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The Daily Canadian Jul 3, 1907

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Array Qtlje  ��iatUi   Canahian
Volume 2.    No. 25.
Fiftt Cunts a Month
Kootenay's Exhibit Is to
Be a Success
Nelson Must Send Worthy Representation of District's Resources
to Winnipeg Fair.
The   preparation   of   lire   exhibit    for
the Winnipeg Kan- was begun today by
.lames Mcl'hee, who wan selected for
the task by the committee ill charge.
Mr. .vcl'hue will go to Winnipeg with
Hie exhibit and taka. charge of it. He
will be accompanied by some one else,
to be  selected  later.
Through the good offices of ii. B.
Macdonnell the C. P. K, company has
arranged to place a special car at the
disposal of the committee, lo tie re-
sen ed exclusively for conveying the
KiH.iunay exhibit to Winnipeg. This, it
is bell.'ved, will ensure lire prompt arrival of the exhibit in as good condition nn when it  leave* Nelson.
The one matter still to be attended
to is Ihe sccurlug of sufficient suitable
material lor the exhibit. Voluntary con-
irihutlonti are slow   iu  arriving.
The committee Is seriously considering the advisability of calling a public
lie' ting lo Impress upon all the necessity for general co-operation.
Probably few realize the importance
to Nelfton of in.- enterprise. The majority know that something similar lias
been done before, and s.-cin disposed tn
irust thai It will I.,- looked after by
some on.- and that nil will be well.
It will he a BttliOUa niisfortuue if such
an attitude is maintained.
Nelson haR a tar greater repscmsibUltj
now than ever belore. This is tie- year
ot th,- clr> s op|n.rllinily. The exhibits
that nave been sent In former yearn to
Winnipeg, to No* Westminster and to
London have eslabllslred Ihe tame ot
Koolenay as a fruit growers' pared!**.
To fall now, by sending a mean or un
Worth? exhibit. WOUld lie lo undo all
lhat has been done, lo lose all thai has
been accomplished in the last live years
by patient and persistent effort to attract men ami money for lire development of the fertile valleys of Koolenay
it Is a gteat mistake lo imagine, as
sum.- undoubted!* do. thai the only
banonciartei from tin- Influi of capital
and settler* are the owners of ihe land
who soil at high prices and the Sgentl
win. negotiate the bargains That is a
vry small and Inslgnlllcanl proportion
ol' the total gain  lo  Kootenay.    As the
country nils up with successful ami
prosperous ranchers. Nelson's advantages as the Inevitable centre for ills
trlbutlon and for shipment will become
at once apparent, livery merchant will
share In the gain from expanding mar
kets und evt ry owner of a city lot or a
lot near the ciiy will profit by th* rising values one to Hie clly's growth To
Ihe urtlzan it will mean a greater ami
steadier demand for his skill anil labor.
There is no class In the community
which does not aland to gain by the
steady growth of the city, and there Is
nothing else tliat will Contribute more
certainly, effectively and rapidly to that
growth   lhan   a   really    representative,
worths ami  attractive  display  ot  the
products of Ihe district at Hie Winnipeg  BbthlbltiOn this year.
lirltlsli Oolumbta, as a whole, is the
centre of attraction now lo Hie fanners
who have prospered on tile prairies ami
are seeking pleasanter conditions of
life. The Immunity of Koolenay rrom
the frosts and drought Which have visited all Hie real of Ihe orchard districts
of the province, have made the** valleys   favored   beyond   all   others.     The
combination of ctrcuinstanoes is peculiarly favorable to Kootenay, which
means in Nelson. Not to take advantage of II would he lo bar and bolt Hie
door in Hie face of knocking opportunity,
Every man. woman and child ill or
near Nelson should lake a personal
IntercBl in the oxhll.it. Choice samples
of nil Koolenay products are wanted
without delay und contributions are
urgently requested. The committees office Is ill Ihe K. VV. a Block, lo which
nil contributions should i.e brought or
sent as soon as possible. Details of
what will be needed to keep Hie exhibit
fresh from day to day will bo announced inter.
I'ushlmi's parly, sailed for New York
rrom Liverpool on the t'unard line
st' amer Carmanla, The Japanese of-
Beers were received In fan-well audi
ence by King Edward yesterday previous to their departure.
Mr. Perks' Opinion of Disputes Between
Capital and  Labor.
London, July 3��� It. S. Perks. M. P..
win. has returned to England on Ihe
Celtic ufler a business trip of "a month
In Canada, said In nn Interview that the
frequent labor strikes In the United
States were "an economic barbarism."
"President Roosevelt," Bald Mr. Perks,
"deserves great credit for his great
courage in opposing Ihe tyranny of the
truBts. but there is also tyranny in the
aniens and in dealing with Ihe organisations he has adopted a middle course.
One thing that surprised me there was
the numerous strikes. All ipe-stUms
arising between employer and employee
can be settled without appeal to arbitration. I nave always made Is a prac-
tloe to meet the men employed by us
and discuss the problems with them
and tell th,..., what we could afford to
pay.    We never had a strike."
The Si. Lawrence-Georgian Hay Canal, in which Mr. Perks is Interested,
will cost about 1100,000.000, and if Ihe
Dominion government, said Mr. Perks,
would adopt the plans, it ought to be
finished in four  years.
Hon.    W.    Pugsley
Points   of^aiaw^ \lg^r
if^tTaw Car.*
St. Jolrn.fjuH- ;i��� HoJilJ^mS'ugilSfl1
Crown eoum��el in the case of ^criminal
111.61 againsrsJamea II. Crocket ou Hie
information of<Q)�� hQ-ftQ^^faiiah',
was asked lo n.iil(>-*jiato^nr -of^HTn
jiosltion of the prosecution in the ease
at tire present time. Judge Landry has
held that the Crown is entitled to bring
before  the oonrt   the  question  of  the
validity of the decree tile 1 by tile Crown
Dr. Pugsley suld that he felt considerable difficulty on ibis point. The ground
upon which he entertained doubts as to
,1,,- rtebi -������ '��� >��  -- -
Hint Hie siatutc provides lhat the application therefor may be made at any
time during Hi.- trial, ami he entertained doubts us to whether the argument
for the demurrer could be considered as
part of the trial.
"I am pleased." he said, "to observe
by Judge Landry's judgment that In
bis opinion the application could properly be made, a>��<! ItaaJ ha entertained
the' plea of Mr. Harry. The result would
be lhat the case would come up for argument nt the next term of the Supreme
court i sincerely trust that no technical objections win be entered against
tlh- argument taken by us. for ihis
reason, that the question raised by the
defence is one or great and far-reaching
importance, not only by reason of its
application lo the present case, hut be-
. ause It will lay down ihe law for the
fui are guidance of the press.
���The question ia especially important
because of the provision in the present
criminal law relating to defamatory
libel allowing the defendant to avail
himself of the defence that he believed
on reasonable grounds the truth of what
was published, and that claim can be
used whether, as a matter of fact, the
libel Is true or false.
"There seems to have been on tn*
part of the counsel for the defence an
impression lhat the Crown is by law
hound tn bring a criminal case to atrial
Immediately upon an Indictment being
found, This Is not the case. While It
Is reasonable that the Crown should
bring a case to Irial as soon as p. i slide
alter ihe Indictment, a large amount ol
discretion Is always sjliw.nl, and IT the
trial  lakes place al   Hi ���  r.e-c."  ass'/e to
thai   at Which  the  iii.ll ���tine it   ha.   I	
round II is sufficient, ani il-��� defendant
win not in the meantime be usohargea,
is understood, that lie will only be able
to give a nnal answer after some questions regarding public business are set-
tied, but Ire is not disposed to accept
hastily, as the Invitation has been a
long time coming.
High Commissioner Interviewed on Advantages to Canada.
I^.inl'in. June B0.���Ixird Slratheona's
direct association with the All-Red fast
mail project is again attested by a long
Iniervlew in the Chronicle.
Lord Strathcona emphasizes the enormous advantage to Canada when a
steamer leaving a British port every
Saturday readies Canada the following
Wednesday. Three 25-knot boats would
thus suince for the service, and London
would be brought within eight days of
the Pacific, and with the desired 20-knot
boats on the Pacific the journey from
London to Australia would be lessened
by c-le^t days. He believed the part
Canada is destined to play in the history
of Hie world would surpass all expectations. The fast service would greatly
assist this expansion, and the sum
asked from the British and Canadian
exchequers was not too great, seeing
the vast benefits arming to both.
An influential committee, including
eight peers,  two Irish  Roman  Catholic
bishops, and 40 members of parliament
including Messrs. Wyndham and Long,
two ex-Irish seoretaries. has been
formed to support the Itlacksod Bay
,batpjae~ 5*PU*S In connection with the propned
��� "��� rnsl^Jervloa.   Both the British and Cau-
- a/lian ^ministers are, however, dealing
wirh/triK project on the subsidy basis
alone, Inavtng the contractors, whoever
they may] be. to settle ports and routes,
subject, lot course, to rigorous conditions a*r to time and equal facilities to
ad,L Calradlan railways.
British Oa-smen Assembled at Henley-
No American Entry.
All-Red    Route   More    Expensive    Than |
Project   of   1896.
London,  July  " a   run! Henley-
regatta opened ' u    ollege eight
fiom the oppo* water fig-
         .hi.,    x-vuv   In    ,1,..    lewTtl,.!,    nnttutlr
Derby. The only foreign entries, in fact,
are one Belgiun and one German crew.
Nevertheless a lively interest Is manifested in the regatta, owing to the fact
that for the first lime in Its history
England will light to recover the fa-
mous Grand Challenge cup instead of
to defend il. The Belgian crew are the
present holders ot in*, coveted trophy.
Although the Diamond Sculls have nam
won by a Dutchman, an American and
a Canadian, the Grand Challenge cup
never left Kngland until last year.
in view ol the world-wide attention
always given to Henley week it is Interesting to recall how insignificant was
the beginning of the great Thames festival. Although as early, as 1829 the
rival university crews of Oxford and
Cambridge met on what is now the Henley course, it was not until 1S39 that tho
actual regatta was organized. In that
year the inhabitants of Henley formed
a committee und decided to offer a sliver cup valued at $500 as the "Henley-
Regatta Grand Challenge Cup." to be
rowerl lor annually by anialeilr crews
ill eight-oared boats. The "Town Challenge Cu,-" and medals for tho winners
were also offered for crews of four. The
first regatta was held on June 14th,
18397 and was notable for a graat struggle between Oxford and Cambridge for
ihe Grand Challenge cup, Ihe prize
eventually "falling to Trinity, of the latter university. This was the humble
beginning of what was destined to become the biggest aud most fashionuble
aquatic meeting in the world.
Description of Actions of
Russian Cabinet Minister Justifies
Dissolution on Ground of
Neglect of Duty.
St. Petersburg, July :..���tn answer to
various objections levelled at the government for its recent course of action,
th. Associated Press has secured the
following declaration of the position
and policy of the cabinet from one who
is considered one of its most liberal
"The Emperor summoned the natiou
to choose representatives under the old
electoral law for a>Jistinct and two-fold
purptBe. to examine and ratify- the
budget, and to draft and enact laws.
The second Douma had shown itself incapable of either task. My department
introduced 300 bill*, both small and big.
during its session, which related to definite national needr. that could not properly be deferred. Other ministries introduced a corresponding ma��s of pressing legislation, but during three mouths
all of these bills remained untouched.
Instead, the Douma shamefully wasted
time discussing the rights of man.
"Owing to the impossibility of obtaining the Douma's consent to changes in
the electoral law, which would give us
a businesslike third Douma, the government itself was obliged to decree the
"It is the distinct purpose of the Emperor to obtain a parliament which will
respect property. If his calculations are
at fault, he will not hesitate to disssolve
SuttW1 *tQfiWW J?r ��..tour.th..umU-JhjB.j-e.-
of aliens means the franchisement of
Russians. The records of a quorum
present in the Douma day by day show
that the aliens almost always were iu
sympathy and were always able to dictate the Douma's action. Thus the Poles
and Mahommedans cast a deciding vote.
The Poles even bargained concessions
leading to autonomy, and threatened
otherwise to reject the budget,
"Such a state of affairs Is intolerable
in the Russia empire The polish pre-
teiiaA-"... revive the old question of mastery between ti��; *����. sialic races
which cannot exist side by side, -x-*,
land is dead forever. The Russian
Poles should say good bye to their i��o-
litical dreams."
The minister further stated that the
cabinet had no intention to promulgate
any important legislation until the assembling of the new Douma. The cabinet, he said, will submit the new electoral law to the Douma for amendments
and ratification.
Alaskan    Railway   Companies    Arming
Their Forces for Struggle for
i-.lne.-rs claimed the Copper River road
had crossed their territory. An Injunction asked recently by tire Alaska Pacific Railway and Terminal company
against the Guggenheim road was denied.
Boundary   Labor   Unions   Renew   Fight
Against Chinese.
(Special to  The  Daily  Canadian.)  .
Grand Porks, July 3.���At a meeting of
the local order of Odd Fellows just held
here the following officers were elected
for the term beginning July 12th Inst.:
N. G., Waller Haddoh; V. G., John Kav-
anough; R. S��� Walter Dewdney; P. S.,
A. L. Clements; treasurer, R. Frach.
This election of officers will be followed
by their official installation early In
The Grand Forks labor union" a'C
taking* a very sharp oversight over the
employing of foreign labor In this city,
as It Is reported that this organization
has caused notices to be served on local
merchants notifying them that they
must get rid of all Chinese employees
with all possible despatch.
A meeting or the Phoenix Amalgamated Copper Mines, Ltd., Is today being
held at Sherbrook, Quebec, to confirm
the action of a recent meeting of this
company which was held a few days
ago to authorize the'sale of the assets
of the company to a prominent eastern
N. McLennan, formerly an alderman
of this city anil now a resident of Vancouver, has been taking in the Dominium Day celebration. It is quite possible
that Mr. McLennan may re-engage in
bus'ness here before long.
The Dominion Day celebration just
held here was a most unqualified sup-
cess, both the race track and the old
timers' picnic at Ward's lake being
largely attended. Great credit Is due
to Alderman Sam Horner for his un.
tiling efforts to make the old timers'
picnic the event of the season.
Word has reached here today that
Inspectors of customs, John S. Clute,
will arrive here this week and proceed
west of Midway for the purpose of establishing new custom offices through
the Slmllkameen district.
.lew  ocitteis   14s.e liain v.   ��..^a>��..v.v
a* Soon  a* Allowed.
Kaiser Visits Denmark.
Copenhagen. July 8.���-Emperor William, ihe German Empress and Prince
Adalbert arrived here today from Kiel
on Ihe imperial yacht lloh.-n/ollern and
were welcomed by Ihe Dullish royal
family anil large crowds of people.
Many fostlViUaS. have ben arranged In
honor of the Emperor and Empress.
Japanese  Sailors Depart.
London, July 3.���Admiral  Yninaniolo,
four caplalns, a coniniiinder and a surgeon of tho Japanese navy, from Prince
Ottawa, July J.���-It I" learned on the
bed authority that the subsidy for the
25-kiml steamship projecl across the Atlantic, as suggested by Sir Wilfrid Laurler at the closing session of the Imperial Conference, Is ��4(0,000, or ��2.-
:>.-.0.mill per- annum, for 10 years, lo Ire
borne equally by Ihe nrlliah and Canadian government* respectively. This
means   a   Canadian   contribution   of
11,135,000 yearly.
Sir Charles Tupper, in IN'-'ti. bad made
air arrangement with Ihe Allans for a
��0-knol service, which was lo cobI Can-
udn $7S0,000 yearly, and Great Britain
|87B,000. II was turned down, however, by Hie Laurler government
It seems the Irony of fate thai the
one man in Great Britain who is trying
lo kill Sir Wilfrid Lniirlor'n scheme Is
Mr. Hat old Cox, the gcntlcniiin who was
secretary of the Condon Club in 1H!I7,
and   Who  presented   thi   Cobden  Club's
medal  lo  Ihe  Canadian   pimnler.
Mustn't Be   Too  Willing.
Berlin, July 3.���Emperor William has
acknowledged King Edward's Invitation
to vlrdl Windsor Castle for live days 111
a most courteous manner, bul without
accepting it   unconditionally, saying,  it
McLaln.  Slayer of Cameron, Sentenced
to   Long   Imprisonment.
Oknniigan, Wash., July 3.���If the sentence Imposed upon Johnny McLulu,
murderer of William Cameron, by Judge
Steiner, Is carried out. McLaln will
Spend Ihe remainder of his days In the
atuto penitentiary at Walla Walla.
Previous to his sentence, McLaln had
nothing to say about the murder of William Cameron. After tho sentence was
Imposed, however, he talked freely on
the subject, lie said that both he and
Cameron were drunk nt the time of the
���hooting. They quarreled ovor whiskey.
Cameron began throwing stones at McLaln und the latter shot hlni through
the body. The victim lived a couple of
hours after he wan shot.
McLaln takes Ills present predicament vory philosophically. He grinned
When ihe Judge said the words that will
deprive him of liberty Tor the real of
Ills days. While being taken back to
Jail he Joked with some In.linns on the
stepH of tho court house, After he was
again In the Iron cell, he throw himself
on his back, and before the deputy had
locked the door he wan engaged In reading a magazine us unconcernedly as
though he were on a Bummer vacation.
Seattle, July 3.���A Bpecial to the Post-
Intelligencer from Valdez. Alaska, tells
of the preparations for armed contltct
between the Copper River and the
Northern railway forceB and the Alaska
Pacific railway men at Katalla. The
Copper River railroad, which Is known
throughout Alaska as the Guggenheim
property, aiming to tap the Copper River district. Is attempting to cross the
right of way of the Alaska Pacific company, known as the llruner line, which
also alms for the Copper River district
by way of Lake Charlotte, The Hruner
people have applied to Governor Hog-
gait for the protection of United Stales
I roups, alleging that the Guggenheim
forceB contemplate an armed attack
upon them. The authorities at Valdez
admit  that the situation Is serious.
The launch Pioneer, which arrived
yesterday at Valdez from Katalla,
brings word that the llruner road
has erected a go devil" at tbe crossing
which the Guggenhclms are trying to
take. The machine, by means of a don-
key c.igine, swings continually across
Ihe track, making It Impossible for men
to come within a radius of B0 feet of
the Bruni.r lino. The samo launch
brings the report thnt blockhouses of
Ihlck timber havo been erected along
the right ot way by the llruner people
and that the Guggenheim* are paying
$2 an hour to fighting men with a bonus
of 1100 to the first liuin who crosses
the Dinner right of way. The Copper
River road 1b now built about 80 miles
from Katalla. The Brnner road, so far,
has done nothing but terminal work al
Katalla. Since Its start, a few months
ago. there has been constant trouble
between the limner's roud and tho Guggenheim people. Several times the
I right of way of the Guggenheim road
has been dynamited and the llruner en-
Ottawa, July 3.���Figures have been
-'ssued showing the number of foreigners who, during 1906, have become naturalized Canadians. For the whole calendar year 1905, the number of newcomers who took the oath of allegia ce
was 6,632. Last year, 1906, the official
figures of which have just been compiled, the total number of new citizens
-www nn/tn, These included subjects
of practically every monarch under the
sun, Chinese, Japanese, Russians, Germans, Hungarians, Gallclans���in fact,
the figures show that practically the
head of every family which entered
Canada in 1903 took steps to become a
citizen and a voter. No less than 3,888
of the new arrivals from the Republic
took the oath of allegiance just as soon
as the law allowed. This figure was an
increase of 600 over the previous year,
and all Indications are that the same
proportion will be preserved this year.
The figures sbuw that while the miiri-
ber of British subjects arriving at Cuna'
dlan ocean ports is 11,481 more than In
1906, the foreigners who are coming via
the United States are becoming Canadians just as fast as the statutory pro-
vlBlon of the lay.  allows.
The total immigration for the mouth
of April was 44,051. as compared with
35,313 for April of last year .an Increase
of 25 per cent. For the ten months,
July 1st to April 30th, the Immigration
wus 168.71S, cumpared with 124.031 for
the corresponding months of the seal
year, an Increase of 4,687 or 36 per
cent. This is a large I ncrease In the
percentage of arrivals from the United
eral secretary of the allied St. Peters-
burg association, were presented to-Emperor Nicholas at Peterhoff. Mr. Morse
is making a tour of the world, visiting
Young Men's .Christian Associations in
various countries.
Some of Kaiser's Dusky Subjects Talk
Loud of Liberty.
Berlin, July 3.���At the Colonial exhibition now in progress In this city a
great attraction is the negro village,
the Inhabitants of which hail from German possessions in the Dark Continent.
They are somewhat uncertain and untamed, and therefore kept under sharp
control. Their curiosity to see the city
alter dark, however, is quite as pro-
nouced as with many of their white
brethren. Being overmastered by this
curiosity 18 of the stalwart negroes. In
scant draperies, broke out of the exhibition the other night and proceeded to
Uave a good time, black men are not
.aniiliar sights on the streets of Berlin,
and their unexpected appearance singly
and in gtoups at odd corners was terrifying to nervous persons whom they
met. All night long the police were engaged In hunting down the Inquisitive
negroes, the last of whom, completely
intoxicated, was found haranguing his
police captors on the pleasures of freedom.
Kootenay Fruit Grower* Invited to Help
in Entertainment of Convention.
Although the annual meeting of the
North*-West Fruit Growers Association
liJ BtlU^ve months away, Secretary
Maxwell Smith Is keeping Interest In
It very much alive. Captain McMorrls,
secretary of the Kootenay association,
has received the following letter:
D. C. McMorils, Esq., Secretary, K. F.
G. A., Nelson, B. C.
Dear Sir: Present indications make it
almost certain that the next meeting
of the North-West Fruit Growers' Association, which takes place in Vancou-
will be tne largest lit tue ummn-t ....
this Important International organization. And as this association Is holding
their annual convention north of the international boundary this year for the
first time, the fruit growers of British
Coumbia should leave nothing undone
which may leud to bring the fruit growing capabilities of British Columbia
prominently before the convention and
make a favorable impression on the
minds of our visitors.
We therefore ask your association to
kindly oukn as. liberal a contribution
as you can towards the expense of *wi-
nishlng medals for the various fruit displays to be held in connection with the
convention. We are asking all the fruit
growing organizations In the province
to contribute, and a prompt and liberal
response will be much appreciated.
A $100 gold medal will be offered for
the best general display of fresh fruits.
For the best five boxes of apples (6
varieties) a gold medal; for the second
best five boxes a |50 gold and silver
medal and tor the third best five boxes,
a $25 silver medal.
British Columbia growers should be
able to win some of these.
Yours Faithfully,
Vancouver, June  28th,  1907.
Ex-Sheriff of Colorado
Hods Flaw
). L. Beemac Says State's Star Witness Had Ho Hand in A��*--   ..
..tempt to
Wreck Cri>-' f   . T  I
~rt>ie Creek Train.
Pueblo, Col., July 3.���Former Sheriff
J. L. Beeman last night said that Harry
Orchard had no connection with the-at-
tempt to wreck the Florence & Cripple
Creek train as Orchard has testified.
He said that while he was sheriff the
Teller county authorities brought to
Pueblo a man named Charles Beckman,
an employee of a dectective agency.
Beckman was Jailed with Charles Mc-
Klnney, who was accused of the attempted train wrecking, in hopes of
getting a confession from him. Before
going to jail on their mission, Beeman
says, Beckman related a story of his experiences. He said he was a detective
and a member of the Western Federation of Miners' "inner circle." The Inner circle, Beckman asserted, designated him and several others to wreck the
train. He reported to Scott, special
agent for the railroad company, and
Sterling, special agent for the mine
owners, and went to the scene of the
proposed wreck, where they saw men
pull spikes from the rails.
List  of   Notable*  Leaving   London   for
Horn*���Many Canadian*.
Mines Are Hives of Industry and Room
for More.
Tennessee Town Destroyed.
Chatanoogn, Tenn., July 3.���A telephone message to the Times rrom
Wbilcwoll, Tenn., says: "A Ore which
started In tho store of *i>.' Whltewell
Mercantile Co. shortly before midnight
Is still raging and the town is threatened.
The bank of Whltewell has been destroyed and the post office and. all the
main business houses are In the path of
tho flames. There is little chance to
stop the fire, as the only moans of lighting It Is with buckets. The water supply Is  practically exhausted.
Korean* Turn Christians.
Seoul, June 30. via Tokio, July 3.���
Protestant Christianity lu Korea has Increased over 60 per cent, in the past
year and there Is promise of a national
envangellst under the auspices of the
American missionaries. Catholicism ap
parentis* Is stationary.
Czar and Y. M. C. A.
St. Petersburg, July 3.���Richard C
Morno, of New York, general secretary
of the International committee of the
Young Men's Christian Association, and
Frankllu A. Gaylord, of New York, gen-
According to the Phoenix Pioneer,
men have been arriving at the mines of
the Boundary steadily for the last
mouth by nearly every train. As a result the mines have now, collectively,
larger forces than at any previous time
In the history of this camp. There is
yet room, however, for good minors. It
may not be generally known, but It is
u fact, that there are more than 1,000
men employed in this camp, all but
some 150 of which are working In or
around the large producing mines. That
150 ure In the employ of the C. P. R.
und Great Northern railway contractors,
who are building long spurs to facilitate
ore shipments from the Granby and
Rawhide mines.
There are, of course, constant chauges
in the mine forces, the total varying
from lime to timo, but the following
table will give Ihe approximate detnlls:
Granby Mines     500
Dominion  Copper Co 300
Snowshoe       300
Railway  Contractors     175
Total    1.100
The June payday for the Phoenix
mines, which will occur July 10th, will
undoubtedly be the largest that has
ever taken place In Phoenix, and should
run well up to $100,000 ror this camp
alone, and will bo double that for the
entire Boundary.
London, July 3.���Hon. Thomas Bent,
press ot Ireland tomorrow, returning
to Australia. He proved the most outspoken critic of the British ministry's
attitude at the Colonial conference, resulting in Elgin's refusal to invite
State premiers and give them Imperial
The popularity or the Canadian route
to the Antipodes was also attested by
the choice of the Empress of Ireland
by Lady Plunkett, wife of the governor
of New Zealand, and daughter. Marconi
aud his wife will also sail tomorrow In
connectron with his Canadian enterprises. Bruce Walter, who succeeded
Preston as the head ot the Canadian
Emigration offlcejiere, leaves tomorrow
for a visit to Ottawa. The feeling Is
growing that the time is approaching
when Canada may do well to put some
check on movements for assistance to
out-of-works through Boards ot Guardians and other municipal charity bodies.
The best classes of emigrants are unquestionably those who pay theln��own
fa-ex. These better classes will go to
Canada anyway and the question Is being quietly discussed whether Canada
might not leave the less desirables,, who
need assistance, to Australia and the
other colonies.
Among other Empress of Ireland passengers are Hon. Adam Beck and Col.
Lessard, both of whom have been concerned In the International horse show
In London, and W. ShaughnesBy, son
of the president of the Canadian Pacific.
Telegrapher*' Strike Extend*.
San Francisco, July 3.���President S.
J. Small, of the telegraphers' union, last
night confirmed a report that he had
ordered out the operators In another
city. Ho said the operators have been
ordered out In at least nine more cities,
and that they will leave their keys iu
less than a week. Both telegraph companies are now accepting business
without the stipulation of "Bubject to
Chinese Rebel* Beaten.
Hong Kong, July 3.���It Is reported
here from Wong-Kong that the Imperial
troops surprised a band of Insurgents
recently, capturing 80 of them. The
prefect of Way tried the prisoners,
pouring burning resin upon their hare
bodies in an attempt to extract the
names or the leaders ot the uprising.
In which, however, he was not successful.
Price* of Metal*.
New York, July 3.���Silver, 67 *.c;
copper, 24%c;  lead, $5.75.
London, July 3.���Sliver, 31 d; lead.
��20, 15s.    ���
Evangelical Alliance.
London, July 3.���The eleventh International conference of the Evangelical
Alliance met in London-today and will
r��maln In session for five days. Several hundred delegates are In attendance from the United Kingdom, Canada,
the United States, Australia and othef
parts of the  English-speaking  world.
Spanish Cabinet Filled.
Madrid. July 3.���General Prlmo Do
Rivera has been appointed minister of
war In the Maura cabinet to fill tho
portfolio made vacant by tho death, on
June 30th, of General Lono. The Daily Canadian
- STORES =====
Miners' and All
Campers Supplies
TENTS in all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR   at   all  prices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX.   MITTS,   etc.,   etc.
HAY.   FLOUR  and   FEED.
Iii all these lines we offer   excellent quality at very-
reasonable prices. I
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... .14,780,000 REST  *4,7:10,000.
D. R. WILKIE, President."        HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vioe-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Deposits received and interest allowed at highest   current rate from date of
opening of account, and compounded qnurtorly.
��J#   iVU   L,AY,  Alanctsrer.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings  Department
 Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published ru nay., a w.-ea uy ine
Bakur .St.. Kelson, B. C.
Sunacrlpllou rates, ftu 08BJU a tntujth delivered
[u the cut, or ss.oo n year II sent by mall, when
paid m advance.
AdvertlAirn; rales oh application.
All monu-s paid irr settlement ol The Dally
Canadian ftoeounts, ulthrr lor subscriptions or
adTcrrlsliig. rniiat he receipted for on the printed
form, of the Company, other receipts are not
valid.   _���^_____
Wednesday, July 3rd,  1907.
Tlr." fortii-tli anniversary of Ihe confederation of the Canadian provinces
has been appropriately celebrated by
the people of Nelson, and in Nelson by
hundreds of visitors from other towns
of the province, chiefly of, Inrr by no
means confined to, Kootenay. >
Prom n business point of view the
celebration has undoubtedly been a
success. The majority of those vim
contributed to ihe fund have probably
received hack their own with good interest. Nelson money has been k ipl a!
home, and a considerable amount from
other citi.s has been placed in circulation here.
If ihe celebration committee
a balance after all liabilities
met. Home of t in- members
In favor of banding over- lire
plus io the fair directors. Others
think lhat money win be subscribed
Just as freely for Ihe fair as for lire
celebration, and favor an Indirect gjfl
to tile Fair directors and the city at the
same time by Improvements to the
Rnrunils. especially by the enlargement
of the grand stand or the Inilldliip, of
a new one. More urand stand acoom-
nr.datlo.'i in undoubtedly   needed.   On
liolll afternoons of the celebration the
supply of seals In lire slanrl has been
far short of Ihe demand.
Hut there are other- aspects of a Dominion Day celebration besides tile business point of view.    Korlunnloiy it may
safely   be   taken   for  granted   thut  the
people  of Nelson   arc  loyal   enough   to
their  city  to  co-operate sealously  and
energetically to  make such affairs line-
ccssful  and  enjoyable.    All  adult   Canadians of course know the Nle.iilfii-.incc
of Dominion   Day,   and   require   no   reminder by patriotic speeches or martini
music.       It   Ih   to   be   hoped   that   Ihe
children la their enjoyment of the lire
works, the nags and tbe excitement gen
era lly. have not missed the great lesson
of Dominion Day, which is not. Indeed,
Canada's birthday, but is the anniversary of a momentous event, the union
for defence and for strength of a long
line of British communities, an example
that has since been followed by our
fellow-Britishers In Australia, that we
expect soon to see followed in South
Africa, and which may some day be followed by the British nations throughout
tile world.
Mr. Bmmerson, late minister of railways iu lire Dominion cabinet, has been
talking in Toronto, and betraying his
point of view regarding a regrettable
incident In which he has been the central llgure. He seems ;, expect that
Sir Wilfrid Laurler will take the same
optimistic view of the adjourned llbed
proceedings thai he takes himself. He
may be right, but in the Interest of
cleanness in public life II is to be- hoped
not. .Mr. Bmmerson, In the course of
many Interviews, has frequently made
a statement which cannot be allowed to
pass unchallenged. He has said that no
charge has been or can be laid against
the honest] and efficiency of his administration of his department.. His memory rnilsl he very short. It Is not Jong
since proofs, from the public accounts,
were published of a deal for land for a
station for the Intercolonial Railway,
In which ihe choice was made of ihu
more costly and less suitable of two
available sites, a friend of Ihe parly be
ing the beneficiary.
Now that Die Dominion Day celebra
lion lias been curried to a successful
conclusion, the next duly of the public
spirited men of Nelson is to turn their
attention to the fair, and do everything
possible to support the efforts of the
board of directors. The exhibit that is
going io Winnipeg and other Manitoba
.alls is certain to attract a lot or attention, The Nelson Kalr will he attended
by many visitors from Victoria on the
west, to Winnipeg or farther in the
Kant. No effort must be spared to make
the fair of 1807 proportionate lo the
prominence Kootenay has achieved as a
fruit growing country; It nniBl even surpass all lis ptedecessors.
Our esteemed local contemporary
prints this morning a comment by the
Toronto  News  praising tbe "wise  se
verity** of the iroiice magistrate who
sent to gaol for 15 days a baseball
player who, according lo our contemporary's head lines, "killed an umpire."
The sentence is generally regarded In
Toronto as severe. Perhaps (he government will offer a bounty on umpires to
offset this latest discouragement of killing tlierrr.
Statement of  Jay   P.   Graves   Explained
by A. B. W.  Hodges.
"'It is p'anued to Increase the mining
and smelting capacity of (he Oranby
1,00(1 Ions daily," said .1. P, Graves, gen
eral manager of the company, in Spokane tills week. "The plans are now
under wa). ami some of the work is
being lien. It will require aliout a year
to compli I" (he improvements and ad-
ditions. Tin- maximum smelting capacity, wiien complete, will be abouL 1.500
tons daily."
It has been known for some time (hat
another increase at the Oranby smelter
was  in  contemplation  by  (he  management,   hut   this is  the  first   official   an-
runcement of the fact  that has been
ude,  although   th*-   Pioneer  predicted
s enlargement some months ago.
A.   B.  W.   Hodges,   the  local manager
the  company,  was  asked   regarding
.-   enlargement   by   the   Pioneer   this
e1ir'-Ti'e~iULLl'J_lhat it would  not  be
cessary to enlarge tTi*e present smelter
ldings materially, as far as the bat-
y of furnaces is concerned, but that
each of the present eight furnaces
would be given greater capacity by being lengthened, for which there is still
room in the immense furnace room.
Il may nol be generally understood,
but it is well known in I'hoenix. lhat
the Granby mines are even now capable of supplying the tonnage required
by the intended smelter enlargement.
In fact, it has always been a question
of making the smelter large enough lo
lake care of the ore that the mines in
Phoenix Were capable of producing.
This week will close the most successful year thai the Oranby has yet had.
the year of the company ending on
June HOlh of each calendar year. And
this Is a fact, notwithstanding the fur-
Ihrrr fact that llrere have been more difficulties io overcome In the way of coke
arrd ear* shortage than ever before, ami
that the smelter was idle almost entire
ly during the month of May. With
these troubles now entirely overcome
and everything moving smoothly at
both mines anil smelter, the fiscal year
just beginning should be even better
than the one that is just ending.
When (he Oranby is able to handle
regularly 4,500 tons of ore daily at Ihe
smelter. It will mean 135.000 tons
monthly, or 1390,000 per annum. Figuring on a basis of 25 pounds of copper
recovered per ton of ore, this would
give just under 40,000,000 pounds of copper per annum.��� Phoenix Pioneer .
in loe aupreme ���L.uort or
British Columbia.
IN    THE    MATTER    OF    THE    YMIR
To Al] Whom it May Concern i
Notice Is hereby plven that an appllca'lon will
be made to the presiding Judge in Chambers, al
the 1'orrrt  House, in   ihe Clry of Vancouver, on
the 10th  dayoMnjv next. 1907   -' >y-- -r��
raaia .r,.   iii* ....... ..-������-,i.>toi  [or an order ex lend -
rng the time for registering with the Seglstrar
ol Joint Slock Companies, a certain trust deed
bearing date the *jfttn day ol March, 1907, made
between The Ymlr OOld Mines, Ltd., of the one
part snd 1'hnrle" Morland Ciinynrrhame Hughes
and Oliver Wethered of the other part, until the
AJtb day ol July next, liter Arry person wishing
to oppose such application must enteran appear
anee personally or by soliciror with the Registrar ol this Court, at VancoilTer On or before the
nth dayof July nc.x'. and in delault of such
appearance such extension of rime will be gran-
red without further order.
Hated this 21st day of J'rue, 1IK/7.
A. I-:   BECK,
Lennle A Wragge ,        Illstrlct Beglstrar.
Solicitors for the Ymlr J
Hold Mines. Limited.   1
IN THE MATTER of the issuance of an
indefeasible Title to F. W, Howay
and R. L. Reld to \a>\h 2 and 3,
In Hlock 12, City of .Nelson.
Wboroaa the doonmanti harolnaitormentioned
are U'U in tin- pLHxe-r-mion nf ihe Hforynn.fi Howay
and ROM ;
And whereas prod union of them li required
under the ������I.tuid Rflfflltry Act";
Take noli- e that all or any persons having
Ihese documents In tbOlr possession or having
any Interest in the same are rcfjnired to produce
the hHtne to the Diatrict KtKlstrar of Und Titled
at nation, B.C., on or before thelSth dayof July,
Conveyance in Fee, from A. Rarretlo to Alexander
Carney, dat*d 0tfa October. 1��9I,
Morlgage in Fee, faom A. Carney and A  Barrette
to M   Melinie* and P.   Hums, dated  the 26th
of November, IHV2.
Conveyance   In   Fee   under   power   of   Hale  In
Mortgage from Malcolm tfcltmll aud I'. HtirnH
lo  A. H. Jj^ihimaij,  dated   17th   of  November,
Conveyance In Fee, A. II. Buchanan to tbe Bank
of Montreal, dated the auh of August, 1804
Couve-Hliee   n Fee.   IJKnk   of   Montreal,   to Hose
Mary   HMtbpOtt    and   Joseph    Heatherlngton
Bow-en, dated nth November, IH-jfi.
CouT>yance in Fee, of an undivided one-uuartcr
from Bote Marv Beathoote to Paul Johnson,
dated the SKltti of i>ecmlier, lHiHi
Duled thin -JOth day of Mrv. A. D., PJ07
,     fl  F  MAf-LKOD,
Dlstriet l-tejfiiitrar of Und Tltlea
Notice Is hereby Riven that I will apply, at the
next meeting of the License Commissioners, for
the City of Nelsou. to have the liquor license of
the No I'lane Inn, transferred from Archibald
Ferguson Held to myself.
Dated May 2fth, lft/7. Wm, U03NELL,
           By I'ower of Attorney.
F. C. GREEN       F. P. BURDEN        A. H. GXEEN
Civil Engineers* Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P.O. Box 1*5   TmvotUW.
Amendment   to   Confederation   Act   Not
Likely to Be Opposed.
London. July 8.���Premier McBride 'if
British Columbia, closed bis mission in
London today and sailed in Ihe Etnn.esH
of Ireland. It is not expected '<ut the
obstruction to the British North America bill in the house of commons will
prove serious, A little group of opposition members, including Ban on ry,
Claude and Hay, are not sorry for i ny
opportunity of giving Winston Churobtll
ani tin' government a dig, but they ;ne
most unlikely to go to the length t*i
imperilling the bill. It will, bowerar,
now need a special push to p;iss the bill
through both houses. The suggestion
that MoHride Is in any way responsible
for the obstruction is not seriously
Fot Sale Cheap
One   60-Inch   diameter, by   16ft.   Sin.
long,- underflred,   return   multitubular
boiler, In fair condition. Eighty two
2?^-in. tubes, 2 1-3 x 2 1-6 in. steam
dome. Boiler is good for testing to 150
lbs. per square Inch, and a working pressure of 80 to 90 lbs. Mountings consist
of safety valve, stop valve, water
gauges, try oocks, Bludge cook and
check valve, set of flre bars and bearers.
One 9-in. diameter x 141n. stroke, high
pressure, variable cut off expansion,
valve engine with governor. Fly wheel
and belt pulley are those not originally
supplied with tbe engine but are suitable for ordinnry requirement. Engine
has been used ���to drive electric light
at tbe smelter and Is In good condition.
One vertical multi-tubular exhaust
steam heated feed-water heater, 4 ft.
high, lO'-fciu. diameter with openings
for 3-in. exhaust pipes. Corrugated copper tubes inside through which tbe feed
water passes. Stop valve, drain cock
and safety valve. Apply to
The Hall Mining & Smelting Co.,
Nelson Land District. UiHtrict of W����t Hoou-nay
'lake nol ice that "come Alt-Tumler, el Kaalo,
H C , occupation mine manager, intend!" to apply for a npttclal timber licence over the following described laud: Commencing at a yoH
planted at the northeam corner of Lot HXJt).
"roup 1. Kootenny I��l-trjet, thence went fti
cbaliit, thence south Hi chains, thenoe cant tio
���-l'iliU.-v.-U^^UJ.'./.'^i'_Jili_I.tti;i��,   W-'JMr.l*"',".' :���:
or less.
Dated June X7, IW7. Q30M Alkxa* j>kr.
Nelson Land District. Dtnriet oi West Kootenay
Take notice that (Jeorge Alexander, of Ka��)o,
B. C. occupation mine manager, inteii.ls to apply (or aspeclal limber licence over the following dehcrihed lands; L'utnmeui lug at a pout
planted at the southeast corner of lot flWS.
(.roup 1, Kootenay I'lstru t, thence north t����
chains, thence west bo chain*, thence south 80
chaiiiH, thence east 80 ehalus to point of commencement, and containing 640 acres, more or
Dated June 27, 1907. r.toRog Aikxa.nokr.
Nelson J-and District. Dmtri��� -������"*"t Kootenay
Tjilf "���-"-- ���"�� "porge Alexander, of Kaalo,
o * . occupation tuiue manager,, tuten-is to apply lor a special limber lieeuce over tho following det-ribed lands: CommeuclUK at a post
planted nt the southeast corner of Lot 1005,
uronp 1. Kootenay Dlntriet, thence uortk 80
chains, thence easl 60 chains, theuee south tW
chains, thence west 88 chains to the point of
commencement, and containing 480 acres, more
or less.
Dated June 27, 1b07. Gkobok Albxandee.
Nelaon Laud District. District of West Kooten.iy
Take notice that Oeorge Alexander of Kaslo,
B. 0., occupation mint-manager. Intends to apply for a special timber licence over the following described lauds: t.'ommeucln*g at a pout
planted at the northeast corner of Lot 1004,
Group 1. Kootenay District, thence west 40
chains, thencfl south JOO i-IihIijk, theuee ����Est 40
chains, thence north 160 chains to the point of
commencement, and containing 6i0 acres, more
or Ijsb
Dated June 87,1907. (-koboe Alexander.
NeUon Land District. District of West Koolenay
Take notice that George Alexander, of K��slo,
B. O.i occupation mine manager, Intends to apply for a special timber licence over the following described lanos: Commencing at a post
plauted at the southwest corner of Section 13,
Township 7, Kootenay District, Ihenee north 40
chains to the south boundary of the Indian
Iteserve, theoce east about 10 chains to the
southeast corner of said Indimj Reserve, thence
north 40 chain!-., thence e��st about 70 elmlns io
the west boundary of Lot H\2, (hence south 80
chains, tbenr.e west 80 chains to the point of
commencement, and Containing 800 acre*, more
or less.
Dated Juris *7, I0O7. 'Jeokob ALEXANDER.
Nelson l^aud District- District of Weat Kuotenay
Take notice that George Alexander, of Kaslc,
B. C. occupation mine inaiuij<er, Intends to apply for a special limber licence over the Tollow
lug dcHcrlbed   lands:     Coiummiclng  at   a   post
gUuIcd at the Intersectiori ,,l the north .Ine of
8SUOQM, Township 7, Knoieuay District, aud
the cast line of the Indian lte*erve, thence <outh
SO chains, thence chs! about 70 chaina to the wettl
boundary of Lot 811-!. tbence north 80 chains,
tbence west about 70 chains to the point of commencement, and containing BOO acres, more or
Dated Juno 27, 1907. geormk Alexander.
Nelson Land District. Diatrict of West Kootenay
Taiie notice Ihut (imrge Alexander, of Kaslo,
B. G , occupation mine manager, Intends to an-
ply for a ��PeciHl Umber licence over the following described lands: Cornmdiclug at a post
planted ��t NM intersection of the lotith line of
.Section ���&, l'ownshlp7, Kooleuay DI��trlut, and
the east line of the IndUn Reserve, thence east
about 70 vhalns to the west boundary of i,ot 812,
thence north 00 chains t,�� the south hank of
GCMtt    river,    thence    westerly 80 chatrm along
souib bank of Goat river i.. u,..* wm i-m- ,,t -aid
section  2T��,   thenne south  8o chains to  point of
commeueem-riit and  ronialnlug Mi acres, more
or less.
Dated June 27, 1907. George Alkxandkb.
Nelson Land District    District of West Kootenay.
Take notice   that George   Alexander of Kaslo,
B. 0��, occupation   mine manager, lutein!* to ap
Fily for a spc( Ul timber licence over the foilow-
ng described 1and�� Commencing at a post
planted at ibt soulhwestconier of Lot ft2fi, riroup
1, ���Koolenay district, tbence south 100 chains,
thence eaat fiO chains lo tbe northeast uorner of
the Indian reserve; thence north about Wchains
lo Ooat river; thence westerly along the south
hank of Goat river about ir�� chains to he nouth-
west corner ot lx��t 41*1; thence north about 80
chaina to the northwest corner of said !,ot 491;
thence easl ahcut 1\ chains to the southwest
coiner of Lot 891; hence north about K chains
to the southeast enrOW of Lot62ti; thence west-to
chains to the point of commuueenttfut, aud contain ins 4n0 acres, ur-.c or leaa.
Dated June 27, 1807. UBOBOE ALBXAJCOBft.
Free Lessons in Art Needle Work���Conticelli Silks
Miss Lockwood, an experienced teacher   in  Fancy  Art   Needle  Work,    will commence  a  aeries  of  claavea  In
Knights of Pythias Hall. Every lady in the city ia especially invited to    avail    herself   of  theae   lessons   free.
For    further    information   apply to Fred Irvine & Co., who have a complete stock of stamped goods and silks.
Classes cs/cry  day  from   10 a.m.   to  12 a. m.; 2 p. m. to 4 p.  m,
Certificate  of the  Registration of an
Extra-Provincial Company.
"Companies  Act,   1897."
I HHKHDY CKK! FY tlisl the "Klnne*** Uti-i -
Cedar CompAny," has this day b-eeu registered
as an Kxtra-pruviudal Company, under Ihe
"Companies Acl. 1897," lo carry out or effect all
oranyol the objects of the Company lo which
the ItpisUtlve authority ol the legislature of
IirUl?��h Columbia extends.
Tbe hend otllce of the Company is situate lu
the Cltv of Spokane, lu the Mate of Wasi.lugtoU,
I'   H. A"
The amount of thp capital Oj the company in
Ilflccu Ur i .- ���:. i dollars, divided into one hundred and fifty "hares of one hundred dollars
The head oOos of the company in thin province Ih situate at Creston, and Wlltlam Henry
Crawford, men-haul, whose address ig the name,
is (he aforney for the (om pan -. (Not empowered to issue aud tranter stocE   i
The time of the exlsieuc- ol the company Is
fifty years from the 0th day of March, 1W7.
T- e company i�� limited.
(���iven under my baud ami seal of office at
Victoria. PrOTlOOS of Hi m- ii Columbia, i .'.- 2lat
day of May, one thousand nine huudredfand
[L. s.J B. Y. WOOTTON.
K. gUtrar of Joint Htock Companies.
The objects I ir nhieh this eonipauv has be��q
established Miid registered are:
1. To at'iiulre In an) lawful manner, manufacture nud sell or dispose of miy aud ail kinds
of et-iliir aud olher timber:
2. To acq<ilr<- 111 any lawful niauuer nmU-r.
whether siandlng or cui, timber laads or other
lauds, logs, poles, piling, immUr, i i-it. shingles,
xhiiigl. bolls, a d any aud all ktiuls of timber
priMluct, to manufacture any aud all such, aud
to dispose of same lu any lawiut mauner:
3 To acqu re in any lawful manner stores,
Implement", aud any ami all kinds of merchau-
dUe or property not in violation of law, auu to
dispose of Paine In any lawlul manner I
4 I'm build or lo accpilre in Hiiy Uwful man
tier roads, tramways, or oilier means of transportation necessary or convenient to Ihe other
purposes ol ihe Corporation, ��nd to operate,
lease, or dispose of MUDS as may Lie deemed advisable; provided the same be pilvate ways and
roads only, and provided further that this article Is not to BUtaorta the Cor(,or��tlou u�� operate or maintain auy public or toll road, nor any
public serving transportation system, nor lo l��e-
coine a common carrier:
o. To manufacture auy and all kinds of ar
llcles aud products as may PS deemeal desltable
..iid not lu -tlolallou of law, und lo sell and
dispose of -same in any lawTuI mauner:
6.   Tudo am aod   all  other aets  and   thluga
IN THE MATTER of the "Rivers and
Streams Act" and amendments
IN THE MATTER of an Application of
The    Canadian      Pacific    Timber
#    Company. l.i��*i**j.
ereby  given that 60 days after date
Pacific'limber ''ompauy, I.I ml led.
Notice P
Tbe Cauadluii I'
intends to submit to the Honorable Chief Col
mlssaouer of lands aud Works a rr posal under
the provisions of the "Klvers and Streams Acl"
and amendments thereto, for the right to Improve Trout creek and Hi tributaries from the
sources ol such creek and tritmta--'cfi to the point
where lbs ���arne Hows Into Trout lake lu the Pis
triei of West Kootenay, gnd to remove obstruc
lions therefrom .n I make thi- aatnn fit for driving, storing, sorting and booming logs, rafts aud
crafts, and the flumlng of lumber thereon, also
for the right to collect tolls thereon
'I he lands affectel are Crown lands snd Lots
770, 7!*A0, 7U0I, 772, 771 7C3. 162 and 1��, all In
< j roup 1, West Ki.ni.Tn',
Dated Ibis 30th day of May, PXT7.
by their solicitor. R. M. .Mncdoti��)d.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay-
Take n ri|.. that George Bturm, of Hillings,
Montana, V B. A., (MM-unailou, merchant, intends to apply 'or porrnisalnn to purchase the
following   des.ru I'd   land:    CommenclnK   at   a
KjSt planu-d on the west shore of L'pjmr What-
iKii (T'arlhoo) lake, and at the northveNtcorner
of ��� ot WW, tbsnos west KO chalua, thence south
40 chains, thenco east 90 chains, thence north 40
chains to point of commencement, and contain
lug Ho acres' more or less-
May Wth, i��J7. Onm Hntsv.
Nelson Land District.   District o( West Kooteuar.
Take notlOS lhat Waller McNeil, of Hillings,
Montana. I' H A.. occupation merchant, Intends
to apply lor p-rmlsslou to purchase the following described land : Commencing at a post planted on tho west shore of Upper W'hatshan (Cariboo)
lake, ami at the northwest earner of Lot niv.,,
thence west .���*" chains, thcu-re north tg) chains,
thenco east 2ti chains, theme south M chains to
P-.mh of comuieucemeiil, aud coutalnlug ICO
acres, more or less.
May Mth, ISU7 W'al.TBR MCNBII,.
Notice Is heruby given that fiO days after date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of l.smls and Works for permission lo
purchase the following described tract of land
situate in West Kootenay district: Commencing
at a post planted on 1'lacer creek, near IU confluence with summit creek, markeo William
Harbours N. W. corner, thenco south 40 chains,
thanes east 40 chains, thence north 40 chains,
thence Wcsl40 ubalns to plHce of commencemeiil.
Urd May, ltgr7. Wil.l.UK PAUODB.
Hlxiy days after date I purpose making application to the Hon. Chlof Commissioner of Z^auds
and Works, for permission to purchase the following described land: Commencing at a post
placed on Ihe wu��t shore of LoWST Whatshaij
lake, about S U mile from ihe outlet of sime,
and iimrkcu "II. W'a. N.k. corner post,' running ihenee IK) chains west, thence HO chains
south, tbence fid chains east, thence 80 chains
north to point of commencement, coutalnlug
040 acres, more or less.
Dated the 2nd day of May. 1907
(.Signed) H. Waebbh,
per r\ O. KaugitiEn, Agent.
HUty days afterdate 1 Intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chlof Commissioner of Lauds and
Works for permission to purchase the following
describe*] lands In Went Kontenay district: Com"
nlencing at a post planted on the south shore of
Kootenay lake, and adjoining C. P. R. bio s .��*u.
10, and marked "Tom (lordon's north weat corner
post," thence south 40 chains, thence fast 40
chains, tbence north W chains, more or less, to
Lake hhore, thenco west 10 chains to point of
Dated this SOth of April, 1907.
Ton Ooaooa.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Slaty days alter date
Hon. Chief Commlaalouer of   l ".*   i
ItlUrtlO   I
apply to the
and Works.
Victoria, to ; 'TrinSSS th fwllowlug deacrlt pti
lan<ls adjoining the Arrow lakes in West Eoot
enav: ( ommenclrig at a j..-i [>lauie<1 at the
N. \V. corner of J. II. Porter'* pre euipllon, aud
marked K W"�� B, W. corner post, themes Wefts!a*
north along lake shore. (ASOOS Jv chains eaal,
thence Ju chains south, thence JO chains weat to
place of beginning, ^>ntaluiug ih acre**, more or
April IH, 1W7.
^velyn Watson.
Notice Is hereby given that ��o Oan after date I
I u If nd  in apply lolhe Hon  Chief i  u.w ir
of Lauds and Works for |- rmi--;.ii to j.-.r. i,��-.
tbe following .h-M-riUd tract of land, situate in
West Kootenay district: Commencing al a post
planted on Placer creek, near 1(�� confluence with
hummit cre-rk. markisl Margaret Mcljiuchlnu's
N K. corner' theuee south tOrbaina, thence weat
Ho tfbalus, theuee north Ifl chaina. theuee east so
chains to place o( comnn ncemctit.
J3rd May, 1907. "I -,*-..-..., : McLstN hi.��n,
William Hakm-i m, Agent.
8ixly days nfur date I lutcud to apply to tbe
Hou- the Chief < ommUitouer o{ l.-r, - and
Works to purchase 160acres u( laud . < wtnitienclng
at a poat planted ou the ...��'.:. ..t r,\t ;i, i rmtm
on the wagou roa-l about ��� , mllea Irom Koot-
euay laku, and marked Neil McKechule's ��oulh-
wea i corner p����si, tiienc- -west 40 mains. I halloa
north 4o chains, tbence ��� ������ ��� : -to chains, ib.-tite
atjuth 4u chains to place of tM*Klniilug.
Located ibis XSrd dsy of April. : * '.
Nan McKeciimie.
K   J   Kl-MoTT, Ageul
I, the undersigned, luioiid altertkfdays toapply
lo the Hotilbe chief Coiiimlaslo.or of Landaand
Works (or permission lo putt-base Ihu following
described land        Coiiliuetu ing at a post niark.-d
T. M Sharp's H K t.; . located on the weci sbors
of Hlocau lake, about twelve miles from the head
of Hlocan lake, thelice west 40 chains, thence
north   i ��� i*hains, thence  eaat fu chains, ihenct-
mfc**mh&r~ "' *"-** taR s ^iai ���*
I-tx-ai.-d May 4th. T. M. Hiiarc
Nelson Land District District of We%\ KiMtKnay
Take notice that Kdward I'vu-rs of Ymlr. Brit
Ish Columbia, occupation, uiliwr, latvtida u�� apply for permission (o purchase the lollowlng
���!������-��. r;>.,-.| laud: Commetieiug al a \--m planted
oo the north hank of i.o-i creek, about ibr-c
miles easterly from the Junction of Lost Otast
and Halmon river, In (he Nelson Und dlstftsl
ihenee uorth ���-��� chain*, tbeucu wiiM��i chain*,
(hence attiilh HO chaina. ��������� ������ m less, to Lost
���asafci -.ii'-ilp . Kst Tollowlng aald creek to point
ot commencemeut, and containing 4s0 aerea.
more or less.
Dated Juue .'jth, lig/7 Kdwaei> Petebs.
District o( WubI Kooiruay.
Take notice |hat W:l|iam David And. rson. uf
Htrilar. iM.-cupa||oD hrldgeman. Intend sto apply
for iMT-mlaalon in purchase the follow tug -J-eherlb.
ed lands: Commencing al a i-��si planbsd al thu
north side of Hummtt erasa, marked h W
thence north 20 chains, tbeuee eaat 4<> ebatni
tbence aouth JO chains, thence west -In chaina
to point of commencement-
william davm.Ajnntom,
w. J. HtOTT, Agent
Nelson I-and Diatrict.    Dlnlrlctol Weal Kootenay
Take  notlna   that   John   I'hllbert   of   Nelstm
British ( oluutbia, iH-cupatlon. sabiou keeper, in
taadi to apply for [-��� ���! itu -!,.', to pnrobaas tba
following Osserlbad land: Comment Inn nt a
post planted on the north bank 1-osi i nek, and
about tWO and one .juarter miles easterly from
the tun.tlon of Lost creek and Halrnon tiv.-r, in
the Nt .nun land diatrict, thenco north 80 i balm
thence vest fio { hains, thence soulh HO chains
���lore or leas, to Lost creek, thence easl following
said creek to point of commencement and containing *mo acres, more or leas.
Dated Juue 5th, 1W��I7. John PttiLHEHr
Nelson Laud Dlslrici. District ot Wort Koolenay
Take notice thai Fran* McDonabl, of Nelaon
Hrltlah (.'olumlda, t��?cupa(tou miner, intends (o
apply for permission to purchase the follow in*
described lauds: Cnuimci
on the north bank of lx>st
mile easterly from the junction of Lout Oftafe
ami Halmou river, in the Nalson land district,
thence north 60 chains, thence cast ��o chains
Ihenee south 60 chains, thence west ��) chains to
potut of comnteficemeiii, ami conliiiuing :*W
acres, more or less-
Dated June &th, 1907. Fbank McDonald.
Notice la hereny given that no days alter date 1
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Com
mlsaiotier of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following described Und. altuate
In West KooLenay dlslrici; Commencing at a
post plant d at the west boundary of |g>i in UL
and about 10 chains south id the south l> .urulury
of the right-of-way of the H c. Sootbsm rail-
way, and marked P. A l"a aou'hcaat corner
thence west Ito chains, thence north to the south
boundary of Ihe right of wav of It. c. Houiberu
railway, tbence following naid houudiiry of said
right-of-way in an easterly direction to (he west
boundary of Lot m,j <;i, ii,������]).������ south to place of
coinmencumeut, containing 100 acres, more or
Dated this Mth day of June, PJ07.
Fati. ArumT Paiiinon.
_   Mowing
Ctuninciicliig ��t a post planted
'    and  aL_
Nelson Land District. District of Weal Kootenny.
Take notice that Edward Kraser, of Hilling*,
Montana, V. H A , occupation wool buyer lntenda to apply for permission to purehats the
following naasrlbsd InOdi    Commsnolni  at a
post planted on the west shore of CppcrWhnt-
shan (Orlboo) lake, ami at (he soulheast corner
of Lot H1JI9, thence west 20 cbalnn, Iheuce smith
���fine shia, thence cast'^o (haliiN, thence soiiih w
chains, thunce eas' 40 chains, more or latti (o the
west shore of Upper Whatshan (Cariboo) |Hke;
thence northerly and wcatcrly along the mi Id
shore 00 chains, more or less, to point of commencement, and containing :i20 acres, more or
May Mth, IB07. Kmv.uii> Pbahkr.
Blxty days aflej dale I rnirpnso making nni.ll-
catlun to the Hon. the Chief C'ommlaaloticr of
Land- ami Works for permlsitdon lo purchase the
following described land: Commt tieing ���i H
post   placed    at  the   northeast Of riicr of It C.
!.k,1"a!!',r'J   *Pl��Hestiiiii   to   purohiM    marked
"B Ha. N.W corner |m��hC* tlicto'c fotlowiniE the
eastern boundary of mild applloatlou 80 Oballis
��� Miih, thin .. running wi attains oast, thenco ttn
chains norih to ihu southern houudiiry of It   \V
Hannlnfton'sapplioatloa to purchase, n,.- m>
ehalus west  bIuiik same to polnl of commence-
uii'iii. cittitu iiiinK t'.io ai res, more or less
Dated 'Jinl day of May, J007.
(Bignod) It.HiiiKt.L.
perF.U. KAPgt'iEit, Agent.
Htzty  days
Hou    chief ���
ftrr date 1 intend lo apply t<>
immisaiouer uf Laads and We
ior trrm!��-li.ii to purcbaae the following
aerlbwd land in Wlat Kootenay district: i.
men. lug at a i-oal ma'ked A. <L U's iiortha
UOIllOf poal. running Hi chains easier!}' BlOBg
the bOOJMtOfO id 1 imlxr licence No. 96119, theora
southerly ?W chains,   thence westeny 40 abates,
taaaos nortbatly w chain along the C  t r..
tract lu the plat ������ of llll|llllB��SaiOO||l. cunututng
two hundre.; acres, more or leaa.
LoOBiOd ihla Vih day of May, li��J7.
A. <:. Mi -ii. L-neetor.
>i��i> days after date I Intend toapply to tht
Hou Chin Commiaaloiier of L.mli m, . .'. *>.
to purcbaae Bu a<*rei of land located abuut ImlSM
KMlUloast ��������� Burton: t om it., -u. 'lag al a . -;
planted at (he southweat tMiraer nf I-.; Hlfit sod
marked *. a lluaipr'i soutbeaat corner, ttn-ai-*
north 40 chalua, ibence west Ju cbalna, tht-ae* I
aouih 4*1 ihalns, iheBee east JO ebalos to place
���-[ I->-inii:i.|
IrfM-atetl April a>lh, 1907 (J. A  HlNTil,
per A. Kmmlku, Agent
I. the undentlgnrtl. aftsr 90 days intend Ui -r
ply to the Hon. (he Chief CO0)wlsslouer��f Lamia
and Worka lo puri-hrae tbe lolb'Wlag tltatritrd
laud: Commencing al the N k ' ������: !������ ���
Q. I., thence weit in ������hains, th' n,. Dorth ��
chains, thence east 40 ehalna, theuee soulh *
ehalna to \->\i,\ of coiumencemeQt. coauiakag iv
acrv.a mure or leas.
Loualed March >n,, pair. W. A. Mi: u��
Notice Is hereby given that 08 days alter date. I
Intend to apply to the linn, i t.u-l t ..umi-- .-��� t
. .ii-i.l- and Works for permlaaion to ptirrhai>s
the following deacrlUtl land In WhIEm>i<niI
district, ou weat shire of Lower Arrow 1-akr,
adjoiniug 1 ..i No 4U1H, on the south ! B^glnntng
at a pm\ marked "Harry Mil*.-I- N.K ���������.������
poat and i laliled on the shore ul Lower Arr<-w
!���"-���. al the SOOthSOOt eoruer of Capt ��������- ��
LMS, thooea west *< chains, thence soutb "
chalua more or leas to the uortb boun>tarr i>' 1.
Fullin.,r. a p. K , thence ��i chains east ahmg (be
ani I t-i.m.1ar\ to lakw, tbence kaorib along (b��
lake shore 3> chains,   u
May jn-l. 1'jo;.
more   or  teas  to ptdnt of
J. P. Moors.
Agent for Harry HOMOd.
r*Uiy ilaya after dale I Intend iti apply 10 UM
Hob the Chief t'tunmlaaloner of UtKU ��� I
W .oka \ letorla, to purchase 1J0 acres of laid
located ���������> tbe west side id ArrtiW lake arid I) oof
lireetlv ruirth of I ������( 7V76: i  im-mi'-hik st a i ���t
plauted <���* ihe N. i corner ..f I'.i 7V7S and mart
is. "B. B rt K corner." and running uorth t1
ehalus, thence west JU cbalna. theoce north B
chaina, thence west M) chains thence south w
chaina. thence east 40 chains to point of bSglQ-
April BBrd, I>07. HER7HA  |:i ...
J. t   Ah-nablk, Agent.
Hiily days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon thief Commissioner of I^nds and Work*.
Victoria. B. C , to purchase the follow I uk <)������
s.ribed land, "iiualed In ihe West Koot.-u.. .lia
Irlcl: Cornmeuelng at a i-.-t plauted on tbe
wt-at aid.' of Kootenay lake, near BJUnooerot
poln(, aid marked J. McJXluuon's H. E. corner
p��*t. thsnos west 80 chains, thence north W
chains, theuee .-��ai Ho chains more or less lo lake
shore, tbonoa along lake tbOVt to point of com
Dated April 4, |'J07, Signed J   .M�� Kinno.s
Notice II hereby ffTOB (bat sixty dsya after dale
I Intend toappll to the Hon Chief CommIa��l-.uer
Of LaiMla and Works for iHTinlsaltm lo |.urc.iaae
th��   foljoHtng dOScribsd Uaot Ol land  ailuaie In
\v est Kootenay district i    Commencing at a pott
plantOd about oni- half tulle nttrlh Irom fork* ol
Kumiiilt oroofci marked Jvan �� ameron'a I ��
��� -.mi. tbence eaal 4o chalua, tbeuee north fi
chains, thetiee west 40 chslns. Ibence south 40
chains io place of comuieiicemeni
Med May, U*j7 Jean Cambbon.
William Ha ���noes, Agt-nt.
Notice la hereby given lhat amy "lays slier
date   I   Intend   to apply  to tbe  Honorable Chit!
CommlsslonsT of i ,*:..:- ..n-i W'tirkn for i-
aioti to purchase the following described tra< | ..I
lantl. aliuattd In West Kootenay district: Com-
in.-nciiig at a poat planted till Huininll creek,
ahout tine half mile ii-niin*. ��� i from forks, mark
el J H. Mil. �� N K. corner, thence west 40 cbalna,
Hi. ii-.' aoutb 4() rhaln-, thenco east 4u chaiui,
thence north 40 chains lo place id eniniiiein <���
ttrd May, VUI, John H. BbMimiH*!'
William Bakhoch, Agent.
Take notice thai Harry Williams of Nelson,
B 0a�� rancher, Intends to apply for permission
to [.nn hi.-. Ihe lollowlng dt-ftcrlhcd lands in
Weal Koctetiay district;
Commencing at n poal planted adjacent lo (lie
soutbeaat corner of Lot alx thousand niim hundred and eighty five (H-rfH.'*,), Uroupone (1), In lids
dlslrici, thence south twenty i.'U) chains, thein''
weat one hundred and sixty (lfiO) chains, Ibencs
north twenty (JO) chains, tbence easl one bund-
ran and alxiy (ICO) chains to the polat of com
inciiccmcut and containing ITJO acres, more or
1 alcd the I'.'tli <Iay of May, l��07.
Habby Williams
I, lht> undersigned, after f-o duva intend lo apply to the Hon the Chief Coiiiinlssloncr of I.anda
and Works for permission to purchase the fol
lowing described land: Commencing at a poal
marked N K. C , Mtuatcd on the west shore of
Ioihii lake, about twenty inltes from Hlocan city,
est 40 chains,   thence south   K0 chains.
tbence w
shore of lake
me nl.
Located May lib
hains,   thence  north along tbe
bains to polnl of t-ommcnce-
iimi'i: tt'niis, Agent.
Hlxty days after dale I purpose making applies
Hon to tlie Chief Commissioner of JSSXOi ami
Works for permission to purchase the following
dcacrlbcd laud: Commencing at a post placed
al ihe northwest corner ol i<ii I'Mn i *i ���n.| marked "P MiC'sHK conn r (Kist," running tbonoa
nn chain* north Iheuce HO chains west, Ihenee no
chains south, tlicnce HO chalua east, tn polnl of
coHimcncctueut, containing 040 acres,  more or
Dated 1 his Mb day of May, 11W7.
(Hluned) Pktkk ItoCUttOCH,
per D   A. MiCliLUit-H. Agent.
Hlxiy days after dale I Intend lo apply to the
DOB. Oh lot Commissioner (,i i,audsan.l Wnras
In |.n r.lniM- 240 iicrerr of land, slluaUi on ths east
aide of Arrow lake, about two in lies from Bnrloli:
Commencing nt a post planted at Ihe s K. corner
of L I1M7, and marked N. T IPs N. W. corner and
running cast Hu chains, tht<nce soulh'Jo chains, '
theme weal 40 chains, Ihonco aoulh HOchslus,
thenco wesi 40 chains, thence north 40 chains lo
place of beginning.
Burton, Apiliafrd, 8D07
Neu.ibT. BBSS.
A. A. Bt'BTon, Agent, The Daily Canadian
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The BACON We Sell
It Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and Smoked.    Our Hams Are
Excellent   Also.    All   Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lard in All Sizes.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Take notice lhat lleiirry John Johnson. Pnst-
master nt Ferule, M. C, Intends to Apply fi.ru
s)K-t-lal timber licence uver the following described lands:
No. 1 ���Commencing at a ,.....' pianletl in the
District of West Koolenay. about two mil ������ north
of the iulernatloual boundary. line aud ah&ui
nne mlie weat of Hnunitary lake adjoining and
between licences No ��"74 and *��!), thence south
HO chains, 11,-1,1 i- west HO chains, thence north 80
ibence east HO chains to place nf couimeacemvnL
Dated Juue 8, I ��������� H. J. Johnson, Locator.
A no. Hat,kii. Agent.
No. 2 ���Commencing at a -post planted about
one mile north ot the northwest corner ol H. J.
Johnson's No 1 Umber claim, thence south 80
chains, thence east HO chains, tbence north MO
chains, thence west So chains to  place ol com-
Datetl Juue :t, 19(<7.       If. J. Johnsow, Locator.
AMD- IlacKKTT, Agent.
No. 8.��� Commencing at a   post  planted   at Ihe
uurlhwest corner ol 11. J  Johnsou's No. 2 limlier
��� i.uii. thence south ho'.chaius, theuee went HO
ehaius, Ihenee north HO ehalus, tneuce eaat Ho
ehalus to place of corimencement.
Dated June 3, r-*:.       H. J   JoHwstm, Locator.
AM*, ii f k i        Agent
No ��.--Commencing at a post planu*d at the.
northeast corner of H J. Johnson's No. S tlmtier
claim, thence north Ho chains, thence west HO
chains, ibence soulh OU chillis, thence east WJ
chalua to place of commencement
Dated Juue :t. IVol        H. J. Johnson, l ���>��� alui
And. Hackbtt, Agent.
No. ,1.- -Commencing at a \- .-I planted at the
northwest Corner ol 11 J Johnson's No J timber
claim, thence north NJ ehains. thence eaat SU
ehaius tbence south SO chains, thence west so
ehaius i. ��� place ol commeucvineut
Dated June S, 1907.       11. J  Johnson, Locator.
And. Raj t.tn, Agent
No. A. -Commencing al a pout planted atxiat
out* mile north of the northweot corner of H. J
Johnson's Nti. 5 umber tdalm it..m- ��������� -..mm, ho
chains, theiue easl HO chains, thence north HU
chains, thenco West WJ ehains to place of com-
I>alvt3 June 3. '���������'', 11. J   JmiNStiw. !.... at--  .
A NO. lhiM.ii, Agent.
No.?. I'ominciicing at a imtat planted at the
northwest OBfBOt of IT. J. Jouuson's No ������ tln.t��*r
claim, thence south W chains, thence west Hn
chains, tbence ninth Hi) chains, tbence east HO
et.ains to place of riinirni'iieetneiH,
Datetl June .t, 1W/7.       11. J. Johnson, Locator.
And. Hackstt, Agent
No H Commercing at a post planted at the
northeast t-urner of II   J    I..iinnon'c No  7  limber
��� laim, thence north so chains, ihenee weat Hti
ehalUN, thence soulh SO chains, tbence east BO
chains to place of commenet-meul.
Dati-d June *. 1��17.        II. J. Johnson. Locator.
am.   llukni, Agent.
north weal _. _ ,^^^^^^^^^^^^^
claim, thence north ho ohatns, thetiee east ho
chains, thence Mi.ilh hu chains, ihenee west so
chains to point of cummeucement
DatOd .lutM'3. 1907.        II. J   Johnson, Ixx-ator.
No lo. -Commencing al a |>o*l planted at the
nortbwesl ettrner of timber licence H07-4. lln-nce
north at) thaln*, tbatlOS east HO chains, thence
south HO chains, thence west Ho ehains to place
of ciiiumi uceinelit
Datutl June 3. 1SU7.       If   J   Johnson. Locator.
ANI'   Hack kit, Agent
notice   that   Dan   Baker,   prospector, of
Coinmenclug  at a mist   planted   at the
:>st corner Of If. J   Johnson's No >��� umber
, lntenda to apply lor a s'pecl'al timber
er the following described lands:
I Irene     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
No. 1 Cituimenctug at a p-.-i plaiKetl in the
district of West Kootenay, about eight miles
west of th�� Kootenay river near tbe north bank
��'��� llouudary creek and one n-lle iio-th of the International boundary line, whh-h claims are described as follows: Al the north west corner ol
UmbOt licence No HU6T. thence north Ht) chains,
tbence east Ho chain', theuee stuilh HO chain*,
thence weatHti chains l�� placeofcommencemcnt.
Haled 1st June. UQT, Dan Bakkr.
No '2, -Commencing at a post planted at Ilia
southwest corner of '""an Baker's No. 1 claim,
Ihenee north Hu chains, thence west HU ehains.
tbonoa south HO chains. Iheuce east HO chains to
place ot commencement
Datetl 1st June, 1WL Dan Bakku.
No. 3 -Comtnent lug al a post planted at the
northwest oOrnar w Dan Bakera No l "laim,
theuee north HO chains, theuee eaat HO chains,
theme -..Mill H�� chains. thellce Went HU chain- to
place of eoinmeiiei-itirnt.
Dated 1st June, 1UU0. Dai. Bakkk.
No I Commencing at a 00S1 planted at the
nortbOaat SOfOOt 0| Dun Bafcorl No J claim,
thence north ho chains, the new went ho chains,
Ibence -..uiii 80 chains, theuee capt chain* to
place of cmnmenccmeul
Dated 1st Juue, Dsj7. Dan Hakim
No. ft. Commencing at a post planted at the
north weal corner of timber licence No 8CIVJ,
theuee north HU ciialns, theuee east ho ehains,
Iheuce south Hi> chains, thence west Hi) chains to
place of commencement.
fated Juuetlh, r<. . Dan Harsh.
No. fi. Commencing al a post plaated at the
northwest corner of Dan Baker's No. ft claim,
Iheuce north HO chains thence cast Wi chains,
thence aou'h BO attaint, iheuce weal Hu chain* *o
place of commencement.
Dated Juue -lib. UOTi Dan Bakkh.
No 7.- Comiiienclng al a post planted at the
northeast corn r of timber licence No. HUM),
thence north Hi) chains, thence west HO ehains,
thence south nn chains, theuee east HO chains to
polnl of commencement.
Datetl June 4lh, i "������ Dan Bakkk.
No. H. -Commencing at a post planted at the
northeast corner nf Dan Baker's No 7 claim,
thence north hu chains, theme west hu chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence easl Ho ehalus lo
place of cniuir I'lii'i'ini-ri t
Dated June ith, 1907. Dan Bakir.
Notice Is hereby given .hat Mi days afler date 1
Intend to apply to "he llonoranle the Chief Com-
UilsMiolier of liiii-U and Works [or a special
license to nit and carry away Unilver-from the
following described hind- in Weal Kootenay district:
No 1.-Commencing al a post marked William
Walmsley, planted at Kokannj Cieck Siding on
the Procler exletislon, on the west ���ldt) ollait
HH<fJ, on the south side of the West Arm of Kootenay lake, eummehcing at the N K norow post
running south ho ehalus, west 80 chains, north 80
chains, east kii cIihIus to place of beginning.
Locate.) Brd June, IWI7.
William Wai.msi.ky, Uicator,
Jamkm HtutuAitu as Agent
Nwlaoli Land DIM net.    Dlstr cl ol West Kootctiny
Notice Is hereby given lhat ihu iv days alter
date I, J. I*. Hwedberg, of Nelson, ft. C , miner,
Intend to applv to the Eton, the Chief Commissioner of I.ninl'i anil Works, at Victoria, for a
apeclal license to cut und carry a�� av limber
from the lollowlng described latidii, sit (tilled on
Humuiit creek, In the vV<��ni Kootenay district:
No. I. - otnmcuclug i\l a post market! J. P. H's
timber limit, northeast corner post, loealed on
west lork of Hummlt creek, about 2 miles from
main creek, thence running south HO chains,
thence running west -40 chaina, thence running
north 40 chains, thence west 41) chains, (hence
north 80 chains, tbence running east 4U chains,
tin-lie.- running south 40 chains, thcucc easl 10
-chains to place of commencement.
DaUd this Mb day nl June, LUU7.
J. P. HWMH.lt HI J, I netttor.
N..V1. "ommeiiclng BtapOSt minked J. t*. H's
timber limit, northwest corner post, located on
"cm I lork of Hum mil itcck. about two miles from
main creek, ibence running south HO chains,
thence running eaat HU chains, iheuce running
north HO chiilus, thence running west 80 ehaius
to pla. e of commencement
Dated the 6th day of 'into. 1007
J. P. HwgoitgR.j. Locator.
tfolson Lind Dlslrict, Dialrlcl of West Kootenay
Take not ire that Walter Kdwards. of Ferguson,
B.C. occupation cook, Intend* Ui apply tor a
special timber licence over the lollowlng dei-
QriOOd laud*: Commencing al a post planted
t'a miles up a creek ruunlng Into the hea.1 ol
Carlbiolake, on the ea*l -'���'������ ' oi < ht I i.-.u lake
and marked "Waller Edward's northwest corner," Iheuce south BO chains' tbence east ho
"hains. thence north SO chains, thence weslHO
��� i.MHh to point ttf commencement, and containing ''m acres, more or lea*.
Dated April /7th, 3��tj Walter Edwards,
by hu agent V. C. Mannino.
Nelsou Land District District Of West Kootenay
Take notice lhat Walter Edwards, of Pergusou,
B C, occupation cook. Intends Ui apply for a
-l"*' in. t in. h-.' Uoonot over the fellowing described lands: Commencing tt ��poit5'4 mil s
up Stevens ereek and a '�� mile east from A.
Evan's corner post No. 9, aud marked "Walter
Kdwards s norlhwe**t corner post," thence east
40 chain*, ihenee south 160 chain*, thence west
to chains, thence north lflu ehaius to point of
commencement, and containing 040 seres, more
or leas.
Dated May 30th, 1907. Walter Edwards.
by his agent F. C. Mannimj.
Nelson Land District. District of West Koolenay
Take notice lhat Walter Edwards, of Ferguson,
B. C. occupatlou cook, intend- to apply for a
special timber Uoonos over the following described lends: Commencing at a post planted
about a mile Irom the head of Cariboo lake and
one mile esst of said lake, and marked "Walter
Edward's *oulhwest tornur," tbence north 80
chains, thence cast HOchilns. thence south 80
chains, theuee west HO chains to point of commencement, and containing G10 acres, more or
Da ted .May BOth, 1907. Walter Edwards.
by bis agent F. C. Manninu.
Nelaon Lainl District.   District of Wost Kootenay
Tase notice that Arthur K   Evans, of  Bi-aton.
B. C^ occupation cruiser. Intend* toapply for a
special t.niber licence over  Ihe followtug des-
i i ih...I   lands:     Commencing  at a post planted
alM'ul '��� miles up BtOTOttl creek   ruonlng into the
SOSt side of Oaaboo lake   marked "A.   r    fcvan's
���OatbWSSt corner pout," thence north HO chslni,
ihenci*   east hu t:n..-    thence   south 80 chains,
thence  west HU chains  to pMnt   ol commence-
nienl. and containing Mnacres, more or less
i-aic<! May Sutb, 1907. Aktihh K. fcVaNs.
by bis agent F. C. Manmnu.
No 1. Notice I* hereby given that 30 days
alter da(e I intend to applv to the Chief Commissioner, of I "'"! and Work*, for a special
Iteanse to eat and carry timber Irom the foiinw-
iiik' ���).���-������������ .t ii-.ji-u. -in.ate.i on the southeast
*i le Ol balinon river. In the district of West
Koolenay: Commencing at a post placet! about
:���"��- \af-l- West of Bote I <-af creek marked "K. M
Keeveits nortbwesl rorn*ar." then'e NO ehalus
south, ibence HO chains east, thence 80 chains
north, tbence hu chuli.s Wool to place of commencement.
LOOP tad On the llth day of Juue, 1MT.
it  M. Kssvas, Locau>r.
No. 2. N ..in e Is hereby given that ���'���>< days
afier date 1 intend u> apply to tbe Ohtof Com-
missloncr, ol l^andn and Works, for a special
license to cut and carry timber from the following describe!! lauds situated on the southeast
(toe ol the Salmon river, in the district of West
Koolenay . i*.....>-.-.. ... >>.* ut imisI placed about
.���������� yard* wust of Hose ! ��� af . reck, marked ���)���. H.
Kceves's No. i aouihwest corner.'' Iheuce 80
chains unrtfc, thence 80 chains eaat. thence HU
chains south, UWOOOM chains weat to place of
Ua-ated on the lOth day of June, UK)?.
1.   M. KsavEK, Legator.
Nelson Land Dialrlct.   Dictrictof Wesl Koolenay.
No. 1 lake notice that ticorge A. Liiurie, of
Creston, B 0 .lumberman, intends to apply for
a special limber licence over Hie following described lands:
Commeuctng at a post planted about one mile
soulh of the Lick cabin, on ti.e Lick cablu trail,
on Inonakl In c.eek, theuee north 80 chains,
thence east HO cbulun, thence south Huctmius,
thence wisl m ehalus to tbe point ol eommeucement and containing 010 acren, more or leaa.
May 1st, P-CL uko a. Lacbik.
NeUon Uinl District.   District of West Kootenay.
No.'J���Take notice that Ccorgc A Laurie, ol
Creston, B. C, lumberman. Intend to applv for a
special timber licence over tho following described lamia:
('ommciicliig at a post planted about one mile
south ->f ihe Lick cabin, on the Lick cablu trail,
ou luotmkhii creek, thence south 80 chains,
thence east HO chains, thence north 80 chains,
theuee west HO ehalus lo the point ol commencement ami containing 610 acres, more or less.
May 1st  DM>7. (JSo. A. LaiikIK.
Nelson Laud District    District of West Kootenay.
No ft.- Take notice (hat W. II. Page, of Fire
Valley, B. C, cruiser, intends to apply for a
spetdal Umber licence over the following de-
acrilied lauds:
Commencing at a j>.--i planted about oue mile
south of the Lick cabin, uu ihe Lick cabin trail,
oil liionaklln creek, theuee south Hu chalua,
(hence west 80 chains, thence north 80 ehalus,
thence MBt hu ehalus to the point of commencement and containing 640 acres, more or less.
May 1st. i'.si; W. II   Paur, Locator.
QaO> A. Lai his, Agent.
N.'laon Land DHtrlcl.   Dlstrictof West Kootenay.
No. 4. Take notice that W. II Page, ot Fire
Valley, B C, cruiser, In temU toapply for a special
timber ifectica over Ihe following described
Commencing at a post planted about one ml e
aoulh of ihe Lick cabin, ou the Lick cabin trail,
on luonaklln creek, iheuce north 80 ehalna,
theme west HO chains, thence south HO chains,
thence east HO chains to the point of commencement and containing &40 acrt s, more or less.
May 1st, 1907. W. 11. Paur. Uiiatur.
CJgo. A   l.o'Kii, Agert.
Nelson bond District    District of West Kootenay.
Nn ��� Tate notice that Ceo rue A. Laurie, of
Creston, It C .lumberman. Intends to apply for a
special tiuiher license over the following described lands i
Commencing at a post planted about one mllo
south and one in tic west, of the Lick cabin, on
(he Lick Cabin trail, on lnonakliu creek, thence
west HO chains, thetiee noilh 80 chains, thence
cant Hu chains, Iheuce lOUtb HO chains (o the point
tiffommcni'ciiif utiiud containing BttdOfOBi more
or less.
May 1st, 1907. <jK��. A.  Lathik.
Nelson Land District. District ol Went Kootenay.
' No A Take notice that Ceorge A, l,��urlc, ol
Creston H. C, lumbcrnian, intends lo apply for
a special limber license over tho following described lands:
Commencing ul a post planted atmui one mile
south aud one mile west of the Lick caulu, on
the Lick Cabin trail on liionaklln creek, thence
wc*l Hti chiilns, thence soulh 80 chains, Uicnce
eiiHt 80 chainr, theuee iiorlh 80 ehalus, to (he
point of coiameuccmctil aud containing 040
acres, more or less.
May l-l, 1UU7 Uao. A.  Lackir.
Nelson I mid District.   District of West Koot^euay.
No. 7.-Take notice lhat Ceorge A. I^aurle, of
Creston, B, C , liunberinan, In lends lo apply for
a Niiechil timber llceuiie over the following des-
"rlbed lauds:
Cooiuieuclng nl n pom pliintcd alamt one
i|uitr(cr of it mile in an easterly direction from
Lick cabin, on llioiiHklill creek, theuee soulh 40
chains, theuee east Irtu chains, thcucc north 40
chiiltiK, theuee west nm ehiilns to the point of
i-omi>iciH'cnieiii and containing Mil acres, more
or less
May lit, 1907, UBO. A. La. RIB.
Second   Lacrosse   Match   Also   Won   by
Vancouver���Water Carnival a
Brilliant   Success.
The second day's lacrosse match
b ho wed the Nelson team to a little better advantage than on Monday. The
field was dry and the weight and speed
of the home team were of some advantage.
The line-up on each side waa the
same us on the preceding day. Joe
Thompson had been advised by a doctor not to risk the ordeal, but the veteran would not leave bis team In tbe
lurch. He t-ook the Held and, as usual,
played a hflfd, ofean and "effective
C. Dudley IJlaekwood acted a�� referee
and showed from the start that he
would not tolerate any appearance of
foul or unnecessarily  rough play.
Vancouver started with a rush and
scored three goals in rapid succession.
Just before tbe end of the first quarter
Do Heck saved Nelson from a blank.
The second quarter was Nelson'.*, the
home players doing their utmost and
Vancouver playing rather listlessly. At
the end Nelson hud tied the score at
three all.
In the third quarter the play grew
fast and interesting. There was no loafing on either side, and the ball travelled fast. The end left the score still
even at'five all.
The last quarter, however, showed
that while the Nelson team had shot it*
Notice is hereby jjlven that thirty days after
date I Intend toapply to the Hob. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special 11
pence to cut and carr7 away timber from tbe
following described lands in Wni Kootenay
district: ' "inin. iu lui; at a post planted on the
ncrth bank of TOa Mile creek, about one mile
and a half from S!ocan Uke, marked H. II Pitts'
northwest corner ;��� ���������'. tbence esat 1*0 chains,
thence Miutb 40 chains, tbence west M0 chains,
thence north 40 rhslns to place of commencement.
Dated this'iCth day of June, 1907.
H. 11    Pi-its, Locator,
A. W. BtuBBS, A Kent
Notice la hereby given that thirty days sfter
date I Intend to apply to the Honorable
Chief Coinralaslouer ol Lauds and Works at
Victoria, R. > ., for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following described
lands In West Koolenay district: Commencing
at a post planted on 'be went bank of Smelter
creek, about one mile south of the City of Nelson,
theace south wi chains, ihenee weat 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, tbence cast 80 chaina to
place of commencement.
Dated this llth day of June, 1907.
v C. C. Clark, Locator.
D. Hi <n it. Agent.
Nelson ijtnd Diatrict. District of West Koolenay
Take notice that John Pbtlbert, of Nelaon,
British Columbia, saloon keeptr, intends lo
apply for a special timber license over the fol-
lowins .le- -r11.����� ��� I lands:   Commencing al a post
Kltured about three miles up the tirst rlsht
and branch if I-osl creek mud atiout five miles
distance und in a southeasterly direction from
the junction of ->U'i -Uial creek and the aouth
fork of Salmon r.ver in the Nelaon land district,
thence north 80 ehains, tbem-e east Ho chains,
ibence south t*o chains, thence wed wi chains to
point of commencement, and containing 640
ncres, more or less.
I'ated Juue l-tb, 1907. John Philbkrt.
Nelson Lund District. Dlstrictof West Kootenay
Take notice th-t John I'hilt-eri. < f Nelson,
Biititdi CilumbU, naloon Keeper, In tends to
apply (or a speejaJ limber license over tbe following doonttbad lands: Commencing st a poat
planted on the north suit of I-o-t creek about
SIX miles dUtani and In an easterly direction
from the junction of i"-t ereek anJ the south
fork of Kaimon river in the Nel��ou land district.
thetiee went Ml chains, Hum -f soulh HU chains,
thence east nu ehaius, Oiiast north SO chains
to point of commencement, aud innu-.-*..*...��� gjg
acres, more or lefts
Dated Juue 12lh, 19u7. Ji  i:- Piiilbbrt.
Nelson 1-and District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that John I'hllbert, of Nelson,
Britltdi Columbia, saloon keeper, lntenda to
apply for a special timber license over the (<<\
lowing dasenbod lands:   Commencing al a post
rdauted ou the north Aide of Lost ereek about
our miles distant and in an easterly direction
tram the junction of said Lo*t ereek and the
south lork ofBalmou in cr In tbe Nultou land district tbence w.st ��0 chains, theuee south 8U chains
theuee eii-t HO ehalus, ihenee north 80 chains to
point ol commencement, and containing 640
acre*, more or less.
Detort Juue mh, PJ07. John Philbkkt.
Nelson Land;I>lslrtet. District of West Pootenay
Take notice thai Johu I'hllbert, of Ncl-mi.
PriliKh l-ulumbla, saWion koe)>er, intend- to
apply lor a apeclal timber license over the following d"MTil.ed tauds : Commencing at a post
ul."-.; one aud oae-half miles up the tir-t right
hand branch of Lost creek, and auout (our miles
distant and in asoutheaxterly direction from the
junction of said Ixiat c eek and the south fork of
Salmon river in the Nelson laud diatrlcl, thence
north ni chum--, theuee east 80 ehalus, thence
south 80 ehalus. thence west en chains to point
of coiumencemenl and containing 640 acres,
more or iesa.
Dated June 12th, 1907. John PiiUhkht.
Nelson Imi'i District. Dlstrictof Weat Koolenay
Take nutlce Ibat I.din PUbert, or Nelson,
British Columbia, saloon keeper, intends to
apply for a special limber license over tbe following described lands : Commencing at a post
planted about two mile* up the right Land
branch of I-ost creek and about four miles distant aud in a southeasterly direction from the
Junction of said I^ist creek aud the south fork
of Halntnn river in the Nelson land district,
thence aoulh 80 ehalus, theuee eaat 80 ehalus,
iheuce north 80 chains, Ihenee west 80 chains te
point of commencement, aud containing *>40
acres, more or leas.
Iiaud June 12th, pun. John Phubbrt.
Nelson Land District. District of West ICoo'enay
Take notice that John Phtlbeit of Nclion;
British Columbia, saloon keeper, Intends to apply for a special timber lleouce over the fiil-
lowlng described lands: Commencing at a
post planted on tho north st 1c of Lost creek aud
alanit four miles distant anil In an easterly
direction from the Junction of said Lost creek
and I he ��� ..nl b fork of Salmon river In the Nel
son land dhitrlLt, thence t ast 80 chains, thence
south IO attain*, Iheuce weat 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains to the point of cnuiincncenieut
and coutalulug Mi> aetcs. more or leu.
Dated June 12th, 1907. John Philrtrt.
Notice la hereby given that 30 daya alter date 1
Intend to apply to tbe Honorable tho Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works, Victoria,
for permission to cut ami carry away limber
from the following described lands, In West
Kootenay :
No. 1- -Commencing al a poM planted on the
tnulhwet-t corner o( surveyed lot No. 7��tfl til,
thence east 40 chains, thence north 80 chains.
thence east to ihe southeast corner of aald lot,
theuee north lo the northeast corner o[ said lot,
tlicnce easl to the weat boundary of pre emptlon
No. 692, thence south to tho north boundary of
timber licence No RM8, thence west along the
said boundary to the northwest cornea of s��ld
license, Iheuce south lo the north boundary ol
timber license No. 701P. thence west to a point
due soutb of commencement, thence north to
place of eommeucement, containing 640 acres,
more or lesa
Dated May 2,Mh, 1907.
P. A   Paulson, Locator.
J. A. Hui.mvan, Agent.
No. '2 Commencing at a post planted at the
southwest corner o( surveyed lot No l.'Mtil,
thence soulh to -.he northern boundary of timber license No 7018, thenco west to the norm
west corner ol said timber license, theuee south
to the northern boundary of lot No, 8 '2, tbence
billowing salt! boundary of said lot west te the
right of, way of the H. C. Southern Hallway,
thence following said rtght-of way in a northeasterly direction to place of commencement.
Dated May'2Mb, 1907.
P. A Paulson, Locator.
J. A. Hvllivan, Agent.
bolt, the visitors had a lot of reserve
strength left. They were very deli Derate in both defence and attack and Nelson was unable seriously to Interfere
with their splendid combination. Tile
game was all Vancouver's and they
added three more goals to their side of
the score.
The management of the Nelson lacrosse team has afforded the citizens
two games well worth looking at, and
for that they deserve gratitude. It
would, however, be idle to deny that
there is a great deal of dissatisfaction
at the j��olicy adopted. It Is not a new
policy. It is almost an established custom for Nelson to import players for Important matches. Hut such a policy
means the death of lacrosse. The imported men are not In training, they
can't develop combination in a few
days, or learn confidence In each other.
And, at the same tim��\ the young local
players have no encouragement to improve.
It is not In that way that New Westminster and Vancouver have developed
winning teams, nor can it be in that
way that Nelson will ever have a team
of which the citizens can be proud.
The Water Carnival
Those who advocated and contended
for a water carnival as a feature of the
celebration were more than justified
last night- The West Arm of Kootenay
Lake is, a beautiful sheet of water under
all circumstances, but* never has it
looked lovelier than when the long lines
of brilliantly illuminated launches,
boats and canoes, floated slowly past
the judges' stand throwing their reflection far over the lake, which was perfectly calm; the whole in splendid re-
Uef agains1: the dark back-ground of the
mountain. Few. if any, other cities in
America have facilities for such a carnival to rival those of Nelson. The
majority of the people of this city perhaps appreciate the glories of the Arm.
but the experience of the last few years
has shown that there are a few who do
not. who would even allow the chief
beauty of Nelson no place in their
Bcheme of celebration.
It is quite safe now to say that there
will never again be a celebration without appropriate use being made of the
Arm for the delight alike of visitors
and citizens.
The judges were: Capt. Gore and J.
Langan, of Nelaon, and J. T. Fife, of
Vancouver. The prizes were awarded
as follows: Best decorated launch, S. M.
Brydges. 1st; C. W. Busk.2nd; hestdeco-
rated rowboat, T. G. Procter: best decorated canoe, J. Hayes; best music, C.
W. Busk. 1st. S. M. Brydges, 2nd.
Mail Car Burned.
Sioux City, Iowa, July 3.���Fire in the
mail car of the Illinois Central Chicago
flyer destroyed practically the entire
contents two miles west of Cherokee.
Nearly 300 bags of letters and mail and
500 pounds of newspapers and all the
registered mail was destroyed. Malt-
clerk Charles \V. Cleave was painfully
burned about the face and bands. The
fire is supposed to have been caused by
sparks from the engine.
Rowboats And Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent (or Truacott Launches
and Peterboro Canoea,
Kin out Lot of Boats in B C.
Fool of Joaopblne St.      Tel. A18
W.   O.    GILLETT
Contractor  and
Sole agent fur the Porto lileo Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards. Rough and drcnavd lumber, turned
work and brackets, Con it lath and sblnglea, aaah
and doom. Cement, brick and lime for aale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard ana factory: Vernon St.. eaat of Hall
NBL��ON,   B. C.
P. U. Box 332. Telephone 178
Notice ia hereby given that 80 dari after date 1
Intend in make application to the llu&orable the
Chief Commissioner ot Landi and Worka, Victoria, B, C, I r a apeclal licence to cut timber on
the lollnwlug described lands in Weit Knotenty
diatrict-. Commencing at a poat Mtuated on
Blueberry creek, about tour miles from it* mouth
anil adjoining the M. W. corner of my application Nn. I, thence south 80 chains, thence weat
HU chains, thence north 80 chaina, the use esit 80
chum-- to point of com me u cement.
Duted May 19th, 1WTL K.  W RoMNioir.
Take notlOS that 0. U. Telford, of Baakatoon,
Sask , occupation sawmill operator. Intends to
applv lor a special timber licence uver the fol-
IbwhiK described lands:
No. 1. Commencing at a post planted at the
sou t beast corner of LottYTJ, MO>t|uPocreok, West
stooli'-uay, Iheuce north MU chains, more or lesa,
to the corner of Ixit 42Ti, tbence weat 40 chains,
thence north 60 cbalna, thenoe east 80 chains,
thsn^e south so chains, thence west 48 chains to
point of commencement, and containing fitiO
acres, more or less. ^
Staksd May IL 1907.    DAVin Hinky tii fokh.
No. ? Cammonclng at a poat at the Inner
angle of lot 4l7ti Moaiiuitocreek, West Kootanay,
ibence north l��o chains, thence cast 40 chaina,
thencu aoulh 160 chains, tbsnee west 40 ohalus,
to place of commencement.
Staked May ��L 1907.     1 avii> Hsnhv Telford.
No. 8. Commencing at a poat about three miles
northerly from the northeast comer of Lot t ,7.1.
Mi'-iuttii crock, West Kootenay, (hence south 80
chains, thence east 80 chains, tbence north 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to place of commencement nud containing 810 acres, mora or
staked June 4,1907.    David Himiy Turoan.
Mi I Commencing at tbe northwesteirnor
of No. 8, thence north 80 ohalus, thence east HO
chainr, theuee south fiO chains, thence west M
chains to plaee ol eoinmenuuiuent, and contain*
lug Mo acroa, more or lesa.
Staked June 4,1907.     \*a\ ii> Hikst Tblkokm.
No. 6 Commencing at tho northwest corner
of No, 4, thence north 80 chains, thence eaat M)
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains lo point of commencement, and containing fltn acres, more or leaa
Staked June6,1907.     Iiavm Henry Tbifohu.
Take notice that 30 days after date I intend to
apply to the Hou the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works, Victoria, tor permission to
cut and carry away timber from the following
described land, In West Kootenay :
No. 1. Commencing at a-post planted at the
southwest corner of timber license 8M6, ihenee
west 80 chalua. thence mtuti. 80 chains, theaee
east no chains, thenoe nortii 80 ciialns to place ol
Dated May .u. 1907.      J.T. IluRuass, Localor.
3 W   coi.im'kn. Agent.
No. 3. Commencing al a post id an led at the
southeast comer of application No. I, theuee east
80 chains, ihenee north 80 chains, theuee west 80
ehalus. tbence south 80 ehalus to place ot commencement.
Dated May 31,1907.       J  T. BuRonsa. Locator,
J. W. UOLBti-aH, Agent
Queen's Hotel
Biker Street, Neljon. B. O,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large mod Uomioruble Bedroom, and Hirtt-
oI&uDlnlng Boom.   Hample Boom, for Commer-
(.1.1     ���#���
CU1   Mod.
MBS. K. C.CLABKX. ProprletreH
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
 J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court Douse
and Fogtoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
Knropetn and American Plan
Heal, as cu.   Boom, from V cts. to il.
only White Help Kmplored.
Baker St.. Nelaon Proprietor*
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House In Nelson*
lite Bar Is the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine St.
Nelson. B. C.
Royal Hotel
moral a-ruaa.
Kates fl and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Only the beat of Liquora and cigars.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
To Charles Ci. Slm-paon, or any other person
to whom he nnv have transferred his Interest In
the "Mav V'dKpmn." miner*! claim, situated on
Brown M< .itHin, two and a half miles southwest of YmK In the Nelson Mining Division, of
West Kootenay District, and recorded in the
Recorder's cdlce, for the Nelsou Division.
You and each of you are hereby notified tlmt
I have expended two hundred and five dollars
(^06.00) In labour abd Improvements ^jpon the
above mineral claim In order to hold the same
under the provisions ol the Mineral Act. and it
within ninety dars from the date of this notice
you fall or refuse to contribute your portion of
the expenditure, (which 14 one hundred and two
fifty dollars (*1(M.50) tor the two yeara ending
8th May. 1907.) together with ah costs of adver
titling, your interest in the said claim a-ill become the property of the undersigned under
Bee. 4 of an Act entitled: "An Act to Amend the
Mineral Act. imjo."
Dated at Ymlr. B. C , 16th May, 1907.
Notioe is hereby given that the Wattsburg
Lumber company has applied to His Honor the
Lteutcuant Uovernor In council, under the provisions of the "Rivers and Streams Act," for the
right to Improve R> kurts creek, iu the district of
West Kootenay, British Columbia, by removlug
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
the banks thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chutes, and make Mich other improve**
ments as may be necesssry for the driving and
rafting of loss and the Burning of timber thereon
The Ian lis to be affected are goverment lands and
Lots 'JM and 'ivj, tiroup 1, Kootenay district, and
the tolls that are proposed to be charged, if any,
are such a* may bellxed by a Judge of the county
court of West Kootenay.
Dated this J7tl day of March, A, D. JV07.
In the matter of an application tor the issue of
a duplicate of the Certificates of Title for Lots 11
ani IL Block 84. Town of Rtlvertoo (Map 574);
the south U of Lot 8, Block 6, Town of New Denver-and Lot 1, Block 11 and lot 8, Block M,
Mi i.illivrav'is Addition to Now Denver (Map f*7);
Notice Is hereby given thai it,a my intention
to Issue at the expiratlou of one month from the
the first publication hereof duplicates of the
CertlficstuMof Title to the above deecrtbed lands
lu the name of Henry Sheri.ii and Harrv Bhcnin,
which Certificates are dated tho 17th Mine, UN,
the Hh of October, 18U4, the SSrd Julr, 18*r<, and
the 19th January, 1H0H, respectively, and arc
numbered BU, 1U447A, 78*20 and SStvK, rsspoq-
H. P. MacLKOD,
District Registrar
Lana Registry Onice, Nelson, B 0
Ttfth, Vay.1907
In the matter of an application lor the Issue of
a duplicate of tho Certificate of Title lor Loll
1G and 17, Block 36, Town of Nelson.
Notice Is hereby given that It Is my hi tent lou
to Issue at tho expiration of one mouth uftcr the
first publication hereof a duplicate of th iCertiO.-
ratoot Title for t'*c tibiive l.ota in the name of
Frances K Day which Certificate is dated the
l��lh Hepieuilwr, mm, and nurabe-cd -28AOK.
l-Miui Registry office, Nelson, B.C., inth June,
1WL H. K. MacLKOD,
District Registrar.
We have five desirable residences for sale. Call and make
us an offer for all or any of these
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd.
3 Imp*oved Ranches Fot Sale
On Kootenay Outlet, between NelsoH and
Procter.   Choice locations.   For particulars
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Chofasat Fniit Lands in
British Clofafmbta*
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
We Have Fot Sale One of the Prettiest Homes m
Nelaon, Srtaated in Fatrriew, Clone to the Car Line
Large 7-room house. Stone foundation and first-class cellar. Complete water system. 10 lots under cultivation and planted In large, bearing fruit trees.   This is a snap.   For particulars apply to
Something for the practical man.
Just investigate!���That is Ail we
ask of you; and you owe that much
to yourself.
Kootenay Orchard
on   1600   acres,   south   of  Burton   city,
for sale.    Apply to
The M. & W. Land Co., Limited,
A. M. Can. See. 0. B.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:  Boaley Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St., NELSON, B. C
Summer Excursion
.... Rates East
From Nelson $52.50
To Winnipeg, Port Arthur.
St. Paul Doluth. Sioux City
Chicago $64.00
Toronto $78.50
St. Louis $60.00
New  York $100.00
Montreal $84.00
St. John $94.00
Ottawa  $82.55
Boston $85.50
I, Halifax   $101.80 '
On Sale July 3, 4, 5.   August 8, 9,10.
September 11, 12, 13.
First Class Round Trip, 90
Days Limit.
Corresponding reductions from all
Kootenay points. Tickets available for
lake route Including* meals and borths
on lake steamers. Through rates quoted
to any station In Ontario. Quebec or
Maritime provinces on application.
A.O. P. *..Vancouv.r. D. P. A.. Nelxon
AND IN THE MATTER OF the plan of
the Towmlte of Robson, part of Lot
Three Hundred and One (301,)
Group One (1,) Kootenay, of record
In the Land Registry Office at Nelaon aa "626."
NotlRo In herobr given thai thlrlv <lav�� after
atv I i ittt��ii i to apply to the Boarti of Licence
CominUnloneri for tho Ymlr dlainot for a trans-
fur of tbe licence held by me tor the Port Bhep-
panl hotel "(o K. Ail if
Waiu-ta, B. '.:., May lit, 1'
(Hlgntnl) A M. Shields.
Take notice that on the %th day ol July, A. I>.
Hart, at tho hour o( 10-.S0 o'clock In the forenoon,
at tho Court Houau in the city of Nelaon, in the
Trovlnce of Brltlah Columbia, application will
be made to the Judge of the County Court of
West Kootonay, by tho Columbia and Kootenay
Railway ami Navigation Compauy for an order
that the plin of the said Towuslte of Robson, of
record at Nelson, in the Province of British
Columbia, as "6 6" be cancelled, and that the
applicant may enjoy the lands comprised within the said Town Niu* free from any easements
or rights of any person to opeu any Und or
laues, street or streets, square or squares, perk
or pnrks across, within or upon salt! li.mlt.
Dated at tbe City nf Nelson, In the I rovluce of
Hrltmh Columbia, thUTJth day of June, A.D.,
Agents for Lougheed, Bennett, Allison, Taylor
.t McLaws.   Solicitors and agents for tbe
Columbia A Konwnav Railway A Navlga-
lion Company, applicants.
To R. BILL & COMPANY. The Daily Canadian
Our stock of SOUVENIRS cannot be surpassed in variety and beauty
of design. We have over 40 different designs in Spoons which range in
price from 60 cents to $2.50. Besides Pins of all descriptions, Belt
Buckles, etc.
Watchmaker and Optician
;0ur Stock is Complete
i Here are t*vo Soap Specials:
��� 25   31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $4.50
��� 72 PARS GOLDEN  WEST for $2.75
| Bell Trading Co*
{Thin .tors win I- Closed Brat; Thurso**:*"
t      Afternoon In June, July una August
1'RUNINW ANI1 CIKAKTINII c Rrofully  nllclid
to. Apply
Mllrer Kltitf Hotel.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want, to buy or B6U anything,
��3 to the Old Curiosity Shop. A now
no of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dlnnerware In Btock. Pat-
See Us
Foi* Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. L Ooadsdaile & ��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
All Kinds of Heating  Plants  in  Stock
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.      Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to tlmir ad-
VAntii'-' to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Socialist   Party  meets everj   ft day
- mltig Ht a i�� in , i-i the itinera' Union Btll
are invited; any one allowed ti> take part In
lu- debates,    i. Austin. Secretary.
' MiJ^^".ifll|
Cor. Varnon   and Ward Streets,
NBL.801N. W. G.
.Miss Shannon. Willow Point; F. H.
Nettle!on. Sal inn; E. Desmond, Kaslo;
.1. B. Patterson, London; a. B. Buck-
worth, Ymir; l\ H, Reeves, Phoenix;
W C .Brady, Toronto; J. I. Giemen,
Winnipeg; E, J. Rapps, Spokane; F.
Flnchan, Grand Forks; D. S. McVan-
nell, Slocan; S. Stein and wife. Mrs. 0.
\V. Stein, Louisville'; T. K. Bethel. WI1-
a'?n Creek:  A. H. Johnson, ColUngwood.
Patronized by Earl Grey and Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
Best Located Hotel In Nelson
Apfirlineiii- Kk'jjtuit.    Cuisine Choi feat
Civility aud CleanlineBs.
Bupervlied by proprietor ami wife.
Qeneral Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning  8toves,  etc.
121  East Baker St. Phone No. A114
Three Show Cases
and Tivo Counters
fobacco*ilst.   Baker Street.
C. L. Bmellle, Vancouver; P. \v.
Guernsey, Trail: c, w. Wallace, Spokane; A, II, MacNelll, Rossland; L. ('.
PIraaer, Kaslo; W. \V. Raymnnd, Montreal; C. L. Hoofer, Spokane.
M. Ii Hanagin, Rossland; K. R. Sem-
ple, Portland; A. Chapman, H. J. Wood-
burn, Trail: I.. Ware. R. Hughes, .1. H.
Woiverton, II. McDonald, Kaslo; J. S.
Reynolds ami wife. Wrnon; Mrs. T. Me-
Donald, Pembroke; A. Mathews. .1. N.
Rose, Trail; T. Abriel. Nakusii; T. J.
Graham, Revelsioke;  \V. Gray, Salmo.
.1.   ,\i.   Williams,   Cranbrook;   E.   c.
North, Alnsworthi S. Waters, Ulue Hell
T Poole, Eric; C. W. McRae. Rossland; W. Flint. Duluth: A. *�� IImm,
Deer Park; J. Garner. U Gallagher.
Rover Creek: .1. McCartney', Wlnlaw;
L. I.noullon. KaKlo: II. Shary, Bonnlng-
ton; S. S. McArltiur. Salmo; .1. M.
Campbell, H. Gibson. G. Johnson, Deer
Park. K .liekllnK. Grand Forks. E. C.
Little, Koch's Siding; W. J. Hughes,
S.   Hlalock,   G.   E.   Hbllllps,   J.Ruld.
Ymir; G. A. shover Arlington.
F. Lapalme, Vancouver: W. Moore,
Victoria; J. Carton, B. Leet, Kaslo; II.
Sherdon, A. A. McAnliur, R. Dewar. C.
B. liamon, Ainsworth; S. Fair. Grawi
I'"orks; R. S. Pedle, Nakusp; C. Cans-
ner, Granite; J. Nemo, M. Perry. C. H.
Cox, Whitewater.
Piano  and  Singing Lessons
Given   by   Mrs.   Winter   Every  Saturday
Mm, Winter holds certificate from
Royal Academy for pianoforte playing
and slnglliK. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conser.
vaioir,- of Music for singing and piano
playing. Address Box 796, Nelson.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Fratt.
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   8ta.
riiiui employed. Mrs. R. H. L-tmnle, Hoover Ht.,
twlwccn ��n. in   mid 1 ji. in.	
HOOD HTKWAUD. limnedUU'ly. Apply Bitered
Hoarl Himplul, QragttWOOd. H 0.
I'WO KJKHT-cLArtH KoOMH, *U-mii heated. Applv limmekeeiier, 3rd flat. K. W. O. block.
7 i:'M>Mk" lKir.-iK. m luia with bearing fruit
true*, Obaarvator] Street, 2 doora from Kootenay, rent $1M liU pel mouth. Two (looil lino ma
above our ntt.ro, Jun the place for office", rent
IU uo p��*r mouth. Toyc & Co., Maker Street,
Nelaon. B. ��'.
Council   Meeting.
The regular mooting of tho city council will be held in the city hall this evening  at  8  o'clock.
Celebration    Accounts.
It is requested that all Mils against
the Celebration Committee be presented to the treasurer, J. A. Qilker, no1
later  than   Friday.
Cannery at Kelowna.
BVaser Brcs. & Whitehead, of Kelowna, are building a warehouse 22x24, and
two storeys high, preparatory to engaging in the cannery business during the
t omlng season.
Seeking   Clemency.
The petition being circulated 'or the
commutation of the death sentence on
lames Dale, lo Imprisonment for life.
is receiving hundreds of signatures
throughout the Boundary.
Exhibit  Commitee.
A meeting of the committee in
charge of the Kootenay exhibit fot the
Winnipeg Fair is called for 8 o'clock tonight In the office of the secretary of
the 20,000 Club, in the K. W. C. block.
All   interested  are  invited   to   attend.
Why   Not?
That Nelson has a brass band to be
proud of all will admit, but the Question
was frequently asked yesterday. "Why
doesn't the hand play 'The Maple Leaf
Forever'?" As yet no one has volunteered a satisfactory reply.
Industrial   Activity.
The Boundary Creek Times says
thee are things doing around the
C. P. yards at Greenwood these days.
One day last week there were 99 cars
of ore and coke consigned to the B. C.
Copper Co.'s smelter, and nearly as
many more to the Dominion Copper Co.
at Boundary Fails.
Tel-Kwa  Mines.
Some Coast stock brokers are In a
peculiar position as a result of an attempt to bear Tel-Kwa .Mines stock. At
the last genera] meeting it was resolved to sell 20,000 treasury shares at
16 cents to provide money for completing title and continuing development
The amount was promptly taken up by
two of the share holders. A few weeks
later a Vancouver firm advertised In.
0j)0 shares at 10 cents. A Nelson broker
promptly wired for B,000 shares at that
price. The sale was concluded, but
though the Vancouver firm has been allowed a month for delivery, they have
so far failed to make good. It is stated
postlvely by local shareholders that no
stock can be bought at that price.
Narrow  Escape.
While crossing Vernon street from
the post office in the direction of the
Grand Central last evening, a young
boy had a narrow escape from serious
injury. ,\ driver of an express wagon
was Speeding his horse along Ward
street, and without slackening the pace
he turned his team suddenly to the right
00 Vernon street and the boy, who was
crossing the street at the time, was run
over, both wheels of the wagon parsing
over his body. It Is about time something was done to prevent this furious
driving along crowded thoroughfares
It Is had enough when a lOber man is
(hiving, but much worse when �� d*""**
������n man has charge of a team. That the
boy who was run over last night was
not injured for life or killed outright is
not credited to the precaution of the
man  who was guiding the team.    	
The Store of Quality
Made   only   by  the   Maple   Tree   Producers' Association. Waterloo, (Quebec.
Shipment  Just opened up and guaranteed tbe best ever brought into Nelson.
Rob. NL Hood &G)s
K.   W   C.  Blosk   .  I'linnn   10.
For Sale
50 ft.  Corner,  Houston  and ward, $375
50 ft.  and  Cabin,  Mill,  near park, $275
Residence���Centrally located, near station; six rooms and bath, electric
light, water, sewer.
Also business property, factory  sites,
etc., etc.
h. bTIuvs
West Baker Street. NEL80N, B. C.
Heinz Balk
Sweet Pickles
50c per Quart
Also a lull line ol Heinz goods.
The name is a   sufficient
guarantee ol quality.
C. A Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta
whoicfrfiii' mxi Retail D-aalan m
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oampfl supplied on Bhortast uotiofl and
lowest prloe, Nothing but   fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in htork
Mail orders n*oeive careful atteutiou.
E.   C.   TRAVES    Manage*-.
you   will   want   to   pick   up   some   little
of your visit, and prooabiy some
Picture Post Cards
We make a special feature of
Picture Post Cards and Souvenirs, and show one of the best
assortments In II. C.
Is Renowned
Its Busimess Energy
A Nice Line of Fine Leather Goods
Hand B&*g8, Purses, Card Cases,
CiKar Cases, Leather Hound Kdi-
tlons of Standard Authors, Poets.
Classics, titc. Etc.
3 to Consider
Talktog Machines and Records
Bdlson Phonographs. Columbia Gra-
phophones uhe finest disc maahtne
on the market.i und a large stock
of  both  Cylinder and  Disc Record*
of all makes.
Come in and lock around and hear the
mu��ic whether you want anything or
not. We're always glad to see everybody.
24 LOTS, an excellent block. $500.
Easy  terms.
5ROOM HOUSE. Hcover St.. splendid
garden, fruit trees, etc. $1,500: one
half cash, balance $15 per month
6 per cent.
6-ROOM HOUSE, verandah, garden, one
and a half blocks from car line.
$6 50;  $375 cash, balance easy.
W. G. Thomson
^i^" ""'   Nelson, B. C.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
Harry Kelley will return to Spokane
Mrs. J. A. Cleland, Rossland ,is visiting  friends in  Nelson.
J. H. Schofield. M. L. A., Trail, will
return  home this evening.
A H. MacNelll, K. C, Uossland, visited Nelson for the celebration.
G. S. Kees will leave shortly for a
trip to his old home In Kngland.
Mrs. A. B. JJuckworth and son, Ymlr,
are   visiting   relatives  In  Nelson.
latest reports from Spokaue are to
the offset that EL J. McPhee is a very
sick man.
Uuncan Koss, M. P., Greenwood, left
laBt week for the northern part of ihe
province, along the propossd line of the
Grand Trunk Pacific, where, It Is understood, h*' is Interested iu some valuable
timber limits.
Mr. Peters, successor to Harry BHggl
as representative of It. P. Itithel At Co.,
Victoria, has arrived in Nelson and will
take up his residence here. Mr. Peters
has lived for the past eight years lu
Hiockvllle, Ont.
Cheap  Rate.
The 0. P. K. Is offering a very cheap
rate to the Calgaiy exhibition. This will
afford an exceptional opportunity to
pay a visit to Banff. Tickets on pale
Sth to llth and good to return till
the  HHh.
Fruit  Growers.
All fruit growers of Nelson and vicinity are Invited to attend a meeting
in the court house tonight at 7.30
o'clock, at which addresses will be delivered by W. J. Brandrith, of Ladner.
secretary of the provincial fruit growers' association, and Henry Klpp, of
Half Gallon Jars $1.75
Quart Jars - $1.50
Pint Jars   -   -   $1.25
T��l��phone 161.
Engineer.    *
NELSON,     -     B. C.
160 Acre pre emptlon, 2 Hewn cl<'lin><l,
5o trees* ;m<i soma Binaii fruiin planted.
a  Urniuii  dweUlni",  bowes and shads
fur ,00 chiokena $860.00.
a    pre-emption   on    Heaver   Creek,
Utile Slocan $460.00.
Baker   St.,   Nelson.
Tornado   in   Texas.
Dalian, July :i.���Meagre report! have
been rorrlvt'tl of a tornado which nrept
lhriilll;h    pOlHtfUl    "I     Wllrlillii,    lluyhir.
Voinm, Taylor, Knox ami ifaHkeii noun*
ties yesterday. Considerable damage
wiih dune al Wllchlla Falls, in Young
oounty, ami at Seymour, Rochester Is
reported as almoii destroyed. Meckel.
in Tuyinr eiiuniy, ih reported partially
California   Banker   Dead.
Ban Frandeoo, July 8,���I, l"). Hideout,
president of the Mercantile TniHt Co..
of iIiIh eliy ami prominently Identified
with a number of banks throughout oen*
inil California, iiieii yesterday.
We have just received
a consignment of the
for which we are sole
agents for this city.
Ever try a pair?
"The Royal"
Chinese La.terns
Glass Lanterns for Launches
In Great
Fire Works
Torpedo Canes
From 10c
per Dozen
To $25
Silk and Paper Fans
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phone   81
For  a Stylish   Suit
limit to Fit the Figure and Keep Ita Shape Not Only the Tint
WiH   You   Wear  It.   Bui   All   the  Time       (let   It   Made by
Tavi.uk &  Mryi utiin.   the Bailable Tailors, of Kootenay.
Absolute   satisfaction   guaranteed     or   money    refunded.
High Class Tailors, Baker St , Nelson, B. C.
VVholtiHalu   Provlalona,
OoTornment Creamery One Pound llneits reeemsl weekly fresh from tho
ehurn.    r'or Hide hv all loading grocers.
Ofllee and warehouse I  Houston Block,    Phone "9.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.
Spring i,s Here
We have prepared for this season by passing  into stock all the
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder.   Spades,
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree l'runcrs,
Tree Sprayers, Sinail Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt  attsntion   paid  to   letter  o-din.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware!
Company, Limited.
R.   W.   MINTON
R��piilrlti|c Mini .Jot-tHlnK vxwvutMtl wltli Daitpiituh.    HHwwt M*.-!"1
Work,  /V1IiiIm||  o-MisJ   Mill   MmlIiIuviv.       JVI.i nulUl urer�� ��"'
Or*  Cnrii,   l*.   I��t.   Ci>nii-itk.toi-M'   Cart-i.
- 'itrrii-r n( 11k 1 mil
FrODI HlrueU.
NELSON,    B. C.
and dealers n Lumber, Shingles,
Letth, Alouldliifffi, Doors, Window*
Turned Work und llrnckcta. Moll Onl.Ts promptly ��We��ds4 '�� j
VI1HNI)NMTKI!I!I'   ...    IVI [I.HOIS, ts. U.
WV WW^��^��^^^^**����^^**��^��^I'��>^**,V'
Summer  Necessities
Door and Window Screens
Wood-Vallai.ce Hardware Co., Limited
WholtiMle INHLSOIN Retail .


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