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The Daily Canadian Sep 22, 1906

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Array t/OLl'MR I.    No. 95-
���BttiW Canadian
Situation Improved In All
Parts of Kootenay
Upside Interest Constantly Growing
-General Rise in Values-
Market Quotations.
I Ths mining slliuitlon shows -till
,-ljjer Improvement Tin- bit; camps,
jioslainl and Boundary, are working
lt th.ii lull capacity nmi with ���plea-
���isl ft'smlm.
I while i'iv    now    discoveries    havo
L-is ra'lHirled during   lho   pnul wook,
, i,-..nils, or operations lu every  lo-
L|it, i.r.- reported  ns  highly  cucour-
���  iSlocan a strike that muy ile-
I'ii-t class Important!- has
btu mail-   ns the Dunlea   group   on
_i> creek, Ihu property of 0. W.
y  .1   Nelaon,    The existence ol
��� krge ore body was demonstrat-
.   rear, but  the assays   of   ore
Un-  surface  did   not show
ml  \silues.    An assay  from   150
i-i, sif ore that Ib not liy any
- thi   beat ln the mine, returned
Has In gold, silver  and lend  aggre-
II Vi Io tho ton.
A: Alnsworth every day shows lm-
tsrement. The bodies or ore encoun-
ifs,s in Un- Krao and other proper-
? arc proving more extenBlve than
-b at first believed.
Tot mineral exhibit at the Nelson
ir lirsniKlit together a magnificent
illecilon ssf ores of Koolenay, Round's anil Alberta.
iin Us-- siis.-k market there ts a rla-
p tendency ln every security. In*
iirii.-ss fssr Kootenay mining stocks
sin tin- Kast are more numerous
sw thsin at any time since the boom
|ays .sf Rowland,
Ni'rih Star Is In great demand and
idv.-inci-ij raiildly. Carllioo McKlnney
pn very firm and made a sulmtan-
1 advance. Sullivan still shows no
jgn s.f weakening.
There In a growing demand tort-flo-
Is. Coal Mines and an early advance
i* expected.
International  Coal  weakened  slights' Inn an immediate advance Is prolv
The fsiiiowiiig n-p the approximate
uotatlona for the week;
Asked.        Hid.
M'Tiran liny 08V4      .02t.
''  Copper   10.75     in..'.
4'lcher      60 .40
'���"' doldflelda 07^     M'i
"i  Smeltera 1-7.00   118.00
"llfornln 04        .03
tesora   Mines 07 .06
K'nii,,,. UcKlnney  .   .     .02-v4     .02
���T >...'! i. .ii rt   Vale 20 .17
Plani  (Rosb.1 02 .01 ���',
���Homesiake  Exten   ...      .or. .o:',ia
|'''i'r Coal '     ,68 .58 "
B-anleaii  Mines 01V. .00%
l1-' Plata 20 .17
lN'""!i  Star 17 .10
��� N-if-.l-i   cssal n7i�� .n4JA
|J|allifiniler (14 .021.
���nnihler 3n .30
olllvan  ..   '.'.   .,,,,;     jri^ J4
|��hlte near 10 .00
[Western on '
Mormons Erect Tabernacle.
������a Onnde, Ore., Sept. 22���The 860,'
11,1 Mormon babernaole recently com-
leled here was dedicated today wllh
npreaalva ceremony and In the pros-
m's- of n in,-.-;,, gathering of followers
J the faith horn nil purls of the
'orlhwoat. Tbe building, which Is the
"ly Mormon tabernacle outside the
bile sir rjtah, is a large ami handsome
""ice wiih a seating capacity or sev
���i thousand,
Hit  Connecticut   Heavily,
i' a-trm-at.    Conn.,   Sept   22.���Individual losses on acount    or   Ihe   San
I Francisco catastrophe have nearly all
'"" i nnid by the four Insurance companies  Incorporated    in    Connecticut.
;'*- Hartford companies have paid out
'loii' 818,053,74(1,  Ihe gross amount
Hie claims being ahoul 0 per colli
Intervention Expected.
Havana, Sept. 22.���A clinglrcasinnu
"iiisss' relations with tlm administration aro exceedingly close asserted
"i" morning Hint Palma and tbo mem-
llC|'B of his cabinet probably would ro
���lRn today and ihat Intervention was
expc_ted later, on September 25.
Bryan In Mississippi.
���bii'lismi, Miss., Sept. 22.���All Jnck-
���on lent llseir today to tbe recepllon
"' William .1. Bryan, who reached the
|'"v Ihis morning. There was a gen-
'''al closing of business houses nnd
a|Mg the route of the procession Irom
doyn BP-eobluUn| took place resl.
den-or, ami Itr^VmemM with
decorailona Mr ��i* M��. Hryan wil
emaln l��� ,hl! city until tomorrow U
������� tUQIU 01 Oovornor Yardman.
Of Those Who Go Down to the Gaa In
Ships to Catch Whales.
Scuttle, Wash,, Sept. 22.���Thc iiieum-
���hip Harold Hollar, which carried supplies to tlie whailug iieut la the Arctic sea, reached Seattle last night.
Thirty-one men ol the wrecked whaler
Alexander ana lu men irom other
ships were brought down on the vessel.
She also brougnt whalebone valued at
8_,iU,000 from thu dltterent slilps. The
Dollar mn tlie licet ai Point Harrow
and delivered the stores, toodstulls
and coul. 'lhe entire Meet with lhe
exception ot ilie whaler Kenneth ls
to return this season unless ibey are
caught in the Ice, which was reported
to be last closing iu when the Uollar
left The men who returned on the
Uollar tell stories or terrible sutler-
lug, principally trom the lack of rood
on  the  different vessels.
The men of the whaler Alexander
tell a story ol great hardships aud
suffering, having been 18 days in
their boats and living on whale blubber during Ihe entire lime the Alexander was wrecked In a tog at Cape
Terry, near llankB l.and on August
12. The ship sank almost immediately and the crew had to take to the
boats with very scanty preparations.
When they were picked up by the
whaler Herman ihe men were almost
dead. The Hermun took Ihem to
Point Harrow, where the Dollar pick-
s-d ihem up.
Exhibition in Halifax.
Halifax, N. S., Sept. 22.���The Do
minion exhibition opened its gates today to continue during the next two
weeks. The exhibition this year comprises a magniricent display ot the re-
sources- and Industries of Eastern
Canada, including comprehensive and
splendid exhibits ot the mineral
wealth of Nova Scotia, ol the Atlantic
fisheries, of the agricultural and horticultural products of tbe AnnaiKilis
valley, and lhe steel works and other
industrial enterprises of this section
of the Dominion. The early Indications point to a record-breaking attendance of visitors.
Good Name rather to Be Chosen Than
Great   Riches   but   Sometimes
Go  Both  Together.
Toronto, Sept. 22.���Facts showing
Hint a rake-off In connection with the
absorption oi the Provincial Trust
company were brought out by Shepley
lu his enquiry Into the Foresters' af-
fairs before Hn- Insurance commls
slim Ibis morning. Wilson, who acted
for the Provincial Trust company, was
paid 810,000 of the Foresters' money,
a lact or which Dr, Oronhyatekha was
unaware until today. William Laid-
law, K. C, charged 87400 lor his ser-
vices mi behalf of the Foresters and
left a balance of 852 against Ihe order
in tbe transaction. 'Lawyers generally gel ull lhal Is allowable and some-
limes more," said Dr. Oronhyatekha.
"He mlghl at least have balanced it."
Tllley then look up the examination,
going Into the erection of the Foresters' temple. Tbe order had authority
to hold only 8100,000 In real estate
but when this was projected that
amount wns Increased by ihe Ottawa
house of commons to (350,000. Dr.
Oronhyatekha admitted that tho executive knew that lhe building would
cosl twice thnt sum, hut Ihey desired
lo go ahead, hoping lhal purluniont
would become enlightened enough to
give the necessary  power.
The site was purchased in the name
ol  Miss -lean  i'.allley.    private    sees-e-
i.n-y or Dr. Oronhyatekha. This, said
ihe' supreme chief ranger, was not to
deceive the Insurance department hut
In secure a better bargain In buying
lhe property. Tbe I. O. F. then put
a mortgage ot $200,000 on the property. When the temple was completed
an auxiliary company, the Onlarlo
Realty company, was formed to hold
thai portion or property in excess ot
tlie allowance. Tlie officers were
members of lhe I O. F. and lhe shares
paid ror with Foresters' money. The
Company look over two-fifths of the
property, valued nl $240,000, and tbe
order gave  two mortgages    ror    lhat
amount ,.
In tho afternoon Dr- Oronhyatekha
admitted lhat lbe Ontario licnlly com.
patty was formed In protect lhe Foresters rrom proseculloii for violating
ibe acl It passed oul ot existence
when Its purpose! had heen served.
None ol those connected with It received any remuneration, their services being given lor Ih'" good or the
order. Miss Bailey received $1000 Tor
the use of her name In buyln| the
property. Mr. Tllley mit lu awtate-
ment showing Hint th" lomnlo. had
csssl a lolnl of (8-1,-09..9, from which
1'12.SR0.I1S and $l1-t.l77.R0 hnd -J. been
written off. leaving tho proaen^ valuation (714,458.82. J
Death Sentences Left With
Russian Dukes
Terrorists Declare Emperor Is Not in
Danger But Will Not Rest Till
Nobles Are Assassinated.
Urn-Ion, Sept. 22.���A despatch from
Vienna to the Dally TeleKrapli Hits
morning says that two members ot
the Russian revolutionary committee
escaping from St. Petersburg arrived
theru on Wednesday. They declare
that it is not true that the plot discovered at Peterhof was planned
against Emperor Nicholas or his immediate lamily, and say it was entire*
ly direeted against Grand Duke Nicholas Niehola.evlich, who uow holds all
the threads of power, aud Grand Duke
Vladimir, who has returned to Russia
under  the  strictest lucoguito.
Grand Duke Nicholas informed General Dedulla, the commandant o(
the palace, who is his personal appointee, that he was firmly persuaded
that revolutionists of all the revolutionary committees uxisied at Peterhof, lor twice he had found death sentences on his writing table, and that
Grand Duko Vladimir hud received a
similar missive the morning after his
arrival, causing great surprise, as his
return had been accomplished secretly.
Grand Duke Vladimir instituted a
close search of Peterhof, examining
all the officials and every apartment.
While thus engaged he saw a group
ln the garden, who fled at the gentleman's appearance. The guards pursued and arrested three men, two of
whom were footmen In the service
of the Grand Duke Nicholas and the
other a pa.ace gardener. One of the
men had In his possession a complete
plan of the Peterhof palace, with the
doors and gates carefully marked. The
three men were taken to the fortress
of St. Peter and St. Paul.
St. Petersburg, Sept. 22.���The newspaper Ohieruiest, which is circula.ed
free among the soldiers and the police, appeals to the soldiers of the
guard to break the bonds of discipline
and take 10 lives for every comrade
killed should the terrorists inaugurate
a campaign of armed attacks on police
and army officers In St. Petersburg
such ns recently waged In Warsaw.
Liberals profess the greatest alarm
over this possibility and claim It is a
direct incitement tn a repetition of the
fliedlc.) disorders on  a  greater  scale.
Stockholm, Bept 22.���Two socialists
and numerous Finns have been arrested in consenuenei' of a discovery of a
quantity of dynamite in the house of a
socialist. The Finns were refugees
who had taken lodgings with the socialist.
Important   Investigations.
Washington. D. C, Sept. 22.���Thc
hydrographic office of the geological
survey is preparing to begin the work
of Investigating the quality of the wa-
ter carried by the Great Lakes, the
amount and kinds of mineral matter
held in solution and suspension, its
fluctuations with different seasons
und tbe changes which the water undergoes in Us journey from the head
of Dako Superior to tbe St. Lawrence
A monthly collection of samples or
water fnnn ench of the lakes will be
made and shipped to the luboratoffr at
Washington, where a complet mineral analysis Is to be made. This is
th" first attempt to examine system-
i.llcully the waters of tho Uiurentlau
r.ystem, and it is expected that the results will prove moat Interesting and
valuable. The work will be carried
OD for a year.
Manchuria Is Libelled.
Honolulu, Sept 22.���The steamer
Manchuria, which was floated last
Sunday, ls now in charge of United
States Marshal Hendry under un attachment placed by the Puciric Commercial Cable company for $1100,000
for the services of tlie cnble company's
steamer Restorer In saving the steamer. The libel alleges that the Manchuria is worth $2,000,000 and lhat she
had a cargo worth $500,000.
New Liner'* Maiden Voyage.
Glasgow, Sept. 22.���The new Donaldson liner, Cassandra, sailed from here
today on her maiden voyage to Montreal with a big compliment of passengers The steamship was given an enthusiastic send-off.    The Cassandra ls
a twin-screw steamer of 6,000 tons
gross, and Is intended for the passenger trade between Glasgow and Canada, She is of the shelter-deck type,
455 feet ln length, -S3 feet Id breadth,
and 40 feet In depth.
Contradictory  Rsporte  Concerning Ill-
nets���Condition Very Grave.
VUnna, Sept. Z'..~A despatch from
Constantinople says thut celebrations
were held loday in honor of Ihu Sul-
iuu's blxiy-louiui biithuuy. Official
announcement is made ihat the sultan
has almoin wholly recovered from his
recent Uluctjs. Thi.. is in contradiction tu au "iu.si-.ie" report received
here Hum a reliable source to the ei-
Luct that Abdul Hamid _ couuitlou is
very grave owing to his retusal to
submit to an operation lor the relief
of the chronic ai.ectiou irom which he
has long suffered.
Abdul liamtd 11., the present sultan
of Turaey, was born September 22,
184.1, the second sou of Sultan Abdul
Medjid. He succeeded to the throne
ou the deposition oi his elder brother,
Sultan Murad V., August 31, 1876. The
present sultan is the thirty-fourth, in
male desceut, of the house of Othman,
the founder of the Turkish empire,
aud the twenty-eighth sultan since the
conquest of Constantinople. Abdul
Hamld has 10 children and six living
brothers and sisters. Uy the law of
succession obeyed In the reigning family the crown is inherited according
to seniority by the male descendants
of Othmau, sprung from the imperial
harem. Consequently, lt is not Abdul
Hamid's eldest son who Is his legitimate successor, but the sultan's
brother, Mebemmed-Rashad Effendl,
who was born in 1844. The heir apparent is of decidedly reactionary tendencies, and It is said that when the
present sultan dies a movement will
be made to place his son, Mehemmed-
Selim Effendl, on the throne. The
latter is more modern and progressive
in his views and will have the sup
port of the "Young Turkey" party
and all those who desire to see the
country advance along the lines of
modern civilization-
Governor Ide Leaves Manila.
Manila, Sept. 22.���Henry C. Ide, the
retiring governor general of the Philip-
ines, departed from Manila today on
the steamer Mnw" King. -After visiting
Japan he will sail on the Pacific Mail
liner Korea for San Francisco.
Manager, of District  Exhibit Firm In
Protest Again Award of C. P. R.
Prize for Fruit.
The following letter lias been handed to The Canadian tor publication
by the managers of tlie Kaslo District
Nelson,  El. 0.,  Sept 22.  1906.
To the Editor of The Dally Canadian: Dear Sir���As It appears to me
that the dlreciors of the just closed
exhibition are desirous of whitewashing their actions at the expense of
my district, I beg leave to ask the
favor of space In your valuable columns to answer lhe assertion made In
the Dally News of today's date, and
Inspired by the directorate of The exhibition, to emphatically deny that i,
or any person lu connection with our
exhibit asked or ever accepted the
cup. as alleged In the columns of your
As a matter of fact, Mr. Palmer's
decision, which we never In any shape
or manner criticized, was not given
out by the directors until late In the
forenoon of tbe second day (Thursday), and shortly after the rendition
a party of the directorate brought ln
Ihe cup and one of them (a stranger
to me) said the cup was awarded to
District No. 2. As I was dissatisfied
with the actions of those ln charge of
District No. S I took no notice of the
gentleman's remark, and in fact I was
not 4-oKni-ant of the placing of the
cup on the table, and up to the present no one ln charge of the Kaslo ox
hibit has placed a hand on tho cup.
The question at Issue has never Involved the decision of the Judge, but
tho question whether Nelson Is allowed the privilege of breaking their own
printed rules and regulations by the
addition of exhibits after judging had
commenced in order to compete with
outlying districts, who were totally Incapable of nrocurlng additional ex.
hlbits In time to compote on an equal
fooling���of course providing all rules
laid down can bo broken with Impunity.
The Dully News has also seen fit to
nrlnl In full Rule 20 of the association
In reference to protests being lodged
before I o'clock in Ihe nflernoon on
Iho first day. I would like to ask how
Kasln district could protest a-alnsl
an award wlilcb wiir not rendered until the second day.
Wo might stale that tho protest entered by ns was not made from a malicious standpoint, but simply from a
spirit of fnlr play.
Yours respectfully.
People never get as much enjoyment
out of their wIckedneBB as they pretend lo.
Saskatchewan Village Has
Its Little Mystery
No Clue to Perpetrators of Daring
Deed Though Varied Theories
Arc Expounded.
Kinistino, Sask., Sept. 21.���Wednesday night the Bank of Commerce here
was burglarized of about ��3000. The
manager, who arrived on the scene as
Ihe robbers were about to leave, was
Tired at and narrowly escaped death,
his face being scorched by powder.
Kinistino, Sept. 22.���The bank robbery iB still a mystery. The population of Kinistino is but little over 200
and a stranger could hardly be in
town without being noticed. No
stranger was here on the night of the
robbery as far as ls known, and no
resident Ib missing from home, and
consequently it is generally believed
that whoever robbed the bank ls still
coolly  walking around  town.
A few people have their suspicions,
but no one cares to accuse his neigh-
mor. When theories are expounded
names are not mentioned. The extraordinary thing that puzzles everybody
ts how the clerk could have left the
office with the safe doors open. The
manager, Mr. Cady, was in the bank
until 7:45, and when he went out told
the clerk, Hickman, to put his books
away and close the safe when he had
finished his work.
Hickman finished Immediately afterward and went upstairs to the
rooms which he occupies. He had
scarcely begun to read a novel when
he thought he heard the safe door
click. He went down and as he reached the foot of the stairs a bullet just
missed his head. A second shot followed and he was stunned. He recovered consciousness almost at once
and found his left temple and ear
burned. The place was ln darkness
and Hickman did not see his assailant crossing the street. He Informed
the people at the hotel that he had
been shot and Cady and a friend ran
to the bank, one going to the front
door and the other to the back. No
one was there but Cady found the
safe open and the cashbox, which con-
lained $3000 in currency, was missing.
Every available man in the town
was pressed Into service and in halt
an hour, men armed with shotguns and
rifles were driving out in every direction in search of a fugitive. No suspicious travellers were found, however, and so far as definite Information goes no one seems to have any
idea who the thief or thieves are.
Anti-European Crusade In Full Blast���
Raisull Recovering.
Tangier, Sept. 22.���The situation in
Morocco is becoming dally more menacing. European properties at Tafi-
let, Rof, Mogador, Casablanca and
even Tangier are threatened. Natives
are organizing and equipping aB If for
a holy war and the sultan's authority
is nonexistent. The sheiks in tho
Marakesh region have demanded complete autonomy. Up to the present
time the sultan has 8ucc4'eiled in preventing the big feudatories from uniting, but their power Is growing daily.
They Intercept taxes, raise levies and
expel officers sent by tho sultan.
Pheref Elkstanni, one of the bitterest
anti-Europeans, ls going to Marakesh
on a mission to preach to the tribesmen against the European population.
Raisull has nearly recovered from his
recent IllnesB.
Tangier, Morocco, Sept. 22.���Tho
German mission to the sultan at Fez,
headed by Dr. Rosen, the German minister, left here today   for  the capital.
Typhoon Strikes Philippines.
Manila, Sept. 22.���A typhoon Is reported In the Philippines south of Manila, and tho wires are down. No re-
IKjrt has been l-ecelved on the damage
In the province, ln Cavltc the arsenal
and shipping were damaged. The
Kunboat Arbyat Is ashore. It is
thoughl the damage Is not serious.
Ghouls Accept Bribe.
Warsaw, N. Y��� Sept. 22.���liryau
Qlhnon and William BlacUBon. fonnor
supervisor of Eric cemetery, wero
convicted last night of having accepted a bribe of |G00 in connection with
the contract for removing the bodies
from  the old North Street cemetery,
the lite ot the new BUty-flfth re��l-
ment wmory They were ��enteno��_
thli moraine by Justice Lambert, to
five yean la Auburn prison. A stay
until a week from Monday waa
Ontario Town Wiped Out by Ravenous
Fire Fiend.
Almonte, Sept. 22.���The most disastrous fire in the history or Ihis town
broke out this morning, between 3 and
4 o'clock, in the three-story house
owned by T. H. White, the building
being on Mill street. The fire had
gained considerable hepdway, , before
the fire company arrived as the buildings being formed of wood burned
with great rapidity. Word was sent
to Carleton Place and the fire com
pany from that place responded.
The following are sufferers of heavy
losses: H. H. Cole, building and contents, total loss; T. R. White, building,
total loss, and P. Tlmmins, tenant,
effects, a total loss; E. Scott and Miss
Cairns, tenants of L. W. Shlpman.and
Shipman building are a total loss:
Miss Paterson, owner, and R. M. Mc-
Parlane, tenant, total loss; Q. Pater
son, owner, and II. West, tenant, both
total loss; W. Bell, tenant of Wylte
premises, total loss and building
severely damaged; i. .C. Cole, dwelling, and S. L. Lawford and R- Lock
ard, building, total loss, contents
saved; T. R. White, dwelling, total
loss, tenant, J. Hartnett saved con
tents; Miss Paterson, dwelling, total
loss, tenant, J. Silson, contents saved.
The loss will approximate $125,000
with considerable insurance yet un
Fifty Crsts a Monte
Preliminary Meeting Held
in Nelson Yesterday
Old Conspirator Dies.
Baltimore, Md, Sept. 22.���Samuel
Bland Arnold, who confessed that he
was a party to a conspiracy for the
abduction of President Lincoln, which
culminated ln the assassination ot the
president by Booth, died yesterday at|
the home of relatives ln Waverly, a
suburb of this city. Ho was 78 years
old. Arnold with three others was
sentenced in July, 1865, to lite imprisonment at the Dry Tortugaa. AU four
were pardoned by President Johnson
ln 1889.
Total Attendance for Three Days Wae
Nearly 10,000���List of Additional
Prize Winners.
The fair ended last night ln a grand
carnival of revelry that began before
the end of the regular programme
was reached and continued in some
quarters until alter midnight.
The cricket match ended in a victory for the All-Comers in a single
innings match by 64-56, Crozier
Bourke making top score with 26.
Prizes are being paid and exhibits
removed today.
The following lists ot prize winners
have not been published before:
Special Bread Prizes.
Bread made from Ogilvie's Royal
Household flour���First. Mrs. G. W.
Hall; second, Mrs. T. L. Marquis;
third, Mrs. D. C. McMorrls; fourth,
Mrs. J. Foote.
Bread from Raymoud Milling Co.
flour���First, Mrs. Grant King; second,
Mrs. J. Foote.
Not Catalogued.
Hand made shoe���First, A. Mira-
belli, Creston; second, J. Svoboda.
Collection ot post cards tother than
children's)���Mrs. C. G,  Simpson.
Hand made pillow lace���Mrs. C. G,
Hand made Smyrna rug���Miss hi.
Knitted lace���Mrs.  Lynn.
Ribbon work, cushion and tea cosy
���Miss A. Thompson.
Hand made quilted quilt���First,
Mrs. R. Doyle: second, Mrs. J. Heth-
Collection of worked centre pieces-
Miss R   Gigot.
Hand made leather hand bag���Mrs,
T. S. Egan.
Crayon drawing���Miss McCommon.
J. A. McDonald's big sugar stick
weighed exactly 29 pounds. Strangely,
there were 20 correct guesses. The
prizes are not awarded.
Tho total attendance at the fnlr for
tho three days is given by the directors as approximately 9950. Exact
rigures will not be known as no recur! of children was kept. Thc guess
of 7000 for Thursday's attendance,
while slightly inaccurate, shows commendable public spirit.
The piece of ore whose value was
the subject of on? of the 20.000 club's
iriKsslnir contests, will be assayed on
Price ot Metals.
Nlw York, Sept. 22���Silver, 68&C:
copfTr, 18>_o;  lend, $5.75.
Linslon. Sept. 22���Sliver, 31 ll-16d:
zlmi ��27 10s.
First Gathering of Representatives of
Boards of Interior Cities-- Work
Prepared for Institute.
The conference ot public school
trustees of the interior, held to Nelson yesterday to consider questions
to be brought up at the next annual
meeting of the Provincial Trustees'
association, to be held here next year
during the week after Easter, was attended by representatives of the Rossland, Kaslo and Nelson boards.
Dr. E. C. Arthur, who has been Nelson's representative to the provincial
institute since its inauguration, and
ssvho organized yesterday's meeting,
was voted to the chair.
it was decided to present to the
provincial institute tor endorsement a
acquest to the euueatton department
to abolish the winter entrance exaau-
.autious, which seriously intertere with
uie organization of the high schools,
and with the work of the senior divi-
-ion ot the public schools, and are no
ieai advantage to the pupils.
The necessity of professional train
.ng for teachers was agreed upon, aui.
ne institute will be asked to peUtio-
aiie department to make it a necessai.
.uaufication for all ^eachers.
The matter of the greatest specie
interest to the cities of the interior i.
the location ot the training school, a
present the only such Institution lath-
provincial normal school at Vancoua
er. As it ls not always convenlen
or students from the interior to at
tend tt a hardship iB inflicted upor
them, and they are placed at a dlsad
vantage as compared with students
residing at the coast. The department
will therefore be asked to either establish, a provincial or model school in
the interior or to arrange for an annual session of the present school in
the interior.
Leader of Opposition Addressee Mon-
ter Meeting in Nova Scotia.
Ottawa, Sept. 22. ��� (Speclai.) ���
The conference of the Dominion
ministers with the provincial premiers
is to take place on and after the 8th
of October. According to the official
announcement the main business ls
the discussion of provincial subsidies
with a view to rearrangement and increase. The provincial claims for
larger subsidies are based on the resolutions adopted by the inter-provincial
conference called by the late Mr. Mer-
cier when he was premier of Quebec
in 1887. A number of years later a
second conference of provincial mln*
istiiys reaffirmed these declarations,
and they now represent the demands
of several provincial administration-.
Tbe resolutions call for an increase
in the amounts paid to the province!
by something over *fl,500,000 a year.
Wc are now within two months ot
the time of the meeting of parliament,
the first business of which is supposed
to be the revision of the tariff. 8o
far Mr. Fielding has been too busy
explaining away tho election scandals
In his own constituency to do much
with the work ot revision. He Is still
not quite sure that he will be in parliament when the house meets, or
whether he will be qualified to sit iu
any parliament during the next seven
years. There ls a report that he will
take the risk of disqualification and
be a candidate in Colchester after the
appointment of Mr. Lawrence to the
bench. At the present moment It ls
thought that the finance minister is
giving more attention to these personal matters than to the question of
maximum and minimum tariff.
The lender of thc opposition has returned trom Nova Scotia, where he
addressed a series ot large and enthusiastic gatherings. The closing meeting took place at Truro on Saturday of
last week an-1 van n mngnlflcent open
:ilr demonstration. Halifax and Truro
papers slate lhat from 7000 to 10,000
neople wero present and Mr. Borden
says that it was the largest meeting
he over addressed. The electors 61
Mova Scotia ar? much Interested In
1he disclosures of administrative cor-
ruptlon and extravagance made before
Ihe committees of the house, and ln
the commons and senate during the
l.-it ��� session. Besides dealing with
general questions of policy Mr Borden
discussed a few of thess matters, such
as the North Atlantic Trading Co., the
"Arctic" expedition and the Western
land scandalp. Mr. Borden will probably speak at several places In the
constituencies where the by-elections -
are to be held. The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now in order.    Tliey will invite
pleasant dreams of
We bat i bla
of llii'in in red nml blue.
3 1-2 Points. weij?l.i*t ������
4 Points, weighing sbofl
'.out 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
Those Isliuikets are jiistl:
celebrated for Iheir excellence. We alone carry
them !n this city.
LUMBERMEN,���Pillows, C-si,/orters. Gloves and Mlts, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clothing, Sweatess, Miners' and prospectors* Boots
.ind Shoes ami Rao.-.:-.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and prloei surprisingly Low.
Published Blx slsayss & week by the
Baker St., Nelssou, B. C.
fcebierlplion rules, iai sa-utss a mssiiili delivered
la Ibe silly, or a-.llOH year 1/ sent by mall, wlst-u
pal. In aslvaus-e.
Advertlilng rates on application.
All niissill-sa ptli-1 til IStUsmenl Ol The Pally
Cimdian accounts, either fur eUbterip tloOl ssr
advent,inc. musl be receipted (or sm tin- prinu-ii
farmi of ihe Company, otln-r reeeipu are nssl
���' By one avor-1 we are ssomellnleil Judged las be
wise anil by one wssrsl ssssuietlincs judged ID be
loollib. U-t si. Iberelore be earefssl wlul we
Attention has been called to the fact
that a few days ago a telegram came
over the wires from Ottawa In which
it was hinted that the Laurier government, in considering the question of
tetter terms for tbe province, will
probably ask of the Itritish Columbia
government the surrender of the control of Its railways and fisheries. It
has been remarked that lhe Liberal
papers In Uritlsh Columbia, which
should be in a position to discuss the
matter from the standpoint uf Hie
Laurier government, are almost without exception singularly silent upon
the subject. A short time ago, a leading Conservative paper asked the cooperation of the press of tlie province,
Irrespective of politics in laking up
the question of better terms apart altogether from party Issues. The Colonist, the Vancouver Province and 'I'he
Canadian have responded tn this request and have endeavored to present
the claims of Hritish Columbia without
any political coloring and from thu
standpoint of loyal citizens of the
province. While it might be possible
lo project the subject into the realms
of political conflict, no true llrlllsh
Columbian wishes to see this done
and the Conservative press is disposed to forsake party issues in its
wish to see justice done to the province.
Iu strange contrast with this Is tho
attitude of the Liberal press. The
singular silence of the party organs
is significant and disappointing. Adding lo this silence, the Intimation that
the province is to be asked to surrender Its rights to control or Its railway
policy and of the fisheries, we have a
Bltuation thnt is disquieting if not
alarming. Mritish Columbia has al-
ready fared loo badly ut tbe hands of
the Ottawa administration and ir in
return for what Is simple justice in
the matter of better terms It is to he
called upon to surrender to the Ottawa government the chief matters upon
which It now rejoices in Its autonomy,
we may as well know It at ones- and
prepare to light the Issue to a finish.
Our object in raising ihs- question
al tin- present lime is to ask the news
papers and journals uf Itritish Columbia which may reasonably In- supposed
to be exponents of the policy or the
Liberal government at Ottawa, whal
aie the issues? Is Hritish Columbia
to have fair play or is the province
to be added to the list of those who
are already under tbe corrupt control
of the party machine at Ottawa? Will
the morning paper ln Nelson, a paper
which is known to have been deep in
the confidences or the Laurler cabinet
please give us some information as to
what we may expect and what we may
be required to surrender?
It will be recalled that the election
of the Hon. William Templeman to a
seat In the Luurler cabinet was accomplished  because    the    electors of
Victoria were led to believe that such
election would resuli in the immediate securing of better terms for tho
province. The campaign was conducted almost wholly on this Issue with
the subsidiary issue of the immediate
commencement of the construction of
ilu- Hritish Columbia end of the Qrand
Trunk Pacific line of railway. Are we
at this early date to rudely awaken to
the fact that these promises anil
bribes all had strings attached? II
we must do so, the question of better
terms must be immediately taken out
of the realm of political economy and
made a party issue. To hand over
the control of railways in the province
to the Ottawa authorities would be to
sell a birthright which has already
been dearly bought, to say nothing of
the semblance of control which tbo
province now exercises over the fisheries. To show that we are not alone
in our zeal for provincial rights we repeat the utterances of the Province
upon the subject which are ns follows:
it is hardly necessary to say that
the people of Hritish Columbia will
sanction no agreement which means
the abandonment by them of their
control over provincial railways and
fisheries. In the matter of railways.
It is extremely Important Lhat we
should direct our own jsolfcy and
should not expose our province to tho
crafty designs of Ottawa lobbyists
and the sinister complacency of federal legislators. We have had examples during the two last sessions of
parliament of how easily enterprises
si" questionable value to the country
can be railroaded through the commit
tee of the house by men who in their
capacity as members net as counsel
Inr corporations. Hritish Columbia, of
all the provinces, presents (he greatest difficulties in the matter of railway construction, and as we ourselves
understand better than any others
tbe situation here, It is essential in
our own Interest that we relaln our
control over it. Nor in the matter of
tisiieriss can we afford to hand nver
our provincial powers to the federal
The attitude of the Conservative
press is now- well known and the Province is the leading Independent paper
in Hritish Columbia, Will the Liberal
press enlighten us as to what Is likely to transpire nt lhe forthcoming
conference of provincial premiers? W'e
think not and the silence of the local
party organ  will  be suggestive.
A certain section of the Liberal
press Is enraged over the prosperity
or the province at tin- present time
and frantically alleges Hint the Mc-
Hi ide administration lias done nothing to advance tbe interests of in-
restore and others In Hritish Columbia. Tbey facetiously slate that the
prosperity of the province is in spite
nl' the administration of Premier .Mc-
Hiisle. At the same thin- these papers
iiii claim for Lander's administration
tbe full meed of praise and congratulation for iiu- prosperity of Canada,
King Edward certainly must have a
good pull with Laurler when, In spite
of three Conservative administrations
in the provinces of Canada (here Is
sue- general prosperity. Butthe patent
folly of claiming credit for the general
prosperity for Ihe grit administration
and then decrying local Conservative
administration In (be way the grit organs are doing Is to exhibit aboul (he
smallest and most Imbecile political
sagacity  that  wo can dream  of.
The McBride government has not
done ihis nor that and still the country prospers. Marvellous is it not?
That Is why the Liberals are so hungry for power. Here ls a vast tci\rl-
(ory fairly running away with prosperity, lhe voice of contentment Is in tlie
land, the miners and  lumbermen are
prospering and contributing their fair
share to the revenues of Ihe country.
The Dominion authorities are trying
to steal away from us the right (o con-
Irol the fisheries, and. according to
Mr. Hawthornthwaite, the farmers' interests are being looked after by that
good grit politician Patterson who Introduced a measure into the last legislature to prohibit bulls from running
at large.
What haB caused the sudden frenzy
of the local organ? la It offended that
the Liberals agreed lo nominate Dr.
11. A, ll. Hall Instead of some other
hungry politician?    W'e give it up.
Tbo Kaslo Kouienaiau says:
������Among the numerous prise winners
ui tin- Kootenay Luke fruit lair deserving of particular mention were
Mr. nnd Mrs. Rutherford of Nelson.
They were the only exhibitors from
down lhat way and won quite a few
prizes In both fruit and flowers. Mrs.
Rutherford Is reported to have Bald
thnt "tliey did nol expect to lake so
many prizes, but thought It would not
iimi to help muke Knslo's first fair
a BUOCeBS," If there were more people
like theBe itl Nelson the feeling between that place and Nelson would bo
a great deal friendlier than it is."
Brigadier Smeeton Coming.
Captain Johnstone, officer iu charge
of Hie local Salvation Army work, has
just been notified that Brigadier
Smeeton, provincial commander for
(he Hritish Columbia and Yukon provinces, will arrive here from Vancouver next Friday, Septmber 28, and will
conduct the service held in the Salvn-
tion. Army citadel on Victoria street.
The brigadier will be assisted hy Ensign Hloss (tbe Hallelujah singer)
and (he local staff. Everyone Is cordially invited to hear the brigadier
and ensign. They leave Saturday
morning for their new opening at
Grand Forks, where they will spend
Sunday, Meetings tomorrow- in tho
citadel al 7 and 11 a. m., and 3 and
S ji. in.   All are welcome.
Will Recover the Body.
Hongkong, Sept. 22.���The steamer
Shaso Sing, from Canton, sighted the
body of Hishop Hoare, Ihe Anglican
bishop who was drowned in the recent
typhoon, off Castle Peak bay. The
steamer Standard has been despatched
to recover the body.
Under ami be virtue of the powers of sale eon-
tuned in h certain mortgage which will be pro-
dueed at ita* time of Hale, there will be offered
for sale by puhlle duct fun ondaiiirtiiiv tin.* '29 th
dav of October, I9C*, at tbe hour ol IJ D'eloell
noon. Ht the Bote] ilume, eorner ol Ward and
Vernon itreell, NolSOn, B. i' . bv Maim, Charles
a. Waterman a Co.. the loiiowing property, vie
Lots numberi fifteen (15) nnd sixteen (Hi), both
in Block number ten iw), being part of tne iub<
division ol Lot number ninety six. Oronp one,
in the district of Kootenay, Biitiin Columbia,
and known as tlie Hume addition to Kelion,
h. c , aecnrdinp to a map or plan deposited In
the Un.I Beglelry offloe and numbered 2ti r.
Dnon the said land tn erected a inn-e mid com-
modloui dwelling houee in (Int-olan ordor, with
city water. Tin., property is not fur frnm the
business portion of the city,
Terms and condition* made known at the time
0(aa eor In the meantime-upon application to
Mortgage*'! Solicitor,
Dated m Nelaon the 17th day of Sept, l oo.
TA KB NOTICE ihat an application bu been
made to regliter ft. G. McLeod u tbe owner In
Fee Blmple, under a Tat title Heed from   It. J,
Stenton, deputy aaaeaeor and collector of the
slocan Assessment Dlitrlot, to it. t;. McLeod,
bearing data the -26th day of Anguat, a. D, 1908.
of ni] and singular thai certain parcel or tract of
land and nn-mise*-situate, lying and being In tlie
I'istrii'tof Kootenay, In the Prortnoeol Brltlah
Colnmlila, inure pitrtleulartv known nnd deicrlbed as ull minerals,precious end baae, (save
coal nnd petroleum) under Lot-Sffltnronpl, in
tbe DlltrlOl Of Kooteuay, "Unmet" mineral
Vou and each of you are required toconteit
the claim of the tax purchaser within fourteen
dayi from the date ol the service of thii notice
Upon you.nnd in ilcfdtill of n caveator OSrtlflcate
of III pendens being filed within Hindi  period,
you will be forever estopped and debarred from
i tiling up any claim t.. or in respect of tbo tmui
Innil, and I shall i< tri*-*-.." It. 0, Mel ���! as the
owner thereof.
Dated at Land Registry Office. Kelion. Province of Hritish inlomida, IhisiSth day of Fehru-
ary, A. U. 1��fill. V. MaoLBOD,
Dlitrlet Kegtitrar,
To Richard Seaman.
Nollee is herehv niven thai |f_ttj davs after date
I inteml toapply tu the lion Chief (Jommlnlon
erof  Lands and   Works fur prrmlmon  lo  pur
chaae the lollowlng deaeribed .audi, 100 acrei,
commencing at a poll marked John Toye. plant
i-d itn th ��� eai' shore nf I, .wer Arrow lake, ubout
i.n.- mih-north uf  Sunshine ereek   ih>*lic- forty
chains eait) thene.- lorty chaini iouth, tbenee
forty obi ns weet, thenoe lorty chains north
Rio nj- lake -diorc to point of euiiimenceiiiciil.
Dated ihis i,in, day ol Beptember, inor.
John Ton,
harry tints<i\, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that ilxty doyi aftor dato
I intend toapply fo the Hun. Chlol Ooaunlaaion*
erof Lands nnd W��ok-Iur perinlssluii to purchase the following deaerlbod lands, 190acrea,
starting at a post marked Catherine Toya. and
planted on the en-l shore ol Utter Arrow lake,
near '.'luilHtnii. ('reek, theme .n chains east,
thenoe Iii chains north, thence I" ehaltiH west to
lake ibon, thence south ahniK lake shore to
point of commencement.
Dated thin 18th day of September, 190B.
UATHtRnra Ton,
SABRT tillisoN, Agent.
Notice Ik hereby KlTsn that ilxty dayi afterdate i intend to apply to ihe Hon. chief Commlaaioner of Lands and Worku for ncrmlMlon
to purchase the following deurlbed lands nil-
uate in West Kootenay idMriei, Commencing
nt a poft marked "A, llirseh> B, K. (.'orner"
planted at the h. W, corner of Lot 878, about 7
miles north of Burton i'!t\ mnl about \ ut a
mih- west uf the Columbia rlvei, thonoe north
hochiiins*. thei  west-ic ohalns   thence south
Ni chains: llienee ,-asi -to chains to point of com.
tneneementi containing BID aorei.
Dated this nth day of September-1*08.
A. HlRMlI,
fer Ralph Klye, Agent.
Sixty davs after date I Intend loapply to the
Hon. chief Commlaaioner of Landaand Works,
Victoria, to purchase w acrei of land: Commencing at a post planted al tt-a city dI Nelson'*.
power plant lol _L Et eorner post,  on   Kootenay
river,   tbenn- 20 ehalns smith,   theuee treat  20
chains, theuee north 90 chains, thenee east _��
eliains to point of commune* ment.
Nelson, B.C.. Aug. fi, ]<M6. K, J. CURIUM.
Notice is hereby given tiiat HO davs from date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable thu Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchaie the following deserlbed lands situate in West Kootenav District: Commencing
at a post marked ���' K. Stewart'* S W. corner
post, situated near tbi Junction of Lost creek
and Bouth Kork of Salmon, thence south -10
chHlfis, more or less; tlience cast B0 chains;
thenC-i north i0 chains, more or less; thence
west ihi chaini to point pi commencement.
Salmo, August llth, 1906.
B. Stiff AM
Ti H, ATklMO*, Agent,
Hotiee Is hereby given that B0dayi after date I
intend to apply lo the Honorable the Chief Coin-
mlssloner of Lands and Wnrks to purchase the
following describe.l ta.udl.89n acrei, more oHelll
commencing al a boil planted on the weit ban'.
of Upped- Arrow hue at a point al.out 7 union below Nakusp.and marked tl. A. II. II , N.K. eorner
post; tnefioe to Ohaldl westi tholtce -id chains
south; theuee 80 '-hnlns east, more or leai Uptake
shore; thence nionn lake shore to point of beginning.
DatodthU���5tbdavof8eut..lflG8,  G.A.B.HAU.
(kl days after date I intend to apply t.i the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria-, I' C . to purohau 840 aeres of
land situate Well Of Arrow lake on the Weil shit;
of Whatohan ereek and Joining the north bonndary of S. J. Atuinhle application to purehase,
Commenolng at a poll marked  ft. J. B. rt. V.. cor
tier and run nim: wea* 80 chaloi; thenee north ho
ehains; thenee eut 80 cbalni; thence suuth to
polnl of commencement.
Soptembar -ud lytic. i: J Elliot,
Notice Is lic-eby nlve.ll that tkJ days after dat.   I
intend to apply tothe Elonorale Chief Commli-
���loner Ol Land*-and Works for permlulon to purchase the following deaorlbed landi, iltuate In
the West Kootenav district; starling from a post
planted it the N.B. corner of F.w, Roblnaon'i
Application to purchaie, tbonce 40 chaini eait.
80 chain., south, ki ehains we.-t. M l hains north,
���to chains west, 'k) chaius north, 'Jo chains east, 10
ehnins north to point of comnicuccinciil, containing loO aeres.
Dated lHih day of Auguit, 1000
li. C K- Koiiimon,
per BBHMT W . ROBimoNi Agent.
Nollee Is  hereby  Riven  that  sixty  davs  after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the
chief Commluloner of Land* and Worki tot i**r-
mi-sbioit   to  pureha.se  thc  following  doaOrloed
Ian 1 on the west shore of upper Arrow Lake and
joining J. II. Keeney's pre-emption:   Running
west _o chains; thenee north Bo eliains, thenee
east 40 eliains, to lhe shore id the bike; thence
south loUowing the lake shore to point   of  eotll-
mctieeiuetit, containing *i^u acrei more or leu<
Dated Auguit 19, lm
H. K. Ma< LKOO
j. J Ki:i.t.v. Agent.
Notice li hereb; given ihat ilxty davs after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works fur permission to purchase the followlni; described
land on the wut tide Of Uwer Arrow Lake and
g the south Hue of the in.imn Reiervatlon;
(ng west 90 chains; thence suuth ni chains;
IC OUt 90 Cbalm. tO the shore ol the  lake;
e   uorth   following  the  lake shore to  the
of commencement) containing 160 acres
or less.
ed August 90, 1IW6. W. H. Macliod
J.J. Kbu.v, AgenL
t hem
Notice ll hereby Riven that 1 intend, TO days
after date to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commluloner oi��audi and Worki for percolation
to purobase the foUowlng deicribeo lands in
West Kootenay district, about live miles south
of Burton City, commenolng at a poit planted on
the east bank of tract C. ft., ma marked "W, If.
Hamilton's B, W. 0, post," and rumiliix north Hi
chains, theuce east to ehatns, thenee south tut
chains, thenee west HO i hains to plaee of beginning, containing 840 acre.- of lain), more or less.
Dated this -find day of August, pjoti.
W  II   Hamilton
Noti-08 is hereby given thai 60 davs after date I
intend to apply to the Honorable Chief Commissioner of Landi and Worki for pennluton to
purchase the following deicrlbed lands, situate
in West Rooteny autrict: Commenolng at a
post marked ���'B.'Oollfcey'l N. W. corner post," sit-
uate near the N K. comer oi land applied for bv
It.K., thence iouth 40 ehalns, more or less; thence
east to cbalin; theuee north lu chains, more or
lets; tbenoe weat iW ehain* to point uf commencement.
halmo, Auguit U. 19*0*1 fi. COKK1T,
 T. II. Atkinson, Agent-
purebaae the following deserlhed lauds situate In
West KooteiiBvdistrict:  Commencing ata poil
rked  'H.   Rou'l N. W eorner post," situate
Notice ii berby given that 60 dayi after date 1
itend. to aunlv to the Honorable the Chief Com-
uds and Wo-ks for permlulon to
ed "H.
near the N.B. oorner of laml applied for by A,
McL��aii. thence south 10 chnins, moreorless;
tbenoe eaat tu cbalnil thence north io chains,
more or less; thenee west 80 chains to point ol
Balmo, August n, 1908 r. Roes,
T. H. Atkinson, ArenL
Notiee  is  hereby  giv.-n   that slxtv  days alter
date I intend t,. applv to the Honorable tbe
chief Commluloner of Mud* ami Worki for
permlulon to pnrehaae tbe following deaeribed
lamls situate in West Kootenay district: Commencing at a post marked "A. Mcl-ean'l X. W,
corner post,"situate near the N.K. corner of land
applied for by A. MeLanghlati, thenee south 10
ehains, more ot less; tlience east 80 Cbalni!
theuce north tt ehaim, moreorless; tbenee west
���to chnins to poi.it of commencement
Salmo, Auguit 11.1908 A. McLkan,
T. H. Atkinson, Agent
Notice Is hereby given that 60 flayi af t?r date I
intend to make application to the Honorable the
chief Commluloner ol Ijmds nmi Works for per*
missou to purchase the following descrtl*;d landl,
situate ln west Kootenay district: Cotrmetiiing
at a poHt marked "A. McLaughlin**! N. W corner
post," Iltuate near the N I., corner of laud applied (Or by P M< Arthur, thence sou'h to. hales,
more or less; theliee can Hi chains; thenee nortii
40 chains, more or leuj thence west Mo ehulns to
point of commencement
Balmo, Angnii il, 1906, A. McLaiohi.an,
 f. H. Atkinson, Agi-nt.
Notie* ls hereby given that no dayi after date
i inu-nd to apply to tbe Ohlef Commlaaioner of
Lands and *H*orkl for permission to purehase
the following described landi, iltuate In WMt
Kootenay dlitrlel I Commeuelng al a poit marked J. Mc Arthur'.. N. W.corner post," Iltuate near
the N- B corner of land applied fur by A j orner,
thence south -III ehains more or lou; thenc -east
80 ehalns;   thenee north _0 chains, mure or less;
thence west BOchalm topolutolcominenccmenL
Halmo. August 11, Pkf,.
S. McAktiick,
  T.H   ATKINSON, Agent.
Notice li hereby givon that 80 davs after date
1 Intend, to apply to the Honorable lhe Chief
Commluloner OI Lands and World for ix-nnls-
sloii to titrehase the followiiiK described lands,
iltuate in ibe Weil Rootenay dlitrlot: Commenolng ��t a post marked "A, -timer's N. \\ . ror ner
post," lllualed Ht the N. K. conn- of land applied fur by B Stewart, thenee aoutb 40 ebalna,
more or leuj thenee east BO ehalni) thenei- north
40 ohalni, more or lou; thence west no ehnins to
point of commencement
Salmo, It C , Angui 11   1906. A.Tihnkk,
T   H   ATKINSON, Agent.
Notiee Is hereby given that IVl davs after date I
intend toapply to the Hunorable the I hief dun-
minloner of Landi and Worki for permlulon to
purchase the following dencrlbed land in well
Kootenay nist-iet about f��ven miles south of
hurton city: Commencing at a post, planted on
thepMtbank of Trout eroak nnd marked Mrs,
W H, Hamilton'! 8. w. c. post and running
north Bu chalm; thenoo east ku ehains; tbence
south no ehains; thence west nn ohaini to place
id beginning-containing Ottaeroi, moreor less.
I'ated thlliBnd day ul August, UN Mi,
Mhs, W. II, Hamilton
W. ll. Hamilton,Agent.
Notloe is herehv glveu that ����� 'lavs after date I
Intend lo apply lo the Hon, the I'hief Commissioner ol Lands mid Works (or j-crmlssiuii to
mireliHse the following described lands In tin-
West Kootenay dlitrleti Beginning at a post
marked li. Hell's B. K. comer, about two miles
east of the Salmon river, and half a tulle from
the I'end d'Oreille river, thenee Ni ehnllis north,
40 chains west, Ku cbalni south and 10 t hnlns enst
to place of beginning.
Dnted itith flay of July, lntM. ]{. H. Uku,
Sixty days afterdate I Intend to apply tothe
Coin in InM"ner of Lands nud Works, '"fetorta, lo
purchnse Ho acres of land. (Commenolng at a
post tdniited on the west slcre f)f Arrow Lake, at
(be aouth out corner of J .J GhriiUe'i purchaie,
running north 80 chnlni. thenoe east _�� chains,
theuee souih 80cbalni, tbenei weit 80chaini to
place of eouinieneemeiit.
Located May, vth 1MB,
I. Uai.uohbr, Locator.
For Unpaid Delinquent Taxea In the Nelaon A_��_e__ment Dlatrlct, pPov!    I
of Brltlah Columbia. l"*l
I Herebv give notiee that on Friday, lhe twelfth day of October. A. D., .BOA, at the hour of twelve o'clock noon, at the Court Htm-. _ I
B. 0.| I nli-all offer for sale bv public auction the lands hereinafter let nut ol the personi in Mid Hit hereinafter set out, lor the -Itllnqam m ""-I
by said persons as un the thirty-first day of Decimber, lflOft. and for lntereit, coiti and expeuiei, including cost of advertising laid H^ jVH
amount due Is not sooner paid;  ���______          *.jH
Che.Initi. Kd	
Carlion. I.. II	
Mallallilallie,  K.i. 	
(.lialle. Thos	
Krueberg, Belle	
Johoioc, l', W	
Kciinv. ulm M
lefage. loniaa	
Bur tough, fUebe] U
wrighl, Harry
Wolf, Conrad a Devault, j. f.
Sltifr,  Kee	
kearm, Henry    	
Andenon, Oscar.      	
i atlrat, I'harles	
Bldorada Mines, i.imite.i
Ameriean tnulv t,. s\ Uo
McArthur. Win
Brnitdii.iit, Kpikliii*- .
Bldorado Mlnoa, Limited
Athabait a*Venui Co
Huicraft, Ueo.  .
Oee. Arthur	
Dick, Arthur	
t'hiiuuUu, J	
K.llv. A   II
10 aeres in BlODk 16, Lot811, Q. 1 	
Bloek 1, Lol881, 0  L.-tOMres, 	
Blocks 27,28, m, Lot 818,0 I., HO acres	
Block '.. Ixit88l,a  I ,2aorea., .   	
Block ��, I...[sm, a. i��� ��aeroi 	
Block II. J-otW-V. *i- I-. tl.*.-aeres 	
hioek in. ii.tN'J-, O. [..40 acres
820at res in Sec. Band86,1 p. iu, mid Her 81,Tp. 13*, Uu 1280, (i I
1 uere ill Sections. To   M, Utt Iffl", (t. I 	
n.88 acres In Bocton88,Tji w, Lol v:tK u.l 	
& acrei in Bei Hon 88, To 08. Lot UM, (I. 1     .......... 	
i.oi aeres in Beotlon 7. tp- 17, Ud 1943.'��. I	
49.76 aeru in Boetioninja. 81,84,T. n, Lot i*��. ti. I	
80.76 aorei In Beetlob 6,tp, it. Lol 1848,0.1	
8.20 acrei In Bectlon ��,Tp 17, Lot 1249          	
61.88 acrei In Beotlon 84. Tp Bl, Lot 1348, 0  I   	
47.80acreilu8eeHon.BTp 81, Lot 1848, 0   I 	
87.96 aores In Beotlon 80, Tp 80, Lot 1*44, a l 	
88.20 acrei In Bootlnn 19 and 80, Tp 80, Lot 1844,0 I	
:tl .'-'aeres In Section 86, Tp :il, Uii 23H1. "i   1 	
78 aires In U.l 801, U.I........
.���meres lu Ud W6, 0   I
Hioek I), Ud id'.t. ii  i ,0 aorea.
Lot 3819. 'il. 184 acres
I'art Lot6060, <i   P. bo acrei ,
SO acres lu U.t 882,0. I        . ......
Taxes        Interest
���     7fi
3U ki
a im
6 nu
6 40
K 00
2 AO
4 tO
2 ll*.
B ILr,
0 Ou
1 Hi
4 60
8 Nl
:i tsi
16 V,
0 ii,
12 00
''"���'�� and   Tfrt   i
I'-ipenit-F   T��TAL j
I'i   ]
"��� 1
I i
18 1
Dated at Ne.'.ou, ii 0., thu6th day of -September, 1008.
CoUeetor, Nelaon Aw
ii*Dt hiiir^
Notice is hereby given that60da�� after date
I inteml  to ap|dv to the  Hunorable the Chief
Commlaionerol bands and UerU tor permlaalon
to purchuo tho following deicrlbed lands In the
Weil Kootenay putrid: Commencing at a poal
marked T. k. Pronoho'i Land B, K, oorner planed
near C. 0. Poynti B, W. eorner, thenee east nj
chains, thenoo north 40 ohalni, thence west to
ohaini, thenoo aouth 40 chains to [dace of commencement.
Dated Jjth day of .July 1006.        T. K. FKJtNi ll.
By ani>kkw Ann, Agent,
Notice Is herebv given that 80 dan after date I
intend toapply to ihe Honorable theCbletCom-
mlssloner of bauds and Works fur |*-rmln*_loii tu
purehaae tbe followiiiK deaorlbed landi in the
weit Kootenay district, near Burton Cltyj commencing at a post planted at the UUtheaat corner
of i-eurjre Hodion'i pre-emption claim, and
marked Harry t>. lol Hun ton's N. K. C, pnat, and
running south -to i hains. thenee treat ?.i chains,
thenee north lu ohalni, thence east 20 ehalni to
place of beginning, containing 80 acres of laud,
more or lets.
Dated this lOtfa day of AugUlt, UK*.
hakry Q. Tollowtoh.
Notice Is hereby given 'hat fiu davs after date I
intend to make application to the Honorable the
chief Commlaaioner of Landaand Works for per-
mlHfon to purchase about 3"> aeres o( land situ
ated 00 the Balmon river. Went Kooienavdlstrlct,
���.ommonelng at a poel marked 8. K. Butter's N K.
Corner, planted on the west bank of the river,
about l\ miles uorth of the International hound-
ary, thenee we-t 60 ehains, thence HO chains
south, thence east about 21) chains to the rlrer,
thence northerly along the river to place o( com-
August ISth, 1900. C R  B0TTI&,
T. II. Atkinson, Ageut.
Notice is hereby given that two mouths after
date I Intend to apply to Hie Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a Lease of
all that land being the foreshore adjoining iub-
fllvisinns 1, ��� and 4 of lot .309, Hroup onefl)
Kootenay, and being on the south ihors of the
Well Arm of Kootenay lake, lu thu district of
Commencing at a post marked "A. K, Watti'
southeast euruer pu��t"; ihence 60 chains wett,
tbence90 chains  north;  thence 60 chains eait;
thenee 3ochains south tothe place of commencement; tbe said land and foreshore to be be utnl
for sawmill purposes-
Dated this .1st -lay of August, 19"8.
  A. B. Warn.
Notice Is hereby given that flo days after date 1
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission t,>
purchaie the followlug described land In West
Kootenay Diitrloi about seven miles south ol
Burton city: I'ommeneliiK at a poat planted on
the east bank of Trout Creek ano marked Alea
Cherne's N. W, c. Put and running south 80
chains; thence east ft-t chains; ihence north 80
chains; tbenoe west 80 cbaina to post ol beginning, oontainlng 840 torn m land, more or less.
Dated Hits 22nd day of August, 1900
Ain Cttam
.','   H   HlHtl.TOK, Ageut.
Notie,. Ik hereby given that sixty days after
date  I  inteml   to  apply   to  the Honorable  lbe
Chlel CommUalonor oi Lauds and Wurks, fnr
permlulon to purchase the following desoribed
lands eommenctng at a jaist marked George Toi-
llngton'i n. B.C. post, at tha southeast corner
ol   J-  O.   Mciirmle's    pre-emption    claim    and
running loutb 40 ohalna to southwut corner of
lieo Hudson's pre-emption claim; theuee we��t _U
chains; thenre north -to chains, thence east 20
i IihIii* to place of commencement, containing 80
aires of land more or less.
DiDcd this Nth day of August. PMtt>.
A. A. Burton, Ageiit.
Notice is hereby given that ilxty days after
date I intend to applv tothe Hou. ChV-f Commissioner of Landi an.i Works for permission to purehaae th- following deaorlbed lands situate In
"est kooi4 nay dlatrlet! Commencing at a post
marked .1.11, \ anstoiic's B.B. corner pitst, situate
In the Salmon Klver Valley, at a poini adjoining
J .Meet her's land at western boundary, thence
wesi HU chains, ihence north 40 cbalni, thenee
eBNt so chains, thence aouth 40 ohalni tu p.dut of
July 24lh, lis*. J. II. V_HTOBl,
T. II   Atkinson, Agent.
Sixty days alter dale, I. Mirgretl MeUuarrie".
inteml toapph* tu tin* Honorable the Chief Com'
misalonerof Lund- ami Works. Victoria B 0
to purchase the following deserlb.il laud, Cl in-
inencliig at a posl marked M. MHJuarrle, on the
bank of Lower Arrow lake. Ihem-., (,, chains
west! thenco60Obalns norlh;  Ihenee Ot chain*
eait) thenoo 60 ohaini south to plaee of com.
meneement, said to contain 180 acres mure or
less.  Covering gro I held by 0, B. Anderson's
iy <;. B. Anderson1
t '-  ifll I>1 It Mia
Dated llsls, lit), ,]ny ,,f -i-|,t,-inl��-r, ls����,
���  ,  ,, M-��_i��ri McQoauii,
Nnlls,-  1��  JisTi-l.y  kivs-ii   Unit Hi-tv  (Imvh Btla-r
-lull-I Inl. li.l loapply to Hi,. lli.iioraLlsMfii.t-hi. I
s orainlMloner of Until and Work, lor perm lalo-
i,s PiireliaKi the i..ii..wii.k sis-��s-rii��-.i i,,,,.-. .iii���i.
inwaa| KooionayalitrlcttCoainianclnKai is noai
planted at llobon ��� orlatt'i n���rti. ,-��,i oorner
i"-i,��'"' |����'kr' A-M'" N- K Cornet tttenoa
.-ant isii-hu is.; thonce ini-hai.-i. ,ouUi, mora or
leaa'.. tne Knownny rivi-r; tbence lOcnalni ws ,t
aloOK   the   K.siilotsay   rlaa-r;   Lbence   lis    I,,sis,
noriB.moworleu.fo ibe place ..( toramenco-
nioiit, i-iiiiliilisliis; |s,i nori-N iniireisr lo.
Sfjil  tiilss-r Mill 1-Jtltl.
������!> Ms��,HK,
UlI.I.MM   MlKSMK AH A|,s-l|t.
Notice I. Ii.n-lsy Kln-ii thut ,lxt,  ,,,,., ,���
iiate I intend to appl. in this llonorabln tho
t.biei CommlMlon-r nl Undi and w,���ic, ,���,
pernilnlon   to   purebaae  the   lollowlna de.
Icribed  land, iltuate   in tho Weal KossteuaT
���ll-lrla-t,  ItartlllJ   Irim   is pnssl pl��ist,���|  ������   the
nortb bank of tbo (fort. P.srk'.n Ki creek,
L','..,'"'isf,',,""""''*.'��� * cb��lua mirth, (Si ohalna
wi-l, IU i'iiiim. north, vi sIihIii. svo.t, aOoh-lni
-_.ti_-h.t_ Sflf* S*���!" "'""'��� m *4������
ans-l, JllohHlni Hissilh.  -1 ohal awt, 41) ohalini
o's's'iil-n,'ns1","," ". 1" '.""r-s" ""'"�� "' '""'""
commonoemeut, oontainlng wu acres
Hated 18th day of August i��m.
Notice h hereby iriven thai Ot) nayi after date 1
litmdto make apjSl nation to the ftoMrtbU&J
Uhlef' ommhutonor ol bands and rVnrks for mt.
in les.a.fium the Salmon river, marked "Klllm
I, Adam,, southeast ��� orner," then.- w.-s Hu
el,a us, thenee north BO chains, ihenee |Ut WJ
chains, thenee south 80 chain-, to place of co,^
tiiencemciil. ' '    u,u
������  fWllL A^Wj Looatoy,
n . a *k..  ��.��. CP| K ���_��� -JwOTei, ai Agent.
Dated thii Sth day n( July, im      "
Hlily  .lavs  afler date I intend lo apply to the
Bonorable the chief CommlMloner ol Lands ami
W oris, Victoria, to pun base 940 acres of Und,
located and deaorlbed  a*  followi;   Heing the
norlheast  quarter of  Section   twetiiy-two,   anil
the south hall ��d thu nortbweit quarter Section
twenty three. Township illi) nine. Aiol furthei
tlem il.Hiil as fnllou.i i ii.nmi-lii Iiik al a |aoit
marked J J. N. W corner, and planted 40 ehalns
cast ui the Uortbwesl comer of Heclloli twenty-
two and running nast 40 ��� hains, theuee south nu
chains, theuce uast iu chains, Ihenee iouth 'JO
chalna, tlienco west to ebalns, ttieme nortb to
ehalns lo place ol b- ,,-ni :���.: <.-.���
Auguit .'lit, p.m. Jinks JdIimtonk,
w. a. Caldar, Aftnt.
Notiee is hertiby given tbat B0 days aflflr date 1
lutend toa]inly to tlie lluiii rable lhe Chief Commissioner of Lands and Wurki for permlaslon
lu purchase the follOwittg deserlbed laud, iltuate
in Plre valley, in ihe Weal Kootenaj dlitrlet. ad<
Joining W. A. ('aider'" pre einptinti, starting at a
post marked M Mi"wnarrle's southwesi eurner.
rnnuliic Mi ehalns aaat, thenc* 4. chain* north,
thence 80 chains uo��t   thenee 40 Cbalni SOUth t"
polnl of oommsneemanL
Dated this llth day of Septenilier, IK-r..
J. K. TaVi.oh, Ageni.
Notlco is hereby given that f*i days after date I
intend to apply t<> the Hon. the Chief Commissioner fif Land* ami Works for permission to purchase thc following den. rlbed laml* In West
Kootenay dlitrlet, province ul Hritish ''ultimbla.
Commenolng at a poat markeii a a. Burton's
EL W, comer, on the south side of Cariboo creak,
about two miles east of Hurton City townsite,
and at the northwest corner of William MeDev
Itt'l preemption claim, thenee easl 10 i bains,
lhetice north 60 chalus, thetie* wesl 40 chains,
ihenee south fiO chains to the plaee ol beginning,
eontalnlng M0MM mow or less.
Dated this J4lh day of July. 1906
A. A. BriTOaN.
Nt'tleo IS hirebf given that ��������� ���\k\% alter date 1
Intend to apply to ihe Honorable Chief Commls
llO0*f of Undi ami Worfcl for la-rmUMon to purchase  tht  following  described laliiU. situate In
the weal Kooteuay dlitrlot, starting from a mat
plantedatthel w.cornerof Brneal w-fioblnaon's
Application to Hurchue, and on the north bank
��: i:,*t North Fork ol ' og ereek; thonce 40 chains
west, ko t halus north, loo ehaim cut, 10ebalus
south, 'JO chains west, tO chains south to Interaec-
lloii of north line of K \\ ({obluaon's Application
to I'urehaae, thence -Ki chains west and 3D ehalni
south to point vt commencement, 000tat0Ing M0
Dated 18th day of August, )\*f.
�� w Roam sos,
per KUOirW, Boumov, Ageut.
Notice li hereby glren that 60 days after date I
intend toapply lo the Hon. the Chief Commla-
lloner of Lamls ami Worki for perinhston to purchase the following deaeribed lands In Weat
Kootenay district, province of Hritish Columbia;
Commenolng at a post marked "William Toiiing-
ton'i uortbwesl corner pout." aald pu*t la-lug
planted  it  the  southwest corner uf the **ljiii-..|i
Mineral Claim," and adjoining tbe east line of
HcFbalTl pre-emption, thence south iwetity fkt\
< hains along said line, thence east forly (Hi)
chains, thence north twenty (9Q) chain*, tbenn
west forty (40) chaini more or less, to the place ol
. uininein einent
Haled 1st day of August   1'JOfi.
Willuh TOLUKOTOir,
Hy his agent J. K.Taylor.
Notiee is given that 80 davs after dale I Intend
tnappiy to u,o Honorable the chief Commie-
iloner of Unds and Works for permission to
purchase the following described lamls In the
Wea Kootenay District: Commencing at a [.,-[
marked Q. 0.I'ovntz Land U.K. Oornei placed
near the I'end d'Oreille river al Boundary creek
east side of Balmon rl.. ;*, thenee east m chains
along the Inieruailonal Boundari Line, thenee
n rth 40 ehalns, thenee west tn chains thence
south 40 chains to plaee ot commencement.
Datod the _��th of July i-w.      c.c. porm
  By Andrkw Ann, Agent,
Notice |* hereby given that two months H(ter
flats  I  InUmd   to apply   (.,  the  llouorable  the
t blef Commlaaioner of Land* ami Works for
permlnion to purchaie tba rollowlng deaorlbed
and* situate on the west arm of Kootenay I ake
ln lhe Dlatrlet of West Koolenay: Commencing
at a pout marked "William Kuerby's N W oonf"
tbenoe west twenty (_-.) chains; thenee so,ith
twenty m ehains; thence east twenty ,a
eliains; thence north twenty f20) chains to [he
point of oommonoement, containing forty mo
acres, more or lesa *   l    '
DatOf|July7.1��08. f. 0, MlUOM,
WoUce la hereby given that 00 days after dat* I
.(Lands and Works (or -permlaalon tu ptirohiM
u.e following deaorlbed tract of land s tnata m
west Kooteuay District:   Commencing hi ii'
���ontkwsil eurner of Lol 7JW| the,,,',- run In!
aas-sst 411 rl.bln,; ths-sn ,r(), ji ,-i,���itl,   tha-M
tut m ohalnii thanra louth tOclialm'to m nt
i'.---!""""'"'"""',"*''""t"'"'"K -'* ��'���"������. ins'r.'i.r
���''." I N'-I��"i'. II f.. tlii" an) .lay ���l j���iv
'**"��� ..    .     Mill A-.aun, '
|si-r h   l . ..r.-.-ii. Ak.-iii.
��� Itliata nvar lln- N. U . ���rii,r ���1 l��� ,,i , , ii1 ,"'
|.y N.M,-Ar.l���ir ,.,.-���,,. {Stb3 Xta'f.SSi, M
isnllilisl .ssiiiinisiii-a-ini-iit "" "'
Halinis, B. 0., AnKiihI im,, IJOJ,
as ,,   .        ''��� MisAllTllt-R
  ATKINssuN, A(ts-lil,
HlitJ <la-> altssr slain I I i���| |��� ���������., ,��� ,,.���
Oompl ii" ni Und, and ffortt Vtolifi.,'
imn-h.ssis itoum ol land iltiiai ,*,��� , rJftl''!
aiiiiiissw.: 0ommen��lnt,ai-_-i.���i:���,��M?_a
Mil il.li- ,,l Arrow 1�� k...,,",,"- ... , f,' '".;'," "";'
or u.-ar lis. lotlthwoit ,!,,,," ,,"���'"' ">��� ��l
OhW, ami in.rki.,1 "11. M. A" rs ! ,";r ��'����� 1"":
rtinnlng linrtls IO ahaln. ss.... '' Iorl":.   mut
moi-aor 1,��� to tin. inks- hIi,..,V i... " V ' l,,llji"
_*��,��., asth.iiw. """��*f.M.AK��a��.,.
AiaSV!,!lS.W����!i'. ���
s.siaii'ti ]. is,r,.i,,. _,...,,, ,,,���, rj, ,
lllten.l Is. aisnlv    , u, . I , ,.      "','">'" """ ''"'I' I
mliiloyr it . ,'',,,\'T',\''\,'",'':'""'Cl""-
Sum wi Kit ol land li !���'''"""��� """"������
na.l ol Ittssi,,,, ,-| *"  ' ��� I"""'alis.sit one mils.
lake, ami n  m���   '*,",," "��l "''fol Arr���w
po.l pltnttid 11 ii,,."", ' "w",: ' "WtrJlH ��i ��
fiinune norll, tti,.\,"}'"V{'''m��'''t"'lWi).
llian.-aiosiii, ���, , '' '"-'I'liin wc.imclialu.
plan.oils,.,!,,,,,,'"*'""' 'Imiii-t-eailftrUain, ,_
AsiBn.l   <.n    ,.���.
J-K. Uiwim.
Nollro 1�� In-rclsr JlTili thattoimu__   I
ptand to .ppi- ���, ������. BonoaSa'SJlM
- kiiiiiiI.pIoiiit ol Uml. .ml W���r,, bs^__i
.mil lo s Is,,-,- lln- (,,ll���aa-ln|| dwiiW !_���
.llnali-illu Ih,- Waal K��� ���,,11Z', ,.,}">&
i' UPti��n-in'i_nth.north"i_SM!M
quarter mlloa Irom the Pendiron B
 nclni 'it �� i-'-i iiiHiks.i i  ,��� s_;i,.,',?fi
corner port, thenoe an chain, north __;1
s-hani weal, Uienn au i-hait,. amt-Hf
s-liHin. s-a.t to i-iiiii- ol -ommencenait
Loentad tins l��t ilay ul Aiikis.s, I-..,'
______       liana... Rurui-t
Nsstts-e 1st lien-!,)' Klrt-ti tliatf.l-l��s,,vj_, I
intend to apjalr to *l\. Honorable ikSSs'I
iiilssHlislii-r s,t |j4li-lis saissl \\���rk. [���| |_-_,,   f
psinliMs- lln- lullowlm, deK-rllsed JJJK I
Koot.'iiay Dlitrlel al u mn,.,...., J
tssli I'll) :   a-olnlili'ticllsa at ia poat t.i.i>4 _ _ 1
eart l-sitik s,l Tr.ssit creek nt.,1 ns,-.-, | ^j? I
s-r', N W. t:. Poal ami riiiiiilsiu ,���risa .^1
u.l at' s'haltii; tin-
IK'Slls ���   ._��� I
111, isi'i-aa,-��t aUrhalllli tl, tin- t>la,-.-,,' ~q_      ,
ment, oonuiniu M0 aorc ns���n- or is��^
liats-sl thll ttii'l slay tit ���:.,..���,.
... ,, ���      'Un I
^ "II  HsaaiLTMIp-
Ntsllii- Ir hereby given lb.I ���-. s���, -soul
Isslensl to apply tn the Htanorable In. I'ts^t^l
nil..l:sner of l.atiaiiiti'1  -s,..,. , ��� .. ������ -lf I
puroh-H the (ollowlng deaerlM uuti  .f
inem-lnK at a [sts.t marke-l "J IV ft. a 1,1
nor," plas-a-il OH the eait ihtsre i,( . ���.,,, ,.l
l-ake al the p���rlhwe.t s-ornerol I t bn,iif*a
pll-all-n In 1'iirtltaia, ruunlD, -liesssels m_\
fills (Iniiii- Ksirh.lns. mirth: thmr. is rl-fl
isssirt' ttr 1,-na. aem to tbe lake .ho-.; IbewiVl
loaalnK Uke ihore to piilbl tsl ���:���:._
i "iiUliilisK 9sfll aerea mora- ur lei.
Iiatesl lbe '-trsl day tit Jul), Issue.
Notlco In herehy given tint CO il.snr-ltll
llstt-lid tt- .|spl> tu the Hsiliitntsls- l.tC_u_
liltailnner nl l-atuli ami Work, !.:;,^atl
purchaie the fullitwlnit deeenbed luaitaM
mi lb. eaal ilde uf Arroa- lake: traaosafU
lha northeaat oorner of A ins! sc-ia. ,
llss-sss-e north forty ehain., lb.K. ��atut,
fhalii., llienee iouth forty eti.sua'-ailA
furty I'hitlni to point of I'-ussssssMa-lii*
Ulntiia- KSUat-ra-., more or li-*,.
1'.- T.  1  -a .pt-inl-i   1. lm. '.������'���sl.  la
perN. Is���tear. tplL
Nollrc la bereby given tint aslsl.Tt-ltilWl
llita-nd to al'ply tu tin- Hull Chill i wb--_-w
nl I-aud. ami Wnrk. fur |s-ritsl��.lna topert-ai
the fssllsswliig sleeerlbcd landl, ������������'������ '���"-'
KooUOU slls-tnet: ruramerirlisf itlWlIM;
<sl ������BKW'a. t oorner." plnnled on-mUf*
l<-ws-r Armw lake, alsosst om mile shsell M
s-ssr-lssli creek (Jsslin.tun i-reeli.) [hens^BWIJ
ilsaln.. tlu-nce we.t HI a-biln., |HM ��������
t'hallll, thenee east 111 thlllli to pslsslsHWO-
ineiii-emenl, t-utitalnfiig IflO aereg nio-��lssj
anil ftainprlisllig abamlssiis-sl pre t'srpllonNiil-
Hi.iL.--l I hi- -'tils slay of Auguil. IW-
h\ K. Vimtm,
A. ft, Wul-Vlntiji, ApBL
Noun- 1. 1,,-selsa gis.-u ttiot <<l,!.y.alterdakl
liiteml to appl* t-s the H,,ti,sr��l,li'lhlsMaiii'l��
s-luilsT of Uml. ami Work- Issr i-snsl,ai-isl t-aor-
china Hu- it.lis.wiug .1 rlbed landi, ainiiW"
the eail Ilde of Arr.,-�� lit- 4 ssminen.letHI
1-ss.l marked   A. Maoleod'l I,��-iIIsid |��l.l��"" I
eoillh   I' rly   In-   fislb-aallllt W  rnjf.��il��j
Is islary; thelife eail alaty clnloi, loi-ulls.il'
s.f Qarlb-ldi Creek|  tlipi..-.- ti-rll. fsirlysbaloi,
1 lulli-e eail lllty chaini  Iss point otUUIMM
-lent, funlattitni-WO n rass. intsrf ssrleM.
Iiatetl Ht-t.tcinba-r 1, IK.        Al.r<�� IliCUM.
Per H-- ncaPe"-   >
Notice li hereby given tint ��o diy> *<<>'*_[
Intend lo apply ft KrHonorablt^���_*S_*B
miaaionerol lindiiod Worlut(prpOTWgJ
pun-haae lbe"Aillowllig dcfs-rllid laljali.������>��"���
Ir.sin a pss.l markf.l IV. T'. n.srllsaasal I;". ��w
���onth in .ham., thence eul ��� ''���""���'���'JS
nssrth iii .hoiiii. tlu-i.f i- weel ��� ��� isnl'i" "HsTi
i-oiiinieii.-eiiien', i-..iiialiils.|t "������"ftSS!
tton I.. pni-heee. , _
luted thla Wlh day uf AUJttlt, l�� ��� Tl)II]
N, DSMIU, **el11- 	
BUty days, nllfr .Isslf I Intend '"ffi,��'5'
ChlelO i.ii.ii i ol i-on.i; I""! " _!J
Viei���ria. tor ntmlii topn" t<m>*f__t
id it. followi: Commenolng SLiSSSl
eighty (W) obalm eail o iif *��� �����.':*"^ V
Bulger1! pre eii,|.u..i. and marked �� J  ,,���,,���.
sssrm-r,'    alls,   rsllililiig  ee*l   '"rV   '    _,.,,i,il
thence �����>..��� !��� lortj i-n ���> .-i,��in��. 11. '-"V"   ',
btiln., Hit a nurlli ("rly (Hi). Ill"""11"'
I- I  Illlll!,S'
Julv 7. r
I-. K s'llisiol'
Notlco reby glren thei "''"r'f-Kf'i
inleii.l loapply tu tin-llsii...i��l.'l" ",,����,..��� la
mluionern] Lumls. nml worka f';'l"r" uuaad
purobaM the (ollowlng .ie.erii.-dii'     .,���, ,t
"is t IUI lldeol Arrssaa   �� ,';���  '" ',, " <'"���
iliewntnweel eomeroM ahii ���'*',���,my
tllfl til twclllf i-balu--   I"1'"    ,���.���|��.,��
ohelni, lbence n.sriii twenty ��� *; ���>-' ",,,,.
twenty 06.-11 lo paint nl eommrnen""
Istliilng mi airs-, liissss- ssr 1-0 .. m,,kt.
Hiitcil September I, u ��    ���5""'   s���.���i
,H;r N. I'l^.'-'.".	
Notice iss hereb} given mat ."'V_'i.i'.-'th" i"ti*r'
dale I Inieml lisapplv tothellonoraoiv     ^^
  Kinlls, """,,���,,., s'sin-
llienee 10 eh.lliss north I" !>""" "' "
ment ,, ���,,, ,ifiv nf K.-pn-ui-
l.ale.l lit NelMisll, B.C., Ihi" ��"1 '"J j. lassis,
,,*���^���m," ,va. l���l.l.iHD,A��e��'-__.
., , tso.Hv. ItimlMlA.
Nntlsss li her. by given lhat ",',,". _hWC-��'
Inteml tn apply tn the l"!,"V'1 ,, ,,riss��sat"�� |_
inliilonorol Undi end ��"""���,,.^Uode.elWlM_
purchaie tho lollowlng den r ' luialee"'
III 141.- alts.lrl.-l nl   Ws-ssl   >>'���''''    "',:,"i-,,i,,i��'<',
71H1 un the well arm "f la',1 " , ���, .iiiillis.'"
i-lng at Iiltlal pnist I'l"'-' ���" ',���,���,. llss'""-
e.,rneroll.,,t7KI,.li.'i.e.'i'''      -_ ,,',,,,,, llssnsi'
weil 20 -filing, ihenee i"""' ���ei.mcni.
eul ai pheliu ���.. i n "' '���"""ll" .'���i�� ru��
iiaiss.i As.g. nub. num. ���"���"  ���--.
- tl.14 '
ner," p a'ml el th" ""' "'",,., m i-lial��' ,,
running ai cbalm north l uu ' . ,���, ran"
Iheu. a. Sl ebalni. mtb: Hem' ��� ��* MO ��#
MUli Ol I'.uiinio-i-i-ment. i'""""!1""
Iiotli' _.
nmre ur lou. ,_rt ���.
Haled Use lilet day ol July im" j A. o'K"u* ""#-.
The Dally Caiudittt
and 'Liqueur,,  and Canadian Winei and Whiffi'
ran buy ONK bottle Port, flherry, CUrei, Brand*, din. w,,��� o_. _________
You tin buy
 ��� ��� e ��� w   """i   iu rvjoj,^,
ONK bottle Port Sherry .Claret, graU0,., n.B R     ���    fc
01 any intsreaicd quantity you de.lre.    For' I.,���', ������ trfo-i
[lt ���r Htnilt, or any intsreaieu quanuiy you de.lrc.    Kor letnif? ���,,
...._>���-.   ...n _
p. o. BOX I020
per iai Bank of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
Al -rilOHIZKI)...
I K wn.KllC, PniBidnnt.
,U1.000,000; CAPITAL PAID UP... ,$-,980,000
KEBT $4,8-0,000. ....*****?**
Branches in British Columbia:
���iks.^u- receive- nnd iiiti-rt��t allowed nt isurn-nt rnt.sa from ilnt��i of op-niiur no.
...i ......isiiil liulf-vuiirly.
J.  M.   LAY,  Manager.
��� JS..S.1MI - s ��� '	
���JiScredited liiilf-yiiii.ly.
,,.s<)> BRANCH
��. Burns & Co.
blU'li'tf in   Kofwlmid,   Tniil,   Nelson, Kaslo,   Unndoii, Three Forks, New
Denver and Slocan City.
ul] to any tiranch will liave
SU 1     refill hM.-mi.hi.
Head Office: Nelson, B.C.
How the Modern World Obeye "Take
No Thought for the Morrow"���
Service Announcement,.
Tomorrow will be the fifteenth Sunday after Trinity. Next Saturday will
be the festival ot St. Michael and All
Angeli. ln the account ln Revelations
of the war In heaven that ended in
the casting out of the rebel Satan
and his followers, that furnishes the
plot of "Paradise Lost," 8t. Michael
Ik the leader of the host ot loyal
angela, Milton's ili-tsillsi. however, aro
liiii-riiwisil nol from ltuvt'lutlons but
Irom Ortifk mylholoKj', llia-ioil's "The-
The Bosiic-1 for tomorrow contalttH
Ktiveral often quoted iiasKUBCs: "Take
no thought for your life"; " Consider
this Illii-s of Ihe field, how they grow";
'���Tiikis therefore no thought for the
morrow." Thfl whole 'leaching of Christ
Is Htiinmetl up in title passage: "Seek
ye flrsl the kingdom of Ootl und His
rlgliti-oiisiit-HK and all these things
Khali  he added unto you."
The Injunction bus been Interpreted
and obeyed in many different ways
since It was first given to tlie world,
lt was the basis of the olher-worldli-
ness of the middle ages that created
hermits nnil monks, who retired from
the world to live lives of iiieilllation.
Booking nothing but the bare means
of preserving their lives.
In later centuries Christianity has
grown more philanthropic. The idea
of retiring from society to save one's
own selslom thought of now. On the
contrary organizations of all conceivable kinds exist for the betterment ot
human conditions ln  this  world.
It might almost be said that the Injunction, "Seek ye first the kingdom
of God" Is almost frankly disregarded
by the modern world. The socialists
in nearly all countries Include the
church   among   the   number   of   Iheir
ing service, 7:30 p, m,; S.niHy school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Jo-ephlhe: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. in.; holiness meeting, U a. in.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
Executive Offloar Dlsa.
Washington, D, C, Sapt, it,���L. 0,
Foster, an assistant attorney in tha
department of justice .formerly general agent of that department, died at
his home here yesterday. He was 01
years of age.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a day bouse in the Kooteuays.
Roomi ere well tarnished.  Table ee goo- u eor
ln Nelson.   Ber enrolled with |00d
Ho uon end clcen.
W. I. --oOA-TDLIBH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Xaroseea end Anenesn Pile
Heeli a els.  Eoomi Irom as cu. lo ll
Only While Help Implored.
IUSCH.,.       Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
Koike in hetehf Kivt'ii tlial, Uilrty d��)ffi nfier
date, 1 iiit'-ti'l iu apply tu lhe Hinmi-iUi* the
t'liU'f I'oiniiitMtdiier ol I mn.I*- ninl W.nk*- fnr n
���pOClml (I00HM toOHl ami t'nvry awity thriller (rom
the (--Hi-wnu: deniifbeil Un-)-, ���.IiukU' In the
Wus I Kitsiiniuy ilintrlct:
No- 1.���UommeiH'liig nt u poxt mitrk-<1 <>le
ObfTK'H Koiittiwent corner post, and plant don
thu earn side ot Dnncan river Mnl about nix miles
northeait of the w<��st fork of Hi- Dnii'-an river;
tin n-v m fliuiii- eaHt, lliem-t* 8u chaini) north,
llienee N) ehain*. weht, thenee W) ehaln�� Houth to
point of commencement
No. I,���('ommencliiK at a ]>ord marked Ole
OImtk'h loutb went corner pnul, aud planted on the
cunt Hide of uncan river and about seven in lies
iiorthcaHt of the west fork of tbe Dunean river;
thence Hi chahiH cant  tbeuce Kli chains north,
tbenoe 80 obatni went, tbenoe 80 eb&lno oonu to
point of commencement.
Nn. U.��� OORUDenelng at a pi ���>��� i marked Ole
Oln-M.'1- HoulheaKl corner pout, and itlantec) un
lhe eut Mdcof the Duncan river aod aboul |U
miies from the west fork of the * uncan river;
ihence in chfllnx west, thenoe IM) chalnn north,
lbence 4ll ��-)**��� i n- eajil, theme \W chalnn aouth to
point of commencement.
No. 4 ���Cotninenclnfc at a pout marked Ole
Obertj'n southwest corner post, and planted on
tbe eut ��lde of Duncan river and about eight
miles north**aft of the west fyrk uf the Duncan
river; theii'-e Ni chains L-ast, Lbence HO chain**
nnrth, tbeuce tu ��� hmus went, lbence 8U ebalna
lontb to point nf commencement.
No. .*).���(Vmuienelng ai a pnt marked Ole
Oberg'i northwest ,��irner pout, and planted on
tbe cant Mil** of Duncan river am) about *-ix mi)en
north nf tiie went furk of the Dunean river,
at the mouth of Mum creek; thenee 80 chains
east, thnece to chain*, nouth, thence 80 chains
weft, thence 80 chalnr_ north to point of nommen-
No. 5���Commencing at a pnst marked Ole
ObiTR'*. north went corner |>oHt, and planted on
tbe eant nl<1e ol iJuncan river and about Are
mllen north of the west fork of Dunean river;
tbence r>0 chains east, theuce 80 chains nouth,
tbence to chalm west, theuce 80 chains north to
point of commencement.
No. 7e���Commeneing at a post planted on the
eut Bhie of the Duncau river, about four miles
nortb of tbe weat fork of xald river, marked Ole
Oberg's northwest eorner post, thence 40 chalna
cast, theuce 80 chains south, thence 80 chains
west, thence 80 chalna north, theuce 40 chains
east to point of co nmencement.
Dated Golden, B. C, August 29th, 1906.
Oli Obbbu, Locator.
Baker Bt., Nelson Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
But DolUr-a-Day Hook in Nelson.
Tbe Ber le the Flneit.
White Help Only Employed.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches lor
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call  TT     tt     1|l|    t>f O T\
and examine our list.   _!���   OL  1Y1*��   DIIV-L/
Josepbiiic St.
The Big Schoontt D_,_.. \f\r
Or -H_lf-i_dH��H"    OCCl    lUCe
The only Glass of Good Boer in Nelson.
Hotel aceot-motlHlloni aecond to noue In Brlt-
1.1. Columbia. Keteill.lHipersiey.' Bpeclel retee
to iis.siithla boerden. Ouly borae botel lu Nelion
rNsuRANce.   Real Estote *_l Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.    .
Nelson, B. C.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
lew Fall
)ods Arriving
Importer til I'lnw
������'i��liMll    (llMHlN
Jno. T. Pierre
linker St.
Neltton, !�����. C.
JJJIp IrA'liKKtl, |,ni|K-rlv UuUKSed,Will 1st'
��"is. I by Ilu- iiiisli-rKliiieil 4i|. t.i on'l iss-
_n .Ii.n.tay. il... illi.-.-niR iii-t���l,i.r.tii-xl. (ssr
'is "ii,l completlOD ssf si t'.iiirl 11,suit- st
��� -i-. in.setloneeniI.-..oilltlom ul t.-n-
lllrncl  stsav   be   s.i-en Ht   tin-  I'lllsll.-
���"as l'�� uBIce,  Vl.-lurltl, II. IS. .111.1 nt
I Itlss-ili.a.-rss ntAjetit, N.-I...IS. B.C.,
" ���' s tlie nils Reptemb-r next
I'-llili-r   mini   l���-   ��� ill|.ntl 1.--1   Illlll   a
i.i...ins- t..r rive (,.,) ,M-r oent, ..r il..- ..-
"i tin- i.u.i.t(,������ ii���. i���tttitsii porformanoo
fi'iftiuii ol the work.
'"'i'i��� ol uniucoeael-l lendererewill bo
"''" "it'i i Hit- i-xet-lltluli ssf ttii-i'tsss-
""i "i sssia li-n.l.-r mil ni-i-i-i-isisrHy as--
I'. T tiAMHI.K,
I'lllsll.-Wurk" Ki.kI r.
���nl Works noneruiient,
, iiii Boptemlier, IW8.
pertificate of Improvements
"si.  Kint Obanoa, Cbshalslii end
Hlu Ksai-lliui iii iis. s.sl i-lsslsssi, huh- l
'���   K.-Im.II   MlllllIK   lllvlalolllll Wa-lt
'sss iiiiii,I,-,-mountain, between
TciiilaTi ait'lrs-ss-d tsi Use sitsils'r.liiiii''l, sst his.
ultl.-e ill ll"' I'oiirl ll.ssiM-. In Uu- HIS' "I Seliun,
will ta. rs-s-s-ln.l sin llll tlieliourol live o'rlia-k In
Tlie alliTss....ss ol Ms.si.lav. Ootober IMIi. tin*, Iur
," sanbeee ul Use "Blue Kaeil   Nellie" Mineral
ci!lm,_-l 3m whlcb wu deolsied lorlelted ta.
tbe-rown et the Tu Sele held in tji'_ ' !���)��� sti
flBllOn uss tin- f.tll Ibav ul Suva-miser, IMS, Iur lie-
llti.l.iellt taxi's, sspllll Jsills-Mtli. IU'.'.. ami''UIU.
The uneet prlee upon tbe ssai-i mineral elelm,
wbleb iiisisisls-ssnieauiuiintoi delinouept iax,-i
asstl .'.".!�� ssl Uss' lime "' lisrleltnri'. wills Hiterestl;
tuxes, aaists'li lusvi' clnee sieenletl; antl lee Inr
trssatii siraiil, I" WJ.0B, aalslels l�� Use leeel ainiiunl
iisai -v fl I beaouBlder-aaetonder,
i'aeli tell.ler Iislls-l  lie ks-s snaiili'sl  I.y  all  Is..
i,-i i.-.t eiit-.ini-. payable lo u rder nl Depu-
ia i,siisisii-i.iner-i Undeend Worke,sl |..srai
Vlilnrla, II. i' . fur Use anssssint tendered.
Oovernuienl Ageut, Heleon, ��. i,
Bated al Belson.-B.C, this Hth
,Ihv ,,f Beptembar, Uwi.
Thti Piano Won fhe Diploma Yesterday
Lake View Hotel
Cornor Hall **n<l Vernon,
two blocki Irom wharf.
Ratei |i 00 per day and up,
P. O. Box 151.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. EEIOKSON, Proprietor.
Choice Fruit
I Have t0,000 Acre*
of the
Choicest Frott Landi in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson
.*   Be   C.   1
Centrellj LoaMled. Open Dej end Nl��ht.
Bample end Beth Room! Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streeis.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Toinkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores:
Oood   Sample   Room*.
Queen's Hotel
Belter Btreet, Heleon. B. O,
Lighted by Electricity ant)
Heated by Hot Air
Large end Comfortable Bedroome end Flret-
oltuu Tlluliiit Boom. Bentple Koomi for Comme.
del Mon
MH_. X. C. CLAKKE, Proprietrell
I Ut*.
i i.Jiiim Mi-iati'tiic, nf tha city
""mn   ni- HKl-lil tor  Ji.-m'I'Ii Htiirtiv.lit.
1 ��� certificate Sn. Bfilo, tuit*n��l, niKty
Ui�� fluid itoroof, in apply toi)����� Hmlog
tot ''iTiiiii-Mtt'H of iftnprnvaineuit, tot
-' "i "iiininiiiK Grown Qraiitaol the
L*itT lako notloe that action, tinder aet>
""i I"* vommenood i*�� i tlm i*-hihmi*
'""''iii'* nf 1 nt prov.--!!1(> III*
'�� :ii*t day of July, A. i>. 1906.
John MotlTORtH.
iiiintlsy vlrluis 01  this puwori rssnlislliinl
""111 iniirtifuKi-, wlili-li will Ih- produced Ht
1 -nl tin- lalo, llu-ris will Ihi sslf.-rt'il lair ishIss
'i'' iiui'tlitii by Hls'hnrst T Kvhiih til tin-
""ai-. In u���, Clly ill IlisstilHli.l, H ll.isli
."'���'in- -lib sissa- ni Beptember,A I-.iikmv.
."""rut iliHin, thi- t-nully ssl ra-sleiuptloll III
's iisibi,. trsti-i ���f illu,i ,,,i ibu Inws-r Arrow
'"in us Deer Pan.andoonilittn.nli��w
*lta-      **r 'uj"ii anil Ine inijnr itsisloltbc
I'lHIis-r parlbiulare and  ti-rnti Hllil s-ssiull-
ll���, s,   ,.. MssrtKHKi'U'ii Hsillrllnr,
"in -il HssntrisHl tsliHtntsL-ri, Ittiailenil, B.O,
Under end by rtrtueol tbo iJowetotaa-8 eon-
,���,,,! i s-rifnis ndeniureol Morje-ie, whig
I in- i.ii.i i hi iu.-1 i ��ele, iii.r.; will he
,,in I'ri.iisy. October otb, l��J��. hi Uo.olooJ
. is ii. i.v iimi. A. Watermen * Uo.. auolloneem,
JtBira.1, s��� Hotel, in the Bite ol NeHon.ln lbe
i-���,al"'.- s.i Brlllih ts.isiis.i.i.i. lhe ioflowlug
i'i " Iii ilia- Hitnrtlvlssalt.il fl Lll-trl.-t I.ol I <l.'.rssssl'
I _,.   tna Iiiiii ol lbe Ks. nay DUirjei, aoopral-
;,.!,>�� i,iii|.���r|,'.ui ..I lli,��ii.lHs,l,.llvlbl..li.l.-
II'ihIi..,"in tb.- Land Refton. OB-eo and numbw
Lot'l li vn.-ssiii On 1...H JO ki there le ��W to
taatwoitot. frame aOwelltne, elsW �� im-ia-
' "ivr,1;',', and condllioni ol talo ml  '���'��'|c
kllllWIl  lit lllf IllllS-sstl-lllll.
Knr Inrll.i-r piirlls-ul��ri apply I"
Vaiiiitiiver, It. .������
Pate- till" '��tli i'h)' "I Bs-pls-ssilsi-r. IWO,	
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or anil tinytlilng,
go lo tho Oltl Curiosity Shun. A new
lino of Japanese Goods nuw on sale. All
kinds of Dlnnerware in slock. Patterns.  ,
"'i'1 et llunlmid, 7tb Htipt., 1900.
Notice l�� hereby given lliat lho Anliniil iH'JC"i'
Hwttnt nl Tlss- l!v.s "old Mil Limit.. I.w U jc
l,���i,l lis tlicsstlls-e ssl I be s-nliipany, K. W. (,.b.OiK.
Neltu, It ���'!,..n Tiiciiley, -.1.1 October, 1808, al U
n'clnsk, p. m. Hy nrilcr,
W. C. BAYLY, Secret*.
enemies and fiercely declare that the
preaching of personal, individual improvement is ln the interest of tho
land owning class, lo keep the wage
earnerB front uniting and urging them
to be patient. They declare also that
until all tollers have all the necessaries and some of tho luxuries���"the
menus aif '11111111111088"���they can never
be either good Christians or good cit
The modern negations of iho lessons tit tomorrow's gospel are almost
numberless, The new doctrine of national efficiency tends altogether to
promote strength f(,r competition nnd
tnkes no thought for Ihe moral and
spiritual life of Ihe people except na
morality and religion are forces that
promote such efficiency.
In days when nearly the whole concern of government is regulation of
commerce and Industry and Inorsase
uf national wealth, they are very few
and Without respect, who "take no
iliniigiit for ihe ihlugs of tomorrow."
The following services are announced
for tomorrow In the churches ot Nel
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
cor. Ward and Silica streets; flf-
leenlh Sunday after Trinity; holy communion, 8 a. m.; morning prayer nud
litany, 11 a. 111.: children's service,
2:80 p. m.| evensong. 7:30 p. in. Rev.
]'*. H. Graham, rector.
Roman Culhollc���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward nnd Mill
streets: Low mass, 8 11. m.; high mass,
10:30 ft, m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.
Rev. Father Altholt, priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria antl Koolenay streeis:
Morning service, 11 ft. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m ; evening service, 7:30
p. m.i Sundny school, 2:30 p. m. Rov.
J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service. 11
a. m.; evoning service, 7:30 p. m.: Sundny school, 2:30 p m Rev. R. N.
Powell, paBtor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill:   Morning service, 11 a. 111.; even-
Take notice that 1 intend to applr to the Honorable the Chlel Commiaiiou.r ot Landi and
Worki lor a ipetslal llc.ni. toeut end carry ewey
timber Irom tbe lisllsssvlng deaclbed landa, altuate on tbe North Kork ol Kettle river, ln the dlitrlet ol Yale :���
Commencing at a post marked "I. O, Nelson'i
nortbw.it corner pint No I," belne 8" cbalni
nnrth Irom the poit marked "J MeDonald'i
northwest eoruer poit Nn. 1" tbence 10'ith 80
chains; theuce cut 80clialni; thenee norlh SO
clialnB; thenoe weal SO chains to the place ol beginning, containing 0411 acres more or lesa.
Dated this 1:1th slay ol August, 190U.
I. O. N-t-os,
Chai. Farnell, Ageut
Take nsstico thll I luleinl 10 apply to th. Hon-
ssrabls' lbe Ohio! Commissioner ol Lands and
Works Inr a special license 10 cut and carry
awuy timber Inim th. following il.scrlltesl lentil
illtintc on tin-north lore of Kettle Itlv.r In the
tilstrtct of Yule: tVsmmclli'lng at a pun markeii
"J. Ma-Paaliald'a northwest OOrftQI pnst No. 1,"
planted 80 chains north fr m the pnst marked
"I. O. Motion, nnrthwest enrner post Nss. 1;"
tbenoe 80 a-lsatns sssuth; theuce 80 chutiis east;
tbenoe sti chatm north; Ihenee 80 chains west tn
thf place nf comlu.llc.mellt, s-iintalnillg 640
acres mor. or l.ss
Pated this lath day ol Auguit, 1906.
J. M.l.a.N.at.i,
I'lUS. FAINEII., Ag.llt.
'ink" noils', tbat 1 tnt.nil to apply to the llnn-
ssrtsbl. 111. chief taiiiiiilssluut'i' of l.isnsls. and
Wor-fl fssr a special llcin.c in cut and carry
sswav timber Irsim the following deeerlbed lansls
situate on Us. north fsirk ssf Kettle Itlver tn the
nistrict ul Vssli': i iui]sis 'iss'issn at a pnst mnrk.it
"I), t'. Ilarlsrls'k's usssthwi'st curlier post," planted at Agues Fariifll s northwest eurner pnst,"
tbenoe A ohalni ussrth; thenc. so chains east:
thenoe SO chains southt lbenco80 s'lsalm west tn
plaee ait i-tiuima'tu't-iuftil. containing 610 as-rei,
mnrc ur less.
Dated this Utll day Ol August, IMS,
II. 1'. ll.aisniils K
Chas f.aiiNFl [.. Agent.
J. CROW,   -
The well known
Our Beer Garden is
the Finest in tbe
-  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
ff ^_ ���". Single Fare
From Petittcton, Calgary. Midway and
all Intermediate and Kootenay
On sale  September 18, 19, 20.    Return 24th.
Rates $1 and $1.50 n Pay.
Special Ratea to Regular Bcardem.
Take iinlli"- thnt I Inlt'inl tn apply to the Hon-
QT&DIQ the Chief I'lHiiinisHiniHM' ut l-iinilc and
Works for a mpfi'liil HcPliMe tociitnuil mnv hwhv
tlmbor (nun Hit' following iloncrlbi'l landl nil*
UHltMtn lhi< North Fork of Kflttlfl rlvt-r In tlie
nidtrinof YhU':-
UOtnmQnclng at a pott niHrkoil "lioorgo
Vouug's Ninitlu-aHt corner pout," iilanlpil aloni
hMc tne port markeii "J.McOim-itwl'-i northwfHt
oonu'r pout No. tj" thoutu w��nt HUi'lialim; them*
nnrth .hu cimiiiri; thuni-u eaHt Rl) i-1ih|i.h; thciu'O
nouth BO ohalm to the place ot beginning, eon-
ttilnhiK MO aereii more or \ttt.
Hated this 13th day of Augimt, ItW.
I'liAH. Farnbli., Agent.
Take Notiee that 1 Intend to apply to the Honorable the chief CommltiHloQer ut Landn and
Works fur a upeelnl Ucmpeto cut and u*rry _way
timber from the followlug delon1 ed lands, situate on the North Fork of Kettle river, lo the dlitrlet of Yale:���
I'ominenrlng ��t a p��*t markod "J. McDonald's
iiorthcaHt rumer pnst No. 2;" planted iw chains
north from thu post marked "1. (1. Nelson'��
northwest corner poHt No. 1;" thenee f0 chatm
west; thenee so ehalni* Nouth; thence 80 chalm
east; thenee 80 ehalns north to the place of com-
men feme-fit, containing ti-Vt teres, mure or less, i
Dated this ihi fa day ol August, IMS
J. McDonald
Chai. Fakmill, Agent.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Gumps supplied ou shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing bnt fronh and
wholesome meatr nud snpplns kept in btook
Mail orders receive careful ut ton tion
E. C. TRAVES   ManaRw*.
W.   O.   Q1LLETT
Contractor and
Sole agent for the I'orto Rleo Lumber CO., Ltd.,
retail yards. Kuugb and dru'sud lumlHT, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath and shlugles, rash
and doors. Cement, brlek and lime for sale
Automatic grinder.
Yard anil factory: Vernon Hi., east of Hull,
P O. Hox -5P2. Telephone 17��.
or Vancouver
On sale September 28th October 3rd
inclusive.   Return Oct llth.
For full particulars and berth reservations apply to local agents or write
A.O.P.I., Vancouver. D. P.A.. Nelmn
A. McDonald SCO-
Dealers in staple aud fanoy Uroceries.
Butter, Kgffs.
Cautp and Hinem' Supplies.
West Transfer Co.
General Touiitslcrs and Dealers iu
Goal and Woo .   Express aud
ttngg&Ho Ttutiat.T
?'_. feS'i" OflSce: Baker St.
Thorpe's Lithia
purifies the
Thorpe & Co'y,
Round Trip
From all Points Nortii
and West of Marcos'
Selling dates Sept. 18-19-
20.  Limit Sept. 24.
City Pftssengor Agent.
A tl. P. A., Senile.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
And   0-.l-IVBfc.RU I'RBB
Baker Street.    -     NELSON.
��� i        t^w*
For KTerjthinR Good
to Buioke.
Imported and Domestic Qgus, Totoccu.
Do Yoa Km* Thtuuaa'i SfCcUl HUtorc?   ���
W. c4* THURmMmAN*
?i; I  1
���; 1
;    ���
!         ���'
j  '
1    '">
The Daily Canadian
Precious Stones. If you want to make a good Investment put your
monsy Into a Diamond. Now la the time before the price gets higher.
Our selection of atonei ia the beat,
IBook Ahead Fori
I Preserving Pears!
The riuht kind are scarce.   Wo ���
* hnve n nloe lot. of  local Bnrtlotls ��
nud Flemish Beauties to arrive
Lowest market prices guaranteed
Bell Trading i
Gait Coal
Terras Bpot Cash
Telephone -0.1 Biker Btreet
MALT and
75 cts. per Gallon'
Wu Want Freufa Eggs,  Will give the
Highest Market Prioe,
"The Store of Sweets."
Fruiii,, Ciinfricfitinery ihd
Ice CreiM,
Pliiiim US, Knktir Ht.
c ss-. Vernon and Wnrcl street**,
IVBU80N,   B. C.
J. FRED HUME, Proprietor.
A. [.. Davis, Erie; j. Oppenheliner,
M. Oppenlielmer, J.  II. Tiiuntaa, Vancouver; A. .1. Mclntyre and wife, Oregon;  d. ti. ii. Wilson,   Greenwood;
Mrs. Caird, RigmofG, Siisk.: K. Iliiiiiia.
Tun into; H. h. Macdonald, Revel-
Httike; \V. C. lloyor and' wife, Mrs
Brown, Macleod.
W.   V.   PapWOrth,   1-.   Cockli'.   Ka.-slo:
S, it. P. FoUiergill, .1. P. Couldray,
Rossland; N. Bastman and wife, c. P.
Undsley, Spokane; B, Van Winkle,
New Ytnk; 1,1.fol. .loin's. Toronto;
Capl Lindsay, Halifax; Mr. and Mrs
Nulli'i- and son, .\lt|ianee: C. W. Archibald, Truro.
T. il. Carney, 0. Carney, Miss Carney, ll. Martin, Mra. (i. Merlin, J. F.
Desmond, II. McDonald, Knsln; Miss
Stewart. Ymir; 0, Xifliol, Slncan; H.
While. P, Cunningham, Trail; 11. Mc
Clell.iii, W, E MoOreaner, J, B, Raw-
lay, Spokane; F. J. Patterson. G. W.
Patterson, Wenatohee; F. Genelle, A.
V. Croiiuelte. .1. P. Nilsen, .1. It. Lea,
Seattle;   C.   Endless.  Petrolla.
.1.  Norton, A.  D. Ou|i]e,i. Spokane;
Kaslo  baseball  team;   R   E.   Wyclmff,
Plncher Creek;  L. Overall, Rochester,
J. Pemlierton, Fife; C. Lewis, Grand
Forks;  W. Osborne and wife, Procter;
c. W. Greer. Kamloops; ,l. ll. Alexan-
tier,  Montreal.
I.  II. Johnson, Sandon;  T.  I..  Wilson, Ymi r. ,
W.   Holmes,   Phoenix;   P,   Saunders,
M.  Pagan, A. McMillan, Vancouver,
C. I.s'ssinis. .1. ll. Singer, Rossland;
li. Leahy, Creston; .1. PemberUm,
Fife; S. Hlaluek, Slocan; f. Sohwar*
enhauor, Deer Park: E. Shnte, lion-
nlngton; I,. Burghelmer, s. Urinan,
li. Van. in. Moyle; P Meggi.tt, Proc
tor;  I). McLaren, Qerrard.
w.   Hutchinson, .1.  m. Carry.  Bon
nlngton; 0. Wade, Erie.
[Joy's Cash Grocery \ \ Fresh
Cor. Joat-plifnuHinl Mill sti.     Phone W
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bout Builder* will lind il t.s their advantage tu uo mir Pitch,
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
"Maple Leaf" Brand..
I'NIKORM BURNING U tla- motl ini-
purLnot fiK-i'-r \vlii*D bluttDg on a large
m��1-_. "Maple tattxt" brand li QUlatd
���Ulterior tn tlii* raipoati
Oomp-U^MOi wiih oilier tnekeetuvl
8ol* A-umnt. INcliHini, B.C
Received daily from the
Coldspring ranch on
Kootenay lake.
201.. crates $1.25
Telephone 101.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
| V lAf4*   K-lilt   ll  S40la
Deliveries, nmd-a iluily ilu i:Iissiii Ni-1-.tui
uud iii- suburb*, risssiu- 1,'8.
Silver advunct'd three points on 'to-
day's metal markets. The American
Quotation is now 689&G an ounce, the
high  mark  for several years.
The people of Nelson generally will
he very sorry to learn thut the engagement of the itoscians Operu coin*
imny lor next week hus boeu cau-
Chief Ju-'vla rtportl tltut only ODfl
mini wa�� urrestcd on pmiuill of over-
Ooleliratlon of ihu fair, and his only
ijiienci* wfti ohOffrUlg too loudly und
At,    til'1     ll;t|i||Ml       ehtllTll       t"tllOMHW
eVeflttlg Mrn. Slmiikp will ling nnd the
eholr will rnnder nn unihem. Tlie
morning theine Will lie, "The Pin Tree
CuMofl i the Nvflnltig theme, "God's
Mi Magtf   Kio mCnlvary."
Ooorgo Amieisun appeared before
Magistrate Crease in the provincial
police court Wednesday tutflrtioon,
pleaded guilty to the ohargo ot escaping from, gaol and was sentenced to
six months' Imprisonment, to begin at
thi> end of the 18 mouths' term In* in
now serving.
Al the evening service In the Methodic church tomorrow the subject of
the sermon will he "Hidden Possibilities." Miss McBride Will sing Handel's "Oh, Lord Correot Me;" during
the evening service. The floral dec-
orations will Include many of tho
prize blooms of the recent fair, kindly
The Sutton Dramatic company will
appear in Sherman's opera house for
the week beginning October 1. Tlie
company has its own orchestra of nine
pieces. There are i!S members of the
company and their repertoire is a
good one. The company has broken
records for attendance in many places.
The famous Mullaly sisters, song and
dance artistes, are with the company.
Tho list of plays will be published iu
a  few days.
Napoleon     and     Madame     Pratt    and
Michael  Megraw in Trouble.
.Magistrate EJ. A. Crease had to pre-
side at both provincial and city police courts this morning.
In the former Napoleon Pratt and
Michael Megraw appeared on a charge
of  using abusive  language.
Thursday night Napoleon and Mrs.
Pratt, nee Margaret Duffy, indulged
tn a celebration which caused a disturbance of the peace at Fairvlew, A
complaint WftS laid by a neighbor, H.
A. Herman, and Napoleon and Mine.
Pratt were summoned to appear aud
show cause.
The receipt of a blue [taper did uot
phase Napoleon. While he was meditating upon it his friend, Michael
.Megraw, called, and a conference was
held. Then Napoleon and Michael
proceeded to the residence of the
complainant, Mr. Herman, and expressed their opinions with absolute
Therefore, Napoleon will spend
three months as a working guest of
Warden Lemon. Michael has paid $10
and costs. Maggie has all her troubles still before her. She will appear
on  Monday.
Charged With  Hold  Up.
In lhe city police court this morning one visitor to the fair whom overindulgence had made noisy was allowed to go on paying costs.
William Jones, colored, charged
wiih holding up Wesley Zelgler with
a revolver ami extorting $10 from him,
was remanded until Monday, The offence Is alleged to hnve been commit
ted  lute  last  night.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Slocan  train���On  time.
Coast, Iluundury and Rossland
���On time.
The Store of Quality
Don't Fotget
Froit Jar
The prices are just the same as for
the ordinary kind
Pints per dozen $(.00
Quarts per dozen J .25
Half gal. per dozen   J .50
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
HI MEN, sit i,n.i-, Inr vuitk in llss' musilss.   Ai,plans tt'. K. llssuki', ssasinillll, Russia,.-
LAI1V HTKNlHIKiU'llKII Inr tsa.ssltliui I inry.
u,mil boms wiili employer, fuissiiv.   Aissifv
_ ", '  IV.. I'm Ihis ..III.-,- ________
III -II MISS, Mill llstli.ls- sssssl l,"(..|.|ii|/|-���i1lr��i'l���i��,
sslssss   BogiQMf     WnMBburg  l-'llillsa-r I'll., lU'Hr
t.'l'-lltirillik, 11. II,
The First of the Season
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
PHONB "���
The specimens you have seen exhibited at the Fair will give you an
iden of the beautiful work that can
be done in Pyrography. It is so easy
to learn, too. Yon can pick il up
yoursolf ln a> very short time.
and n large assortment of articles  in
wood for burning.
OUTFITS   COST  $4   AND  $5.50   EACH
Wood blanks come with designs
Btamped, so that all you have to do
is outline and shade them and burn
in the background. Tliey are made in
almost every conceivable article���
Paper Knives, Match Holders, Ash
Trays, Xut Bowls, Steins, Tables.
Waste flaskets. Glove and Handkerchief Boxes, etc., etc., and at prices
from 25 cents  up,
If you live out of town write us
and we will he pleased to send you a
fully illustrated catalogue to select
W. G. Thomson
l��M_ "d Nelson, B.C.
Phone ��*4.
"The   Storm   Centre   of   the   World's
Religious and  Literary Debate,"
(II  Sniitu)
Cloth $U5
<Bv Stil $1.35.
"I'h" Snini hi ii flnely-stlfrlngi gfeai-
ly-movlng romance, and it \i thp Interpretation iilmi "f ii nrw cnisnilc. II
Is :i  mi.I  unsl  varied saliir.v of lliilluii
life mui ur iimi Intimate nnd far-rea-h-
Inn infiiii'iii-p which Rome, un the capital nnd centre uf th* Catholic ohuroh,
exerta throughout   Christendom   over
nil   mankind.
"The  refinance of  the Btrange mut
strenuous love hetwt  Benedetto and
Jeaun alias Tbe Balni a book in be
read twice."
Canada Drug & Book Go's
...Cash Stores....
Revolutionists Order Arms.
Xew York. Sep'. 22.���The Tribune
today says that the Cuban revolutionary junta in this city, It was learned
yesterday, ordered in Germany about
three weeks ago, for use by the rebels,
a large quantity of arms and ammunition. The shipment has heen tempo-
rarily countermanded pending the result of the peace negotiations now in
progress. Tlie order for the arms
and ammunition was placed with a
firm in Hamburg which makes a specialty of selling slightly used war sup-
lilies io South American governments
and revolutionist*. it Included -5000
Mauser rifles ami 1,000,000 cartridges,
the entire order amounting to $60,000
cash. If the peace negotiations in Havana fail these supplies, which are
held awaiting further orders, will be
Immediately shipped to tlie Insurgents
in f'uba.
Cac sip if thit
Yrflktfx (h(di<(t>uuf spirits in ddioht
that tin* drlnfci lerved ttourBoda Fountain
h���'t tonic prop-afttM beitdai relmhlng?
wenteonly r**ni fruit ijmipi ol thafinwj
qil-lil)' FotiulHiJi, ������(.inif-T kih-m ��� mi'l
rei'L'pttu'l-i   are   kept   tcruptilotigly clean.
Haker Street, NeUon, B, 0,
Killed thc Four Hundred.
The Hague, Sept! ...���An official
despatch received hero fnnn Halo, i'u
island of the Maluy archipelago Immediately cast o' Java, where fur
some time punt the Dutch have lieen
conducting military operations against
recalcitrant chieftains, reports the
capture by Captain Passer of the vessel State of KadonK, of two princes,
three women and children. The followers of the prince, n'lid'i i.-.ng In all
ion men, were killed In attempting a
desperate sortie. The Dutch losses
wen four Europeans killed and 10
Get F0R Sept
Busy    First
.Select Your Requirements early for Grouse
See Oar Window
Nelson Hardware.
Sportsmen's Headquarters.
PHONB in.       NELSON   B.O.
Ironclad Sinking.
Amsterdam, Sepl. 22.���A special despatch from Nleuwedlep declares that
The N'etliei'lantls coast defence Ironclad I'ltcltein Is Hlnkint; because of the
opening uf s seacock which ft Ih 1m-
liussllili. 10 close. The boilers of the
vi'sssls   already   art.   under   waler.
Out Piano Tuner,
Mr. James R. Muir,
Is in Town
| Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
'K *��AI_LJ���Mis sirs-I'ts'i'iiiiu lor rale a -wall little Hindi, r> mllei oul ol K-l. inn
Minting ot III siiTCT  111 tills lhii.il Isssll listlsl nil Kopteniy Ink.-; Ill iv.slss' fr���nl l,r, ,,,'rl.
sm,I ilm-,, nol 1 s'uissiii un iiii-li ul iiss.i -"ll    i<i [tuft ireen ns,w bearings IM IreiiVn
s'HtHssbi; one-lull I aiiro of ilriwberrji ubsim; largo quantity ol 1 11 fruit,
good dwelling, hai Ifsiitorod water rlgliiof lu Ifichei ami land ,. Dowin
llisirniiKli state nl tsrls/ssilssn if necessary,   liajsrssvis'l ransbs-ss ssn
lliren Hlsleis.   I'rls-i' 9-,6utl.   T.-r int. f'st.s ill i-ismIi, l���i|aiii'a- us R
rj siuii is ns,,nibs wub 7 pur eent interest,'
Watches! Watcl.
Wo aro  Headquarters f0r H_ n
American Watches manufscturj.   ���
are making every effort t0 meet S]
requirements of railroad men���   ttl
J. J. WALKER, 'EW1!S^.0_?c
__. .  ��� _������__-���-__ . .	
I'll..ML-      -UL
&Co., Beg
VVholesuie Provl_lon��,
Dominion Government dreamery one Hound Briolrs reoelved weskhM
from the churn.   For snle by all lending urocem.
Offloe and wanhotue, Bonaton Hlock,   Phone ?u.
Josephine Street. Nelson, EC
Don't Forget
li your furnace in thape to  start  the winter with?   If not, I
la the time to have it repaired.
]* H. Ashdown Hardware Co., II
PI.KASE NOTE���We will not lie responsible for any furnace not uiiip I
by October 1st, 190C.
B.  A.   ISAAC
KepnirIng and -lobblnic uxu-sutu-l with flMnstoh    8h��-tM��tsl
Work, Mining snil Mill M..a;lii..isrv.     MniiufHctur-rssol
On. Gum.  I..  I..   Contriiw-.irM-  C��rM.
 !"':Un"    NELSON,   B. C.        r'ffi'i5
We Will Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi, Canadian
1000 Yale-Kootenay ke
1 Just Arrived!
A large consignment of
A11 Si/.eK nnil Lowest 1'rii-i'H
AND DEALERS IN   Lttlllbefj  Sfli-Tigl-^S*)
Uuth, Mouldings, Doors, Windows*^
���|-urn��-l Work and Itrnckct-s. Mail Ortlent prompUjf sH"*"'
 VISWINIIIN HTRI.U-l-   -   .   -   M1UHON. B. ^-
Onr ���took  of HANI)   SAWS i�� vory WW'
Inolndlng gfrad-s t<i ��uit nil raqnlrtnisnts. ^,
If you wihlt n low priced saw wu oW napply 3
ttlmi curry tbo Ih-hI t[intlititiH nuitlti by
Wood-Vallance Hardware ColM
Repairing and Jobbing a -W^L,
Hliei-t Inl Work,I :_��tluu��, liuiltiers' Miilerinl nnd Minis.K n��,l Mill M,,,.,, _ ^Bl
Olllce untl Wnrks Koot of I'm* ��,


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