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The Daily Canadian Oct 5, 1907

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Array V.e*is
una i.   No- l��S
Fwtt Cbktb a Month
um puzzle
Double  Game
With Japanese
Isurdity of Hon. Sidney Fisher's
|ui{ Prediction���P_.-*ic Follow :d
By Long Delay.
,. m   Oi ' B'"   Wilfrid   l.nurli-r
,   .    tui   u tba _-_���*-_
... ���,     ���r     tin-     Japanese
���        *,   \\i   i:.ni. ii. addressing ���
li   Vancouver, remind, d
.   si. Wilfrid l�� hlnis.-lf large-
| e for th   pre* nl .-..ndltlon of
I last . unpalm baton ba
[ .Sir Wilfrid  -ns asked to an-
-  ,,ii Astatla iiiiinigia-
rtUsh Columbia.   Tha Liberal
_ln then declared that tha Question
.������ ,,,., -.  ��� my province bat Brit-
..,1 his goTornmont would
.. ... >hes of that prorlnoo.
r Wilfrid hss made many v-n-iu- proin-
-,..   ��� m the westarn man narai
aa a.:..- Uie) i.ri,i to sxpact,   Whlls
had been entertained by anti-Jap
y :     from lll.-tlilia-l.-. of tin*
Borler gorernmenl  and int-tnlicft hui*-
artlo.it,the] have found tin- adminls-
lni   ih.   a-vlls  which It
k       ��d to abolish.
|i���..; ,-   rl..-   Laurier   govern-
t illowi : Canada   to   r_n___  out-
betwean   llrltuln   ami
UU    I nrll lust  .lanuary   that   treat*
I lapanesa tha right to
pile io thin country.   Then on the mo
| Wilfrid himself  it   w-iih .-ti
........ ii.ru  Japan������a should
Hi.- lame    right    as   any   other
ile t.. nupplj  th.- labor niaika-t of
nl.   Meanwhile the  leclslatora ol
,    imbia n peatedly passed th-
paiai am" excluding Aslatla foreign-
;.;,,! rl,,. ir..* i-< inn. in   at   I Ittawa  ns
im r>'fus.*al   to   lei   thai    law   l*ii   Hit.a
The government vote, down an
in., in to the Orand Trunk P-ctflc
fcnir;.. ���   providing   tliat    Astatic   latior
pm'..i sol be employed In oonatructlon.
��rj   wa;   Sir   Wilfrid   and   Ills   ml
.-s havi- been pro-Japanese at Ob
���a and al London, while they have
nn  furiously   run I.Japanese   nt   Vnn-
'^   -l rrlnl \ i, ir,,ira
[Tin- Trades and Labor Congress at
V-nlpei brought sir Wilfrid to tl"'
P|;a'.,,:'. !,, ;l peremptory mo���s___ do-
���Mill thai he should tako stops lo
���mats the treaty In regard to Canada,
���hlt-h a few months an.. Sir Wilfrid
fide applicable to Canada The premier
f ��� ,! days in oonalder and then
I lhe congress  thai   ha would
Inquiry made Into tha whole
I""'"'! ol Oriental Immigration The
r "* ���" ii.- already held Inquiries
f1 'Ms kimi without arriving at am*
pniiusi.,,1 j, |��� .,,���,, announood that a
���jwimissiiini.r will be sent to Japan to
J lhe question with Mikado's gov.
F1"*1"'" Less than a year ago Hi"
W T II Preston, who had
pue himself Impossible as oommlaslon
r ^London, was appointed to Japan to
[ * the tn  and commeroa fla-
r'"'1""' ii k pointed out Hun while
l�� Mil.' and Mr   ,.,,.,.������  _,  ,������������,-  ������
Th" '���"'ar"B- Mlas Louis Leopold
: ''   .in many  meohanios on
^"���representations to this country.
��.., i""1"" "'"*������ '" lb.- Hawaiian
la,,, !""' '"���"'���'lla on his way to
��;���'���- and Japanese have since b.-.-n
",, ���"* Tom those southern countries
ir.iv.ra'"'" '" chln" "r Japan and tha
K,���, "'""' I*"-- ii necessary to send
one siia.   Wherever Mr. Preston
��� th. |���.,
. ���"������,'iiii|i1IbIi..h piirpi-Hes thai ai
I,S|���  Hut tl    "
further away be la
he serves one  traat    political
||,ii,|   .  "    meui      |iiiiii ii-iii
���iii.. fiTu'  "",ls'" i1"-"!'"!". and prevanl
I tin ,,���!....I1'1"1"11''.' "' i'"* ballol switch
niachlni'   during
T. :;i'"*i"i"tis of tha
* Inter
b organiser
*'*>���>""���><������ ni.-iil mads was lhat
I-i'i. , V" '">w '"' aHmltted only
Pi-BBttot?!8 *,M"P��rt�� 'rom tha gov
l"'i thu ' ,'1"1"* "hareby it is claim
l��iiii,',.u      itnmigration  from Hawaii
lint,, a-!?1      This Slmpls plan goal
l"|"inat l.i'\        months too late, foi
lolul    ,,���"   '' ,'"" "r ���li""""��" -TOm "".���
"��i<'ii���      , ','1   ""'   5��ntraol    und..,
->"i:..i,- ""*K" ��������' ��� purl orii.r.ne.
���" iiritiK, ,."','* who ,1,1VI' -eon landed
I-*** ll ,,,.,,'   ,""1'1"   '"   -   little   over   ll
I tb.. consti.���. '"n* ������*-"*������ i" noma Into
*"��iii'm.     '"'y "r " -nt-lster and ,.
gfolared ii-uTalT',"',"'''. ,,h" ,"l'',, ,">l1'
�� white ,,,!,������ ?*l''*-��.Columbia must be
D0Mn't WANT  mormons
""an Gove
mment  Orders  Expulsion
of Miaaionarles.
r��" Morn
Oct.     4,���-Throi
""nis have linen expellee
1 w"**nlng prohibiting them
front spreading their propaganda, ln
conducting rlvor baptisms and making
convert*.. They were arrest..il and summarily taken under arrest to tha frontier, The Imperial authorities decided
In ISO. that ll waa not dealratfln to allow Mormon agents iii continue their
activity In lla-rninny, Inn owing to tho
t-epraaent-tlons of the American .-m-
in.ssy in Berlin and tha chief missionary t'aunati. wliose Held of action was
in centra! BJ-rope, with he���dquarters at
Berlin, tho foreign offloe allowed tin-
Mormons a month In which in settle
their affaire and leave tha country.
There wore at that time SO Mormon
missionaries in the various parts of Git-
many and the grounds for their expulsion were teaching contrary to puiiHe
morality ami soa-lal order. 11 was also
agreed with Mr. Cannot' that all the
Mormons who were Aluerio���n cAttuena
should discontinue proselytutlng In Germany.   Tin. German converts, of whom
there were several thousands anal who
continued to follow their new faith tinder native pastors, w.-r.- subjected to
Various polioa hindrances. Mr. Cannon,
who moved his central headquarters to
Switzerland, It ls understood, has since
returned to salt ijike City,   it is now
prOO���lii'-.l Hint his successor has re-
.-iit.-reii tIn- German Held for Mormon
missionary work. Form.���:-];��� many WO
men converts wore sent to Utah.
No American Vessels.
Washington, Oct. D.���It is e-pootad
tliat contracts for shipping over SO per
cent, of the coal for Ihe use of the
battlaahlp fleet on Its coming 14,000
in!!.- cruisa to the I'acific will be awarded lo vessels of foreign register.
Statement    by    Managing    Director   of
British  Emigration Society as
to Misrepresentation,
The following is tha- stala-ma-nt of
Walter Stark, managing director of the
Hrltlsh K. T and C. Society, held over
Irani, yesta-rday:
I was In Canada during tlie months
of May and June tn tha; interest of the
British K T. C. iKmlgrntlon. Tourist
ami ri.iuiiiz.atitui i Society, Ltd.. uf
which i am managing dirtclor, and met
i.ur President, Mr. Itn.oks. on hla return from Na-lson, II. C.. at Wlnniparg.
Tli.' statements he makes In memorandum herewith agra-o fully with the
U_pr_0���to��� ha' guva* me Ihen as to tlie
iiuestlon of labor and the fruit ranching
proposition there. Mr. Brooks' standing and reputation Is too -__ known
Hits slip, of the Atlantic to require a
siiigi.- word of mine In defence, and If
any misutiaierstandliig has arisen he-
twa-en lilm and Mr. Haininonal as to Ihe
.aeation of work and wages. Ind.-pt-n-
.l.-iii of the sale of ranches, which we
l.uv.- aimnalance of proof we wa-re atl-
thnrlza-ii Iii ���_U, one thing is oortain,
ihat Mr. Brooka haa not Intentionally
a-xaggi'iati-d or niisre|iri'sa'iited the
facts,  and  having  regard   to   Mr    Ham
mon'a proraiss to Mr. Brooks to prepare literature and send along io us.
bearing our name as agents for the
ranching proposition, (which he neglected to doi and the unreasonable delay
In his reply, for which he has apologized. In consequence of having been so
bray, the fault of any misunderstanding certainly must lie more nt his door
than ours. Hut after all, what Is the
trouble 1 Kvery niriil we sent out un
derslood Hint he would have lo work
hard In the forest or elsewhere, and
there Is abundance of work there nt
high wages, higher apparently for some
than wa have led any aif the men to ex
Kvery man we sent mil knew Ihe land
was In the country, and that they
would have to m.-et Mr Hammond nl
his ofllce in Nelson llnd pay  their mon
Uily payments on their ranches to him
I did not return from Canada as soon
ns Mr. Brook*, and a row passengers
hau been oookea for Nelaon betore J
got hack. Dpon my return i "puna
.un- people were already anthralaaO
oally nt work in the Interest of Koote*
nay district. Before coining home i had
written Mr. Hammond In tha Interaal
��� if some other young mon who were in
Winnipeg, particularly to know if they
bought lO-aora ranches would be gum'
antes them work for any half their
time al $:i per day and board, asking
him to reply lo ma at R3ngsv.ll*, On
tar,.il and lie wrota* to me at that B0
dress under date of July 18th, which
letter missed me ther* hut followea
me to Liverpool,    u  r*ad as follow*'
"I um In receipt Of your letter of the
l!l*,th tilt., In reference to sending on
ci'ilaln lettlera for our lands al Fruit-
"I have been very busy and hnve no-
gloated  writing to  Mr.  Brooks In detail
in reply to his letter.   I shall endeavor
to do so  within  the next  two or three
aiavs. in the meantime, I wonld say in
answer to your enquiry tHat II will lie
Impossible for m* to guarantee any
work for a purobaser of a ten-aoro
tract, especially al the rule Of *.l pel
dav and hoard. While II is true I am
paving that wage for givul men, II Is
only men  who have had a long ex poll
tCotil limed   on ptiB"   three.)
Immigration Returns Are
Domlnior Agent's Report on Australian Tariff���News of Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Ottawa, Oct. 6.���The total immlgra-
tia.n into Canada during tlie live months
to August *il Inclusive, totalled 174.647,
au increase of 41,2:12 over the corresponding period last year. Of the total
143.SS4 came ln at ocean *��orts, an Increase of 4"i,90U, and 31.253 came from
United States, an Increase of 2,668.
Ottawa, Oct. 5.���J. S. Larke. Canadian
commercial agent ln Sydney. N. S. W.,
says aVustralla's exports have nearly
doubled In the lust ten years. The total
last year was 69,787,708 i*ounds. Imports amounted to 44.72H.506 pound*.
Mr. Lake believes that in spite of higher duties in the new tarifT. the common-
wealth will have to import the chief
lines which she now receives, from
abroad. In his opinion the new lariff
will not greatly affect trade.
Weymouth Bridge, N. S.. Oct. 5���The
pa.st office here was burglarized last
night and $300 stolen. The burglary
wils evidently the work of amateurs;
the iigistered letters stolen were found
this morning outside the post office
Ottawa. Oct. 5.���A cable this morning
to tlie trade and commerce department
announces the death of c. B. Burke,
Canadian cotntni'iclal agent in Jamaica
Tha' na'ws was a surprlsa- to the department because a leiter was received from
Mr. Burki* yesterday under date of Oct.
2nd. at New York, whither he had com.'
for a change In the hope of l-eneliiting
his nervous system which "offered a
s.-va ra-shock In the Kingston earthquake
last January.
Quebec. Oct. 5.���The Allan liner Victorian, with Hon. Fielding and Brod.ur
on hoard, arrived lla-re about two yesterday afternoon anal the ministers were
met on arrival by Sir Wltfrtd Laurier.
Premier llouiu aud local ministers in
town and a host of other prominent personages, nnd escorted to the Chateau
I--r.inti.nac. w-ha-ra. another warm greeting awaited them from a large assemblage gathered there.
Vancouver, Oct. 5.���In elevn riot
riot !*a.sa-s y.-steralay afternoon before
the criminal assist- court, the grand Jury
brought In true bills against six and ao-
Quitted Ave.
Montreal, Oct. 8.���-Recorder Weir this
morning Issued summon* for appearance In court next Tuesday of the
matron nnd two nurses of a day nursery
am Belmont street. The charge is abuse
of an eighteen month* old child whose
hack was found lust night, after a day
In the nursery, "as black as a stove,"
with finger print*, from kidneys to nape
of neck.
Toronto. Oct. 5.���A deputation consisting of J. K. I nurd. M. V. of Laval.
Quebec. A. C M*-_Xm_ell, M. P��� Toronto, and others, waited on Premier
Whitney and Hon   Frank Cochrane this
morning and submitted a proposition to
Interest Fti'tieh. C.erniaii nnd Belgian
Capital In Ontario mines by a visit of
lournallsts   from   til*   countries   named.
citing ns n precedent tha reoonl visits of
British Journalists. The ministers were
svnipathi'tlc tai the Idea, but declareil H
was too lata now to do anything thi**
year. The proposition would he seriously  considered  next spring.
Montreal Oct. 5.���Cnnndlnn Pacini-
railway authorities had nothing In say
to a report from Ottawa thai u compromise had been reached with their tele-
Ottawa, Oct. 6.���The deputy minister
of labor has told the manager ol th*
Spring-ill! Mines, where there Is n
strike, Hint unless they can supply ooal
for Ihe colonial railway, the Dominion
government win be compelled ibis week
to place fol* Its own protection an order
for 6,000 tons wllh United States firms
as this is needed for Ihe Intercolonial,
government  owned, railway.
Cnlgnry, Oct. 5.���This city had three
distinguished visitors yesterday. Rud-
yaril Kipling arrived in Ihe niorntu.'
and was taken to see the 0, P. 11. Irrigation ditch, the Mecca of all Visitors.
K L, Borden, the Conservative leader,
arrived ln time for the meeting last
nlgiit. He addra'ssed one of the lii'St
meeting* Of Ills tour at Medicine Hut
Thursday night- He spent the day resting at the Alberta Hotel. Senator Cox
Is also hero on his return from the
coast. He is looking into the Bunk of
Commerce business here and conditions
Reglna, Oct. 5.���Crop returns are com
ing Into the department of agriculture
ln Increasing numbers, those from the
Moose Jaw district being exceptionally
good. The returns from there show an
average of 20 to 30 bushels to the acre
of No. 1 Northern. Good reports are
also being received from tlie district
along the Soo line. Reports from
Indianhead district are somewhat unfavorable. The department this morning ra-ceived a telegram from Wetburn
requesting that 100 men he immediately
dispatched to that district for harvesting purpose*. This minister of agriculture denies the report that it was
thought that, seed wheat would have to
he bought In Manitoba for Saskatchewan. He says Saskatchewan will have
abundance of the best seed grain.
Vancouver, Oct. 5.���Rudyard Kipling
arrived here this morning. He will
address the  Canadian Club  .Monday.
Disagree on Rails.
New York. Oct. 5.���There Is said to
be a hitch in negoti���tlons now in progress looking to the manufacture of a
perfect steel rail, because the steel
manufacturers assert they cannot make
the rail demanded by the committee of
the American Railway Association. It
is in the chemical composition of the
steel that the railway men and the Bteel
makers cannot agree. The railway committee wants a rail low In phosphorus
and higher In carbon with a quarter of
the molten mass cut off as a "discard."
Further meetings on the subject are to
be held but it Is stated that when B. H.
Gary calls the general meeting of railway men and steel manufacturers together there will be two reports
presented i��stead of a joint report.
General Decline    in    Market    Value of
Kootenay Securities���Stock
The stock market for the past week
maintained its low. level and but very
few securities showeti any advance, but
with all, tradings were active, which indicates tue public have not lost confidence but are prepared to take advan-
u_>'i. ot the present market and thus
secure investments which at any other
time would cost them  double.
Alberta Coal and Coke showed but
little change, maintaining its price well
at about :i8 cents, li. C. Copper lluctu-
ated between $5.75 and $0.00, with considerable bdyiug from this vicinity.
Consolidated Smelters sold down to
trom *'"���"> to $107. thus making a new
low record. Cariboo McKinney fell oft
about 1 cent per share, offerings being
noticed at about *J cents, with but little
demand. Dominion Copper also declined und changed hands between $2.5(> and
$3.00, with almost no buying from the
wem. Diamond Vale Coal weakened
.slightly, dropping to 26 cents per share.
with no business recorded. Gal bra ith
Coal remained firm throughout, witn
considerable business transacted. Hewitt was in great demand and sold very
largely locally. International Coal
strengthened slightly, and sold up to 92
cents, with several sales recorded. Nicola Coal Mines strengthened a little, no
offerings being noticeable uuder Scents.
Kauibler Cariboo advanced at the opening, out sold down again yesterday,
reaching 24 cents, the lowest mark for
about a year. Sullivan also declined,
dropping to S cents, with but few buyers in evidence.
Following are the approximate quota
-tones for the week ending today:
Asked.      Bid.
Alberta Coal & Coke $    .42
1       .37
B. C. Copper       6.12V4
Bi-aokenrtdgB-L���nd   ���       -60
Con. Smelters  110.00
Cariboo McKinney ..        .04
Can.   Gold   Fields...         .06
Dominion Copper ...      2.87H
Diamond   Vale      . .18*4
Galbralth Coal          .US
Gtanliy       100.00
Hewitt             BOO
International Coal...        .94
Kron    27
Nicola Coal  Mines..         .05
North Star Mines. ..         .12
Panhandle Smelter..        .10
Rambler Cariboo 24
Sullivan     08V4
Western on        l.io
I.. A. Camptn'11 spent yesterday afternoon In the city.
lt.  S.  l.ennle    will    return  Trom tha
coast this eva'tllug.
Miss Beatrice Irving Ib spending her
holidays at the Spokane Fair.
Win. Hunter. M. ta. A. Tor Slocan. arrived from Sllverton last night1 aud is
at the Hume.
A. C. Sutton, city solicitor of Grand
Forks, who was ln Hie city yesterday,
returned lo the Houndary this evening.
MIbb I,. Gilchrlsl, of the DOStOlBce
staff, will return from Spokane tomorrow evening, where she has beeu vlBlt-
Ing the Fair.
O. J. Hopper mid funillv, of Areola,
Sask.. have taken up their roaidono*
In the house recently occupied by
Police  Magistrate Crease.
Frank B, Glbbs arrived last evening
from Victoria, where he was attonding
the annual meeting of the llrncknian-
Ker Milling company. He will spend a
few days In Kelson before returning to
R. W. Hrock. who has spent the summer in Kootenuy for the Dominion geological survey department, passed
through the city last night on his way
to Kingston to resume his duties as professor ln Queen's university.
Local Fruit Land Company Not To Blame
F. L. Hammond Explains Relations
of Kootenay Orchard Association
and British Society*
In reference to the statements of
Messrs. Brookfl and Stark, K L. Hammond, of the KooU-nay Orchard Association, said in an interview with The
Canadian today:
"A perusal of Mr. Brooks' communication, which appeared in yesterday b
issue of The Canadian, convinces me
that it is Mr. Urooas' intention to conceal the main point at issue.
"When Mr. Brooks was here in June
last he represented himself to me as the
president ot a philauturopic society,
whose object was to see lhat intending
settlers in Canada obtained good lanu
in order that they might be thus assured of a reasonable chance of success. 1
took Mr. Urouks to Fruitvaie and showed him the laud which wo are selling at
that point. After lucking the ground
over carefully, Mr. Hrooks stated that
he was greatly pleased and that he
could dispose of at least HO ten-acre
tracts in Great Britain, and asked me
to have that number of tracts reserved
for sale by him. Since Mr. Brooks emphasized the tact that his society had
ramifications throughout Great Britain
and branches in may of the larger citi��is,
I believed that he could sell the lands.
Therefore 1 promised to reserve at
least :H) ten-acre tracts for sale by him.
'"The Kootenay Orcuard Association,
unlike the society which Mr. Brooks
represents, Is avowedly a business am.
not a philanthropic association. Tht
Kootenay Orchard Association has land
ior sale, and as president of the associa
tion I would have been glad to make
identical arrangements for the sale oi
our land with any person or society win.
1 believed could sell the lands, and sell
it honestly. Mr. Brooks spoke of a commission on the sale of the lands, and
this he represented was not for the remuneration of the officers of the society
but merely to defray the expenses ol
the apparently laudable enterprise in
which he was engaged.
"On behulf of the Kootenay Orchard
Association therefore, 1 made an oral
arrangement with Mr. Brooks for the
sale of laud. I did not. however, impl>
that we were operating au etuploymem
agency, and I distinctly did not promise.
either hy statement or implication, tt
provide work for any purchaser of land.
The matter of employment was nevei
broached between us. lt is true that
Mr. Brooks made some emiuiries as to
current rate of wages, but iny reply am.
my statement as to the wages I wat-
then paying could entail no more re
sponsibiiity upon me to provide worK
for any and all than they entail a similar responsibility upon the board ol
trade circular and the Nelson street ad
vertlsing which  Mr. Brooks nlsu quotes
��� V\i to the time 1 was told that tn
stead of operating a philanthropic society Mr. Brooks was really operating B
combination of a booking and a real mm
tate commission agency, and up to tlu
time I saw that his intention was to
send purchasers to mo under the prom
ise of work, I had no fault to find with
Mr. Brookl iis regards the sale of land
SUd l was quite willing lo recognize thi
sales made by him. And in fact I an.
willing to recognize all land contract**:
mado by lilm up to ths time of the receipt by him of my cable that on ac
count of his misleading sta'. meats, all
arrangements must ceaae.
"In spite therefore of the endeavor of
Mr. Brooks and Mr. Starktthe latter tli��
manager of Mr. Brooks' society) to con
ceal the situation by irrelevant aonsid
eratlons, the real point at issue is
wholly one of the promise of employment to intending purchaser of land.
Three successive parties of British immigrants have come to Mslson bearing
circulars and cards from Mr. Brooke'
aocietv stating that if they purohsM I
land I WOUld provide them with employ
ment. This Is a definite misrepresent.-
tion, and the fault must lie with Mr.
Brooks or with Mr. Stark on lhe on"
hand, or with myself.
���Thut the ftiuit doss not Ilea witb tns
ll  shown  by   the   following   facts:
'(1) In Mr. Brook' own draft of our
proposed selling agreement, upon which
he laid great stress in his published
communication, the only mention of
work Is that I shall keep him advised as
to the current rate of wages, aud the de
mand for labor in this district, No sane
man could construe this as an Implica
tlon. much loss a promise, that I was to
provide work. And even this clause- I
struck OUt In the agreement as to sale
which I later signed, ns I considered the
demand for labor and the rate of wages
varied too much from time to time.
'(2) In a letter written by Mr.
Brookl from Newton-on-Trent and dated
Inly :llst, 1907, this statement occurs:
I did not. however, understand, neither
did I Inform our office, that you would
supply work for all or any at that price.
That was a grave misunderstanding by
them, which I have corrected also.'
"Tbe letter containing this statement
is written In Mr. Brooks' own handwriting. By it Mr. Brooks himself definitely places the blame of the misunderstanding upon his society. Having probably no copy of his letter Mr. Brooks
must have forgotten the contents else
ho woutd not now. al this late date, publish absolutely contradictory statements
by which he attempts to transfer the
blame of the misunderstanding upon
"Originally I was quite willing to accept Mr. Brooks' views that the cause
of the trouble was a misunderstanding
between Mr. Brooks and Mr. Stark.
Later developments, however, would indicate that the difficulty is due not
merely to a misunderstanding but to a
definite aud intentional misrepresenta
tion. This is shown by the fact that
both Mr. Brooks and Mr. Stark have
failed to take action towards opening
the eyes of the emigrants as to the real
situation in spite of my repeated warnings, and in spite of the fact that Mr.
Brooks, under letter of July 31st and
Mr. Stark, under letter of July 29th.
definitely and expressly acknowledge
that they are fully aware that no work
awaited the purchaser of land. Since
the first of the three parties of settlers
did not leave Great Britain until several
days after these letters were written,
the writers have clearly shown their
had faith both as to their clients and to
Westerners Winning.
New Westminster. 4.10, p. m.���Score
at end of first quarter is 5 to 1 in favor
of home team against Tecumsehs of Toronto.
Calls Foothills Capital the Wonder City
of the West���Poet en  Route to
Calgary, Oct. 5.���Rudyard Kipling arrived in Calgary Friday morning. Mr.
Klpiing, accompanied by Mr. Kipling,
was taken on a trip around the city in
an auto and was greatly pleased with
the tilings he saw. He refused to be interviewed but made a few brief remarks
stating that hu was greatly impressed
with lhe changes Calgaiy had undergone since his last visit fifteen years
ago. What impressed him particularly
was the solidity of the buildings in
Calgary compare with other cith-s in
the west where t_Mf structures were
nearly all of wood. He was greatly interested iu Calgary. When looking at
the magnificent panorama from the hills
north of the Bow he said: "This is the
wonder city ot Canada." Later on, while
driving up Stephen avenue, he said:
"Of ail the cities 1 have seen in the
west, this beats them all."
Habeas Corpus Proceedings.
Before departing for the coast,' Mr.
Justice Morrison in chnmbers heard R.
M. Macdonald in two application for
writs of habeas corpus to discharge
prisoners now in Nelson gaol. The applications in both cases Involved Uie
question of the jurisdiction of the committing magistrates. The substance of
the first application, on behalf of Joseph
Nublochicks, was that the warrant or
commitment did not show on Its face
that the prisoner had consented to be
tried in a summary manner before the
magistrate, and such consent was essential to confer jurisdiction. His Lordship
adjourned the application to give W. A.
Macdonald, K. C. on behalf of the
crown, an Opportunity of putting in evidence that as a matter of fact such consent was given. The other application,
on behalf of William Smith, alias Wasyle
Strelecki, involved the question or
whether the charge against the prisoner was for obtaining goods by false pretences under the value of $10. The commitment showed that the conviction
wus for obtaining by fraud a suit of
Clothes of the value of $1S upon which
$10 was paid. The prisoner was sen
lenced to one year, and R. M. Macdonald argued that the amount In value of
which prosecutor was defrauded being
under $10. six months imprisonment
was the limit to which he could he sentenced. His Lordship reserved Judgment.
Telegraphers Strike Again.
Denver, Oct. 6.���H. B. I-erhum, na*
tlonal president of the Order of Railway
Telegraphers, arrived in Denver yesur-
day to take personal charge of the
grievance of the telegraphers against
the Denver and Rio Grande railway.
Reinstatement of 11. 11. Staggs. discharged because of his refusal to test Western (ftlton wires at Grand Junction, has
been demanded hy the telegraphers aud
has  been   flatly   refused  hy the   Denver
aud Rio Grande officials.
Good Material Sold In Nelson.
It Is good to bo able to record that the
champion drillers of the west, who during the past year have been winning
drill contests all over the country, notably, winning first prize in Nelson ami
Kaslo, and since the carrying off of the
blue ribbon of the west In Spokune, In
competition with the crack drillers of
tho Coer d'Alenes. bought their drills tn
Nelson from the Nelson Iron Works.
Conservative Leader Is
L. Bor.cn Says Views of The*
Most Interested Must Prevail
On Oriental Question.
Medicine Hat, Oct. 5.���Borden, Bergeron, Dr. Eeld and John Herron of Lhe
touring Conservative party arrived here
yesterday off the Crow's Nest line and
found the city gay with bunting and the
residents on every side, regardless of
political persuasion, all anxious to extend the glar hand. In the morning
the visitors, accompanied by officers of
the local Conservative association, were
taken for a ride over the city and out
to Beveral of the nearest ranches. After
luncheon the party was entertained at
a brunch busting match in which eight
of the best riders in the west participated.   The sport lasted two hours.
Tbe opera house never held a bigger
crowd than that which filled it to the
doors in the evening to hear these gentlemen speak.. Their reception was a
most cordial one and all were listened
to with attention. Mr. Borden's reference to the question of Asiatic immigration was awaited with intereat,-t_e proximity ot British Columbia to this district making the question a very lire
issue here. He introduced tb e question
by Hpi-iiklnK of the visit of the Hon. Mr.
Fisher to Japan and his assurance to
the effect that not more than &00 Japanese could leave their own country for
Canada in one year, and that these
would not be of the laboring classes. He
claimed that either the government de~
a---iva.il the people in ma-king this state,
ment or else they were now in a position to take steps for the abrogation of
that treaty. For himself, Borden held
that the people of the west were the
people who must be consulted and must
paiint out the solution of this problem.
Regard would have to be taken, of
course, of all treaty rights, but still lt
must be kept In mind that the west
should be upbullded by the great
who had built tbe east.
Secretary Strauss Will   Investigate Importation of Women.
Washington, Oct. 4. ��� Secretary
Strauss, of the department ot commerce
and labor, and F. P. Sargent, commls-
sloner general of immigration, have de*
termined to eliminate the "white slave"
traffic from the United States If possible. On his recent trip through tbe
northwestern aud Pacific coast states
Secretary Strauss' attention was directed to. the increasing importation of women for immoral purposes. The Japanese and Korean exclusion league informed him that hundreds of Japanese
women are being brought to America
purposely, and set In practical slavery
after their arrival here, lt was stated
that women were sold by their importers precisely as if they were so many
bales of goods. Secretary Strauss ordered a rigid investigation and lt was
discovered that the "white slave" traffic
was far mure widespread than had been
suspected, involving the importation Into America not only ot Japanese woman bul of women from France, Austria, HuHBla and Italy. It ls proposed
to have a careful Inquiry instituted ln
all the large cltios particularly, and a
round-up of alien Immoral women will
bo tiiri.l.- Those who have not been in
the country three years and are found
to have been brought here illegally will
be arrested and subsequently deported.
Before they are returned to their native
lands, however, they will be required
to furnish evidence against those who
brought them here, and prosecutions
will be begun against those responsible
|..r thu traffic. It Is proposed to make examples of such men and women by securing convictions if possible and sending them to prison.
Trial on Monday.
His Honor Judge Foiin, who has l.eon
suffering from an attack of grippe, is
siuiH'wlint bettor today, anil will hour
tho case of l<"red I'-iillock, charged withi
iiKKaulting William Wallace, on Monday
Victoria Favors Exclusion.
Victoria, Ocl. 5.���A branch of the
Asaltlc Exclusion League was formed
here Thursday night at a public meeting
hold In the city hall. The resolution
passed at the convention of the Trades
and Labor Congress held in Winnipeg,
was re-affirmed by last night's meeting
amid great enthusiasm, and at the conclusion of the meeting it was unanimously decided to form a branch ot the
Asiatic Exclusion League. L. Crease, a
loeal barrister, soconded by Canon
H.Niiiliin.ts. moved an amendment to the
main resolution, advising caution In
dealing with the total exclusion of Japanese and Chinese until the immigration of desirable laborers from the old
country had been secured. Tha latter
speaker was howled down.
i I
i* "*i
I * 'a 't   *'
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#���-���;���*��� ���������ij
r i*i*     . '
_ ���-'!������
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-S.S     '  ;
H        Hi1--*
���1 .-St'-jfeii
��� VI
-. *������
i  ���
*r" n s
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;������,��   ' -
'; V
' :
;  <���
rn The Daily Canadian
��� i
1   '    !
1 1     . ,
! '|*      1
i-        ��l
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��� I
;i -
. ���'}
lilt-  ��
h   ,*
. -i'i     !
4 ;
[   '
!>.  .t.l
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and caa promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purtlia__.
Sin    Forgiven    and    Palsy    He.i.ed���The
Pharisees   Rebuked���Church
Services    Tomorrow.
Imperial Batik of Canada
Head Offics*   Toronto.
$10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up         4,830,000
'rlest       4.830.000',.
D. E. WILKIE. President. HON. KO3E1.T_JAF1��'KAY, Vio^Prefldent
Branches in Fri'.ish Columbia:
KOWHEAD        OOLDKN.       NEI.*- ���*".      REVELSTOKE,        CRANBROOK
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
.BI.-.O.N.    tlWA.-*C*-l *����      'V-��      _________     'V-nn"��-rJ-'r*
Capital Authorized
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated   A.   D.   1S69.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking   Business.
Tomorrow will be tbe Nineteenth
Sunday alter Trinity. No boly daya
occur during tbe week.   The gospel for
ih.- das  i-- st   Mathew's act nl of the
li.-aliiia-. ui the paralytic. Christ first
���aid Tli* Bins be forgiven th...." then
tu the Pharisees' protests, "Arise, trika
till thy bed and go Into thy house." To
His question, "Whether is it easier to
say "Thy sins be forgiven thee' or to say
'Arise ami walk,' " there was and ls no
answer, but the order of His words
seem certainly Intended to Impress His
hearers with the lesson that spiritual
health is more Important than physical.
There seema nothing In the text ln support of ft modern interpretation that It
Is intended to teach that there ls a connection between moral and physical
health on the one hand, and between
sfn and disease on the other.
The following services are announced
for tomorrow in the churches of Nel
Church of Er.glana���St. Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica street
Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity, boly
communion, 8 a. m.; morning prayer
an.l holy communion. II a. in.: Sunday
School, ^.:',n p. m.; evensong, 730 p. in
Rev.  F. II. Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Im
maculate, corner of Ward and Mill
street.*:: Low mass. 8 a. m.: high mass.
10:30 a. m.; evening service. 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Althoff. priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, cor
ner of Victoria anal Kootenay streets:
Morning Bervlce, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 12:30 p. ni.: evening service,
7:30 p. m. Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service. 11
a. m.: evening service, 7:30 p. m.: Sun
day school. 2:30 p m. Rev. R N
Powell,   pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service. 11 a. m.: even
Ing service, 7:30 p. ro-: Sunday school,
2:30 p. tn. Rev. c. padley, pastor
Salvation Arrny���Barrac-tu on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill.
9 a. m.; holiness meeting. 11 a. m: a
praise m-etlng at 3 p. m.: salvatiop
meeting at 8 p. m.
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large. Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six .lays . wi-ct Dy ttie
Baker St.. Nelson. B.C
Sun.c��ptlon rates, wr r-.-r.is . month delivered
in in*, cut. or Vi.isj a year it sarin br marl, when
paid la n r.:  ., >
Adveftlsln. rates ou aprlloatmn.
All monies palal in settle-n-m ot The Dally
Canadian   accmlils.   i-lliia tl   lot   ...'.,-. npUons or
advertlsinc,. in..-i ba tsoelpujl I"' on tlit Printed
forms ot   lhe ari.inpauy.
a.iliat   ra-.-a-ii-1-a   are U..1
Saturday. October 5.  1907.
lt must be u matter of regret to a)
Hritish Columbians and especially to
NelBonltea that any Immigrants shou u
arrive here, embittered from the Stan
with the *co-v*_(*on thai the- luu.
beeu deceived and cheated. Thai u
fortunately, nus happened In thi cas.
of every one of the clients ..t the British Bmlgratlon, Tourisl and Colonisation Boclsty, tor .aims.- acts Rev. J. I-
Hra.a.ks, president, and Waited Stark
managing director, musl accept respon
w.- bava now published the state.
iii.-uis nt i...tii these gentlemen In reply t.i i.ur i-..iiitii.-iii-. ...r in- ir conduct
Had they iia-i-n printed wl ...
ina-nt ..a- believe they would still iru\-
jiiHtliled all our . arliei ramai,.
Mr. I.rooks gives in lull '!.��� memoi
anda of agi.-.-ni. nt .Irnll.-.I bj i.iu.
whleli he admit*, was ni rer signed b)
Mr. lli.inuit.nt! He admits thai In splti
of that clrcu_���ita&ce he prooeeded to
sell land to which ri.- bad no tiUe, t<
give guaianta-i-s iu another man's name
on what lu- only claims i<> haa. been
his understanding ol a verbal agree
ment repudiated at the flrsl opportunlt)
by the other part**. Anil lu* adds, with
a naivete which Is wfaollj refreshing,
that he "took for granted" ill] v. ns wall.
Any man Is at liberty to tak.' anything for granted when the risk is all
Ills own. Inn a sinif and linn.si inini
does not sign contracts antl ���ccepl
money, leaving all the rink tt. his clients,
on the strength of what he takes (or
l.ut It Is hard to believe in tin- pus
Bilil.. bona lld.-s of a man who persists
In regarding as a binding trout rati
what was obviously only approximate
Information. Mr. Hammond told Mr.
lira..!.,-   the  then     current     local   ratal!
.. ,iu*.> in certain occupations. Mr.
Brooks pretended '.. consider such In-
formation an undertaking am Mr. Hammond's part to pay such wages in all
wir.mi li.. might ai nd, nml in- persisted
in that attitude lu spite of the definite prohibition nf Mr. Hamm->n<1 repeated   many   tim<
Mr. Stark's reply Is if possible even
weaker, In his statement published
today he admits having written Mr.
Hammond on July 29t_ a letter con-
talning the following: "We an- al once
withdrawing pink circular." The pink
circular contained 11 �����- statements Mr.
Hammond had denounced as mtelt adlng.
i: ti uiic party lett Liverpool nn August
3rd anile.I with ill.- same pink circu-
lam which they regardede as contracts,
an i r-'.rll another party left the same
��� ir Sept. Tih with th-- "misunderstanding"  .--ii'l   iiii'-firnt-.. .1.
Happily all ths Immigrants bave
.- und employment and in time to come
will probabl* have no reason '.- re*
rri-. - their change of residence.
but these ar.- not the clrcum
under which we wanl settlers to
t-t me. The truth about Kootenaj
is attractive enough. Nelson can
....  afford i" r-  l under any suspicion uf
t-i Illusion   ur   r. .     i       Dtal i-.n
w.a nn-  tni.l   ii>-   our  contempor���ry
: pparently  on  the    authority  of    the
Greenwood Lodge that Mr  Borden wai
.iitin.-ni      Undoubtodls
lie  was���to  tba.   Liberals.
Out morning oo_tamnoi_ry comment
I      antl) ui...a ..ui a i-iticism nt the res
ninth.n- adopted by the provincial Lib
ra! convention on tin- subjects nf "Better Terms" and  responsibility  fur the
lieutenant-governor's reservation uf his
- in   in  ill,    .Natal  Act.     Wa- Haiti:   "It
is Inconceivable that any Intelligent
inula of men should nut reoognlse tlie
misrepresentation contained in both resolutions." ot oourso, Intelligence Is
i. lative . If our contemporary can ds
rive any comfort from his witty, if not
a. i. modern, simile in* tin- one Jury-
men _g���Insl eleven, it would be a pity
tu disturb It um i.s. than a year
���luce ih.- electors of BrltUh Columbia
'.    ,    181 tl   their   t.j.inrr.Il    ul"   tht-    lutept-
Igence anil slnceritj t.i the Liberal
.'nil*', nut quite I..- eli in tn one, bul
suite decisively enough  for ail practl-
cul   purposes.
We  have  them  in   6t*b   and  8   Tb   Sizes.
Quotations   Kiv<-n on    any   Btectrica.
Heating Device on the Market.
In the matter cf nn ripplieatio*, Inr the l-stie of
a duplicate of Iha <Vriiri��'i-.t-- Ol litle for lot 22,
an*' tht-' west tin If of lot 21, Mock til, it) the Town
ol Kelaon,
Kottea 1- hereby ((Iran that it i- m>* l-.tentlon
to In*, in- at Uie expiration of one month after the
flr-l publli-ation hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of It Ha for the above landi, lu the name <if
U*rdl�� Shleldl, v lilt h cert I tit-ate Is dat-d the tint
day ot DeceJODefi VJO0, and numbered M91 K.
"11 Y. Ma-'LruD,"
|       Dtetrfol Kctrlctrar
Notice i�� hereby .riven that the undersiirncd
have -*ubniltl_-d io the I.'-*)) tenant (Jovernor-ln*
i onndl " propoeej ander the provisions of the
.. ���- hIl.I   -If. .ti    -  Act," fei       l.-ai in-*    mid  re*
moving obatruatlonj from 'ir.at River ami Hee-
dnw Ciwlt, fo the DMrlct nf Wot Kootenay. and
formatting th--sin-'lit for ralilne and drtv
Ing t :.t ireou loga, Umber, lumber, rs/tf- rod eralti
ani   tot  areetlni nrni  iiiHintu:iji:ii.-   boonu for
hnldinit. snrtiiii* and d -llvcriiij* li**.- and  timber
broofhTdown wld oraok Md river, and for at-
tn hinj.   liooniH to the ���.-on-of -.^-.1 creek   and
river f"t *m<i pnrpoMf.
it,.- inn'*  t ��� m iftaetod br iald work are >-
>ll . -i ������- and ipb lota l. B, U  It, 11 and
lfi   d Loi 4W2, '.roup I. Knnletiay liluirlel.
i in t'iii�� propoaad lo ba obartad are ���uch **
toaj !���<��� lined   l.y the Jud|*e <d   Ihe tlmiuty t'oiirt
��� : \\ m1 K .t.trimy
Iiatt-d BUI -inly, linn.
n|  a   I
Nnti e Ii beraby flvan, fo' tba imformatimi of
lott'itditiii Wttlen and utbaTi thnt Mledl 10 Im"
b- . ������ mads '.f Lh�� | 100,000 ,,. r<-H r.f  land   fltnated
lo tba Faaoa River Valter, Province ���>[    rn ��h
* ., in in itia. gran tad to tbe I'nni in ion Oovarnmant
in d-r the prOVUlODI nf .-..< tlon 7 of "Ar. Art
r laiinit !������ ibe U'aod 'mIIw-i*-, the -.rnviiiK
!>.. k Httd Railway l-midn ol the PrmriAOa." ami
- mh Und In imt <.������. n in en try under the land
Ihw��- nf the prnvtot i-
i he block lelectod i- deicrlbed a�� foilowi:
Oommaodng at a point SHU* n.iic*- M-uth of th'-
Pea e Rireron tPe U'Ui Meidian, balog tha
emeu rn boundarj ol tbe provlnoe- th-ii-'* aaal
It mllee and N M ohaloa, theona doi th 73 mllai
and 86CM ebalni, toaoee eaat "fi toltoa mod WW
chain-., them-e m-nth to tba point of cnjntnelie'--
mOOl follnw liix the l_sif h M.-ridlali and contain*
In-f apprn-iiiial.ly   ; .'**<... Q acre*,.
Rotloa i* alio tlveo tbat, with a view- to
In. iiitatiiiK lattlament m the ralleri oi th<*
ivaei.. Paranlpand Pack Rivera, tba iulif>wiog
ballot l**'"l   W  niilfH  in   wl-ith and   ea'cndlini
ao mllea on eacb aide of tbe Peace, pgmnlp and
Pack Hrei*. i,an hem reserved for aottitU ratUari
to banOqulred hy pieemptton onlr under the
I and Act, Htich   land   u-.t   t��.-lnt(   open   h,r  sale.
leaaa, lb* no*- or otbui niii'tiaiion under the -ai.l
A.0I azeepi by pre amptlon i
Oom menclng at the intaraeottonof the wee tern
boundary of tba bin k .if land wu-eted  tythe
omlnlon Govern men I wiiii tba Peace river,
tbence following the Peace Kiver and  Paranlp
River to tbelroonflucuoe w-l'h the Pack River
an.l tbono. fnllowin�� id,* Pack river to the
point; wlore mi id Pack Kiver leaven Mcleod
laki-.atid e-tti-udtti-c for a dl*>taiice'd '20 iiille<-i
nn en- it -Pie nf mi I'l Kivi-r-t and approximate' e
170 mllei.  in lenidh.
All landi outildi ihe boundaiiei of the Do-
minpin Qovarnoienl Oranl and -the raaanre
��lm\e doaorlbad an opwi for local ion under the
lawn of the Provlme.
W. J    HnWHKH,
Aci jiik i hlef .'oinmtm-loner ol I.mm.u nu t -\ ��� : k-
J.mtd*- ami Wnr|�� I'"purtmciit,
1      VlcU'ila.bt-pU-uil-er J8th, 1W7.
Nelson Laud-District.   DUtrlct of Weit Kootcimy
Take notice that R. 8. r. Smyth, of   ' rooter, B.
0., net upatlon luinhernii.u. luf-ndl   lo npply for
aanaobu timber Uoanoa over the followingdo*
scribed laud-,:
No, l. CommentduK ata post  planted near the
northeast oornarpoat ut Lot -o   .-.si;, on Lemon
Creek aii'l marketl K. H 1*. Hniyth noUthWI ���' 0O1
ncrpont No 1, ihence 40 chaius uorth mure or
le*.-. in about mniway ol the m.u.h uoiuctrttv hue
ot i_.Dit.i-r licence No. *J2titi, theme BO chaini eaat,
thenci* -io eimiPR aouth, tbence to chaini eaat*
thence.li chalna south, tbence '", chaina weat.
more or less to the huuthcasi eornei "I aforeealo
Lol Ho Sfftt, tbanoa to chain-, north, ihenoa40
chains w_-,i to uie pomt of Bommenci ment.
Dated Jfith July, wn. K  S   I*  dMTTH,
Henry Belchert, AgOflt
Nelson Land Dlitrict   Dlatriot oi Waal Kootonaj
No. a
Take notice that J. K. F. Buwart, oi Colling
wood, Out., occupation ltlllioeriuai), InteUtis to
apply for a special Umber licence over the following tie sen bed landi: CoiumenciiiK at a p">at
planted aboul _��6 cbaluu south ami ldcualna west
of pout No 8, marked J. K F. Stewart's M. E coruer poit, thence nouth 160 chains, taeuce weit .0
chaina, thence north 1��0 chaini, thence eait 40
chalus to place uf commeut'-mtut coniaiulDgt.40
acrei more or It-Be.
Jul*-* "(4th. 1W07. James K  f.oTgWAMt,
Nelson Land District    Dlatrlct of West Kooteuay.
Take notioa that Henry K.it iiert oi Nelson, R.
C , prospect r, lntcuds io a, ply [or �� spaoUU tl*
Of noa to OUt aud carry away Umber from the following described lands;
No 6. Commeuelug at a poal pUated mar tba
uortheaat coruer pont of li'iiti.i Licence r-o 'J***1
and marked lleury Keioberi oorthwest corner-
poet No ti, iheuce oo chalui south, tC'Ofloe ho
cnaius easi, thence 80 chains north, thanoa tfl
l hains west to place of cOUimeDi i in . ut-
Datad July Jtiih, I9U7.
No. 7 t-'ommtneiu-i at a poat ; (anted near tba
aortb weat oorner poat of tlmbei licence No 9306
and inariied iUnry Aaiohert o. weat oornar ik>sc
No 7, theuee ltai chains eaai tbence 40 chains
uorth, tbence 160 chaius weat, theace40 chaius
-oulh to poiut of commencement.
Dated julv 26lh, IS07.
No S. t'ommenclng at a posl planted ou Monument   cieek about  7u chain*   more   or   laaa irom
where  Monument  oreek  empties  into Lemon
creek ami marked lleurv k. | ben oortbeaat oornarpoat No. 8 tbanoa iwcnaini south, thence u)
.-hains wesi, tbanoa IW chalna uorth. tbanoa *0
i naijis east to place of commencement.
Dated July Mtb, I'JOl H-UfBY 1'KlcHEP.T,
Nelsou I-autl District.   District ol West Kooteuay
Notlea U hereby given thai 10 daya after date
intend to apply to tin
ds   aud   works   foi   permlaalon   locut  and
i-i i ouiuilHsioner
.--...ii   to cut  a
- loilow iui{ descrlla d
way timber   fro;
No. 4 CommenciiiK al a post marked II, .v --*.
N. *A coruer, *_tsi chain* ��� ������ -; ���! tbe N- E. coruer
of lot No oPJ, post maraeO K.:i. N.K. coruer,
tbenoe east unchain-   thenc    aootb ao chains,
tbenoa west SO chains, then. <_��� nortn wt ��� hatus to
plaie tif commcuceuii-ni conuining 64*> acre*.
No. 6   C'jmmenclti*_ at lhe  t*. Oi. corner Of H
.. B   timber eiaim No    l. then I *.- north to  Chains,
Lhanoa east Bo obaina, thence south ho onaJUm,
iheuce w.st to rhuius io place ol oommanoamaut
at location post ."���"   fi, containing B40 acres
1   t,    -*t in.H_iiM-.il'.a*.*, l>ocator.
bOO   Husirufl, Ageul
Dated July 8th. VJOl
Nelson Lund DUtrlct    District of West Kooteuav
lake notloe shut  Paul AUguat  Pauls- n, oi Kit
obener- ti. c, occupation iiimt.eiumii, intends
to apply foraipeclai tlmbar lloenoa ovar tba following deaoiibed landa    i cunmenolng at a pt.-t
planted at the southwaat corn.-r of surveyed tol
1221-u 1 iht-iice south to tbe UoriUern tanindarv
Of tlmbt-r UoanOe Mo.7018) thenc- west to the
north west corner of said limber licence, tbanoa
south to the northern boundary oflotUS, thenc-*
mllowing laid boundary, of Skid !������: w**tlothe
riicht of-way of the   Brili-h   "oinml.a   Siuthetn
Kaiiway, tbanoa following said right-of-way in a
uortb-eaatarly dtrecUon to plaoe ol commanoa
i, more or leas
mint, and ctiiitaiuiiij* tun acrea, more or 1
Dated Julv Jud. IVul.    PAUL Act -i  1 LtQ
Notioa Is hereby t*iveu that 80 days aiU-r date 1
Intend to apply io in-.- Hon. t hiei Commlaalonei
of uuiir*. and **or_ta for parmigalon to purchaae
the following described lands,  situated   in   VVeel
Kootenay district i Oommanclng at a t-ost marked by unid- as initial post ol the .-outh Pork
branch, one hundred feet from the junction ol
i-osl oroelt wiiii tba south fork; thence oue-
��� 1 uarter mile to the north west ctirner post, thenci'
oue mile to the northeast corner post, tbenoe
one .-uarter   mile   to   the nmtheast corner post.
tbanoa out- in tie to the place oi c-*tmn_anaamen.
June'.'., 1907. Located by Wn   0_on*OU.T.
Nelson Land Dletrlc t.   District ol West Kootenay
Take notioa tlmt   Mtaire,   Kepple A * o.. of (iar-
iand, Penn .occupation lumberman,: lntandi to
apply mr a special inntxT licence over the following daaoribad lauda;   Comineneinn* at a poal
plaiiu-d on Mo*ujtillo creek, ou the west side of
ArTOW lake, ami about one half mile west <if tba
southwest cornerof timoi-r limit No. 4B7I, the uce
nortb 80 chains, tbanoa west so cbains, thence
south to chains, theuce east so cbains to point of
������;.:..'..������ ui. -.' ami coutainlug (HO acres, more
or less.
Daled l.*��lh. July, 1807.     Mooar, K*.i i-.r ._ Co.
John R. t ���ai.ki.vi. Af.eut.
Nelson I and District.   District of West Kootenay,
lake notice !:,.���:   Kvan   McClelland   Fraser, of
Fernie, ti. (.'., clerk, intends tu apply foi aapaolal
He,-uce   over   th"   ndlowinR    described   lands:
Oommanclng al a   post   planted about seven
miles west of the Kootenay river, and at-out out-
mile north Of the international boundary Una,
ami about one and a quarter north-easterly from
tba 001 h east coruer of timber licence No. toil.
thence south KO chains, thence went MO chains,
them e north so chains, theuce east tso chains lo
point of coi'-incm ement, and containing (H(j
acres, mcr.* or h IB.
Located Uth, of June, 1907.
J-VAN _rlcCl.KL_.Al*   FKASEH.
Daled tbUBtb ol July, PJ07.
Take notice that C. C. Clark, ol Nelson. B ''.,
atblooo �����- j�� r intends to apply for a special limber licence over tba following daaonbad land:
('onimeiu inir at a post planted uu Momma
Mountain, aboul nn.- mile weal of Bmi iter i r. ek.
snd adjoining C C Clark's looatlon for uuii-er
licence No i and slmut one mile south ol Nation,   them.-   weet   Ho   chains,   theme   south  HO
.hatus, tbenoa eaat80 ihains, tbanoa north ni
chain, to plaoa ol begianlng,
Dated Jul) It.th, PJU7. <'   C   <'UKK,
DATtD Booth, Aitent.
Nel-on Uii i DUtliOt.   District of West KoOtOUa)
lak.- natlofl tba* fVaalaf  Botm*oI  BlUvIlle,
Wash  i occupation batober(  Intends to apply f..r
aanadal tlml-vr iiceme over the following des-
oiibed lands; on the east side ol Priest rivet
��� ornno'iM'Hi,: ai a post planted one and a hall
nill.-s north ol tl,.*  luterr atlonal  iMiun-'ary hue.
tbanoa wen ���*" chalna, tbanoa iO-ttta h" chains,
tbenoe aaet ao cbaina, tlieuce north to .haiiin to
poini "i rommonoamanti Bontalnlng ato acres,
more <ir less.
Dated s- pi   Uth, ]yo7. Wi.ti.av Bovil,
K   W.Smith, Ak.-iu
N.l...u Land I'Mr.ct.   District ol West Konbnay
Take notice tbat ttlmon P. Hchiff-i. ofNafier-
Idaho, occupation liitnl.erman, Iniends in apply
for n specie] timber licence over tba following
deacrlbed landa; on tba east nda oi Prleal liver:
t ommancliiK nt a poal planted on tba -'a-*i lida
of Prleal river, two and a half mil- * north of tba
in tar national boundary line, tbanoa nortb to
chalna, the.t���e cast an chalui, tbanoa aoutb 80
i-balns, tbeuee went no chains t" point of oom*
; iiiii'i i, containing840 sens, more <>r leu
. Date 1 Bept   14th. 1V07, (iimiN P. Ht HlKCKl.,
K. w rinnii. Agent.
Nelson Land District filitrict of West Ktaitcnay
Take DOtlOi that Olfda K McClure.of Rl'Bvllle,
Wa-h , oocnpatlon barber. Intends to apply for
a special timber lloa&Oi over the I-ilnw i. .: dea-
crlbed landi: on tbe easl side of Priest river,
tWO am) a half miles north of ihe international
boundary Una:   Commencing at a poat planted
t *0 Ud * half mil-in north of tlie lii'ernatlonal
l-niimlarv line, theme t ast ho ihains, in* nee
antith Ni halns. thence wests') chains, th. nee
north M) ch-tiiiR Ut lhe point ol commencement
and contain)!)-/ c,4o acres, more or less
Daied Bapt, Uth, VJOl. ci vna K. MrCLOBB,
K   w hhuh, iggnl
Nt-lson l-and District Di��ttlctof Wesl Kontf-nay.
lake notice that Jay Rovee.of RH/vlllc Wash ,
IK-. upatlon hulcher. intends loapid - lor a special
iltnler licence over the fol low lot- dcsc-lbed
I an da i on the cMsi itda of r-riest river: Com-
uu nciriK at a post planted one ami a lo.lt miles
nortn ol International boundarv line, then.-e
(-Hit wi chains, then.-e suit*  ni cbaina, tbanoa
Vert   Ni chains,   thence   north   Wt  chains   to the
point of commencement, containing 840 acres,
ui te or less.
Dated Bept. Uth, 1907. Jay Bovk,
It. YV, tiunu, Agent.
Ail*; PRICI .*-�� Ill 0-l> OUt. TRAOB Sl'lXIAUTIl-s AIND STAPl __>
Wo will sail in ape-1-1 Bargain Prioes on Kri.iny nil makes or   Oorseti
earn in sini'k; ehimi.ns Waists, ate.     Cora-is, rag-ilarprlosa $1 $1,,r
nml c. for r.ni'.. 7.'..-.. *i and $1.��6. ���'. Ii.su
.\"��,ll �����r*��Jer-M|-t.<>m-,t,v
 Att��,n_lu_l   | ,,       '
Wu   Hnve    rVotliliiK   '"'
<_)u_r*.tl<>n.,l*.li; <*Lii,llt>-
Nelson band Dlatrlct.  Dhttnct ol Wt il ���-' "''-nay-
Take notice that Oaorga Alexander, ol Kaalo,
B 0.i  luteu'i-  to apply   fot  s special  tlmnar
Uoanoa over  the   lollowlng    ���i      '   imus:
Commonelng at a poal plan tod a  northweat
oornar of Section lit iownahlp7, K '��� -.ay district, being abont one*third of a mile aoutb of
tha aonth boundary line of the Indian raaatve;
tbanoa aonth about 85 ehalna to theoanarly
bank of Kootenay ��������� . thenci souihaaatarly
aloiu Kootenay river bank about to cbaina to
the  south   boundarv ol  .���4*-' IU   l"V*nshlp7;
theuce easterly about .V chain- tn the north weet
coruer of Lot tol I   " em e noi lni ahu-g
tbe *ff\  boundary ol Lol bW; thenoa waat 80
chains to tba point ������' i ommenoemi ni. aud con*
tainitip rtio aerea, more or h aa
Dated J ui.- I. : - t.st.Koi; At r.x vsnicn.
Take noUoa tl alter dat* 1 intend to
appiv to the Hon lb. Chi ( Commlaaloner ol
I-au.fs and Work . Victoria, lor permlaalon to
out and earn away Hi *i I ra tba fo'iowin-*
deaor o .1 land, in West Koot u lj i
nm  i     i diob ��� P anted at the
south weal i irni r ol -��� ' -*<���   thanoa
v..-.; m obaina   tin not * ttaina, tbi t> *
eaai -*1 'ban,**, tbence nortn to ��� baina to place oi
oommoooei ienl
bated May 81.1867.      J T Bpi-ns-i-s, Looalor.
j w   i .. a ax, \Kent.
No. 2    Oominonoing ai a i--t planted at the
southear! comer of applimtlon Mo. 1, theoeeeaat
80cnaina, tbenei nortn Bi ba * -  tbm weal --���
chain- then ��� aoutb 80 obaina to plana of oom
menci mi it
Datad May 81* 1901.      ' T. BtnoMa, Loeator,
j. w. CoLnoav, Ai*.-i.i.
Nels.m Land Dis-rict.   District of West Kootensy
Take notice that  Moore. Kepple *V Co., of t'ar-
land, Penn , occupation lumoermen, Intend to
appiy tor a special   Umber   licence   over tbe   fol*
towing described lands:    Commcnclm* at a pntat
planted ou Moanotto oreak, -n the weal ildeol
Arrow lake, and about oue half mile .vest, Of tbe
io*   bwaal - ..rner of timber limit No 1877, lbenee
HO cbaina. tbanee weal BO cbalua, tbeuee
north to chaius, then-ji eaat *-,! i balni to point ol
oom in. tn. loent, ami  t .-nu-initu- tyto aoreBi more
or leaa.
i     ad Uth July, 1809.     Mo*.at. Karri.a.'. Co
Jons K t'��i Ki5H, Agent
Relaon Utnd District District of W, *; k.a.tenay
Take   notice   that   we.  irchtbeld Mr.-niner and
Qoorga Voongj both of tha tdty ol Nelaon, In tba
Provlnoe "f Hriti-h Columbia, nimbirn_cn.ni
tend to appl j* for sia*''ial timber licenM-sover the
following described lands:
i Commencing st a poat planted abool MO
\ari- weaterlj from thi Junction of tba north
and main fork- ol sum nut ereek, a ereek Bowli �����
into Kootenay river aouth ol tbe southern < nd ol
Kootena] lake in tbe dlatriot of Waat Kootenay,
which Junction U abont 18 or _Oml.ee from tbe
in nun of such creek, tbanoa aoutn eo ihains.
thence east 180ohalna, tbanee nortb 10ehaina,
tbanee weal too ebalna to tbe point of oommi noa
men   and coiitaiulux ��"���+' acres mora Ol    ��� --
\ki ii:.\i.i(   Hi:imm:k.
Dated this *>th dav of AuRUSl. 1907,
_. Oonunonntng  ata t-ost   plantetl   about  880
y*r-l- Weaterly from tba main and north fork*. <<r
summit rreen.a ereek flowiua into Kootenay
river aonth "t the aouthern and of Kootenav Lake
tn tin- di-n i-1 ol Warn Koot. nay. thenea aouth to
chain*-, then. �����   we��i Im  ebalna,  th.-nee   south   fi
chaini. tbence weal i>> ohalna tbenoa north 80
cbaina, tbanee aaal to ebalna* thenea north  80
chains, theuee ea-t to chains !���- the p-'llit n| , ..iti
meneemenl and '-"utainiiin ow) acre-, mora or
i, --.. f fin am Vucnu.
Dated this Mil day of Aiiktisl. 19ta.
B Conunenetng at a poal planted about no [eel
north from the bank ���>( the main Bnmmlt ���
at d abool .' mllea weaterly from is;.- jam Hon of
n .��� nortn fork ami the main fork ol such creek,
s eree-* i.owitiit lutti Kooiciiay river BOUth ol tba
M.i;tbem . mi ol Kootenay its.- m tbe dlatrtcl ������(
tf eat Kootenay* thanea aoutn 80 obaina. tbanee
daft80   chsins   Ihence    nortb   HO   chain-, theme
weetfkl ihains tt�� the  potnt of oommanoemant
aud OOntalnlDg (MO acres more ,.��� ).��>
Ait iiniAi.i.  llhirMNKK.
Dated this ,'dh ��iay o[ Auguat, 1807.
4 Commencini; at a post planted abonl '.' mlh ���
up au   unnamed  i n ek   Don ing   into  Summit
��� re.k irom the -outh ataOO*ltZI   miles from the
month ol Bnmmlt .reek which  latter la a creek
Mow-in*: luto Kootenav river -oiiih .���!   the South'
.-rn eud ol Kootenay lake in the ���n<tn-t ol Weal
Kootenav, thenoa nortb80ebalna, tbenoe east so
chains, thctice south Hi chain*., then.,- west ho
chain-- lu the point nl eoun::-.--*,. eiueiit and 0OO
taming 840 acres more or less.
'    .J*'     aU'-l       V'll Ml.
Dated this .'.th day of August, I'.S'T
,r. Conunanalng at a jwiht planted two mUaa nn
an unnamed tnoeh flowing  intoSnmmlt creak
from the south at about 89 mllea from the mouth
of Sum mil eraaki wntch latter is a ereek flow ina
Into K.adenav river soutii of the aouthern end
of Kootenay lake in the district ol V.. ,t Kootenay, th-nco sotith tit cbains, thanoa cast BO
ebalna, tbanoa north so chains, tu* nee wee) M
rhalna to the ptdnt of cunnicucem nt au.l ton
taliuiiK --W acres more ur lata
Aat iiiba: i. HitEMM-a.
Datad thli ���:!. day of Auguit, I9U7.
H t'ommetif tna atapost planted about one
snd a half   miles up the   norm   f..*k"|   Snmniil
cr��-,-k. a oreek flow uik into Kootena) river aoutb
of the.80Utnern end of Kootenay lake iu tbi dl->
t-iel of   Went   Kootensy, thence  ea-t   ���**���  chain*.
tbenoa -outh 10 abalna* tbanoa aaal '" ebalna,
tbence aouth M) ehalna* tbence  we t ho obaina,
tbence north 40   chains, tbence    Waat40   chains
tbono north to obaina to tba polntof commence
ment ami cnialniiiK Id''scree m..r.   or laaa
anoitoa roi to
Dated this flth day of August, IMT.
7   Oommanoing at a |a��si planied aiM.iit one
mile and a  hall   Up   the   uorih   fork   of Stl
oreak �� creak Rowing into Kootenay rlvei     uth
<��f th.- southern end of Kootenay lake, m tne
lUtrictol Weal Kootenay.thanoa north to.-hains,
thanea weai m obaina. theme nortb 10cbaina
thenea aaal so chains, tbenoa aootb M cbainr,
thenea aaat40 ebalna, thanoa aouth '��� i aa,
11.,n.. sroal to chains to tbe polnl ol oommenoa*
ineiit and   cnutalnlUK 840 acre*, ni-.r.   ol  ,��������*
Dated this Mb day Ol AUkT'lst.  1907,
A l.i 11111*1.n IlHRM-tKK.
-    Commanoing ��t h post   planted   abool
quarter "i n mile
a,     '   <  ���iiii,,*ii'i io;    in    a    |i����-i     oianoo      nnmii   a
quarter of a mile weaterly from the nonh fork
��� i-utfiuiit eraak, and about two mllea and h
half up such nortb fork trom its Junction with
lb�� main Summit creek, a creek hm-aih-.   !.,���,,
,' a..   ', ti ia '���   rkef.    st,,nil-    of    the   Soiitlieri,    .-i..l    ,,i
s< son tand District   Dfntrletof Weat Kootenay
T.ke notice tbat William Andrew Bom- Of
i' ���     Il    '     .    hotel  keeper   intend" to appiv for
a special ttmber lleegioe over tba following dee-
erlbt '���  landa;   Commencing at a poal  plam-d
alh      ila mii,* waat ��*' tbe Kootanay  rtver.on
��� ���: v.,   i   Kootanay
Ing about elk  mllea n-.Mii ol tba Internal! nel   boundarr   line*   and   fftuate at the
ist corner of WlUtam Andrew   k.,--' .'-..
.1 limber claim, thence ino tli   -1'  ��� liatn*.   tbenoa
M chalna, tbanee aootb 80 ebalna! tbenoa
... ��� -     baina, to tin- pomt >.f oommeneement
Located July -3rd. VAC
Dated tbe Mh of Auk    VJOl
Will.1 km Asnarw Itoss
n.i- ui Land Di-inct   im-ti* t of Waal Kootanay
lak" iH.ij, ,. that 1. Kvan Kra.-r.of Kern:- . It ��   .
1 lerk. Intend io apply foi �� apaelej umi-er tit 1 naa
over tha following deeoribed lands;
1      1 omm.-i'.'iiiK al a pttst  p!aiitf-tl   at the N    IE.
oomer about IU mflaa nonh of the Iptamatloa
al iHtutidary   line and about II mil. "   Weet Ol the
Kootenaj   liver (about one mil.- north ol tba
nnrth   boundary   oi  r. L  No   Kttt)   tbenoe ��o
ebalna aoutb, tneneaSO ebalna west, thai
chatua nortb, thonoa 101 hains .a.:  to the plaoa
of begin nlnr
Date.) July Jlst. 1807*
2. 1 ommenciiiK ��t a pot-t planted at the N K.
cornet Of looatlon Mo   I. 1 lo to .-   -outh to chain",
thanoe aaat BO obaina, thenea  north s.. ebalna,
thee a weat 80 chalna to tbe place of beginning.
Dated July rist. 1807.
���t.    I'omn-en.'liiK at a pttst   planted at the N. K.
oorner ol tbenoa north so,hains.
thenee eaat80 chain*, ibeum   -outh to chain.,
then.*,, w.-it tsi ehalu* to place of te *-timing.
Dao-d July Bat, 1 ��7.
i Commanotn ��� ��� tha *��� I - onu ��� <>f io*-ati"tt
No. I. thai ��� no th 10 1 halna. ih ��� wi 11 H
chains, then ei " - 1 tain . in-rnffi eaat 10
chains lu the place   I beginning;.
Date! JlUj   Jl*!    *
fi   fommenoing at n poal  1 entad one mile
aaal ��� ���-. ���.":, So I, tbani a
, aootb au chalna,  thanoa waat auubblna, tbenoa
I north to ebalna, thena . ast an,hams to the place
of begl iliitic
Date,, lol-  Mat, 1807.
I 0 mr a: a post plantrd at the N. K.
eornei ol local nn 1 0 .. thorn a south BO .hains.
thanoe essi 1-0 chains, ihenoa nortli so chuiua,
thanoe wuat _0cl ������ to tbe place ol iTKiimina
Dated la J ;i��t. 180V,
Oo aolngatapost planted at tha V B
eorner o! ��� atlon So ��� Utenae nnrth to chains,
tbence eaai to ehalni ibenca aonth w chains,
thai      weat so chatua to tba pla��e of t-catnniug.
Dated July .'Ist. PAI7
h. Oommaoelai at a poat planted at the s. k.
corner of location No. 6, thenee north BO nhalna,
tbenoa weat 80chalne, ihenoe aonth m chains,
Ihence eaat go cbaina to tba  place of Ix-giuniug.
DaU-d July -'1st. 1'JuT I   Fka-kr, I-.-aior
JoHv Ma ��������-���*, Arc in
o -i-s. more tir ���em*
Dated this ftl h day o| AiiKUst,l��i7.
9 Oonunennlng at  a poal planted   about a
USrter tif a mile   westerly   Irom   ihe north   lork
ol Bnmmlt oreek and ebonl threa mflaa Dpaut b
north fork from Ds iniietion with the main Hum,
mil creek, a creek ilowiim Into Kootenav river
��� outh ol lhe southern end id K'.'OteOa} lake lu
the   district    Wesi   Koole.n.),     thenee    1*. st    Wi
ohalna, thenoa nnrth 80 idtaini, tbenoa aaal B-i
obalnii thanoa south M chains to tha point ol
commenonnent, ami contHiutuK 840 aires, mora
or less.
Dated this fith day ol Auiru��*. Wn.
Ak< iini.ti.ii BESttmn,
10 ' ommencinK  at a   poet   planted   about  a
quarter of amfle weaierly from the north fork
ol Hummit creek and about three ml ts up such
uorth fork from Its junction with the main Hum--
ml   creek, a creek flowing into   Kootenay   river.
sonth ot tne aouthern end of Kootenay lake, in
the  district  ol   A est   Koolenav.   thcit"-   weal  I"
ebalna.thonoa south im ohalna   tbanoa eaai '>
ciiaius. iht-itte uoiih lfio chains to Ihe poini of
commencemeut. and contain Urn U|0 acre-.,    h
or leaa,
Dated this Unh day of AUguat, Wil.
11 Oommenolna at a poal plantetl aboni half 1
mile 1 ��*lt:rly from tio -.niilh fork o( f-ummlt
<-reek aud aboul one mile so ith of lhe main
Hummit creek , n cre> k flow) 11 u Into Kootenay
riv.-r fttoifh of lh.   "oiit'iern en I ol KOOItinny lake
lu the dlatiiet of W��n  Rtiotenay, tbence e. al ho
chains, thenc.* amith *>i clialiiB, tbanee wsal ho
chains, tnence 1101 th Hu ciiaius to 1 lie point nf
comm-fiicemeiit and conlatnltiK **4'i acres more
or less. AacilliiAl.n HitttMNI-K.
Dated thla _l��t day of AuKUat, I'.si,.
Kelaon Land District EHatrfstol Waal Kootanay
Take notioa that i, KUsabotb Pei-gtwon, of Kal-
101 British Columbia, occupation married wo
man. Intend toappli [or permlaalon topombaaa
the lollowlng described land 1 CommenelnB at a
post ptantad w cbaina west of tbr aontbeaat corner ol section 33. rownabfptB. Kootenar, and
marked'^ K ��� N   K   oornar*''thanea   weat 80
��� haina. tnence   south  -ki  chains, thai  east mi
chains, thence north tOehatnato the ptaoa nl
tommencem.-nl and   coutatuinj;   BO   a. r.-,  more
15th Julv, A. II. 18-17.    BUUTBTM FKhoruwi,
by W. A. t alder, igeU.-.
Nt.lsonI.aiei DlitriOl      DlMr OtOl We-t K-.i.teiiay.
Take notion thai I. David (i    Kurt/, of   .'������ teon,
B. C . "c. upitu.iu niercluiiiI, intend tti apply for
itermi��tsi,.ii lopurciia-e the   ftdjowln-f dcscrlla-d
Land; Commenolng at a post planted at the
lOUthweat corner of section Bt, township nu.
I teuay, and marked "tJ *��� K ���*, h. w. corner,"
thenc*.    iM.ril,    -vlehallis.    thence   east    illchslUS,
���   aonth 80 ehalna. thanea weat 40 obaina
lo tha   point oi  oomuKUcctut-ut and   coulalniiiK
��� *j aon 1 mon 01 less.
lftth July, i-a/7. pavtoQ Koaen,
V>. A  (abler, ifaai
Taka notiee tbatl, Tbomaa Barry Wilson, intend to apply f.i p- rtt.ist.inii t>. purohaaa tba i"'*
lortjita deeoribed land: Commencing at n post
p tedai tht i i corn 1 ol loi: dSand marked
N, 1 oorner*tbenoa sooth in chains, thanoa
weat 10 cbaina, tbenei aouth 10 ohalna, tbence
������ '-���   to ohetuj. thenoe south  10 ebalna, thenot
eaai  10 ohalna, than th  10 ebalna, tbenoa
weat 10 chalna, thenoa oorth m elialna, thanea
eaai i" ohaini to p<dnt of oommenoemontand
oon tain log ipoeorea. more or ices
Join   7, P.SI7 ll|o*-AS  IlKSKV  WfUOMt
Wiiii*** ai.o-./,, Mn.ij., agent
N.|-..n Land District.   District of vVesi Kooteuay
Take DOllOa that I   John L_Ug< of ,Nei-..u, It. c.
occupation imuvr Intend lo appl) i"i p tuns
slot)  to pun haaa tba following aaecrlbed lands:
1 ommenclng at  a   poal   planted at   the   N   K   of
LotBOiM thenoe <�������[ ao cbaina,tbanoa aouth ai
ohalna, thenoa aaal 80 ohaloa, tbenoe north 20
ebalna to i-mm ol oommanoament, oontalnlng HI
aorea. mora 01 U
August3ndi ivsn. John i.ano.
Soli"- 1- Hereby given Ihhl f<l days tit lei dale, 1
���tend to apply tti the Mot;, chief Uouuniaelooe.
'    ids snd works for permlaalon topuroheae
ihiwitig dcscriU'd hind  in Weat Kootenay
if Land
the  foil
district, ou   west   shire  ol   I*iwer   Arrow   Uii.,
ndjoiniiiK U-i No 4MB, on tbe aoutb:   iteKinniuB
l a post marked *��� tiarry MoLeod'a N.k   corner
poat and      lani.d   on the ahore Ol   Dower   Arrow
Lake, at Un aoutbeaat oornei ofcapt Fosiund's
i4V4S,   tbence   west   2o  chains,   theuce   souih   M
cbaina mora 01 lesa 1,. tha north boundary ni It,
rilllumie s P.  It   , 1 hence 2 'chains ertSl n]  -���!:���  ihe
said boundary lo lake, tbanoa north along tba
lake anora n cbatna, mure or less to point ol
commence rncut.
-M-.v -;.d. Itsj7. J. D. Moors.
Agent for Harry Ml. 1.
Well m bund Dial riot  District ol West Koou-uny.
Taka i"��ii a that Oeorge hufuscarier oi Mrdar,
oct upatltU. b ii, !Ke iii all, i tile lids to appiv for i er-
"it" i oi  to pur-maaa   the foiit.wing  daaoribad
labd I oiulio ii Ing al posl pianled _,' the north-
weit corn-r of   H. Kr.-t*.' aid'ilcathui   IO  pun hate,
marked h w., thence nortb 4�� ohalna,tbenoa
Oasl    to   ohalna,   thence   toulh    ill   chains   lo    ^.
curry a pre-emption, tbenoo west io chains.
them ��� south Bu . hains, tbei oa west -ai ohalna io
plaee of oommanoemenl  oontalulni 190 acres
more or let...
Dated .inly la, l'JU7.       0*0801 f-l*l" �� t:*MTKIt,
W, J Ht ott, Agent.
i. Uh uudenrigned, after fin daya inteod loappiy to the lion, the chief Commlasloner ol Landi
and Works to purchaae tba inlawing deacrlbed
bind: Comnionolng Ht the N. K. ��� . of Dot 7ft;ttf
'��� i ��� "oi., wen to ohalns, thenoa north /"
cnaina, tnenua '-ast 4<> chains, theiicu south *_n
ehiilnsiin poini nf commeiiccmeiit, containing 80
acrea more ur lesa.
f*OtJmW idarcn mih, vjoi w. A. Mills.
.Nelson Und District   District,! ��������, KnM
Take   noil m that   I, , h.rie, f*tZ\ ,    "���'%
Burton City, ft c . oeeupatiootSJ?!? (U^��|
appli ror permlaston tu ,������,. ,,��*'���"" 'n^--i|
daaeribed land:   Uimmend_u7_T _*�� ,oUo-t*I I
' ������  mllea northwtti   lv \f��M ^Sl
KoaqnltO tr.-ek and marked $?*  I? m^*l
oorner," theuee south hu .h.,,,. ., ' '"r^m I
_5.-i.__? ������'""���" ! UatCgl
g.pi.7u,,mn. ch.^_s 6lM1, _,
lfebw- I_n.l Uutrtrt   lltslri^r^rtt^r-;
T.k.- u.,11,-,. that Annus McOIII   ���, ,*,.,
-Siils.au. ,��-,.���,_��������� |lrcm,���  i���,e���',,",,b"
l.u.lsr   I airain.-u.rin-c ��t . pa.i pl.nurf ,
\ ..lla-y. Itla-ra-e nairtl, I..���j (��,) SIS ,
pjst forty (*0) .h.i,,., n������;��V.n,l I *
ah��lll.. L..OO. wa-.l l.arl) (-U, a-li.m, u ,
 ..,,...,.   .1... a-.ii.i.ir.iri.
.ai.-l  -lit)  |l��l)��IT-_. mam'ia, I...
i "ii,-I -.-pl.-nUr tU, iw;
suit ..... .lift   l_.e I lut-an to.pp,,������ I
i..n   a luef Commls.la.ner ol Una. ii'tli! I
*��� ll 1   r,.    B  ��'..   ... pur.-hM. i*.   ���"X"_
-���ti��.. l.n.l, .ii,,.,,.,, ���, ,h��� ������, K,;���r_i(t
ltl.1.   a..,,,,,,.-,������lk. .,  .  ,W1| p,,^,,,,,'**
point, .n.l n,.t.���t J   MtKinno"   ft.����]
pat,  it,...,-   warn m t*l..l... tli.nt, _****; I
a........ llifnar- a-au.1 SO a-h.ln. raur, ,��� 1,_ Si! I
.hot*, tbenoc .Ja.u, l.ke . bore n, poini J2 '
in.-i.. t-in.-nl K*-a.,._.
U��tedAprU,.l-07. Slgne,! J Sc��i->j,
Nelson I_.il.. Dlstttet.  IlUttirt Jl War C_v_,'
T.ka- SOU���1 th.l l'l.llrp Br.*n*;.*_nk nl-HM.
H a . aM-.-.i|.��il..u rsn.li.r. Intta'l, l��� mi b I
i-ennlMlou u, put. I...- tb- la.ll.,��in, iSSm
Unal : 1 '..minem-iii-i ��l . po- ial.nl.rl ��� n, I
a.e.1. .h..r.. ..I I pp_t �� !,, I.-.,,, (i.rlta��, u, _
11,a-H. K a-ornetaal lotSUS, Ul.B-.nM_S_K
.n.-iHt .....tli as. .li.iu.. lbenee tu: _ ,���i_
mute of le... ta. the ��hi��fc .1 lb. Is,, .trst
iiortb.-rl)- .Inn, tbe sai.t .nor. Hi ,b.ia. am
or la-ss, I.. iH.rral .( oainmn-nca-mcLI roau'rui,
lfio arra-s. mute aat leu.
lMte.1 taept  UtUt, ism     I-Hiu.tr H-smiirutL
SU1>-  al.y.  .rtef  il.lelllik-i
II.,ii    aln.I l'..innilula.n. r a.l Und. Mai Wort,
(OI psmUsloB I.. pur. I,..- in. I, .....in, ���-
s, r.u-.l ..n.l   in   vv.-��t Kooteusy sutrir,: l'��,. '
r.i.-.i- 'it.-    ,1   .   poil  m.-ke-t  A V   B,rr���rti.a.   I
ia.<rii. r   pa.,1,   ruiinlu,  .' a-b.iu, MSsr*. ���-u
-.ha- ba.nri.l.ry ail lliub.t llrt.DaeNo-S-.__-, I
...itln-tly  .VI .-h.ln..  Ihen.-e we.lerj| .rd.iM,
lh.it..-   tii.rtherly �� eb.lus .Inn, It, C F.IL
r is. k I., tin- pl.i-e aal .-..uinii-n.eQ.rit. -.,:'���a;s|
r.... t.'iii-Ir.-l At-res, BOM or le_
Ua. .1...I lbl. l>lh al.y ���| J|,y. UCr.
A Q fir-r_.L-mlt-t.
Nollt-t- la t.et.ny gl.a-u Hi.lw,iniirrrlurl
int. ..-1 '...spply to tba- IJaanntsbltt-elkl^r���i-
tnl-aloiHT ..I f-n.ts .n.l Wtart. s-r sttnl^B.
1.. p_r-r*___ 11.a- folla.wiiitr .!.-��. riM_.'flt_.
11. W��St K.H.Ieli_- .11,trial: CoaaCTtl-, tl k
..... pl.nt .1 .t the wo.. b.i.in.t��rjotU.tSHjl,
All-I .Iw.tl! li. t-hAliis sallltb ..I tb.r-olk ki-adMT
..( lhe flitlit itI ae.y t.l Um II . I .aar-mli-
w.y. .r.,| m.rka-.l P. A P", ,ou-l.��*t ��.twt,
II..II..- aa.sl l_flbU_t__.U_llt.B_
bonod���r* t.l ibe riebt-ol *��. of b.t.somhtrl I
r.li-..y, thenoe la.llo*Hi, ����i.l bainclsr.olrAVl
rllttit ttl-w.y in .]��� eSStST** rtlrtelloo lo:b. we*t
l....lli.l*ry ul Ual 3.��� ill. thence *.ull. ta.plKC*
roramena-enu-ut, t-onuinln, Itti setts, -of. a
Il.l.-a. this Mth day ol June. i��i*
I'.t-L Arorrt P.rurt.
Ka..illi.*fli   Ytl'llway', "iirellr.-   -a-.teflT sl��M U
sal.I rlitl.t-ol-a.ay It. place '���! - .imiirrarftntnl.
I.AU-.1 tin. to- day ol Aim.nt. OT.
I'AI-L Al-airit ^irl***;_
Nelson I_n.| lllsltlct. Dblrlrlnl W-slKis'ltW
Tako ii.itlro that lleor*|e Btutm. el "lllnlj.
M.ir.rana. (' H. A.. ,��-. upstlon. metgOMl-��
t.-n.ls la. apply ta.f p.>rin!s.l.-n la. prira-b^e i��
fi.lloa.luit . 1>--tils-.I laifl ,'"i"'nr.-"'"".V.J
posl planl.-.l ..ll  lhe  ��.-.l sli..ro ul ' W""JJ
Ihantiat 1 I.I..-, .id slilien..rlb����rt-��g
ol,i.tm:��.   th.-nee   ��asl   -..cll.Hn.lbe.*"-"!
..I . I...ins, lli.-n. .- MSI .1. cl.s Iben.e notUP
ci.aliis 1.. is.int Dl c in.-i.cement, "i'l���"*
mil ��i acres- more 01 les.. ���
May Wlh. I��n.
1-1,1,   .lays allot  .late I A fill... '''���"rSffl
rint-h.r, ulBorwn Our, <"<���"< ';' "I ,,, f��
. liiel Cottrmlulon.tol I .i���i. .n.l "''\["nMl
loi-1-.B >' ,t in- ' '"���'���, ,",,..
ihi,.!- siiu.i. ,aat ol BurUio    . ����",","'S|
piaiilcl ai lhe v �� ell.'' "' '"' .;.,,-k.l��l
I uu. .Il.ai ��. oil, M osslQI ll.clicc ,'-,.*',,M��
llteni-e ...,ttl. is, .'I..IIK.  tl��OOJ  ��.-t ��li����_
I'l.. Iciiiincliea-uiilll .   .,, In��
Anmisl l.l. I1SI7. AlTSl'l *   ���"*	
N.lwn I_nd Dlslrlrl.  ni."irirT��t ��... Wf-J
Take    .1..I.���    th.t    Hi.'-"'   '""T."'.'^      1
Man      I,.rr���.r.      lB**Od-    IS     '^irtai
p.-rinls.|..li in punlisse ilia-  .olio*. "'    , .bon.
I���ia.t:   Oommnotos ���' �� i"';1.. ���'"
seven iiill.-s Inun 11.- inoilt i "I " '-'
.1   nortb**,.   .-t.rii.-r   ol  tills    ��ir -..|���KM.r
Bel -II   <���  N   K  comer, "sn.l ii
���s I lain ��"?
rriark.-.l-H   0   N.K   corner.   """.'',. n���rll:"
.-..chains, tbaaea wsjl sjchtloj, i        ���, Mo
elinn...   Iliclice M.tMob.lDI   I"  P0��l
llleiiieinclil, a-..IIislnllllt'.l"-.'.;'���"���
I...U-.1 Nib .l.y ol aiik"s>. 'J"('.'ci ,,���T,��,.
--CTOT _,BOT---*j_^***^
N.I...I, I..U.I lll.lr.cl.  OtttataOy^*       '���,
Take     nollce   tbSt     Kwllk     ' _ * ' ,���   ��tapl*
Allona.    Mnlllt.ihs.  bMSST.        " , ,�����|n, il*
l..r pornils-loli   la.  purclii.se ID. no   p],nli<l.
,-rll.e.l I..I..I. '���"'""""'"'"".a"'...? I-I ""������'"",
ll.e s,,,illiea-.l colllif ol I"1"1 ,"W .'. ,111.1 I'"���
live mil.*. Iroin tl"' """"'!.''���,i 'onln-1-1"1.
mnrk-.l F K M H K cr.rcr. SBJ "" ,n,.o,t
li..rlh nil chains, Ihclicai >* "',:,.,, in pol"""
south NU eh.Ins. Iholiae anisl '""'".,
 ,..re. cntelil. c..lit��t"";��  ^'""
���������,,.-,,������,I,i>* olA.,1,,1- :,JV'K ������>,,��.���.    L
 ��� ' . ������.l KtS.""1'
N,,���on l.��.,.l IH-ltlct   I'l"'*"** "'"';,���, -JJ
T.k. tie* thsl CorB-nu; fSSffiam
lOD.   Man.. ...'   ui'"!".!'   '"*' ".'���,!   |,.:l..��'l����-1"*"l
.,.,H. I'. '���"""���'' i,"., ���_��� "���"_"-���
'���'���"""""::,.*' ""r'b--
.,,....1 lsnd, '""''-,";''��� "i-������e.r.rr-. �����"'."-"���
D.ted it. **��*|**j|gl a. SUSTOS. Al-"-'
,,���  I Inn.I:    I'i.in
Frank F. r-r.-anri.rr's H
��� 11   II. N
. .,,,,,���,- south -> ��� .inn'1-- ''"'
!��SJ5 i..  nliwa oi beiinnim
acres of land, tnorr* The Daily Canadian
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.   iMrtnct. Diatrlot of Waat -Lootaney
Takn notice that   Petal I.nnd. ol
���. ,.      m lumberman, tntanni
1. -.. special timber Uoanoa over the
... |  lands:   Commencing at a
. -.,.- b ��� s-terlj pocto lot IU
I (li   ..( Umber  lbenee (To  701A,
- halna, thenoa ea/-t 40 ehalns.
, m, tbenoa trmttto eh-uns
���    ��� .  . -.!��� ut. Mid   eonlaniliiK
1'itTBR Urn.
I'l-'rl. t of Wett Kootenay
1  .    itiNt   Peter l.uiid. of
ipeUoo  lurnl>4Tinan, intend*.
-1      .1.1 timber lie. noa over tba
>-��� -1   lands:     Couiroeneior  "'
-.-.   boundary ol hn ttli, 100
���;ui8 and to ebalna
Iny ��i m post planted Tlit in Inr.
In id i-asteryr   dire-tion   frtun   <*arll-oo
. not r lloenoa
.. ������ .,-.,*������ lain) No. i- thanea north
. . Nt SO chalna, thenre kouth Hu
-    t to ebalni to tbe point ol
euuUlnlttg  Oto aeres. more
19U7. 1-rnn- Loan.
In Kol-ut- i istrici Diatrlet oi West Kmr .������.������ *r
I , s . _. Dotloethal Peter LundtOi
|, lor**upetton lumberman. tntUda
1 .ni,. r tti eaoa ova tba tol
Commencing at a pu*i
���������'';tidary ol lot BUG 80 chalns
,...��.   eltilm   No. a,  thenee
���    di ���   aaal B obaina, tbenoa
.   '.ti-tiw  ehains   to  ptdnt
��� to)  titutalnlng 640 acres,
I *
���. 1S*D7. 1'kteb l.rvn
ll ��� :r�� K. Taylor, clere. of Arrow-
|: 1 to apply lor a ��pe<'iBi lieanca
Irom   the   (olio-Ainu  deeoribea
lis:.  -
1 1    C
;-'.���   ���
nirti ���     rs K   lit*'or'*.. W. I'arkin-i'
>��� Hn -.outh by T. I. |to TMI
��� - o 7��".7J. ih-nee   north m
-*<   .halns.  lh. 11. e   nouth no
....��� -vi ��� ileitis to point ol nun-
��� I
���,.- rtt m r*ost pin iited HO thsin-
direction from r-.rih.-o
��� .-���-���-.-! ��� A   Parklna*.   Ira K   Taylor'sH. W.
'.   ..11   the We-1 bv   I    1.  TIV.T,
I ��P. reylor's and  vv   parkins'T. 1*.
���- ������������  Dortb40 chalna* thenoe aaal i*o
I I. 10 chalna, thenee waat&tO
[* - Ml otnm< ii- emeu*.	
I' t, Dlatriot of Waal Kootanay
l   ������ t, Lhat �������� dayo alter dnte 1,
Jo_n l,.-w, ",r.   miner...) Nelson, sr , intend
I    ' ih-   1 liu-l   �� .. 111 mlr.fioner of
���Jaui ud Works lor e specia] itOODOa to rut and
I Irom the foiiowum deeoribed
I"    * Bum mil  creek.  In   the  Weit
_                         ��� id* it * post   mnikt'1 J   P. r-"s
I- :,.��-t eorm-r   ptittt.   loeated   on
I*"      ' creek   abool two miles from
I  laia running -.outh  no chalus,
nitinltiR west 40 ehalup, tbence   rutin uik
,          ' ne.    wi-Kt i<> . loiins.   thenco
1 *    ' ,    r'ltitiliiK   ea-t III ehaln-.
I     !-"�������� ru-ii-'*,,- .    ,'.,  -it  ,-iiainit.   theueeeaPttO
I .no uoement
i***tt*.ion the wt]   las ,d Augnat, vm.
'.���na .', Bwanagan, luitcator.
1- I  li'-- Kk" lit  PHI. B   MC|KINAU>
I nmenclngatapoat marke.t J  v.ti'n
I* M*'lmu ""r" ���"���' "���""T post, looatad ou
��� " - hi in it ereek. about two mllea from
r inning ���"���uth h. chain-.
ng eait to obaina, thence runulng
*" i.aiii-   ih.n,,   running   wrst no chsins
��� ��th my of Augu't. iwn
John (��� Bwaoanao, i-oeator.
sgenl panm ICoDovaj o.
���Kelson Un,| iHMtitt.   Dlatriot Ol West KtHilenaj
5wo.,1N?rr,,-:<;Uf'** U>nt J* H. K. Htcwart, ol i*o1I'uk-
Ism, ������'���,       oocupetlon  lumi-erinan, lutenda to
IK. i    ''��� l'*1 --���*�������������� liaaooaotar the fol-
i, . mid.      . omi.i. to lni.  at a po��(
I 'ream ai tone mile south
Jit* i��� *,. ,"',k''''; beei tba bead wateraolOran-
*���;.,. ;\* <��������*..1 i   R.P. utawarfi K. k. AAgla
I     . *".*..! t.Nitia.   thenee    wont    .1)
I     , .th WehNlUH.  tbence    went  to
I ��.,_'"" *""1" ������' ohalna, tbanoa aaal 10
I ������   a 'rn, u .i.Min-t, tbenoa waai M
��� "inm, ii. eiuetil. t-oiiLaiiiltiK
��� JAUKN  K    r   HtBWihT
|C_   U" ' "'���������" ���    DUUIOI ol Weat Kootenay
-tl*!",,!'',"1" *ai  i it   ���   m,.wart, ot Colling
"'������'ii Wnil'iomaii. int. n.I- to
onrtutm XI '"] ' "Lb" "���'���'"���'��� "ver il.e (ol
i.i.,,,:, ������; Comnu ncini atanpal
-p��l ���( .a ��lda 01   it -. I null   er. t'k   .tiie
"i-n..,...!   M"1""*l!i   Mead..w mine, about   to
...   '-1 i-ranlta  ��� reek   intiik-d .r. It K.
, , ,, ,   L""'1* post, thenoa eaat�� ehalni,
..'.,' " Pha-oi, tbenoa weal M ehalna,
Ihenet.  weat Ht  chains,
south .,'.'  _'*������-����� n.eii.e HMi au obaina,
 Btai_iS :' \H"1"'" ���,u"- ",  omenoa
-"I'-l I.    i--; Ml'���"-�����-�����,'"-re or 1.-h��.
. JAMKa  It    K   KHBttAHT.
I^^^Utrlct   l.lMrlet ol We-t Kootenay
��� ���""'"���r   ilt��n��-       * ,niO0o to apply  lor a K|.e. tai
| - "'   orai   the tollowlng deaeribad
iL,',,|'',''f'ir',,,,u'i1,,,B m ."���"������'���', Mtngopn-
��� M-atTi . r.V.fc     1""rit' torfc oH'orn  ereek   tvlth the
IJOfhsiri. ��hA���   n"rUl i0 obaina, thanoa weal
l;,",,"o:.M���  !i '"'llt,, 40,'b��tiiN.   thenee  eaet
IH'���"*������-.un,!, ,,r i"' D ,,l-K""lln^' oonuinlng
I Iti-*!.
?�� I I.f I
uB0ki i"th. I��U7,
���ti tl
"ink-atapo-.tpbitiled tin the bank
1,1 ' "rn ereek nbmn four nillert
 "I' the   Main en ek , then,-,-
-   weat 10 ehalna, tbani
��� '""hi  Wl  ,1 "lenre    wen* , 	
I ''�����;> ���'M.(.Ki,1I,1lm������,,,,,��-'''  ���'������".  Ho chatua to  the
��� <tr i,.,1(    imnuif. oontainim
louted ,
���*>k tit" gona, in,ire
'fill |o
lh' 17th, 1907,
'���' a] i poal planted on the hunk
���������illui'i. ���      ','.'." ''r'',,k "������'���'���t lour   miles
^nnabeo with the Main .reel*, thenee
(!i   . tt.���,,.,. W���M N,(.llll,l.K( J5in0i
��� ,,.     ���*. bMinriln.   '"' ���*"  hu chains to ihe
|.n,,,    --kiiiiiiiik, oontalniaf ftttaoraa, more
^^Atiftttl if.th, isQf,
-^o^AirngBOnAMPlA Ixicalor.
1 '���'���>,��� ��� A-IU,kbit. Agent.
No. 10 t'otDmenclng at a Mat planted about 'i��
ehaius more or leas south from tbe north-
went oorner of !,��i no 9MI on main Lemon
i-ieek nn i marsi-d Henry Etetehert eaat corner
post No   10, tbOOOa 4b   Chain- north   more fir lam
to abont midway of the f-outii boundary line ol
limber licence No *���.���',*., tht'ti't- lh i chains west,
then.',- *W chalua south, ihence 1C0 ehaius OOm
to  point "f eouiiiK ni-etuuiil-
Imi.-l July 27th, 190*7.
Ho. 11 roinrnenetnt- at a pout planted on Monii-
t.o-ut oreek. about 7U chaius, more or leaf, noutb
from where Monument < --������. k, ��� -fnj.t .- Into i>iu
ou   Creak, and   near  IK-nry   Ht-iehert   uortheaitt
oornar peat ol timber loeation no it, and marketl
"Han 'V Kclehert uorthwest eorner post vo 11."*
thenee lfio elialni   (touth,   theuce to chains  east,
thenoe led ehalna nortb, thenee to .-hains we*-t
io tin- poini >���' nofluaeaoament.
Dated July 87th, 1_W7.
HUntBT Ri:iriii*p.T, I^ttcator.
Nel-.on l_aud District. Dlatriot ol Waat Koo.tuay
Take notice lhat I, Harold N. Kd-feeoiabe. of
K.-rnie, B. t'.. clerk, intend lo apply lor tt IpaOlBl
tun'--,r licence over the following dehtribed
2. t omnieuetng at a **o*.l plantetl at lhe confluence ol lhe north fork ol I'om creek about
two mile- Irom Its poufluerue **lth the Main
ere.k theuee aoulh 40 .hanifc. theuce west 1��J
'hains, thente   north 40 t halns,   thenee  .-ant ItM
i :i..::i. to the plaoa ol beginning, oon tainlng ow
anraa, more or less.
i-ocaled August 17th, 1907.
9. t:t>mmeneing at a i-.-t planted on the bank
of the uorth fork of t'oru .reek about two miles
from Ita confluence with the Main eret-k. thenee
sour* Nil efi'tiii*.. thenee went n-m bain-', thenee
north No (-hakim, tben.-e east HU chulua to the
pU.'e t,f la-KluuiUK. Oontalnlng ��*0 teres, more
o;  b *-
LocatL*:  IttgtWt 17th, im,
:i ( ummi'iit'tutt at a poti planted on the bank
ol ibe nortb lork ol l OTH ereek -tl-tttit four miles
from If ctiuflueuce with tbe Mum eraafc, thenee
south Ho chains, then., eaat _D Ohalna, thenee
north N chains, theuee went to ehaln" to thu
nl ace ��if lam Inning, eotitalning bW acres, more or
I^ieated Aiigut-t 17th. 1��*7.
ft.   Commanelng at a poal planted on the t-anic
of the north fork of Corn creek about fim.les
fntm Ita confluence with the Main creek, thenee
uorih aiehatn*, thenee east 160 chalus. thenee
south tWehainii,  Ihence   west   lfio chainn   lo   the
pUoaol beginning, ihmitainlng ���������wag, more
or leas.
DatOd Auguitt Kdh, 1907.
6. Commencing at a poht planted on lhe bank
ol the uorth fork of Corn creek atx.ni six miles
Irom itn confluence ��tlh the Mun ereek, thenee
-...uth no i hHlna, theltee east NU ehains. theUt-e
norlh *t chain-,, tbenoa went HO cbains to the
plana of beginning, couialinng i-tti acre*, more
or 1. --
Ut. at'-d AilgUNt 16th, UOT.
7. Oommenelng at a p. it planted "n the bank
of Hi,- north lork ol t'oru  i reek   al-t.ulaU   miles
rrom it- ooaflnanoa arlth the Main ereek, thenre
aouth HU ehaln*-    theiie,-   w.-t HU  ehaius,   thence
north to ebalna, tbanoa  eaat ho ehaius to tbe
plaee of beglnulug. couuiiit-ig t**o acres, mere
or leaa.
i...(*-,!. ���I Auguat Ifith. 19-a.
II   .N   Kt-iKfoMHB, I awe tor.
A   HACkKTT.  Ak-etlt.
Time for a.lverti-lng   - itended  bj the AaaUUnl
Nelsou I_and District.   District ol West Kooteuay
Take uottce that Thoe. K. I.. I/.gnn.of Hon
ner'*- Kerrv. ...-i-upatiou painter Intend! to apply
lor % n|-et-li.l timber lie.-nee over the [tdlowlng
d.-acrll-ed lauds: Commeuelug at a post idai.ted
ou the aouth itde of Boundary creek, about It
mllea west ol the Kooteney tlvor. thence went to
Chalna, thenee south HO ehalin*. thenee eaat HO
ebalna,  thenee north   M)chains   tO the   point ol
oommeneement, and eontatuiug mo acrea, mora
Or lesa. .    ,
Daled July fdh. I��U7. Thosa* K   L. 1x��*K.
Selnon baud ('i-.tr..*t    District of West Kfjolenay
Take notice that  Henry EUlehert   oi Nelaon.
It ���  , praanastar, lniend to apply for a Bpwuaj
timber    llteliee    "Vi-i    ll:e    fol lowing     deNcrllntl
lamls: , .,
No. 1.--Commencing ata post  planted  near H.
w.   northwest   oorner  po*i.  lot Ito. lOaai '-������'i
marked     "Meliry     Helcherl    st.uth west    eorner
poat " lluiiie HO chalus north,   lion. I   BO chain-
east,   thenee   HU  ehains  south,   theuce HO cbalnn
went to the point ol eominencement.
Dated Sept. the-WlIi, |WI.
lUMtT kbicubrt, Locator
Certificate   of   Improvements
"Montreal ��� snd '-Qoebec" Mineral < iBlmssllu-
ale   in   the    NaUtW    Mining    Divialoli,   ol   Weat
Kootenay Dimrtet. .        , ,   .    .
w bora looatad: west branch ni nortb fork ol
aalmon river, ou Craig Mountain, al-out una
mil. *��� Irom Brie, it c ____        _
Take notice that 1. Altrt-tt Hrnent t.ellup*'. Free
Miner'*, "ertitlc.tie No itr.i*.'. intend flsty days
from the date hereof, to spply to lhe Mining
Keeordei lore  Ct>rliilente ot   improvements, tor
the porpoa-t ol obtaining carown Oranta tu toe
nli"\.  -Inttua. ,
And further take notioa that action, ���'���*���-���������
���..',*  s:. niu-t be oommanoed betoreuia tmu
ance olnuch Cerltlleate ol 1 tiipr..\eiiieliis.
Dated thli Uth ���t��y ol i-iepteinher. *���*>'���
Certificate   of Improvements.
r-siiucral  Otlim situate lu the Nelson
Mining Dlvlalon. of the Weat Kootenai Dlatriot,
When looatad    Onload Mountain two and a
ball nill."* Horn   Nelmm. ti   0. 	
riki notlea thai I. a/, A Macdonald, acting M
agent lor Hugh ���"utherland, I' ree Miner s (er*
tltieate No. Hln.'itV, intend ��n|ityn from  lhe dale
hereof.to appll t<- tha Mlnlni  Beoordei tortj
iVrt!Hento ol improvement!., for the  i-urpio..!
Obtaining* trown   tiraii'.  "f   the  above  .���Inm.
And furthai take ooUce that urttt.n. "������^������r
BaottonST, mum be oommenoad before tba is-
���nanoa ol iuoh Uartlfli ate ol linprovementa.
��� ���,,,. ...�����,:,.,!.l.y,., s;,.i,, i,,.,fV, A.;(il��n.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase oi a
Mineral flaim.
ft!***-atria. -iirJ.,t.fW-,t--.tM,��
,.,,   ,,  .-a-a.ii   ... -r   .,,���,., in,a
ill-,,,','"""I".-I.if   H,,,!,''',"*   """'I"'.!. "I   Nt-lson,
���i:''"""��.;.,',:''"" "''',iy '"��� - *pso*-
'""-"'".l.-.,.?! '!,,',"'���>; �����>�����>' tlmls-f   Irnm  O.i-
n���."'""iiiiii.|ii. ,       '"'":
si I ,'.','���" '"��".���. ...... "'. ".***���?* PlK'Hwl "''Uf  Itio
tl.���)"Vtr  "--"���*��� I   '|.|,,,���t(,.'':V,'   ll"."- Na,   km
iikh,..";"""" N , -   ".       ��� W- .'""IIT Mast ..I
So.,*?, "' "ry   11. i  I " . ""*���" t-S-BOB IT...-II  I
���-St.',-1  ��"   -I,tii.,'.  '   ""thsssl   .nifllUf DM,
liiii1'1'i-in-,,,""" ""ni.- thsnos "" ���'
������M -Ul, H7 ^^"""ualllOc-llloul.
SU   . Iiitiit-
���rcilllt.rs   a.|.lf...s,-.l   I,, th,   i.rr.l.T.larli.'.l   Sl lit.
afflos   in  it".   Oom.   iii.usii, in  M>s oil- oi
Nelion,     ..in     ti.'    rsoslTSj    "P   ou   ijs
i���,.n oi' ...i.i.ii.  "1   ti"'  sftsrnoon, pi rn
.,1IV,  N���a ils.r  1st.  I��i7.  I..r   ilio   pur.���.��..��� .jl
,|���-.'.-M,l���.- Mlliff-I I1..HI1. I"l ���**���"��� ','���',',',"'.,.
Kaa.altMiay Ulslrnl. WUlS ... .le.-1-.r.-;I tj
I,ii l.-ll.-.l In Ilia- ITU" n al 11.0 l��v JSlS nolo III Jg,
I'llv ol Na-ls.in ..n Hi.' ��lli it.J "I M..v.-inl..-r. UO*,
I f!���:,llM',,���'i,l liM up till -luiu.3.111., UU, -."'���
Turnout DTlOS  upon III', mtt  iiiIiiitbI .'IhIiii.
.iii.l ,-i.sls ill lh.' IU ' fiarf.itlira-, aallli mto
iu wnjsta Ss-sslnos n.'.'fl"',,,,.,.,','"i1,,",' iViV-iu
tl.ln.   Hint I- -��� for i raiavli .-mill   .-�� 'I'-) ls.U-i-'".
au.i.'hl.ii.. I.-..-... nntt-stwlitMoon-Ms-sd
'"���K��."i."'.'.'-'.'..i.T .....si Y,r,"'"vTTu'V'"^
.-i.i.i.-.i. 11..M1.. i... ii.- tun 11 m...im "t "","''���;
,,{ 1 ,.it.ls tintt W.iik-. .11 \ l.li.flii. B. O., SI Pt-.
"'i.;;,,.,! ii N..is...,, M '���.. nu-��ti. .<��>��� ..IHeft*
������"������ HAIIHV WUUlllT.      '
Uovvi ui.i.'iii Agaiut, N.lsuu, ��. "
(Continued   from  pase  one.)
eaoa tn the VOOdg who can earn any-
tblsg like Hint figure. The Bellini?
price of tba land and the payment for
tba land will have* to ba kept abno-
lun-ly dlHtint'l from any work that may
or may not ba dona by any pnrohgaer
of Hit   laud.
'���Wlillt- It would Kive me grual pleaH-
iiro in do what I could towurtls Undine
work for any Keillors wlio may rome
into thin Motion of tba oountry, especially f-ji* any wttlOIl who may buy landu
in which 1 am tntaraatod, I oaanoi Kuar-
B-Otaa In advanci? of seeing and talking
with the individual settler whether or
not I can give him employment. On
the other hand, there is a great demand for lahor of all sort*, in this district, and I have no fear that any person who really wanted to work would
long  be   without lt."
As soon as I received lt I wrote Mr.
Hammond on the 2_Kh of July as follows:
"Your letter of the 13th addressed to
Kingnvil]'* did not arrive there until 1
had left, having to come earlier than I
expected, but It is now just to hand,
and 1 am sorry to see there is a misunderstanding, flrst, as to the men
whom we are sending being certain of
earning $-1 per day with board, and as
to your being able to give them work
"We are at once withdrawing the
pink circular, copy of which was sent
you hy lant mail, and conferring with
Mr. Hrooks as to correcting same.
'���rnfortunately we have booked aboul
10 good men to go through hy next
S*'.tutdayK steamer to you. and have
about the same number promised to go
l?th August sailing, and these 20 men
will be expecting to be started at $3
per day on arrival, some of thern will
li.iv.- purchased a ranch through us,
oilier.*' intending purchase if they are
satisfied with the situation when they
get there. I feel sure you Kill do your
very best to fix them up happily, as
probably many others are waiting for
their  rc|H>rt.
'We have In an! Irom Mr. Hrooks this
morning fntlmaiin-* that he has a cable
from you to the effect that "Agreement
���������iib.-t.in'ially correct," and we shall be
glad to have everything in business
shape so that no one will be disappointed with anyihing wa may say to them.
"Hritish Columbia is now to Ihe front,
and no time should be lost in pushing
these fruit lands. We are the first in
the field over here, and If well supported   shall  soon   make   good   progress."
We then altered our circular putting
the matter to agree with Mr. Hammond's  modified   iiosition.
On August 2nd after having done
our utmost to explain to the other boys
who were going that the $:t wage tm
only obtainable at the lumbering if
they were thoroughly competent al this
To All   Points  In   Kootenays.
AND   DETROIT   TO   NELSON   ��39.*t5.
MONTREAL, ��'6.10; OTTAWA,$44.85:
HALIFAX,  $56.40.
Corre.pondingly Low Rates from and
to All   Intermediate Point,.
Prapal. paia-fa arr_m*e_.    li.-si.t-vu
Ilium   M-Otirt-t   ill'    _tl*0_-_   IlllB   iidH*...
Kor fiitlli.'t* parti-Ulan 0_U or writ.
K. .1. OOY1.K, J. MOE,
l>  P.A..Na.|son
Certificate of Improvements.
.'Hlri llnj... l-'rai-tlon" Mlncr.l Clnlra, situ.tain tin- Trtt.it l.ako Mlrilna Hlvlslttn, nt Wrst
Kitttt-nsy   IllBlrli't,   Lo.-tata..l   ain    I'aapt.ar   rra-clt.
'���l'ska- liotla'l* lll.t I. I'. l'Hilli'y Kra'e Mini".
aVrllllriu.. No. HtatVsV., ilila'ii.I 6.1 allays (rami Ilia-
.tRli> li|.ri-.af la. nn|.ly to tho Mttll!i>| R.-a'ainlcr for
. .'rrtllla'-taa .if linpr.iv.Miii'.its tnr the piirpaisa- a.l
i>!.l��ltii!ls* * t'rown tar.llt of the sbtiv.. Duiin
And luilli.-r l.se naatlaiar th.t K.-lli.n uualor
s.-. ilio ii '.n. must bo romi-H'iK'-il Is'lnre tbe
Iss.iHlli-a* Of iUO- Orllfla'staa a.l liupri.vi-maants
lanital Ihlsfatll at.y ol OarlaabaT, UW.
t      PADLKi.
In tin1 mult it "f u ti appl lni UOfl lor iii.' iHHtionf
.|iii,l|fiit.'ii��rilut ('frllllcnUHol lnlt- to Inlilt,
V2   iiti'l 1-t. urmil' I, Vt'vm   Knoti'ilny Plutrlrt, Rl��t��
known "if the ' Rontana} Ohtaf," "Oomlort** ami
"i. um" tn moral olalmi roapeotlvaly.
Nnti'* ll baraby vtvao tlmt it i*- my lutontlnn
in ihhiii' nt tin- expiration ofona ;*��� ��� ii iiftt-r thu
llrnl inililli'fttltUi litTi-of ii tl villi h'Htf ef t't-rtltloato
OfTlitIo   >". fiwin t.f   hii   uiitllvl-l,'.l  Hi-HXHIm   In
i>Hf'ii of tha a**ofa lnta�� laiuad nn tho nth iuy of
Mnv a m inn tn thaominool John 0, Ainavorut
.nni 'itlmiBtlnplii'Hti- it' (Vrtirit-atp ol Title No.
fiOOOaol an i.il.livl.li tl ll' Uftle tn WQfa ol the
���ilHirt- loin. lB*nai Oil thfl   l7lh ilny t>f   May, A. I)
ptHrt, In tha namo of Qooraa i. Atnaworin-
i.itiui tU-Kiitry Dfnoa, Nfi-ton, it. o., Aufoat fith
DlHtrlut Hrglitrar.
We ofTer you best fruit lands;
best terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
In paying for land. We want you
to put it Into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to 0000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle notblng on
If you don't Bee Fruitvale you
miss tbe beBt ln B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
7-Rooms, All Modern, on Victoria St.
with two Shacks on rear renting $4
each. House good for $25 per
month.     Owner  going  to  Coast.
Only $1,800.      Good Terms.
work, and altered the destination of a
few who had not the capital, we wrote
Mr. Hammond sending copies of our
correspondence, explaining to him that
our pink circular which we had previously sent him. had been issued before his letter to me at Kingsville had
reached us, and intimated that we had
tried to prepare these boys for a little
disappointment or delay before they can
hope to earn the full wage of a lumberman, and we do not believe one of them
would have been dissatisfied If Mr.
Hammond had explained the fact to
them and admitted to them that in
other respects our position was perfectly correct In accordance with his
agreement   with   Mr.   Brooks.
It would have been grossly unjust for
us to have advised any tif these young
men who had capital or the necess:i.y
ability, and some of them wh��i had given ap good berths, not to go to Nelson
merely because they might not earn
$"i per day, although as before stated
we advised them that they probably
would not earn this wage at first. On
the contrary, we explained to Mr. Hammond how any misunderstanding had
arisen, and made an appeal to him and
his colleagues to treat them honorably
in view of the engagements made, and
cannot  think  that that  appeal  will  fail.
Iu the Kootenay Orchard Association's own circular, which we recently
received from ihem, they offer the same
terms of monthly payments, i. e. $10,
and say:
"You can write for a map, or you can
send |10 to us aud have us select a
tract for you. we will give you what
w��- consider the best the moment your
application is received. You have the
privilege of a second und personal selection." They also say in that circular: "If you can spare $10 per month
you have enough to start to purchase
an orchard home." And in the same circular It is distinctly staled: "That the
association lias too much land to risk
silling anything that is not precisely
as represented, and that the first payment is so small that anyone could
effort] to discontinue them if they were
not  satislied   with   this  land."
We have made it clear to those who
have purchased from us and raised this
question that If they are not satistled
with the ranch Mr. Hammond allots
Ihem. by sacrificing (heir lli-st payment!
they can cancel the transaction, which
is strictly in accord wllh the Kootenay
Orchard Association's position.
In various newspaper comments alimif
these transactions published at Nelson.
It is given out lo Ihe world that we
had DO authority to sell these ranches,
nor lo collect the first deposits, but a
perusal of the agreement Bet out in
Mr. Brooks' statement, und thu confirmatory cablegram will make It clear
that we had inch authority -*nd were
perfectly in order in what we have
done. II Is true after cabling on the
23rd July. "Agreement substantially
correct." Mr. Hammond WOte suggesting alterations mainly dealing with the
mode of payment for ranches sold, but
this only reached ns a day or two before his cable of the 17th August wishing to cancel! all further dealing. We
have done our best to nteel his wishes
as we have understood them from time
time, and shall spare no pains to prove
our honor at every point In Ihe matter.
Following the cables which came, severs I lett e rs were recel veil from M r.
Hammond,  and   I   am   more   than   ever
convinced that both he and Mr. Brooks
quite meant lo do the square thing,
but some slight misunderstanding ln
detail has made all the mischief, and
feeling lhat under any circumstance we
must maintain our good reputation for
���tending by all those that go out to Canada under our auspices, and doing our
best to help ihem muke n good start in
the new country, before the second
party could arrive at Nelson we cabled
Mr.   Hammond   as   follows:
"Letters received. Understood Kings
vlllo letters promised help purchasers
Into work. Please do this our expense.
Those there and few due, some capitalists   following."
What more could we do under the circumstances?
Ror Unpaid Delinquent Taxes In the Nel-on A-seasment Dl-strict, Provlno
of I.ritiMl-i Columbia.
I hereby give notice on Friday, th e Eleventh day of October, A. D. 1907, at the hour of twelve o'clock, noon, at
the Court House, Nelson, B. C, I shall offer for sale by public auction the lands hereinafter set out of tbe persons
ln said list hereinafter set out. for the da. linquent taxes unpaid by said persons a-; on the thirty-first day of December,
1906, and for interest, costB and expensi-s, including cost of advertising said sale, if the total amount due is not sooner
J. T. Wilson, 13.85.
A. R. Wilson, 294	
Robert Wood, 70	
John Kay, SO	
C. H. Duncan, 320	
P.   Grlschell,   61.21	
E.   Mallaudalne,   120	
M. McCarthy, 7	
Mrs. H. W. Hendren, 30	
R. Helm, 40	
La.   E.  Schulur, 4.29	
John Relth. 6.37	
tt. Cagnnn. 99.20	
Mrs. L. C.  McDonald  35.40	
Lucky   Boy   Mining   and   Milling   Co.,
Ltd.. 93.05	
Theodore Johnson. 99.91	
Kvan _b Donelly	
liroken Hill M. & D. Co., Ltd..29.89	
Pilot Ymir Co., Ltd.. 42.33	
H. L. Lindsay, 148. 20	
R.  L. Isaron,  153	
McKelvey & Randall, 775.53	
Ah  Wing,   1.09	
Description   of     Property.
Lots 2, 3, and 8, B 98, G.l	
Lot  914	
In lot  3266	
Lot 5076	
Lot 5372   	
Bk.   15,  lot  812	
Bk. 27,28, and 29, lot 812	
Bk. 5, lot 891	
Ilk. 14,lot 891	
Bk.  20,  lot 891	
InS   ec.   6,   Tp.   7 A	
In Sec. 2 and 3, Tp. 15, Lot 1237	
In Sec. 3, 4. 9, and 10, Tp. 14, Lot 1237. .
In Sec. 1, Tp. 15, Lot 1237	
In Sec. 23. 24, 26, Tp. 37, Lot 123S	
In Sec. 19, 20,29. 30, Lot 1241	
In Sec. 36, Tp. 36. Lot 1238	
In Sec. 25, Tp. 17, Lot 1242	
In Sec. 1, Tp 39, and Sec. 6,  Tp. 4n. all.
In Lot 1241	
lu Lot 45H5	
In  Lot  4598	
In  Sec.  7,  Tp.  17  Lot  1242	
*t a
8 60
5 4"
Dated at Nelson, Ii. C, this 9th day of September, 1907.
Collector. Nelson Assessment District.
Tremont House
Bnropetn and American Pltn
Me iii -fi cu.   Koomi from to cti. to 11.
Only White Help Brnployed.
B_r.r St., Net.on Propi
Ment enmfort���ble qnart*?*"*      NelttonJ
Only tlie beM. of Llquorf and < i,,ir--.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated ond refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J   A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite- Court House
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Melton. B. c,
Lighted hv Klectrioity and
Heated br' Hot Air
RAT-..-   U   1*ER  I>AT
Large and  Coinlm table  DtdfO���I  *--*d  l-ln-.-
:la*i.*niiiliiK Room.   Sample BOOMI for (-orame-
-lal   M*n.
MRU-   E.   ('.rl.AkKK.   Frnprletre-*
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-D.-.y House in Nelson.
Tb. B.r ls the I'm, ...
Wbll.  I'-.-p   '..;���   I-.IH.I..1-1.1.
lo.a-phlue Ht.
N.lann. li. 0a
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and fl.r.0 n Do,**.
Special Hates to Regular Bonnier.
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal In the city.
$1000 Cash and the balance on extended paymontswill buy a six-
roomed house and five lots: good
location,   price $2,500
$G00 cash and the bf lance on extended j-ayments will buy an eight-
roomed house and lot % block
from the car line, price $1,900.
$500 cash and the balance monthly
payments will buy a six-roomed
house and lot on Silica street,
price $1300.
$600 cash and $25 per month will
buy a seven-roomed house and lot
on Victoria street, price $1800.
Flre, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability In_ttM-__.ee
Let us quote you rates in tbe best board companies.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands In
British Colombia.
Cau  sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
rooms ami liiuli, 50 ft. corner lot,
oa-mrtilly   locatotl, one-half    casli.
balance   on   ta-rins J2100
roomi antl bath���excellent repair,
electric llRht, water, sewer. 1 1-2....
lots, on   terr.iB $2000
milins, water, ela-ctric light, chicken house, waioilsheal, on terms..$ 750
rooms with two a-xcellent    lots In
Kairview;   water "11S50
Victoria  St.   (75 ft.   corner) I   500
Houston  St.   (50 ft.  corner) t 375
Chatham St., Fairvlew   (30 ft.) *200
6 3-4 acres, easy of access by wagon
road, partially cultivated: suitable for
market garden.    Terras given
1G0 acres on Kootenay River, good
train service $3000
F. B.  LYS
/teal Estate Agent
315  Baker St.,  Nelaon. B. C.
In tin' niatttT of mi Hn--|f->Htlnil for tin- 1s-.u��- ol
a flapUoati" Ortlflotte ot Tillr for part (40 icr-M)
nf I*.' MJ. tirotlpo'ie. tn llu- IH-Urtc.t of Knott iihv.
Not lfi- Ih he to by t:tv--n tlmt ll t�� mv Intention
to la-mi" nt the t>xptriitlon of mic month from thi
llmt -tiiliUfntlotl lit-ronl   tt .htpll'-Hlt*   "f   Iha  <Vr-
Mtii'Htt- of suit- ior tin- Rb��ve inii-u tn tha paim
nlAndrow Moirt��n,,whtoh (tertl-leata ofTitlo
Ih .li,!."! tin- Mh  .liiv   ul Man h. I.N t). mul   nnm
bei-tvl -S't'lK.
t.an<1 Ki-Rli.tr v 'Mllei-, M��UOP- B. 0 ,Ke|>t.*inhir
������11. V. Mai I.EOI>,"
lHHUtrt Kuglitrar.
Piano  and  Singing Lessons
Given  by   Mra.  Winter  Every Sat-urday
Mrs. Winter hold*, certiflcute from
I toy al Academy for pianoforte piny ing
; nl slnKiflK. Certtllcate from Trinity
College, Loudon. Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London ConBer-
\ itol re of Music for staging and piano
I 'nving. Addreee  Box  796. NeUon.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Registry
Act" and  Amendments thereto,
In the iinilter ol un upplii'Mioii lor ihe |-muo of
n .Ini-lli-iite ol the IVrtlilt-nte of Title lor Mtt_l
ft*rt,l_Wa, I   i4*B0ft,    (Iroupi   KVotunay   I'l-tri-H.
"...1..-.-.    I.    la.    i   .    '. .-   : ���    t    ���!     ���!������.!    II     I.      til-L-       lnli.lilli.ri
.".1110!* I'll li-IK'K     ������IHH'ITMUI    \VI.II*;i    I   --Mlll'-HI*--    l��
ttited the9th 4_r of aiihuni, iww, ,uui ik num
b- n*l llr.Vk.
Land    "ot-t-try   Ofllei-,    -.nli-on,   R (*.,   .Hint   ot
AuKUHt, 1901. U.K. MacLEOU,
uiMtiu-i MfUifN ���
I.  E. Users of Electrical  Sad  Irons
Tho City Council has fixed a flat rate
of 60 cents per month for each Electric
Iron used ln private houses and $2.K0
per month for each Electric Iron used
for commercial  purposes.
And notice ls hereby given to all
Ihoae using Electric Irons to make application at the City Hall (If they have
not already done so) for power required.
ANYONE found uHing Electric Irons
nr other heating device without flrst
making application for power will be
prosaoutad without further notice.
By Order, W. E. WASSON,
City Clerk.
Nelson, B. C, Sept. 2&th, 1907.
1   :
A :t:
The Daily Canadian
Our Alarms will never let you
oversleep. $1.50 and $1.50. 'I he
very best.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited..
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
I. m,.niil...-l.ir.-.l from 'lie Onwl. toh.Mo, ren-
i-1-..-iiad kii.i dBW-Bweotened     n - mlla, lull-
U-.vor.-al an.l .-.."I     A tobacco yon
oimlit in try*
fob_cco_ist.   B-'--.er Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Fruit,
Foel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E.eoi. Baker   and   Ward   St..
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
10 Acre Blocks to Soo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaiie & &���
Next Door to BanU of Cot-amerco.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils '.or
Preserving Timber,
Roofing  Pitch and
Boat *___���_. *'i!i r.nrt it tn ti ..-ir ��i-
vuitaa/ar to use our Plteh.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
...HOi n.L...
rathe ona
Best  Located   Hotel  in  Nelson
Dndnr the msnafceu-nnt of K. R. Noble,
Ute of Toronto, ^ttaws and
G. Eaton, II. Craig, EL H Smith, A
Smith, Winnipeg; a P. Wanner, New
York;  .1. Jaices, C. A.  Mullen, Toronto;
Waits, Ottawa: J. Genelle.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep
ing, Carpal C'eaning, Fixing and Clear.
Ing   Stove*,  etc.
181 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
A. J. Lammors, Stillwater; W. K.
Malone, St Paul; M, C. Donaldson,
Portland; L. A. Campb- . ll. P, Mk-kin-
Eton, Ross.a::0; J. L. Lt-wis, l-awashm;
W. Html . Iverton; P. J. Gallagher
Summit; S Abraham, Montreal; J. It.
9 an on, i*. O. Mi rsl all, J. II. Ht ttgi ,
Toronto; W. -V Parrott, T. w. Wym
ham, Vanoon^ ir; i. W ECelsael, Watts*
burg; Y. Gibbfl, Calgary; J. Reil. G. H.
Edwinaon, Winnipeg; C. HcCallum, J.
A Leamy, Grand Porks; \. Richardson,
Windemere; H NichoUa, Ymir; C. Butcher, Spokane; Alias (3. Markley, Victoria; J.. B. Newion, Windsor.
A. c Blaine, Cranbrook; A. J.Wilson,
Fairvlew; C. Hood, Detroit; J. W. Den*
din . I D ifcLaughlln and wife, Cres*
a. Lepoint, Kamloops; II. E. i*hil-
Vancouver; T. -i. Graham, Gran<i
A. B   King, Calgary;   F. Falconer, P.
Randall,  Reglna;   .1   Smith, a. Turner,
__ Grant, New York;
v   Walker,   p   Anderson,    O. Johnson,
E    i'   Southworth,   Harrops;
Geo. Buffell. J law;   ESdna
>.  Victoria;  Titos.  Harris.  Vancouver.
S. .r. Powt II, .:   Ai   ���/.'. R. Hlnes, o.
ell, Sandon.
II. C .elowna; R. I    Rhyne, Hed-
.   .-������   .��� ������. Shields
a.  >:. ������ . ���;   W.  Oral Ith am, Ymir.   \l
H    i an   :   Wt ,*.*������-.   \.  C. O'Neill,  W
1   -���   ���    I J. J,   Halg, il. Robb
r   C  GKELN        f. _\ iTJIUitH        A. H. GREEK
Civil Engineers* Dominion and BritisL
Columbia. Land Surveyors
P. 0. Bot 145     Phorf 241 B.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealer** in Stapl-1 nnd fan*****r ��� ".ran'-T.'c,
Bntter. Kp*/*-.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
A. M. Can. So.-. O. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlee:  Pealey Building.    P. O. Box 4'!'
Bakar St.. NELSON. B. C.
INEUSOIN,    -     B. C.
FOR   8Al_t
: ��� R - ,1 i;    ��� Hood nn*-��r Rt a��e,-Wdi, in i
��� *.-.��� v .'���    \   rtinm tn
Band  Concerts.
The city band will give a ooncerl 01
Ward St. tonight and another ai tht
park tomorrow afternoon.
W.   A.   H.
The tadiea of the Woman's Hospital
* iii will meet In St. Paul's church parlor Monday afternoon al :. o'clock.
The regular Fortnightly meeting of the
city council will be held hi the council
chamber Monday evening at s o'clock.
��� -1     \ :-  ������  . I   ��� . ���.*. I p ������ 'i   glow- -.'.-��� *.'.   .   ,
- ���*���    ���. . ruerof Sutnlei inr] Carbomta
���    ��� ���! v ''iii*i1ii;li  *������:.    ������
11      -.      ; > ."-.-I   llonvar nnd   kerna-n
-*���-.-      -.������-.:.- ,u t   will   Ot paid I ,r it*,
r- *  ifii.    V< !'   rmi 1 A:  M''!��� ftMv.
*�� ..      .   ��� iii_ n U| in-''   fin '|Ui' of
-i'�� Sw-nnti  lb-Mel  Mining Comp-tn*, pnyibu
'������        C    ��'���-.!'. - ml   |. in r-.     Kni.lcr   kindly
!���-. \ a ' I *���'.i I'!*-.. i'lnn.
MThniiM k..
���-. --. c.cHiti ht t.te<l
-   Brd fl:.'.. K    W. 0. Iilnik.
WWTFU BltuAtlon bf V'.iit.ir Bcottmtn fumr
-"-������**-) wlHiiKr tn ttuUrle Ruyihlnfr, expurloucvd
in grorery, trine .not mini tmiu A-i-ire-is
D   I. . DaflyC.nadiai  OfflM.
WAMK -a Itvllwbltt '-iri or ��� nniig UdTfoi
OiMicr i! BottHWOrll    Apply DCX10,1 run brook.
A  I'ak'INi-.     with f��*,(.i-u t.'   pa robins n rrnit
rmifb DOtr Nils.m    A roo'I ipt iiaUtloQ,   Curt-
���i- r net"! lint I* * ii'-llv- 'V ' ir HVC-i on riltlOfa
K,.r ,,-iril'���uh.-*. nm.lv   i     '���    I'ldil"! KH.
Local   Meteorite.
\v. .1 ABtley and others who happened to be on the hike or on the north
shore last evening at 0 o'clock, saw a
meteorite fall they believe on the north
-.id.- oi _.vening mountain and not far
from the aouthern limits of the city.
WA * i 8.-J    ...-fin. i���n, t_.fii.lUb, iH'wlj* nrrlve.1,
W'HIltH rvtlllHtioll 111  1 IJKt.L. ' ����� * - ���        ;    .   un   i'nit,
* i ������- -'      W   ���-   it-ilfy '' nadlin.
WA.Nit.ll--l-.iiKiinnl'i"li   HO.   wiiIUH  i-UliHltoii   for
nu or lonscr. k"'**!   -Kibol-r, ated t<�� offla
routinf.   Ail 'r*--*-  ". w *-   I'ully <ntift-nan,
wan'."_._j--to Pnrabasts Uopn ContiOacb Buyei*
Apply J. K. M  i*au- thlB utlice.
Bsostinr-   Nelson.
Gold C imi il    loner Wright is now
the coast, ami  he has been  telling
papers down there something aboul
prosperity   and   development  of Nel
district.    Everyone here   will   fully
dorse Mr. Wright's statement that '
Nelson district has entered upon a
Eton of great  prosperity  founded upt
solid and substantial growth."
Rossland Fruit Now.
The mayor and aldermen of Rossland
bave become deeply interested in fruit
culture and  the residents  of that   city
viii be encouraged to plan!  fruit  tre b
The council   proposes to  huy  tiie  tree*
nd sell them to residents for what they
cos', although it is noi altogether clear
���vhy the residents should not buy tiie
Lreea from the nurseries themselves.
On Friday. October 4, 1907, at ���Sunny
fJl n." Procter, B. C, the residence of
he bride's brother-in-law, by the Rev.
Fred '!. Graham, rector of St. Saviour's
church. Nelson. Fl, ('., James liar-
.-reaves, of Tabor, AUa., was married to
.Miss Daisy Agnes Perkins, dam-liter ol
Capt J. D. Perkins, of Prederlcton, N. B
and sister of Mrs. S. EJ. Oliver, of Proter,
n. c.
Methodist  Services.
In th'> Methodist church tomorrow at
the morning the subject will be "The
. acense of Harvest." In the evening
there will be a musical service, during
which the pastor will give three short
talks on the harvest. The choir will
render the following anthems: Morning, fie u in nis "Praise ye the Father
Evening, "Ye Shall Dwell in the Land,'
-������.limr; "And He Shall Reign." Caleb
ilmper. The church w*in be decorated
with fruits and Mowers for these harvest
festival services.
End of Assizes.
The Fall assizes closed with the conviction of Arthur Adams, Harry Hatch
.nd John .Johnson on the charge of obtaining money under false pretences,
and their sentence to one year each in
the provincial gaol at Nelson. Harry
Weston, who was convicted of theft on
Tuesday, was sentenced to six months
Imprisonment. The feature of the closing session was an eloquent plea for
leniency to the young man Hatch, made
between conviction and sentence, by
their counsel, Archie M. Johnson.
Another Victim.
Hugh Harding, an Englishman, lately
arrived In Nelson from Winnipeg, has a
teceipt for SH��i paid by him at the Win-
al ieg office of the British E. T. and ('.
society as part payment for FruitvaP
land. The receipt was given on Sept.
'.'th in the name of the Kootenay Orchard Asaodation, which lias never au
thortzed such receipt nor received an;"
part of the payment. The association
is reserving land for Mr. Harding in the
hope that the money will be forwarded
Mr. Hardin., will probably take proceedings through the Winnipeg police court
to recover.
Harvest Festival.
The   Harvest   Festival  services  at  St
Saviour's   church   tomorrow   will   be:   S
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Atf-'nt Inr TniflOott Ln.im-liL-i.
ami IVlorhoro ("ano*-*".
Finest Lot of Boats in B 0.
root of'oMphln* St.       Tel   AIH
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Cau Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
SOc per Ib.
Rob. M. Hood & Co.
TL. W. C. Blo.k . Phnur  10
Golden West   Soap   Powder
in 3-lb. packages, 25c.
Cornar Silica and Joa.'phim. -ts
FOR 1908
Are in. I'raiflt l.y past I ;.,. ri.-lir.
uml B���OUr_ your diary now, while
you can gel jus: the dl&ry yon
want Below Is a clescripUon of the
dliferent numbers, it you have to
order by mail, all you have to do ia
to .lro]i us a can! -rhiir-^ the 1111111-
Iiit uf the one yam want.
tt> X 10V<). No. Ml. w.-.-k
to   an   opening   Including
Sunday, each   45
Xo. 642, do. .1*.. ini.-rleav-
e.l with  liliirtinir. i-ai-h....    60
(b x 13), No   536   w< ell to
a pai;.'.  in.-.   Sun.lay, eaeh    45
No. 5M7, do. do.. Interleav-
wlt- bint tin-;, each 60
BOARDS, marbled -rida-s. leather   back,  quarto,  No.  5i,5.
"1 days to page 70
No. oils. 2 ala> a to page
��� Sundays), eacb   9",
No.   fila*.   1  day    to    page,
(Sundays), each   J1.50
boards, marbled sides, leather  back,   cap.   No. TilM,   li
days io page, eacb $1.35
Nai.   ."...;. 2   day    to   page,
eacb  11.86
cloth 30UND, leather back
anal corners, cap. No. 521, 1
day to page, (Sundays),
each  %?,.9ti
CLOTH     BOUND,    larf-'a-    800
(j*. i 8*4),   No.   r,:i2.   2
day to page, each 60
cloth, (414 x 5"i 1. No. 661,
each 60
BOOK-.KI.I.KK unit   Ta.T��1o^��    Vt   n
htationkr. JNelson, c. L..
PhmiD __$,
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B., Daily
a. m., holy communion, tl, mfttlni and
holy communion; 2.30 p. tn., child inn's
���ervloe; 7.30, eveneonft, The church bu
he'-u beautifully decorated for the oc
cation. Special music us folows: T.
Drum and Jubilate, Sir 0. Vllllcr.-" Stan
ford, In I. flat. Anthem, "Pralae ye the
Father," Gounod, aHtinged hy Jeat
Macy. ECyrle, Gloria, Qr&tlaa and Credo
Rev. II. H Woodward. In D. At even
ton: Magnlfical nnd Nunc Mlmlttli.Rev
\i. H. Woodward tn E flat. Anthem, MC
Lord, How Manifold Are Thy Works.'
Sir Joseph  Barclay,
Whoh-f-Rl'- Hii.l   Kt-tHll DtM-lDrn tn
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camp** (tupplied on   shortest noti ������ and
lowest price.        Nothing but fresh and
wholesome mentsaiul sapples kejit In i-t.-cJ-
Miiil orders riH.-e.ve cureful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES    Maiiagrr.
\s Rmmw
v' ���*.'  ', �����"     .  .>        \ ���_   "     -f ,���   (������,���;.' ���'���*,-���
*       *���-*-"���*--_<-":. r. __?_tl%_^���.--**������-*-.
Its SczfiEm
lT5BusmE55 Energy
AMD      /;
Plums, per basket 35c
Peaches, per lb  15c
Pears, 2 lb. for 25c
Apples, 3 lb. for  25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for  25c
Telephone 161,
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anythltiK.
r.o to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japan.'bo Goods now on sale
"all kliiala of Diuncrware In Btock. Pat
VV.    O.    GILLETT
Ci.lll.li.   t.n-    mill
Bolt mgoni I'-r tbe Porto '���'���*" Lamber Oo . ltd .
riMmi jrmrds. Bough hiki drowod lambar, tamed
vrork mid brsclcoU. CoHBt uth and Rhlnflwi, null
iin-l   doon,      < ciiniit,   bri-k-   nn-i   UfflO  f"r   *<al��*
lutomattfl rrtader.
Yard ami ttwlory: Vemun nt.. cant nf Hall
P. o. Box zvi. Tclapbona Vt*
Hy virtue   of a   Wurrmt   0j   BxeOQttOO   IwniH-d
r.nt oi iho Oonnty Court ot Vanooarer, bold on
tti \'titiciiiiv'T nt the mill cf M'-Hftm.  Kvan*.. t . !*���-
fin*' .iii.i hvHns. PlalntUta, Hu-n'n-.! the I unhUh
Zlno    Compmiy,    Limited,    Pttondftot,   I   Un\f
-������i/.-.i hiki tiiki.'fi into i-xeruti.m h;i tha riatat,
tiiic- and Intorecl ol tho -.Hid defondani  < aoada
YAnr   ('nni|ianv,     I.lmlU-d,     In    n   .|ii,uit ty     ��>f
niin-hinery plant) itona. i. lis. isnplomaiita, An*
brlok, and common brick, uowattoate and itored
ontbepr mthttot th>  h*_i.i ('.mhiU Zlnn Com
pmiv, Limit--!, ���djolnias thf nbii>>hn| of in nnd I-
mi Puiflo Kali way CompaU*f atKtut ana mile eaai
i.f Nri-t.n, ni! ofwhioh. nr lufflolent tbereol i"
Mtltf) the     iso anl   iebl ud ooati, i (ball i ���
Rom foi   ii e, ai my i ffioo, tn tin- eity .��[ NeUon
C , "ii Saturday, tbe i-'.n day "f Octon
Kt i!i��- houi "f 12 o'clocJ. Doon.
An inventory of tht gooda nnd .-hattcin robe
���old may beaeeii et m*r offloe ap today ol uie
Teruil oi nal<' an- i-aah.
intendlne; purcbeeei-i will ntlafy Uiemaelvei
ti- u> intereti and tub ol tbe Mttd Defendant.
- .um u Zinc Company, Limited,
Dated ��t NeiKon. �� 6.,80th dayol Bentember.
1107. E3    !'   TICK,
Hhcrtrr of South Kooteney.
\ll  Kinds  of HnatlnK Plants In Stock
Victoria St., Nr. Onera Houae.      Tel. 181.
Transform your kitchen Into a cheery dwelling house by Installing
Tlmt In :i fartor yott muni keep In mind, nnd the new comer la. Brltllfa
Colombia waste a ito^e thai eulte nil purpoiee. Burna any fuel; ln-lj.liti.iiH
the kitchen; makea cooking easy and economical. Buck's Merit Kauri.,
ilia, in m tor all irniikiiiK or heating; the strongest, the handiest, most dependable and greatest fuel-saver.
Standard Furniture Co.
C-jmplcto House Furnishers and  Undcr-takers.
Agents  Masor  _. Rlsch  Pianos
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
Manufactured l.y the
Remington Typewriter Company
Remtico Paragon Ribbon,
���in all colors and for
all makes of typewriter,.
Remt.*c?. Paragon, Red Seal
and Billing Carbons���of
different weights suited
tor all classes of work.
All   Remtico Typewriter
Supplies are known as
the   Highest  Grade
Goods Manufactured.
Mail Olden Promptly Attended To.   Phone 3 J
Canada Drug & Book Co., Limited
B.   A.   ISAAC R.   W.   HINTON-
BlNai****-3-3I-_-    AINU   CONTRACTORS
���<* v ( m ii-i ��� -_:  in-'t.l  . ���. .tii*,-1,.-  .-j-ucutt-'i w It ti  I luiipritvh,    sh.t-t M��tal i
Work,   Miitni).*   i*��i.*.l   Mill   .Miichinorj.       Mtt t lufnw t ur��n ol
��>��*.*   Uiii-M,   IV.   IV.    Contrnctora*   CHm.
NELSON,    B. C.
The "Bare" Wear Only
would he enough to recommend our __e-
looklnK nnd easy-fltttag Shoes, but there
Ib a stylishness about them and i luting . li.ip-'lin-'Hs that Is making thfm
very popular among "men who know."
They are made on the newest lasts, of
th'- h'st li-atheri*, and pnnfnnn to ihi-
m"st approved styles in men'- footwear
We an- ready to tit al! feet, id*! at
prices thai make Shoes look like a gift.
Lumber, Shingles,
L.fith, iylouldirifl**-*. Doors, Windows.
-r<.it-n_*U W'o.U ,ii-icl I3ra_.lc_.t-i. Mnil Onlm-s pnnnptlj* ltts__-"
VI-:i<N<l>  STHI-in     ...    M!LSON.B,Oa
V\'holi-��-iiu  Provisions,
OOTprnmont Cres'iirry One Pound BltOkl rwrplvod wi-okly fr��ih 'ro"> '-"
irhurn.    Fur twit! Irr till i. la.hii-; proc-ir-i.
Oltlce nnrt wurphnnno: Hoimton Block,    Phono 79.
Josephine Street.        - -        -        Nelson, B. C.
Wp w.rulil Ilka tn B(... all mir imtriitiHroinrortnlilo this wlntrr "ti'l '" or
do so we hnvo in stork tlur Ih-hI m-.si.i-t cil  lino of hftitinH itOTM -10'' c0"
st.ivis nml rancM a v.-i- betor. pr_Mnt-d to tha inihlio in Koot-B-J-'
Wi* would  !�����  plot il tn nliiiw  you    our Una nnil lii'foro iiiiiklns I
obaaa kindly aaa winu wo have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
lot All
Wo Cnrry nu Assurtiiii'iit "f Uu"r��
Ksti'iisivpinrsHand Vniii'ty
Tools, Builders' Hardware,
Ranchers' Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.
_|______w_. l. |


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