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The Daily Canadian Jan 20, 1908

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Array ',,      "   ���";
..all    the
ch   of
bottled   at
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your  door for
OSLUMl-   2.     No.   li)3
I Trade To Meet
at Moyie
Fifty Cbnts a month
Long Agenda l;.:pcr lor l'arl, ment
oi iMMnay���-hiLf Tcpic Will
|fp Lead  Bounty.
The annual ..un. i,n..u 1,1  t...- a. k...
v lated Hoards oi   n.i.i.   1.1 .-....in. k,. ,,, in
fllitlsh    ColUlnl will    a.p..,i    iii     Mi,.M
Wednesday  all      i ....   in     iinn.il  m
the tralus .Iron. u���- . ., . ami u.m.
probably about  . :: - :    in
O. O. Brttbn      .
will be represa m.'.i n.  I*   .s..u ... .. ,.1...
deat, **bo is ...       ....  1.1....1. m   <n   in.
associated b��a.. i.l     ..    i n      _     .
B. S.'-Fowter ,m..   ,    ,,.  i-i...     ,  ,n.   i...
elected ttelcgai.     wm, i. i,   wison ami
J. K Anaabi,   .,   ,,.i   unu,,,
Tbe agonal.i
usual.    Some a.:   in.    ri-sa,l���l!,iu.   I.. ��� .>u,.���
. ap are of Un-    ii.u.i..  annual' \.,r,,-i..
r ihooe that ha*.    .... n  pass.-.i  up.,n  :...
- aeveral years in  -m .'-h*  -.an a, i.
quests for exp ' < in.it inun*.. a.I
ditlonal  iBBp*-* I.-1 s,   -.ini.'   pi i-.m-i \a-s.
One Import., ri'siiiuiiiaii ha:- hi.-ei, an
tlelpated by in.' |.i*.vin.i.al niniriiin. in
la the speech ii.un ih.- iin.ui.. in tli,
uunojuBceeaen' ilnu .nn.. .**,ik \*ili l.<
beguu aV oue. ami a ..m um. .! a. las, a.
circnmilanoeK pirmlt.
llut the ch..-,   .-n,...-i-i. tli.-  laiK.-i   ii,
Ita scope and   must  inip.irtaut   in it*-
bearing on tli pi....p. in . inun. aliaia-
and B*-n_ll.   .      ol   all   i.,...'.,-nay.  is   tin
* proposal to  .-n.l. Is.    tin    p. I   ,u   tin
**���*-**"- ' **     ' -   ��� 11 ���      i...;,.  ' I.
er five years of the .period
bounty,  and   the   raising
in price from  is us to js; ti*
mu,mr.~- J" the 1-oudon quotations,
leb a snlij. a-l th.' ass..a nit.-.1 la..aiil.
trade ai aiwa.. ii.-.t,-,,,-,i t,, am, th,.
Eft. I. :. ncc. As they are repr*.
Bfr of ..vara Interest in the iii*
trt*t It Bin I- tak. n Ian Kl'.lated that
ejewry asp..' :.,.i,<
attention   ami     tin.'     i." h    .ut. ra-
will even i�� ui .*.. i Tin i�� m n.-.i ' ������
already b*.     , n.l.    ������ .1  .man m..u-t.   I..
��� the bOSftsa ..I iiii-I. - N. Ism.. Ti.ail an*
Moyie. *WI>< tin t n ��iii '"��� s,tiiil.,,i> ...
dorsed bjr Ih* :-*-���>. I.it. .! l...;ir.l oi ii-.
remains to h.     ��� ��� ��
Ita adyociai.     admit   thai  un  tli.* sm
���.face  they   si-a-in   tn   Im   asking   a   gva ;ai
deal.    Uul   n   <>������    "le'-i    imnt   of   it
bounty "wa-   jilslili-.l   li\-    yinrs   a^.i   111.
arguments   l..r   rmtiiiniatn.ii    ai.'    imaii
���werable. i-:*.-;- miams. rmnlitlon thai
warranto.! tin    mam   n  i-m.-us  i.i.lir
Ita ���ggmv.'K."!    la.nil I"   la.     1.1":
���ol  tbe  minimum   price,   that   musl   b,
NMUfled i>'.   tin   i' iu
��� CUon.   Bv i"   in i
'   thm Of Ira I   nn iminn   '���'��� n
��d by aom.   fn, m  ��� >' ''"'���
.   tho prodtaaa  i    unpi.'i. ��� n .1     'l'h.   i.'-'tii
?    Ib  that Ca ... li nt   *      ��� I * i * * i -   nin-.t   n.. ���
even In tie it   li     mar'.'     Hi ���  iviiupi
)    tltlOn Of liruti'i't.'.l   Animir.lti  ;n ...lui-.-l:
All   Kool.'liay   Is   iin,-ply   inn rest..,I   in
the qUBStli.ii  ami au>   a..in iin-imi ..I  ill.
associated   b,.ai.|.   i    .   nain   n.  Im   tin
��� result   of   tin    im "'   tiim-mnTi   milium
It careful ennsideration.
th:- two ministries oonoerned were cog-
niziiiii ot iin- Incident. The Novoe
V'reinya seems to be acting on a well
,huught out plan, li is turning Ita gnus
successfully upon the llheral members
of the cabinet, the ammunition being
tiiiiiislii'ii by i clique oi vetenm bui-
eaua rats, who belli.va' thai lha* linn.- iat
ripe tor an effort to restore the (f.e)
order of things. ,M. Kauluiann. the
former minister of education, was Uie
lirst victim and was driven out of of-
floe. .M. Filaassaiiiaif, the later minister
of linance, was under lira- when lit* died.
Pope is Better.
Home, Jan. 20.���Archhishop Hiordan,
of San BYanclaOOf was received In private farewell audlenea. by the i'ope at
n inn today. The archbishop congratulated the holy lather on his speedy recovery. The i'ope was loo-tlng well anil
in guod splriLs. He seemed amused al
the exaggerated reports ol his Indisposition that hail gone abroad and saitl this
happened every time he was ill. Tho
Pope expressed the hope that, the matter or the nomination of a coadjutor
art libisliaap lor San i-Yani.-isco wnii!.T*|
Anally be settled lay the satisfaction *
everyone  conct-rna.l.
University   Club    Discusses    Tenets   of
Modernist   School   in   Church
of   Rome.
Airy Finariu Views
Mr. Brodeur
Subrrdina-.es Followed Extravagant
Example ol Minister���Account
cf $42,000 ior Auditing*
try Party Attacks Liberal  Ml:
titers   in   Succession.
fttorsbur-g. Jan. 80.���Tha OOnfllcl
(.as arisen between ths Russia*
t of  forolKn  affuir.s  and   the  ml
J reKanliiiK   tht  alleged   ettortj
fcianin Datlohkofl to Becure p< r
to    accompany the  Aim-iicn*
i> fleet,   untfer   Rear Admtra
i  \\:\ voyat-f tO I'"' PadflC DOB
s��m1 much comment in tbe loca
partly owing to  the  Unpretetoi
pvalla hen- thnt this oflloer otOk
tly one  porintttod to aeoompani
ft, but   chiefly uk an  ovlili'iin   ol
toord e-tsttng  between  the twi
[ pubUoaUon <>r the eorrespondenoi
affair Ik regarded at the foreign
��.h a grave Endlsoratton tending tc-
flit. RiiHstan (llplomury tu theeyei
world. There are Indication*
iportant persona arc buck or the
Ign being oonduoted by theNoroi
fn as only thr highest officials of
'iin (.umrov*?rsy between tho Vatican
authorities ami the school or Llberal-dng
Romanists who culled themselves Hod*
tMiiistB, wan the subject ot an Interesting paper ami Uir-ciisdion at the Unlversiiy Club meeting Saturday  night
The club met in the public school at
8.80.   The minatea or the last meting
Were read and adopted. Thu con.-m :
of thf programme committee announced
thai V. W. Odium would read a paper
at the February meeting, and that a
tlrait programme ��-" the year would then
be Submitted*
Tiie chairman ol the university committee reported that the club s pamphlet
bad been printed aud circulated aa ordered.
Moth   reports   were   adopted.
Kev. F. II. Qraham then read a paper
on '"The Modernists.' ile thought that
few periods of the world's history were
marked by so keen and so general intellectual activity as the present. Much
of tills activity is devoted to speculation  on   religious problems.
The Modernist school stands for freedom of thought against the papal authority in spiritual things. Their most
conspicuous doctrine ts "immanence-*
or the indwelling ot the Divine, which
Is gradually being un lidded ami developed. Involved in the doctrine is the f
idea that all knowledge aud all consciousness arc Trom within. They implicitly reject external revelation as impossible and claim, with the so-called
Higher Critics of all denominations, to
analyse the scriptures _s merely human literature, no more inspired than
any   other  critics.
To these contentions the Vatican Opposes  the  traditional  papal  authority,
the traditional belief in divinely inspir
ed writings, and the ilmliin ol "inger
i nc " ���*e new word if not a new doctrine,���the working Of the divine upon
and within the human soul, Involving
Objective reality of the tlodhead and
���xteriml inltuence upon the mind and
heart of man. But with this reply nre
Involved a number of anxious or postulates, not all religious fn their nature,
to which a-sent is required, and upon
,-rhiO- question and doubt are forbidden.
s. S. Fowler praised the paper aa an
interesting treatment of an Interesting
subject, ii"' remarked that those whose
dally work brought them In pontaet with
mat* rial bcI< noes were api bo lose grasp
oi the idea*** of religion. K. J. Clark
thought the position of Home far strong
ei than those o| the Modernists. lie
could BOO nothing in the alleged discoveries of science to shake that posl-
tion i;' pi In ted oul that Modernists
were air ad) divided Into many groups
and thai their growth tended bochaotii
conditions. Dr. Arthur declared hi iii
self a Modernist. A. L. MeKillop thought
the conlrovery no more Important than
others of lis kind thai bad gone before
Uov. .1. T. PergUBOn declared his svtn
pathy   Inrgeiy   with   the  Pope,  hui   would
npt attempt discussion of so large a sub
JeCt In brief space.    Itev. F. 11. (irahani
briefly closed.
The  cluh then  adjourned   to  Feb. 8th
Experimental Church.
Chicago, Jan 80.���A model "poor
man's church," with plenty Of soup, biscuits, religion and possibly beds, is to
be a branch of a great revival now In
progress In 807 churches tn Chicago,
under the SUSpiCea of Ihe laymen's evan
gellcal movement. The plans for thr
new church were announced yesterday
by I). A. C. Dixon, niiRtor of the Moody
church.     They   comprise   the   est thi ish
men! of the "open floor Church" in the
lodging house district for the purpose of
reaching the treat nrmy of unemployed.
Ottawa, Jan. 20.���A question arose in
the committee of supply about the travelling expenses of ministers on their
Kuropeau trips. There is a mystery
about Mr. I."r..deiir's expenses, lie lelt
toi l-Jugland In April, yet. received $::.-
000 on account of the trip during the
previous fiscal year ending in March.
Other payments charged to this account
amounted to $4.oon, but   Mr.   urodeur
i - is that this included a part of the
original $2,000, and also claims that
v��hi.e the government paid the lure of
Airs. Brodeur and placed It in the public accounts, he had on his return Irom
Kurope refunded the amount. It appeared that while the Minister received S2,-
OUO before stalling, he left hi,-. Canadian
ra.lv.uy fare and ocean steamship pas*
sage to be charged up to the government accounts. The whole thiim is
one of those muddles which continually
occur In the marine deparuneut. li is
cei Lain Mr. Urodeur's expenses were
over $4,000, but whether ihey wen ov< ���
$6,000 he and his accountant together
could not oxplaiu. Yet the whole expense and entertainment of the delegates to the Imperial Counc.l and of the
families With them was borne by the
Imp rial Covernment, so that from thu
time lie put his foot on Kngiand until
he left there the minister was the gni Bt
of the nation. How he managed to
spend the $4,00d or -$0,000 or more
chargeable to Canada is as mysterious
aa his accounting.
in the marine department the exam-
pie of Mr. l'rodeur ami his predecessor
is followed. The travelling expenses of
the olHcers are outrageous. Officials not
of high standing are allowed $10 a day
living expenses* Some of them are said
to be travelling on passes while the
country pays their way. Those who
stay at home have got the departmental
books into such a mess that the government has paid over $48,00-9 within the
past few months to outside accountants
to get them straightened out.
Mi auwhile tlu. lighthouse and coast
service under their control has been a
happy hunting ground for all manner of
plunderers. It was shown in the session of looo that agents of American
firms were selling ro the depart men r
supplies bought from Canadian establishments right under the nose of the
Officers and making profits of from 50
to W0 per cent, in the transaction. The
cost of (he department has In ten yours
increased from a little over one million
dollars to over five millions, the staff
aas been nearly doubled in number, and
the sciindals have been mors numerous
p-ven than those in the railway, the mil*
itia, the interior or lhe public works.
In one year alone there were exposed:
The Morwin contracts.
The Montcalm's silver outfit.
The Arctic scandal.
The flies scandal.
The Kestral affairs.
With B targe number of smaller incidents.
On Friday Mr. Taylor and other members gave the minister a hard time over
some ol the bills Of Ids department.
They showed that the country was paying  at   the   rate  of  $_;">   per   month   per
mac im* raw provisions bought for the
gov.ernmcnl vessels. At the same time
those vessels Whose crews were sup
plied with provisions by contract with
the captains OOSI only $15 per month
per man. and Mr. Talbot a governmenl
supporter declared that to his knowledge captains were making $18 and $l*Ti
per day OUl  Of the contract.
It was shown hy Col. Hughes thai *'a
ttona supplied on contract to the mlli
lary oosl only at the rate of $7 and $-**,
per man per month, or less than oni
third the outlay for the men on the
Ships. The sillers tire fed no hotter, so
there la B large rnko-off somewhere.
Mr. Taylor showed that part of the cost
wa    made up by excessive prices.
Anion-: tb ��� Hi-nis    mentioned    in Ihn
auditor's accounts are $J,0D8.1i0  travel
ling expenses paid to Captain Spain
in nine months, all fn Canada except
one trip  to   New  York.
Kor uniforms to officers and crew of
the Aberdeen $1,180; on the Champlain
$894, of which $3*31 was for officers;
on the Druid for officers uniforms alone
$843, on the Lady Laurier officers' uniforms alone $493, including fur-lined
coats; on the Montcalm uniforms for officers alone  $550.
For the Ice breaker Montcalm, sideboard $104. For the Quadra portieres
$30; Turkish chair $31.50; carpet 30 2-3
yards at $2.
For the lee breaker Lady Grey, 4
cuspidors $15; 6 bread trays $25.50;
silver coffee pot $t>.-10; coffee cups at
$4, JO. nnd $8.40 per dozen; coffee
server $8.50; 2 entree dishes $20; jardiniere $8.50; muffin dish $0.10; 2 doz.
soup plates $10; silver tea pots $8.20;
silver tray $7.80; syrup jug $8; tumblers $12; at $8.50; cutlery* $150; other
dishes $117; butcher's block $18; candle-
si ic-ks $7, and much more of the same
There was a Georgian Hay fishery
commission, one member of which was
a Liberal lawyer and defeated candidate.
The auditor reported that this member
Of tlie commission had received $2,250,
but had not accounted for the money.
Mr. Bennett had a snuggle with the
minister on Thursday to find out how
the matter stood, and learji-jd at la^t
that Mr. Hirnie had received $17 per
day for his services. His colleague.
who knew nothing about fishing matters, had to be content with $0 per day.
The minister of militia was also at
the imperial conference, and like others
was entertained in England hy the
home government. His trip seems to
have cost $4,000 for alleged expenses,
and his official business did not take
him away from Kngiand. It was mentioned in tbe committee that this minis-
t t was one of the greatest private car
travellers fn the cabinet, and there are
several who spend much Ume movsnx
about this continent with parties
of friends in government cars. Several
members declared that this junketing
about in government cars had become
such a scandal that it must be investigated. The Canadian people who see
this thing g-oing on all the time are
are forming the opinion that some at
least of (heir ministers have very little
to do except to amuse themselves and
entertain their friends with excursions
at the  public expense.
The custims revenue for Dccenib*. r
shows the decrease from that of the
same month last year. This is due to
decreased imports and Is Uie first of a
pfTol able succession of such decreases.
A falling off in revenue comes at the
same time with the rapid increase in
expenditure, and means that the debt
will advance more rapidly than in ay
previous year since Sir Wilfrid Laurier
took offlce. This is not a convenient
time for such nn Increase of debt, since
the interest rate is higher than il has
been for a quarter of a century, and no
finance minister since confederation
has had so much trouble to borrow
money as Mr. Fielding has experienced
In the last twelve months.
Lobsters Are Scarce.
Portland. Maine, Jan. 20.���-The scarcity of lobsters along the Maine coast
has necessitated the calling upon dealers in the maritime provinces to supply
the market, in this city and the Ural
shipment of lobsters that, ever came into Portland Irom Canada arrived during
the past week and has been followed
since hy several large consignments.
Glass Works Burned.
Coffeyvllle, Kas., .Ian. 20.���Fire yesterday destroyed the plant of the Sun-
liowei Glass company, causing damage
of $100,000, The property was partly
insured. Four hundred men are thrown
out of employment
Pacific Grain Shipments.
San Francisco, .fan. 20-^���Tiie grain
clearings from Pacific coast ports for
the week ending January 18 amounted
to 1)01,370 bushels of wheat, consigned
i-i the United Kingdom, ana i_,.���.."
bushels of wheat from Tacoma and Uu
Bebel Port Blockaded.
Port Au Prince, Jan. 20.���The blockade at St. Marie nnd Gonntves, which
are being held by tho revolutionists, is
assured by the presence of four warships at these ports and the disposition
of the Haytian forces on land. The
governmen continues to dispatch numerous troops for the purpose of surrounding the territory now occupied by
the revolutionist fl. Calm Is maintained
In all  Uie other towns.
Prurient Purists.
Bale Creek. Mich., Jan. 20.���Owing to
unpleasant nbtorlty incurred by some
of the papers read at the recent purity
conference here ii is announced that no
conference will be held this year ami
that papers to be read at the nexl conference will have to he submitted in advance so that all the risque passages
may in- Btiicken out The notice that
this year's conference 1-^ to be omitted
comes from the conference president,
U.  S. Steadwell, of Lacrosse, Wis.
Judge Dowling Refuses
to Clear Court
Evelyn   Thaw   Relates   Disgusting
Story Which Is Alleged To Have
Driven Prisoner Insane.
New York, Jan. 20.���When the Thaw-
trial was resumed at 10.20 o'clock this
morning Mrs. Kvelyn Nesbitt Thaw was
called to thy stand to repeat her stor>
of a year ago. District Attorney Jerome
immediately renewed his motion of last
Friday afternoon that the public, includ
in,; the representatives Of newspapers,
be excludeu trom the court room, lie
cited a criminal code tried in Monro*.
county several >ears ago as a precedent
lor excluding all persons except those
immediately   concerned   with  the   trial.
Justice Dowling declined to exclude
the public from the trial.
New York. Jan. 2U.���Mr. Littleton, for
the defense, said he desired to leave the
matter entirely iu the hands of the
court. District Attorney Jerome declared he understood Mr. Littleton to join
in the motion wnen it was made last
Friday aud did not quite grasp thk
change of front.
"1 said on Friday," retorter Mr. Littleton, "tbat I would like to spare Mrs.
Thaw from the gaze of the idle, OttrioUS
public, hut to all points of legality and
propriety I reiterate what I said then,
that the matter rests entirely with the
Justice Dowling said lie had consulted
all the authorities cited by District Attorney Jerome and could find no war-
:ant under the constitution for excluding the public from a capital case. The
harm done by publishing the details of
revolting testimony, he said, would more
than offset the safeguards around th.-
defendant by granting him a speedy and
pablie hearing. "The court will not exclude anyone who conducts himself witii
propriety." concluded the court.
Mr. Littleton then asked Mrs. Thaw
to tell the story of her experience with
Stanford White as she told It to Thaw-
In Paris in 19011 when he asked her to
become his wife.
District Attorney Jerome at once offered a strenuous objection. Ile argu. d
the matter at some length. "Here is a
recital of years before the homicide,"
declared the prosecutor, ''and 1 contend
that it does not come within the limits
of any precedent that 1 now know of.
It certainly does not come within the
Wood case, where the man to whom the
story was told was so mentally affected
that he immediately went off and killed
a man. This recital by this witness is
too remote, lt is absurd on the face of
it to say that this conversation three
years before accounted tor the Insanity
of the defendant at the time of the
killing. Certainly under the widest expansion of thf' Wood case we ought to
have some scientific testimony, addressed to the court, not to the jury, Uiat a
conversation of three years' standing
could have had any effect on the defendant's mind."
Justioe Dowling interrupted the attorney to say he found nothing In the
authorities fixing a time limit to conversations or statements Inducing or
tending to induce Insanity.   Be thought
the  Wood  case  covered   the   point  and
overruled  the objection.
Young Mrs. Thaw was suffering from
a bad cold and coughed frequently
while testifying. In response to ques
tions from Mr. Littleton*, the witness
told again, but mors briefly than last
year, Of her experience in the 21th street
house where she was taken to lunch
with Stanford White and drank champagne aud became dissy. She toljj
again of tho velvet swing and the mirrored room and the big Japanese pars
sol attached to the ceiling.
"Every time you were swung up to
the celling your feet would crash
through the parusol," said tlu wit,,
"and a fresh one would he put up." I,vi
dently Induced b\ Mr. Jerome's constant objections and his manner of interposing his square shouldered figure
Immediately between her and her hus
band. Mrs. Thaw's voice had a tone of
i defiance in tt  that  was lacking at the
would take his seat Thaw would gaze
intently at his wife, fixing her with a
constant stare. When Mr. Jerome was
on his feet the defendant would crane
his neck to get a view of the blue clad
figure on the witness stand, with the
round velvet hat and Its crown of vio-
le-ts. Mrs. Thaw, as last year, constantly reiterated that she was repeating
what she had told Thaw in Paris. District Attorney Jerome constantly ol>-
jeeted when it seemed to him the w-it^
ness was transgressing. Justice Dowling ruled that. Mrs. Thaw first must
tell all she remembered cf the conversation without any questioning from
counsel unless It appeared the witness
had forgotten any details, when her attention might be call, il to them. The
witness said her experience In Uie 24Ui
street house occurred after her mother
had been sent by Stanford White to
visit friends in Pittsburg.
Mr. Jerome here insisted that the witness first should tell all she could remember and then that the attorney
could go back over the. story with her
to add the details. The witness had all
her wits about her and when Mr.
Jerome offered some of his objections
she would turn to him and insist "that's
what I told him, Mr. Jerome."
mm di-feat sua
Mnrquis   Katsura   of   Daido  Group-Has
Joined   Forces   With   Progressive
Party to Oppose.
Toklo. Jan. 20.���At the Daido club today sixty members of the lower house
In the diet issued a manifesto which
proclaimed unalterable opposition to the
financial policy of the government. This
is one of the significant developments
of the significant developmt-nts of the
present situation because Marquis Ka*
suia, the former premier, is recognized
as the leading spirit of the Dlados although he does uot lay any claim to the
position of leader. This action unites
the Daidos with the progreHsive party
ami practically unites Uie opposition. In
which event the government would be
defeated in its attempt to carry through
the budget. Up to the present moment
it was generally believed that Marquis
Katsura and tho prime minister. Marquis Saionji', had reached an agreement
on the subject.
Revolution crushed.
Port Au Print o, Jan. 20.���Government
rces yeslerday attacked the town of
St. Mare which was held by the revolutionists. The enemy surrendered after
a slight resistance. The government
forces then marched toward Conavles
which is completely surrounded. The
government is or the opinion that they
now have the upoer hand and they consider the revolution is practically ended.
Canadians Returning.
San Francisco, Jan. 20.���Joseph Pope.
assistant secretary or state, and Madame
H Lemieux, wife of the Canadian postmaster general, returned on the ship
Mongolia  fr *m  Japan.
Indiana Train Wreck.
Corydon Junction, Ind., Jan. 20.���
Thr. e trainmen were killed and two
were probably fatally injured yesterday
when a hcomotive of the Southern railway, southbound front New Albany,
plunged from a nlnet; foot trestle, turning a somersault in the air and dragging
with it two freight cars and a caboose
The wreck caught fire but was quickl..
extin -nislied.
Steamer Arrival.
N'.w York, Jau. 20.���The steamer La
Itretagne. Havre for New York, was 707
miles oul   of  Sag;apanoek,   L.  I.  a*. 9.50
a. m., and will dock at 9 a. in. Tuesda>.
Prices of Metals.
New   York,   Jan.   20.���Silver.   55%c:
London,    Jan.   20.���Silver,    25 11-160.
Lead,  a: 14,  lis., :id.
Opening   Copper   Quotations.
New York, Jan. 20, 1908.
CBy  MeDermid & Mcllardy.)
As!ted Hid
flranby     , $90.00        $7.'��,00
Dominion Copper ....    2M7\_       2.25
IJ. C. Copper     5.62*^
H.imi!ton Bank Resumes.
New York. Jan. 20.���The Hamilton
Bank In U8th street and Its six branches scattered throughout the upper per
Hon of Manhattan and the Bronx,which
have been closed about three months,
resumed business today. There were
few persons present either at the main
bank or any ol  Its br.melius.
Estimates of Expenditure
For Year
Chief Item oi Increase Is In Safety
List���One Step Towards Free
Books and Supplies.
The board of school trustees met In
Ur. Arthur's offlce at 10.30 this morning.
Tnere were present Dr. Arthur. A. D.
Bmoiy, VV. Irvine. B- G. Joy, and R. J.
Steel. In accordance with the board's
custom R. 0. Joy, the new member, was
elected chairman and Or. Arthur secretary. R. J. Steel and W. Irvine were
elected a finance committee.
The chief business of the meeting was
the consideration of estimates of expenditure  Ior the year.
Small increases of salaries, promised
in October, were voted.
The item of supplies waB greatly increased as lt was decided to follow the
example of other cities in furnishing
scribblers, etc., to pupils, which effects
a saving of 75 per cent, in cost to parents.
The estimates in detail were agreed
ui-on as follows:
High   School.
C.  M.  Fraser $1,560
Mrs.  VV.  S.  Pearcy   1,225
W.  Jeffs      660
Public School.
A.  Sullivan $1,560
Miss K. Scanlan    1,080
Miss E. S. De Hou      960
Miss L. Thomas      ��00
Miss   M.   L,.   Moffatt       840
Miss Wade      800
���Miss M. Taylor      840
Miss  Mllligan      840
Miss M. McVicar      840
Miss   M.  Grant      840
Miss E. Thorn    1.020
Additional        350
W.   McKIm      720
T.   Luscombe       120
J.   Lynch      180
.Secretary          180
Fuel          705
Kurnlture         600,
Supplies       1.000
-alterations and repairs      40O
I nsurance         300
.Miscellaneous      (including     rent,
$446)         833
High School $ 3.490
Public  School      12,025
Total  Salaries     $ll*,515
Other   expenses $ 3.835
Total    $19,350
Another meeting will  be held.before
the   a nd   of   January   to   pass   monthly
New Record for Grippe.
Chicago. Jan. 20.���Grippe established
a now mortality record last night with
fifty six death reported. The disease ls
more prevalent ln Chicago now than at
any time ln the city's history.
American Enterprise.
Chicago. Jan. 20.���ICleven newsboys
were arrested last night, for sboutiug
"War is declareal between the United
States and Jnaian." The boys for hours
had g.-n.. ihrough Ihe streets giving utterance io tha* sensational yells. They
were selling a weekly newspaper ana
nre-.ting with a large sale until victim*
izeal persons called up the police. Tha.
boys were released after having beer
Coasting Trade Dull.
Portsmouth, N. H., Jan. 20.���The
coasting trade of the ports of northern
New Kngiand. Is nearer to a complete
standstill than for many years although
the conditions of the rivers and harbors
along the coast would seen, to Indicate
more opportunity for a busy season.
Blow for Two Cent Rate.
Philadelphia, Jan. 20.���The two cent
railroad fare now In force ln Pennsylvania, was today declared unconstitutional by the state supreme court, which
handed down nn r.pfaicn affirming the
decision of the common pleas court of
Philadelphia  re.iJa-.jd  last Bsptamba*.
Arsenic Kllla Five.
Rockdale. Tex.. Jan. 20���Five ot the
seven members of tha- family of C.
Saner, a farmer, died of ,-*o!-**on pastor-
day anal the other two are reported lu
a dying condition today. Arsetlto has
heen found in the house and Sl Is ''"-
Halved that the poison was plaoad In the
Hour of which the bread was made. 1 ..o Dally c_adl_
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots -and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
Iu about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can piomise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Ba_ik of Canada
Head Officii:   Toronto.
r-araltjl   Authorized    $10,000,000     Capital   Paid   Up $4,860,000
P Rest    $4 860,000
O. K   WIIaKlK   Pirt.idrut.
Hu:-. KOHER1 JAFFRAY, Vice-Pieddent
Branches in i ntish Columbia s
interest  allowed  on   deposits   fr.im date of deposit and credited quarterly.
jsri.son  bka-voh *)���    IVI.    LAY,   Mana|{er.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporate!  A.  D.   1869.
 $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund   ��4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of  Banking   Business.
SPECIAL   ATTENTION   given   to  the
avings    Bank    Department,    and
,-iterest    credited    Quarterly    on
__avings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published %\s (ivy, a wra-l by lhe
a_,_r _.��.. :><*>���>... u o
Buolicrlplloli rata.. W * *-ul_ aa Inonlh tlellvfcrei-
lu the CUT, aar fci.aju a year ll Bent by mail, wbeb
paid lu I. '. ...���
Sdnrturw ntM on application.
All im.uk-* pan, in  MtUement oi The l>Bily
Cauaalliau SUOOUnUi a-nlia.-r ia.l BUbscrlpllonB or
advertising, inu.t Ik' receipted faar oaaliaa printed
lorml ol tbe a ..aaapauy. ajihcr ra��eipt6 are nol
Monday,  January  20,   1908.
The Liberal organs at the coast can
find nothing to quarrel with iu ti"
speech from the throne, hut they ar.
debarred by all their principles and pro-
fesslons from either praising It or keep
log silt'iit. 'rii.v bave to say something
aud. If possible*, they must appear U
This necessity leads Lo some ooml,
r. suits. Here ls ata example trom th,
Victoria 1 antes:
"Bul we are conildent the I.
kadi r ami those behind him will in
sist upon a lull and tree discussion ol
eva*ry measur. Introduced, a satlsfao
t'.ry expositton ol its Import and th,
nera-ssity tor it;* enact] u nt."
if that ls not mere verbiage, ii it ii
Intended to eonvej any meaning al sll
it can only i,a. nn imi Unction that th,
government has attempted, or It like]
to attempt, the suppression aaf tree 'i;-
ciission. The Timei eannol polnl to I
single Instance II Is not al Victoria
bnt at Ottawa, thai discussion is stilla..'
and tttoosvanleni Questions ruled oul o
otder lay the vote of a machine maloi
Hut, If lt cm find nothing to censun
In the speech, the Times find- fault
with something not Is tin speech. Il
"The most tntaresting number a.n th
sessional programme will not be allud-
e* in in ti,.. Speech trom the    Thron,
It wlSl not constitute a niimlia',' at all i
Premier McBride cun  find  any  r   o
ord' r under which it can be shelved
Thai is the Interesting point as to lie
loapoi���billty aaf the chlaf adviser of tha
J-li'iit.-G'jvenior for the dlsallowanoe ol
Mr. Bowser's ao-oaUed Natal Act."
Some months ago ���n article In the
Vane tive, Erovinoa, signed by ex*
l_.leuL-Ooveruor C.  11.  Mackintosh, dis J
cussed this (iiK-stlon exhaustively,
showing by quaataiious from ;ha* grt-at-
ast authoiltiea on constitutional law ln
I ana a, of both political parties, that
i i..* lie . ...,-.: governor of a province is
the lejjr. se.iLi'ai.e, not of the crown,
uor of the governor-generai. hut of the
Uoiiiiiiion giavt.-rnment. The premier is
not in any way responsible for the lieu-
tenant-governor*8 action.
At the time, neither the Times, nan
its "weird sister," the Vancouver
World, had a word to say. The argu
ment was conclusive and reply was impossible.
.Now it returns to the charge, not
with anything new, but with the same
senseless insinuations that there is
something mysterious that the premier
is bound to explain, and that if he can*
uot make the lieutainaut-governor bar-
have he should secure his removal,
-anli suggestion from a Liberal organ
is mere impudence. The lieutenant
governor is removable only by the pre
tnia-r of Canada. If Sir Wilfrid Laurier
bad been alissatisfled with his conduct
be w.uld have been removed long before now.
Can it be that our local rontempor-
. -.lunation of his appointment ap
also to ills retention: "He has tin
... ��� j    hence" etc?
Our contemporary's   Calgary   correspond nl    baa given    greal    nnvn*-.-  to
nany   citizen*  ol   Nelaon.     He   speaks
"Oallclana,   Doukhobors,  Icelanders,
wedea, Pol -  nnd   other   Slav races."
"we lea  and   Icelander!   are   not   Slavs.
In y belong to the great Teutonic race
.    which th.' Ktigllsh and Germans are
also members.
While it may he dangerous to and*
Ipate the results of tonight's meeting
lire seems a fair prospeel of a friendly
nd mutually satisfactory arrangement
n Ing reached between the city and
be Allls-Chalmers-Ilullock Company.
The protracted negotiations and their
requent failure have had one good re-
ii t in educating the citizens of Nelson
���i iin- responsibilities of public ownership. Recent statements on tha* subject
rj those in a position to speak with authority, ara- to the effect that the plant
*, cxi't lien! except In rasped of the au*
0 untie governor and tbe draught tube
which has broken from its place.    Oue
_a__gaaaaagB-.n rm i ���
fact, which has frequently buen overlooked in discussions' ot the situation
i*. thai tha* ra-presa-ntatives of tha- machinery oompany are us deeply interested as the city council in reaching a
satisfactory conclusion, lt is not only
or chiefly, the financial consideration,
the payment of tiie balance of the coal
and ra lease of their da-posit, thai moves
them; tha* credit of the company which
has business connections in every part
..] th.. continent is Involved-
Killed and Burned.
Johnstown, Pa., Jan. sin.-���Bamu, l
Walk, r, a Beaverdam miner, was burned to death today In a flre that destroyed a shanty occupieal by Walker and
Walter Stoua-breaker. The latter was
arrested ou a charge of murder. It la
known the men quarrelled lasi nighl
and Stoua-breaker has several wounds
ou his head, said to have been Inflicted
by   .Valuer.
China Steamer Wrecked.
Amoy, China, Jan. 20.���The lndo-
China steamer Kik Bang-bon, is wrecked uear Three Brothers' Hocks. The
captain and others of the crew reached
shore and were well treated by the
natives. The chief officer and the remainder of the crew reached shore but
had their belongings stolen and the
whole party was detained until the
Chinese officials were communicated
with. Finally they were given escort
to Swatow.
Plans Public Ownership.
London. Jan. 20.���Public ownership
and control of all tlie means of life occupies the foremost place in the list of
topics scheduled for discussion at the
eighth annual conference of the British
Labor party, which began at Hull today,
to continue until Thursday. The Amalgamated Society of Engineers, probably
the largest and wealthiest labor body in
the world, will introduce one of the
most definite and far reaching propositions looking to public ownership. It
has been framed in the following terms:
"That, in the opinion of this conference,
the time has arrived when the Labor
party should have as a definite object
the socialization of the means of production, distribution and exchange, to
he controlled by a democratic state in
the interest of the entire community,
and the complete emancipation of labor
from the domination of capitalism and
landlordism, with the establishment of
social and economic equality between
the  sexes."
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
Cancellation of Reserv-*;.
Notice Is hs*?**",!}-j*.veil thai the |_aMl**B ov*rr
-���-������-tain landn ,n -Jot'tb-Kaat Kont*-nRv. notice of
will h ar-yeare-i In t-n? Brltl*.h 'olumbia Gazett*-
nf the Mth of August, If*)!** and bore date of Au
trust 12h. 1890, In fa-reby eanoelled Th** **bove
m-.-ntlnned land* will he open for location under
the Land Act on March .-��, 1908.
I) put" rommla'loner of Lands antl Workf
L-tndi ��n 1 Works Department.
Virtori-i. B Ci December Uth. 1907.
**.*eli-on Land District. DUirfci of Weit Koo*enn-f
lake notlc* t**--t .lumen Klah*-r of HlrhIri]-,
'' ' , w.ci)t*--*tlon prt.hptrt tor, intends to applv
f >r a nvfcia" timber ieenee over tho following
i.-kcrih-d laml**;
Location No I. CommTK-lni-at a potu planted
"'"mi two mftei west of the Columbia and
\\ .**.*, rn Bllway's rtirht-nf- way and about one
mile north of the nor.hern boundary of 0 *'. R
lot 20VH, aiirl went of Dm creek, north of F -.rron.
B. C , b'-inir the Initial pntl adjacent Us 'he
northwe��* corner of timber 11' ene-* numbs' 187.'i4
and marked J. FIaIh r h N K corner. th*-nee
���until K' (.min-. thence we��t *i chutn-i. thenoe
ui.rtti   H>  cJtntna.   thtiu-e   i*a-t   *Mt   Bbaini   lo the
poiut of oomnumMaeat   and   ooouiolng oto
���i-T.-s   in- re or let-K
Dated Doceiii ber iflih, iy*.
-s a vi - Ktt-HKR. lo- amr.
MKMttion No t ���"fimmeii'-lnL* at a poat planted
it the Miutl'i'iiM cor- er heinic the Initial I" *���"
a'ljtKcni tf, th.- DOItbWMl crn-r ol tliutjer
tloaaoe No, 191 4 mm R-Ji-ncnt to tl,.* ri"nlnaiit
nornaroU HHhi-r'*. Xn j locati m mj-I ma ked
J. Fisher*!8 ** corner, thencst* nor'h Mh chains,
thanoe  treat80 obalni, thence aouth Vt chains.
th,-tn e (,*a**t Hit i hatUN to tli��* point of commeiiee
nest and OODtalBillg Old acren, more or less.
Dated Deei-ir-ber Kith, 1*^7
Jame*- Fisher, locator.
I>i"Btlon No '���>. OotnmenctMK ata pout platred
at the *aOuth��e**t corner aimut ntie mile north of
he   northera   honiKlarv of':   I". R   lot fM 4. en-]
ab-iut Smfleaweetoftlmberlioeooe No lir.'it.Hnd
ihout lour mllew west of the Colurntda ati'i
Western Railway, north of Farron, B. ('.. im<]
adjoinliiK J Fieher'aKo. 2 localon on the nortl.,
being the inltlHl pom hnd marked J Fisher'*
- w corner, tiienee north >*U chains, ttiem e eat-t
H-i -hains, thence south Wi chaliis. theuce we*t
80 chains to the point of commencement and
containini* MO acrui-, more or leaa.
Dated December 16th, 1WI7.
Jamkh Fikhicr, locator.
Location No. 4. Commeii'in-* at a post planted
at the northweat comer helm* the initial post
adjacent to the aouthwest corner of J. Fisher'*
No 8 location and murkocj J. Fisher's N W.
corner, thenoe aoutb 8X1 chains te the northern
boundary of C. I'. R lot 26W*. thence east HO
chalna, thence north N chains thence west HO
chains, tti the point of commencement and eon
ns i ni/ 1.1" acrei. more or leaa.
-Dated Herein bur ltHb, 1907.
Ji.v-i* Fiimkk, locator.
L rn mi d A i "in "ier" Ing ,H h !���'������ i i Un'cd
i t ihe ���.���-.it1 ��� - -' rorai r lu i:i<    hi   Initial I' "I ad
j avutlotn   B rt.  ,1'iirroi i rt*ner_ Hu. A toe���'
. i.ni, ��ii -t um 11 ������ i ' *riab**r'ab i*. cor Heft tbenoe
n nb Mt nn.i.i-. tneuoe *ee��t 80 chaiun. ihenoe
Bunth M' cin.ius. iin nee eat-t su ohelni to the
point  "f oommenoe���seat,  aud eouiainiug  640
a- iv*, more or leas
Dated Deoember lfith. 190V.
JAME* Fi.-hkk  looator
Loeadon Ko, 6   Commencing *i *��� poet planied
at tne uortheeet oorner being tlu- initial poat
i������ tht   Dorthweal corner <���!   -  FlsherV
No   i   tooetton   end   marked J    FUher*g s. **
oorner, lhenoe aouth 80 cbeini to the northern
I- I��r\   OJ  C    1'    R.   lot   2-'Wi.   theuc-e   weal   HU
cliiiinn. theuee north wi ehaina, thenoe eaat no
cbelna to the point ol commencement ami con
tain ing OM aen ��, more or i-hu
d.u*.i Deoember \Ath, 1M7.
J. Fimikr, locator
Location Mo.". Commeneing at a poet planted
Ht'tiu aonthweel eorner being the tntua] poet
edjacentto the aorthweal oorner ����f J  ris*her'��
Ni' I Location ami marked J. Flaher'a H W
cm in. r, thence north ho i-baiiia, thenoa east ho
rhitina, th"U ����� mmith tbi chaiHf thence went Ht)
il.niiia to Ihe jMiint of  cotuim iicetlieul   and con*
tai   tne 640 acrea, more or leas.
Dated Deoember Loth, ikit.
JAMRa i '-in l   locator
Location No.8, Oommenclng ata poel planteil
hi Hu- Boutheaat corner and being the initial
goal    adj  cent   BO    the   BOOthweel    eoruer   ol   J
riaher^a no. i u oa Ion ami marked J Flaher a
-i il. corner, >hence nortb 80 ohalna. thence weat
no ohalna, thenoeeouth B0 ehaina- theuce east ��tj
ohali ^ to the point of oom_lenoement aud con
lelnlng 640 acrea- more or u-m
Da led J'ecember I6lh, UW7,
J_M**a FiMitRR. locator.
Loeatlnn No 0, ('nmmciiiiii-- at a post planted
at the auutbweet oorner being ihe initial poal
adjacent to tlie north weal comer otJ Flaher*!
No 7 location and mark d i Fiber's H W
cor''er, thenoe north tk' iliHtns, i h nee eaat Hn
��� ���ualiia, tbenoa aouth mi chains, thence weet BO
cb.--.llis t, tiie point of comiin-iueineut and cjli-
tain iiik r**l" acit-ft, more or leas.
Dau-d December 16th 1601
Jamkh Fit-HKR. locator.
Location vo. 10, f'oinmencliiK at a post planU'il
at the aoatheaat eorner iieim* the initial post
a'ij-iieiit to the nortneael corner of J Fiaher's
No.    H   looatlon   and   inurked   J      Flt-her's   ri.   K
eoruer, th nee north Bo ehaina, then, e weet BO
ohalna, tbenoe aontb ho ohalna, ihence eaat 80
��� Sin.ii> lo lhe point of cun iii-tiri'iiicnt and oon*
taioing M0 acres, more or In**..
Dated December it>t_, iwi
J ami.!*- Fisher, locator.
An exteu-iou of 10 days within which to com
ineuce publication granted by ma this date
December -i.-t. I1W7. Harry \\rl|*lit. Aatalstaut
t'ommia loner of Lauds ami  Works.
West Kootenay Laud Dlutrlct. District of Weht
lake notice that 1,1.'' .lanseti. of Hpokanc
Wash , occupation ttiuberiiiHU, Intend to apply
for u special limber liceuce over the followiu**
deuri-bed inujs:
1 Comrneut'tiiK at a poet planted al the H. W.
corner, about 1 mile from ffvln Joiinstoua I* \ R
No. C6ti. aaid post being placed on the International boundary line, theuce north 4o chain",
ihence east Itin ��� bains, ttieuie BOtttb 4U ehaiua.
thi u  e wesl lfio  r-hailia   to   imiui   of  comineuee*
ment. non tal ning 640 acres
Dated Dec  mbera'd, liaJT. J    C. Ja**sCN.
2 ('ommeuei-iit at a poet planted al the8 W
comer, about in chaius uoith from the ri. W.
Oorner Of location No 1., theuce uurtb tt chatnn.
thence east 10" chain-, thanoa aouth 40 chatnn,
thenee west IBo chains -to point of commence
ment. containing tiio acres. J   C, JAF8RN.
'A. CommeuvUiti at a post planted at the ri. W.
corner about 46 chains norih from the S. W
corner of location No 2, tbeuc-* uorth 4.i chains,
thence eact U'-u chalna, thence south -iu chalna.
thenoe weel it>u chaius tc�� point ol commence
ment. containing 640 aerea. '���   C    '"rt\
4 ("onimen'siug at a pout planted at the H, W.
eoruer. about 40 chains north from the iS. W.
corner oi location No a, theuce north 40 chains.
tbenoe Beet 190 chalus, theuce i.->uih 40 chains
thenoa west 160 enainsto point of commenoe-
ment, i-ontaluing WO acres. J. t*. Jan*-b>**
5 Commencing at a poe*. planted at the fl w.
corner, about 40 chains uorth from ihe 8. W
���oruer of location No 4, thence north 40 chains,
ihence east IGo chains, thence aouth 40 chains,
thenee weat 160 chains to pointof commencement, contaiulug Mu aeres.
December 4th, IWl. J   0. Jansrk.
a. Commencing at a post planted at thcB. W
oruer about 40 chains uorth from the rt W,
corner of location No. 6, thence nortb 40 chains,
tht tee ea-st 160 cha .n**s, thence aouth 4o chains,
tnenoe n*eatl0Q ohalna* to pO���it of commence-
meut, c.tntaiinng t-40 uerea-
Deeember4th, 1807. i  O.-TamH
7. ('oinineiieiug at a post planted al the N W
oorner and adjoining the N. H. corner of lot jwo,
ihence  east 4'J etialus,   thence aouth 4o chalua
rhence eaat 40 chalna,   thence aouth ft) chalna,
.hence weat80chalna* theuce north lot} chains
to point oi commencement, containing 640 acres.
Deeetnberith W    K   BhoOX
8. Commencing at a post planted al the N. W
"oruer, about !4 of a mile in a aouthweateri)
ilrectlou from the south fork of Halmou river,
and about 9$*j mllea from the mouth, theuce
**outh 1*0 ehatus, thence eait 40 chains, then -e
north loo chalna, thence west 40 chain* to point
of commencement, couuiuiug mm acres
Dei ember Mb, IW, fl   J. Ksoou.
Nelson Lend District. District of Weat Kooteuay
Take notice that W. A Hudson, of Hpokane.
���VpBhlngtou. L" H.A., occupation timber cruiser,
snteud to a' ply for a ape, ml timber licence over
ttie folio Aitig deacrlbeu lands: (.'"mmeuclng at
a post planted ou tbe north bank of t'oru creek,
at the junction of the north fork of Cora creek
with the main sin-am, about Ave mllea lu a
westerly direction from the con ti '..-in . of said
orn creek with the _ootenay river, thenoe
north 40 chain" thence weat 160 chalua. thence
houth 40 chalna, thence eaat 160 c_alus to point
if commencement, containing 640 acres, mure oi
Dated November 7th, 1907.
William A. BtOMW,
Nelson Land Diatrict.   District of West Kootenay
'lake notice that f. L  W. fbaver, intend to ap-
-.-ly Ior a -.pedal  lie* nee   'o cut  and  carry away
imv er from 64m ecrea of  laud :    Commencing al
i post market L   *A . hhaver,  northwest corner
-.'���'������    eighty    t halna   aouth,    thence    eighty
hains east* thence eighty chains  north, tbence
lgiity c-naius west to place ol   u gloulng, con-
aining 640 acres, mrire or leaa, aud  eaat  and ad-
jK-eutto tliober  licence   lbfJXA.  and   also south
*nd adjacent to timber licence No 15028, and a so
^outh aud adjacent lo F  A   Hhaver limber limit
N'o. 1.
Dated   November 21st, IWl7
L. W, Fhaver. locator,
A. Hackktt, -.gent.
Extension of one week within which ��o ad-
.���ertsbe grauted -,--,-r*"y Wright, Asa't. Commissioner of Laud aud  Works.
NeJ-ou lAiid District. District of Woat Kooteuay
lake no'l'se tlimt 1, T. L. Logan, of Bonner*
Ferry, biaho, on-upHsioa painter, intend to ap*
ply for a special tin, ber licence ov��r the follow
nig cifKcribed lands: Commencing at a post
ilanli-d al the southeajt corner of timber
licence No IM1M, tbence ��aat *i chalna, thence
torth ho chains ttn-nce west 800bnine, thenoe
-outh 80 chalna to *... .ii o' oommoucement.
���oi.t-iiuJug M0 acres, more or lets.
Daiod November 21at, i'*fJ7. T L Ijouah,
COUN Hhith, agent.
"Jelson I_.nd District.   J-inirlciof Weal KikjIciibj-
Take   nolle-   thai   I. diaries   Dutcher, intend
to apply for a si inl timber licence, to cut and
'���arry away timber fiom 64" a'res of land Commencing al No 1 p-pat about \2 mile* west of the
Kootenay riv r, on th** north aide of ��Houudary
TWk' and norih  and adjacerit Ut timber Dceuaee
MM, and ona mile nonh of the international
boundary line: commencing at a post markr-i
Uherlea iDutsiher'a souihwes corner, tbence go
���halns north, then,-e 80 chains eait, ihenc-no
chain** aontb, thenea HO ehalns west to the place
>J beglunlni*, containing 6m aeres. more or leaa
Located November I8tli. 1907.
cha man Ditcher, Looator,
No-2, Oommenclng at a post marked i harlot-
Dutcher's   southeast   corner,  theme HO chains
nortb, then oo ho chelae west, thenoe 80 enuna
aouthi thence Ho ehainn east  to the  place of  be-
u inning, and weal and  adjacent   to number one
timber limit, nnd   containing 640 acrei, more br
i-oeated November mth, i��07.
CHAKLM i-i   ���' is i.    I.   p'!i!���r
No. 8. flomineiicjng at a post marked Charles
Dutcher's nortbwc.-t corner and about jr, miles
weet of the Kootenay river on the norih side oi
Boundary cre-'k and north and adjacent to tlm-
ber il"eii .c ifififlo, ihence aouth 80 ch a Ins, tbence
aaetflO ohalna, thence north 8���i chains, tbence
west HO chain* lo the place of beglnulug. containing liHi ac re". ui'Tc m| *,������--*
hocated November IHth, 19"7.
i haiii>> Dt'TCHEK, Locator.
No 4. Commencing at a post marked ��� ��� if pa
Dulcher'a   noribeaet    corner,   thence io.-u,   go
Having just received a large ahipment
of these lines, and having bought before
last advances, we are selling this lot at
last season  prices.
This is a fine opportunity for hotels,
furnished rooms to stock up as pncea
.ire specially low. We want your attention  and   inspection.
Eleventh Annual
Winter Carnival
Better =r
Ever fy
From    Tuesday    Night
Until    Saturday    Night
Rossland    Carnival
J.   S.   C   FRASER
FEB. 4 to 8
For Inf'irmatlon apply taa
A.   B.   MacKENZIE,
Sa-aiitai.v nn.i <;��� ii. ral Uaaagar.
I t.ampionihlp of B. C. \
('hainplonah'p of ('aoads
l 'hamploiishlp of H   C.
a'laa,nj,i.,u,li|p of  ,he   J-r,��.ita��
 ���   acMattpa
., loi
ebalttl    lh.-na-e   ***-.l "�� Bhataa,   ,ha*aaa-a-   ii.,rtl. *0
la.ll.i! tl.,*aa,a- earl *' -h.la.t ,<J tlaa*  ����-oll��
alnulna. .-uiilaloinR 6W ��a*ra e. more aar la.ni,
*****'" am,: sa Putussa, I^>a ��taar.
No a teimDieurliiK at a pa���t markc' Ciaarlt-g
Oulr'her'i .a.u,-e.�� corner ***__ "",',���'"'''���
uortb. iheofeWliahama w��t. ib.i..*.- �� . li.iii..
mS! IhenruW chain. Hal lo ,b.- Plu.alb��
iluulus. coninulug Mia ��a-re.. more or leu.
*^ i ii.Bi.ia- un.-iii,, baaator,
��o �� nwiuiiaiialiii al a r"*n*-**"* < ii.n,-.
lau.ciier'. K.ailbwe.t corner. Itwao. '"""; _
���bum. tbence e����t W 1-ba.ln.. llaena-.- .oanli m
bill... ihence welt *> chain, to the plan ol I..-
mnnliaB.   iian.iuln�� 640 . re., maare or leu
I-o,-alea! November IBlh. 1��1.
""* im,.i.u In-ra-MiH. Ix��*��tor
. , aJ *��l Ior��. HIBcreea.
Nelnon I*��ual Dinncl ul.tii.-i ol We.t Ka��.t.-ii.y
..iSuoalce lhat I. J. ���-,..* H.arlak. ol N. I*..;..
�� C oa-opatlon lumbonaau. Iu���*iial ta. ��|.|,ly
lor .'.raecl.l timber lla-el.aa. aa��a*r the loll.,w���ia
J).e.cr bed land.: Commencing al a -x-l plaatoJ
a,.oul6mlIet ul> t,.�� <*'���' tor* ot fja* *****'
_u.l.l,....H 10 chain. Irom the ban. ol��aln ml
lor-.anl markeal JoK-ph I'atrl. k'a A. �� corui-.
ilie,,., ��,..tHO cha ini.. lli.-na-e north Wl.-hain..
be ,eea.i*ich��la... th.nc- ...nib ��. chain, to
;.olnloI ���...mmenonncnt, containing Mo acre.,
m".ete,.ia".mberMh.l��n.     ,<��>����������� PaT.ua.
I.J. Ijl.a.'a. age,at.
^o   |4      We.t (ork, Kile creak
Nela*a>, Uaial .Jt.irla.t_   IM.trlcl ..! Waat K.... -a,��y
lake uolla-e that Jaa'epla I'atrl.k, ol N.-,a..|i.
II .; . ,,a-.-iii.atl..u lumberman, intmdk lo apply
lor.lMcul tlmba-a l���..,,.c ,���er lhe f.a low |,K
de.i-ribeal land.: C.iliinianclDI a,l a port plain,,,
a,,,,,, two ch.,,.. dl.taut. a,,', ��� ����� >-a**l.'al*
allrccllon (tOIB lo-atl,.!, .No. �� *���"���' " �� k'J
la.ecph latrl.-k'. N.k. cornel, lha l"c aaal , *.
,l,���li,., tl.ena.e we.t BO chain.. Iliei.ca- .....II, -a.
chain.. Ihence a ant w, chain, la. polnl ol '���������in
men-ement. .onlaliiliiK bill a.-rea. more or le...
-Vated" KS naWer .,tb. 1*^   ^nhwasoa,
Ko 16.   "eat lork. File crock
NeLaanLand Lanlr.a-l.   Dlatrlatal We.t k.ml.niiy
Take notice that I, Jnaa-ph l-alrlck. ol H.laon,
H c ot-cupatloli ltiml.a-rbiaii. Intend to apply
lai'r a'apeclrl limber li.cii.c ..v.r lhe loluawlna
��� |. -��� ail..-.I laual.: ,'o,iiiiieaiclni, al �� pa��t planle.l
about *l chain, all.lant aual In a ate.terly 'III*.
Ion Ir.am the weat fork nl Hlle creek ua.l abonl
^ m,le. from mouth .alceek. and ui, raeia J.,���j.l.
,'alrl k'i H E comer, ihence we.t I6.1 iloiiir.
Ihcn*e norih *' chialii.. tben.-e eia.t Ull chain..
ibenaS. ���,uth 41 chain, ui point ol a-oiaauini. .���
.nent OODtalnlUK M0 aa-rui. more air le-a.
Hated Uaaca.UibaTeib   1��"        Ju.-aCH l'��Ta���:K,
I. J. l.tcia, agent
No 16.   SMf.nl a-roea
Nelaon Land I,mrlct   Dlalrlal "I We.l h....l. ii.ij
Takan.atlaao that I, Joaepb I'atrl.k . ol .s, I*..11
B II., ooeupall- n laiml.erman. Inlend to apply
Uf a special limber lla*nce over the (olla.w.a.,
de.crlf,.*.! land. : . a.aiuncn.ing at a p...l plain. .1
aboul ��,. milea up Hleveu. cra-a-k anil In kK.I,
diroa-lli.ii lr..,n moulli of a-rut-k, and niiaak.-.l
Jamepb  l-aailck'i Jl   B uorucr.  Ih'ucc .oiilliHo
chain.,  tl.cnco  weal Mchain.   II oa   1...1M1 KI
chain. . Ihence eaat Ho . in; i.a- lo the point nt
. ..ii.ti.rit. ������(...���.���.I uohlallamg MU aOfSa, uiaa'a- or
LahwJ laeeember ��rd, l��n      Jamai-ta iMTixra,
1. J   1.1 ��� i��   Ageut.
You ran buy a 10-ar-rc Krult Ranch ln   the beat  fruit growhiK  dlBtrlcl
In   British   Columbia   by   paytni   $10 dollars down and f 10 ikt month
Kvii aa an Invc-Ktmi-nt this la worth consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled ln value within the year.   What wlli It do neit
WAHI) MT��*lii;T
MANUFACTURERS    ��   wm(.A.      CtUi^^f^_-
^d dealers in i-'timDe*f otiingles^
L��th, i\AouIcJIn>r_*, Doors, Window si
Turned Work unci HrucktftM.
vhwnon NTRinrr - -
Mail Orditl prouiptly Kl%MM
.���Slil-HOIN. M. G.
No- 17.    Htf-vi-nn i-ri-i-k
NftlMS I~nd I'Mri-l    l>i-*trlc*t OI Wo9\ -OOtsWftJ
'j'ahi' MUM Hik! I. .1.1-1-]-b 1'Htrn k.'.I Ni-lMin.
H 0 ��� oi-ciipHt|oTi Miiji b,-niinli liili-nd tn j 1 [>-��� \
(Or a "-P**' 1��1 I'lllhi'i l;r,lli'i i.viT llll- f ��� lIuwlIlK
11 u��, rlMd iiiii'l*-; I i nn nn DOl&l at a poHl |*|arih il
nl,,,Mt 1 nil I*' m un   i-n-li-rly   illrt-rtlou   Iron   tin-
iij'Mitii ui Btf-reoa rnt-k,  wh**rf it imptf-ta lolo
1 urlbOO Inki*. nini innrki-d J0Mp& I'nlrnk h H. W.
,-orm r, tin mi- north B0 I'Mat'*-, ttaOfiCfl i-nnl NO
ObftlDI. llH'lii-1'   aouth Wi   obUDIi   tAflOOB   west 80
noaJoa to point of <*"imiri--Mi*.-MM*iit. i-iitiiniiii*it*
M'l K'Tin. tno-r-e <ii Iom.
Imii-d Ot i ciiil,, i .'n.i, 1907.      SoOKPH I'*thii h,
I. J      I.l't IA, UK'  III.
No  IH.   fttmu rreek
Ni-!*.'in  Luttf Plttrlot,   iMntrht of V\. nt Ko-U-iifl--.
Inki- iiuili-e   that I   Joupb   rutin k, <d \i I" u.
H.C,    IMSIUpHti.ill     I 1III1 iMTIMIItl,     lllll  lid      I'I   M|<|i,l
lor h *\>v lal limber I lectin' over tin- fiiMo*-. lujr
i|e*4i-rib*d liuiiin : Com imni'liiif nt h p(Mt plnnti d
nbont .') iiillen up fUtVOUt ereik. and Hboui4l)
ObtlOl nonth from thr bank of tin* rnela.aud
iiiurkid I-.m ph i'nirl<k> S K cruer, tbeti'-e
-null, Mi ehultih ttu ine weat MH i-hiilli**, Ihence
north ho nbalDt, them r i-hi-i ���**������ i|i���|iis to tndiit o*
roini'ienii'iiiiiil, i ���iiitalliln** M0 ueien, tnoie or
lirtli'd DtOMObOf -Jud, I90(,     ,iii''rn I'ATiycK,
I J. Lncu, agent
No. IV    Htevt'im croflk
Nelao'i Lund DlatTlOt    I l*-t rh't of Wea* Ko-itin��y
'lake notloa that I, Jim ph I'alriek. of Nelnon,
R. r, , n-riipniion liiinbiriu-iii, intend o apply
for a nt ip lal tb. ' er   lii'i-n-e   over   thu   f-'ilowlpj-
leacrlUid lunda:   Cuuiuiuniliig at a poat plaatud
ft boa I '��� in I lei* Up    Hleveim   IllOtX   OMd  taVt
'"Hll-oi No lt*i on lhe i-imth. nnd OfMlkOt*
liitink'n  iv   W. eorner,   lhenp��>> eavt HO >*l
Lbtnoi   Miulh    H()  rlmiim,   Ibenee wwl <*d
theme north rto ohrilni lo n   of 111111111
ini-nt   loiitNiiiInu t'-to aeren. more or ir**
Dated 1 -ere in ber Hr*>, l'�� '- JomRih ''".--���
I. J. LOCU. OK""1 ���
fo. ���_"     Weat lord. Klfe r*��ek.
Ncifmi Land liiKtrti-t    IMntrirt of Went K
'lake notice ll,,,i 1, .1..... ,.,, I'.iin. 1 nt >**9
B. R , oORUpttlon lumlierioau, LnteDd ta*J
for a Hpci'l I 1 im ber lleeme over tbe t*U*_\
di-mrlb,-,! ln;ii|��: t'onimeoeltiK at a po"i|��',J
about 2 mileH up 1he went fork   it File rfi-f'SJ
al ivti'haiiin   north of the ototk. aH�� ***m
JOtepb I'attii'k'a N K. eorner. theiifi1 m,tj_t
rhafnr- thiin-e weal HOehmna, fcbaOPf ___
ehaina, thence eaat tftlcnaiua to point 0 JO
lui'ineiiiiiit, cnnlHliiliiH G*i ikvrv*.   mOt$_*__\
Ihiled IJi'euiulwr&Ui.ltNn.      Jnaai-H Ytn*m
1  J. _0CU-, auu"1 ���
Mo. 21.    Weat fork, of Ktfu oraak- ,.   ,JLi
Nelaon l��nd I>litrh 1.   IM*-trlrl of W<*ai --(f3H
lake 'i-.i ,-������- that I, Joneph   I'atrh'k. el "vSl
If  <' , ooonpatlon   himbcrmau,   11.i- <>���'��� '  '
lot a apei-tHl Umber   IKvura over  tht '"lJ_^
ili'n-i Ibtil iHtnln:   roiniii'-ncftig al �� I'1'-" _[M
a bun I 4 inll, h up lhe wifi fork ..I li['��'"*'J
planted,ni  the  norih   bank of lhe ���"i-""l?hJ
marked  Joaeph   )_trlek'�� S.K   corner, ��"|
noutli 811 clialim,  thenco weat (OftbalM- "'M
north   gn oSaiai-ibMIMMatiO  chaim ���rm
nt ''MiiMHeiiisenient, aontalniiiK M0 a<'^(','      I
i^iwd December -Ufa, IWI.    fOWW.f*^}J s
t__-g-Tj'JjjL!_v*-il_-_^_'-_-     '       '   g_aMBMaMa������__MMaMMa_������������<Ma>M_H___H_^_MW___MBM
You caafitd.ue on FROG LEGS every day.    We furnish the j -^J     J-fljjjj.j    p^
The bally Canadian
E   Pork,   Mutton  and Veal
Hams, Bacon and Lard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in tlie market
NEIncemeat of Finest  Onality  in glass and wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
_a��lot Rossland     NELSON,   ��3. G- Boundary
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co'y* Ltd
Halaon \*omd bJ*tn<������    i'--trict oi ���'���*���**i Khuichhv
��� t�������� ���ollao tfca.i ���'"'''l. .' .-Km 11.��� .11*. H-.-;ii  '<t
Frad. J    TaUVi td   Nt-.n-m.   <�� ,".i-s-t-.n..ii    rt-ntch*
aakar, InttiMfta to "w ���   t.,.   >" ' i.i-M.m '���   mu
cjuwa Um follow i-i..'
efOmm fit �� BUW   aim i    1    nl...,n
VUaoBonek, ��_���--���< ���   ���*�� ���muh-  in un  .-**.-*���.-ny
<|ril��W.       ttWDl'4' '    t    I.,:.- -'H. Hi lIlMl'C       ���'>
oh*iMt_ �� waat*--      sn*   i.<>u. u,, m      ��� ��� iiatn-
_4^tthx IO IkO^QtUl .'l''"i!iin-'li' i'ni''li l. I'lliUtinlliK
nunmica im--* t*--nkr,
K. J  Baaaosa. A-cnt
1 Land DiatiU i.   i-ir-iii'-i <<i w^i k,.,.'��� imy
T-ftkO _Ott*M that    I-re,I J     -niiiin-i:.**     iiK-uti'l
l.i    JWUlard,  uf   l'r..i*...r.
cupalloli   rHiiihcr.
1 l_ian<U K>a|����ly  for  -,��.*iaiJ*-.Mi'ii to  pun-h**.-**- Um
fcUoirlu   doacrih- : -       ' i*mtiivi��-ina to -*.
St Ul-autad _Um*i.< l'a iul.-ia*-t <>!  *** llwm '-r**--k
noaaouthweat .'   , nuinc   thficc northwwwi AJ
ina, than**-- om       nst J M-tiMus, t:n.-u< a coulh-
att tU chat���I to ti,'-  sl,.. |���.int "I i-uiiinn :i< cilU'lit
rowlA���Oson tfaaqaito t'rt-ei.) and 21 chain*- W
iinka aouth of u,-   *   w -u. of aaid lot. running
Uienoa   ratlD chain*,, theuce  wisith   mi chain-,
then no aaal 10 oh���uu, then-aa north ho obalnito
I'Uiv   of i-ommeui imi-nt,   coutailiiiiK   Mu  M-fife,
more or laaa.
���"HARLBH Mo:   I1 -.I.L,
A-xt-iit   for   Hugo (.'-trr.ti'111.
fiale**' ��A UtcemU-r I9fl
Nelaon I-and l��i��irlci. Inatnciot Wu-t Kooteuay
Toko notice that Tina hciymali, ol Allium.
Mmi . iM-cupaloU wlfecf 0. M-iyman, fnnuer,
Altoua. Man . luieiidi- to apply for p- t n. i-*u,n tn
porobaM the lollowlu** deacritM*d laaa:
( ommeni iiik at i |a,l pUii-U-d at the N E tX
nt -Liu-fi- �� art-lciih* Mpplii-ntiou lo pureliavi- and
riiuuing tiienee weat *l  ehaiua   thence   north HO
i ham*', tbenoa aaal   ttcbtiu, Uusuw  soutii n
chaluft 2!>   i  nk-,   ili-n-.    eaat   *������  c. ain��.     lien08
ao-.ith "1 chalni* Ih  linen tu pi.lut  of  eomtueuce-
meiit, eou-taiuiug 607 oOtOO OtOtO or leaa.
"   H-1ISI (.-   MAIUfHALL.
^f   aWututiwaOe'r.-
wi        Dat*d Nor.* 111
BL-_rtmat.n at* iiitaaun Tl*'__Bn,
AgeUt   1      J    HAKUOXt.
ll>lairl��-t     l��ihiricl ol Weat Kiw.l-.-imy
TatTr ttOllMtbal  **��� . A. Hudnon, tlinl.en i niscf,
���Of  lll��Ok��l��, -li|H��ltniie --,unity.   Wa-hltlgtoii. om*
_f dkaUBMM-��Ut<'*-<-f AuieriMi   mo nd** t" '���',���,'
im a ������wrtal ttmi   -   r..-,u-i- over  tne t..;i -*- m*
d-f-MXtCad UaMtU:    ' < is,in   in UiK-iS ii po-l iimi-eil
JN_7VMbMBfon tl nhlmiikot   lorn     leek.
. .*.! K^.Z\\e\e70l ,he *n,nb lork of Moru crack
_ atrcam. about five mllen in a
Sou irom i-oiiJhien��t* of  (-.-.id  f'oru
K",,s. nav rivir: tbenoa nortb +*>
_ we*t Ua* i-balua; theuee aouih -10
jCe aaat UO ehainn to potul of com
Souiaiutug MO airei more or 1cm-
**l|p-in�� Umhtr limit No 7 on lhe
fcer limit No 8 ou the aouth, aa loner 7. 1W7.
Willia* A   B-OSMMi Locator
���by Patrick ('- rihtne
iVnd alcned by the wlthiu uamed \V
���'on Ibe 3>lb day of Norembar, a  ii
f me at Spokane, h|K��kaiie t ountr,
,One of the (TnUad HtaUmof America.
Patruk C   shiwk.
DlatricL.   -Uiatrictol -A e��l _oole_<ay
iaaU-Ua IMt-rce.    I Hira-M-biirg,
Bbrrlad   womau,   ilileiidc   lo   apply
^i to porobeaa th.   following oea-
;   s-Qonunattolna ��t a p<i*t piauu-d at
i  of  tbe  uorlh   boundary of i****t
jaat   bouuoary   oj   Lot   N"    **l-*5'-
 -__Jfc 'h-iiiia. more or leu*, to 'he north-
i apt���OT  o!    I i rn. Imi    I .in i:    N"    '���  "1     th   t.< ���
MM>t_n^halU**    ttience uot Ai chain**,  mot" ,.r
-       -   -*1- - ���- __��� of Wbatabaa lake, thence
aouthi rlv   aud   wenteily
��.. -��b.  more or   leaa  M.theiuu-r
iDWttai*"1 fl***''��� 'li'io'c  '���> ��� I.hmi-.   mi.rv  <*r
eaaterly   boundary  of Lsvt b1��5 to
i- ��� ������>���    : *-   I'IKRi'E,
FAtimi-K, ��� geut.
N.-Uuii Laud Djftrtet Di-strlctol Weat Kootenay.
lake notice thai U-v i ueorge l'*��yne. of Neadlat,
B. ��.: , oct-iip-Atiou rancher, fnteiiua to apply for
permiMiou lo punhane the tullowing dencrlbed
-.������.- t'omuieiicing at a pom piauted auo-il 16
enalna weat of WhatihaO creek aud aa -*H chalun
aoutb of the -.outhweat corner of Lot No itvis
rutiulnf thence north hu chains, thence went hu
chain*., theuce   south   121.16  cbaiua,   thence ear-l
��2!iHn ebalna, Laeoca aouth 67 m6 vhaiu*-, thence
n.tiv i-haiut*. aaat to point ol oominanAemant
contaluiug 4*Sl ���*- rea, now -oiiveyed ��- lot B18B
DalOH Mb January, lirj*-.  Lavi i.iukui 1'avnk.
Weat Kooteuay l���nd l>latri<-t. instriet of Ooat
Take notice that 1. George A Hunt, ol Kit.
enener, occupation timi>ermau, lutend to
apnly       for      permiaalon       to       purchaae      the
foilowiug deaorlbed iat I:    r��*_uii*ueing at ..
l.oM pi*4Utedabout40cia un, wost ol Thomimnn
mar-ivd N W.n.rur, i. m-e H.-uih 10 He chnins
theuee eaal HOI chalt��, ihence nortb Si.-JC.
chalna. tbeuce weat -��lo ig b. G. Huutberu ��all
wh>- to place of eommen. ment, coutaruing 9s.lt.
acrea. ���
Uau-d January Mb, HUM Gfx��k(.k U. Hint.
l^ylJMa>' *y\<
direcUM ����� t't"�� '���������''
������aMtatuI oofluii1-1" ���
Dated 7tb to*L-t"!��r. \wi.
K   Q
L-aatl Pihtrlot.    District ol West K uoU-uaj
MoUoe   that    Alexttider    J.    Met ool.  ol
jftTCL, on upation clerk, luteuda to apply
i   to   pur eh use   the  follow!   k  des
' .ami"- . ��-i:i>- at a post planted on
boundary   ot 11   C   rioutliern   Hall
�� jay.   annul  one   and   a  half   miles
in   the   northwest corner ol lot rtiKi,
���l||amTi    thence   south   HO cbaiiis.
^o chalua. theuce north HO chaltis to
noUry of HMbi   right ofwa   ,   theuce
is along aaid as-utberu bioind.uy U
mmencenu-nt,   and  contaiulug UK)
ir leaa.
ember 9th. 1��07.
  1-1   I Mst ti- 1     O.niri-'. "1  V\��frt  KiM.teim)
' "'**o9*Y*0*****< th,,' I- I- , ni'si'si, ,i. '.' ����� n*- ii ������ -���'
tO* J. _T_��rd* i. ��'l Poklok. N H. iiri'iipainui
aeChablO. Intends   to  ��tp|'h   f->r   pcrmis-UHi   to
aurrfcaaaib Kiilowinv .i.-n ,t���,\ lamia: ������on
Mteoalngat a i *��� i plmi ed on tu,- o-.s-uily i.li"ii'
of Arrow lake and  ab.i'-il   Hi  ehulns  north oi tin
M K. eorner of lot Hty*, thence ����-t xo chains.
tba-OO north HI chain*., more or l.-s*., to fh*' lake
abote* tbence mouth westerly along ihe hike shore
io tbe point "I loinineuceiueul. and conu*.ining
W aoraa, ��ore or lea**.
A.atOdJiOVetnlH-1   o-.Ui. ''Ni".   Iamk��*H   Hi hi.KK,
F. P   Hi'KiiKN, Agent.
Jiaiaob Lend Diatrict.   District ol West Kootenav
fake   nolle    thut    .'.<lni   .liums   iiumritl,   of
- ���'o   BrlUf-n i oluin ������hi,    icupatton   contrac-
lOtend-      to     apply      for     pennissiou    Io
foilowiug  des rlbed   l-ud:    <:oni-
pi>at   plauted   OO   the   southern
...   the   B: ���'.  Southern   right-of-way
lhtilun westerly   from   tlie is. W   oorner
group   1,   Kooteimy,   theuce a   u>h DO
anOO oaat   -to chaius,   thenov  uonli ��i
the  aou'hiTU   boundary  or the   stud
ay, thence westerly   along said   south
Jhiv  of right of wiiv   to   lhe   point
#me'u',audcoutHlning 240 acrea, more
ember flth, 1*V7.
.1   m**   'i��r- f' ���*-" " '
*       run
"       *N_
.ml Di**,  riot,   Diatrict i.l  ��������� ��"11"""
tlcc lhat John   Ktiiell.ol Neeilles   R C,
ii rancher, intenda to *ppl)   (" 3Po_
_/.    pUTChaa*   the  follow ing    described
mmenciog   Ht   h   post   plained    at   the
i.mii-i   ul  Lot ,on, tbanoa weit 4��
it  hioiih Hu eliiiins.   llieii'C  nisi M
oa north w aba tnl t" the polnl ol
anient, and containing isO-aetvii mor*.
Ith October. I��i7 JaM-s Hhikm.,
V >���  Fi-'or"*"*    ."**���'
tti-e that   AngUl   Mi*    111,  oi  P..-���  ll)  ul
en pillion fiivmiiu, Intends to anpl-, for
B te pttrabMM 'he   dotowlng  d*i  ft bed
jtnmenoln-t at a post punted al Ibe
ner L   c   Morrison'*- ranch, in  I'D
o -(��������� north fotiv (40) chalna, thene
(4U) PbelO-t*,  Un ncc  vcuih      i ��� ty (4u
lucewcp" loilj (40)  chain-*- oliit o
ment,   and  r-oimi)uiug   one  l.nn'nd
l"*i noo p    more or D si.
Ic nbpr ���;nrl. t*l|-l t ��� o��-*i    ___*       '
lLaud Dlairlet. Disrlet ol West K-iott-ln, y
I notice that If uro ^amicus, of Winnipeg,
Epccupaiion ; nt.iihh' i, intenda to apply
Ttnlislou to purchase -tba lollowlng de
I laud:
D.Tio ng  at a poat plautud  on   the weit
arj ol L. tr*.-, u. i, laboiii ft milei Dom Ar-
Treatrr.ent    of    British   Indians   by   the
Transvaal  Government Creates
Grave Problem.
I-iondon, Jan. 20.���The great problem
of tho mixing of Uu Asiatic and whit.
races it> coming to a Hpeedit-r and graver iHsue than the dispute between the
United States arid Japan.. A crisis haw
already developed bo rapidly that the
home government find* Itself confronted by the most Beriot-w Imperial question it has yet encountered.
The courts of Pretoria and Johannesburg imposed sentences of two and
three months' imprisonment upon several prominent natives of India, who
had refused to furnish finger prints and
other means of identification, as a condition of remaining in the colony.
Thousands of Indian! in both cities
have held mass meetings and processions iu protest against laws applicable
only to criminals or slaves*. Resolu*
tions were adopted setting forth: "We
welcome the inhuman sentences as a
test of Indian suffering, but lor the sake
ol humanity and the Empire we deplore
them. These sentences, notwithstanding, we are resolved to continue the
struggle which we have undertaken,
in the name of God."
The Indian portion^of the community
only asked G<*n. ainuts, Colonial Secretary of the Ttausvaal, to receive a deputation, but he refused. There the matter rests for the moment, but it will nut
rest long. The situation is an impossible one for the British Goveruinen'
to defend or allow to continue. The precarious condition of India, as well M
the boast of equal rights within the
Empire, which is one of the cardinal
point of the Liberal party, makes it impossible. Yet there seems no way out
of the im;.asse into which the liami-.r-
man Government walked blindly when
it granted the Transvaal an independent
The .secret history of tlie difficulty is
illuminating. The new regulation was
approved by L-ord Elgin, Colonial Sec
retary, a few weeks ago without consultation with his colleagues of the
cabinet. He has been taken sharply td
task by his associates, and his explanation was in effect: "1 was threatened
with a rebellion if I refused to sign the
ordinance. So 1 had to d oso." Of
couise, he had expected no such drastic application of the new measure and
its effect locally. Still less did he an-
Mclpate the appalling danger which ho
created in  India.
NOUoe is hereby given that the Kiu
ney-Miiler Cedar Company, :tn extra pro
vinciai company duly registered, as
such, and authorized to parry on business within the province of BritislwCoI
iiiuhia, and having its head offlce at
Creston, in the said province, manufacturers, have by deed of assignmedi.
dated the 14th day of December, L90T,
assigned all its peruonal property, real
estate, credits, and effects, which may
be seized and sold under execution to
me, Charles O. Rodgers. of Creston,
British Columbia, lumber manufacturer,
for the general  benefit of it-s creditors.
A meeting of tha creditors will b*
held at the office of H. M. Macdonald.
barrister-at law, eoruer Baker and Stan
ley streets. Nelson. B. C, at the hour of
three o'clock in lhe afternoon on Tuesday, the 31st day of December, 1907. for
the giving of directions with reference
to the disposal of the estate.
And further take notice that ull creditors are required on or before the 28th
day of December. 1007, to file with me.
the assighee, full particulars of their
Claims duly verified, and the nature ot
the security, if any. held by thorn.
And notice is hereby given that after
the 2Mb day of December, 1907. I will
proceed to distribute the a.ssets amongst
the creditors of whose debts or claims
I shall then have received notice and I
will not be responsible for the USetB,
or any part thereof, so distributed to
any creditor of whose debt or claim I
shall  not  then have received  notice.
Dated at Creston, B, C, this 14th day
Of December, 1907.
Auction Sale
of our stock of  New and Sec-
o id Hand Goods on
Monday, Jan. 20th
At 2 p  m. Sharp.
We have a fine assortment of white
enamel and graniteware, all new. Second hand cook moves, heaters, oouchss,
beds, springs, mattresses, student chairs,
dressers, stands and other articles too
numerous to mention. No reserve.
Goods must be Hold as we need the
Miners Gather for Convention.
Indianapolis, Jan. 20.���The headquarters officers of the I'nited Mine Workers of America have completed all arrangements for the nineteenth annual
national convention of the organization,
which will be called to order at 10
o'clock morning in the Tomlinson hall.
The  convention   will   be  a   most  repfe*
Notice is hereby given that all taxes
for the year 1908 und��*r the Assessment
Act 1905 and amending acts, and under
the Public Schools Act, are now due
and payable.
Collector of Revenue, Nelson, B. C.
Nelson. B. C . 2nd Jan., 1908.
sentatlve one. more than 100,000 organized men b^lng represented. President
John .Mitchell, who declined re-election
on account of ill-health, will turn over
tlie presidency to his successor. The
wage question A'ill be the Important
one under consideration. Various state
and district organizations have already
met and demanded modifications in tho
presavnt agreement which will expire on
April 1. The convention proper will
not fix the wage scale. This will In-
left to the joint conference, when the
miners and operators will meet with
equal representation to agree. This conference will follow tiie convention and
it is believed that an amicable agreement will be reached.
Ttemont House
Interoceanic Railroad Opened.
Guatemala City, Jan. 20.���The Guatemala Inter-Oceanic railroad, the first
of its kind in Central America, was
opened to traffic today. The inauguration of the line was made an occasion
for interesting ceremonies which were
pur tic, pated in by the president and
others officials of Guatemala and representatives of the various American republics. Major General George W.
lia.is was present as the representative
of the United States, and Mexico was
represented by Ricardo Garcia Grana-
dos, Mexican charge d'affaires at San
Northwestern Bonspiel Opens.
Duluth, Minn., Jan. 20.���The fifteenth
bonspiel under the auspices of the
Northwestern Curl.ng association, which
opened here today, promises to be the
most interesting evenl of the kind the
North vv est has seen in years, If ever
equalled before. Several hundred curlers are taking part, including a good-
sized delegation from Canada. Ten
rinks are being utilized for the events,
whleh will continue until the end of the
New South American Lines.
New York, Jan. 2<i.���The Verdi, a
handsome new steamer built for the
Lamport & Holt line to meet the requirements of the increased passenger
trade to South America, sailed on her
maiden voyage from New York today
with a large passenger list. The Verdi
is a ll.OOO-ton steamer and has saloon
accommodations for 150  passengers.
Theory and Practice.
New York, Jan. 20.���The American
today says: "The winner of a debate on
"capital punishment,' at a meeting of
the debating club last Saturday, Seth
Schuyler. IS years old. of Brooklyn, was
found hanging dead in the bath room
of his home late yesterday. He had
wound a silk muffler round his neck
and hanged himself to a gas bracket.
The police theory is that yotmg Schuyler committed suicide in a tit of dt-
Chilian Town Scorched.
Santiago. Chili, Jan. 20.���A great fire
ar Temuco. a flourishing city in the
south of Chili, has destroyed 20 blocks
of buildings. The loss Is more than
$300,000. There is great distress among
'he poor.
Hnropean aud Amuricaa Plan
Haali 3) eta.   Koomfi from 'A eta. to tl.
ouiy White Help Kmploytid
Ha-a-'t Ht.. Nelaon Proprietor!
Hint comlortablt- aanaaters      Nelaon
Onlj tbe beat oILiquora aaal a.lgari
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renoyated and refur-
nlahed. Rooms 50 cents upward The
dining room la unexcelled In the city.
Haause heated throughout with hot
J   A. KR1CKSON. Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court Houa.
and Poatofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nel.on. B. C
���naira,   *la<l   ,'aamf"rtable    BealraKame   anal   Flrat
claata l.ii.taiK  Hainan.
MRS.  E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar t** the Plneat.
White  Help Ouly Employed
Nelaon. B  f
Royal Hotel
raOPR! KTBBhl*.
Rated $1 and $1.50 a Dny.
Special Rates to Hej-ular Hoarders
Certificate  of Improvements.
"Rod Point,*' "Wrnamo," "Greeuwoo-1 Frar-
ilonal," "'-.reenwood and Jar-It Pot Fractional"
Mineral Claim*, hltuate ln the NVLnuu Miatug
niviFion of Wen Kootenay Dlatriot.
Where located:���On Jt-agie Creek above the
Poorman Min***.
Tate nottfle hat I, John Mt-Latchle, of the
Citj ol Nelson act Ina *& agent tor Juub P.Swert-
l>erg, Tree Miner's Ct-rtifli-ate No B7-t"5 and
UBC-vr Johnson l-ree Miner's *'erUncate No Be-**-!.
tnt"ud eixtv rtay" from the date hereof to applv to the ������iinisii* heeorder fur Certificates of
IniprovenaeiitP, for the purp"��e ot ub-taitilnK
(.'rown <��raut* of the above claim*..
Aod further take notice that action, under
Section 37, must be commenced before the Ib-
-.���mice of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this 27th day Jof September, a   0,1907.
this  winter.     Sulphur  Springs  and  unexcelled  accommodations.     Ratea  $2.50
per day ana up.
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
Corri-epondence Invited and cheerfully answered.
Call on or write
A.u. P. A..Vancouver.
U t.A... Neltoii
Is now r6ady to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock. i
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
Tel. ssJ24.      |
314 Baker St.
We have lor rent the office in the
Mara Block over the Roya! Bank, lately
occupied by Mr. E. A. Crease.
H. & M. BIRD
FOR RENT���Offlce on Baker St. -
FOR  SALE���Residential I_ots ln city and suburbs.
Fire, Acc.dent, Liability, Fidelity, aud    Life    Insurance   agents    for   the
strongest companies operating ln Canada.
If yoif want Good Land
MeDermid & -McHardv
NEL80N, B.*;c ~~
No. 310.
"COMPANIES   ACT.   1897."
1 hereby certify that the "Falls Creek
Copper Mining Company, Limited," has
(his day been registered as an Extra-
Provincial Company under the "Com-
panies Act, 1897," to carry out or effect all or any of the objects of the
Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of British Columbia extends.
The head offlce of the Company is situate at the City of Spokane, State of
Washington,  U.  8. A.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is one million five hundred
thousand dollars, divided into one million five hundred thousand shares of
one  dollar  each.
The head offlce of the Company in
this Province is situate at Nelson, and
Michael C. Monaghan, Miner, whose
address is the same, ls the attorney
for the Company.
The time of the existence of this Compuny is fifty years from the IBth March,
The Company Is specially limited under section  56  of the above  Act.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria. Province of British Columbia,   this   15th  day     of     May,     one
thousand nine hundred  and seven.
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The objects for which the Company
has been established snd registered are
restricted to acquiring aianaging, developing, working and selling mines, min-
a-ral claims and mining properties, and
the winning, getting, treating, refining
and marketing of mineral therefrom
and   are:���-
(1.) To obtain by purchase, lease,
hire, discovery, location or otherwise,
and bold within the Province of Hritish Columbia mines, mineral claims,
mineral la*ases, prospocts, mining land*,
and mining rights of every description
and lo work, develop, operata- and turn
the same to account, and to sell or
otherwise dispose of the same or any
of them, or any interest therein:
(2.) To dig for, raise, crush, wash,
smi'lt. assay, analyze, reduce, amalga
mate and otherwise treat gold, silver,
copper, lead ores or deposits and other
minerals and metallic substances ana'
compounds of all kinds, whether belong
ing lo the Company or not, and to ren
der the same merchantable, and to buy
sell and deal ln the same, or any ot
(3.) To carry on the business of a
mining, smelting, milling and reflnini
company in all or any of its braticlia-s
14.) To acquire by purchase, lease
hf.-*\ a-xchange or aatherwise, such lim
ter landa or leases, timber claliis
licences to cut timber, surface right,
anal rlghts-aaf-way, water rights and prl
. Ilegaa, mills. factories. furnaces
fir smelting and treating ores
and refining metals. bulldhVS, machin
a*ry. plant, aud other real or persona!
property as may be na-cssary for or
conducive to the proper carrying out
of the  objects  Of the Company:
(6.) To constuct. maintain, alter,
make, 'irk anal operate on the prop
erty of the ('oni|i<u,y, or on property
controlled by the Company, any canals
trails, roads, ways, tramways, brlalg.'s.
and res.rvi.trs. dams, flumes, race and
other ways, water-course, aqueducts,
wells, wharves, piers, furnaces, saw-
mU'.s. crushing works, smelting works,
c nc-ntiating works. hydraulic works,
pie t, leal works and appliances, warehouses, buildings, machinery, plant,
ator, s, and other works and conven-
lenoea which may seem conducive to
������.ny of the objpects of ,he Company,
a-d. with the consent of the shareholders tn general meeting, to contribute to.
snlsidise or otherwise aid or take part
In n-ay such a.peratlons though conBtruc-
��--il aad maintained bv any other com-
piaiv or persons outside of the property
'-f the Company, and to buy. Bell, manufacture and deal ln all kinds of goods,
stores, implements, provisions, chatte's
and effects required by the Company
or its workmen and servants:
(6.) To build, acquire, own, charter,
navigate and use steam and other ves-
selB for the purpose of the Company:
(7.) To take, acquire, and hold as the
consideration for ores, metals or minerals sold or otherwise disposed of, or
lor goods supplied or for work done
by contract or otherwise, shares, debentures, bonds or other securities of or in
any other company the objects of which
are restricted as herein aforesaid, and
to sell or other���lse    dispose    of    the
tb.J To enter Into any agreement for
sharing profits, union of Interests or cooperation with any other person or company carrying on or about to carry on
any business or transaction which a
company specially limited under section
56 of the "Companies Act, 1897,"of British Columbia,'. i authorised to carry on:
(9.) To purchase or otherwise acquire
and undertake all or any of the assets,
business, property, privileges, contracts,
rights, obligations and liabilities of any
person or company carrying on any
part of the business which a company
specially limited under Section 56 of
the "Companies Act, 1897." of British
Columbia, Is authorised to carry on, or
possessed of property suitable for the
purposes thereof:
(10.) To borrow or raise money for
the purpose of the Company, but bo
that the amount so borrowed or raised,
shall not, without the sanction of a
general meeting of the Company, exceed one-quarter of the amount of the
paid-up capital for the time
being, and for the purpose of
securing such money and interest or for
any other purpose to mortgage or
charge the undertaking or all or any
part of the property of the Company,,
present or after acquired, and to create.
issue, make.thaw, accept and negotiate
perpetual or redeemable debentures or
debenture stock, promissory notes, bills
of exchange, bills of lading, warrants,
obligations, and other negotiable and
transferable instruments:
(11.1 To distribute any of the property of th_e Company among the members
in specie:
12.) To sell, improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise
deal with the undertaking or the whole
or any part of the property aud rights
of the Company, with power to accept
as the consideration any shares, stocks
or obligations of any company the objects of which are restricted under
Section 56 of the "Companies Act.
1.97," of British Columbia:
(13.) To do all such other things as
are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing ohiects.
A. II. Can. See. C. E.
Mining WorK a Specialty.
.Office:   Room   10,   K.-W.-C.  Blk.    P.   O.
Box     434.
Baker St..  Nelson,  B. C.
���all Kinds nf Heatim,  Plants ln Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Oners Houss.     TaL Itl.
W.   O.    vWi_-.l-.ETT
Contractor atnd
Sol. Kuent (or ihir Porta lu.-u Laamher Co., LI4���
retail y��r.l��. K.-iaii,. .nil .ta.-n-.l lurnher, turnad
waa-k and laraa.-k.-i_. Coast lath and ���hlnsiu. Mat,
,,���,   do.,.,      ,-������������.    brlrk   -j,,!  ,!_-_  tor  _,-,
Automatic arlnd.r. B
Yard and laotory: Vernon St.. eaat ol H*U%
iNBL.so.-N. a. ��. H-Sa_S
r   iJ boa-*- i��-., ,_,,- .,  . .---.     -���!.   V    :
Tne Daily Canadian
..   . .$ 3.00.
Hall Clock, 6 ft. high, $28.00 for	
Hall Clock. 6 ft. hi  I,   *-;.-..'"' .tao'--.	
Mission Clock, I41n   high, -$"���'"'��� Jo ��� ���	
-S��- .-_ ;   :      :.:;;;'V,r:,!:s' .moo and $20.00
!���';���" KectrlcMis!?$foO,$9iS;  .-num. W���"--���!?!.are a '"*���  '"' ���""
bargalna.   O
in and we will l< 11  you abom
MANlll   Al   'I RIINO
ji;\vei.li K
Watchmaker and Optician
_a   ivU > ��
Bargains in all lines
of Dry Goods, Millinery  and   Ladies'
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For Good Fruit Land
io Ac.c i!locks to Soo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. froadsdaile & <��
Next Doer to Bank of Commerce.
$1.50 to $1000.
Walcom-s Nugget Smoking
Queen Cigar Store
BUSH &  MATT HEW.  Props.        *f
We have just received a shipment of Heinz Goods in following line.
14-oz.   Bottle   Sour   Mixed   Pickles.
14-oz.  Bottle Sweet Mixed  Pickles.
14-oz. Bottle Gherkins Pickles.
Pint Baittle Ketchup.
_,AfA A iTlVdK
I     rk.*&��&ttS *.--.'
. .  fi'.f   *.">-  -���'������"'       :   '���'.'     "
..- ,. . .      .  -        ,a
a-V-'      ���������'.-       ���
Cnr.   Vernon aaad l-Vnru   Streets
s-i . *i ys.. ��s o
P. .lerdan. P. Esley. Pincher Creek:
\v. is. Beadwin, Vancouver; I., i'rat'.
Sai Ion; B. Hill, Coleman; C. E. Legg
Si..*',.-nu-: IS 11. Zavitz, Winnipeg; G.
Ha nilton, Brantford; F. S. York. Arrow
I.������:., : U. B. il-rron, F. Herron. Procter.
g \     H'>Tri.
t-c��'-!V    /"        -Arrivafj
1   fajj.-WW^'
-J     e
Corner of Stanley and Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks irom Utpot.
G. W. Gorman, Ottawa; G. Howard.
Fenile; I'. Burns, Calgary; T. Rigby,
Cranbrook; Miss C. Hanningston, Kam-
loops; L. Wilkinson, Kootenay Landing.
A. ll. Steel, West Derby; _. A. Mc-
Whiney, Pilot Hay; A. L. Hitcncock,
1 tne Laki . Alia.; R. M. McQulre, Salmo
M. B, Williams, fcYuitvale; Venae! Tuba,
Frank, Aita.; Mrs. Lindsay, Eidgewood;
U. juurruy, Nakusp; A. B. Johnson, Spokane.
a. Johnson, D. Chalmers, Harvey; T.
Elf,   it   Burns,   Winnipeg;   Fred.   Adie.
.1 eta; rJ. K. Needham- Eholt; J. Mc*
Gracy, Asheiofi.
C. 0. Kawh v,a. !.< gina; N. \v. Hamilton,   Eureka;   3.   Harkley,   Erie;   ,).   Bd-
v ar-is   . ' -   I I ���!.": J. Harki r, L. Howe,
:���. ..:, Do .aid. Calgai y.
���: 11, : o rman mini ; J. Shai ;>'��� -.
Glasgow; i Silverton, -J* Emtnereon, H.
Sm.th, London; S. Waters, Axminster
Devon; P. Happs, Battersea, Eng.; C.
Gill,  St.  Annies' Cornwall.
II. Ii. Qaaton, H. Hostella. High River.
In 'in miitt. r of an appti-*itlon louhe i"stj** ol
h rfuplii ate ��� ert.flcate ol Title ('*rlftt*-, 4, 6, u. n,
IB, W, nnd S3, of loi Nl, Group One, in ttu
Dis-ttid i,f Cpoteuai (M p WM .
Hot ������������ ii hereby given that tt i�� my intention
to i-' i nt h- ei pint* inn of one m<*rith nfur t nr*
iir*-i pub wviiiiin hereof a-I up heat e ' f fie Certificate ��� f li'le for the ��birc r���ientlo**ecI lots iu
..'������ of Kicli-T'l H.-line, which Uortfloata ���!
Title It rlme-i ih-' 24th day of November, 1-* 6
an'   n-i-rab* re 1 B8-0-A
I .-tnl Ui-gi-iry "ffiee, Ni-Ibop, B. C, January
17th, 1908
���H   F MArLKor.,"
District Ke*;.**rar.
Telepb< ne 181
N!CKERSON. the Jeweiery Martufactur
e-*s Agent wijl Bell you goods from samples at 25 per cent, less than regular
prices direct from the factories, in s
days from order. Everything in the
line.    Order now.
Ve have a Good .Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 lo
$1500. Lei ns show you
them. Fome extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
��� as��_-^-*-*-mii-sr-if-w_L'wiHy: -.r:. it: jiV7.��Ji'*rr,.-��.-.'... nw*
to the Dyola Dyes is the Laundrj    Blntng   In   Sheets.     Tlie   simplest,
deanaai  nnd  i,a-st at all  ijiuiufr.    Doss not ���tresli m  spot tbo ciotheB.
and cannot b|,111, spatter or freeze.    Price 10 cents for L'6 sheets.    Lei   US
ahow it to you or give yon B fre e sample.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Sleighing    Party.
The pupils of the school of the Sis
it rs of St. Joseph were taken for i
sleigh drive this afternoon.
Bachelors'  Ball.
Tin- bachelors of Nelson, to the number of GO have met and decided to Eive
a ball in the roller rink the evening ol
;- binary   4th.
A hockey match between representatives ni the wholesale and retail grocery
trades, arranged for tomorrow night, is
postponed until further notice.
Victoria's New Hotel.
The new c. i*. it* hoi el in Victoria
will be formally opened by a banquet
this evening at which the newspaper
men of the coast will lie the
George Ham.
Change  of  Name.
The Fernie Ledger has Changed its
name and in future will be Known as
the District Ledger. It will he the official organ of the U. M.  VV. of A. oi
Uistrict  No.   IS.
Bonspiel  Posponed.
On account of the unfavorable weather the aanual bonspiel of the Kootenay
Curling association, which was to hav-.
b gun tn Nelson tomorrow, has been
postponed  to the call of the executive
Metals and Stocks.
Silver gained one point on the American market today but was stationary in
Li-/il n. Lead has advanced two points
in Lon-iOn since Friday. Dominion and
B, C. Copper stocks have both strength
I. O. O.  F.
The annual Roll Call will be a feature
of the regular meeting of Kootenay
LoJge No. 16, I. O. O. F.. tonight. The
in* atlng is called for 7.30. A specially
cordial invitation is extended to old
members   and  visiting  members.
This Week's Dances.
Nelson's appetite for Terpsiciiorean
delights is being indulged in to the full
this winter. Two more ale to he given
this week. The members of the V. M.
P. A., forgetful even in leap year, of the
fears that led to their organization, are
entertaining their friends at a hull in
the Strathcona tomorrow night. Friday night the Knights of Pythias will
give their annual At Home in the Alice
roller ring. The Knights have a reputation to sustain and their preparations
are be:ng  made accordingly.
City   Council.
The first regular meeting of tho city
council of 1908 will be held in the city
hall tonight at 8 o'clock. There are
several important matters to he dealt
with. Thr- mayor will present his draft
of standing committees. The power
lilant machinery question as a whole
will he taken up aud discussed and be
the subject of a conference with K. H.
Zavitz of the Allis-Chaimers-BuIIock
company. The school hoard's estimates
for the year will he presented, and an
offer for the public school debentures
will be considered.
New Law Firm.
.1. A. Harvey, K. c, G. S. McCarter,
and F. G. T. Lucas announce that they
have formed a partnership under the
dim name of Harvey, McCarter A Lucas,
and ihat they will carry on pactice as
barristers and solicitors at the offices
occupied until now by Mr. Lucas in the
Old Safe block, 5:;(; Hastings street. W.
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
Rand: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday eveningB.
Maarnlngs,   afternoons   and   evenings,
v.-lthout  band,  children   15c  adults 25c,
including skates.
Evanings with band, except Saturday
��� veninss. 40c, including skatea.
Satunliiy evening, band and a*ic m\
attractions, to 11 o'clock, 50o, ac - ualin;-
skates, spectators 25c.
\1-ANT-Il-Bi-ll B..y.    Apply Hume Hotel.
\�� ' AN I Ka-- -'IiIik, t.iaialiieM pro'Jui-er*. t��� wrila*
>l lli.iii,,,,,���,; axa .11 klaarl, a.f .Ire .a.,.-k
.......lii-i deatfa ir..in aiiv eant*   Brl ia,a Amarlasn
. laa: ,-l.ia-k Aaa,..a-laati..,i, a .Ii'-a.UTet, B C. pr
*   J. Walker. Hume ,Intel, Ne'.ou.
YI'ANTKI*���   m.-e. h��k,r Hire*-,   Kraitlta.l Ilaaaar
It      J>ra*ferre<!     V<ix lull ,-hlih'1I .11.
i_m.\ ' 00MKI, BOt IX, Inrn-ihadof unlonHab-
..    ��� <l     Apply to J. I'lata.-)-, OOrnsr Verla.au   aau'l
J.i.eptilun 1 Ireelia
it hmmii:!, ROOM���Good  loi.��tl���n     A,i.
H    DallJ laati.alUIl
IV111 Maim 1,1-iBn MjSJMSl, .le.Ial lie.u-.l
ICM'I'-A  KtmOBT   1-lN   ��t tho lii,iil,erm..,i'i
t   ball  laat   night      Kmaler  ple.ie  returu   10
oOli-e ul HuJauu'i bay Usexn.
Cabbage, Turnips. Beets*, Carrots, Parsnips, Celery and Potatoes from Pasft-
more's   ranch.
G. A. Benedict
Corner Silica and  Josephine 8ta.
I>M01VI*5   7
We have the New Government l^og
Scale Sheets.
SHEET 1 gives ihe contents in board
measure from ten lineal feet to six hundred lineal feet.
SHEET 2 gives contents in board
measure from forty lineal feel to eighty
lineal feet with the lawful increase In
diameter  included.
PRICE   PER   SET.    .$1.00;      per  doz
$12.00 net, postage and tubing addition
al.     Per  set   mounted   on   heavy   cloth
ound  board,  $2.00.
We also have Baughman's "Buyer &
Seller" With tables for 8000 sizes; gives
correct number of feet in every piece
with page and Index for every size:
lumber tables from lxl-6 ft. to 30x80-50
ft.; tables for IU. 1M\, 1%, 7x9, 7x10.
Triple   Indexed   Sight   Computation���
Quicker than thought���Always correct
���figures   All   ways  and  Always.
Price, flexible leather binding, $2.25;
by mail.  $2.35.
W* G* Thomson
fttfiVSil* and    Nelson, B. C.
Phon-a 3-*.
Vancouver, Mr. Harvey and Mr. McCarter will continue to maintain their
connection with 'he firms of Harvey,
McCarter & MarDonald, of Cranbrook.
and Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham, of
Uevelstoke. Mr. Lucas is a son of Alex.
Lucas,   government   assessor,   Kaslo.
Advice   From  George   Ham.
Geo. II. Hani, known as a publicity expert from one end of the Dominion to
the other, was one of the chief speakers
at a public meeting held the other
evening in the New Westminster
council chamber for the purpose
of discussing ways and means of
thoroughly advertising the resources of
that city and district throughout the
older provinces and in the old country.
Discussing various methods of advertising. Mr. Ham laid strong stress upon
the unapproachable advantages offered
by newspapers, which he considered the
best advertising medium of all. Hla
contention was that the advertising that
paid best was the advertising that was
presented to those interested under the
guise of news. He advocated the en-
.-at;in of a man who could write
breezy, snappy stories, which would Ik*
accepted by the eastern paperB and
published without cost to the city
-tnder because of the fact that they
would be treated as _0WS. Booklets,
pamphlets, picture circulars, and other
attractive literature, was also a splendid means of attracting attention to a
city, according to Mr. Ham, who detail-
d the work that had heen done by
��ther cities, instancing Nelson and Saskatoon, which had exeat ly Increased
their  population  by   this  means.
P. Burns arrived from Calgary last
L Pratt returned from East Kootenay last night.
R. B. Herron and F. Herron came in
from  Procter la��t night.
G. O. Buchanan spent yesterday In
Ne son and left for Kaslo this morning.
P, Jordan, the cattleman, arrived from
Pincher Creek last night and is at the
FYed Adle. fruit pest inspector, arrived from Waneta last night and Is at
the Queens.
Miss Conway, who has been visiting
Mrs. and the Misses Scanlan, left for
her home In Winnipeg this morning.
The Unidentified.
Boyertown, Jan. 20.���The bodies of
four unidentified dead, who lost their
lives in the opera house flre last Monday, were buried yesterdav In Fairview
" meter?. I'pwards of ten thousand
e- oca attended theeervjoei -bat mark
the Interment of the fire victims who
Wt re burled in one king circular shaped
trench. r   --���''5��B
Jobbing   promptly   attended   lo.     Plana
and ..-Btlmatea.
Apply 415 Hall St. Box 389.
Whnlt'aale Mini   Ki-mll Demltim lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but   fresh aud
wholesome meats and lUpptei kept in btock
Muil orders receive careful attention
E.   C.   TRAVES.    Wana-f-r.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay  Ice,   Fruit  and
Fuel Co.
N. E. co,. Baker   and   Ward   Sta.
Notice is hereby given that the an
dersif-ued have submitted to the Lieutenant-Governor in-Con nci. a proposal
under the Rivers and Streams Act foi
the clearing and removing obstruction
from the Buhamel Creek (otherwlsi
known as Six Mile Creek) in tbe l��in
trict of West Kootenay, Province ol
British Columbia, and for making th<
said creek fit for raftim; and diivin;
thereon logs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining dams on
the said creek, and for const ructlng
and maintaining   booms    for   holding
sorting -nd delivering logs and Umbel
thereon, and for attaching booma on
Kootenay Lake at the mouth of said
The lands to be affected bv such work
are Lots 7S7, 738, 7601, 7773, 4S94, 8411
and 8413 all In Group One, Kootenay
District, and other lands not Crown
granted, occupied or Improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
such as may be fixed by the Judge Ol
the County Court of West Kootenay.
Dated the 28th dav of October. L0O7
CAPITAL,    $25,000.00   in   25,000    shares
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crorler W.  Uourke.
OFFICE, No. 322 Maker St.  (Croasdalla
& Co.)
SEE the cement blocks diRplayed In tha
Standard Furniture Co.'a window,
APPLICATIONS for stock are invited
PARTICULARS and fori.is of Applies
tlon may be obtained at the Company's offlce, or from H, A. Stewart,
Solicitor, Nelson. B. C.
Geo.  P. Player
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
F. C. GRILEH       f. F. BUKDtr,
C-vil  Engineers, Dominion  and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O. Box 115    Phon. 2*1 B.
"NBL-SOrN.     -     B. G.
To Whom  It  May Concern:
Take notice that J. L. Warner Is not
now and has not been since the 18th
day of November last employed by or
In any way connected wiih the Bradley
Engineering and Machinery Co. of
Spokane. Washington.
Rssl Estate Agent
115 Bakar St.,  Nalaon,  B. C.__
Diamonds and
Precious Jewel;
We   ll:,v.*   a   la.aiitiful   ;,
diamonds,   emerslda,   sapphire
pearls, which  we are offering m ,'
.I...-.1 price,   it Ih �� pleasure tor ui
niiow K",iii��     Call  anal    Ipspesi ll".
.Mali orders receive aam   prompt an
Jeweller  and  Optician.
W'hnltaaiu   I'raiv i��iun��,
Produce, - Prul*..
Government Cr-aliiery One-Poond  Brick,, r-a-a-iva-d  wwa'kly fr,..li fram, ���    *****
a-hum     Fair sail- by all leiuliui? irroc-in,
Olllce nnd waxehoune : Huuston Ulock,    Pnone lb.
Josephine Street.
Nelson. B. C.
A reciprocity of nooal wist,.
wish . ,,��� a Happy New Year a
reel yon wlab un the asma, "'
wish for aoniethlns else, and Uatl
th-- opportunity of proving taa **
exoepilonal values i.r ..in Bssa
Suits and  Ova*rcoals      In  matin.
s^yle.   III   anal   (inlsli   ��..   il. ta    ".
Ui n. anal our new stoei
..t  il,.. vary luta-ht  ami nn,.-- (aa. |
fabl  . ���   anil   designs.      Ymi'll  t.u
iii one)   -*ii:  buy better goodi her,
J. A. dlLKEI
We would like to see all our patrons comfortable this winter anal lo ortd
do so we have In staiek the best assort ed line of lientlns Stoves and nJ
stoves and   ranges aver  before present ed taa the public In Koolenay.
Wo would be pleased taa .show yaau our line aud before making yotvr
chase klnd'y set.- whal we have ta* offa-r.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwax
Compauy, Limited.
ed t
tor ,
ln ���
1= I'M
Ud i
Pure and Cheap
We have L000 pound- 6f
which we will seii ai a bargain
5 lbs for 1.00.
Special pric* i tor larger lots.   Coma
in and inquire.
Choquette Bros.
Phone 25B.
THE   Up-tO-DstS   Bakers
Alberta Creamery butter In 31b., 7 lb.
and 14 lb. blocks at 37c per pounal.
For Sale at
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor   losaMihlm- anal Mills Sta
~} _vi
 ���  did
Filberts, Almonds, Walnuts.   I",_B
Chestnuts, Apple Oder, Hog-then \\\\
apples, llaldwln Apples. Jap <>"���__���
fikb, i���rK.. layer, CatUomla dn^M"
itiil .Malaga Qraces.
A   larRe   nsHiarlma-nt   of   Xmas '^H
Wholesale and retail prices  p��-r.-""Hr.,
Phone 20a. r,nn'? Ba*
Wa*   have   a   large  and   varlw
stock to chouse from, a-iii;.'-:"1
RAZORS.   Etc..   Etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co.
a .1   .1.Ml IIN'


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