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The Daily Canadian Sep 26, 1907

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 -"��*_ umslativ,
u v
rr___i>,      ~-*������
^O* -,j
;mH 2.    No. 97
Fiptt Cbnts a Month
lie Mur Line Plans
Faster Ship
Lions To Be Faced in Construe-
j lion���Advertising Value oi
Record Breaking Run.
,-�� York, Sept 16.-  So keen Is the
among tie  great   trims-Atlantic
mpanies,   and   bo   control-
g [sctor in   ilielr  business  Ib  the
[ value uf a  record breaking
���.. thai the l.uslianla had not ar-
|0 Ne��   Tort   before   the   While
;...,   hiiil announced  its Intention
IbuiMiLK*   a   still   larger   and   faster
ad  nnd   Wolff,  the  great
lit shipwright*,    have   undertaken
li      id, which callB ror a vessel to
��� I of 80 knots an hour.
��� .:.'. restlnj specification of
| . Un. r will be her engines.
jam tin- old   reciprocating type  Ib
\k lila-nded vilili ihe modern turbine.
xv of Hi.   recent triumphs of the
n  to  tbe   reciprocating
:..   ii . iu   lr>   ho  a   step   backward.
tor this reason some  experts  are
Ucttng lallure for the White
\  fair aleductlon from the
B-inrt'tiH nl ia that the turbine In the
puuiia has alinost reached Its high-
i of development   posBlble  In
k . *.inc-an.    Thua Is raised
I.        o of the limitations to which
I unships, like builders of
\    .  . ;       are ���ub'ocU    One who
ni.thins;    about    Rteamnlnp  con-
i. ghl  suppoSS  that   If a tor-
,.i be built to dart through
|nter 11 ��� knots nn hour, It ought
omparatlvely aiisy to build a
r ihlp with equal Bpeed.
��� is.lnt Is that than- Is very little
J], between tha> torjied0 boat ami
nn li. viia.unal. "The whole pur-
��� ..I tha- destroyer Is auinmed up In
*m-sp<-al. Inn. while It Is common
"iitli to sny ihat the steamship coin-
are sacrllblng everything to
- .'. men!   Is   only  a   runKb
tulmatlons ol the truth. They have
the safety nnil comfort of
I ;..*--1.1;.-is. anil, above all, the cobI.
n torpedo-beai doHtroyer'B value
ktit Ik- a lilllioii ilailliirs. If at 'soma
Jill. Ill III.- safety of the nail.in Bhould
Had ..n her .-nlra halt knot of speed.
i- l.'iili l.y a iri.v.'rnma.nl. and no
ol money is tiai great to lavish
I her .nnstnictlon. A slenmahlr I*
tentlally a business Invi-stni.'nt. No
iell.li- oompany will build a ship that
f not tarn iIIvI.I.-iiiIh ln Borne way,
'. np'aklim. there nre two
I of a steamship s_r_t__ money���
'I'ir.'lK     nnil     freight.        Passengers
int in..i.. thag speed, and for freight
f". iniiB. be a far .-renter cubic capa-
ly In n vessel's linlil than Ih necessary
pet (oi the oomfort of ihe rnysirm*"**
I'll. |.,.,,|| ,,f ,),,. ���snsl, Jj( H innttaT
| ' ���'    "���   maximum of one Ih nttallnal
Ihe ���aerifies of the other,
p-eci  eful steamship oonstruetlon l.��-
���tersl  a  matter or oottfpro-
ThS     ''MH'llle    HI ll     Of     111!"     ll.'H-
fttt aim i���. attained, it in Huid. only
'h.   coat  uf a  vibration  lhat  would
pit., tha voyage n Bartons discomfort,
��l urily  i,j   sacrificing    a    vnsl   urea
Msr-rlse   devoted   to   lhe   carriage   of
r-'-'i'     iin  siiili  a  vessel,  u gigantic
Ji'siiuaiT ������ i-onsiriictlon.    lt would be
J  Ibk to oroas ths ocean ln four days.
(are would be about $1,111x1 tor s
f"gli' trip.    One  of  ths  great  advan-
P-*'* or the turbine Is thut not only
f "s 11 make a greater dsgrss or speed
���'''''''��� "'i'  It  iIiiiih ho without  a  pro-
K""""'u" aaortfles of comfort.   In tact,
' iu lease, vibration.   It also re
engine room force, and   the
>y of accidents to machine!** is
Let anyone Imagine a pile of coal containing 5.000 Ions that has to be nhovel-
>-d by hand Into the furnaces, and shoveled out lu tthe shape of aBhes, all within live days. Moreover, It has to be
burned intelligently and economically.
Apparently, the designers tor the White
Star Line believe they can Bnatch an
idea or two from the turbine, combine
It with the reciprocating engine and
have a product superior to either. This
union, ub an American engineer Bays,
reminds him of the first use to which
Kteam waa put on a boat���the raising
of water to fall upon the paddle-
The great value of a record-breaking
Kteumer la not altogether in her earning capacity as a pasHenger or freight
carrier, but ln her advertising power.
It Is a conservative estimate to value
at a million dollars the newspaper
apses that has been given lo the Lusitanla ln the paBt ten days. All over the
world tier name and fama- have spread,
anal will continue to apread an long aa
her possible speed remains unknown.
If she should be surpassed by the
White Star liner, the latter will become
ihe talk of the world, and in cases of
the kind speed is so much silver to the
Pamphlet Issued to Public In Which Attack on  Monopoly  is Called
Political Trick.
New York, Sept. "6��� The Standard
Oil company has Issued ln the laat
month four million copies of Ita pamphlet labelled "From the Directors of
the Standard Oil Company to Its Employees and Stockholders." The pamphlet is being distributed not only to those
to whom lt was addressed but Bent
broadcast among oil consumers. It Is
being given away through dealers with
the sale of a gallon of oil. The pamphlet, a summary of which was published
a month or more -go, dealB with the
��2C."10.000 fine Imposed upon the Standard Oil company, of Indiana, by Judge
I-andlB. In "A Word In Advance" lt
alleges that tbe Standard Oil company
is the victim of a persistent and adlrot
attack on the pan of the federal authorities. Then follows n statement by
JamcB A. Moffett. president of the Standard Ool Company of Indiana, In which
he defends the bIx per cent rate allowed by the government.
New  York  Board  of  Education  Doubts
Success of  Moral   Suasion.
New York. Sept. 26.���The board of
education has ordered an Investigation
to determine whether the abolition of
cori-oral punishment haB been beneficial
or detrimental to the system. The Inquiry will be conducted by a special
committee to be appointed by President
Wlnthrop. The opinions of superintendents and principals of schools will
lie Bought. Moral Buaslon Ib used entirely now in the schools in disciplining
pupils. In the opinion of aome school
commissioners It has proved utterly Inadequate to maintain good order and
discipline. Any return to corporal punishment will be bitterly contested, how-
over. Many commissioners believe corporal punishment to be barbarous. Commissioner Jones of Brooklyn, lntroduce.1
the resolution looking to the Investlga
tlon. immediately Commissioner Kuiih
ler moved that It be laid on the table,
but the motion to lay on the table -as
totS-tad l.y a vote of ID to 10. and the
original resolution was adopted.
I*-8*-, 'mt It does not lessen  lhe  space
���pairs. ,���,. th��� boller,jno_ UlL,h. >u_
Iffl'tf   "   *���*"���*"���-���-*   1"   �����"���'   way   the
W^^rot .riving a Urge hull through
11.nl " "' "" '������"���"nous apeed, ho-
b��,.,���!"', K "'" ���'���������.���������'������tlam of more
** *""<���' engines possible.
|Mi��_ m"''''""' a" ������'���niarko-1.  does  not
knur,,-, ,,'''m co-**"i'��l>��on, on the
Jtion ������,;,, """;"" ���*'���-���������''-������ con��unip.
ftl, prowl       ���'-" hero l8 '"������"'������'���r
than r, iii,',."!' "'" '"������,l'*>nin bums more
MOO ton8 of coal on a single trip.
W.ioleiale Prosecution.
Washington, D. C, Sept. 26���Uulted
Stales district attorneys ln various
parts of the country today were Instructed by Attorney-General llonaparte to
Institute B.iltB against a larg" number or
railroad companies to recover ptn-i-ss
Incurred for alleged violations of th,
safety appliance law. The depart ment
of jUBli.-e and the Intel-slate coiiimeri*.*
commission huve decided upon a rigid
enforcement of this law. The facta
upon which the proaecution arc to be
baaed were developed by Inspectors of
tho ooiiitnlHHlon. The n.tmbeiB of viola-
llona aggregate 287. Among the lines
mado defendants, together with the
number of violations charged against
each company are: Illinois Central. 4;
Chicago. It. I. & 1-acltlc.G; Northern l'a-
cine, 86;  and Great Northern 81.
Manufacturers' Association Excited
Coidemas Failure oi Dominion Government to Aid Immigration
of Artisans.
Toronto, Sept. _!G.���That the governments, both provincial and Dominion,
are labor parties, waa the opinion ex-
pres-ied at the meeting of the parliamentary committee of the* Canadian
Manufacturers' Auaociation yesterday.
The manufacturers lay the whole blame
for the dearth of skilled workmen and
the agitation against the Hritish Immigrants at the doors of the government
and labor party. Many were the heated
remarks when it wus pointed out in the
committee's reports that the government could offer little help for the situation.
"To pay a commission for bringing
out laborers, and to refuse to pay it for
bringing out urtlzans would indicate
that in the opiniun of the government,
the man who digs a ditch is worth more
to Canada than the man who builds a
house," said Secretary Rogers.
T. J. Thorne, of Toronto, said the
view taken by the government was that
the tax payers' money should not be
used to bring out men who will compete
with them ln their trades. The tendency seems to be for neither party to
depend on the labor vote tor election.
He said: "Statistics show that there
are only 50,000 organized labor men In
Canada and that consequently the vote
is not of much consequence." Mr.
Thorne then reminded the association
of how the trades and labor convention at Winnipeg censured the Canadian Manufacturers' Association for appointing the notorious I-ouis L-eo'~o)d
as their London agent. "Their tendency
evldently is to restrict the coming of
skilled artlzans to compete with them."
liver o;ie of the most Important addresses of his trip. He win speak In
the Jai-Alal building, a Btrucl ire that
will seat 11.000 people, A luncheon at
the JeiTersonian Hotel will follow and
then the party will leave for another
section of the journey, that from St.
Louis to Cairo. The Southern Illinois
city will be reached the morning of
October 3rd. The governors will accompany the president. At Cairo the
party will stop but two hours, but in
that time the president will deliver
another of the speeches he has specially
prepared for the occasion. I-eaving
Cairo at 11 o'clock in the morning. Btill
accompanied by the governors, the
whole party will steam to Memphis,
which city will be reached at 1 o'clock
In  the afternoon of October 4.
The second annual convention of the
Lakes-to-the-Oulf Deep Waterways Association will meet In Memphis at 10
o'clock on the morning of October 4.
and in the afternoon the president will
address the delegates in the Memphis
Auditorium. This will conclude his trip
and speechmaking, so far as present
arrangements go. It is probable, however, that the president will continue
his journey into Mississippi and probably go on a short hunting trip further
west. In this event he will not return
to Washington until after the middle of
The seven days between his leaving
this city and his appearance at Memphis
will be an exceedingly strenuous week
for the president. Besides the half
dozen set speeches, each of which will
be read very generally by a nation of
S0.000.000 people, the president will be
called on for as many more extemporaneous talks, and those, too, require
some attentlou, although not a finished
preparation. Already there are indications that a tax will be made on the
president's stored-up vitality gained
from the three and a half months he
has spent ftt his summer home at Oyster
Good D��yr�� 8port.
A    Tregillus  spent    yesterday below
tho   rapids   shooting   and   fishing.     He
brought   In   U  trout and  a number of
President Roosevelt's Plan of Campaign
For Next Few Montha Is Heavy
Even   For   Him.
Washington. D. C, Sept- 2G.���All arrangements have been practically completed for the coming trip of President
Roosevelt ln the West and South. According to the present schedule the
President will leave next Sunday for
Canton. Ohio, which will be reached
about noon Mondny. In the afternoon
of that day he will participate In the
dedication of ths magnificent monument
to the late President McKlnley. making
the principal address or that occasion
The Banii- evening he will leave Canton
for Keokuk, Iowa, which city will hi
the starting point of hla sevee hundriil
mile Journey down the Mississippi liver
The members of the Inland Water
ways Commission which the presldauii
appointed a few montha ago, will meet
him at Keouk and accompany him on
the river trip. The commission Is
scheduled to leave St. Paul today for
an Inspection of the upper UtsStSS-UppI
river. This Inspection will occupy four
dnyB and the commission will reach
Keokuk in time to meet the president
next Tuesday.
From Keokuk the president and hiH
parly will Journey down the Mississippi
to St. I/mis. which city will be reached
Wednesday morning, October I. At S..
I.ouls the president will be greeted by
the following governors of States!
Burke, of North Dakota; Folk, of Missouri; Paterson of Tennessee; lluchte'.
of Colorado; Chamberlain, of Oregon;
Toole, of Montana; Brooks, of Wyoming; Crawford, of South Dakota; Davidson, of Wisconsin; Sheldon, of Nebraska; Cummins, of Iowa; Hoch, of
Kansas; Deneen. of Illinois; Fronts, nf
Oklahoma! l'lndnll. of Arkansas; lllan-
chard, of Louisiana; Broward, of Flor-
Ida and Campbell of Texas. Tho prest-
dent and tho governors will bo the
gueata of the DubIiiobb Men's Lt&gUS
while ln St. Louis, and arrangemenis
are being made to give the distinguish
ed visitors a hearty welcome.
At  St.  Louis   the  president  will   da*
Siatura.-iy   Night's   Programme.
The speakers at the Conservative meeting Saturday night will
be, according lo latest advices
from the coast, EL L. Uorden. Hon.
R. McBride, J. H. O. Bergeron,
and Dr. Reid. Mr. Bergeron Is one
of the leading Conservatives of
Quebec, and his recent appearance
with his leader on the platforms
in Ontario has createal a very
favorable Impression. Dr. Reld is
one of the rising members from
The party will arrive in Nelson
by special train over the Slocan
branch Satunlay evening about S
o'clock, and will lie escorted at
once to the opera house where the
meeting will be opened at 8.30.
The holies' committee appointed
for the puriKise met yesterday In
\V. A. Macdonald's office and arranged for suitable decoration of
the opera house for the occasion.
Guggenheim Forces Ambush and Murder
Rival Company's  Men.
Seattle. Sept. 26.���A dispatch to tht
Post  Intelligencer   from     V���Idea  saya:
"Forces of ths C.uggenhelm railroad, th.
Copper River aud North Western, sho
and  wounded Hix  surveyors and work
iiii-n employed    by    the    Alaska-Norn.
Kallway in  Keystone Canyon, 16 mlle.a
from   Valdes,   yesterday.       The   part>
wns makl-l a pii'llnilnary survey fror
the   Nome   Itnllroad   which   Is   plan���Sd
froin Viil.la'7. to the summit.    They had
advanced al-out one hundred yards  op
the  canyon   when  they  were  surprise 1
by an ambush of tin- Guggenheim men
headed    hy     Kdwnrd     llaascy,  an   .-:
United States  Marshall.     Hassey called
to  the survi-a nrs   anal   ordera-d  them   t*.
stop,   saying   his  men   would   shoot   if
any   further  advance   wns   made.    Th ���
surveyors belisvsd llassoy was liliitTin r
and continued working.   They were mat
by a fuslln.li' of bullets.
Portland. Sept. 20.���A cable to 11;
Oregonlnn from Viildi-z state* that only
meagre details have been received of
the fight 1ml that It Is reported that on.
man was kllla'd and that three more will
die from their wounds.
The woundi'al men were shot from
ambush nn*l bod no chance to escape or
make a tight It Is stated that Depnly
United Btate�� marah���Its, armed with
lilies, Immediately loft for tho srnno
to capture the guilty persons. On - of
the men shot is named Heckinnn. The
Valdez advices slnto that populal fea I-
Ing Is running high and that oltissni
are talking of wrecking siiminnry jm
| tlee should lhe men who did the shoi-i
Ing be caught.
Off for New Westminster
Messrs. Hyslop and McPhec Leave
for Coast With Fine Display���
Honey and Dairy Products.
Messrs. Hyslop and McPhee leave tonight for New Westminster in charge
of the Nelson district exhibit for the
New Westminster Fair, the premier
Fair of the province.
The exhibit Includes fruits of all
kinds, fresh and preserved. The display of apples, pears, peaches, plums
prunes aud currants, the managers ln
charge say, will be easily the finest
Nelson has ever sent out. The fruit
growers of the district, without exception, have generously placed their best
at the disposal of the committee.
In addition to the collection of fruits,
this year's entry will include a fine exhibit of honey from James Johnstone's
I-tkeside ranch, a dairy product display
of milk, cream and butter from River-
view, the property of James Tarry, and
vegetables of splendid quality representing many of the ranchers along the
Arm and River.
It wil] be remembered that last year
Nelson's entry at the Provincial Fair
consisted of fruit only, and that in that
department tt received the highest
award in the district competition, in
which practically every district of tbe
province was represented.
This district cannot hope to win the
first place because so many product*
count for the first prize, some of which,
such as grain and hay. are hardly produced at all ln Kootenay. But Messrs
Hysloy and McPhee, who fully under
stand the character of the competition
they have to meet, are confident thai
in every department in which it is rep
resented Nelson district will win a high
Hague   Conference   Decisively    Reject-
Proposal for Establishing Permanent Court.
The Hague, Sept. 26.���Joseph 11.
Choate, head of the American delegation in the Peace Conference, ia ready
to acknowledge the defeat of his pe'
scheme for the establishment here of a
permanent court of arbitration, but h-
aiid James Brown Scott, solicitor of th.*
department of state at Washington, an.l
a member of the delegation, are doing
everything possible to induce the majority of the delegates to adopt *>Ii.
Chotae'a last proposal namely, tho election of fifteen judges of tbe court by B
direct vote of the governments. In th..*
forthcoming plenary Killing of the con
inilt.-e on arbitration.
Sir Edward   Fry  iGreat   Britain)  op-
posed the American plan, and suggested
that  the   project be  submitted   to   lb
governments   for study.     Dr.  Rur  Ba.-
bosa   (Brasll),    M.  Merry   Von   Kapoi ���
moro   (Austria),  and     Baron   Marshall
Von   Bla-bersleln   (tlermany),   maintain
that  lt   Is   Impossible  to  agree on   tl
election of the Judges and that il Is u
fair to recommend to the government
a scheme which the committee has approved only conditionally, suiiject tot- I
���Olutlon of the question of the electl. D
of the Judges.
Hit   Challenge    Reurned    on   Technlc rl
Grounds by N. Y. Y. Club.
underatanr* ��hv bis challenge had not
been acco 'a__Mf4**N_l  led  to
believe that if ne  'Bi**<'M0.o-
unlversal rule, which prevails for ra^.���
In the United States there was every
probability of hla challenge being favorably received. He added, however, that
he had not given up hope of sending a
yacht to Sandy Hook In 1908, and already had telegraphed to Wm. Fife, the
designer, to come to London for a consultation.
There was but one thing which Sir
Thomas was emphatic about, and that
was that he would not challenge under
the old rule. One reason for that Is
that there is no designer of note In
Great Br't:.in, and this Includes Fife
and Milne, who will design a boat similar to the previous Shamrocks.
They say that to do so would necessitate the production of a greater freak
than those which have already gone to
defeat. Besides, the danger of sailing
such a boat across the atlantic must be
taken Into account, and Sir Thomas Ib
not prepared 'to again risk the liveB of
men in such a venture. Sir Thomas,
however, authorizes today thlB statement; "I was prepared to challenge
for a ninety foot boat under the new
New "York Yacht Club rules. In sending
the challenger I conformed with tbe
deed of gift of the America's cup, which
says that sloops must be over 65 feet
on the water line and under 90 feet. 1
adhered in this respect to size, inasmuch as the boat I challenged with
would have been about 76 feet on the
water line.
"This also conforms with the New
York Yach Club's rules for tbe class
-J' bunts. I am prepared, now that they
have declined to accept my challenge
for thla clasB of boat, to enter a ninety
foot boat under their yacht club rules.
There Is 'J* class expressly defining
such a boLt but the next class 'P' pro-
ing for eighty-two foot rating is capable of producing a boat upon about 94
feet on the water line."
London. Sept. 20.���Sir Thomas Ltptcn
although bitterly disappointed at the
failure of the New York Yacht Club to
accept his recent challenge, todnj
authorised the statement that he was
prepared to challenge with a ninety
fool boat, under the Now York Yuc'il
Club rules.
He Ih anxiously awaiting oflUnal Information on the subject through the
Royal Irish Yacht Club which he hopes
will give In detull the reason for the
American club's action. In an Interview Sir Thomas said that ho did not
Six Prisoners in Cells
last Night
Confidence Men Remanded for a Week
���Aggressor in Assault Case
Committed for Trial.
Manitoba Indians Accept Land on Lake
Winnipeg���New* of Canada From
Ocean to Ocean.
Selkirk. Sept. 26���After a two days-
session, where full discussion took
place, a solution has been found of the
difficulty between whites and Indians
over St. Peter's reserve. Frank Pedley,
deputy superintendent-general of Indian
affairs has for some time been negotiating with the Indians with result that
the band agreed to surrender under the
terms agreed upon. There will be pat-
tented to individual members of the
band about 21.000 acres on the basis
of about 80 acres to each family of five,
3000 acres will be set aside as hay land,
and the balance of the reserve sold and
the proceeds paid, one-half to the band,
the other half to be refunded for their
benefit. In addition to this a newre-
serve will be selected on Lake Winnipeg. Tlie departrient of Indian affairs
was represented at the meeting yesterday by tbe following officials: Frank
Pedley, deputy minister. Inspector Sem-
mens and the Indian agent. J.Jackson.
If. P.. Dr. Grain. M. P. P. and K. Rayner.
of Selkirk, and others were also present.
Quebec. Sept. 26.���Provincial Treasurer Hon. W. M. Weir, after consultation with the Protestant members of the
Quebec legislation assembly, has recom-
nii'nded to tho government the distribution of the money available, through the
disappearance of the McGlll Norman
school, among Prol.-slant rural schools
of Quebec. The funds thus available
together with the contribution from the
annual grant for elementary schools will
amount to $20,000. There has been for
a number of years a demand that something of this sort he done, but successive movements hnve found various dlf
Acuities ln the way. Recently the a!
leged neglects of the educational necals
of the province and the relatively small
amounts voted for such purposes have
attrnctaM mure attention than over.
This was a field day in police court
circles. Magistrate Crease opened
court at 8 o'clock and continued till
after noon. No fewer than six persons
slept in tbe police cells last night, three
accused of obtaining money under false
pretences, one of assault, and two taken
in for protection.
The first case called wag that of the
men who by a story of a corpse obtained $16 from William Mitchell. Mr.
Mitchell with his wife was on his way
from Ontario to Boundary Falls where
bis son is dangerously 111. When he discovered that he had been fleeced Mr.
Mitchell accompanied his wife as far on
her way as Castlegar and then returned to the city. Here he had some difficulty in finding a policeman, the force
being again reduced and somewhat disorganized by the illness of Chief Pltchford.
Late ln the afternoon he found Serges at Wightman, who soon located his
men. Summoning Constable Hardy to
hla assistance the sergeant soon apprehended his three men and lodged them
ln the cells.
This moring Mr. Mitchell was anxious
to proceed to the Boundary and communicated that fact to the magistrate
hy telephone. Mr. Crease responded at
once and arrived In time to take the
complainant's evidence. Mr. Mitchell
identified all three, and they were remanded till October 3rd charged with
obtaining money under false pretences.
The next case was that of Fred Bullock, charged with assaulting and doing
grievous bodily harm to William Wallace in the tatter's room In a house on
Vernon street. Monday morning about
4 a. m.
Wallace's story, direct and under
cross-examination by Mr. O'Shea, who
appeared for Bullock, Is that he allowed
Bullock, who could not get a room, to
share his place. Bullock usually came
ln very late and under the Influence of
liquor. He admitted a debt to Bullock,
for money borrowed, of $15.
Monday morning Bullock entered the
room and, seizing snd waking Wallace,
angrily demanded his money. Wallace,
who had been 111 for two days, promised
It the following day If possible. The
accused then struck him In the eye
twice as he lay In bed. Wallace tried
to get to hU feet but was knocked
down and struck repeatedly. He denied
having done or said anything to provoke or aggravate his assailant.
Bullock pleaded not guilty and was
committed for trial at the next assizes.
Big Payroll.
Employees of the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal company have just been paid their
monthly wages. At Fernie and at Coal
i'ii'.-U the assembled workmen were
paid approximately $119,000; at Michel
the men were paid $67,000. Because of
the work now being done at the mines
at Morrlssey for development purposes
the payroll there has not assumed large
proportions. Three thousand dollars
was paid the employees In tho Morrissey
mines. The wages paid makes a totul
of $189,000 paid by the Crow's Nest
company for labor during tho month ot
Police Commissioners.
The board of police commissioners
will meet tonight to consider the resignations of the chief and the sergeant
tendered last Friday night, and applications to fill vacancies created by tho
dismissal of the patrolmen.
Big Lake Steamar Docked.
Superior, WIb., Sept. 26.���The steamer Wm. B. Kerr, the biggest boat ever
docked on the great lakes. Is now In
the Superior dry dock for a two week
repair job. She Is the only one of the
605 foot class ever docked.
Floods In Raisin Country.
Madrid, Sept. 26. ��� Unprecedented
rains ln Andalusia have cause Immense
destruction of life and property. The
Guadalmednla River has been converted Into a raging torrent three miles
wide, and bridges, houses and even entire villages have been swept away by
the flood. Tbe streets ln the lower part
of Mslaga, the capital of the province
of that name, in Andalusia, have been
Inundated and many families have been
rendered homeless. Considering the
heaviness of the floods, the loss of
life Is lesa than waa expected. Railroad
communication has been destroyed. The
governor of Malaga has appealed for assistance from the government, fearing
that the decayed .iiiarmi cf le'i.ttly
and other animals drowned ln the 'nod
will create an epidemic.
'      .-
! 1 ; vil'l.
'<,-;��� ���
i i
;,     1
1   '���
fUl ���!
if lli
' i   ��� * *���
t                 1
f"    r      |
7           'r 5
i (
1 *n ii
The Daily Canadian
Will close at 1 p. m. on the
Wednesday and Thursday, but
ing Bentence( no sound of exposition of
political principles, no censure for corrupt methods, no appeal to the higher
sentiment of the community, no serious consideration oi' Che condition of
the country, no hint at a progressive
national programme, no strung band*
ling of any of the proposals embodied
in Mr. Borden's Halifax platform, it Lfl
simply u bad-tempered arraignment of
the Opposition and an unmeasured endorsement of all tbe acts and proceedings of the Liberal party. Addressed
to Mr. Fowler or Mr. Bennett by a Liberal back bencher it could be tolerated.
As a serious deliverance by the Minister of Justice of Canada it is ridiculous and distressing."
The language of the monster petition
addressed to Sir Wilfrid Laurier from
this province, as reported trom Ottawa
yesterday, is peculiar. "Regardless ol
foreign countries and of ad sentimental and political consideration" is ****,
very large order. Disregard of foreign
countries commonly leads to war and a
proportion of the petitioners are unalterably opposed to militarism and therefore, presumably, to national defence.
Disregard of sentiment is humanly Impossible, and the suggestion of disregard of political considerations is likely
to amuse tbe distinguished statesman
to whom the petition is addressed.
Nelion Land Diatrict. Dlabdot ol Woit Kootenay
Tate notice, that K. ti. r. Smyth, Ol   i meter. B.
0., oecupailon lumberman, lot nd- to npply 'or
aiMcial timber Uee&ee over tin- following de-
scribed Landa:
No. l. Uommnnoini at a pout planted near the
northeaat oornerponol Lotiso ic-43,on Lemon
Creek and maxima tt. B r. ttmytb nouibweai oor
nernoat No L. thenoe 40 ohaini north more ����r
w*n to about midway oJ ihe south boundary nut*
oi timber lloenoe No. laaSi thenee 80 chain, eaat,
tbanee W chaini eouth, thanoa 40 ubaim eaat!
ihenoe40 eham- lonih, thanoa BO chain-* weat.
more or lena to thu louiheaat oorner ol a.oreaald
Uti no _M4S, thenoa W ohalna north, tbenoe 40
ohaina wait io the point of oonunenoemeot
Dated -��th July, Jao7. a. s. p. .-myth,
Henry Kehliert, Agent.
Nelson Land Dlntrlut. District ol West Kootenay
No. 8 |
XaJce notloe that J. R.F. Btewart, of coiling
wood, (.uu., oooupaUon lumberman, lutenda to
apply fox aapaolal timber licence ever tbe folio.nug deaonbed lanaa: Qommencici at a poat
planted about ���*��-"> ohaina aouth ami io chalm wait
oi oot.i No. 2, marked J k k. Btewart'��� N, B corner poat, theuee soulli loo ohalna, tbence weat -to
chaina, thenee nonh too ohaini, thenci eaat **-*
(-baina to place oi oommeneement I'l-ntaiuiii-ffrto
acrea uioie or losa.
July tf-th, inu7. Jambs It K. stkwaht.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offlct:   Toronto.
 $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up         4,830,000
Kest         4,830,000'���
D. R. WILaKlK  President. HON. BOBEBT.JAJ"FRAY, Vice-President
Capital Authorized
Branches in "iritish Columbu:
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
nblson BR a inch -J-   -V--   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869,
Capltal 1*3,900,000     Reterve Fund $4,390,000
It Is some sign of grace In the Liberal press of Hritish Columbia that
none, even of those who were slowest
to see the absurdity of the Vancouver
World's last production, has a word
to say now Its falseness has been proved   and acknowledged.
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kinds of Banking Business.
on Application, In Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published -0-C days a weet by the
Baker Ht..  Nelson, B. C
BuDBcrlptlon rates, 50 cents a month delivered
In the city, or J5.00 a year 11 -sent by mail, when
paid ln aavauce.
Adverti-ina rates on application.
All monies paid ln -settlement o! The Dally
Canadian account-, e_iiber for subi-ertptionH or
adTertiBiug, must be receipted for on thu primed
forms of the Company. Other receipts art*- not
Thursday, September 26,  1907.
When a Conservative paper criticizes
the low tone of Hon. A. li. Ayleawortirs
political utterances, it is accused of
either fear of his power or hopeless prejudice; when a news report is published
In which his faults are apparent, it is
denounced as a deliberate fabrication.
In such case the only appeal that can he
made is to the Independent press. The
following from the Toronto News certainly shows no Consrvutive bias, and
it will afford western readers an opportunity of judging which is the truer estimate of Sir Wilfrid Laurier's first
lieutenant and his prospective successor.    The News Bays:
"So far at least as the platform Is
concerned, It will be impossible to regard Mr. Aylesworth as a serious politician. Among solid Liberals there will
be much secret mourning over his performance In Essex. Mr. Aylesworth has
been named as a possible successor to
Sir Wilfrid Laurier as leader of the
Liberal party and Prime Minister. Is
it possible to Imagine Sir Wilfrid Laurler delivering a speech like that which
Mr. Aylesworth made in Kssex? Is it
possible even to Imagine such a speech
by Mr. Borden? Here Is a man of fine
character, of scholarly training and high
professional standing, holding the sec-
cond position in the Government, who
Is content to engage in a scolding competition with the back-benchers of the
Conservative party. Moreover, as addressed to Mr, Borden, the speech waa
feeble and fatuous. The general Opinion
will be that during his Ontario meetings
the Opjwsttion leader spoke with moderation and discretion. In so far as
ht- discussed electoral scandals and
scandals of administration he at least
had some support in the revelations o!
the election courts and the records ol
Parliament.     If   there  was   violence   In
any of his speeches, ft was in reply to
Mr. Aylesworth, who was the aggressor.
and who had insinuated charges against
the  Opposition   leader   in     support     of
which he could offer no evidence at all.
"No oue believes the electoral record
of   the   Conservative   party   is   without
blemish.    But certainly during the last
ten or twelve years it does not compare
unfavorably   with   that  of   the   Liberal
party.     It   has   been   the  habit  of  both
political  organizations to spend  all  the
money    they    coujtl    raise   and    not   to
hesitate  at  corrupt expenditures  when
these   seemed   necessary   in   doubtful
constituencies. The truth is, however, as
.Mr. Aylesworth  will know from experience   in  the   courts,   that   Governments
have  campaign   funds     vastly     greater
than  those  which Opposition   can  command,  and  that it is the  politicians  in
ottice, rather than those in  the Opposition, who corrupt and bedevil the country.    Think of Mr. Aylesworth's contention that the Koss Government was defeated  by  "a  campaign of vilification."
The Koss Government was defeated because lt had  become the creature of a
conscienceless   and   remorseless   political machine which by perjury, coercion
and  deliberate   purchase   of     votes   endeavored   to   hold   office   ln   defiance of
public opinion.
"Thousands of Liberals breathed freely when it was beaten. Probably two-
thirds Of the Liberals who heard Mr.
Aylesworth's speech had secretly congratulated themselves that a change of
Government came when It did, and that
| they were relieved of the burden of
supporting the organization of which il
was Mr. Koss' misfortune to be the
leader, and whoso influential career
came to a petiful wreck through the relentless operation of causes and conditions for which he was not wholly responsible. No one knows better than
Mr. Aylesworth that ;i multitude of
Liberals now admit that all the charges
against the electoral record or the Koss
Government were substantially justified
and that It was a good thing for Liberalism and a good day for Ontario when
the change of Government was effected.
How long this state of feeling will pre-
vail remains to be determined. But it.
is to be hoped that under similar clr-
OUmStanceB a Conservative Government would meet a like fate In this province.
"In   the   whole   of   Mr.   Aylesworth's;
speech at Essex there Is not an Inspir
it is interesting to contrast Mr. Bor
den's definite statements on the question of Oriental immigration with the
long but meaningless statements of
Hon. R Oliver and the British Columbia representatives, which might all be
condensed into an expression of confidence that somehow Sir Wilfrid Laurier would find a way out of the difii-
culty, a confidence which rests on hope
not experience.
Reports from the Eastern provinces
indicate that the male teacher in public
schools is fast becoming an extinct
species. The process is going on also
in British Colombia but perhaps not so
repidly. The development cannot be regarded without misgivings. The withdrawal of men from the lower ranks of
the profession will be followed inevitably by their disappearance sooner or
later from the upper ranks, and the
whole business of teaching will be entrusted to women. If teaching of facts
were all the function of the schools the
loss might not be great, but a boy of
twelve years or more cannot be
"schooled" hy women only without loss
of intellectual virility. The cause of the
change is obvious. In a country where
money Is worshipped and tearing despised the rewards offered to the teaching profession are insulting. 	
Nelson Land Diitztet    Dlatriot ot Weal Kootenay.
lake notice thai Henry Keichert of  Nelaon.B.
0 , proapeotcr, lutenda io aupiy inr ��ipeclal 11*
e-.ui.-e lu ii.t Hiid carry away umber from the foi*
lowing de-cuned lands:
Nu o Oommsnolng at a post planted near the
northeaat corner post of rim ber Licence "-.��� 'J~2o6
nu.! marked Henry Keichert noribwoat corner-
pom   Nu    b, iheuce   80   ehaiim   south, thenee HO
riiaiiiK ���'��-.. thence so >���*..���.. :������ north, thenee ho
chain*, weat to place of oouunenoement.
Dated July _-t>in, 1907.
No. 7. Commencing at a post plauteil near tho
uorthweat coruer pout ol timber licence No Wofl
and illumed. Henry Relcheri s. well corner pout
No 7, tlieuce l_o ehaius eaat, thence to ohaina
nonh, thenee 160 chains weat. theace to chaina
miiiih to point of commencement.
bated July 26th, ltv..
No. 8. * ommenclng at a po��t planted on Monument   iTeeK ahout  7u chain-   more   or   LeH from
where Monument ereek emptlei into Lemon
creek and marked Henry Beicherl uortbeaatOOr-
nerpoet No  8   theuee l-Hii-hai'is lOUth, theme -IU
chain, wesi, theuce lfio ebalna north, thenee 40
chum- east to place of commencement,
Dated July mth, Wl.       Hasav R*ichox,
Skills. Wry luteal i
very lateal itylei and
.mr price..   All n.'"' n
.Mull llrdci-N I
.   A H[ilt'iirlicl liit of I.ii.li.-K- 1 .out: Coats nnil Hrinly-tn-YVcur
nis uml niuii-riiiis    a iwell lot of Anu'i-lcim Pattern H_t_
linala-K.    Wt- Iiivl 1 -   iiiH|ii.(-tliin   uf  uur  slurk   as  well   ns
nis nt lnwt'si cash   jirl(*a>tt.
Wt- Have   Nothing of
Uuestlonahl. ��_> in 1111 y
AUundcd To
Nelaon Land i)tatrlet Dli
Take notice that '.������-���i,
B (."., Intend! to apt ly
Iheuce   over   the    toiler
Nelson Laud DlitriCW Diatrict Of Weat Kootenay
Nuilee is hereby given that M days after dale
I intend to apply to the Chief t'ommUsioucr of
Lauds aud YV_-rks tor permlailon to cut and
carry away timber from Uie following described
No. 4 Commencing at a poit marked H. ��t ti.
N. W corner, 200 cbains ea*>i nf the N- K. earner
of lot No 812, post maiked K. tf. N. K. corner,
tlieuce  east  80 cnalns, liieuCt-  louth  80 chaius,
thsnoa weat to chaius, theuce north su t hains to
place of com mum-emeu i containing Wo acres.
No. b   Com in eud UK al lhe   N. "A . corner of II
& ti   Umber claim No  4, thehce uorth to chains,
theuee  east  to chains, theuce  south   80  chains,
theuee west SO chalus to place of commeucwuient
at location past MO. 6, Oontalnlng WU acres
I. u. ijKXti-UUcaaHOKH, Locator,
faco   Huscrolt, Agent.
Dated July 8lh. Ivfl.
Nelson Land Dittrlet District of West Koolenar
lake notice ahat Paul August I'aulst n. ot Kli
chener, B.C., occupation iu_i-<.nuuii, 1..tends
to apply for a ipeclal timber licence over the following described lands: Commencing at a DOgl
planted at the southwest corner ol surveyed lot
72-l-U.l ihence south to the northern bmmdary
Ol timber licence No. 701b, thence weat to the
noriliwest corner of sai'l limber licence, thence
���oath to the northern boundary ollaialai. theuce
following said boundary, of s.id lot weit to lhe
right of-way of the Ornish toluml... Southern
Railway, tnein-e following said right-of-way in a
north-easterly direction lo place of commencement, ami containing OH) a<*re��, in on* or leas.
Daled Julv 2nd. i*j7.     1'All. Aiitvnl  i'iVLMON.
101 of West Koolenav.
i Alexander, of Kaalo(
for   a  ipeclal   tlmlier
wing  daaeribed   laadai
('ommenclng at a post planted at the DorthWWt
coruer of Section lit, ownship7, ICoOtenaj district,   being   abont  one third  of a mile south of
tbe south boundary Hue of the Indian reaerrai
theuce R'.iith about to chains |o Um-easterly
bank of Kootenay river; theuce southeasterly
along   Kootenav   river   hank   about BOcbalni to
ihe south boundary of Section 13, 1'ownahlp ";
thence e��*iierty about DO Chain' I" the northwest
corner of Lot ml; tbaOOe north Hit ehains aloag
the   weat   boundary   of   1-ot   M-';   thonce   west TO
ehalna to the point of nommanoement, aud oontalnlng BIO acres, more or less
Dated Julv 4. i*j7. uaoaog A, K_UNnBH.
Nelson I and Dlsiri -l    Dlatrlct off ��al K.**>teiiay.
Take notice that .-..-..n Vc 1. lUnl Krawr. of
Fernie, B C , cleik, 111 loi dl toap| ly for a special
licence   over   the    following     de*., ilb-'d    lauds:
Commencing ai a poat planted about seven
miles west of lhe KoOtanaT river, Hnd about one
mile nonh of the In pr-.-ri, nal lnuii-'ary lite,
and about one and ai'iiarte* north- -ssterly from
the north east corner ol t imber licence Ho*  tiobl,
thenoe south io cha. is. ih-n.e w. -t -o ematna,
thenee north80 chains, thenoa��-aet aO chains to
point of commencement,  and  containing om
irea, more or less.
Looatad l-th, of June, 1907.
9T9AM .VicCLti.LAN Faiisaa.
Dated this 8th of July.lSV?.
Nelson I-and imirt-t.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Mm.-e. Kepple A Co.. of *"ar-
land, ivini , ocoopatfon lumbermeni intend to
apply tor a special llml-er licence over th<- following deM-rlla-d Intids: Couimeuclng at a post
planied ou Mosquito creek, ��n the west silt-of
Arrow lake, aud about one half mile west, of the
southwest corner of timber limit No. 4877, thenee
south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
north "*) chains, thence U_lt 80 chains lo p����lht of
c.inim��-nci-ment, aud   euntstluini. C-tO acres, more
DatOd 10th July. 1907.     Mooaa, KanM.a.*.Co
J-1IIN I-   i   . : s js-s.  Agent
a -tpi "lal tlinV'
erlbed   lands
I. bout |
Take notice that C. 0. Clark, ol Nelson. B. C.
saloon keeper, intends tn appiv for a special timber licence over the following dencrtW-d land:
Commencing at a pn-t plumed on Morning
Mountain, about one CO lie w- st of Suifltt'r creek,
snd a-*.joining C. C Clark's location for timber
Ueencerlo 1. and abOUt one mile south ol Nelson, thence weet 80 chaini, thence south ho
chains, thence east TO chains, thenc** north to
chaini to place of tx-giunlug.
Dated July Pith. 1��7, 0   0. (i.akk,
Daviij Booth, Agent
tfolaOD Land DUtrtOL   District of Weit Kooleuay
Take notice that William Andrew Koss, of
tmle, B C . hotel keept-r Intends to appiv for
r licence over thi following doa-
Cnin menclng at a post plaut-d
miles west of the Kooleuay river, on
turn creek, tu lhe Diatrict Of W',.,1 Kooteuay
and being about six miles norlli of the inter
tistl 'iial ��� ������ .ii 'my line, ami situate at the
norlh.-Hut c.tnier of William   Andrew   Hos-'   No
I timber claim* thonoa north to ch.iius, thence
ureat (V chalna, thence ���onthlo chains, thence
aaal 10 cbains. to the poini of eomineuecn-ent
IjaM-Ktcd July *_3nl. wn
Date.l ihe sth of Aug    1907
William Aniihfw H'.**
Nelion I.
Take  not
-and District. District or w��t KonJ
apply for MnlailOO to purchase U,I' ffi
1 Isnrt :    CtirnmeiieluK ata
taboql ����, ,���ii��. i,���r,hwe��� ,"���,��� ,1"' ;"*l
M,-.,,,il,,,.���,��*, .,,,1 m,rk,.,, ..,. s _. _3__
oorner," ih.nra. south m cli.lii, u,,,,,l''-*.
chains, thrnre norlli sn a'halns   th..,'.-' "?.! I
iri'-r.'." Pl>"*1 ��* MD*m*n**->*"l. ��~S5_1
MO acres.
Sepl 7lh, 1SS/7
. 11*1.1.a I in
Nelson I-atirt Hunlet    Iiuirlrl ol Weil;~K-i_i I
Take tn.lti-e ll.al   *i11(u. Ma aim, ..I il,,r
-ai- .11. .K-i-,in,tl���i, llrem.il. .���..������.. .������,,,
iwiijiiaainn to paroiitw ihe i.iiinwin, air
a.n.ls:    a'-.  --  -���	
Nelson Land DUtrlct.   Iiistrn-l.il West Karon-nay.
Take notice that   I. 9.  F.  Wallace, a I   Kernle
For Sale
Ground Floor���Hall, library, parlor
(open flre place), dining room, conservatory and kitchen.
Upper Floor���Five bedrooms and
bath -room.
50 ft. Lot���Good garden with fruit
trees, woodshed and chicken house.
The house Ib well situated and a short
distance from P. O.
Terms and prices on application.
Notice la hereby given tbat 60 days alter date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. tibial Cnmmisiloner
of l-auds and Works (or permlaalon to purchaae
ihe lollowiug daaeribed lands, situated in Waat
Kootenay iDatrlct ��� Commencing at a p<*>il marked bv uaine as Initial post of the South Fork
branch, oue hundred feet from the juucliou ol
Lot! creek wiib the south fork; tneuce one-
quarter mile to the uorthweat oorner post, thenee
one   mile   lo  the   northeast  coruer post, thenee
one-quarter  mile  to  the -southeast corner poit,
thenca one mile tO the plaOO of commencement-
juue'/J, I'M)". Located by Wn, Connolly.
intend to apply for
timber   licence"  over    the    following  de
B   C, hot��l-keepe
'���   ibe     "
Commencing at a post planu-
���vest of the KOOtei
Nelson 1-and District. District oi Wt-et Kooteuay
Take notice that 51oore. Kepple A c n.��� of Uar-
laud, Penn .occupation lumbermen, intends to
apply ior a t-pecial timoer licence over the following described lands: Commeuelug at a pout
planted on Mosquito creek, ou the well side of
Arrow lake, aud about one half mile west of tbe
south weit cornerof timber limit No. 4877, thence
uorth TO chalus. theuce west TO chalus, thence
south TO ehalns, thence east TO ehains to polut of
commencemeut. and eoutaining MO acres, more
or less. _ _  _
Dated 15th, July, 1007.     Mooaa, ____FK_I m Co.
John R. Calkins. Agent.
Real   Eatate  and  General  Agent.
315  Baker St.,  Nelaon.  B. C.
In the matter of an application lor the laaoe of
a duplicate of Iha Certificate of Title for lot -**-,
and the went half of lot 21, block Ul, in the Town
of Nelson.
Notice Is hereby glvon that it tt HT intention
to Lame at the OXptraUon Ol one month after lhe
11 rst publication hereof a duplicate of the certificate ol trie for the above lands, ln tin- name of
Lydia hhields, which certificate is dated the Jtlst
day of December. 1WJ0. and numbered 'VJ-BI k,
Dlitrict Keglslrar
subinltled io   l
hereby given   th
the   "
the undersigned
Lieutenant Qoveraqr-in
Council a prnnosal under the provlHloni of the
"Kiversand Strciiiiis Act," for elesriug anjfl removing obstructions from Gnat Kiver Mid Meadow Creek, in the Dif-trictof Weit Kootenay, and
Inr making   the came lit   for  rafting   and   drlv
ing thereon Lon,timber, lumber, rafiei'tid nfafti
and for erecting ami maintaining booms for
holding, sorting and d<'ltverlng logs and tiinl-cr
brought down laid creek and river, and for attaching booms lo the shore of said (-reek and
river for salt purposes.
The lands lobe altaeted hy said work are: ���
Lots 869, 6W, 4N3, and sub lot! 1,6. 11 18, 14 and
1& of LotJMS, '.roup 1, Kootenay DUtrlct.
The tolls nropoaed to be charged are such as
may be fixed by the Judgti of the County Court
of West Kootenay
Dated 81st July, Wfj.
In the matter of an application for tho issue of
a duplicate I erllfleate ol Title for part (10 acre--)
of 1-ot 819,GroupOOO, in the Dlstrlctof Kootenay.
Notlec Is hereby given thai It Is my   inletitloi)
to laane al tha expiration of one month from the
first publication hereof h duplicate of the Cer-
1 itlcate of 1 tile for the above lands In tho name
of Andrew Morrison, which Certllcate of Title
is dated the ..th day ot Man h, ltfU). and iium-
berad 9B80K,
Land Heglitry (ifllce, Nelson, B. C.,Beptcmbcr
18th, l'Jtr:.
"ii r. macLrod."
i>latrlct Kogi-trar.
Take nollce that 30 days alter date f intend to
apply to the Hou. the Chief Commissioner of
Landi and Works, Victoria, for permission to
cut and carry away timber from the following
descr.bed land, in Weit Kootenay:
No. 1. Commencing at a post planted at the
BOiithweit corner of tlmner license 8646, thence
wait BO chnins. tbanee aouth 80 chains, theace
east 8U chalus, iheuce north _KJ chalus to plaee ol
Dated May il, 1907.       J.T. BoRoams, I.oeator.
J   W . Colhi:kn, Agent.
No. 2 Commencing at a post planted at the
loutheast corner ol application no. 1, thence east
80 chains, thenee north 80 chaini, tbence west hu
chains, thenee south 80 chalus to place of commencement-
Dated May 81, 1907.        J  T. BCROKSS, Looator,
J. W. ��� -n eii-N, Agent.
Take nonce that John Rosa, of Fernie, B. 0.,
hotel-keeper, lntandi loappiy for a special tim-
ber licence over the following described lands:
l.Sjommeneing ata post planted iu the Dlstrlctof Weat Kootenay, N.Won Mining Division,
on the north fork of the south fork of LOftcreek,
aboul flvK miles up creek from where two loiks
meet and about six mile* north of the Interna
tional iioundiiry Line au'l aDOOt twenty-eight
miles weet ol Kooteuay Kiver, thence east to
ohalna, thence north 80 ehaius, thence west 80
chains lo bank of said creek, thence down stream
to place of com mencement.
J. Koas, Ijocator,
a. Commencing at a poutplanted at the southwest corner of i. Etoei'i No. i location, thenoe
west 80 chains, theuoe north 80 ohalna. thence
east to < halns more or less to bank ol said c-eek,
theme down itream tO place of commencement
r J. EtOtti I-i��:at*)r
8. Commencing  at a post planted  ator   near
the southwest corner of J. Ross's No-1 location.
thence   treat 80 chains, theuce south mo Chaini,
thence ensl BO chains, more or less, to said creek,
hence upstream io place Of btglnnlng.
1  ���- Looator.
4. C(
J. ito--,
ng   at  a posl planted   at
r-orner of J   Koia's   No. 1 1
r  ihhi
immei: ,
southwest corner of J   Koia's   No. 1 1
then.e ea*t 80 ohaina,  theuce iouih 80
tbenoe weat 80 chalna, more or less, to ban
sal-l  creek,   ihence   up stream   lo  place ol 0
J. H008, Ix>catc
6.  Commencing at a p*'st  planted about two
mild M mh oi the south-Ac fc l ������orner Of J. Roil ���
NO. i location, OU the north fork of the -.oulh
fork   of   I,  hi   creek,   nnd   about   four   miles   up
itream. irom where the two forki meet, thenoe
eaat 80 chaini, iheuce north 80 chains, thence
west 80  chaini,   more  or  less,  to   bauk   ol   nald
oreek, tbenoe down itraaa lobiaceoloommanoa-
j. Ross. Looator.
6. Commencing at a post planted at, or near,
the lOUthweat cornerof J. Ro��s'fi No. ft location,
on boat creek, tbence west 80 chains, Ihence
north 8u chains, thonce to chain > east, more or
less, to bunk of siiid i-roi-k. thenc*- down Mlreum
to place of commencement.
Looatad -oth June, DK/7.       J. Rom, Looator,
d about lour
miles weal of the Kootenay river and one mile
north of the International boundary tine, thenc*
south ho chains, ihence   east  80  chains,   thence
north ho ehalna, thence west Mo ehalna to the
point of commencement, coutaluiug 840  acre**,
more or less.
Dated July __trd, 1907,
2. Commencing at a posl planted at the north
west coruer of loeation No. 1, thence south 80
chains, thenoe west 80 chains, thenee north 80
Ohalna, thence east 80 chains to the point of
commencement, containing t'.io ai-res, more or
Dated Juir .3rd, 1-W7.
8, Commencing at a post planted at northwest cornerof location No. S, thence north Ho
chains, thence we-1 **o Ohalna, thence south ho
chains, thence east ho dialm- to the point of
commencement, containing &40 acres, more or
Dated July .Ord, 1907.
4. Commencing Ht a post planted at the northwest corner of No. 1 loeation, thence north s-)
chalui. thenee eait 80 chains, ihence south Ho
cbains, thence w-st AO chains t o the [-olnt of
commencement, containing liio acres, more or
Dated July 883*4. 1H07.
b. Commencing at a post planted aboul two
mllei north and *_ mile eaat of the Uorthweat
corner of location No. 1, thenco south BO ehalns,
thence ea.it 8o chains, ihence north Ho chalus,
thence west HO chaini to the point of commencement, oontalnlng &io aerea, more or less.
Dated July _*lrd, 1907.
6. Commencing at a post planted at north*
weit corner of UK-ation No. b, them e iouih ho
chains, thence west HO chaini, thenco north 80
chains, theuce eaat 80 chains to the point of com-
menoement, containing **do acres more or laaa.
Dated July 88rO, 1907.
7. Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner of location No. ft, thence north 80
chains, thehce westHO chains, thenre south 80
chains, thence east Ho chaini to the point of commencement, coutainlug (AO acrei more or less.
Dated July ..lni. 1907.
8. Commeii-ing at a post planted at tho northwest corner of location No. 6. thence north to
chaini, thence east 80 chains, thence south mi
chains, thence west HO chains to the polntof commencement, eiiiitatiilug *'4U acres more or less.
Dated July ��rd, 18(17.
v. commencing Rt a post planted about 2
miles weit nf the northWMt corner of location
No ft. theuee Houth 80 chalm, thenee east 80
chains, thenee north Ho chains, thenee west HU
chains to the point of  commencement, and  000
tainlng Kin acrei more or less.
Dated July Mtbi 1907.
10. commencing at a poll planted at the
northwestcorner ol location No. y. theUOO ninth
to i halns, thence ciint ho elm Ins. thctice south Ho
Chaini,   thenOO   west   80  chains to   the   point  ol
oommeneement, containing iho acrei, more or
Dated .Inly 24lh, 1907.
11 Commencing at a post planted about 1
m miles west of the iiorthw*-*.* corner of IochUou
No   9   -wnl   about !-.   mile   south   thereof,   thence
south ho ohaini, thenoe eait ho chain*, ihenoe
Uorth HO Ohalna, thence west 80 chano. to the
pointof commencement, containing 840 aortS-
mortt or lass.
Date.l July'24th, 1907.
W. Commencing at a post planted at Ihe north
west corner of loeation No 11, thence north HO
chains, lbenee ea-t Hi) chains, thenee south Ho
chains,  thence   wm HO chains to   lhe   point of
oommenoament, containing two earee, more or
Dated July Nth, 1907.
13. Com men, i:.g nl u pout planted al tho northwest cornerof locution No ll, ihoi.ee north 80
chsins, thence west hu Ohalna, thenoe souih 80
chains, tbence east 80 chains to the point of
commencement, containing 640 acres,  more or
NeWon Laud District.   District of West Kootenay
lake notice that 1. Kvan Kraner.of Kern if, B.C.,
clerk, ill tend to appiv for k sj*ec.al uuitwT LtOeneO
ov.-r th*' fol lowing daeoribed lands:
L Commencing at a po-��t plmitf-d at the N. K
corner almnt P., mileti north of the international boundary line and abOot ll miles west nt the
Kooteuav river (about one mil- north ol the
north boundary of T. L No 8073} thenee HO
chains south, thence 80 ehalna west, 'hence ao
chalui* norlh, tbence an ShaUU cast to the place
oi beginnlu-.
Dated July 21at, 1907,
2.   Commencing at a post   planted at the N. K.
oorner of looatlon No I* thanoo south ho chain*,
theio-e aaal 80 ebalna, thence north vi ch��ins,
thenee ^.*-i ni chain* to the place of 1-egilining.
Dated July -III. 19117-
:'. ''ommenclng at a post planted at the N. V.
corner of location No 1. thence north Ru chains,
thence eiut 80 ehaln��. thetn-e south HO ehaius.
thenre west 80 chain- to place of beginning
Dated July 21st. lisrr.
I. Commeiieing ��t the N. K corner of loeation
No. I. thenc north ni chains, tbence wa-it Hi)
chain*, thenee south Ho chains, thence east ho
chains to ih��- PtaOO
ihains to the place ��� f beginning.
Dated July 2Ul. 1907.
6     Commencing   at  a   Mat   planted   one   mile
east of the ��. I comer *��f looatlon Mo.g. thonce
souih HO fhitiu-i, thenre went to chalus, thence
north ho c-hHttiH. thence e-_st HOchalnn to the pla--e
of beginning
Dated July Jlst, 1907.
fi ''ommeneinr rtt N -*>o*-t planted at the N. K.
corner of loeattOM -*ii '., thenco south 80 ehalns.
thence cast   BO i l-aln-*.   theuee   north   80  chalus,
thence w.--t ho �������,.>in- to the plaoa of i>.-Rlnning.
Dated July _���'  t. IW7,
7. Comm* liotng al a Jm.-i planted at the N B
eornei of '������ Hon N.* 'i, thenee nnrth 80 chains,
loeuce  ���  .   l to cb-tlu*,   ihell'-e   w.utn   80  thalns,
thenoe weet *���"�� chaini to the plaoa ol beginning-
Dated Juij -'lit, tool
8. Common* ing a: a po-i  plaote ' st the n. k
>l liK-aiioM No 8, thenee imrtb 80 ehalna,
went ho i hatnt, tbenoe aouth hi> chains,
Dah>dHepU>nbi-r'ind. 1907.      a-c,,���, ji.c,^
Hixtv davi alu-r d��u- I nnn,.* \ntvw~b~L
Hon. < hlef Commissioner of Land. -..!����?
Victoria, B.C., lo pun-haw- the folios)_.��
scribed land, situated In ihe West Kocit>ujt>
trlct: Commencing at a poit pUnt-M ,,-i,
weit ibl" (if Kootenay lake. n**��,r kti
���m.iiiI. and marked J N<-KiutiuB't e "_
Iioat, then.e weit 10 chalaa. theot* ____.
chaini. thence east 80 chaim more or .<���-_-;��_||
shore, theuoe along lake ihore to polai ./!���_��
Ben* lament,
Dated April 4, 1907. Rltne-1 J Udmm,
Nelson I wT.il District.   District of Wcttlwrteej,
lake notice that Kdvm-,1 Prater,ol l_t
Mont-.ua, U. ri A , .h-cu-.hUi.il wool bujef��
lends to apply for permission to parrhuctkt
followtne deserlbed land: f<nnin-i,'__| ||
���Mist planted on the wett shore ol '':;-*���*���*(.
shan (C'arlboo) lake, ami at the awmthfantt
of l^d 8139, tW-tieo well JO i-hilDt, Ui-atiotft
BOcnalni, thflH e��st * ehalnt, theDre
chains, theiioWirasi 40 Phaina. ��� n
weat ahore of f'ppe- Wh��uii*a (V"tnU��-ii_e;
thenee northerly and weaterly _ioa( _eg
shore 80 chalm, more or lets, to *������:.���:_!��
mencement, and containing SA) uctH,wn*
May *9tb, 1907. _ti>w__l> Tun
tbeuee      HSt to ( haltIS to the
DaU-d   'illy Jlht. 19j"
place of beginning.
KftAsaa, Looator*
H'W*-. Agent.
Time for advertising extended by the AnUtant
Nel-on Land |i>.rlet.   District ol West. Kootenay.
Take   notice   that  Thos.   K.   L. l_ogaii, of   Bon
ner s Kerry, occupation palnb-r Intemls to apply
ior ft apeclal timber licence over the following
dcs. rthed landlj    Commencing at a post planted
ontheaonth aide of Boundary ereeit, about io
miles weat of the Kootensy liver, theneo we*I ni
chains, thence nolllh HO ihains, thence cunt HO
chains,   thence noilh  80 chains  to (he  pointof
commencement* and oontalnlng 640 acres, more
D.-ic... July bin, 1907.
Tkohai K L. Looan
Dated July 21th. l*Kf7
14. Commencing ata post j.l an ted st the northwest corner of loiatlon No. II, thence south 80
Qhalnii thence Wait BO Ohalna, thence north 80
'���hains, thence east HO chains Ut the point of
C'lnineiicement, containing G4u acres, more or
Dated July Mth, 1907.
is. Oommonolngatapott planted about two
miles north of northWMI cornerof location of No.
11, thenco south 8n chains, thenco eaat hu chains,
tbence   north BO chains,   thenco  west  80  chalm-
to the point of conunenoement, containing r(4n
acres, more or less.
Dated July 2llh, 19o7.
16, t'oinmencing ata post planted ftt the north-
wait corner of location No   ift, thinoe north 80
chains,  thenci.  cut ho nhuDis,   thence  south ho
chnins,   thence   west  80  chains   to the   polut  of
commencement, containing r,W t-cr__,  more or
Dated luiy 24lh, 1907.
17. Commencing at a pn-it plante-l nt the north*
wcnI corner of lot atlon No. ift, Iheiieu north *o
ohaini. thonce weal ho chains, thenco south ��o
Chaini,   thence   east  H0  Ohaini  tO   Ihu   point  of
oommenoament, oontalnlng 640 acres, mora or
Dated July 24th, 18(ff(
18    Commencing   at a    post   planted   at   tho
northweat oorner of loea-lon No is, tbence aouth
80 chains  theuee went ho chains, thence north HO
chains, ihence east HO ehaktm to the point of commencement, containing MO acres more or less.
Dated July 24th 1907.8 f, Waf-LAOB, Ixioator.
John Bhottg, Ageut.
Nelson Land Disir.- t Dlstrlctof West Kootenav
Take notice that I. Kli_atieth Kerguson, of Nelson, lirltlib Columbia, m-ciipittlnti married woman, Intend to apply for permission Ui purehas.-
the following de-terilied land : Commencing at a
p - - planted 10 cbains west of tho southeast corner  of   section   22, Township 88,  Kootenay,   and
marked"1 K.'s N. K   coruer," thence  west no
-halns. thence south 40 chalui, thence eatt BB
chaim, Iheme north .0 chaini lo the place of
commencement mid containing BO acres moro
1-Jtl�� Jlllv, A. D. I9>n.     KLIZAT-TTH PVOwULOIV,
by W. A. Calder, agent.
Nelson l-atnl District.    Dlstrlctof West K.Kitenay.
Take notice that I, David <l Kurtr., of Nelson,
B. C>, occupation merchant, intend to spply for
permission to purchase tho following deit-rlhod
laud: Commencing at a post planted at the
lOUthweat corner of sectlou 34. township 69,
Kooteuay, aud marked "D. <��. K.'s ti. W. corner."
thence north 80 chains, thence east 40 chains,
theine south ho chains, thence won 40 chain*
to the pointof commencement and Containing
:i_o acres more or lesa.
Uth July, 1907. David G  Knar*.
W. A. Calder. agent.
'lake notice thai I. Thomas Hurry Wilson, Ill-
tend lo apply for permission to pUTOhftM tDO follow inK deserilK-d land : Coinmencing at a post
plantetl at the H. K. corner of |ot7.V'tHaud marked
N.   If.   corner, thence   south    10   chains,   thence
wait 10 ohalna, thanoo south io chHius, iheuce
west lu chains, thenee south in chalm. thence
west   10  chains, thence   nouth   10 <-haliis, thenee
weal l" ohalna, thence north in chaim, theuce
eaet 40 chains to point of ootninettoament and
containing I no acre-', more or less
June 7, 1907 I HOMAJ Harav Wn,.���N,
W'n.I.i*M Al/iNXo Mii.i_s, Iggnt.
Nelaon Land District. District ol West Kootenay
Take nollce that I, John l.alig, of Nelson, B. C,
Oocnpatlon miner intend to spply for permission to purchase the following aeoOTtbod lands:
Commencing nt a post planted at the N. K. of
1-ot Ho-/- thence east "_U chains, thence sou'h 20
Ohaina, thenoe ��� Ott BO chains, thence north 20
chains lo point of commencement, containing 40
acres, more or less.
August 2nd,  1907, John La no.
Notice Ih hereby given thai 00 den alter date, I
Intend to apply to the Bon, chief Doununuonef
of Lands ami Works for permlaalon to purchase
the following described lmid lu West Kootenay
dlatriot, on west Ibera Of Lower Arrow Lake,
ml joining Lot No-4918, on the south : Beginning
at a post marked "Hurry McU-od's N.K corner
hou 1 an*I planted on the shore of Lower Arrow
Like, at the southeast eornei of Capt l-'osluud's
*<I'.-|H, theuce -.'.������������( 20 chains, theuce south 20
chsins more or lens to the nnrth boundary of It.
Kullmore's P. K , lliotieu '2o chains east along the
suld boundary to lake, thenee north along the
lake snore 80 chains, more or leu to point of
May 2nd, 1907. J. D. Moora,
Agent for Harry MeU'nd.
Hlxty days after date I int-.-..; u* .;/,.'--*_i
Hon Chief Commissioner of Lan'lnr*f<��i
for permission to purchase the fol'-v-nift
���erlbed land in West Kooteniy fll-l-V" >��
menetng at a post marked A. C k'i wOnl
uoruer post, rutinlni 4*1 chiini t-jw-rtjiia|
the hound-try of Tlmbir "!.. :>.-������ S�� 0% -iaa
southerly SO ehatnt. them <-w-c-ri'li-tBl
Ihence northerly *������ ebaint %:��������� t ���:.������! I
track to the place of commenrvmi-'.nli-UV
two t. iinj r.-i -..i.-. more or ��� *���
Located thli 9th day of May. iWV
A  C. H ���! _*!*���*.
Notice is nervoy given thaHOdin"**)
tend Loappiy to the HoPgrchHtlaonwg
mlistouer of Landi and Wnrkt [..***���*_-_��
to purchase the following dewTiWi**-'. �����*
in West Ko4itenay district' Conicri_iii
Itoil plant, .1 at the west boun-lir? *���> -*��-_l_;
and about 10 chains south <���( th��-��iW--t*-weB
of the right-of-way of the 11 > wnttn*
way, and marketl Y A P*l ton'hrut WW.
st li�� ohatDt.thenr-'nnr'-iV'li-**
boundary of the rlgbt*of*wa*i oi b l s**oa
railway, ihence loltowlOf sail Mcritn***
-  -iv ���   ret*tk��o���*���-*������
le'.   r ������   ���"���   -* 'iM*
nu* in too wo*
rlghtof-way in an
boundary of Lol ���;'���-''
commeucemeut, couti-
Dated thla 14th day of June. VfT..
Paul Awiit P'n-*
Nelton Und Dlitrict.  lMtirietol����U
Take notice that Paul Auauit Itultoo,
���heiier. B   C .   oecupailon  loabtttW. fl
fiilon toperrta^WWa
Ing  detjcrilxd   Unda:    Commei (-nil MMJ
���- boumltryol tht *-�����*
to appU for permlssl'Ui to pun*.��� -...,.
deacrlbed  bnda:   rnmnu-i������*���'<: �� *n
lat  theaouin boumlary ol th- .i>*
way   ol   the   British   ColunbU BMJ5J
way and aU.ut *IS chains western-i (
62 on -ail rail way. theuce inuih.**��ibj-wj
eaat ���� chaint, theuce s.nitl. *?;ri;''u'3
east fo ehalna, thence north to -,��f,!l-j!S
��� ry of the right-of way of th* �� ����kgH
Bouthern Hallway, them-e OOOOVJtoR
aald right-of-way to place of
Dated thla 2nd day oi A-'B11*1;.'"������
Part Ararirwn^,
liisirb'tof �����**--���������*"
...__ atiirm. d BBBBT
Nelioli Land Dlslrlc
Take luittce thnt
Montana, V ti. A.,
tends to apply 'or P0im*_*-**1W to.��_Sg|
following SetnWMd Und- " ffill
poat plantedon the wail ibortaiwjga
Shan (Cariboo) lake, ami fl'jtSrf
of i 01*139, thence wesl a) chiini.^ ^#
40 chnins. thenee e>st-.n-himt.thejW5^
-halns to |Milnl of com mencement, a-��
lig Ho acres* more or leai.
May _9ih, 1907.
,(frail ****
Nelson I-and "District   Ul-lrlctol*
TKkc notice tbat Walter M'J'JjS
Montana, ��'.h A....ccupaiio.i ";"^,b.i*
loappiy   for  p* rmissloii to Iiur-rn��T    t^
Ing'leseribedlantl: Commenclni
.1 .,11 th.- av.-.l sl.....' ..I I l'l��" �� "";.'' i I.,,-*
,k...an,i ai thu ?��*-������� ��z?��at*m
ihU- aas.l 20 ilialns, th.-lif "'r ,, _��l
thonoa. aiast Jll .-lial.is. Hi��"' ". 0������l-l"
pa,hit   ul    iini'liialiR-lll.   ��'"'
aa-ra'S, mora- air la-ss
M..a .-ail., i��n
. I Arllr
/l "
r ol Is
���  I""'
Hlsty .lays alu-r Oft*
ranirii.r. <>f Barton Cl-jr,
.riilel Comnilssloln'M
lairla. II   0., lo tiora-l.iar. ...- - (. mnirnr.7_
lamlsslliia asl 01 ��"���'''.,������, ���it�� _
post marai-al "A A �� ��o��\ '", ,,'..,; S >
,lanl..ilattli��N a. -oma-r o ' ,(._,��i*g
r.nii.lliK north (Wl rlialiis. li'"' ^.miil-u"
thlina-a.. south fs. a-liKlni-. 111. W
Na.lson l.nnal lllstrli.t.   Iilstrla-lnl We.t Kaiolciiay.
I ii la.- iiutt.-i- lhat lii-.arKO Hnlus Carlar ol Hlr.lar,
r nl.iill.iti, ,��ri.I_a-iniaii   liila.ii.ls to apply [or 1-aT-
inls-.li.il til pi.r.-lmso thn lollowllIK .li-siTlli..al
inn.I: Comma.n. tnu at post pliuiti-ri at Uu. north-
avi-st i.itrn.-r ol 11. Ross* n|.pll.iitl..li to piirrliiisi",
inailii'il H. W.. thi.ii.-i- nnrth 40 i-halns, thaiiurai
������list 411 a-liiilns, thi'iu'o south 'JO a'lialua to A.
Curry's pro-i.mpllon, tholicai waist 20 i-halus,
thenoe soulli _| .rhalnn, tharii.-ar wi-st SO rhalns to
i.l.i.'.. ol .-omiii.iiroiiH.nl ...iitinnliii: r.'.j arros
i.mh. or laiss.
Iluti'.l July I'J, iwn.       (lr.i.1111-; 1'nri'H Cabtkii,
W. J  Hiiitt. Airi'iil
I, thai unila.rslnni.il. alter CD days llltlinil to iip-
l>ly.toth.. Hon. lira. Clilarl c'onimlsslonairaif Latiil.
sir.I Works to p
iiiii.l:   Ootntnen
H. I., Uu.   .
.'llHlllS,   thl'lll'l'
.-halns to point
acrea maim or less.
Locate.' March Jitth, isn
ri'haso tha. lollowlllK ili'si.rllicil
inir nl tin. N. K. c. o| l.i,i .'Kill
'st 4o i-halns, thi-tico north 'JO
���asl 4o i.halns, Iha.iii.e south 20
I. ..... iii!-ri..'iir.'ril, eoutaining 80
W. A. MlMai.
""���""     A��Tlur��'��*,5-
Naalsoi, [__- Dlstrli't.   "1"1'1;',"''"fol ""!
Take   ii -���   tl !S���tfl   'fill.
Miiaiii.il....     larm. r.     Hit''", ,a,,_-,n_ '(*_
������������ ���-.-,. ... i ����� iii. ';;:'*,,:.-���;*
'���'   "' ���" " ���*' MI.IMJS'
marked --B.0. N. S. jog; ��� *   ,*-�������
twicliallis, thaui.'.' ���>;���'���*'        ,��, l��lnl ��"
..halna,  llia-n.' st �� '   J"'"���,.,
m(.|i<:..nl,.nl,''"iH�� ""'''%,
Ualc.l lallh 'lay Ol Aniiiisl. i
pla.-i. ol im.-iir.
Aimnatlal. UW.
land I   -. -
sovi.il mill's Iraun We
at  northeast   oorner
Nelaou Uml Dl.trT'i- DJ'"'J,01   ���__��
Tak,.     ....IH'"   ll"",    '""'���
Altaina,     KUttoM, ,���r ......        ..
lorporinlssloii   I"  I1"  ,    , ��I.V'"X���*i
,-rll.��.l lan.lr   '''���""""'*���," ,ppll��   "'^
the southeast oorner ol im   , uoat'lSM
five mllaas lroiil���tl��' '�� ', ',".��� .n.l lf"'M
i �������';>���
from th
mnrki-.l F M i ���
north HO chains.  Ill
souih H0.-h.lns, then"     ' a mil si'"*'
ari,iniiicn..i.inciit. foot. '��� "���(, ,,
Dated SOU. day "I ���"���K"",',,,-* t"'"\^
AlllllirH *
Nulson Und District'   nlslH'*' "',nlB...*'{5
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he BACON We Sell
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Cured and  Smoked.    Our Hams  Are
Excellent   Also.    All   Are Canadian
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P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
n I-rtn i plstrlct. Plitrl ll of Went Kootenay
1 thai   latrl ��   -herau.   of   N.-Ihoi.,
i- pro-pector, lutenda toapnly
I .   .-., di .   oror the  following
��� uommeuelni at a poet planted
potto! lot&M   U-tiiKVatrl��-k
_._ ij    j-    corner   pOkX    running   BOUtb no
,,,,.,,,. a.,! ioobatna, theuco north ho
K  , ���min-   lo point  of  emu-
* RaiCK Htkanp, Agent.
!-: iDiitnct. Dutrtot of Weet Kootenay
[ rakP notice that Petef Lund, oi
t  upatlon lumberman, lntandi
J     ��� . |...., mi umber lloenee over the
E-<riL- .Ip-.rHie.i laud*: ('oininfnrlnR at a
f north ��� .i-terly pM-OHOI Mi
fl't'-' um* ��"-iii!i of timber lif-eii't- No. 7018.
��� .-baina, thenoe eaut 4U chains.
.ir-    then-e   Weit -tO   chaini
a.      ........     , ,in, nt, and   eontaiutng
I Ih.lMI. I'mn Lt'WP.
V u���i| DlUrlet  JMitrietof Weat Kooleimy
I   Take notloe tiiat Peter I.und, -,.
C . occupation liimtH'rrnaii, lutenda
���        f..- it -;..il   timber  licence over  the
p_ - ribad landi*    ('oniniencing ata
, _.*��� eail   txHindarv of lot 813, 100
Lloenoa 7011 ami 40 clialup
I iUoii  poet claim   Nti. 1. theuce   uorth
|h ���. ���      c ���..-: to obaina, thenoe aonth 80
..    a. *t --*���  ehalflR   to   Ihe   polntof
nct-un-ul. au.i loutaining  t.|o arret, more
|lH Juir ;��tli. HOT. I'rraa I.ckd.
d Land Dlitrict   Dlltriei Ol WeM Koo*��nay
f\-     s I ...   r   ���ihat   I'-t'er   Lund, of
i pat ion iMiuberman, lulendi
a- for a tpet-ial timber licence over the lol*
fc_ deaciibi 1 landa: .'otnmeiieing at a pout
U'l on ao ��� wi boundary of loi nf, to ehaini*
hof my location poat claim Ho, 1- tbrnce
DC-U-lni, thenea �����*.���. ��� '-lialuii, thenee
I - ���������:..-��� went Ho  ehains   to  point
-     ' .in,    nu<l   i ontaluliig   *>to  acrei",
|i   -
1 A-ign-t lm, 1907. l'm:a UM)
ftft'iiiri- that Ira Y. Taylor, ciera. of Arrow-
\H.i" , intendn bi si-ply for a IpeOUU licence
|it  timbt-r   from   the    full..win*   denerirx-d
*   Ina at h , .--' plantetl 70chalnt
Mn tn easterly direction   from  I'arlboo
_rk��_] -tra r. Iaylor'a, W. Parklna* H w.
oo the louth by T. L Nn 7fi*W.
"<i ���-���. r i    mi. ~''r.2, thenoe north *o
Otfttr*.  f-H**'   *���-'   ��� hull in,   theiiee   -..HilhtO
it to ohaina to poiut oi rom-
mi- ut ��� r-r>��t plauted BO ebalni
it-) in * easterly dlieetlnti from <-artt-oo
B    l-arklni*.   IraK   Taylor* 8. W.
ir pest,"' bounded   on the weal by T. I. 7IV.7.
* brlra?. Taylor*, and   W.   Parklna' !   1
north 40  eh_vina,   them-*'  eaat   IfO
-   ith 10chalna, thenee weitldO
* Ui fiolni of i nmmi'tn emen*.
I: Land District, Dlatriot Of West Kootenay
I r. ..v jiren that SO dan alter data i,
iP.Bwedberit, miner, o| Nelaon, _*.0 , intend
It ��� lion   ih- i hlel   ii--'...n.T ..f
land Wurki foraepeela] uoeaoa to ont and
I*--. Umber from the following doeertbed
f "ii a-iiinmlt  creek,  in   the   Weal
Itu] Dlitrli
[        nnanetdf at a pod markel J l\tin
J ���-������nn. ***t eornei poat. h��-ated on
|'   - immll creek   alum* two mllea from
creek, thenoe   runtiing ""-"nth no chaina.
���   nmiiitiK u-.-i W ehalna, thenee   running
�� cbalu, thence waat eO chaina, tbenoe
kSOchaiai, thenee running oa-il to chaina,
w*- riintiiii(*  -oulh tu ehalna,  theuee east to
p* -.1 pi*,..,(commencement.
ftl' 1 on in.* 2��th day nf Auguat. 1H07.
itiM-r V, MwRiiRKfto. liocator.
per hi- agent I'niri McIkinau*
Commencini *�����< ���*��� i����t marke-l J  p. fl'i
rlimit,northwe#tcorner poat. located on
|i"r"t ol mi..unit creek, alt-nit twj in ilea from
1'���"''-��� thence running aontt, no ehalna,
���**** ri.niih,'' eait 80 ehnina, thence running
chaina, ihence ruuuing weat fit) chains
'il eiuiimi'iii ement.
���led mi the .���.th rtay of Auguat. l'.tn.
John I-  swbphkho, l>ocalor.
per hia agent Pntoa Mcik>nai.u.
pti Und Dtltrtet.   IMatrlct ol Wuit Kwilenay
���>*��� notice that J. K. F. fllewart, ol Colling*
P.   int    ,h'i'ujiKtinti   Intn tH-ruinn. Iilteii'la   to
��� lor a ipeola] nmht-r li-etice over the fol*
���'>������ .-i ���;'.-���.l -anti*; Comnietielng at a poal
W��0n ��� tmall stream aU.ut one mile aoulh
���W'imi.ia Kiver Hem t|,e head wateiaot t.rail-
|'-K. oiMTKed .1. It. Y. Hiewarfa N. K. Angle
ft���"'"��'<��� ii'uih 4u chalua, tneneo weat 40
���"��� thenoa  Mmih w ehalna, thence   weat  20
��� -I'll.- muih it ohalna, theneo eaat ho
IJjMiien.i- north tt ehalna, thenee wcatai
" �� ''II i oommeneement, eoutaining
���''���''  r leaa,
���     ' ""7 Jamk*- R. p stiwart.
���jn Uul DlltrlOt. DtatrlOt of Weal Kootenay
lj-' nolle, that  .LU. K.  Stewart, of  Cidllng-
r. ni..oeei-j.rtit,,,, lumberman, inteuda Co
Ki '", " 'Wl timber Itnenoa over the fol-
Iii. i    ,".V -"'������If.      (���oinmeiietng  al a poat
J'������  -;|i (he ,..,���!,   M-leoi   aamall   ereek   due
-���-tu.- Mountain Meadnw mica, about ����
irtlT?-.*1 uranita  craok   marked J. R.F.
.,.,., , ;.K  K---.l-* l-i-"'. thei eaat *�� ehalna,
m,,. '   ?'  '���halua, theneo   weat 20 ehalna,
fc, . ' ' i-'I'Hli.-. th.-nee weal 80 ehalna,
��,..',,     ,"   ' ������'tliia, lbenee   en-t HO   ehalna,
ii,."  .,'; ,���" 'loiiutio pi,ee of oommanotp
r,T-Uh'lM- .lAMEK U   K. HHRWART.
'"' ���"������*������ "l-irl-t.   hialrlet of Weat Kootenay
do irr,',.'.,",Llt.1' Mexandtf  ailleepla, ol
I   '  *     la,
B I .clerk
��� ' lore, intend l" appiv for a apeclal
�����'"    over   the  following diwrlbed
_B**3fjS��?li-lta-- l,,ml P-WtBfl ��������� lbo con*
Imr'eL ,i.,",ri11 fMrk 0! Com creek Willi the
Hal ii-    ti  "'"''' "��r,h ���", Obetni, Iheuce weal
ij;,      1('|,l wuth -to ohalna, tbenoe eaat
knu, more or l"'' "' t-*-*l,lll-,,K. coulalnitig
foJSmUg1l   --S' 1007.
Pi norrtffr?*!��8 J11 H t>o*t planted on thi bank
"��� li--c.ii i        "'    ,"ln tn',,k about four milea
���i^ieimi,,'   ','' w,n' "B Ka-h creek,thence
'Hi mi ,.(. n,' "'V'"" wa' HOehaliiK, thenco
r��''��f lieiihi,,.,' ,"''���"'"  ca��l  8"  ehnina to   lbo
-,���._ Ki'Mitiig, oontaluini MO aorei, more
h'' 'I'trin to, _1K ,H!.'* P01- P'fthted on tho hank
01 lu -'.inn .,','���'   V1'" "rook abont four mllei
ft**>ObainaD?S wl,h th'" Mrt"- crock, thonce
''��� H" "lirtl..-. iff1- W,'"t *i ehalna, thonco
P" "f bMlnn.-iJ"'���"''' ,,|lHt m chalna to tho
leaa.        iwoMfi containing oio acrea, moro
" -ito.1 Augmi lfiu,, 1J07,
���-'���--XAM.KHdllXR-triK, Looator.
a. iu< kbtt, Agent.
V-t" iml'n1 "J"""1''1- 1'iitrloTof Weit Kooleuay
t Ptoipectn? it,.?*?'? ,l"l*-liort,nt Nelaon,
i'   "'" ��ni ��,;, ni,,,'l"lf'ln "I'ldy   for  a apoelal
V*ta,tdaaoribBdianJ ***���-' ilmXioT ���rom tbu
S^��too?n?f��L%**_*pO*t planted near tho
l\""''r "ear-; iii"' ,,lnl,,,r Mconoe No 9W
___JTrJ�� ��l ,, J1 t,,,or- H- W. oornor poet of
I,'"1 Henry ^i-;t0%m*-hj*enionoreeltat��d
to,;��� V" #1 ei,. i ,  r    H<M'l'ieiuit oornor poat
���h-h?O0e ho . " ,lnr'��L thenco K0 chalna
KUVPolnti ��� 'H,Mlth- tliGiico 80 chalna
f ft*} Jul, jfl-j^'-wmiueuoemeni.
No 10 Commeuelug at a poat planted about 'iP
chalne more or leaa aouth from tho north
weat corner of I-ot no _&4- on main Lemon
creek and marited Henry Relchert eaat coruer
poat no. io. thenee40 ohaini north moreorleaa
to aboul in I-1 way of the aouth boundary Hue of
timber 1 lee uce ito ���".:������". thence 16-i chaina weet,
thence 40 ehalna eouth, thence 1G0 chalna east
to   i-Oili *   "' ''"liiim-ii.'.-iiielil
Dated July _7th, 1W7.
lfo. 11 Commencing at a poat planted on Monument creek, aboul 70 cbaina, more or leaa, aouth
from where Monument creek, empty* Into Lemon creek, and near Hwiirr iteichert northeaat
corner p. - ol limber location no H, and marked
"Henry Keichert Uorthweat eorner tkhU No 11,"
Ihence 160 ehalna aouth, thence 40 ehalna emat,
theuee 1"-- ehalna north, thence 4o chalna weat
to the i>"'t'i o* comuieticomeut-
Dated Jniy.mil, vxn.
11��nrt Rkii'IIIrt, I-ocator.
Nelaon 1.tin.I iMatrtet.   Diatrict ol Weat kootenay
Take uotice that I, Harold N. Edgecombe, of
Fertile, B. C, clurk, lnteml tu apply lor a apeclal
timber lloenoe over the following den-rlbed
a\. -commencing at a pott planted at the con*
fluence of the uortn fork ef Corn creek about
two mile, from Ita conllut-ure with the Main
ire.-It thenee aouth 40 chaina, thence weit 160
chalna, thence north 40 ehalna, theuce eaat 160
chaina to the place of beginning, containing 640
acrea, more or lesa.
Located Auguat ]7th, 1907.
0. Commencing at a poat planted on the bank
of the north fork of Corn creek about two miles
from IU couflueuce with the Main ereek, thenee
aoutb 00 chalua, theuce west to i halna, thence
north Ho ehnina. iheuce eaat 00 chains to tbe
place uf beginning, containing 040 ceres, mure
or leas.
Located August 17th, Wl.
3. Commencing at a poat planted on the bank
of the uorth fork of C-orn creek about four miles
from Ita confluence with the Main creek, theuce
aouth Ho chalua, thence eaat HO chaina, thence
north HO chalna. thence weat HO chalua to tha
place of beginning, containing 640 acres, more or
ixx'ated Auguat 17th, 1907.
.'. Commencing at a poet planted on the ban*
of the nonh fork of Corn creek about6m.les
Irom Ua e-nnflut-nee with the Main ereek, thence
north 40 chaina. thence eut 160 cbalua, thence
soiith 40 ehalns, Ihence weat 160 chains to the
place o| beglnulug, containing 640 acres, more
or leas.
Dated Auguat 16th, 100*7.
0. Commencing at a post planted on the bank
of the north fork id Corn ereek about ata mllea
from ita eonfiueiiee with the Main creek, theuce
aouth NO * halna, theuce eaat DO cbaina. tbence
north ���) chalna, theuoe west HO chalna to the
place of beginning, containing t-40 acrea, moru
Um ated August l��th, 1W7.
7. Coiumenelng *t a poat plantetl on tbe bank
of ihe north lork of Corn creek about six miles
from Ha eonflnene* With the Main creek, them-e
���oath HO chalua, theuce westHO cbalm, thenee
north HO ehalua, iheuce eaat HO chaios to the
plaee ol beglnulug, containing 040 acrea, more
or less
Located August Itllh, 19H7.
II. N. Kdoccombb, I_ocator.
A. HAcaarr. Agent.
Nelaon l_and District. Diatrict of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that we, Archibald Bremner and
doorge . .nun,. both of the city ot Nelson, in the
Province of British Columbia, lumbermen, luteud to apply for special timber licenses over the
following described lands:
1 Commencing st a poat planted about 260
yards weaterly Trom the Junction of the north
and main forks of Hummlt creek, a ereek flowing
Into Kootenay river aouth ol the aouthern end ol
Kootenai lafcO In the district ol West Kootenay.
whlt-h Iuiicilon la about Uor Antilles from the
moutn of such creek, theuce south 40 chains,
llienee east 160 chatus, thence north 40 chains,
thenee weal 160 chains to the point uf commence*
men, aud containing 640 acres moro or less.
Dated thla 5lh dav of August, lbV7.
lii"tTie"aitVlal'a''t atiVesl Kaxitenajr, theace .oulh HO
.lialii.. then.-e we.l ��" a lialn., Ihence aoulh 40
I.Hii... tliona-e ..aaal 40 a'halaa, thence north 80
a-tialus, theuce eaat 40 chains, Ihence norlh 40
i-lialus, tlit-na'C east 4a. a-halu. to the point ol rrom-
iii.-ii.-anient an.l a-oulalnlng "40 acre, more or
l*;KI, i.a..HUE *ll.l>*ll.
llate.l this Mh alaj ol Auju.t, UQT,
���i llo.nmencln�� al a posl planted about 'JOO leet
na.rlh Iraam the hank nl lhe main Hummlt creek,
ami about J mile, vac.tctl-Irom the juii.-il.au aal
the norm lork ann lhe main lork ol such creek,
a a-ra-ck llowlng into -iiolena*- river .oulh ol the
southern eud ul Koaileuaf lake In the dlatiiet ol
West KiMalenay, thence south m chain., llieuca-
east HO a-halns. tliena'o north 80 chains, llieua-e
trwIM ahallis in lhe point ol commencement
an.. i-oiualnlUK MO acre, more ->��������������.���_,
Dated Ihla Mh day ol Ail.usl, 11107.
4 roiiiuii'iii'liiK al a post plantea about'J mile,
up an unnamed creek uowInK Into Hummlt
.reck Ira.m the south at aooil ffl nillea Irom lhe
mouth ol Hummlt creek which latter Is a ereaik
Hamlin, lino Kooteuay river ...ulh a>f the saiulh-
-rn iiid ol Kooten.y lake In Hie dlslrl t ol ��est
K....i.iiay. tlicnce northao alialns. thenee east 80
chalna, thenee souih 80 chains, thence wa-st 80
a-halns lo the point ol a'aimmoncemenl and eon
lallil,,, IH acre, more or le... .^^
Haled IhlsMh day ol August. 1��07.
6 llaimincnclng at a post planted two mile, up
an iiniii.iiic.1 crJek lliuvlng utoHalinmll creek
Iraam Una south al about J-J miles Irom lhe inmllh
,I 'iiinn.ll creek, which latter Is a creek llowlng
lino Kooleuay river ...ulli ol the wuth-ra end
���r Koaitcnay lake In Ihe district ol West kootenay, lli.'iia'e "oulh ����� chains, theuoo east 80
.���IikUis tli.nce north 80 chain., thence west 80
chains to the point ul commencement and con-
taming f-10 acre, more or l"���,,,,^ ���_���,������.
Haled till. Mil day ol Align.t, 1HOT.
8 (lommcnilug at a posl Pl��nMhJ about one
aud a hall mile, up the n >rlh lork ol Hummlt
"ok, a creek llowlng Into laoaitonay r ver..outh
ol Hi., southurn eu.l aal kamlenay lake In the. dls-
t.li.l ol Wo.t kootenay. thenee aasl 80 cha ns,
tlicnce south to chain., tlicnce east 40 cans,
I, o   south 40 chains, thenco   wo.tal    Caps,
t .-n.-a. nurlli 10 chalus. theuce wosl 411 chains,
thanoo norlli 4n chalua to lhe polnlol cominonco
mom and eoutaining ��40 acre, imuenr le...^
Holed this 8th_lay ol August, 1901.
7. Commencing nt a post Pl��ntod |",b""'��n,"
...He ami .. ha I up Uw north lork ol Hummlt
ereek?. crock low'lng Into Koolenav river south
.il ihe southern  on'! ol Kootenay lak.. In Iho
strict ol West Kootenay, ihon.-e north 40 chains,
il ciica. wesl 4n chains, theuoo norlh 40 cha is
ihence eas 80 chains, tbence sonth 40 cha .is.
���e easl 40 a-nalns, thenco .oulh 40 chains,
tee wesl Sl chain, to tho pr.lut ol co-nmeneo-
mmI "nilf ,.,.,i.ali.ln��,"'0��crc'.moreorlo...
liatod till. ��.h day ol Aiiju.I. 1W1-
V, I i, kc in   lo dl.trlot olWo.1 ioolo.i��y.
,1,.   i ..rlh 81 ���'! sin., Ihence oa.l 80 chains,
a    i  VTclialus. 't_.no. wosl so ,.|,.ln.rto
Iho point nl .���,.iillliel|.;..ina.llt. and coutainlug 840
"SOTtW-y ol Ai.8"��.*-��2-,01 yoow.
I.   comuienolni ��v �� ��*>����� Pi*-"*-"   ���'���'-"���'��� ���
Limitation   within   Perpendicular   Linea
Preventa   Litigation���Reducing
Coat of Handling.
A quarts mine claim In the Transvaal Ih 150 feet long on the line of
strike of the ledge and 400 feet wide.
The government claim license, to be
paid continuously, is %\ per claim per
month. Iu addition to (his the government takes ten pep cent of the net
profit on the gold produced. The Boer
(Iovernment used to take Ei per cunt, of
the   net   profit.
It does not pay to organize and equip
a mine having much less than 100
claims under the mining conditions in
the Train* /aal. The ledges can only
be followed within perpendicular lines
of the claim boundaries and his arrangement saves many law huHs. Overlapping claims are not recorded.
The talent of mining engineers from
all parts of the world has been brought
to bear on working the Johannesburg
mines and no expense has been spared
to obtain good organization and up-to-
date equipment
Very complete statistics are kept on
all the mines on a basis of costs per ton
mined and mtlled, and rigid comparisons are made between those mines
working under similar conditions so
that each manager or superintendent la
held accountable to hiB directors for any
fXot.'KH in his costs per ton over that
of his neighbors.
The costs are subdivided as follows:
Mining, hoisting, pumping, transport,
sorting, crushing, ~uillllng, cyanlding,
electric power and lighting, maintenance, development, and office expenses.
The combined costs per ton of ore
mined range from below $5 to $8 at the
present writing. Ten years ago tbe total costs per ton averaged $2 more than
they are now, and a still further reduction may be looked for if the people
6,000 milea away who read ahout the natives in books will allow the white people, living in Africa who understand
natives and other local conditions, to
manage their own affairs.
Juatitlable Homicide,
nioomlngton, Sept. 20.���Tobe Caddy
ealry today met a would-be white capping mob at hiB front door with a shot
gun and firing Into the crowd killed
Jeffeson Robinson. The mask was still
on his face when the body was found
after daybreak. All the other of lhe
white cappers escaped.
Nelson Land District- Diatrict ot Wost Kooienaj-
Take notice tbat Clyde K McClure, of RiiBvlUc,
Wash occupation barber. Intends to ap-.lj* lor
a spet-lal timber licence over the lollowlng de��-
t-rloed landa; On the cast aide of Pricat river.
two and a half mllea north of the international
boundary line: Commencing alapost rUnt-*d
two and a half miles north of the International
tioundary line, thenre eaat SO chains, theuce
south HO chains, thence west SO chalna, thence
north HO chains to the point ol commencement
and containing MO acres, more or less
Dated Sept. 14th, 1��U7. CLYDB K.  Mi <*[ i ki,
K    W. Smith. Agent.
Nelsou 1-sii-i District. District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Jay Bovee, of Rltzvllle. Wash ,
occupation butcher, Intends loappiy foraspeclsl
ttmber licence over tbe following described
lands; on the east side of Priest river: Commencing ata post planted one and a Iiali miles
norm of International bounder* line, thence
east HO chains, thence aoutb HO chains, tlicnce
west HO chalna, theuce north to cnalns to tbe
point of commencement, .containing 640 acre-*.
more or lets.
Dated Sept. lath, 1907. Jay Bovax.
K. w. Smith, Agent
Nelion Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notloe tha* Wesley Bovee. of Kitxvllle,
Waah , occupation butcher. Intends to apply for
a apeclal timber licence over the following described lands; on tbe east side of I'rlest river:
(ommenclng ata poat planted one and a half
miles north of the Internationa) boundary line,
thence west 80 chains, thence aouth HO chalna,
thence east 80 cbains, thence north HO chains to
|K>lnt of commencement, containing 8-0 acres,
more or leu.
Dated Kept. Uth. 1901. Wiuliv Mnvai,
K W. Smith, Agent
Nelsou Land Dlatrlct. Diatrict of West Kooteuay
Take notice that -Union P. Schlffel, of Natler,
Idaho, occupation lumberman, intends io apply
for a special timber licence over the following
.luHcrlbed lauds; ou the easl aide of Priest river:
Commencing at a poal planted on the east side
of Priest river, two and a half mil. s north of the
luternatloual boundary line, thence nor'b HO
chains, thence east HO chains, thence south BO
chalna, thence w��m HO chains to point of commencement, containing 840 acres, more or less
Dated Hunt- 14ih, lt��07- Simom P. SrnirriL,
K. w smith. Agent.
uarter of a mile weaterly from the north lork
of dummlt creek and about three mllea up such
north fork trom its Junction with iho malu Bum,
mtt creek, a creek flowing into Kooteuay river.
touth of tho southern ond of Kooteuay lake iu
the district West Kootenay, thenco west HO
i-halns, thence norlh 80 chaina, theuce east B0
chalna, tbence south to chains to the point of
commencement, and containing MO acres, more
or leas. .,___.
Dated tbla 8th day of August, 1907.
AR. I.IIHU. Brkmnkh.
10. Commencing at a post planted about a
ouarterof amlle westerly from the north fork
ol Hummlt creek and about three milea up such
north fork from Its juucllon with the malu Summit creek, a oroek flowing Into Kootenay river,
sonth oi tbe southern end of sootenay lake, in
the district of West Kootenay. ihence went 40
chains, thence south IN chalua. thence east 40
chains, thence north 1��W chaina to the point of
commencement, and containing MO acres, more
or less.
Dated this 20th day of August, 1907.
arciurai.ii Banana*
11 Commoncihff at a poat planted about half a
mile easterly from tho aouth fork of Summit
creek and about oue mile aoith of the main
Summit crock, a creek flowing into Kootenay
river south of the southern end of Kootenay lake
In the district of Weal Kootenay, thence eaat HO
chalna, thenco south BO chains, thence west HO
chalua, Ihence north 80 chalua to tho poiut of
commencement and containing M0 acres more
or -,.���<- ABCIIIHAl.I- H KKMNH.lt.
Dated this 21at day of August, 1907.
In the matter of an application for the issue of
duplicates of the Cortlllcatis of Title to lota 11,
12 and IS, group 1, West Kootenay District, also
known as the "Kootenay Chief," "Comfort" and
"Lulu" mineral clalma respectively.
Notice is hereby giveu that It is my Intention
to laaue at the expiration of one mouth after tho
ti rat publication hereof a dtinllcato of Certlllcate
of Title rso. r-'-Mia of an undivided Hl-iooths in
������sell of the a'-ovc lots, issued on the 17th day of
May, A. D.18HA in lhe name of JobD C. Aiusworth,
and alao a duplicate ol Cortlflcate of Title No.
-IKMia of an undivided 19-UK)iha In each of tho
above lota, R.ued ou the 17th day ot May, A. D
1886,11) the name of (.eorge J. Ainsworth,
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B. C. Au-*uHt6lh
"H, F. MacLeod,"
Dlitrict Registrar.
The "Bare" Wear Only
would be enough to recommend our fine-
looking and easy-fitting Shoes, but there
Is a stylishness about them and a lasting shapelini-ss that is making them
veuy popular among "men who know."
They are made on the newest lasts, of
the best leathers, and conform to the
most approved styles ln men's footwear.
We are ready to fit all feet, and at
prices that make Shoes look like a gift.
Cor. Vurnon   and Ward Streets),
.���\EI.SON, 13. 42.
H. Henderson. Rossland; F. Stiles,
Seattle; C. C. Thbrne. Spokane; J. C.
Miller, Cranbrook; W. F. Henderson.
Spokane; F. F. Guernsey and wife. Trail
tc. w. Rawson, F. Hiiby, Vancouver;
M. Hill. Winnipeg; R. Weaver, Victoria; T. II. Donnolly. T. VV. S. Norton.
Calgary: J. F- L.angan, Chicago; A. F.
Dudgeon, Revelstoke; S. H. Bowman,
.Minneapolis;  W. G. Kennedy, Brie,
Best Located  Hotel in Nelson
I r.'l-r tbe mAuagempnt ol K. K. .Noble,
late ot Tairontn, Ottawa an.l
F. J. Kaye. A. J. Hell, HonninBlon; R.
S. Francis, Procter; C. Killan, G. J.
Booth, A. Daefed. A. D. Dynes. Vancouver; A. T. Watson, Toronto; H.
Kerr. Milwaukee; F. Ireland. Ottawa;
J. J. .Johnson, Montreal; M. E. Gibbs
and wife, Spokane.
J. E. Dolan. Spokane; H. Knox, Ymlr;
W. H. Hill and wife, Winnipeg: H.
Wilson. D. Donforth. Miss Donforth, S.
Klacta. Medicine Hat; S. S. Sibble,
Kaslo; A. Wl Campbell. W. McShaw.
Moyle; S. F. Priswald, G. Smllh. Paulson: G. D. Webb, D. Murray, J, H. Mc-
Innls, Greenwood: A. McKay. Vancouver; .T. N. McMaster, Lardo; E.
Taylor, Erie.
A. G. I'.lalne. Miss J. McCllst, Cranbrook; A. G. Johnstone, Poplar; Misses
M. and 11. Williamson. Armstrong; Mrs.
Povett, Kaslo.
W. Dauffln. Phoenix; F. Edwards.
Waverly; E. McPbllllps. Blue Bell; D.
Honner, Eholt; H. Efpstein, Vancouver;
J.  Mcintosh,  Kaslo.
J. Kllthorpe. Rossland: H. R. Williams, Nakusp; S. Osborne. E. North.
Silver King: J. P.e!l. R. White. G.
Thompson. E. Sadler, W. Thompson. E.
Wilkinson, Slocan.
E. Brookman. Salmon: F. Hilton, Toronto: S. Lancaster. Hull Siding; S.
Reaver. Duhaniel: R. Cunimings. J. Phillips, Cranbrook: C. Fcnwlck, Robson;
Jas. Murray and wife. Spokane.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Aponl fnr Truscott T-aoncheB
ami Pcicrboro Canoea.
Finest Lot of  Hoata in B.C.
H.   L_.   LINDSAY
Foot ol Jof-t'phlue St.       Tol. Al8
Certificate  of Improvements.
"I'nlon" Mim-rnl t'laim slluatt- in the Nt lion
Mining Division, of the West Koottnay Dlstiict
WhUf IcM-uto-l:--<��n Tua.l Mountain two ami a
hall miles ir im Ne'won. B. fl.
Take notice tlia* I. W. A. Maednnald, af-tinR *��
*agmitfor Hugh -nitherlan<1, l-'reo Miuer'ai'er-
t llcalo No- Ml.'-.'a--'.*. Intend P**' mm from the -late
lu-reuf, to apply i��> **-����� MIii'iik Roeortter lor a
i tar tl Urate of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining �� Crown '"rant of the above claim
Antl further taHe notice lhat autloii. under
Section 117, must he ctunmeneetl before the is-
���ua   0�� Of TOOh Certificate Ol Improvement-.
Dated thiiilrtl day ol September. A  !��., 1W7,
W. A    MA'-_H)NALI>.
Certificate   of   Improvements
'���Montreal ' nnd -'(.hpIh-c" Mineral Claims situ*
Hte in the Nelaon .Mining Division, of West
Kooteuay Dlstiict.
Where looatctl: Went branch of north fork of
Siilmi.n rlvor, on t*rnlK Mountain, about nine
miles Iroin Krie, H. 0.
Take notice that 1, Alfred ' meat Oallupe, Free
Miner's Certlllcate No. B619. luiouil, slaty days
from the date hereof, to appiv to the Rifting
Keoorder for a Certificate 01 Improvements, for
the pin |. s of obtaining Crown Grants of the
above ',latins.
Aud further take notice that action, under
section 87. must be commenced before the Imu-
aue.e of such Certificate ol Improvements.
Dated this 13th day <>f September, 1W07.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Registry
Act" and  Amendment* thereto,
_ AND���
an application lor ihe Issue t
���ertlllcatc of Title lor 1- s
, Group 1 Kootensy I.|itr' !.
given that it is my iu-vm i
(ration of one month from the
erect a duplicate Certiorate ol
described lands, ln tho name of
obertson which Certificate Is
of August, 18l>8,  and  Is nuin"
Offlee,   Nelson,   B.C.,   Hist   of
Dlatriot Keginrar.
In tho matter of
a duplicate, of lhe
���iftH.iW--, and 8��08(
Notloe is hereby
to issue at the c-.ii
first publication h
Title to the above >
James Roderick ti
dated the 9th day
bored U0f>-k.
Land   WeRistry
August, 1907.
Tremont House
European and Ar-**irl"sn Plan
Veil- 'ih cts.    Bootna from M cts. to 11
Only White Help Employed.
MAI.ONE   &   TRK(in-LU8
Bmr- r F��... ^'e-Fo-n Proprtatort
Mo.t < on ....:..;:.  qnnrlers      Nelson*
Only lhe laesl . 1 Liquors anal . iRara.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms GO cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Froppietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Houae
and PoBtot-lce, Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker dtreet. Nelson. B. C,
_uight��Ml by Electricity and
Heatod by Hot Air
I-arge and -t'omfortable Bedrooms and Pirsi-
���lasHlMiniii; Room.   Sample Kooins for Commer*
���lai    M--n.
MRS.   K. C.CL.AKKK. Proprietress
Bartlett   House
Best DoIIar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe Bar is the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine St.
Royal Hotel
Ruti'p fl and $1.50 a Day.
Speoit-1 Rates to Re^nlar Boardera
Rates to
The Coast
Greatest Chance of the Season.
See the Coast
at Its Best.
Return tickets $16.55.    On sale Sept.
27th  to  Oct.  2nd.    Good  until   October   10th.
Tickets for Westminster Fair may be
alestlncd Vancouver if desired.
23  to   OCT.   5.
Round trip only $8.80.    Tickets on sale
Dally  Sept. 23 to Oct. 2, Inclusive.
For one day only, Sept. 30, Round Trip
for Single  Fare, $6.60.  .Final limit
of all tickets Oct. 7th.
For furlher particulars cali or writs
A.u. P. A.. Vancou vor.
D. V.*.. Nolson
Piano and  Singing Lessons
Given by Mr*. Winter Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Iloyal Academy for pianoforte plnylng
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Eng., for theory ot music. Scholarship of tin* London Conser.
vatolre of Music for singing and piano
playing.       Ad-r_H Box 796. NaUon.
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing' on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery "will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to Our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel, 324.
Cranbrook Conservative Association
Under the auspices of the Cranbrook Conservative  Aaaoclation  wil  be   held
at the
New Opera Houje, Cranbrook, on -Tuesday, J st October,, 1907,
AT  THE   HOUR  OF  8  O'CLOCK, P.   M.,     To     Welcome     th*     presence
amongst    us   of
R. U. BOROEIN, lVf. P.,
Hon. Richard iV\cBride,
This great meeting will be addressed ny Mr. R. L.  Borden, M.  P��� The
Premier and others.
All are cordially Invited to attend.    Specially  reserved  seats  for    ladles.
By order of the Executive.
JOSEPH RYAN, Secretary.
Fire, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability Insurance
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
ol the
Choicest Frott Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get tbe ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
$1000 Cash and the balance on extended pa> iii...iiisu ill buy a six-
roomed houtao anil five lots; good
location,   price |2.500
"COO cash aud the br lance on ox-
tended ri*VTni>nts wiii buy an elgbt-
roon!..-l house and lot *_ block
from tho car line, price... .11,900.
|500 cash and the balance monthly
payments will buy a six-roomed
house and lot on Silica street,
price ��1300.
$600 cash and $25 per month will
buy a seven-roomed house and lol
on Victoria street, price 11800.
H. & M. BIRD
.".'-������' i
'; j.-     i
k   V'*'
'IS m
it k ii
\    :!'
The Daily Canadian
Our Alarms will never let you
oversleep. $1.50 and $-2.50. The
very best.
FOR HAUS���A Good rli-a-i- Ranis, 6 ll.ls. in gooil
ra-pslr     Apply W. A. Thurman. 	
1, mai,iil��.u..c.i Irom m* '��'���"��� ���"''��" "j, ,',?n-
,ip,.in-.| ..n.l dew-sweetened     ii > mud, luii-
���' .v,.i-.-ai..l .a-a.l.    Aluliaaara.-a.il
ought io try
fobaccoui.-.t.   Biker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265 !
LOST���AJMHr of long, brown glOTU, between
vioioria and oomer ol Stanley and Orbonate
Btreeti.   Return to Canadian Offlee.
QOLD CHAIN, between Hoover nn<i Vernon
Street- Rnltable r --war���" win be t'����<l tor it'
return.   MoOenuld & M-.-Har.iy.
A rocKETBOOK eoutaining a Ugnod cheque ol
theBeeond Rellel Mining tympanyt payable
to  ' ��� C   Wmle,  and   letters.     Fiiuler   kimlly
lcave at So Plaee Inn.
Street Car Service.
Tha street cure are not running on
time today. This is a boutoq of Inoon
venlence to those who have become accustomed to a  regular service.
Social  Evening.
Miss Meconium, Mill street, enter
taineti her friends with a s-.iii.il party
hist evening. The guests passe.I away
tho evening with cards ami music.
Sanitary   Improvements.
Charles Hurt is iiistalliug n new sanitary plant In his house, corner of Victoria ami Josephine streets. The work
is being done under the supervision ol
s. A. Wye. sanitary engineer.
Wood  is Dear.
Good four-toot cordwood has been advanced at Rossland from $<���> to $T a
cord. In Spokane the price is $s per
cord. Dealers claim that excessive
ir* Ight rates caused the advance.
TWO Fl RRT-ULaBS ROO.&&. iWmb heated     Ap
plv hnuflekee*Der. -.rd flat. K   w. (".block.
WAST Kit���Situation by  Young BQOtsman  (mar
rlti-1) willing to taoJtle anything,  experienefd
lu grocery, wine  and nurit trade     Addiee.
D. D , Daily Canadian Office.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Fuel _e Poultry Co.. LtcL
____miiiss-rir~~~~^" ltt___Bg t*"-^-
N.E. CO.. Baker   ��nd   Ward   Sts.
Sec Us
Foi* Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo||
Acre Blocks.
�� Bedrock Prices.   "  ..
Easy Terms.
\VANTE'*-A   Ha-llatale lain or \ouiitj I.aaly tat
Uenairal Hai.isa    ,.rk.  Apply Hex 10.1 ranbrook.
A   PART.NKK   wllh  J'-.ireo to   purchase a  fra.lt
raurli ii...r Na'lsou    A go. <l spei-ularlon    ""an
ner uee.l not b* m'-iva-ly fu-ri.  "il on ranch.
For partla-illars apply T  Q. Fa.Oa'l KK.
Little Hope.
li. S. Lennle's many Friends in Nelson
will learn with atnoere regret that the
latest message from him stall's thai
there is little hoiie for his mother's recovery. Mr. I.ennle ilues not expect to
be back in Nelson till some time nexl
If not you can purchase one.
Prize    Winners.
Saturday $1.90.
Corner Silica and Josephine flu.
Kootenay Lake Fruit.
The N'elsonites who attended the
Kootenay Lake Fruit Fair spa-ak IukIiIv
of the hospitality of the Kasloltes, and
express wonder at the great advance
in the quantity ami quality of the exhibits. The display of fruit could not
lie excelled.
���.II Kinds of Heating Plants  ln  Stock
H. E. Croadsdaile & __*
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils lor|
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their ad-
vmtage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Victoria St., Nr. Oaara House.      Tel. 181
We have them  in  6tt>  and 8  tti  Sizes.
Quotations   given on    any   Electrical
Heating Device on the Market.
New Auction Rooms,
Messrs. Lacey __ Pent have opened up
auction rooms at 804 Baker street. They
will inaugurate weekly sales as soon as
their stock arrives. In addition to the
auctioneering business Mr. Lacey will
conduct an undertaking and embalming
Mrs.  Covington  Was   a   Canadian.
Mrs. Covington, the 17-year old woman who was* murdered last week in
St-attle was the daughter of Truman
McComs, who lived near Vernon. Her
grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Robinson;
her aunt. Miss Jennie Robinsun, and
her uncle, George Robinson, all live in
.Seattle, where the dead woman's grandmother runs a boarding house. Covington, the husband, is still at large.
F. C. GREEN       F. P. BURDEN       A. H. GREEN
Civil  Engineers- Dominion  and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O.Box 145    PhoD. 26! B.
7-Rooms, All Modern, on Victoria St.
with two Shacks on rear renting $-1
each. House good for $25 per
month.     Owner  going   to   Coast.
Only $1,800.      Good Terms.
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker  St..  NELSON.   B.  C
Confetti is Harmful.
The health department of New York
city has strongly condemned the use of
confetti as harmful. It is alleged that a
number of patients have been treated
in the various hospitals for Inflamed
and sore eyes caused by the throwing
of confetti, and there will be the further
evil result of an epidemic of skin diseases. The health department of Nelson should tako this viestion Into serious consideration.
WhalL'HKlu nut   KeUll Dealer- in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps applied on shortest QOtlOB and
lowest price. Nothing but   fresh and
who.BUO.llB meats and supples kept m ttoofe
Mi-il orders receive careful attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stove*, ate.
1*1 Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceriw
Bntt*r, Kkkb-
Camp and Minora' Supplies.
I.  E.  Users of  Electric*.   Sad  Irons
The City Council has fixed a fiat rate
of 50 cents per month for each Ktectric
Iron used in private houses and |S.B0
per month for each Electric Iron used
for commercial   purposes,
And notice Is hereby given to all
those using Klectric Irons to make application at the City Hall (if they have
not aln-ady done so) for power required.
AN YONK found using Klectric Irons
or other heating device without first
making application for power will be
prosecuted  Without  Tint her notice.
By Order, \V\ K. WABSON,
City Clerk.
Nelson. B. C, Sept. 25th, 1907.
Nelson  Money Looks Good.
The following from the Sandon Mining Review explains many things:
"There is always a sense of satisfaction
when one is at the winning end of a
bet. but somehow we cannot help notice
that when it is Nelson money the accompanying trimmings amount to downright enjoyment. 'Twas ever thus, and
nobody need be surprised to learn thai
the Sandon boys are having a high old
time with the pile they won at Nelson."
Comfort and
In Your
depends very largely on the quality of
your typewriter supplies, tbe RIBBON.
CARBON PAPER Etc.. that you use.
For genuine thorom-h comfort In the
using, and satisfaction in the results
obtained our.
.������imply cannot be excelled. Give them a
"IDEAL" CARBON mines in three
different grades to suit different requirements, so that no matter what your
particular requirements may be, we can
suit vmi.    The three grades are:
"PROFESSIONAL." a medium weight
paper, hard coated, designed to give
crisp, clean-cut copies which can hardly
be distinguished from original writing.
Per box $3.75.
"GOSSAMER." a special light weight
paper for doing ln to 20 copies at a
writing.    Per l>ox $3.90.
"COMMERCIAL." a medium weight
paper ot heavier and softer coating than
Professional," and will last longer.
Per box $3.75.
All  Absolutely Non-Smutting.
We will bave something a Unit   ideal"
EUbbons and our Typewriter  Papers in
our next advertisement.
Rate for  Electric Irons.
As will be seen by an advertisement
In another column, the city council has
fixed a flat rate of 50 cents per month
for each electric Iron used in priveate
houses and $2.60 per month for each
electric iron used for commercial purposes. Everyone using electric irons
must make application at the city hall
for the necessary authority. It is stated
that a number of irons have been in use
for some months without the users
thereof notifying the city authorities.
Old Curiosity Shop
It you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale
All kinds of Dlnnerware In stock. Pal
INEUSOIN,     -     E3. C
��-0 UOWN
��10 IJ13R MONTH
We offer you best fruit lands;
best terms; best locution; best
climate. Absolute titluB. You
don't have to use all of your means
In paying for land. Wa want you
to put It Into development. We
also have tracts of GO to 0000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
thi'se lands and ha-idlo nothing on
If you don't see Frultvale you
niii-H the best In II. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
Firemen's Prizes.
The Fair mana*<emem turned over the
first prizes in the firemen's tournament
to the Nelson runners, and the second
prize In the huh and huh race to the
Fernie team. ' The challenge cup, presented by the Canadian Rubber company of Montreal, wil] remain in the
possession of the Nelson t'-ain until the
1 .*0S Fair, which will include the meeting   fif  the   B.   C.   Association   of   Fire-
W�� G. Thomson
$??NiVH& ""*   Nelson, B. C.
Chiefs and Firemen, to be held at New-
Westminster. It must bo won twice in
succession to become the property of
any team.
Special  Train.
At a meeting of Rossland Conservative Club held yesterday, the committee
appointed to secure a special train to
take the party to Nelson on the occasion
of the Borden meeting next Saturday
evening, reported thai they had secured
a special train. This train will leave
Rossland on Saturday evening at f>
o'clock, and will leave Nelson at 1
o'clock Sunday morning, reaching Rossland at 3.30 a. m. The fare for the
round trip will be $2.50, with privilege
of returning on tho regular train on
Sunday  evening.
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccommeud
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb>.
ft. O. lluchanan left for the coast last
W. .1. Oocpel, who has been In Nelson fur several days, left laBt nlghl for
A. n. Ayers, of Vancouver, lupertn-
ten-tent of C. P. R. dining cars, Is at Hie
Bishop Derate-well and Father .lean
nette have been In the city for a day nr
so. Ills l.onlshlp will return to the
coast this week.
W. A. (Inlllher. M. P., arrived from
Revelstoke last night and will be a
guest at the Hume till the end of the
week, "iitg mil" is looking well and
wears the same old cheery ai.ille.
Is Pemow/ied
Its Business Energy
Plums, per basket 35c
Peaches, per lb 15c
Pears, 2 lb. for 25c
Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Telephone 181.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 X 125. Apply to J. R. B., Dally
W.   O.    GILLETT
Ci>ntf��ii.-t<ii-    itnJ
Sole agent for the POItp MoO LoJObat Co.. Ltd.,
retail ���.nr.l- Roug-l ami druiu-vd lumtx-r, tu.ri.--d
work and i.: ���.������������ - ��..���--' lath und -h ���:,.-,. . -.,-'���.
an��l doori*. ' emend tirl'-k and lime* tor aale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and tMotorfl Vernon Ht.. ea*t of Hall
M:i..snN.   15. c
P. U   Bor Ml Telephone Uh
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal in the city.
Corporation of  the City of Nelson.
AppiirotioTm for bhfl po_4tton-i of Patrolmen <>n the   Ni-I.ho!"*  PculOQ   Forc-c   will Ik-
reoetred by the ttttdenrigned uj> until 0
O'O-OOk p. hi., Sept B8| next.
Ai-plW-mitu   will   apply   in   their   own
handwriting t*tntin-_: age* height, weight
andexporienci1-. They ihoiud be accompanied bv nt lcjist tiir-M* recent tfi-tiin(uiinis
(Hty Cl<-rk.
K. W. O. Block . Phone 19.
Transform your kitchen into a chee ry dwelling house by installing
That Id a factor you miiKl ki'Mji In niliirt, and tho iipw comer In Brltllb
Columbia want- a alovc ihat sulis nil purposes". Hurrm uny final; brighten"
ih<* kitchen; mnk<�� oooldng eajiy and eco-omlc-1, Buck'* Merit Range,
Ihu heat for all coultini' nr beating; tho Btrontsost, the hanalioat, moat dependable and KreatPHt fuel-Haver.
Standard Furniture Co.
Complete House Furnlthert and Undertaker-*.
Agents Mason & Rlsch Pianos
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
Maoufa_tur��d h- it*��
Remington Typewriter Company
Remtico Paragon Ribbon.
���in all colore and for
all make* of typewriter,,
Remtico Paragon, Red Seal
and Billing Carbons���of
different weights suited
ror all classes of work-
All Remtico Typewriter
Supplies are known at
the Highest Grade
Goods Manufactured,
Mail Orders Prompt 1 y Attended To.   Phone fi I
Canada Drug & Book Co., Limited
���U.  A.  ISAAC
R.  W.  HINTON ���
l-r*-|��i- li-li*|��   *��..*..   *l�� .t>t>)r.K   "*-x*-*��_;��.��t ec.l  \% llh  [>��Hpntvh.    8h��at M��t_|
Work,   All ii 11 .I.,   nnd   .Mill   Mitthliicr*..       Mi t ti vi f.tv: t UMTSO.
Or*   C-nt-��,    ft.   IV.    CiiMtrntlnrn'   Cart.
Corner nl Hsll snd INI F-* I     ���af~>INI F*       C Tilts',-..
Fr.,.11 sltr��.H.ts. * ^ EJ I���a _"��"a-.* 1 *"> 9        E3��    W�� Mini
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company. Limited.!
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry to,
Lumber, Shingles-
l_rith, jWoultil-nigrs, Doors, WinJowfc
Turn-cl VS'or-k nnU lli-iickctsa. Mail Orders pnimpUy UKls-��
V8RMON J9-IRII13T  ...   *ii!i.s(��, B. C
Wholesma Provlalonu,
Government Creamery One Pnnnrl Bneks received w-flkly Ir-d" *���" *!
.li urn.    For solo by all lt-ading grooers.
Office and warehooBe: Houston Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.        -        - Nelson, B. C.
We would like to boo all our palronacomrortntilo this winter nn1' J^L
do so we have In ��tock the best assorted  lino of _8__-l Htovi" in
HtoveB and  ranmrs ever beforo prcsentod to the public In Knoll'""*     J
We would be pleased to show you    our lino and hoforo nia" n"
ohasa kindly see what wu havo to offer.
J. H. Ashdown H&tdvrtf
Company, L-Lmltcti.
for AU
Wo Carry an Assortment of **��
Extensiveness nml Variety
Tools. Builders' Hardware.
Ranchers'Supplies. Slov��-
Ranges, etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware
Co., m


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