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The Daily Canadian Aug 9, 1906

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 _lje  EUtUy   _anahian
���mk I.   Ns>. 57.
Fifty Cents a Month,
in Suiiiital From liily
Necessity of Curtailing Use
Water in Interest of Safety
From Conflagration.
11.liny n goiiB sounded
rlre ball, indicating thai
i tins city reservoir bau
sin   danger  level.
 g and the automatic device
II were luHlalletl a Tew
Hsu, stiii r several years of agl-
l���r ii In tbe council by Alder-
water supply has beeu
.Meet nl exbaiiHtivi! discussion
iimcil on many occasluus.
s been agreed that the order oi
nets sst llss' various callB on tbe
lie ��ti|ipl!' of water ls: Plrst,
TOleclloo; Bocond, necesary dome, drinking, cooking ana
ig; i-irsl, power for city light-
[After tin Be come the water for
; iad lawns, and for the op-
si( Baler motors for Industrial
id n
i lost rail, In order of the lime
[ it was sanctioned, ls the water
Iniuiug motors.    Each penult for
D   al     tn ssf a motor and grant
Jut for ii. has been accompanied
uxruemebi  to the elleei
I In- supply may be cut off within any case of emergency
lis sen!   lite  city  authorities  do-
Itli.st   Use   SIVallable   supply   of   stil-
t" ��� !s>'    Justify    continuance of
I use.
nn ibis morning Indicates
dial condition has now devel-
lhal Un- supply ot waler In the
is uo longer sufficient lo
II ihs- demands upon It. and
Iforo thai ssniie chaunel of tv.ncr
mllture iinist be cut off at i_co
Bs Hie city Ib prepared to tlsk
chances ssl a conflagration wllh
ruff, lenl water to fight It.
Herman Seisms ban Bteadlly op
" Hie granting of water 'or mo-
wi llss- ground that It Ib est ib-
kind of vested right and an
Increased when lhe city Is in the
el with electric power, but even
(,ii 'le' ground that their opor-
la ss Standing menace to tho
"i ihs- property by keeping the
of water always neaT the dan-
"liter members of the council,
iiartly conceding the force or
''iin Seii'ns' arguments, havo
.'real reluctance to curtail the
i water for motors nnd have
dedly postponed Ihe decision as
B policy to be followed when the
[er plant Ib completed.
prebleni.  one  of  the  most  lm-
tanl eonfrontlug the city, must
!'" faced. It Is patent that the
1 water musl. be curtailed. The
probably lies between stopping
i'tors nnd prohibiting or greatly
'"nc the use of water for lawn"
The  American Peril.
Petersburg,   Aug.   9.���The   Nova
p|aya   prints  a   report   that   nt   the
'rational    American    conference
��  I's'lng lutld  at Illo de Janeiro, a
1 t  lbe   United  Slates  aiming
isiaiillshlng a hegemony in Arer-
raises the cry or "The American
''"���' and predlctB Hint "the time Ib
11 ii distant when the Slav, Ger-
11,1 :il||i Latin races of Europe will
""i"'   united    ror    self-protection
    tho  combination ol Greater
""l"������!. Greater Britain and Greater
The Fool and His Gun.
hielph, Ont., Aug. 9.���The coro-
'" im'}' here yesterday returned an
"h veniiti I,, the ense of Bertlina
"���'"���cliluinimer of Erin, who wua shot
11,1 killed  by  Pater Wilson,  a young
1 1'ln.iii.     The    evidence    adduced
'" I" show Unit the shooting was
''denial anil that there was no miil-
"" ""' part of the licensed toward
'iieiiii girl or nny member of ber
To Be  Compromised.
Mnlrl.l.  Aug, >i.-.-Tho cnblnel   today
1 ki'-I  the   proiesi   nl'    the    papal
1   ; alnsi   governments  denying
; of the clergy lo refuse bur-
msecrated groiuid    to    those
"hder   civil   law.     II   wns   de-
"ie   ministers ta   maintain
"""'Hy.    During    ,|���.    iitmmoa  ������.
'";''�����<������'��� or Justice, Counl Roma-ones,
11" >����1  his  resignation, to  as to
give  tne  governi i    free    hand.
,""��� ""I"'1" I:""'' inforn  the minis
''   "'   J"",k'"  Ihs  had  applied  to
","  r<"' auihi.iiis  to negotiate wuh
He  Spanish  governmenl    with    the
view of arriving ai a compromise.
Will   Meet  Worthy  Foemen   In  Vlcto-
lorla  In  Coast Tournament.
The plans or Ihe Nelson Cricket
club for their excursion lo Victoria
and participation there In the coast
orloket tournament, win take definite
form tomorrow, since the iisi ol
available players was published Al.
TreglUus has promised to Join and C
T. Partington has declined,
As a sample ol whai the local club
has in meet at tbe capital is appended
ibe score made by Victoria In a match
.viih Tacoma, which the former won
bi 2nl runs ami 0 wickets. .1. ('.
Barnacle, captain and top scorer ot
ilu- Victoria team, is well known in
Nelson, having resided for some Urns
ai Bonnington,
Tin-   Victoria  SCOT a  were:
i   it   ii. Warden, b Cameron   u
x. .1. I). York, ii Cameron  .(]
I.   s. V. York. Iliw. li Patullc  12
Baker, c McPherson, t> (Mark  22
T   11. Tye, not out   r,x
1   c. BarnaolOt not ont    x-t
KKlras    11
-Sllytit Increase in Price
of Lumber
1    ,     's'   niiliislers   to   nuilninin
1' ' '���'   tho  rlghlH of lhe civil all-
Good   Progress   Being   Made   Around
Lima  Harbor for Establishment
of  Northern  Terminal  City.
A oorrespondenl at Prince Rupert,
the western terminus of the G. T. P.,
writes: "The G. T. it. terminal clly,
Prince Rupert, destined lu be lho
model city of the continent, is forging
ahead. Already big freight and past-tiger Isoais have tied up al her
duck, Jusl completed, and unloaded
their freight. Two or three boats
have run excursiou parlies up from
Port Bssington and Port Simpson,
and sine 011 lhe lirst or .Inly hud an
Indian   brass   baud  In  aitendauce.
A most bcnuiltul stretch ol waler Is
rucks inlet, or. properly speaking,
Lima harbbr, on which Prince Rupert
is situaied, but though its scenic
beauty   Ib   perfect,  lis   value  from   a
is sordid standpoint l�� even great
s-r. It Ib seven miles luug ami iwo
miles wide, and almost entirely lieu
from rocks. Thus nny number or
ocean liners will be able to ply np
and down It. Along the shore of
Kai-en islansl the water is very deep,
almost thirty feet at low tide. This
greatly facilitates the building ot
wharves, as they need only a very
short upproach.
Two miles down past the townsite
al Seal harbor, a large sawmill for
lhe llriilsh Columbia Tie & Lumber
company ls being rapidly pushed forward, lis owners expect to fill an
order for the 0. T. P. for 500,1100 ties
In the next few months. These, ol
course, win be used in construction
Irom Ibis end, where It ls confidently
expected track laying will be started
in the spring. A party of surveyors
are locating the li"'' Irom Prince Kit-
pert Inland, to meet the parties coming west. They have already packed
their camp and moved on out of
sight. The waters of the harbor are
being surveyed awl sounded by a gov
arnment party lu charge of Mr.
I lodge. A great number of men under Chief Engineer Plllshury. divided
into parlies, are surveying the mainland unsl Kai-en Island, At Prince
Rupert there are as yet only a number of tents, a shack and a wharf.
They are clearing quite rapidly and
are well on with a large offloe building, which, with some more shacks,
they expect ti) complete within a lew
weeks TJ_e 0. T. P. headquarters
now nt Metlnkalla will Ihen be transferred  to  Prince Rupert
Aii immense rush of people up the
Coast   Is expected aa sison as Ills' Isswn
is laid out. Already a number of capitalists from the United ptatts have
lieen turned away who have some to
open up sugar refineries, breweries,
apartment houses and other money-
making enterprises, Any number or
prospectors are hanging around doing odd Jobs, so as to lie 111 tin the
ground floor, Many may think that
there 01111 be no town near here unH
the railroad is completed, bul it win
be an Importanl seaport almost nt
once. .  .,
Next siinunor may see 11 lino M U,
T P freight and passenger boats to
compel e for Ihe Yukon anil coast
trade against the 0, P. R.. "'" '�� "
few years si line will be running t��
t'hlnii and Japan��� Toronto Mall and
ArtlBta Must Refrain.
London. Aug. 9.���the president of
the divorce court today announced
thai ihe court had decided hereaftet
ihai newspaper artists shall nol be
allowed to make sketches In conn. U
the practice wns embarrassing to un
prejudiced witnesses, ami because n
was not In thei public Interesi pic-
loi'lally to draw attention to divorce
Secretary of Mountain Association
Gives Reason for Move- Forced
by General Conditions.
Tlie Mountain Lumbermen's association decided yesterday afternoon,
just before adjournment of their
monthly meeting, to make m slight
advance of (1 per 1000 feet ln the
price  of  eisiiiiiiiiii   lumber.
Seen this morning. O, P. Wells, secretary of the association, explained
Unit, while prices on delivery vary
Willi the distance from HrillBh Columbia, of Individual shipping points,
the average Increase would not
amount to 5 per cent.
The lumbermen have all along contended that the Belting prices wero
too low, and left too small a margin
of profit for the millmen under tbe
most favorable circumstances, while
the rising scale of wages and cost ot
supplies threatened at any time to
convert the small profit Into an actual loss. The small advance ls intended aa a safeguard against sucn
a  contingency.
The resolution to Increase the rate
has been delayed for nearly a year,
owing to the reluctance of many
members ot the association to even
seem to be doing anything to retard
the settlement of the new provinces
by Imposing any unnecessary burdens
upon lhe settlers.
Mr. Wells added: "The price ia
still far below what American farmers Just across the line are paying
for lumber, and several dollars a
thousand less than lhe coast lumber-
men are charging. That is, the Western farmers are still getting, and will
continue to get, their lumber cheaper
than any others In the  West
"Besides, the advance, small as It
is, will not take effect in most cases
for several months. All our mills are
woiklug overtime on back orders,
which will of course be filled at the
old price.
"There may be complaints in some
quarters, chiefly from newspapers, 1
fancy. There is certainly no ground
for the complaint. A much greater
increase would have been amply Jus
titled by the condition of tbe market,
and would still have retained for the
association's customer, the cheapest
Western market."
Construction   of   Railroad  to   Crawforo
Bay   Will   Begin   Soon.
\v. S, iin wry, p. I., s.. sti Mew Dourer, arrived In tbe city lust uight
from Crawford Bay, where he has
been for some time surveying a road
or 1 0 McOoldrtck Lumber company
trom the timber liniiis to the lako
Mr.  Drewry'a task is finished ami
.1 line has bet it laid out 11 1-2 mllei
in length, with an average grade ol
.ilsi.in .! per cent, and with no curve
nl more tha. HI degrees. A tolal
elevation of 1100 feet hud to be overcome, necessitating 11 1-2 miles in
length Instead of nine,
The country, Mr. I Howry says,
while rugged; presents no great dim
s'liiiies or construction.
11 is understood thai the construe
Hon ot the road is already arranged
'or and will be commenced without
well dressed, with blonde hair, waB
found   Iu   the   underbrush    In    Santa
Monica canyon, fu mile jabove Port
Lob Angeles, yesterday. The girl
had been dead ul least a month It
Is probable that she was murdered,
as there is u bullet hole through  tbe
head. No wuapoil was found anywhere near lhe body.
Japanese Uninf rnied.
ToklO, Aug. 9.���Tlie Japanese gov
emment does not yet possea nny details of the Aleutian seal poachers Incident and is not therefore In n position to express Us views. Tlte news
ia generally received with regret nnd
the hope Is expressed thnt no unpleasant   complications   will   develop.
Rise  In  Silver.
Washington, D, ('.. Aug. 9.���11 Ib
announced at the treasury depart-
nietil today that the purchase of silver bunion for subsidy coinage would
be resumed. Tlie purchase will be
made on Wednesday, beginning on
the 15th, About 100,000 ounces of sliver  will  be   required  each   week.
Thrilling     Experience    of    a    Gran-
Forks Fisherman.
(Special to Dally Canadlnn.)
Grand Forks, Aug. 9.���W. J. Penrose, one of lbe proprietors t.f lbe
Lion Mult ling works, hats Just returned from 11 fishing excursion up the
Nortii Fork, where he Imd a most
thrilling experience, neurly losing bin
life by being chased by a big alto
bear nrnd her cubs. It appcurs that
s\lr. Penrose got separated from the
rsst of the party and waa having ex-
(-optionally good luck In'-catching a
tine siring ol' rlsh when,all at once
there appeared close to him an immense brown bear, arid, following
close at her heels, were two smaller
bears. They headed directly for the
(right'nod flBhertnan. who at once
made good his retreat through the
Umber and underbrush on the North
Pork  river.    The hears, however, nev-
I deviated In the least and kept
rlghl after their vitttini. who waa now
regarding the situation In a most se-
-Ions light. Fortunately, Mr. Penrose
is a runner of ninsi enviable reputation In the Boundary district, and
a'iib able to keep ahead ot bis bloodthirsty pursuers, bin finding that the
iinrs had no Intention of quitting the
has? .ml  a happy thuught occurring
to the fleeing fisherman, he luckily
dropped his fine string of trout, which
���icied like a charm In stopping the
hears, which at onre started to feast
on the fish, and enabled Mr. Penrose
10 make good his eBcape. It seems
that the bent- had been attracted hy
'he rmell of the fresh fish, which
they really wanted more than the pro-
nrletor of the ho'tllng works, who
really thought that his final hour had
II lasi enme.
In t'.ie o'd concert hall, right in the
tidst of Ihe saloon disiriei nf Ihe
citv, on Rlvi r Ide avenue, a 8alvn-
hn Arnsv lKadqiinrt"i-8 has been
������toned anil Is ln charg,- of Captain
Otinife. formerly of ihe Vancouver
'letiittin srl'-rs.      He     Is,    assisted   by
11 ul mint'. Phatterson and Crosmnn.
The,- are drawing good crowds and it
Is understood Uiey will remain here
A Brilliant Anniversary.
Rime. Aug. B.���There was a brilli
ml celebration In lhe Slstino chapel
of the Vatican today of the third anniversary of the coronation of Pope
Pius X. Cardinal Merry del Vnl. the
papal secretary of state." celebrated
suass ln the presence of the pontiff,
the cardinals and bishops, diplomats
ind members of the nobility.
Canada Bowlers Win.
Toronto, Aug. 9.���The long serlee
of successful victories won by the
nrlllsh bowlers In Canada was broken on Victoria lawn yesterday, when
the Victoria and Three Thistles rinks
defeated the famous old country players by seven shots.
A  Sad Ending.
Santa  Monica,  Cal.,    Aug.    8.���The
unidentified body of a young woman,
Captain of Steamer Princess Victoria,
Which  Ran  Down Chehalis, Up
for Trial  at  Fall  Aslzes.
I Special to the Dally Canadian.)
Vancouver, 11. 0., Aug. II.���For the
present the charge against Captain
Griffin, who wns In charge of the
Princess Victoria, which ran down
the lug ChOhallS In the Vancouver
Narrows. Is over. The captain wub
charged under the criminal code
wiili manslaughter, and after 11 .lot ol
legal sparring between counsel for
prosecution and defense Magistrate
Williams litis morning committed the
captain to stand his trial at the tall
assizes. The magistrate expressed the
opinion that the evidence before him
slid not warrant a conviction, bul It
was his unpleasant duty to send Griffin up for trial at a higher court. Under the action of the court this morning Griffin cannot elect for speedy
There Is a possibility that no lull let ment may he preferred against
Captain (irlKins, ns the feeling Is
pretty strong here thai there was no
neg.lgence or misconduct on his part.
He waB released un ball being provided of $5000.
A Woolly Fortune.
Helena, Mont., Aug. 9.���The largest
Individual wool clip ever grown on
the American continent was shipped
yesterday from Hillings, In this state,
over the Hurllngton railway to as Hob-
ton wool firm. The clip weighed 1,-
600,000 pounds nnd 44 enra were required to carry It. The owner refused
1111 offer ot 24 cents a pound for the
Portland Cement Company
Burnt Out
Defective  Baring Starts  Blaze-
Firemen Helpless From Lack
ol  Water.
Calgary, Alts., Aug. 9.���The most
disastrous fire ever Buffered by Calgary occurred at 10:30 last night,
when the immense buildings of the
Alberta Portland Cement company,
located |ust east of the city limits,
were burned to the ground.
The buildings burned were 400 feet
by 200 feet and 200 feet by 100 feet,
and were only completed recently at
a cost of $100,000.
All th^ heavy machinery recently
brought from England, Germany and
the United States and valued at some
$176,000 that was In the plant, was
burned, but R. P. Butchard, general
manager of the company, thinks that,
owing to tile heavy nature of their
construction, they will be but slightly damaged. He places tbe company's
loss at $100,000, exclusive ot the $38-
000 insurance carried.
The fire is supposed lo have started from a defective bearing ln the
shafting of the main building. The
firemen were unable to offer any assistance, owing to the great distance
of the plant from the city water main.
The company commenced the manufacturing of cement only ten days
Quiet Is Now Restored and Confidence
St. Petersburg, Aug. 9.���The morning papers report that 700 persons
have been killed or wounded during
lenewed fighting between Tartars and
Armenians In the Shasha district or
St. Petersburg. Aug. 9.���In view ot
the improvement In the Bltuation here
a number of guard regiments have already returned to their summer camp
at Tsarkoeselo. The emperor has arranged to go there on Saturday and
spend five days. The empreBB* yacht
Alexandra, which has been under repairs for two years, steamed to Peterhof last night, leading to tbe ben 1
that the Imperia' family will soon make
their postponed visit to Finnish waters.
Court circles are greatly relieved by
the prospect of a period of calm,
which will give the government an opportunity to inaugurate its program.
Moscow. Aug. 9���The resumption ot
work was complete today, but arrests
Of agitators and chiefs of workmen's
organizations continue. Many of the
more active of the workmen have been
expelled from the city.
Riga, Russia. Aug. 9.���Police patrols
guarding the railroad were f I red upon
rrom ambush yesterday. One man was
killed and one was wounded.
Numbers   of   Teachers    From   United
Kingdom  Will  Storm  America.
London, Aug. 9.���Thousands of ap
plications are being made by teach
era In all parts of the United King
siom to lake part in the excursions to
America b ing arranged for the coming fall and winter. The offices ol
Alfred sMosely .who is making the ar
rangements at this end, nre daily besieged with applicants. Unfortunately only comparatively few of (hose
who desire to go can be Accepted
About fsOO teachers, representing ev
cry class, from the kindergarten In
tstructors to the professors of Eng
Innd's greatest universities, will lie
Included in the tours.
The first party, numbering about
30, will sail for America on November 30, ant] from then until tho entl
ot March similar parties will sail
weekly. While Mr. Mosely Is looking
after the preliminary arrnngem-.-nts
here, Or .Maxwell, superintendent of
public schools of Greater New York,
nnd President Nicholas Murray Mut-
Ier of Columbia university, nre arranging for the reception and tours
of the visitors
camp were taken violently ill but will
recover. Deceasesl wsb agesl 2H, and
was a son of Rev. T. T. Smith, llkley,
Yorkshire, Eng. He had served with
receiving the title of major. He stud-
distinction In the South African war,
led medicine for three years ln Ca-n
Again   Show   Substantial    Profits   on
the Week's  Operations.
Poison in the Case.
Winnipeg, Man., Aug. 8.���The body
of Herbert J. Smith has been brought
to Vermillion, Alta. He died after eating canned salmon in a railway construction camp, 40 miles south of
there.    Three  other  memberB of  the
Tbe city tramway continues to earn
profits. The figures for lasi wees
were 4441 pasengera carried and
$210.50 receipts. Tbe figures tor uie
corresponding week of lusl year were
sll 11; paaengers and (I s.s.55, one of
the besl week's returns of last year.
The receipts lor this year lo date are
0050.85, against 5..7H.5S to the same
date of 1806.
The asverage number of passengers
carried daily last week was 03, due
partly to the presence of tourists- in
the city, but probubsy still more to
the fact that the people of Nelson
are developing the car habit.
While the ordinary receipts from
passengers are Increasing steadily,
and good retuniB are being made
trom the parcel delivery service, a
rurther not Inconsiderable revenue,
and one which does not show in tbe
returns, is derived Irom the sale of
advertising space Inside and outside
the cars.
Directors  of  Chicago   Bank   Will   Be
Held   Responsible  for   President's   Looting.
Chicago, Aug. 9.���The Tribune today says:
Henry W. Herring, cashier of the
Milwaukee Avenue State bank, looted
by Paul O. Stensland of over $1,000,-
U00, Is in Chicago. He has not been
out of Chicago since Monday morning. Herring Bays he will give himself up at once loday, and is absolutely sure he can show to the satisfaction of every one that he had uo
part in robbing the 2,200 depositors
uf the wrecked institution.
Chicago, Aug. 9.���Evidence which
muy lead to lhe prosecution of tile directors for responsibility for President SlenBland's dclaslscaiion was
among the general developments yes-
nue Stale bank. It is asserted that
Ihey neglected lo enforce even ordinary precautions, sucn aB should have
made impossible Stenslund's operas-
lions in fictitious papers. Stensland
was never required to account for
the vast amount of money which apparently was being borrowed by small
tradesmen ln ib,e neighborhood, and
by small depositors in the bank. The
responsibility of the directors ls declared to be nothing short of criminal and will be made the subjest of
an Investigation by the grand jury. It
Ib expected that evidence will be laid
before States Attorney Healy as
soon as receiver Pettier and Bank
Examiner Jones can complete their
Crops In  the   Middle   States.
New York, Aug. 9.���W. C. Hrown,
vice president of the New York Cet��
tral railroad system, returned recently from a journey of moro than 3000
miles through the Middle West, un
dertaken with the object of ascertain
lug the actual'crop situation. He vis-
lied Illinois, Missouri and Iowa, und
has prepared special reports on Uie
conditions in Kansas and Nebraska
In all of these, according to his ob
servations, the crops thiB year will be
remarkable both aB to quantity ami
quality. In speaking of his trip Mr
Brown said:
"I believe lhal tho United States
this yeur'wlll harvest a larger quan
Illy of grain ot all sorts than ever
before and will market ll al a better
price, considering the size of the
crops. The wheait crop in the six
states Itl which I have personally
made Investigation will be magnificent, Kansas this year is going to
produce a wheat crop of ubout 90.000,-
000 bushels. Lasi year It produced
S'.OUO.OOO bushels. The com crop Is
In splendid condition. In Kansaa and
Nebraska a corn crop on as large a
scale as ever heforo ls practically assured. Iowa will produce 350,000,000
bushels of corn antl possibly 355,000.-
000. In Missouri -with the exception
or four counties in the northenst, all
the counlles will have great corn
Three offenders faced Magistrate
Crease In the city police court this
One indulger paid five and costs.
A vagrant who claimed to be a printer wns given two hours to leave town.
A man named Lang was fined tne
liinii, $.5 and costs, for carrying a
Nelson Lacrosse Club on
Top Again
Visitors Though Weakened Put up
Good Game���Locals Promise
Regina Hard Fight.
The Nelson Lacrosse club fully
atoned today for their defeat in Ross-
land some weeks ago. ThiB afternoon
on their own grounds they outplayed
the Golden City stick handlers at every point, and won practically as they
pleased. Tbe game woe advertised
for 2 o'clock, but it was 2:40 before
both teams were ready for the face-
off. By that time the grandstand was
well filled and a number of small boys
had trickled in over, under or through
the leuce al tlie west end.
The teams lined up as follows:
Nelso���Uoal, P. Bell; point, A.
Jeffs; cover point, Joe Thompson,
captain; first defence, Stewart; second defence, Perrler; third defence,
Davidson, center; Bishop, third
home,, C. Jeffs; first home, W. B.
Steed; outside home, K. Bell; inside
home, Wallace.
Rossland ������Ooal, Campion; point,
McDonald; cover, gangster; defence,
first. Brown; second, Jones; third,
McQuade; center, Donohue; home,
Buchanan, Clothier, Griffith; outside,
Keating;   Inside,  Raymer.
Referee���W.  H.  Deacon.
From the start li was seen that
Nelson was stronger and faster and
superior in combination. The result
of the match was never ln doubt and
the interest of the spectators centered In the display of the local play
Il was soon recognized that Manager Deusy has some ground for his
claim that Nelson will make Regina
play ball for all they are worth when
the teams meet here next Thursday.
Nelson's team was made up of four
obi players und eight of last year's
The veterans. Joe Thompson, Al 1
and Charlie Jeffs and Alex Perrler,
p'ayed with the vim and seel of
eolis. while the young blood showed
also the Bteadiness of champions. Not
one member of the team lost bead at
anv stage of the game.
For the visitors it must in fairness
be conceded that they played a hopeless game like good sports. Some ot
their players were strangers to eacn
other, and a few were almost strangers to the game.
Manager Prest explained at the
"It seems Impossible for us to get
anything like full strength away
from home. 1< know you have tbe
same difficulty. We'll try to do better next time.
Nelson's goals came almost monotonously, three, two, three, in the four
quarters, making a total of ten. Ros.
'and'B only offence was the result ot
a der rate effort at the -?nd of tho
second quarter.
At the beginning of the last quarter, with the score 7 to 1. Manager
Deusy called out: "Boys., I want
three more."    And he got them.
The spectators were treated to a
goosl exhibition of clean sport and
criilcs had no fault to find with the
performance of the home team. After nearly Iwo years of inactivity Nelson Is again fairly in first-class la-
Submarine Telephone.
Berlin. Aug. 9.���Experiments were
begun today at Lake Constance with
a new marine telephone constructed
under Professor Pupln'a system. The
cable Is about seven miles long and
reaches to 0 maximum depth of S2U
feet. It was lasid by Ihe Siemens
Halske company for Ihs- Bavarian
Wurtembetrgiap and Swiss telegraph
Mining Records.
The only entries In the Nelson mining office today were two transfers:
Of the Nellie J. and Mastodon mines
on Lost Creek, from J. D. Anderson
of Rossland to EllBha Blgelow ot
Lyndonvllle, Vermont, for a nominal
consideration, and ot a halt Interst
In the Cube, on the north Bide ot
Whitewater Creek, from A. J. Koebel
of Rossland to E. Hurst of Rossland.
for $300.
Wealthy Manufacturer Killed.
Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 9.���A telegram
from Erie, Pa., Bays that Abraham
Goldsmith, a wealthy manufacturer ot
women's garments of this city, was
killed benenth the wheels of a westbound Lake Sohre limited there early
today. The Daily Canadian
:   'I
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per doz., $1.00
CrOWn Gem Jai'B, Quarts per doz.,     1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai..perdoz., 1.50
Our stock has just arrived. Serine
your requirements at these low prices
before tliey are all gone.
Published ��l. J*jJ*i a week by tbe
Baker Bt., Nt-l-on, B. U.
8ub-f*ripiiou rates, W cams n month delivered
Id tbe mt/. it J5.ouu )e,r tl .-.al by mall, when
Pfsild   fU   t.,. Will.'.
AilverliMiiiir ral-s on application
ah moDlei paid in settlement of Tba Daily
Canadian account*, either f..i subscriptions or
advertising, must _�������� receipted tor on the printed
form-- <>/ toe Company, utber receipts nre m.i
AUGUST 9, I900.
���'By oil.- word we ure a .inet.in.-i* judged to be
wise end by one word sometimes jm-g.d t> be
foolish,    i ft in i tit rehire  l>e oareful  wnal  We
lay "���COKFTOIC*.
Ia common with all other growing
oities Nelson has problems for the
citizens and civic fathers to consider
and settle that are not Withoul their
perplexing features. This evolution
of electric lighting and power supply
ls one of the most Important as well
as one of the most embarrassing ol
these. The history of the development of eleptricaJ compenieoceB in
the city is too long and In some respects ioo humiliating to be recorded
In these columns, aud besides it lfi
not so much with matters that are
past that we have to deal as with the
emergencies and crises that are facing us now. The citizen must be patient and long suffering, indeed, who
can look with indifference upon the
ominous oul look that we arc compelled   to  face.
After costly and long drawn out
litigation with the \\\ K. P. A L. Co.,
and with a council elected, the members of which promised us electric
light from our own plant by the first
of July, we are already well into
August without anyone being able to
tell tu, even approximately, when we
may expect the installation of the
machinery at the newly constructed
power plant.
We   do   not   suggest   that   the civic
officials   are   responsible   for   the   position   in  which   the  city   finds  itsell
today, as   we   know    nothing    of  the
terms   of   the   contracts   which   were
drawn   with     the     Allis-Chulmers-Hul-
lock    company,    hm   |(   la  a   singula-
state  of  affairs,  and  one  which  cannot  be denied,  that  the company has
been playing with the interests of the
city   In   respect   to  the   filling   of  the
contracts,       Kor   the     second   largest
manufacturing concern of the kind on
the  American   continent  to  delay  tin?
filling   of   a   paltry   order     of     some
twelve   (fr   thirteen   thousand   dollars,
as In this ense, is at once to convict
some  ope  i|f Incompetence,  IndllTer
ence   or dishonesty.     \\V   believe   the
local agents of the above named company   are   entirely   Innocent   of   blame
in  the matter,  but It must be apparent to them that the manner in which
the company is treating Nelson Is not
very  good   advertising  in   the  interior
of  Hritish   Columbia   for  ihe  company
concerned.       To    further     complicate
the case, the local agents of the firm
In   question   are   apparently   unable  to
give any  information  aw to  when  we
may   reasonably   expect   shipment   of
the   machinery   ordered,   to   be   made.
To   pretend   that     the    fuctories  are
working   overtime   was   good   enough
for a short  excuse,  but    we    are informed   that orders  which   have  been
placed   with  firm  long since  the Nelson order was    given    have    been already   promptly   filled.     The   patience
of the citizens  is more than exhausted,  and  it   is  no  wonder  tbat  one ot
the aldermen  naively suggested  that
the  order   be   cancelled   aud   we   deal
with some one else.
It has been remarked that the com
pany Is under penalty of $fiO n day
for each day they are delinquent after tlie first Instant, but no one with
sense looks upon that as a matter to
be taken seriously. Any one who
suspects thjat the A Ilia-Chalmers
company will submit to a fine without litigation is liable to be suspected
himself. And how is the city to go
into litigation with a firm with million-; of dollars of invested capital
over a few paltry dollars fine, as it
would appear to them. The city cannot endure much more litigation, as
It has already had too much, and it
must do one of two things, either sit
BUplely down and to wait the moving
of the sluggish pool or else arouse
and take such definite action as will
discover what are Its prospects for
its own light and  power for the  win
ter months.
���      ���   *       ���      ���      ���
Thfl .'lituufion presents still other
complications. It is well known thai
the YV. K, P, & L. Co. Is indirectly
approaching prospective purchasers
of electric power with a view to ascertaining whether it will pay then*
to Install an independent wire to supply power to purchasers here. Thu
city Is hampered in meeting the demands of Ihe users of water motors
and has wisely decided to allow no
more water consumption for power
purposes. The present service is unsatisfactory to all users of water motors, and they are patiently waiting
to make the change to electrical
power. In the "present indefinite
prospect ol the power station It will
be little wonder if the W. K. P, &
L, Co. succeed in arranging to supply
the local demand, for power ai least.
We do nor know what powers the
City would have to restrain them
from entering the local field and competing with the city in its own markets, but we do know that the company specified is a determined and
progressive one, and if they decide
to enter the city and supply power
it will cost the city a handsome penny to keep them out, if, indeed, they
are at all  able  to do so.
These are not only live, but burning civic problems and It Is time that
some action ls taken to bring the unsettled condition Into something like
promise. There may be no collusion
between the W. K. P. '& I.. Co. and
the A.-C.-H. Co., but there Is apparent
Collusion   somewhere.
The members of the Itossland board
of trade nre nothing if not original
nnd a proposal made at their last
meeting, as reported in the Miner, Is
"ne calculated to make other cities
do a little quiet thinking. The finances of the city of Rossland have
been for some time In rather a congested state, and, as is natural under
such circumstances, representative
fltlzens have been looking around for
some method of securing a larger income for the city treasury. The
board of trade seriously discussed a
proposal to memorialize the provincial government to permit the city to
collect and retain thp 2 per cent tax
which the mines at that place now
pay into the provincial treasury. Not
only did they seriously discuss this
proposal, but they passed a resolution
to that effect which will be forwarded
to Victoria, and asked the city or
Rossland to do the same or concur
In the resolution. We shall let ihe
Miner speak for its citizens in the re-
porth of the proceedings, which ls as
"The arfairs of the city are In a
rather bad way financially, and now
that the burden of supporting the
schools  has  been  placed on the city
it accentuates the hardships of the
ratepayers and the poverty of the municipality. The province collects, in
nit- shape of the 2 per cent tax, about
J^u.uiiit per annum from the mines.
As Rossland is the only city in the
province that is not allowed to lax
its one idustry, the speaker thought
that it was entitled to receive the
sum so colltcted from the province.
With this 2 per cent tax going into
the city coffers it would make a
marked improvement in the fimmcial
condition of the municipality. It
was suggested that the board ot
trade memorialize the provincial gov-
ernmenl to gram the receipts from
the 2 per cent lax. anil that th.- council be requested to co-operate with the
board of trade in endeavoring to se
cure ihe concession from the government."
U'Uilo we hare every sympnun
with the distressed financial condition of tin* city we are scarcely prepared to see 'tie governmenl establish  a    pn dent    so    dangerous,  as
would he done n the Rossland proposal is sanctioned. As an instance
of how It might work out, the city of
Nelson might a*sk lhat thr 11 per cent
tax now paid by the Hal] Mines
smelter should be collected by Una
city, and, indeed, it is sot going too
tar to say that ii might consistent!)
ask that all the ores shipped in to be
smelted here should be similarly
Fortunately the citj of Nelson is
not so strait ly pressed ;is Rossland
appears ai present to be and the proposal, if It came from Nelson, would
he scoffed at by the Rossland people
Hut ii would appear to be no more
ridiculous to Rossland than their
own proposal appears to us. What
Rossland ought to do is what so
many other places in Hritish Columbia have had to do, that is, bear
their difficulties while they last, go
slowly in the matter of expenditures,
cuiting their coat according to the
cloth, cultivate a united and patriotic
spirit in her citizens, stick together
and harmonize ail conflicting inter
ests, and make the town what it may
well become, one ot the most pros
perous and  wealthy  in  the country.
The Inland Sentinel of Kamloops
furnishes an example of political bias
in its last editorial, in which, referring to the scarcity of labor in British Columbia, it holds the government
responsible, and concludes the article
with   the   following   deliverance:
"It is the duty of ihe provincial
government to see that the labor required Is forthcoming, or to ut least
make an  effort  to secure  it"
As the Sentinel does not offer any
suggestion tis to how this is to h-f
done it leav-ip room for conjecture
that It will take the government at
least 20 years.
An Archibald Blue ensus Is all
right for the English-speaking prov-
_nces, but when Quebec wants her
own people counted she puts a
French-Canadian  hustler  on  the  job.
She���It seems a century since our
marriage! I have even forgotten the
first day when  we saw each other!
He���It Is not so with me. I remember perfectly well that It was at
a dinner and that there were thirteen
at the table.
C/u sip cftbi*
mllbelk thednePwj spirit* fit delight
faycfidtk m${Jdnw$-fie uix Gftdhsh
fiat tin- drlnki served st onr Pods Konntatn
Iih'I iniiii- properties betilci refreshing?
Wo ii euli'y toil frull syrup nf tii iw, *i
nimlttv       Finn-mill, i-i ii-.ii.-r. glasses mikI
receptacles an- kept M-nitjHiI.*nsly clean
sixty .In)--, ifter dftie i intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief C minloner of UntJUanff VVorki
Victoria! t-�� purchase 40 acr t Und-  Com-
mencing at h poit pUttm-d nt the Clly of Nelson's
B.E.cor erpost, on Kooiouay nver, thence 20
chaini iouth, thence veil Wchslns, Ibenee north
�� chains, thenee easl 30chaini u> point of pom*
nn-iM-i incut.
Notion. B.C., Aug. 0,1900. ft j. rti,n..N.
Notice U lion by glvau that WJ ifiyi ul'tr U-lt- I
intend t-> (tu-'iv to th*- Hon on hie the Chief
uommtufoner of Laud* and Worki fnr permls-
ilon to purchaie the following de-*eribed ihihu
nutated In the Weil Kootenay district, adjolnine
c. t��� Pearson'i on tin- north, aboul ono ��n-i one*
quarter miles from the I'end d'Oreille rlvei commencing ��t ii post marked C P. faldwell's 8 B
corner poit. thence *�� iiinins north, thence -to
nhalm west, tbence 80 chaini muth, thence m
chains easl to pine- of commencement
Located tbe III dayofAugogt, Mm,
 ��_ Hmim .n Rraprk, Agent.
Kotiee tf bereby given that OQdayi after date 1
Intend to apply to the Hon. the chief CominU
���loner of Landi and Worki for permission to
purchase the following deacrlbed iamb In (lie
u.'hi Kootenay district! Beginning al a boil
marked K. Bell'i B. B. corner, ebon" urn mlloi
eail of the h���i -, rlvor, and imif h mile ir	
the Pend d'Oreille river, thonce m cbalni north
40 chaini weit,SOchalnnoutb and �� chaini sail
to plaoe ol I ..Tii.!, ii,,;
Dated 27th diiy of July, MM*.. it. Q( -,jK,,._
Nollee In given that W days alter dale I intend
loapply t<�� thu Honorable the Cblel Comioli-
���ioucr of LandH and Worki lor permliitofl to
purcbau the following deacrlbed landi In iii*
\\.->i Kootenay Dlitrlet: ' ommem Ing ai * poal
marked t'.C.Poynu l-an-i s. K Corner piaeed
mar thi- ivmi d'Oreille river al limiiidan creel
eaMaldvul Salmon ri.t-r, iii.-iK-i ��� �����-' *�� cbaltu
alone ih.- ltiu-riiHii..ii_il Boundarj Lily*, lbence
north �� chains, thence aeai w ehalna, Ihence
mmith -io chains to place "i commencement.
Dated ibe-Juih ofjuh IflUt I   <    PoVKTI.
hy Anm-.i a   .DIE, Agent.
Notice Is herebv given ibaiilatydayi after
date 1 intend toapph to tl"' Hon. ��� hief I oii.hii-
���loner uf Land- and Worki (or permlulna to
puri-hftM* the followi nKdt-i'i ���- ' landiI'tdateIn
Weet Kootenay district, adjoining the International bonndary line, aboul four mllei eait ol
ibe Columbia river, oommenelng at apo-t marked -I. m Fs B, w. oorner," iltuate on the International bonndary tine, at the loutbeatl cor*
nerol J.8.C. ProMr'aUnd; ihem eeaataocbalua
thence north iio ebalns, tnence weal 8u chalm,
thence wuth GO chaini to tbe pleci ol commencement, containing Is" sera more or lew
Uaieit J..th June, I'JOIi. UCRi M   KtUSK,
P.J. O'Kel lly. Agent.
Notice le berebj given thai ilxtydayi (row
date l Intend to apply to lhe H��n. Chief t'��m
miaaionerol Landi and Work* i-r (wrin mi
to purebaae ihe following described landa ��li
uate in Weil Kootenay DUtrict, between the
Pend d'Oreille river and the International
boundari line, about three milea from the col
umbla nver. U-muenclng m �� p"-i marked
J. s, c. K*e & W, corner altuate on tin- Interna
lioiiHl  l-.-iiudi.rv  tin.-, Hlto'il Iml! h iii.h   eaal  ol
the ��� <i-t boundary oi thu .V & F..-. H
ihence imrili hi chain*, thence eaat tu chalna,
thence wuth 40 ehalna, them e weit in chalm, to
the placeof commencement, contalnlngSUacn \
more or leal,
|iNi"<i -'itu June. W'. I.S i   i-i in R,
K. J. O'Hellly. Agent.
NotieeU hereby given tbal alxly daya ft lale
I Intend toapph to tbe lion < bled i nlMlouer
of Landi and worki for permission to purchase
the lollowlng described landi altuate In Wesi
Kootenay District. H.ip.iintiK the International
boundary line, ai*��<it Ave mlteiesstol ihci <
umbla river; commencing at a post insrked ft
U's 8. \. corner, ou the International boundarj
lineal l.��ura M Fraser'i loulbeasi corner, tbenee
north ni chalm, theuce east Hi chalm. (hence
-.outh *ii chains, ihence aesl 10 chaini in tin
pla.-.- ,,( commencement, Containing GD acrei
more or leas,
l��i.ie.t aoth June, Iflttl, t:.u j-n (in . escib
Noti.-c Is h.-r.-i,v given lhal nlxtj dayi afler
date | intend loapply id the Hun t-hieft.'nmuiia>
lloner ol  f.ainb  till..   Work-  lor  peniii--n.ii   to
purchase the following den-ribed lands in
the Weal Kootena) dfstrlci   iouth nl the Feud
d'Orelllo river; C menrlnt ii i p---i marked
C fl's 8, K. corner, situated un tbe trail uear
Bear creek about a mile from lhe luleruailonal
boundary line, tin-nee ww\ tu chains, tbenee
nortii f>u chain-, more or leu loibe peud d'i ireille
river- theuce following th. iouth bank ol the
Tend d'Oreille river soutbeast ���*< chains, more
or less; tbence south W chains, mureoriess to
the place oi commenoement. containing ���'������'���i
aorea, more or lesi.
bau-d '���th JuN. ]���**> CHaRUU BlRaKL,
K. J O'Blcll) Agent,
Notiee i> hereby givA ihai rtxtj daysa^ter
-lut--1 intend toapply to the Hon, Chlel Commissioner of hands und Worki lor permlsilon t"
purchase the foilou-hiK described lands, in
the We-t Kooteiiuy Dtitrii t, east Ol nnd ad*
iolnfng Jama N, uaokenxie - land; I oiomi ni
Ing af a pott marked A.B'sS.E. corner, on the
wuth hank of ihe Pend d'Oreille river, Just
above the moutli of the Salmon river, thence
west 80 chains-thence north 60 chaini mure or
lea to ti.e i'end d'Oreille river, thence Following
the iouth bank ol Ihe Mid rlvei In a tout beast*
������rly direction io the place "i commencement,
containing i'-u teres, more "r lesi
Daied .th July MM uthi-b sotx-tinga.
Notice (thereby given that sixty days after date
I intend toapply to tin- Ji-.n i it. a ummisUloner
of Lands and Work*, for perniladou to purchase
Ihe following de-crii-ed lauds In Weti Kooteuay
l'1-tti.-t -otiin ot the Pend d urellle river. Com-
menclns at t post market E, i M'i. n. B. corner
i.n the tooth hank of th*- Pend d'Oreille river,
ui-out a mile and a hull en-: ul tbe mouth ol Ki-t,
creek, thenee south hu chains, theme aes) 80
chalna, thenn north 40 chtim more or lesi to
the i'end do'reille ruer. ihence following the
-outh hank uf the-uni river in a northeasterly
direction to tin* place ..f commencement, con
li-iliiliK -t��raere��. more or lest
Haled 2nd Jnjy l'M<. El_U T. HACtttKB.
 AaiHic. Stiixgipgg,Agenl
Notice It hereby glveu thai 60 days after date I
intend lo applv to the Hon. Chief I ommisaiouci
ni Landi mid (t'trki ier permission lo purchase
the rollowlng dtscrlbed lands,situate In Waal
Kootenay lM��ir*ci iouth ol the i'end d'Oreille
rlver;Uomnienc!ngtit postmarked A h M'a.N
W. cornersUnete hi ibe iouth hunk <-i tbe Pend
d'Oreille river ai him l UacKeiitlt ��� iiorili east
corner \x��,l, thine, wuth NO chBlttt, ihence ea��|
���njchano', thence north -o ebaliu more or less lo
the Pend d'Orcllb rlvor, thenee west 80 chains,
follow ins lhe hiink of tin- said river to the place
oi oommencement, containing wo acre*., more
or lets.
Dated 2nd July MM. A. 11 Mit__.JtJ.XlR.
AjtTiii'H s.iiskidkk. Agent.
Notice lshereoygiven thattlxtydaysaftcrdate
[intend to apply to tbo Hon chief Oom mission-
er of Landsand Work- fur permission to pur
chase the foii.miui- described land- iltuate In
Wesl Kootenay Dlitrlet, couth of the Pend
d Oreille river, commencing at a posl marked
M.H'-N.K,corner, iltuate ou tbe -""itii i-mik
of the I'end d'Oreille river at .lames N. Slacken-
rAv'x sou thu cm corner, thence  -outh Imichain-
ihencc weti BD cbalm, thence north 70 chains,
more or less to the I'end p'Orellle river; thence
following the south hank of the tald rive in mi
easter.j and nortbeaiterli direction t.i the place
..f commencement, containing MO acres, more or
Date Brd July, 1900.       iMaiioahkt Hafooi-rt,
Arthur hclincider, Agent.
Notice in hereby given that sixty davh after dine
r ntenr toapply to the Hon. Chief Commlnlouer
nf Landi and Worki for pgrmlaiion to purchase
the folio** Int. described lands fu West
Kootenay District, south of the Pend d'Oreille
nver, commencing ut a post marked J N. M's
s. W. corner, situated on the south bank ol the
Pend  d'Oreille  river.  Opposite  the mouth of |6
Mile creek; thence east ao chains, ihence n-.nh
4n chain.- more or lets to the Pend d'Oreille river,
thenee followiiiK the -oiiih hankof the said river
in a westerly and .southwesterly direction to the
place tn commencement, eofiulnlng 820 screi
more or R*sh.
Dated 8rd July, MM.        Jahbh N. Ma.kknzik,
Arthur Schneider. Agenl
Notice is hereIivkIv.-u that -i.\!\ duvs after date
I Intend to apply to the Hon Chief Commission
erof Landi Mud Works for permission to pur
chase the following deserlbed land-, in VVesI
Kootensy District, iouth ol the Pend d'Oreille
river, commencing at a post marked A.P'sN. \v.
comer.  Situated at  the wiulliwest comer of I^-t
1438. i*. i , thence cast 80 chains, thence iouth m
cbaltu, tbence vrptt 8ttchains, thonce nortii 0)
chain-   lo the place of comim-m em.uit, containing ISOacraa, more or len.
Paled -".<ii.   une, two, AayttK Pimw,
V. .I.olteiliy, Agent,
Notice is horeby given that 00 days after dale
i intend touopiv p. ii,.-ii.,n Chief cdmmtMlontr
of I-aud-.ui.I Unrksfor permission to purcha c
tbe following described lands in VVest KtwlJna
dutrlei, south of the Pondd'Orellleriver.easl ol
I-,'. Ij'r',1,;k-',"""ll,,",'i"w ��t " poti marked P. w.
II I N   V.   corner, aboul   lialf a milcea.l of lhe
northcasl corner of i,,.t Mai.u, i��� thence lonlh
ii obalm .ihcnce oasi go - hains, tbenee nortii 11
"hains,   thence   we-l au chains   lo  tin- pi,,,-,. ���*
commencement, containing ;������ acros, more or
Dated 2nd July mm        paw tv. Habcovbt.
AKTIIt'K HihNKIIiER. Aiteiil
Notice In hereby ghen that ilxtvdaysafter date
I Intend to appl-, w the Hon Chief Uommltslon
erof Lhii.U -md Works for permi.-.-ion to purchase the following described innri*< in Wesl
Kootenay District,south ol the i'end d'( llle
river,commencingatapost marked i�� u M's.,
n n. corner, situated on the south bank of ihe
Pend d'Oreille river at James N.Mackentle'S
southwest comer; theuee sail .'i chains, ihence
south in FhafnMbencQ west .�� cbalm, tbenee
north tt cbalm to th.- place oi commencement
contrlnlng I0u acres more or le.su.
Datod 3rd July t��M,    Dohauj B Mai kknzik,
 Abthdb Bcffyitppn, Agent.
Bitty days after date I Intend to apply to lho
Commluloner of Landsand Works io purchaao
100 acres of land, near Hurton Clty.comracnclns
hi a posl plauied ���t   the lOUthOU! comer of Lot
No. gov, and marked J. ii. Uo'i wnlbwesl corner
and running north  io chalm, thence easi U
chain**, thenee iouth to chalna. thonce weil lo
ohalni to ph.ee of beginning.
Julyi.th, 1900, .1. u. Mrcruocii,
A, A. Hurton, Agent.
Noiw-c is hereby given that two month! a tun
dale 1 Intend to Hppiv io the il. ruble the
Chief Commissioner ol L��iu1k and Works for
permission to purchase the follow iui; deicrlbed
amis situate dn the we-t arm of Koolenay Lake
in m.i- District of West Kootonayi Commencing
in n post marked "William Enprby'" N W, poft|fl
thence we-t twenty (2��j chains; tbence souih
twenty  cjij chains; theuce ea>t  twenty  (an
chains; thence north twenty (.'-'1 ' IoiIiik  Io Ihc
pnini of commencement, oon lain Ing forty . toi
acres, more or lets
Dated July 7, IttjC. I. 0. NkltoK,
Midsummer Bargains in Prints, Moslins and Ladies' Ready-
To-Wear Good--.
\ N 11
LADIES'   DRESS   SKIRT8,   worth   $4.75   for	
LADIES'   DRESS   SKIRTS,   worth   J5.75   for	
LADIES'   DRESS   SKIRT8,   worth   $7.60   tor	
Ladies' Tailor-made Suits  regular prices Just cut down to cost
All   Ladies'   Trimmed  and   Pattern Hats at Half Price.
New Fail and Winter Goods arriving ..very week.
���   3.75
, ,,t ii s.i it
|,.I   llssis, is. L   I'ssH.iss-
Fred Irvine <& Co.
Notice i- bereb) gin p Ihsl 80 dayi Irom dale I
Intend Ui apply tn ilia Honorable ike Cominn
Mirtner of latndi hiuI Work- tor permlMlou lo
punfo.-' t\o- following den-rlbed land*, iltuate
III Uie Weil  K -nny  1'i-ln. I,    Ht*.rtIii|�� from *
jm.-i marked v*ii|iam Krneai Uavlwn'in. r. potl
aboul two inlli-teaitPl Deer park on tbe Arrow
Uke�� ihence 40 ehalni tontb. lbence In cbalni
weit. tbenee Webalm nortb,lbence ea*l i > polnl
of commenrement. containing aboul I0U ten*
Hated Ihi-i Mh da) o| June, I**-.
\\ III IAN  Kri Rn   D*. ISOX.
- In ���, bj given Hon I
appl)  io th-   Hon
I- after dmc I
Noin-c i- hereb) given lhat flu dayi after dale I
Intend loapply lo (he Honorable lbe I'blel Com
tulsilonei ..i Landi and Wurka tor permlsalon lo
purebaae lbe following de*tcrlb��d landi hi tbe
U'eal Kootena) dUtrlei; comnic'iclna ��t a poal
marked "Nathaniel Helnlyre'a H F corner,"
plant.-.I nn the veil -hie ol lhe Columbia Klvi r,
it hou t 7 mih - uorih ������( Itu t i..n in-, -nJ BOehalUx
uorih ol (I
lini l)|
if Lol 173, thenc
hains, in- in
llnllll    -V'   i liillll-,   Illllll'-   HC-I   SU 'Illllll*-.  III. If.'
wuth ni chains, tbenee eail w cbalm lo polnl ol
.I .nnil. in .-ii o m. pontalulng WO ���< pm
Dated tin- Itih dej ol -tunc IDOB
T. C  Maklnwm, Agi ui.
Notlco i- bereby given tbal flu daya after date l
Intend lo apply to ihe i! rsble lhe Chlel Com
mlwloner ot lanidisnd Works for permission to
purchaie tbe following described landi: torn
mencing in �� noil piaeed on the nortb iboraol
ih.- weil arm oi Kooteuay Lake. ��t Uie northeast
��� orner of John btranks* pre-emption, tbence
wait t" chains, more or lesa, to the wuibeast
eorner ol i-*i fo.7*166, ihence nonh Wchaini,
theUce eait IU c,1.1 in- more or le--, then00 DOItb
40 eh <t lti�� tn the polnl of com llle lu'emelit
Dated June Ifith, I90t,
I llle ll<l lo uppll    io   lie          ills   ���  ui. i i ..iniiii'
ilunei ol Undi and Worki foi pernilailan to nur
rhase tic following dvwrlbed landi in \Vc��l
Kotilena) d lair lei, province u| Umii-Ii Ciilumbtaj
< nmmenctng al a poat marked 'William Tolling
i..n- north weal corner poil," -hoi |m<*-i being
pitinied hi ii inHi'-t corner ol ihe "Queen
Slim-ral ��� inim,' hh.I adjoining the vast Ilm nl
UcPbsll'i pre emption. Ihcnce muiIi tweut) f_U)
rhalni along is Id tine, ihenra easl tort) iH'i
.'iniiii-. tbenee nortb tweni) l_D) chslns, Ibenee
is.-i tori) d"j i hslnsroorc m less, lo tbo plaee ol
h-tt.-.i l��i da) -.I -ugusL I9M
w ii.i.i**i Toi i immiK,
Hy hlaageul J  1   Tayloi
n niter dale l
Notice li hen b) glvi n thai <���" days after dale
Intend to ipph to Do ii mhic ihe Chlel' ������<���������
������ i Unds and Works for permtail	
Mil   following -ie rrlbed   i ���-   '
pur. I
iled l-i tbe K��otenay Dlal'IcL   Beginning ��ts
mi ih.- north ihore ... the Cow. i
p..si planted   .
ail.is Ukii.li..ui to i loon- weal ..I lhe west
boondar) ol I r n Lot itow, Uarked ll *��� W.
h K corner, thenee ivesl 40 ehalna, thi nee north
flu chains, tbenoe eaat SO ehs re .-i  t**sa o.
like -hor... Ihcnce in ,i -.mih   it.--i.-ily   dlrvi Hou
along lake ibore to point ol commenucment-containing UU seres more ..i less,
treated June A UU
II    *   Wiiiniin.s,
a. n Wo-,.* ganw, Agent.
Notion Is hereby gifen tiiMt i intend ��j dayi
alter date to apply to th- < hi-f I'ommlfFloiier oi
I-iinds ninl ":ks lor |H."ii]i-.-ii'ii 'o piirehMr.e
the   lollowlii-s'     c-crllieil   Imnh. -Muati-  Ht   Kire
Valley, aooteoay IstrlcL ojimenelng wt ��
poet (marke i i.   si sgher���sontb went corner)
plHicil n( ih-   lonth   went  corner of  sectiou  itl.
township6u tbence north h0 obalm to the north
went corner nl ���a'd notion 18; tbence easl -w
ebalns, then..' south BU chaini to the miuiii
boundary of said icction SI, end thenee went -to
chain* <o ilu- place of b'-Kltmiint containing tio
seres and being the we-i-riy hull of sale Motion n. township ov.
Dated al Nelson, a <'. June mi, \sat\
L. Qaxu
Notice i- ben by given Hon DO days niter date I
inieml io apply t<. the Uonorahle tne Cblel ��� om*
mlssloner ul Lands -nol Worm foi permission lo
purchase lhe following described lmi.li>. iltuate
in iio- West Kooi nsydtstrtet: Commendni si��
|Hi-t marked W Met', a, w eorner, pi-nn.ii 40
chains west of L C Mor>lson'i Uortbwesl eorner
of bin cr.iMu | ran led inn.i in Hire Valley, ran*
iiiuk in cbalni cast, K) eliainn norih. (0 chains
west, 10 chains south lo plane of commencement,
M McOutoi'su, Locator.
W. A. ��� AI.HKK, A((elil.
JnneVHb, 2906.
Notice ii herb) giten timt I intend,QQ den
��fter iiii'e toapply io the Chlel Commissioner ol
i-Hioi- mel vio-k- for permtalon to purebaae the
to lowing d-Miil..  1 Uiioi* fl tun lent Ure  ��� alley,
Kootenay district. Commenulflg hi a post (mark*
ed (leorge Vnnng 'orth weal eoruer) placed al
the nortii wesi eorner of station ���> townsblp 89;
then.,- i ��-i Ki, halni io the north cast corner of
Midsection 28; ihenci hou h 40 chains,thenoo
wesl B0 chains Ihence north tt chains to Lhe
iilac- .if beelnoiog containing NO acres and
bemg the nortberly hull of ��itid ai-etion tt, town-
I'au-d at Nelson, B. 0, Jnueftth P*6
Osutag Votso.
Notice ii hereby (.hen that tOdayS after date, I
intend lo appl; to the Hon. Cblel commissioner
ot Landsand Works lor permission to pureiia*-!-
tbe following described tract ol land Mtuate in
wesi Kootenav District: Commencing at tbe
southwest eorner ol Lot Tr:sfjo; thence runlng
wesl to chains; tbence nortb 80 chains; lbence
West 40 chain-;   thenee north SB chain-; theuce
easi W chains; thence sou Hi tt chains to point
of commencement, containing SMO acres, more or
Hand at Nelson, B 0��� this fflrd day of Julv,
WOB. .Makv -cam.a.v,
i^-r f 0. Qreen, Agent.
Notleo hrhereby given that 60 days after date
I intend   to applv   to  tlie  Honorable  tlie Chief
Commlsfoneroi hand-and Work, tor permission
to purobase tbe following described lands In tin-
Weal Kootenai District:   Commencing at a post
marked T. It. Freucln*'* Lind S K. corner placed
near  C. C. Poynti  B. W    oorner,  theuce cast Nl
chains, thence north tt chalna, thenee west nj
chains, thonoe soutb tt chains to place of commencement.
hated 90th day of .Inly 1900,        T. |t  pgggCH
By Ajfl Ktu APIS. Agent
Notice ir* hereby jrh-n lhal W davs after date 1
intend lo make -jpp||i-iitl..n t��, ifcv lloiioraolc the
Chief coiuuiUNfoiicr of I.���i ���*-.,,i-i Workn for [--���-
mli*.ion ut pttfnbaee  the rollowlng desoribed
land-.: tdmincncnig ai u o wt placed on ibe east
shore of Lower Arrow lake, adjuiniux .J Bates1
nre-mption on  tbo SOU th WCSl p-arked ������_   * .'s
N. Vv mer p.i*t."   'J heme rnnulug m chains
easti tbenoe lo obslns spo'hi ihcnce Bo chalm
more or loss, wciit to the Im'-c fliorc;   tlieiic- (,,!���
lowing ink- shore to point nt eomtiencement,
coin-iniuK M0gores, more or loss.
I HIM   KlN'AllAS.
I'nled till-, 71 h .Iht of June, |gO0,
wotiee i- bereby glren thai 80 ays ��n- r date I
Intend lo make application i<> the Honorabletbo
Chief Commissioner nfLantisaud Wotki for permission to purchase the lollowlng desc-tbed
lamU: Commenolng hi a posi placed on the
nottbea*! ��� orner of T Klnahan's Application to
Purchase, m .rked -*H. i   mn tier foil " roiinliiK
hnchaiii-ea i; thence 90 chains soiubi ihenoe HO
cbalni we��| ihenoe following i KtnaiiPti'seaM-
cm h- lindii y to  point ol eomnu-n.-i no in, con-
lalnlng M0 aorki, mon oi lest.
BAjnraa Tiumttr,
Dated this 7th day of 'un.*, i 06,
Notice ii bereny given Lhal 00 ay. afterdate '
i-ieii' lomaki appl cation to tbe Honorable the
Chief i om m ne loner of Lsndi ind Worki forw r
mission io poiohase tbe following described
lands: Commencing at -a post pi seed at ihe in-
te-section ol tbo east boundary or J Rates'pre.
emptl ui mui iha nortii bonndary ��� it Klnahan's
Application io Patchsse, marked'*T,K. Jr'i ���> w
comer post '��� Th nee following J. Bites' eastern
boundary, 10 chains uorih; tbeneofkiohalnieast
theme lu chains io the no thcrn boUndarv oi
HiiiiUHh    ' | rn-y'i*   AppticHtion   lo    l'iircha��u'
lbence following theuortbarh i nda-yofsam-!
nn-1 uorlherly boundary of J'. KinahHiiV Ami
cetlon to Pnrchtse,to po] | -I ..,.���,��� -i,c.l(,!,
containing k^o scf��i, more or \ent
"aie.l thii Tth day ol June, }!**\,     *}U*' '"���
NoUei- i�� berg y glveu thai J Inn
Nothe In herebv given Ilia'  IWO luoti'li- nl!. ���
date I Intend lo apply to the Honorable! nlrl
i ommiMtoner ol Lands ind Worki t.-i r- rmii
Hon io iiiichaie fix hundred snd fori M
acres of )nml, described a* follows: I mmen< Ing
��i .. post jiiniiie.i at th. nortbwesi cornei ���.( L
Qal_gberi appHcattou to purchase in Plre Valley,  On   the  went hide of  |.o��,p   \ r o\* Uke, 10
Kootenay district, marked "W a i . s , ,-..,
n.-r"; theme running eighty (80) chains west;
thence ebchly (*") son thi thettcc eight) (Ou)
chains east; theuee eighty (��'> chains io.-ii. lo
place of commencement.
V   A. i   *i i-ic
Dated the tod .lay ,.f Jul) ISOO
Noti.-e is hereby fives that tt dayi from date
I intend io apply to the Uonorahle the Chlel
Commissioner ol Uiui��nn.i fVo'ki tot permu
ifon lopurebaM* tin- foilovrtiii* desciibttd landi,
III the West Kootenay DUtrict, east side of Col
iimliln Itl ver, alio.it * UtlOS DOrth of Hnrlou City,
C menelng ai a post marked LeoM Wloteri
H W. eorner, at the N.W. corner ol H. H. Smlih'i
preemption claim, th. nee north 4*' cnslni i	
or lees tot he south bouudar) ol Mil.-- i airoii*-,
preemption claim thenoe easl 10 ebalns, thenoo
������rniti wohalH more ui leai lo the North bonndary oi it ii i-'miih'H preemption claim, thenoe
wesl -"��� chains to point >>f commenoement; containing Mi acre*, mor.. or h-..
Hated thii tod day ol June, itoo,
Lao M. wimkh
turn "i.vk. Agent,
'luic I luiemi i��� appls  in it,   n  '     -4
Hon io burenaai- .u  i,������.���,,",,',;'Wi
ii'le. ol lull.I. ,p., rl|n..| ���. ,,p ^   ' ���W l*.ni|
st a posi planted si n,, ,������,,
'-, l*jKh.'.'. sppllealion t��� ,���,..
"li   A. Mm  n miulWio-I 'i
eight) (hii| chain, m-t; ii..'i.^.'.|-JJ?!li
""'"'���   - clghl)  (HU) ,,,,.        '    *
elKbt)   (h.') chain-, -..mt,  i,, ,,
mencemenitCitiiHiniiia -u |(. .
(tJtt)acres, inotvot i.-        '""''���fl
Dated thi tod of July, DH
Nutlet. ,-  hcreh) Klf, ii in,i i,,   ,
'";*"' neki apnll ont-ubsliH
��� hi.   < ..mnil ��.., oi I
MM--I..U   to  purchase   i!���   ii,ii,.*,t,rV��
;   "��� '"������ '  -i  -  p.-'  :
northwestcorr.erol -WhLi- ������.�� ������
lion to pi,i. he*   in i ii   \ !||��� hl.
"���',   **   ���*���   coi in r," running m '.i,,,
cbalni snjith, W ��� j. itn   ���
ptai ��� <���! ���.-uiiii. in, men I
��� -nl.
Nollee is bsrebs gt-rvn thai I intend* to dayi
��� iter date, loapply to the Chlel Commlaslooerol
Lands snd Worki (or peimlsslon to i urubaae the
[ollowlogdaaorlbed landi, iltu at Kin- Valley,
Kootenay District, Commencing at a po-t rma'k<
.-���i P. II *��' Connor  -.outh easl corner) placed ut
lhe north easl turner of m-i lji.li ;t.��. t,,st io>hip 991
tbence west-IO chain*, theme norlh  mi chain,.,
thenoe east to chain*, and Ibenee sooth ni chains
to the place ol beginning, containing tn acres*.
Dated at Nelson, B. c. Jum* mi, Uog,
P. H. OToJOroa
titohog Yoim., AgenL
.-.ouec in luic y given thgHIatend.tt davs
after dale, toapply lolhe i hief *���,������/,.,, , "J�����
Unds und  Uorks for nc,in.fc)lll|  ,,   ,,      !���_
��� Is.l.i, ihenra north ao.h.lni, ...    ,,���"","
lion :lj. to-fllhtpnl, iis.isoissalsl.ts,..
I'.nsii ��t N..|ss���n. ii. c, Jtiiiii.'.ii, taie
liltiKtsB Voisku.
.St.llsi. I. t,<. r.-t.v kivsis ISml t.l ,|.y. (rs.tsi ,lssls< I
Intfll'l totppl]! to Us.- Ils,lss,rnl,l.. tl.s Chit ' i "lit
minloner ��l i��is,i. ��n,i Worn. i.,t nerm.nion s���
nur, lis.-,- llss- Isillst. im  ,| rlla-I   I.n.!.. Ill   Uie
��f.t   Ki-ssls-iitty   |S|i-lti.-t      (-.usl   |sl,,t���|.   In   IJK
tolumbl.Hirer eboul i miitis ti.trtt, ,r Bs-nssn
I lly; .11 ssf ..I'l l.lssls.l mIm,vs- IllKts W'stltT, ls.-titw
lll.s rt'ss morts ttr It-sus.
u.i-.-si thin i.t De, nl June, lwno.
PiAjni KoBToa
T. r Makinno.-.. A((i-iii
Blxty slny. ttlerdtle I ssslfSiil t��� ns,|, s   In t|���.
l'isitslnl.s,i"lttT ol l.��n,l. nss.l \V,,rk.. ��� lsi���rt��   to
piiTississ,. inu a.re, ol Und.  .ommenoln, .1 ���
|s.ssst tslssnlfsl ,,t, t|,,. ws-.l khnreof A.t���tv I nk,-. nl
the essiiii, _,��� eorner ot J ' iiirisssi,-', i���tr, j,.M.
riiiinitsK north 80 .is.inss. tiisii.,. .����� <�� obetna
tnenoemiuuiwohalni, tnaooe 1,0,1 toehelni tu
place uf s-,ssisiiifiiii.'iitfiii.
Iak-.Is-.I May, s,tlt l��so.
A. CttltlK.
I.. (i*ll.Atstttk. I.ssator.
Hlxty .leys all.-t ,1-t.- J Intend to a|.|slr In the
1 'iinii.n.u.ii.T ssi Undawd (.orki tonnrcbiM
IJI asrs-. ���l lainI, .Intnl.. hi ���,,,. ,,,|,,. ,.���,, ���|
Biirl.ilt I'lly, on I ,1. ��,,,,���.., ei lollowil Com'
iii.-ii. In, .i�� poet ,,|���,���,.,i ������ u���. northweil cor
ner 01 lot TOO end ronln, veil Dch-lni, toenci
itssr is in s-iiain.. thenee ���.t �� ohelni,theno,
ssoillls alnttK list H80 lis piece ssl Isstfilstilitt;
���nir'-ih.iwe. j. it. m ^rl...
Notloe i. hereby uivi-n that ��inv derieller
dstallntuidj plytotbeUon.ChleO'oniinhs.
.inner o| Undi ttfia lv,,rit�� for nernilielon to 1 -
't"","'1'",1 ��llll..l.-..'tll��-.l'l.���,1l.'.l'!,n,V,,|n
nOll   h,H,ts.||,sy   ,H.ir ,-t;  t ���,������ ,,,..,,.., ���.   ,,        ,      ,
marked J II. . �����.��� sno'iB 1   rorilj.rl5iti.tffl!
11. the Sal,,,,,,, l!,v.-r V���||.-y. at ,, |.,,i,,t ���,ij ,
.1. .M..,-,.|���.r. bind al  weelern boundary   tbeura
.".'Ll'.,',','"1,"'"' ,""'"'" "",*"' "' ���<"""'������ """'���"
:"!,z:,!::^;,\'"""-u""' '"""-"" ""
July-iih.liioj, .1.11 Va��tD����,
I   II   Alkln-,,1,,   tK,���i
Nollee hi bet by t-ns-t. lhal a y, lr,.s��� date I
intend loepplj i-. tt,, Hono.ill. the 01.1.1 ,,���.
mleeloiic-i ol Undi and Worki, fs.   . ,,,    .,. ,   ,
I'lir. ha..- the lollowlne nrtbed  ��n       ��� ���
at the month 01 Huushl-on crook on the Srioii
i,..,.i,,,i���.jv,.��� k, ������s ���.:���;:,'-'a,:;;,";,
W 11 F H W     '""""""i"!' "I  II   n..sfk,,l
,..,.,.. , ''"' ';l"""' ��� "" "' '"''haina. ihen-
��.-. .ih.'.'.s',,!","' ""'"'"���"'i'l' I" 'isssisi.. thenoe
��s ��t ji ohalna to polul ol oomtnein-emant,
Hatsjsl thi, in, dayol Juno IM
win.iam Hakhv Pirnu,
Wiii.uk I.Tort, -.iknt
No lm I. bereby tjltan lhat no day. Iron ii 1
".'".',',, ",'IT'.'"""',"'"",'.^!'!;.-.'!.,,.!.',,,,,
s"'.,.,;,"'!��� vt*",""'" '*"i��'""i��-'"iii"
pnrchaeoJMurnotland a. s���ii ���,it,.��� ,.���.,.,
ni a. ii. F*i_��tt��Hi ��'����� ICootea., Dii.
, .   ?,}""'","""" ��� 1 mart ,1 a   . 1, n w.
����_��� j?^, tt'ewiir**"�� ��	
LaUHllhlitlh tl.y ssl Jsittf into,
Aiiniik JtttiN I/.nii
Wu.i.tAji J Toy, Aei-nt.
ils'n'iniTn'annlv';1 ?,"",'! "'"' '"'<"}" �����>"'���'���"���' '
nis 1,1 loapply is th,. 11.ss,,.i���i,1,. if,,, ciucifun,.
 ��.mer nl Uml. mnl Worki lor lornlbnlon to
 "' ol ih,.n.\v eorner ol W A.   , 1,1 li,  < ,
WSiS;i'ii",'h'*'i��i ""
Maisin Mti'AMsi.nii, Uoalor.
Jl,l,..'.lll,.|...�� *   A. IA.,,,,!,,, Au,.,,,
Nmlif ll hereby elven tbal BOdanal leto 1
!! M"' .'""'""""l'1'll.'..ll..n 10 11,,. 11,, ���r���l,1,. ,,.
1 lilt-H nnimlssNluiirr ,,f Undi and wn.lt. I,., ,,...
.M,",.,l���m,"^,.,;!,',,:,l;t"'"""" '<>"�� <*��<�� * ^
Dalesl July a, luai.
s..ii.e ti to-.1... given ibai _0dii���
in*, nd U.Mpph 1.. tin* II.in
' " rol Unds and Work -, ^l
,...r.i,aM. lhetoll��wing.|r��erll-��lua51
10 iiie Meat k mn duirli t*. uai
[mmi .hi tin* east sUa o| Tulipi m
Arrow Uke. end marked "J. J.w
��� ������rn. r," ibenrs easl w - bains, thnet
ehalna, Ihem-e west W
balui to jM.iht ot eoinin. ii..i.���.|,i
." '���:��� ��� ���    m .1. 01
Ijh ated June i*ih. lent j j
r II
filxij days aftei dalu I lm
lands aid
.lOtorla, for permlsMion <opMrc|ia-_i��f
and ilxti (Iflu) ucn-n of lai
ci mi. (oUows: Oommenelng ��i .
elghlj 1- i ehs ns e��Bl ol     i
Bulgers pre-emption and
.orn.-r." nnd running east forty
lb< 11 ���' Htnth lotlj [40]
.hallo.. Ilu nee north forty (kljebsl
U-g tn nlni.
'nlv7, Ift* c K.raqt|
N.-'.ii'. Ii le ��� ',��� giwu ihat�� .- .
In lend to appl)  lo the li.i,    -
iloner "l l-HioU mi-i Work* lor |-r:i,.vi.i��M
ehasv lh<   foiiuultta   ileaerll��*d !*rt�� a V
KnoWna) dlstHrt, pravlneeot KnUilUi
Commenting m u |M,-t tn i
H ���- oorner, on thi toutb
al I '��.- mlli ��� .-n-i ol Kurtoa'
md hi the 10>Mint, -t eorm i ���
llt'i  pre-emption elalm, ihem-*- ���.���iirmit.
Ibenee norih rtii elmitni, liieme *-<i��-un.'
lliellce M.Otll Ol cllnllm lo tlo   piier��k-*JUtg,
contalRltig MOarrei mon ni less
iui..I ibU'-HtUdayofJal'  IW
Kotiee 1- hereby given ifi��i leesi
dale 1 Intend loapplj i��ih>��� n.*..r��i.i-i_t(
Ciiiniiii>-loiieroi handsand W��kilw"
to imrehn-M- tile  lol tow lll|
Hlc III    Kire \'<i|)i v .01 th. ^
row    Uke,  KooU-na)   dinlrlel, drfCi   -    al
lows Com me m ing nt �� puai , i'-��
northwest corner o| \V. A. l sMeri HmSH
marked "A. lleL's Mmthwr***! roracT; m_\
tbenee forty (li'l eh aim - j
ehalns  north;  tin hit fort) iw
Ihelicc   fort)   (Id)  chain-  .,.iilli  I.. Ihf **��'
<-..iiimimiiit-in.-ui. sDontalnlng ow tiund-Hssi
slaty (IW] ��. res more or l.-��
Pated June 22, int.        Awn-j UdueHf
\V   A. 1'AUill.Apit  _
Notice fs herein given thai I t: * 1
after date to npplv u. the f;,;. f I'.immiwii-W*"
��� uml* .,ii Works for pi rniiM-i-m t.-pocb"**
follow 111/ deaerilN-d land* ami pn
at Kire .(iiVv, Kituf-fits)- Dlstrlet 1'oniBi'tMI
st a jM.it .marked I'. 11. ���<'< .niinir ""rtii *#*i*��
ner) piaeed at the nortii east
H, lownsblpOt); thenee south 4J t-iialo*.*ss*JJ
wesl iii Pbatns, tbence oorth w ������tiiiM w tg
norihcrly hoiind-rr ol said seetlOfl .'i ��t"-lrtl
ceeesl �� chains to the piece -f bfgln��l*n_
tHiniiiK 1*0acres, mot being thenertli wi*
quariei ol said section it- towtmtiipW-
NcIm.ii, B 0 .'une'.tii IS06.
PU. OTWfflBk
ciiipiion  m Kin*  vi
.ii.  .V1,k| goi-halsii son lb, tffl*|
VV   It McCaM-ii-ii.'"*''11-
\V, A.CUM.i:, Afit'til.
-inn.' _��Mh. I'**""
Notice |S In
iolIN  liAMiH
.     ���.Morc'or'ie.s'lopidnrol'""'""^
"Tl'lU  InllO M, inOB '      U-M "'^"'j
Notice h bereby given thai p'x,^AV'<ffi
ll""- ' Intend lo-.ppl'. ��� lolhe Hotionihh'   ^l���a
iFU and Works fr���
.- e is hereby given tbal rt'frjMLjS
U>odate r intend to ��|.|dy n. n��-�� ";; 3
s ir 01 l.i sand Works Vli-lorli, >'      H,
���foil   1 reliaxe (lie following ��� <-' '.       ',���-!
Kiln    in   Ihe diMi'lel ol   �� '''''.^''Irt'-l
of Urohmnn Creek j .-lariingHi n p" ��' tplirJ, |
.lotin While'-. H, W   comer,   1''"".'''"..,^^
chains �� h of .1   Mtlnnel "'"���Wi-iiif*
rinitilna north nebatm, thonce ���''' '..llllM|.��.
Ihence Muilh 80 chains, Ihcme wj-i* '(\VlllM
point til col cncelmlil. .'_,,.iil
June H, \\m, j.FaiWB.**^111 The Daily Canadian
"t "ii ��� "    r
I��� t**_.
| Canada Dtug and
Book CoVt Limited
The kind thai puzzle tlie average opti- X
cian arc -tlu- very ones we are after, tliere- ���
liv demonstrating our superior ability and _
skill. Come and see w hat our eye specilist ���
Ii Mecklenberg* M* A*   X
Weak      Swimmer     Attempted     Too
Great Task and  Failed.
ui do for you.     No charge unless we
in satisfy you. Prices Right.
Satisfaction Guaranteed      \
-vmw>-*><*-*> ������������;>���������������������������������������
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y, Limited
iperial Batik of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
"Al. PAID DP....$8,900,000 KKST $3.IIOO,(KIO
[|1> K WII.KIK, l-rmiili-nt HON. IIO BEET .IA.TKA V. Vice-Prs.sid.eut
Branches in British Columbia:
Depoaita nnivni and IntflQFMt rIIuwi ���! at eurrem ratal from date of optming ac-
and credited Imlf-ycarlj"
'���son branch *J-   Met   LAY,   Manager.
���   "������    ��� ���������������      i   ������..,_   .y.        i  -i.
he Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
'urchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
P.snii Etafldora will And ii in lhar advantage to one onr Pltoh.
kelson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
Burns & Co.
Nanaimo, Aug. 9.���a shocking
drowning fatality, attended by heroic
attempts at rescue, waa reported
from    Cumberland  today,  the    victim
being a young man named Angus
With a number of companions
i.1 ;inro waB bathing in Comox lake,
ami several of the lads, being expert
KwiiiiiiuTB, swam lo a float anchored
some distance from shore. Munro,
after a while, decided lo join them,
although he could not awim very
well. He procured a light piece of
wood and, with this beneath his
chest, and against the protests of
his companions, struck out for the
When at)OU< 25 yards out he became
frightened and exhausted and called
for help. Two of his companions, the
Harrison brothers, swam lo his assistance and attempted to bring him
ashore, but so hard were his struggles
lhal   all   were   in   danger    of    belling
drowned, and the rascuen becoming
exhausted, relinquished their hold to
save themselves. Had the drowning
boy heeded instructions they could
have  brought him  ashore.
(leorge Scales arrived on Ihe scene
in a boal. in a minute later and dived
to the bottom and brought Ihe boy
to the surface.
All attempts at resuscitation felled,
although the Iwdy had only been under  lhe  water four  minutes.
Georgia Minstrels.
Someway or other It always happens that the judicious advertising
succeeds. Judicious means many
ihings. Some people better never advertise. This can be sa.d of many
shows. Some attraclions better never
advertise. Managers who are not honest, whose advertisements mislead,
and whose shows disappoint, they had
better let. advertising alone.
The managers of Richards &
1'ringle's Famous Georgia Minstrels
endeavor to advertise nothing but
what they can -show. They are in a
class by themselbes, being the only
ivcognzied' nrneninig hrd cmf ememe
recognized negro minstrels lhat play
(he first class (heaters, and cannot
afford   to   mislead  Iheir   pa-trons.
Soniv* show people are careless In
their statements. They become so
used to writing "biggest," "grandest."
"greate_(t." "besb," and "world's
largest" that they can only think in
superlatives. They mean to be hones!���probably are. They are merely
careless, and failure is lhe price of
Go (o the opera house on Tuesday
and judge if the (leorgias are over
Certificate of Improvements
Q If an tic, DlWit, Firm ('littn.-f. Obtlu'tSli mid
Twenty ^'l*' Frii'tii.ii Dlltieml <-1hhue, Minnie in' lh- S".is..n MiniiiK Division of Wrst
Kir tf nay district
Where Im ited: on n'.inU-i- mountain, between
WIM Kane nnd Besr Areeki.
Take notice iimi I, John Mctatehte. ol tbe - ity
of Nelion. acting ttiHge.il f;>r -lus^-ph ^lurp.*o*..
!��������(��� Miner** Certificate N<- MHO, Intend,sixty
.lay-fnn.i the date tiei-eof, toapply lotheMlntnir
Recorder for Pertlfieatei of fmpiwrwnenti, for
tht- purpi'-i' ������[ ii-iiuiiiiiig Crown Qrantaof ihe
ftbove rlmm.-
Ami farther lake notloe tlmi action,uuder aec-
lion :it, iniiii i��- coiomenced before the Inoance
of sincb Certificate �����[ Improvement!
Dated tin*- Mai cUiof July,... i> 19,6.
.Inns Mrl.ATrnii".
Seai RPTRHJDBKB, nuked "lander for Timber
Limit*. Woodberry Oreek," will Ik* Mmtve-J
bv th- undersigned up to noon of Saturday, the
Uthdaj "f iifjuii, 1*8, from an) p��r��ondealr.
log to obtain Bpeclal Umber liceurea In eul and
carry away timber from ino" following deecrlbed
lands, situate- on tbe Norih l'ork ol Wo dberry
Creek, in lho Aiii.\voriii Ulnlug Division of Weit
Kootenay Districts���
i,ot i.  Cnjnmi ing al a itake planted on tin-
North Vox- of Woodberry Creek, about Bvo
ullea Irom Kootonat Lakoi tin n-t* south N
cbalni; tbeneoweil 00 chftit.il ihcnce north W
onalnfu tlu ���>���-.��� cam NebalttBlo lbe point ol com-
i, ,-1.1,-tit.
..    ���incut.
j,. i _*   Commenolnt: ni
Nortb V'oV. of Woodberri
Ink.- |>'aiiti-.l mi lln-
. n>ek abonl *\\ mllei
irom Ki.oi'imv Lakoi llieneo south w chaini;
���st no chains; tbence nonh M chains.
it su i bains io tbe point ol cotntosDoe*
������������'ll Wal-trta in   ItoHslaml,   Trail,   K-Ison,  Knslo,   Sandon, Three Forks, New
Denver ami Blooon City.
I"i��mlmi"""l.t,""l> lir'">''b win have
I      -upland careful altenttou.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
ii..i :.. r.iiiini.Mii-iiiu at a stake planted nn tht*
Norih l'ork of Woodberry Creek, abom aeron
mill- from Koot-'iutv ui.i-; Ihi-m-i- BOuth HM
drains! IbrnuQ wosl fUcbalUBl tbeuce iioiili it)
ehalna; ihonoe cant hu chalna to the polnl of
Iaii i -Commenolng at a stake Mhiium! ou tin-
North   Fork  of  W-rf)   h.rrv  * TOOS,  rtbOQt   olght
iiiiii-i* trom Kot! imv t**ike', ihenco wuth mi
chains; tbenoe wesl Wttlta.ns; thenee north ��'
-iinlli'; thenee eul ho iihalni to tin- point of
MdiMi" Duncan rlvt-r, about 11 miles nnrlh. usl of
Weat Kork of DiiticiUsi rlvor; thenee ho ilote n
north,  tllr-noe Hi <-llTiliis cunt, ithcini  HU iIimIiim
BDiiih. thanee no chaluM west to point of com-
No. 8.--Commencing Ht i. T<��t marked Ole
' larg'i nortbwiBl eormr poM, and plnnk-d on
the '-ii-l -i'l-- of Duio'iiil river, ithion 11 milea
northeaalof Wosl Fork of IMiuean river; tin-net*
in--l.iiin- iv.--t.   thence  KUl i-IikIiid lltiMh, thence
iiebalnsaast, tbeneitUO ebalni south to point of
No. {*���('oinuKfiicing  at a   jMist    miirkml   <>lB
"t-i u- ��� houthwcit B0*ner i-o-i. mut jiiiui'. i on
tbe eaat side of Dum-un river snd about 131*4
inilce northeast of Went Kork of Duncan river;
thenee HU ehainc  north,  llienee BOChelUI saSM
tbenee 80 ehalni tenth, 'benoe HOcUainx west to
point uf oommeneement.
Nn. fi.���Coiumeii'lng at a Mjft marked Ole
Ober-*'n northeftfi corner pout, and planted on
tbe easl ride of Duncan river anil about WW
mik-h uortheaat of West  Fork ol  Dunaaii river;
tii-noe wi ehalns west, thenee B ehMns north,
thenoe ho i-ham-.�����-;. theneeflOohalni south to
point of commenoamont.
No. <'>.-~r.>miueuciuK nt a pom  marked Ole
UlnigV iiortbcaat  corner  |mst.  ami pliinle.l..u
th*.- at side ol Dnnean riyer, and about ISM
Ullea northeast of West F.-rk ol Duncan river;
thence H" chains west, thcii.c ko. im n. north,
tbence ho chains east, tbenoe BD ohalns sonth to
���H.inl of I'omiiieui'i-lii.-n
No. '.- Comiucuclng   at a  i*"-'   marked   <>1��
HixTirV Miuthwcni corner ihini. ami planted on
th. msI aldi oi Dum-nii M-.- i i.ioi ai...ui i.n-i
miles northern,! ol the Weal Fork ol Duncan river;
thenee ho i-haiiis aasL theuce ho chains iouth,
Ih.-i B0 chaini west,  ihcnce HU chains north to
jN.lnl of roiniiiem-ement
No.  h. ��� i oiiiiiienclug   at   u   posl   uiarki-d   Ole
Oberg's southwest comer -,.<.". ami plented on
Lho east tide of Duiichu nver, nud about nn
miles northeast of the WfKl Fork ol Duncan
liver; tbenee HU < hains easl, thenc" ho chains
 th, Ihcnce HU chains west, ihcnce 80 chains
north to point of cnmmenoemenL
No *.<.  Commenolng at a posi planted on tha
.-list Bldeol Dnncan riverand mark .--I Ole Oberg'i
Bontheasi coiner poat, ami about n M miles
northeast ol West Fork of Dunoan river; tbenoe
Bo ehalni wesi, thence 80ebalni north, theuee ho
chains east, tbenee hu ebalni south topiniof
nunliit'iii't-tiii III,
No. ll).���-Commencing at a post  marked Ole
Ohe>K> BOUtbfWSl  comer posl  an.)   i-laut.-i!  on
the east aide ol Duii.au river and about io l-i
miles northeast of West  Fork of  Duncan  river;
thenee 80 chains west, Ihence hu ehalni mirth,
thenee W ctuUns east, thenoe80 chains south io
���Hiiut of commencement.  *
No. LL���Commencing at a posi marked Ole
Oberg's Southwell eorner po-t ami planted od
tbe east side of Duncan river ami about lfi l-t
mibs northeast of West Kork of the Dum-au river; theuce *> chalna oust, Iht-m t-HU chains south,
thenee 8*)ehalna weat, tbence 80 ehalni uorih le
point ofoommenoemeut.
No. ll- Commencing at a post marked (He
Oberg'i norlheast corner  i*o��l   ami   pluiitei)  i.n
the (Hist side ot Duncan rlvei uml uboui n> 1-4
miles northeast ot West'Fork of Dnnean river;
thence HU chains   west, li.ciiie  Ni ehains   north.
thenee 80 chains east, tbenee 80 ena^ns south In
point of coliiuieliceuielil. ���
No. 13.��� Com mencing at a post matted DI
Ota- g*!SOUthwoSl corner post ami plaiile.l on
the east side of Dun.-aii river uboui lr> l-l miles
iionheaxt ol the Wesl Fork o( the DuTieaii river;
them.- hu chaini aast,thenoe no chains south,
thence HU chains west, thence WJ chains norlh to
point of oommencement
No. UL-Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg's southwest corner |aist am) planted on
the east side of Duncan river ami about 17 1-4
miles northeast Irom lhe Weal Kork ol Duman
river; theuee  - > chains east,  thence HU chains
aonth, thenee hu chalna wesi, theuce hu chains
north to polnl of Commencement
No. IS,���Commending at a post marked Ole
Obetg's northeast eorm-r post an.) planted ou
the east Side Of  Duncan river ami  about  IT 1-.
miles northeast of West Kork ol Duncan river;
thepee 80 chaini west, thenco wi ehains north,
thenee 80 ebalns eait, tnence 89 shalni south to
point of commencement.
No. It"..-Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'sSOUtbwesI corner jhisI ami plui.lt->) on
the easl side (tf Duncan rl er und ubout 1*8 l-l
miles norlheast ol ihe West Fork of Duncan riv.-r; theme H'i chains cast, thence ho chalna souih,
thence So cbalm west, thence BQ chains norih to
point of commencement
No, IT.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg's southwest oorner post ami planted on
the east side of Dum-nii river and about Itl l-l
miles northeast Ol Ilia Wesl Kork of uncail riv.-r; thence 8*1 chalna ekat. theuce tw chains souih,
thenoe80chains wen, iheuceWdbalna m.th io
point oieoiiinicnc'Uieul.
Dated .lune Hlli 1��ii. Ol.E OuKRt;, Loeator.
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a day houwi in the Kooti^nnyB.
Rooma are well furnlnhert    Tab1'., ai good na any
lu Nelion.     Bar anppMed wllh good
Honors and clean.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Knropeau and American Plau
Meals .".> eta.    Kooms (non 'ib ctl. to II
Only White Help Rmplored.
Baker Ut.. NelMio Proprietor,*
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar Is tbe Kloeat.
White Help Only Km ployed.
Joaeptilne Ht.
The Big Schooner n^       (A
Or "Half and Half"    DCCl    \ ULe
The only OIuhb of CJ<kx1 Beer in NoIhoil,
Hott-i aoeommodatlons aecond io none in Hrit-
IkIi Columbia. Rates ti wiia-rduj. Bpeclal rules
io mootbl) I ���lero only home hotel in Nelson
COHNI.R 8TANLBV and .Sll .It-A.
Lake Viet*
Hall md Veriion Sts.
Two bleckB from
Rat���� $1,00 per Day
a.id up.
P. (I. Bssx IM.
Tels-plss.sst, 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Wg*MMM*amii*mamm**w*MmlMmA��rm MM       ^u^AmA~AA.nu*z^�����. -��� ,
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches lor
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
, .   Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
(Vntntlly I-ocaled. Often !��hj end Night.
Hum pie mid R��lh Koomn Free.
Noihc |i hereby Kiven thai W Aeyt alter dele I
Intend to apply to the Oh lei QommlsHonerpf
Lends and \\ ont for h hpet inl license to eut uml
earn* away timber iron} tbe following ikwribed
lautlc. i*iiiiiiied iu ihe Vteei Kootermy dixlrlcl:
No. l. Oi mmenelng at h pot-t marked o D.
Boar*i kmthwesl eornerpostvand iiHiitedon Die
easl imtik of loin.-iin river and ubout .Hi 1-4 mllen
northeail ol wort lork of Utiiiean river: llienee hu
lb-tin's eaat, tbenoe ko chains south* then.-e so
rliHiiis weit, theuee mi chain-' north to polnl ol
-Commenolng at a posl  marked i).
Deputy Oommlsaloner of Landsand Workik
l.nii.i- and Work* iiepanmi-ui,
Vlclorla, U.O , Inly 19th, lft��.
Noiiec li Hereby given thai :ui .i.n> o11, t .i..t. I
intend to ahpy to the Chief Oommlnsloner ol
l-tuds ami norss lor a >\u. oil lloense to out (iml
i-  ri v away tlinher Tumi  the following dent rlbed
lands in \Vcm Koutenuy district:
No. 1.���*'oi!inu-nc|iii; "it u -iosI luiirkcd Ole
Uljcrg iloillbwt'Sl corner ]>���������'��� and pl.tiled ou
lhe chsI side ol Dnnean iivcr, iilioul leu miles
norlh iinI of WoSI Fork of uncan river; theme
miehalllN ooUlll, tin-nee Mo chains ciihI. IheuOe M'
elm inn uoiih. Ihenc Kl cIiiiIiih west lo . olut of
No. VI.���I'oinineiieing nl a PokI marked Ole
ub.-ii;'> mi illi.aM post' and planted ou (he east
northeasl corner post,"aud planted on (lit-
caul side of Huncuii river, and ahout Jo l-l mil.*-
nortlieast of wesl fork ol liunean river; thence*)
(hains west, thence HieliaiiiK north, thence BO
chains east, thence BO ehalns south to point of
No 3.���Commenolng at a posl marked 0, I>.
Hoar'H southwest conn-r post and planted on lhe
ensl Ride ol Duncan river, mnl about 30 M miles
northeast of the west fork of Dnnean river;
lbence -v- chains north, theuee HM chains east,
theuce 80chainsSOUtb, thence 80 chalnn wesl lo.
polnl ot commencement.
No *b������Toii.nient'1'jg at a poat milked O. I).
Hoar's BOOthwesl eoruer postaud plauied on the
east bunk of Duucan river, and about '211-4 miles
northeasl Oi the wait fork of Duncan rive;
thenee hu chiin-i north, theuee Hj chaimeeii,
lbence ���-��* chr-iii- iouth, theuee (M ehaiu* welt to
I��oltil of com nu* ue emeu t.
Nn. B ���Commenolng nt a poat marked 0. l��.
Hoar'-- lontheisl corner poit and planted on the
east ��ide of Dune _ river, and about 'JI l-l miles
northeast of wesl forkol Duncan river; tbenee80
chains north,  thence HO chains, im, thence Hi)
ohalns tonth, ihence 60 chains west to point of
commence men t��
No c��. - rmmenolng >���'��� s post markt-d O. D.
Hoar's Bontneasl eorner pOil aud planted oa ihe
east side ol tbe Duncan river, and ahout ,.'.ll
mil a Lortheast ol the west fork ��f Duncan tiver;
ini-n-'c BQ ha>UN north, tnence tO chains east,
theme hi chains south, theiic' HOcualai west to
pomi of comineneeine.-l.
No. 7. Commencing at a posl marked 0. D.
Hoar's toulhwcst eoruer post and planted ou the
cjsI s do of Duncan mer, and about 'i. 1--I ui'l h
northcasl tif lho west fork of Duncau tlveri
Ihence W chains ensl. theuee HO ehains souih,
ihence 8Uchains west, thonoe W chalm north lo
I ii ui of couinicuccuifui.
No. S Commenolng al n post marked 0 D.
Hoar's uoriliciist corner pnst and planted tin the
oasi side cf Duncan r ver, ami aboui 21 I I miles
soutueasl nl wesl forkul Duncan river; th noetio
ebalns west. Ilnnce  BQ ehails   Uorih, Ihence Ho
chains east, thcue.-Ni eh tine sonth Lo point ol
No. il. --Commencing al a posl nnuked (l ]).
Hoar's soiiliiwesl  .... in r post  and   Itlanled  on
the east side of   I t nli   river ami  ubout  Ji 1-4
miles norlheast of the wesl fork of I m. ;in river; thenee BU cliaths east, iheliee HO ehalns south,
tbenee 80 chains weit, theuee 80 ohalni norih to
point of commcni'cm. ul.
No. 111.���Couiim-Jjciiig at a post marked O. D.
Hoar's northeast "orner posl ami planted on the
ensl side of Duncan river uml about ���.*-' 1-4 mllet-
norihcast of the Weil folk of the Duncan river;
ibeneoBO eimtiis, wesl thence 80 chains north,
thenoe 80 ebalns eait, thence 80 chaiiu iouth to
point of commencement.
No. 11,���Commencing ut a a post marked O. D.
Hoat'l soiiliiwesl corner poll and pluntea on the
eusl side .d Duncan river and aliout l__ 1 1  miles
nortlieast of the west fork ol the tmpean river;
llienee hu ehalni esit.tuctice hu chains south,
Hi. nee 80 ehalni weit, tlienco 80 chalm north to
point ofioiuiiii-ncemeilt.
Nn 12. Cdininctielng atapOSl luiirked 0. D.
Hoar's northeail corner post and planted on the
eusl tilde of Duiuuu rivt-r nit<l aboir '.M l-l miles
liorlheasl of the wesl [oil; of lhe Dull'an river;
thence .S.1 , Imlns wesi, tlience 80 chalua norlh,
theuee 80 ehains easl, Ihence 80 chalm souih to
���point <d commencement.
No. 13,���Commencing al a post marked <V D.
Hoar'H south west coi iur post and planted on the
cum side of lhe Duncan river and aboul _U l-l
miles northeast of Ihe West fork of Ihe Dunei.n
river) ihenoe Hi chains east, thenee HO eliHins
south, thenre HO chaini we-t, thenee 80 chains
north lo polut of commencement.
No. l-l.���Commencing al a spout marked 0, D.
Hoar'i uorth went corner post arid planted oil Ihe
east ilde Of i-uucau rl or and about 2t l-i miles
nor I heart of the wesl forkof the iMtuctn river;
thenee Hi ehatuH west, thcuci- HU eimiiis norlh,
thenco HO ehulns east, thenee HO eliaiuH south to
point of commeneeiueut.
Dated JttnoBlh 1-Mti. 0, 1). lloAu, Loculor.
Hy hii Ageut, out Obrsu.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vcrcon Sheets.
T��e Strathcona
Nt.ls.siit, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
T7ie Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roonu.
Baker Street, NeUon. B. C.
Lighted by Klectricity and
Hnatad by Hot Ait
L-rsge ansl (lomlorUble Bedrootn. __d Flnt-
cIhss. IisssliiK Ktsssin. Httinpli- Kihsssiss lor Hotumer-
rt��l Hen.
MRS. E. 0. CLARKE, PrtsprtetresH
The well known
Onr Boer Garden is
the Finest in the
J. CROW,   -   -   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Rates $1 aud $1.60 a Day.
Special Kates to Rofmlar Bcnrdets.
A. McDonald & Co.
IX'ulern in st unit* nud fttuoy Clroi'crics.
Butter, Em*.
Camp and Miu era' Supplies.
West Transfer Co.
Oentsrnl Ts'stiisstt-rs nml Dealt-rt. in
Coal and Woo a.   Exprow. and
BttHKllK.' TtnuiBler
REtRl  Office: Baker St.
��'l.-t-   (ft...   Aw-I_lv-...
Real Estate and Mining;
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Nelson, B. C.
Oldeet (���htflhlif-luH. Renl tot ate
Basiiii-HK in Ktiott*mtr.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Fruit Lands in this district.
Most of it hii units on the Went Ann and Main Lake.
' fori, you decide l.i locate.
See me be-
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Froit Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from s acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy uow and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Winnipeg Port Arthur
St. Panl,    Dnluth,    Sioux City
W.   a.   GILLETT
Contractor- nnd
Sislp tiRi-nt for tin- Porto Itli-is I.stiiilit-r rn., Ltd.,
rt-lHll .VHrslst.   li'iiii.-ti .nil sire ns.sl Isiiulser. tnflii'il
wssrk stiiil brnrkctij <\isist ssi is intii ,blnRlu, .-hsIi
.....I slis,us,    t'ssiiit-tit, Isrls-k mnl Mint- fo. Hue,
AllS.SSSISSlls' Itl'illlll'!
Ymsi slits) fHs-ltsry: Vt-rtiissi SI,, out ssl lls.ll,
I'. O. Box Wi Telepbom- 17��.
Kaunas City %KM. St. Lonis |<IO.OO.
Ckit-jiBo .114 00.
On Rale AuKUKl 7-K-lt, SeptemlK-r 8-10
Fiufil limit Ot-tober 81st.
Torouto *7��.H5.   On sale September 8 fi-10
Limit November _0th.
Mihvaukti- tGS.'.'n.   On sale August T-C.-9.
Limit October Hist.
Through ratos all stations���Outario,
Quebec, New York, New Euglnnd, Maritime Provinces ou application.
E. .1. COYLE,
A.O.I*. '..Vsitieissiver.
D.P.A., Nelion.
Yaie-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
&, Pooltry Co., Ltd.
tnc coMromuu way.
Change of Time
Effective July 22nd
will leave Nelson at N :80 a. m. I
will arrive at Nelson at T :86 p m.
will leave for Kado at 8:46 p. m.
will arrive at Nelson at II :10 a. m.
City ram*nicer Agent.
A (l.sV. A.,8e.tllo.
Delivmi'8 mnile daily tlmm^hout KolflQU
nud itn sulmi-iiH fboiu* Ms
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -'    NELSON.
For Everything1 Oood
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars. Tobacco*.
Do You Know Thurmin's .Special Mixture?
��� -'.'IV
��� i, "j
'"; i'M
- mt
...  ���:
'I, ;,:
m.) ���1        i;
The Daily Canadian
XT T fT* We are offering exceptional
f. II I value in Cut Glass.
For a pair of Cut Glass Salt
y--f T      i   pp and Pepper shakers. Sterling
tjl   J\   \ \ Silver Mounted.
J_____________     75c THEY ARK GOING FAST
,*********************��**+* .qfc Store of Sweets.'
Peach Plums
Musk Melons ���
Watermelons     ���
Apples        ���
Pears |
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone ���-���'>. Bator St.
Will lie coming in
��� regular shipments }
from local aud ()k- *
anagan   Shippers.        %
j Bell Trading |
I Company        ���
'<A Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning.*
Kootenay Coffee
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old GurioBity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. Alt
kinds of plnnerware in Block. Patterns.
Need Any *Z);
Fftiitjafs ���
We have the NEW Mason Sealer
with the All Glass Top.
No metal to K'-t 'liny aud oorroded,
Tha insist ap-to tints- sealer sm tba
market.   In pint and quart atzea,
Pints per Dozen $1.25
Quarts per Dozen 1.50
We nlno have the  Grown   .Tun.  ill i
pint*, sjunrts nnil hull t/itlltm
$1, $1.25 and $1.50 per dozen
[Joy's Cash Grocery!
Cor. JoHphlnO-ad Mill bt..     FtitmelH
c ..-. V-sroon ....ti W..1-.1 strctiti,
.1. is'iti'.l) HliMK, l ropribtor.
A Oai-uny, Kii.-lu; tt. C. Ourr, P, E.
Sluinwiu, Cniiil'i-imk: 0. V7, White, H.
Hsiti'i'Miii Wiunippgi B. lis'iint-i, (f. K.
iiiu-i-u, ,T. Mcintosh, E.A.Baker, B. E.
lisslssTls Visut'siiiver; Mrs. I'lillirr. IJnils-r-
liv; .1. E ArtKi.gncm, Now Denver; ll. P,
Kire, Onliknsli: Mrs. P. M. tjtevensun,
Midway; G. E. Fish, Spokane; J. E. Els-
erbarl aud wife. Miss Knst-nititire. Misltii-
witkn; Miss Johnston, Miss llml.-hill.
MissVei iiv, Viotoria; E. H. JolinBton,
Brandon! A. P. Low. W. K. Brook, Otni-
wit; ,1. M. Miller, Trout Lake; W. P,
Ogilvie, Revelstnke; P.M. Starnes nnd
family, Obioago,
B, K.   MeCiiruiiek,  ,1. f. Cisiiltlrey,  H.
H. Claudet, Rossland: P. T. Hnyes, W.
U. Smith. Spokane; W. S. Drewery, New
Denver; sT. fl.  (lilies. Ymir untie; Mr.
and Mrs. Heffellnger Mr. mnl Mrs John-
sun, Mr nml Mrs  Lamb, .Isilin Plllslsury,
Miss Ms-Collsio, Miss Fvsli,  Miss  Lamls,
Miss  Ulildue,   Minneapolis;  Mrs.   W. T.
Hunter, Greenwood; W. W. Mssutelius.
H J. ttalplu, Vanoouver.
It Msistre. Mooaejaw; P. Irvingi Van*
t'ljuver; S 0. St's'lt. Midway;  H  Sutitli,
Halcyon; S S  Arnold. Toronto
J  White. W  Fnrr. ftuidon.
W. MoDougall, Rossland: P, /,. Miner,
Spokane;  II. Howard, Portland:  0 P.
.lames, Ymir; .1. L. Brown, Kitmlt ssps; J,
T. Rlverie, T. H. Riverie, Mmslen; C. VV.
Piilinet. Seattle; B, Punnell, Bonnington.
P. Grubersen, Trail; D, J. Morrison,
Peter Groff. Fernie; P. Morgan, Grand
Forks;   P. .1. iMsl-lli-l'Soli,  Fort   William;
: .1 Robertson, Silverton; T, Joakey, Ross*
i land,
(i. R. Meade, H I). Bolaover, Spokane.
T. L. Bloomer, Canyon; J. Iloytl, Spo-
kane; 1). Barton, Procter; J. Huntley,
Onrthage; 0. Oroasley, Crawford Hay; 0.
Osborne; Bonnington.
<;. Williamson, Dot; Oreek ; R. Colburn,
Casraile ; 11. Fasilk, Farrnn.
��� Hli.t  Iti-liiil lie_.lfi> III
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but freah and
wholesome meats and supples kept instiK-k
Mail orders ri*��'��iv. oareful attention.
Qalt Coal
Term. Bpot Cub
Telephone _J4 B��*er -tree!
E. C. TRAVES   Manager.
tiik i:\ili-hivk privilege ..f Hi I Ins relrwh-
menu on tin- ��ooiety'i Kmum... (Iuiiuk tha Fall
l-air. st-i.triiit.tr HMO ji. No iplrltuoui llquon
uaowpd The blghwt oi huv tender noi necei*
.Biiiy ueeptod. A certified ��� h.-.-iie f<*r lull
Hun.nm ii.ucii.in-iHiiy >n<-ii tender, eddreu
D. C. UcUoitRim Beeretery,
KoUon Agrluultural end Induitrial Aunclation.
Nelion, w i   AugustS, law.
COTTAUE nl ell n.niii-, beautifully slluul.it nti
double corner; nloe lnwn mui tome fruit; |6uu
oeeb, bttiniK-i- ii;* rent, turner Stanley end Ob
mtvw lory itreetn.
THH OPKICE BALOON, Baker etreet.  Apply to
Clark & Tlii.iiiMiti.
BOAT A good rowing .���anof, fitted wllh mill uml
new oari. i'nr mrlleulan apply i" ll W.
Palcotier, Canadian offloe.
A. C. Futcher of tbe Royal Bank
staff returned last night from Uie
Apractioe cricket mutch arranged for
this afternoon was postpom-d on account
of the lacrosse match, The cricketers will
practice Inter.
Today was marked by a general
advance on tii<* metal markets. Silver rose - points in New York, i in
London; copper gained 8 points and
lead advanced 2 points in London.
W. Monro, charged with nnanltiog J,
A Kelly, wu this morning released nn
his own recognisance, In the Hum ��'f $6C0,
Applicntinn wus math1 on his behalf ly
J, O'Shea before bis honor Judge Porln,
The rt'Kulur monthly meeting of tho
Nelson Hoard of Trade will in- held in the
board voomt ihis evening al 8,B0. An
effort will be made to eulist tl��' Board'i
interest in the Cricketers' Excursion to
tnveatipatioii of tlte -rttsnlts of tbe high
sobool omni loot ions tlironghont tin- prov
Ince shows that < Uaf Austad and Williem
Brown, of 11 ��� ���*- -SgIbou bigb school, were
nt tbe bead, reajeotively, of the senior
aud Intermediate listn
.l.il.n Pillsbnry, bead of tU- PUlsbury
Western Oanada Loud Company, is one
of a large |mrty of tourists from Minneapolis al the Strathcona. Tha party will
spend some time iu Kootenay and Mr.
Pillsbnry will obtnin a more in imate
knowUnlge thnn be bad, of tbe exti nt and
value uf his boldtugs,
Tho Kelson junior baseball team is
playing in Trail ihis afternoon. The fi 1
lowing players left for tbe other smelt-, r
to.vu this morning: H. Hani, catcher; \V.
Eiihs, pitcher; li. Stevens, Istbnse; \V.
Brow n, .'ml base; V.\ Stnrgeou, s. 8.; 1.
Jucksou, Brd base; ti. Newltt, right field;
J. Miller, centre field:?. Miller,left field.
E. Kllis, spore.
The Kaslo and the Kokanee hail an
Interesting trial of speed last even
in�� on lhe up trip. The Kokanee had
on board the P. O. K. excursion and
caught up to the Kaslo just off Husks
Landing, it was evident lhat a race
woe on hi-twen the two greyhounds
und the lust inch of Bpeed limit was
strained for by both vessels. The
Kaslo had to make a landing at
Clubb's, but she succeeded in beating
tho Kokanee into Procter by fully r.
minutes. The Kaslo officers are of
course jubilant and the Kokanee officers   consequently   depressed   today.
A. H Green boa returned from Shun
win re In* hns spent a year in the servifJ
nf tin* government as head of a survey department. He describes conditions lu
Sin in as very satisfactory for Europeans,
who nre Invariably well treated by the
authorities i-url by the people generally,
He went with the definite intention ol
spendltiff one year only, and says that had
he r-t e I; bv longer he fmrrd be should
haveeleotetl to remain there permanently, Ih* r'niiks, however, that Hritish
Columbia is a pretty ���good country and un
whole preferable to Slam, Mr. Green has
benefitted physically by his year in the
Orient, and lie didn't look exactly like an
invtdid when be left.
The Store of Quality
While They Last
ROOH���Froni bedroom In nice cottage, on Mill
���treat, near Josephine. Suitable for two gentlemen; reference! required.  Apply Canadian
ROOM- [.args front room: sll conveniences. Ad.
dreu Dally Canadian,
.r>U MKN, hi ODOBi fur WOtk ill Hit- WOOdl.   Apply
ui W.E.Cooke,sawmill,KmJEd.
LADY 9TBNOOKAPHKR for position In country.
Qood boms with employeri famfiy-. typly
box Vt.,' 'liiitt'lmu niln.!.
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. 0. Hlnnk   .  I'hssDP  10
Tuesday, August 14
a Mlghlj Mingling ol tin- Mint.tr.-i Mnrvtl.l
Richards & Pringle's Famous
G.orgia Minstrels.
Twentr-elgblli Annual Tour.
in   lini���.i!ssl Kssss U.k.n   lis.
We have the remedy. Our
expert optician is Riving satisfaction. We guarantee lo satisfy yon, if you give ns a trial,
Consultation Free.   A Visit Solicited
Have You Seen It ?
Makes work easy.     Ask lo see
them.    2<U' each,
Leave Your Order With He For
Cherries and
MANI'KA.'TI'KKKH Of THI OftAWfOED ��,tt,l,:,��� ,.J   1   It.
.mui. thamway. repairing and Jobbing a Specialtv
_,U-.tm_tal Wurk, OftHtliiRit, B-flder_' Mnt.-rinl nml Miiiiiij; smsi Km ^   ..
onii-eiuitl Work. [Toot nf Par), Bt
Ml..no    ill..
__^'"  *>...
Now, nn tha leaion l�� cloning, nml I will
sec ilini your order In Bllad with Ih-^
besl trull to be liml m the lawaat mnr
is.-i prloa,
Hazlewood Ice Cream
C. A. Benedict SM.SUmY
Corner Silica and Josephine Sit
l'liiuie 206.
Lied timikiiiK Peucllu 2 for 60
Bine in.iii.iiiK Penolla 9 for60
Lllue aud n-il uutrkiug Pencila      -.' for 60
:.ii(-l; l--��rl IVnriU- .lnlinnu Kulwrs
mnl Topaz, regular ioc peuoilsfor he
Tin s��- iui* "cikIh" (if lines we havo ceased
to carry ninl wbir-li we wish tu
clear ont.
W. G. Thomson
BTATIomCK. i>eis()ll,   -J. V_.
��� >l...... .14.
Thompson & Douglas
siuii  Writing 11 Npucluity.
Wall Papei*and liui-inp.
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
M.tllsrHiitltrt, ���[
Fine Lager Beer and Porter        Every Known Variety Soli D,^
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer." ~""
TBUBPHOlNB !Ni>. 14.
,'. tl.  Ill l\    _ll 1.
WM. GOSNELL, Manage,
&/"*' Kootenay  Aeeati
[^0 R.A.Rog.__Ic*
^v*��        Limited. Winniptg,
\\ liiiie.s.ii.   I'rnviHitinN,
I -ro.ln
I 'l-l.il.
Dominion Government Oreamory nus- Pound Brtoka raoetved wsaklj u*i
fruiii tin-slimi..   For sale isv nil leading grooen
*"dV ...Tails
This is the iiiiimow season.   We
have a full stock of
Pails at $1.00, $1,50, $1.75
and $2,00 each.
We have 11.. ftreatcal variety of Spinners
ever ^imwt In nny tatskl.- store.  sOrop
in nml Iss.sk iirinitttl  mnl see fnr
Nelson Hardware Co.
1'IIONK 1,1.
NKLSdN. B. ('
Telephone 161-
Price of Metals.
New York, Aug. 9.���Silver, H5 :i-.sc;
copper,   17  7 Sc;   lead, |6.7B.
London, Auk. 'J.���Silver. 80 3*1 Cd;
lead,   ��JC  lGs 3d;  zinc,   ��26 15s.
Instead of plain water the Btreet
sprinkler dispensed this morning n
very mild pt-rmanKaniti - .solution to
render [nocuous any obtrusive germs
thai might have found a resting place
in the dust of the streets.
\v. K. Zwickey, manager of the Kam-
bier-Cariboo, Ih al Hi ��� Strathcona. Ke
says the long tunnel is going ahead
and all is well.
A full lini.: 'ii  CfiK'.ktry,
"wlilm* mi.I (1ltiMM>vnrw.
Al'oBeoond Hn:iiliM.i.il��(.f Kvi-rr I>-*ru>rlp-
tl-ill.    Vi- Iih vi- v< ':.���,;-'������!- mi'l sell at
[_owe*t Prteei tn .own
Baker Bt, UOZt tO '   I' K  Ticket OfflOB
Office and vrarehonn: Uotuton Blook,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. -       ���       Nelson. B. C. /
Don't Forget
Is your furnace in shape to start  the winter with?    If not, Ml
is the time to have it repaired.
L H. Ashdown Hardware Co., II
I'l.KAHK NOTE -Wo will nm In- r.-s|��iiiKl!>).> fs.r nny fiirnnrp ns>iii_i|��
by Ociobcr 1st, 1900,
��� B. A.  ISAAC
l-"OUI\'imsWS AIM>
u-_pi.ii Imk and Jobbtnn *- K��out*d -with D*��*patoh>  Shsat Mem
Work, uiniiit: mui Mill Mauhlnttry.     Manuf<*otur��f-flol
Ore Ciii-m.  IV.   Iv.   Coiilniclni'N'   C'irN.
Corner ol iu ! mui
Prool BtreeU.
rNEUsorx,   b. c.
Tralnc and Boats.
Crow  boat���On  time.
Slocan   train���On  time
Coast, Boundary and Rouland train
-On tiino.
$10, J2.50 and $J5
Usual prices.  k��-hi> on ���&)�� Uondajf n Kutiu-r-
Our LONELY Sale ouly
occurs once a year, and is
now in full swing. These
suits are
Ail Fit-Reform Goods,
tlie best clothing on the
market, made by high-class
workmen. Come in and
take a look.
The Latest Arrival at J. A, Gilker _ is the J
Superior in make ami quality.
j. a. qTlkerj
and DtSafS Lumber, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work mi-iU Brackets. Mail onlfi* promptlyBtW*y
VINMin STRBBT -  -  -  NSl-SON. B. C
SMALL COTTAGE on two lots, ou <"""c's'^
Garden in excellent shape aud planted with vea
tables.    For  (|liick sale   will dispose ol s:n|1L>
$700.00, part east, balance oil easy terms.
McDermid & McHmA}
Our ���.took of HANI!   SAWS I    v.-iy ���"l'
iiii'liuiiiit; gmdea to anjt nil raqoli_tneot>< .
If yon wIhIi n low priced ��t\v we ow "PW ���
niun imrry tho Ih,-k| i(iinlilii'H iiiiulti by
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y, l|


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