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The Daily Canadian Oct 20, 1906

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Array : v      ti..
mr I.   No. 118.
ll Members of Court Oo
to Scene of Fires
���>;., Jury, Counsel, Witnesses and
Officers Will View Area For
Wiiich Damages are Asked.
s    ,,   sis.'   stijirenii'   court    under
liistlco  lluntei   ronsnombloj In
umo time in tho future, all its
I, will   have   a fair   working
ol  lissvsst  Hits, their causes
���..sills-. is|ss'cially    of    tho    fires
Jn���I rVrnle in July,  1904.
j- is-      kiiihI     sliljs   Kliskilliook
... \. issin tomorrow morning at 7
In sill carry the chief justice
lis, iss.siins'. ills' sheriff or Souih-
It Kisiienayi the registrar of the
In tin official courl itenograipher,
its jurymen, Bin Isiirristers and u
ait ui witnesses.
|li" case for llie defence   has   not
closed, the remainder will follow
|lrl|i.   So far there huve developed
ii   .ii   law���the liahiliiy of the
nu  defendants, and two issues of
llie origin  or the  tires and  the
in nl iin- losses,    lt is on tin* lal
I iimi light Is lo +e sought hy trav
It ���    iAiiiiiiniilion of F. W. K.'l-
|iisi in i cruiser, ooeupied ull yester.
is 1 1 II.
&������:. sun i   resumed  this morning
i   ihan  half au  hour was
I r sei  in  tendering doeu-
I'videnoe.    All was aooepted
. ii'ins'tit    by    Mr. Kihlalil,
| courl  ili'ciihsd  was not  ma
Ms [issiisslil   was  then  called.    Ex-
|i.      li)   W. A. McDonald, K. C, he
hi' luiil had  12 years' experience
liiuitii'rman In the interior or llrii-
ICuliiiuliia.    He cruised  the  Fernie
Ini"' s'.nipiinv's limits between
I' 2 iiiiii II, l.m;. He located the
i lines ssml went over the limit. He
inl damage slssne Tor only ahoul 2inj
11 si's chiefly lo green Umber,
ol lie trees, hul wry tew, were
of merchantable timber,
f tbe    limits    thoroughly
;.'ii In fnre the fires.
Jl* estimate was 10 per cent, dam-
in ills' green timber, and no other
I frnm   tlmher.
|e w- nt us,.!' the flre-dnnmgoil area
��� scribing the extent of the
il.' -said it  was very slight.
Mt   Davis he said  his estimate
I''l  sisunnges  to   trees   that   were
I'   Martin, timber Inspector, said
i 'lis' Fernie I.umber com-
'�� mill from time lo time and In.
"'I the booma.   Royalty is paid on
I" f ills' log cut.     Some corn-
is niiiii" -rouble,  pay a  little
His' lumber cut.    The timber
|l!s   sins r.ss cents    per    tbousanil.
[Martin   produoed    his    books    to
'in' amounts paid    bv    the cum-
whlch M.  Macdonald Died.   The
J"11   for    May,   11104.    was    '2.'!.68li
Helton, recalled, said that he had
'���'I" I ks s,r thi' kind referred
Mr. Martin.    Ho had never seen
looks sst hiiiii.    Tb,, bunks iirssilun
fere  merely of the scale of  logs
"e exjilalneii ihai    the    govern'
��.e; paid liv the log seale In the
He admitted llinl  the amounts
were approximation*,  hut  main
M lhal Us,, total would he correct
end sir ilu' season. One month's
I return wus over 800.11110 feel,
'���li only *L>::.r,Kr, reel were re! urn
""' report io the government
���'"I no tally ���f logs wns kepi nt
II nor had there ever bs-s'ii lis
JUi i' is contraotor, of Bpokane,
[ "��� wna inierested in Ihi' nelion.
"<l Hi'' right of way In Duel-
before, nud on the day of
!."   July 211, 11104.    He had hail 20
I'erlenoe in railway const rue-
���"���������I   never  Isefoi'i'  heard  of  water
���I    in
mg provided.    On  the  day
l,r" he mnl Mr. Emerson walked
���he right of way to observe Ihe
'��" of the wo.k.   Ho mel Quulffe
I1'1-1-    He hnd not met him before
pins never seen lilm since.
"'���tf rire 0rr the  right of way,
1,1  Station 920.    He was ahoul
' from the fire. thB ground be-
rly  level;  lho ilghl of way was
Id.  ai tin., game time be saw rire
Isi Ferule.   The two fires he saw
I "'"in 2 ino reel apart   He saw
*j'""ut   10:80 o'clock.
Wesl   Femle  rire    wub    in  dry
���!ml burning   Heroely   under a
Hnd.   The lire near Station 920
1 ssn en Umber, producing niiich
mnl little rinme,   The wind wns
re��t Ih' and another drove hack
"' the Cedar Valley mill, when'
Jsiiw "re.    The wind  was now a
pprootlng ami blowing down big
I which  prevonted    his    reaching
lusl flro mentioned    was   near
��_% gktUtj CcmaMan
Fifty Cents a Month
Slat Ion 1112, but had not then reached
the right of way. Near ������,, Mliw
hovers there was then bo firs on Uie
right  of  way.
To Mr. Uavls he said he was a part-
ner or the defendant, Stewart
In Ills lordship bs. sal,I be follows,
ihe rlglil nl way il,,. ,iav ���f [j,,, Hr.
lor   ahoul   TOO     or  Mill     leet     SOUth   of
Levers bonie.
He     WOUld     not     eoiiliiiilii'i     |,||���.,.K'
statements, bul he suw ���.. Hre nor
anyone sinning ���r reeding are _n ihe
pari of the right ���r way he traversed
He   would es'iininly  have noticed  anv
Hie  of   any   I'ssnseijiieiice.
To the jury be described In detail
his successive positions as he watabed
lhe various fires.
Mr. itodweii then announced thai he
was ready rm- the view ,sr the ground
He aald be wanted Messrs, Green and
Kelly ns well ns the eye witnesses Mr
Davis suggests'd llliil only one of each
Bide Should speak  tss the jury.
His lordship though! all' the principal witiiesss should be present.
The jury conferred an,| Foreman
Bird reiH.rteii that liny were ready to
start .Sunday morning..
Ills inniship remarked thai ire regis-
inr  stenographer and sheriff musl at-
The oonrl !i 1 rose lo meet at 6 a.
111. Monday at Fernie.
Sewer Gas Explodes,
nrandon. Oct. 20.���Two men employ-
<d by the city upon entering the main
Hunk sewer nt Ihe corner or Flevenlh
street and I'rlncess avenue, were met
bj an explosion of gas which ls"sup.
posed to havo been flivil by one of the
men lighting a match. The re[mrt
caused by the explosion was heard lor
some distance. When the Iwo men
ws re assisled out lt was round that
lhe hair nn their races und heads was
badly uorehed, as weU as their races
being badly burned. The gas in the
sewer was parllly accumulated sewer
gas and partly trom the gas engine at
the Wheal Clly mills, which has con-
nectlssn with the sewer. The laces of
the Injured men were treated hy the
doctor and no serious results nre an-
Immediate Outlook  in  Mining Affected
by Coal  Strike���Stocks Continue  Steady.
The mining situation for the week
has been dominated by the strike at
Fernie, The proepeot has lieen railier
brightened by the hope of intervention by John Mitchell, president ot the
V. M. W. of A., the organization to
which the strikers belong.
In the meantime, there is uncertainty. The Trail planl is closed down,
w-ith the exception of the lead stack,
and the date at which the Hall Mines
smelter must decline to receive further shipments of ore is measurably
nearer than It was a week ago.
The direct ri'Bult of such uncertainty Is the cessation of material reduction of activity at many mines.
In spite of a prospective period of
idleness the outlook is considered
brighter than ever. The new districts
isi sheep Creek and I'oplar and Rapid
Creeks are being steadily worked with
must encouraging returns.
Silverton has again become a centre
of activity, due chieriy to the excellent
results obtained at the Vancouver
The Ymir mine ls still Improving.
Its circumstances permit ot the substitution id wood ror coal without very
great Inconvenience. Ten more stamps
have been put In operation, making 50
mil or SO. The failure of a market for
concentrates, however, when the smellers cloHe down, mny fores- ti cessnlion
or both milling and milling operations.
The stock market Iur the week ending today has again become normal,
nnd the shares, both buying and selling, have lieennie much easier. There
were no plioniinionu] advances or declines, but business gensuiilly wns very
brisk, nnd more satisfactory than when
tin   market was so unsettled, as has
been Ills' ens,, tor Hie Inst previous
three weeks.
International Cssal Is again In demand and has advanced & or 0 cents
tier share within lhe week, and is pre
dieted will have a steady upward
OOUrse fssr ssnne lime. Tills slocls Is
predicted In reach Its high quotation
of a month ago, and 1o even exceed
such quotation.
Norih Star remains steady with but
little business offered. A Further decline is nm unexpected in these shares
in consequence of the lack of interest
being displayed by the speculating olo
Sullivan continues to show a weakness ami declined slightly, with no
business  offered.
Cnrlliosi-McKlnney. Canadian Gold
Fields. Consolidated Smellers are In
nmre demand Ihan for some time.
These stocks hold very steady, hut
very Utile business Is offered on this
market ,       ,
Rambler-Cariboo showed more
Strength al lhe enrly part of the week
ilimi bus been lhe ease Tor two weeks,
imi after reaching 34c, again dropped
nud   is  being freely offered  at  about
" Nlcssln Csial Mines weakened and even Indication points (o ihem dropping
still further until lhe old quotation Is
reached which wns current for months
b.fore their rapid nilvnnce.
Tbs. Copper slocks of lhe Boundary
country after Iheir rapid rise Inst week
all dropped a fow points, bill are hold
ing very steady and another sharp admin's- ik expected as soon as lhe effect
''I  tlie reaction wears off.
ihs- following the the approximate
quotations for the week ending today
Asked.        Hid.
American Hoy 04 03
Ubarta Coal 40 .38
Uelcher     44
Cailboii-McKlnnev   .   .,    .un rjs|
'nn   Hold   Fields     (17V,
Consol, Smelters  i.'isoo
California 08 .ou".
Dominion Copper .. .. ii."r, c.2a
Sureka Copper 111
4li   Creek   Itc-oipts   ...     .011 .05
Branby i1r,u    u 2b
Inter. Coal 02 58
'''iil111 02*.      .01
Jumbo is .hi
Lardeau MlneH oi .00%
Nicola coal 07%
North Star 26 .2.'!
Pathfinder 01 ,0.1
Itaiiililer-Carilioo ���.',:; .31
Sullivan nti .07Vj
Virginia 115 .04
Western Oil as ,u
White  Hear lou, .Oil
Attorney    General    of   Manitoba    Describes British Columbia Claims.
Hon. Colin ll. Campbell, attorney
general of Manitoba, on his return to
Winnipeg after the conference of premiers, was asked: "What Is your opinion or Mr. McHrlde and his contentions?"
"Mr. McHrlde very ably, forcibly
and firmly presented tbe claims or his
province, and everyone wns surprised
by his ability and the strength of his
position, shown by ihe fact lhat after
some days of struggle the Dominion
authorities were forced lo admit that
British Columbia did possess such
claims aa were decidedly exceptional
and for whicli special treatment was
heeded and should lie accorded. When
the conference was opened lhe rest of
the provinces did not think thai they
Bhould deal with British Columbia's
claims, bul upon Sir Wilfrid l_urier's
reqnesl they took it up. Ii was quite
apparent, ho_ever, that the amount
that the olher provinces were willing
to recommend was so small thai it
would be of little or no uss- and would
mil be regarded liy British Columbia
as in any degree commensurate with
Its claims. Such a small amount as
tin' others were willing to recommend
would practically do very little toward
overcoming the physical disabilities
under which British Columbia labors."
Earl Examines College.
Winnipeg. Oct. 20.���His excellency
Karl Grey left the city last evening
for the East. His excellency was accompanied by Lord Howlck and his
private secretary, M. Sladden. Yesterday his excellency visited the provincial agricultural college and was
shown through the building and over
the farm by Sir Daniel McMillan and
Hon. Hoberl Rogers. The earl showed
a keen interest in the various depart
ments and asked many questions concerning dairying and its ruture in this
country. An automobile conveyed tlie
party to and from St. Charles.
American Diplomacy.
St. Johns, N. F., Oct. 20.���American
fishing vessels are now taking herring
from the Bay of Islands, securing 75
barn Is dally with the aid of purse
seines. Three hundred colonial fishermen have heen engaged by the
agents of the American vessels. They
left the Newfoundland shores yester-
dny nnd proceeded beyond the three-
uiils' limit, where they will board the
American vessels. Herring are fairly
plentiful in the Inlets along the coast.
The local fishermen possessing nets
nre extremely angry because Hie American  fishermen  are using seines.
Tramway  Returns    Show    an  Average
Weekly  Increase of $50���Minimum
Loss on Year's Operations.
Tiu> receipt* from iho tramway ��.vp-
ten for thi- wivk ending Ootober U
were $188,76, as against I7-M0 ror ihe
corresponding week of iant year. The
retutua for the year to date are
f_,V.U.80, u-Kulnst $-1580.70 to the same
date laat year, a gain of $1011.10 for
nine and a half months, in spile of
about two months' Interruption of the
Conditions will probably not ohange
materially between now and the end
of the year, unless an unusually early
hookey and Skating season ' sliould
swell   the  December  receipts.
Leaving that possibility out or the
question the present probabilities are
Ihnt the year's receipts will amounl to
about $8000 instead of the estimated
$8000, The expense of operation will
ba aboul $0000. The cily's loss will
therefore be 40 per cent, of $1000. or
$4t��o, in addition to the cost Incurred
lasi winter for repairs lo lhe stock.
Agftlnsl even this small loss* the city
has a* slight revenue from the leasing
of advertising franchises.
The salient point, however, in a comparison of returns for 1905 and 1006 is
that there has been mi average tn-
ei ease of about $50 per week in the
To Meet in Conflict With
Will  Require Catholic  Orders  to
Submit to Civil and State|
Madrid, Oct. 20.���It Is safe to assert
that no session of the Spanish Cortes
in recent years has attracted the attention that will center in the deliberations and actions of the session
which will be brought lo a focus at the
present session. While lhe actual
question of separation of Church aud
Siate is not to be Immediately raised
as In France, the democratic program
of the Liberals is distinctly anti-cleri-
cm and if ii progresses successfully is
sure ultimately to lead to an open
right for the severance of the ties
which bind the Vatican aud Spain,
heretofore and now the stronghold of
The points at issue between the Vatican ar.d the Spanish government are
the control of the cemelries, civil marriages, public education, and the big
ipiestion of the religions congregaliouu
not included in the concordat of 1851.
The church opposes the municipal control of cemetrios and demands that tbe
practice of ulloting portions of the
cemeteries to Spaniards aud foreigners who do not subscribe to the State
religion shall be discontinued. In respect to the questiou of civil marriages, the church wishes to have It
laid down that the civil unions between Spaniards are only legal when
celebrated arvrding to canon law,
which is absolutely opposed to the
actual system. ltefore, during and
since the revolution, civil marriages
have always been held to be legal.
Further, marriages between Catholics
in Catholic churches and chapels must
be registered in the civil registers to
have any legal validity. Consequently,
the clergy are forced either to do this
or have a civil registrar present at the
ceremony. Itirth ani deaths are also
registered by the civil authorities with
wonderfully Improved results as far as
the preparation of statistics and proper
maintenance of records are concerned.
The attitude of the government toward the religious orders is shown in
the new law of association, which will
contain the following provisions: No
religious order shall he established
without the authorization of parliament. The State shall accord support
to any member of a religious order
desiring to renounce the vows taken.
The minister of justice Is empowered
to withdraw the authorization of any
religious order found to be Inimical to
morality or public tranquility. The
cabinet shall forthwith examine the
authorizations previously granted to religious orders and cancel those which
are illegal. Religious orders whose
membera are foreigners, or whose directors reside abroad, shall be dissolved. The authorities are empowered to
enter monasteries without ecclesiastical sanction. Religious orders shall
not he allowed to hold properly in excess of the objects for which they were
Instituted, All legacies to religious
orders, or donations to orders by living
persons, or by testimonies, or through
Intermediaries are formally prohibited.
The law of 1887 concerning the registering of religious ord irs remains in
A brief glance at the history of the
transactions between the Vattoan and
the Spanish government is essential to
a clear understanding of the present
sHualion. Up to ISON Spain tolerated
no worship hut the Catholic for Spaniards. In 1868 the revolution of Sepl-
(ember proclaimed liberty of the press,
propaganda, public meeting, education
and burial. The regime continued in
Spite of protests of the Vatican until
the end of 1X75. when tho bourbon restoration caused a reaction, religious as
well as political, which effaced tho progress and conquests of the revolution.
The constitution adopted by the Cortes
of 1870 gave back all Its rights and
privileges to the Catholic church and
re-established it as the State religion,
giving ii at the same time considerable Influence In public education.
..ver since 1876 the dynastic Liberal
cabinets have, little by little, given
back to the people with universal suffrage, tho majority of the liberties and
tights Introduced by the revohilion,
but up to the present, no ministry has
dared to attack the Constitution of
1878 as far as liberty of conscience
with the corollaries, secularisation of
public education and liberty of discussion  and criticism  are concerned.
Bill the* present cabinet of Marshal
Lopes Domingues has the unanUnoul
support of the Liberals and oven the
Republicans, In desiring clear, precise
nnd severe laws which would oblige
religious congregations ttt submit themselves to the supremacy of the civil
power.     Whether  the  Vatican   merely
wishes to fight for the re-estahllshment
of lis prerogatives, which it has allowed to fall more or less into abeyance,
or If it has a far deeper plan to precipitate the downfall of the Liberal
cabinet and tht! return of the reactionary party Is a question thnt is exciting
much   interest   In   the   political   world.
Massachusetts    Murderess    Is    Now in
Dying Condition.
Taunton, Mass, Oct. 'Ih.���Jane Top-
pan, the Lowell nur_e who killed a dozen or more persous ai various times,
is in an extremely weak condition at
the insane hospital here and her death
is believed to be a questiou of a very
short time. For a year and a half she
has refused to eat, aud her weight has
been reduced from 210 |K>und_ to 80.
it was early in \W- tbat the case
ol Jane Toppan attracted the attention
or the entire country. In November
oi the preceding year she had beeu arrested at Barnstable on a charge of
murdering oue of her woman patients.
Soon, however, the investigation of the
authorities led them to believe her
guilty of other murders. If the woman
was guilty of hair the murders of
which she was strongly suspected she
was entitled to a place in criminal annals rivalling that of H. II. Holmes,
the Chicago man who was executed
for his numerous crimes.
The specific crime for which Miss
Toppan was arrested was the poisoning of Mrs. Mary Gibbs at Cataumet,
Mass., in August, 1901. Indirectly she
was held responsible for the deaths of
three other residents of Cataumet at
about the same time. She also was
suspected of the murders of some ot
her patients In Lowell. Chicago and
other places. All of the crimes were
said to have been committed by the
use of poison. They were evidently
planned with fiendish subtlety and executed with sureness, patience and
without the shadow of remorse. Suspicion was finally awakened and bits
of evidence came out by degrees. It
was shown that all of the victims had
passed away suddenly and with the
same symptoms of poisoning. The remains of Mrs. Gibbs were exhumed
and traces of arsenic found in the
stomach. Suspicion finally pointed so
strongly to Miss Toppan that she was
arrested and held for trial. At first
Bhe took the situation quietly, but
soon after being confined In jail she
broke down and became a mental and
physical wreck. A medical commission
appointed to examine the woman declared her Insane and consequently
she escaped being tried for any of the
11 deaths alleged against her. During
the four years she has heen confined
in the Taunton asylum her condition
has grown steadily worse, and for
more than a year she has been unable
to leave her bed.
Educational Merger.
Cincinnati, Ohio. Oct. 20.���The merger of all the educational interests of
the Methodist Episcopal church has
been accomplished, headquarters being
established here. By the terms of
t' s merger the following great publishing and educational concerns of the
Me*hAdi*t Episcopal church are consolidated: Hoard of Education society,
Sun* ay School union. Tract society,
and Fix. man's Aid society. A new
name will be adopted for the merged
societies and the removal of the present boards fo Cincinnati will be made
on January 1.
To Quell the Utes.
Omaha, Neb.. Oct. 20.���L_(te last
night Major Joys, military secretary
of the department of Moissouri, stated
that orders had been sent to Fort Robinson for the despatch of two troops
of the Tenth cavalry to the scene of
the Ute depredations In Wyoming.
They will start this morning over the
Burlington road.
Will Sail in His   Own   Yacht in Race
for Trophy to Be Given by Himself���Possible Designs.
Chicago, Oct. 20.���Sir TIioiiiur Up-
Inn will liullil a -I fsss.i racing yiichl
nnil enter the annual races of tile Columbia Yacht club next year for tho
trophy given by himself. He haa long
been urged to do so. asid yesterday he
made known his decision after a conference with a committee from the
yacht club.
After (lie meeting Sir Thomas discussed bis plans for building the cbul-
1. nger. The boat will be made frtim a
design of either Hope or Payne, two
of the greatest designers in Great
Britain. In ali probability a fourth design bus been selected. The boat will
be constructed tn Canada. It is possible tbat. tbe challenger will nail under the colors of some Canadian club.
Sir Thomas will come to Chicago to
see the raoes sailed next year. "In
fact." said be. "I don't know tint I may
ssiil on my own boa* in tlie race. I
shoulil like to try this fresh wator
His Forty-Eighth Birthday.
John  I!sir,is. the famous Ruglish  labor leader and the first labor member
of  piirliiitnent  lo attain  cabinet  rank,
wus born in London October 20, 1866.
in his own words, he "came Into the
world with a struggle, struggling now,
and prospects of continuing it." His
parents were very poor and the only
schooling he received was by his attendance at night schools while he
worked during the day as a dock laborer or any other employment he could
get. He early look a strong interest
In all movements ror bettering lhe condition of the working people aud was
one of tbe ploucet- in the trades
union organizations. He was first
elected to parliament in 1892 and has
continued to represent the Undersell
district ever since. He Is a leader of
the more conservative wing of the Labor party aud when the present government was formed early this year
Mr. Hums was honored with a place in
the cabinet as minister or public
Two Old Favorites Go Under the Catholic Ban.
New York. Oct. 20.���Diahop John J.
O'Connor has sent an order to all the
Catholic pastors in the diocese of New
York warning them that the hymn,
"Nearer. My God, to Thee," must not
be sung hcrearter in any Catholic
church in Ite diocese, aud that the
hymn, "Lead, Kindly Light," may only
be sung iu a church after the service
is over, provided the pastor has given
his permission. The latter hymn was
written by Cardinal Newman before
his conversion to Catholicism. Bishop
O'Connor cites a rigid rule of the
church that nothing be sung except a
part of the liturgical service, and that
the hymns mentioned do not come under that head. ,
Chinese Go Below.
Johannesburg, Transvaal, Oct. 20.���
The roiie of a cage which was de-
escending tlie East Semmer gold mine
here today snapped, and the cage fell
1000 feet. Twenty three Chinese laborers who were being lowered into the
mine were dashed to pieces.
Steamers Wrecked,  Houses Destroyed
and Tobacco Crop  Injured���Appeal for Aid for Homeless.
Havana, Oct. 20.���Reports of the
damage done by the storm in tbe interior of the island continue to come
in slowly. The estimate of the damage done to tho tobacco crop in the
province of Pinar del Rio is not yet
fully known, but it is believed to be
great. The tobacco was planted late
this year on account of the continued
rain, hence the plants have not yet
sprouted, and a great many seeds have
have been washed out, necessitating
replanting, which will retard the crop.
The storm is reported to have been
very severe at the Vulta Abajo district of Plnar del Rio. The principal
havoc outside of Havana is reported
to have hen at Batabano, where seven men were drowned.
The American steamships Campbell
and Sara were wrecked and many
houses were destroyed, and 200 people were rendered homeless.
The mayor of Batabauo has issued a
proclamation calling for relief for the
destitute and Governor Guen/e of Havana province will proceed there t ���-
day with funds and food aai supplies.
The brunt of the storm seemrf 1o have
been sustained by the city uf Havana
and its suburbs. No more uoirhs have
lieen rejmrted.
Havana, Oct. 20,���It has now been
determined that only 24 lighters were
lost, four of which were loaded with
sugar and ihe rest with various merchandise.
Printer Falls Between Ties of Elevated Railroad and Is Benei <ed.
New York, Oct. 20.���Death in one of
its moHl horrible forms oc.u're-i in
Elizabeth, N. J., to a man whom the
police believe was a pi-Qtar tuii'.ed
Kouds. ot Providence, R, J. Tho partial Identification was nuulc Uv nieimu
ot a union card  In his pooaet.
Although Kouds probably mat his
death late lust night. It wuh nut tii.lll
today that the body was I'ouul. It
was suspended hy the shauld .rs ��� e-
tween two ties on an elevaud trolley
track between RoseleH and CranfVtd,
and Ihe head, which had be>u cut oil
by a passing car, was fouud in . la-
vine more than 100 feet away. It was
learned thai Fonda boarded a troll'jy
car at Newark last evening to go to
Cranford, but got off by mistake at
Roa_.es. In walking down tho trolley
tracks from Itoseles to Cranford it is
supposed that he slipped between the
tioH and was unable lo extricate himself. The first ear which came along
probably brought death to Ihe unfor
lunate man.
For Universal Education.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 80.���The minis
try of education has finished drawing
up a project for universal education
In Russia involving un expenditure of
M03.O00.ooo yearly, half payable by Ihe
slate uud half payable locally, hy the
���/.rniKivos. A full realization of the
plan Eh ImpogRlble for 10 years, owing
to the financial condition of the empire
aud the lack of capable teachers.
Bank Discount Keeps Gold
British Financiers Cannot Ste Why
London Should Be Asked to
Finance the World.
Loudon, Oct. 20.���After the surprise
caused iu financial circles yesterday
by the exceptional increase ln the Bank
of England's rate of discount a feeling
of great relief and confidence was
manifested today, as it was believed
(hat the C per cent rate would prevent
tbe export of further gold. Neverthe-
lesB, tbe stock market this morning
continued to show much uneasiness,
but there was an absence of the fev
erlsh excitement which follows the
first announcement of Uie iniiia-ed
rate. American Securities continue-,
thetr downward movement, Uie opening prices being in marked colli'tit
to those of the opening yeit?rl_y
Union Pacific opened at 189ft, ugalrst
193%. while United Stales Steal. ��as
offered at 48%, against 50% bid jcr-
Banking circles showed notable satisfaction at the fact that the Bank of
England had been able to stop the continued heavy export of gold to tho
United States.
A British financier, discussing Ihe
situation, said today:
"The United States can hardly expect London to finance the whole
world, and we are confident that ou,r
6 per cent n te Ib a safe and permanent protection against further Inroads
on our fund of gold. There ts no
thought at present of a 7 per cent
rate, but 7 and even 8 will be adopted to protect us against abnormal depletion of the gold reserve. Therefore,
If the United States continues to require gold for the movement of the
crops, or other needs, we feel that relief should come from the other Bide.
"Secretary Shaw once before relieved the situation by decreasing funds
and we ln London cannot see why he
should sit on his gold chests while the
United States draws its needed supply
of gold from London's depleted stock."
Wrecked Bargemen Picked Up on th*
Bahama Coast.
Kew West, Fla., Oct. 20.���The Austrian steamer Jennie, Captain Duden-
ich, bound from Gulf ports for Genoa,
has called at this port to land 49 workmen picked up at sea near the Bahama coast, 170 miles from Key West.
The men were part of a force of 150
workmen belonging to barge No. 4, engaged on Eust. Coast extension work.
Most of the others were either killed
or drowned in the storm early on
Thursday. Nine other barges crowded
with workmen engaged In extension
work were at sea with barge No. 4.
There Ib no news of them and lt Is
feared all were loat.
Dudenbury. one of the engineers saved by the steamer Jennie, says the
Blorm struck them about 5 o'clock on
Thursday morning. One hour later
the houseboat went to pieces in ihe
raging sea and 30 to 40 meu were killed In the crash.
Dudenbury says nine other boats
working on the extenalon at Long Key
went to sea with barge No. 4. He has
no Intelllgnncc of their fate and fears
for their safety.
Officers of the rescuing steamer Jennie sav they heard crleB for help
Thursday night und. following thc direction of the sounds, came upon a
lot of men filiating In ilie sen cltnidng
to logs, lumber and sniill raffs. Busts
were lowered and the 49 men brought
hire  were roscued.
Three other Bleamers. using serch-
HglitB, cam.' upon the scene and assisted In saving life. How many they
rescued was not ascertained by those
aboard the steamer Jennie.
Steamers Collide.
New York. Oct. 20.���The steamer
Elrurla, while bound out of Now York
harbor today, collided with tho Minnehaha, also outward bound. The Etru-
i'lu is now anchored off Tompklusvllli-.
The Minnehaha suffered no Injury, ev-
ld"ntly, us she continued on her way
and later passed out over Sandy Hook
bar. The Elrurla wus anchored near
Staten Island In a dense fog when the
Mlnnehuhn. which had been following
about 10 minutes behind, struck her
on the qunrttsr. The Mlnnehahu was
quickly slopped and somo of her boats
lowered, but there wus no danger of
any loss of life. The Minnehaha's
slern was slightly twisted, but not sufficiently damaged to delay tho ship.
She had on board 130 passengers.
SI The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
\\v ins ������ pti il ? sst then In red end blue.
3 1-2 Point.*., weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing ibou   12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
Tlii'ie blanket* an- justly celebrated for their escollence. Wo alone carr.
tueni in this city.
'orters, Gloves and Mits. Socks, Shirts and
Miners'   and   prospectors'   Boots
Undeicloilsing. Oil Clothing, Sweaters. Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes an.l Ruben * Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and  prices  surprisingly Low.
Published -six dayi a wceK by lbe
Baker St.. Nel-on. B.C.
Subscription rates. BO cents a month delivered
in ihe city, or tVOU a year if ud: by mai;, when
p��i<i lu edYanoe
Advertising rfties on application.
All monies paid la wttitmeni ol rbe Dally
Cauadinn a-count*. either lot subscriptions or
ftdTertifeiiiK, ni'i*t u- receipted loi on tdt printed
formi ol the Company. Olher reoeipti an nol
���* By one word we are soinetmi'-;u jged to be
Win and by one word sometime! Judged to l>e
foolish. Let ui lherelor�� be cartful what we
lt is but reasonable to assume that in
British Columbia there are many poo*
pie, endowed with the privileges of the
franchise who are unacquainted with
the political history which distinguishes between the Liberals and the
Conservatives iu relation of these two
parties tu the province, We propose
therefore, to give as succintly as
possible, a resume of the attitude of
the two, which we shall show has been
consistently maintained sinct confed-
In 1867, when British Columbia entered confederation, it was under the
influence of a distinct pledge that a
transcontinental line of railwaj should
be constructed within a reasonable
time, set forth in tne federal agreement
which received the sanction ot the
Imperial parliament and Her lati Majesty, Queen Victoria.
While it wus recognised that the task
was a gigantic une, as early as 1872
Sir John A. Macdonald had formulated
a scheme and submitted a bill to the
house of commons at Ottawa, providing for the alienation of certain lands
and the granting of certain specific
cash bonuses to enable a company lo
finance the contracts and construct
the road. This measure was sturdily
opposed by almost every Liberal member of the opposition in every session
of the house until 1ST. when the Liberals  themselves    were    returned    to
��� ���    ���
During the four succeeding years,
under Liberal regime, nothing was
done to carry out the solemn obligation entered Into by the Dominion and
by which this province was induced
to enter confederation. It Is but fair
to state that other things than Liberal
indifference combined to hinder the
floating of the enterprise, but the records of the house during that period
show that the Liberals were never
more than lukewarm iu their desire to
fulfil the obligation Ol the terms of
In 187fe Sir John A. Macdonalr. s
party was again returned to power
with Sir John as premier and immediate steps were taken by the new government to rescuBcitate the C. P, H.
undertaking, both by himself and the
leading members of his government.
��� ���   ���
It was during this period that the
true spirit of Liberalism In its altitude
toward the west became fully revealed
Hon. (now Sir) Kdward Wake, then
leader of the opposition to Sir John,
called emergency meetings in many of
the strongest constituencies in Ontario
during the holiday season of 1S7K and
nddressed these meetings endeavoring
to prevail upon the electors to take
some steps to prevent the construction
of the C. P. R. and the carrying out
of tho project which was the chief feature tn the bargain made with Hritish
Columbia. VVe quote an extract from
a speech delivered by him In St. Lawrence hall, Toronto, during Christmas
w -k of 1878 just before the Xew Year
sessions of the house.   In it he said:
"Those of us who acted together as
the Liberal party ten years ago, opposed the terms of union with itritish
Columbia on the score of the obligations then entered Into to construct
the Canadian Pacific railway, commencing it within two years and finishing it within ten years, and we declared that a work of such magnitude,
over an unknown country ought not to
be stipulated for, either as to Its commencement or Its conclusion by any
time except that when it was possible
tc achieve it with the resources of the
country. We were overruled then as
we may be overruled now, by the majority in parliament, and the country
was in some sort bound by obligations,
the fatal extent of which is urged now
as the excuse for the bargain to which
your  assent   is  sought."
��� ���    ���
Lacking two months, that was 27
years ago. During a number of years
that succeeded, the C. P. R. was under construction and was completed In
1JS86, The next ten years of the history of the road are such as to chal-
lenge the admiration of the world. The
indomitable perseverance with which
traffic arrangements were perfected,
the strands that now constitute its
many branches woven, and the whole
system brought to a state of perfection, against universally dull limes
and depression in lhe financial markets of the world.
In 1896 the Liberal party again came
into power Just at the time when the
province uf British Columbia was he-
ginning to discover to herself and to
the world her immense and exhaustless
wealth of riches in minerals, metals,
forests, fisheries, and agricultural possibilities. Just at the time when a little help would have been of incalcu-
table value to tbe province and some
slight encouragement, from the older
and more settled portions of the Dominion, would have made this province
go ahead by leaps and bounds we are
met with the same conditions of supine indifference which was so aptly
voiced by Sir Kdward Blake  17 years
Recent students of the history of the
province know that the attitude of the
Liberal party toward British Columbia
has remained unchanged. Only by
sheer, dogged persistence was the representation in the house of commons
tttcn ased to its present number, and
11 i.- yet out of all projiortion to the
representation accorded other prov-
Lttces. Nothing but serious discontent
in the Liberal party itself gave us cabinet representation. Thc- entire history of Liberalism in Canada in its relations to British Columbia has been
such as to disgust lovers of political
justice anc] fait  play.
It is even worse In the matter of
public works. While in the Hast there
have been millions Spent in *he construction of vast public works such as
wharves and shipping facilities,
bridges, railways aud wai ���. �����* ���>_;, deepening of canals and construction of
public buildings everywhere, what Is
there in any corresponding degree to
show in British Columbia? A few of
'he stiongholds of Liberalism have had
their political reward but the country
as a whole has been neglected.
��� ���   ���
We submit that the speech of Sir
Edward Blake and the subsequent history of Liberalism in Hritish Columbia
will show that this province need never hope for a semblance of justice at
the hands of Sir Wilfrid Laurier and
lti- '���'���HeaguoH, They seem utterly mi-
able to rise to au appreciation of thc*
magnificence und importance of this
province. And if space would permit
we would carry the argument farther
and show that the action of the government  In the conference of  provin
cial premiers Is additional proof of
the genius of Liberalism and its determination to stultify British Columbia
in deference to the hidebouud partizan
prejudices of the Kast.
A local pajKT quotes approvingly an
Eastern paper which represents that
British Columbia's premier pleaded tho
poverty of this province as an excuse
for asking larger subsidies, and then
it proceeds in its own disengenuoui
way to show how the province comes
to be so  poor
It Will be news to British Columbia
people to learn that Mr. McBride asked for anything on the plea of the pOT-
eity of the province. It will be additional news to learn lhat the province
ti jtovertystricken. Never in the his*
(OH "f British Columbia has it been
so wealthy! so stable, so prosperous
and  happy  us at the present  lime.
lt was not on any of these grounds
that the claim was made for fair federal subsidies. It was simply a question of justice which was su ably argued that all except the hidebound partizan press of the Kast recognize that
fact and are prepared to admit it.
The habit of hunting around among
disgruntled newspapers for paragraphs
to suit one's own political complexion
is a growing one with some papers, but
they should try to keep somewhere
within  the  limits of truth.
Fatal November 29.
Itegina. Sask., Oct. 80.���The court
<n banc handed down an adverse decision in the Vinezeur Magyar appeal
case yesterday. In consequence he will
hang on  November 29.
���aixy dare after date 1 purpose making appll*
cation to the linn. Chief Cnmii   -isiiicr of Und*
Hail Worki fur permission to purehaae the fob
towing described land: commencing at a post
pinced on ibe east boundary Oi lit no.864 ami
tiboiit two cha in* cur-it nf Whatshan rreek, marked "M. B'i. s. w. corner," running thenos -to
chaini esit; ihenoe 40 chains imnh; thenee to
chain* west; thenee 1-chainn south, to point ot
commencement, ion tain ing inn aorei more or
Dated tin* loth 'lay ot October, i9ov��.
 Per R. jShikll, Agent.
Blxty 'lays after date I purpose making application tn tbe Hon. chief Commissioner ol Cenai
ami Works (or permission to pnrebaie the following deicrlbed land: Commencing at a post
placed at the northwest corner of H Dudd'n application to purchaie, markeii "K W. H'sS. W.
enrner post." running thence W chains north;
theuce so chains east; thence ***' eliains south;
theuce 8' chains west to point of commencement, oontainlng -*w acrei, more nr less.
Dated this 10th day of October. IMA.
It   W. IlANMNfiTON,
 per R. Bhiki.i., Agent.
Notice Is herein- given tbat 60-.lav* after date. I
intend toapply to the Hon. Chief Commlulonei
of bands and Worki for permission to pun-hate
the following deaeribed land-, in the West Root-
eiiay District: Heginniiig.at a post marked "W.
H Klvidge's S \v corner," ainl plained about
one-quarter mile west of the west shore "( Whatshan (Cariboo) Uke, and about one ami one-
quarter miles uorth nf the southern end ol the
lake; thenre north ht ohalni; thence eail 4"
chain.- mors or lesa to the shore of the Whai>haii
Uke; thenoe following said ibore In a general
mm he riv and westerly direction hMchului more
or less to a point on the Shots due east of the
post t f commencement; thence west '.it rhaim
moreor let". t<> the poim of commencement, contain in i; ISO acres moreor lesi
Dated tht-* '.Mh dav of (Hi . 19.W
VV s Bivtooa,
K   L   Hawmo.vo, Agent
Notice ts herebv given that 60dan after date I
intend to appl*. in tin- Honorable Ins ohlel Com-
mUeJonet ol Un !��� nnd   Works (or 1h-mil ssl on In
purchaie the followlni described land- iliuat-
'n  Weat Kootenai1 Dutrict:   Commeneng at a
post marked *'P McArihur'�� N W corner poil
situate neat the N K. conni ,.f Inml applied for
by8. McArthur tbSQQS smith 40 eh-titm, mure or
less; theliee MSI N' chain*; thenos north 10
chain-, more  or  less: thelxe  west mi chains  to
point nf Lommenoement
Belmo, B.C., August mh, inn-.
V McAhthir
T. II   ATKINhoN. Agent.
Notie. li berth. glVU that 80 davs alter date I
Intend toapply tn the Hwioral Ic etitel Com imv
i-OHT ol lands and Works fur penni ���|un to purchase the following dfscrll-e-1 land-, siluale Jn
the West Kootenai dlitrlet, starting frnm a |> ��� *
planted at the S W cornet ol Kruesl W.Kobinson'*
Application tn Purchase, and on llie north bank
nf the North Kork of >*og creek; thence 411 chains
west, -.��� chains north. Un ehalna east, m chalm
south. A) chains west, jjOehaltis south to intcrsec-
Hull of nnrlh line of ft, W, Robiiisnii's Application
lo Purchase, thence 40 chain- wesl and kt chains
south to jxtint nf oommeneement, oontainlng M0
Dated 18th dav of August, l'JKi.
F W  Hobi.--.son,
per Ernest W, Homnsus. Ageut.
Notice is hereby given that BO davs after date I
intend to applv to the Hon, the Chief Commissioner nf Unds and Works for permission to purchase the following deaorlbed lands iii West
Kootenay dlitrlet, province of Hritish Columbia;
Commencing at a poet marked "William Tolling-
ton's northwest corner post," said po-t U*ing
planted at the southwest corner of the ���'(.men
Mineral Claim," and adjoining the cast line of
McPhail'| pre-emption- theme south twenty ('Al)
chains along said line, thenc,. out forty (10)
chains, thence north twenty fSO) chains, thenee
west forty (40) ehaiusmore or less, to the place ol
Dated Ut 'Uy of Auguit, ���'������"���'���
William ToLLtXQTOJt-
By hii agent J. E. Taylor.
Blxty days after .late 1 purpose making application to ihe Chief Commissioner ot undaand
Works for permlulon to purchaee the fnllnwing
described laud : Commencing at a postmarked
���I P'sS W eorner." adjoining the eaflt boundary of i' Pierce's application to purchase, running thence 8o chains north; thence h> chains
east; thenee 80 chains south; theuce ho chains
west to point of oommencement, containing mo
acres mo e or less
Dated the lllh day of Auguat, IS06.
i Puses,
per F ti   Kavi-i'Ikh,
Hlxty days after itate I purpose making application to tlit* chief CommlMloner uf Lands nud
Wnrks for permission to purchase the following
described laud:   Commencing at a post marked
���K F's s k eorner." end situate about one mile
from Silver Tip Point, on Whatshan lake, and
near Chriitle creek, running thence ho chains
nnrlh;   theuce Hn chains went;  thenee B0 chains
south, following the laseshorei thenee80chains
ea-t to the point of oommencement, containing
M0 aores mure, or leaa.
Dated the llth day of August, 1900.
K   FAtqt IK��,
Per F. (J   FAt'griKR, Agent.
BlXty days after dute I purpose miking application to the Hon. Chief commissioner nf llauds
and Works for permission in purchase the followlug described laud: Commeuelng at a post
placed at the southwest cornor nf It. W\ Haiiniug-
tnn's application to imrehase, marked "L. M. S.
H'siJ h curlier pnst.   running thence 80 Chains
west; theuee ho chains south; tbenee 80chains
cist; thenee SO  ehains nnrth to point of commencement, containing 840 acres, more or leis.
Dated the 10th day of Oc tot tor, 1906.
L. M. S. Hanninutu..,
 per K. Sim.i!.. Agent.
Sixty days after date I purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commlisiouer of t_andl
and Worki for permission to purchase the fol-
lowing described laud: Commeiuiug ai a post
placed at the southwest corner of M. Bnlell'i application to purchase, marked "F. F's ��. E. corner," running thenee HO chalm north; thence 4u
chains west; thence 00 cbains south; thence 40
chains east to point of commencement, contain*
ing 3_0 acrei more or less.
Dated the 10th day of October, 19WJ.
y. P_-.tH.oro,
 per Bi Btnai.L.
Notiee is hereby given lhat to dayi after date I
intend to make application lo the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner Of Landl and Wnrks for permission  lo pnrchase the following deeerlbed
lands:     Commencing  at  a post   un  the   uorth
bonndary of Lot8M and about '2 chains east of
Whatshan creek, running 4o chains east; thence
40 chains north; thenee 40 chains west; thence 40
chains south, to point of commencement, containing ISO acrei more or lees.
: ated October is, wc*.
Leon Watso.v,
By his agent, Krnkst VV. HoniNao.v
Notiee is hereby given lhat 60 days after date I
intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
uf Lands and Wnrks for permission tn purchase
the following deaorlbed lands situated in the
WSlt Kootenay District: Beginning at a poet
marked, "Antoinette Kirch's N. K. corner," and
idanted on the shore of Whatshan (Cariboo)
lake at the southeast comer of the aald lake;
thence south 40 chains; ihence west 40 ehains,
moreor less, to the shore of Whatshan creek:
tbence following the shore line of said creek and
lake In a general northerly and eaiterly direction W chains, more or leu. io point of commencement; cnniatuing IfiO acres, mnre or less
Oct. lath, wort.
Antoinette nuscs,
By F. L. Hammonh, AgenL
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days after date I
intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of i.ands and Works for permlulon to purchase
the lollowlng described lands iltuated in the
Weti Knot-CASf district: Beginning at a post
marked "Herbert Warren's N. K. corner," and
planted on the nn it shoreof Whatshan (Cariboo)
lake, at-niit onetjiiarter mile north <>f the southern end of the lake; thence west 8nrhalni; thence
iouth M0 ehalns; thence east HO chalm, more or
less, lo Whatshan creek; Ihence following
north along the creek and lake shore HO chains,
moreor lesa, to point of commencement, containing 840 acres, moreorless
Dated this Mh day of October, 190rt.
llEKltKKT Warrk*,
^_^^__ F. I, ITammosI), Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 80 days alter date I
intend to applv to the Hon. Chid ('oinmtssioiitr
Of Lendaand Works for permission to purchase
the following deserlhed lands situated in the
West Kootenay district: Beginning al a post
marked **o. c. MacMtekiiig's .V W. corner," and
tiJanled on thc west ihoiSOl fl hatshau (Cariboo)
ake, about three mil**s north of the Upper Narrows of the aald lake and OPMSlte the island in
the said Uke; thence iouth 80 chains; thence
east 40 chains, moreor less, to the lake shore;
thence following the said shore ln a northerly
and weiterly direction V2Q chains, mure or leai,
to point of oommeneement, containing:__ acres,
mure or lesi.
Oct. 13, 1906.                         O. F. MacMi.kin.1,
 By F. L. Hammono, Agenl.	
Notice ts hereby given that 60 day* alter dale I
intend to make application tothe Honorable thu
Cble' Commiasioner of Lands and Works for per-
mlsilun to purehaae the follow lug deserlhed
lands: Commencing at a post planted ou the
northeast 00 ner of Peter McNaughtoii'i applies-'
tion tO pnrehaa*, loiiowing the east boundary ol
lame ho Ohalni south; thence 80 chains east;
thence Ho chains north; thenee hu ehains west to
point of commencement, containing >.i" aeres,
more or les*.
Doted Oct, 13, 1906. Am-kkt BUUIOIT,
By his agent Ehnrst W. Bohin**on.
Notice is hereby given lhat sixty days alter
date I Intend to apply to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner of I-ands and Works for permission t�� purchase the followlni: described lamls:
Commencing ai a post placed on the northwst
eorner of Albert Elliott's application to pureliase,
running 80 chalna eait along the northern
boundary of same; thence 80 cbalni north;
lbence w chains weit; th<*nce 80 chains south, to
point of commencement, containing r.to acres,
more or leas.
Dated Oct. ia, woe. John Elliott,
By his agent, Khnut W, Robinson.
Sixty dajn after date I purpose making application to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
IhS following described land: Commencing at
a pnst marked MD. P*_ 6. W. enrner," adjoining
K. Fauquier's application to purehase. running
thenee 80 chains norlh; ihenee bo ehaim east;
thenee80Chains south; thenee W chains west
lo the point of commencement, containing t'-40
acres, more nr leBi.
Dated the llth day of August, W0C.
1). PtXSCB,
Per F. Q. FAt'gt'iKB, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that-ii ty davs alter date
I intend to apply to the Hou. Chief Commission
erof l-anils ana Works for permission to purchase the following described landi, 100 sores,
commencing at a post market) John Toye. planted on the east shore of Lower Arrow Uke. about
one mile nonh of Sunshine creek, tlience forty
chains east, thence fort- chains south, tlience
lorty chains west, thence lorty eliains north
along Uke shore to point of eommeneement.
Dated this llth day of Beptember, 1908,
John Toys.
Hakkv Gibson, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 80 days alter 'late I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner oi Lands and Works for permisslun
lo purehase the followiiiK des, ribed laud, situate
in Fire Valley, in the West Kootenaj district, adjoining w. a. Gaidar's pre-emption, starting at a
|K)st market) U. Mi -Jnarrle's southwest corner,
running 80 chains east, tbence 40 chains north,
thence 80 chains west   thence 10 chains south to
point of oommeneement,
Dated this llth day of September, IWfi.
J. E. TiYLOB, Agent-
Notice U hereby given that 00 days from date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the chief Commissioner of Lands aud Wnrks for permission
topurcha<e the following described lauds situate in West Kootenay District: Commencing
at a post marked ���' K. .Stewart's N VV. corner
post,''lituaied near the Junction of Uist creek
aud South Fork of Salmon, thence south 40
chains, more or less; thence east 80 chains;
thene. north 40 chains, more or less; thence
west 80 ehalni to point of eommeucement.
Balmo, Auguit llth, VJtO.
E. Str.wart
T. H. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice li herehy given that 80dan after tlate I
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Xuidi and Works to purchase the
following described laudi,890 seres- mnrc or lau;
commencing at a post planted un the west bank
of Upper Arrow lake at a Mint about 7 miles below Sakusp,and marked <'. a. h. ii . n.k. corner
pnst; thence wi ohalm west; theme 40 chnins
south; thenOS -**1 chains cast, nmre nr less intake
Shore; theuee alnug Uke shore to point of beginning.
Dated thla5lh dav of Sept., law.   (i. A. B. Hall.
00 days after tlate I intend tn applv to the Hon-
orable the Chief Commissioner 01 Lamls am)
Work*. Victoria, H. C , to purchase 040 acres of
Uml situate west nf Armw lake OO Die west side
of Whatchan creek and Joining the north boundary nf S. J. Annable application in purchaie,
Commencing at a post markeii R. J. K. H. K. corner ami running tree' *"1 chains; theme north mo
chains; thence east BO chains! theme south to
polut of commencementi
September .'nd  I'.nO. R. J. ELLIOT.
Notice Is Hereby given that to 'lays after date 1
Intend to iipp!} lolhe Honorale Chief Coinmis-
���ionerof Landsand Works for permission to purchase the Following described landi, situate In
the West KoOtena| dtltriOtl starting from a pnst
planted at the N. E, et.rner of F. \\. Uobinson's
Application to purchase, theme 4"chains east,
80 chains south, 20 chains *est, ��0 chains north,
40 chains west, 90 chains north, 9U chains easl, 40
chains north to point of eommencemen t, con tain -
Ing UO acres.
Dated 18th day of August, IBM
D. 0. E. Rohinson,
 perBBWMfl V.. Kohinson, AgenL
Notice ls hereby given that sixty davs after
date I inteml to applv to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of l..,n,K ami Works fur permission to purchase the loiiowing dcseriVd
Ian I on the west shoreof upper Arrow Lake aud
joining J. If. Feeney'a pre-emption: Running
west 4n chains; ihence nnrlh 80 chains, theme
easl 40 chains, to the shore of the lake; thence
south following the lake ihore to point of eommeneement, eontaiiiiiiK 3'Ai acres more or less.
Dated August itt, 1906.
H. F. Maci.koo
 J. ���'. Keh.v, Agent.
Notice is hereby given  that sixty davs after
date I intend  (0 applv   to the  I! ih1,!.   the
Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works for permission tO purchase the following described
IShd OU the west side Of Lower Arrow Uke and
iuining the south Hue of the Indian Reservation:
Running west Al chains; thence south 80 chains;
thenee cast'AI chains, in the shore of the lake;
theuce   north   following the lake shore to the
poim of oommeneement, containing i6o acres
more or less.
Dated August 20,1906. W, R. Macleod
J. J. Kiu.y, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 60 dayi afterdate
I intend, to apply U) the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner  ol Lands ami Works for i>cniiis
sion to pdrohaae the following desoribed landi,
situate in be W'c��t Knolenay distil'*!f Commen-
ring n l a post marked "A. Turner's N.W. cornel
poat," situate', at the N. E. corner ol land applied .or by K Btewart, theuco smith 4n chain-,
moreor less; thence east Ho chains; thence north
40 ehains, more or le_*i thence west 80 chaini to
point of oommencement.
Balmo, B.C, August ll 1906,        A-Tobwb,
���j' ii Atkihson, Agent,
Node- Is herebj' itran that 60 daw after dale i
intend toapply to the Honorable lhe Chief Com
minloner of Landiand Worki lor permlulon to
nurchase the following descrlbeil  land  lu   Weil
Kcotonru Ulitrict about wren miles south ol
Hurton <Hv: Commencing at a post platitetl on
the east bank of Tmiil creek and markeii Mrs.
W 11 Hamilton- 8. W C. Post and running
north80 ehalni; them-e east mo chains; thenee
sou III Wi ha tn*, them.* Wail 80 chains   tO   place
of tieginnttig, containing 840acres, more or lea.
Dated tbli_2nd dayol Auruit.1908.
Mr* VV. H   Hamil .ii:.
w H  Hamilton,Agent.
Not it,- i* bereby given lhat 80 davs alter 'late I
intend toapph to the a rable tho Chief Cow
tnlnlonei ol  Lands and Works, Vlt torla, to pur
, bur* 80 acrei ol lund, iltuate about ono mile
east  of  Hurls.ij  i'IIV 00 lbe easl  side nl  Arrow
Uke. and den rlbed si followi; Commencing at��
post planted at the northeail oorner of Lot flMO,
thence north 90 cbains. thenei* wc-il IflObSlni,
hence south A> chain*,  tlience east 4u chall
plat c oi beginning
Augivt 3 th, 1MB
J. II. JIvntkr.
Notice is hereby glren lhal 80 -lavs after date I
intend in apply to lbe Hon the chlol Commla-
si.uier nf I^imls and 'Ami,- f-.r |>--rinl--mri to pur
chase tbs followlna doKribed Umls in  Wait
Kootenav district: Beginning at a poll marked
"OttO Hlncli's N W corner' mid planted on
tbe well ibore of Wnlsban (farjbo.i) lake, about
om* fourth mile weitofthe narrowiol Whatihen
lake; Ihenee soutb 80 cbalni; tbence cast to
chains more or less lo tin shore ol the Narrows;
thence  followlni   the   Mid   Ihore In  a   general
northerly ami weaterl/direction UD ehain- nmre
or lesa, to tbs point nf oommenoement, contain'
ing 830acrei more or leai
Dated this Nth .Uv ol Oct . V.**i
on��> Rouen,
F   L   HAKMOM), Agent.
Notloe la hereby given thatsUtydayi afterdate
I Intend in ui.pl v to the Hon Chief Oonjminlonec
of Land- and Work*- for permlulon to purchase
the following described lands in Wesl Koolenay
dUtrict: Beginning at a poet marked "K K
AJden'l B K corner," and planted on the eail
shore nf Whal��han (Cariboo) lake, about one
mile m.nh ol the southern cud of the lake;
llienee north Nl chaius, tbenOS west 40ehaius,
more nr less, t', the Snore of Wlialsliaii lake,
thence following said shnre in a general southerly ami easterly direction lou chain*, more or
lesi) to the polnl of oommenoement, containing
Ilk) acrei, inure or less
Dated this hth day ol Oct , 19.fi.
K    K    Al.IiEN,
F   L  Hamxond. Agent
Notice is bereby given that 80dmn alter date 1
intend toapply t�� the Hunorable the chief Commissioner ol LainU and Work'* for permission to
lUirehaM* the following descrlU'd Unds in the
West Kootenay district, near Burton Cltyj commencing at u jiost planted at the southeast eoruer
of tieorge Hudson's preemption claim, ami
marked Harry (t. Tnlllngtnii'i N K ('.post, and
running suuth tu chains, thence west a) < hains,
Ihence north 10 chains, thence easl 30 chains tn
place of beginning- containing 80 acrea of land-
more nr leu.
Dated this80th dayof August, 190.
Nntice is hereby given that sixty days after
date I Intend lo applv tu tht* Hon 1 hlel Commissioner of Und- and Works for permllrion to pur-
chase thc follow ing deserlbed lumls in the Wesl
Kootenay dlitrlot: Keglnning ut a post marked
* llertha Hirsch's N EC corner," und planted on
the east ibore Ol Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, at the
UarrOWl of the lake, and about one mile south of
Arrow Uke trail; thence smith mo chains; thenee
west so chslns more or less to tin* shore ul the
narrows; thence following the tald shore in a
general northerly and eaeterly direction 1*1
ch-ilmmore or leu to the point of oommenoement, containing 1.to acres more or less
Dated this sth dayof Oct., pjni
F  I.  llAMaost., Agent.
Notice ls hereby given tliat iwn monthi niter
date I Inteml to apply U the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner tif Lauds nml Wurks fur a Lease of
all that Uml U-uig the inreshnre adjoining subdivisions I, :-j nud 4 of Lot auy, timup one fl)
Kootenay, am) being on the suuth shnre of the
West Arm of Kontenay Uke, lu the district of
Commenolng at.�� post marked "A. B. Watts'
southeast corner  past";   thenc; 60 chains wesl,
thenoe 30 ehalni north; tbenee 00 ehains east;
thence Jo chains south tot lie plan* of commencement; the said   Und and foreshore to be be used
for sawmill purposes.
Dated this ilst day of Auguit, I����-
A. E. Watti,
Notice is hereby given that (i'i dayi after date 1
intend Inapt ly in tbe Honorable the Chlel Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
pttrchsse the following described land lu Vfeet
Kootenay   District  nboiu  seven  miles sonth  nf
Burton City:  Commencing at a post planted on
the ea-t hank <if Tmm creek and marked Alex
cii.yne's N. W. C. p.st and running muth H
ehains; theme en-i m ehains; Ihenoe utirlh no
chalna; thence weat 80 thalni to post of beginning, containing fttt acres ol land, more or less.
Dated this 2_nd day ol August, ltwfi
W, H   Hamii.ton, Agent.
Sixty days niter date. I Margrett MoQuarrle.
inteml to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner nf  Undsand   Works.  Victoria, II. ('.,
tn purchase the follow Ing described land, Ccm-
menclng at a poel marked M UcQuarrie, on tbe
bank ol Lower Arrow lake, tbence 4o chains
west; thence fio ehain* north; thence 40 chains
east; tlience Ml chains soutb tn place uf coin
meneement, said lu contain Ift) acres mure or
less.   Covering ground held by <i. B. Anderson's
Dated this Hth day nf September. 1908,
W, L, I'AVNK, Agent.
Nntice Is herehy given thai 1 Intend, 60 days
after date  it. Hpply  tu the Hnnorablt the Chief
commissioner of ��� ands and Works fur permission
tt> purchase the following dssertbeo lands in
Weal   knolenay  dlitrlot, aliotit live miles south
of Burton city, commeneing at a post planted nn
the east bank nf trad C. K.. ami murked "W. H.
Hamilton's 8 W. c. post," nml running north Wj
chaius, thenee cast SO (hains, them-e suutli SO
Chains, thenoo WOt W Chains to place Of beginning, containing mqacres61 land,moreor Fens.
Dated Ihiil'-'nd ilay ol August, 1808.
W H. Hamilton.
Halmo, August 11, 1WA
umii n  \aii>m
'i'. II. Atkinson, Agent.
S CoNKiy,
Notice Is berby given that to days after date t
Intend, loapply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
mlsslonei of Lands and Worki for permission to
purchaie tbe rollowlng described uud�� situate in
West Kooienav district:   Cniiimcneing ata post
marked ' it. floss's N. w corner post," iltuate
near ihe N. K. comer of Uud applied for by A.
MCLean, thence south 40 .ulna, moreorless;
thence east 80 chains; Ihenee north 40 chaius,
more or less;  ihence west 80 chains to point of
Halmo, August li, 1008, R. Ross,
 T. H. Atkinson, Arent.
Notice is hereby given Hint sixty days after
ilale I Intend to apply lo tho Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of f-nuds and Wnrki foi'
���permission to purchase the following descrllied
lauds Sttttftte Hi West Kool.uay district: Commencing at a post marked "A. MrLeau'i N W.
enrner post,"situnle near tlie N.K. corner nf land
applied for hy A. McLatigbUu, thenee smith 40
Chains, more nr less; thence east 80 chains;
thenee norlh to chums, moreorless; thence west
SO chains lo point of commencement
Balmo- August 11,1908 a. McLkan,
T. li. Atkinson, Agent
Nolle*.* Is hereby given that ft) davs artf r dato I
intend to make application tn thc Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for per-
mliiont-purchsee the following described lands,
situnle in W_st Knnteiiay district: Commencing
at n post marked "A McLaughlin's N. W corner
posl," situate near the N I.. corner of land applied for by P; McArihur, tlience iouth40 chains,
moreorless; thence east 80 ehnins; thence north
4tl chains, moreor less; thenee west *�� chains to
point of commencement-
Salmo, August 11, l_Ofl. A. Mi La rum. an,
T. II. Atkinson, Agent.
We have just received a gplendid stock of Ladlea' Shirt Want, T
in Embroidered Cashmere in Cream, Navy and fancy colon. |n t
eizea from 32 to 42 Inches, and we are selling these at exceeding. 4
ly low prices while they last. 7
Nntice is herebv given Hint BOASTI alter date I
Intend in npplv to lln* Honornl,|e Chlel < ommll-
sfuliei of Uud*-ami Work*, lor la-rml I tn imr-
, ba-e tbe lollowlng doecrlhed lands, sitiiaicd on
the cast side of Arrow lake: Commenelni al s
postmarked   AMaH-odV  i.k atiou |hi.. t	
south  I -itv cbniii-   (ollowlniW. Inyo's pastern
boundary; theuce eail ilxty chains, tn east t-auk
of Garibaldi Creek; thenee north forty chains|
thenee eaet ils*-7 '-hains to point of oontmsftos
ment. uontalnlnelUOaeru, more <������ ii".
Hated Beptember 1.1908      ALua .m*i uwd.
I'er N. Duns, Agent
Notloe Ii berabr glren tiinti��'iav�� utter date i
intend to appiv lo thc Honorable the Chlel CommlMloner ol Laudaand Work- tor permlaalon to
pun-base the fulliiwhiK deseiltn-tl lumls, . Iinated
on ihu eul iloe nf Arrow like: Comment ing ��i
the northeut corner ol a Anthony s purohafe,
uenee north forty chains, thenos wen inrty
chains, thenee smith lorty chains, them*, cast
InrlV chnins to |MUl)t of eoliiineJie-Mneiil, ' oil-
tainlug 100 acn*v more or less.
Dated September l, isw.    J*��k- t lUcuoo,
ptrN. DWttEte, Aneni.
.Noti.e is hereby ��U, n thnt to Invs afli i dati I
Iniend tOSpply tothe Honorable the Out I Con,
mlwlonerOJ LaUlS and Works for neruitwlnu lo
purehssethe loiiowing deeerlbed lands Commencing at e post niarked "J W It's H. W corner.' pint ed mi ti ud ihore ol t-ower Arrow
Lnkeat the nnrth wesl enrmr ol _. Christie-' Ap-
plication to Purehaae, ruuuing thonce 10 ehalns
eait; thenee80ohslns north; theme m chains
moreor leu, west to the lake sho'e; thenos '"1
lowit*K lake shore  tn  point  ol  i-oinuieiieeinent
00ntalnlUg :IW acres more or lea
listed the _.rd day ol July. WW.
J. W. Hate*
Notice I* hereby given that sixty days alter
tlate I intend to npply lotbe H<o\. Chief Commli
sioner ol  Lands nnd   Works  for  |*cruu-dnn  In
nun baae the followlug deeerlbed lauds, iu
Weil Kootenay Dlatrlct: Commeneing at an Initial pOCl planted at th- lOUtbaail eurner i,I Mc
Coy'l pre emption, theme J) ehain*- w.-t Km n-t
t-ouiidary uf l.-i SUB; thence (ollowlng mid
boundary eouth to eoutoeeet eorner ol laid lot;
tlience iii eliains west: iiienc.* 80 ebslnisouthl
thenoo to ehalns eait; theme ID ehalna north tn
southwest corner of l-.-t 33-1; thenos tulloMinx
we.-1 houndarv of I^'l IB to initial pust.
September i% 1906. IV D. Wnt IT,
per Kbkwt Vt, Kuhinnon.
Notice ls hereby given that (*) days afterdate, I
inteml to apply Co the Hon. Chlel CoLsminloiter
nf Umls and VYorks for permlaslon to purohaae
the following described lands, slluate on the
Mast shoreof 1-ower Uke. about nm* and one
hall mile South of KiIkcwinxI. H. C. and ad
joining J. T. (teattie's application to purehaae.
ami commending at a poat marked honaid wil
sou's Suuth West corner, tbenee running N'Ttb
BIXtT chains, theuce Last lorty chains. Ihence
South, sixty chains, (hence West forty ehalni tn
place uf eommencemenl, and cunt'nimu-,-, .'In
aeres more or leas.
JXH-Al.D   WlUKJ*.
m. it. Mr-jt .-.HKia, Agent
Hated this iith day of September. !��*
Notice Is hereby given that two mouths after
date  I  Intend to applv   to the Bonorable Chlel
Conunlnlonex ol uands and Works for permts-
ston to pun-lia.se M0 acres of land.'dewrll>t'd et
follows: Commeneing at a poat pUnted nl lhe
southwest of 1, t, slonlsnu's ranib in Ure
Valley, West KouU-nay district, umrked "J tt.
Muii re's northeast euruer pnst" i tlu-nce su chains
west; thence Nj ehains south; theuce ao chains
east; thence nu chains nortii tn thu place of oom-
Dalsd Uih day nf September, UU,
*J. It. Mt'KKOK,
. A. ('AMUR,   Ai" i.i
Nntice Is hereby Riven tbat MdaneftST date I
intend  t<i apnlv to the H..11. < hit I 1 itiniui*-*-) r
oi Lands and Works for pormleilon to purehaae
the loiiowing deeerlbed landa,iltuate in West
Kootenay dlitrlel:   Beginning at a poat markeii
-Arthur Warren's s. W. corner.' nud planted on
tbe eaal shore ol whatshan (Cariboo) lake, abonl
two mile- north ol tho narrowt nf Whatshan
lake, and at the S B corner of W ,-,.onil>e'�� application to purehase; theuce cast IO chains;
tbence north 80 ehaitu;  thenee wesl SO chains;
thenoe iouth to obalns to point of oommeni��
ment; ('ontaliilUL' BS acres more or lues
Hated thll8th day of Oct. UQS,
F. L. HAHMt-Nt-, Agent
Notice ts hereby given that sixty days alter
date I inteud to apply to the Honorable the
Chief CimiinlKSloner ol Unds and Works for
permission to purchase the followiiiK ,'*-'-
MTlbed lamls situate in the West Kimtenay
district, starting Irom a post planted 011 Ihe
north bank of the North Fork of Hog creek'
thence �� chnlu* weat, �� chains norlh, (5i chains
west, 40 chains north, B0 ehalna west, BO ehalns
north, Ji chains west, 20 chains north, 80 chaini
eaat, 2U chains south, 20 chains 1 alt, 4tl eliains
south, ki chains east, 40 chain* south to pniut of
commencement, containing tV40 acres.
Hated lath day of August, 190ft.
KBNtar W. Robinson
Sixty days after dale 1 lutend toappiy u�� the
Huunrable the Chief Com mis. loner of Unds and
Worki. Victoria- to purchase MO acresollaud,
Iinated and doicribed as follows: Being the
nortlieast quarter of Section twenty-two, and
the suuth half of the northwest quarter Beotlon
twenly three,Towmhlpstxty-nlne. Anil further
deicrlbed as follows: Commeneing at a post
marked J J N. w. comer, aud planted -tu chains
cast ol the northwest comer of BeoUoa twenty*-
two and running east 4tl 1 halus, thence south 80
chains, inence eaat 40 chains, thence south Al
ehalna. thenee west HO chalus, thenoe north Hi
chaius to place of beginning.
August Jilt, 1-Wft. Jampw Joiinstonk,
w. A,Gaidar, agent
Notloe Is hereby given that Nl day* after dale I
lutend In Hpply in the Uniinnihlc Ihe Chief Commissioner of Lands and works for penntMlou lo
purebaae lhe tnllowlng descrlbeil lauds: i���m-
mencing nt a pnst marked "J. A 0. it'N.W. enrner," placed ai llie nnrlheast rorner nf Lot Wu|
running so chsini north; thence mi etiHins peat]
I heme Wi chains south; theuce thi chai ua west to
point ul enmmencement, oon .lining NO ncrei
inure or lesa.
Datod the 21it day of July I'JOti.
J. A. O'Kriuv
Sixty day* after date I lutend to appif to tne
Commissioner of Lends and Worki, victoria, to
purchase 1W) neres id Inud, silunte and deaerflied
as (ollDWl! Commenolng MS pom planted nn the
west side nf Arrow lake Oppoeite Ciirlbon City, at
or near the southwest corner nf 11. Hnle purehaso, and marked "O. M. A., S K corner " nud
running nurth 40 chains, tbenee west 40 chnins
to H. Annable'a purchase, thenee south R) ebalni
moreor less tn the lake shore, theuce along tho
lake shore to place of beginning,
_AiiRUit 26th. 1906. (i.M Annaiii.k.
Notice ii hereby given ihat to days after date I
.1, _(!.t0 m*kfl, "I'pi" "Hon to ihe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lends snd Works ior per-*
million to purehaso about '.Urn aerea nf Und situ
ated on the Salmon river. West Kootenay dlitrlel
commencing at a post marked B R. Hntter'i N K
(orner, planted on the wesl hank of the river,
aboul m miles nnrth nf the International bound'
_,_;*. .7"'*' *"* ��" ObslBl, theme 80 chains
n _, ' SfflS! tSPK ftb0_ �� ,hHllia (0 >������� river,
thence northerly along the river lo place of enm-
August uth, im. p. h. Bmrifti
 ^^                  T, 11. Atkinson, Agent
Notice is hereby given lhat to davs after .late
intend toamrfy k the Chief CommiiSSner ol
Unds nnd w���rkB fur permlulon in MimhiM
the   loUowing  describc.i   \J.ln.t!uxtH!\u7l
Man___4_S9_t�� Smj?,6ncln�� "i ���jUUrE
el J. MeArtliur'aN. W.enruer posl," situate near
ho N. B. enrner of land applied fori,, a Turner'
Noiiee i*  liereby given  tb.n  m,h.i.,.   ,
data I  intend toapply t��� 11,,. |.,"7Aflffl
mllSl r,,f  Landi  nml  Works I,,     ..V0"-
to purchase lhe following d.-scriU, 1. fi '
uab   In Weet Kootenaj  in*t.,, ,;,'���'',n'w
at h (Mist niarked "A. llir*. I,> . , i
planted nt the H \\ corner ,,f |��i rnVQl
miles north <>r   Burton  City and kbnut >   j
mils weal ol tbe Columbls n
H chalna; thenoe wesi 40 chai
SO ohaini 1 Iboncweaii Soehainito t.i
menrement cnntamiiig "JAiaerc*,
Hated this llll) day ol iBptembei  IWJ
 Per RAI.IH Hl*. k. AK.""'
��l  . r   I
Nol 11.   1- hereby glveu Hut 1W1 Mays *'L; ,;,,
inteml loapply tothe Honorable the 1 hWQi
minloner Ol Unds and Works lor i-rn u,__t _
purcnaai tba (ollowlng described iai..is ��S!|
Irom a Met marked S?Tinortbweil im,-i tb��5|
soutli 40 chain*, ihenee east ni . I,, ,-.,-* I
north 10 chalna, thenee west tt chalna to mS
(wmra��ncemen<, oontainlng m une, tn,,l\
less;��.|iulnsou Ihe eaai of A. Antl,.uiy'iappt�� f
Hon to purebas-e '     mn i
Haled this 28th dny of August, 1<m.
 N. IlEMK-n.. Ageat^ '
.- I
Nollee 1- heret.y given tiiatllxt) tin
I Intend to apph to tbe Hun. Cbiel ��
er ol Unds ami Works lor iierini"
ebaae  the following deacrlbed ;���v
slnrllng at a |x>sl marked Call,, in
plauied ,,n ilie cast shore of L_3wer \rr , l
mar '.ladsuine Creek, llienee m , i ���M1. -^ |
theiu-eNt; ehalna nurth, thc-ic- n., ),��in�� wMkl
lake   sdore,   llienee aouth  along  lake stionuf
point nf commenoement "
Dated thii Iktfa day of September, IKK,
��� *Tlill:iM TfiTL  j
HiHiv'-in-M^ Ait-nt     3I
Noii> <��� ll bereby given that -���<> <tM>a ailfrdattfl
Intend tO apply to [hi Honorable thi 1 iihj
minloner ol Uu-U and Works fur la-rmiM*,
purchase the frdlowlng deaeribed li      ���   -h|
oil the eait shin ol Arrow lake ��� nmi at 1 ��ta| I
the Miutbwi-tt corner ot A. Anthonj inidei
tbenoe uutn twentv ohalni, lheni ���' ml inifl
chains, llienee norih I went v (hains   ihiMtffl
twenty ebalni to pnim of .���oijuioiin-m.ai.w.I
talniiig ni ktm. more or lesi r
Hated ."epu-mber I, 1SC6       Hr-ssir M .-friitf, j
per N    [MMI : ���    t|Mt
Notice ll  hereby given that i
late I int. 11,1 to apply totlwHoDoril ;���'ih<-(_*g|
i��yi itm ���
' ommlaslanerol Umisanti Woi..i,,r--.rnu_-._
lo pur. hn-* lbe   fnllnwing desi ril.-t  iHii.b.tm.l
ateln tbe Wwt Kootenay dlitrlel ��� li t\
I'aui Andre'i pre-eaption, ���unniK at ���
marked A.J. Long, N ft, tnimr,,i;   litmt^fl
ol  l^.wer  Arrow   lake,   ihcme   K 1 litini nel
theme 40 clialm aouth, tbenee kt rbaiaii
theme   W chains  north to point ol (--!iiih.ik��|
Paled ��t Nelson. B.C., thi* sib dayoflMl
tar. 1'JUR ,t J. Um, J
Wm. PoLuan tgeet
Notice u hereby given that ilxly 'U-n iftr
date I tut, ml ir. apply to the Homnal.lr IbeCWl
Commlaaioner nf f_ndsaml fforki b>r|<eniiiS��l
iu purehaae the IdUowtngdeeerlbetl ^iiiniunl
in Wi st Kootenaydlatrlel 1 Commem uiKitip-gl
planted ai Robert i oriett'i nortii
post  nml  nmrkfl  A. M's  N. W   I ,,rti.r U.-Mt |
east 0ebalna; tbenee torhatns toutb, ���ntf
leu to tlie Kootenay river; thence *��� ��� litiatWl
along   the   Kootenay   river;   thenre le d___Sj
north, more or less, to  the  place ol .���-__M>
mem, ct>nialnlng HO acres mure or ���___.
Hepf-mtiT 14th laofi.
.\^-T. tttlt,
 wk.lum Mooai iiAgMt I
Notice is hereby given lhal ft)ila*. - n\n r.\t\tW
iniend   lo  applv   to the Hon. the i'l
sioner of Unds  ami  Works for jh
mircha-M-   the   following   -b-i rii..   .     .:. :��� '.'.. * |
Wesi Kootenay dletrwt:  it.Binning it if
marked*.   D. Bell audi:. BalPi fl B
al>niit i miles eaal of the Balmon ru
', mile frnm the Tend d'Oreille m.
chains north;  ihence 40 chains wc
chains south; ihence ttonalttl cast
U-jiliiul  g-
I'ate.i (be Ond day of Hepumber. m*.
l; lisu.
R  M.Hmvi-.-, AgenL
,, f utr.nt-u
r and iW I
. Ihcirrll
itifirrS I
1. i.'iirt -af I
HottbS is hereby given IbStSDdari llUrwl
Inteml to npply (o tlie Honorable the ��� iin*ir��
mlssloner ol l.amlx and Work* f..r |-���nnl**��l��j}l|
Ptirchn-e lhe following de.Tlt-ed  Inn.I  ui*��
Kootenaj l>i-irl.*i aUmt ��i\ units s ti nl sm
ton Ciiy: com ni cue ini: al ���> l""i planted tin W
eaal bank otTronl eroci ��"<! marked '   1, ink;.
er's N   W. C. 1'iwt and rnnnliig smilh  to ebsiW
thenee eaat 80 ehajnii tbenoe mirth j�� clouw
tbence weit 80ebalni to the place ol cnmiihiaj
iiniil. eontaintngfUOHi'T.s more oi lr
Dated this Und day ol Aogwtuoa. ���
W. H. HamtToii, agenb.
Notice is herebv given thai ft�� day* ��� Mer-llU-fl
intend loapply lolhe lion. Chlel CommlMM
ol Unds and Works for pertni- ..>n l.M'urewS
the tnllowlng denerlbedliinl-. -i-unied in W
���\00U-nay illf-trlef. Cumraencliig at 1 |��n-im��t
ed "RHW fi, K eurner." planter! nn iheabessl
Lower Arrow lake, 01...>. 1 or, mile WSllA
(iordon cn-ek (Johnston ereek,) thence nortb JL
1 niun-. thence went 2i) . bains, tin ic'' stiulhSI
chains, thence eul ki ehains to p,mlolc*|
meneement containing Iftl acre- more orl<*|
aud comprising ahamlutietl pre emi ll "^W
Hlaketl this 24lh iIhv of August, 1'"
II. II. Wnl.tllt*|
A. s. Wolvihtos. tgast
Notloe Is hereby given ihaiBixtv.ui*-fr��ni'iisl
I inteml toappiy U> lhe Hou Chief 1 ,uiiini��Wa
ol Und- and \\ ..rks for pahnlmlon m i*lirfl2|
the following de-crila'd lands. s|nrt<iiR��<*nl
planted ou ti,,- Norlh West eormr.I \***M
tbence running   twentv chains South, lUM
twenty chalm Weatuienee lorti rlu ""SH
lhem*e l went v , Imi us Kant. UMnee twi niyOST
Soulb lo polnl nl  cuminenreiiienl, an i i*-*'
tug w neres nmre nr less.
__4MUQfl k Ki*��sSi-U^
W..I. lo*.**.Ap��J
Hated ihe 1st day DfOtftober, 1900.
Notice Is hen by given that 60 da1,-. .-
inteud to npply In the Honorabl'- the ' M1'',1*!
minloner of Und*: and Worli, fur j**!ml��w"
punbnse the fulluwlng deK*rllN-l ihii'I*."11?!
lu tne district of West Koolenn\, ad
TMI on the Mist it nn nf Kooiennv tak
dug at tin- Itlltiiil pn-,1 placed at tl
comer nf hot TOO, lbence north 20 cha..-. -r ...
west U eliains, tlience soutli 'ktt*haln**-"""���'M
east JU chains in i��dnl of eomnienccine'il. ���
Haled Aug   l.'uh, ItfurS.  J4��r.s 1 "*�����*_������
Notice Is hereby given that BO dayi *,,,,(lJV!il
inteml to apply to the Honorable il'* JSM
Contmisslouer of Umli end Work* ���'���*r.-nlSI
sinn to purehaae the followlng-ilc'rll*-* '���"-���
in the West Kootenay district; H, *-'l'-"1nfBS,��f
puM marked "Bleanor II inch's �� " n"JJ
and planted on the west shore of lhe iii^
W-hKialiaiifCarib-KiJIakcalrfiitl  ��'"' "";.v
mileseotlthOf Armw lake trail; Iheucewsjl
ehnins; tbenee east 4tl eliains more ot lw "
shnre ol the Narrows; thence followingWJJ
shore lu 11 general southcrlv ami we-icfJ
thin Mi chains more or less u��point "i ''',l1"
men 1, con tain log pvn acres mure or less.      ^
Dated uct. BthTllW kuu.hihi m""1
F. 1, HAsmown. AgeniJ
Notice Is herein gi veil t hal -.U '   ' ' ��� ' "    '.;,-.:!
liincn.Hu applVfljthe Hmi Cbfeli-flSiw'M
er Of Landiand  Worku fori-crm!-** .ZiM
Chaio the following described len'!*"''!*!
Kontenay district:   Heginning nl a )",fcl "nm|
"W. Beeorabc'i H K corner." ami pis'"'"'!
cast  shore  of   Whnlshnn (Cariboo)   *'���*'
two mile**;   imrth nf Ihe narrow*, ol
lake; theuee north BO ebalni; llll",,l. ,hi-��l
chains, mure nr lesy, u> the Ins'1 "'"'/'.'nihsUl
following the smd shore In n ge'i*���1 * Vll
and easterly direction 180 chains, mnrt <����� M
the point nf commeneemenl; contain"*   ���
acres, tnnre or leas.
Dnted ihi*- Hth duy nf Oct , IMM.       ���  t
,....�� PHYSIQUES.
If you fancy your figure has peculiarities no other has���you're wrong!
Every figure is normal.
If you have one shoulder higher than
the other���so have hundreds of other
We know that-We tailor clothes with
that knowledge and that is why we can
make 'em fit and keep their shape.
Semi ready Wardrobe, J. A. Gilker, Nelaon, B. C.
,. I, by given Hint nitty days alter
Ui npplv to Ihe Hunorable the
nliur of   Lands nnd   Works, fur
.-������-ji to purt-ieeethe tollowlngdoserlbed
Kootenay dlitrlot]  Beginning
i-d "Jatneati Knuter'aN.K. corner,
ih'.'l on   ibe   ensl   shore   nf   Wliatahao
...   mk,, about nm- half   mile   imrlli uf
:..*-.   ib< mi   sniilh 4<l chnins, more or
ei,., -..iimlary nf W. Bocomtn'l an-
>], :,, juireliase; theuue west along the Said
i iniiii-. more or less, tu the shore of
ilu rue fol'owing   tin* mi id shore III a
i.   and ensteriy direction  Ni
lesa, to polnl of eommenoement
uiu* Hm acres, more ur less.
J AMIS Q, I c mi.
F. I, II am mom). Agent.
. i* hereby given thatflOdan after date I
make application to thc Honorable lhe
iloner ol Unds and Works for per
���<���   | 'base   lhe   fnllowirig   described
ii !, ing hi ��� poM piaeed adjoining
corner poil uf Leon Waisnu's Ap
v !-. I iif haae, ruunlng to ehnins nnrth;
iM-bauis ttest; theuce HO chains south;
l, , bains cast.  t,i  point uf   i-nuiuieiice
��� iitniniiig Wi acres more or less.
���  inbei 13, IO0S,
H>   111* ��,-, III, KhN'KKT, W. ItoJIIN-nN
'   li)  given lhal 00 days afterdate I
'<> make Hpplfeatlon in the Honorable (he
.innil*-*iouer of Umih nnd Wurks for per-
. *���> --un Iiaiu the fnlliiwing deeeriDed
 imeiieingat aposl plseen ubout one
Vt     il - ii-.il   creek   ami   nhtnil   three
i,:Ii  il Uloitshnii tnke, running KOchntttt
sOehalni  West;  thence Hll . hains
nu ehaiiiN eaat to point of cum-
iitaiiilngMO acres more or less.
  1-;, INR,
I'Krrn Mi Nai uhton,
it*, his agent Kshist vt, ftoamaon
1 i reby given  lhat slxlv dayt. after
!��� ! ,iitend lo apply to the Hon the Chlof
.-,<-of l.nmh-mid  Works fnr permit- i
, base the following described land
"������-I Kooteuny dinlricl; Beginning al a
���*��� -   '     I.   It, Kell'l  N, B. corner." iml
* oreol ������' i-tj.ifi (t'aribno)Uke,
���I  eornei  nf said lake; thence Ho
i uee i'i chains south; ihenee "'
ince in chains Kouiti; n,cne.-ea-*
��� or I---- tn tlie shore of Ihe said
irtherly ahmg the said lake thore
or less, to ih- point of loiniiicn-
���*. 'lining -Ini Sens, more or leaa.
��� "���'   IJ, IWi, B. It. Kit I.,
F. I.. llAMMnXn, Agent.
o by given that to daya aller dat*
el 'o apply to the Honorable the Chlel
 '   of  Unds  ami Works for perm is-
*se the  following described lamls;
im hi ii noil   planted on tin* northeait
���'    I'der  HeNaughtan'l  application   lo
���*���    "Milling  m chaini   west   uhiiig   (he
"���   i ndary of mhuc;  theuce to chitlns
'���HU ebnins cant;  thence HU chaHis
���iu tbe woat boundary of John Kitinttn
icon in purehaae, to jMitnt ofeommonee-
���'uiiiiniiiB I'.fi acres, more or less.
 i 18,1908. Thomas smith,
������> lilh agent, Khnkj-tW   ROBINSON.
��� i- her.-bv given that 00 days after date
;' ��������� "I'l'if tothe Hon Chief CommlMloner
i-uml Works for permlmton to pureliase
!"nitig 'leaerlbod lands in Wesi Kootenay
Ii winning at a post marked, "Hc-rn-
lir-eii's*.. K. cornor," am) plnntod  on   lhe
"������ ��f the narrowaol Whatshan (Cariboo!
iini.ee n��rth ni chnins; thenee weel U
 '   "i  h-s, io lhe Shore Ol Wliatsliau
li'ine lollovfing  uni*!  Shore  Hi  a geiicral
���!* nnd easterly direction 130ohalni nmre
"'  "l loiitiiicuci'incni: coutalnliig
�� more or Ion.
i this Kih day of Oct IBM.
HEllMIAltli HlKni II,
V. I,. Hammond, Agent
i* isi��� reby givon thai ilxtydayiaiterdnle
"I loapplj inibe Hon. chkd Com in iwtmier
'l- nml W..rbH foriiernitsslon to purchase
"Ib'ttiriH    lescrlbod   lands   In   (lie   West
"iv di-tiict:   Hegiiiiiing at a poet marked
"iiiiiii. si ��� ���* \v, cortifr," aud planted ahoul
11 "nie easi of Hm tdinrc of Whatshan
"">  lake nml  nhnul  2 miles n.irlh of the
��� ��� ni im mi i \tlK:Vt tll|1| Hl tiif h. k, oorner
���rihm  Warren'i iippHcaiiuti iu purchasei
���(> ni-1  sn ctiHtSIBi   Ihenco  nnrth HO chiilli**:
������   vt -i mm hnlns to the northeait corner ot
*��� jirreii'f application to purcliaaei tlience
iiatns to poim of oommenoement con��
���' "��i acrei, more or leas.
1 'Hi, IWO, J. H, BntDfMi
K. L.JIammoNIi. Ag. :a.
' is bereby given mat to days alti��r dato I
1 '"Hpplj tu the llnnniable the Chlel Com
'��� i ot hands and Wnrks for ppnnlaslon to
1 >   'he following denrlbed lamls m the
aoiiltmny district: Hegliiulnx Ht a pust
'j Alexaudor hruser's N. W. enrner," and
u   on   lhe   out   nliore   of   tlie nnrroHN'��f
��� "���<< ICarlboo) bike, nt Ihofl B.corner ol
��� '���: Hirscb's  ujipiicn    to purchase;
' "H m chains; ihenee south to eliains;
" W'-sl t'lelniinN, mure or less, in tho shore
'ujrrowB; Ihence fnlhiwiug tlm said sliore
"iibcrly direction  HI) chains, more or less
i'uini nf commenoement containing "*���
mnrc or lesa.
* 'th, 1900, Al.KXANIIKK  FBAKKB,
by F.-L. Hammond, Agent-   _
���Iny* afterdate I piirpn.e making appli-
1 lotbe Hun. fbief Cnminlsllutler nf Lumls
��orki lor perniisi-lon tO ttuTOURSS lho fol-
���ig described inud:  Oommenelng ataposl
I'd about UK) yard!  west  nl the \Vlintslian
M""1 mid about Iwu  miles sniilh  nf  What
c, marked "B.C. 8'|-N K cornrr post,"
'hence mi  Hiatus   south;   theuco  to
cm; llienee HU chalna  norlh;   tlience to
��lt, to point of eniiniieiiceinent; contain-
-, ,    ���.morei
I-**'! the lOiiida*
��� less __M	
of Ootober, 1900,
it I . Skinn-u.
Pet R.HiilKl.1., Agent
f'^ daye ^lerdateT purpose making appli-
c Hon. liliicf Coiiintissiniier of f-nlidn
I , ���"���M't'rml-iiloiiio pureliase lhe fol
j. u-scrined IhiiiI: Commencing atapoit
'iciiorih east corner of H.C Khlniiur'n
Lr���!���_?_? ..0MPHroh.(U��, intirkod "11. H'H N. W
it,,, 'J1"'1"'1' following tlm eatt bound-
',_.., ! ,, ���'""uHHonili; tbenoe running mi
aai, thontte SO chains, norlh; thence Hi
t si io poim nt ctiinmeneemeui itnln
" n n more ur lena
Ml" IHtb dny nr Oelnlier, 1006.
1'er H, Hhikll, Ageut-
Europe  Fights 8tandard Oil.
Bremen- Oct. 20.���The Quropejui Pe-
troleun Union, which hai been organ-
lied here to fight the Standard on
oompany, haa nn initial capital or
$..,000,000. lt U backed hy the Botha-
child  company  ainl   Noble  IlroH.,  both
Ruaataa ooneerna. The Union in iic'siK-
nuii'ii as a HlUng Bgenoy, The cxlut-
Ing hcihhk agentdea in the varloui
oountrlea of Burope win be amalga*
mated and reorganised as sntMsothpa*
ales of the Union.
Front Page Filler.
Milwaukee, \vi..��� Oct. BO.���Harry
i-ewitt of Philadelphia got the decision
over Jaek Dougherty of this city In a
in-round hunt before   the   Milwaukee
HoxiiiK club last night. Dougherty
Waa floored twice, once in the fourth
with b right io tbe jaw, when be look
part of the count, una again iu thi1
serenth round- when he took a short
resl. The men finished comparatively
strong In a fast ending.
Nntice ts hereby giren llinl 00 dnys nfier dnle I
intend In apld) tu the Hon. Chlel t'ninmir-ilnner
ol Landl ami Works for permission to purchase
tho following 4eeerlbed lamln ntlunted In thc
u ������-! Kooteuny district: Be tuning nt u post
murked "William Keil's N \V. cnriter," nnd
|ilautc<i altoul pnS mih* suulli of (he north end
of U'lintshnn M *. n I ) Inkc, nhnul twenty chains
wesl of the west shore ul snid lake nud on tlie
south boundary uf K K. Ketl'1 a|ijillcatlon to
purchase; ibenee nouth Hii chains; theuee eust A)
ehalna, more or less, to tlie said lake shore;
thenee northerly along (In- snid shnre 80 rluiln*-.
Don   <t   le*.--,  In  the   Mid sniilh   hi dnry   of
K it. Kell'i apjiiicaiiuu in purehaae; thenee west
kt chains, mon* nr less to the point of < omincmo-
ment- coutnlnlng ho neres, more or less.
Dated Oct is, BW. wttuaa Kfii.,
 Ity K I. Hammomi, Agent.
Certificate of Improvem.nts
HgQltpee No. 2," "Vcvoy," "Happy MiHlium,*'
"luicrnational" and "A ta Kractloiial" nun
-������[-���ii claims, sit untcd iu llie sloean Citv Miiiiug
Imi oi Wesl Kooienav district.   '
Where located :-Norlh of Twelve Mile creek,
ahout two miles up.
Take noiiee thnt I, H. K Jnrnud, of Slocan, R.
0., Krce Miner's i ertificate No. UT8800, ns agent
for I,. A. ('ole. Free Miller's Certlflcale No. hli.il.
Intend, sixty days Irom the date hereof, toanp y
tothe Mining Rccnrder Inr a Certificate nf lm-
provemenl*, Inr t ho puriinseiifuhtnlnlng a Crown
*��� run.t of said nilueral claims
And further lake   notice thai action, uii'er
Section 17, mug) he commenced before the Ihu-
am f such lertllicatenf fmprnveilielits.
Hated lliis JOlii dny olHeplemlier, I'.sKi.
H. K. Jol'.ANIi.
Notice  Is  herehy given Hint, thirty dnys after
date, 1 inieml to apply la the Honorable Hie
Chief Ciunmlssiniier bl  lamls and Works for a
special lleenaetooul end carry away timber from
lho fnllowlug  described   lands, iftuetQ In (ho
Wesl hoot, nny dlsirlct;
Cuiiimciicing at a (Hist marked I'red Alkfnsnu'H
northweet corner pnsi, planted altoutone mile
east nf I' |>p*-i' Arruw lake nud jniiiing *LptS8el
thence easl B0 chains, llienee south m chains,
thenee west SU chalus, llienee norlh B0 chains lo
pniut of commencement
Hated this -ith dnr nf October. 1000.
i'i-ki* Atkinson,
Chas Km.	
Take notice thnt to dnys alter dale we Intend
making application in the llouorable the chief
Cotninhisioiier nf Lauds ami Works for a special
license lo cut and carry away tlmher from the
fnlhuUng deserlbod In ml*-. Commencing at a
post ihhi tlie southeast euruer nf lhe K.,.H
Railway- I "I BV). near Little Olacicr creek,
runiiln'g   thence nnrth    I'-n chains;  thence ensl
OOi'halnii thenoe south 160 ehalni I tlience west
in. iniiii'-to polnl of commencement.
Hilled, Hepieuibcr IHth, IBM,
______ Haniki. TtniMKy, Agent.
Notice I- herehv given that 80 days afler dale I
Intend to applj En ihe Hon. theChlaj Oommla
��|oner ol Lands ami Works for a snec'nl licence
tn eul nud earrv a���* uy tlmher from the following
deicrlbed lninls, silimte iu West Kootenay district : Commencing m a post on Robinson creek,
tjiicc iiiiarleis of a mile northwest of Lurcher's
nre ���ciuptimi. tbei.'ic west Sh chains, thence mirth
80 chaini, Ihcnce cast Ht) chains, Ihcnce suuth ni
.���tiiiiii*- lu ii Hit of coinmencomont,
Located July 96th,1906.
 GSo, Hrniu-iisoN, Uicntor.
I'nderaml hy virtue of the powers of sale contained In acerlain mortgage whicli will he produced nt the lime of sale. Ihcrc will he offered
for sale by nubile auction on Saturday the antli
.lav" of October, 1906, tit the tmiir of 13 o'<-]ock
���,7.,.ii nt thc llolel Hume, comer of Ward nmi
Vernon Stroetl, Nelson, H. C, hy Messrs. Churles
. WiitcriuHU ,_ Co., tlie following property, viz:
i oil numbers fifteen Clt) nnd sixteen fir.), both
in 'mock number ten (in), belna pari at the miI��
, ...j,,., of Lot number ninety six, UfOUP one,
h the district of Kootenay, Hritish Columbia,
ihhi known hs the Hume addition to Neltonj
V C   neeurdiug In a  nnip nr plan ilepiislteil in
ilio Land itcgtstry office ninl numbered U84 B.
Ifnon tlicsnld land is erected a large nnd com-
mm inns dwelling house in llrst-clasHitrdyr, with
citv water. This property Is not far from the
bn .ncss portion ol the city.
Termi end idlMons made known at the lime
���,,���,.,,, in tho meantime upon application to
'*' KliWAIlH A  UltKA-lB,
Mnrlgagee's HoMeltor.
Dated at Nelion the nth day of aepl. 1W6.
The Daly Canadian
Chrlet'e Question as to the Relation of
the   Cure   of   Body   and   Mind--
Services Tomorrow.
Tomorrow will bo tho nlnetecnlh
Sunday after Trinity. No holy dnys
occur during lhe week following.
Tho gospel for tin? duy contain,.  St.
Mntttii'w'H account of tho healing of
tbe niun "etch of tbe palsy." Thin miracle wuh performed in ills own city
nmi tin* Hick niun fftl ht-oiiK.it to Ilini
t.i be li'iiN-fl hy  ills DWii fi'lliiw-lownH-
nit'ii or Naziiirih, among whom lie bad
prown to manhood,
Tin- quesUon "Wbotbeir it in eaaior
to say. Thy hIiih be forgiven thnc,' or
(o say 'Arlie and walk.' ami the an*
nwor given by tbe act of Chrlat, forms
one of ih<> problenu to which Ohriitian
Bctenoe Ih an attempt to answor .
The fulliiwInK st-rvrccs aro announced
for tomorrow In tho churches of Nel
Church of England���Ht, Saviour's,
cor. Ward and Silica streets; nine?
H't'iiih Sunday after Trinity: holy communion, 8 a. m.; morning prayer ami
holy communion, 11 a, in.; children's
service, 2:UO p. m.; evensong. 7:30 p.
tn.   Rev. F. II. Graham- rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Im*
maculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low mass. 8 a. m.; hi**,)'- mass,
10:30 n. m.; evening service, 7:80 p. ra
Rev. Father AllhofT, prlesl.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Koolenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev.
J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Meihodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine slreets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. ni.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev. It. N.
Powell,   pastor.
Baptlal church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m_i even
!ng service, 7:30 p, tn.; Sunday school,
2:30 p. tn. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Vlc>
torla street, west of Josephine:    8pe-
cial services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
Salvation Army Week.
Everybody Ih cordially Invited to attend all meetings held in the Salvation
Army citadel on Victoria street tonight
nt 8 p. ni., and all day tomorrow.
Tomorrow afternoon at 3 p. m., the
meeting will bu conducted hy Captain
Florence Pogitu from Portland, Ore.,
assisted by the local officers and soldiers.
On Thursday evening Ihe Salvation
Army will hold their opffea and cake
social.     Several   reel(at ions.  hoIoh  and
duels, as well as Instrumental music
will   be  ou   ibe  program   and   a  good
time is anticipated.
Solving the Problems   for   Men   In   an
Eaey Way.
Until the advent of the Semi-ready
tailoring, the pureliuse of a full dress
suit or a Tuxedo was a $40 or $60 affair���and a lottery. The lottery was
In thu finish, for few tailors can get
the real Style of Ibis garment, as tliey
hnvo only a few chances a year.
Semi-ready dress suits are tailored
on the physique type system so that
(very man is sure of his exact fit and
tho correct length for his figure. A
silk faced coat, with vest nnd trousers,
in fine Muck cheviot, for $25 ut any
Semi-ready  Wardrobe.
J. A. Gilker, the pioneer merchant
of Nelson, has secured the agency for
lhe incomparable Semi-ready tailoring.
Ballot Stuffer Acquitted.
Regina, Sask., Oct. 20,���The indictment against Sinclair, the self-confessed ballot-box stuffer in Prince Albert
titling, was quaahed by decision of tbe
courl en banc yesterday afternoon.
The technical objections were supported. The decision on tbe controverted
elections appeal, on which all the Saskatchewan election appeals, numbering 32, of the sitting members, is held
unlil  15 o'clock on  Monday next
Hard labor ls a plaster that allevlati -.
Ihe pains of the mind.	
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offlce:  Toronto.
REST 11,2X0,000.
D. B. WILKIK, Prwidont.        HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vio_ Pre-ideiH
Branches in British Columbia:
D-po-it�� TOO-iT-d and iu'��re-t allowud at current raton from date of opening ao-
count and credited half-yi'iirly
inhi.soin branch ��I.   M.   l.AY, Manager.
The ^yal ^ank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts of firms and Individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches  in   British   Columbia.
Special   attention   to oul  of town  business.
T. B. KENNY, Pros., Halifax.       ID. L, FEAShl, General Manager, Montreal.
P. Burns & Co.
Branch Market* in   Riwslaml,  Trail,   Nelson, Kaalo,   Sandon, Three Forks,
Denver anil Sloean City.
Silver King Hotel
B��8t Dollar a day honae in the Kootenays.
Roomi tre well (ur-l.liosl.   -tble s.1 Roosl su my
In Nssls-ssn.    Rar supplied with goosl
llsnissr. .usl clatrt.
W. E  McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tfemont House
Knropatu _ii<_ AmnrKmo H��n
Uaali k> oU.   Roomi Iron 'ift oU. to fl
Ouly White Hutp Kmplofo-1.
Bftker St., NelMn Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Fro pr k*l or.
Best Dollar-a-Day House io Nelson.
The H��r li lho Flneit.
White Help Only .employed.
JiMephlne Bl.
The Big Schooner TV^       *JA
Or "H_(__-H_r'   Dvvl   IvL.
Tho ouly Ohus of Qood Boor iu Nelson.
Ilssl.l ssi's'siiiiiiismIhIssisi!- .eililinl to nolle III JI rl t -
l.ls rsiliiisil,!.. IliiSr. ,Is.'|s,r sissy. H|sei'UI rate,
tn iisssssthly IssissisIstn. Only Itoiisi- llolel 111 Nvl.oil
Lake View Hotel
'���irn-'r Hall -tnd Vornon,
two blockt. from wharf.
Kale* 1100 per day and up,
..i-pi.-i.e'?!..      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Bample and Balls Rooma Free.
Opposite Court Home and Post Office.
Corner Ward -nd Vernon Streets.
Tn�� Strathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample   Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. G.
Lighted by Eleofarioity and
Heated try Hot Air
Us/'s and Comfortable Bedroom, and Firft-
11... I nssliiK Room. Sample Booma lor rummer-
till HI. 11.
MRS. B. IJ. rl.AKKK, Proprletreaa
The well known
Onr Boer Garden is
the Finest in the
J. CROW,   -   -  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rata. |1 and 91 .A0 a Pay.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Wholeialsi and Retail Dealer, In
Fresh and Salted Meats
( .mipH Bnpplied 011 short .'st uotice and
lowrst prico. Nothing bnt fn-sh and
wholesome nicattt nnd snppleA kept in htiK-h
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Ordera by mall to nny brunch will liave
our prompt and -awful attention.
Head Office: Nelaon, B.C.
W.   O.   aiLLETT
Contruutor arid
Bolu nt;ciit fi.r thi> Porto RlpO Luml-er Co., Ltd..
retail ynnls. (tough an*l il n-suil himhor, lurnnu
work mnl braiktls, Ctiast latli ami sli iuf-lcs, phhIi
and iinnrs.    Content- ln-i-'k and Mine for sale.
AlllnlllBlli* Krillil.T.
Yard and liwtory: Vernon Ht.. eautol Halt,
NBLSON,   I*. C.
P. O. Box _K2. Telephone 17S.
West Transfer Co.
General ToHinsters and Dealer- in
Goal aud Woo'.   Express uud
BnKgOKc Transfer
��_.fcj. Office: Baker St.
Residence for Sale.
Price $1,000
Terms $1-0 cash
linliuiris monthly juiym.-iitH
House and Two Lots for Sale in
Hume Addition. The house has
five rooms and a large basement
and is well situated.
H. & M. BIRD,
;>:sr,...>c.7.   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Actea
of the
Choicest Pratt Landi In
British CowwiDia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get thc ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
busch...       Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
NELSON       *����� ���*__,_-__}.. r,t,-H    VICTORIA
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importnr of Pin*
I.muMmI.   QoodB
Jtio. T. Pierre
Baker St. N.lwin, B. C.
EAST from Medicine Hat
8T. PAUL, Dally.
TORONTO, Wed., Frl., Sun.
MONTREAL, Tue.,' Thur., Mon.
BOSTON,   Saturday.
West from Revelstoke
Dally Standard Sleep.r
For  berths,  rates or detailed  Information apply to local agents or write
A.s.1.1'.,., Vsuis'onvtsr. D. P. A..Nelson
Thirty-non. Aooul CorsTtnllon
Amerian Bankers'
St. Louis. M- . Oct. 16-19. 1906
HmiiKl trip rntt-H to8t. Luiilrt
Rinl c'hii-Hgu on 8hIu Ot-tobvr
l-tl> to l!th.
Kt. Louis..
.'hi'-af-.". .
GultiK tranalt limit tou dnys
froi.i iiatoul .Suit*-. Final return
limit November Doth, 1906.
Sound Trip Rates to Southern
In effort < nudu-r J..tli. 1906, on
sal,.* ,l:iiiv, llinlle. to 3 niiiiittir*
from dat*. of sale.
oh AiiK**!.-** ainl Santa Barbara.   t85.tO
huHtdeu t6.io
ftaiita Monica. ft.20
Kivi-rsiih*-uni Sun Hi-irnartilno tt.io
Ki-tllatids  $9,70
Fur Kurlber rnlormatioti Apply to
City 1 'h.-,.-,.-iinor Aftput.
A 11- P. A., Real tie.
UHRB The Daily Canadian
Book Ahead-For!
|Preserving Pears:
���        :
Tho right  kind arc scarce.   We ���
J   have n nico lot of   local Baitlefctfl **,
and Flemish B*'fuit.fs to arrive J
Lowest market price? guaranteed J
iBell Trading!
Company        $
Coal and
Telephone 265
Do you remember that
The apple you took from,
the tree when you were a;
nice it tasted then.
J lb. box   -   50c
1-2 lb. box -   30c
n   ���   Roodi ���*:<  h- Bn. u the mor.expooitvfl
klndt, _bfl only (lifft-rciuM.- is the packagf.
Phimi- ���.'.".. Baker St.
Next P. Bonis & Co.
Cur, Vernon end Ward  Stru-tH,
>Bl-_OsS-.   B. C.
J   FKKD HUME. Proprietor.
J. .1 .Mat'kiiy. Vancouver; .1. W, Ash
down, Winnipeg; G. S. Taylor, Portland; E. M. Klruy, Ottawa; K. Weaver,
Victoria: N. T. McLeod, Lethbrldge;
���I. S. Nelll, T. W. Story. P. L. Lewis,
Montreal; s. C. Thlele, Spokane; W.
II. Hudson. Halcyon; C. W, Parker,
Winnipeg;   C.  li.  Phillips, Toronto;  0.
C. Dayfoot, Georgetown.
P. S. Cinildrey, Kossland;  N. 1). Da-
ru, India;   J. K. Itobertson.  Winnipeg;
.1.   A.  Wright,  Montreal;   D.   K.  Hook,
Vancouver; C, Olmstead, New York; F.
G.  Kaquier,  Needles:   A.  McMahon, C.
CampliBSOn, Arrowhead.
W.   II. Cawley,    Mrs.  S.   M.    Larson
ami son. C. Fritz. Salmo: P. F. Goden-
raih.   Victoria:    H.    llodgins.    Greenwood;  L. Ii. Avery, Vmir; .Miss J. 11.
Scott. Winnipeg.
.1. B. Rowley, A. H. Anderson, Bay-
G. Stewart, . Thomasson, D. Savage,
Mrs. .1. C. Knight nnil children, Ross
laml; .1. Thompson, A. Simons, F. Butcher,  Revelstoke.
A. Smith,  I'. Flood, Mrs. Flood, Moyie;  .1. A. Callaghan, Tunnel;  .Mrs. L.
Moore,  Toronto;   D.  Campbell,  Winnipeg. _  \ jjgfr
A.    Olabn.    Rossland;     M.    Larson,
.1.  Haniill.  Sandon;    G.    Thompson,
Cranbrook;  D. Mcintosh,  D,  McLeod,
D. McDonald, A. Morrison, IJ. A. McLeod, Francis; .1. E. Bigham, Rossland; .1. Campbell, Blue Bell mine; V.
Dynes. Greenwood;  .1.  Daly, Minneap-
| olis; \v. Moore, Beasley.
has some just like them,
Come and sample some.
JOY will meet you
at the door.
[joy's Cash Groceryj
Cor. Josephine ru<1 Mill.-:-.      1'heme 19
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find ii to their advantage to nse our Piteti.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Sherman's Opera House
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
October 22nd, 23rd and 24th
Canada's Favorite Comedian, and
Nelson's  Favorite Soprano.
MONDAY���"The   Governor's   Wife.
Prices 50c. 75. $1.00.
Seals on Sale at iluth-rford- Friil.iv
Thorpe's Lithia I
Thorpe & Co'y>
FRIDAY, October 26
and Saturday Matinee. Oct. 27th.
Westminster Abbey Choir
Seals -Oc, 75c, 11.00.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you wanl to buy or Bell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese floods now on sale. All
kinds of Dlnnerware in stock. Prt-
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Dome, tic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thiirman's Sj*dal Hiitore?
Silver   has    reached    Tu   cents   an
ounce on ihe New  Vuik market today.
Born, at the Home hospital, on
Thursday, to the wife of x. Cbiaholm,
oi Alnsworth, u son.
Ai ihe Methodist ohuroh tomorrow
evening the subject Of tlie sermon will
be, "Will a Man Leave Cod?" The
choir will render the anthem, "Abide
With   -Me."
Work has commented on tlie new
Hume school. Kxcavalions for the
foundation are being made and the
lumber necessary fur the building is
uow on the ground.
Tomorrow will be observed as Harvest Thanksgiving Sunday in Sl. Paul's
Presbyterian church. Offerings will
lu* reoelved for the general assembly's
Horn.- Mission hind. There will 'be
Special  music at  lhe evening  service.
Good progress Is heing made with
Iho arrangements for the sealing,
staging, lighting and heating of Agricultural hall for the Uoscians' Hallowe'en engagement, and also for improving the acoustic properties of the
At a special meeting of tlie Xelson
branch of the Anti-Tuberculosis society, held in the city hall yesterday af-
ternoon, a short const it in ion was
adopted setting forth the objects of
association, already well known. Ac-
live canvassing for subscriptions will
begin shortly, as it is desired to begin
work on the building of the sanftorium
at the first of the year. The city
clergy are asked to aid. The branch
will meet in the city hall at 8 p. m.
the first Friday in each month, beginning with Novemelir. Lodges will be
granted one representative for each $"��
Regular Business of October Transact*
er���Janitor  Resigns.
The regular monthly meeting of the
board of school trustees was held in
the secretary's office last night at 8
o'clock. There were present, A. D.
Emory, chairman; Dr. Arthur, Dr.
Hall and F. W. Swannell.
The minutes of the last regular and
two special meetings were read and
adopted. The finance committee's report recommending payment of salaries and miscellaneous accounts for
October was passed.
The resignation of F. Swannell as
janitor of the public schools���a position he has filled for seven years-
was received. It was accepted, to take
effect on November 80, and the secretary was instructed to advertise for applications for the position, to be received before the regular meting on
November 16.
Price of Metals.
Xew  York,    Oct.    20.���Silver,
copper,  20%c;   lead,   $5.75.
London,  Oct.  20.���Silver,   _2%d.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clear out this line
we are reducing tho price to
40e. We only have a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in stHpleand fancy Groceries.
1.inter,  Kggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
50 MKN, al niitst, for work In Ills. Wlmslii. Apply
l��� W. K. ���������.,.. .siisisilll, Ksihlss.
I..HIV STKNO'SIIAI'IIEK fssr psiislltssii 111 I'sissntry.
lioosl linnst' wills vmployer'n (-mil)'. Apply
rsox W . I'Himsllan office.
BIHIIMKX, Mill llss is,|. ,iii,I toning Ciuum-inn,,
-ls-�� B-glOMf W-ii,,l,ur(. Liinilicr I:,,., ntstsr
i:rnnbn��ok, B. 0
1,'OMI'K.tNT   M.'RH-   UIRL.    P1T0   islillilr.su.
Apply bun 013.
I have put Iu a Cine line of Silver-
war .for Xmas trade. This lu Ih ufiii
est Hue of Triple Plated Silverware to
lie had.    Every piece Is guaranteed.
Make  an  early selection    lor    j
Xmas presents.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Jo-ephino Sts.
Potter & Cummings
We want lo clear out every Framed
Picture we have in the place, ami wo
have put such greatly reduced prices
on them as will make lheni go.
Original Price Reduced Price
.75 ( .40
$1.00 70 and    .75
1.25 85  nml    .90
1.5D   1.00
2.00   1.25
2.75       1.96
4.25   2 90
6.00 3.75
6.50 3.90
W. G. Thomson
���T��A0S_hER and Nelson, B.C.
Phone 34.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throng-out Nelsou
aud its Bubnrbs. Phone 148.
Trains ana Boats.
Crow  hoat���Hour late.
Slocan train���Half hour late.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland  train
���On time.
It's easy for a woman to keep secrets
thai are nol  interesting.
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Canada Drug f. Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
How   Ahout    Voi:f
(juns -and
We bllVQ Kley's, Kynrx-k's, Winchester, and OogSweU <fc
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynoek'H, Wincliefifi-r and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Belts,
Coats, Pants, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box <>..!      Nelson, B. C
best.     Try a pound with
your next order.
Money refunded if  not  satisfactory.
Telephone llll.
Municipality of the City of Nelson
Any mii'c or femal-.*, b-Slng a Ilrltlr-tli lUbject of
the fall age of -'i yeete, woo Iibf paid km tbs
rules ami taxes for lhe cnirreni yeur, uiu) Iihr
cotiltniiniihly rest'leil within the iiiiiiili*lji*ilttv
Bine*, the firm du of January, I**, anil whn In a
hoiuebolder <>r lioettu bolder within lbs muni-
cipality, may reni.-ter a- a voter fnr tlm your tftiT,
if the iieieni-Hry -lf---lu.rnl.-ii-- In .h'p.ifiile.l  at  Ihi*
offlCa on or before Oot, 81 next, iVrimiB i-uaify-
Ing ai licetue holden. who art* not property
owners, muni attend to rr-jtislrMJuii of their
niirni***. on  thc  lint.   lY-mmi*-*  who have hvcitine
property owoeri within the miuihij-aiity **iin*u
Dec.8Utt 1906-.are requested to inform tbe uu-
���!��� i -ii*ii' 'i at once.
W. K. WA880N,C. U 0.
City Clerk'i office, NeUon, h. c, on. ih. iwc
Talking ahout it will neither put a
piano into your home nor bring bftok
the (Jays���valuahle days��� ymir dftUgh>
ier is unstlnK. Let iih loll you how
eaay we will make ii for you NOW to
give your family the piano they have
wished for so long.
"Acts INot Words"
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Improved Kootenay
Fruit Ranch for Sale
Money maker frnm the start, con-
tulniiiK ii aorea of first olasa trull _otl,
level as a floor, every inch nnilor cultivation ; water running through the
Iin misos; 1000 fruit troen iilnntoil,
some flvo years old nnil bearing, balance three years olil anil will bear next Hummer; large quantities of
raspberries, strawberries anil other snliill fruits; dwelling house;
stables; root houses; waggons; horses; tools; fully fenced. Wc
positively guarantee that there is nm a finer ranch on Kootenny lake.
This place Is situated 18 miles easl of Nelson on the shore of Root-
Is within one-quarter mile of good steamboat landing, and
"   "   n. station. Price $5,000.
enay lake
one-quarter mile from C.
... HAIR
Numerous Designs and Low Prices
Call and Inspect.
J. J. WALKER, ���""����*����2^
'    Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Sheetiiietnl Work, Tastings, lliiililer;,' Material uml Mining and Mill Kaohbww,
Offlce and Works Foot of l'ork St.
I'll..,..--   JIM.
ma>.\. u:i*.
INtflMon,   |i. (;_
Starkey & Co.,
Kootenay Agents
R. A.Rogers & Co.
Limited, Winnipeg.
Wlioiw.Kiiii,- F-Vovl-alontA,
I 'niilii.-,
Dominion Government Oreamenr one Pomul Hriek.n rooeived weekly fn-sii
from the chum.    ��*or sale by all leading grocers.
Ofllce anil warehouse: Houston Misok,    I'hotio 79.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C
Don't Forget
Is your furnace In shape to start the winter with?    If  cot,  N0W
ls the time to have It repaired.
I. E Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd.
PLEASE NOTE���We will not be responsible for any furnace not inshapf
by October 1st, 1900.
R.  W.  HINTON '
Wcimlrlisii antl .lohhlnu ssutultsl with Ilea put ull.   Klieal Mctfll
\v.>rk, Mlnlsi, ,i,ul Mill Mnuhlnury.     M.inul.ictiii-u.-m ��<
Or�� Ultra,   U.  U.   Clint rut-tora-   Cura.
c���aRofHs>i���.    iXELSOIN,    B.  C. K��
Wc Will SeU
500 International Coal     -       65c
10 Marconi, Canadian    -    $2,7$
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice     -   9 l-2c
McDermid & McHatdy
1 Just Arrived!
A large consignment of
All ,Sizon nml Lowest Prices
MANUFACTURERS   T ���^t*^    CtL*       1
AND DEALERS IN   l^tttliDetf*  OhltlglZS*
Lath, Mouldingrs, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work and HrackeU Mail Orders uroniptly atteaded !�����
-   -   ���   NHU80N. B. C.
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay Range?
Because we cannot procure a  better, taking into ac
count design, workmanship, cooking qualities and price
We will be pleased to show you Its good points.
Woodt-Vallance Hardware Co'y


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