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The Daily Canadian Nov 13, 1907

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Array ^TJIk roB-
mlcyon T.nhla Water.
Halcyon l.liliiu Olngi*r Ale
Halrvon Llthla (liiiK'-r H '.
jl.i , . .11   Llthla   I.i'iniiri  Sour.
,, ,,],'.   i:. in  pure   carbons***]   Hal
m Mlir,, ml water.   Snlil at all hoti.ls [
'.! csfea
Voi-i'MH 2.    No. 137
University Club Confers
With Mr. Oliver
Will be delivered    every evening   st
your door for
���Statement of Liberals' Reasons for
Objecting to Endowment Bill
of Last Session.
 I    III*'   1,-KtKluttllt,
,... in.1.1;, 11 1.111 r.,r nn   m
ni  ..1  .,   provincial   iiiit'..isit\
, 1   bj    ill.'   iiiinisi.i   uI
ilii^   to  iii,-  itniii.un,,'
I..   ...si  session l.y the
.    '       I.' ..I  llnit olllci-.  n..11   K
j i'uii.,11    Man)   probablj a majoin*
.,!     Ui,'     h-Klslaluri*
���   -   Mini  In rjlscowlns it tli- J
:   i.iii.niiillui Krouml,    although
approve on naiiiirsl  prta
on nalabllalniietit'.
ntioni .1   In   Miiniiay's   Issue   Ol
:���., Canadian   the  University Club nl
:i   lias li��',-ii  tin*  clih-l, iin-
 1* ib," unly, advoirat'.' nl
university    outside tin.
...k nflrsntaffs ol ih.- prW
���. ..I .1..im Oliver, M. 1.. A..
.   1   A    Martlunal'l.   i-ruli
��� InfluentlsJ ini'inliiT nt th,-
ia la- lis rtewi before him.
meeting nt  Iho  iint\< 1 :-n >
'   Lhe  .lull   was ll'-lil   v.-stcr-
ih    llr.    Arthur's   ..III- .
Itasi sore  It   J, Clark, cliali-
1   T   Ferguson, Rev.  r   11
Graham. i>    1:  C   Arthur, C al ft aaat,
M lohn 1 ilivi-r, M. L.. A., nnd
llr Hull   M   1.   A , were preaen* by in-
Tli* chairman explains*] tli.it  the oli-
.   mi. nn,'..   was to  lay   th*.
Tie���or th.  1'ui. i.i'i.iri. Messrs-Oliver
���m Hull. ;.   ihi *  would is- liiiil before
nel    '      tn ooplss ol 11 rewilii-
mid ihortl) ba ���ililitsnort to
iiiu. ill. lo  learn Ih,'  views  ol
���ii    hi'  sillij.Tt, and   ii  DOSSt-
.I   Hi,'  opposition   part]
llll .1  ..11   Dr.   Arthur to yiati-
"I ih.   .lull as exjiresReil lu a
eeni ���   read  by   him  and  en
III.    (lull.
Hr Am,in compared ihe position ni
Biilirt Columbia  with  that  i,r  several
era ttatss <>r Am. rloa, and
���sowed in detail Hie provision niiule by
*��� lati, 1  1.,1  higher education  bj   tht
���"'iii'linini, and endowment or state mil
amities.   11,. showed how rapidly atieb
had   mown,  how  vital   they
'   ri  I   1,.  the   Inlelleotlial   an.l
''"' ''' ":.   material  progress or the
. 1 how generously    in    most
thi 1   hail   heen   provldeil   tor
'  ���  Public rumls    Then, refenim;
'I ��� M.miiies., he emphsslxsd
' Inadequate endowment as
"'"*" bs ii���   history ,,i Toronto fni-
11I 11."  comparatlva  lack   ot
'    attended indspandsnl
!'""" m   down ii* ihe szlatsnos ol
fun) small, struggling universities
"' "I" id.11,inn,' provinces,
'I't'i Him iirttis.it Columbiaihould
i"1*" such adequate provision al   the
 ill  relieve  the  provincial
anlvorslt) lor al least a oentury rrom
"���",:' 1   "i want, nii.l that mp growing
n'1 r mi endowment ir msds on a
"iii'ii 1. in  scale,   would   probably   keep
,ai''' *lth 11 , .is ,,r the Institution.
���neb endowment he thought oould he
"'H'1'' inr in,.re easily now than In Uie
'""iii' wh,.,, un Increasing proportion
"' ""' public domain will hnve been
Hn..ii. in. siiggeated that provision
"WW i��. made si onoe rm- a suitable
""����� ni Bllfflclonl area, near one of thi
i-lili.f 0,
inns or population, Ihnl Uie e\
to tha endowment bin, ha said, was due
to lis imleiiniienesH. They bad been
asked lo vole 2,000.000 acres or land,
about the choice, location anil rulure
administration or which they were Klveu
no Information lie confessed he had aa
yet little knowledge ���r ihe details of
university eslalillshmetil or endowment,
und was wind t��� i���. Informed.
II" added that there is not yet In the
l-osseasliin or the laglslaturs, or so rar
as ha knew or the government, any reliable Information as to the character
or probable value of the vacant lands
of the province The reservation of
timber and mineral land rrom reservation ior lhe university was due in part
to such lack or Information, ami In pun.
probably, to the rear or giving away
ror a special purpose assets thai might
i,e required for general revenue.
Mi. oilier then gave, hh his own
vi.-w. thai perfection or the public
school ay-stem should precede the establishment oi n university, as morn
tiiii.lauient.'il and slfectlni a much turner class <��r ihe popnlstlon.   Bm he was
very rar rrom being uiilrieiidly to the
unlversiiy.     He said:
"I believe thai the welfare or a country depends more nisui the Intelligence
or Its people than on the wealth oi Its
nii'urul resources, W.- all ballets thai
lhe naiural wealth ol I'ritish ('otuinlifa
is very great it Is our duly lo provide,
lo Ihe best ot our ability, tor the de
velopillelll    aud    training   Of   the   illtelli-
:;e,.ce ol our people, and the chlei
means  to   that   Is   hy   the   provision  oi
eood schools and a k<m���i university."
Hut. he pointed out, there is always
tbe danger lhat larRe reserves oi land
will retard 'he opening up and sottle*
mi'iii ol the country, which must be
He offered, merely as hla own. the suggestion that a percentage ot the revenue
l���   substituted   lor endowment   In   land.
The chaiiuiau remarked that the
club had already suggested that alter-
native, but reminded Mr. Oliver lhat
any adeipiate grant from that source
would  l.eai   very heavily oil the  present
revenue ot ihe province
nr Arthur asked ir ihe legislature
would consider nn expenditure '.r %-'" ���
  .1 ysmr ror such a puris.se. having
already shown that more than twice
1 Imi  sum was found Inadequate by  the
growing   untveisllles   of   the   west.
Mr Oliver had grave doubts as to
whether the electorate would approve
so  large  a   giant
Finally he assured the club of his
general sympathy with lis objects and
promised that its communication and
any measures thai might be Introduced
on" the subject would bave his earliest
and friendly consideration and. he
thought,   oi all   his  colleagues.
The chairman thanked Mr. Oliver tor
attending and rm cmiil-ons and candid
expression of his views, und the meeting was adjourned.
Charge   Made   Against   Contractors   on
Transcontinental   Railway
in Quebec.
;"'' sh" ihoul I be tl, lennlned by tin'
'"i,rt-    uf    go   * j. ,,;.   (,,  he  appointed.
):" tha first racultl. * to he orgrf_l*ed
j**-* 1>-' those ..r mining nnd ngrloul
""; and ������'-������ ih.* bin ssUbilshlni ihe
��� Vi-rKlty   -*������,,.,.-.    ,K,    th(>    i.(iHnlt    of    (l(,
ni^lll">'K ��,| the governors.
' '��� Oliver thanked tin- committee for
n'(]1,lvi""in��� ,() Mn  ,0  ronr),r  W|(M
Jjjjr' 'J'"1 ����nicratulatad the club on the
ihlTSi Wn,k " hn(1 n,r(,|i<,y ,,nnr w
" "n'Hl ol B nieiiHure ho Important.
(,1( "'11,������'���'I lhal the leKlHlatnre and
_hH.vtt0mt8 w%n ta  r"v,>r Of the M
;ti;;;;h,''��'''' or a uni-anity and of such
with fa!0-! "s WOttW ��nftb,�� ���<,o ,ank
e u��Bt.    The opposition ofCervd
Ottawa.  Nov    18.-���A   deBpateh     from
La Tuipie, IV (J.. BtatSS that somewhere
botwaan itontraal and EUtIsjto Lo Pierre, ahum the track of tha Canadian Not-
tln-rn Uallwiiy, there uie tleehii; from a
oontraotOT Lhreatenbm their   lives, kIx
Ill-clad. Imlf slaived hireiKnerR. who re-
lused tO work on the Tran.-nnntlnSntal
bacausa they had Im. u eiimiKed under
Mn     pleteneeH \'\h\     et. i lined     thiit
they were ell.|>lo\ .tl to Work In the vi
einity ot eitle.'; and not in tttS wlhlH, and
that tiny axpacted, aoeordtni to the at
rau^eniiMitH, to (al  more    money     than
they found out on reaching their destination  they   would     net.  The     despntell
pointed out  that  ihe Immigration da
pin i mint was likely to tuke tlie mutter
up, as It wns alleged that the men signed eontiii'-ts in  New  York  with an em
pioymeut ageiil of Montreal,
At the Immigration department the
officials said they were nol aware of
any oaas in whleh cont ractors or employment agents had gone to nny of tin
United Slates Oltlos and hired men to
work  on  tlie   railway,  but   that   it   wan
known that tares had been advanced to
laborers In Montreal to carry them on
to points where work  vrai  going on.  11
wiih reasonable to suppose that the oon
tractors would employ every legitimate
means to see that the men remained
until they (the contractors) were reimbursed for the money advanced. Cum
plaints  had  alieinly   been   made   lo  the
department of cases where other (ban
legal means were taken to prevent
men QUtttiUffi and tbo department  wiih
oarrying on nn Investigation to aaoer-
min the truth (��f falsity nf the aaeer-
An oflloer of ihe   department   i* ni-
ready on his way to conduct tin Inves
ligation in oonnectlon wiiii ipeclfto com��
plalulH entered agal&lt one llrm of con-
ti actors.
Fiftt Cents a month
Steve Adams Responsible
for Two Deaths
Evidence of Former Adjutant-General
Bulkley Wells in Murder Trial
at Rathdrum.
Rathdrum. Nov. ill.���Yesterday the
feature ot the Adams trial was ihe ten-
tlmon.v or Itulkley Wells, adjutant sen-
��� nil of lhe mule militia or Colorado .'iur-
ing the labor iroubleH there. Mr. Weljs'
t.isilmony was in pan as rollowa:
Mr. Wells stated that he was a miner.
a member or the state railroad eomniis
���ion and wan lor two years pceoeding
April 1. 190", adjutant general ot the
State  iniiilia.
Von aie acquainted with the defendant.  Sl.-ve Adnuis?"       i im,"
"When did you meet liiui flrsi'."' "On
the 27th or May, 1906."
"Where?" At a station called Orchard on the Oregon Short line In Idaho,
about ::u miles rrom Home City."
"What was your business al Orchard
on this occasion?" "To meet Adams
and ho to Colorado with him."
Slate whether or m, he came there
on that day'.'" "lie ill,) with two men,
lieu,- Johnson and S. C. Thlele."
How uid they come, ir you know?"
in a wagon���carriape from llolse."
"Was there ftiiy one accompanying
you on Ibis titi>?"     "There was."
"Who was ll ?" "The clly marshal ot
T. llurlde. Coloradi,,  W   W. Ilunnela."
"What was your object iu going to
Orchard on that occasion, on the occa-
slnon you met Adams?" "To meet
Adams and go with him to Telluride.
"For what purpose?" "Adams bad
slated that lie could Ureal,* the body ot
 .     To   endeavor   lo  locale   at
Teluride, Col.. Ihe reinaiiiK of a man
who had been killed Ui the labor
I roubles." ^
"What name?"    "Harney."
"State whether or not he accompanied you on that trip?"    "lie did."
"Who accompanied yon besides:
Adams  when you   were on  thai   trip?"
"Depot} Warden Mills or the Idaho state
"Did you have conversation, talk,
wlili Adams on the road?"    "I did."
"Whal parlicuhtr pari ot the ear did
you occupy tin iho trip? I'he drawing  room."
"What was the. talk you had with him j
with reierence to the various crimes ln
which lie stated be had been concerned
���did >ou have miv conversation at that,
time with reference to ihe killing in
north Idnuo in the St. .Iik* country?" "1
"The killing ol a ninn named Tyler
and a man named lloiile?"    "Yob."
Where were you nl Hint time, OH
what   part  or that  road were yon  when
Ibis   talk  was   had' Somewhere   be
I ween Salt Luke, Utah, and C.nind June
Hon.  Col."
"Who was present during lhat conversation?" "I llilnk no one except
Adams and myseir."
"Prior to that time, or ut that lime,
or at any Utile prior Mi Hint, did you
offer any Inducement to Adams to make
a stutenient lo you regarding these mat
torH?"   "1 did nol."
"Did von promise him anv Immunity
or reward al thai time If he would make
ii stnleincni with reference lo Ihls mat
lei or had you done so'.'"   "I did mil."
"Hid you make any threats lo him at
nny kind?"   "1 did nol."
"Or throats again"! him there?" "1
did not "
"Did you iii that time know anythlnr
ale,ui any crimes that might have been
eoninillled, alleged crimes, committed la
tbe St. Joe country?"   "Yes."
"Who brought that conversation up?"
"It was In th mrse of a general conversation at lhat time."
"Who directed Adams' attention ro
thief "He spoke ol 11 hlmseir In con-
ii, iii*,i> with another matter."
"What were you talking about, or
Whal waa he talking about that led ap
to the killing in ninth. Idaho?"
Al this Juncture Mr. lint-row ohJecteiU
io   the  testimony   which   vs.   partially- 1
what he said in connection with the
Tyler matter, whether it relates to another occurrence, the discussion of
which and question as to Adams' movements atter that occurrence led up to
this statement."
Mr. Darrow objected and the objection was overruled.
Mr.  Hawley���"Go ahead general."
"Adams had been talking, had been
talking about tbe night or the Independence explosion in the Cripple Creek
district and 1 had.asked him where he
had gone after that explosion had occurred and after giving the details as to
it immediately after the explosion lie
said he bad gone afterward to north
Idaho in the St. Joe distiict and had
helped Simpklns to bump off two men
who had tieen giving him trouble over
his limber claim."
"Is that all of that converflatlon?"
"On that Biibject."
"Did you afterward talk to him~on
tills particular subject?"
Mr. Darrow���"You mean the Tyler
Mr. Hnwiey���"Yes, sir, I Tyler and
Witness���"That was all we said at
that time. I dare say it came np again
in the course ol the week that 1 was
wilh Adams."
"You were with Adams a week, you
say?"   "Yob."
"Where?" "In going to Telluride and
returning to llolse."
This closed Ihe direct examination.
The crnss-oxatiiinalion railed to shake
ihe testimony or tin* w-HneHS in any
way and was uninteresting.
On redirect examination Mr. Wei's
said he had round the body ot Harney
just where Adams had mapped it out
Tor him.
Recovery of the Insignia of Order of St.
Patrick as  Mysterious as Their
\ Disappearance.
L-ondon, Nov. 13.���A despatch from
Dublin lust night says: 'A rumor Is in
clreuhitlon of a very Renaatinnal character concerninR tbo dlKappearauce of the
Dublin castle jowoia. it i_ ��-....* that
ibey have be-en restored and are at present In sale keeping at the Binning���ftai
tower whore they reposed bolero they
were taken away. If this rumor Js true,
the restoration of the jewels, consisting
of the Insignia of tho order of St. Patrick, was even more mysterious t.hnn
their disappearance on July tith when
an official discovered them to be missing
from ihe safe. Scotland Yard aud Irish
detectives worked unremittingly on the
mystery until an order was receivod
from a mysterious source which caused
a cessation of all efforts to find tho
jewels. Accordingly notices sent to
pawn brokers were recalled. At tbe
time tho insignia disappeared arrangements were being made for the installation of Lord Castletown as a Knight ot
8*. /Hatrlck. The installation has not
yi*l taken place.
President   Roosevelt   Directs   That   "In
God We Trust" Be No Longer
Inscribed  on  Coins.
Reserve Should Be Equal
to Needs
Mr. Fielding's Proposal to Relieve
Situation���News of Canada
From Ocean to Ocean,
Ottawa. Nov. ia.���The present gold
reserve of the Dominion government iu
security for bank nolo circulation, totalling hetween JlS.ono.li./O and $60,000,000,
is about $1.6oo,u00 more than actually
required. This may be sot free so as
to relieve the demand of the grain trade,
hut it will only afford temporary roliet
as elevator companies rely upon banks
for practically all thai is rctpiirud.
Montreal. Nov. lit.���It was hinted in
financial circles today that Fielding hud
nsked among other things, that hanks
advance money to remove wheat ami
that money bo given at a lower rate of
interest than now charged, and if necessary the banks must issue new bUlAto
meet the legitimate needs of the grain
trade, the government to make itselt
responsible for the same.
Brampton, Nov. 13,���The case cf Henry vs. Mothersill is being tried here at
the fall assizes. Henry is suing Mothersill. who Is one of tbe wealthiest
farmers in the neighborhood for $'-10,-
000 damages for alienation of his wife's
affections. Mothersill is about 50 years
old, married, and has a family. Henry
iias a family of two daughters ��r_o u.t-
the principal witnesses for tho plaintiff.
Tho alleged intimacy is said to nu-.-*.
continued for several years. Henry
yesterday was examiued lor four hours
and told a story unfit for publication
uablushlngly. The two daughters corroborated their father's evidence. Mothersill denied the charges. The evidence  was  all  In  last  night.
Washington, Nov. 13.���ln answer to
one of the numerous protests which
have been received ut the White House
against tlie new gold colus whleh have
been coinenl without the words "In t.od
We Tmisi." President Hoosevell hu>
wi lit en a loiter which ho today made
public.    The totter ��n>�� l�� part:
"When tho iJMeillbu of lhe new coin
nKaiu came up we looked Into tho law
and fouc-fl inhere wtjh no warrant therein
fro putting "lu Ckwl We Trust' on the
coins. As the ctistoni, although with
out legal warrant, bad grown, however.
1 minliL have fell at liberty lo keep the
.UKoriptlun had 1 upprovod or its being
un the coinage. Hut an 1 did not approve nf It 1 did not direct thnt It should
again bo put on. Of course the matter
of Ihe -law is nhtiolutcly In the bands of
congress, and any dlroction of congress
In the matter will bo Imn.edi.ivl.v
"At present, as 1 have said, thore Is
qp written law for the inscription. My
dealing In the mutter ls due to my very
llrm oonvtotlon that to put such a motto
v.t. coins ov to use it ln any kl-idled
manner nol only does no good but docs
positive harm, and is in effort irreverence whleh comes dangerously close to
sacrilege. A beautiful and solemn son-
tonoe, such as the one in qeuestlon,
should he (routed and uttered only with
thut line reverence whleh necessarily
Imiilir-w n certain exaltation of Hpitil.
Any u��e whleh tends to oheupen it and
above nil any uue whlrh lends to
secure an Tietng -rrented In a spirit of
levity, ��s  from  every  stand   point   pro-
Hrandon, Nov 18,���One of the oldest
land murks disappeared last night
when McKay's Uvery barn on Tenth
street was totally destroyed by fire. The
cause uf the fire is at present unknown
but it was first noticed in a bale or
*uiaw at the rear of the barn. The
barn was owned by Hector McKay and
was insured. Frank Curls, who rented the structure, had at tbo time of the
lire in the building, fifty head of horses.
Several valuable cabs, buggies and
other rigs iu addition to a considerable
Quantity of harness. Tho horses were
turned loose und driven from the barn.
The other contents were also saved by
Lhe citizens who all helped. In the
toft, however, a largo quantity of hay
and straw in addition to 1*500 bushels
or oals were destroyed. Tbe fire lusted  ul>out   two  hours.
to defeat John Mar h in a 15 mile race
at tbe Arena rink tonight. The race
will be a scratch one this time, and as
both men have been training hard for
the event, a great contest will likely
result, and several new records may be
hung up. Shrubb has been dissatisfied
over the result of his last meeting with
Marsh, when he was beaten on account
of Shrubh's ankle giving out, and he is
going out tonight to show his friends
what be can do and will try his best to
win tils ankle is still bothering him,
but he does not tbfnk it will give him
any trouble in the race.
WInnli>eg. Nov. IS,���As a result of a
conference held yesterday between second Vive President \V. Whyte, of the
0. P. R-, Hon. W. R. Motherwell, of
ltegina, and C. Anderson, secretary of
tho Saskatchewan Grain Growers' Association, steps will be taken immediately to relieve the car shortage which
is fairly prevalent throughout Saskatchewan. Seventeen engines are being Immediately removed from double
tracking work on the line between Winnipeg nnd Fort William and more will
lie taken off from other lines to meet
the requirements, even at the expense
01 the company's work.
Capitalist Poisoned.
New Yoik, Nov. IS.���Coroner Hard-
litirg. r is investigating the death of
Nathan Westholmer, vice president of
the Heittngef Charlton Fireworks company, who died suddenly at. hla borne
yesterday. Mr. Westholmer did not
arise when he was called yesterday
morning and several hours later when
his wife went to his room she found him
dead. It was at first believed that death
was caused by apoplexy, but an autopsy
developed traces of what the coroner
physician believes to have been hydrocyanic acid poisoning. Mr. Wosthoimer
was interested In mines in Nevada and
California and recently reiurned from a
two months visit In the west, m
Successful Westerners.
Kingston. Nov. IS.���W. Stott, R A.,
of Vancouver, and G. D. Robinson, ol"
I'lackfiebK, Alia, among others, have
won Queen's University theological
1-clllU    Ovi-r��|j   Cu-arl
Toronto, Nov. 13.���Action to recover
$2,000 has been entered by Samm! It.
Sharp against the Canada Cuba Land
company, in connection with a loan
which . it ls alleged was made by the
plaintiff to the defendant company.
New   Brunswick's   Forests.
St. John, Nov.  18.���Berdre tlie Cnnn-
dlan Club last  night  1-ieutonant Governor Tweodie urged ��   -servation of the
forests of Now Brunawlok.
E.  H.  Harriman  Must  Explain to Court
How and Why Union  Pacific
Waa  Manipulated.
Is-ethbrldge, Nov. 18.���.lames I..
Hrown, formerly proprietor of the Royal hotel at Me.Heine Hat, died sudden
ly at tho Royal Hotel at Taller, Alberta,
lie was taken sick with erysipelas.
Mr.  Hawloy���"Go  ahead , aud  state- t* round.? to bo regretted.
Lethbrldge, Nov. VS.���A sad accident
occurred lasi evening about six miles
from this city, when the second young
est child of W. H. M orris, who was
tiding on a threshing machine sopar-
alor wilh his rather, fell of. The little
follow was run over by tbe maehine
and  Instantly   killed.
Saskalc.on, Nov. 13.���Some Umo
Tuesday morning burglars paid a visit
to the gents' furnishing store of ll, S.
Parker on First avenue, and made a
creditable haul of the best stock of tbe
store, the c'othing taken aggregating
A total of about |500 or more. There
Is no cine as to the per pet raters of the
deed and it Is thought that by this time
they are many miles from town. Tbe
police bave been notified and the nml-
ter is now in tho hands of Sergeant
It ra nib ni. Nov. 13.���Tin? llramlon
school board this evening accepted an
offer of the Neeveu company of Chicago
for $111,000 worth of five per cent, debenture!, at HO flat.
Rumored Ama.\u*ation
of Smelter,
Winnipeg, Nov.   13.���-Airrod     Shrubb.
the great English runner, will try again
New York. Nov. 18.���After several
postponements, the government suit
against K. H. Harriman and Otto H.
Kahn of Kiihn, Loeb & Co.. to force
them to answers questions put to them
by tho Interstate Commerce Commission, was called for hearing today before Judge Hoimh In tbe federal dis
ti-ict court.
The questions on which the contest
is made involve mainly the purchase of
Illinois Central stock by the I'nion
Pacific through Kahn, Loeb ���& Co. Kahn.
representing tho well known firm of
bankers nnd brokers, will be nsked to
gBBWer this question: "Were nny or all
of the Union Pacific directors interested
in the block of stock sold by your company to the Union Pacific In August,
I'liif.?" The government seeks lu show
thnt the directors In effect sold lhe
stock lo themselves, acting for the railroad.
Harriman Is to he nuked concerning
his connection with Ihe sensational establishment of Union Pacific stock on a
10   per cent,   basis In   August,   l.Mi.i,  fo!
lowing the announcement of which ih
slnek went Up about  twenty   points.    It
Is  alleged   (bat   tbe announcement   wus
bold  back   two  days   to  give   those   on
the "inside" a chnnce to buy.
Kahn will bo asked to toll whether
tho Illinois Central stock sold by his
QOmpany to the Union Pacific was not
acquired by a pool made for that purpose. HurHman will also bo usked what
he paid for tbe stock In the St. Joe nud
Grand Island, which be, hlmseir sold to
tho Union Pacific. This he positively
refused to tell lasi winter and It Is supposed he made some Utile profit by the
The present action is In tho rorm of
ti. distinct lull against the two men on
lhe ground thai under tho law. iho Interstate Commerce Commission has full
Ppwer to Inquire into these matters und
that they are compelled to answer all
relevant questions.
IVIining Man Dismisses Suggestion of
Permanent Closing and Scouts
Idea oi Depression.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Nov. 13.���A prominent
mining man, who does uot wish his
name used, expresses emphatic dlaaent
from several recently published predictions that a more or less prolonged depression is at hand, and particularly
that the urines and smelters of the
Boundary district will be Idle.
He points out lhat tbe three smelters
of the district were all built and operated, and the mines opened, equipped
and u|>erated when the price of copper
was no higher than It Is today, and that
nevertheless most of tbem have paid
big dividends.    He added:
"Conceding that the cost of labor and
material has advanced. It has been more
than offset by Improvements Iu equipment and methods. If tlie production
of copper was a profitable business two
years ago, lt Is so still."
Asked as to his theory of the reasons
for tho present close down, he Raid: "It
Is not because oj��-ration doesn't pay. I
can't give authorltaUve Information but
I will tell you of some reports that are
circulating among those In tbe know.
You have seen, of course, rumors of
amalgamation of tho B. C. Copper and
Dominion Copper companies. That was
only part of a larger plan. The Granny
company was also interested. That
deal has unu-i, -....~-.,.,.i. uv the withdrawal of the Dominion Copper company, which then ceased to operate its
plant. Negotiations for the union of the
other two continued and are said to be
practically concluded. If that is so
there Is nothing remarkable about a
temporary suspension while the new
partners take stock of each other's assets. As a matter fact the Granby furnaces are not blown out, the fires are
simply hanked. That does not look as
if a long suspension were contemplated.
"Meanwhile, it Is said, another mining and smelting firm, one of the biggest, has heen negotiating ror the Dominion Copper company's plant, and
that they have acquired It. lt Is a fact
that immediately on Us closing down
an order was placed, or at least enquiries were addressed, to a big machinery
company for the Installation of a converter plant at Boundary Falls. The
company in question has many rich
properties In tho Boundary and can
more profitably'treat their output there
than haul It to their own smelter.
"If these reporta are correct, nnd
there ��ro many reasons for It-cllcvlng
that they are, the present closing down
means not suspensh 11 or reduction of
activity but a greal expansion within a
very short time.
"About the wages? Well, there may
bo a slight reduction as a by-product,
but 1 don't think thnt Is an important
feature in the case.
"The world's demand for copper Is
not curtailed, and there ls no serious
overproduction. There has limply l.een
a panic caused by market manipulation
and resulting In hasty withdrawal or
capital. Tho business of the American
continent has outgrown Ihe capacity
of the currency to meet Its needs.
"There cannot be bard times In Canada or the United Stales. Wealth Is
being produced faster than ever before
and the demand Is growing quite aa
Inst us the means of supplying U. This
lulk of depression Is foollah but it may
do barm. It may frighten some of Ihe
money needed for circulation Into socks
and cupbourds."
Depression In Chicago.
Chicago, Nov. 13.���There have been
large reductions In working forces In
many Industries In Chicago during the
last few days, owing directly to scarcity
of orders and business depression. 8ev-
etal hundred men were laid oft directly
in various woodworking establishment.**.
Several other concerns are running
short time In an effort to maintain their
r '.I
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���   I
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Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
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In tlie meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
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Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
Capital Authorized $10,000,000Capital Paid Up ....
Rest    $4,860,000
D. R. WIL.KIE. President.
. . .$',860,000
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed on deposits  rrom date or deposit and credited quarterly.
J.   M;   LAV,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.   1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
'i-OiAu at I tfN r lum given to the
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest    credited    Quarterly    �����-���
<)3Mlr.Q>   D-.ni.   Aacounta,
HOME   SAVINGS   BANKS   Furnished
On   A0Dlicati**n    I"   I   -*-o-.    M.Hii.rrt
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published fix OMft a week by tbe
Baker Hi..   .Nelson, B. c
Subscription rales, bo cent* ft month delivered
lo the city, nr $5.00 a year if s*:nt by mall, when
pabl in advance.
Advertising rate- on application-
All mouiin paid in  aatttament ol Tha Daily
Canadian   aoOOD���ta,  either  fnr FuhsiTiptiuh-*- ut
sdvertUlug, must be rc-.-F.pt'- I for on thi
forms ot  the Company.    Othei receipt*" arc not
Wednesday,   November   13,   1907.
That  British Columbia  la to have a
provincial university is already determined,   It reata with the gov*! rnmenl and
the legislature, and Anally, "i
with  the  people,  to say  whether  thai
university win be   a small,   atrti
and tnefficient1 Institution oi on.   rei
commensurate   with    the    educational
needs of the province.   The question li
very largely one of endowment,    it  Is
true that no amount of money ran give
to a  new  foundation  the   wealth  ol   as
soclation,   tbe utinosphere   oi   acholai
ship and cniture, and the authority In
the world of learning thai are the tn
herltance of Oxford and Cambridge, ol
Harvard and Yale, and to some degn i
of lUctilli. Toronto,  Queen's  and  Dal
hoosie.    it Is    equally true,    however
that even  the  most   venerable  univei
si ties  may  be crippled  and  itarred  bj
failure of the state or the public to pro
vide    adequately    rot    their   materia
it was gratifying thai the proposal Lo
endow u university mel with no oppoa
ltlon to the main principle, in a young
state or province, while pioneer condl
Ions Htm Kiirvivo, it i�� alwayi to be
feared that the pressing need for more
directly ntllltarian work will lead to
antagonism to whal some regard as b
luxury, il Ih gratifying that there Ii
general appreciation of the Importance
of education, and the need ol a untver
oity at* the crown of an educational sys
ti-in. Ah admirably expressed b) Mi
Oliver, quoted elsewhere in this Issue,
even tbe material welfare of a country
"depends mors upon the Intelligence ol
its peopir than upon the wealth of Its
natural resources." British Coin in hi a
needs the beat nilnluK engineera It can
K��t, the best railroad engines re, exports
in scientific agriculture, in forestry, aud
in all the other sciences related to the
rvation and development of Its
natural resources. It also wants the
ablest and hest equipped prof, sslonal
: * n aval able, especially, let it be said,
In the tea-bins profession, upon whose
work mosl di ponds, it would be a misfortune and almost a disgrace if such
avenues were closed lo the youth of
British Columbia, or open only to those
Who can afford to attend distant tini-
v< ; BitleS.
British Columbiana generally have
abundant faith In the future of their
pi vince. They must expect that in a
few years it will be tbe home of double
������ ble Its present population, a be*
ginntns should bt made ai once for
provision ol the means for training and
oping to their fullest the talents
of ihe BiItish Columbian! oi the future.
\ land grant, even much larger than
Mm one aln ad] made, from the lands of
ovlnce which are nol now revenue
producing, would nol make the province,
noi an} individual In 11 poorer by one
Of  trse money  must  be found  for
the iii ��� dings and ror tha first year
of the work, and for thi expense of
choosing and locating the laud endowment. The faculties mosl closel) re
lated  to the  presenl  Industries of the
piovitie.      BhOlild    COme    ftrSt,    and    need
nol  entail an extravagant sum out of
iii   revenues of any one year.   Noons
is  the immediate  establishment
ot  a oomplets  modem  university with
_] ltt faculties. Slow growth is often
the Ju althiest, but nothing can be urged
In iavut ot further delay In beginning
\ mi nothing can bt gained and much
may  in-   lust   by any  delay   In  setting
i Mi- a re erva for future needs. The
newer American stati-n have generally
made uch rest .rves Immediately upon
th��i! organizations and their example in
thi]  respect is well worth studying.
Above   all,   provision   inr   so   vital   a
[jub ie need must  not  become an issue
in   patty   politics,  aud   11   Is gratifying  to
learn thai on the main question the op
position will support the government,
not will any fault be found with them
for striii scrutiny Of details. It is lo
lie hoped thai  hy the time the promised
Mil is Introduced all the members win
bava familiarised themselves with the
subject ami attained to an appreciation
of the Importance of the measure und
the necessity for large and generous
-;; :
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Every garment is guaranteed, to be In
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t   THE  ROYAL RA^^-f����'
I diamonds!
In buying Diamonds lhe purchaser must exercise the Kreat-
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dealer. A dishonest dealer can dupe the purchaser In a hundred
different ways. It is therefore desirable that you have confidence
iu the man  with whom  you deal.
The Jewelry Store ot J. J. Walker has won an enviable reputation for square dealing. The purchaser can always feel that he
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We have Diamonds in all sizes You can huy any fraction of a
Karat, and as much larger as you can afford.
An Inspection  of goods is cordially invited.
The service afforded to Nelson hy the
Great Northern Railway has become a
farce and a nuisance. The change
from day to night service. If efficiently
conducted, would have been a gain. The
nijjht service is more convenient for travellers, and the delay of the receipt of
mail from late one night to early the
next morning is not serious, The changed schedule has prohahly nothing to do
with   the   present   Irregularities.     It   is
notorious that the <;. n. u. Company's
road bed, on branch lines at least, and
the rolling stock available for such
lines are not fit for a satisfactory BSf-
. ien. The chief sufferer is probably
II K Douglas, the company's court*
SOU! and Obliging agent In Nelson, who
of course is In no way responsible tor
the eiindilions, nnd has to hear the
brunt of a gnat deal of natural ami
Justified criticism and complaint.
Eastern Liberal newspapers should
not make statements about what they
Ban have iiu direct knowledge. Hut
it Is a fair presumption that the Ham
11 ton Times, in its denial of the employment of .Japanese at Prince Rupert
by the Grand Trunk Pacific Company,
Spoke on the authority of an official
either of that company or of the Dominion government. Whether lt is
right and in the public interest that
the company should employ Japanese
need not be debated here, but all will
Bgree thai untruths Bliotild not be pub
llslied, on  this or any other  question.
Certificate   of   Improvements
"Montreal ' and "Quebec" Mineral Claims situ
att' in tin' Nelaon Mining Division, of West
Kootenay  Plstik't.
WhiTt-locate il: wist branch of north fork nf
Halni'iii river, on 'inii' Mountain, about nine
Ui.l.-P from Krli', H C.
Take until*.;, that I. Alfred I'nuiHt C.allupe. Free
Miner'*  Ortlrlcatr-  No. BMW. Intend, sixty ��� :.,*,.���
from He- data bar-aof, to appir to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate ol Improvement*, for
Die !���'. - i- ��� it obtaining <-'rown '.rant* nf the
above viidnis
And flintier lake notice that action, Under
nee lion :!, iiin.i be commenced before, tbe i**-n
an it* of mieh Certificate of Improvements.
1 mte.i tlil* WHi ..1 a7 ot tfeplem ber. 1W7.
Notice i* hereby given thai al the
n�� xt meeting * if the Hoard of License
Commissioners for the District of Ymir
to be lu-id atr. p tin* expiration of thirty
days, I Intend to apply for a transfer ol
the License for the Grove Hotel from
myself  to  William Gosnell.
Srnest O. Borden,
Fty his attorney, Win. Oosnell.
Dated   Ibis    Uth   day    of   November,
Nelson I.aii'1 District.   District of Weat RootSS*!
Taka DotlM that H   Williams, QOBSpsMoa  ran
char; It  S. Uaatiutl on-npation elei*tr|i-in.ri; and
it s p Smith, oecupatloo lumDarmani all "i
Procter, B t., intend to apply fur uptriai nm-
barltcence ovei the followfag dSMnibea  landa.
CoinnieiKinK   at ��  post  uboiit three miles cost of
WllsonOraeS on south ahorsol Knott-nay  take
Until.-  loath BO  chains,   lie-lit'.*  east HO  chains,
thenoe&orth BOohalDi thenoe wast SO ohalna to
point ni commanoainant- eontstnlai 640 aoraa,
mora or tan.
iaptenbtr 28th, iwt7. It. wii.i.mm*-,
lt.H.  llANTINiiH,
k h. p. Smyth.
Hslaon I���ml DlatrlOt.   District of West Koo'ctiay
Take tHiilie that K. s. r. Sniyth. of   I roi-tcr, M.
0.i oceupatlOQ ��� NNii*erinr.ii, tut"ruts  tn iptil*1 for
a sfur ui tjnbar lioanaa ovsc the foUOwuig da-
���onbad land-, i
N" 1 Commenolng ata post plati-cd near the
nortlieHrt ��'tnierpoil ot Lot i*-o 9648. OO ���anon
Creek ami marked it. B P, Hmyth ���outhwaat oor
psrpoet No t, thanoa to ohaini north   mora  or
leas to about mid way nf the Houth boundary Hue
of tltnl.er lli'.Tiee No <��l>0, thence Wlelialtis ff.tt.
theuce to  chains  koiilh, tli'iice   40  ehulns east,
thanoeio cbalni twutb, thanoe so chain-* ^--.t,
more .,r Iom to tin southeast oornaf of aforaaald
l^it No 8M8,thenoa *n chains north, thanoa 40
chain* wi'.i fi the li'int of commencement.
lUUed 'aSfith July, 1907.-*> K. H. P. riMVlll,
Henry Kclchcrt, Airent.
NelFim liiui'i District.   Dlalricl of West Kootenay
Take nottoa that Simon P. gdUffal, of Maflar,
Idaho, ocoupalloti Iom barman, intends to apply
for a apeelil timber li.i-uco ovof the foi low Ihk
daeoflbad lands; on tha eajl slue pi Priaat river ���
(."omnu-li. liifc* at a post planted oil the east side
of f'rii-t ii\. r, two ami u half mil s north of Uie
liiUriiiili.noil boniMlury line, them**; nor h HO
eh it in*., thenee ca��l HO chitlua. thcueo aontli no
nhalui, thenoe weai ho chains to point ol qpm-
uieiieeini-m   enn u In lute 6i0 acren. more or lean
Dated Si pi   nth, PJ07. Himon P, Hi hikj-ki.,
k. w hmith, Agent.
tfSlBOO I Hi"l I'tnlrlct Diatrict of West Kootenay
'lake tint;.. that 'lyie K. Mfif.'Inro.of Bliavl'le,
Wash , occupation bsrbsfi Intends to nr����� >i >- tor
a atpaelaJ llmbar lloanoa orsf tlie Ui\u>vting daa
crlbed lainii.; On tha cast side of Priest river,
two urn 1 h half in IP-** north of lhe nilcniathnial
boundary Una:   Oommanolng at a i-oi-i piHnted
lutoiimi a hall mile*, mirth of tho lii'**riia ioiml
boumlary line, theme east *-��� chains, them-c
srilltii hi) i halns, Ihence west HO chains, Ih-riee
ii'trih HO chains to the point ol commencement
aud - "ii'Miiiii,: '.Hi acres, more or leaa.
Dated Hept. 14th, 11W7. Ul-TIiK %. McI'mirs*.
K   W. SMITH, *��ent.
Girls'   Winter Coata   at  Cost   price.
Girts' Felt Hats lesa than coat.
Snaps   m   Children's   Winter   Under vests  and   Drawers.
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You can buy a io-;icre Fruit Ranch  iu   the best   fruit-growiiij- district
in British   Columbia by paying   $io down and fxoper   month.
Even as an investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled in value within on year.  What will it do next year?
-J.   E.   ANNABLE
Nelson I-aiel Ule net. uistli.-l of W eat Koolenay.
Take BOUoa that Jay Bovee. of Klt/rllle. Wash ,
occupation butcher, In tends to apply l'-r a a-pedal
timber   lloanoa  over the   foiinwiiig   daaorlbad
lamia; on tlie cast side of Prleat rtver i mn
ineiKiiiK at a post plantei] one and a hall miles
uurlli ol International h'liimlary line. tb.n..
east HO I'lalim, then, e K��QUi HO .-h-.lt**. tin in-e
west iso ebalna, I hence north **��� chain- to tha
point  nf   'iilliiiii'lii'iiiiii'l.   eoUUellliUK   <*���>"  acren,
more or lava.
Dated -  pi    Uth, : ������'��� ' * *  Hovbk,
Nelson 1 .n.l District. District ol West Kootenay
Notle-e la hereby n I veil thnt 'M days a't, r 'lnt** I,
joi.n P. Hwe.JtH.TK, miuer.ol Nelson, S.C . Intend
t��i apply to the Hon tha i tn.-i i ommlaalonai ol
Iji-ei and SforkJ for h - i ��� ��� i.ti licence to en I and
carry away timber from the following <l>��� ���< iiIh-.i
laiela ittoated on Hiimintt creek, in the West
Knotenay District:
No. 1 ('iimmciii-ioit at a post niarke-1 .1. P. H'a
timber limit, nnrtlieaat corner post, located fin
wot fork nf ruiiiiillt en >k about Un in i i.-a* fmin
main crrek, theme runiiiuj*; K.mili ho i hatns,
thenee nilinliiK �����-"��������� iO chains, iheme tuiiutntt
imrth 4o chains, thenee weal 4n elialils, tbenca
north HO chain**, Ihence    rnunliiK  cast 40 chain*,
tbeuce runuiuK south 40 ahalni. thanoaaaal m
chaliih in pla< e <d coin mi ncennut.
l-o*-aU.*d on thaSSUl day of AiikosI, IWJ7.
fniir* )', riwKbliaho,  l--*'ator.
per his agent 1'rick McDonai j.
No 2.   Oommaneins at a poal markad i P. h'h
timlter limit, imrihweai enrner   post, locatad ou
wait f"ik ot Hummit oroaJt, ataiut i��n imi. i from
tiiaiu creek, thanoa running, loaUi lo ehalns,
ttie nee running east Ho chain-., tin me running
north HO chains, llivticv runtilug weft *vi chains
tn plaOS  of  enliutictlccillCIIt.
Ll.Mttod mi Hie WUl day of August, Hs/J.
John y Bwsnaswi, Looator.
per his agent Phirtc Mihonai.u.
Notice Is hereby given that oo daya alter date I
intemi to apply to the Hon ��� hiet c ommfaalpnar
of I^hiln  and  " orks for twrrnlsslon to puri haho
tha following daaorlbad l&nds. situated in West
Km,i,.nay district : ('oiiimeiielug at a pi-st mark*
ed by name   as   initial   poat   nf   the   South   Fork
branch, ona hnndrao feet from tha lunation of
l*ist   creek   with   the  south   fork;   ihem-e   inn-
q uar tar mllo to tha north wast oornar post, thanoa
one   mile   to   the   liorlheaal  corner post, Ihenci,
one 'junrler   mile   to   Ihe WDtaNIt corner post,
thence one mile to   Ihe plicc of cun nielKeitiem
Juried, IgSJf, LoOStSd hy  Wm   OOSMOttT.
Nelaon Land District. District of Weat Kootcnay
'lake notice tha* Wesley llovec. of BlUvtlla,
W��sh , occupation butcher. Intend** to upply fm
a special limber licence over the following .lea-
crlbed landa; on the east Mile of I'm.-: over:
I ommanolng at a post planted one ami a half
mile*, north of the International  bouu 'ary line,
tbenca went ho ctiains, thanoa south ho ohaini,
tbenca aaat80 ohalna, thanoa north hu chains to
point   oi   commencement,   c   nialiilfiK  '-*o ai-ies,
more or leas.
Dated Hept. Uth, 1007. \\ i -; i \   lloVKB,
K   W. hMiTH, Agent
Kalapn l.an.l Dblrlct I'istricl of Wcsi Knnteuay
'lake notice that Henry Hebbtrl. ol Nelson,
Bo, prospector, in end to apply tor a i-. >*. i
itm tier licence over the following described
No. 1. - (���oinmi'iiciiig ata post planted near II.
W. northwest corner post, lot No. Itm, and
marked "Meiiry Ueichert south wesl comer
post '��� theuce HO ehaina north, thence HO chains
east, thence HO chains *.,iith, Ihence HO chains
wesl to the point of common' emeiit.
Dated Hept- the -Will, IKJ7.
Hrnhy RJDOHBST. I.ocslor
Nelson I-and District    District o| vt est Kootenay
lake  notice  that   I, l.barles Hldney   I \. of
Morton riiy, B c: , occupation farmer. Intend to
apply for permission to purchase tho following
described land :   uommt nolng at a iM>Ht plan tad
��� i  n v .    irli -s   ii.nii,'M*i   from   the   mouth of
Mosi'iillo prSSS "ol marked "('. H   I.'a llortheaat
��� nrocr," tbeueo south Ho chains, theuce went HO
chalna, thence north St) chains,   thence east 60
���1 alns in  poll.I
Ho acres.
Hept  7th, laOT.
commencement, i-nntainiiik
CHAitLsts Hmi-av LSAST,
Nelson l.-.ud District   Districtot West K<K>u*nay.
Take notice thai I, lofaO Jatues Cameron, of
F.tiiIc. H r.. oeounation contractor, mteti.l t*.
apply foi a special tiniluT llceu->e mrt Ihe loi
Ion lug described   I mid a:
N.>. t      Commencing h\   a   povt   planted   .. **���   I
thraa aulas from the we��t in-ip ,,t the B. 0.
Boutharn Rjr . on Carroll creek, ami adjoining
A J M. H. \\ OOTSar poat SO 1 claim, marked
"J. J. ('. N W. corner tt-wt," th-mc�� eraat Hti
chain-,  tin in e   S.miiIi ni ehalns.   tint.re   weat   HO
chains, thanoa north 10 ohalna to the place of
��� iiiiuin iiceiueiit cnntaliilng tilO acres, wore or
i'-jci October i>ib. l��)7
No. 2. C Jiiiincnclng at a [xti-t planted about
two and a half mile-* from th** WOUUtOp ot lhe
K   c . Southern Ky  on a small   siream  emptying
into Carroll Croak ana marked    J.JC.s w.
corner ���������-i ' thenee south HO ehalns, IhSBMM
aaatSOeoaJna,   thenee   north   ho  chains,   thf-me
vast SO ehalns to the i��oint of wwiiisanaaansnl.
containing f.-*i acres, inure or leaa.
Datod ���>< t..i�� r aath, 1907.
N., t. ('oiniiieticing at a p-sl planied alaitil
i.He hall  null-   from   tlie   weal   loop   of   Uie It. <'.
H.mtherii Rjr., on Carroll oraak marked "J J <;.
N. w fmrnar poat. theut-e south ho chains, theDce
aaat 10ohalna, thanoa no ih *-*> ooalna. thanoa
w-.i -vn  chiiliis  to   the   place   of  eoiiiinencemeii*
cohtnlhliig ('.to acres, mora or leaa.
Datod Ootohei .'**iii, n*u7.
John Jamks CaJTSSOV, I-orstor.
Nelson [.ami Dintrlci.   District ol West Kootenay,
Take notice (lint I,  Alexander   Jom ph   McCool,
of Ktriih , H   <   . iH'cupail'Hi, hud'I ksapaf, intend
to   apph    for a special   limber   licence  over   the
following daaerlbad landai
No 1. Ooamanotng ata post planied about
lliriemilra from tlie H C Houlhcril Kv. wesl
loop  oil  Carroll   creek,   marked   "A. J   M.  H. K.
oornar  poatt" Utanoa north ho chains, ihence
west Mi chains, thence sou III ho chains, (hence
east ho chains   lo   the   place   of coinmenc-eineut,
coll till ll ing NO ii.'re a.   more or leas.
Dated Oolob i a&tb, 1*17.
No l 1 iiinmeiii ing at a p s( plnnb l about
Min* Hint a hull mile Irom Die west loop of (lie
H   O, Boutharn Hy   on a   small   stream   1 milling
Into Carroll Cress ami maikrd "A. J  m  ls.w.
oorner post, (hence *���< uth H'i chntns,   ihence east
ho chains thanoa north ho chains, thanoa west
Ho chains lo the place of commencement containing (.in acres, tin.re or loaf
Dat.d October *��lh. 1��07
No I Cnmuieiiclug at a *..������' plHtiled about
two miles fioui tlie waat  lo-Op of the   H. < I, Hnuth-
em Bt. on Carroll creek, marked "A. '. M h k.
Oorner pout." Ihence west HO chains, Ihence
imrUi Wi ( IihUis, thence east hii chains, theuce
south *v) thalna   OOntSlning  B 0 acres,   more or
Dated Oetober Mih i��n
Al.sx iNimh JoasPB McCooi,, I.ncalor.
Nelaon l.aul District.   Dlstrlet i.l .Veil K(M>t-n��r
Tako nollce lhat I. David (i   Kiirti.t.l   s    *
B. Cm oormpaUon merchant, intend ie apply er
parmlaaion to purohaas tha biib.win((ie��-rii.-i
Uiid     commcneliig   at  a |n��l   [>I��mi.-1   al   1
aonthwael corner of section m. lovnsaip-u
Xooleaay, and marked "D "  K '�� -  H  <���������	
tbeiin    norih  Hit chains,   iheuee east  ��l chalna.
thence south B) ohalna. thenea west *' evM-hai
to the   point of   cohiliiem������ tiiciit ftie!  c��itit��uilli��
��� !.*o aoraa more nr leaa
1Mb July, 11WJ. luvmil Kraix.
W   A (alder, agrnt.
Nelson f^nd District   DwtJWt Ol Sari Kool-asr
lake n.itlc*. that Cnrtielni*. Keritman.of Al
tona Man,, oecupatlnii (arnnr inn Bdl t" ���IT11
for permlaslon to purchase thfl folU.w lug "���*���
erlU'd land: t:ommencltig at a post piam-nl ���
Frank F. Hcaman's H. K. corner, at a p��M raarteu
,'C B. N K corner," and runnlna *���������! wi ''-"J1"*;
thence south **�� chsins. east ho <-lisliia. n'��riB ���
chains to place ol bcglniiliig, coatalSlBf. i*-
acres of land, more Of less.
Dated iSnl August, 1101   WEITkUW BSB01UB.
ASTItraA    HrsToS. AgrOl
n,:...i. i.nu.i ntsiru-i. DUtrlotol Weal Kootenay
Taftl 11..11",' Hist I, KIIK���l���.|li K,-ikiis..ii. ..I N11I
Ron. T'i-11 Is.}, 1'i.hiinl.l,,. ,.,.'ii|.���tl<.11 umrrl. .1 wo
1111.11, 11.1.'ii.I I., fij.pl v Inr |�� rt.ttss11111 lo inn. Imsr
th.- I..II.M.IHM <l..s.rl'���-.l Isn.l : r,,1,11,1,'I,, I114 st s
post |.|hi.i.'.I hi , Iiuiiis west of tin- s.tiittu-sst i.or-
n.'C ..I Motion '. I ".'.'" 1.1|- . '", K...11.'liny, .11.1
in��iki',l "K K.'s N K ,���r;',T," llu'li.'i. Wirt M
.���hullls. tin.tici,   sotltli  411   1 l.Hlns. lln- Hil HI.
��� ..... ������. th.au north .ii ,-Iih in. to thoplae* .-i
. ..iiitncticuiiH-iit nn,I   rotilnlliln.  :'���''< si-res tnoru
l.'.lli Julv, A   ll. 1**1.    ICLISAT.TH r-siiill.ni,.
bv w. A.oald.r, sKint.
Mtty ,ls>. sllrr .1st.. I Aril, tl  lUU l",i""n;
rsn. 11. r. ���l llnrton ill)'. 11.1. i.-l !������ "ITir'''!�����
I'l.l.'l   lonilnl-l. r ol  l.i. I.sn.l   "''<���      '',
loils, II   <-.,t��� purrlis.,. tin-I..I    ""*      '      f.
Ibii.I. ���1.I.I...S.I ,.|  Burton     . ..mii.i i" m" "  ���
post  nisrScI  "A   A    B   ...ill." '���"'    "'''.
|.ln,,���.l���, ll,...v   w    |...rn, I  I "*���'''       "?
raanlaa north MebUos, ihsnos '������',"'l;,1:
lh.no. South*��� ohains, lion.** stmI*Jrhsim"
pis,',- ot . ..Inn ..mini ���     ,,,IM
All,I.si 1st, ll��n ASTIirsA   lli'SIOS
Retaea Uad ni.tn.-t   Dtstrloi ol w��l k-m.-t
I.S,. to.It.',   III.I   Atlsn.   M'l'IH.'liaJM
N,.|..,ii, .K-. npstlon llntnsll. llil.'l. I* "���������Hijl,
ls.|inl.M..n lP pur, lis-   III,.  I..II..��!'.�� ���''���' "
Isn.l. :    l',���nn..n.ii.K  ,.l s   post  I'",""', *'.,,
N. W.  rorn.r   I. sC    Morrison. r..n. li. If "J
slier. Ih. li*.  nnrtli   <"���<>   (*" ''T'"'    .....
sst   lo-ly  (41)) chsln..   th.no. .."il" ..
sins, il., n.i' w.'st lortvl.i'l chsln.   ����r "   .
o1l,l,.|H',.|I���'UI.    Stl'l   l-olllMlllH.*'    "'"
.1 sixty (Its.) s.t..,, mor.'oi I-'*- ,      ,..
III..,! Si-pieJlher an.l, mm.      *""''��� *
Nelson l-snil lll.trlet.   DUtrlOlOl VVMtK '"'"*���'
Tskn iioIIto Hist I* p Brook'.!'""'.' I ;:'.,'|,���r'
B.O ,ooonp.l ranohfr. lat-aili "J ��� ',!J|M
���tinis.Ion l. rrhsse lhe   l..ll"��'">' '."*'..",h���
',"'.''".'.''. *,"" ���'" I'lml'is. Iliem-e north J0
I.sills to p..I..1 ..I .'.-i.i I,,,.in, ,,,..,,, ,.,���,iuii,|ni. .0
irrus. mine or less.
August .'mi-, its,-,-
Joan I.,no.
jr "loss, (o nolnl .1 e. ne ii'i'L ''"i
llkl snri's, more or less. ,.L.si,s.
Iiste.l H,.|.t  bth. IKJ7    I'BlU.if llsn..i.'i"'*
Nelson Ih-11.1 l.l.lrl.l.   Ill.lrlel ���l ��,���.! K....l"i��
Tak.  noli���  thst  lins�� <''-"'i'"' :',���*" I../
Mn.in..I...      Isrin.-r.     Hit I"   ���"  ���,',,',,;rll��"l
o. ,...... n.i. lo ptiri'lisse Ho'  lollo*""s.   ,  -tsiiil
Isiid:   llmiuneni'liiK   si s I'""1,,'"���",������ rn��t,
s.'H'ti miles Irmn tli mih 01 Bosq""        ������(
st noilhessl oorner ol this spp " ���,���ib
msrke.l "II. II N. K. ewrlior," sli.l ri ill �� J h w
����� ehulns, llienee west WI ehsllis, I "' .    m.
tihslns,  lhenoe essl Mlehslus to I*""" '"
in.-ii.'.'in. in   'ontstliinf ,Hll seres-
A.Ti.i's a. at'sion. ��i'"'
Nol.on iJin.l Ulstrlci.  District ol "��-' """"""i
*al.   i'.����-....F:��� """""-���-
Tskn nollii. thst Krsnk f. ��������>"",',.lf
Alton., Mnhllnhs. broker. II"* "'".,'.,,. or.-
lor |..rml.sloli   lo   puri'lm".'   ""'   '" ' '.".tilrn ���'
. ..innioii.TminV, VonVsltliti. i"**""''1"''*
uswu aiih asr oi Am...t. i��w. . nu���,
AaiauaA. BrsTOH.M"" II you knew you could buy
[ finest  quality stamped "Canada Approved"   by Government
Inspection on every package, would   you trouble making it, particularly when it will Cost You Less.
We  have it   in all   sizes to suit   families, boarding  houses
laml bi.tcis, 7, 14 and 28 lb. pails; 60 lb. tubs.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
lu, Rossland
Wholesale* Provlttlon-t,
tl,.v.Tim.. nt Creamery Om< Hound I'.rt. ks received weekly frotth from the
1 hum      For salt* l.y all leaduig nr.xi-.
Ollioe and warehouse: Houston Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.        -        -        -        Nelson, B. C.
n of Appleton lirothers' tract.    Improvements  on every  block.
| Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim,
I r"
"     '
I  ;
I   I
| ������
l  .
r-1 '
i*.**,-' it..' nm
! ���
! *���"'
���-�� to lhe un-ltr-alane-l. *���*  Mi
���    I!-.ii*.-. Hi lhe City of Nelson.
i. nil the  li-.ur ol 5 oclO-'S, In
nl l-n.lay.   Nhu-uiImt  IMh, 1*17.
nl    the   ������i'resldeiil"   Mineral
������nun   1.   Ko-otajuay    iHatrtct,
*:. I t., in* forletted to the   ' r��'*u
Id in i be eny of N-.-Uon. ou tbe
. * *    f..r   deltU.tueul   laves  up
.   ls+A,   and    **o-.t��.     Tho   upaet
uid   Minarai   t'lmin.  which  in*
lint ���! .l--li.pi* ml   lanes   aud  eiwl
!   rt'Iture.   wilh  Iul*T����t,  laves
-       ... <l, . oats  ol   a ivcTtl��lti|-.
.n    .rant   (i.t. iii) u IM 45. whb'-
nut that win bsooasldstsa aa ���
���    I--    accninpanlcJ     by    SU
���  :..r the full   amount ut the   .en-
���   i-rttai  ��>t tha   i"eputy  < ..m-
I- slid Wort-.-, at Yl-'U-rla, ��  0.
Certificate  of Improvements
(hi* Mill .lav id OfM . ISOI
IIAKK1    ��� ��� RIOB I.
OoTI riiiu-nt A-f-i-ut
Tenders Wanted Ior the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
b'i, !��� n ��    ir  ���.-.������t   io  the   uinieriilitne-l   alius
11 ,   Ui   the   ���   itV  Of   Sel-i'll.
Ip til) Hie   bniir   ol fio'cl.** t��.   In
ii iii*., Hoi    IMh,   J*/7, fur the
m.    '   Mineral   Cla.ui,   1**1
��� nay   liiatrlet,   Kh! h   wag '!''-
i.  1   tn  Hie   CfOWa at   the   Ih v
_ >.  i , nil   tin   Mh .1*4*.   .'I
��� ��� i. nl   taxea   up  til   June
' i Itf dpaat   price   upon  tnl
aim   ��in. h include- the aiuuuni
inl   eost   at me lime   of Ior
inu-n  i. taxi'
.*. Iii. h   have
' -i    ���' *�����'... rtlstng,  and fee for Crown
WhleS I- tin- leant aim.inn
"���������*'��������� rod aaa t��*n��tur.
**'l<   l��i mun|    !�����   H.c.'itii.ariic.l     by   au
1 hi! II.,* lull   amount nt the leu
ii   ordoi ut -he  ncputy Oon
"������������   - and Murks, at Victoria, B.U.-
''���,l'���. *: N     -..i.. B.C. ll. Is I iih SU ut "   I . 1901
It il;i;i WTUUHT,
i.i...|| ,nii- nt   *.kciiI
Tenders Wanted (or the Purchase of a
Mineral Gum.
Ml ���- *.
iu ii..
- 'I to  ine   .inderalKii "<l   at   hi
��� ii  Minirtc, in the city ol  Malar"
.{- ' "'*"'" '
I-lay, Nm    IMh, 1*07, for thu
����� "Hangar" Minora) Claim,  i-oi
���    rila]    IM-Iili'l,   which   waa da
Itwl  to ih.' Crews ��t the lax
sm0.  ,,i' '     ' i ��� '���' Nolson.on lbs *ih -lay
>tili  la!''   JWlWuiias.   laSOO   up llll   June
aiil.,M-.     lhe   Upset price   llpuli    llic
sioVu        ' '  *in,i whioh Inolurtai thcatnount
Hriiiri i'ln1!' .l" *' ' "",| ,,,,Bt" ����� t,K'timu of ,ur
to' ...,'i l"��'Ttwt,  laves   which   hs-��  sines
( ��� '' ;"U "f 'ClvirilaltiK, and   lee Ior Crown
Ita s-i  "" ' l" *�����.'��, wh .li Is i lie leuatauiouul
JicT1  , r.     ,.* i I er.
in,,,, ";""   ""ti   In.  aecoinpanlml    by  an
.���,, '    '' ' ':"C-   tin the |,,||   Kmoiint ol the ten
slfiiSS���MUlli ",,r ,,f ���*���  l,-'l������y i oro
it,,,.- ' ���*----��� ��~d Workg,St Victoria, III   ,
'���Mat Si im.i,, || i-. this Mih day of Oct , UOT,
HAituY whig&t,
��� loverument afSllt
������t'nlnn" Mineral Claim nituste ln the Nelson
VinltiK IUvimou, O* the Went Kootenay Dtnlncl
\*> here looalH . on Ttiad Mountalu two and a
hall mile*1 irom Nflwjn. B. 0.
Take noth-iMlist 1, -*��� A Msedunabl. acting as
a-rcui for Hugh Hutherlanu, Free li mer's C��r-
llli -a��e No Hi'.".' -it* n. O <in>s from the dale
her. of. 10 appl> to Uie Mining Booordttf lor a
CerlllieaU' of inipiuTcmeiitJ, lor the imrpow- :.f
obtaining a Crown   liralit  of   the  ab*>ve  claim.
And further take notlct* that actlou. under
K*>etloii -E7. must be ctinimeiiced la-fore the n*-
inance nl such ( . rtltieate of lmprovementa
l>at-M this ��irO day nf *S-pteiut>er, A   1 ��� , I'.ar;
Certificate  of Improvements.
**lllr H.'iK' Kracti.m-' Mineral Claim, ���ituatc
in the Tmul Lake MtnltiK DlTtatoOi oi Went
KuuieiiMV iiialrl. l. bOOafd on I'uphir creek,
Take nollce that I, C. Padlev Krec Minern
i .rlitlcaU'  Nn.   Bar.'."...   intend tin days   froffl   the
dale baraol t" tpply lo lha MhiIuk Baoordar for
aOanllloataol unprotromanto f-��r the purpowj ol
obtaining a Crown '.rant ni the alxive �� limn.
And fiirthet lake uotlve that hcIIku O-dSl
BeoUoO   �����,    mum    1-c   eutntiicuced      bafOTg    the
Lasuanos uf Mich Carufltmta of improvements.
iMt.d thtsMti day ol October, 1*17.
In the matter Ol au api'llcaiion lor the n-ne Of
a dupateata Cartlfloata ol i Itla tor part [40 icraa)
ni l^.t Bia, Group one, in tho Dlstrlfitol Kootenay.
Notice la hereby rIvi ii  that it Is my   Intention
In issus at lhe rxptrallou ol uiie month ft.nn tbe
Orst publication haroof a duplicate i*f tne t>r
llflcaleol ntli- l"t Uie above Unila In the name
of Andrew Morrison, which Certificate nl'I lib-
is dated the  ftfch   day   ol Mar. h, 1WHI,  alul   nuin
barad Hit,
Isaiid   Iteglflry once, RaUoQ, B, 0 ,rt*jpu-iiiber
laih, 1UU7.
ll   F.MAci.gnn,"
iMntii.i Ki-ittatrar
Tt^rs Wanted tor the Purchase of I
Mineral riajm.
T,.,���t���r, u
tl�����'l lo i
S,'?''"'1''*''.'','.:', '���"?, "i"N."iw,.i",',',���,',��� i,r�� .ihdiy
���"tl,.^,.,  ���,���,-*;   ,,*-l.ll*|.lL-l>t    IS,...   tip till    Jllt,,.
LWainsrsi ft,?,,,'    ,'". "i"1"1 prla* >,t la��
!'.l,,ll"ri" 11.    ' "'''."h iii,ii,���l.s n... nl
'"'",...,,11,  ,"        ''"' at III,-  tlnia.il  lor
S?""*l.���'..*!. ,,|      !'Ml    I",l���   Wllli'l.    I.HV.   Sill.',.
.V'li'll;.,,., .. , "'i./tisliis. .not  l,.,. |���r  frown
'{'"in ,.. .,,;,',' i "iit.-ii laih.laaMaBOunl
K�����.     . .    '   "'   I'll I     MS  ..    I ,...
noorsltrtii*.!  st   Ills
,|���. I'llv ol Nulsoli.
-.'I'  im   Hi    hour ,,f  . .,', 1,,,-k lu
V.     ���   !>"��. IMh, Us)", I���r ll,.,
V" ,    '"Irk"    tlnaral Claim, I'.t
l.o     ,"    !     "'   '     '''���   Will* I'   W��S   .1,"
"i ..I to ti... Grown ��t ih�� is.
'��� l*v.
I us,. i.iV.lV-r.
i"', '   '";  ! i,i|.,,iil.'.l  by   sn
,,��� th. lull   Sll,'onit ol tt���> ton
'"''"I Ui'. !L' "". o. '" "'" ' ,'l'iny <'"i"
'"-,.ii.I Works,��t vi.u.rts, li.ti.
it obi, uoi,
���i��v|.rt]|in.i,i A.l'llt.
Ill ttir- lust lor ..Inn .pplleatlon [Of lit"' l-suo ol
.lni.lt  sl.-oltto'   l.-rttll'sl. ' ol  'llll.' to  lot. II.
I.'   Kli.l HI. ��,....f t. W.si   K ni'.   |.|st,t,'t, Ills,.
ku.oM. ss tl.r ' Koot. nsy I'l.lol, " ",'.iintorl"su.l
"I.inn" iiiiii.'r.l �� Ih.iiis r.'.| Itvely
Notl.v Is lit'rt'l.y ��lv,'ll It.si It is   my l-it-iilloti
to I--U.. mi tn. axptnttloa -.1 oi.*....... iu .. ii*, to.
i.,-I pablloatlon tursol �� duplli st. nl i ,., i iii.st*-
Ol   I'ltl.'    .*,..,.'.Mils ol    Mil   Utl.llV|.l,..l   *l  llHIllis   lit
os, I. ol Hi.' ���'..,.' lots, issm-ii on th. I7tb daj ,,i
Msy. A   1>. ISM.'. II. Ill*, ti.tn.'ol lolitH' Amswortli,
���ii.l si... ii duplloata ���i r-iiiii.ni.. ol Title (Jo.
twoaol sn iin.iivi.1,,1 li '.Mil* iu ,'d.ii nt tli.'
.bora lot*, i- ii.-i on Ho- i"iii.',,) ���' Mh>'. A i'
iHKii. iu tho nuno ot fJoort. J. Alniworth.
I nu.I ll.'Ki-ny nlll'T. Nil-oil, H. I'-. Aiigust Mli
II. K. Uai'Lhoii,"
iHsiri.-i Baflitnr.
in ll..* mslt.T ol si.    DPI! Minn tor II .' U n ' ot
srluplintaol ti... i. mi)..'*, oi 'im,. i..r lot a.
�����,. th��� ml hall ol lot U, i.l",'k in. I" U.*-- ','��'������
''���ioUMli.barabj -flwn m.it n autataat-aa
lo is.ii, ��t lb, uplrsUnn ol ..mo momI. siuj nu
llr.I toil lloatlnn h.rool ��� dupll, ���,,��� o  n���. ..'itlll-
Sst.br ii to loi it., i.i.ov.i i��. in ih.' iii,������'"i
LV*Tlaahi.lo.,wbloho.rllnr, i.oattfl ib.tlJt
l��y nl li..,'..,nl.ir. nil,,	
,.l H'ltll l
���'���ji r ��i��. i.Koi,.-'
lUMilil Iti'itlslrsr.
** ��t*.l��n. li. c, thliUM "I""
MAIlllY Wftl.iilT,
In the Matter or    the "Land    Reglttry
Act" and Amendment, thereto,
Im ,i,��� ���...ti.'i ..I .ni APPtlO*tl01l lor I'"' Iss'i*' ��'
, i,,,,ii,.,i, .  ii.' !"��� in,-*"" "' """ "" ';'"'
K.'.iSnsls lo'r.'l.v slvn ll.nl 11 Is  my   I.H.'iil '."!
i.^i.i,, ,���t ,'.'M.i...ii...i of,,,,,' rnontb iron, i,"
!'l!;,.l'i,:::;;,rrv;;;!,; wo';!1;'""mm^.',''���
;,Xrii,.'',i'.i��i' oiAimust. iww. sn,l M mi"-
Au,,...!, WI, "bwtrtit aSiirt"!-
The Daily Canatucui
Correspondent-of London Times  Struck
With   Enthusiasm   and   Vigor
of Prairie Dwellers.
In his third article cm Ciiuadiaii life,
tbo Hpecial currcHnoiident of tho Lon-
tlon Tiiiion Spoakg of his visit to the
Great Wsst Hi was evidently deeply
tmprosssd with tho abotmding local
patriotism and enthusiasm of the Westerners, each ol whom believes that his
own quarter section is the finest 160
ucies "upon the Footstool," and hla
post office address the most enterprising and attractive little community on
the  continent  of  America.
The Times correspondent remarks:
"They are all alike In this respect���all
enthusiastic, all full of hope and cour-
SfS, all determined to make their city
the handsomest, most beautiful, and
mosl prosperous in the Dominion of
Canada. T he mayors and public men of
tin se towns are men of energy, shrewdness, and conspicuous business capa-
ciiy. The mayoi*s are elected every year
hy the votes of the inhabitant li . and all
t;tke a pride In justifying the confidence
n posed in them. With such leaders
and followers the rapid development of
the towns ls Dot surprising. Urandon
is an example of what is daily being ac-
(.' mp.ished in Canada. Tw-emy-six
years ago the site on which lt stands was
sold for $25,000 (��6,000). Today it has
a population ot some 11,000 souls, is
one of the largest grain markets in
Manitoba, and itossesses public build
lugs and Institutions which would do
credit to any town of its size in any
part of the world. A notable feature
iu all these western cities is the attrac
tiveness of their churches. The sects
in Canada are numerous, but 'he "little
i.ethel is a thing which, so far as the
writer has observed, is non-existent.
The Methodists and Presbyterians in
particular affect a somewhat oraaiS
style of occleslastical architecture, but
It Is one which Is remarkably free from
errors of taste, and the result is creditable both to the denominations tneni-
selvcs aud to the towns of which these
buildings are a conspicuous embellishment."
He goes on to speak with almost western enthusiasm of the good work done
by the experiuienial farms in Canada.
Kast and West. Kstablished in 1899,
the volume of correspondence done by
iho experimental farms has increased
from 8,000 to nearly 70,000; and each
letter, it is to be remembered, answers
some   question   for   n   fanner   or   stock-
If some stores were to advertise to
sell regular bang tip 50 cent tea for 40
(tuts what would you say? If you bap-
pi-lied to road tho add at all you would
say: "That's a fake." And in a good
many cases you would be right. Il isn't
what is said in nn add that makes It
tiue���It's who snys It_
Whcn Joy says Uial for the balance of
ihe week you can come here and buy
a pound of regular BO-aanl Tea for 40c.
vou can depend on it being s<>- So come
ior this Tea. Joy will meet you at the
door at
Joy's Cash Grocery
C'or. Joaanhlsa & La���Bat sts.
Tel.   19.   NELSON,  B. C.  P. O.  Box  637.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
Notice Is licroliy glvon Hint Wilton A
Mlll.r, of the town oi Crouton, lumber
man, hus boon appoint-,*, tho now at-
tornajr   or   "Tho   Klnnay-iUllar Cedar
ItcKlatrar ol .lultit Stock Coiii|innlo8.
Victoria, llritlHh Columbia, October 27,
1 '.107.
PMBUSOIN,     -     B. C*
Tenders Wanted.
in luirsiiiin,',' ���r the order or the lion.
Mr.   JtlBtlCe    Morrison,   duti'il    lhe    litlll
Ootobar, A- D. in,'7. tendere will bo re-
nelved l,v the underalgned tor the pur-
ohaaa of lota 594, 695, 71T, 1848, 18*9,
";:t:i unit 598, known im the nine .lay,
"Starllsht No.8," "l.imt Chance," "Silver
Cord" "Bllaaard," "Little Widow."
"Starlight Kriu'ilon," and "(luleim"
a-lnerali claim* reapectlrely! one linn-
iheil tons mor* or less or zinc ore.
whereof slxiy tons are now l>inn ni
Kaalo and torty ions al the mines; and
an other Hn' assets ���r the Last Chance
Mining company, Limited.
Snili tenders, to lie tnaile 111 writing
to  tne  nil  or  beroro  tile  lnt liny  of  D*>
ramher, a. D. li>u7.
The highest or any tender will nol
neeesBtirlly be iu'eepled. Further parti,'Hint's or the property win ba rawah*
,..i on appUoaUon.
Hated the 17lb day or October, A. D.
official Liquidator,
The Last Chnnco Mining Company, Limited, Bandon, lliiti.h Columbia.
#10 DOW1N
We offer you best fruit lands;
best terms; beBt location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
ln paying for land. We want you
to put it into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Fruitvale you
misa tbe best in B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
W.   a.    GIUUETT
Citntrautur   and
Bole agent tor the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yiti-i** Bough _ud drefWd lumt-er, turned
work Kii-i br&clceu. Coast Intti rtnd -'linvi- ���, t-msb
and doon. Cement, brick -ml Uine fur sfcle.
Autotn-tic grinder.
Yard aud [actbry- Vernon Bt.. e-mt of Hail
NECl_._OrV,   I*. *_.
P. U   Hox xxi. Telephone |7t4
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale Kootenay Ice* Fruit,
Fftcl & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. coi. Baker   snd   Wsrd   Sts.
raiser, or gives him aoine advice. This
Ib in addition to the 806.400 poparts and
bulletina seat out annually; and one
risks little in asserting that the idea of
experimental farms ls one of he most
valuable: that ever Invaded Canadian
politics. Slowly but surely the experimental farms are conquering the prejudices of the farmers to "new-fangled notions"; and one may look forward with
confidence to the day when <>ur experiuienial farms will become directors Instead of missionaries.
S|>eaking of the treatment of the Indians by the people of Canada, the correspondent of thu Times is full of
praise, and remarks: "In showing a genuine solicitude for the spiritual, mental
and bodily welfare of the Indian children the Canadians have given proof
of a humanity and wisdom which are
in the highest degree creditable." Be
was much Impressed with Retina, and
says that there is an excuse for the
rhapsodies about their town which
form the chief topic of conversation in
that city. "The Queen City or the
Plains." "th*- wealthiest municipal corporation In Canada," "a city of beautiful homes,** are some of the epithets
fluent Keginans hurl at their hone
town. Now they can stimulate tin'in
selves with the thought that these si>uti
incuts are concurred in by the IQplSISII
tallve of the l^ondon Times.
At Electa* the headquarters of the
Itoyal Northwest Mounted Police were
inspected, but 1 ho correspondent felt
thai then1 was no need of Insisting on
lhe merits of lhe force that are recognized wherever the Kngllsh language Is
spoken. In Moose Jaw chatting with I
station master alt-out his rusphcrrh s.
bis sweet peas ami his trim little garden, Ihe visitor from l-oudon fount) il
hard to realize that he was 8,000 miles
front Printing Bonis Squam. Itlack-
filars.    Near Calgary he  was enti'italn
The Ball of the Season I
Will   be  held  on
Friday. Nov. 15th. 1907
���IN  THE���
(Corner of Baker and Falls Streets.)
Tickets can be had from any member
of the Executive or from the Secretary
of the 20,000 Club.
GENTLEMEN,   $2.00.      LADIES,   |1.00
T-emont House
Karonean and American Plan
He-tli 36 i-tf.   -oomi from -a. cu. to V.
oniy White Help Employed*
Baker St., Nelaon Proprlaion
Most coratortsbtr- nnsrtcrs      Nelson
Only tbe best of Liquors snd    Igsrs.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refur-
nlahed. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining reom ls unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. EBIOKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court Houss
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelson. B. C,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
&ATK8  ��.,  1-KK OAT
J-srs*.    aa .lomloruble Bedrooms .nd First
hUmDihIqu Room.   Hsmplo .looms Ior Udodic,
-lsl   sUu
MBS.   B.  I'.lXAliKK,   Proprietress
Bartlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar ti the Flneat.
White Help Only Employe*-,
loeepblne St.
Royal Hotel
Rut.*, fl and fl.GO a Day.
Special Rate* to HemUax Boarder.
The Sliver Grill haa opened under new management. White labor
only employed. Tha best 35 cent
meal In the city.
Geo.  P.  Player
Office  Room  No. 2,  ELLIOT    BLOCK.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Ctesnlng, Fixing and Clean
ng  Stovee,  ate.
t1   -set Baker St. Phone No. A11��
t'.l liy a rnnoher who hint arrived In Hif
country a ft��w years oartlor with a ft-w
rjottttdl In tilts pookst, and now owns a
ranch with stahiis ami nuilniil.lines
sin h as nre to bs m-fii in B&slatad only
nn thu pHtatoH of woalltty lundlonlH.
Willi Ihf Kioat Inlnatlon project near
' jil -;ir> the tnivelei was duly I in*,rowed, iiiul Canada will he wi It advei I is-
"(I If nil tho other KnizilKh corres|ioiitl-
BOtS DtslaS ho dlKcilnilnatlnt;ly. Mere
shunts uf wonder and admiration are
not veil calculated In ItnpicsK tile av
Dl-gS render of lhe hest KllKllHh pSpSllx
What they desire in a plain story of no*
luul conditions hero; and that ls all
Canada   wants.
Japanese at Prince flupert.
In its Issue of Nov. Hill the Kinpire,
Prince Rupert, says: "The Hamilton.
Ontario, Tljnes. ���- UhJnil newspaper
says: It Is n well known fact that (he
Grind Trunk I'acllie has uot commented work ou Ihe coast, and has no Japanese labor on Its payrolls..' This st:ih
mint Is reprinted as :iu editorial in the
Victoria Times, a I.literal D6WI paper
win d hy Hon. William Tenipleinan.
minister of Inland ie venue in the
Lnurlcr frovortunont. lt is a wel! ku>wn
fad ihat tho Grand Trunk Pacific Rail
way has al Trlnce lltipeit. nud has had
loi' months, Japanese lahor on Us pa>
roll, and lhat It has Riven a contract for
OlMUing a part of Its lownsite at I'rince
Rupert to a Japatipse (ontraetor who
employs Japanese, to the exclusion of
while men when there are hundreds of
Idle white men on the coast. The Umpire is not a Conservative newspaper,
ami tho above statement of fact is uot
printed for political teasons. it is printed i" let the people of Canada know Untruth."
Lake Frontage  Subdivisions
We have br.en Inntr-ictod to offor
for sale the following properties having first class frontage on the west
arm or Kootenay Lake and within
easy reach or Nelson. There Is
plenty of water on the property and
railway and steamboat communication with Nelson.
1. 8 acres of level fruit land, |500.
2. 60  acres adjoining the  above,
    ��M5 per acre.
3. 93 acres $24 per ac_
4. 82  acres,  price $2500.
K. 10 Vi acres with two-gtorey house
and   ontbulldfnga $2250.
H. & M. BIRD
A groat many sales have been made of lots In this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few best lots are left
Office Rooms For Rent
Suite (2 rooms) ot Office Rooms in Alan
Block, facing Baker St. Particularly good
McDermid & McHardy
ivi~i    *_r*r-��r��*_     ������1     -r��� 9W
AND DEALERS IN    Lt*__be_ f   S-ittgleSy
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned Work arid Bracket's.
Mail Orders promptly attended to.
Auction every Saturday evening. Auctioneering at Public Sales. Cabinet work and upholstering, and all kinds of mattresses made.to order.
Undertakers and Embalmers.
Notice is lieri'by given that the undersigned have Niilni.ni.'tl tu tlie Lieu-
unant-doveineiJ-Ui-Councll a ptttpOSS.1
under the Kivi*i�� and Streams Act for
tlie clearing and removing ulnstructioua
Imiii   the   lMihani'1    Creek    (utherwlse
known as six-Mile Creek) in the District of Weat Kootenay, Province of
l-ritish Columbia, and lor making the
said creek tit for rafting and driving
1 hereon logs, timber aud lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining dams on
Iho said creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booma for holding,
sorting and delivering loga and timber
[hereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay l-ake at the mouth of aald
Tho lands to be affected by such
work an* lyitu T87, 7SS, 7tH>1. 777:1, 4894,
.** 111 and S-tl.t all In Group One, Koote-
ii.iy I'.strict, ami other lands not Crown
tlianted,   occupied  or  improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
such iih may be fixed Uy the Judge of
ihe   County   Court   of   West   Kootenay.
Dated the 28th day of October, 1907.
160 ACRES���About eight miles from
Nelson. Frequent trains, cabin,
springs. Owner would subdivide if
necessary *20 to $25 per acre.
25 ACRES Near Nelson���Good. road.
Water  lights.  Smalt house. Stable.
Fruit   trees,   bushes   etc $4,000.
Also land    on    Kootenay and    Arrow
lakes, Slocan nnd Salmon rivers, etc.
Real Eatate Agent
S1S Baker St..  Nelaen.  B. C
Ml Klnila nr Heating  Planta In  Stock
Victoria St., Nr. Ooara Houae.      Tel. 181.
Nolle-* in h'-relty uivin itmt tho \iiiil*>r��f��ni--d
litav-' M.lm.Htc.l o in-' I*,--uii'ni*.nt (luviTiunyiii-
Coiiticil n i>r����i>.'*-r.t inntt'r th-> pi*-iTl*tOOI ot tli��
"Rivem unit Blrfsmi \i*t," d��r ru* rlnx uml t*v-
inovlnn nlMttrut'ili-iiis from n.mt Rivt-r iin<l Mm
ilow Cn'flt, In In 1i)k< rli't ui W.**��l Koolftmy. snd
1 t ti-AkiiifT the nitmc (It tor r-ttUiUC nnd drlr
i i.i; liiiT. el \ogn liinl'.-i. Iiiinln'r, Mifi.s ��� nil crtllU
I'i't lor crvt'iiiig rikI nu.iiit,, !t,iih* boom*! fof
iinl.liliK. WrtlnK rtinl dtfltvertpg l"��:- und IIuiUt
t r,.'ii,rl i ilmi ii --iil'l fHM'k ntul 'ivir. Kin. fur nt*
tn. hliiK t-onmii to tht! *-lii.) rut HUld QftSI IM
i   . i , lor ������* t i i��i! [, ,-."
Tho 1 iiiul*' to bu aronotl iir Miild work arn:-
lotn m, <M(i7, OW, .n.i Mih lot-- I, ft, tl lit. II uml
i-�� of I-oi 4r. i, i;roup i. Kootenay Dtr-trlet.
Tlie t'-Ui prop'"��� d i<> i-'- rhiir-fpd at*-* "iich an
limy be II ted t��y the Juc-ju ol lhe Cennty Court
i ( Was- Kooli'tia-
l��Hti'd -tlnl Juty. 11)07.
I Ha Intkkn Al i-.s* I. 1.1'MliHK A MSRCANTILK Co.,
I .TO.
Old Curiosity Shop
It you want to tin, or sell anything,
40 to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line or .i��|...ii. s.. Oooila now on aale.
All klmlH ol Dlnncrware In itoek. I'ut-
W'linrr 8 u. m. daily lor Kootenay l.un.1-
in;'. nml all polnla oast. Oloao connec-
UmiH lor Spoknne. ll.iiirnluK arrlvea
City Wliart 7 p. m.
TRAIN NO. 45 ror Rosalnnil and all
Coast points, connecting with Steamer
Kuxkanook Iravoa C. P. II. Depot 7.15 p.
in.   Whart 7.40 p. m. dally.
TRAIN NO. 43 tor Slocan, Hoaelierry
havos il*.j.,.i dally oxcept Sunday 9
a. in Rolurnlug arrlvea 11 p. in. dally
except Suuday.
TRAIN NO. 41 for Rosaland-Uoundary
leaves Depot dally except Sunday 8.45
a. hi. Hoturnlng arrives Nelson 10.30
p. m.
dnlly except Hun,lay. leaves City Wharf
7 a. in. I.iinln days: Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.
For further particulars oall or write
A.U.I. A.V.uvuuver D I*. A.. N.ltoa
��� i
1 f -'I
;  '    : I I
"   i    1
il' ,r
Long Winter Evenings
Should vmi be troubled with your eyes or bave difficult; in see-
Ingflne prfnl ai night, glasses will again give you Che power yon en-
toyed years ago
We have all Lhe facilities on Lhe premises to do this work perfectly and promptly.
Watchmaker and Optician
The very   newest nnd best
goods iu Wash Silks, Liberty Silks and Chiffon
Taffeta Silks.      All
the very newest
styles at
$4, $5, $6 to $10 Each
All Over Net and
Lace Blouses at
$6.50 to $12.50
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8ooJ
Acre Blocks.   ,
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & <_
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their ud-
V'AUtliKe to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
I .it i nl .--.I.
BUSH  &  MATTHEW, Props.
Phone   9.
P.   O.   Box   672.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealer. In staple and fimcy Groceries.
Butler, Ekkh.
Oamp iiiul Miners' Supplies.
A. M. Can. Sea. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce-.  Healcy Building.   P. O. Box 434
���sksr ���*, NELSON, B. C.
Tin- Hest HHr.i Coal on t:ie market.
Bankhead Uri-
The Beat DomaitloOoal.
West Transfer Co.
The tourist hotel of Nelson,
corner of Stanley and Victoria
streets. Two blocks from depot.
W. 11. RJcardo, England; It. II.
Jameson, Victoria; A. Q. llodsou, Winnipeg.
' -    ti* .'���������-    ������;..
.Bfe# ^1',, ",.-'"��<
Cor.  Vopnui,   arte,  \Vu,-U Streets,
I**iEI .HO.M, t��. c
F. .1. Lynch, Westminster; ll. a.
Whitehead, II. Noice, Toronto; A. II.
Tuttli . Fernle; It. Weaver, Victoria; I..
A Mansfield, Hosmer; K. McKlbben,
l... aland; W. Hunter, Silverton; J. A.
Teporteen, C. A. Cameron, E. W. Raw-
iii. W \. Allen, V. Creedln, H. A.
Dlersch, V*ancouver; A. W. Mackenzie,
S. Mclntyre. .1. C. Lelb, Spokane; S.
I Saimo;      Mrs.  and   .Miss   Arrow-
<; \. M. aToung, Creston; J. H.
Bryson, Calgary; A. Morrison. Valley;
J. Kennedy, ,',.,'iir deAlene; C. J. Hell.
:: Valley.
A. r,. llii'lii,-, Mrs. D. W. Clark, Ains-
worih;   w. <;.  I'aulsnn. Vanconver;  F.
Adie. Wan. la; A. II. .Muir. Purl Elgin.
GRAND C!'-.NTr,Al_
A McDermld, Granite; w. M. Roberts
Mrs. Gundy, I.. ('. McDonald, Procter;
(,. X, Ison, n. It. Steele, Rodger's Pass;
B. C. Berguac, W. B. Kills, Fruitvale;
D. McEachren, Brie; l(. I). Mifflin. Sal-
iii,,: n. T, Graney, Kasln; R. Pilling,
Mis .1. Watson, II I!,.in man. Pint-tier;
w. Jones, .1. McLonders, c. u. MoLan-
ders, i. McCollum, .1. Mclsaac, Brandon;
.1. E. Werner, .1. s. Crossfleld, W. II.
i'i; rtn . v. rn..n. I.. Hansen, ll Carpen-
'. i Grand Forks; .1. MoDonald, A. (iillls
F. Ferguson, Phoenix; O. Linden, A.
Ryan, Fernle; T. LU. Bradshaw, It. Kw-
Inff, Arrowbead.
R W.-Burcbal, D. A. McKlnnon, Calvary; .1, Bmallwopd, Beasley; P. F. Alii n, .1. Allen. A. Leaf,., I. i'.ilvllle; A.
Hi GVilll, W. I agnell, Brie; C. Marrow.
Ainsworth; !���". Jarvls, M Joslyn, Maple
Creek;   'I'   Kakamnh,  V. Illlvlner.  Van-
W  Beaumont, P. Baker, It. Newl is
Balmo;   v.   Holland, T,   sharp.  Oreenwood.
Q. Go Mn. II. Allen, Slocan; T. ll
Waller, Creston; B. (filby, Fernle; ll.
Warren, Vmlr: C.Olll, B.Catlow, Silver-
ton; w Luii' l..ii. Erie; w. Hniions.
I I "i ini;i"; .1. Bhnmerson, .1.
Wright, Silverton;  H. Taylor, sininr.
WIN'IKII IK: Ms Sit.- Ill,' I l.-s I.. I,i- Kir, T��m.
Hrnck ur I'ltir wl.l k,vu 11 cuts i-h'-I, In the
strlnii. nil ,;.,,���! tillll.pr Apply to Joseph
Hill, lis,. u. i. '*.
WANTKI, .-HUB,I,.n by Voiiiik laotsmifl (msr
rk'.l) �� lllliiK 1.. tSOkl. siiylhltiK. ,.xp,Tl,'ii,',.l
It, vrn.'.-ry.  win,'   t.ti.1   snjrlt   tr.,.1,-.     Aoilres-
I, I, , H.illy t'nn.llsn OfflOS.
A I'AUTNKK wilh ,1,1m to ptirehnse s tn.lt
fslinl. nesr NelK.ti    A k.^x! speeiilsllon.   Psrl-
II. r li. .-.I ii...  I... ���,l 1\ .ly .��� 11K..K' ''I ���l> r.ilit'l,.
Ki.r (..ml. nil,,s npj.ly T   <i. I'KOr'IKK
LOMT-A LADY'S I MBIIVI.I.A with (old rlinnif.l
llHIi.lle left ><l K 1' Hull, on r.IKt,t ol IHU,
Kept.    Kin,,.-r   Bless,  return   to   I'siker'B  Hin-
ployni.nl Aa.noy sn.i laaslv. rewsro.
\i'omf,��,tsl)le II,mie n.r s Voim. Lady, wouln
*,il, ellli, r sel.ool teneher, or yo.tliK Isily In
busiamln   Uie city,    a.i.i,.*-  8,in. Palls
I WO KIKHT-I.I.AOH KOOMB, stein, bested     Ap-
plT ll0UH'��e*l.e,, Bid list, K   W. <:. block.
The Daily Canadian
���' '^. __g_e*a-i_a-JL;i-L -iJ_.__a_gMi<_B
aSss - *
Nothing   Doing.
There was a blunk docket nf tho city
police court this morning except for the
appearance of two members of a class
that  iy Oned periodically.
The  McAuliffe Company.
This company gave "The Voice uf
Nature" last night to only a slim house.
Tonight "Pitfalls of New York" with
specialties, will  be  presented.
Current Off.
This afternoon about half-past two
electric current failed. Inquiry at the
substation elicited the information that
the trouble was at the power station.
On Time.
Tlie t rain from Spokane came lu
practically on time this morning ami
there are grounds for hoping that it will
repeat the performance tomorrow morning.
Street Cars.
The larger street car has been taken
off the run to have a Hat wheel repaired. There is no intention of keeping it
off to save power as mistakenly reported on the street.
In St. Saviour's church. Nelson, B. t"
on Wednesday, Nov. 13th, 1807. by the
rector, Rev. F. H. Graham, George Alexander Macdonald Young, of Creston. B.
(*.. was married to Miss Louie May
Arrowsmith, also of Creston.
Liberal   Meeting,
The Liberal Associations of Nelson
were addressed last night by John
Oliver, of Delta, and Dr. Hall, at a meeting presided over by F. J. Deane. The
president of the new provincial Liberal
association discussed political issues
Second Company.
There are said to be about 40 young
men available for the second Nelson
company of the H. M. R., which will be
organized at the armory Friday night.
The company will be No. G of the Han
gers, the other four being at Rossland.
Kaslo, Kamloops and Revelstoke.
Conservative  Executive.
The executive committee of the Conservative Association will meet in the
committee rooms tonight at S o'clock.
Arrangements will be made for a meeting of the association to elect delegates
to the convention of the parly to beheld
in Vancouver on the 2lind and 33rd inst.
"We Are King."
The Brandon Times says: "A theatrical production that justified all the
press eulogies that preceded it, was
'We Am King,' which delighte-i a pack
ed house last night. To say that the
hero plays the part of king well ls mild
praise, and David B. dalley, in his dual
roles of substitute king and original
king, simply captured all hearts. Mr.
Galley is supported by an able company,
Miss Marie Clifton, as the princess.
���hating the audience's favor with a list
of talented associates, all of whom are
of about equal prominence In the cast."
Fred .1. Lynch, of New Westminster,
ls In  Nelson on business for his olgar
Jeffrey Hammer, who recently resign
ed the mayoralty of Grand Forks, was
In the city last night.
Kied A. Smith, for the past nine
month! city electrician, will leave for
Vancouver this evening.
John Watson, for some time. In the
employ of the Hamilton Powder company in this city, has been transferred
or electrical work Bnisbed and cfharged
r,ir rrom thin shop will hIiiiw yen how
squarely ami honorably we conduct our
Thorn.* who employ iih need nol worry
all,ail  our ehargeH nnd an lo workman
nhl|i they know It In tho bent.
li.'li.'iir.'i to muehlnery, telephones, etc.
promptly  attended to.
*3. H. RliNOROSE,
P. O. Box 166. Phone 227 A
..... Nr.Lt.ON. .a, ���_:���!!-_
We will have a fresh stock
of these regularly during cold
weather.       Fresh every  week.
Corner Silica and Josephine 8ts.
Wlmlt'n-Ui* and   Ki-IhII PwilOTl In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest null,',' iiiul
lowest price. Nothinir hut   fresh uiul
wholesome meats and supples kepi In slock
Mail orders receive ctirelul attention.
E.   C   TRAVES.   Manager.
Xmas  Gift
In too idering what you will give fnr
Christmas this year, don't overlook
Hooks are the ideal gift- and are
often ljess expensive than other things
that would not be so acceptable.
Our range of gift gooka this year is
(iner and more complete than ever.
We have all the favorites in the
daintiest   bindings   at   50c  each.
Leather bound, India paper |>oeket
editions of all the Btandard authors and
'many gems of literature besides, ai
from 85c to $1.50 each.
All the poets at from XT.c each In
cloth binding! up to $4.0-8 and (6.00each
In  rich  leather bindings.
We UlVite you freely to come in whenever you can or feel inclined, and look
over our book shelves.
W. Ga Thomson
8BT0A��Tl^i!kKK"nd   Nelson, B.C.
Phnna as*.
Cleared,    cultivated,     planted
with   8o  trees,  good   water,
first rate location, $700.
-wO/Vlti  AIND  SEE.
to ihe eompany's beadquartaca m Vancouver.
William Hunter. M. I.. A. for Slocan,
came down last nlgbt irom Bllverton,
wh.rc, he lays, conditions ami proa
peetH nre excellent.
Mr. and Mih. John Oliver, ol Hi.-
Delta; who have heen In Ihe clly since
Sun,lay night, |efl this morning to resume   their  trip   lo   tile   east.
Negro  II.,.i  Stradivat in,..
Pittsburg, x,,v,  13,���Tho    police are
holding  whal  they  lielleve to he u Kenie,
tne Btradivariui violin.    It Ib Inscribed
"Anli mills Slia,llvarlitH Kacilial Anno
1236."    On., negro caused the tirroHt ol
another on a charge >,r stealing the in
strum,Mit. Th,. complainant, who says
he "UlOUghl it common llll,lie," claims
he  not   II   rrom a Junk  dealer, giving  a
mandolin in exchange. Both negroes
nr,. bold pending an Investigation.
Lottery   Exposed.
Chicago, Nov. i:i.���a morning paper
today Hays: "The blggaal lottery in operation in lhe United Slales, which haa
lien running ior more thnn twenty
yen���, with headquarters in Ohloago, Is
chilme,I ti, have been exposetl last tilth!
hy arri-KtK In Ihls ami other cities. The
United SHinm secret service men HHsetl
lhal the promoters or ihe system have
Its Business Energy
$1.00 per Gallon
|Tolephone 161.
Sherman's Opera House
McAuliffe Stock Co.
The Pitfalls   of
New York
Prices:   25c,  50c,   75c ,   ,
C. P. Walker offers the beautiful romantic      comedy
Will I
Mr* lOtivicJ  B. Of illy
And   au   i-xcipf ionat   OOtDP&Il)
An    i,ial)orart>    cohI nine    and    ���CenlQ
PRICES: $1.00, 75c and 50c.
F. C. GREEN        F. F. BURDEN        A. 11. GREEN
Qvil  Engineers, Dominion  and  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box 145    1'h-i...' 261 !'*
in.oli- niiMiorih or dollars and  Were are
trig men behind it who win in* reaobed.
New   Italian   Princess.
Rome,  Nov.   13    Qui in   Helena  thi!-.
morning gare birth to a daughter, I oth
mother  and   cttlhl   an-  doing   wilt     Kim;
Victor Kmimtmioi ami Queen Helena,
who wen- married in October, LBOft, now
havo four children.
Don't   Forget
The moving    picture*  tonight    am
new.      At.   Halt  Hired.     AdmlHnion    Ifie
tt in I 20c.
Gas    Consumers.
fiiiH oonaumere ov notified thai tin
dlsoonnl or 86 oanta par thousand enhie
feet, iih limned on Un- Face of ,���.*.!������ bills,
absolutely expires on the 16th im-it,
Wc have a full stock of the
Lime-Sulpher-Salt  Winter Spray
In 50-lb. and 1 gal. tins.
Private   Greeting   Girds
For Christmas Greetings
The line this year is finer
than ever.
Orders should be sent in this
week. Phone Si for sample
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR  BAKER and  WARD.        Phone 81
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd,
���.  A.   ISAAC
R.  W.   HINTON'**
kwpnlrlnu  hmU .lol-��l^li��|t unucutiMj with  I >o*-|int eli.    8h����t M��i
\\ ��'?-U,   .Mlnlnfc*  mill   .Mill  iMnchlnwry.      Manulncl iirwr-*, ��.(
Om   CnrM,   IV.    IV.     Cinitriictiir*-'   C_t*M.
Ciirn'T nf lln'. 1 nud
Krotil *-*tr.**..tr*.
NELSON,    B. C. ~;;t
that I. fa.Hlon.ble and durable can be
bought now at a price that is sure to
tempt you. Winter styles are beinj
shown. Come quick and get the pjek.
Shirts, Collar, and Cuffs galore. .Med-
ium and Heavy Weight Pajamas anil
Night Shirts at proper prices.. Particular people will be pleased with our offer-
Places to have your prescription! filled.
But to have them properly and carefully
compounded    a*    your    physician    prescribes, bring them    to the    Popular    Store.
Poole-Longhurst Co., Ltd.
linker and Josephine Sts.
We would like; to see nil our patront*.comfortable thla winter ami In nnlT to
do so we linvo In stork the best assorted lino of heati/i-* Htoves mid cooking
Btevea and   ranges  over  before  presented to the publie In Kootenay.
Wo would bo pleased to show you our line and before muklnK vi*-.-" pur-
chape kindly seo what we bave to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nel.on Branch.
You can always j^et what
you want in all kinds of House
Furnishing! at the
Buck Stoves
and Ranges
Standard Fumitute Company
Complete Hou.e Furnishers and Undertaker..
We carry a large .lock ol Cere-
Cooker., Kettle., Stew and Sauce
Pan., Fry P��"s, Tea and Coff"
Pot., etc.,  etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd-


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