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The Daily Canadian Feb 3, 1908

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 Ik for halcyon lithia water
m canjpay more, but can not
iy a purer or better MINERAL.
ter tliau "HALCYON."
-*_V glaUtj Can
.(IMH   2.      NO.   20.S
tal Profession and
Proposals for Improvement of
per Chamber���Laurier Has
Forgotten Promises.
Ita.,. I.l.   2.���The question of sen*
|..i:.a    i.ia.s    bcl.,1    l.oforo   thd    llaall.se
!.    na   the  shape of a  rt-ajolu-
I    . lllliellalluelllb.       Mr.    Mc-
I ... ..ne oi the Liberals who
.a Liberal platform serl-
I . tl   joint,  action   with   the
I mge lhe constitution of tin.-
Mr.    Miller,   another
��� ��� .i  tha  abolition of  thu
Mr.  Lewis,  Conservative,
.. ik, .1 tor u referendum
B n. nil election oi, the >|ueB-
I  or ,-liunge.   Apix-al was
. ..mi speakers to the Lli.i.-ial
f ...   supposed  io  be  the
I ... rom, ut, which says:
present  cauisiiiiitiou of the sen-
I li ti nt wiili ilia- 1, .la-nil sen-
j] Ma   .,au    System   of   govern*
jiilaal   Ih   .11   aallaar   respects   defec-
ii iii.u...-. ii,.- senate Independent
aj.ij  uncontrolled by tlio
,;i.i..ii ..i tb, country,and should
in... ii i, I ., to .ning It Into har-
knii ui. i.i in. .. ..I popular gov-
. laratlon   is  more thuu  fotir-
fi ..I   and   Uie   puny   which
.i has i... n In power mdte thai,
ui   taking   the   lirst
.     It < il. at.    Ou the contrary,
bveiniuei      hits   made   the   setiuto
| it of  the people  by  a
"11       Of       ItpiHllllLIIlCUtS    of
j .   huvo  been   defeated   at
] i.t-at week's debute, us ln
I n   iwu  years ago.  Sir  wll-
Lhat he was still in favor
fi  u,  still opposed   to  life
i   iii.-  present method  of  anus     He suggested changes that
..I.'   but gave  no  sign  thut
ita   do   anything  uboul   it.
��;is not so far along us ho
I      "ii i. ago when he promised
f ���     .a senate  reform  motion wus
th.   house, and the  premier got
i;  l.y  promising that the niutii'r
lac  brought  before  a conference
(iviiii'Iiil   premiers  to he  held   lhat
Wilfrid said:
aie  going  to  have  this year  a
.al all the provincial govern-
il   think this  questlonm   uy
i..r consideration by them.   On
fiii.'ii where so much delicacy ci*
Ivlsabla that we stiould huvo
ii and consultation  with  tbe
uf the different provinces who
1 ' ��� '   In -i'  in  tin.' course of the
The suggestions whleh I
| may aar may not appeal to
11  ��'��� do appeal to them per-
iiiiy aiiscover some method of
I   '"III It."
mfereno�� met and Sir Wilfrid
���    i   before   tho   provincial   repre-
to lay before then, the ques*-
I1" i ttled.    Ho forgot senate
(ii     I'll., siiblect  was  not mention*
lilm   nor  by   tho   provincial   pre*
''"ring the whole ���f the confer
Evidently    sir   Wilfrid Laurier
mount  Io   bring   it   up.     In   his
' 'aal wa'oli he did nol even nien-
uctton two years ago.    On this
mi the premier contented hlmseir
fkiiig for the adjournment or tho
Ha is determined to keep the
ils it  Is. "a mill stone hanging
neck of the people," ns Sir lllt'h-
"rtwrlght described It, before ho
"��� ii Benator.
last Postmaster-General  Lemieux
pintle his report on his mission to
11 took him nearly three hours
'"J   In' BUtnmed  nil in short  spucc.
���Minister hns  assurance  from the
pi minister of Japan that the Jap-
Kovernment Is and nlways hns
| "Prosed In emigration of laborers
no country, They wero never al-
'" ��oma uwny without u passport
"' foreign olllce and then only in
I numbora. it Is olalmed that rd"
11""s" win, enme io Canada lasi
wont from llnwall which is beyond
 !B Jf'lsillctlon. Those fiom Jiipun
direct obtained passports on the false
���".   Mentation     that    they   were   much
���2 id In Canada and would be warmly
���> A.aed. Otlierwise they would have
')' * -pi home to develop resources
tun. panese control.   For the future
lhe % 'e**8 """nister has written a
letter tV ng that bis government "will
give c. \ consideration to local cou-
dltlaans ' ailing In Canada, with a
v'-��v to , Ing ihe desires of the government o he Dominion as far as Is
OOIQPatlbls with the spirit of the treaty
and the dignity of the state." This Is
lln   result of Mr. Lemieux' visit.
Thu spirit of the treaty, and its lan-
giiago us well. Is thut "tho Japanesu
,-liall have full liberty lo enter, travel
or reside lu any part of lhe Dominion
of Canada und shall enjoy full und perfect protection of their persons and
What the "dignity of the stnte" may
require is to be settled ut Toklo. Mr.
Owen asked Mr. Lemieux tho simple
and practlcul question: "To what ex-
ten has the Japanese government promised to restrict emigration'.'" Mr. Lemieux uiude tlie pretentious bul mysterious reply Unit If he should answer
the question he "would commit an act
unworthy of myself." So it does not
appear that any definite changes in the
situation hus been established or that
the visit of Mr. Lemieux was particularly useful. The Japanese may sUU
come If the foreign office lu that country shall choose to give them passports
and they never haal the right to come
without them. There Is no undertaking
that passports will be held more than
l..'fiu-e. Japanese are still coming by
hundreds from Hawaii*, antl the Japanese questl'in Is still so serious that the
Hritish Columbia legislature is again enacting un exclusion law.
It ls faaund from the papers thut when
(Sieat llritain negotiated the treaty with
Japan, leaving the colonies free to Join
or not to join it, the home government
represented to Canada that the Dominion might accept the treaty, reserving
the right to restrict or exclude Immigration. Mr Chamberlain practically re-
commnnaleal that course, which wus
adopted by Australian colonies troubled
with Asiatic Immigration questions. Tho
Laurier governmenl did not accept this
suggestion or advlca., but ratified tho
contract to accept Japanese laborers
without restriction. Afu-r this it was
surely an unjust and Impudent thing
for Canaallan ministers to complain that
Canada had suffered in this matter by
Imperial treaties. The Laurier government clearly brought on Itself the humiliation of sending a minisler to Toklo
to beg Japan to abandon tbe right given
lay it solemn compact only last year.
Nor ls It surprising thut Itnron Hayashi
Should close this discussion with Mr.
I..iiiii.|ix by writing hi in thai "It Is not
possible for me to acquiesce ln all the
proposals made by you on behalf uf the
Canadian  government."
Will  Send Orators  Into  Ever;/  State of
the  Union.
Chicago, Feb. Sl.���A particularly active campaign ls to he carried on this
yeur by the prohibition party. It Is In-
teneded to raise u fund of nt least $11111.-
IMIll for the light, of which nearly $''i>.-
OUO already has been subscribed.
Speakers will be sent Into every state
In the union lo make formal addresses
ami slump  speeches   In   the   cause   of
total prohibition.   The campaign will be
carried" Into the enemy's country" in
every locality.
A keen campaign Is to bo Inaugurated
in the saintb. Heudquarlers already
have been established at Dallas, Texas,
and preparation! ure being muile by the
local conimltti'c to force the battle In
nil southern territory, ln Texas a light
ls also to be made, to submit to the
voters ln mon a constitutional amendment prohibiting the sale Ot liquor In
tho stute. it ls feared thai a prohibition statute mlghl be declared unconstitutional under the present constitution, so the fight win bo made for an
amendment to the document.
Honduras Elections.
Mobile, Feb. Sl.���Mall advices from
Puerto Cortes says that In lhe elections
which terminated today, (January 2!l).
General Miguel Duvlla was elected
president and General Dlonoslo Qtetyer-
tez vice-president, of Honduras, practically  without opposition.
Fell and Froze to Death.
Chicago, Feb. 3.���William   Brace,  11
lawyer, wns found frozen to dentil yes-
terdny within fifty yards of his residence ln Highland Park, 11 suburb. It
Is thought that ltrtico slipped on an ley
sidewalk and was stunned by the fail,
succumbing to the cold before he recovered consciousness.
Six New Sections To Be
Built in Spring
Tenders Called for Lines in Ontario
and New Brunswick���Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Ottawa. Feb. 3.���The total Immigration Into Canada last year was 277,376
as compared with 215,912 ln l'JUG. Those
arriving at ocean |Kirts numbered 220,-
!>2S, an Increase of 61.464. Immigration
from the tSnited States totalled 06,561,
a decrease of 7,231.
The transcontinental railway commission will receive tenders ��ip to noon of
March 10 for Uie additional sections of
the line. Four sections covering 189
mile, are In New Hrunswick and two
sections, for 175 miles, ure in Ontario.
Hamilton. Feb. S.���Wm. Klrkpatrlck
has been committed for trial on the
charge of manslaughter. Klrkpatrlck ls
the young man who during a quarrel
with John J. Cununlngs fn McPherson's
shoe factory a couple of weeks ago, stabbed the latter ln the side inflicting a
wouud which caused deuth.
Winnipeg, Feb. 3.���There were closed
doors on ull skutlng rinks and all concert halls In Winnipeg yesterday. The
police commissioners instructed Uie police to visit places of amusement and
cigar stands to obtain evidence of any
violation of the Lord's Day Act. For
several Sundays concerts have been
glva>n. an.l skating rinks have been open
but the police yesterday found everything closed tight.
Fernle, Feb. 3.���A serious flre occurred here yesterday ln Uie old town
where there ure a considerable number
of Chinese luundries. The Chinese were
celebrating their Chinese New Year by
the firing off of fire crackers when by
some means one of the laundries caught
flre and was gutted to the ground. The
old town narrowly escaped from being
wijied .out.
Montreal, Feb. 3.���It Is understood
that J. B. Dalrymple, general freight
agent of the Grand Trunk railway, will
soon take up his residence at Winnipeg as chief freight officer of the Grand
Trunk  Pnciflc.
Montreal, Feb. 3.���Engineer Mills and
collision In Turcotte village, just a few
collision ln Turcott village, just a few
miles west of Montreal, Saturday night.
Both men were on a double headed express which crashed into a light engine
running on the main line. The failure
of signals ln a blinding snowstorm was
the cause of the collision. Hotli men
are married.
Monl real, Feb. 3.���Damage, estimated
nt between $5,000 and $10,000, was done
by lire yestenlny In the building of the
Sisters of Providence In St. Hubert St..
used as a laundry, work shop nnd dormitory.
Regina. Feb. 3.���Tho Regina roller
flour mill, owned hy A. Hunter and C.
smith, was totally destroyed by flre last
night despite every effort on the part of
the flre brigade. The building was completely gutted. Tlie origin of the fire is
a mystery. Tho building was un old
one having been erected some 12 or 16
years ago. although much or the machinery was comparatively now. The
capacity or the mill was 125 hatreds
per (lay.   The loss Is about $25,000 with
total insurance of $13,000.
Peculiar  Explanation Offered  by  Youth
of Syracuse.
Syracuse. Feb. Sl.���Early today the police telephone rang and a man who said
he was William H. Gruy, Jr.. called:
"Come to 141 Burnet Avenue, 1 hav*
killed my mother." Upon reaching th*
houso the officers found Mrs. Clara
Gray, 46 yours old. dead from strangulation. The son, 18 yeurs old, said he
hud be-:.. Billing reading when his
mother culled him downstairs.    When
he reached the lower floor, ho says, his
mother made a lunge at him with a
razor Inflicting a deep wound on his
right arm. In the struggle that followed, be says that ln attempting to restrain her he grabbed her throat and
choked her. Young Gray said when he
found his mother was dead he was so
frightened that he did not give the
alarm for an hour or more when ho
called up his brother and the police.
To his brother he telephoned "Mother
Is dead, for I have killed her."
The young man's story ls believed by
the members of his family and the
neighbors who say that Mrs. Gray was
a very high strung woman, prone to
hysteria verging on insanity.
The police differ and regard the case
as a foul murder. Young Gray ls a
member of a prominent family. As a
stenographer for a few weeks he was
employed at the city hall, where he was
regarded as erratic.
List of Cases to Bs Heard Saturday by
His Honor Judge Wilson��� Heavy
Chamber List.
Next Saturday morning, Feb. 8th, His
Honor Judge Wilson will open a session
of the county court of West Kootenay
ln Nelson. Most of the cases to come
up have been adjourned from former
Edward Dedolph, Peter G. Bloom,
Solomon Johnson and Thomas Zuccolo,
aliens, will apply for naturalization.
The following cases have been set
down for trial, the solicitors and
amounts being given:
Hums vs. Dally; E. A. Crease and R.
S   Lennie, soollcltors;  $57.24.
Williamson vs. White, H. C. Hall and
J. O'Shea;  $600.
Hulbert vs. C. P. R., J. O'Shea and
W. A. Macdonald, K. C, $65.00.
Jesstip vb. Anderson, E. C. Wragge
and W. M. Brandon.
Buchanan vs. Miller, H. C. Hall and
J. O'Shea; $600.
Gansner vs. C. P. R., J. O'Shea and
W. A. Macdonald. K. C;   $600.
Standard Furniture Co. vs. J. T.
Pierre; J. O'Shea and A. M. Johnson;
Marks et el vb. Hall Mining and
Smelting Co., J. O'Shea and E. C.
Wragge;   $4,676.
There ls a considerable accumulation
of chamber work, which will probably
also be disposed of by Judge Wilson.
Failure snd Suicide.
New York, Feb. 3.���From evidence
gathered today the police are convinced
that MarUn Klennen, whose body was
found ln a derelict sloop off North
Beach, Long Island, Saturday, was a
suicide. Murder was suspected at first,
but nothing has been discovered to bear
this theory out, while the authorities
learned today that Klennen had been a
prosperous New York real estate broker who receuUy lost his entire fortune.
Jie has been separated from his wife
and family for several years.
Earthquake Somewhere.
Washington, Feb. 3.���The weather
bureau today announces an earthquake
of slight Intensity registered on tho
seismograph on the afternoon of Feb. 1.
beginning at 6 hours, 16 minutes, 11
seconds p. m., 76th meredian time. The
bulletin adds that perceptible tremors
were recorded for nearly an hour. The
dtstar.ee of the quake from Washington
Is esUmated to be about 3,800 miles,
and tbe marked dlslmllarlty between
the east and west and the north und
south componet of motion suggests that
the line of prpagatlon at Washington
was nearly or about eaat and west.
Prices  of  Metals.
New York. Feb. 3.���Silver. oD^c.
London.    Feb.    3.���Silver,    25 9-16d.,
lead, ��14. 16s., 3d.
Opening  Copper Quotations.
New  York, Feb.  3,  1908.
(By MeDermid & McHardy.)
Asked Bid
Granby    $96.00       >S5.)D
Domlnlun Copper      2.12*4        1 S7*V4
11. C. Copper     6.00 4.75
, ���
Deaths of a Day.
Concord, N. H., Feb. 3.���James Kleen.
manager of the local branch of the New
England granite works, died this morning, aged 62 years.
Pittsburg, Feb. 3.���Thos. D. Mullon.
retired, one of Pittsburg's foremost citizens and well known throughout the
country as a banker, died here today.
Flre In Montreal.
Montreal. Feb. 3.���Damage, variously
estimated at $325,000, was caused this
afternoon by a flre which broke out In
the MolBon warehouse, Notre Dame St.
west. The portion on which the flre
airlgnaleil. that used by the Canadian
Pacific railway for storage, contained
Hour, the property of the Lake of tin*
Woods Milling company, and Ogllvle
Milling company. It ls estimated there
were 10.000 bags of flour stored In the
warehouse, all of which ls probably a
total Iobs, having been either burned or
wet to siuii un extent as being beyond
all hope of salvage.
New Government Formed
by Coalition
Will  be delivered    every evening    et
your door for
Fifty Cbnts a month
Manuel II Addresses His Ministers-
British and Spanish Cruisers
at Portugese Capital.
Lisbon, Feb. 3.���Premier Franco has
relinquished power and a committee has
been formed with Admiral Ferreire d*
Amarll as its president in the place of
the late dictator. This step signalized
the practical withdrawal of Franco
from power. He agreed to this measure
as one calulated lo pacify public opinion where only a spark was needed to
inilame tbe whole country and drag it
headlong into revolution. It Is believed
that Franco will be 'the man of power"
but his officials are at least shorn of
real power.
The opening was held today. King
Manuel II. appeared before his ministers
and with a voice vibrant with emotion
"I am yet without experience either
lu sovereignty or in politics. I place
myself entirely in your hands, believing
in your patriotism and wisdom."
The now cabinet is made up of a
coalition of elements in the hope of
reconciling the many disturbing elements. Some of the new ministers have
been notably opposed to the iron rule.
Not one of the Franco ministers remains in office, so that his regime disappears with him.
The notable changes are those of the
president and minister of justice, the
latter, Senir Alpoim, having been foremost in opposition to the Franco regime.
The city is still in the throes of intense
excitement and the authorities continue
to follow unceasingly the details of the
plot which culminated in the assassination of the king and heir. The newspaper notices say that one of the regicides who was killed was a Spaniard
who was taken custody recently in connection with the discovery of bombs,
but was later released. Of the men now
under arrest one is an Italian who played in the orchestra at Lisbon. This
man is in an extreme condition of hysteria. His food in the prison is served
him without knives or forks for fear
that he will kill himself.
After the list of new cabinet officers
was given out, it was announced that
these selections were not final and that
changes were possible.
Portugal today saw the establishment
of a new regime. Premier Franco has
resigned office nnd within forty-eight
hours of the assassination of King Carlos, his dictatorship is at an end, at
least for the present. Franco resigned
for fear that his continuance in office
would plungo the country into rebellion.
Herlin, Feb. 3.���The new King of
Portugal Is unusually popular. Tho
army is thoroughly trustworthy, a coalition of all the monarchical parties will
be organized today or tomorrow and
will receive the support of the entire
The Portugese legation has Informed
the German foreign office that order
prevails in Portugal. The government
Is still firmly supported by the army
and the responsible classes. *
Paris. Feb. 3.���Despatches recoivc-i
here from Lisbon up to noon todny do
not speak of any recurrence of violence
and it is generally accepted that Lisbon
is still tranquil. There Is no confirmation here of the reported attack on the
house of Premier Franco, und it is
thought this may refer to Saturday's assault on his house at the time of the
London, Feb. 3.���The tragedy at Lisbon had a depressing effect on several
national securities, Spanish and Russian
shares weakened as well as Portugese.
A telegram received this morning from
Lisbon by the London and lirazillan
bank declares the general situation to
bo tranquil, that everything is quiet and
business is progressing.
Madrid, Feb. 3.���Thi, despatch of a
cruiser to Lisbon is explained by the
statement that the warship Is to bo put
e Dowager
Queen Maria Pla arrived at the arsenal
Ihe (Actors were bathing the faces of
the King and of Lhe Crown Prince. The
Queen threw herself upon the body ot
her son, Uie King, and the doctors were
obliged tu remove heY by force. When
the Queen rose her robe was crimsoned
with blood.    Then she swooned.
All travellers crossing the Portugese
frontier are being subjected to a rigorous examination.
On the evening of the assasinations
no bugles were sounded in the barracks
of Lisbon for fear that their notes would
be taken as a signal that -Jhe government had been overthrown.
After the new cabinet officers were
given out it was announced that the
selection was not final and that changes
were probable.
Rome, Feb. 3���Rodriguez Alvez, former president of Brazil, was received in
private audience by the Pope. The conversation was chietiy about the happenings at. Lisbon. Senor Alvez called at
Lentlon to the fact that King Carlos had
made arrangements to visit Rio Janeiro
next summer and that the people of thai
city had arranged to give him a hearty
Gibraltar, Feb. 3.���The British cruiser
fleet sailed from here eaily this morning for Lisbon. __.
St, Petersburg, Feb. 3.���The tragedy
af Lisbon has created a deep impression
here; the newspapers today comment
giavely upon the events that led up to
the double assassination The Russ in
a daring editorial, draws a thinly veiled parallel between the conditions in
Portugal and those in Russia and warns
the government in not many words that
there is danger of a similar event here.
It traces a connection between the crime
und the dictatorship of Franco, which
met with both open and secret resistance from all  political  parties.
Broken   Rail   on   Wabash   Line   Causes
Deaths and Injuries.
Detroit, Feb. 3.���The Wabash passenger train No. 4, east bound from Chicago and St. Louis, due here at 8.20 p. m.,
was wrecked near Bremen station, 47
miles from Detroit, last night, probably
by a broken rail. Two passengers were
killed and 31 people were injured. The
dead are Mrs. Francis Vargo, Budapest,
Hungary; Mrs. John Smith, Milwaukee,
Wis., The injured are Mrs. W. O. Letz,
Detroit, several ribs broken; Mrs. J. A.
MacKay, Detroit, several ribs cracked.
The remaining injured were reported to
have sustained only sprains and bruises.
The train consisted of seven cars, all
but one ot* which stood the shock of the
wreck without overtunring.
It was in this coach, directly behind
the combined baggage and express car,
that the two deaths and the most serious Injuries occurred. The baggage car
remained upright as did also the three
sleeping cars and the diner, but the
coach waa overturned and badly crushed. Among the injured were a number
o! theatrical people, who were registered from New York.
The injured were brought to New
York on a relief train and sent to the
hospital and hotels here.
Sir Harry MacLean's Release.
London, Feb. 3.���The government has
received a telegram from the British
charge d'affaires at Tangier, Morocco^
to the affect that Raisuli, the bandit
chief, has promised to bring in Caid
Sir Harry MacLeau this evening, exactly seven months to the day when he
was taken a prisoner by Raisuli.
Would Hurt-.-Business,
New York, Feb. 3.���The trial of Raymond Hitchcock, the comedian, on
charges preferred by the children's society, has been postponed until next
month. The postponement was made at
the request of the actor's manager, who
said he would suffer ilnanciaUy if Mr.
Hitchcock wero forced to abandon his
road tour before  March  6th.
ExtfTosion Kills Nine.
Monaco, Feb. 3.���Three foreigners
wen- Killed and six others seriously Injured today when the boilers In the
Welch brick plant exploded. It is supposed frozen water pipes caused the accident. The damage is estimated at
Will Meet Again.
New York, Fob. 3.���It is stated that
nrrang-inenta have been made for a
wrestling match to take place in Amer-
tefl -between George Haclvenschmldt and
Frank Gotch. The agreement calls for
a match tor $10,000 a side to take place
In New York, Chicago, St. Paul or Kansas City, not ">ter than April 6.
Responsibility (or Entry
of Japanese
Speech of Attorney-General Bowse-
on Introducing BUI to Control
Oriental Immigration.
The following ia an excerpt from Uie
speech of Hon. W. J. Bowser, attorney-
general, delivered on introducing his
bill for the regulation of Immigration
irom the Orient:
There is unly one other matter, sir,
to which I wish to call the attention of
this house, and it is a very peculiar circumstance, and it is thla: that this
treaty was originally negotiated in 1894.
That is to say, that the imperial government had entered into this binuing
treaty with the government of Japan as
early as the year 1894, when it became
a treaty, or law, as far as the imperial
government of Japan was concerned.
Bui, sir, provision was carefully made
in this solemn agreement expressly exempting this great Dominion of ours
from its operation. Canada, air, I will
repeat, was expressly exempted In this
treaty which was at that time entered
into between the imperial government
aud the empire of Japan, and for thirteen years no necessity was perceived, as far as Canada and this nation���
for we can fairly call ourselves a nation in this sense of the word���for altering the condition of affairs. And why,
sir, I will ask, was a chance now resolved upon? And I would particularly like
Iron, gentlemen opposite to explain why
this change ln policy was considered
necessary by the administration of the
day at Ottawa? For, sir, I have never
yet Been���or heard given ln public debate���any good and valid reason why.
after thirteen years had elapsed from
the making of the treaty, its terms
should at that particular juncture been
made te apply to Canada, allowing Japanese to come freely Into this country, and our citizens to go Into their
country���Japan. Indeed, Blr, there was
on the contrary, every reason why this
treaty should not be brought into force.
As far as the east, sir, Is concerned
the people there are not Interested ln
this class of Immigration; and there
was every reason why this treaty
should not receive the approval of and
be passed by the Dominion house.
For 13 years, Blr, it remained a dead
letter as far as we are concerned. For
some good reason, and I presume that
it was on account of this very question of Immigration, Canada had been
expressly exempted from Its provisions. We were left by the Imperial government to decide for ourselves whether we would enter Into this treaty or
not. And now after 13 years hsd gone
by only last year, in 1907, the Dominion parliament was Induced by Sir Wilfrid Laurier and his Liberal administration to apply the provisions of this
treaty to this country���the Dominion of
It has been suggested, sir, and I am
not here to *����v what truth there ls ln
the statement, ln the public press, and
lu public speeches, and it may be a fact,
that at this particular juncture the Canadian Pacific railway company wanted
cheap labor ln this country ln order to
complete a portion of their road on this
coast and to the boundary of our province, and so after thirteen years the
Dominion parliament controlled or advised as lt is to a great extent by thst
great railway corporation, as well as
by those who wish to get cheap labor In
this country, to bring about that consummation tn this particular fashion
at this particular time.
Hut. sir, taking that statement for what
it is worth, 1 hope that the house will
pardon me for referring for a moment
to a debate which took place ln connection with this particular treaty. It
has been stated, sir, tn this house, that
the Conservative party ls quite as much
to blame as the Liberals themselves for
the passage of this treaty. I am not
here, sir. to make excuses, either for
the Conservative party or for a&y of the
members of lt ln the Dominion houso
for anything which they may have said
or done when that treaty was before
them, except to point out that member*
of the Conservative party were not
tehn, nor are they now In control of the
majority In the house of commons st
Ottuwa, and are consequently not responsible for Its legislation. And hence,
so far as members of this party are
concerned, no responsibility can. ln my
opinion, be fairly cast upon them at all.
'���(**���'%'', ������
:>    ���'
' ,       _
��� 1~3 Dairy OTukfiirfi
. ::   yi"   stock '..-
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
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.  -   _S"*C&TI     .
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. - .. .   :
Imperial Bank of Canada
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J.  Nt.  LAY,
The Royal Bank of Canada
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St. . "���,.���. i... ��� ��� ^,.     aaixCVUtUXftf ft*  ��*_�����L
Eleventh Annual   Bettefl
Winter Carnival
.- -
Rossland    Carnival
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FEB. 4 to 8
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sko^^shoe races|
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n,- %, f$f     it, D  :-
____ OrS*-- rit""-*^ ���
iia.n<* ���
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. �����        . >���- ������ .a !**"
������1 ii   fhifliflu nifliii
���������     -'  1    _U1>,'    . ';..   -
'���..*-*     1     ���        - I--.
.  :���     :
*    :^
���sUfclUI    .
��i>i   i tt   - : 1
��� -    .
Lt*-C 2**-00���*.Irtr  ���tit.  IK..       >MMI
-4   ���     1   :��� -        _t   ���
[   -..-   ...      -    .
*    ������          ; ��� :     -     -,,.     -a:
;    ���     v wr -Hi
���v   ���
-     in    s
A   (       M
'- 1     1           " l.i "i.
1   ��� ;-��
.,-*.  -  ,.
���    C  ���   -   H *
��� I        �� '           ,'.*������.      4
I    ui,;
'       -,.-:������          : ��� i- ������
: t   tit*.    s-_rr**1itt-'
TI       ill     .    .        -I'M  II*
��  >   v.
tw-ss U     HU    rlii.   ;���*���
I-.-:**       ;,��.:.'
.1    S    Ti<  t *    -.    -���������
-r '"a I
*-*������*,"*"���'  ''���.;���?���
���'"   .   .*t  ' ..   I
>��� * -Q----j,K :m:it*-  _rw-��ia*
UtmiLzleawL mx.
n    V **r, KrH'V'Ht.*
��� -   -: -    s,,;.   ts   : (���
I ��.; 1 U9a\Uo**\n*MU99
-r^i..i   * ���
TSisatt �����������*��, s_ stair
.. set* -
���   . cannot dine on FROG LEGS every day.    We furnish the
|eef,   Potk,   Mutton and Veal
Hams-�� Bacon and Lard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Finest Quality in glass and wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Rossland     1NEL-SOIN, B. C-* Bonndary
The Daily Canadian
ohemian Beer
he Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd
I mul iMntrlct.   -Umlrltt ol WMt Kootenay
lotlota ' li-i '���" ������- '  rtaminon*. agent lur
Iinner, ol Nelnon. o-rmpatlou watch-
Intendi to Apply  lor   iH-rmlulou to pur-
_.,,-fuliu-A tug ih'-HTllKMl  landi:   Commen*
h   n poet    ���- ������������!*��� '-   MatMiut   -" j   mllea etut of
in creek,   thence  40 chalni   tu  an  easterly
J- thence   2V ��� tialDi   aouth,  thence  to
If ii, * ����-.ti*rly illrpftlon,  tht-uce JO chalus
i tht.   pOlBit ���  ' ' "rum. u-cUirtU, i -t<n lal li I UK
mort ur lew
L*.i N.iv   -fifth, IWl.
KlSlliKH   K    li.HN    I AMHia,
T. J. Hahmonb, Agent.
i l.nu'. 1'Ulrlcv-   Dlatriot ot Vt eat kooteuay
notloa that  fted 1. ���-���iiiinniii, agant tor
ttallard, '���'  1'riK-tor, txr-ruspatlou  rancher.
Ll- t ��� appl]   f->r pt-rmlMtou lu **urcbaa�� the
>     .    deacrlbed   sail-In       CommenclUff at a
I.; i* u ii.*ii <* I'-, m lies eaat of Wllaoo t-raefe.
���outhweat Xu ilialui, theuce northweat JO
tbenoe mtrtheantiuchalUB, thenoa eoulh-
obalDl to the the point ol commencement
kiiiuux *" a- nn, mure or leaa.
r.i Not. _*ti��. iwi.
A*., ul F   J    (ia-tttoita.
i Laud HUtrlet,   I Hi trie I of Weet Kootenoy
notloe ihat W  a. ilud-ron, ilmbercruleer,
okaue, apokane county, Weihingtoa, one
i '   ..������ \ -;���>'. - ������( Arm-rlee, Intcndi to apply
eclat uiiit.li  :i��� -l*ti-..  over the followiu**
-.I ,#tii.U     I'utunifiirlngat a poal marked
, planted on the uorth bank of Corn creek,
junction of ihu ���-   uti fork of Corn creek
tin* imi-.su  itreaa,  about   Ore   mllea  In a
riv .iiri-i 'iu:i from ooufluauoe of aald Corn
���k wltli the Kootenay river;  tbence north 40
thence weal   160 chalni; tbence aoutb 40
p.   thenoe aa_t 100 chalna to pointof com-
emanti        taining mo aorea more or leaa.
_. 1 land ..in. timber limit No. 7 on the
ft mil timber limit No-8 on the aouth, aa lo-
>1 by mc
r-u-d NovemteT, 1907.
William A. IIudook, Loontor.
--.     ! ;, Patrick C. Bhlne.
ired mul nig nod by tbe within named W.
_u.lniu on  the-Mth day of November, A  D.
I   oclure me at Spokane,   Hpokane  County.
^Mi-gum, oue of the United Biaieaof America.
Patruk 0  Hnm.
mn i-and Dlitrlct. Dlitrlct of Weat Kootenay
a. aouoa that laabelia Pierce, fStraaiburg,
Ulan married woman. Intend! lo apply
frmimlun lo purcbaie the following (lea
l landa: (ommencing at a poit planteil at
nieraectlon of the uorth boundary of lAjt
hii.l  the  eaat  boundary   o!   Lot   No.   ����,
��� I-cant M chalna, more or leaa. to the north
i-oruer   uf  Timber   Limit   No. 7671,  tbence
ti <���. hatna, thence weat 20 ehaini, more or
:ii" can ilde of WhaUhan  lake, theuce
vtiig  lame   tn   a   aoutherlv   and   weiterly
tiiiu loo chalna, more or leaa to the inter
1. with Lot 8186, thence 86 chalni,  more or
(llowiug eaaterly   boundary of Lot alna to
l<i[ com un -n. ������tn.-nt.
I 7tb October, 1W7.       Ibabulla Pierce,
K. *i. Fauquier, -agent.
ii Land Diatrict. Dlitrlct of Weat Koolenay
it notice lhat Alexander J. McCool, ot
li B, ' .. occupation clerk, Intend! to apply
���ermiaalon to purcbaie the foilowiug de��
���1 Uml: Commeuclng at a poit planted on
southern boundary ol B 0 ttouthern Rail-
rlgbl ol way, about one and a half mllea
���: Irom the norlhweit corner of lot ..����,
p  I.   Kooteuay,    thenoe  loutb   80 chalni,
��� ��� Ml HO chalua, thence north 80 ehaina to
tu rn boundary of aald right-of-way, thence
**���    liaina along aald aouthern boundary to
t  ol   commencement,   aud containing WW
l, : ton or leaa.
t   J  November 9th, 1907. _  ���
"'i 1-a.iul Dlitrlct. Duirici of Weat Kootenay
*������ notioa that K. P. Burden, acting ai agent
11 Burden, ol I'-.ktok, N. B*. ocx-upatlon
lame, intenda to apply for permiaalou lo
liaie the lollowliiK tleacrlbed landa; Com-
' log nt a pot-tt planted on tho eaaterly ahore
rroa uke ami about 10 chalni north of the
rii.r   i.[   lot 8163, thence  eaat 20  chalna,
��� north 40 cbalm. more or leaa, to Ihu lake
��� . thenoe aou thweiterly along the lake ahore
>��� l-ittit of commencement, and coutaiuing
rei, more or lent.
"l November 18th, 1907. Jamkb H Burden,
y  p. Burden, Agent.
nu Land Dlairlet. Dlitrlct of Weat Kootonay
���>������ notice that John Jamea Cameron, of
ile, Hritiah Columbia, oecupalion contrac-
intenda to apply for permlaalon to
���ntNt*. ibe  following  deaorlbed  land:   Com*
* i"K at a \totX planted ou tbe aouthern
ti'hry of the  B: 0,  Southern  right-of-way
Join -to chalna weaterlv from  theN.VV corner
���"���WAS, group l, Kootouay, thenoe aoulh 60
���'"".thence eaat 40 chalua,  thence north 60
'"��� lo tho south.-ru   boundary of the  aaid
'I "1 way, thence westerly  along aald   aouth.
boundary of right of-way to the polut
1 ucement, ami containing MO acrea, more
atod November 9th, 1907.
 John Jam em Camwrow.
���on Land DUtrict. Dlitrlct of Weat Koolenay
*"> notice that John Bhlell, of Needlea, B.C.,
"nation ratichor, Intenda to apply for por-
��lon to purchaHu the following deacrlbed
';.' '"laiiiMiiciug at a port planted at the
pniiwcit corner of Lot 7898, thence weat 40
���*, theuce aouth 8o chalna, thonco eaat 40
".thence north 80 ohalna to the pointof
iciiceineut, and containing 880 acrea, moro
ed 18th October, 1907. Jamem Rhiell,
 , F. <���). Fauquier. Agent.
fi��on Land Dutrlet Dlatriot Of Weat Kooteuay
' "utlce that Angua MoUUl, of tbe City of
iccupatiou tlreman, Intenda to apply for
V"i-ahion u imrehaae the following deacrlbed
maami l ommencing at a poit planted at the
ooruer L. c. Morrlaon'a ranch, ln Fir
j'M'liviiber 2nd, 1907. ANtiin    MtGUL.
M*nn Land DlBtrlot. Dutrlotof Weat Kootenay
Ln 7,'.!,,t,ino H1Rt HugoCaratena.of Winnipeg,
Ir i,(, ll*?Htlon Publtiher, Intenda to apply
W��:il landi Purohaae tbo   following de-
_____raV JU.����PW Pl-nted on the weat
fouaary of L. ��r��, Q. I, (about 6 mllea from At-
row Lake, on Moequito Creek) and 21 chain*- 75
Iinka aoulh of the N. W.C.of aald lot, running
thenoe weat 80 chalni, thence louth 80 chalna,
tbence eaat Bu chalni, thence nortb 80 chalui to
place of commeucement, containing 640 acres,
more or leaa.
Charlm Marshall,
Agent   for   Hugo Carateiii.
Dated 28 December 1907.
Nelaon Land District.  Diatrict ot Weat Kootenay.
Take notice that Tina Bergman, of Altoua,
Man , occupatluu wife of 0, Uerguiau, farmer,
Altoua, Man , lutenda to apply fur permlaalon to
purcb-aae the following deacrlbed laud :
Commencing at a poit planted at the s. k. C.
of Hugo Canteua' application to purchaae and
runulug tbence weat so ebalna thence north 80
chalna, theuce eaat 40 chalna, theuce nouth 8
chalna 26 liuka, thenoe eaat 40 cnalui, theuce
-south 71 chalua 76 Iinka to point ol commencement, containing 607 acrea more or leas
Charles Marshall,
Agent   for   Tina   Bergman.
Dated 28 December 19U7.
Nelaon Land District    District of Weal Koot-enay.
Take notfee that 1-evl George I'ayne, of Needles,
B. C, oceupation rancher, intends to apply for
permiaalou to purchase the following deacrlbed
lauds: Commencing at a post plaBled about 16
chains weat of Whatahan creek and 88 \\*_ chains
aouth of the aouthweat corner of Lot No- **���!**
running thenee north 80 chains, theuce weat 80
chalni, tbence aouth 12 166 cbalus, theuce east
"tUOOe chains, thence aouth 67.846 chalni, theuce
67.419 chalna eaat to pulat of commencement,
containing 481 acrea, now eurveyed as lot 8186
Dated run January, 1908. L-svi uaoaok Payne.
Weat Kooteuay Land District. District of Goat
Take notice that I, Ueorge A. Hunt, of Kit.
cheuer, occupation tlmoerman, intend to
apply for permlaalon to purchase the
following deacrlbed laod: ('ommencing at a
poat planted about 40 ci.asni, west oi Tbom*��oti
marked N. W. corner, n.cnce aouth 10.3J chalui
tbence eaal 44.67 cbalm, tbence nortn 31.46
chalna, thence weat along B.C. Boutbern Hallway to place of commencement, containing 98.18
Dated January 8th, 1908.       CEoaeE 11. Hi*nt.
Nalaon Land District. Diatrict of Weit Kootenay
Take notice tbat 1, Kreoerlok  a.lie. of Waucta,
B- C, oocupatlon merchant, intend to apply for
Emission to purchaae the following described
ad: Commencing at a post planted about 10
chalna weat uf the N K. corner of lol862,i, tbeuce
uorlh 20 chalna, thence east 80 chalna, thence
south -*) chalna, tbenoe weat 80 chains to point
of commences���eut, containing 160 acres, mure or
Dated January 21at. 1908.       Frederick Abie
Notice la hereby giren that tho Kinney-Miller Cedar Company, an er -a provincial company duly regis.���-��� .J, as
such, aud authorized to carry on business within the province ot British Columbia, and having lis head offlce at
Creston, In the said province, manufacturers, have by deed of assignment,
dated the Uth day of December, 1907,
assigned all ltB personal property, real
estate, credits, and effects, which may
be seized and sold under execution to
me, Charles 0. Hodgers, of Creston,
British Columbia, lumber manufacturer,
for the general benefit of its creditors.
A meeting of the creditors will be
held at the ofllce of H. M. Macdonald,
barrtster-at-law, corner Baker and Stanley street*. Nelson, B. C, at the hour of
three o'clock ln the afternoon on Tuesday, tlie 31st day of December, 1907, for
thu giving of directions witb reference
to the disposal of the estate.
And further tnke notice thut ull creditors are required on or before the 28th
day of December, 11*07, to file with me,
the ussiguee, full particulars of their
claims duly verified, and thu nature of
the security. If any, held by them.
And notlco Is hereby given that after
the 28th day of December. 1907, I will
proceed to distribute the assets amongst
the creditors of whose debts or claims
I shall then have received notice and 1
will not be responsible for the assets,
or any part thereof, so distributed to
any creditor of whose debt or claim I
shall not then have received notice.
Dated at Creston, B. C, this 14th day
of December, 1907.
To Whom It May Concern:
Take notice that J. L. Warner ls not
now and has not been since the 18th
day of November last employed by or
ln any way connected with tho Bradley
Engineering and Machinery Co. of
Spokane, Washington.
Notice la hereby given that all taxes
for the year 1908 under the Assessment
Act 190G and amending acta, and under
the Public Schools Act, are now duo
and paysble. pERcy J  QLEAZER>
Collector of Revenue, Nelson, D. C.
Nelson, B. C, 2nd Jan., 1908.
AMerican   Merchant  Tailora   Meeting���
Threaten  Men  With  Color.
New York, Feb. 8.���Men who neglect
to |iay the tailors' bill should light shy
a.f th,. llolul Astor this week. Several
hundred hiipiiy Bartorlal artists anil
their wives from many of the large cities
throughout tbe country, each attired In
the newest OTSSttODJ Iii wearing apparel
registered at the Astor today In ri'iidl-
nes,, for lha. opening or the fifth annual
convention of Ihe Marchunt Tailors'
Protective Association of America. Tho
gathering opens with a meeting of ths
administrative council tonight. The
business sessions will begin tomorrow
and continue faar ama- week.
In the language of the visiting members tbe convi'titlou this year Is to bo
a "hummer." A multitude .jf problems
rolntlng to the trade will be handled.
Many technical (lua-stions will ba* dls-
cuBsed and the "da,adbtiat" will caima- in
for a proper amount of conslderation.
One of the brilliant features of the programme will ba' a banquet at the Iluta'l
Astor next Saturday night. The schadul-
ed speakers include Governor Hughes,
ex-Senator Charles N. Fowler of New
Jersey and several other notables.
While the entertainment features occupy a conspicuous place on the programme, the great,*r part of the time
of the conventiajn will be taken up with
the dlscusBlon of the new styles ln
men's dress. The annual garment exhl-
tlon held ln conjunction wilh the convention was opened today. It Is larger
than ever before and contains many
novelties. .The new models show the
f,ults of the agitation thut has been
carried on for some time by lending
tailors on both sides of the Atlantic for
greater diversion and elaboration lu
men's clothes. In the opinion of the
tailors, costlier and sprlghtller fabrics
will  this  year enjoy exceptional vogue.
The evening jacket Is to be varied In
cut and finish, and tlie accessories will
be considerably more picturesque than
heretofore. One of the lnnaivations ln
connection with this garment Is the use
of velvet ou collars and cuffs. The
double cuff has gained in favor, the notched collar Is preferred to the shawl
collar, and the front edges have a generous curve at the bottotn. The new-
Jacket is semi fitting in the back, measures thirty-one Inches for the man live
feet eight In height and Is usually made
without   vent.
It Is evident that It will be a season
of bright colors In both clothes and accessories, instead of solid grays, blues
and browns In lounge suitings the
will be more mixtures and combinations of colors worn. The color that
gives greatest promise of attaining high
vogue is purple, especially In combination with green ln stripe and small
check designs.
To Urge a Tariff Commission.
Washington, Feb. 3.���A large delegation representing the National Grange,
National Association of Manufacturers,
various chambers of commerce and
other organizations of business men has
arrived in Washington to urge the passage of the lloverldge bill for the appointment of a non-partlzan tariff commission. A formal hearing of the matter will be held tomorrow.
Calgary's Growth.
Calgary, Feb. 3.���The enrollment ol
pupils at the Calgary public schools for
ths month of January, 1906, was 185
more than for any previous month ln
the history of the cltiv    Some months
Feb*vary 4 to 8
RATE���Faro and third for round trip.
Tickets on sale Feb. 3 to 7 Inclusive.
Final   limit,   Feb.  10th.
Correspondence Invited nnd choerful-
ly nnswered.
Call on or write
A.O.P.A.,Vauoou��r. u r.A., Notion
ago Dr. Scott, superintendent of schools,
predicted that early In the year there
would be an enrollment of thwo thousand at the city schools. This prediction
has been more than fulfilled, as with
the enrollment of ninety at the high
school, the total enrollment now reaches
2,046. total enrollment In 1S06, when
llr. Scott came here, was 1,416 which
Increased to 1,822 In 19007. Twenty
years ago, In 1888, the enrollment was
160.    In 1898 lt was 398.
F. C. GREEN       F. P. BURDtrl        A. H.GREEN
C-ril Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box US   Fhont 211 B.
Certificate of Improvements.
"April Fool'* No. 2 Mineral (Malm, .lliiaal.'
In the Nelson Mining Dlvlil-nol West Kooteuav
Where located: Betweeu Kaale and Sanaly
creels, anal about one hall mile Irom the Poor-
man Mill.
Take notice that I, V C. Green, acttna a. agent
lor J. I*. HweaiberK, Free Miner's <:<Ttlt!.'aat.- .*....
1,717.. lutenal, slaty days from the date bereol,
to apply to the Mining Recorder Ior a Certificate
"I Improvement!, lor the purpose ol obtaining a
Crown alrant ol tne above claim.
And Inrther take notlaae that action nnder
section 87, must be commenced betore tbe Issuance ol such Certltleate ol Improvements.
bated this -aula day oi January. A. la . 1907.
Nelson, II. C.
Auction Sale
Dent's New and Second
Hand Store
Wednesday, Feb. 5
At 2 p. m. Sharp.
We have a large assortment of second
hand furniture, new mattresses, couches, granite and tin ware. Our goods are
on view from now until day of sale.
Don't miss this opportunity. Our goods
at your prices.
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
No. 331.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
I hereby certify that "The Kootenay
Cedar Company" has this day been registered as an Extra-Provincial Company under the "Companies Act, 1897,"
to carry or effect all or any of the objects of the Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of
Hritish Columbia extends, except the
construction and working of railways,
and the business of Insurance.
The head offlce of the Company is situate at Portland, Cumberland County,
The amount of the capital of the
Company is one million seven hundred
and liny thousand dollars, divided into
seventeen thousand five hundred shares
of one hundred dollars each.
Tbe head offlce of the company iu
this Province is situate at Nelson, and
R. S. Lennie, barrister-at-law, whose
address is Nelson, B. C, Is the attorney
for the Company, not empowered to issue and transfer slock.
The Company is limited.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, this eleventh day of January,
one thousand nine hundred and eight.
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The  objects  for which  this    Company has been established and registered are:���
To acquire, hold, improve, lease aud
sell timber, farming, grazing, mineral
and other lands, and the products thereof; to mine or otherwise extract or remove coal, ores, stone and other minerals and timber from any land owned,
leased or occupied by the company, or
from any other lands; to buy, build,
construct, maintain and operate plants
and workB for the development of
such lands, and for the handling, preparing and rendering commercially
available of the various products thereof; and to buy, or sell or otherwise to
deal or to truffle In wood, timber, lumber, coal, stone, ores and other material, anal any of the products thereof,
and any article consisting, or partly
consisting, thereof.
To engage ln trade and maintain
To buy, build, hold and lease or sell
all kinds of houses and buildings, and
the lands on which the same may be located ; to buy, own and hold, with a
view to Its Improvement and sale, any
kind of real estate.
To breed, raise and deal ln cattle
and live stock of all kinds; and to manufacture, buy, sell and otherwise deal
in  all  kinds of  dairy   products.
To construct docks, slips, bridges, machinery, ships, boats, engines, cars and
other equipment, elevators, water
works, gas works, electric works, viaducts, aqueducts and other water-ways,
and to sell the same, or otherwise to dispose thereof, or to maintain and operate the same; to construct and to maintain and operate all trams, railroads,
spuds, switches, locomotives, cars,
trains and equipment for the purposes
of the Company only, and not as a
common carrier, that may be necessary
or deslraulo Iu transporting logs and
other minerals to the mills and plants
of the Company, and ln transporting
the manufactured products of such
plants to the markets; to log and
drive streams; to construct and operate
To purchase, hold, sell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of any bonds or other securities or
evidences of Indebtedness created or
Issued by any corporation or corporation, association or associations of the
State of Maine, or of any other state,
territory or country, and, while the
owner thereof, to exercise all the rights,
powers and privileges of ownership:
To purchase, hold, Bell, assign, transfer, mortgage, pledge or otherwise dispose of shares of capital Btock of any
other corporation or corporations, association or associations of the State
of Maine, or of any other state, territory or country, and , while the owner
of such stock, to exerclBe all the rights,
powers und privileges of ownership, Including the right to vote thereon:
To aid in any manner any corporation
or association of which any bonds or
other securities or evidences of indebtedness or stock are held by the corpor-
ulioii. and to do any acts or things designed to protect, preserve, improve or
enhance the value of any such bonds
or other securities or evidences of Indebtedness or stock:
The business of tho Company ls from
time to time to do any one or more of
the acts and things herein set forth;
and it may conduct its business in other
Suites, territories and possessions of
the United Suites, ln British Columbia,
aud iu foreign countries, and may have
oue otlice or more than one offlce, and
keep the books of the Company outside
of the State of Maine, except as otherwise may be provided by law, and may
hold, purchase, mortgage, and convey
real or personal property, either ln or
out of the State of Maine.
All the powers of the corporation are
vested in the board ot directors, who
may make, alter, amend or repeal all
by-laws of the company, except such
by-laws us regulate or affect the election of directors and officers, and except when the change ot a by-law or
exercise of a power is made by statute expressly dependent upon action by
or consent uf the stockholders.
Provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to authorise the corporation to transact business in any other state, territory, or
foreign country, contrary to the provisions of the laws of such state, territory or loreign country, and that nothing in these purposes shall be construed
to give the corporation any rights, powers or privileges not permitted by tbe
laws of the State of Maine to corporations organized under Section 6 of
Chapter 47 of the Revised Statutes of
the State of Maine, and the following
corporate purposes shall be exercised
only ln states and jurisdictions other
than Maine, namely, the construction
and operation of railroads, or aiding ln
the construction thereof, telegraph or
telephone companies, aud gas or electrical companies, and such businesses
are to be carried on only ln states snd
jurisdictions when and where permissible under the laws thereof.
T.emont House
���nropean aad American Flan
Meals 85 eta.   Rooms Irom * eta. to n.
oaiy Whlta Baip Imployad.
Baker at.. Nelaon Prapnalon
Most comfortable qnartera     Nelson
Only tbe ben oiLiajuors and Glials.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward. The
dining room ls unexcelled ln the city.
II..use heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Room
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelion. B. 0,
Large  and  Comlortable   Bedrooms snd First-
class Dining Koom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
unso. w BABTurrr,
Best Dollar-a-Day Pousse in Nelson.
The Bar ll the Finest.
White Help Only Employed
Josephine Bt.
N.lfton. B. 0.
Royal Hotel
We have for rent the offlce in the
Mara Block over the Royal Bank, lately
occupied  by Mr. E. A. Crease.
One of
The Best
In Fruit Lands now offering. 157 acres
of choice land situated on Howser Lake.
$20.00 per acre, easily cleared.. Must be
sold at once.
For full   particulars  apply
If yon want Good Land
MeDermid & IVIcHardy
NELSON. Ft-.C.- *r.
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
3(4 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned have submitted to the Lieutenant -Oovernor-ln-c'oiincl I a proposal
under the Rivers and Streams Act for
the clearing; and removing obstructions
from the Duhamel Creek (otherwise
known as Six-Mile Creek) ln the District of West Kootenay, Province of
British Columbia, and for making the
said creek nt for ratting and driving
thereon logs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting ud maintaining dams on
the said creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holding
sorting and delivering logs snd timber
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lake at the mouth ot said
The lands to be affected by such work
are Lots 787, 788, 7601, 7773, 4394. 8411
and 8413 all ln Group One, Kootenay
District, and other lands not Crown
granted, occupied or improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
such as may be fixed by tbe Judge of
the County Court of West Kootenay.
Dated the 28th day of October, 1907.
w. a*, <_il,_,_5tt
Contractor   and
Bole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., L-td.,
retail yards. Rough and dreued lumber, turned
work and brackaU, Co*at Uth and ahlnglee, aaah
and door*. Cement, brick and Ume tor ud*
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. e-it of Hell  &
INELSON,   Eft. G.
P   O. Box 292 Taiephona 17S
In the matter ol an application lor tbe Issue ol
a duplicate ol the Cerllfleate ol Title to Lota
i. A. and 6. Block 6, Nelion City, subdivision ol
part ol Lot UU, Uroup One, Diitriet ol Kootenay
Notice ls hereby riven that lt la my Intention
to Issue at the expiration of one month alter tha
first publication hereol a duplicate ol tha Certiorate ot Title to tbe above montioued lota ln the
uameol Pattle Rhodes which Certificate ls dated
the 16th day ol May, wm, and numbered UOT-k.
1 .anal Reentry Olllce, Nalaon, B.C.. January
Mtb.lMe. H. f. MACLEOD,
Dutrlet Bealltrar.
Kates fl and ��1.60 ��� Day.
Special Bates to Beirul��� Boarders
A. If. Can. Bo*. O. E.
Mining Wont a Specialty.
Offices Room 10.  K.-W.-C. Blk.   P.  o.
Box    434.
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
Cancellation of Rsssrve.
Notice Is hereby given that the leaaiVe over
certain landi ln tfouth-Kast Kootenay, notice ol
which apyeareu ln tha British Columbia desalts
ol the l uh ol Auuust. liwaj and bora dais st August lath, 18S0, ti hereby cancelled. Tha above
meutloned landi will be open lor looatlon under
the Land Ast Of March 80, im.
I��a>puty Commissioner ol Land! aad Works
Lands and works Department,
Vletorla, B. C, Daoamuar ISth, UM,
i   ������'���
*..**   |
.'*   1 i$
Tne i>a_y Q.nacRan
���zxr      ::-:-* * *
��� : ���- - -
���     --���.-"
>.    ~   -
-He-. __��  i-T-_f.  Mjgwuii-i- a ss-rt J*
ut fawriBM3__  -c_;i    i.    -*-_a*ax.
<* a ��. I �����- ��CTt W^<Si
_>t>* r-=a j-f-fct���
. ICTl-riAT
(        = ;-.:*,     r .
% I      7"-_e   sasdhtuEBS    it    V*
: ���
.a :   -    ���*.    : ���   : - v   1,
-��-   a.= =
Bargain '_ ii l_is_
of DryG::::.:-_^_-
_7   and   Ufia
Pea: ���/-;���:--Wear
: . i'   ��� i   : *   ��� ���.:   _.; . !
:  . -. ��� ;.;  * -        - -* h-: : *
Wheat Flakes
~~���tn__jt k_,i  i---*-*��� ;���--_���- _i
for Breakfast     Fresh <-*d ^ted Mea:s
*"*"���]���- aapp���d ��� sk���stss _.-o*�� sac
2-i.TZ   -.:    rt*_    -i^*��-b zt-vnt        y*r- -.,-  ������_���  ---..;  _.-
w-J-a-ue��3-u* n,^*l# t-i-L. kl       -- .
.*"-���t*-*_-_"".t  SS���.. _: S      Sir   S.7iLi_-L- 1__ -_r-u_r�� -*L*'.-r��   :��_-��'-_ u---  ..-
/"-SW       -a,
E.  C.   TTRAVES.   *__��-�������.
Las tay.~-
\nm at aymat t_a
aa,   aad   lamps
S -.    :   i -. -:  t - -  %
Z ��� - - - * - -_��      -**;
'.--- Meet
- rr i t_:'stzi
5 lbs. 50c.
....    .
- ��� i -   -
.    .    :     ���   _l   :   -    -
���     -       .
-- J~���    1    C   16tJ__-.
1    i * ���    \~-\r. .X
: .    . - \ '    - _t *   I   -.-;
.   -.: -   _   -. :��� ���-.   ll.. -, ���.-   :.\
---t^jl- --af s ��� . ... .   .    _ -_.
-*-'-���   >:t-i : - l ll  _ - : .-
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
.--. Airt rs".-..-. i_s *_-. '*���.,'.
__e BaWvrsTB
Bob ids Psrsksea
H. L C*:adsdaik & r��
���r>*.r v. r__ti
_��   ���
"..'-- l_
-     -.
V-K. Dr.
M-irta   v ...-. v   .-  - -. ���
Sl.SOto S10.OO.
"���'_-L.S.'--.i    Tl-Jl/i.:'    ~SZX.iLZ.7.
ill 2-fA5LS CF C:-AJS-
. . '���     - - ��    .���-���:*'     **' -. * .-'
��� t **���_**>���
���    .-                                                     -      ;       . ���
���:       ��� . - '        .-.���-   -;   _._*      :       -*-
Bay Now
_-.    _.:a-f   : -    . : .
���.Cl _-
'-1    -   "i-   ra_      '.'-
: - -.      -Ti  ,    ..
.  ���    - :    :;    X-i-trj-
'.--.-,     taatBKA,
. - -   . ���    -::...
I        -   . * - --   l-=   -*a5��W.-
. .    '  ' ,    '  -
i"    '. -.    : !.._<_��
:    .: -    -Lti
- -    ��� *-���:/::
- *.   '. a"l_ -I���
. -        - :    * - :    -      a -*_
---aa-yi-a. -jut ******-
������        ������.  :  . ---_.-
: . ;-.   , ������ a
-....   v       . ���          ���    : -
*       -       -     : .    '   ���    '.- -
..    :���:   -a.*-!                                 - ..        -:   :-.
Wvr-. -ii
��� .
���- ..        ::-.
: .     - ---.     :. .    - ������     ���
,_'      _:--..--.::---   i --
>_*.: .:.--     -   ��� i-   ;...;
*.   .-.*   i
.   ���-      -      :.:-'. ���_
C. A. Benedict
:..t-  **"!*��   i-i:   .  .��-: i i..  aa
Talking Machine
Coal! Ice! Wood! 1
Phone  265
Koo*-T,av   Ice-    Fr*-*s   an:
Foe.  Co.
Wholesale  F>r-o%-i��ir>r-,*_
----.-���      :...        *- .   - -     �� .   -.. - *���-��.-   '��� -      '���  -:  ���.,
nswBL    For mi* Ir *2 \nm*x- r errr.^ra
��: at* i        - _::--      -       - - ,    - _ :
:: .-i ��   **:   ���   ���_��-��    j-Ka       Si    *x.     , -���
T*--,     irfa     r~'nirid    ---.*-. >r:    n.:s^_7     ^^
Geo.  P.  Player
>:- a  ;i*jr_-.'.:-   :-.
a*.  2.   E_^  :~     ��.
., 1 -fc"     _ '_ _ Mining
=��-=a l^._.     ^  B^    c
We   have  ***_] a s--sa-:s<:r   of
���:.:��� :li.: : :_;e
a i    i      I   ia-.*.,l t
Wa G. Thomson
y7i.*r:.jti. -��e.J-��� i. t_.
 Praooa a_*.
*���;:  .   'I  -a     S--
_^r   v__
'   ���*_-
- - _:  _-a
u* ���-   i>
��� -
' --   : -    Ln  -.;   I  i.:<   fa_-=   '. -   ���     ���
i       -**--_      ___-_a - =.-   - -.:    _--.
;���   art&aaj az   emtat.  (**?���*  prtee  aaa
dcaatpcaaa-    to    Bait is    Ca-Opcrativc
ls.; ��e t_aie
-H.-.    L-     ft.-.    i..-i
-_it-   ^--^ .    __. .
;*--^ L.   -i -   v
-   ,    .
'-���m. We-   'siinliiiTl
Tit-onta.- r_
J. H. Ashdown Hardwarel
Company. Limited
���ttio" Prat*!
A T^trjafat-Z      **>     - '      f-Vl/tt
..... '..-._. - -  ���'-     >
:        .:��� t --?*-!;-���     -._���  '.  -1*;    *������*-!
SI5c        "^iMceRoOerRiiik
icm.    Son .
Queen Cigar Store |
^-^-^^- WOLVERTON & Co | ^wLblg Alley
~ea   E ��*._*.* Aje-t
t*.5   &a--��-   St-   He **���.-._   B   C.
aJ-EIMis    FC-.STAIN    PESS.
F ���ED   B*alS   AND   SLIT   CASES   AT
"ft    a -.    :���   l -   L
.-<rz-z4.  Ti:   S4--L.
i<t 'J.   *_-_i   ��.
. --.Lie      A   ;.
lo**:*:;; ���M
IMa  Bottle   Scwr   Mi*L��<l   p.*.
14-a-JS   &L��Je  H��w.   V:i*^   Pickles.
14-'./X. l-o-.:.' Or.t.-�� .-.5 ;*.-.tl*s
Pitt !>->Ui6 K'.-r.iuj
--.*���- z.   a,-
Ta.'.;...-.-... :.;
;fl tv/
TO   RE Ml
*   l    i_r--LL.il     '���..-..    l*. -. -...- -.-
-i..    -'-L._i-a
A^W   I-;   i*.
V-���.--.L'        i.'**-LL.V.C-,      til      ftl.
���      ������:."���   i.:. -a   '.'.'.
��� ..
H ieeay C kiaaal-Mi
3*a.   r!JiVrT-_i-AjaK   sjsjh.?. V^stSL i-ft>--      A f
Mv t,,aa.S.,,Mi. SrS SaA ft V, c Coca
More Colds
Are Again
.���-���'���   . - ���
TL>-J   BOSJ   ajll   hie*. .L.i
_UTR        PriCt   -'
comes In Z ���     ���
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop]
���--.:. i'     '
"--"-. "7   -: i-    -r - -    i ��� .*v * h -a.:  ��� * i
v'"- --    "'   ���-"-  i i- ' t  - -z>-1   ���--������:-:  ���_
���*.���*** i; - j��     i     *   i       ���.. -r-r  . i.   _.**-*.���-.. i.-r
CAPITAL,   ���Cr/;.-*   in   SiSat-e   shares
��* ����M ��a---
MASAGER. CLmnle-r W. Bonrte.
OFFICE. So   IH SBa���t SL  (<>0-*4l-S>
A Co j
SEE Lie O.LLLKX*. llSlxllslj ij^lsy,* ta Ilka
Btas4ard P*o.-til��w�� Co s wioAtr*.
APPLICATIONS fL,r stoclt sure lav-.ted j
PARTICULARS _1 forsos ot A',y..oa-
tioo aar tie olr-Uoed at *Jli�� C��s>-
paaj I !_ -:- tw fro�� H A. i3Ur��a.*-.
BoilcUOT, NtXw. B. C.
- s a L
F   V.'
.-������-���     L
1 -   , ;- : '
...     ...   ,
������ :..    Mai
last   oig*:
oan ot'jLs:
.-.;��� --.-.-
'  ������    .    :.-
Um m - '
lit.    M:SLa>LL.
. -. -'   * - e r
a        V ;     -; ^
l.��   Lf   K:       ���        (    i
Mayor    TarJor
f roas Fer��ie ��her*
�� �����   . -    ti-i.  * _* :
R.    f-    ? -'    .
of the  IMm  aiD  Later C
t-i-Li       a     -.      -.-    ��� .';���    '   .'.ia
Saa���tocss.    M.
<L��a*   mail aaf lot
y. ���:, -r ���   -���/������  ���-
etrtaia   real  **ia.ut
1 a Case.
'-'*-..        .._...   .   -,-
Mv Moore aad H_ 1
-----   ;.*   t*.   *:r.i
sale.    C aasrl    tm
*���-���"--                       *
....   . . .    .   ...
soSd. thearcfoca. hla
to par over Ike tal
m*a ortcteanr sold
L-     ������.-..'-���    ���   _.     *
ed by t��o of taeae
i��r t*e niuarn
aaa adjowaad laat
est to Sbeiac takes
���".'     . - LiL.               .
bear) tag oa aeferaJ
��� -t" ' '��� *
f.saj U> fi.*** east
aaiarles -JL ca&jut
IL��� L�����   c:.
w |. ...
Pure and Cheap Fruit!
We t-are im poaads of
a*_Jch ��e aill sell at a tarsals
5 lbs for IX*.
Special prices tor larger lota.
*.   -:- : . - ; -    ���
Choquette Bros.
Pi*c-e  2i&.
THE   L y I -���
la E,,,-,
Alberta Crjamerv batter it ISS,. T Sb
aad 14 lb. Mocks ai 37c per pouad.
F;r SaM at
Filberts. Almoada. Wa -.    -     i '��*
-is.   Apple  Cider. Nortkstl
apples. BaM-ata   \; OnM
~��a.   large   layer.  Callforn..,    ir.if*|
and MaSajra Grapes.
A.  large   ajwortm.nl   of   Xmas   __
Wholesale and retail prices  ;* r *V***9
Joy's Cash Grocery S*H* SeanH
W,    have   still   a   l.v
���Mil  Of hosiers  lo choose tm**.
Alan a few odd sloves which *'
wiil s.-'.l AT COST during st'**'
We would like you to call ��
Insect our siorh.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co*


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