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The Daily Canadian Jul 5, 1907

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 gUxUtj   Canadian
Voi.UMK   2.      No.   27.
NELSON, B. C., FRjIDAY, JULY 5, 1907.
Fhitt Cents a Month
All Red Route Is to Be
War Cry
Sir  Wilfrid   Lauricr's   Address to
Gatheriug in London���Belated
Zeal for Closer R.lalions.
unil    Dotal,   unil   cleaning   rice   for   thu
trade, Tho mill ix equipped throughout
wltti special machines Cor the treatment
of rlos, und operated hy flhlnaae work
ini'li,   who   are   skilled   In    thu   various
procawea of thi.-  business.
Spectators  Who Travelled   Hundreds of
Miles  Angry   at   Poor  Show.
London, July 2.���At tlie 2;ird Douiln
luu Lay dinner held in liie Grand llaii
ol ihe Hotel Cecil there was u record
assemblage lu point ol Qtunben and foi
the 12th consecutive lime l.unl rflrath
OODl aud .Mount Royal presided, having.
Sir Wilfrid Laurler ou his right uiil
tlie Daks of Argyle un his left. Ajnonj
iiiohe present were 1 itighi iiou. Angus
line Mirrell. Lord Twcodmumh, I). Aluc
numai a. tbe ui.iHlels ot several of the city
couipiinieH, u number of members 01
parliament, the UK-.-ms general of many
of the colonies, Sir Rivers Wilsou ana
the Lord Mayors of London, uud Brie
[ol. The guests lu all numbered 400
An enthusiastic reception was glveu tlit
toast to thu Dominion of Cuuuda anu
tlie govuiuor ueueiaLjiruposed by Uli
chairiuan, Ixird^^^lriiUlcTtlsaw wh
tiuceu thu growtfi ol tbe i 'ei.
Indicated tbt i'n'.l.'i" Ol the Wip'
counectlou lu IpM chaugaf_of visus*Vl(.
thu residents, \vx)iii*eHsing-^'nie furtheY(i
hope that mlnistcrs'-iuiso might'snaaQb
a bilel period m UioiV, liusv live* t�� In
Ulillutize thelu.selvt\wlVt��-lll^>|olidi<><J>l;
aud circumstances olSlbO. tjriat Uomni
iun across the AtlanllcvS       '������,
Sir Wilind Laurler received-Un ^u
vliuslustic receptlou uud iiiTaaiiiimf**1
made an eloquent appeal for the "All
Red" route.
Alter paying tribute lo the fathers ul
of   tile   Confederation,   those   fl-l-sighted
statesmen, who bunded better than
even they kuew, and remarking that
the I'otiludcrattun, which In lt>l>�� wus a
bond ou paper, is now a unlou ul
beartl ,the premier directed attention to
Ihu growth so ably directed and assist
ed by Lord Struthcoua of the Canadian
"The next step to which we shull devote our enterprise is not alone a Cana
diaii enterprise, it Ib truly an Imperial
scheme. The time has comu when an
"All-Red" line niiiBt encircle the earth.
For that scheme ihe people of Canada
are ready. The people of Australia are
"1 ask myself if the people of England are ready. It Is not fur us lo sug
nest, still lesB to insist, what shall he
Ihe policy of the English people, but
It Is not out of place If 1 remind you
llrltlsh   people   thai   live  years  ago you
undertook heavy tinuiiciai responsibility to assist a line of steuiueiB running
between Liverpool und New York. 1
am not here to blame them for thai
policy. On Ihu contrary 1 might up
prove of it if I were an BngHihman,
bill may I not unit Ihe llrltlsh people
and   ihe   iiriiish   parliament   wbothei
wliuI has been done for foreigners call
not   be   done   for   people   who   riy   Un
iiritish nag?" iLoud Applause.*)
Continuing. Sir Wilfrid urged that Hu
British parliament should no) beiltau
to adopt  means of getting Into bettei
eiiininiinclallon with Ihe Dominion. Re
ferrlng lo the governors general, hi
said Canada bad been most fortunate in
nil lis viceroys.
In a loyal peroration he ueclareil thai
while   lie   loved    Ihe    llrltlHh    Isb s.   one
place took first place in his heart
Canada,  covered   by  ihe   British  Bag
(Loud cheers. 1
Augustine   llirrell,  responding   lo  Hie
toast "Our Oueits," proposed  by Don
���till   MoMaster,  expressed   Ihe   hope   thill
Ireland, which lay aoroai ihe path ol
(be Empire, might not be left out of any
scheme for its advancement   it waa not
for him to express any opinion, hut If
the county of Mayo, for Instance, could
be liiought within three and one hull
days of the glorious Dominion across
Hie Atlantic It would be a great thing
for Ireland, a great thing tor Ihe Empire.
T. 1* O'Connor also responded Iii the
toast and Indulged In a dream of n great
central parliament with Ihe basic principle ihai the greatest aecurlty for the
unity or the empire was the fullest lib-
oily of Its component parts.
The toast llsl   closed  With Ihe health
<>r the chairman, eloquently propoied by
Lord Tweedmoiilh. After the dinner
Lady Hlrnllicona held a reception,
Chinese Buy Rice Mill.
Victoria, .Inly 4.���The Hrlllsh Oolunv
bio rice mills, formerly operated by
.Tames Townsley and for a while In op
erntlon, have been purchased by film
Fonk Yuen, und are now In full operation   manufacturing   broken   rice,   floitl
San   Francisco, .Inly  5.���Many  of  the
followera of the tisiic game whom it
cost fr  ��.". to <-a lu addition to their
railroad fare lo see Tommy Hums, tin-
Canadian, solve nil! Bqulres, thu "Australian Mystery," in ihe first round at
Colma, left today for their homes.
Then- were general expressions of disappointment and disgust among those
who had come hundreds of miles to see
what they believed would be a finish
tight. The morning papers declare thai
the puh'lc was sold again, and call the
light a fiasco, and the greatly overrated
and widely heralded champion from the
Antipodes Is cartooned as a "lemon"
and "Blzzer"; of this amount Burns'
sbure was JS.0U0. which he was to receive win or lose, as he refused to accept percentage. Squires' share as
loser was t4>60.14, and .leffi.es revived |1.ODD as referee. Tom Corbett,
who handled the jxiol room at Colma, estimated thai |7I,000 changed hands on
thi' light. Barney Reynolds, Squires'
manager, announced lhat the Australian
lost 116,000, Jeffries lias announced that
since the title remains in America he
will  not re-enter the ring.
Killed  and Wounded   in  Fourth  of July
Demonstrations���Total Less
Than   Last  Year.
hicago, July 5.���The Tribune today
Thtiiy-ueven men, women and
ate dead, aud 2,168 are
mdQBuMi, lacerated or binned as a result
of yesttjrday's excess uf patriotism iu
the I'Mied States. The roBter of the
dii.td n.J lour more than last year's mor-
^lUfilyV A >ear ago ;>;. persons were dead
on the morning alter the Fourth. I'n-
torlunately the deaths will increase day
by day and even the last days of August will witness additions to the list.
Tetanus, that grim aftenaatb of gun
powder wounds, claims its victims by
ucotes and even by hundreds for weeks
after  the  Fourth.
a\ew York bads all cities of the United States in the number injured, with
Pittsburg a close second in thu grim
race. The total number of injured.
2,lf>3. Is Under last year's figures, which
won; 2,781*. Tate figures show that this
year, at least, the most of the casualties were dm* to carelessness in ban
dhng firecrackers and other forms ot
harmless explosives. Victims of gunpowder this year stand second in number but shew a marked decrease from
last year's tlgures. The crusade against
the deadly toy pistol seems to be bearing fruit, as tills year only 1105 victims
are reported, as against ;t(M last year.
Fruit Exchange.
There Is some agitation among fruitgrowers to organize an exchange. The
experience of the present year seems
to demand a change lu the arrangement of marketing Ihe fruit crop. The
fruit men are undergoing the same experience as the California fruit growers
dlil in the early development of the Industry, For years the lack of proper
facilities for tbe shipment of oranges
resulted in great loss to the growers.
However, they learned by experience.
and with Ihe aid of the railways the
trouble was settled satisfactorily. Just
now the dllllculty appears that (here Is
not fruit enough grown lo make It
worth while for the railway companies
to establish a refrigerator ear service,
and as a QOnsSQUSnOS much id tlie frull
is ruined In shipment. Some believe
thai the solution of the problem would
be the establishment of a rrult-cannluM;
factory. By this means Ihe frull (hat
Ik the most  likely to suffer In ���blpmonl
could  be utilised  '(>  advantage.    The
matter Is one that should receive early
consideration. There is not the slightest reason lo believe (hat there would
be any dllllculty In securing subscribers
lo itOO..   In successfully  carry on a can
alns factory, one ban already been ei
tnbllshed In Kclowna.
Buying   Land.
John A   itud Wm. Mulr, of Lethbrldgo,
have purchased BOO acrei nf land from
F. 1.. Hammond and will subdivide it
into 10-acre blocks. They have relumed  to  Letbbrldge,  and   win  corns
buck to the Kootenay:) Ogaln In " month
With a number of men who will starl
clearing two ncies or each block ami
planting fruit  trees.
Prlcet of Metals.
New York. July B, Silver, ��7%e;
Copper, 81940]  lend. |f>.25.
Tjondnn, July 6.���Silver. Illd; lead.
��20, 15b.
Premier's Mission Viewed
in London
English Paper's Summary of Dispute
Over Canadian Subsidies and
the Two Appe.    ,
��� The Canadian Gazette, o '.ondon, in
its issue of June 20th, cont. ns the following summary of Richard Mcllride's
mission to Kng'.and and its ri   uits:
British Columbia may well eel satis
fled with the result of the mission to
Kngland of her prime minister. It has
its sequel in Mr. Winston Churchill's
statement in the bouse of commons last
Thursday and in the Hill for the readjustment of the Federal subsidies to
the Canadian provinces which is now
before the British parliament. We may
indeed expect uiat this Imperial Icgisla-
lation will ma�� .-. the beginning of the
end of a dispute between the
Dominion and the provinces which
has been tbe subject of keen
political feeling. It was the supreme
issue in the recent general election in
British Columbia, when Mr. Mcl3ride
was returned to power by a largely increased majority.
The main facis of the situation can be
stated iu a lew sentences. At the ItMMJ
conference of the provincial premiers
held at Ottawa the Dominion government assented to a readjustment of the
allowances made to the provinces out
of the Federal treasury In view of the
heavy demands of the various services
of administration���roads, streets and
bridges, education. administration ot
justice, hospitals, charities, and so on.
The scheme as agreed upon between
the Douiiulun and the governments
(ifrltlsh Columbia aloue dissenting),
and now embodied in the Hill before the
Laoporial parliament, grants increases
in the specihe and per capita i-Vderai
subsidies to the provinces amounting In
all to $8,871,000, distributed as follows:
Ontario     $788,484
Quebec       6i*��9,St>5
Nova Scotia     177,661*
New   Brunswick       130,000
Manitoba       130,000
Price Kdward Island      70,000
Alberta       130,000
Saskatchewan    130,000
luliish Columbia    215,000
Of this $21&,000 to British Columbia
$100,000 is a special annual grant made
to British Columbia for 10 years on
account of her exceptional claims.
As we say, each proviuce was a consenting party to the arrangement except atone British Columbia. At Ottawa
.Mr. McBrlde stoutly maintained���and
the principle of his contention found
genet al support���thai the exceptional
demands made upon his proviuce called
for exceptional favorable treatment.
Thus he urged that "the charges against
the province through customs and excise revenues, to which may properly
be added heavy freight bills, arlslug out
of long distance from centres of supply
iu the easl, are several times greater
than in the Other provinces, aud thus to
lhat extent lessen the ability to maintain the cost of local administration."
Moreover, "the responsibilities of population involved iu the increase of population lu llrltlsh Columbia, as will be
shown, are several times greater than
elsewhere   in   Canada   by   reason   of   a
combination of disadvantageous oondl<
t-ous, mainly physical lu their nature.
The contt in ions thut increased subsidies to the provinces lo permit of their
stilt further development would bring
Incroused revenues to tbe Dominion as
a compensation apply with peculiar
force to the particular case of llrltlsh
Columbia. This province has. admittedly
groat HourceH of wealth. Obviously,
however, owing to the physical obsta-
Oles to overcome, lo make these sources
avai'able by development all expenditure very much larger than lu other
provinces Is required; but, as British
Columbia has in the past contributed.
and in the future must continue to contribute. In an txcosslve ralto to the
Federal treasury, as compared with the
rest of Canada, so the Dominion , for
relatively Increased subsidies lo this
pi ovine- will reap a dorrespondlng Increase in revenue to the treasury." So
ran a part of the contention of British
Columbia. Sir Wilfrid Laurler and his
colleagues In the Dominion cabinet.
were not prepared lo no further than
the proposal for an annual payment lo
Biitish Columbia   of   $100,000 tor ten
years over and nbovo what the other
proVlnOes received. This concession
Mr. Melt ride considered Inadetpiate,
and on  the adoption of this  resolution
he withdrew from the conference. The
sequel Is found In his present mission
In L-ondon.
It has been contended that the Dominion government need not have come
to the lni|>erial parliament for a confirmation of an arrangement already embodied upon the Canadian statute book.
Canada, It was suggested, beinj; mistress of her own revenues, could dispose of them as she pleased. But Sir
Wilfrid Laurler and his colleagues, desiring as far as jHissible to give finality
to the readjustment aud to relieve
Canada from further provincial demands, decided to have.recourse lo Imperial legislation, and with this end In
view thi resolutions to the Dominion
parliament declared the readjustment
to  be 'final  and  unalterable."
Since ie came to Ixmdon Mr. McBrlde has had prolonged conferences
at the Colonial office, and especially
with the under-secretary, Mr. Winstou
Churchill; with results of the highest
importance to his province. In the first
place, Mr. Churchill, when introducing
the bill to the I.ouse of commons, made
it clear that while British ministers and
the British parliament do not know
enough about the relative Interests concerned to judge on
which side the merits of the"
claim lie, yet it must not be assumed
that in a case of this kind his
majesty's government "will always be
prepared necessarily to accept the Federal point of view as against the provincial point of view," and he added:
"Such a deduction would be of too
sweeping a character. The question we
have to ash ourselves is, do the constitutional am-ndments which are now demanded, do they command the support
nf the areat majority of the people of
Canada? And about that I think there
can be no doubt whatever. The Federal
government In which British Columbia
Is represented has before expressed Its
opinion, and all the provinces are in
favor of the arrangement embodied in
this Bill with the exception of one of
the smallest provinces. Five millions
of the population of Canada are represented in support of the measure, as
against 176,000, tlie population of British Columbia. We have therefore decided that we shall introduce a Bill to
give effect to the wishes of the great
majority of the Cr. .adian people. Several Canadian statesmen who have been
In this country have urged very strongly upon us the importance of proceeding with this legislation. The prime
minister of Quebec, also Sir Wilfrid
Laurler and Mr. Ffeldlng, the finance
minister if th >. Dominion, all have made
personal application to my noble friend
Lord Klgln or to myself upon this question."
The BUI therefore must go through:
but it goes through with an Important
modification conceived in the interests
of British Columbia. What Mr. Winston
Churchill went on to say was most inadequately reported In the English
journals.    It was as follows:
"Mr. McBrlde, the prime minister of
British Columbia, has also stated his
case very fully to us. He has with great
'���-nlcutas and much force placed us In
possession ot \*~ dun and grievances
of British Columbia. We have enacts
ored so far as possible���while we are
unable to adopt his opinions entirely���
to make the legislation agreeable to
him, and we have not introduced into
the legislation the words 'final and unalterable" which It had been proposed
to introduce, and which would have
prejudiced British Columbia's chance of
making some other friendly arrangement in the future with the Dominion
and with the other provinces."
This. then. Is one result of Mr. Mc-
Bride's mission���he has kept the door
open for negotiations with the Dominion
Kovernment. Indeed, a clause In the
Imperial measure specifically declares
that 'nothing In this Act shall affect
the obligation of the government of
Canada to pay to any province any
grant which Is payable to that province,
other thnn the existing grant for which
Lbs grant under this Act Is substituted."
Mr. McBrlde, having seen the Imperial measure through its second reading, expects to sail for British Columbia
on June 28 in company with Mr. Laurence Macrae, who, In his capacity as
private secretary, has been able to hi* of
material assistance to Mr. McBrlde In
his mission.
Off for Winnipeg.
The committee iu charge of the
exhibit for Winnipeg has secured
the services of John llyslop to accompany James McHhee In charge
of the Nelson ento-y. Both are practical and successful frutt-growers.
They will leave here next Monday
morning. Only tomorrow remains
for the citizens of Nelson to contribute articles still required to make
the exhibit   a success.
The managers request gifts of
clover, grasses and anything special
in vegetables, such as early potatoes.
Any good views of the district
taken by professionals or amateurs,
will be gratefully received, well
cared for and promptly returned.
B. Q. Kbbutt will take charge of
tho forwarding of fresh supplies
from day to day.
The task of the committee Is now
finished as far is It is within their
control. The degree of success that
will be achieved by the enterprise
depends now on the nature of the
response   to   this   final   appeal.
Let Nelson for once prove false
the frequent charge that its population is composed of a few workers
and a swarm ot drones. There are
very few who will not benefit by the
enterprise. K very one should therefore do something to assist and not
be an undeserving pattictpant in
profits. {
Bloodshed in Alaska Over
Right of Way
First Conflict Results in Victory for
Guggenheim Forces���Appeals
to Governor for Troops.
Seattle, July 5.���A despatch to the
Post-Intelligencer from Valdez, Alaska,
says that one man is dead, another is
fatally injured, and nine are seriously
wounded as the result of the first con-
Hict between the Guggenheim and the
Bruner interests at Katalla on Wednesday. The fight is over the right of way
which the Bruner forces are protecting.
The Guggenheim interests stationed detachments of armed men at points commanding the disputed ground early in
the day. Tony Depascal, in charge of
a party of laborers, started out to lay
track over the Bruner right of way under cover of a fire from these camps.
A brisk fire was opened from the
other camp but Depascal succeeded in
capturing the steel "go devil*' on which
the Bruner camp had relied to destroy
the work done by their opponents. Representatives of the Bruner interests
are making every endeavor to have Governor Hoggatt order troops to the scene
of hostilities.
Record Product Expected This Year in
Foot Hills Province.
Winnipeg, July 5.���N. Bnwlf, president of the Northern Elevator Co., returned from a trip through North and
South Alberta, says that between Winnipeg and Moose Jaw, the crops are
looking well, but are a week or more
later than usual. From Calgary to Edmonton the spring wheat is just the
Hame as it was last yeur, and is looking exceedingly well and some ot Jt Is
12 to 13 inches high.
In Southern Alberta, from Calgary to
MacJeod. the spring wheat is looking
'inc. and is just as early as it wag last
year. The fall wheat Is looking exceedingly well and Is from 15 to 18 inches
high at the present time, with an increase of acreage of 25 per cent, over
last year.
"In fact, all of Alberta, north and
south, bus an air of prosperity this season. In Calgary business is very good;
large Industries are opening up in the
jobbing line; wholesale houses, flour
mil 8, oatmeal mills and a terminal elevator are being constructed.
"I have been travelling through North
and South Alberta for the last 15 years
and I never saw the country looking so
well at this season of the year. They
are getting a large number of the very
best settlers, who are breaking up a lot
or land In both North and South Alberta."
Despite the backward spring many
districts can boast of well developed
crops. A. Haacke, pf Strathclair, Man.,
sends samples of wheat grown on bis
farm. The stalks are 16 to IS Inches
long. He says: "This wheat was
grown on my farm, nine mlleB north of
Strathclair In the section commonly
known as Egypt."   ���
Fir* Losses.
At the meeting of the city council,
held on Monday night, the fire chief reported III alarms during the first six
mouths of the year, with losses estimated nt 12,000. The principal fires were
Taylor At McQuarrle's store uud the residence owned by Blake Wilson on Victoria street. The Insurance on property at risk was $50,000. The chlof reports that tho total destruction of a
building has not occurred since he assumed office on March 31st, 1900.
Real Estate Men Meet.
There was a meeting of real estate
men this morning, and several mutters
which concernod their interests were
discussed. Among other things it was
decided to send John Hyslop to Winnipeg with the exhibit. Some matters in
connection with fruit shipments were
taken up, and it was decided to make
'certain recommendations to the fruitgrowers' association In the hop* of being able lo remedy the evils complained of.
British Prisoner.
Loud  n   July 5.���The Hrlllsh government bus communicated with the Moroccan      govornmi'iit      demanding    that
prompt stops lie taken to Insure the re
lease of General Sir Harry McLean,
commander of the Sultan's body guard,
who was captured by Ratsuli, the bandit chief, and Is being held a prisoner
pending the granting of Ralsuli's terms
for his surrender.
Guessing  at   Plans of  Counsel  for  Defence���May Call   Moyer.
Boise, July 5.���The Haywood trial
will proceed today, when the defence
expects to clear up most of Its remaining minor witnesses. William D. Haywood or Charles H. Moyer will be called
to the stand Saturday if the present
plans are carried out. and the climax
of the defence wil lthen be reached. It
Is probable that Haywood will be the
last upon the stand and his examination
and cross-examination should run well
into the middle or latter part of next
Lumbermen- Drowned.
Bangor, Maine, July 4.���By the capsizing of their canoe in St. Croix Lake,
near Howebrook, Aroostook county
yesterday, three employees of the Fish
River Lumber company were drowned.
The victims were Fred Logan and
Thomas Hill, of St. John, N. B., and
Charles Gough, of Fredericton, N. B.
Tramway Receipts.
The total receips of the city tramway
service for tbe six months ending June
30th were $3,275.75. The receipts for
the corresponding period of last year
were  $2,493.90. ���
Marquis   Ito's   Administration   Successful���Rulers Disgusted at Recent
Appeal to Hague.
Seoul, July 5.���Inquiry shows that
general disgust is the main eltect
among Japanese here as a result of the
conspiracy in sending a KoreJuT'depu-
tatlon to The Hague, the telegraphic
disclosures of which interrupted the
Korean Emperor's profuse assurance to
Marquia Ito of his confidence In him
and his reform plans and especially his
supposed ardent desire for a sincere organization of the cabinet. Marquis Ito
is much disappointed, and now must
proceed in the face of the Emperor's
intrigues, which have falsely elated a
large section of the upper classes who
are anticipating a miracle in Korea.
Measures intended to rid the palace of
foreign and native mischief makers and
adventurers were Introduced by the Japanese in the cabinet last Monday, but
Marquis Ito despairs of saving the Emperor himself and the administration is
disposed to confine its appeal to the
people. Although Ito's administrative
machinery is incapable of ministering
justice to the Korean people, Japan
ahs executively and In the matter of
creating a base of operations and establishing a highway to Manchuria,
been strikingly successful In Korea.
Marquis Ito declared that it would require 10 years to produce a modern
government In Korea, while local governors say that it will take three years
to dispose of the abuses and outrages
resulting from the contact of the Koreans with the Japanese. The" latter
are estimated to be now 100,000 strong
in Korea.
No Ground for Complaint.
The complaint that the Kootenay mattress factory, which Is making the fruit
boxes, is not supplying tho growers
with boxes fast enough, should be somewhat modified. The difficulty has been
caused on account of the unusually
large crop of strawberries. It was not
anticipated that tho crop would be ns
large ns It Is. and preparations were not
maSe to supply the increased demand.
Besides, some of the growers did not
���"'ml in their orders until tho hist hour,
and, unreasonably so, expected to have
their orders filled at once. When It Is
considered that this Ir the first year
tln- Kootenay Mattress factory has engaged in this work, and that the preparations to be made for handling It were
very extensive. It must be admitted that
as much has been accomplished as
could  be reasonably  exacted.
Last Mall From North.
Ottawn, July 5.���A last winter's mull
has been received by Comptroller White
of tho Northwest Mounted Police, from
the police posts on tho shores of Hudson bay. One Is from Fullerton, dated
January last, and the other from Major
Moody, who wintered at Churchill. It
was written In February at both of
these outposts, whore the men passed
an uneventful winter exiwrlenco. There
were no deaths, no sickness und no
sulTorlng. The neighboring natives are
reported to have been in good health.
The mail was sent to York House, and
was brought down by Hudson's May
company carriers when the navigation
on the streams opened.
Indian Unrest Far From
Being Allayed
All Classes in Bengal Join Movement
Against British���Assaults Frequent���Students Are Defiant.
New York, July 6.���A London despatch to the Sun says that Indian despatches represent the trouble in India as
increasing. A correspondent who has
returned to Calcutta from three tours
of the most disaffected districts in Bengal, telegraphs that the seriousness of
the situation is hardly realizetl by the
European in India or at home. The discontent has spread among the land holders and the Bengal aristocracy as well
as among the peasants and coolies. An
active organization known as tbe National Volunteers, which has branches
In almost every town and village, is being trained in archery and sword exercises by well-paid instructors. They
preach everywhere against the British
and actively push the boycott of British
goods. Men who cannot be threatened
and who still maintain relations with
English officials are punished by a social boycott, the deadliest weapon that
can be employed against a Hindu.
Hundreds of tales or lawlessness and
oppression by the National Volunteers
come from every district. The rural
police are too weak or too disaffected to
take action. The people are gradually
losing respect for order and autboilty.
Several land owners have usurped elective and administrative powers by imprisoning tenants. In the Barial diatrict committees of public safety have
been formed. These committees hold
judicial inquiries, summon witnesses
and punish offenders. The government
has exhausted its reserve of police from
other provinces. These are posted In
small batches about the country but are
unable to prevent the persecution of
The feature ot (he situation is the
growing number of assaults on Europeans. Europeans go about armed
with. revolvers. European passengers carry shotguns on trains.
Ladles are afraid to travel on the Assam-Bengal railway. A traffic officer
said there was danger of certain sections of the line being closed owing to
the reluctance of guards and drivers to
take the trains out.
The Impression Is gaining strength
that ^rearms are filtering Into eastern
Bengal. All over Bengal national
schools, filnanced entirely by Bengalis,
and disclaiming all connection with the
government, are springing up. The
students in the government-aided colleges in Calcutta are openly defying the
recent government circular prohibiting
students frooni attending political meetings. The students not only address the
meetings but Implore the reporters to
mention their names in the newspapers.
Hungary's Chronic Trouble.
Budapest, July 5.���After a final protest against the provision In the government's railroad bill requiring the extensive use of the Hungarian language
In the railroad service of Hungary, 40
('matin deputies today left the lower
houseof parliament In a body and refused to further participate limits work.
The Croatlans say that the language
provision Is In violation of the Hungarian-Austrian compromise, and they
obstructed the measure for weeks until
finally the Hungarian government promulgated the bill by decree, causing n
further ombltterment of tho relations
between  Croatia  and   Hungary.
Taft'a Holiday.
Mlllbury, Mass., July 16.���Secretary
Taft, of the war department, who came
here to visit his mother, left yesterday
for Manchester, by the sea. From Manchester he will go to Murray Lake, Canada, to Join his family.
Q. N. R. Delayed.
Tho breakdown of nn engine on Ihu
Red Mountain branch yesterday delayed the Rossland connection with the
S. F. A N. railway, and delayed the
northbound train, which did not reach
Nelaon till a late hour this morning. The Daily Canadian
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR   at  all   prices
From S to 12 Pounds.
SOX,  MITTS,  etc.,  etc.
HAY.   FLCJR  and   FEED.
;i all  these  iiius we offer   excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
OAPITAL PAID IIP $4.7110,000
Head Office:   Toronto.
REST     fa, 730,000,
D R  WII.KIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed at hiKhotst   current  rate, from  date of
opening of Amount, aud compounded quarterly.
NBUSOIN   I1HANCH *J��     IVI#     I  ,AV,    Wl anr* ��"t5r���
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings  Department
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published dtx days ii wor* vy iho
Baker Bl..   KelSOO, B.C.
till one rt pi Ion rates, 'oO cents * mouih delivered
In ihi' city, or I5.0U a year il sent by mull, wheu
paid lu advance.
AdvLTtiniiii ratal on application,
All monies pnUl in settlement ol Thu Dally
Canadian accounts, either for subscriptions or
advertising', most be receipted fur on the printed
forma u(   Hie Company.    tMher receipt!  art1 DOt
Talld ��� |
Friday,  July  5th,   1907.
Nelson liaM now celebrated Dominion
Day jn her usual enthusiastic way. Our
American residents with the assistance
Ot their many 1'iiunds, have duly observed the big republic's Independence
Day. The ricM excitement, the annual
fruit fair, Ih nearly three months away.
An interval is now afforded for taking
���took of the situation and measuring
ihe gains made by tho city and district
during the first hair of 1907.
To take the mining Industry flrst( "��
the earlii hi and still tii<' in atest pa-
source oi Kootenay, while no senaav
ttonal strikes have been reported In the
immediate vicinity of Kelson, ii is af-
firmed by those in the best position to
know, thai the output is greater and the
net profits greater now than In any
former year, The wages of the minors
and smolter man, and tin- conditions
under which they work are hIho more
satisfactory than ever before, and there
Ih ui present no sign of Industrial trouble, it 1b true that some properties In
the district, rrom which muab was
hoped, have not yet fulfilled anticipations, but on the whole mining Ih In u
healthy condition, with appearances of
permanency that are evidently satis
factory io Investors.
The lumbering Industry is still enjoy*
Inn the IiIkIi prices obtaining for the
lost two years and there lo ho Indication of any contraction of the market,
But, naturally. It Is lu the neweel Industry, fruit growing, that Ihu inoHt
marked progress has been achieved.
The active dealing In fruit land aud the
transfer of large blocks at prices that
many consider inertly speculative, nre
Of Interest only to those concerned In
tliem, but what is of importance to the
whole community Is the fact that the
BOmber of actual settlers and producers
lias Increased by nearly a hundred per
cent., thq|  there  Is  a far  larger area
under cultivation and more trees In
b wing than last year, and that thu
experience of all is fairly successful. In
spite of pessimistic forebodings there Is
no room for doubt lhat the Industry is
\}\ rmanent and win be a steadily growing factor in the prosperity of Kootenay.
The city 1b not experiencing tt real
estate boom but such transfers of city
property as have occurred, and they are
fairly numerous, have shown a substantial Inorease In values. There is a growing demand for residential property,
Which Is being gradually met, and there
Is no danger of over-building.
The financial stringency which Is being experienced tn Kustern Canada, and
Which, It is generally feared, may cause
a period of industrial depression by preventing the carrying out of many under-
takings und so reducing the demand for
labor, Is unlikely to Injure Kootenay to
any extent. Money Invested In Knotc-
miy has, as a rule, been put Into properties that will be Immediately productive,
and the demand for labor remains far
in excess of the simply, Money for future development should be steadily
available from profits from investments
alreadj  made.
Meanwhile the lullux of new settlers
BbOWs no sign of reduction. The majority are men with ample means to develop the property they sqguire. The
growth of the Nelson district Is on the
hhole of the most satisfactory kind. It
is healthy,   substantial   and   permanent.
Theodore Roosevelt ami his work are
the subject of comment and speculation
n many Quarters, from the statesmen
.if Europe to Mr. Dooley, He has stated
po.-tlvely that hu will not again be a
candidate for the presidency. As he Is
a man that knows his own mind and
usually means what he says, there Is
no reason to doubt the sincerity of lhat
Statement But, though be will not again
be a candidate, It seems fairly certain
thai he will exercise a powerful influence on the choice of his successor, The
names of eligible candidates are already being canvassed. The majority
of American electors-will probably wish
for their now president a man who will
continue Theodore Roosevelt's policy of
ptaceful ami dignified relations with
foreign powers, snd Justice ani cleanness to domestic administration.
has been the subject of comment in all
part of the country. It is generally re-
j garded as a political manifesto to the
electors of Canada, and Its extremely
moderate tone, the evidence of profound
thought, and the earnest plea for un organised effort for electoral purity, have
made a favorable Impression even
among the supporters of the present
R. L. Dorden's Dominion Day speech
From despatches received to date It
appears that the Fourth of .Inly casualty
lists have been much smaller this year
thou usual, This does not indicate auy
OOOllng of American loyalty and patriotism, but only that our neighbors are
getting used to their Independence and
power and able to regard them as matters of c lurse.
Grand   Forks'  Chief   Magistrate   Thinks
Better  ���Triple   Camp   Boom.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Jeffrey Hammer is still mayor of
Grand Forks, he having, at a regular
meeting of the city council hold last
evening stated that "In view of the fact
that several important contracts with
the city were pending he had decided
to withdraw his resignation as mayor
which he had handed to the city clerk
a few days ago." The matter of the
obnoxious salary bylaw was not brought
up at this meeting of the council. A
general feeling of satisfaction exists
here as to the outcome of this civic
Word reached here last evening from
Triple camp, on the west fork of Kettle river, that there Is great activity in
lljat camir; the Carmi, Duncan. Sally
and about half a dozen other properties starting development work. Prospectors are having u second innings In
the camp as well as the mining man,
who is strongly in evidence, and the
camp generally fs assuming u most
prosperous appearance.
Japanese Pouring In.
Mexico City, July G.���Two hundred
and sevenety-flve Japanese landed at
Salina Cruz Wednesday, They are
headed for the coal mines In thu district of Las Ksperanzas. Joseph Strand.
a Chinese Immigration Inspector stationed at El Paso, who arrived In this
city yesterday, stated that Japanese are
(locking to the border In great numbers
and buying tickets from Juarez through
to Canada to enter thu I'nitde States.
In stead of going to Canada, It is stated
that many stop at convenient points in
thu  United  States
In the Supreme Court of
British Colombia.
IN   Till*:    MATTER   OF   THE   YM1U
To All Whom It May Concern:
Notice is hereby given that an appjlea'tunwljl
t��.   HJUU   U��   tl.u   BNiUlM    !-.�����.    L-W!���.��IK!rt,   St
Un- court House,tn the City ol vancoover, on
the loth day of July next, ifcW, at the hour of
10.80 o'clock, in the forenoon, lor an ordsr extending the time for registering with the negisirar
of Joint Btook Com pan lee, a certain trust deed
bearing data the 8wa ''ay ot Kerch, 1907, made
between The Ymlr Gold Mine*, Ltd , nf the one
part Hint Charles norland Cnnynghaine Hashes
end "liver Wetbered i��r iho otberparl, until the
Ami day of July next, iwa. Any person wishing
to oppose Hiii'h application most enter an appear'
snee personally or by solicitor with tbe Hegiv
trnr of thi* Court, at VeneonVSr nn or bufore the
Hth   i|*y of   Inly   next,  and   in   default   of such
sppearanoe such extension of time will be gran-
���l'.i without further order.
Dated this Ji��t day of tone, iw**7.
A. e BUCK,
[jennle >v Wragge j      District Registrar
HolIcltorBforlhe Ymlr I
Gold Mines, Limited. )
IN THE MATTER of the Issuance of an
Indefeasible Titlo to F. W. Howay
and It. U. Held to Ixits 2 and 8,
In Block 12, City of Nelson.
Whereas tbe documents hereinafter mentioned
are not in the 1* ���--'������--'���'ii of the aforesaid Howay
and add;
And win re,** production of. themUrequired
under the "Land Registry *et"|
Take notice that hu or any persons having
these documents   In   their   possession or having
any interest In the lame an? required to produce
iin- lame to tbe Disinci itegi-tirar of Land Titles
nt N'Uon, It. c, on i.r before the 1Mb day of July,
Oonvsyeno) in Pee, from a. Bui re tie to Alexender
Carney, dated nth uotober, ibui.
Mortgage in i-ve, teom a. Carney and a Barrstte
to M   MoirmOl and P.   Itiirna, datud   the  :��� i h
Ol NnvemlM-r, IftW,
OquTeyanoe in  Fee under power  ��/  Bale In
HorfgSgfl from Mnli'olin Milnnlsaud I*. Ilurtifi
lo A. II. nuiliiiiinn, .lui..;   i,n,   of NovmnlMir.
OoUTfyanoe tn Fee, A. II   Mmhittinri to the Hank
ul Montreal, deled the -Jtih ol aiikuoI, l��0t.
Conve-ance   n Fee,   Hnnb   of   Montreal,  to Rose
m try Reatbcoie  and foseph  uestherlngti o
Bowes,dated utti November, \h-m.
Conveyanoe In Ken, of an an divided oo-aqnarter
from   ItoM>   Mary   lli-iitheote lo J'huI  .toliiiaon,
dated thn'/Hthof lecemher, IK'.Ml.
Dated thin ntfa day of Mhv. A. fi . liw.
DlHtrlet Idrglstrar of Land Titles.
Notira Is hereby given that I will apply, at the
next meeting of las License Oommlsslooefit for
the City of ScltOU. to have the Hipinr   heerme ol
tho No   Place   Inn,   transferred  from   Archibald
Ferguson Rs'd !����� myself.
Dated May ."'th, I'.x.V. Wh (iOHNKLL,
By Power of Attorneyi
F. C. GREEN       F. F. BURDEN       A. H. GREEN
Civil E-'giocrs, Drniininn and British
Columbia land Stirvc>o-s
F. 0. hex US   Pbonc 2-il B.
Shot From the Street.
New York, July 4.���While combing
her hair at the window of her room,
Nituiha Qrezsanti, 19 years of age, an
Italian girl, was killed today hy a bullet
through the head, which the police are
convinced wus fired by some one who
sought to conceal the source of thu fatal shot In the DOlee of Fourth of July
firework*. Another shot buried Itself
in the wall of the room. The tragedy
i) curred on ttUgahetfa street. The police have so far been unable to And any
motive for the shooting as sin- was not
known  to  have any   enemies.
Free Lessons in Art Needle Work���Conticelli Silks
Miss  Lockwood, an experienced  teacher   in   Fancy   Art   Needle   Work,    will  commence   a   Beries   of  classes  in
Knights of Pythias Hall. Every lady In the city is especially invited to    avail    herself   of these   lessons   free.
For    further    information   apply to Fred Irvine A Co., who have a complete stock of stamped goods and silks.
Classes every day from   10 a.m.   to  12 a. m.; 2 p. m. to 4 p. m.
For Sale Cheap   I  FRED   IRVINE  &  CO'V
One 60-inch diameter, by 16ft. Sin.
lone, underfired, return multMuhular
boiler, in fuir condition. Blighty-two
2% in. tubes, 2 1-3x2 1-6 in. Steam
dome. Boiler la good for testltiK to 150
lbs. per square Inch, ami a working prea��
stirp of 80 to 90 lbs. Mountings consiet
of safety valve, stot> valve, water
gauges, try oocks, sludge cock aud
check valve, set of Are bars und bearers.
One 9-ln. diameter x 141n. stroke, high
pressure, variable cut off expansion,
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and belt pulley are those not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement. Engine
has been used to drive elect rip light
at the smelter and is in good condition.
One vertical multi-tubular exhaust
steam heated feed-water heater, 4 ft.
high, lO'/fein. diameter with openings
for 3-in. exhaust pipes. Corrugated copper tubes inside through which the feed
water passes. Stop valve, drain cock
and safety valve. Apply to
The Hall Mining & Smd'ing Co., Ltd.
nelson, b. c.
W.    a.    GILLBTT
Solo nut-'nl fur tin; 1'orto Klro Lmi.hei Co., Ltd..
retail yards.   Booth snd dressed imnbur. turned
ITork and bntclci-U, COMt lull) and shingles, phj-.1i
'ind doors.    Comanti brick and lime rot sale
Automatic (tinder.
Yard and tat lory : Vernon Ht.. east i'l Hall
Nt3IUtK>N,   fc>. 42.
p. o. Box im, Telephone ns
NeUon Land I't-i i. ;   District oi West Kootenay
'lake notice that Ooorge Alesandor*cd KmkIo,
ii t; , OOCUpaUon talur nuuiKKiT, Intends toapply for a ipechu Umbet Ueei <_���.' over t("- t"Mi>w-
iiik dyHcriiit'd laud. t'uuiini'ni'iiiK tt a past
planted   at   the    uorthuabt.   COIUar  of   Lot   1UU6.
Qroap  l.  Kootenay  Dl*mot,   ihenee   west  eo
(liAlnf, thence Houth 40 chaiim, Uieneu cast i<o
chains, lh��-nce north 40 eh al u to the point oi
corumeticemeiit, and cuutainliitr 240 sens, more
or less.
Dated Jone JT7, iy07. QSOSOS aJJDUVDSa.
Nel.son Land District.   District ot Weft Koolenay
Take no tic* that QeOTgt Alexauder, Of Kaxlo,
B, 0.| oeciipation  nil tie manaRfr,  lntcmlN to ap-
fly for a ipedal timber licence over the follow-
t)K desrrlU-'l laudN: COfflmenclng nt a pout
plttnted at the son th cast corner ot Lo| KIQ6|
<rTi>np 1. Kootenay Platrtit, theuee liorlh ro
chains, thence weat SO Chains, thetxe sooth W)
chains, thence chk! 80 i-IihIus to point or com
i;i ���('��� ��� :r,������!)[.   and  contaiiinii: *>4<> acres, more or
Hated JoDeiff, 1W7.
..n.   Afl'tAM.Kh.
nelson I<and IMslrlct. District Ol W.st Kootenay
Take Dot tee that i-eorge Alexatider, of stulOi
11 0 .occupation mute manager,, intends to apply for u special timber licence over the follow-
iiir deserltwd lands: (JmnmencIiir al a post
planted at the southeast corner of I-ot loOf',
"���roup I, Kootenay District, thence north HO
chains, tbence cast GO chains, thence south HO
chains, thenre weft H) rim Ins to the point ol
coiJiiaetiecuienl, hJl.\ coiil|tliilii*^ <SJ) acres, more
or less.
Dated June 17, llKn. UroruK At.KXANtiKH.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice that George Alexandsji, of Kaslo,
H. C, occtipalioli mine inanasi r, in lends to up-
plv for u special timber Deem-,- over tho foil ��w
lni( described lauds; roiniriencjng at a tiost
planted at tin- northeast corner of Lot IiM,
���ffroiip li Koolenay District, thence west 40
ehalus, thence  south ltio .inlus,   thenco  cast 40
chains, thenos north 160 i-iiaini to the point ol
coinrneiieeineiit, and   ���   nr m 610 acres, more
or I ;ss
Dat>'d June 37, 1907. (iseROK ALSIanprk.
Nei.on Uud District District of West Kootenay
Take notice that  rgfl Alesnnder, or Kaslo,
Ii. (,v, occupation mine n i'��it, lntenda to np-
pljf for a special timber licence over (lie follow-
n /   descrlbo't   lanOsi    t.'oiiiiueneliiK   "'   "   l>osl
planted ��t the southwest corner ol Baotioo IS,
Township 7, Kootenay Dlstitct, theuee north io
chains to   the   aoijlh   iioun-ilary   of   the   Indian
Reserve, thenoe esst sbopt 10 chains to the
southeast corner of said Indlen  Reserve, thencs
ii-trth 40 chains    thetiee  east   alMJHt 7n chains  to
tin, west boundary oi Lot mi-2, thence south no
chains, thence west M chalua lo the point of
I'oinmcticeiuelit, aii'l i-niilaIlilt)R 600 SOTSS, more
or lean.
Dated   liiliu &, IWH. (IKOIIUR Al,KXAFM>KH.
Kelson Land District.   District of WSSt Kootenay
Take ootics thtt Seorgc Aleaa&der, of Kasic,
II 0., oc< upallon niiiii' HiaiinKer, Ititctids to ap
ply for a special timber   llceneu ovor the IoIIhh
nu: dasorioed lands: Oofflnsmotng at a post
punted at the intersection of the norib :tne of
BeUionM, Township 7, Kootenay Pistriot, snd
the cast Hue of tin In-Haii K> serve, thence south
HO i hains, thetiee east about 70 chains to the west
boundary of Lot SI8, thence uorth HO chains,
lli-nce weat about 70 l haliiH to Die point of coin
tneiicement, and containing 600 seres, more or
Dated June 27, 1907, <1kohur A \.t x \ -.|.i i:
Nelsou Land District.   Dlstrictof West Kootenay
TSKO notice   lhat   QeontS   Alexander, Of Kaslo,
R. 0 , occupiitloii mini! inuliaK'tr,   lulcnds  to up
tdy for a i pools I limbor licence  over  Hie follow
in�� described  lands:    Qonihii fldng ht a post
planted at the  uil> iscctloii   of thcsouili   Hoc of
Motion SB, Township 7. Kootenay Dlstrlet, and
the east I i tie of thr- I ml Ian Heiorve, 11,- nee cost
SDOUl 70 vhslns to tbe WSSt houti'htry -i I.i.ihi.-,
thenoe north 00 '-bains to tho south hank of
tioat rlv��r, Ihenee westerly Wi oh tin I along
south hank ol OOsI rltcr   to the west liueol said
section 'St. thence south Kn ohalni to p-ml of
oonuisnoementand contalnlut; M i acres, more
or lean.
Dated June87, W07. (IRoiior \ i > x \ ��� t>\\>���
Nelson Land Dlstilet DlgtriOtOfWest Kootenay.
Take notice thnl '���- <iv,<- A lexander of Kaslo,
II 0.| occupation mine manager, intends to ap
ply for a ipeclsl timber licence over the following described lands: ('oinuieuidng nt a post
i>l h n ted Mil.' south west corner of I^ot Mil, Group
I, Kootenay dlslrici, thence south 100 chains,
i hence east W 0l alns to the QorthsaSl corner of
(he Indian reserve; thence norlh iihoul Ittichalna
to (Joat river; Ihenee Westerly along the south
bunk of Goat river sbnut 15 chains to 'he south-
west corner of   Lot  41l|;   thence north about T)
i lotins to the northwest corner of >->-,d t.i-i i n ,
'hence cast nbou' 71 rlmlus lo Ihe IQUtfaWSSl
coiner of LotriUi, buOSS north ahout 8ft QhSlns
lo the | ulhcast corner of Lot NO| thence WSBt40
chains to tho point of cotninetit'tMimiif, anil run-
lalnltiK in acre*, more or less
Dated June 27, lis/; (Jjcokub Ai-kxandbk.
Certificate  of Ihe  Registration of an
Extra-Provincial Company.
"Companlee   Act,   1897."
I IIKKKHV PERT KY that the "Kinney Miller
Cedar   Company,"   has   this day ln���n registered
a�� an h \traprovin. ul Company, unoar the
"Uompauiei Act. n*y7," to carry out or effect all
oranvo; the objects of the * 'ompany to w blob
the Itgletatlve suthprliy of the Legislation Oi
British Columbia extends
The head office of the Company i�� situate in
the I'tty ol Rpokane, En the State ot ffaskhagton,
D S  a.
1 he   amount  of the capital Ol the company Is
Of teen thoniand dollars, divided into ope bun*
���I:."]  am)   fifty   Shares  of   one   hundred   dollars
The head ofllee of the company in this province Is situate at Creeton, and A'dium ifenry
Craw fold, uierchant. whose address is the same,
in the attorney for thai ompany (Hot empowered to Issue and tranter stock )
the time of tbe pxlsteno** ol the company is
tidy years trom Hie Oth day of March, 1W7.
I    e company Is limited.
OlTCU    nndei   my    hand   and   seal   of  nfflee at
Vi toria, iT..vimc of Brtn-di Columbia, this list
duv   ol   May, one  thousand   lilu*   Imudre 1 [aud
IL. a.J 8. Y. WonTTON,
Registrar of Jouu Btook Compaalae,
The objects for whteh this company has been
establish'.) and tCgtsterCd are :
1. To acoMire in any lawful manner, manufacture and kell or dispone of any and all kinds
Of cedar and wOker tlmu-r:
J. To acquire in any lawful manner timUr.
whetheretandlngor cut, uintx-r lands or other
lands, togs, poles, piim**. posts, lumber, shingles,
sliinicls i-olts. ti' d any and   all   kinds  ol   timber
product, to manufacture any and ni I such, and
lo dispose Oi same lu any Uwlul mauner:
3 To acqu re in any lawful manner store*.
Implements, and any and alt kinds of meteban-
dlse or property not in violation of law, ano u>
dispose of same in any lawful manner :
4. To buUd or to acquire In any lawful manner roads, tramways, or other means of transportation  necessary or convenient  t<> the other
Kurposes ol the Corporation, mid to Operata,
:H>e, or dispose of tame as may Im-deemed ad-
rlsable, provided the same be private way it and
roads Only, and provided further tnat this ap
tlcle is not to authorize Ihe Corporation lo opei
ale or maintain any pttbllfl or Udl road, nor any
pUblio Serving tratisportatlon system, nor lo l-e-
OOme li I I'uiiuoii carrier:
5. To manufacture any and all kinds of ar-
tleleeand pn.ducljras unv US deemed desirable
aud not In violation of law. and to sell and
dispose "I same In any lawful manner:
6. To do any sn I all other acts and thttiff"
neOeeSari or cipi.ilcnt forcarryltiK ou the Imil
ih-iin ��f the Company a�� baralnoeJore set forth.
IN THE MATTER of the "Rivers and
Streams Act" and amendmenta
��� ANX>���
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
Th* Canadian Pacinc Timber
Company,   Limited.
Notice is hereby  given  that  HO days after date
The Canadian PsClnOl luiber Company. Limited.
Intends to submit   o the Honorable Chtsl Com
mUssi.iier of l.ainls and \\ ..rks a pr   DOSS]  under
the proTlslons of the "ttlTers and B&wuns Act"
ami amendments thereto, for the rlKlit to im
prove Trout creek and Its tributaries from the
soureei of such creek and tributaries to the i��dni
M Ic re the fume flows Into Ttui.it lake in the Die
tri.t of vvcsi Kootenay, gnd to remove obstrue.
tions tberalrom und make the same lit for driving, storluic, BOStini and bo imlOg logs, ruTts and
er,ilts,  and  the fluinUik of 1 unilar thereon, slso
for the right to oolleot tolls thereon
rhe lands affeotel era Crown lands and lyits
770, TJM, flttl. 772, 771 7C^. 708 and J��), all in
<iroiip I, Wesl Kordecay.
Dated this BOth day of May, IWf.
by their solicitor, k. m. Macdonald,
Mon (a
poll |
shall {
of . ol
Ins so
ft ��� j
tatOd DlstrlOt,    lUstrtetof Wesl Koolenay
��� notice that Qeonn Hiurm,  oi Hillings,
ua, C H, A., iK'eopallon, nierehaiit, lu
lo ap|ily lor permission to pnrehuse the
itiK desertted land: ('oniiiM-ticltiK at k
lanled oti  the   west shore id   t'ppvr What
'arii ) iske, ami at the northweeioornar
iss, ibence west n ehsins, thenoe south
m, tbence esut Wchatlis, ihelicu north  Hi
t'i point of coiutneticemeul, and contain
cres1 more or lesi.
uiii. iw��7. Qsoaosflmest.
Nelson Land Dlstrlet    District of West Koolctiav,
Iske notice that Waller   McNeil, id HlllliiKH.
Montana, i'.h A.,oounpalton merahaat, lnieuds
lo apply   for   permliMloti   i.. ,.., n-i.ase tlie follow
IDKdi scribed laud | < omiiniiel nK at a |xigi p|Hm
ed on the west shorn of Upper rVhststisn(Oarlboo)
lake, ami   nt   the   norlliwesl   corner of   f^u HtliV,
thenoe   west  20 chaina,   thencs norlh ho chains,
Hence east   '.11   ciialns, t llCIM e soil I II Mil ( ha) lis   to
point   of   commencement,   ami   COD tain inn   MM)
acres, mori" or less.
May ��th, HW7 Wsl.TRH UOMBtL.
iiaii.ours is. w. corner, inciice soulh in chains,
tlicnce cast   10 ehnins,   ibence   norlh   tt) chains,
tin nee We��l40 chains loplaiwtd com net ment.
28rd May, 1W)7. Wii.i.iam KAiimit'ii.
Hlxty   days after data 1 purpose   miik|nu upplp
Oatlon to the Hon. Chief Comtnlsslotier of Lands
end works, for permission to purchase the foi.
Inwitij. described hind: Gommenoltt| nl I post
placed ou tuo trgst shore of Lower WhatSbSO
lake, about a 'i mile from the outlet of same,
and marked "H. W's, N.h. corner post," ruu-
tiltiK thenco Ho chains WPSt, thunce Ho ehalus
south, Ihciii'cWi ehnins east, thence HU chains
north to prdnt of noiniueiiuemoiil, coulaluliiK
540 ueren, ninre or less.
Dated the 2o<\ dny of Mny, ,'ki;
(Wgned) II. Wavhxm,
per K   (I. I'Af.o U.K. Agout.
j i intend to apply to the
hie the ( hief t'otiimisiilouer of l-ands aud
Hlxty rtayt
Works for permlsilon lo purchase the foilnwinit
deserlhed Intldslu West Kontonay district: UOtO*
menolng at a post nbmted on Ihe south shoio uf
Koolenay hike, and a .'joining I!. P. It. block No.
Hi, and marked "Tom Cordon's north west corner
post,"   ihenee soulh  40 elmlns,   UtSOOS ' ast 4()
chains, thenos north90qheiaSj moieorlsssiM
I.Msc   IhOTSi   Ihenee   west   40  HihIiih   to potuI of
oomtcen cement
Dated this ��0ih of April, 1W7.
Tom UoanoN.
The Hall Mining and Smelting]
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Hlxty dajs  alter date   i   intend to apply to Hie
Hon. Oblsf commleetonar of i.amis ana Works,
Victoria,   to   |   -rehaJMi   th     following   do. rl   ed
lands adjotniuK ihe Arrow lakes iti Waal Koot
enav: i ommencitiK at a [hh-i pianied at ihe
N W. corner of J. H. Porter's pre-emption, and
marked K W'a | W, corner post, ilon- s JUeaalttS
n- uii   alotiK  lake  atiore.   taeaos -"" ��� b��in�� . ��-i.
thenoe locEflnseootb, thenoe S9 chains wesl to
. o| bi'Hiunlng, contaimntt t" acre-., more or
April IM, 1W7.
Kotles is hereby niveu ibai BO days after date 1
Intend  to apply to the Hon   chief " oiiinU-.Miitier
ol i.amis and Works for permission to purchase
tbe toliowlnic described trai-t of laud, siinate in
West Kootenay dletrlot: Commenelni at a j-^vsi
pi an led on 1'lacer creek, near lis contluen. e M itti
summit creek, marfcea sfantaret steLaochlan*s
N K i-orner* thence south Un ham-. tDMOe w. il
*' chains, thence north 40 chains, iheuce east So
chains to place of commencement.
Mrd May, i9oi. ������,,..-.. u, j At, rlast,
William kaaaoOS> A��eui
hlxty   days   af:cr date I intend toapply  to the
Hou.  the Chief Commissioner of  l��n<is ami
Works to purr base IHoa- res of laud : Connueiu ing
at * |h-*i planted on the west iide ol S-Mlle i h es
on tin1 wtKuti road at*>>ut '.".. miles from kind
cnay lake, and marked   Nell trKechnte'l south
west coma* post, thanos wssttSOobalni, tbence
north   40  chains,   ihenee  cast   1" ciialns. ihenee
south 40 ciialns to place of 1h'*IuuIiis-
l-a-aled tills Hra day ul April. IWn.
Nsii  MiKn'iiMi,
K   J   t-LUoTT, AkciiI.
I. I be uiidersl. n-d, In ten. 1 alter ��> day* toapply
to the Hon.that ni-1 i lummlntouai ol Lands and
Works t     permission to puicbase ths rMiiov��in��
dl scrllK-d I i, 1; t .in ni nc I he at a Doe I mark. 1
T   M, Sharp %  6   K   t, . located   ��� n Ihe ����� S)1 ll ��� n
of Slocan     ke. sbi m twelve mflee trom tba hes i
of Hloeau i.k., theoce west 4u chains, ibence
north   4��  Chains   thence   east 40  chains, thence
south a   it| ihurs ol Hooao   iaas to polnl ol
comrneiu eraent.
Located May4lh. I    M   ,-n*hf.
Nelson Land Distill t    District ofWast KiKi'enay
Take i,on. f that Kdward Peters of Ymlr, 'nt-
isii coinmm< uocupatlon, miner. Intends tn apply for parmlseloo to pdrcbass tbe lui.owing
as* rlbed laud : i ommeneing at a post planted
on the ii rtti tiank of u>-t creak,aboot three
miles easterly ir n the jnii'tion ol Loetcreek
and  Salmon  r:\.t    in   the  Niimii isn-i 4��Mtin,
11.. .....     ...n,   V.   . Itnlo*.   tlienie   We-l Co  ehalus,
Iheucw .ouih   m chains,  more or   lesa,   p.   Lost
otesk, th on* ��� a*t foliowinj said i reek lo point
oi oommen emont,  snd  containiiiK  4nj  sores,
more or It h
Dated Juo�� stb, hoi Bdwajui Perns
Di-uii i ul West Kootenay!
lake n the ibat William David Ande.��� .n ,,f
Hltlar, oc.palton   l-ri-l|;emau. intend i lo apply
for permission io purchase the folioaiiii; descrlb'
en lands    t ommenmna ai a i>o*i punted at tti��
norlh   side  of    Hummll   OteSS,   marked   M.   W
thenoe north 10 chains, iheuce  eail 4o chains
thenoe south   'jo ehalna,   thence   weal   40 chains
to polnl of commencenieiii
Wll.1,1AM   DiVlt. ANDKRHiiN,
W. J. h������Tr, a\(SBt
Nelson Und Dlstrlet.   DlStlictol Wesl Kootenay
1sk��-   BOttee   that   John   1'hilhert   of    Nelson,
British Columbia, occupation, saloon keeper In'
lends   to   apply   fur   permlsalon  to purcbaac the
foiiuwinn described laodi Commencins al a
post planted on ths north nook Loei creek and
about two and one quarter mile* .,.-,.���,  froln
lie jiinstion oM-.st cicek and Halmou rlier, in
he Nelson land dlstilet. thetiee north An i halua,
tbence westoochains, thence ...m, mo chains
more or lass, to Losl creek, tbaDOSeaSl follow luu
saId creek to point of commencement and .on
taltiliiK ISO acres, more or lei.*.
listed Jon- Mb, iwn. John Ium.hkht.
Nelson Land Dlalrici.   District Ol West Koolenay
Take nollcc thai K.atik   McDonald,  ol Nelson,
llrlllsli Columbia, occupation miner, Id tends to
'Myfornermtseionto pnrohaee lbs ri.iiowinK
acacribed land*.: Ltunmenciuiats post idani.-d
on the north bank ofLoat creek snj abbutone
mile easterly from the luOOllon I I Lost creek
and Salmon fiver, in   ihe   heUou   land   district
thenoe north 00 chains, thenoe cam flu vhslns,
thence MMith 00 chains, them e wesl B0 "bain- [,',
point ol lommenccuii'ut, ami coutainlnu ;i��i
acres, more or loss
paled Juue Mb, IKOT. Kkank MrDowAlii,
Notice Is hereby ttTSII that BO <1ays alter date 1
Intend lo applv lo the Honorable the Chief Commissioner 11/ Lauds and Works for permission
lu purchase ihe followlUK di scribed laud, situate
lu West Koolenay district: Comiio-in |,)K at a
post plant d at the west boumlni \ of Lol IN ii|,
and nboul III. Jmins south .d IbeSOUth boundary
01  Ihe   rblbl of way   of   the   ||   r, H hero rail
Way, and marked P. A I"* ���uuheasl corner
Ihenee west HO chains, Iheuce iioilh to Hie soutli
boundary of tb,. M|bl of way of II c Sou them
railway, Ihenee follow I n* *nid boundai> of said
rlKht iif-wny lu an easterly direction lo the went
boundary of LotMBUl, thence south  to plftOS ot
Jon inoement, containing un acres, more or
Dated this 14th day of June, W.il.
I'Afi. Auquit Pavisom.
Nelson Land Dlslrici.   DlSlrli t of Wesl Koolenay.
Take   notice   that   Kdward   Prase 1, of  I nun,
Montana, D.IA, ooonpatlon wool buyer  tn��
tends to apply for permission lo pur.lia--e (he
lollowlng desctibcd bin,l; Cumtuencliiir nt a
pnslplanUKl tin the west shore of Upper What-
shan (Cariboo) lake, ami at the southeast corner
of   Ut lift Ihenee west ft chains, lb BO OS south
W Opsins, then UtSOohslns   ibence south so
chains, thence ea*< io chiiliis, more or less, io the
westshnrc of l'pp,.r WbSUhSD (Carihoo) |���ke;
thenoe northerly and westerly ahuj>; tlie said
shorn 80 ehalna, uioni or I- ���- to point of coin
menemiienl,   uud   coutaliiluK  M -tea, more or
May nth. 11)07. Ki.waki. Kkanrr,
Hlity dttyw aftej date t rtirpose  nuikltiu   application io the  lion,  the Chief Commissions Foi
Lands and Works for permlsilpn to pun' .��� the
foliowiliK dsSQ rlbed hind: Cnnnn. nil nu ��� | (l
post placed at the tiorlhciiM ci rner ol II C
-kl!iner,ii nppllcatloii to purehasn imirked
"R  H's, N. \\   corner post" ibence fiillowitii:   the
ssitern boundary of said application lu chains
south, thcucc runniiiK HO chainh eust, ili.nc, mu
OhalDI north lo ihe southern boundary of K, W.
HaniiliiKioirt application tl, purchase, iheuce Nil
chains wesl ahmir same to point i>f commence-
���ncnt, coiitaliitiiu nioaeniH, more or lean
Dated 2nd day of May, 1U07.
(Hljined) RHiliaiL,
perP.U. Ksumusa. Agent
BlXt* days all. r :.i,, 1 intend to au..r
Hon ��� hlel Conimiaalntier of 1 ��i: ��� ��� n ��� \i
foi permission to purchase the foilowici
scrl&od land in West Kootenay rtntriei i
DP 1. Uik at a ihmH ina'ked A C H . norlt
ie.ru. r |��,-.t, luuulng 40 chains easterly *Oom|
��� t��ry of Tlrabtr licence No j---,'immI
Miulherly Mi chain*, thence wnii-r.j 4ti ib*u��,|
thenos northerly 6e chains aiotuc in. 1 i iff
tract to taeniae* ol > omuiencenjent, cmjuisiwl
two bnndn I a.����������, more or le-n
:���.������: this -in day of May, i ��� ".
A. ('. Hi sn. Ixs-i'o
UXM     lays   alter date 1 intend toappll IStL
linn   * hlei  I'ommlssloucr of   l . 1, 1. .;,.��� * -i.
to pur' has,- fioacreiof land locate-1 about )���
M'Otheasl of burton:    fomtneurttur at �� ^__
planted at the soulhweal corner <>f |,,-i'-    ,"l
marked ���.   A   Hunter ��� southeast t oriter. Ibtftfll
north 4o 1 hains,   iheuce   wesl   J' chain*, tb-pftitl
'""Hi ������� bains,   Ihehf-W eaat     Al   chain* U. \ .*-���>���
of hciclunlng
I,o. ate-l April JOth, l��W7 ti   A   Hrms
p*>r A  Kksisr, Ajcnt
I. the uudt rsignrd. after SO days intrad     >r I
ply to the Hon. tlie Chief 1 t>-.,; v --, .'  ������
and Work* to purchase the following devrlMl
land. Cominenelng at the N K 1 of Ul"
��i I . thence west 40 ehalus. thenev oerth I
ehalna, thence easl M chain*, tb.*:.. .���-���.'.. :
ei.aln* to |M.|til of nimuii'im ment. rciitaliuni I
a< res more or lr*a
I ... at. d March ailh, I907. W. A. MlUS.
Nolb-e u hereby glTcn that CO days alt-rrdsujl
Intend t<> apply to the ll<tu. chief Coistmuivstil
ol Ijtnd* and Works for pt-rmlailon topurrkwil
ti.. foib.Ming d��*crlr>cd laud In W.-,l K.��irw)l
district, ou well shire of Lower Arn.w Ut*,l
a.|joiulUK l"t NO, ��K��. on the aoutb-. b-*ri:.i .���<���
al a \H��l niarkeil "Harry Mel^iM-l'il N I .erart|
pe��t and (I*nted on the thore of Lower I
Lske, ai the soitlhaael oorew of Capt Posh
i i 'I'l. Ibence west ����� chains, Ihence ��"niti ll
1 liiiti* more or leas to tbe north botindsry of Ll
Ki, 111,0.re* p. |t , thence 2 1 chains east *l<n( tt*|
said Umndary to lake, theuee north Slofi| '**!
lake shore  JO chatua,   more or  lew  to 1 g
1 ouiruetii emeiil.
May ind, 1907. J. D. M.��.rE.
Agenl for Harry M<-UmmL
BUtte days after date I Intend to apnly lo i*l
Hon the chief C��untnU��lonrr of Iadu* iw|
Works VieUtrla, to purchase l�� ai-nt el i����*l
located on the west side of Arrow take and t
��� ii.. -Mr north id 1.017f7S   Comment ing ai     -J
planted at thu N K. crtier ol h'l WW ale! insrt-l
e��l "F. B ri K. comer," and running north >���
chains, thence weat At chains, iheuce north SI
chains, thence west SO chains thence *nitit> SB
chain*, thence east 40 chains to point of la'lli'l
April rird, lisr:. r > Bsahlst.
J. K. Ankasi.s, Agent.
Nollcc i*hereb) a Hen thai sixty da>- arirr<U��|
1 Intend toapply to (he Don ChlcM o��luiMloS��|
of Lands and Works for permission i<> i !"* I
the   following descrlU'd iracl of land aitnato �����
West Kootenay district: Otsmmencing "< ��� P"*'!
planted about one-half mile mirth Irom l"'"_,l
Hummll creek, marked Jean �� amemn - * " ���
comer,   thvncd uasi  40 chaina,   thenos imTM
ehalneedhenae w^st *�� chains, tbencew>oib*
cimiui lo place of commencement
aid May, ISO? . Jk*N CaMBaO*,
WiLl.tAH Ha men a. Agenl
'is'ni May, lisff. Jotiw H. IfcLiPCBIASi
wii.mam IaJSWOOS, Agent.
TBke   notlOS   thsl   Harry   Williams of  >��
II    0 , rancher, Intends  in  apply  hir ia ruin
to    purchase    the  lollowlng   described    '��"'
A ell Kootenay district:
t ommsnolns at a post planted a-iisceiu i����
south* an uorner of f.oi -.m thousand ntnt sops
fed and eighty-live   (t-Vfcl), droupoiie Hi. ����� ���'"
dlsttn I, ihciue south twenty (Jo)chsin- H
.-.. -t ..ne bniidre.i and slily (IMi) dism     Hit"
north twenty (at) chains, Utenseeastons huiw
red and   slxiy (]fa))  chains hi Ihe point "' "'���  ���
meiiieineni ami coniatnlng ��A> sores, mow
I e*S,
luted Ihe p.iii day of May, i-m,
lUnnv WIUI**";
1, ths nndSHuraed. after M devi intend jtoff:
ply lo Ihe Mon Xfie Chief Comiulrsloii. ".I I* '
and Works r.ir perrtilsslun lo purohase ihe '���'
lOWlng   described   laud:    Commencing st S pwj
marked N  B.n, situated on the wtsi stmn'"'|
Mlocan lake, about twenty miles from BI01 sn <'   ���
Ibcn.e west   HI ehnins,   thetiee soulh   Kn  ''bsli �����
tbence   east   40 chains,   Iheuce   north along "ir
shore of   lake  HO  elmlns tu point of  muiim-fl'
Located May llh. BBpT SiU"'-
HdiTCM WillTB, Agenl.    _
Itzty days after date i Mrposem*k]MSPlP|'%
lion   10   ihe Chief Commissioner ot I*'1,'1'" '��� 1
Works for permission  to pnrehuse the foll"��i'��
described land:   (lomuienclng at a poll P'���� ,
at the norihweat corner ot mnytflt "I ami n'�� ���
ed"!'   MiC'sHK enrn. r post,"   running   Hi"""*
HOehaliiH norlh thenco H'l ciialns wesl,   llienw^
chain a south, thence m ehalna east,   lo  p"im '
couinieiicemeiit, 1 iintaliiliig t.l" acres,  ui""'
Dated Ihlstiih duv of Al���v. I'.hi;
(HlgiT.-|J P��rSH Mtt'ld.MxH,
per I) A. MiCtit.i.iH n. Agenl
Hlxty days sftor ditto ! Intend to applv ���<> lh[
Hon, Cbl.f Uommlsslonc/ Ol Lands and Wot��|
io purnhass 840 sores ol land, situate on ths �����"
Side of Arrow lake, nhout two miles from B|ir''".
Comiuenclug atn post planted nt the B h '���<"' '
of L Bfte?, and inn ke.i N. T   IPs N. W  001**1 "   '
tunning cast lo ohalni,ihsnossouthw'���'���":*
Ihenee west 4ii chuliiH, llmiute south ifticli'in1-
i ben... west 40 chains, ibence north 40 ohslni'
place pi huglnulnjr. ��� __
llurloi), April Sfrd, IW07. NNLLIB T- BBSS,
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P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
1NEL.SOIN, fci. C-
cry John Johnson, Post-
,   intends   lo   apply   for a
over   the  following den-
Take noUos thnt 1I<
master ot Kcrnie, H.
up*-' l<il Umber liMflu
crlbed lauds:
No. 1 ���Coiniiieiieing al a   post   planted   In   Ihe
I iM-trl't nf West Kootenay, alio ul two mites north
| of  Ihe   itileiiialloual   boundary   line   and  about
I mile WBStOl  Hdiinilar,   lake  adjoining   and
I between licences No SC-71 aud ��*���:*,  thence loutb
[ Ni Bhalns, thenoe wenl ��1 diali.*. Iheuce north no
hence east HO ehains to place of commencement.
Dated June 5, 19U7.       H. J. JoBOnsOST, locator.
Afli. llsc-srrr. Agent.
No. 2 ���Commencing  ai a (��>sl  planted shout
' one mile north oi the   northwest  comer ol H. J.
JobnsotiV   :*iu. 1 lliutier   claim,   tic n  �����   south   -so
chains, thence eaat m  chains,   thence   north ft)
chain*, ihenee west BO ehaius to place of eoui-
, iiii'ik ement
Dated J��ue 3, 1907.       II. J   Johnkoh, Lot-ulor.
And  IlacKirrr, Agent.
No   a.-~Cotnmcriclug at a   po��t planted  at the
norihweat corner of 11. J. Johnaon'* No. 2 limber
claim, theuee aoulh Wt.chalni,  ihenee   west HO
f ebalns, thence north no chains, tuencu east no
ehnins to place of commencement.
haled June 8, 1907.       H. I   Johnwjm, Ixxalor.
AMU. Hack. Err, Agent.
No   4   -Commencing   at a   |a>Bt   planted at the   I
northeast corner of II, J. Johnson's No. S timber
r In tin. tbanoe   north   wi  cna:ns.   tin nee   weat SO
Cbalna, thanee   south   Ht)  rimtun,  theuee  east*)   I
chains lo pla  ��� ��� ol - ninincliceim-ul
lialeil June 3, 1W7 li   J. JoilMWN. |jnc��mr       ]
ANti. Hark Kit, Agent.
No t>.      'omiueiPlug at a pout   p'.atiled   at   the  j
northwest curucro! H   J  Johusoti's No 2 Umber  i
claim,   tbeaoe   uorth   B  eliains.  iheuce  east  Wl  '
Chains    tbeaOC   soutti *i chains,   thence   wesl WJ
chains to place of commencement
Hated June f, l��/7.        II. J   JoSOMOft. I/icfttor.
Ano. Hackstt. Agent
No. 6 Conimencliig at a pci.il plauted about
one mile north of tlie northwest corner of il. J.
Johnson's No. & Umbel claim then.-e south "l
ehalus, Ihenoe eaat HO chains, thetii-e north wj
chatus. thenco west HO chains Ui ptaM of com-
DoSSd JuneS, 1W7.       H. J. Jouksov, i^-s-etor.
And. Hcki.ii, Agent.
No. 7. "Commencing at ��� post planted at the
north wesl corner of II. J. Johusioi'* No i. limla-r
idaltn, tlience aoutb Wl chain-,, theuee westHU
chains, thenoe norlh Ml chains, thence east WJ
Chains to place of ' oinmcncemeui.
Dated June.t, lia/J.       11. J  Johhbux. I on��u>r.
And. Ha'Kktt, As'ent
No tc-CiunmcueiiiK.it* p*��l planted at the
northeastOOrneT OtH. J Johnson's No 7 limber
lUim, ibence north HO cbaliiM, iheuce west m
i hains, ihenee south W> chains, iheuce ea��t Wi
chains n< pUee oi eominenceinonl.
l>ated Juue t. tWL        II   J   JORMOtt. Una tor.
AM). 11 tea kit, Agent.
No. u QOBSSSSSMdni SAanOSt planted at the
northweatoorncr of II J Johnson's No ft timber
claim, thence north ho ehains, thence east N
(hains, tlience aoutb *' chains, thetiee gSStft)
chains lo i*.iiit of eommeneamanl
Dated June 3, 1W1 H.J   Joiik*"N. Ux'atur.
No. hi    Comincin'tig at a poll planted at the
northwest comer of timber lloeuos MM, thenoe
north 80 vital n*. thence   east  Ho  ehi.ins,   ihenee
soutb So chains, tbtrsoe wost Is chains to place
of coinineticeioetit
Dated JuneS, \V01.        U   J   JoBKSOK, Locator.
 A��u H*earrr, Agent	
Take nolle,, that Han Maker, prospeelor, of
KUo, n C , Intends to apply lor a spe-tal limber
Lloenog over the following .Uscrlhed lands I
No 1, c.iiunciietng at a post planted in the
district of West Koolenay, ab-uil eight miles
west of the kifoieuay river near the north hank
of lioundarj ereek sod one mile tio-th ol the International boundary line, which churns are described   as   follows:   At   the north wesl corner ul
Urn bar licence n��. wir.i, ihenee north ��w chains,
theuee cast Ho chain*, theiii-e soulh W> chains
tbei greotSO chains to place of com menceuicnl
Hated 1st June, 11*07. "an IUkkk.
No a. Commencing at a Met planted at tho
Southwest comer ot ' an Maker's No. 1 ��� latin,
thence norlh w> ciialns. thence wesl HO chains,
theuee south HO chains, thetiee east HO chains lo
place of commencement
Dated 1st June, l*,7 ����an Hakkr.
No.3. -Commencing at a post planted at ihe
nortbwesl comer oi Dan Baker's No I olalm,
thence north   HO  chains,   tl    east80 chains,
thence soulh ho chains, Iheltee wci HU chains lo
place Olcomineueeliietlt.
Dated tsi June, im*. Dae iukkk.
No i   commencing at a post planted at the
northaset ootnar ol   Dan Bakers  No. 8 claim,
thetiee   north ft1  chains,   thence west NO chains,
Ih, ��  BOOtfa   Mil  chains,   thsJ&OS  cast chains to
place of i ouuuenceineiit
Dated lsl June, 1W7. "ah  ItAhKK
No. ft, Coinmenclug at a jhisI planted at the
llorlhwcst comer of lltut-rr licence No KfiV,
thence norlh HO ciialns, thence cust M> chains,
thence south HO chains, thence weal HO chains to
place of commencement.
filled June-llh, LMf. !'*N Hakkk.
No.fi    Commencing at a post Planted  at   the
norihwcst corner ol Dan Basert No r> claim,
then re north no chains iheuce east HO chains,
th'liee sou'h HO chain-, thetiee west NO chains lo
place of commencement.
Doted J Hli. iwfl. "*�� MakKH.
No 7 c.Miimeiiclug at a post p'aUlcd al the
OOrthMSt com. r of limber licence No MM.
tl   north no eimtns, theuee  west m chains,
thenoe south so chains, thenoe east no chains to
point of commencement.
Hated June lib   h��fl DAI Hakkk.
Nn. H Commcncttig at 0 OOSt planled al Hie
northeast corner of Ibiu Maker's No 7 claim,
thence north ho chains, Ihenee west HO chains,
thenoe south HO chains thetiee cast W) chains lo
pljtoe ot commeiicen	
Hated June lib, Man
HaN lUhKH.
Is hereby given    hut 80 days alter date I
 i.   .' Ti... ii  ..I- it!. ,'i.i..r i .mi.
noiiee ih ncreuy given    nui  '*' unys nn- .  ---.-.
itttend to appl) lo  HnimraMi' the Chief < om
iiilssioiier of Lands and Works for a Special
license lo Mil and carr> awn* Umber trom lh��
following dcserlhcd lands In Wesl Koolenay dls
No I Coinmenclug at a post marked William
Walmsley, planted at Kokanee tick Siding oil
the Procter extension, on the west side of Lot
'.������'.', on the south side of Ihe West Ann ol Kootenay lake, ciiuiiueiiclng at the N K corner post
running south HO ehains, wesl Hli ehalus, norlh ml
chains, east ho ch,ilus i��� pUog of beginning.
ljocatod Bra June, I*i7.
wii.mam WAt.Mhi.ay, Locator,
Jamkm lhuoiAtin
Nelson hand District.    Hlslr.clot West Kootenay
Nollec Is hereby given Unit thirty days alter
date I. J. I', HwoillMitu, of Nelson. II. C, miner,
Intend toapply to the lion, the Chh'f Com mis-
hloiier of Lands and Works,at Victoria, for A
M'ccIhI license to cut ami carry ii'ity timber
from thu following described lands, stiuated on
Hummll creek, hi the West Kootenay district:
Nn. I, oiniiieiu inn ill a post marked .1, I*. H's
ttuiher limit, tiorlheasl corner poal, located on
west lork of Hiimuilt creek, about 2 miles from
iiiulii creek, theuee running soulh Ht) cIihIuh,
thcucc running west 4U chnliis, iheuce running
north 40 chains, theuee west 40 chains, Ihenee
north HO chains, thence runniuic east 40 chains,
thetiee running south 10 ehalus, thence east 10
ehititiH to place of commencement.
HaiM.t this nth day of June, IWI7.
J. P, BWSDS>ROi locator.
N-v, 2. '���oinineticlng at a post marked J. f. h"!
timber limit, itorlhwest corner post, located ou
west fork of hum mil creek, nboul two miles frmn
iniitu creek, ihenee rittitiluR south HO chains,
thence running cast HU chains, ibence running
north HO chiilii", iheuce running weal �����> i hulns
to phi e or commencement
Dated theMh iluy or June, I'.ir;
J, 1*. HwaniieHu, Locator.
fetaotl Lnd IMMrk't    Histrb t of Wesl Kootenay
1 ake notice lhat Walter Kdward", of Fe-guson,
B.C. oecnpatloa cook, intends to apply tor a
spools] timber licence over the lollowlng des-
ciioed lands: Coinmenclug at �� post planted
l1 . miUu up a creek running Into the head of
���  ���- i. -��� , on lbs east Odeot Cariboo lake
and marked "WBltei Kdward's northwest corner,"    thetiee    south    flo   chains'   tbence   east   no
chains, thence north ao chains, thenoe west mi
chains io point cd commencement, and containing r,to acraa, more or hss.
Hated April -Tth, 1977 Waltkh EliWAKhP,
by his age lit 1*. C. ManNIN*..
Nelaon I -,::������. District District of West KiKilettay
Take notice thut Walter Kdwards, of Ferguson,
B (.'.occupation cook, Intends to apply for a
special limner licence over ihe .VMowing dea-
orlbod lands: Comaunielhg at a postal mil ��
up StOrane creek and a U mile east Irom A.
Evan's corner p��tst Nn. 9, aud marked "Waller
hdwards % northwest corner post," thenoe east
40 ehains, thence south 160 chaln>>, tbence west
IU chains,   tbence north   lt>0 idiaiuH   to   point of
commencement, and containing mo sens, more
or less.
Haled May SOth. 1907. Waltkr Kr.w akiw.
by hli agent F, 0. Mannim..
Nelson Ijind District. District of Weat Kootenay
Take uotice that Waiter Kdwards, of Kergn&oii,
B. ('., weupatlo., cook, intends to apply lore
special timber licence over the following des-
arlbed lands: Commencing at a pott planted
abon a mile from the head of Cariboo lake and
one inn' esst of said lake, and marked "Walter
Kdward'a southwest corner," theuee north HO
chains, thence east NOchatns. thence south HO
chains, theuee wesl ni ehalus to point of coin���
neni cineut. and containing M0 acres,  more or
Hated,,May 30lh.  ltKOV Wai.tsr Kt.WABl>��-.
by his agent F. c  Maksim..
Nelson Land District. District of West Koolenay
Tane notice that Arthur K. Kvans, of Beaton.
11. (J-* occupation cruiser. Intendi toapply (or a
-peeini timber npanoa over the following dea-
��� .!.������; lands: Commeucing at a post ptnuicd
-ftl-.ut ,'�� miles up BtOvoOS creek rtiMilng into the
east slda of Cariboo lake marked ���**.. r. Bran's
Moithwcst corner poet*" Ihenee north HO chains,
ib< in e   eaat 80 ehalna,   thence   sotilh W* chains,
thence  wesl Hii chains  to p dnt   of commencement, ami (ontaining tVti acres, more or leas
Hated May SOth, 1*17. Ahtiiik K. STaJsa.
by his agent Y. 0, Mannino.
No 1. NVitietj Is hereby given thSt St) days
after dale I intend to applv to the Chief Commissioner,   ol    Laud   aud    Works,   for  a  special
license to out and carry Umber from the following itesi'ih d land*-, situate i ou the noiilhcaat
-i ie   "'.   Salmon   river,   ill   the    district   of West
Kootenay;   tSomaaaadng m a post placed about
**) yards west of Hose l>-af creek marked "It. M
Kcevess uorlhwesl cornar," then-e HO chains
south, theme HO chains east, thence HO chains
north, thence HO chains weft to place Of commencement.
Located on the llth day of /una, 1907.
K   M. KkkySs, Locator.
No "J. Notice is hereby given that .*Ht duys
after dale 1 Intend to apply to ihe chief com
���iiir-ioii. i of Land** and Worki. lor a speolal
license lo cut and carry Umber from -he following deeerlbed Ihh-'c slluateU on the southeast
ide o' Ibe :-Almon river, tn the district of West
Ko'tteuay : romm*>i��elo�� ��t �� uoit place 1 alxmi
���1HI yard-, west of Ko*e Unf creek, marked "U   M-
Eteeres*s No. B southwest comer," thence *>
ehnins norlh. thence HO ehaius ea��t, thence 80
chains south, thencsH chains WSSt to place ol
Located on the 10th day of Juue, 1��I7.
It   M. KkbvBs, Uicator.
Nelson tsUld Dlslrici.   District of Wesl Koolenay.
No. 1 lake notice that ( eorge A. Laurie, of
Creston. B C , lumberman, Intends toapply for
i special timber licence o-er the followlug described lauds:
Commencing at a po-t planted about one mile
SOUth of the Lick cablu    on tne Lick cabin trail.
00 Inonakl lu creek,   tlience   north   m chains,
thenoe east ho cbalnsi thenoe south ho chains,
Iheuce wi st NO Cbalni to the point of comineucc-
tneul and containing ����� *����� aurcs, more or leas.
Ma]- 1st,-lW>7. ��lo A. l^il'SIB.
tSl*On Land District.   District of West Koolenay.
.��0. 2 - Take notice that Heorge A Laurie, ol
Creston, B t: , luic.beriiian. lutein! to applv for a
- leolal timber iic-n.e over the following de-
lerlhed lands:
Commencing at a po*t jdalitcd about one inllw
south ol the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
on liionaklln creek, thence soulh HO chains,
thence test  an chains, thence   uorth  hu   chains,
1 hence west HOctialti'- lo the point ol commence
ment and containing 040 acres, mere or less.
May 1st, 1W7. Uao. A   Laubib.
Nelson Lead District    Dlstrictof West kootenay.
No  ��.  -Take   notice   that   W.   H.  1'age, of Fire
Valley,   II.  C, cruiser,  intends   to   apply for a
.pedal timber licence ovai the following described hinds:
Commencing at it post planted sboul one mite
south of the Lick cabin    ou the Lick cabin trail,
ou inoiinkiin creek, thence souih ho chaiiiR,
thenoe wvet ho obalns, thenos north nn chains,
tbeuee SMt HO chains lo the point of coiuuuiice
incut and containing S40 acres, more or less.
May ui. iwn. w. ii  I'aus. Locator,
liBO. A   LaI'BIB, Ageilt
Nelron Land DHIrlcl.   Dlstrictof West Konlcliay.
No. 4. lake nollec that W. II I'age, ot Fire
V iii ley, H ('..cruiser, I u tends toapt ly for a special
Umber licence over Ihe lollowlng described
Commencing at a poet planted SOOttt otic ml e
south of the ink cabin, ou Ihe Lick eatdn trail,
ou liioiiaklin creek, Iheuce tiurlh Ht) ( hains,
thenco wesi hii ehnins, thence soiilh HO ehalna,
Iheuce east H<) ehnins io Ihe point of commencement uud containing 040 sens, more or less.
Mav lsi, iwi7. w, il. 1'aob, Locator.
(l��o, A   I.Ai'.mo, Agenl.
Nelson Land Dlslrici    DlltrletOf WaSt Kootenay.
No f. Take notice that Ucorgo A. luurie, of
t'roalou, li 0 .luiiibenuiin.lnieii'ls lo apply for a
npi-elal limber llOOnsO over the following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
-otllh aud one mile west, of ihe Lick cabin, oil
ib. Lh-k Cabin Irall, on luoiutkHu creek, thonco
west  NUclMiliis.   Uicnce  north Hi) chains,  theuee
east N.��eh.i ins tbence south ho chain* to tho point
nl con-mcI), einch! und coiiIiiIuIuk l>ill acres, more
or less,
May 1st, IW'7. OSO,  A. Lai'IUR.
Nelson Lend Dlslrici.   t> strict ol West Kootenay.
No B Tiilte nollec that 'coign A. Linrlc, of
Creston. B. 0 . luuiheruinu In lends to apply for
it special timber license over the following dos-
cilbed lands:
Commencing at a post planted about one mile
south and nUe mile west of the Llok Catdn, on
the Idek Cabin triill ��� Q luouakltn creek, thence
west HI) chains, iheuce south HU chulus, theuee
east Hi) chains, thence north H'J chains, lo the
point of commcui-emetit and coulalntng 040
Hires, more or less.
May 1st, 11MI7 ��'���*>��� A. Laurir.
Nelson land District.   District of West Kootenay.
No. 7. -Take notice   that ticorgo   A.   Laurie, of
Creston, B, c , lumbermsni intends to apply for
a spealsJ timber license over tbe following dsS'
������riiied hinds;
Oommenotng ai a posi plnntsd about ons
Quarter of a mile lu an eastorh  direction from
r.lek cabin, on Itioiiiikllii creek, ihenee nonih 40
ohaiosi thence naitlsoobalns, tbeuoe northU
ObaltiS,   theuee    vest   Iflll chains M t he   point   01
commencement and eontainliig '4ti acres, more
0rHsYist, lot"- at!0 A- Lau��*"-
Reiterates   Opposition   to   Negotiations
Between  Sir Wilfrid  Laurier and
Vatican   Authorities.
Winnipeg; July 5.���Dr. T. fci. Sproule,
M. I'., Most  Worshipful Haeter and Sov-
eratsa ur tin* LbyeJ Orange usaociation
of British America, ami preeideni of the
Triennial Orange Council or the World,
is i'the ^iiewt ol\ his nephew, W. EL
BpTOttle, of Foil OOUgef during his visit
of 10 days to Winnipeg, and will he infrequent conference with the local officials
of the aKsoeiution. Or. Sproule will attend the special meeting of the local
lodge in Orange ball this evening, which
is expected to he crowded with mem-
ben in expectation of Important statements from tne worshipful grand master on subjects diiecUy connected with
the order, and more especially as regards the result of proceedings and the
action of the National Conference re-
eently held in Vancouver, when a
speech delivered by Dr. Sproule stirred
the French Catholics and the members
of the Liberal party and the Laurier
cabinet to a high pitch of Indignation
by the imputation in Dr. Sproule's Van
couver speech that Sir Wilfrid Lauriei
never failed to visit the Vatican at
Bome just prior to an approaching general election.
Dr. Sproule, although somewhat
averse to continuing the controversy,
In what mlghL seem a vindictive man
ner, reiterated the statement that the
entire Orange association of opproxi-
mately 400,000 members, in Canada, was
unalterably opposed to Vatican control
oi Canadian national affairs.
"While I was, io a certain extent,
misquoted," said Dr. Sproule this morn-
Notice la hereby given that thirty Uays alter
date I Intend to applv to th- Hon. the Chief (om-
inissioner of l.nv- and Works for a special 11
cenoe to cnt and carry away timber from the
following deacrltM."! lands lu West Kootenny
district: CommenetttC at a : ���-' planted on the
ncrth hank of I en Mile creek, about one mile
and a half frem Blooan lake, marked H. H ruts'
northwest eur-icr poet, ihenee east UB chain*,
nee south 40 ofaalnc, thence west 160 ehains.
thence north   10
lUt-e��l this BBtb d
betas to place ol coinmenne-
ol Juue, V907.
H. 11. Pitts, Locator,
 A. W. flTTBBS, Agent	
Notice Is hereby given Uiat thirty tlays alter
date I intend to apnly to the Honorable
t'hlel ('oinmisstoner ol LAUds and Worka at
Victoria. B." ., for a special license to cut aud
carrv awav tiniK*r from the following described
lands In wast Ceoteoaj district: Commencing
.' ii i-->M planted on tliSweel hank of Smeller
creek, about one inlkm nth ������( !!..��� i iiy of Nelson,
Ibeaee Mntth Bp ctminK, theuee we^t ho tdiaini,
thence north ho chains, thence east W) chaiuc to
plaee of coiumincemcuL.
Datetl tills Hth day of June, l'H)7.
c. c. i 'i.Ait*, Locator.
 I). B^OTH^Aneilt.   __
S.-u..n l.hiot lii-tict, I>l��drict of West Kootenay
Take notice lhal John I'hllbert, of Nelson,
Hritlsh Columbia, Fuloon keeper, intends to
ttpply for a special limber license over the foi-
low tug des rlbed lands:   Commencing at a post
Claired about three miles up the llrst right
and h'auch o( l.oil creek and about live miles
illstanee and In a Boulheasterlv direction from
ihe Junction of paid ' "-<��� creek aud the soutb
'ork of Salmon river lu the Nelson land dlrtriet,
thence norlb SO chains, thence cent M chains,
tbence soutti Ho chatus, Ihenee west fti chains to
point of . niniiielicemetit, and containing MO
acres, more or less.
Dated June tttn, 1��)7. John I'huukbt.
Nelson Ijind District District of West Kootenay
Take notice that John 1'hilbert. if Nelson,
Hiitisb I'.lumbli, saloon Reaper, Intends to
apply lor a special timber llcev.se over the following described lands: Coniin��-nclng at a post
plained on the north side of l<osi creek about
mx miles -'.\- t-ii*i und in an easterly dlreetlou
from the Junction of Losl creek and tbe soutb
fork nf Salmon river in the Nelsou laud diatrict.
infill ���.*..�� ���� ��h��lti., ibence south 80 chains.
thence east BO chains, thence mmb HO chains
tO point Ot commencement, and eonuitnluB -.m
acres, more or less
listed Juue Uth, 1907. John I'uii.hkbt.
Neljon Land IU��trict. District of West Koolenay
Take notice that John IMiilberl, ot Nelson,
llriliah Columbia, saloon keeper, intends to
itpply for a sim>c1hI Umber license over the following described landsI Commencing at a post
planted on the north side of Lost creek about
lour miles distant and lu an easterly direction
irom the junction of said Ia>ht creek and the
Muilh fork otHaliiuni river In the Ncl-on Und district thence w. st 10 chains, tbence south 8hchains
iheuce east Ml ehains, tbeuee north HU chains to
point <d commencement, and containing *"i"
aerSSi more or less.
Dated June t'-ith, UW7. John 1'uii.bkkt.
Nelson hand.District. District ol West t'ootcnay
Take notice thai John I'hllbert, of Nelson,
Urilish Columhla, sahhiti koeper, intends to
apply lor a spec In I limber license over iho following described >auds: Commencing at a post
nImiu one uud one-half miles up the ilr-t right
h.tud branch of Umt creek, and about (our milev
��� ���,-���.mi and In a southeasterly dlreetlou from (he
junction id en Id host c eek and the south fork of
rtahnuu river lu the Nelson land district, thence
north M Chains, Ihenee east HO churn-, thence
SOntfa *" chains. Ihenee west ho chains to point
o| commencement and containing OtO acres,
mure or less.
Dated June 12th, 1W7. John I'jumikhi.
Nelsou Land Dlslrici. District of West Koolenay
Take notice that lohn rtllHirt, nf Nelson,
Hrltish Columbia, saloon KSepeTi intends to
apply tor a spcclsl ilnila-r license over the following described lalnts: Commencing at a post
plumed about two miles up ihe right hand
branch oi bOSl creek snd about four miles distant snd in a southeasterly direction from the
junction of said Lost creek and tho south fork
of trillion river ui Ihe Nelson land district,
I heme south HO ehnins. thence easl HO chains,
thcucc norlh no chains, thence west HO chains to
point   id  commencement,    and   containing  Oil)
acres, in ire or less
Dalld June l.'ili. l'.i>; JOHN 1'Hll.llKBT.
Nelson hand District.   Dlslrici ol West Koo'etiay
Take notice that John I'hdhu t of Nelson,
llrltlsh Columbia, saloon kcc|H<r, Intends to ap
....   .-._ _   ->.. -i -i  . i.. i.. ,   11, ..,,.,..  .......   11...  i. .i
'���"Ml- ll  *  IMIIIUniHi Slliooil     ��it|h-i,   iini   Ill   lip
.ly |or a special timber Ilceuui! over the hd
ii wing described lands: Commencing at a
.osl planted on the north sHeol l-"-t creek and
nboul four miles illslant and In an easterly
dlrtotlOO from the Junction ol nald Ixtst creek
uud ihe south fork ol Balinon river In thu Nei
sou laud disirli I, thence i list HO chains, thetiee
soulh Hu chains, theuee west HO chains, thenco
north Hi) chains to the polnl ol couimeueenielit
and containing mil acres, inoie or less.
Dated June 12th. Ii��t7. John I'lllhU' ht.
Notice In hereby siren Hint :m days alter date I
Intend l > apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Uinds und Works, Victoria.
|ur permission lo cut and carry away timber
from tho following described lands, In West
Kootenay :
No. 1.��� Commencing at a post planted on the
soiilhwest comer of surveyed lot No. 12t\ HI,
thence cast 10 ehains, thence north HO chains,
thence east to Hie southcHsl corner of said lot,
thence north lo the northeast corner ol said lot,
theuee east to thu west boundary nf pre emptlon
No. Ni/, Ihenee south to tho north boundary ot
Umber licence No HMO, thence west along the
said boundary to the northwest eoruoj ot mid
license, thenco south to the norlb boundary ol
timber license Nu. 70IH, theuco west to a point
dpe south of commencement, thenco norlb to
place of commencement, cuntaluiug Mo acres,
more or less
Dated May fiflth, 1907.
P, A   I'APMum, Locator.
J. A. Bt'i.MVAN, Agent.
No. 8 ���Commencing at a post nhmted at thu
southwest coiner of surveyed lot No. ���J.'JUil.
theuee south lo the northern boundary of limner ItoenSC No 7lU8, theuco west to the norm
west eorni-r ot sal i timber license, tlience south
to the northern boundary tit lot No, 8 2, thetiee
lollowlng 'Hid boundary of suld lot west to the
right ot way o| ihe U 0. Southern Hallway,
thence following said   rlghtof way   In  a   north-
easterly direction to place oi ooounenoemont,
Dated May -.'.Mli, 11*07.
I*   A   I'AI'I.SON, Loci lor.
J. A. Sullivan, Agent.
iu-2. "ypt it doeu not materially affect
our poaitlon in the matter. The Htate-
ment I made In rny address to the convention at Vancouver, that the prime
minister pf Canada made a periodical
visit to the pope, at Home, juiit prior
to a general election, was not original
with me, but was a quotation from
Bereshoff's journal, a reliable publication and one I have good faith in whatever It prints.
"Nevertheless, tht? fact that the statement was not original with me and
merely a quotation, does not in the least
alter the fact that Sir Wilfrid Laurler
visited Rome previous to the last two
general elections, and naming his uncompromising attitude on the separate
school question, the members of the
Orange association do not Intend to pit
supinely by while papa] influence Is allowed to permeate the principle of our
notional government as it affects our
system and methods of public education.
"The Orange association has no quarrel with Sir Wilfrid Laurier or with his
religion, hut we do vigorously oppose
any policy of government that is either
suggested or dominated by the Catholic
(hurch of Home. We shall continue to
fight bitterly Sir Wilfrid Laurler or any
other Canadian minister who plans to
place Ihe school system on any other
basis than that of absolute secular publicity. The Orange association is not
In politics, nor any particular religion.
but where the broad scope of national
welfare is menaced by special legislation or policy, for the benefit of any religious body or association, either
Catholic or Protestant, then we are in
politics and religion too, to a finish."
"Is It a fact. Dr. Sproule, that when
a Liberal member of the Orange association Is elected to parliament, or to the
cailnet, he generally forsakes the
Orange  principles?"
"1 regret to say that in many cases
that is true. They are not always as
good Liberal Orangemen after election
either in parliament or position as they
were before. Emmerson Is a notable
example. He was the highest dignitary in the order, in his province, and
was a true Orangeman until he became
a member of parliament and later a
cabinet minister. Now, I don't suppose
he ever thinks of the order, or If he
does, he doesn't make much noise about
it. For Emmerson to be a good Orangeman and a member of Laurfer's cabinet
at the same time would be utterly inconsistent to one or the other."
"What is the status of the separate
school question uow, in the West, so
far as you have observed?"
"In Saskatchewan ft is not so encouraging as we had been led to believe by
speeches In the provincial aud Dominion parliaments. W'e understood that
Saskatchewan had only two separate
schools, but we learned sometime prior
to the Vancouver convention that there
were many In that provelnce, though all
of them were not In operation. There
has been a sort of an Insidious growth of
the separate schools between here and
British Columbia. It has not been or
large dimensions, but enough to show
the members of the Orange association
that if they intend, by the weight and
Influence of therr rapidly increasing
numbers, to keep out the practise of any
particular creed or orthodox faith from
the public schools, they muBt exercise
a constant vigil aud meet that kind of
a policy with its own weapons. It is
a dangerous controversy and one
doesn't like to precipitate this question
into a vortex of public recriminations,
but the Orange association will do ItB
duty, nevertheless."
to*. ��urnule had not decided what will
he the subject ut \��t��� midress to the
Manitoba Oraugeraen on July l'J, WUon
it Is expected that every lodge will Bend
its delegates to Winnipeg to take advantage to fair week. The occasion
will be of special Import to local Orangemen and the vexed question of
separate schools will again be threshed
over for possibly the thousandth time in
Orange  meetings.
H. C. Hooker, editor of the Orange
Sentinel, which has so relentlessly assailed the Laurler administration and
the Catholic church, on the separate
school question, was to have met Dr.
Sproule at Reglna, and was supposed
to be in Winnipeg, but It was found that
he had gone to his home In Toronto.
Notice Ih hereby given that SO day* alter date 1
Intend lo make application to tbe Honorable the
���!n- i ' ..uiiiil-Moner ol   Lands   and   Works,   Vie-
lorlH, B. C., I r a s|>< < l��l licence uv cut timber on
the following dciicrlbod landa in West Kootenay
dlstrlet: Commencing at a post iltuated on
Ulueh rry creek, about four miles from iti mouth
and adjoining the N. W. corner of my application No. 1, thence south HO ehaliiB, thence went
KOchaliiH, theuco norlb 80 chains, UMBOS eatilSO
chains to point of commencement.
Paled Miiy  I'.'tk, 1��K>7. K.  W KoiiiNsom.
Take nolle- that l>. H. Telford, of Saikstoon,
Sank , occiipAllon sawmill operator. Intends to
applv (or a Kt>eelal timber llceuce over the following desorlbed laods:
No. 1. Commencing at a Mat planted at tbe
Southeast corner of l-niim, Mo qiilincrcok, Weat
Koolenay. ihunoe north VOcbalns, more or leas,
to the corimr of 1-ot 4272, thence went 4>i chains,
theuee north M ohslna, thunce eait SO chain*,
thence mnith K0 chains, thunce went ta chains lo
point of commencement, end containing A00
eoroOj more or less,
Itoked May ;ii, 1V07.    David Hkkhv Tb.imhi..
No. 8 Oemmenj lug at a poat at the Inner
angle of lot tfTS. Mom(uIIo i icck, West Kootenay,
iheuce north Hit) chalON, thence rail 40 ehalna,
iheuce south l��o chains, theuee west 40 chains,
to place ot i-ui iiiiencement.
Staked May :tl. i'>n       l avii* IIkniiy 't'si conn.
No. 8. Commencing at a post about three uille-
DOrtherly (rum the northeast comer of Lot 4-7:1,
Mo-nuiio neck. West Koolenay, thunce south HO
.���luiliis. tlicnce east 80 i hains, theuco uorth 80
chains, tlience went SO ehntus tn place nf commencement nud containing 640 acres, more or
naked June 4,11*07.    luvm iunhv Tslsobo,
ho 4 Commencing at the northwest corner
of No. ll, thetiee uorth SO chains, tbence easl HO
chains, tbence soutb 80 chains, thenoe went 80
ehaius to place of comineneemclit, and containing rt-to ac>cH, more or toss.
Staked June 4, 11*07,     David Hsnhy Irm-'oru.
No. V Cotnineiu lug at tbe northwest corner
of Nn. 4, thenco north So chains, thenco east hi
chains, thenco no nth hu chains, thenco west ho
chains to point ol commencement, and contain
lug Ml) acre*, more or less
staked Juno (>, UW7.     Darin Uitwur TeiroKb.
Take notice that 80 days after date I intend to
Hpply to the Hob. tbe Chltl Commissioner of
I.iuiiIh aud Woikf, Victoria, (or permission to
cut and carry away timber from thu following
described laud, In West Kootenay ;
No. I. Commencing st s post planted at the
southwest corner or Uumcr license h.'i4*i. thence
west 80 chains, thenco south BO chains, theuco
cast 80 chains, theuco north SO chains to place ol
Dated May Ht, IIW7.       J. T  BOMae*. 1-nealor.
J  W   C01 nruN, Agent.
No. 2 coiuiiieniing nl S DOSt blantod at tbe
southeast corner tit application Nn. 1, thoucecast
Ht) chains, thence north 80 chains, theuee west 80
cliiilu* thence south Ho chains to place of commencement.
Dated May HI, 1907.        1 T. Huhorhm, Locator,
J. W   COLHtTRN, Agent
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Neleon. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large end ('azslorteble Bedroom, end Ftret-
clfco&lutiiK Room.   Bemple Rwm, for Commercial   W.o
MRH.  E. o.cl.AhKE.  Proprietreae
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled tn the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postofflce. Nelaon, B. C.
Tremont House
European and American Flea
Meeli Jt eta.   Boom. Irom 36 eta. to U.
Only White Help Employed.
Baiter St.. Nelaon Proprietor!
Battlett   House
Best DoIIar-a-Day House in Nelson*
Tbe Bar la tbe Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Joaephlne St.
Royal Hotel
Rates $1 and $1.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Moat comfortable quarters In Nelaon
Only the best o( Liquors and utgars.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Oanip and Miners' Supplies.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
Trtrimrl.'n (J. Shnnnnu. or any other pcraon
to whom he may have tranaferruo hli tntereat Id
tlK'"Mav BlOHiom" miner*! claim, tituated on
Bruwn Mouutaln, two and a ball in lit** aouth-
went of Vmi . In the Nelson Mining DlvUlon, of
Weit Kooteuay Dlitrlft, and recorded in tbe
Recorder's ofllee. for tbe Nelion Division.
Yon and each of you are hereby notified that
I have expended t-Wfchuttdred and live dollars
(���jus.no) to labour ai.d Improvements upon tbe
above mineral claim In order to hold the same
under the provisions ol the Mineral Act. and If
within ninety dava from the date of this notice
you fall or refuse to contribute your portion of
the expenditure, (which 1�� one bundtsdand two
II fty dollars (fl(M.uD) tor the two years ending
MM May. 1007,) togeth-r with alt costs of adver
tthlnff, vour Interest in the aald claim will be-
rnmo tbe  property  of tbe    undersigned  under
....   ...*... * ......... i. ..4. .,An A(Jl to Amend the
Sec. 4 ojjn Act entitled:
Miner^fcfl, l��iu."
I��atc<rTt Ymlr, 11. O . V
10th May.lWT.
Notice is hereby given that the WatUbtirg
Lumber company ban applied to Hl�� Honor tbe
Lieutenant (iuvuruur in council, under the pro-
vlnlnns ol the "Klvers and Htreams Act," for the
rlutit to improve Kykerta creek, In the district of
West Kootenay. British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and stralghteulug
the banks thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chutof, and make inch other imptove*
menu as may be nwessary for the driving and
rafting of looaud theflumlug of Umber thereon
ThS lainis to be affected are goverment lands aud
U>ts X>\ aud W2, (Iroup 1, Kootenay district, and
the tolls that are ptopoaed to be chargetl, if any,
are such as mav be flxed by a Judg-jof the county
court ol West kootenay.
Dated tM* -Till day ot March, A. 1). 1WI.
In the matlcr of mii application for the Issue of
a duplicate of the Certificates of Title for Lots 11
and 13. Block 81. Town of Hllvertoo (Mr p 674);
Ihe south U of Ixtt 8, Bloek 6. I own of New Den-
ver-ar.d lx>t 1, Block tl and let 8. block 36,
McOtlllvray's Addition to New Denver (Map f-67);
Notice Is hereby given that It is my intention
to Issue at the expltatlou of oue month from the
the lies I publication hereof duplicates of the
Certificates of Title to the above dsserlMd lands
ill the name of Henry HIteran aud Harry Hherati,
which Ccrtlflcates arc datod tho 17th Mine, IMS.
the Uh of October, 1��U, the a:inl .lulv. 1*1.. and
thu mth January, IKtM, reSMSlively, and are
nutnlieredStUlK, 104I7A.73UC and %MtK, respi^
H. P. MacLKOD,
District Registrar
Und Registry Oflbc, Nelson, lie
a��lh. ��av. 1907
Iu the matter of an application lor the issue ot
a duplicate nf the t'ertlfleate of Title lor Lota
10 ant 17, Block W, Town ot Nelson.
Notice is hereby given that u is my Intention
to issue al the exnlrtitlnu ui one mouth alter tlie
first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate ol Title for the uiiovc i.otn In the name ot
Frances K Day which Certificate Is dated the
t'.nii Se|>tcmlH>r, in-i'i, and uumhercl xmOK.
Uud Rcglclry Oltlcx, Nelson, B.C., 16th Jtina,
l*n. H, K. MacLKOD,
District KvgUtrar.
We have fitoo of the K. W. C block roomsf
Suitable for Offices, Vacant
Apply at once.
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd
3 Improved Ranches For Sale
On Kootenay Outlet, between Nelson and
Procter.   Choice locations.   For particulars
inquire    ���
Choice Fruit
I Have 10.000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frott Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity trom 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson. B. C.
We Have For Sale One of the Prettiest Homes to
Nelson, Sitoated in Fairvtew, Close to the Cat Line
Larg* 7-room house. Stone foundation and first-class collar. Complete water system. 10 lots under cultivation and planted In large, boar-
Ing fruit trees.   This Is s snap.   For particulars apply to
Something for ths practical man.
Just Investigate!���That Is All we
ssk of you; and you ows that much
to yourself.
Kootenay Orchard
on   1600   acres,   south   of  Burton   city,
for sals.    Apply to
The M. & W. Land Co., Limited,
A. M. Can. Bee. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:   Henley Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St. NELSON, a C.
Motloe li hereby given that thirty ila.a sftsf
(late I luteu 1 to apply to the Boar.1 ut l.lcenoe
Commt..loneri lor the Ymlr dUtnot l.tr a Iran.-
ler ol the IKiem-v hold by me lor the Kurt Hheh-
pard hotel to F. Adle.
Weii.'te, 11. V., May
(Mlsned) A II. HHiau*.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52.50
To Winnipeg. Port Arthur.
St. Paul. Dtrtoth, Sioux City
Chicago 164.00
Toronto 978.50
St. Louis $60.00
New York S100.00
Montreal $84.00
8t. John $94.00
Ottawa  $82311
Boston $8530
Halifax  $10130
On Sale July 3. 4, 5.   August 8. 9,10.
September It, 12,13.
First Clan Round Trip, 90
Days Limit.'
Corresponding reductions from all
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake route Including meals and berths
on lako steamers. Through rates quoted
to any station In Ontario. Quobec or
Maritime provinces on application.
A.<l.l>.A..Vani'ouvor. D. P.A.. Mel.on
AND IN THE MATTER OF the plan of
ths Townslte of Robson. part of Lot
Three Hundred snd One (301.)
Group One (1,) Kootenay, of record
in the Lend Registry Office at Nelson as "��26."
Take notice that ou tho '.'5th day nl July, A, P.
11MJ7, at tho hour ol lo:8n o'clock In tho forenoon,
at the Court Houho In tho city ol Melnon. In tho
Province ol nntl.li Columbia, application will
bo made to the Judge ol the County Court ol
Wet Kootenay, by the Columbia and Kootenay
Railway and Navigation Company for an order
that the plan ol the aald Towmlte ol Kobaon, of
record at Nelion. lu* the Province ot Brill.1.
Columbia, aa "0 ��"' bo cancelled, and that the
nppllcant may enjoy tho land, compriged within the aald Town Hlto tree Irom any eaaemunta
or rlahta ol any poraon to open any land or
lanea, itreet or atroeta. iquare or eqnerea. park
or p��rk�� acroM, within or upon .aid land,.
llated at the City of Nelion, tn the jrrovlnce of
Hrltl.h Columbia, thla 3711] day ol June, All,
Aaenta lor LonshMd, Beunett, Alllaon. Taylor
,t McLawi.   Solicitor, and ae-enta lor the
Columbia & Kootenay Hallway .1 Navigation ('ompany, applicant..
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-iitornoon iu Jane, July ami August      ��>
FKUNI.Nn AMD GRAFTING carufnlty Bticiid
lo. Apply
-iflvpr Km*/ FTntel.
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Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
111 East Baker St. Phone No. AIM
Our Thurman Mixture
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take pari In
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\i: ;tr. !nvii-1; any one Hll.-wil to
Cot*. Virnon   and   *Vt.��-.j MtruutH,
rxi5i_so*N. t��. a.
H. \V. Harrison, Q. W. Daniel, D. A.
Kennedy, Spokane; J. K. Sergeant
Ymlr; 11. A. Small, W. \V. Burke, i
Newbury, Vancouver: R. J. Smeaton.
Winnipeg; B. Webster, Windsor; S. F.
Tolmle, Clinton; J. S. Price, Hyham:
Mr.-. C. O. Kodgers, F. Rodger.-. .Mis. J
A. Rowe, Creston; H. G. Whellams, K;��-
lo; J. S. Gurnsey, Nine Mile Point; H.
Stevens, Arrowhead; W. H. Boyd; Ottawa; .1 A Knox, Revelstoke: Mrs. Ar.
danrll, Red, ins; D. s. Clien*. Leestorel;
I.. L. Knight, Winnipeg: Dr. li.i-
ECaslo; .1. M. Gunn. A. L. Aifer. Van-
oouver; B. Horsfall, Victoria: F. E
Armstrong Rossland; S W Hnoa-n.
Sp kane.
Patronized by Earl Grey aod Nchility
Hotel Strathcona
Best Located Hotel in Nelson
Ajmrtinrii'. Blagsnt.    CulalSO OhOlOsat
Civility snd I'li-auliuess.
Bupervloed by proprletoi aud wife.
S. R. Sheldon. I.. D. Gurney, Moscovv;
G. Gaussie. j. B. Robinson, K. H.
Strong, Minneapolis; I.. Kauffnian, llon-
iling; J. H. flansel, Chicago; N. J, Mac-
Arthur, J. H. Stoul, Menomone; M. It.
W'ipen. Vancouver: F. .1. P. Clean, Na-
ku-p; W. F. Dubois, Arlington Mine;
H.  Ilroadwood. Ilonnington.
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daughter, Brandon; II. n. Wood and
daughter, Winnipeg; I. Henderson, A.
Henderson, Grand Forks; T. J. Graham.
Cascade; C. Qescb, Revelstoke; II. H.
Turner, New Westminster.
J.  Saunders,  It.  Gregory. Slocan.
K  11. Monroe, Brownsville; H. J. Lee-
buck.  Nakusp;   H.  T,  Cody,   Winnipeg;
c. Hansen. Poplar; w. n. Logan, si<>-
can;   w.  Coop,  Pernle;   J.  D.  Fraaer,
CL.eiuaii; L. Wilkinson; Norlh Dakota:
ll. BrnBt, Spokane; ll. K. Albright, Re-
glna: II. Davis, H.-asley; .1. Mackenzie.
Sandon; P. Curley, Pernle; A. Thompe,
Mexico; ll. T. Cody, Winnipeg.
J. II. Adams, Thrums; R. J, Kyms,
W.  Craig.   Illue   Hell   Mine:   F.   HaylllT.
Dalton; (' Dowle and wife, Pernle; A.
Selmea, W. II. I.unn. A. Mcl.eod. I).
Morrison. Procter; .1. Bennett, M. S.
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Weitley; F MoRae, .1. Shea. D. Medo-
nohl. Koeh's Siding.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fratt,
Fael & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   St..
PiJR O* 1*1 UK BI.I'K (If)iail.KH, ,00   Bailor Ht.
win fiiKi.T pisasi than at ihs nndaon'i liny
iitirin hnatbo
ura lo a. m. te 8 p. m.    Apply al
inim iiiipluj-oil.    Mm. It. H. Lonnlo, Hoover HI.,
between y �� in nmi i p.iu
WO KIRBT ri.A.--i hOOMH, iloam heated
ply hnnwfktjciKT. ;tr��l flat. K. w. CMoolt.
r K<>OMk'> BOOSft, a iou with bearing Irult
tret-a, Observatory Utrct-t. 2 uQOfl from Kmtttm-
hv, rout |IM (W ppi month. Two Omul KoomH
h(��iv��> our Offli ", liini tb* piR-pe tor OfliOMi r��nt
|lf. (X) per month Toye St Co., Maker Htreot,
Nclaou, B.C.
Sold   His  Launch.
Roy   Sharp  has  sold   his   launch,  thi
Minnehaha, to Taylor &   McQuarrte.
Cmirt Kootenay Bell No. T23, C o y .
win hold a regular meeting In the
K. of r. hall tonight Ml members are
requested to be  present
Nelson Oarsmen.
The representatives of the Nelson
Boat Club are expected to arrive tomor
night They have won only one eveni
out of six, the junior fours, hut it i<
Nelson's rtrst rowing championship
Sons ct  England.
A.1   the  regular meeting of t;v
lodge of the Sons of England taa
r.ing   there   were   two   Initiations      v;
Banders, district  deputy of the  W ai
t?eg district, was present and addi
the   members.
Will   Return Tonight.
Dr. and Mrs. McLean, ol Bdn
will reach Nelson this evening
spending a three-months' honej
Australia.    Mrs.   McLean   :s I   - -
Mrs. S. 3  Tay i r. and the ���*
p"ace in Nelson :as-  II I
Potatce Fa-nine.
Qrocers rep��?rt a gre*l ---
���a ������-.-���----- -.���       \-  - -   r ' - .
dj one wishes to tay in a stock c�� obi
potatoes and the ;:���=������*" omss ir- aoc
reaching the markets  ���   ::   --. """
late s;irin-e  all     ��� - _-
probably d- enaxwrfne it th*
crop   by   several   �����   - -
Vcre  Sett si
Fred Esgland and Georps a. GenscfiL
two farmers ���:-' N��odorf. SUcsk.. urntot
their families, hav-r xrr.i^i Aa/i kiw
to work on their ftrot r��aci��e^ *z r^ncr.-
vate.  40 miles sonth U Xefeom.
j   - , ._
effects and a yoke cl ox-ro. DtfJUag
oxen in f.niic-growing in British Cotnm-
bia will be something of a r.
Fourth of July  Dinner.
J. P. Laangan, a native of Ontario, for
many years a citizen of Chicago, tatei
of Winnipeg and Nelson, was the host
at a very pleasant gathering in the
Hume dining room last evening, in
honor of American Independence Day.
Alter an excellent dinner had been disposed of, C. V. Hall acted as toast master and an Impromptu and informal programme was given. Toasts were drunk
to the King and the President, "Our
Cousins," "Our City," "The Fruit Growing Industry," and the "Ladies."
Speeches were made by the host, by
\V. C. Wells, the mayor. Dr. Lallan, Dr.
WiIIs;>n, Aid. Selous and others. An
orchestra furnished instrumental music and .7. Waixd contributed a song.
Shortly after 11, the hamiuettcru *>������
ganlzed a torch light  procession.	
The Store of Quality
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Rob. M. Hood & Co.
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50 ft.  Corner,  Houston  and ward, $375
50 ft. and  Cablrr,  Mill,  near park, $275
Residence���Centrally located, near ita-
tion; six rooms and bath, electric
light, water, sewer.
Also business property, factory sites,
etc., etc.
West Baker Street. NEL80N, B. C.
Piano and Singing Lessons
Given  by  Mrs.  Winter  Every Saturday
Mm.   Winter   holrlH   c.nrtlllcnto   from
Itoyttl   AcnnVi ly  for   planoforto   plnylna;
und iinsing, Cortlfloatu from Trinity
Oollfgt, London, ttns., for theory or lunula Sr' .i.iIm|i of thu London Connor,
vulolro of Mimic for llnglnx and |>lano
pluylng. Address Box 796, Nelson.
Heinz Balk
Sweet Pickles
50c per Quart
Also a full line of Ik-in/ goods
The name is a   sufficient
guarantee <���: quality.
C. A. Benedict
'.*** 'nn S-I'.ca   i. ���'   '   -     -    -    -�����
PHl'.NK   9
H'hol.-.al" ami   IO-li.ll IM'ali-
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oampa ropplisd on thorteet ootioe and
lowest prioe. Nothing but tttth and
wholesome meats and lapplei kepi in itook
Mail orders reoelve oatnful ult-fiition.
R.   C-   TRAVES     Wanae^r
Mi5C!5 tO'i OUR
��� :.   ��ii     ��a��:   ::   r ;��   _r   s-rme   little
Picture Post Cards
j�� *   HilS.'.    I h i*   ������    of
nctane Psun Ck.-c- aoc 3
���i     i-: : : .    o^f!
u.   ���   :     : 0
T5 Business Energy
w E   i_SC  CARRY
A Ji-AU Lcjc ::' Fiiti Lca'.bcr Gocj;
-. -- '. ; * ��� -��� i   ��:���.    < ';isf'S,
CScsu- C��^'��� -    Bound   Kdi-
tions of  Standard  Aui ion    Posts,
a--.   >    : ���       '-..��� :
Taltiag Machines and Records
Bdlson Phonographs, Columbia Ora*
phophone.< (the Snest disc machine
on  the market.)  ami a largi   stork
of both Cylinder ami Disc a tcorda
of all   IIi;ir-
Come in and look around and hear the
music whether you want anything or
not. We're always glad to see everybody.
W# G. Thomson
SBSSSSg" "nd   Nelson, B. C.
I'll.lMu   .1-4.
II. fl. Whellams. of Kaslo. arrived iii
the city last iiIbIh.
The members of the Pernau family
who are still In Nelaon will leave for
''ibralter on Sunday morning.
<;. C. tlodKe win return to Nelaon
wlih the boat club crew. Mm. Hodge
will spend  the summer at the Coasl.
Charles Sewell and bride returned
this morning from .Spokane and will
take up their residence on Mill street
Getting the  Exhibit  Ready.
.lames HoPhee Is busy these days getting the exhibit for the Winnipeg exhibition in shape There will be a great
deal of work to tie done In a short spare
of time, bill .Mr MclMlee will be equal
lo the occasion.
With   Another  Company.
Miss l.ncla Nola, Formerly prima don
na of the Roidan Opera company, in
williiiK lo a ItoHshind friend, says she
Is now the prima donna of the Beggar
Prince Opera company; The Beggar
I'rinee opera company is playing at the
Arkansas Hoi Sprlngi ai present, Miss
Nola slates linn she saim "Sunablne
and Shallow'* as a solo In the Imperial
theatre the evening before and the ail
(Hence was sn pleased with II thill she
had to irlve the second versa In re
spouse to the encore. The souk Is becoming n favorite one wllh her audiences. The i-iiiik Is Ihe production of
two  Etosslanders,
3 to Consider
24 LOTS, an excellent block. $500
Easy terms.
5 ROOM HOUSE. Hoover St.. splendid
g;irder\ fruit trees, etc. $1,500; one
half cash, balance $15 per month,
6   per  cent.
6-ROOM HOUSE, verandah, garden, one
and a half blocks from car line.
$8 50;  $375 cash, balance easy.
Half Gallon Jars $1.75
Quart Jars - $1.50
Pint Jars   -   -   $1.25
Telephone 181.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
ARi'iit for Trofcotl [Aonohw
iiii-i Pfltarboro QMoaa.
F.,,,1 olJoMphlsa St
INEUSOIN,    -     fi. o.
160 Acre preemption, 3 acres cleared.
50 lues and some small frulls planted,
A  .'i mom  dwelling, houses and sin-da
for (00 chickens $.*ir,li (in
a pre-emption on Power Creek,
Little Slocan |460.00.
Geo. g. McLaren
Baker   lit.,   Nelson.
Brand New Ar! Bell Piano
OIiEA*F.       APPLY
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
We huvc just received
a consignment of the
for which wc are sole
agents for this city.
Ever try a pair?
"The Royal"
KODAKS And A!1 Accesjorjesi
  ���-  (Fresh Stock Twice a WttJ
This is the season for taking photos of
Koolenay s  unrivalled scenery,
TOURISTS,   We  can supply you with
anything in the Kodak line.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd   1
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phone   SI
| Por  ex Stylish   Suitf
? Batlt to Fit tha Fiffnro uud Keep It* Shape Not Only the l"ir*t
�� W.-.k   Yuu   \V.-:-r   It.   Bill   All   Mm-   Tim-        Hot    It    Mn.l.-  hv
S TAYLOR <fe   U   v ;������::::.!:    the  Sellable TailorM, of Ktviteuny.
Absolute   Mtlefaetlon   BUarenteed    or   money   refunded.
High Class Tailors, Faker St , Nelson, B. C.
BAKBR SrRUBT, ini:i.8��)N.
���VN'l*������l**B��*ttil*t   I *r< >\ iMioiiM,
Unii-minniit (ln��mi-ry One Pound  Una- r><HiT*d wmkly tnab from ih* BV-'jt
r-huru.    For Rah* \>y all liitdiiiK (frocers. :.;.v
Ollici- mid wnn-huuito : Houxton Hl.��-k,    Phooe 7��.
Josephine Street. -        Nelson, B. C.
Spring la Mere
We have prepared for this season by passing iuto stock all t"i,,..-���>
requisites for tlie rancher, gardener or householder.   Spades.B���'.;.*
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading l;oiks, Tree Fruuers, �����
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc. *
Prompt  attention  paid  to   letter  order*. '"',j
J. H. Ashdown Hardware!
Company, Limited.
""���   r   ���������
���^^^^^^B. A.  ISAAC R. w.  HINTON **~*~*sv
Work. M-lii��,.,ul  MIIIMnchln.r,.      Mnoulncturm-n t.l (W
Cr����  C��r.,   U.  U.   Ciinlrnuturii'   Unrm.
Oorntrol n-ti ��u i
Front Htrt'cti.
ne;uson,   B. G.
MANUFACTURERS    T  ^t..      Cf.i-.��f^^
AND DEALERS IN    M-sliitlVetf   ODttlgi^Sf
Lath, A^oulcJiriKS, Doors, Windows. I
Turned Work unci Ur,icki>t��. Mnll Orclorn promptly nlK'iirt'''1''!
 VBWNON 8THHHT   .   .   .   Nlll .(WIN. B. ��S.
Stimmet Necessities
Door and Window Screens
Wood-VallHiicc Hardware Co., Limited
NHI-BOIN  , Retail


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