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The Daily Canadian Dec 12, 1906

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Array HMfi*MMManM
VOLIMK I.    No   l6l.
��i]g^p*Utj ��anatocm
tie Newest Specific for
Incipieii! Tuberculosis
Profts-or Von Behring Contradicts
Dr. Koch as to Sources of
Tubercular Infection.
Siunsaii *.' sss.iiiy   Dec. 12.���Profes
sir von lli-lirluti read a i.ai- .  hen   ... II
nlghl I- Society fur the Dare
Llie    Uoloniaa    OQ    Iui
lUg     Illlll Tl'UlllSiS.
Acci.nl V.m    lluhrlng's  view
gm ll"   "IMI  verse ol tlie
song a'   Hindi   Hi.-   tlrst     verne     wus
i   .   sisisllc.      In otner
ss isllt-vea iiiai   llie  bacilli ol
.:-i   tlis-lr   way   Into   tlie
;' s'.siisls mills.    Ills ttie-
��� MiiiiadlctH     I'i'.    Ks.li.-rl
i..;. that   tuberculosis   in
flict si    milli    i      nut    dangerous and
tuosl  eases ls culllraet-
ed as a r.   ill ol breathing.
ii   is-linng    lisilils    tuat
i    ��� sin- lungs through ui**
!)Ul|iliis ll . llll blood vesHils. He cssli
tnullcli In :. -.lis ili.-s.ry llaily m tne
mil tif tuiu rcuiom milk, wliicli l��r.
' u I..- musl liannleKs.
it iis-iiiiiiK on tbe other
'lis   genus    from :i  ln-
- are no mora d-ugw-ooi
originated from anoiis
I lu- prolessor inleiHls
' iiie n meiiv called   i n
Ki'Vi-Mive ol tilliereu-
Is   wus  ,-x|���-eH-d  illlll
Professor Von ll.'linai-,
'mIi-   Hi.-   seerel   nl   Ins
���   iiiatlon, bin  lie failed lo
Htsra.ns  .|   Late  Colonel   Pinault   He
ceive   Ub&equies.
12.- The funeral of the
ii" Pinault, deputy nun-
inlltUa, look  place  thiB  lore-
*_ : late   resilience   to  tbo
sliureli.    It  was an  Imni   luv   funeral.    There was
j attendance.   Among uiuss'
I J' * *-��� n *en Sir WilMd Uiurler, 1..
I' Hrod.-iir. Hon. Rudolph Letnleux,
Voion.i liinii,mv wniiiims, represent
t}x ii" .  ��� siinr general,   Bon.   Mt-
Bunting lb.' Quebec gov
' ml  many others.
Tiw .*������ larter'a stair was repre
���rated I) Lord Wlnier. General l.nnle
u"t ."'.��� ��� Ml iiie deputy ministers
**'" In an mlanoa as well as a num
'*   ������' Ih'   leading citizens of Ottawa.
.  ��i",:i    '...-used     was     hlphly   en-
'", :    Sli    Henry    Pellatl.  Colonel
1 Colonel   Hueliaunn   were
"I-" pre
Attacking  Lord  Cromer.
-*.'�� Vs.,.    |i,.c     12.���A    enble    d,-
���latch to ii,.. Herald rrom Alexandria,
i'nr smile time ll ��erles ol
..i.i Orotner ami tha Brit-
'* aiiiimii ..,. bus been appearing In
l"cal ali.-el  oonduoted  t'>*  ��"  Atner-
"'*"' I' ii.-d states Consul Idillugs
''*������ """i whanging deapatobea lately
"' la si. uny  of  stale  at  Wash-
*8ton i* a'ive lo lhe powers be iris-
""*"*���  f"i   in-   expulsion   ol   Aniei-lcan
" 'J"~    :  in  Egypt.      The    secretary
VIk.i nun j, wa8 inipossilil'- to expel
<*"i/-n  s.i,,, attacks oliiclals or uu-
ii imwi-1 unless ihe aggrieved par-
" '"'i     ���' iiiinplaliil  with the Aiuer-
,"    ' li'iss-ntiitive,     who     Is    then
"""isi ii, lake the legal  steps,    ine
"in s.i Lord Cromer Is awinled wiili
'at'i-s st
"aye ,
"uy a,
ban i
l'l" tu
Mid :i
H'**pare  tor   Holy   War.
Vll'k. Dec.    12.���A    cable    do-
to  the    Times from    Tangier
al   ui all   the country  marietta
'���" miles public criers on Mon-
uiuunced nu approaching Chris-
ivaslon ninl called upon lhe pen-
be prepared lor a holy war. Ihe
''i'1''!  thai   Ualsull,   Ihe  biiniin
""���   would  supply   money,   rules
miniiiiltlon lo Hiose who did nol
""'tn.   TIiIb news lias oroated
'"""I Impression here.
Shock Killed Autolit,
'""burg,  Dec.  12.���Nervous    shock
*''d   Isy   bin  car  almost striking  a
���"'""!' ""d child on Thanksgiving day
ne cause or lho denMi or Hurry
' " '"n   a   local   niolorinan,   yoBter-
Fifty Cbnts a Mon'
day.   But'fon stopped the rar suddenly
jUKt In tin.'* lo avoid cn)r.liiiifc lln pair
aud then t-e IJ unoontcloas. A phymriiiii
round that Sutton had become paralyzed. ll** M'inuiiM'd uaconsciooi uu
lil his ileal!!.
All the Bicyclists in Six Day  Race behind the Record.
New York, Dwc. 1_.���Try jik Ilu*.
will, Wanhoin* and Bedel] on- unaoie
in make up Um* lap they an* h'-fnii'i
the Other 1~ t��*aniM iiinniim In tin; bl*
cycle: race at Madison Bqaare U-ardan,
.'bey aie Mill contid.ni ol gaining tin*
dUtanca, bowever,
At 7 o'clock today the 12 leading
n-aiiiK had Booped tUlD miles aud . lapi
and .Valihour and Bedell one lap less.
This is rn*arly 7. mil's behind Hit* record ol L098 mil��*s and 7 laps made i.y
Miller and Walihour ln ISi)!).
Profit by Experience.
Regina*, Sask.. Dec. !_..��� Ih** two
���enoni fir; I of the past week have
determined the city council on th. or
sganuailun of a fire brigade on a paid
hasts. To faeilllati' this the resigna
tion of Chief While will ht* j reeentOQ
u> a special meeting of the fin*, vatei
and light commlit��*e this afternoon
1'rotmlily th-* Kdinonfoii mjtftem win
be adopted, then* being a paid chlel,
llrat and second eugtnsera, aud two
drivers, th*- brigade being complete**.
by volunteers, excellent material loi
which already exists. As lliis yearp
city council has been practically Wiped
out it Is probable ihai definite action
will be relegated to the new council.
Chicago Publisher Offers to Take Over
State   Functions   as   Private   Business  Under  Government Control.
Winnipeg,   Deo.   Ut.���W. R Hoyce,
the Chicago publisher and a former
Wlnnipegger remembered by many a
member ol the nrm of Btecm k- boyoe,
first publishers of the Commercial, ims
submitted to the United States postal
commission what he terms "a projMisi-
tinn rrom financially responsible business meu to take over and operate the
pusial service as a private business un*
Uer government control."
Boyoe declares he is backed by |50/
ooti.lMH) caiiital, aud says "He and ins
asBociaies" will perform all the ser
vices now rendered the public by tbe
postoiilce department, carry out an
treaty miimlations and contracts ami
Itay all salaries and expenses necessary, taking tlie entire receipts as ruin
compensation. Be promises ilu- peo
pie these results:
First���Iteductlon to the public by
one-half of all postage on rirst ann
second class nia'ttei'. or a rata ot l
cent an ounce or traction thereof en
first class and '^ cent a pound on sec-
end class mailer, except comity free
lor weeklies, aa heretofore.
Second���The wiping out of the deficit annually occurring in the opera
Hon of tbe postal service as a governmental department.
Third���To pay Into tbe United States
treasury all net profits accruing over
7 per cent. Interest on the capital in
Whenever congress shall indicate a
willingness lo entertain a proposition
to for man organization under national
control and supervision and to furnish
ample sureties for the faithful performance of the terms of an agree
ment Boyce slates lhat he and his associates are prepared to act.
He says he and his associates would
require that congress enact a law pro
vtdlng for the appointment oi a com
mission for control of the postal ser
vice, similar in Importance and power
to lhal of the interstate commerce
oomndsfl'on now has in matters or
Urges United Protest.
London, Dec. !_!.���Strongly denouncing the "abject surrender" ol the
government to the United States ln the
matter of the Newfoundland moduB vivendl in the fisheries question, the
Host In an article this morning urges
the parliament of other colonies sym
pnthizing with Newfoundland to adopt
Identical resolutions setting forth thin
no settlement which ts not satistactory
to Newfoundland ought to be efiecten
by the imperial authorities nntil tlie
rights conferred by the treaty or HUB
are defined by imperial arbitrators.
-Fort-fled by such resolutions, the Host
declares the colonial premiers ralglit
press this matter al the colonial eon-
ferenoe to be held next April.
In Honor of Elihu Root.
New York, Dec. 12.���Many men or
national fame will gather about the
banquet board at the Waldorf tonight
to pay honor lo Elihu Hoot, secretary
of   Btate.    The  banquet  has   been av-
ranged by the Pennsylvania Society ol
New York unci Is in recognition ol Mr.
Koot t national services as secretary
"I state and as a tribute to the suc-
t ss uf his recent Journey to the re
publics of South America.
Victory of    Maccabees    Kept in  Ever
lasting  Remembrance.
New York. Dec. 12.���Orthodox Jews
in this cily and ttiroughout the
world today begin their annual cele-
gratlon of the i-'east of Manukah, in
remembrance of the victories of tht
Maccabees over the hosts of the Syrian
king, Auiiochus ICpiphaues.
Ilanukah is also called the "least
ol Lights," because on the evening be
fore the first day of the feast one
light is kindled alike in the synagogue
and In the home, and every following
night the number of lights is increased
by one, until ou the eighth night ever)
house und synagogue bas its eigui
lights burning. No manual labor, not
even sewing, is permitted by Ilanukah
lights iu the bouse. On the Hatiukab
evenings, therefore, it has long been
the custom to indulge in games aim
other pastimes, but no game was per
mitted to be played for money. Han
nkah is an occasion for much joyous
ness and festivity, especially by the
younger folk. CelebraliunB will be
held throughout the city by various so
cieties a.id by the religious schools
and classes of practically all the con
gregatlona. During the eight days ol
the feast, the Hallel, or -Service oi
piaise, i. Included in the prayers, and
there is also a special prayer iu
st ned.
Americans  Wed   in   London.
London, Dec. __t���Miss l.velyn liig
elow, daughter of 1'oullney Higeiow
and gruii'ldaur-bter ot John Migeiow,
who was American minister to France,
wns married today Ju St. Ueorge s
church. Hanover square, to Mr. .lames
l-'raucis Aloysius Clark, who calls Los-
ton his home. The church was ruieU,
Uie guests including the staff of tne
American embassy and many ot tne
Americans prominent in London society.
Mrs. llig'low gave away the bride,
who was attended by two train-bearers
and 10 bridesmaids. Couni Heginalu
Ward, a lifelong friend and busmes"
associate of the bridegroom, acted as
best man. An elaboratt* reception and
breakrast followed the ceremony at
the church.
Ashdown Is Mayor.
Winnipeg, Dec. l_.���Winnipeg mu*
mel pal eleciion rigures are as lollows;
1'or mayor, J. H. Ashdown, B090;j Alderman. .1.211; Ashdown's majority,
2761. For controller, Alderman Cock-
burn, ;M47; W'm. Garson, 2678: Alderman Harvey, HSiHS; .1. W. llaker. :.*->:_.>.
For alderman, ward i. l. c. Ulhson,
acclamation; K. A. C. Manning, acclamation. W'ard 3, Thos. Wilson. Ward
1, Ami Egmertson. Ward 5. .1. it.
Cowler. Ward ti. D. McLean. Ward i,
Alderman Newton.
British   Papers    Say    Fielding     l arm
Does Not Fulfill Canadian Ideals
���Professor  Wrong's  Views.
l_3ndon, Dec. 111.���The Outlook says
an objret lesson in tariff reform was
rurnlshed by Hon. W. B. Fieidings
speech. That budget speech conveyed
a b-it, if not a warning, which British
statesmen cannot iguore.
The Saturday Review snys the new
tariff arrangements are generally nn
approach to what is understood m
Kiigland as free trade, but they do not
lultill the national Ideals ol Canada,
Professor Wrong iu a letter Io the
Spectator, referring to tlie editor's reel! al of the horrors to Canada Ot war
with the Dotted States, says it is as
unfair to tbe I'nited States lo say thai
hi_T people will make war on us witn-
oui cause as it is insulting to Canada
lo suggest (hat, hiding behind thr
mother country's skirts, she makes
claims she would not dare to make
were she standing alone.
"If the people and press of Kngland
do not see that every Utterance of this
kind tends to drive Canada and Ureal
Britain further apart, they are lesi*.
astute than 1 supposed them to be
It would be vain to say more."
The editor says: "We would iisk
those who have rend Prof. Wrong s
letter 'to read also that whicli follows
it, aud nol imagine (hat the common
sense and statesmanlike view therein
expressed   is  without   support   in   Can
We believe' 11 to be much nearer
an authentic vote* in the Dominion
than that, set forth hy Prof. Wrong.
R W. Trent of Toronto In the Spectator protesls strongly against suen
sentiments going abroad as those expressed by  Wrong.
Score of Mines Now Shipping High Grade Ore
Chain of  Mineral Workings  Fast
Extend.ag from Kootenays Toward Pacific' Coast.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Dec. 1_.���The correspondent of The Dally Canadian has
just gathered some exceedingly valuable information regarding the progress of mining in the Simiikameen
district which is published uxclustve
ly in this paper.
The Nickel Plate mine at Hedley
City is now working about 50 men ana
is making regular shipments to the
Kverett smelter. One car of concen
trait's recently shipped from this prop
erty ran as high as 95 to the sack.
AL Fairvlew the Stemwinder property,
heretofore inactive, is again starting
up a big compressor plant jusl secured in the East and is uuw being
brought to the property by way oi
Peuticton. Manager Hussell of this
property Is now working lid meif ana
will increase that number in the early
spring. A stamp mill is also being installed at this property.
JubI across the international boundary line from tbe Stemwlnder ls the
Mountain Sheep property, where a
J.iHI-loot tunnel is being run to tap
the main ore body. Twenty men are
now engaged at these workings and
the ore of this property runs as lugu
as ?_>U in gold, copper and silver.
Three and a half miles across the
boundary line lieB the Huby, au exceedingly high grade silver proposition, which has also been shipping to
Everett. It is owned by a California
company, which are now working 'io
men. The ore of this property has
run as high as $4tlU per ton. Then
comes the Night Hawk claim, situated
at the town of Night Hawk, just over
the bouudary line, on whicli property
a H-H'o-foot tunuel is being run. Ten
men aire now working this property,
which is owned by an American company. The ore of the Nlghl Huwk
inns $100 per ton in all values.
Across the SlmilUani"en river, just
opposite Night Hawk, the Six i.ugie
group is round, which is owned by a
Seattle company, who are running a
1200-foot tunnel in to tap the main ore
body at a depth nr some SOO feet, at
which work 10 men are now engaged.
The ore of this group is a silver-leaa
ore which runs |ftO per ton.
The next property worthy of mention is the Kich Bar, situated some
seven miles up the river rrom Uro-
ville, where 10 men are working. This
claim Is owned by Petersen Hros., the
ore of which is high grade and is almost identical with lhat of the Cariboo at Camp MeKinney. Direclly opposite the Gold Bar claim and right on
the boundary line is the Lone Plnei
where in men are now working, development being done In the way oi
tunnelling. The ore of this property
has run as high as $1000 per ton in
gold. Another magnet of the Simiikameen is the Itonan/.a group of eight
claims, throe of these claims being on
the Canadian side nnd five on tne
American side of the Hue. Some Id
men are at presenl working Ibis group,
ihe ore of which runs as high as |](U_
per ton in gold and silver. Extensive
hunkhousea are now being built on
this group and a large rorce of men
will be put to work in tho early spring
A great deal of interest hus been
attracted lately to a group of rive
claims on Cougar mountain known as
the Blue T-lird, Great Western, Utile
Pittsburg. Twin Lakes and Grent Eastern. The surface showing of copper
cropplngs here is phenomenal, wmie
lhe ore runs as high as $55 In all values. Including 19 per cenl, In copper.
This group lies 15 miles from Oro vi He
and six miles north of Night huwk.
and Cose to the Great Northern track.
11 is owned by W. W. Punly, a veteran
prospector in the Simiikameen dis
trlct, nnd olh^rs. II can. thereiore
readily be seen that at tbe presenl
time grent mining activity prevails
ihrotiThoul the Simiikameen district
among ihe propr-Hies which can honst
of ore enrryin*. values of from $Mi to
$.im)0 per ton In all values, the principal value' belli*, gold.
House Appoints Chairmen
Ottawa,   Dan.  12.���Tho chairmen   or
lhe diferent   parliamentary committees
of the house of commons were elecleu
today as follows: Hallways, Campbell;
private bills, banking and commerce,
Millar; public accounts, (.t-oiireon:
standing, Grant; agricultural, Mackenzie; debates, Gervais; privileges ana
elections,  Logan.
Company   Incorporated    to     Prosecute
Industry at Esquimau.
The Victoria Oyster & Fish company
has been incorporated for the purpose
of going extensively inlo the rearing
of oyBters for the provincial and the
Northwest markets. Tne compauy nas
a capital or $100,UUU, aud wil) make Esquimau harbor one or lbe principal
bases for lis operations. Already 100
acres have been acquired by lease
trom Lhe Dominion government. The
location is ln the lagoon of Esquimau
harbor, which ls regarded as a model
place for the rearing of the young
Spat from tbe Eastern beds will be
brought to tbe coast in compliance
with the mosl up to dale methods oi
dealing wiih tbe industry. As these
develop they will be placed on tne
market. The promoters ol lhe new
company expect to work up a lucrative trade ln the Northwest.
The experiments which have been
conducted by the Dominion authorities
in the matter of importing spat trom
the Eastern beds and planting them m
the waters on this coast have been satisfactory in most of cases, which assures success to the present promoters
ln their enterprise.
Colonel Mann on Trial.
New York, Dec. VI.���'I'he caRe ot
Colonel William d Alton Mann, proprietor of Town Topics, was called lor
trial today in the court of general sessions. Colonel Mann is charged with
perjury. At the trial of Norman Hap-
good for criminal libel or-the complaint of Justice Deuel, Moses Ellis
Wooster of Fads and Fancies fame
UBtified that an Inscription on tne
back or a letter wrltlen by Count Heg-
nald Ward was in Colonel Manns
handwriting, and that he saw him
write it. It is on Colonel Mann's denial of this that the perjury charge is
French Clay.
Many persons will be surprised to
learn that the potato is used in France
in tbe mauuructure or imitation meerschaum pipes and "marble" liilliaru
balls. After the iiotatoeB are peeled
they are kept for 36 hours in an b
per cent, solution of sulphuric acid.
They are then dried and pressed hara
enough for use iu making pijies. Under strong pressure they become solid
enough to be Jut ned Into billiard bails
The  Daily  Blaze.
Montreal-    Dec.    IH.���A      tenement
bio k or nine apartments was burned
lod* y at ..otre Dame de Grnce, a sman
suburb of this city.
Possibilities of  Fruit Preserving    ana
Canning     Being     Tested     by
Local   Rancher.
What may develop into an important industry in tlie Nelson dlstricl
has been begun by J. G. Hussell ot
Nine Mile Point. Mr. Uussell has gone
into Lhe manufacture, at present on a
small scale, of jams and jellies, winch
ure handled  by  Nelson  grocers.
Similar attempts huve been maae
elsewhere In the province with only
purLial success. A fruit canning lac-
lory has been operated at New Westminster for a couple of yeurs.
Tho chier drawback lo the buslnesu
is the competition ot imported jam,
composed of turnip or mangold, only
flavored with lhe juice ot fruit. The
Fruit Marks Act requires such compositions to be labelled, but lbe intention
of lhe law is delealed in most casus
by the attaching of labels, in print so
small as to be almost illegible, in
which the jum���already bo named in
large type���is described as u mixture.
Mr. Hussell uses only the pure trun
aud sugar. The success of his experiment, which is beiug made euiireiy
with the local market, will depend up
ou wbeLher lhe purchasing public cares
enough aboul pure food to pay a little
extra for lt.
For some time lo come It will probably pay Nelsou fruit growers to ship
. ,e.r whuly product us fresh fruit.
Hut, even now, the whoto of it cannot
be classified as fancy grade, and n
might be well worth while to consider
uses for the slightly inferior specimens. Mr. -RuseH's experiment win
certainly be watched with keen interest. '
drewe, identified for many years in
Chicago building and commercial enterprises, died suddenly last night oi
heart disease. He was for some yearB
engaged ln the coal trade on the great
Robert Stiles    Featherstone    Pays Extreme   Penalty  of  Law.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, Dec. 12.���Robert Stiles
Featherstone was at 8 o'clock tttfa
morning executed at the county jan
here for the murder of Mary Jane
Dalton at the town of Soutb Wellington on July 21 lust. Hade llf fe wus tne
hangman. Featherstone in his lasi
words on ihe scaffold protested his innocence and said he was dyfhg in the
faith of the Church of England.
Brandon's Financial Plunge.
Hraudon, Man., Dec. 12.���The local
Indebtedness of this city has assumea
the large proportious of approximately
$i,12S,000, a truly significant amount
when the population of the city is taken into consideration. A year ago me
total Indebtedness in ,round figures
wus $K72,000, and the past year snows
an addition of $.a2,U0O, which ls made
up as. follows: Schools, $80,U0U; water
works, $58,OUD; Bewers. $b0,0UU; sidewalks, $40,000, und  bridges,  $28,000.
Victoria Doctor Dies.
Victoria, Dec. 12.���Dr. George H,
Duncan, a prominent Victoria physi-
sian, died this morning as a result of
an accident 18 months ago, when be
was thrown from a carriage in a run
Chicago Builder Dies.
Chicago,   Dec.   12.���Joseph    H.    An
International     Thought    Leaders  Con
vene to Discuss Important Questions Affecting Labor.
New York, Dec. 12.���Several hundred
meu of national prominence, * including
eminent financiers, leaders of organ
ized labor, churchmen, educators, manufacturers and railroad presidents, met
al the Park Avenue hotel today to die
cuss labor and capital issues, 'i'he National Civic Federation brought them
together to exchange ideas and to recommend informally Borne solution. The
proceedings will continue two days.
Three questions are lo be discussed
by prominent speakers. First, tne
proper regulation of vast fortunes ana
accumulation of wealth under the general title of the income and inheritance
Lax; second, the principles involved in
the bitter struggle now being wuged
between employers and labor organizations over the government by injunction issue; and third, the extent and
menace of child labor In the factories,
mines and industrial establishments
throughout the country.
Among those who have accepted in
vitations to speak on the first subject
are Andrew Carnegie, Archbishop Ireland, Dr. Charles W. Eliot, AugUBt Belmont, Oscar S. Straus, Samuel (-tempera and N. J. Uachelder, master oi
the National Grunce. Other, speakers
will be Alfred Mosely, who is to present the English tax system; George
E. Foster, ex-minister of finance or
Canada, who will present the facts as
regards the Canadian income and inheritance tax, and Professor Hermann
Schumacker of the University of Her-
lin, who is to talk on the Gcrmun system.
Governmenl by injuuetion is to be
discussed by John Mitchell, president
of the United Mine Workers; George
H. Fock, ex-presldent of the American
Bar association and general counsel ot
the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
Railway company; II. B. Fuller, repre
sent ing the Hallway Brotherhoods;
Walter Drew, commissioner of the National Iron Erectors' association; Frederick N. Judson, and Selh Low.
In the discussion of child labor there
will be represented the officers of the
National Child Labor committee, representatives of the trades unions from
among those occupations In which
child labor is most prevalent; representatives of employers' und manufac-
i urers' organizat ions, labor commissioners, factory Inspectors and representatives of women's organizations.
Wedding in Army Circles.
Washington, D. C, Dec. 12.���A wedding of Interest ln army circles today
was that of Miss Murie Fauntleroy
[lames, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K.
M. Gunnell, and. Lieutenant Mark
Brooks, corps of engineers, U. S. A.
The bride Ih a granddaughter of Surgeon General Barnes, 11. S. A., while
the bride's lather also was a surgeon
lu thc Unite dSlatos army.
Prices of Metals.
New York, Dec. 12.���Silver, 68%c;
copper. 21%c;   lead, $5.75.
London, Dec. 12.���Silver, 21%d;
lead, ��19 6s.
Expresses Confidence
Purpose of America
Believes United States Will Embrace
Opportunity to Revise Federal Constitution.
Seasttle, Wuh., Dec. Vt.���The latest
lBBue of the Kobe Herald received
here gives the views of Viscount Hay-
ashi, Japanese foreign minister, ln regard to Japanese citizenship ln the
United States.   Tbe Herald says:
"A deputation of members ot the
Seiu-Kai waited upon Viscount Hay
asbl, the foreign minister, on Saturday
morning to convey to him the views ot
the party in regard to anti-Japanese
methodB .in San Francisco. A deputation from the Kensle Konto was also
preBent. Addressing the two deputations separately the viscount assured
them that the Japanese and American
governments were entirely at one tn
their views as to the San Francisco
The Toklo authorities are lilmitng
tbelr action to providing the American
government with the necessary Information needed to enable it to arrive
at a settlement of the trouble as soon
as possible. The,viscount also Bald
that tbe general public opinion in
America was fully in agreement wltn
the attitude of tbe general government.
In conclusion Viscount Hayasbi said
that he believed the United States authorities would take advantage of this
opportunity to revise the federal constitution If such a course was found to
Death's Reaping.
Toronto. Dec. 12.���Oeorge Broad-
field, a well known wholesale china-
ware merchant, died suddenly in Berlin today after an operation for appendicitis. His wife was summoned
from England, but arrived too late to
see hlm alive. He has been in business bere and in Germany for iii
Maple Creek, Sask., Dec. Vi.���Another sudden dentil ��as that of uny
Sharp, a wealthy Englishman, who was
found dead in bed in the Jasper hotel,
which ls chronicled this morning, .ur.
Ureen, coroner, was called in aud will
hold an Inquest.
Montreal, Dec. 12.���Lndger Trudeau,
superintendent of the Montreal street
railway system, died yesterday at. noon
at the General hospital. He was lie
years of age and leaves a widow ann
four children.
Queen Victoria Development.
N. Cavanaugh went out this morning
to the Queen Victoria mine, accompanied by his foreman and a force ot
about VI men. These will immediately
be employed ln stripping veins and uncovering ore. Mr. Cavanaugb says
that the new tramway connecting the
mine with ilie railway will be completed by February 1, at which time
the working force will be Increased to
fully ion men and the development
work  rapidly  prosecuted.
400 Per Cent. Dividend.
New York. Dec. 12.���Stockholders oi
the Chase National bunk today feasted
off one of tbe largest and juiciest melons that hts ever been nlcke din the
financial patch of tbis city. In accordance with the act of the directors taken last month the stockholders were
paid a dividend of 4UU per cent.,
amounting lo *!,(imi.ooii. The payment
of the dividend ls a step ln tbe plan
to Increase the bank's capital from $1,-
ouu.OMi to ��6,U0U,U(HI.
Away From Home.
Near Ashcroft, ln British Columbia,
are a number of small lakes, whose
shoreB and bottoms are covered with
a crust containing borax and soda ln
such quantities and proportions tbat
when cut out It serves as a washing
compound. The crust ls cut into
blocks and handled in the same manner as ice, and lt is estimated that one
of Ihe lakes contains 20,000 tons of
thin material.���Ottawa- Cltlieu.
Wants Increased Fare.
Otla-wa. Dec. 12.���The Urand Trunk
Hallway company gives notice of an
application to parliament thiB session
to free it from Its obligation to carry
pasBengers at 2 cents a mile.
. i
The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We have plenty of tbeiu in rod and blue.
31-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are Justly oelebroted fur ths-lr eiccllenco. Wo alone oarry
them ln this city,
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Comforters, Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Undsrelothlng, Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
a*. Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
���eel ojeallty and prices surprisingly Low,
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto*
CAPITAL PAID UP....|4,iHJ0,0O0 KEST $4,900,000.
D. R. WILKIK, President. HON. ROPKI.T JAFFRAY, Vice-President
when they win require to draw largely
from the timber resources of this country. This new legislation will, nevertheless, be heralded wiih satisfaction
by the lumbermen ol this irfovtace,
who have put up a hard fight tor protection similar io that enjoyed by other industries throughout the country.
'Ihey wanted a duty, bui were denied
that, ami now they musl be satisfied
with a guarantee lhat our markets
will not be glutted with lumber dumped into this country to maintain the
markets across the line. This protection will probably not, be needed any
more, but In case of unforeseen emer-
gencleB arising ii is well to have some
such machinery tu tall hack upon."
Thus au "unforeseen emergency"
musl arise before lumbermen can hope
to experience any relief from the conditions under which they labor. Such
i.*. latter day l,auiierism and modern
Pleldlnglsm. The good Liberal lumbermen nf British Columbia will surely
"herald with satisfaction" this unique
brand of protection.
Branches In British Columbia:
Deposit* receive,, and interest allowed at liiuhs-rtt enrreut rate from dat," of
opening aoootint, and compounded half yearly
NBU8DN   BRANCH J.    M��    UAY,     *Y..U1illf Wl*>.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Total  Assets ..
Accounts of firms and Individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches  in   British  Columbia.
Special   attention   to out of town buslnesa.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.        E. L    .-"EASE, General  Mauuger,  Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
'ihe Toronto Qlobe is achieving an
unenviable notoriety a*> a purveyor or
news, both editorial and current, on
the affairs of this province that bears
the earmarks ol Ignorance or political
bias ur both. The task of supporting
Hie l.ainkr administration must be arduous indeed when a journal oi the
age, history and standing of the Olobe
needs to adopt the cavilling aud tab-
rlcatlng methods characterlMUc ol the
opposition press in British Columbia,
'lhe fulluwlng excerpt is iium a recent
Globe editorial:
"The Manitoba aud Brltlsn Columbia governments are preparing to make
writes and the ignorance it betray
when It treats of matters peculiar i
this province.
The local organ of ihe opposition
has slated lhat owing to the delay and
secrecy in the matter oi the sale oi
the Kaien island lands some of the
friends of Hon. It. P. Green were enabled to slake claims and make purchases more favorable than the uninitiated. We characterize thf above
Btatement as a deliberate falsehood,
and unless the morning paper makes
good its shameless assertion il must
stand convicted before its own friends
and supporters as a wilful perverter
ul lhe truth.
The Daily Canadian has all along
maintained that the city of Xelson possesses sufficient histrionic and musical
talent to warrant undertaking a full
series of winter entertainments locally.
The result of the Old Maids' Convention amply justifies lhe contention.
Many playwrights are now producing
plays of a high moral order, quite unexceptional in character, and by a little encouragement this city may be-
com ethe centre of wholesome drama.
If the date of lhe provincial elections could be as easily fixed liy engineers as the date of the initial operation of the civic light and power plant
The Canadian's guess would he easier.
Child's restaurant in New York ts
strictly first class, but according to
inspector tiioh. Cunningham, Child's
Nursery is a scnley Institution.
bereb; Riven ihai 60 .avs utter date 1
iu._hm ... -unkt* appUoitfon 1<> tht* Honorable lhe
Chief t'oinuiiufloner of Limits mnl Works for per-
mission to purchue iho fulinwint; described
ititui-: Commencing at ft poit plaoed adjoining
the southwest eorner pom nl Leon Watson's Application t.i Purebaae, runniiiK so chain**-*- mirth;
thence 40 chainawoat; tbenoe wt chnins iouth;
thence m chain***, eaat, to poim of commenoement! cnnlalnintr 320 acres more nr lesti.
Dated October m, mo.
By his agent, Bknbbt, W. Romubok
Notice in hereby Riven that 00 dayi atier date l
in ton.l to apply to tbe Houm-obie the Chlel Commluloner of Units ami Works for permission
in purchase 280 acrea olland, situate on the Little
Moyle river ahout l mile from Inu it national
Boundary nml abont i mile from Bpokaue International Ky.: Commenolng Ht a post marked
1). Grant's B. E. oorner pom, thenoe west 411
chains; tbence north 40 obalns; tlience enst a)
obalns; thence north 20 His tuts; tlu-nce cam go
chum..; tbence south 60ebalni to place of com-
menoement! coni.vninij _:ho acres ol inml.
Located Oot. 80th 100O,
IiASiKi. Chant.
altar dnin I
ruble Chlel Commls-
kn for permission to
lerlbed lamls, in West
at a post p
Notice in heronj givon ltlftl m ,,li
inteml loapply tothe llo
Bioner of tanas ami ��c
pnVhase the  followiiiK dl
���     New Styles in Long Coats for Ladies
��� The Latest New York .Shapes.        Best man-tailored
T finish, in light tweeds and plain cloths.
ay Prices from 510 to $25 each
the northeast corner ol
Fletcher's northwest
���\ *3&5
���st. ru It
i Koot
���Ilium., mo
Lot ;
marked P,
I mnth KO
or less, lo
].; theuee
Published six -lay- a wees by the
Baker St ,  Nelaon, B. 0,
-flubenriptton rates, bo c-outB a month delivered
lu the citv. or (6.00 _ year if sent by mail, when
part* ie ad.ance
A4 .srttslng ran.** ou application.
411 monies paid In settlement of Thu Daily
Oauadlao aoo-junts, eithfr for subscriptions or
5*Taitliltvf  muit he receipted for on lhe prluic-l
mt Hit, Oompany.  Other receipts art- uot
DI_Ct_MBBR 12. I_MJ_>.
, one word we are sometimes lodged tn Le
and by one-word sometimes judged to be
.   Lei Oi therefore be careful what  are
The lumbermen of British Columbia
huve a grievance and by llie recent
tariff revision of Mr. Fielding that
grievance hta been Intensified. Rough
lumber shipped into tlie United Slates
irom Canadian mills i_ subject to a
duly ot iwo dollars per thousand teet
so that, in competition with American
lumber, Canadian products have been
unable to enter ihe foreign market, ua
the olher hand, up till the present,
the manufacturers of the United
States have been permitted to dump
the surplus production of their mills
at reduced or slump rates upon tho
market of lhe Northwest, free of duty
and much to lhe detriment of the man*
ufaoturtng Industries of this province.
Aguinsi these conditions the manufacturers of Hritish Columbia have protested to the diawa government
times without number, only to have a
deaf ear turned to their plea for B
just and equitable tariff. Some measure of relief was afforded the coast
lumbermen by ihe imposition of an export duty on logs, which enactment
was made effective by the provincial
governmentj and which saved a measure of the American business For the
Canadian mills.
We are informed now, however,
with a flourish of trumpets, tbat the
new tariff regulations include lumber
under lbe dumping clause, "which Is
made general." The dumping clause
in short is a provision' under which
foreign manufacturers of any class oi
goods, when their own markets are
surfeited, if desirous ol shipping Into
Canada of their surplus products, in
case they bill  them at a  lower  price
than is charged in their own country,
must pay an advalorem duty ol not
more than 15 per cent. Thus, assuming that the dumping clause has been
extended to include lumber���a fact of
whicli we are by no means as yet assured���if United States shippers send
lumber Into Canada, in case they
charge less for il than Ihey are charging for the sume class of lumber on
their own market, must pay duty to
the amount of 15 per cent.
Many interesting calculations could
be based upon this announcement, t.s
for instance, if lumber sells at %V- per
thousand in the open market in Bt,
Paul and it is proposed to snip Into
Canada at $H) a thousand, tue amount
of duty to be levied und ��� ��� tbe il-'imp-
ing clause, were it operative, wculd
be SO cents. One may reasonably ask
whai sort of protection this will -affair!
Canadian mills against American competition when the duty on the other
side is two dollars'.' On the olher
hand, supposing thu American mills
ship into Canada without reducing
lhe price of lumber and charge lhe
same for their products on this side
as on the other, the dumping clause
affords no protection whatever, and if
we understand its provisions, lumber
may be admitted free. Such ure vagaries and eccentricities or lhe tariff revisions about which the grit papers
are making an unwarranted fuss.
The fact is, the lumber manufacturer
in Canada is just where he was before
or, if anything, ia a less favorable position, because all that it is necessary
for the American shipper to do ls lo
charge current rates and export his
lumber into Canada without customs
duty. Tbe Winnipeg Free Press was
ihorefore correct in its announcement
thai "lumber remains upon the free
list," while some other grit journals,
anxious for a little partizan advantage
und reckless of the truth, announce
lhat it is protected.
The Pernle Free Press, an organ ot
tlie Liberal party lock, stock und barrel, ls honest in its treatment of the
subject, and it shows conclusively that
for lhe present at least the dumping
clause is a snare und a delusion. II
"There is now little fear of a recurrence of the recent slump in the lumber market; the American supply is
not greater than thtfir demand; Indeed, the lime   Is    last    approaching
their electoral campaigns on the issue
of better terms. Ureal efforts will Be
put forth lo make it appear that the
two provinces ure being badly treated
by the Dominion government, and in
the heat of resentment which the politicians hope to raise lt is expected
ihat mme Important things, namely,
lhe general administration of the provinces, will be overlooked or forgotten.
Such a programme deserves tu fail.
The provinces need hot fear lhat their
just claims will be ignored at Ottawa.
. , , To found all election cry on
the strength of being refused all  that
was askid is somewhat   100   absurd.
We feel sure that the intelligent men
ol Hritish Columbia and Manitoba will
nol be deluded by such obvious faking.
The Toronto tliunderer ihen proceeds to quote and commend the Sl-
milkameen Star for saying "courageously" that the premier of Itritish Columbia "did not go to Ottawa for better terms but for an election cry. and
he got It," together with a paragraph
of cheap dogmatism ubout the domestic questions in the provinces that require serious attention.
The Daily Canadian holds no bnei
lor the province of Manitoba, but the
Coupling of these iwo provinces together must strike even the casual
reader as significant, since ihey are
the only two of the Western provinces
which huve local Conservative governments. If the Globe is uo more nearly correct in its statement of Manitoba's grievance than it is in dealing
With British Columbia, it would have
done itself more credit to avoid ihe
discussion of affairs about which, lor
the tilth time, it has betrayed an ignorance that  passes comprehension.
Only the obvious animus of the
Globe surpasses Its ignorance. The
charge that Premier McUride intended
or intends to make an election cry or
an issue of the better terms question
has been disproves so often in the
West that there is no longer any excuse, except the blindness of partizan prejudice, for tne paper that reiterates It, No respectable Liberal paper in British Columbia dure now repeat it. Yet the Globe tukes up the
Infamous work of misrepresentation
where these journals leave it off und
decidedly to its own discredit.
As for the "domestic affairs' oi
British Columbia, it will be rememberer lhat a lew weeks ago the Qlobe BS-
Bayed to give the provincial government some valuable suggestions along
that line, which suggestions were the
laughing stock for weeks of every intelligent resident of Mritish Columbia,
and some have not yet recovered their
It is all very well for little backwoods fly sheets like the Simiikameen
Star lo repeat, parrot-like, iho tentative Blunders of the city papers employed In the onerous lask of bracing
the loitering opposition, bui when a
metropolitan journal like , the Globe
lakes its cue from these it must be going far afield for material out of which
lo manufacture  political   fireworks.
We do not ask the OlObe lo accept
Ihe statements of nny Conservative paper in the West, but we do ask, and
wiih a perfect right, that thc Qlobe,
if it essay to play the part, of mentor
for lhe people of British Columbia,
furnish itself with at least a working
hypothesis of the geography and political conditions of the country. As
it Is, the one-time honored organ ol
the Liberal party is discrediting ub
utterances along other lines among
those who desire to believe in it bin
aro   precluded   by   the   nonsense   It
Some people don't oul grow their
first childhood before they emerge into their second.
loiiowing said river to point of commencement,
ooDtalmns hu aerea more or less.
36th Ootober, liwo.
Frank Fletcher,
Blxlj dayi "fur dnte I Intend to apply to tbfl
Hon. Chief Commlaaioner of Landa and Worka,
Victoria, to purebaae 160 aerea of land, located on
the weal aide of Arrow-late, abont n��� miit-n be-
low Burton City, aod deacrlbed as folio wa: Commencing ut n i"-'--t nmrked "F. U. H's southeast
eorner, and befog 10 chalna eaat ol the northwest
oorner of Lot 271B, thence north-to chain*.; thenct*.
west 40 chains; llienee south 40chalna; thence
easl 10 chains to tin: place of bi'itiiming.
November nth, l'JW. F. (;. Bebb,
per J- E. ANNABLE.
Bo daya after data l Intend toappfj to the Hon.
chief Commluloner ol Und*. and Worka, Vie*
tor la, to tiu rcb am* '.'.n aorei of .and hunted in
Ftru Vallev and be in* (. portion of Sections U
and Ifl in Township Stand deaeribed aa folio was
Commencing nt a poat pinntc*i hi tbe southwest
eorner of the southeast quarter oi section 15
Townabip 89 end marked J. Q. B. K, corner,
thence north 40 chaltui thence west Go obaina;
thene,. aoutb 40 -haiim; thenee cast UO ehalns tf,
plaee of beginning
Snow 13 Here
life? A SpeedeTsied or Cutter
Wo Hnve ThttlTI nt All PrlctfM.
Standard Fa* nit at e Company
KUOQ Ai RUch I'liinoN.
igtermoor Mattresses
lobe Wernicke hook r��
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Enibalmers
NoVemoeYii8rd l'9o_.
J. E
Aknahi.k, Agent.
Sixty day* after date i intend to apply io the
hief Commlaaioner   ol I-kihI-*- aud  Works fnr
I* nds In Kootenay Distriet, ahoit tbree-quartera
ol mile from Thrum's elding : Commencing tit a
oust placed at the S. W. corner of L 0808, group
i. West Kooteuny Dlatrlct; thenee weatem
following the north bonn Inrv of I, I'm, Vi
chains; theuce north 10 chains; thenee Boat-0
chainI, moreor Icbp, tothe N. Vi curlier ol
l;.Mi.i; thenco BOUtb following the fffltl buutida'y
of Low:-! io ehaim. more or leaa, to plaee of eotn-
meneementi containing to acrea, mora or Wn.
1 Bled lliis 6th dav oi December, 1906.
H. H. PITTA, Locator.
60 d.
tftcr date 1 intend to apply to the Hon-
Chief CommisidoniT of   Lands and
to puroiiaae 370 acrea of  laud:     Com
mpin-ingat a boat marked O. W. 8. N. ���_. cornet
Doatana planted on the weal ahore oi Arrow
Uke adjoining Lot 8TB on the aouth -ide <>r said
l/it, iheii-n weit nj ehairifl along the aonthem
boundary of Lot B78i thence smith -48 68 ohalna;
tbenee eaat 80 ehalna more or leaa to uku shore;
Ihen ie north along lake shore to place of  beginning.
Dated28th day of Nov.l'.Oa.
<;eo, ... Btebl,
1. E. A ENABLE, Agent.
Notice in hereby given that 00 6ayi after date
I intend toapply tu the Honorable the Chief
Commlaaioner ��>i Lands and Worka for permifl-
aion to purehaae the following deaori-boa landa;
Commencing at a m��>t plauied ou the tmrtheatt
corner of Peter MeNaugbtou'*. application to
purchase, running Wl cliaina wesl along the
northern bmindurv nf same; thenoe HO chains
uorth: Ihenee 80 chains cant; thenee -B0 chatm
BOUtb, along the went boundary of John Elliott's
application to purohaae, to point of commencement, containing Uio acres, more or less.
Dated Oet. 18, I'.hiG. Thomas Smith,
Bj hla agent, BBmarrW, Robuqov.
Notice ls hereby giveu thai Wdaya alter dale I
Intend to apply to the llmiurabl*1 thfl Cblel Oom*
mlaaloner of Landa and Works, at Victoria, B. i'..
for permiKKlou to pun*|iane the followlug de-
rcrlbed lands, aituated in the West Koot. nay
dlatrlct, BOQtb of Fort; Nine creek, commencing
at a post marked "L. B Choqoetis'i M. W, corner," theme tu cliainr. can, tlience 40 chainc
south, thenoee_ chalna weat, thence -jo chalna
imrth to the commencement post, containing vo
acres, more or less.
Nelhon.B. <\(>et. 16tb, WOS.
Vf, A. JoNEfl, Ajfent.
HiitydayB afterdate i Intone) to appl/to the
Hon. Chief Coxomlaaloper of Lands and Work-.
Victoria, to purehaso 130 acrWOj land located
on thp west side of \ rrow lake and lying directly
north of Lot "OTfl; Commencing at apOfl) planted
at thfl N. B. oorner of Lot 7076 and marked "B.B,
B. B corner," and running north _U ehains,
thanee west 80 chaini, llienee uorih SOchaiOB,
thence west BQ chaini*, theuee nouth -10 cbaina,
Ihoncu east 40 chalus, to place of beginning.
Nov. Mtb, ]���**. BSKTHA  ItRAI'I-aV,
 J. I., ASNAE1.E, Agenl
Sixtv davs nfier dote I intend to applv to the
Hon. ('hlel (.'ommlssloner oi Lands and Worka,
Victoria to pureliuse ISO acres of laiai located in
Kire  Valley,  being pari  ol fieclloiiH Three and
Four, Township t���. nnd described a* follows:
Commencing at a post planted at William
Williams' N. W,corner, and murked *'K. K. Wi
N. K. eorner," and running 40 ehalns west,
thenee 90 ohalna south, thenre SO chains east,
thenre 40 chaitiB south, thence 20 chains eaat,
thenee M chains north to place of beginning.
November '-.rd, UM, Kosb k willums,
J. K. Af-^ABLit. -.gent.
00 day* after date I Intend to apply to lhe Uon.
Chief Commissioner nf Lands ami worka to purohaae B0 aorea of and located ln Flra Valley being part of BeoUonaB and io Township ���*>'��, and
described a< follows:   Commencing at a post
marked �� W. J- B, B. eornei and planted at Ihe
northwest corner of Wm. Williams' purchnse:
thence went to chains; tlience nor'h Ho chains;
lbence eaat Vi chains; thence oouth b0 chain's to
place of beginning.
November 2Srd 1808,
 J. B. Ahhahj.b, Agent.
Sixty days after date I purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Worka for permission to purchase the following describ*. il laud: Commencing at a post
placed nt thesouthweatcornerol it- w. Hannini-
ton'.- application to purchase, marked "L. MP.
H's. E (orner post.'1 ninning theuce wi chalnn
west;  thence K0 chains south;   thenco (W chains
east: thenee uo chains north to point of commencement, containing 640 acres, more or Ues.
Dated ihe loth day ol October, 1900.
w-r R. Shuu, Ageut.
pixy davs-Biter date 1 purpose making tppl!
cation to the Hou. Chief rommlssionor of Landi
ml Works for permission to purchase the following described land:   commencing at a p<
Blxtj dava afpr dite 1 purpose making appli*
oation to the Hon. chief Commlsslrner of Laoda
and Works for permlulon to purchase the followlni; deseribi d lands I Com mencing hi a post
placed abonl half ft mile West of the lower end of
whatshan lake, marked "D. D's. H. W .corner,"
running thence80 ehalni south; theuceK0 chains
eut; thenoe 80 chaini north; thence do chains
west to point of oommencement, oontainlng M0
acres, more or less
Hated thfl 13th day of October, 1908.
D, Dodd,
Per J. FniRi.i., Ageni.
Notice Ib hereby given that sixty days after dale
I iniend to apply to thfl Hon. Cblftf Commissioner
of Lands and works for permission to purchase
Ihu following described lands ln lhe Wesl
Kootenav district: Heginniug at a post murked
"J. 8. Bimlneo'S 8, W. corner," and planted about
one-half mile east of the shore of Whatahan
(Cariboo) lake and ubout 'i miles north of lbe
narrows of lhe said bike, and at the S. K. corner
Of) Arthur Warren's application to purchase;
thenee east BO ohalnii thence norih kn chain*-;
tlience west KO chains  lo lhe northeast comer of
Arthur Wan en> application to purchase; thenoe
south 80 chaini* to point of commencement, containing MO aeres, more or less.
Del. l��lh, UM. J. B, RlMlKKO,
P. L. IliMUonn, ���.,*������'
Notice is hereby given that 00daya after date 1
Intend to make application '0 the Bonorable iin
chid Com mini oner of Lands uud Worka for p.r
mission to purehaae the following dcacrfbei
lands:   Commencing at a post on tin* nortl
boundary of  Lot Hoi and  about 2-'bains easl o
whatshan ereek, running M. ohalna eut; tbeoct
4U chains north; tin iht 40 chain > weal I lbence H
chains south, to point of oommenoement, oon
mining LOO acres mors or Wat,.
Dated October 18,1900.
Lkon Watson,
fly his agent, BUHIBT W   R0B1HS0M.
1 on the north boundary ol lot No. km and
ut two chains east of Whatshan creek, marked "M. ��'��. S. W, corner," running theuee 40
chaius ea-t; tbenee 40 chains north; thenee 40
chains west; thence 40 chains south, to point of
oommencement, containing 160 acres more or
Hated the luth day of October, 19nft.
I'er It. f-lllBLl., Agenl.
Sixty days after dale 1 Iniend to npply to the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landsand
Works to purchase 640 acres of land, located lu
Fire Valley, on weit side of Arrow lake: Commencing at a post planted 40 chains weit of the
BOUthweit comer of J. Kohl:,���oii'B pre-emption
and marked J. W'l B. K. corner, and running
north HO chains, thenee west ��0 chains, thence
south 80 chains, lbence tast HO chalus to place of
Nov, ibth, 1900, Jauk Williams,
J. K. ANKAtiLB. Ageut.
Notice is liereby given that 00 davs alter date I
intend to npply to the Honorable the Cnlet Commissioner of Lands and Worki for ;   rmiSBlon to
purchase the following described lands: Oom*
minting at a post placed '20 ohalns west of the
Boulhea-l corner of Cot IMS, marked "K. A. Bell's
northwest comer," thenee south *?��� ohalns,
thenoe east 'to cbains, thencfl north 20 elm ins,
thenee west :*���_ chains to point of commencement,
containing 40 acres, more or less
Located this0th day of Nov., 1906.   B. A. IULL.
Blxty days after date 1 purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner nf Lands
and  Works for permission tO  purchase  the fo|.
lowing described laud:  Commencing at a pott
placed al lhe north easi rorner of H. C Hklnner's
application to purchase, marked "H. D's N.W
corner post," thence following  the  eail  bound*
ary of same B0 ebalns sonth; tnence running wj
ohalns easti thence BO ohalns north) thence ko
ehalns west to point ol commencement, contalnlni: MO acres more or lesi
Dated the huh day of October, 1906,
I!   Doiin,
I'er It. B1NKI.1, Ageni.
Notice is herebv given tbat sixtv days after
date I intend to appiv to ihe Hon, Chief Coin mis
sioner  of  Lands and   Works  for  i*ermi*>sinii  to
purebaae the following deacrlbed lands, In
West Kootenai Distriet; Commencing at an initial post pla'Jted ut lhe southeast eoiu.r of Mc
Coy's pre-emption, then,,' DO chains west to east
boundary of Lot -SUB; thenefl following suid
boundary south to southeast corner of said lot;
thenee 10 chains west; lbence B0 chains SOUth)
Ihenee 'JO ehains east; theme 30 Chains north lo
soiitiiw.ht eorner of Lot 282; thence foiiuwiug
west boundary of Ud M9 t. Initial po-t.
September a, 1W. u.U wolit,
per Ebneht Vi. BOBIMOH.
Noilce Is hereby given that 00 davs alter date I
intend toapply lo the Honorable the Chief Com-
misMoner of Lands and Works, Vl--tt-.rU, Ii.'.,
ior permission to purchase the following described land, situated in the West Kootenai district,
00 tli�� west side of I uhamel (or fix Mil.) creek,
on  nprer Bide  ol  wfgoii  road,  about %\_ miles
froji w'est Arm of Kootenay lake: Commenelni
at a post marked Mrs Hattie Duck's N.K corner, running 40 ohalni wesi; thence '20 chains
south; thenee 40 chains east; thenoe '20 chains
nonh, to the point of commencement, containing NJ acres of Uud, more ,.r less.
Haled Ihu 17th Aovcmber liMi.
Mrs   llATTtrt Hi-ik,
lOHM K   Tavu.k. Agent
Notice ls herebv Riven tlial 60 davs alter date 1
intend toatroiy to tne Bon. Chief Commissioner of
Landsand works, Victoria, for permlaalon to pur ���
chase the following dewrriU'd land, sllualcd in
the West Kootenav disirh i. on the wot side of
Huhomei (or Hix Mile) vreek. Hear wagon mad.
about three miles from Kootenaj lake: Commenting at a posl mai ked ' J nines J Puck's B W.
post," running 90 ehains east, thenee 10 cbains
uorih, thenee uo ebalus wast, thenei- -Ochali
Notice Is beret>]f given thnt no days alter,hi,.i
Intend to apply 1-. lbe Hon. ChtW .rmnm-.ui ���,.
of Lund-and Works for permission _S��t
tbe following deacrlbed lands iituatea n!Z
Weal koolenay .li-lnei: Hi-gltiutiit alR,^i
marked *0 1 MaeMiekiug's S, W.corner,"\M
���planted on llo* wesl shoreof \\ haUhtO (Carlboai
lake, aboul three mills nnrlh uf ilu* CpperSu-
rows of tin- said lake anil OOOOS1U tha ts.iu.ml ii
"     sn'd   lake;   theuce south Mi < haiin; tlifm��
nib, to the point of oommenoement. contain-
ng 40 an
thfl i*"
I of la
, mh November, 190fi.
Located by JAMtfJ. HfCK.
per Joupt K. Ta\ lok, Agent.
Blxty days alter data I intend to apply to tin*
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds Htid Works,
Victoria, to purchase 40 acres of Und, situab d
on the west side of Arrow Luke, aboutt\_ mllfll
U'low Burton, and described aa follows: Commencing   al   a JW'St   planted   at   the  ni.rlheasi
comer of Lot Tyro, und running north 30 chains;
thence  west  tO chains,  theuee SOUth SO chains,
theuee Bast 20 chains lo place of beginning.
Nov. llth. 1906. H- K. IMU..
J. K. AN.-AliLK, Ageut.
Klxtr davs after date 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase U0 acrei of lund about two
uiilcfi brlow hurton City, Wflflt Kootenay, commencing at a  posl  markeii "J. A. Irving's enst
corner post," said post being on thfl aaaterlr * nd
of an island west of Uo i*-r>47, and claiming all the
land contain, il m said island, 1**tiig aboilt one
mile in an easterly and  weflerly direellon and
about'J" chains Irom north lo south.
November nth, liwi. j. a, ikvino,
 J  K. ANKABI.B. Agent.
Notiee Ib hereby given thai 00 day
Intend to applv to the Hon. Chief "
afterdate, I
intend to npplv lo the U ^^^^^^^^^^^
of Lnnds  and Works for  permission to purchase-
the following deaeribed land in West Kootenay
district: Commencing at a post marked Mrs. '.'
A. Wilson's corner post, planted at the northeast
corner of Section 17, Townsite 7, running south
40 chains, thenoe west IO chains, tbence north 40
chains to place of comincucemeut, containing Co
acres, more or less.
Dated Nov. SO, 1000. Mil. V. A. Wilson,
  J. Wiuon, Agent.
Blxty dayi after data I purpose making a|*j*ii**a-
tion io the Bon. Chief commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase the following described land*. Commend nit nt a post
placed at the northwest corner of 11 Dodd's application ui purchase, marked "R Vi B'sB. W.
rorner jiost," running ihence -So chains north;
ihenco 80 ehuiiiB eust;  theuce Hu chains souih;
thence bo chains west to point of commencement, eonlaliilng f>4o acres, more or less.
Haled this 10th day of October. IMS.
It   Vi. llAKM'M.TO-tf,
per      buiKLL. Agent.
nd __\      i^^^_________,
(Cariboo)  inke,  about
Christie creek;  thencfl
Elxly davs nfter date I intend to apply to tne
Hou Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to pureliase 4HU lu-res of land, In Kite
Vuii��v, West kooieuuy; Commencing al a post
plented no ehalna west of the8. W. corner of J.
Roblnson'a pre-emption, and marked vi.vi'tt N.
B. corner, nnd running west fin chains, thence
souih hii ehulns. ihence cu��t m chains, Ihence
norlh HU i halus lo place ol beginning
Nov   ISthi l'JOfi. WlU-IAM  WlI.LIA-MH,
J. K. Ankaulh. Agent.
Ib hereby given that Wl davs from date I
i apply to thfl Hoiiorahle the "
mlssloner of J_
Intend to app
onoratdc the Chief Com-
  _ and Works to pUTChaSfl 040
acres of land described us follows: Commencing
at a jiost planted on the norlh hunk of the Little
Moyle river, about 300 yards from inoiiih, and
marked *'H. McUan's S\ Vi. corner post,"
thenoe east w> chains, tin nee north ho chains,
ihence west HO ehains. IhflUOfl south ho chnins, to
placoof commencement, and oontainlng O-tta-grea
more or less.
Jiocalcd 30tb duy (let., i-.im.       KoiiT. Mi l,r.��,N.
Notice is hereby given lhat OUdaya alter date I
Iniend toapply to lhe Honorable the chief Commissioner of Lands and Worki* for permlaslon lo
purchnse the foil..wing described bind- situate
nbout 10 miles eusl of lhe ('ityof Nelson,on the
south Bhore of the West Arm of Kooteiiuy Inke,
and commeiicng at a post placed abonl 80 chains
south of thesunthoaij corner of Lot 9M&, marked
"B Thninasr'.x. W eoriii'r," thenc.' soutli 30
chains, thence east 80 chaius, thenee north 20
chains, thence west DO chains lo point of com
Dated this Oth day of Nov., 1906.     6. Thomab.
Bixty days after data 1 purpose making
cation tn lbe Hon  Chief Commissioner ol
and Wo ks for permlsalou to purchase the following   descrlbeil   lands:    'ommenclng  nt  Ihe
northwest comer of B, A Crease's application to
pnrehaae, maiked "W. Q. <i's. H w corn-r,"
running   thence HO   chains   north;   ihenco   hu
chains easti ihenc*;. ho ohalns souih; thenoe ho
ciinins wesi to poini of oommenoement, containing 040 aorflfl, more or less.
Daied the Uth dav nf October, 190t,
W. (l.OlTLKTT,
Per 3. BmaUt, Agent.
Blxty days after date 1 purpose making application to tbe Hon. chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for nennlsjlon to purchaie the followlni; deserlhed lands: Commenolng at the
northwest comer of D, Dodd's Application lo
purchase) maiked "M Ft H. Vi. corner." running
lhetice BO chains north; thenee HO ehalns, more
or less, tn the we-t shore of WhaUban hike, following VUno8GI chains SOUth] thelie,. K.) chains,
more or less, east ir, Ho* point of connneiucment,
containingO_0ao es, mon- <ir Utm.
Dated the 12th dny of Octobor, io rt.
per J, HiiiBM-, Agent.
Notice Is beroby given that rtXty davs aft'-r
dale I Intend to apply to the Honorable Chiel
Commissioner of Lhiids and Works fnr permis.
sion to pnrchase thu following deacrlbed landi:
Commenolng nl a post iftaeed on ihe norihw m
oorncrof Albert EUlou'sappIlcation topurclisse,
running Hi chains enst along Dm northern
bonndary of samel thence Ho ehaim uorth*
thence N chains wes**, thence 8u cr ains souih, to
point of commencement, containing 040 aerer.
more or less.
Dated Oct. 18,1000. John Elliott,
By bis ageut, Ebnebt Vi. Kobinson'.
Notice is herebv given tbat Sixty days utter
date I intend lo apply to lhe Honorable lhe
( lilef  Commissioner of   Lands  and   Works,  for
permission to purchase the following described
lands In lhe West Kooteiiuy district: Beginning
at a post marked ".'iimesi, Fraser'h N.K. corner,
and panted oa tbe east shore of Whatahan
e-half mile north of
._._... uth 40 ehains, more or
aw, to the north boundary ol W, Seoomhe's ap-
illOfttlon lo purchase; thence west along the snld
oundary40 chains, more or less, to ihe shore ol
he uke; thenee following H'" suid shore in a
eneral northerly   and easterly direction hii
hains. more or less, to polnl of comment ei.i.ni,
ontaintng 100 acres, more or less.
Oct   18th, 1900 JAMBSO, FliASEH,
V. L. Hammond. Agenl.
Notice U hereby given that slxtv davs nfter
Hie dale I intend to aj.ply to lbe Hon. the Chief
Commissioner of iAnds and Works for permission topurcbase the following described land
In the Wesl Koolenay district!    Beginning at a
post marked '*i.   H, Keil's N.K. comer/ and
planted on the shore ol Whalshan (Cariboo) Uke,
at ihe northwest coiner of mu\ lake; thence 80
Chains Westt thence 40 chains south) Ihenee 40
ehnllis eut! Ihu  MlchelM lOUthl thenee wis'
40 chnins, more or less to the shore of thc said
Inke; thence northerly along the said lake shore
HO chains, more or less, to  thu  polnl of eouimeji-
cemenl, containing Ino acres, more or Icbb.
Dated Ocl. 12,1\M. K. It. Kkii.,
F. L Hahmosu, Agent.
given that 60 duys nfler date I
thp Hon. the chief Commls-
Notice Is hereby
iniend to apply I
ton's t
 ,- ,.oninnur-
followlng described lands |tl West
nay district, province of Itritish Columbia;
lencing al H post marked "Wflliflin Tolling-
northwest   eortler   posl,"   said   post   being
planted at the southwest corner of the "Queen
Mineral Claim," and adjoining tin* ensl line of
Mcl'hnil'l pre-emption, ihence souih iwenty (an
chains along snld line, theme easl forly (40)
chains, thenee north twenty (20) chains, tbence
wesl forly (40) chains more or less, to thfl place of
Hated Isl-lay of August, UM.
William Tollimiton,
hy his agent J, E. Tuylor.
���Sixty davi*
Bon. the Chi
to pur
afler date] intend to
ipply to lhe
mmissionerof Landsand Work
     neres of Uml:  Commencing at ��
post planted on the wesl side nf Six mile erect,
onWMon road, nhout two and one half miles
from Kootenay lake, and marked "Neil M��-
iM'-nnies B. Wesl corner post,*1 thonce eusl to
ehalni, thence north io chaini, th.-nce west40
chains, thencea-juth 40 ohalni, to place of torn*
Located this loth day of November, 1908,
N-!I. M< Kkuinik.
lowing das
Wesl Kool
cast 4o ehnins, moreor less, to u���. i:^.- .1,,,--,- I
thenee following the aald shore in a nnrtberlr V
and westerly direction lju chains more orImLi
to ji-.iot of oommencement, containing as aem, f
more or lesa.
oci. ia. iwo. o. r KiCMnxn
By K. I. Hammosi,. Agent
KotlOe is  hereby given that BUtJ tttjt ,*>��� I
date 1 Intend to uua appUoatlon to thi Bm*>]
able chiej Commissioner of Laici.- and W-atki u I
Victoria* B.c.for permission to pur baaatkiUi f
lescribed lund, sltuab In Flia Vallsy.1
Istrlct; Comininriiirtttp '
ilanU'daithe soutbweitcorner of Jmini-iRt.. _
Inson's pre-��mplion, marked It 1 K-- I .-.I
post, Lhenofl 40 ebalns wosl, them I ttt -I
uorth, tbence 40 cbsinsaasttoJoibuaRobhiiQtn
northwest eorner, thenee soutli toeijuinsto|<i_.11
of eommeneement, containing Pi" acres, m��re orl
Huted ibis _Srd day Ol N..V..1 ������
Hlxty dnys nfter date 1 Intend to apply Uitbfr
Honorable the Chief Commissi..ti.-r ������( Uodt-Ud
Works. Victoria, lo purclm-* 2>*> m n-i nf lifld
located and desi-rila-d as billow*.: Conim.ti.lM
at k post planted at lha southwest corset tt}
Itnbloaon'B [ire-emptloi, In Fire Valley. Mi'liUm!
fl'e miles (rom Kdward Handing, w��i nMrnl
Arrow lake, and mi iked V. O'a H   I
running wesi Wcduilns, thanee south a ���uoi'.t.
tbenee east w chains, thence uotb -Doh-in
tbence   enst 40 ciialtts, llietici.- norlh 40(-hilIifUl
place of t.eKinnlug
Nov   1Mb, Hn*. FKABB OllSSt
_ J. k -AjtHABU,Ageni
BUtty days afler date 1 inieml  tu apply lilht
Bonorable the ChlatOommlssloner nf Un.tind
Wot it p for permission Ui pnrchass ths Htaanm
desrrilwd   lnlids   In    Kootemv    l,*.|rin      Ca*
meneingal a jxist maikfld J h aiiiuMci annb*
easl comer Jmsl, said (w,st betns DO thi WBtfc
side  of  tbe Lower Anow lake, ahoul twn mill*
1h*1ow nun.m citv; thenefl sooth ����taW
thenee west 90 chalna; ihence south aiiiumi;
thence West ^> chains; thence north '<: ���imi
��� iid at links, more or less to the Ukfrtmr;
thenee easterly along lake-fk)chain*', morti-fl*
to lbe pln<e of  tivgllinlng,  contalnUiK 1* ���""���I
more or Ma.
Hated this Mb day of November, IM-
,i B, Awitu, I
 per K. I.  Bt'BKET, Ag-jIlU	
llXty davs after  dat
morable Uu Ohlal C
.rks I
* I Inland to��M*iyi"tfi
       unmtssli.'n r of Uii*hts4
ks fur iMTinission to purchase tba lolltni(
oescribed luti'ls in Koolenay dtstrlft: Cen.-w**
Cfng at a post marked "A. J Hill's tnuUffM
corner imst," said post being OO the nonSfli
erly shoreof the Ix.wer Arrow lake si.-i r-liiit
due ciiBl, on the northeast corner of Hit -���-
Qronpll thence north 60 chains; easl ***_]
south 40i bains, more or less, to tha SItl��_M
lbence following said shore In a sciillin-f^f
direction Ml ohalns, more or less to thu jawj
beginning, containing  Jf-o acre*-, inert nr l��
Dated this Bth day ol November, 1!*"" _
A.J. I'll-*. I
(H-r K   L Rvksbi ���'������������'���'���
Notice is heii.bv  given thut *���< roij-sf'^
I   intend,  to  apply  to  the  Honorabl** .helliis
Commissioner el Lands and w..rk�� 'orHraM
sion to rurabaas ibe following destg-lbadam_
Kootenav    district:      Commeticmu   St �� P��|
murked '*j ii Wallace's northwestt
suid post being on the easterly ||
Arrow lake, nnd nt the Hou'hwe
Porter's pn-em pi ion claim; thenee c
thenoo aonth ai chains, them-e we
lbence   souih  DO chaliiB,  tbence weMW"'n
moreor less to the Arrow lake, thenoe Inaaw
easterly direction 60ehulns, more or lew W*1
place oi beginning, containing no aere(,i��ci����
Hated thii -.Uh day of October. UOB.
Hy bin agenl, Kkmnkth _ BrK
'j'.'li; W.Lun, |
I istM
nit ��*i
,f itnL
.,[ i-urtiefw
Blxty days alter date i intend t
Honorable thc chief OommlSSloni I
Works, Victoria,topurebase 1001
located iu Kire Valley anddcscrib
C( inmenchig al a |k��s| marked <�� H
corner, and planted  al  thfl BOUtbwMt-
1 ot TSlA, ami  running souih Bn ehalM.
east '2-1 chains, thence north I
west JO chains to place of bi-giinuiig.
Mot. 18th, 1900. Ow ����� M<VIl;us'
J. B, -tKNAMU. AC'*"1*. J
Sixtv day*- afterdate 1 ptn|H.se maklDi: ��jKV
. !l.-ls'.1
isnsl Works, inr iH-iiiil.tlnii 1<<
plwxJat ttaauntliwatl corner ol S-JfjPVa
pUonllOO l,s purilMH, nurks'l "I ,, . ,,,,.,',,-r��
ns-r,** riini.iiiiz LtieooQ Ho.-iii.sii. M';;,,1.:,".'1���#
tnsj :iM isir.- sss's.rs- s,r Is-s.
Dnli-,1 111
perR/BHffB: -j
Hlxty dnvs afterdate I purpose  t'.��
caiioti tutho Hon.Chifllcommlaitoa
and Works for permslsioii to pnrcm
lowing described lands: C mm''
pot.t plaoed ai the northwesi "������"
A. CretMe'1 application to pnrens
"K. It's ti.K. corner," running tnsni
norlh, thenee HO chain*-, west, ths
sooth, thenceft) chains eait to noli
cement, containing HO acres men'
Dated tho 12th day of October, 1TO
,. 1
, -��� '!*
Ol li>Slll"<''
p0r J f��i____.
lis. I
Plxty ,l��y�� -ullssr il.lil 1 Inle"*' ",' "J I tM
Boo.ChltTCommmlonor ��.f l-��,|,u,*���.,,(*���
to puntaan 1��7 acrei ol lana, c��?2e5&J
psss-l iniirks-,1 B. B's. N. I'., s-ssrns-r I."'*1.-f��� ��� �����
Ilu- N. W. cssrnor ul 0, W. ��*'��� " ",,...��.
weatiitaol Arrow laka.aboiii '*'*,r, . ,,,,s.si>
llllrlisn pity, Illi-lli-p*s-.l4lisl,s,!si..ss     . ,,,,,4
UaM chalna, iiss-m-i- aaai ,0 cialn., t "' m��
It .-,.��� ,-liHln, i��� isUs-p sil ba��lnnliJ|. "���!������
iit-ri-B. usssrs- or Ipssb. .   ���-��� iu-btoS-
iJ,tp,i21,.i,d��y,.iN.jv.,is��.-.N;];;;- ,������;,
Notlro la Ilprpln given thai *}**���!_ .-
Intend lo mahaapplication."���"", ������itil 'fl
t'hlcs' CommlMlonor ssl Uml. ana I ,,., M
mlulon to parohaaa the [��>>��"',��!.���_ o>M
Uml,: I'lsniiui'iii-ssiir hi h IS'.'-' Vt,.si'-"ri' i
Dortheaat CO ns-rssl Peter Mcfaagn " 0J,rr��
lion topurchals, lolloulnatlo ttt ,���(!
���tuna hm Phalli, ..111111; '"'������'''Vm,,.>-��<_
Iheuuoli'i.ilialin north! llii-ns.* ���' ,��s in"
is.slnt nl pi���iiiiii-iii'piiipnt, contain"'"
issssre ssr ls-.s.
Uotod t��s-t. 13, IDS*
By'li'ii ijeit KaNB' ��*. BO
The D*__y Canadian
}f in-RVV CASH STORE ���
���""""_' cateeN   WAI8T8���regOHir J2.60 and 12.00.     While   they
ULACK   ����'���-  j1 Oo
last for 	
-, cttf   BLOUSES���Oood values al Jl.isii anil $ 1 "jr..   Choice
fLANNELti it  75c and ��1.00
It ��� ��� ���   	
-, mires���Whai   an* l.-fl 111 tna lot (Din* Ot half the ccsat
SILK   BLOUotu __ __^  ....  and __ __
-   Awn   READY-TO WtAR  SKIRTS���Whal  are    left    ever fur
SUITS   AND   REAL." $3.00, $3.50 and $5.00
���,�����AND CHILDREN'S UNDERWEAR,    moatly    drawers,    at
.KET8, MidleB* and OWlarenj, ai one-half ih.- regular prices.
���..������  FANCY  CASHMERETTES   tor  laslles*   waist,  er  rhll-
100 V, "       .-..H. ;     worm ISO Cut to 10c . yard
,ar,i    HEAVY   FANCY   FLANNELETTE   fsir     ladies'    dressing
50  YARUo   nt,���^   ^ _ut  (|)  16c   ^  ^ar_
,. ., ,ii,. vunl*  different Unds at half Ute
" ,,s   TssM,.,;, sslM'cayar,,.
LADIES' 1HIMMED HATS ill   I'**** ">**"  '*"���*"	
regular prices.
... Choice, $1.50
Work on 20.000 Club    Foldere    Nearly
Competed���Prospect!  Good.
only live members, J. M. Lay, vv.
II. JisueH, s. M. Urydgos, A. Lean anu
1'. M. Chadbourn of lhe executive committee er the 80,000 club were present
ai iiie regular meeting iam nlgnt.
'lhe eisiis K|,snilinee Ireiu liinelis-iH,
Iniiii other advertising chilis, and witli
-i. s. ijeiiais, already noted In The Ua-
issssliau, was reported by the aecre-
a letter from Superintendent Booti
ssi un- iiiiiiiiniisii Immigration bureau
auks-si ie see ne* clubs folder before
pledging Un- governmenl lo ai>nlst in
us ins tilalliiu.
A. Leaa reported progress wltb tne
ns-w pbotogittpbs.
K. K. Ueeslon remarked that the re
vised lenders contemplated onl�� '���''">"
co'pls s. lie would bave oorrected hk-
urea Tor Ihe nexl  meeting.
The secretary reported *xr.i now
available tor iiu* publication of the
n-w folder, with probably at least l-""
more t�� oome.
The uext genera] meeting "i tba
dub will In- h.-hi in xi Tuesday, December IK. and ll"* annual meeting
will he hi-hl i*ai-ly iu January, lu be
preceded by a mil rep.nl lu lhe public of the wnrk of lie club ami the administration of all lm fuiiils.
West Transfer Co.
GEORGE F, MOTION. H��n��r��-
General Teamsters and Dealers in
Coal und Woo i.   Express and
BB|-KatfO Trausler
?_!?&��_. Office: Baker St
Silver King Hotel Building Lots for Sale
Beet Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Koomi are well fisrisiihs-sl.   Table aa Rood r.a any
In Nelson     Har supplied with good
liquors aud ctaara.
W. K. McOAND-ftBH, Proprietor.
��� ������������
Ttemont Hotise
European aud American Flan
Meal! -2*. eta.   Boomi Irom 28 cu. to fl
Only White Help Employed.
On tuul after Deoembn 1st my betting ami
plumbing bniltieei will he Located in my new
���bop, IWodoOn t*HHt o( opera bOUM) on Victoria
Td. 181.
. Baka, St.. Ntl.ca Proprlstois
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar 1. tba Klue.l.
White Help Only Employee.
Bud weiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       8*"" A_.._l,.,,.:;_.,rK'"h . VICTORIA
P. Burns & Co.
|.r      Market! 111   lUwaland,   Trnil,   Sd-On, Kaalo.
Denver nnd Slocan City
BtmdoD, Tbroe Forkl, New
Faulty  Extradition Treaties.
Cassel, Prussia,   Dec . 12.���Wilheltn
Meyer b&s been tenteac&cf to Lfi yeara
in the penitentiary for aggravated rob*
tji'ry   upon tho  oorpM ol  Mrs.   VogeL
The siatc attorney, 'while   fully   con*
.Inoed tbal Meyer had murdered Mtb.
Vogel with malice aforethought, admix-
ted the Inadequacy ot   bli   prool nun
asked the jury  tr> convict    Meyer    ol
robbery only.      He    expressed  regret
that existing extradition treaties only
permit tho Infliction ot' punishment ior
lhe offence  for  which  the  Individual
is extradited  and  ��aid    the    treaties
should he revised to give a wlfler scope
lor  the   punishment  of  crimes   sutise*
quenUy discovered.   Teh attorney aiao
called  attention to the fact that  Mrs.
Vogel was a    cttlzun    of the     United
-States and that the I'nited States hau
granted tho extradition of Meyer.
Apply for Incorporation. ,
Ottawa, Dec. 12.���E. C. Shields and
.1. II. Nalsmith of EUgtnft, .lames Smith
of Kamloops, B. B, Knight or Uavona,
J and 1). Murphy of Ashcroft desire incorporation as the Western Klver improvement company, to do a slide anu
boom  business  in   Hiltiidi   ('olumhin.
Notice \f henhy Riven thai h court id Revision
mui Appeal, under tht provision*** Oi the "Af cbb-
ment Act," Laos," and Amen<H_i. Acta, and the
"Piililif .School* Apt" will be held tn lhe court
liiiiisr, tn Uu- City of Nelnon, on TimrwlHy, December-Tth. IMS, ai tlie hour of lu o'dLook in the
forenoon, for the NoImih As-essinciit(li��trlet, anil
the Hume ft-hoo] Dlitrlet- Ymtr (school Dlfililct,
Salmo i-chool iHstrlet. mnl r rea ton -School Dls-
i-ici, onmtslned Uieretn.
Judie of Court of Revision and Appeal.
i lated At Nelson, B.C.,
tbti Jtii day of Denmtier, ww.
���*?���-_���HTeflll I
h will have
He^ Offlce: Nelson, B. C,
Notiee Ih hereby gt*reO lhat fio <lny�� utter tlate 1
luu'iiii to eppiv io ihe Honomble the chlel t'um-
intsHloner i>l LiilidK and Work*, for a licence lo
pruw|H-<-t Iur eon I and petroleum over the following bind: Situated IU im!' - north ot the tutor
iiHilomil lioundioy Hue and car-fLnf the Klulbead
river beginning at a poet marked W. E. Cooke'H
N. B.OOItiei post, theneeEtOeb-lttf _onthi thenee
N obelDJ weK*, ihenee tw Ooalni uorth, theuee Sti
Ohalttl etiht I'i potiil of eommeneetiient.
Dated Nov. 13,19U6. Vi. E. COOKB.
Notiee la hereby given that Klxty days after
dnle 1 inteml to apply to llie lloaorable the
Cblel   Comnlnioner ot   l-and* and   Works  fur
a license to proepecl for ooal and petroleum over
lhe following hmd:  KilimUd 10 miles north of
Uie international boundary line and eut of the
Klalheud river, heghiuiiii: al a noht marked E.H.
I'ooke'H N. W. eorner poet, thenea -SO ehalns
Miiitli, thenee Hi eluilns east, 1 hence ho eimiiis
north, thenCe 89 ehain*- west lo point of cum-
Dtite.l Nov. IB, 190G. E. H. COOKJt,
Notice la herebygiven tbat ilxty dnys after date
I intend lo appl) to the Hon Chief CoiamlKKion*
end Land* and Worku for n lie-iim- to proapecl
[orooal and pe*roleum over the following Uud*.
SiliiHted  1<)   mihs   north   of   the   international
boundary line and east of the Flathead river,
bctstiniiiig atapoet -oiarlcedC.-Cook'efl.W, corner
INiKt, l ence ��) ehains north, thenee HO ebalus
eait, thanee W> ehaltiH south, Ihenee HU chains
west lo point ot commencement-.
Dated Nov. 13, HKJfi. O. CoOKE.
Notloe is h_reby given lhat sixty days after
date I inteud to upply to tlie Iloiioruble I'liid
CoinmiBnioiuT of I^Jiuds and Works tor a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum over the following land: -Situated nine miles nonh of the
Internationa] boundary line and east of the
Plat-head river, beginning at a pes' nmrked 11.
Krueg r'c N. W. eurner posl, ihenee 8*1 chains
Itouth, thenee m chains eait, ti.euee M chains
nortii, thence Hi chains west to poi ut of commencement
Dated Nov. Y-l, lWfi H. Kri'Rgek
Notiee is hereby given that sixty dayB alter date
I Inieml toapply to the Hon. Chief Commission
erof hand**, and Works for a heeiiFC to prospect
for coal and neiroleuin over lhe the following
laud: Situated nine miles north of the International boundary line and cast of thu Flathead
river, heginniug atapoet mArked (', Krueger'rs
N. E. corner posl, theuce HU chaiua souih, ihence
B0ebalni west, tbenoe80 chains norlh, thence 80
chains enst lo point of commencement.
Dated Nov. DHh. 1908, (.'. KitfRuEH
Notiee Lh hereby given tbat GU daya after dnie 1
Jttand toapply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
mlRBlouer of I-ands and  Works for a lioeor" *"
I Joaephlne Hi.
Neliou. B. C.
Lake View Hotel
��� ���orn**r Hall and Veroon,
two blocks from wharf.
Rates It UO per day and up.
H. <s_ m7 bird.
�� ,       ,��        ��|��, TO  TAKE OUT  AN	
INowiSthe lime Accident insurance Policy
i Represent The Railway Passengers' Company
The Oldest Company Doing Buaineaa in Thi* Line.
P.O. Box 161.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J   A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night
B-ampIe and Bath Kooiob Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Tn�� Sttathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
|       B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acta*
Chotceat Frott Landa ta
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
���   *m-i���_   ra  n
I J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
The HaU Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
itte 1 p_rpo__ naJdn-g M*_*l"
11 tilol '.���..iiimtwdoiuTof Undo
UdWorkf to'|nt tutu-Moo  ��'��  I'linlmwi  tbe   W-
1 1 .;,.>    t om-mauoUyiMl * P***
. t_n DornwoNTlhlell'iap-
I hue, limibc.!' K.K'hH K. 0OT-
���  .  -.1 rlinln** ni.rlh, ihcnri'H'J
thitni wmt,      in-,  so chain* MoUt, lhanoa at
1   ' ..1 ��� i.i.i'iirii'i-ni'iit. oontaln-
I    ��� ��� ..1 lens,
ol a labor, 1906
U BfflBUi
par .1. smici.t.. Ageut
:.,!��� i parpoM making apPU*
Ih    - in.i Commlaalonei ol Ian���
��i;.! Worki I,.- ������ raiinion io pnroliaae the lol-
' inmli:   Commencing at a poit
lln    ii..rtlicHttl (orm-r ol H Hlilt'l! *
���fpltrailoutomirchaae, nmrlt.-.l *'M. K 0'lS.B.
"��nii*T," nim IhctlCfl 90 l halni north to the
il  i  L 8MS, tbenoe w ��h_ln
���''-'  Ihenct hi
���������   ���
le����.       "i*_______________,_,i_______________________B
m. _.Ommnm*u
inr J Hhiki.i.. -gent
I'miniconth. thenc. B0 phalUll
ummenoeaient. oootalDlog w��
RoUee i" hereb? given i__h m ii��vi ,::.* .ui.< i
Intend to apply to thr HMti.irHt.ic the Chlel Com-
inlHMotiiT of Landa *���*��������� Works lor p��rrat��loii io
iniriiiKM.' iin* fulluwlng deeerlbed landi in tbe
weat Kootenay dlatrlet: Hei;inning hi h poat
iiinrkt-il "Alexander Franc-r'�� >. W. iiirncr," and
iilautcl oa lhe caul *lii n* of Ihi' narrowi* of
KhHi-liHii (Cariboo) Inke. at lhe H. E. corner of
birnhard Qlraen'i application t^�� porehaae;
tbenee east ot ebatnji tbence eontb 80 obalm;
thenoe weat 40 ebalni! more or teea. lo the ibore
ol tbe narrowi! thenoe rollowlng ue iald chore
in a northerly direction ni chalus. moreor Icsn
tothe iMiint <>( oommenoamenl iitainiiig hjh
urn*--, more or ten.
Oct. Mih. lUofi. Alkianokr Fhanrr,
hy F I- lUuidoNO. Agt-ul.
Hiriy dajn aiift date i pnrpoee making apnll<
oatlen to the Hmi. I'titei < onunluloner of Uunir.
and Wnrkw tot iwrmuialon topnnbue the foi-
lowloi deicrltea Uniln:   Commenolnf at Uu
northraM corner of ti. |,. HHnnluxtoii'H B|)|ilha-
tion to pnnbaae. marked "K. a. 0 _ h. k. oorner,"
rnuniiiK thenoe n ebalna north, thenoe wichMna
wist, tbenoe to ebalni south, tbenoe80obalm
. .iri topOlnt Ol cniiimciiceiucnt, containing tHO
acres, more or lew*..
Dated the -Hth flay ot October, 1901
K  A. -ri-KASK.
per J. Hhiki.i Agent.
viisioi, i<. *���-���"r,%t,r,u).����i <-.<v.if���i, mp��-
n���. y.-.n pWi IM V ?T i,,. iviiiis-ii, will ������<'"
making n|>|<H
lhe I'outi'tU Chamber, i uy n^.i    ...
on -Friday, Peeember 21it< Itta, at b o'clock, p. rn
Daleil at twnlou. B. C, oecernber H'th, UM
TAKK NOTlCKthata-Ceurl d. Ba virion ot the
Votcr**' i.i-t oi tbeCltrof kmIo will alt on tbe
Sat -��y ei Daaeanbar, iwo, ai eleven o'oloek,
a. m., (local tlme)r,and continue from'lay to ilay,
n rc.iut*-it*f. at the t'otuii-ti Cbamberaof the City
of Kasl... B.C.
Dated ihi�� 10th d_ty or Decomber, 1906.
Wll.UAM  K  1I))1>1>K.R,
Clerk of the Municipality.
���ntnt nl coniinenerini nt; eoiitallt
re or lr*,
"6lwl isth 'I     tober, 1900.
I'er J. HHIKI.I., Agent.
- J tin
uifliinrl w
"Win-.. ,1,
lbe lake
(tmulialnn; them*
- - ���'urn
I   I     |
iii i ilale i purpoie making applj
.1..n the Chlel Oommliiwnor o
r ii< nnlnlnn lo purchaio th*
'wribwi laii'is:   Commencing at *��
��l lln  Muilhca  .r..rnel..f M.K.J.rcH-
iti i . purcbatOi marked ��� V. i*��.
���-   running th.meWi cbalni norlh,
. ihence ni eiifiiiiK eait! thonoe *
Hi; theuce-ao cbaina w_at,topol��* ��l
""" I'lmni, I'oulalnlng ''���iii aoroa* more or
1,1(1 tlifhtth dayol0-Urtie_, 1808.
I'er J.Shlell. Agenl.
'if'^y*. after .lale I tmrnodf making appli
iaiionerol uann"
r   ... puicoaie the lol-
-������-�����(luad Inn,Ik: Commencing ����� the
"I enrner ol v Dodd'i application lo
������ marked *������'. I.. U'l N. B. corner." run-
���;' ""e wi fhuiiiH iouth, ihenee 80 chaini
���''���nee ho ehalni* norlh, ihence 80 tbaiOl
l!it��� i"'t:it of commencement, contaiuiitt:
>. more or len.
iliBl-ih day of October, 1006,
per J Hhiki.i.. Agent
ern end ^^^^^^^^
(mniii 80 ohalm; tnence ea��i ���* _���<����. -	
Waa,    to    Wliul-t-han    ereek;    thc'ice  followlnv;
norlh along tin* ereek and lake nhore 80 ehaliic.
more or leu- to point of oommence-.    it, oontainlng l.l'i neres. mole or lean
ltaled tills Hth "lay ot Octoher, 1808,
ilriiiiLKi WAitaut,
K. I. Hammonh, AgenL
TAKK" NOTIC - that n Court ot Havlilon of
the VOtetl' lln of lhe t'lty of Ctanhniok will *^lt
on tba mol day of December, LOOO, at U o'clock
(local imu ). an.l continue from .lay Ui .lay, ll
reiiuidUc, ��t  lhe t'oiinell I'hamlierK, t'raiilirook,
II ('.
Dated tht** 8th dny of heeeinlXT, l'jnfi.
' it rk oi the MunlOlpallty.
>'li|l*l*   IS   II'.-M-ilJ    (.!,)   ..    .,.,.
Intend toapply to the Honorable t
" " "Uer of founds and Worka lo, . ,._-��__.-, ..
proMpetrt for coal dn.l petroleum over thc follow
Ing land:   Situated tWO ioIIcb no- h ofthe later-.
nallonal bonndary lino aod west of the felatheas
rive, hegilm ng at a poal marked *d 1*o1Uiib' S K.
corner noct, theuce ��:���> chains north, tbence -Hll
chains  WWl,  thence HO chllni South, theuce HO
chalna east o point of oommenCi ment.
Dgled Nov  11.1906. 8. COLLINS
Notice U her.oy given that 80 uays atler date I
tnteii. toapply tothe Honorable (Jhief Comuili-
Bloneref Landiand Worki lor u Lleenie to prospect for coal ami petroleum over the following
laud: Situated two miles uoilh of the interna-
ttooa] boundary Une and wait of the Flathead
river.   Beginning  at  a  pn��t  marked J  ColUM*
N. K. corner post, ihenee BQ ehalns lOUth, thence
Wl ehair.8 west, theuce 0;i ObalOJ north, thence -SO
cbalni easi io point of cinimencemcnt.
IlatcdNov   11.1906. J   C  U.tNH.
Nollee is herehy KlTOO that 80 dayi ��jtcr date 1
Intend toapply lo the Bonorable the Chlel Com*
minloner ol I.hIi.Ik and Works for a lire list* to
prospect for OOal and petroleum over the following land*. -Situated two miles north ol the International bouitdarv line and wesi nf the Xlaihca.l
river, heguniiiig at n post marked tt, UsUal-ah.'
n. vi. comer poll, thenoo Mobalm souih, tbenoe
80 chaini eait, thenoe 88 ehains norlh, theuee Nl
cbalni went in point oloommehocment.
Dated Nov. H. 1906. W. UtQ.AU_.il.
Notice ls herehy given that BQ ilavn aHcr date 1
intend toapply to uie Hon. Chief Conunlnlcmer
of Landi and ' orki for a lloenae lo proqteei for
coal and petroleum over the loiiowing land:
Situated two inilt-K north of the lut.ruatioual
bonndary Lino ami west of U_e F_athead river.
Hcginuing al a |����l markeii ('. i'. ltjhorus'N K,
eoruer  pO��t,  thenee HO cbalni Mttth, thence 88
ohalni weat) tbenoe wi ohalni norih, ttteuce ttn
ehatns rat.I lo poini ol e.nnmcuecmeiii.
Dated Kov. 14. UM. C  C. Rjhoruh.
Notiee is h.rcby given (hut BOdayi aller date I
Inteml lo apnlv io the Hoiiorahle lhe thief 1'i.m-
���minloner ot hands an.l Works lor a license to
proniect for coal and pOtfOlaUU) over lbe hdlow-
ing land: Situated two miles north of lhe International boundary line ami west id (he Klathead
river. Beginning at I poM marked u. H Uoland-
er's N. li. corner post, theuee Mt chains nouth,
Ihence HO ehalns east,  (hc.icc H*) chains  north,
Ihenoe B0 ehalni weal to point ol oommenceniant.
i'lii. I Nov. II. UM. 1.. II. Mol am.Kit.
Nollee ts berwb* given thai OH dan alter (late 1
intend toapply to the Honorable Chiel Conunta-
iion r of Ijindv nnd Works for a UoanH to pros-
pectlornoal and petroleum over tba following
'ami: Situated IWO miles north ol the International bonndary line ami weal of Die Hathea.i
river   Beginning at a poat niarked VV. Tinker.
B. Vi. corner i>ost, thenco80ohalttl norlh. thence
ml ehnins east, Ihenee 83obatni souih, ihenee HO
ehnins west to point ol commencement.
Dated Nov. Mr, tw��'>. vi tiskk"
Baker street, Kelion. B. C,
Lighted by Electricity -and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedrooms and Firit-
claas niuing Boom.  Sample Boomi for Commercial Men
MBS   S. C. CLAKKK, PropHetreM
Royal Hotel
Ratee $1 nnd *1.60 n Da;.
8petinl Sates to Begnlar Boarder*.
New Year
Jjlxtj iiava alter .lute 1 pur nol
iJIffibitU Hon. Chlel ComrnlJ
���  ��� *��' 'j- tot permlnion to p
^uiy dtxja nfter date 1 intend toappiy lo tba
Honorahin thc Cblel Camxol-..onei of Landi and
Wort��, victoria- to purohaae 180 aerea ol land.
localeil (in thc wc!>( ��� i-:.--..f Arrow h._:e.Mil)oiiiliiK
l<ot6818aod deioribed hs follows:  Commenolnff
at a poit plantod on the west homi-lnrv of I* .
am. ahout ji ohalni north ol tba 8. w. oorner ol
wild lot, ihcnce west 80 chnlni, tlience south 60-
cbalnii tbenoe eul Hn cdtatni to the vrutern
boundary ol pre*einpt.0h Ko. 878- thenco north
I'm) chutiiR to place of hei()iiniii|j.
Lot*tiled Oofc B8t 1806. M. K. WahUlY,
H J. Ki.liott, Anenl.
" , Z . .Vw.srk- _ I;.<rm1*"""" *'
giiSJig d_SiW i��>"1:-
siikiisir iiiM.ll,
iiiitssl'iiior s.1
psirs-liss-s- thfl
ns-us-itss.' ut is
;*.:>";'Vi��."-.'-">"'v'V'''',,0,!,s1',ii; ,!i;.'tn oi'Tt1,-,,f.,."*tlip*!t
ircosV, Hil.l al��s it" '��� Sfs W ,-���rln-r." rsisssslOK
l|���ss.suiili.l.sur��*s-ll J.J."*_m9t Bis 1-lss.lsif in";
IISSSDSSI-Nl.-lisltllss  ""V,   ,��� lis. llOTtll  Is.sS.SIs'.Ill >'  ji
_*mtB',".""'*;;;,", S%__r_Vi u.ui��y
in sslll s.s-rs-4 ins'Ss- ssr "'7,',,,,,,or ltliifi.
fl.slosl lie 38H. ��V ��' "<*<""*"��� '*" j 8���,EU..
���. b> m?
'on that.��. .InvH .llsrsliili' 1
is llssll s Ills.I OomJDlwloDQr
,   ���������','! Worki [or mnnfinon t-' |s"^',',",!'<,
.������  ��� '"'.sis.  .l,..iTII,,.,t  Imul.  *IUislH-il  111  i'"'
; '.""!..ussy  ISMrli-t:   Hi-ttliinliiK lit is  POfll
"'-"������ As,t,,|,,,.1,0 Hlrs-ti'i. N. K. fiinii-r." Mini
'""""I  -us   Hi., ihoro ssl   Wliiils-lsnn (S'arll )
'-'*��' Use li.ullio.it ssssrs.s-r s,I list- .nisi Issk,-;
,', " Is IJ s-ls.inss; tlii-iii-i- won III olsuliiK.
'"���'"' I-���, to llio ��l���,ro sst Wliatslmli iTook:
'*;*," I'iHiiwiiio ilu, ,|i���ro lino nt ��iil.l s-rs-s-k anil
��" illin general northerly lins! ensstorly illr	
,"*" raaloi, re ur ltw, to ..cli.l ol oom-
,ll,*!'!',"t 'itsiliilnu 100 noroH, mnrc or lefll
'I S.   Ill   ,     SS.M ��
���, Ktvon Hlel 00 stov. siller slato 1
.DDllOAVlon tollio llonomblfl Ills-
    llso   IssllswllllJ   slo.erllsest
it als
' l-miii'ii. .loilil! ��t"lip's'ist pleoeil abOUt OM
J,'"" WbHl.t,,  osook  unsl aboul  llir.
��� i-iiii.ium
li)* V. L. I! AMMS.Ms, AkoiiI.
Xotloo Iss Ises
lists-nil to ma.
IlllHS-llSSl     tS.     1
1"l!_".m,.ihlo(" vilal'ss'itaii'liiks*" rT.nnlOl as chatM
isille.-." sin "i _i   '. ....  ,1,^,1,.,. Ki, a tain.
__}'&_ mftSSSii-A *SmM��< op��-
InoniTiiii-ii" o.siilaluliiit MO aorc�� more or ton.
) ato.l nit.slHT 18. I**'    ,,__,_ M,.NA,,���mm,
By 1st. tgOUt, KKNKIT Vi. Il.IHII.MSl.	
.        .,,...,into I onrtsis.e iuaKiu��� a|nlls
1"X'>', itS   I    I Cl I.' t',",S,���l-i  O. i.lii.iK.
o.llssu lis ll"' I"'"���,���,������ |o purobflM llie lol-
ai"l "''[**" .'',,!    I   i.l     l*,.ssss,,on.-ls,g al a neflU .
lowing ��1.�����-��� ��� I*'    "'    . M ���, |l,���"\VIial��llMI
Plaood .sisi i'J    '  .,, _n��� wut- ol Wbtrt-
Isikotrsi Uii'liiis"".''*,. H. N h. i-ssrlier po��l,"
slinu lake, marki-.l ��-.-," ���������h; n,eM. w>
running   I lu* '   ' ��� _ ����,.-, ���,(_, il,o-,-c- t.
Jffl 0-2 '...i*'""1'",' "'"������">"""">��� tMtUtm
Pet R. Siiikll, Agent.
llll.:*av.        mm    ��<������.,
pluiileil about -one mile nouth uj w�� ..-	
dl Whataban (Cariboo) lake.abouttirentycbalnB
west nT the went f-hore of
KOiuh hniindary    " "
lOOtb houmlary oi   k   ���
purehaae; ihenoe iouth 80 chaini; thence ensi
chains, mon or ten, to lhe itl'l lake lho
thenee northerly aloio? llie iald shore BO ohAl
more  or   lenn, to tht ^^^^^^^m
���!!id"oVith boundary <>f
Datod Oct. v.. lg��-y h HaMMoki>, Agent^
Noiiee Ih herehy tflven that nlxty dnyi alter
diitu I inieml t-i .ipi.iy to the Uonorahle Die t'blef
Commlnloner ol Landa add Worka for a lloenae
to prosp-ecl Ircrml and   lielr.ih'Uni over the h.l-
lowlusland: Situated ti-mlloa north of the In*
lernallonal houmlary line ami cu-mI of lbe Flat*
head river. BeglOnlog at h poal marked It H.
1'nrker's N. \V. eoruer poat, thenee W* ehailof
nouth, thenee Wl ehain*- east, thenee 80 ehalni
north, theuce Ml eimiiis went  *o  point ol coin-
Dated Nov. IG, ltW.       It. S  I'ihkkr.
Notice Is herehy given -hat 00 dayi nfler date I
intend to apply lo ibe Honorable the Ublel Com-
minloner di Landl and Work** lor a lleenie to
proinoct for coal and p ���irolcum over the follow-
lug land! Situated 7 mllei north ol (he international houmlary line and cat��( of the Flathead
river he-ginnlng k( a pnat marked J. Grlbblo'l
H. H. corner non'.. thence 80 ehalOl north, theme
B0obalm west, ihcnce sti ahalni souih, thenoe t-u
chuins OUt  lo point ot commencement.
Dated Nov 16.1908. J/qntBOtn.
Milieo In herehy iHveD tliut fid days nfler date I
intend to apply to (he Hon Chiel .omttt_Hlonet
o| hands ami Works for h llcnse to prospect for
COa)  and  petroleum  over   the   follow.HK  land:
Situated iw miles norih ol ihe internanonil
h'lundnry line and oaa ot tbe Flathead river.
1 eniniiln^ a! a post marked A. Hurd's S, W
cornet post, tbence wi ebathi norih��tbettc
chains uisl, thenoe >*>�� ehulns noiiih, Ihenc
ohalni wi st to point of commentloroenU
Dated Nov. Ifl, li**. A.-Iran.
Mont comfortable quartern ln Nelnon.
Only the hest of I.tquori and i Igara.
B1U-1ARDS   ANPHAU-Aud-HAtf F001
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
B��iit BuiUlr.ra will find it In their advantage Ut nm- our Pitoli.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co*
Ticket* on sale at all Canadian Pacific
Railway Oflicen, Port Arthnr to Vancouver, aud all intermediate branch line
point", December -1. 22, 23, 24, 25; also
December 28, 29, 30, 31, and January 1.
Good Returni g Until January 3, 1907.
BUtV days after date I
Oie Chief'
    ate i intend to apply to the
lion uio Chief t'on.in i.-iMoiter of Lands and V** orJU
to pnrobaiettoaoteaot land: Commencing at n
poat tnarkod "M. T, hw noiitbwait corner poit.u
���aid poit h-.ttiK at tbe northeait cornor of Geo.
IludHon'a i-:.* .-in|��tinu eluin. aliout two milei*
���outbeait uf hunoii city, ihcnce wesi -io obalni,
lOUth90 chalim, tveit W ��'hainn, norlh U chains,
i'mni no ciiHiuR, nuth 90 ehalna to plaoe of eon.-*
meneement, i*oniaininn"-4n acres
Located 8th day ot Nov. LW6.   v'
Notice is herehy Ktveu that Wt days after date 1
intend to iipnH to the Hon. Chlel t'omnils��i.ilier
of [jattttl and worki Iur a license to pttHftwot tor
mmi anil petroleum over the followlug Imul:
Situ ted I'll it.Hen north of thc iuteniHtiouul
houndurv line nnd east of tlie Klatlicad river.
De*ilnnu)R at u pOlt ininked H. H Hurd'n N. \V
corner |>o.t, thence 00 hums aouth, thence Hi
chnlu-4 eaat. thenee -ho chalna north, thence Sl)
chnins wait to point o[ commencement.
Dated Nov. 16,1W6- E. H. Hum.
Wholesale and Hetalt Dealer* In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied ou shorten, notice and
lowest price. Nothing bnt fresh and
wholesome meats aud supples kept iu htock
Mail orders r_o_tVQ careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES. Manager.
W.   O.   GILhETT
Contractor -anti
1 t-Uilldor.
' Hide a��ent for the I'orto Ktco Luinher Co., Ltd..
relnll Tarda. Itoufji umldre Ned luiuher, turned
v. i-ik and hi_.l-.rt -. Coast lath Hiid ahiuglea, Klh
aud doorri. Ceinciit, tirlek and lime for sate.
Automatic grinder.
Yard mid factory: Vernon St.. eaat ol Hall,
NUL8UN,  B. 6.
P. O. Bos -_���_ Telephone 178.
A.G.P.*��..Vancouver. D.R.A.. Nelsou
Certificate of Improvements
"Halton" mineral claim, sUuhIihI in the Nelson
Minin-4 Division uf Wt sl Koolenay dlitrlet.
Where located :   On Toad mountain.
Tnke Notice that I, John Mel-atchie  artfug aa
Hjteiit lortieor-gc A. Campbell, Free Miner "a Certificate- No. b7(J77, Intend, sixty  davs from the
dale hereof, lo ap|"V to the Minim*: Recorder for
a Certificate ol Improvements, for the purpose ot
ohtaiuinft u Crown (irant ol tho above claim.
And further talc-"   imti'-e that atrtton, uner
BeotlonS7i mnat la* commenced before the Isnu-
ancp of such Cerillieale of Improvements.
Dated thla 17th day ot Novemher, 1W��.
John McI.ahhik.
I Excursions to
Eastern Canada I
Oriental Limited
With through tourists car to
To Toronto, Montreal
|        and points west
ST* * 78.25
Corresponding low rates to
points east of Montreal.
Tickets on sale Nov. 24th to
Dec. 31st. Good for three months
with privilege of extending limit
Going via Sault Ste Marie
sto|K>vers allowed east of St.;
Paul anil Duluth.
Going via Chicago stopovers
allowed east of Detroit and
Port Huron.
For  further  information  call
i on or address
City PatiHetiger Agent.
A o.P. A., Seattle.
Certificate of Improvements
"HpvKlaatt" und ��� lihibe" mineral claims, altuate
ill Trout Lake Minim; Ulvinion.
Looated on Poplar creek.
Tilde Notice that 1, Bruce White acting aa
a-gt-iu tor the SpyKlava Mining ��� p.. Free Mlnera'
Certificate No B t'tM, intend, .Odnys from the
dale hereof, to npplv tu thc Milling hecorder for
a Certificate of Improveiuenta for thc purpoae of
obtalnlnn a t-rown tirant of the above claims.
And   further   take notice that  action, under
Hoc tion OT, musl he commenced before the .saltan e.c of such CertiUe-ntc of Impuveineiita.
DiitettaHh Oetober, UM. Banca Whitk
PHUNING AN1) UKAFT1NIt earelully atteud-
ed to. Apply
Stiver Klug Hotel.
Pf���S0N $150
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
w. <a. Wurman,
TobacconM.   Baltct Str. tt.
Notice Is hereby alven that at a meetioftof the
Kim nl of Lloente C timnisaioupra, to he lied in
ihe Chief Const*ble�� ufllee, Neltson, on the lft.li
iK'epmbor, 1900, llntend to apnlv fn- a transfer nf
���ttv license for ihetlrovo Hotel, Kalrvl w, Kelson,
to C F. Walmaley
hated 15th Nov , 10OR. J W CROW,
oe- Viu. OQ9NK1.L. Attorney.
No tee U hereby given that at a ineetlngnf the
hoard of License CoininiFa ouerc, to be li eld In
Chief Cull*-!** Lie-, tllii-e. ni Nelson, nn IMh Dee.ni-
ber, 190i'>, I intend tn apply for a irno*'frof my
hotel llcei-' for the I'alacu hotel, et Ymir, to
Archibald St Davis
tfth November, 1W6. MITtUItLL TAIT.
i .*frm~
The Daily Canadian
Cut   Glass   Bonbon   Dishes,   eacn $2.25,  $a.u_t
Hand-Painted China Cups and  saucers,  each    $2.50, $3.5U
Sterling   Coffee   Spoons,   per   set $2.75. $3.00
Sterling   Souvenir  Spoons,   each $1.25. $1.35
Sterling  Photo   Frames,  each $1.25 to $9.00
Back Combs, each    $1.00
Fine Leather  Bags  and  Purses, each $1.25 to $25.00
Silk   Umbrellas,  Silver  and   Gold  Mounted   Handles,   each $5 to $20
Electric  Lamps,  each    $14.00 to $25.UU
One oi the Christmas Luxuries
Chtap_r and Better Than Ever
Fancy Natural  Figs   lbe X
Very  Fancy.  1.1b. baskets 25c*
Something   Extra���Tartan   Pull-     ���
ed    25c T
7-inch Smyrna  Figs   25c T
5-lb.  boxes    $1.00 X
10-lb.  boxes    $1.75 J
Bell Trading Co, |
i ���-
���   if i ���
'''���r *
Coal and
Telephone 265
Some Wise Body
Has Said:
In    England    they    raise    fine
Iioim    In   Scotland   they   raise J
Da* meft
In England thoy toed Uiclr oats
to bone* Io 8cotIan.il thoy feci
OMtt t��t�� to men.
Wsod jtohtsbIvbs   and    ohlldren I
B. & K. Rolled Oats
and then watch the results.
B ft K. Rolled Oats in Nib, Mil, and '
401b sacks for sale at
| Joy's Cash Grocery;
Cor Jowphlnoand Mill BU-      Phone IV
Wm 1*1 nv* n  Spo_:lallv
Selectw*J 8toi_k  of
for Xmas Trade.
Steaeinat, Oocki, Ban Pots, Tea Pols, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
Order Your
Fruit Cakes
We make them in all sizes
and designs
Choquette Bros*
I lb. box   -   50c
J-2 lb. box-   30c
Then.* frond.-- are ft** fine nit ilia moie BXMfiJlv*.
kinds, the only iUffer ���*.������' Is thc ; a. 1^**.
Phone 25. Baker St.
Next P. Burns <& Co.
Cor. V.rnon sand Ward  Striata,
nbi_SON. t��. a.
J. FKED HUME. Proprietor.
V. W. Gordon, Windermere; W. A.
Allan, E. W. Ogle, Vancouver; M. M.
Qalbratth, Boyds; J. y_unghe|)rt, J.
Ltghtstcme,    Mom real;     C.   11.   Flood,
ltev. t*. O. Main and wife, Vancouver; F. C. Gamble, Victoria; C. Jowell,
Carstalrs* W. it. Fess, It. Fowler anu
wife, Winnipeg; s. Phipps, Revelstoke;
L. A. Campbell, Rossland; E, M. san-
uiliiiuis, Sandon,
il. Scott, G. Barton, Pennsylvania;
Miss Dumas, Dayton; .1. \v. Bennett,
A. K. McUougall, Fernie; .1. .Murray,
Lee Harbour, Vancouver;   W. J. Anderson, New York.
X. Wiilk.-r, Nakusp; J. MoDougall,
It. Thompson. Chas. Dawell, Carstalrs;
I), c. Barbrich, Salmo; J. McCreath,
SUOkano. Geo. MeAuliffe, Phoenix;
Chas. Canton, Ymir; A. .McRae, Al.
Campbell, E. Wiles, Revelstoke; W.
A. Colder, Eiiffcwood.
.1. Jones, Rossland.
T. L. Bloomer, CaBtlegar; R. Hughes,
North  Wales;   W.  RenshaW, T.  Snow.
J. C.  Moore.  Lethbrldge;   K. Morrison
and  wife,  Revelstoke.
10. Hangan, Slocan: C. Meek, West-
icy; C. LindQUlst, Winnipeg; .1. Hur-
ki-u, W. Hanna, it. Wilson and wile,
Calgary, c Johnson, F. Johnson,
Grand Porks: .1. .1. Grady, Creston; P.
Hoy, Eureka Mine.
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Pound Cans     90c
10 Pound Can* $1.75
Telephone 161.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in Btapteaad fancy Groceries.
Batter, Efrgs.
Camp nnd Mineri' Supplie*.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or soil anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino ot Japanese Goods uow on sale. All
kinds   of   Dlnnorware ln   stock.   Prt-
Ws-lsls. amivc Royal Hank of CRNielft.	
ti) MKN, nt once, (nr work In Use wsssssIb. Apply
In ��-. K. l-.x.k.-. MWinlll. Knsslo.
l.AHV KTKSOilHAI'IIKK Issr pssiUlen In country.
Qood boms witli employer*, (innily.    Apply
_,,���>  IV, ,���������-,||���|| ���f|i,,.
Bl'HHMKN.MIIl IIiiid.mj.1 tagRllltCuiitrulor.,
iilssss KuRlucsr W-ttfbtln I.iMiilst-r _o., near
t'ralil.reiik. B. .'
TWO KIR8T-CI.AS3 IlllOMS. ssleam lu-aU'd.
ply housekeeper, 3rd Hit, K VV. C. block.
The members of No. 2 Company. K.
M. H., will meet in tho armory at .*���
Joe Younghtart of Montreal, commercial traveller and amateur magician, lo  a   guest  at   the   Hume-
George A. Macleod ol Grand i-'orns
is in the eity visiting relations. Me
will return tu tbe Boundary tomorrow.
A slight decline in silver and a
������light advance in the London lea.i quotations are the only chnnges tin to
days nieial markets.
At tbe regular meeting ol .Nelson
aerie, F. O. E.( at 8 o'clock this evening in their hall, officers lor the ensuing year will be elected.
The Knights ol 1'ytliius' At Home m
their hall last night was a splendid
success. The knights entertained
their many guests in royal style.
S. B. Snider ol" Vancouver, district
���superintendent ot the B. C, Permanent
Loan company, is in the city. .ur.
Snider reports business conditions
throughout the  province  excellent.
The Canadian Order ol horesters
will hold their regular meeting tomorrow night in the K. of I1, hall. A lull
atiendance is requested as nominations
and election of officers wil take place
a*, this meeting.
A bobsleigh was stolen from In trout
o*. the Strathcona last evening about
_> o'clock. The property can easily be
identified. The present possessor is
advised by the owner m return it
without delay to the place from whicn
it was taken.
Mrs. M Monce ami Mrs. Harris, 01
.\elson, have received word ol the
death in Newcastle, Eng., on November 1, of their brother. Uavld Kay. Deceased was [Hi years of age and hau
been a member several times of the
town council of Bllth. Heath was due
to blood iwlsoning.
ln the city police court this morning the defendant appeared to answer
to a charge of aggravated assault witn
Intent to do grievous bodily harm,
preferred by Bruce White. The more
serious charge was withdrawn by Mr.
White's counsel, aud only common assault was charged. To that the accused pleaded guilty and was tinea
$_!U and costs.
The regular monthly meeting ot the
Nelson board of trade, to be held in
the board of trade rooms at 8: oil tomorrow night, beside being the last
regular meeting of the year, has other
dements ol importance. The nature
and number of resolutions to be presented have already been fully reported. In regard to the construction ot
a wagon road to' serve the ranchers
along the Koo#nay river, .lames Williams advocates a bridge lor general
traffic just below Granite, where a
line of rocks would make its construction easy. Such a bridge, it is
pointed out, would provide the desirea
connection with Nelson and would
serve the Queen Victoria mines ana
the proposed sawmill at  Beasley.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Poand
In order to clear ont this lino
wo aro reducing the price to
40o. We only have a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
K, W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Ship Your Christmas Presents
by Dominion Express Company
Cheapest, safest and quickest means
of forwarding packages of merchandise, valuables and jewelry to all parts
of the world.
It Is strongly recommended that
shipments be sent so as to arrive at
destination some days in advance,
thus avoiding the rush and ensuring
most careful handling. Arrangements
cau be made for delivery the day before Chrlstmans wh-Ti desired.
Special attention given to shipments
for Great. Hritain and Europe.
Kor further Information apply to
company's office on linker street.
Phone 113.       O. E. FORD, Agent.
Ter Gallon*
Cm A* .Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Bts.
I'HOM!  7.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and   Ward   Sts.
Don't Forget
No matter how many other things
they may get, Xmas is never complete
without a pretty Picture Hook ior the
little one, or a good Story Hook for the
boy or girl.
Our stock of books this year is very
complete, and includes
All the Most Popular Writers of
Boys' and Girls' Stories',
They range in price at from _>bc tor
a full sized cloth bound Book to .Uc,
60c, 8dc  and up to $1.50.
Also we have
Boys'  Own    $2.25
Girls'  Own   *2.2b
Chatterbox    1*1.25
Sunday    $1.25
Chums    $2.25
Young Canada  $1./*5
insure  against  possible    disappointment by doing your Xnia. buying early.
W. G. Thomson
BEKJHP "* Nelson, B. C.
Phon* 34*
Rotclan   Company's   Performances   Are
Better Than Ever.
The comedy "Martha" was present
ed by the Rosclans last night to a
rather poorly filled house. While the
attendance must have been disheartening to the players as well as to tne
management, It was not allowed lor a
moment to interfere with the conscientious performance of the play.
The characters in "Martha" are not
numerous, but all were successfully
presented. The work of the chorus
splendid and the solos, especially Miss
.Nola's rendering of "i'he Last Hose ot
Summer," could not have surpassed.
Tonight the company will present
the more spectacular opera, "yalfl
Pasha," to he followed tomorrow nlghl
by the perennially popular "Bohemian
Trains and Boats.
Crow  boat���On time.
Coast and Slocan train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Hosaland  train���On time.
Boys' Coasting Sleds.
Spring Runners, 90c,
$1.25 and $1.50.
Dolls, Toys, Games
All  n.'w  goods  nnd  price
I\0d__kS->  Developers.
Albums, Stamp and Post
Card Albums.
All the New Hooks are here���
books for the young in every
conceivable stylo���-Gift itooks,
Beautiful ilooks in binding and
letterpress. Ail the new things
in fiction.
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
How   About   Your
duns and
Ammunition ?
We have Eley's, Kynock's, Winchester, and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Ilnntinu Knives, Wading, Belts,
Ooata, Punts, Qtr.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box C31       Nelson, B. C.
Sherman's Opera House
Commencing Monday Dec. J 0
Tonight���"Said Pasha."
Thursday���The Bohemian Girl.
Prlcea���50c, 75c, $1.00.
Plan at Rutherford's Saturday.
Commencing Friday, December Uth
and Saturday Matinee.
Return   Engagement
Nelson-Bruce Company.
Friday���The  Prisoner of Zi-nil.-i.
Saturday .Matinee���A Soldier of Fortune
Prices���6.0,   7fic,   (lllll.
Plan at Rutherford's Thursday, Dfloon
ber 18.
Commeneing  IVlonduy,
Deeemher  17,
The Great McEwen
And  his Company
Prices���7Gr,  50c,   25c,
SeatH at Rutherford's Saturday.
Our stock   in    these
complete.    We  can fit
thing  you  want in the
Footwear.    Rubbers are
you  up
line  of
fresh a
s very
in any-
nd new.
Fifty Cent Hand Bagsj
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone 333.
Optician I
&C-0.,   ScEflK
**���   ^v*>       Limited, Winnipeg.
Wholesale Provlalonn.
Dominion Government Dreamery One Pound l)rietn received w,-,-kiv t, t I
from the churn.   For nalo hy all leading Kroccni. '
Ofllce nml warehouse: Honntou Iilock,   Phono 711.
Josephine Street.       -       -       -      Nelson, B. .
Repairing and Jobbing a Specially!
Sh.-etiii.-tu) Work, OaatliigB, Builders' Material and Mining and Mill Mnliiii(rj.|
Offloe and Works Foot of Park St.
Phont   _KM.
NwIndii, h, g.l
A Wof d to the Wi
Tliis yunr \vn huvti HpjinxMiitH tlit* wants of ourcfl
totooxi mnl hare pAMOd into *-l<>.k the
Good Cheer Art Base Burner!
This storo is adapted for bard <-��.tl onlj-andbf
iint'.*.. to giva Htttisftictiiui.
]* H. Ashdown Hardwarj
Company, Limited.
Pw7.J3? Wi2 ,"lo,,hl"�� ���**������ cuto.1 with Oupnlch.   Shnl M.l
Work. A1lr.lnsnr.il Mill M.iti,l���.P,..     M..i.ul...i.,,-.,�� .,1
����� C-.r��, u. h. Qontraotora' curat.
ferns-rot Hall insi
Krunt Htrerts.
INEUSOIN,   B. c.        .',';:�����
liU-Alll-CMM  niun.
Working men,
Man In ilrmmm attire.
Sporting men,
HundMum*. mun,
Men Unit's full of firw
ONITK -and
S and fiiiiK that  tho importstioni of|
<ilm T. Pierre, aro (he proper thing.   I
My ln��t fn]l shipment bus just arrived. S��|
them and jtltn-o your order early for Xmuflflfl
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic T.iilor
All Sizes 35 to 44
Now in the tunc
to buy your .
Winter Oven-nnt.
AH Prices from $10 to $30
I   III!     _
AND DEALERS IN   LtMIifcei, *  ShlHgleS,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Brackets. M��il Onlers promptly atW-Wl
!$2oJenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famein Kootenay Rang''
Became we cannot procure a better, taking Into ��*>
count deelgn; workmanship, cooking qualities andprl"
Wo will be pleated to ahow you Its good points.
Wood-Vallance Ha*dwa*e Co'yl


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