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The Daily Canadian Jun 5, 1907

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Array ttm .'"���^^
Q%e gtaihj  QfonaMan
yy * *���*
No. 2.
Fwtt Ciwu
of Frontiersmen
Is Growing
E! l^0*���wh'J1'wl"be to ,hla <��<">���
ry what the famous operatic Inslltu-
HOD founded hy Richard Wagner and
now maintained hy his widow, |8 to Eu-
rope. "
oi Volunteer  Auxiliary
*}n>y for Imperial
I:    dissatisfaction with the
(introduced by Mr. Haldane,
.ary uf slate for war, uud
the Imperial Conference to
end any measures for collie defence of the Em-
Id tu this exertion of greater
Ih. executive uf the Empire's
; auxiliary force, the Legion
acter, alma uud methods of
ire nil well described In a
���ently Issued from tlie head-
she legion, aa followa:
in* and object of the Legion
liatlon uf a civilian, self-gov-
[ and self-supporting body of
fr.iitii'isni'n throughout tbe
eclated for tbe promotion of
si.-hih iii time of issues', and
uss hii,ill bu available if
i.    fur Imperial  defence iu
purpoae the above-numud
|iisl ExecuUve Councils of the
se been formed (With power
1 tissir number); uu organizing
pal tsiutl have beeu appointed;
utliua luue beeu tukeu ut
Btreet, Adelphl, London, VV.C;
Ispondence, with moat eneuur-
Biilis, has already been com-
���vitli numerous froutiurameu lu
uit.-s uf the Empire.
[���i'suirg uiij. public action, the
>1 the Legion waa laid before
lurv uf state for War, who, ou
15th, muG, wrote expressing
IK'.; ssiiii itn aims und objects,
^i.ii. that he recoznlxed il aa a
organization which,
I tii.. occasion arise, ho might be
1 UUi.ze.
[ term   "Frontiersmen"   includes
iius'd unu qualified by previous
f.i military service, or by work-
cm; or lighting In wild couu-
' al sen, who, for various rea-
Not ur cannot serve In tho exist-
Jitary Forces of the Empire, and
���* oot prepared, by reason of tern-
t or vsscation, to submit them-
llo the ordinary routine of mlll-
JMllillne, except In time of war.
[Exocutlve   Council   Is   satisfied
|irc* is a wide and hitherto uu-
I iield of enrolment open for the
. without in auy way Interfering
suiting fur the ltegulur AuxlU-
I t'oiuulal Forces of the Crown;
i lor example among U) Fron-
fu on the Ii-luge of civilization,
auxiliary Forces  do  not exist;
Mieramen   whose   vocation  Ills
pr military pursulu, but whom no
ft W or career will  Inducu to
|l< tlie free llfo and proBpectB of
l��Uir In tlmu of peace;  and (:))
F'arrs-sl by age or physical quail-
J from   ss,in,sum  military  service,
pwhelen titled by previous ex-
"* mill training lo act aa advise���
fi mnny months' private corre-
f'Oce and inquiry, the Executive
of the Legion poHHeusea ovl-
J Hmi some thousands uf men of
|M described are now ready to en-
' imimbers of the Legion, and lu
ril,[* I" ita funds, provided that In
Peace lho Legion ahull be or-
ft aa a civilian, self-supporting and
-[���"���'ruing body,
' Madquartera of lho Loglon Is In
I�� iiiiii branches are being organ-
I" every part of the Empire.
I. '��� are lliroe clnssos:  A, pledged
��� iitary nervlco if called  upon;  11,
��� 11�� act as guides and assistants;
���"'miry members In sympathy with
r-'woii.   Thu annuil| f008 for the
j |fJM*   respectively    nro $2.50,
' ��Wbl��er for Nelson   Is   10.   0.
Ito'loln. *'" B'"1"y <mro1 my Wh��
T�� Imitate Beyreuth.
I* York, Juno 5.���Mme. Lillian Nor-
I   "' Herald announces today, will
L   ' on ""' Hudson river near New
T0, ""!'r'*��lli In America.   With a
Ier .nf' ermi fortune   the   noted
F  *��1 erect Lillian Nordlca Fcsi-
Hamilton  Fyfe and Kennedy Jones on
Tour Acroaa Canada.
Winnipeg, June 6.���H. llumllion Fyfe
and Kennedy Jones, two prominent
British Journalists, are In the city. Ths��*
are on a tour of Canada and will
go through as far as Vancouver.
Kennedy Jones Is one of the most successful and amongst the richest of English newapapermen. He was associated
with Lord Northcliffe, (Sir Alfred
Harmaworth) when that enterprising
gentleman purchased the Evening Nbwb
and has been connected with the Harms-
worths In all their newspaper uudertak-
inga. Mr. Jones is managing director
of the Evening News and part proprietor of tho Dally Mall, which has a circulation of a million a day. Mr. Jones Is
a gold millionaire in pounds Instead of
dollara, and one of the besl newspaper
managers in the world. He is 62 years
of age.
His companion. 11. Hamilton Fyfe, haa
been the editor of the Daily Mirror, the
Illustrated Hurmsworth dally, Blnce
11)03. He ls not yet 38 years of age
and received hla Journalistic training on
thu London Times, which he Joined In
1887, nnd on which he In turn tilled the
positions of reporter, sub-editor, editorial Becretary, reviewer, dramatic critic,
etc. He is a greal art and dramatic
critic and haa published a couple of
novels, beBldes other books. He waa
editor of the defunct Morning Advertiser before ucceptlug his present position, taking over the latter paper at
the time Is waB reorganized.
Good Advertising Work to Be Done Now
���Hampered by Lack of
The well-attended and business-like
meeting of the executive committee of
the 20,000 Club whicli was held yesterday shows tbat the affairs of that lu-
stitution nre receiving careful attention.
One uf the principal mailers under discussion was tbat of the exhibit of local
products to be made at Winnipeg at the
exhibition to be held there In July. The
preparation of tbls exhibit for display
at Winnipeg and tbreu fulrs ln Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, will
entail an estimated expenditure of
aboul $1,000 aud to this end the real
estate men have promised substantial
It irauapireil, however, that the financial position of the club did not,
under the present circumstances, warrant the production of advertising mat-
tor which should be distributed at these
fali'B. While to a grent extent the real
estate men may be said to. be thc first
lo benefit directly from such advertising, It Bhould uot be overlooked that
every merchant and hotel keeper shareB
In the trade which the Increase of tbc
local population brings with It
Not a little of thu preaent prosperity
of the city of Nelson Is due to the ad.
vertlBlng of Its resources and merits
which has been carried on under trying circumstances.
A few citizens have given tholr time
and energies to tho promotion of the
affairs of the club and Its predecessor,
the Tourist Association, but It behooves
every citizen to lend a helping hand.
Heal estate owners, many of whom are
absentees, have already benefitted by
the onhancod prlcoa of property, at
whicli recent Bales havo been made.
The more prominent merchants of the
town should bo not only llboral subscribers to the fundB of the eluh but
ucllve members of lt, aaBlstlng at lta
councils. .       ,     ,
The clly U a whole, should amo
glvo a substantial donation, so that
leiileBtale owners and especially those
who nre non-resident, may bear their
share Last but not least every citizen
should make It a point lo become a
member  of lho  club  and   possess  its
"persistent advertising is ono of the
secrets of business success and experience ahows lhal those cities whicli
adver! lso IicbI, succeed beBt also.
With lho well-merited asals ance^of
all classes of Iho community the Nel-
on 20001, Club will do good work to-
wards still further Improving the hi a ���
ness conditions of lhe city and district.
Order of Chosen Friends.
Toronto, Juno 5,-Tho grand council
of the Canadian order of Chosen
Friends, a fraternal an.l benevolent organization with a large niombcrsh p,
,lt,ld ub annual meeting in Toronto to-
1 The reports of the officers show
finances during the past year.
Comparison of American
Persistent  Appeals  of  Presidents
Backed by Public Opinion
���Canada's Need.
Ottawa, June 6.���Our friends the
Americans have had their troubles with
the public service, as we all know.
With their genius for organization, for
exaggeration and for expression, they
at once have systematized public plunder and Jobbing in offlce, and have
lagged the system with the appropriately opprobrious names which go so far
towards rousing public opinion. We all
know tbat they have a Spoils System;
we know that their public life is ravaged by hands of office-seekers who constitute the "henchmen" of the leaders
who have posts to bestow; and we
have a most Pecksnlffian habit of thanking the Almighty that we are not as are
those desperate Americans.
As a plain matter of fact, we are
milea behind those Bame Americana tn
that very matter of civil service reform.
First, they have and have had for years,
an active Civil Service Reform League;
so far, no body of Canadians has
thought It worth while to do anything
so Quixotic. Then, public opinion,
whipped on by the league, bas prevailed
with the politicians to an extent unknown In our self-righteous Canada.
Two yeara ��go the position was Borne-
what aB follows:
Total Federal offices   271,000
Of  which thero were subject to
competitive examination 134,500
Or Just about half. Imagine balf ot tbe
offices bestowable by the Dominion government awarded without regard to the
politics of the recipient! Surely the
British North America Act and the
Prlv> Council will be Invoked before our
people are permlttod to depart bu far
from the genius of our Institutions.
It was Andrew Jackson who Introduced the Spoils System, which remainB
the last word and the logical outcome
of appointment to offlce by politicians,
and once his successor Van Buren, was
out of the way, tbe work of. resenting
its domination began. In 1853���tbe year
which saw the triumph of open competition ln India���Congress took that step
which the British government had tried
so long before, and which we in Canada
are trying still; It required pass examinations in certain departments, but did
not make these examinations competitive. The results were what they had
been in England, and have been in
Canada���the absolutely ignorant were
excluded, hut no substantial relief was
gained from the nuisance of political
appointments, or from tho twin evil of
partisan dismissals from which Canada
so far has been moderately free, but
which Is becoming dtsqulotlngly common.
# Things were very bad during and
after the Civil War, and President
Grant appealed to CongreBS for relief.
On hlB urgent demand, In 1871, Congress
passed an act empowering the presl-
dent "to proscribe such rules and regulations for the admission of persons to
the Civil Service of the United StateB na
will he beat to promote the efficiency
Under Ihis act, President drant appointed a commission, which formulated
a complete ByBtem of competitive examinations. In transmitting lis report to
Congress, tho proBldont promlsod, him-
solf, to observe all the rules, but drew
attention lo tho fact that without further legislation they would not bo binding upon hla successors. The Lower
Uouso showed what It thought about
Civil Service reform by voting In 1874 to
repeal the law; tho Senate refused to
agree to this, but the law, though it remained on the statute hook, waa loft
without any appropriation for carrying It
out. So the movement met with a check,
and the check came directly from the
Legislature, and from the more popular
branch nt that. Put not your trust In
parliaments, In matterB of Civil Service
reform, and patronage, at leaat.
The presidents continued to demand
reform���Hayos, Garfield and Arthur.
They had reason to, for Garfield's death
Ib to be laid at the door of the Spoils
System.  Publlo opinion as early as 1876
was stirred to the point or Inducing the
Republican party to give civil service
reform a place on Its platform.
Mark how public opinion continued to
do the work. President Garfield was
murdered In 1881, by a disappointed office-seeker; he wsb a direct victim of
the system. Then the people saw the
point. That same autumn. In 1881, the
Civil Service Reform League was organized. Congress did not see the ihiIiii,
In that same year of 1881 it laughed at
reform. Then Ihe November elections
happened: and Congress was scared. In
January, 1883, a new Civil Service Act
was jiassed. Garfield's murder hud not
influenced It; public opinion, backed by
the Civil Service Reform League, had
clubbed lt Into submission.
This new law embodied the provisions
of the law of 1871 and some features
drawn from English experience. Its
principal characteristics are;
1. The president may appoint a commission which shall devise suitable
rules and regulations for securing open
competitive examinations.
2. Successful candidates shall undergo
a period of probation.
3. Party assessments on offlce holders���a peculiarly American evil which
has begun to appear in Canada���are for-
4. No recommendation from a senator
or member of the lower house shall be
received or considered by any board of
So much for the principles. The
method adopted to put the new system
Into force was the classification of officers according to salary; those carrying medium salaries were selected aa
the point of attack, and the president
was authorized to extend what ls termed
classification list, i.e., the lilt of poets
under the merit ByBtem.
Since then an Increasingly enlightened public opinion, guided by the Civil
Service Reform League, has fought
steadily, (1), to keep thp "classified
list" Intact���for the politicians constantly are trying to evade its restrictions. (2), to extend the list. At present ahout half the Federal officers are
redeemed from the Spoils System. Congress still Ib the enemy of this particular type of reform; Its members are too
anxious for patronage for lt to be trusted Part of the work of the League
consists of watching Congress and
arousing puplic opinion when It offends.
The Spanish-American war was used by
the spoils-mongers to gain their one victory; President McKinley was moved to
draw 100,000 officers from the classified
list, and Congress passed a retrograde
act. President Roosevelt, however, made
up the leeway which had been lost.
"As parliament was for years the
great obstacle to the reform of the Civil
Service ln England, so congress, greedy
of the power of patronage, blocks the
path of good government ln the United
States. Nothing but an educated public
opinion will compel congress, as it did
parliament, to consent to purer and better methods of administration."
So says a brochure of the American
League. Quite remarkably like conditions here.
Collision Caused Fire.
Birmingham, Ala., June 6.���A street
car ran Into a train loaded with pots
full of molten metal at 1:30 o'clock this
morning, which set the car on fire and
entirely consumed lt. Several pel sons
are said to be burned to death.
St. Lawrence  Hall Night Porter Tells
Different Story of Mr. Emmerson's Episode.
The conflict of evidence between Mr.
Emmerson'B account of the episode at
St. Lawrence Hall, and the hotel port-
er'B account of the aame ls summarized
In the following paragraphs. The flrst
is Mr. Emmerson's, the second the
"I went to bed and to sleep. I do not
know how long after I heard a rapping
and knocking on my door. I got up nnd
Inquired. I suid: 'I will let you In
shortly.' I went Into a large bathroom ad-
Joining my room and turned on the light,
and dressed myself sufficiently to muke
myself presentable. Thon 1 opened the
door. I think the ladies came In. One
of the ladles was very much ngilatod,
and was bound to leave thc hotel. She
said that some porter hnd Insulted her,
arid Bhe wouldn't remain ln the hotel. 1
hunted up a porter, who said thore waB
no necessity for the ladles to leave tbo
hotel, and made an apology for tho remarks mado by tho other porter. However the ladies decided to leave, and,
It being midnight or later, I decided
to accompany them, aa a matter of courtesy, and drove to anothor hotel In
the city."
"I mado my flrst round ot Ihe hotel
at 12 o'clock. 1 buw two women go In
the direction of Mr. Emmerson'B room.
I did not know who they wore. I made
my second round at 1:30. I heard loud
talking and laughing in Mr. Einnicrsou's
room. -The laughter was very hilarious,
and the voices wero those ofladles and
a gentleman. I tapped at the door, but
there was no Immediate answer. I
heard sounds of people moving about.
Then a tall lady came to tho door. The
room was In darkness, but thore was a
light in the rear. I told the lady not
to make such a noise, and she closed.
1 reported to the night clerk, and ln
consequence went back to the room.
The same lady opened the door. I told
them all they would have to make less
noise or get out. When I left I saw one
of the ladles following me; the gentleman went away ln the other direction."
I     ]0R VISIT
Dutch Government Will
Peace Conference Makes Its Own
Rules���Will Probably Issue
Officbl Reports.
The Hague, June 5.���The general
plan of the proceedings at the second
peace conference will probably closely
follow the procedure of the first congress held in 1899. Practically nothing
has been worked out in advance. The
Dutch government, realizing that the
representatives of the 46 powers who
will assemble here June 15th, must be
the complete masters of the situation,
has refrained from in any way attempting to call or arrange the programme
or method of procedure. It simply of-
lers its hospitality to the conference,
ihe same ls true of Russia. The ar>
rangeiuents up to the present time,
therefore, simply cover the opening session, when Mr. Nelidoff, the RusBlan
ambassador to France, will cal) the conference to order and make an address,
extending his sovereign's greetings to
the delegates. Ur. Jonkher Van Tots
Van Gourdain, the Dutch minister for
foreign affairs, will relpy in an address
of welcome on behalf of Queen Wllhel-
miua. Thereafter it will remain for
the conference lo decide how it will pro.
lt ls safe to assume, however, that
the general line of procedure of the
former conference will be duplicated.
The first thing in order will be the
appointment ot committees to consider
ihe various BubJectB inscribed upon the
Kussiau programme. These will hardly
number more than five. Unless the
question of the reduction of limitation
of armaments is Injected into the proceedings at the outset, ln which event
the main struggle may be at once precipitated, the plenary body will probably not begin for 10 days or a fortnight, in order tbat the committees may
have an opportunity to prepare their reports for subiniBBion. ln general it is
not expected that the full conference
will meet more than onoe a week until
the work of committees Justifies more
frequent sessions.
The opening session will probably be
public to the extent at least of admitting
a few distinguished guests and press
representatives but the sessions of the
conferences and of the committees will
doubtlessly be strictly secret. The question of giving out a public statement
of the progress made will be decided
by the conference Itself. This year
many of the delegates favor the issuance daily, lf possible, of a brief semiofficial Btatement. The French language,
as ln 1899, will be the official language
of the conference, although'tho advent
of South Americans and the growing influence of English rule may lead to
some relaxation of the rule with regard
to tho debates, and may result ln a compromise.
The government's official entertainment of the delegates will not be lavish,
but will rather be In the same gopd
taste as Its attitude with reference to
the programme. Nothing will be arranged which could In any way Interfere with the work on tho conference.
Parliament has appropriated 100,000
gulden ($40,000) for the reception of
the country's guests, but this covers
the expenses ln connection with the
sittings ot the "Hall ot the Knights." In
addition the government will give nn
entertainment, the nature of which has
not been definitely determined, except
that it will not be an evening reception.
More probably it will take the form of
a day trip or excursion to some Inter
estlng historical spot, olther by bout or
iriiln. The municipality will give a formal reception. Queen Wllholinlna, out
of her privy purse, will also entertain
the delegates as a body. She will probably show hor hospitality at "Hot Loo,"
her country seat, about an hour's ride
from The Hague.
Beyond theae official functions, there
will probably be much private entertain-
Ing by the Dutch aristocracy and among
the diplomats themselves, ln nddtlon,
the delegates will not lack for distraction In their Idle moments.
Minister Hill Is exceedingly anxious
lhat the ceremony of the laying of the
corner stone of the Pslnce of Peace, to
which Andrew Carnegie has subscribed
11,600,000, shall take place before thc
conference adjourns. The site of the
building hns been chosen In a park
called the "Benoordethoutsche Pediler,"
but the plans have not yet been definitely approved. The lowest estimate of
the duration of the conference is six
weeks nnd the prevailing Impression Is
that It will be In session between two
and three inonthB,
London, June 6.���Although Tbe
Hague conference meets within a fort
night, the British delegates bave not
yet been instructed as to the attitude
they shall maintain on the subjects included In the Russian programme or
on other questions to be introduced by
the powers participating In the conference. This delay in notifying the delegates Is the result of the heavy parliamentary programme, which keeps the
members of the cabinet busy, and the
difficulties the government has had
since the collapse of the Irish Councils
There have been several cabinet meetings at which Sir Edward Grey, the foreign secretary, has brought up the question of The Hague peace conference,
but the Associated Press Ib Informed of.
flclally that the cabinet has not yet
reached a decision on any point, and
that imaslbly another week will elapse
before Ihe delegates can be Instructed.
Chief Witness for Prosecution Taken to
Boise From Prison.
Boise, June 5.���Harry Orchard, the
self-confessed murderer of former Governor Steuenberg, who will go on the
stand today to give testimony ln tbe
case agalnBt William D. Haywood, was
brought into Boise laat night from the
Idaho penitentiary. For aome hours be
was closeted with the attorneys for
the prosecution. This is the first time
Orchard has been out of the penitentiary since he was brought from Caldwell
immediately afler the assassination ol
the former governor. Notwithstanding
the report of possible violence to Orchard on the part of friends ot Haywood,
the prisoner was surrounded with but
little precaution on the drive into tne
city. Orcbard is looking well and shows
little apprehension of the ordeal he will
be called upon face while he ls on the
Rosalaird Board of Trade Objecti to Uee
of Passenger Train for Shunt*
ing   Freight.
At a meeting of the Rossland board of
trade held last night the following resolution was adopted:
Resolved, That the present passenger service provided by the C. P. R. ln
an dout of Rossland, wholly inadequate
to the needs of the city, and ruinous
to the best interests of the district That
passengers are now subjected to wholly
needless delays between Trail and Castlegar, owing to the passenger trains being assigned to the duty of attending
to local freight. That at the present
time the schedule is framed to permit
of the passenger train from Rossland
going into Trail and climbing the hill
at China Creek with local freight
That a train leaving Rossland at 7
p. m. can easily leave Castlegar at 9
p. in., and arrive at Nelson at 10:10
p. in.; that the morning train Bhould
leave Rossland at 7:30 a. m��� and reach
Castlegar at 9:16 a. m. to connect with
the Boundary train, and that the passenger train connecting with the boat
at Castlegar Bhould not be held to shunt
freight at Robson, Castlegar and Smelter Junction, as at present, but should
take passenger trains through without
such delay;
That a copy of this resolution be for-
warded to the superintendent of the local division of the C. P. R., and lf no
satisfactory rdply is received within a
week, that a full statement be forwarded to the Board of Railway Commissioners at Ottawa, and that such board
be requested lo take energetic stepe to
compel the C. P. R. to give adequate
Monthly Service Arranged for by Way
of San Francisco.
New York, June 5.���A British steamship service Is about to be started between San FruncAbo and Australia to
take Ihe place of tho American Oceanic
line, whleb recently went out of operation. Tho first ship of the new Bervice
will sail on August 1st. The new service, which ls called thc Australian Mall
Line, Is backed hy the British shipping
firm of Andrew Weir & Company, of
London and Glasgow. A regular monthly Borvlcu will bo maintained.
Dollar Wheat Farmers' Plan.
Omaha, Neb., June 5.���"Dollar
wheat*' ls the slogan of tho acorea of
representative wheat growers who as-
sembled in convention here today to
diacuas plans whereby the producer and
not the speculator may derive the bene
fit from the Increased price of the
cereal. The present movement waa
started by the American Society of
Equity and from all appearances lt Is
the most extensive and best organized
campaign ot its kind yet attempted. The
convention will be In session several
day and tho plan of campaign will be
dlscuased in detail. Delegations are on
hand from Minnesota, North Dakota,
South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa and other wheat-producing
Dick Cnkert Triumph
in the Turf
American Owned Horse With America! Jockey Up Captaes English Bbe Rlbboa.
London, June 6.���The times may
have changed and the chronic presence
of the motor car may have wiped ont
much ot the traditional fun and frolic
along the road to and at Epsom on
Derby Day but Interest in ihe gieot
classic event of the Brltlsa turf is unflagging, and even greater this year than
ever before. This in spite of the fact
that the race promises, for the first
time in years, to be a purely Angl *
Saxon, or nearly altogether Hibernian
event Tbe main interest today seems
to center ln the Irish bred, Irish trained
or Irish owned horses. Slieve Gallion
by Qallinule out of Reclusion, a strong
first favorite was bred in Ireland by his
Irish owner, Capt Greer, but was
trained ln England. He will be ridden
by Hlggs, an Englishman -who learned
to ride in Ireland. Galvanl by Laveno
out of Gallinary, second favorite, was
bred ln Ireland, bnt Is owned by an
Englishman, Major Eustace Loder.
This horse haa an Irish trainer and will
be ridden by an Irish jockey, Dillon.
Richard Croker's well-liked Orby by
Orme oat of Hhoda B., waa bred in Ireland out of an American dam and will
be ridden by an American jockey, J.
RelS. Next ln favor is Lord Rosebery's
Beasonian by Velasqu-ex out of Gas, who
will be ridden by "Danny" Moher.
Much fancied ta Woolwino by Mart
Agon out of St. Windeline, bred ln England and owned by a Scotchman, Col.
W. Baird. Madden, the English jockey,
will ride this horse. Each of the foreign
horses ls strongly tipped and backed.
The field waa smaller than last year,
but lt ls not thought there will be any
diminution in the crowd.
Epsom, June 6.���Orby hai won the
Italian Captain -Killed  by Consequent
Collap. ���   of Car.
Rome, June 6.���A tragic Incident took
place today < during a review ot the
troops by King Victor Emmanuel and
Queen Helena. As a part of the manoeuvres a military balloon waa sent up
to a height ot 100 feet, with Captain
UlllvolII ln Ihe car. A storm which
been coming up, burst suddenly, and
the thousands ot spectators were horrified to see a flash of lightning strike
the gas bag. There was an enormous
burst of flame and a terrific detonation,
and the collapsed balloon with Its
dangling car fell to the earth over a
mile from the scene of the review.
Crowds of persons afoot and ln automobiles and other conveyances, rushed in
the direction where the balloon had
fsllen. Captain Ulllvylll was found alive
but unconscious. He was placed ln an
automobile and rushed to an hospital,
where he died without regaining consciousness. King Victor Emmanuel and
the military authorities went to the hospital after the review to inquire after
Progressive Members Interview Minister on Foreign Affairs.
Toklo, June 6.���A deputation from the
Progressive party waited on Foreign
Minister Hayashi today and asked for
an explanation of the government's apparent Inaction and want of confidence
in the presence of grave diplomatic
questions both with China and the United States. Tho former ls accused of
deliberately obstructing the advancement ot Japanese interests ln Manchuria. The deputation alao called attention to facts strongly Indicative of racial
feeling ln San Francisco against Japanese. The deputation dwelt upon Uie
necessity of peremptorily dealing with
the question or otherwise frequent repetitions of the acts would endanger Uie
friendly relations of Japan and America.
Minister Hayashi's reply to the deputation was kept secret
* -I
��� "
Prices of Metals.
New York, June 6.���Silver, 6714c;
cupper, 23M&; lead, |6.
London, June 6.���Silver, 31d.; lead,
��20. The Daily Canadian
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS In all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR at all prices
From 8 to 12 Pounda.
SOX.   MITTS,   etc.,   etc.
Iti all these lines we offer excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .14,780,000 REST  ��4,780,00O.
D. K. WILKIE, President, HON. ROBERT J AFFRAY, Vice-Preaident
Branches in British Colombia t
Deposits received and interest allowed at highest   current rate from date of
opening of -account, and compounded quarterly
J.  M.   LAY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings Department
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
I'lltsllKlsS'sl   HU S|HJ>  B SS. ,'t   OJ UlsS
C a Hi in an iTHuamss; cssmi'.v.ny, Ltd
Baker St., Neliou, ll. 0,
Muoacrlptloa ratee, 611 ceuts h month delivered
IB the citv, or li.oo t year If tsetit by mall, when
paid la tslvisssr...
Adrerllelng ratea on application.
Atl monies palsl lu Mjllli-ins :ist of The Dally
Canadian accouuta, either tot Mibstrlptlnna or
Idyertiilna, iniiat he receipted for ssn Uss. |n i s, is-,]
formi of the Company. Olher res', s|>[. sue Isot
Tllid,       _       _
Wednesday, June 5th, 1907.
Tie question of reforming the public
���aervlce of Canada will uot down.
Whether tho "pull" that Is the chief determining factor In all appointments
and promotions ho political, personal,
Boclal or sporting, is of little consequence. "Pull* of any kind must he destroyed.
Civil service examinations nt presenl
are a farce. Pasting the test docs not
by any means insure appointment, anil
failure of a favorite Ib not permitted
to disqualify.
Wrltton examinations In language,
history, geography and mathematlos
may not ho un Ideal test of fitness fur
the  public service, tint  any automatic
test is Infinitely preferable to the preaent system of appointments,
The Influence of "pull" la baneful on
all concerned. The appointee knows
perfectly well that fnllliful pei-l'oniiiince
of duty will never win hlm promotion,
nor even Insure perninneuey of tenure of
position. He Is practically driven lo
the attempt lo Ingratiate himself wltb
thoBo In authority, lie is convinced,
and quite correctly, that he cannot in
his own Interest, afford to give his attention lo serving lhe public. Me musl
"cultivate" the dispensers of patronage.
On the members of parliament, and
especially of the cabinet, the effect In
even worse. Hy every appointment, or
recommendation for appointment, while
thp member pleases one applicant, lis*
muat disappoint a Bcore of unsuccessful. To the minister oi member who
retains BOlf-rcspecl, not lo say uny concern for the efficiency of tho public service, the position Is one of ceaseless tor-
ment. The leavoB from the diary of
Alexander McKenzie will not soon be
forgotten. Afler the Bad and bitter
humor In which be compares himself to
a watch dog guarding the public treasury���from his own friends, colleagues
and supporters, he enumerates some of
his trials, among which was "Friends
asking for positions for which they
know tbey are not qualified." The condition bas not changed at all since
thirty years ago.
But worst of all Is tho effect on the
public conscience. It is no exaggeration
to say Uiat on the announcement of any
appointment the flrat reflection of every
one is not "What qualification has he?"
���thai, Ineeded, ls the last. The flrst la
"What Influence, what 'pull' has he?"
Tbe biioIIb system ls bad enough. It
is degrading to dispensers and recipients of patronage and 10 the public, but
lt ls not essentially destructive of efficiency. The party leader who appoints
only his own supporters may still have
some regard for their fitness for the
duties of the positions to which they
are appointed. Uut when to the spoils
system is added the "personal pull" and
several other elements, the condition
becomes bad indeed.
Ab the Toronto Olobe used to say In
its reforming days, "It's time for a
For the second time In a few months
readers of Canadian papers are to be
Inflicted with long accounts daily of the
proceedings of an American courl room.
Mm there Is a great (inference In the
relative Importance of the two events.
The trial of Harry Thaw could Inlur-
esi only the prurient and the morbid.
The   dramatis   persoiine of  lhe whole
squalid tragedy were degenerates, Had
the Madison Square roof garden collapsed and hurled thorn ull, the world
would hnve been richer for tlie loss.
Hut the Issues involved In the trial of
William IJ. Haywood are far different.
The man, William Haywood, la of no
Importance or Interest to the public of
tlle United States or of Canada. But
In bis person American Labor UnlonlBm
Is being tried, and, less directly, and In
a far larger sense, American Democracy
Ib on trial.
The prosecution charges, and undertakes to prove, that the control of the
WeBlorn Federation of Miners, the largest and moBt Important labor organization In the West, has been captured,
held for years, and abused, by an "Inner ring" of anarchists and murderers,
wbo have committed, or authorized the
commission of, scores of murders and
other outrages, with the avowed object
of making constitutional government in
the United States Impossible.
The defence charges, and will try to
prove, that an organization of capital
has by corrupt means secured control
In each of lhe mining states of the
West, that It has systematically oppressed union labor, that it haa Instigated murders and destruction of property and bought evidence to convict the
miner's unions of the crimes, all for
the purpose of vilifying and destroying
the miner's organization.
Without discussing the relative
strength of the two positions and par-
Ilea, and suspending judgment as to all
evidence that has already been wrongly
made public, lt may still be calmly staled that lhe complete triumph of either
side will be fatal.
If a ring of murderers Bnd anarchists
can rule an organization numbering
nearly 100,000 men, or lf a ring of corrupt moneyed men can seize and keep
control of the government of every
state, American Democracy Is a ghastly
All honest lovers of freedom and of
constitutional government ln all countries can have but one hope in connection with the trial, that at any cost,
no matter to whom, the truth may be
kuown and justice done.
Our contemporary has raised Its
voice in a good cause, a little late of
course. We don't like the expression
"Greater Nelson." It ls unpleasantly
reminiscent of the Mulock monstrosity
stamps with the "Vaster Empire Than
Has Been" imbecility. But east, south
and southwest of Nelson are populous
suburbs whose interests are identical
with those of the city, and which on
all grounds, Bhould, logically, be Included, lt is very unlikely thut opposition
to the proposal would be encountered in
any quarter.
The editor of tlie Frederlcton Gleaner
has acknowledged publication of an ar-
tide attacking Mr. Emmerson; the latter denies the truth of the article, and
of course the editor la committed for
tria). The Eastern papers are publish-
ing the "horrible details" of the preliminary hearing. It ls sufficient this
far west to say that the night porter
at St. Lawrenoe Hall disagreed entirely
with Mr. Emmerson's veraion of what
happened and of why he and the ladles
sought a more accommodating hostelry.
Probably the real explanation of the
reluctance of Nelson landowners to
build Is the extremely high prices of material and labor, it ia known that a
achool which could have been built two
years ago for f 40,000 will now cost |G0,-
000. That la not encouraging and will
not be until the demand for houses is
great enough to justify the raising of
The Montreal Herald, the organ of the
Ottawa Machine, has undertaken a
heavy task. It Is trying to persuade
the people of Canada that the only useful work done at the Imperial Conference was done by Sir Wilfrid Laurier,
whose every effort was devoted to preventing the conference from doing anything.
Governor KfuQhea Urges Expedition In
Important   Legialation.
Albany, Juno 6.���Governor Hughes
acnt to tbe legislature today a special
message urging thc necessity of the passage of the pending legislation providing for investigation of Btate departments, direct nominations, corrupt prac
For Sale
$450.00, 2 lots on Latimer street.
���325.00, I lot on Latimer and Stanley.
1200.00, 30 ft lot on Chatham near Pine.
1175.00, lot on Carbonate near Park
$460.00, It lots on Innea atraet.
Wast Baker Street        NEL80N, B. C.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Jce, Frott,
Fuel A Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. oor. Biker ind Ward 8to.
tlces legislation, especially to meet the
recent decision of Justice Spencer, invalidating last year's act to require publication of campaign expenses, investigation of the water power resources of
the state (the Fuller hill, defeated last
week In the senate), the recommendation of the slate tax commission classing as special franchises the crossing
of highways.
Hy a vote of 110 to 11 the assembly
repassed over Mayor McClellan's veto
Assemblyman Merritt's Public Utilities
bill.    It now goes to the senate.
Still Striking at Havre.
Paris, June 5.���Tlie French Trans-
Atlantic lines announced today that in
spite of the decision of (he seamen at
Havre to continue the strike, a full crew
had been secured for the ha Provence,
insuring her sailing tomorfOW for New
Missionaries Safe.
Shanghai, June 5.���The viceroy of
Canton has reported to the government
at Pekin that, the disorders at Lien
Chow and Pakhol have been suppressed
and that all the missionaries are safe,
Fo* Sale Cheap
One 60-inch diameter, by ICft. 8ln.
long, underflred. return multi-tubular
boiler, in fair condition. Eighty-two
2H-ln. tubes, 2 1-3 1 2 1-6 ln. steam
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lbs. per square Inch, and a working pressure of 80 to 90 lbs. Mountings consist
of safety valve, stop valve, water
gauges, try cocks, sludge cock and
check valve, set of flre bars and bearers.
One 9-ln. diameter x lttn. stroke, high
pressure, variable cut off expansion,
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and belt pulley nre those not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement Knglne
has been 'used to drive electric light
at the smelter und ls ln good condition.
One vertical multi-tubular exhaust
steam heated feed-water heater, 4 ft.
high, 10%in. diameter with openings
for 3-in. exhaust pipes. Corrugated 00>
per tubes inside through which the feed
water passes, atop valve, drain cock
and safety valve. Apply to
The Hall Mining & Smelling Co., Ltd.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
Notice ii hereby given that 1 will npply, at the
next m��etln�� of ihe License Commissioners, lor
the Clly of Helton, to have the liquor liceme or
tho No Place lun, transferred from Archibald
Ferguson fvnl to myself.
Pated May Mth, ltft/7. Wu. UOSNKLL,
Hy I'owcr nf Attorney.
Notice ll horeby given thai thirty daya alter
date 1 issts-iss to apply to lhe BonrsI ol Lloensie
Cemnilailnneri tor Use Ymir district lor a transfer Of the licence held by me lor tbe Fort Hheppard hotel to F. Adle.
(s-Hiis.il) A M.Biitnu*.
Wancta. B. ��., Mhv Kt. lssm.
Notice Ia herehv given that I will npply at the
next meeting of the License Commissioners,
for thf citv of Nelson, to have the Honor llceuso
ofthe811*?er King Hotel transferred from myself to Hohert I >Hlf lol, of the City of Nelson.
Datod tills 7th day of May, IWI.
Certificate of the Registration of an
Extra-Provincial Company.
"Companies Act,  1807."
I HEREBY CKHTfKY that the "Kinney-Miller
Cedar Company," has this day been registered
as an Kitra-provlndal Company, miliar fhe
"Companies Aet. Wt," to carry out or effect all
oranyot the objects of the Company to-which
tho ltglslatlve authority of lho Legislature of
brltlah Columbia extends.
The head ofllce of the Company is sltnate In
tho City of -Spokane, lu the State of Washington,
The amount of th�� capltsl o| the company Is
fifteen thousand dollars, divided Into oua hitn-
drud and fifty shares of one hnudrtol dollar*
The head ofllce of the company In this province Is situate at Creston, and vYjillnni Weary
Crawford, merchant, whoso address Is the tune,
Is tin* ui im in- y for the company. (Not empower
red to Issue and tranfer stock )
The lime of tho eilsteuco of thucompany Is
fifty years from tho (Ith day of March, l��w,
Tie company Is limited.
Ulvcn under my hand and seal of office at
Victoria. Province of British Columbia, thll Sit)
day of May, one thousand nine hundred (and
[l.*.] fl. Y.WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Htock Companies.
The objects for which this company has been
established aud registered are:
1. Toacoulre in any lawful mnnner, manufacture aud sell or dispose ol any and ail kinds
of cedar and other timber:
'i, Toacijiilre tn nuy lawful manner timber,
whether standing or cut, tlmher laads or other
lands, logs, polos, piling, posts, lumber, shingles,
shingle bolts, aud any and all kinds of timber
product, to manufacture any ami all such, and
to dispose nf same In any lawful maimer:
8. To*h|u ro In any lawful initunrr stores,
Implements, and any and all kinds of merchandise or property not In violation of law, and to
dispose of same lu any lawful manner:
4. To build or to acquire in any lawful manner roads, tramways, or other means of transportation necessary or convenient totheother
purposes of the Corporation, and to operate,
leaso, or dispose of same as may tie doomed advisable; provided the sumo be private ways aud
roads only, aud provided further that tnli article !��� not to a utii orl Ke the Corporation to opor*
ate or maintain any puhlle or toll road, nor any
public serving transportation Hystem, nor to become a common carrier:
ft. To manufacture nny nud all kinds of articles and products aa may ne deemed desirable
and not In violation of law, and to tell and
dispose of same In any lawful manner:
8. To do any and all other acts and things
Decenary or expedient for carrying on tho Imsi-
diii of the Company ai herein before Mt forth.
Commencing Monday,
May 20tb, and continuing for 4 days, we will
Sell oar stock of
Children's Wear at
Special Discount Prices
Special Sale of Children's Wear
*:.75c "tit I
Children's Linen Dresses for  	
Children White  Dresses for  	
Children's White Percale  Dresses            ffalljl
Children's White Undershirt!  i0c \, I
Infants' Slip Shirts from  '    ,,"* '
Infants' Muslin Bonnets 35c each
Infants' Cream Coats (rom  J150        "'��� I
We invite Inspection of these
Special Bargains.
Fred Irvine <& Co'
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
To Charles (). Simpson, or any other person
to whom he may have transferred his interest ln
the "May BIohmiiu" mintrsi elalm. situated on
Brown Nlouutain, two nnd a half miles southwest of Ymir, in tlie Ncbou Mining DlTiilon, ol
West Kootenay Dlitrlot and recorded in tho
Recorder's ofllce, for the Nelton Division.
You and each ol you are hereby notified that
I have expended two hundred and tive dollars
(WVOO) in labour and Improvement! npon the
above mineral claim in order lo Imi'i tho same
under thc provisions of the -Mineral Act. aud if
within ninety days from the date of thll notice
you fall or refuse to contribute your portion of
tho expenditure, (whicli l* oue hundred and Iwo
fifty dollars (|l(>'J.5(i) lor the two years ending
8th May. 1907.) together with all costs of ml ver
tiding, vour interest in the suid claim will become the property of the umlersigued under
Sec 4 of an Act entitled : "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act, 1WK1."
Dated at Ymir, B 0 .16th May, 1W7.
Notice Is bereby given that at a meeting of the
Hoard of UOAnoeuOttUnlUlonirf, to be h*ld after
the expiration of thirty days, I lutend to apply
for a transfer ol my hotel licence for the Creston
hotel, at i re-toii. to (ieorge Mead,
15th May, 1907. B. J. Mm kh
I, the undersigned, aftor mi davi intend to ap
ply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of l.aii.:-
aml Works for permission to piirohate the Following described land: Commencing at a post
marked N. K. C , situated on the weil shore of
Slocan lake, about twenty miles from Hloean citv,
thenco west t" chains, thence south 80 chain'*,
thence east 40 chains, theme north along the
shore nt lake 80 ehalus to poiut of commencement.
Located May tth. Bert sjuhi*.
Brice Whiti, Agenl.
sixty daysafter dale I purpose maklngappllea-
tiou to the Chief Cumuilsil'tner of liud�� aud
Works for |H) rutins ion to purebaae the followlug
described land: Commeneing at a poit piaeed
at the northwest corner of j,>i *4i*iM'I ami markeii"!* McC'b h K. oorutr post," running thence
80 chains north theuce 80 chalus west, Ihence Mi
chains south, thenee HO chaius east, to polntof
commencement, eontainiug &40 acres, more or
Dated thu 6th day of May, 1907.
(Higned) l'rrM McCulloch,
per D. A. MiCi'LLocn. Agent.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to Hon.
tbe Chief t.om in hm loner of Lands and Worki for
permission to purchase the following described
lands in Kootenay district: Commencing at a
postmarked Bruce While's N. VV. comer post,
situated at tho northeast corner of V. K SO about
a mile oaat of Hloean river, thence iouth 3d
ehains, thence west A) chains, thanee ���outh 60
chains, theuce east 40 chains, thonce north 40
ehalns, thonce east 4o ehalus, theuce north 4o
chains, thence west 60 chains lo point of commencement, containing 440 acres, more or lew,
Located March intfa, 1907. Hbucx Whiti.
I, the undersigned, atter AO days Intend toap-
y to the Houorable the Chief Commluloner of
Ltndl and Works for permission to purchase the
following laud: Commencing ata post marked
ii. K C. of Lot ISSB, thence west SO cbains, thence
south 'A) chains, thence west �� obalns, thenee
south 'A) chalnn, theuce west 40 chains, theuce
noiiiIi40 chains, tlience east 80 chains, theuce
north 80 chaiui to point of commencement.
Located March 27th, 1907. M. H. McNacoht,
N. K. McNit-uHT, Agent.
Sixty dayi after date 1 purpose making application lo lhe Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Worku, for permission to purchase the following described laud: Commencing at a post
placed un tho west shore of l.ower n'hatsnau
lake, about a U mile from (he outlet of same,
and marked "Tl. W's. N.E. corner post,'* running theuce Hu chains west, tiieuce 80 chains
south, theuce 80 chalus cast, theuee 80 chains
north to point of commencement, containing
640 acres, more or loss.
Dated the ind day ol May, 1907
(Signed) 11. Wairbn,
jwr r  0, FAuwi'iia, Agent.
Sixty days aftcj dale I nurpoie making application tothe Hon. the (.'hief Commissioner ol
Lauds and Works for [termisslon to purchase tho
following described laud: Com mon clng al a
post piaeed at the northeast ct rner of Ii. C*
-k loner's application to purchiMa marked
"k M's, N. W. corner post" Ihonce following the
eastern boundarj of said application HO ebalni
south, thence running ��J Uutll east, ihenco Ho
chains north to ilm Houthern boundary of H. W,
Hannliiglon's application to purchase, theiictHU
chains west along same to|>oliilot commencement, containing 64o acres, more or less.
Dated aud day of May, 10U7.
(Hlgned) fi, Hhiiil,
perF. Q   FAlyngR, Agent.
Hixty days after date I intend to apply tothe
Honorable the ChlefCommlBsloner ol Unds and
Works for permission lo purchaao the lollowlng
deserlbod lands lu West Kootenay dlitrlot: Com*
mencing at a post planted on the south shore of
Kontenay lake, and adjoining C. P. It (dock No.
10, nud marked "Tom Cordon's northwest corner
posl," thenco south 40 ehfilns, Ihenee cast 40
chains, tbenoe north 80 ehalns, more or lens, to
Lake Bhorti thencu west 40 chains to|H>intof
Daied this HUlll of April, 1907.
Tom OoaiKtH
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
WhoicMtii-tt Provl��lon��,
Products, - Pruit.
Government Creamery Om- Pound Bnclin re-Delved waeklj tmh ftgj
rhuni    Kor sale by all leading grOOM,
Office and wnrilionne: Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. Nelion, EC I
Hlxty days afler dato I intend lo apply totho
Hon I'hlM Commissioner of Lands and Works
hir permission to purchase the following described land m West Koolenay dlstricl: Com-
moneing at a posl marked A ��'. It's northwest
tinnier post, running 40 chalus easterly along
tho boundary of Timber licence No. Mow, thonc"
southerly 60 chains, theuce wcktony 40 chains,
thonce northerly Mi chains along the V. V It'
track to tho place of eommeneiimonl, containing
two hundred acros, more or loss.
located this uth day of May, 1U07.
  A. I), fli'iii, Locator.
Hlitvdayi atter dato i intond tp ftpplJjp thi
Hon. (ihlel Commissioner ol Lands and Works
Victoria, to r-rohaso th following dosorlootf
lauds adjoiuing tho Arrow lakes in A\>��t Kootonay: Commencing at a post plauted at the
N' II* C"L",1�� {__���"��� Porttr'l preemption, and
marked K. W's H, W. corner post, thenco WnimIiih
nortb along lako shore, iheuce BOOHlDI oast
theuco 'iO chaltis south, thenee il) ehulns woit to
placo of beginning, containing 40 acres, more or
April l��, 1907. S^*UYH w*������.
..HUtA1.,,1^y^*',1!^,'lR,ol Ditcnd to apply to tho
Hon.Ohtel OpmmlHlOntr of Lands ami Work!
to purchaie W acren of laud located about Unities
Houlhoait of Burton: Commencing at s post
planted at the snulliwe��l eo.ner of Kt Rlfil.and
!!U,nei(,;AltHu',,tor'BH"l"l'east comer, thenco
north 40 chains, lhetice west 20 chains  thenee
SC*nil#.n"'        U6 6Mt   * <,h,t"" t0 "'���<"
Located April 30th, 1907. ��. a Hiiktm.
per A, Kiilir, Agent.
Notice U hereby glveu that flo nays alter date 1
inland toapply io the Hon. ChiefCoinmiMlonerol
Uudsaud Works, Victoria, for permission to purchase the following described laud : ( ommenclng
st a post planted on the west ilde of N|Oenu lake
and about two miles north of Kvans i-ruok, and
marked O, n. O'e southeast corner post, thenco
north followlug shore ol lake 10Q chains, thenoe
west fio chains, thenee lOUth ho chains, theme
east 6o chains lo point of com meneement, mn
aiTen more or less.
LoefttM April 20, 1K07.
o��o b liiRRirr, Locator,
Wm.cloi OH, Agent.
Mity flays alter a ate I mtetnl to apply io the
Hon. Chiel CommlMloner of Undhaiid Works to
purchase the following described land low ted
In Kire valley district of W��et Kooteuay: Commencing al a post planted at the M. ��� corner of
John Hangs* pre-emption, theuce south NJ chains,
tbence west 40 chains, theme north |0 chalui,
thence cast 40 ehains to place ol beginning, containing Sim acres.
Located March 14th, 10u7.
D. A. Mcl'itfe, LOtttOft
____^     J.J  Kilj.y, Agent.
Take notlco that 60 days after date I intend to
applytothe Hon. Chief Commlshioner oi Lands
ami Works, for permission to purchase tho fo|.
lowing described landi: Commeneing at the
���outhcait oorner ol lot ND6. theuee west io
chains, theuee iouth to chains, thenee east B0
chains, th#uce north in chains, ihcnce west 10
ebalna tO point of commencement, containing
40 acres, more or Uss *
Dated April 16th. 1UH7 p   J. Hraoiiy
W. W. HHaoi.it, Agent.
iiSLXlJ!Kd*^��*r,tCr.<late ' lnt,'n'1 toapply to the
Hon    the   (hief i ommUMoner of  Unds ami
Works to purrhasclfWlM.reKof land: Commencing
at a post plained ou the weil sidt ot 6-Miln creek
on the wagon road about 2U miles from Kootenay lake, and marked Nell RflEachnla*! souili-
SS&nKLfP*** ll"'u"' ��������*> i'lialna, thence
, *' �������!". WW '-ast 40 obalns, theuce
south 40 chains to place ol beginning
located this (3rd day of April. l��o7.
Nlll MrKKf-HNiB,
 K. J KixiolT, Agont.
Notice ls hereoy givan that 60 days alterdttel
Intend to applv tothe Honorable tho Chief Commissioner or Lands and Works lor permission
to purchase about 17.'. acres of land, situate near
the I'end d'Oreille river. West Kootenay district.
and deserlbod as loliows: comineuclng *t a
post markul u. K. Thomson's N. W. corner ont!
sliuaMou the sooth houndary and X ohalni
from H. w poat of Lot 71M, thenco south about70
ohalni, theuco cast Hi,.,ut *Jft ch ��iiin lo a point on
tllO   Illllll    1   .... ..    I.. ...   .._.!   ll..   _.!._ ....    .. ..' ... "
ol Usi nil, llinnro nnrlh 7ss , i,,nri \ tbHDa
WHI mi-hum lo tin pl��,.,. ol lMiliiiilnif.
  A    '���    I.��-....  A,;, |,s
I, lhe lsniliTllmii.il, hiut IKS,ln>, i���ioi���|  i,,,���.
fly io Use lii.nor.hk. tha Chlol fcommlMionirol
Unsl, Mist Wssrk. to piirs-liMs... the follOWlm sis..
_"_*':', l**%_ '��� , I"'II""SII'IIIK nt �� poll ,���.,l,..|
N. K 4:, altUHto  1.1   tin, inniiil, ���I DoTtOrM, ns
tbi- wwi Mun ol Bloom i���i. |��Uoa wi.��t ai
ohtlu, tlii-m-i! ...isis. H ,.|,��iu,, ihenm wui ��
OBUBI, Ihoiiro .i.iin, w uhllin, IIiimiiii ��,.., to
i'ii. ni, Ihence  I, 4n ,.),aI,���. Hh-iioommi wi
i-helni, Iheui'e north noi-liaim t��� ,,���i,,t ���| ,���,���.
lisi-iiisssmtillt ���
Lorain-*! Uan-h itlli. lm.     s. I MrSAi'oiir.
so Biown um, about twtln ml	
SiiJfra11"1*,"* ���'"'""' ""���" ���"' 'i'��i">. 'h.'ii'.'.
Ill     I 4�� I'll.lis.   |1���.,��� ut .|i| ,.|i���lii��,  ���,.,.
a   iih alon,, ahs.ris nl m ���,   ,.*,,. , ,���,, ���,
i oiniiii'iii'i-tns.iit.
I.Qi-aledMey4tli. T.V.tHAtt.
n!HA*]ti!fttt(l��t�� 1 Int t Utopia I.s Ihs* llss'n.
UHt'l Isiminlaaluiier nl Lamia uu.i W'nrka Vlr-
torla lo |iuri>liM�� I��l acrea nllansl In Ktre Valley.
�� eat Kontenay sllairlct, ami ilencrllieil ��, l,,l l������, ���
tnniinenrltiit at a |��sil markesl W II Wrllht'l
H. B. corner, anil runiiluif nortii HO ChaliiH. liienei'
JMtap cliaina, thence ss,sills Mil chaltia. IliailOa
���IUI -llehalna tn nlace nl i,s��Iiiii1ii��, ami belni
lhe weal ,,,,���.hall ,,I ,|,��� H, _t ,,,,���!,., ,,| Hectlon
H, ami llie weat hall ul Ihe H. a. OM-qllMtM nl
Notion Hi lit Tnwnahlii 71 (I. I.
March nom, iam ff, H. WHubt,
uSHi%'}V,'. ��"��'���'�����' Inteiiiltn apply t���ihe
llon.l ilsls niiiiiilaalniiur nl l.anila anil Wnrka
tu piirchaas- aai acrea nl land In I'lre Vnllsy, Wuat
Knnleiiay illatrlet and ilearrllaid al KulQWI
tommeliFloK at a poat marked J. K'a B. K
eoriier, and rutiulUK norlh Hll chalna, thence
weat 411 chalna, llieticu aoiills nu clialnn, thenco
Mil 40 ehalna to place pt bMlnnlOI, nml IhiIiib
e woat oiie-haf ol Iho B. K. one liuarlor ami
the eaat olio-hall ol this B. w. iines/narler, ansl
t ., wea une-hal   ol the N. K. nnei|iia.rter, and
HiioiTl.'S.1"1""   ,n'.!1"' N- M. utie-imarter oi
Hesstlnn 84, Townahlp 71,(1. 1,
March Both, I9U7. j������N Kamai.
Notice la herohy g von lhat ilu ilnyanflor dato I
intend to aptsiy in lhe Bon, Ohlal Commlnloner
ii. Vi," , (V'rkl.'"r l'urinla��lonto|iiirclnims
the followiiiK dcacrllied  landa, altlsaln In Went
Koiitcna, ,i sstrict: Oommenolni at a noil mark-
Chalm Inl owing the eiiatcm hnnnslnry nl II.
J!1'! '".���ppiiraiiiiiii to nofohiNi thinoiuit to
soa in, thonce nurth Hilclialua; lliisnco weal ��l
leans. t��� point nl isnmiiielu-eiueiit, eoutaltilni
ano acrea muro it leaa. ���
Dltud i|,la lllh day ol Mirob, lttn.
I, the sssj,l..,.lgs,.-.l. alter ��da7i..Ba_
ply iss the Boa.lb*QamtOamaMamM
.ml Wssrkss to pnrehaae the foils'.its,Jar
l.ml: ( ninnieus-liig at the S I. , 7.
'S. 1 . thence weat 40 chaloi, v-r.-v.
s-haitia, thenee eaat lu ctielai, t'.,t-.v.
ebllni to point uf cninmencement, roitu
asres. lunre or leaa.
Ui-ates] Martsh ath, 1- : t.Lt
Take nollee Ibat alxty uaya .-.._
I Intend to apply tu the liiiDO.-ibitltstS
' ,-ii.i,,i.-i,,sis r ul Landa an<] Wsirli ___
-..���is to purchaao the (ulluwlo, '��������� r-'dk
alluetes! In ihe Weat Kuoleiiijf diisrltlsr
melis-tUK at . poat plauted al sis- Ml_
enrner i.i Uit ?::. uu the iouth .:���'.- ciIkaSJ
Arm nt Koetetiay lake, thens-e aOs-bilBill
msulhwelt eurner ul laid lot. lUwttMS
ninth, theuce Ml rbalui eut, Ibssc* ti*\
ninth to plas-e of eonimeticemeot,I
April Jod, '807. i *it a em Boin
IHT Kbmii W. KuaiaKl. Aieill
Hlxty rtaye alter slat* I Intend to M
Ilssn. thi- I'hlef L'ummlwlisuir ssl LAiaf
Worka. Victoria, B __ tu purrh-ue �� i
land: (-umnielicltig at a pisat plisstH it lal
ssl ItllMra'l B. K. eoruer |so.t. oe Kootaaall
ibenee Sl s-hatna aouth. tbrnce wiit *s*f
theme norihmchain., tbftsrt cutaicbil^
point nf cs.iunienecnieiit.
Nelaon, B. t'��� April Jl, IW.     B- '���'
Notice la horeby ilron tait��>..��� all��*4
intend lo apply lu the Hon. Chlel CouiiuiaJ
ssl Lansl. iu,] Worki for penniMtou tss JU
the fulluwlng .t, v. riU't land In W-MtKlfl
sllitrlct, on  wen .It ss. ol Uwet Artssaf
asljsiining Lot No-4-HS,ontliei's'ith *BO"
at a pssit markesl "uarry WOMm\t*M
Poat ami  t lantesl un tlie Ibon- ol l*'*_M
Latka.lt the Nsisilheaat curuei wCapf
i.t'Jlt.   thelu-e  welt *1 chllni. tlsslisia"
sltilna inure nrleaa to tbe north hotil*'
Kiillmore'a I*. It , tbence J' cbalni etuis*
mill linundary to lake, thence nnrlha
laku ahtsre al chalm, more or l��i He
iisiisincnss-inent. . ��� u^.m
Mey lad, imn. J,*D!I!S"
Agent for Marry*&
April Mnl, 11107.
HcBTiii B��s��
J. E. AKKABl.a.Al-*
Blaty daya afler dato I Inland M'jS*
Hon. I'liief Comnilaaluner nl Und; >'_Vt
Vleinrla. II. 0.. in purchaao thc ;!'"��"^|
��. rlbed lansl, illuatod in she W��lt*oMf��
trlet: l.'ulninenelng al a poat Pu"w1KMa
weit ilsln ol Kssotenay lake. II��<W
psslnl, end marked J. MeKlunssn' _ JJ
I'sul, thetiei. weit in chaini. than��� "Zm
i li.liii, llienise eaal ell ehalni inon-'"'". J
ihssre. thence along lako ihssrt* lo lN,lul T
molicuinotlt. , , _,_,���__.
Higned J M' hiawj
liiiiyTaia""al(er daloTlnleii'l W.��BjJi
Unu lhe thiol tiiiuinlliliiner ____��___
Works, tn psstehaie the MlB*^lltjM*S*___t
ln.nl. ,1 III Kir.. Valloy dlalrlal "'",*" A ��i
t'ssnilililicllll ssl. poll planted atll"*1**" J
s.t John M���,���* piVoinptlon, theiica ""3
rssiiih, tlss-its'e 411 H,tills, well, llifo'-s ,3
liorlIs,lliHiise411 chaluaeail IPplisccim__t
J.J, Iaav,A|i��^j
Blaty daya after dato I |ssir|Hi��e _''_'"___*
cutlnn t.s the I'lllel Itiiinlllliilsiuer "."KM
Wnrkilur i.erinliiiun to li,,i''"''"'.!m.
ds-acrlbed Isssi.l. tjnililliciicllil a| a tgBM
at the loutheaat estrner nl r W ',',���'V,n
applls-allun tsi purs'liaao, markesl   e-   J
surlier,** running llio! M chatni X",iat
��U ehelni can. tholitH! 80 onallli aoul ' "SM
��� lmins- well lo point nf cnniinonceiiiiiii,1 -1
lag all)aerea, moreor leaa.
Dated lhe lllll day of April, l��n*K r_rttlM
I'er F. tl. KltmiiK". ""i.
Slity daya titer d��t�� I purpo",'' '���'.*_, JUB
eallnn to lliO llunnralile lhe D��I��'' " JJiBO
nt I.s.snl. Blid Worki fnr P*���,1""1,1!'1,,,,, Jrllll
the fnllnwliig deaeribed land: ',;'��� Iiii ml
a pint nlM'sHl nbout one and ball "JjMH
Isy t>. I,. Hanimonil, na agout, twnti jj,.__
north, theticoWchalna eait. ""'""JJialil
inutli to pniut nf commencement, i"      l
(Wu atsroa, mure nr ieia,
Uatoil the Uth slay of April, l��n*0 HkV_,a
K. w. ����� _____
Per F. 0. tAVit_^i_______Z-
Hlxty slnya nfter dnle f Intend lo"^''^ J
lliiu.Ohluf llotnnilailisnei- ��f Un__)_��____,
tn purehaae S40 eorca ssl Inml, ��l '"',", ��iisli<|
inlo ssf Arrow like,nbouttwotnlIM'""", _jm
Oommenolni at a pssii tWW"_ wiathW
of I. M47, nnd marked N. T B'a N. ����� <^;���,yll
Misusing eaat nil chaini, thenee ao�� ��3SDI
thenoo weat 40 obnlni, Ilium** ",'S'lo dtaWl
thensso woat 4(1 elialna, theoce nurllt >" ,
plnee ol beginning tf.l.tllT. l^B
Burton, Xprll rfrd, mi.^ ^jgg*^   ��� Prospectors
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
ie BACON We Sell
Dt (lives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and Smoked.   Our Hams Are
Excellent  Also.    All  Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lard in All Sizes.
'. Burns & Co., Ltd.
in hereof given mat w davs after dale 1
���:. the Honorabli the Ooftl Oom-
',(   Unds ��nd    Works  for a   h[hh*1r1
, ,'it snd carrv Ifflf tlmher fmm the
,\.,.*ril��*d lauds lu Wost Kooteuay dls-
in i    Commencing at s potl planted
,-n*,k iif Bl icberry creek, about
r.ik   Irom   railway   truck,
Iiiim east, thence HO Ohlini south,
,,,,];. u.st, thenco 40 chains north,
h*alns weat. thenue to chains north lo
. mint,
(a Sn 2.-Commencing At a \* -\ planted
[*.*..��� oornerol Location No 1, thence
tbence HO chains north, thence
  10 chains soiitb, theuce HO
eoce 40 chains south to point of
��� i . I'liinmencfnic at a post planted
tit of ii'TtheHHt corner of Location
_ riii chains south, Ihenoe I'Jlchaius
���fitc-V chains north, thence 40 chains
e 40 chains south theuce W chains
plot *>f commencement,
lb, 1����.
net*ttn w. Baaxatoa,
i i.r Kiven that 10 days alter date 1
[iiy   to the Honorable the Chief
t.f Unds and Works, Victoria,
i   to cut and carry   away llmlier
iWlng   described landl, In West
.*.'-'����� t* ���������t planted on the
in r ol surveyed lot No. ttfl Ul,
hums, ili-nri' north W chains,
the southeatt coruerof said lot,
rii lo the norlheast corner id <tatd lot,
it lo thu went boundary of pre emption
is&r-e south to thi uorih boundary of
tnceNo  ibtt, thence west along  the
f ndary to the norlhweat cornej of said
IbmcestMith to the north  boundary of
(ndm So   "ids, thence west to a point
|iti>>! com meneement, ihence uortb to
simiinjii* i iiiuiit, containing 640 acrea,
I leu
ht) z'ltii.ivn,
V. A   I'llUo)*, I*ocator.
J. A. Hil.LiVAi*, Agent.
V ''nintr,i*iii ���in*K al a pott planted at the
L-t eornei ot   surveyed   lot No. 7M101.
nth to Hit- ii'Ttlicrn boundary of tim-
hiM- No   Mil, thence weal lo Ihe norm-
(tnir ol iald timber license, thence south
���ii  bouu'Urv of lot No. ft'2,  thenco
pn tald boundan ol said lot west te the
n| u.,' li   '     Southern  Hallway.
'lo j said     .������'���! way  In  a  north-
direction to plan* ol commencement.
iMayi.lh, IK.
J. A
���    VkVlSOtt, Ia* .il-or.
1-llivah, Agent.
i li hereby given that thirty days alter
mien ! to apply t.i ihe Honorable the chief
���loner of Unds and Works, Victoria, for
~ to eut and carry away timber from
Kdescribed lands: Commencing it
msru-il Vi. i,k Rioui, and planted at
'���"������-it corm-r of UMi'.l' R block,
'fork of Kettle river, Vfell dlatrlct,
running HO chains east, 80 chains
ilm west, HO chains north to point of
fd April .Tlh,lW7.
::i>ii' lug at the northeast corner of
���*��� ruining east HO chains,   tbence
lot, ihence weat HO chains, ihence
n* to poim ol commencement.
|d April fl, 1*JT,
.  .nk.- at a point about one halt
���'f  the   northeast   corner ol C  I'   l(.
*M ihence running north HO chalna.
�����**�����' N chains, ihecce soulb HO chains,
'     i chnius to point of commencement.
1 19th, 1907,
unending at the northeast corner
������ running north 80 chains, thence
". thenoo south HO chains, thence
>to point of commencement.
���April atn, i��n
a Comminetni at a post planted north of
-Vicreek, near west line of C P, K. Hlock
P*" thence running west 80 chains, thence
���"^"ins, theuce easl 80 chains, tbeuce
���.m to putm ol commencement.
'! "*J Ut, IWI. E   Hunt, Locator.
(Timber Limit Mi.'l)
thereby Kiven hal 60 days after date 1
"Pply to 'he Honoraole the Chief Coin-
ol Unds and Works   lor   a   special
1 nt and carry away Umber (mm the
den rlbed land.sltuatudouKoosfcftnai
"eat Kooieuay district:
icing st a post planted at thc north-
���rofTimbir Limit No 10*17, and mark
Lea'a mmi t Invent comer post, Ihcnce
chllni, thenoi cast M) chains, thence
bains, iiicnce west 80 chains to pofuiof
��� *. >. I��i7.       U. li   1.a*, Locntor.
Timber Notice No �� )
I nih |ioHt planted al Ihe southeast
' liuilt, and at the northwest coiner
inae No. 1OM0, lbence   norih   IW)
���a caul   40  chalus  to  WuX line pi
a  No uriVt, followiiiK line of No
������ IM chains, them-e following line
use No. io;ii, 40 chains to point of
chag, LOT.      II. I). L��a, Locator.
(Umber Notice N<��. 4.)
hereby Kiveu thai 00 dava after date I
I'l'ly lothe lion Chief Cominlhsloiier
"I ,l orks for n special license to cut
���'����> timher Irom lhe lollowlng do-
"l- i'u.,1.,i ���i, Kooakanax "reek In
|,|l*M' dl-trict, nud aboul   llvu miles
���Vrrow lake:
"ik at a posl p*anted 00 the north
* ind ftbout half a mile (mm creek,
1 H. l>. Lift'l lOtlUOftgt corner pnst,
"���  m cliHlits, thence west Ml cluilns.
"" ' ittiin-, thencu east Ml chains to
,..,, ,raraiueem��nt,
FM Mfttoh ;ti. HKJ7.      Ill) Lia, locator.
I Umber Notice No. A.)
'"tt at a post markeii II. D. Lea's
��' corner poit. thenco north ho ohalns,
"t. t��o oftit Una ol No 4 location, theuce
( "niNs, thence iouth M) chain", thenco
t,.ii ".'.""''W'.'lniol ooinmencomonl.
"" Mnrch 81, [i��n.      H, i). Ua, Locator.
Ii, {Timhor Limit No.fl.)
I , �� herehy given that slaty days after
]( . '"rm to npplv to lhe Honorable tho
|M* iiiiisHitmer of Unds and Worka lor a
lih..i.!ii l'.ln ,'nl *"d carry away timher
hn '" !'>wlng described land, altuated aboul
nw.w �� AP* l!J?PPr Arrow laku on Koos-
���fa's . .IVI*'" K ,m8t P'witod and marked 11
In*,   ."""invest eornor post, thence eaat Ml
������" lh��iin    lout*�� BO oliftim, thonco weat 90
'nent   ' luirlh ** obftlns to point ol com-
P***'1 Mnr,,h U, 1907.     H. D. Lia, Looator,
>iiim���, (Timber Limit No. 7.)
KfniStl1. M H ��M,Hl Plauted and marked II.
' i" h ,,,., *" rpthat poat, thonce aouth Ml
H MM an*, **��� Wl'��t Hill) ol No.B limit,
laasits. il" .aln"' W-?nofi north Ml ohalni,
.���.���, ., ,t,),l'��"top(iiutofcommenoetiient.
H March "^^^^
" I'M,,*
point of commencement.
M.MW,      H.D.LitA.Iaocaior.
Ii'ii,] t���S&&1 fl'On that HO daya rrom date
���Hdi in Vu�� '" lll�� "<'n chief Commlialonti
***��MiSiteW '"��mtho followlug do*
u,i* in w en Kootenay dlitrlot:
i.-nL k   ^ *' ! P��* P*"*W on the norih
hank of m M lie creek, about one mile and a ball
from Hloean lake, marked K Htrand's northwest
corner post, Ihence east 110 chalna. thenee south
��ohftlni, thenct, west iwi chains, theuce north
40 chains lo point of oommeneement.
Dftttd this iiat duy of March. 19W.
, K. Btrakd, laocator.
.Notiee 1�� hereby Kiven that 30 days alter date 1
intend toappU tothe Hon. the Chief ('otnmia-
sloiier of Units and Works, at Victoria, lor a
special lleenae to eul and carry a*ay timl>er
rom Uw following described lauds Ifl Vale district;
No. 1.���Commencing at a post planted about 10
chains east of main Kettle river and about one
mile more or less north of Q, V K. block No.
���ST, hii<i marked Boundary Lumbor Co'i H K
corner post No. 1, thence Ml chains n Tth, thence
HO chains west, theneo W chains aouth, thenue 80
chains cast to the point of eommeucement.
Uated Mart h -.'n-i, I'joT.
Hm.'i,���'ommenclng at a poa* planted about 10
chalna east of main Kettle river about 80 chalna
north ol bouudary Lumber Co'i Location No. 1,
aud maraed Boundary Lumber Co's 8. ft. eorner
post No. 1, thence 80 chaini north, thence W
chaltis wesl, ihence 80 chaini south, thence 80
chains east to the point of commencement.
Dated and March, 1907.
No. 3.���Commencing at a pout planted about 10
chains east ul main Kettle riverand ahoul 80
chains north ol Houndarv Lumber Co's location
|M>stNo2,and marked Boundary Lember Co'i
tt. F.. eorner poet No. 8, thence 80 chaini north,
thence 80 chaina west, thence 80 cbains south,
thence 80 chalna eaat to the point of commencement.
Dated March '22ud, UOT.
No. 4���Commtnctng at a post planted about
10 chains east of the main Keith; river and about
HO chaiui north ol Boundary Lumber Co'i Iocaliou poat No. 3, aud markeii Bouudary Lumber
Co'a 6. Jt. corner poit No 4, theuce 80 chains
north, theuce So chaini weit, thence 80 chaini
aoutb, thence 80 chalna east to the point of commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No fi.���Commencing at a poat planted about
]"��� chaini eaat ol main Kettle river and about
two miles north, more or leaa, ol Boundary Lumber i o'a laocalluu No. 4, and markod Boundary
Lumber Co'a B K. corner poat No. ,'i, theuce 80
ehalus nortb, thence Bo chaina weat, thence 80
chalus south, Ihence 80 chains eaat to tbe point
of r,iiiiii,el), til,eut.
Dated March *3rd, 1907.
No. 6.���Comment*ing at a poat plantcil about 25
chalm eaat ol main Kettle river on C V. K. Hue
block No. 2714, and about 80 chains uorth of
Bouudary Lumber Co's location post No. 5, and
marked boundary Lumber Co's 8. K. corner post
No. 6, tbenco 80 chalus north, following C. P. K.
line block No 2714, thence SOchalns weat, thenee
80 chains south, iheuce So cbaloa eail to tbe
point ol commencement.
Dated March sard. 1U07. *
Nn, 7.���Commencing at a post planted about
15 chalna wesl ol the main Kettle river on C I'.K.
line block No .Til, and bIhiui 80 cbalm north of
Boundary Lumber Co's location poat No. 6, and
maiked Boutidaty Lumlier Co's 8. K. corner post
No.7, theuee 100 chains north, lollowlng 0. P. K.
line block No. 2714, theuce 40chalns west, tbence
160 vhalns south, thence 40 chalui cast to the
polntof commencement.
Dated March 23rd, 1907.
No. 8��� Commeneing at a post planted about
20 chains west from mer bank and about 3 mllei
south, more or less, of tbe laat east branch of the
t-a-i fi-rL of the malu Kettle river or aboul 13
miles north, moro or less, of C. P. R. Itlosk No.
2714, on easl lork of Keltle river, markeii Boundary Lumber Co'a N. W. corner post No 8, tbence
M) chains east, thence 80 chalus south, thence 80
chains west, lb- mv 80 chaiua north to tbe polut
ol commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No, 9.��� Commencing at a  post planted about
20 chains west from river bank, on tbe east fork
of Ketlle river, and about 80 chains aouth of
B, ond
poat No. 9, Ihence 80 chaiui east, thenc  W chalna
south, thence Mi ehalns weit, theuce 80 chalna
uorth to the point of commencement.
Dated March 2,Mh,1907.
No. 10���Commencing it s poat planted about
at) chains west Irom river bank on lhe east lork
ol Kettle river, and about Ml chains south ol
Boundary LumberCo's location poat No 9, and
marked Boundary Lumbor Co'a N. W. corner
poll No. 10, tbence 80 chalna east, thenee 80
chains south, thenre Ml chalna weit, thence 80
chaini north to the point ot commencement.
Dated March 85th, 1907.
No. 11.-Commencing at a poat planted shout
l.") chalna west from river bnnk ou the east lork
of Kettle river, nnd about 80 chaloi nouth ol
Boundary Lumber Oo'i location poal No. 10, and
marked Boundary LiiinberCo'a N. W eoruer post
No 11, tbenco Mi chum- east, theuce DO chalui
aouth, toenco 80 chains west, theuce 80 chai oa
north to thc point ol commeucemcut.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No UL���Commencing ftt a post planted about 12
chalna west from river bank sn the east fork of
Ke tie river, and about Ml chains aouth of
Boundary Lumlier Co'a loeatiou post No. 11, and
maiked Itoundary Lumber Co's N. W. corner
po**t No. 12, Ihence 80 chaiui cast, theuce 80
chslns sooth, theuce M) chalus west, llienee M
norih to the point ol comrauiceinent.
Dated March Hth, IWT.
K0 ],i.-Commencing at a post planted about
1*2 chains west Irom river bank on the east lork
ol Kflttll river, and about Ml chains south of
limtudaiy LumberCo's location post No. 12, and
marked Boundary LUfflMf Co's N W. corner
P ���si No. IBj theuce Ml chains east, Ihence Mi
chains south, theuce 80 chalna weat, thonce 80
chalus uorth Io ibu point ol commencement.
Dnted March 2Mb, 1907.
No 14. Commencing al a post planted about
10 chains w sl I rum river bank on ihu east fork
of Ueltl" river, and about 80 i halus south ol
Boundnry Lumber Co's location inist No 1-1, mid
mnrked Boundary LumberCo's N W. corner MMl
No It Ihence N> chains c��-i, thencuM) chalna
souih' thenee M) ehalns wesl, tbence HO chains
north tO the point of commencement.
Dated MBrch iMh. 1WI7.
No ir>.-Com men dug at h post planted about
lOchnllis west irom river hank on thoeiist fork
0 Kettlo river, and about Ml chains south of
Boundary Lumber Co's post No 14. and marked
HoiimUry Lumber Co'a ft W. comer post No. 15,
ihence 80 chains easl, ihcnce Mi chains aouth,
thenee Ml chains west, thencu Ml chains north to
poim ol commencement.
Cated March 2Alb. 1��07.
No 10.-Com men dug si a post planlcd ftbout
8 chnlna west from river bnnk on the cast lork ol
Kettle river, ftnd about Ml chain* south ot
Houndarv Lumber Co's location pOH p. 1ft. am
mnrked rtoundary l.umbur< Vs if. W^MjHg
No 1��. Ihcnce 80 chaini cast, thonce 80 ess
iouth, Ihcnce *' chains woit. thonce 80 ehalna
north to the point of commencement.
Dated Marcli URth, 1907.
No 17.-Commencing at a DMt planted about
ftohnlm west from river bnnk on -^���MWnk
of Ketlle river, and ftbOttt M'OhgU ��W�� *JH
Boundary -Lumbar Oo'i EbmUm m>st No. ij. ��n}
marked Boundnry   Lumber Cos N.w. Qprutr
o*l   No. 17,   thencu  Ml  chains call, ttONfl
���l.Tins south, ihenco Ml chains west, thence 80
ohalni nnrth to the point ol commencement.
Dated Mnrch Bth, 1907.
No. 18. -Comineuclng at a poet W-^MO
6cliftln�� weat of the river bank on hu mIIdJ
o  Keltic RlVOI aud abonl BO OhftlOl Nttfe   >'
Boundary Dumber co'i locjtlon fioit No* n
and marked Bonndary l umber t 0 I N.W. OOnwr
post No. 18, thence ho chnins ens , thWOJ N
chains soutli, thence Ml chalna WMt, |hM�� ��
ShftK! north to tho point 01 OMUIlMJBjat.
Dated fifftronttth, IW, ,      J* SWKSts Oa
Ageut lor Boundftrv Lumbir V0<
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No
marked Houndary   Lumber   Co's   N. W. ���
The Daily Canadian
Negro Thief and Highwayman Escapes
-���Chinese Lumbermen Assaulted by White Rufflam.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Orand Forks, June 5.���That George
Thompson, the negro who broke gaol
here last evening while awaiting sentence on two churges of theft, was a desperate character, Is evidenced by a report that has Just reached here from
Marcus, Wash. It seems that Thompson
reached that town on a freight train
last Saturday evening, anil shortly after
IiIh arrival attempted to hold up a citizen. * When the alarm was given the
town officer and some Tour citizens
started In hot pursuit of the negro, who
drew a gun on his pursuer! and actually
stood the five men off and again succeeded lu making hl�� escape. This lime ho
is supposed to have gone towards Spokane.
A reporl has reached here loday that
a number of white men, presumably
from Phoenix or thereabout, have made
an attack on a number of Chinamen
who were engaged In cutting timber on
Fourth of July Creek, and horsewhipped
the Chiuese workmen and drove them
off the ground, threatening to shoot
them if they ever returned. It appear*-}
that a few months ago a syndicate of
Chinamen from Rossland purchased a
timber limit of 640 acres on Fourth of
July creek and put a number of Chinamen to work to cut the timber off, which
action has now been followed by this
last outrage of the white men. As an
explanation for this outrage is Is stated
that as the Chinamen are not allowed
in Phoenix under any consideration,
they don't propose to allow them lo
work even on their own property, which
Is several miles from Phoenix.
Owing to the Increased practice of
Dr. C. M. Kingston he has found lt necessary to take in a partner and In consequence of this fact Dr. Newcombe, of
Midway, will arrive here In a few days
for that purpose. Dr. Newcombe Is a
graduate of VcGlll and has practiced
several years since leaving college.
A. 1ft. Can. Sec. C. B.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce: Bealey Building.   P. O. Box 434
Baker St. NELSON. 8. C.
F. C GREEN      F. P. BURDEN      A. H. GREEU
Gvil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Smvcyors
P. 0. Box 145   f*_t___%_	
Notice la hereby given that 80 ua vs alter dftto 1
>p|T to lbe Honorable the Chlel Com-
nt Im inner 61 Landi and Worka, Victoria, for a
intend to applj
apeclal liceua* to cut and carry away limber
Irom the [ollowlng deacrlbed Una in tbu dlrtrlct
ol Weat Kootenay:
Commencing at a post about seven miles from
tbfl mouth ol Mimmu creek, in a weaterly dine
Uon, marked U M Honny'a northeaat corner
poat, tii,'!]������<��� 80 cbaina weat, ihence 40 chaina
aouth, lbence 40 cbaina weat, thence 40 ehfttnn
aoutb, thence HO chalna ran, thence 40 chains
north, tbence 40 chaina eaM, lbence 40 chaina
north lo polut ol commencement.
Located May 7th, 1907.
O. M Bknny, Locator,
Anoub t'uaaia. Agent.
Nelaon Land Dlatrlct. Dlatrlct ot Weat Koolenay.
No, 1 ���lake notice that (ieorge A. Laurie, of
Creaton, B 0 , lumberman, intenda io apply for
a -special Umber licence over the lollowlng deaeribed lauda:
Commencing at a poat planted about one mile
south or the Liok cabin, on tne Lick cablu trail,
on luonakl In creek, tbence north 00 cbaina,
thence eaat 80 chalna, tbeuce aouth 80 cbaina,
thence treat ho ehHiua to the point ol commencement aDd containing r>io acres, more or leaa.
May Ut, 1907. lito A. Lai ��ik.
Nelaon l*nd Dlatrlct. Dlatrlct of Weat Kootenay.
No. 2 ���Take notiee that QflOTgt A Ijturle, ot
Creiton, B. 0., lumberman, intend toappiy lor a
ipeefel Umber licence over lhe lollowlng described Unda:
t'ommcncliiK at a poat planted about one mile
���.onib of the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
on Inonaklin creek, tbence aouth 80 cbaloa,
theuce eaat HO chaiua, theuco nortb HO chatna,
Ihcnce west HOchalua to tbe polnl ol commencement and conuinlng 640 acrea, more or leu.
May Ut, l'J07. Ulto. A. Lacmk.
NcUon Uml Dlatrlct    DUtrlct of Weat Koolenay.
No. 8.-Take notice lhat W. H, Page, of Kiro
Valley, H. 0., crulaer, Ihlcuda to apply for a
apeclal timber licence over tho following described landa:
Commencing at u po*t planted about ono mllo
south ot the Lick cabin, on the Lick cabin trail,
on Inonaklin i* rec it, tbeuce aoutb 80 chalna,
Iheuce weat 8u ebalns, thence uorth 80 chatna.
thence eaat 80 chalna to the polul of commencement and containing A40 acres, mote nr leaa.
May 1st, 1907. W. II. 1'ahi, Uicator.
(Jio. A. La nn k, Agent.
Nelson Land Dlatrlct. Dlatrlct o[ Wuat Kootenay.
No. 4.-Take notice thttt W. II. 1'age, oi Kire
Valley, B.C., cruiser, intenda to apply for a special
limber licence over tho following dutcrlbed
Commencing at a post pU'Mad about one ml i*
aouth of the i.irk cablu, ou the Lick cabin trail,
on 1 noi-.uklln creek, thence north 80 chaiua,
llienee west 80 chalus, tbence souih 80 chains,
Ihence eaat 80 chalna io the polnl of commencement and eontainiug M0 aen a, moreor lesa.
May Ut, 1907. W. II. I'Aine. locator.
Uio. A. Laurik, Agonl.
Nelaon Und DUtrlct. Dlatrlcl of West Koolenay-
No. .'���> -Take notice lhat tleorgo A. Laurie, el
Creaton, II. 0 .lumberman, Intctida to apply for at
special Umber llceuse over the followlug described Unda:
Commencing nt a post planted about one mile
soutb and one mllo west, of tho Lick eabln, on*
the Lick cabin trail, on luonaklln crook, iheim*
wost 80 chnlna, ibenee uorth IW ohalna, thence
oaat Kochnlna, thenee sunt l, HOcbnlns to tho polnl
of commencement and containing 640 acres, more
or lesa.
May Ut, 1907. Cgo. A. Lauhii.
Nel nmi Laml Dlatrlet. District o[ Weat Kootenay.
No. 6.���Take notleo that tieorge A, Laurie, of
Creston, It. O., luniborman, intends to apply for
a special timber Ueunao over thu followlug described lnnds:
Commenciug at a poat planted about ono mile
soutb and one mllo west nf the Lick cnoln, on
the Lick Cabin trail, od Inonaklin creek, tbence
weat 80 chains, tbence south 80 chalna, tbenoe
eaal 80 chains, theuce nortb 80 chains, to tho
point of commencement and eontainiug 840>
acrea, moro or leas.
May Ut, 1907. UIO. A. Lat.'Rtl.
Nelaon land District. District of Wont Kootonay-
No.7.v-Tnko notice thnt (leorge A. Lnurle.of
Creston. B. Q., lumberman, Intenda to apply for
a special Umber license over the following dos-
crilicd lands:
Commencing at a post plnnted about ono*
quarter of a mile in an easterly direction from
l.lcH cablu, on luonaklln creek, thence south 40
obaina, theuce cari IflO cbaina, tbenco uorth 40
chains, thenco west ino chaina to the poiut of
commencement and cuiilittultig Mi) ucrea, more
or less
Mey Ut, 1907. UKO A. I-AVRII.
Activity   In   Mining   Camps   Promises
Impetus te Growth of Northern Town.
Cobalt, June 6.���The reporting of so
many ulrlkes among the mlnea in Coleman Township ls having its effect upon
the town of Cobalt. The citizens are
quite excited, and those who have established businesses In the town are
looking forward to another big boom
this summer. The boosts that are lately
being given to some of the stocks by the
recent valuable strikes is evidence that
there will shurtly be a regular loosening
up of the money market, and on expectation that there will be another big boom
litis summer like last many people are
building hoses for purposes of renting
to the large number of people that will
likely make their home in Cobalt for the
next few months. Now that finer
weather lias* at last arrived, much development work is being done in the
mines, and lt haB been reported that the
Nlplssing people will employ 600 men
this summer. Likewise many other
mines are trying to secure more men.
Unless these extra laborers can be accommodated at the mining camps It
will be necessary for them to secure
homes or accommodation in the town,
and for this reason many of the owners
of large boarding houses are either enlarging them or making interior altera-
tlons. For the next few weeks, lf the
weather keeps fine, as it has today,
there will be much activity In Cobalt.
Facility of travel about Larder Lake
for the convenience of prospectors and
mining companies is being instituted by
the Ontario Steamboat company. This
ls done by the company placing on the
lake a small steamer, which is fifty-two
feet ln length, and will carry in the
neighborhood of 50 passengers. The
boat waB one the company UBed on the
Lake Temiskaming, but is now launched
in Kltzpatrlck'B Bay, ready for opera-
lion as soon as all the Ice Ib out of the
lake, the latest reports being to the effect that the water was still covered
with a thin sheet of ice. The contract
of taking Ihe boat Into Larder Lake was
a big one, and the company evidently
expect to do a great business or they
would never have undertaken tbe work.
Some months ago the boat was taken by
train from Halleybury to Tomstown. At
Tomstown It had to be cut ln two, and
each half conveyed on wheels to Larder
Lake, lt waB then put together again,
and Is now in Bhape for cruising tbe
lake. Before settling on a regular
course, however, the company will have
to lake soundings along tbe shore at
different points, where they purpose
making slopping places, as the lake is
an exceedingly dangerous one. It Is
said that the rocks project out into the
water from different places along the
shore a distance of 60 f-aet or more,
lt Ib necessary, therefore, that note be
laken of these dangerouB spots before
the steamer ts placed on her regular
cruise. Even in the centre of the lake
mountains of rock reach within a few
feet of the surface of the water. The
boat's course will likely be a regular
one, the slartlng point of which will
probably be at Fltzpatrlck's Trail. Ports
will likely be established at Wilson's
Bay, Taylor's Bay, and Dr. Reddick's
mine. The placing of this boat on
Larder Lake, according to the opinions
of those who have been there and are
Interested In properties in the vicinity,
will prove a great convenience to miners thiB summer.
He Is the Man Who Can't Get a Suit
to Fit Him Right.
The slender man is a type by himself,
and is quit as perplexing to thc average
tailor aB ls his opposite extreme, the
corpulent man.
The typical slender form has a sloping shoulder, but there are exceptions.
Few tailors can make a coat which will
fit correctly withoul fitting too tightly
und thus emphasizing tho BlenderncsB.
Tho "Soml-ready physique type system has conquered evory difficulty, and
Iho Hlender man In Type C can find his
exact proportions JiiBt as can Ihe corpulent man In Type F. The Seml-reatly
tailoring has solved the troubles of the
titan who has always hud difficulty with
his tailor.
Notice Is horeby given that George Botirgeola
m made application under tho rroviHlona of
tbe "Liquor Licenae Act, 1900," for a lintel licence
for the premiaea which he propoaed to oreot at
frcMcnt Valley, about two milea northweat of
slocan Junction.
The application will be considered at the rogu*
lar mention of the Board of Licence commlaalon-
era, at tbe Court Houae- at Nalaon, on tho 10th
day of June, nan, at the hour of eleven o'clock In
tho forenoon.
Slat May, 1-907. Cblef Licence Inspector.
In the matter of an application for the laauo of
a duplicate ol the t'ertlrleatea of Tltlo for Lota 11
and I'i, Block 31. Town of Silverton (Mapfill);
the aouth M Ol -Lot 8, Block 6, Town of New Deu-
ver- and Lot 1. Block ll and lot 8, Block 86,
McCtilllvray'a Addition to New Denver (Map NN);
Notice la horeby given that It In my Intention
to laane at the expiration of one month from the
the flrat publication hereof dupllcatei of tho
Certlflcatea ol Tltlo to the above deaeribed lands
In the uame ol Henry Hheran and Harry Hherun,
which Certiflcatoa are dated the 17th June, IMP,
the Uh of Ootober, 1KU1, tbe Wrd July, 189fi, and
lbe uth January, 1898, respectively, and are
numbered aOlilK, 10447A.7MC and 88ttK, rwpeo-
"V*ly" U. F. MaoLBOD,
Dlatrlct Heglatrar
Laud Reglatry Offlce, Nelaoa, B.O
Wth, May, 1907.
ID* Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baku Btreet, Nelion. B. O,
Lighted by Eleotriotty ud
Heated by Hot Air
Large end UomlorUble Bedroomt end Flnt-
clMiinnliiu Boom,   (sample Koomi lor Uomuier-
CUI   Men.
MRS. E. C.CLABKK. Proprletreii
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 260.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice, Nelson. B. C.
Tf emont Hotise
Buropeen end Americas Plen
Meali at cu.   Boomi Irom as cu. to 11.
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St., Nelion Proprlaton
Battlett   Hotise
Best DolIar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar li the FIneat.
Whlta Help Only Employed.
Joeephlne Bt.
Nelion. B. C.
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and $1.60 a Day.
Special Ratee to Regular Boarders.
Mont comfortable quarters in Nelion
Only the belt of Liquors and Clgare.
A* McDonaldi Co.
Dealers ia staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders ftddrSMSd to tho underBUned, tt his
ofllce. in the Court Houie, In the City ol Neluon,
will be received up to the hour of five o'clock,
ln the afternoon, of Friday, Juno 28th, 3907, lor
the put chaw ot tbe "Tamarac Mineral Claim,"
I.ot-mr, Urounl, Kootenay diitrict, which li
declared to be forfeited to the Crown, at the tax
���ale, huld In the city of Nelion, on the 6th day of
November, 1905, for delinquent taxei up till
Juue Soth. 1906, and coati.
The up*ci prioe upon thc said mineral claim,
which IncludBit thu amount of delinquent taxes
and costi at tbe time of forfeiture, wltb Interest,
taxes which bave since accrued, costs o( adver*
Using, and lee for Crown Qrant (tt.VQO) ls tiai.uo,
which Is the least amount that will be considered as a tender.
Bach tender must be accompanied by an ao
ccpted obeque (or the full amount uf the tender,
payable to thf order of the Deputy Commissioner of I.n mi* ami Works, at Victoria, H. C, at par
Dated at Nolson, B. C., this 'ittu day of May,
1907. HABHY WHUillT,
(loverninenl Agent. Nelson, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that the Wattsburg
Lumber company bas appl led to II Is Houor tbe
Lloutenantdovmior In council, under thermovisions ol tbe "Hlvers and Streams Act," for the
rift lit to improve Kykorls creek .In the district of
West Kootenay, British Columbia, by removing
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
the bankb thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chutes, and makoiuoh other improvements as may be necessary for tho driving and
rafting of Iobp and thc fl umlng of timber thereon
The lands to be affected are goverment lands aud
Lots ��V>1 and Wi, Uroup 1, Kootenay district, aud
the tolls that are proposed to be charged, if any,
are such as may be (Ued by a Judgoof the county
court ol West Kootenay.
Dated this 27th day of March, A, D. 1907.
I have Just returned to Neleon and
have opened up at tha aame old stand,
and now ready to do all klnda of
KALBOMINING. 8hop rear of Bartlett
We Have Two Very Desirable,
Victoria Street Residences
For Sale
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Ltd.,
TWO LOT8 AND 8ROOMED HOUSE, 40x22, basement and first
story brick and stone. Hume Addition. Price $2,500. Terms
one-third cash, balance on time.   Apply
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Actes
Choicest Frott Lands In
British Colmnbta.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
We Have For Sale One of the Prettiest Homes hi
Nelson, Situated to Fafcrtew, Close to the Cat Line
Largs 7-room house. Stone foundation and first-class cellar. Complete water system. 10 lota under cultivation and planted In large, bearing fruit trees.   This la a anap.   For particulars apply to
Secure Your Own Home
We have for sale a 5-Roomed House, bathroom, shed,
etc., Robson St., near car line. Small fruits, bearing
fruit trees. Cash $850.00, balance reasonable terms.
Good Business Block, Ward St., at an inside figure.
Furnished House to let, Hoover St.
Kootenay Land & Investment Co.
Phons 147.        P. O. Box 443
IN THE MATTER of the issuance of an
Indefeasible Title to F. W. Howay
and K. L. Reld to Lots 2 and 3,
ln Block 12, City of Nelson.
Whereas the documents herein*tter mentioned
are not ln tho poms-slon of ihe aforesaid Howay
aud Reld;
And whereat production of them lh required
under the "Land Heglitry Act";
Take notice that all or any persons baring
these documents ln their possession or having
auy interest In tbe same are required to produce
the same to the District ttegistrar of Laud Titles
at Nelton, B.C., on or before the 16th dayof July,
Conveyance in Fee, from A. Barrette to Alexander
Carney, dated 39th October, 18'J1.
Mortgage lu Vee, faom A. Carney and A. Barrette
to M. Mclniii's and 1'. Burns, dated the Uth
of November, 1892.
Conveyance, ln Fee under power of Sate in
MortgaKu from Malcolm Mclnnis and P, Burns
to A. H. Buchanan, dated 17th of November,
Conveyance tn Fee, A. II. Buchanan to the Bank
of Montreal, dated the Mth of August, 181M.
Conveyance in Fee, Hank of Montreal, to Kose
Mary Heatheoto   aud Joseph  Hoatherlngton
Bowes, dated llth November, ifr.w.
Conveyance in t*'ee,of an undivided one>nuarter
from   Koie Mary Heathcote to 1'uul Johnson,
dated the 'i'.nh of December, lH'Jrt.
Dated this .>Vth day of May, A. D��� 1W7.
Distriet Registrar of Und Titles.
IN THE MATTER of tht "Rlvcrt and
Streams Act" and amendments
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company, Limited.
Notice is hereby given that W days after date
The Canadian Paclllc ��� Imber Company. Limited,
lnteuda to submit to the Honorable Chief Com-
mlissoner of Lands and Works a proposal under
the provisions of the "Rivers ana Streams Aet"
and amendments thereto, for the right to Improve Trout creek and Us tributaries from the
sources of such ereek anu tributaries to the point
where the fame flows Into Trout lake ln the District of West Kootenay, and to remove obstructions theretrom and make the same tit for driving, storing, sortlnir ami bumming logs, raits and
omits, mi'l the Hunting of lumber thereon, also
for tho riiht to collect tolls thereon.
The lands affeotel are Crown lands and Lota
770, 7!Wt, 7961, 773. 771 749. 762 and 190, all In
Uroup 1, Wost Kootenay.
Dated this UOth day of May, 1907.
by their solicitor, R. M. Macdonald.
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52.50
To Winnipeg, Port Arthur.
St. Paul Duluth, Sioux City
Chicago 164.00 Montreal IM.00
Toronto 178.50 St. John IM.00
St. Louie 1*90.00 Ottawa M2.5S
New York 1*100.00 Boeton W5.50
Halifax 1101.BO
On Sale Jane 6th. 7th, 8th.
First Class Round Trip, 90
Dayi Limit.
Correapondlng reductions from all
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake route Including meals and berths
on lake steamers. Through rates quoted
to any station ln Ontario, Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
A.Q.P./...Vancouver. D.F.A., Nelwn
W.   a.   Q1LL.ETT
Contractor and
Sole agent for the Porto flico Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yards.  Rough and dressed lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coaet lath and shingles, task \
and doors.   Cement, brick and lime for aai*.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: VeraonSt.. aaat of HaU
P. U. Box 3��, Telephone 17��
i s-ta
ra i   -I.
The Daily Canadian
Watchmaker and Optician
��������������������������������������� �����������������������
���Our Stock is Complete
*J Here are two Soap Specials:
:25  31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD  M.5-C
^/2 BARS GOLDEN WEST for J2.75
ID be Closed Everj Thursday 2
t In June, July ana August      *h
nVMVtb AND GBAPTI.Sii ctttlz'.lv .itend
d to. Apply
HIItcf Kirs. RoU-l.
Old Curiosity Shop
If yoa want to boy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A aew
line of Japanese Goods now on Bale.
All kinds of Dfnnerware In stock. Pat-
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. L Croadsdaile & ^
Next Door to Bank ef Commerce.
All Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera Home.      Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Bnilrlcrv will Snd it to their advantage to axe oar Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep-
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stovee, etc.
Itl Eaet Baker St.        Phone No. A114
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
Tobacconist.  Baker Street.
Souinlittt Partv m ���*��������* ts mn Frl'lav
cv'tnnK at 8 i< m., In tne Miners' ("Dion Hall
AU are invite*!: nny on,- allowed to uke p��n in
the -lebftles.   T. Austin, Srcrelarr.
T. P. Mackle, Mrs. H. Brakenridge,
Berkeley; A. Hatton, Winnipeg; A.
Jackson, Greenwood; H. Smith, Spokane
{      LOCAL AND GENERAL     \
Cricket Club.
A meeting of the executive of the Neleon Cricket Club is called for this evening at it o'clock at the residence of
the secretary.
New Library.
Vancouver Council of the commercial
travellers' association has installed a
new and modern library in the Hume
hotel for the use of its members.
Council Board of Trade.
There will be a meeting of the council
of the board of trade at the court house
tomorrow afternoon at 4:30. Several
important matters will come up for discussion.
Cor. Vernon and Ward Straata,
J. FRED HUME. Proprietor.
B. E. Cook. J. S. Murray, V. S. Cundy,
Vancouver; A. G. Creelman, Rossland;
J. Swinton. Calgary; H. G. Foster, Spokane; Mrs. D. S. Tamblyn, Midway; E.
N. Hnmpfaeura and wife, Kent, Bug.;
X. Wolverton, Brandon; J. Ross, F. H.
Hussell. G. McLeod, Toronto.
S. J- Green, A. Macfarlane, Kaslo;
C. Xelson. Huffman; T. D. Woodcock,
Slocan; J. II. Rowley, Bayonne mine;
G. J. Pnillips, Vancouver; \V. P. Bogle.
Ferni*-: E. Griggs, St. Paul; C. Zalani,
R. Ralsun. A. Mails, Michel; H. Arnold,
Macleod: M. J. M. McLeod, Greenwood;
T. A. Behnsenfed, G. Behnsenfed, Heron
J. R. Cookaon, Castlegar; J. Hank,
Wallace; G. Hanson, Hall Siding.
J. R. Cook. Lancaster; R. Miles, Toronto; R. Hodder, Calgary.
M. Tait, Ymir; G. S. Lawrence, Moose
.law; C. Cox, Erickson; J. Abrahamson.
Crangrook: G. Clapp, Fernie; J. Coward,
Brantford; J. H. Graham, Wallace; F.
Roycroft, Winnipeg; J. D. McDairmid,
Greenwood; G. A. Well wood, Victoria.
A. Wells, KochB Siding; W. Kennedy,
Castlegar;, J. Smallwood, Beasley; A.
S. Gray, Kokanee; W. W. Best, Cranbrook; W. Shepherd, Maryaville.	
O. K.
Fine s-room, all modern, close
in, Latimer St.,
$1,500      $300 CASH
B.   Ca
A KURSK GIRL, about 16 jeen old.   Apply al
Silver King Hotel
TWO HCABT HOYS- Htcatfy work; food wife*.
Apply ateaeeaget office.
Half Holiday.
Most of the merchants of Nelson will
close tomorrow afternoon and each succeeding Thursday afternoon during
June. July, August and September, except in weeks that include public holidays.
Choice Postponed.
Owing to the Illness of A. D. Emory,
and the desire of the school board to
have a full meeting when considering
the competitive plans for the new
building, no meeting far that purpose
has yet been held.
.Grand Lodge I. O. 0. F,
George Homed. David Proudfoot, H.
E. Dill and wife, and Fred Squire and
wife will leave for Nanaimo tomorrow
evening. The gentlemen are delegates
to the grand lodge, which meets next
Election of Officers.
Queen City Rebekah lodge No. 16,
I. O. O. F., last evening elected the following officers: Noble Grand, Mrs.
Squires; Vice-Grand, Miss Gussis Langford; recording secretary. Miss N. Jackson; financial secretary, Mrs. Watts,
treasurer, Miss Jean Cameron;
D. D. G. M., Mrs. J. F. Kilby.
COOK-Hotel.lW-  Waitress *35; at once   Phone
Left for Spokane.
The following officers of Queen City
Rebekah lodge, No 16, I. O. O. F., left
this morning for Spokane to attend the
sessions of the grand lodge I. O. 0. F.:
D. D. G. M., Miss Frances Bacom;
P. N. G.. Mrs. J. F. Kilby; N. G., Mrs.
Jas. Bulger; chaplain, Miss Gussie
New  Residences.
There will be a large number of new
residences erected in Nelson the present summer. Blake Wilson has plans
In course of preparation for a modern
$10,000 house on Stanley street. John
Young and Joseph Young are putting
up two houses oc. the corner of Carbonate and Hendryx streets. In addition
to the several houses now ln course of
erection in Fairview a number more are
in contemplation, for which plans are
being prepared.
Rice Mills to Be Reopened.
Within the next few days another In*
dustry will be in operation in Victoria,
the work of refitting the old rice mills,
on Store street, being almost completed,
immediately after which the plant will
be started with a capacity of 10 tons of
rice per day. This will be increased as
the growth of trade warrants until thu
possible capacity, which will be about
40 tons per day, has been reached. This
can again be doubled if necessary by
the operation of the mill at night as
well as during the day, should the occasion arise. The flrst shipment of
raw rice arrived from Japan on the
steamer Athenian and has been stored
in the large warehouses in connection
with the mill. Several other shipments
of a like quantity are on the way and
will be stored as tbey arrive and used
aB required.
The Store of Quality
Vourg laftii wltb eoosl office espvrltttct seek, ���
poHlsltin.   Apply Box 618, Neluon, B.C.
TWO K1K9T-, i.Ai-s." hOOMB, Itetm betted    Ap.
PIT boiuekeener. 3rd fl.t, K, W. 0. block.
BOUGH or KK1S.    Return to Cb��i. Lon��-
HH A sn COKNET. Two Bbink, b end a, With
t:.*e. Tor moo, Apply M. J. I). Boi 110S,
I HOOKED HOUSE, i lou with beerlnt Iruit
tree., Obssers sfttfirj Btreet, 2 doon from kooten-
uy, rent ,lti 00 per mouth. Two Good Koorn,
above our offlre. Junt the plaise for rftlco., rent
116 oo per month. Toye .s. Co., Baker Btreet,
Nelaon, B. C.
Toasted Corn
Pore Ontario Strained
5   Ib.   TINS    $1.10
California Wild Rose Honey
3 Ib. GLASS     75c.
California Wild Rose Honey
1 lb. GLASS      35c.
C* Am Benedict
Corner Silica ansl Josephine Sta.
For the Office
First, Foremost aod All the Time
It is our pride and aim to keep our
stock as complete as possible in all tbe
various lines and articles required in
the offlce.
TYPEWRITERS. We are sole agents
for the "EMPIRE" Typewriter.
,125.00 of value I taking price of
other high-grade machines as a
standard)   for $60.00
Papers, highest grade in the market $3.75 per box
TYPEWRITER PAPER, in special manifolding paper we offer the biggest
value to be had anywhere. Write
or phone us for special price in
i    standard high-grade Klbbons, $1.00
each, $10 per dozen,
Spring���8oz.,  ,1.50:   lib.,  $2.25 up.
Balance���$1.00, $5.50 and $900.
A full assortment of Inkstands. Letter
Baskets. Waste Baskets. Files of almost
every description, etc., etc.*
W. G. Thomson
g^il'Sit*���* Nelson, B. C.
Phont 3-4.
le I breakfast food that le altogether
new and a delightful change for the first
meal of the day
15c per Package
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
G. N. Gilchrist and wife, Fairview, are
visiting Kossland.
Walter Macneiss leaves for Winnipeg
tomorrow morning.
8. J. Green, Kaslo, was registered at
the Queen's last evening.
Mrs. H. Breckenridge, Berkeley, is
registered at the Strathcona.
K. K. BJerkness and wife have left for
a three months' visit to Norway.
P. Hendley and wife, of Ymir, will
leave tomorrow morning for Peterboro,
Mrs. David Proudfoot and children
will leave for Vankleek Hill Tuesday
N. Wolverton, father of A. X. Wolverton. will take up his permanent residence in Nelson.
J. A. Kelley, who has been confined to
his home for a few dayB, at Fairview,
is feeling much better today.
F. W. Loring, a Nelson boy, has
passed his flrst year examination at thc
Toronto school of medicine.
Mrs. C. I. Archibald will visit Mr.
Archibald's relatives in Kernptville. She
leaves for the East tomorrow.
Fred Irvine, Geo. Johnstone and A.
W. Dyer will leave for Vernon Monday
aa delegates to the Anglican synod.
G. W. Parker, of St. John, manager of
the Confederation Life Association for
New Hrunswick. ls iu the city visiting
Melville S, Parry.
Dr. J. W. Frank, veterinary BUS-SOU,
visited Kossland yesterday for the purpose of inspecting several carloads of
horses Imported from Northport.
W. P. Dickson will visit London this
month. He will leave Nelson Friday
morning, and sail from Quebec or the
14th by the EmpresB of Ireland^
Wholeaak* aud  Retail Dealer! Id
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied ou shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manager.
One of the Host Scenic Location's on
Kootenay Waters Is for Sale.
The property comprises about 130
acres of timber and fruit land, having
half a mile of lake frontage directly
opposite Nelson.
The central portion of about 100
acres, with buildings, fruit trees, flower
gardens an living springs thereoD.
will be sold as a whole, leaving an ej
tensive lake frontage to the north and
south which I will offer In acre subdivisions. For price and terms apply
at my home.
Alberta Farm Land
160 acre improved farm in Alberta.
will exchange for Nelson residential
property or Kootenay fruit land.
Baker St.,  Nelson.
Lipton's Teas
We are ln receipt of a shipment of
Lipton'8 Teas direct.
Half Pound Tins  No. 2   25c
One Pound Tine   No. 2  50c
Half Pound Tins   No. 1   30c
One Pound Tine  No. 1   60c
Telephone 161.
Piano and Singing Lessons
Given  by  Mrs. Winter  Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and sineing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Kng.. for theory of music. Scholarship of Lhe London Conservatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Address Box 796, Nelson.
K. of P. Elections.
The semi-annual elections in the
Knights of Pythias were postponed Uist
night till tbe night of June llth.
Lumbermen's Visit.
George A. Lummers, associate with
J. P. MeGoldrick in Kootenay timber
limits aud in the mill site in Fairvlew,
arrived from Spokane today with P. H.
Cromble and J, S. Harland. The afternoon was spent looking over the site.
The party leave for HeveUtoke this-
H. Gelgerich and son came down from
Kaslo this morning.
W. TolUugton, late of Morrison & Toi-
lington, Is associated with K. W. Hulbert in the Kootenay Land & Investment company.
First shipment of limes of the season
received. Gin Ricky's at Nelson Hotel
Workingmen's Shoes
The workingman's shoe should be
made strong, honest and in a palnstak".
Ing manner The slock should be dur-
able, and they should look well and at
Uie same time be comfortable
Our shoes meet all tittle requirements
We Have a Lariiis Variety of the Late
Current Fiction. The Cheapest Edition
in Whioh They Are Published la 76cte.
each.     6i��)   Titles    to   Select   from   at
25c. Each.
Seaside Library of Standard Authors l$i
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd
COR  BAKER and WARD.        Phone 81
.- is 'u's 'si * i y ��yiii*>*Yi-i*YVi-i**ri**i *****. - ���*ri^^**i*r^*^^^*vy*��*y ivyvyy^iu.
Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargains!
Our Fancy Vestings Most Be Sold
This  Month  Regardless  of  Cost
Vou can buy Wjlh Vesting! for 11.00, worth J3.00.
Handsome Vests, double and single breasted, for $3,00, wessits \ty I
See them and buy now while the eelection  le flood.
, A4LFa^.BERG' Baker St.. Ne!��m,B.C.   _
Summer Clothing	
$7.50 to
All Sizes.
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock ifl
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Sn
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pruners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to  letter order*
J. H. Ashdown Hardwafl
Company, Limited.
B. A. ISAAC R. w. HINTON "v*******
HmPv!Z}3F '!!_'<' JobblM necutsHl with l>����p���iti,.   Sls..l��"
Work. Migln-Sand ,%llll /Jiachln.ry.     ,Ml������u'l.tiur.���-J
t,r"�� Corse.,   Iv.  u.   Contrautora'  Cara.
Spring Stock lust Opened Up!
Carload Linoleum* and Carpeta
From Qlu��Ko\v, Scotland.
Be��t Qualities ��t Uow Prices.
Standard Furniture Company
Ms,..,ii A, ki-, |, l;,������.
n.hsrraiBir Msinrem*.
M.r.liisll Hiuitery Miltrosusa.
Complete House Furnislwn
Undertakers,    Embalmcrs
AND DEALERS IN   LtimDWf  ShiHglatSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Bracket*. Mall Ordere promptly tttim
     VBRITON STREET  .  -  .  NBLSON. li. C.
Summer Necessities
Door and Window Screens
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Li


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