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The Daily Canadian Nov 8, 1907

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prink Halcyoi
nk Halcyon
I.it I.la Water.
I.111.la dinner Ale
Halcyon l.lihla Lemon Sour.
Mi,.|,. IP mi put
.naled   Halcyon
Utile Wati i
m ,���. ������,,   Mill get It.
bsis and cafes
\\ li. - is you ask for Haley-
Sold at all ho
VotUMB 2.    No.   133
' ��� ______ ; "%,        _
THE   D)
Will be delivered
your door for
ting    at
Ontario Opposition Group
I Damaged by Party Defeats in  His
Province   Comment at Ottawa
on Government Reverses.
"  1.    -      I'll.,  three  bye olee
OnLi   lo   nil   Tllesdll*    III.'
In th.   gain ol one soul by
is,...11.-.  . tin       in the general elec-
Lion Hi.   .. 11   anient   carried   two  and
..I these seals.    Nov.
one and las opposJ*
i..ii two, thus   Increasing   by   two   Ll��e
largi   opposition  majority In
n deli Rl 11      Mr   A> leswortll
1   itiaiu, 'ii.' now Ontario min
I have  been   trying  to   build
. battered tortiines and
i. ���   in ih.- premier proving a  brilliant  i.eonl.
-������'.   '1 elected Mr. Ilyiuan by
.    majority   at   tbe   general
in I   recorded   a   majority   of
1   in  a In 11 lie l..'(-iiin.. min
ner of public works two years ago, has
Major   ll.atlie.   Cons, rva
.. in illy  of   1.036.    The   pre-
P ligation   of   the  criminal
' case  .hows bow   the  major-
waa obtained.   Over a bun-
most  ..f  them  voters  at
places, testified   thai   tinry
I- I  Ji"  .arb   to  vote  for   Mr
Himaii it was nol plain simple bribery.
P'Ui the   til      ���   '.iking   his   chance   of
f  I I'll'    a    rolisillriicv     le
).- :��� 1. ra ana ici uflneers
;.    lecrsey  of  the  ballot so
11..,' .inn. 111   was   nol   made   until
delivered,   ln some cases
sili.i boxes .*. r.   opened by the reimr.
and    lie-    I.allots    inspected
I li In     most   cases  the   otTlc.T
t so In- could see how It
Sis marked, and nave a sign i" un SO*
somi.lir.. who .li" eked off the nnme In
nf voter, to  be  paid.    The  con
iwaltlng trial Include leading
i.n in  il..-  Liberal organisation,   and
;.;.    Implicated  are   govern'
Mil <.fflt'. rs   iiinl   contractors.     When
'���' rami   '1.  Ii';ln   Mr.  Ilyninn  re
* His leading workers
(nstituency were so paralysed
thai .I.*-v did noI noni
Issti :.   "'1.nn. in candidate    A labor
ssodldatc   im agalnal  Hi" I'onservatlve
 1   and ll Is reported that
."had an understanding with th.' got
]��� ' thai h. would receive the Un-
���ral vote and   stlpporl   the   ndiiiiuistra-
I���. I'.m iii,- Conservative is sleeted
'i ill* largest   majority ever polled  in
ihm bet land    has been  >
""������   cl. ���    constituency.    The lata
Ml    ... 'Him.',  had   Hi-out   per-
I  II \l    ll...   lasi   el.'.'Hon
U�� majorlt   ������ as  106.   The government
i: .pes of capturing this
Q  iham, the  new  minister
���' ho has been commended
organiser, went  t.. the eon-
ailueniry and  look  charge of the cam-
I in.'   ni   several   places   and
ii'iiii.: ni,,nn  among  the  people  with
>n attractive    programme    of    public
The government   candidate  Is-
rctilar letter with the British
��� Canadian linn on the inure, and on
. ". i   ..l   wharves,  breakwaters,
I lildlngs  and  numsroua slniilnr
 i   ni   Invostmsnts,     Tho
|J'J i. rnmt.nl   campaign   '.vns  little   more
"Mi a wholesals attempt to bribe  the
nc*    wiih    offers    of    public
j 1-    Nothing  worse has ever  been
| J'''" I" Dominion  elections.     Mr.  Orn-
:i,ri tins inn,i,. himself a  Arty  to a
"' ''��� -'''I'lini! campaign,   The whole.
I '"":" fnd refreshing  purl  of lt  Is that
icfieme    failed.       Mr.   Owens,   the
'" ""Hi" candidate who had nn pal-
ronage i��� imo .,���,]  nn   ]m),]\P  bribes to
'1"i. is elected   by  a   majority  of  2r.fi
I """'li Is larger Hum   Hint obtained  by
"Mate member In the general eleotlon.
���Wlh Wellington was previous to lust
"�� I'm  u  iloitl.trul   constituency.    Mr.
, ,J "ll'ii had long represented lhe rid-
.'.-'"" iiis majority dwindled away un-
j" in I Mm |���. wns'defeated.     Then  fol-
nf ri " "'""ti'iiiuiionor gerrymander
Nnrii   ��'" '" ln" l-lheral  Interest, mid
orin Wellington wns re-adjusted so
.'" townships    glvlnt    three   or   tour
niir..,|  Cong(   ...,.|v���   .nn]01.m,.s   were
_?, ,''"" '" another riding. This
11,11,.,',' N'"'ln Wellington into some-
I���* """ ii Liberal hive, and It remains
I in;' governmenl ranks by :!7.t major
Mr m   .'.'. c"V|,''aiiient     candidate   wns
career oi slghtsen years, Including soma
eight years In office, 81. Charles 1Kb-
berl established a reputation as a statesman of great sblUty and an administrator >.f the strictest  Integrity,   lie has
hosts of frl.-iiilH In both parties, and Is
greatly admired and honored by his
own. sir Charles million Is a first
class fighting .nan. II.- srss Hve Hue's
elected In the county of I'ictou and
never defeated, though Hint riding lias
always been regarded as n close constituency, Hlr Chaiies llll.liert has
been ro-nonilnnted by the I'ictou Consecutive and will probably take an ao-
U-'   Shan    in lln-  organization of Nova
.-*(���.. in sad the prosecution of the next
campaign !n thai province. Mr. Ilor-
den's duties as the leader of bis parly
compelled him In the last election to
give his attention to other provinces
and oilier constituencies than his own.
Il will In, lhe same In the next campaign and the Conservatives of Nova
Seotl.i will consider themselves fortunate in having Sir Charles Hilih.Tt
Topper among them when the light
comes on.
It was announced last week that
while Mr. Turgeon. attorney general of
Saskatchewan, came oul of the election
contest with a minority of the unchallenged votes he would probably be
e.mule,I tn bv tbe court or commission
Which Judges Ihe disputed I.allots See
ing that this court waa composed of the
returning officer. apiioinU'd hy Mr. Tur-
gSOO himself, and of a local magistrate
also selected bv the government, and
that the magistral.' bad acted as Mr.
Torgenn's agent at one of the polls, and
lhat he took part irt the procession
which celebrated Tnrgeon's victory
while the result was uncertain, It could
easily be foretold that Mr Turgeon
Turgeon would !..��� deolsrsd elected. This
Is an easier nnd safer method than the
rabbit skin" process of Inventing elec
tora' names and siuffiiig the ballot box
with Imaginary votes. Hut it accom
plishes  the same  purisnse.
Guggenheim.' Deal with  Dominion Government Give. Them Control
of    Whole District.
'ii a man would
rb figure he slm-
nt. all.    There Is
W,   Kelly
our bundled
steamer this
tuved   In   Van-
looking for
of Whit*'
Emmerson Libel Suit Dies
Natural Death
Last of New Brunswick Cause Celebre
���General News of Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Frederlcton, Nov. K ���The supreme
court opened yesterday with Chief Justice Tuck on the bench. There was
marked interest in the court aH ll Is the
session thai argument was to be made
on (he point which Judge .Landry re-
M-rii'il for ihe decision of the full bench
when the case of Hon. II. K. Emruerson
vs. Crockett, was before him tn the circuit court last June. The case, however, Is not on the docket, and there
will be no argument, this leading many
legal men who art* gathered here for the
session of the supreme court to believe
that the last has been heard of the
famous suit for defamatory libel.
Vancouver. Nov. 8.���Five thousand
more men would be employed In the
Klondike than there havi* t-w-.- -..,-���--
tun un j iin 11 i ni_* KoVertiniont and not
the Guggenheims had Installed the big
water system now bring completed by
the New Yorkers  In that district.
T his statement was made, today by
John Muddun, a large claim owner on
Hunker creek, who sold out to the Cug-
'I have no particular complaint to
make against the Guggenheims," said
he, "tor thvy are handling their affairs
strictly on business principles. They
have employed thousands of men during tbe past season, aud will do more
next year. Thr.lr machinery Us the lineal for special mining work In the history of the world. Uut the arrangement
they nuule with the government, gaining the right to carry water, placed all
the small miners at their mercy. The!
placer mines of lhe hills are useless
without water. The small owners simply had to sell out. They had to sell at.
wbai they could gel. half the price, a
quarter or a fifth, of what tbe property
would otherwise have. I>een worth ""~~~
one day the Guggenheim ageni
through ami bought a million
worth of claims. Wh
not sell al a low emm
ply wan given nothing _^^^^^^^^^^
here and there a claim not bought by
Hie big American firm, but eventually
these owners must all come tn to sell.
for they have no way of carrying on
romitig up the Yukon the steamer
Cases met greal quantities of tloatlng
Ice, iho vessel was held up for ten days
at ne'.lgate Canyou, and it was only
by the use of block and tackle that the
vessel got over at,  all.
The largest single amount was $30,000
brought   rrotn   Dawnon   by
or Dominion creek, or tha
passengers arriving on th
morning,   two hundred
cotiver.    Many of these art-
Mr.   Madden   says   that   the
helms   nre.   making   IftTSa   purchas
copper properties at the head
Lord Mayor Sivorn In.
l-romlon. Nov. X.--Str John Tharles
Hell was today sworn In as Lord Mayor
of London. Tomorrow he will be* form
ally inducted Into office with the time-
honored pageantry known us the
Mayor's   show      """
year promises to u<j u. ^ . --
* ---��-  -v    o��ri,rtr   wiin managed
Brandon. Nov. ��.���-The city is instal-
lin an electric lighting system of Its
own to light the public buildings, and It
Is quite probable that In the near future
it may Iih enlarged sufficiently to do all
the municipal  lighting.
Winnipeg, Nov. 8.���James A. Robln-
.-ion, the Winnipeg financial and real estate broker who w-as^ar^i,^/],^!* Im'Tnt*
and brought��g%j tai8e pretences, of
$1,000 from George Kdwards. his partner, was found guilty at the assize
court. The jury was out but five minutes. The prisoner waa remanded
Lethbiidge. Nov. 8��� The Lethbridge
Herald today announced thnt In a very
short time they will issue a daily. This
will make two dallies here.
Lethbridge, Nov. 8.���J. B. .teddy, mall
clerk on the Calgary local, was arrested
here last night on a charge of indecent
assault, on Information laid hy a girl in
Calgary. The prisoner fainted when arrested and cannot be removed to Calgary yet.
Toronto. No\. S.���Judgment has heen
received In the case of Frank,Arnold!.
K. C, against G. U. it. Cockhurn, former
president of the Ontario Bank, for $7.-
700 for legal  fees.
summer Mr. Turner called tbe attention
of th e Dominion government to the
proposition ln a letter to Hon. Frank
Oliver, and tho minister's reply on the
subject Indicates that the alma of the
association are right In line with the
policy of the department of the Interior.
Consequently the long hoped for game
preserve may be expected to be a reality
In the near future, and the diminishing
herd of elk assured a permanent refuge
and breeding ground.
Opinion of Railway  Men's Organization
���Will Seek to Amend.
Toronto, Nov. 8.���Harvey Hall, railway laborer organization agent, said
this morning that the rallwav bodies,
after six months' trial, are no more
satisfied wltb the Lemleux Labor Act
than they were when the bill was first
brought down in parliament. Hall said
that at the approaching session of parliament an amendment would lie asked
exempting railway employees from the
clause In the act prohibiting strikes
during Investigations under the act. This
exemption would virtually leave railway
organizations under the terms of the
Hallway Disputes Act. Introduced by
Sir William Mulock, and passed in 190.1.
This Is what the railway rnen wanted,
and is still what they want. A bill giving effect to their wonts will be Introduced, and an effort made to put It
through at the earning session.
Lusitania Clips Another Hour Off Time
of  Passage���Make.  Three
New Standards.
New York. Nov. 8.���The marvellous
reconl established less than a month
bro by the giant turbine, Lusitania,
when she cut several hours from the
passage time across the Atlantic, already has been broken. Hut the Liu.lt-
anlt still retains the lltle of Queen of
the Seas, as it was herself that established the new mark ami t.laced seve,rpj
.���nine tne beBt single nays run, 618
knots made on November 6th. an average of more than 600 knots for every
full day, and an average hourly of 24.25
knots for the full 2.781 miles. The best
previous record for the westward passage across the ocean was by the Las*
Hanla on her last voyage, when she covered the distance In four days, nineteen
hours and fifty-two minutes. The voyage ended today over the same course,
was completed In four days, eighteen
hours and forty minutes, thus clipping
one hour and twelve minutes from the
previous low mark. And this was done
in the face of conditions none too favor-
From the start the weather was
"  J  when
Europe Affected by Panic
in America
London's Comment on Situati-ra in
New York���Bank of England's
Step Was Justified.
Kdtnonton.   Nov.   S��� Hank
for the week are 1014,669.
Ottawn. Nov. 8.���lion. N. A. Heleourt,
former speaker of the Commons, lias
returned for Rarnuc lake, Atlirnntlnck
mountains, quite improved in health,
and will slay th
winter In Ottawa.
The     procession      thin
l,e of exceptional brilliance.   Louis N. Parker, win. manarr
ths pageant!L^.S^Vmunds, has
Sherborne and Bury
assisted the sheriff's
arrangement* ror tomorrow ss]
London may  nm,n,a,"��� ,���,.v
these  new   days of pugeantiy
ami |,|,
'" tlnlKl."
n. a In-other of Ihe late n.ein-
ie   death    cause the vnenney.
Milea thnt he might he permitteil
ut the term  for    which    his
so   that
nlty  In
lu the
Is   lllg-
May Be From Bad to Worse.
Vienna, Nov. 8,��� The government has
varning   against   the   agents
busy  Inducing
'hi. n. elected  has  prevailed.    If
"ni'lnn ii """ 1",<l carripA N"1"11' wp|'
Ontartl, i'i0 wn"1" n��t he a Bent In
"h rn. 1.      '  cmll'l    he    regarded  as
T|||    hi., government,
T'i|ni,.r .'""   "f   slr   Chnrlps   Hlhbert
Uf!.   Li   ',(,"vo political    life    gives
to tho   Conservative
During    a    polltlcs.1
issued    ^^^^^^^^
who at   present   are
;arlan  emigration  to
Aiisliinii anil   Ilungo
Mahlo   guarantees   are   &***&!&
garding the prospects   Tor emigrant
the- southern Bates.    m
Saskatoon, Sask., Nov. 8.���According
to a spiritualist, Kenjamtn Vogan, who
disappeared from Saskatoon about a
month ago. and whose body was found
about a mile from the city on October
2fith, was murdered and robbed. Lasi
evening at the home of the dead man's
brother, a man claiming to have supernatural powers held communication
with the mystic grounds, and declared
that Vogan was done to death for the
sake of the money he carried at the
time. Further than this he declared
that the murderer has been living and
at the present time dot! live tn Saskatoon, and that within seven days he will
be under arrest. The spiritualist is said
to have given such a graphic description of the crime as to have made a
deep Impression upon the relatives of
the deceased man. and as a result thoy
bolieve that the victim met wiih foul
place, and will take steps to bave the
matter Investigated.
Edmonton, Nov. 8.���A committee of
members of the board of trade with
Chief It. U. Davidson, of the tire depart-
held a meeting last night for the
of securing data that would
cause a reducllon in Ilrse insurance
rales. It is understood that the city
has been censured In a report
frequently Ignoring the tire
law. It Is also understood that the commission hns gathered together many
facts which will place .the city In a
more favorable light In the eyes of fire
underwriters than It has occupied In
ihe past.
Winnipeg, Nov. 8.���Through the action of the Manitoba Game Protection
Association, and the cooperation of the
Dominion and provincial governments,
the herd of elk In this province, one of
the last on the continent, is likely to
be preserved from extinction which ls
now threatening those noble animals.
For two years past the association has
been agitating for the setting apart of
a game preserve which would include
a great portion of the natural feeding
ground of the elk In the mountains. Last
stormy and on the last two days
the big steamer was on the home
stretch, where the greatest burst of
speed might have been expected, she
drove straight into the teeth of a strong
wind, high confusing seas and occasionally sharp squalls.
Indian Government Forced to Take Extraordinary    Measures���Viceroy's Views.
Simla, India. Nov. 8.���The legislative council has adopted a hill for the
prevention of public seditious meetings,
and empowering the authorities to proclaim areas as tlie home government Is
empowered to do In Ireland
The Karl of Mlnto
speech,  declared   tha_	
could not ignore the warning given dur
ing the past months by the riots, rebellious addresses, pamphlets nnd attempts to undermine the loyalty of the
Indian army, lie expressed his determination to supprebs sedition, but added, conctllatortly, that he did not wish
to check the growth or political thought
and ambitions, which were the welcome
nnd the natural results of education.
The government, he declared, would
he blind If It Ignored the awakening
wave which was sweeping the Eastern
world. It was prepared to meet it and
to guide It Into beneficial channels.
the viceroy, in a
that  the   government
London. Nov. 8.���The newspapers
this morning give much attention to the
rapid advance In the discount rate of
the Bank of England. They reflect
some anxiety regarding the serious
handicap thus placed on their trade and
enterprise but they recognize that the
directors of the Hank or England had
no other course to pursue. Several
financial writers Interpret the advance
as an indication that the condition in
the t'nlted States Is worse than hitherto has been thought, and they consider
that the directors of the Bank of England were animated by a desire to convey a strong hint that the American
government must take measures to restore confidence and prevent the continued holding of gold.
The Daily Mall prints an editorial on
the text that in the modern financial
world the Innocent must suffer with the
guilty. Confidence has been destroyed
in the United States," the paper says.
"English business has to pay a heavy
8omW*b5sl~U_a,rfues against London be-
Germany, where the state bank authorities have power to protect the gold reserves without resorting to fluctuations
of the discount rate which disturb trade.
Nottingham, Nov. 8.���Whitelaw Reid,
the United States ambassador, delivered a s|ieech on Anglo-American trade
relations at a dinner here last evening,
given by the Nottingham Chamber of
Commerce, of which club he was a
guest, referring to the amount of trade
carried on between the United States
and Great Britain Mr. Reid said:
"Neither of us is trading with the other
out of benevolence or philanthropy; we
are doing it on both sides mainly because we think we are both geetlng the
most for our money. This being the
case, should not he, who for spleen or
petty political demagogism.utters a word
or does an act to interrup the present
friendly relations between such customers, be criticized as one or the most
disagreeable as well as one of the most
pernicious of the public enemies."
Berlin, Nov. 8.���The rate of discount
of the Imperial Hank of Germany was
raised today from 6V4  to "Vfe  per cent.
New York, Nov. 8.���The WWte Star
liner Teutonic, which got in yesterday
from Southampton, brought her quota
of gold for the relief of the financial Institutions on this side of the Atlantic
She had in her strong room $l,800,0iln
In gold coin and bars for New York un.l
Canadian banks.
Civic Federation, G. Orunby .Ionia-
prominent   manufacturer  of  Columhut.
Ga., and  Warren  S.  Stone, grand chief
of the International Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers.
Elabt.ate   Preparations   for   Reception
of German Emperor- Wasted.
).<>ml.in.  No". *.���It    ls    learned  on
good author*.    '  It, ths* Kaiser will not
visit England,       j -di been,arranged. It
.8 change of plans
is understood  i
Is due lo Indis," ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
The visit l\*td ocen arranged for an
early date In November. It was said
that the Imperial chancellor, Prince
Von Buelow, would accompany the sovereign and much political speculation
followed the announcement. The imperial yacht was to have been met at
the North Sea by the whole home fleet.
More than 100 pennants, under command of Admiral Lord Charles Beres-
ford. and every honor due to so august
a guest, was to have been carried out
to the letter. Upon the Kaiser's arrival
in England he was to have been escorted to Windsor, where the whole royal
family was to have greeted him at a
State banquet, and in London a banquet
at the Guildhall had been arranged,
which. It has been declared, would
eclipse all funtions of the kind tn a
generation past.
Indeed, the people of England, according to repots, were prepared to
welcome Wilhelm fr. with an unequalled
spontaneity as a pledge of their faith
in ilu- better relations said to exist between the two nations.
Gallcian  Bridegroom Dead as Result of
Altercation With Ffllovy Countryman and ..oe.t.
Winnipeg, Nov. 8.���Joe Bigurskl, who
pn .October   VJlth    was   nrraatqri   nn   ,*,��
inok lit a wedding, Is now lying in Ule
provincial jail, with the capital charge
of murder hanging over his head.
The man wno was injured died last
night. His death was caused by his
skull being  splintered   by the   blow of
For Lemon Creek Timber
R. S. P. Smyth and Associates to
Begin  Operations at Once���
May Need Branch Railway.
an axe.
The tragedy is the result of
ding which was held on the night of
October 28. In a small house at 673
Stella avenue.
Ab is customary at these Gallcian
weddiugs, a big supply of beer and
spirits was on hand, and each guest
present was exceedingly drunk. Bigurskl, it seems, was in a very bad mood
and entered into an argument with
Jacktnok. Soon their argument turned
Into a row, and the row progressed until
It became a fight. Fists were resorted
to at first and the affair ended in
Rlgurskl's seizing an axe and striking
his countryman. The blow caused the
man severe injury and he was completely stunned.
To Send Gobbler to Roosevelt.
Westley, R. I., Nov. 8.���Horace Vose
of this place, known all over the United
States as the Thanksgiving provider for
the President, la now searching for the
best turkey reared in this section to
grace the White House table on the
28th day of this month. Mr. Vose Is
proud of tht fact that he has furnished
holiday turkeys for every president
from  Grant to Roosevelt.
While the lumbering Industry in British Columbia Is suffering from depression, with the natural buyers of the
output unable to pay for it at present,
and mills and camps generally idle In
consequence, a project for the building
of a new mill comes rather as a surprise, but a very agreeable surprise.
Probably all the mill men, even those
who are losing most by the present enforced idleness, recognize that it is a
temporary condition which will gradually disappear as the prairie farmers
realize on their harvests and money be- -
comes more plentiful.
The new mill now projected will be
built at some point on Lemon creek. Tho
promoter is R. S. P. Smyth, late partner ot A. E. Watts In the mill at Procter, recently sold to It- B. Herron of
New Liskeard, Northern Ontario. With
blm are associated Brace White and
several other Nelson men. They hold
extensive Umber areas In the valley of
Lemon creek and Intend to make the
product available at once.
Mr. Smyth and several of his assocl-
JttAfL   Katua .<���-p��� Ulit .ty.J.S-..-*--���'������ -
Seen last evening by a representative
of The Canadian, Mr. Smyth said that
It was quite possible that the new mill
would be built at some distance from
the line of the Slocan branch of the
C. P. R., and that some few miles of
spur might be necessary for profitable
handling ot the product He was not
prepared to say what would be the Initial capacity of the mill, but he was
quite definite in the statement that
there would be no delay In beginning
Suvivor of Samoan Disaster of 1889 Retires on Account of Age.
llmllB  by-
Students Work For Mission*.
Athens, Oa., Nov. 8.���Delegates representing nearly all the prominent educational Institutions of Georgia are gathered here to take part in the second
annual convention of the Georgia Stu
dent's Missionary League. The formal
opening took place this afternoon In
the chapel of the University of Georgia.
Tonight the delegates will bo welcomed bv Chancellor Barrow of the university and Hev. Luke Johnson of the
Methodist church, following whose addresses there will be an address by
Rev. W. N. Ainsworth. DT).. of Savannah The conference will continue in
session over Saturday and Sunday.
Passports Were Sold.
Llbau. Courland Russia, Nov. 8.���The
police yesterday searched the housea of
severai agents of the line of Russlnn
steamers running from Llbau to New-
York, resulting in the seizure of a number or false passports and the arrest of
tho agents nnd many emigrants who
were intending to embark for tho United
States. A considerable traffic Is reported to have existed In passports, which
were sold with steamer tickets to New-
Advocates Meet at Call of Secretary of
Labor Department.
Washington, D. C, Nov. 8.���In re
spone to a call Issued by Oscar L
Straus, Secretary or Commerce and La
bor, the trustees of the Foundation foi
the Promotion of Industrial Peace will
hold their first Important meeting in
this city tomorrow.
At the meeting the trustees will or
ganlze for nctlve work and Issue au in
vitatlon for contributions from the pub
lie at large to bo ndded to the $40,000
Nobel Peaco prize received by PresI
dent Roosevelt from the Norwegian
Parliament, and given by him as a start
for the fund. Tbe trustees desire to
see this nucleus augmented to approxl
matoly a million dollars for carrying on
the work. It Is the plan to --*--"-�����
headquarters and t> ppolnt
and such other clerical
may be necessary.  ���
The trustees of the foundation are
the Chief Justice or the United States.
lhe Secretaries of Agriculture and ol
Commerce and Labor, and Messrs. Mar
via llnghitt, John Mitchell, Thomas G
Bush and Seth Low. TheBe trustees
will receive the assistance of nn advis
ory committee representing labor, o -
ployers, and general  public.
Among the members of the committee are Archbishop John Ireland. President Lucius Tuttle of the Boston &
Maine Railroad, President Samuel Gom
pers of the Amcricnn Federation of Labor. President Daniel O'Keefe of the International I-iongshoremen, Marine and
Transport. Workers' Association, Secretary   Ralph M.  Easloy  of the  National
Spoiling for Fight.
St. Petersburg, Nov. 8.���The talk of
the possibility of war between the
United Slates and Japan, which
throughout has been taken seriously In
Russia. Is now bringing many volunteers to the American embassy, who are
anxious to serve in the United Siatep
army In ease of hostilities. A report Is
slso circulated In military circles here
that the American army In the Philip'
pines needs Instructors, especially for
the artillery and engineer corps. Five
or six Russian officers of these branches
or the service apply dally nt the embassy for commissions, and are most
disappointed hy the assurances of
charge d'affaires Montgomery Schr.lz.
Jr.. that there Is no likelihood of Japan
and the United States going to war.
assistants   as
Princeton's First Regatta.
Princeton, N. J., Nov. 8.���Andrew
Carnegie came to Princeton today to he
present at the festivities attending the
first rep-ittn to bo held on Carnegie
Lake, tho artificial waterway which Mr.
Carnegie provided In order that Princeton might take rank with other American universities In the matter of aquatic sports. The lake has been completed almost a year, but ibis Is the first
regatta  to   he   held   on  it.
Tho main feature of the regatta will
bo a fonr-cornered_'T tatOfa between the
various classes ln the university. The
Carnegie cup has boon oiTered and the
winning crew will have Its numerals engraved on It. Following this will be an
exhibition race betweon Coach Titus
and O'Neill, of the Nonpareil Rowing
Club of New York. The programme
I also provides a number of events for
Washington. Nov. 8.���The navy loses
and efficient and popular officer through
the retirement for age today of Rear
Admiral Henry Lyon, who-was recently
relieved of tbe command ot the Mare
Island navy yard. Admiral Lynn comes
from Massachusetts and has been ln the
navy since civil war days.
One of the most remarkable experiences in the long career of Admiral
Lyon occurred at the time of the terrible hurricane disaster at Samoa In
isy... Admiral Lyon, then a captain,
was In command of tbe Nipslc, one of
the American warships that suffered
damage in the storm. The Ntpsic was
blown from her anchorage onto the
beach, but was eventually hauled off
with great difficulty with her keel, rudder and rudder post gone and her hull
leaking badly. Her screw was badly
twisted. Despite all of these troubles)
Captain Lyon took the ship safely to
Honolulu, 8,800 miles distant, and had
her repaired, there being no chance to
have the work properly done elsewhere.
It was a most remarkable feat and for
It the captain received the thanks of
the  navy  department.
The retirement of Admiral Lyon results In a number of changes and promotions among the officers of lower
grade. Chief among these Is tho promotion of Commander John N. Bowyer
to the grade of captain. Captain Bowyer
was horn in Indiana, but wus appointed
to the navy from Iowa. He was graduated from the naval academy In 187*1,
and has since cruised in all parts of the
world. He has been selected to command the battleship Illinois of the Atlantic fleet and will be the youngest
captain tn the big fleet on the coming
cruise to the Pacific.
Commercial    Telegraphers    Decide
Give  up  Struggle.
Chicago, Nov. 8.���The national executive board of the Commercial Ttelegra-
phers' Union of America yesterday prepared a circular letter to all locals and
unions asking them to vote upon grunting authority to the board to call off
the strike which has been on for the
past three months. The letter will be
sent out toduy and the official order
ending the strike will be Issued as soon
as two-thirds of tho locals have signified
their willingness to end the strike.
Portland, Ore.. Nov. 8.���The union
telegraphers here last night decided
to call off the strike which haa lasted
eighty days.
I .'J
ii    ���
i '��� I   I
;  .!  i
:i ���   ,'
: ; i
i f i
'  f        ! 'iff.
i r
I; [1
3 '  !   ���
Tne Uaily Canadian
Clothing,   Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
,������������������������ ��������
We carrv the finest lines of Fancy
Worsteds. Cheviots, Venetians, Scotch
and Irish Tweeds In the west.
Every garment is guaranteed, to be in
the  most  correct   fashion.
TM��M.t ������������^������������������^���������������������������^������������������������������������������*** ********
���a/% ���%������%���'���.-���
We are headquarters for f
Complete Stock  in  Men's, Women's
and   Children'.,
<L*%. ���*-��> %**-��
Impel, iai Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized
Rest   . .
D. B. WILK1E, President.
Head Office:   Toronto.
$10,000,000Capital  Paid Up	
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit andcreditedquarterly.
NBU80N branch J.   M.   LAV,   7Vlar.ager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
HEAD OFFICE,  muwikhau
. $3,900,000     Reserve Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kind, of Banking Business.
ECIAL ATTENTION given to the
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounta.
on Application, In Large, Medium
or Pocket Sire.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published ��U days a week by tlie
Baker Bt.*   Nelaon, B, C
BuDBcrlptlon rates, &U cents a month delivered
in the city, or J5.1W a year 11 Bent by mail, when
paid in ti-i v..ii..
AdvertUiu* rate1* on application.
AU monies pal.l in sctU'inent of The Dally
Canadian accounts, either lor BiibwrlpllonH or
advertising, nut bi receipted for on tht* printed
forme of the Company, uiher receipts are nol
Friday,   November  8,   1907.
Two  recent   eventa,  though  entirely
dissimilar in character, lix public atten-
tlon on the administration, or ratbei
the maladmlnlatratlon of the Dominion
departments ot railway.- and public
Tin- Quebec bridge -laaater borrifled
all Canada, and the  fcrling has not   (31
mlnisbed  alnce expert    evidence    h la
������hown thai the ooUapae   could    i u
have been ayerted,    Thi   credit of the
Dominion  i�� pledged  for over $7,00<
ooo ln rapport of the bridge company,
about   three-fourtha  of   the   total  coi
but even the auormoua n_ancia1    i<
was COrgotteo in the honor at the nee !
less aa-criflce uf eighty Uvea,
li remained for a cabinet minister
publicly express   bis    gratification   i
nauae tbe government had made nn pi
vision for Inspection of the work    ai i
therefore could not be held responsibfi
Canadians will be glad to know that
they are so rich In manhood a�� well as
In material wealth that their riders nm
no occasion for any precautions to saf<
guard either men or money.
Another incident of an entirely diffei
ent kind but still Illuminating as to Lib-
eral administrative methods, is ih��' n
cent resignation or dismissal of afajoi
A. E. Hodgins from his posit ion'as en
gineer on the construction of the Grand
Trunk Pacific railway through New
Ontario. It Is only a few weeks sine
Major Hodgins passed th rough Nelson
At that time he had no Inlriilloh of resigning, and no expectation of being dismissed. The only explanation of his
retirement that has yet been offered Is
the definite rumor that reached Toronto
thst he was dismissed because he refused to allow a contractor to record
-earth excavation as rock work, which of
course Is paid for at a higher rate.
The abuse of the contract   and   aub-
contract system under the present administration is notorious. In hundreds
of cases party workers, especially ministers' confidential friends, have been
awarded contracts for work of which
they know absolutely nothing, at figures
which enabled them to sublet the contracts to practical men for half the contract price. The sub-contractors, knowing that their principals' profits are utterly dishonest and that they could
only be earned With the connivance of
cabinet ministers, have not unnaturally
taken for granted that they are not ruj>
posed to be any more honest than their
The sub-contractor, on the building
of a road for instance, knows that the
man who sublet to him made a sub-
stantial "rake-off." he probably suspects
that it had to be shared with a miuisier
or Influential member, he expects protection in any practice by which he
also can despoil the public treasury. If
his scheme be interfered with by the
scruples of a supervising engineer, so
much the worse for the engineer.
Therefore,  exit   Major   Hodgins.
It is true that the two departments,
railways and public works, have been
relieved of the burden of Mr. Bminer-
aon and Mr. Hymen. But they are replaced by Mr, Graham and Mr. I'ugs-
ley. Mr. Pugsley has been false to
every party and to every political
Mend; Mr. Graham is the minister who
rejoiced that the Government having
neglected to inspect the Quebec bridge,
had assumed no responsibility for the
loss of eighty human lives and over $7,-
III- -Mil Ml.
By the death of Hon. S. W. Mclnnes,
provincial secretary and minister of ed-
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. oo,. Baker   snd   Wsrd   Sts.
ucation for Manltoha, that province
loses an able und honest administrator,
and Western Canada an optimistic and
patriotic statesman.
It is just three years since the Nelson board of school trustees informed
ttie city council and the citizens at
lar��e that the present central public
school building is unsanitary. Twice
in the interval since then bylaws to authorize the building of a new school
have been submitted to the rate payers.
Ou those and many other occasions the
trustees have urged upon their fellow
citizens lhe dangers of continuing to
use the buildings. Hut in spite of all
our contemporary learned it yesterday
for the first time and hastens to forward the "news" to the trustees, lt is
too bail that learning is so hard for our
contemporary, but perhaps we should
rather be thankful that It is not utterly
contain information of certain reductions in rates from the Coast to Nelson
and points in the Kootenay district.
This is a hopeful Indication of the desire of the Railway Company to improve the conditions of trade in Ilri-
tish Columbia generally, hut it should
by no means be taken as conclusive
proof that the District of Kootenay wl'l
receive any benefit. A comparison of
the rates from Eastern points direct
to Nelson with those via Vancouver is
necessary to establish the fact whether
the improved schedules are in the interests of  Vancouver merchants  alone or
160 ACRES���About eight miles from
Nelson. Frequent trains, cabin,
springs. Owner would subdivide IT
necessary $20 to $25 per acre.
25 ACRES Near Nelson���Good. road.
Water  rights.  Small  house.  Stable.
Fruit   trees,   bushes   etc $4,000.
Also land    on    Kootenay and    Arrow
lakes, Slocan and  Salmon rivers, etc.
Rest Estats Agant
315  Baker St.,  Nelson,
B. C.
Wharf 0 a. m. dully for Kootenay Land
ing and all points east. Close connections for Spokane. Returning arrives
City Wharf 7 p. m.
TRAIN NO. 45 for RoBshind and all
Coast points, connecting with Steamer
Kuskanook leaves C. V. It. Depot 7.15 p.
in.   Wharf 7.40 p. m. dally.
TRAIN NO. 43 for Slocan, Roseherry
leaves depot dally except Sunday !l
a. m. Returning arrives 6 p. m. dally
except Sunday.
TRAIN NO. 41 for Rossland-Boundary
leaves Depot daily except Sunday 9.46
a m. Returning arrives Nelson 10.30
p. m.
dally except Sunday, leaves City Wharf
7 a. m. Lardo days: Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.
For further particulars call or write
in those of the put.lie of Kootenay ills
nict ul*io. It is for this latter consideration that the work that the Board ot
Trade has in hand bus been Instituted
and it is hoped that when copies of the
new tariffs are received the work uf
completing thine comparisons may be
broufe'ht to a ooncluslon without delay.
It is of course Ihe tlrsi question, that
prices of Importations may be Improved
so that tlie consumer can get the direct benefit which is moBt Important,
but at the same i Ime It would be a mutter of regret if the distributing ot goods
throughout the dlstrlot were further re
moved, to Vancouver or Calgary, ow-inn
to the unequal incidence of freight
Price, of Metals.
New York, Nov. 8.���Silver,
copper,  13%c;  lead. |4.7.",.
London. Nov. ii.���Silver, :
lead, ��17, 10s.
7 3-1G.1.
Office   Room   No.  2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
Tenders Wanted.
In pursuance of the order of the Hon.
Mr. Justice Morrison, dated the lath
October, A. D. 1907, tenders will be received by the undersigned for the purchase of lots 594, 595, 717. 1848. 1849,
23411, and 5.'.!, known as the Blue Jay,"
"Starlight No. 3," "Last Chance," "Silver
Cord," "Blizzard." "Little Widow,"
"Starlight Fraction,*' and "Galena"
minerals claims respectively; one hundred tons more or less of zinc ore.
whereof sixty tons are now lying al
Kaslo, and forty tons at the mines; aud
all other the aeeeta of the Last Chance
Mining Company, Limited.
Such tenders to be made in Writing
to me on or before the 1st day of December, A. D. 1907.
The btgheal or any tender will not
necessarily be accepted. Further particulars of the property will be furnish
ed on application.
Dated the 17th day of October, A. D.
omdai Liquidator,
The Last Chance Mining Company, Un.*
jted, Sandon. Hrltlsh  Columbia
A.O.I'. A.. V an oo u ve r.
D P.A., Melton
Nelson I.and District, District of West Kootenay
Take not ire thmt 11 Williams, occupation ran-
Obari R f. Ha-tmifH occupation electrician; and
B s. P, Hmjtli, occupation lumberman; all of
Procter, li* e,., intend to apply lor a special timber licence over lln* following deacrlhed land*.
ComiiU'iii'liiK >,t a pont about Ihrce mile* east of
Wilton Creel mi m,ulli shore o[ Koolenay Lake
thence Booth hu chain*-, tbeuce ��* an I HO chain-,
theuceti'irlh Ho chains, thence went Hit chains lo
point 0| cotiirneneeinijiit, containing 040 acres,
more or lent-.
September tttta, 1907. H   William*-,
It. H. Makttn-,-,
r k. p. terra.
Nelnon I-am) Dlstrlet. District of Went EooteOAJ
Take Qotioo that R. 8. P, Bmytli, of Procter, B.
0., occunation lumberman, Intends to spply for
a "pedal Umber lleonee over the following described lands:
No. j. Commencing ata poit planted near the
northeast cnrt.erpOr.lot Lot No 2.W, on i-cinmi
Creek ami marked K. S P. Hmyth tooth went eor-
lierpONt No 1, thence 40 chain*- north inori* or
lens to about midway of the Houth hom-dary line
of Umber licence So. Vim. thence m chain*- cunt,
thence |0 i bHiim aonth, thu nee i" diaiiiN ea*-t,
thence 40 chalna aoulh, thence 80 ehaiiiH went,
more or lau lo the amitbeat-l corner ol aforenatd
[.ni No _**.;(, thence 40 dialim north, thenee 4o
chain" wes-i [a me point of oommencemciil.
Dated -Xlh July, IW7. K. H. I*. Smyth,
Henry Rclchert, Aitent.
Nelson 1-hii.i Dlntrlct. District of Went Kootenay
Take notice lhat Hlmon P. HehfnVI. of Nailer,
Idaho, oecontition lumberman, Intends lo apply
for a special Umber licence ovr tbe following
described lands; on the east side of Priest river;
Oomnunolng m a post planted on thawatilda
of Priest river, two and a half mlb s north of ihe
interna'lotial boundary Hue, thence nor h mo
chalna, lhcur,e eaat 80 chains, thence south Kb
chains, thence weal SO chains to point ot com-
mcticeim-ul, containing 640 acres, morr or less
Dated Hept. I4lh, lV��tr7. Simon P. H<HirrtL,
K. W Hmith, Agent.
Nelson Land DtltTlOt.   Dlalnct of West Koolenay
Take notice that Clyde h MeClure, of Kliivllb
Wi.-ti , occupation barber, Intends to apply for
a special limber licence over the following den-
������Mb' 'I   lands;   On the east side of Priest  rlv
two and a half mllei north of tbe international
boundary line:    Commencing at a post   ��� " I
two nnd a half mtlcN north of the International
boundary line, thenee east HO < bains, thence
aoulh SO chalna, Ihence weal HO chains, ihence
north HO chains to the point ot commencement
and containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated Sept. Htb, 1907. rivm K. McCLuBB,
K. W. Smith, Ageut.
Ladies' Blouses and Dress Skirts
Wi. will Hill mi Friday s splendid lot
of Ladles' Fall and Winter Wuists at
Bar .iin Prices.
Blouses, r.Kiilar price $1.5(1 at $1.00;
?.���.... in ��i r.o.
All NVv.  Styles and Materials for Fall
and Winter Wear.
Ladles' Dress SI iris, regular $1.00
Skirt* at. $2 50.
Ladles' Dress Skirt*, regular $0 00
Skins  al   M 06.
LESS      THAN       HALF       PRICE.
You can buy a 10-acrc Fruit Ranch  in   the best   fruit-growiug district
,.     '""-"    .���      '���    '-- .-p.-inu-   ��io down and $io per   mouth,
l-.vcn as au investment this is worth consiaerauou.
Fruit Laud has trebled in value within on year.  What will it do next year?
Nelson L*ad Dl> net. LHstKM ot W��st Kootenay.
Take notice that Jay Bovee. of Hlljville. If tall .
'������������ npatlofl boli-licr, intends loa|>j.Iy lor a IpSciAJ
unit 'r licence over the followiiiif dcM-rihed
land!-; on the east Mile of frieKl river '"in
men.-in-.' at a pott pluiitcl one and a h��Il mlie*-
nortb of iniernatloiirtl boundary line, Ihence
eaat SO chains, ihenoa south ho cbalns, ihence
w.-l ���) OhkUU, Hon'.- noilh HO ��� l.nlliK to the
pOl&l of i'iimiin'in'1'iin'iil, containing MO aer.-s,
more or ler-a.
Dated Kept. Mth, 1907. J_Y Uovat.
K. W  Smith. Agvnt,
Nelioti I���ii't District.   District ol Wf_| Ko.deoay
.Notice |H hereby niveu lhat *l days after data I,
joi.ii  P. HwedU-rp, mtner, of Nelson, or , Intend
to apply to the lion, ihe chief Commiaatonaroi
Lsmlld and Works for a nf-eclal llceii<��- lo cut and
tarry away timber from lhe follow lug rle��cr|ln*o
lands situated on Hum ml t creek, in the West
KooU-nu) District:
No. 1.--CommeiicwK at a post marked J. P. I s
Umber limit, northeast corner j.or-1, located on
west fork of Hummlt creek about two miles from
main creek, thenee ruunli.s; houth *0 ibalu.-.
Ho nee riiiininx went 40 chains, iheiicj runultiK
north 40 chains, thence west 4') chains, thetue
north **o t'haiii-. thenee   runultiK   eartt (0 chain*.,
thanoa ninnliig ioraUi40 chains, Uianceeaatw
i'lialiis to pla< ������ id i onitnuticeiiieut.
I.oi-ated on the 2��th -lay of Au-fu-.t. l'.srr
loHwr.HWKi.nan'., I^xnior.
|M-r his a-fent "miE McI-onaII-
No X.- Cuijimeii-inK al a post mark.-d J P I'i
lliiila-r limit, northwest corner post, ioestcd on
went fork of Hurnijilt creek, ab"Ut tvn. inn. ���* Iroin
main creek, tlience running *-ouih a. cbalOB,
tin i.ee runnlliK cast Hil chains, tin-lice , .rioini;
north m chains, th��uc��- ruuiiliiK west no chains
lo place of couime-iceinent.
Do-ated on the Wlh day of Annual, I.KI7.
.loni-i p Bn ki.io in,. Isoeator,
per btl aitent I'R.CK Mi UoVALD.
Notice la hereby Riven trial M d��yn all. i dnie  I
intend to apply lo the lion I bul I ommUalonei
of Imtids and Works for permission to pun.base
thf following described lands, slltialed lu West
Kootenay dlslrlct : Commencing at a (Mthl marked by name as Initial post of Die Houth Fork
branch, one hundred feel from lhe junction of
l,oNt creek with the south fork; llieiuc one-
quarter mile to the northwest corner post.lheuce
one mile to tbe northeast corner post, Ihence
���die (juartur mile to the southeasi corner post,
thenee one mile to the place ol commencement
June 21,190?. located by V\'m   Connolly.
Nelson 1-aiid District.   District of West Kootenay
Take  notice   tha'   Wesley   Hove, of   Kiis-villo,
W'a**b  , occiiprtlloii butcher.  iM.-iids t��i apply for
a special timber licence  over the   follow tin* dea-
crlbed landa; on  the east ifd��  of   Prieal   river:
' ommeiicliiK   at a   post   plained   one  nnd a half
miles north of lhe internallonal  boundary line,
thence wesl at) chains,   thenee south   m chains,
Ihence eaal ko cIihIiih, lloiiie north at) chains to
point   of commencement, contalnlnK ->��u acres,
more or lens.
Dated Hept. 14th, lia/7. Wkhi.kv HoVKa,
K  W.Pmith, Agent
Nelson Land District.   Dlslru.-t of West Koolenay
Take notice Dint Henry Kelehert. of Nelson,
H .- , prospector, liueud to apply fnr a special
limber licence over the following described
No. 1 CommelielliK ala post planted near H.
W. northwest corner post, lot No. 7ffl'.t, and
marked "/letiry Ke|.-herl sidilliwesl corner
post." tbencu HO chains north, thenee wi chiitnn
east, thenee M0 chains south, thence W chains
west to lhe point of commencement.
Dated Hept. Die -1th, 1907.
IlKNIir Kku'hkht, I..h nlor.
Nelson Land District.   District of Wesl Ko'denay
Take notice that I, Charles Hidney Deary, of
liurton City, H. 0 ,00000*1100 farmer, intend lo
apply for permlaaloii to purchase Die followliiK
detOtlbaa land I Oommtnolng at a post planted
about five mllW northwest from the mouth of
Mosquito creek and marked ���'(.. H   1/s norlheaat
corner,  thenoe south BO ohalna, thence west ho
ilialm, thence north m chains, thence east ho
chalna to point of commencement, containing
640 ac ret.
Sept. 7tb, 1907, C1IAULE8 0IDMXV LtAKy.
Nelaon Und District    District of tt . si K��K>tenay
Take notice   that   William    Andrew    Ko��B, of
Kernie.lt   (' ,   hotel-keeper  Intends to applv for
a ���>l��. ia! tlfflbl r liteoeeover th*-   follnwtitK   dea-
crtbed landa:   Comaenolng at a post piauted
Hi t Six  mill"   '.Vest of   the   Kootenay    river, ot)
lorn cieek inilie District of West Kootenay
and Ih-1U|* at>out six miles north of tbe Intel-
null dial    bouii.Urv    iluc,    and    sUuate   at the
northaeat corner of WUluun Andrew Kos��' No.
:t limber cUlm, theiico north   Hi)  chain*.,   Dienc-*
weet at-chalna,  thence south no chatus, thence
east -v. ehulns, to the point of commencement.
LoeaUd hily atrd. 1907
Date.] tl,,. sib Ol Aug    1907.
Wili.um ANtmrw ltoaa
in I*nd Dlstri'-l    District ol West Koolenay
luxe   notice   that  1'atru-k   Hinralt,   of   Nelson,
h  '" , oecapatlon proepeotor, intend* to apply
lor a apeclnl |iutl>er licence over the follow. Inii
described lauds: Commeucliifc at a |a,j-t plt-nicl
at ihe N W comer |a<st of lot WW2, UdliK Valrlck
Bbersa'a N. H. corner post rnnuiuu a��mtb HO
chains,   ihence   west HO i halns.   thenee   imri b ***-'
��� halna, thenoe eaat ho chains m point of com*
Dated AukusI 81st, \:*n iMmiK Hhirah,
KhICK Hi KAMI, Agent.
rajte BOUoa that Ira Y. Taylor, cicra. of Arrow
lal licence
head, H. C , intends to apply lor a special licence
ml   tlmbt.r   from   the    foil-.
No. 1 Commeu.-tiiK at a post planted Tiichalus
difiance In an eaaierly direction from Cariboo
i.ike marked "Ira K. 1 aylor's, W. 1'arklua' H. W.
corner," bounded on the south l.y T. L No 7M"-fl.
on the wett by i.D. Ho. 76T8, ihence north (#��
(halna, Ihence east HO chains, thence aouth HO
Ohaini, thence west ao chains to point ol commencement.
Nn. 2. < ommciielnK ata post planted H0*-halns
l."lain ��� ai,.! lu a easterly direction from Cariboo
Ink.- marked "W    Purklns1.   Ira F    Taylwr'a H. W.
OOrnei poet," bounded   on  the west by T. I, 7fW.7,
south   by Ira Y.  Taylor's and   W.   1'mi kins'T. D.
i, thenea uorth 40 chains, thenoe east i*<o
(halns, tbeuce south 40 chains,   thence   wesl LOO
chains lo [ i ol eomnienccmen*.
W   K. Oi.n.vm,
I It A  Y    I'AYLOR.
Nelson Land District.   Dlslrlct of West Kootenay
'lake notice that I, BUiabeth PtrglUQll, of Nel
��on, llrlli-h   Columbia, occui-allon   married wo*
mmi. Inland lo apply for pi rmlHsloii to purchase
the loiiov. iiik described land 1 Oommenotna at a
post pleated i" ohelm west ol the southeast corner of section 22, I ownship li'J, Kootenuy, ami
marked"! K."s M 1-. corner," thence weat Hn
chalna, theiico south 40 chains, thence oiii kh
Ohalna, (hence norih rn etoiin- ii. the place of
comuituccmcnl and cnutainihu -1.J0 acres more
16th fulv, A. D. 1907.    KL1Z4T*TI! Farnt'LON.
bv w. a. Gaidar, aaant,
Ncl-on I and Dlslrlct.   District of West Kootenay
'lake nottOa that 1, John Lang, of Nelson, II. C,
occupation   miner   intend   to apply for  peruua-
slou   to purchase the following descrllx-d  lainla:
Comraenolngat a poet plan (Mat the  N. K. of
Lot Siiii Dunce east is) chains, Dieiice south -20
chains, thence west 90 chains, thence north '20
chains: I,, jHitiit of commencement, containing 40
earn more or leiw.
A'isfmd 2nd, 1907, John Lanu.
Nelaon Land District. District of Woal Kootenay
Tak-j notice that I- David <l Kurlx, of Nelson,
n. �� .. occupation merchant, intend to apply for
mlaalon to purchase the following deaoi tbed
mmeiieiiiK at a peal planted al tho
noun.west curlier of acetlnit 84, townahlp 69.
Kotdeuay, and marked "D. U. K 'a H. W, corner,'*
theme in.rih Hnehalna, thence cant 40 chains,
thenea south Hn chain*!, thwuce weal 40 chalna
to lhe point of commencement and ctiutalnlng
J**0 acres mora ot less.
Ufa. July, I-J07. ���AV.,( (J Kt-g-rg,
  W   A. Calder, agent.
perm I
land :
Nelson Land Distnct. _���tnot of Weat kootenuy
Tako notice  that Coruellua Uergmau, ot Al
tona, Man., occupai.oti lafmer. IdU-D'I
for la-rmtMloii to pun h***��������� "k' !������.."
crlbed land Commeni loi st M pan t
Frank F. Hs-amali's B. E. I onOT, ��l ��� P"
,'C. B. N. K corner," and rnrininf wwt
thence aoulh H" chains, aaal *l" l
chains to place id befflO-tni
acres of land, ni"r��* 01 !��� ���
n.i I*,... ni-uiv i".'";:i:",:,rr..��:'"_
ntst l
uulkinlt. ���
i.Rsinri IliKUl I
���isk, lo. n.si I'sui *<T'~\ ZZ mi
Vsy   ���l   ih,-   Hrlilsl ,,,,'"1,"r,lmU,F
w.J sn.l sl.,.1 SMSL���t,lo'50gsffl!_
62 on ssl.l rsllwsy, II"-ii" ' l" ,.���,),��� Un.
owl ail rhslii., Hi."*.' ���"'',"��� ,,,','iihrMl
...si Cll. Iisius, Ili,.||... lii.rl I I   ���"'' . ,.���|U,i
-*ssl CU < nsms. i,i*-,,.��� "'';������'.������ uriiub loi""'
.ry Ol Ih.* rlKhl-,,1 wsj "'."���!;;,";��� ,,.,�� ll
Hniiiln-rn    Ksllwsy
ssl.l rlshl-(it ����)' I*1 plsi*���-
_uS un. tad J.y ol -,';{.';^',I*',I p,ms* [
ranch* r, of llurlon ( It!
chief Commlailoner of . -.
toria. ii  <; . to parchaaa '
iainl- Mtuale caul Ol Hni'.m
post  marked   "A   A    ��   W
��� -���-    oornei
i rA a
. iiiiii'wii.s   J-g itlj
thweai >"        . '���
. rtsiwi-h*-1*!
i.anted al the N
���tefSTisa '" ���-����__;
sin., lS.no. wost " '  ''".'ninii
mm. ...1111111.  "'i'i ''""'"."!","
,t slslf (Km) s.-ria. '"",''"'     ah.ii>"
 ��������� ~~~~ . ...,,,j K.��.l*D'l|
K.IWBLUd lllslrl.l.   ''I-'"'1''       . ,.lW"*|
ii (t-SSaw
,'���,���,, ;���l'si"l-J, 'i"",,''.'','1"i. rMI��l
���hsliis. U"in.���,?".,��. i**a
nor, ii.
i.... iii.ii.
B. 0.. ocoupslton
rK.rinl.sli.il l" I'lii' "n"\
IsiM:   Cfjmm.nolni st
iv.sl sh..ro ot I ppor ��'!��'.
III..H   K. 0
thouc. Kiuth M> ���'I"""*',," ',,, the !������'���
mora or bam, '" ' ' "',, ,���. m ��-ls��i��"f-
liorlh. ll) ,. I. "IK II','' ""'',,,,, vi I."'"'
or !,,��, lo ,,ol..t _.    ���' '��'��"���"        	
1M1 sores, III	
bstMsspt am, iw
M.UWD IsS��� lllslrl.'l.
M.nltobii,     IHrmcr.
,1 Wt',1
ihalna, thai
tdialna, thenci
mciicemcnl, coiiiai
:���.i,.. m p��id1 "
,,|ii aort'i.
D.toi aoih .t��y "I *^ii��Wjy
 . ^^, ����*��[ I
Nolsou l.sn.l Dtatrtol. DlslrJ��' ��f   gll0,ii,     I
Tsse     nolho   tlist    W ",���n,ii.l�� '"    ...
AHons, .stsnltob��,J>ri����rJ' ,���, i��uo��������,jl
(or i.crmlsslon  In pu
j pint 1
Tih��7Hsnrti   t��S��,;,c^nd"V*��M.S'_l
II vo mllos from  Ihu ���
murko.l OM JJ
north Mi .1.hi ti*.  "
koiiIIi HSBSIBI. WI--,.    oik "*.������������-
U.lod 80th d.y ot *"��"*i.'�����ns I ���STM
��srjn�� The Dally Caiiatuau
Ii you kuew you could buy
��� i ���   st  quality stamped "Canada Approved"   by Government
Tnspection on every package, would   you trouble making it* particularly when it will Cost You Less.
We have it   in all   sizes to suit   families, boarding houses
a���d hotels, 7, .4 and 28 lb. pails; 60 lb. tubs.
P. Barns & Co., Ltd.
|Ka!.;., Rossland Bonndary
Whol��s����_i���� Provlalona,
(imminent Crpm.iiPrT Ono-Ponnd Bricks received woekly fresh from the
w churn.    For salo by all leading; grocers.
OIIlc��* snd warehouse: Houston Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.       -        -       -       Nelson, B. C.
Hvl Ion of Appleton Brother*' tract.    Improvement- on every  block.
llcndcrs Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Certificate  of Improvement's
Teartrrs  aridreu to  lhe   undersigned,  al   hla
���sffliv. in tin ' imrt Ilotaati l" the City ol Nelaon,
Is p till the hour of 60 pipe*-, in
lib   .  . ��� of Friday.   November Uth. UW,
���|... ih-      in-tiasc   ol    lhe  ������ITvsldeiit"   Mineral
nun    ���n     -      -.roup   1,   Koolenay    iMairict.
ehlrhf-U .    ;*r.l to be torUlted U> the  Crown
tfthetai ��� ��� ���   :n 1 I in lhe City of Nelson, oo the
IU ,    1906,   foi   delimiueut   taxea up
Ui ,   i>...  sii.i  cosu.   The apaei
I .��i!   Mineral   Claim,   which   1D-
i .:.-;.'.. amount ol lU-ll-iueut   taxes and  coat
U ..;  lorfelture,  with   lutereat. taxes
ahic-L hau- Miice accrued, ooata ol  advertming,
Urtfi IT-.-An    .rant   (|i'. ut)) Is 9*1 ib, which
Ihlhe It-rut am..urn lhat will   be considered aa a
. !��� ���   tnuat   be   accuuipaiiled    by   an
Ii i,,i Die lull   amount ol the   len
to, payable t..  the order of tha   Deputy  *ouV
I an 1   and Works, at Victoria, ����� t*
ii pat
Ittuu.BL' .this 14th day of Oct., 1WH.
HAKKY  VYKl.i.11.
i mm .���ciim nt Agent.
| Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
"Union" Mineral <*laiin altuate In the Nelaon
Mining Division, of tbe West Kootenav District.
Where located: -on Toad Mountain two and a
halt miles from  Nelaon. B. 0.
Take notice that I, W. A. Macdonald, acting aa
agent fnr Hugh Kutherland, Free Miner's "er-
Ufica-e No. Hi - .'.���-. Intend 00 day* from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Kecorder for a
Certificate of Improvement*, for the purpose of
obtaining a t'rown  Draut of  tbe  above claim
And further take notice that action, under
Beetlon --7, muat be commenced before the l��-
��� nance of such Cerllflcale of lmprovementa
Dated thla 23rd day of September, A. D , 1907.
Certificate  of Improvements.
��� t.!. r- sMr. fc��.-.l   in   the   uiidcn-.lRi.ed   at hi*
.    House, in the Citi ����! Weleon,
up till the   hour  or 5 o'clock, in
I .(,  ..f Friday. Nov, 1Mb,  1W7. for the
>f Un  "<>l.l Abe"   Mineral  Claim,   Dot
note nay   Dl-lru-t,  which   waa ,du-
lorfelted  io  Die  frown ai   the  Ui
* in i itv ol Nelson, on the fith tiny of
lot   .lelin.iueiil   taxea   up  tlil   June
imU      lhe upset   price   upon  tbo
��WS.liiiT��l Claim, whioh meludOi the--.mount
1  and ooet  at the duo- ol "<'���"-
feUun-. with   interest,  taxea which  have atuoe
-i   ..I H.|\ertlsliiK,  and fee lor Crown
���'. i- tf8 -v., which ti* the least amount
-tuta-iii Ih-..,dm.bred a* a tender.
miIi   im,I,,   niunt   ho   accompanied    by   �����*
���' -'-i.i- lor thu full   amount ol the Uiu
ih-   order of  the   Deputy   ��'��'���"
'���'������'���'��� mm    i i Rtidl Htid Works, at Victoria, B.U-
Wt.M hi Nelson, B.C. tl.ls Ulli day of Oct.,1907.
Duverumcul Agent.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Cl-im.
Dfl . ���
I   . '���
addr��ated to the  undcralgnod  at  hi*
i   House, In thet'lly of  Nelson,
 me. In the City ol  Nets
1 Ived nn iill the  hour of f> o'clock,
Tuoon, of Ft""
rlday, Nov* 16th, 1W��7, for lhe
-.-. "l   the  "Badger"   Mineral  CIbIhi,   l-o-
"���''roup i, Koolenay   District,  which  M da
i��w In bo forfeited   to thu  Crown  at  the   lax
������Big Hope Fraction" Mineral Claim, situate
In   the  Trout   I-akc   Mining   Division,  ot  West
K may   District.   Located   on    I'oplar    creek,
Take notice that I. c. l'adley Free Miner a
IVrtlflcate No. H**..*'.. intend 6b day* from the
dale heivof to apply to the Mining Recorder for
a Cerllllcale ol improvement* for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown -.rant of the above Claim.
And furlher take n-ittoe that action under
Section T,, miiM be commenced before thu
Issuance of such I'ertlllctite of Improvements.
Dated this 6th day of October, 1907.
O   1'ADDKY.
In the matter of mi a--i>llt*a'loii for the Issue of
a duplicate Certificate ot Title for part (10 acre*)
of l.ol mIJ.'.roup one. In Die District of Kootenay.
Notice Is hereby given that il is my intention
lo It-sue at the expiration of one month from thu
llrat publication hereof a duplicate of tbe Cur-
titlcHte of 'I ttle lor the above lands in the name
of Andrew Morrison, which Certificate of Title
is dated tbe .Mb d��y 01 Man h, ltfuo, and numbered _ni��K.
Ijtnd   KcgUtry Office, Nelson, B. C.,September
"H, F. MacLaon,"
District Keglstrar.
I !  .
he city of Nelson, on Die 6th day
for dellii'iuuui taxes up llll June
I eo*ta,   The  upset price  upon  lhe
1 laim, which lnciu.bm the amount
��� in x'.-fc Htid costs at the llinu of for-
lutereat, tuxes which have since
* ol .idverDhliiK, aBd   fee for Crown
���*��� $*4 86, which in the leaat amount
ino-i.lered rih a tender.
ut,   ,   .'"V1'"1   ,,IU"'   >*'   accompanied    by   an
'l'i'-'i i bci-iiu loi thu full   amount of the tcn-
��f. I.Hyrti,|,. totheoMM  of  the   Deputy   Com-
��,;,���";""' "1 '-"'el-Hiid Works, al Victoria, BO .
Bato-Jai Ni Uon.H.c. ibiB lith day ofOct., 1UU7.
Doverniiieut Agent.
that a,i
T��ders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Min nt c\ jm.
ndurslgnod  at hla
*lllbar�� V "l,n <l '"""��� ":* tho Cltv of Nelaon,
* "alter, LU"" ��P D'l Die hour of ft o'clock 111
r""li��i.. ,.J"!:"f K��"|il_y. Nov. Uth. 1W7, for the
,H| firm,, l'1" "-Wkftk" Mineral Clulm, l^>t
cl"'��'l u   i    y"'/'���"'7   DlttriOt, which was de-
lorfelted to the Crown al the tax
"iHnv iarw ?��� ' "y ,)f NelHon, on tho flth day
'ftli.i'lV, J',''i r ''t-ltiniHent taxes up till June
W1'l MhierJ   !V,!i,K"   TnB  uP��ot  Pfh1**  upon Die
_^ifttntt*1" wh-lr'h l'~cruJe"a'the.t.inou"nt
In tho matter of an application for the issue of
dtipilratea ol the CerlillcaUs ut Title to lots 11.
\2 and Kt, group 1, West Koolenay Dlslrlct, also
known as lhe "Kootenay Chiet," ������Comfort" and
"l.mu" mineral claims respeeitvely.
Notb-e is hereby given that it is my Intention
lo I ��� in- at Ihe ��� \ rn, .ti mi of one month after the
in -i publication hereof a duplicate <d Cerllllcate
of Title eo '.���* U "i an undivided HI tooths In
each o( the a'-ovc lots, issued on the 17lh day ol
May, A D. IHHU In Die uaine of John C. Ainsworth,
and also a duplicate of Cerllllcate of Title No.
NOOt "f an undivided ID-li-uth* tu each of the
above lots, Issued on the I7lb day of May, A. D
I**-'., in thu name of Deorge J. Ainsworth.
1 nud Kegislry Olllce, Nelson, It. ('., August Clh
H. F. MAcl.gob,"
Dlstrlet Keglstrar.
In Iho ninllcr nf an npi.lli utinn Inr lln1 issue nl
s ilupllrnt,* nl llll. ('.rllllislu ul Title (nr lnt tl,
..n.l tlu< ... m I...II nl lnt 1\, i.l... k 111, lu the Towu
nf Nulsnti.
Nnllct'Is li.-ri'liy Klvi'n Hint it Is my IDlrntlull
tn Issiu. al tin- L-xl.lrstlnn >>f nn*. mnl'th nil. . tho
I'M-I imhti.-iltlnll li.���..-..I .. .In|'l I.���..!.��� nt tlu> I't'ltlll.
.'Hie nf llllu fnr Itll'iibnv,'Ihii.Is, In llic Iisimi nl
Lyillii Shlel.ts. wlil.'h .. i tin. ....��� Is iliiu-,1 thu xlst
ilsy (it I'..-.will..���! list), ..n.l muii I..I...I 11991 K,
"It  K. MacLkod,"
Ulstrliil ll.-K't-tnir.
I'I''! . I,    '   "'""i   no   sc'cniiiiisntad   by
��� Iwyiil,. 'I "','"i Hn' fill! amount nf tlie Iss
""" ii i.'t ,,l   " "!''  ""'er  ol tho   I'mnlly  Oonj-
lt,,lt  ""' liiii.l��ai,,| Works,.I Vli'lorls, B.H..
* ' "I Ntlron, B. 0,. ihisltth rt.y o(<)ct.l��n.
Uov.rnm.Dt Ag.st.
In the Mstter of    the "Lsnd    Reglttry
Act" snd Amendments thereto,
an annlii'atlon lor Ihe IMilool
Cerlllleat*. of Title lor U> s
llroi.pl, Kontcnsy IllnlrH'l
k-lvun Hist It Is my tin*'"'[OB
.iralloll of nne ninnlh Irnin Iho
erenls iliil.lleslo CrtlBCStS01
'les.rllHi,l limits, in lhe nsnieol
..L.Tlsnii. which   Corllllcs      Is
nt AiLiist, lsw. .no I" sum-
Oln, N.lson,  B.C..   .ii-i ol
H. F. ll.cI.K01>,
DUtrtct Boils""*
In iho mstter ol
siluplli'Stcol  the
sun, 'i.'tti2, sn.i -.mi
Motto. I�� hereby
tn Issue si tho exli
first plll.llcilllntl ll
Tllle in Ihoahnvc
James ll rick  B
,1.10,1 the Ulli itsr
bore.l lllirik.
land   RestKiry
August, 1IW7.
American   Mining   Review  Finds  Cause
in Raid by Amalgamated on
Heinze Stocks.
When thu atory Ih told it may be that
what waa the direct nud immediate
cause of the smash lu United Copper
aud other or the lleluze corporation!*,
blocks, will be learned. The diligent
searcher alter facts will possibly be
tibie to discern the U_U4 Italian hand"
or the chief dweller at Uti Hroadway,
New York. Heinze had it In Tor those
Hroadway chaps in days gone by in
Montana, making them sweat millions
before pacifying him. Uut It is a long
lane that has no Jiimpiug-off place;
moreover, the inhabitants of L!G Hroadway have atrociously long memories;
thfcy are good to their friends but are
Satanic to their enemies, and when the
day of liquidation comes around it ls a
case of Qod help the poor beggar who
happens to stand on the debit side of
their ledger; the day of liquidation is
for him a day of tribulation���No. 20
Broadway stands ready to square accounts. Heinze had ceased to be a pro-
Kent enemy, but the opportunity offered
tn the recent copper crash to pay off old
scores was too tempting not to be taken
advantage of. Mark you, what is here
salt! may be but idle speculation, yet It
would be very contrary to "human" nature if the crowd at Ub* Hroadway would
allow so splendid an opportunity to uu-
prulitably pan; they knew, none better,
that Mr. Heinze was loaded to the
guards with heavy Hnea of mining
storks, chiefly copper, upon which he
had borrowed large sums of money, so
it only rested wiih the Amalgamated
people���whom Mr. Heinze had in other
days caused many a mauvais quart
d'hettre���to raid the Heinze lines; to
hammer down bis stocks until they
ceased to be good security for money
loaned on them: the loans to him
would be called in. and if he failed to
make gixid his stocks would, as did London Hrldge in the olden day. go tumbling down, tumbling down.
Yet, again we repeat, it may bo that
we are doing nn injustice to these gentlemen at 26 Hroadway, in even allowing it to h* Inferred that they were In
any way responsible for or connected
with such nefarious schemes. Their
line of conduct has always heen, "do
unto your neighbor as you know he
wotid do unto you���if he had the
chance." Mr. Heinze had *.he chance In
Montana some few years ago, and he
"did" the Amalgamated good and plenty; plenty, to the tune of several millions of dollars before he let up on
ihem. They have not at 26 Hroadway
forgotten those days and deeds. Mr.
Heiuze did unto them the best he knew
how; It would not, therefore, be unreasonable to suppose, when it came their
turn to take a rattle out of the box,
that they would do unto their neighbor
Osnersl Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Csrpst Clesnlng, Fixing snd Closn-
���tig SUtvss. etc
t"l Esst Bsksr St. Phone Ne. A114
��10 DOWN
We offer you best fruit lands;
best terms; oest location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
ln paying for land. We want you
to put it into development. We
also bave tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Frultvale you
miss the best in B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Wsrd 8treet, Nelson, B. C.
W.   Q.    OIL,L,ETT
Contrector  nnd
Bole aK'-ni for the Porto Rico Lnmt-er Co., Ltd..
ratall yartla. Kough and dreaaad lumber, turned
work and brecketa. Coaat lath and Htiinglea, aaab
and doora. Cement, brick end lime for aale.
Automatic crlnder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Bt.. eaat of Ball
iNKi.sorN, a. c
P. o  Box 2>2. Telephone ITS
Heinze, even as he had done unto them.
Moral: If you have anything standing at your debit at 26 Hroadway, paste
It in your hat that it will never be written off by a debit entry to Profit and
Loss.���American  Mining  Review.
Project   for   Navigable     Connection   of
Mississippi  and   Rio Grande.
AU Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Open House.      Tel. 181.
Houston, Texas, Nov. 8.���Fresh im
petus will be given to the Mississippi-
Rio Grande canal project at the convention of the Interstate Inland Waterways
association which began a two days'
meeting ln this city today. Delegates
were present at the opening of the convention representing many of the leading cities of Texas and  Louisiana.
The convention will take steps to
again bring to tbe attention of Congress
the great importance of the project that
will connect the Mississippi river to the
Rio Grande by an inland route that will
be navigable to light-draft vessels. Increased appropriations will be asked,
and it will be fully demonstrated that,
even though the paramount idea Is to
better transportation facilities, another
end to be gained is the draining of the
low lands adjacent to the proposed
route   of  the   inland   waterway.
Much or me projected waterway is
now navigable, but a very large part
of it remains to be developed. The waterway was recognized by the last Congress by an appropriation of $700,000. It
is now hoped to have incorporated in
ihe next rivers and harbors bill an a(>-
proprlation sufficient to complete the
waterway. The movement has the
hearty Indorsement of the governors
and congressmen of Texas and Louisiana and of all the commercial bodies
of the  two States.
Ib now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
T-emont House
���nropean and American Plan
Meals SB't-tr.   Kooma from ���. eta. to fl.
only White Ueip Kmployed.
Baker St., Nelson Propiieton
Most comtortsblc qu.rt.rs      NWm.ii;
(inly the best ol Liquors sn.l l.lgsrs.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room ls unexcelled ln tbe city.
House heated throughout with hot
JT. A. ERIOKSOX, Proprietor.
Telephone, 2B0.    Opposite Court Uoub.
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Bsk.r Street, Nelson. B. C,
Lighted by Electrioitr and
Heated by Hot Air
KATES ri   Fia DAY
Lsrg. .nd (.'omforuble Bedroom, .nd First-
clss.iMnln. Room.   H��mpie Boom. lor Commer-
CUl   M.n.
MRS. ���. O.CLAXKC.  Proprietress
Bartlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day House in Nelson*
Tbe Bar is tbe Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
sfosephlne Bt.
Nelaon. B. O.
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and ��1.B0 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders
The Silver Grill haa opened under naw management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal In the city.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tendera addreeaed to lt��*e underalened at bla
office la the Court House, In the City 6f
Nelaon, will be received np till the
hour ol 5 o'clock, in tbe afternoon, of Frl
day, Novemlier lat, 1907, for the purebaae of
the "Anne" Mineral Claim, Lot '>-��*���. Group],
Kootenay IMsirici, which waa declared to be
forfeited to the Crown at the tax aale held lu the
City of NciMin, on the 6th day ot Novemlwr. 1906.
for'IcliiKjiiiiit laxea up till June 30th, 1906, and
The upaet price upon the aald mineral claim,
which include- the amount of delinquent taxes
>m<l coats at the time of forfeiture, with lnteret-t,
taxes which have since accrued, cost of arivcr-
UkIiik. and fee for Crown lirant (S���t.OOO istl-Ci-TU,
which is the least amount that will be considered
ar* a tender
Kucli tender must tte accompanied by an accepted cheque- for the full amouut of the tender,
pavable to the order of the Deputy Commissioner
of Lands and Works, at Victoria, B, C, at par.
Dated  at  Nelson.  B.C.,  thla 27 ih day olBept.
Government Agent, Nelson, B.O.
Certificate   of  Improvements
"Montreal" and "Quebec" Mineral Claims situate In the Nelson Mining Division, of West
Kootenay Dlatrlct,
Where located :���Weat branch of north fork of
Salmon river, ou Craig Mountain, about nine
tulle* from Krie, B. C.
Take notice that I, Alfre-4 KmeatGallupe, Free
Miner's Certificate No. Bi".i:��, Intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate ot Improvement*, for
lhe purpoHS of obtaining Crown Grants of lhe
abovo stlainiH.
And further take notice lhat action, under
section 87, must he commenced be lore the Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Dated this l-'Ui day of September, 1907.
No. 310.
Certificate of the Registration of an Extra-Provincial   Company.
"COMPAniks Ait, 1897."
t hereby certify that tho "Falls ('reek Copper
MinliiK Company, Limited," has thiB day been
registered aa an Kxtra-Provluclal Company under the "Companies CAet, 1897," lo carry out or
effect all or any of tho object* of the Company
to which tbe legislative authority of the Legia-
lature of Ilritlsh Columbia extends
The head olnceofthe Compauy la situate at
tbe City ol Spokane, Htate of Washington, U.S.A.
The amount ot the capital of thu Company la
one million Ave hundred thousand dollars,
divided into one million Ave hundred thousand
shares of one dollar each.
The head oftleo of the Company In this Province ls situate at Nelson, and Michael C Mon-
ughan. Miner, whose address la the same, ls tho
attorney of the Company
The time of the existence of the Company is
fifty years from the lt>th March, 1907.
The Company Is specially limited under so-..
tlon M of the above Act.
Given under my hand rand seal of offtcn at
Victoria, Province of BrlttBh Columbia, this 16th
day of May, one thousand nine hundred and
[L. a.) B. Y. WOOTTUH,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Lake Frontage Subdivisions
We have been Instructed to offer
for salo the following properties having first class frontage on tbe west
arm of Kootenay Lake and within
easy reach of Nelson. There ls
plenty of water on the property and
railway and steamboat communication with Nelson.
1. 8 acres of level fruit land, $500.
2. 50  acres adjoining the  above,
  $45 per acre.
3. 93 acres $24 per acre.
4.82  acres,  price $2500.
5. 10*4 acres with two-storey houss
and   outbuildings $2250.
A great many sales have been made of lots in this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few best lots are left.
Office Rooms For Rent
Suite (2 rooms) oi Office Rooms in Alan
Block, facing Baker St. Particularly good
McDermid & McHardy
1UNUFACTURERS    �� ���,_-.!��,,��_     C_��_._<f _s*l
AND DEALERS LN    L,Umt>et9  Ot-UlgleS*,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows,
Turned Work and Bracksts. Mail Orders promptly attended ts
Boots at Cost
Tou can buy boots and shoes at your own price.    The McLaren, Dallas
and Marsh Boot reduced from $5.00 to $3.76.
Worklngmen's Gaiters from $1.95  to $2.15, usual price $2.75 to $3.00.
411t/2 Ward Street. t^|
A Shoemaker wanted to take over Shoemaklrrg Department.
Auction every Saturday evening. Auctioneering at Public Sales. Cabinet work and upholstering, and all kinds of mattresses made to order.
Undertakers and Embalmcrs.
Notice la hereby given that tho undersigned have submitted to the Lleu-
lenant-Govurnoifln-Council a proposal
under the Rivers and Streams Act for
Lhe clearing and removing obstructions
from the Duhamel Creek (otherwise
known as Six-Mile Creek) in the District of West Kootenay, Province of
llritish Columbia, and for making the
said creek lit for rafting and driving
ihereon logs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining dams on
the said creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holdiug,
sorting and delivering logs and Umber
ihereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lake at the mouth of said
The lands to bo affected by such
work are Lota 787. 7S8. 7601. 7773, 4.1U4,
Sill and 8413 all in Group One, Kootenay District, and other landa not Crown
Granted, occupied or improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
such as may be tixed by the Judge of
the   County   Court  of   Weat   Kootenay.
Dated tho 28th day of October, 1907.
"COMPANIES  ACT,  1897."
Notice is hereby given that Wilton A.
Miller, of tho town of Creaton, lumberman, has been appointed tho new attorney of "The Kinney-Miller Cedar
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Victoria, British Columbia, October 27,
Notice ls hereby Kivc-n timt the undersized
have submit tod to the Lleutenaut-Governor-ln-
( miiu'il a propoasl under the provisions of the
������ i.u.Ts and StreaoiB Act," (or clearing snd removing obstructions trotn Goat Hlver snd Mea>-
��� low Creek, in the DiNtrk-toi Weat Kootenay, and
f.tr making the aajne tit for rafting and drlv
lug theraou loga, timber, lumber, raftr- *-ii.Mt��Uj-
aud for erecting and maintaining booma lor
holding, sorting and delivering logs and timber
lirought down said creek and river, aud tor at-
lavhiug booma to the shore ot said creek and
river for aald purpover.
T*e Imi'U to be affected br aald work are: -
1 .otis :��������, rrtt>7, sVV.t-J. and aub lota 1, ti, 11.18,14 aud
15 ot I~t 4&(r2, i; roup 1, Kootenay IHmrU-t.
The tolla proposed to be charged are such aa
mtiT be rlxed by the Judge o( the County Court
df Went Kootenay.
Mated slat July, lt*07.
'lis s International Lumbib - MKacANTiLB Co.,
l\ C GREEN       F. P. nURDUS       A. H. GREER
Gvil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box 145    Phon- 3411*
1NEI_S01N,    -     B. C.
old Curiosity Shop
It you want to bur or sell anything.
CO to tbe Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sal*.
All kinds ot Dlnnorware ln stoak. Pa*.
I 1
i  'l.fl
i: ����� The Daily Canadian
. :.'
! '.'Itlll
so all busy people, we are sure we
can save both time iinil money foi
you If you will come now and inspect the different lines of Roods
we are showing for the Christmas
Selections will be likely to prove
far more salisfactury if made now
than if left for your busiest days.
The very   newest aud best
goods iu Wash Silks, Liberty Silks aud Chiffon
Taffeta Silks.      All
the very newest,
styles at
$4, $5, $6 to $10 Each
All Over Net and
Lace Blouses at
$6 50 to $12.50
Watchmaker and Optician
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo"
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & <t
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their ad-
vintage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
BUSH &  MATT HEW, Props.
Phone  9. P.  O.  Box  672.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in stu, ��� 1<��� and fancy Grocerio*,
llutter, Kj-gf.
Camp Bud  Miner-*' Supplies.
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:   Henley Building.    P. O. Box 434
���sker St., nelson, B. C.
Tin* Best Hsr.l t'oal on Ibe market.
Bunkheod lii-i-
The   Best   Iiomestic Cosl.
West Transfer Co.
The tourist hotel of Nelson,
corner of Stanley anil Victoria
streets. Two blocks from depot.
Captain EWaton, Victoria; Miss- G. D.
Mitchell, Calgary; Mrs, X. Harm and
daughter, Quelph; J. it. Anderson, Victoria; F \V. Mcl.aint', Oreenwood; Mrs
A. Airey, Miss Airey, F. U. Ward and
wife, C. F-  Hooper, Spokane.
Gor. V-si*non   iiin.! \Vard Streetn,
1NEL.SO.-V. _*��� G.
C. P. Soderllng, C. II. I.rown. Spokane; J. \V. CilliB, H. J. McKiunon, F.
Smith. A. Creelman, F. Stewart, W. I*.
Luce, Vancouver; \v. a. Magee, P. w.
GUllspte, Quebec; T. il. Trethewey, La
Plata; L. Pratt, Sandon; J, Henry. Ainsworth; s. Bonnere, Femie; R. H.
Zavitx, F. h. Cook, Winnipeg; P. W.
auernaey, Trail; J. B. Morris, J. H.
Freed man, J, S. Scott. Montreal; \V. F.
Ogllvte, Nakusp; Mrs. A. D. Knapp, Firo
Valley; C, W. Blderkln. C. C. Blderkin
and wife. Nova Scotia; II. Stevens,
Arrowhead; Thos. Stevens, Koch Siding;   A.   K.  Vaughn, Victoria.
.1. Welsh, A. K. Goodenough, Slocan;
H. Johnson. A. Carlson, Moyie; _, Patterson, F. Sousson. S. Heller, H. Dunn,
Calgary; V. MlUfgan, Spokane; D. Mc-
Eachern, Brie-; W. Macnalr, F. Telling.
Bossland; P. r; Blaine, w. Copperbot-
tom, Cranbrook;   K. Holmbe rg.
W. Graff and family, Salmo: Mrs. A.
Q  Gallup, Balfour; A. R. Revlll, Eholt;
T. Davis and wife, Winnipeg; L. Mil-
ward and wife. Saskatoon; Mrs. and
.Miss Maisdi'ti. [.. r,. Sergeant, EBdmon*
inn;   J{. W. McCarty, Toronto; J. Harri-
���on, Kimtand; .1. w. Bennett, Bossland;
a. F.  Bskrlgge, .-.-Mile.
D n. Currier, C. Wenlpass, Koch siding; .1, ('. Freeman. Silverton; D. Morrison, w. n. Dunn. Procter; A. Hushes,
Willow Point; w. Russell, Fertile; .1. A.
Miller, Phoenix; .!. Halter, Fernle; M.
Balnbridge, Grand Forks.
W. Mote and family, Albelm; I,.
Haruke. salmo; w   Janol, Carleton.
t. ii   Stevens. Calgary;   A. it.  Mm-
dock, .1 Oliver. Ymir; H. Davis, Slocan;
I*. It Murphy. Ainsworih; R. Owens.
Silverton;   .1.  A.  Page.  Poulton.
WANTED TU. MHkir- the TlM IO _��� Fir, Turn-
irtOfc or 1'int-    will  K'VO  11 i'i ntn (-ni'li   In the
Mrlinr.  h 11   .'..'-.    i.i'. ���������!        Apply    lo Jottuph
'���  'lull    .  I'H-l-dll'.
WANTFI. Blttt���tlofa bs Voting Scotiiinsn (mar
rh-'l) williiiK tn tackle HtivthliiK. i-xptTli-nccrl
IiiRrm.rv. wiiii- hihI urirlt tn*.<,t>. Artilrfm
I>   l> , null j- ...nmlmii OfflOS,
A   I'AKTNKR   with  ��2,iK*U lo    iMircli-.fr a   truit
riilirh in*r\r Nolsf.li    A uooii - ���>. . *i In i inn     I'jirt-
"iT n.-.-.l not !����� ik 'lively PIMUSd nil ntllCh.
t spply T <i   PBOOTlB.
tot pn.Mli'iilu.r-4 k
LOST    A LADY'S I'M HIC~ I.l.A wllli gold rliiim.--,
IiaihIIk    lid   nl   K    1'    Hh1|.  nil  night of  .'Ml,
s.pt   Pindar plssss return i<> Parnri Km-
pioynant Agsnoy ami rtosdrt r��wsr*i.
\*'"i'if.iriHliUt Botnt tot a  Young IJuly, would
-nil either Mbeo] U'MchL'-, or >.11)11k Iscly ln
tualnsH in   tin1 city
nm,-4��ii-s ii
A'1'lnih   K. <:   Uslly
T-V   >   KIUHI -.  ,.Anr>  HOOMri,  tWAtn healrfl      Ap
ply aousek(Hip��r,8rd list, _ w. <:, block.
The Hume hotel is installing first-
i sanitary appliances. The contract
a in ihe hands of S. A. Wye, sanitary
��� igineer.
Improvements at Castlegar.
Gold Commissioner Harry Wright will
go over to Trail tonight and confer tomorrow with J. H. Sohofleldj m.  L. A.,
on public improvements required in the
neighborhood  of Castlegar.
Pleased With Blue Bell.
Randolph Hruce and S. S. Fowler
spent yesterday at the Blue Bell mine,
returning to the city last night. Mr.
Bruce was greatly impressed with the
ore bodies and equipment of the property.
'erested in
,0(10 club ball
20,000  Club.
A meeting of the ladies int
the preparation for the 20,000 club bal
on the 15th inst. will be held tomorrow
Saturday, afternoon in the club's office
at 2.80, to report progress and settle
other details.
Bridge  In   Fairview.
The provincial government has just
completed a bridge over the stream that
runs through Fairview near the ship
yards. Hitherto carriages have had to
pass through a mudhole, so the improvement will be generally appreciated.
Alice Roller Rink.
The Alice roller rink will open tomorrow night at 7.30. For the first two
hours ihere will be skating and the rest
of the evening will be devoted to dancing. The band will be in attendance.
Admission has been fixed at 50 cents
for gentlemen  and 25 cents  for  ladies.
University Club.
The November meeting of the University club will be held in the teachers'
room of the public school tomorrow
evening at S o'clock. A paper on University Endowment and Organization.
by Dr. Arthur, will he read and discussed. An invitation is extended to all
Farmers'  Institute.
J R. Anderson, deputy minister of
agriculture for the province, and Miss
Rose, of Ouelph, an Ontario authority
on dairying, returned last night from
Grand Forks where they had addressed
a meeting of the Roundary Farmers'
Institute, and left this morning for Slocan City where they are holding a meeting this afternoon.
Examining  Plant.
R. A. Drown, city superintendent of
electric light and tramway, and R. H.
Zavltz. western manager of the Allis-
Chalmers-Dullock company, will make a
joint examination of the city power
plant, and substation and endeavor to
determine where the fault lies from
which the city has been Buffering in
respect of both light and power.
8. O. E. Meeting.
A meeting of the S. O. E. was held
last evening In the K. of P. hall. There
was a good attendance, some sixty
members being present. There were
four initiations and five propositions. It
was decided to organize a lodge of the
Daughters of England in connection
with the above. There is every prospect of the S. O. E. becoming a strong
lodge. New members are joining at
every meeting and t*hc membership now
is nearly one hundred.
The McAuliffe Compa rry.
The McAuliffe company gave an acceptable presentation of the well known
Irish drama, "Shamns O'Brien," at the
opera house last night. There was a
good house, and everyone appeared to
be satisfied. The part of "Shamns" was
laken by Jere McAuliffe and was commendable In many respects. The support waa very good. The specialties of
the previous night were repeated. Tonight the melodrama "Why Women Sin"
will be presented. There will be specialties between the acts.
Apathy as to Fair.
There Is a great deal of comment,
and not at all favorable, over the fact
thai tint annual meeting of the Nelson
Agricultural and Industrial Society wns
attended by only 110 members out of n
total of about 500. The annual fruit
fair || now one of Nelaon's moat Important Institutions.    Probably half the
1-j i \ i i i |, i i i i njf
UEBUjSMjst.,. >-*M
Pt-i  l"l   1 1       1   1   1   1   1  1  IS
Of electrical work finished and charged
for from  this shop will  show you  how
squarely and honorably we conduct our
ThoHo who employ us need not worry
about our charges and as to workmanship they know It Ih the best.
Repairs to machinery, telephones, etc.
promptly  attended  to.
P. 0. Box 16S. I'hone 227 A.
2 lbs. 25c.
\ 5c.  per lb.
Corner Silica and Josephine 8ta
New stock is arriving and being
placed on sale.
The designs and colorings are if possible, more beautiful than ever.
Prices are so very reasonable too. The
daintiest of cards at 5c each, and from
that up lo 80 cents each. Calenders at
from  15c up.
They are all fresh new stock. We
were almost completely cleaned out of
cards last year so thai we have no old
stock to be worked off.
Those having cards to send to friends
at a distance should make their selections now.
W. G. Thomson
a^&'kK*" 'nd    Nelson, B. C.
Phon* .34.
Sherman's Opera House
McAuliffe Stock Co.
Why Women Sin
Prices:   25c,  50c,  75c
citizens are members of the society
nnder   whose  auspices   It   Is   held,   and
still  only   3u   members  cared   enough
about its fortunes to attend fnr an hour
anil see that It is In safe hands for another year. Perhaps It is fairer to say
thnt the greal majority trusi.-.l that a
faithful few would do the necessary
work. That Is an unfortunate characteristic of Nelson. There are too many
who delegate their duties to others, content so Jonu as they arc not bothered.
F. W. Guernsey, of the Trail smeller,
arrived last night.
Dr. S. Bonell, mayor of Fernle, Is a
visitor to the city today.
A. G. Creelman, formerly of Rossland.
arrived from the coast last night.
T. H. Trethewey, manager of the La
Plaia mines, came Into the citv last
H. M. Macdonald. barrister, returned
from a professional trip to tho coast
last evening.
Hugh Slevens, of Arrowhead, came
down last night. He has lately returned
from a trip lo the east.
F. f'orry and family, late of the ('. P.
H., leave tomorrow for the coast, where
he will reside In future.
Louis Pratt, official  liquidator of the
The Ball of the Season!
Will   be   held  on
Friday. Nov. 15th. 1907
���IN   THE���
(Corner of Baker and  Falls Streets.)
Tickets carr be had from any member
of the Executive or from the Secretary
of the 20,000 Club.
GENTLEMEN,  $2.00.       LADIES,   $1.00.
Whoh't-rtlu iin-!   lU'UII lit���,.:��� r- tn
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortcut notice mnl
lowest price. Nothing but   Creah and
wholesome meats and suppleH kept in stock
Mail orders receive eareful attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manaj>M.
% Is Remoywed
Its Sce/iery
Its Business Energy1
$1.00 per Gallon
|Telephone 181.
IT      JUST      DEPENDS      ON       WHO
If some stores were to advertise tn
sell regular bang-up Mi cent tea for 40
cents what would you say? If yon happened to read the add at all you would
say: "That's a fake." And in a good
many cases you would be ri^ht. It isn't
what Is said in au add that makes il
tiu�����It's who says It.
When Joy says that for the balance of
the week you can come here and buy
a pound of regular 50-cent Tea for (0c
you can depend on it being so. So come
for this Tea. Joy will meet you at the
door at
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine &  I.atimer SI.*:.
Tel.   19.   NELSON,   B.  C.   P. O.  Box  637.
Last cha nee Mining Co., came down
from Sandon  best   night.
ii. il. Zavitx, western manager ot tbe
AIlIc-ChalnieiK-I'iilloek Company. arrived   from   Calgary   bust   night.
Arthur Vaughn, for many yearn ;i n-si
dent of Nelson, but  now of Victoria, is
in the city renewing old aetjuaJatances.
Conductor Ogllvle. who has b.nl the
run from Kevelstoke to Arrowhead for
the past twelve years, is in the cltj to
L. Qodbolt,  formerly one of Netaon'l
boot and shoe ni-'ichants, artiver from
the Boundary last night and took this
mornlng'fl Crow  boat  for the east.
Death of Ross Taylor.
S. S. Taylor. K. C., received a tele-
gram this afternoon from Mrs. Taylor,
al Itoehester, Mi nn., announcing the
death there at 10.18 a. m. today of their
son, Rosa, aged il years, n months.
Mrs. Taylor will leave for Nelson tonight with the body and the funeral will
take place the day of their arrival here.
Hohh was undergoing treatnieii! In tho
Rochester sanitarium for tuberculosis
of the kidneys, but has been gradually
sinking for the last couple of days. Mr.
and Mrs. Taylor are assured of lhe jdn-
cerest sympathy of all Nelson in their
Cleared,    cultivated,     planted
with   8o   trees,  good   water,
first rate location, $700.
COME  AINO   Ml .li.
Chinaware Clearance Sale
IIiIh WSSk wo have put Into stork
two Iiiih of itnjal vioniia China, eon*
pletini our X'mas Importation Theau
wo havo put In will. il���- otlior lines at
Hi.. Olsara&oa Bals prloss.
Hpoolals this wook In Staples Turn
blsrs,   regular   price   $l.60   per doz., at
Willow   paltoru   cupa  and  smears   per
d��*    $1.30
Willow   pattern  piutos per  doz.        .go
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER  snd  WARD.        Phone 8t
B.   A.   ISAAC
R. W. HINTON '-^--^s^vvs^
tHi-Hf iiihI Jobbins sjx*.-v .ii ���.-.! with Ownnntch.   Hha.t m_i
-M-U,   Mlnit.K .*i.���   .Mill   MM_tili,��-v.      MMiiuf��_|��SS_._*
Or*****   <_:nt-M.   W.   W.    Contrautorn1   CMm.
Cornel <>i iui rod
: ronl Btr*��ta,
that is fashionable and durable can :���
bought now at a price that I, m t,
tempt you. Winter styles art being
shown. Come quick and get the pick.
Shirts, Collar, and Cutl. galore. Medium and Heavy Weight Pajama, and
Night Shirts at proper price,.. Particular people will be pleased with our ottering..
scribes, bring them    to the    Popular    Store.
Places to hisVe your prescription! filled.
But to have them properly and carefull*-
compounded    as    your    physician   pre-
Poole-Longhurst Co., Ltd.
Itakcr and Josephine Sts.
We would like to see nil our patrons comfortable this winter sml In order to
do so wc have In stock the best assort sd line of heating stoves and n��U��
StOTSS and  ranges ever before presented to the public In Kootenay.
We would bo pleased to show you our lino and before making 3��*" t*
chase kindly see what we bave to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelson Brant".
You can always get wliat
you want in all kinds of House
Furnishing! at the
Buck Stoves
and Ranges
Standard Furniture Company
Complete House Furnishers and Undertakers.
We   make   ,.   s.i.'<'"-">'   "f   ,""""''"
Ki oils, such as
So that 11 visit to our slore
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Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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