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The Daily Canadian Apr 14, 1908

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Array ASK
The   monarch   of
same all  the time.
bottled  at
VOLUMB   2.     No.   271
Will be delivered    every evening    et
your door for
Fifty Cents a   month
tiiiiiicii Hesitates About
ay Be Forced to Resort to Frontage
Tax���Nioc Days More Will See
Power Plant Complete.
. 'M ���   council   me.-ting   lasted
1 and  a   quaitt't   biting   d.-vni*.
c mainly   to  onsidera'tnu  ol   a   repot*.
thi   board of works psoonusandloj
1 ii   tlif  ��� iii.i  .iuU m�� 11  iyi
Ti.-   council met at  b o'clock with all
11. M-.it.   Th��' DiinutM oi tba
�� ��� i.   r��'iid  and  adopted
Tbi   Bre,  water and  li^ht   oonusttteo,
I   just   before   the  cuuueil,   re*
rx>mmWUUSL|   ttie   ..mi chase   ol
1      ot   c'lpjii j     win*;    hi    refei
���ii. :u.iu:ir-,'-iii<iii of tha boardV
1 iti tna power pleat, tiu oon
, . ed  leejfa t<* hit  again.    Tue
tvai  adopted.
public works committee pmob*
i    1 itai the proaopl 4 inch tewej on
���   ��� .!. ��� trota Hiiii s'lvri  i.fi veen
iki '   and   Vernon*  he  tajti n   up, and a
.  li   in.mi   be   laid   to   lot  9,  to
���    .
pi wer
Aldermen M< -Morrh, Procter, Paten*
aude, Bteed and Kerr.
lie:  tendera for  wptta  privflegi     ���>'
111'-     ptVk     Were    upeiiej     ,nnl     i i*u(]      ( ;,*n
eiuiiy tiny aaked foY payment Ior ner
vioea, One, J. i\ Mel .< od, offered '<���
to pay tor thi pi Ivllej e bui wanted a
live year  lease.
Tin* matter woo referred back to the
p.irkn '"iiniii!1,, to prepare RpecULe��v
ttoni ei requlrementi and handed to
i he  clerk   Cor adi et I laetneni
The mayor reported thai the Canada
zinc Oompanj had ohana^d the course
of its pole line, but the change was an
inii<rovemeni from ih��* cftty'i point "i
riew, and h�� had raited no objection
Th-- oompanj had alao andertakea to
I'lriin  up along ii:   line.
The council then adjourned to   i tu
d,j\.   \prfl Kiel. a1  B p. m.
Believes in  America.
London,     April     14.��� -Seymour     Bell,
oommerda] British agenl tn the United
Btaiea,  In  a  report, for  1907  which  han
been leaned hy the board of trade, takea
a hopeful  view of the  future.     Jh- layi
tie- Carmen who form tbe backbone of
American prosperity, hate not been af-
fected by The linancial crisia and that
the country ta produefns crops valued
at nearly $7,600,000,000. The country.
Mr. Hell thlukn. lu not likely to suffer
irom industrial etaa^uitios, H. predicts a Quiet business in t908 audthlnkH
tie- return to a normal condition of
affairs  will   be dependent   on  the crops
Ba&eball Season Opens.
New .Fork, April 14.���The American
and National leagues "will open tbebase-
ball championship ���eason today. The
persone] of tbe sixteen clubs who will
in the struggle today is not unfamiliar   to  the  followers  ��>t   baseball,
While tie-re bal Im.ii 01 -tisideiahie shift-
In | about of players since tbe season
closed in 1S07, the majority <>f tbe players who wii; put on uniform again to-
daj  ure well known.
i   rhat the Houston street main be
I   at   a  coat  of $;!.K>0, the   pies
ibis   revenue   heme   pt.    pea
TluU  tbe  sewer  boa  the man
��� at   the corner of  Ward  nnd   Hon-.
* el he extended al s cost or |X6o
i rhat tbe seirer in the lam be
Hoover and Ohservaior> streets
tided eastward at a cost of $o40.
lhat sewer extension asked for
IttagUo be granted, to cost the
ibool   |S40
I That the Deoesaary grading on
inne street ttsetlls the new Meth-
t church he ,()o��e at QMS,
.) That tho Fairview extension be
e the atipllcants doing part of the
.���:   and   being   man'- d   rnhitae.
��� That the telephone line from th.
hall to the oemevsry be oenneoted
b the central station.
��� ���   report   was   taken   up   clause  \,\
i e   The mayor thought ihe present
referred  to in  clause   i.  mignl
Dgged   It was finally agreed to do
��� of the work at a cost of between
s i! brought up sgwin tbs ojeesv
��� tbe expending of a frontage tax
Procter  wiabed   t��i  have  tbe city
��� tor instructed to prepare a bylaw
>ughl   the   work  should  he   done.
-hould he paid tor, at least In  pan
mayor   contended   that   all   the
should  he done hy  frontage  rules
at   all,  further  tncreass Of  the
mates  being Unpoesdbls  during  tin*
- nt   year.
11ale moved that tbe city solid
Instructed to prepare a local im
ment bylaw tor tbe purpose,   The
mayor wished it  to apply specifically to
B    B   and  4   of the   report.     Aid
uanted H bo cover all tmure ap
tor extensions of sewers.
ies '_'. :. and   I  wars r hen adopted
n being made for the raising of
;i 11   hinds by frontage tax
' ftuse 8 was supported by Aldermen
1 ' " '��� i.  Hals and  Bteed as a  means of
tug some of the men  in  the cit>
6   now   Idle
ie t was amended bo read tbat
i 'j   ia>   the  pipe,  the  applicants
he necessary digging and i<> pay
'ular rates
���   B was agreed to
Procter  asked  if  tba C    P.   B.
dj   were making an]    mova    to
tha shipyards  with  the  main
respondent a on tha subject we)
LUd   it    was   stated   that   the   GODl
���vera  taking  steps   to  make   tbs
mayor recommended    that    tin
plant    wall    bS   raised    six   feel,
would  make  11   only  i! feet. 7  in-
lower than  tbe  wall  of tha   W    K
nnd   L.   Company's   new   plant,   and,
'" thought safe even agalnsl such high
water as thnt of  1894
To Mil. Steed lhe mayor stated that
"" inside work was almosl completed
and he believed o as well done. The
1 ;: n| also stated I hat tbe Aiiis Chal-
'""is i tuiiock Com n> 's governor expert had dlsooveri i simple and easilj
reparable defect which he believed accounted tor ad ih ��� Fluctuation.
, fo Aid, Procter ' 8 mayor said that
[���" thought within v lays the dtj could
atSn1n  he supplied   h'    lis own   power.
The mayor also suited that fire chlel
^eusy hud purchased a new team in
apokane for something loss than I860.
The first uuarterly audit was Laid on
[oe table  and ordered  to  he  printed   In
both city  papers
in reference to requests tor Informs
'"ii na to ('leaning Day, the mayor bU
",1 that it was Intended thnt all refuse
1,11 deposited In alleys hy the household
' ,; ^ he net* it would be removed by
���cavenger teams.
,   "   the  city clerk's request  the  date
_��i   the   municipal   court   of revision  of
sament   was  flxei]   for June  4th,  at
School    Bsard.
The reeuiar montnlj   messing of the
hoard of sehool trustees will he held
in I)r. Arthur's office tomorrow night
at  b  o'clock.
Represent   Government.
Harry   Wright. .1    A.   Kirkpatrick  and
.}. A. Irving have been appointed  dlrex
tors  of   the   Kootenay      Lake     Qeoersd
Hospital  as representstivcs of the provincial ��(JveTnment.
Railroad   Construction   at  Greenwood.
J. B. Tiem. j came in lrom HOBOS*]
and w ill iea\ e Sir QTeSWOOd tofnOTTOW
morning. He has with him a large
quantity of plant which will he taken
to Greenwood to begin construction
work on the Una to the 5fother Lod<
He has left about fiftj men and a portion of the plant at IT'suier. The work
th re wlD be oompieted about July 1st.
Y.   .   A.
A puhMc meeting in connection with
Nelson Young People's Union will be
held this evening 0i S o'clock in the
Baptiat Church. Addresses will be given by Rev \ V Frith on the Young
People s Forward Missionary Movement, and hy F. M Black 00 Christ!*
anlty and tbe Social Crisis. Musical
selections will also be given. AH inter-
SSted   are   welcome.
Cleaning   Dsy.
Tomorrow at 1- <i'cloek noon hust-
i"��������� s will he suspended in Nelson and
all citizens will devote themselves to
e ean ng up their premises and generally beautifying their neighborhoods.
The procedure reconunended Is that
ull shall gather all refuse from their
own premises and place it In a convenient place '-a street or alley (tor ths
1'itv  scavenger department   to  take   it
Up      It   is   hoped   lhat   all   citizens   will
co-operate and make the cleaning thorough.
K. of P.  Visit.
The Nelson Knights of Pythias went
to Ymir last uii-.ht ie. strong, although
many Intending excursionists missed
the train, chancellor Commander it J,
sieei was 111 command. The proceed
logs  at   vmii   uere  opt ni d   6]   James
Stewart.   Ymir      C    C      aft. 1    w hieli   the
on I dgi took charge, exempllf] Ing
the full work ol all thri i degn es Tie
work lasted till i BO o'clock and tht n
Nelson again became Ymir's guest-
supper. The Knights arrived hack
Nelson this morning at 4.80 George
m >;��uiii. pi]
Inspired   the   march
Officers and Salaries in
Machine Majority Jealously I otects
Patronage System���G  \>;nl
Comment at Ottaw...
Ottawa, April 14. in the last full fiscal year reported the government of
Canada expended, for the benefit of agriculture, $518,9TC.
ln the same year expenditure charged to militia and defence was $5,594,-
It is a time of peace, and should be a
time of agriculture development.
Yet the government of Canada is
spending eleven dollars on the military
tor every dollar that is apent for the
encouragement of farming.
Such is the criticism made iu the-bud
get debate in parliament by Andrew
Itroder,  the member  for Dundas.
The civil service commission partly
explains the enormous militia expenditure, which amounted to 0A#8T7,SO0 in
the nine months ending March 31, 1907
t Auditor General's Report Q., p. 2., Tile
commissioners report that there are
more high paid officials on the militia
staff than in any other three or four
departments together. They say tbat
the headquarters" staff is sufficient for
a standing army of 100,000 men, whereas the permanent force numbers only
3,000, and the militia drills only a
Week in the year. Notice this list of
highly paid officers:
1 Minister tplus |S,&O0 indemnity $7,000
1  Deputy Minister 4,000
1 Accountant 2,800
1   Director   of   Contracts 2,500
1    Secretary 2,800
1   Chief of Staff :..  6,000
1  Inspector General.
. .   6.000
o.   ui.     The   court   will  consist   of
w��s  In  the  party   and
^^^^ down     trom      ihe
Mountain station. A display of ftre-
works   and   toy   balloons   formed   part
of Ymiis send off. Ymir's hospitality
knew no bounds ami the Etnights were
duly   appreciative.
Appeal   Dismissed.
H. M. Macdonnld has been notified
fiom Vancouver that the appeal brought
hy the plaintiffs in the case of the Independent Lumber Company against
the Canadian Pacific Timber Company'
has been dismissed and the judgment
of the 11 itil judge affirmed. The case
was' tried at Vancouver some months
ago, ami was specially interesting as
it involved the question as to whether
an extra-provincial company, not licensed or registered in this provinci oould
enter Into a valid contract for carrying on any part of its business In British Columbia, Mr. Macdonald for the
defendants pleaded thai such a contract had no validity in this Jurisdiction. The further point, however, and
the one upon which the trial judge de-
aided was lhat Upon 'be facts in this;
particular case no agreement had  been
n ached  betwen the  parties.   The n-a
sens upon which the court of appeal
decided  have not  yet come to  hand.
stoiage, for export business in perishable products; and by Mr. Wilson of
Lennox, who, In a forcible and practical address, pointed out the weakness
of the government immigration methods^, showing that millions had been
wasted in bonuses for immigrants who
either did not come, or were undesirable, ou subsidies paid to the party
press for alleged immigration printing
and advertising, and for salaries and
expenses to former political workers
and   hangers-on.
Senator McMullln has announced lhat
he caused his son to withdraw from a
dredging company, which had large contracts with the government, as he did
not desire directly or through his family, concerned ia government contracts.
This in a severe reproach to some of his
companions, for instance:
Mr. Hobert Stewart, M. P., whose aon
has suddenly come to the front as one
of the Largest dredging contractors with
the government, and who himself, as
agent for a boiler inspection and insurance company, is receiving commission on from 70 to 80 policies on government property; James Conmee, M. P.,
whose family connections have a half
interest in the Great Lakes Dredging
Company, a large contractor with the
government; Mr. Grant, M. P., whose
brother is a large dredging contracttor;
Mr. Sifton. M. P., understood to be
largely interested In the company which
receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from the marine department for
fog signal apparatus; Sir Fred. Borden,
who promoted a subsidized cold storage business at St. John, and whose
son-in-law is in the concern; T. A. Burrows, ML* P., who bas obtained, in his
own and other names, vast timber areas by methods still under investigation; A. J. Adamson, M. P., made rich
hy Saskatchewan land deals, grazing
leases and timber limits; Mr. McCraney
M. P.. Senator Davis, J. G. Turlff, M.
P., all concerned in Government concessions.
Sir Richard Cartwright has informed
the senate that he has no large hopes
of increased trade from the French
Mr. Brodeur has told the commons
that the treaty will be no good at all
without a direct steamship service at
a maxlfum cost of $200,000 a year.
France pays no part of this subsidy.
which all falls on Canada.
For Track Laying East of
Prince Rupert
Construction Arranged for 300 Miles
From Pacific Terminal���Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Montreal, April 14.���Bids have been
opened for an additional two hundred
miles of lhe Grand Trunk Pacific easl
from Prince Rupert and the contract
will be let probably about the middle
of May. This will put JUO miles of
tbe main line at the Pacific coast terminal   under   way.
Special  Prizes for Floral  Decoration Offered   by  J.   F.   Langan   and
C.   W.   Busk.
Master   General  of   Ordnance.. 4,000
1   Quartermaster  4.000
1   Adjutant  General  4,000
1   1 Irttctor   General     of     Medical
Services  3,400
t     Director  of  Clothing  3,400
.   Director of  Transport  3,200
1 Assistant    Adjutant    General.. 3.200
1  Director   of   Artillery  3,200
1 Director  of  Engineer's services 3,200
1   Director  of   Operations  3,200
1    Deputy    Adjutant   General.... 3,200
4 D.   O.   C.'s   at  4.000
5 D.  O.   C'b.   at  3.000
1 Chief   Staff   officer  3,000
1   Commander   at   Halifax  3,100
1 Commander   at   Kingston  3.200
3 Professors   at    Kingston  2,800
5 Professors   at   Kingston   (plus
allowances)  2.500
1   Arsenal     Superintendent  3,200
With a host of additional officers at
salaries of $2,000 to $3.00.    The official
staff at Ottawa costs, for salaries alone
$04,300 a year.
The headquarter!    staff   at    Ottawa
COStS    $':17. TiOO.
The district staff and commands cost
Kvidently the civil service commissioners ate right in describing the Canadian militia lyatam as "top heavy."
The house directed by the premier
nnd Uie minister of finance, rejected
the following motion proposed by Mr.
"Thai ai". supplies purchased for the
n e m| ill,; various departments of the
government should be procured on the
baall "I public lender and contract, under the direction Of a competent pur-
ehasing cninmlssKiu. aud with regard
primarily   to   quality   and   price."
Notloe of this motion was given be-
fore the report of the. royal commission, which condemned the present system of purchase and showed that It was
expensive, degrading and dishonest.
The government did not meet the motion squarely, but Mr. Fielding headed
it off with an amendment modifying
the' lirst part aud substituting "minis! ers res pons i hh> to parliament," is
isters responsible to v arliament," which
is merely an endorsement of the present
royal commission has so emphatically
Mr. Blaln proposed to add to Mr.
Fielding's amendment a further clause
"thut the present system of purchasing from middlemen and at excessive
prices should be immediately discontinued." This amendment was rejected, aud Mr. Fielding's endorsement of
the existing method sustained by the
regular government majority, except
that Messrs. Laverghe and Hohitaille,
Liberals, voted for the Hlain amend-
meiii. Thus the government and the
majority In parliament are still committed to the middlemen and to the
spoils  system
The budget debate closed on Thursday. Among excellent addresses delivered this week was one by Mr. Hroder,
previously mentioned; one by Mr. Armstrong, dealing particularly with the failure of the government either to find
additional markets abroad for farm produce, or to restore the Gorman market,
which has been lost, or to improve and
properly  operate  the  system    of    cold
To encourage a taste for the beautiful and at the same time add to the
attractiveness of the city, during the
summer mouths, Messrs. John Laiigun
and C. W. Busk, have each donated a
prize of $10 for competition In the way
and manner hereunder specified. It
will now be "up to" citizens to show
their appreciation of the good-will and
public spirit of these gentlemen by taking part in the competition provided.
Ii respective of the prospect of a prize,
the value of the competition will in
many ways repay the time and labor
expended on the culture and care of
the   flowers.
By John F. Langan��� $10 in gold; for
the best garden display of flowers
grown in small cottage gardens and
yards within the city limits. Variety
and brightness of color will receive
special consideration. The competition
is confined to owners or tennants on
single lots only. Intending competitors
should send their names to the secretary of the Agricultural society before
May loth. Competition will continue
from that date till the opening date
of   the   fair.
By C. VV. Busk.���Seeds, bulbs or
(lowering shrubs to the value of $10,
for the best decorated window with
growing plants and flowers, located iu
tbe business section of the city, between Hall anil Falls, streets, windows
not necessarily those of places of business. The competition will begin on
May 15th. and continue till the date
of the fair. Notes will be taken weekly by ladies acting independently of
each other.
Halifax, April 14.���Sir Sandford
Fleming has donated to the city of Halifax a large portion of his property
known at "The Dingle" to be used as
a  public  park.
Toronto. April   14.���The Borden  Club
will   banquet   Premier   Hazen   of    New
St. Thomas, April 14.���A strange
story has reached here of the finding
dead in New Mexico* of a woman who
left Aylmer, near here, a few weeks
ago after visiting with friends and relatives. The victim of apparent murder
Is Mrs. Robert Redding, 04 years old.
She was reported to be well off. Her
body was found soon after she reached
New Mexico in a Santa Fe railway car
at a place called Deming. She was
found lying tace down. No money was
found   on   the   body.
Winnipeg. April ' 1.���The C. P. R. issued the first crop report of the season this morning giving the progress
of seeding operations throughout the
Canadian Northwest; 110 towns scattered all over Manitoba and Saskatchewan have been heard from. No more
optimistic and generally satisfactory report has ever been completed by the
company. Everywhere exceptionally
fine weather prevails, land is in good
shape and seding is general, some
places, particularly in new sections, re
port a big increase in acreage.
Calgary. April 14.���Word was received here last night that a tremendous
snow slide at Albert Canyon on the C.
P. R. in the Cascade range had swept
two boarding cars from the track, carrying from the track cars filled with
sleeping Japanese laborers. The slide
occurred in what was considered a perfectly safe spot but heavy rains in the
mountains in the last few days brought
down snow and thousands of tons of
ice and rock, and the snow struck the
cars carrying them some distance down
the mountain. It Is understood that
there were 40 Japanese iu the cars and
5   bodies  have   been   recovered.
Walkerville, April 14. ��� J. W.
Churchill is dead here as a result of injuries received by being struck by a
Wabash   express.
Toronto, April 14.���Central prison
has no room to accommodate nineteen
Boukhobors sentenced at Port Arthur
aud as they wont eat, work or keep
ciothing on at prison, the officials here
are not at all anxious to have them.
Quotations on   Spokane   Exchange
New York Curb.
Alberta C. At  0	
$      .15    *
B. C.  Copper  	
��� 17H
��� 17%
Can.   Con.   Smelter...
Copper   King	
Dom.   Copper    ......
Galbralth Coal  	
International  C.   &  C.
Missoula   Copper    . ..
.03 %
Rambler  Cariboo   ...
Sullivan   Bonds.    ..
Quebec. April 14.���The criminal court
fined three jurymen $5 each yesterday
for  absence.
Toronto. April 14.���The Ontario legislature was prorogued this afternoon by
His Honor Sir Mortimer Clarke, Lieut.
Ingersoll, April 14.���Walter Holmes.
thirteen years old. died from lockjaw,
caused by an injury to his foot from
the wheel of a wagon while he was
attempting to get a ride.
Regina, April 14.���Herbert Clark,
brakeman on the C. P. R. yard crew
here, had his right leg taken off this
morning as the result of an accident.
His foot caught in the guard rail as
he was coupling oars and a wheel ran
over his leg.
Toronto, April 14.���Captain Harhot-
tle, the absconding secretary of the
Toronto Club, has been arrested In Havana, Cuba. Extradition proceedings
will be taken Immediately.
Macleod. Yesterday Loudon's ranch,
near Bowell, was burned with a loss
of stables  and G horses.
Swift Current, April 14.���Eighty-five
carloads of settlers' effects have arrived here during the past month. The
ground is in splendid shape and June
weather  prevails.
Toronto, April 14.���Two more cases
of small pox has been discovered ln
the city, one on St: Joseph street and
another on   Elizabeth  street.
Brantford, April 14.���Mrs. Josie Carpenter, who resides on Walnut street,
dropped dead while dressing. She
leaves  a  husband  and four  children.
Amherstburg, April 14.���Henry Sellers, employed on a dump scow on American government works in the Detroit
river, fell to the bottom of the scow
when tbe gates were Open and was
drowned. He leaves a widow and four
small  children.
Port DalhouBie.    April
canal   opened   today.
Toronto, April 14.���J. A. McAndrew,
registrar of the court of appeals and
official referee, tendered his resignation
to the government today.
Toronto, April 14.���Crown Attorney
Drayton today issued a statement regarding the action of the crown authorities in withdrawing further investigation in the alleged attempt to rob the
Sterling bank at Thomhill. The detectives had only the story of Manager
Henry to go on, and he told them how
he had ben fired at by a man, and was
finally struck unconscious by some one
In the bank. The examination of the detectives revealed no traces in the muddy ground outside the bank of any one
having been there. There were no marks
on the window Mil, the door was not
tampered with aud even the dust on
the fanlight waa untouched. Henry
himself under examination admitted to
the officers that tlie idea of robbery
might have originated  In a dream.
Montreal. Que., April 1,4.���Lawrence
Prince, electrical engineer, who fell
down a shaft in the Algoma mine last
week and who was brought to the general hospital here, died today. He was
the son of H. M. Prince, a well known
lumber king of Quebec i
Fleet  at San   Diego.
San Diego. April 14.���After its long
and notable cruise through the southern seas and the changing cllmeB of
the western hemisphere, the United
States battleship fleet, now under the
immediate command of Rear Admiral
N. Thomas, returns to home waters today. It will cast anchor off Cononado
Beach this afternoon at 1 o'clock and
the four days of the scheduled stay of
the sixteen ships will be marked by a
ceaseless round of gaiety. The fleet has
practically an entire month of merrymaking before it. After San Diego extends the civil welcome, there comes a
week at Los Angeles, five days at Santa
Barbara, five days divided between
Monterey and Santa Cruz, and ten days
more   in   San   Francisco.
The most official and particular event
In the fleet's stay on the Pacific coast
will be the grand review of the combined Atlantic and Pacific forces In San
Francisco harbor. Secretary of the
Navy Metcalfe will review the ships
on the gunboat Yorktown and there
will be forty-three vessels in the anchored   lines.
Wanted in the North.
Seattle, April 14.���A cable despatch
to the Post-Intelligencer from Fairbanks. Alaska, says: "At the annual
meeting of the mlneowners and operators' association, held here last night.
it was decided to immediately wire
John Ronan. their outside representative, authorizing him to contract an additional 10,000 men ln Seattle at terms
of $5 and hoard for a day of ten hours
to come to Fairbanks upon the opening
of navigation."
Castro Persistent.
Caracas. Venezuela. Sunday, April 12.
via Wilhelmstad, April 14.���The Venezuelan government has entered suit
against A. Garner, former receiver of
the New York and Bermudez Asphalt
company, to compel him to render an
account of his four years administration of tlie sequestrated property. The
bond was fixed at $200,000 and, falling to put up his surety, Mr. Garner
cannot leave the country pending trial.
Not Within the laurier
San Francisco, April 14.���Battling
Nelson signed articles yeslerday to
tight 45 rounds with Boer Unholz before a San Francisco Club on the afternoon of May 16. The weight is to be
133 pounds. The men are to right for
lli'ty   per  cent,  of the  gate  receii>tn
Toronto, April 14.���Mrs. Hobert Lati-
BIST, first cousin of the lale President
McKinley, la dead here at the age of
0b years. v
Neepawa, Man.. April 14.���The Canadian Northern elevation at Kden, containing 7,000 bushels of wheat was
burned yesterday afternoon. The Are
started from the upsetting of a lantern.
l.elhbridge, April 14.���Prairie flron
are raging ln all directions and considerable damage has been done. The
mounted police are after those starting   Hit.,.     Six   arrests   were   made   iu
Prices  ��f   Matala.
New York. April 14.���Silver, 5494c.
London.    April    14���Silver,    25>4d.
Lead.   ��13, 12s., tid.
Opening   Copper  Quotationa.
(By McDermld & McHardy.)
New  York,  April   14,   1908. ���
Asked Did
Granby    $96.00        J90.00
Domlulou     Copper      2.12V4        2.00
B.   C.   Copper 4.75 4.00
Estimate is $85,000,000���Generous
Grant of Fishing Rights���Notes of
Dominion Parliament,
Otttwa, April 14.���According to a
statement made in the house yesterday
by Hon. G. W. Graham, the estimated
coat of the Grand Trunk Pacific from
Moncton, N. B., to the Rockies Ib now
185,000,000 made up as follows: Eastern division under contract, $44,389,-
393; not under contract, 119,030,173;
prairie section, $21,872,200; total, $85,-
281,766; the estimated cost or eastern
division under contract Is a little over
$36,000 a mile.
The coramonsrallway committee today granted the Grand Trunk Pacific
Branches company two years extension
to begin construction of lines they are
authorized to build and five years to
complete the same. During discussion
of the bill, W. H. Biggar, counsel, said
that contracts would probably be let
this summer for branch lines to Calgary and Battleford, the Keglna to
Yorkton branch and the Brandon-Re-
glna branch. The company would not
wait till the building of the mountain
section before launching out on their
branches. Preliminary surveys, he
said, have boen made ln tsvi cases of
branches fnmi Calgary ...atbward ti
ifie International boundary and from
Regina southeastward to North Portal
on the Dakota boundary.
The public accounts committee of the
commons today continued its Inquiry
Into leases of fishing rights ln northern
waters granted by the marine and fisheries department to F. H. Markey, K.
C, of Montreal, and to Arch. McNee,
Windsor, Ont. Markey's lease covered
the fishing rights ln Great Slave Lake
and other northern waters, while Mc-
Nee's lease was for fishing rights ln
James   Bay.
The superintendent or immigration
has received a denial from T. F. An-
nand. agent of the immigration department at Halifax, of newspaper reports
alleging undue detention and Ill-treatment of passengers who landed from
the steamer Tunisian last Friday.
May Have Murderer.
New York, April 14.���By the arrest
of Frank Monato, at Huntington, Ind..
the mystery surrounding the murder of
Julius Rosenheimer at Pelham Manor,
N. Y., on Jan. 18th may be solved. Mr.
Rosenheimer was secretary of the London Needle Co.. and resided ln a handsome estate at Pelham Manor with hia
wife. He was strolling among the
shrubbery at dusk when two men Jumped from behind some bushes, and beat
him to death. Mrs. Rosenheimer fainted, but her husband's cries summoned
assistance. The murderers fled in
haste after stealing their victim's
watch bearing his initials. No cause
for the attack was ever made public.
There were several Italians camping
In the neighborhood and many Italians
were arrested, and Boon released. A
reward of $5,000 was offered for the arrest of the assailants, but this was
withdrawn because of Indiscriminate
arrests. Private detectives worked on
the case for a long while without success. Chief of Police Marks of Pel-
hum Manor ls said to be either In Fort
Wayne or Huntington, preparing to
bring Monato to this state.
No Change.
New York, April 14.���No change ln
tlie preseut system of betting at the
local tracks was authorized at the meeting of the stewards of the jockey club
which was held yeslerday, mainly for
lhe purjKJse of dealing with trainers ami
Jockeys.    Licenses were granted.
Schreck-Ross Fight.
Newcastle, April 14.���Mlkl Schreck,
of Cincinnati, saved himself from a
knockout by Tony Ross here last night
before two thousand people, by refusing
to begin the tenth round of what was
scheduled as a 12 round bout. He
claimed Ross hit him twice on the left
jaw as he was sitting down after the
gong sounded ln the tenth round. Both
men went easy the first five rounds,
Schreck outpointing Ross. Schreck
roughed the sixth and seventh and hud
Ross groggy. Ross started using his
right and Ihe eighth and ninth rounds
were his, Schreck being all but out
when the ulnth closed.
Willie Edouln Dead.
London. April 14���Willie Edouin.
the Knglish actor, ia dead. He had been
in failing health since his return from
America. He was born at Brighton iu
Prince Must Face Music.
London, April 14.���The court today
refused to Issue the Injunction requested on April 3rd by Prince Victor of
Thurn and Taxis of Austria, to restrain
Josephine Moffltt, an American woman,
from alleging that she Ib the Prince's
wife and that he fled from America to
avoid his creditors.
Rest  from   Fsver.
London, April 14.���After sitting today
parliament  adjourned  until  April  25th
fur Easter   recess.
"1- 1 ..j Daily Canadian
Important Notice to Newcomers and Intending Settlers
The Hudson's Bay Stores
Ranchers', Miners', Prospectors',
Lumbermen's and Railroadmen's
Suppplies   and   the   Leading
We keep the best of everything, and tlie best only.
Our Immense business and practical'}- unlimited capital give us sped;
id.antages in buying, so that we can   sell,   and    do   sell.    HIGH    CLASS
GOODS al  prices  generally  charged  for  INFERIOR  ARTICLES.
Flour, Bran, Shorts and Hay Always in Stock
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office;   Toronto
Capita! Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   up	
Rest    $4,925,000
HON   ROBERT JAKFRAY, Vice-President
D  R  WILKIE  President.
Branches in British Colombia:
Interest allowed on deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
:nbuso:��.' iiha>ch ��J��   iVl,   LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A.  D.  1869.
Capital     13,900.000     Reserve   Fund    M,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking   Business.
���avinga Bank Department* and
/rterest credited Quarterly on
iavlngs Bank Accounts.
on Application, In Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch. G, A. SPINK, Manager.
.-...-:  ill :��;-.  s seel   uj la,
aNa.'.A-"*  l-rSLisHi.V'j coslr-jLNV. LTt��.
Bsaer St.-  Nelson. B C
���ucsr-Ttpilon rata*. St cents s month dftilvered
ia un city or te.uu s year it sent br mail, wbeo
aald l�� una.:*
AlTc.~-.ii-:-. .*s*e�� on sfpilcsllon.
A.,  do:.:-;*   ,* -     ... :~.-..:  'if   The bsliy
s^silss ACtxjuniA. either Iur subscriptions or
a6vaS**sstsM ��� -��-. ot re>.e;pwrd lor oa la* printed
forms of the Compaay. Other receipts are Dot
*���  : :
Tuesday.   April   14,   1907.
It is patietic to observe how sir Wilfrid Laurjers promises are half kept.
It must be harrowing to the Liberal
press after thei; iaudatl )n of the "courage" of the prime minister in permit-
t.ng a department of his government
to be investigated. The courage was
only superficial. The coward stands revealed when we learn that Mr. Justice
Casseis' commission does not extend to
luve.-.tigating coirup'lon in any depart-
iii. nt. but merely to seeing whether the
report of J, M. Courtney and his associates was justified by facts. The Toronto News has humorously pointed out
that if Mr. Justice Casseis should confirm tin- irapoTl of Mr. Courtney, the
government may appoint another commissioner to confirm tils report, and
so  on  ad   infinitum.
Of course the procedure is absurd
But we have grown used to comic opera
at Ottawa. Nowhere else could the
same kaleidoscopic transformations
take place and allow a prime minister
to keep a straight face. That, In fact.
Is Sir Wilfrid Laurler's chief asset. In
his nearly twenty years of party leadership there is nothing that he has
done, or even aald, that is worth re
cordlug. Hut no circumstance can develop, however disgraceful, however
grotesque, that lie cannot meet with an
nh of dignified surprise, and gracious
tolerance. Never, in the history of any
self governing country ban a cabinet
beeu   so   ridiculously     transmogrified
But Sir Wilfrid, with his handsome
face and ingenue air, never sees any
occasion to apologize, he merely announces. If his own sense of humor is
ever touched there is no sign given to
parliament, or country. The premier
displays the solemnity, almosj^*of imbecility. For example, when the late
A. tl. Ulair was succeeded in the cabinet by II. R. Emmerson, it was hard
for a sane man to suppress a smile.
Blair was a man, with brains. Emiuerson was���well, he's politically dead
and not worth a definition. When Clifford Sifton was succeeded by poor
Frank Oliver the shock was even greater. But the matchless Sir Wilfrid smiled sweetly and graciously aa if nothing had happened.
Now, after seeing his courage lauded
by tbe Macbiue press from Easl to
West, lie is cajiable of teillng parlia-
uii nt that his virtuous promise ot an
open inquiry was misunderstood, that
he iliiln t mean that at all, lhat -Mr.
Uiodeur is reallj retaining Mr. justice
Cussels lo linil a defence, If he can,
against the damaging Impeachment presented by Mr. Courtney, Mr. Fyshe und
Mr.   Baziu.
The only crumb of cousolation for
decent Liberals iu the whole disgusting
affair was tlie apparently honest attitude of Sir Wilfrid. With an air of
innocence that made his poor worship-
pers forget lor a moment thai the responsibility Is all his, the guilt all his,
he promised tn let in the light on ��� very-
thing, N'jw they see thai Instead of an
��� Iii r searchlight, It Is to be a masked lantern and, even at that, to be
handled and directed by the burglar
Still. Sir Wilfrid is a grout man. It
requires a consummate aotor to Impress
even Llboruls with a sense of Injured
Innocence when one's hands ure reek-
rhg with lhe evidence of guilt. If Sir
Wilfrid Is not "partioepi crlmlnis" with
Mr. Brodeur, Ur, Oliver nnd the others
���even now we haven't the heart to associate him with Sir Fred. Borden���lie
at least knows all their guilt and goes
bail for them to a hypnotized electorate.
And so the matter stands. The promise of a genuine inquiry into the civil
service was a deliberate, malicious and
impudent lie. The "courage" was not
there���not enough even to lie boldly.
The lie is swallowed by the premier
but with such a pretty grace that we
are in danger of hearing next a euiogy
on his dignity and sweetness.
Hon. A B. Aylesworth was near the
front rank of Canadian lawyers��� not
o:' course with McCarthy, Osier, and
the Blakes, but well up. In parliament
and on the hustings he is the most ridiculous failure of recent times. Even
Lard-shell Liberals could not refrain
Horn smiling at his attack on the Family Compact, belated to the extent of
Sixty-Six years. His latest 'break'' Is
worse.    Of it  the  Montreal  Star  says:
"Hon. Mr. Ayiesworih's reference to
the Tory goats' in the civil service
was unfortunate one. If there are any
goais' in the service after twelve years
of Liberal rule, it will hardly do to excuse Weir presence there by calling
them -Tory.' In fact, in dealing with
lhe civil service, what is wanted is
mat lis members shall not be known
by lheir party tags at all; but as good
or bad servants'���men to be trusted
and men whose record is noi trust-
Inspiring, This civil service house-
cleauing is not tu be accomplished
by any man who winks constantly of
we party proclivities of We men on
tin" staff. He should lorget this side
ot We question as entirely as he can.
He should rejoice neither over the
clearing oi Liberal sheep" nor the condemnation of 'Tory goals.' Fartyism
and an ils works should be banished
finally from lhe civil service, and no
man should be either appointed, promoted, kepi or dismissed because of
nis previous political associations. Nor
should Uie question be approached in
this spirit on lhe hustings. As we
should nut hear lhe government unfairly attacked because of failures in
We civil service which the report of
.u own commission has revealed; so
we should noi hear a minister strive
lo avert legitimate responsibility by
talking of   Tory goats.' "
No change will be made in We rate
fixed by We late or any tuture inspection until We next regular inspection is
made; and all inspections will be made
wi:hout notice or warning to the consumer. Any person refusing admittance
to We inspector will immediately have
his or her light cut off and the same
Will not be again connected except subject to a raise in rates charged of at
least   twenty-five   per   cent
Electric  Flat  Irons,   Heaters
and   Electric  Power.
Any person using electric flat Irons,
eleciric heaters or electric power without reporting ihe same to tbe City Clerk
within .Ju days from this date, will be
proceeded against for THEFT of electrical cuir ;nt, pursuant to the Criminal
Code of Canada.
By Order,
W.   E.  WASSON,
City Clerk.
NelBon, B. C, April 7th, 1908.
Take notice that thirty days after
date, I. Harry Rhymell, Intend to
apply to the License Commissioners of
Vtnir district for a license to open an
hotel ln Kitchener, B. C.
bated this 25th day of March, 1908.
WedncHday afternoon, April 16th,
from the hour of 12 o'clock noon, iu
hereby declared a public half holiday
for the purpose of affording household
era a special opportunity for clearing
and beautifying their premises and the
lanes and streets adjacent thereto.
Certificate  of Improvements.
"April Fool" No. 'i MimTHl (Maim, minute
in iho Nulsori Mining IUfM mot Weat Kooteuav
Whrro 1'u'ntrrt: Between K.RKle anil Handy
OtOOlU, and about one half mile from the i normal. Mill.
take UntlCfl that I, F 0. (Jreen, acting aa agent
tor J, J*. BwMDtrf, Free Miner'! CortlflfeUe No.
H7f75, lnt��nd< Hixty ilty* from the date hereof,
to apply to the Ml ii I uk KftOOrdCT for a Certlfleate
nf ..', |,!. ��� ��� it,, u i-. for the pin-pone of obtaining o
Crown lirmit of tne above alum.
Aii'l further take Dotiafl that action under
���ei'ilon 37, inuft In- mm me ii fed before the Issuance of mieh ('ortiflffue of improvemeuu
I'm '��� -i tlttieWth day uf January. A. D.. 1907.
F. 6. O&SStfj
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice and Fuel Co.
N. E. Co.. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
We have one English Uilliar. one
American Billiard and out Pool Table.
We carry the best lines of Cigars and
Notice to Creditors.
In the  matter of the estate and  effects
of  George  Harrison   (deceased.;
NOTICE is hereby given that all
creditors aad others having claims
against the estate of the said George
Harrison, deceased, who died at Nelson,
British Columbia, on the 2"ih day of
December, 1907, are required on or before the 20th day of April next to send
by post, prepaid, or deliver to the undersigned, their Christian aud surnames,
addresses and descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, the statement
of their accounts and the nature of the
securities (if any) held by themi
And further take notice that after
such last mentioned date tbe administrator will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased among the parties
entitled thereto having regard only ij
the claims of which he shall then have
notice, and that the said administrator
will not be liable for the said assets or
any part thereof to any person or persona of whose claims notice shall not
have been received by him at the time
of such distribution.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 17th day
of March, A. D. 1908.
Solicitors for the Administrator,
James H. Harrison-
Tremont House
European and American Flan
Mftf.li 85 eta.    Roomi from il eta.  to fl.
only  White Heip Employed
&**ct St.. Nelion Proprleiort
Mu.i comfortable quarters      Nelson
Only ths best o {Liquors aud -  -.,rth
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refur
nlshed. Rooms 50 cents upward The
dining reom Is unexcelled In the city
House heated throughout with hot
J   A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court  Houss
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Htreet, Helton. B. ft*
RATE8  $2   PER   DAY
Large   *nd   Comfortable    Bedroom     and   Flrn
uiait bluing Koom.
MRS.  E. C. CLARKE,  Propriatreai.
Bartlett   House
Proprietor,   fj
But DolLu-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar Is tbs Finest.
White  Help Only JCmplorerJ
Josephine St
*����.lpnn    w
Royal Hotel
Bates fl and $1.50 a Day.
Spontai Knf"n to Rftmnlar HnunWs
Tendera Wanted For the Purchaae of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to tho undersigned, at his office in tho Court House,
in the City of Nelson, will be received
up till tho. hour of five o'clock In thi'
afternoon of Monday, May 4th, 1908,
for the purchase of the "Sitting Hull"
mineral claim, Lot 2090, llroup 1, Kootenay District, which wan declared lo bo
forfeited to the Crown at the tax sab-
held In the City of Nelson on the Oth
day of November, 1905, (or delinquent
F*ect   Irvine & Co.
We are showing this weak  some   lovely   models   in   Ladies'   Costumes  fop
Easter   Season.
Jackets  and   coats  are   somewhat   eccentric   In   their   shapes,   one   being
made of two pieces and joined along shoulder, forming waists with sleeves.
Butterfly, Angel and Japanese sleeves are shown In many models with pleated
Skirts, with flare bottoms trimmed with same wide bands of material and
strappings-     We   invite   your   attention.    Come and see them.
Pretty White SkirtG for spring wear.     Splendid   stock   of   Ladies'   Dress
More new, lovely models just In   by express.     See them  on  second floor.
New Dress Material and Silk just   received.
Fred Irvine & Co.
taxes up till June 30th, 1905 and costs.
The upset price upon the bald mineral claim, which includes the amount
of delinquent taxes and costs at the
time of forfeiture with interest, taxes
v hich have blnce accrued, costs of ad
vertlsing and fee for Crown Grant
($25.00) is ($170.00) which is the least
amount tbat will be considered as a
Each tender must be accompanii il
by an accepted cheque for the full
amount of the tender payable to the
order of the Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and Works, at Victoria, B. C,
at par.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this Gth dav
of April, 1908.
Govt Agent, Nelaon,  B.  C
Tendera Wanted For the Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed lo the undersigned, at his office iu tlie Court House, in
the City of Nelson, will be received
up till the hour of five o'clock, ln the
alternoon of Monday. May till, 1908,
for the purchase of the "Yellow .lark '
mineral claim. Lot 2089, Group 1, Knur
enay District, which was declared to
be forfeited to the Crown at the tax
sale held in the City of Nelson on the
Oth day of November 1906, for delln
quent taxes up till June .'10th, 1805
and   costs.
The upset price upon the said mineral claim, which includes the amount of
delinquent taxes and costs ai the time
of forfeiture with interest, taxes which
hav* since accrued, costs of advertis-
ing and fee for Crown Grant ($2.,mil
is ($124.75) which Is lhe least amount
that  will   be  considered  as a tender,
Kach tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque fur the full
amount of the tender payable to the
order of the Deputy Commlnlonslr ol
Lands and Works, at Victoria, 11. C, at
Dated at Nelson, B. C, Ibis Oth drv
Of April, 1908.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson,   B.   C,
Tenders Wanted For the Purchaae of a
Mineral    Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersign.
ed, at hia office in the Court House, la
the city of Nelson, will be received up
Ull the- hour of live o'clock in the afternoon Of Monday, May 4th, 1908, for the
purchase of the "Sitting Bull Fraction
mineral claim. Lot 3888, Group 1. Knot
enay District, which waa declared to
Ire forfeited to the Crown at the tux
sale held In the City of Nelaon on the
6th day of November. 1905, for delinquent taxes up till June ,'SOih, I90G
aud  costs.
The upset price upon the said mineral claim, whleh Includes tbe amount
of delinquent taxes and oosts at the
time nf forfeiture with Interest, taxes
which have since accrued, costs of ail
vertlslng and fee for Crown Grant
($86.00) la ($64 10) Which Is the least
amount that will be considered as a
Baca tender must be accompanied
ii an in" pted cheque for the full tun-
mitit. of the tender payable to the or-
der  of  the  Deputy Commissioner  of
Lands   and   Works,   at   Victoria,   li,   C
at   par.
Dated nt  Nelson, B. C, this  Gth  day
of April, 1908.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson,   B.   C.
Tenders  Wanted for the  Purchaae of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at his ofllce in tlie Court Houae, m
the City of Neleon, win be received up
till the hour nf Bve O'clock In the after-
U< on  of Monday, May Ith.  1908  for the
purchase of the "Yeiiov Jack Fraction"
mineral claim. Lot 2092. Group 1. Knot-
enay District, which was declared for-
falted to the Crown at the tax sale
held in tin city of Nelson, on tlie liili
day of November, 1906, f"i delinquent
taxes up till June  10th, 1906 and costs.
The upset pi ire upon the said mineral claim, whleh Includes the amount
or delinquent  taxes and ooeta at tin-
time of the forfeiture with Interest,
taxee arnica have since accrued, coats
of advertising and fee fur Crown Grant
($25.0(1) Is ($64.40) which is the least
amount that win be considered aa a
Bach   tender   must   be accompanied
Ia .-in boo |,:. ���! 1 li. que tor the full amount of the f nder paj tl I !������ the "i
der   of    tin.    Deputy   1 ���::��� r   of
I.anils and Winks, nt V rtorla, li 1 ..
al   par.
Dated at Nelaon, B. C, toll nth day
of April. 190s,
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson.   H.   C
Tendera  Wanted  for the  Purchaae of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders ad.I ��� I in the underslg-
ed at his ottic i'. in,, court Houae, in
tho city of Nelson, will be received up
till the hour ul Ilie o'clock In Ihe after-
111.1111 (.f Monday, May Ith, 1908, for Ihe
purchaae or tin-  "Blue  Jack"   Mineral
claim, Loi ;i;^   Group 1. Ko nay in
trlet, which ��,is declared in be forfeited to tin. Crown at the tax sale held in
tin. City nt Nelaon on the Oth day of
November,   1806,  for delinquent   taxes
up   till   June   80th,    1905   nnd   OOStS
Th,.   upset   price   upon   die   said   mln
era! claim whleh include! the amount
or delinquent taxes ami ooeta at the
of forfeiture with Interest, taxes which
whleh have since accrued, costs nl advertising and fee for Crown Grant
($86.00) Is ($166.66) which Is the least
am Hint that win be considered .i 11
Bach tender must he accompanied
b) an acce ii cheque lor the fun amount of the tender payable tu the order of lhe Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and Works, Victoria, II. G, at
Dated at Nelson, B. C, tills Oth dnv
of April, 1908.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson,   11.   C
od to be forfeited to the Crown 1: On
tax sale held In the City of Nelson on
the Oth day of November, 1905. lor lie L
llnquent   taxes   up  till June 3uth, ISO* I
ami  costs.
The upBet price upon the said sstatgl
al c'aim which Includes the amount ol I
delinquent taxes and costs at IhetlMI
of forfeiture with Interest, taxes wWca 1
have since accrued, costs of idverufrl
Ing and fee for Crown Grant lllSW'l
is i$5x.75) which is the least amount I
that will be considered as a tender.    I
Kach tender must be acorniianled bf
an accepted cheque for the full amount I
of   the   tender   payable  to the order of I
the    Deputy    Commissioner   of  bM""
and Works, Victoria, H. C, at par.
Dated at   Nelson, I). C, this 6th usf
of April, 1908.
Gov't   Agent,  Nelaoo, B^C.
Tendera Wanted for the Purchsaeoli |
Mineral Claim.
Tenders nddreBscd to tbe undersign-
ed. at his oltlce in the Court Ih���*, "
the City of Nelson, will be received ��P
till the hiur of dve o'clock In the afternoon of Monday, May 4th, 1908. for���
purchase of the "White Cloud" mineral claim, lot 2687, Group 1, KooteiW
Dlatrlct, which was declare,! to be ior-
the   t��" '���'
Felted   to   the   Crown   at
Ibe 6iu
Tenders  anted   For  the   Purchaae   of  a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed tO tbe undersigned, nt his ofnoe lu the Court House,
in the City or Nelson, win be r Ived
up till the hour of live o'clock In the al
I'-iiiiinii or Monday, May 4th, li��i�� for
the pin chase of the "Blue Jack Fruition" mineral claim, Lol 2(i:i|, Group
1, Kootenay District, which was declar
held in the City of Nelson on I
day of November 1905, fur dellnquen*
taxes up till June Mth 1905 and co����
The upset price upon the said BO*
al claim which Includes the *mouni "'
delinquent taxes nnd cos's at tne """
of forfeiture with Interest, BU��II"" ,
have since accrued, costs of adver
Ing nnd fee for Crown Giant l��!��-"u'.
t��IOn:ir,i    which   Is   the   least   ��nl0U"
thnt  win  be considered s�� �� "'na :
Bach 1 en,lei- must be acriiiupnnieti u
an   ace -pled   cheque  for the full M""1*}
or the   tender  payable  to  the order ��' I
tin,    I.cputv   CninmlBsioncr    i"     ''*
and   Works,   Victoria,  II.  C.  ���'!*,'.,,
Daled at  Nolson. II   C, this ��n W
Of April, 1908. ,������_
Gov't   Agent.   Nelson.  "
Tendera Wanted for tha Purchasa ���"
Mineral  Claim.
Tenders  addressed to the UI"le.r'1'!T
ed,   at   his   Office   In   the  Court   m
In  the City of Nelson, will be I
Up till the hour of live o'clock in"
tii noon  of  Monduy.   May *th, '���""���
...  purchase ol  the "Maine "���
Ineral claim, Lot IMT, Group 1. �� j,
nay District, which was deoweo w tf
forfeited  lo the Crown on the  1"      ,
of November, 1904 for delinquent t��
up till June JOth, 1904, nnd OOSBJ,
The upset  price upon the ����ld '   '���!
el  claim  which  Inch s  Ilie ll"1 ,,,,,,,.
delinquent taxes and costs at t"1 .|fh
of forfeiture with Intorest, "J."^ |v(.,-|is-
have since accrued, cost ol .���jqo|
Ing and foe for Crown Orant i��-'- ,
ll ($188.96) which Is the leas tanoi
that will he considered as 11 ' . M
Kach lender must be ne I1"
Kach tender must lie "ecu    "      ,������(
an accepted cheque for the fit" ">��   ���(
of tho tender payable to tne <  (ai|J,
the    Deputy    C nilsHloner    ' r
'���''   ''"liar
1, 1   d����
and   Works,  Victoria,   H.  <
Dated   Nolson,   B.   C,   "��"
of April, 1908. _   ,,,,,,,,111',
HARRY   Will"'"'.
Gov't  Agent, Nelson, ��
.     ...     ... --
~    " The Daily Canadian
When You Buy Fruit Land
DON'T be attracted by cheaper.  Inferior or  Inaccessible lands  which exist ln the  Kootenay, as elsewhere
���but get tlie  best.    Take advantage of a double selection.
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2. Your   selection���made   from ours���thus you get the benefit of a double  and  cumulative selection.
FURTHERMORE,    remember that to be successful tbe following five qualities are absolutely essential:
(1).    Title;    (2).    Soil;   (3). Water;   (4). Accessibility;   (0). Transportation.
WE SELL OUR OWN LANDS.    We own over 20,000 acres, title perfect.
THE  SOIL  is deep loam  with  clay subsoil, free from stone.
THE  WATER  on these  lands  Is   pure  and  abundant  both   in   running streams aud numerous springs.
THE   MARKET  for your product  is  right  at your door on  existing Hues of transportation.
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Post   office   with   dally   mail service;   express trains, stores;   schools���A   home   every   few   steps.    Y   -i   ;et
the comforts of civilization combined  with the  pleasure of u profitable, hi-althful and beautiful rural hi    ie.
TERMS���$10 Cash  and $10 per  Month    for 10 Acres, with  liberal  discount  for   larger   payments,
Write   or  call  for   Maps,   Photographs   and   all   information.
Kootenay Orchard Association
British Columbia
cannot dine on PROG LEGS every clay.
We furnish the
|Beef,   Potk,    Mtstton  and Veal
Hams. Bacon and hard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Mincemeat of Finest Quality in glass and wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Kaslo, Rossland     NELSON,  13. C-   Boundary
-in I-eUKl Dlntrlcl.   DUtTUtOtWsMl Kootonaj
.UenottM ihni Barn Bird, otMal��on.Opeu
l   r.nl   u��t��t�� u*. nt.   iiitfmli*  t"  it|��i��ly '<>���
���-1..11 to {iiirrtiKsW tbfl   InlUiwlUK   WOriOOd
iui.it:   Couinn iiftng   ��t ���*   P'"*'   PlW��t��f   Kl   lt"
imi. oornoi  oi   ixd tit,  thenoa 'Tanning
D chalni, the&ot w.-st 20 ohalnii th��no
:, J' fliHlun.  murt-   or   Ii **, tu ih.    lu.rthcrh
...ry    of   l*ot  S78.   ihonM   lolluniui   imrili
.ti irtry Lot .na to point Dl oomn-inoMatnt
iiirtinliiit 40 ��iti*h. more ����r It-iw.
luted Kuhrunry IMli. 1���� Harry IUhu,
r. 0   tii-ucKM, Agent
Nelion i-nnii inmrt.a. Ditttrtat oi Waal Kootonaj
TaUm n.iu ���<��� that WtoA* J* Bonnnontai acini loi
rn-1    I     luliiu-r, oi   NeUou,   W'ctiimtlim   WfttOO
mtker, Intond* to apply ior perailailon topur
but \io- (<>Uov.lii|{ daaoxtbad tandi:   Commen
��'HiK lit K p.iM    tUlllnl    a.MMlt   2^   mUM   '-Hr-l   01
Wilton creek, Enenos 4���� chalni in ou eaaterl]
direction,   ttu'uru   20 rh��lr>��   louth,  thanca *���
 ii m wMtertj mrootion, theooa iW ohalni
oonii to tin' point of eo mmonoomantioonui ni ni
fc ���< re��, mure or ten
Listed NoT.aoth, i��j7.
Kltltl't'l' K    li��HN  TAHNKR,
��  J   Sammons.   Annul
.-nt a
th -If
Ksltoa L*nd DUtrlOt.   Dlmrlrl ol WrMt Kt.ot.im>
rak��notlee itmt Krml J Bamraona, egool 101
*. A i Hiittid, oi t'rocior, oooupeUun raucner,
inu-uoj loHiniiy lor pi-rmiuUin tn puroha-w im
MluwiuB ileaartbod Uu.it: CommenolnK ��t *
i' .1 plHOied ftbanWH mUoaaael ol Wtlaon cw-a*
iiit-ii.i* louthweel Sta i bnlni tbenoe ltoni.
��� ..nil,., iin*iif ��� north-Baal a) ohalni, inane*
���it" .*��� . iM.intt to tin- lilt' poini ul . .-lium n<
oil u in ing iu a* raa, mora or iuhb.
Us ted Nov  i'lli, 1��i7.
Ak< 11 I HA I.U    V- I.MIS'IN    EUIaLAl  D|
A*. Til    V     J      r-AMM'iNN.
^'���1��iii l.Hii-1 Dttin.-t    lm.tri.-l ,.t W.-i K .'inij
ink,- aouoe iimi W, a. Uudaon. tlmboi ��� rulae.
i npokane, Bpokana cottmy, Washington, oui
'I the Untied nuiiir..,! Aiin-ri'�����   lUU ndl I��WJ
���rit-pf.-im    HuitMT    Itci'llRt!    "V.'I    till'  t ���  lli.vvilit.
���V-*'ribed tendel Oommenolnnsi h poel inaraeu
1- i I'imii.ii .rn tbe n.otn imiiK oi uornu-eek,
�� the Iunetinu oi ilu- Nortb n.rk ot uorn creak
"ni. tbe niHin itream, abom   Bre  tnilai |" ��<
���*tM-*ilv ..Irowtlnii lrom coiillioiitf ol *   l��l  W��rn
'f-t-k Miii tin* Kootenay rtverj Hi  nnrtn ��u
''"���in-, tit..ii��', vYi-m UJa ebalni; tbenri
vbeine; tbenoe eait 100 obalns U> p*-ln
1 i" ment. contain Hit, 640 aoj i mora
"��ld  iii.nl  Mnj.ihin iinilx-r  limti   no
wtwi and timber limit No h on iiv	
filed iiy tno.
Uioetad MOTambax7, unn.
Wil-i 1AJH A   llriHON.Koi'fttor.
W Itneiied by Patrtol 0. Bblne
Declared and ��.rii< ���> oy tba frilnlD named w
* Hudion on theft" t day ot November, \ ".
wj, before me at t mane, Bpokane County,
^"���iiitigioti.oneni n      iiiif'i Blateiol America.
nn riot-,     itirii-1 nt Weil Kootoney
Take notloe that lifli <  la Pierce,   titrawbnrg,
'"ll   "tlnii  inarilt'il    .-     nun,   inleti'l"   tO  IpPlJ
(ollnwlnn  dej
ht planted hi
,   , ...  the nortb boundary nl ;.m
��.aud   tbe  .hhi   L>on/nliny   nl   U��t   No.   MDih.
> i"f uaal M oh ilni, more or Leee, to tne nortb
��i oorner ol 'ilnili.'r Limit .No. 7*71, tinner
TiliMirbaiuN, thencr w�� nl ai ehaliiH, moro nt
'". i" lir cant hi.in of wheUhen iit it *.*. tbenoe
i'oiv,nB  Hnnic   In   a   Houtlnirlv   mnl    wi>t-ih
reoUon ton obalna, moro or u-hh to tba Inter
���"nn wilh Lot8186, ilu'iu-i) U6 oliHlim.  more nr
��� following eaitarly bonndary ofl^elaoto
'f com mi Qoement,
d7lll  Octol.i r, 1W17. IHAHKM.A I'IKIli'K,
k ft. PaTjQDien,   gent.
N,'lK'-ii IshiiiI DlHlrlil.    HlMilt'inI V\ t-*Nt KoitU-iiay
^���ke oniioe  that    -.loxandat   '    UdOool, ol
""���". n. ft., oooupatlon dork, intandi in apply
I'^rmliiion to purpbaie tim loiuiwi. k ��'oh
u d.imi:   OommenolnB at a poil planted on
liVtCIv)}   lib   ft. Boullioru   Hall
1 '   : i'i Ih-lull     tO    pill-       ftie    Hit
"i"'.I Ihii.ih;   Ooirunain uik ai i po
iH'ltll .
way rli[lit-of-way, about one an.l a hall mllea
wctU*rl> (roin the northwest rnrnor ol lot ��*��!,
group   1.   Kootenay,     thence   couth   HO  chalnn,
tbenoe eaet 80 ehelui. tbenoe norib BOehatneto
Hoiilhern boundary ol aaitl rl^lit-nl wh- , theuee
ut-cl hn - haint aloUK khPI nontliern boundary to
point of comtni'iicemeiii, and containing 600
aiD-fi, more, or letta
Dated NovvuihcrBth, 1*>7
Nelaon land Dlnlrlct    D.ntriel ol V> otl Kooteuay
i ake notice that ��. V. hurden, ��<iIuk a* ajteUi
lor,I. 11   Burden,  ol   1'oklok.   N. ��..  oet-upalion
iMeehanie,   iutendt  t"> applv  Ior  |H'riiiltKlon   to
purcbaee tbe lollowins deeortbed laud*.:   0om<
menclOK ��- H pu��l plant. -I on  tlie   easterly shore
ol Arrow lake and abont 10 ohalni north ol the
N, B, COrnei   ,,f   l,��t  816;i.  thenee  east   -M   ehalns.
tbenoe nonh 40chaina, more or leaa, to tba lake
iho a, tbenoe eoutbwaeterlj alonj the laJteibore
i.i th.- point ol oommenoement, aud ooniatnlni
k eoree, inoro or leaa.
i a tod November lBtb.lwn JaVMaeB BtiBOtWi
��. P   Bnatuur, Am-nt.
Nelson Land Dlitrlot. Dletrlol ol Waal Kooteuav
Take  noUoa    that   John   JamM   ramonm,  of
Pernio, ��tiii��ii Columbia, oooupatlon contractor,     Intandi     to     apply     lor     m-nniaston    to
purobaae the following deenribed l-ndi   Oom<
menclua    al   a   poat    planted   on    the   soiiiheru
boundary ol the Bi ll Bouibern rlghtol-way
aouui -tuebalni weaWrn from IboN.vi ooruei
of lutSBBS, moup i, Kootonay, tbence i uiib m
chalni. thenoe eait W ohalni tbenoe u.-nht-n
obalna to the loutharn boundary ol the laid
nghi-oi-w.ij. tbenoe waiter)] alone aald aouth
ern boundary oi rlsbl ol wa]   to the point
eouiiiienefmeni, and eonlaiuiun   J4"tl,i��-*, inure
or Leaa
Daied November9tb, 1907
.1   ns .Iamk* ('ami RON.
n, i-mii Land Dlatriot, Distrioi oi tVeei Kootonay
in ke initii'e that John Bnlell, ol Kaedlei B0.,
Kjoupatloo rancher, Intend! to appl) to par-
mlrialou to pun baao t e (olinuiiw deacrlbed
laud: Commenoing ai ��� poet pume-i at the
uoribweii oorner oi Loi mi, ihonoe weal V
ohalni tbenoe aoutb Bn chalni, thenoe f*>\ in
cnalne, thenoe no tb W chalui to tbe polnl ol
commencement, and oontalntng MO inter., more
aud litbOotober.lW, 1ak��i -hikix,
V   i.    KaI'oiikm. Al'i hi
Nelaon Laua Dlti
lake notloe tht
Nei-..[i, oooupatl
Ml t.ih ilon t- pu
N.-i-mi Lantl Dlttrleu   Diatnotot Went Kootenay.
Take   notloe   that   Tlua   Beruman, o[  Altona,
Mau , occupation   wile of ft.  Bergman, iarnicr,
A Holm. Man , Intend! to apply for permiaaion to
j  purohoaa tba following deicrlbed laud :
I'oinmeueiiig at a poat planted at the N. E. C.
Ol Hugo Cantana1 application to purchaae and
running theuce weat Su chaini thence north 80
chalnt, theuce eait 40 chaina. theuce -mnl. a
ch*lu>���-���- i !,-��� tbanoa eaat 40 Ol alna, thence
touth 71 chalui ~b llukttopnl.it ol niinmeunt
m. nt, containing " . acres more or leaa.
I'M O'.i 1 -   M * I'.-U A 1.1..
Agent   for   Una   Bergman.
Dated '23 December I��o7.
Weat Kootenay Land Dlatrlct. DUtrict ot Goat
lake notice that I, George A. Hunt, of Kit
ehcuer, occupation limnerman, luteud to
apply (or permlulon to purchaae Ibe
lollowing deacrlbed land: t'ommcnelug at a
post plauted about 40 clwlna, wctt ol Thompion
tnaikiti N. W. corner, thence Boulh 10 3i chalua
tbenoe eaat 44.67 chalna, tbence north 31.45
chalnt, thence wett along B. C. Houtheru Hallway to plaoe of commencement, containing tte.ln
at H'-
Datcd Januarv eth. i>--        Georoe H   Hunt
Nelaon Land DlPtrlet. Dlatrlct of W-tat Kooteuay
'lake DOtioa that 1, Krcuerlck Adte. of Waneta.
H. ft., occupation merchant, mi. n.i lo apply Ior
penniamlon to purchate the (oilowlUK deMrrlbed
[and: Commuucing at a poat planted about lo
chain.', wett of thu N K. cornerof lot S622, thehce
north 90 chalnt, thence eaat 80 chalnt. theuce
ton Ii ���J'chiiiiia, thence wcm HO chalnt to point
if commencement, containing it-' aotea, more oi
Dated January BLUU V'i.       Kukhkhii k Abik.
Neltoo Land District. District of Weil Kootenay
'lake notice that Marion Iaabella Creaae, of the
Olty ol .Nelaon, in the 1'rovlnceol Brlllth t'olum-
tda. occupation npiiltter, luteuda to apply (or
nerinittiou to purchase the ioUowtng Oeacribcd
laud: CuiuiiH-uclug at a poat planted at the
high water mark o( tho Salmon river dlttaut
about 18 mile* in a toutberly direction (rum
Halmo, B 0., tbenco north 40 ebalnt, thenoe eait
40 chalnt, lhence NOtil A-J tihalua, more or lota,
in the hiKh   waler  ii*Rrk   of   the tSalmnu   river,
thanoa weet 40 obalnii more or leu, along said
high watermark to tbe polut of commencement,
ami containing 180 acret, more or leaa.
Lo and nn me lit day of February, 1908.
Dlted HHb Februarv. iw*
MAHIoN   ItAliKt.LA  ChEAlK,
KiiWARii Manly   1'ETKna, Agent.
s, w, oomei
mii-*. tht ���������
i ��t lo-ty (41
alns, iii* ih i
oi    Dlatrlct ol v\> il Knou-nay
\ UK 11*4   Mei.lll.   ol   lhe Olty nl
tit, man, mien.is to apply loi
.... h��se the tollowlog d-BurlLed
incing at  tt   poll   pl��nted   al   the
1, r. Morrtion'i rauob, in Fir
north [ortj [40) i baiuii thene
obi ins, ibencc ��outh 't> (4<>
W0B   tt rt) ti') chkini oinl o
.   Rnd < i i ulnlni   one bundled
d alxty (iflO)acrci, mori orlen
ind iepte ni.. i -iil- [8W       ivm i  Btcai
Seleon Land Dlitrlot.  Dlitrlot ol Weal Kootenay
Take notice that  Hugo Oatiteui, of Wlnh)p��g,
Mall      DOOnpallOn   pilldUher,   lUten.lt 'tn   apply
ror permlajaoa to  purobue tbe  lollowing da*
Uomminolng at a poat planled cm   the weit
nuiidiiry nr L 4.7-'. ft I. (tiboui ft mllea from Arrow Lake, OU Moequlto Greek) and 81 chain*' lb
Hnkaaoutlinf the ��. W. ft. of aubl lot, running
thenee   weM HIP olialiiM, thence  tnntti   H*l  elniln--,
thenoe eail M ohalna, thenoe north BO cimtnt to
place ol oonimenoament, oontalning |Ml1 aotaa,
more <��r leta.
���     t 'iiahi.kh MaknII vIJ.,
Aeenl for itngn Oaratani,
Dated 88 December ItNH.
Melion Land DlitrSol DUtrlOtol Weei Kootenay.
rake notloe thai Lcvlfleorge Payne, ol Need lee,
ii ft nocupatiou rancher, lnteafli Lo apply ft>i
oermieilou to purohaie tbe foUowlng deioribed
Hint: Oommenolng ai a poat plantad abont 10
nbaini wesi ni Whatahan creek end 88 OWobaini
ui the louihweii oornor oi Lol No   wis
*nillii  ��'"     '" ,        .  ,,,,���,,,���      iIiiiiiihi  ir���Nl  sn
ruiiiiiui the
ohatn��i then-
22 .'*HK chalnt
87.410 chaini
,,rlh Ht> ehnint.   theuce well HO
u.iiih 131-58 ohalna, tnanoaaaai
mro ��ouib ��7 H4b ohalni, thenoe
st in poini of oommenoement,
W Hill veyi-d H lot HI '
��� tin In l ii I Tin -IH I in Ten, now tin vej.-n "" mm <-	
Dated Htn January, lwa   Uvt Ueohue 1'avnb.
Neltou Land DlatrlOt    Dlatrlct ol Weat  Kootenay
Take notice that iinu-i Wtnimn   Gallagher, ol
theCltyol Nebron. in the Prortnoe ������. i.n.i-h
- olumoll, OoonpaUon merchant, Intenda to apply   lor   leiml-kloli   to   imnliM  i'   the   fnllowing
neecrlbed Und    tJonunenrdng at a poat plan Wo
at ihe high water mark of the Halmon river dit-
ihui iitioi.i ia nub a Hi a voulhcrly dlrn-tiun lrom
ealmo,   B,  CX, theuce    north  40 chalnt,   lhence
wcai 4o ohalni, tbanoa eonth to ebaina, more or
lest, tn ihe hli.li waiei mark of the Salmon river.
lhence ��� > It40 chain* mare or leta, along the
tahl hi. h water mark tn the place ot beginning,
i niilniiilng tra acrea, uinre ur W*.
< ocated on the Itl il-v nf February, ltfoS
Daled litb IVoruary, l'A8.
,I\M    -   WILLIAM  llAllAOIIKk,
KliWAKO  MiM.IV  1'ETKKM.  Agvllt
Kelaon Land Dlitrlot District ol Ir*eat Kootena
Take untl, ��� ihut 1 iohn Arthur cott, of Mono
c.iutrc, 'ni, oouupaUon (aruier, Intend  toup
ply tor permlulon  to purchate the following du
ni'ithed iitu.l at the mouth of (Summit creek:
I'miinicu-lug al 8 POBl planted al the toil tit
8 -i oorner Ol lot H~Ht marked N. K , thence
tmith   40  chains, ihctic.    WeatSO chalnt   lhence
tmrtn 40 ohalna, thence aaai .hi ohalni to place of
oommanoemeni (ouiaiuiug ho acres.
John Ahiiu'h scott,
W   J. Hcott. Agent.
Ditlcd I wl.   18th, l��t8.
NeiMin band Dislrict,   District of West Kootenay
Take   notice   thai 1   Uhrlatla   Scott, of   Mono
('outer, Out , occupation married woman, Intend
to apply tor tx-rtuiNtiou to Dnrobaae the  ioiinw*
lug detcilbed   and near Summit creek:
t ninmeneing at a pnat planted at theaotith-
aaal coiner nt lot 87KO -marked H. W , theuce
uorth --tl chalnt, tbence c(iat '20 chalna, lhence
toitl'i-jo ehiiiiit. theneo wett BO chalni lo place
nl commeueemeui containing 40 aerea.
i ii im- i it.- Scott,
W. J. Scott, Agent.
Hated Feb 18, 1W)8.
Take notice that we will at the next
meeting of tho License Commissioners
npply for n transfer of Iho liquor II-
eonwe for ttie No Placo Inn on Joho-
I'hlne street, Nelson, from Pollard and
Wade to 11. II. Moore.
Dntod nt Nelson, this fith day of
Marcli   I'.H'S
Prize Offered  by C.  W.  Busk���Meeting
of Fair Directors.
Perhaps the most interesting feature
of yesterday afternoon's meeting of the
Fair directors was President C. W.
Busk's offer of a prize for the hest
floral decoration in a window of a Nelson business house from May 15th to
the time of judging which was purposely left Indeterminate.
The meeting was held in the city
hall at :s p. m. There were present
C. W. Husk, in the chair, D. C. McMorris, secretary, W. S. Pearcy, K. A. Star-
key, T. a. Procter, J. J. Muloue, a. d.
Emory, VV. W. lieer, H. Selous, T. O.
Procter. J. IB. Annable, James John-
sione, and J. A. Kirkpatrick. The minutes of the last monthly meeting were
read aud   approved.
The secretary reported having written Sir Thomas Shaughuessy, for
instructions as to the conditions of the
awarding of hia cup, and read Sit
Thomas' reply, which, in effect, gives
the directors an absolutely free hand,
it was resolved lhat the cup should
be awarded for individual exhibits ot
fruit and vegetables, any other articles
included to count for decorative value
A small account was passed and ordered  paid.
The secretary was Instructed to advertise for tenders for booth privileges. '
The report of the fruit committee
was adopted with the exception of the
list of prizes for peaches which was
ordered  back for revision.
A committee was struck to secure
cieditable exhibits of all the products
of the district, the committee consisting of Secretary D. C. McMorris, C.
G. Broadwood, VV. A. Anstle, W. G.
Gillett, T. G. Procter, F. J. Sammons,
J. J. Malone, J. E. Annable, A. N. Wolverton and M. R. McQuarrie.
Supervisors were appointed for the following districts: No. 2, James Johnstone. J. C. Wylds; No. 4, F. J. Sammons; No. 5, Slocan River and Lake,
J. C. Harris, New Denver; No. 8, Arrow Lakes, T. Abrlel and C. B. McAllister.
The offer of the president described
above was then made aud gratefully
accepted,  and  the  directors  adjourned.
One-Way Colonist
Rates to Alberta and
British Colombia
LONDON ��46.0S
KINGSTON * 60.10
OTTAWA 51.40
OTTAWA via Chicago 52.45
QUEBEC 58.00
Tickets on sale Feb. 28th, April 29th,
1908. Corresponding low rates from Intermediate points.
For further Information as regards to
rates,  etc.,  apply  to
U.P.4.. Winnipeg.
D P.A.. Nelson
<: p a . v..].nn   B.C.
In tbe matter of en npolir-atlo'i for a duplicate
Certlllcalo of Title of an undivided nne-quarte*'
intercut In Lot 87, tiroup One, Kootenay lHntrlci,
kn..-,n an "Lot Her Go ti alien her' Mmeiul
Miller In hereby given that lt ii my Intention
after ib- expiration of one month frmn the tl -nt
publication hereof, to IMM a duplicate Coriirl-
i-rttc of tile ou Mo above -tekcribod one-quarter
tutcre-t in tin natnu ui Iohn K. Steven*, which
Certlfleai* of Title l| da'ed tho 6th April 11-XW.
aud numbered WtHhW.
i and   HegiBtry Office,   Ntlion, B. ft.,  March  8,
H. F. MacLkou."
Does Not Come From the  Sky!
t %
Our Grandmothers Made Candles from Tallow, We
Make Them from Oil.
WISDOM OF AGES. To find one good proposition of merit, you must a
hundred try. I can prove to you that the OH Industry and this Company is
the one you cannot afford to let slip. If you have tried a hundred, now ls
your opportunity. If you let this one go by you will have a hundred more to
try.    Only one investment and you are on your feet for life.
10 cU. YESTERDAY    (Crow'a   Nest   Coal   Shares) TODAY S  280.00
$1.00 TODAY (Canadian N. W. Oil  Shares)   ..TOMORROW  *2,800.00
Comparing coal and oil as wealth, producers, the above ls not exaggerated
one iota, and some of you will see this statement fulfilled In a very short
time, you will not have to wait any nine years.
Our endeavor is to make a thoroughly solid and safe company. Rigid
economy and Judicious management. Our best friends are among Its shareholders, and we rejoice to be able to say to them that the solidity ol this
company is second to none in the West.
PLANT OWNED, the most complete in Canada. NOT A TOY, it took
three cars to hold It.
WE OWN 2,000 acres of the best Oil lands, 9 good buildings, derrick 84
feet high, horses, provisions, casings, tools,  etc.,  etc., etc.
RESULTS NOT PROMISES. We drilled over 1,200 feet in less than two
months,  best record oy far ever  made in the West.
ONE SHARE means one share In everything that the company owns.
FREEZE YOU OUT YOU SAY? Impossible. Reason, they can no more
force you to sell your stock than they can force you to sell any of the best
of your property.
$J a Share.    -    -    60 Days' Time.
Sale of Stock May Close Any Day.
Register money order or bank draft for your payment on stock to avoid
Marcy D. Couch
McMorris & Horstead
403 Baker St., NELSON, B. C
FOR SALE���160 acres on the Pend
d'Orellle River, and outside the frost
belt south of Nelson, containing 100
acres of natural meadow laud, balanco
open land, easily cleared, part Improve-
mi-nts.    Price $25 per acre.
For particulars of this and other
propositions reply
BOX   987.   NELSON.   B.   C.
Lots   in   Addition    A9
We are agents for most of the lota
ln the above addition, being agents for
F. C. Innis. Coats & Co., and the Nelson
Rlectric Tramway Co.
I'oi full particulars aa to prices,
term    etc.. apply io
You can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch  In  tho best frutt growing distil ���
In   British  Columbia  by   paying  $10 dollars down and $10 per month
Even as an Investment this ls wor th consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled in value within the year.   What will it do uev'
If yoti want Good Land
McDermid & McHardy
H. &  M. BIRD
Partly Famish d Modern
Resid nee aqd/Three Lots
Situated on Hoover St.. between Stanley and Ward.    Eight Rooms and
Basement  all  ready  for  furnace.    Now  rents for  $35  per month.
PRICE: $4,000.00.   TERMS: One-Third Cash, Balance $500.00 per year at
7 per  cent.      For   full   particulars   apply
NULSON. 13.  G.
mfm%Tt Lomfee*, Shingles,
L,ath, yyiouldin-^js. Doors, Windows.
lurnod Work and Bra��tce>tae. Mail Orders promptly attended
Not everyone can claim the diamond for a birtbstone, but anyone
may wear a diamond, and lf you are getting one you may as well pet
the best, and ln the best and most suitable setting. We keep only the
best Etones, and as we manufacture all kinds of jewelry we are competent to advise you as to settings. We have always on hand an attractive
stock of Rings and Pins of all kinds set with this most precious of gems,
the diamond, also a stock of loose stones.
;ViAvku��1~rl "l>0 - Watchmaker and Optician
Particularly   adapted   for    store
Let us estimate on lighting your
store  with this  lamp.
We are exclusive agents for this
Phone 227A. P.  O. Box 155.
Three   Room   House   on   one-eigth   aoe
adjoining     c'ty. Lot     cleared,
fenced and  planted.   $350  ONLY.
Building Sites
200 ft. corner, short distance from
car   line $1,000
75 ft. corner, (lane) excellent site
for business man near centre
of city $1,11)0
120   ft, corner,  in  Fairview���near
lake  and  cars���good  soil.... J -800
Land for Market Gardens
5 acres u;th:n on'-balf hour of Baker   s t.
14 acres within mile of city( would
Real  Estate Agent
116   Baker   St..   Nelaon,   B. C.
The Best 2 for  25c Cigar on
the Market.   Fresh Picked.
���AT THE���
Queen Cigar Store
BUSH  &  MATT HEW,  Props.
Special for  Saturday
For Sale at
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mills Sts.
Phone   19.
Cor.    V��r-non and War-tl   Streets
\ELSO.N.   t*.t:.
J. D. Caverhill, \V. S. Miller, Vancou-
v, r. T. Airey, Eight Mile: D. T. Stone.
Kaslo: J. T. Holden, New Denver; J.
il   Kelly. Toronto; O. C. Fordyer, H. C.
Bullis. Winnipeg: S. Ross. Salmo: J.
M. Doyle and wife, n. A. Rankin. Spokane, Taylor Bishop. The Dalles. Ore.:
Mrs. K. Walton. Los Angles; G. Hads-
worth. Montreal; H. M. Jarvis. London.
Ens/: J. McArdle, Grand FoFrks; H.
J.   Klossoske,   Exshaw,   Alta.
Corner ot Stanley and Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks Irom Depot
C. A. Qaskell, Klmberley; S. Lavion,
Spokan.;   ii.  Antonio. C.  Erminla, Per-
nle;   W.  F.   Teetzel.  Victoria;   W.   Ale-
Lane,   Grenwood;   E.   Wagner.   Vancouver; M. B. Andelflngan, Toronto.
E.   Wood.   .1.   Hunt,     Fruitvale;     D.
Thacker, J.    Wolstyn, A.    Rojosd,    R.
Craig,   Rossland;    F.   W.   Harford.   W.
Kara.ua and  wife, W. Salmon and family,  M.   Thomson,  Grand   Forks.
II.   Ridson,   Slocan;     L.   F.     Cleaver.
Rossland;   T. Jameson.    F.    I.etherton,
E. Hocking, Robson;  J.  i��. Campbell.
s: can;L.  Chisholm, Kaslo;   L.  C. Car-
ter,  Whiiar.:   A.  Spenser, Salmo:  G   II.
White, S. Hollngworth, Orillia; II. K. l;
Broford. Montreal; C. Northrldge, J. w.
LSI    . Ymir:  T. Wilkinson,   \   Mai
Erie    W. Juvllne, Vancouver; C
Milne, Loganton, Sask.; H. G. Pownall,
N.    Winlaw.   Winlaw:    IS.   C.   Inglis,   !)-
Mile:   H.  McDonald, Kaslo:   Mr.  Hough-
toi.   and   child.   Crawford   Bay;   W.   11.
Walker and family, E. Lupton and wife,
England:   1..     Blnnochi,    G.     Martella,
Rossland;  w. w. Haverstock, Minneapolis;   G.  Roberts,  Fernie;   Mrs.  Hunter.
Kaslo;   F.  W.  Koetnan,  Revelstoke.
ll.  Orelson,   F.   Scales,  Salmo;   Mrs
Jenks,   England;    C.   II.   Murray.   Deer
Park: A. Larson. Edge wood; C. F. Mel-
son, G. Caatleman, Nakusp.
Car Early Rose
Seed Potatoes
Send   us   your  orders  early to   avoid
Telephone 161.
To fit'orce w   Beale, formerly of Robson, it. u.
and ni'Imiu, b. t;.
I beieby give you notice that ooleai you Kivi*
a t>i>otl Mini tuljil ob J Action itit-r.'iu in writing I
���hall ni Hit* '*xinrniiiiM of u <iny��, from the data
ber ��>f proceed t���� the rettlatration or tin title "f
"I in- ' olumbla ��o<i Kootenay Khiiwmv hikI Navl*
Kutii'ii r.uiipiinv ii. fee ilmpie tn reepi et io iIihi
place of land known aa Lots in Him-k *,, kohtmn
Tuwnalte Group Ono, Kootenay ntitrict, accord
iiiu io piiui thereof, ill"'l aa Number OM.oot*
urftbi andlna Mo- eon production of the Certlfl*
na cof titiv thereof,
I'Mti-'i ut No] ^iiii, ��.c,thin si nt day of March, 1908,
II    F   MACl.K'>i>f
OiBtrlfi KegiMiar.
Wall   Papers
Our new stock Is now In.
Uorders same as hanslngs.    Largest variety over shown ln Nelson. Sample
books sent to any part of the city   on application,
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Building  Repairs.
The front or office part of the Nelson
Cafe has been improved by the laying
of a new floor.
His Honor Judge Brown will hold a
chamber session of the supreme and
i u:,ty courts in Nelson tomorrow
Rogues'   Gallery.
While waitinp for S o'clock last night
one of the aldermen inspected the
rogues' gallery" kept by the city police and reported the interesting fact
tliat all but one or two of the criminals whose photographs appear, have
eyes   that  do  not  "match."
Metals  and  Stocks.
Silver remains practically stationary.
For several weeks it has varied only between 54^ and aov. cents an ounce.
The London quotation ot lead touched
today the lowest point for a long
time. Boundary copper stocks are irregular but liuctuations are within very-
narrow  limits.
Laid   to   Rest.
The funeral of Mrs. George F. Motion took place this morning from the
family residence to the cemetery at
10.30. The Oddfellows and Foresters
attended in uniform. The pall bearers
were: D. Proudfoot, R. McLean. A.
Shaw. T. Cunningham. C. Clarke and E.
C. Traves. Rev. J. T. Ferguson officiated. The coffin was covered with
floral offerings from friends and from
lodges to which Mr. Motion belongs.
The funeral was very largely attended.
Hospital   Ball.
Th" annual ball in aid of the Kootenay Lake General Hospital has always
been generously patronized by Nelson
people. This year's event promises to
be more than tisually successful. It
will be held in the Alice Roller Rink,
Nelson's favorite dancing floor, a week
from tomorrow night. Wednesday. April
22nd. It will have the advantage of
the first public ball after Lent
'hat has been, generally, very faithfully   kept.
Cricket  Club.
A meeting of the Nelson Cricket Club
is called for tonight at S o'clock at the
residence of the secretary 417 Silica
street. All Interested in cricket are invited to attend. The special objects of
the meeting are to arrange to pay off
arrears of debt, to organize for the season, and especially to consider an Invitation from the Grand Forks Cricket
Club to play a match in the Boundary
capital as a return for the match play-
1 ere last fa'I. Nelson's three matches last year were all played at home.
P. H. Burnham. general agent of the
G. N R. in Kootenay, returned from
Rossland this morning, and is at the
J. F. McAllister, for some time in
tin employ of the C. P. R. Company
here, has received an appointment in
the American navy yard department
and   leaves  for  Belllngham.
S. S. Fowler returned lo the city last
night after a visit to the Whitewater
W. F. Teetzel returned to the city-
last    night   from    East   Kootenay.
Col. Stone, of Kaslo, arrived in the
city last night on route for home after
spending  tho winter in  Honolulu.
T. S. McPherson loaves to return to
Victoria hy this evening's train.
J. F. Langan left this morning for
Grand Forks. He will return Thursday
J. Froii Hume paid one of his rare
visits to tho city this afternoon. He
is busily engaged beautifying his home
on   'he   north shore.	
Private Sale
715 Carbonate St.
14-th and 15th April
We have opened a meat market In
ami would solicit trade from Fairvlew
residents, also a share of the patronage
of the citizens of Nolson.
Will guarantee prompt delivery and
satisfaction  in the  following lines:
Fire Insurance
Innuro your house and furniture In
Do not put It off. Delays are dangerous. Call at 322 Baker street, or lf you
have not time to call drop a line to
llijlill W. ROBERTSON
General Agent for tho Kootenays.
Agents  wanted In all Kootenay towns.
P. O. Box 534.
Tne Daily Canadian
Do you want a new Broom. Mop,
Scrub Brush, Washboard. Fibre Tub,
Brushes, or Gold Dust, PeaNine, Sa
pollo,  Soap,   Soap   Powder,   Lye, etc.
We  have  thsm  all.
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Is to  be  found In  our "MOONEY'S
Quick and clean to fill."
No parts to unscrew.
No filler to hunt for.
No inky fingers.
Writes instantly.
Feeds steadily and evenly.
In short, a perfect working pen.
The privilege of a week's trial before
We  have   them   at   %2. 12 50.  |3   and
>3.75.    The only difference is In size.
W. G. Thomson
SK-SSSiS* "d    Nelson, B. C.
Phona 3-4.
A. M. Can. So*. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:   Room   10.   K.-W.-C.  Blk.    P.   O.
Bo?     434.
Baker  St..  Nelson,  B.  C.
Lieutenant Governor.
Edward the Seventh, by the (.race ol God. of the
L'nited   Kingdom of '>jent  Hritaln, *jti<l   Ireland, and the Hrltlnh  Dominion* beyond the
Seai Kir.*, Defender ol  the Faith, Kmperor
of India
To all *.'- whom these prenent�� shall come.���
Greet in if.
VT. J    Howmii, Attorney Oeneral.
Whereas by Bent Inn 6 of thu "Game Protection
Act. 18y8," as re-enacted by Hern I on 19 nf the
"Game Protection Ai t. Amendment Act, llKJft,"
It Is enacted that It shall be lawful for the l.ieu-
isjUiant-Governnr in Council, by Proclamation to
be published in twn sucreasive issues of the British Columbia ��� �����/<���".���. to declare a close ��emw>ii
for geuse in any part of the Provluce lor stiv
period of time, and
Whereat our said Lieutenant-Governor, by and
with the advice of his Executive Council, has
been pleased to direct, by an Order In Council
in that behalt. a close season for geese within
tbe County of Kootenay, until and lncludl <k
the .list .]..> of August, one thousand nine hundred and eight.
Now KHOW Ye therefore, that In pursuance
thereof, we do In-reby pmcla'in a close season
for geese within the County of Kooteiiay, uutll
ar.nl including the 3Isl day of August, one thou
Hand niue hundred and eight.
In testimony whereof, we have caused these
our letters to be made patent and the Great r-mal
of the Province to b��* hereunto affixed.
Witness, Ills Honor James Dunsmuir, I.tcuten
-na QoTKDOT of our said Province of HrltMi
'olumbla, in our City of Victoria, lu our said
Provluce. this ivth day of February.Mu the year
Of Our Lord one thousand ii-ne hundred and
eight, and lu the eighth year ol our relgu.
By command,
Provincial OootOtmty
Notice Ib hereby given that tho Government LotB Jn tho townalto of Hob
mer will he offered for sale by auction
itt the Lockup In Hosmrr at ten o'clock
in the forenoon, railway time, Wednesday,  April   22nd.
bids below the upaet price will not
bo  received.
Terms, one-third cash, one-third 1st
of November, 1908, and one-third 1st of
May, 1909, with interest from 1st of
May, 1908. A fee of $10 will be charged
for each Crown Grant when issued.
Assistant Commissioner of Lands and
Works for the Southern Division
of East Kootenay.
Cranbrook,  3oth  March,  1908.
All Kinds of Heating Plants ln Stock.
VlcUrla St., Nr. Ooira Houss.      Tel. 181.
Wholesale and   Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing hut fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in fttooj
Mail orders receive careful attention,
E.  C.  TRAVES.   Manager.
Hollow Concrete
Blocks For Sale
All shapes and facings.
These blocks are absolutely the best
material to be had for building purposes, foundation?, retaining walls, etc.,
being cheaper than brick or .stone
Tenders ^iven on all kiuds of building
work.    Stock on hand.
Head Office:   Bakar Street. Nelson. B.C.
In the matter o( id application for the laaafl of
a duplicate UntlflcaM <��t T1U�� Ior lot* -i, ti. V. ll,
19, io, ami 32. of lot ��i*l, liroup One. in the
Dlatrlct ot Kooteuay (Mapfi����J
NotlOS is hereby givtta that It Is my Intention
to tenia at the expiration o/ one mouth a(t��-r Una
first publication OerBOf a<lupll>-ate Ol tne Cor-
tllHate ol (tie for the above nientlone��l lotn in
the name of Ki.har.l Holmo, ffhlafa 'ert.1i au* :if
Title is <late<1 the i*Jth ��Juy of November. 1900,
and  numbered 631UA.
Land   Keg i ft ry 0000,  Nelson, B. ft., January
nth, lyos.
-ll. F. Ma. LOOD,"
Dlatrtol fLmwHtrot.
Taae notice lhat Alfred Ed war.1 W ��::���., ��,f
Wattsburg, tfrltish 4'uluinbla, lumberman, lu
landi ti> apply lor permission to iea.te the following daaortood land, situate near Proctor nl)
the south shore ol lhe west arm of Kootenay
Lake, more particularly   de.oribed as follows:
Couiment'ing at the northwest eorner of Utl 4
ol Loi AAtV, o.oup 1, Weit Kootenav District,
thenee 1680 feet (����� ib chains) westerly along the
south shore line of the weat artn 01 CootenjaJ
Laxe and being the north boundary of lot 4 ol
Lot joy t0 it,,, northwest corner oi Lot 4 ot ixn
**��, theuee BSD feet (M .Wehalns) along the south
shore line of lhe him arm of K on ton a j Lake and
being the north boundary nf l >.'.;������ i.i I...; SDft,
oroupl. West Kiintenay Dlatrtct; theme north
U3 ieel C2 chains); thence ea��Urly 3-J6o feet
(tiu.uu chains) aid parallel v. fth the fnuth shore
line ol the west arm of Kootenay I-ake; theme
south 132 feet {2 chain**; to point of rsnuoeuie-
ment. and containing 1JU acre-,  more ot less
Dated thu* l-'tb day ol February, A. I>.. IMS.
a., k. WATT&
Notice ia Jiereby given that application wiil be made by the undersigned
at the next sitting of the Hoard oi
License Commissioners for the City of
Nelson, to be held thirty days after the
date hereof, for a transfer of the liquor
license standing in thu name of the
Estate of Oeorge Harrison (deceased)
for the premises known as the Lakeview
Hotel In tlie City of Nelson, situate on
Lots L8, 14 and ID, iu Block *i7. Subdivision of Lot 95, Group ], Kootenay
district, to Napoleon MalUtte of the
said city.
Bated this 17th day of March, A.D.
Administrator of the estate and effects
of George Harrison   (deceased.i
Corporation of  the City of  Nelson,
Notice is hereby given that under tho
provisions of By-law No. 80, "I'mnnd
and Dog Tax By-law," It is unlawful
Ior auy person lo Buffer auy horse,
mule, bull or cow, sheep, Kiiat, pig or
other cattle, or poultry to run at large
within thu limits of the City of Nelson.
Kvury owner ol a dog ln tlie City of
Nelson Is required to p.iy annually a tax
uf  two did.ars   tor  each  dog  owned   by
No person shall suffer or penult bin
dog to run at large in tliu City of Nelson for which BUOh person has not paid
tin- tax required of him aud unless such
dog shall have around ills neck a collar or strap to which shall lie attached
a metallic plate to be supplied by the
city on  tho payment of the said  tax.
Warning is hereby given that any
person guilty of un Infraction or violation of any of the pro Vis tons Ot the
above named By-law is in addition to
the fees and charges set forth therein,
liable upon summary convlcliou to a
penalty of One Hundred Dollars and
the costs of prosecution, and in default
of payment to Imprisonment for a term
not exceeding two months.
By Order.
W.   H.   WASSON,
City Clerk.
Nelson,  B.  C,  April Stli.   l*m->
VV.    O.    GILLBTT
Coiittnclot*    *���������
Sole ax en l for the I'orto Kleo LUmbar *o., Ltd.,
rulall yard*. Kongi, and droatad lumber, turned
work Miid brack, -is. (oast mth and shingles, sash
and   doors.     Cemant,  brlOS   and   Hns   for   sale
Auienjatic grind'ar,
Yard and factory: Vernon 8i.. east of Hall
NKL8QN,   H. O.
P. O Box 232 Taiapuumi 177
Eye .
That's tbe way we tact   I'huhii.v the ��-y(.�� iiim-r in
ii-    one eye Injure* the other, ultimately  both inHer    uF ,,
appliances and the greateil can. to avoid a mtBllt.   A lulstlt   ���  'i'10**"
**'luld hurt
your eyes nnd our  reputation
Fine watch repairing a specialty
Mall  orders     n-iclve
J.  J.   WALKER,  Jewele,
WhoicMiiie  Provlalona,
Oorenunent Oreamery OnoFonJid Brtoks rweived waaUy frosh irom n,
ihnru     Kur wU�� liy iUI It-axling grocers
Office and warehouse: Honatou Block,    Poone 79.
Josephine Street. - Nelson, B. C.
*\r. the Spring the young man'i
fancy lightly turna tt? thougnta of���
Surely that is tlie time he wants to he most daintily dressed, aud hers
Is the place be ought to OQme for his stylish outfit. We have now readr
for showing the very nearest styles and patterns In Spring Sudi and
Overcoats, and we are so stocked with varied sizes that any shape uf I
young man can get his fit accurately   and   quickly.
This  is   the  MSaon   of  the   year  when   you devote  your attention to till I
hous- hold duty. We are prepared to meet your requirements with a full lino of [
Ready   Mixed   Paints,   all   colors, Varnishes,   Stains,   Enamtli,
A l.i bast i ne.    Muralo.
Evarything   necessary   for   the   renovation   of   your   houaa.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company,  Limited. Ntlson Branch.
Jobbing   promptly   attended   to.     Plans
and  KstlmatcH.
Apply  415   Hall  St. Box  385.
Pure and Cheai:
We have 1000 pounds of
which we will sell nt n bargain
5 lbs. for J1.00.
Special  prices  for larger lots.    Come
In   and  Inquire.
Qwquette Bros.
From $10 to $25,
Old Curiosity jto
Geo.  P. Player
Phone 258.
THE   UntnDate  Bakers
C. GREEN A.f. IIUKUEfl        A. H.GKEEN
Cvi!  Engineers, Dominion and  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
R. 0. Hoi 145    Phnnr .'ol B.
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT
iNELSOINI,    -    Be C*
We  make  a  specialty of
Hardware Soppte*
For   Ranchers
Sond  us your mall orders.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co


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