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The Daily Canadian Oct 22, 1906

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���Itje gktihj 'tifcmabton
I.   No. 119.
[il Papers Now Excluded From Court
l_es Clear and Forceful Statement
loi P.cmicr's Action and History
oi Better Terms Case.
.,1 party g-vernnjenta ii
��� ;iisi|ss natural 1 sit a conforo: u
recently took iiluce at Oltawu
..   Judged  ia  its  results rrom
sissIiksIiii,    siffs    tbe    Grand
1,; --lis'     Nevertheless   It   ls   n
.   oua in tltul Hint organs like
list 1.. Times ho far from giving
ii ns Premier .McHrlde for niuln-
ic through iliick anil thin his posi sss suiting tlie case or this prov-
lilaclcguartUy charges that
,1 -s-niier went lu Ottawa, not for
|.iiil���iBe ssf securing better terms,
: iis, uxpreu imrjmse of creating
i-iie mi which he could aiiinial to
l-i ������unite of Ihis province. A pa-
% whirl) deliberately lakes fills stand
11 i�� 11 sun of court with the gen-
iil lie We all know thut the
! Iiiiiisli Columbia have for
lime past bad a fair grasp of the
.,1 inabilities under which this
in- has labored In regard to fed-
\, ivlniiunahip. Thc strength of thc
��� clal consideration hns been
��� il in by both parties iu Hritish
��� I,s.s.    ll  is true that recognition
fact did not receive expression
in   ii  might have done, but it
1'   . .iiii.-.l out that It lu ouly with
1 si-li.|siiient of lbe province dur-
I... k 1  lew years that a full and
realization  of  Uie  difficulties
m��� ei Inn   with   Its  administration
nus.     Those difficulties are peril! in their character and consuls, strength of the clnlm for ape*
unsitleration.   Il was only In 1896
l.i   Victoria Times was breathing
vitriolic    denunciations    of    the
ssuive    administration    at
sss fur robbing this province and
pi -im: lu mete out justice,    its in-
��aa markeii by a subsequent
slim lhe Liberals were placed
ll'ssss'i. iimi we now have such un-
11 |il��tl s'iint  as the following:
J Willi  nu  overflowing  treasury   Sll
nl Laurier considered the appeal
[ Un- iirnvlncea might be worthy of
pisis-iailon."    This Is almost cqunl-
��� naive way iu whicli the Nel
Xs-ws Ottawa correspondent  says
 visa subsidy was given  Itritish
 Ij 1 h 111 lb,, request of lhe DomiO
fWsisi   was  Mr.   Mcllrlde's  poal tion?
sirs ibis question has been ngi-
fssr veins  tlie arguments  for a
I'si'ljiistiiiiui   of the    terms    of
imi in regard lo this province havo
presented, only to be  met  with
"ii mm lirocrasllnatlon.    With the
i" ss  lorsement of tbe people
|lirlilsli r-siunibia of the Justice of
case,    I,,    premier  asks   thnt   the
niun should  lie adjudicated on by
I'ii'iiHighly competent nnd Impartial
mission.     This   was   met with a
(it Isliink refusal.   It Is well to point
"1 tills eiiiinecllon  tbal  when   .Mr.
'"1'  was  premier of Nova  Scotia
"'��� sii sirong, or stronger grounds
'���It. -McHrlde, though few will us-
'lust be hint a stronger case, and
"is out, and why?   Simply because
IJ1-''! a nulled  people at  his  back,
in   llrlllsh  Columbia   lhe  cause
Uncial rlgliis has been weakened
i|i|iled by those mon and papera
affiliations with the dominant
in Ottawa, und whoso anxiety to
control  of  the  government  of
l''-li    Columbia, havo    overpowered
!   in' lo see Justice done to the
'"'>'  ihey llvo In.    We Ventura to
"nil had tho altitude of the Novn
['in  Conservatives  been  similar  In
1,1 some of the British Columbia
f '.lis or tho presoul day, Mr. Field-
I "utilil never hnve succeeded in his
"lions fight.
brand  Mr.  Mollride as a  weak-
""tl 11  poor diplomat   before  lbe
'acts are known Is Blmply a con-
"ii llio pari of those who do II
see a chance of making par-
I'li'ital out of Ihe whole thing. Kven
" who have no use for the Corner-
n government may surely ac-
���wieilce the patent fact that, lhe pro-
I' "is |,een a Hritish Columbian
I��� lasi nnd nil the time, and It
I"i be somewhat more decent lo nl
1' inil'iile n rnlr measure of pntrlol-
��� '" lilm In tbo stand ho has taken
Fifty Cents a Montr
In (he Interests of the province he was
born In. The Nelson News asks: "Will
It be contended for one moment lhat
had the Conservatives been In office
Premier McBride would have taken the
highhanded course he did?" We think
theru can bo little doubt lhat ln such
a case Mr. McHrlde would Btlll have
asked for a commission. The only
difference Is thnt the answer would
nol have been a fl.it refusal, Inasmuch
ns Mr. Borden staled eninhnilcallv in
HUH lhat lhe claims of llrlllsh Columbia were such as "io demand Immediate enquiry and Investigation, lo Ihe
end that any Injustice clearly established may he relieved." Clearly established. There Is Ihe whole thing
In a nutshell. If ou,- claims could nut
be clearly established Mr. McHrlde
was contented Ihul the whole matter
should drop. Millions of dollars In excess of anything received In return
hnve gone from this province to swell
the federal -Often ami assist llie forming of Mint "surplus after surplus" of
which we have heard so much. In the
face of these facts it is nn wonder
that Hritish Columbia's premier refused n sop of $-0,000 In perpetuity and
tla.iioo annually" ami insisted on re-
r.'.-rl-ip the mailer to a commission,
a! ver nay he the opinion as to
the premiers -i idrawal from the conference It will be understood clearly
by the people of Ihis province lhat
any subsequent increase In lbe offer
to nrltlsh Columbia was simply and
solely the result or the firm nttlluilo
taken by our representative.
Appeal for Clemency.
Winnipeg, Oct. IS.���The Hungarians
of Winnipeg will appeal to Ihe department of Justice nt Ottawa to extend
clemency tu Vlneleiix Mngyera, who ls
under sentece lo be hanged at Regina
on November 29 for murder, and In
whose case the full court at Itoglnu on
Friday refused to grant a new trial.
A committee of local Hungarian!, who
have Interested themselves in the case,
will go lo Ottawa this week and will
lie accompanied by (he Hungarian
general consul, M. a. Preyesleban of
Toronto, s. Harger. president of Ihe
local Hungarian society, and .1. Greenfield, secretary, will rnrm iwo of the
committee. Magyer was convicted of
���booting .lames Campbell, u farmer of
l-'roblsher, for whom ho was working
und with whom he had a dlsputo over
Monthly  Magazine  Will   Be  Published
by New Pork Patroness in Raised
Characters Sightless Can Read.
New York, Oct. 22.���Announcement
was made today lhat Mrs. Zt'igler, widow of lhe patron of an Arctic expedition, has decided to publish a monthly
magazine for the blind. lt will be
printed in raised characters, which the
afflicted ones will be able to read by
touch and will be distributed without
cost to all the sightless ones In tho
United Stales, so far na they can bo
Mrs. Zelgler's enterprise will be the
first periodical to enter Its peculiar
fiold. Walter P, Holmes, who has
lung been Interested In work for the
blind, and through whom Mrs. Zeigler
hud her attention called lo lhe need of
printing literature for their benefit,
will put the magazine under way. lie
has engaged offices nl ID-1 Hroadway,
and his Instructions nre tbat the magazine be brought to lbe attention of all
blind persons, so lhal Ihey might send
(heir names and addresses lo him.
They shoulil say which they read,
"New York point" or "Braille," ns the
magatine will contain stories of tho
mws of lhe day, fiction and Bpeclal
articles designed to Interest blind people In particular, and Industrial departments wherein blind people mny
nud Information as to the lines of
work In which Ihey nre engaged and a
correspondence department.
Diphtheria Epidemic,
Worcester, Mnss., Oct. 22.���An epl
domic of diphtheria wns reported by
the board "f health for tho week just
ended. Ill one day eight cases came
to Ihe notice of Ihe officials nnd r,2
families are now lu auarantlne. The
total number of cnseB for Ihe week
was 12, while since August Ihore have
been  300 cnBes.
British Parliament Opens.
London, Oct. 22.���King Edward held
ii council In Buckingham palace nt
noon lodny for lho transaction of the
State business referring, to tomorrow's
reopenging of parliament. The pro).
niler, Sir Henry Cntniibell-Ilannernian,
wns subsequently received In audience
by tho king.
Anti-Trust Cases.
Liltle Hock. Ark., Oct. 22.���Individuals, companies and corporations that
nre charged with violating the Arkansas antitrust law will occupy lho con-
tor of (he stage lu the Pulaski county
-Iroull court for several weeks to
eiinie The court docliei conlaliia one
u' these cases for every day this week
and 11 Is probable thai thc trials will
run over |ni0 a good part of November. Among the defendants, and all
or whom are charged by Attorney General Rogers with violating the antitrust law, are the Southern Cotton Oil
company, International Harvester com-
anpy Dixie Cotlon Oil companv, Wats rs-Plerce Oil company, flwlft & Co.,
i iidahy Packing company, and the Consumers  ice company.
Hindus Refuse to    Bury    Their Dead
and  Want Cremation.
A number of lhe turbaauod host
Which may now be seen lu nearly every part of the city called on Comptroller Gibson cm Saturiliiy, says the
Vancouver Province, and asked permission to erect a Sikh crematorium
at sonic point near the city. A prominent member of the race said that
the money for the purchase of a lot
was available, und It was the Intention lhat It be surrounded liy a high
fence, so that outside observation
would not be jiosslble.
The request was the result of tho
death of Herman .Singh, noted Saturday. The casle of the dead man was
such us lo make his burial a prufana-
lion, nnd Ihe remains have been sent
to Seattle, where they will be consumed In a crematorium. Hut even this
manner or dealing with the question
docs nol meet the Ideas of Ihese men,
as the manner or burning lhe body In
a modern crematory is far different
from the prescribed rule. Hence tho
desire to have a place near Vancouver
where the ceremony may be ritly per
formed. These rules decree that the
body, covered with butter, shall be
placed on briiBh, covered with wood,
nnd the fire continued until even (he
bones nre turned to ashes. These aro
Ihen cast Inlo the river or Bea.
London    Banker    Throws    Himself In
Front of Speeding Train.
London. Big., Oct. 22.���P. McFadyen,
head of McFadyen & Co., whose sus-
pensiuu was announced Saturday, committed suicide within an hour after
posting Uie notice of Ihe failure on tbe
door of the bank, by throwing himself
before a train In a tuiiiiel about half
a mils- from his place of business.
McFadyen appears to have gone direct from his bank to a station of the
City _ South Loudon railway, lo have
entered the tunnel unobserved and tu
have deliberately laid down in front
of an approaching train.
The engineer reported having run
over an obstruction in tbe tunnel and
a search revealed the shockingly mutilated body, which Inter wns identified ns that of Mr. MacFadyen. It Is
rumored lhat the failure of P. MacFadyen A Co., the l-siiislsin bouse of Ar-
butlinot & Co., bunkers of Minims,
was connected with the cotton market,
bill as Mr. sMacFadyen was the sole
partner In Europe, it Is difficult to ob
tain Information on the subject.
Tidings of Hurricanes.
Mobile, Ala., Oct. 22.���The latest
news of a terrible hurricane thnt vis-
iii-il the towns of lliiatnn. Lota, t'tilla,
Colorado, 101 Provence, ami MI llunilu-
ras on October 12 was brought hero
Inst night by the Norwegiun fruit
steamer Harold. Vessels were wrecked and several destroyed and buildings
iu oach of the towns mentioned badly
damaged. The loss to the owners of
the fruit plantations will, lt is stated,
reach almost 11,000,000. The British
schooner Bo-then! Queen was thrown
on lbe beach ut Huataii and wont to
pieces 111 less than an hour, and lhe
Harold Buffered somewhat and tvl'*,
have to be docked. A litis! wave ac
conipanied the hurricane anil swept everything before it. Caplain Henry
Hendrlckson reports lhal when he left
lhe   beaches  were strewn  with   vessels
of all kinds. Including three large sailing vessels. No lives are reported to
havo been lost
Supreme Court Chambers.
In Supreme court chambers this
morning, II. C. Hull of Macdonnld &
Hull applied to have the garnishee
proceedings fn McMillan vs. Wheeler
set aside on account of an error. S.
S. Taylor, K. C, appeared for ll. H.
McMillan. Judge Forln held that Ihe
error was immaterial and dismissed
the npplcntfon with costs.
Tbo garnishee summons covers all
the moneys In the'Canadian Hank or
Commerce and ls pari of the liroetsed-
ings instituted by II. II. McMillan to
recover $25,000 which, be claims, Is
due hlm ou the snle of the Krno mine.
There were several olher minor ii|i-
plicalions for i.nlsrs and Instructions.
Anti-American Sentiment
Very High
Called to Pass Resolutions on Catalogue of Grievances Against
United States.
New York, Oct. 22.���The Toklo cor-
resjKindeut of the Bun cablcB that it
would he difficult to nvereatlmate the
gravity of tho situation caiiBcd by the
anti-Japanese feeliog that hus been
voiced against the United States. During his I'.' years' residence in Japan
thi- correspondent has never seen tho
.lapuut-Hu press so agitated against the
At _ dinner on Saturday attended by
150 prominent bankers and business
men at tho Imperial hotel, Tukyn, feelings of surprise were expressed that
America should regard with indifference acts that aro tantamount to a
declaration of a racial war. Little was
said regarding the American protest
against Japan's program in Manchuria,
Uie killing of Japanese sealers, the
murder of the Jupanese bank president
in San Kranclsco, the Hawaiian exclusion jmliry, the public attacks upon
Professor Omeri and Congressman
Kahn _ scheme, all of which Incidents
have oceurred within three months,
but tho exclusion of Japanese children
f.om the public schools of California
cuts the Japanese, a child loving nation, to the quick.
Theft, is evidence ���'that Uie government regards tbe situation as extremely serious. Efforts are being made to
calm the press and discourage mass
meetings that have been called to
adopt, retaliatory measures.
Tbe imperial government recognizes
that opposition to the Japanese Is now
local, but opposition politicians hold
that it is not a local manifestation and
they point out that the American authorities have taken decisive steps to
define the relations between the two
countries. A prompt repudiation of
the anti-Japanese sentiment hy the
I'niiwl States at large is necessary,
the cornet ion dent thinks, to avoid a
crisis in Japan that would result In
tlie destruction of the friendly relations between the (wo nations.
Moduc Vivendi Possible.
Nice, France, Oct. 23.-���White disclaiming to speak on the authority of
the pope, Itishop rimiMiii. in an interview today flatly declared Ills conviction that If the church hierarchy,
through the bishops, is given the right
by a decision of Ihe council of state to
decide on the regularity of the Catholic associations iu France, to which
cliurch properly may be surrendered, a
modus vivendi between the church and
the government is possible and the
Vatican will not insist upon parliamentary action ln the circumstances.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Two hours late.
Slocan train���On time.
Coast, Homidary and Itossland train
���On time.
Party of 200 Arrive   From   the Coasl
(-sound for East Kootenay���Claim
Their Legal Right.
Tho llluiln Invnsion has reached Nelson. Alionl 2110 swarthy subjects of
his majesty King! ICUwnril arrived from
lhe coast last night. They will lenve
for Must Kooteniiy tomorrow. It is
said  thai   their dustlnatlou ls  Ferule.
ln reply to questions they say that
they are subjects of the king and they
unilerstand that Ihey are free to come
and go lu his dominions.
W. P. Tlerney, who has had some
experience of Hindu labor, says that
lor ordinary unskilled work thoy aro
equal to nuy In the market.
They havo informed some of their
Interrogators thnt thoy are Bent "by
government," but In their limited
knowledge Ihey are unable to specify
the government, whether Imperial, In
il'iin. Canndluu or llrlllsh Columbian.
Philanthropist Found Dead.
Chicago, Oct. 22.���Isaac Woolf, head
of a large clothing company was found
dend In his home here yesterday, lie
had died of a contraction of the windpipe, which caused strangulation. Hu
wits fil years of nge. For 20 years Mr.
Woolf has been known as the "news
boys' friend." Every year he gave a
"newsboys' dinner." From an unpretentious beginning, there were only
100 ragged and hungry little guests
served at the first dinner, the feast
his grown to one of Increasing Importance, numerically considered. Last
year 10,000 newsboys and other hungry
urchins from the streets and the poorer tenement districts attended tho
Thanksgiving dinner.
Manager of  Bristol  Docks Scores Dominion Government.
Toronto, Oct. 22.���A heavy Indictment against the Dominion govera-
nien was preferred in unmistakable
language last week before a large
gathering of the members of the board
of trade by Mr. F. II. Girdlestone, general manager of the Bristol docks,
Urlstol, Kug. The speaker ls visiting
Canada lu behalf of the chamber of
commerce of his own city with the object of increasing the volume of Canadian commerce directed to that
port, and was asked to address the representative business men of Toronto
on tlie "Transportation Requirements
of This Country." After commenting
on the entirely inadequate facilities
for shipiiers provided at Montreal and
Quebec, Mr. Oirdlestone said it was
absolutely incredible that the government coul dhave allowed the St. Lawrence river and the port of Montreal
to remain in their present condition fn
view of the rapidly extending commerce of the country.   Compared with
the imiHii-tar  of the port the work
done in the last 10 years seemed actually ridiculous, for there was an absolute lack of accommodation for passengers and facilities for handling the
malls and cargo. He was entirely unable to explain the apathy of the government in view of the tremendous
development of the country, which must
result, within n very few years, in an awful congestion at the port of Montreal.
He hmi seen Sir Wilfrid Laurier and
members of bis Cabinet, but they did not
seem to be alivo to tho situation, and did
not see tbe importance of providing facilities for handling business with despatch.
He also pointed ont thnt a large portion
of Canadian commerce was not coining
through Canadian ports, but was din rted
to Boston, New York, Philadelphia and
Baltimore, because of the lack of trans
portation facilities This resulted in the
loss of vast sums of money that would
otherwise go to laborers, banks and all
others interested, and this fact alone
should stimulate tbe Goverdmeut to take
some decided action.
Third Trial for Assault.
San Antonio, Tex., Oct. 22.���The
case of Manuel Perez came up In the
district court today for a third trial.
Twice the accused has been tried for
cilmi ml assault on a Mexican womun
nam >d Navarro, nnd lioth times the
ver.'l.-l was guilty. The court of appeals it .��� rsed both verdicts.
Pi ez Mas In company with another
Mexican when the alleged assault was
committed. The testimony at the Iwo
previous trials showed that the woman
was wllh her husband when she was
assaulted. Tbey were on their way to
San Antonio and were about 10 miles
from the city when they were accosted
by Perez and Mb companion. While
one of the men held the woman's husband Ihe oilier dragged her Into the
brush and assaulted her.
Gleaned at Greenwood.
(Special lo The  Dally Canadian.)
Greenwood, Oct. 22.���The Providence
mine, during Ihe four months ending
September .10, shipped nearly $120,000
worth of ore. This represents nearly
80 tier cent, of the amount of the entire issued capital stock at par.
Negotiations hnve been pending for
some time nver the Fremont claim, lying between Ihe Providence and Strath-
more. Recently a vein nine inches
wide wns opened on Ihe Fremont, the
ore Identical with tho Mother I/>do.
The Greenwood city council at Its
last meeting decided to proceed at
once with the Installation of an Up-to-
date electric fire alarm. The cost will
be about $1200.
Etruria Under Way.
New York, Oct. 22.���The Cunard
liner Klruriii. which, while anchored In
n donse fog off stolon Island Saturday, was struck and slightly damaged
by Ihe Atlantic transport liner Mlnne-
hsilsii. iniiii,, repairs yesterday and left
for I.lverjsHil.
Round the Boundary.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Oct. 22.���From Ihe
present appearances Grand Forks will
lie confronting a fuel famine this winter unless something la done. Wood
is now selling at from $1.50 to $5.50
per cord, whllo coal Ib hard to got at
nny price, l.asi year wood could be
bought in any quantity for $4 per cord
and coal at $8 per ton. The cause
claimed for the scarcity of wood lt
the fact that Spokane woodyards have
had agents all along the railway Une
for monthi past buying up all the
available firewood, the chief purchasing points being at Eholt, Curlew,
Orient and Laurla, Wash. The only
local wood market! that have not been
visited by these American wood merchants are up Ihe Nortii Fork of Kettle river. While there Is an abundance
of wood In that district, until thc Kettle Valley railway has laid the rails
on their first extension of 10 miles, it
would not pay to haul the wood In
wogons to Grand Forks, so that tho
citizens will have to Just grin and hear
It until transportation facilities are
completed to the extensive wood markets up the North Fork, which will
probably be early next spring.
Heaviest Work of Campaign Scheduled
for Indiana.
Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 22.���William
J. Hryan came into Indiana today to
contribute his aid in the election of
the Hryan candidates for state office
and for congress. If the itinerary
mapped out by lbe Democratic state
committee is carried out the three
days beginning today will be about as
streuuous a period as the distinguished Nebraskan has put in since he was
campaigning for the presidency.
Twenty-nine speeches la what the three
days' program calls for. Twelve
speeches are on the list for today,
which Is being spent in the southwestern part of the state, beginning at Brazil this morning and closing at Evans-
vllle tonight. Tomorrow will be devoted to the gas belt cities. Tomorrow
night he will address a big meeting in
this city, and on Wednesday will go
Into the north central part of the
state, winding up in the evening at
Fort Wayuo. Scarcely will Mr. Bryan
have concluded his Indiana itinerary
when Vice President Fairbanks, Senator Beverldgo and other Republican
leaders will follow along his trail to
offset the Influence of his speeches
nnd endeavor to keep the Hoosler
state in the Republican column.
Like England, Determines   to   Permit
No Further Export of Gold to Help
American Speculator!.
Paris, Oct. 22.���The leading French
financiers are keenly watching the situation abroad. The position of Paris
is fairly good and the prevailing impression is that the Bank of France
will not hurt French Interests by raising its discount rate. While it is considered possible that the Bank of
France might make a moderate loan
of gold to tbe Bank of England to relieve the conditions there, lt would,
it Ib asserted, resist withdrawals of
gold for America.
A prominent International banker expressed the opinion to the Associated
Press today that the United States
States would not get much gold here,
as the banks would block any attempt
ln that direction, not by raising the
discount rate but by exercising Ub option to pay In silver. He said he expressed Ihe view of the French bankers when he voiced tho opinion tbat
the United States had enough funds
for the legitimate requirements of
trade and that there was no reason
why Europe should help to furnish the
speculative movement in New York.
Could Not Recover.
New York, Oct. 22���The failure of J
W. Henning, au operator on tbo New
York Stock exchange wna announced on
the floor of the exchange today. Helming wns a large trader on the exchange.
It is said ho suffered to excess in Chicago,
Milwaukee and St. 11ml slocks in April
Storm le King
Colorado Springs, Col., (Jet. 82���The
severe storm that has been in progress for
the past 4H hours broke today. Heavy
snow ie reported in the mountains and
trains are somewhat delayed. The temperature here this morning was 15 above
Kllis, Kas., Oct. 22.���Colorado's snow
storm is passing east and prevailed to-day
in Western Kansas. Passengers reaching
here this morning on belated eastbound
trains report a heavy snow storm in progress between Ellis and Denver with fonr
inches to one foot, of suow ou tho ground.
Duluth, Minn , Oct. 22.���A blanket of
heavy suow six inches or moro fell last
night- in Northeastern Minnesota, cover-
lug the Vermillion and Messiilm ranges,
and extending as fur west us Fosstown.
"I've 'bout como t' th' conclusion,"
said Uncle Josh this morning, "thet
Ih' folks thot hez never broke a good
reserlntlon er two Is mostly all dead,
b' jinks-"
Royal Lumber Company
Visits Property
Party of Directors Arrive From Still-
Water---Wilt Go to Revelstoke
and Crawford Bar.
Most of the members of the Royal
Lumber company are now In Nelaon
with headquarters at the Hume. They
arrived from  Stillwater last night.
Tbe party ia composed of: O. A.
Lammers, A. J. Lammers, J. D. Bora-
Ben, T. It. Converse, J. G. Nelson and
J. D. McCormack. Mesdames Born-
sen, Convene, Nelson and McCormack
are also In the party.
Most of tbe party are visiting Nelson for tho first time. They all went
out to their mill site In Fairvlew this
morning. Tomorrow morning the men
of the party will start for their limits
at Crawford Bay, accompanied by their
local representative, T. O. Procter.
The ladles will spend most of this
week in Nelson. On the return of the
party from Crawford Bay a trip will
be made to Revelstoke. whence some
of the members will start east over
the main line, the others returning to
Seen today by a representative of
The Canadian, G. A. Lammers aald:
"Until today most of the members
of the company knew nothing of our
prospects here beyond what I had told
them, and I find I have been pretty
conservative in my statements.
"They are all delighted with Nelson
and the lake, and the ladiea especially
have insisted on making a stay here
and having an outing.
"Ali the membera of the Royal Lumber company are here either tn person
or by proxy. We bare spent the morning viBittng our millsite and looking
Into the local conditions of the lumber
industry. They are satisfied that tbe
conditions ln Kootenay are even better
than I have described.
"Yea, I expect that a beginning of
actual operations will be made at a
very early date, both here and at Crawford .Bay.
"But there is nothing absolutely
definite determined yet. I wanted tbe
members of the company to see the
properties before we Invested tn plants.
That is what we are here for now. So
far everything looks good. We shall
spend a few days In the woods around
Crawford Bay and then pay a visit to
"By that time the others will be familiar with the whwole situation and
will be In a position to come to a final
Delighted Fort William Audience���An
Excellent Musical Comedy.
Fort William Journal: Claude Anis-
den and his company last night at the
Auditorium presented the musical
comedy ln three acts, "The Governor's
Wife." This play, which has enjoyed
considerable success in the Eaat, both
In Canada and the United States, Is
most Interesting lu Its plot and highly
amusing In its comedy. As Interpreted
by Mr. Amsdon and his company the
play has lost none of Ihe fascination
which won for it a high place in the
estimation   of   American   theatregoers.
Claude Ainsd.ii, the head of tlie company, and Hazel Davenport, are in the
centre of the stage all tbe time in the
comedy and thero is never any discount on eithor of them so far as entertainment Is concerned. Amsden is
a natural and thorough comedian and
In "The Governor's Wife" he has a
good chance lo shine.
Hazel Davenport Is probably tbe favorite here of any of the actresses
that h-ve so fnr visited us, and In the
three or four visits she has lost nono
of her vivacity and none of her friends.
Claude Anisuen opens a three nights'
engagement In Sherman's opera, house
Price of Metals.
New Pork, Oct. 22.���Silver, 70'4c;
copper, 21 Mc; lead, $5.75.
London, Oct. 22.���Silver, .12 7-16d;
lead, ��19 15s; tine.   ��28.
Bravery Is reckoned by what we do,
not hy what we threaten to do. The Daily Canadian
Co.'. WCbW Ere mom  :z  .rder.     Tier a_9 unite
pleaaaal c:e--.ms of
W- _i ���    .
2 1-2 (___. TCi-'.-r ��*������ ;-! poooai. Wi P-^ P*-*-*
4 PcWx. "" ' r-   !<- potmis.    -    J.50 per pai.
-. ��� ������:���-:���    _���(���   v.. umtir tarry
- :
--���--.. '-- - ?'��� -1W=�� = ; tf *._ = i ��f:.?E'.".=s is:
_. Vr ��� ' '������������ ��� - - - V. :-.:l _...i !-���: V ti Sw-.;t HM 0B<
._._. - -- -. * ' - -: .**E-.r-_ V ���*". ��-���_ tsiipecn' 5t��t_s
fn.   --..<���:   :���     :    : ---.-.--!l   .-:   ��Ws��sW��     Eve'/tn of   D*  tot
ft.cr   OUE   :��   S-itf   ;',--���:   so-T'-fc-nj   ���   _:-
Imperial Bank of Canada
Heai Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL ACTBOSOSB)      .��-"���'   ������ .A-.T--L PAID UP. . . .%- ���    ���'
������   : t  .-��� .(��
D. K w;_E;;. E__U��b- BOX  B _B-ST JAFFBAT Vkx-P**_->_:
Brinckj ii Bifcii Calami!*:
a_____ . .-;   vasc-outeb. v__t_e:_
_>^kj._v --������*���������--' _.���������  .: '-:-*-' l-jcv."-- a: '-���___-r- l: r_.*.-- fraiL a_.t*- of opening ac-
OOHDT MM D__HB_ad liUJv-r-L.-.;
NB__j_pa_N bRANtM *_J��   Wm   LA x *   .Manager.
The ^oyat ftank of Canada
ASSE'.   Y-'-.���.ill
Capital Paid Up S3.629.J30 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Account* of firnsr he  most  1-vom-ie terms.
Thi: -��� ��� ���     :    ���        ���    Cta__aU_L
��� _  tiusines-.
T   E   KBMK1   y-'-'    Ba    a EL   PEASE, General .\!_na_<-:   Montreal.
c_. W. HYNDMAN, *__�������� NELSON <8JtANCH.
fob! lined Itx 0**T�� a Wee*   :
C__t___D___* .-;���_!__ sh is g com-
U.l- ��� -���       ... .   -    t   '
Duuw-riptioo rata*, U o-enu _ __ou*.:
il Oh '���:������   er 1   ���    fern     - i   '-.-..���:   v
I*.:,   IL  ���
Advert ��!!���_ mt�� oc Bpp.netmL
AI]  monk*   pn
adta ���������;������-���-.���.
OCTOBIiK _!_t. IWJ6.
" Bt one iwJ we are *>ome',.imes judged to be
wlae and try our word Borneim-.- . - iK***: ta be
foolish Le*. tu i-ierefur* be careful woat ire
**���< '���' ir.rwin-
Km   an   illui.. ration   of   tbe  ���
Tii*   pollcg at iij-_ihCT]n*mau  and wb_l.-
��aie, not to Ml)  tu;-i- ']*-_�����*!���
ful crlticifini of tb* aiti*irffri_*i
���ration which bu been i       ���
0|tpO_tfttO_l pTBM, VI   QQOU O'-iow ar. *.���_
tract   from  a  tAbon     i               to bi
Toronto Qlobi                              'ant. So
far as British Coluruijij-. readen ar*
conoeniftd th*- fuin,:
ir]    op'K'KitHH:    ptpCl      GOQM     EDI
Iur th*- ai- .
BDDttgb 10 ' ���
MM   H   ami   !<���   dial
i: abotmdi    v.'i- r     ������ t
Kptirinu-      cfaargeB    and
. tatenu ^~-   -.������- ���   ���������   lid ."���     I  im_p*m
far aw;,y    from ] vMdi
havo   a   eoptiwrnm   etreatetloa   and
which   -
rely opoi
Hiat'-nj'Mi**- wtUdi torn   Um   texlj   of
Iheir   I
���    ���   ���
Th��_  CHoIn   '.jiu*      ������ ��� 11 .*.    oi
"Land ChsMiflC in Iltt  V. <   ���     nay-g:
"It if rayortad Cron Brttiafe *',";'irii-
hin that th<- pttsUiibi ttaia of
plllfllmW of pWftOK lajitir jniin^at'
Bjaternati'- ian'l gnUElMllg from which
thi- plOflfll *   :    - * * ���
future.      Ev*'ij   the    Vhw    distiactstos
which th** ijrtjviiif- eatflttHabei t*-*r*��<-<'r.
oasuin- an'I itfTleultaral
to )��e ipnorwl.   Th** rwo r.-jasifee of land
arc wild ar tl and %t> \>-r acre
J-Hy. and  i*  ii reported on  -���
���hori'y  that  buss tttmt  tn   Mr
etD interior tha'  Ifaould  '��'   dblMttd M
afirlciiltural  land    are    heinK    ^-"Id to
���peculator! a:  Om  lower  price.    Thi-r
���pesntetiTa law. (mbbtng f�� carrted on
fn anticlpatioji  of tbe valu��-  that   will
bo developed  hy (he bnOdJag of tn*1
Grand Trunk   Pacific railway, and  tbe
n>v* mmral   of  the day seems  unalil*
oi UBVlIUafl ti   pot forth any effon to
������..-.   ii*-rit_ig_."
Tnen  follows a Jong homily on   Qa
''   Ou   Hu:.si*_y   evbi.ii.  and   the
opporta Sordi an extnensasi
catate from flu Do-
minion coffen I dm ��������� op to: the deficits cauir*rc by lti ova niiBmanage-
ment. and after bhedding crocodile
��� lbe baxardooi condition of
liritigh C-olumbia fmuao.-k the Qlobe
ask* tbi BOv_f_unani to do hetter.
Thi  '<. ���*������  ���...��� evUentty beea miBled
by the cavilling misstatements of the
Libera]  p_reat of tbe province who are
thus   i.rinKiiiL;   tbe administration  into
a   dierepute   abroad  which   le  not   de-
���  from tbe facta hi the cai��e. We
age the Qlobe to make good lti
���-v-i.-r.   in so far as th'-y ap;tly \u
th<-   poUe7   of   tb*-  present  administra-
'' i   mattes    of   fact, the land
grabbing which the Qlobe so unctious-
Jy   cond'-imiK   arai   done   years   before
���      .ministration took charge
e affairs c. tbe provtaae.   it is
Dow maaj  yea--  __ao       .      -acts of
land _9oag :he tappoaad ttaai end aaai
���   ���    ' radaata of eoottu i
Bta]   railway,  man
Ternmieit   control.
ii;'    tbi  haatU o,' wfTkA
ion, arj'j    pfadfpae
aimben di - ���
to   po:--
���     ���     ���
and  who
*   -ant of
:.'*���    The
Tii.   .-xhortation   of   th��   Qiobl
��� pro-_M_a] a_b__tola_nt__a       bi
ia muju- BBaaaaaaaj
��� -;:"'���  *-' tbat  rtO-
paper   ��� lib fadbi dttSee a* Wbmi-
pOg  ih   trying  hti   "praBtin   hand"   in
thus earJy giving BdNte to the govem-
ojumbia  we   n    a
cather Ul Cacti  from a
:uo;��- r'-ijabj*   eootse tlian   the  opposition praae of  tUa  province.
If the Globe is so anxiouh to see the
disposal uf lands  vtthhl lbe  pfO__taai
��� ��� _Di  approacl   to fair-
* oon -^ v the poraaal of
Um foiiowiui. trom the Kamloom
Standard. Th< jh-is of Sir Wttffld
Lawtei and Om Dofabrim la.id oflRoai
km not ttbowt roproadi a��- th*- bMfcnr-
lug   will   show
a      ���      ���
"Statement* mad<* h> Daocaa in***,
ML P.. during Ua raeeul vfati to Kaao-
lo**ps have pu* at res* all doubts m Ui
r-'-i-Lie-  J-tt.s- . Mt
'    ��� uf jQ-if- ojr.j:i_ trie th*   tiiii^ La*
������-eai erwmd-1*^ n-i; N'i.1  bcxi   I aaai
'   MtQeajl   __m   an  r****ri,,,,j,Tlifft 10
__iak-- bom-yf  %: ���    ii--".������- "*rei   ai.-.   '_.:_���
- ���:-   .l:.; I -   I  .-'.     I   rl;���::
n :������   haaa aaoa  cexxl   warne:
BMht   tttlWt   be
I       - r aa -   i trt litrrte id
ctispOBeeBta.a   :'  ;_>.   Mfc - -
Ehf   cases
-,. ���     -      -.-..���- :-.*���.
I -_��    :��iibbc   .MHtaaMH    - v _.     '-rvm by
Ct:BT|_i_._      Oh
���ri'-fc w   tnr   ::.:-������ .;��� t.  ;���*** a.--- v*   ������
���*-�����-'       '     ��� ���   nsa__.df
:.r '
i   I   per h n    ������' I ���- I
raaooai mtv aa ��� aa  ���  ��� ���
ameb rn.-re     Thu  iand  b   I   11    I
'I'-tfieadeti im_':        eaaai  hom*-
eteader  i*   1. ���
v    ���   ��� ���-    - ���    -     J-    ti
MMbM   :an_   ot   a-rt-iur;*
- K_t*mkK>pe and H   or  i   .L-r<
����� "   -k   v  -���   Man  a? mir-
b'<���    ttt '      ' ��� ��� -.cfc'F      Tb-?
j-  per acta
-��� ��� b "' laeri ���
rlcianF  i*.   a   .���_.-***fhr*i-',   :ii��-f*   -'   -,
- -   ���  .  a .    -     ..   r,--.. v b   r. .
~ "     "   B      hevp. fee anrwe* it a Ba-
taam   tm~h\ '
���*������     | '     t-     | _;    . .     |    | ,.       .    < ..    . - ....
....... . .........        1^
���era!  jirew to diarredn  tbe lttca"   *r"v-
-"���*'"   '   ���   ��.Ilee��?d  betraT--:    t���   the
v . .. L    <_ ,- /.
Dttvaa  BaawBHaad are cuih:   ���'   '���
Kind of condoct    a_Dfl    ic   a far
- f-r^^7     Tor  ev"*    Bm
"  wm  ���   ��� ��� ��� ��� -  h____a__ai rf*
I " ��� natta if-., in vj��?w of
.. -,,.> .j, _.^_  ....   _. ^. ,,  . .
"���..- -     '������'.   th*     '-a
Pn mier McBride
admiration  and  surprise of tbe press,
���       ttto-e, aimost
throughout    Canada       -.^-la-eL'Jy    ao
beee  _ware of the
- fa   09  the  iwbitk��c  of this  prov-
:'- .i rt reftadoa fee the subsidies and
TL* opening of the eyes
f_aFr V..U in itself be one of the
ieenfeBSHtfl  tlie  province  has
_tad and if we have still to linger
on  under    unjust    arrangement*-
mere fact that the East knows of the
'.>' our claims \b a long itep la
a _ rasee,
Ttda,  however, vi-  not   be  the  end
���   tbe good seed    sown   if    already
bearing fruit and the comment of the
���   imuu will have an effect that
will   stariJe  the  hidebound   jiolitieians
out of Ebeb Sreaaq ia___Q_ei__ioe to the
re of British Columbia  Did space
permit w_ coluld show .hat the respec-
tabb   and  mnuential  press is heartily
in accord with the actions of Mr. Mc-
!irid*-    iL    fieaerttac    the   conference
eves   thO-sgfc   adiuiitiag   the  unwilling*
B8M of tht- East to concede alj that is
coming to British Columbia.   Th'   pre-
mier  has  certainly  starred  In   his  recent firm stand before the conf*.:* ao
V Li Hhul. asked at Otuva a few
days ago. if Fowler got any "insid-
informaUon" on his land deals replied
tbal tbe information given to Mr. Fow-
i'.-r resj��ecung prospective roads and
depots was the same as that given to
hundreds of others who asked tbe
..arae  question.    Now  the  organs   will
either have to call .Mr   Mann a 	
Of else back and fill.
Mr. Mann is a good Liberal, too. Just
to think of a good Liberal telling a
falsehood  even   for  political   purposes.
Two degrees of frostbite
Change the autumn base,'
Little colder each night
__akei  the Daily News
White Slave Congress.
Paris. Oct. 22 ���An international
congress, relative to the ���white slave"
traffic, assembled in Pari* today. The
congress has for its object the elaboration of more effective measures than
those employed at present for the depression of the traffic in girls of the
humbler classe-.. who leave their rural
and provincial homes for tbe pnrpooc
of obtaining employment in large
Municipality of thc City of Nelson
At.i  mete or �����������_���(,*..   o-if-r �� nrltim- anh)*-*-t ol
ir*- "f 21  v��n, mn, ha* paid al!  th*-
ravw ail'4  ;aJ*-*   hr  (bf eoneiM  Tp��r,  and  hat
-���    ���������;:���-���   -.-::, -r,   ;(l.   MitaJ-tyallt.
utMuy. tva, aad **h<> u a
the muni*
!* .:��� !um.j Ttg,<i*-T *��� t wil.- In Dm v-ar l*r,,
it li*_ r,��-���->-_-*��ry d^iarattor. i* depriflt*?-. at (hit
oflo�� on or ty-fort fKt T, n.n f'trtonn ()tuii(>-
Irn a* 11      -��� wlir. are ao*. ,'t laertV
narneta.  mui.   alt^Dd   Ut   r*% tat ration   ol   tbrlr
r-aro--ffiD tb' lift    fY-raoui wbo hart b*.om#
mrpett wijhin tfi_ maDi"lpa;r
If    .]#:. UM, ��r��- T<^iitm\tsd lo InJonn  the  un-
dvrtifnrd ����. one*
v- t waaeos.r  m c.
"."..'.*-.. KAoo, B '.'. Oc: ]* Ml
Certificate of Improvements
"Keliaai Ha 2     "VeffW,'   "bm i!
raatloMf ari<! -a u PiaetioiMJ" mm
������r*: ��� .iaiia* tmuated la iht Hae-M f'H-. Mining
- oi Weat Kw��ti,'_��j dfatrl-i I
Where bi___ad-_-_(ox1_i of 1*e)vt Mile creek.
aUral :��-, rnii-sf up.
tmkt tawttm that I, H K. Jorand. of wiocar*. B.
C, Fre* Mit>er> -��rtl(i��:**te No. B7WWP, a> arent
(or I, A ��>,i. fne Miri'-r'f Oartttitata *K�� P_M
iBisai. afxt) -tartfuMi uied*t��- banof, la am y
U  tb<   Miiinc  Kf!*--��rrrI<--T In,* a CMtlflaata OfiJm-
i.roi��;ineiju tor the ptirw^-'-fohuiijinr a Cftnrra
'*:    '    ���' .ri'-ral *-:aifn*
An*. li<Ttij.*r tut*- Bettaa thai action, nn er
lartloe ~. mtaat baooanwtMe- baton tt*<* imu-
n:-   iif Improv.;��iffit-.,
l*at��d lho ����., daj ol l-.--.U-tnber. l��tIJ.
H   a J<ijt_JU>
I .   L
: ��������� ik: ������   ��.;:���-.    ;.:..
-_w;   - -tut; w i-ri.-* ha b_sm
.---.���    *:-���.*
-���.f  :*.���--,������      b^:nii:i^ a: * :i-**: n____l
-    t        , -      -    .���        ���-
tin. -i, iu_rie3 ni.tt w��_n uf itn v.-**: *__mim
���:._:        t- baa     .ax*.   ��� -
���iuaner tr .���**. aae_fe c' MM   ___a__Ck_-_ end uf tlit
H     iheu-it-   nirrtL   M��
������i.a.L- n___c nr jtrtalis tu* t.:,   v -  ��� bi
ia-t-r    .tien.--   fi'lu'V-mj   __.jC _n->rr ii. _  .
tMadi ___a___ui
it lew i< a ;^ .:: i>:   ;i..   Mtaaa     -    aaa
)�����������: i��f ��� ,m_n��' :i-���u.*-u:    _jj-*ii_*   ��--:   .1   ��� :.a ;.���
M   '���    .'. -  ;���    i      -  " 'n :. ��� hm
> Kh d���� ul o*e     *��
W    "    i
:l^*iiC *.   ( ��� .
n.i--��i.-i*_? *,tf i_a.ud, KJ1-*    * ��� i- -
,.--'. IT      ���    ��� i    -
.t    ��i��:   I
��- kad     r ftt. ���!-..- Inn
i   -:-<--���  v   1.  "-.irnt-r in ibd*. aj>;
i       ���*���������-*.
���������   tr-��*; tiit-bc*  wee.  Ml Ob-
:>    :
:.  WWE.
_     __   AFTH' I
?   K   > Tk-I-KKXfc , Aft EL
K0UOE _t havebf M**��� 'l-*1 **- dav��* an*-r Qa;e j
Inietiti ii aspl]
a*tm : of I_liiQ*' _:-    ,:   *i
v     - .
Uit *tr-K".   EsOfrtflU - -        . :   ;   ;. .-
:.-.- h   _������--.'   ��� -; -       Emi    -
���    -��� :.*-_--   l:.i i.i. -tr nortii bant
of tb* ICortk F ���������-���. or ' o-r tnd   ibaoae +��� ��� r;**.:.-
I  |   ���    -���    '.t :.- v ���-'. M ���._,_.:.* - ���    .
-  I     :       f 1    *    '���.'.:.--   ���     ; ;
tc funrbaat. theDi* tti etoain* r. - ���   ��� ���
:'���"���������:      POSftaiOlai -4(i
&_i__ lfe'Ji day of AUf m
F W ��oB:saos,
���^e: Znrrtar w   Bonn a  .-?_���_:
���    -.-'���* ���- - dale I
_baae  tbe   i__iow:uf   Ova
Tir t" k I* ���-"- !:.-_-��-       ���'
���   ���-��� ��� tM   ��� Q(3H "   p ������
6 1    -
and i
_:��� >':.(_,  ��� !���*_ nniimmi  :.-��� ���   - ���       two   ! .J
..haini  t   - .   aai
���':���'��� . ���   Loenee
4 :    .
rn���nmriri a
hate, ta: -i*.-? ol Aotrc*:     ��� I
_:_^:Aa _o;__-wgtqi-.
By tit af*-:-; .-  �� 7��vjo'
���jiiftfrtlaK Tjmi|Mi laaHinijIlin
:uf riihT riianiifcaalniiai od uoMlauid
'I '     - -       --.������;.   .      I     -'���:��������-     ...
ii uutd:   Co_B_nenctncBi a poata_ai___
P -  -     " ITM  '   H'i.'-lLil)-.   '.lit   ���"*.-'
'���' ,.-���-::���:���.. -   '.a.ae. run-
-. -   -   ��� baiM  nortt;
ean   Uh :.*���*  R   rhalni ��� ���
��� -     . ��� ���  ��� ���.
atTet-nio t   -
bat__ tt.. Dtt day of Aufti.-:     -���
I   I'ltunu
I- ��� F   ���������   F__ryri��fc.
Btx% dart alo-? OjUC I j*urp(-_-. m*i'nif ���)���;, -
<���_.:.������ t  lotl ������������.���.--:.-������.
- [ii imlnaliiii te | -.r-.a*. ibt foiK>��iD��
wad    ��� oniwenclin ���* _ i> h meatki I
1  P i -  I  'ti.--    and cttnaaeabooi
irorL -. '   ���   It) !'L W'ttauban iai*, and
- -���..     ������   .    n i.:.-! r :_��� nee a
- B  d-_iaa
��� ..nwinf tb<- iac -
ea-: !'��� [___) potttl -:-��� 'i-tcininr
_*--��� ar- bi nan ar le**
b��t_c tne Htk day of a ._ .-      ������
E   Fa; gVOMI
 !_______!' J'*r��r :h
-:r:y flojt tiler JnWJ pwnga. nr*j__:ne Bsfgdi-
eation w tht Bonorable il
pf Land* and a"nr*_- loCperada___   ;���
- * - ' .and Canunoa
a p��*t marled ������_>. p*. ft. w eonier." *-.
K Paaoole. ���   :���; pnrcfaan   i-unmnf
*   .nam*1 tooth: ifaenve >*i.   cha
*.'   Bh pobn of MKBUM:. -���
aerea, mort ur Uat
bate-i the Iltb day of August, lKfc
I>. tmr%,
 I>r r. <i. FArgnea, .'..
-     ��� - U*_______��4_tn_a_ter date
1 intend lo appli to tbe Hon. 'uief OomMiarioa
e? ol .-oii'l* snd Worr* ior i��*t:.   -���    ;
sbaa**   ;n<   li*!io*;;if dt-*eTibt - ianrtf lfijacre*,
'-ominencmf at a p-��: markei! John Tow   plan!
.... ��� te Ithtrte of  I��^wer Arrow in.
one mile nortb of buzt+urn*; ertsek. ite::
duMH -��**.   thanee tonj ahnini Bonth, tbence
forty ehaiof *����:. thenee   forty   eham-.   north
aiti-np iake ihntc to |��>int of eomanenrement.
I>at��>d thit lftib day of sep;e:if._r, JS_6.
Johis Toye.
Haket (fiEW-*-).-. Agent.
Kotkc U bereoy tJven Uiat ��� daTg alter date I
iDU-nd wapp!�� to ibe Honor*.), the '.'hief < ������"_&-
mwaloaet of Landa and   Work, for ptfmiiinnfcnil
topurebai^ tht* followitif Otrv.-TlutM land, muate
in Fire Valley, in the Weal K twite fin--' <li*-   -   .
joimny VI' a. CaJder> pre-empUon,'(starting ��l a
P**<t inafkwl M. MoQuarrie* Hl&ttnraat ewrner.
niDnin-r f-cbainr eaat. tbence 40 rba::--
thenee to .bains west   thenee 40 chain- ���    .
point of cfimnKf-ueemeDt.
bated this int day of .September, 1*906.
Maev Mfi^i-Aeeix.
 J. K TiYtna. Afent.
Notice b bereby pffen that ��) dayi*. from dai- I
Intend to applv to the Honorable the Chief CommiMioner of LAnd-* and Work* Inr penmasinn
lo purefaa-'e the following described land*, situate in West Koot_nay utetfteti OonaMnctai
at a po*t marked ���' E. Htewart* N W. eorMl
f��o��i.' litoat-wl near the* Junction of Leal creek
and Kouth Fork of balmon. thenc* aouth 40
chain*, more or �����**���*; thenee eat: Sj rdhalna;
thenc,- north 40 ehain*. more or len; tbence
weal Wi '*hain* to point of <-ommenf*emeril
oalmo, Auguit llth, Uf.���.
 T- H ATXlKy-?-. Agent.
RadM U hereby ffl-en thai CO dayi after date 1
Intend toapply lo the Honorable tbe ('hi.f Com-
mlactoner of Land* and Work' to purt'haae the
following denrlbed landi.tfl) a/.re*. morxaorleaM
mow :rmg at a post planted on the weut l��nk
t't'per Arrow laae at a point about 7 mile* be-
w Sakuip.aml marked fl, A. Ii. H., N K aomai
p*j��t; iheij**- ���*  ehalni neti   tbenei *��� ehiUtu
->otith: ih'rn'-t- K chalna eait. moreor lean u. lake
���hoie; thenee atom !��**���* shore u< j*oiui other
PatedthkifrU darofSevl .UB6,  Q a.K.iu;:
tfi day* after dale I intend to npply to the Hnn-
orab!--   th** Chlel CommlMloner of   l-and- and
Worki Vtatnrta 5; > . t*. pim-haae f>*�� estet ������'
land altote _-���'. "t Armw lake on lhe wi
of vthau-b.to ereek and folatng Ihe nortl bound���
ary ������:  .-.  J.  AunabJe applicutioi.   t.>  pup-da*,
t-r-mmen- :;.e *.*. a poal niarhcd f. J. fc a. e ror
ner and running we** IB chalna; thenee north BQ
ehatne; ir..!i" e*��i m chaini; Ihena  -
pated i.' HMmwm
j ���     tot -���������   - ��� i; J. -tujoi
Notice It Mreby glren tlia: U> oav* nfl-*r dale I
Intend u> appij lotbe HoijnraU- Chief I oi
���loner of Latiilsand Workr- for permlv-ion to pnrehaae lb< following deeerlbed land.*, Kit uate In
the Waal Kooteuay dutrlet, Ktartmg from a pot:
planted at the >" Y. corner of F vr. Itohmion'.*
ApplK-ation to pup-haw*, thenu-4**-Jialna eaat,
*.' -haiiiK wutb. * chaini went. ��) fhainn north.
41,' chain* weat. Si chains north. 20 chain-* taut, to
chalna north to point of comment, .ment, containing iWJae ret.
Dated l��tb day of August, I'.**
D. C. E. Roni5so.*J,
per Ewntar Vt. Robwmmc. Agent.
Notice 1* bereby given that ilxty dav.�� i
date 1 intend l<- applv to the Honorable- ide
' hlel CommUaloner of Lands and Works for per-
m��i��!in ui pun-haae Ihe following (teeth bei
lanl on the mtf -ihore of upper Arrow lathe and
joining J. ll Feen-y > pr---emption : Hniuiiiig
weat 4i^ chalna; thence north 9* ebflit)". tbenee
ea. l aichaini-. to lhe .iiore of the lake; tht-nce
iouth loUowing tbe lake shore to point of commencement, containing XJU acres more or lew
I>��ted August 19. IS**.
H  F JfAcLt��t>
 J; I. Kai.iY. Ag'int-
.\olif��- i�� hereby given lhat sixty day* afler
date I intend to appiv io th-' Honorable lhe
' Hief Ommlaaioner of Jjih'i- and IVotfcl for per
Mumion lo pureh.iH- the following de**. rll-d
land on lhe went side of Lower Arro�� Laki- am]
joining theM.ull: line of the Indian HeR-natlon
liunning a_al ���) ebalna; lhanae wnttb BO ohalna:
tf.eiic. eaat ai dialiiK, ui the shore oj tba lake;
thanae north following the ink- ���homto the
point of ronMiieij-eipcni i-onuliniig lflO BOTH
Dion* or le**
Imu*] Auguit a., im. W. H Ma. U��D
J.J. Ki:: v  Agent.
*fffii       -. ��� -. -    . eett thai i    ���<���'
1 ttttmnti '-'������   Bonoral .-
sUoBusitf;oii>- of Land* an. v..i*i          pen
um, i- -   - .. wing deaerlbi
anaai" ;: ' ���       latf*
���inr ������-<;��� '   'J u*ner * K. _
j^���: ��� .    *.   E i-i--:-*- i'  -���
-��� an  thenee boi Ui *
- - bhnlaa; thi * -
a thmtm man        --    -��� -1-* <*������*���   -'�����--
point of ��� ���!
lea*.        a. 7 i
. h dTarmr
Notice ii* hatah] t-;-t :hat*.*davi a! ��� ���
. : I
:. -i ���        ���
��������� ���
:.g a: a poal I'*'-
.   and  marked   Mr>
.  -   v    '    .*������-��� and   ���
��� ..r  lea*
Nk- w h Hann.-w
v.   h HaaJ___a, Ageni
".1   -     ..::.���
' ��� ��� ���     -
: ���    ���
-���--������ ..   ���
���       or al ���
t-- '    *
���    -��� -   t  -haiua,
- *-���*���.*: 4* c_H-taa la
I -  -
��� ��� 3- &. Unrig.
>.y* aller dai* I
.     ' omnii>-
���.   ��� ��� -
tl   n ��� -:
at at a poal marked
i._d pla ninl na
the ���*����. t- .&���
lain     tbi
. -- i ��� Snrrow*
end we_ri
-    ri; 1_H.1I!
��� -    -
Iwt��d (hii -
On   l   t- ���
f   ;   3_un
J intend :
of L-Uid-   -
���i - ���    ������ ���   ���
diet-riot     i.-giciunr i*i a  j*---t meritad     f    -
-   f   f-o-nr"." and pianu*_ on t:.* aaa)
n*hata_ lake, al
-vo- eouSktert, emi at tii- .���k.
ibenee iraal t
-.     ���     . ���
���������-..���'     rmi aoutb-
. ��� ��� ,'iaiL-  n m  ��� ���
1.    K    AUHJS.
F   L  HUOBDR-. A*cem
��� ������-��� given tha*. fin day* alter dale 3
- K   :. blef Com-
-   * Uanilf and \>     i- *   - ,- ilelBBliiii u>
b ��   deaeribed landi la the
���'-   - tS -  ������ :._-,- Bnrton Cltj; com-
. ,v mix*: planted a; lhe a ���.*
. tan*.   pre-empnoL   dattB,   aad
B__fl76. Tollin4ton_ R. ���  C. poit. nnd
r<_nniDg moth tt' ciitua**. IhttMl neat J
.   ���*.'   '���     ham.   ihen.*** .��at 3i chaiL* ii
hflnnlng. * .���uunniugaiacTetof land,
DiOrt M irll
beted tbi- *nh dav of *ugu#t. WS.
Hxetx i<  __u_9��raL
Kolioe i* herebj glten  thu' *:_ty dajn after
'in;. I Intend toajiMf tothe Hon  I Uel I iiianit-
���loner of landt and workf for i .rmiw.- ���
��� ban  ::.-
tarn nntm ai a port marked
I-   ���".*_���.   ��� ������;,���-     ,.:. .<���������
tbe eaat-- ban (Qarflno) fake at the
- ���.-��� ;-   ah*  and about one mile aonth ��f
the trail; Umnw totttt - chabii   tnence
��� -���of the
narwar. .:.-: :.,.   *��ld shore in a
and  aaaterl]   diredttoa  ift'
ehalni more _��� MBi i-- thi  polnl i I '''-mmenoe-
.    ���       .    -
��� *
Bkktma Uiiacn1
r L Ritinrnri. Agent
MntlM i> hereby given thai two montiii after
dale I in lend to apply u> the Honorable tbe Chief
(-ommlaaioner of Lind* and Work* iur a Laaal M
all tbat land being the foreshore adjoining siib-
oa 1_ I and 4 of Lot 3U9, Group une 0)
Kootenay. and being ol the tomb shore of tbe
Weal Arm of Kootenay Jake, in the district of
Commencing at -a post marked "A. E tt'atu'
fKiutneaii eom_r poii":  tbence �� chain* weal,
6JO chaini.  north:  theuce ft' cbalni eaat;
rmi:.-toutb totbc plaee of commenc**-
men:; iheMtd  land and foreshore to be he uit-d
for sawmill purpoaes-
Datod this klat day of Auguit, i>e.
A. E. Wattb.
Sou* .* hereby giver, that f*< day* attar date I
intend tu api Ij to in*. Honorable the ('hief t.'oni-
i .--,:���������: of L-ande and Worku for permiuinn to
pnrchaai Um fctUowfn-g d**K*ril^sl land  in  Weat
Kootenei   DiBtrlet about **even milea aouth ot
;���:.:.- ;tjg at a post planted on
:��nJt of Trout creek and marked  Alex
-   N   tt   (. Poet and running aouth 80
���.-est tw chains; thence north <<'
cnaiu-: thence vest 10chains to poat of b-sgmn*
ing. containing bto ��eree ot lend, more or leaa.
Dated thi* -ind day of Angus:. 1*.*
W. il  Hamilto.v, Agent.
-x* siftv- aiwr date, I Margrcti >l<_ju*rrle.
iuufoil to apply to lbe Honorable the Chief Com-
mlwionerof Unnl*- and Work* Victoria. Ii. l���
i" pnrnfaaaa th. following deacrlbed land, Om-
menelna at a j**! marked M. Mdjuarrie. on lhe
l.-auk of |_.wer Arrow lake, thenee 4o rhaiiir-
west; thence f" chain* north: thcr.ee *i cliam-
eaat; thence ft> chains Knith to place of com
meneement. aald to contain  Ito acre* more or
i* ������ring ground held by Q, B. Andcn-on'a
iMteil ihij. 14th day of Heptemb-v. 1��W.
Maw-KrTT Mt*yt*ARajk.
tt. i��� PAr.tE. Agent.
Notice tr hereby given that I intend, eo day.
after dale to apply to the Honorable the Chief
l-ommiasionerof < ands and Works ior perm Union
In purcha��e the following deacrlbed lands in
Weit Kontenay dlsirlct, aliout five mllei- aouth
of Bunoi; city, commeu'iug at a post planted on
the eaat bank of tract C, k.. nun marked ���������*��� H
Hamilton's !- W. ( p.wt." and ruiiuing norlh W
chaini, theme eail Hi chains, thenee south 8��
chains, thence west tu ehains to plait- of begin-
mug ''oiiiainuig MO acre* of land, more or less.
I>aie��l this ��Jnd day of August. 1W6.
w  H   Hamilton.
KoUefl  i* In r.-'y given thai f-n days after dau> 1
inland to applj fo th.* Iinimrahir chief Commi>-
iloner of Unds and Works for permt��.��hm u>
purchase the loiiowing deiHTilie-llan. I**, slluate
i.-. tt.-t Kootenav disiriei: ( iiinnieining at a
poti nnrfend "H Confcar% H.W.ownet posi." ttt*
uate io-ar lbe N E corner of Inml applied for by
I. i.. lli-nc- souih Kii-o-iiir   mort- ��������� U-aa; th*��itee
past to chains; fnanea nortb 10 chains, more or
)��� at] thanee sal atehams t<�� point of eommet-M*
Salmo. Angus- 11. tm. B OOMOtT,
T  II   Atkinson, Agi-m
KotfOB i- h.-rhj giten thai ftt days after date 1
intend, to anply t��. ihe Etonombletha thief Com-
ntiaslonei of Und* arid Wo'ks for pi-rmisslon to
Klhe to i.nriugd-s'Tiiw.ri laiidssltuaie in
ran Kooienav din net: Commencing ata pn*.t
marke.! ��� 1; liny. . .. \S .orner post." situate
near lhe NE-corner of land applied for by A.
-Mi'Uni, theme BOBH 40 chains, more or leas;
th*nee east 8U chaini; theuee north 4fl chains,
more or less;  thence weal 80 chains to point of
Salmo. August 11. IWf.. i:   j;,.-.
 T. 11. ATKlWBQlt, Arenu
NottoB is hereby given lhat sinv dnvs alter
date 1 intend to apply to lhe Honorable thc
Chief Comrnisiioner ni Unds and Works for
perm baton loimrehaae ihe following daaorlbad
Uad-slluate in W'-.-st Kootctin'- diMriei; Commencing at* poi: marked "A. McLean's N tt".
comer post." situate near the HJt corner of land
applkil for by A McUnghlan. thence aouth 40
chains, more or less; theme east to chains;
thenee north io chains, moreor lew; thence weat
8'chain-- to |H,]in of commencement
i-almo, Augusi 11. IRK a. MrIjU5,
t. ii. -iTataamt, Ag.nt
_. o ."ayi
intend lo make application lo Ihe Honorable the
< hlel ConraiaaloncraJ l-nods and Works for per-
: purchaie ihe following deM*ilt>ed lands.
lltnata in weal Kootenay district: Commencing
at a post inarkird "A. McLaughlin's N. tt' corner
I-"*i " sitnati near th- N K. corner of land applied for by P McArihur, thence south 40 chain*,
more or leas; thence ea^tw chains: thence north
���W'chains, more or lea-; Ihence mil B chalna lo
point <.f commenc-ement-
Salmo, Auguit 11, i " A. MrUiMi.o.
T. H. ATKi.vi.N Agent.
NBW   l_Al>l��-S'  BLXIL8E8   AND
Wi   have   juii   ^ec-srtO   -   tplendid  UK*   of  Ladlrt'  Sh.rt  Wain,
la   Embroidered   Caahmere   m Cream.   Na��y  and    lane/    colon, ,.
nei from 32 to 42 inchei. and s��e are aellsng these at ea
i.y low pncei while they laat-
���    i��  bereby a-veti that .
,        ,- fa dsrB oner dale
- tei l to apply i    -���---'
a:     <*���������       ��� aerml-BitontoPOi 4  Und. and Works (or J,��_J_.'
baae the lollorinf ;    ���-"��� :1-*^  ���*��� W��**ln| )���-;,���.-.;,??;
tijr mm                              .*���    Uw��enelnaal a um.   in W e*>! kuou-na.-.   tHetrlrt   * o_I____S
po*'ma-*        ���   v..                  al at a  M   marte-: *a  Hire-*.   -   tT-SS
|                                    - mg ��  ii.--.--.-, iiaai om r.�� eataet                     ���
tKianda*1                                         '             ��� *��t l*ns J  milea north of BurUm C1t>  and al-oaiiTf!
, ���        -                 ���.������������ .    -                    ��� ' i
*��'*..,:���-    -*.-:i".   **..*f    >haim    tb��_^!3
Um no eaal itxl)
meni eoi *<' "'   *' l*1"
Dated September 3  |M        iLUa Maa_m
i. ��� y i<t an ���*.���_-.:-.-.
��______��; :h-L. .
meii'-eioei ainit       if aer.
I'ated thii h:l da* cd -
'*   ���   ���   ���
��� .   ���    .    ���
,,: i_*. U and ;' ���*������ "���
I   :��� ��� aai 11m ;������;.��� ��� Ing I -
on the east side of Arro�� iSSe
the northeaal   ornei ai  A Anihonjr ��� pnirbaai
tbenee  north   for",   chains   thena   ��i
chatna   thi balm tl   em aaai
���;,��� utement. euo-
i��;:.:nr it* aen *   ���on
Jsateo Seplemr-e- !  !*��'..     JaMI> F K <���    ���
)-������ N   i'EaeBs, Agent.
*������'..      r.- .   that *o dari af:   ���
Intend to apply ti   ���      :: let' un
pnrehaae Um  Eoiloirtng deacrlbed   Landi
.      ���
ue*' fiia'eil on the aaai shan        Lowai
L_.*(- a: tii*- nor-li
i      ; .... .   chaini
-. ���
. ifca ahon i" !���*
_       .-������:.
Daaad the _3rd day of Juij, l*ft     ^ I ' i^ t_utmh4m     -
Notloe 1�� hereby glsrn thai fc> den ���
-M's j la .���� Hmwial U ���,-<. ���
', Laij.-i* and *���
-   ���   .
f'lim s poit marted W 1 . ���
* BhaJan    ".bene*- ea��: *-.   . -.,,
* beina. thenee �����
ettum***,  containing la* -*,'������>,
tlou IP pun���..*_���
Dated tlu ��th da. of AngosLUGa.
 . >
- ���:��� atnii, 'U
I ini-od i->ai*j.l* i. ������    | .,
. - o.   Landi anil   Worlu  ���
��� -s   ..������* ing d--
���-.-:- ?i-   > -.   . %
iaie share,  tbenee Mtuth
��� m ms-netp ment.
* by given Ibai -
dat*- : Inb       ���   f.: .
iMtttftt aad Wo_l
,   ���
-.*���.-��� ,-.
_��� -. lonthew M
���      ��� I IliK
AT��it.'\r li.ti
v     -,JV1U   ^S
. her
-   H
mM-stoner en Lko .
pun-nat-' tag
BM  .ide of Arrow t��hi
*   - -���       'roe- of A   A:v..
i.i . ha;      chainc UwnaM nortb twenty ������.mi
���   I ��� l-aent-f chaitu b   poini
:-*.:-.:t,r ��� a> r-r*. mo*-
niuthwe#l torn
.   i
I   i. -,
I- ��� Et* t��- ��    i
lsated t*epiemt��r :, MB       tttm
���: T inven tna:
- ten ���
permiasiot: Ur juirchat*       ���* iu Uo  ��*e*i Ki-.:
thi  fadhni mc *'��� v --r- ��� .-.>. >  iltnah
Intend to apple to the Htm, Chiel
ei Landi aaa wot��� tn
East ahore of Lo��*-r  Ua    tbonl   __M   and oia
balf mih-  Bnatfe   tri   Bdfewo       R I   and ad
joiumg J 1- Heattie s appheatton to *,
and commencing at a p"��i markt*..! Do:-
Mmif*outb Wngaaorani -
ttxty '-(laiii*. tbCstiM   t.i-: : -     .   all
Bouu .istv chain*, thena efaaiaa tc
place  of   eommeneement.   and   ctuitainrng -HO
acres more or leaa
!_>.'��� a Ln W|__k.<.
M. K  Mrw'aJiBis  Acinf
ab     this 2 - .      -   !_���/
Notu-e ti hereby giten tnat t��o m*>ulh�� after
dat-r I  intend io app.j to thf Honorabl.
('oromnaion-** of  Land* and  tt��r__i f.-r )*rrtm>-
*,������-.   ti   pttfaaaac NO aen . -   ��..
followi    Commencing at a  pt-at  planted  at  the
aouihwcat of  t. %.   afpritaoa'i   r__ne_   te  F>r--
\a. -     Wee*. Kootonay dtstrl t   maraed *J. a.
Hunris'i northeest corner p. <��t
weat;  then--'  tOchalM  Beotll
east; thenee *0 chain* re-������
1/ated llth day of Seplrmber, lflur>
J. B. ��.��� -.wo*
W. A. CktAye   Agent.
Notice i�� hereby given tiiat 6c da.-a:.       ,-.*.
intend toamlj i" thfl Hon, Thief Coma   -
of Lends and Worki for permit*-i.-i. i-  \ ������ item
the following described lands, aimate   i   W--
Kootenay dfatffet:    Bvg;)nning a! a nuei mark-d
������Arthur a arren* >  _  BOiaac   and pbinted oa
the eaat ihore of Whauhan (Oaifboo) .ai... about
twu mile* nortb of the narrow. ..f irhalt-haa
lake, and at the ���*** K eorner of W, Sci-omhe'-' ap-
pUoattna io pnrehaae: thence aaai w chains.
thence north ID chalna; them.- ��e��: n chatm;
thence Booth a* chains to j-.*,nt of .onimt-ncv-
ment; Containing HBnerni more or lew*
Dated thii BIh day of Oc*.  M
date 1 intend toai . 'I
��� ���*:���.��� :--. ;i-- ;���: Lnndi and ���  .��
Ikwlag dei
'���   UII<lt.fl
���'-���. I
Not lit- 1? bereby given thai .utr dav.* ��fi��.r
date I intend io appfy to the Honorable lhe
Chfel CommiMioner of Lends and Works for
permission     to     purchase    the    lolit>"iii-_    i.
scribed landi situate in the Wan Kootenay
district, marling from a poat plained on the
north hank of the North Fork of !>.�� creek'
then.*e _u chain- west, go chain* north. A chalna
weal. If) chain* uorih. * chains ��eat, 2t> chains ,
nnrlh. ���* chain* wet. 'ki chains north, no cneins
eeat. ki chains mtiili. _P chains eait. a* chains
Siinth. 'JO chalna east. ��. ch��lm si.nth to i-.int of
commein-em.'iil contaiiiiti*. '*. a. :, -
Date.! 1Mb day of Aug'-.*.-   UU
EftM-s-T W   Robi?tki-c
hstd Andre's   pre-emp-.  _
niarked A.j. Umg, N t. rm .
of Uswvr Arrow  ;���..���
thence 40 ehalna aonth   ;. .
trier.. ������  10 chain* norm u- !-���
t-ated a: Ne's-ot.   B.C.   thuflthdaie
t-r. IM
Hll -      H
N^.ii I t�� ttattttg fivflL I
date 1 Intend loapply n> thr UooocaUr1
' ommisaione* of Unnda ami *���'     .
to porches*- ;:.r h.llowiug de_ -.(-.: _*i>:
tr. Ue*t Koot4 naydtstrle.  i . ���_ .--. -. .**.(
p.anteil   a*. ..
poflt  and   mark��.t   A. it * J
��� *.*:*   cha.n-   ::,. nee tPehawis a-iuts
leea lothe Ko'lenai rl��-**
along   tbe   Kootenay   rlrer:  ibeai- I
nnrtli. moreor Iobb. to th.   ,
ment. i-nnta.ining lto acrva more or len.
rwpt'mtsf: ltth'1106.
        Vituui Mooes Ml
tntem!   t>>  apply  to the Hon  Ihe Chief
I Lnnifa and Wmfci lor wm���   _
R.ainr deacrlbed laihhtalH
enai   diair.-:     HeciLiiirig itiM
D. Bell and I. H-    ��� - I  rertmtr
.��� .���a-!.,: thnflabtton rlrer udaa^
��� ���-. :ut Pcfhd >*������������ i^KISm
cna-.n* north; thenee a> chain* ��e��!: thf* -
chain* tanth; tbence h>chain* cast te mk��|
K-jrlnnl  g
I��ated the Snd dav of Septemf-er. lttl. __   ,,
c  I'.BBLI
 B- M  hfrrt>. Agent.    J,
,..-rvn  'rteaatbata       . ��� alter _alslM
tnten-t u. appiv to the Honorabh lbe f'blelCa^
{ mtaBhiuer of l*nda and irorks lor i*er*ltiril_ _L
! parcha* hm It ���>'���'��� i" _M
a       :,M^ 1'isinci tient tixt '"'hW
��� tmmtmttm at a post p*��,i:"-."" ���|
east hank of Trmrteteei a��< r-earae-sl '   '���'���*���
��� --N   N   c . l*.*a; _t,.' - -"ill    - ��� ''liiUJjB
^  , I|B1. . ���   nortii "' --iniaW
anai - otM ' ' ',"1,1'
m.nt. c.'ii-kmiug*.  a-r-* mon
Dntad ihu r-tid da;      '���"��.������   I ''���     _    _. .
Vt   li BsniLTWi ���\i;*,ii.uJ
Notice U hereby gifen IhatC-dajTI ati.;i-l'J��j|
intend toappfv to the Boa ' 1>- ' ' oininf��lali|
o! Unds antl "A org* toi  i- ���
lollowlng  deaeribed lands.
���Swir dayi after date 1 Intend in appl- ,.,
Honoiabletbe chief Commiasioner of Und* and
worn, Victoria, to ptir-*b**e ,t
located   and   deeerlbed   a*   follows:   Being the
northeasi quarter of Bectlon iwiniym,.   mlli\
ihe south half of the northnaat quarterBeei
twenlr three, TnwuihlpMxly-aiiK*     And
de*si*rlb_<t   ���*-   (oJIohh:   Commencing -.: a pi��i
marked J J. N  W. corner, and planted ��i-*hain*
ea*t of the northwest oorner ol Bectlon twwntr-
twoand ninning eaai lotfaain*. then.-, -.outh *a>
chains, Ihence east to chain*.  Horn,  south .*>
ihaim. ihcnce weat w 'hains. ihenee nonh **
. liaiu* toplacs-nf beginning
Augnsi Mat, liwo jajiis JoHNn-axg.
w a. Gaidar, ugaat
Notliv is hereby given thatt*.iavsalt.r-.il. ;
Inieii.l i..nppl} ht (hi Honorabl. Ih. I , .
1,11 ""' "( '-""!* and Work* ior pennlBs
pnrehaae the foUowtng dneerfbed land.   ��	
mt-nelug Hi h (H.-t marked   "J. A   0  1:   -   W   . ,.f
ner/'piaeed at the northeaal oomoroi Lot aad
ruumi.K hi chalna north; then  i hetna -asr
lln-lii -   M'< loin- - n11_    tin inv.s ,,_   w..��. ,���
point ol <*onime*..iemeni. eontslnme t.te ��c*r^*
more or lea*.
DaU-d the Dal day ol July Hf*.
-'  i.O'Hti;.:v
BUU day* afler date i intend te aiml. to in.
ComailBafonor of Unda and Work*. \'��� iorm i..
purchase \(o eetet oi land, eltoatc end daw rlbed
as follows: Comm-m ..gats po��i plain.*': ot .
W. si Plih* of Armw Ink, op[x**IU <'nril��o-�� Cllv   ��t
or near thc ���ontbwaal roraat of It Hatg pnr
chast.*. and markei **ii  M   A . S. fc .-orner f* nnd
ruiiniiig north �� chain*, thana vaai -H-cimin*
loll. Animble's puniias,.. ihence Booth �� chains
moreor |e�� t.. the la).v short, llieuoealong the
lak.-siion* io piWi., of beginning,
Allgtllt.��th,lWG li   M   AHNJillUt.
Notice It hereby glren thai tD .lavs ��ft_, ,tale I
intend to make application to ihe Honorable the
Chief i ninmisslutierof Undsand Worki* lor permission to purohas- at.otil *����� aeres nf land ,|Tn
ated on lhe Salmon river. West Kooienav dlatrlct
commencing ttt a poel marked s K. Bi.i'tcr'a N E.
i*^"fs-. P1**'"*0- "n I l��e west bank ��f the rlrer.
about l*4 miles norlh nf the imeriialloiial botiuil-
hr> iiitdice wesi &. chains, tbence _n chaini
outh. then, v-���si alK.tit �� chain- to lha mer,
Ibenee northerly along tbe rifai 10 place of com-
nnii '-mem
Aii-um Mih. luce n. h \;.-m.
 T- H. Alk lis.iiii. AK.nt.
SollCTin bcrel.r kst.is ilssll ..1 sl-r. .II,-,	
i^PLS'V^, h ""* ,;1"", p��SS3__?S
i-flUds and  "oris for !..-������..,.     ����� -..ml.,-
ij.,, i.n���.i���B -o.,rii.,ri���,',;i,", ,:,,'",' f;'
. J-5,s Arthssr . .N w .,-,,mei .h..!," ,|t���Hl, ,,,.-r
is- H. K coiner ol Ulin .pplM- ,���, i, 7     ,,,
%._^__fiSt** '���'���"~''nl.
T. H.Ai��imo.sM_;",V.'''"'
.1,i     i..;o'_iiic   uewriw**!!  tmu '���            ^t
:->.,,-.- *-.*-��lena; district:  t ommen-'ing ai M"**"^
_     ed "BRW B.K eorner."] ,
1>*h,t Arrow lake, about aw mll�� *>"���� *_
n-t._r.rf     i.otdi.n civet  (J,ihna4onrie��k,Hhcn.Taprt>j
��� raafe (Johmiou creek j	
chaini   then,**  west ����� ehalni
Chaini    thence east  te chain*  W  t-':I"^
i>*-U]- ��� ment   ...ntaiuiug !���"���'
IM*ing aUn.loii"! proewpja*'
t-teked this Mlto day of Aug.i*'. ; '*    . |p(Tt[<
   A. Jt.Woi.M-'::*���-    -**"1--
N j      given isr��in*>-___l
1 intend io applv to Uo Hon i'h
of Undsand Wort:- for Mtmiai
th*   folfowtng doai rlbed tend*
-, anted na [oa North Weal enrneref *
U Doea riiiuiing  twenty eham-  -..utii. '7"a��
���a.ntycheli^ Watt, il riv. '.   ^gl
: >. al
tbenee twwnt] ohaltu Kaat, (hi i
Bontl in palatal enwwioneaairn
ing Hi acrea more or leaa.
ruOkr\  I "t "���*���;*'
paled ihe 1st day of October, m��         ,
Bl*tj  davs  afterdate I purl--
nation ;.. the Hon Chlel I ommu
and Work* for pefmlBBton to i '" ".
Inwinr dtwriti.it iajid Cmnmen 'n.f *,,--
pia-fd at the a*iiilh**-*st e.-rnc: ol y!   "*"
pllokthia t>. pnrehaae. narftad  ���!
ner," ranalna thence *������ chain* ii"-'
cliain* we��i; tlo'n.*.   w chain-  *-:'
cbaine aaat to point ol emtBancet ���
Iur S.*' a< res more or leaa
Dntad Ibe hub day of (Vim1- .,, ���
  __. t; "HlI'";
Noun ta herehy rtwo that ao days siwf'*3
Intend   ta  apply   to the Honoraidc nu    -n
CommiBsloreroi Uudiand Work* 'l", li��*i__
aion lo p'irchase the following >h- ^    ,.., ,\_
in  the W.-sl Kooienav dMrirt     1' -'" ���,���*]_?
poet marked -'Kteenor Uiifcb - n  rt ���
and platii..! on lbe Md ihotl "' I '
' ihan {''arlthnt) lake. Mhiui'  "*' i]
-nth Of ArtOW lake liai)   li'"'' l
��� balni  thence cast -a* ehalna awn
si.oi- of (he Narrows; tbenoe loiiowing ���r.'
���boninaeaneralBoatberlT ami w7lcr'*���(i
Uon B ebalna mor.*..' leaafopnfn        '
incut, containing It-��� acre.- more c     "",.,-���rif. |
Dated Ud Mb i����-> KiMAiit   WW
r  I.  Hahmom*  U*.
NotloeUhoworffTeathatsUt; ''"V'UiiS
Mntendto apply to the Hon Chi.
or o( Undsand Works fori��*'i ,   >,,J
rba-, the followi ii*. Aoaorlbea iai -,i\
Kootena] tUitrhrt.   Begtninn*j ��' ".I'''* ���i(1I,tir
"W   N-. otnlv*. ���-   K   corm-r " and y ���*.;"*"   t\M
eaal ebon of W'lintsban (iani- ���*
\vt- im,.- nortb of the narrow "���     ����!(���
lake;   ili.-nre   north  80 rhalna: ' ,.'���
chain*-, more ..r  leag.   lo  llie  la^*- ��� !"'''' '.[hefll
tollnwlng  the Miid  ihore in n gem ...-���
and easlerly dir,.*tlon IflDchatm.mon w^ ,y|
the   i-otnt   of  coniii.enc.mcni:  '
sen's, more or lew
1'nted Un-.-ilMlay of Oct . WM .,.,,vris|
F. L lUnnosi  A��i
*��_.W.-^.iwWh..<ii -��niii_.__��i| i NHEUSER    -AND THE original
.USCH...    Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
Mi* lson     8*"- A_-!-1t...!;i..UHt'-"   victoria
_ Burns & Co.
|,  ,  Markets iii   Rossland,  Trail,  Nelson,  Kuslo,   Sandon, Tlireis Forks, New
Denver mnl Slossun Oit-.
Head Office: Nelaon, B. C.
i\   givon Mint lixty ilnys aiier
i i   ippll   Ui  llie  il ml.le  (he
Inner ���>!   I.MtnIs  .1 imI   Wnrks.  Inr
purchase the l-d'owitiK d-Moribad
ii   ������ .-i Koolenay dlalri'-l:   Heginiiliig
��� i marked * _ame��U. Pruer'a N.B.corner,
 i *in the eul ibore <>f Wbiiuimu
-.) ink)., about one-lull   mile north of
��� .    thenee mhiIIi 40- balut*. nmre ur
ti rtli  iNtumlary of W. flaaombfl a e>
mi- : llu'iiee weit al.mjf Un*..ii.l
,-   i>n 11.1111-, more <.r leai, to Ibethoroo!
tin im   following trie h*JiI ilioro In ii
! northerly   uml anatem  direction  n
leai  tn point of eommenoaiaea-i
.:��� .��� i'-i aerea, more or ie**.**.
.-.iii loud jAMiwii. Pauaa,
r i. if-tmioirD. Agent.
_.. ��� I* luTeb) given tbti do daya afterdate l
|n   i. mike ai'pliratlon In the llnunral.le tbe
unisiioiier ol IjiihU mnl Wnrk- for per-
i im-haae  lhe  I. II" v. Iiik  deeerlbed
lem lug ni m poet plaeod adjoining
i-rner poat ol Leon Wainni'i A|>-
N.I-.       ;i:iin;' ni . !,;iiii- north:
chain-* weat; thenoe hu rbaiaa tatUh;
��� lialli    ' ift,  tO  ("lint  ul   ii.iniiii j|,v
 i u im ni. 110 acrei more nr lew*.
i dlii loin 1,1, Itn..
Buna w intrh,
Bj   III- Will, KHNKIT, W. It-miNKON.
Iij Blven tlial 6Qdan alter dale 1
it p plication to tin' Honorable Uu
met ol Lattdl and Work- for per*
iifhaH  tbe following detorfbed
-    i "inin. in ini; at u |ninI plueed about one
tt liatlhan   creek   aud   aboQl   tbtee
-   uii of Wliatlhan mke rniiuiiiK Hnrhaini
���*'<.-balni went;  tlieiui* ho rhaini
-' i liaiiifi eait, to polul of Oram*
icni'iii, i*i>iiiaiiiiiic 54Q aenM more or lesa.
���  is, un,
h- bin agent, Bxxmt w. Roanooii
i-rcby glMn Hihi slxtr dav* after
it'    iniend to Hpply to the Hon  llie-Cbfot
nl Land* and Worku for perml*.
���   thc following d em* rlbed  land
��i"   Kooi.-nay ili'lriet:   UeKiiinliiir ata
1 - - 1-   l:. K-*tl'.-  N. K. eoniiT,' and
shore of VI banihau (Ctrfboo) lake,
esi corner of tab) lake; tbenoe *���
lOOCfl 10 clialiit.  -.mil!    tii- ii.,   40
I       in-n.e inebaliih Miutb; thenee ea*1
reor Wat tu the Ihore of  Ih'* laid
:iii<*iic- northerly along the said lake ibore
ire or leai, to tfii polntof common-
f��i  lontallilng -WI ne res, more or tuna.
toi1   ��� I' I" ' K.K. Kkii.,
K. L. Hammond. AklmiI.
���iti" i- hereby gl.on that 60 dayi after data
ii'ti'l n.apply   to  tb_   HonnrabM  the  l.i lei
,:i1'' '  ol  Land-  and Wnrk a for |>.rmis
mo [eirrh-ue the  foltnwiiiK dexftllM.tt lands;
'i' n poal   pi an tad on tin nurthea-t
"������' "i   I'ftcr MeNaunhmn'r, ���pplletUon  io
'"'-     running   80 eliHiiia   mat   nloii-j   Un'
j ���'    tNHindary uf Mine; tbenoe 80 onaloi
llii'iin *_i I'hailin p-ant;  thenre m elm ���ne
��� i uy ih. n-eal bouuilary of John BIMotl'l
'"���������"�� ''il thaMi lo point  of riiinme-nre-
������ <'iiulalnhiR640aoi_l. more or lew..
�� ' ' "'���!  18, IWO, 'I'humas Smith.
n> hinaftcnt, Knawr-W h-uhukon.
''��>��� nlii-t dale I pur|Miae makllit* applica-
I ������ Uu* Hun. chief bommUiioner of Undi
"(irk*- lor |>i i in Ik--lull (o pnrQhJUM lhe f.dlmt-
'���'*��� ��� fit��'.l lund: Umium-ti-'im* nl a poll
��� ��' ihe norlliweil corner of It Dodd'aan*
"������������"' '������ pnri'hKM', marknl "It WMl'iS. W.
r  l"'M      MinutiiK  thenee Hi) ihahii north;
��� Nnehnlna eail;  ihen-'e hi ehalni MUthi
ehaliu weal to point of tnmni*. niv
'   '���"iitaililUK liln aerea, more or leua.
II : ������'���* Hull day of n.-tober  tfftt.
It  W. Hannimiton,
Imt 11. HitlKM., Aki'IU-
��� rehj given ihai ilxtydayiaftordnte
���"I t�� appli lolheHoii.l'liiHComilliMloinT
Work-lor permisilon lo plirchaafl
' '    ileacrlbcd    IhiuIh   in   lhe   Wesl
'i. iih*. disti j..|.   ii.-,; in mi,,, ni ii i���,m market)
*. -iiihiii-o*mh, W.conier,"and planieii ahout
7"'   ,"11''   ea-^l   nf   lhe  kIkiiv  of WhalHhau
" I  hike ami  aboul  *J mile*, nurth ol llie
I"*.*.* of Ih.'naid lake, tind nl the8. K eoriier
'vtttm   Hurn.nM   aplilleallou   In   puri'lince;
��� ' '���'���: ���" Phaliiii Ihenoe imrth Bo chaini i
1     iw'itwi challll  In the uorlbi-aul eurinr of
1 '   ��uiTi-ri's uppltrail.ui lo nnKbaap; them-e
I Nl '"ha ins lo point ol .nm men etlt, .oti-
''"���-''H'laoroi, more or Wm*
"i, looo, ,i. h Stamito,
r I, Ijittnoim ^soiit.
���~ in rebj given thai 00dayi after date I
",1 hi apply lo Hi,. Honorable lfi. Ohio! I'otn*
"-���ii.-r n( Irftmls iui.I Wurku (nl   |airiuis-*ioii  lo
"| ���   'he rollowlng duorlbed inrnl�� in the
Kiml-jiuty illairlct:   HeKluuiui: %\  �� poll
*' *   Aluxamlor Pmori .v w. eorner." ami
"I  on   the  eaat  ihora  uf   llie narriMiN ul
II -J1  'l'��r"",10  lako, nt Iho H  K. oorner nf
 *������  lUraohj.  appiicathm   m  mtrehaui
 'l"1   m ohalna;   IhflllM louth ��cliaina;
1     wil In ohalus, more nr leis, to till illOI-
'������mirrowij I ho nee followlni (ho said shore
'""���inorlydirection m chuinK. murouf less
1    l"'liii of i*umm.iu*ein��ni, ooniainliiK BBO
(t'    more or lees.
'   ,;;lh, HKNl. AU.XAMDIR FaABKR,
by I*'  L, llAMMiiNli. Auout
; -;>��� 'bus afler date 1 purp. ikiim appli
1 "   t" i��o* lion. Chief rm bslmuTof Landi
111  "orka lor iwrmtHMhiii to purehaxe lho fol-
'"'"': dosi*,||���.,i iIU|(|.   ,.,��� ,.|-,.*,iK at,i post
;""i aboul lm) yards well uf lho Whatshan
y' INI I Hud ilholll  Iwo   mil..*,   Milllll   nT   Whal
1,1  hike, marked -'It. f. S's N   K  onnier  pnst,"
'""���a  ihonoo m ehalni loulln   U_ta__ ����
'- woat; tlience80chalnn imrih; tl Co fn
"'"-'""t. lo point, nf onmmom-eiuoiil; euiilnln
lH,,'0Hcrci1 moro or Ion
"'"od IbolotlidnyofOolobor.lBOe.
> 'Iiivh nftoi ilulo 1 pnrpnie inakliw appll-
k    n.",""; M,��i. I'hleftJommliiloiion*. l-amla
t, ' u"lk- 'or iMTiulsHlnu tu piirchiiHo the fol-
i.i,',,. i '''^'-���ll'od land; l.'ouiinciielllK nl �� jmsl
" !| Mio norlh cast curiior of H. C -liiiiiior's
'""""to pun-has.', marked *'ll M'a N, Vt'
'��� I'usi,' tbenn. following Ihe ea-t liound-
-���""loHii'tiiiinsDuth; flimiee riiimlnK w
'"Mill thonco tt (ihaina nnrlh; thenee t*1
'" wt-ai in point ul ooniiiu'iui'tni'iil, ount.iln-
".���rw" ronrwM
"'  ""h day of OrtolH
Pet it. HiiiKLi., AgenL
Notloe U hornby riven tbat 00 daya after data
'' V""; M'l; jtolli.-llnn. ihi-ftominlssi.iiier
of Undaand Worki for permlalonto nurohaao
Lbe lollowlng deaorlbed landa in Wait llootenay
nisiiio . B��alnnlng il a \>o-\ marked,������Hem-
hard Hln-oh v B. (,. oomor," I aul.-d on tin-
east Bbnr-a of ibe narrows of WhHtahan (Cnrlboo)
lake; Ihenee n rib an ohaini; tben.-o wom hi
ohalns nuire or  |.*>s. I,,  i|���. ihoro of  WbaUhan
lake; tbenoe foUowIai said iho.i m i general
���onthery I eailerly direction IIO chain, more
or lei-., to p int of loiniiieiueiiiiiil:  noiiialuiiiK
830 icrei, more or loaa.
Haled tin.. Hth day nf Qct [900,
Biaanaan iiikmh,
f. I- IUmmonh, Affunt
Notice li hereby given that no dan allot date I
intand to apply tothe Hon, chief Commlnloner
of landa and Worki for penainlon to norehaae
he rollowlni dewrfbed lands ���.-,.������.,.,��� u, thfl
uest Kootanay dlitrlet:   He iiintuK ai a post
marked   '���William   KflU'l   N.   W.   enrner"  and
planted abonl one mile amnii ol the north and
ni Wbiitaliitu (Cariboo) liiko.abuiil IwenlyehiiliiK
WMl Of (he  weal ibon* ol  -uhl lake and on the
aouth boundary of K K. KalL'i applieaiion to
porebaae; tboncoaoutb 10ohalni; theaeaautso
obalns, mon' or k*as, to itn- said lake shore;
tbenoe northerly nloii*,* lho aaid shore Hi elialu*.
more nr lew*, tu the said mmih bnuinlarv nf
K It. Koil'sappllOHtion to puroha .���; llioiioo'west
tt ebalni, more or loan In tho (mint of toinnionee-
mi'iil, ooniiuiiiiii: Hiii aem, more or leas
Haled Uct 1_, wa, William Keii..
Hy K. I, Hammiimi, Affcni.
BlXty days alter dale I purp.*.e iiMkluy- -pplna
linn   to  the  Hon. t'hlef i oniniiaaiuner nf  l.amls
nud Worku Iur (-.nnlsaioii topiuobaiathi Inllow-
Ing danrlbid lamls   Commonolng at a [mat
plaiL'i at ihi'Muuthweali'uniCrof It. \\. Hannluif-
tntt's applloalion  to  iiurehaae, marked "L. M. 8.
Hkm h corner poit,11 runnlag thaneett chaini
weat; theme tt ohalni south; thenee tt ebalni
east; thenee 80  ohalm.  nurth lo point of oom-
mi-noemoiil, eontatiilUK MO acros,  ninre or lean.
DaU'd lhe Kith day ol OcIoImt, !����.
per u. BaiaUii Aganl.
ptxy days after dale I purpose mukitif! appli-
oaliou tn the Hon. (hief ('nmmlsNiotier of Landl
and Worlu iur permlulon to purehau tbe following oeaorfbed Uud:  Commenotna atapoM
piaeed on the eaal boundary oi Int .No m.i and
about two Ohalni ""-i of Wliat.shan crifk. mark
Id "M. B%. s W. corner,"' runniiij; tbenee 40
ohalns east; ihenee 40 ehatns north; thenee 40
Ohalni wesi; thenoe Wu-hiilus souih, lo point of
co nunc i He in ..ill. i -.in.niun-.' n.i aorei mure or
Haled the li'tli day Ol 0otO__., 1HV..
M, _1UKLL,
I'or It. till 1Kbb, Agent.
N'otlce la hereby given lhat 00 dayi after date I
Intend tu make applicatiuu to lhe flniiorabln the
Chief Coaimlialoner of Luiula ami Wurka fnr per-
mission lo purchase the following dexerlbed
lumls: rniMmeiiciiig at a post on Ihu nnrlli
boundary of I-otNVland atmnt *J chains eaat of
Whainliau creek, running In chains east; lbence
-tn eiinins north; thenoe in chains ereit: tlienoe in
ehains aouth, In jiohtl of ooiniiieno-.ineut, cun-
Iniuing IiiO uorea mnre or leas.
Hated OctoberW, 1900.
l.KoS Watson,
By hla agcui, Baaxn w. Kobuwox.
Nntice is hereby given that GO days after date I
inteml in apply io iho linn. Chief Commlnloner
oi I.ninl-met Wnrk**. fur permlMlon lo pun-hase
the following deserllvd lauds afiualcd iu lhe
West Kootenay Dlitrlet! Hegluullig al a |a>at
marked, "Antoinette Hireh's N k. corner," nud
tdaulcd nn Ihe shore of Whalshaii (t'arllmn}
bike al the anitlheaal  Corner nf  lhe  -aid   lake.;
Ihence Bob th n uialmi thenee weit l�� chaini,
moreor leas, to Ihe shnre of Whatshan ereek:
them-e following the shore Hue nf said ereek ami
lake in a general iinrtherly and eaalerly direo-
tioti Hi) chai iih, mnre nr  leas,  lu  point  of coin
menoement; containing 180 acres, more or leaa
Oct. isth, turn;.
Hy P. L. Hammond, Agent.
Notice In hereby given Hmi tt dny. afler date I
Intend to apply io Mm Hon. OhleiComminloner
nl i.iuid- ninl Worki Inr perinlaahiu lo tunohaao
lhe fullnwlug deaerltail lund- stluated in the
Well Knnlilitiy dislrlet: Iteginning al a poat
in.tried " Herbcrl WarrenN N. K. cuner." and
plauied on lho w si slmroof Wlutlshiui (Carilion)
lake, ahuul -quarter mile norlh of the south
cm oii'lof the lake; llienee west Nl cha his; thenoe
���oath ttabaliui theuee easl sn chains, nmre nr
less, lo Whitehall ereek; theuee fotloiviug
mn 11. alniig llio creek and lako shnre Hi chnlua,
moro or leu, to point nf oomntcnooment, containing (Hn acres, mure or leas
Hated Hint Uth day of Ooiobor, IWO,
IlKllllI i:i   W Aiuti-N,
P. 1.   llAMNoNM, Agclll.
Nollee is herehv given thut On days afler dale I
inlcnd In apply In ihe Hull. Chief Cninmisalniu-r
of La nd* and Works for permission Inpuiohiiao
lho billowing describe! binds situated in the
Wesi Kooteuay disiriei; beginning at a poi]
marked "O. I' Mao.Uleklng's ft, W. enrner," and
plauied ou llie wall shoreof Whiltaliau (Carlliou)
lake, abonl th" ������ mil a norlh of thc tipper Narrows uf tllO Mill Ink.' ami oi-oosil. llie i-lsiinl lu
the said hike; thenee smith (to chains; tlu-m-c
eaat in ohaini, uiori'or leu, in lhe lake slmre;
llieneo Inthnviug  the aald  shore lu n miilherly
amtweaierly ������trcetlmi iai ebalbi. inoroor len,
to poi ui nf onnimeiiOeiiienl, containing mi aores,
Oct. 18. ntiit. 0. D. M..rMicKiMi,
Hy l'\ I- Hammonii, Agent.
Nntice ia herehv given that 00 daya altar date I
lutciul to make application lolhe Hunorable the
Chic' Commissioner of I .anil*, ami Worka fur per-
milllOII lo purchase the folluwlng deacrlbed
t,mils* Coiiiineuclng Ht n poal planted on tho
mrlheaalco nor of Peter McNaughloifs anplica-
nun to purehna.) following tho easi hmnulnry ��if
lame H<' .���hain- south; thence m chaiua eaat;
lhetice80ohalna north; ihence su chalna weal to
poini ol commaiioomePti eouiainitig mo acres,
imtodOflt.W, WOO. -AUMNff Ku.nnT,
By hla agenl BltWWT W, RoniNIOH.
Nntice la hewhy given  that  alxty daja filter
date  I   iniend   In applv U  Hniinrablc Chief
I*., iimlsslniier of I.ntl.ls nnd  Worka for perniia-
Btopurohaie the followlna described lauds;
d-inni-jiit-lug nl a post placed oil the linrthw at
wnrner of Albeit KIMoifsapplicaltnii to purohaae,
n i illlK Hn eliHina ensl along tin* northern
I,   ndary of name; thenee  hu ehalni north;
he, Mohaini wait! Iheaeo anohaiaj aonth, lo
.ofiil nf eommeiicomoiil. oontainlng Gin aerea,
mnrc or leaa.
Dated <i��:t. 18. WM u- J1,.'nN Bl-*'iw1
V By hla agent, KetttT W. KouwaoN.
The Daily Canadian
He Is Put    Right    by    Letters    From
U In u dangerous thing for neruum.,
evon when insplcsd by thu highest motives, io Interfere in matters they do
uot thoroughly understand.. For t\-
ample; Cupi. ft, Tully ot South
Bbifllds, DBS, BlutuH thu YorkBhire Post,
received s lefasr from bis brother,
Hunry Tully, who ban buon uuarly
thirty yefira In South Africa. Writing
rrom Pietormoritoburg, ou July 28th,
Mr. Tully says; "1 um vury sorry to
sss that Keir iiardio ami several other
M. p's who are in Ignorance or tiio
facta lnivu aooused the Nutui trooim of
barbarity In connectlod with this war.
'itn y belong to thu tmuiu sort of people
who found fault wiih the British troops
during  the  Hour  war.    Ah  tar au  thu
charge of barbarity la concerned, the
vury oiipoultu waH the case. The wo-
ini'ii ami children were uu token care
ol, ami only the natlvus who were
found in arms aguinut ub woru killed.
Thu ressoo ��o few prisoners were utk-
uu was thu atrocities committed on
our men hy the rebels, llrooks and
Brown, of my old .corns, thu Natal
���Mounted Police, were most horribly
mutilated. In the ease of Veui, u mm-
uombatuul, he must have suffered awful torture. A native witness hns confessed lo us tlial Ilu* podr fellow was
hold down while the solus of his feet
were cut off, iiu tainted, and when he
came tu be was mode to walk a distance, carrying a heavy load on his
head. His right bond was.cut off, anil
ho bud to salute himself with bis dead
liaiiu. After lhat his eyes were gouged
oul, and he waB dismemhuruil wiille
slill living. Cau you wonder thai lhe
men of HcKenzte's oolumn, when they
found Iiis mutilated body, should cry
OUt, 'Take no surrender Blr?' Can you
Imagine anything more horrible than
Ihese oul rages, or any people in their
sum* senses taking lhe part of the
block agaiusl their own country j,oo-
lile? The Kaffirs who committed
Ihese cruellies ure mission slaiion
Kaffirs, mind you! I have these details from Col. Wells aud others who
were ou the field ami fouud tlie bodies.
I only wish all the Auglonhooes iu the
House of Commons would come out
here and live among the nalives for u
Short period. Tliey would soon be convinced of their folly."
n ______
Manitoba   Premier    Puts    Grit Critics
Next the Facts.
Winnipeg, Oct. 22.���Premier Hohlin
returned from unending the pmvincial
conference Saturday, and when asked
for bis views on the action of Hon. Mr.
Alchrlde, said:
"I think the position taken up by
him was u strong one. Hud auy of
the others been placed in similar circumstances, the premier so situated
would huve adopted a similar altitude.
Thu position lie took was that the icg-
Islttture of Itritish Columbia never endorsed the Quebec resolutions of 11)02.
They ununimously usked for conslder-
atlott of their ciuims. Independent of
the reasons givun for the resolutions
when they were adopted. 1 agree that
he could  not have  lukeu    any    other
stand and been nbie to meet the legislature of British Columbia with a reporl Uml would have beeu acceptable
to It. Tlutt is, unless he had Obtained
special financial assistance, us embodied in his request. His action and
COndUOt wen* courteous and dignified,
but firm in Ills demands for reference
of Itritish Columbia's ciuims for special consideration by virtue of her
physical difficulties."
The premier ou ibe subsidy arrangement, expressed no disnpprnval or eril-
lctsm. ilu explained tbnt nothing
was definitely settled. Thu resolutions as submitted were acceptable to
the Dominion government, but tbe fed-
cnii ministers pointed oul Hint they
would ho compelled to submll (he mutter to the Imperial parliament by way
of an amemluiuiit to the Hrilish Nortb
America Act before anything could be
Sarah Ib 62 Today.
Mine. Borah Bernhardt, the celebrated I*Yench uetress who recently concluded u tour of Amurlca, wus born in
Paris, October 22, 1844. hike Mile,
itaehel, she is n Jewess by birth and
origin, but was brought up tu a convent, and when n child became a
Catholic.    In   1858    she    entered    the
Conservatoire in the class of Provost,
ami also received Instruction from
Snmson. She received a second prize
on her graduation in 1863. After a
brief sojourn al the Qymnose and at
the Porte 81. Martin she mode her do-
but at the Odeon, nnd started on the
road to fame under the direction of
Chilly and Huquesnul. Al the Odeon
alio acted tho part of Avici�� in
"Phedre," nnd other parts in which she
BUlmuqiH-ntly became famous. In 18(1!)
slip nllnlned her firs! notable success
lti Coppoe's "he Pnssunl." From 1875
to 1880 she wou laurels ut the Theatre
Franculs in "Le Sphinx," "Rome
Valncu,"     "La     FHle     de    Roland,"
"h'Ktrungere," "Heruani,'- "Ruy Blue,"
und "Phedre." Her first uppearance
in London wus in 1879, and ' on November 8 of the following year she
made here American debut at Booth's
-theatre in New York. Since thai first
appearunce she has made six tours of
the United Slates, in 1.01 appearing in
America jointly with Coquelin. Her
successful ploys of late years have
been "Homlet," "La Sorciere," "La
Sumaritalne" und  "L'Alglon."
Great    Musical    Treat Promised    Here
The Westminster Glee and Concert
party, whouu concerts nru announced
to luke place at Sherman's opera
hotise on Friday evening, Is representative of the original body which officiated at tlie coronation of King Edward VII. In Westminster abbey on
August !i, 1902, and wus selected by
the organizer, Mr. Edward Ilruns-
coinbe, nol only for their excellence as
soio vocalists of assured position in
Kuglund, bul noted for thut perfection
of blend, sympnthy uud expression iu
ensemble singing which is so difficult
to attain or find, und which stamps
the singers not only us cultivated ���musicians, bul us men of eclectic tusto,
polish ond refinement.
This party have, since their orgun-
ization, delighted large uudiences in all
purls of the world, and have, since
their last visit to Canada, achieved
fresh triumphs fn South Africa, India,
Iturmah, tin- Fur Easl and Australasia.
Those who took advantage of hearing this company three years ago wilt
be delighted to learn that they are returning to submit to tiiem a now repertoire Of madrigals, glees, pari songs
and old English ballads. This musical
combination comprises pust members
of the Westminster ubbey choir and
solo soprano boys from the London
College for Choristers, supplemented
by well  known solo artists.
The Daily Crash.
Toledo, Ohio, Oct. 22.���Two persons
were killed and a dozen injured, two
lata lly. lust night when un incoming
Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton passenger train collided with an outbound
car on the Toledo & Indiana Traction
line ul a crossing three miles west of
here. The locomotive struck the rear
end of the car, smashing it badly. The
engine was thrown from the truck.
The train hud the right of way, but
the conductor of the trolley car misjudged the distance and thought he
had plenty of time lo cross the track
ahead of the train The motorniuu
disappeared after the collision .
Chicago Beats Gait.
Chicago, Oct. 22.���The Chicago Association football team made umends
yesterday tor its defeat of Saturday by
winning from the Gfi.lt, Ont., team a
splendidly-fought contest by a score of
;. goals to 2.
A.McDonald ..Co-
Denlers iu staple and fancy (Jroeorios.
Butter, Eggs.
Camp nnd Mouth' Supplies.
The Latest Modem Appliances
now in use at this
ooons -Ai.i.mi POR
Antl   r>IU.IVHK-l!l> rHiii:
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
Nutii'c is horeby Klvi'ii thut, tlilrty iIiivn ufi.-i
date. I Intend in a|i|>ly in tin* HonoruM-* Dm'
UlUof Co Iffliouer ol  Louis nml Works for u
KlH'i'hlt llriMisi* Iii cut nml i-nrr\ (iwiiy tllilliiT (nun
Hi.' lull..whh.' deeeilbed lninls, nltiiiti<,< in the
Wesi Kootenay ihNirifi:
CoitttnetlOlng ut u posl iimrkiMl Krcil Alklnnnu-*
northwest corner |umt, nl��iitc*il nbotitotie mil*'
ensl  nl  I p|H>r  Arrow  Uke uml juiiiiii*-- Lot. .,':�����:
thenee ''h��i sn eimiiis, Ihenoe xoutii wi obalut,
llii'iM-i' went 80-���hnlns, thoueo north no-'halus lo
|Hlt!lt Ol l-limilU'IHTIll.'llt
DaU<iI Hi is .Ih dny of October. I'.nm;
I'lmn. Atkinmin,
 CllA��  Kill,.
Take noiloo that-ttdiuti niter Uate wo luiuml
iiiHkiiiiC application to fhe lloiioiiihle the riild
Uoinmwloner of LiokIh ami Worka for aKpccini
lloeilH to ml mui curry awHy limlmr from tho
inllow in*-:  {tcscrllH'il   lumls:   romniciicliiK nl  n
(���usi near tlu- soiiihi-u-i oorner of the K... s
ItHi'wnv, Loi fjn. Muir i.imu- uiaeler erteIC,
nnniliii,' thence north Irtl elupiis; thenee oust
-t'lchnliiK*. thence nouth tCnehaiiis; thence west
���toclinins to i i of oommeiU'Oiiieiil
[iiiirii, Beptember i.mii. um
lUNHEI. Tl'OMKY, AgUllt.
Nolle* is hereby Klveii thnt����ilavs allor ilnte 1
inieml to uppl) to Ihe Hon. the i.ilef ronmilH
nloner of Uuuls mid Works for u sjur'nl lleunOQ
lo mil and run>��� ii -hy tlmher (rom tho following
deeerlbed lamlR, nilnute tu Went Kootenay nit*
trlel: t'ononeinlnn nl a post nn PobliiHon creek,
three i[ liar turn of a inlle iiorlhwpsl ol LHrcher's
Srociiipili.il, thriicewent SueholiiN, thenee north
i i-liiun*., thcnccensl mt .���hnlns, ihem*. miiiiIi m
cluilns to p im nf i-oiuinemviiiuilt,
Loealed Jnlyi-lh. 1900,
liKO. IlKNIiKH.-'iiN, LoCKlor.
Silver King Hotel
Bust Dollar a day honse in the KooMiunyH.
Booma tre well liinililsesl.   Tftble M good sus anv
ln NeUou.    bar luppllcd with good
llosiori -nd cla��r��.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tf em ont House
European and American Plan
Heali _6 cu.   Boomi (rom �� ote. to ft
Only White Help Km ployed
Baker St.. Nelaon I'ropricton
Bartlett   House
But Dollar-a-Diy House in Nelson.
Tbe Ber li lhe Flneet.
White Help Only Employed.
Joieisltliis- Hi.
The Big Schooner DA/.��, 1 f\���
Or "Hall__Hill"   DCCt    1 UC.
The only Glass of Good Beer in Kelson.
IIsils-l -ecommodstloiu .w���nd lo uoiit> in Brit-
iBh l.'oliuiililH. Hales, ll.im |.sr,iay. 8,s.,slal raUjn
ts, iiioiitlily liiissr.lcs.. Only hoims hotel In Nelsion
Lake View Hotel
��� 'uriiT Hall ami Vernon,
two blocks (rom wlmrl.
Katett J! 00 per day aud up.
.telephone ut.        , _V__S_U>C/JV.   & Cm
Grand Central Hotel
J  A, E RICK SON, Proprietor.
Centrally Locateil. open Day and Night,
Hampleand Bath Boomi tree.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward aod Vernon Streets*
Th�� Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
I<ar?i. and Comfortable B_droomi and Pint-
Claw. I'liilug Kooni. Ham pie BOMBe lor Commer-
llui  M. ll.
MRS. B. (1. i.LAKKK. ProprluireM
Tbe well known
MI'.fWT        *-,ar BeerGimlen is
(lV A til t        the Finest iu the
2E22I^^^2^S**E KootoimyB.
Royal Hotel
Rates |l and |1.60 a Day.
Special Kates to Regular Bcarders.
Whiilrr-iHle ninl Itetall Uealern In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oiiiiipa supplied on short-eat notie*. nud
lowest prirr. Nothing but freah nud
wholesome liit-titH nnd aupplea kept in httxik
Mnil ordeni reeoive enreful itttention.
E. C. TRAVES. Manager.
w. a. aiuuETT
Contnictor  Hnd
Hole HKeiit for the I'nrtn Klen l.ninher Qo��� 1,U|.,
retail yanln. It..null uml dre*s��il limiher, turned
work nml braekels, r.msi. lmli and miuikU's. -��sh
und doori*. Cement, lirlele and tlmo tor wile.
.\ n linn lit!.' Ki'iinl.il'.
Yard and laclnry. Vermin Hi., eaal of Hall,
NI.il__-.OIN,   B. C.
P O. Ilox 988, Telephone 178.
West Transfer Co.
GEORGE ., MOTION, lbu(tf.
General Te_.msU.rs nnd Denlon. in
Ooal and Woo s.   Express and
Imikkiuk' Trnnsler
WMfffl Office: Baker St.
Residence foi Sale.
Price $ ,,000
Terms $150 cash
balance monthly payments
House and Two Lots for Sale in
Hume Addition. The house has
five rooms and a large basement
and is well situated.
H. <& M. BIRD.
Insurance!   Real Estate and Miafag
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
HuHini'KH iu Kooteuay.
Nelson, B. C.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acta
of thf
Choteert Frott Lands In
ofltlsli Colmnbla.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importer of Rln*
Biiftcll-th  Ooocl-M
Jno. T. Pierre
Baker St.
N-laon, B. C
EAST from Medicine Hat
ST. PAUL, Dally.
TORONTO, Wed., Krl., Sun.
MONTKI'JAl,. Tue., Tlnir.,  Mon.
BOSTON.   Saturday.
Weat from Revelstoke
Dally Standard Sleeprr
For  berths,  rales nr detailml   Iufor-
iniiiiiiii upiily tu Iik'iiI ugents nr write
A.(i.r. *.. Vniii'.nivcr. D. I'.A., N,'l���,ls
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit, Fuel
tc Pooltry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily iliiiinniiuul Nelson
and its suburbs. Pbuue 148.
Thhty-stcond Aanoal CootchUob
American Bankers'
SI. Louis, Io.. Oct. 16-19.1906
Koini'l trip rater* lost. Louis
mui t:|ilf;aj(0 *,.n KhIi* Uetobor
Vilh lti litlli.
Ht. I.miiv
. $60.00
.. 64.00
Oottlg irHDHit limit ten (Im>'h
Irmu ilntfiil Bttle. Kiiml return
limil NtiviiilitT :Wth, )HM.
Round Trip Rates to Southern
linififi'i Oelnber SQth, lihHl,oQ
���ale dully, limited to ii monthH
from dale nl mhI<>.
o�� AiiBt'lfw anil Santa Hurhara.. Sdi.aO
I'h n�� d i'i iti.  gt,,io
Kaiilu Mtuiii'ii.. . g0t_Q
Itivcrstili* ami suit Murnitr-jiiitv |9,/o
KtHllitmli)   'ot?e
Fur Kmllicr Information Apjily to
(.'lly I'ltHHt .tRiir Ageut.
M U. P. A., Untitle.
Old Curiosity Shop
It you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japaneac Goods now ou aale. All
kinds ot Dlnnerware In stock. Pi I-
For Etei
to Smoke.
Imported aod Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
V* You how Thwnuii's SfctUI Mlllort?
il ��� ��� SILVERWARE
We have the best and guarantee It to give satisfaction. The styles
we oarry  nre the newest  on the market.   JIow are these for prices:
Vegetable  Dishes  $9.00
Pudding   Dishes   $6.00,  $7.50,   $10.00
Bread Trays   ...$4, $5.50, $6.75
Butter Dishes ....$1.65, $2, $3.75, $4
r c.
__��*&�� ^H ���
11 Cj
���_[     [s��s_ft-
Book Ahead For
Preserving Pears:
The right kind aro scarce.   We ���
*i  have n nice lot of  local Burtlettf* **,
��� and Plemlah Beauties to arrive
f     Lowest market prioes guaranteed.
Bell Trading!
Company        ���
Coal and
Telephone 265
Do you remember that
The apple you took from j
the tree when you were aj
How nice it tasted thcu.
has some just like them.
Come and  sample some.
JOY will meet you
at the door.
foy's Cash Grocery]
Cor.Joii'phlUfiiiid Mill 8ts.      I'ltone 18
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch aud
Boat Builders will finil it tss their wl-
yantage tO use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
I lb. box   -   50c
1-2 lb. box -   30c
Tb-Mgoodi aro u flneu ilie moreexpeoilvq
kindi, the only dlffereoo. in Uie package.
Phoue 25. Baker St.
Next P. Burns & Co.
Cur. Ves-isisis ..nil Want   StrectH,
INEI-SON,   t��. C.
J FBBD HUME. Proprietor.
E, J. Willis, Toronto; W. A. Allen,
(.'. A. Carman, Harold Wright, Vancouver; A. W. McKenzle, Portland; E.
B. Kiehnrilson, P. C. Small, A. 0.
I.sscluml, W. E. Shout, .1. W. Collins.
Vancouver; H. Maokinnon, London; IJ.
Aruoi anil wife, Slocun: Mrs. J. Williams, New Denver; Duncan Ross,
Qreenwood; C. D. Cameron, Montreal;
0. J. Dale, Everett; J, s. Nelll, Oranby; G. Findlay, Bulkley; Q. ll. Uow-
niun. Revelstoke; C. II. Lewis, Curlew; M. 11. Uublc, Victoria; J. Milli-
champ; (i. it. Ureen, Vancouver; \V.
Murvhy. Toronto; G. B. Lowry, Victoria; F. II. MoDermont, Colville; (*..
A. Lammers, A. J, Lamniers, .1. D.
Bomsen nnd wife, T. R. Converse and
wife. J, 1). McCorinncl. and wile., J.
G. Nelson and wife, Stillwater; C. Hay
and  family, Grand  Pinks.
J. .1. Blumer, K. E. Mackenzie, Itossland: It. P, Hell Smith, Angus W.
Misliau. Cincinnati; D. J. S. Arnold,
New London; Jos. Patrick C. Lester
Patrick, Fretl A. Peacock, Montreal;
A. .McQueen, Kainloops; C. Amsden
and company; J. c. Unas. Bpokane;
W. Morrow, R. A. Balnbrldge, C. B.
Oartwrlght, Vancouver; G. O. Buchan-
an aim wife, Kaslo; G. C. Tunsiall, Jr..
Montreal; Mrs. S. P. Miltcnborger, St.
W. Somervllle, Calgary; s. ll. Burns
nnd wife. A. Tui'lioiisliy, Toronto; Mrs.
G. S. James, Sandon; J. F. O'Brien, C.
L. Tally. P. nines. Duluth; J. H. Feeney, Crnnd Forks: G. Use, S. Glass, Spokane; Miss Hlckey. Erie; six members
of Amsden Company.
H.  Munro, J.  James,  P.   Monday, X
Kirk, P. Ryan, Bonnington,
C. T. BrlokBon, O. Moberg, Wetaskl-
win; A. Smith, Moyle; W. Grece, J. H.
llrown. Oranbrook; F. E. Collins, A. D.
Loughead, W. W. Forrester, Snlmo; D.
Derward, Brand Forks; E. O'Dell, J. A.
Fli-ti, Hamilton: C, P. Conway; W. D.
Murray, Material Yard; S. Dovltt,
Brandon; F. Davis. .1. Illnk. Fernie;
Mrs. H. Trelnn, Spokane; \V. llanna,
Ashcroft; K. C. Thayer, Mica.
M. McKenzle, Camborne; Wm. Walker, I.. Savage, G. Hall. Kaslo; J. Puff,
Hazleton; John Mulnern, Brechin; P.
W. Moore, C. P. Conway, Witch wood;
S. J. Nash. Shields; .1. Haywood, Racine. M. Schust, Boundary Falls: j.
Selwood, Hurley; W. H. Morton, Trail.
P. McHugh, Fernie; j. Martin,
Kingston; .1 Anderson, Ft. William:
p Fleming, Brandon; R. Hall. Wlnnl
peg;  II. Kerney. Ymir.
E. L. Roberts, Toronto; \V E, Per
ry, Spokane.
A. McOuire. c. Canipilssmi, Arrowhead; P. .Maliiir. I). McKay, .1. Dewar,
J. Ward, E. Lanchester, J. Mitchell,
Koolenay   Landing!     D.    Mcintosh,   1).
Mci.-osi. Wlnlaw; ii. Baveretook,
Salmon Point; J. Williams, Londonderry; II. Oliver. Montreal.- j. Spur rell,
O. Wilson. F. Tompkins. Mncleod: T.
Neville, P. Monday, P. Ryan, J. Kirk.
P Aliilon. Winnipeg; J. Campbell. Blue
Bell; A. Pyinan, Sreston: E. McCabe,
W. J. Out. Oastlogar: N. McCnlliini,
J. li. Fair, Bonnington; s. MoQuackel,
E. Walker, Nakusp; R. Martin, F
Steele, G. Goodlson. Rossland.
A. E. Ilalgh. Nakusp; P. Lllnilberg,
Qolden; D. H. Snedden, Grand Forks;
S. Sawyer, G. Hall. W. Walker, Kaslo;
W, May, P. Mcintosh, Arrowhead; O.
McWankel. Robson; II. McRae. Scot-
hind: J. Swan. L. Gage and wife. Ro
salln: C. O. VanCamp. Fnrrnn.
.111 MKV, si! once, f.si svnrk in Use wiiosIh. Api>ly
lis ��'. K. r.iislc,-. miwmlll. Kiss.li, _____
I.AIIY STKNIIIIIU I'll Eli (ssr pssMll.sii In cm.lilrr.
(Isssssl Isiiiii,. svllls i'iis|,li>yrr'is tisiisllv. Apply
1,111 W'��� Clisullaii nlHie.
HI'HIIMKN, Mill llss lid,, sunt l_OKKlll|fi;<ililra<'l.,i'.,
hIisss Engineer   wtttsburg lumber tin., near
rniishrssssls. II. r
t'OMl'l-.TENT Nl USE HIKI.. Kill-"'<���lili.tr.-lil
Apply I'tsx om.
The Daily Canadian
Horn, on Saturday, October 20, to tho
wife of J. II. Ringrose, a son.
The fences enclosing the government
grounds are being torn down preparatory to moving the courthouse building.
Claude Amsden and his musical
comedy company arrived last night.
They are staying at the Strathcona
and Queens.
The members of the Churchmen's
club will be at home to all members of
the congregation of St. Saviour's this
evening From . o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. A. K. McNaughton are
visiting Xelson. Mrs. MoNaughion's
friends will be pleated to learn that
she is recovering from her recent in-
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kerr, of tho
Occidental, arrived home Saturday
evening alter a three week's visit to
the coast. Their visit included New
Westminster. Vancouver, Victoria and
W. P. Tlerney returned from Grand
Forks Saturday night, lie says that
the 10 miles of grading for the North
Kork line is nearly completed and that
track laying will commence on Nov.
15th. The work is in charge of G. O.
Tlerney. ���
R. P. Hell Smith and A. W . Mishau.
of Cincinatti, and D. J. S. Arnold, of
New London, spent yesterday at the
Strathcona, This morning tbey started
north to visit the Broadview mine,
which they acquired from the local
owners last spring.
The funeral of the late Joseph Savell
will take place tomorrow afternoon at
2 o'clock from the Standard Furniture
company's undertaking parlors. Rev
.1. T. Ferguson will read the services.
Instructions for the funeral have been
received from his brother in Manchester in reply to Chief Jarvls' cable.
The regular general meeting of the
20,000 club will be held in the board of
trade rooms tomorrow night at 8.30.
Besides the election of new members
of the committee, and a possible definite report from the advertising committee, the chief business will be tho
announcement hy the entertainment
committee of arrangements for the
most ambitious undertaking of the
club to date, the production of grand
opera by Ihe Rosclan company under
the club's auspices on Hallowe'en
night. Hon. Secretary Melville Parry
Is the originator of the idea, and has
already made good progress with tho
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In ordor to clear out this line
we aro reducing tho price to
���lOo. We only hnve a limited
quantity no don't delay order*
lag il you wnut any.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
Sherman's Opera House
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
October 22nd, 23rd and 24th
Canuiln's Favorite Comedian, and
Nelson's  Favorite Soprano.
MONDAY���"The  Governor's  Wife.
Prices 60o, 75, $1.00.
Seuts nn Sule nt Rutherford's Friday
FRIDAY, October 26
and Saturday Matinee, Oct. 27th.
Westminster Abbey Choir
Seals GOc, 75c, $1.00.
Fresh, Crisp and Appetizing.
25c per pound.
This is a fine line.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Potter & Cummings
We want to clear out every Framed
Picture we have in the place, and we
have put such greatly reduced prices
on them as will muke them go.
Original  Price Reduced Prico
.75 t .10
$1.00 70  and    .75
1.25 85 and    .90
1.50 1.00
2.00 1.25
2.75 1.95
4.25  2.90
6.00 3.75
(1.50 3.90
W. G. Thomson
ffiffiSSK" ind Nelson, B. C.
Phona 34.
G. C. Tunstall arrived from Kamloops last night, en route for his headquarters In Montreal.
B. W. Roliinson Is preparing nn
elaborate plan for the seating of the
Agricultural hall for the Roscians'
Two points advance In sliver and
seven in copper Is the record of today's metal markets. Silver Is now
quoted In New York at 701/, cents nu
ounce. Load and zinc nre high and
Ex-Mayor H. O. Neelands arrived
rrom Wotasklwln. Alia., Saturday
night to visit his family here. Mr.
Neelands' host of friends In Nelson are
pleased lo see him again and to know
that he I.s prospering In the new province.
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Canada Drug & Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
-low   Ahout   Your
Qui-is and
Ammunition ?
We have Klcy's, Kynock's, Winchester, nnd Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock'H, Winch est it and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Hells,
Coats, Pants, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box (>..l      Nelson, 13. C.
best.     Try a pound with
your next order.
Money refunded if not satisfactory.
Telephone 101.
W. J. Goepel, inspector of government agencies, returned from a visit
lo the coast cllles Saturday evening.
Mr. floepel spent three days lu Snn
Francisco and wns amazed nl the
amount of work going on In the city.
The Influx of strangers renders It difficult to preserve law and order. It
is believed that there are more uiule-
slrnlile characters In San Francisco
now ihan at any time In Its history.
The liu.Hlness portion of the city Is being changed from lhe old streets to
sarer localities. The building! ure being erected on grounds on short lenses
so that the structures nre not of tho
most dtirahli' character.
Talking aboul li. will neither put a
piano Into your hiinii- nor bring back
tin1 days���valuable days���your daughter Is wasting. Let. us loll you how
easy we will make II for yon NOW In
give your family lhe piano they have
wished for so long.
"Acts Not Words"
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Improved Kootenay
Fruit Ranch for Sale
Money maker from the start, containing 11 acros of first class fruit soil,
level us a floor, every Inch under cul-
tlvallon; water running through the
prunlses; 1000 frull trees planted,
'"'~ , some five years old nnd bearing, balance three years old and will bear next summer; largo quantities of
raspberries, strawberries nnd other stnnll fruits; dwelling house;
slalsles; root houses; waggons; hoi-Res; tools; fully- fenced We
positively guarantee that there Is nol u finer ranch on'Kootenay lake,
.his place is situated 19 miles ensl of Nelson on the shore or Kootonay lake; Ih within one-quarter mil,, ���f K00d steamboat landing, and
one-quarlur mile from C. P. It. station. Price ��5,000.
*T*{\\7T2 S, af^f^     fruit LANDS a
Numerous Designs and Low Prices
Call and Inspect.
J. J. WALKER, ���"���"-^���H
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Sbeetmetal Work, (.nstings, Builders' Material und Mining and Mill Maiililsen
Office nnd WorkH Foot of Park St.
Phone   Jin,
NulM.m, |y ^
&f* Kootenay Agenti
\V licil��_.-nli_;   I'liiviHiimn,
Dominion Government Oreounen One Pound Ilricks received weekli
from the churn.   Por sale by all leading grocers.
Office nnd warehouse; Houston Block,   Phono Tl).
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C
l, B. C.
Don't Forget
le your furnace In shape to start the winter with?    If  not, NOW]
la the time to have It repaired. '
I E Ashdown Hardware Co., Ill
PLEASR NOTE���We will not bo responsible for any furnace not In shin
by October 1st, 190G.
, <---_y/\/W--*f
W ork, Mlr.1,,.1find Mill Maghln-  _-.     M.inul..tliir��i'- ..i
or.--_ri.w. w:-gau-^toa.y__Kf
P.O. B.11B
We W_I1 Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi, Canadian
WOO Yale-Kootenay Ice
9 I 2c\
McDermid & McHardy
i Just Arrived!
A large consignment of
All Skat nmi boweii Prices
mmcmm Lumber, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Wlndovvs.
l-urnod Work and Brackets. Mail Orders promptly attend ��* I
VBRINON 8TBHBT  -  -   .   INBLSON, B. oT '
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handlo the Famous Kootenay Range?
.-,?��.C *_*.wo ca nno* Procure a better, taking Into account design, workmanship, cooking qualities and price
We will be pleased to show you Its good points.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y
Mwl nil


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