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The Daily Canadian Jul 19, 1906

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 i%\y>  rOailu Ccmahicm
I,   No. 39.
Fifty Cents a Month
lerson's Flattering Fi-
[nancial Results
rison of Operation of Inter-
dial Railway Under Liberals
and Conservatives.
July 10.���Jhera la .something
ithctlc in il"' delight which
i��rHon takea in what he palls
ring financial reeulU" of hia
iial management. The minis
nol know exactly how he
���cause he htiB not yet received
iliiure statement for June, hut
f thai the fiscal year ending
i  will give  hfhi  n suiplus ul
He seems to he highly satis-
li inir-, showing* Mr. Barker of-
riticitiin or Mr, Smmerson's pur<
ii Mr, Lodge anil of    the
ake-ofl which seems to prevail.
Bu-rson replied  hy pointing   tc>
Ulu lhal have heen accomplish*
11 tlii [-resent year/' and again
' ihis is not a spurt,, hut a per
position."    He promises to cx-
ei  how he has brought ahout
marked change between    tho
conditions of this year as com-
��� 'li those ot the previous year."
1.runtime he states that "we are
llatterlng financial results, and
getting them by having efficient
lie tells us "that there has heen
tkenlng on the Intercolonial rail'
And more to the same effect,
once more let us take notice of
mil situation.   Mr. Bmmerson is
ng a railway whose capital cost
$80, 1,000.   He is keeping good
filing  stock  hy  buying  new    en-
and  cars,  not   one or  which    is
id to operating expenses.   He has
laying the road with  new rails
-I at the cost of capital.   Not u
s charged to the traffic for old
replaced.    AH   these  deprecla-
i' thrown  into  capital  account,
|hf running expenses ure relieved
1  to jl.utm.noti a year, which
be charged against lhe earnings
Intercolonial were u company rail-
lu the fiscal year of 1905 there
false charge of $880,168 to capital
Is alone, aud it would have cost
> .is much to keep good the roiling
Mr. fSmmerson had kept   his
the regular wny.    So we have
Ktnmerson   running  far  short    of
ig his way on the Intercolonial, and
jnlflcently   satisfied   with   the
roceedlngs.   At the same time
ther   railway  on   the  continent
ying large dividends and providing
'est charges.
jppose we drop tbat feature of
poae and compare the statement
Mr, Ktnmerson now presents with
made In 1908, the year before ho
offlce. Mr. Ktnmerson is operatic miles of railway, while Mr.
perated 1,816, Mr, Bmmerson's
luga were $7,810,604. whereas Mr.
In 1903 were $0,884,888, n gnln
a  million    and    a  quarter, of
0 much has been obtained by  In
��lng  the    freight    and    passenger
Blnce  Mr.  Blair left  office at
eight   million dollars have    been
' by Mr. EDmmerson on oapital ao-
1 in Improvements and extensions.
I11 had ull Ihe money he Wanted
prove his irack ami his equipment
filer to Increase Ihe returns,
id yet Mr. EDmmerson now claims a
of $11111.mm. when Mr. Blair
1 yoara ago had a surplus of $1U7,
"ii a smaller business wllh n short-
lui'i more poorly equipped railway
������'ii lower rales.   Notwithstanding
1 "r- Kinun-rson talks about "flat-
> Unanolal conditions," and is in-
Ij   satisfied with himself.    Twelve
ugo, for three   years   together,
{mired with Haggart, the Intercoto-
J leclared u small surplus. The re-
���ri' ihen only $8,000,000 a year.
���age was Iluil miles less Iban II
The eosl nt the ayslom has
reased since then by some $-'>.
Mr. Baggart was charging Ihe
Bl of new rails to Operating ex-
ind was   keeping   the rolling
od oul of the earnings. Freight
W I ���'    ��� ugi r rates were lower on Ihu
prndonlal   than  they  are  now.     Yet
���' riiment    which    went oul    of
;   In   I860  made the  Intercolonial
1    way, and would have hud 11 BUT'
'* of Jino.ooii to $100,0011 a year If It
1 sdnplQd Mr. Blalr'B or Mr. ICinmer
1 v Btem of bookkeeping.
I mill
I'- Ine
I.I.     R,
Garden Party,
afternoon and evening the mem-
lb" altar guild of 81. Saviour's
ortaln on tho grounds of W. Ir-
osldence, silica street west.
will provide Ice cream nnd cuke
'OJ seasonable refroNhtiionis, and
-ll program will be rendered, Ihe
hd having kindly given their
; gratis,
program Will Include, besides se
lections by the band, solos bv Mesdames Parry, Brlggs and Parker, the
adieu quartette, Mesdames Parry Mclnnes, Ooepol and Miss Ida Johnstone;
the male quartette. Messrs. Chadbourn,
Hunter, Wye and Orlwwlle. and piano
solos by Miss Pill. Mrs. Hannington
will act as accompanist.
The program will he given during the
evening, but the party will last from 4
P. 111. until the end of Ihe evening.
Relic   of   San   Francisco's    Earthquake
and Fire.
One of the most interesting relics of
the conflagration lo be found anywhere
in San Prancisco. and one that repre
Bents a loss of many thousands of dollars to the United railroads, says the
San Francisco Chronicle, consists of various musses of melted coin that the
street, railway company recovered from
iis safes in the Itialto building. The
blackened masses of precious metal are
uow stored In the ofllce of Thornwell
Mulialy. assistant to the president, at
Oak and Broderick streeis, and afford
an object of much curiosity to visitors
.lust what will he done wllh the melted
coin is a problem that is worrying tho
Officers and directors of the company,
.\111llaly is hopeful lhal the treasury do
paitment can be Induced to make some
ruling that will enable the company to
recover something like the coin value
of the money. Otherwise, should lho
company succeed iu recovering only
Ihe bullion value. It will suffer a lost*
Of  many  thousands of dollars.
There are Others.
A well-known Winnipeg young man
who went west a short time ago began
to pay considerable attention to a
young married woman. The husband's
objections were disregarded by both;
but Instead of taking a horsewhip io
tlie young man, the husband wrote to
the bank's officers at headquarters. The
Officials sent an officer out to InvesM-
gate, and as a result there is a tine
young hank clerk looking for another
job and a young wife in unavailing
tears. The moral is set somewhere between the lines.
English   Tailor   Describes   Changes   In
Styles ol Uniforms for U.
S. Soldiers.
New York, July 111���Thu Worlsl Ihis
morning nays:
"George II. Winion. Ihe English tailor, of No. 'yj Cousllt street, Loudon, who
was summoned here hy Secretary Tall
to remodel the uniforms of the Anss-rl-
can soldiers, sailed for home yesterday
on the Oceanic. He has been liberally
criticized, but he left wllh feellugs un-
" 'When I cams' here. I expect.-si antagonism,' salsl lu-. 'hut I am happy to
say 1 have iisst met with any. I think
there was an Idea that I was to lake a
(ssntracl for making uniforms, bul my
wuole Idea was lo cut designs. If England can learn anything from a Burope-
an tailor, as well as from a painter or
an architect, she always does BO.'
"Mr. Winton has been at worlj ton
days lu the war department, holding
many conferences with Actlng-tletu-ral
0, Humphrey, quartermaster-general.
Before sailing yesierday he spent several hours with Qeneral Humphrey iu
the army bullsliug lu the While hall.
" 'With the exception ssf a few
ohangee, all my designs have heen nc-
���s-pts-sl.' said Mr. Winion. 'For one
thing, the United States cavalry nia'y
look forward lo open vests. All Ills1
uniforms will have a belter appearance
They would be smarter ansl more com
I'-ii'tublc. The Irsstisers uf llle cavalry
wis, he cut a little larger and fuller
around lhe thighs. The general lines
of the uniforms, colors, designs and
trimmings would he very much Ihu
same ns al present, bul such changes
.ts w.-re made are In lines around anil
over Ihe thighs. They will make Ihu
men look more soldierly in servloe, in
fatigue duly ami on dress parasls-. There
will lie 110 change In lhe campaign lust.
i think both officers and men would be
plssusetl. There Is nss reason why a
great country like this should slivss hei
���ssiiiiis't-s like a hu of messenger boys.1'
Dead from Whiskey.
Ottilia. Out., .Inly 111.--Daniel Koun-
tnln, a lud of Hi yearn, lies dead as a
result of drinking whiskey. He was
brought home yesterday in a paralyzed
condition, ami after suffering front con
vuIhIisun his death resulted,
It In said he foiinsl u Husk of whiskey
seoreted in a lumber pile. The oiroitm-
slancoa of the boy's death will hi' Iiivch
llguled by a coroner's Jury.
Socialist Literature.
Speaking of ihe proposed movemenl
In l.aslysnillh of both parlies running
1111 liislupeiiilenl candidate against Parker Williams al lhe uexl election,  the
Western Clarion, the. Soolallel organ,
"Just  what the Socialists  havo   al
ways contended the old parties would
do when It comes to a show-down���and
also the very thing the Socialists want
to see done���the next campaign ln
Newcastle will be capitalism vs. Soda!-
isni���only one issue. That Comrade
Williams and his revolutionary slde-
lackers will have to light to win, do
well Informed olsss-rvcr will deny. A
thorough knowledge of ihe capital iiosh-
es, politicians, liangeis-on, submerged
lenth and scalawags is sufficient to
awaken the Socialist to whal he Is up
against,  uut the regenerating Influence
and efforts of a revolutionary proletarian will prove equal to the occasion
Ami despite the damnable luetics now
being pracllced nn the coal miners In
Czar Dunsmulr'S domain, the Socialist
party will triumph."
King's Speech Irritates Members of the
British House.
London, July in,���irritated by the
lack of opportunity to sliscuss Scottish'
QUssstlons i.i lhe house of commons, and
somewhat Jealous of the promises of
greater local control of local affairs
made to Is-eland In the king's speech at
the opening ssf parliament, the Scottish
members have selected Mr. i-*erle, Liberal member for lhe northern division
of Aberdeen, to introduce a bill providing for tlie establishment of a parliament for Scotland. The bill, the text
of which waH issued loslay. provides for
purely Scottish legislation. I'erle will
be eligible to membership, and the executive power will continue to be vested in the crown.
The bill also provides for the revival
of the old Scottish privy council as It
existed prior lo the union. II is pro
[Kised that, the Scottish parliament shall
have power to Impose taxes, except
customs and excise duties, lhe king to
bo represented by a lord high commissioner and Ihe seat of government to
be at Edinburgh.
Outside of the friends of Mr. Perle.
who favor local self-government for all
nationalities of tin- United Kingdom,
the project is not taken seriously.
There Is no slemanil among the people
of Scotland for a local parliament.
Prairie   Province   ...ethodlsts  Will    Im
Winnipeg. July 111.���The expansion
and development of lhe west Is shown
by the fuel thai lhe Methodisl confer
ences of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta have found, after Btnlion'.ng
very available men, lhat Ihey hnve still
eighty fields without a supply.
To meet the requirements, Rev. J.
Wooilsworth, superintendent of Metho
dial missions In lhe wesl, has gone to
Great Brilnin lo secure us many young
ministers as possible for work in the
Dominion. Last year Mr. Woodsworth
brought over forty young preachers
from the old land. The experiment
proved highly successful, and as it Is
Impossible to secure the men lu Can
nila. he has gone to England again.
Night Operator Set    Red  Light���Then
South Berwick, Me., July 19���The
unnecessary selling of a danger signal
against a freight Iralu nt the local station of the Boston and Maine railroad
was followed today by lhe discovery
lhal Lawrence Maylleld. the nlghl telegraph operator, was dead at his |>osl.
A revolver was clutched In his right
hand, and there was a bullet Wound In
his bead. It was believed al flrsl lhal
he was lhe vlcllm of foul play, but an
Investigation satisfied ihe coroner ihat
lu- iimi committed Bulolde. The police
are of lbs- opinion lhat Ihe operator set
the nd light lo prevent lhe possibility
sif ii collision.
Excursion Stopped.
Kingston, July 18.���The steamer im-
quols, of the Niagara anil St. Lawrence
Navigation Company, advertised a sun-
day excursion among lbe Islands, a riti-
s-s'iii trip, hm ihe customs authorities
have notified the vessel's officers lhat
ine trip cnnnol run as a violation Of
Canadian law. The collector of customs
said he would enforce lhe law, and If
uu- boat attempted to carry oul her
proposed excursion he would promplly
tlu her up.
Modernizing Japan.
Ottawa, July 1!).���A reporl from Al-
exaiuiei- McLean, Canadian agent In .In-
pan, received by ihe department of
mule and commerce today, snyn thai
since lhe cessation of the war the number of tourists to that country has Increased largely.   There is an enormous
expansion of expenditure on the part
of Iho .lapanuse governmenl In all provinces of the empire, many Importanl
public works having been uemlrlakeii.
Died at Oakland.
Oakland, Oil., July 111.���Lucius A.
Booth, a pioneer of 1849, one of Ihu
original Incorporators with Huntington;
Crocker and Stanford, of Ihs- Central
I'nciiie railroad, died here yesterday at
lhe age of Sli yeurs.
New Mexican City a Second San Francisco
Shocks, Rains and Electrical Storms
Cause a Panic of Consternation.
Albuquerque, N. M., July 19.���Refugees in large numbers are arriving
here from Socorro, New Mexico,
where great damage has been wrought
by a succession of daily earthquakes
since July 2nd. In that time not an
hour has passed without one or more
quakes. The centre of the disturbance
is a zone 'io miles long by about IU
miles wide, running from the Ladrone
mountains southeast through Socorro.
At San Antonio, on this side of the belt,
the shocks have been barely felt. Each
one is preceded by a loud rumbling like
heavy thunder, which can be heard approaching from the northwest before it
reaches Socorro.
Senator Baca, of Socorro, until recently district attorney, Is here with
his family. He says that jieople are
leaving on every train, and those who
cannot ride on the railroad are leaving
by wagons. About 2,000 persons are
camping out in tents, and no one dares
to go Indoors. Practically every residence und business block In the town
has been damaged. There has been
much distress among the people who
ate camping ln the open, as heavy
rains have fallen ln the last two days,
one being the heaviest for fifty years.
Most of the people ure gome to El Paso,
although many are coming to Albuquerque and Santa Fe. The shocks
generally occur as short, sharp jerks,
the ground seeming to slip violently.
It Is believed that the adjustment of
rock strata in the rugged Ladrone and
Magslalena mountains is the cause of
ine continued shocks. Provisions are
growing scarce, and real distress is
feared for the refugees.
"The noise and quukes are frightful,"
said Mrs. J. J. Leeson, a refugee from
Socorro. "I have ex!>erienced earth-
siuakes at l.os Angeles and San Francisco, but never anything so sickening
as these prolonged rocklngs and jerk-
Ings of, the earth at Socorro. Water
placed ln a bowl will show continuous
vigratlons between the lighter shocks,
showing that the earth ts never still
Not a house In town is safe to enter,
and walls topple wllh each recurrence
of the tremor."
El Paso, Tex., July 19.���Socorro, New
Mexico, south of Santa Fe, has been
severely damaged by nn earthquake
Fifty-two shocks have beeu felt since
Sunday morning. The court house Is
wrecked. The building of the School of
Mines is cracked, and nearly every resl
dence in the city Is destroyed or much
damaged. The town Is largely built of
adobe or of brick. The Santa Fe rail
rotul has sent box curs to Socorro to
take the people away, and thus num.
nave alreasly lied to other towns. Huge
bouhlers have been carried down on the
russroud track, and trains cannot enter
the town. They stop several miles oul
side lhe place. The wsiter In lhe hot
springs near Socorro has Increased several degrees in temperature, and ihe inhabitants fear that the extlncl vsilcuno
ts'ti miles from lhe town will become
active again. The entire surrounding
country hns fell Ihe shocks, and much
damage has been done, esjieclally ut
San Murclal and Magdulena.
Otherwise You Might Lose Your    Fortune.
New York. July 19.���A despatch to
the World from Wellavllle, N. Y.. snyB:
"Annie Welhnlg, an employee In this
Wellavllle Steam laundry, yosteriluy discovered $1,5411 In bills and checks In
Ihe washing of a prominent and very
wealthy family of this ciiy. The money
wns pinned lo the iimiVrvcBt of a prominent society woman, who htul not missed it. The money was returned and the
finder liberally rewarded."
Custodian of Joseph.
Soatllo, July 19.���Colonel Simon Win-
Held Bcoll, for 14 years generul land
and tux agent of the Pacific Coast Company, died yesierday of paralysis. He
was 74 yeurs old. Before coming lo
Seattle, Colonel Scott was In thu 1 ml lit n
service. Ho was custodian of Chief Joseph aftor his capture by General Miles.
Will Not Come West.
The announcement. Unit Sir Charles
ltlvei'N-Wllsnn. president    of the Cl. T.
Itnilwawy Company,    accompanied  by
Blr Wilfrid Laurler snd Mr. Charles H.
Hays, president of the O. T. P., were
coming west and would visit the proposed Pacific const terminal of the G.
T. P., has been contradicted. Sir
Charles Is not coming wesl. and when
the other members of the party arrive
they will not go further norlh than
Vancouver. Extensive preparations
were under way for their reception al
various points on the northern coast.
(Jwlng to the fact that there is no res
Ident accommodation at Prince Rupert
as yet. the Grand Trunk Pacific has
leased the old hospllu! building at Met-
iakatla, and It was being renovated and
furnished for the use of the chief officials of the company during their stay
In the north. The work of renovation
and furnishing has been cancelled.
Experienced   Miners Make   Discoveries
on Portland Canal.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, July 19.���"The mining outlook In the Portland canal and Stewart
river district is very bright," says C. H.
Dickie, of Duncans, who returned from
a trip to that section last evening. "At
that point there are about 150 prospectors ln the hills, and practically every
one has a claim, and on the whole, there
Is a very hopeful feeling throughout
the entire camp. The prospectors are
for tbe most part experienced men, having been in Mexico, Arizona, Kootenay
and Slocan, and they say that the surface showings are better than any they
have ever seen. The ore is mainly galena, showing very rich in native silver
and copper."
H. M. S. Shearwater, which left this
port on Saturday last for Behring sea
on her annual pelagic sealing patrol
cruise, relumed to port here yesterday
morning with her commander. Captain
Hunt, .seriously ill. It was found upon
arrival at Comox that Captain Hunt
was too ill to proceed on the voyage
north, and the sloop of the ward was
returned to Victoria, where Captain
Hunt was removed to the hospital. It
is not expected that he will recover ic
time to permit of his going north with
lhe vessel, and a new start will probably be made on Monday with the Shearwater in command of her navigating
officer, L. Cutkerwln.
Civil War In  Russia Apparently  Inevitable.
St. Petersburg, July 19.���The belief
that the adoption by the lower house of
parliament today of a proclamation to
the nation on the agrarian question will
precipitate the long brewing conflict
and plunge the country into civil war
is profound. All hope of reconciliation
between parliament and the government is vanishing, and the government
Is evidently preparing to tak eup the
gage of battle when it is formally
thrown down. At the council held at
Peterhof last night the camarlllo came
out strongly ln favor of dissolving parliament, but, according to the best Information, the emperor hesitated, and
at the moment of adjournment refused
lo agree to a dissolution, though his
final decision was postponed.
Austria and (lermany. according to
the official Russia, have agreed on
sending troops across the border to aid
In suppressing an agrarian uprising If
.the RuBslan government should formally request them to do so. The Bosnia's
announcement created a tremendous
sensation. It is stated that the decision
of the two neighboring powers was
based on the fear that the execution of
the principles of the confiscation of
property in Russia would constitute a
danger lo them.
Imports and Exports.
Uaahlngton, July 19.���A Btntement
Issued today by the department of commerce and labor says the foreign commerce of the Unlled Slates In Ihe (Iscal
year Just ended aggregated $2,970,0110.
If Ihe trade with Porto Rico and Hawaii, which was Included In the foreign
commerce prior to the'.r annexallon.
wore added, the total would be materially increased, ami would exceed three
billion dollars. Both imports an ex'
ports exccesl those of any earlier year.
The total Imports were ��1.220,000, and
exports $1,744,000.
Dedicate a Monument.
New York, July 19.���A despatch to n
morning paper from Bar Harbor, Me.,
says: "A monument lo murk the ills-
covery of Mount Desert Island by ibu
French expedition under Snmuel De
Chnniplaln on September 5th, 1864, was
dedicated yosterduy."
Fell Overboard.
New York, July ill.���Walter Orniond,
a lawyer of Atlanta. Ga., fell overboard
yesterday, and was drowned from the
steamer Kansas City, while en route
iriiin Savannah to Ihis city.
Steamship Arrivals.
New York, July 19.���The slenmei
Teutonic has arrived from Liverpool.
Montreal, July 19���The steamship
Monteagle left Hong Kong at noon on
Wednesday, July 18th., for Vancouver
County Official Doad.
Vlttdrla. Ont., July IB.���Mr. William
Dawson, Si'., of this place, died suddenly last Sunday night about 6 o'clock
while walking In a field. Mr. Dawson
was oue of the most widely known men
In this section, having served In a public capacity as reeve of Charlottevllle
for several years, lie was also a county councillor, and for one term was warden of Norfolk county. He was widely
known as a breeder of short-horned
cattle, and was often called on as a
judt-e of cattle al many exhibitions
throughout tbe province.
Short Items of Interest Complied from
Our Exchanges.
Another rich body of ore has been
discovered near the great Britannia
mine Just north of the city of Vancouver. The vein Is reported to be 20 feet
In width, and gives gold values In assays of over $10 to the ton, with added
copper values of over $100 per ton. The
veins were discovered by an old Koot
enay and Slmilkameen prosiiector, Joe
Suultei- by name. He refuses fo make
known the exact location of bis find.
New Westminster Is having the usual
difficulty In getting the shopkeepers
half holiday. Some rancorous things
have been said by parties on both sides
ot the question, but It has finally been
settled by the agreement of those keeping open shop that the clerks may have
the half day off, while the proprietors
themselves will do the counter-skipping
for the half day.
Major-General Sir Frederick Carrlng-
ton, K. C. M. G., is on his way westward to this province to engage in a
hunting expedition. On his last visit to
the province Sir Frederick, it will be
remembered, spent some time on the
coast and the fishing grounds on Vancouver Island. He is this year coming
In search of big game in the Rocky
Watson Clark, a milk vendor in Victoria, is suing the city for damages because the health officer there reported
that the cream delivered by Clark had
been thickened with gelatine. The action is against the city because the
health officer is the city's employee.
The city council do not take-the matter
as v   ,
President and   Managing   Director   o*
Fair Have Other Vtews���Race
Track Beet in Interior.
The prospect, of a lacrosse tournament as an attraction for the Nelson
fair is attractive, but the idea will
probably not be carried out, as ft would
involve too great an expense.
J. J. Malune, president, and F. A
Starkey, managing director, were seen
this morning und asked their views on
the subject.    Mr. Malum- said:
"It would be a good scheme as nn attraction, but it would cost far more
than we can afford for any one feature
of the program. It Ib not practicable to
raise money for the general fund by
canvassing and then to ask for special
subscriptions for laurusse. And the as
socintfon' certainly can't afford to pay
$1,200 for lacrosse games.
"I don't think it is necessary. Ross
land has a good lacrosse club, and their
people are enthusiastic about it. They
are tied with Nelson so far ihis season
With both teams at full strength thej
are probably very evenly matched. I
think that a couple of games between
the two would be more interesting to
tiie Nelson public than a match between Lethbrldge and Cranbrook, even
ii It were the final game for the chnm
pionshtp of a league.
"The expense ol bringing over tlie
Rossland team will be far less thun
thut of bringing one team from Easl
Kootenay and another from Alberta.
"The work on the race track Is go
ing ahead. Yesterday the city engineei
was down, nud gave us the proper levels at the turns and for the grading.
Warden Lemon is having the work done
very thoroughly, and is making a good
job of It. He assures us thut it will be
Completed by the 1st or September.
"When it is completed the track will
lie easily the best In the interior of
British Columbia, and will be a valuable
permanent asset to the association and
to the city,"
Captain McMorrts has received a let
ter from W. U. Keury, manager and sec
rotary of the Provincial Exhibition Society of New Westminster, written on
receipt of the Nelson fair prize list
pamphlet. Mr. Keury, who knows some
thing by experience of such matters
"You will permit me to compliment
you on the very creditable work you
hnve tu your prize list; it ts an honoi
lo Nelson."
Smallpox at Esterhazy.
Winnipeg, July II*.���Private advices
from Kstorhnzy state that there are
about IT) cases of smallpox at Eaterha-
ay, Sask. However, all are now safely
under quarantine. The mnnager of the
Central hotel, A. W. Shields, is one of
tne victims, and tho hotel Is among the
buildings quarantined.
Rumor of Rick Discovery
in Hunter V.
J. J. Campbell Cannot Confirm Report, But Admits Indications
Are Very Promising.
A report was brought to the city last
night from Ymir that an important
strike was made yesterday ill the Hunter V. mine. It was stated that a vein
of high-grade silver ore 30 feet In width
had been encountered at the greatest
depth yet reached.
Theh Hunter V. has been worked for
the past year under lease by the Hall
sViinlng and Smelting Company upon
terms very favorable to the shareholders, many of whom are Nelson men.
It has always been considered a very
low-grade property, its value consisting
in the possession of very extensive ore
bodies, and in the fact that the ore la
particularly valuable as a flux. A strike
of high-grade ore, if verified, would be
a matter of groat importance to both
owners and lessees.
In reply to a request for confirmation
today, J. J. Campbell, manager of th*
Hall Mines Company, said:
"I can neither confirm nor deny the
report. I have not the same Information as yours. It Is Impossible that a
vein 30 feet wide could have been discovered in a day. The force at the mine
couldn't open up 30 feet tn that time.
"We know, or at least the indications
are very promising, that there la ln the
tar .-V. ����v(4ja,.Ws*A hifker En*
._ ydr s��U|ed from the mine,
h 'ccimfia'Aaon "wrttFthe ore produced so
far, It might even be considered high-
"More than that I can't say. Hopeful indications are abundant, but so far
as I know at present, they have not
been converted Into a certainty by any
actual discovery."
Takes Care of Canada.
London, July 19.���The writer of a secret history in the Reynolds newspaper
says he Is Informed by a highly placed
Canadian official that the friction between French and British Canadians ia
increasing. It looks as though the imperial government might have to Inter
fere. He adds: "The Canadian government has given definite instructions
that no Englishman be given a position
where there is u Canadian born applicant." Editorially Reynolds complains
of the handling of the emigration to
Canada. It says it received complaints
frequently from destitute exiles, also
trom Canadian labor bodies, warning
emigrants. Only two classes are wanted in Canada���farmers with money
enough for two years and domestics.
In Chambers.
Only one application was made to
Juslgo l-'orin at this morning's chamber
session of the county court of West
In the case of Thomas & Co. vs. Cane,
or Rossland, R. M. Macdonald for C. K.
Clllan, solicitor for' Thomaa & Co., applied for an attaching order under the
Absconding Debtors' Act. The order
was granted. The defendant Is now In
Snokune. but has left property in Ross-
Plans Channel Tunnel.
London, July 19.���Sir Douglas Pox,
pust president of the Institute of Civil
Engineers, has been Invited to prepare
plans for a channel tunnol. Parliamentary sanction for the scheme will be
siiiiKiu at tho next session.
Price of Metals.
New York, July 19.���Silver, 66 1-4;
copper, 17 3-4; electrolytic copper
stock  18 to IS 1-4; lead, $6.76.
Loiislsin. July 19.���Silver. 30 3-lfld;
lead, ��10 16s; stun, ��2,(1 16a.
Tramway Improvements.
Since the weekly receipts trom the
tramway service have been more than
paying expenses, a few urgently needed
repairs have been decided upon.
Yesterday afternoon the small car
wns taken out with a truck and some
necessary grading waa begun upon the
Front street switch, where there waa
something of a dip in the track.
Mayor Gillett said today that on Sunday the big car would be taken off, and
u new wheel substituted for the present
Hist is-iis'il wheel, which has long been a.
cause of annoyance lo the staff and
patrons of tho service and to all who
work or live within sound of the cars.
,'��� ���;
��� The Daily Canadian
Crown Gem Jars, pints per doz, $ 1.00
CrOWn Gem JarS, Quarts per doz.,     1.25
Crown Gem Jars, Half Gai. per doz., 1.50
Our stock has just arrived. Secure
your requirements at these low prices
before they are all gone.
Published six days h wee* by the
Baker rit., Nelson, B. c.
Butrtcrtption rates, 60 cents ��i month delivered
in the city, ur (5.00 a yetr if MUI by mail, when
iniiii in advance
Adveilisnnc rata*on application.
All monies paid In settlement oi The Daily
Canadian a unts, olther toi lubscriptlona ��r
advertising, muai be recelptod for on the printed
tonus (ii the Company, tuber receipts are imi
JULY   !<*>.  1906.
���'By one word we are soinetlmvi jm^ed to Le
wise and by one word lomctimus Judgod to be
foolish.    UM Ul  therefore   be Careful   wnal  we
The newspapers of Canada ure receiving letters from Rev, J. G, Shearer,
iu which he sets forth his reasons for
gratification at the passage ol the
Lord's Day Act, and incidentally explaining in what respects it is UUBatltf*
factory even to Its own parents. To
tho editor Mr. Shearer says, "You are
welcome to make such use of the following statements as you deem wise,"
and we propose to do so in a criticism
of the document which is before ue.
While we cannot reproduce it, we take
pleasure in quoting several of the
clauses dwell upon by Mr. Shearer ln
his expression oi' satisfaction at the
new enactment. Among tlie prohibitions dwelt  upon are the following:
"The Act prohibits theatres, public
games, sports and amusements for
gain, prize or reward. It banishes Sunday newspapers, both home and foreign. It makes Sunday excursions by
railways and steamships illegal, anil
BUch companies arc not free to load aud
unload except in certain circumstances.
Neither may they do construction work
nor general repairs."
These quotations will serve to show
what was aimed at by the L, D. A. in
its recent efforts to secure the enactment Of this law, and will bear out the
statement so often made in criticism of
the alliance thai lis Intended legislation sought to go further than the simple and proper protection of the laboring man inun a life of Incessant toil.
Even in its present emasculated form
the law strikes ai the liberties of the
people, and dictates to them how Ihey
shall not spend the day of rest. Some
of the clauses are both necessary ami
wholesome, and have our every sympathy, hm we fee] sure tlial the enforcement of the law will be difficult, inns-
much as prosecutions under its provisions are madi "dependent upon the permission of the attorney'general," Mr.
(shearer's explanation of this clause i*
"that it was probably Intended to make
vexatious prosecution with malicious
inlent impossible." II ihat was tbe In
tentlon, tbe l- D, a. agents at Ottawa
must have left the Impression upon
lhe members of the house that such a
safeguarding of the people's rights was
a solemn duty of the parliament it is
not, however, with these ibings or with
the general features of the bill thai we
have here to do. The hiii has become
law, and iis enforcement is now up to
lhe authorities who have ihese matters
in charge.
Mr. Shearer hns lieen lor years the
hard-working and painstaking secretary
and organizer of the L. I). A. All its
efforts have been directed toward the
Introduction and passing of Sunday legislation. However conscientious the
secretary may have been���and of his
conscientiousness we have never entertained n doubt���it was imperative that
he dedliver the goods from the present
parliamentary assemblage as some sort
of Justification for the existence of the
.society and the salary of its paid agent.
lie is responsible to tlie alliance, und
the government to the country, for
what has heen done, and we have no
doubt tbe accounting will be a thorough
one when it comes to he made.
The lasi clause of Mr. Shearer's letter is one to which we take serious objection.    It reads as follows:
"It is highly probable that such a law
could not have been passed had it been
other than a government measure, and
it is doubtful if the government would
or could have successfully carried It
through parliament under any but a
French-Canadian premier; and that,
therefore, those who appreciate the
Lord's Day Act, and the country in general, are put under a lasting debt of
gratitude to  Sir Wilfrid Laurier."
Obviously, then, the government must
be held responsible for the measure
thai in its present form will neither
gratify the eastern portion of the Dominion���because of its laxness, indefi-
idleness, provisos and loopholes���nor
be tolerated by the west, because of Us
unwarranted attempt at Interference
with the liberties of the people.
But to be assured by tne L. D. A. that
"it is doubtful if the government could
have carried it through parliament under any but a French-Canadian premier"
is to insult every member of the Anglo-Saxon race from Halifax to the
ends of the earth. Why this unwarranted attack upon the morals or statesmanship of every Canadian citizen except Sir Wilfrid Laurier? Is the great
French-Canadian premier the only one
who might occupy that office who is
capable of forcing legislation by mere
partlzan majorities at the instance of
the Lord's Day Alliance? Perhaps tiiat
is what Mr. Shearer means. Perhaps
there is no one else in Canada but the
present lirsl minister who would place
upon its statute books a measure which
can he only a source of annoyance to
many of its best citizens.
But Mr. Shearer did not mean ihis,
and he insults the editorial desk and
reading customers of every newspaper
in Canada by converting a pamphleteering document into a campaign advertisement for the government that consented to father his pet measure. We
iio not wish to be unjust, hut we are
of ihe opinion that anoiher serious
blunder has been added to the already
long list of those perpetrated by the
alliance. Is the L, J). A. to be converted Into a campaign committee for lhe
Liberal government? We raise no ne
Clal cry. \\'t. scorn race strife ami
prejudice, but it is noi we who have
raised the question; It is the alliance
through iis agent, Was there any understanding between Sir Wilfrid and
Mr. Shearer that In return for a farce
measure uf legislation, presumably in
the Interest of the nlllanco am! those
who think as M does, that tlie alliance
was io become a part of the huge machine that at the next election Is to try
lo deliver the goods?
'lhe shipment of fruit which went
forward to the Winnipeg exhibit this
morning leaves little to he desired on
Hie pari of the fruit growers of the
Kootenays. That the Fruit Growers'
Associaiion have completed the arrangements and carried out their plans
without assistance from any outside
body Is also commendable. Connoisseurs have expressed (he opinion that
the collection Ib about as good as the
season and the country affords, and
great credit is due those who have assisted in malting it a representative
display. Many of them have no direct
or personal ends to serve, and their
spirit is that of true loyalty to their
We think Mayor Gillett is to be commended for his action In refusing  the
use of the recreation grounds for the
purpose of exhibition and schedule
games of any sort on Sunday, nnd we
are sure that a very large majority of
the citizens will uphold him In his action. Nelson has at present a well observed Sabbath, and while no legislation Is necessary to secure such observance as at present, there will he
no disposition on the part of the people
to see the introduction of Sunday
games. The control of the recreation
grounds hy ihe city places the whole
mailer within the hands of (he city
council, and as ilu- council represents
the people, tin- mayor's action must he
taken as the voice of the citizens.
The sudden���very sudden���collapse
of the action brought by Norton, a
const logger, against Hon. F. .1. Fulton
for refusing to submit a pel'Hon of
right, must be somewhat disconcerting
lo tin- Libera! journals which made
such a "hullabaloo" over the case, N'or-
ton had beon persistently egged on hy
tho coast Liberals of the World colerie
and supported hy lhe journals who follow the lead of lhat discredited prophet, and now quits a wiser man in consequence. To read the twaddle that appeared at the time (he action was commenced, one would think Mr. Fulton
hail heen guilty of some grave offence,
hut In reading the judge's continents
when dismissing the case, on" readily
sees that the plaintiff was badly advised by his political friends.���Kam
loops  Standard.
The mayor and one of the local clergymen should now constitute themselves n commiltee to secure the medal
of the Royal Humane Society for the
iwo Indian lads who rescued an Englishman from drowning In the Columbia river last week. Not only do they
deserve ihe medal, but it Will become
an heirloom to their descendants���a
something which the Indian is peculiarly given  to appreciate.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dinncrware in stock. Patterns.
And Builder
Sole agent for tho Porto Kico Lumber
Co., Ltd., retail yards,
Rough and dressed lumber, turned work
aud brackets, Coast lath and shingles,
sash nnd doors.
Cement, brick and lime for sale. Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory Vernon, St.,
east of Hall.
Telephone 178!     NeiSOn, Be Ce
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frtirt, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries nuide daily throughout Nelson
aud its suburi n Phone 148.
40 Acre Farm
A Valuable farm for sale, situated In
the heart of tbe fruit growing country.
���Id acres, :i acres well cleared aud about
70 frull trees planted, are hearing some
Mils year. A good cabin, rooi house and
stable on the property, nlso a nice
Spring, The land is of Ihe very best
quality, and can be all  worked.    It   Is
beautifully situated on  Bowser   lake,
West Kootenay, one mile from posl office and store and two miles from C. P.
H. branch to Trout Lnke, Splendid
farm for potatoes. There have been
four crops in succession without manure, and the last crop was as good as
the first.
$800 Cash Takes It
Apply to jOHN CANNING,
Grnnrt Forks, 13. O.
Or to Wm. Simpson, Howbcii.
Notice is hereby given that sixty dayi nfier
dm,, i intend to iqij.lv to tlu- Chief CoramU
i I oner of Unds ami "Work- (or permission to
purchase tbefollowtngdescrlbed lamia s'tueto in
wesi Kootenay district, adjoining Hie Interna
tional boundary line, aboul rout mile* eut of
the Columbia river. oommencinu m �� ihmi mark*
ed "l. M. F'a B. vv. corner," situate on the In*
tornatlonel bonndary lino, at the southeast cor*
ner ol J, ft C. I'Vusi-r'Hiiuid; theiiceeutsochalni,
theuce north Ou chains, thence west Su chalna,
thenoe south 60 obaina to tbe pla i commence*
ment, containing is > acres more or leas.
Dated 26th .tunc, Haiti. Line*. M. FBASBH,
P. J. O'Reilly, Agent.
Noi in- la hereby given Unit sixty daya
from date I Intend to apply to tho Chief Com-
miasloDcroi hands nml Work* for .permission
to purchase the foi low ins described landi situate mi West Kootonay District, between the
Pend d'Oreille river and the International
boundari line, about three miles from lbe Columbia river.   Commencing ai a posi market]
J.a, c. F's H. W  -nersituate on tin- Interna
ti il boundary llbe.al thalfamfle eul ol
the cut bouudary ol the N. d; KB. Ity. landa:
tbence nortii in chains, Ihenco cosl Bu chains,
tbenoe south 10 chains, thenee wesl Bi chains, to
the planeof commencement, cuutnlnlng8*.!0acre8,
more or leas.
Dated jiiii Juno, U03, .). s 0. FiusBii,
K. .1. tl'l'eilly. Agent,
Notlco la hereby  given Uim sixty days from
late I Intend toapply to tbe Chief C mlssl r
if i.iiniU moI Works for permission to purchase
ine fuiiuwlni described lands situate In West
Kootenay District, adjoining the international
bouudary line, about ihe miles cut ol tho Columbia river; oommouclng ui a post marked ic
ovs. \\  corner, uu tbo international bt lary
lineal Laura M. Krasor's southeast corner, theuce
north nj chains, thonce east hi ohalus, thenee
south <*>> chains, tbence wesl in ohalns to the
plaee of commencement, containing 820 acres
more or loss.
Dated 20th June. [006, Ralph anxrariB,
Notlco Ih hereby glveu thnt sixty days after
date I Intend to apply to Uu- chief Commissioner oi Lands mui works tor permission in
purchase the loilnwinj- described Imni-. in
th<' West Knot, nuy district, south ol tho I'end
d'Orelllo river; Commencing ai a [jobi marked
c. B's 8, K. cornor, situated on the trail near
Bear creek about a mile from tbe international
boundary lino, tbonce wesl bb ohalus, thence
north 10 chalna more or leas to the ['end d'Oreille
river;' thenee foiiowiin- the loutb bank oi the
I'eiui d'Oreille river soutboui 80 chains, more
or less; theuce south *ju chains, more or less tu
the place nt  commencement, containing 660
acres, more nr less.
Dated 6th July, 190b. Chablbs Bibsbl,
T. J. 0'Rlelly. Agent,
Notice i>> hereby given thai sixty days alter
dale I Intend to applv to th,- chief C nls-
sioner ���>( Lands ami works for permission to
purchase thu following described lauds, in
the West Kootenay Dlatrlct, eut ol and adjoining James N. Mackenzie's laud; Commencing at a post marked A.B'sH. K. corner, on tin*
south Lank nl the Pend d'Oreille river, Just
above the month of Ur- Salmon river, thenee
west 81) ebalns, thonce north go chains more or
less lo ihe I'end d'Oreille river, thence following
the south bank of the said river iu a southeasterly direetioti to tin- place of commencement,
containing 260 acres, more or leas,
MtUed Iih July I'tiXS AfiTHUB 8CHMBID1B.
Notiee Is  herein- given   lhat  sixty  davs after
date I intend to apply to tbe Commissioner of
Lands timl Work*, for permission to purchase
tiie following described land- In Wosl Kootenay
District soiiihof the Pend d'Oreille river. Commencing nt h post marked ).. 'I M's. N. Iv corner
.,ii tiio south hank of tlu- I'end d'Oreille river,
ahout a mill' mid a half east of the mouth of fish
ereek thence south wi chains, thence wesi nj
chains, thonoe north 40 chains more or (ess to
tlie IVnddO'reille river,  tin nee following the
south bank of the said river In a northeasterly
direction to the place of commencement, containing 4H.i acres, more or less.
Dated 2nd July 10.0. Ella T* Ma< kknzik.
Notice is  hereby given lhal 60 days afterdate
I intend to apply to tbe Chlol Commissioner of
Lands and Works for per mission to purchase the
following deicrlbed lands, situate In West Kootenay District .-oath of (he I'end d'Orrille river.
Com mencing at a post marked A. II. M's. N. W.
corner situate tit the lOtith hank of the i'end
d'Oreille river at KUa T MacfCeitxie'S north eul
corner posi, ihence south Ml chains, thence QUI
Mi ebalns, thence north so chains more or less to
tint i'eiui d'Oreille river, thenee west mi chain-.
following the hank Of the -aid river to the plnce
of commencement, containing 640 acres, more
or less.
Dated 2nd July 1006, a. it Mackenzie.
A into ll ScllNKIDKH, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that slxtv days alter
date, i intend to ap] 1;. to the Chief Commissioner of Lands mid   works for permission to pur-
chHsc the following deserlbod lands situate In
West Kootenay District, south of the I'end
d'Oreille river, commencing at a post marked
M. fl'sN. Bhcorner, situate on the south bank
Of the Pend d'Oreille river st James N. Mackenzie's souUi west corner, tbenoe south loovcbalus,
thence west B0 Chains, theuce nortii 70 eimiiis.
more or less lo tin- I'end p'Ori'MIe river; thence
following I tie soutb Lank of Ihe said river in nn
easterly mid northeasterly direction to the place
of commencement,, containing 640 acres, more or
Hate Brd July, 1906.        MaBOARBT II uuoiitT,
Arthur Schneider, Agent.
Notice   is hereby given that Sixty days afler
dale I Intend to apply to theOhief Commissioner
ot Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the     following     described     lands     iu     Wesl
Kootenay District, smith of tlte Pend d'Oreille
river, commencing at a post marked J x. .Ms
H. W. corner, situated on the south bank of the
Pend d'Oralite river, opposite the mouth of is
Mile Creek;  llieiiec ensl Ni chain*, | hence north
lu chains moroor leu to the Pend d'Oreille river,
tbence following Ihe south bank of the said river
in a westerly ami .southwesterly direction to the
place ol commencement, containing sm acres
more or less.
Dated 8rd July, looo,      Jambs x. Mackbnxib,
Arthur Schneider, Agent,
Notice Is hereby given thai slxtv duva nftor
���late I Intend to apply to the Chief Commission
erof Lands and   Work" for permission to pur
chase the folio
���ribed   hinds
Koiiiciiiiy insiriet, soutn ot I lie I'end d'Orcilh'
river, commencing Mt a post marked A. F's N, W.
corner,  -limited at   lbe BOUthwoal corner of Lot
4430, Oi I., tbence eut n> ohalns, thonco south Ou
ohalns, tbence west Bt chains, thence nortii 6)
chains to ihe place of commencement, contain
Itig l*U acres, more or less.
Dated jmii  one, 1006. annik Phaser,
P.J.O'Rellly, Agent.
.Notice is hereby given that 60 daya afler date
I inlcnd to ui-piy io tho Chief Commissioner of
Land"  nnd  works for permlulon to purchase
Ull- lo
rilHd hinds in West Rood
louihofthe Pend d'Oreille river, oul of
ik. commencing at a post marked p, w.
ll's X w corner, about hall a mllooaU of tlie
northeut corner of Lot M��,G,1., thenco south
41) chains, thonooout80 chains, Ihonce nonh i.
Ohalns,   theliee   wesl   HO  chains   (.,   tin1  place of
commencement, containing 83u acres, more or
Dated 2nd July und,       PtanW, Hahcoubt.
Arthur Bobkbiobr, Agent
Notice Is hereby given that ilxty days after
date I intend to apply to the hief Oommission.
erof Lands mid Works for permission to pur
cha*.*-    following described imidh in West
k en ay District, south oj the i'end d'Orolllo
river, commencing at a posi marked D It M's.,
X. W. corner, situated on the smith hank of the
I'end  d'Orelllo  river  at  James  N. Mockensfe'8
south wesl corner; thonco oast 40 ohalns, thenco
smith in chain", tbenco wesi -jo chains, thenco
north io chains to the place of oo encemonl,
con trilling ll��i acres more or less.
Dated Bra July 1006.     DOKALD It MacKBNIIB,
Arthur Bchnkiprb, Agent.
Sixty days alter date i intend to apply to the
Commissioner of Landa and Works to purchase
i��n acres of land, near Barton Olty, commencing
at a posi planted at the southeast comer of Lot
No W> and marked .1. ll. Mc'* southwest comer,
ami running nortii  m ohalni, thonco east in
chains, ihcnce south   10 chains, thenee wesl  10
chains lo jdace uf beginning.
Juiy 18th, 1MB. J, d. MeCuuoon.
A. A. Ilurtoii, Ageiil.
Notiee is hereby given that two taonths after
date I intend to applv in Un- Honorable tlie
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission fo purchase Die follow ing described
lands situaic on the west arm of (toolonay Lake
in the District of West Kooleuav: Commencing
at a post marked "WHIIam Kuerbv's N W. post!"
thence west twenty (30* chains; ihence ninth
twenty (M) chnins; thence cast twenty (���/��)
chains; lbence north Iwenlv Ci'i) chains to the
polnl of commencement, containing forty (lu)
acres, more or less.
Dated July 7, WOO, I, u. MlUON.
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Notice is hereby nlveii thai 00 .lays tn.m date I
inu-nd toapply m tlu- Honorable the Cornmla
Blotter of  Until BUd   Work-  for  permission  to
purchase tbe  folliittiriil described   lamls. rdtllNle
in ibe West Kootenay District. Starting from a
postmarked wiiifAmKrnest Davlson'so. J  i��sl
about two mil. I OOSl of peer pnrk on the Arrow
UJces thenco40chains .south, tbence 10 ehaiiut
west, tbence iu chains north, thencecaal to point
of cotiiiiicuct ut, containing about 100acres.
Dated IhfsMli day of June, I9O0.
William Bnnjht Daviiok.
Notice is hereby j-iven thai 00 days aftei date l
intend to apply to the Honorable the I'hief C ���
mlssloner of unda and Works for permission to
purchase ihe following described lands in the
West Kootonay district; commencing m a past
marked "Nathaniel Melntyro'i B, E. corner,"
pliiiih-d on the west side of tho Columbia River,
about Tiiillcs nortii of Morton nty, and 60 chains
north of the south-weal ner of hot 878, tbence
north ��i chains, thenee wesl 80 chains, thence
south sii chnins, thence easl 80 chains to polnl of
commencement, containing 640 seres,
Dated thla 12th day of June, 1906.
T. ('. Maklnsoii, Agent.
Nollee is hereby given that M day- afler date 1
intend loapply to llio Honorable the Chief Com
mlssloner ol Undi mnl Works for permission to
purchase the followlug described lands: Com
meuclng at a post placed on the north shore ol
tho west arm oi Kootenay Lake, at the northeast
corner of John -"-trunks' pre-emption, thence
west 10 chalna, more or less, io the southeast
corner of  Lol   No.7406, thenee  north 'iiclmin
tbenoe east lu ehulns more or teas, thence tiorl
IU chains to tin- point of coinim mnncitt
��� po
Dated .lune 161h, 1900.
0. B. Ah'I.kton.
Notice la hereby given that i intend 60 dayi
after date to apply to the Chlel Commissioner of
hands and *' orki for permission to purebaae
the following -*escribed lands, situate at Kire
Valley,  Kooteimy   ���'iltrlct,    ��� onmeQClOg at  a
poit (markou i. Gal sgher���south wast corner)
placed at the south weal corner of notion 88,
townihlp 69 tbence north K) ohalna to the nortii
west corner of ia'd aectlon ���'��.��� thenee east io
chains, thence   sonth B0 ehains;  to   the   aoiith
boundary of said icction 83, and thenoe west 40
chalna to the place "i beginning containing 830
acres, and being the westerly  half of  Halo   ISO*
lion :ct, towushipii'J.
Dated at Nelson. H C. June.ith 19ofi.
Notice is hereby given thai 60 days after date 1
intend toapply to tlie Honorable the Chief Commissioner of bun.I- and Works for permission to
purohaae the following descrlbeil landa. situutc
in tlie West Kootenay district: Commencing at ���<
spoil   marked   M. McC. rt. W,  comer,  planted 40
ohalna wesi of i. c. Morrison's northwest comer
of bis crown granted land In Fire Vallej, running 4ii chain- i i-i, lu ehalns north, lu ehains
west, io cbalm louth to place of oommencement.
m. UoOaypLiiH, stoeator.
W. A. Uai.ijek, Agent.
June 20th, 2906
Notice is berbj given that I Intend, 60 davs
after dale lo apply to the chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Wo-K- Iur juTinisslon to purchase the
fo lowing described laiuls situate at Ure v alley,
Kootenay district, t'omuieneiiiicat a post (marked George Young V>rth wesl eorner) placed al
the north wesl corner of section 38 township 69
thence cast r*\ chain- to the north cast comer of
laid section 28; thenoe sonth 40 chains, theme
west ni chains, tbence north 40 chalna to the
place of beplnnlng. containing 996 acres   and
being tbe northerly half of aald notion 18, town*
Dated at Nelson. B, 0. June Mb l9oti
  (iKOJtuK Yor.Mi.
Notice ia hereby giv.-n that 60 days after date
we intend to anuly to the Uonorahle tlie Chief
Commissioner of Undi and Worki at victoria.
B c. fur permission to purehaac iho following
described lands, iltuate in weit Koolenay district. Comm< ndng at a post planted at Tlioniax
Jerome'l  N   B  post,  and   marked   Peter   Desell
ami a <'ho<|uette N w. Corner* thenoe90obaina
east, thence ^ii chalna *ouih. ihence m obaina
west, thenee 20 oh <ins north to the oommenotng
post, containing lu acres mure or less.
Dated May 26.
PtTRR Dkski.i.
W. A. JQKM, Agent
Notice li hereby given that sixty days af Ier dats
I intend toapply to the Honorable the Chlel
Commluloner Ol Lands and Works, Victoria, for
permission In purohaae tbe following described
lands in West Kootenay.  Commending at a l>oit
marked Edgar W. I ytiet. south weit cojiier near
to Garnet oreek and aboul 2 milei south of m.,--
<|iii(o eieelt ami about I miles weat of t oliiinhla
Rlverj thenoe north BO chaini, thence east *o
chains, tbence lonth bo chnlni, thenee west 40
chaini to place of oommencement, containing
K0 acres, being the aaine more or leu,
Dated June 4, 1906.
KtslAR W. IlYNJfS.
v. i-v.vKs A genu
Notice la hereby givon lhal 60 dan after date 1
intend to make aji|>iicntioii to 'he Honorable Lbe
Chief Commissioner of Undsand Works lor per-
mission  to  pun-hase    ihe   lollowlug   described
lands:  Commenolng at a pnai placed on the cast
shore of   Lower Arrow Lake adjoining J   Bfttu'
pre-amp ll on on tbe southwest marked "T *-'s
N.Vt.e riierpnM." 'J heme runiil-ig an ebalns
east; thence B0 ehalns south; Ihence BOobalM
more or IBS!, WClt tO the lake shore; tbence following lak- shore io point of commencement,
containing MOaoiej, more or Iui,
Dated this "Ih -lav of .lune, 1906,
Notice m hereby given that 60 dayi oft< r date I
Intend to make applies]  to Uf Hou.irahb- Ihu
chief Commluloner of Lumisuud Woika for ner
mission to purchase   Lhe   followmg deserlbod
1 ���!  Commonalng at a post j,i��� i ���,, ihe
northeast -orner oi i Klnahan's Application to
Purchase, marked "ll. I i corner posit" run nine
BOcbalniaast; tbence80chainiloulbi thenee80
ehalns w.-st; thei.ee f .|hmlng T Klnaloin's eastern boundary to point of oommeneement, con-
taltiliiK 640 acres, mors or less.
Hannah '1 IKltNKV.
Dated Hlll7tli day of Innc, | mi.
Notice Is hereby given UiatiWdavj after dale |
Intend t<, make appl cation to the Honorable the
chief Commluloner Ol Undi and Works fur im r
million to jiuichase the following described
lands: Commencing at a post placed itl the lute lection of  Ihe east boundary u[ J   Hates' pre.
emption and the north boundary nf? Kin oh in'i
Application to I'urcliase. niutked-'T. K7Jr'l �� W
comer poat" 'fh noe following J, Bstei'outern
boundary,40 ohalni north] thence 8achaInieaiti
thence iu chalm to the no them boundary of
H.mnah ' i-niey's Application in Purohaae
ihence following the northern i<onnda y uf same
and northerly bonndary nf T. Kinahau's Anoll-
cmton to Hurcio.se, lo p.d i n| commoncemont,
containing 82uaoru, mo-e or leu,
Dated this 7th day of Juno, 1 fj��b.K'KA"**" J"'
Nollee  Ih   heie' y   give,,   ,}l(l, , ,������.,���, ~w   ,' y|
afterdate, to apply to the Cblof Commluionar ol
Unds and Wnrlu for pormUilonTtoTurohaia
the following deaerib.,1 tandi, Situate1 S
vni��.y, Kootenay Duttlct Commeuoing at J
poil (innrkeri  George Young north east earner]
placed at  (he north  east corner uf lectioni ffl
inwushipfiy; tbenoe lotitb M chslni lo the ni ������' Ii
eaat comer of said section 82j lbence W(��Mi
Chains, Ihence norlh 80 chains. ,.,      I. nn   -Salt
Wcfiainitotho p'acc of beg.nn ne onntainin-5
Dated at Nelson, n. 0, June 6th Uttfl
Gvohuk Youno.
Notice Is hen by given thai BU days af'er .late I
Intend t> aptdy lo the Honorable tho Chlel
Commluloner of hand* and Works for spormja*
lion 10 purchase llic following  ilc-erlbcd   lauds.
limited in ttlocan Disfrici Commencing ��i
north eait oorn��r poil of i^i 88 0, 'hi nee running louth 80 chains, tbence eail 80chalna, thence
norih 40 ohaini, thenoe wwi no cbalm loO. i\ k.
rlgbt'Of'Wiy, loiiowing ume south weil  to a
point intercepting north li f Lot IWO, thenoe
eait to point of commencement, containing I8Q
neies mors or less.
Kay 90th 1906.
c. L. Gansnib
Nm ice ishcrcbv given tbat60 days after date I
inicud inappl> m the Honorable tno Chief Com*
mfnloner ol IJUids and Works (or permlulon to
purchase the fnllowlug dfl crlbed Lauds illU-
ated ii tlf Kootenay Dlsttlet. Hi-ginumg Mt ,t
put planted on tho norih ihoro of tho Lower
Arrow  I-ake about   HI chain-  well   ol  the   W0*\
boundary ��d t.f.H Ul ivrj. Marked ll a w
B K, corner, thence wesi m chains, thence north
60 chains, thence eaat80 chalna mor  |.-- to
lake shore, thence in a uutb westerly direction
along lake siu.re to point ol commencement,containing 100 acrei re or leu,
Located June i**, 1806,
A. N. Wol.VKBToN,  Agent.
Notice in herehv given that (wo tuoiiMi* afler
date 1 intend to apply m the Honorable Chlel
Commluloner ol standi and Worki (or permli-
ilon lopurohaM six hundred ami forty (640}
acres of land, described as follow-: Commencing
al a  posl   planted   al   the northwc-l comer of L-
Gallagher's application to purchase In i In V'al
ley, on the wesi side ���./ Lowei Ar om sUsko,in
Kootenay district, marked " w. a. C*i n t. corner"; thence running eighiv (80) chalm West!
thenoe eighty (nij loutni thenee eighty [80)
chaini cast; thenee eigiity (80) ohalni north to
place of commencement.
W. A. t'All.KK.
Dated the 2nd day of April, 1806.
Notice Is hereby given thai 60 dav- frmii date
I Intend to apply to tin. Honorable the chief
Commluloner ol Land* nnd works for permtfe
lion to pnrchase the following described innds,
In the weit Kootenay Dlitrlet, eut side of Columbia Hirer,about x mllu north ol Uurion City,
Commenolng at a post marked Leo m Winter's
S W. corner, at the V W. corner of K. II. Hmlth'a
preemption claim, theme north 4o chains more
or leu to the Boutn bounder) of Mtii**i t'arroU'i
preemption claim- thenee eait at < hains, tbence
aoiith 40 chains more or leu lo the North bound*
ary ni k. ii  Pmlth'i preemption claim, thenee
west ��> chains to point of commencement; containing MO acres mon or less.
Daled this 2nd day ol June, 1906,
Lho M. WiNTEa.
BaI.I'U PlyK. Agent,
Notice is hereby  glveu lhat   1   Intend, 60 dayi
afterdate, toapply to the Chief Commluloner o|
Lands and Works for permission to i un banc ihe
following described lauds. Ittnatl It Kire Vallev,
Koolenay District. Commencing at a posi (marked P. B O'Connor south eut corner) placed al
the north out turner of section 82, townihlp M|
thenee west to chains, theme north an chaini,
thenoe eut 40obalnitana tbence lonth Miehaim
to the place of beginning, containing 880 acrea,
Dated at Nelson, B.C. Jum.' nh 1808
I'. II. O'Connor.
GgOBOl Yoino, Agent.
Notice is bereby given thai 80da/l from date I
intend toapply tO EhS Honorable the Chlel Commissioner ol Landi ami Works for permiulon to
nun base the following described lands, in Hie
"est Koolenay District Sand Island, in the
' oluinbia hiv.-r aliout l miles north if Burton
City; all of said Mand above high water, being
111 acres more or lesa.
Dated thla 1st Day of June, 1906,
Khank Noutov
T. C  Makinson, Agent
Sixty days afterdate i intend io apply to the
Commluloner ol Land- ami Works, \ lotorla, to
pnrchase 160 acres of land, tnmmcucint. at a
coat planted on the we��t shore ol Arrow Like, al
the sonth eut eorner of J J Christie's purchase
running north 80 ebalns, thence eul id ohalni
tbenoe south 80chains, thanes west Boebaim to
place of oommencement.
Located May, 9th i��ai.
A. Cahiiik.
L. (iAi.i.AuuKii, Locator.
BUty days after date I intend to apidy lo tho
Cpmmlul ir of Undsand Works toPurchase
80 acres pi land, iltnate about one mlie eul ol
Burton City, aud deserlbod as follow-: I om*
iiiciuiiigHi a post planted on the northwest corner of lot 6680 end runlng west w chalm thence
norih lu ohalni. thenes cast 80 ohalni,thence
aouih along bu KsM to plioe ol beginning.
July Mb. 1906. j. it, iicntkk.
Notice |s hereby given that i��l days after date 1
intend toapply lothe Honorable the Chief Com*
miss oner of Nnd-and Works lor permission lo
purchase (he following described lands, suusu-d
in ihetiistrictoi West Kootenay, adfolnini lo
7tnontba  W��l arm  of  Kootenai'   Llikc.o i-
mem ing at an Initial post piaeed al lho i h
west corner of |���,| 70OJ theiii-e   imrlli   SO ebalns
thenoe west in chains, tbence wuth li) chains
Ihence easi IU chains to polnl ol couiim ner m'
Dated May 'IH, ]uue.
iijmmm  J*s. Kka/kr
Notloe la ben by given lhat 60 days from date 1
"V"-'" ���i;piy.oih,jioI btoffichtoffimi
Ullsshuier Ol Land- and Works, for neriiibsloii Ln
P"[P the loiiowing de.erlbed hunii,! mate
ai the uiouihnf llutehl ou creek on tha aVrnw
Lakes In the JAcs,   k. nay   RilVSt.   AboStM
w ii now 00��pcnolng ai .. poil marked
W. il P B.W, post, thence m.-u, �� cbaini.ihen.
eo him so i-iiHina, tbence poutfa i" ehains, tbenoe
wuix chnlni to point of oommeneement.
Dated ihlHtth day nf.lune 1008,
Wm.i.iam Haiuiy PRTBUt
William J.Tovk, AOBNT
Nulic.'i, hereby given lhal BO duva from date I
intend io apply [o the tin ibi iho Chlol Cnm*
nil^loneron,andaail.l Works   for permission tn
purchase 160 acres Of land *  Vui HouteneroBk
111 the Arrow Lakcalnihe Wesl Koolenay Dl--
trict. Htarllng from a post inarkil A LL N W
pust, thenee lu chain, easl, then OB 40 cliilna
SOUfb, thonoe 40 chains west, tbence to ohaini
north lo point ef commencement
Dated ihla-llh dsy of June 1906,
An-runi John Lono
William J Tdyk, Agent.
Notlco b hereby given thettMas
i1"' ' l1'"'"'1 loapply lotheHreS
Commluloner of l^inds and iWk.t
alon to piireimsc si\ bundled MM,i ',
acres of land, doserlbod u foltmn"c
hi  n  J...-I  planted al  ihe ii��rih��i*i^I3
l Uailuher'i applies!  i��� ���������.,. ' '���'"���'��
-D. a  Mac's south | wrnerRjnan7Ja
eighty (80 Aainswut; lbence-SAS9
"','"'; thence eight j (80) C|fa|?luPS
eight) (Hii) chains innbi to iff bH'jS
meiicci.iciil.cMiitali.lng slv i,M11,| ,.,, ' " '*
(640) acres, more or loss "I"1 (l*8
bated Die Ind of April, 1006.
...   ,     " A Hiii,
"' A    I   M |,,!',   ijgj
Notice Is hereby given tluil ni ,|,��� ,,.       "!!
""-'"It ako application t�� ih, ,   '
�� IHc r-ommisslouerofUn.lnan.iM   ,.1 ,
nlsslon to purchase the follow*, iM
nds: c Q0jiclng al s ,���..[ nhltLT^
irthweet corner of slabie<<anffiM
..ntopun-hase i��� fire Valby, mart*JBi
rnnnim io <���',..,
K M. M.ctvni.,.,, ti*g
cbalm wuth, t" ehai
place oft nencemeni
-Noll,,, is hereby given Nnil 60 dayi afler dale I
Intend to enply to The Honoreblo the ObtefCom-
mlnloneroi undi end Worki for po no In Inn to
pundniM. (he following described lands In tbe
Wei Koolenay disiriei: Commeiioing al a [mil
marked M.McC. N R cornet, pia. ted I V1, , ni
north or th0S. W  corner of W  \, Ca]tler?8    're
emption in i in- valley, running lochuins south
In cliallia wesl,  In chains norlh, lOcJialtis easi lo
place of oommencement
Maj-u: McCani.i.jkU, Locator.
��   A. (*Ai,m;n. Am-ni
June30thil006 BUI1,
Notice Is hereby given that (Kl dajs after dale 1
nton�� t ke application to the flonorable the
Chief ( omiiilssiotur of Lauds 1 works for per*
millioni    to   JMirehasc   the    following   .|e,cr|\	
hinds; i Minn -,,���. at a poil marked A. Vt, Cal-
dera loutheisl corner, section 12, Townsliin ou
rutin ng eaal twenty ehalm, south forty oimlni
west twenty chains, north forty ohalni tn place
of oommencement,
.Dated July 8,11)00. Joiih DaWOI
July 2nd, W06. mt
Notice iihcn by given lhal f>u ilafi^TZT,
intend toapply to (hr IloiiorsUetheSS
mlssloner uf Lands -md Works tor wrm *
purehaM lbe following d.-scriM W
in the Wesl Kootenay district:CottSIM
ptwl on the easi aide of Tulip C*wk,,
Arrow   Uike,  and   marked   'J. J VV��ii,
corner," thenoe cast so chains,tbeneoa��S
s hains, tbenoe wesl 80 ebsltu, tfettiM
chains to I t oi oommenH-asiii. notii
..���o ii> rei more or leas
Ixwated June inih. 1806 j.j wUK,
T. ii. WiLLummt, w,,n
Hbxty days  alter  date I Intend t.i��pp|-iu|
Cblel Commlsslouet  ..f Landi r '
Victoria, for permission topUKbueoiK butt
ami ilxty (160)aereaof land,lis-alnludd3
ci us followi: Commencing ai * p-ij4����i
eighty (tu) ebalns easl ol the M 6
Bulger'i pre-emption and marked "( B.i .\i.
corner," and ruuiiiiig eait Uni} W nut,
thence wutb forty (40] chaini, ineno . -��� i
chains. Ibciiee norih fori) (K��) ehalin to^-A-I
July '., VW C. E.fuir-ra
BlXty days  alter  date I Inteiul leIMblll
Commissioner of Lands ��mi Worki,Vs-toi
purchase three bund ed and twent] '.').'���
Uml mar Hurioli Clly, and dlH ibHlllr|
Commencing at a post planted nt ibcwagl
corner of |J��\|.| Bulget*- pre i'inpti��n taiiii
ed-*A. A.BV H. W turner." Uu i        .
chains, tbenc-j -muth forty (taj c!,��il,. uimt
easl forty (40) chains, thenee norlh $ttf$
chains, thence west eighty (SO) ��� in-.stw*
south twenty (30) ohalttl to plm-e of !**j.sni|.
J >ily Mh Hew. A. A. Wrr
Notice is hereby given tbat momcntll'lft
dan- i intend toapply totaeHoooriblstAifg
'     rim  holier of LamUalid U ork��!..f ^ ���rmt-^
to purchase the followlog d���.nis-'i lin.i��,ii
ale Iii   Kin- Wtllev on the west ildSOl i'i*"
tow Uke, Kootenay district, ilceeribal -���
lows:    Coiiiuiem nig   al   a   j-psl   p!aii(-sl ��!'
northwest earner of vv. a. Cslder'i prei-mjoei
marked  "A. MeL'e wntttwesl corner"; rum*
tbenoe forty O") ohaini sost; iheoceloira
chains   nonh;   thenee   urn   (10J  clialnt i����
thence forty (to) chain- ��� h to the ��|
ciiiuiememcnl,   OOntalnlng  one   hiuidn-iw
ilxty (160) ai te. mon or less.
Dated June32,1806        Anooi McUounfli
W  \ Caiorr, A|cnl
Notice Is bereb) given that i intend, w iw,
after date toapply to the Cntef roinialMl��n*fll
i audi ami Word for pormlislon to pturbsH
lolmwlug descrllad land- and premieS, lit*!
at Kin- valier. Kootenay Dlatrlct   Commeig
al a posl (marked P. II. U'CoDOOt Sort! <'��<t<^'
ner) placed at the north eul corosi nl *o<loi
W, townshlPiW; ibeoee south io cbslu,teseej
Wesl in chalna, thence north 40 clialnt I��IM
uoriberly bound��ry of said sccilon li; anil Ihence east id ohalns to the piece ol ih-kiiuum,(��"-
taming 160 sores, and b. ing the nortb rs��n*e
quarter 'if said section 21. townships.
Nelson, B.C. June -Hi 1806,
p. H. O'Comoi
t.M.i'i.c Via^'i, Agent-	
Hixtv days after date I Intend to spl��lT t�� ,l*
commluloner of hendi and Worki. J���!L3
purehaw #40 screa of Und situate mi��i il����nw
a-, followi   Commencing si i poll riuM J
the easl shore of Arrow Lake nppollU k.l����;��^
Landing   al   lbe   aoiilh   WCSl eorUT ��� Janw
O'Silen pre-emption and marked P.I. > *���
comer; tbenco cast ui chains,thoeM ���"""| "
ohalns, nee west 60 chaini to wWi-Jj
thonoe norlh along the lake shoTH le f��s��l|
/,.���,-Ml. IM. tla0i
W. .'us.Sll. I.-������""'
N Dlihorols) S.-SV.I. iiissi'.'i.i;-"''''';1'''1
Intend lo�� vi..sl���-ll ral.li ''"''ll'''1' "f,
tnlHlonerolLtnsli  Worti foi I"""'" *"
psirs-iissssi- si.,- lolhivrtna dosjcrllsed i��""   "J
 nolniata noil narked �� �� Ui �� i-;"S,
|.l������l,-.| ���, Ih. N   W  eorner ssl ��   A   .
|.i.--.-ii,i,ii,..i in rm- Valley, ���N,II:!;'   ,
north, iochalnawaat, (Ochali ith.< '"
s-ss.s i<> plaee ul aommenoomeDt.
W   K   Msl'.sM.II-ss, l"-��w'
W. A.I'.l.lsKIS, *��'l'l'
JllSlS'-.-l'Sll, I'.ki ���. ^.
Nssll.v Is. Iiers-lsy alvs.l, lls.sl-i>" i"i "':';;'
slats   I  ss.i I  |< sit   lo Hie l'�����*S',J
si.i./ noma r ol i -..., -i - nnd �����'"������,",
permlulon lo pun issss..- i,..  i��iII..kIo* ""���S
Irael lisl: iltuate at q "''"��r ���'""',''s"S
s-l.'srs-.sl K,. na- l.ssk.- Iii lho "latrirt Ol *m
Hootonajr, Provln .r  nun- w" 'C
ul! umWi.** B!?T!l."h p!ml ��J "
moro partloularl) dowr t ����� i"11""' ,'''!i
monelngatanolnl ��n the �� rl) i..��'��'i"r J
I    1"l��is.   I ��'e.|   k  ssssv    K !-��'�� S
 htnul narol I. nwa lubene. --;
("ii.issinB Uiotoutliarl; boul rj "I'-'Saaj
""'���I s��   US..,.-   ...   l,-��ss   Is.   the  K��""a
nor ..I s.ssl.1  I m\ 0. I; thenri MlWJl
���OUlll   tss  .'li.siiisi   sis.sr '  leu  l"  "" ,
rly boundary r| n It. Ballooh'i >PP[w""
... is
llin i ���; ili.'iM itorly lollssw,..,
s-rls Is Iiirv���rs.isl,l ll.lt  lls.l Is -M'l'l
i.i I iisshss.i- wt iisssiiis- more ���; '--fh--���
ihoro old is.' Ray! Uianoo Inllowltia jn-JEl
Mllyof llio mid .ho'ra lortl ';;.;,
t Wehalnonor ��� loaaloll :"",' ,i���..
narolaall toiKWO.li ihoneennr beHymj ,
jn�� woitorly Boni ryols..ii.lM   ��
i.kiiisIimi iri. ���r ls-��istii psslsit s'1 '"ii"1""
"'lisl't'esi .uni,. V,, itoe. ��"""���
Nssllss-  l��  h.TsslsV  Klv.'l,   llissl ������"tfj'SCAill
daiol j,,,iy,.. il,- ii-.i I'1'���',';',,'. ,i���
comra|..loiior.ifttndiansiw,.rk-.i"ri- '    ,|
tss iiiiii-Iiis-.,- Ills- rsslliisvlllKsli'MTll"'! II"1     '    ���|
iii wc.1 Kootonay dl.trlot) Bs-nisitj'I't'.Ruf.sia
islisiit.-ii ,si its,- nortliwort corner oi .',���,,.���,-i
li'isi Croali, llienoe , Is 10ehaliw.   ''	
�� ohalni  re or Ion, thonec nortb��s���
moro or Ion, Uienoo s-ssm lis lake	
si Iss'Kllililtllt.  Ills- MISSIS-
Datod July ��,1*X1. >*" "v""1'-
N,,.���.,-  I.  hersdi)   Bi>,-si   llissl -iv|> 'l"!.^','
liss iiiii.-sish.. sii,|,iyi,,pni.'""   ,,;;,lli.-
 SSI,-   I   lllll-SIII   111    SI   , BIS    SU .���>    ..���   .        KurllllS-
lotsor ssl I.iiii.I.. ins,I W's.rk.- Vls-lsiriis. I 'r f    j,
 ssurehaiatho lollowlnii t!f**2JSl ui|
[tuaUs Iss II latrlotq!   Well ^".'.J'wrt"!1
srnrs-lsiiiisii I'rs's-k:	
I.sins wiiiie'H s. ��', s'ssriii'r,   pla"",
i-iinliiss sjouUi ss( .1. Malonp'i -.,..,.'n--'"-; ���;,���,���,..
rsisiiiiiie north wohalni, ihenci o""���'V,i ��
iiss-iis's- h h mi ohalna, tlss'in-.��� ������ ' ,Vhit>.
Isssltsl ssf 1'iiiiiiisuiis'uiiielit.      ,      '    .u,.jii
JUUUll.lWW. J,M1AKII,'1��U"' The Daily Canadian
___ 4>
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y> Limited
flu- two latest additions to the  Kodak line are the
No. iB Quick Focus Kodak (or 3^4 x 5'A pictures.
Price 5i2.oo.    And the No. 4 A Folding Kodak
(ni   j'4 x 6)4 pictims.with regular equipment, No. 2 B. & L. Automatic Shutter
and Double Combination Rapid
Rectilinear  Lens,  witli  a
speed of f. 8.    Price
$35 ����'
Ws' have the whole Ksssl'sk l'aniily, frssm ths- stlsl No. O
right  up to the No. 4 A      A Is.. till the Supplis's nt
Toronto prices,
Our mnil deportment la at your service.
Canada Drtig and
Book Co'y* Limited
iperial Bank of Canada
Head Offtct:   Toronto.
ITI'.U. PAID UP....|a,!KX),000 REST $8,900,000
ll B. WII.KIK, President HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in Bitish Columbia:
DepOHtta rtHH-jvi'rt nud intctvst allow I at enrrcut rates from date of opening ao*
nt ami credited half-yoarly
^���i.so.-n huanch *J-   Mt   LAYf Al onager.
'he Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Hirchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
|Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Bunt Bnilden will Bad it t>i (heir advantage to nee mir Pitch.
Nelson Coke and Gas Co., Ltd.
'. Burns & Co,
Born ihis morning    to    the wife   of
ftobert Ritchie, Robson street, a son.
The July meeting of the board of
.school truiteee will be held In Dr. Arthur's office tomorrow evening at 9
In spile of predictions thut receipts
will decline agnin in tbe autumn, there
Is general sKiatlllcalion over the returns
from lbe tramway service under city
The chairmen of committees of the
Nelson fnir directorate   are   meeting
ibis .afternoon in the city hall. They
expect to have a fairly complete report
to present l-i the next general meetinK.
which will be called for some evening
early m-xt week.
Frank lOdwards and- J, * Alexander,
while on the road between Saline and
lbe Queen mine yesierday, were con
fronted on the road by an enormniiu
cougar. The animal stared defiantly
for a moment, (hen turned lull and dls
appeared In tbe woods.
Pip,,��'l01.n��Kn*1fl in   Rowland,   Trail,   Nelson, Knslo,   Sandon, Three Forks, Now
Denver and SloOAn City.
Tne flrsl of ihe series of pavilion
dances will he given Friday evening.
.Inly 27th. The dance was never announced on authority of the Twenty
Thousand Club for any evening but Fri
day. Tbe postponement Is due to the
engagement of the hand for tomorrow
night by the Kindergarten club, who
are giving a dance In Fraternity hall.
S, S. Fowler has been appointed manager of the Canadian Metal Company
und J. B, Harrington secretary, in place
of F. W. Rolt, who Is retiring. Messrs.
Riondel, managing director, and Har-
lington leave Sunday morning for
France. Mr. Fowler has already examined the Blue Hell mine for the company. Mr. Harrington said this morning that the reorganization of the corn-
puny is complete) nnd everything is
now on a satisfactory basis.
A Town In Flames.
Samara, July 19.���The whole town of
Sysran, province   of Simbirsk,   la   In
llames.   The inhabitants are lleeing to
Samara and SaruiofT.
A full line of Crockery,
Oil ii h anil OIUM-swur-s*.
Also BeOQUd Band (food! ol Every l'encrip-
tion.   We have*ntthe goods and v.-n at
UtWWt Prices lu Town
Bnker St., next to '" P.B Ticket Offlce.
l'.O. B.x 588.
First Class HentiiiK Plants nud Modern
Sanitary Appliances,
Phone 181. Opera House Blk. Box 401
West Transfer Co.
6E0RGE F, MOTION. Managtr.
General Teamsters nml Dealers, in
Cool und Woo 1.   Express and
biiginige TronssVr
I'.'ATw  Office: Baker .St.
In the County Court oi West Kootenay, Holden at Nelson.
'    asssl -
Tssks' Notice titsit rtssiiisss'i Parker Tuck nilli-issi
Aslsiiluisstssstsir fssr lis. Ns- I tn ssllsl Yssslr Klsvlssrssl
DMrtotlOf llrl'isl|l'iilsisiilil..lissssls|.,.||iss.|.sslllli'sl
A.lssilSS'ssllistssr ssf SliU S'Stssts-ssl KisIkTS UsssiiI, sls>-
resAnd. by order <s| 11 tss 11..11..1 .in.iu.' Porln, dated
Ills- l.'lll sissy sit.Issly. Iisssli;
And isiriiiiT take nollee tlial all nrpdltorsol
Ills' s'sslssts' isssssst fiirtlns iili I111111I lis ths-lrs'lsslins
to lit.' OSIolal Asliisliilslratisr.
Dated at Nelaon U1I1 UUi day ol July, int.
In the County Court of West Kootenay, Holden at Nelson.
Notice is nercby given that .*��) ilay* iilt,*r date 1
lutein] to aim y to the I'liicl (VituintHHlonur ol
Landi and Worki lor a ...pcc-lal llnnu to out und
c-rrvaWHY timber (rum tlie following dwCfltted
land! in West Kootenay district:
No. 1.���' ointneneing at u post marked Ole
ObtTg'H Bout li west eorner post, and planted on
tin- east hI<1c of I'uiu mi river, about ten inlleH
north'ant ol West Kork ol ounean river; llifiite
v.. .liMiu- '-.111111, thence HO chain* i>HHt, thenee HO
ohaini north, thenee ho chain* wesl to point ol
No. 2.���Commencing et a ttost marked Ole
Obeni'l so .tlieusl spout and nlaiitfil rn the cunt
lide 0' Duncan river, about ll miles lortheust of
West Fork of Duneau river; thence Hi) chalna
liortli,  th ne ��� mi chalus easl,  thenee HO chains
���oath, thence no chaius west to point of eom-
No. ��.���I'onitnencliiK at   a   post   marked   Ole
'hern's northeait oorner spost, and plantcil on
the nt nl side of l'Uinan river, about 11 miles
ii' rlbctisl of West Kork of DOUOU rlvt-r; llieneo
40 chtiliis west, theuce liiu chains north, thenee
Wohatnieait, thenof^ltt ohalnj south to point of
No. 4, ���Commenolng at a post marked (Me
Oberg'i "oiithw st CO POf post, and planted on
tin- east side or  Duncan   river  and about I'i 1-4
mllei northeail ol West Fork ol Duncan river;
tbence HU chains north, thence ho chains east;
tlieiiei-Hiichiiliis koiiIIi,   hence HO ehains west to
point of commencement.
No. .'-��� Commencing at a post marked Ole
Obeig'i nortbeut comer po-n, and planted ou
the ensl side of Duncan river an<l ahoul l'Jl-4
miles nortbeut of West Fork of luinaiin river;
theiifr' HU chalus wot, theut-e HI) chains north,
thence BO ohalni cut) tbence80 chains south to
point of commencement.
No. 8<���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i northeait corner post, and planted nn
thee st side of I'om-au river, and about 13 1-4
miles nortbeut Ol West Fork of Duncan rlVtti
thenoe "> < lnt m- west, thence 80 CtUtiUI north,
tliciiic Nl chains cast, thetu-u HO chains south to
point ol oommenoemenie
No. 7. -Commencing at a i"--i marked Ole
Oherg's southwest corner post, and planted on
the east side of Duncan river and about 111 1-4
miles northeast of the West Fork of Duncan river;
thence BO chains east, thence Ho chains south,
theuce Hii chains wesl, tlience HOehalus north to
point of commencement
No. * I'MiuiiiciichiK at a post marked Ole
Oberj-'s ftoothweit corner post, and planlenl on
the cast side of Duncan river, ami about 14 1-1
miles iiorlheast of the West Fork of Duncan
river; thence Hii (hains east, thence N ehalns
somh, tliciice HU chains west, thenee HO ehains
north lo polnl of commencement.
No. B^-Conunenolng at a post planted on the
t-ii-i sideof Duncan rlverahd uihrt.-d Ole Obera'a
soiiiheast corner post, and about 14 1-4 miles
northeast of West Fork of Duncan river; thence
BO i-IihIus west, to ence HO chains north, thenee Ho
ehulns east, thence NO chains south to point of
No. Kb���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Obex's soiiiheaBt corner jk>bi and planted on
the eut lide ol Duucan river aud about 15 1-4
miles northeut Of Wwt Fork of Duncan river;
Ihence m chains west, thence *> ehains iiortti,
theuce Hi) Ohalni east, thenee HO ehalns smith to
point of commencement.
No. 11.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Obei*g*l BoothWUt Corner DOIt and planted on
the east side of Duncan river and about 15 1-4
miles northeast of West Fork of the Duncan river; thenee Hit chains cast, thence HO chains south,
tbence 80 chalm west, thence 8i) chains nortii to
point of commencement.
No. VI.���Uomnicncliiir at a post marked Ole
"In ii?'* northeast corner post and planted on
the cast side of Duncan river aud anout 10 1-4
miles northeast of West Fork of Duncan river;
theuce HO chains west, thence HO chains north,
ihence Hii chains east, thenee 80 chains south to
point of commencement*
No. 13.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
OlHMg's sonlhwest corner post and planted ou
the east side of Duucan river about W W miles
northeast of the West Fork of the Duncan river;
theuce tto chains east, thenee HO chains south,
tbence80Ohalni west, thenee HU chains north to
point ol commencement.
No. l4.-1'omniencing at a post marked Ole
OlnTg's southwest corner post and planted on
the easl side of Duncan river ami about 171*4
miles northeut from the West Fork of Duncan
river; thenee HU chains eaat, thenee 80 chains
south, theuce HO chains Must, theuce HO chains
north to point of Commencement.
No. 15.���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Obetg's northeast corner post and planted on
the eut ilde ol Duncan river and about 171-4
miles northeast of West Fork of Duncan river;
thenee m chains West, thenee B0 chains north,
thence Ho chains east, Ihence 80 chains south to
point of commencement.
No. IB.-Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oherg's southwest corner post and planted on
the cast side of Duncan river and about 181-4
miles northeast of the West Fork of Duncan river; thence hii chains east, thence 80 ehalhs south,
thence Hu chains west, tlietiee 80 ehalns north to
point of commencement.
No. 17.���Commencing at a posl marked Ole
Oberg'i southwest .tortier post and planted on
the east side of Duncan river and about It) 1-4
miles northeast ol the West Fork of ' uncan river; theuce BO chains cast, thenee 80 chains soutb,
Ihence HU chaius wc��t, thence SO chains noth lo
iHiiut of commencement
Dated June Hth l!tM'<. Ol.E OhERO, Locator.
Take Nollee lhal Samuel Parker Tuck, Official
Admsnlstrator lor the PielMtn and Ymir Kleetor-
al District* of itritish Columbia, has been ap*
poinlcd Administrator or the Kstalc of (i. It. O.
O'Drlscoll, deceased, by order of Ills Honor,
Judge Korlu, dated the iL'lh day of .lulv, IHOft.
Aud further take notice that alt creditors of
the said estate musl forthwith hand in their
claims lo Die ottlelal Administrator.
Daled at Nelson, H. ('., Ihis l.'tlh day of July
Iw'ir m..!';' ,nilll,ln W�� branch Will have
I       '"""I" ami careful attention.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
TAKK NOT1CK lhat I intend lo apply al Ihe
next sittings of the fuard of Licencing Commissioners for lhe Clly of Nelsou, for a transfer lo
(leorge Harrison of N��lson, B 0, of mv License
t,i sell Ku-meiited and spirituous liquors on the
premises known as tue Lake View Hotel, Vernon
Btreet, Nelson, ll. C.
Dated the 4th day of July, who.
AroisT Thomas.
Witness, W. A. MauijonaM'.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
Rooms are well turolflbesl.   Table aa food aa ans/
In Nelion.    Bar ���urspllesl with good
llouora anil clcara.
W. E. M.2CANDLI8H, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European aod American Flan
Meal* 2q cti.   Roomi from 26 eta. to tl
Only White Help employed.
Baker Bt., Nelion Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
But Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar lss the Flneat.
White Help Only Kniployed.
Joeephlne Bt.
The Big Schooner T)aaft 1 f\~
Or "Hall and Half    DCCl    J UL*
Tbe only Glass of Oood Beer in Nelson.
Hotel Accommodations second to
none in British Columbia.
Special Rates to Monthly Boarders.
The only Home Holel in Nelson.
Lake Viel*
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blocks from
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
F>lra and  Accident        f> 1   IB   1.    A. A   HIV��     ���
insurance.   Keal Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oltlcst established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
. Vi*WW*WW********i*<*\**��***��****>'%*>*****i***��.*^W��*WW������WI>
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frait Lands In this district
Most of it situate on the West Ann and Main Lake.   See me be-
, fore you decide to locate.
' ^V^*^i*WVV^*VVM*<��*��>*��*��*������VMM^<^����VW��'WVVV��JVVVMV��*VVVM<
We WUl Sell.
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
Kates $1.00 per Day ,
and np.
P.O.Box IM.
Telephone US.
Grand Central Hotel
J A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample and Bath Rno.in Free.
Notice Ir hereby j*lven that W riaytt after dato I
iniiii.I t<> applv to the unlet Coinniisiilunerof
IJaudi and Woru lor a spec ial Meetm* to cut and
carry away timber from the following dew-ribed
landl- iltuated In (he West Kootenay district:
Nn. L���Commencing Ht a poitt marked O 1>.
Hoar's Hntbweit eorner pout, ami planteil on the
eaM liiink of I'mimhii river ami ubout tu 1-4 miles
northeast of west fork of Duncan river; thenoe ho
ehalns ensl, thence s" ehalns south, thenee no
ehains west, thenee HO ehains nortii to point of
No. '!.���Commenolng at a post marked O. 1).
Hour's northeast eorner post, and planted on the
east side of I'unetiu river, and aboul 30 M miles
northeait ol west fork ol Duncan river; thenee (to
Ohalni west, tbence S'lelmns north, thence 90
ehains eait, thonce BOchalm south to pointof
No 8.���Oommenolng at a post mu-ked O. I��.
Hoar's southwest comer post and planted on the
eusl side of Duncan river, and about 90 1-4 miles
northeait of the west fork of Duncan river;
Ihence HO ehulns north, thence SO ehalns easl,
thenee Ho ehulns south, thenee So ehulns went to
poim of oommeneement.
No '.���Commencing at a post mtiked O. D.
Hour's southwest eoruer post and planted on the
ensl hunk ol Duncau river,and about'.!! l-tiuilcs
"O'lhcuKt of the wen', fork of Duncan rive-;
thenee K0 , Iihiiis north, thenee Hi) chain* eail,
thenee SO elmltiM loutll, thenee SO elialm Welt to
point of enmmeneement.
No. ft -Oomtntnoing at a post timried O. D.
Hoar'1 sinutheilt corner post and plunled on the
OUt lldOOJ Dune id river, and about 10 1-1 tulles
uorthermt ot wesl fork of Duncan rivet: theneeS1)
chalm north, tbence SO ehulnseast, thenee HO
obalniiontht ihenee so ohaini west to point of
No ii. ommeneiug at a posl marked O. D,
Hoar's southeast eoruer post und plumed ou the
cnslslde of lbe Duncan river, and ahoul &! 1 4
mil s northeast ol tbe wesl fork of Dutu iui river;
iin nee so iIiiiiiis north, tneueeHo chainH east,
thenee Si) ehulns loutb, I bene ��� SOetialni west lo
point of coininctit'ciiietit.
No. 7. t'oiiimeotUntl ul u post marked O. D.
Hour's stonUtweit (>< tier post und planted on the
eut s deol Dnncan civefi and about 3S1-4 md h
northeut of the'well fork ol Duncan river;
theuce SO ehulns eusl, (bene- So chslUK Mouth,
theuce so ehulns west, thenee SO chains north lo
point ot oommencement,
Nu. 8.-ComineiiclnK at a post marked 0. D.
Hour's nortbeust eoruer post und plutitcd on the
eust side of Duncan river, and about 'Jl l-l miles
-tuiiii. ii-i of west fork of Duucan river; th nee So
chains west, tbence HO cliu'UH north. Ihence Hti
chains cast, Ihence so chilim south to polul of
No. ft,���Commenolng at a post marked 0. D.
Hour's soutbwesi eoruer post nnd   plunled on
the eut ilde of ounean river and abonl n l-i
miles tiorthcusl of lhe went fork of Dunean river; theuce SO ohalni east, theuce SO chains south,
ihenee 80 chains wesl, theliee 8(1 elm inn north to
point of commenoement.
No. lo.-Coiumcncing at a poat marked O. I).
Hoar's northeut oorner post and plumed on tho
OUl side of Duncan river and ahout 83 1-4 mill!
norlhciistof tbe west fork of the Duncan river;
thenee si) ehulns, west theuce Ho chains north,
thenee SO ehaltiR east, thence SO chains south to
poini ol commencement.
No. ll.-Commencing at a a post marked O. D.
Hour's southwest corner |Ktst and planted on lhe
east side of Duncan river and ahout lit 1 I miles
nortbeust of the west fork of the Duncan river;
thence SO Hiatus east, tbence W chains south,
ihence 80 chains west, ihence 80 ehains uorth to
polul of commencement.
No 13,���('nitunciicltig at a |>08t marked O. D.
Hoar's northeast eorner post aud planted on the
east side ol Diiman river and about ���.,:i1-4 miles
northeast of the west fork of the Duncan river;
thenee So chains west, thenee SO chains north,
themv so chains east, thenee 80 chains south to
point of commencement.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Tfc Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
1 Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Fratt Lands In
British Colamtrf*.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
Oood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nsslnon. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large ansl Comfortable Bedraome and Pint*
clas.H lllislssg Room.   Sample Rooms, (or Commer*
sslal Hen.
MRS. I. C. CLARKg, Proprlalreaa
Tbe well known
rivj m\ H.I .      Our BoerUarden ia
������������������        the Finest in the
���*******"m^mmmm^^' KooteunyH.
]. CROW,   ���   -  Proprietor
No. lit.--t'oiiiiiiciieliiK nt u |ioni lmtrkod O. D.
llotir'K HotithwcMt corner poxt mill pluutcil 011 the
Oftrt lido o( the I'uiH'iiii river ami nhout it it
inlleH tiorlhettsl ot the wext fork of the Duiichu
river; theuce .m cIuhuh etist, theuce Ni cIihIioi
(totllh, thenee H0 chains west, theuce Nl chain*
north to point of eoinmctiecuient.
No. 11. I'oiimiciicliiK at a i��os*i marked O. D.
Hoar's northWMl comer poHt and planted on thu
east wide of Uuncait rlrt-r and uhout 24 1-1 miles
iiorlheast of the weat fork of the Uuucnti river;
Ihence Ml ehulns weat, Ihcnce Nl chains north,
thence HO chnins eaal, thence 80 ehalns south to
polui of commencement.
Dated June i��ih !'.����. 0.1>. IIoah, Locator.
liy_lilH A|(eilt, Ol.K OBKKO.
Thirty days afler dato I Intend toapply to the
Oommuilonsr of Ltntii and Works. vlotorUi for
a m pec lid lief me to OUt mid carry away limber
from the following described hinds, ('ommciic-
liiK ��t a post marked J. K. a., b. \V. cornet, planted on the west hank of l.'ayouse Ureek where tho
creek Inlersei'ls the east hoiindnry of lot -H817 and
rudnlUR uorth KUchHlns, ihence east 40 chains,
thenee south 1*30 chains, thenee west to polut of
June 9th WW,
 J. K- AWKABLK.   ���
Notice Is hereby ("Iven that, thirty days after
dale, I Intend to apply to the llouorable thu
chief Commluloner of Lands and Works for a
siMicial license to cut and carry away timber from
the followiiiK described lands, situate on Lemon
creek In the dlstrlol of West Koolenay: Com-
tncncini* at a post plan ed on Iximou cre> k,
eleven (ll) mites (torn Kootenay I-akc, adjoining
Vol 2M3, marked -'H. W's N. K. corner iM��t,r;
thenee forty (40) ehalns west; thonco eightv (HO)
south; thenee, forty (40) chalus east; thence
eighty (H0> chalna north to .potm of commencement, containing three hundred and twenty (890)
acres, mora ur less
Dated tbe *Hh day of June, A.D., itoti.
Bxiice whitk
Winnipeg Exhibition
From Cranbrook, B* C*
Round Trip.
On Bale July 30th to S7lli.   (isisul to return until AuKuist -ml.
kftti Fisiem.
Dates  Excursion
August 7-8-9, September 8-10
St. Panl ChioiKO
Ontario (Quebec
Mnritiuie Provicen.
For rates, lierth renervntion and detailed
information apply to local agent or write
A.C.P.��..Val,s'0uver. D.P.A., NelHssa.
Wholesale aud Retail Dealers ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest prii'ii. Nothing but fresh und
wholesome meats and supples kept in t,tock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
90 day Eastern Summer
Good going Aug. 7, 8, 9,
Sept. 8, io.
Stop-overs   allowed west
Missouri River.
8t. Pnnl
Fort William
Knusaa Oity
St Louis	
New York !>
04 00
For rates to all other
points apply
City pHKHcuger Agent.
A 0. P. A., Hvsitllss.
A�� McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staplo and fancy Orooerief.
Butter, Egga.
Damp and Miners' Supplier.
'tinH i
t I
The Daily Canadian
 ���. ,-~���a.e
Is the subject of most local Interest at present, and in order to enjoy
ii thoroughly you need perfect distance vision. If your siKht is at nil
defective, we can correct il wllh perfect-tittlnK glasses at low prices.
A pair of BAUSCH & LOMB BINOCULARS will enable you to follow the regatta accurately. They are the finest Held glasses made,
and we sell them at lowest market prices.
a i
Refreshing \
Drink |
X    To one quart rather sweet]
I lemonade add one tumbler of \
Grape       ���
Jtiice |
; Pints 40c. -   Quarts 70c I
Everything to tempt the appetite will be found at
this store.
Bell Trading
'c4 Tip" for a
'Canadian Morning*
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
1 If you dou'i like Kills.
deal when- the trade Is so brisk that j
fresh supplies wa .received
every day.
Some of ihe Nice Things
Today are:
Hnnic  Oooked Boiled Hum, per]
pOQOd Sftc. f
OrosM & Blaokwell's Potted .Pish i
and McatK.
flnnllnrie-- flpnrfomm,) Sing Osoar,
and Iliiiu
Fresh BtrawbttTies and Tomatoes.
Jello JceOivuni PowtliTKiiu-l OrOBSO j
& BlitckweU'i Bennet Tablets,   Also'
Li'iuid   Kennett  for  "laWng runls <
1 aud whey.
JOY will meet you at
the door.
Cor. JoHfpliliifHud Mill BtSa      1'hoiie Ul
Bargains in
'The Store of Sweets*'
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phsme 25. Bnker St.
Cur. X'crsssss. nnd Ward  Struct..,
J  FRED HUME, Proprietor.
R J Zinardon, J E McNaughton, J K
Devlin. Vancouver; James Cronln, Movie; C F Caldwell, Charles Dickson, Kas
lo; Ben Oriffitli. Trout Lake.
a W Cleveland, Sherbrooko: C Pad
ley. Lethbrldge; J F Harrison. New
Westminster; H E Sharpe. Winnipeg;
S i' Gisnld, nulslin; John 1. Retallack,
Kaslo; J L Hirsch. St. Paul; Mrs. Culh-
Iserison. Vancouver; c \V Henderson,
Toronto; C J Hurt, Carberry; A Rowe,
Fort William; C E Cartwrlitht, W O
Wright, \'ancouver; E Jacobs. Vict',
P A Rhind. Mr. and Mrs. Will Lyons,
Sprlngdale; W A Pratt. Cranbrisok; C
J Phillips. Vancouver; Benson Brans,
Kaslo; Joseph Bell, Ottawa; Miss Mid-
tlleton. Miss Smith. Argenla; J 1-
Black. Kaslo.
E P Hulchins. Poorman mine; R Ow
ens, R Richards. Winnipeg; C Wood
row. Ten-Mile.
C l.ipp und wife. H Bulltle. wife   and
family. Frank; Sura Deal, Wlnlaw; Karl
VnnhssiY. Calgary.
.1  Mann, (irand  Forks;  John  Toner,
D  F  Breston  anil  wife, (Hen  Ellen,
Susk.; W Kinnlsh. Koolenay Landing.
James McKean,  Rossland;    J Cross,
Winnipeg;  James  Williams  and  wife,
Williams' Siiling;  D s Barion, Canton,
F. Shamhler, Vancouver; (J Elckmier.
II  K Harrison, Marcus; H Williams,
Thirteen Mils';   e Birce.   Midway; A
Taylor. D McLeod, Trail; J Anker. Kaslo; Mrs. T L Emery. Hoiision; J Mr.
Dasklll, Koch Siding; F P Saul, Edmonton; (' Brown. R Cunningham, U S
Sweet, Bonnington; B J Easiman, Spo-
Telephone 161,
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorn's uisc s-ssssl drinks.      Luucbos
put up u specialty.
W.J. Walker,
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
Born today lis ihe wife nf .1. C. Mui'
dock. Ko'jtenay street, a daughter.
One drunk paid the usual $5 and
costs in the city police court this morning.
Eighteen seholtirs from British Columbia Bchools figure in the drat thirty
names of successful matriculation Inlo
Harry Williams is ln town for the
cricket match today. Harry Is an en-
thiisiasiio supporter of the Kokance
club, ansl is ready lo be, his ranch thai
they will win from Nelson.
Rs'v. ('. Uiisil.-. of Lethbrldge, and
Rev. F. M. I.Hllamme, of Tsirsimss. lately
returned from the India miSsIorl Beld.
addressed a ws��� 11 attended meeting ai
Die Baptlsl church lasi nlghl
W ll. tJde, travelling paass na '
agent of tlss- Northern Pacific railway,
has preaented ilu- offlce nl Tlss- Dally
Canadian with a copy of "Wonderland,"
a very well arranged ansl beautifully Illustrated pamphlel descriptive isi seen
cry 'in Ills' company's lines ami steamer
E Jacobs, of Ills- skiff of Ills' .Mining
Review. Victoria, arrived in lhe cily last
night, nnil will sps'iisl several weeks In
Kootenay visiting ihe .listri.-.s in which
ihe greatest recent developments have
occurred in mining nml methods of
treatment lie lefl for the Boundary
ihis morning. Later hs> will visit tho
Frank zinc plant
Nelson  and   Kokanee   Play   at   Recrea
tion Grounds Today,
The cricket match between Kokanee
ami Nelson began ai 2 o'clock this af
ternoon. As many of the visiting play
era have in leave by ihe evening boal,
ll was agreed thai ilm mutch should be
decided on ihe first innings.
Kokanee won lbs- loss, jtusl Bent Nel
son In, anil A. Tregillus and E. J
Marks went  jn first.
The learns are:
Kokanee���Captain Padden, R. Ingles.
J. Wood-Taylor, II. Ingles, J. Hoole
Crosier Bourke, A. F. Jones. Q: Hallet!
C. E. Butler, w. Kerr. J. Jerrain.
Nelson���A. Tregillus, E. J. Marks. H.
Wade, F. Corry, A. H. Coppen. E. Mason. R. Reld, C. T. Partington, B. Hard
i-tstli'.  V. .1.  Bammons,  R.   Hows'.
R. .1. Steele is aciing as umpire
Grs'gg. who was expected to relnforoe
the iN'elson team, did not arrive.
Trains and  Boats.
Crow boat���No report: wire down.
Slocan train���Fifteen minutes late.
Spokane train���On ijme.
Coast, Boundary ami Rossland train
The Store of Quality
EA that is Refreshing ���
EA that is Healthful ���
EA that is Fragrant ���
EA that is Invigorating ���
EA that is Pure ���
That  is  what ever)- one  who
who has tried
*   TEA
is bound to say
Yssu Wimt nothing but thi- Ix-st nud that
Hood & f eetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
For Everything Good
to Smoke,
Imported and Don^itic Ogars, Tobaccos.
Do You Koctw Thunr.An's Spcial Mixiure?
Gait Coal
Termi Hpoi (Jn>h
Telephone 26^
Hiker Htreel
Front bedroom In tiic" COtstftgft, on
Mill street, near Josephine. Suitable
for two gentlemen; references required,
Apply ui  Cauudlun offlce,
> old
Wagstoffe's S
Fig and Lemon Marmalade
This is something puud. All sild
reliable article, but new sin Ihis
25cts. Each
Cm A* ^Benedict
Corner Silica ami .loss'lihlne Mis
Leave Your Order With Me For
Cherries and
Now, as the season Is closing, nnd I will
see that your order Is filled with the
be6t fruit to be had at lho lowest market price.
Hazlewood Ice Cream
Phone 206.
is not complete without a kskmI
We have is full Hue of them nt prices to
suit your purse.    AI-ss Wash Hoards,
iubs, Clothes Puis, Clothes
Lines, Pnlloys, Etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
PHONE is.       NELSON, I). 0.
A Photo Print
furnishes the best means of preserving
the results of. your vacation or summer's photographing. We have a particularly fine line of Print Albums at
prices ranging at
50c, 65c, 90c, $1*00
md up to $5.50
We have some bound in Limp Leather
that are very rich.
Thorpe's Lithia
is made
by common Canadians.
Do you
consider that a fault ?
If your system needs
try a home made
Thorpe & Co'y,
Phone 60.   Nelson, B. C.
We carry a full line of Kodaks, Films,
Printing Papers and other Photographic Supplies.
Wt G. Thomson
tWSS* """ Nelson, B. C.
Phone ,��-��.
Otr sip (jlm
WdibJh (hi c'rHfuiij spirits in dtliijht
tbat Hit- drlnki rarred fctourSoda fountain
hud towtv properties Ih-b ilea refreshing!
Wv ii'p dii'j- rt-Hi fruit syrups "f tin iiu.**��i
-piHiity Foaot&ln,oonnter. kI^k* km]
receptacles srt kepi sorapoiously eleeu
Baker Street, rsi'issssu, B. 0.
The Altar (lnllsl of SI Saviour'.-;
Church will give a garden party at the
residence of
Thompson & Douglas
��� >AIINTBUM ssnd
Sinn Writing " ���psaetalty.
Wuii Paperand Burlap.
Thursday Evening    teacher wanted,
Beginning at j p, ,���.
Ice-cream.   The City Band will
be iu attendance.
Applications will be reoeived by the
Irusteei <,r the Hume .-.ehssssi district,
Nelssn, tor a teacher r��,i- the ensuing
term.   Salary, $7i"> per month.   Address
GEO. ii. PLATLB, Secretary,
These   are   the   days   when a man's   f
Shirt  Is the  all   important  part  of  his
make-up���both  for   looks  and  comfort.
We've Everything that's good
in Summer Shirts	
We sell shirts from the best of shirt makers In Canada���makers
with  a  reputation.
Watches! Watches!
11ns best giudes in American movements,   Prin'n
to oompete with Eastern houses, Fins, watch
repairing nnd optics our specialty,
MAXITACTI'RKRS OF THK I KAWPOKI)        P����,|,l.��� ������j  | ... I
akkiai. TKAMWAY. Repairing and Jobbing a SpccialtsI
Shtetmotal Work, Castings, Builders' Materiul uurt Mining m$ jmj ���
Offlee nnd WurkH Foot of Park St.
I'll,silk    lt>4.
N*|HOI,,  f), j I
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd]
��� snd H.sitisTs. ..I
Usnulsctarsn ol
Fine Lager Beer and Porter     |   Every Known Variety Soil Bti.t.1
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer."
TBLBPHONB  >...   J-��.
p. <,. l.< s\  21 s ..
&Co., R%
***"*-   **v*f       Limited, Winnipeg,
W'lioltsSMtilu f->rt>^,l��ion*i.
Dominion GorenuneDt Oreamery One sPoond Brioks received \vs^-k],fisi '
from the olturn,   For sale by all leading grocers.
Offloeand warehonse: HoustonBlook,   PboneTfl
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C.
L He Ashdown Hardware Co., li
We wsmlil Invite yssu is, inspect ..ur large and viu-i.-d ��tsss-k til
Nn need to suffer frssm heist if
will nuly cull ansl us
r:::::.::: Hot Weather Requisite!
Slssrs- oiH.n from T m.im. tis (', |s.m. evs-ry slny BXIMpI holidari uml Sundsjl
MupoiriMit >,,.,! Jobblnn axaoutad with Dssaisatah. Btt**t MM
Work. .Mlnlisij ssss.l Mill Mssclslsisirv.      MstnufaG I urora ol
t,r��  Cf-M.   IV.   IV.   Csisslris'utssrM'   C.rM.
i"""""    INEUSOIN,    B.  C. I'.VVt.
The Latest Arrival at J. A. Gilker's is the ||
Superior in make and quality.
j. a, qTuker
MANUFACTURERS    ��      _^*L CtL"        '1a*m
AND DEALERS IN   1-timbCf *   OmflglCS*
Lath, MouldinKs, Doors, Windows.
TurnedWork and Brasksfsta. llail Ord.w |iniiii|.llvuit.nW��|
have demonstrated to us, and if you will let ns make you
one suit we'll convince you that the clothes we
make are superior to all other makes
in every detail of
Hlgh-Olass Tailors. Baker St., ffdson, B. 0,
Carpet Sweepers
ArM  As.'ki,s,wlcdtfvtl  l��.  ho  Without
WB  Hull THu,ii.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y, W


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