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The Daily Canadian Sep 26, 1906

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Array ������������HBB_-H-M__H
1MB I.    No. 98.
5%e -Datly (Rmutbfcm
Fifty Cents a Month
Commission Reports
ii Cuban Conditions
Iraudulent election
Ijlccn Thousand Rebels in Arms- --
I Government Unable to Sup-
'       press Revolution.
,.������[ ,S'-|si.  20.���The    letter cou-
... t||,, [iropoeltloni ss-iil by Secro-
t jafi sss Presldenl Palma Tvas glV-
��� olli ^i night,     it declared   that
, cmmis-sinners are Inellned  lo  be-
tl,ai illegalities were committed
libs- primar) elections held S.��� i��i.sni
i ..-,. iimi 15,000 ineii appear
Unarms against the government,
Dai 11 majority   or   tbe   people
,    be in favor ��r the revolution-
tter adds that Acting Sec-
,: il,,.   interior   Montague   t'-sti-
_��� iho  gnvs-rnment  was  unable
sis.   revolution and lt sets
.,  even   ir   tba   government
-,. nl   the  revolution, it could
.....     ihs.    ilatnage   continuing
|og{  the  country.      It    praises
nl  I'.slinii    and    declares    his
,, have been benevolent and ben-
Is expresses the opinion  that
H ;,!.,,��1   li"  President    Palma    to
I ..            head   of  the  govern-
u otherwise   control   would   hu
in, lhe document express
\ the ciiinnilssliiniTs that
1 reposed   may   lead  I'resi-
l: Pilma in resign hlB office, bnl
Ii that if in' can present some oth-
I .  ih,.  difficulty the com-
Mtaun will Iio glad 10 endeavor to
kit .'epted.
begs  President   Palma  In
lell once more    for    the
liln ol 1I1-  republic  and  to write
I psge  in    his    lite  ns a
Irisst by discontinuing In lhe prosl-
Ills, (iiini ret ineiidatliili Is that us
���s 11 iio' resignatlnns of the Off*.
I- congressmen hnve been pre-
liel ilu- rebels will surrender their
hi ami return In their homes.
this afternoon Informed  the Assoolat
w'L "hi, "" "*_. peaoa negouauona
were still proceeding. He added that
he America,, commissioners consider
thut tlie Cuban government Is still in
existence and they are awaiting the
development! at the session of congress called for Friday next. Asked
what nil Impressions were today Mr
lafl^plled,   "Vou might ca���  me op-
Washington Intervenes.
Washington, 1). C, Sept. 20.���Orders
were Issued during ihe day from marine headquarters for the completo or
ganiaation of ihe marine detachments
which will comprise the Fourth and
Fifth expeditionary battalions. Naval
olllei'i's In all parts of thc country
have had their leaves of absence re-
voks-il and orders Issued today showed
ibe personnel of the officers who win
coi ami iiie commissioned warships
Which   have   heen  ordered   lo   convey
marines to Cuba. The war department
is prepared to acl at a moment's notice, having heard a rumor that a pies-
ideniliii proclamation would in- issued
some lime today relative to Cuba,
which wns Interpreted to mean Inter
rea tion.
Colonel \V. T. Waller of the marine
corps, who is io direct the movement
of nil murines In Culm, was ordered
unlay lo proceed al once from Norfolk
In  Havana.    Orders have  been  issued
ror ihe marines ai Penaacqls to proceed to Mobile and lake the first available steamer fur Havana.
The News of the Coast.
(Special  lo  The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, Sept. 26.���General Finn of
the Australian military forces arrives
here tomorrow, lie will spend some
t'nie here and at Vanoouver and will
Hun probably visit the Kootenay
Heavy rain today marred the success of the fall show .which promised
isi lie the greatest success In the history of the city, us lhe number of ex.
hlhltas  breaks all  previous records.
Tho C. P. R. are making extensive
Improvements on the K. ft N. railway,
lo the amount ot 1150,000. They ore
removing many wooden bridges and
rilling lu with earth works or supplementary steel work.
���iav.uia. Ss-iil.  -I'i.���Cuba    today    Is
km.ni. without a governmenl and
I       ng ol   American  forces lo re-
lr.' order in  tlie  iBland  is  believed
1 In' ilie nccessarry  outcome.    The
lining junta  last  night declda'd to
I        ��� .. rylhlng In   the   nature  ol
Jiiiiral.   provincial     and    municipal
iiisiiisiii and ilius force the bands
1 iiii' American  peace eouiiulsslons'is
1 '"i!i|��'l ilu   United Slnles lo Inter-
��� <"i  ihs- seeoud   lime    In    Cuba.
I Liberals, .si opposition parly, de-
f��ni" tii.. action ui Hie Palma admin-
ptruiisan ;,., treason, but the Conner
flii' Interesi throughout lhe Islands
fli'i'iiii' Hi..  Ides  or  American   Inter-
I   ���<���    -cine sis,, only meant or so-
��m~ si Ier!)    iidniliilslrallon    or
���" i'isii'i . affairs  for any length of
Ifwldenl Palma, at a special ses-
i��ol congress called for Friday, will
I'M) presenl the resignations of
pKll and  Vice    Presldenl    Mendei
[''���������'" i'i' il is not    certain    that a
���"nut ��iii t��. present
iHCretarj Taft has pointed ont that
P Cuban officials instead of cooper
I���"*mi "i' a-meri-an commission.
fiJ��w engaged In every kind of __���
"Iih  lhe objeci  of conllnu-
I"i jiu'ir iiinii',,1 of nn. government,
���ssi Imv,. rejected llie peace proposals
, "'��� I'j ihs' Americana, which were
F?",' I"' "hii' In  President   Palma
""I n�� inlHsers.
Jiiavssissi. Bept. jg, -A oorrespondent
[ J  *   'in, ,t p-eM found Qeneral
���   ! '���"���'in    us  in  a bouse   on a
Nh i" J"'' ''''"' "f Arronenas,
L ,"' ""ana, Ouerra expressed
Li, ��aH��raotion at  the reslg-
EL   "' Preside ilmn   nml   Vice
C'.",s 'I"'- Capote, bui  in bis
" '��I alma's   resignation   was   mil
,i.   " 8 aith, Imi wns only In.
,.   ' moralise the oountrj nnd
,,','' ''liiniiie condition, In which
l��"rv        _n,e�� w""l'l be obliged to
V,���i  ;   ll" '"Ided:  "We for. ily
>��r ��� "ml Ol Ihis movement.
-<**,���,',' ,"lis ViOtory for Inw nnd
lull, '",,"" constitution  bus  been
II th,.      ''""'���   The oiileiiine Is real-
w Uu. r" s"1 ""' '''""blued effort or
Kg    ''"""issiiistK   now   iii arms.
Wftor?.*"1 I"'"v" '" llK* w'"'1'1
r" ilu. ni "l"li ''"" Pfeaerve and dell n���|  tin guaranteed to them
Kws, ,'""Klin"lon  and  the  nels  nf
"'taiif'i'"" ''"" preserve the peace
tssiii,,' .!! "' ihem by ihe American
nis revolution    Is    an    n-l-
- ,���." "Incerity wiih the Amer-
""IiIit,. "i:""' ""' result shoulil  be
"' ���������,,., .!'���' uiom io be a triumph
Trouble Among Democrats.
Iluffalo. Sepl. 211.���At 1:30 this af-
lernoon the committee on contested
seats of the Democratic slate convention had still seven contested cascB
before II for argument and the Indications were that when the convention
assemble- at i-.'in o'clock it will be
only to adjourn again till evening.
This means lhal there will either be
an all-night session or lhat late ad-
journmeui will be taken tonight until
tomorrow morning.
I'iivii,,,   .' ���    -"������Moerciary
*��� ""'  I'nlleil  Slales leg
Fast   Train   Runs   Into  Open   Switch,
Overturning    Cars,   and   Taking
Fire���List of Killed.
Indian-tolls, Ind- Bept ��6.���A special lo lhe News trom Pern, Ind., says
tin persona were killed and many hurt
today when Wabash fast mall train
N��� 8, running To miles nn hour,
dashed through an open switch Into a
freight niilii ai CatUa mills.
Indianapolis, Ind., Sept. J6.���Three
ijead bodies hnve been taken from the
wi.sk and eight persons are missing,
The list of Injured Is largo.
St Louis, Mo.. Sept. M.-A special
from Danville. 111., gives the toUowiM
���a Sl iif oasualUes In the Wabash
w . , ciiilin mills. The dead are
Fii-u.eer Jonas noiier. Peru, lnd.i
K vman Walter Bljlaon, UrfWette,
, i ��� Ti.-ik Ira Harding. Iveadale.
Zlyiiii,. person, war. W-^���**
iv iii ooncuBSlon, ems ���ll"1.Im'''";.,'
i,,ii,,,-,i ihai three or tour
;,���  IS badly bumad children will die.
"vilMm. iiijon.i were broughl t i��
viii,. on ii relief Wn.
Ohlcr-io, Bopt I6.-AI ����� ��n��Jj
ihe W ish railroad here It Is swo
���ts aswaJK o	
mills ibis morning
"'"l "";| '!,��� a   f   lm'   Jm. early
KenAnwK ���y��%Sts
lo.oeil over and burned.   Three,j��
*-<? ZrT::z^zJ���vM��y
IIIK     Sl'Vt'till  OUltlf tfilli'll   ViiVO   ot
.���W,rt'A    ' 'rkll.n-.l-
���" """vl11",',""!" ,;,,   i." .."i|1 "u
'���? w"s tasted todeaUi. Engineer
"l"1 WM , v -..iiiiii BUI'on wow
Outer   and   ''""      ������_,,    Mrs.
,,,.,|sh,,|    neiiea tl    Uo    '   M'        ,,,,,
Luther 81 maker, Bpsn<>���    .
��'^B<"i""slv ,'"";," i' badly burned!
mnker, 8 monUiB old, ha. d
Mr>, wiiiils..."".   '"    '���, id en, tout
!"' "��������; ""tuM��� tJSt ��" 5"l ."*
In unmix''' oani)
ably dl��;   . nf niiini nttachfld i" [he
Wpeckage near thlfl (hat George God-
man Ih believed to have been burned
io death.
The train consisted of engine amok-
er, baggage car, two Pullmans, one
chair and a dining car. All but the
diner were burned, The train waa go-
mg at the rate of (10 miles an hour and
nearly every passenger was asleep at
��� "' time. Nearly every one lost all
Clothing except night wear. The far-
mers took cure of the w.nindcd providing   What   Clothing  (hey   could.
Simiikameen   Valley    Will    Be    First
Tapped by C. P. R.
Ottawa, Sept. 86.���The latest reports
from Hritish Columbia show that railway construction is being actively
prosecuted In that province, particularly in the mountain districts, it
will be recalled that there was (juilo
an active fight before the railway committee last year between the C. P. H.
and the Great Northern (J. J. Will
Interests regarding the route of the V.,
V. & K. railway, which Is a Mil) project. Thc crucial point was the rich
mining district of the Simiikameen.
The Hill people got their charter and
arc now building into that district.
The C. P. It., however, has not been
Idle. Location surveys are being
made frnm Midway northerly, but the
greatesl activity Is being displayed on
a new line from Spence's Bridge aouth.
The charier under which this particular branch Is being constructed is
known as the Nicola, Kamloops & SI-
milkiimci-u railway. The road Is already In operation between Spence's
Bridge and Nicola, and the contract
for an additional 10 milea from Nicola
to a point beyond Quilchena has just
heen let, and work will be vigorously
prosecuted this winter. This section
of the railway will open up the Diamond Vale coal field, in which many
Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa people
are interested. Beyond Quilchena towards Aspen the work Is of a very difficult character, as there is considerable rock to cut. The C. P. R. Ia leaving no atone unturned to enable it to
pet Into the rich Simiikameen mining
district before the Great Northern.
Great Day for Harvard.
Cambridge, Mass., Sept. 26.���Old
and new Harvard were fairly alive
with distinguished men from every
quarter of the globe today, when the
alumni reunion of tho medical school
graduates was held to commemorate
the formal dedication of the massive
new buildings that are to be devoted
to the study of medicine and surgery.
Leaders of the medical profession
from London, Paris, Berlin, . Heidelberg, Austria, Italy, Russia-, Asia, and
even Darkest Africa, took part in the
gathering. The distinguished visitors
assembled at Massachusetts hall at
10:80 o'clock this morning, nnd under
escort of the alumni and undergraduates farched to Sanders theatre, where
the exercises of the day were held.
President HJUot of Harvard presided
aud tin* principal speakers wore Governor Guild of Massachusetts and
Presldenl Ira Remsen and Professor
William Henry Welch or Johns Hopkins  university.
Bryan Unendorsed.
Nashville, Tenn.. Sept. 26.���William
J. Hryan addressed an audience of
8000 people at the flyman auditorium
last night. That the crowd was in
sympathy with his ideas was shown
by the applause which greeted his
periods. Hut (here waa not at the
same time the warmth of endorsement given his government ownership
ideas as to some other portions of his
Speaking of the failure of the Ten-
nessee Democratic state convention to
endorse him, Mr. Bryan aald: "I hfve
not asked a convention to endorse me.
1 do not know lhat two years from
now it will lie wise for any convention
lo endorse mo."
Engineer Commits  Suicide.
New York, Sept. _!ti.���whib' temporarily deranged mentally, Colonel K.
L. Luak, a member of the engineer
corps of the United Stales army .committed  suicide  nl   the    home    of    bin
daughter at Bandy Hook   last   night
lie out his throat  with a razor.
Situation Unchanged.
Havana, Sept. 26, 4:80 p. m.���Tho
cabinet officers today hold a brief
consultation with President Palma,
bul afterward they were generally uncommunicative, with the exception of
asserting that the situation waa unchanged,
Earthquake Shocks Spain.
Tabasco, Spain. Sopt. 2fi.���Reports
from various places in Spain say thnt
many slight earthquake shocks havo
been experienced. No loss of life Is
Race Riot Subsides.
Atlanta, Oa.. Sept. 26.���Tho race
riot situation la about under tho control of the authorities this morning
aud business has resumed normal
Embraces Municipalities
in 0.8, and Canada
Practical Organization Cairying on
Work Continuously For Civic
Chicago, Sept. 20.���More than 15,000
munlrlpal officials, represnntlng the
Chief cities of the United States and
Canada, were present today at the
opening of the annual convention of
the League of American Municipalities.
The initial session, which was presided
over by .Mayor R. G. Rhett of Charleston, S. C, was devoted to addresses of
welcome and responses, to the apjioint-
ment of commutes and other routine
business Early adjournment waa
taken to permit the visitors to enjoy
an automobile ride about the city as
guests of the local entertainment committee.
The proceeding of the convention
will continue over tomorrow and Friday. The programme is one of the
best ever arranged for a meeting of
Ihe league. The moBt interesting
feature will be a discussion of the
problem of municipal ownership of
public utilities. Frank Parsons, chairman of the lloston municipal ownership league, will lead tlie discussion on
the affirmative side, while the negative will be laken by Professor Frank
II. Roberts of Denver university. Others who will have a part in the municipal ownership discission are Mayors
Sharpe of Winnipeg. Adam of Puffalo,
Coatesworth of Toronto, Weaver of
Philadelphia, Rookwalter of Indianapolis, Dunne of Chicago, Speer of Denver, and  Hrand Wliitlock of Toledo.
Other matters to which the convention will give attention, as shown in
the list of paiiers and addresses to be
presented, are as follows: "Sewerage
Filtration," "The Influence of Taxation
on the Prosperity of Cities," "Franchise Conditions of New York City,"
"The Effect of Sanitation on Morality."
"Baltimore's Great Sewer Problem,"
and "Prime Requisites of Successful
The League of American Municipalities, in contradistinction lo the National Municipal League, is an organization for the purpose of studying the
practice, rather than lhe theory of
municipal government. It is composed of men in municipal office, from
mayors down lo street superintendents, and Us membership in the
United Slates nnd Canada includes
ahout lo.iiuu of such experienced
workers in the municipal field. These
men. having been forced to meet all
conditions thnt arise In the management of municipal affairs, arc ln a
position to discuss the ninny problems
Involved from the standpoint of their
experience. The league Is strictly a
practical organization, and its work ls
being prosecuted continuously, and not
only during the lew days of its annual
convention. Probably Ihe most Important work of the organization is
done every day of the year through lho
league's permanent bureau of Information, which Is established for the purpose of providing the members with
information pertaining to the progress
and prnctlce of municipal governments
The league also publishes an official
monthly magailno devoted to practical
municipal affairs.
In conjunction wllh llie present con-
vent ion of the league there is being
held a meeting of the organization of
municipal   and     State    fiscal   officers,
which wuh formed in Washington last
February. The programme for the
meeting Inoludes addresses on "The
Administration of a Public Debl." by
James V. Player, St. I_iuis; "Financing
Speell Assessments," L. E. McOann,
comptroller, Chicago; "Uniform Municipal Accounts nnd their Valuo to tho
Government," _,. c. Powers, census
bureau, Washington; "Tho Audit of
Claims Against a City," ,1. P. Mndlgan,
clly auditor. Cleveland, nnd George M.
Rex, city auditor. Pawtuoket, R. I.;
''Methods of Municipal Accounting,"
Louis lletz. comptroller. St Paul, and
Louis E. Gojselln, deputy comptroller,
Solves Confiscation Problems.
Toklo, Sept. .(!.���In an Interview on
Saturday, Mr. Yamamagata, minister
of eommunlcnllons, said that hy means
of the nationalization of the railways
expenses would be diminished nnd
freight rales lowered, nnd that this
would assist In the expansion of Industry nnd commercial enterprises goner
ally. A law would be enacted, he said,
dealing -especially with the management of tbe railways. The capital invested ln the railways would be considered a loan, to be paid back with
Interest from the annually Increasing
profits, and other means would be left
to defray the expenses necessary for
the improvement and extension of tho
linos. Mr. Yamamagata expressed
Ihe opinion that Ihe future of the nationalized railways was full of bright
hope and promise.
Fair Sex Take Prominent part in Terrorist Operations.
llerlln, Sept. 26.���Insurance companies will soon he justified In refusing
life risks of Russian generals, ifthelr
extermination is to continue at the
present rate. The latest advices from
Warsaw are to the effect that the governor of the city, General Skalon, is a
doomed man. The general is on close
terms of intimacy with the chief of
staff. Councillor Jatscheffskl. Both
gentlemen are ardent admirers of the
fair sex. A day or two ago the general received a scented note in a lady's
handwriting, requesting him to hand
an enclosed letter fo his chief of staff.
The writer explained that she feared
the note, if sent direct, might fall Into
the hands of some lady of the addressee's family. The general, suspecting a love intrigue, was much amused,
and immediately sent for M. Jatscheffskl, who , strange to say, reported
having received an exactly similar letter with an enclosure for General
Skalon. The two enclosures were then
compared. They were Identical, and
announced that sentence of death had
been pronounced upon them both by
the revolutionary committee.
Rise In Price of Salt.
New York, Sept. 26.���The Journal of
Commerce today says: "The International Salt company raised Its prices
on all grades of salt approximately 60
cents per ton. This Is said to be the
third raise within a period of three
months, yet it is expected it will place
the commodity upon a price basis
equal to the top notch figures of last
season. The reasons given for tbe
latest advance are that the shutting
down of two of the largest producing
plants In the Utlca district has caused a shortage In the supply; that the
demand is unprecedently large, and
that difficulty has been experienced
in securing cars on which to transport the product.
Bryin in the Southwest.
Little Rock, Ark., Sept. 26.���William
J. Uryan was given a cordial reception
here this morning during the brief
Btop he made on his way to Indian
Territory. Mr. Bryan was received by
a citizens' reception committee, headed by Mayor Lenen, and was loudly
cheered at the conclusion of his address, which was along the usual lines.
Mr. Hryan, on his way from Little
Rock to Indian Territory, Is slated for
rear platform speeches at South Mc-
Alester, Muscogee and other points
along the M. K. _ T. He is due at
Vlnlia this evening and will spend the
night there.
Rules for War Time*.
Ghent, Sept. 26.���The Institute of
International Law has adopted a series
of resolutions regarding declarations
of war, prescribing that hostilities
shall not begin without a previous
plain declaration or an official ultimatum, and that no hostile act shall
be committed until Buch time has
elapsed that the rule of the previous
unequivocal warning mny not be considered eluded. The Institute expresses
the hope that the countries of the
world will adopt  Its resolutions.
Stensland at Home.
Chicago, Sept. 26���Paul O. StenBland arrived here from New York at
8:55 this morning. He waB taken Immediately to the criminal court building.
Chicago. 111., Sept. 26.���Stensland
appeared before Judge Kersten In the
supreme court this afternoon and
pleaded guilty to charges of forgery
and embezzlement. The Judge sentenced hlm to nn Indeterminate period
ln Jollel  penitentiary.
Cinching the Swindlers.
City of Mexico, Sept. 26.���Of 20 defendants charged with swindling tho
New York Life, Mutual Llfo and the
Equitable Life Insurance companies,
four were convicted yesterday. They
received sentences ranging from 11
months' to four years' Imprisonment.
The frauds involved approximated
Republican Unanimity.
Saratoga, Sopt. 26.���The republican
slate convention adjourned sine die at
12:30 p. in. today after nominating the
following state ticket: For governor,
Charles K. Hughes of New York; for
lieutenant governor, Matthew Linu
Bruce of New York, for reelection;
for comptroller,    Merrlton    Lewis   of
Monroe; for attorney general, Julius
Mayer of New York ,for re-election;
for state treasurer, John G. Wallen-
maler; for state engineer and surveyor, Henry A. Van Alstyne of Columbia, for re-election; for secretary of
state, John F. O'Brien of Clinton, for
reelection. This ticket was nominated by acclamation, without opposition
or division of any kind and amid notable enthusiasm.
, i
Smuggling Farmers Caught.
New Westminster, Sept. 26.���Word
comes from Sumas that Canadian customs officials rounded up a number of
Canadian subjects residing along the
boundary line between Blaine and Sumas last week, for taking goods across
the line from the American side without reporting at the customs office or
paying duty. A large number of farmers were vlBlted and their belongings inspected for smuggled goods and
articles to the amount of several thousand dollars of American manufacture
were discovered on which the Import
duty had not been paid. Among the
goods are farm machinery of every description, household furniture, lumber
snd building material.
No arrests were made and no goods
confiscated, but the offenders were
asked to call at the customs office and
pay the duty to the government on or
before September 22 and avoid both
confiscation and arrest. A warning
was given them that hereafter they
must ln all cases call at the customs
offices and report any articles taken
across the line.
The farmers have, in every instance,
appeared and paid the duty.
A Multl-Fructous Tree.
Portland, Ore., Sept. 26.���A tree
bearing 23 distinct varieties of fruit
anu nuts ls growing on the farm of
Thomas Glaxo in Benton county, this
state. It is healthy and flourishing.
Mr. Glazo undertook to grow the tree
as an experiment, and by Judicious
grafting he has produced a marvel. He
secsred all the varieties of peaches
and plums he could and grafted them
on the trunk.of a healthy growing apple tree. All the grafts are growing
and bearing. Then, as a further experiment, be grafted an almond branch
on the same tree, and lt also Is growing well.
Still Lowering Rates.
Chicago, Sept. 26.���The Central
Passenger association at a meeting
yesterday decided to put in effect, November 1, a 2%-cent rate In all its
territory east of Illinois iu which the
state legislature have not already made
a maximum rate of 2 cents. This Involves a lowering of the interstate passenger rates north of the Ohio river
and west of Syracuse.
Tramway Returns to 23rd Instant Ovsr
$5000���System  More Then Paying Expenses.
After the declining receipts of the
week before, the tramway returns for
the week ending September 23 again
return to a high figure, due in part
no doubt to travel to and from tbe
fair grounds.
The number of passengers carried
during the week was 4650, against
2525 for the corresponding week of
last year; the receipts being 1240.80,
against $136.85, an increase of $103.95,
or more than 75 per cent.
The returns for the year to date are
$5165.90, against $4340.16. to the same
date of 1905. The weekly average for
the whole period Is a little over $135,
but for the actual time of operation
it is about. $180 a week.
The estimated revenue from the service for this year was $5000. That
amount Is already exceeded, and there
are 14 weeks of the year still remaining.
Assuming that the receipts for Ihe
balance of the year do not fall below
the average to date, which is not an
extravagant assumption since inter
ruptlon of about eight weeks have materially reduced the returns so far, the
tisial receipts to December 31st will be
about $7000. As the annual cost of
operation Is $9,000 and the tramway
company pays 60 per cent, of any deficit up to $2,600, It is fairly certain
that the loss this year will be under
$1,000.   The loss last year was $2,250
But It ls stl'l more important that
for the last, four months the system
has more than paid expenses.
Steamship Arrivals.
New York, Sept. 26.���Arrived: Nord
America, from Naples.
Cape Race, N. F., Sept. 26.���Tho
steamer La Provencea, from Havre
for New York, wns In wireless communication with tho Marconi station here
when 100 miles southeast of this point
nt 9 a. m. She. will probably dock
about noon on Friday.
All Machinery For Cily
Power Plant
America en Bourse.
Paris, Sept. 26.���American securities
were  for  the  first  time today  listed
on the Paris bourse.
Installation Will be Completed and
Operation Begun Early in
At last it ls absolutely certain that
all the machinery, hydraulic and electrical, manufactured for the city ot
Nelson power plant by the Allis-
Chalmers-Bullock company has bqen
shipped from tbe factories and Is on
its way westward.
A definite letter to that effect was'
received last night by J. O. Gillice,
local and district manager for the
The machinery was all shipped by
September 15 .and has, therefore, been
now 11 days on the road. As a former shipment came through from Cincinnati in 10 days, the whole of tho
machinery should arrive in Nelson not
later than the beginning of next week.
Mr. Gllllce ls now wiring for his
own satisfaction, as well as for that
of the mayor and city engineer, for
the numbers of the cars containing
the shipment, so that lt may be traced
by tbe freight agents here and any
further delay prevented.
Mr. Gillice ls also wiring to learn
the date of arrival of the hydraullo
engineer who ls to be sent here to superintend the installation, and whose
coming has been dally expected for
more than a week.
According to the terms of the agreement between the city and the company, a third of the total amount became payable on the date of the last
shipment. A draft for a little over
$14,000 was received this morning and
accepted by the city ln pursuance of
that agreement.
It is now only a matter of a few
days more and the equipment of the
plant will begin. All possible preliminary work - has already been accomplished under the supervision of H. C.
Bullis of Cincinnati, the company's
electrical engineer, who has been ln
the city for several weeks. The completion of the plant and the beginning
ot its operation may now be hoped for
by November 1.
It has been a long wait, and mayor,
council, city engineer and local company manager have long since grown
weary of Indefinite assurances; that
progress was being made, that the machinery was being, about to be, or
would soon be, shipped.
Although informal statements have
been made by men connected with the
company that the repeated delays have
been due, in every Instance, and
wholly, to labor strikes, no formal
statement to that effect has yet been
made on the company's behalf. It
v.ili be remembered by readers of The
Canadian that the company, through
W. P. Uhl, agreed to a forfeit of $50
a day for every day's delay after August 1, unless such delay were due to
a strike.
Whatever may be the explanation
finally offered of that agreement,
there will be general 'gratification at
tbe announcement that the end of the
period of long waiting is ln sight, and
that within two months at most the
the people of Nelson will be enjoying
their own light and using thetr own
power, a purpose which has been constantly kopl in view for more than
six years.
Collapse of Bridge.
Philadelphia. Sept. 26.���A bridge
over lhe tracks of the New York division of the Pennsylvania railroad sl
Thirty-first street and Columbia avenue collapsed today as n heavy work
car of the Philadelphia Rapid Transit
company, carrying six men, was passing over It. The car was precipitated
onto the tracks below and all the men
were hurt, one of them. Walter Dillon, receiving fatal Injuries.
She Likes Them Net.
London, Sept 26.���Annie S. Swan
has an article In the Chronicle descriptive of the life In a primitive Manitoba homestead. She particularly
criticises the women sent out by tbe
Immigration department to Winnipeg
���women of the true Lambeth type���
Ignorant, big-headed, lasy, and dear at
the price of their food.
Oamey House Burned.
Winnipeg, Sept. 26.���The Strathcona
hotel, formerly known as the Gamey
House, In Kmerson, was destroyed by
fire this morning. The loss to Durand,
the proprietor. Is $30,000, with no Insurance. D. Forester Is the owner.
Citizens got out all Ue furniture.
; on
r of
t of
I re-
I the
trals The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
Wa- havs' plenty of them in red nnd bins,
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are Justly celebrated for their excellence. We alone carry
iliein In this city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Comforters. Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing, Oil Clothing. Sweaters. Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Robbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and  prices surprisingly Low.
Published six ttay. �� week by ihe
Baker St., KeUon, B. 0.
Subscription rate*. 5U cents a mouth delivered
lu the city, or tii.Uu a year if lent by niHii. when
paid lo advance-
A-ivertlsing rate." on application.
All monies paid in settlement ol Tbe Dally
Canadian accounts, either lot ItthBCrtptlOMi or
advertising, must be receipted (or on tbe printed
forms ol tiit; Company, other receipt! are not
SEPTEMBER 2*>, 1*H>6-
"By one word we ary funietiiaes Judged to be
wile and by one word lometlmea judged to be
foolish. Let Ol therefore be careiul wflat we
lay."���pOKFDOtt IB.
The general conference of thu Methodist church, a quadrennial gathering
representing a Methodist moniburship
in Canada of hundreds of thousands
is drawing to a close. The fragmentary reports appearing in the Western
press give but a faint idea of the importance of the gathering, lt is the
supreme legislative body of the largest Protestant chureh in the Dominion
and the changes or alterations in ihe
policy of tlie Methodist church which
may take place under its direction are
of supreme importance not only to
members of the Methodist body but
to the religious life of the whole Dominion.
There were three questions of importance which largely dominated the
discussions of the conference besides
B multitude of minor issues which
have to do with the details of church
government. One of these was the
missionary policy of the church, and
another regulations governing the itinerant system of the Methodist ministry, that is to say, whether the present
rule making four years the limit a
pastor may serve on any single charge,
should he modified or reiained. The
conference after considerable debate
resolved to maintain the present regulations and so it remains the law of
the Methodist church that four years
completes a   pastor's term  of  service.
We think this is a wise regulation
as but few of the pastors find their
fields congenial alter a four-year term.
Religious bodies do nol soon adapt
themselves to change anil it has been
the custom in the Methodist church,
since the adoption or the system of
inviting ministers, to see one well
nettled in his place aud then begin to
negotiate for his successor .lusl how
far this practice has been responsible
for the limitation of a minister's usefulness to four years need not be noted, but for most of those in the ranks
of the ministry b ohange is welcome
at the end of that period. This atale-
ment makes no reflection either upon
ministers or individual churches, hut
the decision to maintain the length
of the barm at four years has one fatal
weakness. It will keep alive the system of wire pulling and place seeking
and man seeking that has been one
of the weaknesses of the Methodist
church for many years.
Trom the layman's point of view,
one of the most import anl questions
before the conference was that of the
abolition of the footnote, as it is called. To those outside of the Methodisl
church the term may convey little
meaning, so we shall state the conditions which it was sought to have altered. The "Rules" of the Methodist
church, though somewhat archaic,
were written by John Wesley to be a
guide to his humble followers and an
Instruction as to what constitutes
ideal Christian life. As such they aro
sublime and outside of thc New Tes
tament there is scarcely to be found
a general definition of what constitutes truly Christian conduct than that
designated   in   these  rules.
Nearly a quarter of a century ago,
however, tbe general liberalizing of
thought and broadening of conscience,
with resultant license in conduct,
made its appearance in the doing of
things by members of the church that
were in the eyes of the truly pious,
sinful and to be condemned. The general rules were considered insufficiently stringent and a "Footnote" was
added  which  reads as follows:
"The general rules are to be understood as forbidding neglect of duties
of any kind. Imprudent conduct, indulging in sinful tempers or words,
the buying, selling or using of intoxicants as a beverage, dancing, playing
at games of chance, encouraging lotteries, patronizing dancing schools, attending theatres, horse races, or taking such other amusements as are obviously of a misleading or questionable moral tendency."
The indiscriminate way in which
this rule fixes the ban upon wholly
dissimilar actions, placing recreations
that may iu themselves be innocent
in the sume class as those which are
of gravely immoral nature has had the
effect of keeping thousands out of the
Methodist church who love her doctrines, polity, history and missionary
spirit. During the last twelve years,
that is to say, at the last three quadrennial sessions of the general conference, a radical element has sought to
have the rule (.Unlimited or qualified
or made admonitory as instead of prohibitive. The storm which has raged
round the question of revision of the
rules has been at times tempestuous
and has perhaps more often than anything else led to their own violation
iu the matter of indulging in sinful
tempers and words, Strangely enough
those who most persistently violated
that feature of the footnote have been
ihe greatest sticklers for its retention.
It was hoped that this year would
see some compromise affected which
might free the great Methodist church
from having a prohibitive rule which
is universally violated and which it ia
never attempted to enforce. Those
who hoped this have again been disappointed. The question has been relegated to a committee who are instructed to look wise during the next
four years and then report at the next
quadrennial session and in the meantime the footnote stands.
Many of the good Methodists In Hritish Columbia dance, attend theatres,
play at games of chance and both patronize and encourage horse races. The
same is true of all the urban centres
of the East There is no penalty as-
Signed for the violation of tho rules
and consequently no action against or-
tenders is ever taken, a few preachers hurl anathemas at imaginary offenders but the force of this is all lost
in ihe generally anomalous attitude
of the church.
The general conference has passed
another milestone in Ub history and
the church stands jut where It did or
perhaps even a little less creditably
to Itself. In the meantime, as one or
the Toronto papers remarks, the song
of the modern Methodist will be:
"On with the dance, let joy be un*
We are told that "In the ten years
that have passed since the adequate
protection apostles were swept out of
ofrice the country has grown so fast
that there is scarcely a city In tho
Dominion that does not suffer from a
house famine,"
This is true, but il must be remcin-
bered lhat while the apostles of adequate protection wero swept out of office their policy was not radically altered. No doubt the old tariff was
modified by the Hritish preference,
and there was a lowering of certain
imposts. On The other hand, the iron
and steel duties and bounties Imposed
and maintained by the Liberal government represent an extreme application
of the protectionist system. So the
dumping regulations are a thorough
application of the principles of the adequate protectionists who were swept
out of office and succeeded by the advocates of tariff reform ���Toronto
Almost had a serious accident in
the office of morning paper today.
Correspondent from Kaslo wrote letter with name of this paper. Strict
rule in News office name Canadian
must not appear. Machine bucked
when bluffed to set it up- Took combined efforts of staff from chief editor to devil inclusive to get Maud to
do ihe work. After several spasms
and a rude jarring she did it. Having
done it once 'twill be easier after this-
Organized Labor.
The right of labor men or any other
class to organize an independent political party is undoubted, says the Ottawa Citizen, and becomes a matter
for respectful consideration when the
party in question is organized with
the sole view of advancing the interests of the rank and file of the party
which is alleged to be represented, lt
will be generally admitted that the interests of labor are fairly well looked
after at all times by whatever party
may be in power. On the other hand
the record of "independent" labor parties in the past has been that the
leaders have been chiefly interested,
not in improving the conditions of labor, which lacks little in the way o(
improvement at the present time, but
for the purpose of bringing to the
front alleged manipulators of the
labor vote who, as soon as they secure
governmenl positions ihat removu
them from the necessities of labor, allow the working man to shift for himself. It may be, as the Journal says,
that party leaders look after themselves, but any organized political
movement that has as its object merely securing positions for the leaders
derogates labor to the position of the
foreign political elements in the United States, where padrones round up so
many votes for delivery, the price being paid in positions or coin for the
men who deliver the vote.
The Way of Transgressors.
Winnipeg. Sept. __.��� At Macleod,
Alta, recently, Chief Justice Sifton
sentenced Wilson, a sub-agent of the
Dominion land office there, to two
years' imprisonment for overcharging
a settler for a homestead entry.
"Our engagement will have to be
temporarily suspended," announced tho
summer girl, calmly.
"Oh, impossible," the young man
"It will have to be: my husband
writes that he is coming down for a
week."���Louisville Courier-Journal.
When yon have them they are opinions; when other people have them
they are delusions.
Notice ib bereby given that two months after
dat. I Intend to apply to the Honorable t'hief
Commissioner ot  Ijinds and  Work* for pf-rmN-
sinn to purchsse MO acrei of land, deacrlbed ai
follows: Commenolngat a post planted at the
���oaihwest of l. o norrison'i ranch tn Fire
Valley. We-t Kootenay district, marked "J. tt.
Munro'." Dottheutoornerpost"; thence ��$0ehuin*-<
weit; tnence 80 ohalna Bouth; ihence w) chains
east; thene.. B0 chains north to the place- of rum -
Datod Utii day of September, lTMi.
J. B. Ml'NHOE,
V*. A. Oi.I_D.rn, Agriit.
Notiee |s herehy given that sixty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Land* and Work- for pcrmir-Mon to
purehase    the     following    dcKcribc'l   Landl,    ill
Went Koou-nay District 1 Commencing at an Initial post planted at the t-oiithcaM corner of M...
cuyv pre-emption, tbence ki'-bnUot weel toeut
boundary "f Lot 0199: tbenco foil..win* Mid
bonndary mhui-, to Kotitiica��i corner of sud ioti
tbenco P> ebatni Ment; ibenee flO ebalns ion tbi
tbence B0 chains east; tbenoe 30 ehalns north io
uuthwnl corner of Ud 222; thenee followiiiK
west boundary of Lot 133 to initial i-_ t.
���September 31,1906. v. p Wolff,
jM-r Krkm. w. Rohik.wk.
Notiee Is hereby given tbetslxtydaysafter date
I Intend to applv fo the Hon. Chief i.'ominir-Kion
er id Lands and Works for permission to purebaae tbe following deaeribed land*, ido Here*,
.���omineii* Iiik at a post marked John Toye, planted nn Ui* east -hore of Lower Arrow lake, about
one mile north of Sunshine creek. Ihcnce forty
chain** east, thenee forty chain*, sonth, thenei
forty obalns watt, thence forty .-halus north
Rlotiif lake -hore to polnl Of coiiinienceiiietit.
Dated tills 18th day of -September, PJOr,,
Haioiy Gibson, Agent.
Notice is herehy Kt ven that sixty davs afterdate
I intend to appiv to the Hon, chief Commission-
erof Landi and Works for permlnion to purchase the followiiiK deserlhed lands, MOaorci.
starting at a pout marked Catherine Toye, and
planted on the east shore of Lower Arrow lake,
near Gladstone Creek, thence vt chaini* east,
tlience -10 eliains north, thenee 10 chains west to
lake   shore,   thenee south along  like (thore to
point of oommencement.
Dateil thii L'ltli dayof September. I90f..
Ca.iikkink Toye,
11 a ic ft v QlBSOHi Agent,
Notice In herehy given lhat slxtv daya after
date I intend to npplv to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works ior permission
to pur-bant- the following desoribed lands situate In West Kootenay District, ''omrneiieinir
nt a post marked "A, liirwb's s. K. Corner"
planted at the B. W. eorner of I_,t 878, about 7
miles north of  Rurton   Cily  and  -.bout  \ uf  ���
mile west uf the Colombia river, thenoe north
BO ohaini) thenoe west 40 chains   tbenee south
Wi chains; thence east 4o chains to polnl of com-
ineiicemetit, cuuialnltiK *-'" acres.
Dated this llth day Of Hept_m.Hr, WW.
A. EtlMCHi
Pei Ralph HIVE, Agent.
Sixty davs after date I intend toapply to the
Hon. Cblel Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 40 acrei of land: Commenolng at a poit planted at tbe < ity of Nelson's
power plant lot 8, K corner poit, on Kooteuay
river,   thenre 20 chains  south,   thence west  '.II
chaini, tbenee north uu chains, tbence east au
chains to notnt of eommenoement.
Nelson, B.C., Aug. 6, lAOfi. K. J. (Trkas.
Notice fs beroby Riven that BO dnvs from dale I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the followiiiK described lands situate in West Kootenay District: Commencing
at a post marked ���* K. -Stewart'i N. w. corner
post, situated near tbe Junction of U.st creek
and South Kork of Salmon, thence south 40
ehains, more or less; thenee east to ehains;
thenc- north 40 chains, more or less; theuce
west to chains to point of commencement.
Halmo, AtiRiist llth, 190-..
T. il, Atkinno>, Agent.
Noihe is herehy given that N davs after date 1
intend io apply to the Honorable tin-1 bief Commissioner ol Lands and   Works to purchase tbe
following desoribed landi, I3Q aeres, more or len i
oommenelng at a posl planted on tbe weit bank
of t'pper Arrow lake at a poim ahout 7 miles he-
low Nakusp. and marked ii. A. II. IL, N.K. eorn.r
post: thence nt chains west; tbence 40 chains
south; tbence BO obatni east, more or less tii lake
shore; tbence along hike ibore to point of beginning.
Dated this.lh dav of Sent.. IBM,   li. A. B. IIai.i,,
60 days after date I Intend to appiv to the Uonorahle the Chief Commisaloner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, B.C , to purchase too acres of
land situate west ol Arrow lake on the wesi tide
Ol Whntehau creek and Joining thc north bound"
ary of s. J. Annahie application fo purchase.
Commencing at a poit markeii K J. B. S. E. corner nnd running wes' mi chains; tbence north ni
chains; thence east 80 ohalns; thence south to
point of commencement.
Beptember and i��u6. r. j. Elliot,
Noiiee is herehy given that 60 dayi afterdate I
intend to apply tothe Honorale Chief Commissioner of l-aiidshiid Works for permission topur-
cimse the Following described lands, situate in
the West Kootenay district; starting from a posl
planted at the N. K. corner of F. YV\ ltohinsou's
Application to purchase, thence 40 ohaini east,
80 obalns south. 20 chains west,-so obalns north,
4U chains west. BQ ohalni north, 20 chains east, 4U
chaius north to point ol commencement, containing 160 aores.
Dated 18th day of August, liHW
D. C. K. ROiilNSOS,
per Im'ak- i Vt. Koiunson, Agent.
Notice is herehy given that sixty davs after
date I intend to applv to the Honorable the
Chief Commluloner of 1-andi- and Works for per-
tillksiiiti     lo    nil ri'hu-u     Ih.i     fal Intuitu*      I.  . *-    ...  ,i
It. V. Ma'I.Eod
J. J. KKI.I.Y, Agent.
Notice is hereby given  thnt  ilxty davs afler
dat.- 1 intend 10 applv to tbe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Undsand Works for permission to purehase the following described
land on the west side of  Lower Arrow   Lake and
Joining the-onih line of thc Indian Reservation:
Kunning west au chains; thence south 80ohalns;
thenco east 30 chains, to the shore of tbe late;
thenee   north   following the lake shore to the
point of commencement, containing wo acres
more or less.
Dated August ao, idoo. W. B. Macleod
J. J, Kki.i.y, Agent.
Kotlce is hereby given that I intend, fio days
afler  date  to  apply   to the Honorable the Cbfef
Commissioner oi muds and Works for permission
to purchase the following described lauds In
West Kootenay district, about five miles south
of Burton City, Commencing at a post planted on
the east hank  ol tractC. P.., and marked "W. H.
Hamilton's B W. c. post," and running north to
���Chains,  thenee east 80 chains,  thence south so
chains, thence west so chains to plaoe oi beginning, containing too acres oi hind, more or less.
Dated this 22nd day of August, 1*J06.
W  if. Hamilton
.Notice ls hereby given that GO days after date I
intend to apply to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of DeUCll aud Works for permission to
purchase the following d.^crib-d lands, situate
in West (Jnotetiay district: Commencing at a
post marked "B. donkey's N W. eorner post." sit-
uate near the N E. corner of laml applied for by
U.K., theuce soutb 40 chains, more or less; thence
east 80 ohalns; thence north 40 chains, more or
less; thenee west 80ehain*- to point of commencement
Salmo, August 11,1906, B. Conkey,
 T H  Atkinson, Agent.
Notiee Is herby given that fid davs after date 1
intend, to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landi and Works for permission to
purchase tbe following described lands situate in
West Kootenay district:  < umniencing ata post
marked '-It. Ross's N. W corner post," situate
near the N. B. corner of land applied for by A.
McLean, theuce south 40 chains, moreorless;
theuee east Hi chains; theuce nortii to chains,
more or less;  thence west 8o chains to point of
Salmo, August II, 1906. R. Ross,
T. H. Atkinson, Acent.
Notice  is  herehy given   that slxtv  days after
date i intend to applv to tlu* Honorable the
chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to pnrchase the following described
land-situate in Wesl Kootenay district: Commencing al a post marked "A. McLean's J) W.
corner post," Situate near lbe NE. corner of land
applied for by a. McLaughlan, thence sontb K)
Chains,   mon-   or   less;   thence   easl  to chain-;
theuce north 40 chains, moreor less; tbence Wi si
Ht chains to point of commencement
Salmo, August 11, J WW. a. McLean,
T. If. ATKINSON, Agent,
Notice fs bereby given that GO days after date I
inieml to make application to the Honorable the
Chlel Commissioner of Lands aiol Works for per-
misson to purobase tbi following desoribed land-,
situate in west Kootenav dlitrlot: Commencing
at a post marked "A. M��J_ughliirs N. W corner
post." situate near the N ��.. corner of land applied for by P. McArthur. thenee south 4'j .hain-,
moreorless; thence east m ehains; tbenoe north
40 chalus, moreor less; thenge west 80 chains to
point of commencement
Balmo, August 11, 1900. A. M< L.r'iHUN,
T. H   ATKINSON. Ag-ut.
Kotiee is hereby given that go days after date
1 intend to apply u�� the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following deSOTibed lands, situate in West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a post marked J. McArthur'* N. W.corner post." Iltuate DMI
the N. E corner of land applied for by A Turner,
thence south in'hains more or len; tbeneti east
80 Chains;   thene.- north 40 chains, more or less;
thenee weit wchaini to point of eommeneement.
Salmo. August il, ItsW.
J. M'A rth ik,
t if Arxnrsox, Agenl
Notice is hereby given that 60 'lavs after date
I intend, to apply to the Honorable the Chlel
Commissioner id I-aiid-. and Works (orpermj*
���ion to rur-hase  the  follow Ing deserlbed lauds,
-iiuat.- in the Weft Kootenay tfistrlct, Commencing at s post marked "A.TurDer*i N. W.comer
po.t,"  situated  at  lhe  K.I  .orner of  laud ap-
plied for by h -Stewart, tbanoe sooth 10 chains,
mon-or Ism I thi nee easi Nu-hains; thenee north
40 (-hatoi. more or It ss;  thenc.- weft NO eliains to
point of oammenof an tn
Halmo, II. C . August II   IMfi. A. TuSKBS,
T  II   Atkinson. Ag! ia
Kotiee is hereby given that fio days aft.-r del.. 1
intend t.. apply to th.- Honorable the chief Commissioner Ol Lands ami Work- for permission to
purchase the following d.-seribed   land   In   West
Kootenay District about seven miles south of
Rurton (.ity: f ommenclng at a post planted on
the east bank of Trout ereek and market Mrs,
w II. Hamilton's 8. W. C. Post and running
north wi chain*-; thene.. east m chains; theuee
south w chains; thence west hu chains to place
Of beginning, containing OVi acres, more or less.
Dated toll���ud day of August, 1WW.
Mas W, H. Hamilton
      W. H. Hamilton, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 dnvs after date I
intend to apply to the Hon. the Chlel Commissioner of Land- and Works for p.Tini*-<doii to
purchase the following described ]unds in lho
West Kootenay district! Beginning at a post,
marked It. Hell's S g. comer, about two miles
east of the Salmon Hirer, and half a mile from
the I'end d'Oreille river. Ihence 80 chain* north,
Id chains west, Hi 'halus souili and 40 i hains east
to place of beginning.
Dated 1'Ttli day of July, IMS. R. It. Uri.l.
Maty days afterdate i intend to anpty tothe
Commissioner of Landi and Works, victoria, to
purchase 160 acres of laud. Commencing at a
post planted on the west shore of Arrow Lake, at
Hit south east corner t.f .1. J Christie's purchase,
running north 80obiini, tbence east kt chains,
thence south 80ebalni, thence west 80 chains to
plaoe of commencement.
Located May, 'Jth 1906,
A. Carhie.
L. (Jallaohkr, I_ocator.
For Unpaid Delinquent Tax��* In th�� Nelaon AsjMeaament DUtrlct, pPovin
of British Columbia. n(*
'��� X-IlM
B 0 1 shall offer for lale by public auction lhe land, hereinafter set out ol the persona in said list hereinafter set out, ior the delinquent uZ *t]***
by said persons ^ on the thirty first .lay of December, IW6, and for interest, costs and expenses, including cost of advertliiuK IHil| llll(, ���".1 -
amount du-.* is nol sooner psld:
Chestnut, Bd
Carlson, L 11	
Mallalidaitie. Kd	
I.ualfe. Tho-
Prueberg,  Belle
Johnson, K. W
Benny, Uleu U *
Li'l'iigc. Louisa
Itunoiigh. Rachel M      	
Wright. Harry
Wolf, Conrad-S Dovault, j. P.
Blng, Kee
Rearm, Henry       	
Anderson, lis, ar 	
t'a.lrat, t harles	
Kidorada Mines, Limited
American Hugh-.'., M. Co
McArlhur, Win.
Uroadfooi, Hr*-kine
Eldorado Mines, Limited
Aihabiwii-Wnus Co..
Huscroft, Ceo	
Gee. Arthur    	
Dick, Arthur	
Cliipmaii, J	
Keilv, A.H       ....
10 acres ID Block l��, Lot8It,G I 	
iti,H 11. i.oi ���������] ������ I., 46et ret 	
in. i k- .*. 28, -**.���, Lot 8U, i. I., IsOacres .
Block?, Lot 891,0   I .2 acres 	
Block :'-'. Lol WI, 0. ' . Wecrei	
ittocL II, bus-.', a. I . 0.16s< rol 	
HI,.rk 1., lol 891, '���   I , 40 ai res
830 acrei in Sec ttand86,Tp.lia,end Bee st.Tp. 12a, l-ntlX-Mi I
i acre Inflection -  ip 14, i*>i 1*97, '*��� I
92.89 acres in Seoton SB, ip IS, Lol 12*88 0. I
K aores lu Bectlon 88, Tp H LotUW.Q.1
I til acre-in Section 7. Tp  IT   Lot IM2.0, I
19.76 acrei In Section 87.38,88,84, T. it. Ut 1843, G. 1	
B0.76acrei in Section8,Tp. 17,1-ol 18*8,0. I	
h ao acres in Bectlon 30, Tp   17. Lot 1343        	
61 i.s acrei In Section 84, Tp II, LotlttS, G   I   ���      	
17 30 acrei In Section 82 Tp 31, Lot 1*43, a  I 	
ft 9_ m rei In Be-; tton W,Tp 80, Lol 1344, 0.1	
18 .tin''re- in Section 19 end 10, Tp -to, Lot ii-ti, G. I	
,:i 12 acrei In Section 86, Tp Sl,LolHl,G I.      	
76acrei lu Lot804, 0.1.. 	
6 acrei Id Lot 626, G   I      ,... 	
Bloek D, Lot 619, Q  I ,6 aores, ., 	
Lot3919,u  I , l.i acrei       .... 	
Part Lot 6660. G   I., 60 acres... 	
20 aeres in Lot 883,0.1 	
I    75
t no
ill ui
i, iti
6 4��
t (Ml
I B0
h th
4 Ul
e to
.1 Ul
���2 (A
k a.
6 its
:t T8
:t -mo
4 .VI
8 NO
:i oo
IG ih
6 00
, II. C, this nth day of PfptemU-r, I'"
Collector, Nelson AssesBBsal DtKng
Notice is herebv given that DO davs after date
I inteml toapply to the Honorable lhe chief
Coiniiiisionerof Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following deacrlbed lauds in tbe
(Veil Kootenay nistrict: Commenolng at i post
marked T, It. Prencbe'l Land S. K. corner placed
near C. C. Poynti B. W, corner, thence east SO
chains, thenee north -to chains, tbenoe west m
chains, thenee sonth 40 chains to place of commencement.
hated 20th dav of Julv Pkt\.        T. It, Fkkm h.
By ANhkKW AhlK. Agent.
Notice is herebv given that 60 dan after date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Cblel Com-
mlssloner ol Landi and Works for permission to
purobsse tbe following described lands in the
\\ eil Kootenay di-triei. mar Burton city; commencing at ��� post plan ted at the southeast corner
of George Hudson's piV-cmptlon claim, and
niarked Harry G. Tollington'i N- B, 0, post, and
running iouth 10 chains, tbence west�� ohalns,
thence north 40 cbsins, thence cast 'Jo chain* to
plaee ol beginning, containing Hi aerea of laud,
more or less.
i'ated this 30tb dav of August. t'Jofi.
Hakky <i. TOUJVOTOH.
Notice is herehv given that 60 days after date I
Intend to make application to the Honorable Ihe
Chief Commissioner oi Landsand Works for per-
mission to purobase about >���>*> acres of laud situ
ated on the salmon river. West Kootenay dlatrlet,
eommenoing at a post marked B R. Nutter's N K.
Corner, planted on Hie west bank ut tlie river,
about l\ miles norih of the international bonndary, thence west 60 chains, tbeuce no ebalus
south, thenee east about 20 chains to the river,
thence northerly along the rlrer to place ol commencement.
August 18th, l'JOC. B. R. IllTTKK,
T. If. Atkinson, Agent,
Notloe Is hereby givni tiiat two monthi after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands uud Works for a Lease of
all thai land being the foreshore adjoining subdivisions 1, ;f and l of Lot any, Group one (I)
Kootenay, and being on the south more of the
West Ann of Koot,-nay lake, tn tbe district ol
Commencing st a post marked "A. R. Watts'
southeast oorner post";   thenc,; BQ chains west,
tbence30 ehalni north; thence 60 ohalns east;
thenee 30ehalni south tothe plaee of commence
ment; the laid land and foreshore to be be used
for sawmill purposes.
Dated this Oil day of August, L9Q6.
A. E. Watts.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days after date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the ChJefCom-
miiiloner oi Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following described land in West
Kootenay Dlitrlot about seven miles south of
Burton City: Commencing at a pout planted on
the eust hank of Tnmt creek and marked Alex
Cheyne'l N. W. C. l'ost and running south ^i
chains; thence east ho chains; thence north 80
chains; thenoe west 80chains to post ol beginning, Containing MO acres of laud, more or less.
Hated this _.iid dav of August, IfUl
\V, H   Hamilton, Agent.
Notice is herebv given that sixty ilays aft,-r
dale l intend to applv to the Honorable tbe
Chlel Commissioner of Unds and Works, for
permission to pnrchase the following described
lands commencing at a post marked oeorge Toi
llngton'l   N. R. C. post,  nl the southeast  eorn.r
oi J. o. UcGrade'i pre-emption claim and
running south 40 chains to southwest corner ol
Geo. Hud-oii*. pre-emption claim; thenei- weit20
chains;  thi-tue  north   IU ehains,  thi-ner- east J)
chains to place of, meneement, containing BO
acres of land moreorless.
Hated this sth day of August, 100L
GSOBOI Tni.I.i.Ma-Tov,
A. A. Iturton. Agent.
Notie,- || li,.r,-hy given that sixty days after
dale I intend to applv to the lion. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase th,- following deeerlbed lands iltuato In
West Kootenay distriet; Commencing at a post
marked .1.11. \ ftnslnne's B.B. Corner posl, situate
in the Salmon River Valley, at a point adjoining
J M.-e,���her's land al western boundary, thenee
west 00 cijains, thence north V) chains, thence
east Hf) chain*, theuce sonth 4U chains to polntof
July _.th, W08. J. II. Vasstonk,
1. H. Atkinson. Agent.
Sixty days after date, I. Mararett MH)uarrle>
intend lo apply tO lhe Honorable the Chief ('our
missioncrof Landsand Works, Victoria, B. C,
p> purehase the following deserlbed land, Com'
mencing at i posi marked M. MoQoarrle, on the
bank of   Lower Arrow   !ak<*. thenoe 40 chains
west; thence 60 ohalns north) thenee m ehalns
east; thenoe 60 ebalns south to place of commencement, said to 'ontnin iui acres more or
less. covi-rlugirriMiiid h.-id by '.. B, Andorson'i
I'ated this Mtb day of September, P.m.
W. L. PATKB, *gi*ut
Notice i" bereby given that sic tv dav-. after
date i int.nd toapply to the -Honorable tne Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permlnion
to i-urihas.- lhe following described Ian-Is -Ituatw
iu Wesi Cooteosydlstricl:Commenolng at a post
planted at Boberl Cqrlett'i north eait corner
post and marked A. M's N. W, Corner thence
aast40chalns; thenee lorhalui south, more or
less to lhe Kootenav rher; Ihence 40 Cbalni WSSl
along Uie Koot<nay river; Ihence hi chains
nortii, more or less i��� the place of commencement, eoutnlning 100 acres more or less.
Beptsmber 14th 1906,
ANMK Moom:,
William Mdohk a- Agent.
Notloe Is hereby given that sixty days after
date I intend lo apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works for
permission to purchase the following described lands situate lu the West Kootenar
district, starting from n post planted on the
north bank of the North Fork of Hog oroekl
thence '20 chains wesl, _0 chains norlh, *���-*. chftlns
west. 40 chains nonh, 80 Chains west. �� chains
north, 90 chains weat, 20 ehains north, BO ohaini
east, 20 chain., south,  '20 chain-  east   411 chains
iouth, 20 chaini east. 40 ohalns sontb lo oointo.
eommenoement, oontainlng 640 acrei
Hated 18th day 0( Augusl, 1906
kknkkt w. RoanooM
mB"? "I !__eby K|,v,-'\ll"t' fi01(1<V "Her date I
nl  1.   t���makeapp1'ea ion to the f|���norablfc thu
( hief ( ommlmloner of Lends snd Works for __r
mission   to   purchase 840 u-ies of  land U,,
district of We.t Kootenay mmeno n!at a.,
planiedontheiontha.de ol Bound ary   e-fn
the Internationa] bonndary line, ono and a hit.
��.  A'laiii-,  NoutheiiM   (orner,"   lbence   west   Wi
emus,  tlience  north  Ml chains,  1,,,,.,,.,,J, J
elmins, thenee lontb BQ chnins ionUceof mi?
Ki.im- B, ai.ams, Locator
Dated tbi. Bth Say of'Ju!yra.HH A^
BlXty days niter dab* I intend to apply to the
Honorable the ('hlel Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, to purchase MO acrei of land,
hu-ated   and   descrlbeil   as   follows!    rteii.g the
northeast quarter ol Beotlon twenty-two. and
th-south half of the north west quarter Section
twentv three, Township sixty -nine- And further
described as follows Commencing at a posl
marked J  J. N. W. corner, and planted to chains
Mitofthe nortbweit corner ol Beotlon twenty-
two and running east 40 1 balni, thenc,- south M
ebalus, tbence east .0 chains, thenee iouth kt
chains, ih,-nee west hi , halus, thence north l"
chains lo place of beginning.
August iist, 1906. Jauks Johnstons,
W. A. (alder, Agenl.
Notice Is beteby given tbat 00 days after dale I
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner ,.t Lauds and Works for permission
t-i purobsse the following d.s< riUjd land, -.liunte
in Fire Valley, in lbe West Kootonaj dM rlel. adjoining W A. ('alder's pre ��� uiptloii, starting al a
post marked  M. Mctjuarrte's ��outhwe��t corner,
running80ohalni east, tbence to chains uorth,
thenoe BO cbalni wesi thenee 10 ehalni south to
point oi eommenoement.
Dated this llth day of SepleuilH-r. 1908.
Makv  IfoQUiJUttB,
J. K. TlTLOl, Agent.
Notice Is herebv given that fiO davs after date I
intend to appiy to tii.- Hon the Chief Commie-
sioner id Liinds and Work- for permission to purchase the following deserlbed lands in Weet
Kootenay district, prorlneeol British Colombia.
Commeuelng at a post marked A A. lturton'i
H. W. corner, on the south s|,i,- of Cariboo 'reck.
about two miles east ol Hurton I'ltv townsite,
and at lhe northwest corner ol William McHev
Itt's pre-emption claim, thenoe east -to 1 hains,
thence north 00 ehalni, thenoe wesl 10chains,
thenoe south 80 ehalns t" the place of iHginuing,
containing '210 acres more or less.
Haled this 'J.lh day ol July. 1'JOf..
A. A. MruT.JN.
N1.11.1 || hereby given that fin dav* alt* r date I
intend lo apply to th.- Honorable Chief Commls-
llonir of Unds and Work" tor permission t<> purehase the following deserlbed land-., situate m
lhe West  Kwiteuay district, starling from a |H.st
planted ai tbe s.w.corner of Knicsi w.Robinson's
^l-|IS.'llll    Sll-        -      s.      ,-     sin    ,    ,,|     i .  ,   11.    -  ,     Sl       |,isill[|asi||     ^
Appli'-ation to Punhaie, and on the north bank
of the Nortii Fork of I'og creek; thenee to chains
west, w- ehains north 100 chains cast, 10 chains
south, 20 chains west. A)chains south to 1* ter*ec
tion of north I ine of K. w, Robinson's Application
to Purchase, thence 40ctialn�� west and u Chains
south to point ol oommeneement, containing fi-to
HattM 18th dav of Auguit, It**-..
9   W    ItOBISao!!,
jMjr KaskifrW. Rojiimon. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 davs alter date I
intend toapply to the Hon. the Chief Commls-
lloner Ol Lands and Works for permission to pur-
'base the following described lauds in Went
Kootenay disiriei. province of British Columbia;
Commenolng ata post marked "William Tolling-
ton'S  northwest corner  (Mist,"   Said   post   being
planted at the lontbwest eorner of the "Queen
Mineral Claim," and adjoining the east line of
Mel'hail'. pre-eliiptloli, thence soutli iwelttv (Jl)
chains along said line, Hi,-uee east forty (4m
chains, then.-e north twentv fkt) eliains, thence
w,-.t forty (10),lhainsmorOOl less, to tio- pla,.-of
Dated 1st-lay of August, vm.
William TOU ivoton,
Hy hii agent J. K. Taylor.
Notiee Is given lhat t'-o-lavs alter dale I intend
toapply to the Honorable lhe Chief r,.iin.ils-
lloner of Lands and Works for permission lo
purchase tbe following  desoribed   laud-,  in   llo-
Uest Kootenai nistrict:  Commenolng at a poet
marked 0. G.POTUtl Und S. K Corner placed
near the I'end d'Oreille river at Houndarv o/eek
east side of Halmon river, thence cast mi ebrtins
along the Interiiatlonal Mound-try Line, theuee
n .rth 40 chains, thence west Nl chain*, thenc-
south 40 eliains to (dace of conimeiicemeiit.
Hated the JOlh of July |��n. 0. ��'. I'oysTZ.
By Am.kkw AniE, Agent.
Nutic- la hereby given that two months after
date I intend to apply tn the Honorable the
Chlel Commissioner Ol Lands and Works for
permission to purchase the following described
lands situate on tlie went-arm of Koolenay I.nke
in lhe Dlstril t of West Kootenav: rommeneing
al a post marked "William Kuerby's N W poatr
tio-nce west twenty O) chains; thenei. south
twenty rao) chains; tlience easl twenty (ki)
obalns; tlience north twenty (3D) chains to the
point of eommeucement, conialnliig forty (Vi)
aer.-s, more or Ion, '
Hated July 7, 1��*6. 1.(1. NlhsoN.
Notiee Is herebj given tbat fO day- nfier date, I
Intend to apply th ihe Hon. chief commissioner
Ql Land- and Works for permission to purchase
lhe following deaorlbed tract ol land Hiluate iii
West Koot.-nay IHsirlcl; Commeneing at the
xoutliwcsi corner of   I^.t 7Jflbj  thence runlng
WSSl   40  chains;  ibel DOrtb 90 OlialnS) thence
wesl   Ui  ehnins;   thence north .1) chains;  the)	
ea-l so chains; Ihence south |n chains lo point
01 commenoement, containing MO acre*, moreor
Dated at Nelson, It ('., thll kird day of July,
1J06- Mskv BC4J*U��,
per V   C. (ireen, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 60dayi after date 1
intend to apply lo llie Honorable the chief Com-
million er of Landi and Works for permission io
purchase the following described Unds iltuate
11 nest Kootenav IHstriet: Cimnieneng al n
post marked "P. MCArthur'l N- W, corner posi
Situate near thfl N �� oorner of land applied for
1 y S- ��?*_* _ _!18_M l."uttl 40 .''hiHilN, more or
ehnllis, rn
point of t
Balmo, B., v., August llth, 11*00.
P. M(AHTin*K
___^^__ T* "��� Atkinson, Agent.
t   ko chnins;   ihenee   north   h
west  Ml chains  to
Sixty days alter dale I intend to applr lo the
* ommlsiloner of Unds ami Works, Victoria, to
purchase Kin acres of land, iltuato and described
as followi: Commeiielnn ata posl planted on the
wesl side of Arrow lake opposite Cariboo Clly, ul
or near the southwest corner of H. imig pur
chase, an,) tn 11 rked "��. M. A., H, K. corner " and
running north ��i ohalni, thenco weit 40 ohaini
to ll. Amiable h purehase, tbenco souih in chains
moreor less to the lake shore, ihenee along the
lake shore to place of beginning.
August 25th, 1W8. U. M. ANNAltl.K.
Nollee Is hereby given thai (10 days after date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chiel Oom-
mlsslomir of Lands nml Works. Vlclorln, lo purchase HO acres of land, siiuate about one mile
nut of Burton City on the east -.Ide of Arrow
lake, ami described us fol lows: Com inenelng at 0
poit planted at  the northeast corner of Lol rtWio.
thence norih 90 chnins, thenco west-It chains-
thence sputh 30 ohalns, thenee oast 40 ehains to
place of b'-gniiiiiig
August _Wth, llss,.
Notice is hereby given Utat��dm _J_*_
intend   to  apply   to ihe Boooiefa   h, Ti
Commlnloner of Und* ami worka b_p_S
Hon to purehase the following Am��5LTS1
iltuated in the Weil Kootenay dStrtttS     l
C. I.. Pearson's on the north abonl "'.-_! t'
quarter miles from tho Pend d'Orelllt nm.
mencing ��t a poat marke.1 1   p cslds^l
eorner i��>st. tbenee nj , tisin- ^orili (____���
chains west,  thence Nt chains m.mi/o.
ehalns east to place ofoommsoesn-ssj
I���K-at*'d the 1st day of August, UQt
Herman Kum,i|m
Notice is hereby given that60dsyitttittai
Intend loapply to the Honorable tUqtfZ'
mis��ion.T of Lands ami Work- t..r h-e-JT
purchase the following described  1��*. _i_f
Kootenay nistrict about iti milmsottsZ
ton city: commeneing at a poti pini.x-T
east bank ol Trout creek and mark.-.] ( "hi
er's N. W - C, post and running mnith . ^-.
tb.ii.-.*-asl Hi) chains; theme imrth _}_5
Id,-ner west Ml chains lo ihe pla,. ,.( ,t!_aa_!
men I, containing ti. 1 acres, more nr leu.
Hated (his rind dayol August, IM.
��   II   IlAJtttTOS.iim
Notice Is herehy given thai -U) da
inteud to apply to the Honorable tl
nl���lonoro. '. .v. :-���.���, \ Workifor
purchase the following des, ni.-j
men, ing at a |s)it marked "J Vt'
ner." plaoed on the east ibon af
I-ake at the northwest corner of J
plication to Purehase. running thr
east: theliee Kochallis north: thi-t
more or les��, west to the lake thou
lowing lake ihore to poim of 1-0
coiitRlniiiK -1*0 acres more or leu.
Haled the Bra day of July, IBM.
' -���" * '.wi
ie 1 sktOi
la iuli j
I-"*!!* km*
���:���.-.*.������,.. u
*. n .bUt
��� ��� . ;iu_
���. .!.--������. u
J. 1 E_m
Notice i�� lorehv given that GO dav�� krrsrdslr i
intend to apply to the Honorabi*- it:-i'ireff*a-
missioncrof Landi and Worki fnr |*>res_m��
pun Laic the lollow.ng-lcserlbed It:.im.-art
on thu .����i side of Arrow lake: Coaau
the northeast corner nf A. Anthoaripi
thence north lorty chains. thfiwtKlertj
chalm, ihenee south lortv chaini'-MM ait
forty chains to point of ��� ������::,ni, i.tac'-ns-
talniug IfiO aeres, mon* orle-s.
Haled SepUMnlf-er 1.1*""..     J*ar- F girJtt
perN. HEMrs*.Af��l
Notice In hereby given that W dayiattsrSatcl
iniend to apply to the Hon. Chief r<raai��SKl
of IJtlidv and Works for pennis-l"'! topBitim
the [ollowlng described Isnds. _itua**ed is Ik*
Kootenav district: Commenelnr sl ipstaift-
ad *'��Krt' s. K. corner." plant.-.! on th*iton��
biwcr Arrow lake, aboul one milt wotk��
Cordon ereek (Johniton creek.) then**i��f�����
ehains. lbence west 'Si chain*-, ihi-D-t- w-tt��
chains, thence east 10 ehalni lo polntofwo*
meneement. containing pvi acres m��reot*a
and eotnprl��lng abandoned pre eWPllon Sn-i*
Staked this 24th day of Auguit, l*��
B, K. WpltuiW,
A. N. WOLTieit*,Agmt
Notice Is hereby given lhat GO dayi ��u*t-iie1
Intend lo apply totteflonombleChWOs^
Sinner Of Latldlend Work* [nr nenalMWHf**
.-base the follow ing descried land* -ilut^i ��
the east side of Arrow Ink," Coinnirii'lariii
postmarked A Macleod'. location |wb ik*a��
soutli fnnv rbalns, followlni W.Teyensjiwi
boundary; thuiuc east slitv ehaim. UifMlta"
of iHirlbabll  Creek;   IhciM-*- nnrlh (oriyhslM,
Uience east sixty ofaaliu lo |Hiiiiinf**wno.eiw
ment. oontainiiie-w aeres, more or '�����*.___.
i)au<d Beptembor 1, hwi.     Auom fww
~Noi7ce"l"s h7nd^"glven thai '���"���'��>'��!''r;li
intend to apply to tlie Honorable Ittthtitatt
mlssloner of Lands and Work* (or l����-*H*
purchase the following deiertbed lw^"r|3
from a post marked W.T'inorthwestPest-Jg
south 40 chains, theme easi Ml ''hslui^MW
north -to chains, ihence wesl m chsini U) I"'��' J
commence nt, oonUlning MO acres ��������
lent adjoins on theeestof A.Anthony*ispisw
lion to purchase, ��� _
Hated this IMth "lay Of August. 1'AW. ^ ^^
N. p__wn-i, Af", ���
Sixty days after date 1 intend W'WSUj'j
Chief fommlssioner ol \*tfP ���"���'��� " Xl
Victoria, for p��*rinlsslon to non h��>.)''''''.|M
and sixty (Ifin)Her.->na..llM.��n.l ��' ,,,_,,
Bd  as   rgllOWi:   Commencing  al �� I1""1   ''
eighty Wi ehalns east ol to\^*c*&i\&
Bulger's pre einptlon and .n,rk.d   ' -1--
'���orner."   and   running  ea-t   M��J    *'   . , ,��ij
.hence souih fortj i��) ���,h��JJ'\��S_KS
chains, thenoe north lorty (40) ebsl0S��P��"
iisi.-is.l la si|.|.ly In [ta- lloponibta ""���','���,��
nil" r.s'f .i,,.l.-i..l��"'k-'"'      ",,,,...'1
|sisr.-li��ss. lln- l.slls.sa ilm .l.a.^sl;" ',,,���,���,( .1
s.u tin- mil i-l.lt- ..I A"""'"_'������,���,,,", psir-tiw.
thaKtllhwul corn.rol A * iiii     J     ,���,,
th, ,������.. -Sl-th liai-isla��� .-li-lliB.  Mnl	
ss,,- Kiiuiiiavs'Hs in.,,,-, ... -������ ������ ������������ . (t lw,nis
lli.-i,.-.- ...xitl. ivv.-ntv .l.��l.i- ii' " ",'���.r��s.l
a-linln., thonc-e in.rtli Iwpntj 'll��11',-:'. ,,,,%sj-
iwonty sls.lss.  is.  ,��i.lr.l ..( ......r.sa.-..'���-"���-"x-
itili.liiK mi sisrs-.. isissis'sn las-" .. uTUrr,
.)���,fS.s.p.,.,���i.,-M..'��r..N ;;;;-;��^_��. [
Ns.ll.r ll lirn-lir Hiii" ,'1",1,1 J!S_bl.t_eCM"
sisals- I lnli-ll.l l"Si|'|ib;l"l|.|''l"l;","|,.riisH>l'"l
i:���iniiilKi'li.iiiTisir.Hiisl��His.l��..'l;>lr|l i,, .nuns |.lir.-ll��M- Hn-  InllnwIIlK 'I.-''r '��'"    ���,|)���| ,
at.- In Ilm W,.��l Kisssl.-lins dWrW." ' , ', ,��al
l'��iil Alislri''. prs-s-iillilis.is. alls ;,���,..,.l...rss
.i,���rke.l A.J.I^.t.K.N fc..... >.-r. '������<"'���,,,��� ����l.
���l Lowm Arr,.�� Ink.-. Uionce.JO     1,11�����.l.
llli-lli-i- -10 .'Illllll h,  lli.-lli'   -, Mnii-B��-
llioiiii- 10 I'liniii" nortl. I" |i  '"
llli'nt.  llf al toP****
iihIs'sI it Nc-liioii, B.O., thJ�� -Ui a��J j UlfA
Uur, IMM �������. 1'ois.sim. *���>���"""
um a tambr p_rM tt*��SftB*28*o%
"" ���v'':''i':lffiS'^rKWJS
Hsls-ss.l Ii. i|.|.lJ lo lln- '_!""."",'    ��.riiil"l��"
mlMlnniir nl Ij.ii.Ib hsisI vlnrk��.    '   �����..llis<
psiri-liHisi! lliis Isslls.avliiK .1.""  " .' J5jol""'l!��
lis in,. dUtrlol ill ��V���� K...-1-- '��> ���. !...(��,inB<��;
,'Ull oil llsi'ivl-fllirlinil  ki;'sli-i��!  '"  .������l].s.wl
nn hi iin-ii ii I""" i'1'"':;1.,,. ii"""
If ill Lot 70U, llli'll'''' l"ir   ' ',' ,' ���,||... IhcW*
Hi '.11 I'll'
lH-sal ���_  OhllDl,  llli'll"' I  V���,,.m;it.     .
Mill �� I'l.Hlns in liisllll Ol ���""""���'' ''J, KK.����
Dated Aisk. ir.iii. n��*. '" --,
 ��� ��� ,    .uliarsl."
~  - ,, '.  , ���V.' SSI1", ,,.,
s.f I*1
Nisllsu l��lii.ri-l.y1(ivi;lit,i�� ', ,.,;,
llil,-���,| i.s ,,|.|.ly to Hi.' ��"""?,' ,   ���
iiiIwIoiiit o( I. I" mi'l ��,""���"   .,'
psirsliisai' llll' I UIU" i1'::"!
ms-n.-liiK sit ii l�� li��! ���"   ;'���-'.m.riit ""'���,-
lli-r," plar.-.l Bl Ull DortboU' corns.       , ,,,
riintiiiiK uss chalm north I am '���,.,,���,.. �����""
point ,sf  (���iiiiiiiiisili,i-iii',nl -
misrt' nr lism. , ,  ,��� ���,M ,,,.
Hllod tho Hit 0��y ol Jiil> '-""j A o'K,:"-*- The Dafly Canadian
i-urrv ii complete Block ol Foreign Wines, Bee_ l.liiunri
and   UqOMWi   ��nd   Canadian   Which nud  WWikioi.
RETAIL DEPARTMENT^ nbep to postoffice
i nv ONK bottle Port, Sherry. Hard, Brandy, (Hn, Hum, Rye, Scotch,
' .. ... nr any increased quantity you dealre.    For familv use try our
Advertising Committee of 20,000 Club
Still  Hesitatet About Closing the
Contract for Printing.
-.li  3611.
p. o. box toao
MAieL'S out or TOWN.
BtrtMU that once were blithe to Vie*
Have a mournful air;
Em iity ttenu the Avenue,
Lonely Ilea the Square.
Life that  I rli.l.e.1  11   rainlnm-brigM
Droops ln  drugget-brown;
Weary day and eerie nlgnt,
Mabels out of town!
Silver King HotellRANCH LANDS FOR SALt
'     T
Beet Dollar a day bouse in the Kootenays.
Roomi are well fi.riii-.-ied.   Table u good u ai-V
lu Kelaoa.     Bar lupplled with good
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
penal Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Its!   \l  THOK1/.KI) ��s.'..iMH),()(K). CAPITAL PAID UP....U,-KO,000
,u KEST 14.-80,000.
WILDE, Presidont. HON. BOBBBT JAOTBAY, Vice-President
Branches ia British Columbia:
��� Deposits receive- and intereHt allowed at cnrri-ut rates from date of openinR ac>
laDd-redited half-yearly.
1.8ON iiwANCM J.   M.   LAY, Manager.
. Burns & Co.
t. M .rk'ts in   HokhIhihI,   Trail,   Nelwm,  Katio,   Sumlrm, Thrw. Forks, Nuw
Denfar ami _Qooaa City.
io huv branob mUl i'��Te
, uehl attention.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
At the general meeting of the 20,000
club held in the board of trade rooms
last evening the whole business of the
club was considered.
If it Ib not too late an exhibit of
minerals will be sent to the New
Xealuml exposition.
Thu qtmttOB of where the new advertising pamphlets shall be printed
is sllll In tliu clouds. Several meetings of the advertising committee have
lis-s-ii called and one lias been held,
but the momentous declalou bun not
yet been taken.
The meeting wan called promptly at
8:30. Those present were T. G. Procter, ln the chair; F. M. Chadbourn,
A. W. Hyndman, L. 11. de Vever, J. B.
Taylor, J. M. Lay, A. Lean, B*. Stark-
ey, I. G. Nelson, H. G. Goodevo, W. 11
Jones, It. It. Hedley, F. J. Deasne, W
G. (llllell, A. W. Dyer and S. M.
W. II. Jones reported for the advertising committee that E. K. B-_��
ton's work was finished and the folder was ready for the engraving com-
panv and should be ready in a month,
lis cost would be about ��-7S, including the blrdseye map, but there would
be a direct revenue of ��75, making it
I K T��lor reported for the enter-
tainmenl committee the details of the
engagement ot thc Philharmonic Concert company, as already reported in
Tho Canadian. The company Is guaranteed $100; the opera house gets 25
per cent of receipts, and the club the
Mr. Taylor also said that the series
of  winter dances would  begin in October, probably In Fraternity hall. The
report* were received and adopted.
J. M. T-ay, tn-asnrer, reported a hal-
What is now   the  Park  to me
Just   some  grass and trees!
Once 'twas filled with melody���
Lyric birds and bees!
Dull and dreary drones the Drive
LlfeleBs up and down;
Moods of melancholy thrive;
Mabel's out of town!
And the old East Side cafe
When, we used to dine,
Fragrant of Hohemla,
Redolent or wine,
Dim and blear its lights appear,
Itlink and  sink ami frown;
Gone all gladness frnm the year;
Mabel's out of lown!
���Dennett    Stephens,    In    New
We have Improved and ^improved *��*��<��
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Tf etnont House
Kuropaa- and American PUn
Me-li to eta.   Boomi Irom A cts. to 11
Only White Halp Kmplojea.
Bakar at.. Nelaon . roprtaton
Bartlett   Hotise I
u_o. w. BARTurrr,
Best Mar-a-Diy House in Nelson.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list
__... *-_���____      ____�� *__.__....._> _��.��. WlittiflC!   I
Plr*   ami   Ac-Wan'
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootetuy Valleys Company, Ltd.
Budweiser Beer
Thit Date   in   Hlatory���September 26:
177"���llrlllsh   Under  Lord  Howe entered Philadelphia. ^^^.^^^^^
1799 ��� French      captured      Zurich. | Joswphine Bt.
1810���Battle of llimaco.
1820���Daniel  Boone,    Kentucky  pioneer, died;  born February 11, 1735.
1872���Charles T. Yerkes, convicted
of embezzling funds of Philadelphia,
1881���First time table of the Canadian  Pacific  railway  issued.
1889���Dewsy arrived in New York
on the Olympia.
1705���France and Germany reached
an agreement OD their relations with
In Good Old London.
London, Ont., Sept. 2C���The preva
lence of lhe cocaine habit among
young men In this city has reached so
serious a stage that Dr. F. P. Drake
has publicly asked that the author!
ties take some stepB to prevent its further spread.
Scores of young men in the city are
victims of the drug and there is scarcely a physician in the city but has several severe cases under his care.
ln the hospital there are several patients under treatment, and some are
in a very serious condition.
The police court haa seen the down
Tha Bar la the Ftneat-
White Help 0nlT Kmploya--
Nail.1111. B. C
Oldeat ert_.bl_.hed Real Ertate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
lew Fall
roods Arriving
Importer of   ,?l.._>
1 English * i...���.!���*
linker St.
si su TKNDI-S, pimrly inS-ne*. will tf
__*,via,.,i bv Un- andaralgned up nanus! to-
��� -.a- M lay, the ftfuent- Octobai nej.i. ot
' s, ���,,-.l,-���ii1pletl..ll "I a f.mrl ��.���"��������'
.,'. .|���.,-,ll.-Hli.,ll�� ami loii.llll.iliss ,,l l,-ii-
raotract mav be ��i*" at UM ''",',
na r'l ..m.v. Vlslisrla, 1>.    - "'ul ��'
ill lis, li,,sa-rllllli'llt Aililll. Nel.ssll, "I  .
iter tha llth September next
la-natet   Illllsal   l��'   ia UpUM   J J"   ��
1 lis them nn lha- eiSration ol tlm non
swei,  ,,r siny tl-nslrr nisi  liei's'swintly -41
p,C  llAMHI.K.
Public Kssrliss Kinslna-iT
., I Wnrkss |s,.psirli.ssnl.
"llss.  II   IS  . HI Is Sa-|ala-.aS IwT. 1W.
The Big Schooner IV^       |A_
Or "Hall-aod-Hall"    DtCI    I UCa
The only Glass of Oood Beer in Nelaon.
Hotel is,vuiissisi���lsaili>is. aet-und to nasne lo Brlt-
s.ls s'mIssssiIiIh I'.air. ,1 i,s ps-riliay. Hpssislal rate.
I', in, >ni ti 1 v I,, ,ss i-In > Only home hotel In Nelsaon
Lake View Hotel
i <<ni* r Hull and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Kaiei {1.00 per daj and up.
&%_-.%. N.ELSON, B. C.
i Grand Central Hotel
J. A. EBIOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open nay and Night,
-ample and Bath Boom. Free.
Opposite Court Hoax and Post Office.
Comer Ward and Verm Strata.
The Strathcona
Nelion, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
I Hare 10,000 Aoea
of the
Choicest FndtLa���a-aft
British Columbia.
Choice Fruit
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
��������� ���  ��� . 1 ..  11,. ��� v ���
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Jno. T. Pierre
The .Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roomi.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and <'is-iliiru-le Bedrooma aod Firal-
I olaaaDluluK Room.  Sample Roonia for Commer-
etal Men.
MRB. I. <;. CLAKKK. Proprlatraaa
Neloon, B.C.
iertificatc of Improvements
Twden itddn_twd t,�� the nndenlened. *i \w
niiiii- in the Conn Rooam in tin* < u>* ��.i HeUon,
will u> received m-. tin tiu'iiourof (Itso'clock in
tba tiiii-r in ��f Monday, Oetobet i-Mii, won, for
ilu- purchaao ot the "Blue Bred Nellie'1 Ulnuil
the crown at the Tut Bale ln*ltl in tin- t'liy of
Helaon on the6th aa�� "f Novunberj ipt, fur de*
Unquent tax*.*** up till Jnm'notti, ivo>. and sosta.
Tui' upaw Price npon the laid mlm-ml i-laim,
which iuduiif- Hit- allium.i of di'Hii<|m*[it taxoft
mnl cottiat tii,- tin-it- of furfi'lturi'. witti Interest;
t-ixt-*�� wliltli hn\e oini*t* Hct-rtipt.; atitl tvo lor
OTOVn ��:'-iiu. Is ���.'.*���'���'. wltirli Is tin* l.HHt ninnunt
thai wui badontlderaduatan&r,
KbcIi under ranat be inoompuLted by an a��w
wptcil i'h��Mi��p. payahU- lu tlu* order of the Depu-
1 tv Comntlaalonif ol Hindi and Warici,ati��r*t
vii'inriH, it. c . ior tha utonnl tenderod.
(iovt'rnuit-iit Akcim, Nelion, B. <'.
h.iir.l ki Nelson. B. (' , thin i.'i i,
I'liaia-r ami tsy virtue ol Uss- power ol aala eon
issini-i tu h certain Ib-entureol Mortaage, aai,ti-ii
aalll Ih- lilsssllli s-,1 ���l lilt- llliltsst sss.li-, tlis-n- aalll l,t
,,1,1 mi FrlsJay, October tth, idi��i, m Uo.elook
tiiKiii, i>y lliis*. A. WftteTntan ,v s'ss., auetlanMn
���si stratiiootu n i in iii<- i-tty >si Nelion, m tis
I'ruvlut'i'   til  llrlli.lt  li.iItlTsnl.1n.  Hit-  fnlbiwiiiK
litis-, i.lant,   Klrat dial , I h. ss ls.K ��������>
si-i.lv Mils- Kriai'tl"" mineral elalins., �� >��;
le is,'lbe Neb���ii MlttUl  Ulvl.li.l. ol W e.1
i'"i!!,"h1s'',|"'ii'ii mm'Ire mountain. bi'ls-"*n
si'sm.��� Hsu! ii,-HrOntka.. ,, ,., ,.,,_
 lee tha, I, John BoUtsbtt. ol the t-iir
.:-'.���. ��,'ti,iK��; Wn.l0tJ^_t_r-S5
Mlsii-r'. Certllli'Rte No-Mill, Intono, BIW
is,.,,, in. iimi i���irool, loapply lotha Wafjc
.t.b-r Issr r.-rtlni-att'i. o! liri|.roy.-lii.;iil��. I r
imrpoae ol i.bintniiiK Orpirn OranUol in.
. il.ni'iss'r take n.illi'e Hint k^Oft^SX^Hi
17, mint 1,1 inieiiietl I'd""- "I" l����nane��
si' Is lerlllleale nl liiilirnvi'iiu'nta
\*u7i*��il Femi..'!.. nam*.
Lou I, '��
niKi'is, namely j
a  ,, _.,  Jl,  ... ssml '_i, III Blsnk J. A.l.llllssli
A," in Uie-ulaillvl.Inn ut Disalrli-t lm v.i, sirssuis
is In ssml l,v virtue ol tiio BO We -OOlalJ ���>]
'������ nulls m-rlgaia, whtota wfll ik-i>ra..it i at
is ol i ale inere ��U1 be i.iiereil formic
i' siiiie auction t'v Kitiianl T Kv��n. ��i Us;
in n,suae, In thc Olw ol BoMland,BiOyon
mlar. the Mtb ilay o( H(-iati'.iib.-r; A B,M��
ise i.i.siroi noon, lie eqolb ol radamplton in
i 'iMtrablo tract ol i.ssi.i on the tower Arrow
known ai Dwi Park.and oonalaUni olian
ii    mure or lessss, sitnl   the major issutoltlio
ur further pssrlteiilarst nils! termi antl eontll-
ii. nl Kule ais|sly In
q, ll. HAMILTON,
Mortgage*1! Bolloltor,
llss nli ol Montreal risBinbi-n. Ilinsslimil, ��<������
Dated at BoHlan-i 7th Sept., n����',.
-A." Ill tils' Hlllaaivnai'iii.., ...      .���    	
I. Ws.l ltl.ls,l,.iss,l Us. Kistileiiiiy IMsalrtet, tss-ettrsl
Ini; Iss a nsitl' or pltali ssf tlie nhii! Hsslitllvt.iisn sit-
psi.ii,',| tn ills' i..... Ragliiry oni.-a- .ml nunbar
II, sii'.i.
Ust , 1st vssi'tuil.   On Loll -1 Hit lliere lis Kaisl to
Im- a tavis-.lory Kmiiie llavellliiK, abs, a Krnnie
Teruiss hikI I'isisilltliiilsa of  iskIs' aalll Ih-   masle
known nt tho time of isstic.
Por lurlher partlOttlarJ apply tss
Vciiilnr'saSjIls'llssm, IIiisiiIiikss St..
Vsisss'sislver, B. C
llHle.1 till. 1611s daa sslSs',ateiillier, U0B,
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the 01(1 Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dlnnerware ln stock. Patterns
v ii������ i. 1,,'rei.y iilven ihat the Annual OjnfjJ
Ntsllee 1. lit" ui n"     , ...        l.linueil. aalll 0��
floolt, p. m. w ^ BAYLY, Secretary
anco on hand or $481.
Tin1 BGCret&ry moi a letter from
Hon. .1. M. Turner acknowledging the
receipt  of new folders.
The ctininuun mentioned the re-
QQjBSt for an exhibit of minenUa at lho
New Zejtluinl exposition. lie urged
that the  request   be  compiled  wlh.
H. R. Hedley thought a letter had
better he sent first as the Invitation
had been long mislaid and the opportunity might have passed. The first
request was accompanied hy an ofrer
to pay all expenses of transportation.
H. H. Hedley advised that If an exhibit be sent, the specimens should be
of fair size. He could supply siieci-
mens of ore from the Silver King,
Emma and Erie. Arlington.
lt wus resolved that the secretary
should telegraph to Ottawa and Vancouver for instructions as to the date
of sailing of the next steamer for New
A committee was appointed to act at
once it a favorable reply Is received.
An appropriation of $50 for expenses
was made. U. U. Hedley, K. Starkey,
A. W, Dyer and E. W. WlddowBon
were appointed, with power to add to
their  numbers.
Elections were then proceeded with.
S. M. ilrydges, T. S. McPherson, K. J.
Deane, G. P. WellB, A. Leans, A. W.
Hyndman were re-elected, and conveners S. M. Itrydges and J, ED. Taylor were reappointed.
The secretary reported a nel loss ol
$5.20 on the guessing contests nt tho
fair, only  98    guesses    having    been
K. J. DetU-fl asked for Information as
to the advertising work. He expressed
regret ut the friction that had arisen
aud also at the suggestion that printing should he ordered out of town,
which he considered a very had advertisement  for the city.
The chairman replied, explaining
what had been done, and remarking
that printing done in Nelson had never heen  satisfactory.
Mr. ,I)eano took exception to the
statement .attributing previous defects
to tbe supply of poor cuts and to dl
vlded authority nnd Interference.
A, igeneral discussion followed,', but
was cut short by the chairman'n remarking  that no contract    had    tiueo
The  meeting  then adjourned.
fail of several young men who became
addicted to the drug, and theft cases
among young men of respectable families have been numerous.
A local paper printed what was look
ed npnii by the i-ollce as a sensational
story   some lime ago.
Several physicians have now come
forward with the statement that something must be done, as the habit Is one
which strikes the very heart of London's homes.
The police are conducting an Inves
ligation now, it  is understood.
The weU known
Under and hy virtue ot thc powfttSOf into eon.
tattled in niviiniii nuirtgaffe whirl*, will he pro-
duct-d at thi'time of dale, lliure will be offered
(oraale hy public MeUon OU Saturday the 29th
day nt October, 19W., at the hour t>t 12 o'clock
noon, at tlie Hotel Hume, corner of Ward and
Vernon 8tre_u, Nelnon, B. V,., by Mcshm, Charleti
A. WnhTiniMi,', i .,., iht- followiiiK I'roperly, via:
Lota number*-*, tlftecn (I.S) and itxtMO (Ki), hoth
iu Bloek number ten (In), being part 01 tbe .uh
divlKiou <<i but numtier ninety nix, Group one,
in Ibe dlHlrlcl ot Kootenay. Brltlah Columbia,
and known an tbe Hume addition to Nelson,
K. i' , aceordliiK to a map or plan ,le|>o>dted iu
the I jo nl Ke-h'litry office and numbered JS. ll.
I'i'"ii the nald laud <h creeled a law "id eom-
moalona dwelllni bonaeln Bnt^Uunrtor.wttti
city WHler.   Thin (Toiwrly 1�� not   far frnm the
bUBlnm portion o( tbecltv.
TermiHiid eondlthniH made known al the lime
ol mile or in tin- meantime upon npidlcallon to
Koftejune'i Soltoltor.
Dated at Nelwni the 17th dny of Sept. I""���'
U/"_' I 'UT Our BeerGarden ia
rX\J I CaaU,        the Fiuest in tbe
"5555~55~; Eooteuays.
CROW,   -   -   Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Ratea tl and $1.60 a Day.
Special Ratea to Regular Bcaidera.
^British Columbia
New Westminster
m M*
Wholesale and Hetall Dealer* in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Cnmp-a supplied oti nhortvut notice and
lnwi'Kt- prii'f. Nothing but fmah aud
whole_oiim tuoiitn mid HttpplcK kept iu btonk
Mail onleri receive careful attention.
New Westminster or Vancouver
On sale September 28th October 3rd
Inclusive.   Return Oct llth.
For full particulars and berth reservations apply to local agenta or write
E. J. COYliE. J. 8. CARTER,
A.O.. .��.,VanroiiYer. D.P.A.. Nelnoo
Spokane Interstate
September 24th to Octo-1
bet 6th. ��90o
GoinK Sept. '-4tb, one day only,
return fare will be
Going September 81-25 _S-a7-28-
28-80 and October I -2-8 fare will be I
All tickets limited to Oct. 7th.
Each ticket haa one admiMion |
conpon to fair.
   E. C. TRAVES. Maaaget.
t-_iiii_trnwti��p and
TAKK NOTICE that  an ftpnUeaQotl haa boal)
made tu rcKlxior K. Q. ItoUM an iht? OWDHt In
Koe HtiiHilr, umltT a Tat Hale Deed trom K. J.
StPtiHon. ili'imly asBt'swir and .���tillefun* ol lhe
slum * A-ci-sMiit-nt niHlr'et, to K, Cl. MrUod.
IjcarinK Ae\e tlie '25th day ut Auttniit. A. li. lOOfi,
of all nml KltiKiilarthat eerlaln parcel or trm-t ot
Und and nreintHen nltuate, lyliiK and hetiitf In tht>
PiKtrU-l ot Kooli-nuy, tn th,- 1'rorIneo of lirltw.
��       .��...���  H-i-iii-nUrlv  known  and de-
,inl pelrnlenm) i
k..���  Jintrfel ol   K��o
lIlbM ��"   nil tnliii,ral��,nr,i'('fonHftn*d banc, (snvo
...nil anil petroleum) nnilcr"   ' ' ****
the   l'i-iriti   of   K<K>U*nay
Lotaestdroupi. nj
Iturnet"   mineral
 and eaoh of von are rennlrcd to content
the elalm ot the tax pureha��*er within fourteen
tin v-. from the date Of the servli*t* oi this notice
ni" n you,nnd Indelnnltof ncHVeator certtflcale
of Uf MUdani being tiled within xiu-h ih- tod,
will W forever Utoppsd and debar red from
McU-od an the
  ver etnop|H-ti miu uv_D...-. ,.
Hi'tllnn up nny ei��lni to or In re-aped of the aaid
lund, and I shit ll re-giHier It �� ����t__ _ the
owner --^^^^^^^^^^^^
ltftted at Land ftetiitn Ofllce, Nelaon, 1'iov-
Inet-of HrltiRh t:olumnla, thin atthdity of February, A. 1). ISM,
UUlrlut HeifUtrtr.
To Richard Seemau.
Contmutor and
UlUlCH*. ^_^_^M^_^_^m
.Hole aReiH for the 1'orio Itleo Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yard*. Knugh and dretyud luinber. turned
wort and brackcta, CoMt lath and cli in-jh-, paidi
and doors. Cement, tiriek and lime for aalc.
Automatic artndvr.
Yard and tadory: Vernon ��l.. eaat of Halt,
NBL.80N,  B. G.
P O. Hoi -3*2. Telephone 178.
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters and Dealers in
Ooal and Woo I.   Express and
HaggaKO Transfer
JfoffiS'i"  Office: Baker St.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Grooeriea.
Butter, KnitH.
Camp and Minors' Supplies.
PtorbxcUl  OCT. 2-6
P-_T O "-*ttlOO) -M______-_______---l_-iMMal
Hew Wotminster $16^5
On sale September 38th to Octo-
ber 2nd.   Limited October llth.
Only one night on the road.
City Pauengtr Agent.
A. II. P. *., fe aula.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at thi'*"-"
Baker Street.    -    NELSON.
For Ererrthing Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Clean, Tobaccos.
Di Yw Katw Tfcanua'i Special B-tanr
W* cA* THURMA11.
Precious Stones. If you want to make a good investment put your
money into a Diamond. Now is the time before the price gets higher.
Our selection of stones is the  best.
���IBook Ahead For!
��� ���
: Preserving Pears:
���   ���
��� Tho right  kind nro srnrro.    Wo ���
+  hnve ii nice lot of  local Barfletts +
and Flemish Beauties to arrive ���
Lowest market prices guarnntei
Bell Tradingj
Gait Coal
Terms Spot C&sb
Telephone 206
MALT and
75 cts. per Gallon ]
We Want Fresh Eggs,   Will give tin
Highest Market Prioe.
Ijoy's Cash Grocery!
Oor. Josephine and MiiiHtK.    Phone IS
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout Kuililers will Iimi it tss their nd-
VftDtOg- to use our Piti'li.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
"Maple Leaf" Brand.
uniform BfUNiNo ls tlir inns! important [actor wht-ti bUltlQg on ti l*_rm>
���oale. "Maple Leal" brand Ib claimed
inperlor in thin respMt.
Oonparisom with other makei Invited-.
Sol* A���_,,,t. NtlHsin, B.C.
"The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cieatn.
Phone 2.i. Bnker St.
Cor. Vernon tins- Warsl  Streets,
NEI.SON,   B. C.
J  FRED HUME, Proprietor.
A. II. Curry and wife. Nakusp; G.
P, Xaslen, L. Portman and wife, J.
Portman, Greenwood; 11. N. Oulmette,
Kossland: Mrs. Aniaya. Rosebery;
Mrs. v. li. Klrkwood, lt. I. Klrkwood,
Shiran; II. I. I.alliash, New Denver;
P. Wi kh, Spokane; H. J. Booze aud
wife, Rosalia; E. W. Colton, T. G.
Hull. G. W. Arinn, H. Earle, Vancouver; B. L. Ilurdon, Toronto; B. Row-n-
leld, New York; Mrs. J. H. Fraser and
daughter, Grand Forks.
('. Dempster, Rossland; T. 11. Hawkins and wife. Silverton; W. E. Cooko
and wil.' ..Minneapolis; W, F. DuBols,
Slocan Ciiy; L, Pratt, Sandon; E. Ja-
cobs, Victoria; A W. Hayden, Montreal; 11. It. Ellis, New York; H. A.
Christie, VV. Plcken, it. A. Bali-ridge,
Vancouver; W. N. Stock. Toronto;
Mrs. It. Hall, Miss Hall, Brandon; E.
Ge-.ge,  Nassau;    Miss    G.  V.  Hatch,
.1. ll. Wiulaw, Wlnlaw; H. J. La-
Brash, New Denver; T. D. Woodcock,
Sl.ienn; F. E. Bas Verville, J. R. Owen.
Portland; Mr. and Mrs. Seale. Miss
Seale, Blrtle; A. L. Clements and wife,
Grand Forks: Mrs. .1. P. Wells, Revelstoke; G. E. Graham, Rossland.
F. II. Cunningham, Granite; J. Loiter, R. M.  Hamlily. Slocan Cley.
T. llrown, Bonnington; W. J. Smith,
M.  Killani,  P.  J.  Chron, W. Wilson,
It.   Milford.  Salmo;     .lames    Regln,
Erie; R. 11, Bridgeford, Trail.
Mrs   .lames Bruce, Victoria; II. Carson.   Ilarrle:   A.  Brett,   Winnipeg;   W.
.Murray. Grand Forks; T. Criiickshank,
II.  Vanslsnieyer,  Nakusp;   I,. Human,
B. Vlttoni.  l..  Burghlmer, Varnie;  T.
A.   Green.   Spokane;   G.   Harrison,  Re-
.1. Mclnnes, C. Pallor, S. Brlen. Rossland:     Mis   Williamson,   Hear  Creek;
J. Harrison, Erie.
Received daily from the
Coldspriu^' ranch on
Kooteuay lake.
201b. crates $1.25
TelnpliniK' Hii.
Otf sip cftim
W!m.fc (ht drttimij spirits in delight
 --V��* [______
Hint tin- ���irfnfcen-rvotf atonrBode Fountain
had tonic propertlei IiohMcn rMfros.iim; ?
Wettteonly rem fru.lt nyrujin 0/ the 11 nut
Hutility FoiiuiHln, oonttter, gltinic-N Hint
reoeptaolei un- kept ffitnipiiloitMy .lean.
Baker street, Nelson, B.O,
The Daily Canadian
There is no change in any quotutiou
ou  today's metal markets.
Wesley Ziesler, late porter al the
Stnuheon.., has decided to remain in
Nelson, and  will  do  "office work.'*
All members of the A. O. of 11. and
P. sojourning in the Sahara of Nelson
���Don't  forget  Wednesday, October "i
The Churchmen's club is preparing
to reopen for the season next Monday
night. The formal opening will take
place a week later, when a smoking
concert will be held.
The Canadian Order of Foresters
meet Thursday evening in tlu* Knights
ot' Pythias hall. Ten candidates will
be instructed in the mysteries ot" Forestry. Organizer Brother 1'aull will
also be present
This afternoon at -J o'clock the ad-
refusing committee of the 20,0011
club will meet in Secretary Chad-
bourn's office to decide finally whether the club's new advertising pamphlet
shall be printed in Nelsou or elsewhere.
Tomorrow afternoon being the last
merchants' half-holiday of the year, is
likely 10 be very generally observed.
The chief attraction, which is the subject of considerable interest, is tho
cricket match between tlie tournament
team of the Nelson Cricket club and
an eleven chosen from all lhe rest.
Play will begin at the recreation
gmiinds  nt  -  o'clock.
A misprint in yesterday's issue rep*
resented the manager of the Kaslo
district fruit exhibit as claiming $l.">r>
fur expenses from tlie fair management It should, of course, have read
$1."'. the sum allowed to each competing district, according to the regulations. Thai amounl has, of course,
been paid in each case. Kaslo's acceptance of ii shows that relations are not
hopelessly severed.
There was no session of the city police court this morning. There is still
one patient in the cells. A large per-
centage of the prisoners for the last
fortnight have been men In various
stages of delirium tremens. Chief
Jarvis says it is cheaper for the ciiy
to have such men arrested at the first
sign of collapse. Later their care in-
volves watchers and sometimes a hospital hill. Usually their conduct is
not disorderly, and it is solely in their
own interest that they are placed in
Louis Pratt of Sandon. manager or
tlu* reorganized Last Chance Mining
Company, is In the city. The mine has
been in operation since August 1.
About 30 men are now on the force,
which will be steadily increased as the
workings are opened up. The mine is
in good shape, and .there ls now ample
capital for all necessary development
and equipment The reopening means
much to Sandon camp, which has heen
very dull since the inactivity, partial
or complete, of the Payne, Slocan Star
and Ueco mines.
Burnt     Drawing     view    Executed    on
Wood   Fungus.
In the office of Messrs. McDermid
& Hardy Is a work of art that may
without      exaggeration       be       called
On the soft under side of a magnificent fungus growth ,two young ladies
of Trout Lake have flepicted in burnt
work a fine view of Cromwell and
Noble Five mountains, showing Brown
and Cromwell creeks, with the water-
(all on the former, the Noble Five
Un*   Cromwell   group,   the  loca-
tion of lhe various ore bodies, including a deposit of asbestos.
The work has been very well done.
The artists are Misses Fowler anj
The Store of Quality
Don't Forget
Frt*it Jar
The prices are just the same as for
the ordinary  kind
Pints per dozen $1.00
Quarts per dozen 1.25
Half gal. per dozen  1.50
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phono 10
.'ill MKN, HI 0I1CC, Inr work In UssmvsissiIis.   Atsply
Is, \V. K. l',,ssku, isnwmlll, KaMis.
I.AUY -TK.NOIiKAI.IKK fssr Jsssssltlisii in .-s.sintry.
sisssssl I w ssiils employer, family,    Aj,j>ly
nisi \V��� r.sli.s,lls.li oflllsll.
BU8HMBN. Mill lisiiiiis-siinl LoggingContrmctoni
hIhis B-giooer    n.m-i.uss: Lumber Co., nenr
IMRKIi HELP (sir linusi- on Observatoryilf-el
Kmiilly ssf nv,,; no children] Dan slss-is ,,t limns.-
II preferred,  Apply Mm. Burt,(.uee-iHolel.
The First of the Season
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica nnsl Joi-P-ine Sts.
The specimens you have seen exhibited nt the Pair will give yon nn
idea of the beautiful work thnt can
be done in Pyrography. It is so easy
to learn, too. You can pick it up
yourself in a very short  time.
and a large assortment of articles in
wood for burning.
OUTFITS   COST  $4  AND  $5.50   EACH
Wood blanks come with designs
stamped, so that all you have to do
is outline and shade them and burn
in the background. They are made in
almost every conceivable article���
Paper Knives. Match Holders, Ash
Trays, Nut Rowls, Steins, Tables.
Waste Haskets, Glove and Handkerchief Boxes, etc., etc., and at prices
from 25 cents up.
If you live out of town write us
and we will be pleased to send you a
fully illustrated catalogue to select
W. G. Thomson
ggggggg������ Nelson, B.C.
Phone .14.
Body   Discovered    in    Slocan  River of
Girl  Drowned  in  1903.
Word reached provincial police headquarters In the city yesterday that tho
body of a young woman hnd lieen
found in Slocan river at Watson's
spur, which is near Moll's siding, on
the Slocan branch railway.
The message was contained in a letter to I*.. A. Crease from the Watson
brothers, who are certain ihat tho
body is that of their sister. Amy .1. (1.
Watson, who was drowned in Slocan
river on -June 80,  L903.
Dr. B. C. Arthur, district coroner,
has gone up this morning to investigate. If the Identity can be established there will lie no itupiest held, but
permission for immediate burial will
be given.
Vanderbilt Cup Race.
New York, Sept. 2(1.���The racing
hoard of the American Automobile association, who have in charge the Van*
derbllt cup race, met at Gerden City,
L I., last night, and disbarred the machine driven by I.ytle on Saturday iu
the elimination trial, in favor of the
car driven by I.awnell, next In position. The board decided tbat I.ytle
violated one of the rules, which provides against a racing car being towed except in cases of emergency, In
drawing for positions for the CUR race
on October 6, the Americans drew 1,
ilie French 2. the Germans ::, and the
Italians   I.
"The   Storm   Centre   of   the   World'.
Religious and   Literary  Debate."
(II  Santo)
Cloth $US
<By Mail $1.35.
���The Saint is a finely stirring, greatly-moving romance, and It Is the Interpretation   also  of  a   new   crusade.     It
is a vivid and varied -story of Italian
life and of that Intimate ami far -reaching Influence which Rome, as the capital and centre of th,- Catholic church,
exerts throughout Christendom over
all   mankind.
"Tbe romance ot tin* strange and
strenuous love between Benedetto and
Jeanne makes Tbe Saint a hook to be
read   twice."
Canada Drug & Book Go's
���Cash Stores,...
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
.      ���      _ I
|L _. ���___.-.],_. i-i. ni4
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelson
and its nuburlw. Phone 148.
How   Ahout   Your
Guns and
Ammunition ?
We have Kley's, Kynock's, Winchester, and Cogswell tfc
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wnding, Belts,
Coats, Pants, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631       INclHiin, B. C.
Price ot Metals.
Ns'iv   York,  Sept.  86.���Silver, ��_%<���;
copper, L8%c: leu-, ?",."-.
London, Sept 86.���Silver, 81 ll-iiid;
lead,  - IS His; zinc,  .27 lus.
Trains and Boats
Crow boat���Four hiitirs' lato.
Hlsss'iin iialn���On time.
Coast, Boundary and Ros-tand train
-On time.
Out Piano Tuner,
Mr. James R. Mair,
Is in Town
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
"^S^^^OT-fflSPftiasa si$&. *i_ 5 rj.b t ��*���������������.��
.111.1 Uoei is,.1 contain ,���, i,���i, ���, ,������,'.,   " .���,,,''"* \"k''���, " ""-"���*��� ',"���" |....|."ilv,
run Mi.,,,,. i,���i, ���,.���- ol ����� 1,,' v S-nffi Si-_Lte'""
good ilwelllnj, i.n. tMUtat-d w��ier ih.to.lo In.bnf��n, _i   """*;
lli'srsssisil.  Itft-Ol Irrlu'ssslssss 11  n-MMirr    I "
tliri-u Hlil.-H.   I'rln, ,ij,m.   'li'tmnk'AHtiiDi-
11 ..n.i n ntontbi mn, -, por orat laMmb
-I ranohoi
L' 111 It,
Watches! Vi atches||
"!_ ,makl"K every ottorTto
meet the
requirements "of' 'railroad men"!'
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Slici'tiiii'tul Work, I'lusttiiK", Hiiildem' Material and Hitting nml Mm M*
OHli'0 nml Worku .'oo* of Fnrk Ht.
'lion-    -nl.
n��Ih,,���, H.C.
&Co., ps*VR
mj*.   vjv��t        Ltmited.Winnlpeo,
Whuicsiiic lJr��>vl-ti.>nM,
Dominion Qovenunrot Onunen Oim Ponnd Brloki nostr-d wtak*ff_ri
Inim lhe I'liurn.   Kor wile Isy nil leadtiiK ^rsn-'-rs.
Olllee nnil WftMhooM: lloui-tiiii Hioek,    Phone 71'
Josephine Street. Nelson,
. B.C I
Don't Forget
ll your furnace In shape to start the winter with?   If not, -i!l|
Is the time to have It repaired.
J. H* Ashdown Hardware Co,, Ltij
PLEASE NOTE���We will not lie responsible for any furnare not .dig
by Oclober 1st, 1S0C.
Ka.pi.iri.iu and-obtains axaeutad with Daapatoh. sh��tM.tsi
>%..rk, Mliilnu ,,,,.1 Mill  M.Klilncrv.      Miiiiulnclur.r.iil
Oru c��r��, u. u.  Oontraotors' c......
INELSOrN,    B.  C.
We Will Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi, Canadian
WOO  Yale-Kootenay Ice
- n
. 9 Lit
McDermid & McHardyl
1 Just Arrived!
A large consignment of
All Si/en nml Lowest Priees
SK Umber, Shitigl��.
L,ath, MoulcUngs, Boors, Windows.
I un md Work and Hrnckots. Mail Orders promptl*/ nl**��llwl* |
                     VBRNONSTRBBT ���  -  -  NBt-fON. B. O.
Onr .took Of HAND   SAWS is  W "*""*
imilniliiiK Kiniles to suit nil roiiuiri'incnts. _,(
If you wish a low priced saw we OM si>PP'y .v0 '
also enrry thu ls��st qualities made hy
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'7^


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