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The Daily Canadian Jun 25, 1907

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Array ��3%e glaU^
fol.lt.MK  2.     No.   19.
1, r, McBrlde at Colonial Institute
|ti,h Columbia's Leader Assures
Audience of Loyalty of
Pacific Province.
eleventh ordlmtry general meet-
ful ill'- Royal Colonial Institute, held
nildii May 1-lth, u paper on "Some
t ol Canada'* Development," wub
li) Mi W". I.. OrlfBth, secretary to
high commissioner* office. Dentin-
f of Canada. The [tight Hon. U,rd
Bllicona, G. C. M. Q., presided. There
distinguished gathering present,
bngsi .-bora was Hon. Richard Mc-
|de, whose remarks ure Uiiib report*
- journal ot the institute:
Yum secretary was kind enough to
H mi' yesterday un invitation to tills
jeting, uud at ttu- suuit- time an ud-
cop) ul the excellent address to
lull we huve listened. Ou glancing
It the copy, and wllh the eloquence
|uj< Canadian ministers that l have
1 the pleasure ot listening lo lu Lou
still ringing in tuy ears, I loll
It i could 1101 add much that would be
11:''test und productiveness to yout
tcusslon, However, tonight Mr.
|iuii"ian renewed his request, und
nl me lo say a word or two as a
biU'liitii. You well know lhe section
[Canada irom which I come Is the
Vt.-i removed from this greul lm-
pinl lu.ti epulis and probably hecuuse
11 illstunce there muy be
pie disposition on the purl uf people
>)>!- at here hi imagine we do not keep
IcIuhi ouch with iniperiul con-
|i' .'i.ips our brother Cunadl-
1 live i.irther eastward.    Hut if
1 on) ��ho believe this to he Ihe
u.-ii to llrltlsh Columbia would
convince them thut of all sec-
P  "I   tie    EmplTO   that great prov-
which I am proud to represent ln
J official capacity here this evening Is
uyal us any other section, and
frhapa loyaler.   It Is a 'large contract
say that, bin one which 1 do not hesl-
accept, and I say you muy place
ii province of llrltlsh Columbiu
Uie  front   rank of  loyalty aud lm-
trlalisni.   The eloquent address which
in'   beard from iir. Griffith was
ni" of more than passing luterest. it
| replete wllh interesting duiu. and the
were so splendidly marshalled ns
tract nnd hold the Interest of this
\  ii'hd uudieuco.    Unless people visit
tta la, unless they come umongst us,
')   can scarcely   realize  tlie  tremeii-
|ii-'li\elopmcut the great Dominion is
lu ' xperiencing.    You have read the
jBiiillcent utterances   of   Sir   Wilfrid
I'liier and his colleagues.    They tell
itory of Canada���its pressent great-
ami its magnificent future. There
lie  some   who  would   doubt   that
' Is such  promise for the future;
lit me any that the evidence Is at
tnl which will prove to the world Uie
|erancea   this   great   metropolis   has
listening to.   The growth of Can-
lias been more lliun marvelous; at
��ami! time It Is permanent, aud the
|iemciit made hy our prime minister
'"��� mouths ago that  this would  be
enluiy for CanBdA Is one which 1
|levi. wm verify itself.    1 was much
en by the splendid uddresB given by
pressor Leacock,   whose mission,  as
understand, will take him through
sei ttuiiK of this great Empire.   The
p>�� of Ur. Parkin is pretty nearly a
laehold word  In Canada.    We hear
���tares and reud his speeches, nnd
me proud lo think that he has tnei
|Ui such splendid recognition In Eng-
f      one  euiiuiii   help  thinking  thai
��t utterances  have   been  made  alter
thought and si tidy.   Lust, but not
['st. lei me testify lo the privilege I
I In being permitted  lo sit on this
form with our distinguished chulr-
ti,  bird  dtruthcona.    1   would  only
in conclusion you may rest assured
���" Canada Is alive to Us reapon'lbHt-
.13 a great section of this Umpire,
've to the tremendous problems which
are trying to solve; und that, behind
���   efforts put forth  hy our great Initial statesman, there Is a strong de-
It'' thut we shall keep together���that
the   future, as  lu  the  pusl,  these
I'l'iiilid ties and relationships shall be
juitiniied, und nothing he left undone
IhIch   will  tend  to   promote  the  per-
I'ttiency of the British  Umpire."���Vic-
"la Colonist.
Mammoth  Group.
i Edward Uaillie, of the Kdwnrd Bulllte
indicate, which owns and operates the
���nnimolh group in the lardeau. u few
[lies from Cnmboiirne, was in Rossland
Jsterdny and gave the following inter-
|"w to the Miner: "Since the 1st of
jay work has been confined to Iho up-
" works of the Sirdar ledge, and sev-
f"i good showing*, of high-grade ore
Pve been round. The foreman writes
put the seiison Is six weeks later than
jut year so far as the disappearance of
���JOW is concerned.    The examination
of the property cannot be made before
the middle of July on behalf of the
I'arls people, but the same will be made
ut the earliest possible dale that conditions will permit. The al ripping of
'he ledge will be continued until the
examination Is made. After the examination u force will he put to work Inking out the ore."
Twenty  English  Setttlers  Will   Engage
In Fruit Growing at Fruitvale.
Ilev. .1. I.. Brook*, of Unglicld, Surrey, [fag, president of the llrltlsh Tourist and Colonization Society, of Liverpool, has been muklng a tour of Western Canada In search of land suitable
for a colony of English seniors. As a
matter of fact, his mission was to secure land for two colonies, one tract for
agriculturists, and the other for Battler*
who ure nnxlnuu to engage lu fruit
growing. He reached Calgary a few
weeks ago and Interviewed .1. S. Dennis,
of Hie c. I*. It. land department, aud
concluded arrangements for a large
tract of C. P. R. Irrigated land, which
will be Bottled by agriculturists from
Euglund. .Mr. Brooks then came to
British Columbia with the object of obtaining a tract of land adapted to fruit
growing. He looked at several blocks,
and at last decided to close a deal with
the Kootonay Orchard Association for
2ti tracts of 10 acres each at Fruitvale
(formerly Beaverl, and secured an option on BO 10-acro tracts In addition.
The land Is situated :t!i miles from Nelson, on the Nelson fi Fort Sheppnrd
railway. It Is well adapted for fmil
growing, and Mr. Brooks has returned
Ui England to send out the Bottlers ut
Text  of   Franco-8pani*h   Treaty���Each
Pledge. Safety of Other's Over-
Sea Colonies.
Pari'. Juno 25.���The official text of
the French-Spanish understanding wus
published f lay. It declares that each
government Is llrraly resolved lo maintain intact Its insular and maritime pus-
essions in the Mediterranean and Atlantic and hinds each country ln circumstances urlsiug which threaten to
modify the status quo to consult the
other with the view of "common action." The latter Ib Iho most important
provision, amounting practically to a
military convention for the mutual
guarantee of their possessions.
Presentation to M. S. Parry.
This afternoon in s. M. Brydge*' office U. Thomas, on behalf of the Nelson
Amateur Dramatic Society, presented
.Melville S. Parry with a handsomely
engraved sterling sliver cigarette case,
as a token of appreciation or his painstaking and efficient services ns stage
manager and instructor in connection
with the recent successful presentation
of 'The Private Secretary." Mr. Parry,
though taken by surprise, made suitable acknowledgement.
"Songs of a Sourdough."
A small volume ol verse written by
Ilobt. W. Service, with the above euphonious title, is now on sale at the
Canada Book & Drug Co.'s store. Mr.
Service is a clerk In a Yukon bank,
and his verse la described as resembling
In a great decree that of Rudyard Kipling, lu fuct, he is referred to aa the
"Canadian  Kipling."
Red Estate Sale.
Charles Walmsley has purchased
from W. P. TIerney the property on
Baker street now occupied by Alex.
Fife as barber shop. Tbe price Is not
given. It is one of Iho oldest buildings
in tlie clly and was first occupied by
tho late George Blgelow ns a general
store. , i
Will Not be  Bound.
Montreal, June 25 ��� The 'longshoremen have written the minister of labor
staling thut they will not be bound by
the decision o'r the conciliation board,
which practically Save them all Ihey
' Ymlr Licensing Board.
An adjourned meeting of Ihe Ymlr licensing board was held this afternoon.
The transfer of a license to Ihe present
proprietor of tho Grovo hotel was
Price* of Metals.
New York, June 26.���Silver, G7'tc;
copper. 2214c;  lend. 1.5.76.
London, June 26.���Silver, "lid; lead,
20,000 Club.
The regular monthly general meeting
of the 20,000 Club will be held in the
city hall this evening at 8; 30.
Gold for London.
New York, June 25���Kountz Bros, to-
dav engaged $1,000,000 In gold for ex-
I port to London.
Goldwin Smith on Present
Venerable Radical Protests Against
American Unions' Interference In Canada.
Toronto, June 25.���Mr. Goldwin Smith,
being known to have been one of the
staunch friends uf the unions of the
labor Interest generally In England, was
asked bis opinion on the present situation. He replied! "It Is true that 1 was
one of those who heurtlly upheld the
cause of the unions, believing them necessary to enable the workingmen to
negotiate upon fair terms with their employers. Generally, 1 hope, our party
did IU, besi In the Interest of the work-
ingman. But w.- uever though of setting ou ti.it u monopoly of labor iu the
hands of self-c.instituted and self-regulated associations. This would have
been something like a reproduction ot"
the old guilds, which became, as such
exclusive bodies are apt to become, cor-
rupt ln themselves and nuisances to
Industry and trade. We never dreamed
of putting uu end to labor or persecuting any man lor earning his bread ln
his own way, or making the best use ol
his natural powers.
"Would that you could bring about
better lelatious uud a belter understanding between employer and employed! this Ib the hue of hope. Still
more effectual would be tbe Bticcess ut
anything ot the co-operallvo kind, producing un actual partnership in interest; tbuugh thlB unfortunately has been
found very dilhcult. It would be wise,
as well as Just, on the part of the employer, when he lound he had been well
served aud could fairly afford an ud-
vance or a bonus, to do It of his own
accord. To legal urbit ration under acts
ol parliament we can hardly look with
hope. You cannot force men to continue lo work, much less to continue
working well. Friendly mediation will
always be useful, were it only to improve tone, which Is apt to be needlessly Irritating to tlie boss. A candid and
temperate statement of the whole case
put forth by the Employer's Association
might be useful at this juncture, at all
events, In enlightening the public and
assuring us that justice was done.
There ure no doubt fair cases for an
advance from time lo time. Just now
prices have riBen, reducing the purchasing power of the wage; though this has
effected not only the artisan, but all
alike, and no particular calling can
claim exemption from tbe common lot.
It does not seem that here ln Toronto
the wages of the artisan are low compared with those of other callings. If
It Is not a fair and necessary advance
that is the aim. but an unlimited exaction to the extent of the union's power,
that is in view, the point will be reached
at which the community will turn to
bay; rather perhaps at which the Industry will be ruined or take flight, a
possibility which unlimited strikers perhaps hardly have In view. In the heat
of conflict plain tniths are apt to be forgotten. The real employer and the arbiter of the wage Is not the boss but
the buyer of the goods, who will not
give more for them than he can afford
The strikers themselves, too, are buyers, and if there were strikes all round
would be striking ugainst each other.
"On the question of the recognition
of the unions, it is impossible to lay
down any precise rule. A recognition
Is generally due and wise as well as
friendly. But what has the conduct of
the particular union towards thu par-
tlculur employer been? There can be
no legal obligation to .recognize a voluntary organization.   .
"Tho evils and perils of Industrial
war are aggravated by the prevalence
of enmity between classes, and of a
spirit of social revolution. To sympathise with the dream of the Socialist
Is easy for any one who meditates on
the human lot, especially for a student
of history. But dynamite bombs are not
heralds of the Socialist kingdom of universal love, nor are such bitter manifestos of class envy nnd hatred ns ure
now being frequently put forth. The
artisans ar<> everywhere tending to separation from the general Interests of
the community, and to the formation of
an agressive power apart. The employers and the wealthier classes generally
are represented as a sort of caste holding usurped position, to dispossess them
of which violence and confiscation may
be rightfully employed. Look over any
list of millionaires and you will And
that by fur the majority of (hem, far
from being members of a casto, have
risen from lowdv social grades, not a
few from the lowest grade of all. If
the Industrial conflict and the social agitation continue, something more terrible Ihnn any strike will, be the end.
"I cannot, help saying' that I think we
have a right to demur to the interfer
ence of American labor leaders with
our disputes. The Influence of the American labor party on legislation has
been hostile to Canadian labor. The
politicians would, I believe, have let the
Allen Labor Law drop tf the unions had
not insisted un Its continuance. To the
labor party we owe the manufacturing
clause, as It Is nailed, which excludes
from copyright Ir the Unitetl States ij
book printed ln Canada."
Joseph P. Downey, M. P. P., for South
Wellington,  Visiting  Nelaon.
Among the arrivals in Nelson today
Is Joseph P. Downey, of Uuelph, Ont.
Mr. Downey represents South Wellington in the provincial legislature, and Is
regarded hy Conservatives ln Ontario as
a coming leader of their party. As a
public speaker he hus few equals In tbe
Dominion, and on a recent visit to California, when called upon at a banquet
to respond to a patriotic toast, bis
speech fairly electrified those present
and was reported ln full in the San
Francisco and Oakland papers.
Mr. Downey Is a newspaper man. He
started In at the foot of the ladder, and
eventually became editor of tlie Guelph
herald. He gradually became a force
In politics, and his influence both as a
speaker and writer was felt throughout
central Ontario. He waa elected for
South Wellington by a large majority,
and the Eastern papers agree that
sooner or later Mr. Whitney must, take
Mr. Downey Into; his cabinet.
Some months ago tbe politician and
journalist grew tired of long service ln
lhe journalistic field and he determined
to take a trip. He visited the West
and then on down to California, where
he has been for several month*.
He Is taking in British Columbia on
his way home, and is now visiting with
his brother-in-law, Thomaa McAstocker,
In Nelaon. Thomas J. Scanlau, of this
city, was an old schoolmate ot Mr.
Downey's, and in company with Mr. McAstocker, la giving his old friend a trip
up the lake ln a launch. It Is needless
to add that their visitor Is heartily enjoying his trip to the Kootenay metropolis. He Ib ln love with the mountains,
the rivers, the fruit culture, the Industrial activity and everything else
that goes to make Kootenay famous.
News of British Court a* Prepared for
New Vork.
London, June 25.���King Edward held
the last levee of the season at St.
James Palace at noon, Indian Mutiny
veterans again supplying the most striking feature. The second group of survivors of the Mutiny, including 70 officers, of whom no fewer thau 33 were
generals, and several civilians, were
presented by Field Marshal Sir Evelyn
Wood. This made a brilliant ahow, all
wearing their full dress uniforms. Ambassador Wbitelaw Reld was among the
ambassadors who attended the luncheon
and presented Brigadier General Henry
Cook. There was a large attendance,
among those present being J. Plerpont
Morkan, who had been present at a
previous levee.
Getting Ready to Build.
Engineer Segar, of the Great Northern engineering staff, with a corps of
assistants, arrived in Fernie last week
to locate the right of way of the G. N. R.
line to be built from Fernie to Michel.
There is no doubt that the G. N. R. Co.
means business now and one may expect to see the dirt flying at any an
early date.
Big   Increase  In   Expenditure  on  Mall
Contract* During Part of Last
Fiscal Year.
Ottawa, June 25.���The total Btearo-
ship subsidies for the nine months ending March 31st last, was fl.128.g76,
compared with $1,227,660 for Ihe previous 12 months. The different services
ln Great Britain cost $460,666 and the
services of France, China, Australia,
South Afrlco, Mexico, New Zealand,
WeBt Indies, South America, San Francisco nnd Alaska coat $517,905. The
mall contract to Britain cost $373,916
for $373,916 for the nine mouths as com,
pared with $282,390 for the 12 months
previous. The amount on bounty paid
out on iron and Bteel for the nine
months was $1,299,801; petroleum,
$266,533; binder twine, $13,696, and
lead $1,994.
Newfoundland Problem Is
Fair Prize*.
The Wm. Rennle Co., Seedsmen, of
Toronto, through the Vancouver
branch, are offering special prizes for
competition nt the approaching Nelson
Fruit Fair. The conditions attached are
that intending exhibitors are to Hie with
the fair secretary the packets in which
were the seeds sown producing the exhibits made. Intending competitors
should bear these conditions tn mind.
Sir Robert Bond Obtained No Promise
of Concession but Showed
Importance of Case.
London, June 25.���The Standard
gives prominence this morning to a
story of the efforts of Sir Robert Bond,
premier of New Foundland, to obtain
the support of the British government
to that colony's attitude toward the United States on the fisheries question. Sir
Robert has been ln London for two
months, and all tbat time, says the
Standard, he has been engaged ln a
strenuous endeavor to come to some
agreement with the Imperial government regarding Issues tbat are of the
greatest Importance to the Empire.
How grave those isBues are may be
gauged by the fact that the Imperial
government has believed It necessary
to take into consideration the contingency of war with tbe United States
In the event of nd settlement being
reached. While no satisfactory solution
of the dispute has yet been reached,
adds the newspaper, the humiliating
conditions which it was at one time proposed to impose on the colony have
now been to some extent modified.
Frequent conferences between Sir
Robert Bond, Sir Edward Gray, foreign
secretary, and the Earl of Elgin, secretary of the colonies, are now closed. Sir
Robert sailed on the steamer Virginian
on June 21st without having accomplished all, or nearly all, that bis government considers essential to the well-
being and honor of the colony, but he
has Impressed the foreign office with
Newfoundland's unchangeable determination to enforce her own laws unless
those laws are abrogated by the only
constitutional authority empowered to
do bo, namely, the British parliament.
81r Robert has definitely refused on
behalf of Newfoundland to be a party
to any agreement between England and
America, inconsistent with the colony's
honor and dignity. Tbe most forcible
arguments and persuasions have been
exercised to induce Newfoundland to
accept a compromise which would be
derogatory to its autonomous position,
and would prevent it from executing
its own laws within its own territory.
The suggestion, however, cabled here
from Washington, that Great Britain
had already agreed In principle to a
renewal o'f the modus vlvendl, with an
additional provision prohibiting Newfoundland from serving legal processes
upon Its own citizens while aboard American vessels ln Newfoundland waters,
Ib, says the Standard, Incorrect. Any attempt by Great Britain to impose such
a condition upon the colony would undoubtedly create agitation for secession
from the Empire.
Fivtt Cknts a Month
was trylt
The child
she would get"
horses would run
and waken up the youngster. 8he finally abandoned her effort at 3 o'clock In
the morning, and remained up the rest
of the night. Surely something should
lie done to abate the nuisance.
Grand   Fork*'  Chief   Magistrate   Step*
Out Because of Quarrel.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, June 26.���Thla morning
Grand Forks is without a mayor as the
result of a heated session of the city
council lost evening, when the salary
bylaw for the mayor and aldermen waa
Introduced. Aldermen Horner, Mcintosh
and Hardy strongly opposed the bylaw,
when a lively discussion followed and
the resignation of Jeffrey Hammer as
mayor was handed to the city clerk.
Considerable excitement prevails here
today as Mayor Hammer Is recognised
uh the best chief magistrate the city
ever had.
Rubber Leaked.
Montreal, June 25.���News has leaked
out here that the United States Rubber
Co., which has practically a monoply of
the rubber manufacturing trade of tbe
United States, hoa secured tbe controlling interest ln the Canadaln Consolidated Rubber Co., which will practically
give the new amalgamation a monoply
of the rubber manufacturing trade of
Member* of Montreal Shipping F*d��ra-
tlon Diacuaaing Strike of
A. M. Morden, J. P., Drowned In Pinch-
er Creek Near Hi* Horn*.
A telegraph operator's mistake in yesterday's despatches disguised a name
well known ln the West. A. M. Gordon
Bhould have read A. M. Morden, J. P., of
Plncher Creek, who was drowned Friday night last by the collapse of a wooden bridge.
Mr. Morden was one of the earliest
settlers in South Western Alberta, having arrived there in the early '70s. lie
was the ilrst man to sow winter wheat
in Ihe territory and took a prize for
It at the Chicago Fair of 1893.
He waB a large property owner ln
Plncher Creek and a highly respected
citizen. He loaves a widow and several children. One son. Fred, died in
battle in South Africa, the resistance of
the small group of which he was one
being mentioned in despatches to the
War Office.
Mr. Morden's body was carried down
stream about a mile aud was found on
Saturday near tho residence of J. Her-
ron. Conservative member for the district. Details of the nccident were received In a letter to E. F. Glgot, who
had known the deceased for many
years. , ,
Garden Party.
The social held on Mrs. George Barn-
hart's lawn this afternoon under the
auspices of St. Saviour's branch of the
Woman's Auxiliary la well attended and
will undoubtedly be successful.
Cattle at Large.
More complaints are made against the
Fairview people who are permitting
their horses and cows to run at large.
These animals roam around night and
day, and Interfere with the slumbers of
peaceful residents. Last ulght a woman
Montreal. June 25.���"We will take
action on this report of the Conciliation
Board," said Mr. Hugh Allan, president
of the Shipping Federation, thla morning. "I cannot say at this stage what
we may do, but we will do something.
There Ib to he a meeting of the Federation thla afternoon, and delegates from
the other companies interested have
been asked to attend. Nothing decisive
will be arranged, however, unless there
la a full meeting."
"I do not think this report will be
acted on Immediately," said another
prominent shipper. There i* no necessity for making a reply before July 1st,
and that will give plenty of time for
consideration. As 1 understand it, the
notification to the secretary ot the Federation, who ia acting for all the companies involved, demanded no reply.
Under the law, ln fact, It could not.
Neither of the parties can be compelled
to act on it at all. This la simply a
recommendation to them, which we or
the 'longshoreman may accept or refuse,
or Ignore."
You will notice that the report atates
that the 'longshoremen refused to agree
to be bound by the results of the board's
"Thla bonus that Is proposed will
probably not be considered by either
party. It Is not a new point by any
means. Why, the shipping companies
offered the same remuneration to the
'longshoremen three years ago, and It
waB refused. The men were unwilling to
bind themselves to stay until the season
closed; and they will look at the proposal now ln the same spirit.
As to the complaint of importing men
which is mentioned, there Is some
reason for grumbling, not because of
the forty or fifty men who have been
brought over from the Old Country, but
because of the laborers coming from
the winter porta, St. John and Portland, not coming under contract but
simply following the work and taking
their chance of employment here. The
Montreal 'longshoremen, on the other
hand, cannot go to St. John without
becoming liable to a poll tax of seven
dollars on outside laborers; they cannot go to Portland because of the close
union there."
"Tbe bonus system la not practical,"
said George D. Pollquln, business agent
of the 'Longshoremen's Association.
"You see," said he, "a acore of bookkeepers would have to be kept on tbe
water front to keep track ot the men.
Longshoremen are not permanently
employed by any company or person.
For Instance, tramp steamers will pay
more than the regular lines, and our
men work thirty-five or forty hours at
a time for the officers of the tramp
Mr. Pollquln said that the report was
received from the department of labor
yesterday, but he had not studied the
recommendations made by the conciliators. The matter would be discussed
at a meeting of the union, which will
be held on Sunday afternoon. Mr.
Pollquln contended that the report ot
the Investigators showed that the demands of the 'longshoremen were not
exorbitant and that they had kept their
agreement with the shippers for four
Tabasco Ranch.
A gentleman named McCauley, from
Oklahoma, has purchased five acrea of
land near Thrums, und will engage In
Ittobncco-ralBing. Tie has had - many
years' experience in this Industry In
the Southern states and claims that
conditions In the Kootenay are particularly lavurablc for tobacco culture.
Will Contradict
Whole Story
Many Witnesses to Testify to Break
Down Case Pot Up by State
���Admit Few Facts.
Bolae, Jnne 26���Beginning with the
appearance of the first witness for the
defence on the stand today, the story
of Harry Orchard's life will be traced
by a succession of witnesses called aot
to sustain but ta contradict all the material facts testified to by the witness
against William D. Haywood. Orchard
himself will be In Court again today and
counsel for the defence will' lay the
foundation for his impeachment.
The presentation by Clarence Darrow,
the attorney who is conducting the defence, has cleared the stage tor the new
Interpretation or motive of the principal action, or as the defence claims,
the pupil who played the principal part
in the many tragedies and stirring
event* between 1899, when the troubles
ln the Coeur d'Alenes were at their
height, and the close ot U01, when
former Governor Steunenberg was assassinated, followed by the arrest and
confession of Orchard, and the arrest
of Haywood and Pettibone in 11106. Darrow'* development of the grave offence
attributed to Orchard and hi* explanation of the circumstances on which the
atate of Idaho bases it* claim that he
Is guilty ln common with Pettibone and
Moyer of a conspiracy to murder the
leaders ln the fight against the method*
of the Western Federation of Miners,
open* a Held for conjecture.
The defence claim they will, through
their witnesses, be able to completely;
convince the Jury and public that for
years a conspiracy existed among the
mine owner* and employers of labor In
the atates of Colorado aad Idaho to
wipe out union labor from the mining;
Held. After Orchard 1* examined today
the evidence for the defense will begin.
Colorado and Cripple Creek witnesses
are here to swear that Orchard was the
confidant ot the mine owners, that they
planned, and he was selected, to exe-a*
cnte a number of crimes.
The defence positively states that it
is not their Intention to convict the
mine owner* of murder ln the Vindicator mine and the Independence depot
where 16 men were killed, but that they
were accidental. They even go so far
as to assert that Orchard draw* on his
Imagination ln hi* relation of his connection with the Vindicator mine and
the Independence depot, and that he
was not there at all. On the other
hand, counsel for the state do not seem
to be disturbed. It Is stated most positively that cross-examination and rebuttal will show that the defence has
put up a clever fabrication that will fall
under retuttal like a house of cards.
It was quite evident from the statements made by Mr. Darrow that the defence proposes to admit the connection
between Orchard and Haywood, and
they admit that Orchard was at one
time employed by Moyer. But It Is
claimed that these connections were
perfectly legitimate and had nothing to
do with a conspiracy, that Orchard was
a traitor and that he sought employment and connection with the officers
of the Western Federation under the
guise of a union workman and a member of the Masonic fraternity, all the
time being a detective employed by
mine owners and their detective*. The
one great crime the defence admit that
Orchard committed is the murder of
Steunenberg, and running through the
whole of the testimony will be the motive that Orchard had in seeking revenge on the man who, oa he thought,
had robbed him of his rich Interest In
the Hercules mine. The claim that the
defence will rest In eight days Is looked
upon as quite speculative as the cross-
examination of many of their witneases
probably will take considerable time.
The state expects to take a week in rebuttal and the end of the trial is not
looked forward to with any degree of
certainty till the last week In July.
Real Estate Sale*.
Stubbs & Pitts, real estate dealers,
have made the following sales: Thirty
and three-quarter acres, known aa Fisher's ranch, at Thrums, to S. I. Underwood, of Yale. Oklahoma, at $75 per
acre; to Underwood, ar., of the same
place, 76 acres st Thrums; 76 acres at
Thrums, belonging to Adams and Barry, to A. J. Kussell, of North Dakota;
also 40 acrea up to lake to Lethbrtdge
May Live In Vancouver.
Word   comes   from  the   Coast  that
John Houston will take up bis residence
In Vancouver.    He was registered at a
Victoria hotel last Saturday. ,
" The Daily Canadian
i     !f:,
!   J;.jf;}
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in a!1 sizes ana weigh!*
UNDERWEAR  at ai' prices
From 8 to 12 Pound*.
SCX.  MITTS, etc.. etc
In all these lines we offer excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
Remarkable   Sto-y cf  Youth   Who  Sur-
rendered to Montreal Police���
Skilful  With   Pen.
Imperial Batik of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
OVPITAL PAID UP....H.730.UOO REST    K.730.000.
D. B. WILKIE, President. HON. EOBERT JAFFRAY, Vloe-Preodent
Branches in British Colombia:
Deposits received and interest allowed at highest   current rate from date of
opening of account, and compounded quarterly,
NELSON   BRANCH *J��     M.     LAY,    ________________
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings Department
Nelson Branch. G. A. SPINK. Manager.
Montreal.  June IN ���<;--v���:;>���   ?iage.  a
; handsome young man. walked into d*>
: tective  headquarters today and told a
; remarkable   story   to   Chief   Detective
} Carpenter.    Siage stated  that he  was
j '2b years of age and had heen bora in
K->;:      His  father  was an extremely
i wf-a!thy man. and had for a long time
i carried on a great jewelry business in
'��� Cairo as a jeweler.   Siage was instruct-
; ed by his father and allowed to do pretty much as he liked,   rnfonunately. for
, h:m-e:f.   he   ha<i   a special  faculty   for
' imitating   handwriting   and   when    IS
years of age he conceived the idea of
l pott-tog  this  io  use.    The    boy    com-
| menced by forging small cheques, and
with such success that for a long time
he was never even suspected.   Then on
��� one particular day he forged a cheque
for   a   million   francs   | $���>���.��� .���:��������) I     and
] cleared out of the country.
"In all." said Siage. "I have by means
j of  forgery robbed  my   father  of over
1.000,008   francs.    Then  I   quit   Egypt,
and   travelled  to  Parts.    This   was   in
i 1904.   For two years 1 remained in the
' French capita!.   I set up in business as
a jeweler, but did not do well.
"'Tne money I had stolen seemed to
j bv accursed.   At any rate, as time pro-
giv-ssed.   my   conscience,    which    had
never been at rest, continued, to trouble
me more and more.    Matters eventually grew desperate with me in Paris and
I gave up business and sailed for New
York, in tbe hope that the novelties of
the New  World  would have the effect
of    distracting    my    mind    from    the
thoughts which continually haunted It.
Alas!  I only became worse.    I had no
friends in America, and memory made
me   long   to  be   back  again   amid the
happy scenes   where  I  spent   my boyhood.
""Life latterly became unsupportable
and I determined to end my existence.
I had not the courage to write and ask
for forgiven'-ss. One night last week,
while in New York. I purchased a
quantity of laudanum and in my own
room attempted to poison myself with
It. I consumed a quantity but not sufficient to have fatal results. My moans
attracted attention, and, after receiving
medical aid. I recovered. Then I was
ashamed to stay there longer and I decided to leave New York immediately.
I did so, and during thhe past few days
have wandered from place to place without any fixed purpose.
"I arrived in Montreal today and
made up my mind to surrender myself
to the police. That is all my story, and
it Is the truth."'
Siage is being held awaiting further
Pnt��lJi��hM rix asp a weex &y toe
% Hkl-: ii'...  .VeltOD, B. C.
SaoacripUoo rt>. M cents a ;-���.'.:. delivered
In the '.Ut. or I ��- *. rear if -*:.l by maii, when
s*aid in wrat.ee-
Adrertlsi&z .*=.>�� oa ai*p.icatlon.
AU some* paid lo settlement of Tbe Daily
Caiu.<i.*n acrotnta, enter lor subscriptions or
adTtrtwlor m Baa t* ran ��� ipuri tot on the printed
ito���i ot the company.   -���������..���:: receipts are not
Tueaday,  June 25th,   1907.
The general expressions of regret
over the degradation of Canadian Liberalism in these latter days has been
ascribed by the organs of the Machine
to purely partlzan spirit.
There Is absolutey no ground for such
a charge. Never has the Conservativt
press of Canada spoken otherwise than
respectfully of Liberalism, of the men
who, however mistaken in their outlook, were honest and loyal. The names
of G**jrge Brown. Alexander McKenzi':
and Edward Blake are honored names,
although all proved short-sighted aa
statesmen. Apparently the breed is extinct; Sir Hit-hard Cartwright is the
last survivor of lhe band. He Is not exactly on a !evl with the rest. He never
had any honest conviction. He would
have remained a Conservative If Sir
John Macdonald had soothed hi.-, vanit>
with th* portfolio of finance. But Sir
Richard is somnolent now, and the
lesser lights who represent a once re
spec-table party know nothing of Its Ira
A very brief comparison will suffice
to prove this statement. We quote
from the memorable lament of Alexander McKenzie. and from the Hon. A. B
Hon. Alex. McKenzie, 1877:
"I would much like to be relieved of
the public works department. It is the
great spending department; the possible
great jobbing department. Friends (?)
exjiect to be benefited by offices they
are unfit for, by contracts they ure not
entitled to, by advances not earned.
Enemies ally themselves with friends,
and push the Mends to the front. Some
attempt to storm the office. Some dig
trenches at a distance and approach In
regular siege form. I feel like the be
sieged, lying on my arms night jind day.
I have offended at least 20 parliamentary supporters by my defence of the
Hon. A.  B. Aylesworth,  1907:
"1 do not pretend to say that when
millions of dollars are spent yearly,
every dollar ia spent where full value
is given in contracts of various kinds.
At present i am acting as minister of
public works, and only last week I had
a case where a man held up the government, and we were forced to pay
|S00 for a piece of land not worth over
fSOO, but if we went to law about It, In
all probability the lawyers would get
at least $100 out of it ,so 1 concluded
to pay the man his price. These cases
are numerous where we have so much
The contrast is saddening. No patriotic Canadian can rejoice in the degradation of either political party.
The influence of each on the other is
essential to the satisfactory working of
'he party system. Mr. Aylesworth, a
respected leader of the Ontario bar, was
invited Into the Dominion cabinet to
win bac kfwr it some measure of public respect, which had been sadly impaired by the incapacity and corruption
of many of his predecessors. .Mr. Aylesworth has been the most signal disappointment of all Sir Wilfrid Laurier's
discoveries. He is the frank and unashamed apologist for such as Hyman, Emmerson and Preston.
It Is a further demonstration of the
degradation of Liberalism that no Liberal organ attempts to justify Mr.
Aylesworth, but to Inok for means
for a counter attack on some Conservative. The "tu quoque" argument Is a
poor reply to charges of wholesale die
honesty and  immorality.
Many in Wreck.
Santiago, Chill, June 25.���It is officially announced by the Pacific Steam
Navigation company that only one passenger was aboard the Santiago,
wrecked in a heavy squall five miles
north of Corral, and he was drowned.
The only survivor was the fourth officer, while the rest of the crew, numbering 90 persons, Including 12 English
officers, perished so far as can be ascertained. Only one boat was launched
and it was dashed to pieces on the rocks
after drifting several days.
Inspect Convents.
London. June 25.���Despite an angry
Irish protest the House of Commons,
by a vote of 125 to 121, carried yesterday a motion permitting the introduction of a bill for the appointment of a
commission to inquire into tbe need of
inspection of monastic and conventual
Mr Redmond, the Irish leader, declared that this action Implied a gross
offence and Insult to Roman Catholics
in Ireland and England. On learning the
result of the divsion, Mr. Redmond declared:
"This puts an end to the Liberal al
liance, anyhow."
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and   Ward   St*.
Nolle. 1* hereby given thai I will apply. .1 the
next meeting of the License Commissioner* lor
the Cltr ol Nelson, to b*VI the ll-inor lic.D*e o(
ibe No Pl.ee Inn. tr.niferreo from Ar':htb.id
KerguBon Red to myself.
Dated May 29ln, l��/i. Wm. '103N F.LL,
By _ iwer of Attorney.
IN THE MATTER of the issuance of an
Indefeasible Title to F. W. Howay
and R. U Reld to Lota 2 and 3,
In Block 12, City of Nelson.
Fale of Aeronauts.
London. June 24.���All doubt as te the
'ate of Lieut*. Caulfleld and Leak, of
���he Royal Engineers, who made a balloon ascension from Aldershof camp on
May 28th, hus been removed. The body
of Lieut. Caulfleld was picked up at
sea near Weymouth yesterday, It was
full; dressed but Ihe feutures of the officer were unrecognizable from decom-
position due to tbe long Immersion.
For Sale Cheap
One   6>>inch   d:ar^*M | IWl    >���
long.    --dtrire-i     rt.-rs    ;_;���.::.       .:
boiler,   ic   fiir   e     i Eighty-two |
24-tn. tut��es.   1 1-J i . :���> in.   *:e*ci I
dome.    Boiler is gwJ for :estia; I I
lbs. per square inch, and a -... -
sure of M to 1*0 l:>     >\ .::::.-.��-        - -
ol   safety    valve,   stop   valrs,    water \
gauges.    :ry   c\*ck*     >/..:-���
check ralre. se; of fire hars arid Nearer*
One 9-In. diameter i l4:n s:roie. i.*:i
pressure, variable cut off -:x;i:.s.--
valve engine ��i;h utiasiT ':":��� -:.-.-.
and belt pulley are those not origlstaUr
supplied with the engine : .: -.-- .-
able for ordinary requirede" Ez. ��".---
has been used to drive elec'.r::
at the smelter and Is in good conditiot
One vertical multi-*.utu!ir ex
steam heated feed-water bssttSf
high. 10V��in. diameter with op*
for 3-In. exhaust pipes. Corrugated
per tut>es Inside through which ��e
water passes. Stop valve, drain
and safety valve. Apply to
Free Lessons in Art Needle Work���Conticdli Silks
Mi** Locxvwod. an experienced teacher In Fancy Art Needle Work,   will commence a aeries 0f daMe. |.
Kmjhts cf Pythias Hall. Every lady in the city is especially Invited to    avail   herself   of these  les.on.  f*,.
For   further   information  apply to Fred Irvine & Co., who have a complete stock of stamped goods and lilk*
C asses every day from 10 a.m.   to 12 a. m.; 2 p. m. to 4 p. m.
The Hall Mining & Smelting Co*,
IN THE MATTER of the "River* and
Streams Act" and amendments
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company, Limited.
Sot ice U her*bf jl*-t?n th��t 60 d��Ti ift#r d��t*
The i'aVQ��<ll>\a P*vicr Timber Cc-cptvnr. UmltmA,
internist*) submit lo the Honorable Chief Com-
-..���--��� :.*..- of Lands and Works t ??.���������, ���*. naJer
the provisions of ice MBtTCH una eire-ims A��"
ind sjoendmenu thereto, for the ri*ht to improve Trout creek and its :r:baurle* from the
soniT** ot such ereek and tnbuuiie* to the point
where the same Sows into Trout lake ln the M*
trlct of West Kootenay. and to remove obatruction* thererrom and make the tame 61 for <iriving, storinr. so:t:nc and booming log*, rafu and
cratu. --���.., the naming ot lumUr thereon, *Uo
for the right to collect toll* thereon-
The lands aJTertel are Crown lands and Lou
~0, 7*0. 7*1. 77.!, 7"1 70, 7��-J and 1��. all tn
Oroup 1, West Kootenar.
Dateo: tbij ttih day of May. IW7.
 by their soUclto-. R  M. Macdonald
Certificate of tne Registration of an
Exta-PrortacUl Company.
"Companies Act,  1897."
Whereas the document! hereinalU-r mentioned
arp not Io the poisesslou of the aforu-aid Howay
And wherean pro<li]rtloti of tliem la required
under th*> "Land Baflitry Act";
Take notice that all or any person* having
these document*, in their ponaeflslon or having
any interest In the name are required to produr*
tht- same to the iJiMrtct KeglMrar of L��nd Titles
at Nelson, B.C., on or before the IMh day of July,
Conveyance In Fee, from A. Barrette to Alexander
Carney, dated ."'Mi Oi-tober, !*��1.
Mortgage In Fee, fnom A. Carney and A Barrette
to M. Mi'iiiu*- and P. Burnii, dated the '^th
of November, INS.
Conveyance  in   Fee  under  power   of   fale in
Mortgage from Malcolm Mclnnlsand P. Hums
to A. H. Buchanan, dated 17th of November,
Conveyance In Fee, A. H. Buchanan to the Bank
of Montreal, dated the24th of August, lfrM.
Conveyance in Fee, Bank of Montreal, to BOM
Mary Heathcote   ami Joseph   Heatherlngt<m
Howes, dated 11th November. IttM.
Conveyance 111 Fee, of an undivided one-quarter
from Hose Marv Heathcote to Paul Jolinaon,
dated the SOtbOl December, lXirt.
Dated thla *mh day of Hav, A. P., 1W7.
Plume! Kegistrar of Und Titlei,
1 HEREBY CERTIFY that the -Kinney-Miller
Cedar Company," haa this day been registered
as a:: Extra-provincial Company, under fhe
"Companies Act. 1897," to carry out or effect all
���it any ol the objects of the Company to which
the Itflsiatlve authority of the Legislature of
British Columbia extendi.
The head office of the Company ij situate in
the City of Spokane, ln the State of WuLlngum,
The amount of tbe capital ot the company Is
fifteen thousand dollara, divided into one hundred and fifty share* of one hundred dollars
The head office of tbe company in this province ie situate at Cresroo, and William Henry
Crawford, merchant, ���TfiOM address Is the same,
It the attorney for the company. (Sot empowered to issue and tranfer stccx )
The time of the existence of the company Is
fifty years from thefilh lay of March, 1W7.
Tr e company Is limited.
Given under my hand and seat of office at
Victoria. Province of British Columbia, this 2Ut
lay of May, one thousand nine hundred |and
[L. 8.] 8. Y. WOOTTOS,
Reglitrar of Joint Btock Companies.
The objecti for which this companv bag been
established and registered are:
1. To acquire in any lawful manner, manufacture and aell or dispose of any and all kindi
of cedar and other timber:
2. To acquire In any lawful manner timber,
whether standing or cut, timber laads or other
lands, logs, poles, piling, posts, lumber, shingles,
shingle bolta, and any and all kinds of timber
product, to manufacture any and all such, and
to disBose of same In any lawlul manner:
3 Toacqure in any lawful manner stores,
implements, and any and all kinds of merchandise or property not In violation of law, and to
dispose of same ln any lawful manner:
4 To build or to acquire In any lawful man-
tier roads, tramways, or other means of transportation necessary or convenient to the other
purposes of the Corporation, and to oj*erate,
lease, or dispose of same ai may be deemed advisable; provided tbe same be private ways and
roads only, and provided further that this article li not to autaorize the Corporation to operr
ate or maintain any public or toll road, nor any-
public serving transportation system, nor to be-
eotoi a common carrier:
5. To manufacture any and all kinds of articles and products as may ue deemed deMrable
and not iu violatfon of law. and to eel. and
dispose of same in any lawful manner:
6. To do any and all other acta and things
neceaaarr Ot expedient for carrying on the buil-
n.��M of th* Company ai hereinbefore set forth-
MME i_ol l*tnr*e:   MabttM Bl Wart Kootenav.
'-,;    -     M  -:�������� WaaSSf   MeNell, ������( Billings.
v.-a uon.      >*     ������   . 7*1 jm merchant, intend*
- 17-10 I..- w - -.' ��.- ���>' a ..>; aivtaaa the Ini.ow
u*$ ����������� tool �����-: lasmyflni at a pottplant-
*. .���aiSuvirtt^.l^.-. ,7-.:W:.*.i*naa.; Atltoo)
-vit Hal  1    ���������'���   mtuVAwm m���mrot Lot ms��,
;-;.:������   v*    :��   ::..:.'���   it ft.-* north rV chains,
UrtSkM ns***.  ?!   M.t. : ��� "    '   ' "*in!,L*!
WranBsjj     BM   ��--'   ooniajning  160
Ma? ana. ar * n.tn Mcyiti-
> -. * n :t -.-^ j M uwu k -ir* ^-'*r J��w *
���a.-ii :: a:-:.'  :���;  in ?-������: ��� '����� :(-; ( "m"
- ..      . -       a ������. ,.    . w.%rti -V.r ^nr.i��lon to
- ������_... ;...��_r^   aw7~.i*l :ra*-t >>! land
t:\-*\< in Wt�� K*.vfl*?aTav AiKnci   CmmAnAtium
at a p.-*'. zkz:#: :-x ���.*-��������   m^i  -:*���   '*   on-
rlaencv irttS -  sara I :^tA   s.*ut��    �� ...u*m
BaTtv-.r?  M o?zTit:   \Anm~______*_* * C*.*ix��i
thenee eaat *v <&.*.:-*���  ixteaor* a*M;h *'
thence Wf^aicxtalxti wjila����r*iocsj.>��*��J*K��^fni.
23rd May Ml w.^aaiuori
Notice u aerecv give- tmU ��� iaj�� aner date I I
intend toapplv lo the Hoaoratie the Caiei Cos- ;
mwloner 0/ Candi and   Worts for p*rmawion ���
to pur-haw the foUcrw.n*: di-KT-.hed land, situate
in  Weit Ktvlenay -ilitrKt.   totax��etKtng at a ,
tx��tt plant J at the weat bor.n-iary of Lol 383 til,
and atom W chains south oi thtsocth boumdary
of the right-of-w��t of tne B C SoaUiera rail-
war. and marketl'P- A.   P's ���ouwieait corner,
ttc'nce weat 1�� chaina. thence north to th<��outh
boundary of tae haftt-of-tray of B. C Southern
railway.'tbenee iol.owing *ai J toundary of said
right-of-way in an eaiter.y direction to the weat
boundary of Lot M2 Ot thence south lo place of
commtneement, containing lu) ac.*t#. more or
Paled this 14th day of June. Ml.
Past Atoi-sr tAMmm.
The Hall Mining and Smeltinj
Company. Limited.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
To Charles G. Blmpaon, or any other peraon
to whom he may have transferred his Interest ln
the '-May Blossom" miner*! claim, situated on
Brown Mountain, two and a half miles inutb-
west of Ymir, in the Nelson Mining Division, of
West Kootenay District, and recorded In the
Recorder's e fit re, for the Nehon Division.
You and each of you are hereby notified that
I have expended two hundred and five dollari
f906,00) in labour aud improvements upon the
abort mineral claim in order to hold the aame
under tbe provisions ol the Mineral Aet. and If
within ninety days from the dale of this notice
you fall or refuse to contribute your portion of
the expenditure, fwhlch Is one hundred and two
fifty dollars !��!��� : ���. : tor the two years ending
Btfa May, 19fn,) togeth-r with ah costa of adver
tiling, your Interest in the said claim will be-
BOSH the property of the undersigned nnder
Bet.I of an Act entitled: "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act. 1900"
Dated at Ymlr, B. C . 16th May, 1907.
Nelson Und District. Dlitrlct of West KsolSttST1
Take notice that George Bturm, of Htlhnga,
Montana, D B, A., occupation, merchant, intends to apply (or perm (salon to purchase tbe
following deacrired land: (.'ommenclng at a
poit planted on the weat shore of Upper What-
shan (Cariboo) lake, and at the north weal corner
of i.ot 8139, thence weat ��0 chains, thence south
40 chains, thence east Wc.ialni, tbenee north 40
chains to point of commencement, and containing*) arres' more or leaa.
Hay 29th. 1907. Gioaoa Bnjaw.
NeUon Und District. Dlstrletof Weat Kootenay.
Take notlc- that Edward Fraser, of Billings,
Montana, D.fl A , occupation wool buyer, intendi to apply for permlaslon to purchase the
following rleaerlben land: Commencing at a
post planted on the weit abore of I'pper What-
shan (Cariboo) lake, and at the aoutheaat corner
of Lol 81W, then':�� west 'JO chains, thence sooth
60 chalm, theme eait -iochalni, tbenee south zO
chains, theDce eas- 40 chafnf.moreor less, to the
west ihore of Cpper Whatahan (Cariboo) lake;
thence northerly and weiterly along the aald
���hore m chains, more or leaa, to point of commencement, aod containing HO acrea, mora or
May mballOT, ScwaiP fsaass.
Nelaon Land Diitrict- District of West Kootenay
Take notice that John Pbtlbert of Nelson.
British Columbia, occupation, saloon keeper, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following described land: Commencing it a
post p'.antc! ou the north bank Lost creek, and
about two and one quarter miles easterly from
the jun.tion of Lost creek and salmon river, in
tbe Nelson land district, thence north 60 chains,
thence west 60 chains- thence south SO chains,
more or less, to Loet creek, thence east following
said creek to point of commencement and containing t*j acres, more or less.
Dated June 6th, 1907. Johii PmLsaaT.
Nelson Und Pistnct. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that F,-ank McDonald, ot Nelaon.
British Colombia, occupation miner. Intends to
apply for permission to pan-base tbe following
described lands: Commencing at a poll planteo
on the north Lank of Lost creek and about one
mile easterly from tbe junction of Lost creak
aud Salmon river, in the .Vlron land district,
thence north 60 chains, thence east 60 chains,
thence south 60 chains, thence west 60 chains to
point of commencement, and containing ��o
arres. more or lesB-
Dated June 5tb, 1W7. Feasi McDoxald.
Nell an Land District District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Kdward Peters of Ymlr, British Columhia. orvuputlon. miner, mtenda to ap
Sly for permission to purchase the following
escribed land: Commencing at a pint planted
on the north bank of Lost creek, about three
miles easterly from tbe Junctlou of Lost creek
and tialmon river, in the Nelsou land district,
thence north 60 chains, thence west 60 chains,
thence 1011th to) chains, more or leaa, to Loat
creek, theuce east following said creek to point
01 commencement, and containing 4A0 acres,
more or lesi.
Dated June 5th, 1907 Edward PrrSM.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that William David Anderson, of
Sirdar, occupation bridgeman. Intend ato apply
for permission to purchase the following deacilb-
ed lands: Commencing at a post planted at the
north side of Summit creek, marked S. W.,
thence north 'Si chains, thence east 40 chains,
thence south 'JO chains, thence west *) chains
to point of commencement.
William David Andiron,
W. J.StoTT, Agent.
Take notice that Harry Williams of Nelson,
B C, rancher, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the lollowlng described lands In
West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted adta<-enl to the
southeast corner of Lot six thousand nine hundred and eighty-five (6985), (.roup one (1), In thli
district, thence south twenty (JD) chains, tbenct
west one hundred and sixty (160) chalni, tbenee
north twenty ('JO) chains, thence east one hundred and sixty (160) chains to the point of commencement and containing 330 acrei. more or
Lated the 19th day of May, 1907.
Ilium  WlLI.lAMI.
I, the undersigned, after to dava urteod to apply to the Hon tbeChlef Commissioner of Unas
and Works for permission to purchase the following described land: Commencing at u post
marked N. B, C , ultuated on the west shore of
blocan lake, about twenty miles from Hloean city,
thence west 40 chalm, tbenee south 60 chains,
thence east 40 chaint), thence north afong the
shore of lake 80 chains to point of commence-
Located May 4th. Bckt B*US*,
bkitk warn, Agent.
Hlxly dap after <late I purpose making application to the Chief Coniinlssioncr of Undo aud
Works for permission t�� purchase the following
descrllred land: rommeiicing at a post placed
at the northwest corner of lot 4MB CI and marked'"P M'.r'rHK re-rm r post," running Ihence
BO chains north thenre SO chains west, theuce 80
chains south, thence 80 chains east, to polut of
commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
Dated tbls 6th day of May, 1W7
(signed) Parn Ucoaum,
per D A. McL'L'LUK'H. Agent.
Sixty dayt after date 1 intend to apply to tbe
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of tends aud
Works for permission to purchase the following
dcac-lbed lands In WSai Kootensy district: Com*
menclng at a post planted ou the south shore of
Kootenay lake, and adjoining C. P. K. block .'.,,.
10, and marked "Tom OorttODi northwest corner
post," thence south 40 chains, thence east 40
ehalns. thence north 20 chains, more or less, to
Lake nhore, thence west 40 chains to point of
Dated this 30th of April, 1907.
Tom (Joboon
Sixty days afler date 1 inbnd to apply to the
Hon Chief Commlsaloner nf Lands and Works
for permission to purchase tlie following described land in West Kooteaay district; (:otn.
menclnic at a poit marked A. C, B'l tinrthweit
norncr poat, running 40 chains tasu-My alonr
the boundary of Timber licence No. 3609, thenc"
southerly 50 chains, thenre westerly 40 chains
thence northerly W chains along the C I* k'
track to the place of comrneiKi'ment.rontaininB
two hundred acres, more or less-
Located this 9th day of May, 1907.
  A. 0. Bush, Locator.
Sixty days after date I IntenTuTa^y'tolbe
Hon Chlei Commissioner of Lauda and Works
to purchase 80 acre-, of laud located about .t miles
southeast of Burton: Commencing at a post
planted at the jouthweit corner of UtBUl.Kt.
,n'r.7*i^iA, HQnJ*r'- '"""'east corner, thence
DOr.ti m Cv.h*.ln"' ihenc* WeBt ��� <:,,��"��. ��heuca
south *) chains, thence eaat jo chains to place
of oeginning. *M*":
Located April 20th, 1907. o. A Humia
P�� A. Kkiua, Agent.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry fa
WholeMHitt Provlalonii,
Produce, ��� Fruit.
Oorernment Creamery Oue.Poniul HrirKs nvi'ivwl weekly tresh (rom 1*1
ehnrn    Kor wile by all leading (frocers.
Office and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.
Notice ti hereby given that fa nays alter date I
intend to apply to the Ho n Chief Commissioner of
Landiand Works. Victoria, for iitrmlsslmi to purchase the following tuaerlDad land: i osunaselni
at a poat planted on the west side of -���������.,*;> lake
aad about two miles north of Kvans crock, and
marked ii. B, O's southeast corner r<>9l, thenee
north following shore of lake iou chains, thenc*
west f3o chains, thenre south 1i*j chains, thence
east tin chains to point ol c-oniiuenc,-m,ciil, 8UV
acres more or less.
Located April 20, IWJ7.
Uio B. .iAaasm, locator,
WM. CUJI41M, Agent.
..^nydayi aiterdate i intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commiaalouer ol Unds ami Works,
Victoria, to \ <rchaae tb following described
lands adjoining the Arrow >akes iu Weat Koot<
enay: Commenclug at a post planted at the
H, W. corner of J. H. Porter's pre-emption, aud
marked % Vt'n*. W, corner post, ther.ee Jociiains
north along lake shore, USBSS 20 cbalm cast,
thence Ai chalm south, thence 20 chains west to
place of beginning, containing to acres, more or
April 18,1907. KnttTS WaTfOS.
Notice li hereby given that 60 days after date I
intend lo apply to the Hon. Chief t ommlsiloner
of Lauds and Works for permission t��j> purchase
the following described tract of land, situate ln
West Kootenay district: Commencing at a post
planted on hlacercr��tfk. near its nmfloeasa with
Mimmlt creek, marked Mnrifaret Mi'Uuclilun'n
N. K. coiner- thence south ttiihaius, thence west
80 chains, thence north 40 chains, theuce east Do
chains to place of commriwement.
2Srd May, 1JU7. MaKiiaaT Mi Lav. hi-am,
 William Barbiub;, Aj;eni
Sixty days after dale I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of l-anda and
Works to purchase ICOarr-'sol land: Commencing
at a post planted on the west Mde olo-Mlle creek
on the wagon road about 2U miles from Koot-
euay lake, and marked Nell BeKaetanta'a south-
west corner post, then., weal io otaaina, tbenee
north 40 chains, theme salt 4o chaina, thence
south 40 chains to place of beginning.
Located this 3fflr��i day of April, l*rf
Nan McKaxiisiE.
K. J  Eu.toTT, Agent.
ply l
I, the undersigned, alter flu days intend to ap-
'y io the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of
,uds and Works to pun-haae the following described land: Commencing at �� post nstkatt
tt. K. C, situate at the mouth ol Cove creek on
tbe weat shore of bltjcaii lake, ihence west Ai
chains, thenc- south 20 chains, thence west 20
chains, thenre Muttl 20 chains, theuce wesl 10
chains, thenee south 10 chains, .thence east S3
chains, thence north ft) chains to point of com-
���   Located March 27tb. MM       N  F sfcKAPOST,
I, theundersigoe��l,Intenda|terft)daTs toapply
to the Hun. the Chief Comml*iluuer of lands aud
Works fur permission topntchase the following
described land: tommeuring at ,-. post marked
T. \t. .Sbarp'i 8. K C, located on the west shore
of Hloean lake, about twelve miles from the head
o. Slocan lake, ihence west 40 < halus. thriiee
north 4�� chalua, thence east (0 rhaius, thence
south along shore of Blooan lake to DOlDt of
Ucated May 4th. T.M.BhaWI'.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to Hon.
the Chief f ommlssioner of Unds and Works for
permission to purchase the lollowlng .tcecrlbetl
lauds lo Kootenay dlatrict: Commencing atTl
postmarked Bruce White's N W. vomer post,
situated at the northeast corner of P. H 10 abOQi
a mils east of Sloran river, thenee south 90
chans, thence west jo chains, thence loUth fio
rbalns, thence east 40 chains, thenre north 40
chaius, thence east 40 chains, thence north 4tl
chains, thenee west to chain- to point of commencement, containing 440 acres, mure or less.
I>,rated March iKtb, |grj7. HHl'fK WBITK.
I, the unileriigned, alter fiouavs iulend toapply to the Honorable tbe Chief (ommlssioner of
Unds and Works for perui.U��U>n lo purchase tho
following land : Commencing at a post marked
B. I C. of Lot VAXi. thence west 10chains, Ihence
south 20 chains, thenre west Kt) chalm, thence
south 211 chains, Ihence west 4(i chalm. thenco
sou m 40 chains, ihence east 80 chains, the ure
north Ho chains to point ol commencement.
Located March 17th, 1907.     U H. MONAMnT.
N.K. McNaiuht, Agent.
Blxty dayi after date I pBrpOM making npph-
ratlon to the Hon. Chief t.ommissloiier of Und-
and Works, for [wrmlsslou lo punbua the following described land: ComineneinK nt n post
placed on tbe west shore of Lower whiitslmu
lake, about a U mile from the outlet rjf same,
and marked "H. Wy N.K. corner post,' ruunlng thence 80 chalm west, theme U chtlils
aouth, thence 80 chains cast, ihence Ko chains
north to point of commencement, containing
MQ acres, mere or less.
Dated the 2nd day of May, IN.
(blfiu-d) H.WASBJLS,
per F 0, rAtJtjDttt, Agont.
Hixiydaysftfteidate I nnr|(ose making  itppll-
oatlon 10 the Hon. the chi-f CommlntosSrol
Land" and Works for permission lo purchase the
following described, landi OommenolOl at I
po��t placed at the northeast corner of Itc
"kliiner's applicgtlun tu purohgaa marked
kb��. h.Vt corner post" tbenee following tis��*
eastern l-otrndaryof aald application BO chains
���outh.tlien... running m ohafni eaat. thoooaSo
chains north to the southern ooondsrT of k. w.
oann lng ton's application io purobaae, thenoe M
chains west  nlong same to point Ol commciicu-
ment, contul sing (llo acres, more or less
Dated 2nd day of May, 1007.
(Mined) U.Hsuu,,
per F.O. FACut'iaa, Agent.
I, the undersigned, aftei �� day* mttodwal
ply to the H��n. the Chief CommIsiloflern[lAS||
and Works to pun-base tbe Mkrvtaa il-arrsV
land: Comiiii'uctng at the N LtolLolS
0. I , thence west 4o chains, theaa nortill
chains thence east M chains, iheDrrawtll
chain* to point of commencement. rcDumis|ll
acre* more or less. r
Located March 2Hlh, 1907. W. A. MlUl I
..���.; -���.>.�� after date I intend to spp!)t*ail
H mi. the Chief CommlsstoDer of |*>H uf|
Works, Victoria, B (., to purrbue �� wre i I
land : lommenclng at s post pIsnuMit tteOjl
ol Nsttaoa'al Leonerpeat, onKootensTrisal
theiice Al chains aoulh, thence sreit Dttaadl
thenee north 20 chains, thenre tail 20 u'balasttl
(x'lnt ol rumraetieemeul '
Nelaon, b. c, April 24, istrj      LJ.OSsa
Notice la hereby riven thai Wdsysslicrdia.il
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief DotsWsSBnB
ol Lands ami Works lor penniwlut) tn purc'iMl
the following described ;��.-.: In WtstEoovafi
��� !���������:.*. on west .���...-. of Lower Allow Life!
adjoining U>t No.4��4S, on thesontb: rkilnDlsjl
at a post market "Marry mmwmVl W coniB
j' ���-��� and rlantcd on Diesboreol Lower *���������������
Uk.', at the southeast rornei ofCspt FcslltM
tAMK thence west 20 chain*, thenc- MUffl
cha ns more or less to the north booails'T��IM
Fullmore's P. K . thenre l- chslns ea*t IWbJM
said boundary to lake, thence north sio��tw
lake shore 20 chains, more or less to poutaj
May 2nd, 1W7. J. D Mwtt
Agent for Harry JltLrtt |
fixty days after date I intend ta apalj ��^_
Hon.   the   i hlDt Commissioner   ol   ml_f_\_\
Works, Victoria, to purchase 120 tflW"*!
located on the west side of Arrow lajHtMin
directly north of Lot 7?7fl: Commeannit ����]f
plauiedat the N. K. corner of IpilW ��oJbSb
e*l "11. 11. B. K. corner," and runnlnr D*jffi
chains, ihence west 20 chalas. tbeure B0���fl
chains, theuce west to chalm thence __^_\W
ehalns, thence east 40 chains to point ��sf|
ultig. r
April KnJ, 1807. BaaTHA Fa**
J. K. AJ.SAll-1, A|Mt
Sixty days after date I intend v��_W__
Hou. Chief Commiasionor o( Laidiifc*��*���
Victoria, B.C., to purchase la* (|W,u*,Jll
iciibed land, situated in ibe Weal Ijjjjn
���cribvil land, situated lu the Weal *___._______
trlct:   Commencing at  a  post nlaa*"���
west tide ot Kooteu��y lake, ntaf """21
point, and  marked J. Mt.Kliin.iu ��� I ___
poat,  ihence  west 80 chains.   tlHtsS ____
chalni. theuce east 8" chains more nr MjZZM
shore, theuce along lake thore to pota.*""!
mencement. , ��� _,_-__ I
Uatwl April 4, IMT. H|gne-1 J *��r!.|
Notice Is hereby given that sixty da)����'J'JJl
1 Intend to apply to the Hon. (Mm ("^___\\
Ol Land- an.l yVorU7orBtx��y".onPjCTW
the following dearrlbed tract of lamt *_"___}
West Ko-.tenay district: OontmenelU*3BM\
planted about one half mile north fro��!*j 11
Summit creek, marked Jean ��� ��llwW"'iik0l
corntr, thvnec east 40 rhalm. "lCl"*^liSa|
chains, thenee west 40 chains. thca��,w" P
chains to place of commcticeineul        ^^- I
fflrtl May, 1907 **** \i%_\     '
William BaSSOnt,Agasaj
Notice Ii herebv given that BltJ J*t*cus
dale I luteud to apply to IbJ n��no(MfwB^g3
Oomntlaatoner of ijmds and woraa___}^____\
slun to purchase the following'l.-iriiw.^n
land, Illumed tn West Koon-usy iif.tr��ca-   "j
mtiiciug at a  post planted ou r-umin�� \g
about oue-half mile northWHt (mm _3K__\\
edJ.H McL'sN  E.coruer. lbeiieewesn��'��    ���
thenre south 40 ohalus. theiice east ���>____
thence north M vbalna to pUoaol m~    I
mi'llt- . a   V   I ttrttmmW
William BAHiwra, Agent.
Hlxly days after date I purpose inalifljijflj
cation to the Chief Comnihsltiner V ��QSA
Works lor permission to purchase WWB
diaoritrHlsndi 0otninsB��n| *�� I,I7,���nV'
at the southeast corner of I �� V.g V��*
applloaUon to purchase, marked �����'' litt
cornrr." rutiiilng thence 80 rhalns uitil--
80 chains e��*t, thenre 80 cnalns sotilU. �� jj|
chains we*t to jmint of commcncct��ni,��- i
lag MO aoTea< more or le����.
Dated the ��lh day of April, \W-K ��A^fj>]
Ht F. (1. rAUytJia*. **e,_\\^
fllxty da��aftor(Ja1*Tp,lr!,��1,";���,
cation to the Honorable the Chic'
oT'Uncisand ^^T6tMt^__l______X 1
iho following described ���WL.^ffiBiBg
n post phu-Hl about "tie and W'/nVaftM
��� w iniiMiHii i.',-��* ���-,..��rB*,I
nlnj net. H olittln. "��"' }f 1'. "  *" j, cwj
by F. I.. Ifammon.l,��" aieli , JliJJ ' B ,,**
north. llipm*K)rli.lns aaitjttj" '__gM
.until lo point ol rommono��metil.
f.in Men1*, more or l��s*. _-
llawl Iho Uth day ol April. l��"-(( )UC*��I��.
pe,F. 0. THKPlri, __*~-
'.-.��!)   .it.,-   ��lt.tnl  ' ""."".'.I.VJ't'.'.N'S
Bon, Ohlol U nlult>*V, M �����'��'     ,���,����
to porelianSOMTMOl l��"'I\|���TromJ!"S
���ul. ol Arrnw laki'. almullwml ���"��� e ��������[
.about l"""" ,,,,�� [Hi",
,:"1""  ""'"".I.  ���___,*
 , Ut �� PO��t *I��"S',."J MTtl" f     .
I. HW.anii tnarlf.l '��� 'f, *'���JilS��4S��.
���   lm, tlteno* n'% 2aM**J
lllllllllg Cllht  hi
rest 40 chain
ilac of beglnnln
Burton, April 'A
flA mm        KaI-1IIT���B���,,
rd,T.A.Dv��T0��,A|��'' lominion Day Celebration!
Base Ball
TRAIL        KASLO       NEL80N
Caledonian Sports
Foot Ball
Lawn Tennis
by the
,   City
Pony Races
Gun Club Tournament
Log Rolling
Launch Races
Fire                    Firemens'
Works            Tournament
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
ie BACON We Sell
iivcs Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and Smoked.   Our Hams Are
Excellent  Also.   All  Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lnrd in All Sizes.
\ Burns & Co., Ltd.
pud District,  District ot Welt Knntuiiay I
i"'   Hint Jnhn   rhllbert. Ol Nelson, j
uinbla,   saloon   keeper,   ina-mla to |
special  tiinlMT license over the lol*
rlUii landa:   ('Oinmcticiiiit nt a p��>ht
nm three miles up   tlie first  rttrlit
li <i{ Lost creek ami about live miles
! ni .   - ��� .' ih tuUci Iv direction from
i ol Kitld  ' ������-i creek and tlio south
on river In the Nelson laurt illstrl* i,
) i 80 i-liHlus, thenee ecil BO clmlns,
BOcbatOBi thence went *) chains to
! i;iii'iiccmeiu,    mid   coutululnfC ,')'1
t less.
��� Uth, VAC. John PlUTUSItT,
I Dlatrlot District ol West Kootenay
- thnt John  I'll.Hurl,   ol  Nelson,
unliU, saloon aeuper, lutcntls to
���;������ ���( rial timber license over the toy
���ii.ed Inn.In:   Coinmciicliig at R post
he north side of Lout creek atxiut
.slant slid in an aaatsUll direction
action ot I.��-�����! creek nnd tht* south
un rlVLT 111 the   Nelson lutid district.
Ul i-hnlns,  thence soulli  W) ehalns,
BO clmlns. thence north Hfl clmlns
'"inincneemcni, and eontiilnlng t>40
ie 12th, 1907. John ruii-iiKHT.
I DlUrlet, District ol West Kootenay
i ������ that John I'aillhert. of Nelson,
urn Ida, saloon keeper, Intcmls to
���I'1 i��l limber IleSON over the (ol-
'"'! lands: Commelictna al a DOft
On- north nidi- oi J ���"-!-r creek ubout
llitani ainl In an easterly direction
unction of said Lost c.eck and the
��(Salmon river in IbeNehoii Unddls-
������it M)i lintlis, thenee south SOehalns
1* chain.*, thence north 80 chains to
";i l;" 'iei ment, and coutulnliiK '���*"
1 or less
U��e Uth. ]'J07. JOHN ['IMLBIKT.
'I'lJ'Mri.t. Dlsirlct'il West Vooleiiay
dice t'mi John I'hllbert, of Nelson,
olumbia, naloou kuepcr, intends to
������pecial Umber license over the fol-
���cribed ,uuds:   CoinmcncliiK Bt a pout
>>Nd otm-half miles up the llr t nuhl
i' n of l .,-i creek, and abuut lour in lien
1 in  li.'H-inhillrvelloit from the
t uild . ..-t 0 euk an 1 Uir nouth fork of
���in the Nelaon innd district, thsnoa
drain., thence east HO chains, thence
haina. ihence Weat SO chains to point
lencament   and   eoUtalnliiK (UO ucros,
'''in- Uth, WOT. John 1'nit.nBHT.
and Idslrict. Dlstrictol Went Kootonay
l.otlca   that    lohn   Filbert,   of Nelson,
���  .l.ii'ia    saloon   keeper,   liileii'ln to
aipeolal timber lleenae over the fol-
��� scribed landa ��� oommenelni at a post
ni'ont two miles up the rl|(lit band
1 Mmt creek and about four tnllus din-
in a southeasterly direction i om thu
ol aald boat creek and lhe south fork
���n river In the Nelson land district,
iith HO chains, thence east Hi) chains,
crtli BO chains, them e west BO chains to
cotomenoemant) and wnUltUni MO
��ro or less
|1 'niie jam, 1007, jI(,ih Piui.kkiit.
|Uw| District. District of West Koo'eniiy
) that John l'h' I he t of Nelson,
( ' "lumbt*, saloon keeper, Intends to en-
��� �� Ipeolal tiinher licence over the fol-
described  landai    Gomroenolni nt a
itcd on the north sple of Usl creek and
nr uiUph d 1st an t and iu nn easterly
i Irom the Jurictlou of said Lost creek
Mjuth lurk ul Halmoii rlvor In thu Nel-
B'liiiHtria.lhenoi'iMt Ml chHitin, thence
'ha ns, thenco west HO cliiil.it,, thence
I'lm iiMothe point ol eonimoncenienl
laniiiur I'lO ucres, more or less.
Jlltie lath, 11*07. JOHUfHIMl'IIT.
���l'i!,l.,lJeirub.y BlVeu tn��! tf,lrty dnyi after
<���.\, :��  ,i0  *>?'?   U) u,e   Honorable
ommuaioner m Landi and Worsi  at
k��'��� .'��� ."'.   r,tl *9*Pmi   loania to out sntj
Bn \v,..i irer.r",u' Uie fo'lowlUK described
Bit ..in,. i"u"V ""'"oti OommaneJng
IL? ��  . m? 'KM ,"",k <>f ftnoltsr
������&e'"ll?��>��tt'0'th��Clt��0l Nelson,
J nor h an !."!" ,"H' .l.l,eilP6 wun W Ohalnt,
fl this Uth day ol June, Km.
0. a Class, Locator.
D. Booth, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that M ilays from date
I Intend to apply Co tbe Hon. chief Commissioner
of Until- inul Works for a special license to cut
and carry awny timber from the following de-
onbed lands In West Kootenay district:
Commeiiciii*; at a post plante<l on tbe north
bank ot 10 si lie creek, about one mile aud a half
irorn .-i,.������an lake, marked K Strand's northwest
corner post, theuce east 160 chains, thence aouth
40 chains, thence west 1W chains, thence north
40 chains to polut of commencement.
Dated this'21st day of March, 1907.
K. Btxand, Locator.
Nelson Und District. District of West Kootenay.
No. 1 ���lake notice that QeOTRI A. Uurle, of
Creston, B C , luml��ertnan, lnU>n>ls to apply lor
+ attest*) timber licence over the following described lauds:
Commencing at a pi.*, planted about one mile
south o( the Lick c��bln. on tne Lick cabin trail,
on Inotiakl In creek, thence north HO chains,
ihence easl HO chnlns, thence south HOchalns,
thence west 80 chaius to the point ol commencement aud containing t",m acres, more or less.
May 1st, 1907. 11>:������ A. Lavrie.
Nelton Land DlstrhM. Dlstrletof West Kootenay.
No. 2���Take notice that ���eoraO A Laurie, ot
Creston, B C, liiml*ermau, Intend to spplv fot a
���pecial timber licence ovur tho following described lands:
Commencing at a nnst planted about one nflla
���outh^if the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
on lnunnklm creea, thence south 80 chains,
titmice cast HO chains, thenee north 80 challis.
tbenee west MOchaliiM to the point ut commence-
uietil and containing 640 acrea, more or less.
May 1st, lt*J7. OSO, A. I.aihii,
Nelson Land District   District of West Kootenay.
No 8.-Take notice that W. H. I'age. of Fire
Valley. B. <'., cruiser, Intends io apply for a
ppcrlul timber licence over the followlug described lands:
Commencing nt a post planted about one mile
south of lhe Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
on lnonukllu creek, thence south HO chnlns,
thence west 80 chnlns, thenco north 80 chains,
ihence east 80 chains to the point of commencement and containing R40 acres, more or lens,
May l*t. 1007. W. H. Paob, Locator.
(Jao. A, Lat-Hia, Agent
Nelson Land Dlitrtet. Dlstrletof West Kootonay.
(to. 4.���Take notice thnt W. II, Page, oi Fire
Vnllcy, B.C., cruiser, In tends to apply for a special
timber licence over the following described
Commencing at a post pln-ued about onemic
aouth of the l.ick cnhln, on the Lick cablu trail,
on liiotuiklln creek, Ihence nortli 80 ohalns,
thenee west 80 chains, thence south HO chaius,
tliencc easl HO chnlns to tliti polut of coinmeuee-
1.1*111 nnd containing 040 acr�� a, more or teis,
Mav 1st, 1007. W. H. 1'aoi, Locator.
Uau. A  l.\i kik. Agent.
Nelson Und District   District ol Wesl Kooteuay.
No. B -Take notice thnt (leorgeA, Laurie, of
Creston, B.O , lumberman, lnlcn'-s to apply lor a
special tltatbor license over the following described lauds:
Commencing at a post Hunted about one mile
south nnd one mile west, of the Lick cabin, on
tbe Lick Cabin trait, ou luonnklln creek, ihence
west HO chains. Ilieuce north HO chulna, thence
east Boebalna, thenoe aouth ho chains to the point
ofcomuiciicciiieulaiid continuing M0 ncrcs, more
or less.
May 1st, ItHH. 0*Q. A. I.AiiitlK.
Nelion Lund District. Dlstrictol West Kootenay.
Wo 8    Take notice that 'feorge A. Laurie, of
Oreaton, B.C.,lumberman, Intend^ to apply for
a special limber license over the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
south and one mile wesl of the Llek cauln, on
the Lick Cabin trail on Inonaklln creek, thence
west HO chains, thonce south 80 chulus, thenco
oust 80 chains, llioncu north HO chains, to the
point of commencement ami containing 040
hcich, more or lenn,
Muy 1st, PJ07. <l��o. A. LAUBli.
Nelson land District. District of West Kootenny.
No. 7.-Take notice that tleovgo A. Laurie, of
Creston, B ('.lumberman, Intend*! to apply for
a special limber Ucouse over lhe following des-
'���ribcd lands: _.        .
OosunenoliiR at a  poat  planted about one
-luarter of amile In an eastorly direction from
L|cK cnhln, on Inoiiakilii creek, thence smith 40
c.lialHN, theuce enM bin chains, thence north 40
chums, thenee west lW chains lo the point of
commencement and containing *40 acres, more
or less.
May lit, WT, OSO. A. UDSI1.
Many Theories As to Origin���Prospect
of  Renewal   of Interest   in
Abandoned Ground.
In the Pend ..'Oreille valley during
1808 the gravel terrarea which lay
,ibnv�� the present high water level were
profitably worked for gold and a�� much
OS $100 per man per day waa realized
by worki ni; lUmat on Kround about 2E>
feet above the river.
On the ColumblU river near old Fort
t'olvllle only thu IowckI gravebl were
worked, and to reach IheHe It was ne-
cSSMtry lo Htrip off lhe overlying tle-
poslta of oeiiau Band,
At Hell's bar, near Kort Yule, high
level gravels were worked. It was In
this locality in the early 'tliiH Hial a rude
stone mortar was found. It was uncovered  In one of  the  gravel  t.erracea
Nelson Land District.   Dhdrlctof West Kootenay.
Notice Is hereby uivcu thai thirty days niter
dale 1. J. P. SvsdBSrs* of Nelson, It. 0 , minur,
intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief t;ommls
sloncr of Un!- and Works, at Victoria, for a
special license to cut and carry away timber
Irom tbe following described lands, ittuated ou
Huuimit creek, In the West Kootenay district:
No. I.��� Dinmeui-inK at a post marked J. P. H's
timber limit, northeast corner post, located on
west i'irk ot Rummll creek, about 'I mllea from
main ^reek, thence running aoutb m chains,
thence running west 4t> chains, thence running
uorth 40 chains, Um-iu <��� weHt 40 chains, thence
north go chains, thence runnlue east 40 chains,
ihence runnliiK south 40 chains, thence east -10
chains to place of commencement.
Dated thli 6th day of Jnne, 1��07.
J. P. SwuMiaito. Locator.
N-*. 2.���rommeniilnit at a post marked J. P. 8'b
timber limit, northwest coraer pott, located on
west fork of Summit creea, about two miles from
main creek, ihence running south NO ehalns,
thence running cant HO chains, thenee running
north 80 chains, theiice running weit HO chains
to pla"e of commencement
Dated the Tith day of June, W07.
J. P. Swidbmo. Locator.
No 1. Notice is hereby given that SO days
alter date 1 Intend to a^ply to the Chief Commissioner, of Land and Works, lor a special
license to cm ano ��� arty limwi Irom the follow-
ing described land*, hituated nn tbe southeast
fide of Kalmoo nv r In tbe district ol West
Kootenay: Comuienclug ai a punt placed about
-m yards west of Bole Leaf creek marked "K. M
Iteeves'i northwest corner." thence SO chains
south, tbenee SO chains east, thence 80 chains
north, thence HO chains west to place of commencement.
Located ou the Uth day of June, 1907.
U M. Knaves. Locator-
No. 2. Notice li hereby given that 80 dayi
alter date 1 Intend io applv to the Chief Commissioner, of Lends and Works, for a special
license to cut and carry timber from the following described lands situated on the southeast
fide of the Salmon river, in the dlstrletof West
Kootenay: Commencing nt a post placed about
900 yards west ol Bose Leaf creek, marked "It M.
Reeves's No. 2 south weit corner,'' thence SO
chains north, thence 80 chains east, thence 80
chulus south, then.c 80 chains west lo place of
located on the 10th day of June, 1907.
It. M. Kaavait, Locator.
Notice Is hereny given tbat 80 daya alter date I
Intend to apply to lhe Honorable the Cniei Com-
nlaalotur of Landa and Works lor a special
license to cut nnd carry awny timber Irom the
following described lands iu West Kootenay district;
Location No. 1. Commencing at a post planted
on lhe south bank ol BI icberry creek, about
lour miles up the cre��k Irom railway track,
tiicncc VAi chains east, thcuce BO ch-lns south,
theiifc 40 chnius wesl, thence -IK chains north,
ihence 8o clmlns west, thence 40 chaius north to
point nl commencement.
April 5th, 190B.
Location No I. Commencing nt n post planted
at tbe northwest corner of Location No 1, ihence
I2u chains treat, theuce 80 Chains north, ihence
40 chalua easl, tbenee 40 chaina south, thenee 80
chains west, ihcuce40chains suntb to point of
April Mh, 1906.
Location No :i Commencing at a post planted
120 chains west of northeast corner of LooStlon
No- 2, thence 4ochains south, thence llWebninB
east, thence *���' chnius north, thcuce 40 chaius
west, Iht-nee 40 chains south thcuce 80 chains
west to point of commencement.
Aprlltilb, WU6.
Kkm:.-'T VV. Bobinsok.
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days alter date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Unds and Works, Victoria,
for permission to cut and carry away timber
from tbe following described landi, ln Vteet
Kootenay :
No. 1-���Commencing at a post planted on the
southwest corner of surveyed lot No. 72>!l Ul,
thence eas. 40 chains, th��nce north 80 chalm,
thenee'east to the southeast corner of aald lot,
ihence north to the northeast corner of said lot,
thenee east to the west boundary of pre emptlon
No bOi, thence south lo the north boundary of
umber licence No. Kii��, theuce west along the
said boundary io the northweat cornea oi laid
licenie, thence south to the north boundary of
timber llAnse No. 7018, thenoe west to a point
due aouth of commencement, theiice north to
place of commencement, containing 640 acres,
more or less
Dated May 2t}tb, 1907.
1'. A   I'aI'Lioh, Locator.
J. A. sn.i.Ivan, Agent.
Uo_ 2 ���Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest corner ol surveyed lot No. 72*101,
thence south to the northern boundary of tim-
ner license No 7018, thonce weit to the north-
weal corner ol ut Id timber license, thence south
to the northern boundary of lot No, 8'2, thenco
following mid bouudnry of laid lot west to the
right of way of the B. C. Southern Bailwav,
thence following said rtght-of way in a northeasterly direction to place of commencement.
Dated May i'.lii, 1007.
PA Paulson, Locator.
J. A.Buluvsw. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days niter date I
"   o apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works, Victoria, lor a
intend toapp
special licens" to cut and carry away timber
from lhe following described Innd in tho dutttot
ol West Kootenny: m ���     _
Commencing at a post about seven miles Irom
the mouth ol Summit creek, ln a westerly direction, marked U. M Benny's northeast comer
Mat. then-n 80 chalua west, thence 40 chains
south, thence 40 chaina west, ihence 40 chaius
���ninth, theuce 80 chains cast, thenoe 40 chalua
north, thence 40 chains cunt, Ihence 4') chains
north to point of commencement.
Ideated May 7lh,lBG7.      ��� ta
0. M Benny, Locator,
AjMOl Ol'RRta, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty dayi alter
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the Chiel
Commissioner of Lunds and Works, Victoria, for
permission to cut and carry away timber Irom
lhe following described lands: ('ommenclng at
a post marked No. I.E. Kioux. nnd planted at
the northeast corner ol Lot 8tii��C. P It. block,
near the west lork of Keltic river, Yalo dlitrlct.
It. i'., thence running 80 chalni east, 80 chains
south. 80 chaius woit, 80 chains north to point of
Dated April 27th, 1907.
No. 2.���Commencing at tho uorthcMtcorncr ol
No. 1, thcuce runulng east 80 chains, thence
Mint h 80 chains, thonce west 80 chains, thenco
north HO chnius to point ol commencement.
Dated April 27, I9��7.
No. 3.���Commencing at a point about one hall
mile west of the northeast corner ol C P. It.
Bloat No, i��W8, thenee running north 80 chains,
thenco west 80 chnlns, theuce loulb 80 chains,
thenco east 80 chains lo point of commencement.
Dated April 2i)th, 1U07.
No I. Commencing nt the northeast corner
ol No. 3, ihence running north 80 chains, thence
west HO chains, thence south HO chains, thenco
east mo chains to point of commencement.
Dated April 2.1th, 1W7
No ft.- ������Commencing at a unit planted north ol
Conkling creek, near west lino of C. P. H. Block
No. 2704, thence running west 80 chains, thence
south 80 chaius, thence east 80 chaina, thence
north 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated May lit, 1907. K. Hiovx, Locator.
The Daily Canadian
about 30 feet below the surface and
about 40 feet from the face of the slope,
opinion has been divided as to the
workmanship of this mortar. Home authorities have attributed It to Indians,
and others io prehistoric man.
The gold won from the Fraser was
chiefly of low fineness and about 860-
1,000 represents the assay value. The
uualysis showed Mi gold, 10 silver, and
4 copper and oxldlzable material. 'The
alloy was principally silver and copper.
The samples from the higher parts of
the Fraser valley were associated with
osmlrldium, platinum, rutlle, magnetite,
und sometimes black spinel and garnet,
the last three named having been found
lu separate minute chrystals.
The scales of gold from the more
southern localities were mostly of
small size, rarely exceeding 1-10 inch in
diameter, and were generally very much
smaller. This variety la known to miners as float gold, aud was collected with
much difficulty. It was the opinion of
early observers that there was not a direct relation between the mineral character of the rocks forming the walls of
the valleys, and the greater or lesser
quantity of gold ln any of Ihe localities
mentioned. In the lower Fraser country where gold wub found the formation
is gneiss and granite of ancient date,
near Vermillion Forks (cloce to Princeton) of Tertiary und Cretaceous rocks,
ut Rock creek and the lower part of the
Slmllkameen of black slate Intersected
by greenstones and Igneous dikes, and
at the mouth of tho Pend d'Orellle of
similar black slates and limestones and
the Colvllle syenites and greenstones.
It was inferred by the early investigators from the smallness of the scales
or gold obtained that moBt of the gravels were the remnants of older drifts
lying ffirther to the north, and thla Is
held to be confirmed because the gold
fragments are known to Increase in
size northwardly. The gold of Cariboo
ln lot 53 N. was made up of coarse
lumps often from 1-2 to 3-4 inches in
diameter, and equal In size to the average nuggets found at Quesnelle river
and at the head of North Thomson.
The same observers maintained that
the gold at Rock creek and other localities, the former especially, was not
derived from the slates or the quartz
rutiB interrscctlng them, und they further maintained the gold did not result
from the decomposition of the quartz
contained In Iron pyrites. This, It was
held in those days, was not a very
probable source.
It must be admitted that 45 years
ago mining geology had not made the
advance which characterizes it at the
present day. Although placer mining
In British Columbia has never ceased,
even on some of the early streams it
has been carried on In a desultory way,
and of late years It has shown evidences
of a renewal on a more enlightened
and perhaps more extensive scale than
It waa conducted in pioneer days.
The entire subject of placer mining
and its systematic renewal In British
Columbia involves such questions as
concentration by mechanical water action, how gold is freed from associated
base metals In the outcrop of veins,
how it is purified and chemically concentrated, the reason that gold placers
frequently occur near mines containing
other metals such as sliver, lead, copper, etc., effects of glacial action, theories of miners that glaciers are responsible for many placer deposits, Ihe different kinds of stream gold placers,
beach placerB, old placers and recon-
eentrated placers.
J. A. ERI0K8ON, Proprietor
.Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Tfemont House
European an* American Plan
Mail* K eta.   Boom, from a eta. to 11
Only White Help Implored.
Sunday Drowning*.
Syracuse, N. Y��� June 25.���A Post-
Standard despatch from Carthage states
that George Ives, 17 years old, was
drowned while bathing In a river and
that Frank Lawrence, aged 2.1, was
drowned Sunday while bathing in Deer
river near Copenhagen.
Piano and Singing Lessons
Given by Mr*. Winter Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conser.
vatolre of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Addreaa Box 796, Nelaon.
Nelson, B. C, June lOtS, 1907.
PKALKD TENDERS will be received by tbe
Unvernir-mit Aiieni, at Nulsnn, B.C., until noon
June 26th.   1907,  (or supplies o( meat, bread,
Srocerles, hardware, boota aud Bhoes, clothing,
ry gooas, fuel, and drugs, lor the Provincial
<;mil. at Nt'ls.iii, 11. C, for one year (rom July
1st. 1907, to June 30th, 1906
Forms of tender can he had, and samples of
clothing and dry goods situ at ".the I'rovlnelal
tlaol, Nelson, B. C.
Tne lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
linveruiiU'Ul Agent.
In the Supreme Court of
British CofombU.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. c.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Larva and Comfortable Bedrooms and Flrat-
olaaaDlnlng Boom.   Sample boom, for Commercial ll.B.
MRS. B. U.CLAkKE. Proprletrea.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms BO cents upward. The
dining room Ib unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
Baker St.. Nelaon Proprietor,
Bar tlett   House
Best Dolkr-a-Day House in Nelson*
The Bar la the Finest.
White Help Only Kmployed.
Joaephine Bt
Royal Hotel
Bates SI and $1.50 a Day.
Special Bate* to Regular Boarder*.
Most comfortable quarter, ln Nelaon
Only the best of Liquor, and cigala,
A* McDonald & Co*
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Batter. Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersiciiod, at his
tiHU-f, in the Court House, la the City ol Nelson,
will be received up to tbe hour of five o'clock,
lu the afternoon, of Friday, June 28th, 1907, for
the puichs.se ot the "Tamarac Mineral Claim,"
Ut 380.1, Group 1, Kootenay district, which Is
declared to be forfeited to the Crown, at the tax
sale, held in the city of Nelson, on the 6ih day of
November, 1906, for delinquent taxes up till
June 8oth. 1905, and costs.
The upset price upon the said mineral claim,
which includes the amount of delinquent taxes
and costs at tbe time of forfeiture, with interest,
_tsxM which havt since accrued, costa of adver-
1 lirilae, and feu lor Crown Grant ($25.00) Is Siai.W,
���which Is the least amount that will be considered as ��� tender.
Xach tender must be accompanied by an accepted cbeque for lhe full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commissioner of Lunds aud Works, at Victoria, B. C, at par
Dated at Nelson, B. C., thla 29th day of May,
lW. harry whiqht,
Government Agent. Nelson, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that the Wattsbur>*
lumber company has applied to His Honor the
Lleutenaot Governor in council, under the provisions of the "Rivers and Streams Act," for the
right to Improve Rykurts creek, fu the district of
West -Kootenay. British Columbia, by romovlug
tbe obstructions therefrom and straightening
the banks thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chutes, and makosuch other improvements as may be necessary for the driving and
ratting o( lots aud the Homing of timber theroon
The lauds to be affected are goverment lands and
Lots ���*!.'.I and '252, Group 1, Kootenay district, and
the tolls that are proposed to be charged, If any,
are such as may 1hj fixed by a Judgjof the county
court of West Kootenay.
Dated this 27th day of March, A, 1). 1907.
To All Whom It May Concern:
Notice la hereby given that en application will
be made to thu presiding Judge In Chambers, at
the Court House, iu the City of Vancouver, on
tho 10th day of -uly next, 1907, at the hour of
10.30 o'clock, ln the tr reuuon, for an order ex tending the time for registering with the Meglstrar
of Joint stork Companies, a certain trust deed
bearing date the 25th day of March, 1907, nude
between The Ymlr Gold Alines, Ltd., of thnone
part nnd Charles Morland Cunynglmiuri Hughes
and Oliver Wethcred of the other part, until the
aoih tiny o( July next, 1907. Any person wishing
to oppose sui'ti application must enter uu appearance personally or by solicitor with the Registrar of thla Court, at Vancouver on or before the
8th dsy of July next, and iu default of such
appearance such extension of time will be granted without further order.
Dated this 21st day of June, 1907.
Lennie & Wragge i      District Registrar.
Sollcltorsfor tho Ymir f
Gold Minos, Limited. >
In the matter of <m application for tbe issue of
h duplicate of the Certificates of Title for Lots 11
and 12, Block 81, Town of Sllverton (M up 574);
tho south __ of Lots, Block 5, Town of New Denver -and bit 1, Block al aud lot 8, bluet :��,,
McGlllivray'M Addition to New Denver (Map 557);
Notice Is hereby given that Itlsiny intention
tn issue at the expiration of one month from tho
tho first publication hereof duplicates of tho
<Yrtitlratea of Title to the above described lands
ln .he name of Henry Sheran and Harry Hhorun,
which Certificates are dated tbe 17th Juno, 1899,
the tth of October, 1894, the ttrd July, 1895, and
the I'.ttii January, ihhh, respectively, and are
numbered 2021K,l(H47Af732C and 8tM.K, respes-
District Registrar
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B C
���Jinh. May, linn
In the matter ol an application lor the Issue of
a duplicate of tho Certificate of Title lor Lots
IA and 17, Muck 20, Town ol Nelson.
Notice is hereby given that It Is my Intention
to issue at the cxplrHllon of one month alter thu
first publication hereof a duplicate of thjCertlfl-
rate of Title for the above Lo is lu the name of
Frances K.Day, which Certificate is dated tho
Huh September, IHiu, aud numbered 2%>OK.
Und Registry Office, Nolsnii, B.C.. I5th June,
1907. H. F. MacLrOD, .'
District Registrar.
"We have five desirable residences for sale. Call and make
us an offer for all or any of these
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron* Ltd*
3 Improved Ranches For Sale
On Kootenay Outlet, between Nelson and
Procter.   Choice locations.   For particulars
Choice Fruit
I Have f 0,000 Acta
of the
Choicest Fruit Lands in
British Colombia*
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices. '
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson* B. C. |
We Have For Sale One of the Prettiest Homes m
Nelson, Situated m Fairrlew. Close to the Cat Line
Large I-room houw. Stone foundation and firitclan cellar. Complete water ayatem. 10 lot* under cultivation and planted In large, bearing fruit tree*.   Thi* I* a anap.   For particular* apply to
Fire Valley Fruit Lands
We offer 1(0 acre* of flrat clan (elected level fruit land In th* famou*
Fire Valley District, adjoining a highly cultivated property. Good water *up-
ply. Well located. Fruit grown in this dlatrict has cecured several flrat
prize* at Nelson and Winnipeg Fair*. Fin* fiahing and hunting. Oood transportation and market*.
Price en bloc $20 per acre.    Terms 1-4 Cast, balance 6,12 and 18 months
Kootenay Land & Investment Co.
Phono 147.       P.O.Box 44a
Something for the practical man.
Just Investigate!���That I* All we
ask of you i and you owe that much
to youraelf.
Kootenay Orchard
Notli'e 1. lu.roby glveu thai thirty da.a alter
date I Intuu i to apply to lh�� Boam ol Lieut*,
Comml.HloQt'r, lor tuo Ymlr ili.tnut lor a trails-
lurolthe lloeuco held, by mu lur lha Fortehep-
pard botol to F. Adie.
(Signed) A H. BHULDt.
Waneta, B. C, May lit, 1WI.
Stimmer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52*50
To Winnipeg;, Pott Arthur.
St. Paul. Dutoth, Sioux Gtv
Chlcago $64.00 Montreal $84.00
Toronto $78.50 St. John $84.00
St. Loul* $60.00 Ottawa $82.55
Now York $100.00 Boeton $$&50
Halifax $10140
On Sale July 3,4* 5.  August 8,9,10.
September II, 12,13.
Pint Clan Round Trip. 90
Days Limit.
Corresponding reduction* from all
Kootenay point*. Ticket* available for
lake route Including meal* and TrarthB
on lake steamers. Through rates quoted
to any station ln Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
A.Q.P. A.,VanrouTer. 0. P.A., Nelaon
w.  a.  OIL,L,ETT
Contrnctor and
Bole agent for tbe Porto Klco Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yard.*. Hough and dreived lumber, turued
work and bracked, Coast lath and 11111)1101, ���*���*.
aud doon. Cement, brtek aad lima lot aalo.
Automatic grinder
Yard and factory: Vernon 8t.. eaat of Hall
P. O. Box 3SX Telephone M
y V '
i It'll
p I
!|    1
The Daily Canadian
If >ou want an up-to-date stock from
which to select your SOUVENIRS ca)l
and see our new lines of
Spoons, Belt Buckles. Hit Pins. Brooches, Caff Links. Etc.
M ,MI',CTl KIX.1
,u:>\ i;i.i.t:M. ..
Watchmaker and Optician
S(K.-i,��tlNt      ,'Mrtv    -      > -.     ���
���..������<.'.*: S
v    .tVuk,      ;   ���   ���      ���- Al'.ewvvi to -jale r*n lu
Our Stock is Complete
He-, a** t.*c Scj? Srrc x f
'���2 BARS GO-DES V.EST <c- $C ":
I Bell Trading Co. |
i:. ttaN mM >* CNmI stnq '/���   ���*>**���*] ���>
OoT*j Varnon nnd \Y��*.r\j   **ic r^fi-.
J. FRED HUME  Piowlaici.
W    r   Uoon   9Mith     B   H   Baii��i
-. -    W    1   Cook   a   Q   CJi
Wits;   Mia  J   UMikrJk   '��� -
vt r.  a   E   Mack ni      BrtUttaa   J   a
Scott    Uajtfto)M    s   Fvierson. Trail;
Q   v   .     > U   :  E Tatfw l> K Cfta*
I  . p   j        W    Gatuk   Mid   *;:=\
. -������ ��� v..   I mi   R   0   Tttra*ar, Craw-
(ay; H   UcGovaa. E B Ctil|.nwa.
Kas      L  F  Roborga, SpokaM   ��  VTO-
tiaius.  Mor.nval,   T.  A.  Arsu*?. Haniil-
v ���    ���";-.>.���.:    Mrs. }.
k Kamk��ps; K Peters, Victoria
H G r\vUr. \V j a Btotb. Toreato;
W Roc* r>. Uoatreal G Ooayava, NV-*
HAStSY w.u:am>
Old Curiosity Shop
= r.
Fi^vccei H Ur' vn* mi Scc-.zn
Hotel Strathcona
Je: L-.av.cii H,*ce a S<i*:ii
ifSMtaswti ����c*=i    i^ ���*:*>���> CltoK*��t
...���   i;:      ?*vr.-=*rw��
*   .��; ��� ��� .����:���.;  :��   ���.'->. ��;i*W *i- "*'���*
fo W tt-* 0:i CMr.-.?::r  $v.'-.-     A z->��
Al. kind* oi Pma-rw-i^ h LPJlMst r*t-
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
ra Acre Blocks to Soo
Acre Blocks.
F.-;-ir.vk i"r:c��s.
Eisv Terns.
H. L Ocadsdaile & Si
Nex: :��; t.- Suo.1    ' ;
SAMUEL   A.  \\\E
"EAT S3 ��S3 VEE^.
AI  ii^ii  .    r.fi: z.c   T i-:i  -j   S-..-cl
Sav.tarv ?l.x7;n.-
V1^5o^-.a S*.. s- C^t -.-.
Waterproof Paints
c-a: r^. ?-;-.ch.
Cre-.>sc;e. Oi"s :.r
Pressr.'.Zj;  T:~Ser,
Rooi^i  :'���.:;': i~i
rV-as >-���: i?�� w.Z ir.i :: la th***- **t-
ti^.^1av :c '^*? .v^r }��� ���
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
D  ��   so*  Mrs   W.r.vi Vtctorta
���' -       Mrs.  H   s   TVaJaMa, Raasaaaal;
j... U_,     \V.  D.   Busi.
I   Q   \V   H-ijArt: J. B��v-h:e!. H.
1 m   ,   B    Uw  f  Sara   *
ir. i ia*i BU)jkt*�� C 1- risirr. \V;zr_i-
B*g     C    rilaglll    0-.'.-i��i     Mrs.   W    ;
.-. :��.i. Kis:.-   y C
i\::-xs-i  BhM Ball M:r^    E. H  Bat****
,:    A   Wsir. Tra.i:.   H   S
0 i  Mi^y ir_d vtfa, netoria   A. Q,
OkMatofat   K   Kuj'a-.':   '���-:���;
say.  J   Mv'.'r'^o*. Kka C Wwifcioa,  j
v   Vn*S**M    .V:5':.,ci    s   K   (Takm
.*3     M~?    Stet1****,   OrAz-.r     VI
'. v:' isor    C    H   - Cr> ~ :'i      i.
Fanaas  Ottav*   T  rUU   Alketta; K J
.   .   L*H*A>r**5e;   Mrs   R.   A   loaaa,
S*mu<1   r  D Vootkack Sanaa;  '.   C
atttacn* st aan s
.    B    ':-:      n       gjahagajaj nitow; 1
r\'-..A2i        1.    M    Wi     *c s
.  :��� ��     C  Saajfja,    r^*pt*r;    E. C
v Basj i
"A'r   Qua*   q   I^Btsaj   CnaaWaak;
*T   A   Ci :        B us*\x\i.   L.   C*   I
- ;     .     I aaaaao, K.   '-{:z::::.   V.-
��� . H t B***aj***1 VVttria; E K
Saivs. \V:z-.-.vj. >[ TWa, flail*
:^<f.   a   batt, K.j
F.-"o.-i   OaaaH*    _   \   atcKa]
.-. \:  -���      .'���   Rcss.    Si:elis.    Mrs. F.
v.-is. Pnctac
:���'  Qattatad  '... R  Watt, G~i;d Forks:
aoaa .'  .; ITaaiaina, Clrattaa   G   ;;
, ��Ta ���.;   rvr- Part   W L P-.ir-J. Irjd��l*
i Kas.'i    A   C   GvHi!dm��. Oatarto: J   T
B. C.
**9, Ca-^.'. Cleaning. F..v^g a^<i C �����..
��**j  S*-.'.-*. *tc.
1t1  East Btk.tr St. P����n< No. A1U
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
l'oh��.'a>Bi��t.   ELika StKd.        |
t. C aataa      1.1 H.1BVH      A. a. iSSSf
CiTi! ErgtECc-s. r>.'cciracn mi British
Culunbil LaaJ Sonreyorj
.OS.vicosiv * SJafSBbM jrs.. SaUSK 5. C
 t. 0. tax ui   fiwm Ml K
Suburban Ret, Estate.
Wolvo:tou A Co BOflCtedtd .�� Mis .v-
a lot on tMs: Victoria MtoM. m&I c*I
Oadax, ttsia>. to Q   Svijmq*b, lor {SH
Gt>od Catch.
Wm Pitts and Josvi>a Ashcrv^fi voM
out BslUlic �����< SundAv and tvturntM
with two tint1 tr.-i::. OM ��oi.*.h:oj .l*n
ivunds RBtj the other S pOMHta "-1o
��������; ��� csutfil BowtS ���':';���>'-- Sttaato i
Wholesale ��a-J ReUt'. Datk
Gillard's SauceFresh and iaIted Meats
iOOS  ?-l'S'*"*KL\   Laiinwliatt;;?     Apply ni ����|
clrfar. Hv.i*piiiil. >lrwnww>l. B. '".
ou* crutmr, t
'  >0..'i-
ppiy m. .
aa-i *. Wi? 4
���ma Nfu.".a��: tn I
'  srOQr*S* HOL'Sl. ^���-��� ���
���   n^SWafTHWiJ tlTWl, T .tniHI tlQaTaTlgns)Mi
u, rvm us "i>p*?r lumt*.    iSra 9mm] Rawoii
*-v,.��-,.,.r   ��UJ ��� ,     ���. :r    ���ajaj.t.tl *Of o|fj>**��ha. r*>3t
*l<* p^r ��oji::-.    Vvy* A C*?..  Ba����r !^rv��?..
.\f iwa. *. a
| B. C. F. G. A.
TN- ragMLMJ   QQaUtl ~ of the
I'   C   Krui. Qrovors' kmocimtiom will
K - |   n   Twiatadaj
Q led   m ol   ���   orduKti rv-
��� ���--.
Ebrawd w:'' n- ttnaM I
Fair Dir*Ctcrv
V vn       :>.;   V'
-     \-  ( i  in) and htolatatrtal Acaocte-
���:,'?. :* oallshi for Friday ntsh; ai >
i> m In the court kMM Ro^OIti ol
t MM.llll.Wsi   ��� ..:.'.    tJsM
tjoaatteo ol 1*mi lonJ t\h:r:- ��:' bomi
u;' on r\^prc*er..a::or.> frvtu a commiue*?
ol clta*waw
RossU^d E-.-a-:* Eva-** -a: :-
Kurra::;-;'   HHsOtaHlioail   :.:   Um   ^:s"
? e hooj   ���* i   R o M n i -������ ��� a bo bm
vv p. ';:���.��� ���> copilwTiim :tv an
ttoiu     Mi   Q '  -   - .    ���  Rosa aa I
kusf ta taa w^'k tor .he psyrpoas al aa>
tftsl "^   r. tari  I OU mmi    Tht Mart f
axajMaOatloaa %   prv>nx��k*ns
*:.: ate .- cooatsrCti torioi '--.t1 oosfc.
25c and 45c
No. it's  u<".  as i:vs��d a$  Lea i   1\
nr.s, but on >  one-haif ihe pnee
Camps supplied ou ahetaari notice and
tarsal price N'othmc but  frv*h and
wholesome laaaai and BDJkplM kept in stock
Mail orders ivceive careful attention.
E.  C.  TRAVES    Wanasjer.
11i# tolkntag n,'w sx^ii* iAve N?m
reeatr**] in lite libraxy: "Love a:, v.-.  ta
Loral    r>  ~   t  M.vr-.    aWarlottke
Ktat      its   vx. ���
i     .> W W Jacoaa     Bfttj Wmts.
...   \   r  fKltw ���;. ... K. W
Ckaataan     Mi*:;r s.-iu?.   L1 Q  Pall-
:;s       Laai]   B*l MAi   SVmNer-
tea;      A Mir. s LTadotacr." H   L. Cua-
C. A. Benedict
Conwr Silica and J**��*aMaM St*.
PMttXK  7
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Piene. Baiter St.
a m Qn Baa 0 I
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bcaley Building    P  O  Box 434
Baker St_  NELSON.   B. C.
S*c_r B-* at H:*��.
A bo:-.*".-' ���.z-:~.' Tie Canadian is
ir^i: > t**aa*MSs| :>ecuu.>e BBBM utw his
tftaiSaUSBnd to buy DnMlBhiB l>a> rlecoro-
-   ..    Bai ���..i.r.e     The  tvrrvs?ondent
iays that thes*? iBotwottoiM bb*mM  as
;u:vi*>-:d ^" ..:.���.   ��r.J ::..   i. ���.'. ever;
.���:���;.  -   . BBJTCS '!th him in
: - antes' - :.
* fix toa A;.,-:*  Hm Say*.
Ma^niive-". :u. ^archa! minstrv *ij
laaa aa "������ laoWtj ol the eL;s-::j..^-
mez: offered t�� :he Dandy Dixir ttt��
�����.-��.s .���: +. 00 Btsal >-ivj;crs dancers.
a*^ied:an* ani mtts'cians who *.
seso al SaasBaaoo'li apsra bcwbo an Btoa>
cay. Ju'y tst. rhis ^agnjis'.Bio-i* ::'e>
bi .��� ttrn il**yaf1cjs| pealDaasts ess*
i.-n*es :'Zi uic��t ;-re:e-uous outii> .'
i rsa ssyoaalasl bm bm *mh* ***���*-
taao nt tnH pari tn 'The R090J
Palm Grvt'.i. reprv6*?nta an tavestiiient
o*f J10>.' a:-;. **i..-, Hack I i 'ertturv
- a vam-ij Ores by. Itnoini ttrou^h-
. _*. tao --.rid as an la*taataoM tvme
���no, xzi ::.-. haaoao OBttsa Pfctota?
Zj.-1 ���.:" iwlec: :u-?:;:j.:,; ar*; inioag the
ill stsj -:v: ttsa *i:ch arflal as ���oao
O'.i-r :1m features mctude '.te Oilitio-
bm Ooaaaaa Eobbojh�� ai a Bariai al Ta��
.-.:;��� ciw ��a#s .j.:.-..--..: a:r*. and cl
aarssi ���Oaafa ol ttn Soaao; th* Camp-
.- Bras . :- ui OaTtctia ---������".
���[��� zz.zsi^-j.1 act; William.* I Btevaaaa
���r "-:-a;.'-5. Tone; Trtc :z-
: 1.---;-.       ��-;-\ ':*..*.*     V-:���: ->    ';-���?*    ".It
t^\aj T^a^^r toajjatlwt vWi i hsiek
Ibocs eoctest whicn -* :vec tc il'-ccm-
'*   ���" "   .iirii ?riiSB are
aararaV : ' z . - ��� t. : �� ��� - ;.? %
taoj Ibici Msajjtha* a Pboj Dsod, la
es 'A":;;ir^s ii ;i:ie Ya-
: -. lis " "-- -.j.: 'ii j." Tt-
Dtxls MinstrvU'" will cw *^ea here La-
tact,   a   ::   waa    ;*rvrs*��n:ed   ';-
ha   a- -r    Ksn  Y,:i Taoalu rcof
���a��.e r-r July  ����� Ce.efc-at.cn a success
r*   Decc-at nj.    Bvsai ::   helps
lo add lo the gala appearance of Um city
.-.���.   ?e:;era; a.r  af loath -*>     KVSf|
little na# or bit ��( Wintin-
Uoo of any kind.
The Store of
Quality I
V��.i<? oniy   If ;i-'   MJaj -   "r��  Pn>-
aajears1 (jaoaaatlaa, Waterloo. O/aeocc
Sair>c:^0: :u.?"   ��� .;r:-.i  :��� ir:: z-atr^:-
i-^J :h^ b*?*t e,��: brougir: v. ��� - ;
Rob. M. Hood & Co.
K   W   Q   BWt     Ptra* 11
For Sale
:h:>  >-Ar wlitcil ;s  very  a*aa*l     It coq-
s:-:? or j itria^ of 11 ��B  aaca
6x54 taeaaa, rv*'rt?rr.:r.4 ta* iirlrrvti*.
nA::or.s     TtMJ   lonB   A   llHBfl   it   f*?*t
:.���;(  an.'.  s*i.  !cr         ; for ;5c
W�� also na*e
DECOR*TING  FLAGS   la  all  *>��*
from   .2 for 5c up
BUNTING    FLAGS     Ur    'auncrves.
*&*Jo.  Reo  E-s a*    $'-?  2-3 S',75
Canad an   Ftj  SC.CC
BUNTING   FLAGS.    ;-je   s.��*   for
:.   - ^j�� up to A ix9' a ft S" ":
CHINESE   LANTERNS.     Wl   tmm
a   io e-C 2   *,��*   assc-.�����-���.  :-"
t.-**e.   at'    aorta   of   jr-ot*sCwe
*Mp*. a-2 oclor^o.
from     10c to 50c eac"
Is Pemow/ied
75 5ilSmE55 EilERGY
Anothef  Snap!
FINE tVROOM HOL'SE. all fumiahes
rreatly. aaosMs st^M a^d c ty *j��ater. T*:
good lots, level. 15 tnt% tree*, tpiens ;
garden and '.x^n. La^e $ned for cMcfc<
��� rs. 1300 caan. ea.ance J'JCO^t 125 :e-
rroftrt. 6 o��r cent.
W. G* Thomson
Phon. a*
Nelson. B. C.
Fresh   Local
G*o.-s�� Jcin.--.ee* :i  ^Aoi   froa  '.;-
R  S. L^v i--Te.i .z Nt j..rr   aj: zv.(l\:
'r.:..:  :l-  r-. -z :���.'���
FTAak  n*tta��u his aroae up  '     E -.
rln*     1   i   i:'vrv;r;i   :-f
J. L K-'U :a:>. ir-:irJ f-.��� Ka*:���:
-Ait avesing *ci is at tl* Stratlccoa.
R. J M'-'F ��� ; ��� ���-���.-,: -a;:::?
fr-rc; h:, rv.->rr:: Afaci o. rfefirzari.ai
J ilo-^cc. accoauiUA: :' :z* H :if*.z i
Par <-.���-   i'   .,.-- :V��    .   -
'.-*r^.:::r   D    '���V::**:^   r*
:���: -       u: : it'  izi    ���   . ���    --   Strati
������:: i
W p Tr'-. "ri- -wtim^-i :: Gr*z*i
���*.:is : .. i !.'--- : . -i. -a: :���:-
.V-s   R. W. Drew nil iwr two $oas
kam   -- :.- *aa*aaa*i   0a*
VI-? W .' H:;-^s :' Ka.*'. Ar.:
M-< f H Vciraata, .' '���' ��� rla **?-��
- u-  ::���- ���.���ri-
K  S. DC: a;: M-s   It    ���-���.���-������;   a-
K.77--    t.trr^    V~lj    TS.     Z��
Mrs. C: t - ta ataajaatf; ot Sogstaad. at
��� .-�����--���:.   z  V- s  ���    i: :   ��
actiB o��T9 for tie VntuinSau, Oar ��ie-
T->r-';n.-T '.���::.
HO AZ~ c-a-emotion, 2 *cr*a6
".'-Tr* AZ't *cz��t i~*.'. ':���; :i
A "J-rv" iV':lV.z.i, z:i^r-i xz
'.:��� *>���'   cc -if~i.
A    srs-eiapcloii    oc    Bearer
' f.'-.-r   SlOCi"                                 	
: - lr"i
i   -:-.���:-
I '-t.* -t
Geo. g. McLaren
9j*\e*  St..  tSe ��cf.	
Shermans Opera House
FreoS   IrriM  ia*  rrexnued froa*  U> i
Tfeajt io ta* Cot**, vaer* a* w*nt as
..    i  ���.   ���      :--_-��� -.; :-   v .-. t
f-tz:     ���:.-
L.   a   VcK'iac   wlf- aa>i eoi:d   :t
aT1aataia��are la ti* carj Mr  M:��4uu
���   i   ���.fiHtaarar* tairyn of -Jir
,-..  *    u::    ia-,   i   .-..= :--.     ... -    7
goSxas **��***; a rrniTrHrir    TL*,   -
'-���-     >.        t- ���:.���    ���. ���  .
:-   ;:-:  s ������. u*    :.-.i-  tt:   ,.>-.--
..   ....  .
Hie Dandy Dixie Minstrels
Hi*  3j���.���   i   Ha  *;.���   :f   ".e*   Se-j-i:
V   *��aW!*e   I*.
 I -    ( Saa  :>  $:  ���
50 ft Corner.  Houston  and >ij-s. IW*:
50 ft. and Cao-T. Mill.  nma~ par-*. ltr*5
Residence���Centra':, oca tec* -ea- station; six ���oefw,s and batn. t ect.-o
light. *atef. iBSMa\
Also business property, facto.-/  fctt*.
etc.. *tc.
WW Bak*r Str**L NELSON. S   C   ,
3 a*  3��:   Hi*..
>   th�� Eta* Bed Slim,   aaact win
���   >s  lfcxi*!i*t    n**  traaa
marSliafr. firea* th** FfaM  Baa saattJav
m coaaBtgr.eil
We have ;as: received
a cousifn-ner;: <-��� the
daaazi SLATE? SHOE
for which Te are sole
agen'.i : r this city.
Ever try a pair?
"The Royal"
And no more can  be  Imported   Into Canada afte   4    *���*":*���
uautt ift
The Americanized EncydopdiaR^
In Ten Volomes ..Sg^cjaTcVrtJ^j
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, [i
1* f\ a     a A  u   e! n 1    in.  a*** _.. ���    * ^^aaaa!
COR  BAKER  and WARD.        Phone 61
'For a StyliaSh SuitJ
Built to Fit Ihe Kiarur*' anil Ktp Its Shapp Not Only the Pint
Wefk  Yon Wear It.  Bat  All th�� Time      (let   It  Made b,
Tavliik & McVtAHhiB, th.   Rfliablc Tailom, of Kf��)ifUT/
Absolute   satisfaction   guaranteed    or   money   refunded.
High Class Tailors, Baker St., Nelson, B.C.
baki;r siki-:i-t. .neuso.n.
Spring i��s Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stockil|
requisites ior the rancher, gardener or householder. Spato
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Primers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garde��" Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention paid to  letter orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardw<
. ������ Company. Limited.
B\   A.  ISAAC
R.  W.   HINTOX'
R��P*��l>-lna ajnO Johhln. .l.cutM with D*��p**Uh.   ����<�����!���
%%ork- Mlr*lna and  Mill Mwhln.rr.     M��r>ut��ituf��r*<
Or.   C��r��.   H.  ii.   Cont
sctor.'   Car,*.
NELSON,    B. C.
Spring Stock lust Opened Of
Carload Linoleums and Carp*'"
From lilHUjjow, Scotland.
Bean Qualitlea* at L,ov��- Prices.
Standard Ftstmtvte GnnpM
Mu- -   -i   -. * ;   r\\i-*.
Complete: Ink FnrsiKa
UadaUkcrs.    h-bxxd
A.Q. LAM B ERT ��& C<
��7��\~l Lttmber, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windo^
Turnaxl Work and Brackets. Mail Ori*n orrmpt!? t"'
VER>0> STRKf3T   .   .   .   >Bt_80>. B. C.
, ************|***a**J*JI*VWa*JMI*'
Sttmmef Necessities
A*d cli^*5
��� ��l
Door and Window Screens
umm wjf
Wood-VallaDce Hardware Co, \^
ax-- ���- -war.  c^.^: 3��*'    1


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