown
at the tax sale held (on the "th duy ol December,
1904, for delinquent taxes and costs.
I|The upset price upon the said Mineral claim,
which includes the amount of delitiajueut taxes
and a'osts at tbe time of forfeiture, avith interest,
taxes which have since accrueal, costs of advertising, and te.. f.arl'rown Oram (fAVaaai) Is 1133.33.
which is the least amount that will be considered
as a tender
Eai'h tender must be accompanied by an
aea-epted cheajue Ior the full amount ol the lender, payable lo the order of the Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works, at Victoria, II. C.
at par.
Dated at Nelaon, B.C., this 80th dav of January.
Government Agent.
Certificate  of Improvements.
������Red Point," "Vernamo," "Greenwood Fractional," "ureenwood and Jack 1'ot Fractional"
Mineral Claims, situate in the Nelson Mining
Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:���On Eagle Creek above the
Poorman Mine.
Taae notice that I, John MeLatchie, ol the
City ot Nelson, acting *t* aeent (ur Jons. P. Swed-
berg, Free Miner's Certificate No B74T5 and
Oscar Johnson Free Miner's Certificate No B623,
intend sixty days from the date hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of
improvement*, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants of the above claims
And farther take notice that action, under
Section Al, must be eomnienoed before the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 27th day :of tM-ptember, A. D , 1907.
In the matter of an application for the issue of
a duplicate Certificate ol Title for lot* 4, 6, 9, 11,
19. -ih. and 32. nf lot 891, Group One, tn the
District of Kooteuay (Mop 698).
Notice is hereby given that it ls my intention
to i-*' ��� at the expiration of one month after the
first publication hereof aduplleate of the Certificate of Title for the nbove mentioned loto in
the name of Richard Helme, which Certificate of
Title ia dated the 24th day of November, 1906,
anil  numbered 6310A.
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B. C, January
"H. F. MacLeod,"
District Registrar.
Nelson Land Dintrict.   District of West Koo'enay
lake notice that Jbiiip* Fisher, of Rosslann,
H (' , occupation prospector, intend-* to apply
for a syecial timber ieence over the following
described lands;
1-oration No- 1. Commencing at a post planied
about two miles west of the Columbia and
\\ t-tcrii hallway's rinht of-way and about one
mlle north nf the northern boundary of 0 P. R
lot 2��9<S, and west of Dog creek, north of Farmn,
B. C, beintr the initial post adjacent to the
northwest corner of limber licence number IJT54
and marked J. Fisher ���*��� N E corner, thetice
south Hit chains, thence west ��> chains, them*.*
north Hi -'linins, thence east 80 cliHins tu the
point of commencement and containing 610
aeres, more or less
Dated December 16th, 1906.
.i.imi- Fisher, locator.
Location No. a. t.ommencingat a post planted
at the southeast corner being tbe initial post
adjacent to the northwest corner of timtier
licence No. PIT .4 and adjacent to the northeast
corner of J Fisher's No 1 localion and marked
J. Fisher's ti. K. enrner, thence north 80 chains,
tbence west 80 chains, thence aouth 80 cbalns,
thence east 80 chains to the point of commencement and containing 640 acres, more or lesa.
Dated Decern ber 16th, 1907.
James Fisher, locator.
1/n'ation No. :.. Commencing at a post planted
at the southwest corner about one mile north of
he noithera boundary of O. 1'. R lot *6-.8, and
about 2 mili-B west of tiinUrr licence No. PITr. I, nii-l
about four milvs west of the Columbia and
Western Railway, north of Farron, B. ('., and
adjoining J Fisher's No. 2 location on the north,
being the iQitliil post and marked J. Fisher's
H. W. eorner, thence north 80 chalna, thence cast
80 chains, theuce south 80 chalna, thence west
80 chains to the point of commencement and
containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated December 16th, 1907.
Jake*- Fisher, locator.
1 ..cntlipii No. 4. Commencing at a post planted
at the northwest corner being the initial post
adjacent to the southwest corner of J. Fisher's
No. 'A location and marked J. Fisher's N W.
corner, ihence south 80 chains -to the northern
boundary of C. 1'. R lot 2698, theuce east 80
chains, thence north 80 chains thenee west 80
chains, to the point of commencement and contains 640 acres, more or less.
Dated December 16th, 1907.
James Kisuxa, locator.
Location No. 5, Commencing nt a post planted
at the southcrt* corner being tne Initial post adjacent lo the S. W. corner of j Fisher s No. 3 location, and niiirked J Fisl.er'H **S K corner, thence
north bO Chains, tnence west BO ehulus, .hence
south   HO  chains,   thence  east   80   ehaiua   lo   the
point of commencement!  and containing  MO
acres, more or less.
Dated Deoember tflth, i;h>7. ���
Jamks Eta���KB, locator.
Location No. 6.  Commencing ai a post plained
at the northeast oornei being the initial post
adjacent to the northwest corner of J. Fisher's
No 4 location and marked J Fisher's N.H.
corner, thence south HU chains to the northern
houndarv of *.'. P. U. lot ai>98, tbence WOOt ���**���>
chains, theuee north 80 chaius, ihence cast HO
chains to the point of commencement and oos
taining MO acres, more or lesa.
Datt-d December 10th, 1907.
J. Fishkr, locator.
Loeatton No. 7. Com mem ing at a post planted
at��tbe southwest corner heing the initial post
adjacent to the uorth-Aesi eorner of J Ki*��her's
No. 2 location alio marked J. Fisher's ti W
comer, thence nortli .*mi chains, IheUce east B0
chains, thence south 80 chaint, theuce west no
Ohalna to the poiut of i-ommt-iii't-uumi ami containing (MO Hires, more or less.
Dated December 10th, IWl.
Jamks Fishkk, locator
Locution NO. 8. Commencing at a post planted
at the Southeast corner and heihK the initial
i-osi adjacent l*> the southwest corner ol J.
Fisher's -No. 1 location and marked J. Flaher ���
.-.   t��, i oruer, thenee nortli .*> ehatus, tlielicc west
80 chains, theuce soutn hu chains, tnence cast ni
chains to the poiul of comineucemeui aud con
taining utO acres, more or  less.
Dated December I6lh, 19U7.
Jamks Fisher, locator.
Location No. 9. Oommenclng ai a posi planted
at lhe souihwesl eoruer Wing lhe initial post
adjacent to the north..um corner ol J. Pisher'a
No. 7 location and uiari-ud J Fisher's :*��� W,
corner, thence uorth 80 chaius, theuee east80
Ohalns, ihence south Ho chains, theuce West 80
chains to the pointof couiuit-ui/enicut and cju-
tiiiiiiiig i'.40 acies, more or less.
Dated December 16th 1007.
James FtsHKR. locator.
Location No- 10. Commencing ata post plauted
at the southeast corner l-clUi* the initial posi
udjrtceut to the nortmast corner oi J. Fisher's
No. 8 location and marked J. Fisher's ti. _.
eoruer, thi nee norths,' chains, thenee west so
chains, ihence south SO chains, tbence east SO
chains to the point of commencement and containing t-40 acres, more or leis.
Dated December 16th, 1907.
Jaukb Fisher, locator.
An extension of io days within which to com.
menoe publication granted by me this date
December Btsti xwi,   Harry  Wright, Assistant
Commissioner of Lauds aud Works.
LAM) A<_tT
West Kootenay Laud District. District of West
Take notice that I, J. C. Jansen. ol H-pO���ana,
Waah., oeeupatlou timberman, intend lo apply
tor a special timber licence over the following
desorlDed lands:
1. Commencing at a post 'planted at the ti. w.
eoruer. about 1 mile from fcvm JoUusious P K
No. 660, said post being placed ou the int-t.ru-**.-
tiouitl boundary Due, tnenoe nortb 4u chains,
theuee east 160 chains, thenoe south 40 chains,
theuce west 160 chalus to polui oi eommeuce-
menti containing 6iu acres.
Dated DeeMnber 3rd, 1907. J. C. JaVbKS.
2. Commenting at a post planted at the .-*. W.
corner, about 40 chains uorui from tlie ^. W.
corner oi location No. 1., tht-uce uorth 4v* chalus,
theuce east 160 chaius, tbeuce soutii 40 chains,
lhenoe wesl 160 cnaius to point ol eommeuce-
nieut. containing 6to acres. J. C. Janse.n.
3. Commenclujj at a post planted at the ti, \\.
corner about 40 chains north from the S. W.
Corner of location No. 2, theuce north iv chains,
theuce east 160 chains, thence touih 4u chaius,
theuce vM-at 160 chains to poiul of commencement, coutaiuing o4o acres. J   C.  Iaj-ssBN.
4 Commencing at a post plauted at the ti. VV.
corner, about 40 chains uorlh from the ***. W.
corner of location No. 3, theuce Uorlh 40 chalus.
theuce east loo chalus, theuce louth 40 chaiufl
theuce west 16u chains to pomt of commencement, containing 640 acres. J. C. Jak*>k.n.
5. Commeueiug at a post plantei at the ti. W.
corner* about40 chains uonn irom the h. W.
eoruer of location Nol, theme north 40 chains,
theuee east loo chains, theuce suuth 40 chaius,
thenco west loo chaius to poiut ol commencement, coutaiuing 64u acres.
December 4th, 1907. J. C. Ja-**be*��.
6. Commencing at a post planted altheS. W.
corner about 40 chains north from the a W.
corner oi location No. 6, theuce uorth 40 chains,
theuce cast 16u ehainn, tbeuce south 4-q chains,
tnenoe west 160 chain-*, to point oi commeuce-
uieut, coutaiuing 640 acres.
December 4tii. 1907. J   C. Jause*
7. -t-'ommeuciug at a post planted at the N. W.
corner aud adjoining lhe N. _. corner of lot 2990,
theuce east 4u chains, thence south 4u chains.
thence easi 40 chains, theuce south 60 chains,
thence west oo chains, tbence north luu chains
to point of cuinmeucemeut, containing 6*0 acres,
December 4tu. W . _. Shcck,
8. Commeuclug at a posi planted at the N. W
corner, about i -, of a mile iu a southwesterly
direction from me south fork of "ialmon river,
aud about 71-, miles irom the mouth, thene*
south 160 chains, tbence easi 40 chains, theuee
north 180 chalus, ihence west 4u chains to polut
of    iui   .��� ���������.-���'   coutainiug Mu acres.
December ith, 1907. K.J.  K.ECX-H.
Nelson I-and Uistrict. District of West Kootenay
Take notice ihat V**. A Hudson, of Bpokane,
Wpshiugtou. L .--.A., occupation timber cruiser,
in lena to a;.uiy for a special umber licence over
the toliort ink.- described lauds: Commencing at
a post planted on the north bank ol Corn creetr*.
at the junction of the uonn fork of Corn creek
with the main stream, about five miles iu a
westerly direction Irom the confluence of said
Corn creek wuh ihe Kootenay river, thene**
norih 4u chillis theuce west lt-o chains, tbence
south 40 chains, ihence eaat 16u c_ains lo point
of commencement, eon-lain lng-*M0 acres, more or
Dated November 7th, IW,.
William A. Hi-neon.
Nelson Laud District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice ihat I, L. W. (.haver, intend to apply hot a special licence to cut and carry away
tim>er from MO acres of laud : Commeneing at
a postmarked L. rt . shaver, northwest corner
theuce eighty chains south, thehce eighty
chains easi, thence eighty chains north, theuce
eighty chains *esi to place ol beginning, containing 6lo acres, more or less, and east and ad-
sjacent to timber licence lo024, and also south
aud adjacent to timber licence No l��*o_i, and also
south and adjacent to F. A. ohaver limber limn
No- 1-
Dated   November _Uit, 1907.
L. W. Shaver, locator.
A. liAiKE-rr, -gent.
Kxiension of one week within which -to advertise granted harry Vt ri(*hl, Ass'l. Commissioner of Laud aud  -Aorks.
Kelson -Laud District. District of West Kooteuay
Take notice that 1, 1. L. Logan, of Bonntrs
Perrr, Idaho, oecupalion painter, lutend to apply lor a special timber licence over the following aes.-ribed lauds: Commencing at a post
planted ai the southeast corner of timber
licence No. IMM, thenoe east BO chains, tbence
north 8u chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains to point of Commencement,
containing 640 tares, more or less.
Dated November iilsl, l*/7. T. L  Logan,
coliu Smith, agent.
Nelson Laud District.   District of Wesl Kooteuay
Take notice that f, Charles Dutcher, Intend
to apply lor a Special timber licence, to cut and
carry away Umber trom OUt acres of land Commencing at No. 1 post about 12 miles west of the
Koolenay river, 011 the uorth side of (Boundary
creek' and norih. and adjacent to timber licenses
lii'.**, aud one mile north of the international
boundary line: commencing at a post marked
Charlea Dutcher's southwest corner, thence 80
chains uorth, theme t��0 cbalus east, thence 80
chains south, Ibeuce so chains west to the pjaee
ol beginning, containing 04O acrea, more or less
Located November IHth. 1907.
chak���ts Dutcher, Looator.
No. 2. Commencing at a post maiked i-hirles
Dutcher's southeast corner, thence 80 chalna
north, ihence 80 chains wesl, thence hu chains
south, thence 80 chains east to tbe place of beginning, and wesl and adjacent to number one
timlier limit, and coutaiuing 640 acres, more or
Located November 18th, 1907
CHAM.BS Oi-tchkr. Locator.
No. 3. Commencing at a p t marked Charlea
Dutcher's northwest eorner gad about 15 miles
west of the Kooteuay river uo the north i-ide ol
Boundary creek and north and aHjaceut to tlmher I teen >-e 16600, ihence south 80 chains, theuce
east 80 chaius, thence north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to the place ol beginning, containing 640 acres, more or leas.
Located November 18th, 1907.
Charles Dutcher, .Locator.
No. 4. Commlenclog at a post marked Charles
Dutcher's  northeast   corner, thence louth 80
Having just received a large shipment
of these lines, and having bought before
last advances, we are selling this lot at
last season  prices.
. This is a fine opportunity for hotels,
furnished rooms to stock up as prices
are specially low. We want your attention   and   inspection.
From    Tuesday    N.ght
Until    Saturday    Night
Rossland    Carnival
J.  S. C.   FRASER
FEB. 4 to 8
For Information apply to
A.   B.   MacKENZlE,
Secretary and QenenU Manager.
(Tiaui|il,itishlp of B. 0,
championship of OaaS���I
i'hitin[donship of B   0
I hampiiuishlp  of  lhe TroTl���I
chalni. th<*nce   weit 8n chains,  thene-   north MO  '
ehainn. Uifcui** cast SO chains to the ptaosof beginning, containing M0 serfs, more or lt-ns.
sLocated November IBth. IWl.
chaklk- Dutchep. 1,-ocator.
No. 5.   ���commencing at a post marked Charlei
Dutcher'n southeast corner,   thence  80 chain"
north, thence 80chains west, tfaencs Debs
south,  thence 80 chains east to the   PULBBotb*.
ginning, cnntalnihg 0th acres, more or less
Located November 18th, 1907.
Chaki.es Den-hex. Locator.
No. C. Commencing at a post marked Charles
Dutcher's southwest corner, thenoe north >"J
chtins, tbence east 80 cbalus, thence south go
chains, thence westJ*p chalus to the pi ac-of beginning,   conaiuing-w-10 acres, more or less
Located November 18th, 19u7.
Charle* DUTCUS, 1,-oealor.
���K^__:'_t:_ ^s_oo__i___r_K!5nvA_;
_0H ran buy t\ 10-acre Kniir   Ranch   in   the beat  fruit  growing district
In   British  Colombia  by   paying   $10 dollars down and $10 per month.
Kv-n ns an tnvegtmenfl  this is. worth consfdmttotL
Frult Land hag trebled In  raluc within tho war     What will It do twit
yonr ?
���*-o. ts.   Weit lork. Fire rree��.
Nelson Land District.   l-��ntn i of "A est Hooti-tiay
lake notice that I, Joseph Patrick, of Nelson,
B.C., occuspation lumberman, lun-ud to apply
for a special limber llceuce over the following
described lauds: Commencing al a po-��i plant-")
aoout 5 miles-up the west fork ol Kne creek���
and at-out lo chain-, from the bank of -*aiu w,*ft
fork, ah'l marked J'-neph 1'alri -k'** H. K. cnriu",
thence wi-st 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
Ihence east 8U chalun. thene SOOtb g�� Chains tO
poiut of commencement, containing OW seres,
more or leas.
Dated December 5lh. 1��C.     .io-sei-h Pateick,
1. J. Lucu., aui'llt.
No. 1*1     Went fork, rife creek.
Nelson Land Uisirlet.   District of West KooUnaT
lake notice that Jof-eph Patrick, of Nelson,
B C , occupation lumberman, Intends to apply
for a special timber licence over the following
dewrlbed lands: Commencing at a post planted
shunt two chains dinlant, and in an easterly
direction from location No. 13 and marked
Joseph Patrick's S. h. corner, thence south B0
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north M
chaius, theuee east 80 chains to point ofoom-*
meiueineht, containing 040 acres, more nr less,
Dated December'ith, 1907.      Josij-n Paikok,
1   J. LUCIA   agent.
No  10,   West fork. Fife creek.
Nelson Land District.   District ol Went Kootenay
Take notice that I, Joseph Patrick, of Nelson,
B.C., occupation lumberman. Intend to apply
for a specirl timber Licence over the following
described lands: Comincuch*-- Mt n pi,hi planied
about An chains distant nud m a westerly direction from the west fork nf Hit; ereek and about
b miles from mouth of creek, and marked Joseph
Patrick's ti K. corner, thence west lfio chains,
thence north 40 chains, thence east loo chains.
thence south to chains to point of commencement, oontalnlni MO acres, moro or lea.
Dated December Oth, IWl.      Joski-h Pathick,
1. i. Loci a, agent.
No. 16.   Htevens creea.
Nelson Land Diatrict.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice that 1, Joseph Patrick, ot Nelson,
p (.... Occupation lumberman, intend to applv
rpf a special Umber licence over the following
described lands: ' ommencing at a post planted
about 5)a miles up Hi-e-vens creek and lu a N. K.
direction from mouth of creek, and marked
Joseph Patrick's N K corner, thence south no
chains, tiienee west HO chains, thence north 80
chains , thenco east 80 chains lo the point of
commencement, containing 640 acres, DOOIS or
Dated December 3rd, 1W7.     Joseph Patrick,
I.J. Lucu, Ageut.
"�����KK-___K-TB*��-_��_B*Ra_��frj���� ���V5
MANUFACTURES    T 1 _������* f_.
AND DEALERS IN    I'UfXlDet,   _��__Ilgl-Wf
L��th, Moulding***, Doors, WindowsJ
TurnoU Work and Hroa-ketM. Mail Order- promptly ain^
                          VBHMI1N NTHllltr   .   .   .   NHI.8IIN. B. C.
HO   17.    Hlcvonaa aTeaak.
N-lson IjiM.I Duirial    l.wlrla-t aal W, ,t Koa,t..���ay
Tulca. nntll-aa Haul I, JdMptl I'H, ria k, .,1 N,.|.,'������
H.< , wiiupallun l���mla.r,iiB���. iDtODal |��� ���|������V
l.ar a��|,a..|,al 1IiiiI.it   llMnce   ,.,,.,   ,,���.   l.n.JI,'
'';- ���",""��� ljM-4.!  Uoma iini tl ��� pail piiniSS
��'"".'i i��i.i' ii Hlsrl; .iir.'.ti,,,, ir,��� ii,���
l Ri-ll,..,, l��k... .iii.l ,�����rk,..| Im pb I'.alri  . ���.    .   V,
a-oni-r,  thenoe  I,..all,  10 oh.lui,  ih,.,,,,",.���-,"',
i.jmiu_. thenoe Math 80 ohtlns, lhenoe ���.-.��'
;;l:":";,--:,!;:;;i:,���;,!,L': "- nw-ntoin,
Uaalt.il Ueoeuiher in.,, la,^      Joitrn I'.tkh-k,
I  J. I.a a ia, HK.-nt.
No. IH.   hi, v.,,. ,-r, , k
,,.,;   '  """"",. """" Ig MU tot**,  maare aar
Hhi.,1 Deoember 2nd, in,.   ������,,, i.4T������.K|
No. 19    Btevon. orook   ' J' ''""*��� B"<!"1
���ieK.rlba.al Und.:   LomineutlB�� at a po.t plautoai
. mllei nj. nt
'"laai   '.    111,1,'ia    ,|||       ,-.,���    I 1   I, r.       -   - - .Kierfrfl
..-aill..n N��� 1. on tin- Witt, .."'I '"''���
.alrli'k'aa   N   W. oa.rlla',,   Hi'""   ''"���., 1
I ...
Ill, I,. .'   N,ai|th    BO   a liail.'i,   It
tbenoe nortb H obelo, i" i'"""
in.-nt. a-a.liltalnliaK BIO aaaa.N. 0,0
HhIcI lii.acmlior.'fr.l, I'M''' ,   ,
I..I. 1
Nil. 'JO     Wa'��t hark, Kile
Nl'lHaan !.���,,,I IMNlrla't    I>
l'nk>< iii.tl,,' lhaat 1. J I
| ,'iam*
a.'l'l.   I 'I""'', -Si
Hl.niil .' ia, al.H il|, II,.' av.-l 101"   "\ ,nJO
ah.,.,1 w obalna eorlb ..i ibi '".":,������<*
Jpeepb  i'���i,i,'k'_ n  I.. oprn��'. '  ,,��� i
ualllla    tha-na-a-  wo.l   Hll aim111*'   '   ,rf,|Bl��
leUU,  lhenoe eaat BOobwni w '^^v.
enoemenl, oonlualiil ',1M "', ..'..mP.1**!
Hated Deoembei'Hi,, l��o��*, ,,.; ".,��('���'
~0. 21       Wont hark, aaf I'I'' .'V'-^al'Mt**
Nelai.i, l.anil Illalrli'l.   l-""'r"'i.Silrllk, *'
*���.,.i.li   aaairi. ���;, -,
H.vv7,,(vii'(.',,'ii',',irr,1',1ii,iiii,..'.. ""ij.,m
l.ar n a-iac-lHl MiiiImt   UoeOT. "* .,.,<.l(l*
aeeorlbed landai  OommeD
__ ..|i��ln' Jm
uurtli Hu , liniiin. ilii'B,leeai ���-,.���.,.�������
'��f <-iililaila..|a.-,.|n,.|lt, eaanlaaln'UK
leu, ,-,,,��nt*.
Dated L>ocajuiher5lh,l��0'     i.J.U'i��'p
Meases esai
���papa The Daily Canadian
We furnish the
cannot dine on FROC. LEGS every day.
\eeif   Potkf   Mutton  and Veal
Hams* Bacon and Lard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Finest Quality in glass and wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Rossland     INELSOIN,  ti* O Bonndary
.ohemian Beer
Translation   into   French     Followed
Wave of  Enthusiasm���Explains
the British Miracle.
school, 2:80 p. m
p. m.    Kev. J   "
'he Nelson Brewing Co'y* Ltd
id Diitriet.   Ili.lrta-lot ��,��t Kaaotcnay
notice iiaa��t Kri-d. J. Bemmone, i*k''hi tut
r, ,.l   .Slll-ou,  aaa-a-a,|,��lla.il   watch-
��� toapfuj   In'   p.*ruiti��,,..i. I" I'.ir-
.  lollowlng deacrlbed   laua<l.: _ roaianaa-ai-
. p ..[    planted ( Hbaiait
utile,  lesi >.'���
theoee   >" .ilu,���  in  ���"  wtfrljr
    JO chalni   loath, ii...ii.,' vi
ii , ��e��Ujrly Directum, thence 8D chain,
���   .   pottlt "f' "inina'aa.-.-Iii.-llt.a-a.tatMlII,tl_T
...  ...  i. -���
So,  - ih. li"7-
Kaanaei. ���   PtaHS Tokik,
K. J. SAMMOK1,  Agent.
I Lend Plalrli-l.   IMa.Ula-1 ia, W**\ K.aa.l.-l,.)'
���;.���-.   Fred J    Santmon,.  agent ,or
���. i   ,,i   ii.rt.ua. ... * uneUon   raui'lier.
. :.. tool)   I.T  lK.Tiaan.lou ,aa pair. ha.e Hal*
'. rlbed lends: I ommenctaB �����
Juki ebon, I , milc.eeel ol v. ll~.il .-reek,
.oulhw,-a -' ' ��� I.nil,".  thell.'C lia.rlhw,��t ��
north, n" -Mil,.in-, tbenoe ��>au,h-
joxht the I'.ini ol .���o-ama.Ticeuia.'iat
iik w ft' ia.. more or leaa.
" .a.-'. MII..I.I. A��0��B��OS  BlLUUi,
Agent  K    J    biM��aaS��.
en i Dletrli I
lllOUri' lhal v��
I'l.lririaaf W.-.t KaHJteHay
A. ItudHiD, UiiitrtTariilwr,
r.iav lA-e. on M,a..|iillo I 'r.-t-k) n.0'1 11 i-haHl!* 75
link, .outh ol tin-S w.a'. aal .aid lot, runn-ha,
thenoe ereetflO obalna, thenee south sai nheini,
11, a- ��� ,i.: m i '.i.i:.-. thenee naarth so trbtiii. la.
I.l,,.-,- of <',.iiiuieua'euicul. containing M** iteres,
mora, or 1cm.
,'nj.Ki.rj. M.h,]i.i.l,
Aa^t'lal  laar   Hugo QsiStane,
I)bii*.1 .'3 Ixx-cmber 1907.
..,-.-���.....:  a    ,rlr��. inieu.l, ,,  .pj   y
lal  lllaal.. a   II  ���   .-     ...ra   Ua'' la.ll.awlug
e., land,    . ommi uclnget �� posi ua��t-a*.i
anted .... the north h�����* ol l.'oru creek,
,.i. ..i  ii,.- .s.Tih fork ot ,:..taa ere**
iiirtin  .Irt-aa.aa, aboul   Ave   mllea  In a
IrecllOU Iron, ..inllllaaua-a-aal ��_,.l  Lorn
.in. in. k n��> riv.r. thanoa north *, |
��� thenoe wc��,  leo ehalns; tbenoe With ,.i .
      Ilia a halo, lo point "I ".iiii, containing Bfcl a.-rea more aar leaa.
.nu.I  H.I',.in. timber  limit   ���*���<> 1
.'.iin:..'  .unit No. 8 on ,he aoutb
�� illiax A. Ha i.so.i. Ioaalor.
I aainck >    Slalnc
.igu,-i by ihe within una* ��
lhe"wlh day ol November. A
:,,. at Bpokane, BpoJuno .i;.0".0}*'
a L'nltcd >lala-
l'ATBl. K I
I Aaiiarlca.
Nelson Ijin.l Pl.trlrt.  Districtol Wet Kootenay.
lake notloa that Tina I'- rafinnu, .-I t ii-.it.i.
Mali . oa, iipalluu Wile Ol <". Bergman, tarliaer,
Altotaa. Uan , Intend, laa apply Ior iHarmla-lun to
pnrohaaa Ihe ia.il.aa.TiiK daeertbed laud :
a onunanoing ai a ,��,,! planted ai tha. N. 1. ,'.
ol IIuko ,'ar.teii.' application to purohaae an.l
running tbanoa vreefaD a-haiua thanoa north t��i
.liaaati., Ibenee   cast   40 a-halns.   thena'.'   .outh  H
a-laalu. 11.   l.llkaa. Ihence   easi   10  cnalliia,   thence
aonth 71 cha. I.a 7ft  link, to [aol.it   ..1   ..mam, ,..-*������
ment, caautallalllii 6.17 aura*, nuar.' or leaa.
a'tl.Kl.K- .M.H.-IIA1.1.,
Ag-nl    bar    Una    th'rgin-ll.
Ilateal ��� I.  .mber 11W7.
.s,   -..ii I-.II.I DlStriOt    lli.trla-lol West Kooteuay.
Takenaatla-a-'ha, Levl'.eorge I'ayn... "I Weed lag,
B. IS., occupation rancher, luteu.la to apply lor
a-ram-Toll l<. pur> laa-a- the lollowlng .leacrlbed
lantls: Ca.niinen.lng at a po.t plauled about 1..
chain, weal ot V\ laat.Iiall a reek .aaa.l .',, '.all chain,
aoulb ol the Koullavte.t a-i.riaa-r a,( Lot No a.,1.
riiliillue thanee north 80 cha,,ia, tneucc weat wo
chain,, theli.'e .oulb 1 ' -fit chalua. thence east
_'.' VM a-laalu.. theuce .oaatli 67 ��I6 cha-**, Ihence
iSlAll chain, eaal to point ol eonamell, .Tnclil,
coutaiuing 441 aerea, now lurrayad aa lot ai��&
Dateal am January, IBOB, Levi .....a...: 1'aink.
We.l Kaxatcuay Lend Dl.lrlcl.   Dhalricl ol Goat
Take notla-e lhat 1, George A. Hunt, ail Kit,
chet.er, ax-caipatlon tluioeriiiau. luleud Ua
apply tor p. .-..1.--1..H lo purchaae tbe
h.llowtUK ah-atTlbe.1 land: r.iinnicuaTug al a
im,.i plauted aboul 40 cl a.a,., we.t ol J laompaaon
marked N. IV. corner, I, enoe aoulh 10.Ha: chain.
tbenoe eaal 44.67 ohail *, ihence uorth H1.4T,
chalua. tbence weat along B.C. -southern hallway to place ol .,;..:��� meut, ca.ialalning ys.lH
Dal'cl January uth, 190*.       i.t^xut H. Hcmt.
, i..
Diitriet. lai.lri.Tol Wa��l kSa,a,lcuay
i iioe ihai l.abelia Plane, t "i'���.'���i'"'[fi
i.i, married woman. InlondJ lo appl,
i.-.��������� lo pura-,ia.,e 11.- I."'"" :"���; ' "*
, ,,���,,���.-ll,-ll,K al a 1���1 planied .1
,.. u.,1. of the uorlh It'"'","*'),0', i'1
.   . ��-,  u.un.lary   a,l   L..I   M.   s,��,,
n.lna. more or le... lo the nr
ol   ilml-er  Limit   No. ,���'''��� 1"^*
belns, tucaaee we.l 20 chain., m mlot
...itldc oI Whalalaau  lake,  thena
,    ,,���.  i���   a  ....Kherlv  and jeeit-rl]
i, l... .-halna.  moro or  lea.  io die Inter
with i ol Me*., thence M chain., nio'e or
.- easteriy i.ouu.lary oll^-isiaoto
'i.IiHTl.'.TIuTll. ,      ���,_---
l.i ith Oetober, it*".      i��aiish.a ft****,
F   H. r'At.ajlTBB, a gclal.
i i.l-lri.t.   DT.trlctolWeatKootenay
ii.nee   lhat   Alex.ioLt    J     >��� ���' '"''���'''
 ,|.���ii...i, lark, tntandi to apply
-;..���   to  purohaae  lhe  '"'"'" u'f.,\"���'���
i,.ii.i:   Commenolng ata ppot i"""".,1' '
..:.. rn  boiliclary  ol II   I'   .--oullicrn   It.   -
��� I w.y,  aba.aat one   anal   a tali mUe"
:;ir,���n ii,.- uorihwo., "ini';';   ��~.
KSeotenar,   thanoi sonth ,"",'' ""*���
,1 HI , halna. th. an-e  nnrlh l�� cliaaln. la
rn l..im.l.ry olaald  rlghl a.i ��
  along  aaal,I SOUtberr   '���
"I    laalallnaTi.'elllt'Ut
i   ireorlaas,
. iiiIjit Kill, 1907.
AUIJAtalakll   I
 u.lary lo
nli.l  lontalliing   6H>
-II.. i.
ol tin
M, Cool.
in i Dletriot. Disinolol Wasl K.*..i.n.y
���    Ihai,  IT.   P.  Mlir.llll.   rt.TH'K  B* "K'TH
Burden, of P..ki���k. N. B . oooopalton
iialaTial.   la,   apply   '���"   !���<��� r ua la--">'>   to
������ nn-lollowlng ,ie..',iiH...l lands.
. .i ., po.i plana.-.I on th'- easier!"
k.   nu.I ahoail  10 ihalii. uorlh
"lie,   ol   la.I  BUB,  ItieOCa  na
l.'.'lll 40 chalua. nlorc OT leaf, to the laka
  southaaasterlj along the lakasbore
1 ol. iiiiiin. li.'ilucnl.   and  collialnliiK
USo'vemharlnth.liOfl. JaMgall Ucbukn,
F. I*     lll'KI.KN,   AgClll.
I .."I Dl.lrlcl.   Ill.trl'T ol Weal Kool.nav
 I.-.-   lhal   John  Jaiiie-  a'ainciTi,  of
Hiiiimi a.iiuuii.ia. I'lciipatiaau oonurao*
 i-   io   apply    lor   permission   i..
-   lhe lollowlng das rll.e.1   I"'"':   ',-'""���
��� K   a,  a   paa.t   pialile.l   aau   the   southern
.ry aif the Bi i'   Boutharn eight a>fw���y
��� loilli.  wealiarlv   Iron,   tlio.VV,    a-orner
"...uroiip   1,   Kootauny,   Ihence aaiiltll 60
lhenoe eael M ohalns, thanee north M
to tin' ,0 ni hem boundary <>i the ..,.i
I-way, thenoe wa-.turly along *aai.i ...aim
.Hilary   ol  rlghl ofway   lo   the   point
ucoment,andoonlaining MOurai, more
��.l November 9th, 1907.
J. iin Jak,'.�� i^ami-iion.
ian.l lIlBlrli'l.   lal.lrl.l aal Weal Koolcaiaa
..ii. ������ u.ai John Bhtell, ol Saedles. B._,
Ion   raliclialT.   IntenalB   laa  apply, I'" P'T*
I..  pur,.|,..,i  the loiiaawing   deaorlbed
..iiiiiiclicing at aa poal pl.ulcl al the
��� I    ...rner   of   laai   .Mil.   Ilicuac   ��0Sl   10
lhenoe ..mil, a,, ohalna, thanoa aaal io
thsnee north 10 obalna i" tha potm oi
i. auictll, ami conliallilug Ud iiitcb, more
(.1 18th Ootober, 1907. .Iamvb siiisix,
V   1.   l-'APall'IKH. Ai-'aTil
I I..mil DlBtrlrt III.trlail ol Wesl Koolenay
1."Hcc lhal Align. Mclllll, ol Iho Illy aal
"'. 'Mintloaa li 1. 111.10, llila-n.la to apply for
-I..11 la purchaae the  following al-.critical
 i.tii'Iiir  nt  a   laa,Bl  phllltcal   Ht   tha-
"tiiit I. i:. MorrlBoia'a railta-h, 111 au
1 in.-co norih lorly (10) chains, ihenc
'IJ (10) i'Iibiiis, ihenio Boutl, -HI' (I"
 "'.IW0It forty (Hi)  a'hhlna olnlo
cement,   a,1,1 loomming  0,10 huinlrcl
> (li'.") ihtib. molt, or lea..
'���,"!��� nl. it 2nd. 19117.       A Mill.   M.nni.
1 '..anal District. Dlltrlotol WcBtKootunny
'"Ilea; dual II ngo CurBtcna, ol WUllllpa g,
"npnlloii pnbillhar, Inleli.lH taa ap)aly
���nlSRlon to puraTitiHt. lhe following alc-
I Hand:
"���'icing .1 ��� po.t pl.tiie.l on tha weBt
P��ry ol L. 4J7S, 0.1, (obout 0 uillc. Irom Ar- I f
Notice is hereby given that the Kln-
ney-.Miiler Cedar Company, au extra |*ro-
vliiclaS company duly let-isteretl, as
such, and authorized to carry on business within the prorlnoa of liritish Col-
uiulila, und having its head oliiee at
Oreatoa, in the said province, uiauufae*
turns, have by deed of assignment,
dated the 14lh day or December, I'M",,
ussigued ull Its personal property, real
i!,:;iu.. credits, aud effects, which may
be seized and sold under execution to
me, Charles 0. -lodgers, of Creston.
liiltish Columbia, lumbar manufacturer,
fur the gcnenil laaTiellt of its creditors.
A meeting of lhe creditors will be
held ut the aillie.' of 11. tl. Macilortulil,
barrister-ut law, corner Haker and Stanley streets, Nelson, 11- C, at the hour of
three o'clock In Ilie afternoon on Tins
day. tha- .list day of December. 1907, for
ih,. giving nr directions with rofcience
to the disposal uf the estate.
Ami further taka notloe that all creditors are required on or before the 2Mh
dav i.r December, 1907, to Die with me,
ih,'. assignee, run particulars of their
. lalms aluly verified, and lhe nature of
the se. uritv, if nny. held by them.
Aud notice is hereby given ihat after
lha. 2Mb dav of December, l()i)7. I will
proceed i>> distribute the assets amongsl
the creditors of whose debts or claims
I shall then hava. received notice ami 1
will not be responsible for the assets,
or anv part thereof, so distributed t"
any creditor of whose alalit or claim I
shall not then have received notice.
Dated at Creston, 11. C, this nil, day
of Deoember, i!'"7.
Auction Sale
Dent's New and Second
Hand Store
London, Feb. 1.���Rudyaril Kipling la
naaw enjoying a great vogue in France,
which is due largely to the fidelity with
which his translator, Mr. Kabulet, has
done his work. Since Kipling was
awarded the Nobel prize attention hus
been directed to bim afresh, and various writers in the Paris press have
been explaining him, glorifying him, accounting lor his universal acceptance
lay his own land as the paja.-t and spokesman of Hritish imperialism, and theorising as to why France has produced
uo man who nils a similar role there.
Ernest Judet, in the "Eclair" arrives at the conclusion that lt Is because
In France no large distinction prevails
between patriotism and politics, aud
eveiy achievement that concerns the
nation is Judged from a paitlsan standpoint.
The laudation of Kipling in France
n minds one of the paeans of praisi'
that were showered upon him in England some years ago. "After Shakes-
pere and Defoe." writes Viconite de
Vogue, the celebrated academician, in
Flgiuio, "no one helps us to understand
the liritish miracle as Kipling does. He
expresses and represents a. force which
dominates the world. His books bring
to mind the seagirt rock of Gibraltar,
bristling with cunuon, guarded by gentlemen who play tennis, drink whisky,.
think little and are each and all ready
to suffer atrocious death before relaxing their grip on a piece of the world
on which they have laid hand.
"Yes, we can hear Kipling gibe at
them. He seems to say, 1 know them.
They are very sl lipid. Hut they are
Britain. And Britain rules hundreds of
millions. The Deity constructed cluin-
sily the UrltlBh machine of empire.
Yet Ile has never built a finer oue
since Home, and ile never will creatP
a greater one than Hritain."
The "entente cordiale" Is doubtless
responsible for no considerable portion
of these laudatory outbursts. They
are in striking contrast to the. lack of
enthusiasm with which the announcement that Kipling had been awarded
the Nobel prize for literature has been
received here. There- Is undeniably a
general feeling in English literary circles that In recent years Kipling has
done nothing that adds to his fame���
that, in fact, he has declined. One paper expresses satisfaction over his denial of the rumor that he was engaged
on a book about Canada, which he lately visited, and voices the hope that
a period of temporary silence will enable him to regain his earlier form
and  find  fresh   inspiration.
evening service, 7:30
Ferguson, minister.
MethodlBt Church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets; Morning service, 11
a. in.; evening service, 7.30 p. m.;
Sunday School, 2.30 p. m. Kev. R. N.
Powell,   pastor.
Baptist Church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service. 7.30 p. m.; Sunday School,
2:90 p. m.    Kev. A. N. Frith, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special
services for tomorrow. Knee drill, 9 a.
m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a praise
meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation meeting
at  S   p.  m.
To Whom It May Concern:
Take notice that J. L. Warner is not
now and has not been since the 18th
ilay of November last employed by or
In anv way connected with the Bradley
Engineering and Machinery Co. of
Spokane. Washington.	
Feb*-��a*y 4 to 8
RATE���Fare and third for round trip.
Tickets on sale Feb. 3 to 7 inclusive.
Final   limit,  Feb. 10th.
Correspondence Invited and cheerfully answered.
Call on or write
K. J. COYJ-.E, J. MOE,
A.G. P.A..V.ucouvar.
D P. A.. Nelaon
Two Miracles of Power Described by St
Matthew���Tomorrow's    Services  in
City Churches.
Wednesday* Feb. 5
At 2 p. m. Sharp.
We have a large assortment of second
hand furniture, new mattresses, couches, granite and tin ware. Our goods are
on view from now until day of sale.
Don't miss this opportunity. Our noods
at your prices.
DENT ��5_ CO.
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
Tomorrow will be the fourth Sunday
after Epiphany, and also the festival of
the Purification of the Virgin Mary.
The gospel for the day contains St.
Matthew's account of two miracles, the
calming of the sea, and the driving out
devils from lhe men of tbe Get'seues
into the herd of swine, which they de-
Btroyed. The first is a simple story of
a fact which has formed tbe theme of
many beautiful hymns and sacred
sa.ngs. II is not susceptible of any natural explanation, except, of course, the
easy one of coincidence. The belief undoubtedly of the evangelists who re-
ctrd the fact Is that the sea obeyed ihe
will of the Maker.
The story of the casting out of devils
ls harder to understand. Demoniacal
possession seems to have been a familiar phenomenon to tlie writers of the
gospels. To moderns, it is not. The
most remarkable features of the story
ara' Ilia' prompt recognition by the evil
spiiitB Implied in their greeting: "Jesus,
thou Son of God," antl the spirit foreknowledge of doom and punishment in
"Art thou come hither to torment us
before the times?" Ht'"'. i' '"o ovnn-
Ki list's story be accepted lu toll, is at
least suggestod the whole Christian
teleology in lis most primitive expression.
lhe following services are announced
for the city churches for totfiorrow:
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
corner of Ward and Silica St. Fourth
Sunday alter Epiphany, holy communion, 8 n. in.;  morning prayer and holy
communion, u   a. m.j   Sunday School,
2.30 p, m.l evensong, 7.30 p. m. Kev F.
II. Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Wurd- nnd Mill
streets; Low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass.
10180 a. mi evening service, 7:30 p. in-
Hev. Father Althoff, priest,
Presbyterian Church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets;
Morning  service,  11  u.    m.;     Sunday
No. 331.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
I hereby certify that "The Kootenay
Cedar Company" has this day been registered as au Extra-Provincial Company under the "Companies Act, 1897,"
io cany or effect all or any of the objects of the Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of
British Columbia extends, except the
construction aud working of railways,
and llle business of insurance.
Tbe head office of the Company is situate at Portland, Cumberland County,
The amount of the capital of the
Company is one million seven hundred
anal fifty thousand dollars, divided into
seventeen thousand five hundred shares
of one hundred dollars each.
The   head   office of   the   company   in
this Province is situate at Nelson, and
R.   S.   Lennie,   barrlster-at-law,   whose
address is Nelson, B. C, Ib the attorney
tor the Company, not empowered to Issue and transfer stock.
The Company is limited.
Given under my hand and seal of office  at Victoria,   Province     of     British
Columbia, this eleventh day of January,
oue thousand nine hundred and eight.
Keglstrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The   objects  for which   this     Company has been established and registered ure: ���
To acquire, hold, improve, lease and
sell timber, farming, grazing, mineral
and other lands, and the products thereof; to mine or otherwise extract or remove ooal, ores, stone and other minerals and Umber from any land owned,
leased or occupied by lhe company, or
from any other lauds; to buy. build,
construct, maintain and operate plants
and works for the development of
such lands, and for the handling, pre-
pailng and rendering commercially
available of the various products thereof; and to buy, or sell or otherwise to
deal or to tralllc in wood, timber, lumber, coal, stone, ores and other material, nnd any of the products thereof,
and any article consisting, or partly
consisting, thereof.
To engage ln trndo and maintain
To buy, build, hold and lease or se.I
all kinds of houses and buildings, anal
the lands on which the same may be located; to buy, own and hold, with a
view to Its Improvement and sale, nny
kind  or  real  eslate.
To breed, raise and dcpl ln cattle
and live stock of all kinds; and- to manufacture, buy, sell and otherwise deal
in   all   kinds  of  dairy   products.
To construct docks, Klips, brldgi's. machinery, ships, boats, engines, cms and
other equipment, elevators. water
works, gas works, electric works, viaducts, aqueducts and other water-ways,
ami to sell the same, or otherwise to dispose thereof or to maintain and operate the same; to construct and to maintain and operate all trams, railroads.
spuds, iwitches, locomotives, cats,
trains and equipment for the purposes
of the Company only, and not as n
common carrier, that may be nocessary
or de.lraulc an transporting logs and
other minerals to the mills and plants
of the Company, and In transporting
tlie manufactured products of such
piants to the markets; to log and
drive streams; to construct and operate
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of any bonds or other securities or
evidences of Indebtedness created or
issued by any corporation or corporation, association or associations of the
State of Maine, or of any other state,
territory or country, and, while the
owner thereof, to exercise all the rights,
powers and privileges  of ownership:
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of shares of capital stock of any
other corporation or corporations, association or associations of the State
of Malno, or of aDy other state, territory or country, and , while the owner
of such stock, to exercise all the rights,
powers and privileges of ownership, including the right lo vote tbereon:
To aid in any manner any corporation
or association of which any bonds or
other securities or evidences of Indebtedness or stock are held by the corporation, and to do any acts or things de-
stgned to protect, preserve, Improve or
enhance the value of any such bonds
or other securities or evidences of indebtedness or stock:
The business of the Company is from
time to time lo do any one or more ol
the acts and things herein set forth;
and it may conduct its business in other
States, territories and possessions ots
the United States, in British Columbia,
and iu foreign countries, and may have
oue office or more than one office, and
keep the books of the Company outside
ol the State of Maine, except as otherwise may be provided by law, and may
hold, purchase, mortgage, and convey
real or personal properly, either in or
out of tne State ot Maine.
All the powers of the corporation are
vested in the board of directors, who
may make, alter, amend or repeal all
by-laws ot the company, except such
by-laws as regulate or affect the election ot directors and officers, and except when the change ol a by-law or
exercise ot a power is made by stat-
uie expressly dependent upon actiou by
or consent o�� the stockholders.
Provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to authorise the corporation to transact business in any other state, territory, or
foreign country, contrary to the" provisions of the laws of such state, territory or loreign country, and lhal nothing in these pioposes shall be construed
to give the corporation any rights, powers or privileges not permitted by the
laws of the Slate of Maine to.corporations organized under Section 6 of
Chapter 47 of the Revised Statutes of
the State of Maine, and the following
corporate purposes shall be exercised
only in states end juilsdictions other
than Maine, namely, the construction
and operation of railroads, or aiding in
the construction thereof, telegraph or
telephone companies, and gas or electrical companies, and such businesses
are to be carried on only in states and
juiiBdlctions when and where permissible under the laws thereof.
We have for rent the office In the
Mara Block over the Royal Bank, lately
occupied by Mr. E. A. Crease.
T.emont House
EardDe&n ��nd American Flan
Meali 35 cti.   Rooms from 21 eta. to U*
ouiy White Heip Kinployed.
B.kvt St., Nelion
Mom comfortable aiu
Only the best oILIq
uarters      Neleon
uurs and - iR-ars
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms BO cents upward The
dining room ls unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J   A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 350.    Opposite Court Houb#
and PoBtofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker street. Nelson. B. e.
H. & M. BIRD
One of
The Best
In Fruit Lands now offering. 157 acres
of choice land situated on Howser Lake.
$20.00 per acre, eaaily cleared.. Muat be
sold at once.
For  full   particulars   apply
If you want Good Land
MeDermid & McHardy
-Large   .nal   Comfortable   Bedroom,  and  Ftrtt
clan Pining iluoi-i.
MRS.  E. C. CLARKE,  Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar I. the Flnoit.
White Help Only BmploroU
Joeeptilne Bt.
Nelion. B.C
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and (1.60 a Day.
Speolal Bates to Regular Boarders
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect  and a*
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
3*4 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
i, *,/
Notice ls hereby given that the un*
derslnnod have submitted to the Lleu-
tenant-taovurnor-ln-Couucll a proposal
under the Rivers and Streams Act for
the cljaring and removing obstructions
from the Buhamel Creek (otherwise
known as Six-Mile Creek) ln the District of West Kootenay, Province of
British Columbia, and for rraking the
said creek fit for rafting nnd driving
ihereon logs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining dams on
the said creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holding
sorting and delivering logs and timber
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lake at the mouth of said
The lands to be affected by such work
lire Lots 7S7, 788, 7G01, .77:1, 4S1SM. 8411
and 8413 all in Group One, Kootenay
Uistrict, and other lands not Crown
granted, occupied or Improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
such ns may be fixed by the Judge ot
the County Court of West Kootenay.
Hated tho 28th day of October, 1907.
VV.   Q.   GIL,L,ETT
Contructor   and
BulIU wr.
���Sole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail Y'ii-'Is. Rough and (lreuiod lumber, turned
work and br-ackets, Coast lath and Rhtngleo, t*ih
and doors-*. Cemeut, brick and lime for sale
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Bt.. eant of Hall   _
P   O. Box 2A2 Telephone 170
In the matter ol an application lor the lusue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title to Lota
���4. ft, and 6, Block 6, Nelson 'Ity, subdivision ol
part of Lot 11.2, -Group one. District of Kootenay
(Map 41*6).
Notice ls hereby given that It is my intention
to Issue at the expiration of one month afler the
tirM publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate o. Title to the above mentioned lots lu the
umneol 1'attle Rlioded which Certltleate Is dated
the HHh dav of May, 1890, and numbered 1897-k
Land Regiftry Uffiee, Nelson, B.C., January
-2-ttb, 1908. U. F. Mai-I.KOI',
District Kf-glatrar.
A. M. Can. Boe. O. K.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce:   Room  10,  K.-W.-C. Blk.   P.   O.
Box     434.
Baker St.,  Nelson, B. C.
Cancellation of Reserve.
Notice I. hereby vlven thai tho re.a'rve orer
c. n.,1 n laud. In -i-i Hi Ktast Mcaotenay, notice ol
which ai.v.-.ara-.i Ita I".' Saltish Columbia Gazelle
of the llit, of AuKiiaH, 18aM ami I.ore .hate of Au
Kli.t I'Jlh, 18'JO. ls bTcby eancelleal. The above
mentioned I.ml. ���-ill be open tor locution under
the Land Act on March :��, 1908.
Depntr CommlMloner of Land, and Works
Land, anal Work, laepartment,
Victoria, 11. <-'-, December isth, 1907.
���     I w
Our   Bargain Limes
*. _ = - a-c>:
La 3   L p.
;.=��'���    : 3-; : .** "    J   :
.>     . sad
all pu~=<rses �����- :*   �� = lre **
.c.  -     st    *=-* i *--  :
Mr af ar_JM  5- -.j: s
-j  a:
K .. '._- ���- a     _-!_._. t- j_ .
\Va:chsa-_ke- and O-pticUn
a. a=^i*.als.
Bargains in all lines
of Dry G: ::.-.:��� ���iin-
ery   and  Ladies*
--��� e   Imt:roa�����r**ei*ts. (
.  _���   -
. _ -
Ve-.a s ****  _���_
T ne Uafly Canadian
Wheat Flakes
for Breakfast
bs iiii lliii hard ro get.
So*���etl_-tg real :a��:y tor _:eak-
Try a rickajrs
5 lbs. 50c.
Wacieaa-e aaal   **���
Fn_h and Salted Meats
Cs_t* ��^-t. ^i-:   -c  -.-  __ i   Has a-_ul
loves* prure" V -* - - .*
tw-cit_*ct=.af =te���� aa*i *-t**pi*s kept ia week
v.-* artier- reeetre -mr.fnl arv.cr.oc
E.  C.   TRAVES.   M.A.a*\g*t.
- a woman.
'.on  for oar
S.���������'   ; -    . 1 of     While ���*. t,,-
sider tin- mot- ment the most lniponw
Di   Watch   or   Clock,   beaut)   tc��
1 be considered-    Oar se:.
-   I'.- c k ar- marrels of
��� -:>rn   is!   flniah.     They   :
seen :<> be .<:.;,r* <-axed.
i*******    tr   and   Opt"C ar>.
rsa a-:   --!'" ��� J
C. A, Benedict
-tie  its.
Coa_        S        . :���   aad "���_-"" ���  S*a
-������_���-   _  ��� . :".
N   G - * -
Zz.-z     We*.   ���
���   -
:     . .
".  -        .
. :
zi ~ z   *~   5- ;"  * :   r   "��
- ���      .    .
- .     : .
���tte-r-rnrcist   Se�����-css.
"      V
: *
-   - -    W    A_
-a  Setae*
--.:_-" . - .
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
ic _cre Blocks tc Soc
Acre Blocks,
': . track Prices.
E..?'.' Tern:*.
IL E. Croadsdaile & _;'
I   w    J       -   -        Saa
_ -"    j "   S i..    : .
��� tirtaeadL Oiiimncs-
--   Sp  r-iae.
GRAXD a_T*__
R. Dewai   D   5-_-i-_:jz.   9   --   -rawa.
' - -
- D   '.V   H - -   .
-     -    :   ���
A  :���"
_-.    .' -j. - -._
- _--
c. __s
CO- ."   3tn>
$      ���
_ 1-.  M_-
A.  Wafeitf-
-    : :    :-..---
Talking Machine
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone  265
Kootenay   Ice.    Fro ft   and
Foel Co.
s   E   cc    Ba.;-   and   Ward   Sta.
N\'hoi����i��ie   Provisions,
*-- rt-iit.
Irorernmeni 0(aa_-~ Or- I -   ka ���-erred weekly fresh from U��
Wm ,-Ai- tfj all leading grooefs
. S    -
- - * -
-       1��    t
. . v
a. .- :
teasstb   receiTed   moetly
*     *:      *       * i��.   we
-------       -    ���   ^ -- :
. -   .. _.   __;     -     -_ .   - .:   r���
���  -  -
-a;::.i-!-,   ':���   ~, �� -;   V-:���e
- - * i-i Disc
_ .      - -
~S 7*-tt caji't c--.
star fsrali^sm aaat teH iafcfma.rii-.n-
OOe* i-c��* wan-hooaei Bonaton BSr.k.    Paone 79.
Josepiiine Street.        - - Nelson, B. C.
I    r   ' Of      ROOd      *r\,}M*,
I   Happy   New   Y* ir, u|
���   the   same, ba
wlah for *,*ni-.-hlag else, and Until
10 7��j
,   values of our Keadj-toi
ats     In :
atvle,   fit   an.l   finish   we   d-fj coq
anal oair new stock lactate |
t. rw latest and most {ssUsil
-   and  designs.     You'll  fin* j
bay better good
���:   -z   R_B_^tb .       _   ._   .
W. G. Thomson
****   Ne.5--. 3.C.
-F>tvor>�� 9*9.
5        ~o_     I    ��� -
���   ."   J-acsrii���__ T eafl
���*-  ��� . -    ;   :-:-���_:--
���. - ���
r_-cny     A.*-��r*t*_r
""- - . .     -. ". ..       : -
: .-   .
-    . ������
���   -.
A.   X   . iix__aa  ia*
\-_t3T3. an
- .    .
���** ':rre_' *.    - 'rs    fT__rar?ca   Co.
- . ���
lieas���:: -   '--'-v��_r*:_.    _L~    7-i___*_b.
.   -
:   r. ���- -    _-*:    \i      ��� ���- -    -   -_-   :.--    --
-        .
_��� -soBe**
-   - ��� -.
-     :     -       ------
- '   '       _ -     -.-������'--
���    -
���- ::    :    -
���   _���-_'.-''*'   5_r_ Ca__er__
*--  5-^.u  ;."  Ees^ig  r'-ic--!  '_-,   Szc<sl
CAPITAL.   SlZ5.0CC.0e   in   2S OCC    anarea  I
of SSO.OC  each.
V*SAGER. Cr.xi^r  W.   Boarke.
OFFICE.  No. 122 Baker St.   (On ���
A Cc a
SEE --Se cement bk>c_ displayed
g-nriard   Ptjrniture   Co  ���   -a. -
APPLICATIONS for  stock  are  invited.
PART'Ct-LAPS a--J ' -���- ' '-
-.::- -_iy be obtained at the
;t-y'! -.(Bee. or from H A -
SoHcl.or. Xei*.n. B   C.
We atMsM V:\e -    se, .'raanscomrortabSe this winter snal In oris
do so we have ia sta>;i the best assorted   line of  heating stores  and ad
������:-,-;--���      - .resented to the public In Kootensy.
!  be  pleased to show yoa    oar Une and before csaJtir.g *o��f.
cha?*- kind y see what we hare to offer.
.    -:- l ��-_   s-   Cre-a He
-     - -
. -      *_
Queen Cigar Store
VlVYVVW.Vrt','*,-,'^.*!* " -*���*-.���*���**������*���*-
E a Good  Dc���i'lM���   ::
S750 l
S>500.       Lata       -    -
tkem.    Some extra sn*qps I i
in     -:    tnt    r ior a he _e.
We  hive   ;v.---
��� es::     f HcB ������- -    s:   :   .-
lo'*'.'".-^ ".'.^-.
14-oa.   Bottle   Soear   Mt   ;   P..-'.
14~:i - .i-e-k
14-os. Baa .iJee.
:-' -_'. :
Bi<=a   S-
���    -
v -_*-*>u-*a~cr.   B    C.  or
-   -
���- -
��� . '   :   ���
* - ���
��� - r
T t ���:    ���.:"���>��� "t__ ���
-    .   - te ���:
T   ���
.:-   --v        :*:    ��   -_i-.--���
--j   ������      -*- ��� -- r   - -
^r-j-.e  * je-
St.   Sescar.   B.  C.
��� -       -     .
1 ���-. ' -     ~ :-
*     - :
*** C<�� = 5--S   -_-;   .���m*-ery ���**an-**act-i:���-
5-��   Aj;��-    . _ -   j., ���.
- *     -'     - "        - ' t' -a     '-".it     ---\--
"  *-.    :.-*--:-    *- t.    _t__   *t-   ~t-    .-    ���
5S-----t_t.   -a    tie
. '. - - .   -
Geo.  P.  Player
C*"ce Rsc- N;. 2. ELLIOT 3L0CK.
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S__H BROTaESS MB ���_��
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Cainccu Liai SarTeyors
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NELSON.     -     IB. C.
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anal Estimates.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwat
Company, Ltmtted,
Nelion Bn
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Alice RoUer Rink
TO   U��T
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flcii:   wh-,a ; - -      -
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Spoagee. .    . KI - ">'j.:er.   P
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Canada Drug & Book Co'y* Ltd.
FRIDAY. JAN. 3J. 1906
--M  r- Me--i ��.
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~_ 3
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3i.f.-^     C;0;��-at.s
Ccmpanv,  Jfisaea., ,.-    \l  -,:\
Pure and Cheap Fruit!
Choquette Bros,    SHElLED ALW0-^
We  hai      I   ��� -'   ; ,'���:". I -
which we '* a bargain
5 lbs for 1 00.
: _(i_%
Pi-oaae 25A
T-E   t:t.-;,:i   3 ,-
i   :-a
rs-i    * -i    -  ��a-aaa  Z r.
Certificate  of  Improvements.
be  served
The   Event   of
1 ���******   ;.nsu��� I
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t  i 5re ta a three s-   -
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skac est.    The  ****   peneaat   who  lost [
ssSeet*   oc
'  - -    it : ��� . --    Y-:     .,-.-.,    Best
': ,*._----._-
������- ���    '������-���     --���     V ��      . ----- --
caped   wtthoaK *a*\  lsjhU-_#   their    - .
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tram the   _u.-s_-iz **m*tmm     Xn
--s '.   --���
a persons La the SMMtag I
when the  lr��   t-oke oat.     V
���-'���-.   1 -SSti   ,
afes  at  lemrty hotels and recaor-
-   red a shor*     ���-
_      - r were 4e��
: rube-ess accowoa  for
Mrs.   Bert   to   awaken '
.   the
.   vu a
'-IB   and   when   the   Ure- !
3i**n a.- - jj a.'rea.iy .loomed,   tt '
was snt saapOe*- with Ure escape.,  snd !
aly in.eel of escape was *SJ meaaa ]
..        c tarn  j-j-rwar   np  throogh which  tkaat
UK    -*ata��Oa. . Ijjses aad saio���  pemrsd.
ssseejaet ha-L    Moaic
-    ��� ��� I    ***..���-, ,    T. ���
.  ��� -   -
* }*r.   _-.-a^-i      B.tr-*fl    Eaa.e   .a.!   *^n ' t
RaaSa, ..-;    .-..-..-. ia��  a*-:
2L* a a
Sfaa* a -tia-e ta��i I. F c. 'irewaj. ��.*t:aa h ^��c:
frr ;   p  *������--: :era;    rr����  ISlner'i
'- ���" 1 ... r:.,a, :
a :z* Mlr..a< i*,*erl^.- '...- .     .- .
'.B*nla, aaf ta��  pnrptaae ol abc
Clwwu  jraa: it *_na att,.*aa  -y*;Ti
Aad   f-ir-Jaar ta-f-   autaia   Ueal   aarttoa made*
Ka'aaB. nutw coa.aiea.--ed  a_-(a..r**
aa,:v ol .aieh a?��r\-*i-atai of lta?rT,v��Baenu.
Sa*.J liaSti 1*? ill*... cmV
��              .��. I a *-
     * ��� I   B. C.
From $10 to $25.
-   i '"-eamerj Sorter In M
and 11 _ Uiu��:a-s at   ���' .
For Sale at
Joy's Cash Grocery
Filberts. Afanooda. We '"*
a           ,-  |   - ---*.
applea.  Ilaldwtn A        - "*
fix*.   Sarjce   Saver,   i'.,.s .    '"*
and MaSaKa Crapes.
-e   assortment
WholesaSe and r.tai: n: *****
S, H. Seane
Old Curiosity Shop
We   hare   still   a
ment of  heater*
Also a few odd  si
wi!!  seit AT COS-
We would like you '-'
taa-aect oar stock.
ltd <
Wood-Vallance Hardware O
���pm ���MM


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