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The Daily Canadian Aug 9, 1907

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2.    No. 57.
Fwtt Cbnts a Month
la M. Tarbell od
jjasparipgly Condemned by
(fcwment Officials and
-General Public.
Elug.     !��.���A   Hpecial   to  the
*pfl   today    from   Now    York
ttjtt; ftday   of   tht?   Standard   Oil
OOtnpMT    Kttt)   old   form   Ih   over.     It
HunT'inn now to justice and
fair  ll��ttlg   or   it   will   fall   mtnly.     I
<km't ^Pat   ilM   <Ia>'   >*   over   thla
Bt oviT next year, but  ll
U-Mfftl     Hbd tin might is rlBhl " MIkh
Ida -^pnlKht  thus expressed hei
1 VAKaxiltit:  ihf .i*--'-.-iii. ni  ut
MOO tin.-  un   th.-  oil   ini,i   l��
lycut , ���      ___��**
Oil company hau been
of." said Miss Tarbell. "it
at that, on convtctlou, thut
1 punishment uhould be lin-
'1 ijtk not believe that there Ih
lln the whole '.io in which
Cf the t'nlted StiiteH lias not
hftft MOM Mftt on tiKuinst th-- trust, and
la la* tMt IS years, a dozen state* h..\.*
lMatt ^Bl pass  lawH  tu force It to
flty with the men In the
company seems to be
tve no bense that the
^Ja*J ptirt Iu the conduct of
They utterly lack the
���an.s>- It Ih indivlduatifliii
IMBMA reilticed to an absurdity.
_flbr liO years has been trying
to SMl IfiBtaiidaid (.nl company pi**,.**.
fiUr* tt III given tin- trust repeated
WPatftiLMWt ft* the way uf passages ul   laws
and adr-arae decisions, hut every time
HtM) trWat tea   huu|i]mm1   its   lingers   aud
,0MM Oft to the same uld  v. ay
*lt la a. aOrt  o!    Insolence   which   a   pen
l WO��ld be very supine to  tolerate in
it   is   being   demonstrated
t  the   people   propose   to  eu-
longer.     The   Standard   Oil
1 ftot only Insolent, but they are
well,  and  sliow   that   they  en
laiaundeisi.iiui  ihe  ptiwer ot  pub-
ant]   the  genulueueHB  uf the
uf   fair   play.     They   have
'chance to readjust their busl-
conduct    It    au    gentlemen
and   all   they   have   ever   done
pllblie   explosion,   Ih   to  readjust
ttt could carry on the same old
1 In   u   new   way.     Mr.   Rocke
j never  taken   any   public  ver-
Bt   himself   very   seriously.   1
I fine   will   be  collected,   but   1
Mr.  Rockefeller, that It will
(time   before   it   will   he   paid
Bftollected.   the   public   will   pay
jdubllc  always   pavs  under  pre**-
���loekel'etler   Is   a   fanatic.      IIis
IrenrMi  IK-s In his  power lo con*
iverythlng  on   one   result   and
It   with.nn   the   least  deviation.
Seen  doing  that  from   the (list,
������ver  has grown  morally  or so-
The>   had such  men In lhe  mid
^>ut there aro not many of them
hgton,   Atig.   I*.���The   Hlaudard
any  nnd Mh  methods are han
bunt    gloves   In   the   latest    oil
report of Herbert Knox Smith.
lloii.il of corporation, to he sub
President    Roosevelt    tomor-
prcBcnt    report   deala   with
and   profits.     II   Is   accompanied
Br from Mr. Hmlth to the preal-
vhlch  the commiHHloner makes
ny, Humuiary of the  facts  found
blading   bin   letter   Mr.   Smith
resume   of   the   facts   he  holds
������factH which  make the Stunard
par In a more  unenviable light
following    facts    are    proved,"
Smith,  ub  the   climax of  IHh
'The  Stan.laid  has  not   reduced
during the  period  In  which  It
en   responsible for   Ihe   prices  of
���ring tho last eight yenrH covered
report   (1898   to   1005),  It  hns
both   prleoH   and   margins.     Its
fctlon   has   not   been   nctpilrod   or
lined   by   Ita   superior   efficiency,
her by unfair competition and hy
Be economically   und   morally   un
The  Standard  has  superior
Bey   In  running Hh  own   business;
in equal efficiency  In destroying
ilneHH  of competitors.    It  keeps
Bit' the profltn of the first nd adds
*ho   the   monopoly   protlta   secured
i second.    Its prollts aro far above
;hcst   posBlhle standard  of a   rou-
commcrclal   return,   nnd   have
iteadilv  lnnrenslng.
(lally, the history of thlH great   litis a history of Ihe persistent  use
| worst Industrial methods, the ex-
of   exorbitant  prices from   the
consumer and the securing of excessive
profits fur the small group of men who,
over a long aerial uf years, have thus
dominated the business."
New York, Aug. I*.���Lord Chief Baron
of Ireland, Huron Tulles, who has
arrived her for a visit to the Adlron-
ducks and Cana-r* ������* speaking of the
big Standard O' **�� 'V fine recently
***        *A    ^ard Oil fine
Imposed, suld:
dard Oil company won.
the Stan-
'<,   -ave to
they    appealed    the    case,    t       ^     il
would have to be beard wlthou *���*'*
then, if the decision were sustaine.' ,
would collect the fine on a judgment \' ''J
mediately. We would hardly tarry as
long as they do in the American courts
before making the Standard Oil company   pay   up."
Chief Whip Arranging for Campaign  In
Eastern   Ontario.
Kingston. Aug. ii.���tieorge Taylor,
M. 1*.. commenting upon the recent publications tu the efTcct that Karl Grey
had refused a dissolution to Sir Wilfrid
Laurier unless he procured the consent
of Mr. R. I,. Rorden and also upon the
(Robe's announcement lhat there would
be another autumn session of parliament, said:
"Of course there will be another session. Karl Grey knew of that agree
ment and held Sir Wilfrid Laurier to
Mr. Taylor was hare today to attend
a meeting which he had called of representatives from the executives of
Leeds, Grenville, Rrockvllle and Fron-
tenuc for the purpose of forming the
four ridings Into an electoral district
along the lines recently suggested hy
the leader of the oppoattiOB for organ
izatlon   through ou t   the   country.
Profound secrecy surrounded the
meeting, which was hfgd at the British
American hotel this afternoon. One result. It Is understood, was the arrangement that Mr. Rorden should speak nt
Kingston in September. It is understood
that the nominations in Kingston for
ls>th the Dominion and local house will
bo made  hy conventIf-fti.
The opinion here lu that the next session will he called for October and that
dtaso'uUon will follow bo quickly as to
bring on the elections Ih March.
State   of   Alabama   Cancels   License   of
Southern   Railway���Will   Enforce
Respect   for  Law.
Montgomery, Ala.. Aug. 9.���Alabama
has entered in earnest Upon the war
now being waged by southern states
against the railroads, nnd today took
a step In advance of Norlh Carolina by
summarily revoking the license of the
Southern Railway company to do Inisl
ness In the state, thus outlawing the
greateel   corporation  in  the  south.
Being without tlie pale of the law,
the company cannot claim police protection nor resort to the state courts
for  redress.
Whether steps will be taken at once
to prevent the operation of the road
cannot be learned tonight, but Important developments are expected tomorrow from the pecullnr situation In
which   the   company   finds  Itself.
The license was formally revoked
this afternoon by Secretary of State
Frank ���\\ .lulian, who caused to be entered upon the stub of such license In
the records of his office the statement
lhat for violation of Senate bill No. 8(1,
effective July 1, Ihe Southern Railway
had been deprived of lis right to do
business In the state.
The action of the secretary of stale
Is not in resistance to reutraluiug orders Issued by the United States court
of the fifth circuit as this law is not
among (hose combated by (he railroads
ami not Included In any of the litigation now pending in the court of Federal Judge Jones of the middle Alabama
district. The case upon which the revocation was made out came from the
Circuit Court of Talladega county In
the shape of a notification from Clerk
J. I). McNccl that a suit had beeu removed from a slate court to a federal
cmirt. Secretary of Slate Ju'ian Looked
Into the law and found that there was
nothing else to do but mark the licence
canceled, as Ihe action of the statute Is
Act 86 provides that, when any foreign corporation is sued in the state
courts nnd removes such suit from the
state to the federal court the clerk of
the court from which the removal was
taken will at once certify such action
to the secretary of state, "who shall
thereupon immediately cancel said license and make aud enter upon the
stub thereof an  order In  substance."
The situation in connection with the
revocation of the Houthern Railway
company charter Is ticklish. Governor
Comer's addition against the road hns
made many friends for him, but It Is
believed that the sentiment will return
when the people nre unable to travel
should the mud stop trains. The farmers will see their cropH rot because they
are unable to ship. There Is n possl
hlllly of coniplicallons with tho federal Kovornmont should mall trains be
Interfered with. The state has threat
ened the arrest of employes of the road
by scores If the stales' orders are disregarded.
Chinaman at Regina Used
Returned Loaned Oatmeal Mixed With
Poison  to  Boarding-House
Keeper���Can't Explain.
Regina, Aug. B.���A sensation was
caused In tbe city yesterday by the
news that a number of boarders at
Steele's restaurant had been poisoned
by a solution uf arsenic In the porridge
partaken uf by them al breakfast. It
appears thai the proprietor of the restaurant lent a quantity of oatmeal Wednesday to the Chinese proprietor of an
adjacent boarding house. The oatmeal
was duly returned and Steele used some
to cook tlie murning meal. Mrs. Steele
and eight or nine guests ate the porridge and almost immediately afterwards were seize.I with severe internal
pains, accompanied by vomiting. Doctors Thomson and Meek were sum-
muned and hy natural means and stomach pumps the greater part of the food
waa ejected. Three of the sufferers,
Harry Stewart, Cyrus Winters and John
Fortune, were conveyed to Victoria hospital, where their condition last night
aroused grave anxiety. There is, however, for hoping that all the sick will
recover. The unused oatmeal was confiscated and a portion submitted to Dr.
Dr. Charlton, tbe provincial bacteriologist, who certified to the presence of
arsenic. The Chinaman who returned
the oatmeal, generally known here as
Mac, wus arrested, but his partner is
still at large.
According to the present arrange-
meuu Mac will be brought before Magistrate MeCausland Friday morning. A
fact which, unless disproved, appears to
weigh against him Is tbat un Invoice
shows ho purchased, some two weeks
ago, a quantity of uatmeul. all uf which
had not been used. What valid reaimn
he bad to borrow the oatmeal with a
stock already In possession remains a
Attorney   General   of  Ontario   Explains
Act  Affecting  Marriages.
Toronto, Aug. 9.���Attorney General
Foy has issued a statement regarding
the position of the provincial government concerning the act passed at last
session of the legislature, under which,
proceedings are now being taken to annul the marriage of Klien Maria Fusken
and Henry Parr, of Wellington county.
Foy said: "Before the young girl who Ib
seeking relief In the Ontario high
courts commenced action, she obtained
the opinion of two eminent counsel that
thu act was within the Jurisdiction of
the province. If tho act purported to
give power to the court to annul the
marriage. It would be ultra virus, as the
the Dominion parliament has Jurisdiction In such cases. Hut thu provincial
legislature has exclusive jurlsdlstlon
under the Hritlsh Nortli America Act
as to the solemnization of marriages
The provincial act does not denl with
divorce or the annulment of a marriage
but only treats of n case where the form
or marriage Is gone through between
two persons without the consent required
by the law and where no valid marriage
wns effected or entered Into, The act
doea not purport to give the court power
to annul marriage, but only to find (If
the fact he so) that a valid marriage
has not been entered Into or effected,
and to 10 declare. When this act was
before the Ontario legislature It wus
foreseen that boiuo one, hunting for
Haws, might possibly throw doubt on
the Jurisdiction of the Ontario legislature and In order to remove any possible question, it was suggested that a
similar act should be passed by the Dominion parliament as a matter of pre
eaullon. There was no request, but
merely a suggestion to those Interested
iu tbe legislation that If a similar acl
were passed at Ottawa there would be
no room for nny flaw hunters to suggest
a shadow of doubt as to the sufficiency
of Mie legislation."
British Rifle Team Coming.
Liverpool, Aug. B.���Thi Hritlsh ride
team which will compete with the
American and Canadian teams for the
Palma trophy next month at Ottawa
sailed today on the steamship impress
of Hrltnln. The team consists of sixteen officers and men under the com
mnnd of Colonel llopton, inspector of
small arms. After the competition nt
Ottawa the Hritlsh team will make the
Journey across the continent, and will
sail from Vancouver for Australia.
Mr. Templeman's Holiday.
Ottawa, Aug. it.���Hon. William Tteni-
pleman, minister of Inland revenue and
nctlng minister of marine, left for Toronto last night enrouto for Hritlsh Columbia, where he will remain for a
couple of weeks. Unlit Mr. Hrodur's
return, two or three weeks later, Sir
Wilfrid Lnurlur wtll be minister of the
two departments.
Friendly Criticism  by French Expert���
Haldane Has Done Best Possible  Without   Conscription.
London. Aug. 9.���The last published
number of the Revue Mllltalre des Ar-
mees Etrangeres contains the first article of a series upon "Lea Forces Militaries Anglalses en 1907." The writer
begins by glancing back over the past,
and declares that. In spite of certain
improvements and creations in the
sphere of army reform during the lust
few years���notably those due to the
Esher committee���no complete, methodical, or well-weighed plan of reform
had been tried or even presented to the
Hritlsh parliament from the close of
the war in South Africa until the time
when Mr. Haldane took offlce. "When
he took over his duties, the new secretary of state adopted a slower, more
methodical, and more sure manner of
work than that of his predecessors.
Their experience was of service to him.
He meditated for a year and, profiting
to some extent by controversies which
his projects aroused In the press, he
persevered in ihe integral execution of
the grand lines of his plan with conspicuously   Hrltish   tenacity       We
must recognize with such a well-qualified expert as Lord Roberts that Mr.
(labium's plans give everything which
is poBBlble under a system which
will not allow conscription in any form
and must in consequence rest upon voluntary recruiting alone."
The writer describes the organization
when Mr. Haldane took offlce, and remarks that the chief disadvantages of
this organization were a want of ho-
mogenity and excessive archaism. Mr.
Haldane's merit was to have endeavored
to simplify the Hritlsh military system and to adapt It to new realities, an
adoption which was urgently required
for all three categories of forceB belong-
Ingto the army. "The want of auxiliary
personnel in the regular army," continues the writer, In Italics, "and the
penury of various services, would have
rendered UBeless an enormous proportion of the cainhalant troops susceptible of forming the expeditionary force.
It was, therefore, necessary to make
new dispositions giving better results,
and enabling i>" the combatants at <Ms-
posal to be used in the first days of
mobilisation." Next only to this was the
duty of making good losses in the field
���that Is to say, of creating a reserve
for the expeditionary force.
On the other hand, asks the French
writer, will the auxiliary forces suffice
as people in England wish to believe,
to throw into the sea the troops of an
enemy who has set foot on Hritlsh soil''
Yes. replies the writer to his own ones*
tlon. In case of enormous numerical superiority, nnd in this case alone, for
auxiliary forces are Inferior In organization and Instruction to the troops of
the great European powers. Modern
war. continues the writer, has taken
such a form thnt auxiliary forces have
no longer the value which they once
possessed; they must be transformed
and reorganized to suit present needs.
It was this work which Mr. Haldane
undertook, not by suggesting alterations In detail, but by promoting a series
of fundamental reforms. The organ of
the French general staff approves the
use of nonregular elements for the
non-combatant services in the flrst line.
As for the scheme of the territorial
army, this latter will be "more homogeneous than the force which It replaces; the instruction will be more serious and the organization, copied from
that of the regular army, will render
mobilization  more  simple.
Request From Nelaon for Figures aa to
Nelson's Growth���No Literature  Available.
The following letter, received by
Muynr tillleil fruin .1. H. McCarthy, pub-
He libiuilnii ur Winnipeg, has been
hiitnleil tu Secretury Khhuii uf the
20,0110 club:
"We huve cuutlnuuuB lnqiilrleg at the
public library here by nowcomci-H u��
the country lor Information nbout Weal*
ern cltlea anil tuvviiB. Your elty Ih umoni;
thiiHe about which we nre frequently
cal oil upon  for Information.
"Have yon any apeclal louflet, got up
recently by your city, giving mich Informal Ion about the Hlzc, growth anil
ndvanlagOH of the city us would aupply
the Information referred to? If yuii
have such we would deem It a favor to
have a cupy. ami If you cun aupply tbe
Bame we will be greatly uhllged."
Mr. BbbUtl can only reply by li-iler
aa he has no hucIi Infurmutlon now
available In pamphlet or leaflet form
and cannot got It until funds are available.
If Nelson declines to provide fur hii-
awerB to such questions, there are
many other places In Hrlllsh Columbia
whoue cltlnctiN are eager to answer, nnd
to do ovorythlng possible to attract now
seniors. The Okanagan Iuwuh. for Instance would be pleased to learn that
their most daugeroiiH rival has given up
tho struggle.
Visiting Journalists,
The party of Hrlllsh Journalists who
nro touring Canada us the guests nt
the C P. 11 cniupany, will arrive In
Nelson tonight on tho const rtaln anil
will go over to KosHlnnd tomorrow
morning, lelnrnlng lu Nelson by lhe
nlgbt train to spend Suuday hero.
Famous Guerilla Leader
at Quatsino
Has Spent Twenty Years oa Vancouver Island���Recognized by
Trooper, Who Fought Him.
Victoria, Aug. 9.���Bfll QuantrelJ, leader of the Quantrells In the Civil War,
who. according to history, died of
wounds at a Kentucky hospital after his
raiders were cut up, is alive and Hvcs
at Quatsino, on the northwest coast of
Vancouver Island, under the name of
John Sharp, according to a number of
people who have conversed with him.
J. K Duffy, a prominent tiinberman,
Who recently became interested In timber land at Quatsino, recognized John
Sharp, who Is over 70 years of age,
wiry and grey, as Quantrell, Duffy having been a member of the Michigan
troops of cavalry which cut up Quan-
trell's force. He stated to Duffy that
he was correct en his recognition. Sharp
said he had been left as dead, and Instead of dying of his wounds at Louisville, as history recorded,.had taken a
horse, ridden many miles, and disappeared. He made his way to South
America, living a number of years In
Chill, whence he went to Texas, where
he engaged In the cattle business and
made considerable money, which he exhausted. Then he went to Oregon,
where he punched cows and drove cattle upon the mountains. From Oregon
he came to Hritlsh Columbia, nearly
two decades ago. and engaged In logging at different camps or the northeast of Vancou-ver Island -until 10 years
ago, when he became a trapper. Six or
seven years ago he went to Quatsino.
where he was made caretaker at the
West Vancouver mines.
Western    Union   Operators   Out   From
Chicago to Pacific.
Chicago, Aug. ti.���Since last midnight,
when lieu operators struck rather than
work with strike breakers at Los Angeles, there Is little doing in the Chicago ofllee of the Western Union Telegraph company at Jackson Boulevard
and Clark street, or In the branch offices located throughout the city. Only
six wire chiefs aud four veteran teleg-
laphers were leit In the main Chicago
oilier when the union men. In answei
to a whistle, rushed from the keys on
the ninth and tenth floors and congregated tu front of the building. Tbe
strike order issued by the executive
board of the Chicago local union to the
night operators applies also to day op
erators, thus affecting some 700 men
employed lu the main Chicago offici
during day hours.
Now York, Aug. 9.���The strike of Uu
telegraph operators In Chicago today ib
regarded by the company as local in Ub
nature and not likely to precipitate a
strike here. The walkout of the teleg
raphers has hampered the transmission
of business both here and In Chicago,
but wire ehiefs and chief operators are
doing all they cun to move business.
I'resieVnt Clowry and Superintendent
Urooks held a council today to discuss
tbe situation. Mr. Hrooks said: "There
Is no reusou why the strike In Chicago
should bring about a strike tn New
York. The trouble In Chicago Is local
iu Its nature and should not affect this
elty. Only GO per cent, of tlie opera
tors In tbe western divisions belong to
the union nnd In the event of a possible
strike we would be able to handle the
business without much delay. Thu com
puny is paying thu telegraphers the lu
per cent. Increase of wages ugreud to
lu the settlement recently, and There Is
no reason for a strike," It was suld
nt the local headiiuarters of the telegraphers' union today thut ar strike of
operators here because of the trouble
lu Chicago was very unlikely.
Murderer's Life Insurance.
Chicago, Aug. 1).���A special to th-
Kecord-llerald from Cincinnati says:
"Mrs. Anna llaugh, widow of Oliver 0.
Haiu.h. the triple murderer of Dayton,
Ohio, who was executed In the penitentiary at Columbia some months ago, to-
duy, in the latter city, brought suit for
the recovery of $3,000, the amount of
a policy held by her on the life of her
biiKband. She claims that the company
ucceptod premiums from her while her
husband was lu the annex nt the penten-
tlnry under sentence of death, nnd after
he had been refused clemency by the
governor and pardon, but that payment
was refused after he hud been executed.
Undeserved Reflection.
There Is u general feeling that the
suggestion lately made that J. H. Turner, agent general. Is negligent uf
Kootenay's Interests. Is utterly unwarranted. Mr. Turner Iiuh always glady
given every assistance In bis power.
Crewe  of  Oarsmen   From  Canada  and
Germany Take Part.
Philadelphia, Aug. 9.���The waters of
the Schuylkill river were ruffled early
today by the darting shells of a score
or more oarsmen who have gathered
here for the 35th annua) regatta of the
National association, several preliminary events of which were.on the programme for this afternoon. Tomorrow
will come tiie finals and the long-looked-
for championships. Those who did not
go out for an early morning spin gathered along Boathouse Row and discussed the chances of the Germans and
other aspirants for championship honors as well as probabilities of some of
the present holders retaining their tl-
International In scope, the senior four-
oared shell race is planned as the special feature of tbe regatta, a place usually allotted to the senior eight-oared
shell contest. In addition to the senior
fours the Germans are entered In the
senior singles and senior doubles. They
will go against the pick of the amateur
oarsmen of the Eastern clubs, as well as
several crack oarsmen from the far
West and from Canada. That the German crews will prove formidable opponents is admitted, and it Is thought that
for the first time In the history of rowing in the United States one or mure
National association trophies may go
The annual meeting of the National
Association of Amateur Oarsmen takes
place at the Athletic Club tonight, when
the question of returning thee visit of
th German oarsmen next year will he
decided. The advisability of entering
on All-American eight-oared crew in the
O'ymplc games In England next year
also will be discussed by the executive
committee of the association.
American    Official    at    Revelstoke    to
Study Problem aa  It Atfecta
Western  Canada.
Revelstoke, Aug. 9.���The Increasing
number of Orientals in this section of
Hrltish Columbia continues to excite unusual attention. Japs, Chinese and Hindus continue to arrive here from Vancouver. Many are distributed along the
lines of the C. P. R. from this point,
and others pass on further east in the
mountains. The mining camps are not
apparently the objective point of these
foreigners as In the past, but rather the
railroad  construction  camps.
In nearly every case the different
gangs arc under the direction of one of
their chief men. The three classes
seem to have no trouble in working together, but are shunned by the whites
very generally. The labor unions are
discussing the subject of increased Oriental Immigration all over the mountain
districts of the province. Apparently the
unions are becoming very restless over
the question. Labor unions are very
strong In all parts ot British Columbia,
and are in a position to assert their
views very substantially. Here at Revelstoke many of these people are doing
work around the station, rough employment, but still a grade higher than track
work. This has given rise to more or
less  resentment.
Jeremiah W. Jenks, professor of political economy of Cornell university,
Ithacu, N. Y . was In this city last week
concluding a tour through the western
provinces, ns a member of the United
States Immigration commission. Prof.
Junkx has been louking Into the action
of American Immigration from the
States to Canada. He visited Winnipeg,
Saskatoon. Prince Albert, Edmonton.
Calgary, und other points In search ol
Information that will enable him lo give
Preesldnt Roosevelt some Idea of the
scope of the movement, the feeling of
the Americans who are here, and why
they are so well pleased. Prof. Jenks
Hays he cannot understand exactly why
so many Americans of so substantial a
character come Into Canada when there
are good vacant agricultural lands In
their own western Btates. This secret
he will undertake to solve. Tho presence of so ii; my Orientals, he asserts,
In Canuda surprises him very much, and
he thinks that It Is the big question
confronting western Canada today. He
uppurently thinks It Is us much a question for early settlement in Canada as
In the States. Prof. Jenks was very
Kuarded In his remarks, and refused lo
be Interviewed formally on the scope
and purpose of his investigation In Cau-
aila. He Is an Intimate, personal friend
of Prosldent Roosevelt.
In the towns and on all the rullroad
trains passing through this section the
question of Oriental Immigration Is the
subject of vigorous discussion. The magnitude of the problem, according to
surface Indications, Is glowing hourly,
not only In llrltlsh Columbia, hut as far
east as the new provinces. The hostile
suntlment Is crystallized in the labor
unions, but is apparently pronounced In
business circles generally. The feeling
Is growing that the acute situation in
California may rosult. booh In the Orientals of every description being absolute*
prohibited from entering the States, and
in such an event a flood wtll be turned
toward western Cnnnda clllllciill to stem.
The scarcity of labor, however. In tho
mountains seems to be the motive that
Is forcing mining, railroad and lumber
contractors to accept this class of labor.
This Is the reason generally assigned
for the rapid employment of Asiatics.
Earl Grey's Address at
Governor-General's Speech to Canadian Club, of Halifax, Urges Aid
in Imperial Defence.
Halifax, Aug. 9.���A vigorous and 1m-
paSBloned appeal for colonial contributions to the support of the royal navy
and for the contribution to the Empire,
strong faith in the majestic future of
the Dominion, a strong plea for the
utilization of the Canadian route for
trans-Atlantic malls, a glowing tribute
to Halburton and Howe as far-vlsioned
Empire statesmen, and a graceful compliment to and warm appreciation of
Nova Scotia, which holds a position second to none in the Dominion were the
outstanding features of a half-hour address which Earl Orey made to the Canadian club this afternoon.
French   "Lady"
Gould   Was Once
in Montreal.
Montreal, Aug. il.���There appears to
be a curious connection between a Madame Vere Gould, a former modiste of
this city, and Sir Vere and *Lady Gould,
arrested at Marseilles in connection
with the trunk mystery. The French
police are now endeavoring to clear up
the tngle here. For some years and
���.'n to about three yeara ago, Madame
Gould maintained a swagger dressmaking establishment at 5t> Drummotiat
atreet, this city, and numbered among
her customers many well known ladies.
Madame Vere Gould, aa she called herself, always stated that she was of noble birth and that eventually the Goulds
would come into both money and title.
The husband In the case did not appear
prominently on the surface during the
years they resided in Montreal. He
hung about the dressmaking establishment and at times busied himself keeping madame's books and collecting
bills. His avowed Intention, upon quitting the city, was to proceed to France.
Whether the Sir Vere Gould and Lady
Gould mentioned in the despatches can
be Identified as Madame Vere Gould and
her husband has yet to be ascertained.
The madame would occasionally speak
to some of her smart Montreal customers regarding the high connections ot
her husband and the exalted position of
his family.
In Ireland, in 1897, the Goulds, husband and wife, paid a flying visit to Europe, afterward returning and settling
down once more In Montreal.
London. Ont.. Aug. 9.���It has also developed that the Goulds also lived In
Toronto, where the woman was proprietress of a dressmaking establishment.
Miss "Fox-Strangways"   May   Not   Be
Prosecuted for Fraud.
New York, Aug. 9.���After a career
which, latterly at least, has been remarkable on account of the number of
persons of different stations In life
in life whose confidence she gulned, and
the ease with which she led a life, the
tall, llght-halred English woman of
striking appearance, who called heraelf
Eva Fox-Strangways, sister of the Earl
of llchester, finds herself in the Tombs
charged with passing worthless checks,
and utterly friendless.
She wbb arrested In Toronto on Tuesday In a modest boarding house ��ud
waived extradition papers. In the Canadian city, it seems, sin* discarded her
claims of relationship to an English
peer and went by the name of Edith St.
Little Ib known of her previous history or where she obtained her unusually good education. She Is accused of
having victimised several large hotels,
here and elsewhere, and fashionable
dressmakers. In the Jefferson Market
police court tho air of being highborn
and used to luxury, which she had affected, wus wunting, und this was
heightened by u far from fashionable
garb. The dressmaker who brought the
charge Ib Inclined to drop tho case, and
some of the hotels are said to be feeling Just us lenient. It may be that
when the case is called there will be no
one to prosecute, but meantime, unless
some one goes on her bond, she will
halve to wait for weeks in the Tombs,
Criticizes Navigation Laws.
Honolulu, Aug. 9.���Secretary of Commerce and Labor Strauss, In speaking
to the business community today, said
that Pearl Harbor should be sufficiently
Improved to accomodate the entire
American navy. He said that the new
need of the Hawalln Islands was better
communication with the mainland, a
great obstacle to which was the coastwise navigation laws.
/ 'TT S
The Daily Canadian
i'. *
t i-
We    are    HOW
opeuhqg npa large
shipment of
Limoge's Elite China
These   goods   are   assorted   so that   you  can   select any  pieces  you
prefer and  make up to  your taste.
trliifhe��t Quality at Lowest Price��.
A carload  of
has just  arrived.    These  goods have advanced  slightly,   but we  offer them
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized
D. B. WILEIE, President
$10,000,000     Capital    Paid   Up           4,830,000
HO:*. KOBEKT JAFKBAY, Vioe-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on   deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
racBL-soiN braixom -J.   Ma   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A. D. 18C9.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund ��4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all   kinds of banking  Business.
8PECIAL ATTENTION given to the
Savings Bank Department, and
Inter-eat credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, In Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
FubllHtii'd HU UbJ*m i�� WOei Oy tho
Baker Bt*.  STolaon. U, C
8uoscriutlou rate*, H OBUU B month delivered
lh the city, or tb.lK) a year 11 Hunt by mall, When
paid lu ad*. aue��
AdvortlslUR rates on application.   	
AU monlet* paid in MiUlement ol Ihe Dally
uadlun   account**.   Oithot   lOI hUhHcrlptloiih Ot
rtiHiitK, mtiHt be raoalptud (ur on (he printed
h of  tbe Company.    Other reoelptl are uot
Friday,   August  9,   1907.
Our esteemed local contemporary
gravely Informs Ita readers iiii* morn
ing that the wicked Tories are belittling two "brilliant schemes" of Blr
Wilfrid Laurier's,���the ,AU-Red Route
aim British Preference, on the ground
that they are not original and thai he
is not the author of either. After ad
miiting the truth of such alleged oriti-
ciBin our contemporary adds wiiii equal
"gravity thai while tin- Tories only
talked aboul such things, sir Wilfrid
was the nihil of acl Ion,
The foots, u�� nny one with the BQOBl
elementary knowledge oi reoenl Cana
dlan history knows, are these: In ths
campaign of 1898 Hit Charles Tupper,
aa leader of the Conservative party,
���tood for the maintenance ol the Nu
tionai Policy, with a protective utrirr,
modified hy a preference to British Imports. Tin* Liberal programme, aa lasi
revised before thai date, was ".Free
Trade at* They Have it in England," a
silly phrase bul nol quite wlthoul mean
ing. "Tree Trade as They Have n In
Bngland" certainly would noi ad ml I ol
a preference to Britain or any one else.
It wuh only after the elections when he
found that even hie own party would
not tolerate tbe translation of bia EPrei
Trade rhetoric into legislation, thai Wir
Wilfrid conceived the Idea of stealing
one  more Conservative principle,    in
was perfectly wcicoiiM', and while Con
nervativcH bad hoped for a much  larger
kne&eure and suspected Sir Wilfrid or
Insincerity they did noi oi��po��e hi��
On the All-Red Route scheme our contemporary is I'Vt'ii more ludicrously
astray.   Before the election of 1898 a
contract for a fHHt Atlantic atfrvfoO had
actually been signed between the gov
eminent of Sir Churh-s Tupper and u
rcupoiiHible Steamship com puny. Tlie
subsidy called for watt Icbh than u third
of what Canada will have to pay if Sir
Wilfrid's brilliant but belated -scheme is
adopted, and it was independent of any
British subsidy. Sir Wilfrid Laurier
repudiated that contract for no other
reason than its Conservative authorship. Now, eleven years later, we are
invited to bow down and worship him,
presumably because it has not taken
him any longer to discover that he
made   an  egregious   blunder.
Un both points our contemporary's
statements are, of course, absolutely
untrue. Hut we make no charge of wil-
iul misrepresentation, Innocent ignorance of the facts is a much more charitable Interpretation,
Denunciation of the Standard Oil
company and its bead, John Rockefeller.
is becoming fashionable in the United
Status.     it   has   evidently   occurred   at
last to our neighbors that there is something Inconsistent in boasting of ths
possession of ths richest man on earth,
aiifJ. at the same time, pretending to believe in equality.
John   D.  Rockefeller  is an even  more
disgusting phenomenon than Andrew
Carnegie, though perhapi not quite ho
i IdlcUlOUS.     ills   patronage   of   religion
and education is an Impertinence, lie
la physically incapable of understanding
As a man, Rockefeller is contemptible. Ah the head of an utterly lawless
monopoly he is a menace to the United
Ii lias often been said that no man
can make a million dollars honestly.
The proposition is not worth discussing.
But ll is common knowledge that Rock
efeller has not made IiIh billion dollars
honestly. His dishonesty lias been open
and unashamed. He has certainly violated a hundred statutes, he has bribed
legislatures to enable him to do so
and has been accuBed of bribing judges
und   juries.
The only defence that can he pleaded
for Rockefeller's Crimea ie thai be has
committed thein all in the open, iu a
in e country, with the Consent, and
therefore presumably with the approval,
of the representatives of a free people!
elected by the exerclHe of a free ballot
A majority can do no wrong, and (here-
fore Rockefeller's Impunity Ib his justification.     The   acl   of   a   representative
assembly is tbe wrt of ths constituency
that elected it.    The people of tbe Uni
ted States, through their elected representatives in senate and congress, in
state legislatures; and on the bench,
have permitted and justified the accumulation of the Standard Oil company's
The whole development is due to the
same causes which have produced defiant e of law in the Western states by
miue owners aud miners alike, and
have produced the spectacles of organized and successful corruption in the
latgest cities of the Union which have
b�� en the wonder of the civilized world.
The root cause is the unfortunate choice
of rulers made by an untrammelled
liut the present bitter denunciations
that are being showered upon Rockefeller are in themselves a sign of a coming era of belter tilings. The intelligence
as well as the conscience of the big republic is waking. Pride lu millions is
dying a natural death, and recognition
is being slowly forced upon the public
that the accumulation of colossal fortunes by defiance of law with impunity purchased by bribes to the elected
rulers of the people, is not only a national danger but a national disgrace.
The beginning of the house-cleaning hut.
been made, and the energy of the mass
is being directed to the task. So long
as the motive can be kept pure aud the
means fair and clean, there is hope
for   the   vindication  of justice.
A Machine "despatch" from Ottawa
attempts a long-delayed defence of two
of the gravest scandals exposed during
the last session, the Ross Kitle deal, and
the Blairmore Townslte steal. By the
first a company, making very generous
profits from the subsidized manufacture*
of a rifle which experts have repeatedly
declared to be unsatisfactory, has been
paid in full for every rifle delivered, a
large proportion in advance, and, on the
Machine's own showing, paid in full for
some rifles not yet delivered, aud is
now granted %a further extension of time
on rifles which have long been more
than half paid for. Uy the second a
forged claim, supported by perjury,
which had beeu condemned by a government official, was used to invalidate
au honest claim in favor of a government supporter who had secured an as
signment of the forgery. Tbe Machine
is wise after its kiud In delaying Ita
defence until the scandals are partly
forgotten by the general public, its
present mistake is only an error in calculation, it didn't wait quite long
Id tbe matter ot an application tor the iasut' of
duplicates Of thfl CertllleaUa of Title to lots II,
11; ui* 18, (trout' 1, Went Kooteuay Dlntrlcl alao
known at- llio *��� Koolenay Chief," "< '< tn fort" ami
"Lulu" inlrieritl claim* reapectlrely.
Notice in hereby given tliat ll Ik rny Intention
to fHMit- at the exflrtitlou of one month after the
11 nd publication hereof a duplicate of Certificate
of Title ��� ������ '���������"ii. ������' an undivided 81 lUUth* in
each of the h'i-vi- loin, Uniicd mi the 17th day of
Mav, A. t>. ISM in the name of John U. Aitmworth,
and alao * duplicate ol Certificate of Title No.
��.,t>--i, of an undivided 19 -lliOiha In each of the
above .-ii" i* -*!������ i on thu nth day of Mny. A. 1>
Inno, in the name of GeotfS J. Ainu-worth.
Land KcKlHtry Olflce, Nelson, B. I'., MurUat 6th,
DSaMot Mfiatrar.
In the matter of an application for the twine of
duplicate of the certificate* of Title foi Dots 6, 7,
I, and 17, Block 2, low n of Ku.-hec.er (Man out)
and UOtflUT| Oroup One, In the Din:- <;t of Kootenay.
Notice in here!-)* (riven lhat Iti my intention
to imnue at the expiration of oue month aflei the
II rut publication hereof, duplicate*1-or ''ertifluales
of Tide of the above loin In in- name of Joaeph
Walker which certificate' are daled 22nd dayof
June, IBtiH and   numbered   V.4HI A and   24*2 A   re-
Land Kevin try office. Nelson, H. < ,*8rd .Inly,
"If    K  MArl,ip-f>,"
Mm'...-* KonlHtrar.
IN THE MATTER of tho "Rivera and
Streama Act" and amendments
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The Canadian Pacific Timber
Company,  Limited.
Notice ir- h.r.-bj given that KI day* after date
The Canadian I'aiifl.-' IuiImt Company, Limited,
intend* IO mi hintl lo the Honorable chief Com
UtuaoMr oi I-and* and Work* a nr>>|M,Hal  under
the prnvlaion* of ll Hirer* and Htreamn Act"
and amendment-- thereto, for the rlKlittolm
prove 'I rout creek and lln tributaries from Hie
hou men of mich cn-ek an.l Irlhiilaries to the polnl
where the tame Rows into from lake in the Mt.
trlct of WMt Kootenay, aud to remove obstructions therelrom and make tlie name (It for driving Mtorinit. lortlni aud booming Ion, rafta and
erafU, and the flumlliK of lumber thereon. also
for the right to collect tolln thereon.
The land�� iiffeet,. | ��re Crown laiidn and U��tH
770, 7WW. 7961, 772, 771 7C-J. Wi anfl 11*0, ,, 11 In
tirotip 1, Welt Kootenay.
Uate-.l thll BOth day of May, l��ir7.
hv their HOlieltor. K. M. Macdonald.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner*
To UliarloMJ. BlmeaOD, or  any other   pfMOII
to whom he may bare tranaferraa hli Inwwl in
the ".May BlOMOID" mlm-tHl claim, fliliiated on
Hrown Mountain, two and a half inilen ��outh-
���raft bf Ymlr, iu the Nelnott Mlutllf DlvlrtoU, of
Went Kotilcioiy liiHlrPt, and recorded In the
Kecorder'n ofllee, for the NeUon iMvlnlnti.
Von and eaoh of you arc hereby notified thai
I have expended two liundrud aud five dollar*
(808.00)111 lahour and improvement* upon thu
above mineral cfulm in order to hold the name
under the prOVtJlOOl nf the Mineral Act and If
wllhln   nluctv iIkpn from the date of Ihtt*   notice
rou fail or rafuae to oootrlbnti rour portion ol
the expendiiure, (whiidi l�� one liundred and two
fifty dollar* (flo-j.rjdj ior lhe two year* endm*
Hth Mav. 1807,) together with al> iMMta of adver
tl*iiiK. TOUr IntercNt iuthenal't claim will Inn-
come  the   property  of   the    utidcrr-u���    under
NO. 4 Of an Act entitled:   'An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act, J-tfuo "
Paled at Ymlr, H. 0 . Kith May, 1WT7.
Coronation Anniversary.
Rome, Aug. 1>.���The fmutli annlvera-**
ary of the curonatiou of Vn\><- WlU -\
was obaerved today by a brilliant reception iu the Sistine chapal. The attendance included the cardinala, blab
ops. diplomats aud membere of it"' ao-
Canoe  Association   Meet.
Hfotkviile. Ont., Auk B. The annual
meeting of the American (lanoe Aaao-
cfation openpd today at Sugar [aland,
in the St. Lawrence River, which is
owned by the association, A zitm] nt-
tendance ia registered from eaatern
Canada, New York and the New Kngland states.
Tbe meeting this year is to hm\ two
weeka. An extended programme of
sailing and paddling events baa been
prepared, including nailing races under
all aorta of conditions, ;i hurry-scurry
contest, a tilting tournament aud a
blindfold  race.
For Sale
Houae, 5 rooms and bath;  close in $1600
16 lots on  Innis St. for $450.00
6*-*4 Acres within mile of centre
of City, suitable for market
garden,    Terms   given
160 Acres on Kootenay river,
good springs, first-clasi railway   service $3,000
Real   Estate   and   General  Agent.
Weat Baker Street. NELSON, B. C.
A special general meeting of the
tbareholders of the Ki-ntenay Fruit
Growers' association will lie held in tlie
court house. Nelson, on Tuesday, Aug.
20, 1H07, at b p  m. By order,
D.  C.  McMORRIS.   Sec.
Nelson Laud District.   District Ol West Kootenay
Notice ii hereby given mat SO day* after date
I tntend lo apidy to the Chief ('om'inla*l(iuer m
Land* and Work* for ;������-..-:��� to cut and
carry away umber from the following described
No 4 Commencing at a poet marked II. A ti
N. W corner. 100 UUUDl aaat oi the N K crner
of lot No Ha. poat marked K. H. N. E. corner,
theuee east Wl cbaiua. thence aouth HO chaini.
theuee weat HO chain*, tiieuce north ao ehalna to
place of commaueeinent contain in*-*-*: Mo acre*.
No. 6    Commencing ��t the   N   W. corner ��if H
.V H   timber claim No   4, theuee north Hi)     hniiiH.
theuee ea*t HU ehalna, theuee   ���������������.ih  Ho . baiiih,
theuee went HU chalua to place of twioniaooemaat
at loeatiou post No   b, eoutalutiiK t>4>' acn-*
I   G    ���eSSSStaSBtHUli Locator
t��eo   Huaeroft, Ageut
I��ated July Hth. ltfU*7.
NelBon Laud Dlatrlet. Distrlcl of Wi-n KiKiteiiar
Take iiotloe ahat Paul AukuiI I'aula-i n. of K it-
cheiier, H. (' , OMtlMttoa lumber man, Intend*
lo apply f<" /��� -[������*' ,ii. timber licence over the lol*
lowing deacribed land*: Commencing atat>oat
planted at the aouthwest corner of surveyed .ot
TJ-il-li 1 thence south to the northern boundary
of timber licence No. ~Ulh, thelice west to the
northwest corner of Maid timber ilccr.e.-, thenee
south to the northern boundary of lot HIL', theio-c
following aald boundary, of at Id lor weit lo the
right of way of the Brittah Cohunl.U houthein
Hallway, thein-e following aald nght-uf way in a
north-( aalerly (UraoUOll to pla'e of .-imuieiiee-
ineut, and containing (��*���(�� acre*-, more or leaa.
Dated Julv lad, lwn.   1'aui. Arourr Paijlsoi*.
NotKw 1* hereby giveu tbat 60 dav* aTler date J
lutend to apply i*> lh�� Uon. ('hlef (louimlssloner
of lAiids aud wnrks for [>erintssloii to purchase
tlie fnllowiug described lauda, situated in West
Kootenay diatrict: Commencing at a j���<.*.! marked by name a* initial post of the Soutli Fork
branch, one hundred feet from the juuetlou of
I-o*i creek with the nouth fork; tnence one
quarter mile w, the m.rth west corner post, theneg
one mile to the uortheart comer poat. thetiee
oue��|uarter mile to the southeast coruer *h*hi.
Ihenee one mile to the [dace of cotninencuineut
Juue'J?, 1W0T. Located by Wm   Connolly*.
Notice 1* here I > y<\. -n that Hu dav* after date (
Inteud to make applloatlon to the Honorable lhe
Chief Commissioner <>f Lauds and Works, Victoria, 11. C., (nr a ape. lal lleence to cut timber on
the following deacrlU-d laud* lu Weal Kootenav
diatrict: Commenting at a poal situated on
Blaeberry crw.-*k, about lour miles from its mouth
ami adjoining the N W corner of my application No. 1, them e south Mil ehains, thence west
Hu chaina. thence north fin ehains, Ihenee east Ml
Ohalni l" point ut coin iiieneetuent.
Dinted May JVl��, IWrr. ��.   W KoiirKHoa.
Nelaou Land District    District ol West Kooteuay
Take notice that   .Moore,   Kepple A i o . of fJar-
land, Pans . occupation iumbermeii. lntendi to
apply lor a special uinber lieenee omi the l,,|
lowing deacritx'd land-.    ComiueUeing at  a post
planted on Uoaauito ereek, on the west iiaaol
.-trrow lake, atnl about one half mile ��ci-i of the
soiuhweat corner <if iimiM-r llmil No ��H7" thince
north HU chaina, theme weat Hu chaina. tbe Dec
nouth hu ohalna, theiue east H" ehalna to point of
eommciie. ui. nl arid i ontainiug oin ��i-rea. more
or la*s
Dated 1Mb, July, |l*r7.      MfKfRK, Kgrri.t A ( O.
John K. < AiKinn. Agi-nt.
Take ntillce that ;��i 'laya hH.t dm. I Inicud to
apply to the Hon the Chief (\iiuin|as|oroT of
Lamia ami Works, Vietoria, for perm Ink ion to
cut uml carry away timber from the following
flesenhed land, lu Weal Ktioleliay :
No I Commencing Ht a nost planted at the
aouthwest cornerof timber license HfAO, Lhetn ���
weat w�� chains tlienc,. aouth M> cliulnp, thii,i<
���Ul Ho chains, thelice uorth HU chaini- to place o|
Dated May HI, IVU7.       J. T   ittthUEHH, I^ieKtor.
J   W   t *,,i in cv Agent
No.'a! Commencing ���t ��� poat Planted at the
*4iutheast corner of application No I, (heticecaal
HU OhallU, Iheuce north HU chaina, thence areal 00
ehalna.   theuee south HU chains Lo place of com
Datetl May :il, l��r7, t   T. ftUKtlRH*. LoOStOT,
J   W. CoUU'itN, Agoitl.
Nelson Land District. DlHtrlet of West K.iotenay
Take notice thai Paul August Paulson, of Kit
chener, It. ('., occupation lumberman, Intondl
to apply for a special timber licence over the foi
lowing described lands: * otijineiicirig at a Iioai
plmited at Hie southwest corner of surveyed lot
T��i\-i'i.i. thanea east 40 <'halns,   thence   north Ht)
oLalni. tbeneaaaitio t aaoatnasil corner ot -.rod
lot, thence to.rth to the nortbeaat eorner of aaid
lot, thence ciud to the west iKiundary of pre  cinj.
Elan No. fiW, thei    -,.,-h to the north houndar-*,
of timber llcene.. N.��. H'AH, tbence west along
said north boundary to tlie nortli wesl Dottier ol
shPI licence, thi nee south to the north bouii'lary
of Limber licence No HUH thelice west to a point
due south of foiunicncciuciit. thunce noi t.h to
polnl ol commencement, and containing b-lo
MMi more or 1��H*.
Dated July iud. Iisr7.    i**r:, Atmiifrr I'At'Uot*.
Nelson Laud Diatrict Dlstrictof Went Kootenay
Take notice that Mot.re. KcOple A Co .of Cur
land, rinOo OOOUpSilon lumbermen. Intend to
apply Ior a special timber licence over the lollowlng aatO/lDM lamia: Couiiiienciug at a post
planted on Mosquito ereek, - ti the weal side of
Arrow lake, ami nboul one half mile west, of the
aotilliweflt corner of 11m her limit No. *in*J7. tbenoe
Hoillh HU cliiilna, tic nee woat HU ehalna, tlicnce
north Hu iiiiuin. thence east ho chains lo point of
commencement, and    i inr i.Ur n< i. ������   piorc
or iwa*.
Dated Ifith July, lwcrr.     .m**.,hk, kbiti.ra Co.
Jylti* U. L'AbklM*, A|;t-ul.
Bargains in
Wash Belts
100 Doz. Fancy White Wash Belts
S?& ^SJSTa 25c EacT~
Nelson Lan>l Diairlcl.   Idstrictol Weat Koolenay.
Take notice that William Andrew Koaa. ot
Ferule, H (\. hotel keeper, intciuii- to apply lor
a special timber licence over the followlug de*
cr^bed land*:
No. 1 - Coiumcnciui; at a poal planted about
three mliei- north of the international oouudary
line, aud about eight mllea wet-1 of the Kooteuay
river, and about two miles north of the uortn-
WSal turner of timber luence .No 0007, theuee
north Hu ehalna, thence eaat HU chains, thetiee
ao��th SO chaina, theuee weat Hu chain* Lo polut
of commencement, and -.-oiJtaiuing tttu aerea.
mure or Us*.
Located 12th June 1*��7.
No, 2.- Commencing  al a post  plauted   at   tn
southeast cornet ot HiMiain A   Koss'a No. 1 claim
and about two mllea   north ot   ihe N. W    corner
of  timber   Uoenoe   No   WW,   Utanoe  north  ��J
chain*, thence treat 80 ehalna. thaa-aa aouth hu
chains, thence ea*-t w ehatna to the jail lit of commencement,   aud   containing  010 acrea,   more or
;��� --.
Located IJth June, HW7.
No. a.--Cutumeuelug at a po��t planted near
Bridge cruek. about OO0 in Lie aaat Ol the uortb-
east corner of William A. Ko-a> No. 1 claim,
and ah" five mile** north of the international
boundary line, thenee north 00 chains, theme
W6tt89ehalna, theme  south   Hu  chalua,   thence
aaat8ftehalni to the point ol eotnaa-aaMMMBSttt*
uli'J -Loulaii.liig flu mini,  uio.c or leas.
UHMtad Utth June. 1WT7.
No. 4. I mnmenelni at a poat planted near
Brld-gecreek at tne louthaaal corner of wuiiam
A ttos.-' No ��claim, thence north 00 chains,
thenoa eaal BO ehalna. thence south nu chaina,
thenoa west HU chaina t" tin- point of comment v
ment. and containing ��<-hi acrea. mure or lea*.
Lot:ated Uth June. 1W7.
No. b. t otuinen. ing at a poat plaottid near
Hrldg e creek it! 'he notiliieaal corner of Will lain
A Koss' No. 8 claim, tlience aouth W chain*,
thenee west no ohalna. th��u*i*��- north no chain*.
thenea eaat hu . hains tn the point of commeneemeut, and . "U ii.ni in*,' 'Ao acrea, mere ur lea*
Lo.-Hted Villi June, 1VU7.
No. 6 -Commencing at a poat planted mar
Bridge creek, at Ihe *otithea*t coruer of William
A hum' No 8 i laim. tnence south 8" chain*,
theme east 10 chains, thence north wo chains,
thenoe west no chain* lo tr.e polut of commencement, and coutalulng 04u acres,  more or leas.
Located Uth J one. i> ***'.
So 7 -CommenclUK at a post planted about
one mile a.oi th of the *outheaat coruer of William
A Ross' ho ������claim and about two mllea north
of the International boundary Urn , thenee nortb
hu chains, tbence went hu chains, thence aouth flu
chains, th��uce aael n> chalua to the point uf
commencement, and i uuiuiuiua MU acrea. more
or lesa.
I.oeiuct the l.ftb of June. 1907.
No. 8, Coinnii.iiciiip at a post planted at the
noutheast corner of Yi illiam A. Hoss' No 7 claim,
theuee DOrth SO chalua, Iheuce cant HU chain*,
thenoe lonth ho chain*, theuee west HU chain* to
potut ol commencement, and coULaluiuK ��������'
acre*, more or leaa.
I^H-Htcd the l'ith <iay of June. 1W7.
Daled this 5th day of July. ItfOT.
William anlhew Ho���.
Nelson Land District. District of West Eootenaj
Take notice that K.W. Hmlth, Frank Plana-
ttno. and A. 8. Elder, of H|Mikaue. Waah , OOCnpa
tiun ranchers, Intend to apply lor a Ipeotal
limber licence over the folfuwttiK deacrlbad
land*: CommenclUK at a post ,-latiteci at the
southweat coruvr, about a^fal miles from tlo-
Kootenav river, on the w.-si wMXMk and about
three mllai north of the international tn.uiidi.rv
line, on the weat bank of Hridn ereek,on  the
north fork, thence north 00 chains    thenee  eaat
80 ohalns, thanea aotttn 80 ehalna, thenoa areal 00
chalua to [arlnt of comnonccuieul, ami contain
Iiik bin acres, more or lea*.
Dated July ltflh, 19U7. K    ��   hmith,
Fra-mk   9tAMAOAM,
A. 8   Klukr,
K. W. Hmith. Afrui
Nelson Land Dlatrlet    Diatrict of Wml KmSOHS]
Take notice that K W. Hmlth Frank liana
Kan. and A h. Klder. of Bpokane, w��ab . o-eu
t-atlon ranchers, lntvutl to apply for a tpeelal
timber liceuev over the following <b-acribed
landa tommencluit at a poal plauu-d at the
���Hlihaaal corner, aoout B%lH miles from tht
KtK>tetiav river, ou the w.-at Uoa, ami abODl
three mile* norlh of the international boundary
line, on  the   weat  hank   of   Itr;d*c   creek, on the
north for*   ���!i.--i-*c iiiirtti ��> chains, thanea weal
flu ehalna, thence south (th chains, theobe east 80   !
chaina to point of commencement, and contain
Die 1*1 acre a, more or Iras
Dated July IVtb, 1W7. K   W   Hkith,
FhaHK  Kf^fnAuajN.
A. 0   kl-l'Kk,
K   W   Hmmii, Agent
Notice la hereby given uml nu day-. afU-r date 1   [
Intend to applv u> ibe Honorable tiie r hi, t < ,,���,,
mlaaloucr  of   f.auda   and   Work*    for    a   special
Uoenae to < ut aud oony *way timber troto tha
followlna deacribed lauda in Went Kootcna) die
No 1.- -Commencing at a post marked *�� lillam
Walmaiey, planted al K ok a nee Cieek BnUna oa
the fruelcr erleuspui. on ito west side i>f Lil
���.-���'., on the aouth aide of the ^ ��� -' Arm of Kooteuay lake. eomuieudUK at the N I eOftU
riiuutng Sonth Hti ehalna. neat HU cbaiu*. north HO
chain*, east Ho chalua  to place of beginning.
Located ;ird Julie, I*r7
William Wsuhsley, UtssASfa
James HmasKn as Agc<t.
Neiaon Laud DlHtrlet. Diatrict ot Weal Koolenay
'lake uotlce tliat William Andrew How, of
Pernle, B. ��'., hotel keeper. Intend* lt> apply ior a
special timber licence over the following de*-
crllH'd  lainls:
No 1 - ��� nnmeficlng at a ;.-���-* plauted about
Hu chalua eaal of the northeast corner of timber
liceuce No. HU".*. and about HU chains north of the
northern boiiudary of tlmh*-r licence No ���**���*���"'��� '
and aoout 1*^ tulle* went ot the KoolenaT rtver,
and ahout twt> and a half tuilea uurth of theiln
UTiiatlona: boundary line, iu the Di*irit!l of
Weal Koou-nay, Ihenee soulh HO chain*, theuee
w.-M Ho   chalim    Lheiice   Uorth   so   chaina.   tlicnce
aaat80ohalna to tha point of commencement.
Con tain Ing MO acres, more or leaa.
Located Mth June. 1VU7,
Nu. i*. < ouiincncHiK at a post planted at the
northeast cor in ��� of ��i I lain A Koaa'a No l claim
and about one mile north of thcuorlheru ttound
ary of limber llc.ioe No Ho~,i, thence stmth HU
ehalna, thenoe east an chains, thence north au
ilium-, thence weat M> chains to the point of
commence un ut, ami coutaiug Mu acrea, more or
Urcatet] Hth of June, 11W7.
William Amuhkv Koni.
Dated thll Bth of July. 1W7.
Neiatiu Land I'latrlrt District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that OSOrgS Alexander, of Kaalo,
B C, lntenda to apply for a apeclal timber
licence over the iollowiiig deacribed lauda:
Conusant iiik at a ���������. . planted at the uorthwoal
cornel of -"aecti-.u \2, jowu*hip7, Kooteuay dlatrlet. l.ciiiK (ili-iul otie-thiril tif a mile aouth of
the south boundary line of thu* Indian reaeive;
thenoe K>Uth aoout X'< chain* u> the easterly
bauk of Kooteuii) rl.er; thenc* southeasterly
along Kooteuay river bank about W chains to
the aoulh boundary of Hectlon Vi, 'I ownahlp 7;
tlience cutterl v about Mi chalua to the northwest
corner of Lot ibl; thence north M) chain* along
the   weat   boundary   of   I<ol flli;   thence   weat Mi
ohalni to the point oi ooounMioainsftti audcou-
tainllig till) acrea, more or lesa
Dated Julv 4. Wft. t.koHOK Ai.himjn
NuUoii Lainl District.   Dlatricl of Weal KiM.lonay.
lake notice that   Kvan   McClelland   Kraaer, of
Fertile, B r, clmk, intends twapply lor a special
Uoenoe  orar   tha   foi lowing   assonbw   land*:
< oUllliencllig at it p'tat planted ahoul Seten
mile* wesi of the Ktiotctiay rher, ami about one
'nil- uoi'h of the Inieriiatlonal boundary line,
nnd aboul one and a quartet norlh-oaaterly frtun
the uorth-eaal corner of timber licence No. nufi7,
ihenee aoulh HU ihiilli*, Ihenee weal HU chains,
iherue u.irih HU chains, thelice uaat HU chnlna lo
point of commencement, aud eon tain ing Mo
io res, more or lesa.
l-tH'-atod l'Jth, of June, lwn.
Kvan McCi.gLt.AH  I ri*-i i:
Dated tbla Hth of July. Iimj7.
lake notice that U C. Clark, ol Nelaon, H. C,
aaloon keeper, lulends to apply for a special timber I lue lice over the joNowlilg described land:
I'oinmciic.lUK at a post phiuted on Morning
Mountain, about one mile weat of Hmclter creek,
��� nd adjoining C C ClSTC'l location for limlM>r
licence No I, nnd about one mile south of Nel
son, thence west Hti clialiiH, theuee aouth HO
chains, Ihenee eust HU chain.', thence north flu
ehalna to plaee of beginning.
Dated July litlh, 1WU7. 0. 0. Clark,
David h<kith, Agent.
Nelson Laud District,   District of Waal Kootenay
Take notloa that Ftsol Flanuan, a h Klder,
ninl K W, Hmith. of Hpokane, Wash , occupation
nun-hcr*., luteiiu tn apply lor a special tlmlxir
tloenoO over the followiiig 'leHttrlhud landa;
Commenoina at n poat planted at the aoutheaat
t-oriitir, abtrtit six mllea from Lhe Koolenay river,
on lhe wi Hi aide, thence north HU chalua, thetiee
wcr-lHU chalUH, thence aouth HU chains, tin* i.e.
eail Ht. chiiiii* to point of couuncui'ciueiiL, and
OOntaUtUlB llW' acres, more or Ichn.
Dated Julv I'Uli, 1VU7. I'dAHK Fl.AltAUAM.
A   H. FLPEli,
K   V. HMl'lll, Agent for A ppllcrnils
Nelaou Land District, District of Weal Koolenay
'lake OOtfOa that Y rank Flanagan, A H Klder,
ami K.W. Hmlth, Hpnbaiie, Wash*, occupation
riinchera, Intend to apply for a *p<-clal tlmuer
licence over 'he loDowing ile*i'rthed land*:
Commenoina St S pool planted one mile north
and one mile east of post n, i which post In
about six miles from the Kooteuay river, on the
Wail side. No in e north 80 Ohalni. Ihenee west HU
ehalna, thenoe south hu chalua, thenee uarttK!
chaina lo point of rninmcui'cuicnl, and contain
lliw t'.lli io res. more .ir Ionh.
Dated July illth, 11U7. Miami FlaxaoAK,
A. H  Klukh,
K . W. hmi i ii, Agent for Appllcanu.
1 Take noth-e tbat I. Thomas Marry WtlaSBU lu
lend to ai'ply lor |a-rmisaloii to purchase tne lollowlng described lain) Ootamatielna ata (H>at
i.-ai.ifd at the H K. comer of lot7MHand marked
14. a corner, thenoa aouth lu chain*, theuee
weal IP rhaina, liiear^ nouth 10 thair.a, ihenee
west 10 chains, theuee south in ObalSI ti.ero.
west In ....,������*, :���v Aouth lu chain*, tbeuee
we*t IU chain*, tbence north 4u chain*. thOOi t
eaat SB chains to point of commencement and
coutainlug i*.f a-   ������   mure or leas
June 7, IW7 1 HUM a i* llENBT  *.*. i , . ���. ���
William aj.ohio Mill**. Agcti;
Nelson Laud Dlatrlet.   Dlatricl of West Kootenay
Take notice thai I. John Lentf, of Jtalaon   B.C..
..��� < ':patpin miner, intend to apply lor parmu
aiiin lo purchase the following ���lescritH-d landa
Commencing at a post planted at tl.e N K of
Lot HU.�� theuee eant 'At ehatna. li.cijce south ��0
chains, thence weal 20 ehalna, th'Mue north JU
ehalna It) point of commencement, containing 40
acrea. mora or leaa.
Auguat '.itid, 1W7, Jops J^au
Notice la hereby given liiat ft) day* allerdate. 1
lateud to  apply to the Don. Chief ' oisiiiia*loner
Mlaudi and Work������ for parnlaalon to nnrohaea
the following de*crlla.-d   laud   In  WniB nk,
dlatrlet. on weat shire of Lower Arrow l^kr
-adjoining l^��t .N��i 4\HH, ou the aouth : Itegliuiliiar
ai a pu*l marked ���Harrv Mcl^tki'a N K corner
-post and ilanted on the shore of Liwi-r Arrow
Lake, at the aoutheast corner of t a pi Fosluiul's
1.4M8. thence we*l SU chains, then., south DO
chain* more or less to the north houndar v of B
Ftillmore** P, B , thanea an t halna eaat along the
said boundary Ut lake, thence north along tin
lake ahore 'Ai chalua, more or leaa to point of
May and, HW7. j   u  Kaors,
Agent ftrr Harry M * I.. ,,.|.
Nelaon Dam) Dlatricl.   Dlalrlctof Weat Kootenay
rati notice that t.corne Rofni Uartai of airdar.
oitcupattoii, brldgeman, lntendi. io appl*.  lot par-
mlHsioii   to  puniiaae    the   following   daaorlnoi'
-and : CoiimieuciiiK at |��ist planted at the north
at corner of   B, Rti**'applleallou lo pun
west corner of B, Ro**' application to pun haae
marked H W.. thenee north <u ehalni iheuce
-���aat Ho ehalna, thence south At obalOJ Ui A.
' urry a pre emptloii, tbODOO wont in , I,Hlto.
Uiem c K��Uth At chalua. the nee weM *��� chain- to
place of ctiiiimenceiueul containing i.'u acrea
more or less.
Daic.l July U, hot. OEOKog Hrpt a QaSCBS.
W, J. OcitYt, Agctil
Nelson UUld Dlslrici.    DlnlHet t.f Weal Koolenay.
'lake   notice   thai   Muorgc   Hturm,   of Hllltug*,
Montana,   1'    H.   A.,   occupation,   me,.ham.   Tn
lends to api>iy tor tsarmiasiou to purebaaa the
following deserined land.   Uomma&eina  al  a
poat planted oil the went ihon Ol l'|ii,vr What
ahaii (" larthoo) luge, ami at the north wesl comer
til , ul aiflW, thenee weal KU challia. tlienct -outh
Wehalii*. thcucc eaat 20 chain*, theme north ��i
chain* to iH.ini of coiiiiiicncciiicni, ami contain
nig nn aerea*1 itmir or lea*.
May thha 1KU7. (tKOMiiKHTttBM.
Nelson Land District. District of Waal Kootenav.
T��ke notice thai Waller McNeil, of Hillings
Montana. D. H. A., occupation merehaut, Intends
to appl) fur permission lo purchase tin-following described innd : l omiueiiclug at a pout Main
ed on tho wait shore of Upper WhatMhaiiTosribool
lake, ami at the northwest corner ot l,��it 8180
tlience west 20 chains, the 000 no Mh hu chains'
theuco east  '��>  chaina, them c ooUl h BO chains Lo
point   of   coiiiuienccment,   ami   . -.1, * ,,,,-   n,,,
aoraSi more or ���������**.
May BOlh^ 11W7 Wai.tkii Munkil.
I, the niiderslgned, aflei Oo day* intend to apply to the lion, the Chief Commissioner nf I. 1,.
and Work* to purrhaae the following de-crlbcd
land: Commeucing al the N. K. u. of Lot 7r��Hy
*i. L, thence wesi in challia, ihenee north 80
chalua, thence east -i chnlna, thence nouth au
chalua to point of coiunienecmtml, (loiiLainliig no
acre* more or luas.
I.mcsic* March .-siii. no.
W. A. Mtt.LK,
Notlne Is hereby given Lhat OU daya after date 1
intend to apidv lo lhe Don. Chief Comml*aloiier
of Lands and Work* for permlsaiou to purohaM
the following described tract of laud, afttiHle lu
West Kootenay district: Commencing  al a post
plani.-d uu Haoeraraoltj naar it* oonfluenoo with
Hummll   creek,   marked Margaret McLaurhlatt'l
N   B, coruer* thanea Nouth Itichnlns, theiict' weal
HUuhaltia, thence north  lu chains, thence aaat nn
chaina to place of coinmuilcelilcn I,
23rd May. IW)7. Mahuahbt McI.au. iilan
William Haiuiuiik, Agent.
Nelson Land Diatrict.  District of West Koolenay
Take ntillce lhal Kdward I'eicra of Vinlr. Urit-
iah "ni !,i��   occupation, miner, intends to ap
ply for rioriiilaaton to purchase the followluK
ileserlhed laud ; Commencing at a poat plante.1
on the north bank of Lost creek, nboul three
mllea easterly   from   tlie  Junction  of   Lout creek
and  Halmon   river,  In   the   hci-,,,,, 1 1 -halrlcl,
thctuju   north   On  chnllia, theticu west (Jo chnlna,
ii"*  aoulh  HU I'liiin.r ni' or   less,   lo   I ohI
creek, thunce cast followliiK said creek to point
ot eommeuueiiicut,   and   containing   4M1   acres,
more or less.
Dated Junt> &th, 1V07. Kpwaup I'ki kiu.
MolaSS L*ud District. DUtrlct uf Rmm
Take notice that John PniJbert a
BrlUafa - oiumbia. oeeupSkaSStLa
tends 10 anply for permwion u, UB
lollowlng SaSOrftOd land: CoamSi2",l
l��.��t planted on the nor'.b baok XmtmMSl
about two and one quarter milt****. .,,^,5
tba luiwtion of Lost creek .... \\h\Z r *
the Nelson land district, tbeneelaaMol
thenee west OO chalua. theuee mm g
snore or leaa, lo I^.*i creek. UMUaaWk
Sam creek to point of onuassaaaaBii
taming i��U acrea. more or leaa
Datetl June 6th. 18U7. j0M |
lake nolle*, that I. Arthur lUi^hfejugT
tend to apply foi iwrmiaalun laaanGSI
hxaiug dc-ribeo* lauda: t:unn��srii��i:T
planted at the N. B eorner of Let l��7it^l-
ed H. K. eorner, ttifuce north 4L>chaisTa
oraal nehaina. ihenee aouth 40 chains
eaal n rhaina io point oi eoaiasaMaai��
contaiu 1 ng no acre*, mure or ��� -���
June 7, mn Aarat a Ami I
William        ��� ���   *
Take notice tbal I, WlUUm a. Jsrm 1
to apuly (or p*rmiaaloo lo purrbaat Ut k
��� k U ittrtbod lands: Comiien.lin ��'1
plan lad at the H. E corner ol Lot in use
ed northeast coiner, tbeuee wm: c m
thenoe eoatfe *' chaina, ibenre***; 19
thenei    north 4u chains to   polei of ted*
ic ui   and toDUIolnj lftu Mfffj urnr* ,��� ��   I
Juue -,, lain. Wiu.ua Knuixut^i .
WtLUAM Al.-jnroUili4.Atm.   ::
Notloa |1 lo-reby given ti.al *Utv l��<n.1��f�� ������
1 111 tend tu applv ui the Hon '"hlef I��*m3
of Uii'ln and Worka lor javrtniM^s 1* rvo3
<��� .-���*�� lug described tract uf Uod irmft
w cat K.M.i-fuay tltatrlct: 'CotaiMpciMaMd
piantrd aoout ��ue half mile no*tt ttm hul
Hummlt croek. marked Jean ina*siilB
rorner, thenee easl ��u chains, tocaca ir.i'-
ahaina, thenre weat 40 chaioa, :..*-���>,.
rhaina to place of commeaoemeat.
:-':i May, i'a ���; ,n- Cum*]
������a.   : -AH', tt,     1  ...     '
Nelaou Land District.  District of ��*��i
Take nollte tbat Kiank   UeDonald. c
f-rUinh 1 olUQibla. occupation miMf, SQJL-
apply for H-rmlaalon lo purebaaa Ibt tfc>lj(
il< a- rtt..-il landa. CummeutlUg al a DlC)0E('
ou the north bank of Lost creek sad iter'-;
mile easterly from the junctloo ollmm
au-i Halmou river. In the Nelson laal Mm
them-e north 60 rbalnf, thenc* twi k nt,
tiierce soulli 00 chaina, thence wmi ft'-nec
|M>int of 1 omweiioemeut, and cooUaJgA
aerea, more or leaa.
Datetl Juue 6th, 1807. fkAki ScQu-S
HUtv tlaya after ���!��*.; ii.iri.-: ;. *;:������ -
Hon t'hief t'ommlsaltmer of I.andJ ���ui**'
Vli-tori*. Hi, to purchase Ibe toiitnt*
s'Tlhed land, situated iu (be Waat !���"
trlct: t ouimeuclog at a post ]
we*t aide of Kooteuay lake, near I
point, aud marked J MiK innon'i ��
l">"t. thenee weal 8U rhaia*. tbrwa 1
thalna. theuoe eaat 80 rbalai more or k
ahore, thence along lake shore to pw
no m ement
Dated April 4, 1807, HigHed J 1
N.la.in Uo<1 lll.trlcl.  I,l.lrl<*tnf I
T.k,*  ii"ll.*i* that  Edward tna
M.1I1UI)..   O. fl   A.   "��� .*.iw'..*>!.   a-
lend, to ��pj'l)   for pfrmlwlou  t.   r ���"
-���   .   .*   11,    ���:.*. ni.i:J   laud.
,K>at 1   ni*. ������.   uD   lb.  .Ml   .burr Ol IpF"
alia11 (i *���:',,... lake, aod .1 tb��* ���oui.Mft'ai
nl U��l Hiatf. tbruce wa.1 �� oli.lna. Uwn.
���-'���ran,- *. I,.,,. . ,..., j.- . t.ani. tb.ll*..*"
ill.Ilia, tliwnp ,*��., W ill.111., mora"***
wi-.t alion* of l'pi*ir Wli.l.b.11 (i.iiw:.
ttii'iiiT tinrthcrl-r and w^terlf .1001 tn
allure WI t-lialn.. mora or lam. In P*""1 .*���
ii.i'iiLumuut. and uonlalulua* -Oumi*"-.
M.j* mb. 1IW7 iDWalul'
Huty d.va alter date J intend lo tlWfn
Hull    I'liief ( i,iiinilMl<iu'*r ol tMUAtttem
for   IHTtnlaaloli   to   run h,
���erlbud  *
unnilMloner _.
 1   U,   1 un I a-,    tbe   lolw.^*]
d laud   in   Weil k *."i".a. ���**���'������*
ineiii-lna   at a  i-..i marked A C I-��� -
noriiiT   p,���t.   mh,ii u, w ch.lna lt*ffE
tin* txiiitiil.ry M Tluibar lleence No.aa^
auiitlierly    *   ��� 1 ,i;i,.    theuee mtttatUmf
tlieiiee  northerly M. ehalna .InOf IU'' ,
ir.i k to the lilat'e ol ,*.,niineiii*eia��ut. enB*4*
tan hundred aerea, more or le^
Ux-aled * hi- vtb day ol M.y. in**!.     ,
A- ('. Bu.h ua*Ji
Nun,*.* ia uer.uy al.eu thai ���*��' daj'fUtl!
In tend :..,.,.(.. 1 lo the Uouor.1,1. lb" I *"*
tiilaalouer   ol  l.au.la   and    Work. tn\V
la pojrohaaa ihe foiiowm* il..i-rtneiii.,< ,_
111 -Aeal Kouteliay dl.lrlol ��� *'.ml��'l"HrJ
liuat lil.nt.it .1 the v.eat l,..iil|il��ry "[^TJ*
.ml nl,1.111 111 i Unit,, wmlb nl tkaWOU v^l
ot the rlKlitol way of the II < �����""",,,,
��*��)*. and marked P. A. I". ��<>u*!,*��������� ���a
theuee we.l li.i ehatna, Ihenee unrlb u. IWJ"
t.-'iiiuliiry ul the rlalil-ul-way nl
lallway. Ilielie.. I..1I..1. tn. aaM :>*
rlkhl of ��.y tu .ti ua.lerTy dlreill'"' " ;**L,J
l*i d.ry ol Un Mia ill. Ihenee a.,nil* '��� '* ,|
i-ul'iliieiieeiuoul,  eoul.lullia   I"" .^'p, ���
DM llil. Ulh day ol June. I*" . ���,.����� I
I'.l'l. AMI*.' ""*,f
1 ten.
Nollie la hereby alven   tli.l   ���l"!' 'JH|i��l
'lot.*   I   llilel.il   t��� apply in 'be """""*,."
  "I l..l,d. and  "'"VimS.I
.ion 1.1 p.ii,*li,,.e the I11II0WI11K'1.'-" ���*". r��l
land, ailuatad III IVe.t  l,,���.i. nai .11"""   ^1
iii-niiiiK  .1  .   p I.niml  on �����"�����" Z(
aliiinl one half mile north weal Ira" '"'",,(, I
e.U.H Mel.'a N K.OorUer. tbeuee well *JJ5J
thenee aouth ��l ehalni, Ihenee ea.' ��� -,,*.
 in* uurlh .11   ehalna In pl.'e "I ***   ��
llr.i Mav, IWn. J'.nN | ���*" ��Sf ;
wii.i.iam h.��i.ii"��. ����������;���.,
Ink, in :���   lhal   Harry   �� l"'��!"" ,'i ,*,, 3
II   0,, ran, her, Hiletida   lo  a J*   "' * "j,lj
lu   pllrehaae    lhe lullnwln*   deaerlbe-i
��eai Kuiilenuy ill.lrlel: ,     ���.rM\v*'
' i* at . iiual planted ."'���V,,,,,,!
aoulhoaat eorner of tol ��lk tlin.i��an<l U��"l
red mid elulily n,e  H), '-'""I'"',''.,     ll***.
���Hal nel, II laaoUU twenty (*f"l'""'"   ,�����*��
��eal une hiiudrod and .Uly (l"*"',:l1*,.,,, H^
nnrtli Iwentj* 1.*  .mi',   lliene'* "���"'''' in..
rod and nib (io") chain, loJhajma��",*��
uieiieiiiuent and cuiitaliiliia .JO .<w
l'aleil lhe Ittlli day of May, ""'������,. fiuuSJ
Ill.lrlel nl ">���"'
1 Ijtiul l>tali-lel.
* Hint
'I like nu
'hener, H. i: .  one   .
LOappl) lor pnrinla.lnii lu P
��� I'liiilAuftial l'��"',,,|,"*l,>
upatlon  ru...l.��M�� ;���",�����..
plaiiteil on the weal hullli.lnry ul '"' ' [!*J3I
anil alinlit lOelialll. xilltli nl ","'"';',',,   |-olu<*"r
ul   the   rlahl of-way   nl   lh��   Hrlll.b   K'JjB
Kuutliern Hallway, and marked * I   ->���     tu^,l
iinrlh lu lh.. auulli lu.iiiidar)   *>' *:'"/.,   Kail"
ul  ihe   in mail   Columbia   *>uin,��n,    v
thenee lutluwii.K "aid bonilllary.nl"'"   ,**���,..
way, In all uaalerly cllrei-lliili I" IM ��" ,,|,B'
ary of Ini Nu. HU-UA.  thciin. "n"'1' "& t*\
.���iiinineiieeiai.ilI, and   eoulalnllK I""""
at&i tin. mil. day of July, JjjjJ-^, ,,,������>]
' 'Nolle,, la lie'reliy .Ive'.l lhal ���" a*K J-fclol'���^1
intend tu apiily tn lhe liuiinraule '"*!' .Mio* y
mlaaloiier nl Linda and Work, lor lairrnWfJ ���
piireliaan   lhe -folluwllifl llii.erll***1 ,\''���,m,t'' I
���am May um.
p'^SESTG** , m%A
The Daily Canadian
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
e BACON We Sell
iGives Satislaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
'   Cured and  .Smoked.    Our Hams  Are
Excellent   Also.     All   Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lard in All Sizes.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
s  herehy    -given    that BO days
Intern! to  appl/ to   Ihe  Chief  Cotn-
*  Land   and   Works,   (or a special
ami carry llinher from the   fullow-
laud-*.  ��lluale'1   on   lhe sou theaat
OD   river,   in   the    district  of  West
nmeuclUK at a post placet) ahout
jf Kose Ijeaf ereek marked "K. M.
ftbwesi   corner,"   theuee HO chain*
chains east,   thenee 80 ehalus
80   chulus   west   to   place  of  com*
pkS Uth day of June, IVXt.
K   M. Bebvks, IxK-ator.
t south weft    ct"
tb*-'n*. (*" chains east. UwnoasO
tliii,..* tK)  chains west to place of
��10th day Of June. HOT.
K. M. KKBves. !...-��� �����.;��.���
Dlsli !��� : District ul West Kootenay
that James Keeth, of Hpokane,
Ion, miner, intends to apply lor a
llcenee over the following de
CuinineUflDf ai a pout at>oilt DI
; center ul the north shore Hue of
and at the stiuitieait coruer ol
No Hffi4, ami market Jauie*
rnerfKist, thenc�� north (W) chains,
chains, thence south IH) chain*,
Cbalnv in point uf enmmeuce-
luliiK MO acres, mor# nr lew.
JaNE* K i i:   ii.
platrtct,   Dlstrictof \Nesl Kootenay
.   lhat James    Keeth, of   Hpoksne,
tlon miner, intends to  apply f����r a
lleence   over    thu    follow inn   th
Ceramicncm* at a post  planted M
B the center uf tbe norlh shore Itm-
���lAfce and at   tbr   norttieail   corner
H   Ko   Htm, iheuce   west HU   chains,
SO ohalns, thenee east m chalut..
chains   I"  point  ol commence-
aaSMalnlua t'tO acres, more or less.
jgSt, James Casta.
Jby given  that thirty day* after
apply to tha Hon. the Chief Com-
"i ami  Works  Ior a special II-
carrv   awav   timber from the
1bed   lainls   In    HMt   Kooteiitiy
enctna at a poet planted tin the
an   Mil-    creek,  about one mile
Hi.,, .tn lake, marked II. H   I'ltts'
er   post,   thence   cast ItSO �� lunii*
chains, tbeuee weal 1**0 chains,
chains  Ui place ul coinmcuce-
1b ds:
ot Juue, 1WU7.
II. II   Pitts, Ixtcalor,
A. Vf. Bti-bii*. Aitelil
Watrict District ol West Koolenay
��� lhat William Andrew Koss, uf
hotel keeper. Intends to apply lor
��� licence ever tiie   IoIIowIiir  des-
i|    QMMlt    1ii|i   a'   s   post  planted attout
-*-���-- -"-tof the   KtKiU'Uav   river,  on  Corn
��__  District  of West   Kooteuay.  and
(six miles north ol the international
i, aud about two mile* wust tif llui-
lo.   MH.'i.   thenee   south   H"  ehains.
v  ehalus,   Iheuce   north HO chain*,
0 ohalus to point ol commencement
***- i.i'- ... i-'s   mure or lesa.
June, 1907.
���unciic'iii'   at  a |kis1   pi it n ted at Ihu
ornei oi William A   Hon*' No. ' claim,
���loiiiic    it*ence  west  SO cbalus,
chaiui,   thence  eaal   W�� chain*,
lof commencement, and  conlaluliit!
_nnrc or loss.
|l6th June, 1VUT.
oniiiKNi'iiii*   at �� post   planted   altout
Bfait  of   tlie   northeast   corner ol n ll-
Blo 2 eUlm, ihenee soutb no   chains.
chains,   thence   nurih  no chains.
���I Bo cIihIiis tti the point ��i( commence
_uulaliitiig Mil aurt*, DON ol leas,
flelh Juue. I9fft.
ouiiii-n. inK   at  at   a   poet   planted   at
Dar   of   William   A   Ito**' No. It
rlh   W)  chsins,   thelice   wesl MO
utb HO chain*,  theme easl 80
tthc point of  comuiencenicnt,  conialn-
K, more or less.
B6th June, ll**.'
(miiiiiH uif   al   a post    planted at the
loruer ttf Wllltaiu A    Ito**' No .iclalui.
Mh HU chains,   thenee   west mt  chain*,
Ulh HO cli .iin*   tlience fa* i HI) chain* to
|��( coiiiiim'iu .- i, autl coiilaluiUK Ok)
or less.
fitou fuasilOT.
im i. ni)-  al a   posl   planted   about
' uf the northeast corner of W 11
i 6 dat in, Ihenee south Mi chains,
���I (M> chain*, thence uorth Hi) chitiii*.
lit Hu chains to the point ol ci.miii.ii. c
JooulatllthK M'. acres, more or less,
flMli June, IU07
Lomtni'iit'iUK ata po*l plimled nl the
Jrorner of Wlilhim A Koss' No. tlclalm,
Krth hu chains, thence easl ho cliuiu*,
Suth HU chain*, theuee wesl ho chitlu* to
I n ui'ihiih. ni.    anil    i oiii.uiiinc.   hU'
���We or less.
I lhth June, 1007
fJommcucliiK at *   SOll   planted nboul
aticMi ol the  north went cotiicrnf   ���*> m
'"il tiliilm, thence norlh HU tdmlus,
��� Imiic    thei   south ail  chains,
WI *" .'li - (o the point of commence
ontallilUK Mil acres, more or less.
| IM li June. I!*',.
pomiiiencliiK nl ii post planleil Hhout in
uth uf the northwest corner ol Wllllnm
Nu. 6 claim, thence ouih ho chsins,
jit B0 chains, thence north mi chnlu*,
ptH<i t hains to lhe pnlii' nf commence
jouUlnliiK M0 acres, more or less.
| llilli Juue, i'.hiv
- CiMiiiiiciicliii-. at a iiosl   plntilcd   iihout
st  of the  iiiniliii.li   ctirncj oi W ll
Boss' Nov claim, iheuce son lh HO chains.
last HO ehnins,  thence   norlh   8U chains.
est HOchalns tti the point ol commuueu-
-llommcuclUK n( a post platitetl about.
h went ol lhe nori Ii.*iihi coriser of Wllllnm
V claim, thence uorth ho ehaius,
at HO chains, thcucc nouiIi HO ehalus.
jail >-H . 'o. iiim lu the jittlut of coinineuce-
1 i mi in I nlng i.i" uor oh, more or loss.
11Mb June. i*.��',
-i;oiiniieuciuK ata post Mantcd about,
south ot the uurlh west coruer nf
. Koss'No in clnlm, thence S'lUtb HO
-nee wnst HO chains, thence north Hi)
dicti eait Hi) chains to polnl of com-
l imk I contalnlnit Ml) acres, more or leu*
I Kiln June. 1U07.
i oi en.mc n( n post planted abonl
oinii oi lhe iiorlhwcsl corner of Wll-
oss' No. Id chinii, tnence uorlh HU
Mice west HO clonic, thence iouth no
��uce casino chulus lo the point of comt
,. ni aud con tat n I uu 010 acres more ur loss?
bis bth day ol July, 11(07,
WILLIAM ANi.HKtt   Host,.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
date i lntetil to apply U> the Honorable
Chief Commissioner of Lauda aud Works al
Victoria, B.C., for a special license tti cut and
carry away limber from thu follow.njj described
Inn-!.* in Went Kootenay district: Commencing
aln put-t planted ou tiie west bank of ^inciter
Onal. Hhout one tulle soutb of the City of Nelson.
thaooa south hu chain's thenoa west ho chains,
than  ������   north ���<��� Bhalna,  thence east HU chains Ut
place of commencement.
Daled this llth day of June. 1907.
c ' . t 'lakk, Loartos.
D. Ht;uiH, Agenl.
Take uotlce lhal lleliery John Johnson. Postmaster oi Fertile, B. <:., Intends lo apply fora
special timber licence over tbe followlug described lands:
.No. 1 ���CommetuliiK at a posl planted lu the
District of Went Kootenay, atx.iu two mile* north
ol the lulcruatlonal boundary Hue ant) about
one mile west ol Houndary lake adjoining aud
���'.*;.���'-. i: licences No ->' .' - ami H-060, IheUtre suuih
Ht) chains, th-nee west 8U chains. Do nee north HO
thence east HO chaini to place of commencement.
Dated June S, 1907.        "   ���'��� Johnson, l>>calur.
anu. llACKrrr, A-gt-nl.
No. 2 ��� (.���ouirneiiciug at a posl planted about
tdie mile uorth ol lhe uorthwest corner ol H.J.
Johnson's No. 1 llmUT cImIui, thuuee smith HU
ehalna, thence east HO chain* tlience north HO
chain*, theuee west HO chains to place of com-
Datetl June 3, !>���'*'        II. J. Joh.nsoh, Locator.
ANU. llnfKK-ri, Agent.
No 3.���'.'ommeucltig at a |wmi planted al tii*��
northwest coruer of 11. J. Johnsou's No. 2 tluibt-r
clalm, tbenee south HI' chains, thence went HO-
chains, thence north no chains, tnence east HO*
chains to plat* of cum mencement.
1  ni. ���!   !.,ii.' . . r.to? It   .1    i.-il -���*..*������.. Locator.
AM'. HiiKITi, Ageut.
No 4. -Commencing al a p..-: planted at tl*.
northeast corner of ffT J. JohiiHou's No 8 timber
claim, thence uorth Hli chains, thence West HO*
chulus, thence south tk> chains, tbenee cast OA
chain* to place of commencement
Daled JuneS, 11*07        11. I. Johnson. Ix��cator..
am. Hackett, Agent.
Nu. .ri.-Commencing at a poM plauted at the-
northweat etiruet ol II. J Johnsou's No '2 tun har
claim, thence north HO chain*, thence east ���*.
cbalus tneuce south $0 chains, thence west tu*
chain* to place of commencement
Dated June 8, HW7.       H.J  Johnson, Locator.
A -.-   Hackett, Ageut
No.a -Cummeuctng ata post planted atoilC
one mile nortli of the northwest corner of H. J
Johnsou's No. & timber chum theiue south *���*
chains, thence t ��*t no chains, thetiee norih oo
chain*, thence wesi no chains to place of cum
Dated June :;. :���.-*. H.J   Johnsi*>k, Loe-a-Cor.
And. Hackktt. Ageut.
No.7. -commencing atapost planted at the
northwest OOtSIW ol II. J. Johnson's No. 0 timber
claim, thence soutli ho chsins, theme west HU
chatus. then'c noi'h HO chains, thence east HU
chain* lo plana of ��� oiiiiiieiioeiHeiil.
Dated Juue 8, i> '. 11. J. JohnsaiN, LiM'jttor.
a ��� ������  Hackett, Aj-gcul
No 8���Coinmeni-lnt,' at a post planted at tht-
northeast ct>ruer of ll J Johnson's No. 7 timber
claim, thence north w> chains, thence wesl Ho
ehaius, theuee south HO cbalus, theuee east Hu
chains to place of - ommcnccnicnl.
Dated Juue 1,1W7.       H. J. Johnson, Ijucator.
Ani> Hackktt, Agent.
No U Commencing at a poat planletl al tbe
northwest ��� or tier id 11 J Jolins-ou's Nt) 0 timber
claim, thence north H<- ohalus, theuee east W>
chains,   Iheuce   south so  cIihIus,  thence   westko
chain* to point of nomtnanoamonl
Datetl June t, lw0*       H- '   JtmssoN, I-ottator.
No hV I'oniuiciicltiK at a post planted nt the
nor*Invent eorner of timber licence ao74, th.-ucc
uorib HO vhaiiiB, theuee east HU chains, thenoe
south Hit chains, tbence weal Ho chulus to plaee
uf coiiiii'.cueemcui
Dated JuneS, li>07.       H.J. Johnhoh, Dtatatur.
Anu. UAtKf?rr. Agent,
Nelson Dand District. District of West Kooteuay
Tako noliee lhat "Dai Id Henry Telford," Has-
katooti, hask.. ttet upniioii Inuibermati, Intentla
lo apply for a sj-eelnl Umber licence over the lol
lowing described land*:
No 1. Commencing nt a post platitetl about 8
chains north of the norlhwest corner of Timber
l.lmlt HU4, west branch of I.lMie Hlocan river.
Waal Kootenav. Die tut* we*t ho chains, iheuce
-outh Hti chain*, thence ea*t HO chains, iheuce
north mi ihalii* to point <>f commencement and
containing 640 mTi *. mttre or less
Daled July Uth, ���-.<������     Davic Hknhy TaLPoitn.
No. *.' Coin nn-1 icl ug ��� p,.*i pi nn ted on tin- east
bnnk td CoUSar ctcck . ni id OB the north boundary of Uiul-rtT limit H144, aust branch uf l.itiic
aiOOan river, thelice north 100 chains, thelice
enst 40 chain*, llicliee soulh 1&0 chains, thelitjr
v>ost 40chalii* to place Ol coiiimeiicciiient, himI
containin^ mo neres, more or less.
Datad July huh. l��n. Daviu Hknhy TBLVOSlk.
No 8. Commeucing al a i-osl planletl on hank
of Klissle creek, about At ehallt* soulh of tbe
south boundary of timber I Hull M47, west hraiirb
of Mulf Hlocan river, thci.ee w est Ho ehatna.
thelice south so chulus. Iheuce east HO chnllia,
Ihenee   uorlh  He  chain-   to   the    polut   til  com
 iiceineul ami  containing M" acres,   more or
lean.   ""
Datetl July llth, lUdT. David Hknhy Tti.i-oao.
No   4.    ('ouiineiiciiiK at a post planted about 8
'hatha easl from
OK hi
k til Kusale creek, and
we*t iM.inelHry of Itmil H,   Iheuce   west HU
Iheuce   soulh  Hl> chains,   tl.cin
orth ho chains\u point
ontalnliig Mu acres,   n
f ��� ont
ore ur
i tin
chni n*. thai
Dated July llth, (SOT.  Dai in Hknhy TKi.Koau.
No. II,   Commencing nt n post   plaittSjl  al>out
0O chains   \*ie*l   of  l.otise OrtaS   and       sla
mile* from it* mouth   alM n   Klver, saltl posl
is abOUt 40 chain* west from D H Telford's tIm- .
ber applloatlon St.. 11. thelice en*l lu chains to
timber npplti-Hltou No. It, Iheuce north 100
chiilii*, thelice wesl ID chains, thence simibltio
tdinlu*. to point of comiiicliecincnt. ami ciuiliilu
liiit 840 acny., mora or less
Dated July lllli. J.KI7. Daymi Hknhy 'I'ai.nntl).
No. 14 Commencing al h pen) planted nl tho
southwest cornerof No. 18, then- v west 4iichalns,
Ihenee north lilt) chulus, thelice ensl 4u chalhlr
thelice south bid chaini- to potut of coiuiaehce-
ititMH, nnd coiitHlutug t'i4<i acre*, more or less
Datad July 17ih, 1W17   Daviu Hknhy TSLSOSD.
A. Mii-Ton, Agenl.
Nelson 1-itud District.   Dlstrictof Went Koolenay
.No. 1
Tithe notice thnl J. It. K. Hlewart, ol Colling-^
wood, nut , occupation lumberman, Intends lo
apply (OT akpaoial timber UtaSOa over the lot
lowing dcsci'lbei) aud*: I'otiiiiipnelng al a posl
������hinted on u snnill nti. nm about one mile toiith
ot ColumblH Klver near (he head wnlvisof Dran-
Ite Creek, msrKed J. K. 9, HtewartV N. K. UBS
poit, thelice uoitb 4" cIihIiis, thence west 4i
chain* theiue south tin chnlnn, tbence went 'J0>
chains, thetiee south If. cbalus. theuco east HO
cbnliiK, thctiue norlh 86 chains, thcucc west "JO
chains to pace of commencement, containing
till) acre-, more or less.
July BuOi 111)7. Jamks H. f, Htiwaiit.
Neisou Lsttd District.   Dlstrictof West Koolenay
No. 2
Take  noliee thnt   J.K. P,  Hlewnrl, of Colling
wood, Out,, occiipnlion   lumtiurmiiii,  Intends to
timber  licence  over   the foi
Commencing at a posl
planted ou the soulh   stile ot   a small   creek   due
west of   Hi.    ���!..  in   Meadow mine, about  81)
i Iwilns aaat ot Unuilie -reck marked J. U.K.
Stewart's N. V. angle posl, thence enst 'JO chains,
Iheuce soulh 'JO chains, tbenee west At chains,
(hence south :*t.'i chains, thence west h i ehnins.
theme norih 75 chulus, thenee enst HO chains,
then- e soulli 'JO chulus lo place ot eminence
in-in coulriiulng i,io acres nmie or less-
July -:Mh. 1907. JAMKH K. K. Hhbwaht.
apply for a  special t
lowi-'i- duorfbod inn
Johann   Orth,   alias   Archduke   John   of
Austria,   Said to be  alive and  on
Way to  London.
Laondon, Aug. 9.���The news that
Juhaun Orth Ih ��till alive and will soon
be aeen In London revives the memory
of one of the most romantic and mya-
teriouB stories that ever whetted and
eluded the curiosity of the world; for
Johann Orth is none other than the
Archduke John of Austria, who, after
wedding a ballet-dancer and renouncing
his Koyal rank, sailed away with his
beautiful. If low-born, bride ahout seventeen years ago, and has never since,
until now, been heard of.
The hero of this mystery was born in
Florence in 1852. the aon of the Archduke Lieopold. At a very early age he
exhibited considerable cleverness, as
well as thut defiance of control and convention which in later years proved his
undoing. As a young man he tfaa one
or the keenest and most dashing sol-
tilers in the Austrian army, an authority
on all things military, and he also wou
repute as a traveller, a lluguiBt, and a
Here, then, mas a man, for whom a
brilliant future might, one would think,
���safely be predicted; but his indiscretions early got him into trouble. He
published a pamphlet in 1875, In which
he condemned Austrian military methods in scathing terms, and predicted
a disastrous war with Germany. For
this youthful folly he was Bent to prison.
from which he was only released at the
pleading of his bosom friend, the Ill-
fated Crown Prince. On his release he
redeemed his character by his zeal and
ability as a Boldier. and by his skill and
bravery in Bosnia. He was regarded
as the most promising officer In the
Austrian army, while his Democratic
views made him the idol of the Austrian people.
Unfortunately he could not long restrain   his     unorthodox     vlws     within
Take notice that John Rom, of Fernle, B C,
hotel keeper. Intends to apply lor a ipeclal limber liceuce over the following described lands:
L OummaMMS a*a pout planted in the I>1#
trlct ol Waat Kooteuay. Nel ton Mluiua Division,
on the north fork of the Kouth fork of Lost creek.
aboflt Ava miles up creek from where two foiks
meet and aboul six miles north of the International Boundarv Line aud about twenty-eight
miles west ol Kootenav Klver, thence east BO
chains, tbence north 80 ehaius, thenee west 80
chains to bank of said creek, thenoe dow n stream
lo plaee of eommeucement.
J. Koss, Locator,
2. Commenelng at a l"">' planted at tht southwest corner of t. Ross's No 1 location, vlini r
west HO chains, theuco north 80 chains, iln'ii-n*
east no ehalus more or less to bank of said creek,
* io ie . down stream io plaee of commencement.
J. Koas. Locator.
8. Commencing at a post planted at or near
���be southwest corner of J- Ross's No 1 location,
theucu wesl MI ebalns, theuee south 80 chains,
thenne east so chains, moreor leas, to s-ud ereek,
tbeuee up stream to place of beginning.
J   Robs, Locator.
4. Commeucing at a posl plauted at or near
the southwest corner of J Ross's No. 1 location,
ihen-e easi HO chains, tbenee soulh 80 ehains,
tbence west 80 chains, more oriels, to bank ot
������ueI creek, iheuce up stream to place ol commencement.
J. Robs, Locator.
6. Commencing at a post planted about two
miles soutb of the southwest corner of J. Ross s
No. 1 location, ou the uorth fork of the soutb
fork of L st creek, and about tour miles up
stream. Irom where the two forks meet, Ihenee
east 80 ehalus, thunce north 80 chains, thence
��est 80 cbalus, more or leas, to bank of said
creek, thence down stream to place otc-ommence-
ment. ,  .
J. Roas, Locator.
6. Comincudug at a post planted at, or near,
lhe southwest corner of J Roas's No. ft location,
ou I-ost creel, theme weat 80 chains, thenee
north tu chains, thttuoe 80 chalm east, more or
less, to in.nt of said ereek. thence down stream
to place of commencement.
Located Jftlb June. i��o" J- Koas, Locator.
AaTHl'H l.AI hkncs Kkaimko.
Claim No. 1 ���
Nelsou I-and District. District ol West Kooteuay
Take notice that A. L. Keadlug, of Arrow
head, H l'-. occupatlou, cm pentcr. luteuds to
apply lor ��� special timber license over the foi
i.iwiiit* -i. f rin.-i lands: Commencing atapost
planted 40 cbalu* soutb of H. K coiner of T, L. 7.
Mft llieiue south 80 chulus, thenee east 80 chatus"
ihenee north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains te
point of commencement.
i.in. /.mh. ivm.
Claim No. 8.
Nelson !.and Dlslrici.   District of West Koo'enay
lake notice tbal A. L Heading, of Airow
head. II ��... occupation, carpenter, luleudi to apply for a special timlicr llcenee over tbe (ol
lowing described lauds: Commeuclug at a
imiwI plan led mi cbalus south of A, L. Heading'*
.orner posl No. 1. Iheuce soutb Hoebaln*. Ibtiuee
east Ro ehalus. thenee north HO chain i, theuee
wesl MO  chains,   to  point  nt  coinuiciii t nieui.
Juue'JHtb 1WU7.     AauHl'H LSVBSMB Rbaihnu.
Claim Ko. 8.
Nelson Lund District.   Distrlcl of West Kootenay
lake uotlce th.< A. L. Reading, of arrowhead, B I'., occupation, larjtenter, intetuis to
apply for a s|teclal timber license over Ihe following described lands: Commeucing at a posl
plained wi chains soulh ol N K. cornerof A. L
Reading's claim No. 1, thonce south 1(H) chains,
theiieeeast 40 ohalus, thence north WO chains,
(h'lice west 40 chains to p.-int of commencement.
JuiieJHIIl. 1*>7.     AitTiil i: Lairewi K Kbaiuhu.
Claim No   4.
Nelson Und District.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice that A. L. Reading, M Arrowhead, It. C occupation, carpenter. Intends to
iipply for a "pedal Umber license over the foi
Ion Ing described lauds: Commencing al a mml
planted 40 chains south of N. K. corner of A. L.
Head lug's claim No ��, thonce south 160 chains,
Iheuce east 40 chains, tlience north 160 chulus,
thence west 40chains to point ol commencement.
June '.Mill, 1V07.    A IU Ml K LAPRBNca KKAPINO.
C lu I in No, ft.
NaispD Land District.   Distrlcl of West ������ ootenay
Take uotlce t!;at A L Keadlug. of Airow-
hoatl, li. C, occupation, carpenter, Intends lo
applv tor a special tlmlter license ovor the foi
lowing described lands: Commencing atapost
Planted 40 chains south of N.K. comer of A. L.
Readlug'n claim No. 4, thcucc soulh iw chains.
thence east 40 chains, Iheuce uorth MOQhaln*,
thence west 40 chains to p"iin of commence
June JVth. 1907.     Aaiiicii LAl'SBHO* KSAPIMU.
Claim No. 6.
Nelson U.nd District.   District of West Kooteuay
Take uotlce that A. L. Reading, of Arrowhead, H. 0,| occiii.Hlloli. eurpeiiter, Intends to
apply forastieclal Umber license over the following described lands: Commencing al h post
id a u led 40 chains soutb of N K Corner of A L
Reading's claim No. ft, theuee south 180 chains,
thunce east 4n chains, iheuce uorth lftf|chalus,
thonce west 40 chains lu point uf commencement.
JllIlO 29tll, 1907.    ARTHI'R LAl'KKNf'K llttlilM.,
claim ^o. 7.
Nelson Land Distrlcl. Dlstilet of West Kootenay.
Take noiice thai A. L. Reading, uf Arrowhead
B. G*i M.'cup itic-u, cirpcnii'i, luteuds toapply lor
h special Umber licence over tbe following described lands: Comincudug ata post planted
70 chains south ol N. H, coruer of A.L. Reading's
claim No. d. thenco south 80 chulus thcucc east
ho cbalus, thence north 80 chains, thenee west 80
chains to point of commeuceiueiil.
June aWUi, 1907.    AKTHl'R Lai'R��.m*k HBADIMU.
hounds; he publlahed a book on "Drill
and Drilling" which roused the wrath
of the War Office; he delivered lectures,
still further attacking the methods of
his army superiors; he quarreled with
the aged Field Marshal Archduke Albert; and the result of all this insubordination was tbat he was deprived of
his rank, and dismissed from the army,
and  forbidden  to appear at court.
Crushed and humiliated the Archduke retired to hlB estate near Gmun-
den, where ho remained for some
months, breaking his solitude by occasional visits to Vienna; and it was
during one of these visits that he fell
under the fascinating spell of a pretty
young ballet-dancer, Emille Stubel, the
daughter of a struggling Viennese
tradesman, it was as a student that
he sought an introduction to the bright
and beautiful girl who had stolen his
royal heart unknown to herself; and
as a student he was introduced to ber
humble home.
Handsome and possessed of charming
manners, he quickly won Emllie's affection and the favor of her parents; a
secret marriage followed; and the
prince and his bride retired to his estate to lead the placid, happy life of
plain gentlefolk. And only after she
had been a wife for some months did
Emile learn that her husband was a
Royal Prince and a near relative of the
Emperor himself.
A year of seclusion passed, and the
Emperor showed no sign of relenting
and taking his young kinsman Into
favor. In vain he pleaded to be allowed
to work in any capacity for his country;
a deaf ear was turned to aU his pleadings; at last wearied of his long struggle to re-establish himself, the Archduke decided to renounce bis birth and
estates, to assume the name of John
Orth, and to retire irom the world iu
which there seemed to be no place for
After a period of futile search for
work in any humble employment, he
and his morganatic wife came to England, where they were formally remarried. He purchased a sailing boat
which he named the Santa Margerita,
and set sail with his wife to Chili, ostensibly for a cargo of nitrate. From
the day his ship left England all trace of
the Archduke was lost. For many years
it was believed the Santa Margerita had
gone down In a hurricane off Cape
Horn; and when two years had passed
his death was officially assumed by the
Austrian court, and his decease form-
London one of these days.
Since then there has been many rumors that he still lived. He had been
recognized fighting In Chili, had been
���seen in New" Zealand, Australia, and
Japan; and it waa reported that he was
living in the South Sea a primitive and
semi-savage life. But the cloud of mystery which has for so long veiled his
fate and that of his lovely wife has
never been raised until now, when
seemingly authentic news comes that
John Orth is on his way from the Rio
de la Plata, and may be expected in
ally   registered.
Members  of  Winnipeg   Exchange Who
Went to Study Markets.
Winnipeg. Aug. 9.���John Millar, chairman of the grain commission, who has
just returned with the commission from
a tour of England, Ireland and Wales.
Inveestlgatlng grain conditions, passed
through the city yesterday with his wife
aud daughter en route to his home at
Indian Head.
Of the errand of the commission Mr.
Millar says: "Though a trying one it
has been entirely satisfactory, it received the greatest courtesy from the
members of the trade there who gave
the commission every assistance iu gathering tlie Information which we required. Tbe commission ha* now completed its work, and will meet In Winnipeg on the -*-tli of this month when
the report will be prepared and presented."
"While In Dublin wo had the opportunity of anolns the Dublin exposition.
The Camidiun exhibits were such at*
would 111) th��* heart of any Canadian
with pride. The display was one of
oxcellent products, attractively nnd Artistically arranged. I believe that 1
am safe in Haying that It is the greatest
attraction of the entire exposition. Almost every production of the Dominion Is represented at the wonderful
showing, and all classes of people, especially those who have any intention of migrating to the west, are spond-
ing hour after hour inspecting the products and seeming information from
tho officials in charge of the exhibit
as to the locations n Cnnuda where the
various articles are produced."
AU tbe members of the commission
with the exception of G. E. Goldte have
returned to Canada. He Is expected to
sail   today.
Nclnon Land Dlatrlet.  DlatrlOtOtWMl Kootenay
Take notlco that R. H. r. Smyth, of  1'rocter, B.
('., Mccniiii Hun lumberman, lot muIk  to apply for
a ipecli.1  Umber licence over tho  following Qo-
laribod [nuiii:
Nn I Commencing ata pott pltiiitcil nenr the
northeant corner pout ol Lot No '464*3, on Umimi
' reek and marked H. H 1'. Rmytb NOULhwont cot-
iiorpoat No 1, thence 40 chainn north more or
Ichr to about midway of the aouth bouudary Hue
of timber licence No. 'nM. thence SO chain* rant,
thence 40 cbaini aoutb, thence 40 chalua eaat,
thence 4b rim inn nouth, thance BO cbalna went,
more or le��i tu tho aoutheaat corner of aforesaid
l.iii No. '2MS, thenoe 40 chaina north, thenco 40
chitlua weit to the poiut of com mencement.
Daled -T.tli July, 1W7. K 8. P. Hmyth,
Henry Ketlchart, Ageut.
Nelaon Laud Dlatrlet    Dlatrlet of Weat Kooteuay
No. 3
Take uotlce that J. R. K. Htewart.of Colling-
wood, nn!., occupation lumneruiHti, Intend* to
apply for naiuicbil Umber liceuce ever the following doHcrlbed landa: (-oiumeiiclua ata p.>al
planted about 66 chalm aoutb aud lOuhalua went
of poat No li marked J. K K Htewarl'a N. K corner post. Ihenee aouth 160 cbnlua, tbence went 40
Ohalni, Ibence north 160 chnlna, thence cast 40
cbnliiH lo place of commencement contulnlng610
acrea more or leaa.
Jul)   .Mill. 1��07. JAMS!  K. f. HTBWAaT.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street. Nalaon. B. O.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and -Comfortable Bedrooma and Flrat-
olaaaDlutua Boom. Sample Kooma for Commercial   Hod
MRU. X. i.i.I.AKKK. Proprletrcai
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Kooms 60 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERI0K80N, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and PoBtoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
Kuropean and American Plan
Mealf 26 eta.    Kooma from 36 eta. to H
Only White Help Xmplored.
Baker Ht., Nelaou Proprlaton
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Plneat.
White Help Onlr Kmpioyefl.
Josephine BL
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and fl.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Most comfortable quarter. Id Nelaon!
Onlr tbe beat ol Liquor, aod clg-ara.
***t*A+amm��������->_�����������^-m.iK.    ,    -���������-
Iu the matter of an mpplioatlon for the luue of
k duplicate of the Certificate of Title lor Lota
16 tun*! 17, Block 20. Town of Nelson.
Notice li hereby given that it la my Intention
to luue at the expiration of one month after the
tint publication hereof a duplicate ot the Certificate of Title fur tbe above Lots in the name of
Frances E. Par, which Certificate Is dated the
mth September, liw, aud uumbered '.5!*'>OK.
I-and Kegi'try Offlce, Nelsou, B.C., 16th June,
wort. h. p. MacLeod,
District Registrar.
Not'ce la hereby-given that after the ezplratlou
of sixty day/a from the date hereof the Patrick
Lumber <.'oiu|muy. Limited, intends to unbuilt to
the Houo^able Chief Commissioner ol Lands aud
Works a proposal under the provisions of the
"Klvers aud bt reams Act" and Am cud lug Acts,
fortherleht lo Improve the Slocau river from
the mill dam of said company (situate ahout
three miles above the juuctiou of said Slocau
river with the Kooteuay river,) to the mouth of
the Little Slocan river, aud to Improve the Little
Slocan river and branches thereof to the nortb-
.-iii im mi'in ry of sub lot 2, lot 7180, aud sub-lot 1,
lot " lt.1 group one. Kooteuay district, and tu
improve the tributaries uf said rivers; and remove obstructions from said rivers aud tributaries, mi*) to make lhe same fit for driving, stor
ing, sorting   booming and raiting logs, timber,
"   inl.i'i.   rafts, and  crafts; also for the rl,*' *
��� il. i*i tolls thereon.
right to
The lands to be affected are the following: (a)
'....ts -m:;. 7K69, 04W, MM, 04bi, SAID, 08tf7, 5446, mM\Wt
TQtti 7066. tHs20, 4812, all iu Group one, Kouleuay
llstrlct; also lauds covered by pre-emptions
numbered 46, 101, 116. 135. 143, 164 and 670; alm>
lauds covereil by timber licenses numbered bH0*S,
.���.-���I, -...si. .v.h'i. bono, bbHt, and MM8;  also lands of
by Its solicitor. K. W. Hamninotuh,
Fot Sale Cheap
One 611-Inch diameter, by 16ft. gin.
long, underflred, return multitubular
lioller, In fair condition. Eighty-two
iVi-ln. tubes. 2 1-3 x 2 1-6 In. steam
dome. Holler Is good for testing to 150
lbs. per square Inch, and a working pressure of 80 to 90 lbs. Mountings consist
of safety yalve, stop valve, water
gauges, try cocks, sludge cock and
check valve, set of fire bars and bearers.
Ono Din. diameter x Mln. stroke, high
liresBurc. variable out oft expansion,
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and belt pulley are those not originally
supplied with the engine but are suitable for ordinary requirement. Engine
lias been used to drive electric light
at the smelter and Is in good condition.
One vertical multi-tubular exhaust
steam heated feed-water heater, 4 ft.
high. lOHIu. diameter with openings
for 3-ln. exhaust pipes. Corrugatod copper tutx's Inside through which the feed
water passes. Stop valve, drain cock
and safety valve. Apply to
We have had placed in our hands one of the prettiest best paying
This is up for a quick sale on account of owner's ill health. Gall and get
fall particulars. If yon have tti,000 we can make a good easy deal with yon
for this property.
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd.
Lots for Sale at from $f00 to $200
Prices will be raised 15 per cent, after 1st August.    Buy while they are
cheap.   Terms one-third cash, balance In six and twelve months.
We Have Fot Safe One of the Prettiest Homes to
Nelson, Slteated to Fa-tnrtow, Close to the Cat Ltoe
Large 7-room house. Stone foundation and first-class cellar. Complete water system. 10 lota under cultivation and planted In large, bearing fruit trees.   Thla la a snap.   For particulars apply te
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of 8s
Choicest Frott Lands to
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
$10 per Month
We offer you something practical���something that will make a
real home���something that will
yield an Income. Every tract surveyed. Every tract near the townaite. Dally trains; serviceable
roads; absolutely good soil,���and
all these in a community, not In a
Kootenay Orchard
Take notice that ao application has been made
10 register Arthur Hamlttou ^Buchanan as
ibeowmT In Fee 81mpie, under a tax sale d*3e*l
from H. J. Hteuson, Deputy Assessor and Collect
ni the Hlocan Assestmeut District, to Arthur
Hamilton Buchanan, bearing date the 7tb of
November, A D., lsuft, of all and singular tbat
certain parcel, or tract, of Laud, and premises,
Minute: lying and being lu the District of Koote-
i.ay, In the ProTliu-c ol Hritlsh Columbia, more
1'iirticulartv known and desert bed nt:
Lot number ulue hutnlrud snd seventy (WO),
> ��� roup oue (I). In the District uf Kooteuay, "ttlun-
set Mineral Claim.
You and each ol vouare n-tiulred to contest tbe
claim ol tbe tax purchaser within ftiurteen days
irom the date of the service of this notice upon
\ nu, and lu default of a caveat, or certificates of
lln pendens being tiled within such period, you
will bt�� forever estopped and debarred from set-
11111,' up miv il-tlni to. or in rt-HpiTt of the said
laud, and I thall register Arthur Hamilton
1-ueliauau as owuer thereof.
Dated ut Land -Registry Office, NeUon. Province of Hritlsh Columbia, this .ftlh day of April,
A I)., 1007.
H. F. MacLKOD,
District Registrar.
To Benjamin F. Daviu,
The Sunset  Cold   A   silver   Mining Company (foreign).
In the matter ol iui applloatlon lor the l.auo ol
a duplloate cl the OorllAoala of Title lor lottf.
an*. Lhe weat hall of lot 'it, blo-nk 61, ID the Tows
of Nelaon.
Notice la hereby given that it la ray Intention
to ia.m* at the expiration ol one month after the
tl rat publication hereof a duplicate ol tha certificate of title for the above laud,. In the name ol
1.villa Shield., which ccrtlllr.tr i. dated tbe Slat
day of l.eccnil.cr, IMS, and nutntiered 3991 K.
���If   V. M.'l.KUH."
Ma trlct Heglatrar.
The Hall Mining & Smelting; Co.,
nelson, b. c.
F. C GREEN       F. P. BURDEN        A. H. GREEK
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F.0. lex 145   rboKjalB.
To Winnipeg and points la
Ontario, Quebec, Maritime
Provinces, Central and Eastern States, Aogttst 8th, 9th
aad SOth, September Sftfc,
12th and 13th.
Full particulars as to stop overs, etc.,
en application.
Splendid New Soo-Spokane Service,
1S</2 Hour* Between St. Paul and Spokane. Catch the Flyer at Cranbrook for
AU Point* East.
Daylight service between Nelson and
��� 'pnkuiH' Including 50 miles on Kootenay Lake In elegant new steamer Kub-
I aiioi.k. Fa A $6.60. Return 112.45.
Hood for 30 days.
Scenery through Arrow Lakes and
Kocky Mountain resorts unexcelled In
the world.
A ..1. r. A.. V encou ver.
li )'. A.. Nalaon
A. If. Can. See. C. E
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce:  Ilea ley Uuildlng.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
haw submitted t4> tlio MetiU'iiaut (Jovunmr-ih-
Counell a proposal under the provisions of tbe
"Klvers aud Stream** An," for clearing and removing obstructions from (.loat Klver aud Meadow Creek, lu the Dtatrlutof West Kooteuay, and
for making thi* Ham* fit for rafting and drtv
Ing tberwou logB, timber, lumber, railssad oraha
and for erecting and inn imakiitug boons for
holding, sorting and delivering logs and timber
brought down aald creek and river, and for at
tatihlug booms ta the ���bore of said ereek alHt
river for said purposes.
The lands  to bu  arte**ted   br said work are:
Lots S6-], Mr-.7. 4Mtt, and sub lol* 1, 0, 11. Ill, U and
16 of Lot 4b\ri, Group 1, Kooteuay DUtrlct.
The tolls pruposi-d to bu charged are auch aa
mav t��. tlied by the Judge of the Comity Court
of West KiK>teuar.
Mated Hist July, 1W7.
ffi '." .*
The Daily Canadian
Oo  You   Know  What This Is    ���
It is tho Royal Standard flying ever al my oamp. Willi a good, ordinary pair nf eyes it Is plainly visible. If ye" cannot see il come down
to  my offlce  ami   gel   fitted  wllh    proper glasses.
$15   to  $60.00.
Watchmaker and Optician
Ji mainifai'turctl   from  "He  Quest   tobscOO, s .1
ripened and ai w-tweetened     it'- mild, toll-
1U\ ored and cool.   A lobacco you
f obaccnnist.    Eaktr Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Fael & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   8ta.
See Us
For Good Fruit Laud
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H E. Croadsdaile & &
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils ior
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their nd-
vmtajie to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Ga.s Co.
Victoria St. Property
4-Room house: good cellar, fine level lot,
verandah; $1000; $300 cash, balance
$15 per month.
6-Room house; all modern; between
Stanley and Josephine; $1,500 cash.
oom house; all modern; excellently
furnished; Coast fir, etc; $2,200;
4 Lots, best location in Nelson for a
pretty view; $1,300;  good terms.
General Job Work, Chlmnry Sweep
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing  Stovea,  etc.
1*1 Eaat Bake,  Si. Phone No. A114
A. McDonald & Co,
Dealers iu Htiipl" nnd fancy GteOOaWlM
Butter, EKK8.
Oamp and Minnrp' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want lo liuy or bcII anything,
go to the Old Curloslly Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on Rale.
All kinds of Dlnuerware In stock. Pattern!. 	
iNELSOIN,    -     B. C
Socialist   f^ur-ty  meeti e-rerj   Prtdai
ey��nlng at ti \* m., in me Miners' I'ntou Hall
Ail arc inviti'l: any one allowed to luke part lu
tho debates.  T. Au*tin, Beeretftrjr.
Cor. V��*��rnoii   niui  Ward Streets,
NBL80N, M. O.
C. B. McAllister, P. Thornton, W. Mc-
Lawe and wife, .Miss WlUiams, Winnipeg; A. Mclnnese, Miss M. Mclnnes.
New Denver; K. A. Hrae, Kaslo; It.
E-flbert, Edmonton; P. Thierault, Q-reen
RJv< r; K. J, l,yne. Strathcona; ,T. T.
Doble, Vancouver; "W. J. S. Myles, St.
John; C. W. Sheppard and wife. Mrs. J.
B Carter, Miss Carter. Brooklyn; J.
Matthews and wife. Toronto; F. H. N'et-
Ueton, Salmo; A. A. Morse, Portland:
.7. Cronln. W. O'Shea, Spokane: J. H.
Wright, Vancouver.
Patronized by Earl Grey ant-TNobility
Hotel Strathcona
Btsl Located Hotel In Nelson
Apartments KI. *.*m;t.    Cuialne Cbolei'.t
I'lvillty and Cleanliness
L'nder the man.Kt-mpnt ol  R  K. Noble,
latL* ol Toronto, Ottawa aiol
W. I, Smyth, Pembroke: T, J. Mayne.
A. J. Bell, nonninpton; ,1. C. Dufresne.
Illue Hell; W. .1. Tiethewey. La Plata:
T. W. Laurie, Greenwood; F. \v. Bold-
���arid** Spokane; MIkr A. T. lVarre. Masters W. and H. Pearce, Calgary; O. B.
H Dderaon, Toronto; H. It. Branbler
and wire. Miss E. Tayne. Vlrden; Miss
V Newltt, Salt Lake; G. W. Beams,
London; E. Mallandaine, Creston; R.
M.   Singer.   Spokane.
G. Yorke. .1. H. Crowe, Rnnsland; E.
S Watson. Silverton: W. H. S. Tornev,
Bholt; A. T. Davis and wife. Miss B.
Hrliton. Miss C. Ilritton. Areola; \V. S.
Volmor, Miss J, Volmer. Winnipeg: .1.
fir.enwood, Seattle; G. Milne. The
1. May. K. G. French. P. Mulberg,
Koch Siding; *W. Cameron. Cranbrook:
P. VtlcKon. .1. B. Schwartz! Alton; W.
Lafayette, Snlmo: J. \V. Klassnn. Rosen-
felt: R. Fitzgerald. Calgary: .1. Cooke.
P. O'Toolc, O. Knmerod. Phoenix; A.
Dickson, Rossland: .1 McEwnn. W. Mc*
Inn.s. Areola; T. Taylor, Eholt.
O. Moluirn. Spokane; R. T. Worsley.
Hodman: T. M. Petrow, Slocan; P
(*tirrie, Ainsworth.
It   Hall, R. Chase. E   Heenan. Slocan
.1. Bennett. Westhv; A. McDonald. L.
McDonald, New York; R. McCormick.
Midway;  W.  Smith,  Spokane.
Roche & Co.. Ilouxc Painters, etc
me for prices. General Delivery.
liny and Timber Land���Ahoul 40
acrei of hay nnd l*,0 ncres of llinher.
���I tit beside n R. R. siding anil only a
ihort distance from Nelson. $20.nn
per acre.
Geo. g. McLaren
Hi'-*!-* St., Opposite Queen's Hotel.
Ml KlmlH of llentlng Plants In Stock
Victoria 8t., Nr. Ooera Houae.      Tel. 181.
HOLD l-IIAIN, bttWMS Hoover and V.rnnn
S'lr'','ta Hilltahli* r^war'l will be paid lor ll.
return.   MrDertnl'l A Mi Manly.
A  I'KAHI. SIVHIHHT   I'IN.   Klml.T   iitnru  to
ibia offlce��� Reward Offered.
A 1'tiCKKTHOHK I'onliilnlng a .Igncd ,*h,-.|ri,. o|
ll,i* |.i*'*oli*l Hi*lli*l Mining t.'cmj.ana. [myalili-
lo '*. 0. Wa,l,., ami letter.. Flndi-r kindly
li*avi* al No I'Jai*!* Inn.
TWO FIKBT-C1.A8H hOIIUK. .team hi-ai. .1     Ap-
pit houMkeeeer. Hrdi flat, k . w. (;. block.
A   I'All'INFB   will,  ��*J,0<K,  to    purrhaae a   fruit
run.'ll near Nelaon    A Rood .peeulallon.   l'art-
ii.*r in* *i nbt be h'*ii, i*lv ,*na.Ki*'l on raucti.
for parll.ularp apply 1    U. PBOU1KK,
Dominion  Day Accounts.
T1h> final collections of subscriptions
to tho Dominion Day celebration fund
are being made and a full statement
will  bfl made  in o few  days.
Cricket   Meeting   Postponed.
Owing t��i the illness of the captain
,\. ll. Coppen, the general meeting oi
thu cricket club called for this eve
olng  is  postponed  till   Monday  night.
Enthusiastic  Fishermen.
Local fishermen are enthusiastic over
the big catches that are being made this
week. A large number will leave for
Hi a-ley tomorrow morning and remain
over  Sunday.
More  Settlers.
It   is   estimated   that   there  are   over
tiers   in  the  city at   the   present
time making preparations to go out
their land, where they will engage
White there have been few houses
built in Nelson and Fairview this sum
mer, it is worthy of note that a great
deal of money has beeu expended in Improving residences already built.
New Teachers.
Miss Minnie Taylor, of Hamilton, and
Miss Charlotte Milligan, of Comox.
have accepted appointments on the .Nelson teaching staff to the position left
vacant by the resignations of Miss llar-
ber and  Miss Abercrombie.
Entomological   Gifts.
.\ recent contribution to the specimens of the 20,00 club office is a number o! beautiful butterflies sent in by
Frank Ebbutt, -r-on of the secretary. The
vicinity of Nelson is quite a rich Held
for the entomologist and many delicaLe-
ly colored moth butterilies can be obtained.
Ascent of Kokanee.
Apropos of u recent complaint from
Kaslo that an injustice is being done
that town in the advertising of Kitchener Glacier on Kukanee Peak, a Nelson citizen who has made the usee at
many times, gives the distauce as follows: From Kaslo, six miles by train,
SO by wagon road, and six by trail,
from Nelson alter reaching the lauding,
lu miles by wagon road, two miles bj
aeiiul tram, and then only 2,000 feet to
the glacier.
20,000 Club  Office.
The office of the 20.U00 club was
brightened yesterday by a beautiful
bouquet of roses through the kindness
of Mr. C. Jiscowltz, and were much admired by callers. Thu secretary would
be pleused to have those who could
spare Mowers contribute a few tomorrow on the occasion uf the visit of the
liritish journalists. The windows were
put in today and with a liberal contribution of flowers added to the present
collection of photos, heads of game und
specimens of irulls, the club otiices will
be such as will give all visitors a decidedly good impression of the production oi   the  Kootenays.
Astronomical  Telescope.
J. O. Faienaude has purchased an astronomical telescope, and Is today afford ing his patrons and friends much
pleasure by revealing to them the mysteries of the mountains around Nelson.
With the aid of this telescope it Is
quite possible to see the movements of
small animals to the mountains ucross
thi- lake. The body and movements of
the instrument are of highly finished
laquered brass. There is a rack and
pinion for adjustment of focus. The object glass Is three inches in diameter.
In addition there is a sun-glass stand.
with altitude and azimuth movements,
and arrangement for setting at any desired height for convenient observation^
Prices of Metals.
New  York, Aug.  .(.���Silver,  f��9c;
per. 19%c*   lend. $5.2G.
Lonlon,    Aug.    9.���Silver, 31 KMGd;
lend,  ��19  10b.
Piano  and  Singing Lessons
Given   by   Mrs.   Winter   Every  Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College. London, Kng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conservatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing. Address Box 796. NeUon.
The Store of Quality
$2.00 pet Crate
Freih In every morning. An
excellent chance to get your
preserving fruit at a moderate
Rob. M-Hood &Gx
K. W. 0. Block ��� Phone 10.
L\rge Tins 45c
Fine For Lunch Daring
Hot Weather.
C. A. aBenedfct
Corner Silica and Josephine Ste.
The  biggest hit  and   largest  seller  in
nany    moons.    There    are 8    titles    as
Tho Teddy Hoars Come lo Life.
The Teddy  Hears  at   thi*  Circus.
Tho Teddy Bears In a Smaahup,
The Teddy Hears on a Lark.
The  Toddy   Hears on   a Toboggan.
The* Teddy Hoars al School.
The  Teddy   Hears  Un   Fishing.
The Teddy  Hears in Hot  Water.
Price 25c each.
W. G. Thomson
&%%*��*&R ������"-  Nelson, B.C.
Phon* 34.
James Cronin came In from Spokane
this morning and Is at the  Hume.
W. J. Trethewey, manugfcr of the La
Plata mines, is at the Strathcona.
J. C. Dufresne, superintendent of the
Sine Hell mine, is a guest ut the Stiath-
F. H. Nettleion, manager of Ihe Kootenay Belle mine at Salmo. Is In lhe
i ity today.
C. li. McAlliBter, representative*** at
Nakusp of the Nakusp Fruit Lands Co.,
Is  In  the  eily.
Angus Mclnnes, mining recorder of
New Denver, was lu the city yesterday
with  his daughter.
E. Mallandaine, of the 0. I*. it land
department at Cranbrook, arrived last
night, and is a guest at the Strathcona
Mrs. George C. Thomson and her son
(leorge Thomson, of Coeur d'Alene. Ida.,
are vlBltlng Mrs. Thomson's sister, Mrs.
Fred Hosquet.
A. H. Coppen, accountant of Ihe local
branch of the Hudson's Hay company,
was taken to the Kootenay Lake general hospital this morning.
George Ham, the veteran "personal
conductor," and efficient head of the
publicity department of the C. P. R
will arrive tonight with the visiting
W. .1. S. Myles, M. A., principal ol
the high school of St. John, is In lhe
elty today on his way home from the
Coast, and Is calling on old New Brunt*
wickers. He leaves lor the Kast tomorrow morning.
Board   of   Trade   Meeting���Motions   on
Telegraph and Telephone.
The regular monthly meeting of lhe
board of trade was hold In tho courl
house last night with the following present: F. Sturkey. P. Q. Kbbult, 1). C. Mc
Morris, L. I). DeVeber, W. W. Hoer. II
0. Goodeve, I". Lament, C. W. Husk, II
Hyers, W. G. Gillett. .1. M. Lay, K. II.
McDcrmld.  J.  Johnstone,  A.  VV.   Dyer.
1. G. Nelson, S. M. Ilrydges, Leslie Hill.
H. K. Douglas. J. A. Irving.
The auditor's report on the retiring
secreinry's report again came up for
discussion. The president pointed to
several discrepancies remaining, par
tlotilnrly a return of $11.25 for riirnllnn
valued In January at J100. J. M. Lay's
motion lo adopt Ihe report, was rejected,
and S. M. Ilrydges was ordered to ar
account for the rest of tho assels.
Sherman's Opera House
Thursday,  Aug,   16 "Dorothy."
Friday,  Aug.   16    "Ollivette."
Saturday, Aug. 17 "Tips."
Prices,'50c,  75c,  $1.00.
Plan at Rutharfords Monday Morning.
> mill   K.-tHtl Heftier* In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Cntiipn mipiilw'd on Khort-t'Ht notic-n nnd
lowest prior. Nothing but   fn-sh find
whol>'*->'��� in* mon18 find Happies ki'pt in Htonk
Mail ordera mat-re cnrt'ful nttontion.
E.  C.  TRAVES.   Manager.
lT5 5CE/1El7Y
��� 1
Telephone 161.
Tho <��uncir*s rcjMjrt reoorniiwndlin
the entertainment of tbe British journalist u, as published )'��'Htordfty, whh
adopted, and will Ik- carried out hy the
following com nil t too: Moshth Gillett.
Husk, By-are, Hill. Koor, Johnstone, Lay.
Nelson. lament, I'rocter, Deune, C'ole-
man and Campbell.
After discussion of the unsatisfactory
telephone service on tho nortli shore, a
motion of Messrs. Johnstone aud (iii
leit to secure improvement or consider
a municipal telephone scheme, was
adopted. Messrs. John si one. Husk ami
[rrlng were appointed  to investigate.
A motion by Messrs. Dyer and Johnstone to peition the (\ I'. |{. to roduee
Hh new rates for telegraph -service to
tho pross, and to draw the attention of
tho railway commislon to the ���Object,
was adopted, as was also a motion re
;ifllrmln�� a former one on the subject
of press service  from  Britain.
Child   Actors.
The company at present in Kdmonton
had its Origin In a dramatic school once
kept, in Seattle by Mrs. Lang, who subsequently formed her eleverest pupils
into a company, Mrs.  Lang still travels
wiih the company and is personally r<-
sponsible for each child to its parents.
Her own daughter plays leading roles In
the repertoire, and nil are kept under
tho direct supervision of Mrs. Lang. It
Is traditional of these winsome small
actors lhat  they   make  Arm   placea   for
themselves in tlie  hearts of the aud
b-nee.     lien* on   Thursday   night    Babs
.Mason was presented with a Due watch,
and   at   (\ilgary   last   week   whore   ihe
Pollard Opera company wen* playing.
Mrs. I,oughoed onlortnlnod soveral of
the little folk at luncheon.���Kdmonton
Coat for Battlemhlpt.
New York, Aug. 0. News which has
reached the maritime exchange Ik to
Ibe effect that the navy department,
through its agents In Now York. Itnltl-
nioie and Newport News, has chartered
a total of M vessels to carry coal to the
PadflO coast ports. The eon Is Is for
th-* use of the great battleship fleet
which Is to bo sent  to the I'ar-lllc In the
fall.   The government's needs are now
satisfied, It was said. A majority of the
vessels engaged have sailed already, n
total of 7fi.OOO out of the 100.000 tons of
���'joal   needed  on   the  coawt   hn vlng   been
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
A-geill for Triiff-ntt I.nuni-lioii
Mint IVtertinrn Cnnm'H.
Klfii-Nt I.nt nf   It...u-  in  K.C.
r.i.il I.I.I..ai-|,Inn.* .-t W   All
VV���   O.    GILLETT
Contractor   find
hoi-r agent f��>r tin- Porto Rioo ���tomber (*o., Ltdu
ratal! rartfi.  Boogli and <\re*>Huti lumber, turned
w.ik nn-l i.r iicki'i", Coast ''till il nil -IiOikIi-h, hiiHli
ninl   doOTI.     Oenienti  >irl<k   and  llmu  fur Data
a uiiiiiui i *��� grinder.
Yard uml fuctciry : Vitraon Ht.. cut of It nil
IN! II.HOfN,   IS. G.
P. u. Box 282. Telephone 17s
KODAKS And A" Accta**
=======================   (Fresh Stock Twice a Week-
This is the season for taking photos of
Kootenays unrivalled scenery.
TOURISTS,  We can supply you with
anything in the Kodak line.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER  and   WARD. Phone 81
-���. A.  ISAAC
R.  W.  HINTON -
{���piilrltiu nntl .!< *����**��� I i��k  ���xucut ��o��J w ltd   Ow-tipiituh.    ShMl Mtin
Work,   .Minion   and  .Mill   Miuhlnnry.       Miinufnuturvriof
Ur��   tw������ nt,    hi.   ht.    Unntrnutiiri'   Cni-a.
^;:;;;^::'-DJ    nklson,   b. c
ra Ja7m
MANUFACTURERS    T  ���mU*e��     <ZUl~~l~e.
and dealers in Lvmoet, .Miingles,
Lath, Moulding-***-**, Doors, Windowi,
Turned **NVorlc nnd HrawkulM. Mini Ordera promptly MKftMil
VftRNON HTHinn*  -  -  ���   NBLftON.B.O<
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
2-PIECE sum
ItAKKW Slkll-r, ISUL^iOIS.
W'liolCMiiiu Provlalon,,
OoTfinmifiiit Orminc-ry Om* Pminil lint ka rpeelvwl wnekly freah from *
churn.    For ��U.. l,y all |��ndiii*K (rroconi.
Ofllon nnd WftNbODM I Hiinnton Blnok,    Phoo, 70.
Josephine Street.       ...       Nelaon, B* C
Our shipment of these has been delayed iu transit but txt W
them now, and in order to clear before the season is t0��
far advanced we are telling them at prices lift*
should place one in every home.    Call and
be convinced and enjey comfort.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. N��iao" Bn*t
The name
on Carpet Sweepers stands for Pef*
fectiou.    We sell them.
Wood Variance Hardware !Co., Limited


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