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The Daily Canadian Nov 30, 1906

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 ..._'~     wT"
Ameron Mails Reach
London Earlier
With North German Lloyd Steamers, Will Reach English Metropolis Five Hours Earlier.
Ssss y.iik, Nov. llll���The Tl in i .
\ Pope, assistant gi-noral man
.,: ih. (irtnl Wesleru rullway ol
fiigluntl, Ins-- just* I'iniHlii-il it throe
inijiiili- lour nl railroad InapoottQQ In
tin- Unlii-il States nnd Canada in llie
iiiii-rssi sst his   oompany.    lie   nulla
list Kissslssml  tomorrow on the Cunard-
.    i .,   : .1     In   uu   Interview   at   hla
j i, ���      ���  :��� rday Mr.  Pope suid.
"Tin   principal  object    of    my visit
is,   was-  tu get    the    Atlantic
steamship steamers to land their man
si- ss  isisri on the coam of Pism-
.     li  Is ISI miles from Lon-
ilsiis and Mis- Journey Ib madt- in  " 1-2
Tin   I'uiiurd  lini- with  its new
imu   ins   longer  une  Queens
litfiit as a isisrt of call for malls.  When
I came oul ou tlie l.iicuula we wulitso
I there four boura ami mined lauding
in New Vssik ssn l-'riday night Prom
Ns-* Vurk us Qui-i-iisiown by lbe new
��� ' - ill-- passage Is setu-s.
niisi iss inks' ill*, hours. To BSaguard
sssiiil-l I.. 117 liiturs and would sllim
Hale i)i. channel eroHsing. That woulil
mean Mn delivery of the American
mulls' s:i London al least 8 hour, oar
.: hy thi' Queenstowti route.
In addition, the (Ireat Western has
turbine boats    lietween    Fisguaru
tin! Hiisshiiu. li,-laiid, making the pus-
'-*- iii .   1 .' hours.
Fssr Manchester, Liverpool and all
| towns   it   would    also    be   a
peal wiving
"One Using la certain." Mr. Pope
continued, "the Cunard line, to corns' .':��� ihs- North German Lloyd,
miss- g0 in Kisguard or Plymouth. I
'���; ��� slss- pssstmaster general here
mnl In Ottawa to discuss our scheme
��*ltli  lluiii     yesterday  Generul   Shut-
Eeaberger presented rue to President
toosevelt. I have been much Inipres
"'il "ills all I bave seen, but the rail-
 I conditions  in  Englaud   an-   very
IlKerenl is. ihose lu this country, 'the
Anisriciiii freight comes before pas
pensers, and with us it is the reverse.
Pin- Kiifcn   Blgnals   ln   America   could
I"' very much Improved and the ap-
tilling number of accidents prevented.
"As regards carriages, I think lhat
te English people would nol Btanu
|l"* manner in which paaengers are
���ekea into Pullman cars at night.
"���"It us each person has a compart-
"*-"* tvi a bed. I prefer our corridor
Brains- nm, ���i,i,. eisniiiurlmonts to tho
'""is nus conches here. The roadbed!
Kubi are good, but thy nre bail
In tlutt tin
continued:    "Americans
"tig-suffering   people.    Since   1
Jj j*' l��*en here lit persons have been
"ii"  wreck  und  fill  In  anuth-
['���   '' ln��de a stir In  th" papers  lor
" '"' Iwo davs. nml ihen It  see (I
'"���  forgotten,     Under  lhe  Dnglilh
fl ' :;t   Iwo  trains   mi'   never  allowed
1 '"' M1 'In* same section ul th" tame
""'-   I  was held  up    for six    hours
["'ar Denver to  let  freight  trains  go
asked the superintendent what
P""" ''"I " il I hud lo hake un lm
Pflnni  conuection.    lle replied,  'Yon
""Isl just haive t��� mlfm lti t|lttt-s ���n
P "* 'relght enra here ure bigger than
""'���v "re In England, but we don't re-
''' such large cars because we have
i Hn- freight."
Sprats for Whales.
'"imeniii,   oal.,   Nov.   30.--AI   lbe
i''"'"'  of Attorney  Henry. Oovernor
���",1"'* has pardoned Stiffens and Wy-
P">- iiii* luillot-box stuffefB, in order
lt'i',l,,.s"'"*v "my "*��tt-y against Abraham
""'I Mayor Schmltz of San Fran
Less Martial Law.
Petersburg,  Nov.  30.���The  mm-
"I justhre today decided lhat  iio-
5k*U#  ��cm-aMcm
Fifty Cbnts a Month
itticni crimes
must In future  be Biib-
miltcfl lo rep:iilur civil tribunal's, and
lu uccoidunee wiih the ordinary pro-
ocedlnji, iiiHlead of iindar (he arbitrary
methods of. ilu* gemJarmerie aud the
necret police.
Desperadoes Break Gaol.
New York, Nov. ItO.���T-n or the
moil (len|n*rate pl_IO_.e__ In the county
pLO] al Long iHlalid Clly BtOftPO- tron
lhal Institution und ure mill at Lttge.
The poIlOi of Lang IhIujhI City begin
a MftrOb loi tlicin hood ufter Ihey got
uwuy and tin* entire police torce or
tbe clly was notified to be on tbe
watch for them. The find, four to get
out Huwed the lmi�� off their cells ami
off tin* windows opening into the corridor of Uie gaol, ai ft;80 a. m. Once
In the yard thfy had only lo climb a
fence and ihey were free. They were
AukubI Schram. charged wiih highway robbery; John Loth-told, and
Thomas SimetU', charged With bur-
gl&ry, and Alexander Templetoii, who
l�� charged  with  larceny.
The abnence of the men and the
swing of tbe bars of the windows
were unnoticed until the keejieru
opened the cell doors and allowed the
other prisoners in Iht- corridor at d
o'clock this morning. Six other prls-
onerfl immediately crawled through
the hole in lhe window. Their escape
was not dlBoovered until 7 o'clock,
when an alarm was gpreud and a reward was offered for the recapture or
the   prisoners.
Consecrated in Montreal.
Monlreal, Nov. :.l).���The consecrn*
tion of Rev. canon Hichardson aB
bishop coadjutor of Fredericton, N. H.,
took plaoe ln tbe cathedral here today
with Imposing ecclesiastical ceremonial. Bishop Swi-atman officiated, assisted hy a number of other cbureh-
nii-n of prominence. The services
were marked by a lolemn dignity that
was very Impressive. It Included the
examination of tho candidate, lbe
promise of conformity to the church
cauons. the assumption of the episcopal vestmcntB and the final announca
incut  of  the  completed   consecration.
Ambition of Every    Son    of    Flowery
Kingdom  Is to Outdo Great  Britain���War   Inevitable.
Chicago, Nov. 30.���That the future
of the Philippines depends upon granting free trade in its commercial relations with the United States was the
slatument made yesterday by Judge
Paul W. Llueberger, who has just returned from the Philippines, where he
served five years as trial judge, to
which position he wub appointed by
President  McKinley.
Judge Lindeberger firmly believes
that the Philippines have been underrated and that Uie resources of the
country have been underestimated. He
declared emphatically that there IB
an erroneous opinion prevailing in the
United States that the Philippines are
a drain on the taxpayers of the republic instead of a self-supporting nutiou.
Reviewing the operations of the
Jupanese in the Far East since the
Russo-Japanese war, he expressed
the opinion that a war between the
United Stntes nnd thc brown people
Is Inevitable, because of their desire
to control tlie commerce of the conn
tries beyond the Pacific. Already, he
Baid, the legend, "Great Britain, but
greater Japan" finds utterance m the
lips of every son of the Flowe.y kingdom.
Judge 1-lneherger advocated tne e; -
tabllshmeiit of a foreign trade bureau
to tn* operated In connedlon with th.i
consular service.
Build Adequate Docks.
Washington, IX C, Nov. 30���When
foreign men-of-war visit American
ports they are subjected to annoyance and inconvenience on account oi
the lack of adequate landiugs, ana
congroBs will be asked by the navy department to remedy this condition. A
recommendation will be made that
proper landiugs be huilt nt Boston,
New York, Stateu Island nnd J-^ort
Monroe, the principal rendezvous ot
the Atlantic fleet, and at Sau Francisco.
Gillette's Nerve Good.
Herkimer, N. Y-, Nov. 30.���Chester
Gillette told his story or Grace JJrown's
death today, thla time in response to
questions put to him by the prosecutor, who .uni|red al every flaw in Uio
accused man's testimony. From noon
until court adjourned at night. District
Attorney Ward quizzed Gillett* with
scarcely a minute's lel-up. and, to tbe
surprise of every one in the room,
Gillette was as fresh and nervy when
le* stepped down to go to dinner as he
was when he walked Into court this
morning. Gillette also replied in the
afttrniHtive when District Attorney
Ward asked him if he nwain to shore
nud left Grace Brown to die in the
lake. He seemed willing to pl'>ad
guilty to being a liar nnd coward so
long as he could maintain his claim
that  he did  not slay Grace Brown.
Heavy    Grass    Root Assay���Rovelho'a
Trial on Saturday.
(Special   to  The  Daily  Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Nov. 80.���T. It. Drum
niond, manager of the Dominion Copper company, has returned from the
coast, where he was taking a holiday
for Une benefit  of his beullh.
A delegation of Dominion Copper
company officials have just paid a
visit to Grand Forks with the object
of making arrangements with the management of the Granby company to
hereafter have the matte of the Boundary Falls smelter treated at the
Granby reduction works. It is reported that satisfactory arrangements
were made.
Thnre is a movement on foot here
to have a match hockey game playen
between the local bankers and the
merchants of Grand Forks In about
two weeks, as soon as the new skating rink is completed. The local
newspaper men will then play Uie
winners a final game for the championship.
E. R. Knight, who ownB the Tloun-
dary Queen claim on Bonana mountain, has just had a sample of the
croppings from this claim assayed
which showed values of $12.24 in
gold, silver and copper lo the ton.
Mining men here regard this as a
most phenomenal assay for a grass-
root property.
Word has reached here today that
the contract for diamond drilling -0U
I'oet on the Skylarh property lb just
ahout completed. The management
of this property are highly elated with
the result of the work.
A. C. Sutton, solicitor of this place,
has been retained to defend the Italian, Rovollio, who, lt is alleged, was
the accomplice in the Niagara dynamite outrage. The preliminary trial
In this case will take place at lu
o'clock on Saturday morning in the
police court. Chief Constable Bullock
Webster of the provincial police in
the Kootenays. will personally attend
to the prosecution.
Relieving Monotony.
Vienna, Nov. 30.���A riotous outbreak took place ln the lower house
of parliament today during the debate
on election reform laws. The Czech
Ra'dicals, questioning the fairness ot
a vote on an amendment upon which
they were defeated, stormed the presidential tribune, seized and tore up
the papers on the deBk and scattered
the remnants on the floor. Herr Kres*
las (Czech) and Herr Albracht (German), came to blows and the latter
subsequently had a second encounter
with another Czech. Herr Klocai. Tin-
sitting of the house was suspended
during the fight. The struggling deputies were finally dragged apart, the
tumult gradually subsiding, and the
debate was resumed.
Heirs in a Day.
Newcastle, Pa., Nov. 30.���Thomas
McCarthy, a clerk in n local hotel. Hint
bis brother, Michael McCniLhy ul
Wamrum suburb, received word mat
night that an uncle, Timothy MeCar
thy, had died in Australia, leaving
them the sole In-lrs lo a foi'tu.ie oi
$8,000,-000, The brothers -aald last
night that their uncle went to Australia 20 years ago and had made his
fortune in gold mines. They are making preparations to go to Australia to
claim the money.
Admit Conspiracy.
Chicago, Nov. 30.���Albert Young,
tormeiily presidjenl of the teamsters
union, and three other men who are
now on trial with Cornelius P. Shea,
international president of the teamsters' union, on a charge of conspiracy connected with the termsters'
strike of 1905, today entered a plea
of guilty.
Casualties Reduced..
Dortmund, Germany, Nov. 30.���A
revised list of Uie casualties resulting
from the explosion during the night
of November 28 of the Witten roburite factory shows that 30 persons
were killed, 62 were severely injured
ami   ISO  were   less   seriously   hurt.
Disobeyed Roles of Road's
Block System
C. D. Mattoax oi Signal Tower. Responsible For Southern Wreck,
Ihs Disappeared.
Lynchburg, Va., Nov. 30.���The
frightful accident yesterday morning
near Lawyer depot, on the Southern
railway, in which President Spencer
and members ot his party lost their
lives, is declared by< Assistant General Superintendent E. A. Copeman to
be due to the block telegraph rules being disobeyed by Operator C. D. Mattoax, who was in charge of the telegraph station at Kangoon, four miles
north of the scene of the wreck, and
the first station north of Lawyer depot. This official said that inspection of the telegraph showed that Mattoax had Ift a seond train Into the
block although he had not received
notice that the previous train had
cleared it. This was against the rules
of tbe road.
Washlngion, D. C, Nov. 30.���Superintendent of Transportation Taylor
said today that all efforts to locate
Operator Mattuax, who had charge oi
the block signal tower al thc entrance
of the block in which the accident occurred, had so far failed.
New York, Nov. 30.���The body ot
U-tmeral Phil'in Schuyler, who was
killed in the wreck on the Southern
railway, was brought here today ana
was forwarded to his home at Ardsley.
The funeral will take place tomorrow
at St. Barnabas' Episcopal church in
Lynchburg, Va., Nov. 30.���An investigation is being made today into the
conditions which led to the wreck or
the South'ern railway fast train near
here yesterday, resulting in the death
of President Spencer of the road and
six other persons, and the injury or
many others. The death of William
Pollard, the negro porter in President
Spencer's private car, and J. W. Shaw,
a negro, both of whom died in the city
hospital last night, swelled the death
list to seven in all. The latest word
from the hospital regarding the Injured indicated that all will probably
recover. The work of clearing the debris is being carried on and some or
wreckage already has been removed.
Identification was made today of Uie
negro who was killed and burned beyond recognition. He was William
HoBwell of Washington, a dining car
man, who was taken aboard Mr. Spencer's car for the trip.
Another Collision.
Cantonvllle, Ohio, wow 30.���William
Geer of New London, fireman on a
Central Vermont freight train, was
killed In a head-on collision between
Ills train and a northbound passenger
train near the Montville station of thu
Central Venuone railroad early today,
aud severul passengers were shaken
up and bruised, fmt none fatally Injured. The freight train had come to
a slop near a curve and the passenger
train crashed into It while going at
half speed, the engineer on the latter
being able to put on the brakes nnd
jump before the accident occurred.
The fireman of tlie passenger (rain
also jumped and probably escaped
death, as the engine was wrecked by
the force of the collision.
Winston  Chirchill's 32nd  Birthday.
���Winston Leonard Churchill, the
young politician who has rapilly come
to Uie front in British public life, was
born November 30, 1S71. Ho received
his education al Harrow and Sandhurst and entered the army in IHDh.
He distinguished himself in military
service In India and Africa, having
served in the Khartum campaign
and throughout lhe Boer war. He also
fought in Cuba in 1S.I5 with the Spaniards and won a Spanish decoraUon,
He has been a member of parliament
since   lUOU.    In  the elections  held  In
the early part of the present year he
again won a seat, being materially
aided by hia mother, now Mrs. George
Cornwallla-West, who 1b a daughter
of the late Leonard Jerome of New
York. Mr. Churchill Is a grandson ot
thc seventh duke of Marlborough ano
a cousin of the present duke, who
married Miss Consuelo Vanderbilt.
Several books have been writ Inn by
young Mr. Churchill, probably tho
most notable being the biography ot
Ills father, the late Lord Randolph
Large Deposits of White Metal in the
The phenomenal rise of platinum
during the last few months, from %2Z
to |38 an ounce, five dollars of which
IncreaBe waB made In the laBt Hi days,
has caused considerable excitement In
mining circles, and new fields of production are being eagerly discussea
whenever two or three mining men
foregather. .The United States government has been spending thousands
of dollars In encouraging exploration
and discovery of this most valuable ol
ail minerals, for Its value is now double that of gold. In view of this the
statement made by Professor James
Korman Kemp in Bulletin 193, Issued
b7" the United States geological survey, if the year 1902, that the platinum
fields of Southwest British Columbia
were the richest and mosl productive
in the known world, the present situation of the platinum market becomes
one of keen interest to British Columbia. Already local capitalists are
talking of putting exploration parties
into the Simiikameen to locate promising ground, and active operations
will doubtless be begun in the spring.
Mr. Charles F. Law recently brought
down an eight-ounce sample of Simiikameen platinum, and Bince he brought
it tu this city lt has enhanced fifty
dollars. He also brought down a
pound sample of black sand. This
sand runs an ounce to the pound, but
the Chinaman washers have no means
Of Bepaiutlufs it- lu fart, until recently no means of separation were known.
Mr. Law, however, is today in receipt
of a letter from Mr. D. T. Day of the
United States geological survey, in
which he stales that a table built ln
Denver bad been installed at the Goiu
Bluff mine for clearing up black sand,
and was found to work successfully ln
separating both gold and platinum
trom the sand. These latter, in turn,
are separated by concentrating the
gold with mercury, aa platinum will
not triturate with mercury. With the
blac_ Band problem now solved, the
S'l-iiliw.meon country should become
one oi the richest producing districts
of valua'ab mineral In British Columbia.
Proposed    Department    of    Kootenay
Pioneers' Association.
In connection with the formation ot
a Pioneer society, It Is proposed to include an historical society, such as
exists ln iiiaiir of the cities of Canada. ThTough this latter society lt
will bo poBBible to preserve the records of not only pioneer life in the
Kootenays, but also many historical
events of Uie early days, before the
white man had Invaded the lands ot
the Indian. Some of the bloodiest
battles ln the annals of Indian warfare have been fought within a radius
or 200 miles of Nelson, and It Is possible even yet to obtain true and authentic accounts of these struggles between the warring tribes.
Not many years ago, au old Indian
who lived In Nelson told of his participation In a battle that had been
fought across the river In the neighborhood of Squire's Point. Au account
of this battle, carefully prepared,
would not only prove interesting to
the present generation, but also to
those of the future, and it would be to
preserve records of this character
that the Historical society would -prove
most useful. There are also many
implements of eaily waiTare In the
possession of citizens of Nelson that
would prove an interesting feature ot
the collection with the records of the
Historical society.
Sir E. J. Reid Dead.
London, Nov.    30.���Sir    Edward    J.
Reid, formerly chief constructor ofthe
British  nuvy,  is  dead.    He  waB   born
in  1830.
ver cases of all foreign made watches,
whether with or without worka, must
be assayed, and hall marked before
they can he sold ln Great Britain, 'i'he
jewellers Intend to appeal to the
house of lordB.
For Social Education.
Boston, MaBs., Nov. 30.���A distinguished gathering filled Tremont temple today at tbo opening of the Social
Education congress, the purpose ot
which IbIo arouse the people to the
necessity of systematic Instruction
along social and Industrial lines.
"Education for CiUenshtp" was the
topic of discussion a t the Initial session. The speakers Included Governor
Guild, President Eliot of Harvard,
and Secretary George H. Martin of
Uie Massachusetts State Board of Education. President Thompson of Ohio
State university, Professor Lindsay oi
the University of Pennsylvania, ana
Professor W. D. Jackman of the University of Chicago are announced as
the principal speakers for the eveni m.;
session, when the topic will be "Tha
School ae a Social  OrgauiaUon."
Other notables who are to be he _r_
during the three days the co igrt-,s
will be In session are Dr. Washington
Gladden of Columbus, O., Miss Jane
Addams of Hull House , Chicago;
Chancellor E. Benjamin Andrews or
the university of Nebraska; 8. A.
Beede, superintendent of the public
schools of New Haven; Superintendent
W- H. Small of Providence, Professor
Jeremiah W. Jenks of Cornell university, and Mrs. Frederic Schoof of Philadelphia, president of the National
Congress of Mothers.
Liverpool Cotton Exchange.
Liverpool, Nov. 30.���The Princ? ot
Wales officiated today at the fo.-mal
opening and dedication of the magnlt-
icent new home of the Liverpool Cotton exchange. The event was made
the occasion for an elaborate celebration in which Uie representatives oi
the cotton exchanges of the world took
Buffalo    Papers    Comment on  Latest
Amendments to the Canadian
Customs Tariff.
Buffalo, Nov. SO.���Commenting on
tbe new Canadian customs tariff, Introduced ln the Dominion house yesterday by Finance Minister Fielding,
the Buffalo Commercial editorially
So far ao tbe Canadian tariff affects
American interests lt may be said to
bis "as you like lt" to the extent of a
10 per cent discount It is a little
early yet to determine bow far this
opinion iB likely to operate in creating
sentiment in this country in favor ol
a  reciprocity   treaty   with   Canada.
Thei subject is not.likely to be revived
ln a special form ln tbe near future,
but to be considered in the general
tariff inquiry that is sure to come
sooner or later, probably soon.
The Evening Times (Democrat)
says the new customB tariff measure
now before the Dominion parliament
provides for a British preferential tar-
ifl, tending to increase trade with tbe
mother country, which is the natural
thing for the Canadians to do; a general tariff which ls applicable to all
countries not entitled to tbe preferential tariff, and an intermediate tarltt
not applicable to any country, but a
standing offer to other countries
which may enter into negotiations for
reciprocal concessions In trade, 'i'he
intermediate rateB are about 10 per
cent, less than the general tariff. ThU3
the door is left open for the United
Stales to establish closer trade relations with Canada, an opportunity
which should  be  taken  advantage of.
Must Assay Foreign Metal.
London, Nov. 30.���On the appeal or
the  Goldsmiths'   company   the   appeal
court today decided that gold and sii-
County Court.
The case of Stubbs vs. Yale-Kootenay Ice Co., was dismissed yesterday afternoon. The plaintiff will appeal.
The last case, Adams vs. Busk, ended this morning. W. G. Adams built
a launch for C. W. Busk. No price
was specified. When the launch was
completed, Mr. Busk paid $100 on account On Its first trip 'the luuuch
sank. Mr. Busk refused to pay any
more and wanted the $100 returned.
Mr. Adams, represented by S. U.
Taylor, sued for a balance of $100.
Mr. Busk, represented by A. M. John-
sou, counterclalmed $100. The court
nonsuited tbe plaintiff wllh costs,
holding that no sale had  beeu made.
The defendant's counterclaim tor
amount already paid was also dismissed without costs, and he ls out $100,
and has uo launch. Both parties will
Agricultural Society Enters on Fifth Year
List of Managers of Departments
For ExhiMtioo of 1907-Last
of Kaslo's Protest.
With all business connected with
the last exhibition disposed of aad an
accounts settled, tbe Nelson Agrlcui
tural and Industrial society has now
entered on tbe fifth year of Its existence.
The general meeting, a partial report of which appeared in yesterday's
issue, ended with G. O. Buchanan's
motion being ruled out of order by
Chairman T. G. Procter, an unnecessary proceeding, as the motion was
not seconded.
At tbe close of the general meeting
a meeting of tbe new board of directors was held, with the following members present: J. Hyslop, H. Selous.
W. W. Beer, J. A. Kirkpatrick, G. A.
Hunter, W. S. Pearcy, A. B. Shannon,
T. G. Procter, F. A. Starkey and U.
C. McMorris.
J. Hyslop and F. A. Starkey, the
committee appointed to strike standing committees, reported recommending tbe following:
Poultry���W. 8. Pearcy, W. Rutherford.
Fruit���J. Hyslop, F. M. Black, J.
Vegetables���A. B. Shannon, J. A.
0*_mI And Preserves���G. A. Hunter
and Mesdames Nagle, Bird and Goepei.
Floral���H.  Selous.
Fine Arts���J. Johnstone, W. W.
Fancy Work���A. D. Emory and Mesdames Rose, Rutherford and Procter.
Manufactures���J. J. Malone.
Minerals���T. G. Procter.
Buildings and Ground*���J. A. Irving, F. A. Starkey.
Decorations���F. M. Black, E. u.
Finance���J. A. Kirkpatrick, T. U.
Procter, J. J. Malone, J. A. Irving.
Printing and Advertising���President
and Secretary.
Sports and Attractions���J. E. Annable, J. J. Malone, F. A. Starkey.
The report was received and adopted and tbe committee discharged.
F. A. Starkey was re-elected managing director.
The meeting then adjourned to the
call of the president. It is understood
that the board will meet once a month
as during last year.
Pennsylvania's Dividend Record.
Philadelphia. Nov. 30.���Stockholders
of the Pennsylvania Railroad today
were paid a semiannual dividend ot
3 1-2 per cent, on their holdings. This
dividend completes a remarkable record of 60 years, during which time the
Pennsylvania has never failed to pay
a cash dividend at each semi-annual
period. The first dividend in May,
1856, of 4 per cent., was on $10,886,-
004, and amounted to $435,440. The
dividend of 3 1-2 per cent, paid today
is on $306,794,500 stock and amounts
to $10,702,807. Including the present
dividend, the total cash dividends paid
by the Pennsylvania during the halt
century aggregate $269,116,854. The
total cash and script dividends together are $294,628,993, an amount nearly
"Cjualling the  present capital stock.
Money Is Plentiful.
London, Nov. 30.���The syndicate
'planned by Speyer & Co. of New
York, Speyer Brothers of London, aad
the Hongkong & Shanghai bank ol
Ixmdon, for the reconstruction of tho
Manila Railway company, and extension of its line, was completed today.
The capital, $25,000,000, was over-sdh-
sorlbcd. "
Hanging In Texts.
Hondo, Texas, Nov. 30.���The execution of Henry Brown takes place here
today. The crime for which Brown
pays the dealh penalty was the murder of Albert Taylor laat October.
.;. wmmmaw
The Daily Canadian
��� STORES ���
Cool nights arc uow iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
Ws- havs- plenty of them In red ami Hue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are Justly celebrated fnr their excellence. We alone carry
them in this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Comforters. Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Undtrclothing. Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and prices surprisingly Low.
ish ixjssessioiis are aflected adversely
by our comiiliraied policy. We are
the objects of antagonistic legislation
iu Australia because we do not give
that commonwealth the same cousiu-
eratlon that we give Ceylon, which
buys nothing from us. At the present
moment the Bltuation is very moon
tangled as a result of thc Ottawa system. In the first place, the United
States market has not been opened lo
our products. In the second plant
tsermauy  bas   been  closed   against   us
while remaining open to our United
States neighbors. Finally we have
assured llle United States producer,
who rules us out of the republic, absolutely free trade ill llrltaln. Further
tangles we do not want, and fur this
reason It Is to lie hoped lhat no more
tariff fancy work will be attempted.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head OHlc-t   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....N,'*00,000 REST |��,Wii,000.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches tn British Columbia:
GO davs after dato 1 Inland 10 apply Ul tlie Honorable tho (.'hlel Comn.lit.oner of Untl* and
Work*, to ptUOtUM 870 neres of land: Com-
meuclugata post marked .. \V. S N. K. uoriu-r
posl and plautetl on ___ wc-i shore o( Arrow
lake adjoining Loi ;-*.;( on the south lide ol tela
Ia>\, theuce weslW chains along (lie southern
boundary ot Lot 81$; thenoe south -6.M chains;
theuee east 80 ehaiw moreor less to lake ihore;
thonce uorth aim.*. Inke shore to plnee of beginning.
Hated 39th day of Nov. wot.
J, K. ASN.-.1U.K, Agent.
Deposit, received and interest allowed at highest current rate from date of
opening account, and oamponnded half yearly
inbusois branch J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
The ^yal *Bank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
A_-ou_<-   o��   flrmn   ensi   Individuals  opened   on   the   most   favora-lo   tormo.
Thirteen   branches  In   Itritish   Columhla.
Special  attention   to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       10. L,  PHASE, General Manager, Montreal.
Published III daya a week by the
Baker Bt., Nelsou, B. 0.
Bubacrlptlon raters, &o cents a mouth delivered
ln the city, or *5.Q0 a year If lent by mall, when
paid ln advance.
Advertising rates nn application.
All monies paid in settlement of The Daily
Cauadlan accounts, either for --subscriptions or
advertising, must bo receipted for on (he printed
forma of tlie Oompany. Other receipt! are noi
T*_U-���____���           ___.
NOVEMBER 30, I _>O0.
"By one word we are sometimes judged !o be
wlste and by one word sometimes judged to be
foolish. I*l us therefore be careful Whit we
Without apology The Dally Canadian reproduces an editorial which recently appeared in lhe Mail and Umpire of Toronto on tariff Issues, Jt
seta forth in the fullest terras the effects of the tinkering which has resulted In the present muddle of Canada in her relations with other nations in the matter of commerce and
Among business men the hope Is entertained that the coming tariff will
he outside of the region of controversy
and that, above all things. It will be
simple. In recent years we hnve been
carried Into a degree of tariff complexity that la unexampled, and ft
would certainly be a misfortune I- we
werje to proceed furthi along thai
line. We have practically three tariffs today. A few more would make ii
almost Impossible to conduct business
with success. Tbe three tariffs are
the regular schedule, the rebate <>u
British goods, and the specially high
tariff levelled  against Germany.
It is Interesting to recall, at this
Juncture, how these diverse tariffs
came to be introduced, and lo consider their effect upon our trade. The
origin of the complication was the attempt to ge* reciprocity with the
United States by legislation instead
of by treaty. It was announced in
the first Laurler tariff that any country which would reduce iis tariff upon our goods would experience a reduction by 25 per cent. In our tarin
upon the goods sent by Its producers
to us.
When this principle was being laid
down  it   was   discovered   that   Britain
takes our goods free. Under such
circumstances it was necessary that
we should at once give her the advantage of the rebate we were honing out to the United States. Hritain
was granted the rebate accordingly,
and it was intimated that the concession was made especially to mark o ir
loyalty to the motherland. At the
same time it was noticed that iron
and sfeel were the articles which the
motherland would be most likely to
supply. Lest she might benefit by
the concession our government neutralized the rebate by giving a sun
stantlal bounty to our own smelters.
This costs us in the neighborhood ct
two millions a year. The rebate Which
was given to Great Hritain in the attempt to make terms with the Uni .e t
States, had, under treaty obligations
which our own government did i oc
at the time understand, to be acceded also to every European state. The
result was that while we were giving
Hritain a preference to mark our loyalty, we were giving the same preference to Germany, Russia, France, Belgium, Turkey, Austria and Spain, lo
which lands we owed no allegiance.
From this absurd position lhe British
government extricated us, by denouncing the treaties governing the situation. Al this point it became clear
thai the rebate should be limited to
Britain, and so It was, with the result
that It Is used by the opponents ot
preferential trade as an argument
against   any   preference to   us.
If Canada gives a tariff rebate or
preference, they say, without any return consideration, and finds it profitable, there is no reason why a preference should be given to her products over those of the United States.
Immediately that Germany, after enjoying a Canadian preference ifor a
brief period, was returned to the regular schedule of duties she protested,
and placed our products ou her bigli
tariff schedules. Before diplomacy
could discuss the matter fully tht Ot
tawa government retaliated by making a specially high rate for Oerm.ii
goods. The result of this munoeuvi.
is that while we are excluded fnnn
Ihe market of Germany, the manufactures of Germany come to us all U-e
same by way of England.
The trade relations with other Bilt-
According  to   the   Times,   says   the
Colonist, Mr. Macdonald, leader of the
OpOSitlon,  expresses  great   regret   that
Mr. McBride has made "better terms"
a party issue. The amiable gentleman,
Who has led  the  forlorn  hope  ln the
legislature   for   the   last   three   years,
credits  ,the>   premier   with   too  much.
It was not in Mr. McBrlde's power unaided   to  make this  question  a   party
issue, and he had not the least desire
to do so.    If Mr. Macdonald had  persevered in the course taken by him in
the   legislature,   where   he   co-operated
wkh  the  government    in    making    a
strong  presentation  of    the    case  for
the   province;   if  the   papers   supporting  him  had     strengthened     Mr.   McBrlde's hands  when he  went  to  Ottawa,   by   using  all  the  influence  they
have with  the  federal  government  to
secure  favorable consideration   to  the
claims, which  they  must have known
would  be  presented  by  him;   if  when
tbe  premier  returned    from    Ottawa.
Mr.   Macdonald   had   hastened   to   declare his strong adherence to the principles  enunciated   time  and  again   by
tho   legislature   of   this   province   and
the  papers  supporting him, instead  ot
casting contempt and ridicule upon Mr.
McBride  and   playing  into  the  hands
of the Eastern opponents of the province, had   reasserted    as    strongly as
they   could   the   determination   of   the
people of British Columbia to get fair
play, Mr. McBride, no matter how desirous he  might have  been to  do so,
and in point of fact he did not wish
to do so at all, could  not have made
n political issue out of "better terms.
If  lt  is  a   political   Issue,   if at   some
future  date,   which   cannot  in   the order of things be very far off, Mr. McBride finds  himself compelled  to ask
lhe  people of British Columbia to  return him and his colleagues to power,
in  order  that   there  may   be  no  mistake about  the attitude of the people
of  British  Columbia, that   line  of action will  have been forced  upon him
by   the   absolutely  inexplicable   course
of  the   leader of   the  opposition   and
lbe Uberal press of British Columbia,
Notify Is hereby k'lveii that lixty days after
date 1 intend to make application to thc Honor-
ableChlel Ooiunlttlonei of Lands and Works at
Vietoria, B. cfor permission to purchue the i-*l-
lnwing deeerlbed land, situate in Fire Valley,
Wui kootenay district; Commencing h.I e poet
plauteil at the southwest comer of Joabua Bob-
inson's pre-emption, marked it. I. K'lH, K. ������miu i
post,  (heme -tO ehalim  weil,  Ihence  to chsini
north, ihence 40 Bhilai mil to Joabua Rublnion'i
northweal corner, thence south lOehnins lo place
of commencement, couiaiuitiK It'*' acres, more or
Hated Lhll -Ird day of Nov., liMl.
It. 1. Kllikwouli.
Sixty day* after date I intend to applv lo the
Hon. Chiel Commissioner of Lauds and Work*-.,
Victoria, to purcha.-e l-tlaciesof land located
on the WMtltaeol Arrow lake and lying directly
norlh ol Lot 7'J.ti: ���.oniinehcin*. at a post planted
at the N. E corner of Lot TBTfland marked "B. It
8. K eorner," ami riinnitiK north '2\i chain".
theuce west '-'*' chains, llienee north _0 chain-*,
thenoe WMt 20 ehaim-, theme iouth 41) chains,
tbenee east -W chains, to place of beginning.
Nov. 2-tih, '.'���*'��� IlRKTUA   l-.IAIil.Mr,
a J. E. Annahlk, Agent.
Sixty days after date I intend lo apply to the
Hon. chief Commissioner ol Landa and Worka,
Victoria, to purchase 100 acre.*- oi land Located iu
Fire Valley, being par; of Section- Three and
Four, Township 6., ami deicrlbed U follows:
Commencing at a post planted at William
Williams' N. Vi. corner, and marked "R. K, W'l
N. E. corner." and running -to chains west,
thence '20 ehains south, thence 2�� ohalni eaat,
theuce 4(1 eliains south, thence 20 chains easl,
theuce bo chains north lo place of heginniug.
November ��lrd, 19 S.   _      Itoss K  h'm mams,
None, ii hereby liven that 80.Uy fo J date I
intend to make application to Um *���"_?tto
Chief Comm ailoner ot Undi and Worki ro per
mliSon  '������ purchue the following deacrftod
-,i -  , ommeui-iug at a post placed adjoining
landi:  Commencing at a post &tmj$*ff#*
the WUthwest .oruer post 0    UoO J) ��� ��"  * *!'.
���Miration to Pnrebaie, running B0 chums nor n,
Kance 40 chaini weit   tbence B0 nbalm .-outh;
Ihence i" chaini eut, to point 0   commencement contalnlni M0 Here*- more or less.
"��':" "'""''���    ��� ��,-,-,,��:-.���,-..
By hi. jsn. sis, I.SIVKM. tt. ROBIOTOM
���isstlra In IiitvIi) (issu Hut f" 'W> '"J"' ���*""* '
lllti-l   I t.s ��|s|>lv    "   H��*  >'""   lll*���'  ''"''  '���*""""*���
llo"..olIinVli��na Worki lor ponnWIon lo out-
chw si..- lollowlnl .i.-.s;i. 1 1 1- in *����
KoolMBJ-Utrlct!   is- .innlnj11 ss "I"'*1'","',*1",
"Otto UlttKh'i N ��  corner'" ua pUatMiw
thewutibon ol W.uh.n(C��rll ''" ������ �� ;������'
one-lonrth mill ��oiloltlu narroiciol Wbaluu
i���k.-; sis....-.- lowk so ehtlnii UiMoo eu  ��
,!���, or ;���- tons >lion ol Kirrowi
Hieno, 1.,11.-sss,,,- 11 ;i ���!>"���*���'�� ��.�������
northerlr ind womrli .Ireeiion |�� chilni more
s.s is... to ti..- polnl dI commenoemnnt, oonuui-
tnK .lm H,-r.- moroor let,
p   I    -Iavss.m-. Af.nl.
KotltK  s-1" '��� byilVCII l-ssls .Us.nlls-till.ls.-
11111....110 apply to Use ll thief CommlMloner
���i,.l. end worki lor perral nlonnroluM
lollowlnl.Ii-.stII.'.I Inn.!��� sii Weel KootoulJ
New Styles in Long Coats for Ladie.   2]
The Latest New York Shapes. Best man-tailored ���!
finish, in light tweeds and plain cloths.
Prices from $10 to $25 each
dUtrtef    KeKlt
at a po
rked  "I    K
With all deference to the constitutional lore of our morning contemporary, lt Is not "quite erroneous" to
Bay that yesterday's meeting or tho
Agricultural society endorsed last
year's directors and 'turned down'
Kaslo's  protest."
It is true that Vice President Procter followed President Dusk In ruling
Mr. Buchanan's motion out of order,
and Mr. Buchanan, recogniing the
temper of the meeting, made-no appeal.
But the ruling is Indefensible. Since
when have the actions of directors become so sacred that they may be
neither approved nor disapproved, nor
even discussed, by the body that
elected such directors? And what
time or place is proper for such dis-
cusHion If not the annual general
Mark Twain's Birthday.
New York, Nov. 30.���Samuel L.
Clemens, whom all the world Itn- wa
as Mark Twain, was 71 years old today. At his home in lower Fifth i.v*
enue (he Is also lhe possessor ot -.
country place at Tarrytown, near the
estate of John D. Rockefeller) th.*:-.
was an almost continuous procession
of messengers during the day, bearing
letters, telegrams nnd cablegrams or
congratulation and good wishes, 'lhe
veteran humorist is at present enjoying excellent health and for a nun
who has passed the three score aim
ten mllepost on life's journey he presents n remarkable picture of hale
and alert activity.
���Cruise of Training Squadron.
Toklo, Nov. 30.���A training squadron, consisting of the cruisers Itsuk-
ushima, Hashidates and Matzushlma,
under command of Rear Admiral Togo
Ka, late president of the naval cadets
school, will start from Yokohama on
January 5 next on a cruise, via Mono-
lulu. The squadron Is at expected to
arrive at San Francisco on February
10, and will afterward visit Seatllo
and Tacoma.
J. ��. -VmC-tBUfi igflSti
i-O day* after date I Intend tn applv lo the lion.
Chief t oinmisH.oner ol Landi ana Worki to pur-
obese 890 sons of and located in tire valley being part pi mttonifl and io Township iw.and
described a* follows: Commenolng ut a post
marked P. W. J. 8. Jt. corner and planted at lhe
northwest comer of Wm. Williams' purchase;
thenoe west io obalns; thence north Su chains;
thence east 40 chains;   thence smith (W chaiOH tn
���jdace of beginning.
November-3rd IW*.
F. Vi. Joiti-AN,
J. K. Annaiii.e. Agent.
BO days after dale i intend loapplj  tO the Hon
Chlel Commluloner ol Lands and 'Works, Vlo-
toria, to pnrehaae M0 acres <-f .and located in
Fire Valley and being a portion of Portions lfi
and ir. In Towntrhlp'i'J and described as follows:
Commeneing at a posl planted at the southwest
corner of the southeast quarter ol section li
Township '���. and markeii J, O, B. b. enrner.
thence north40chains; thence west 60 chains;
tbence south 40 obalns; thence east -so chains to
ji>-.:i'tt Gibson,
J. K. A UNABLE, Agent.
Notice ls hereby Riven thai 80 days alter date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the (.'lilel fom-
mlssloner of Lands and Works, Victoria it. c,
ior permission to purchase lbe following described land, situated in the West Koolenaj district,
on th�� west Side Of 1 uliamcl (or Six Mile) creek,
on up-cr side of wsgiiii road, about L'-jinlle..
fro ji west Arm of Kootenay lake:   Com in end iik
at a post marked Mrs Haute Dunk's N-i corner, running-w chain- west; tbenoe 20 chains
south; thence 40 chains eastj thence 20 chains
north, to the point of commencement, containing HO acres of land, more or less.
Daied the 17th November 1006.
Mk.s   Haiti.* DUOt,
JoHN  E    TaV1.UK, Atfdit
Sixty davs afterdate 1 Intend to applv to the
H-moraMt- the Cblel Commissioner ol Lands ami
Works,  Victoria,  to  pnrchase 900 acres  of land
1,���.-.*_.,I bbO   -1 rlbn-l ���<���  tvlltnrwi    ('DiitlilUlielllir
at a post planted at th* BOUtbweSt corner of ,f.
BobinsoOTB pre-emption in Kire Valley, and ahout
Ave miles from Kdward Lauding, west side of
Arrow lake, and murked K. O's N fc. Corner and
running west 60 chai nt, theuce south ��i chains,
thence eaet .-*' chains, thenoe souih SO ebalns,
Ihence east 40 chains, thence norlh in chains to
place of beginning
Nov   18tb, 1600. Frank OlL-UfQX,
        J. H. ANNAHLf.. Agenl
-.Idea's H R oorner," and planted on the eaal
ihore of   Wlial.h-.li  (Carll 1  lake,   about one
mile north ol tt ��� southern end of tio* lake;
theuce nonh B0 chains; tbenei wesl i-H-hains,
more or less, to the Shore ol Whatshan lake;
Ihence Mlowmx **nid ihore in a Kciicral souih-
erly and easterly direction 100 chains, more or
less, to (be poim ol oommencement, oontainlng
S_W acres, more or less
Hated this Mli dty of Ocl ,1966.      ,,   ,
1*.   K    AU'K.N.
F   I.   HammoSI*. A Kent
Notice is hereby given lhal sixty .lay after
date I intend io applv tothe Hon I hlel Commie-
iloner of Lands and Work* [orpermlssloD to pnr*
abase the tallowing described lands In the West
Kootenay district: liexiniiuiK at s (am marked
"Bertha Hlrseh's N  Brcorner,"and riauied ou
the east shore Of Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, at lhe
narrows of lhe lake, and ahoul one mile sou lb ol
Arrow take trail; tbence soutb B01 hains; thenee
WUt ���*���*" chain- mon* or les*- to the -hore ol ibe
narrows; thenee following thi laid short) In a
general northerly and Basterl] direction ifl)
chslns more or les* to the point ol commenoe-*
ment containing 640acres more or lesi
I ia ted this Hth day of Oet . 1006
K   ],. HaMMuMi, Agi Dl
Bill) days after dale I Intend loapply lo the
Hon. CMel Commissioner ol Unds and Works,
Victoria, to purchase U'ai acres of land, local* d on
the west side of Arrow lake, about Ave miles below Burton City, and described as followi * om
mencing at a post markeii "F. Q. B'ssoutheast
corner,''and being JO chains east ol thenorthwesl
corner ol Lol 3719; ihence north to chains, thence
wesl ��> chains; Ihclice south 40 chain.-; Ihetue
easl 10 chains lo the place of begtnulni..
November Hth, 190*1. F. <i. BlM
per J. E. Annu : I
Snow is Here
���fiu�� A Speeder Sled or CuttJ
W-u Move   I hem til All I'rki'H.
Standafd Ftifnittirc Company
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
Mason a Risch Planoe.
OstermoOf Mattressca
Olobe Wernicke [took ('a-i
Sixlv  days after date I Iniend loapply lo the
Hon. tiiiief Commissioner ol Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase U0acres Of land nhout two
miles below Hurt on &tr, West Kootenav, commencing a* a post marked "J. A. Irvine's cast
corner post," said post being on the easterly end
of an island west ol I-otfiTHT, aud-claim Iiik all the
land contained in suid Island, being about one
mile ln an easterly and westerly direction and
about 20 chains from north to -.outh.
November llth, 1906, J. A. Irvin.;,
J E. Annahlk. Agent,
Sixty 'lays after dale I Intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of I.audn and Works,
Victoria, to purchase HI acres of land, situated
on the west Hide of Arrow  Lake, ahout 8)<f miles
below Burton, and described as follows: Commencing al a poet planted at lbe northensi
eorner of Lot 7970 and running north 20 chains;
thence west tH chains, llunce soutb Mchains,
thenee east 20 ohalns to plaoe of beginning,
Nov. Uth, 1000, H B.DILL,
  J. H. Annahlk, Agenl.
Sixty days aller date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works
to pureliase 1'iO acres of land : Commencing at a
post planted on the west Side Of 8lx mile erect,
on wagon road, about two ami one half miles
Irom Kootenay lake, aud marked -Neil Mc
KoChnle'l H. "est corner pour," theuce eaat -In
ehalna, tlience north 40 chains, thence west 10
ehalns, thenei* south 40 chains, to place of continence ment
Located this 10th day of November, 1006.
Nail, McKei HN1K.
Blxty davs after date I purpose making application to the Chief Commissioner ol [.ands and
Work.- for permission to purchase the lollowlng
described land:  Commencing at a po-t mark-*..
"K    F's S   IC   corner." and situate ahout one nub*
from Silver Tip Point, on Whataban lake, ami
near Christie  c"cek,  running  thenee BOchalm
north; tbenee 80ehalni west; thenee00 cbains
south, lollowlng the lake shore; Ihence80 ehalni
ea.-t to the point oi commencement, containing
R.Oiie,e- more or less.
Hated the llth day of August, 190(1.
K   Faim.ish,
^ I'er F ii   FArqriKR, Agent.
Notlco is hereby Riven thnt tin days alter dale
I Intend loapply lo the Honorable the Chief
('Ommlssloner of l-auds rand Works for permission to purcbaie the (ollowlng described laud-;
Commencing at a nosl i lanted on the northeast
comer of peter HoNaUgbtOO'S application to
purchase,   running   m chaini   weel   along   the
northern bonndary ol lame; thence 80 chaini
Dorth;thence80 chains past; thence BOcbalns
south, along the wesl boundary of John Klliotl's
application to purehase, to point of oommencement, oontainlng MO acres, more or less.
Hated Oct. IJ, VMO.                     Thomas Smith,
lly his a���ent- Kamn W. B v*.,..
Notice is ban bv given lhat ro days alter dale I
Intend to apply to ih- Honorable the (hief Commissioner of l-auds aud Works, at Victoria, 11. C.,
for permission to purchase the following de-
FClibed lands,   situated  In  the  West Kootenay
distriet, south of Forty Nine creek, oommenelng
at a posl niarked"!,. H Choquette'l ;>'. W. corner," tlience ��U chains cast, tlu-nce HI chains
south, thence Ot chains west,  thence -lo chains
norih to the oommeneement post, oontainlng uo
acres, more or less.
Nelson, ti, 0 , Ocl. 16th, IBWi
Vi. A. Sotnt, Agent.
Hixty days after dale I purpose m*> king application to the Hon. Chief Commissioner ol undi
and Works for permission to purchase the following deserlhid   land:    Commencing at s   post
placed at tbe ion tb wesl oornerol it. w. Banning-
ton's application to purchase, marked "I, M s.
H'sH K. comer post,'1 running thence ni chains
west; tbenee iw chains south | tbence 80 ebalns
cast; tbenco fso  chains norlh to point of com-
nieneenicril. containing (do acres, more or leas.
Dated the 10th day of October, ll_fi.
L. M. B. IIanninoton,
per H. Shibi.L, Ageut.
nlxy days after date I purpose making application to the Hon. Chief Cominis-donerof bands
and Works for permission to purchase the following described laud:  Commencing at a post
placed on the nortii bonndary of loi No. BM and
about two chain- cast of \\ hal��han creek, marked "M. ,���*'��. s. Vi. corner," running thence .0
chains cast; theuce 40 eliains north; thence 40
chaius west; thence 40 chains south, to point of
Oommencement, containing IfiO acres more or
Dated the loth day of October, 1908.
Per It.-sIllKLl,, Agent.
Hixty days afler date I Intend toapply tothe
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works. Victoria, to purchase lot) acres of land,
located iu Fire Valley and described as follows:
Commencing at a ikjsi marked (1. ti. HcM'l N.W.
corner, ami planted at the southwesi oorner of
Lot 7818, and running south B0 chains, thence
east .'ii chains, theuce north W chains, thence
west 20 chains to place of beginning
Nov. 18th, IW*;. Oko. B. MrMll.l.AN,
J. K. Aknaiile, Agent.
Notice is herehy given tbat 80 davs altar date I
intend toapply tothe Honorable the chiel Com-
mlssloner ol bands and Works ror pertain lon io
purchase the following described  lands situate
about 111 miles easl of the Cily of Nelson  on the
south shore of the West Arm of Kootenay lake,
and oommencng at a post placed abonl H obalns
south of thesuutheasl corner of Lot _���...;;, marked
"8. 'rhoinasf'N. W corner," Ihence south '20
chains, thence east 20 chains, tbence north 'Jo
chains, tbence west 'Jo chains to point ol com
Dated this 6th day of Nov., IW**,.     8, Thomas.
Notice is hereby given that GO days alter date I
Intend toapply tO tbe Honorshle the Chief Commissioner oi bands and Worka for permission
to purchase 2M acre* of laud, situate on the Little
Moyie nver about i mile from international
Boundary and about 1 mile from Spokane Inter
national Ity.: Commencing at a post marked
D. Grant's H. H. corner post, thence west -HI
Ohalni; thenoe north 40 chains; theuce easl ttt
chains; thence north 20 chains; theuee east 80
chains; thence south ��t chains to place ol com-
meneement, eontainiug 280 acres ol land.
Located <>ct. 80th 1006.
Noilce ifl herehy glyen Hint at days after date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of bands and Works tor permip-slon io
purehase tho following deeerlbed lands, in West
Kooteuay: Commencing at a post plauied at
thc northeast corner of i ot 4805. 0, 1��� marked F.
Fletcher's northwest eorner, thenee south BO
chains; thence east 10 obnlni, moro or less, to
tbe Western boundary of Lot BOO, 0.1.; thence
north 80 ehains io Kootenay river; thence west
following #ald river to point of coinmenccineiii,
containing W acres more or less,
iKth. October, 1008,
Frank Flbtciiku,
Sixty days nfter dato 1 Intend to npply to theHon the Chief Commissioner of Lands antl Works
to purchase 240 acres of land: Comiue-icing at n
post marked "N.T B'Ssoutheast corner post"
said post bHng nt the northensi corner OfQeg
Hudson's pre-emption claim, about two miles
south.* isi of llurion ('ity, ihence west 41) chnin>
souih ill) chains, west 40 ehains, north Hi chains!
east 80 chains, south 30 ehains to place of com.
meneement, containing _Mo acrei.
Located 8lh day ol Nor, 1006,  Nettie T. Bier.
Hixty dnys afler date I intend to apply in the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of bands and
Works lo purchase 840 acres of land, located in
Fire Valley, ou west side of Arrow bike: Com-
mencing at a post plauied -to chains we-t of the
southwest corner ol J, Itohinsoii's pre-emption
and marked J. Ws B, K. corner, and running
north 80 ohalna, thonoe'west mt ehnins, theuce
south wi chains, tbenee east 80 ebalni to place of
Nov. IHth, 1006. JAM Williams,
J. H, ANNAI-.1.B. Agent.
Notice Is herehy given that ��i days alter date I
Intend toapply tothe Honorable the tibial I'om-
DllSSloneroi bands and Works (or permission to
purchase the [ollowlng ducrlbed lands: Com-
minting at a post placed 30 cbains west of the
southeast corner .if bol _ .1., marked "It. A Bell's
liorthwcsl corner," thence south 80 Chains,
thenre east 90 (hains, thence norlh A) chains,
tbence west ill chains to point of coinmeuceniL'tit,
containing 40acres, more or less
Located thlsOlh day of Nov, 1900.   FLA.BlU.
Blxty days arter dato I pnrpoM making application w the Hon. Chief Commisaloner ol Landi
and Works for permission to purchasc the following deserlbed land: Commencing ata post
pined ill the north cast comer of B.C fldnticr's
application to purohaae, marked "U.D's N w
oorner post,' thenee followlni lhe eul bound-
ary of same 80 ohalns south | tlience running 80
ohalnaeutt thenee BO chains north; theuce ho
chain,, wesl to polnl 0| connnenceinern, Oontainlng r,4() acres moreor lesi.
Dated tho 10th day of October, 1908,
I'er II. HHIKLU Agent.
BlxtT days after date 1 Iniend to apply to Uio
Hon Chief Commissioner of I-ands and Works
Victoria. tO purchase 480 neres of bind, in Fire
Wiley West Koolenay: Commencing nt a post
nUnted -m ehaim west of the K, W. comer of I
Koldnson's prr. emption, and marked W. W's n'
F��� comer, and running west 80 chains, thenee
south Hi) chnins, thenee east m chains, thence
liorlh HO chnins to place of beginning
Nov. 18th, LOOO. Wii.li.im Williams,
J. K, Annahlk, Agenl.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days after dalo.l
Intend to apply to lbe Hon, Chief Commf-iiilorii.
of bands nnd Works lor permission io purchase
the lollowlng deeerlbed landa in tbo WtetXoot
enny District:   Beginning al n poil marked -w
B Flvl.lgc's s W .-orner," and planted about
one .purler mile west of the wesl shore of What
shan (Cariboo)   inke,  nnd nhoul one and one
ouarler mile*north of the Bpntheraend of the
lake;   thence   north   BO chnins;   theuco east ifl
chains more or less lo lhe shore of (he WhnMmn
lake; thece following said ibore In a genera.
sonlhcrly nnd weslerlv direct ion 100 chaliis more
or less ton point on  thc   shore  due ,.���,t 0f ii.e
post of i-ommciicenieni;  thence  west  ai ehnii.
moreorless lothe point of eommeneement
taming BSD neres moreor less "*-.���on-
Dated this llth day of Oct., 1WW
YL. IUhkunii, Agent
Notice is herehy given lhat sixty days after
date I Intend toapply tothe Hon. Chief Commie-
sioner of bands and Works lor permission to
purchase  the   following   deeerlbed  lands,  in
West Koolenay District:   Commenting at an In-
It ��' posl planted ni thi southeast comer of Me-
i oy's pn* emption, thence 30 chains weel to east
boundary ol Lot 61*90: Ihenco following said
iHuiudary souih to southeast corner of said lid;
thence 10 ehains west;  IheOOS -90 chains south;
ihence 80 ebalns east; thenc,. 90 ohalni norih to
southwest comer of l/'t XB; thence following
tr< hi houndarv of Lot 803 to initial post,
September ii, liwi. D D. WOLfT,
per Kr.nkkT Vi. BoBtmojt.
Notiee Is herehv given that 80 davs aller date, 1
Intend to apnlv lo the Hou. Chief Coi.-imiaslotier
ol Lands and Works (��r permission to purchase
the following deserlhed lands, situate on the
Easl  shore Of Lower  Im-v,  atauil  one and one
haii mile Bouth of Bdgewood,  B. C. and ed
jotniug J. T. Meattle's applicatiot) to purchase,
aiel  commencing al a pOBt marked   Donald Wil
son's Booth West corner, thenee ninning North
suty ehalns, thence Kast forly chains, thence
Souih, sixty chains, thenre West forty eliains to
place ol commencement, and containing __o
acres more or less.
Donald WHJOS,
M. ft. M<\jrAHRjE, Agent.
Dated this'jftth day of September, 190fl.
Noiiee is herehv given that ��> davs atler date 1
intend to appl vlo lhe Hon Chiel Com missionerof
[.midland Works, Victoria, for permission to pur-
Chase  the following describe.!  land,  situated in
tbe West Kootenay district, on the west side ol
Dubamel (or Biz Mile] ereek, near wagon road,
ataoit three mllei from Kootenay lake: �� om-
mencing ai a poet marked -James J Dink's S W.
post," tunning *_w chalm east, thence 80 chains
north, thenee 80 chains west, lhetice -JO ehalni
south, to ihe point of ^���r>mineiiceiuent, contain*
Ing 40 aem of land, ni'itf or less,
fisted 12th November, 190C.
Loeatw bv JamwJ, dvck.
_ per John E Tavioh. Agent
woitee is iu-it:U) given mat On days after date I
Intend tO npplv to the Hon. Chlel Commissioner
of bands and Works (or permission to pun-haw
the (ollowlng descrlU'd lauds, situate lu West
Kooienav district: Heginniug at a post marked
"Arthur V. nrren'B H. W. corner. " and planted 00
the easi ihore Of Whalshan (Cartbiai) l��ke, aboul
two mile norlh of the narrow- of Whatshan
lake, and al the K B corner of Vi��� Becombe'l application to purobase| thence cast  to ehalna;
thence north Nj chains;  thence  west 10 chains;
thence south BO chains to point of commencement; Containing X20 acres more or leas
Dated thll 8th dav ol Oct. I'.KW.
ARTIIl'H Wakhkn,
F. ].. llAXMo.Mt. Agent.
Blxty days alter date I purpose maklnic application to the Hon. Chief Commlnloner ol Landi
and Worki (or permlMlon to purchase thc lollowlng described land: Commencing at a post
placed al lhe northwest eorner of 11 Dodd'i ap-
plication lo purehase, marked "R W. HsS. \V.
Oorner post," running thence W) chains north;
ihence ho chains east; theuce -Ho chains south;
thence Ho chains west to point of commencement, containing BUaOTee, more or less.
Dated this 10th day ol October  I��fi.
per K. 8IMEI.L. Agent.
Notice Is herehy given that sixty days alter
date I intend to apply to the Honorable ihe
Chief Commissioner of Ijinds and Works, for
ia.rmisslon to purchase the following deserlbed
lands In the Wesl Kooteuny dlsirlct: Beginning
at a po.-*t marked "James i; Fraser's N.K. comer."
nnd p'nntcd on thc east shore of Whatshan
(Cariboo) like, about one-half mile north of
Christie creek; thenee south 40 chains, more or
less, io the north boundary ot W. Beoombe'l application to purchase; thence west along the said
boundary 4ti chains, more or less, to the shore of
the lake; thenee following thc said shoe tu n
general northerly and easterly direction SO
chnins. nmre or less, lo point Of commencement,
containing 1W) acres, more or less.
Oct nth, ima. jamua, hum,
F. L. Hai_moni>. Agent.
Nollee Im hereby K(ven that sixty days afler
Hie date 1 intend to apply lo lhe Hon. tbc Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase lhe following described Innd
ln the West Kootenay district:    Beginning at |
post nsrked "K. it, Keil's N.K. oorner," ana
planlcd on Ibesbonol Whatshan (Cariboo)lake,
al ihe northwest corner ol said lake; ihence Ho
chslns west; thence 40 chains south; thence ID
chains easl: Ihence |() ehains SOUth] thence eas-
111 chains, moreor less to the shore of the said
lake; thence northerly along the said lake ibore
ko chains, moreor leis, to ih,. polntof oommeneement, containing 480 acres, more or lesa.
Dated Oct. 13, UM, K. it. Kkii,,
F. I. Hammond, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thai iWi daya after dale 1
Intend to applv to the Hon Chief Commissioner
of bunds and Works for permission lo purchnse
the loiiowing deserlbed landi iltuated In the
West Kootenav district: He itiiilnK at a post
marked "William Kdl's N. IV. corner," and
planted aboul one mile south of Ui*. north end
of Uloitslo.n (I srlDOO) lake, about twenty chains
west oi the west shore ol uld lake ana on the
south bonndary of k r. Kail's application to
pnr. has,.; i),ei,ee mmiiIi 80 chains; thei sl 2.)
Cbalni, more or less, to the ssld lako shore;
thence northerly along the snld shore KO chains,
r'oV .o1,,M*' f�� llM' K,ll(1 wnth boundarv ol
/'-, '����� fO'i ��� application lo purchase; ihenco west
20 ehatns, Inon* or less to the p.,im o( conimcncu-
meui, containing 180 acres, more or less.
Dated Oct, 18, W_, William kbil,
             "y F. I, Uammosu, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thnt 60 days niter dato I
Intend to apply to iho Hon. the Chief CommiH-
sioncr of Lnnds and Works for permission to purchnse   the  loiiowing  described   lamls In   West
Kootenay district, province of British Columbia;
ommenclng al a post marked "William Tolling-
ons northwest corner post."  said   post being
Planted a   the M Uth west corner of the-QuoeS
Mineral ' lalm,   and adjoining the cast lino of
Mel hail s pre-emption, thence south twenty I'M)
I '" ,IH ,'! t  ����ld   line,   thence enst lorty   40
w 1 fo, ';'!;;: i1"."1 xwvuiy .��S tmn, theuco
west rortj (lo)(hainsmoreortess, to tho placo of
Dated 1st-'ay of August. 1900.
 hy his ageut J. E. Taylor.
sixty dnvs nfler date I purpose making n|>pllen-
!.'":i  '���! the chief Commissioner ofutnasand
, ���     -: ������    uuiwipn  mu  i miowing
', ,., u ,V.U"I: Commenelnr*t �� i��""t marked
������ ."i. , M*tnor,M adjoining the east boundary oi ij llcrces npplieallon to purchase, running hence m obiftl north; ihcnce BO chains
past; thenco Ho chnins south; thenoo HO chains
wesi to point of commencement, containing ��40
acres mo eor less.
Dated tho lllh day of August, 1906.
I. Fuses,
perF, G. FauquUB,
Notice Is herehy glvfn lli-.t-.id.y,,,*..,
ll.U-ud to npply ,ot|���. |,(.���illlH;ri]JJ''
ol band*, ami Works for i-.-rml^i,,,,,' ��z
the   followiiiK   dsf-flbfd   lae-1   Kfl
Weil   Kontenay district:    He,num..,
marked **(i. B. MaeMicking'. l! tt . f.,'''a
planted on the wosdhoreol tti.ai...;; :J
l��k-.��J (three mil ��� nun), i,lih,|    *f
fowa of the said lake and ,,������,.,.,���. luSSk
the said lake; thenre -   ��� '���
eail 40 chains, moreor tut, n, Uw
thel.ee  lollowlng   the   ial(]   lb   .,   i,	
andwoiterlj direction ij. cii(|Di,mtt*
to potni uoomineno��meni,coQtsinisiaH
Oct. ia. une. o. o mm,���
B) I   I   IUmn *    \mn
Nolle*- ia hereby given tiotiftid-tviumftal
intend   to apply   tn tl.-  Hon lbeAT
si..inr o[ Unds and Worki tw oam_ -1
purehase the fiiiiuwing d.-criM        '���
West   Kwtenay   dlstricl     iti-jfinning it ,
marked <i. I��. (..11 and It   h- ,. - - j ,���rijM
about 8 miles eaat ol theft non rlrer .-Ji
K mile from the I'end dor. Il'e river  ��� ,L"7|
chains north; tbenee40rhsloi ran "-ml
chains south; f>iem*e l'cl.,,,!ih ,���,.*, !,. i__l
Dated tneflnd dayol Hepiember.l-W.
I    . I
K, M. lUEvr-, AffeDl     U
Btxty dare after dan i pn roost asufln
cation Ui lln* Honoral,:,  ihi I hlefl innnm
ol Landl and Work- (-,r peralailog Is [siitt
the followiiiR de*cnl�� i|   1-iicl     <''.iui::i*afai��
n jiost  marked  "l��. I"- s  ��  (���,in1cr."i.l)gflf
K. l'aui[iii, r's appllcatioii  to join h.
thence HO chni'-s norlh;  tbenn Bi
tbenee00ebalns south; thenee te ebilai-L
to the  polSl Of coniincin. incut,ctiBUliili(i
acres, more or leas.
Hated the llth -lay of Auguit, 1301
Hlxty days after date I Inland to -;;.���< ufl
Honorable the ChtetCoiiimlMiimerof Uadilf
Works lor pormlulou to pun hue ib.toili
d'-c-ihi-d lauds ln   KootsOSJ dlitnci:
inenelng at a \"-' marked J. K. AuoaMe't
cast corner post, said poil i'luc <m tturafl
side of  the Lower Arrow lake, sbmiUtoSS]
belon   Iturton  city; tben�� souih 30d
Ihenee weat  -JI chains;  i),.*uit muih S)ti��%
thence wesl '20 chains;  thenco imrth I
and   20   links,  more or lea in (h*-tittiS
Ihence easterly along lake i-'ehmn. mort-slj
to the place of  Hftonlng, i JiitallHtif lKsT
more or less.
Haled this Mh dav of Nov ember, IW-
J. B. Awigl
per K. I, HtRNirr, Ag.nt. 1
Hlxty days alter date 1 Intend UlMBB
Honorable the Chief Com ii. ]��icii'*relU*^Sj
Works lor porraUilon to purcbSHUH l��0i
deserlbed lands IU Kooteuay dlstrW! -Ca
dug at a post marked "A. 1 I-H'*
corner poet* aald post U'lngonthm .^
erly shoreof the tower ArrowIsUlMM
due enst, on the norlhca-l ������orner �� 1*1
(Jroup t; thence north hi chains,
south 40 chains, more nr tea, to
theuee following said ihon In IS0Stn|
direction Ml chnins. more or lesi to tllfl
beginning, containing 100 seres, nu��*_|
Daied thla 5th day of Nor< mber, IW
perK I.. Hrr.yn. ApratJ
Notice Is hereby given ths' W 0*P __\
I Intend, to apply to tbe HonorsMBU^
Commissioner of Unds snd Wo��I *_%
sion to purchase the folloMing-l
Kooteuny district: Commend
marked "J.H. Wallace'* Mnrtliwe..- .,
snld i��ist la-inn on the eaiterlyJW�� ��-L
Arrow lake, and at the souihweit ( ���
Porter's pre-emption claim; then<
theme south -20 chains, thenee
thence south 00 chains, ihenci *���"������
more or lesa to the Arrow Iske.thenWwJI
easterly direction wieliain- moreotliaa
place of beginning, contalnlni IWurn,*^
Haled this 80th day of Oelob*. r*,,*I, WlW
By his agent, Kksvum I. BrL-mJ
Notiee Ih herehv given that -slit!��*��[ji
I Intend ��i aiinly'tu lhe Hon ' ,lh," ",;,"?S
of Landsand Works for I*miluion��Bfc
the foUowTnideeeribed isnds, itsrtiD V
planted on the Norlh ��h ��� .>��icr |��m
hence running  twentv ehalni ""'"''*
twenty chains   .Vest, thenc   r,-rr��.hai   **
Ihcnce Iwenty chains Kast, iheticel-ffWiI
Bontli to point of com me ���mcnt,����|
ing 80 acres moreor less. - nminl
Hated ibe 1st day of October, ML
Hilly days alter date I l^l'^J"^.!
OSt 00 to the Hon. Uhlel I fimnmJ5____\
and Works for peymlislon '" l"lrffJr_W
lowing  describe!)  land     ' ���^''-\.'t\{^i
pla 1 nt the sohthwest corner ot �����'
plication lo purchase, marked '';'_
uer." running theme so.* "< "-' Nn J
chains wesi; lbence ni ohnfi t!l.'.l!_.
chains east to prdul of coninicnc
Ing H20 aerei more or less ���        ,
Pated thc 10th day ol October, >ynfM
Notice Is hereby given foil " ,lH-: [ll( ff
Inteml to apply io tbe P������"_i_fll
Commissioner oi Lands
[ior oj
sion In purchase th
ie West "
11s"' , . j \\ tw__
il marked "Kleatior " ""''", ,|,,,iiifW*l
nnd planted on the we��l shore om" j, ���
Whalshan (Cariboo) lake, afoul -���"|Ut
miles south of Arrow lake trail. "^
chains; Ihcnce cast 10 chaii1- ji" inf\
shore ol the Narrows; thence < ���1(.ri--��
shore In a general lOUlberlj au      tcBjm
tion 80 ohaini more or loss "m i
ment, containing UK* acre-
Dated Oct. 8th,1IKi_ ,    r'*'"'\fttt. .
Notice is herehy given thai ���'Yli(*'1,iiinil*1
[Intend to apply to the Ibm ' '..;���iilol
er of Landsand Works for l-* iu_t9
chase lhe following dcsenh'|i "���,,,! k*W
Kootenav ilfstriei:   Ileginni'"  *infotai_\
"W.K, tube's K   K   corner, ,"1"' ���" *
east shore  nf   Whatshan (' "
two miles   norlh of Ihe nan* '.'"ttirnee 11
lake;   theuee   north  H" ���' "llu.\  ^,,,-t: ��
ehalni, moreor less, to the   ',^l|(.riii*.,ni*|
following the sab  more in et mnctJ
and easterly direction 130 clu   ' * ���      ��� -'
the point of ootnmencemoHii
gores-more or lees.    ,_ ,  !uW ^
Dated this Oth day of Oct , �����*����� ff.pa��i^
F.L. U-U*vid>> **'*'\ A.NHEUSER    -AND "n* original
BUSCH...    Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
NELSON       ���*"��� ���_BP���,S,i{l_?rt*toh    VICTORIA
P. Burns <S_ Co.
Branoli M--rki.ii in   Boftland,   Trail,   NcImoii,  Kaslo,   Sandon, Three Korku, New
Dun ver and SIOOAn VUy.
to miy branch will hare
i earernl attciulmi.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
���Uli..'. I
114 V��
plici I
;    *
ner,' ru
cbilni 1
rhalni <���
. I  ���
Dili ���
Hfter  dale I pur-jiosi-uialclMi; apfdl-
iloner of i-amit
* inr p-nntMlon to purobase tba (ol-
1 lln   Hull   i'hli-1 CnltiDili
���rlbed lnnds:    Comineiieing Mt a, poi
southwi 11 ooraaz ol J. Ihtell'i ap-
... purcbaie- marked ��� ll. Pi K K. cor-
miiK (lulu.* m chaini nortii, ihcmuNO
���i lhetice -SO chains south, thenc**-** ���**�����
-1 i,�� point of eniiitnc-ncemeul, coulaln-
111 nm or less,
in i-uii dny of October, ism.
K. KlflKl.L,
per-I. Hhiem., Agent,
��� niterdate i purpose making HppM
Hnn  1 liiel I'ounntssioner u( Uin-I'i
' -��� permission to ptuob-M the fol-
,'. 1 inmis:   Conuneneint ai a p"��t
ihe  northensi ior iter of ll. rihiell's
imi tn |iui
'iiiiulRK  IheiieeMD 1 Imliifl north lo the
.���I T  I. li'jai. tlie - ho chains
- >   mi cbalni souih, thence ��) chains
>-nt ul iiiuiineuccmeiil, c-niUtnf iik &4"
ii, h.y uf (it-iobor, loun.
M.  K. '���K.MI'II.
per J. Hhiki.i., Agent.
h ii ��� dnie 1 porpoee making appli-
Hi-n lho (hlel Coniml-si.incr ol
ki lor I'tTinlsslon lo pnreliaHc lhe
-n'-d   land:    Comiiieu.'liiK at a
i nf the junction  i,|  Ilnriies nnd
ks, Hii-l <inst of It. J. Elliott's an
- purchaie. marked "VY. N fa. B. w.
-1 nu 1 no ihenee BO ohalni norih; thanee
- en-it; them-e Ho ihains lOUtbt thonce WJ
< V. in |-iiint of coiuiiicnceiuciil; eonlaln-
inoro or less.
1 iu dny ol Oetober, 1006,
W. N.I .kili,
I'er J. Hhiki.i.. A Kent.
lifter dale I purpose makhiK lippH*
1   Ilu-   Hon   the   1 ���],*. ,'   r..|iitiii--l-.iH 1   of
il   rka Inr iiuniilsBltm lo purehiuie the
.*  werlbcd landi     Commeuelng al a
P-i'i i-u - 1 st ihe southeast eorner of M. K. Graft*
..'���-11 to purehasei marked "V. I>'s,
���**W''      ���*    running; theuce ho chnins north;
-   ,   ��� ���- .  thonce nu Chalna oasi;  theuce N>
ihenee So ohalni wesi, to i>oiul of
in, < nutnlnliig 1.in aeres, more nr
hsle-l tin* 13th day of Octoher, 1006.
V. Dorm
I'er J. flliiu.1, Ageni.
Sdiici- |. hereby kIvcii ihat BO da.i after dale I
**.'��� npi-ll'-iitton 1,, the flmioraltli) the
'NtmlsBloner Ol Lands and Works for per-
purehaae the followlni deeenbed
in mencing al a post  on the   north
f  Lni-�� *�� mid  about'J chnlna eait ol
��   .     .!,   reek, running Hi chains east; ihenco
ii, ibenee �� ebalns westi tnence*)
I'Diliii. - uth.io point ol ci.mineneement, con-
[ lal 11 iiu j-.i ,,,-rt-s more or leu.
hateOtiemberll, 1'Jofl.
Lfon Wathos,
Hy hi-* agent, Bamei w. Rotutecw.
I til! ft*. I H
���vt nfter data 1 purpose maklni appli'
'k Hnn Cblel _ommisnliuier of Lauds
��� 1 ��� rmlnlon l�� purchase the fol-
* -i-'d Inml: Oommenelng at a post
"HI lou yards west of the Whalshan
nnd aboul two miles souih of What-
- marked "ti. 0. H's N  K-eorner  post,"
ihence  B0  chalnn   south;   thenee M
���i; ihence BOcbalns north; thenee 40
���' i" point of commencement; Contain-
res, more or less
- i'Uiday ol October, 1006.
11 0, HKINNin,
I'er R. Siuil.1., Agent.
Hraied oa
after dalu 1 intend toapply to the
��� hief Commissioner of Lands aud
In, tn puretiHse IN) acres of land,
west side of Arrow Inks, adjoining
eiorlbedai follows:   Commencing
o��l on lhe west boundary of Wl
1 hulus north of the S. Vt. corner ol
ce west .10 chains, thence south GO
l east 80 chains to the western
*-H����rj 01 iireemplleii No. 878, thonce uorth
niiinitn iiu,*,- of beginning,
'���"������"���i-l u, t.n, 191)6. M  K. Wau.iv,
it J. ku.iott, Agent
;"[y Is hereby given thai ��0 davs after dsle 1
]'' ' "ke n|i|ilicatioii lo the flonorahle lhe
J I,
���sl. 1
1 ol Lauds and Works fur
       *-.   \t,   iini.-in hij-i   i,iM��o,.ir|'(r-
,   *���' pnt chase  lhe  following  desoribed
"'''* ��� "iiiiiien.-lDg nt a post plneeil nhout one
������ i*um ,,[ winiishiui creek and about three
,;; "l"h nl Whut-han lake, runniiiK-sochains
' '. 'iH'iicettOehalni WeStl thence BO chains
f ii, tli-ine hu ehnins east, to point ol cum-
' "' '"* "I, eutitiiitiiiig (ilu acres nmre or less,
aii-lo. tober IS, lOOff,
I'ktkm MoNauOHTOH,
"V hlsugent, KiiNRMT Vi. KoiiiNsos
���''���'i"* I*, herohy given Hint im days from dale I
'���'' " "' apply tu the llnuurable the Chief Coin-
1    "l;,;i ol Lnnds and Works lo purchaM' M0
��� -01 lund .loaarlbed as loll owe 1 Commencing
*J"��t-plantcil on the north hank ol the Little
mt.' 1    T: aP.ou1 'M) y"n,fl from mouth, and
"*l��i "II. McLean's H. W. eorner jhisI,"
c cimt m eliiiiim, ihenee norlh HO chains,
"' WestmielnHtiH, Ihenco souih HO chains, to
^"^joniinencemenl, and coutainlng M0 acres
'"' ���",.")'("l,Mliiy Met , liSKi.        KniiT. Mcl.KAN.
-"i.  iiiyH a'ler dale I purpose making appli
.'.'""he Hon. Chief i'umiulssionorol Umls
Him' ,1     '"',' WrmhMlon tO purchase thu fol-
iriii,.- '^""bed  lauds:    Comineneiiig   a( the
* ������M eurner nf V. DwkPl application   to
j" "*   ' ITIa"kn,> "CL. H's N. E. eorner," run
a 'I ence ho chaini south, theuce ho chains
nit,, 1.    �� w ��hatm north, thenee 80 (hains
i,    ""io point of eoiiiiueiuvinent, containing
���1 nir.re or less.
per J sun-i.i.. Ageut
���"Her dnie I purpose making appli-
"oli. ChiefCommlsNlnlicrof Lnnds
'or pernislslou lo purehaso the fol-
"irlbeij inn,is: Oommenelng at a
1 nl lhe nortbweit corner ol ''_������
' application lo nuicliiise, marked
��� '1,rner," running thence -SO chnins
���ice hii chains west, thenco HO chnins
ice su chains east to point ol eonimeii
'loilnlng am acre*-, more or less.
'-'-'Ihdny of OQtQber, 1006
per J. Hiiikli., Agent.
I'stcd i
Notice Is hereby given lliat 00 dayi after date I
intend to apply to the Honorable (ne Chief f om-
mlssloner of Landsand Worku f���r permission to
[Hirchase the following de��erllM-d lands In lhe
West Koolenay dlstricl: Heginniug al a post
marked "Alexander Eraser's N. W. corner," and
Planted   on   lbe   east   shore   ol   (he narrowi of
Wbatsban (Cariboo) lake, at the S. B, eorner ol
H-rnhnrd BlrWh'l application lo purchase;
tbeuce east Oi ehalns; thenee souih 60 chains;
thenoe WUt 10ehalni, more or less, to the ahore
of the narrows; thence following the said ahore
Hi a northerly direellon  mo chains, more or less
tothe [Hiiiu of commencement, oontainlng 130
acres, moreor leas.
Ool  1-ilh, lwr,. AUXAKIiKR Krasrk,
hy F. L. Haiimoni). Agent.
Kixty davs alter dale I pur pone making application to iin- Hon. Cblel Commissioner of Landl
and Worka for in*rmlsslnu to purchase the following ���!>���-.���*iU*.l lnnds; Ootninenclng al the
northeast corner of c. I. Hanuingtou'i application to purchase, marked "E. A. Cs B. K. corner,"
ninning thence Ho chains north, theme HO ehains
west, theme ho chaiua soutb, theuee HO chaius
east to point of ciaimenccnicul, containing M0
acres, more or lesa.
Iiated the l.ili day of October, )'.<"<>
K A. Crkask,
per J Suiki.i, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that GO days after date
I Intend lo anply lolhe Hon cblel Commissioner
of Lnnd.i ami Works for ih* mil as ion lo purchase
the following described lauds In West Kootenay
hi-iri.**: ll-ginning at a post marked, "Item-
bard I Mr-Heir* w, K. corner," and planted on lhe
east shore of the narrows of Whalshan (Oirlbooj
lake; ihence n rth ko ebalni) thence west -to
ehalni moreor less, lo Ihe ahore of Whalshan
lake; thenee following snid shore In a general
southerly nml easterly direction 130ehains more
or less, lo point ol eommeucement: eontainiug
320 seres, more or leas.
Dated this Hth day of Oct. I:**--
UtltMIAIlI'   Hill   . 11,
F. I, ll imv'-m., Agent
Hxtf days after date I pnrpoee making application to t'-e Hon. the Chief Cominlsiiotier of
Laud- and Works for permission lo purehase the
following descrllied land: Commencing at a
post placed about hair a mite west of names
creek, and atxiut one mile north of the mouth of
the 'him marked "J. H's. B W. eorner," running
thenee so chnins north; thence ft) chalna cast;
Ihenee BO obalm south to the uorth boundary of
Vi. N. I'oole'n application to purchase; thenee HO
chains west to point ol commencement; containing did acres moreor lesa.
Paled the 18th dav of October, 1-Mfl.
Sixty days afur dale I purpose making appli
cation to the Hon. Chief Commlsalrner of Lamls
and Works for permission to purchaie thu following deserlbed lands: CommBUcing nt a pest
placed about half a mile west of the lower end of
Whatahan lake, marked "I). D'S. N. W .corner,"
running thence 80 chains soutli; theuee HO chains
east; Ihcnce HO chaiim north; thence 80 chains
wesl to point of eommeneement, containing 040
acres, more or less
Dated the Uth day of October, 1900.
I). Dodd,
I'er J. siiiki.i:, Agent.
S xly dayi afterdate I purpoae making application to tbs Hon Chief Coin mlssloner of Lands
and Wo ks fur permission to purchase tho followlug described landi: < omineuelug at the
northweal corner of K. A. Crease's application to
purchase, marked "W. 0, (I'i. 8 W. corner,"
running thence 80 ehalna uorth; ihenco 80
chaini east; tbenee 80 ehalni south; Ihcnce 80
chalm west to polut of commencement, containing Mo acres, more or lesi.
Dated the 12th day of Outolier, lOofl.
Per J. siiiki.i.. Agent.
Sixty days after dale I purpose making application to lhe Hon. Chief Commlnloner of Landl
aud Works for permlaalon to purchaie tho following deicrlbed lands: Commeuelng at the
norlhweat corner of D. Dodd'i application to
purebase, marked "M. K'a a. W. comer," running
tbeuce Hochaius norlh; thenco 80 ehalni, more
or lesa, to the west ahore of Whataban lake, followlug Mme 80 chains south; them-e 80 chains,
more or Irss, eaat lo the poi nt of commcn.cmout,
containing Mil acres, more or lesa,
Dated tbe 12th day of October, IWO.
M. fAl'quiKn,
per J. siiiki.i,, Agenl.
Notice Is bereby glveu lhat sixty daya after
dale I Intend lo apply to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Undi and Worki for permit-
lion to purchase thc following described lands;
Commencing al a |��**-i placed ou thc not thw. ���*.
corner of Albeit Ell lott'aapplleaUon to purehase,
mulling  hu chains   ensl along   Ihe   northern
boundary   of  same;   ihenee   KO ehnins  north;
tbence M chains wea-; th nee flo chaini iouth, to
point of oommenoement, containing 040 acres,
more or lesa.
Dated Pot, IS, in*. Jona Ki.i.iott,
Hy his agent, Khnkst W. Kobinson.
Noilce is hereby given that 80 dayi aller dale I
intend io apply to (he Hon. chief Commissioner
of i.iiuds and works for permission to purchase
lhe following dcscrtlicil lumls situated In thc
Wesl Kootrnay dlsirlct: Beginning at a post
murked " Herbert Warren's N. K. comer," and
nlantod on the W-StshOreof Whatshan fCarllaio)
ink-* nhoul one-quarter mile north of the southern end of the lake; Ihence went Oft chaini; theuee
���.niiiii HO ehatns; thenco east 80 chains, more or
less, to Whatshan creek; thence following
���north along iin* ereek and lake ahore ho chalna,
moreor loss, to polul of eommeneement, con-
luinliiif -340 acres, more or less
"Bale- this 8th day ol Oetober, 1006.
F. L Hammond, Agent.
Noilce Is hereby given that 60 dayi liter date I
nieud in apply i�� The Hon. chief Commissioner
���( i mull nm' Works for permlaslou to purehase
following described landa situated In lhe
West Kootenai District: Heginniug at a post
nmrked "Antoinette Kirch's N. K. corner," and
' inted' on the shore of Whatshan (Oariboo)
hike at (he lOUthoail corner of the Hah! lake;
ihcnce south 40 chains; lbence west 40 ehalni,
more or less, to the shoro of Whalshan ereek:
thonoe fulluwlng the shorn line of said creek and
lake In a general northerly and eaiterly direc-
lon HO chain . more or less, to point of oom-
iicnocmeiil;coiilaiiilng 100 acres, more or leas
Oct I'lth, i-**1**--
By F. 1- Hammond, Agent.
The Daily Canadian
Hawthornthwaite  Says Coming  8trugr
gle  Is  Momentoua and  Stirring.
J. H. Ilawlhornthwaito, in tho current labile of the Clarion, makes the
following "Call to Arms":
There In every reason to believe
that an election will be sprung at an
early date, There can be no inlBtuk-
tng the attitude of the capUallBiic
partial in this reapaot,   Both Liberal
and Coniervattvee are ���training every
nerve to gel Inlo kIiuiiu as rapidly as
poillble, bul by tacil coiiHent, or actual agreement, no notice will be ��iv-
cii until the Insi poiitble moment lor
fear of arotlllng an already deeply Interested working cIuhh.
Speaking In Vancouver some time
ago I stated that I believed (hat some
arrangement had been entered into
by the capllallutlc parlies, and further
that In my opinion tbe only reason
for lhe hesitation In springing the
election at that time was the energetic action of the Socialist parly in placing Its organizaters iu tbe field, and
tbe prompt response of Hie workers
Lo the slgual of batlle. Trusting that
this energy has been exhausted or
lhat the workers have been once more
lulled Into inactivity or listli^snesn,
the capit-ilis'iic parties are again
working In silent but strenuous ellott
to get ready for the fray and place
tbe proletarian forces at an obvious
It is highly advisable thai the Socialist party dears decks for action,
or in other words gets down lo business. 1 would suggest that each local
arrange forthwith for a nomination
meeting to bo held within a month
from dale and that Socialists In unorganized districts apply at once to the
provincial executive to nominate, suggest or assist them to secure suitable
candidates. This fight Is going to be
the most stirring and momentous In
the history of Canada and will prove
of world-wide Interest,    tl Is up to the
Notice \n bereby glveu that ��> 'Iny. after 'late I
iniriul making -Application to the Honorable h-,,.
Chief i uiiniii--iim,*r of 1-mnl-. ninl Work* Ior a
Hicclal licence to cut nml remove Limber Irom
the following described land*-*, hltuated on the
Kkagct river:
''ommenclni; shout W chains north ol thc
Mniitheut corner of UU %*% Yale dlatrlct; tlu-nce
runiittiK cant fortv (40) chalnn; noutho.ic hum)red
and muv (160) chatim; went forty (40) rhiilfie;
north one huuilred nnd aixly (K-0) chnliiH, lo
place ol commencement.
listed Octnbor 15th, 11106. I). II. Tgl.foan.
Thirty day*-after dale 1 intend to apply lothe
Hun. Chief Commisaloner of Lands and Work*,
for a -Special license lo cut and carry away limber from the followiiiK described laud: Commencing at a post marked "(leorge M.douu.
Houtheasl corner," planted about three miles up
Uroman creek, wblch emptlui about one mile
west of nelson) thence west 40 chains; thonce
north 160chaini; thence east lo chalus; thence
Mint li 1*60 chains to point I eommeucement.
Usted Oct. -Ml, I!�����>���.. '.Ki.UoK  M. '.''NN.
 W.J. McKimm. Agent.
Notice is liereby given that DO days after date 1
Intend toapplt to lhe Hon. the ('hlel Commls
nloner of Lands nnd Works for s spec'al licence
toeut aud carry a��ay timber frum the follnwinir
deserlbed lands: Commencing at a post Marked
"T. J. Bcau'anssouthoastcorner," planted about
five miles up (iroman creek, wblch empties alHitit
oue mile west of Nelsou; thonce west 40 Chainsi
(hence norlh 100 chains; thenee east -Ji) chains;
thence south 160 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Oot 30,1906. T. J. KANI.AN,
W. J, McKimm, Agent
Thirty days after date I Intend to apply to lhe
Hou. Chlal Commissioner of I-and* and Works,
Victoria, for a special licence to cut and cs'tv
away timber from the following tract of land,
situated on the N. >. H. railway,   In   thc West
Kootonay district: Commencing at h post pin nt-
ed near lhn N. K corner or A. K. Plngland's
timber claim, ihcnce westKOehalni, thence north
m chalus, thenee o -st HO chaius, thence sou th 80
chains to point of commeucemenL
Nov. 6th, 1906, P. J. li a I LSOHRR
Certificate of Improvements
"Hftlton" mineral claim, situated In the Nelsou
Mining Division of West Koolenay district.
Where located:���Ou Toad mountain.
Take Notice that I, John Mcl_itchfe. acting as
agent Ior (Jeorge A. Campbell, Free Miner's Certificate No. h70T7, Intend, sixty daya from the
date hereof, to npply to the M ini nit Kecorder for
a ced ideate of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Urant of Ihu above claim.
And further take notice that action, uu'er
section 37, must be commenced In-fore the Ihhu-
ancB of mob Certificate ol Improvements.
Dated this 17th day of November, 1WW.
John Mil,at. hu-.
Certificate of Improvements
"Hpyglaas" and "Oloba" mineral claims, situate
In Trout Lake Mining Division.
I-oealedon Poplar creek.
Tade Nollee that I, Hruce White, acting as
ageni Iur lhe Spy-Klni* Mining o.. Free Miner*'
Cerlllleato No ft. HM, Intend. 60 days from the
dale hereof, to applv to tho Mining Recorder for
a Cerillieale of Improvement*-*; for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Oram of thc above claim*.
And further take notice that action, under
���Section in, must he commenced before the Issuance of such CcrilliOiite ol Improvement*.
Dated 2*1 li October, 1B06. BBtMjfl Whitk.
Notlco Is hereby given thnt 60 days alter dute 1
Inteud to make application tothe Honorable tho
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to pureliase the following due iood
lauds: Commcnclmr at a pnst plauied ou the
northeast co-ner of I'eter McNauglitoii's application to purchase, lollowlng the east boundary of
same M chains south; thoncu ho chains east;
thence no chains north; ihence 80 chains west to
point of commencement, eontainiug 040 acres,
moro or lenn.
Doted Oct. 13, 1006. AMiKht Ki-l.ioiT,
Ity his Hftent Kiin-jwt W. Hoiiinson.
Notice in herebv given that sixty days alter ditto
I intend toapply lo the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of l.nnds and Works for permisnlon to purchase
Ihe following deserlbod lauds In tho Went
Knot ens y district: Hi-Kiiinlnji at a post marked
"J. H. Biinineo'n.-. W. comer," and planted aboul
ono-hall mile east of tho shore of Whatahan
(Cariboo) lake and about 2 mllen north of the
narrows of the mil lake, and at the 8. K eoruer
oflArthur Wirron'l application to purchase;
thence cant 80 chalnn; thence north 80chain��;
thonco wesl 80 chains tn the nnrthcnnt corner of
Arthur Warrcn'nappllcatlonto pureliuse; llienee
smith HO chalna to point of commencement, eon-
IsIuliiR UIO acres, more or less.
Oct, 13th, 1IW6. .I.s. siMiNKo,
K. L. Hammond, Agent.
workers to come out of the fray the
victors in every district contested, li
they do not succeed to this extent,
they can at least make tt evident Pi
society that half u dozen of the langs
of their capitalistic exploiters nave
been extracted for good in this piov
ince  of  British  Columbia.
Hearst in Mexico.
Mexico City, Mex. 30.���William H.
Hearst wan interviewed hy a member
of the staff of thc Mexican Herald
last night regarding his alleged stale-
ni'-nt that be would not bo a candidate for public office again. Mr.
Hearst said he had no desire to run
for office again and would not seek
or accept a congressional noinlnallon.
Ho modified, the utterance! recently
attributed lo hlm to the effect that
he would never accept another nomination by saying that if circumstanced
made it Imperative ho would once
more be u candidate for office. He
did not designate the office.
Any man who tries to dodge his
taxes has no business to hanker for
Ymir License District
NOTICB is hereby given that the
undermentioned persons have made
application urnl**.- the pi'ovIhIoiih of
the "Liquor, Licence Act 1900" for
hotel licenses at the placee set opposite  their   respective  names:���,
John Marshall, Marshall Hotel,
Wm.  Cray,  Salmo   llolel,   Balmo.
Alice M. Shields, Fort Sheppard
Hotel.   Wanela.
T. Q. Procler, Transfer to Q. T.
Snow, Outlet Hotel, Procter.
C. K. Burgess, Hdna llolel, Paler-
Owen Hoyer, Transfer to Malcolm
McLeod, Vancouver Hotel,  Ymir.
Mitchell Tail, Transfer to Archibald
Ac Davis, Pnlace Hotel, Ymir.
J.  W.  Masterson,  Ymir  Hotel, Ymir.
John Itivan, Cosmopolitan Hotel,
O. S. Coleman, Waldorf Hotel, Ynti.
Samuel   Miller,   Miller   Hotel, Vnnr.
Louisa Iv Me Peak. Sirdar Hotel,
J. W. Crow, Transfer to C. B. Walm-
sley, Grove  Hotel, Fairvlew.
Malelte &. Johnson, Kooteuay Falls
Hotel, Slocan Junction,
James   II.   Unimex,     Mersey     Hotel,
Joseph Walker, ISrickson Hotel,
K rick son.
E. K. McArthur, Northern Hotel,
Fred Moyer, Transfer to S. Marshall,
Valley   Hotel, near  Ymir.
Fred Adle, Jr., Wanelu Hotel, Wane ta.
A meeting of tho board of License*.
Commissioners will be held to consider such applications al the Provincial Police Office at Nelsou on Saturday the fifteenth day of December
19011 at the hour of eleven o'clock in
the forenoon.
Chief   License   Inspector
Nelson, B. C, 30th November, 190b
Silver King Hotd
Boot Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Roomi are well furnished.   Table as good u any
in Nelson.     Bar supplied with good
Honors and clears.
W  E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Knropcan end American Plan
Heals 36 cts.   Roomi from 16 ctr to It
Only Whit* Help Implored
Baker St., Nelaon Prop.
Bartlett   Hotise
But DolUr-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tba B.r ii th. rin.it.
White Blip Onlr Implored.
ioeepblne Ht.
Lake View Hotel
(Ioru*r Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Hates |1 00 par day and up*
_%___,      N.ELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Bample and Btth Roomi Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office*
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roonu.
Tho government of llrlllsh Columbia hereby offers a reward of
$1000 for Information leading to
tho arrest and conviction of one
Frank Cedio, alias Frank Agalio
Paimblanc, who on the 18th inst.
at tho Canuda hotel at Niagara,
B. C, murdered Louise King by
meiins of dynamite or other explosive.
Description of Frank Cedio,
alias Frank Agalio Paimblanc:
Italian, ago about 38 years;
height, about 5 feet 6% inches;
weight, about 160 pounds; brown
hair, light brown moustache;
may be clean Bhaven now; eyes
light liln.-. thin face, small thin
nose: slight scar on one cheek,
extending downwards from eye
to corner of mouth.
When last seen wore dark grey
suit with black stripes, plaid pattern and tanned high top laced
Wire   or  otherwise   report   lm-
midlately nny Information to Mr.
I.  A.  Densmore,  Provincial   Con-
stnblo .Grand Forks.
By order,
Sopt  Provincial   Police.
Qqeen's Hotel
Baker Street, Neleon. B. O.
Lighted by Eleotricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Leree end Comfortable Bedroomi end Pint-
oleei Timing Boom. Sample Room, for Commor-
el��l Mun
MRS. X. C. CLARKI, Proprletreel
Royal Hotel
Ratea fl and ��1.60 a Day.
Si- <4al Rates to Regnlar Boarders.
VV.   a.   GIUUETT
Contractor and
Snlc iigftit for the I'orto Kl.o I.utnhor CO.- Ltd..
rut nil ynnlH. Rough and clrujseil himhtir, hirncil
work and bracket*-*,, i.msst lath and uhlUfclca, mi nli
and dont-s. (.'einuiit, brick and Hum- [or Haiti
AlltoiiiKtic Knihler.
Yard anil facttiry: Vernon Kt.. uast nf Hall,
INBI_80IN,  B. C.
r O. Iinx -.'.:. Tolephono 17R.
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters and Dealers in
Cool und Woo s.   Expross nnd
Baggage Transfer
n.&:*. Office: Baker St.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils lor
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to use onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
$750 Cash and $.5 per Month
Will Purchase a Modern Hotise
containing three bedrooms, Dining room, parlor, kitchen and
bathroom ; gas and electric light.     The house is in a
good position on Mill street and
must be sold.
Price $1300.00.
H. & M. BIRD.
Wboleiale aud Retail Dealera In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oamps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh nnd
wholesome meats and snpples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
A* McDonald & Co.
Dealora iu Btaple and fanny Groceriee.
Batter, Eggs.
Ganip uud Minors' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
It you want to buy or soil anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dinnerware ln stock. Pr.t-
*T >      a*        *T>. TO   TAKK OUT  AN	
INowiSthe lime Accident InsurancePoKcy
I Represent The Railway Passengers' Company
Tht Oldest Company Doing Business In This Line.
Choice Fruit i H��� i��iS�� *�����
Choicest Frott Lands In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one bloc!
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
We Wifl Sell
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice  9 l-2c
Insurance, Fruit Lands, Real Estate.
McDermid & McHardy
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Winter Excursions
Nelson To Montreal, Toronto
===== Aai All Points Wat Thtrttf
Is Ontario ui Quebec.
Quebec, St. John Halifax, and Marl-
time Provinces rates on application.
Tickets on sale daily,
Round Trip, Fir-t-CIass. Th'te Months'
Limit, Old Country Rates
$89,25 Return
11 nl if ssi or St.. John.
Saloon, $05; Second, $76; Steerage,$54
And up, according to steamer.
For detailed information, sailings,
ocean steamers, first class or tourist
sleeper reservations, apply to local
agent or write
A.O.P.��..V.ncoiiTer. D.P.A.. Nelaon
Notice ia hereby (Iven ttiat at a mcetlnv of the
Botnl of Licenw I'oiinnisMtoii^r-., to In- he'd in
tho Chief Camttblu'i office, NcIroii, od tho 15th
Pert?mber, 1906,1 Inteml to npplv fo - a transfer of
my lfccn.e for tho drove Hotel, Falrvl-w, Nelion,
tot; F. Walmsley.
Dated 15th Nov., 1905. 3 W CROW,
per Wm. GOSNEI.L, Attornoy.
No Ice li herehy given that At a meeting of the
Board of Ltcetiie Tommlfiitlouuri, to be held In
( .i-��*f Conitable'sofflce, at Nelion,oQ 15th December, I9UH, 1 Intend t. -apply for n tnioiferof my
hotel llceiine for the ! .ilnVc hotel, at Ymir, to
Archibald A Davli
tth November, 1W6. MITCHJELL TAIT.
Excursions to
Eastern Canada
Oriental Limited
With through tourists car to
To Toronto, Montreal
and points west
BT4 -.78.25
Corresponding low rates to
points east of Montreal.
Tickets on Bale Nov. 24th to
Dec. 31st. Oood for three months
with privilege of extending limit
Going via Sault Ste Marie
stopovers allowed east of St.
Paul and Duluth.
Ooing via Chicago stopovers
allowed east of Detroit and
Port Huron.
' For  further  Information call
ou or address
A tl.P. A., Settilo.'*:-
J3__fsm $1-50
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Toh-cconlst.  Baker Street.
r The Daily Canadian
Invest You* Dollars
here instead of in the east. Our values arc
as good and better than Eastern values.
We do not want you to take our word for
it, bring your catalogues and find out for
tata muu.
zn Chocolates
J lb. box   -   50c
J-2 lb. box-   30c
ii..-. .- i- tn ��- nno ��h tin-muu's-xpt-ii.ivt
klii'ls, the only ^lffcrcni,L' iss tlit* package.
f    JOIN    THE   LADIES   AND    SEE ���
* THE *
��� New Xmas Fruits!
-        *
Seeded Raisins, Sil
Fine, clnan, Jul. y stock. A trial ���
order will oonvince yuu that the?
stuck is thu best. **,
Bell Trading Co, j
Coal and
Telephone 265
Some Wise Body
Has Said:
In    England    thoy    raise   fine
lumen.     In   Scotland   they   raise )
fine men.
In England they feed their oats ,
to horses.   In Scotland they feed
their oats to men.
Feed yourselves   aud    children '
B. & K. Rolled Oats
and then watoh tho result.-;.
B & K. Boiled Oats in Sib, 801b aud '
[01b guckrt for sale ut
I Joy's Cash Grocery j
Cor Jom-plilnt-aiii] Mill Bio.      I'huiie IU
We Hnve �����   Spec Mi lly
NtliiCttd  SiiiLk   Ol
for*   Xmatt irmk*,
Stoneware, Crocks. Bean Pots. Tea Pots, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
Potter & Cummings
Phone 25. Baker St.
Next P. Hums & Oo.
Cor. Vernon nnd w,-s-lI  Uls-cols*.
IM31_SON,   B. C.
.1. FEED HUME, Proprietor.
li P. Kane and wife, Kaslo; t:
Ayer, Eholt; G. Dunn. L. It. Nash and
wilt-. Montreal; T, Jones, Frank: n.
V. Green, Toronto; T. W. Storey, Winnipeg; 11. J. Silversteln, New Pork;
W, Dunn, Vancouver.
II. B. Neville. Vancouver; John
Curtson, Mrs. II. Ileaney, MIsb l,
Bracey, Grand Porks; .Mrs. C. Time-
1 y, Itoissland.
.1. M. Porter, .Miss Porter, Winnipeg; S. Memhlnnick, Camborne; J. a.
KI111, Victoria; J. McKeohule; J. H.
Orici. Kamloops; K. B, Griffith, E. 0.
Windsor, Vancouver; B, Collie and
wife, Jiliolt.
ii. Qulgley, W, Cone, Midway; J,
M. Cameron, Nakusp.
J.  M. Ciii-rie, J.  R.  .Murray,    II.    J.
Wright,  Alnsworth;   C.   VV.   Hlghman,
Alnsworth;   H. B, Conner, Huby mine.
.Miss G. Stewart, Ymir; T. Andrews,
Revelstoke; W, J. Vanslckle, Minneapolis; E. IS. Uardwell, Excelsior; W.
Udell. Brandon; W, Harris and wile.
I). Henderson, Toronto: A. J. With-
eraton, Phoenix.
M. McGuire, Bonnington; .1. Henna,,
F. Covey, Sparta; R. Lepech, Bpokane; It. Graham, Procter; J. Had-
slisw, II. Johnston, Granite; J. M. Cur
rle, Alnsworth; J. Daley, Kochs Siding.
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Poand Cans     90c
JO Pound Cans $1.75
Telephone llll.
ISIIK SMAKIMI    AMI   SKHIXII-H|r-s.    Bi-rllli
Ws.-1.-1j, asssivss Royal Bunk ,sf Canada.
M MKN. nl isiirs-, fssr wnrk III Ills.- woosIb. At.ply
is. W. K. r.siiks-. murrain. Ksi.l.s,
I.AUV MTCN <��i Ii A l'l IE It f nr prasitloli in country.
'isiss.1 Isssssii- wills unployer'l family. Apply
,sox W.. I'HiiHilliui ������!,..
III-.11IMK.V.MII1 ll���ii.]Ks,is.ll.���iiKliiitl,-s,iiirBiliii.,
"is*, BnglOMr YvtfttSburg l.iiliibssr t:o., near
'rsslilsrssiik. R. IS
lOMI'KTKXT   trOBit   0I8L.   Hn>  ciiildren.
Apply 1k,x 613.
TWO KlttBT li.AHJ UOOHH, ItWm Isl-HU-J.   Apply hooMkeepor. Urd Hat. K W. 0, blssuk.
PRUNING ASH URAPTINU mrcliill)- attend-
esl to. Apply
Silver Kiiij Hotel.
No changes in the metal quotations
have occurred since Wednesday.
There will be no bill at Sherman's
opera house tonight, or tomorrow
The collections at the Nelson customs office for November amounted
to 181,888.41,
Bert Davison h-ft the Home hospital
this morning uud will soon resume Jus
duties  at   the   posloMicc.
The Knights of Pythias bare decided lo give an At Home In their hall
the evening of Tuesday, December 11.
Mr. Justice Martin will preside at
the civil sittings or the supreme
court, which will open here next
Tho social ami whist party of Uie
Churchmen's club in the mission
room last night was well attended-and
very enjoyable.
Davis Booth, manager of the curling
rinks, said this morning that unless
there is a serious change in the weather curling will be In order tomorrow
The machinists' dance will be held
tonight at Fraternity hall. The hall
has lieen beautifully decorated for the
occasion and no doubt an enjoyable
evening  will   be spent.
H. II. Carley returned last night
Irom an extended business trip to the
coast and intermediate points. He reports that business conditions all over
Hritish Columbia are better than ever
lie fore.
Scotchmen throughout the world
will celebrate tonight the anniversary
of their patron saint, St. Andrew,
(le-oigt; Johnstone w_Jl preside at a
biinjuet for that purpose in the K. oi
1'. hall  tonight.
The skating rink will be opened
either tomorrow evening or Monday.
The management is now selling season tickets at $5 for gentlemen and
$o for ladies. Where there are three
tickets sold lo one famHy each ticket
can be secured for Jo.
"Out In Idaho," at Shermau's opera
house next Monday night, under tlie
direction of Messrs. Ed. F. Adams &
Co., of 127 West Fortieth street, New
York city, Is without doubt one of the
most interesting and best staged
melodramas. A clean, wholesome plot,
true to nature, free from the trashy
melodramatic claptrap. E. Webb
Chamberlain's portrayal of Jim Dexter, the big-hearted Westerner, is so
natural that one can readily see that
Mr. Chamberlain has experienced
ranch life in the far Wea,t. The .Ottawa Citizen put it thus: "To see Mr.
Chamberlain as Jim Dexter, the Westerner, would seem to carry one back
to the early days in the West, and
make one feel it were reality and not
The Store of Quality
40 Cents pet Pound
In order to* clear out this line
we are reduciiiK the price Ui
40c. Wo only have a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if you want any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
[Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel tc Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward   Sts.
Don't Overlook
Tea Bats, PikIiIIiik Dishes, Butter
Dishes, Meat Kssrks, Pickle Qrnatl,
Knives. Korku, Spoons, etc., all of lhe
boBt material possible to be hail. All
must be sold by Xinnn, so come early.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica anil Josephine Sts.
White French China
For Decorating
The assortment includes Steins,
Vases, Cups and Saucers, Sugars and
Creams, Jugs, Salad Bowls, Bon-Bon
Dishes, Plates, etc., etc.
Prices Range from 20c to $6
W. G. Thomson
.SMS8 "d Nelson, B. C.
I Ml onto .14.
Order Your
Fruit Cakes
We make them in all sizes
and designs
Choquette Bros*
Cabinet   Reconstruction.
Guests at lhe Btrathoona were
startled this morning to read the lollowlng, purporllng to be a telegram
from London:
"The new cabinet waB formally installed  yesterday.
"The labor party, under the leadership of John Hums, held a caucus ln
the afternoon at which a new platform
was constructed, which was approved
and adopted.
"Much of the old timber is retained
but some of the Inferior membera
that broke down in the recent time ot
stress have been discarded.
"lt is believed that abundant mip-
port Is now guaranteed to enable the
cabinet to carry out Its programme,
which on the whole will be one of stability and conservatism rather than oi
revolution or even procession.
"The leading Industry of the country ls well represented and while It
may he criticized as wearing au air 01
specious brilliance, It is a case of "all
the goods in the shop window.'
"Still, on the Whole, Mason Is very
well satisfied with It and ii Is believed that In future Guernsey will be
quite safe In the seat occupied by hlm
In the late crisis. We refer in the
oro cabinet In the Btrathoona, which
fell down on Friday last."
The author of the hoax turned out
to be that solemn and serious-looking
gentleman, 0. 0. Buchanan,
The entertainment committee of the
20,000 club has definitely decided not
lo attempt any enterprise until January 8 or thereabouts, when they win
give a ball In the opera house.
How   About   Vour
Ouns and
We have Kiev's KyniH-kV, Win-
cheater, nnd Cornwall &
Loaded Shot Shells
Eynook'a, Wlnoheatar and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives Wading, Belta,
Coats, Panto, -to.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631      [.���Uon, B. O,
By Mail $1.35
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Sherman's Opera House
Monday, December 3
Melo   Dramatic   Success
"Out in Idaho"
A True Western Play.
Prices, 60c, 75c and 11.00.
Plan at Rutherford's Saturday.
On hiii) after December lit my In-HttiiR anil
plumbing Imsim-HN win tie Inr-ut.. iti my new
Ihopj two doom eut ��*r op.*��� house, on victoria
Tel. 181.      S. A. WYE
Prices of  Metals.
New York. Nov. llll. -Silver, (III :|.��e;
copper, 21   Me;   lend, Jf,.7.r>.
London, Nov. 30.���Silver, 32d; lead,
.till 8s.
Trains and Boats.
Crow hoat���On time.
Coast nnd Slocan train���On limn.
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland tralu���On time.
All changes for advertisements must
reach The Daily Canadian business
offlce not later than 10 o'clock in tho
morning In order to Insure Insertion
iu the issue of that day.
Shapely feet .should not lm rcn-
_-*���_���.���_ f-luiuf-v hy mitfniiily, illlit-
tinK Kh-*.<!H. Yon oau uppi--.tr to no
better ftdvai-tagQ thim when en-
oased in a pair of our elcKaut fitting Hlippora.
Something    Nethersole Bracelets
For the Baby ="   ���
$1.00 Each
Telephone .1.1.J.
&Co., ���**-*&&_
****���   **v*t       Limited, Wtantpeu,
WhiilcHiinj Provisions,
Produce, - Hrult.
t dreamery Ono Pound Bricks received weekli hai,
j churn.   Kor sale by all lending grocers.
Offloe and warehouse: Houston Mock,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Hhentmetal Work, Castings, Builders' Material and Mining and Mill HaoMaM
Offlce and Works Koot of Park St.
i'ii.,n_ .ut.
IN'elMon, tt, C.
A Word to the Wise
This ye.tr we have appre-eiatwl the wmil* nf oom
toiiitTs mnl have panst'il Into stock lite
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
This stove is n<lnp.. (1 (or linnl ooal only, Ud isp
nntet.l tu Rive H-jtisfm-tidii.
}* H. Ashdown Hardware!
Company, Limited.
B. A. I8AAC R. W. HINTON ~*~^<AAoA^f|
U-epnlrli-K and .Johhlnu _x_.ut��d with D_>apatch.   Sht��t M��t
Work, MlnitiH mi.l Mill Muclilnvry.     Mnnufactursra ol
Orw  Cb.h,  U.  tt.   Contractora*  Cura.
Tels-pune t
I'.O. Hssi
The Parlovitz Concert  on Wednesday  Evening isl
NO SACK SUIT occasion.        A FULL DRESS SUTTl
i�� the proper thing and JOHN T. PHCRKB b the man to make them sir iimstw
old oue up.     Pnt on a front if you would make the 80,000 mark.
JOMIN T. PIERRE., Artistic Tailor
All Sizes 35 to 44
Now in the time
to liny voiir
Winter Oremo-l
All Prices from $10 to $30
AND DEALERS IN   Ltittlhzt*  Sh!-lgI*2Sj
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Brackets.          Mail Ordcm promptly nlW'a<dl|
 VBWNOIN STRI.I1T  -  -   .   NUU80IN, ��. C.	
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Famoue Kootenay R****8e'
Became we cannot procure a better, taking '" ��|ce
count  deelgn, workmanehlp, cooking qualities >t"V
We will be pleated to ahow you lti good poln��*
Wooct-Vallance Ha*c. ware Co'f


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