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The Daily Canadian Feb 23, 1907

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 L'ME I.     NO.   224.
FEB 28 1S07
Fwtt Cents a Month
been Victoria Mine on
the List
> Copper Producer Sends Output
|o Trail���Stock Market Shows
Signs of Improving.
hi- feature of ths: week  In  mining
lies nus been thu completion of shlp-
irrangementl at the Queen Vic-
[���ss|i|i{-r mines. The tram began
, ss,i Thursday, and the pockets at
lower ts'rmlnal aro now full. As
ipper bankers bave been full for
pk snid linn' In 'enough ore broken
In in ihs- mines tu keep them full,
rate ssf shipment will depend ii|>sni
ability ssf the 0. P. It. to furnish
can fssr Trail.
rail milling circles have boen dishy the report of an agitation In
j Kust lor nlioiltton, or reduction of
duties on li'Ud.    The Nelson board
Iiiiil-' bus  already  sent  ;i   vigorous
lest which will undoubtedly be fol.
M by  similar action   by   all  olher
fd> in Kootenty,
,. week's  tradings   on   the   stock
s: bave been good and Uie market
.en firm.   Of the shareB traded in
itw ks have been the leaders.   The
inn'   exchange    reports    business
Csssssl. ami expects unother revival
|!i<   boom,  such  sb occurred  there
lis 1    Kiisiern    markets    fell   off
litis, ism on the whole, the western
an-   gaining in favor iu that
flu:,. Hear was iierhaps tbe feature
week's trading, and more in dels! ihan auy other stuck, though the
(price ilm not advance as was ex-
>'<!    'tins demand  was  caused  by
s��>ilisut   lviKirta  emanating   from
_h na Coal sold to a large exlent
imalned very firm..    International
las stronger and In good demand.
���advance in  these shares, it Is be-
���I.   wil!   materialize   very   shortly.
*la Coal Mines sold oft slightly, hut
:.- Iisws'i figures a great many sales
��� made,
nili'.i rCarihoo changed but slightly
the  last  week's  quotations,  and
1 very fs'W aules were reported, the
��as   firm.     Sullivan   fluctuated
iderahly, and dropped back several
I over its  recent  quotation.    Can-
II Smelters and Carlboo-McKlnncy
Inactive, with few sales report-ed.
"million and Granby Copper were In-
s'lisl  almost  unchanged.     11.  C.
lii'iitned   several  points.
following  are   tho   approximate
ssiis tor the week:
Askesl.       Bid.
ertn C. & C I     .34%       .33-14
i'-an  1'oy 01%
11'   Copper         9.25 9.00
|i*k -l.nnd Coal 60 .67
Bmelten      146.00      135.00
f ilsslil Fields 07 .08
i    06.
|lboo McKintiey    ..        .01 .03
Mines 11 .10
nlnion Copper ....      7.75 7.25
ssml   Vals' 32 .30
'* k   Itecelpts  ...        .06
   150.00      145.00
iy  ot r.i
Conl 64 .61
���hn 19 .17
Plata  Mines 20
"la Conl Mines ..       .07'_       .nf.'/t
Join Valley C. & 0,   100.00
���nli  Star IS
iislslirCarlboo 80 .28
Tllvan    09 ,09U
|*Kwa Mines 15
tent  oil Con.  ..     1.85        1.80
tlte Hear 9V_c paid,       .06%       .05%
|"  Louis Botha Premier of New British Colony���Other Members.
fretorla, Tranvaal, Keb. 23.���Thc flrBl
lunsvnal ministry will comprise: Qcn-
^l liothii, premier and minister of na
affairs;  Advocate Smutts, colonial
etaryj   Mr.   Ctilllnan,   minister  of
Iiiiii worka-, ii. c Bull, treasurer; Ad-
pie De Velllcrs, minister of justice;
|lilsker, minister of mines.   Colonial
etary Smutts was u general during
: war ami formerly was a states attor-
|y In the government    of    President
Tuger,    Minister uf  .IttBtlce De Vel
Irs vviss attorney general  during the
1 war.    Messrs, Cullluan,  Hull antl
ker are connected with the mining
Visiting   Young   Roosevelts.
sston, 1,-oh. 23.���President and Mrs
joscvelt, who came to Massachmetts
to nay a (lying visit to their sons at
Chicago   Murderess,   Delerlout  In   Her
Cell, Explalni Act.
Chicago, Feb. 2a.���While raving ln
Mr cell at the police station Mrs.
Michael MclJonald, who on Thursday
shut and killed Webster S. Querln, yes-
'erday told the police enough to lead
Ihem to the conclusion that It was Jealousy and noi blackmail that led her to
take the life uf her alleged clandestine
lover. Made desperate by a false re-
pmt that Ouerln was betrothed to a
Western society girl, the police arc of
lhe opinion tnat she took Uuerin's llle
In revenge. Mrs. McDonald Is still in
such a condition mentally lhat nothing
of a defllnlte character regarding the
Iragedy can be learned from her. Physicians Bald last night that she showed
signs of Improvement and that in a few
days she would have fully recovered.
Another Bomb.
Odessa, Fell. 23.���A bomb wan thrown
beneath the carriage of the chief of
police, Colonel Messersberg, as he was
driving through the cenire of the city
ihis afternoon. The explosion of the
bomb wrecked the carriage, severely
Injuring the chief or police and shat
lered the windows of all the houses In
the vicinity. The would-be assasBln
Chief of Police Von Messerherg Is accused of being the instigator of the last
antl-Semetls riots here.
Report that Evelyn Th.iw Will be ��,id
Large Sum for Her Evidence by
Husband's Family.
New York, Feb. 23.���Any attempt
whicli may be made by District Attorney Jerome to have a commission on
lunacy examine Harry K. Thaw will be
vigorously opiiosed by Thaw's attorneys, according to A. HusBcll Peabody,
who today issued a statement regarding
rumors that Mr. Jerome*! Intention is
to apply for Buch a commission when be
completes the cruss-sxamluatlou of Drs.
Ilingmun and Deemnr.
"If Mr. Jerome makeB any such
move us that, either at llio reconvening
of the court Monday, or late," said Mr.
Peabody, who had Just left Thaw in the
Toombs. "Mr. Delmas, supported by
other counsel, will fight against It to
the last ditch."
Mrs. Evelyn Thaw visited her husband eaily today and remained with
hiiu the ful three hours allowed visitors.
She appeared to be in much better condition pnyslcally that at the time of her
visit yesterday.
New Fork, Feb. 23.���Evelyn Nesbitt
Thaw, wife of the man who Bhot Stanford White for her sake, sadly needed
the three days' grace brought by tho
holiday from District Attorney Jerome's
searching cross-examination. ThiB was
indicated by her appearance when she
visited her husband yesterday. Mra.
Thaw looked hut a shadow of her former self, and those who have seen her
almost dally since the trial began asd
saw her yesterday, say the change was
almost ghastly. That she Is suffering
severely under the ordeal is plainly apparent, and some fears were expressed
yesterdav when her appearance was
noted, that she might not he able to
Withstand the trying situation still be
rore her. ,   ..
Judging from the progress of Mr.
Jerome*! cross-examination, bo far as
developed, he cannot possibly finish
with the wltnesB under two dayn. Tn
dav reports are reclvi-d thai he is near.
Iv ready In bring on his application for
a lunacy commission to examine the
defendant The dlstrlol attorney, it t��
aald, questioned Drs. .1. T. D'oniar and
C F I'.llguinan. the Thaw family physl
claUB who were summoned as wit
ntsses for Thaw, nnd fnnn what ho
heard from Ihem regarding Insanity In
lhe family of Mrs, Wills niThaw.ho
hns become convinced Ihnt lhe strain
has descended to Thnw nnd thnt he Ib
now Insane.   It mi policed on   hat
Mr Jerome tried to have, these doctors
cnlled before ihe examlnaUon of Mra
Thaw again on Thursday. He tried to
Interrupt her cross-examination to
bring them to lhe stand. The defence,
however. II Is stilled, scenleil his t* an
and blocked lt for the Ume by refusing
tu hnve Mrs. Thaw's testimony Btoppoo.
Jerome wns willing to let thing" go
along ns the defenc i mny force them,
but ultimately, II Is snld. he will bring
out his theory that Thnw is not a sane
mnn and then will come the nppllca'
tion for a commission.
lloth Thaw and his wife are con
cer.ted about a statement printed yesterday that no matter whnl was lhe outcome of the trial young Mrs. nmw
would receive $300,000 as n reward for
her testifying for her hiisliiind.. It 11
Intimated that sunn after her husband I
arrest, she talked of going abroad, BUI
pave this idon up nfter It had hwa W*
mnee:l that sho was to get 1300.000. Sim
refused lo say anything abont tM Btory
but Lnwyor Gleason characterised It as
"malicious, cruel, false and Inhuman.
War in Central America
is Serious
Only Costa Rica Likely to Hold Aloof
���Honduras and Nicargua Call
Out Every Man.
City of Mexico, Feb. 23.���"War Is an
actual condition in Central America,"
said Under-Secretary of State Algeria
last nlgbt.
"We have received a message from
the Mexican consul-general at Tegucigalpa, Honduras, which says: 'Minister
of Foreign Affairs Cullon declares
tliat active war has been declared
against Nicaragua. President lionllla
Ij now at the head of tlie Honduras
IruopB and marching to the frontier to
meet the forces of President Maya.'"
ln response to questions as to the at*
tidude of Salvador in the struggle Secretary Algeria was reticent but when
assured that the associated press had
received Information that this republic
would become Involved as an ally of
Honduras, he admitted that the department had received telegrams confirming
An official who asked that his name
be not used, said that the upheaval
, mid ho the most formidable that has
ever occurred in Centi-nl America.
"Guatemala will he the ally of Nlonra-
gua; whether the aid of President Cabreras' country will be open or secret, we
do not know, but we do know that the
country will be drawn Into the controversy. This will mean that all Central
America will be ln a state of war with
the exception of the republic of Costa
Klca. As to her attitude we are uncertain."
Reported Discoveries of Cobalt���Water
Works for Cascade.
Grand Forks, Feb. 23.���Contractor
George Taylor has jusl been awarded
the contract for making the big log
boom al Smelter Lake for the Yale-Columbia Lumber company: Uie making
uf Ihis hconi is a big undertaking as
the lake has a surface area of several
siii.es and the boom must be large and
strong enough lo hold 5,000,000 feet of
suw logs. This couiract also Includes
the building of a big log chute over the
smelter dam., ll la also understood
that Instead of letting a contract for the
driving of these logs down the river to
Cascade, the sawmill oompany will have
Ihe log driving done by day labor. It
is claimed that it will be the largest log
dtlve ever made down either fork of
the Kettle river.
Word has reached here today from
IJeaverdale, on the west fork of Kettle
river, that with the approach of spring,
great mining activity Is being revived
In that camp. The Carml, the Sally
and ulher well-known properties will be
further developed and will be regular
shippers once more ln a few weeks, lt
fs also stated that several locations of
cobalt, made in this camp some months
ago. will be must thoroughly prospected
and lf the results warrant It the cobalt
elaims will be well developed, as capital can be easily secured to develop
piopertles of this kind should the surface showing warrant it. It is estimated
thai within the next two months' time
over one dozen properties In the Immediate vicinity of Beaverdale will he
The residents of Cascade are reported
to he making an effort to provide Ihem-
solves with a water system for fire pro-
lecllon nnd a movement will be made
Ihis spring with that end In view; at
���resent none of the Canadian Insurance
���Jninp-inios will accept nny risks In Cascade but It Is expected that when flro
protection Is afforded they will be will.
Ing lo do buslnesB In thnt little railway
Congress' Buiy Time.
Washington, Feb. 23.���Congress will
doubtless put ln a very busy week, aa 11
will be the final stretch of the session,
which will expire by limitation on
March i. There Is any quantity of
business awaiting attention, but Ihe
limited time will give the leaders a
good excuse for confining themselves to
Ihe necessary appropriation measures.
Tho chances of anything getting
ilirough nppear almost hopeless.
Longfellow Centenary.
The 100th anniversary of the birth of
Iho poet. Henry WadBwonh Longfellow,
will ho ohBorvcd In many parts of the
country Wednesday. Especially note-
woithy celebrations will be held ln
Portland. Me., and Cnmbridge, Mass.,
with which cities the life of the poet Ib
most closely connected,
New   York-Chicago   Flyer   Leaves   Its
Track���Dead and Mining Number Fourteen.
Pittsburg, Feb. 23.���The Pennsylvania
railroad's fast train between New York
and Chicago was wrecked a few minutes
after midnight today rounding a sharp
curve at Black Diamond, Pa., about'7
miles vast of Johnstown. The train
was westbound and was running 35 minutes late when the accident occurred.
At C o'clock this morning it was reported 'hat between 35 and 40 people
were Injured, many seriously, and about
12 passengers were missing. They arc-
believed to have been buried under tbe
wreck. There were many prominent
persona .on the train. Among them
were the following who were seriously,
probably fatally, injured:
Frederick, A. Busse, postmaster of
Chicago, fatally injured, taken to a hospital at AJtooiia; Samuel F. Nixon, of
Nixon and Zimmerman, theatrical props ietora, fractured skull and fatally Injured .taken to Altoona; Felix lsmaii.
theatrical proprietor, Philadelphia, seriously Injured and in Altoona hospital;
J. W. Wood Wilson, Marlon Ind., seriously Injured; Lightner Henderson, Chicago, of flrmfof Purdy and Henderson,
civil engineers; J. J. Kcrnau, Chicago,
ex-state attorney, seriously; George P.
Mellon, Chicago, seriously; Wilfrid
Samuel Elmin, Ills.; F. H. Hubbard,
New York; G. W. Wlgler, Chicago; Fox
Marshall, Chicago; S. 11. llrown, San
Francisco; John Kline, Chicago, and
W. O. O'Dennell, New York.
About 25 of the Injured passengers
were brought to the city on tbe first
section of the St. Louis Express, No
21, which arrived here at 5:03 o'clock.
Ambulances from the Alleghany general hospital met the train at the Union
Station and a majority of the seriously
injured were taken to that institution.
Many of the Injured were foreigners,
and most of these were given medical
attention ln the Union Station.
J. J. Keruan, of Chicago, In speaking to
the Associated Cess of the accident
said: "As near aa I can judge, we were
going at the rate of 50 miles an hour.
When the train struck the curve at Black
Diamond there was an awful jar. . The
engine aud smoker remained on the
track but all the Pullmans went over
a 60-foot embankment There are probably a number ot passengers beneath
the wreckage."
Johnstown, Pa., The Pennsylvania
Special, the fast 18-hour train on the
Pennsylvania railroad bstween New
York and Chicago, was wrecked at
Black Diamond, Pa., 7 miles east of
Johnstown, shortly after midnight.
From 40 to 50 persons were injured and
14 reported as missing. The train was
running about 50 miles an hour and was
35 minuea late. When rounding a
sharp curvo at Black Diamond the
whole train switched. The engine and
smoking car remained on the track but
the Pullman cars left the rails and
plunged over a 60-foot embankment. AH
aitempt3 to obtain Information from
railroad officials were met with rebuffs
al every hand, and at an early hour today, while It was reported that 54 passengers were on the train when It left
Altoona, only 40 were said to have been
accounted for. It ts believed that the
missing are dead ln the wreckage In
thc river, into which the train plunged
over the embankment, nenr the scene of
the Johnstown flood. At an early hour
this morning this city was practically
beselged by newspaper men on tholr
way to the wreck. Trains were despatched to reach the scono. It wan
necessary to take a 10-mile journey of
four hours nround tho mountains. From
the aeene It was.learned by telegraph
thnt ihe train waa late and the engineer
wns trying to make up lost time. The
wreck was caused by what Is termed
by railroads as "unavoidable accident."
The brake rigging of the first Pullman,
following the combination coach on the
train, dropped down and tore up the
right rnll n distance of 300 yards. The
engine and combination conch did not
leave thc rails, but the four Pullmans
following, plunged down over the embankment Inlo lhe rlvor 100 feet below, overturning when they reached the
The Elghtcn Hour train trnvola at a
high rate of apeed coming down the
mountain. When the brake rigging fell
lt either stripped the heads off tho belts
holding the rails to thc ties or toro up
the rails themselves.
Altoona. Pa., Feb. 23.���First roports
that Postmaster Busse, ot Chicago, and
Samuel Nixon, the theatrical manger,
wero fatally Injured, are Incorrect. Felix
Ismail, the Philadelphia real estate
dealer, Is however seriously Injured.
Altoona, Feb. 23.���Later���So far as
can bo learned from the railroad officials here no ono was killed In the
wreck of the New York-Chicago flyer
near Johnstown last night. Only one
passenger, John T. Clyne, of Jollet, Ills.,
was fatally Injured,
Preston's Settlers Never
Another Fraud Exposed���Canadian
Immigration Agent is Booming
South Africa.
Ottawa, Feb. 22.���The auditor general has made the late discovery that
the North Atlantic Trading company
has been receiving (5 a bead on European emigrants without proper vouchers or evidence that the money was
due. Vouchers for money expended are
simply btatements made by agents of
the alleged company, certified by former
Deputy Minister Smart and Mr. Cohen,
ixith of whom are officers ot the contractor. The auditor further states that
claims have been made by the concern
for Immigrants from the United States
and generally that the accounting is Irregular and the liability doubtful.
These strictures are evidently the result of last year's investigation. As
the country has already paid $300,000
to the.-:e unknown friends of Mr. Pres.
tion and the department of tbe interior,
the vlgllan-ce is rather tardy. Undoubtedly nearly the whole of this money
was wasted and stolen, as we have a
statement ot Lord Strathcona that the
immigrant for whom the bonus was
paid would have come in any case, lf
they really have come.
Unfortunately the minister of agriculture, who has just taken a census
of the Northwest, has not been able to
find tbe people- Mr. Fisher admits a
shortage of 75,000, which is rather more
than the number paid the trading company to bring. The admission came reluctantly, but the figures show that the
real loss is double Mr. Fisher's estimate. We bad a certain population in
the Weat five years ago. . We had a
certain natural increase. We had a
large migration westward from the
older provinces. There Is an influx of
homesteaders from the United States.
Year after year the government has
boasled of the number ot settlers from
each of these classes. Now comes tbe
accounting, when all these boasts have
to bo marked down to bargain figures.
Mr. Fisher is not quite sure whether to
say that tbe immigrants for whom so
large a price has been paid have gone,
away again or never came at all. In
cither case the country has lost this
money except the part that may be
distributed among the silent partners.
Mr. Fielding haB amended bis revised
tariff by bringing in a list of 116
changes in the original schedule. All
these, except possibly four, which are
doubtful, are In the direction of higher
taxation. The tariff as it now stands
will undoubtedly take more money out
cf the people than the one which lt replaces. Whether it is more highly protective is a disputed question, but there
is no doubt that it represents higher
taxation. In general lt might be said
and proved that the tariff of today applied to quantities of articles and not
to their values Ib at least one-quarter
higher than lhat, of 1896.. The per
eentnge of duty on the value of goods
Is almost cxnctly the aame ns before the
change of government. Hut as Iho price
of goods averages some 25 per cent,
higher, the taxation has Increased accordingly. The Increased cost of goods,
and consequently Increased revenue,
would have given an economical administration a fine opportunity to reduce or abolish duties on goods not produced In this country, it suits the ministers better to maintain the scale of
duties and Increase tho expenditure.
When "hug the machine" Preston was
removed from the control of the Immigration work In Europe and promoted
to the position of trade commissioner
to China and Japnn It wus predicted
thnt we should soon hear ot some new
operation like the North Atlantic Trading company. . Mr. Preston has gone
faster than wan expectod. He stopped
n* South Africa on the way East and
Bhortly nfter the Canadian ogcnl at that
colony resigned. Next Mr. Prealon
wrote a Ions letfr to tlie London Er.
press contending that 8onth Africa offered a larger and letter field for Immigrants than Canada. This cxtraor-
dinnry deliverance from a Canadian
agent has excited great Indignation. The
common opinion Is that we shall next
hear of an ngencv something like the
North Atlantic Trading oompany, re-
clevlng a large bonus for sending eml-
craniB tn South Africa and that Mr.
Preston will be associated with It ln the
some way he was wltb the ooncern
which has received 1300,000 of Canadian money under the contract which
Mr. Preston made with unknown persons a few years ago.
American Ambasador to Britain is Ordered to Riviera.
New York, Feb. 23.���A despatch from
London says:
"Ambassador Whitelaw Kelds' condition was bo alarming last week that
two specialists were summoned to Dorchester House. His Illness is chiefly
sheer debility, following an attack of
In fluenza. While at home he was advised to go direct from New York to the
Riviera but he insisted on coming to
London particularly to preside at the
Pilgrims' dinner to Mr. Bryce and take
up the threads of his diplomatic duties
here. Now he Ib ordered abroad for rest
and change as soon as he shall be well
enough to travel."
Cricket In Bermuda.
Philadelphia, Feb. 23.���A team of
Philadelphia cricket players sailed for
Bermuda today to play a series of three
games against the crack players of that
far-off possession of King Edward. The
games wil] be played with the Hamilton
Cricket club, the Army and Navy and
Crazed by Fiance's Death.
Sturt, Germany, Feb. 23.���The fiance
of Herr Dara, one of the members of
the German Opera company drowned In
the wreck of the Berlin, became Insane
when the news was communicated
to her.
Dutch Lifeboat Crew Has Rescued IS
ssf Crew of Berlin-t-Number of
Drowned is 128.
Hook of Holland, Feb. 23.���In the
early hours the three remaining survivors were taken off the wreck of the
Berlin by the same lifeboat crew which
has been doing splendid work during
tbe past 48 hours. ThiB brings the total
number of saved up to 15 out of the
143 who were on board the vessel.
The life savers watched the wreck all
night for a chance to get alongside but
they had to wait until low water at
about 1 a. in., when they put oft on
board the tug Wodan, which had a raft
in tow tor tbe use of the rescuers In
getting as near the wreck as possible.
Captain Sperling, of the lifeboat crew,
boarded the raft, which was allowed to
drilt alongside. the Berlin, and the
captain managed to clamber on board
by means of a line. He then lowered
lowered the helpless, half-dead women
one by one to the raft, whence they
were conveyed to the Wodan.
Captain Sperling, who rescued the last
survivors, is the master of a ship now
in this harbor. The captain with two
of his nephews volunteered to assist the
llfeboatmen. Sperling speaks modestly
of the incident. "The women were lying alive," he said."We could not abandon them without a further attempt to
get them aahore. As we neared the
wreck the seas were still high, washing
three or four feet over the breakwater.
Myself, my nephews and another man
jumped on the raft and took ber alongside the beacon light.. I succeeded in
reaching tbe breakwater to which I
moored the raft with a rope. From the
breakwater we climbed on board the
remnant of the Berlin and found three
women huddled under the hurricane
deck surrounded by 10 _r 12 corpses.
The women were In a pitiable plight,
act-earning and crying hysterically as
thoy clung tu us, beseeching ub not to
desert them. They were famished and
stiff with the cold, their clothes were
soaked with ley water and they were
unable to walk. The nurse, Fruulein
Plpler Insisted that her companions
should first he saved before Bhe was re-
moved from the wreck.
"So 1 carried Frauleln Thell to the
aide and fastened her Into a rope cradle
and lowered her upon tho raft. Frauleln
Winterberger was next taken off. She
was In pitiful distress, weeping for ber
husband and child, who were drowned.
Finally Frauleln Plpler, who was able
to walk with assistance, waa placed oh
the raft, which waB hauled alongside
the Wodan. The whole reacue took
only half an hour."
Twenty-two bodies were recovered
this afternoon from below the deck of
the Berlin.
Will Speak at Ottawa.
Ottawa, Ont., Teh. 23.���President
Charles W. Eliot, of Harvard university arrived In Ottawa today from Mon-
treal ln acceptance of an Invitation to
de'lver an address tonight before the
Ottawa Canadian club, , .
Nelsoo Wholesalers' Case
Appeal to Railway Commission Fran
Alleged Discrimination in
Freight Rates.
The active membera of the Wholesalers' Association of Nelsou are now
ready, after careful preparation, to begin their struggle agalnat the railway
companies, especially the Canadian Pacific, for fair treatment In the matter
of freight rates.
E. K. Beeston has compiled for tbe
association a full list of all tbe rates to
Nelson, Vancouver, Calgary and Win-,
nlpeg. It shows conclusively, ln tho
opinion of the association, that Nelson
is discriminated agalnat unfairly and
Although the meeting to decide on
the measures to be taken was not well
attended many assurances of support
have been received, and there Is no
doubt that a vigorous and determined
fight will be made.
Although the Issue ls of great Import-
ance to all of Kootenay lt was decided
not to risk any delay by attempting to
enlist the support ot other cities.
It is contended that a reduction ot
freight rates such as may fairly be expected will mean more than 120,000 a
year to Nelson, part ot which will, ot
course, go to consumers In the reduction of retail prices that will become
The meting was held In the board
of trade rooma last night. There were
present F. A. Starkey, in the chair, I. O.
Nelson, E. K. Beeston, W. H. Jonea,
J. E. Annable, G. E. brown, H. Byers,
G. Nunn, P. Lamont, J. W. Gallagher.
The president briefly stated the object ot the meeting���consideration of
the question ot -discrimination against
Nelson by transportation companies.
He expressed regret at the small attendance, but thought nothing would
bo gained by further delays. He aaked
for suggestions as to procedure. The
data required bas been compiled by E.
K. Beeston. It was now for the association to decide whether thejt -should
again approach the railway companies
or go straight to the railway commission and ask for an early date for a
hearing, at which thc association should
be represented by counsel, lt was also
a queatlou whether the support ot
other cities should be asked, and If so,
at what stage.
E. K. Beeston then read some ot tho
statistics h�� had acquired. After making every allowance for differences of
classification, they showed an average
increase of freight charges to Nelaon
over Vancouver of more than 50 per
cent., varying from 20 per cent to *
nearly 100.
Mr. Beeston estimated tbat Nelaon
merchants pay $150,000 a year ln freight
ratea. There wae, therefore, great
margin for reduction.
He had been struck by the great variety of classes and ratea. It seemed
that the transportation companies first
fixed the rales aa high as possible
and then made conce-sslon without any
plan or system la deference to apeclal
Discriminations ln favor of Winnipeg
and of Calgary were even more glaring
than those In favor of Vancouver.
The question of procedure was then
P. Lamont thought lt would be a
waste of time to approach the railway
companies on the subject.
I. G. Nolson moved, seconded by O.
Nunn, that, a case be prepared for presentation to the railway commission on
the subject of discrimination. The motion was carried unanimously.
The finance committee waa Instructed to make preparations accordingly.
The president t'len recommended
tbat counsel be retained and Instructed
at once.
The question of demurrage charges
was then raised, and lt waa agreed that
a case should be prepared on that subject also.
F. A. Starkey, O. Nunn, H. Byers .and
R. K. Beeston were appointed to consider tbe retaining of counsel.
It was decided not to seek any snp-
rort from other towns. The meeting
then adjourned.
s    I    i
;11J )'i
v  M
The Daih' Canadiai.
. . lass eXaeteai
English Cured Meats
a ��� ���>
��      . ^ ~ . ��. -     ,   -        ��_ - - -
^..i:.?; r-2r__> ire rv-urc
?^;;z :~ :-:c pes ls.
��~r��rsi : - -   ��� j
_j3D  K_
aes fe -T-f-BK-n aaa iam *aata :sfe��ficfir
tm ���*t*c��* a* g+mm. tae. nan *"
ttm aaa* et uiwH1 aem. aStavtt 3mm ac&
���s-^wc   ^af-iwote" jr 5a *aor <fei   �� ��-���     __���������*_���?������
<*fefej   Sac*-   ���fenf"*** -_-r*$ "*����r
. ���
-.._��� if.'- -_--.-. .= ;..-
ANHEUSER    r��� "^^S
BUSCH...       Budwdser
: ai: ��� i:_. ~e
I*LiTHlI> -   :: --: .
- -*
MT  *"   *^s_HE__  ,a
���I- _      .
-      *���      -     _
.     : ...
.1- -    :    *_     -u
;    m    -art
" ��� e_H
Tlie Hall Mining .and Smelt
Coca ZrLzy. Limsted.
:.    .  : .
Lai Copper and Dry
.   ���      ...__ ��� -
skts  s     _r,tiir.  ip  Jajs v
5* _i ~~-n~~V-~y
Imperial Bank of Canada
r-ssan JiEfis     Trracs.
*��� ��. ��__!?C RHMWa
���*'   iiiQiw 9BK. WBMrS'- -.-JJ*..'.   ~3��^*^MBmr _,
_-?_-rr-     WM. S. DRF��~R>
fc*��_t__n_ �� i_*^c
iv\ 1<T>5 DE_?A5TWE_?rr
- \*��avmm\ *__u. msmwmem. Amc jstmik v�� *-et   :n*  x   own-at |
The Royai Bank of Canada
- _���          '                             :
HlMMltt*    CT,   a   2b-
"TV amwrtte 4Bt*^r met, t!'3__j��T'  <fii��-
aftSPfet  ar   a-Htr-ai*,  -wttQ:   ��� -uaBROMs
-.nm.T.ifeft     *ar   tucs-?  kv   aav>
���_ -.   -
*   aw**.   au��t *   feC.  Mh   Ifefefe
���������������?'  aa fe* jpl aw"* fe >*��-��-&
^������flt  -V  fetfek   ilOf'   Tttl
joe ��Mfe at i BJc^wt ~a> ac iuMrih.
-.: .. -   -���
*m ��ftp* *��� *awa*am ���
��nA.  *^er.   fe^fei ��"eir-  ftr- <c  fe-
-..._:     ----- .;--    -��� ii-
JSsiCs  -v.   Ml aiu. 'SsUCja:  BfeK   *��� AfeMt
���nm. ��� - rn*  s.
AMP    Mri    -   "u   taaawataa_   aaata
soft. ��ac TMMflfari^^r- "suaafe
shk ��tt  ��fewfe. * y "Tiifeni-r
Full Stocks
ft 1.
- -   ���
l m^ez laxr**, _ mtxm.ium*i
* *wr
���n * -_*,:    -
- *     .    . '.- w
.   "* " ~'^ ��-^R  sJMMia.   lesKiBrr   m,
i: u: jwj,^
fefefeBfen& a. Uk fee: -   fe*��r
3-   <9feTK   tr    ^OMflSL    ?fer��ft   MNftlfer ��"
aa* aamtti.'
~t feHgmtm     oMBtf^L Bfefefee*
.x  SemhQ: *C   -scsaBtt. & '���fl*raafc,rL.-tt_2aa:
mar fer atv eaem- maat ameL at aaaa-
.^WMwy iMfeUfeft
"7��tF5 V~*~
t: ���!*.-   . ~
^Z*mZ^**m. 1             maa           ������ h
. ���
B.C Salaoc
Atiaxtic Hiiitts
���   a-^r j-_- v
i_-^- ?_"_ . _'3_*  *at Fases Oait.
P. Burns & Co., Lti
���   -a* ��t -aaEss-
MM -
.   , ���  .         ���                                                     * -"* ���-'     '-  :
Mi aM mmn     mi   *
i                                        mn,  *tr   **i~j "U3m feK fejrt-
tm^mtmmt. ~itMM- ���, :.--.-   ..-.
i                                    **..   �����������:
;.k _     *   *" ���***.     aOszuJKr'    3b-   n ,,1'feiiT���   w. M
���*n"Dr*��                                                     m>*maama*.      -j^      ttt)lariMMh ��TBBSSfeB-    *    ftfeBftfefeft
fe^fe a- ^asur*^. �� �� jDDaa tr..
��� ,     M HMB    :...     MPW     ftl    ftl    -
4BHC    Sfe����
-��� -       ...      im -���    **-_ r-
-���**. feftife    Ht te  mtna: ao**
aaaaa.   - m ��c- saa.
t*   WHIlVNt'    as.-__     ��Wf*   *snr_.     IUR"     HtfEfeKE
Ml      "M��!W1&   fet  feft  I
'-'     mmt    Wtt
aataaemsaeee-   an
mm  -
**. Mm
MB** V* ��
���' aa aaMaetss
- :. fotice to Fuel Consumers
All orders now standing ou W. P, Tierney s
ur our books for auy amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
iml be made.
Dated February 18, 1907,
fale-Kootenay Ice. Fruit, Fuel and Poultry
Company, Limited.
^.LL, Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
Sets Our Viirluty of iMK> MluturvM I riima.il In th��
l.iituMt  MtylwH.
>tandafd Furniture Company
M l*on a IUni'Ii Piano*.
��� i-UTiiiour MittrmiM
M it r Mnil   Hitnlttiry Mattresses,
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmers
ate* Bottle Sale
2 Qu.irt Water Bottle $1.00
3 Quart Water Bottle tt.25
2 Quart Water Bottle and 8yringe $1.25
3 Quart Water Bottle and Syringe $1.50
mada Drug: ��& Book Co.
��� liri't.v mven Hiatal 'lay* aller dnle I
appl. t.. Ui.- Hon. the chief Commli
I Un<li tni'l Worm.   VldtOrWi Un  per-
n     * tuul <urrv ��.'iiv timber from  Hie
��� rlbed lend! in wesi kootiinay:
iflu'lug ui h uml |ilniitc>l about ditty
i <ii I lie mouth of i urwka credit. When
barnes orauii ami on ih* norih
����� t ��k, ttn , marked i.. A.lAQtle'1
It iii'r post, thenoe Mfi-nt ��Ir1i y chain*,
f ightj chtlns, tbuifl i ea-ii elijhty
lieiu* i iouth eluhiy chalm tu point of
��� . in
an r.tU. l'jo.    Q  A. LirxiB. Locator.
roeuclng at a pwt planted east of mid
a Laurie's to-ntton poii Ho. i, ami
'   1   Unrir's southwest rornur post of
imui, tli.'iii. ,ifl dKlity chaius, thenee
��� ���   lluiii*-. thenot weal eighty chalnn.
Bight) chaini io point of comnu'ti
- -ih, NOT,   0. A. LAL'Hlfc, Locator.
Hiring at a poll -planted abonl eighty
ii ot kureks creek when It Rows into
������   itDtl inarki'l t.   A. Laurie'* m>iiUi*
i* nl on loeatiou M' a, thenot eaat
ii Uiouecuorth etglnvchalnn. tliemt*
chalna, Ihence *oiil(i eighty clmtiin
mi ik >*iiiciit.
un. i'ln, liar,,   (i. A   Lai'Rif. Locator.
imencing at a post planted smith ol
miug li A lAUIlO'a loeatiou No.;t. and
��������� aun.'j. northwest corner poit.
ftto chatm, them**' nuth _ chain*,
i'  no chalna, them-e north 8" ohniui
-   '   "i!i:.-.'*ii.*i'iiieut.
|Jtii  -Uh. Wl.,   ii. A. LAtiKIK. locator.
Qie.ictng at a post planted eighty
���*i ami (orty chains aoulh oi loeatiou
aud murked Vt    il. 1'age'n southwest
��� of location No, fi, thence east eighty
ence north cighlv obtllU, ihcnce WOlt
"ii-. ih.nee koiith eighty chain* ttJ
-I imoncttmnut
an aih, UW7,    Vi   A. 1'aok. Locator
Lienctng ai a pom planted nntb of
'HUB location ho. ���>. ami uiurltcd W. U,
1 iwdii vomer ponol location Ho ��*,
����l eigbty elialn-., thence fcoiilh etglily
j>- ii.. vv.-.i eighty obalnii thonoi north
���Ji- i'ii. _ , poim ol coiiiiiiciicenieiil.
'in ��th, IIM7.      W. H. 1'ahk, Uicator.
menoing m n post planted eighty
���i aud twenty obaina iouth oMooaUou
1 aud iiiorkcti ii. a, LAUfle'i southwesi
*i"i location No, 7, liieiiec eusl eighty
"���men,mn elghtv chains, theliee WOII
isins, tbenco aoiuii eigmy ohattuU)
���in. USth, IW7.   I'   A. Ladkik, Uicalor.
itneni ins   al a poll   planted  eighty
-i ami cighiy eiiHHH iouth oi looauon
i nmi marked U a Leutle'i nutbwoal
'-' ol location hu. 8, Ihence cant
din, ihfiettHir tii eighty chalim, thence
tl ehalni, thenos louti] eighty cliainn
I  Cl'llllllCIICCIIIOIlt.
'an aetlij HKI7.   vt. A. LAimiK, Locator.
iWlhi iiik tit a poHt plaulcil eighty
>lli oi location No. 8, uud marked ii A.
���outhWMt corner of location   No, ��,
ill  Itvo chains,  theuee  north  UlclmillN,
���"I liln ohalnii ihcnce Hinilh 40 eham* lo
fi 'an uth, 1IK17.  u A, EiaOKlSi Locatori
imQQping atapoii pMntotl about tit
���tt hariich oral k Irom the uioillh of
eek when it iUiwh iutti ititriiei*) creek
euterl) ilirectlnn, ami marked Q, A.
iiiiiuve-st corner pat of looatlon No
eatt eigbty chains, thence north eighty
���uee wail eighty ohalni, tlience iouth
um* (o.poim ut co m in unco muu l,
���Uau.ttUl, IWI7.    Q, A. Lai'hik, Locator,
fi'MiiniMieing ,it ft poit  planted eighty
geait of loealloii So. Ht, and lnarkcd <T. A
" lOUthwait corner pout of location No. 11,
Mt eighty ohalOl, theuce norih eighty
hcilce went eighty cliatllM, Ihclice mmlli
"���iniliix lo pnim uf coiiimuuceiiiciit.
���len.mh, HI07- ��. a.Uuhie, Looator,
'"iiilenciiiK at a pout planted south of and
ig looatlon Mo, 11. ami marked W. 11.
iiorliiw.-Hi corner poel uf location No. U.
��mi lignty QUftini, thenco iouth eighty
SnhliiM ��WM. ,'tl'l">' Ohaltll, Ihenee north
������am**- to point (fl commencement.
l.Mtbawi,    w. II.I'auk, Lo ator.
piiiiiieiicinK Ht ii pout   plained   eighty
j ,,"'i*��ha eigh y ohaini nouth of louaiiou
it       Pi*"!? u- a- Uurte'i nortbweit
r poii ol location No. IB, tbonou eait eigbty
chains, thence iouth eighty chains, thenoe west
elghtv  chains, them-e north eighty chnins to
point Ol eoaimeticeinent
Hated Jan ath.lWI.   li   A. Lauhie, l_ocalor.
1<U-Commencing al a posl planted norlh of
nml :tiij.iiiiiir* locitton No i;(. anillh--iug marked
it. A. Letirtc'imoiilhweiit cornei post of location
No U, theuce oa*t eighty chains, thence north
fight v ehulns. Ihfiice wail eighty chains, theuce
rftouth'elghiy chain* to point ol commencement
Hated Jau.'J8ih, 11)07.   ti. A. Uu'aiK. locator.
Ift���Oosnundng at a i����t  planted eighty
chains north of location No. U and maraed W.
II Paae'F aouthwest comer poit ot looatlon No
Li, thence .a1*! eighty chaini, thence north
elghtv chains thence wesl eighty ihains, thenee
aonth eighty chains lo point of com nit-nee ment.
lMtci Jan. Nth, IKff*    W. B. Paoi, Locator.
16 -Commencing at a po*t pin tiled eighty
eh Ins earn of locution No it, BM marked ti. A.
LJuirte'H aouthweu corner poatoi location No.
IS, thence easl elghlv chain!., t'icncc north
elghtv Ohalni, then e wesl eighty chal'H. theme
aonth' eighty ehulns Ut point of eommeucement
Looated Jau. 2-J, 1IW".    ti. A. Lavrik, 1/ncator,
17.���Commenciug al a post planted south of
anil adjoining location No. Ift, ami marked U. A.
I_aurle a northwest corner post ol location ' o.
I", thence east eighty chains, theuce south
eighty eliains, ihenee wait eighty ehains, thence
north eighty chains lo point ol commencement.
Dated Jan. Bth, UOT,   0. A. 1 aurii, Locator.
m.-Commencing at a post planted eighty
chatna nouth of loeition No 17, and marked w .
It   Page's northwest corner post of locution No.
18, theuc'casielghiychains. h ncesoulheighly
chains, thence west eighty chains, thence north
eighty chains to polntof commencement
l-ocnted Jan. N, 1907.      W. R. I'auk, locator.
�����Commencing al a TM)*t planted eighty
chalna south of location No. IH. ami marked 0.
a. Laurie'i northneit corner poit ol location ^o.
19, (heiicf easl eiuhtv chains thence WUth
eighty Chaini, Ihenee west eighty ehaiiiK, thencu
north e ghly Cbalni 10 point of commencement.
Dated len.aotb, UOT.  0.A ucau, looator.
���JO.-Crtiiiiiiciicing al a post plnutcd gbpul
elghiv chains easi of the mouth of Ktght Mile
ere k where il empties into Inonoakln creek,
und on the moiII, liaiik of hiono-ikln creek, and
markLNlti.A Laurie- norlhcisl corner post of
location No (ID, Ihence Koiith 110 chains, lieiuc
west 40 chains, ihence north ilk) chain.*, thenee
���Ml "' ohalni I" point of commeiiccmenl.
Haled l-eh Und,WOT.    O. A. UraiK, Locutoi.
���il. Commencing at ft post plante.l forty
chains Weil ��ml eight] I hai iik WUtU ol location
No  Ai. --ud markeii   W. II. Page's nonlieiisi eor
ner po��t oi looatlon Ko. ai, tbenoe weat eighty
chains, llienee nouth llghty chain*, tlieneceast
eights chains, theuce north eighty Ohalni W
polntof eoiiinieiicciiietit.
Dated i-eh. md, iixn.     w. 11. Paoi, Locator,
n   Commenolng at ��� post planted eait of and
udioinlng location Ho.��. and marked t. A.
Laurie's northwest eorner |*m of location NO.
���" thonooiOutlilflOohalnl.tnenoaea I IDohalna,
lhe north IWOhllni, Ihence wesl -III chains lo
point of coinmeneeiiieul.
Dated Fftb.tod.MOT,  o./.Utmtg, Uwiter.
t��, -Comniouciiig hi iiptistplHUletl fonvcliaiiiH
east of aiionNo.ffland marked w. ii.taues
norihwest corner I'osl ol location   Ko. SB, llicoce
aouth ifloobaloi.tlieneeeail fortyohftini,thence
north II-' Cbalni, llienee wesl.(orly chains to
polntof comiiicliteliicnt.
Dated Keh.-.'iid.liho.      W   H   I'AOg, Locator.
U -Commciichig at a poll plaulcil forly Hiuhia
aaat and otghly chntni south ol MJon N-> -;.
an.)  marked .,   A, Linrloi northwwl cornor
poit of location No -Jt. the  south lights
1,1,0in, ur.ucc.asi eighty oliaini, ihcnce north
elghtv ehal��s.llielicc west eight) chaitia lo point
of couiuienceiiu'iii.
Dated Keb. 'ind. 1W0.   0. a. Lai'IIK, Locator.
aft-CommeiiPlng ftl �� Po>1 ptan*3*,'jfnP
ehftliueatonocftWNo.ft.endmaric^lff A,
Laurie's northweal comer poit Ol lo. i �� NO.
S\ ihcnce south llghty chain., Ilu nCO OBI
eighty, .hence uorth eighty chains, the ice west
eighty chaius to point of oommcttcemoni.
Datftd tth, 4th, IUOT.    0. A UORW, Locator.
aiL-Cninmnnelngai a posi plftntftd ftbout hnvr
nnil one-half miles .lown   ll"!,","lk|,"lV i.,ws
the moulh of hight Mile ere. k wbirel Howe'
to Inoiioakln ureak, and onit h. i �� {gt^
luonoakln creek, and markctl Q A. i*mwe
northwcsi comer poet Ihenco '!/��';;,',
chains, theuce east eighty chaini. inei��
eighty ehalna, thenee west eighty ehalna to poim
of commencement. ,      , _
Dated Feb. 4th, WOT.   u. A. uvm��, Uortoii
The Drfly Canadian
Chrltt's    Strange    Thanknglving    that
MystcrieB Are  Hlddeiv���Services
Announced for Tomorrow.
Tomrrrow will be the second Sunday
In I^nt. It Is also the festival of St.
MatlliliiB. the apostle chosen as the
twelfth to take the place of Judas Is-
cnrlol, afler the latter's treachery and
siilcld'-. SI. Matthias was therefore the
flrsl aleoted bishop of tlie church.
Next Friday will lie SI. David's day.
the national festival of Wales named
from 81. David, one of lhe mythical
Sevan QhamplonB of Christendom. The
hlstiirlial David, however, was a learn-
esl and devout archbishop of the church.
In tho goBpel for SI. Matthias' day
are the words of Christ; "I thank
thee, O Father, Lord of Heaven and
Earlh, because thou hast hid these
things from tbe wise and prudent, and
haBt revealed them unto babes." The
expression Is of course metaphorical
bul its profound truth has been recognized by the wise and prudent many
To the scholarly and Intelligent
Greeks the gospel of the Incarnation.
Death and Resurrection of the Son of
God wbb a foollah tale. To the ignorant peasants of Asia and Italy and to
the barbarians of tlie north, their intellects unfettered by any learning and
without any but the vaguest preconceptions regarding the nature and purpose
or the Deity, the story was one of wonder and beauty and eminently believe-
It is so 111 other than religious
spheres. I_ord Hacon, the founder of
modern science said "If you wlBh to
enter the Kingdom of Nature, you must
enter as,a little child." It would almost seem that new truths are only re
reeled to thou who can lay aside all
notions borrowed from previous learning and give an open mind to tlie quest.
The following services are announced
for tomorrow in the churches of Nelson:
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica Sts. Second
Sunday In Lent; Holy communion, S
a. m.; morning proyer and litany, 11
u. m.*, Bund-ay school, 2:"0 p. m.; evensong, 7::)�� p. m. Hev. F. H. Graham,
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low mass. 8 a. m.: high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m,
Rev. Father Althoff, priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.*, Sunday
6choo], 2:30 p. m ; evening service. 7:30
p. ni. ' ReT. J. T. FerguBon, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service. 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev. R N.
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p, m.: Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Vie-
torla street, west of Josephine: Special Bervices for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.: a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
Contractor to Undertake
Logging Contract, Delivering
2,000,000 Feet per Month.
Also First-class Mill Superintendent
Sec. Mountain Lumber Manufacturers' Association
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will Und it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
25 Feet Frontage
Baker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price $2^000.00
& E, Croadsdaile & _
Next Door to Bank ot Commerce.
No Reepect for Legislature.
Jefferson City, Mo., Fob. 23.���Representative W. I. Halbs of Phillips. Iowa,
was taken down .with smallpox while
in his seat on the lloor of the house
today. Much commotion among the
other members euBiied. The board of
health this afternoon locked up the
house and no mcmberB of the legislature were permlted to enter. The place
waa then  thoroughly  fumigated.
American Railway Wreck.
Dubuque, la., Feb. 2.'!.���One man and
oue woman were killed and a dozen others Injured today In a wreck on the
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railway. A pasBenger coach Jumped and
wont off a bridge.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel &. Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker and  Ward  Sta.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceri,)-
Bntter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
"Companies Act, 1897/
Province of Bhitiui Columbia, *,
No. 876.
THIH IB TO CKRTIFY Ihat the "Nakusp Fruit
l.iiiiiir. United." Is HUthorljri iimi iii****UM*<l ti)
cutry on boitnta within the provtueeof Britub
Columbia, anil to'carry out or effect all or any of
the objects ol tho comp-ny to which the leglsla
tive authority of tbe iLegiilature ot -.rltlili Columbia extends.
The head offlce of the company la iltuate nt the
City of Winnipeg, Province oi Manitoba.
The amount oi tbo capital W thf company is five
hundred thousand ao lurs. dtvldea Into two
thousand nve hundred share* of ten per cent
prefereuce stock of the par value of one hund-mi
dollars each, and twentvflve hundred share* of
common stock of the par value of one hundred
dollars each
The heed offloe of the company in this province
is situate at the Civ of Nelson, and Hubert Wet-
more Hannington, barrister, who c address is
the name. Is the attorney for the company.
Give*, under mv hand and seal of ofllce, Victoria, Provlnoe of British Columhla, this 16th
nay of February, one thouiand nine hundred
and seven.
[l.n.] 8. Y.WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The objects for which the company bas been
established and licensed are:���
(a.) Buying, selling, leasing or disposing ol
coal mines, coal and wood laniH, farming, grazing
and fruit lands, auu timber llmlU. aim to work
uud develop the same;
(b.) To carry ou the business of immigration
aud colonization agents, make advances to
assist settlers on lands purchased frum the
company ainl t�� secure tbe repayment of such
advanceH with interest on such terms and in
such manner by way of mortgage or agreement
as may be mutually agreed upon.
(c.) To t-arry ou tne business of ranching,
breeding, selling and dealing ln cattle, hoiscs,
sheep and othet livestock;
(il.) To purchase, sell and deal in lumber,
wood, coal, minerals,grain, provisions, clothing
and general supplies;
(e.) To carry on trade as general merchants
and forwarders;
(f.) To issue in payment ol any property
acquired by the eomnanv, shares of the capital
stock ol thu company as fully pild up and nonassessable or otherwtie;
(s.) To carry on tbe builness of manufacturers
and deulers in power generators and motors of
every description, to coustruct and operate all
classes of vehicles, agricultural Implements,
machinery, bouts, ateamers, barges and lerryc
in which the|*aid motors are used; to construct
and operate boat lines and to carry on the business of carriers, cartage aud parcel deliveries,
to own aud operate omnibus lines and vehicles
aud boats for hire; to sell, lease aud supply
electricttv; t��own and operate electric plants,
and generally lo carry on any ot the business
incideutal to the aforesaid purposes and objects
of Ihe company;
(h.) To purchase, take on lease, exchange or
otnerwUe acquire oi dispone of any real or
persoual property, and auy righl* or privileges
which lhe company may cousldcr necessary
for the purpoM of their operations;
ami to ki'11 anil tlhpofc of any lauds or other real
I'siale anil personal property at any time owned
or controlled hy the company or auy part'hereof,
orauy control therftu, or claim thereon, and generally to do all such thingsasaruincidental to
or conducive lothe carrying out of the objecis
of the companv;
(I) To become shareholder* In any existing or
proposed company, ami to promote and assist in
promoting any company carrying ou a business
perulntng to thc objeeU for which this company
is incorporated, and which may prove uselul to
this company, anil to acquire, take over aud op-
srate the business of any such company or companies, aud to enter Into an agreumeut for shar
lug of |iriiii i* union of Interests, reciprocal con-
OaulOUj or ot hep*. !-���*. with any person or company tui'i take or otherwise acquire or hold
shares and securities ot such company or companies;
(j) To acquire and hold lands hy gift or purchase or as mortgagees or otherwise us fully aud
freely as private individuals, and io sell, lease,
mortgage or otherwise alienate the same, and to
exercise all the powers set out in the several
Notice Is herebv given that 60 days alter date I
luteiul to apply to the llouorable the Chief Com-
mlr-siouer of Lands and Works for a license to
firospect for coal and petroleum over the follow-
ng laud: situated two miles north of tbe International boundary lino and west of the Flathead
river, neginulng at u post marked W. I^UaUals'
N. W. corner post thence 80chains south, thence
80 chains east, thence 80 chains north, thence B0
eliains west to point of commenoement.
j fated Not. 14.1900. W. LiOAt-un.
Notice Is hereby given $hat 00 days after date I
intend to applv to the ->ou. Chief CommlMloner
nf l>ands and Works for a Icense to prospect for
eoal and petroleum over the followlug land:
���Situated six miles nurth of the international
boundarv line and east of the Flathead river.
Beginning at a post marked K. U Hurd'i N. W
comer post, thence 80 chains ������uth, thenoe 80
ehulns east, thenee 80 chaini north, thence MO
ohalns weit to point of oomminowunt
Deted Not. ItVlttt. ^&H. Uvth,
Th* Strathcona
Kelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood    Sample    Roonu,
Queen's Hotel
Baker BIreel, Nelion. B. 0.
Lighted by Klnctiioity tnd
Heated by Hot Air
Jj-srge aii'l Oomlorublc Bedrsiomi and Pint*
aUil DlilllU Room,   nauilsls. Kooma for I ouslner-
sslal  Hon
MKH.  K. C.CLAHKS, Proprtetraaa
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Kates $1 oo;per day and up.
P. O. Box 151.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
Tnls hotel has been completely renovated and
newly furnished with all modern equipment*
Hot water heating throughout.
KATEH I Rooms, 50c.   upwards ; meals   25c, ;
special rateB by the week.
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Houae
and Poatoffice, Neleon. B. C.
Tremont House
European and American Finn
Meals 2ft cti.   Roomi trom 26 cu. to ll.
Only White Help Employed.
Baker Bt.. Nelaon Proprietor!
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar 1�� the .Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Bt.
Royal Hotel
Bates fl and $1.R0 a Day.
Spwial Rates to Regular Bcnrdem.
Most comfortablo quarter, tn Nelaon
Only the best of Llsguora hsisI , igars.
Pacific Coast
Leave Nftlson 7:110 a. m.
Arrive Vancouver 11:50 noon.
Arrive Victoria 5:45 p. m.
S. S. Princess Victoria
S. S. Princess May
Uertha $1.00.   Can be occupied al Nel
son Union lie poi al '.' p. in.
.For rates, folders anil tickets npply to
loctil agent or to
A.O.P. ...Vancouver. D.P.A., Nelson
W.   Q.   dlLLETT
Contractor And
Sole agont for the Porto Kiro Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yanii. Rough und dre-aed lumber, turned
work and brackets. Coast lath and ehinglvB, c����h
and doors. Cement, brick and llmo tor nalo.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Bt.. eait of HaU
r. 0. Boi ail TO*��h0M 171
Building Lots for Sale
H.  &  M.   BIRD.
Has every class of Real .Estate and Buildings in Nelsou
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Aem
of ttie
Choicest FttM Lands In
British Colombia-
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one blocir.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
NOTICE Ih herehy given that an application
will be made to the Legislative AMembly of tbe
Province of British Columbia at lis next session
for an act authorizing the Patrick Lumber Company. Limited, to place,construct, *>nd maintain,
a dam or dams, booms, piers, slides, and other
works ln and across the Kootenay river at or
near Thrums Htatlon fabout oppnstu* Sub-lot IV.
of Lot 4598, Qroun 1, Kooteuay district); and In
and across tbe Little Blocan river; aud in and
across the 81ncan river at a point or poluts below the mouth of the Little Slocan river; for the
purpose of driving, rafting, sorting, holding, and
manufacturing saw-logs and timber; to occupy
the surface of the satd riven where nece*a&ry for
the purposes aforesaid; to clear, improve, and
remove obstructions from thc said rivers for log-
driving, rafting, and booming purposes; to levy
and collect tolls and dues on logs timber and
lumber of persons using or ptofltlng by such
works, clearing or Improvements; to enter upon
and expropriate lanan; and do all other things
necessary, incidental or conducive tothe exercise of any of the above powers.
Dated the 10th day of December, 1B06.
Solicitor for the Applicant
In the m-tter of an application (or the issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for an
undivided 1-8 of Lots 2, and 3, Block Vi, Town of
Notice if bereby given th 1 lit Is my Intention
to issue at the expiration of one month from
the first publication hereof a duplicate of the
certificate of Title to the above lands ln the
name of Florence M. Hodglns which <'ertideate
is dated the 28th day of December, 1899, and
numbered I66IK.
District Begistrar.
it%m\ Registry Offloe, Nelson, BC
January 28th, 19U7.
Notice 'n hereby given that on Monday, Feb-
ruarv 2Mb, 1907, that the Court of Revision for
the Municipality of the City of Blocan will be
In Ul in the city Hal) on above date, at 2 p m ,
(or thc purpose of revising the Assessment Roll
of the r i t v of t��iocan Those making complaints
against their assessment are re-qulred to have
tu.'lr protests ln the hands of the City (lerk ten
days previous to the first sitting of the Court of
Dated at81ocan, Jauuary 24th. 1907.
.     C.M.r.
Certificate of Improvementi
���"Empress," "Climax." "Horseshoe," "Queen,'
"Union Jack," situated in Nelton Miuiiu
Looated nn Porcupine creek.
Take Notice that I, Frank Fletcher, agent for
the Active Oold Mining Companv, Free Miner's
Certificate No B-._r.iMi lutend, SO days from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
Certificate ol Improvemenu for thc purpose of
obtaining a crown Grant of the above claims.
Aud further take notice that action, under
Bectlon 77. must lie ruuimcuced before thc issuance of such Ccrtificaloof Improvemenu.
Dated Nelson, IHth Dee., 1906.
Frank Kiktchir.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at his
offlce lu t*-e court house, in the City of Nelson,
will be received up til the hour of ft o'clock tn
the afternoon of Monday, M��rch 18th, 1907, for
the pnrchase of the "Uarfield" mineral claim,
Lot 4989. ����� roup I, Kootenay District, which wm
declared to be forfeited to the Crown at the
tax aale held In the City of Nelson on the* tth day
of November, 1906, for delinquent taxes up till
June 80th, 1906, and costs.
The upset price upon the said mineral elalm,
which includes the amount of delinquent taxes
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with interest,
taxes which have since accrued, cost* >t advertising, and fee for crown grant (9WQ0) is |B3 70,
which is the leutamonnt that will be considered
as a tender.
Each tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
pavable to tbe order of the Deputy Commissioner
of Landsand Works, at Victoria, B. C, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B C, this 14th day of February, 1907.
.   Government Agent, Nalaon, B. C,
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at tola
office tn the Court House, In the City of Mellon.
will be received up till the hour of five o'clock
ln tbe afternoon of Monday. March 18th, 1907, foi
the purchase of the "No. 2" mineral claim, lot
8140, Group 1, Kootenay District, which wu declared to be forfeited to the Crown at the tax sale
held tn the Citv of Nelson on tbe 6th day of November. 1906, for delinquent taxes up till June
SUtb, 19tV>, end costs.
Tbe upset price upon the said mineral claim,
wblch includes the amount ot delinquent Usee
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with Interest.
taxes which have since accrued, costs of advertising, end fee for Crown Grant t|25 ou,) ls 8184.40,
which is the least amount that will be considered
as a tinder.
Eacn tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full hmount of tbe tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commissioner
of Land and Works, at Victoria, �� C , at par.
Dated at Nelson. B C, this 14b day of February, 1907.
GoverniiH nt Agent, Nelson, B. C.
Certificate of Improvements
"Alto" mineral claim, situated in the Pioean
'ity    Mining    Division    of   West   Kooteuay
Whore lo ated: Ou Hprlnger Creek noar the
Arlington Sawmill
Tuk-i- Notice that I, Frank C,Ureen, acting as
airentfor tbc Arliuuton Mlues*. limited' Free
Miner's Certificate No. HWtsi, Intend, sixty davs
from date hereof, toapply to t"C Mining Recorder
for a Cerllllcate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining aCrjwn Grant of the above
And further take notice that action, under
tiectlon :i; must be nommen ed before tbe
issuriinv of fuich Cerllllcate of Improvement!}.
Dated thin 19tn nay of December, 19U0.
 F. C, OMEH. Nelson, B. C.
Certificate of Improvements
"May," ' *,C," "Strathroy " "Joy,"  "Joy Frac
tional," and "John D MehW'MtnermlClaims,
situated In the Sloean Citv Mining Division of
the West Kootenay Dlatrlet.
Where located:-North ef Twelve Mile Creek
about one aud a half miles up.
Take notie ���. that 1, H. B. Jorand of Sloan, h+v.
Free Miner's certificate No. B78WU, as eg ut for
Horace u. Van Tuyl, Free Miner s certificate No.
B4KI, intend, sixty days from thedste hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate
of Improvemenu. for the puraose of ontaining a
Crown Grant of the said mineral claims.
And further uke notice that action under
Section 87, must oe commenced before the Imu-
ance of such Certificates of improvements.
Dated this Srd Daj of January, UOT.
G*ftlfleat* of improvement's)
PRUNING AND CRAFTING carefully attended to. Apply
*               HARRY WILLIAMS,
 "ilver King Hotel.
F. C. GREEN      F. I\ BURCEN      A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Colombia Land Surveyors
Klo r��nte, Orinoco, Queen Victoria Fractional
and Ornoeo Fractional Mineral Claims, situate
in the Nelson Mining DlvUlon of Weet Kootenay
Located on Queen Victoria Mountain, near
Beasley Sid inf.
Take Notice that 1. Frank C Oreen, acting as
event for Michael Euan, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B&l6,iutend, sixty days from the date hereof,
toapply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Urants of the above claims.
And lurther take notiee that action, under
sect lou 87, must be eommenred before the
issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated this ittih day of January, 1IW7.
r. c. tium, nblsom, b. c.
Certificate of Improvements
"Portia," "Amos." "East Side Nc. I" and "Bet*
tlua Fractional" mineral claims, situated m
thi siocau City Mining Division ot West Kootenay District
Where located: At bead of Spring erQreek, near
the Arlington mine.
Take Notloe that I, Frank C (ireen. acting*
agent for the Arlington mines,   Limited, Fre_
Miner's Certificate No. BM06, Intend, sixty days
from the date hereof,.to anpij to the Mining Be
corder fora Certificate of Improvementi, for the
Surpoee ol obtaining a Crown Grant of the nbove
Andf urlher take notiee thnt actio*. uMef
seciiorstr , muet be commenced before Ike awti
eaat ef such Csrtl floats of JmejovemeMa
1 %
���  il
i,KtlMB,l,0. i
The Daily Canadian
gjfwwl*p�� Alarm Clock,, each  $1.50 and *2.S0
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between Im. uml Skos. In      }
Canned   Uoods ���
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One trinl of nur ���#
{Tartan   Brand!
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Maple Syrup?
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J Qooda ���
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| Bell Trading Go. |
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Gnosis now un sale.
All klndB of Dlnnerware lu stock. Pat-
\V_*  Hiivu  .,.   **Sp��__.lnllv
SelectuU Stf.uk of
for  XrriHM itmic.
Stoneware. Crocks, Bean Pots. Tea Pots, Elc.
Munroe & Nelson
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
121 East Baker St. Phone No. At 14
For Hot Tomato
Tea aud Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Cor. Varnon and Ward  Mtraata,
MI1.SON,   B. C.
FRED J. HUME. Proprietor.
I). E. Allen. Slocan; R. Robinson.
Penile; B. II. Ounther and wife, W. H.
.Murphy, J. U. Whlteacre, Toronto; H. H.
Sewell; Clubb Landing; Ed Dedolph,
Miirysvllle; J. Finlay. Cranbrook; S. W.
Searle. St Paul; G. H. Edwlnson, A. P.
Slads, Wnnlpeg; J. H. Maunder. Van-
enliven A. Dickson. Trail; R. C. Inglls,
E. Arnold. Spokane; W. H. Aldridge,
Trail; H. E. Hunter. \V. S. Crowe, Toronto; H. N. Oaler, Coleman; S. W;
Pleraon, Kaslo; F. S. York, Deer Park;
D. Sutherland, Vancouver.
B. Hills, Toronto; E. Sheeter, W. H.
S|iears. Fernie; S. Kohler, R. N. Rice,
Mrs. A. C. Rice, Treesbank; T. J. Graham, J. H. Ellis, A. Swanson, Westley:
C. Cooch. Phoenix; C. W. Bourke, C. H.
Bourke. 1.1-Mile.
X. Ilerrlden, J. L. Brown, J. D. Find
later, Vancouver; C. Clark. Sandon: T.
MeTannery, R. S. Hirlz, Kelowna; W.
McClellan, Salmo; W. A. Mollis, W. C.
Mercer, Toronto; A. Graham, Greenwood;   W.   B.   Davis,  Richmond.
R. A. Langtll, Sandon; J. McNally. V.
Harrison, Grand Forks;  W.Gregg. Vancouver.
A. Taylor, Kaslo; F. Evans. Rossland.
P. L.  Mayer, A   L. Mayer. Winlaw;
H. S.  Hastings. Greenwood.
F. Miller. Grand Forks; F. Stanford.
S. F. Carson, Cranbruok; A. M. McKay,
Procter; G. Forbes, W. J. Sergeant.
Wlnlaw; C. O. Van Camp, Shields; H.
Mclnnes, Trail.
R.  G.   Hirtz.    Kelowna;     W.   Foote,
Champion;   L.  Schwartz, Rossland;   O.
Falk, Eholt.
We have Just unloaded a car of
Pxttity Flout
Made from high grade Manitoba Hard Wheat. Without a
doubt it is the best flour on
the market. Money refunded
if not satisfactory.
Telephone Hii.
Notice of Sale
Under and by virtue of thc powers
or sale contained In a certain mortgage, wblch will be produced at thc
time of the sale, there will be offered
fur sale by public auction on Friday
the 1st dny of March, 1907, at thc hour
of 2:80 o'clock in the afternoon, at the
office of the undersigned, by C. A. Waterman & Co., Auctioneers, the equity
of redemption in the following property, namely: Lots 18 and 24, Block -MA,
Nelson City, and the frame residence
thereon situate.
TERM8: Ten per cent, of the purchase money to be paid down at the
time of sale, balance to bo paid in 20
For Information ns to prior Incumbrance, and for further particulars and
conditions apply to
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
Solicitors for the Mortgagee.
Dated at Nelson, B. C, this 7th day
of February. 1907
WOMAN BigORD COOK. M0.00  Waltrou ��3.*>.w>
Ainnist'    Vi. Parkvr,
TWO FIRST-CURS KOOMR, ntum heated.  Ap.
plv linii.s-ksss.is :sr,l flat. K. W. C. blow J
A "POV'H S B1QH, near corner Older anil Front
.trwst,. hI���,ssi is ssV'nsk Friday evening    I'he
The price of silver has advanced one
point .since Thursday on holh the London und New York markets.
The Rossland junior hockey ieam arrived this morning and are playing the
Nelson juniors this afternoon.
The junior hockey match between
Nelson and Rossland this afternoon
ended about ?,:'.ii) with the score :!���1
in favor of Nelson.
At Ihe Habitat church tomorrow evening ther will be a song service conducted by the young people, and a sermon by the pastor, "Consecration."
All members and visiting brethem
of the Knights of Pythias are requested
to be present at Castle hall on Vernon
street at 10 a. in Sunday for church
P, \V. Gordon, though still slightly
lame from the effects of a fall on the
hill in Rossland several weeks ago. Is
out of the hospital and able to resume
his work.
At the regular meeting of the city
council next Monday night the results
tf the conference with the representatives of the Allls-Chalmers-Bullock
company will be discussed.
The subject chosen for the debate on
March 4th at the Churchmen's club is:
"Resolved, that the ideal for Canada is
Independent nationality rather than
membership in an Imperial federation.
Washington's birthday was observed
at the Strathcona last night by the orchestra's playing a full series of American national airs. Among the guests
were over 20 citizens or ex-citizens of
the Republic.
Wm. Irvine, grand chancellor of the
Grand Lodge of British Columbia.
Knights of Pythias, will visit Grand
Forks lodge next week, on the occasion
of a social session comemorating Uio
44th anniversary of the order.
At the Babtist church tomorrow
morning the Knights of Pythias lodge,
No. 25, will attend divine worship
There will be a sermon by the pastor,
special music by the choir and a solo by
Mrs. Shanks, "Light in Darkness,"���
Co wen.
The men from the La Plata mines,
who have been in the city since Tuesday night to attend the funeral of their
late fellow workman, Louis Manfroii.
returned to the mines this morning
Manager Tretheway is still in the city
but will return tomorrow. The La
Plata Is now shipping a car of ore a
day to Trail, with values up to the av.
erage of the last two years.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
CoaBt and Slocan  train���Two hours
Boundary train���On time.
Rossland train���On time.
Kaslo connection���On time.
The Store of Quality
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Biscuits we recommend you to
try the
20th Century Package
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Graham Wafers 10c
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Milk  Toast   10c
Dainty City Soda (Salted) 15c
Saratoga Flakes (Salted)   15c
Put up In packages and thus
ever fresh. It costs little to
give them a trial, and they
prove themselvcB worth lt.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
All Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181.
Nollco in hereby given that ��t a mi'i'thiK fit tha
Bonrd uf l-lcewM' t'ommlMimieni, tn tn- held hIkt
thc expiMtion ��f SOdtHi I iniend tonpply fnr u
IratinftT of mv hotel jinoeriMfor llie <��� rove hotel.
at Fiirvii'w, io E, u Borden
C Am Benedict
Corner Silica aud Josephine SU.
 PHONP.  7.
Inquiry  for  Land   Ignored   in   Nelson-
Answered by Vancouver.
A citizen who Is a subscriber to the
Weekly Scotsman draws attention to
a strange negligence on tin* part of
the 20,000 club.
About six weeks ago a letter from a
resident of Scotland wns published In
The Daily News. Th_ writer asked fur
Information us to ranching conditions
around  Koolenay  Lake,
It was thought that one of the objects
i.f the 20,000 club's existence was to
supply such Information.
Evidently no reply went from N'olson.
But the last edition of the Scotsman to
hand contains a reply from Vancouver,
signed "Scully," who says Kootenay is
a poor place for ranching, Okanagan Is
much better, but a farm near Vancouver
is best of all.
Wholesale tnt* Ratal* De*leri tu
Fresh and Salted Meats
OauipH -supplied on shortest notice and
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we huve just unpacked. They were offered to us ut u bargain, and we give
you the benefit We don't hesitate to
say that in ihese goods we offer you th"
biggest GENUINE BARGAINS thut Nelson has yet seen.
President Visits Harvard.
Cambridge, Mass., Feb. S3,���Theodore Roosevelt paid his first visit to his
alma mater today since becoming president of the I'nited States. The president made no effort to conceal his
pleasure at the opportunity to revisit
Lhe scenes <>f his college days and to
walk again across the historic Harvard
campus, she students, too, were glad to
see hlm and they turned one en masse
t.i do hi nihonor. lt was as a Harvard
man that he was greeted, not as preBJ-
dent of the united States, and the In-
formality of the occasion was especially pleasing to  Mr.  Koosevelt.
This afternoon President Koosevelt
delivered an address In the living room
of the Harvard Union, under the joint
auspices of th.: Union and the Harvard
Political club The address wus simply
an informal talk to the undergraduates
and Harvard men generally. This evening the president Will visit the quarters of the Porcellian club, of which he
was a member while In college and
which his sou, Theodore Koosevelt, Jr.,
will probably join at an early date. Tho
president and his family will leave here
in time to reftch Washington by Mon
day morning.
you would consider reasonable at
25c for 15c each
CUPS AND SAUCERS, good value at
25c for 15c each
CUPS AND SAUCERS, in dainty white
and gold decoration. You would
willingly pay 35c for them. 20c each
CUPS AND SAUCERS, other lines, at
equally good values including a nice
big breakfast cup, very prettily decorated      for 30c each
SAUCE DISHES and Salt Shakers, aod
Cream Jugs      for  10c each
MARMALADE JAR with Plate 45c each
TETE-A-TETE SETS, consisting of
For Tea���Tea Pot, Sugar, Cream,
6 Cups and Saucers and Tray
 for $4.90 each
For Cocoa���Cocoa Jug, Tray, 6 Cups
and Saucers for $4.90 each
Secure whal you want before they are
an snapped up.
W. G. Thomson
��.Si_K '���"��� Nelson, B. C.
Ptisssi.- 34,
Red Cross ___ Store
for your Prescriptions, Family Recipes,
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Address:
riaker SI., near Josephine, Nelson, I). C.
New   Provincial   Secretary.
Of Thomas Taylor, M. I. A., the Cran-
brook Herald says:
Everybody who knows Turn Taylor,
of Hevelstoke will be pleased to learn
ssf his elevation io the position of provincial secretary, "Tom." as he is
familiarly called, Is poular with holh
sides of the house, he has lost what
money he hmi flghtlnj In pollllcs, and
lliis recognition will meet the approval
of his ninny friends all over the
The Marshall Sanitary Mattress $24.00
The Ostermoor Sanitary Mattress  15-00
The Elastic Felt Sanitary Mattress    13.00
The Ostermoor, fitted two sides,      S.00
The Jumbo, a good two side Mattress     6.00
The Coirimon Wool Top Mattress     4,00
Cheap Mattresses      -5,00
V. J. "Robertson & Co.
���_..,,.-  ������,,- .. r**.v.' ��� 11 ���.������������IW >?<���"���'��� '������ '.���.���;���>���-  Wlft-ll*. ���.���flnt./.ij uifcB.. ....
2SQ doz. Linen -Collars To Ite Mold ut
$1.50 per doz.
Fifty Cent Hand Ba*^
They are beauties at the price.
Telephone .1.1.1.
Kootenay A��
Limited, Winn
WlioieMtue ProvUlonw,
Product;. - Pruit.
Dominion (iovernincnt Oreamcry Une Pound Bricks receiviii itwk*,.,
from the churn.    Knr sale by all leading Krrsoers.
Office ami warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Josephine Street. Nelson, B.C.I
Bohemian BeeJ
The Nelson Brewing Co., LU
A Word to the
Thii year we havo upprtwintwl the want-id*
toman and hkva pHMHt-d into stocks
Good Cheer Art Base Bu
F*S***St!' -3 '
.'*ft"^ffv*l*^j* Tln.iBii.vi i.i ailnptiii fur Inml ssml only,ui^
S^ii77t^'S__& antiisl to pive (satisfaction.
W^ }. H. Ashdown Hard
j_y&;.ffi��y Company, Limited.
RapnlrlnK i.ti.l .lol,I,lis* isiistulsisl with lltsopnlcli.   HhsntHL.
Wf��rk, Mliiinu 1.11.1 Mill Mnulilnwr*. .      .Mi.ii.itf.ct ur��r. ti I
Urn Cur.,  u.  U.   Usiitrn'.liira'  Cara.
NELSON,    B. C.
IIumIiivhm mun,
Working mwn.
Men In drvfut ut t Ire,
���MportliiK men,
Hond��um�� men.
Men thnt'M full of fire
UNITE and ring that   the  Importtjfl
John T. Pit-m*: an- the proper mm
My last fall Hhipinont bai jnst Hrritti J
tiK'in nm. placerottrordar early te Jaf
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic TailoJ
Subject  to  Confirmation
We Will Buy
VVe Will Sell
10.000 Hanililcr-Carlboo    27%
f.,000 Sullivan   07
1(1,000 II. C.  Amalgamated  Coal..Offer
100 Sullivan  lloniln  ...
5.0U0 Amerlcnn  Hoy  	
1,000 International  Coal
B. B. Mighton Sz
Drawer 1082
Sn__K Ltimbe*, Shingles,
Lath, Moulding*., Doors, Window*
Turned Work and I truck wt n. Mail Ordem prompt!} ***J
VBRNOIN ���TRBGCT ��� ��� - Ni2l_sOIN. H. C.
Our itock of Skatci li complete ��no v��rl��*
Including  the   popular
BOKER'8   BEAUTY  and  CHARM  (Udlet-)
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co


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