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The Daily Canadian Aug 28, 1906

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Array No. 73-
RrkaliiH Fertility of
(iiijienity Explained
m in miff, shutt
|u,iblc Address Delivered to Far-
|C, s Institute-Fears That
Land Hay be Exhausted.
., I,,,.,, of  Koiiti'iiay, those ut
n ,,|, nl   near Nelson,  tisik  full
. .  ,,;  in,, visit  of ibe deputy
,.,  ,,i agriculture,  J,  It. And-r-
ini,I  Professor  Shut!   of Ottawa.
iiisiti and evening meetings
[ w.-ll alteiided.    'I'tie  former bus
,.:i fully reported In yester
.,i tlie Canadian.
I  , course ssf his evening address
Sliult  enunciated   tbe  start-
I ���.,,������. sti.ii iiu'  remarkable  for-
Koolenay  ninl  Okanagan  Is
gimd mechanical condition oi
I si.   unusual    proportion   of
ii sle plum    food, not   to
loan.'.": 'if plum  food, anil that
| to other districts may
���    T,   Morley. J.  Hyslop.
.   E. \V. Wlddowson, U.
K Aiiie. o. Fleming, J. L.
il ..tilers assembled, tbe toll.: '     Is. inn    ubout    80,  at  tbe
ol irade rooms, to hear Profs*
butt asiiln.
evening mit'tlng was called to
ibortly after 8. In the ubsonco
prealdenl and vice president,
Johnstone   was  elected  to   lbe
111.   Anderson    briefly   explained
��� whal lis. meant to say lu lbe ar-
isltsssii   slumping   powder   was
I tin- provincial government has ar-
nl im the purchase of 11 at 15.-5
I.-'- ai  ill.   cast, and with the 0,
"iiipaiiy lo transport It In lots
piniiiils ssr more nt single first-
rate,  Instead  of  double,  us  is
charged mi explosives.
isk.'il that those present ones-
Professor Shutt closely on ull
rets. The suggestion was np
..I by the chairman.
���rufessor Shutt then spoke on "The
ptenance and Increase of Soil Per-
in delation to Crop Yields." He
���iis recounted the geological theory
soil formation and the gradual con-
I'i i.-is of Band, clay ami mixtures
|Hie two, Neither sand nor clay nor
mixture of the two alone could
fcs.it higher animal life until they
I encircled by the third elemenl ol
|>. luiiiilis, or decayed vegetable life,
elements of iron, potash and man-
imn are required among the miner
Jl'i" basic rock Is, however, of first
lii'itaiis,. in determining the nharao-
1 sun. sand or silloa Is valuable
rslsaiiiiiilly, bul not cheniicully. Clay
1  valuable cheniicully.
ii'ii" Hist problem in examining soils
I1" fertility is (o discover whit ele-
Jmh are abundanl and whai ure de
I Many  of  the  saiiily noils  nr
I h Columbia ure ileficlent In tha
I linportatil element of lime, mil
I n valuable plum food In Itself but
1 powerful chemical sotvenl ol oilier
iTIii' majority of boIIk. however, have
I""   hi  lime,    nm  91  per cenl  ol
mini mi plant rood Is noi Immedl
.   nvallable because II Is In Iiim.i1-
J'1, 'erm.   Hut some of them, potash,
"���splinrlo   nclil   uml   lime,   nre   oecn
li'iiaii)  found In soluble form.
lM.'ihndi of determining the soluble
[���portions  are    being    stenillly     Ini-
���'I     Two unnlyses nre now made
"tie for t(,p t���tni proportions of tho
I'tsi'iiis. another ns to   the    proper-
"ill nre soluble. '
JSpenklng of Ihe semi-dry holt, in
linc'i ii.. includes the whole.Interior
f I'.ritiiib Columbia, Professor Sbutti
T'.t thai ihe most Important problem
flls llinl iif conversion of Insoluble
Pinit   footl   Into  soluble  form.
" """ti land is duorlbed ns exhaust-
��'hon all that  Is  required Is such
[Professor ahull  referred to the lr-
mi'sini p0n-y 0[ tho mjandonmenl of
���s   In  the  enst   nml   Inking   up  of
"sli'i'n Innds, tn be in turn exhaust-
I'l  iv (li., ��nm(, improvident method of
_���nll'R   the soil    of    their    solubln
" 8. ml.flry bell    In    superior    to
I,,    "      tllntrlclB,      Professor      Shutt
I1 "bt. nmi cnnsiflts rather In the pro-
union s>r Boluble food thnn in the to-
amount of plant food.   Therefore,
���Jktilia CcmoWan
Fifty Cents a Month
only water i��� a, ,���.������,.,��� m
i"';"1""' really wonderful resiltsi
Bul U�� advantage Involves Its own
��"��"'������ The loluble plant food can-
"" ''"" lo***. Its consumption and
leashing by irater win in ��� few years
gradually diminish the Bupply and ne-
eessiiaie very heavy fertilising. Be
advised,   therefore, tbo use   of   only
 w **������" lo nr, i, the soil nev'
"' to follow IrrlgaUon by a drj earth
mulch, io ns in prevent capillary al
traouon ami consequent surface evaporation,   ii,- t gh ���M ol water
in tho acre mlghl easily is.- retained
Whero oulUtjatlon n, impossible a
covering or sl raw slionlil in. us,.,|
Drain and bay oropa use oxoeaslve
moisture and should, therefore, nol be
grown In orchards, Professor slum
Illustrated by accounts of elaborate i-v
pertinents on experimental 'arras, all
m which showed the advantages ssf
"cover crops" or blankets.
lie commented nn Uie excellent mechanical ciiiiillilnns nf null |u ||, aoml.
dry belt, tha snii being warm and
light, therefore, curly ami highly responsive, nm he feared thnt Its con-
���siring power would prove inferior to
thai of heavier soil.
ilecnrrlng to the value of accumulation of humus, which Is the great
source of nitrogen, lhe lecturer subi
tbal high bench lamls were certain to
in deficient In It, owing to lhe burning, by oxidisation. But In valley
lamls. covered for long periods by
water, ii is plentiful.
Ilumns. however, may be artificially
applied lo snil far mon- easily than
snail or day. Humus is ii natural
iponga and retains moisture. Dry
swamp muck will bolil tuu times its
��� Slghl   In  waler.
All fertile boIIb, however, teem with
microscopic life, bacteria. Which feed
mi humus uml convert otherwise In
soluble plan! food, und nre. therefore,
literally the life of the soil. Without
iminuB the bacteria cannot live, hence
lis extreme importance.
Nitrogen cannn't be taken by plants
from tbe air. but only by their roots
riora humus, the natural storehouse
nf nitrogen. Phosphoric add, potash,
ami lime are all iiiipnrtnnt, but none
s,ii much as nitrogen,
Nitrogen is contained in nllrnte of
soda nil sulphate of ammonia, com-
merolal fs-rtliizers. it is immediately
available ln both but cannot be conserved iu either form. They should
therefore be put on the Inml In small
quantities as the  plants use them.
Commercial fertilizers lu any case
shoulil be used only as supplementary
to other aids. Used alone they are
not economical except In emergen'
Animal fertilizer Is always rich in
nitrogen. Therefore, dairying districts
have n great advantage. 11 has also
tin' greatest value as a humus-forming
material. Professor Shutt urged Ihe
keeping of cattle wherever possible,
as profitable directly and Indirectly.
The natural fertiliser shoulil be applied to the soil Withoul delay to save
It from both leaching nml fermentation.
"Be thankful for the splendid char
actor of your soli now, but waste
nothing. Preserve every elemenl of
If the supply of natural fertiliser is
Inadequate, green manuring Ib advised
the ploughing in of a green crop to
Increase moisture and humus, rye nil
buckwheat, clover and all legttmea in'-
lug especially valuable with all their
wealth of mineral food, beside their
"Don't." urged Professor Shutt. "let
your soil even begin to grow poor, lln
gin enriching Ihem al once.';
.Cereals, runts ami fruit consume ni-
trngen; legumes develop It, owing to
their preference by certain bacteria, n
preference not iiiiderstuod by seien
enlists but undoubted. The bacteria
secrete nitrogen in composition and
Impart  it to the liiguiiilnous plants.
of the legumes, clover, vetch and alfalfa ure nil good, llle latter especial'
ly so on farms where stuck nf an)
liinii is grown, Tile choice of a lie
legume, however, depends upon climate ami soil, clover requiring a great
deal iif moisture, Care Bhould bo tak
en. therefore, nm to let   the   legume
rob the trees of Waiter.    It mny Bllfely
be planted In Inly und ploughed under the following spring. II mlghl be
grown in strips, leaving Intervals
around fruit trees.
"I want to Impress upon you the ne
cbsIiv nf enriching ynur snll before
li begins to fall," said the professor in
conclusion, "ii is the oil-Important
problem before you. i hope to ken
In touch wllb you as I am Intensely
Interested In your district and Its
Professor shun further invited all
farmers to have their names entered
on the Dominion department's mailing
list  uml  to seek  Information  at  nny
in reply tn Mr. Johnstone the professor said thut liquid ammonia, such as
Offered bv the Nelson gas works. Is
valuable If sulffciontly diluted and purified, but is only useful In the growing season.
To another question of Mr. John-
slone he deprecated burning of land
anil roots, but where necessary he ad-
vised  reserving the ashes for fortius-
Othor queatlonB elicited the advice
thut cultivation nnd aeration would
deoompose nil leaves, pine needles and
other material of the kind, and pro
serve their value.
To James Johnstone Professor Shun
snld personally, not officially, he
thought Mi experimental station may
be eslnbllsbed In the dlsirlct at an
early dale.
Professor Shell's nddress was list
ened to wllh    the    greatest Interest,
many of bis bearers taking elaborate
notes. Ills matter was of the greatest
value and his style of delivery pleasing, perfectly clear and simple und
convincing, At the clime he was
warmly applauded and thanked on ran-
lion  of T.   Morley, and  tha  n tlm;
roll deeply Indebted to the provincial
department    of   agriculture   for   bis
Bickerings    Discussed   With    Horrible
Details  In  Police  Court.
Another squalid    romance    was re
Vi'nli'il  in  the cily     police    court     thin
morning, a tale of lovers" quarrels
nvi'i' aordld d'talis.
Mr, lliinki-y, some time head gar
dener at P. M. Black's ranch. Is a res-
lib-ill of Palrvlew. He was arrested
lasi nlghl by Chief Jarvls and Ser-
goniil I'iubl'iii-il no a charge of disturbance :st 11 o'clock last night al
lhe door of Mrs. Dpjohn'a luuiss'. lie
pleaded in excuse thnt he wanted his
mail, which the lady bad.
Mrs. Upjohn testified thai her husband lives iu Knghinil. Por some lime
She ha.i lived as the wife of lbe ac-
1'ieeil. On account Of his ill temper
she b ft him ami has since complained
to the provincial pnlic.. of the deten
Hani's retention of   property   claimed
by  her.
ll was charged and admitted that
s'fi.'h bad sustained similar relations
with others.
Magistrate Selous remanded the
esse for three days, to permit of ln
Boundary Delimitation.
Paris. Aug. 28.���Advices received
here today say Hint tbe Russian-Japanese delegates charged with the delimitation or the frontier on tlie island of
Saghalln have arrived there and he-
gun work.
Special.   Meeting,  of.  Kootenay.   Fruit
Growers Called to Re-Consider
Former  Resolution.
The resolution adopted on tbe mut Inn
of H. E. Cruasdale ut the lusl special
meeting or th.' Kootenay Fruit Q-rowers'
Asoclction, petitioning the Dominion
governmenl lo ssiiw the problem created by the dirtb of labor, by materially
reducing the head tux on Chinese Immigrants has been productive of animated, sometimes bitter, discussion
through Western Canada from Wkiui-
pog to Victoria.
The resolution lias been formally endorsed hy the Fruit Growers' Association of the Okanogan Valley, who are
meeting Blmllar conditions,
In the meantime it is meeting with
fierce attacks at borne. The minority
who voted against Mr. Crbasdasle's
resolution have not given up the light.
Sume of lheni ure silll uf the opinion
thni a full meeting of the association,
if ull the members voted, would reverse
Ihe decision formerly taken.
..Vt the request of .1. \V. Ford, of Procter, and others, another special meeting has been called by President .lames
JOhnstone for Friday at 2 p. m. In Ihe
board af trade rooms.
The moi ting is certain to be largely
attended, and lhe result will be watched with very general Interest
Donnersmark Released.
Hnsinbiirg. Aug. '.8.���Hwald Koniad,
'.illns Baron Santos von Dobrowllle
Donnersmark, who was alleged to have
deserted bis American wlfo nt Purls,
taking wllh him $8000 Worth of jewels
and sniii.. money belonging to her, nnd
..'hn wan arrested hers on August 29
mi the charge of robbery, was dis-
.barged yesterday, the court holding
that he was not culpable under Barman law. 1Mb Wife, who registered ns
Hai'ouess llonuersinnrU, visited him at
ids hotel here yesterday and hud several conferences with him. The sn-
called baroness, who Is a member of
a good family, was married to Konrad
in Manila Iter maiden name was Sunn Mny Cody Forest.
Insane or Depraved Youth.
Spokane, Aug. 28.���James F. Stone,
a pioneer merchant of this city and
senior member of tho Stone Mat company, was killed last night by his 17
year old sen Henry, anil Ills body was
found today behind n pile of rocks
In an altlc near his home, Investigation proved that he was murdered In
his room soon after midnight, the
body b?lns placed In a wheelbarrow
and carried to the attic. When tnlien
Into custody by the . police Henry
Stone protested his innocence but Inter confessed that he hnd killed his
father with an uxe. The boy said he
hnii'il tss secure $500, which he thought
IiIb father carried.
J. P. MclloSdrick and Co.
Ready For Work
Construction Will Begin Not Later
Than hall of 1907 -Limits on
Crawford and Duncan,
Among the arrivals at tbe Hume
lasi night wore .1. P. MeGoldrick, of
Bt. Paul, and <!. A. Lamniers, of Stillwater, who are bulb well known in
Nelson. Willi them nre A. J. Lam-
mem, brother of Q. A., bis daughter,
Alias L. Lammors, and their sons,
George A. and  Dean  Lamniers.
A. .J. Lammers Is associated with
his brother and Mr. MeGoldrick in
lumber enterprises east and west, aud
is making his first trip to Kootenay,
which will be their next field of active operations.
Mr. MeGoldrick will return to Spokane tomorrow morning. The rest of
the party will visit Procter and Craw*
lord buy aud G. A. Lammers will take
���.\ uip to HoTelstoke*
This morning was spent visiting the
mlUtslte in Fail-view, which is still
kindly loaned to tbe city ot Nelson
ior park purposes.
In reply to enquiries by a Canadian
reporter, Mr. MeGoldrick said:
"it la Just possible thut we may be
��blc to lend you the park for one year
more. We may not begin building until late In the fail of next year.
"As you know, \ve have a lot of en-
v rprises in hand, and we cannot do
everything at. once. There is a great
deal of preparatory work to do here
before we can get down to actual op
i rations.
"Our limits are near Crawford bay
and ou the Duncan river. We have
already done preliminary work. We
have to secure a- right of way and
build a road to Crawford bay and to
Improve the Duncan river. We have
not decided yet which we will do first.
11 will depend to some extent on tbo
reasonableness of the parties with
whom we have to deal . We don't
propose td be held up by anyone tf we
ejiii help It.
''Our plant in Spokane la a big
thing and hns kept our hands full for
some time. It Is all right now, however .and wo are getting ready to
taekle  other things."
Mr. McQoTdrick has quite recovered
from his late severe illness, and Is
finite himself a-gnin In health and
Jealousy Prompted Crime.
New York, Aug. 28.���Martin Wlntersteln, :U) years old, a fireman on the
steamship Colon, shot and killed Mrs.
Annie Larsen, 29 years old, in her
apartments at 4S4 Henry street, South
Brooklyn, early this morning. Mrs.
Annie [-.rutin, 29 years old, cousin of
Mrs. Larsen, was shot, and seriously
wounded by the fireman. Wlntersteln
then ran to the street, where he fired
at a policeman who tried to arrest
him. lie wafeoverpowered after a hard
struggle, wlntersteln was infatuated
With Mrs. Larsen and says that Jealousy  prompted the crime.
Insurgents in    Cuba  Will    Disperse If
Guaranteed Immunity���Guerra to
Be  Reckoned  With.
Havana, Auk. 118.���Tip enlistment by
ilu. government of volunteer baa been
suspended until the fffoot ol 1'ieal-
sii'ni Patau's offer or amnesty io tbe
Insurgents can be determined. At the
pataoe cnnfliionci. is fell tluil the great
body or rebels who have been carried
away with the Idea that thoy were to
have lhe conspicuous part In the overthrow ot the administration win seize
Ihe present opportunity to return to
lawful pursuits rather than risk iheir
liberty by further support to what tho
government characterises us a hope-
Is ss cause.
Senator Dolpe, the Moderate leader,
rollowihg his conference with the
presldsnt declared, early today, that
with the exception of Pino Guerra, all
the Insurgent leaders were Inclined to
disband Iheir men ii assured of Immunity.
t.uerra has yet to be reckoned with.
Ills early promises to capture Pinar
del Uio and march upon Havana, followed bv a period of inactivity, has
apparently Injured h's prestige anions
Insurgents and sympathisers who had
expected   hlm   lo   muke   u   hold   dash
against the government forces.
President Palma's peace expressions
of yesterday have made a roosI impression among the business men whoBe
interests are seriously damaged hy the
disturbed condition of affairs. President Palma's son ts now in the army
anil his daughter has hecom ean army
nurse. These enlistments have bolb
had a Rood effect.
Thrilling   Rescue of  Passengers  by  a
Sister Ship on Lake Huron.
Detroit, Mich., Aim. '_��.���Many persons, including the captain's wile and
two children, were rescued early today from the burning steumer Charles
A. Eddy by the Detroit & Cleveland
steamer Clly of Mackinaw on Lake
Huron. All of Ihem escaped uninjured
and were brought to this city. The
l'lddy was destroyed.
The Charles Eddy which was owned
by the Gilchrist Transportation company of Cleveland, was bound down
with a cargo of ore. Kire hroke out
early today while the steamer was off
Port Sarnia and was soon beyond
control. Captain Simpson of the
steam Mackinac, bound from Mackinac
Island to Detroit, crowded to its capacity with passengers, steered the
City of Mackinac to the windward ot
the burning freighter, and amid great
excitement among the hundreds of
passengers, he hauled alongside of the
Eddy and, In a heavy sen, took off her
crew over the rail. The captain of the
Eddy was ill In bed and had to he carried to the Mackinac with his wife
and   two  children.
Still Butchering Police.
Uslvka, Province of Saratov, Aug. 28.
���Two police sergia.'its and a rural
guard were shot and killed on the
street hire today by revolutionists
r.rmed with revolvers.
Department    of    Immigration  Soothes
Labor  Fears���Lowery's Claim
Is Barred.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, Aug. 28.���A dlBpatch from
Ottawa staling that great alarm
Is experienced ln labor circles
there by reason of the Influx of hundreds of Hindoos appears to be grossly exaggerated. W. D. Scott, superintendent of immigration, states that
uot more than 60 East Indians have
arrived in the province and that there
was not much ground for complaint.
Mr. Scott leaves for the West tomorrow ami will Inspect all immigration
agencies from Winnipeg to the coast.
Inquiry at the postoffice department
elicited the explanation that Lowery's
Claim, published nt Nelson, had been
refused transmission through the malls
ou account of its blanphemouB and Its
bad character. Several complaints
have been made with regard to the nature of this publication and some time
ago I.owery was warned that unless
lie moderated the tone of bis paper
he might expect departmental action,
lie promised to do better, but in tho
opinion of lhe department he has gone
from bad to worse. When attention
was called to a late Issue by a Canadian clergyman recently prominent
before parliament the department hnd
no alternative but to clo<e 1-nwery
Mysterious Murder in New York Tenement   Last   Night.
New York, Aug. 28.���A woman known
as Mrs. Mooro, (colored) was found
murdered early this momln In n furnished room at No. II Second street.
She hnd heen horribly ripped and slashed. No person was found and there
was hut few hlood-inarks around the
Janis's Moore, who had posed as the
woman's husband, was held by the police on suspicion. It was he who notified them of the murdor. He ran up tn
two detectives at two o'clock this
morning ami told them ho had Just
gone to his home and that his slster-ln-
law was dead. Moore told tho police
he ond the woman hnd been living together for several years. The woman.
he sold, was the wife of brother who
died ten years ago. No one in the
bouse could be found .who heard any
sounds as If a struggle wns taking
place. Tho dead woman was fiO years
The wounds recalled at once to the
minds of the officers and the doctors
which were called the "Jack the Ripper" murders of some years ago.
Moore is a brickluyer :I8 years old.
and mnlntalns that ho Is Innocent. He
told the police that ho left the house
in Becond street at 7 o'clock last night
anil went to at saloon, where he remained until 1 Ihis morning. Police
inquiries at the saloon developed the
fact that Mooro ha'l been there until
Jusl before 10 o'clock, when he left
bpdgcrs in "the Second street lunis.-',
Mr. and Mrs. Uimge Haaliiik, told the
police that MOOTS returned Inline ahoul
It) o'clock and that he did not go out
again afterv/nr.l.
The murdered woman before her
marriage to the prisoner's brother was
Annie Eltzmnore. Tli���� prisoner is ln
an advanced stage of consumption, lie
lias a wife and two children living
hardly a stoneiithrow from the scene
of the crime.
Three life Insurance policies were
found In the room. They were Is-
hiis'i! by the Prudential conipany on
May 1, III06. One was for $27". nnd
was on the life of the woman, made
payable to the prisoner: the others
were on the life of Moore, made payable to the woman.
Important Philadelphia Concern Closes
Its Doors.
Philadelphia, Aug. 28.���Public accountants uf Philadelphia held a largely attended meeting of the Philadelphia Clearing House association here
loday. It is understood that the
meeting was called to iHscuhs the relations of the personal estate under
lalions of the personal estate of the
laic Mr. Hlpplo to the affairs
of the real estate under
ihe management of the Trust company. The directors of the Trust
company insist that the status of the
Institution will not be affected by the
death of Mr. Hlpplo. At today's meeting of the clearing house bankers
there were between 40 and 50 bank
presidents and vie epresidents.
Fifty-Seven Varieties  Burned.
St. Paul, Minn, Aug. 28.���The plant
of the American Can company and the
Heinz Pickle company were burned
burned last night. The loss is $100,-
St. Paul, Aug. 28.���It is estimated
today tbat tbe loss caused by the fire
which early this morning destroyed
the plant ot the Heinze Pickle company, the large factory of the American Can company aud a three-story
frame tenement building on the opposite side of tho street, ���will reach Tuny
|S55,000 Instead of $100,000 as at first
reiKH'ted. The loss of the American
Can company's plant Is placed at $30,-
000; the Heinz plant at $50,000, and
the tenement building at $50,000, with
olher serious losses.
Treatment of Cricketers
in Victoria
Conduct of Home Club CommitUe
Bitterly Rebuked by the Press.
and by Visitors.
Appeal for Dictatorship.
Mobcow, Aug. 28.���The monarchlal
party ln an address to the eni|ieror
just published opened, appeals for a
dictatorship, "which will put an end
to the demoralization in the army,"
and also urges the complete suppression of parliament and the restoration
off the unlimited autocracy. Should
his majesty, however. Insist on reconvening pailianis nt the monarchists
promise loyal participation in the elections upon the condition of a change
in the election law providing tor the
'���xcluslqn of the Jews from the senate.
The Black Hand organizations are
conducting a congress against Ihe tn-
telligcncia and the Jews.
A Ghastly Find.
New York, Aug. 28.���A Roswell dla
unlch to the Tribune says:
S. Merchant of Portales while out
driving across the desert near Kenna
yesterday found u covered wagon with
two dead men on the seat and four
initios dead in their harness. He made
no investigation but he hurried to the
nearest telegraph office and sent to
the shcrirr here the fucts ot his discovery. Officers started at once for
lhe scene, carrying medicines and a
sninll supply of nourishing food, fearing that inside the wngon might he
women and children who a-re sick and
Realized $75.
WsihingUWi 11. C. Aug. 28.���Three
SpalBti cruisers captured by Dewey 111
Manila bav on May 1. 1808, were sold
by the nnvy department yesterday for
$10:1. These shtps were advertised at
sevi ral Asiatic ports. The total cost
of advertising was $28 and the navy
department ls quite well satisfied that
th? bids were sufficient to cover the
expense of advertising. The three
s'.ilps are the A'.bay, Manlleno and
Mindanao. They have been stripped
of everything movable and are simply
old hulks .practically useless for any
purpose of the navy.
The Victoria cricketers will return
to the city tonight. F. J. Summons ot
the team, and Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Ker
airlvOd last night. They say that forest fires at the coast, especially
around Vancouver, are so bad that the
seeuic attractions are entirely invisible.
Mr. Summons brings tbe first full
report of tbe performance of the Nelson team. They won their first match
against Portland by Cl runs, lost to
Washington by 11, to Burrard by 15,
both closely-contested games, and to
Victoria by 199.
In the match against Victoria four
of the latter's wickets were down for
20 runs when Cobbett, the crack bat
and bowler, wenfln. On his Becond
ball he gave a very easy chance in the
slips to Reid, who unfortunately
missed it. Cobbett gave no more
chances and Nelson's opportunity, had
ibe chance been accepted, Mr. 8am-
mon thinks, Nelson would phobably
have won.
ln the matches with Washington and
llurrard Nelson's full strength was aot
ln the All-Comers against Victoria
Coppen captained the visitors and
< -_M-le 19 not out, besides doing excellent work as wicket keeper; Bourke,
Alarsden and Grey also played on the
Of the treatment of the vi.iUrs by
the Victoria committee Mr. Summons
had an unpleasant story to relate. It
hae already been the subject ot caustic comment in the Victoria papers
ad was openly and bluntly rebuked by
the Seattle captain at the smoking
Three examples will suffice. On
the first day of the tournament the
N.'lsou meu were informed that a
lunch was provided for them at the
Mount Baker hotel at Oak Bay. They
partook and enjoyed it. At the close
Captain Coppen in a brief and neat
speech thanked the Victorians for
their hospltaliay. To their great surprise, as they left the dining room,
they were requested to pay for their
On the second day Nelson had no
match. A tallyho arrived at their hotel and they were Invited for a drive.
As soon as they were well outside the
city limits the conductor collected
fares from them.
Tbe third example is one tbat cannot be attributed to thoughtlessness
or to anything but deliberate selfishness. Two creases were available.
Victoria invariably chose the better,
sending the visitors to the Inferior
The Victoria papers expressed the
���rveateBt regret at the conduct of the
home team, especially at the treat -
nent accorded Nelsou, whose hospitality to visitors is famous.
"Prom every point of view," said
Mr. Sammims. "1 am better pleased
:liuii ever with Nelson and Kootenay.
The coast cities don't appeal to me.
Prices for everything aro distinctly
higher there than here, ntnd they re-
Tard visitors as a special opportu-
To Be Taken Seriously.
Washington, D. C, Aug. 28.���The
president's order regarding phonetic
Spelling Wll| be extended to all ports
of the United States government, and
by his direction all public documents
ave to be printed with that form of
Spelling, A meeting was hold yester-
day, called by Public Printer Stllllngs,
of all the chief clerks of the various
departments and a committee Has ap-
11,-iinted for carrying out this order.
Tho committee will report at a> future
Iceland Awakening.
Copenhagen, Aug. 2S.���Telegrams
from RelkjBvlk. Iceland, intimates that
tlie Icelanders nre planning to bring
about Ihe direct importation of Amer-
can goods, Instead of by way of British ports, as heretofore. The imparts
from America, especially petroleum,
wheat sugar and tobacco have largely
Increased during recent years and it
Is thought that this could be consid-
irably Improved with cheaper direct
transportation. The legislature of Iceland has decided to Invite 40 members
of the Danish parliament to accom-
eany the king of Denmark on his prelected visit to Iceland ln the summer
nf 1907.
Miss Van Norden Dead.
Dlnlrgowrle. Scotland, Aug. 28.���Miss
Erama Vast Norden, daughter of War-
man Van Norden of New York, who
was thrown from a carriage near here
on August 21 while driving with a
party of friends, and who sustained a
fractured skull, died this morning.
<te The Daily Canadian
Crown Gem Jars, Pints per don., $ 1.00
CrOWn Gem JarS, Quarts per doz.,     1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai.P_ doz., 1.50
Our stock lists just arrived. Secure
ynjir requirements ;tt these low prices
before tliey are all gone.
PiiUl.lie.1 ii\ .lay. si aw* by tho
���taker at.. Nebnn, a..'.
luto-'niilioii ratea, ��1 .. -.'.- .i month delivered
111 Ilie OltT, or K. sm ss y,��r si KOI isy mill, when
ti.M su t'ivHIls'l-
AdrnrllMlK rule-ins a|'|.l|, sHimi.
.11   in.illSe.   I'ssl.l   SSS    M'llll'lll.'IlI   "I     Us- ��� I'sili.
._.i-.u,.n ioooonte, either toi lubs rtplkmior
adTertlilng, nun be receipt. I lor on the pi-luted
lorin. rsl sue Company.  Other reeelpu >re not
AUGUST JM. iw��i.
���By outs worst we are aomellmei Judged so be
wise and by one word KUnutlmei fudged bs be
loolUD   '.'iu�� tnerelore be careful *a��s ��e
The Liln'ral press with one accord
Is extolling the personal virtues aud
unimpeachable integrity ssl the unseated Finance Minister Fielding, and
some of them nre finding fault bei .. i��
their laudation, are nol accepted at
their face value bj the Conservative
press. It would be Btrange Indeed si
the ConservaUve press would bow down
and worship their little god. The ( ....
senative, sn tar as we are aware.haa
made no aitat'k on Mr. Fielding's per
souul honor, bul tliey have been well
within their rights in discussing the
curious circumstances surrounding his
election mid his unseating. The Judge
who almost wept ut the necessity ot
dismissing him trom iiffiei���lor tbal is
what his unsealing means���afforded an
Interesting spectacle of Judicial sympathy If insi an Inspiring one. The faci
remains thai Mr. Fielding was unseated
because nt corruption lis the Liberal
party, and even if Mr. Fielding did not
personally know of the definite acls
which unseated him he must have
been aware that oorrupUon \,;ss being
pracUced. The Canadian .ih.i..-.l from
the Globe an extract rrom Mr. Fielding's own sworn statement that he bad
paid a lump sum in settlement sif election hills. That he demurred at doing
so is evidence that he musl have suspected corruption. Nevertheless, he
paid the bills.
The latest paper to rush into the
arena In defence of the unseated miu
ister Is ihs' Boundary Creek Times,the
personal organ of Mr. Duncan Ross,
M. P. It is unnecessary to quote the
entire editorial of .Mr. Itoss' last week's:
paper, for having read one Liberal
paper our readers will know thai it can
say nothing bul whai has already been
said, excepting when it seeks to exbl
tdt originality, and then it is worUl
Quoting.   Here it is iis statement:
"Decent Conservatives have always
and will continue t.s giv.- \v. S. Fielding
slue cr-dii fssr uprighl public and private lit'-. During the shiny years is.
has tie.-it In public there never lie.
been a suggestion of any act that would
not bear the closest scrutiny. This is
acknowledged by the great majority oi
the pes.pl.- of the country irrespective
of party lines. Journalistic blackguards of the N'.'ls.ui Canadian type,
do not hesitate to write cniiliiins ol
malicious falsehoods ahoul a states.nan
who through the 111 advised art or an
agent must suffer the penalty the law
Imposes .
"The minister of finance cannot be
hurt by the abuse of newspapers of the
Canadian type.*'
In our opinion it Would have lieen
more honest and fair for Hie Times to
have selected a few of the "malicious
falsehoods" published by The Canadian
and replied to them so thai we might
have been made wiser and perhaps
better. It is the custom of The Canadian to specify its charges when 11 attacks a coctemporairy, as ii did when
quoting ih.' Boundary Creek Times to
prove thai Phoenix Is being punished
lor Us hostile vole.    Hut Ihe Time. Is
neral iu lis
alt. gether  too
Hm whether the Times is to lie taken
seriously can best he told hy repeating
an extract recently appearing editorially in the Hedley Gazette. The editor
s.f th" duett., knows the political history anil character of Mr. Duncan Itoss.
M. P., and If his statements are nm
libellous tiny go to show how much
attention is to be paid to the sensational language used in his reference
to The Canadian.   Let the Gazette talk:
"And pi ay when was Mr. Ross ever
fair, or generous, or even truthful to
his opponents, or where can a more
unreasonable, hide-bound partisan
than himself be found on the press ol
tin- Interior? Let mm look over the
files of thi' Times to satisfy himself of
this. Should that be too severe a task
to put upon himself in ihe dog days, it
shouldn't lis- considered too much tss
ask him to re-read his letters to the
Tillies from Ottawa during the session
ol I90S over the signature of "Yale-
Cariboo." In one of these letters the
man who was being paid to look after
the business of his constituents is seen
to be spending his time hatching oul
canards, with a view to discredit the
administration ai Victoria ami render
more .liffiiiili their task of restoring
order oul of 'he chaos In which th,;.
found matters In ihis province, nnil
besides, to injur" prltate members t>>
publishing falsehoods concerning their
If Mr. Duncan Ross. M. P.. a
srpiare himself with his record t
have no doubt the columns of tl
Boundary Creek Times will |���- open to
him in case ihat paper has nol snf
fieiiMii space tin- Canadian win i���
pleas, il to lend  il  some.
Th.- action nf President Roosevelt In
issuing ,i��� j,.:���|,. decreeing that all
messages of tho president to the ssn-
ate ami us the members sir ihe executive are to bs- printed, or rather spelled, after the manner adopted by the
reform schools, will do a great deal
isi force the issue of spelling reform
lo the front ami finally com|iel its
adoption. The further endorsement
ami commendation of this action by
several English scholars will give the
movement international significance
and interest.
Ami why should there not be a reform in the manner of spelling English wonis.' H i,���s been the practice
of the Anglo-Saxon people, with advancing civilization, to slough off the
old cuticle of Inconvenlenl and outl-
siuated methods in mechanics and In
commerce, n is only In ortbographj
anil religion thai there is ��� superstitious tear ot breaking with the past.
It   is   true   that,  ssi    familiar   with
the anomalies of English spelling, the
approach toward phonetic spelling
looks awkward to the eye. but there
Is no member of the body that Is more
sensitive than the eye and none
which sooner adjusts liself to and becomes familiar wllh new faces and
forms. There aire only about 300
awkwardly spilled words In the English language, ami the process of familiarizing oneself with changed orthography would, apart from prejudice, become an easy and an acceptable task. In the case of thru and
tho, the shorter forms are agreeable,
while of course mane and main must
be spelled as they now are because
they carry different meanings. We
remember an early spelling puzzle
which well Illustrates the vagaries or
the present methods and suggests lm-
nn diately the ciimbersoineness which
some of the words In our language
are burdened with. "Ghoughphthelgh-
teau" may seem an odd way to spell
potato, bin phllologlrnlly II Is no moro
absurd and ungainly ihan an] other
word which is embarrassed with a
heavy freightage of useless consonants and vowels. Why slusiilil
phthysis not be spelled simply thysls
ami why should nol physic be spelled
as it was In the good old slays of
long  BgO, simply  lysis1 '
Perhaps nothing would force the
question to the front and settle It
more quickly than the adoption of the
reformed methods hy tlie press of the
country, but we have little hope that
there will be any general disposition
to do so, at leaBt for a long time. That
concerted action would be necessary
goes without saying, and perhaps, like
���^inn'..!.   observance, we shall  need a
Dominion statute to bring about tin'
proper use of th ��� English language
The Toronto Globe says edllorlall] I
���|i  is  rumored lhal  0  lending  Urlfr
lab Ciilumliia daily has been pnulisis
u.l bs nus wanlth) t'l.iui.-. io Bupporl
the opi'n door policy toward Chinese
labor. This is n now phase ot the
i hiiu -.��� awakening."
We assure the Globe ii is quite mis
taken in assuming ibis i.. bo a new
phase .si Chinese awakening. H is
noi even a new phase   nt   ihe decad-
, is ii   ..i   Liberal i,     Will   lb,   01	
ns eequal prominence t" the promp!
,|< mai oi' the "rumor"?
To the Editor ol The Daily Canadian: iu your editorial comments ol
Saturday's Issue, re courthouse, public
library and hall, there is one pain
giaph which allow me the privilege
us lake exception to. It reads thus:
"In tins connection It might not be Impossible to make available the offer oi
Mr. Carnegie, as reported by the ll
brary board early In the year."
Now. Mr. Editor, I do not think It
at all necessary to accept any gift ol
tainted money, l believe this good
work can be done by our own people,
and the city council lhat will accomplish this enterprise and add anothei
valuable asset to our progr. sslve
town will be those whose names \u-
will Inscribe on lhe pages of future
history and sm the polished corners of
the liall of Fame. Not the name it
Andrew   Carnegie.
Bryan's Mixed Metaphor.
Earnest politicians easily mix meta
pliers. Said Mr Bryan In London:
"I could Stand only upon a platform
to which I could give nis whole sup
port" The question is whether he
Ih,night of himself as il statue on a
pedestal or a carytid holding up a
freiie    New York  Post
TAKK NOTICE Itlftl  nn  IppllfBi.on   Iih* been
made U�� register Tariff Minim, t'urapanyaa Hie
owner in Pee Simple, under tiro several lax
Sale Deeda frmn R j Btenion, Ucputy Aitem-anr
mnl Collertoi >.f the Bloran .sseastnem Dlatrlet,
to Tariff Miniiii: Hompan). bearing dat* the Mtb
day ..( Auguil, A D, !��*, ol all and angular
���: ��������� certain parrel*   r tntetaol land and pram*
!  tuate, lying mi.l being In the Dlatrlct ol
Kootenay, in the Provim e ot British Colombia,
more particular)) known and deacrlbed a* Lou
565 aifi 566, Group !, Dlatrlcl of Kootonay,
"Rhafer" nnd ''Bobtail" mineral r>i*iins.
Von and carli ��l yon are reqatrcd lorontoil
the rtalm of the lav rmrehaeer within fourteen
daya (nun lh<* dale oi  Hm- htv ice o| i   j> ii.iil.-f
ii i".ii > .hi. nu. i in default ol a caveator certificate
of Ila pendens being filed within auch period,
���...ii will bi* forever flopped nml debarred fr	
aettlng up nn*. claim to or In reaped of the nld
land, and i -hail reglater i a riff u in Ing Company
a> iiw ii. t thereof,
Dated ai Und KegiBtr. Offlce Kelson, Province
British ol British Col nm hla, this 17th da*, ol
August,... D, I9M
Dlstricl Registrar
Tn Kootenay Mining Company (foreign)
Kl.alVr  U��ld  and Silver   Mining C |.any
 {foreign )
takk N'lTicK ibai un application has been
inn le to reylater ��� .'are nee Hamum t* he ow uer
In Fee Simple under a Tax bale Deed from It. J.
Btenson, deputy aaaeaaor ami <������ Hector of the
Wocan Aaseaaineni Dlatrlct. to I larence liar man,
bearing date He 21st dav of July a D. 190V of all
and singular ihat certain parcel of land and
prem - - ii tuate, lying and being in th-* Dlitrlel
of Kootenay, in the Province ofBritiah Columbia, more particularly known and deacrlbed ai
Loi :_*i.'.n.n|. i, Disiriei of ffooteniy, "Ilenry"
mhii-ral claim.
You and each of <-<>u are required tt. contest
the claim of the tax purchaser within fourteen
daya from the date oi theservJcepi this notice
upon you. and In default of acaveal nr pertifl-
eate of lla pcudena being tiled within such por
iod, yon will he forevei ,-ioppe.i mid debarred
from letting up am plaim in nrlit rasped id rh,>
wiili laid, and i shall register Clarence Herman
h- om ner thereof.
Dated at Laud Ketclilrr Office Nelaon, Province ol l(rjti��|i c ..liinii,ia. this 17th dav ..I AllKUlt
_, I.   IBM
11   f UacLKOD,
Dlstricl KfgMrnr.
To i eorgcHenrj iianuau,
Wllhu' a   Hendryz.
Notb-p Is hereby given that 60 dayi ai ier date I
Intend i ��� appiv la the linn rin- ( Cnmmlsi lopi r
of Lands and -V-irki (>.r tortnlaalon to par in^e
ih.' following described wndi ill na ted in ihe
Kootenai dlatrlcl Commencing m a post murk
ed "HKWh k corner." piiii*-'n on tneittore of
u>war Arrow lake, aimut one mile toi b of
Gordon creel (Johntton creek,) thenoe uorih 80
chalna, lbence �� -t (0 chsini tbence iouth 80
'hains, tbence eail .i�� cnatm to point of oom
ipencement, containing 160 aores more or less,
nnil comprising abandoned pre i"��pti.iri No 670
Btak-d thii .nh day id Augii��t, lucr.
it. h WoitntBTOK.
       /���. N WobrKBTQW, Agent
Notlco is h.i'i.v giveu lhal ilxty davs ,tft r
dale I tmeiid to Hj.pl*- to the  Un able the
Chief CommlMlonoi ������' Lands rtnd Works in
p-TiiilNrdun tn purebaae tin* follnwitit: deicrlbed land*, iltuate ln Hie .V.al Kootenay
dlitrlet. nt art I UK from a poii planted on the
mirth bank of the Nonh Ko k nl Ih.n creek
theuce30ohaini west, *ichain* north, m, hains
west, 40 ehalni north, 30 chains west, w chains
north, 30 ehalni weat, �� chains north, **-i i-Jiitni
east, 30 dinin- -ntub. 10 ohalni call, 10 chalm
s.-nth. 30 obalm eait, f cii in ah to point of
commencement iitnlum* .riu acres.
Dated IStfa day of A<gud. pxii.
H'lr.      W,   K     I  IN-OV
Notlco 1- hereb given thai no dayi alter date I
Intend to apply to tb.- Honorable Chief Oommli.
si.>n rof Undi and Works ior permisalon to pnr*
'���has- the full wing fleicribe'i landi, iltuate In
tin* Weal ki otenay dlitrlet, ���tasting from a pwl
planted a I lhe a W.oornerof brneal A.Boblnion'i
Application in i urehase, and on the north bank
of iio* North Kork of   ng creek; Uionce-tO cbalm
weal, m '-bains north, i halm eait,40 cbalm
south, w chains weiLrW chalm loutb to Interiee-
tion of "Mirth iiucnf K. w. Roblnion'i Application
I., htrebaee, thenw iOebalni ireil and ��cbalni
i nib lo |ailuI ul oomt h uc meiu.eoutainibgtHO
Dated IStfa dayol \ugual IM
J.  ... |(OlUS*H��'i
I�� r KRXM >\    K ���",,s'   ���^""
Notice i- ne-eby given ihai Wday afu-i date I
intend to applj lotbe Honoralei hid tinla*
Monern] Uudi I Works for pertulaiion to pur
olusc the following deicribrd lands, situate in
the Was) Kooi nay district; startlne from a poal
planted at tbe n'k cornei ol V \Y. Robimon -
���.np'iraiion it purcluse, thunce *W chains eait,
BOchalm iouth, 20 ebalni weit.itOchilni nonh.
io cbaltu weit, Wabalni nonh. X) chalm east, a
��� liain�� uorth tu point of coiiitiit'iieeinent. eoutain*
Dated ltith dav of August, PU*
Ii. C. E. Rohinson,
per Kkn��:-i W   Ho,.in*>ov, v^. ih.
Notice Is hereby given thai MXty days after
date I Intend to applv to the Honorable the
Chief (������.���nimiiiiotier of Lands and V\ork. for pit-
mli*lon to purchase the following dutrRx
land OU tbi west shore Ot upper Arrow Lake Btid
lolning J. H.  Ket'iiev's pre-emptionl   Kunning
woat to chains; thence nonh So obalmi thenoe
etlt 40Chain-, to the tnott ol thfl  lake;   tbence
���outb followlni the lake ihore to polnl oi com-
tnetiecmcni containing --" acrei more or leu.
Dated Auguil 10, 1906
ll. k \U> Lion
.l.J  Hun   Vgent.
S o ir hereb)  given thai lixt) days after
date i inteud to npplv to the Uonorahle ihu
Chief Commlialoner >.| Kim.is mi.l Uorks toi per
mission  to  purchaio the  rollowlng  desi rlbed
laud on the msl -ideol lower Arro�� Lake and
Jul II Ing iui* si ���mi, l j in,,i ih.' I in Imn Ite-.<nnlion :
Kunnlni weal Wchaluai themv Miutb H0i I U
tbence cast A) chains, to the sliore nl the lake;
Hi,.n.e north following tho lake -hor.'!.. the
IMilnt  i otice i. cuutalitiiig KB a. m ���
' Doted AtlgUst'JO, 1000.
\\     It. .lAll.Ki.p
.i ,i ki i.i v, Agenl
��� V   uheli tti.il llio
pply In the 11.>no
��� ���-���in ti-
date I Into
i on |,,nei ul Undi and Worki fori I
nil ihai laud being the forcahuroadjoining sub
illvl*- s  1. a and   I uf lol  M��, iii..up one it)
Kootenay, and being  i nh shore ol the
Wesi Aim il Koolciia)  ''ike, in the district oi
Commencing at a posi marked \ I Watta'
sogtheaal corner p-st"; theuce 60 chalna weat,
the 20 chalm norlh; tln-nee 60 ehatns east:
theiie-. -i i ehaim souih to Um place nl eotiiiuence-
ment: the tald land and Ion - to i�� be um d
l,.r sawmill purposes.
Dated ibis .1st day ni August, IBi*,
A   I    WkTTt
Sotfeoliberebj given thai i luloud, M days
after .Into to apply Uj the Mmi..mi.l. thr Cold
. ommtaalonerol andiand Workafoi pei mission
lo pnrcbam the following describe-! landi In
West Kooteuay district, about live mlloaioutb
of Bur ion City, commencing ai a post plautcd on
the eaai i-ank ol fact U, h., atiu marked " * u
Iliiiu ii ion's 8 Vt. C. post," and running north 80
ehains, theliee east si chains, tbenoeiouth *���"
chains, thence wesl so chatm to place ol begin*
���uiu.. containing t46 acrei ol lantl, no,re 3i len,
I'ateii this 32nd dav of August, 1006.
U    il    UaMII.TOS
Notbe is beret, f given that 80 days afterdate 1
intend to apply to tlie Honorable i hief * nramli-
iloner of uandi nnd Worki for permbilon to
purchaie tho following described landa. situate
in Wi-ki v note nny district: Comm nclng at a
post marked 'B.i onke>'l S W, corner post," situate ni ar the S B. oornei ul land applied for by
K.k. theuee south 40chains,more or ],.,.; thenoe
east 80 ehalna; tbence north to chatm, more or
ten; tbenee west W)obalm to )���������,:��������� of commence*
Salino. Augnsl il, lHUrt.
 T. II   tTKi>soN Ageni
Notiee is herl.y given iimi luI��v�� alter date I
in leiui, lo apply to Lbe Hole, able the Chief t, om*
mlssloner ol Ijiuds and "Ao'ks lor permlaalon 1 '
pun hast* the followingd'SCrlbed latldl situate in
Westxootenaydistrict: rommeneing ata pott
market! * it. koh'i N.W eoruer poat," iltuate
near tlie N- K. enrner ol land applied for by A.
Mel/'Bti    tbenee  lOOtfa  40 fhatm,   more oi less;
th**nce easi 80 ohalni; tbence north W chains.
more nr leu; tlieiie.- well HO cbalni to point ol
eommencemen i
Salmo, Au^'iiht 11. 1006 K. Ko--,
r ii   \ i ���.]*.-'.���.. A pent.
Notice is hereby given that stxtv dayi after
date I Intend tu apph ti. lhe lluiuirnl.te the
i In.!   i',,iuiulssiuii.i   oi   Km,.is.  and   Wurka   toi
permlaalon to purchase the following deacrlbed
i��n.|--iLuaie in Weal Kooteuay district: Com-
menciug ata posi marked "A.McLean'! N W.
corner poft,"attuati* neai ihe s.r. cornei of laud
applied fur by A McUugblan, tfatmce south w
.halus, niun- or less; tbenco easl m i bain-:
i lu-nee nortb In chains, more or less; thence WCSl
mi ehalns to ; Dint ol eommenoemenl
Balmo, Auifiist II. 1000 A   Mr I.KAN,
     __ TH, ATKIMsQN, AgelU
Notiee ls berel.y given that i��;i .ays aflT .late I
intend in make application tn tbe Honorable lbe
chief Commissioner ol Landa ami Works for per-
million to purchase the following denrlbed lands
fitimle lu W esl Koolenay 'liwtrlet:   t'omuo in ing
ftt a Post marked "A MeLeughltn'l 2*. W eorner
jMist." situate Hear the N K. cm. Uer of land applied lor by i'  M- Arthur, ihenee south 40 Chains,
more ..r less; Lbence eaal nu ehains: tbenco north
io. bains, nmre or less; tie nre west 8o chaini to
pomi ill commencement
Balmo, August 11,1MB, a, _fcL_. turn lax,
l\ II. AThl.ssi.s. AaiMlt.
Kotiee Is bereby given that iio daytaftei date
i inteud in apply io tbe Chief Commluloner of
Landi ami * orki fnr iteruiiaaloii to purchase
the loiiowing Uexerilieil lauds, iltnate In Weil
Kootenai district: ('ommenclng at a post marked J   Mo Arthur',. N   W enrner pusl." iftuale tu ..I
the K. E corner of laud applied foi '���> A I nrm r,
tbenoe Mllllb Ot .bains nmre or b- s; thenc ea-t
HO chalm; tbenee north 40 chalm, more or len;
tbence wed mi ehains inpuiui of commencement.
Malum, August II, I'.KW.
.t. McAttTHua,
T. II  Atkivmon, Agent.
Kotlce li hereby given that uu daya after date
I  intend, to apply to the Honorable ihe (Thief
Commluloner of Landi and Works for permU<
sion to i ureheat.* the followlnffdea rlberj laudi,
situate in be We*t Koolenay dlatrloti Commencing at a poit marked "A. hi ner'i N.W.comer
pnst," situated at the N. K. eume nf land applied for by K Htewirt, thence sonth 4o chalna,
mure ur lesi; tbenoe eul Bo chains; thenca u 'rth
40cbaln**, nt.ir-or lcsii thence west 80 chal * to
iwiint of commencement.
Balmo, B U, August 11 liWfi.    _,   A. Tuiker,
T  11   ATKtMOV, Aeern
Noiiee i.s h reby given that80dayi after i
Intend to apply to the Bonorable Ibe �� blef
minloner nt Lands ami Kork- for permlaalon t
purebaae the following deaenbed land in Wei
k otenay ids! let ahout lev.n milea -outh ,
iturtnti ritv : rommeneing al a post plant--.I i.ii
the east bank of Trout creek and marked Mrs.
w ll. Hamilton - s. w. c. Poat and running
north Su chalna; thenee easl hu cbalm; Ihcnce
south 80 rhaim; theuce woat 80 cha'm tn place
>.f beginning, containing uio acrea, mure oi i> m
Dated ibis UUd day uf AnguaL 1008.
Mm W  If  HAMItTog
W n Uamii.tow, tgeni
Notloe is bereb) given that80 dayi after date I
Intend tu applv to lhe ll .mot uiu. tne Chief < om-
mlutonerol Landi and Worki for permlaalon to
run has,- ih* following deacrlbed land in Weal
Kootenay District about six miles aouth ol Burton City:  commencing at ��� post pianti-d on the
ea-t hank ,.! Trout .reek ami marked r. J,. Ki-.lt-
ert n W.n. Post and rnonlng lonth B0 chalna;
thenoe eait 80 ehftini; thence norih ho chalm
theliee Wes] BOcfaalOl to the  plaee .,[   enliiliu-n,-,--
uieiit, Cnutaltilng 640 aer.-s, mor<- ..r ion
Dateil thii _r_n.| da) ul A- gust, 1806
c, U Puifm
w. u Baxiltqm, Agent.
Notice ii bereby given that Oo da�� af I rdatel
inteml tuap' ly to tin* Honorable tne Chief Commluloner of Undi and Works for perm Iai ion to
hurt-base the following d serlla-il land in Weil
Koot.���nay   DlatrlC    aboul   seven   mile.   Hjuth   ol
Itirtoii 'ity. Commencing "t " poll pla* ted on
the eaat bank ol Trout en.-k aiol marked Ales
Cheyne'i N. W c. I*��| ami running iouth Bo
ohalni; thonce east 8o clialmi tbence north ni
chains; thence weat 80 chaini lo poil of beginning, oontainlng 840 acrei ol land, mor,. ,,t i,.,B.
Dated this ���ml ,1,,*. ,,f August. IfH
ALtX CHB1 xk
 w. ll IIamilios, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that80dan after date I
Intend toapply to tlie Honorable the chief Coin
minloner nl Landi and Works for penflinlon tn
purchase the following deicrlbed lands iltuate
in w.st Kootenay DTitlct:  Commencng il n
post marked "f. HcArthur'i N.W. eorner poat
slliiate near ihe N   K. enrner of land applou   f,,r
by fs, HcArtfaur Ihenoe smith tu cbalm, moro or
hss;   thence east   hu  ebalns;   tbence   imrth    1*1
cha ns.more ..r i.-ss; them-e west ��j ohalm l"
point of toramencemenl
Balmo, b a*. August iitb.1900.
p. UcAxTKirn
Nntice ii hereby given thai UOdayi from date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable tbo Cblel i om
un-:,.,���., ,,/u���llM ���,���! Wnrk- (oi |��rml-__ioij
lo purchase the fid lowing described lauds altuate in M.st Kootenay Dlitrlet:   Commencing
al a posl marked     V   -t-wart'�� N *��������"�����
,���,M "��Hila|tnI ������   n !''" .lutietion  ol  l^'-t Mil k
ehain-   more ot   ^--: tltonci   ete\  K chsini,
thenc.'' north 10 .ham-, mo o or I Ml tbence
WUI Bill ham- |i I W.CO0    1011    Jienl.
Balmo. Auguil 11th, 1906. l|T||i|1
I   II. ATKDtSOlf, Agent-
Ni.tiee is Uerobj given that ihu;da>s after
date i intend toapph to the Hnn. Chief Commli-
sh.ner oi Unds and Works lor per million to
purchase the following described lanairtuatein
West Kootena-. district, adjoining IMlnlcrnift-
Uonal boundary Una, about four milcieaiioi
the I'olumhia river ennimenritig at a post marked ������ I    M   K's B.W   Oorner," altuate on tbe in
ternational bonndary Um, at the lotttheait oor-
nerof l S C Kruser s land ; iheneeeasteochaittf.
thenee north 8o chatm. thenee west **i chains,
thence iouth 8�� ehalns to the place of commencement, containing �����" acrei more or lew
Dated :'"nb .lune. IWO. Uriu M nUlIRi
F.J, O'Reilly, Agent,
Notice Ulie-eby given that sixty da/i��� Irom
date 1 intend toapply to the Hon. (. bief t om
mlMloncrof Unda aiol Work* for perm sil on
to purcbftH thi following deicrlbed landi ill-
uati m Won Kootenaj n sirlct, between the
p.'u.i   d'Oreille   mer  and   the international
t mUri Ilm  ftboul three mllei Irom m ''
uutiiin river. Commencing ��t * p*-1 markiii
.1... i . i.���_ - \\ rornei illuati on the Interna*
tiou.il boundari llue,aboul halla mill wat ol
ti,,- eui bo ii n da r; nl Ihe v. & >' -- R) Iftndi!
ihenee luuili HI rhaim ihence east 80 chalna,
thonce aouth W chains, ihence *cal HO ehaim, w
the plaeentcommencement,containing^����� rea,
mon or leaa,
Dated .'Hi. Inm   1906. I  - I    U��-ia.
k. i, O'Keilly, tgent.
Notld la herehv gir��n (bat BO da/i nfier dale I
intend loapplj i<< tho Hon the chief Cummhc
nloner ol Undsand Wnrki for permlaalon I" pnr-
ehase  the fnllowmg <les.*ribed  landi In  w��|
Km.leuay district, proviiiee nf Hritish Columbia;
Cum mencing at h pool marked "William Tolling'
ton'i northweal eorner iKwt." Mid post balng
p'ant d  at  Ibe  s,.iith��'est corner of ll IJlieeii
MuhihI Claim." and adjoining the .a-l line uf
M. I'hail's pre tinp(Inn, liieine south twenty (JI)
chains ab.ng laid line, thenee east I..rly (4U)
ebalni, thence north twenty (JU) ebalni, tbenee
well forty (io) ehains more or lesi,, to the place of
Dated 1st dav ni '.uguit, (BOB,
Wii.ua). ToUUIOTONi
Ity bti agent J  K Taylor.
if l.amls
L.i. b)  .:
��� appl; i- Un
Notice Is hereby given that M dayi alter date I
intend to apply to ilie Honorable the Chief Com*
minloner of Landi and Worki (or pcrml.tlon to
purchaie tbe following described I-an.1i altu-
ated in the Keoienay Hiit-lct. Beginning at a
poit planted nn the north ihore of the flower
Arrow Uke about 4" chalm weit of 'he weit
boundary of i V K Lot ��W, Marked II A W
a E. eorner. thence weit *0 chalnn. ihenee north
AC ebalni, thence eisl (k> chalhi more or leis to
lake shore thence ln a iouth westerly direction
al ug lakt* ihora to jadnt ol enmineiicenniii, OOD*
taming WtA i ��� more or 1cm-
Umatad iuni *% i'**.
It. A. WuivialiiH.
A   S   Will.\ KHun, Agent.
that sl.lv   \*\- lmm .late
Don ( im ��� ��� itininlMloMf
li'Woik- [or iK*rmtaalon to purrhaae
ihe lollowlng deserlbed lands ri tuate In Weal
Kootenai Dlatrlcl   adjoining the Interna iai
Iwundari hue, ai I flvu mites easl ol Ibel ol
umbla river; oommenelng at a poat marked K
o'iH, w ...mer, on the Internal una) boundarj
lineal Laura m. Praacr'iaouthi ftateorner,theuce
north ho ebalna, Ihence eaal 10 ehalni, thence
south si chain-', ibenee weal  to cbalni Ul U.e
pia< i commencement, con tain Ing RU noroi
more or less.
Dated Mb Juue, 1000, ittien UtLLiiPil,
Notlci i- herehv riwu lhal ilxt] dan aftei
date | intend to appi} lothe Hon chlel ��� ommh��>
iloner ol I.ami- mid Works for permlaalon in
purchase lbe following described lands in
the West Kootena) district, smith ol lbe Pend
d'Orelllo  rner;  t ommenclng Ht a poll marked
cits.- I*:, oorner, iltuated on tbe trail near
Bear creek ahout u mil,* tnuu lbe un- matn-uai
boundarj line, thenee weal mi chalus, tbence
north >ochains more or lento the pend d'Urellli
rlter   tbeuce fidlniuiiif   lhe  .outh   I.Mlik nl llie
ivmi d'Orelllo river southeast bo ohalni. mora
or leaa; thence iouth ft) chalna, more or lea ta
the plaee ol   commencement,  oontainlng  MQ
acrei, more or lesa,
hated ..th Jul*.. Pm- i uahi.k-. BlUgl.
P. J. O'RIelly, Agenl
Notice is hereby glren that ilxty dayia.*ter
i late i mt'iui to applv to the Hou, chief Commli-
iloner ol I.ami- ami Work- [or permlulon to
purchase    the    following    duCrlud   lan-U,    III
the Weil Kootenaj Dlitrlet, east ,,| and ftd<
lolning Jam.- v Mackenxie'a land; Commeno<
:n>; at a post marked A ���>s .-. K. corner, ou the
lOUth   hank   id   Ihe   Ivnd d'nreille  river. Ju��t
above tba i ith ol ilu* Salmon rlrer, thenoe
weit 80 chains, tbeuce north 80 ohalna mure or
les** tn the I . ml d'Oreille rl��r, thenee following
the iouth bauk ol lhe Mid nver m a loutheaiC
erly direction to tbe plaoe of oommencement,
oontainlng ItiO acres, more nr It's-.
Mated 1(li Jul) I908 AKTlHIi BcHMllOW
N..i Ur is bereby given thatilxty dayi afterdate
I Intend toapph tuthe Hon. chief Commluloner
nfi.ami- and Worka for permlnion to purchase
tbe following described landi In West Kootenaj
Dlitrlet south oi the Pend d'Oreille river. Com*
menelna ill ** poal marked K. T, M's. N. K. corner
mi the s,,llti, bank of tbe Pend d'Oreille rlrer,
about a utile nml a hall east of the inoiitli nf Finh
Creek tbenee K)Utfa tit) chain... theliee west *>
ehains, theuee nortb 10 chains in..re OI len to
Ilu*  i'end di) reille river,  Ibenee  bdlouinK  the
south hank ni the said nver In a northeaster!)
direction to the place id commencement, oon
tannin; .so acrei  more or len
Pal, .I 2nd Jul) ISUtt, H.UA  v. Ma< kbhiii
vkiHiR Bth Nit pan, A gen*
Kotlce i- litrebj glren that 60 daya after date I
Intend to apnh p. the Hon. Chiel t ommlMloner
ol bauds ami (Vorki fnr permlielon to pnrebaie
the  foil,,., n>L. i|. MTi!-ed   land-, situate in  VS esl
Kootenaj P.-uni roulh oi the Pend d'Oreille
f.\er: loiuiu. ���iii'ini! Ht h posi marked a H Nl '��� N
w corner iltuate at the south bank ol the pend
d'Orelllo river at Klta T MacKen/le'a north i<a��t
corner post, tbence K)Uth Niched us., theuee east
mi chain-, thenre nnrlh !*o chains more or len to
the Pend d'Oreille river, tbenoe west webuiiut.
following (be hank of ibe said river in the plaee
of commencement, containing uiu aeres, more
or leu
Dated 2nd July 1908, a B IUcumub.
Notice Ii hereoy given thatilxtydaTa after date
I Intend to ��pph to the Hon Chief tfcmmlialon-
er of Landiand Worki for|KTmiaNb,n to pur*
cha-- the following descriia-d lauds iltuate In
Wesl Kootena) Dlstrlol, "outh of tbe Pend
d'Oreille river, rommeneing at a poal marked
M. IPs N   K corner. lltUftte on the souii, i,Hnk
of ibe i'.-nd d'Oreille rtrer at Jamei N. Hae ken
/ie*- wuth weal eorner. tbence nuth U*> chains.
lbence wesi V ebalns, thenee north To chalna,
more or i< -- lothe Peud p'Oreillo river; theuce
following tin* south hank of ibe said rlrer In uu
eaaterl) ami nortbeaalerl] direction to lbe plaee
of coin uo iiceiiient. coii liii Uitik' 'HO aer,-s. more or
Pate ;;rd July, IS00.        MAMAtR H Aiooi ht,
Arthur Behnelder, Agent.
Notice Is herub) glren thatilxty dayaafter date
i lulonr* toapph to theHon. Ofalel Comm Inl ir
of bands ���,,'! vA'orks forpeniiUsioii to purebaae
tbe (olb.wtng described land- In West
Kootenay Dlitrlet, -outb of the Pend d'Oreille
river,  DOmmenelQg  al a l-osl   marked  J   N, Mi
s. w. corner, iltuated on the south bank of tbe
Pend d'Oreille river, opposite tbe month ol 16
Mile l'reck;   then CO east si chain-, thence north
iu chain- mor. or leeatothe Pend d'Oreille river.
tbence following [he iouth hauk<d lhe said river
In a westerly and loutbweilerly direction in tbe
place <d commencement. Containing -IX) acrea
mure ur lean.
DatedIrd July, ium.     j*mi> n. Ujuaunsn,
Arthur Behnelder, Agent.
Kotlce is lieretiv given t hat m \tv da is afterdate
I intend tu apply to Ihe Hon Chief Coma.lllon<
er ol   bauds  and   Works for permission   to pur-
chase tho following deicrlbed lands m w.-t
Kootenay Dlitrlet. iouth ol the Pend d'Oreille
river, commencing nt fl j ���*���*>( mar ked A K'-N \v
corner, situated at the aouth wesl corner olliot
412... (I. I , thenoe eaai BD chalna, thenee south uu
chalna, theuce west ba ohalna, tbenee north 80
chains to the place of enliimeiH emeut, colitalll-
ing Wi acre-, nmre or leu.
Paled ath   une, IBO*. AJOOi r*tuktn,
K   I.li'ltellly. Agenl.
Notice is liifiwbjr given that 00 daya after dale
i Intend to apply tu tbe 11 hief Commiasioner
of Land- an') tt orki for periiii***iuu to purchase
the foiiuHiiig deacrlbed laud- in \\v-i k maj
dlatrlct, aouth of tbe Pendd'Orellle rlrer, east of
Fish crock, commencing   at a post marked K. tt
II i s tt' eormr, hImuii half a mile ea-t of tbe
northeaal corner ol Lot nr,, 0,1 , ihence mntb
���i-i chains, thenneeul BOchalm, tbenco north 11
chains,   theliee    WOll    K   cli.illi-   to   liie   p|n,T ,,f
oommeneement, oontainlng un a.res. more nr
Dated Snd July IflOfl i-'e.Ki, w. Harcoom
BlXty   dayi   after 'late I  Intend 10 applv tO the
Commluloner of Landa-and works to purchase
Uio acres ol land, near burton City, commencing
ai a posi planted hi the rant heai t rorner ol Lot
No. HO, and marked .1. P. Mc'k southwest corner
and  rum,inn   north   in   chains, thenee cast ln
chains, thenee -outh  40 ehailiK, tbeuce Mi-tt ui
chains tp place of beginning.
July IStfa, 1000, J. p   MiCt'U's-oi,
A. A. Burton, Agent.
Notice ia herehy given thai 00 dayi after dale I
Intend toapply to ilie Honorable tbe Chlel Com-
misilouerof Undsand Wort* b.r jhtihIxsIuii to
pun-haw* the fnjlowliig deserlbed lands: Com.
mencing at a poat rairked "J, A,0 It* s. \\ ,.,,r.
tier," p aed at lhe no'thrast  corner of   Lot  0fr]
runi ini KnehaitiH nnrth; tbence *i chain<   uti
thenceUob inas uih; t ceaoohalni won to
P'in   ol oomme cement, oonflnfng MO icre0
more Ot leps.
Hat d tic2lst day of July p.-,
J. A. 0'RliLI.T.
Notiee |��� hereby glren lhat 00 days alter date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable it Cnlei Com!
mlssl u.cr nf Landiand Work- fnr nermlaalnn t���
purchase the following described lands .',,!
im ming ai a po.t marked "J w U'h h W ent
per,' placed on the oiit <b re of u,w \ Ar,,lW
n.".u.h,",|.',"U,,w""""r"""" JObrlille'iAm
plieall ot, to I'urebii.., riirinnig IhenOfl 4u cha i .
e-ati thenee 80 ehilm norlb; tbence to ehaim.
mare Ot le ��. west l��. |, ,. Jakc-ho ei   theme    ol'
h.wi-g iBke-.ho,e 10 point ol commencement.
coniatning;;^ ��ere�� more o�� |e��. ' '"'
Dftted thei'.lrd day ol July, Ink)
J. w. BiTtg,
N..11. c 1*  herein   given  lhal  two mOQ*hl alter
ilste I intend t.. Hpply io the llooorabb Cblel
��� ommiaajouei ol i ��ici- and worki lor p, inns
��� Ion    to pUM ti ll   hundred    and    fori)    (MOj
acrea ul land, diet rlbed as follow- < nntmenetng
at a poal planted ��t the northwest oorner of 1,
��� .allagtieis application lo purchase III Ktre Val
ley, on lhe weal side ol Lowei  tr'on Uke, m
Kim U naj distru t.  rked " W  A  I '-  N   r   ��� oi
inr";   li ��  running  light)  (00) cfaalOl Weet]
thenei   * Igbty   i*��"i ��ulb!   theme eight) tau)
Cbalni east,   [hence eighty   1*1} i hall!* nol I b   lo
plU   .     sit   I   . .IIIIIO   IU   .111.   lit
W   A. cm.incH.
Pated lbe snd daj ol July, Una
BUtj dayi afterdate l intend to annl* lothe
t'ommlaaioner oi Landi ami Works, > Ictorla, to
pii'ehaee 100 acrea ol land Commencing at a
post punted on ih.' west bbnre oi arrow Lake, at
[be aouth east corner of J ���' CbrlaMc'a nnrthaae,
ninning north 00obaina, Ihenoe nail w ebeiiii,
thence aoutbaoohaini, tnence weal 00 ebalni to
place of commence ut
Ideated Hay, Hfa \tOk\
A    CjtHHIR.
L. Qallaohik, Locator.
Biitj dayi after date I inland to ippli to the
Commluloner ol lands an i Works lo pnrchase
U acres ol lend, iliuab ��i < mi t Mil ol
Hurton City, mnl deacrlbed as followi; Com-
' i' N log a> n poal planted un lhe northweal corner of lot 0&BO and runlng jeni 3D chains, ihence
nortii to chalm, lbence easl U obaina, thenoe
MUtb along lot 06AO to place Ol Ugiunmg.
July Bth, ISOB J   B. lliNTER.
.���iKhij'iKi),!,,,,,,���.,; ;;""���''.iiumi,"
Il-KSlI IUC Illllll, juiT;,,-, ���
Noilce 1. hereby eivm, ik.. _,
iliiion io pu-jhu, ,���. ,4,",'^��
mirlbwuicori���   ������.-������
lisTltiwe,! enr, H   , �� ,.'���!-��������� v.i-y. 1
tion to purch." nfhL,., ��"-:x.��J
Mi' N S. corii.r,'' ruin, ffS *��*J-I
ch.ln. .oum. ��i cum, ,i*. t "'=' '*..
Pl.i'e ssl i isnimenremeiit. r"151 i��JS
' ��' .c,,'"tl,n,l
JulyJnd.lwi * r"-"t.,l,
Nulls-el, be-i-t.y .it,.,, .,���. M.   ~
nn...'i to-ml, i',,i���. i ...u''*['.'^��
"' n.'...IUl���l. .I,l��:  l,'.''',''''-!^
iiunii..,. ii,,. i,iii�����im, ,i ",.""hi-nj
POM OO  Ih.  HUtlkftol Ti.ll, *"~
Arms.   Ul,,-. ��s,.|  u,<tk,���| ./, "
K3E",iU2_     .     ���    :
:,ir::';, :���;���!::.'::,;:'.: SSSktra
Uooaltd June Hth, lm t , ��
1����    .;"���
' iii>'< i-i i ..I I.,,!, ,'v
\ so in perml i ,,.,. i ''''."��
"'"I -'.is (li'sO).e i Ui '
nl ��. li.II,,,..' s'������ ,���., '  ���''jjmi
elflil) |i..i,l,-i, i ;". V S '���*"'
K'lHS" -I'snl n.i,.| ���,.���.,,   ,
corner,*   and   runiii>.k:  <h*i  loHi
Ihence toutb lorij (��] i-halru ���(,
chains, th. it. i- it..nh loitj i��i,.u
Julv:. ]���**: n I
Notice   i-   berel.y   Khen   that   alaty   daft aflff
date I intend loapph (..the ll.m Chief Commli
iloner ol Uml- and .Vork** fornenntiaton to |mr-
. baae ih>- foil..-.*, iiik deacrlbed land** Mutate in
H'eil Kootenav dulriet; ��� ommenclng at a \��,>.\
marked J. II vauetooe'i - K corner poet. Kiiuatc
in tbo salmon Klver Valley, at ��� polnl a-ijoining
J Mt eeber'" land at v>.��tein boundary, tbenoe
weil 00 ohalni, thenee north tu ehalna, tbenee
usl m ohalni, thenoe iouth ��chaini to i��imt ol
July MUl, 1��W. J   H. ViKintiftl,
T. II, Atkiii-.ii   Agenl
Notice Ip herehy glTOp lhat OOdlTI slier date I
intend to apply to the Honorable iiu* Chief Commlaaioner of l-and*. and Work! lor pt-rmlruiloti in
liiirehaxc tbe foUoWlOg dccriUd land- ill Ibe
W'e��| Kootenav district:   (ooiineti. lug at a pool
marked  M   Slit'  N. i; cm. r   plant, d   a  n-
north of theS. W  curlier of W   K* Cald.-r's  pre
emptton in Fin* Vatlefi niuuing 40ehalns iouth,
li i chnlni weet, *������ * -hain* norih. to,hain�� eaut lo
place o| couimeucemeiit
Maj IK McCtNpi.tnii, UwatOT.
w a iAii)t.H, Agul
June aoth, iy��.
Notice U bet-ehy  |{lo ll that B0 dsvf. nil. ' date I
he liolloralde tin*
tirkk f..r I��*r
porohaee the  i..ih.v>mg  .let-criu-d
Intend to make apph. all.in to till
Cblel Commissioner -���/ ij.n.i.
mlulon  U
Irtlidi, :  COQUienelng at a poel marked A   w
der*i mitithfaii corner, aectlon Is, Township ���-���'.
ruiitJiiiK oaal t want j ehalna, mutta buiy < ham-..
wut twenty ebalna, north fort) ehalni to plaoe
o teouiiiielicemelit.
I'ated July ... lthfO. Ioiin Haniih
Notloe 10 givtfu that 60dayi after >iaie i intend
toapply to the Honorable ibe Cblel Comiali'
���loner of i aii-i- mel Worki for permission lo
purebaae the follonlug .b-icriiad i��n.t*�� in the
went K.aiieiiN) Pintrlct: Commencing at a |H.��t
marked r r, I'mniz Laud .*>. I. Corner placed
near the I'end d'Oreille riu-r at Iloumlarv creek
east fide of salmon river, tlience eul tt chaini
along tbo International Hootnl.rv I.I m, llienee
n   rth -tu chain", thence   ue��t  hi chalnn. tlonce
���outh to ohalni to place oi nmmenoement.
listed tbe Mi\ of July IWJfi, C, C. I'o. XTX.
 By ANHHKW A nit, Agent.
Kotiee Ii hereby given that two monthi after
date   |   Intend   to   apply   lo   [he   Honorable   the
chief Commluloner of Landi ami Worka tor
tit-nnia-duii to purohaae the following described
Islida altuate ou the wchl arm of Kootenav   I.akr
iu iio- PUtrict oi Weit Kootena):   Commencing
at a poal marked "W Milam Bnerby'l N \\ poit:
llienee ��-��l Iweiily ('Ji| I'lialli-..' Ihei,,,- -,,uth
twenty   CM)   ebalna;   tbttBN   Mil   IWentV    (-���')
cbrdnei thenee north twent) cid chain- to the
taunt of oommencement, containing tori) do)
arret, more or leu
Datod Julv 7.1900. i. ii. Hnum..
Notice in hereby given that till dan liter dale I
Inland to apply i.. the Honorable the Chief Com-
minloner ol UmU and w���rki> lor permlaaton to
purebaae the loiiouing deeerlbed land*. ��ituate
in tbe Weni Koolenaydutrlet: Commencing at ���>
|H.*t marked M MoO, H \\. corner, planted in
chalna Mil of 1- C. Mortllon'l nortfaWtll corner
oi hu crown granted land in Kire Valley, ran
mug to cimim. eaat, 10 ehalni nortb. 10 cbalni
went, tl) challiP south to place ol comiiieiiceuieii!
W. McCiMu.iNii, Locator,
W, A. UaiOgX, Agenl-
June aoth, 2906.
Notice ia herehy given that tJOday. afler date. 1
intend to apoiv to the Hon. Chlel Commiasioner
of Undi ami Worki for permlialon to purohaae
lbe following deaorlbed tract of lami annate in
Weet Kootonay Dlitrlet;  Oommenelng at the
nuth well corner   of   l,ot TJflOj tbence runlng
weil 00 bbalm; tbenee north 90 ebalnai thanee
weal to efaelnii thence north 80 ohalni; tbenee
eact wi ohalni j thence aouth 00 ehalni to point
of eoniinciiceiiicni, eoiilalnlug MO aerat, more or
Pated at KelfOU, H c., lhi>. SSr] <lav of Julv,
lHUtl- ttkMJ el ANI AN.
per K. r Ureen, Agenl.
Notiee la hereby given that 00 days alter date
(intend toapply to tba ip rable the chief
CoiutnlHlonerof (.and- and Work- lor ponnfaalon
to purchaie the [oihming deierlbod lands in the
Weat Kootenai Platrict: Commencing at a noil
marked T. it Preocbe'i Und B K corner placed
near C.C.Poynti B.W  corner, thenre .a-t mi
cbalm, thei north  10 chalna, thenoe weal 00
ohalna, tbenee aonth-to elialna to place of com
I'ated .11th day of ,lul> |gQfl        f. U- PUNCH,
liv AMmrw Anil, Ageni
Nntice I- herehy given lhat 00 ilsri ���||, r dat.. J
Intend to appl) lo the Honorable the Chief Com
million er <d Landrand w,,rk. h.r r>. rm i--t*.r. t..
nnrchau ibe following rtoscrjbed landi In tho
Went  Kootenay  dlMild, t|"���r Hiiiloii CItyl   com
mencing atapoii planted at the aonUiewi corner
ol ''eonre Ifud-un'a preemption claim, ami
marked Harry ti Tnllington.N, K c p il ami
ninning   aouib M Ohalns, lbence we.I ���Jlrhu.im
thence nortb 00 cbalni, thence eaaiaOelialm to
plaoe of beginning, coiilalnlng m nrreM.i lain'
 re or leu,
Dated tfaliKXh day of >uguvi, IM,
H.VIIItv  li, Toll.lMlToV
Notiee i- hereby given   Ital HU day�� after date i
intend p. make application p. ihe Honorable the
i blef commluloner of Landiand WVki for per-
mlulon tO purebaae aliout llOWreiOf land lllu
aied on lln* salmon river Wesi Kootenay dlstrlol
eommenomg at a poel marked s K. Butler\. n R
(orner   pb.nled on the Weal bank of the river,
abonl \% mllei norm of Uio international bonnd'
ary. lbci.ee went 00 ohalm, Ibenee WI chain*
���OUtl! thenc- i'HM ahoul iO rhililiN lo the rlvei,
tbenee northerly along the river to place nl com'
AUgliHl IKlb, IU06, e   fl   HrTT(,u
-          T, H. Aik'lna'on, Agetit.
"lily daya afer ,ltt|(. 1 ���������IH| uiu only to the
Poim-able tha I  f�� omiulnMoncr of I'umlH and
won i, vniorhi, !������ purohaae 340 aorei of land,
located   Kiel   doinrlbeil   as   follows:    Hcing 	
nortbeai-t onartcr oi Beetton tweniy-'two, and
i-n.vV.',IH''i',( "'(; ����rtl'wcat .inarterHentlon
oeacriM'] ai f lows: Comm mo fig at a post
marked J J. n. w oorner.and pTanted 10ohalni
outol  be norlhweit oo ner of Beotl wonty'
eI!��in'J ,rr,,!m'""'"" .O'^lnMhoncewntfafco
Sbani, tbenoe east m ohalni, tbence loutb v>o
cha   in.  tbence well 80 chains, lbence north 40
ohelni to piaco of beginning,
Auguil atal, 1000 Janna Joiikitunb,
W. A. Calder, Agent.
Noiic |. bereb) glv< n thai *di-.-e..fl
iiit-nd to applv   to Hi.  Hon lb. ri,��I3l
sioner...I.n,,.|-and W,.tkW,,rp,rni,r��tr
c liaw*   Ibe  following   d.���-.
K toaj dlatrlcl provioc
Commencing ai H posi matti | i i B
8. w  corner, on n uth ild. i!
aho.ii two mil.*- east ..| Hu I
snd ai the nnrth wi -i ���������;������
Ill's  pic emption claim
thence i,null do chains, tbenn  m *
lheni e -outb 60ehalni in ibe plsi
eonialniiig '.'t" acr,-* mon
Pale.) this .'.ib dav ..I July, m*
Noiiee I*   herehy glren  lhal i��.,.
dale I intend to apply tolfai 11  :. tt
< '.inini--innerof Candian<1 n	
Iii pun base the   followiQ|
ale in   Kire Valley on tha ��'��1 ���
row Lake, Kootenay dlitrlel
low i    Commem mg at ��� p,��i
northwest oorner oT w a > ��i.i
marked "A. M'l.'s MHlthwee) l
linni'e  h.rty  t tu) cbalni fail; tliru
chaini north! thenoe tortj   .
thi io<��� forty imi ��� balm tomb it
coiiinicioement,   containuiB on* I
���lit] ll'-1) acrea more u It ���>
Dated Jonett, Wt        AnaJM
W   A   t iUjO It
Notice   It    herehy   glv.li   lhal mil Oft
date i mtand to appti to Uu h.'-di^i
chief Commluloner of Uu<
pel mtMlon to purchase lb>' I
land- eoininelH lllg HI a |��..t I
llngloii*   N, K  c. jMtst.  ai tb
oi J. o. UcUrade'i pre-em
running aouth tucliains to a
-.eo Bndson*i pn emption 11
chains.   Ihenee   in.rth   lo ilu
t hains i,> plana of commem n
acrea ol land more or Ian
Pa Od this Mh day of A tig Ull !H
A. A  Bttfl     JJMj
Notice is herebj given thai '"'uufirran
in'.nd to apply to the HiHioriUrlWC-'OrS
mlutonerol Lands ami Hurt liar      '"
purebaae tin* following dew*rfU
no n, lllg al a |h>sI marked <A K 1
planted al (lie N W c.un-t .(
pre emption in Pin- Valley, rui
north, luehnlns west. ��u . Iiain-��
east  to place of coUilncii.riiielit
VV. H  HcCiM,iM.la_
w. a.cu.bii.iyi
June ktih, IWO.
Notice ts hereby given thst ui �����"'"����ll
intend to make annl'catlnn to tbeHiUBllW
Chh'f Commiasioner ul Urnls ui I ""'���'���'���'I
mlasloti to purchase ,-i.t acrcf .,f iimHIJI
dlatrlct o| West fc,.oleii��*, ....iinie"-'-I��'��Fl
planted on ibe south side of &ain.i.. *��������
lhe intcrnalloiial la.un.inrv lln.. ��� -v ����Jgi
in lea cast trom the Salmon ti.��*r.m��rl*��.TUJ
K Adams, sflutbeasl rorm-r," il.-n" ��*JT
ebalns. tbence north Nl .Iimi' i!*riwJlM|
chains, llieiov Miutb hu i li-liu l��pl*r"*
Uleneelllellt. .     M u
Klin.   V.   Mui'l-**-!
mt k M Rurei a''-*P,t
Datod Ibis tllb day of Jul). !!�����
BlitT days afler date 1 inteDdtoWtM
Hon. "chief Commluloner ol Uud*iM"r
Victoria, to pureha-c 111 acrw ta I'";'
mencing al a i��.si plauied atu**Ot(*|:<l
in.wei plain loi h. B corner i"1*1- "" K'"*?l
river,   Ihence HO chair .th.  *����9$M
chains, Ih.ncc north Ji chllM tlifBr*��
Chains 10 point ol coininciic. imni.
Nelaon, II C, Allg.t;, I'M. Y  j J"]
Notpe   I.   herehy   given   ih^Wj^Sjl
date I 1 odtoanplytolhiBoiionJ^
Commluloner of I^di and Workibrpws
to purohau the following duwlbad"!''.!
iu West Kootonay dUlrfri ButimimM1'
planted at tha north we riurnf wjj
(log creek, thenee IOO th WchllM.tt��J
40 ChaiOl more or le-. IhlDU ���0g*"
more  or  less,   theme  rml 1.' !���*�����;   ; i
plaoe of beginning, thi unjo �� ��w����
Lrai-a whai la known m lhe Hanwal^ff
Dsteil July ., !*��.
It! dull
leni*. ttm
1 .'|rl|
Notice   Im   herehv  given   tbat I
the date I Inlcnd to apply tpue      mw���
ssi'ill   in liiiri'liH.".' His' fi'ili'ss 'ill s' '
.lliisils- 111 lln' ill.lrlrl "I   lVl"'
oforolitnuiCreek: Si��rilni��t ��       ,.
J..I111 Whlla'l B. ��   pi."i.T. I'1*','.', ,���
.���Is.lss. .usiil, ..( .1   M-lunf I'" ���
riinnln, n.sriii nrhilm, sii����T" ���,���!
Hm  wiiltl :��l 1'lii.ln.. lli.'ii''.'��; |Viii*L
1 itotoonmonM nl. ���"','���,   I
Iiiiii-II   l'..s 1 .��'���"*'.������
Nolle. I. In'.. I.y Klv.11 lli.ll";1"1' |"|,���|��P
l,,���-���,l l��� ,|,,,|v l.i MM' Hiilii"*1'1,,  ,  ,.,,��ffl
��� i, 1--1,.,.. r .., Uml. ami *"'* i'   }.Ll.iu4
piinsll.n Ills- I �� ssss, ;l'"'s'1''"1 '"* ,,,,/B
III in,.ill>in..| isl IVe.lh ''"'',;:",...iSL
7 Is.' sss-.l nrm "l  K"":''! ., ,i',...,sil   _
.'ini:  liillli.l  iss'-l l'u",  ,,     ,11,. 1.1*1
euruer "I I...I m>, Ihenee m.i  ��� ' '',,,,, ihSJ
ss.-.i :v .Iiini.-   lli.iii'.    " - ''     -     1
eut 30 eh.Ini >o | "" "'
Hlllr.l  All.    I.,III. II..'.
Niiiii..ii<li.iriisr��ii'''i'i|'"l'"l;',,'|',. ,���.   1
Inland t- ��p��I/,ln ,""' '" ���'",. i,.s !��$
slim In |.iiri.|iH��c lhe ("""" "l,c i,.,,|, i,..l|"_|
,il te'l
llllliileil 111 tin-W'essl ki'
i\ I.  1',-nn.iiir. s.n Hie I;.;.
quarter mile, Irom lhe rem." v"_Tjiinll_L
l.l.'Is.'IIIK HI ,1 I  I"",,t'|,|,,1. ss.ells.ll"��j|
enrner poat, id.-rn .   ��� '" '  ibtaf
-I111I11. ssi'sl, lli.'iie.   "' ���
HII ehuili.
rhalni svs-si, in.- an ;,.���,���,
i-|i���lli.e.l-l I" I'lss.e nl'""m    '    ,,,,1.
I.,..-,.,.-.! ri..- is-. .l..y **,',,:;,*,';V;'u,.:a.tk. AE'
,1    , umIiii-ss'11'"
Notion l�� horeby jlreii   i��' "   ,,,���\i\.
 mi i..iii'i'i> �����* ��� 'v; .ViL' 1..1-1.'""1"'';'
���loner "I Undi and "",l   ',,, i,i��i.i'
pureliisM   toll-wini .i.-" ,i ,,
U'.-.i K eimv ilwrlet: ll,*IM,, ," iml
marked Klllell'l 8.B-, '"',',' ������ ,��IW
eaal ol lho Bal " rl"'Vs ,,,���-...���	
Hi,. I'.ii.l sl'llr.'llls   ...
40 ohalni woil,��lchal��ii>nn"
1: B   _
lisislii .MieilllllllllB
Palod37tli sissy ssfJisis. i"
Nolle,; I. herehy alv;'" JK'chfrtW!;?!
K enay Dlitri.->. ""'',;      ,rie.i \ ,,��
river nenp.lngntapo"1_> jsjjl
\t  W. enrner. .inillleil""11, N  ����.'��' JJ
'"""' 'I''"-"1"" ,,,Th.nee��.l'��',J'!S3l
muthwoal .'.srsier;  necea      |lMlll.
north Wehalm i" ihe i'i   '   .'���.      ,���-
,. rlnliiK ion Ber.'. r  "'. 1,1! .Mas.'"
''iiaM^niiiym;;;,,;-;'.;,::,,^ ARPET REMNANT SALE!
The Daily Canadian
20 Pieces Brussels, Velvets
and Tapestry Less than Half
Regular Prices
From 10 to 23 Yard Ends I
v���       D o~=^
Standard furniture co.
iperial Bank of Canada
Head Office
��� Alii UP $8,900,000
K WII.KII'", CrisKiilisnt
Viisis- Pri.iiiili.iit
Branches in British Columbia:
nt current ruU'a fnnn date of Opening iw;*
i... i- received nml internal allows
I credited Imlf yi'nrly
llllVNCII -I
LAY,   M,,..,.ker.
Have City   Attractive   and Then
the Press.
ie Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Montreal, Aug, 28.���W. t. Rob-ton,
advertising agent or the C. P. EL, haa
just returned from the convention ot
the Union or Canadian Municipalities
at Halifax, where he gave an exceedingly Interesting address upon muncl-
pal advertising, for which he received
a vote of thanks from the delegates.
He did not make any extravagant
claims for advertising, but said the
municipality must commence from
Within by making their place attractive,' by having good streets and public convonleueles, together with ener-
getla work by the corporation lu keeping the municipal property lu ko*��i order,  which   wa*s  a  great   incentive  to
the liiicpuyurrt   tu   pay   attention to
their private property.
lit* dulim-ii that advertising was the
child of business, and would not of It*
self make un unprogreBalve place pro-
gresslve, but thai the ratepayer! musl
work loyally together for the good of
ihe municipality. Let your advantages
be known to ihu world, said  Mr.  Bob*
son, and the besl medium was the
���irertH ami publishing matter regarding
your municipal!ay let sincerity and
nuth he the keynotes; avoid exaggeration and bombastic expressions regarding your place.
Mr. Robson mlso strongly condemn
od the glaring signboards which marred the appearance ot so many municipalities, and said Canada's greatest
ossei jrvas ber charming scenery, which
was attracting tourist* fnnn all over
the world. Ho also dwelt upon the
unfortunate fact that in almost every
town and ciiy In the country the
woiBt streets and buildings to be
found anywhere were fn close proximity to the railway Hacks aud Stations,
which did not tend to raise the merits of the places In the eyes of travelers.
nnrthwr., cornet about four Men tnilen  Irom
K'nitennv Ink*- nn-1 aboil, fimrieeii intlvH imm
Blovsti r.viT. on Lemon ortskj liwnoiJ running
mi elm! iin Hinilli,  theft* WmIihIiih bteU ibuucc Nl
I'halnn nortb, theme noriiBiim tviut to tne point
d( commsneement.
Diltcii July 1'JLli, IWfl. JitKBOM Ramum.
Kotlea In hereby given that within two rut,-,
[rum tin* Ant puollcatton hereof ln tbe British
Columbia Queue, i Intend to ���pply_tp tba Hon.
Chief Commission*! rt Lmidii snd worka lor a
ipaofal Ueanae i�� cut and carry away timber
Irom the followlug doHcrlbed lands, altastad in
westkootsneyi Oommenelng ata post planted
on the r-nuth shore of Trout Lake, about one-hall
milt: bei"..' the mouth ot Hve Mile Creek, mark-
ed "Lenlte Hill BOUthSSSt <*<>rner"; thenre west
100 ehalns, thence north 4o cliSlttl, thenee east
IHO ebalni, ihenee south .0 eliaiui to the poiut ol
Dated Brd August, 10U6. I.k-i.ik KILL.
Notiee U hereby glv -ri thnt 8 > days after dat**
we i'l'.-ti.i to aDDiy to tbe Honorable the *-hief
Cumin IStoPit of uaadl and Works for n special
Ucen-M' to cut nnd carry -.wny timber from tbo
fulln\viiil* deicrlbtd  luii.l":    I oiiiiii.-nciilK  Ht   a
boat marked I . P. CalavreU about two and one
!ml. iniiii from tho Pand d'Oreille rlvati on tin*
sail it'll* oi hfi'.vu MflaCreek,thenoe80 chatni
aaat, thence ni <iiiiin* wuthi theflca ni ohalm
weat, thenoe n<< imiua ���tb to place ot _u)mmen>
l.i.. iit.'d lho III 'lay of AUgUll, I0t��\.
r. k. Caldwsll,
Herman Reaper, Agent.
Notloe is hereby given that 80 da_rs.after date
l intern toapply tft tiie uonnrabla tba OBlei
OontmlMloasf oi pgadsand worka lor asp
Silver King Hotel
Beet Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Roomi are well furntibed.   Table as good ai ana*
to Nelion.     Bar supplied with good
Uauori ana clsan.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Mttlt 26 eta.   Roomi trom 36 eta. to 81
July White Help Employed.
niter fr  th
oenelng nt
inl curry iiwhy til
.ilii'WliiK ili-��rrtl)i*d lninls: Com I
nil mnrke'1 Krcil -Mile, lr , alx.ul
mil in iii-**- (mui im.uiii of i vn. i d'Oreille river oi
hr eaal tide ol Ftfteeti Mile Creek, thence a
balni norih. thenee wirimins weat, thoncoS
iiiiini- iouth. ihonoo *��> ebalni <-n>-t toplaoa o
Located thu'JTth day ol July. IMS,
i'liKu AniK, Jr., Locator,
Baker St., Nelsou
Bartlett   House
But Dollar-a-Diy House In Nelson.
The Bar I. tba Plum.
White Help Onlr K.nipliijeil.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
I'lr*.  and  Accident
Real Estate and Mining
Joaephlue St.
iift.'i .late 1
Notiee in bereb} given that bo dari
intend toapply lo the Bon*>irablfl ihe < nn-i \ om-
ui Ink tuner <il I.Mtnlh  mi'l Works  for >t ���("-.���ml li
eenao in ool mi'l entry hwhv ttini..i from tin* foi
ii.wiiiK deeerlbed landa:  Coi en-dug at a posl
marked Herman Reaper, abonl two ..n.i one hall
iiiiL-Hfrom tvnd d'Oreille river, on tbe eaat tide
Ol   l-'l.tc.ti   Mile   (reek.   0.6008  80 chalOl   Well,
tbenee so ebalna woth, thence hi ehaim east,
theneeSOohalni nortii toplaneolcommenoeineot.
i- ixi day of /Vugtiat, 1906,
'Hkhman ukm-hu, locator.
i ated tin
*rchases Lead, Copper and Dry Otes.
loal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Hunt UnililiT* will llml il t�� tlioir advantage to nw ont l'it.li.
kelson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd*
Odds Are 10 to 4.
London, Aug. 87.���In mi article In
lhe Horning Poil Ouy Ntokalla, the
oaraman, Bays lhat after a oateful
atuily of Hie men ol tha Harvard
crew he hns reached the opinion that,
contrary to the general ImpreMlon,
Ihey will ko Ihe -I 1-1 milea at a very
fair iiaee. Indeed, though he doea nol
fancy their pace lor a single mile
Taking all tilings into consideration,
Mr, Nlckalla believes thai the osiiis ol
10 lo 1 on the Cambridge crew are in
no way justified.
Is.li-.   I   llils-l
III.-I 1,11	
ti-I.V KlVl'll  Uml, llilrlv ilH>'H sits.-I
I I.,' .ppl. III llll' f, 1 rt 1,1. llll-
..iniiii' nl Landi h n.i worlu fssr h
In rill stint rim y hwh) ttiuli,-r lissiii
iin- following deacrlbed Uml'. iltuate mi l- ni"ii
sTi'ils In llii-ili.lrli't of Weit K.ssits-iiay: .'uiii-
 Hi-inn ki a ,nss*i I'luii fl mi Lemon ere k,
eleven 111) miin I Konlcnay I ul.' . ���.l '.uss hiss
Ul i'sisl. iniirki"! "B. W'l N. K. oorner |ki��i";
Ihenee Issrtv (,ii) ehalfu weet: thenee elKtitr (8-1
���onthi  ibenee forty (in) s-iihiIih eul; Ihence
eighty (Bi I'lssslsi. nisrili i-- ,-..siss .(.-�� ..<-*-
meet, oontainlng three hundred and is., uss (:i_>)
aorei. iiiisrts ssr leu
llHlssst Ills! Will .lay of June. A.II., I'.s6.
Biii'rK White.
Corporation of the City of Nelson
BY-LAW No. nt.
A By-Law to raise $50,000 for the completion of the Electric Light and
Power Plant of the City of Nelson.
The Big Schooner pdd# \(\r
Or "H.1I.nd Hall"    DCCl    l VVe
The only (Haas of Good Beer in Nelaon.
Hsili-I HS's llluiilKllnllss w-ss.lisl tss llsstiw ill Brlt-
lssls Colnmbla. Bates 11410 per day. Bpulalratas
tss iiii'iuMs boarders, only heme iiot.si in ScLon
Lake View Hotel
ConiT Hull ��inl Vernon,
two hlnrkx Irom wharf.
BMXtt tl (>0 l��r day awl up.
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest, established Ileal Estate.
Itiihiiirss it, KiMiteuay.
Nelson, B. C.
P.O. Box ISI.
Telephone UK.
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day aoil Night.
Hum pie and Btii Roonu Free.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Froit Lands in this district.
Most of itsiinate on the Weat Aiui and Main Lake,
fore yon deeide to looata.
See me he-
S. M. BRYDGES, Dn,E��45_J,K
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward ini Vernon Sheets.
D. Burns &
Scientists Are Safe.
Yoknliania. Aug. 27.���The magnetic
survey yii.ln Oalilee which sailed from
San FranclBCo about a year ntjo lu the
Interest of the Carnegie Institute, was
driven on the breakwater here duiln.
a typhoon ou the 24th. She waa con
slili'i'iihly damaged but hus lieen re-
floated uusl docked for repairs. Her
crew and BOtentlBts aboard are safe.
Prominent  Old-Timer   Dead.
Oalgary, Aitu. Auk. 2S.���James ltiii-
dell, u iiiniiiitii'iit old-timer, died here
suddenly last night lie was In Winnipeg In 1887 and In Calgary since
181)3. Be was a imm of enormous
Stature, iVIiu; 0 feel 10 Inches high
nml weighing 300 pounds. He was u
lumber ol W. it. Illddell, K. C.of T.i-
rniito, and Dr. Hisiils'll of Calgary.
Is Markets iti 'Rossland,  Trail,   Nelson, Kaslo,   Sandon, Throe Forks, New
Denver anil Slixsan City.
hy nsnii lo any branch win bays
nin.pt nml I'Hr.l'ul HtlisiiUi.n.
He-id Office: Nelson, B. C.
Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS) 12 and 20 years old.
Will Protect Interests.
Berlin. Aug. 28.���The North Gorman Gazette today announced that
Baron NedenOled, the consul general
of Givniauy nt New Orleans, has beon
directed to proceed to Havana to protect German Interests in Cuba during
tho absence of the resident minister,
who is on leave of ulisence.
Will Refloat Steamer,
l'oit Arthur, Ont, Aug. 27.���The
steamer Moukshavsn. which went on
Ihe rocks off Pie Island near here last
November, win be refloated on Wednesday of this week.
Noiloo li horoby git
i inti-ii-i if apply i"
Gun.minloner nf i
ill'. IIH
'll thnt .'.il  dtsvyi  Irmii  .lm.*
iin* Hononblo lho ruu-f
Is,hi.I  Worki .uriiMHrlitl
iv ami iimihT ir iiit>
tlii.it.���'.!  tu VCOt\ Ko itfiinv dU<
li.llnwIUK IftlHll
((o.l   Dommwclng t\ �� imh-i otinted nu tin*
northoMl tiTiiir nt t h mllei (rum Kootonay
lako on Bin Miii'iTi-ck, Ihonoo running U) chain*
woat,thon o IM iha'ni mulli! ibanooTOohathi
.���.mi. uii'iuf ICO ohalni north, toaputn
Wholesale nml Retail Pealor, in
Fresh and Salted Meats
nmpB Bttpplled on shortcut, notion uml
���"nt pHoe. NothinK but frosli nnd
'''^���'iiioiiHditHiiiHisiipploH kept in htock
MnV orders roceivo civroful (ifctentiOn.
*-��� C. TRAVES,  Manager.
MI.-NI *:��AI.   ACT
Certificate of Improvements
liiiranllr, Qlaftli   First (.luini'i', rhahalalfi, nml
Twenty Mllo PraoWop tninarnl olaihu. Mtu-
uie tu" ihe noliott Mining DtvliloP ol WBit
Koolenay dlilrlot ,   . .
Whorc'looatodi OnDmidOTinoiintftln.DetVoon
Wil.l Hone mnl Hear t rt-cks.
Take notice that I. John MoUtchle, o! tho city
,,{ M-iNim, noting iiHiiK.'iit fnr Jo-soph Binmopi
Free Mlnor'H Corltflca.8 No. B61��, I nd.alxty
,l���vs (nun the .1 hlnol, tu apply in ��w Mlnlug
Rwordcr lor Cerilflcatoa ot Impn-yomenta. rpr
Uio purpose ol obtaining Crown Urania ot ine
Him it iuii*' ho riiiiiiiu'iii'i'il bolore lho iwnanoe
ol inch ivriiti ��to ot Improve me nta
���    nut day of July. A. 1>-W
John MlUtvhib.
l)iiti*il tin-
Dated July iBthilW.
per Jaoki
Xc. i.- Oommonalhg
���nuthoast eorner abou
uiivi kt< on su Mm
ehalni weat, thenee i1
eaat. ihonoo IN chaini
ii EUdcllfle, Agont,
i H poti planted mi the
Olght intli'i*  Irottl   Knnl
���ift'k, thenco rnnntng i"
ehalni north, thenee m
ruth in tin* polnl oioom-
II. R. Muiiiri'S,
...ii Itadollflc. "gent.
���st planted on thi
Paled July '"tl
No. 8���Commenolng hi a i>"si plant cm
northeaal   corner ni"<ui 18 mllei (nm
cn-y    lake   mnl   18   Hik*   from   S| m   rlv.r.
nn uomon orcek, Umneo running80 ohaini went,
llienee 8U chaini ihiUi, ihenc�� BO ehalni eait,
then cb hu fiitiiiiK imrlli lolhe polnl ol oommonco-
Datod July iBth, 1904. n. B, Miqutoh,
per Jadbaon Rado tffo, Agent.
WHBBKA8 n petition Ml liet-u prnented to
tlu* MuiitrlpKl (niilli'll ol tlie > hi I'urnUnii ot the
lit)'nl Nt-laoli   llaned   by   ll vmut** n( nt 1i-ksT
mi- -tenth 01 Lhe value ol the real property in 'he
khI.I city ri*- ulunvii liy the liu*t reviseil ����M'**Biiu'm
mil, requesting the *r|iI council to Introduce
"A Uv i_itw to ralae (fiOtO o.od inr the purpoee of
. .ui.pi.'tiiu: Inecon'trueiion ol theK --. tn.* i.iniit
iitul Power Plant now b*tng conatruoled bv it.e
i ity ol Nelion nt tin' i'p|H-r itnuniiixtou hill*--,
Knot, tiny Khvr. Hrt'l'-h OolumhUt
and wiikkkah il is deemed expedlenl to
< omplete the kleot'le Light mui Power punt.
AND WIIKK-AS  for the pttTWMH afoi��ftld It
will be neeeaiajy to borrow tin- mm ol Ki Ity
Thntuand Doll .ni (|--i,.*m .hi,, lltl.t to) -u- .t.-i.-'n
Hire** of the City ol Nelmiu (*>r thi* purpOMOl
. -i-ini: "tn i Hmoiint
and WBBRKA8 Ui*. whole amount ot the ratable inml ot tin* -m.t city, according tn the
Umi revlaed Aweaitnent Rolli la one million two
immircti and ility*threathouiandeighthiuidred
mui lorty dollar.- tfi.-jtVt.Slo )
AND WHKKBA8 il will bt- reoulil'e to rah*'
utiiiHuliy by rau* the sum of FonrTbouaand One
limi.ircd ami Seventy Nine Dallen (11,170.00) (or
pHj Hie tin* Haiil <h'M iii ul liitfri'ft.
Now tiiori'lore the Municipal Council oi the
Corporation  of  tlie  City   of   Nelion enact* mh
1 ll iJiall and may be lawful for the Mayor ol
ilu*' orpomii'u of the illy nf Nelaon to imrmw
upon the credit ol Iheiald corporation, by way
oi the tini ciniir.". hereinafter mentioned, from
anv perion or poraoni, body or bodlei corporate,
who may i�� billing to auvance tlie -min-a-H
loan, a mm oi money not exceeding io the whole
the Mini ol Fifty rhoQ-rhid Pollan (IM.Opoooj
aui to cauie nil inch Minm io mlsed or received
li tie pnul Into tlu- banqiol tlie Ireanurer of the
vai.t' orporatlon for ihe onrpoae ami with the
object beralnbetoye rbclted,
_t.    It iball l>e laWlnl for the Mayor of lhe said
Corpora'ion to canae ��uv number nj debenture!
to be made, executed and leaned lor such sum or
sums us may i��* required (or the Durpon and
object iiforcsiiiti, imi exceeding howevtr. tlie mnn
of Pllty Thouaand DolUr8(."��t).*J0i).00),en��h ofj*tho
-n ,.i ilebeutureK heitiK of tlm denomination nt
One Thousand Dollar!(11,000.00)and all aueh de-
benturei Hhail be scaled with the ienl ..f tlte Corporation and -iKued by the MHjor thereof,
a   The said debcntum iball bear data the lit
���Uv of Octobe**, i'J"''. and shall be muilo payable
In twenty yean from the ghtd date in lawful
morn.-* of Canada at the uftloe of the Hank of
M.mln nl In Nelson aforeHRid, which said place
of payment iliall tic designated bv the nald de-
benturcii mui shall have attached to them coupons for the pay tin ni ol interest, and tlie bIkiih-
tores   to  the   Interest coupons  may   be either
written! stumped, printed or lithographed*
4 Tlie laid debentures -hull bear interest at
the rate n( ii per cent, from the date thereof,
which Interest -hall he payable s, mi iiunuiilh at
said ottlce ot the Rank of Montreal In Nelion
afrtri'snid, In lawlul moticv of Canada, on the
first .lay of April and ilr*i day ot October reppec
lively in each year during the currency thereof:
mui it shall hccxprcf-scd in said debentures and
coupons to he io p'yaldc
5. -It Hhall he lawful for the Mayor of said C^r
poraitoti lu ueKoliate and st-D the said dehcu-
lures or any nl them fur less than par, but In uu
ra*e iliall the said debenture*! ot any oi them he
negotiated or sold for less tiiau ninety -five per
centum of tuelr value including the coil of be*
i">; i:,i ihu aud side, brokerage and all other Iml
dental oxponwa.
(L���There Iball he raised ami levied tn each year
during the currency ul sat.t debeuturei the sum
nf Twenty the Hundred Dalian fft&OD) for nay-
niciit n( interest and the sum ol .-i\leen lluud
red nud Se 1'iHV nine ��� nll..i- i-tl.-s,'.' mil i.n pav
iniiii of the said debenture! hv rate sultl<-lcnt
therefore OU all the ratable land   In the said
7 It shall he lawful for the said Municipal
Council to re-purchase any of tlie laid dehen-
poii such teriiis us may tic ftgTOOd Upon
In-a I holder or holders thereof nr
, .. .creof, cither at the time of sale or
anv MiliM'uilcir I line or ' lines, u u.l all .h-lteli lures
-nre imrebHsed shall foi-lliwith bocauoelled and
destroved and no re-issue of debenture!m re*
ptirchaied shall U- made in cunsei|Uenee of inch
|     This Hv Law  shall  take effect  nn  or afler
lhe .ith ttayol Septeiuher Iih li.
ti.  This Uv I aw may bocttedfor all purposes
as tlie tTtv ol Nelson (Electric bljhl Loan by*taw
No. 171, l��fl
Dune and  passed  lu Council   Anseinbleil  this
septcmher ItKHi.
Tne Strathcona
Nelaon, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Fratt Lands to
British Col-imbU.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Oood   Sample   Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Bnker Street, Nelirni. B C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
K.ATK8 ,i l'KK DAY
Large ansl Cumlurlable Beilroomi and Pint*
ilan. Inn uiu Rississi. .ample ltooma lor .siiiniiier-
���lal Meu.
MH8. B. 0. C1.ARKK. ProprlotreM
St. Pnul,
Pert Arlhnr
Siunx City
The well known
Our Beer Garden is
the Finest in the
-  Proprietor
Kansas City 188.36. St. Lonis 1110.1)0.
Chicago |H4 00.
On sale August 7-K-l). September 810
Final limit October Slst.
Toronto ��7��.l>6.   On sale September 8 9-10
Limit November 80th.
Royal Hotel
Rated $1 aud *l.r>0 a Day.
Speoial Ratffl tn Regular Bcardorti.
Nntice is horeby uivon thai DOtlnn fromdnte I
intend toapply to lbe Honornblotno oiitettlonv
iniHMiiiiiiT ��.[ l.nii��lN mnl Work" (nr u -piiml
llceuie in i*ui mnl cm*rv mviiy timber trom the
(..ibiwiiiH ili-wrtliftl  liiuilf. lltUfttod in llii*Wt'sl
Kootonay itutriuti
So i ComnienoltiB ��t * poHt planted on MnJ
iiurtiifiisi rorner, abonl thirteen mlloa fnnn
Kootenay inkr. uu.i toitrteijii miloRfroni plocan
rlvor, mi Lemon uieoki thenre rniHinm Mivltnlna
xiinili. Ihenoe BO .���iiuins weet, iheueenocluilui
llnrlll. Hii'lMi* ��llr,liiiliii- 1'iiM in (lu* |��'llll Ol i-nill-
iiii'iii't'ini'lil. "        ��
imii'.i July 19 th, 1900,      Jackson Hatch pm.
No,ft�����(.ommenoing ut ��i"��si piuntodnti tin*
wiili    iii
Take ootlco thai ihe above is a trne copy <ii tho
proposed By-Law n(����ii which tin* vow oi tho
Minii**iimin'v win bo taken al tho City "( Nftlaoti
on Tuesday the-tth day ����f September, next, between tho tinurs nil' uVliM'k it.in. und 7 o'olnei
n rn., for tin* Eaal Ward ��t the (tounoli Chamber
t\t iiu'curni'itif viiinrin ntnl Joaephtne atrceta,
nml i..riii, Weal Want ut tin* Board uf Trade
HuimiHiti the corner ol vicitirln uu.i Kootenay
t:tty Clerk.
Nelion, h. p, AiiKUHt 1'isi imni.
A, McDonald & Co.
Dealer, in staple and fancy Grooarlej,
Butter, Ekk*.
Camp aud Miners' Supplies.
W.   a.   OILUETT
Contniwtoi*   m-iU
Bole nn. iu tor the Porto Biro LtrtnberCo., Ltd.,
retail yarda, itnuKiiiiinidn. aed lumber, turned
work mnl hraekuta, Coaat Iwh ami ahlnglea, aaali
ami doora. Cunent, hrlek ami Hum' fur itle
Automatic KrtiuliT.
yard and htctorys Vernon St.. eail o! Hall,
NBLMON,   tt* G.
p o. Bos 'i:��. Telephone 17K.
Milwaukee 983.20    On stile August 7-8-9.
Limit October Ulat.
ThrouKh rates all etatioutt���Ontario,
Quebec, New York, New England, Maritime Provinces ou application.
A.ti.!'.��.,Vancouver. 1LP.A.. Nelnnn.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott, F��el
St. Poaltry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries niiul" daily throdghoat Nelson
nud its s'nlmrl* Phoue 14S.
West Transfer Co.
(lenernl 'renmstei-s and Deaien iu
Coal aud *W.k> .   Express aud
l.nKKHKc Tmnsfer
V^aTm Office: Baker St.
Thorpe*s Lithia J
Thorpe & Co'y,
The Last of Eastern
On Sale September 8-10
Winnipeg 1
8t. Paul I ..   tea.BO
Duluth f
Port Arthur      J
Chicago |��4.00
St. Louis $00.00
Final limit October Slst.
On Bale September 8-9-10 to Toronto %70 05.
Limit November 30th.
Rates to all other eastern points
on application.
���City I'hhm.'tiger Agent.
A 11.1'. A., Hcalllr.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
And DEnjVBfrBU I'WI'.H
Baker Street.    -    NELSON.
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars. Tobaccos.
Do You Know Thurau. Special Mixture?
!      |
m The Daily Canadian
Bargains in
Cut Glass..*
cAre you taking advantage of the Lotf
Trices tue are offering in Cut Glass ?
An 8 in. "Bowl, "trorth $7.50 for $5.
On a fine Water Sel, bottle and 6 fine
,     :���:-���-���_:    Cut Glass Tumblers at $10.00.
NOTICE���We will ss-inl by express tss any i��irt of the country,
anil it ti"t li'unil Batdafaotory, it can be returned ut our expense.
���\s  H'NIN', .ll-.WKl.l.Kh
* X
X Crawlord Free Stone ���
I   Peaches
"The Store of Sweets."
Fntils. Confc.tionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone '.'.'. Bilker St.
NELSON, B  tl.
for preserving.
��� Huv while quality is
��� choice.
% In large variety arc now ml
|Bell Trading:
���        Company        ���
: :
44cA Tip" for a
44Canadian Morning."
Kootenay Coffee
Old Curiowity Shop
ir you want to buy nr tf��\\ anything,
go to thp Old Curiosity Shop, a new
line of Japanese Goods now on Bale. AU
kluds of Diiwerw;i.re in slock. Patterns.
Making Dependable
Fortunate is the Btore th��t bas the
reputation for dependability For-
ttmate in tin* public* (hit ha- Bnell ;t
Ktore in its midst. Fortunate ronfl*
gence u tweou :i store and n- buying
public mean* growth Thi'. Ktorehas
grown, and Is growing ou just those
( lines. No ambition higher than possessing ynuri-onlniiitc'-��� other thiu-u'fi
urt* bound to come. >
Wt'uant every trade transaction to/"
Ik* Batisfwiory, nud if it le ton wo \
want yini tt, |, II ofi about it. )
If you havi* not bougbl from us)
wild us a trial order, /
; Joy's Cash Grocery!
ir.J(M��|l]|ln��sa<] Mtii III,      i'lii.n.. I
Cur. Vernon ������.��.. W...-.I  >ilrtsu,��,
NtiUSON, w. c.
.1. FBBU HUM!-.'. Proprietor
A Lnoftf, Knslo; Mrs (Jnirns. Airs Mo-
Kuiniiii mnl Daughter, Aluswartk; S F.
Tsilmii'A. vVilliiuuis, \'is'tssnit; J P, Mo-
Goldriok, St. lJ.iul; B.,). Blsquier, Bmu-
don; VV. ll. Boss, X. W. 8tor-y, VV. Hill,
Viiur"iivi.r; Jus I'ruijiii mn] wife, Moyie;
���I ii Hamilton liiiliiiuupi'lis; J. u.e.-n,
D. Grant, SUrerton| V. Q. Ureen, G A.
Lantiuei- A J. l.uimnt'rs, \). Lammers,
.Mi-.- L.iiiiiiit rs. .Snlhviitcr; J. M. Sts-ven-
sun. liimsliiil; Miss M. Nicholson, Miss
0. Nicholson, Medicine Hat; B, -t, uni-
mette, Rossland; _s. F. (Inswulil, Obi.
J. \v. Andetaon and wile, K. J. Wilsnu,
Bpokane; A V Biggar, Vernon; V..Y.
Procterami wife, tireenwoodi C. Robert-
.-mi uihI wife, rfaknsp; Mr. aud Mrs. Mr-
luivre, Plnaber ereuk; P. H. iSuruunw,
Grand jinks; d. u. Yi-rk.-.-, Seattle,
L. MoOarren,  iiouinlnrr Falls; P. Mo-
Eweu, Uowley; 8. A. MoKee, Trail; H.
Miss 1, Lm-, Greenwood; E. Head, H. M.
Bailey,  Vancouver; F. 0. Elliut, Truui
Lake;H Uo_.ee, Kamloops; H.B Smith,
M.J Th nru luu, J W. Giliau, Spokane;
F. .1. eamnione, Victoria.
J. Munro, Almrworth; W. G. Marten,
Kaslo; a. Somerset, Uruubrook; g. Gage,
H. Ooank, Spokane; P. Peterson, M.
Knapp, Hail Siding; J. Arkmav, North-
C. J. Johnston, Procter; M   KiUoren,
J. siriudiau, Oranurook; A. Hogau, Cule-
uian; D   Btowwi,  Bonnington;  J.  \V.
Murray, (irecmv nl.
1). 11. Denchmou, Seattle; T. A. Webster. Trail; VV. Osborne, Slocan j M. Mo-
Luuu,  UuatuU,'  F. \, . iii-a.lliK,   Vancouver,
VV. Anderson, Trail; J. Smith, Pboneii;
A. lodd, Vancouver.
E. iJisld, VV Merchant, Trail; K C���r.
ninui. Vancouver; li. J Allen, Oalgary.
Thompson & Douglas
PAIIVrBRg misl
t*l_rn  Writing a, Spsolalty.
Wall Paper and Burlap.
;i;te;N."Ak" - nelson
Tills l.\s ir-ivi    i,,,,!,.,.   .,.llillt. r,.,r-,,,.
I""11 ""' -'"'i'i>''*r���ssss,I- .liirlim til. Kail
Ktlr. M.,,���.���,i���.r ,..,.��� ..,.   .s��� ,,���,;,, ,,
ssIImss.-.i      I,,.. I,,B|,,.,,,���������, |,.���,|-r ���.,, ,,,.,���.
���issis ss..,..|.���,i   .i ,.,.n i h,,.,,,,,. ,���r ,uh
"'" ���""'' I'isi'! ��������'-is leader,   iddreu
v , I' C. McUossii, Seprst-rr,
N.i-yis .(rli'ullural snd IihIu.iii.i *imoi��Uon,
S' I-'.'- ll S      SlIBll.lll. IS..1
lllll 'I.   .It  riKJlii. mi.l  bulll;   i.iii,i.i���.,i ,,������.
!'!'.. ���;,','" ,',il.l'i',,'''n'' '"'''"' '"'" "���r""��i'ij.'
ai ihe (hne of��� .juinfc to presa nothing has been heard from the pursuers
of i.i orge Anderson.
Mrs li. Qeorge Neelands has returned from Wetaaklwin, Alia., with bet
children for the reopening of school.
a telephone has been Installed in
the office oi tin* secretary of tin* fair
an! seekers ior information tnaj ring
Up No   BO.
Silver r- covered   a   polnl    on    each
i.i.i: !..*i    loday   an.I   lllic     is      up      ("ill
points on iiu* Loudon market   *Hher
metal quotatioua are  unchanged.
Temporary ropairs are being made
to Uo Hume school, which will own
ior iiu* fall term on Tuesday, Septem
ber i. Meanwhile the pro�� tnclal government is again calling for ti ndi i -
for a new school.
li .\i Qlegerich of Kaslo la In the
clt) today. Mr. Olegerlcli bso-s thai
iin- beginnings of better unit's aro apparent, the change being due to the
reojwulng of the sawmill and ilto revival at Alnsworth and other mining
camps. The Kaslo tair. iho citizens
hope, will ho well worth ���*��� flWl b)
residents of sister QlUes,
Tbe general monthly meeting of tho
20,  cluo  \-.iii  be held In tbe hoard
of trade rooms tonight al 8:30. The
advertising committee will report progress on tlie new folder and the en*
tertalntnent committee will presenl its
scheme for winter dances. The regu<
lar election of committeemen will also
be held.
Mining   Records.
One location and four certificates of
assessment work were recorded in the
Nelson  mining office  loday.
Mike Egan, agenl for Annie Moore,
recorded lhe Ornoco Fniclion, near
H< asley. a relocation of ihe Copper
King, made August 2ii.
Certificates of work were granted
to A. Sostad on the Nellie VV.; to A.
.!. Koebel on the Cube, and to J. Harrison  on  ihe  Bally-Hoo aud  Vixe.
The Play.
The Pringle company presented
"The Convict's Daughter" ut Sherman's opera house last night io a fair
ly large audience. Charles Royal us
Lawyer fvier Gump, and Edith Fletcher as th econvici's daiifchier. earned
frequeni upplause.
The company will play the week in
Nelson with a change of play each
night. Tbe hill for tonight Is "I/jve
aud  War," au adaptation of "Caste."*
Price  of   Metals.
New York, Aug. 2&.~Silver. 66 ,1-4c;
copper, 18c; lead , $5.76; electrolytic
copper stock. 18 I-2c, firm.
London, Aug. 2h.~Sliver, :J0 7-Sd;
lead,   _ 17  10s;   zinc,   ��27 .'is.
Trains and Boats.
Crow h at���One hour late.
Slocan   train���On   lime.
C'.a.-.f. Boundary and Rossland train
���On time.
The Store of Quality
Now is Hi,, thus t" Imv pending Inr
praerrtuft Tliey nre nl tl�� ir
ls*-ni* niiw and llss- price isim low
iif il wil) I..,
We Imv.- i, frwli ntork of delloioiu
Bnill.li i��.:.r- ..��� hmiil
Gait Coal
HOIl I.   l;l.���HKMIAI.  I'Hiil'KHIY ,���, hllli'a
SSTO ':;"'".";"" i'"i"">''ii"'iii''   Term,
"J'l'iv in h i   u lukl i. owner.
SMI.ii i-iiKMiKin vI'KWHukiii.ii rentorule
Ippll '.' Ugarlltore, ��', ii. i-iniiii.
KOOMS lis i.kt  xi,.,.iv isiriii��i���.,i mui cletnlr
kept r..��n. [or mcisi,. rueiu or .raruienu. Apply Mr-. .Mrl.iui.lilin, ���,<,., I'l.-rri-'i.|��lli,r.l,., ,.
:" UBN, "I , lor ss..rk iii Uuwoo-i.  Apply
1" VV. K liissk,-. .nsviiilll. K-.li,.
I... isV STKNlililMI'HKKIiirpii.lllouil nulls.
j �����  ����is employer, i.uniy.    Apply
box ���*., iHiiiiiiinii omde.
KXI'EKIK.V'KIl  IHMXll   KoOM   UIHI..   Alii.lv
llssli'.visli II .1 Spring.. J, (',
KMll.ns M KN'T nn  tin I! rii'n-li I,, s K JnpH Ills' I in- will'.  Apply Bunuy.lde ii,,t.<i
C.AHI'ISMI.ICS    -Apply lu Julsll Bulll..Hlll..Bttlul
I'uil JKLLV      We bare received
lln-\\ Is '),- -lii;.ijii-nl ft-,it,, l,UH Illllll
nud   inn  ,u|>|ilc   ysim- Wullll  in
this Inn-.
An fitnftitf in now in f/notl nnndl*
Hon.     They wmi'l  Jn-) |o,i(/,
W.* also have (re-hh
C   nl��loup��M     Rlpa 'I'omatowi
i*.tiMiniitM Wut kpni�� una
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block     Ph.int' IU
Lest Ye Forget i
Our Pure Maple
Syrup Is Going Fast
It is bottled tight and will keep.   Lay in
a supply before its too late.
Quart Jars   -   70c
1-2 Gal. Jars $1.35
Leave Your Order With He For
Cherries and
Now, ns lhe leason Is closing, nm) I will
see that your order Is fllted wllh lhe
best frull to ba Iiini al the lowest market price.
H.ul. wood Ice Cream
C* A* Benedict c u cu AMpv
Pfirner Sillcn  nnsl  .losenhlne  Rl�� ,  **S* k k�� <J J-llTl  1 i-��  1
Corner Silica nml Joaephlne Bl
rii.nic 2i>(>.
T-^'te"-^ >���  "i\
p. m$\
��� IS MADE	
when Our School Supplies nn- u-eil.   Wa
the marki'l uliuiils
W. G. Thomson
���..;^_i.K """ Nelson, I!. C.
iMliinw   .1-1.
Get  F0RSept.
Busy    First
Select Your Requirements early for (iron.se
$10 Down
$10 Per Month
will purchase IO acres of
splendid fruit land which
will double iu value in a
(en ::)"iitlis.
Are you grasping the
present opportunities?
One Eye at a Tin
UlHSK  Which   H,1,S   ���,,.*���"  "Vtel
an.) ,.li,������l,..iv ,Klth ^^'.'J-^ ��h, _/���
w"ui""""> "v*-:ru'
1 elephone j1?hj
J. J. WALKER, m����
Repairing and Jobbing a Spt^
six .'i.n.'tal Work,Otatlngi, liuilil.-rs' Malarial and Kioloi nm) Mill m��
OfiJoa and Works Foot or 1'iu-k St
I'lionu   Jul.
See Oar Window
Nelson Hardware Co.
Sportsmen *a Headqimrtan,
PHONE IB.       NKLSON. B. 0.
Mountain Wild
Flowers of
By Julia W. HenshalPo
"A simple siini popular gulile to Die
names and descriptions of the now-
ors thai   bloom above the clouds."
A book for rvi-ry toacber, school and
private library, and every lorer of
our  wild   flowers.
Price $2.75
Wi- aro
Receiving daily
Canada Drug ft Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
Plums, Peaches
Crab Apples.
As it is iii;ir pranerving lime we would
mlvist- yon to leave 5 our order
Willi   tin.
Telephone 101,
Civil   Rights   Restored.
Madrid, Aug. -s -A royal decro.
published today restores tbo civil
marriage formalities ami suppresses
tbe obligation ssn the imrt or persons
desiring to gel married to declare
their religion, This is directly opposed
to llii- |ii.pal nuncio's cluiui and II is
expected win arouse u pollilcal struggle wlu'i, parliament reassembles.
Will Act in Crises.
London, Aug. -S��� The Hritish gov-
eminent iK fully alive to the serious
condition ssf affairs In Persia and to
the alleged efforts of Germany to ob-
tain a footing there, and it is slated
f/it w> i/'Hilf
ml!iiJii lhrdm/>iai/ spiriii in tliliM
Bet/oajibt Nhiidmim-fitm'amaiitt
I .11)   YOU   KNOW
ll-al 'III- ,lrlult.��r'v,-i! *tffur__da Kssiiiiihiii
lis. I   ImiiIi   propertlM I liss   rs-fr.-.liliiK?
',.- il i-1,ll'y real frsill K>ril|i. s,| Hi.-lln. .1
qiiNlUy f,,i|lilnlli. rimiili-r.   t,!...,-. .ml
reuapuelM .rs; kr|st sarnptticmslji s-n-.n
RaksrSiresti kelson, " 0,
that  will i doiiln slips will be taken
by the powers to prated [heir Interests When a crisis occurs. Thus far.
the foreign office sa.vB, nothlni: has
occurred to Justify   outside   Interfer.
"The Pringle Co'y"
tin Friday ovening a >}ii5 Bewlng Maohln
\\ ill be (riven away,
Prices .".IS- and VSc, Ohildren Utic.
Beats at Kutlii'i'.urd'a.
3500 New Members
Arendded to thi- MASON
&RI8CH PIANO family
each year.
We wnnt yon to join tbs family.
Wc will acoept you on emy tons, and gnaranlee yon will never ).- sorrv
for having Joined us. '
Cull nnd net pnrticulurs of nur cai.y payment system
Starkey & Co., Qg
W'llOlVMfllrw'   ProviNitiiiM,
Dominion Govermuen. Qreanerr One Poond Brioki received wwklj* f^)
from the nlium.   vox t*~le hy nil leading groom, "
Office and wfttebonM: BonAston Blndki   Phone 79,
Josephine Street. Nelson, B. C.
Don't Forget
It your furnace in shape to  start  the winter with?    If  not 1
Is the time to have It repaired.
I. E Ashdown Hardware Co., Li
I'I.BASE NOTE���Wc will not be responsible for any furnace oo! Iiibp']
by Ocisiber 1st, 190C.
B.  A.   ISAAC
I4_spf.lrll.|f Hnd .,......!>>��� uxuiio.K.I ..-Ith h.Npnt.1..    Slscc-l M.l.;V
Wi.cU, Mli.l.iu .....I   Msll Muvhlnvr)'.      M(.i.ul..utur.rf...l
Om Cars,   I..  IV.   Contr..'.t..rH'  Osirs..
""*'"""    TNEUSOIN,    B.  C. <
Maryland Casualty Co,|
Which issues policies for the followiflg:
Accident, Health, or combination of tlie two.
Plate Class Insurance.
Burglary or Theft.    Steam Boiler KxploMon.
McDermid~& McHatdyl
Just Arrived!
A larj,'e sln'pineiil of
Hart, Schaffier & Marx'-'
Latest rniierns, ijucst Styles, nmi All .,'.k��|s Onanuileal
AND DEALERS IN   Ltllllbef *  ShltlghSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
I urnsd Work and UruckeU. Mnil Onlers promptly ,itt. i"**1 "*|
,  VUKNON STRIIKT   -   .   ���   INIil.HON. H. C.	
Our stock of HAND  SAWW is  very w��"
inclniiiiiK grades losuit nil i-HinirciiiciiU'- .,
If you wish n low priced suw we MH HU|,|il.v >*���
nlso curry lbe ls'st iiunlitics nuule by
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y, M
.  .'.���,'..'...-  ��� | -


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