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The Daily Canadian Jan 14, 1908

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Drink Halcyon Llthla Watur.
���Hnia:jain Llthla Glnitei' Ale.
^Knlrwni Llthla La.mon Sour.
llad^Bom jinn* carbonated Halcyon
"B~Wai.-1'.   Wh. II win ask for llala-y-
SO aun    you  lii-l   II      Sail.I  al all llia-
la and cai.-s
Volume 2.    No. ink
Ex-rai aiii u in 111
Jorge A. Walkem
Has Joined Majority
Iptxilu U
Will be delivered   every evening   at
your door far
��0  CEIN-T-3  A.  MONTH
Sketch af .Distinguished   Career
Was Leader of Movement for
Carnarvon Terms.
Vancouver.,   Jan.     II     li.m.    Ca-a.ii;..
Anthony     WtJka-m       > a, |,,-a :ann,,:it,-al     Ml
prerae court iual-.   ..i    !.i    p,,,\ ji,<-.���. ali.-i]
yeuterday at V> ia
The  annouiu  ...   i.i   Hi.    ai.uih   aai
Mr. Juatlee \Viill,a*��, will a-,,in.- as a
Bhock to -hla man* lii.-ii.is in I'.ii'ish
Columbia. Vet* i< **' in.mi m ,la.s j.,<>\
Inoe COUld'boas I nl as -ln.n_ a hold ou
the affection uml ,.-.-*i>.*<-, ul iii.- jaiil.llt-
a�� the dece* . 1 jn.ia;.-. in |,.l.u.'s ]������
wa* a strong  iia.ni. .   .,,,  ,i���.  ij.-na-h I,-
,.waa eminently jus, in his decisions   ii.
i|waa born In Couniy Waiai laanl, Ira-land.
-and brought up .u Nawry. ArmuKli. Hi"
father wan Chaahs Walk..in. survey aula the Ito^U EnKina-i-rs' alapai iineiil. Ka-
moving wHh 1�� laniiiy la, Cauaila early
,e received his . .Iiuaiii.n in ih,- M.ni
eal hl��h achaa.i. anal alu-iwalds In Ma-
���llll college Ha- Ih.-11 stii.il,il law Iii
..he ofBce of Kan . an.l .M.ank Mainiri-al.
tad  had  BOt ba.-.-li   I.iiik   la   lha*   piaaliaa-
- vhenhe oame 1.. 1 1 ni 11 a'l.iiiuii.ia. l'nnu
be moment G  ��� ���   A   Walka��� tame i..
Irltlab  0**��inr.i.i   la.-   [....nn.   a  -'nn...
actor ta tbe i>..imrs ..1 ;1,.  .-,.i,,ny.    II,-
f*aa Brat aiaciv.i 1.. n,.- r..i..niai h-Kisia
"ure la UM, ��in�� h.     ,   ior a'.aiii...,.
���Ml  W��a a Bla-llil. .   all   lhal    laaial,   alnn.s!
I until  Confederation.    On
������he lfth 0* Janii:ii> ,  1-*T_. h.- was swairn
j n aa ODmalaaia.il. 1 ..1 lan.is .m,i works.
' nd booame lUlorn.-y una,-nil an.l i���-i-
I nler on the 2.:i.l ..f l>,-c,-uiher, isti' Ills
_alnl*try I���I..11. .1 a.n tin- -Till of Jam,
"""fy, 1879. II.- aK-aill la.-a-auia- pl.-lliia-r.
'Ith tbe BOrtla.lla.s ul atli.1,1.-y-Ktllerul
nd comnlaslaanti' at! lands anal waarks.
ntbeSSttfol Inn.-. 1ST.*.. Ha- re,;ii���.-.l
lie ofllea ot   1 *, * - n 1 i * -1   imail  he   was  a),
Olnted. a Ju .'��� i' <���   ..I   Ih.    suina-liie   i'..uii
���f Brltlah Cailu i;. on lhe  l::th ol .11111, .
881. It Was his a liaiiipl..nship ..I "ll. i-
*r Term*" thai i,i..ukIu him lain., uui-
Ide of ht* own province. The Matken
le governni.ni liaai failed laa curry aaut
__M ag��?eineiii iin.ler which Hritish
olumMa     llll  T.'.l     1'..lite.I.Malt..11.   anal
lere waa a sihuik 1.. ima; <.t n-..'titni*-nt
I  Victoria "a. 1   in.    .1. 1,1)    it)   a.Mistliu-l
an tbe'tru,isi.iiiiin.tii.il   .ii..'.,,..     'ni,.
outenaat-^..*.! 11.11    ca.miilain- il    to   th.
Uperlnl jg,'*. 1 11,11, ill    thai    a   hi'.'ach   aaf
jntract ha 1 1...M1 . ..inmiti. ,1 l,> tin
edereil aath..i 111. :   m not  eanyini; ,.111
Cie terma 01   Cnu. .1. ,-ai .1   11.m
ir. Walkaan a-.-.-.i, ,1 1., Knci.an.i **i>h
pa'tltlon tniii   llle   a-XecullM    ...lllleil   ..I
.   .rltlah   Oolnn.i.i.i       \\ Ini.    ih.ie   he   11,���
_   otlated   wbat   ate   known   as   the   "far
arvon Terfhu."    Tins., prnvlili'd iliai  a
I   iiilwny trotn ICh-iuIihhII sli.Mil.I ha. com
lenced and coiupleied   wlilioui   delay;
nut aurveya on   he mainland .should In
UHhed with vlna.r;   that a waa^ain  roual
nd telegraph line sluauid he luunedlute-
.   coustrucl. 1.   ihui   $2.<>lio.i)iiii   u   yeur
liould bo tha' mil,Inn,in a-xpeallture will,-
1 the provlln ���   en  lhe railway a'aansl union after the conipla.luu, ,.| tti.- aiina.ya,
tint  the   railway    should   he   e<������pl,.|e,S
nd opened for  Inillii- to  Lake Supel-lau
n or betore tin- tlrsi ,,1 .lanu.-ny,  1 s:< 1
M'heBo terms **. ,-,��� a;.-,ieeii to 1,;  the 11.,
^/llnlon gOVet n111.nl. hul   were never car
, um out.
icni    loader    lion. 11.  a
auia-rKi'tic and agffroifive
111 ilailiire lo this day Hint
uhla never had nuolha'r poll
In  il,i> curly drays, as
b, crises were the feat urea
iirlare,  und   II   is   not  01.
^^^^^^^^       political enemy  evoi
���utwltted Hon, 11. A. Wulkeui. lhe Icaal
���r of hh> party.     II,. knew   , us dla
10 othenpollii. im, In llrlllsl, t'oliiinlili
icfore pr aline, unal In a , amimlm, li
vaa IrrepresHlhh.. Willi., in. wiih u cievci
lUhllC   apeakiM.   he    ilrp.n.l.-ll    mora.    ,.
vln vote* on personal contact. II.. coula
oil a good story, and his tun,I uf an,,,.
loto waa'lncxhausllhia..
Ho W>U ninrrled lo Miss lihu.lcs. ,,
Victoria, allil slm . 11 a -<1 ,, row .valiiH uk,.
eavlng one ilinmln,*,', who was ra-ccull'
Fifty Cknts a month
Bight on the shipping sit nation, said
that ha regarded (he agreement recently entered Into hy the North German
Llody and the Hamburg-Amei lean st'.am-
ship lines ai likely to precipitate a repetition of the situation of a few years ago,
when the American attack upon BtiUoa
���hipping resulted in the granting if a
subsidy to the Cunard company by the
Hritish Government, and Ihe building of
the Lusltanla and Mauretania. He considers tli at the German agreement is
Further justification for ths subsidy for
an "All-Red" transportation line to encircle the globe, which had been Strongly advocated last summer.
Has Not Challenged,
New York, Jan. 14.���The Associated
Press has received ths following cable
From Sir Thomas Upton: "Slave Island,
Ceylon. Jan. 11. 1008, Associated Press,
New York, N. _., 'Untrue. Have not
challenged. Too early. Size of boat no
object,'     (Signed)  Llpton."
Dismissed From Army.,
Berne, Switzerland, Jan. II.���-Captain
Fisher, of the Swiss army, has been dismissed from the service by a court
martial for having compromised the
Swiss army abroad. Captain Fisher w-as
until recently Inspector of Moroccan
Casualties   of   Theatre   Horror   P le   to
Panic Will  Total   150 Kille.1
and 75 Injured.
\ Wfm Reason for All-Red.
'   Londott,   Jan.    II     Lor!     Sh .thr-on-
iud Mount Hoyal,  in an i.itcrvlow   last
Royerton, Pa., Jan. 14.���When daylight dawned today the full extent of
last night's horror, when Rhodes' opera
house was burned, was apparent. The
list of dead is placed at 160 and the Injured at 75. How many were killed may
never be known for among the victims
of this nwful disaster were B number
of visitors and some strangers.
An amateur performance of "Scottish Reformation" for the i>en*#flt of st.
John's Lutheran Sunday school was heing produced, when the explosion oc-
GUTTI d, some .one yelled "fire" and In
a remarkably short time the centre of
the Open house w-us a blazing furnace.
The rapidity with which the flames
spread was caused by the upsetting of
coal oil used for (he footlights. Some
of the persons on the stage endeavored
toallay the fright of the women and children in the audience, bnt even the men
seemed to lose all control of themselves
and fought with the women and children in their efforts to reach the street.
In ibis manner women aud children,
who might otherwise have escaped the
llau.es, were forced back and trampled
io death. Pai tieulaiiy was this the case
with those who were caught on the
stairway. Scores uf persons on the second Moor, seeing the awful jam on the
stairs, risked their lives by jumping
-fun Ihe windows. Several of those
were so badly injured lhat they died.
It Is estimated that there were four hundred people in (he place when the ex
plosion occurred.
Hoyerton is a village of about ^,5U0
population nnd there is scarcely a home
in ilie little town that has not heen af
dieted by last night's (lie.
Bstimatea placed tht. number of killed
In last night's theatre horror at from
126 to HiO. Tho town ottleiaJs think ut
least 150 lives were lost. Only ii few-
were Injured. The chief uf lhe fire de
paitinent. who Investigated the cause ul
tlit* disaster, says tho firs rush toward
the slago was caused by several men
and women becoming frightened when
thOBS connecting the moving pic tun
machine and the tank supplying tlu
light slipped off Its connection, and
made a hissing noise. The tank Itsell
did not explode until after the Qamei
had reached it.
In going to the fire the fire engine col
iided with a tree, one of the firemen
was thrown from (he engine landi���{
heavily against Ihe tree and waa in
Btantly killed.
The state constabulary on arrival Im
mediately took charge and roped off tht
scene of horror. Knrly this morning n
gasoline tank exploded and blew down
(he standing walls, and hut For the pre
caution of the guards many Others would
huve been Killed.
Persecuting Asiatics.
.Tohnnosshurg. Jan, 14.���Pursunnt to
���lhe determination of the government to
make lhe Transvaal so hot for Asiatics
that (hose noW In the country will he
driven out and further immigration
come to an end. fifty prominent _siatloi
were arresled here this morning. Amonr
the prisoners are thi" chairmen of both
(he liritish Indians and theOhlnsiS aud
a number of offlosiM und committeemen
I of thoso organizations.
Saionji Ministry Going
Out of Office
Public Opinion Against Retrenchment
in Naval and Military Estimates
���Demand Forward Policy.
Toklo, Jan. 14.���Yoshiro Sakatan.
minister of finance, and Isabtiro Yama-
gata, minister of communications, have
resigned From the cabinet. Their resignations have been accepted. The reslg*
nattion of Marquis Saionji, the prime
minister, has been refused.
A conferenct* of the cabinet ministers
was held this morning. Man*uis Saionji.
the prime minister visited the Emperor
at the palace this afternoon. He was
quickly Followed by Prince Uo. It ls
understood that differences exist over
the   budget   which   are   irreconcilable.
London, Jan. 14.���Cuble despatches
received here from Tokio during the
past month have indicated lhat (he Saionji ministry was krowing Unpopular
throughout the country, particularly because (d^rne reduction made by It in the
appropriations for military and de\elo|>-
menl purposes. The elections In Japan
are approaching and the opposition has
been endeavoring to create a strong sentiment against the cabinet by means of
the newspaper campaign, attacking
principally the government's policy of
increasing taxation and limiting emigration.
The financial program was formally
settled at a meeting of the council of
elder statesmen held Dec. 17- It was
one of retrenchment and involved a reduction in the expenses of tho army and
navy for the next six years, whereby
the governmenl would save f'-'0.uiHl,U(iu.
As soon as this program became known,
the opposing ministers began a vigorous protest, the Other reports declared
that a miscalculation or l^.mm.oou has
aroused widespread disturbance and
three days ago there wus a serious difficulty in the cabinet because of the reduction ln the appropriations for railroad construction.
Rinks Organized for Home   Matches of
,, t      Nelson Curling Club.
Kinks were chosen for the Nelson
Curling Club's home contests last night,
the choice  resulting as follows:
II. H- Pitts. \\\ S. Pearcy. J. Choate.
load vacant.
A. Carrie. P. llenson, \V. Hradley.
Rev. A. Frith,
A. T. Wulley, .). O Shea, F. Seaman, C.
L. Pratt, H. B. .Mighton. J. Hamilton.
J   Meighan. -
II. Mclntyre, Dr. Clayton. F. Irvine.
W.  .1.   Wilson.
G. P. Weill, Capt. Gore. H. Wright.
j. McCreath.
Dr. Hawkey. A. Horswell. T. M. How
man, Itev. F. H. Graham.
W. M. Jones, 11. Falconer, G. A. Spink,
W. Shepherd.
S. Campbell. I. C. Archibald, J. A. Gibson, A.   Lee. ,
L. B. DeVebi r, B, N. Oulmelte, A. D.
Kinory, .1. Machlu.
.1. G. Hunyan, ll. Houston. J. F. Hume.
Dr. Lane.
il. Bird, J. Thompson, J. L. Buohan,
W. A. Anstle.
W. A. Macdonald, II. Clayton, J. W,
Holmes, jr.. J. H. Mnrtln.
c. i>. Blackwood, Cant Robertson, w.
A. Ward, W. Ttucsdale.
U.W.Drew, H. MacLeod, J.Allen. B
J. Trftvers.
J. IL Fox. J. W. Armstrong, Wf H
Deacon, W.   .McLean.
A. J. Dill. W. Doubling. J. Christie.
Hev.  R.  N.   Powell.
K. M. Bird, J. M. Lay, J. Kendall. \V
J. Dcvilt.
N. ,1. Cavanaugh, J. W. Holmes, sr., R.
Sharp. W. Gosnell.
J. II. Wallace, F. Dencon. J. ED. An
liable, lead  vacant.
F. A. Starkiy. \V. A. Thurmnn. T. G
Procter, lead vacant.
Long Sentnces for Criminals.
St. Petersburg, Jan. 14.-���-A court mar-
tlal has Henlenced five persons to death
and two to the mines for the robber}
during last April of (he estate belong
lug to lhe Alexander Newsky Moans
lory. The robbers expeoled a big haul
but they secured onlv ii lot of rubbish
worth only a OOUpli of hundred dollars.
The Governor Gonera! of Kief has con
firmed death sentences for theft, and at
Warsaw two thieves weie hanged in the
citadel yesterday. At Odessa, Vilna and
Moscow two death sentence's each were,
confirmed and at Riga and Tchernagoff
one each, all for theft.
Gulf States Drainage.
Beaumont, Texas, .Ian. 14.���A convention of the Gulf States Drainage Association began its sessions In Meau-
mont today with delegates present representing the entire gulf coast region
of Texas and Louisiana. The chief
work of the convention, which will be
In session two days, is to discuss arrangements for the formation of drainage districts and the issuing of bonds
to defray the cost of the necessary improvements to keep the surplus water
off  the coast  country.
Accused of Strangling Girl.
Millersburg, O.. Jan. 14.���The case of
Ben Dickerson. who was an Inmate of
the death-house in the state prison at
Columbus for many months, was called
for trial here today. The case was
brought here on change of venue from
Coshocton county, where Dickerson was
found guilty in April, 1806, of tho murder of Kato Hughes by strangulation.
He was sentenced to death In September, 190(1, but after being in the shadow
of tho death chair for months he waa
granted a new trial by the supreme
court on legal technicalities.
A public meeting will be held In
the opera house Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock. Members of the ���
council of 1907 will report on the
work of the year. Members-elect
and candidates for 1908 are invited
to attend and speak. The proprietor of The Daily News and any
other critics of the council are In*
��� vited  to attend'and  will  be given
��� arr opportunity to justify their at-
��� tacks.
t W.  G.  GILLETT,
J Mayor.
Rumor of Early Start.
Montreal, Jan. IL���The Grand Trunk
Pacific* company has decided to call for
lenders for the construction of a section
of one hundred miles of the Grand
Trunk Pacific in British Columbia, from
Prince     Ruper    eastward     through  the
pbast range. The idea of the management, is to get this work In hand as
soon as possible, us the section will
bring Into immediate connection with
the Pacific coast a very rich and Fertile
agricultural, mineral and lumber country.
Oil vs. Coal.
London, Jan. 14.���Knglneer Kormodo.
who lately conducted oil fuel expert"
incuts on behalf of the admiralty, says
that if the Lusitania were fitted to burn
oil she would need only 27 stokers, iu-
stead of 81*_ She could carry 250 more
passengers. 4,000 tons more cargo, and
reduce her time of crossing the Atlantic
eight hours.
New President of U. M. W. A.
Wheeling. W. Va., Jan. 14.���A private
telegram received hers today from Indianapolis, which Is said to be authoritative, says that T. L. Lewis, of Bridge
poit. Ohio, vice-president of tha United
Mine Workers of America, has been
elected president over \v. n. Wilson by
a majority of 40,000 In ft vote of ItOO.OOO
National Guard Bill Passed.
Albany, Jan. 14,���The National Guard
reorganisation bill to conform the or
ganl/ation nnd the militia of this stntc
to that of the regular army, passed the
assembly this afternoon hy a vote oi
1*4 to 20, after n long debate.
Canadians in California.
Toronto. Jan. 14.���Inspector James L.
Hughes ls at his office, having but re
cently returned from u lecture tour in
California. Mr. Hughes delivered a lee
ture before the State Teachers' Association al San:.i Cruz, und the Southern
Teachers' Association, at Los Angeles.
The Toronto Inspector had distinguished   platform  company  In the person  of
Luther Bur-bank, a world-wide oeJebrlts
through his wonderful accomplishment
In horticulture. A lecture was also de
livered at Sau Bernardino. Many Cann
dlans wen- met by the Inspector. In
one town they owned a hall devoted to
Ihelr own society. .Many old Ontario
boys are holding positions of honor and
responsibility there.
Saved by Dog.
Cupar, Sask., Jan. 14.���Andrew Pollle.
of Touchwood, was attacked yesienla>
by a huge brown bear. Pollle's dog. attacked from behind, made the bear lose
his hold, and the man clubbed bruin to
death.   The hour weighed 158 pounds.
F. W. Peters Now Western
Creation Means Reorganization From
Winni^ to Paciiic���Canada
Fiom Ocean to Ocean.
Winnipeg, Jan. 14���Important changes
are on the tapis in 0. P. R. circles and
will be put into euect as soon as possible. Frank W. Peters, freight traffic
manager .vill be promoted to a position
the same as that of fourth vice-president
Hosworth, and will take charge of all
westerri" freight traffic and passenger
traffic, with headquarters at Winnipeg.
This is a new position, and will probably be designated general traffic manager.
W. B, Lanigan, general freight agent,
will succeed Peters. A large number
of other changes will be necessary hut
no announcement Is made yet.
Toronto. Jan. 14.���Albert Horton, Ottawa, is suing W. F. MacLean to recover
$6,000 damages alleged to be due undei
an agreement whereby the plaintiff sold
the defendant his shares of the World
Printing compauy stock.
Blenheim, Jan. 14.���David Toll, who
was se\erely injured in the railwny
ctossing accident at Cedar Springs Saturday night, is dead. Toll was in the
rig driving with Samuel Crouch and his
daughter, both of whom were killed by
the Pere Marquette passenger train.
Ingersoll, Jan. 14.���Kirk Soram, of
Thamesford, was killed on the Thames
street crossing last night while attept-
ing to cross in front of a moving freight
Ottawa, Jan. 14.���Thirteen amateur
companies have so far entered for the
governor-general's musical and dramatic
competition which is to be held in Ottawa the week commencing February
24.   Lively contests are already assured.
Belleville, Jan. 14.���Charles A mining-'
Is dead from a dose of carbolic a<| *\
taken  ln mistake for whiskey.
Vacouver, Jan. 14.���At the first meet
lug of the new council yesterday a motion was passed that the city solicitor
report as to what action can he taken
to disarm the Japanese.
The meeting of the Asiatic league
last night was a very stormy one, the
treasurer, S. J. Gothard. resigned after
declaring that new blood was wanting
as the league wus not making a strong
enough -fight against the Japanese. A
warm discussion followed, in which ii
was sialed that no effort would hi
spared to keep out Immigrants from
Asia.    His resignation was accepted.
���ondon. Jan. 14.���John Scott, uepio
was arrested by Detective Nlc-tel on
the strength of a telegram from the
Pittsburg police. Scott last SJti'da-
killed another negro by shooting, am
made his escape. He admits he is t'u
man wanted but says It was in self
Pittsburg. Jan. 14.���Tlie crime fo:
which John Scott, colored, former city
smploySS of Pittsburg, wns arrested ii
London. Ont.. was the most sensationa
In the criminal history of Pittsburg
About Tuesday, Jan. 7, Scott killed hi.*
foster step-father, husband of the wo
man who had taken Scott from a pooi
house and raised him decently.
Ottawa. Jan. 14.���James Ross, presl
dent of the Dominion Coal company
who Is lu Ottawa today, says (he com
pany will at. once appeal to the judicla
committee ur the privy council from tin
judgment of the supreme court of Novi
Scotia, instead of to the supreme conn
of Canada.
Winnipeg, Jan. 14.���On and lifter to
morrow, the 15th Inst., the Bell teh
phone system will be transferred to tin
provincial government to be operated
by a commission which will be named
late, lt ls expected (hat the rales wil
be cut from 25 to 30 per cent.
Halifax, Jan. 11. -The supreme com.
of Nova Scotia today upheld .ludg*
Longley's decision In the clai and stee.
case, dismissing tlie appeal. Damages
for past injuries are awarded to the
steel company and a decree will be
Issued immediately, compelling the coat
company to live up (o Its contract ol
1808, The coal compauy will appeal !m
mediately to the supreme court ot
Regina. Jan. 14.���Two representative;,
of Winnipeg city council were ejected
fiom the Incinerator plant here thla
morning by the Inventor. IL L. Decarler
T. A. Hunt, clly solicitor for Winnipeg,
and a. b. Craig, Incinerator expert, were
sout here  by  the council of Winnipeg
(o make a report on the incinerator
plant being erected, and when they went
over to view the test they were admitted but subsequently ejected from the
building. This afternoon they are taking steps through the intervention of
the mayor to secure entrance to the
Thessalon, Jan. 14.���James Hi*-.son,
aged 21, was drowned and Lulu Kennedy, aged 19, perished from exposure
in a skating accident Saturday night.
News of the tragedy reached here Sunday when the body of the girl was found.
The young couple went out for a skate
on the bay and were last seen at half-
past ten at night. They were near a
small island about hree miles from
shore. The water close to the island
was not frozen over and It Is supposed
In the darkness the two skated into the
open Blrlp. The girl managed to cling
to the edge of the Ice but perished from
exposure. When found It was evident
that she had not been dead long. Sisson
went under the ice, where his body was
Benefit of Preference.
London, Jan. 14.���The board of trade
has issued a report on British trade with
New Zpaland, which says:* "The figures
suggest that the effect of the preferential arrangements has been to divert to
Britain nnd British possessions a portion of the trade formerly held by for-
i Ign countries In commodities affected
by the preference In particular last year
the United Kingdom anr British possessions were enabled to secuiu iho ^ ���- ���*-
increase fn imports of those commodities about 22 per cent, of the total imports into  New Zealand.
Former Teacher of Prisoner Kept Him
in Mind  as  Horrible  Example of
Rich Man's Son.
Now York, Jan. 14 ���There was a delay of half an hour in beginning the
Thaw trial toduy, Justice Dowling having been caught in a subway block on
his way down town.
J. D. Deemar of Philadelphia, was the
first witness called to the stand. Dr.
Deemar testified at the first hearing
that he treated Harry Thaw from a boy
for St. Vitus dance. He repeated this,
and told of attending members of the
Copley family, the mother's branch of
the defendant's antecedents. Dr. Deemar said that Henry W. Copley, abroth-
er of the older Mrs. Thaw, died an im-
Dr. Deemar was asked as to the present mental condition and whereabouts
of John Ross, a maternal conning of the
defendant, but District Attorney Jerome
blocked the testimony on the ground
that the doctor obtained his Information while aiding in a professional capacity, and it would require a waiver
from his patient before he could testify.
Justice Dowling sustained the objection
over the protest of Mr. Littleton of the
defense. On cross-examination District
Attorney Jerome drew out tho fact that
Henry Copley while in capacitated from
mental worry was never confined.
Charles Koehler, of Winona, Minn.,
who was a teacher at Wooster University, Wooster, Ohio, In 1886 when Harry
Thaw was a student there, took the
stand and was asked to tell his impressions of Thaw as a boy of 10 or 17 years
of age.
'Harry Thaw always had a nervous
gait and walked je.rkily," he said. "His
eyes were striking, his complexion aim*
mic. His manner In the class room was
abstracted and Indifferent. His eyes
usually hud a fixed staling gaze. There
was never any warmth in his eyes, no
Mr. Koehler said he set down many of
Thaw's eccentricities In a dlaiy which
was destroyed ten yeai*s ago. Thaw's
mind always worked slowly and he had
great difficulty in following any demonstration.    His manner was irrational.
Cross-examined by District Attorney
Jerome, Mr. Koehler said two hundred
hoys cunie under his care at Wooster
and since that time as a teacher he had
been thrown ln contact with 1,500 boys
or more. Tho witness Insisted, however, that the memory of Thaw aB n
pale faced, (witching lad stood out above
all others. When Jerome asked if the
witness had carried Thaw along in his
mind as a ' horrible example." Mr. Littleton objected and was sustained.
Koehler said he had often used Thaw's
case as au illustratlou. Asked where
and-"When and to whom. "To a boy
named  Bingham," began  the witness.
"What Bingham," demanded Jerome,
"the police commissioner?"
Thaw himself joined ln the genera!
laughter. He looked annoyed, however.
when (he witness snld he hnd used the
defendant as the example of tho son of
a rich man.
At the conclusion of Koehler's testimony luncheon was ordered.
New Institution Will Cost
Half a Million
Canada's Profit on Silver and Copper Coins Wiped Out���Certainty
of Big Debit Balance-
Ottawa, Jan. 14.���According to a return brought down in the house of commons yesterday, the total cost of the
royal mint up to November 30 was $402,-
-.��.'���:;. The site cost $21,150. building
proper $286,836, and equipment $94,-
967. It Is estimated that a further sum
of $94,000 will be required to complete
the establishment, making it nearly hau
a million dollars. The ^ur of tbe establishment numbers 72. All appoint*
ulents have been in.ul* by the Imiiciial
authorities. No gold coin hus yet been
coined in the Dominion. The profit on
copper and Bllver coinage made at the
royal mint In England for Canada during the past ten years was $3,007,973.
It is estimated that for the current year
Canada will require copper coinage to
tbe amount of about $*-0,000, aud silver
coinage  to the value of $700,000.
Police Investigation  Farce���Chief Complainant Took Hush Money.
Calgary, Jan. 14.���The civic Investigation concluded its work without any
starling evidence being brought In and
Judge Stuart will hand his report, with
full evidence, to the city council in the
course of a few weeks* time. Tucker,
star witness for the prosecution, who
claimed the police arrested parties for
stealing from him and then dropped
the prosecution, was confronted with
the man who stole the goods and had
to admit that he accepted ten dollars
from him not to prosecute. This removed the charge entirely from the police, especially as it was brought out
in the evidence that members of the
Citizens' League, who were prosecuting
the chief of police, knew previous to
the trial tbat Tucker had taken hush
money. E. Ryan, of P. J. Nolan & Co.,
barristers, In summing up Ihe case for
the defense made on the of the greatest
speeches ever heard in a Calgary court
and was warmly complimented by the
legal   brethren  afterwards.
Faddy Johnson, of the Northern Bank
had his collar bone broken In a hockey
game here last night, being sent Into
the boards on a heavy check. Ho was
removed to the hospital.
, Charlie May, '���Mmont-m, met members of the Calgary Turf club here last
night und submitted a proposition of
forming a western racing circuit to stake
In Alberta. Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
This proposition was received with great
favor, and the secretary was instructed
to write all the town and cities in these
provinces, asking them If they are fuvor-
uble to the movement to send delegates
to a general meeting which will be held
In Moose Jaw February 12 for organising purposes.
I rrlgatlon   Scheme   Adopted   for   Land
Along Kootenay Central.
Victoria, Jan. 14.���The C. P. R. has
laid plans for un irrigation scheme near
Windermere, in the valley of tho Columbia river. Mr. Pollen, of the Koolenay
Central Railway company. Is In the city
at present, ile says that about 40,000
acres are to be reclaimed aud brought
under cultivation. This will be devoted
In no small measure to fruit culture.
In preparation for this Industry a
nuisery has already been planted and
thousands of young fruit trees are already set out so as to be ready for the
orchards which will later be laid out by
the purchasers ot the. land.
Thework on the Kootenay Central.
Mr. Pollen says, is being pushed forward by the C. P.R. Some surveys have
to be made yet, but considerable is being done towards constructing the line
from Golden. ThiB road will Invade the
district which Is to be Irrigated, nnd will
afford a splendid means of outlet for
the produce of tho valley. HUDSON'S BAY
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginniug to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the cit3'.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
Capital Authorized    $10,000,000    Capital  Paid Up ...
Rest    $4,860,000
D. R   W1L.K1E. President.
Branches in I'.ritish Columbia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits  frum date of deposit andcredltedquarterly.
inbusoin qkaincji-i ��.l��   IVI.   LAY,  Manager,
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A. D.  1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Re.erve  Fund     ���,4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
SPECIAL   ATTENTION  given   to the
avinajs    Bank    Department,    and
interest    credited    Quarterly    on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
1'alblla.laed six .la;-, B (TO** by the
Baser Bt*.  Nclsaan, B. '
Suaaacrlpllaau ratea. 1*1* a-t-aata. a month alL-llvercd
In the clly, aar 16,00 a year 11 aeaal by mall, when
pslai lu aalvnaa.-e.
AalverllaaliK rtate. on **l>pliit*llon.
All mouia*a. psl.l na heltleuaeut ol Tlae Dally
a_BUaa.ll.all hi-i ...lail-a, a-lllaa-r I,.r haihaai-rlpliaina. or
BalvarllMiag, mum he rea:elpt��-.l la,r t.aa lhe prlllU'.l
torn,, ol lhe ' ..aaapaalay. uthar raefilptl are not
Tuesday,  January  14.   1908.
The legislative assembly ot British
Columbia will opa-ii at iliu capital Thurs
day affternoon for the saacomi _rssi.ni ..i
ih.- ina seal legislature.
ii is in.i anticipated ihm tbe s.-ssi.m
will i,a- a protracted one. There are *. r
Ions problem* confronting Ibe province,
I,ui they un- beyond ihe control "i the
provincial legislature. They may be referred rn iiiniiiK Hn- debates but no decisive aotlon can be taken mi them ""
account aaf ilie attitude of ilia. Dominion
government We refer a,i coarse to
ih.. Question of Oriental, ami especially
of Japanesi Immigration. British Colum
bin's legislature may inass ami repass
the Natal Act as il Is called, or any other
measure for restriction. Hut in dnlm;
saa it will I.:...v. perfectly will tbal an)
such measure will in- reserved by om
lieutenanl gove r mi "the pleasure oi
th,- governor gi neral in council" i"
known, ami apparently th,. governor
general'ln-councll, thai i* the Dominion
cabinet, doesn'l know i's pleasure yel
One thing, however, Ims been accom
pllshed In connection wiih ibis problem
Tha- legislature and the people knma
now who is responsible for the pi-rsts
tent thwarting aaf their will. There can
be no repetition "1 tba1 Impudenl and
absurd attempt to hajbi Premier M.
Bride responsible for the aol ,.i a Do
minion governmenl official.
The administration of the timbei landi
of tba* province. Is one of the most im
portant matters to be ala.alt with Ihi;
session. There are three great opnald
orations to ba. kepi in vla,w, the main
benance of tha- provincial revenue, th.
legitimate int. ra.sts of the owners ,oi
lessees of timber lands, ami mosl lm
portant of all. tlu. preservation of tha
tlmba-r resources, one of tba* greales
assets of  Ibe  province.      The    pollcj
adopted in this regard must !>*. such ns
will, while allowing those wlmsa- money
ta Invested in timber t����� maka* a fair
return, discourage an I prevent waste
anal destruction, aud preserve for all
time lo come a source of wealth In
which British Columbia is not excelled
by any other territory  on  earth.
The matter of the endowment and establishment, of a provincial university,
mi which legislation has been promised
this year, has presumably passed from
tba- haiials uf Mr. Kulton to those of Dr.
Valium, who now holds Ilia, portfolio of
education. It Is to hi- hoped that In Ihe
Interval opposition members have gained some measure of illumination and
will I., reaaly in consider tills important
question am rather broader lines.
Tb.' session does nut promise anything
Bensational otherwise. It Is unlikely
thai iba- efforts to inanufaa-iun. scandal,
which disgraced tin. closing session of
tin- lasi legislature will ha- revived. II
haa been amply demonstrated that suet]
. ir..ns are unprofitable. The Liberal
members of the legislators win besl
serve their credll ami future Interests
ui ihelr party by loyal co-operation with
ih.. governmenl in th,' progressive pollcj
which it is pursuing.
������ ������������'���-���
l..^DaUy Canadian
Our contemporary says: "It la noteworthy ihut only one member of thr
Into council Is Keeking re-election. This
is a anffldent  commentary   upon  the
record of the |iiisl." This eminently
junt and kindly judgment of the conduct
of seven men who have given Qngrndff-
Ingly of their time and talents for Nel
son's   sake   in   spite   of   persistent.,   nn
merited abuse, win he duly appreciated
hy them and their fellow citizens. When
BUcb is the reward of faithful Hervlce It
ts no wonder that reputable men are
wltli meat difficulty Induced to offer for
C.   P.   R.   President's   Confident   Words
Check   Wave of  Pessimism.
One of the hest New Yenr's gifts that
Canada can receive is the announcement ihat the Canadian Pacific railway
is about to Increase its capital by MS,
320,000,   At the head of the Canadian
Pacific are not only many of the ablest
nun of the country, hut, because ol the
vast enterprise Ihey own and adminis
ter nn the land and rivers, the lakes nnd
the oceans, men exceptionally in ;i
position to judge the likely course of
future events. In such ci re it instances,
the winds of Sir Thomas S_aughnessy,
president of the company, speaking for
the hoard of directors are most inspiring. The directors "are convinced that
Canada will continue to progress, and
that if there be any temporary set-back
resulting from financial conditions in
other parts of the world, tt will prove
comparatively unimportant." Therefore
it is beld to lie vitally important that
the Canadian Pacific should proceed
without cessation in the course adopted
Borne years ago, of adding to the railway's facilities in every direction, so as
to be "prepared to cope with the very
largely Increased t raffle sure to he
thrown on your lines." Such language
is indeed inspiring. and will res une
C nHdence and buoyancy to those who
were inclined to be mildly pessimistic
as to the Immediate future, even so far
as Canada was concerned. As the Witness has persistently reiterated and has
shown abundantly by facts and figures,
there never has been any reason to
fear any general or prolonged contraction of business in this country,and the
action of the Canadian Pacific railway
goes to show that by the springtime
everything should lie in full swing again.
The railway, at least, deserves our
thanks at this time for the expression
Of its well-founded confidence, a confidence that uot only covers this country,
but extends to Kurope, where most of
its securities outside of Canada are
held. Indeed, Its confidence that Ita
securities will find an advantageous
market at this time is the most cheerful
financial   feature     of     many   months.���
Montreal Dally witness.
British Cotton Mill Strike.
Manchester, Jan. 14.���All efforts at Intervention to bring about a settlement
of the dispute between the cotton mill
owners and their employees threatening
to result in locking out 150.000 men,
has come to naught. The co-operatives
at a meeting last night decided to break
off all further negotiations with the
master shiners and a lockout now appears to be Inevitable.
Notice is hereby given that the un-'
dersigned have submitted to the Lieu-
tcnant-C-overnor-in-Coundl a proposal
under the Rivers and Streams Act for
the clearing and removing obstructions
from the Duhamel Creek (otherwise
known as Six-Mile Creek) In the District of West Kootenay, Province of
British Columbia, ami for making the
said creek fit for rafting and driving
thereon logs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining dams on
the said creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holding
sorting and delivering logs and timber
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay hake at the mouth of said
The lands to be affected by such work
are Lots TST. 7S8, 7601. 777:,, 4:,.t4. Sill
and S413 all ln Group One. Kootenay
District, and other lands not Crown
granted, occupied or improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
such as may be fixed by the .lodge of
tin- County Court of West Kootenay.
Dated the 28th dav of October, 1007.
an extension of 10 days within which to rom.
DIDIN p . i : s 'm t i"ii KfatTiii-'i by me thin date
December 3ut, 1��I7. Harry Wright, Ann.-*taut
Commissioner of Land* ��ni  Worki.
Wait Kootenay Lam) District.   IMh trier. oJ Went
Till nolle* that i,.i.r. Janata, of Hpo���ane,
WhhIi . nr'cii[iatl'in ttmt-crmsn,   Intend    to apply
tor a fpf-'tai ttmb'T Iteanoi over tin* foUowtng
ilCHITllH-iI    JhIIiIh:
1 (lommi'iii'lriK at a potl plant*--! hI (ha B. W.
corner, abonl 1 mill' from   Kvlti   Johnstons I' | K
No. MS. said post being placed on tha Interne*
tiuim! boundary Una, tnenoe north -to chains,
tbanoa aaat 1-80 ohaini, tbenoa south 40 ohalns,
ttit*!.'1'' went lfio chains tn point of commencement. "'oiitainiiiR Mn acres.
Paii-ii Deo mberSi-d, UOV,        J. 0 Jah>kn.
2.    CommiMit-InK at a pont  planied at the H   W.
oorner, at-out iu chain*- nortb from tin* h. \v.
oornar of location No i., thanoi nortb -to ohaini*
thence i-rtf-t lfio chain", thene-* nouth U) chalni,
thanoa went 100 chain" to point of commencement. containliiK M0 aftm. I   <'. Javhkh.
H. CommencliiK at a post planted at tht- H. W.
oornar Shout 40 chains north from lie; H. W
enrner of location No 2, ihence norih to ohalna,
thetice ea��t lfio chains, theuce south tU chalni",
thenee west UK) chains to point of commence
no ill. oontalnlni (HO aeren. I   0    (ANfCN.
4 ��'Omiiii'ii"liif* nl n pout plant--', til the K. VV.
eorner,   k1>oii1   lo  'I, hi iik   north    fi on   tin-    ,W,
oornar ol tooatlon No :t, ihenee moth to ehulns
tbenoa east 100 chains, tbanoa louth to > iiniun
thence we-*i itw chains lo point nf oonunenoa*
ment, emu ai ii i n�� two aoraa. J* 0, Jambsk,
6. Oomraeuolni at a poal planied at the 8 vv.
oorner. a bout 40 ohaini north from r ti ��� ���* t- w.
oornar ol location No i, thanoa north to <i-niiui,
thanoa aaat 160 ohaini, ibanoa loutb to chains,
them;* trail ISO chaiim lo point of commence*
iii,*oi, cniiounlii-* *>40 aeren.
Daoamhar Ith. 1907. J  0. Jaxsajfi
��.  Oonunanolng at a pom planted at then, w
comer atiout iu ehaini north from the ri. W.
eorner of location No f,, thenee mirth to .-ham*.,
thence eaat   lfio chain**,  thence nouth lo chalun,
thanoa wast ISO ohaini* to point ol commence
mi'iit, - ..n 'hi i, in,' r,io in-run
Decemher till. IWI J    Q, *lA**niN
7. CoinmcnetiiK st a poll planted nt ihe N W
corner and adjoluinK lhe N. K corner ol lot '2t)<JO,
thenco   east  40 ehainn,   thetice  nouth 40  dm I iih
thanoa aaat 40 ehalns, thanoa south SOobalna,
thence west HO chains,   thence   nortli   loo  chaitn-
lo point of commencement, contain lug '',10 hi res
December 4th. W   E. Hurras
8. CommencliiK al a pnnl planted at the N. W
corner, ahout ' 4 of a mile in a noutliwesterl)
tllreetion fiom ttie nouth fork ol Haliiion river,
ami about 7)., mllen from the mouth, thenee
aouth 160 chains, thence eant 40 chatnn, thenrc
north I ��� 'Im in-*. Ihence went lo chains to point
of commencement, conlalnliiK Mo acren.
I'eceuiUsr fitb, 1007. R. J. Kkooii.
Nelnon band iMnlrh't. DlltTIOtOl Went KiKilenay
Take notice thai W. A Hudnon, of Hpokane.
Wpnhliifftoi], t' H.A., OOOnpatlon timtier entlaur,
Inland to arply tor a npecial Umber licence over
the followln�� 'I'"' m .., .1 landit ConimenelnK ni
a pont pinnted on the north hank of t'.orn creek .
at tho Junction of the north fork of Corn creek
with the main ntream, a bo 111 fl ve mllea In n
westerly direction from the eoniluence of said
Corn creek with the Kootensy river, tbencv
north 40 chains thence welt 100 cbalns, ihenc.
Dry  Goods,  Millinery andf
Fancy Goods Sale Still On._
We are selling all lines of Winter Stock irrespective of
prices or cost as our policy is not to carry over goods from
season to season.
in   Infants'   Wear, Children's   Dresses, Flannels
and Underwear.
in  Ladies' Coats, Skirts,
Waists,   Underwear   and
N'iKlu Robes.
1. *   *
sast pla
I Kpai
r*** *
Odds and  Ends from Each Department
WT,  M
iFred Irvine & CoVI
������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������i^
so ith 40 ehainn,  thenee east IflO ei.alns to point
u  commencement, containing 640 acrei, more or
Nelnon Land Dtltrlttt* Olstrlet of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that t. L W Hhaver, Intend to op-
ply lor a npei-tal tlOtnoa "ociu and carry away
Llmhai from 640 aoraa ol land: commencing at
a poat markad i- vv, shaver, noruweat comer
ihenc-' elKhly ehainn nonth. thence eighty
ehainn eant, thence eighty ehainn north, thence
eighty chain*, went to plaee of t�� ,/lnn ink . eon-
talniiiK ''io acren. more or tea*, and eaat and adjacent to Umber lic.-nee U0M. and alao south
and adj iceiit to tlmli-r licence No Knttl, aud atto
���outh ami adjacent to K A. Bhaver timber limit
No   I.
Pated    November Hit* I'M*
L. W. Hiiavbr. locator,
A. Hai kstt, agent.
Hxtcnnlon of one week within which to ad-
vnrtlne granted. Hsrrr Wright, Ass't. Com-
minnlonerof Land and  Vvorkn.
Nalaon Land Dlatriot. uistnotoi Waat Kootenay
Take notice lhat I, T. L. Logan, of Bonuem
Kerry, Idaho, oecupalion painter, intend to apply for a npecial Um ber licence over the following deacrlbed landn: Commencing at a post
planted at the nouth cast corner of timtier
licence No. IM'/I, thence eaat HO chains, thence
DOrth 80 OhaltU, thenee wont 80 ehainn, thenee
nouth 80 ehaina to point ot commencement,
loi.tainlng < i" acren, more or less.
Dated November Hat. WOT. T. L I^xiak.
Colin smith, agent.
���STalaon Land Dintrict.   Plitrlctof Wesl Kootenay
erciK ' and norm, -itio aojaecoi ut iimoisr iieenaen
l.ilW, and one mile north of the International
boundary line: i-oiiimeitcli.g at a poal mark��d
Clinrlea Ihiteher**. miiithweat corner, thence HO
ehainn north, thence HO chatnn eant, thenee WI
ehainn noulh, theuce W ehainn weal to the place
ol )" -.'in n intf. containing tilo aeren, more or less.
Located No-amber ihui. iwi.
ciiahi.kh DcToraa, l*ooatofi
No. 2. Commencing at a pont marked lliarlcn
Ihiti-her'a noiitlieant eortipr, thenee HO chain*
north, theuce KO chains went, theuee HO ehainn
nouth, theuce Ho ehaina eant to the place of beginning, and went and adjacent to numlier one
tlmher limit, and   containing MO acres, more or
Located November IHth, 1907.
i'ma hi,km Kit ii i:n   Loi-Htoi.
No. 'A, Commencing at a pont marked Charlen
Puteher'a norihwent eorner anil atiout Ifi mllen
went of the Koolenay river on the north title ol
Houndary cre-'k and north and adjacent to timber lloenve PMMlO. ihence nouth HO ehainn, theuee
cant HO ehainn, thence north Ho (halnn, theuce
west KO chains to the place of beginning, containing 640 acres, more or leu.
Located No-umber IHth, IH07,
Cmari.es DirroHRR, Loca'or.
No. 4. Commenclni at a spost marked Oli ilea
Dutcher'i  nortbeaat   oornor,   ihence soiu.i SO
chalun.   thence went 10 chain*-,  thence   north so
chalna, thenee eant so chalun to the  plana of he*
glu hlngi containing M0 acren, more or lenn
Located November IHth, I9ti7.
niiKii:- Distchks. Looator*
No. 6. t-ommenclng at a pont marked Charlen
Dutcher's Southeast corner, thenee M chain"
north, thence HO chains went, thence ho ehainn,
south, thence HO chsins east to tlie place of l*c-
glnnln|, containing eto acres, more or lens.
l/ocated November IHth, l��i7
Chahi.rb I" [��� iii'n, locator.
Vt* 0 Commencing si a pont marked Charles
Dutcher'i southwest corner, ih'-nee norih ***o
chsins, thence eant HO chains, thenee south HO
chains, thenee west ho chains to the place of be
ginning,   conslnlng <���>" a' res, more or less.
l-aiiii'"! NovemlMir IHth, P.sfl.
Chakibh Ix'tchbr, Ixicator.
No- Ul-    OfOOt fork, fire ereek.
Neinou LaihI Dlntriet    uintti.-i of -Aent Kmitenay
1'ale nollce thst 1, Joseph Patrick, of Nelson,
B.C., occupation lumberman. Intend to apply
for a special llmbei I)00���01 over the following
descrtf-cd landn: ( ommencing al a pont planted
about ft mllen up the went fork ol Kite creek,
and slant I lo ehainn from thu bank o( nald went
fork, aud marked Joneph Patrlck'n ���*. K. corner.
theni'e wusi HO ehainn. ihence uorlh MO clialns.
Ihence oast KO chsins, theuee south ���-**. chalua to
pointof "iiiiN-'ii' piiii-iit. containing Mo aeren,
more or less.
Dated December Mh. I9o7,     joskvh Patrick.
1   J. LdMA, agent.
No. H      Went fork, Fife creek.
Nelnon Land District.   District of West Kootenay
Ta|e notice that Joseph Patrick, of Nelson,
R C , occupation lumberman, Intends to apply
for a B|>eclal timber licence oyer lhe following
deacrlbed landn: Commencing al a pont planted
shout two chalun dlatant, and in an canlerly
dlructlon Irom location No. 13 and marked
Joneph Patrick's N. B. corner, thence nouth HO
chains, thenco west HO chains, thence north HO
chajjia. thence eant ho chains to point of commencement, containing Mo acres, more or lena.
Dated DeOember Mh. IWI.      Jo-nun Patrick,
1   J. Lucia  agent.
No   Ki.    West fork. Klfe creek.
Nelson Land District.   DlltriOtpl West Kootenay
Take notice  that I, Joneph   Patrick, of Nelnon,
B.C,.  occupation lumberman, intend to  apply
Im n N]*i'''iri uiiii"'i   licence over  the  following
described lands:   Commencing at a posi planted
about Ho chains dfNtant and In a wenterlv tlirec
ilon from the went fork of Kite creek and about
', loll''** from mouth of creek, and maraud Joseph
Patrick's H I corner, thenee west Plo chattm,
tliuncu north 40 Ohalnff, thenee eant imi chalun.
thence aoulh to chains lo polnl of couimeuce-
ineut. contaiulug MO acrus, more or le>s.
Dated Ducumhur Qth. iwn,      Josri-h Patiiii.k,
I. J. Lucia, agent.
No. 10.    Htevenn creek.
Nelson Land District.   Dlnlrlat of Went Kooteuay
Take notice that I, Joseph Patrick, oi Nelnon.
11 0*i occupation lumberman, intend to apply
for a special limber Ihenc,��� over the following
described landa: < ommencing al a post planted
about '-1, miles up Hlevuna creek and in a N. K.
dlrocllon from mouth of creek, and marked
Joneph Patrick'**, N K corner, thence aouth HO
chalun, thenee went HO chalua. thenco north tut
cbalns , theuee esst HO ehainn to the point of
commencement, containing Mo acres, mote or
Dated -December -inl, IWl.     Jonai'ii Patrii k,
l.i. Lima  Agent.
Y')il a'nn bU7 n 10-Scre Frull  llana-l.   In   tha-  lapst   fruit   KrowlnR  alls'
In  British  Columbia  lay  paying |10 dollars down and f 10 per monl
Kva-n iih an  Inva-Hl ma in   this Is waarih cainslala-rutlain.
Fruit Land has treblsd In "alus within the yt-or.   What wii: u da> a,
lalnl a
���raas, B
W/.UI, J*l wi:i:i,.naais
rsiil^MO^      ,"i.rr0
Lumbet* Shingles.
las waa
MANUFACTUi^ERS    T  ^a**t*%^am*w.     GUi^^t^e-     T\
AND DEALERS IN    LtimDe*,   dhf-LgleS*   %ag
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, WindownSjj
Turned Work nnd Brack��lM.
Mail Orders promptly attend*
-   INKU8QN. B. On
No. 17.    Htcvenn creek.
Nelnon Land District    District ol Went Kootcay
Take notlOO that I. Joneph Patrick, ol NeUoii,
B. 0 , oecupalion lumla-rmiin. intend to apply
for a npecial timber licence over the t*_nwi-g
described liindn: ('oinmeiicliiK al a poat planted
about I mile in mi canlerly direction from the
mouth of Ntcvenn eieek, where tl duplies Into
I'nrlboo lake, and maiked I.- ��� j-h Pairick'n H \V
corner,   thenee   nortli   B0 ChalOl,   thenoa eant KO
chaius, thanoa nouth mi ohatui, thanoi went ho
clialnn to point of commencement, eontaliiliii/
Mu aeren, more or lenn.
Dated December-ind, lv<i7.     Joasen Patrick,
i..). Lot ia, agant.
No. IK.    HU'venn creek.
Nelnon Land Dintrict.   District or Went Kootenay
Take uotlee   thai I. Joseph   Patrick, of Neisou,
H,0. occupation lumberman- Intend   to apply
lor a npeelnl timber licence over the followfiiK
dencnbisd lands: Com mend iik at a post planted
about ft miles up Htcvenn creek, and about-io
ObalM aoulh from the bank of ihe creek, and
in ii i ked Joneph Patrick n N K corner, Ihence
south MU chalun. theme went KO (���halnn, IhenOQ
north HO chain**, thene. Salt Kb chains to p< Inl ot
commencement, containing MO aeren, mote or
Dated December .ind, HtO..     .lonvru Patrick,
1 J, Lucia, aKunt
No. 19    Ktuvenn creek
Neinou Land District District of Went Kootenay
Take notice that I, .'oneph Patrick, Ol Nelson,
H. C, occupation lumberiniiu, loiend to apply
for a ���Mala] timber licence over Ihe following
J.-scrlbed land**:    Comiuem-in-f ul a pont planted *
No. W     W.-.nt fork. Klfe c*eek.
Nelnon l-.iud Dlnlrlet    Dlstriclof Wel
Take notice that 1, Joseph I'atrhl*
B. 0 , oooupatlon P-mttermsn, inlcm
for a nnecial timlaT licence over tin
described hinds: CommencliiK at l |"
ataoit 2 miles up lhe weat lork >l i *
about 90 ehulns north of the ereek. s
.Joseph Pnliirk's N. K. corner, tliem
chains (hence went W) ehainn, them
ehainn, thenee east KO chains to pol
meneemcnl, conlalnliiK MO acres, nn
Dated December Mb, IWI.      Josai ��
1  J. Lucia, ���
"���Oi 21.    West fork, of Fife creek
Nelson Land Dint 1 let.   District of VVc-t
Take notice thai l. Joneph Patrick,
11 0.| oceupstloii lumbernian, Inlan
for a npecial Umbi-r llceiiuc  over  tic
dc-crilied lauds:    no-ih i >>k ��< " '"
about-i mllen up the west fork oteltt
planted on Ihe north bank of the il
maiked Joseph Patrick's N. K. oprti
south KO chains, thence wost 80 cl"."
north KO chains, ihence east 80 obsln
of eommoueement, containing MO son
Dated December Mh, 1��07.    Josm"
I. J    !������ ' The bally Canadian
Yottcsnnot dine on FRO*�� LE(>S every day.    We furnish the
Beef,   Pork,   Mutton and Veal
Hams, Bacon and Lard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
in the market
Htocenieat of Finest (Quality in glass and wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Kaslo, Rossland     NEL-SON,  B. G- Bonndary
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd
Diatrict.   In-trli l ol Went Kootenay
Take nouee that <*��� *���< -i. J .-ammoiiN, m.'int tor
Pied t  Tennea;, nf N.-i-u.-*, ,H-<upHtioii  wnii-ii
M**oai-pa\    l,.r   p.*ruiWniMii lo pur-
lhaea the following   -lr-.cn I,.-!   iitti-1*.:    r.onN.en-
���tnaataavat pU11'' ������   �����'"��������- 2\ mile- *�����,������ t <<t
WllaoB OtOtk, Ufc.ii' ��� V> "'limm-, ui an ea-terl}
llraottoa, thOBWe A\ ilmln. aouth. theuee *u
thatas tn a sreaterb   dire,timi.   thenee 'A> ehainn
aorta to the point u( inii-ni'.'iiiriit.rinitiiiiiiuK
0) aerea. mors or less
Date. Mor.aoth. i����7.
KHBORIi'K   (ohm Tankkr,
K J   Hamhons, Agent.
���lelson Land Dlatrl- ��� Dlnlrlcl oi NN est Koolenay
Take notloe that Krcd J Snmmonn. agent tor
t. A Hal lard, of I'mctiir, oei u pa lion raueher.
ntends (oapply l<" |*"nni*.i>ni ,<> purchase the
ollowlng   daaorlt""!     lands,      i niiiiiieiielliic at a
���oat plaaieaabout i , m:i. -,s-i ot wn-on creek,
henOaeOVUkWeSl   '���   ��� tut In-    th< ine Uurtli we-[ At
"' OorI hen-1 JoehMlun, then'����� noulh
-Mt IO Ohalna to the the [-"iiii <>t commencement
ontalntaa. aOeor*.*n, more or lesa.
Dated Mor. ><th. pjot
m Agent   F   J    HAMMOKS,
trict.   District ol West Kootenay
Take aattee tfca t W. A. Hii'Imm., timlnl erulner,
I  MlWieeaa.  ���tK>kiui>    r-.mmv.   WHAlinigtuli,
t tha United Mat, -    :   \tm-nra. im. int., io apply
[ ir a sa-anial Hmi       is., n*-,   ,,--,,r ih-- h-u-oAiug
���srilaTi lead" - "mm' u- -ixn* nl a post marked
'd. t, Maatedon iin- n-utl, Imim .,( r,,rn i reek,
tthO JUMltl���     '    'he  ><>rth loik of < otn  , reek
���ith the aeala i-'. ���'"p-i. ��*<*"!���   nv,   mil.- m.
"    '^^n Irom fimfliiiiui't' ol laid Ooni
KiNitfuay rlvsr;   thence north ��J  |
P_tt   IGo chains; thence south 40
saasi   160 chains to point of rom-
Haiti Hik Mo acres more or lean.
Bafnt  laaiT aJtjaln**  uhiIt   hum   No       on  lhe
eat and Itaaher limit No * on tin- south, as u>-
rnv I-ako, on '.!-i-.i n 11 ��� Creek) and 21 chalna Jfl
links south or the N W. ti. ot said lot, runu-ng
thetme went Nl ehalns, theuce south tto chains,
thence esnt So chains, ihence north 80 chalun to
pine,- of commencement, constaluiiiK ������'" acren,
more or leaa,
CHARLKS MO'.-iiu.i,
Aaent  for   Hugo '..am tens.
Datad 2* December 19CI7.
Nelson Lend Dlitrici.   District ol West KooU-nay.
Take notice that Tina Bergman, of Altoua,
Man , oeco|>allou wife of C. Bt-rgman, farmer,
Altona. Man , Intends to opply for permlaniou to
purchase the following dl scribed land :
Commttiii'ing at a post planted at the N. 1". <*.
of Hugo Cart-tens' application to purcbn*.e and
running thence west HO chains thence I -rth 80
chains, thenee eant 40 chains, thenee -uth H
ehaina 80 links, thence esnt 40 e aiiifi hence
south 71 chains 76 links to point ot cou.-_ence-
mi'Dt, containing 607 acres more or less.
���"H.*i:i ��� -  Mu:-ll*:i..
Agent   for   'una   Uergman-
DaU*d 23 December IWl.
Nelson Land District     Di-.trict ol Went Kootenay.
Take notice: hat 1-A-vKicorge Payne, of Needles*.,
B. <*., occupation rancher, iuteiidn to apply for
-permlaslou to purchase the following denerlbed
landa: Commeuclug at a post planted a bo'it 16
clialns went of Whatshao creek aud R MU ehainn
noulh of the sotithwent corner of Lot No H-AH
runulug ihence north ���*���>��� chaius, thenee went so
chains, theuce south 131U chains, thence east
���AX.bOH chalna, tbence south 67 hVi chains, thence
.Vi.419 ehalns earn to -point of commencement,
containing 'HI aeres, now surveved as lot ���*-'->
Dsted 8th January, IMA, Levi 'igoanK PATHS.
Ho-e��ber7. 1'.��o7.
r    t.ii.-i.i-* A. Hi.'DKOif, Locator.
���/ltaesead by Pat     ��� c -m-iiu-
Declared aM signed t-r the within named W
. Hodaoa an th- AMb day ol November, A D
W7, nelQia Baa hi *-*[��-ikain>, ppoksm- (uiiiitv,
-reahlnCtOD.One "! the I nll,-<l -sinter*, id America.
Dl*-trtct. iHslrn-I ol Wi'M kooteloiy
Take BOUOe tlm s iBril-e.lit 1'Uree, ( -**( r***-*l.u i**,
Oen   atloa mat s .<   l   wmium.   intend-   to   apply
>r penataatou  m puni  ii.e following -ten
nttedleads;  ��� "mmem m* ����� ���* i*-"- pisuie-i nt
III llllaieeilllll'i "' the north t.oiin ! ,ar t ot Lo!
SI. and the en-t t-mn lary oi Ia,i No. 8PsV>.
t-e-BOeeao-teecliHlns. more or lenn. to lhe north
Ut OOrner Ol limber Limit No. 7671, theuee
or-th 10 chalus, tliciu-e went .i> ehalns, more or
i*s, to tha earn **i' " '-f Whamiian lake, thence
���llowina same in a southerlv and westerly
liectlOB 10si ilip'Ss,'. niorr* or lenn lothe inter
ration Wit��� 1 ot hta-">. theuce .*������ chalus. more or
ae* following en-l'ily boundary of Laji hl��.'i tt>
HntOt OOOBIiM'ti' -no-lit
PatOd TUt   Delol-r.  l'i"7. 1-aIsk: I.a  i'lXlli-K,
L K   'i   FAii-riSR, Ageut.
-siaaaland i i
let. Dlntrieiol Went Koolenay
al Alexander J. Mdool, of
ipation efork*  intends lo apply
pnrohaaa the loiiowit t dea
iiiieneiiiK at a |H>nt planted on
n.lary ot it c Bontbarn  tun*
alxiiit oue and a half miles
��� northwest eormr of lot ;t'J ���*���*',
ay, tbenoe south HO ehainn,
chain-, iheiit-e north K0 chain*. I"
.lary of said right of-wai, theme
eioiig said soui tier ii boundary to
Enenceinetii,   and   containing isti
Dated Moreea'i-    ���<���<  i -���������
ALkxAHPKK J   Mi Cool,.
lelaon Land Platn, t.   n.ntnci oi w.-m Kootenay
take nOtlOO thai r    I'    "unii'li,   ml I ok an agenl
��� >rJ .11   Burden-   <>1   Pokiok.   N. H .  occupation
"""iechanic, lnten-l*.   in apply   ior   permm**inii   to
urehasa the toUow tun di'M-ritaxl   lands:    Com-
I ���' lOUelng at a pom  planted ou  the   easterly nh"re
f Arrow lake ami si t in , hmtm uorlh oi the
I. K. Corner   ol   lot   alii:.,   then, e   en��t   .'U   chain**,
_aenoe north 10 clialiiH, more or less, lo the lake
_B3boie, thonceeomhweneil) along tin   lakenhore
_g IhP POltll o|Coi'i'T��eiie,-nielil,    alld   eon tn 111 lug
~"j earei, more or lesi.
��� i/aieu Novemi <i imIi.I'mt. Jamk-H   HtnnsN,
af^ K. P    in ism ���-, Agent.
Take notice n.ai i..h
ernle, BrlUsn �� ..luint.u,
or,   Intenda    ">   apply
platrlct.   Dlnlrlcl of Win K loteimr
that    John   .lames   ('anier.m,   of
is, I*-,iiipiiiioii oontrao
y     lor     permlmpiu    to
I     'iirnhaae the  loi...�� hm   ���!������' ni-e-i   i-*n<l:    " om
lenelng   at a   |-o-t    planted    mi    the   southern
'*i,iQundery of the   it:  r.  somticrn   rigtit-oi-way
^boatWohalns   u.-ierlv   From   lhe V W   comer
MOtaM*,*rou,'   I     Kootouay.    ihence   nmiili <'��i
���I* :lhalaa. tbenoe   east    m  etoitu-    ilicn,--.-   north ��,u
10  thr   ".ou.hem   hoiindaiy   ol   (lie    said
__JtbTe*War. the   vv,-;    ,v    ���loug-...d    noulh
���  1 :^~��  of  right of -n'uv   to   the   point
nil   'iiM eoiiiitinihg  Bwavaai more
JA Mis  <
West   Kootenaj  Lead  District.    District of float
Take notice tbal I, t.eorge A. Hunt, of Kit.
ehener, occupation timoerman, intend to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described land: Commeneing at a
post planted about 40 cl a'tm, west ot Thompnou
marked N W. corner, l. en-'e south 10.3* ehalns
thenee emit 44.67 chat. I, thenee north 31.il
chaius, tiienee went along B.C. Southern kail-
way to place oleommeneemtnt, containing 98.IB
Dated January 8th, 1**.        ckobojI H. Hint.
, B.C.,
r per-
rtct. Dlstrlet of WeH K'
at John Hhlell. of Needl,
her,   Inteudn   lo   applv
'bane  the following   deeorlbed
���ing   at  a   posi   planted    at   the
  tr   of   laot 7����!i,   thence  wenl   10
.bains, thene* smnh Hn chains,   thence cam 40
-balm, thenoa north no chains to the  point ol
���ommeneement. and coniaiutiig Us-.ii neren, more
>r less
.i    t aud lath October, l.*07 2ah~i BUtBLL,
Y  fl   PAl'qt'IKN, Agent.
Nelson Land DI-  n< l     District ot Wenl Koolenay
Take nollee that   Angus   Mi   -lit.  of tlie i ity of
Nelson, ooonpatlon (iretmui, intends toapplv (or
, permlaaifiB !��� puri-hrtse the   following  d-afrlbed
Coninieiielng  at   it   post  planted   al   the
*     C.   Morrison's   rhnrh,   In   Fir
orth   forlv. (ih)   chalim,   theno
iiltm,   Ihe-Wi-e   noulh       i ity  (4o
nl forty 140) chains olnlo
italulng   one hundred
N. W. corner
allay, tht nee i
st lo-ty (40) < i
etas, thenoe .
Nelson LandlH-ini"     District o| W.-si Kooteuay
Takenotlaathut   Hugo I'lirntens, of Winntpeg.
Mruuooauaation i-ui,i.; i,, ,. intends io ���ppi.
purchase the   following de-
Notice is hereby given that the Kin-
noy-.Miller Cedar Company, an extra provincial company duly registered, as
audi, and authorized to carry on business*, within the province of liritish Col-
unil.la. and having its head olllce at
Creston, in the said province, manufacturers, have by deed of assignment,
dated the Uth day of December, 190",
assigned all Its personal properly, real
estate, credits, and elTects, which may
be seized and sold under execution to
me, Charles O. HodRers, of Creston,
British Columbia, lumber manufacturer,
for th*- general  benefit of Its creditors.
A meeting of tbe creditors will be
held at the office of K. M. Macdonald.
barrister-at law, corner Baker and Stanley streets, Nelson. B. C, at the hour of
three o'clock in the afternoon on Tuesday, the ::ist day of Deoember, 1807, for
the giviim of directions with reference
to the disposal of the estate.
And further take notice that all creditors are required on or before the Utb
day Ot Iheemher,  1907, tO tile with me,
the  assignee,  full portion an  of their
Olaima duly verified, and ihe nature of
the security, if any. held by them.
And notice Is h'-roby given that after
the iisth day of Deoember, I9ti7. I will
proceed to distribute the assets unougBl
the creditors of whose debts or claims
I shall then have received notice aud 1
win not be reaponalble f<>r the aaaeta,
or any part thereof, ��o distributed to
nny creditor of whose debt or claim I
shall   not  then have reoetved  notice.
Dated at Creston. B. <* , this 14th day
of December.  U07
Auction Sale
of our stock of  New and Second Hand Goods ou
Monday, Jan. 20th
At 2 p. m. Sharp.
We have a fine assortment of while
enamel and graniteware, nil new. Second band cook stoves, healers, couches,
beds,Springe, mattresses, student chairs.
dressers, stands and other articles too
nu tin'rous to mention. No reserve.
Goods must be sold as we nocd the
s ^,%_fl_rt*t   *'   "   *',,H' Planted   on    lhe
t IWUOMirWt 4-7*. ii. 1, (about 6 mil. ��� Iron
DE1NT <& CO.
Turner B*��ton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
Jurisprudence    Still    Experimental    But
Following  British   Methods���
Afraid of Juries.
London, Jan. 14.���K. Suztiky has written liis views upon the subject of justice
In Japan, and it would seem thut Japan
will not adopt tbe jury system. He
"Already In Japan we have adopted
a great deal of the BngUSh system. We
have no juries, however, in Japan, aud
wish to study the working of them very
"At present I incline to the opinion
that while a jury should be excellent in
d-'cidlng a simple case of right or/ wrong
or even of custom I have grave doubts
as to whether it would act as well in
those complex questions which must inevitably arise In a highly civilized
modern community.
"It seems to my���though we are so
far only at the beginning of our inquiry
���that in such cases the best method
ls to put the mutter into tbe hands of
one or more men who have made a lifelong study not only of the law relating
to the particular points in dispute, but
who are also trained students of human
"You must not think that we chop oft
a man's head for nothing, as we did in
what you call the 'good old days.' We
have a very  elaborate judicial system.
Election Notices
To the Electors of the City of Nelson:
Having been solicited by many of the
business men of Nelson to come out as
Alderman In the West Ward I have consented to do so. I will serve to the Interests of our city to the best of my
ability and tinder no specific party.
Faithfully Yours,
To the Electors of the City of Nelson:
At the earnest solicitation of many
business men of Nelson, I have consented to run us Alderman lor tbe EQ&St
Ward. My platform is brief: I will be
a party to no,clique or faction and will
stand at all times for what I consider
the best Interests of our cily and will
give no other pledge than that of faith*
lul service. I have no committee rooms,
nor will 1 ask any person for his vote.
Faithfullv yours,
Ladies and Gentlemen:
I beg to announce myself as a candidate for Alderman In tbe West Ward.
and respectfully solicit your vote and
influence in my behalf. If you favor me
with your confidence and I am elected.
I promise you my best efforts to advance the prosperity of Nelson, keeping
in mind the effort to place her in the
position she is destined t_o occupy, "the
best governed and most progressive cily
in the province."
Respectfully yours,
O. C.  r.TcMORRIS.
Jan. 14th, IMS.
To the Electors of the City of Nelson:
In response to the solicitations of
many friends and business men, I have
consented to accept nomination for Alderman for the West Ward, ln doing
so I wish it distinctly understood that I
seek support as a nominee of no party,
but that I am running solely as: an independent, although I may say that I
.im �� nt.rely in accord with the statement
issued by Mr. S. S. Taylor I do not propose to conduct a canvass. Soliciting
your rapport  and influence.
Yours, A. T.  WALLEY.
To the  Electors of East  Ward:
I am the nominee of the Labor-Progressive party for Alderman for the East
Ward. I respectively ask your vote and
intlnence In the municipal election to
lake place January ISth, 11*08.
Yours, trulv,
To the Electors: ���
At tbe request of many of the citizens
and ratepayers of the City of Nelson. I
beg to offer myself as a candidate for
Alderman for tho Kust Word. Having
resided among you for seventeen years
1 am known personally to nearly all. My
endeavor always has been to make Nelson a progressive and attractive city,
and this policy united with that of a
careful administration of Its finances, I
shall continue to adopt; the building of
a public school and the proper completion of the power plant being the questions of first importance.
Nelson, January loth, 1908.
School Trustees
To the Citizens of Nelson:
I tespectfully solicit your vote and influence to elect me ns a school trustee.
If elected 1 will endeavor to do my best
to advance the school Interests of Nel-
aon. Remembering that school Influences
and environment has the highest intlnence in the coming welfare of the
Sincerely Yours,
R. G. JOY.
Candidate for member of School Board,
solicits your vote and support.
To the Elector* of the  City of Nel��on:
l.aaiia*. and gentlemen 1 wa,i,i,i respeot-
tuUy uh tor your apia* mul Infiaenoe ror
Hchool  trustee.    Yours truly,
Certificate   of Improvements.
���'Red Point," "Vornamo," "Greunmiod Frac-
ti(��unl," "nre*.-Dw��'od ami Jack Pot Fractional"
Mm' ml ' In im-* f-situalt- In lln* Neirton Mining
UlvlHlon ol West Koolenay   I'lutrict.
When* lor-nted:-Ou Ufia Uraak above tin*
Poor mail Mine.
Tan ti nolle** that J, John M .--LaU'hle, of the
Cil> ot '���' l-,,!i. actlUK u" "." ���' for John. P.Swm*
l-iT*-, Free Miner'* ��'- ; itu- .. ������ No l.7,:.> rui-l
Uw��r JohtiNoii J-re-.* Miner*. �� er'Klcato No B6��),
intend nixly day** from tlie d it* hereof to apply totlie Mining hc-i'order lor Certlfii-alet. of
Improvement!., for the purpmie of ob-talaiug
Crown (iraute of the above i'lalm--*.
And further take uotlee that action, under
Section 37, inunt be com me need before the ls-
���linnet of hucIi t'ertlllealeh of Improvement**.
tinted thin **ntli daylof September, A   I) , 1907.
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:   Room   10.   K.-W.-C.  Blk.    P.   0.
Box     434.
Baker St.,  Nelaon,  B. C.
based largely on yours. We have progressed with astonishing rapidity, and
must be careful���that is a point very
often overlooked���that we do not adopt
western reforms for which our people
are really not fitted. Later we may
nave them, but in the matter of law, at
any rate, we ought to be very careful.
It is easy to make laws, but the great
question is, will they seem right to the
people?    East is not West.
"The only authentic record worth noticing in the history of justice in Japan
is the existence in the Middle Ages of a
special officer for dealing with criminal
affairs, while during the period of military ascendency those matters were
taken charge of by censors. Coming
down to the Tokugawa regency, magistrates were made to deal with civil and
criminal affairs. They had not, however,
any laws to follow, but were obliged to
Judge each case according to the light
of their own understanding, and in conformity with the broad principles of
chastening wrong und  upholding right.
The first regular court of justice established by the Meiji government was
the Tokyo tn 1871. Several improvements were subsequently carried out,
till at last, by the organization of courts,
the present system was developed.
"It is divided into four grades���that Is,
Supreme court. Appeal court. Local
courts and District courts. The last is
the lowest tribunal, and is conducted
by a single judge, while In the local
courts three collegiate judges sit on a
case, in the appeal courts five collegiate
judges, and in the supreme court seven
collegiate judges.
Public procurators are attached to
each court on commission from the
minister of justice. It is needless to
say that ordinary judges represent the
right of sovereignty of the emperor,
and that their function is held sacred
and inviolable. Hence their tenure of
office is securely guaranteed by the constitution.
"Japan had no written code of laws,
properly speaking, till about thirty
years ago. The first attempt In this
direction was the compilation of a criminal code In 1870, amended three years
later. The code was far from perfect,
having been mainly based on our ancient customs, mollified more or less by
Qhlneae law, In 1S82 tbe criminal code
and the code of criminal procedure were
enforced. The latter v-ras subjected to
thorough amendment in 1889, and the
former is about lo be amended."
French Art Treasures.
Paris, Jan. 14.���M. Groult, the owner
of one of the finest art collections in
the world, died last night. The pictures
in his gallery, which are valued at $4.-
000,000, include master pieces by Turner, Constable and Gainsborough, and almost priceless examples of the French
painters of the ISth century. There is
much speculation as to the fate of the
collection, but lt is stated that the bulk
of It has been bequeathed to the Louvre.
No. 310.
"COMPANIES   ACT.   1897."
I hereby certify that tho "Falls Creek
Copper Mining Company, Limited," has
this day been registered as an Extra-
Provincial Company under the "Companies}' Act, 1897," to carry out or effect all or any of the objects of the
Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of Hritish Columbia extends.
The head office of the Company ls situate at the City of Spokane, State of
Washington,  U.  S.  A.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is one million five hundred
thousand dollars, divided into one million live hundred thousand shares of
one  dollar each.
The head offlce of the Company In
this Province is situate at Nelaon, nnd
Michael C. Monaghan, Miner, whose
address is the same, ls the attorney
for the Company.
The time of the existence of this Company is fifty years from the 10th March.
The Company is specially limited under section  56  of  the above  Act.
Given under my hand and seal of office af Victoria, Province of Hritish Col-
urn liia. this 15th day of May. one
thousand  nine  hundred and  seven.
IL*   ] S. Y.  WOOTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock  Companies.
The objects for which the Company
has been established and registered are
restricted to acquiring, managing, developing, working and selling mines, mineral claims and mining properties, and
the winning, getting, treating, refining
and marketing of mineral therefrom
and   are: ���
(1.) To ob'ain by purchase, lease,
hire, discovery, location or otherwise,
and hold within the Province of British Columbia mines, mineral claims,
mineral leases, prospects, mining lands
and mining rights of every description.
and to work, develop, operate and turn
the same to account, and to sell or
otherwise dispose of tbe same or any
of them, or any interest therein:
(2.) To dig for, raise, crush, wash,
smelt, assay, analyze, reduce, amalgamate and otherwise treat gold, silver,
copper, lead ores or deposits and other
minerals and metallic substances and
compounds of all kinds, whether belonging to the Oompanj or not, and to render the same merchantable, and to buy,
sell and deal In the same, or any of
(3.) To carry on the business of a
mining, smelting, milling and refining
company in all or any of Its branches:
(4.) To acquire by purchase, lease,
hire, exchange or otherwise, such timber lands or leases, timber claims,
licences to cut timber, surface rights
and rights-of-way, water rights and privileges, mills, factories, furnaces,
for smelting and treating ores
and refining metals, buildings, machinery, plant, and other real or personal
property as may be necessary for or
conducive to the proper carrying out
of the objects  of the Company:
(5.) To constuct, maintain, alter,
make, vork and operatH on the property of the Company, or on property
controlled by the Company, any canals,
trails, roads, ways, tramways, bridges,
and reservoirs, dams, flumes, race and
other ways, water-course, aqueducts,
wells, wharves, piers, furnaces, sawmills, crushing works, smelting works,
concentrating works, hydraulic works,
electrical works and appliances, warehouses, buildings, machinery, plant,
stores, and other works and conveniences which may seem conducive to
any of the objpects of the Company,
and, with the consent of the shareholders in general meeting, to contribute to,
subsidise or otherwise aid or take part
In any such operations though constructed and maintained by any other company or persons outside of the property
of the Company, and to buy, sell, manufacture and deal In all kinds of goods,
stores, implements, provisions, chattels
and effects required by the Company
or its workmen and servants:
(6.) To build, acquire, own, charter,
navigate and use steam and other vessels for the purpose of the Company:
(7.) To take, acquire, and hold as the
consideration for ores, metals or minerals sold or otherwise disposed of, or
for goods supplied or for work done
by contract or otherwise, shares, debentures, bonds or other securities of or in
any other company the objects of which
are restricted as herein aforesaid, and
to sell or otherwise dispose of the
(8.) To enter into any agreement for
sharing profits, union of interests or cooperation with any other person or company carrying on or about to carry on
any business or transaction which a.
company specially limited under section
56 of the "Companies Act, 1897."of British Columbia, is authorised to carry on:
(9.) To purchase or otherwise acquire
and undertake all or any of the assets,
business, property, privileges, contracts,
rights, obligations and liabilities of any
person or company carrying on any
part of the business which a company
specially limited under Section 56 of
the "Companies Act, 1897." of British
Columbia, is authorised to carry on, or
possessed of property suitable tor the
purposes thereof:
(10.) To borrow or raise money for
the purpose of the Company, but so
that the amount so borrowed or raised
shall not, without the snnction of a
general meeting of the Company, exceed one-quarter of the amount of the
paid-up       capital       for        the time
being, and for the purpose of
securing such money and interest or for
any other purpose to mortgage or
charge the undertaking or all or any
part of the property of the Company,
present or after acquired, and to create,
issue, make.draw, accept and negotiate
perpetual or redeemable debentures or
debenture stock, promissory notes, hills
of exchange, bills of lading, warrants,
obligations, and other negotiable and
transferable instruments:
(11.) To distribute nny of the property of the Company among the members
In specie:
12.) To sell, improve, manage, develop, exchange, lease, mortgage, dispose of. turn to account or otherwise
deal with the undertaking or the whole
or any part of the property and rights
of the Company, with power to accept
as the consideration any shares, stocks
or obligations of nny company the objects of which nre restricted under
Section 56 of tho "Companies Act,
1897," of British Columbia:
(13.) To do all such other things as
are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects.
m ��� m in
Cancellation of Reserv*
Notice Ii hereby given lhat the reserve orer
rertatn landn in Soutti-��iutt Kootenay, notlee of
whleh apyearuil In tne Hrltl-.h Columbia Hn/ette
of the 14tli of Augtipt, 1H*> nnd bore date of Au-
giiHt 121h. 1890. In h* reby oan'-elled The above
mem iiuie.l Imi.!** will lie opun for location under
the Land Ael on March 80, I90K. '
Deputy Commluloner of l.viel*. and Works
Landi and Work* ''apartment.
Victoria, B. &���- Deoember Pith, 1907.
We have for rent the office in the
Mara BSock over the Royal Hank, lately
occupied  by Mr. E. A. Crease.
H. &. M. BIRD
A great many sales have been made of lots in this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few best   lots are left
If you want Good Land
MeDermid & McHardv
lNEL,SOrN.5B. C ������_
CAPITAL,   $25,000.00  in   25,000   share*
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crozler W. Bourke.
OFFICE, No. 322 Raker St. (Croasdaile
& Co.)
SEE the cement blocks displayed ln the
Standard   Furniture   Co.'s   window.
APPLICATIONS for stock are invited.
PARTICULARS and forms of Application may be obtained at the Company's office, or from H. A. Stewart.
Solicitor. Nelson, B. C.
Tremont House
Barasaaa aad Asterloaa Plan
���**la S*. aaua.   Kaa-ims from at d. Ua tl.
oaiy walla Im. Eaaplorsd
aatst St., Nelaon Proprtt),
Moat f*nm,or'.ble quarters     Nelson
Only the best aa,Liquors and ' l.srs
thla  winter.     Sulphur  Springs  and  unexcelled  accommodations.     Rates  $2.50
per day and up.
Correspondence Invited and cheerfully ant3wered.
Call on or write
A.G. 1' A..Vanemiver. D P. A., Nelnon
From $10 to $25.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward. The
dining room ls unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ER1CKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court H.
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker street, Nalaon. a. ca ���_
L���rga   ��nd   Comfortable   Bedroomi and Flrat-
iil-aii Dlnln-- Koom.
MRS. E. C CLARKE,  Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best Dolbr-a-Day House in Nelson.
Th. Bar la the Kliaect.
Whit* Halp Only -implored
Royal Hotel
Bate* |1 and $1.S0 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarder*-
Old Curiosity Shop
All Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St. Nr. Onera Houae.      Tal. 111.
W.   a.    GILLETT
Contrnctor   -ana
Bole egent lor the Potto R-taO Lnnii,, r Co., Ltd..
ret*!! y*n)n. Rough *tii] drt-M'1 hi in '.er. turned
work and hrnckeli-, i'oisuit latti aud -ihlUKl*M, raah
*inl doom, (',-meiii, iirtek auil Ume for Mile,
Vftril and factory: Veruon St.. aantof Rail*
IWff^l.MOIV.   t*. C
V. O. Box .3-2 \u-tjloto* 178. Tne Daily Canadian
If  Your  Eyes Trouble   You
VVe can give you perfect examintlon.   glasses and   fittings at  moderate
���   prices  and  gu.irantee  satisfaction.
We grind ou>- own  lenses. , ,     V^" <: ' ^\TJT*fZ?&��*
========__=======*==^^ \
Watchmaker and Optician
; Bargains in all lines
of Dry Goods, Millinery   and   Ladies'
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre .("locks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Ooadsdaile & <__
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
.. ���vwvs~w����
$1.50 to $10.00.
Wdcom?  Nugget Smoking
Queen Cigar Store
BUSH  & MATT HEW. Props.
Wc have just received a shi|a-
inent of Heinz Goods in following line.
14-oz.  Bottle   Sour   Mixed   I'icklca.
14-oz.  Bottle Sit.'.i   Mix..,I   Ploklei.
14-oz. Hollle Qherkins 1'ickleB.
Pint llottle Ketchup.
TeJophono 1(11
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts
Two Blocks from Depot.
A. 1). Wheeler and wife, Ainsworth;
R T. Edniz' r, Miss ll. Piper, Portland
Q. II. Burdey. E. H. Burden, New Denver; P. Keffer, Oreenwood; _, Jacobs*
G;*i-.    Vsrnon  -anti  ^Vm*-*���    StreutN
>Nt_US   JN.  B.C.
H. L. Shot-well, .J. S, Couldry, Seattle;
C. C. Poynts, J. W. Power and wife.
Kaslo; K. K. Peiaer, Victoria; J. Ii.
Ore en, Lethbrldge; ll. James, Phoenix;
J. K. Clark. F. Foote, Vancouver; s. J.
���Harlow, Nakusp; .1. a. Dougall, Blair*
more; C. M. Kingston, Qrand Forks.
II. C Hastings, D. C. Mutton, Kaslo;
.Mrs. \v. Prench, Miss J. Armstrong, C.
E. Baker, Slocan; J. Davis. Spokane;
Mrs. Robert . Rossland; A. Higgs, Cranbrook; .1. x. McMaster, Koeh Siding;
it. .1. Foley, Sandon. Mrs. Marshall.
Phoenix; N. Staveley, Arrowheud.
(;. Trethewey and wife, La Plata; W.
II nation. Trout Lake; J. \V. Crowther,
li.  {',.   Fair.  Salmo
E. McCarty, Lardo; G. Helton, D.
Rob    '      Oold   Hill;   B    Davis,  L.   Mo
<i _.i: i'��� ii-., : E. E. FCenn. dy, Salmo;
ll. s. Qoodwin, Oreenwood; W, E. W'ar-
ron, Sandon; .J. MaoKlntoeh, Vancouver
ti. Donnelly, Ainsworth; r>. .McLeod.
Trail; R. Lezault, Granite Mine.
W. Watkins, G. Andrews. Kni.tvali-:
.\. Johnson, ll Lawder, S. Lancaster,
H. .1. Ham, T. Crawford. Slocan; E.
Winsor. A. G. Langton, Grand Forks; .1.
King, W. Adams, Moyie; F. Williams.
��� AN r-M.D-Bf-11 Boy     Apply Hume Hotel.
\ 1 - .\ n I i-h Qood bualnaai produoere to write
M Insurance on ail kiii'ic of Htb t-took
against death frnm miv oauie. HriM<*li Amarl-aa-n
In-    Stool,    AmoClatlOD,    Vnlii-'Hivt-r,   H    C��   or
w.j. Wn.ik-.-r, ll it in*- Hotel, Salaoo,
'ANTKIi    Ulli..    Bak.r Strcl   Kroaaiaal )loor
j... lerrea.   Boa l.a.t Canadian.
OIX-BOOHBC HOI -I . I,irai*l,.-.|nr ainf.irnlsli.
a*   ..i    Apply to J. lasn.-y. oornar Vernon saa.i
.I....'|.liati., ltro*ts.
HJR.1ISHED  Ua.aa.\ ,���|   loutlon,     A.I.I,,.-
II    I'aally Canadian
TWO  1*1 K.'-l-..,.a"  h.'.a.sari, nasam bsslaaa,.    An-
".>��� I ���-*-.'. ��� ���     a, . *..,  I-   u   ,   ..,.,..��� r
[   (1ST    A   HimoBI    IIN    ��l 11,.    Iianiljcrmui'i
I,    l.all   la-t   aaaaalil       K111 a I, -1   pl.-aa.*   ra-laaria   to
ofnoeol n.i.ia.m's Bay Btora.
F. C. GRf-EH        r. H. KUKUtN A. H.GKEE
Cyril Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
Y. 0. Bos 145   Fhon��24iB.
Nn (ollet table ls complete win,on   :m atomizer,   Wc keep all varieties
al alfprices.
Have yon seen our new supply ot   hot   water    bottles   and
"ir It's in i... bad in town we bavj it," i.s a motto we bave earned by
a*ur complete and up-to-daii- stock.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Born  in Nelson  ihis morning, to the
will- of F. C   Ingram, BtaolOJ   street, a
Roller  Rink.
The band will be at the roller rink
tonighl and ihe usual .special features
will follow.
Metals and Stocks.
Silver declined four points on each
market today. Granby and >*- C. Copper
have both made Koinl advances.
Skating   Rink.
Tin* skating rink will not be open to
nlghl but the band will be iu attendance
tomorrow night, when, it is expected
thr Ice will  he in good condition.
Hockey  Match.
Tho Aral match of Uie season between
the obi rivals. Nelson ami Rossland
hockey teams, will bo played at the
Stanley streot rink Friday night at 8
o'clock. The Nelson team will be chosen
At the Church of Mary Immaculate
Nelson. B. C, by tlie Rev. Father Al
thnff, tlie marriage was solemnized this
morning. .Ian. I Ith. of Hugh McMillan,
of Cranbrook. and Miss A. McDonald, Of
S. S. Sleigh Drive.
The officers and scholars of St. Paul's
Presbyterian Sunday school are requested to meet at the school room on Salin-
day next. Jan. isth. at 1.80 p. m., to participate in a sleigh drive during the
Y. P. U.
The Nelson Young People's Union will
meet in the Methodisr church this evening. The programme will consist of
music, addresses by Rev. A N. Frith.
E, A. Crease and Dr. Wolverton. A col
lection in aid of the India famine fund
will b.- taken.
Pythian  Sisters.
At a special meeting of the Pythian
Sisters at the K. of P. Hall last night.
the following officers were installed bj
Ida M. Roberts, G. P. C, of Rossland:
M. E. E.. .Maggie Newitt; P. C, Azza
Rose; E. T., Carrie DeWitt; E. J. Margaret Erlckson; Manager, Lydia Malone; M. of F., Margaret Lacey; M. R.
('., Emma S'rachaii; protector, l^aurul
Douglas; C. G., Martha Walker. After
th��' installation a social and dance was
held, which waa thoroughly enjoyed.
Mining   Institute.
The convention at which will be organized a western branch of the Canadian Institute of Mining Engineers will
open in Nelson tomorrow morning and
will probably be in session for two full
days. F. Keffer, engineer in charge of
the mines of the B. C. Copper Company,
is president and .1. J. Campbell is acting as organizer. About one-third of
the membership is in Alberta, and the
western branch will cover as far east as
Manitoba. At the close of the convention a hall will be given by tlie Nelson
members for the visitors and their
wives, for which arrangements are be
ing made and Invitations issued  today.
Library Ball.
A month from tonight the annual ball
under the auspices of the board of directors of the public library will lie given
probably in Ilie armory. Arrangement
have already heen begun aud no effort
will be spared to keep this year's event
up i" the standard of former years, and
tin library ball has always been one of
tin host of the season. Success (Inun
dally is of more importance this year
even (ban usual. A year ago the success of Klnness placed ibe board for a
lime in easy circumstances. Many additions ami Improvements were made,
and these ami ordinary running expenses
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
Hand: Monday, Thursday, and (-Saturday evening!.
Mornings, afternoons and evenings,
without band, children 16c adultH 25c.
Including skate*,.
Evenings with band, except Saturday
evenings, 40c, Inoludlng skates.
Saturday oA-nlug, banal and special
attraa'liout,, to 11 o'clock, 50c, In nulling
skates, spectators 2*5c.
Sweet and Juicy
Oranges are  better now  than  at  any
other season  of  the  year.
Appetizing,   delicious   healthy   food
AU  Prices  25c   to   60c  sper
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine sits
Ptio>B 7
We have just passed into stuck a very
handsome  line of Jardinieres.
In a rich deep brown.-and  rich tasteful decoration
7 inches   high. ... .$1.65 each
8 inches   high $2.25 each
9 inches   high $2.95 each
10   inches   high $3.90 each
12   inches   high $6.00 each
In delicate light green shades, dainty
iloral decorations, raised, in white and
light  tints.
7 inches high $2.25   each
8 inches high $2.95 each
9 inches high $3.90  each
10   inches high $4.95   each
Plain.   No   decoration.   Four  different
7 inches  high $1.75 each
8 inches   high $2.75 each
9 inches  high $3.50 each
10   inches   high $4.75 each
The beauty of these Jardinieres can
only be adequately appreciated by see
ing them.
They are displayed in our window for
a day or two.
We G. Thomson
g&WJitir "n*   Nelson, B. C.
Phaaia. -I.-..
Geo.  P. Player
late accountant at hall, mining & smelting co.
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
exhausted the fund. The uHual Brant taa
the institution from the council was
promised but not paid thi.s year, and tha-
laajurd Is now at the end of its resources.
Therefore it is to be hoped that this
ball will lie liberally patronized.
K. of P.
The regular meeting of the Knights
of Pythias will be held in their hall tonight at   S  o'clock.
SShurchman's Club.
The men's whist tournament under
Iba- auepioes of the Churchman's chili
���Fill be continued tomorrow night at H
.1. W, I'aawa-r arrive* from Kaslo yesterday.
Dr. (.'. .M. Kingston arrived from firanil
l.'urks last nigh, and Ih al tha* lluma-.
Mr anal Mrs. A. IJ. Wheeler canii-
.low,, rrom Ainsworth last night ami are
at the Btrathoona.
I'. Keffer, .if the n ('. Copper company,  arrived    from    Greenwood   last
night ami  is at tha* Htralhcnna.
D. Jacobs, editor of tha. I), c. Mining
lla-a-oial. arriveal from the coast Iiihi
night to attend the meetings of the
western branch of the Canadian Mining
Geo. Ham will lata tha- host at theopea
ing of lha, naaw C. I'. It. hotel In Victoria
next. Monday, 11��� * has issued Invitation*
taa all lhe newspaper men at the coasl
on both sides ol  tha- line.
ii. M, Btevenson, formerly manager aaf
Real Estate Agent
S16 Baker Bt, Nelson, B. C.
Wholunfttc -tin'   Ki-i.it: o. nip'r- in
Fresh and Salted Meats
('iun)i** supplied on Hhorfewt notice nnd
lowewt price Notlun*- but   fresh nud
wholt-Homo meatNniidHiipph'H kept in ht'K*k
Mail order*, receive careful (attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   ManaRer.
FROM  $22.00 AND  UP.
'Standard Furniture Co
J Complete House Furni3hers.
���        Undertakers and   Embalmers.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice,   Frti't  and
Foci Co.
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   SU.
Jobbing   promptly   attended   to.     I'i.
aud Estimates.
Apply 415  Hall  St.
Box 385
B��y Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Mouses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show yon
them. Some extra snaps fur
investment or for a home.
To Whom it May Concern:
Take notlca- that .1 L. Warner Is mn
maw anal bas not been since tin. isth
day of November last employed bv oi
in any way con, ted with the Dradlej
BStnginserlng   ami    Machinery   Caa.   of
Spokane, Washington.
NICKERSON. the Jewetery Manufaetur
er's Agent will k.II ynn gaaaaal.. fiaim h;iii,
pies at U per cent, la-ss than roBUlai
prlca.s dlra.ft fraam tha. taototies, Iti I
.lays fraim or,la-r. .everything In tie
line.    Order now.
erday in th
��� city
d 1
���ft Ibis
r.ar Phllade
li   ,
In about  r
aur  lll'at
Prlcea of  Metal*.
New York. Jan. 14.���Sliver, ur,%c.
copper, laVic.;  lead, S 1.75.
London, Jan. 14,���Silver, 26 I8-I6d
lead,   JlH, 7s., 6d.
Opening  Copper  Quotation*.
New  York, Jan.   II,   UlllS.
(Hy MeDermid ti McHardy.)
Asked lllal
(Iranby    *.'.ir,.ilh        $.xn.llii
Dominion Copper....   is.no t-XTA
II. C. Copper      fa.STM,        B.S0
Many  Drowned In  Pari*.
Paris, Jan.   1-1.���Thlrly  ytmng  people
Were   skating   on   III.'   Inka*   in   him,   .,.
Boulogne this afternoon, whsn thi- loo,
which was thin, broke anal limy were
pra-clpltnted In the water. I'Svery a.fiaarf
I,, rescue tbe HkaleiH was at on,-,, tai.aala.
anal sixteen of the young people an- accounted for. Fourteen are still missing
and it Is feared that they have been
'' Jewiilky
IM'    il.aul.lv
lite-   uf
fan Hi. |,,||,.i tsxbXa at tempUn. ,
''���.mils ami Brushes, I'ulT i:,,v,.:
Tinas, ii;,- Brushes, Hand Ml iron
Tin collection is remarkably an*
anal attractive.
Jeweller   and  Optician.
Mail   orders   promptly   attended
\Vliol��.-<-,t,lt:   PgoylBlj- ,riM-
Government Creamery One-Pound Brinks received w..a*kiv ir(���,t, trat, J
'���hnna     l-'aar sid,. I,y all leading grocers '       :'
Dili.-, anal
WBtehOnae:  Hunstain Hlaank,     P,v*ne 7B.
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C. I
- .^>^-_/~v/vvOt*BaV,
iry li
e Hoi
��  Ro
-ru ti
an tu
do sn
!-   WOtll*
ava- hav
anal r:
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A  ra-cl|irocit>    of   good    wli
wlrt you a  Happy New   v. _���
feel vi,ii wish us tha sail,..
wish for ranething aalsa-, ami ii
'h opporthnit) of proving t.
exceptional value* of mn R,
suits anil Overcoats, in male
Stj I, . tit and tlnlHl, an
tla.n. ami aaur mw sliwk iim!uI..|^H
of lb,- v.-ry lat.st anal m,. f.i-: ��'***%
fabrics and da-slgns Yaau'll fniH, ,
ti..ui..* wli; buy better gaaaaal- : ���"mi
elsewhere. *od.
lee J
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ar fu
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t.. s...   all OUT patrons aaamraartable  tills  winter ..n.l  ioai^****
���took tin* l��-st  assnrl eil   line of  heating st!>va._  and ca _B
���   BVW   before   presented to the public In Kootenay. ,,re*
taleaseal   I,,   shew   y���u     ������,   ||m.  ������,,   bL,for���  IIK.kl���K y,,w*__
What we have ta* offer. ��  ml
��������� ly  b
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelson Bt
m a
The i
C. 1
la; '
ac, '
P. I
Wc  carry  everything   in  the
line of
From   40c. to $1 per lb.
Choquette Bros*
Phone 258. THE   Uo toDnte Bakers
Aliai-riii Creamery in,Ua-> in sin,.. 7 it,
anal   I I   Ib    III.a. I.s  al   SIT,-  per  laaauud.
For Sale at
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor.  rosephlne and Mills Bts
itt. .
  _ ox,
I'll is.  Almonds.  Walinil :i**y,��'
Chestnuts,  Apple Cider, Nnriin-ri, __:
apples,   Haldwli,   Apples.   I.IP    ii,,"-*^'
i.'igs.  large layer, California    "'"''iflr
and Malaga (Srapes. ,a nl
,\   hirga*  assiartuia-nr   of  Ifmai --vj
Whol.'sala-anal  ra-tall prices   j.. i i>t3^T^H
  .1 pai
Se H. Seane;
r,���sa    in.   tie.*)
NELSON. B. C. y"'\
                                  -! tltlC
all your wants lu
iu ai
ot n
'as t
uiy i
f th*
fin I
Woocf-Vallance (Hardware  Cof
,Z Wholesale
,-,' il_.i-.UlN


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