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The Daily Canadian Aug 17, 1906

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Array ���Jlaily Canadian
1)1.1 Ml
i. 1.   N<>. 64.
Fifty CentsIa Month
n; n[ Fnrmer Resilient
Soldier Infatuated With Girl
led to Canada���Life of Pov
crty .ind Infidelity.
ung miu. uged 19, who haB been
it, .Si'isssii anil KtiKsluud, was arid Hpokane    recently,    charged
nK    risslii     tbe      United     States
Hi'tllsi-r claims to lie the sou tit
lr itn- heaviest stockholder! In the
stional Harvester company, untl
police s'liiliini he told a remark-
itorj ol enlisting in the uriny
sssn years ago, and of nut know*
at tiu bad enlisted for two days
[lite enlistment hud taken place.
tu is. Spokane about two years
piivtnt; sisine from  fny old  home
I III'    Silill    Iss   ll    S|sssk'-;s
porter,   "l  was bftvfng
ti.-ii'1 In Siitikiiiie. The last 1
ir lu my enllstnifiii svust
ir .-.'is' soldiers, When I rs-
.: iiiks I was wearing the
if I'ucle Sam uml wus lobl
li.ssl enlisted In lhe uriny ul Fort
11 ism days before.
|r 11 ins iiti lis 1 niittle the best of
Then I gol sick and
of tin' soldier business and re-
1  sss-ni   is,  British  Columbia
'li   bnve   Its'ti     In     Ni'lsssn,
..i'i other  Hritish  Columbia
1.) my father and lobl hlm
I 1 is-ss! done,    lis- advised me in
pdei .imi siiisi he would Intercede
ui l>is friends In the United
:iis'   lis   get  me   out  of   the
ri'tl 10 follow  the advice ul
Imlii-r. Inn it wus hard.   Willi Ihs
sn nt    following   his   advice I
11 S|"ik:iiu' a   week  ago.     I   wen!
police ssiatitin repeatedly to sur
un sell*, tint) each  lime I  weak
mi piissss-si    itif   matter up by
lis.: s'liisi- commonplace remark to
'  ilsssiinlii   ttceurreil   In   me   thut
ins   isisiiii,. intii  bt'cn  It-ri  with
slice sn  .1 desrlptlon of me, uml
1 iiiisiisi in- arrested by some pu
m ssn  duty.     Willi   Ihis   thought
Ic 'lie practice uf mopping every
man 1  met.    Tin' men  stationed
ItlverBlde   avenue    anil    Howard
musl  have  become  thoroughly
it ihe  tssssi  questions  uml  silly
ks I made.   At limes they looked
lbe Spokesnilliilti'vlew. I If wl|(i ho
was an enlisted United States soldier
lie became Infatuated wiih a girl tn
Spokane, Her mother persuaded bun
j" desert and marry ihe girl. According to his shut ;,t t|���. ti,,,,. he tlitl s���,
iml they went i��� Rossland.
Things wem in with them there uml
be len fur Nelson, lie charged Unit
ihe ''in i..i,n deliberately smoth
other,  wiiimi  neverthe
ni" In  surprise,  but   never rec
1  ns iin- original uf the picture
swldlei wins deserted from Port
ii'" last winter.
Ill ll   I   ��iis  glad uml   Ihen   I   -egret
,. is.-   .<���,'-<��.
Ins everting 1 me
nested me. II.'
I saw his lumps going up mnl
t< mj length, I stopped. He puss
(bisk antl forth In front of me five
" s    Then lie arrested me
1 iind i'lii up a talk I had hlm
Hi convinced thut he should re
' in.', und then I Ceased talking
lie decided Is) tuke tne to the pu
di serttng I shnll probably gel
���"'ii  iibs iu u military prison at
��� si    11 is a miserable business,
I Miller's  Illo.    I  suppose   I   am   ill
  iliiiu ever now, because 1
ilu just iis my father wnntef
1 have sssini. relatives in Bpokone
1  ssniiiit rather they    would   nut
"I   Iny   prcillfuiiifiil.      It    would
-����� sal,1 nt port Wrighl Hint
I'1' 1 ilescrli'tl Inst sprliiK. lie wus
is.ssrittnv 0, Tenth Infantry. When
, li iml from he wns In Hritish Co
w'ui reported Hint  lts'iilss-r wns nc
ppiinled   lu   Hritish   Columbia   by 0
"'��� woman, but In- denied ihis.
police department w-ns given n
11  uf  Itetther  sevorul   weeks upn
Ills  picture  was    the   melius   bv
I'l'iiislmun  lloirr Itlenliried hlm.
1 fine, looking young fellow, tall
bi.i*1"1.''.''1' '""'   wnH  dressed    in 11
graiy suit uf clnthes when
less he wanted back.
After sonic ctirrespnndence by letter und by wire wllh the Spokane police the clergyman located the woman
untl went to Spsskanc lu Interview her.
.sin- broke down, alleged cruelty und
wild thai there had been nu marriage.
sin- yielded finally to threats uml
persuasions and consented to return,
'I'hi' clergyman gol her n ticket nml
told tin- conductor to see thnt she
reached .Nelson.
She kept Iter word nml lhe pair
lived together In Nelson inr nearly 11
year afterword.
During thai time Reuber frequently
fsstifiiis'si his troubles in the clergyman,
He charged tils wlls-, as he cnuiinued
tn cull her. with Infidelity, naming several Nelson men us partners with her
In guilt He also said thut she hud
bei'ti living u very Innse lite lit Bpokane
when   be  flrsl   met  her.
Thut part of the story the clergyman   Judged   In   be   true,   its   when   she
mis located for him i��" 'be Bpokane
police she wut, practically living mt
the sires-is.
Whether the woman's denlul nf a
niurrlngo wus enrrect ur nut Ihe cler
eyinnn tines nut yet knew. Abont u
year ago they disappeared from the
city, ninl lm beard nn more nf ihem
until he read the account nf Itsiilit-r's
No purpose would be served by publishing he mimes under which they
ihen lived ur nf his employers nnd
benefactors, but ihey win be readily
and easily Identified by residents nf
the neighborhood ihey lived in while
Ihi' scene of Iheir sqilnlld romance
wns laid ln Nelson.
Struck Real Thing.
Winnipeg. Man., Aug. 17.���A ills-
putch from Ouuphin stales Hint coal nil
lu free quantities has been struck nn
the farm nf ll. P. Nicholson nt the
ittssi nf Riding mountain, smith nf thai
Isswn this week.    A eninpuny lias been
organised t.s continue exploration work.
Experienced   nil   men   suy   they   huvu
struck the real thing.
Kootenay's Representatives Are Off for
Victoria  Tonight���Nelson's  Interests in Good Hands.
All preparations ure completed,
tickets purchased uml berths allnitetl,
nnd 11 team nf cricketers leaves by the
westbound train tonight tu represent
Kootonay in  a tournament  beginning
111 Victoria nn  Monthly.
Thole w'hn ure going ure A. II. Cop-
lien, ciiplulii; A. Tregillus, 11. Wude,
1-'. .1. Summons, I'. W. ltnli. 0. W.
Ilourke, II. 11. Bowell, It. tteld It. Mars,
den, D, J. Blvery, H, .1. Murks P. C,
Corry and W. Gregg. Fred Starkey
gues us business manager us Mayor
tllllett und many other prominent citizen, win take advantage uf the excursion uml spend u few holidays iu
The team as finally constituted dues
not contain a weak  member.    All ure
;,   *W_>*.��
came in Nelson from ltnss
'ji iiiiiisit tw��� years nml n hull' age
'"' ;i different mime. lie wuh
���'""' nnd applied to a local clergy
I ' '"' "Id. II was secured for hlm
"����� cHtuhliBheil wllh his wife In
"���'I house and went tn work I'nr n
��l firm,
Ali'siii two ninnlhs Inter 11 child was
' '" ""' Plir. Iml lived only n few
n���"'������   'I'he wife- Ihen went tn Spo
liifii" '""'' ""' i'lergyman into his
Ins,'",',"'" "K"ln- ""d moro fully, sub-
r,1M|Hlv un ho has lately told it to
fielding It is doubtful it Ihey have _ay
superiors in Canada.
Monday morning at 10 o'clock the
ploy begins wllh Nelson drawn against
Portland for the first round of tho
Drlard cup series. An adjournment
will lie tuken fnr lunch nt 1 n'clnck.
The score for the morning's piny will
appear in Monday's Canadian.
The teams entered nre those nf Vic-
tsirlu, Vancouver, New Westminster,
Portland, Ss'iittie. Tucninu, ninl Nelson,
Th- Nelson cricketers are nil gnud
sportsmen, iw well us good crloketors,
uml will eertninly tin credit to the
tjlieell of lilt- Kniili'ttuys nu untl oft
tbe Held. They Hike wllh them Hm
besl wishes I'nr success nf llle clly und
a private letter from a gentleman
in Victoria, who lately spent u week
In Nelson, cnntnlns Ihe following!
"Your charming city Is second only,
If ut ull. in Victoria us u pleasurable
plaoe nl residence Iii Ibe provinces, und
the geniality and kindly hospitality nt
Its citizens is mosl certainly second lo
none, Your pretty church, with lis appointments In such exquisite tuste, untl
Its cultured und olnipient rector, have
made nn' break the tenth commandment every Sundny since my return;
while nn every other tiny nf the week,
when 1 think of your Nelson club und
its howling green, I slu hi a Bimllar
A  Second  Frisco  Earthquake.
New   York.   Aug.   17,-The   City  of
Valparaiso, Chill, i�� reported badly
damaged by earthquake Ono report
received here is lhal lhe situation In
Valparaiso may prove to he ns serloitB
a* the Sun Frnnclson tllsusler. 1 WO-
ticully  every  building in  tbe  city  Is
damaged and there are fires ln different putts of the city. Many persons
ate reported killed und injured. The
earthquake has interrupted cable facilities 10 lower Smith American points
und Communications are received over
the mute via Lisbon.
Valparaiso is a fortified seaport of
Chill untl lhe most Important commercial city or the western coust, uf South
Ainerlcu. It has a population nf ubout
150,000. It ls the capital of a province
of lhe sume mime and Is situated nn a
lurge bay )u the I'ueiflc ocean 7,ri miles
wesl by northwest uf Cantlago, witli
which ii is connected by rail.
Town Achieves International Notoriety
���How Money Was Lost.
(Bpeclal isi Hie Dally Canadian.)
Greenwood, 11. C, Aug. 17.���-A bit of
Greenwood correspondence which appeared In the Dally News recently has
caused much amusement and sume an-
uoyanoe here. The article in questiou
represents a. s. Block nf Greenwood,
Coroner, as having held un Inquest
over in the state of Washington, the
occasion being an inquiry into the circumstances attending the deuth uf Walter Wutorluud. Mr. lllack's Jurisdic-
dictlon is nut international.
The sume correspondence moreover,
would make it appear that Mcllride's
hutel was Iti Greenwood and that a recent cutting affray wus here, when, as
a fact, Mcllrlde's hutel Is on Anarchist
mountain, 30 miles ur more west of
The following visitors havo been In
tnwu this week: A. P. l.oed, director
of the Dominion geologist survey;
It. W. llrock and H. S. Taylor, repre-
si'ntlng the Mining World of Chicago.
Mr. Taylor when here arranged for local correspondence to his valuable
The Telephone company is making
rapitl headway with its improvements
here, and already several new pules,
magnificent as pieces of timber, but
hideous as street decorations, have
arisen ou Cupper street.
Everybody in town who wants work
can find emplnyment and the demand
continues for more and better houses.
Wllh the price ot real estate now well
Within value the wonder Is general that
someone does not put up On do2en or
mure neat cottages.
A Greenwood niun was recently surprised to be advised by the News editor of perhaps the leading dally pnper
uf Canada thai Toronto and Western
Ontario men were not keenly desirous
nf hearing of ihe progress of British
Columbia. The cause given wns the
loss of money here yeurs ago In mining. Tlje people here hnve never got
much Ontario money for mining untl
have always understood thai the losses
were made by the big Ontario men
fleecing the little ones.
E. II. Thurston, owner of the Carml,
on West fork, left Thursday with a
new superintendent and crew to o|��or-
ute his property. Five sunups will begin drooping ut mice and a second live,
now nn the ground, Installed, The
Cnrml Is an excellent property and has
shipped annul 1000 tons nf ore by team
tn Midway. Milled ut the mine the
nut put ought to pay handsomely.
Fire Boss Killed.
Nanaimo. R.  C, Aug.    17.���A    shot
lighter named .lames Tunstoll, emplo-
ii'.t*'-.',!-���'��������.��.'. -"'.������'.    trtj   listacilj-
:.>., a ii.- Ut*rr*a<k' **���*
1.K.J and T_28tK" -. .	
fle'nl examination when a huge piece
tif rock come down from the ronf. striking hlm nn the head, crushing the skull
In n horrible manner. He was about
40 years old.
Mining Records.
Three certificates of assessment
work nml une location were recorded
in ihe Nelson mining office today.
Certificates nf assessment work
were granted in G, Matthews, nn the
Nnggell,  Coyote  untl   lloniinzii.
Charles senmnn recorded the We-
nnlchee. tin the divide between l.nst
und   Sheep  creeks,   located   AVUgUSt   10
Because Root Is There.
Hiionus  Ayros,   Aug.   17���An  earthquake shock  wns felt In the province
of Mcudosn nt 9 o'clock last night.
While II Is believed Hint no serious
damage wits dune. a panic prevalloil
among the population.
Drowned In Saskatchewan.
Saskatoon, Sask., Aug. 17.���It hns
been reported to tho It. N. W. M. P.
Hint W. Talgnrd. n young homesteader
from Tnlgnrdville, Ore., who lived 35
miles isi.siihwi'iii frnni Snsknloon. on
18-8-33, was drowned In lhe Saskatchewan river Sundny nfternoon. Tho
hotly has not beon found.
Cutting Started.
Carberry, Man!, Aug. IT.���cutting
hns Blurted generally throughout Ibis
district nud the binders ure now bnsv
on every farm; some Individual fields
nn light land wero cut lust week, but
not mini loday tlld the harvest become
general. Tho crop Is .lean and will
give a good average yield.
Items of Interest to Conservative Readers
Sworn Info-mation as to Manner
in Which Manitoba Was Carried by Liberals.
Otlawa. Aug. 17.���During "Lhe late
Hosslim a special committee, charged
wiih the a-.wn--lmet.t3 tu the Kleclion
law, took occasion to inquire Into the
circumstances of lhe last Dominion
election in Manitoha. The "thin red
line" scandal was partially investigated.
A number ot the electoral lists with
the lines through them were exhibited
and a fair idea was obtai led nf tie
way In which certainly three an.l probably four* seats were stolen for tho
government out of the ten scats in
the province.
A Beautiful Performance.
The process was simple aud effective. All it needed was the right kind
of men to work it, and as the government had the appointment of returning officers the scheme worked out
like a charm. It was safer than the
trick ballot boxes of Frontenac and
Hastings, more certain than the substitution of ballots performed In West
Huron, Brockville and West Elgin, and
'���vas less public than the cruise of the
Minnie  M.
In Manitoba the original lists are
prepared under provincial law, as they
are in other provinces. The Manitoba
system provides tov -the preparation
of a list before each election, and for
personal registration of electors every
year. When the Dominion electi in cf
1904 took place there was such -i re
vised list.
Local electoral districts in Maaitoba
are smaller than the federal divisions
and the boundaries of polling places
do not correspond. Returning officers
have the power to arrange the list of
polling places, assigning to each elector the place where he should vole.
It was under this power that the "thin
red line" lists were prepared.
How the Tri;k 'A'a�� Pla/cd.
When the revised lists w��*re received
from the printing bureau by the returning ofricers they were in a targe
number of cases carried or so it by
these officers to Winnipeg. There they
were received by H. E. A. Leach, who
had been a government campaigner,
and was at that time the chief organizer of the party in the province. It
ifc almost increedible but the fact is
established on the oath of the returning officers themselves, that they were
?trt>ctp3 *o tout} rn nr -rive their of-
was carved up and hundreds of r imes
were marked out with red line. Voters
whose names wore erased , had no
knowledge of the change until they appeared at the poll originally designated
and asked for a ballot. Some of them
were then told that Their names were
probably mi a list in some other polling
pTaoa, though if they were Conservatives they could not learn which one
It was. Hundreds went rapidly from
village to village all election day look
ing for their poll and never finding tt.
Hundreds were BtrUOh off in one plaee
and never registered In another. Hundreds were transferred to polls farther
from their homes than the one where
they expected to vote, nnd too far to
be reached after they had learned the
facts. Not one Conservative had nny
way of knowing before he went to the
polls what had happened. The rearranged lists were not posted as the
law required. Prlvatf notice was given
to any Liberals who might hnve been
t ransferred.
Mr. Leach was not an election official. Hp wns not openly known in the
ease until afterwards. Hut he had his
agents nil over the province beforehand
ascertaining the political sympnthlen ot
the electors and preparing for this
splendid operation.
Between Nine and Ten Thousand.
Additional light is now thrown upon
this steal by the statement of Hon.
Robert Rogers, minister of puhlle
works of Manitoba, who has made examinations of the "red line" list and
declares ihat 0888 electors were defran-
chiseii by this process. Tho following
Is the record hy constituencies: Mar-
la-Prairie, 1395; Souris, 1258; Llsgar,
1i:U; Macdonald, 1721; Selkirk, HOG.
Now, flic government majority was 10,
Jn Portage 885, in Llsgnr 180 nnd In
Selkirk 507. Marquette, Souris and
Maedouahl elected Conservatives In
���-.plie of this conspiracy. It seems plain
that if this fraud had not taken place
the representation of Manitoba would
have been seven Conervatlves to three
Liberals instead of seen Liberals and
three  Conservatives.
A  Matter of Testimony.
Some of the men concerned in thii.
conspiracy were prosecuted and a
number escaped to the United Sta-tes,
Several pleaded ignorance aud tbe juries disagreed as to their personal
criminality. Hut the main facts weru
well established. One deputy returning
officer, swore that he took tbe list into the office of Mr. Leach, who under-
took to fix it Tor him. He left the paper with the organizer and afterwardw
went back and obtained it with a
number of names struck out. Though
tbe returning officer was responsible
he did not take tbe trouble to ascertain whether the charges were proper
or not, as ls shown by his own testimony
This officer admitted that he left the
red line list open In the Liberal committee rooms after it had been fixed.
This was in Provencher, where ��>0_
were disfranchised and where the government majority  was 10.
in one polling place l^ names were
struck out and they were all Conservatives; in another polling division the
red line went through the names of
1"> men who had voted at thut plaee
for years, every one of whom was a
Conservative. It will be seen tbat Mr.
Leach did his work very well.
Verily He Had Hig Reward.
And he was not left without his reward. The election took place in November, 1904. Hansard for 1905, page
1152, contains the following question
and answer:
Mr. Hoyce asked: "Is R. E. A. I.-each
at present in the employ of the Canadian government? If so, what position does he hold, when was he appointed and at what salary?" '
Rt. Hon. Sir Wilfrid Laurier: "Yes,
he is inspector of Dominion lands
agencies, was appointed January 1,
1905, at $200 a year."
The premier did not even wait until
the criminal trials were concluded.
Deplorable     Condition      of      Natives
Through Lack of Funds.
Toronto, Aug. 17.���The Constantinople correspondent of the Mall and Empire sends an account of a conversation with a traveler who is competent
to give an authentic and unbiased description of the true state of affairs
in Macedonia. He traveled through
Servia, Bulgaria and the three Mace*
(Ionian provinces of Turkey. His observations strengthen the widespread
conviction that the solution of the
Macedonian question is more remote
than at any time since the signing of
the treaty of Berlin. The traveler
"I found many districts, especially
the vilayet of Monastir and the northern frontier section, In a deplorable
condition. Villages and townships
were reduced to ashes and deserted by
nearly all their inhabitants. The warfare carried on by individual Christian
nationalities against each other was
never so cruel as now. Never was
there such insecurity of life and property. The bands of coinitadjls are
plundering and killing Macedonian
peasants and shepherds worse than
ever before. This applies to Bulgarian,
Servian and Green bands alike, though
there was recently a distinct dlminu-
tionofthe activity of the Bulgarian
���^���h*^'*^*"*i,��'t.c_Ung increase of
Greek misdeeds.
"The restriction of the ��-��.*..vity of
th. _>..��arian b..n.,o ls due solely to
the fact that the Bulgarians at home
and in Macedonia refuse further to
contribute funds, recognizing at last
that their sacrifices during the past
30 years have not produced the slightest change. They have simply been
robbed under the pretense of patriotism. The Bulgarians in Macedonin are
exasperated by the incessant extortion
of the revolutionary committees and
frequently rid themselves of this by
denouncing bauds to the Turkish authorities.
"In consequence there is increasing
Insecurity in Macedonia. The peasants
have olther emigrated or have reduced
their agricultural work to a minimum
and are preparing to leave the country at a moment's notice. Thousands
of Macedonians are emigrating to
North and South America. This emigration has quadrupled ln the past
three years. Monastir alone has eight
agencies of Trans-Atlantic shipping
caniiianles which advance the necessary cash qualification against the securities given by the intending emigrants.
Cut Throat With  Razor
Halifax, N. 8., Aug. 16.���A shocking
case of suicide is reported from Mjra,
Cape Breton, where Horace Dickson
Mayhew, son of Horace Mayhew, the
English coal baron and president of the
Cape Breton Coal, Iron & Railway
company, cut his throat with a razor.
Young Mayhew was spending tin
week end at the house of Timothy
Spencer near Mira river, in company
with .lames Hiunpson, manager of the
company's coal railway at Broughton.
II ) rellr-il last evening apparently i:i
the usual health and spirits. -Marly
this   morning  Bpencer   was   awakened
by ;i strange noise in Mayhev.-'s r<.*oi.i/
Entering he found youn.. Mabew with
hi:; throat, cut aln.ost from ear to ear.
Just as Spencer entered, the young
can, who was standing in front of a
mirror gazing ai the horrible wound,
���Staggered to his bed and fell dead. A
coroner's jury rendered a verdict of
death by suicide while temporarily Insane.
Xo cause for the Bulciile has been
oseeriained, bul it is bllteved to be due
to weakening or the mind as a result of
an atiaek of rheumatic gout from which
he had been suffering for several weeks
King and Emperor.
Berlin, Aug. 17.���The correspondent
at Hamburg of the Lokal Anzeiger
quotes British Ambassador Lascelles
as describing the result of the meeting
here on Wednesda of King Edward
and Emperor William as likely to be of
great advantage in promoting friendly
relations between Great Britain and
Germany. The Frankfurter Zelting*s
Hamburg correspondent states that
King Edward and the emperor were in
conference with Sir Charles Hardinge,
the under secretary of the British foreign office and Secretary of State
Tschinschk y from early Wednesday
evening until 9 o'clock on Thursday
A  Self-Confessed   Murderer.
San Francisco, Cal., Aug. 17.���With
a coolness that amazed the polic.-.
[���'red Peterson, William Meares, Waiter Y-7esiW0Od and Frank MeCauliffe,
four youths still in their teens, last
night confessed that they composed the
gang of four who committed the aeries
of holdups which culminated in the
killing of Fred Mullineaux on Ocean
boulevard  last  Sunday night.
Peterson admitted that he fired the
shot which killed Mullineaux when the
latter resisted the robbery.
Even Senators Bribe.
Perryville, Ark., Aug. 17.���State
Senator F. O. Butte was convicted by
a judge In the circuit court early this
morning on a charge of offering a bribe
to another state senator. He was sentenced to two years in the penitentiary
and fined |200.
20,000   Club   Dances   Overwhelmingly
Popular���Two-Step Contest Won
by F. Bell and Mrs. Mallette.
The fourth pavilion dance of the 20,-
000 club, held at the tramway park last
evening was the most successful of the
series to date from the point of view
of social enjoyment, and also of financial return..
Every car traveling eastward from
8:30 to 10:30 had its carrying capacity
uixfd to the limit.
From the end of tht car line to the
park a line of electric lights was arranged and the former disagreeable
feature of the trip was removed. If
Nelson's most zealous and obliging
mayor could provide one more light ai
the turnstile on the sidewalk above the
railway track, the conditions would
be perfect.
The pavilion was "comfortably
crowded" with dancers the whole eve
ning and the park and beach were also
full of promenaders. Many b .d reached the park in launches, boats and canoes, the evening being perfect for wa
ter parties.
The music provided by Irwin's orchestra was excellent and dancing was
a greater attraction to many than thu
shady seats for two among the trees.
About 11 the event of the evening,
the two-step contest, began. About -!>
couples eutered and performed tlie allot the Y. M. 0. A. Two-Step. Tbe
Judges, MIsb Annie Sturgeon, O. Johnstone and P. Swannell, with the mum
imous approval of the onlookers.
awardau the prize to Fred Hell ami
.Mrs. \V. Mallette.
Tho contest for next Thursday will
be ;i schottlsche. Judges will be chosen at the pavilion.
Already steps are being tnkcu to secure the use of the R. M. R. armory for
weekly dauces during the winter.
Bridge Contract.
Regina, Aug. 17.���The contract for
supplying and erecting the steel superstructure of the big traffic bridge over
the Saskatchewan river at Saskatoon
has been awarded by tho provincial department of public works to the Canadian Bridge company of Walkerville,
Ont. Tbe contract price is slightly ln
excess   of   f.4,000.
Coals Burn.
Carberry, Man., Aug. 17��� The Bell
Telephone company lost; about 80 poler.
by fire here. The poles were piled
near the C. N. R. station. The fire
was caused by unknown men cooking
u meal nnd tho flames spread to the
dry grass und, getting beyond control,
roached the poles.
Nelson Liberals Have Two
Quiet mon make the most noise la
the world.
Final Choice Postponed After Long
Conference --Debate on Chinese
Question Deferred.
There was a meeting of the Nelson
[.literal Association in the board of
trade rooms last evening. Naturally
the Canadian wus not represented. The
Canadian is indebted to Its morning
contemporary for nearly all its avall-
able information about tbe meeting.
It is stuted. and may be true, that the
organization referred to is numerically
strong iu Nelson, and that every seat
in the bourd of trade rooms���there are
about 40���was filled, and that there are
still other Liberals who are not
As stated in last night's issue of the
Canadian the objects of the meeting
were two: to choose a candidate to lead
a forlorn hope at the next provincial
general election, and to debate the
IHtlitically ticklish questiou of the expediency of modifying the Dominion
government's policy of excluding Chin-
ese from the country.
Neither Object Waa Acomplished.
Apparently neither object was accom-
plished ln spite of the full attendance
and the punctuality of President Dock-
steader in calling the meeting to order.
Three names were mentioned for the
honor and responsibility of Liberal candidate for Nelson���J. Fred Hume, Dr.
(i. A. ll. Hall, and S. S. Taylor. Tha
lust mentioned gentleman, to quote
from our morning contemporary, "po-
lightly declined , saying that he had
sacrificed himself on the political altar
unsuccessfully at the last election ind
that be had no Intention of doing so at
the present moment tn this riding."
There are two implicit suggestions In
the undoubtedly faithful report. Either
Mr. Hume or Dr. Hall may "sacrifice
himself on the political altar in this
riiling" on the present or prospective
occasion, and Mr. Taylor may "sacrifice
himself on the itolitlcal altar" iu some
other riding. There is peculiar aptitude���.{tosslbly unconscious ��� ln the
Biblical figure of speech employed.
Anniversary of the Alma.
It had been intended that the victim
for the political altar should be chosen
by 8:40, and the remaining time
should be spent in debating the Chinese
question. But apparently, from our
csititeiuiiorary's report. It took the
whole evening to decide not to make
the final, ratal choice, and It will be'
September 20, the anniversary of the
Alma, before Mr. Hume and Dr. Hall
can know which ls to be the chosen,
and which the rejected offering for
the altar.
The reason assigned for the heal-'
tuncy, and it fills about half a column,
Is that there are some others, suspected of being Liberals, who were not
present und there was danger of a victim, if chosen last night, being the oblation only of a minority of a minority.
Deadlock In Committee.
As the executive committee of the
association was evenly divided between
Mr. I liinii' and Dr. Hull, the danger ls
probably very real. The deadlock In
the committee is evidently" the only
reason why the rank and file are consulted at all, and���can It be���that the
rank untl file are also evenly divided.
Evidently the nomluutlon of Mr.
Taylor was not meant seriously and
wu only a reward for his self-sacrifice
on a former occasion.
However, tbe Indecision served the
highly Important purpose of punning
ilu lime and avoiding the necessity for
the association, or any member of It,
to commit himself on the Chinese que*,
Under the circumstances It ls rather
difficult to see how���to quote again���
nny candidate Is "to be proposed by
the association unanimously and aa a
Tbo president iB reported to have declared In closing that "an opportunity
would be given to the fruit growers
on a subsequent occasion to give some
solid reasons for the policy they advocated."
Evidently, then, the association has
no intention of committing itself, but
will listen politely to lectures by fruit
Coal Oil Did It.
New Westminster, Aug. 17.���A man
named Murray, who was about to start
a small fire at Port Moody, had both
his legs Injured In an explosion thert
tills morning.
' ��� yy
> A
.. ���'
Hi ;
I The Daily Canadian
 ��� STORES =	
Crown Gem Jars, Pints.per doz., $1.00
Crown Gem Jars, Quarts pend.-.., 1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai. per doz., 1.50
Our stock bas just arrived. Scenic
\ "in requirements at these low prices
before they are all gone.
i'si 1,1 i>tis.,i its tittyi tt tree, by the
Bitter St., Nelson, ll. 0
Subscrlptioa ratt-s, BO ceou st ssss,ml, delivered
in thr city, ssr 16.00s.yesrii sent l,y uistis, wlit-n
|sntsl 1Q . tVlSlll-tt
Asjvcrs.sssust rates ou application.
All monlei i��sisi sn ���ettlemeni of The Daily
Canadian accounts, elthor fssr subscription, sss
advertising, must t.��- receipted foi on 11,*- printed
n.riii.. ol ihs- Company, usls.r receipts are n.>t
AUGUST 17. i��xk��.
���' By sine tvsiel sve arc somBtlmoa Jooged to  te
wish.-attsl < j isQe wstr I ttosn.llssitss jsisigid  ti le
looiissL.   i ei us tbereiore be careful what we
During ten years of educative processes ihe people of the American continent, particularly of Canada ami the
I'nited Slates, have been made lamlllar
witli the term "yellow peril," but, as Is
usual with agitations which have self-
preservation us ti itasis. the educators
have not looked us fur ahead us tbe
real situation required, 'Use term
yellow peril hns signified only the
danger to the laboring classes through
the importation und employment vt
Orientals by the cheapening nf the
wages of the white man. The low
standards of living, tbe economical
habits, lhe tireless activity of the Oriental has imperiled the higher and
more civilizes! standards of the while
man. To obviate this, nud indeed, to
overcome it when' the evils nf cheap
labor competition existed, various measures have lis fu resorted is��, from the
Imposition sit st head lax in the more
drastic enactment of laws entirely pin
hlhititiK the immigration nf Orientals.
The United States led the way In total
exclusion ami Canada followed by en
acting a revenue ia.\ sit' |500 jss-r head
which has proved virtually exclusive.
The effects of this legislation are being
felt already both in rising wages for
skilled and unskilled labor in t'atiiitla.
antl further than this. In the scarcity
of available hired help, in domestic service, on the farm, railroads ami in the
forests, till the situation has developed
such serious features thai :t cry has
gone up from tlie employing classes
for the abolition of the head tax and
u return to the earlier system nf hn
porting aliens fssr tlie kiiisls nf work
ordinarily performed by unskilled
The proposal to open tlie gates, never
sts little, bas given  rise tn isu opposing
outcry from ihe employed classes ssusi
tabor organisations  tha'   shows,  only
loo plainly, bow  widely  sli'.t rgont  the
employer and employed    siin    are In
their common conception sir what con
Dtltutes the eaee, comfort and prosper
Ity of a nation,   The threatened return
to the system nf Indentured labor, as
it lias been called, has resurrected the
cry of a "yellow peril," und ihis time
with an emphatic note thai  hs'inks-.m
a war of the "classes" which Is surely
to be dreaded by both of the parties
to the case.
In nur opinion, neither nf the parties
referred to appear to lie awara of tin
real peril Hint American people will
have to face sooner or Inter, nml 11>.-
rest of tin- world soon after lheni. The
presence nf u few Orientals, nine oi
less, is nn Insignificant matter when
compared witli ihe outlook resulting
from tlte developments that are now
tailing plaoe in Ihe Far ffiast, While
ihe t'ai'.iitilan spcuks only I'nr lis-If
I'ttri represents mt political party or
any  parly's views on  the subject���for
lis'ihaps sueh have uni yet lieen formed
--ill'1 tislings Hint reach us from the
Orleul are far from reassuring to those
Interested lu the commercial suprem
ncy ssf tlie American or even the Anglo
Saxon people. Japan bus entered the
arena nf national contest nnd Is aliens!;, throwing down the gauntlet to
the strongest anil wealthiest nations ot
the world in her own sphere of influence. She is capturing transportation
nutl commerce; she is developing her
resources; she is calling upon her sons
tss abide at home and take up the burdens of a newly-fledged empire. She
has adopted Western methods of civilization, adapting them it Is true, to
the conditions existent within her own
borders, nnd in doing this she has
shown an agility, determination, originality nnd power of adaptation that
litis startled the world. She has promised to reorganize China, and already
has Iter agents nil through the Chinese
s'liipire. educating ihe masses and de
veloping tbe spirit of pride and ambition among the Chinese Orientals. She
hns threatened to retaliate against the
motto or the American when he says
'America tor the Americans," ami
against ihat nf the Canadian when he
says "Canada i'nr the Canadians," and
against Britain when'she says "Britain for the Britains," with un ultimatum, "The Orient for the Orientals."
��� ������...
What is to be the outcome of this
Oriental resurrection, this revival ot
Un- mummified remnant of a long-lost
civilisation? li would take a wise
ninii in foretell! bul it takes no wisdom
i" foresee thnt there are embarrassing
times ahead ins th,- Anglo-Saxon race,
and while ihey mny not be lu the very
early future tii ,s are nm in __e rar.
'lisiiint future.
II is nm in ih,. possible overwhelming nf ihe American continent by
hordes nl' cheaper laborers that the national perils lie. That would be tor
some portion of the population a temporary curse. Ii might, however, bu
made an unmixed blessing. We say
this guardedly, yet deliberately, and
ask our readers to calmly think It out.
H they rail tn sin Sn to their own nut-
iKrnetli.il ��<���" -Shall try tu help them.
Hut it Is In the possibility of Oriental
organisation aud the developments In
manufacture nmi commerce, bringing
the Orlem into competition with the
Occident, not in the matter of comparatively a few laborers, but In ihe home
supply of their own markets, thus shut-
'iiii; up Hn- only pnssible fields fnr the
expansion of our sswn commerce, What
ever the resources nf Japan ami china
inaj be���wo   mean   tbe   natural   r��
! rces���It   is   it   sure   guess   that   they
ure sufficient for the needs of her people fur ull time. Nature mukes uo tub,
lakes In the dlstrlbuton or the secretion ssf her hidden treasures, and II
Hi-' Orient has not all that we have.
il will h,. found in have some things
Hun we have nsst. and the law of com-
i��minion win again he demonstrated,
Th.- sudden Upsppiuging of nn Oriental competitor In the world of commerce- ami manufacture will not mat-
rially alter the modes of life, or the
low wage system under which the practical slaves work there today. Thus
the competition in the labor realm will
not be evaded���II Is hound to come.
II il comes nol In one way It will In
another, and If not here then yonder.
If tint between Individuals, then between nations,
Those who luugli to scorn the thought
of un oriental peril are too dense to sen
far ahead, and are Innocent of the fuel
that the ships of stale of many nations
are In dangerous channels nnd that
only the wisest pilotage will avoid tho
stranding of some of Ihem upon tlie
It may be said tbat tbe danger is too
far away for us to worry over. We
may remain supinely Indifferent, and
-us ihat posterity must meet the difficulties when they a,iss. bul that is
not the most flattering evidence of well
developed paternal instinct.
Does the reader ask us what we have
to suggest as a means of obviating tlie
difficulty which is ahead? We reply,
untiling in this issue.
Here is an authentic piece of news
that will make respectable people shudder. All the Liberal members west of
the lakes, with three exceptions (Oliver, Talbot and Tom Greenway), waited upon Laurier and urged him to
take Sifton buck Into his cabinet!   !   !
Upholding, defending and sustaining
In his job their salaried official, Wagner, after he hati served a term in jail
for robbing the Gallclans whom he was
paid to look after���even denying that
he was in jail at all and giving him
increased pay after lie came out of
the fort; upholding and defending
Preston, the brains of that crooked
North Atlantic Trading company, which
was brought into life for the purposes
nf graft, alias grand larceny,, removing
him from the Immigration department
as a sopto the laliur parly, Iml promoting hlm through another department
tn a much higher and more lucrative
position for reasons well known to
most of us; boldly defending those
who were criminally - guilt} of the
graft lu connection with the outfitting
of the Arctic and the Montcalm and
insulting Conservative members wiio,
on the floor of the house, were taking
the side of the robbed taxpayer; and
then, as a climax to an accumulation
ot nasty, ugly, well-proven cases of
flagrant dishonesty, for a section of
the Liberal party to have the consummate nerve to cull for tbe return of
Clifford  Sifton  to the cabinet! ���
Well, nil we have to say is that if
they keep up this soil ol thing much
longer the Liberal party will meet the
late of the late Koss government before they have time to yank their
heads snn ssf thi- sand.���Exchange.
The Provincial says editorially; "In
his lecture last evening on revolutionary socialism, Mr. .1- il. Hawthorn*
thwalte said. 'We are all compelled tn
sell our labor power to the owners or
the means of production.' That statement would appear lo be refuted lu Mr.
lluwthiinithwaite's own person. listens not, neither does he spin, unless
It he ' yarns.' Or is It that Ills labor
power lies In his voice, with which lie
Is so liberal? In thai case Mr. Hawthornthwaite mii-lit he known as tho
It is sometimes one's privilege to see
an employe transformed into an employer, whereupon bis whole point of
view on the relations of capital and labor undergo u change. Or one sees a
workman blossom into a foreman and
become just such a taskmaster as the
execrated being whose tyranny he used
to complain about���Mack, in Saturday
The editor of tbe Canadian said to
lhe linotype operator this morning:
"Now, please get down and pray to
that machine today antl get some type
up." Whereupon Smith said: "No, 1
will not pray. I will work. There ls
too darned much praying dune now in
this world and not enough work." And
faith, we priut It. .....
Alberta Rich in Oil.
Edmonton, Alta., Aug. 17.���T. C.
Denis, who Is attached to the mines
section of the geological survey party,
lias just returned from a short trip
to Pelican portage ou the Athabasca
river, some 1.0 miles below Athabasca
lauding. He has been Investigating
some of the mineral reserves of Alberta on behalf of the department, and
his visit to Pelican rapids was to report on the present state or a hole
sunk ut that place some eight years
ago from which there has been a tremendous rush or natural gas.
_ Further north, In the vicinity of
Fort Mc.Murruy, boring operations for
oil an- being actively proceeded with.
Two drilling rigs, euch equipped to
reach a depth of 3000 feet, ure now In
pp.rat!on in thiB part of Alberta, and
the results will be watched with great
Thu geologists think there ls no
doubt that large quantities or oil exist in the formations underlying that
purl uf Alberta.
Miners  Win  In  Alaska.
Seattle, Wash., Aug. 17.���Cnlc and
Waskey, tho candidates of the miners
fo Alaska for delegates to congress,
have carried lhe Nome country known
as the Second Judicial district, by
handsome pluralities. Their election
Is now conceded by all. Special dispatches to the Post-Intelligencer gather the resiills ln all precincts heard
from, including the Tanunn country,
Nome aJid the Seward peninsula, V-J-
dez, Sitka, Juneuu anil Skagway.
Long term���Thomas Cule (Miners),
4(i4!i. Short term���Waskey (Minors),
1342; 0, D. Mtirane (Republican), 11108;
ex-Governor Swlneford (Democrat),
1317; Judge Mellen (Democrat), 861.
The first election for the delegates
to congress from the district of Alaska
has passed off quietly, the dispatches
recording few cases of disturbance
and  none of fraud al  the polls.
The miners have been emphatic as
to their choice, as Cale and Waskey
were placed in the field after the two
lending political parties had decided to
be  represented.
N..ii.. .- bereby riven Ibai 30dayi after date 1
Intend to apply to the Chief Coinmlwioner ol
IjiikI* ninl M .irks for a special license to 0U! nml
aan-j away timber from tin- following deacrlbed
landi, iftuated in tbe weet, Kootenay alatrtet:
No. l.���Commencing di h poal marked 0   l>.
Honr').' lOUthweat corner poat, mid plantt-.l 00 the
east bank o( Duncan river ani Hbont w.i 1-4 miles
northeast nf weft fork of Unnnin river; t'ltuec *>
chains*; eait,  tlience 8n ohalna smith, tin nee 80
chnin* we-t. ihenee su ohalni oorth lo point <>f
No. 2.���Commenolng at u poat marked 0. l'
Hoar'i northeail corner post, and planted oa the
eeel tlie ol Duncan river, .ml ahout -it l-l mllei
northeail ol weal fork of Duncan river; thenee*)
ohalBi weat, tbence BOobatns north, thence 80
chain* eaai, thence 80 ohaini iouth to point oi
No I.���Commencing at t poil marked 0. D.
Hour's south weet corner poal and planted on the
.���tist il le oi Dunoan rivet, and al t sa) I i mil* i
northeait ol tho woal fork ot Dnnean river,
thence 80 chalna north, theuce 80 chains eaat,
thence B*> thalm south, theuce 80 chains wesi to
point of < menccment.
No *.- Commencing al n posl racked O D.
(l wr's a mthwesl corner po*' md plan led on tho
eaai shank >*f Duncan river, and si i 'il i I in I lei
northeast ��-i the ��es lork of Duncan rive ;
tbenoi BO chaini nonh- thenee So ehnti->ea*t,
lbence 80 chain, iouth, them e so chaini weal to
point oi I* inmenc meat.
No. .. Commencing ai a poil marked 0 D.
Hoar1- southeast cornei po*l antl p'tin ted on the
eait rldtiol Dunc��n riv.-r. ,..i i about -'i I 4 miles
northe-ml of we*t foikof Dunein river; tbei ce8o
chains norlh, tb< ecu 80 chaini e-urt, thence ""
cbalni->onth, thenc-j Bu chains west to point ol
- ������inun neemt nt.
So B.     -n ruing at a |k����i marked "  l1
ll iai'- multicast oorner po*l and planted on the
'���bitslde of ihe Duncan river, and about _ I I
mil a bortbeast ol toe weal fork nl Dun< an ilvei;
iiicti.'e mi i hams north, i-.i-nu Bu chnlni eait,
thenee So chaius south, Lb*ui   BOc-ialna wesl t<-
point ol eouiiiii-iiefiiie.it.
No. 7 Commencing at a posl marked 0 i��
Hoar- .outbweit < orner post and planted on the
easttdeof Duncan river,and aboul ���1-4*0*1 i
northeaal ot the west fork ol Duncan mor;
"-tenor BO chains east, thence *�� cbaim iouth,
lbence 80 ohalna west, Ihenci su chatna north to
po nt of commencement.
No 8 -Commencing at a post marked O. D.
lioar'i northeaat cornei posi aud pteuted on the
easl Bide I Duncan r ver. tud about il l-t miles
snutneaat of weil fork of Dunean river; th nce8o
chains weat, thenee su cba-m north, thenee s i
i bains eait, tlienco 80 eh li - south to point ol
Romm nr* mem.
No. 8.���Commencing at s poil marked <>. D.
Hoar*- soiitlnvest corner poil and planted on
tbe eaat ilde of i uncan rlvei and abonl It l-i
milea northeast of the west fork of Duncan river; thenee 80 chains east, thence _D chaini south,
thence sn chain- west, thence 80cbalni nonh to
poim of commenoement.
No. 10.���Commencing al a |khi marked O. D.
Hoar'i northeaat corner po* . : planted initio
eaat side of Uunnan river ami alwut ii 1-. mile*
northeait ol the west fork ol the Duncan river;
thence80 ehalni, weat ihenee bu ehalni north,
thenee 80 ehaina eait. thenei su chains south to
point of commencement.
Nn. 11,���Commencing ai ������ n poii marked o. i>.
Hoar's southwest oorner posi and planted on tbo
eait aide ol Dunean riverand uhoui an milea
northeaat of the weit fork of the Dunean river;
theuce 80 chains east,thence m- chain, sonth,
thonce su chains weat, then e 80 cbalni north to
point of tommenceiuent.
No 12.���Commencing ata post marked 0. D.
Hour'- nortlieast corner p m and planted on the
easi side ol Iiiiiii an rivet snd sbou 39 1-4 miles
northeaitof the west fork of the Dunean rlveri
ihence 80 chalna west, ihenee 80 chaini norlh,
thence 80 ohalns eaat, them-e Bu chalm lonth tn
point   "
18.- Commencing al n post marked O. D
Hoar's ion th west pornn j��.-t aiol pi-mini on the
eft->tilQeof the Duncan river mid ahout ji i 4
miles northeast of the we��i fork of the Duncsn
river; tbence 8u .hum- east, thenoe ni chains
iouth, then e hi eiialn* west, ih. nee vi ebalni
north to point of commencement,
No. 14.���Commencing ai a poal marked O. iv
Hoar's north wesl corner post and planted on the
eait ilde of i uncan rlcr ind about Ul-traflei
northeast of the west forkof the Dimciu river:
thenc-m cbalm west, ihence 80 ebalni north,
thence 80 chains east, thenoo 80 chains south to
p��dnt of commencement.
Dated June9th IB06.       o D, Hoik, -Locator,
Hy his Agent, Ou omit',.
Kotiee li bereb) given 'hat ta riav�� h(!t date I
l-teil 1 lo hiakf appl rail.m to tho Hoiioral-le Hi,-
i-'blef - ommlBMooerorLsodasiid Worki forper
mission Ui purchase n, acrri of land in thii *trlci oi ..on - uotenay, eo o- .���ine m s posi
plan ei) on tbe south side nl Bonndary creek on
the International houndary line, on- end a half
in lea east t om the salmon riv. r, marked "RIfbn
K Adams, Mjutheaat corner," tbenee weal m
chains, theuce north BO chalm, Ihence eaat �����
i ham-, thence ton lb *���* i balm to place m com.
Ki.im  i: Adam, Locators
i��*r K m kerns, as .Agent.   /
Dated this flth day ol July, )!����� .
BDUjfday* after date I Intend to ajiph t	
Hon. i hief < ommlnlouur of Undi and Works
Victoria, to purchase -W acres of land* Commencing at n posi planted at i a City of Kelaon'i
potter phtni loi k (���; .-orner post, nn Kootenay
river, thence -.n chili uth. thence west   ii
.���hain-, ibenee nonh 3u ehains. thei nil ffl
chains to i .,ii t,,, com mono ment.
Kelson, ii -'.. .og.fl.nwi, y j cttamir.
-"ti.. li bereny giyeu that no dan alter data J
intend  t    spcly i,, the Honorable the Chief
ommlMfoierofLand-and Works (or rermu
[on to i ne Uer* the following described l*Dds,
tuated In ilm West k enay dlitrlet, adjoining
i   l. Puaraon'aon the north, aboul one nmi	
quarter tulles from the I'end d'Oreflle rivcr.com.
���iId   -��� ftl il poll marked t!  F, L'aldwell'l -   I.
eormr posi. thence Nt chain* north, thence io
.i.i.i.s west, thoueo BOchalm south, th,-  m
cbalni ea-t loj.lat-eof cntumui men I
Located the 1st day of August, 19 8.
Hi:nv is ItKAfRR, Agent,
Notice Im hereby given that Wdaj - aftei dale J
inieml  lo apply   lo the Hon. the (rhief Comillll-
- r "i I...n.]s ���,���| Works for perm list on  to
base tin* rollowlng >lcacrlbed landi m tn.-
Kootenay dlitrlet:  Deginnlng at a n��si
 ked R. Holt's s k corneri a u two mil*
ftaat o   the Holuifyi river, and  r a mile from
i io Pend d'Orctlle rlvi r, thence Sn chntni nortii
tu chatm west, so chains sonth and 10 �� l.iIj.m east
to pia.e oi beginning.
Dated _:7iti day ol July. Html. |{, H   Uki i.
Notice is given that 80 daya after date I Intend
toapph   to the  Uonorahle lho  I r ,,.
-loner of Unds and Works p,r pnrmlailon io
uiirchise the following described lauds in thu
West Koutviiay l/istrlii:    rommoiieiiiK al a imo
marked p.c Pornu Land ti, K. corner placed
near lbe i'end d'Orefllartver al Boundary creek
ohi.1 xldt-of -alinon rhi*r, llienei. .ti-i ni chains
along the lulcrn-ulonal lloiindarv  l.ine.tl ,���
n -rth 40 chains, Ihenco wott m cha Ini, Lhunco
ion th 40 chaini to placunl toniraenremctn,
imted Ihefloth of July IW8,      r.f. I'limn,
lly AffttRtW A oil, Agent,
Noiiee Ik hereby given thai iwo months afler
date | intend to appl) Ul tllO llononil.lo the
i hief Commissioner ol l.nn.l- nnd Works for
permission to purchase the follow inK descrllted
nndiiltna it the wesl ar f K nol en a) Ukn
in the Dlxtrict of vv,.si K -nnv:   ComniuncDiK
at h post marked "William Kuorby's N v. pustt"
Ihenee wesl twenty (*)) elniiiiK; llienee south
tWOIItj    (Jtl)   chains;    Ihence   Call    IWenh     (Jll)
chains; thenee north twenty (i&n ehalna to the
poini of commencement, con tain Ihg forty nu)
Hated Julv 7. Must. |  i;   HWkOV,
NOtlce la hereby K| veil that His tvdnya
Millii;l��li,Ti-l,yi!|ft.|i||���ul��t)'ililj-��iill.T lists
1 Intend tosnply i.stm. it,,,, fisli.n ..,,,,.,t_-,,,,,
arol i.hii.1. snd w.stit. ts.r t,,.riiiK��issn to ,.������ r
onus Hit. followlni tlMorllisd Isnds lis ��'s-.t
Kootonsy Dlstrlttt, soutli oi tlie I's-inl if'Orolllo
rstul. s-isiyiii|.|i,.mj, H, ��� ,���,sl ttturi,-,.,!   |s  u  ,M-hi>
K. w, rarner, iltusisd on the south isaisit s,i ti���.
Pong <i <>r.-oi.- river m Je  K,Mnr.enilc'H
Misit iiii-.i Ktrnori thru t��i iiisiii.iu.. thence
sonthn tiiitii... ii,,.,,,.,. ��,.,! ,i, (.hains, thenre
north tt ehalni in < ,a<- |.lss, i i-ous noament,
i-oiiiriuiiiit Has sssn-. mora or leu
DUed Jut July im,      IIOlMl.liK   ��lAI HKMIIK.
AltlUl'H HtllNKtlsKH. A||l-llt.
Midsummer Bargains in Prints, Muslins and Ladies' Ready-
To-Wear Goods.
LADIES'   DRESS   SKIRTS,   worth   $4.75   for	
LADIES'   DRESS   SKIRTS,   worth   $5.75    for	
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All   Ladies'  Trimmed  and  Pattern  Hats at Half Price.
New Fall and Winter Gooda arriving every week.
��� 3.75
���   475
BiilsHTlpili'ti." 1st IH'llsifsilssr (ssr ssm
yssur li.i.s lis sdrance.
Agt'itt list Batteries Pattern,
Fred Irvine <& Co.
Notice  if  herehv   given   I Iml -i \ I \ da;
date 1 intend loapplj t<> the Hon.Chief!
sioner <o Landi and Works lor (icrinl
itbefollmvlugdeserlbed lau
i t<i
inirchasetbefoHowiiigdiwriiK'ii ian<i��n'uiaieln
West Kootenaj dlstriet, ailjolnlng the interna-
Lionel I ndary i  abom lour inllcweastot
th.-1 ..in in Lin river, commend nu nt��\��>-\ mnrk-
ed-I.  M   Vt B. W   corner," situat  the lu-
ii-riintmnel i-.Min.Urv line, al the nouthea*! eoruer ol J..**, r. KniM-r'-land; ibciicei a��ti��cbaloi.
thenee n.ir-.li Oo ohalna, tbunce weatflQ chalna,
ihenee south 60 chains to tho place ol eo ence
merit, containing ���i"*- aeroi more or leaa,
Datod -Jftth June, 1900.        Ui'Bi M  Pftaaut,
k .1. u'KciUv. Agent.
Notice is bereb; glren that sixty dayi Irom
date i intend loapplj  to Lbe Hon.Chieftj	
inlaalonerof Lands and U'orks lot permlaalon
tt. purchase the to! low inn described landi >ii
iihi. in Weal Koolena) mstrlet, betveen the
Pend d'Oreille river hii.I tbe .nhTiiuu.-nal
boundari line, about three milea from the Columbia riv<-r.   Oommenelng al �� i"--t marked
J. 8. C. V*. t), W. -uer situate on the Interna
tional boundari line, about half a mile eait of
the -'a--[ boundarj "i tbe N. _fcF, S. Kj lands:
thenee iit.rth -iii chain*, thenceeaal bu chains,
thenei loutb 40 ebalns, Ibenee wesi if>i chains, to
in,- plucvofi-ommem ement, containing iDOat rea,
mon ��� r loss.
Dated 'itn June, IM. '��� ^* C, I hv-kh,
K. J. o'lt.'iii.v. Agent,
Notice in herebj given that sixty da)s rrom date
[Intendtoapph toihfUon chiefi oi Iss r
>.i [Audaand Works foi permlulon to purebaae
tbe following described landi situate In Weal
Kootena; Dlatrlct, mijuiiiniK th<- iiu.-riiKiii.imi
boundarj* Hue, au.ui the miles eut ol tbe Columbia rivet; commencing at a post marked It
U'SH< W, euruer, nil lhe interimt H'litvl tHMiiidurv
hue at Ijiura M Eraser'saoutheaal corner, thenee
n..rth vi chains, theuee eaat i" chalna, thenee
smith Si chains, tlience we-t 40 cliain- to the
place oi commencement, containing mo acres
more <>r leas
Dated 36th lune, KQ6. Kai.vu OtmePtk
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days after
date I in ten.i lo apply to the Hun. ��� liiel <  mim
sioner oi I .,*id. and Works (nr permlaalon t->
nuretuue tin i-.iicwtiiK deaerlbod lands in
the Weal Kootena; dlatrlct, south ol the Pend
d'Oreille river; ��� ..mine!i<*iii>4 at a poet niarketl
IX U'a B. K. ccrncr, sitimted uu the trnil near
Bear creek hIh.iii n mile ir-iiu the inteninii-mal
btiini.iar', im. ihence ue-t wi ehalna, thenee
ni.nli Nithaiu- more or leai t<i the l'��ini d'Oreille
river- thence loiiowing the south hunk ol in.'
i-eii.i d'Oreille river sontheut 80 ehalna, more
nr len; lbence iouth jo ohalna, more nr len t��.
the plaee oi commencement, containing   Uo
acres, nmre ..r less,
liali-.i 5th Jul), Iwsj. fii.Ki.:- Bintl
F.J. P'Rielly, Agent
Notice i- herebj given that ilxlj daysa^ter
���late 1 Intend to appl; to ihe Hon. Chief I om mlssloner ..i Landi mui Wnrks (,.r permission to
purchase the followlna described Umls. >n
the West Kootenaj Dlitrlet, ��'ast nt mnl ad<
juiniti). Jamef S, Mackensie's land; Comtnenc
lug at a post marked A.S'sR. R, corner, on the
sninh bank ol the I'end d'Oreille river, jusl
above the mouth >,i the Salmon river, thence
west SU ehaim, tbenco north 40 ebalns nmre nr
lost lo the ivro'i d'orellle river, thence following
the south baud ol ti.e said river In a aoutheaal
eri> direction t.. the place ..I commence nl,
 itrtiniiii: _. o seres, more nr lesa.
Dated .th Julv 19ud AlTHtia rU iiSKilJt.H
Notice Is herebj glren thalalxt) daya after date
l Intend toupply to tho Hon. Chief Commlaaioner
�����( LhimI.- nn.i Wnrks inr pennfastlon to purebaae
the rollowlng described landa In "c-t aoolenaj
Dlatrlcl south ol ihe Pend d OraMo nver. Com-
mencina at . post marked B. T. Ms. n. k. oorner
un tbe soutb Utik of the Pend d'Oreille river,
about a mih' anl t hall caM nf lhe nmiith ol Plsb
creek   thenee wuth .so ohalna, tbenee ��'*-t -80
chains, tbence north 40 chains  resor U-m to
the PenddO'reilie rfver, tbenee (nih-vvuiK the
south bank of the said nver io a northeaster);
direction to the plaee of commencement, containing Ifti aeres. ninre i>r letS,
Dated 2nd July 1A4, Kj.i.a T. Ma< hvszu:
Aktiiiib s* MSKii.Kh, Agent,
Notiee Is bereb; given lhal i-o dayi after date I
intend in iinaiv to the Hon. Chlel * pmmlaaloner
nl Lands .m.i Works for permtaaleu i purchase
ihe rollowlng deacrlbed lands,sltuate in West
Koolena; District unth ol tho Pend d'Oreille
river j i bmmenclngat a poal marked A. it M'a. n.
W, comer situate at the aouth bauk ni the Pend
d'Oreille river al Klla T. MacKen/.l.-s tit.riii eaal
enrner |Mlet, thenee smilh nmIuiiiis, ilnure eaal
mi chalua, th. nee imrth so ehain- nmre or I-Stts tO
the Pend d'Oreille river, ihenee weat Mcluvlna.
following the Imnk nf the said riwr In lhe |.liu-,-
<d eorameneementi containing t*o< tone, more
nr leaa.
Dated 2nd July 1008. a h Ifaouowg.
AiniHK s< HwamkB, Agent.
Notice Is hen nygtven thatslxtrdaysafiardate
I Intend to apply tothe 'inn CbIef(JommInlon<
er nl Lauds iiu-i Wnrks for permlaalon t" purchaie Hie fniiovvini- denrlbed lanJ* situate tn
Weal  Kootena)   Ida.rlot,   south  ol the Pend
d'nreille river, < raenelns Mt a i���>��.-1 m&rked
U. H'aN.K.enrner, stiusti- on the >��iiih hank
of the Pend d'Oreille mer ut Jamei n. MackOn*
ite'aaouihweat corner, tbenco south 100 chalna,
Ihenee   Vvsl Ml chains.       'lice   imrih   7(l eliallir,
more or less to the i'end p'Oretlle river; thence
following lhe aOUth hank ul the-.aid river in an
raaterl) ami northeasterly dircctlou tn the place
ol emu itcement, conlaiiilng 640 ecroa, nmre nr
Notiee i" h. reby given that 60 day- aftor date I
Intend toapph to Uie Hon  Ihe i-hlel Coinmii-
-i -i ni Lands and Worki for |wruilse.on to pnr*
Phase tbe following dewrllwd landi In Weil
Kwdeuay district, provluoeol Itnu-h Columbia;
 men' lug al ��� poal marked   ������ llllaw Tolling.
inn's northwest corner i��>-t." said poil nulng
plant..l at tbe s bwesl corner ol the "t_ueeii
Siitififli Claim,*' and adjoining the eaat line ol
Ut Phall'i pre emption, lbence south tw.-ntj ('J')
cbaltu aloug -aid line, tbence easl tort; (hi)
ehalni. thenee <������ "t, twenty (2U) chalna, theuce
wesl fort; (.0) chains more or leai, t��- the place ol
couimei ui.'in
hiii.-d i-t da; ol inKn-1. IWO.
11; biiageul .'. K. T.nl.-i
Notice t- h. reb; given lhal 60 dayi aftt-r dale I
intend loapply lo Ine Honorable "'������ Cblel ,'om*
misslonei ul Lands �����..! Works for pennl Uon . ���
purchaie th.' following di rribed Lands situ*
ated in ih.- Kootenay District. Beginning ��la
posi planted on the nortb shore <>f the Lower
Armw    Uke ahout   In  chlllU   Weil   .-I   llle   HcmI
boundarj o| f p k Lol UW.Uarked il a W,
s K. oorner, tbence weal w cbalni, thenee north
00 chatna, Ihence eaat flO ebalni more or i.-��s to
lake ibore, tbenoe In a south wester]) .in. ��� Hon
along lake shore to point ol commencement, eon
tain ing UO acres more nr leu
Located June ft, IWO,
il   A   Wot vtkmv
A. N WoLvkkToNi Agent
Notiee Is hereb; given Hut two Bowk!
daU- I in tend to applv i��� n���. Hnn.lurJ
�� ommlMioner ol l',���.i .1 VelffStS
si ss s,...| itlnntiil at Ut,. iit.ril,,.., J*_3
I '..llHttlis.t'. sppllentlttll lis i.tii.,,._.' _
������I1    .   M���,'s. .,���si|���.���, ,,���.,'. ,  ','^tssi
,'lltlllt   (S-,11 S'l,���|||. ,������.!; , I,..,,,, ..',���,:''���"' '.'I
,   .ls.-l.lv   (KI)  CbBlUl    II,   |���   ||���.  ,.l*   ' .*"
""'"'" ���>�����' ""','""���' ����  lii"i.lrr.|,JS
(i. in) acrei, more or len ""Jl
Datod Ihotnd nl Julv, imni.
iv  v    " * Sl'    -<l
��   \ t ALtrin, a<(��   I
Notice i- bereb] glvi ti that W.ln,,-Z2____i
intendll�� mike application to ih*'LStB
i ble rNniuulutonerofUndsaadVrSuSfl
lailon  to  pnrel ��� the mi.*!-..,!,;'�����
��� _-|
Date 3rd Jul)
IHuTi. MaBOAUI 11 vltiolUT.
Arthur Hcl (dor. Agent.
Ndtlcuiihureby given thai ilxty day* aiterdnte
I int.-in' ti apph totho Hun Chief Coi boitoner
of i.iui'is and \Vork> forliermiMilou to purchaie
lhe       following     dewr I      land-     iii     West
K nay Dlitrlel, s n nt ihe I'end d'Oreille
nver, commenolng ataiHMi marked j   N.al'i
.*-. \\. comur, situated on Ihe auntli hat k ��.( the
i'.-nd d'Oreille rher, opt-udie th�� t uhm lfi
Mil. i reeki thenoooaitnichalm.thence tmrih
40 chains moro or leas to tho I'end d'Oreille river.
Ihenee fnllmvlllK Ho iih hank nl thuiald river
iu a weiterl) ami louibffeiierl; direction to the
plai i commencement, containing Rn acres
nmre nr IwU,
Haled :trd July, HKxi.       JaMH N. Ma. KHftlK,
Arthur Sel ider. Aggpl
Notloe li hereby given tbitilxi) days often late
I inn-nd 10appl) In the Hon  Chief <'nimiil-0.h.n-
erof Lau.is ami Worki for jierulwlpD in pur-
chaie the following deaerlbod landa in Weil
Kootenaj Dlatrlut, aouth m n<(. Pond-d'Orellle
river, commencing nt t nu��l ium-ki*d a F's n, w
COrtlor,   iftUaiOd   al   ihemmthwest ei.ruernf !.,,(
4436,If. I . thence east au chains, llict south do
chalna, tlience wesl B chains, theucenorili tii
eltalu-   In lhe nhire nl   eouiinem eliieiM , contain
ing480 acres, mure nr leai.
f>iti>-d 20th   une, 1006, A-XHIM KSAagg
V. J.ft'ltidlly, Agent.
Notice is h.-rehy  givon  thai (Ml days after date
i intend toamilftotliellon Chlofc mlulonir
oi Lauds ami Works lor |H*rnilislun to nurchaM
iin* following deserlbod imoU lu Wuii Kindenav
disiriei. s i, of thu Pendd'orullle nver cum uf
Plslii creek,coinmeucltig hi .. |...-i marked I*', v.
II - .V   \\   corner,  tilmol   half ��� mllcead of tlie
11 dial
is, th.
nei-uielll,   enuliilu)
'I BWi bailie, then,-,, imrth I
t .su chains to the place u
\K BJU aeroi, nmre ,,
Dated 8nd Inly inm.       Venn v. HAm-ouhT
AHTHI'li BlIINKtliKH, Aueiit
Klxt) tlayi afterdate I Intend toapply tnTlia
�� ilwlonernf i.amis and Worki [nniircbnia
100acresbl laud, near Itnrtnn citj , inencni_f
at 1 post idtllile.l ill   the SOIIIheaa.  eorner nl I iii
No MR), ami marked J. i- Me' thweit eon or
and nintilng north  i" chnin,. ihence easl ui
ehalni, thenee smith -tn chains, thence wen m
chalm to place ol beginning
July I8th,1000, .(, i,. MoCuuoCH,
A, A. Jluriotl, Agent,
Notice in hereby given thai two mon'bi after
.late I Intend I-- apph to tin- Honorable Cblel
< om minloner ol Lands ami ivmU [nr permission tn nu. base six hundred and ft.riv ((HO)
tt. res of Und. deaorlbed hs follows: C< mmenelng
hi I. poat planted at the northwest corner ol ll
< in Uni; her't. applh'Httnti  to purchaie In lire ini
ley, on the veil ilde ..( Cowei ir on Lake, in
Kootonay dlitrlet, marked "W. A Cl N r eor
n��r"; thenoe ruumiiK eight; .M) chalna weaii
ihence .iKhiy ft*") ponthj thenre eighty (��')
chaini east; thenet- eighty (80) iihaini rmrth to
Ida.'.- of roiiiiiieDceliii'iil.
W. A. Iai i.kk.
Daied the 2nd day nf July   l-.io,
Slxtv days afterdate I intend to apply to the
CoiilinUNloner nf  1-alids ami  Wnrks.  . l.tnrll. lo
purohaae 160 acm id land Commenolng at ���
poet planted ou the weal kbon ol Arrow I.-*.k> ��t
the south eait corner oU J Chrlitie'i purchaie,
running north SOohitnittbeooe e��st id ehalna,
thenee lonth 80cbalm, thenei weht hnihHins to
place of com nn-ii'i-in.-m
Located Mny, Klh 1006,
��� A. (Ahnll.
l.. *.ai i.Ac,hkk. Loeator,
Bixty dayi after Bate i intend to apply to the
Com minloner ol Un.l. mui Worki to purchase
ni aerea oi himi, situate ahom mlioeaal nf
Uurion ciiy, ami deaorlbed as foHoa a*
mencing at a poal planted nu tin- north weil cor
uer of lot 8-360and ruuiiiK west .11. haloa, thenee
north hi cbalni, thenoe eail U chalm,tbenoe
sonth along loi w)0 to puce nf ix-mntiiiiK
Jlllj-/lh.HM. J   K. HlMtH.
Notice is hereby given that Uxt; dayi aftor
.lau-1 in tend ii,Kppl\ to the Hon Chief Commli
���toner oi Landi ami worki tor permlielon to pur
. ha-e the followiiiK deacrlbed land*, iltuato tn
Weal Kootonay dlurid; Commencing ai a pom
marked J. H. v'aiistmie's I k corner |*o��t. situate
in ii,.- Hal mon klrar Valley, al s point anjoinlng
J, Meieber- laud  at   vtesleru   boundary, 11, ��� n <.-
weat BD chalna, ihence north W chalm thonce
easi mi chatm, thence sontb iu ehaim to (a.ini of
> ouiui-'liceiutnt.
July Mthi 1008. J. II. V.vN-msf
1. II   Atkln.nri. Agent,
Notice io hereby glren thai 60days after date I
in tend mapi-ly to tin- Honorable tne Chlel Com-
minlonii ol Limls and Worki inr permlulon to
pure hue the following deicribed landi In tbe
n.-l Kootenay dlsirlct: 'omiiiemlui. ul s (m.si
marked M.McC. N   B curlier, planted   ��1chalm
imrih ..f thoa w oorner of �� A, Calder*s preemption in t in- Valley, running Wchaini th,
to rhalni fi'-"t. lueimiiiH imrth. iu chalm eaal lo
place of oommencement
Hani��� UcCamoum, Locator
W   A. 1'Al.l.KH,  At(ilil
June 30th, IB06
Not li hereby given that 00 dayi after date I
intend to mike application to the Honorable the
Chief Commin r ..r Landiand worki for pel
inlshinii   to purchaie ihe  follow in*  Jeicrtbod
landi: Ci nolng at a poat mark..) a w Cal-
d.-r's soulhesii eoruer, section UTowmliip W,
running eail twenty chalna, sonth torty chalm,
weit twenty obalm, north forty chains to place
o I commencemenL
Hatod Jnly 8.1906. fomt hasom
Notice ix hereby given ihat DO daya after dale I
intend toapply u tbe Honorable the Chief Com-
mlaloner oi Lands ami Works for i* rmis-inn i<>
purchaie the luiiowtu-/ dwer'v-ed landi In the
Aesi Kootenay diitricti commencing m a post
marked "Natnanlel Mclntyre-'s s K eormr."
planted on the west side of theColumbla River,
about 7 v-.'.Ut. n,,;;h at Litmui CU ���. -nd ��'.ha ins
imrth of the sni|lhvv.r.| .urner nf b.l tit, th-lic-
tioiiii mi ohalni, theme weil 80 ehaim ihence
south no .bains, thenee east 80 chatm lo p..tnt ��d
 iiuetieenieiil. containing MO iierch.
Dated this Wth day of Juue, 1B06.
Nathamhi. tfOlNTTkl
T C Max in sun, Ageni
Nolle  is hereby viven thai MdftM afler da>.   I
Intend toannl) to ino Honorable lhe Chlel Com
minloner of Umisami Works fnr tie ion to
purvhaiu lho tollowlug deicrlbed lauds: i om
'nuiiclng al .. uoii placed on tbe north rd 10I
the weal ar f Kootonay Lako.it the northeait
corner of John Itrsnks' pre-emption,  thenee
W��-t    IU chalm..   more   nl    |6SS,   to   I lie  SOU) In Ull
enrner ..I Ui No.7406, ihcnce north Mchaim,
huneucasi 0 ehalni moto ��.r leas, thence norlh
10 chains to the point ol ��� menmunent
Datod June 1Mb, lum.
0, II. Ari-i,ET(>N.
Notltie Ik hereby given that HOdaVI aft-r dale I
illetidlM apply t nth- II o.miiil.UMf.e.hirl,,,,,..
mlssloner ol LamiMind Works fnr permission to
pun-lisae the following denrlbed lauds iltuate
in Ibe Wmi Knot-nay dlitrlet i V. monclni m s
Pp. marked M. MoCuk W eort ' "nie inc. .-
chalm wen nf L c, Hor imn'S nnrt&iiBeoniS
of i,i- ,;mwii granted lamt in HreVallei run
Bin? i" Pi ait, 10 ehaim north �� ci.!    ,
wesl, 40 chains south i ������,.,,/ lencemeni
Ihu.Is:   Commencing ni ��� pQ.| .,!,,,
north weal con erof ifablc ���*��f-Ci*aaiii-��-M m
Hon   to   piin-li ,  _   III In,- V��lli.v.|,|,.W5H
M.    S    r    ,er," rimuii.K   h. ,.!",   *fl
. halm south, 40 chalm eut, ��ch��t---   "*
place >.l, i.nun.'in, in. ;n
I'    M   Mn
July 2nd, ISUO
Notloe H bi
W  a
"""  ��Mt
Notloe .- hereby glren thnt io,i,tll|WrdIJl
intend io appl; m th.' Honorable itUuS
mlndoner nl Laodi ��nd w..rk�� lot u.-aaJll
|.iii.ha-- Ilm loll���iv.Ha .1... nla-.| Ui^Sl
ill tin' Wed KiMih-imv di-lnt l ''..mia.KjwJl
(mat on  the east side ol Tulip <'r,.ri ,#�����
Irrow Uke, nml marked "J J ttiit-rd_|
i-urner," ihence eaal *��i , imiii-, :ii-._���)--*,*��
cha<m, Ihenee well w* rbilns, tbm
���hsins i    polnl nf oommeneement, i
ItrU a
orr orlei
Lo uie.i June 18th, 1806, j.j.i
T li. v n i ukteat, \m
Buty days aftsfr date 1 intend toaiJ
Cblel Commlialonei of initi. ���mil
Viotnrin. for nermlMlon toDMrc_u_ci_
��� ml six iv (iui) ner.-tnf Uni. l.-'ate-l tzietM
ed as follow.: Commenalng n*. . ;..'Mtl
eighty (NO) chains ess! of   tin*   N  V    ,-:rd|
Hulger's pre eiiip.inniml marked' < 1 I dll
enruer." and rulining i*n-i h.rtj *������ ���tiir
thence south f..rtv |l") .halmi, Uh-hiti��1
cbalm, Ih.-ii. e north forty (#') t'li*|[j. _ip_��|
Julv 7, [M r |
Notiee is h< rebv given lhal 80 <U}i
Intend t<. npplv to the Hon the i h
���loner oi Uml- am) Works foi i- n���!^,..i_i|B
chaie  the hdioatne   -l.*- '���;���-���   .r. ��� : U_\
Kootonaj district, province ol Brg
i ..miu. netttg  ai a   poll nmrkfl i
s v corner, on the unth ildeofi
a!��.u*   two  miles east  of  Hurton <
and at tlie northwest eorner ol W
Itt'i in.- emotion claim, ibenet ���
tbenee nortii 60 cbalni, thenei ���
ih< n<   iouth 80 ebalns to tbe i>U->
eoiiiniiiing '.'in aerrss mon n
Dated tins .'tth day of July. I**!
Nollee |s In-rehy glVeli tlial lv,< ft-.-WM
dat.- I intend to applv lotbt* H--lii.nl.. *M 1
Coiniiii"-*ioiict of Unds an.I �� ..rt>: -���(.���������
to porehaae the hdhtwing desertls I bu
ate 111   Kin- Valley on tin- u,M lldfd t
r>.vv  Uke, Kootonay district, dsstrtts
IiiH I :    Com mem IIIK   at   a   poll   ; '��� I
north west eoruer or W i ��-i-i-V. vr*we%\
inatk.d "A Uet/s -maihneit patMl -"��>l I
then ��� fortj [401 chains eait; !ii.n-*-^di
i-Iihiiim nonh; lbence forty tno ihuot��aa
thence torn itoj chalm south '''^-���H��i|
11.inni.-ii. wiiftit, oontolntng one huu'cwaii
s.xt\ (im* acrei more or h*i.
Datod June U, 1906. 4��M M'"I-����11111*'
W   \. I.'AU ll   ll
Notice if bereb; glren tbitslxt] ���!*�� ���*���
dale  |   itiKtid   to app v  rn the i!
Chlel CotnmtMlonef --i   Landi st    x  ���
permlaslon to pnrebaie thu [..r.^insJofflH
uni- commencing at a immi inarln
hugton'i N. K c post, at ih- wuihwi """J
ol   J    (1.   M.'i.nnl.-'s    (.r.-. tui'ti.'ii   'Uim *
running siouUi 40obalm to soutbee*! -���J3
i  Hudson*i inr#��mptlouclaim; theireaani
ehulns: theuce north   to r Iin Uu
i halm i" plane nfcommenci m< nl,co��taW^
a. in >.l Inn.I more m ii--
I'a wl this slli da; nl AtlgillLlW
v   \  iiurli n Ipj
Hixty <'uv- iftordato I Intend lo im}!'"
commliilonui nl Lands and ��'<"������ V:    *j
purebaae 140 acres of Uml ilinaKimliJ tern
as followi    Cot rnclm ..t * P��| pu;llf,'"j
the eaat ihore ol Arrow Uke uppcalUMing
UmliiiK al the south ��.-r nrnr �� J'7
U'KUc;7! pre-empUon ami marked P I ;"
corner; Ihence eait 60 ehilm.th-fl-? t��Jl
ebalni, tbence weil BOchalm to mt i**ftJ
thence nortb along tbe lake then ��\tm
begin n IiiR.
r""'*> "; ,���!,,*.
\t   s ...,��..-). (....lis   J
Jim,- Jtilli.J-.i
M. Msr.isi.1,.,11, l^���.���i���,
V. A. t A|.t,KH,  ,t((t'tlt.
Nnllpo Is horabr >ivon tltst ooilsit.aftor dsm i
l��l.-���.|  ���> B|...|v f. Ill,  .f |i���,,[..'      ���..
ssl I.s mnl Wssrk. I.s-  , ,s ,,, 1,,,..,
 followlni ilmtrrlbtstl trss.i ���i landsltUBio s's'i
tis-^l   III ,-liHlll^; Ms si���,,!|,  |i nht.fi..
> j".;i'�� n..-t. rn _i. ,1,;: ;:;::;:
"fl "" ���'''��"": 'I" ��  li.sl,   is.'i,   .,
Jjj laixieineiii.t .in,i,���: ���.,������,.,���, ;,���!���',,':;
litiit-,1 nt NoInoii, 11
pot I
'.. llilss lirsl ,|Mv s,l Julv,
M^IIV  .-|.,M AN,
Irouii, Akutii.
'. . millmr\  'l���, .'���';',;,   ""V"1,1'1"   '"'"'
cilia 101100 tst.rti,   ,, .,Vr',','"'""' **���< Nl
nhalns, tl,  ,,'.,';,"'"<��;,��"-' *'
intsl ti-lit. mains Ut iilst.'i) i.f 	
Ilatftl Both sins ssl Jul, ,.,,       ... ,,  ..
.    1 ��� nit 1,Hi.        |_ [(  |.-���(;NrJ(
��) Andh.w Akik, A��<tut
Nulls-,, iss hor��lirllvon 11 s(f��,.a]
inscti.it i,i. r..vi���. ii...,..r��, 1.��� .i..-��� ���-���-;**_
 ier nl Und i Wo." l��;i ���""fS
ptirei in.- follofflns di     ���  ,
iii.tlstsiit ill ts |..ml niisrls,.l t\   Is  ��'   "   ,-.i)M
I.I. st tl..' N  vv. rorntst ol �� .1   ������ "
pre-oinnl n ll,.- V >   "|:|,|M!" ?
!    |l.,|���s|||. ��,.l. sis>,i���,ii. illi  'i"1""
easl in piano ssi r manwment
VV. II. M.l IM ���>'"m'
vv. a cunts, Apnt
J11 no '.nttii.tunfi;	
Notlrota liorob) ��lv�� "-Iv,,���1,"|,i",';'',i!
dsto 1 Inland In snnlj In IU' """;!'   I
'Isl.f llommln, ! ..I l^n.l,  I ��^1 ��
p-rmlsal... J n > the <-""",'"'fZ���J
it... 1 of land I -ii s|i���,i.. si��s. ���"��"'-/ v.r*
-I,.... ..I K lis, I,.It.' II. Hi.-  1'1-lss'"' "3
1 ii���v.  l-rs,ni  ..I  Hrltlal '""'''   '��
 ...., I.s  ���,|i���, t,-iis.-s.i '���""'"'si.
ill    mnrq or I  whlrh i"'"1 <"}_
n,s,rs- |sstr lisilisily .It-H.-r 11..-. 1 M '"'    ;' ������<t
 Iis'llllt 111 H Ooln, ssss Ihs- Mswts ;ls   '"'''', M
I.. Tiotsl I,.  I Mi-I   K !   111.1*1. '"�����;���,|l
-ssisiis v.i.t onrnsr ..i I. "��,,t" '- ""'""'
Wltiwln, tin ii.stIj- bonntlsrj t
so rhalna m.srs' or l''"* '" ""' '
nor ol ..i.i  Lol nil H. ll "" r-joni
���,sills   III  ,.Iiulti,   m.srs. sir   li'i"  10 "J       ���
.-rl, boundary  ' l* n Ballorh - 'WJjJ-Sl
I'lirohaai.; llifiss it.ls-rly loll.iss\n,H 1,'lnll,..,|,,
������rlvi I.tryi.l I li. ll lliill'" I'������I'l'",,,.,
it. fnr. lm,.. uuni ihsiin. i ;; "' '*, ������.
���horo of unoott, "in-, lln-nra I" l"*��'�� J '.im.
..Kity ..I Hi.- ��hi.i Kliorall rjli osrii'n ,.
ilssn Ti vliniii. iinirv ..r Iv I" "" ' ,, i.ji...
nornfml   l,���i:.sni.. llll ��,",'K'W0.
Hit, the w.��t.rl| ijoundsry ..I ��. si I.   J" ���
Life ohalus if s.i loi '""""
H.H...I .mil,- in, ijarM "��� "
Null,,.  |a livrvhy glvt'll llt-H -l vls .;l|"wi'lils<i
 Ilnlom ..,.,>... o..- i.";""'''��,���i-i-��
I.. Illllll  H-.I f ������������IS '�� llll.I VV,,tl- '"',,.I lit1
In t.ttr.-l ��� II.v f...l..svlsil.' 'Is'.'" ' ' ,
In Wei  Ki nuy dl.lrls-l: "'t'11" '";." .i;
I'll I Bl llo' is.srlliiss.l "";. ! "'   .���.���,,���
Is..�� I'rt--I:.   111.ss.-s' snlllh  l"'h"1"  h    i,,,!,
���in vliuiiis. more nr lo��. tn '"J",!,,��� m
iilssrs- or loHs  lln'ii..' '"-' '" h     ii..
I.'.ivi- i.i l.vifitinlitK. Us'' """".' '"   ,,���,,.. i'i
l,t���,'ivli,,il, kn.ss.li... Hiiis-""!'" j"1.
Ii..tv.l July ���'.. !��.��'. ur"
Not  I. isvri'i.s given si"'1 '''..fr.siii
Uit'tlHIti i tiiii'iid us nnpli l>. I';"      ���������
��� or ol i.nii.i i vv'.sri,. )<������'".";.. |,.I ;.
-i nnrphmiillio fiillnwlna "' ''.	
MISS  Ill III.' ilis.iris-1 s.i   vv.-t I- ���
"ti;i'..|iii;itii trvfli: BiarHnonl ��  ' '   ,,���,
John wi '��� s. vv. forni'r, i'1;;;',;  , ,,.,i
.���ns wi t j, > W'SrtS a
rs Urn norlh :lnilinli'�� H""'   ", ������.|i��ii
111,-,,! <��� -..nil. SHI vl.Hlll.. ll's'i"  ��JJf,; WHIT*.
I ...1.1 ..I .���iiitiliii'lli't'lllislll.
.iniiii ii, nun.
j, k��ij��k, *i""i-
BSfif ���-' n.aini-in..
_l The Daily Canadian
20 Pi.ces Brussels, Velvets
and Tapeslry Less tban Half
Regular Prices
From 10 to 23 Yard Ends
iperial Batik of Canada
H��ad Office:   Toronto.
��� p..inUF....��,90_,00- B8BT ��a.HO",.-tOO
,t Wil.l. 11-.. l't'isitli'iit, HiiN. uti'tDltT .l...'1'KAY. Vloe-Preilnent
Branches in Bilish Columbia:
JWUKAU,      'HJI.DKN.     NEW s,'.     KKVKI.STUKK,      TROUT   LAKE,
I    i-, ,i- received nnd taterwl allow -l al onrrnni rates inmi date of opening no*
i���| ���,voii.-il half ynrly
,jiOtN BRANCH ___L   Me,   I-AN',   W\
ie Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
jrchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
tbal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boal BoUdm win find it t��> their aflnvntage t<> on our Pitob.
-felson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
D. Burns & Co.
������o ti Marteota in  Rowland, Trail, Nel ton, KjihIo, Sandon, Three Porks, New
Ulll to HIIV  l.lMh. !,  will have
"Mil eitrehll i.tUlilloli.
He^d Office: Nelson, b. C-
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
DISTILLER?, ia and so years old.
H lldlOll le nnil   It,-lull PflUlOn III
Fresh and Salted Meats
| "'in* supplied Oil Hlmrts'sl iinlli'is nml
,,'.'','' '"'"'"���      Nothing but frert) uml
'"'     UIO IlllU.tK 1111(1 HUpilll'H kl'pt itlhllHlll
' nritem reoelVt cnrcfnl Attention,
<-��� C TRAVES, Manager.
France and Canada in Alms and Effect
of Legislation.
New Sunday laws, recently enacted
in France and Canada, give some Interesting indications of the status of religious sentiment in the respective
countries. In Prance the object aimed
at in this new legislation is to sectiro
a "weekly day of rest," and to bring
about ttiat end both labor unions and
clericals have lieen united. Thuugh
the law was part of the general program of the government for the improvement of the condition or the
working classes, objection arose in
some quarters on the ground that the
choice of Sunday as the day of rest
Seemed to show a return to the old
union of church and stale. The Independent (Xew York I is of the opinion
thai the French law will lie used as a
model for legislation on the subject in
other countries, We quote the summary it gives of the main provisions
of the new law:
"No Industrial <>r commercial establishment of any kind, whether public
or private, lay or religious, even of
those education or benevolence, Is permitted to work an employe more than
six days a week. The weekly period
of resl. should be 21 consecutive hours.
It should be bn Sunday. Wherever
the complete closing of an establishment on Sunday would be prejudicial
to the interests of the public, lhe weekly rest may be given for part or all
of the year tn one ot the following
ways: III On some other day of the
week for Ihe whole personnel of tho
establishment; 121 from Sunday noon
is Monday noon; (3. Sunday afternoon
with n compensatory holiday by rotation every fortnight; or Hi by shirts
In rotation or part or all of the employes. These exceptions can only be
made by direct authorization of the
government The day of rest by rotation 14) is permitted only to the following establishments: Hotels and era-
taur&nts, shops for sale of tobacco and
fresh flowers, hospitals, asylums ami
drug stores, baths, newspapers, museums, theaters and libraries, water
works. gaB works aud power plants,
transportation other, than railroads,
ami industries dealing with perishable
material or products. In the case ot
public works ef an urgent nature, such
as the prevention or repair of accidents, the weekly day of rest may be
suspended for the workman needed.
Railroads and sieamships are provided
for in another law"
Ueciddly more drastic are tlie laws
plaed on the statute books of Canada
by the parliament just adjourned. The
act was promoted by tho Lord'B Day
alliance and timed at securing a better
observance of the Sabbath. Hitherto
the mutter of Sabbath observance has
been left to the regulation of the provincial legislatures, but results have been
unsatisfactory. The organisation
which has been interested iu furthering
this legislation is said to be uonsecta-
rian in Its sentiment and membership,
but the work which It has achieved
may possibly challenge comparison
wllh the old "blue laws" which gave
Connecticut in its early days a reputation for drastic Sunday oversight. A
lay view of tlie Canadian law, from an
American standpoint, may be sen ln
His. following summary and running
comment In the Philadelphia Inquirer:
"Sweeping, itideeilj. are the provisions, comprehensive the scope, and
stringent the penalties of this new and
rather remarkable measure. All Sunday
trading Is positively prohibited, together with all remunerated service of
whatever kind, excepting only ln the
case of works of necessity and mercy.
Railroad companies must nol t-un excursion trains, or handle either incoming or outgoing freight, or do any kind
of work except such as cannot be done
al any other time antl is essential to
Ihe safety of the public. Theatrical
entertainments and public games, all
kinds ttf sports or amusements for gain
or prize or reward are placed under
the ban. So is the Sunday newspaper.
It must neither be published at home
nor Imported from abroad���meaning
���he United States���aud its sale or dls-
.    ^TTbs-thor thiB
la Bald to have been shot But so far
all their efforts, aided by a man named
Kock, who says he Baw Gilbert throw
the gun away, have failed to bring the
weapon to light.
J. H. Boyle, real estate agent, deposed to the circumstances attending
the sale of the Gilbert farm to Hen.
dcrson and Gilbert's subsequent anxiety, as stated by Henderson, to get
the farm back. He stated that Henderson informed him that the Gilbert's
were crazy to recover the property and
the old man had offered him $3000 for
it on the deal, but that he had named
STsiiii' as the lowest he would take.
"Highland Linen," in pads, 4
sizes, with envelopes to match.
iu boxes, 5 styles.
Samples on application.
Silver King Hotel
Bett Dollar a day house in the Kooteuays.
Rnomn nre well (sirnltttted.   Tnl.le it. Ktsswl B. any
in Nelsinli.     Bar supplies! with ss'.s.sl
liftstssri and cltrtir..
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Kuropein and American PUo
MerU. _ cti.   Room* from 26 eta. to 11
Only White Halp Employer!.
Baker Bt., Nelion Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar In the Fine*!.
White Help Only Employed.
Joaephtne 8t
Mi'luon. R P,
Canada Drug & Book Go's
... Cash Stores....
Ncillrtj is ln'tcbv given llmt W .lav* Loin ilntc
' intrni. "��� apply 1" the Honorable tlu- Chief
Commissioner of t*pdi nnd Wo'fcf for a ttpeclal
ii ���-.���ii-.- in ��� -i.t tun) carry away limber from tlie
following lands, sitnntf.i in Weet Koolenay die-
Ko. 1 ���CoinmencliiB al *t poat planted on tbe
northeaki corner about * tulles from Kootenay
lakebu ?u Mii.-'-nvb, thence running Ulcbalna
treat, then .* IM fbatna souih. tbenoe40chatm
i-:ifli. t'l.-iir.- ii-> chaini north to a point of commencement
Dated July 1Mb, 1*TO. B. H. Miohtom,
per Jin kmn Kadi lifTe. Agriit.
Ni..*.!. Commonptng ata paf��1 planted on tlie
���onlho���toorner about i-i��ht milea from Kooh
nn l k.'on six Milt* ereek, lbence miming w
uhttiui wwrt. tbence Wo cbalni nortb. thenee 40
���Nut, tl.i'in*.- ino i-1iu his loutb lo tlie point uf com-
IMle'l July I'Mll. Hfc*t* II. B. Mlt.HTOS,
I" ��� -ii-.--kfi.il HaiU-iuii', agent.
Ho, ���i.-ComiiieneliiK hiii |io>t pluntt.l ou the
northeaal corner abonl 13 miles from Ko t-
iii v hike and 18 HUM from Khu-nn river.
on Lemon creek. tb< nee running ni t-imins wesi.
ihenoe BD eliaina s uib. Umno* (O cbalni eait,
tlience BO ebalni north to the potato! oomftonea-
Dated July I9tb, 1006. It. D. Miiihtox,
per Jack-on ltiuli* iffe. Agent.
Notloe is Hereby given that.��- dayi from iiate i
iuteioi loapply uiiiu- Honorable the Chief Com*
mlsfiiUuT  it   l.Hlnis   hii.I   -A'Offcl   for it specui\
license to eul and carry ii.vny tlmht-r irom the
following deacrlbed Inndi,gttuatcd tn tin* Went
Kootenay Ul-triet:
N".. i   (.ommenulnu ai a i����**t planted on the
n- ��r< I) .lift i orner. hIhuh tliirtt-on milea Irom
Kooteiiuy lake, and fourteen mllei froto Klocan
rlvi-**.oiri.i'iiion it.tk: tbence rtinntnn 80 cbalni
aoath. thenco ft) chaini weati tbenco 8u obaina
north, tbence to chalm eaal to the point of i-om-
mencemi nt.
Ittitci July 19til, 1800,        JACK-SON KaTi I.UTF..
No mi.  Commencing at a poat plantedoii ihe
north vi i'M corner nlnmt fourtt'en iiiilt-s from
Kootenai lake nm! h1h.ui fourteen mflcilrom
slot-tin river* on Lemon ereek; thenoe running
80 Chatm south, tlninvH"i-haliis eust. thonce W
cbalni north, thonco Boohtibl west to tbe point
of i*oinmi'tni*iiient.
1-nle I July 10tll, UKfl,        Jai KsON KADCLim.
The Big Schoona D^^ai i(\r
Or "Halt and Half    DCCl    \ ULe
The orilr Clasa ot Good Boer in Nelson.
Hot. I Hi'iommoilHtloiiK tecond lo non>- lu I'.rlt-
lah Columbia.   Rate��|li��perday. Bpeclal rata
to monthly boarden  Only home bote! In Neisoti
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale ou the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before ptirchasiuj; call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
Lake Viet*)
Hall and Veroon Sts.
Two bl'-ekH from
Kat-s fl.110 per Day
Bijd np.
USS.-&      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ER1CKSON, Propretor.
('stttlrstlly I.tv'tite.1. 0|sen Day mill Nlghl.
H,iis,i>ls- ansl B.tls Ki...ins. Prtse.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward md Vernon Streets.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
Notice is hereby hiven.that within two montti!.
from the ilrsi publication hereof In'ho British
t'oiuiiiiiia Uautlo, I intiiKi to nt>i>lv to the Hon.
Chlol Commlvlunor of Landi aud. Works for a
special Uoenae to out add rarry awuy timber
from the following deacrlbed landi, ittuated In
West kootonay: Commencing at n poij vianiod
on tin* south shore olTront Lake, ahout one-half
nouth of Hve Mile Creek, mark
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood    Sample    Rooms*
Queen. Hotel
Mssk-.-l Hlrs-tst, NsUssts. It .1.
Lilthtt'd by Electricity mm'
litrtttd by Hot Air
iutks ti I'KK DAY
lArve iii.) .'isiiilDrtKlsltt Btitlrotsui. sssssl Kirat-
ClftK. I'lssssi,., K,.,.iis ShuiisI. K.ntssis. lor l',ili;lsli-r
ftt.1 Men
MKH. K. O. ISI.AKKK, Proprletren
f* X\\ t*WTT! The well known
\JM\\J V C Suburban
���   ��� Hotrf.
TJ^\'I 'L'T Our BeerGorden is
XMXJ X Cl. the Fins-Ht in the
���      ���    " KooteoaSf..
,mim:hai. act
Certificate of Improvements
lllimnlli'. i.lsslll.   fli��l I'ltiilH'i'. s'lsssliii'sil", ills.;
'rw..���is viit. IT.1.11..11 iiiii,t'i',iisi..iiii�� . Hints. Ill 111" N.1.0H MIlllllK IMsls.liillill��l'��'
K,st, sdKllll't
Wlsi'iv lorsiloil: mi I'liii'l.'i'iiiisisniislii. i.i'tsvfs'ti
Wil.I    ..i^. nml lls'iss'i rs'S'k..
"ill-  llltll't' SI'S'I I. ���I"1"1 MoUtchlO, i.i Uss' 'Hy
..I ..Iimi, niilng ii-ssKs'isi l��>r JownliHturgoon.
I ,,, Minor'. <'.-silil.-.ssi.- NO. Will', llitrnd.��lxty
,i���.'�� Sam iho il��t" In���'.'" ��J'V<��'" ""'""",'";
i;,.,,,,r,l,.r l���r iffilllfiilfiiol limn' v i'i!"-. Hir
ti,,. purixm "I i.l.ini"liiii frsiwn nriiiils. ill tlie
"iSbS 'lifrtii-r l��ko utsils'f Hint union.iiiisls'i' ����������
ll.'.t. 117, IIIIIM  sslsiliis I llCloni Mis' l.��liiuil's'
olsncliI'prilll bu-uf liiiiirov-me.{t��.
IUI be  iittH   U"J   j>COUUCi   . t   D-UUAJI   ThitOV,
l�� not stated, but logically it ought to,
it it doesn't.
"its penal provisions are made expressly applicable to corporations and
employers,     Under Qie  previous  pruc-
tie the penalty  for  Sabbath-breaking
wub only Imposed upon the net iml perpetrator of the breach. He la not now
porinittd to escape, bttt is liable to n
tine -graded up from $1 to $40; but tor
the employer the punishment Is more
severe, lie may be fined from $20 to
$100, or from $50 to $500 in the ca#e
of a corporation. What is regarded as
tl merit In the law Is Its impartiality.
It exempts no one. The barber nuiHt
not shave, the professional man must
not persist In his profe sion, the farmer must not take advantage of a fine
day to get in his crop In anticipation
of a threatened rain, at least It would
seem that he must not, although possibly this would be declared allowable
under lhe cluuse exempting 'works of
necessity and mercy.' It is true that
maple sugar may be manufactured In
the grove, but Hits Is such a small violation of the principle at stake that it
mny  be overlooked."
Tho Inquirer remarks that If the act
expresses the sentiment of the country
It can bo made effective; but If it does
not, nnd unless a demand for Its enforcement Is urgent and persistent,
It is likely to remain a good deal of
a dead letter.
Regina Shooting Mystery.
Regina, Sask., Aug. 17.���Interest In
yesterday's fatal shooting affair con*
Unties to grow. The police were occupied today ln searching the Qilbert
farm, whero the tragedy occurred, for
the gun with which Barrett Henderson
III, tht'iH-i- suit th W ChSlQI U) tht- point ol
iiimiiii'iH'i'tr.L'ii l,
Dated :.nl August, 1906. LSHLts lltu.
Nuiiri! Is boreby giv.n tbat ti daya after i1��t"
we intend to ttciiiv to tbe HoooraDle tne 'hief
imnm ssi.ii-tT of bands .ni''. Work* for n special
license lo ent mnl carry hwhv iIuiIht from tbe
fdilmving doscrlbetl lands: Omninobotng ut ���
i.ost marked C. P Caldwi'U abont two and one
half miles from the I'oad il'Oirlllo river, on tbe
oast side ol fifteen Mil.- Creek, tiiciuvt-ui ejwina
east, thenco BO t-bfttn*" sonOi, tliemccW fliain*
wist, tboncer\ochains :.-�������� 11���. in pUeeuicoidiii'mi*
Located tbo l--*t dny of August. 1000.
('. !���', llAl.tUVKI.I.,
Hvmiau Reaper, Agent.
Notlre Ik liHn-by gl?��i that 80 dan after dato
I Intoni lo applv iti lho Ilon-trsbio tba Coltl
t.oniinlsidoio-r ol l-rtntli. nn.1 Works for a Rpvcla)
lltitis.- lo rut tuul uirry away timber from ihi-
tollowitin desoribed landsi Cotomauclug h( h
J..I-.1 noirk.'tl I'icil Adit-, Jr., titiout 6ns tuul otit--
ttftlf milt's from month of Pend d'On-Ule rfveron
tlu* t-iist side of Fifteen Mile Brock, iheneoSQ
i-hiilnn north. tlK'iii't- so i-iinins weal, thi'ini- wi
ohaini south, thence w ciinins east to place ot
Located OwWtfi dayol July ICw.
Pssn A ma, Jr., Locator.
Notiee Udieroby BlVon tbal Do din alter dun* i
intend tnaptdy in tbo Iio-��.*rtiilc th-- chtcf i ojn
mlHDlonrr of f-snd" hihI Worka f .r it )u'ihil4t,
oenso (o i-nt mid oarry away timber trom tin* foi
IowIiik described Und-*: Common etna al a posi
nun k.-.l 11. innin lii-itpi'r, al.out two and oiif-iulf
uiiii-s from p. nd d'on-ilh> river, ��h the easl -n)t-
of Kifu-t'ii Mil.* Cyme, thenoo ni chains westi
thenoo Bu -hain* inulb, ilit-nce so cha n-* cast,
UtenQeBO chains north tonlHca-ofcouunencomam,
I-ot-iik-d Hit* 1st day of Annual, liHHI.
]|K)t.M\N Hi;,tI*.:u, Loi-iilor.
Nbttoo Ik hereby tttven tbat, tatrty days alter
ilutf. 1 inirii.l to apply to il..* Iloiiornhlf the
Clni'f i (iniiiiLssl.iuri of 1 itutU and Works for n
RiH't'tal 1 U'l-nsp lo rut and curry awuy tlmher t'nlii
the following dcur'thi-d lauds, sltnalo on Ia-int>ti
creek Iu the district of Wi-st Kontensy: *Cnra-
mcni'liiK ��' a po*t plnn ed on U-mon ere k,
eleven III) mlii-t from Koou-nay 3*kiMtdjntnlii>i
Lot 3M8, niarked "0. W,n ft. K. corner post";
theuee forty (.0) chains wc*>t: thence elyliiv (H )
smith; thvnco forty (4ii) chains east theuce
eighty (HU clialii-. ninth lo point of .-(.niim-inc
ment, corilalnitm ihn-c. hundred ami twenty ..'.Ai)
acres, moreo* lets
Dated thuMUhdayoMnuc, ad., \m\.
BancK Whits.
J. CROW,   -   -   Proprietor
idX Hotel
Itfttes *i mid #1.60 a Dny.
Spf*ciul Ratea bn RhptiIiu* B-fjiwors.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealer, in ntnpl- ninl futicy t.nxtpriPB.
lltilttT.  lOwcs.
i"tiit'|s mi.l Mui"."' Supplit'S.
West Transf et Co.*
-     GEORGE F. MCI'ION. H_n.ir.t.
(H'tit'i's'l Tfl iiistprsi hikI Dftilt'i-s in
tli-nl it.ul Wnti .   Kxt-'i'i'ss tuul *
��� isR)ffiiin l mtist-r
rivii;:.";;;! office: itakcvst.
���_���..     ���jj
vv.  a.   QILLETT
Cun. rti.ltip utiu
Ssslf ssiti'lil (nr tin- I's.rtti llli-isl,siliil,.rri... I.l.l.,
rumll M.l.ls. II. ..ij.li niitl ,lrs- s.-.l liniil.t'r. Iisilss'sl
ws.sk sitisl l.tss.-k.l.. I ...s^t  sstls tin.I slslsstslfs., -stssli,
sin.i ilfttrn.   i'sin..ir.. issss'k ini'! iiniss f.st .ale
AiiIo.iih. i>- itrlinli'r.
V.rslsstssl lu-lnry: Vfiiti.it m. i.n.l ,>r littll.
ISItl.MOIN,   tt. c.
Is"    , Hoi am. ���rcK-pliitno tin.
iNsuiiArs'cE.   Ileal Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest estnlilislied Ti^nl ERtate
l'lisius'.-ss iii Kiisii s.isy.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Fruit Lands in this district.
Moot of it situate uu the West Ann and  Main Lake.   .See ma be-
"fore you dfedidi) tu locate.
Choice Fruit
I Have .0,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frott Lands In
British Colombia.
Cau sell apy quaulity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy uow and get tlie ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Winnipeg Ptirt Arthur
St   PhuI,    Unlnth,    Sinn* Olty
KiuiKiiH City $58,^5. St.. Louis $00.00,
Chit-UK" St'-l 00.
On wilt' itiaort 7-H-i��, StsiiicHiltfsi- 8-10
Finnl limit Ootober .1st.
Torouto .T't.is.v   On wilnBeptenibcr 8 t'-in
Limit KovpiuIrsi' iittth.
Milwankcn H8.90    On sulo AiiKiist 7-8-0,
Limit Ocbober ill st.
Throanh rates nil stations���Oiitnrin.
Qui'b��v, New York, Now Bngland, Maritime E*roviil_6fl nn applii'iitiou.
A.ll.C. ^..Vstttfisliver. D.P.A., Xi-lssnlt.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott, Foel
& Pooltry Co-, Ltd.
:, '"������ '" s'(tlL:;: hi
lis. .' : , ���,i:i,ijil'|"|. ,',.,.
Ij_..ji_i_ili.��' l.'U.__tll_'
% n
1     <��/?'      WI.*I   .*,  HlH^t1-^
Delivcrii'B p!iui*i ili^>* tbroughoiit Nelwn
and its unbnrtm, Vluum MS.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y/
Change of Time
Effective July 22nd
will leave Nel_>ou at H:S0a._mr.
Will arrive nl Nel.sou at 7:3fi p in.
will lcavt' fnr Knsslo at fi ;4R p. in.
will aiTl.'i' nr. It't'lmm at ll: 10 a. in.
Cily I*iifi��eiij{or Agent.
A ll. I'. A., Hi-ntlle.
The Latest Modem Appliances
now in use at this
Anil   OsKI_IVI_WHt> l-'HIIls!
Baker Streetl     -    NELSON!
For E-roryMiiu^ Go.k|
to Smoke , j
Ip ported and Domestic C-gafs(lTo^|cco5.
h\) You know TIunniAii's Spf- ul Btxlifre?      ,
ft f
The Daily Canadian
���������������������������********** ********
'The Store of Sweets."
Dtiffy    |
I'ruits, Confeitionery and
let Cream.
Phone 88. Baker Bt.
: 35 Cents a Bottle ���
���   The finest uon-alcobolic   *
*   beverage and stimulant   ���
| Bell Tradingj
|        Company       ���
X *
******** *********** ******* V
4to4 Tip" for a
"Canadian Morning."
Kootenay Coffee
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want tn buy tsr si' ii anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A now
line of Japanese Goods now on stile. Al1
kinds ot Dlnnerware in stock. Pat
C..)-. V_.ri.on antl Ward  .Sti-uels.,
INKl.SO!\,   B. C.
,1   PKED HUMS, Proprietor,
R j. Work, Hamilton; W. M Onnllffe,
Russian-.; Mrs. ,1. W. Williams, New
Denvt'i-; C \V Bourke, Olnbb's Landing;
.1 E McNanghton, .1 Small, D K Srit-11.
,1. Monroe, Vancouver; A. ii. Aimdie,
Oalgary; 0 M. Totnldn, London; E. E.
Kt-rninii, Buffalo; W. B Willoughby,
Muosejaw : W. Springer, T. E. Hudson.
s H (trs-s-n. Spokane; P. H. Burunaui.
lirand Fssikts; D. t. Davie, W. T. Miller,
Toronto; J K. Lockhart and wife, Peni-
Ijisik.-, Out
R. H. Stewart, R. R. Corniack, Ros..-
Imul; .1. W. Turn-nil, Trait; W. T. Uiik-
nisun, Kansas; E. It, Vi ataon, Spokant-;
K P. Sternberg, .1, H. Hewson (Toronto;
11 T Huiiii-r tuul Kurse, Grand Porks.
Mrs.  .1. L. Fitch, Alnsworth; P. O-
Nelll, Spokane; (J. AI Anderson, Kftslsi;
U L, Csspp. Tumi Luke; L. W. Baun. tt,
W    Pi'ts'is,   W. A.   Ureig,   Kootenay
Liu dldu; .1   Waipier, R. Mctlabe, Vic-
toiiii; \V Hill, Greenwood.
M. Brown, Erie; R. J. Conger, Grand
Fork*; P. Pollard, Salmo; J. Baker, Slo-
i-iin. s Morton, Vancouver; P. Pinche ,
Wesl Lake,
1.. Ait'Vicar, Erie; R. Snelllng,  B, V.
���Icliis's,,  Ynilr;  W. T. Hawneu,  vVaneUi,
i. i stland, Bpokane j L. 0 MoRoberls,
J.susismi; o. W. Coulter, Toronto.
K >i'wliurn. ,1. Newhorn, Garrard; R.
H. I'sis'tlingttiu, ttianite; Mrs. Uoaoher,
..'.   i in ily, England; C. A. Badly. Mel-
.1. Biiytl, Sproule creek; P. ]���'. Poultuu,
(Inutile; W. .1. Eastman and wife, Km-h
Sisling; 14. Harris, Gutelius; J. W. Saunders  Colfax.
P. Lori'iif/.tT, Kausus; N. D. Stewart.
Sandon; L. Neselovitz, China Creek; B.
Shitiv, Oeer Park; J Larson, Spokane;
!���'. ICdwartls, Waverley; Cl. Moore, Crun-
brook; A. Berg, Lewistou.
i huv.- dJipoied nf inv interoil in tin- Kootena*
cuitin Laundry i<> a. j-arten, who wltimreit
claims attlnil tin- Arm I fan do longer I*- Mid
reipuniible for tin* obllgttioni ot tin- firm.
WM. 1. 8PBV.
Gait Coal
Terms, .pal <:smli
it-i-'i.tii.i'f ,.is' Utter Htrwt
THK KXC-LUmVE privilege of telling r.-.r.-oh
in.���nt'. ..n ti,.- soclety'igroundi >turinK the Fall
Fair, September 19 va it. No -pjritiK.u* liquor*
allowed Tbe IiikIhm nr auj tendai nut nteet
ratUj accepted, a certified cheque for lull
mn.unit to accompany each lender   addr.rin
Ii  C. .MiMuitM*, Sfi-rt'lnrv,
N��-t-..ti Agricultural and Industrial Ass,K:ution
Nelaon, hi'. Augum tt, ittui.
ITT AGE nf ��� (.. rooms, litmutlfiillv Alt uhIc-J nn
louble corneri nice lawn and mine fruit: tfiOh
U, Imltitii-i' ax nut.   t'nriiiT StanlfV ntnl ut.
-..TViitiiiy itreeu
TIIK OKKIC-K SALUON,  Haker street.   Apply in
t'|..rk -iThcimi-.nl).
���feet | seven rooma l nil ImproremenU.  Term
apply to K f. Winkler, owner.
ROOM   Front bedroom in nice cottage, mi Mill
Mien, nenr Josephine,  Ba!table for two gen.
ti. iii.n; referenoea required.  Apply Canadian
ROOM   i^irne fronl roomi all convetilencea, Ail
dreaa Dally Canadian,
As till tlit1 wires i*ust nf Winnipeg tire
down today no metal quotations buye been
Mr-i. J a Honeyman and Uiu Honey-
man leave fur Uu* coast tomorrow night
fur u visit.
Miu Beatrice Ir u iu it-nvrs for the cou.sr
via *?pi)k)ine tomorrow mointng to ftpeud
tbroi- wot'ks' vaoatiou
Dr [Jeudersnti. ��f Aberdeeu Soutluud,
is gpendlug ii fow dnyB at tin* i:tu*t ut
Re.   .1  T, KergOMin,
Mr F Starkey nud dang.rer leave fur
KosAlnnd tguiorrov. uioiulug to -frpend a
few d��ys visitIng^riond-a
In- A 1' UcDurmid ..I Brandon, Ih m
(x-iini to arrive m this city tomorrow on
the Kuskauutk, nod will preocb in the
Baptist ibuii-liiiii anuday^evenig
Tbe regular monthly meeting of the
board of school trustees will be held
this evening at *��� in the office of tbe
secratary. Dr.  E. C. Arthur.
'I be lnunri) party given nt Willow Poini
yrst.Tdar i.y the ladies of the Women**
Auxiliary uf St Suviour's eburch \wi-
very well attended and urcrsafnl in every
way Tie- li<dn> desire to thank nil who
assi.-ted them.
'Iheauntud picnic of Si Paul's oumm-
school was held yesterday afternoon at
ihe trnniwuy piu'k. Thei.* wns a verj*
l.*ir,ye attendance of cbUdreu, /�������� whom
laoncbea aud row Ixmts were provided.
George Horstead, assistant to Secretary McMorris, fs installed in tbe Fair
offices on Baker street today. The office will be devoted exclusively to Fair
business and will be a bureau of In
formation for exhibitors.
i.- -^ WnihJei, ujM.'Ht manager of the
L'tinadhiu OU Compuny, bas i.een transferred r��. the coast and will take tip h s
residence iu Vancouver un Sept. 1st. He
kVill l��e suiveeded in Nelson by mi up*
p liutee from the east, but has not be* n
Iuformed yet who ii uni be.
Henry A. Herrmann and Amelia Beavis,
of ukMmih'iui. wen* united in martiugr
^xlay at the home of the pttnni.
in Kairview, 'J'l.e marriage took place ut
ll o'clock thi?, morning aud the cerehiouy
Wis performed by liev. K. 11. Shanks,
pn.-tor of tin- Bukti-it cliurch
W. B. Willoughby, barrister, of
Moose Jaw, Sask., Is-in the ctty, having arrived by the Crow boat last night*
He is full of the energetic development
which is taking place in the province
In which he lives. Speaking of the
Americanization of the Canadian West,
which many profess to fear, with many
of whom the wish is father to the
thought) he says there is not the least
danger. Those who are coming in
from the I'nited States are accepting
existing conditions most loyally and
heartily. Mr. Willoughby is off for a
holiday and leaves for the coast to
night or tomorrow night.
The Store of Quality
We want to clear it out as we haven't
room for a large shipment coming in,
and to do so we will sell it at
$M5 Per Sack
Every sack guaranteed or money refunded.
UHiiMs TO i.kt Nicely furnished and clean Iv
kepi ..mm* for steady eneatanr tranileitts. .\i.
ply Ura. MrLaugMln.owPlerre'a tailor shop.
linker street.
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phone in
U) BIBK, nl onr*- Iur work in tin- froodi.   Aj.ply
In W. K. Cinitki'. "���nvruill. l.n-ln
J.AhV STKSOIIKAI'IIKK fur pnnltluii In rniinirv,
family.     Apply
Ouml  Imiue  Willi  eiiipluyi-
l>d\ W..I'Himrlliiui'inn
[tINQ���One Jane peral centre -wltti Jimiioini eitiA
ter, between Hall si. and i.ui.'-iii,- park, ne
ward offered-   Keiuru m ('nuadlau ufflet*.
For Quick Sale
4 Room luniislipd lumse
in K"od locality!, 11 ;ir car
Timber and fruit lunds
in all directions.
Now is llie time to get
I have a quantity  of
Pure West India Lime
Fruit Juice
which must be sold
before the hot weather
is over.
35c per Quart Bottle
C A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine His.
This is the season for
Watermelons. We
have them in .ill sizes
and prices.
Love Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
Now, as llio season Is closing, nnil I will
see lhat your order Is filled wllh the
best fruit to be had al llie lowest market   [irice.
Ha.l.wood Ice Cream
I'hoiie 2<>l).
Thompson & Douglas
oAi.vniws mm.i
.sli." Writing ii Specialty.
Wuii Peiparand Burlap*
}* A. IRVING & CO.
Telephone III.
Wi* -have juat reoelved the  following
lie .v Bubjeotfl:
Bonnington Falls.
Hlm vi nu' Hpprr nn-1 liiui-r full's.
Launching of the Kuskanook.
Moonlight on Kootenay Lake.
Also a i ew supply "i bird's Bye views
of Nelsou.
Bread    5 J
Boards   !d.S
Only 25 Cents Each
These are tin* aioett ponds ever
ibown, The wikm! is perfect;
the pattern! the liit**st und the
prices awuy down. Drop in
nml see ai nr miiil ns your order
Nelson Hardware Co.
NELSON, 11 0.
W. G. Thomson
_&������" *"" Nelson, li. C.
PhpiM .1-4.
Will Conclude Sittings and Make Inter-
eating  Report.
(Special 10 The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, B. ('., Axtf. 17.���Prof. Prince,
I't.'sinittin nf tbe l-'iiihi'ris't OoqiiiiIbbIou, in
an interview tnrltiy sity��: "Recently the
matter of ths- remisatoo of the [Mill tax nf
Isino on Chinese laborers wns brought to
th'(itteiitioii nf the OiiiiiniiKsinii. bnt i h
this matter is not loolnded In the soope of
the instructiiins issnetl to the ('oinniission
hy the government it is probable thnt it
will not lie considered. A derision in this
re(n.rd will be reached nt the ni'> t meeting.
"The work of theCotiiinission willoon-
elurle lifts r the intenintionnl sittinj s
Which nre soon to tstke pints-. There s
every reason to think that the OnminiB.
sinners' report n|ittrt from the rerotnmi n-
thitioiis nmi suggested new regnlntlnni,
will Ik' extremely InterBStingasn vnlnable
document nn ncoonpt nf the liirm- ntennnt
of Information it will contain, in this re-
port, for the fimtl'te, lhe West Coast
hikI Northern llrllish Cs.lniiihln Usher;
reaonrces will !����� thnimghly ilescrlbed
nnd tletnilt of ihs- winilllinlis isnd s.s -sibi-
lities of th.'s.' tish"ii"s will be present--.1
(/,( sip t/liin
Wth.", .'Ai diuiinii spirits in UiliijM
DlO vou Wnow
thai ttss- drlakiserved stoarSods Foaulala
iiH.i tonic properties pestdos retreshlngl
Wt-ti'i-sstiij- ri'isl frsitt syrups, ol tlitsiliii.i
sismllty       F.'.intHtn, i-olintiT, glasses stls.l
reosptaeles sirs   kept sornpnlonsly olesn
Hnk-rHlri't-t, Nelnnu. P. 0.
At the North Pole Next.
Chicago, Autr. 17.���Chief of police ('ol-
1 ns todny s lid thnt ho exp'-rts to receive
word nny minute ��>f tbe arrest nt Mobile
Alabama, of Paul (> sii-nsland, the fn^i-
tlve president of the MllwanJ.ee Avenoe
State bank of OW -ago
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.       ,
SloOfU)   train���On   time,
('nasi, f_.tiiinii.ti-y  und Kimaland  trail
���On time.
Men Who Are Posted
Say We've the
Best Clothing
in Town.
Ask any of  the   good
reasers you   meet witli.
I ; You'll find  that they al-
/     ways favor this store.
' *'"��   j     Any   particularly nice
thing you want to wear
you'll be apt to find here.    It will be right too,
We have the remedy  11
^tl��n.   We guarantee %1
isfy you, .f ym, givensa*
Consultation Free.   A Visit Solin.
J. J. WALKER, (gain
M \M'K*i'-l,KKKft OP   NIK tKAWKiHtl
'""    Repairing and jobbing a SptdJ
SI Iiui-IhI Wnrk, I'lihiiiiKH. niiiltli'rs' Mitiiriiil antl Mi lis ssf ttitil Mill ym..
iilliitt nml Worki KsksI nt Purk St.
Ptittlttf    _tsl.
&/*��� Kootenay Agent.
v,v#>        Limited. Winnipeg,
WhOl^aOIS  l *>���< >\'l_i!i��n��.
I 'niiluc.,
Dominion GovermneDt On*vaery OoB-Poand Rriftt. reo-tved weekt-jMB
frisiit Hits s'lturi.    For sale by nil iMdlog Krus'sTit.
OflOcfi mid wiirt-hniisf: I lntis.lt m Hltx-k,   I'litini'7!i
Josephine Street. ��� Nelson. B. C.
Don't Forget
It your furnace in shape to start the winter with?    If not
is the time to have it repaired.
J. E Ashdown Hardware Co., 1U|
PLBASH NOTD���We will not bo responsible for any furimre u'liiartape'
hy Orlnb'T Jat, linn;.
I. L-|.,.i, it.K mid .I..-..il.,ti ntoutsd witli liosspiitvii.  8h--t Mit"' \
Work. Mint,ik unci Mill Maohln^ry.      .Mi.Miilnc't isi-ui-m ol
(.re  Cf.t-M.  IV.   IV.   Cssstti-tiLliti-H'   Cui~m.
INEUSOfN,    H.  C.
���^?i?^(co*:J.V i   x*-''''.''���''���?" -",*-."'���'���>    "$\'-    1
Just Arrived!
A large shipment ul
Hart, Scbaffier & Marx's 11
Ijiti'tsl  l'liltcnm,  Liiti'Bt Siylt'st, nml All (IihkIh Qaarantei
and dealers in Lumber, Shingles,
Utith, Moulding*.*, Doors, Wlndovvj*.
IHriittU Work unci llni.kctN.
Hail Order- prompt'-, iiii".1"1'"
-   Msl.HIIN. M. -S.
SMALL COTTAGE on two lots, on Rote��t��J
Garden in excellent shape and planted with vef?
tables. For tjuick sale will dispose of sat_e '"r
$700.00, part cast, balance on easy term*
McDermid & McHafdy
Our HltK'k of HAND  SAWS i-  W '���"'"I*"''
inilitiiiiiKgrniltss in���i,ii.ni) redntr-uj.ut-,
If .yttti wish it low prirswl IftW w�� I'lin ����l'lll-v >'m
iiIkii tsurry the Ih.��i .|iinlitii>H iniiilu hy
CoY I*
���i ���


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