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The Daily Canadian Oct 23, 1907

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 **<5 ^'��lat'v�� AsB
r-K I'-'lH
1 ..-mon S(i
cj- Ine
1    I
Sold i
I all
VOI.I'MK   2.
No.  120
Un (foanabi
Cruise Not Only
lor Exercise
Jul Re-son for Demonstration bf
Battleship Fleet Told by
Naval Officers.
|W_~lng*nn, fir I'm Iii Hi.' fnrm
I i qm -rt.,!,  Ir*     aome    oAetalfl   and
havi   followed wllh Infants.
, in. rn    nf Pre-ldont
poll,       . hi. ll   l.'llllll  ItB   flrut
ll  I  t< ,| Ion  r.i send   the
_utlc baiili ilil|r fleet   to the Pacific:
; mine[__ nruiiiis with
(purpose of lhat   policy?
Jaiwn ���..,!      ���', light, ih.*y nay, well
:f thu <li-,'s nut want lo light.
I tut,  ii   is  nsk.-il. why  at-
tr] ,   rl,,, i���n]rli- nl' III.,
ii   from  the   world   for
rii.i.  the Heel  was ordered
,   Paciflr   ,ts a   warnlllg  in Japan,
inn it in iti,- mildest  terms, when
iptD urn], r-r.rr.-l.s  I hnKHI-rlll..'  that   tllul
r ect ol ih.- president*! deter-
JTl;- aaval    -uuirglMH,    when     ihey
lard Irom their confidential agents ln
. Japan waa huying guns, tor*
. hei   iiniiiitiriiia of war In
t Hth       gueaaod    thai Japan
ad) tu g���� to war with the
Wli. ilnr    President
oostvclr mr,-.,���(] rirnt way too, and for
nt reason approved the rccommcuda-
noft-e naval general hoard that the
\ b.    .in to ihu Pa-Mo, is
|" i    i arl) established.
lie i..   story, understood to
ptrom a source of unquestioned author-
lent's decision was mainly
"t ,.  belief on his part that
I Jtpaileei become poal���-Bad <*���
"J'  the    In... .1    States  aan
J'tnl "I Japan, and   would  go  pretty
to tlu- limit  of  u  "peace at  any
pollc*     Thlfl   reputed  Japanese
i'�� ��.rs tu|i|iosed in In- the outcome of
perusal   or    ih.-  president.
I to congress ou the sub
p1 "' treai nt    of   Japan    mi  tha
Japan,   It   waa  reported
pHnied that message as a con'-tslon
s  nml   was   laughing   up
''���v,. nt ii,. concern ot the Yankee*.
V**l why Japan should want lo n" to
["���itlnlie fnlted Sinien nobody here
11�� defending the president's course
| ��� abli  i,, explain wllh any dc-
I of plausibility     li Is declared  by
> Ui-I Japan believes ihat she lost a
_      '   "���'    Indemnity    from Itusslu
-��"8li tin i���:, tident'a course In bring*
teal-.ut |...;,,-,. between the contending
���-"��, uml lire,    never     forgiven   the
"'*    "'��te��   for  llrat   loss   .     Another
I*"! '���  thai  Japan has decided  that
have the Philippines; yet soma
"'"��� 'J ��nd thoughtful naval officers
P_)*"V|   Mudled  rhe  subject from a
(-'al standpoint win argue that the
���enlonol ri,,. Philippines with their
"""""l""s > ��l   Hue  to defend would
*'- ii.itiiin sii iniied as .Inpan Is to
"" "��en .. tremendous navy that
"mill   become   bankrupt In Hhort
[^ whichever theory, or all of them',
I'l'slili'iii r������i *,*��� Bvinpatblc ndvls*
I   '""' i-Mlded rm as Jiisiillcnlion for
*��� ^'j'""'" co��"8e, iho fact remains
..hiiiirii Kvail9. grB���t a-gr.jp.ti-,,
r"�����f-lads Is going a, tha Pacific on
IT-'I'TIHIIII,  ,������|   ,������    ������,,.,,������   ,0   ftf.
(Met - **���-"'""innsliip for officers
>mv,!s:"""'" r,"'"lH" ,hc l'co��'�� ��'
te-^*"    co ;l "lasnlflcenUy expensive
',',', ","ll'li mal of I he rumors tlmt
��W would ko to the  Paclllc wore
illni��'l! significance  than  they  de
ft- lj is ''''"""I. when tho rumora
KCr1"1,''1' """u,!i1 to "����� ��-"������
(���"wceasan      "  """-mil mystery wan
h, BdinIn7'80mQ "i,vni "lucials say, us
w * C0"��K-y ami tho
L -Betlrili
-iKetl   I     	
^niem ? C��nt6nd Umt ,f ,he an"
frtcinni ��to"     been -nada without any
1 ^fiBon'f"1    '"    <'0,l(','a,��i'-'nt, tho
abt_3|,em;"r thG   nrulH0   mlKht  not
vviirlit kiuiw thnt
omphaaieod or
even positively
waH Btada known pturposaly under ih-
cuiiar nlninmafnnraa prior to tin- offloiaJ
announcement, and tt Ih huIi] that tho
story   uf   how   nnd   why   i lu.    wan   done
would ho Intornetlnj
Nelson     Aerie     Diverta    Itself���   Mock
Court and  Its Victimi.
Tho l*:aKl'*��' nmoker, hold In tho opera
benae last ovoninK. wan, as iho management foretold It would he, one of tho
hent over held In NelHon.The attendanoe
waa very large and all were delighted.
The retriHliment and programme com-
mltteoK bed Iwth excelled UienisilveH
and there was nothing left (o dealre In
either reaped. The affair tested from H
lo ahout iUO and the end whh an orderly as (he i-.-i'iiiMin*- Itut, as a matter
of fact, that haa alwayw heen rrue of the
Kagles'  sniokors.
I>r. Hose*s address on the principles
and objects of the odder was Instructive and iu.spiiing as well as highly entertaining.
The songs by Messrs. Wye. Mason
and Parker, George (jIiiihh pipes, and
the friendly SattO encounters were al)
duly appreciated, and would in fact have
done credit to a far more formal and
el a borate  entertainment.
Hut the feature of the evening wuh undoubtedly the mock court. With K. A.
Crease nnd T. G. Procter ou the bench.
George Horstead as clerk, W. A. Galliher. K. C, M. I*., as prosecuting at-
tornejr, wrongdoers Cared badly, and the
K'li-les' criminal code Is a much more
formidable one than those of the Dominion, of Hrltlsh Columbia, and of the
city of Nelson, all rolled Into one. A
few samples of the crimes for which the
death penalty was imposed, commuted
in each case to a fine, were: W\ R.
.larvis, "keeping a scab boarding house;"
Arthur Pitchford. working for a living;" Jim Wightman, "not knowing a
snap when he had It;" Prank Phillips,
������encouraging a bald spot;" Ed .Mason,
being a generally suspicious looking
character and In particular wearing a
button whose hieroglyphics stand for I
won't work.' "
Two   Misstatements   in   Alleged   Report
of and Comment on Arrest by
City Police.
His Worship Mayor Gillett explains
'hat the morning paper's reference to
the potties force past and present contains two misstatements. Constable C.
W. Youn-- was not dismissed for "wrongfully arresting a citizen," as ls shown
by the letter addressed to him by the
mayor au follows:
"You are hereby suspended from the
police force of the City of .Nelson for
seeming improper conduct In not arrest
ing both parties who caused a disturb*
anos >m Baker street at the Nelson hotel
last night. When you had arrested one
of the parties you only kept him locked
up for about fifteen minutes and then
let him out (which you had no right to
dot with the understanding that he
should appear at the police court this
morning to answer to a charge which
was to be laid by you. He appeared
this morning, lint you did not do so.
"You are rer*nested to attend before
the pottos commissioners this availing
at K o'clock In the city hall to answer
to the above charges."
The suggestion that Sergeant Wheeler's action was lllsga] IS also wrong Me
acted under the following section of
t'rankshnw's code; section 22:
"Arrest by peace olllcer, without warrant of suspected offender:
"Every peace olllcer who on reasonable and probable grounds believes thnt
an offence for which the Sflsndsr may
be arrested without warrant has been
committed, whelher it has heen committed or not. and who. ou reasonable nnd
probable grounds, believes that any person has committed that offence, is Justi-
lled in arresting such person without
warrant whether such person ls guilty
or not."
Surely It Is possible to dissent from
the judgment of the mayor, and to regret his action, without resorting to misstatements. Ai this stage of the affair
misstatement Is unpardonable whether
11. be deliberate or merely stupid.
lmtnUoii'J'o'  '" ""������,,rH horo Hint the
10 H<'��1 the fleet to the Pnclllc
To Fight Saloon in Tennessee.
Chattanooga, Tenn., Oct. 23���To make
Tennessee a "dry" state from boundary
to boundary Is the hopo and aim of the
many enlhuslastic delegates who rallied
In Chattanooga today for the annual
convention of tho Anti-Saloon League.
There are now but four cities In Tennessee where ihpinr ls sold lawfully
and the league has strong hopes of turning these Into prohibition cities before
many months have elapsed. The meeting, which will he in session two days,
will lay plans for a campaign of unusual
vigor to be waged between N'ovemlier I
nnd the legislative conventions next
Knickerbocker Trust Company Fails to Resume Payments���Other Institutions
Involved���Pierpont Morgan Trying to Restore Order-
European Opinions of American Finance.
Washington, Oct. 23���Comptroller of
the Currency Rldgoly today said: "My
advices from New York are reassuring
and the situation there should now improve.
"The Etorm Is broken and the damage
known without any failures of the national banks which have lately been
criticized. The clearing houses confirm
my report that these banks are all solvent, and standing by them.
"The debit balances at the clearing
houses this morning are less than expected and 1 understand oue bank paid
lis balance without help. The national
banks of the country are generally in
strong shape and there is not the slightest occasion for any alarm in regard to
them. This is a time for coolness and
prudence and not for alarm."
Secretary of the Treasury Cortelyou
declined to discuss the financial situation In New York. It Is known, however, that he stands ready to meet any
situation that may develop and that ho
ts in a position to do this. It Is understood that Secretary Cortelyou has.ordered six million dollars distributed
among the leading national banks of
New York.
Chicago, Oct. 23.���Chicago, Milwaukee
and St. Paul, LaulsvMle and Nashville
and Canadian Pacific showed of one
point over the New York equivalent.
The feeling here, however, was still unsettled at noon and the market was inclined to await the report of the New-
York opening prices before entering on
fresh commitments. Dealers do not anticipate any trouble at the settlement
owing to the smallness of accounts open.
New York, Sept. 88.���The Knickerbocker Trust company announced to depositors who were waiting at its main
office that it would not resume payments
today. The announcement whs made by
a police captain on the authority of the
officials of the trust company.
New York, Oct. 23.���Anxiety over the
situation that has developed in the trust
company and hanking situation during
the past week continued to cloud the
business hori/.an today, although the
nervousness and alarm so noticeable
yesterday was considerably lessened by
the presence of Secretary of the Treasury Cortelyou In that city and his promise to remain at the subtreasury ihrough-
out the day.
Oaklelgh Thorn, president of the Trust
Company of America, was at his desk
ear!y In the morning. He made a statement to newspaper reporters to the effect that the institution was alright.
"We have pleny of cash on hand and
are prepared for aU emergencies. We
are facing the situation calmly."
A commltte of accountants representing the bankers who have taken the
whole situation ln hand went Into the
offices of the Tract Company of America at G o'clock in tho morning and began un exhaustive examination of its
books and securities in its vaults as collateral on loans.
Secretary Corlelyou said this morning: "I have nothing to add to my statement of last night. I will be there
throughout the day, and will as long as
the situation seems to need my presence." Acting State Superintendent of
Hanks Skinner took possession of the '.3
Broadway branch offices ol' the Knickerbocker Trust company this morning. He
said there would be no further resumption of business by the Knickerbocker
Trust oompany until he had thoroughly
Investigated its condition. The corridors of the office of the trust company
were crowded by a throng of 000 persons at the beginning or business. Presl-
-dent Thorne said at that hour that he
hoped to meet all demands unless the
depositors came In too large numbers,
lie said that the company had not asked
for assistance.
Pittsburg, Oct. 23.���Pittsburg financial
circles were thrown Into an uproar at
the opening of business today, when
Secretary C. J. Allan made tho following
announcemant; "At the request of the
Pittsburg clearing house and at the suggestion of the members of the board of
directors, the Pittsburg Stock Exchange
has been closed for today." Immediately following this precedent R. C. Hall
issued a statement as follows: "The
Security Investment company finds Itself
involved. This will necessitate a temporary suspension or receivership ofthe
Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing company, the Westinghouse .Machine
company, and the Nerst Lamp company.
The manufacturing companies are in an
absolutely solvent condition. The condition of the Security Investment company will in no way affect the Union
Switch and Signal company, and the
Westinghouse Air Brake company. I
would like It explicitly understood that
it was at the request of the Pittsburg
clearing house that we have suspended
trading temporarily."
Boston, Oct. 23.���Major Henry Hlg-
ginson. a leading banker of this city,
says regarding the financial conditions:
"The financial conditions existing there
are due to a combination of causes.
Chief among them Is the publicity given
the methods of some of the large operators and the fear engendered by the big
stick policy of the administration. We
are In the midst of a panic worse than
the panic of 1803 so far as the stock
market is concerned. It has lasted longer. I look to see it affect industrial conditions. It may not go to the extreme
of hard times, but 1 look to see that. I
hope to see business dull and times
slack. The amount of money and the
amount of business must be equalized,
no matter how painful the process, if
wo want the financial conditions straightened out."
Pittsburg, Oct. 23.���The Pittsburg
Stock Exchange did not open this morning, the members deeming it advisable
that the exchange remain closed temporarily owing to the demoralized feeling in Westinghouse electric. A meeting of the members is being held and
the exchange may be opened in the day.
New York, Oct. 23.���More than a
hundred thousand persons, mostly Italians, stormed the doors of the Dollar
Savings Bank when its doors opened.
Police were called to control the half
frenzied crowds. The clearing house
committee was iu conference with several bankers at 10.30 a. m. After taking
charge of the Knickerbocker Trust company, acting Superintendent of Banks
Skinner said: "Under advice of the attorney-general, 1 have taken possession
of the Knickerbocker Trust company
and Its branch offices. The support to
the institution which wus expected yesterday has not been furnished. A bank
examiner Is In charge of each office.
Payments will be received on obligations due to the trust company but no
payments will bo made by the examiner
in charge. Payments should be In cash.
Collateral will not be surrendered until
lt ts shown that It Is not pleoged for
other indebtedness  to  the  Institution."
Westinghouse Electric sold down to
60 at the New York Stock Exchange, a
decline of *9% from hun night.
.lames G. Caunon, vice-president of the
Fourth National Bank, and a member of
the clearing house committee appointed
to examine the national banks which
have been under criticism, announced
today that the condition of the banks as
shown at the clearing house was first
class. Although a few of them might
have to be assisted, he said that conditions were fast becoming normal.
Several prominent bankers called on
Secretary Cortelyou at the subtreasury
to receive suggestions. A report was
started that there was a run upon the
Morton Trust company, but an investigation shows it to bo untrue. A thorough
examination of the trust company's
finances made lu the last twenty-four
hours, shows that it has over 70 per
cent cash means.
J, Pierpont Morgan practically assumed command lu financial circles here today. He Is striving to bring order out
of chaos and see what can be done to
protect the large Interests that are now
iu jeopardy.
tonishment among the bankers of this
city. The Boersen Courier says today
that local bankers emphatically rejected
the Idea that the Trust company was in
serious dangers when the favorable report reached Berlin, but the paper Itself
discredits the announcement that the
company will resume payments today,
declaring this to be an empty subterfuge
to keep the true condition of affairs from
the depositors.
It criticizes a banking system which
allows deposits of $60,000,000 upon a
capital of $1,200,000. and gives voice to
the greatest apprehension lest the
events of the past few days foreshadow
the discovery of further abuses In the
banks of New York. "If some of these
banks are found to be rotten," the paper
says, "there is no knowing where the
crisis will stop. We expect to hear of
runs on other New York banks w-hich
hardly all of them wil] be able to stand."
London, Oct. 23.���The financial crisis
is attracting the greatest attention here.
The financial editorial writers today are
of the opinion that, although It will be
felt here, it Is not likely to be felt to
any great extent because British operators and investors of recent months
gradually have been freeing themselves
from commitments and the Influence of
Wall Street, consequently whole sections
of stock exchange will not be much influenced by the crisis.
The Morning Post believes that the
financial troubles in America are accumulating too rapidly for temporary
palliatives to have much effect and It
would be better for every oue concerned
that the crisis should be hastened instead of delayed.
The Dally Mail in an editorial article
reminds Its readers that there is no need
to suspect the sound American banks.
This paper says that there ib a wide
gulf between the conservative American
banks and the modern trust development. It Is the speculators who are
tumbling In the debacle and their fall
gradually is clearing the atmosphere.
Even the soundest concerns may be temporarily affected, the paper says, but It
would be an absurd error to suppose
that because some reckless gamblers
are In difficulties, the United States
from a financial and cot'mercinl point of
viev, is goin to pieces.
London, Oct. 23.���The promise of Secretary Cortelyou to place large deposits
of government money in the New York
banks created a favorable impression on
the stock market today, and the American section rallied.
Paris, Oct. 23.���After a better opening
on the bourse today the tone became undecided while waiting the results of the
financial developments in New York.
Gen. Booth Recovered.
Chicago, Oct. 23.���Gen. Wltllm Booth,
head of the Salvation Army, who has
been 111 here for several days, will start
on his eastern tour today. He has recovered his health almost entirely.
Lynched on Suspicion of Insult.
Oklona. Miss., Oct. 23.���Chnrged with
having insulted and threatened the life
of a young white woman of this place.
Henry Sykes, a negro, was taken from
the custody of the officers near here
last night and lynched.
Plague Figures.
San Francisco, Oct. 23.���The totals to
date ln the bubonic plague situation nre
as follows: Verified cases, 73; deaths.
46; death rate. 63; cured, 17; under
treatment. 18; suspects, 38.
Berlin, Oct. 23.���The difficulties of the
Knickerbocker company of New York
has created the greatest degree of as-
Gyroscope Trial for India.
London, Oct. 23.���Louis Brennan, the
inventor of the mono-rail gyroscope car,
has just been granted the sum of $30.-
000 by the Indian government towards
the cost of his experiments in connection with the design of the full-sized
mono-rail vehicle which he Is building
for that government. Several very valuable improvements lu connection with
the gyroscopic action of the model havo
lately been perfected by the inventor,
and Its performances are being watched
with Interest by the Australian and
Capo governments. The British war office, which Is greatly interested in the
invention from the military point ot
view, is also assisting Mr. Brennan iu
connection with the experiments.
Subject Races.
Mohonk Lake, N. Y., Oct 23.���The
Lake Mohonk Conference of Friends of
the Indian and Other Dependent Peoples
which convenes here today, has attracted an unusually large number of prominent persons. The sessions are to continue until Saturday, and the discussions
will cover the Indians, the Philippines
and Hawaii.
Francis E. Leupp, commissioner of
Indian affairs, will personally conduct
one session, to be given exclusively to
officials in the government Indian service. At another session religious work
among the Indians will be discussed, the
leading speakers being being Bishop W.
H. Hoar" of South Dakota. Bishop Joseph
H. Johnson of California, and Bishop E.
R. Hendiix of Missouri.
The condition oi the people In the
Philippines will occupy much of the attention of the conference. Speakers who
will be heard on this subject are Arthur
F. Odlin, formerly judge of the Philippine Court of First Instance; Paul
Charlton, of the bureau of Ind insular
affairs; Confressman W. A. Jones of
Virginia, Michael E. Driscoll of New
York. W, Bourke Cochran of New York,
Thomas Lawlor of Boston, Rev. Dr.
Charles C. Creegan of New York, and
C. H. Clark, of Hartford. Conn.
Leaders in the discussion on Hawaii
will include Bishop Henry B. Restarick,
Frank M. Hatch, Dr. N. B. Emerson and
A. Lewis, Jr., all of Honolulu, and Congressman Charles E. Littlefield of Maine,
George F. Lilley of Connecticut, and
Arthur L. Bates of Pennsylvania.
Dr. Fletcher's Comment on Spider Story
���General News of Dominion From
Ocean to Ocean.
Ottawa, Oct. 23.���"It sounds very
much like nonsence, and I doubt very
much if Professor Emerson'fathered the
opinion," said Mr. James Fletcher, entomologist at the experimental farm, when
questioned in regard to the remarks of
Professor Emerson, of Massachussetts,
to the effect that a black spider which
attacked vegetables and even men with
dire results was about to Invade Montreal and other parts of the Dominion.
"Spiders do not attack vegetables," fuild
Dr. Fletcher, "and I know that about
three years ago there was a discussion
about the bite of certain species of arachnids as being dangerous to life. At
that time Professor Emerson said there
was no Bidder on the American continent that would attack a man and cause
Welland. Oct. 23.���Edward Palmer, an
E nglish boy about 15 years of age, has
confessed to placing obstructions on the
Michigan railway track near here Sunday night. He says he did it with no
thought that any damage would result,
the obstruction was discovered by Miss
Sweeny, a school teacher residing three
miles west of here, while walking to
town. She quickly . removed several
pieces of iron and then hurried t_> the
tower house at the Michigan Central
bridge which crosses the canal at that
point and told the men In charge there
what she had discovered. The fast express was just due and the semaphore
was put up against the train barely tu
time to bring it to a stop. The men then
hurried to the spot and found two rail
spreaders and fish plates placed on the
inside of the rail ln a manner that would
almost assuredly have thrown the express Into the ditch. Palmer was arrested and is now in jail.
Toronto, Oct. 23.���The court of appeals refused a new trial to Frank
Capelll, Italian, sentenced to death at
Parry Sound for the murder of William
Dow last Christmas Day, as the result
of a drunken row.
Belleville. Oct. 23.���J. Alexander Con-
secou was engaged in drawing ties when
the load slipped and fell on him. the
front wheels passing over his neck, severing the artery. Before doctors arrived
he had bted to death.
Toronto, Oct. 23.���Distillers, brewera
and hatel men to the number of five or
six hundred met here yesterday aud dt-
cided to increase the price of beer aud
all malt liquors about a dollar per barrel and five cents a dozon ou bottles. A
decision was reached also to assist th"e
government in its efforts to have the
liquor laws t bserved. Opposition wa."
expressed to the counsel of the association defending law breakers. There
was unanimity of opinion that local option must be fought and that the best
| way to do this was to maintain the law.
Reputation of British
Credit of Pro-iinc. Stand. High With
Investors and Colonists���Check
on E. T. and C. Society.
R. E. Gosnt.ll. formerly provincial librarian and later editor ot the Victoria
Colonist, Is In tie city today having arrived last nigbt via the Crow's Nest en
route from London where he has been
for the past year, to Victoria, for which
he leaves this evening.
Mr. Gosnell speaks very highly of the
work being done for the province by the
agent general ln London, Hon. J. H.
Turner. There is now no colony or
part* of a colony whose name stands
higher ln the opinion of British investors and Intending emigrants than British Columbia. In addition to the steady
and effective work done in and from Mr.
Turner's office, Mr. Gosnell Bays, the displays of fruit from British Columbia and
the high honors awarded them in competition with the fruit of all the world,
has done much to enhance the reputation of the province.
Mr. Gosnell also says that the impression mude upon British ministers, officials and public men generally, by Premier McBride was remarkable. His
presentation of the special claims of
British Columbia for consideration in
the amendment of the British North
America Act to permit of readjustment
of provincial subsidies was admitted to
be admirably tactful and moderate ant
at the same time extremely able and
Asked as to the Impression produced
in Britain by the exposure from Nelson
of the British Emigration, Tourist and
Colonization Society, Mr. Gosnell said
ihat it had put the society In a painful
position but had not reflected on Nelson
or British Columbia at all, owing to the
promptness with which the false promises had been repudiated from Nelson.
He said: "The London office was deluged with complaints, and an Investigation
was held at Liverpool under the Joint
authority of the provincial agency ge-
eral and the Dominion immigration
bureau." He added that he believed
a stop had been put effectually to the
Mr. Gosnell is looking well and says
his mission has heen highly successful.
He has not decided on plans for the immediate future. He will probably visit
the old country again at an early date.
Deadly Sins.
Ottawa, Oct. 23.���The Rev. Campbell,
-of Bell Street Methodist church, declares
that the chewing gum habit is almost as
great an evil as the tobacco habit; ln
some respects it was worse, for while
the tobacco user could Indulge his appetite only in certain places, the gum
chewer was omnipresent, being seen
even in the house of God..
Another Standard Oil Trial.
Jefferson City, Oct. 23.���The suit
brought by tbe State of Missouri to oust
the Standard Oil company from the state
was called for trial today In the state
supreme court. The case Is to be urged
on the report of the special commission,
which is alleged to have found an illegal
connection of tho Standard Oil company,
the Waters-Pierce OH company and the
Republic Oil company, and. the exceptions filed by the companies to the report.
Mrs. Hartrldge Found.
New York, Oct. 23.���The body of a
woman of refined appearance was found
floating yesterday in the Kast river, answering to the particulius of the description of Mrs. Clifford W. Hartrldge,
the missing wife of Harry K. Thaw's
counsel and friend. The body will be
viewed today by u member of the family
to detrmine If it is Mrs. Hartrldge.
Defaulter Arrested.
Toronto, Oct. 23.���The Massey-Hnrrls
company last night brought about the
arrest of their agent at Cannington,
Thomas lleatty, who ls reported to be
in flnnut-lal difficulties. The amount In
dispute totals close upon $1,000. Beatty
also represented a carriage company of
Chatham and a binder twine manufacturer.
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I  I
Wit l
The Daily Canadian
Clothing-    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is bcgiuniuc to arrive.
hi ���bout another week we will !>e able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the -.neantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making yonr purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CapiUI  Aut-.*- red    $10.000.000     Capital   Paid   Up           4.S__,0O0
He-t           4.S-0 000
P  K   W1UK1K   PrvKtdeni.
HON. KOBKRT-JAFJ--KAY. Tu-*-*->n-id��n!
Erin-he- in B-itiih CoIambU:
___*tOWs__-U>        aOUHOf,       Xi:ir-ON.      KKVKLSTOKK,        CRAXKROOK,
���tt .:       Bi : ..���:    *        "   nrtertf
. I.    Nl.    L���.-\N .   .Manager,
The Royal Bank of Canada
'.-.- *-,-���. ral   il   D   _M
. .    . . "k*.SOC.r>.*:      St��rvs   Fund	
*' .-**>: .*>:���:
. -,'..-    r.    '-:     * : I   *.--  the   t-.ns.ct on
.'   2       v   -jrs   c'   :*-i--s   --;   ��_s -f-S���.
.     *.TTE STIC**    J   . ?-   :.-   :-.-
S_.-r-c;*      5---.     D��pa���. ���f-r*.     -"-:
_at-s-r*.;*    arm* ___    Baa*-���"*/    en
__lv.r-.gs Bans. AccrMjnta.
en  ADpircatrc,n. la Larje.
or Pc-Krt S re
Hi**nm Briach, G. A. SPINX. Manager.
__���_ - -  . ���
���..   -    ������ -
Hi ft -M.sr.,1 _<-tws4l
N  s --M- U st���- try -ra.
- .- ���      .
.  -   . . _    - - ��     IrVEST
.   :.   .   ...     ._*:
Be__���.'-  _��-_��_���-_��  or,   *.tu   Orte-fi-l
__aaa_a   ,.::_   ,-,!.   H��*B*M   7, ra >   m
. -��� i   ��� .*��� .': .    ������:������   r... ���     ���������    - -:.   ...
**.r...*,-.     r-     -    .rr ;..  - -. ,-sr ca*
jusiI ___MA*��
a jmiffiw  of ilWf .instiM,  -iti).������..
'.. .
Jan. ta th* f_w��lMs��- um M
a cto-riar   U_u :   c>_'.   it
��,-,: cf MB-- C-tasaM ���
Mr    l*v-r*r-i*_   aa stmot
nf ih.
ivT*ris.-r.--- ii v.,-r--*"
���r_���K* .i. rriarrd* tmetj --juia*.**! *ropr"r    Hf
as-*Tsr_r.<v   r3t__   Tm
-h��w'�� tt**_Ta l-t-nrn -a
)<__ t-ai fraicTaiJoa frorn thai ro_-lr>
to C____-i -_���_" kroc I.M-.i be ln-.s-s.HI-
rrajsj.     He  oo-lr-n-*. mil-  ��I-*v-lir*.   joi*
-   -
PI slwr. or Mr. Ftl
-     ~r��Tli ihm-.it
c: v*-.E*d-.   :��� is. in--{-visa���le ���.*> r*.*aK-s*iv#-
!?<* d,x;.H-   -
I ��� ."-He? no irr.--.-d-,���-mf-ni
froin   tbr  xn-rrr,;.
���    ���   .
fr-l   L_.���-k: f   a*.*, ta* S ���
bMc  if.     \V i
.-.    -as   t)>e>   -h*t-n     ,
I    .rr-Dc-r    aa-io���al    tatmt
TV   w-.f-   QBrstj-B  of   tbo   111iiilastar
tse Ca&a_���ta i_r
-��-   :--���   a   d, toil*   im-Icj*   sras   a
aa, aad aaparcKr
.*__-*���..    TW io,:-.;.    -at   fo...
P- '  ���-��������� ������ :������    :,-       ���-    *���**:. - >���      ..-  -.   -
..:      :..:��� :���-!���   '-.-.:   .�� : -. ���   -   -.     -; ���    . -.
*a<*Me_i-U)'r   Mr.   Bar_.s   *->__cra
��� ���
U f.-st Ma
-   --as  i_a_t__s>��� as  l
et   ><__��_9ir ot-a-oaa. -rax-ae
H �����    ��� ���    ..   arc-M-. ot
-leat |r-_*ntM*.   Aad all __���
\!r    -_xp_��a   _js sol   rs-nannl or
-'.--  hi*  polir*     la   ib��     s-af-tc-���
_M  br has -aid ha- h��-B tn-
promi���rM.     ars?
- mir-*��
��� -ntic aad * tafr -i-d-ra-t-ai-.
id ljinri-- ���
a*   ht*  ftroa'���     ��
-    v    .>; iho iarqaitna' s.f 1pm _r
���      arr*   that  b*   -r-ald M*rnrv
;-,r,ada   rf-riT.r,v-al   trade   -riati���*��
-        *
.-.-���rs roc kit-* or rMDNMMl t-sla-
Tho  l-lvral   prof*-   mnsi.   of   .
>*.\aUmic to llnd fault  _.:h Mr   1-nrAra.
wet   'h>- ,\m\ir!i,���I  i?   -:r-,_*.-*.  Ar
Ibe r-oor'l-* of Canada, and all tb* m,*,*x
munttk   bocaiiar   ho   haa  Boar  ol   the
Of rliH'.rio.il work finisho-i anil dMUtE-rtl
(or fr\^m this shoy�� will sh-.*-** ytro h''1*"
s.ina.fU an��i honorabl\ wc ochuIooI oor
Those who .-mplov tis mvd no:
;il*H>u; Ota chllffl and as *o workman-
shii* ihoy  know it   is  iho N ���*���:
RiSpMlfS io machinery, tt-'epho;.-'-?. ate
,y   at-m-i-.*-..   io.
T. O. Bos Ir-S Phon-   BH   \
arts of tho charlatan, that on liave in
Mr    Ilordon   a   Bftal   n_M    Of      "-
ent  ahilitv.  of  broad    and    far-* -
flews, and of al*** - *:*>   .ind in-
A';  Canadians   trill  join   in  rocTVttinc
tho raaiady that  tkiHteM the enforced
:���.:;���'���.���. I    ;        A.��   - s*orth
., A> disajTW
IllOlliilj   vttti  lit   A> ".�����?"�� i**rth s  |
:.    .
or even o * .-   iwluical MOtlMift,
but   * ���   -. '-;.: ��� :nent
mmmooj isy Ca__Adl_-n Ui;
and   om I :n  his   pers*.*vnal   h
ri:y. - ott   -/ihvsicianf
AaeC wfl    b-> a *rery heat
to  the   t-iberal   party    Bni   wltt
- I o-th   m   tbr   *-..i  : i -
.*-   pffHtiffj   kM
4 any ab;;:
are   Mr.   r*        _ Mi ,<ui
Trr: ----- _     -
tawM   -       - ..-.-_.
- :-.triS,bi.Jt*t ki HM
nor li -    as an  officer  I
of  the  poreroor eonera.   in conn*'
As.'i* ____;c-*asion Act .
also 1 rndl harinr
made     - -     .r.    the    jt:>.
Iumws   Oho V-OMNlvr World ���?';>! oi>n
. - - the    Mc ���' -
-Dent  v In a
-   r.iatier.  in its issoe erf
S_*.:nrday   las'    The    Mtofhl
hie nsy sa? . ���emtoo
McH��� nically   *r*e*T*-iTosit'ie   for
the Mtan oi tho
f   SIcHrid-1
-   -*ra,T.ot_, no
��-Me_a_-**nl \<: ... ihe l-anner cor
���flmiri*. * *:������;  itM Act
"C CVS? AN   ��5    JVCT.
... . .      .
roa-EL  has   been   a?-;o.-a:ed the  Dew   ai-
7__t     K:__._:-. y-*s_:lier Cedaj
Oami*ai.y "
���- -. Colnn_b_a, OK*.-**ber TT.
��� *
* .u��d tor tk.
r adkrwirt- rt  aaid  rrtmO kxmO
***rt*A  Vrwt- -rwrlt art   -
u _.____.  XV U a-afi
.   *
w-   he t Tm-r***-!   a---  t-oek a*
I o-ci- rf i__�� Ocmaty Oman
, UdoNEB A M_c__;-_i-rri_- Of._
Tt   C��iM:p��ft-tr*,    Bu i otra.    Carpenter*
���nd  Mc-us* Aperta.
.t ha-ri__i; been hroacht to the DOtSee
of the OHy Oooncil thai ��*rtain seeCScms
- -  i_x.d  _��*�� ��Je MA and
hai-   :. -:  :��� -. ��� obi -     -
f an..   I ._���*���     74    aind  fiertio*n-'
7   an.l   *���   of   I> ... *���    IM   vhKfe   piOTi'-l*'
ihat   jii i mlnntoa of the   fir*  Wa*nden*��
* *%&& Bui.dims Inspector r. nofl ��_Dd i*-tat*t_. de
fore erecting Mt bai>din*pa or
t*��r rvriaii^riC   altevinc oar
.   :*ailding-s.
'."'    ���*> :-���*���   ',-������: ci     >  :���   v   :' r.i " ���
n  -.nd  afi- r  *.!. s  date nny
idc_b�� noi cor. _; * ;h the tMilA-
ins Wy ia����- of thr CStJ  of NeiSjicMu l. ��-
Uj In-  N,i'f  74 j.nd ^txwe-
,  as r.*v.v_aed therf4n.    .-tj* Order
W   E. WASI.CN   Cty Cloek.
KeteoD. a v% October Li, 1MT.
effective at any Uroe tl wilJa  to
j*. to tv oi  any   avail in  bring ng   bonn
:      rt-BpooatbOlty for rack action
proper quarter.   Tho editor oJ theWc   d
i*- Burets  a Btttog repreeeni
:   - ttttoT-i  to  whom Tb      u  Cm
i*)o referred    when    ho    thus    *
S   ft* thai h_is been thresh* "... hun In d
unu-s without   or%n 0i
.    .. sound; >noh partem oi thi   '
���J] men have eeea ��� bun we turn
out Inane; how a mom with merely he-
man facu'ty, buckle*-* bil ���   wftb
m w rlffor and r*;  n Bt to this
si   .*���. daily thn-sh'-- It ftnee
up now  ihm.de:  .,���
rcmftlelm still to be aooo-tnted tor, le
;  man
la Eree_L"*
Nelf*.**n I_��Ti<. Itij-tnri-   MRnotelW-Hl C>0*W**f
Mp notKf Dili H   Till latai*. CMevpaUOD rao-
cher~ R  *vH*Mint�� OKMipt, .a; an.l
k s. J*, sm-ith, oscepeUaa .-.--:**-���:-,:���_:. till of
pTocr*?r. F ��'.. mteotf  I* *r"     '-���" * *T** ---: '*---���
ber lirrDOt* mtmt the ftlWl ll *-.i'--
C-.-��ir.m*p*..-i_.r  ��t * i*-����i *.*> * -. _������! o'
WllKMI Cl-iwE   -nnoi:', -*     letkk*
ibemm s.->:H-_n-) rl-.--_.i-. \lt: *. ��� - - hain*-.
tht*_i-**en.tnb SO cham*>. Utattor ac**.*** . n_..i�� ta
F-Mai of i-ot&nenceisrnt. oaatat-U-H f-*,' a*-rem,
mtmt or leaa.
Serteml-_T_��_h,l��CC. H. W
K  B. H*.*tt*��;-*.
K   ft, !'  _���__> -H.
IMm Land Pteiric i-  DtatHot al w eal Kootenay
Tate Do*_:oe __.��: R  s   f   Butt-, el   Procter, B.
iMrtu if-nw . MMi__i-_gee-
B I   I    ���'.���___*--_r:_c UtpM ���* BMHt ttie
HM e__nM_rD_-M - -    - - __e.in-.tii
Ci-ak ���__! MiiM I   -   I   **.���-������.-.-   .;:.�����(������.
n. T--0***. No  1. i__t*r.  -  *        -     * ::.     .
tec. ;. _t\~n_: nud*'.*- - *.-ni__ boaodaxy line
esr Uceace Ko *    :-..-_* ea*i.
ihenoe*.1 chains *-.*���,. i   *.    rhatss imt.
bain*   - :.:��*.-**   . _*ai_i* wts:
���. -! or 5-otw lo __���� *���<-.....i l*.; t-crner oi a*or-_*4U-l
Loi   No  2S4&. thenr-r   * * ih. Lbt*nee-0
*.: *. aa ��**��i vo tne j* ml    :      *
Iia-e-J J*.-: .....    ���.-* *   I   *-a.T_i,
.:-��. a rent.
ft ;-��I K.oo:en**r
T_t< notjoe   :   -     - -
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.      *       . . ; ... .   .       -
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i_ ��   .-a ID, ttt* cl
Nt-ihon i_a_>d Iirtnrt   I'j***_rK-i e! Wosl Ks__*_B_-M_r
:    )4rv .-eri*, ei ft.: S
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i Dor-b of i__e inn 1-wH.mhI
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- _.
*-.m_.-;a_-T   __-_*, t_M-_w*   wn _D i h>ta_>.  tfttanc
k m.   lAc-xre  r��; ���   ._.��..-:_.  LbfMt
;:���;���: -:.--__.:-:
.        -       r       "     *
I��av-_ Bare Ht__*. inc.       r_i: �� t   M.-Curma,
K   *   ,'��'.'m   krest.
aOtOmmm tm\na _>__. net i��t*_i..-.    : 1 *-*. k-w.iei.tr.
7ik .,.*.=. Wai__ .
- -.*,---- �� . ��� : _ cperla-
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'.til*     r   -.*.*   <���_,���-   * ���    .     -
menrii:* ti ���. paal p'.a&^d  one aa-3  a __a_i _Bi)e#
aonr   . ;- .   i u-eiv-e
east ��������-.������.. *   ���*
pout o! mmar-fei&eJ-t.  r.>aiaj__:r_f 4_c   mtWtt
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trnr-T ana -^tb tbe io_.->�� u_g <ie��rr_ .-M
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.-.���j.-.-       -  ;: ���  .' t. *.   c -.n   ' * "
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Idiciim. ����� mppit to ib-t H.-
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_.   t* ..-.
I.   ��� a .;._   a      .   ;���    .      ���    _.-��
���ft by -aaxae a* U-lDal ?������ aft Iha _-Mtk Pacck
t-fiaaii.- c_m _.'_-.iri-_: ymn ttmm ttt ;a_irtlia ai
l*mm (Nat a -   -*cmt__ fark;  tkc-Mr  w-
i��r ii -._!���***���
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���r zafle to tbe
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, -   ��� . _ , .
r   -     -.*       ��� :
���aoe mvmt the ����t *otr��_a (_.*�����-
--..���   .:-.��-  ,-.f   .' rftaai   rtvea
��� if* iMtt ftft date
White nnd Pink FlaniU'lcit.*  NlBhl   DMSMB.     10  i��er ct'nt  disic-ount
on                    ia. i>rk*.*s.
Chil.Ir.-n s  Full and Winter Coals.     We  will foII  at   15  (x-r  rent   discount
,-ir   .n;.  tit ihem.
s      om   l-idies* Dresrs   Skirts  from  13.IK) each to t*!0 00.
Our Si.-rk ol Fancy and Staple Linens. Cushion Covers, Etc. ls most com-
Nosa is tbe time t<�� make a selection.
llerlin Wools in all shades.
Special Discount on All Ladies' Winter Coats.
You can buy a lo-acre Fruit Ranch  in  the best   fruit-growing district
in British  Columbia by paying   *f io down aud $io per   month.
Ev_*ti as au investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Laud has trebled iu value within on year. What will it do next vear?
V    ���    ft   - J-T,
: a _ -   _..-������
'-.KM*: .-of W en Ki*
r��-r��:���*, ������ ri.5
ne inMDD, Aa
,, *4 F  Tftjtia��M_*-t_mt *%aTtmm
tea*,   h.
ttelier   irom   that    fol-oa .&c    -��rnM
Hit    ���
���*- Co_-si_.��-5 -*.*-* at kpe**^. -E.lanT.-.. "������
-I   diroc-tfaa  '��� *���
*.- i ". ar.,-  ��.   iv     )���,*-.       -      *���    O.
,.u  ttoe wttt t.x i   I_.   N <��� TfH. Um-B'*   Dnrt-H ID
.   .        -. ;   ,    ���   .      " -_-���--.
.   : * -    ���'   -       :��.:.���  ;     ;���  .: ������    . -
Hm-t.   Cwtnaear-.i-v*-. t jf.**! i-laLtM. *e*fea__�� i
-  , *      -
-akert-i ���    PtaftteM*.   Ira F   "
enraex m-m.*** t<._i>dt*<3 <���_. tba araal
MHU ��     a �� .     I        **T    U
!-a 1.  ti-f t>oe  ��-i-u_ ��t> ekaltaa. t_-*t*<��   e-��at  >*D
rt__.i-*��f_ tl_i -K-e twDlt I l OM  ��-*�����*- Mi |
r-ba-Jb* W> polai ad iW-fliiwi-iea:
��    I   -... i   r.
JuF  T*i ua.
un R0TIi_ES.
51.-..-.-  l_atnS 3>lrtr*ir_.   l��ii-t.r_ri o!
��� ���
��� : .���-----
*.:...      -*   . _  .:,������-   -.._-.    ._-..
' *'*_*_?*__*f
���-- :.  >..*-_��� In the Kcf-'teoeye DodhlDic bi*-
.���������1 tbe fclauithter ia j-nne* we* ��n* makinc Io:
:*. we��e ��..rth the prtr*? Jt4Jvert_*s*��s3. ju_*1 di '
��� -a &t the rc-*_toce*_l prioe     Here la oor !l*-t /*.-r :ht  n< t* tDD dar*-
SMOKING JACKETS���Cost ^15.  sale price $10.
DRESSING    GOWNS���Two   $15   Dressing   Gown�� will   be   MDa   -o* ��7 M
ORESS COAT AND *�� EST��� S-��   36.  OMW,     lined,  mabe  from    the    %mmt
p->D��*s. rt-gu'tr price 1*5. Saie  price   $_?C ���
DRESS COAT AND VEST��� Size   36.   Worth  *�����..     Sate   ft :e  ��".
MONEY BIILTS���Regular   price  $___    Now $1.
We have ��t��)l a fe-a overcoats and  fancy vests toft, which you ca- heel ������-
your   own  price.
ra   Plamet erf *���_����� rrnrwf
��������_��   Hftleft   r��: S',�� ���
a ��_M aa S.W-1T far . *
pt tlae  l-il-aa la��   ftem-nl-t-d
-.-*     ;. -
-tarfcn*    - _ft��-R-7
_art_" __.��-��'* W< r_aai_w -accrsk, tWimae  *** f_Ualx_ff
li-ar H.
t X* tht t.
Xmaet jy-f.*. ���__,* Dr.t    ******
HtM* i
S-ftem* l_a_>a int-trtra   lfjau*i_n��* ��f-��t Hmrt<mte-r
M if..
-   -
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[Taylor & McQuarriej
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Kt_-_-_a Lasft TDpiati    Past-net mt ttmm Koa-fttowy
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itt.   AD-Dajaj    Tioar,   tV
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eta w  cbaft-ta. t_MD��t ,
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iXmmmm uartk ftBt-halma. t_be*_.i-r ���__-.��� ��*��� ofcwi-na
-    *. *��� .   ��� ���-   .     4     ���     .   : .
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W    a   ' aJOat   ar-���'
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-sou. Mu.. wticma-rt-wwi iarmer. lattcada ti ��   :
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acrea aJftspe,. ware n- laaa
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*4.r f4 Ul, Brlitoh C-ata����*a -twotberii KaU
wsy a���* a-foci Sft eatiatt-* ajwa-n-.y trmii wile ja-at
fi-��*��_-_* ri��� .it _h-*_ff-i--.l)i_0(-__ata.i-rS'��
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w-tft -Oft f-S-aia-a, i ftawnf i -martm *w ttw -wata h...
ary arf tiw Tt��b--c<-**e��y arf __* ftrmah (-niuLbti-
i.a. MS *. t.fiiit f-re��*rf-;iy a.o&c t_M
aaid ract.t-f.lvar w* juare ol f*f**cmwaaM>__-seait-
Pa-aia ift-ts -tofl flay o? A limn   Off
J-*n Ai-Bt-ar y*ri__ca
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-ai - aft -..  a: :l' tf-tlie
iiiiaa_i1lin_il -���: - ftD_D anfi   D m ttx.  V*>--*-
:    ������ i.aw tbe li-i.c-a-ltt* Oearntod
<M �� ftiiTM-i     t-twaaaesatttas at a
i.-st-fl   'A   A   B   KtMtbv-arl  oc*r_��eir    aa**.
:   i i.f a.D    ni>rt-ieT oi iot ft* �� 0   1. aad
���'.-.!, ��i < tn..t.i    i_.f-_.t_-> caDtftftd ____���
.���   cbalu*-*   tiieiM* ��e��-n �����* chala* to
i-ia*-*- of n^a laiiaiwisiiiai
A i rust .at. iwr AaTwrs A
lem-amt. to W Mft tbf   M I ; J^rt
.aa**:    Cfla.ime_ir-.nc  as ll*��
aM a-tf-are e��f I>r*r * Jwtab"    *I2JjJ rk*��w.
_r*f.re e* If-J-s   t<   U.f   emttm   <������ .��<    * D.,f
or  if-��. idfmiT.:  ���'���   Vitmmennevae*i   ,,ptM-
"i-_3-5n__.>ffi -,   	
Nc-.�� l__- !>__-_-   r-1-r.n * �� "*_f_j2!
T.a. BM-a *_.-���  ���
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��� ( bauaa. t*e��r, a-tad  W-nhatin
i i-tMujaa. tjaetom aaat��
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i   MM   I**"   Hur
,.1-a.    fanaif fiUnW--
m.nn w. i-mtx-baw tbr  If ',
a-.m__.fi.; ,:.    *��� ���   -    ��� ��� ���
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-tb.-aj-:    I*.*: !'���* '   *
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Xe_MW l_ai>e _>latnf-: .*    .    .    .,._*! hv
Taft* _*WJ�� tbat n__B- A urufU Nlwm . iii JLlt
II   'ututh
��� bf<__er. -ft C . <*'-
'  l-asi. HftsiHit    I'li-trifa o! W _mrt Knnte-bft-f
i.ai   ftajjaaji   Dc"-i_i- *>! u .
'     ��� i -Hi    ;��*itMI�� U�� ��| :
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-"lic'ftf   at   a  |K_M t>.auttfd  at   tbe
L   f     Iforrtnaa't-  rmtK-L.   in  Wttt
:   north   9r*r,y (��o f_t>a_a_..   iben-a
; i nt-e  iM.utb   but]   i*HlJ
-������'   f-bat-M  t�� TKitat ��i
niamalTitnt  aeoe  t uii-a-*-H*fl
1 ��e!T**m, mutt nr laaa.
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C--r is.
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i t-_-__-r ad um i-fm-rt-
-h_v-_ Lu.6 I*l,:-W   I-a-rtn-l ol a��rs' I*-__-���_.
Tatrtwt.-! ir,s, fi. i ir trrs.4sl,t nl Stlarf
B. < - ac-r���9_u_a-._,���->_r. u.t��a_. _�� _rj-i_f is-r
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i__ar.-si->r.   .-���   . *     in���   ol
_,.a.�� u..i    *;-*���'' . ,., , a sijir
,     WsDU-i-..   I,*.*'' ������   -,   ... rr(   ������*.
i��i___--1 w  i"-"-*'. -;
,-ll--l__��     Cnirn. i..*.'*   ��� '..               ./. '
thr ��.nU__-1 ��.-l..*   ������      - n"1"."**.
tn  rr.lW.tKrt- th.   f
n-vra-ar r s - i
n-rt-<_1��b-I��s   thn,       ��� rris-.1-1
:   ��.,h.lns. II..,...--���*������* ;.-,. The Daily Canadian
Ii you knew you could buy
I    ,*   ci  nuality stamped "Canada Approved"   by Government
��   "inspection on every package, would   you trouble making it, particularly wben it will Cost You Less.
We have it   in all   sizes to suit   families, boarding  houses
,������ hotels, 7. -4 aud 2H *b- Pails; 6o lb- tubs*
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
r^jjio, Rossland Boundary
Wholeaaia ProvUloru,
noTBramonl C*te___-T Ono-Ponnd Brtclr- received wwkly fresh from the
<hurn.    For Bale by all leading grocers.
'���':���,���-nni warehouse: Houston Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.       -        - Nelson, B.C.
Sulrdlvlsl in "f App���rton Brothers'   tract.    Improvements on every  block.
| Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
lo  tha  iitiilcrmiKntHl, at  hia
| r, H..UM*. in the CUT (if Nelaon.
��� till the   hoUS  ol 6 n'clocK, in
li*? alu-rtitM-11,  n( Friday.   November  IMh. VJOl.
br the I'lir.i a* ������(   tha "Praaldant"  Mineral
Oilm, I_.il >.. l.roup 1. Kootonajr PU'rlCt,
ihicii��M li -��� ������ to m forlalUMl to the (.Town
I ;n the i"HT of Nelson, on the
Willi- I ' . I SUA loi t)elliii*iieut taxes up
U Huh,    19-tt,    ami    iiwti,     The   upacl
-Fup.mil.-   taxi   Mlm-nxi   Claim,  whleh   In-
k��thi ��:i     mt of ,|.*li.-iM*nt  tax if.  and  eo*t
| II Ihi* 11tm- ol   ���.1-Miurt*.  with   lulorei-t,  ttx.-a
_xh h-vi -liii-t* aei-ritf-d, eoflU of advertl-tlna.
���Ml  Irani   (136 tJU) i- Wl 45, whieh
'��� * imimut thai  win   be eoimMirri'd a* a
I kMdai
���       end-*-   niust   be   aceonipanled    by   ati
11 .   -i foi Hi,, (nil   amount nt the   leu*
��� i- .i.i. i   nf tha   Deputy  '.-in-
��� ���_*_ I- -.nd Work**, at Victoria, ti. t*.
i ��lj*r.
DitoUl Nelson, Br , thia 1 .th day of Oct.. VJOl.
noTorniinnl Ageut.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Certificate  of Improvements.
"I'nlnn" Mineral ' '.**��� rn situate In the Nelaon
Mining Division, of the Went Kootenay DlatilcU
Where iinii'l "ii Toad Mountain two and a
hall mllei Irom Nelaon, B.
i-hlreaat-d   to  the  umlerMKin-d  tthlt
"in Homo, in the Olv of Ncl**..!i.
���IU i* -iv.-t up till tha hour of 6 o*cl�� k. i"
Wfttfiet t,  nf Friday, Nov.UUi.  iwn. for the
MnrhaiM. of thi   "OM Abe"   Mineral   Claim.   l-*'t
������> ,   ....'- n,,v   li.--r|i-l,   will "h   wan   de-
cUrad tit i-.   Inrfeited   io  liiu  Crown at  the  1*31
J li ihet'lly of Nelaou, on the fith day M
*u rm. -mil ,���,,.**-      I ln< iiiiii*!   price   upon the
��� ulii, u in. hide, the (.mount
. l mul   OMl   al tht) time
lit \i t.   Whlili   hiil
of for*
twru-.i fotu of advartiatni, and too tor Ciowm
'iiin (tttUO) line.Wi, whleh li> lhe leant amount
tbat will [*.��� . ,.i,*.|.l--n*d ��.- �� tender.
'���''I'   teadi-i    intuit   In-   mi emu twin led     by   "tl
' ' foi tin* full   amount of the ten
���   tti   the order ol  tin*   Uepul*   Qom-
1,1 - "I" n "i ��l Landi mul Worlti, t\ Vlrtorlu, H.l-.,
I'nt.iHt **,, iv,,,,, ii, . h.ih Uth day of oet, 11*07.
tlnvernmi-nt ARent.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
_, untddraated la the
:i,i,:",:11*"-**"" "������
i *.
-srr.len s.l,lr.ssi���| tu l|���,   ..T,. 1. r.lK ne.1   Kt   his
ll,,rrs.r. ll, tlH-l'lly 111   N.'lsl.ll.
nil nil tlu- l,<,ur <>f rs.rdoc**. in
I Frl-I.-, N���v. IMh, MOT, [or toe
r "llsdn-r" Miu.rsl l-lslin, Lol
,., ''[''"1''��� Kl,"',iisy lllslrlcrt, which wns <*,*
i.i. i , ! " ���""'u,"l '" lhe Crown st liur Isx
���",,"'''' ""���'"   ' llj r.l Nvlsou.on   III. 6lll   ,l��y
snir i1.',     '' "r rlelni4***Dt luxes up nil Jan.
��[,l'\h, ,"""""��� tae lljisinti.rl.r.| upon Iho
.,l,l,i       "       ,m' wlll('h Inoluan In. .mount
Irrliir ,',"' l,l.r * "ml .-"Sis sl llro Hum ol l����r-
-''���r'r.'r Inlorcst, Isxos which   h.ve  sln.-u
i,r,r,i .V.- "' o,lv.-rlIs.nr.. nn,! lee forrroivn
ll��� 1    ',"" I" '*' 65, Mh ill Is lhe lenst amouut
_��l,'"r   ,'',""��� l-lei-,1 ,l��ll KuU.r.
��,���, i ''" l"[,*, ����� ui-iompsiileil by ��n
for n., I;ll'"l:"- l"i Hie lllll  anioiuil ol lb. l.-u
lul.' '",-,";' I' or.ler ol  lh���   l>,.*|,utj-   lorn-
>l|,��r    '""-"'"Ir- stnl Works, nl Vietorln. III*.
'"u-ilni Koison, H.l*. this I4lh .lay ol Hot., 1DOT.
IIA It It V Willi,HT,
lioveriiuu-nt AK.rut.
Tcnd<rs Warned for the Purchase of a
Min ral Ct im.
. inn!, 'i ���'*** l'' ,h" ''iHU'ruiKtied at hta
���aroMiJ """ ���-���'"������*-, hi the City of Nel-on,
iiinim.",','-1' uil   l1"-' hourofr.o'eloek iii
ih J ,', **��� ��ri*liiv,   Nov. IMh.  11)07. (or the
ninii il -WlftWk" Mlner.il Clnlm, Lot
'Hn U- ( ",,,,;,,Hf IXntrii'.i. whleh wm de-
K-lcl In ti.?rlV,Ued   t*p tht iiiiiwn at tho  tax
'���-HO. In.  .tilS* N'^""  -he r.ih day
hi.-, -.;, ' ''''liii.iut.ut tiixe** up till .lune
���''ti.-i*! ','"���"'' r'u' Up��at price upon tlie
'n.i,,;,,,.,lm' whll,h lm'lui!en the niinnint
^ifvith in"��� *na ��"t�� *t tha tlmoof for-
"'���l e.nu , r|'Nl- ini-i'H wlilclt hnvo fIih'-O
UlJidni ,. ,'!,lVl,|tl--lt*K. mid fee lor CroWIl
will |H.,., ,, *������.''��� r'r,i whleh Ih the lenat umount
lb   lender   m llN ��� ���l',,t-i*'''*
I'le.t, |��� nii��� ���*t he Hremnpiinled by au
fnfllie t.V ,i i ���*���'���   -MnotlUl ofthotetl-
'"������"Tnf i... J' ,M,'l'r ��f Iho ' eimty Com-
. I-Hiidn (l,.,, WorkH.al Vleturla, B.O ,
Ud nl Mt'laon. B, 11. U, |fl Uth l)KV nf 0)lt, ,wn.
UoTornment Agent.
Take notlee tbat ], Of', A   Maclonald, aeting aa
��.-��� ii- for  Bull   Hntherland,   Kree
U'l. net inn* a*
_____________B_____1111111111111111111^_________________i_____ Miner'a Cer-
tllleaU* No. M\2t9, IlihMid M day* from the date
ii. i.-'.f. io apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate of improremeun. for the purpo��e o(
obtaining a Crown  (irnnt of  the  above claim.
-.ml further take notice that action, under
���Section :n, mnm b��" **timni-nc_- before the la-
anam-e of such Certificate uf lmprovenients
hated tbla'.3rd day of .September, A   I* , 1907
W. A     MM   li-'NAll*
Certificate of Improvements.
"tittt  BpOt   Kra.Ut
111   the   TriMil   Lake
Ko.rt-ii.y   HiPtrlct.
I'm. la r
Take notice thai
(Vrilfleau No. Hwv.ii
date hereof toappiy
m Cerlllh ale of linpr
obtaining a Crown G
And further lake
���Velum H, iun-. t
iKHuance of itueh
Huted this Mh day
>n" Mineral t'lalm. sliuate
Mining IHvlftlnn, ot Weat
Isoeated   OD    1'oplar    creek,
I, t\ Padley Kree Miner a
JO, intend oo dav-. from the
to the Kintal Kecorder for
iivvnienta for the pnrjfose o(
rHiit of the atxive Claim
n.itu-i-   that   action   under
e   commenced    DOfOlt   the
till cate of  ImiinivemenU
ol October, 19U7.
C   l'AHLKY.
In the inatu-r of an application (or the tnr-ue ol
a duplicate Uottlflcmte ol Title (or pari (40 ���erea)
oi hot -*l_. (.roup one. lu the hi-in. ���. of KiMiteuay.
Notice la hereby given that It la ray  Intention
to laaue at the expiration of one mouth from the
flrat publication hereof   a duplicate   of  the   Cer
tificate of Title (or the above land**. In the name
ul Andrew Murrlaou, �� hieh Certiiicale of Title
I*, dated tho .Mh day ol Marth, 1WH), aud niim-
In-red _ts;t'JK.
Und   Kegistry tifflco, Nelaon, B. c .Heptemher
"H   F. MAtMon."
Dialrlet KeitUtrar.
In the matter of an appl toi tlon for the iNnueof
duplltahU ol the I'ertlllcHUauf Title lo lota 11,
l'_ and Ui group 1, Went Kooteuay Dlntrlct, alno
known an the ''Kooleuay Chief." "Cuiufort" and
"l.ulu" mineral claim". reHpeetlvely.
Noihi* In hertdiy Riven that lt In my intention
to lama at the expiration nf one mon tli after the
(I rut publication hereof a duplicate ot CerlllleMe
of Tide ... i.-i"i.t ni an undivided nl lOUths lu
eaeh of lhe a**ove lots, Inniied on the l.ih day of
May, A I). 1MB in tho name of John 0. A inn worth,
and alao a duplicate ol Certlllcate of Title No.
MOW of au undivided 19-llHHh** in each ot thc
abovo Int*-. l-mied on the 17th day of May, A. I)
lNHtt. in the name of Heorgc J. Alnawnrlh.
Land Keglalry OUtM, Hclann, B. C, Auguat 6th
H. T. MacLbad,"
Diatrict KeRlBtrar.
In the matter ot au applloattDD Ior the tt*\n? at
a duplicate ot ihe Certlfieatu of Title [or lot _r_t,
and the west halt of lot'il, block til, in the Town
of Nelaon.
Notice In hereby Kiven that it in my intention
to Inav at tlit- exidralion of one mouth after the
tliHl pui.Heat ion hereof a duplicate ot thecerlltl
cult! nl title for the above land*.. In the name of
l.i.:,,-t M(n |.l* . tvhleh certtllcale in ditt. il the irUi
day of December, HWO, nnd tiuiiilwred ailyl K.
"H   K. MACl.Kon,"
Dlatrlct KcglHtrar.
In the Matter of    the "Land    Registry
Act" and Amendments thereto,
in"which Ccriilli
dated the ��lh day of Angual.  1MB,  and  la nnm-
...nst. lOOT. DUtrlct Uoglstrar.
Dominion   Miitaters  Have   Played Two
Faced Game on Question of Oriental Influx.
Augniit, HW7.
"The AHlatic quest ion jg of very great
ImporUnoe,*- HayH C. F. Hamilton, of the
Toronto Newt, writing from the weBt
when- he hat* been r*port_J__g the Uorden
meetinsH. "Ii Is not a Question of the
Jealousy of labor unions; it Is a question of who tthall own the Pacific slope.
If it were simply the objection of white
labor to sharing Ita market with some
thousands of submissive Orientals, who
would never become a political factor,
tho issue would be far less serious. It
may even be conceded that the coast
needs some Chinese, and will need them
for years to come. Hut all arguments as
to the need for labor and as to the value
lor development purposes of a rapid construction of railways through the northern end of the province fall before the
fact that the Japanese are not the submissive men that the Chinese and Hindus are. They are alive with racial
pride and racial aspirations; they do not
accept the white man's superiority;
their purpose in coming ls not to accumulate a little forfune and go home;
they go to British Columbia with much
the same idea of occupying It which animates our own people. There are minor
difficult tea, such as the present pugnacious disposition of the Japanese; for
example, a story 1b current of fifty Japanese entering one of the mountain
towns looking for trouble and of It taking great tact and forbearance on the
part of the local police to avert dan-
gerou.- disorder. These difficulties are
not of intrinsic importance, for Canada
would have been In a bad way long ago
had every faction row been a blow to
nationuI unity. What is Important Is
that the Japanese and our people cannot assimilate���the fact hardly needs
staling���aud that the Japanese are even
more ready than our people lo settle
down and possess the land; and that
they are Just as ready as our people to
make good by force their claim to possession. Again, they are In a position
to swamp our people; their base Is
across the ocean, the base of our present Influx or white immigration is across a continent aa well as across an
ocean. It Is a question of who shall
own ltritlsh Columbila; and that Is an
Issue of enormous national importance.
Where would Canada be If Its Pacific
Province were a Japanese colony?
"Mr. Borden took a fairly definite poe-
Certtficate   of   Improvements
"BloQire.il" and "l.uehec" Mlueral Clalma situate lu the Nelson Mining Dlvlnlon, of West
Kooteuar Difdrtct.
Where located : Vt'etH hrauch of north fork of
Halmon river, on <<ralg Mountain, ahout nine
���in,i- Iroin Km. B. 0.
Take notice that I, Alfred Krneft (iallnpe, Free
Miner'a (ertilloate No. B6I9, intend, HUty daya
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate ol Improvementa, for
the purpof-- of ohtalulng Crown Crants ot the
above . ..iii- -
And further take uotice that action, under
aeetlou 57. niimt ba commenced hefore the lami*
ance of anch < 'erf it) cat-- of improve menu.
Haled this 12th day ot tie pie in ber, 1907.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tentien add rented to the titideraliiued at hla
oftlee ln the Court Houae, In the City ol
Nelion, will ba received up till the
hour ot A o'clock, in the afternoon, of Prl
day, November lut, 1��17, fnr the purchaae of
the "Anne" Mineral CUlm, Lot '..;���'.., Uroup 1,
Kooteuay l>intrict, which wan declared to ba
forfeited to the Crown at the tax aale held tn the
('ity of Nelitou, on the t'.ih day ot November, 1906,
tor delinquent laxen up till June 80th, HM6, and
The upKet price upon the nald mineral claim,
which include*' the amount of delinquent taxes
and com it at the time of forfeiture, with lntereat,
la-ten which have Mnce accrued, coat of advertising, and fee (or Crown tirallt FW 00.) ls|l_*3.70,
v* li it-li in the leant amount that will be considered
an a lender
Kiu-ii tender must ho accompanied by an accepted cheque fnr the full amount of the tender,
payable tti the order of the Hepuly Commltinloncr
of ..and-and Works, at Victoria, B.C., at par.
 B.C..   thlB_7th day of Bept.
Hated   at  Nel
(iovernment Agent. N��t_on. B. 0
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stove.,  etc.
II Eaet Baker St. Phone No. A114
Geo. P.  Player
Office  Room No. 2,   ELLIOT    BLOCK.
F. C. GREEN       F. F. BURDEH       A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box 145   Phone 261 B.
INEUSOIN,     -     B. C
We offer you beat fruit landa;
beat terms; beat location; best
climate. Absolute tltlea. You
don't hare to un..* all of your means
ln paying for land. We want you
to put It Into development We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acrea.
prices and terms the best. We own
those lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Fruitvale you
miss the beat In B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
One of Netton't Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B., Dally
ition on this. In general terms, British
Columbia must be Itriiish and Canadian,
'Inhabited and dominated' by the same
races ihat Inhabit and dominate Eastern
Canada. So far as specific means go,
he would allow the majority of the
peojUe of the province to prescribe the
measures to be taken. So far the Province has demanded legislation of the
type of the Natal Act; Mr. McBride,
however, haa described the Natal Act as
Intended as an expression of opinion
rather than a definite executive measure.
"Upon this decision Mr. Borden has
based a remarkably sharp attack upon
the Government. The local Liberals
must be In a good deal of trouble over
the affair; they are In the position of
defending the Government which insists
on letting the Japanene in, and of trying
to censure Mr. McBride for noi being a
sincere Excltisionist. Mr. Borden has
lifted the issue above this petty level,
and has charged the Dominion Government with something very close to complicity in the present influx. His argument, which Is very ingenious, will bear
restating. First, however, be It remembered that with characteristic, lawyerlike caution, he stops short of saying
exactly what he means. What he means
ls that the Grand Trunk Pacific, the
power behind the throne, from the flrst
made up Its mind to use Oriental labor
for the mountain section, and that, in-
spl red by it the Government took a
series of steps leading up to this end;
owing to Uie Chinese head tax, Japan
fnr nished the only supply of labor available. The Grand Trunk Pacific people
have done their best to encourage this
theory, Mr. HayB by a blunt declaration
declaring thut he would use Oriental labor, and Senator Cox by an elaborate
argument for their employment.
"First in the chain of events pieced
together by Mr. Borden la the refusal of
the Government to accept the proposal,
made by a Conservative, to Insert an
antl-OHcntat-labor clause In the charter
of the great railway. The writer may
interject   that   this   refusal,   by   itself,
Notice of Meeting.
Cascade Water  Power and tight Company,  Limited.
Notice Is hereby given that an extraordinary general meeting of the Cas-
cade Water, Power nnd Light Company,
Limited, will be held at the offices of
the company on Saturday the 2nd day
of November, 1907, at the hour of 2
u'clock ln tho afternoon, for the pur-
poae of;
1. Authori-ing the issue of a scries
of debentures, aggregating -375,000.00,
dated the 1st day of May, 1907, with interest at OA per cent, per annum, payable on tlie first day of May, 1940, with
Interest payable seml-annunlly on the
1st days ot May and November in each
2. Authorizing tho execution of the
draft Deed of Trust, approved by the
parties, which will be submitted to the
meeting, and mnde between the company, of the First Part, the Royal Trust
Company of Montreal, of the Second
Part, and the West Kootenay Power and
Light Company, Limited, of the Third
3. Passing the resolution recited in
the said draft Hood of Trust.
4. Transacting such other business
us may properly come before the meeting.
Dated this 10th day of October, A. D.
Ily Order of the Hoard.
Tremont House
���nroneftn and American Plan
Heali as ct-.   Room* from 21 ots. lo VI.
only White Help employed.
Baker Bl.. Nelaon Propria I on
Most eom'ort.b!e nt-.rler*      Nelson)
Only tbe best of Liquors .nd Clg.rs.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renorated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room ls unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Rous*
and Poitoftlce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Bs���tor Btreet, Nelson. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large ��nd Comfortable Bedroom, .nd Flint-
clMsDiotug Boom, temple Booms lor Con-mer-
Cl_l   Mu.
MBS. B. G.CLABEE, Proprietress
Bartlett   House
Best DoIlar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe Bar la the Flneet.
White Help Only Kmplojod.
Joeephlne tit.
Nelaon. B.C.
Royal Hotel
Bates |1 and fl.60 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarder.
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal In ths city.
was just enough; the Issue should be
dealt with as a matter for general legislation; the Canadian Pacific employs
great numbers of Japanese as section
hands, and It would not be fair to allow it an advantage over its rival.
Secondly, the Government In 1907, just
when the railway was beginning seriously to consider the question, negotiated
and passed a Canadian-.Iapanese treaty,
reviving a British-Japanese treaty of
IS.).- this treaty had lapsed, so far as
Canada was concerned, and no pressing
need for it existed. Prior to the conclusion of this treaty Japanese emigration was severely limited, by the independent action of the Japanese Government and by the convention between the
two Governments, whereby only some
five hundred Japanese, and those not of
the wage-rani.ng class, could enter Canada in any one year. It seems a legal
construction of the terms of the treaty
that it overrides and abrogates this convention.
"But two or three years before the negotiation of this treaty Mr. Fisher visited Japan, and on his return assured
the House of Commons that the Japanese Government had given him assurances, in writing, that this restriction
of emigration would be continued. He
added that these assurances covered
such expedients as that of breaking the
journey at Honolulu. Sir Wilfrid l.aurler
repeated these assurances when the
treaty was under discussion. The Dominion Government seems confronted
with a dilemma; either tbo Japanese
Government has receded from its assurances, or the Ministers who negotiated
iho treaty have deceived thu people of
Canada. Tu this dovetailing of events
Mr. Borden added a brilliant and plausible guess; Mr. Preston, fresh from his
secret connection with Leopold's activities in sending artisans to Canada, fresh
also from his mysterious association
with lhe Atlantic Trading Company, hud
been three months in tho Far East
when this rush of Japanese laborers
to Canada commenced.
"This attack is likely to have a good
deal of effect tn British Columbia. If
.���.astern Canada takes any real interest
in the Japanese problem it will attract
nottee there as well.
"On tho coast the Japanese problem
10-Acre Blocks For Sale
In the Slocan Valley;  free from   stone;  level land;  ample water;  railway facilities;  good settleme-t; easy clearing.
Price:  .50 to $85.   Terms: One-fifth  cash,   the   balance   one-fifth   each
year.. Interest 6 per cent. '-���.fe-*-������**���*���������������������    ___****> -  -  it
H. & M. BIRD
Flre, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability __u��nu_ee
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
7 rooms and bath, 50 ft. corner lot,
centrally located, one-half cash,
balance   on   terms $2100
5 rooms and bath���excellent repair,
electric light, water, sewer, 1 1-2	
loU, on terms $2000
3 rooms, water, electric light, chicken house, woodshed; on terms.. $ 750
5 rooms with two excellent Iota in
Fairvlew;   water $1350
Victoria  St.   (75  ft.   corner) $   500
Houston St.  (50 ft corner) $ 375
Chatham St., Fairvlew  (30 ft) $200
6 3-4 acres, easy of access by wagon
road, partially cultivated; suitable for
market garden.    Terms given
160 acres on Kootenay River, good
train aervice $3000
Real Estate Agent
315 Baker St, Nelson, B. C.
Are in a class by themselves. Large, level benches.
Magnificent soil. Unexcelled transportation facilities.    NO ISOLATION AT ROBSON.
For Price and   particulars apply to
lYIcDermid & McHardy
r_!I-*.   s_.s-.inj    n.   art *���
HANUFACTUREKS    f _._,,-,t^.*     Cf__.__��,!_���__,
AND DEALERS IN    -Lt*lI_.De_f>   _>JUtlgleSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Hail Orders promptly attended to.
Turned Work -.nd Bracketa,
VBRNON STREET   ���   ���
Furniture, Clothing,
Stationery, Etc.
SATURDAY OCTOBER 12th.        7.30 p.m.
So. 310.
Certificate of the Registration of >n Extra-Provincial   Company.
'-UOMrANiu Alt, 1887."
I hereby certify that the "Pslli Creek Copper
Mlninn Company, Limited," has this day beea
r_-|-lute red an au Ikxtra-Proviiiclal Compauy un*
drr the "Companlet |Act, 1RV7," to carry out or
effect all or any of the objects of the Company
Ut which the li'Kihliitivt* authority of the Legia-
lature of BrlUxh Columbia ���*-. tt-ii'ls
The head office of the Company In ultuate at
the Clly of spoiti.iM', Htate of Washington, U.S.A.
The ammtut ot the capital of tbe Comi't-uy ls
��� >ue million live hundred thounand dollars.
11vitli'd luto one million ttve hundred thouaand
shares of one dollar each-
The head olllee of the Comp-my lu this Province is situate at Nelson, and Michael C Mon-
iighau. Miner, whose address ts the same, is tho
attorney of the Compauy
The time of the existence of the Company is
lifty years from the 15th March, ltW7.
The Compauy 1_ snccUilly limited under sec-
liou G6 of the above Act.
��� -iviMi under my band and seal of office at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this ldth
day of May, one thousand ulne hundred aud
[L. .*!.] 8, V. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Olci Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
KO to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on Bale.
Ml kinds of Dlnnerware ln stock. Patterns.
Is acute, and the feeling on the subject
has passed from the ranks of labor unionism to other classes in the community. Many employers are set upon cheap
labor at un> price; but one meets others
who agrt-c that, ^reat as the sacrifice
of cheap labor would ho. it must be
made for national reasons. In tho mountains the problem hus not been directly
felt, the interest is slight; and the antagonism to the Japanese comes almost wholly from thu labor unions;
theso are strong."
To All  Point*  In  Kootenays.
MONTREAL, (46.10; OTTAWA,*44.85;
HALIFAX, ��56.40.
Correspondingly Low Rate* from and
to All Intermediate Point*.
Prevail! passage arranged.    Reservations secured, etc. through tbi* offlee.
For further particulars call or write
x 1. P. _..V.-oo_-er. D.f.A., Keuea
���1   \
i ���   *,
:   I
i I
-    19
'������   i
Wm (
t 1
: ���-!
nur stock for the New Jewelry and Other
goods wo are opening up almoal every
day. We are exhibiting Brooches, Necklets. Pendents* Bracelets, all in new tle-
���tffns. The new Enamel Jewelry tn
p-lowers, Btrda and Et__gi ta most attractive.
J. ().  Patenaude
!r        -civ
And Belts
l'.'iK-y Chiffon and Silk
Ci I ni v, ith or without tabs
.u, eai h, 5< i., 75c, l-.oo to
$3 oo,
N. a Elastic B aded Belts.
New Leather and Silk
Belts in all colors,
..   . ._.----__���
s ne*: c*- ���
OMktxvtai ��&-l i whmtmo yon
.   ____���_���&    Biker Strc-t.
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
Th.* Bmt Hard Coal on U a mm
I tank I.*l*-m<J I -ri
CJU-��t tCN
Tin-  Bmi  Donaatlc Coal
West Transfer Co.
���_*-���- - *
���*.��r.   -..,-,,,.,.    ���,,,.   \v,lr,| Htr��.t>i
isauatorv, b. c.
II    M.   I".nr,ll.   tir-mliy-   .1    II.   Kllis.
lie)    IV. F-tmer, C-aUegar;  P  Pel
��� el;    Q,  C  Ulltediiunp, M.
inn,].. \'.iii.-..nvcr:   .\. C. Stepney, En
8   i'   Killer, Toronto; 11   K  On.
Mil,    VI. -orin;    .1     IVek     Ne-    Wesliiiln.
-i.i .1 ii Alexander, Toronto; J. Kir*
I \ Campbell, J s Desrcbamps,
and;   A   Locaa,  K.r> o;   R   II   Ma-
, hin.  Vein,mi.   I.- Seattle;   L
i, Vernon; t;,-,,  n  it,;;. 1* C F_r_
ham, Salmo; w. !��� Alney, Dearer, Coin
to Acr��  .   ,<ks to Soo
Aerr Bl *. .*->.
Bedrock Prices.
H. E. Ooadsdaife & __���
��� *
>N*"VN*%**S***VN-*V*V *i<\\\VV%*\>VVVV*V\V*4*>,y
R  A 1.1.
1-1 AND tMM
>.. -=ruES.
F-*>c-e   �� P.  0    I'..   PI
.A V%V-s*s*-ASsVA-*s*A*s*A*���VVSsVrV
Beit  Lc-.!cJ  Hotel  in  Nelson
I'n.'.cr in,* !-!snsj-<-msEl >,! K   F   He**
late ot T���re��nt.-. OUlran an J
���;   K Hal    E   Rob
rt*. V *..*.-  r-    .
rife, I*. A   Ur. v, n   Mont-
Clark and -id . Orand !
\     \
ItrinM.-n. K   I.   Hurni'tl. Itnrt.m
���' ���   ���' - n. A   li   -Oodoa,
S   - m   tin. worth;  ���
lain ,    K  I*
.-   ���
J  Hawkins. Pan-.       -.   s
l*r, w.  Ho*.    -
��� *     Mr . v     -
(.eng   j
V'     ,-   !*-->��nun.   ��� i;. ,     ?
. -*. :    I.   ,
'    -      0. H. 8
ltd    Mr   ��-, :
Q   .   in    x
M   1
J   C   Braat   B   Well.   Da-tap; w   \
r  II   Hull. i.
I   1*   I
J   '���* -
r,   l -
11   Allan. Salmo. J   I
K< I;  \V   L-nr,
, k
A. McDonald & Co.
D-C.-T-. in .<a*H>___ t_n t r.rncwn-
nnd aiiuera' Snpp-tr-.
A   M   r'nr,   S,-<-   .'   I
Mining Work a Specialty.
OBc-f:   I'.-lfj* nulldins     i"-. O   Pol tti
Ba-.tr s: . NELSON. B   C.
W.    O.    GILLETT
C-mtrnctnp   -*..__
*  *    *     ! '.1
*-*.**      *���-.._���*��� KB ��� l |
-   ���   ���:
i   an.l   lim.   I
���*������'��� '   VmNnH    ��-*-; of Hall
^NI._.-_**K>*N.    B. 4J.
l\ i�� a-i aa M��|m m
Cleared,    cultivated,     planted
with   So  trees, good   water,
tirst rate location, _"��700_
COMB and -N38.
Loc.il Grapes.
Some fine boxed or local grapea are on
:. .\ in iii** city From tho rat_ot_ of 11  M.
:'��� ter.
Qu i, ..nt.i.e Lifted.
The tiuarantlni �� - . tltahad In PImw i   i
on accounl of Btnall pox ��;is lifted s
terday, us :iii danger la believed U   i ���
at an cud.
School Fumigated.
The fumigation of ilio main Door of
tin* public Bchoo] building was completed vcsiriihiy Attention is being given
today in the basement.
Local Epidemic.
Unfounded ranson bave been In cslrcu
lation thai many more caaea of diphtheria had developed In tlm city. As a
matter of faci tho total number of cases
[a i ni\ i it:lit, ami several of these are
already almost entirely cured.
SundJiy Schools.
The union Sunday School convention
opened In tin- Baptist church laal night,
\uih .1. Patrick, president of the local
union in tlit* chair. Addresses of welcome were delivered by Mayor Gilletl
and by Rev. J. T. Ferguson, the latter
emphasising ihe Importance of home in-
Muence in connection with Sunday
school work. S. Mulrhead, of Okotoka,
replied on behalf of the visitors    K. \
\\\  C.   Merritt   delivered   ao   address  on
Inspiration. Sessions bave been held
this morning snd this sfternoon, and p
devotional aervice will be held this
evening, followed by an organisation
ai Baton,
Y. M. P. A.
At a meeting of the v. M   p. A, held
last evening at the residence   of   Bro
Caldwell, it was moved hy l.ro Holmes
and seconded by Bro. Perrv that the
"Piker Degree" be conferred upon Bro
Pothertngham, nml that he be expelled
from the order on his return to the city
Bro, -jippereon'a withdrawal pap< ra
were resj), and by a unanimous vote bt
waa allowed to withdraw, much t�� th.
n gret of ihe brothers. Bro. McBrld"
was reinstated to office amid mam
hearty cheers, as it was rumored that h<
had ai��o piked. Beporta from stlhordin
at.* lodgea ar Vancouver, Seattle. Sot
kaOJOt . Victoria and Portland shou a
urgi   Increase In membership, and thi
got d ��ork of the order is going ahead b]
leaps and  tkmnds.
Qeorge n u.-n. of Balmo, came in to
the city  last  night.
i Peek, of New Westminster, lnsi**eo*
tor of t-tationary Nulers. is in the city
Rev .i t. Powell, bursar *.*t Ootam-
Man < loih ^- Nea Westminster, Ls m
the city
J B Psw-t hampB. of Btne <v r>e*s-
champs. Rossland Jumi-erinen. is agrneal
at the Hume
K I. P.urnett. t.ur\eyor. camr down
bote  <  irtoa   last   alghl  and is at the
A. Lucas, provincial saaoMnr, came
down fn��m BsatOB last night en roots
booDM  ta Kaalo
tager of the Wt -���
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone  265
Y-le-Kootenay  Ice, Frtutt,
Foel Se. Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. C. co.. Baker   and   Ward   Sta.
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Rcccoininend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
Rob. ML Hood & Co.
K. -*-   C   BkMk     P-o_��  it
The Daily Canadian
The Famous T. & B. Blend
is growing in popularity every
day because it i.s the best we
cat* procure.
Our special line at 3 lbs. for
$1.00 is a dandy.
Corner Silica an." JaMphlna SU
Wholeaala UHd   K.-tsll ll.r.l.*rs In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oampa SttppliBd OO  shortest notice nnd
lowest price.        Hotting hut  fires), sod
whole-some incuts und suppU-i-f kept in sto-'k
Mail orders receive ci ireful utt* ntion.
E.  C.  TRAVES.   Managef.
We receive the n- ��      i irdfl  monthly
aa they are issued
The Octoher I-. ��� ,���    �� .,
.ind make yooi self I; jroe can;
�� all,  w : Me  u- foi nd oa  your
order, and  we oil] -i re. ords
We  sell  ill    talking    mai him t   and
reooida ���*' thi aaaai  i
sl * \< i> whin-:; . ki d by the
You   lose   money   '��� ndini   further
Bending    away    for    them    bec_%MM    it
I oa  more tt       i tht m d< ;:
Edison   Records each  40c
Disc   Records    10-inch   ~bc   each.   l_>-*nch
$1._?5 each each.
Victor Red Seal Records, each $1.25 to $6
\v> keep the lan
in the . -��� to iii] all
ordenblor reooi la U an pmnprahis
15 l?EN0WiED
lT5 5CE/iEI?Y
AMI*        '
W. G. Thomson
_���ffT,iK?����"*���     Nelson, B.C.
l*��H<.n��s 9-0.
Pore Ontario Honey,
5 lb. Tins,
fTelf-phone 161.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch aud
Boni Builders will find it to their ad*
vatit...-.  to u_- oor Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co*
M>:*t -iAI f      *���  f -- i'^ mfi Mm inr -Vim-'*
Bufiiit-*-- pU-rinc IP lull n.'ii��<- wettrr evenjiiir.
k-hwI boslocn. ehsiina ror r\g.hi di.ii, mmm
rt-����-.nii tor wlllsg Apily K, W. T.. Cansatso
l.i'ST    A 1    r*e helvren tht*   lj*.k*\ o* *f  ��tnl  Trr-
mnni   hafli eontaittlos   mono . itkkM io
N-iiimrno  aixl r��ln_ibi��*  paper*.    Kfndrr pi* **<���
rYturn fo ihii- OlTl**-e f-ad re-cetre $S rcwar-1.
LOST    A I.aI'V'h t'MHKKt.l-A ���rlths-il I rimaiad
kamlls Isfl ��* K   v   ii_.ii. oa ni^-tit ol >in
*--*pt     Kin.ii I   ;     i- :.iin   �����   YtttkrT'f  im-
plo-rtnrm Ar,eney -in'l terolre rc-viar*!,
QQLD   CHAl-f,   r-ettrccn   H.-oT-fr   ��n-1   VsrSsfl
'-      MHtubli- r**����rrl  will   he p��i.i lor iut
rvtMrn.    Mor-rruiM A HeHsrdr.
Kootenay   Power   and   Light   com-.any.
orer last oiLght
John   Kirk up,   gold   cnmmisptoif r   ol
Rooslaad   eaaie ta lasi  ni_rht rrotn the
*   i-.kes ujien* he has b^en BOCOtB-
paaytng  P ���;   Lucas.
L. Norrls. goeonuaaftl spent at Vernon, arrived b\ th. oomt train la.st ni^ht
and left for <.r-*-nwood this ninrnlng to
���   ���   -   .**   |(] -   t.-
apains!  the executors of her hnsbood'l
A hH'KKTB'-OK rortUlniiic a *-l_;r��*-l <-h>*.|()onf
���   H.it��*( M In las ''tmi-iii, p��v��.bic
t..  i     C    "A_ul.*.  an.)   ;���-..-��� r   kindly
!��� n\-> ��1 No nt
Austrian Emperor Convalescent.
Vienna. Oct :M.���KverythinK this
mornine p<.!n:-- to the health of Km|iemr
Francis Joseph ha\inc decidedly improv
��� d His art. n-dlm phyaMAM admit that
His Majesty's OOBI Lh 101 nee has Left Ull
and diiiiro: the sartj pari of the day he
: state documents with a firm
Blaze m  New York.
Ne'-*  1 ]...m.t-*.- to the . \-
tem of Ot t.    was caused tods;
hy a fin* which destroyed the hie phnpib
in*;  work*. tmCttsrj   of the Schwal.
Oa.  nt  Washington  and  Park  svonne,
Brooklyn,   ti..  i>ini,. ^1^ nch.-d ��p ten
two-aton   fran*   ��� ��� n.-monti on tht
pnslte side .,f  I'.jrK av-*��ne itnft the
TWO FI HJT^ri-A** Kt-OMH, ��U-*__ro h<*ate.1     Ap
plT hrf.nu k*-ci_f*r- Ird f. -t. K   W. C
eraXTSD   ti* Kstan   .heTleeaeheltr, T.ra
rn.ru, k     r 1 tne    will   ghtt   U  ri��U *-**���?*.   in [he
.'.  all  (To-vii    timber.      Apply    fo Jo*.pi,
ii*nt*llt-. i'i
�� ������
HANTi"!- -I't.ntion by VotiDf Scot.-m.-n (mar
riM) �� illinir to u_r_ !_��� aoj*tb!n��. r-fperlctrsert
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A My J   a    M . rare lbl* ottlve.
U Kinds nf Heating  Plants  in  Stork
eunanta fi,.,i from their homes In haats      Victoria 8L, Nr.Ooera House.      Tel. 181
Boots at Cost
You run I ,r.<! KHMa r.t >��� rr.   ..sin  prlci-     The celebl-t. r! M. K.*on
IU��t* an.l Sh.-, > r, .l.rr.d fr.,ni $i*..��i to  H.OO.
Th.-   Mol-ir, n   k   [-.-.'I'M   Hoot  ro.'.'i, ��� I  trmn $.*,'*.. to ��3.75.
411' .-   W��rd  Street.
A Shoems.tr -.anted to take o--er Shoe ma king Department.
OwlliK to an lo-rwurinf MltllH-. Ir
111.* r.-Kiilar lln.*s of DruQa and Stationery we mutt have more room, (__ ��l!|
lir.v.,   to rloBi- out H.'V.-iul of our   "sl.l's,
11 in -t _-"        \V.,   i inn,ne,.   W|th   CHINA
WARE. Our now siork U all in for tin,
'Xiii.im riri,l,,. .-mil It all gims In at our
Clearing Out  Pricea..
A vlxit to ___ (loiiurtment will Inter-
rst you.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR  BAKER and WARD.        Phone 81
l'��sp..t,-l.-,ir ��r.-l ,i,,i,i,1..ic s.Mrutwl \�� It t, Deapatch.   -,*,__,�� ��..-.
V>-,.rk, Mlnlna ...,J fttlll .Machln.ry.      -_-n_t_____?_S ,,,
Of*   O-U'M.   R.   W.    Cntra-tur.'   ��_��"��.
that la faahlonable and durable can t.
bought now at a price that is ,ure to
tempt you. Winter atyle, are being
Bhown. Come quick and get the pick.
Shirts. Collar, and Cuff, galore Med
lum and Heavy Weight Pajamss ind
Night Shirts at proper prices. Particular people will be pleased with our ofler
preacript'ont filled.
Hy and carefully
compounded    aa    your    physician   pre-
scr.bes, bring them    to the    Popular    Store.
Poole-Longhurst Co., Ltd.
linker and Josephine Sta.
Wa would like to see all our palnim-comfortable thin whiter sad In Bfriflt lo
do bo wo have In stock the best nmo-rt ed lino of hf-atlng hUiv--.- anil ci-ekinK
stoves and  nnip's ever before |irr****nt���'d to the pnhlfr In K'��'i -na>
We ��rottM )o- pl�� .is'-ii to nh<tw y��m nur line and before maKin_: >i>tir !>ur*
I h,-i���������- kindly worn what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. Nelson Branch.
You can alw.vs get what
you want in all kinds of House
Furnishings at the
Buck Stoves
and Ranges
Standard Furniture Company
Complete House Furnishers and Undertaker*.
Wa in..-.'   ��   ���p<*ri-��*' >"������""",,
Toola.   t'letu..    -5h.iv.ls.    Dili     *
llanimrr..    Cun-lea.    Ore C*r��. '
*_�����,*.. ,-ic . In l��rt ,*,.-rvlhlnR l>"
l>ra_,-*.-ctor or minor.
l_��t in Supply Vour
-Naiw-las  In   l*lil_i  I-I"**-*
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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