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The Daily Canadian Sep 9, 1907

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Array \%\)n  CiaUy   (ftcmafct
.   i
No. 8-j
| Display of Fruit Wanted
at Jamestown
PuwtU Smith's Letter From Prof.
Van DenuD���Inspector's Views
on This Year's  Crops.
Kisit.oay has now an unique oppor
foully lor distinction and recognition us
. fruit growing country. All tbe fruit
Iliirli'U al .he United State, and In
ItHgut of lhi.se of the  whole  eon.In
sill Ik- represented **  the exisisl
los st Jamestown during the ln*l week
(Ike present month  while  Ihe enliven-
bon of the American   1'oinologlcul   So-
PU will be held there as a  feature of
I big terren.enulul  ex[H>sltlon.       Tbe
koie 01 that  occasion   will   l.o   Prof.
fsa Dtmati, one of the foremost ihiiuo-
1 of .be continent, who baa  acted
1 that caparlly  at   fruit   fairs  aU   over
lonh America,    including    the   [atwfa
^id Clark Fair al Portland and the Fair
[ New Westminster In   1906.
I At the latter   I'rol   Van   Unman   deal taat hv had never ln his life seen
^plss superior   In    color,    llavor ami
Hit; to tnose  of   Hritish   Columbia
��� IN lately written to Maxwell Smith.
Qlnloli inspector,  nr. n.i:   hitll  to  use
taflrjence to  have   an  exhibit   sent
1 thti pruvlnce.
|U mi; tie too late  to arrange for n
k'rtodil exhibit, hut It Is not too lute
laend a Kootenai ,-xhlt.it.    The bcnclll
Jaccruefroiu such a display can hard
I usurer-estimated,    la Kootenay equal
I the emerBency ?
Jwell Saillh siH'nt yesterday lu the
He has completed Ills Inspection
iKelion. Kaslo ami the llouudury. ami
V.ki In lhe highest terms of all Unit
I tu seen .11 all .hose districts. Ills
lies may keep him In Kootenuy Urn
| three days more.
Ailed as  to  the     general     outbH.k
'wishout    tlie    province   Mr.   Smith
|' "blnk this year's crop  will   be   up
Ithe average.   It is true that there has
p�� an unusual   rainfall and   possibly
1 Hun usual of warm weather.   Th.it
p militate to some  extent ngulnst  a
Jcrop of plums, hut it certainly has
< t*��il enough to hurt the apple crop.
fFToo my 0wn observations and from
1 "Ports I have received 1 should say
fl lie apple, crop  will   be  excellent.
^* lew districts ther.- Is a little dam-
��� liuiiu every case It Is purely local.
low districts  the   crop  Is   splendid.
" His Is .specially   true,  1   say  with-
I "MllaUun. of   thu   Kootenuy     and
���lindary illuirirts."
P'  Bmlttl  has     wrl.u-i,     Mr.   \V.   .1.
uidrlth. secretary of tliu Hrltlsh Col-
pbla Krult Cirov,-,.rH' Association, tn re-
'0 Prof Van  l)uma.r��  rei|..est for
Inhibit at Jainesiown, but feurs lhat
''."" Is tou short  for  effective or-
Jam acUon.
Hmlth Is secretary of the North-
f��l trull .(rowers' Assocl.ll Inn. whose
P��*l   �����������������,���������    ,���   ,���    b,,    ,K,ld    ,���,���
F" '-MOnver, in lhe first week of
���mbtT. t���  which   attention   lias   nl-
P I tMj     frequently      cuMul|    lu   T|���.
r'U.iadlu,,       folncldent   with   the
P 'Wloii th,.,,.   wU|  ,|0  u (.omi���.���llvl,
CsH '" ,'"""*'t!,l"��   wl'b   Which
rcl'.'prizes are offered as follows:
J**"*  silver   medal;    3rd   prize.   ,,r,
gw-iMal, tor a,, ,���.���, ���V(. i,OX).H 0,
r "���<������ iiiffcciit rarlatlas, and shut-
7 ""'��h. priiaa tor u,��� |���.B, rUsplaj.
I ��� cotaill<.rrlul  appl< on  Boor
I  ,l�� ��l....re.    In connection will, the
te,wi';r,1M',s""1" ��-- J
*V0rh,       '" '"' ��lvp�� lo n.e exhlbl
�����<������ forte���r';"'i'"",l"V" "' ",""'"*H ""���
J>wssnt UW u,Htrl<-��   '����  ��'"'  'I
1* th. *as^?iV,M.r, 8mUh  oonatden
|U "'"Ply lustifv    }'"   l"'"B""1   SOUB""
*totoY.    ��,���,''"; ,""��l optotatte
British t'oi,    ���.K,'"W"'K oai��blUU��i
Monster   Bear  8hot  on  Toad  Mountain
���On View at P. Burns &. Co.'s.
There Is on exhibition at P. Ilurns &
Cn's butcher shop window In this city
probably the largest bear ever shot in
the Kootonays. It Is a silvertip and Us
weight Is variously estlma.ed at 700
pounds to S00 pound... The animal was
shot at the top of Toad mountain,
about one mile from Ihe houses belonging to .he Silver King mine. For some
weeks It has been prowling around that
neighborhood and O. F. Carlson and
Josepii Anderson have been watching
for master bruin for some time, and
their vigils were rewarded last Saturday night a little after six o'clock by a
view of the monster on the path in
front of them. In a moment the guns
were leveller! at him. anil before he go.
out of the way lour shots were disclinri;-
ed at htm. He ran away and as 1. was
da.k the huntsmen deferred further
search for him until Sunday moiiiini:.
He was round dead about eight yards
from the sjiot where the shots were
llr.-il. It was found ilint three or the
four shots had tak. n effect. It Is stated
that undressed the niillllal weighed b.-
iw,,-n '.ion nonndj and 1 ooo irounils. The
foot   nxeaenrea 7 sio   inches,   foreleg
avove the joint II Inches, head IS inches
long. 1<*�� Inches wide, and measures from
tip to tip 10 feel 6 inches. An effort
will be made to preserve the animal for
th.- Fair. It certainly would be an attraction, and would prove that Koo.enny
Is the home of big game. It Is probable
that several other bears will be brought
in Several of rhein l,av,- been seen in the
vicinity of the Sbeppherd ranch, ntiove
the smeller, ami hunters are now out
wllh guns In the hope of shooting one
or two animals.
Evidence Given Saturday at Hearing of
Charge   of   Lumber Combine
in   Alberta.
Kdm.inlon. S, pt It.���The preliminary
lnvestlga.lon into the alleged lumber
combine was continued Saturday. It.
II. HI A., xan.ler. secretary of the Hrltlsh t'olumliia l.iimb.r und Shingle Mann
facturlng company, the organization
which SUOOBOdSd lhe Coast Mills As
socliillon. and K. Filgess. of Fxl.nonton.
nnd   A.   0.   Ambrose  of   IMliclni   Creek,
wen. examined.   The latter two swort
thai when not members or the Alberts
lleirill Lumber Dealers' Assoeiiiiion they
were unal.le to set lire lumber, bill when
th."   latter   Joined   the   organization   he
experienced  no  tUOeolty.      Alexander
admitted that the company of which
ho Is secretary adopted bylaws and had
.he same directors as Ihe Coasl Mills
association hud discharged after the Ottawa Investigation. The Investigation
will be resumed Tuesday.
Kamorovosky Dead.
Venice, Sepl. '..Count Kamorovsky.
the colonel of lhe National Guard, a
counsellor of state, who wi.b shot at his
re-iilenre here Sept. Mil by Nicholas
Naumoff. son of an ex governor of Hails,
died yesterday.
Open   to   Conviction.
Honolulu,   Sept.   !. - Ooniressman
Uingworth before leaving for San Fran
claco said: "President ltoosevell will
not become a candld.ile for nomination
unless the entire counity ilemunds 11.
He hus (Irmly mads up his mind '" B,l('k
to ibis course, and only I more wide
spread demand for hi... to accept the
nomination win alter his deiermlna
1 Columbia
I Tom Cl'" ��Pen R"'-'-n��.
Ilu��lu, Sept   a   _ti
!"ta an, ... '   .' Korean    l.isur
����to^B"aOB,n-*��'-����l��.d   .'csls,
'�� rallw'U"""'w-'I'".')' now des.,,,)
I""1"'   Sirmad t8r,-��*��*��l   ll..""   and
IS;, "'"'"'ll    lit, J"!""'"""'. of  whom
Mob of Soldiers.
Junction cuy, Kas��� Sep.. ��.���a mob
of nearly fifty soldiers of the Farriers'
school at Fort HMey cume here about
10 o'clock  yesterday  morning  tor tba
purpose of releasing a comrade Who wr.s
routined in lhe county lull. The slicrlfl
nnd eltv isillce fore were notified 01
Ihelr coming an.l from positions In windows above lhe Jl.ll opened ll lire thW
uulcklv iilHpc.s"d .In mob us It sough I
to   force   ai   entrance.     The   llulholUles
at  Fort  Riley uliice.l juardi Bl the Jail
nnd  are nlilillg  In  lhe  elTiii-.   lo  llnd  the
members of the mob.   Two arrests navo
bein made.    No one wns hurl.
Belgium   Gains  Nothing.
Brussels, Sept '...-King Leopold m''.i<'
another momentous, move In the Congo
question tOdl* hy turning over lhe "do
main of the crown" In lhe Congo Inde
pendent State tO t Joint stock company
in which be is aliased to i��* Interested
This is tho most Important leotton of
the Congo, ten times large, than Bel
glum, and was lo have reverted to Hoi
glum by nnnexnllon. This transfer do
prlves Belgium of tbe ...os. proii.aiiie
pun of the Independent state. ThJ as
er..... uniioiinelng the transfer, whloh.ap
peara to he In lhe olllcial liullelln loiluy.
causod a neiisnUi.ii.
Fittt Cents a Month
Boston Observes Thirtieth Anniversary
Story of Beginnings of Use of Telephones-Evolution From Scientific
Toy to Aid of Commerce.
Iloston. Sept. 9.���Next to the anniversary of Alexander Graham Hell's invention of lhe telephone instrument, no
industrial blithduy Is more Interesting
than ihose of the first telephone line
and t.ie first switchboard, which fall
together about now-. Thirty years ago
In Apr.I a Blngle wire was s.rurig from
tbe factory In Boston where Hell's instruments were made to the mnuu.ue-
turer's reddenee in Somervllle, two or
three miles out in the suburbs. This
wns ihe tirst telephone line ever con-
s.rueted���the prima! uncestur of the
seveu and a hail million miles of wire
which now connect more than three
m.lllon subscribers' "stations" In oue
system alone. At the beginning or lh..
summer of 1S77, soon after the erection
of the firBt telephone line, several wires
radiating from a common centre were
for the tirst time Interconnected by
meuns of a crude device which, through
evolution, has become the huge, intricate, highly perfected switchboard of
Next to the telephono Itseir the
switchboard is the most marvelous aud
most necessary feature of the communicating system. Kemarkable engineering teals have been performed iu
building lines, local and long distance.
Broad rivers have been spanned or underlaid: lofty mountain sides have been
scaled; risck and sand, precipice and
tp.ugmlrc, stoi.n and flood all have presented seemingly insurmouniuble ob-
stae'es which In their turns have beeu
overcome, sometimes with most Ingenious skill. The work ot the line builders
has beeu .he most spectacular, no doub..
but it would, after all, have counted for
little were It not allied with the inventive genius lhat devised the means of
joining into one any two of the myr-
,adB of copper threads by which our
voices are carried far and  near.
The earliest attempt at interconnec
tion ou the general plan of the exchange
as we understand ll today was made in
Boston in 1S77. There wus then operated In this city a company which provided electric burglar alarm service. It
had a central station Where Uie signals
were connected by wires with the premises of Its various subscribers, who
were chlelly bankers und merchanis
Arrangements were made for the use
of these lines and the central station
as an experimental telephone exchange
Telephones were attached to five of the
ctrcul.s���throe lu bnnks, one In the of
flee of u fir... of bankers, and one In the
offlee of the manufacturer or the tnstru
nieuts���unit repeatedly the wires were
so connected In the alarm company's
headquarters that conversations were
carried on be.ween the sev nil subscrlb
ers. , j. i...
The crude apparatus used for making
these connections could hardly he cnl
led u swilehbourd. though 11 served ll.
lis small way. the same purpose as does
the l.irgesl modern exchange, Hut II
contiilnerl the germ of a great Idea. II
started experiments as the result ot
which there wus put Into operation the
following January a real telephone central offlee,   in Bridgeport, Oonn., .here
was a private telegraph system, ptlvali
telegraphy being a sorl of social fad ...
that time, .....1 among .he cult...slash
connected with it was Thomas it. i)oo
little, already the Inventor or many in
geuloiis devices and soon to be Ihe pro
ducer of more. Mr. Doolltllc at.ached
the telephone instrument to his soclel>
telegraph wires, modified the switch
botrd through which the lines had been
connected so that it could be mtiulpu
luied by an upernlor, aud attached slg
nal bells to all the circuits as u moajts
of culling   the   operator's    attention
There   were  twenty   subscribers   served
by this pioneer switchboard! nowadays
there Is hardly u block In I business
street ot any American clly that does
not contain as [many telephones AS
twenty, unit there lite plenty of com
in...rial  ulllces  ami   Industrial   plants  In
every large city which have private
switchboards of their own serving more
.ban twenty "stations" on one floor of
��� he building.
In the same month that Mr. Doollttle
put his switchboard Into operation the
fust fully equipped commercial telephone exchange ever established for
public or general service was opened
ln New Haven. It was a success from
the start, and no sooner was the success
of the New Haven undertaking apparent
than ..ilor cities began Installing central offices. The possibilities thus given the telephone increased its popularity enormously, ln spite of the doubts
and hesitation nearly eyeryone showed
in tht early days. On June 30, 1877,
there were 1130 telephones ln regular
use���230 telephones In the world thirty
years ago today, where there are now
upwards of 7,000,000. Within a month
after the number had more than trebled; within two months it had been
multiplied by six, and by the sprir.gjof
1880 there were In operation some 61,-
000 transmitting and receiving messages. Meantime the central offices
hud multiplied wonderfully, and by
March. 1881. there were In the I'nlted
States only nine of the cities of more
than 15,000 without a telephone exchange.
The early switchboards were curious
contraptions beside the modern type of
apparatus. They took several forms
before the -multiple board" now used
was worked out. At first they used
signal bells of different tones, one at the
end of each subscriber's circuit, the
distinctive tone Indicating which line
was "ringing up." Then number drops
were adopted, each line having a metallic shutter ln front of the board which
when the subscriber turned the generator crank at the side of his telephone
Instrument fell so aa to display the number of his line. And finally came the
"common battery" switchboard, now ln
use in all large cities and being adopted
In smaller exchanges, In which the operator's signal Is given by a tiny Incandescent lamp. The one place in a telephone system where a bell never rings
Is now lu the central office.
Some of the early switchboards were
big frames set along the sides of the
.���Pennine room, the connections being
made by hoys, who ran from one point
t another as the calls came In. Others
were like elongated tables, the switch
sockets being set into the Hat top and
the cords fur connecting them being
suspended from the celling. Apparatus
ot this sort was clumsy and Blow to
operate, besides being limited In the
number of lines It could provide for.
It wus abandoned in tbe United StateB
a quarter of a century ago, but it Is a
curious commentary on the lack of pro-
gressiveness in some directions of our
transatlantic cousins that it still in use
:n some of the government operated exchanges ln Europe. No doubt their
backwardness in adopting Improvements accounts for the small development of the European telephone systems as compared with the development
In this country. In the lust few years
there have been devised ao called automatic telephone systems, in which the
subscriber does the work of making
connections between his lines and the
lines of the subscriber, instead of that
work being done by an operator in the
cen.ral  office.
The rate ul which facilities for verb
al communication by wire have expand
ed and the enormous coat of this
growth are among the moat Impressive
things in American industrial history.
They are suggested In the cold figures
of the cen sus report already referred
to. when II ss.vb: "Tho total value of
tcicphonic apparatus manufactured, as
reported In the census of 1906, was $16,
863, 698 uB compared with 110,1.12.41"
for the census of 1900. These figures
do not reveal all the facts, for durlug
the period covered no greater activity
was shown In nny department of electrical appliances than In telephony. The
vnliie returned tor the 4.283 central
switchboards was $6,154,477. to which
should he added 3,917 private exchange
boards ot n value of $664. 796, making
a total of $6,719, 242. To this should
be nd.Ie.l a large proportion of the valu.
of $2,071,891, reported for telephonic
parts nnd supplies. The subscribers'
apparntus used In connection with these
exchange boards und smaller equip
nients was reported as having a value
of $8,003,736. of which $0,483,418 was
represented by complete set of trans-
n.lters nnd receivers." An.l this Is Jus:
the iipparalus nnd equipment for centra
offices nml subscribers' stations, taking
no nccounl of the expenditures upon
the outside lines, overhead, underground
and submarine.
Taft's Itinerary.
Seattle, Sept. 9���Secretary of War
Taft yesterday announced the Itinerary
for his trip around thet world as follows: l,eave Seattle Sept. 12, due Yoko
In.ma Sopt. 25. duo Kobe Sept. 29, due
Nneasnkl October 4, due Shanghai Oct.
II. due Hongkong Oct. 11, arrive Manila
14.h. leave Nov. 4, arrive Vladlvoslok
Nov. 11, loavc Nov. 12, arrive Irkutsk
Nov. 16. at rive Moscow, stopping two
days, Nov. 26. arrive llcrlln, stopping
two days. Nov. 29. Taking steamer Cher-
hoiuvh about lleeeinber 4. arrive Now
York about lleo. 10.
E. Skatbo Drowned After
Fishing Trip
Citing to Upturned Boat���Companion
Saved Himself by Swimming
Ashore at Grohman.
The rapids of the lower Kootenay
river have claimed another victim. E.
Skatbo, son of T. Skatbo. or Murphy &
Skatbo, painters, was drowned yesterday afternoon under the Granite bridge
while returning from a fishing excursion.
E. Skatbo. who Is 19 years old, and
llurpur Nixon, ledger keeper of the
Royal Bank of Canada, spent the afternoon fishing from a boat above the first
rapids, off the mouth of Grohman creek.
About 3.20 in the afternoon they started
to row up stream towards the city. Off
the point Just east of Grohman creek,
the bow of their boat was caught by
the rapid water and whirled round. The
boat was overturned and both young
men were thrown Into the water. Skatbo
clung to the upturned boat. Nixon
struck out for the northern shore. As
he reached lt almost exhausted he was
helped ashore by E. Crane who reached
out a pole for him. The accident was
witnessed by a large number of people
who were on the shore near Grohman
The last seen of Skatbo by Nixon or
any of tbe others, he was being carried
swiftly down stream In mid-current towards the first falls. There was no
means of even attempting to offer aid,
and the spectators could only helplessly
watch him drift.
His father and his partner, W. J.
Murphy, went down to Slocan Junction
this morning to search for the body.
Captain Rogers Optimistic ss to Future
of North   Fork  Camps.
Grand Forks, H. C. Sept. 9.���Captain
Rogers, the veteran prospector of the
Boundary District has Just given some
very valuable Information regarding the
recent discovery of a mammoth lead of
Dlabolse In Franklin Camp. In an Inter
view today Mr. Rogers said: "I myself
first discovered this formation of Dla
blose several years ago, which is known
In Franklin camp as the "black lead.'
This starts right at the Glocucestei
mine and runs three miles west of
north. I have only seen this same formation ln two other places in my life,
which was In Australia and Cobalt. The
formation of diuhlose Is one of the very
oldest formations. This formation in
Franklin camp is from 100 to 700 lee.
wide and Ib all located. Many of Uu
claims are now working. The ore from
this formation runs from $1 to $15 lu
gold and copper. During my mining experience of over fifty years I have seen
many rumps and 1 verily believe tha:
Franklin camp will In five years' time
far exceed Phoenix camp, as the leads
are larger and richer.
Captain Rogers Is one of the pioneer
mining men of Butte, Montana, and
years ago made some big deals In ins'
camp. He Is knwon all over the west
ern country as a very conservative an i
reliable mining man.
Strikers Stand Pa\
New York, Sept. 9.���According to an
official or the commercial telegraphers'
union, President S. J. Small had a conference Saturday n'ght with Commls
sinner ot Commerce nnd Labor Nelll
What transpired at the conference wa t
not made public. At a meeting of the
union several of the members opposed
the Idea ol arbitration, Insisting that
any settlement should be made directly
between the strikers and tho telegraph
Tortured end Robbed.
Springfield, Ills., Bept. 9.���Hound,
gagged and tortured by two masked rob
ers, who demanded their money, Mr.
and Mrs. Warren M.iu.ly. an agod couple
of considerable wealth, living In Logan
St unty, were compelled to reveal the hid
Ing place of $180 Saturday night after
five hours' of agony. The robbers tip
piled I ghted matches to the bnred feel
or Mnn.lv and his wile .....II the hiding
place of tho money was revealed.
Showed  Newspaper  Men  How to  Drive
but Gave no Copy.
/S>w York, Sept. 9.���E. H. Harriman,
w,. ^f/" Just completed an extensive
tour o- c'Aify *��r west, was at his country
home at a. -C/^ '-.st night when two reporters tried 'j^ 'irview him regarding the revival t* question of the
size and source of tht. -��aign fund at
the last national electa, by the Republicans v. hich has again been taken
up  by  several  newspapers here.
Mr. Harriman declined to see the men
or discuss the subject, and the reporter,
who had c. me In a buggy got into their
vehicle and started away. The roads at
Arden are dark and dangerous and one
of the men held a lantern to light the
way. They had gone but a short distance when a man came rushing from
the Harriman house.
"What are you trying to drive that
way for?" asked the man whom both
recognized as Mr. Harriman. "Don't
you know that the light In that position
blinds both the horses and the driver.
Let me Bhow ycu how to fix It. It
should be tied to the shaft In this way."
Suiting the action to the words Mr. Harriman took the lantern, crawled under
Ihe buggy and with a bit of string
fastened It securely to the shaft.
The men took advantage of the opportunity to make another try for the
Interview but Mr. Harriman told them
that he had made it an invariable rule
not to talk to reporters at his home
and that he could not do as they asked.
No  Color  Line  There.
London. Sept. 9.���Arthur Barclay, the
negro president of Liberia, is announced
to be received by King Edward at
Buckingham Palace today.
Capt. Amundsen Thinks Mikkelsen and
Crew of Duchess of Bedford Had
Time to Eeacape.
London. Sept. 9.���It is reported here
from Athabasca Landing, in the Canadian Northwest, that the steamer
Duchess of Bedford, on which the
Mikkelsen Arctic expedition was working lt way to into the polar regions, has
been lost. All the reports agree on this
but there is uncertainty as to whether
Captain Mikkelsen was with the ship
when she went down.
The news -,vas brought Into Athabasca Landing by a steamer in the service of the Hudson Bay company.
Christiana, Sept. 9.���Captain Raoul
Amundsen was Interviewed here today
In regard to the alarming news that
the steamer Duchess ot Bedford, on
which the Anglo-American Arctic exploration expedition, under Captain El-
mar Mikkelsen. was making its way into the north, had been lost. Captain
Amundsen said he believed the members of the expedition were alive. He
thinks that ln ull likelihood they had
sufficient time to save themselves and
place their stores on the Ice hefo^o Ihe
vessel Bank. If this be so they have
with them provisions to last for seventy days. Altogether Captain Amundsen takes a very hopeful view of the
Tho Anglo-American Artie expedition
Bailed from Victoria, B. C, ln May, 1906.
on board tho Duchess of Bedford to
seek a large stretch of land believed to
exist ln the Beaufort sea. It numbers
lift,..-ii persons all told, Including Ernest
Leffingwell, a Chicago geologist. The
expedition was heard from In March
this year. The letters then received
dated November 21 and 23. 1906 and hud
been carried ovrir the Ice fields to
Point Barrow where they were delivered to the Canadian Mounted Police.
Detailed Statement of Reasons for Judgment Is  Rendered.
Judge Forln handed down a lengthy
written report this morning In the case
if l.liids.ii vs llrydges. A summary , f
Ihe judgment has already been given.
The teason given for tho Judgment ts
Hint the ugreement of May 10th. as to
which the evidence for the dofence Is
accepted, really rescinded any prior
agreement, thus annulling Lindsay's
claim tor commission on the salo of the
1870 acres. But this did not affect the
Bale of the Smllh ranch on which Lindsay Is allowed $82.50. As he admits
the receipt from Brydges of $200. he
Is ordered to refund the difference
The judgment la accompannled by
stilctures as to the conduct of both
pnrtles to tue suit In tho promotion . f
the several deals. On tho main Issue.i.
however, the court hus accepted th I
contentions of Mr. Lennie. counsel futile licence.
France Suggests Force
of 50,000 Men
Said To B: Influenced by British
Ministers���Protect All Ports
���Raisuli's Demand.
Paris, Sept. 9.���The Echo de Paris-
Madrid correspondent says it is rumored
in military circles that France haa proposed to Spain to send a Franco-Spanish army of fifty thousand men to occupy the Moroccan ports and to go as
far as Fei, If necessary. The correspondent sayB it Is stated that Premier
Maru and general Martlngui, chief of
the headquarters stall, are opposed to
this plan, but that the minister of war.
General Primo Blvera, supports lt.
The Eclalres Madrid correspondent
says that Great Britain's Influence contributed to a modification of Spain's at- A
t.tude towards Morocco, Great Britain
persuading her to co-operate effectively
with French action and to conform to
her rights and obligations aa recognized
by the treaty of Algeciras. The correspondent at Madrid of the Matin says
it is believed Spain will decide to send
5000 infantry and 500 cavalry to occupy
Tangier, Teiuan, Rarache and establish
a police force there.
Tangier, Sept. 9.���The British legation has received by courier Ralsulis'
ultimatum as to terms for the release
of Caid Sir Harry MacLean, The demands include British protection for
himself and his appointment for the
district from Tuaan to Larachea, and
an Indemnity.
Ottawa, Sept. 9.���In the first of the
home and home games between Quebec
and Nationals of Ottawa, for the Intermediate national lacrosse union championship, the visitors beat the home
team by six to two.
Toronto, Sept. 9.��� When Judge Mc-
Intyre held court at the Upton Grove,
a local hotel keeper, McNulty, reserved
the dining room for the judge and lawyers and barred the general public. One
well known resident came ln with his
daughter and demanded admittance
which was refused, so he prosecuted
the hotel man for neglecting to provide
adequate accommodation for guests.
Two justices of the peace convicted
McNuty and he promptly appealed the
case which would bring it in due course
before Judge Mclnty.e. but he will prob-
ao.y refuse to try it.
Quebec. Sept. 9.���News haa reached
here uf a terrible occurrence at Cape
Bauld. A schooner captain who arrived
there from a small Island ln the gulf
reports that four men were dead and
three dying, as the result of drinking
wood alcohol. No further detail., have
been received nor have the names been
Toronto, Sept. 9.���In the challenge
issued by Ed I.urm.n, tbe Toronto
oarsmen, to Geo Webb, of New Zealand,
to row a three mile race with a turn
on Toronto Bay, tor ��500 a side, l)ur-
nan offers offers to allow Webb 1100
for expenses.
Ottawa, Sept. 9.���Canadian Palma
trophy scores: Corp. Mclnnls. Edmonton, 212; Sergt. Russell, Ottawa. 214;
Lt. Smith. 207; Capt, Mcllarg. Vancouver, 202; Sergt. Graham, Toronto,
212; Se.gt. Kelly, Toronto, 211; Capt.
Skedden, Hamilton, 206; Sergt. Richardson, Victoria, 207.
Quebec, Sept. 9.���Eight mora bodies
of victims of last weey's bridge disaster have been removed, having been
found floating In different parts of the
harbor Saturday and Sunday. Saturday af.ernoon one body, that of an Indian, was discovered at the island and
two bodies at St. Joseph de Levis. Assistant foreman on the bridge, L.
Workey of Harrlsburg, Pa., was picked
up at St. Joseph de Levis Sunday. The
finding of these bodies makes the total
number recovered to date 24 out 75
who perished. Eight more actions for
damages fo>- sums ranging rrom $10,-
01.0 to $20,000 have been entered her.,
on behalf ot relatives of victims of tbe
��� b.ldge disaster.
I ���'*;
m -f
i. ';
It I-
���j '
[!   ;| ���w
d \
s i
II I    '
The Daily Canadian
We an* now
opening npa large
Bmpment of
Limoges Elite China
These   goods   are    assorted   so that   you   can   select   any   pieces   you
prefer and   make  up  to  your taste.
Hij^liest Quality tit  L^OWOJSt  Ijrit;ejs.
A carload  of
has just arrived.    These  goods  have advanced  slightly.
but we offer them
pot ont, and unless the Government
tdoptfl tbe principle clearly and. reservedly, the lender of the Opposition will
have established it strong claim upon
the sympathy and goodwill of tbe independent electors from one end of
countrj   to  the  other."
The Vancouver World is out again
with a sensational story. The premier
it-, away on a holiday iishins trip.
Therefore comment should be suspended until his return, We would however point out a few of the features of
the World's story which are absurd on
their tace.
Mr. McBride is represented as opposing at last a policy he has hitherto always supported. The Dominion government is represented not only as consent ing to an act it has lrankly vetoed
seven or eight times, but even consenting to open violation of an act passed
last session by the Dominion parliament
without division. In addition to these
must improbable circumstances Mr. Me-
Blide is represented as placing himself
at the mercy of the Dominion government, and of doing it through Senator
Scott, a mau in his second childhood
and utterly without Influence in the cabinet. If the World were deliberately
trying to write an unbelievable story, it
eould   not  have   doue   better.
At Ko
Nelson Und Diatrict. District ol W.
Take Dotloa that K. ti. f, Smyth, o( t rooter,��.
c, occupation lumberman, lut-nd* t>�� aft-iy *��������"
esneola timber licence over the following described lands:
No. l. commencing ata pout planted near ibe
nortneeal oornerpostol Lot r-o   ���48, on Lemon
i reek hml markce, K. 8   F. Hnivlh southwest cor-
nerpost.No i, thenoe-to chain's north mora or
leu to about midway of Uw aoutb bounder) line
ot umber lloenoe No. nSB, thonce wchstui eaat,
thanoa 40 ihaius south, thenoa -to cbatns eaat,
tbence 40 chaius south, thonce ni chains west.
more or leil to Ihesoutheast eorner ol sforesald
Lit   No  2541. thonoa  40  chalus   north, thence 40
i hains wo-it lo the point of commencement.
Paled Mth July, 1WJ7. R  8, 1'  SMVTH,
Henry Rclchert, Agent.
Nelson Land District. District of Weil Kootenay
No. 8
Take notieo that J. U. F. Stewart, of Colling*
wood, Ont., oue u patio ii luuioermaii, intends to
apply for a Bpeeial limber licence aver the folio-* ing described lands: Commencing at a p mi
planted about -W chain** south an.t 10 chains Wi it
of post No. 2, marker! J. K K. Stewart's N. K. corner post, thenee south ItiU ehalu*', llienee west to
chains, thenee nor *h UO chains, thenco end-to
chains to place of commencement containing 640
acres more or less.
July mib, 1907. Jamks ft. F. Stkwakt.
Imperial Bank of Canada
���*�� w�� .   ^.rr, **- 1_
Capital Authorized
Kest   . .
D. B. WILKIE  President.
Head Office:   Toronto,
 $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up          4,830,000
       4,830.000 iil-t
Branches in iiitish Columbia:
Interest  allowed on   deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
J-   IM.    LAY,   -Manager.
Regardless of opinion or feeling on
the question of the expediency of permuting Oriental immigration, there will
be nothing but regret among right-
thinking BrttOish Columbians that 3.000
adult males in the city of Vancouver so
far forgot their manhood and the traditions of free citizenship, as to organize
a mob for an attack on peaceful strangers.
Nelson Land District District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Henry Keichert of Nelson, H.
C , prospector. Intends to apply for a special li-
w nee to cut and carry away timber from the lol*
lowing deaciibed lauds:
No 6 Commencing at a post plauted near the
northeast corner post nt Timber Licence Ho ���**�����*>
ami marked Henry Keichert northwest corner*
I--.- No 6, tbeuee 80 chaius south, them 8 BO
cnalns east, theuce 80 chaius north, theuce SO
chains west to place of eouiuieucemeut.
Dated July -*lh, 1907.
No. 7 Commencing at a post planted near the
northwest corner post of timber licence No '.���-���'���5
aud marked Henry Keichert ���*. wesl comer post
No 7. tbence 1W chains east, l hence -Hi chains
north, tbence 160 cbalus west, theme 4U chains
-���.-:. to point of commeucemeut.
Dated July *��th, 1907.
No. 8. i'ommencing at a post planted on Mouu-
meut creek about 70 chains more or Wss from
where Monument creek empties into Lemon
creek aud marked Henry Relcnerl northeast corner post No 8 thence MO chains south, theuce 40
chains west, tbence 160 chains north, thence 40
chaius east to place of oommeneement.
Dated July 3��th, iao7. Hknki tUaCKXBT.
Ladies' New Fall
and Winter Coats
Wc arc showing our firs* importation of Ladies'
Coats. The very latest and nobbiest styles in cloths
etc.    Now is the time to make your selection when
stock is eompl  Le.   No two coats alike, we invite inspection.
'���>���,.���  �� '.f J~C
Nelson Land Dlstrlc
Take notice  that
Diet im of Weal Kootenay
leqrge Alexander, ol Kaslo
B c,  intends  to apply  ---   -
billowing  described   Ian
licence   over   the
Commencing at a p.
corner of Beutlon 13,
trlct,   being   nt-mil
the south boundary
thence  s >uth   gbOU
t  planted a! the northwest
ownahipT.  K  otenay ills*
in- third   of a mile n-mtb of
Ina of the Indian reeerre;
:i*��   chains   to   the easterly
river;   thence -.i.utheasterly
along   Kooteuay   fiver   hank   about 00 ohMlx! tO
the   aouth   hoimdarv of   See: ion 11. 1 i-wnsuip 7;
thence easu-rlv ebonfM chalna to the northweai
comer of i.ot xM, thenee north 80 chains along
the west boundary nl 'Ia.i nil; thenoe west w
ohaini io the point of **ommencement, and oon*
taiuiiiK '-io aerea. more or i- u
Dated Julv 4. I9u7. UlOHOB Aikiashir.
NelHon 1-and District. DUtrtOt of Went Kootenay
Take notice that Moore. Kepple A 00 . of "ar-
laud, 1'enn., ixt'iipatiou Itiinliermi'ii, intend to
apply lor a upoeiiil tlinher lleenee over the fol*
lowilij* ilescribed lands: CoinnieliclnK at a pout
planted 00 Motti-tilto creek, m the west side of
Arrow lake, au.l about one half mile west, of the
���mithweal eorner of nmber limit No.4177, thenoe
Kouth m ehalns, theuce wtst 80 chains, thonoa
north B0Ohalhl, thenee eaat HO chains to point nf
cornmene. iim'UI, and   eoutalnlne f��40 acres, more
or I. ���
Dated 15th July. '������-.'       Moohk, Rxrri.a A ('o.
John K. (,'ALains. a.-, m
eupallon, saloot, k�����r Bj
h. L (-��"B"rtiiC at a
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869.
 $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund	
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
, .J4.390.000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
HOME   SAVINGS   BANKS   Furnished
on  Application,
or Pocket Size.
Large,  Medium
Nelson Braoch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six  layh a week by the
Baker Bt..   Nelson. B. 0
HUDscrlptlon rales. 50 cents a month delivered
hi the city, or $5.00 a year if sent by mall, when
paid in advance.
AiIvit::..:.!* rates on application.
All monies paid ln settlement of The Daily
Canadian  aerounts, either Ior subscription- "-
The September number of Westward
Ho contains a very readable article by
ihe premier on his impressions of the
Motherland. Westward Ho is a very
creditable production. Its matter is excellent and its style and tone are unexceptionable. As the only popular maga
zine of ita kind in Western Canada,
and as one wholly devoted to the
Upbuilding of a healthy and patriotic
public opinion, it is entitled to the generous support of all Hritish Columbians.
Nelson Land District.   District Ol West Kootenay
Notice is hereby given that BO deyi after date
I inteud to apply to tbe Chief tUniminsionur Ol
Laudt, and Wurks for penni>->iou to cut and
carry away timber from the following described
No. 4 Commencing at a poat marked II. A B.
N. W corner, 200 chains ca.-i "f the N, E. ccruer
of lot No a 12, post marked K .-. N. K. coruer,
thence east mo chains, thenoe south 80 chains,
theuce west Mi chalus, tbence north **" chains to
place of commencement containing 64o acres.
No. 5 C oui rue net Dg at the N w . corner of H .
.. ti timber claim No. 1, theme north -��� chains,
thence east 80 chains, theuce south HO chains,
thence west Ml cbains to place of commencement
at location post No. 5, containing MU acres
I. U.   IriCHXHMRKHnHN, l..-.'.iii.r.
'���,.������   Uuscroft, Agent.
Dated July 8th.lyu7.
Nelson Land District. District of Went Kootenav
Take notice ehat Paul August I'aulsi u. of Kit
cheucr, B.C. occupation lumberman, Intends
to apply for a special timber licence over the following described lands: Commencing iti putt
planted at the southwest corner of aurvcyci iol
,2-21-0 1 theuce south to the northern boundary
of timber licence No. 7U1K, thenee west to the
nonhwest corner ol said timber Uoenoe. thenee
south to the northern boundary of lot "12. thence
following said boundary, of said lot weit to tbe
right of-way of the British t'oluinbla Houthetn
Hallway, thence following said right-of-way m a
north-easterly direction to place of oommenoo*
ment. and containing 6u> acre*,, more or leas
Dated Julvvind. I!*u7.    Paci. atolst Paulson.
Nelson land DlMliQI     Dlatrlct Ot ~ oat Kixiteuay.
Tako notice that Evan Mo 'letlaod Kraser, ol
Fernie. B C , eloik, Inteods to apply for a ipeolal
llc�� uce   over    I lie   follow ilia     deaoHbod    land��:
Commenclnir at a    post    plauted   about seven
miles west ol the Kootenai river, and about one
mile north of the iu ernaiiolial I .mudary line,
and about one and aquarte* north-������asterly from
the north east corner of ttmlier licence No. 8UVJ,
thence south M>  chaius.   then.-   west80  chaius.
thanoa north 80 ohalna, thenoe eaat 80 chains to
point of commencement, and couL.liiing r-4-j
acres, more or less.
I-ooated Uth.of June. 1907.
Kvan McCLti.LA.s FiusBe.
Dated this 8th of July. 1907.
Take uotice that C. C. Clark, oi Nelson. B. C,
saloon keeper, Intends to apply for a special timber licence, over the following daaeribed lend:
CommenejuK at s n *t planted On Mornluu
Mountain, about oue mile weat of Hinelter creek,
and aojoiniug t". C Clark's location for timber
licence No 1- an<i about one mile south of (fei*
sou, theuce went ko chains, theuce south mj
chains, thenoe east 80 chains, tbence north 80
chains to place of heginuiug.
Dated July ltith. 1Wj7 C. C. Clark,
David Bf>OTH.  \.    : ���
forms of  tn'
t be rec.
e Company.
ipted for on the printed
Uthyr receipts  are not
Monday, September 9, 1907.
The root of administrative corruption
ln Canada as in every other country is
the abuse of patronage, and the unfortunate connection with it of rephesenta-
Uvea of the people. Nothing else affecis
8u injuriously the independence' and the
honor of parliament, or strikes so deeply
at the roots of the civic conscience.
Quite apart from the fatal effect of the
patronage system on the efficiency of
the civil service itself, the consequences
are most disastrous to the maintenance
of an honest and honorable relation between the public und its employees.
$t is not too much io say that the
emancipation of the civil service trorn
the Immediate control of the <it tin
party In power would do more that) all
other things combined to destroy Up
baneful Influence of the machine politician, and raise the tone of the whole
public life of the Uoinlnion.
it is the general recognition of thin
fact that has won for Mr. Burden's cam
palgn the general, Immediate and enthusiastic support of the whole of tht-
independent public Opinion of Canada
No better expression of its recognition
is available than the following from the
Totonto News:
"Nothing would contribute so powerfully to the elevation of Canadian pol
itlCH as reform of the patronage Bysti m
Mr. Borden has made a Straightforward
dec'aratlon for an independent civil service, and that should greatly commend
the Opposition leader to independent
voters. If his press and his candidates
will join heartily in the movement they
will Bet a certain and significant re
spouse from  the  country.
"The people are weary of insinuations
of scandal, unsupported by direct evi
dence, and sick of paltry personal
wrangling. Any clear and thorough
exposure  of corruption   in   the  depart
ments or rascality in elections will be
understood and condemned by a great
body of the electorate. Hut the charges
must be plainly laid and well established. Mere scandal hunting Is distasteful to fair-minded people. The reputation of Parliament and the country
suffers by the nasty bickering and tat- '
tling which disfigures so much of our
political warfare. In the main. Parliament Is compost <1 of men of good repute
and honest purpose, and we should not
continue to foul t_e national character
by the debasing system of personal politics.
"in civil  service reform  we have an
issue which  goes to the roots of many
of our problems, and which cuts to the
heart  of  many of  the  plague  spots of
our   public   life.     With   an   independent
and Don*partiaan civil service jobbery in
the departments would become difficult,
public officials would cease to be the obsequious servants ut   .Ministers,  candidates would  be  relieved  trom  flept nd*
enoe on the m. ro nary element in the
const tnenciee,  Ministers would  be  under no obligation to protect officials who
could   not   iiigo  the   claims   of   partisan
service in order i<> escape  censure or
dismissal, members who dared to show
Independence   on  the   Door   ot   Parliament  could  not  be disciplined by  the
withdraw] oi patronage Ln their constituencies, and the office-seeking elemenl
would have no motive to organise for
the  control uf  party  conventions,    in
short, reform of the civil service would
make  for  the efficiency  and  dignity of
the service itself, for honest and orderly   administration   In  the   departments,
and foi Independence in Parliament aud
in the constituencii s.
"This is the  issue to  which  Mr. Ilor-
den   is   squarely   committed,   in   which
the Conservative party may find Inspiration for a strong appeal to the country, and which as has been said, goes
to the roots of the grosser evils of our
politcs.     The   attitude   of  the  Govern-
in. nt   has   still   to  he  determined.     As
leader of the Oppositon in the  Legislature,  Mr.   Graham  declared  for  the  reform   which   constitutes   tho   main   feature oT Mr. llorden's programme.    Can
hv overcome the inertia of Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and impose the policy upon his
colleagues ?    it   is seldom  that this reform  is hospitably  entertained  by   poll*
licli.ns In office.    Generally It. has been
forced  upon    Governments    by  public
opinion outside.    In making this opinion
Notice  is hereby given   that the undersigned
have inbmitted to the Lieutenant uovtrnor-in-
i ouncil a proposal under tbe provisions of the
������Rivers and Stream'* Act." for clearing aud relinking obstruction* from <��oat kiver and Mea-
dow Creek, in the Dlatriot of Weat Kootenay. and
for making thei*amefit for rafting and driv
ing thervon logs, timber, lumber, rafts nnd crafts
and for erecting and maintaining booms for
holding, sorting and delivering logs and timber
brought down said creek and river, and for attaching booms to the shore of said creek and
river lor said purposes.
The lands to be attested by said work are: ���
Lot*. .�����>, BIS7, 1693, and sub lots 1, H. 11 IS, H and
U of Ix>t 4603, Qronp 1, Kootenay District.
The ������ ..- proposed to be charged are such as
may be filed by the Judge of the County Court
of West Kootenay
Hated 31st July, 1907.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent for Truscott Launches
and Peterboro Canoes.
Finest Lot of  Hosts ln B. C.
Foot of Josephine tit.       Tel. A18
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days alter date I
luteud to apply to the lion. Chief Commissioner
uf Lauds aud ���*��� ..rs*. f,,r ,'������: m is-mii w y . r- :. ���.:-������
the following described lands, situated lu West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a ]���������-: mar Iced by name as initial poxt of the South Fork
branch, one hundred feet from the him-llon of
Lost creek v lth the south fork; thence one-
quarter mile to the northwest corner post, thence
one mile to the northeast corner pout, thenee
one-quarter mile to the southeast corner post.
ihence one mile to  the place of commencement
June 27, 1907. Located by Wm. Connollv.
In the matter of an spollcatlon for the ii-sue of
a duplicate nf the Certificate of Title for lot.���.
aud (he west half of lot 21, block ttl. in the Town
ot Nelson.
Notice I-, hereby given lhat it is my intention
to l-fiii' at the expiration of one month after the
Art, publication hereof a duplicate of the certificate of tlllo for the above lands, in the name of
I.j'ha -i ��� . . ��� which certificate Is dttted tbe Xlst
day of December, 19UQ. and uumU-red '.-C9-0J k.
���H   F   MTCLSOB,"
District Registrar.
The Silver Grill haa opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The beat 35 cent
meal  in the city.
One of Nelson'a Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooma, aittlng room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600. $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a enap. 3 Iota
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B., Dally
opinion Mr. Borden's voice will he very
In the Matter of    the "Land    Registry
Act" and  Amendments thereto,
In the matter of an application ior the Issue of
a duplicate of  Ihe Certificate of Title  lor  Lots
2*01, 2SB, and -W��:i.   Cruipl, Kootenay   District,,
Notice is hereby given that It Is my  intention
to issue al the expiiKtlou of one month from tha
I  fir-t publieatlcn h-reof a duplicate Cert I (If ate �� I
1 Title to | -.. gbora ��� Ii -scribed lands, in thenameoi
James ito-ii-rick Robertson, which Certificate is
dated the'ith day or August,  ibv8,  and  li numbered 1106-k.
Land    Ken-try   Office,   Nolson,   B.C.,   Stat   of
August, 1907. fl. P. MACLVOD,
HI trlct tt*gistrar.
Nelson Laud District.   District oi ������ ��� -   Kootenay
Take notice that Moore,   Kepple A < O., of <��ar-
land, Perm . occupation lumbermen.  Intends to
apply ior a special timber   licence ovei   the   following described lauds :    CommeiieltiK at a post
planted ou Mosquito creek, ou the west side of
Arrow lake, and alx>ut one half mile west of the
southwest coruer of timber limit No. -W77, thenee
north ho cbains, thence  west HO chains,  thence
south HO chains, thence east ���* ��� chains to point of
commencement, and containing 640 acres, more
or leaa.
Dated 15th. July, 1907.     KOOSV, CSl-l-LS A Co.
John R. OaUUSB, Agent.
Take notice that 30-lays alter 'late f Intend to
apply lo the Hon the Chief Commissioner ol
I.mi'!- and Worki, Victoria, for permission to
cut and curry away timber from the following
described land, in \\ est Kootenay:
No,]. Coiuim-m-ing at a postplanted at the
southwest corner of timber license S6+8, thence
west BO chains, tbence south HO chains, theuce
east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains to place of
Dated May Bl, 1907.       J. T. Bcnncss, locator.
J  W. ('oLBt'HN, Agent,
No. 2 Commencing ai a post planted at the
southeast corner of application No. 1. thence east
HO cnalns, thence north 80 chains, thenee west HO
chains, thenee south (to chains to place of commencement
Dated May :il, 1907.       J  T. BCRoeas, l.*.cm..-,
J. W. Colhurn, Agent.
Taae notice that John Ross, of Fernie, B. C,
hotel-keeper. Intends to apply for a special Umber licence over the following described landa:
L Commencing ata post planted in the Dlstrlctof West Koot.-nay. Nelion Miiiinif Division,
on tbe north fork of the south fork of Lostt.reek,
about Ave mlien up creek from where two forks
meet and about ��lx miles nortb of the International Houii.l-.rv Line and about twenty eight
miles west .f Kootenay River, thence east mi
chains, thence north HO chains, thence west no
chains to bank of said creek, theuce down stream
to place of commencement.
J, koss, I��ocator,
2. Commencing at a post plante.     t the southwest corner of J.   Koaa's No. 1 location, lh**nce
wesl BO chains, thence   north  80 chains, thence
east HU chains more or leas to bank of said creek,
ii.-ie ������ down stream to   "lAM of commencement.
J, Ross, J<ocator.
8. Commencing  at a post  planted ator   near
the southwest corner of J, Ross's No. 1 looatlon,
thence  west HO chains, thenco south 80 chains.
thence east HO chains, more or less, to said creek,
���hetiee up stream to place of beginning.
J. Ross. Locator.
4. Commencing at a posl planted at or near
the southwest comer of J Ross's No. I location,
tben'-e east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 cbains, more or less, to bank ol
said creek, thence up stream to place of com-
J. Ross, Locator.
6. Commencing at a post planted about two
miles south of the southwest corner of J ROSS'S
No. 1 location, ou the north fork of the south
fork of L.st creek, and about four miles up
stream, from where the two forks meet, tbence
east 80chains, tbenoa north 80 chains, thenee
west 80 chains, more or less, to bank of -��;,,
creek, thence down stream lo place of commencement. .   , ,
j. Ross, Looator.
��. Comrnenclng at a post planted at, or roar,
the southwest corner of J. Ross's No .. location,
on Lost ereea, thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence 80chain- east, more or
less, to bank of said creek, thonce down stream
to plaee of commencement.
Located 2ftth June, 1��07.
Nelson Laud Diitrict. Districtol West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1.8. F. Wallace, of 1 ernle.
B ('., hotul-keeper, intend to apply Ior a special
timber licence over the following described
1. Commencing at a p"��t planted at.out lour
miles weat ot tba���ootenajr river and one mile
north of the International bo-indary Hue, theuce
south 8*1 chalus, iheuce east 80 chains, tbence
uorth 80 chains, thence west 8o chalus to the
point of commencement, contaiuiug MU acres,
more or lesa.
Dated July '.Brrt, 1907.
2. Commencing at a post planted at the north
west corner "f location No 1, the-'ce south 80
ehalns. thpuce west 80 chains. Utenes north 8ii
chains, thenee east 80 chains to the point of
commencement, mmtainlng t'>IO acres,  more or
Dated July'23rd, 1907.
:t. Commencing at a post plauted at northwest cornerof location No. 3, thence north *'
chains, thence west HO cnalns, UuhltM BOUth 8i>
chains, theuce east ho chain* to the point of
com mencement, containing 64u acres, more or
Dated Julyr.rd. 19u7.
4, Commencing at a post planted at the northwest coruer of No. 1 location, theuce north ho
chains, thenee east 80 chains, ihence south mo
chains, Ihence n-m 80 chains l o the point of
commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
Dated July -Ctrd, t'|fi7
ft. Commencing at a pos*. planted about Iwo
miles norlli.and > 3 mile east of the northwest
corner of location No. 1, thence south ho chains,
thence east Ho chains, thence north 8u chains,
tbence w-st 80 chain- lo the point ol commencement, containing (MO acres, more or less.
Dated July 0x3, 1907.
6. Commencing at a post planted at northwest corner of localiou No. .*>, ihence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence east ho chains to the point Oi commencement, containing t-io acres more or iesv
Dated July sflrd, 1907.
7. Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner of location No B. thence north tO
chains, thenee west ho chains, thence south 80
chains, thence east HO chains to the point of commencement, contain Ing fi-Ui acres more or less.
Dated July 2Srd, 1907
H Commenciiii- at a post planted at the north
west coruer of location No ft. their e north ho
chains, theuce eaai 80 chain", tbence south BO
chains, thenee west 10 chains to the point of com
mencement. '-outlining M0 acres more or less.
Dated July 2Srd, 1807.
Kelson Lend District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that William Audrew Ross, of
>ernle. B <' . hotel keeper intends to appl V for
a special timber licence over thi followliiK described lands < "uimenclug at a post planted
about six miles weat of the Kootenay river, ou
(urn creek, lu the District of West Kouleuay
1'ini U'liiK about six miles north of the inter
nail'-ital boundary line, and situate at the
northeast corner of Win lain Andrew Kosh' No.
8 timber claim, thence north  80 chains,   thence
west SB chains, thsnee southBo chaius, thenos
east Ho chains, to the point of e.imtiiciiceiuenl
Locate-1 July 2tnl. 1W7
Dated the 8th of Aug    V.VT
William Am-rkw Ross
Nelson [_nd District.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice that 1. Kvan Fraser. of Fernie, B.C.,
clerk, intend to apply for a special umber license
over the following dOBOTibod lands;
i.   i omtnenclDi at a post planted at the N. K.
corner about P i miles north of the internatloti
al boundary line and ftbOUt 11 miles west ol the
Kootenav river (about one mile norlh of the
north boundary of I'. L No Hir7'i) thence hi)
chains south, tin-nee n> chalus west, thence 8��
chains uorth. tbence an chains east to the place
of i-eKinnlng.
Dated July '.'1st. 1907.
2.   Commencing at a po��t   planted at the N   K.
corner of location No   1. theuce   south 80 chains,
thence east 80  chains,   ihence   north  n> chains,
Ihence west ho chains to the place of   Ijeginulng.
Paled July Xlst, 1VW7.
8.   Comment !- .* at a post   planted at the N. K.
corner of locution No   1. thence north  SOchalns,
theuce ea-t KI chains,   (hence   south   80   chains,
thence west 80 chains to place of beginning-
Dated July 21st, 1907.
4.    Coinmeii- is.-.' at the N. K corner of location
No. 1,   thenea   DOrtfa   ho chains,   thence  west 80
chains,   thenee south so cbains,   thence  east Ho
Chains to the jlaec ��� fbeginning.
Dated July fist, 19"..
ft Commencing at a post planted one milr
east of the N. K. corner of location No. 8, theme
south 80 chain-, theuce west M cbains. theuce
north no chains, theuce east 80 chains to the pla-e
of Im ginning
Deled July ttftt, 1907.
inmeuctriK at a post   planted at the N. K.
"'    laiiou No. '.. thenee south 80 chains,
nee east   -40 chain-..   11.**���*.-���   north   80  chains,
then, i- west HO chains to the -.,���  .* of beginning.
Dated July iftrt, l'J07.
7. t'omtn* ncinj* at a post plauted at the N. F.
corner of i" ".iiou No ft, tin-tic*- north 80 chains,
tbence PeatH> chains, thenee south 80 ehalns,
thence >.esi -o chains lo the  plaOe of   beginning.
Dated July 2ist, pan
H. ('.iriraeii' ing at a post planted at the N. K.
corner ���( location No. '., Iheuce norlh 80 chains,
thenee   west ho ' hains,   thence south   80  chains,
tbei -sal 10chalna to th*1 plsoa ot hoslanlng.
Dated   'uly Jlsl, ISM K, Kra-sk, LoeStOT.
Joiih   '-''Own, Agent.
Nels*��n Und Ddtrlct.   DistrictcfWeitKootei,,.
Take   notice   that   John  Fhllbert of Is-T
Hritish Colombia- occupation, i-ooeksseiT
tends to apply   for   i- ����t*ri*.
following   dcacrlbed   1	
poat planted on the north baak [_��*����_.*.
about two and one 'lua/ter milt* ssstsds K
the iunvtfon of I^.st creek sad Balmon ritttlS
tbe Nelson laud district, thence mint, m������-
ihence weat M chains, thence loulh m Sffi
aiore or lesa, to U>st creek, thence eut f,i|',,wi.,
said cr��-ek to point of com men cement u.,i*-���"
tainlng 480 acr��s. more or l��u. ���''
I'aTe-i Juneftth. I9U7. Jogs Philbut
I'ak" uotice that I, Arthur Alex. Pltchfom u
tend to apply fnr is������������������-��- * *^      ��� '������
lowl *^'
to apply for permission to purchase Ih-'lol
tig .'.. -.'Tii.cii lands.   ConimonclBf ��t *-.4-
planted at the N. K. cornerof Un 1471, uj Ja
ed H. K. comer, theuce north ��)rbsiu, Sa\\\
west ai chains, theuce south 40 chalna. tbran
east to chains Ui point oi commenMmnt .m
containing 80 acre**, more or less.
June". Ism. ARTHi'eA'Ei PrrcasoiB
Wtl.LIAM   \ : ���������./<��� Mi:.:.-  A*>eDt
Taie notice that I, William K Jarvli, t-iw-sl
to applj for permission lo purchase ih- fgW
ina dcscrltied lands: Commenclot st * m
planted at the H. K ctimer ol LotHH, ������,<��� But.
���������'. northeast eotner, thence west ��> ihurs,
ihence south 40 chains, tbence sait 40 QD
thenea north 40 chains to point of cnntuiiM.
ment, aud containing 160 acrts mnre or .-*���
June 7, 1007, WILLIAM KSfJISALDJiirn.
WiLi-tAM Alok/o Mills, A|,m
Nelaon I .an.l District, District of Wm Xuoteu
Take notice that Frank McDonald, ..; Sbtu.
British t'olumbla. ��~"Upatlnn miner, iDtrakb
apply for permission to purchaie the ! .,��iv
��� 1. -i-Hh .1 i ati.is Commcucliigst s putt; ��*H
on the north bauk of Ixiat creek aod st-nigM
mile easterly from ibe Junction pi Lat cad
and Salmon river, in the Nelson !��r.l dutrtrt
theuce uorth ftO chains, lhen<*e east ��.��� o__
tbence south 00 rhains, tbence west U-hilus
polut of commencement, and ranuiotiif M
acres, more or leaa.
Dated June 6th. 1907. Fain SrOoai_
ft.   toinr
corner of 1
HUtT dara after date I inteii-l Ui app:j tc ut
Hon. ' hii-t i oiniuisaioiH i of l_ndl SM ������fh,
Victoria, B.C.. to purchase the (sUpirlM *��
scribed land, situated tn the West EoMtsSfS
trlct: ' ..niin'ii.|ii|i at a post plaalsd gsIII
wt-at side of Kooteuay lake, near ahlrooe
polnt. and marked J. MrKinuon'i I K. wh
post, thence weet 80 chalni, thencs asn. fl
chains, thence east SO chaloi more orI<wn**'_l
shore, iheuce along lake iboTd topolatof Ss.
Dated April 4. 1W7. Signed J Mdntaa
Nelson Land Dlatrlct. District of West Kooteuay
Take notice that I, Klual-eth Ferf-uson. of Nelson, British Columbia, occupation married woman, luteud lo appiv for p*Tmlss|on to purchase
tiie toll owing devil bed land : t'fimmeticinit at a
post planted 40 chains west of the southeast corner of section ���.'., Township 69, Kootenay, aud
marked "E F.'s N K corner,''Ihence west 8o
. tiHius. thence south 40 chains, Ihence east 80
chains, thence north 40 chalus to the place of
commencement and  containing .l'-i) acres more
l.th July, A. D. 19o7.
by W. A. ('alder, ageut.
J. Rons, locator.
Time for advertising  extended by tbe AJSlsUnt
Nelson Und DjsTlct.   District oi West Kootenay.
Take notice that Tbos. B. L 1-xigan. of Boil
ner's Ferry, occupation painter. Intends to apply
ur a special timber licence over the fOllpwlns
deserfbed lands: Commencing at a post PUnted
on the sonth side of Houudary creek, about 10
miles west of th- Ko'.teiiay -Iver, thenoe wes HO
chains, thence -,,-iiih St) chsins. thence eutSD
chains, thence north iW chains to the po int of
eninmencament, and containing 640 acres,  more
��ri>el!d July Oth, l��in.       Tko-asK L. Loo a*.
V. Commencing at a post planted at>out 1
miles west of the northwest coruer of location
No ft. thence Bouth ,8/i ehalin, thence cast Wl
chains, thence north So (rhains. thence weal 80
chains t.. the point of commenccmeut, and con
tainlng 640 acres more or less.
Dated July 24th, 1907.
10. Commencing at a post planted in th.
northwest corner of Looatlon No. ��. thenee noi th
R0 Chains, th.uce ensl HO chains, thence south 8(1
chains, theUOS west HO ehalns to the point qJ
Oommancement, containing 040 acres, more or
Dated July 24th. 1907.
11 (''immciiclhg at a post planted about 1
U miles wesi of the northwest corner of looatlon
No 9 aud aboutW mile aouth thereof, thenos
south BO chains, luenee eaat HO chains, thenee
north HO chains, theuce west 80 chains to the
point Ol commencement, containing M" acres,
more or laws.
Dated July34th, lan.
li. Commencing at a post planted at the north
wesl corner of loeatlou No 11, ihence norlh 80
chains, thenee seat ho chains, thenos wouth ho
chains, thenee west 80 . ....n.- to the point of
commencement, containing  liiu acres,   none or
Dated July Mth, 1907.
13. Commencing tit a post planted Ht the north*
west corner Of location No 11, iiiei.ee north 80
chains, ihence west ho chains, thenee south ho
chains, thenoe seat ho chains to the potnt of
commencement, containing <S40 acres, more or
Dated July 34th, 11*71
14. ('ommenclng nt a post plan ted st lhe north-
weal corner of location No. II, theuce south 8*)
chains, ttience west 80 chains, thence north ho
ehalns, tfaenos east 80 chains lo the point of
commencement, containing 640 acres, more or
Dated July 24th, 1907.
15. Commencing at a pom planted ftbOUt two
miles north of north west cornerof locution of No.
11, thence south 8o chains, theuce cast HH chains,
thence north 80 chains, thenoe west Ho chains
to the polut of commencement, containing 040
acres, more or less.
Dated July '24th, 1907-
16. Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner of location No 16, thenos north HO
chaius,  thence east 80 chains,   thence  south Hu
chains, thenos west ho chains to the potnt of
commencement, containing (140 aCftS,  more or
Dated July 24th, 1907.
17. Commencing at n post planted nt the northwest corner of Location No. If), thence north 80
chains, thence West 80 chains, thcii'-e south 80
chains, thence east hu ehains to lhe point of
commencement, containing 540 acres, moro or
Dated July 24th, HsTJ.
18 Com menclng at a post planted at the
northwest corner of Location No if., thence sou ih
80 chains thence west SO chains, tnenoe north BO
chains, thence eaat 80 chains to the point of commencement, coutainlug 040 acres more or less.
Dated July 24th  1907. ft  F. Wst.LA'K. t ner.ter,
John Bko..:,, Agent.
N-d-on Land District.    Dlatrlct ol Wesl Koolenajr.
Take notice that X, David 0, Kurts, of   Nelson,
B, C, occupation  merchant, intend   lo apply for
permission to purchase the   following described
Landi  Commencing  at a post  planted  at the
southwest corner of section 84, township 69,
Kootenay. and marked "1>. o K.'s R. W. corner."
thenee north ho chains, thence east 4o chains,
thence BOUth 8o chalna, theuce west 40 chains
to the p<<mt of commencement and containing
.IkSj aerea more or leas.
15th July, 1907. Davii. <i   Ktmn,
W. A. Calder, ageut.
Take notice that I. Thomas Harry Wilson, Intend to apply for permission to purchase the follow log described laud : Commencing at a poat
planted nt ths H E. corner of lot7V'-Kaud
of lot 7:
, thenee    south    lo   <
est lu chaius, tbence  south   10   i
est   10  chains, thenee aouth   lo
eat   lo  chains, thence   south   Io
st 10  chalna, thenee  uorth   -in
lalus, Iheuce
halna. thence
halns, Ihence
balna, them
st 40  chains   lo   point   of  commencement and
containing I DO acres, more or less
June 7. 1907 Thomas Hknky Wil*on.
William  \. ������������/- Mju.m, t gent
Nelson Lend Dlatrlct.   District-of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that I, John Lang, of Nelsou, It. C,
iipatbui   miner   Intend   to apply for   permii
siou   to porch*
Commencing ��
Lit HOV2,  Ibelic
chains, thciicc
chains to polti
acres, mote or less.
August 2nd,  1907,
Intend   to apply f��	
the following described' lands
i post planted al lbs N. k. of
nst 20 chains, thenos aouth 20
est 20 chains, Ihence north 20
f commencement, containing 40
Notice Is hereby given that 80 daya alterdate, 1
luteud to apply to thu Hon. Chief ('oinmtsaioner
of l.iiiida and Worka for permission to purchase
the following deacrll-cd land In West Kootenay
diatrict, on west Bh4fS of LOWST Arrow l.akc.
a.ljoinlug Lot No.-liHH, on the south : It.���ginning
al n poat marked "Harry   HoLeod'l   N.K   corner
post ana ' rented on tbe shore oj Lowef Arrow
Less,el the southeast oornei of Oapt Foaiand's
14918, thenee west 20 chains, thence South 20
chsins more or less to the uorth boundary of K.
Fuliimrc's I', It , thence to chains eaat along the
snl'l boundary to lake, theuce north along tho
lake snore HO chains, more or leaa to point of
com mencement.
May Jnd, 1907. J. I). Moore,
Agent for Harry McLcod.
Ndion Laud District.   Dlatrlct of West Kootenay.
Tc.ko notice thnHieorge Kufua Carter of Hirdar,
icipHtlon, brldgeiuiiU, lutenda t(
NelMin Land District-   Distrlclof WettKocMV,
Take notice that Edward Fraser. ol BUBK ,
Molilalia, C.H A . occupation wool Uois.a
tends to apply for permission to purrh-ts
following ileacrlljeoT land: < ..m*n*nni| Si
post planted on the weat -li..ri: ��! ' PK' ���������'
shan (Cariboo) lake, and at the sontksartMSS
of Lol 8139, thence weat 20 chains. tivk��Msn
AO chains, thence east 20 chains, theirs a stlS
chalua, theuce east 40 chains, noK0tVf_WW
weat shore of Cpper WhaUhan (OsiftgSM
thence northerly and weaterly slsnt tH*-1
shore 80 chalus. more or less, to point a ��s-
mencement, and containing Moacrakswae |
less. _
May Wth, 190*7. EowaI* f
Hixty days after dsic 1 intend to Mftt*_!
Hon Chief Commlsab uer of Uml-so4 ����
for iM'rmlaaloii to pni.has. lhe lollcsiu*
scribed land in West Kooteuay distrtct. _���
uieuclng at a jiost marked A. C 8'�� Borum
1..T11.T post, running 40 cbalni SSSjSflTwnj
the boundary of Timber licence No -���>�� w*-
southerly ftO chalna, thence westerly �����"���
thence northerly W chains stool Ue 1 '���*
track ui the niece of commeiicemsnl, coDlsiog
two hundred acrea, more or less.
l-ocated thU 9th day of May, UW.     ^
intend to'apply te the Honarsbl* �����*��� _)!!,�� I
mlssloiier or Lauds  aud   Works tor F*-��g|
to punihase the following described I��Bfj;,,J| I
in   West  Kootenay  district:   '^-""^fWa1
post planu d at the   wesl boundary id wrJL
and about 10 chains south of thea*)titb beaasg
of   tho   right-of-way of the H. O.lioBtherinri
way,   and   marked   F.   A.   !"��� ,-u'h*iS
theuce we..t Ho chains, thsnes unrth to WgJ
Imiiudary of lhe right-of-way ol 8.^"HJ
railway, thenee foirowina SeU l-""^'1;
right-of-way man easterly alrWrUoptoj!"1
boundary of fct WW (11. thence ��>���* ^JJIJ
commencement, containing IU) acre*. ~"
"Ueted this Uth day "t.]���'^,* P.rU^
Nelson Und District. District of *��' Kf^J I
Take notice that I'atil Ausn-t Nf-H I
obensr. B.C. occupation lu-nJjSuilS!
to apply for iwrmlaslnti to P"',1,*^,,Q. . **\
ing'.eacrlbell lands: ('ommei < m* \3M
planted al the south boundary *>'��{"?P
Lay 01 lhe British r��.li.n iU ^ �� ,;()-
way and al-out 85 chains *��t"lUKn,,il*l
,V2on aald railway, thence so uth, J h* , lMIS
east 20 chains. Ihence soul 1 �����"JS|3
eaat CO chalna, thence
ary of Ihe rlght-ofwa
iyof th* S*_*2_l
thence westerly stoW
then. Hallway, ttience w.
I right-of-way to place Oil�����
attid this 2nd day of August,
1'AfL AlWlt��
Nelson l*nd District    District <���  *��*����"��� ^ I
Take notice that Kdward 1^'""y^Uv��\
1 apply for rer-
Igcmi __ __,._ ��� ...
to purchase the following descrlbod
���nnd; Comineii'-lug nt post planted al tho northwest corner of 11. Ross' application to purchase,
marked  8. W., theuce north 40 ohaini, thenos
east ID chains, thenco south 90 chains to A.
Curry's pre emptlon, thenee wesl '20 chains.
Iheuce south ml chains, thence west :"> chains to
in im-11 com en I   containing   l.'il acres
place of
moro or lesa.
Dated July 12, 1007.
ftBOtOS RttKt's Cartrk,
W, J. Htiorr, Agent.
I, the uuderMlgucd, after 60 daya intend to ap-
._       ������.     *���r_���������--ns**.*a**********��********>Bjj
ply to the H
..id Works t.
land: Cmni:
C L, thctic
halna.   tbei
I he Chief ('ommla'sionor nf l^an.
purchase tbe lollowiug deMTflOSd
incUlg   nt  the   N. K. C. of  Lot 75811
west 40 chalna,   thence  north '20
.     .-8 east 4o chains, thunce south 20
chains to point of commencement, containing 80
acres more or less.
Locale-' March X8th, 1907. W. A. MlMJ.
theOOS aoulh 80 chains   mor10f
creek, ihence east fs.llow 111* --_'*J
ot  commencement,   and   contsim
more or less. _M
Dated June Rth. 1907
1 Sturm. -�� _, B
piirehs** ~
Take  notice   that 0����I_tloII
Montana,   V.   ti.  A., OOOOpaUon,
tends to apply /or.^r1'Um^cW^g
following   described   Iand*   *-��oToWZLsST
post plante.l on the  weal"��   JaB0|thJn*_l
Shan ((Cariboo) lake, and at  he rtw*j
of l ot 81.19,  Ihence  wes    W ��   J   h;����� ntjj" 1
40 rhnlns, thence east A t-ha 11s       -n(icoBiiW
chains to point ol commencemeii..
ing 80 acres' more or less. utoM*8
flay 20th. 1907- ___��� _m
thence *-.���*���_��� -----    thann
theuce oast 20 on*lni.thWJ
point   of  commencement, a
acres, more or less.                   YfAlti* *
Mny -Mth, Hk"���  ��� ^-rto* J
s Me*111-,
"^i'sTy day. after date I Arthur -..,���,.*
ranch; r. oi Burton city, i ��;nBlld Wor^
Chief Commissioner of^sn ^jg^ffirt
rner of !��� ��*;{#! rb��Jl
to'ria, B. 0., to purchase th
lands situate oust Ol &nrw��
post marked  "A   J
planted at the n.._w
running north ��*'�� in-   t'honw *
thenco south tii> chains, mem
place of commencement.    a-jHvn A.Bv*1
August 1st, 1W7. ���** prospectors
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NELSON, ��3. O
kle.nUn-1 District.   DlitrtOtOl VVc.t Kooteuay
INcifon m William   Andrew   Koas.   of
Ik, n.>tril keeper, intends to apply for
jaiVSu^owlta '""owing de*
crlbe-l landi
|!;. ,.!���.'-      ,'.-"  theure northSO chains.
���thrni-t* ****��1 ��chains Ui polnl Ol commencement
Ux-aK-J 1 -tl* J-iti.*. UW
J *����� j-Coratneii. niif   st   a pout   planted at the
bJftb-rtst corner ..I William A   l.o����' No. ' claim,
Fkrar*- -'-uii ������> rhslns, thenos veal to chain-,
latux uurll. !���' Chains,   ihence eaat   SO chain*.
Cthrjoint ol commencement, aud containing
Tfc-Kr-*- more or ir��*.
LoSStSd l.tliJinic. 1W.
Jyo.I���Commsaelni at a post planted at-out
iwoBlieiwt.it ol the northeaat corner of WH.
���uioa-ns'No 2 Slaleii thence  south w*   chalua,
^SMitsstS. ebslns   thenoe  north  *si chain*,
EsMsaest B)chains to tha point of commence
feat ��n<1 '���ontaiiiing Mo acre*, more or leai*.
Il-x-stt-i liih June. naff.
plauted   at
(fci north wv��t corner Ol  will lam   a. K'-ss'Nu.S
uud. thi-uee  nonh   *J  chains,   thence   weat Wl
fchiiss itu-net-  south -*.��  chains.   th**ne�� eaat  .-st
(hilnslolhe p-'li.t <��(      *.i'i' io * ������������ ��� n i.  contain-
1640 ut* ���. mor-* or leas,
���slsdlitb Jmis. 1907.
So .1 -C.-mmcii. ituc   st   a pout   planted at the
SflhwMt rorncr o( Wiiliani A   Kt i**' .**.. - --.laini,
ienc��- sonih SO ('bains,  thence   WOOttt chain*.,
leac* north 8v i balsa, thtnos caM Nil chains tn
It |ttiDl'<f coram cn'-uint-ut, and coutainlug MO
am. taorf or leas.
Locsted IMh lutie, IM,
< ssutsnclng at a i-o��t planted about
oallps ���i-i .if the northeast corner of W||.
b th.ii' No tclaim, ihence south ho chalus.
!:������.-���  M chains,   thence   north  WJ  chalna.
iStteewrst W chains to the poiut of toinraeuct*'
nuin-1 r.-nuitiiri** ''-4" acre*, more or leas.
Lonie.1 lMh Jutie, 1W7.
Bo.T.- tonuaeiicin-r ata poat   planted   at   the
mt��-��troriier ol * .i'.i���>ri A. Koaa' No.6t lalm,
l'sr��L'��n.'. -    Chains,   thence  eaat  HO Chains,
lM.(*-to-;\ri -*. rlialiii. thence west  HM chains to
NOI ol '.irimctiieiii. nt,    aud    coiitalultig  MO
|m miir* or less.
Uriu-Jixt June. r.sn
a I -Comnit-nrliig at ��   post   plauteil   about
|rhtiniifti.tb <>f the northwest eorner ol  wil*
fB K Kt*u'No ft claim, tht-nee north **Q rhalhi-,
ssi easts) chains, thenoe soutnn chain*..
��� ssstS)- bains io tss point of mm me new-
it, ��u-l r-miaiuing M   acres, more or lew.
ot, aud roiiiaiiiliig Me ac
ocste-llSih Jime.lWl.
Ko I -Commeni-ttifc at a post planted alioul 40
pin-im-tli ol th< north west corner of William
No. 6 claim, thenee w.uth ho chains,
lew* we*.'���c'l'iains, thenoa north so chalus,
Inwra-l Kir haiiis to the pottr Ol rnmnn-lice-
���it. ted 'ontaiiiing MO acres, more nr lew.
Ofslfl lath June.dW7.
enrliiK at a twist  planted   ab-out
ol ih.   northeast oornei "i Wil
li miles -
ba. Uns*1 No.9 claim, thenoe sooth ho chains,
Sor- -s.it -u . liH.u*.  ttience   noilh   ho chains.
bDW soil *Ui hains to lhe point  of inlinni'lll'lv
km. .m! ('..iiuinlugMn acres, more or leas,
���-filed i:.th June. IW7.
n   Cosua toeing st a post pi��nu*<l about
Bliss east < I the n.-nheasl corner of Will lam
���'   SS    ��� eUim,   ihence   north   l*"  chain".
i*east *u sealns, thenos south so obeins-
i��m' ���chalni in the point of eommeiiee-
jniBirl rf-Mainliiit 810 acres, more or less.
rttsii isth J,int-. lift.
P�� ������ -��� ocnmt.ii. ing at a poal planted about
J "hsini scuih   in   tin-   northwest   corner   of
PjIsb A. hou'No   In claim,   thence south 80
Taini. theij-t- *������ ,.*.���, -mi chains, thanoa north mi
wu, thstua east hu chains io potato, opm*
~ti"-ii*--iii snil ...ntainlng r-l'i acres, more or less
-xsWIMn Jun.-. V*n.
f-*-*Commeneiiig at a post planted about
������south ni th*. northwest corner of Wil
i. Host' No. ill claim, tl.eiic* norlh Hi)
ijMnoa west ho chains, thence south ho
'tht-ni-crastHii chains to the point of com
at-nt mi.t .-i.titainiiiB two scrim mora or less,'
.i thu:.th day of July. imn.
Illiou Und hltlrlct. DUtTtOt of West KcsoU-nay
jpBOttesthal J. K. K. Htewnrt. of Colling*
Z'^'ceeopatlon lumlN-iman. intends lo
BrwajMMsl timber li.ciice over the fol
K'' ','l|.l,"ni1' i:��niinennlns at a iM.st
I "';'"^ "trsam about one Alia south
L/'lumt,,. Ri,., llt.lir lhv hm6 WK.utM��� ,irfUl.
iCl2?ri"-LJ   ���*��� K��� Htewarfs N. I   Angle
bin. o.     ,mr,h w ohslns, thencs  w.-t   10
n ; '' ������"���������""���'���bains, thence w.-M Jo
J.  he,,,-,.  ���,���,,,    ,,  ,.tml���      ., M-l
1'nl'i n n"r,,, Mcnelns! thenee west*
--ttt-.too'rsVl[;;,n""'"'-'-11""1   '-outalning
������ UU iM.trlct,   DUWst ol West Kootenay
M0n;'U;rUl��t ' K P. Htewart.of Colling-
(�� DMr&5!,-V-,ilaJ!0-   *��nia      ere.k   dOS
bnsBst 5��.,BU|11 Meadow mine, aboul BO
"tltt'sM k 'r!,,,,t'' ''������"���-t marked J It K.
PI tooth ��, "'��� i"ml' theOOS cast Jl chains.
Ns Miiiti tl CvmVni> thtnot west 'At chains.
������������'���s Hi. i     '-.''V111"1*   thenee west Hi   chains.
-���"chiiiis �����,  ','"������-"��� thenca ea-t ho ehelns,
I w��BWnin.ami5L? D,M f commence
���L-   . ���*���. i*f. Umk. u  K srswart.
ru"^!!?"Ulr";l ->��"trlotoiwo7( Kootenay
Ft<Str2tion4mi!?M7   Ko��111' 0-   Hpokane.
KMUnds     I',.-, "V,'r     !h"     folluttl-i,-    de
KI-,*i"rUiof 11,      '"'"'"K ������* ��� post planie.l Kt
���Joonoai -  ��kSTaWV ".'lUv -wrthahow Una
K�� nnni, m cum'..'  i'"1"'" ,v'*" m' �����"����"���.
Nfi-iin [And Dtstrtet. Dlatrlel of West Kootenay
Taku notice that "I��a%'ld Henry Telford," Bas-
kauton, Hask., ti.-cupatloii lumberman, lutends
t'i apply for a special timber [tdenAS over tbe fol
lowlm* described lauds:
No 1 Commencing .ita pott planted about 3
chains north of the northwest corner of Timber
I.Im); M14. west branch of f.itiU* i-iloeau river.
West Kootenay, thencs ��i-st HO chains, thence
��� outii -sj chains, theuce east HO chains, thence
north ho chsins to point of commencement aud
containing M" acres, more ���r less.
Dated July '.'th, Itsrj     I>avh, Hknhy Tliroan.
No. 2.   Onm men sang a post planted on thessst
bunk of Cougsr creek, and on the north bouiM-
ary of timber limit "111, West branch of I.lttle
Blooen river, thence north ISO chalus, thence
east 40 chains, thence  south  ICO  cbaiio-,   theiico
wset dDoheins to pleas ol oasnmeacesienti and
coiitalnliig (MO seres, more or less.
Hated July loth. 1SSC.  I'aVu, Hkmbt TSSJOBD,
No   |     CommeiiciiiK al a post planted on bank
of Ki..  ..���   creek, ahout  -������ chains south   of  the-
south boundary of n-nU-r HmllHl*S7.west branch
of   Little  Hlncan   river,   thODOS  west  Hu  chains.
it.. I.. .* south hu ohelns, tbanee east ho chains.
theoce north HO chains to the point of coin
men. emciit and coutainlug Mu acres, more or
Haled July 11th, ISO). I>avij, Mswev Til.roan.
No 4. Commeiictnjt at a post planted aboul ������
chains cast from east bank of Kuaale creek, and
on tbe we-i bi.und-.ry of limn S, thence west ho
chains, thence south ho ��� hatnt. tbence seel B
rhalna, then-es north ho chains to point ofeom-
meiHwment. and <-outaluliiK Mo acres,  more or
Dated July Uth, M07. Davih Hknkt Tii.roan.
No. II. Commencing at a post planted about
00 chains west of <ioo���� Creek ami about six
miles from Its mouth at Hlocan. Kiver, said post
is about to chains west from I) li '1 "ell.-r���! '��� tlin-
Imt application No. 11. thenee east 40 chalus toil in bet appllcai ion No. 11. tbence north 160
chalus, thence west 40 chains, thence south IGo
chains, to point of ���unnmenccmeut. and contalu
liiK Mo acre-, in..re or less
haled July 17th. 11W7. David Hbnry Tii.Fuan.
No. 14. Commencing at a |N>st plauted at the
southwest corner of No. 13, theoce weat 40 chains,
thenee north 160 chains, thence eaat 40 chalus.
tbei  south 100 ��� halns to point of commeucemeut. and containing Mo acres, more or less
i ated July 17th. l ������'���    I' ��� - !:��� H s.m-y 1 Ki.roao.
A. MlLTOf*. Agent.
Notice is hereby given mat A0 daya alter date 1
intend to apply to ibe Honorable the Chief Com-
inlHafont-r of lauds and Works for a sfwclal
license to cut and carry away limber from th��
bdlowtiig dcscrlt-t-d lands in \\V#t Kootenay district:
No l - commencing at a post marked William
Walmi-ley. planted al K ok a lice Creek Hiding ou
lhe fro. ti-r extension, on the west side of l��t
>���*������:. on the aouth slda of the Weat Arm of Koot-
cnav lake, commcnilug at ihe N K corner post
running aouth ho chalus, west SO chains, uorth so
chains, east -" chains to place of beginning.
.Located :trd Jtiuc, 1007.
William Walmslbt, Locator,
James Hi'Idiakd as Age"l.
PS-'S1 Su"iVr-�� <���"> ���*&;,','.",;
- .   east
point  of  eoinmeiiee-
I_ Jamkh Kkktii.
T"'" .' .lifk ,,', Al,"""'"11'' '.....'SI-.i., nl
J?r ��om5'I;,?"���!,''���<��� wi'iy tor.1 Ji,;-i..
"", "��r   "i�� liil.ow.iiK ..i.siT.l.od
Site "'"""��� ".      i,   i'",1""' St}***** "��*i
,r���;��'|.��i.,u,i. ,,i,,,. "''.'"''..".iis, (Emm ,-as.
US'"',"""" ..r i,hi     ''i'-'iiii.iik. oont-lnlng
*^Attftlltl��th   1WT7
A- "AiKSTT, Agont.
Nel-Min l... ',���! Dlstricl    District of West Kooleuay
lake notice that 1'au1  August Paulson, of Kit-
ohener, B. I , tK*t*upstlen [umbermen, intende
u> apply for a spevial timta-r l|tviu*e over the following described lands: Commencing h i a post*.
planted at the soulhwrat corner of surveyed lot
TT-'l i.l, theuce east 40 chains, theuce north HO
chains, theneeeeat in t- ssontheattcorneroi said
lol, ihence north to lhe northeast corner of said
lot. ihence east te the west iMiuudary of pre-emption No. S'j-2. IhenOS south tO the north boundary
of Umber Uoenqa Ko. BMft, thenea west along
said nortb boundary to the northwest cornerof
���aid licence, thanm south to the north bouioiary
of ttmber lloenos Ho 7nlH ihence west u> a potnt
due   BOUth   Ol   eoinmeiicemeiit,   thenee north to
p<iiui oi  oommenoament,  and oonta4ntng mo
SOT) ���    m����re or less.
Dated July '2nd. I��r7.    Paol Aror-n I'sim^om.
Dlstrlctof Wesl Kooteuay
Henry   Keichert. of   Nelsoo,
Nelson UUld Dtstri
Take notice  that  ���--,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
B C., pros[*ector, Intends to apply   for a special
lloenos to OUtand carry away "timber Iroin tbe
following described lands:
Nn. V Commencing at a posl pi mil*-,] near tbe
northeast corner post ol timber licence No. HM
and near Henry Keichert 8. W. corner post of
tlmbei location No. 7, on main U-mon creek and
marked Henry Keichert southeast corner post
No. a. thenee HO chains norlh, theuce so cbains
west, thence HO chain-, sonth. thence HO chains
easi lo the point of commencement.
Deled July 27,1*17.
Nn 10 Commencing at a )..������' plauted about 20
chains more or less south from the northwest corner of l.oi Ho .2M.I on main I ��� n...n
k and   marsed   Henry Keichert  east   corner
Cosi No   10, thence 40   chains north   more or leas
> about midway of the  SOUth   booiidaty line  of
timber licence no   Han*., thence lt'*u chains weat.
daiy Hue
chains we
theuce   40 chains  aouth, theuce 160 ciiaius  eaai
to i>o!iu of c*ommenoamaut.
Dated July /:ih,l*J7
no. 11 Commencing SI a post planted on Iff SMS
ment Creek, about 70 chains, more or leas. mouIIi
from where Motiument i reek, empty** Into Lemon Oreeki and mar Henry Keichert northeast
Corner post of tliulier location no H, and marked
"Henry Keichert northwest corner post No lt.''
(hence HKi chaius aouth. thence 40 ��� halns emat.
thelice Ii'iO chains north, thence 4'l chaius west
lo the point o'commencement
Dated July inth, v.vn.
IIknh\  Ki:n imcr, L.rf*ator.
NeUon Lsnd DlStrlOt.   District of Wesl Kooleuay
TekanpttM that i, Bsrold n. Mnoontbe, of
Kernle, H. C . clerk, intend to apply Ior a special
timber    licence over    the   following   duscrllHid
lands :
3.   t;
nun-cueing al a pf-sl planted at the cott-
leeoithe   north   fork  of  Corn  creek   about
    inii'-.   from   its  continence   with   the   Mum
creek theuce south 40 chains, thence west ISO
chains, theuce north 40 chains, theuce cast liV
chains t>> lite place of hcgltiutntf. containing MO
acres, more or leas.
LOOatSal August 17ih, 1907
9. Commencing at a ,-osl planted on tho bunk
of the north fork of Corn creek about two miles
from lis continence with the Main creek, thenco
sout1: HO chaius, thctice west HO chains, theuco
north ho chalus. thsnos east HU chains to tho
place of beginning, containing (HO teres, moro
or leaa,
Ivocaled August 17th. 1U07.
:i.  Commencing ��t a post plsnted ou ths bank
of thi.* north fork of Corn creek about [OUT miles
(Tom lis conllucnce with lhe Main creek, Iheuce
south Hi chiilus, thctice east HO chaius, thenco
liorib HO chains, ihence West HO ch-ilux to the
nlacc of beginning, containing Ml) acres, more or
Located AiiRiist 17th, 1907,
o Commencing ai ti post planted on the haiis
of tho nonh fork of Corn creek about fi miles
from lis eoiillio iic with the Main creek, tbence
north 40 onalna, thence east m ehalns, thenea
soulb 40 chains, ihetiue west 100 chains lo the
plsccol beginning, containing 040 acres, moro
or loss.
I'.itcl  Au.;" -t   Uth) 1*)".
(I Commencing nt a poit plant, i ou tho bank
of the uorth fork of Corn creek about six miles
from its coiilluence wllh the Main oreek. thenco
south HO chains, iheuce east HO chains, thenco
norlh HO chains, thenee west HO chains to tho
place of beginning, containing 540 acres, moro
or less
Lot ated August Iflth, 1007.
7. Commencing at a post planted on lhe bank
of lhe north fork of Corn creek about six miles
from Its confluence with the Main Creek, tbence
���OUtb ��0 chains. tbenOB west HO chains, thenco
north Hi) .'lo.iii' , thenos ohhI Hi) chain*, to the
place of beginning, containing 040 aerea, more
or leas.
l/ocated August Kith, l!H)7.
11. N. Kis.Ki uJiiir, Utcutor.
A. UacKKn, Agent*
Chicago   and   Alton     Was    Guaranteed
Againet Prosecution  for  Giving
I.i-nnx. \i-r-i . Sept. 9.���Altornoy-Kcn-
oral Charli-H J. Bonsparts today tSIUSd
n statement rr-gartllnR tho Standurd
Oil ciiho In tho HllnolH court. The At-
torncy-Kenornl  Hald:
"On August 4th JndgS I.amUR SSksd
In HtiliHtance that ths Asp&rtmmt of
JiiHtlCf* conKldor portions of the transcript of toKtlinony In thn oaajs of the
United States against the Siandard Oil
Company of Indiana, In order to determine whether the Chicago and Alton
Hailnad, Its officers and the employees
were entltl*-d to the benefits of an agreement assuring It and them, of immunity
against criminal prosecution certain
rebates  to   the  Standard  Oil   Company.
"The department ln compliance with
the desire of Justice Landis, examined
the above mentioned records and carefully Investigated the entire subject,
and as a result of such Investigation
the Attorney-General on August 21*.
wrote Edwin H. Sims, United States
attorney at Chicago, informing him In
substance that the agreement was
���bowo to have been made In June or
July, 190G by C. !-��� Morrison. Mr. Sims'
predecessor In office; that Mr. Morrison's actions appear to have been duly
authorized at the time by the department; that in the opinion of the department, the arrangement had greatly
facilitated the Indictment and conviction of the Standard Oil Company, and
that while certain portions of the evidence might be fairly open to unfavorable comment, the department regarded
the government as bound in good faith
Nelaon J-ati'i iMstrlct Illstrlct of West Kootenay
Take notice tbat we, Archibald Bremner aud
lieorge Young, boib of the city of Nelson, in the
Province of British Columbia, lumbermen, intend to apply hu M" <���!*! timber licenses over the
fol lowing (leacribco lauds:
I Commencing st a post planted about 2.--0
yards westerly from the Junction of the north
and main forks of Summit creek, a creek flowing
Into KiKiteuay river south of tbe southern cud of
Kootenay lake in the district of West Kooteuay,
which junction is about 18 or 20 miles from the
mouth of such creek, thence south 40 chains,
thence east ISO chains, thence north 40 chains,
thence west lflo chains to the point of cemmence-
nii'ii ��� and containing 640 acres more or lean
AK< UiitAM-  Bkrmnkk
Patcd this Mb dav of August. 1W7.
2. Commencing   ata post   planted   about  2&0
Jards westerly from the main and north forks of
ummil creek, a creek flowing into Kootenay
river south of the southern end of Kootenay lake
in the district of West Kootenay. thence sonth ��l
chain*), theuce wesi i" chaim, thence south 40
���iiaiic . thence weal 40 chain**, thence north bo
chaina, thenoe cast 40 chains, theuce north 4>
chains, thence cast 4o chains to the point of com-
metii-emeul an't c-outaining 640 acres more or
less. clKOKua Yocko.
Dated this Mb day of August, 1V07.
��� Commencing at a post planted about 3)0 feet
north from the bank of the main Summit creek,
nn 1 ��i...i.i '.'milvp. westerly from the Junction of
the nortn fork aud the main fork of such creek,
a creel flowing into Kootenay river ��outh of the
���outbern end of Kootenay lake In the dlatrlct of
Wet Kootenay, thence south so chains, thence
eaat HO chains thenee nonh 80 chains, thence
...-in. chalus to the [>olut of commencement
aud ciioia-nine 0-40 acres more or less.
An-  MlliAl I.   llHKM-nCR.
Dated this Mh day of August, ltfu7.
4 ('ommenclng at a |-ost planted about .' miles
t> an unnamed creek (lowing into Summit
areas from the south at an..-it 22 miles from the
-south of Hummlt creek which latter is a creek
i-otnu' into Kootenay river south of the southern end of Kootenay lake in the district of West
Kootenay. tbence north 80 chains, tbence east 80
r-halUN, thence south 80 Chains, thence west 80
chains to the point ot commencement and coo
uf tiing 640 acres more or less.
UBoaoi fosse,
Dated this *>th day of August, i-.si,
6 Commencing at a post plauteil two miles up
an unnamed  creek  flowing   Into Summit  creek
from the south at nl [ :.' miles from tbe mouth
of Kumtnlt creek, which latter la a creek flnwln-r
n-.to K.'ot.-uav river south of tbe southern end
of kootenay lake In the aintrict of West Kootenay, theuce sonth Hu chains, thence east 80
cnalns, thence uorth SO chains, thence west 80
. halns to the point of commeuceineul and eoutaining 010 acres more or les-j.
AartflBALD Bhbmnek.
Dated this 5th day of August, 1907.
H Commencing ata pout planted about one
ami A half miles up the uorth fork of Summit
creek, a creek flowing into kootonay river south
of the Miutheru cud of Kooteuay lake In tbe di*.
fnt ..I West Kootenay, ihence aaat SO chains,
thuncu south 40 chains, theuce east 40 chains,
iii.'ii-T i-.'iitli 40 chains, theuce .vet 80 cbatus,
ih��ncenorlh 40 chaius, thence west 40 chalm.
theuce north 4o chains to thn point of commence
ment and containing 640 acres mora or leas.
Dated this 6th day of August, 1U07.
7. Commencing at a post planted about one
mile and a halt up the north fork of Summit
creek, a creek flowitir Into Kootcuav river south
of the southern cmf of Kooteuay lake, in the
district of West Kootenay. iheuce north 40 chalm.
ihence went 4" chains, theuce nonh 40 chalus
ihence east 80 chains, thence south 40 chains,
theuce east 40 cUsins, lion,, south In chains,
thence west 80 chains to the point of commencement mi.I containing 6ID acre-, more or loss.
Dated this Oth day of August. 1WJ7.
An. hi ha! .n BsBMNKR.
8. Commencing at a post plained aUnit a
i|tiartcr of a mile westerly from lhe north fork
of Hummlt creek, and about two miles and a
hslf up such north fork iroin Its Junction with
the main Miunmlt creek, a ereek flowing into
Kootenay river, south of the southern end of
Kootena) lake In (he district of West Kootenay,
thence north 80 cbains, thence cast 80 chains.
theuce south SO chains, thence went HO chains to
thi' point of .'iininii'ii  i.'iil, aud containing 640
acres, more or loss
Dated thts6lh day of August,*1907.
(1BOK0K Vol N-.,
0 Commencing nt a post planted about a
mirier of a mile westerly from the uorth fork
of Summit creek and about three miles up soon
north fork from itsiunctiou with the malu Hunt,
not crock, a creek flowing Into Kootenuy river,
south of liiu soulheru und of Kootenuy lake In
the district West Kootenay. thence west 80
chain*, thence north 80 chains, theuce cast HO
Onatng, thenoe south 80 chains to the polut of
commeucemeut, and coiitiilning 640 acres, more,
or less.
Dated this 6th day of August, 1007.
Am num.n Bkkmner.
10. Commencing at a post plauted about a
quarter of a mile westerly from the north fork
ol Summit creek und about three miles up such
north fork from Its Junction with the main Bum*
mil creek, a creek flowing into Kootenay river,
south ot thn southern end of aootcnay lako, in
the district of West Kooteuay, thence weft 40
chalus. theuco south 160 chains, thenco cast 10
chains, (hence noilh 160 chalus to (lie point of
commencement, and containing 040 acres, more
or less
Dated this20th day of August. 1907.
Am n in-, i.i- Bhkmner-
II Commencing at a post planted about half a
mile easterly from the south fork of Summit
creek and about one mile so ith of the main
Summit creek, a creek flowing Into Kootenay
river south of the southern end nf Kootenay lake
in the district of West Kootenuy, thonce east 80
chains, theuce sou I h Ho cliHltis, thctice wesl SO
chains, Iheuce north 80 chains to the point of
oommaui-eint-nt aud containing 040 acres more
or less. Arohihai.d Hukmnkk,
Dated this 21st day of August, 1907.
and  also as a matter of public policy,
to give effect to the agreement.
"Mr. Sims was instructed to read this
letter when the grand jury reconvened
September 3, and take further action
to the forthgoing, and as might seem
to the court and hlmsHf, appropriate
In the premises. The department learns
that Mr. Sims did not comply with these
Instructions by reason of his having
called to his attention recently certain
new, and. In his Judgement material
fads whin be thought should he submitted to the department for Its further
consideration before its conclusions
should be finally announced. For this
purpose, he asked, and was granted by
the court, a delay of three weeks. The
department Is not as yet advised as to
what are the facts thus ascertained by
Mr. Sims. It has great confidence in
his sound judgment and devotion to
duty, and It awaits his report before
taking any further action in the premises. Inasmuch, however, as the circumstances of the case may be liable
to misconstruction, it is deemed proper
to submit now the present statement
to the public."
Experimental Farm May Be Located by
C. P. R. Land Department.
Calgary, Sept. 9��� Medicine Hat
wants an ex perl mental farm. For two
or three years the Ottawa authorities
have ben urged to do something in the
matter, and the Provincial government
has also been approached.
Not long ago Mr. Campbell gave a
lecture at the Hat upon his scientific
system of farming. The locals were delighted. They wanted to try it. They
thought lt waa the very thing suited to
that  part of  the  country.
The Agricultural society of Medicine
Hat, to bring matters to a head, commissioned W. C. Harris, the president,
and T. M. Harrington to come up to
Calgary and interview J. S. Dennis, of
the C. P. R. Colonization Company.
They arrived last night. They had
not been here many minutes before
they were seated in the office of Mr.
Dennis himself.
When they were seen afterwards
their faces were wreathed la smiles.
Mr. Dennis had decided to recommend
the company to give the project substantial assistance. This was what
made them so happy.
Medicine Hat may shake hands with
Itself. There is every prospect that it
will have an experimental farm in the
near future.
Will  Fight  for  Lightweight  Championship at San Francisco Today.
San Francisco, Cal., Sept, 9.���In
prime condition and ready for their battle, with the lightweight championship
at stake, Joe Cans and James Kdward
Uritt, await the call to the open-air ring
at Recreation Park this afternoon. The
sale of sects has been large, but the
betting on the result has not been
heavy. With a remembrance of the previous meeting between Gans and Britt,
which was later acknowledged by the
parties concerned to have been a fixed
tight, the sporting fraternity evinces no
great desire to risk money on the present event. In what betting that is done
Gans rules a slight favorite.
The fight will be held tn the open-air
hall pink, and lt Is estimated that between 16,000 and 20,000 spectators will
probably see the contest. Though the
attendance at the ringside will probably
lax the capacity of the big amphitheater
the gross receipts will not come up to
the total of some of the previous events
pulled of here for Uie reason that the
prices have not been put so high. The
price of tickets ranges from |10 for
ringside tickets down to $1 for general
admission of a bird's-eye view of the
Nelsou Land District   District of West Kootenay
Clulm No, I.   Titko notice that  Peter Lund, of
Warduer, B.O , occupation lumberman, intend*
to apply for s special  timber  licence over the
following described  lands:   Cotnmi
post pluuled nl the north-easterly pt
si ud 100 chains  south   of timber   licence N..  7018,
incur I uu
post of)
ot 812
^^^  i^t^t^t^__ j  7018,
thenee south loo chains, thence east 40 chains,
thence north UU) chains, thence west 40 chillis
to the poiut of commencement, and uontalnlus
ti-40 acres, more or less
Dated July SOth, . ".- 1'KTBR I.rNt..
Nelson Laud Dl-trict.   District of West Kootenay
Claim No. 2. Take uotice that Peter Lund, ot
Warduer, B. <".. occupation lumberman, Intends
to apply for a special timber licence over tho
lollowiug described lands: I'ommencing at u
post planted on an csst boundary of lot h\2, IO.)
chains south of limber licence 7018 and 40 chains
west of Iocs lion post claim No. 1 theuce north
HO chains, theme east HO chains, theuce south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to the point of
commencement, and containing till) acres, more
or less.
Dated July Kttbi '*"��� PSTBS Lund.
Nelson Laud District.   District of West Koo*enay
Claim No 8. Take notice that Poier Lund, of
Wardnor. ti C. occupation lumberman, lnleuds
lo apply for a special timber licence over the following described lands: Commeuciug at a post
planted on au cant boundary of lot H12, 80 chalus
north of mv location post claim No. 8, thenco
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains, thence
south HO chains, thcucu west 80 chains to point
of commencement, and containing 640 acres,
more or less.
Dated August 1st, 1907. Perca Lund.
Nelson Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that James Keoth, of Hpokane,
Wash., occupation, miner, Intends to apply for a
special tinnier licence over the folio*, lug described lands; Commencing ata post about IH
rods uorth of tbe center or tho north shore line ol
Bmiii'iiirj l.iisc and ai the southeast corner of
Timber Limit No 8074, and marked James
Keuih's 8. W. Cornerpost, thence north AO chains,
theuce ens- HO chains, thencu aouth 80 chains,
thence west 80 chain* to point of commencement, and coiituinfiiK 540 acres, morw or less.
July 80, DA/7, JAMSS K\ kit 111.
Qtseen's Hotel
Baku itr*... N.uon. B. o.
Lighted by Eleotrloltjr and
Heated by Hot Air
Latwm ��od Comfortabla Bedroom, end Flret*
c.m.IJ.o.u. Boom, -simple Boom. Ior Commui-
���Ul   If....
MKH. B. C'-CLAKKB, ProprlelreM
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 130 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. KBIOKSON, er--prletor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postottlce. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
Bnropoan and Junerlcan Plan
Ye-als K eta.   Booms from Jb ota. to W.
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St., Nelson Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best DoIlar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tbe Bar Is the Finest.
White Help Only Kmployed.
Josephine Bt.
Royal Hotel
Bates 11 and 11.60 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarders.
Only the beet of Liquor, end u.gen.
All Kind* of Heating Plants ln Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Oosra Houae.     Tel. 181.
Scaled tenders addressed to the un*
derslgned, will be received up to 5
o'clock p. m., on the 9th day of September next, for the supply of: (1) Groceries for use ln the city's boarding
house at the power plant, for the balance of tbe year. (2) Hardware and
sewer pipe supplies for the balance of
the year.
A list of the supplies on which tenders are required may bo seen at the
city clerk's office.       By Order,
City Clerk.
W.   a.   aiLLET,T
���Gontrsststor  und
8ole agent for the Porto Kiro Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yardi- KouRh and dresned lumber, turned
work and braokeU, Coast Uth and shingles, **a*b
���i, ml doort.. Cement, brlek and lime for sale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. east of Hall
P. O. Boa 2W. TMlopbnne 178
Notice is hereby slveu lhat alter the expiration
ofilxty -my-* from the dele hereof the Patrick
Lumber Company, Limited, Intends to nuhmll to
the Honorable Chlel ConiniiMlouer ol LamK ��ud
Works a propt.nat under the provisions of the
���'Rivers aud Htrt-sms Act" aud Amending Acts,
for the risht to lm*-rove the Stocan river from
lhe mill dam of said company (situate about
three miles above the Junction ol said HIocrii
river wiiii the Kootenay river.) to tin- mouth of
the Little Hleran river, and to Improve the Little
Hlocan river and branches thereof to the northern boundary of sub lota, lot 7180, and sub-lot 1,
lot 7isi group one, Kootenay district, and to
Improve the tributaries of said rivers; and re*
meve obstructions from said rivers and tributaries, snd to make thesame fit for driving, storing, sorting booming and raiting logs, timber,
lumber, rafts, and crafts; also for the right to
collect tolls thereon.
The lands to bo affected arc the following: (n)
Lots 30.1, 7.tti9, 64f>0, 64M, 645 '. 9610, 68V7, M4tt, MM,
7VJ3, 7065, :-vjo. 481'2, all In (-.roup one, Kootenay
district; also Innds covered by pre-emptions
numbered 46, 10.1, 115, 1S6, 148, 164 and MO; also
lands covered by timber licenses numbered .r>86fi1
BBtti .v>84, U8B, WM, ft��87, and r-688; also lands of
the crown.
Dated this 6th day of J uly. 1907.
by Its solit it or. R  W. Hanninoton
Take notice that Ira F. Taylor, clerK. of Arrowhead, B. C, Intends to apply for a ipecial licence
to cut timber from the following described
No. 1. Commenjtng at a post planted 70chalns
distance In nn easterly direction from Cariboo
lake marked "Ira K. Taylor's. VY. Parkins' 8. W.
corner,'' bounded on the south by T. L No 7666,
on tho west by I. L. *��� o. 767a, theuce north 80
chains, thence east 80 ohalns, thence south 80
ehalns, thence west 80 chains to polut ol commencement.
No. a. (.'ommenclng ata post planted 80 ehalns
distance and In aeasterly direction from Cariboo
lake marked "W. Parkins', Ira P. Taylor's B. W.
corner pom," bounded on the west bv T. L 7607,
south by Ira F. Taylor's and W. Parkins'T. L.
No. 1, thenco north 40 chains, thence oust no
ohalns, thence south 40 chains, theuce west no
Obelus to point of com me-.cement.
We have had placed in onr hands one of the prettiest best paying
This is np fur a quick sale on account of owner's ill health. Call and get
full particular*. If you havi. **-l,H00 we can make a good easy deal with yon
for this property.
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd.
Fire, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability Insorance
Lei us quote you rates in the best board companies.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frolt Lands te
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get tbe ground floor prices.
Nelson. B. C. I
$600.00 CASH
And the balance on Easy Terms will purchase an  8-roomed    house    with    5
bedrooms,  in  a    good    location,close to  the car line.
PRICE $1900
H. & M. BIRD
eio DOWN
We offer you best fruit lands:
best terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your nii-ans
ln paying for land. We want you
to put lt into development We
also have tracts of BO to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the beat. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Fruitvale you
miBS the best in B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, N.laon, B. C.
For Sale
26 ft. lot on Carbonate St $175.0.)
50 ft. lot on l.r.i.in..t   St., fenced
and cultivated.
Oottag*.  11  rooms,   electric   light.
water    $76(1.00
6*4 acres within one mtla of .illy; suitable for market gurileii.  Terms given.
Real  Estate and  General  Agent.
315  Baker St.,  Nelaon,  B. C
A. M. Can. Sec. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:  Bealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St., NELSON. B. C*
In tho iimltVr of an SppltOSltoll for lhe Is uc of
dupllratoof the certillraUmif THk* foi Lots fi. 7,
i, and 17,Block.!, 10 WO of Kitchener (*��ap &H]
and Lot618T (-roup ���mi, . in the D r utol koote-
Notir. i*. lt.-rt*'-> v-iv.wi t'nn it ray intention
to Issue at the vxpirallou of one month after the
first public*.Hon hereof, duplicate)-of i Vrtl.-W--.ti-*
of Tit;'- of the above loin iu the name of JoHcph
Walker Mrhlch certitleateH are diited 22nd day ol
.Inn.*, I'-'i .iii.l numliered BUI A and .UK". A re-
Land Keiiifttry office, Kelson. D. G JM July,
"II. F. MacLeod,"
insinc. Kua-atrar.
To Winnipeg and points tn
Ontario, Qocbcc, Maritime
Provinces, Central and Eastern States, August ftth, 9th
and 10th. September. 11th,
12th and 13th.
Full particulara as to stop overs, etc.,
I'D application.
Splendid New Soo-Spokane Service,
���15! i Hour* Between St. Paul and Spokane. Catch the Flyer at Cranbrook for
AU Points East.
Daylight service between Nelson and
Spokane including 50 miles on Kooto*.
ii.iy Lake In elegant new steamer Kus-
I anook. Fare $6.60. Return $12.46.
Good for 30 days.
Scenery through Arrow Lakes and
Kncky Mountain resorts unexcelled In
thu world.
I HT I  Tllllll.ll I SI D. P.A., NolMin
Piano and Singing Lessons
Given  by  Mrs. Winter  Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Coyal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, Kng., for theory of music. Scholarship of tbe London Conservatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Address Box 796. Nelson.
f n the matter of au application (or the Issue of
duplicate! of lhe  CcrttOcaui o( Title to  lot! 11,
tl und It. aroup 1, Weal Kootenay District, alao
n.twn n- the ' Kootenay chief," "Comfort" and
������Lulu" mineral>ttlelins n-Mpectively.
Notice in hereby alven that It U my Intention
to [is.I.- at the expiration ol oue month a fit* r the
first publication hen of a duplicate of Certificate
Of Title >������ *>.*'t* of art undivided Hi-tooth*. In
each of the -t'-oveliiti-, liuued on tbe 17th day of
May. A 1>- >HH(. in ihe: in. uie of John *:. Ainsworth.
��� ud alao a duplicate ol i VrlttlcaU ol Title No.
*wi0a of an undtvldid I'J������m.the tn each of the
above lots, t-.ii.' i on the nth day of May, A. U
ih*;, in the ii.uni' of (leorge J  Alniworth.
' ��u.I iti'tii-iM Ofllce, Nelson, B. t\, Auguat 6th,
"H. F. *������ ���ci*-*on."
Dlatrlct Registrar.
! 'm
'   M
,. ;
��� j
i .
rhe Daily Canadian
Lest  You forget
The   liirthstone
for    September
Take a look in Patenaude's Window  and see those Fine
Sapphires, $2.00 to $45.00 each.
Watchmaker and Optician
Is nisnul��.lur|..l  Irom   'He Auusl   laOma, sun-
rlnened ��".i aewHiweewned     " s mt'.i. luii-
n.vored and cool    -. lobseoo you
u.itshl to iry
Tobacconist.   Baker S'reet.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Fruit,
Foci & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co,. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
E E* Croadsdaile & <��
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils lor)
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will Und it to their ad-
v.iitt.K.- to o&e our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
5-Room House and 3 Lots, Observatory street. House-
well plastered aud in good
shape. $1,000. Good
 BAKER   8T.	
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep
Ing. Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing  Stoves, etc.
111  Eset Baker St. Phone No. M i ���
A. McDonald & Co*
Dealer.* in staple und fancy Oroc-.eri.ii
Butter, Euan.
Camp and Miner*' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want lo buy or sell anything,
go to the Old CurioHlly Shop. A new
line of Japan..*<��� Hoods now on Bale
AlP kinds of Dlnnerware ln stock. Pat
B. C
Best  Looted  Hotel in  Nelson
it th,1 mauHR-emi'lit ol  R  F. Noble,
late i��I Toronto, Ottawa an.l
K. W. Walker. Guelph; D. Gardner.
Ottawa; \V. F. Murphy, Montreal; T. I.
Walker. Toronto; I.. W. Ili-own. J. B. H.
RIokaby, Victoria; ,I. Gmirlay. Vancouver; W. Berhand an.l wife, H. M.
McKay, Brandon; n Kick. Salmo; .1
Cranio, W. B. Pool, Spokane; Mr. and
Mrs. R. Upton, Strathcona; F. stiles.
Seattle;  C. W. G.-ilnn. Hamilton.
Cor. V��*ri-.o>-,   unci U'ar-d  Streets,
[**RL.801V. n. O.
.Mr. A. D. Forrest, San Francisco;  G.
J. Hrtotli. Vancouver; F. A. Underwood,
K.   P. Rock,  Lett-bridge;  H.  S.  Hardy.
Now York:  R   Hill. London:  P. S. Con-
lorey, Rossland; T. E. Wilcox. Chicago;
M.   A.   McDonald,  It.  S.   Cradock,  Winnipeg;   M. Rully.  Lethbrldge;   F. J.   P.
Crean, J. S. Massiin.  Bdgewood;   M.   10.
Eplett, Colville; C. F. Hooper, Spokane.
I.. Hraddi.ck. Proctor; .1. \Y. Partridge.
J.   Mason.  Winnipeg;   E.   P.   Wheatley,
Molly Gibson;  G. II.  While, Doer Park.
.1.  II.  Stewart. Toronto;   W. J.  Little.
E  A. Dixon, Vancouver;  \V. It. Kinney.
Spokane;     U". A. Creelman  and  wife,
Qrand Forks:  T. H. Duncan, Eholt;  E.
A.  Uras, Kaslo.
J. Cooke, Silver King:  C. M. Wallace.
Boundary Falls: A. S. Henderson, Vancouver; D. Mcintosh, Beaton.
,1. Smitli. Winnipeg: H. Kirby Fernie:
C. P. Conway, Vancouver;   A. Swans..ii.
Hall Siding; -J. W. English, Nakusp; J.
Enyell, Saskatoon;  T. Qorley, M. Haw-
kin, Rossland.
ll Wakefield, D. White. ,i. while.
London; H. Harper. Bristol; C. GUI.
���'ran.Ion: B. Callow, Calgary; C. Lary.
S.lvoi- King.
Plums, per basket  35c
Peaches, per lb    . 15c
Pears, 2 lb. for 25c
Apples. 3 lb. for 25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for  2,5c
Telephone 161,
���ii:-am    8tx roomed oottiio. Stanley Street
Hour   Mm      Ifodern   Lniproromanta.    li BOO,
I.tiii*. (jlvi'ii      Apply Km   Ktutnii.
L081 -Thnr-hiv nit-lit III ���*oh��1 Train, C. P. R.
Station or Hnkrr it, between C, I' it. MtHtiim
and W.u i bonnon*. Book-tore ���* Ledlee' Hm-ni
Ports Pindar will confer k favor by (saving
Ht v.  <.  rbonnonfs Bookstore.
''-i A pitir 'if long, brown giovei.. bstwesn
vicioriu and cornerof HtniiU-y and Oerbonsts
meet     Return to Canadian OAoe.
���i'-l-l- CHAIN. t��*iwi>t-ii llm-ver nn-1 YVri.nu
BtKOtl      Hiiitii),).. r-wnr'l  will   bePSid  for It*.
return,   ncuermld A MoHai-dy.
A HOCKKTBOOK eonutnim h *tirtio*i cheque of
tho Second llollal MHituy Comp*n>. perabla
to 17. C. Wl-.).-, nn) letters.    Findur kindly
l.-nvia ��t Sn I'l... .��� 1 ti li.
"WO FlV.-Trl.ArlH .U��OMH, ���.'..���mi- lii*��U*d
plv houcfikMM>r. Jtni flat, ft   W  0. block.
*.  PARTNKB  wiib 18*000 to   (mrohsss r fruit
rancb nasi Kelson   a good ���peculation. I'urt*
Her Heed liol tn* Hdlvflr ' itittiKt'il nn ntneh.
For purlieu.an, apply T. <-��� PROrf Kit.
AT OtfOR.     A HK1.I.  BOY       Apply the Strath*
tr*.��-:!kk   Ht Meadowi.    HO per month.
IpraUsy, Beeratary. Brte, P o
want ��� ii- A Qiri f..- GenaieJ Honaework.    Ap
plv Mr��   K. t', WrHj-Ki-. enrner Olmervatury and
Ward ��tresis,
Council   Meeting.
The regular meeting of the city council will be held in the council chamber
this evening at 8 o'clock.
St.  Paul's Christian  Endeavor.
St. Paul's Christian Kndeavor will
hold Ita usual meeting tomorrow
evening at 8 o'clock. The subject will
be, "Ood's Omnipresence."
Rumor of Shooting.
It was rumored on the street last
night that a man had been shot near
BonnlngtoD as a result of a dispute over
a game of cards. As far as can he
learned there was no foundation for Unreport.
Not  Insane.
Chief of Police Pitchford has received
a letter from the authorities of the provincial penitentiary at New Westminster
which Indicates that Kenneth Murray
has recovered from his fit of rage and
become a rational prisoner.
Private   Tuition.
The Kindergarten of the city of Nelson and private school connected with
It, also adults' evening classes, will
open Wednesday. 11th inst.. at 630
Silica stieet. corner of Josephine. Mrs.
Frank J. Field will receive names of
Getting   Ready   for   Battle.
The Conservatives of Greenwood electoral district will meet in a few days at
Greenwood to arrange ior a full representation from each polling subdivision
in thi- district to attend the nominating
c nventton which will be held in Kam-
loopa on the 27th inst.. and to arrange
for a reception to lion. li. I.. Borden
on the occasion of his visit to ihe district
Fruit   Lands   Are   Low.
The Grand Forks Sun believes that
no more forceful illustration could be
drawn from the fact that prices of fruit
lands in the Kettle valley are ridiculously low, than the statement made
this week that one fruit grower has
sold his crop at a price that will net
h.ru $300 per acre. Good fruit land
can yet he secured in this vicinity at
less than one hundred dollars per acre.
Uncle Tom.
Uncle Tom's Cabin company, under
canvas, will appear for one night and
matinee in Nelson on Thursday, Sept.
12. Every little girl and boy is looking
forward to this event, as the miniature
parade, including Eva's carriage, Marks
donkey. Uncle Tom's ox-cart, and the
beautiful Sue t land ponies, appeals
strongly to the juvenile mind. The
company numbers 5u people, two bands,
drum corps, dogs, ponies and so  forth.
A  Pleasant  Party.
The Rossland .Miner says that a very
pleasant party took place in Carpenters'
hall in that city on Thursday evening
in honor of Miss Orpha Manhart and
Harr.s Manhart of Nelson who were
there visiting friends. Dancing and
games made the evening an exceedingly
pleasant one for the 50 young people
who merrily participated in the affair.
W. Elley furnished the music for the occasion. Mr. Manhart and his sister returned   to  Nelson   Saturday.
Fernie Is Prisperous.
The Fernie Free PreHS remarks that
the street crowds In Fernie on Saturday nights are regarded by strangers
with amazement. A census would snow
a remarkable growth in this city during tho last two years. Despite the
amount of building that has been going
o:i dwellings cannot be secured at any
Bgure and many families are just waiting lhe construction of homes to come
a'id settle here. Real estate men are
Hooded with inquiries for residences
and   ihey  have   nothing   to   offer.
Mrs. U. 0. Mouat and her sister left
y. ste day for a trip to Edinburgh. They
will be away front Nelson for several
L,   il.   Chnquelti-  has   returned   from
F. C. GREEN        F. P. BURDEN        A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box US    Phot* 241 B.
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
1 ea.
We Stake Our Reputation on
the (Quality and Recconimend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
IM.AsT-ntt-H** WASTED -Apply tO Jnbli UiiniR,
Batik ul iVmmtTcc Bulidlog, Neliou.
K   W. C. Blosk . Phone 10
SARDTNFS west kootenay
C A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Joaepnlne Sts.
We have rununaged through ourstocs:
pr tty thoroughly and have culled out
quit" a lot of odds and ends to be gol
rd of to make way foi u- ������������ gootlfl coming In. These are not old shopworn
gtx.ds that are hanlh worth carrying
away, bui are for the most part comparatively new goods, and us fresb as
when they were first passed Into stock
They oonsJsl mostly of articles that are
useful too, Buch jls wall-pockets for papers, etc., ladies' aide and hack combs,
framed pictures, musical inst mmenl B,
purses,  brushes, combs, etc,  etc.
It Is Impossible to give prices in such
a way that they would mean anything
to you, but  we are putting the various
articles In our window, with prices on
them, and you can see just what we an-
ir pric.-s will do it. to clear these lines
out, and we have marked them, in many
Instances at less than the articles CAN BE MADE FOR.
Take a look and see if there is not
something thai Is Just what you wain
W�� G. Thomson
BO'IK.-KU.KR snd    v.......     D   [->
STAT.IISKR. INeiSOU,   13. V^.
......no .34.
a trip to tho Province of Quebec, . I
tending over a month. During Iris ai>
senco h��. visited .lit- principal ciii.-s ol
the province.
John Masaon, the popular ex-manager
nf lhe Strathcona. who haa spent the
last month as member of a survey party
',n the Arrow lakes, was a visitor to the
city yesterday.
Charles Cameron, formerly of Nelson,
hut now residing In Colllngwood, nn. .
is paying his regular annual trip ... this
city. He will remain ��� Cev. days renew-
in�� old aciiuaiiitances.
Miss Bowron, of Victoria, private
stenographer to Premier MoBride, was
in Nelson Ir.st nlghl and left this morning for Rossland and Trail. Miss llow-
ron is on a ho.iilny trip which has Included  Ilanff ami Calgary.
Prof. T. I.. Walker, of Toronto University, arriv��<l from the east last nlghl.
Prof Walker's mission Is to collecl
specimens for the mineral department
or the university museum. He washers
three year.-- a;^. f..r .he same  purpose,
George P. Wells, ox-secretary of lhe
Mountain Lumbermen's Association re
turned last nlghl from Kilmonion where
he bad been summoned to g.v.- evidei ���������
In tha prellmlnarj hearing or the
charges of combination ln restrain of
Their Own Fault.
New York, Bepl ... - \ Tpklo despatch
11 tha Herald reports that whip, the
American cruiser Chattanooga was al
Hakodate recently, four of heT men narrowly escaped Injury at the hands of
a mob. Two of the men had to swim
for It. while the other two were rescued
hy the police. Investigation by the
snip's officers showed that one of the
sailors had mad.- nn unprovoked attack
upon a Japanese storekeeper, and the
Japanese ..ere exonerated.
Whnlcssl,. nti.l   K.-ttill Healers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
Lowest prloe. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and supples Wept in StOOJ
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
Is Renow/ied
rs Business Energy
We  have  them   in   6tb   and   8   tb   Sizes.
Quotations  given on    any   BUectrical
Heating Device on the Market.
��0 CABIN.����
A Magnificent Production tinder Canvas
- -*J����-.   **e     *
.��?��       -^"wf^tL
- ""���    *fcr    '..��to~
, ��^s-��*-*" -   ^2lSkI��
l��^i^sSB=iJL  .   T*V
MAItKSsnH lil. Funny Donktir
O.J It l-'UNNY TOl'HY I        *
UNCLE TOM. and his Or Curtl
2  p.  m.,  AFTERNOON,  NIGHT B p. m
THURSDAY    | -*-�����
SEPT. 1 ;a4
,vi>.vii'-.**K).'N, 2rt��j -and ��ou
Call at our larne storerooms on
Baker Street, and see the largest stock
of Furniture, Carpets, Rugs, Linoleums,
and the celebrated Buck Stoves. Our
Fall stock is now opened un,
During Fare week we pay freight for
50 miles from Nelson.
Complete  House  Furnishers and Undertakes.    Agents   Mason   &   Rluch  Pianos
All  the authorized Text  Books for
Public aud High Schools.
Mail orders promptly filled.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd
COR   BAKER snd  WARD. Phone 81
�����.  A.  ISAAC
U'i|>nirii.n  "mi .l�� >t .tilii-.* wxt-wutniSwIth I )��*Mnntch.    Hhatit M*s��.,
Wiirk,   .Mli-ili-ie  .......  .Mill  .%���������-.-lil iiasT-ry.      IMnnufnul uriri ��i
Or��   Qat-rttfj   W.   H.    Cntruclum'   Cnrs.
Corner ol H��i *aA
NELSON,    B. C.
Lumber** Shingles.
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows,
in-iicU Work and Brackets. Mall Orders prompUj stlssdilk
VBHNON STRBBT   ...   >,l'.I.HO%. u. c
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
The "Bare" Wear C-rtj
would lie enough to reconinieniloirflA*-
liioklnR und easy-flttlnn Show. be.Own
Ik u s.ytlshneSH about tbero .n,' �� :uv
I..K Hlinpcllni'ss that la making .*���-
very [...pnl.ir ainunK "men wbo lno��"
Th.y are nu.de on the newp.l l��u. ��-
the I^.Bt leathers, and renlorei u Us
must upprnreil ntyles In men's fuoinu
We arc ready to lit nil feel, ud H
prices that make Slinen look like a flft.
WhoiuMius) Provlstlonsi,
Government Creamery One Pound Unots reoelred weekly tn*0 ���Wm t"'
.liurii     Vor sale by all leading grooers.
Oflloe aad warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 70,
Josephine Street. Nelson, B.C.
Our shipment of these has been delayed in transit but we h��
them now, and in order to clear before the season is too
far advanced we arc selling them at prices that
should place oue iu every home.    Call and
be convinced and enjoy comfort.
J. H. Ashdown Hartta**"*
Company, Limited. -*���"���" ���""*
Thare Is a lot of
and   other  articles  mads  to ���*'
and that's all.
There arc tools and other thln����
mad. to soil and give latliWWJ
hy    their   wearing   QoallU*   a
that's the only kind wo h....<��"
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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