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The Daily Canadian Sep 13, 1907

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3IJje  gtotltj   ��anahian
.UMH 2.    No. 86
NELSON, B. C, FR13AY, SEPTEMBER 13,  1907.
Fiptt Cents a Month
|g. D. Mann on Oriental
iiw.y Stagnate Eclicves Province
Is a Unit On Question of
White Man's Land.
li .It.   Mann was
^ the fl a liliB at the
the question ol AalaOe
| ... Intelllgenl pnh
-ulijni���,. b .      ... be," nald Mr. Wana
I ....    .static labor In Hrltlsh
I | be . ii.i.r a-.jiitiailled or
n.i-'.i  be iu favor uf eoutrol-
.11,1   wise   legisla-
li.-i>���   nor   llia-ra-.      The
Lnt is ih..' ll Bhould come with legal
oi   Bupervlalon.     Internn-
Laj complii .>..ti!d then be run-
1 Imponlble by   the se
al |m mobs or  Individ
I am ca.nviin.il lhat It  was not
mon   Intelligent order of
i t  were  implicated   iu   tha
i ol hoodluii.i-.in and disorder, that
-iied the fa-ellns against Asiastic la-
I tn Viaoonver the other  night."
pro ef Trade Had Lrttle To  Do at It.
Fegaiiar   Meeting���Freight     Dispute
t' a  quorum   present   the
|rd of tra.i.   .11  Its regular iiK-.-tii.r-'
I niritrt d. air. .1  r.r.- slaie  of all  arts' busiii--    except the siiuigliia-n
Id a.. -.inns, which will
t ..-    mpllshed   al   the  next
ted that a iplevant*, tn
'���an. r oi  freight   rut.-s   would   be
mill before Hi-   board, but the com-
\ ��� a   ihat   the   matter
..l.l.a   arljilsl.-.i
��� *-:���   present P. A. Starkey, I*.
.'iiutt. A. W. liver. T. G. Nelson, K.
]  i.  Buchan, J. M- i.ay. s.
Mat, a. Lean, n. t;. Ooodere, J.
r minutes of the last regular meet-
Ja:-= .>.:..! iii.-i-iiug were read anal
reported    that S.  M.
I' i    oca   the his.  report pro
i..i   JIT   which  he  Iunl
sikeil.   Tbe assets huve  now   r.-.il
'*-'*--.      The)    hail    ba-a-n    valui'al   111
About |25 worth of fiirniiura- has
I in-ii in the 10,000 club.
1        ��� Iarj .1.0 reported ihat one
|;'i    '"I unpaid was tound to have
1 Paid In April.
S. Taylor���Who   audited   th*   nr
Mr, BwannalL
f Well,  in  fiiirni-ss  lo   Mr.
f!���'"���* '  ihlnk  there  ihonM  be  an
f1'��������� u Indepandi at peraon, without
��� -:.���-  i r���-
Ta-''"'   ved that  tha secretary
I   " '""i i" Inquire luto the audit
"<��� "l��'l. ill thf na-vl .lia.a.tltlK.
���fci lUCh slips us he sha.iilil think
'"���"���>���  for  the purpoaa  of   making
inquiry.    Th0 ������,u���n wlllt ,���,������,.,!,
J *  Lr-  c .1 for the committee
|""c.-pt.i,,n ,,, ,,���, Qritiai, joarnallat*
t''"'""" '" t. ''.. Nelaon a vote ol
���*oC. W, Busk for his ho.plUUty
OSCUlon was passed.
Burt had iiri-wiirdeii u latter
L a��-Hod*W BtaUng that offlclals
���niv   villi   w!fiP'  c,,ii,1���,i,y   wulllil
I,   -    ���l    Nil,-;.,,,    ,.,,.1    oon*,,    W|,���
H fro,, ,i "l"l!l"i'i. rata, wan re
K'r        ,   "'  '!""IM"'   "'   t���d.  an.l
fe Kent V?llwa> ������nnil"Hilon and
F-PhJ*      "m,:"' ,jf **������ 0, P. it
'���,,;���;;;; ��j "������- o. �� b. tun
���n���-** without a ballot
1 "'"'"I Mel.���   "r **'"""���">  luroriiii
'"!;">��� *M i-V.Vul.   '"" ''' '''' ������***��.*>-
F1''''''' i*\?l t - V-',"',K""Z|" ��<�����".,.
I11" Ami,,    ���       ''���'��� ,"���<���  board's  fee
I" r"'-iv,(1...... """".....iciiions bad
l��ym.ni ordered     W''r" ,"''""""<1
F- Mjourli,,;,'1'''1"   ottorad    ������,!   ,.���,
Con.ervalive   Leader  Art     ^ in  Wlnni
peg  Monday Nig.   *^
Winnipeg, Sept. 13.���Hoi. -fj/lobert
lingers, minister of public wc ���* haH
received a letter from lion. R. 'Sv'Ior-
din. hader of Ihe opposition I.;*he
bouse of commons, stathiK he wil," a.
rlvo In Winnipeg on his way to l
ooaat on Monilay evening next, and wi.
lemain a.ver until the following evening.
Tha leader of the Dominion Conservatives will return to Munltoba In October
anal conduct a series of meetings
throughout the province.
Election Trial Drags Out
for Three Years
Evidently Suicide.
Bloomfield, Ind., Sept. 1.1.���The mys-
la-ry surrounding he death of Homer
Casey Whose lifeless Isaily was found ill
his buggy In his horn here yesterday
has beau alani.-il by lhe finding In his
pocket of a note in which he said the
pain he had at his heart wan costing
liltn his reason. Casey was to have mar-
lied Miss Anna Btoiie last night. It
was at first bellevad that he had been
iiiiinliT.-d hut tlia> finding of the note
in-:.,  ii.-.l  suicide.
Representative,   for   Third   Duma   Will
Be Chosen Tomorrow���Peasantry
Almost   Disfranchised.
St. Petersburg, Sept. 13.���All preliminary steps have been 'aken, the provincial electoral colleges will meet tomorrow to choose the parliamentary
representatives for the third Russian
Duma, which Is to meet In Neovember
Though the fate of Russia's experiment
in parliamentary government is at stake
advisers. Sbuld the third Duma fall
���BBaillhlllll of the third Duma ia not
v. :> keen. Tha- eni|K-riir waa grievously disappointed by the results of the
first and second elections, neither of
which pruiluca-d a body capable of
wa.rking in harmony with his chosen
public Interest In tho elections and the
to prove satisfactory the result un-
al.aubteally would be that Russia's ad-
aarir.- toward a rcprfs��>ntative form of
government   would   be   set  back   many
;. a-ars.
Under ths ohanges in the etoottoa law
however, better results are hoped for.
Under the new- law. the intent of which
Is to ellliilnat.'. as fas us tKisslble. the
revolutionary and Ignorant elements
whi.-h brought about the downfall or
ih.- first two parliaments, rsttanoa has
been placed upon ihe large land owners
and property holding city dwellers, who
.in- the most conservative class in Russia. Th.. uneducated peasantry, whose
representatives were easily swayed by
revolutionary arguments, have been relegated to a subordinate position, and
there Is no chance lhat the coming
Duma will be dominated by the ad-
wmcid liberal and radical parties. Hut
at the same time much doubt Is expressed as lo whether the third Duma
will be able to accomplish any more
practical or beneficial results than Its
Winnipeg, Sept. 13.���J. M GardhouBC.
of Weston, one of he best known cattle
men In the eastern country, passed
through Ihe clly for the west today.
Ills first stop will be a Vernon, where
bS will net lis judge of entile at the fair.
He Ihen goes on to Calgary and a number nf other places where he will also
act In the same capacity.
Winnipeg, Sept. 13��� White-rlbboneil
delegates from every province of Canada are flocking Into Winnipeg to ut-
taii-l tha iiiiliiial eonvenllon to the Dominion Women'! Onrlatlan Temperance
Union. The eonvenllon will be ln session during the next four days and from
all indications the gathering will be one
of Ihe miiBt notable av.-r hold umlcr Iha
an-rpi.-.-s of the Dominion organisation.
Today w.is devoled ehlelly lo tha re
caption or ths delsgataa. Tha arrivals
have f..vii.at the arrangements ior their
a eiiniiiii.illition und enlci'tulllltu'nt to be
nf ths most parted und elaborate char-
aiiir.    Many private hollies hnve  I n
thrown opatj tor ths accommodation of
the visitors. The sessions of he con
ventlon are held In Knox church, lhe
spacious auditorium ol which has been
Hatefully decorated Ior Hie occasion. In
addition lo ths reports ami routine busl
Hess the convention programme culls
Tor Bddre.Be. by noted W. C. T U.
leaders of both Canada and lhe I'lilted
StatoB. Interspersing the business sis
slims there are to be numerous lunch
eons, rci options and o.hcr social tea
Shimeless Abuse of Legal Procedure
to Preserve Fruits of W. S.
Fielding's Victory*
Ottawa. Sept. 13.-���One clause In tlie
Conservative platform demaiidH the
Bpeedy trial or election petitions. A
comment on this Is the Halif.tx ele non
trial, which be^aii in December, 1*H>4,
und ib again postponed at the request
uf the sitting members* Mr. Borden
said in Halifax thai he believed he was
fairly elected by the people, it is the,
business of the courts to determine
whether this claim is Just. Yet for
three sessions the two repondents, said
to be illegally en-* ted. have occupied
seats in the House, and the postponement will give them a fourth session,
.which will probably complete the parliamentary  term.
For the third time the case is coming
to the supreme court of Canada on appeal, arriving aa before just in time for
the proceedings to delay trial to the beginning of the session, and. therefore to
the end of it, since trials cannot take
place while the House it* in session. On
the last occasion the supreme court st nt
the petition back to Halifax without
even hearing what the i>etiUoner s
counsel had to say, so little reason did
the sitting members give for escaping
The Bitting members have secured
postponements during recess aud enjoyed immunities during the session.
They have evaded service and failed to
respond to summonses, they have taken
appeals that were dismissed at sight
and secured one dismissal of the petition which the supreme court on an appeal reversed aHer hearing counsel for
sitting members only. They wound up
at Halifax with a grand nourish by summoning an array of bankers, railway
presidents, capitalists and notable
people from all over Canada to appear
as witnesses against Mr. Borden, and
then without allowing them to testify
bad the trial postponed and sent out
stories of what these witnesses were expected to tell. Mr. Horden and his
friends did all they could to get the
whole story told yeara ago. and to have
the Halifax seat awarded to the men
honestly elected. Yet two alleged usurpers have been occupying the seats
and have headed off all enquiry as to
their rights to be there. It. has cost
many thousands of dolla-s to do this.
but they are rich. There is sufficient
reason in this crime against the people
for Mr. Borden's demand for the prompt
trlnl or petitions.
It Is announced In the government
organs that air Wilfrid Laurier offered
Mr. Sifton one of the positions in the
cabinet lately filled. Mr. Pugsley and
Mr. Graham must be pleased lo know
that they were second choices! Sit
Wilfrid doefl not appear to have asked
Mr. Sifton to go anywhere and obtain
a vindication, as he did with Mr. Dn>
mi-rson, nor did he send a mutual friend
to obtain a statment rrom Mr. Sifton
ln regard to rumors In circulation, as
was  done  in  the  case  of  Mr.   Hyman.
Mr Hyman went abroad in November
of lust year. He began to resign his
seat at the saino time and kept at it
during several months, finally succeeding about the first of April. Was his
salary as minister of public works at
$7,000 a year paid down to the appoint
ment of Mr. Pugsley a few days ago?
A meeting of the Ontario Reform *-s
soolation was held last week In To
rontO. Mr. Aylesworlh took occasion
to say that Sir Wilfrid had selected "the
ablest ������I**" ����� sight" when he passed
over all the Ontario members and pro
muted Mr. C-raham. Mr. Aylesworlh
would say that Sir Wilfrid did the same
when he passed over the members elected and called In Mr. Aylesworth hlm-
Hclf, but his party is not now unahl
mously or that opinion. The minister
or Justice indicated the value of hi.*,
own opinion when he heaped high praise
on Mr. Hyman and endorsed lhe conduct of the Hosh ministry In Its last
days. He made no remarks about Mr.
Kmmersou,   and   did   not   explain   how
disappointed   Sir   Wilfrid   was   when  he
could not got Mr. Sifton.
Mr. Mowat, the present head of a
well known Liberal family, presided at
this Reform Association meeting. He
rejoiced that the Liberals present were
"not like these unfortuntes who have
no political allegiance" and added: "We
prefer the staunch to the intermittent,"
This seems to be a severe reflection
upon the new minister of public works.
Political allegiance sits lightly upon
Mr. Pugsley, and his intermissions have
been numerous and varied. To make
things still more interesting the president of one of the Toronto Liberal organizations declared that one of the appointments to the ministry "was a disgrace to Sir Wilfrid Laurier."
Some one has started out the government organs to praise the Ross rifle.
This may mean that new concessions
are to be made to the contractor, from
whom the government does not seem
to be able to get all the rifles on which
large advances were made years ago.
The contract has been violated repeatedly and persistently in favor of the
contractor, and many believe that he
has himself suffered heavily by demands
tor political contributions, cr for a division or the profits. Meanwhile the government praises the Ross rifle, while
the competitors In the im->ortant contests use the weapen that was discarded
for the Rosa. Moreover the mounted
police, the force that needs to be well
armed if anyone does, has been for
some yearB without a rifle of any kind
supplied by the government. The
weapons they used and liked were
taken away and replaced by the Robs
rifle Mark 1.
After an accident and an inquiry
these were sent b*ck to Ottawa and
the force has been left without rifles
ever since. Yet the department of
mounted police is charged with Borne
$26,000 paid for these 1,000 weapons
and for sights that were made for them
after they were accepted. Why are the
troopers left unarmed when the gevern-
ment storehouses contain thousands of
these Ross rifles whose praise is officially sounded?
Lusitania Lowers Time
From Queenstown
La Provence, of French Line, Also
Beats Her Own Record From
Havre to New York.
Band of Men, Women and Tjhildren Near
Winnipeg���Will Be  Met by
Friend  of Tolstoi.
Winnipeg, Septic.���The second pary
of Doukhobors pilgrims in search or an
existence wherein work plays no part
are due to arrive in Winnipeg tomorrow-
evening and the strange sight of a group
of pilgrims, clad, both men and women
alike. In flowing robes of faded blue will
again be seen on our streets. The fanatics left Portage la Prairie on Tuesday
afternoon aad are said to be capable of
covering almost twenty miles a day so
that they should be due to arrive at
the. time slated Tor Portage is only a
distance or   56   miles.
There is said to be about thirty persons in the searching band Including
both sexes, aad a new feature about
this group of wanderers is that they
brought their children with them instead of leaving them to the tender
inercleB of the colony as did the first
band. On their arrival ln Winnipeg
they will be met by Leo Xaboskaff, the
Russian journalist, having a message to
the Douktibor*. from Count Leo Tolstoi
and he is confident he can persuade
them to return to their farms.
Whether they will be asked to return
on foot or sent back by train could not.
however, be ascertained. Women and
children accompanying the second party
of Doukhobors came to Winnipeg by
train this morning, paying their own
fare for the journey. The male con
tingent are proceeding on foot and will
join the rest of the party here in a day1
or so. |     j i
Arranged for Challenge.
Dublin, Sept. 13.���The committee of
the Royal Irish Yacht Club will meel
hero tilts afternoon, presumably to de
clde upon the details of Sir Thomas
Llpton's approaching challenge for the
Am'-rlca's cup, but the club members
refttSS to discuss the matter.
Lockout In Fur Trade.
New York, Sept. 13.���Aa a result of
strikes declared iu several t-*ho->s, sixty
or more of the lending manufacturers
or ruts In New York hnve decided, it Ih
stated, to lock out their employees tomorrow night. The lockout will affect
nb ut seven thousand men.
New York, Sept. 13.���The LUBitania
passed Fire Island at 7.10 a. m. The
position of the Lusitania Is approximately forty miles east of Sandy Hook,
the point where the time of the completed voyage will be taken. It will be
a close shave for the record but LuBlt-
ania will probably loose, though it will
be only by minutes.
New York, Sept. 13.���The Lusitania
crossed Sandy Hook bar at 9.05 a. m.
New York, Sept. 13.���The pilot who
has the honor of bringing the Lusitania
through the Ambrose Channel today is
Frank Kramer, of the Sandy Hook
Pilots' Aaaociation. For years he has
been piloting vessels of great draught
In and out of this port. Kramer guided
the Caronia out through the new channel two weeks ago.
New York, Sept. 13.���The log of the
Lusltauit gives her time of passage as
five days and fifty-four mlnuaus and her
time of arrival off the Sandy Hook
lightship at 8.05 a. m.. her average
speed was 23.1 knots per hour, and the
days' rune were 536, 575. 570, 593, and
488 to the lightship, a total distance of
2,782 miles.
New Yor, Sept. 13.���Sixty-one years
ago today the little steamship Europa
of the Cunard line, with her old fashioned engines crossed the Atlantic from
Liverpool to New York in 11 days and
th ree hours. Her performance was
heralded to the four quarters of the
earth, for the Europa had broken the
record of fourteen and one-half days,
made by the steamer Great Western
eight years before. With the Europa's
voyage began the lasting contest for the
supremacy of the sea which had led to
the building of the fleet Lusitania.
The Lucania's record of five days,
seven hours and twenty-three minutes
made from Queenstown to New York
in 1894, was not broken until the Lusitania arrived today. The Lucania, the
flagship of the Cunard line fleet, on thai
trip made an average speed of 21.18
knots over a course of 2,779 miles.
While the Lucania was holding the
Queenstown record, the North German
Lloyd and American lines began to battle for the western record from Southampton to New York which was held
for three years, between 1893 and 189G.
by the steamships Paris, New York and
St. Paul, of the American line. The St.
Paul, in 1896, made the voyage from
Southampton to New York, a distance
of 3.050 miles, in six days and thirty-
one minutes.
The North German Lloyd company
put over the Kaiser William derGrosse,
the first of the greater ocean steamers
now traversing the Atlantic, and the
new vessel in 1897 became the marine
wonder of the world when she hung up
a record of five days twenty-two hours,
thirty-five minutes from Southampton
to New York. The big Kaiser, as Bhe is
familiarly cabled in shipping circles,
created a new record In 1899 when she
steamed from Cherbourg, France, to
New York, a distance of 3,060 miles, In
Ave days, eighteen hours and fifteen
(Minutes This record was lowered in
the same year by the Kaiser to flv.-
days, seventeen hours and thirty-seven
minutes. The Hamburg-American line
captured the blue trophy of the sea from
her rival In 1900 with the steamship
Deutschland which made the distant-'
Trom Cherbourg to New York lu five
days, twelve hours and twenty-nine
minutes. The Deutschland lowered her
own record by bIx minutes In 1901. Tha
Kron Prlnn Wilhelm. the new ship cf
the Nortb German Lloyd line allpped
across the Atlantic in 1902 in five day...
eleven hours and five minutes whlc'.i
held the banner record until the next
year when the Deutchland again wrested
the honors as the fastest ship afloat by
clipping off three minutes from the
record time of the Kron Prtnz Wilhelm.
The Deutschland averaged 23.15 knots.
New York, Sept. 13.���In the general
excitement over the voyage of the Lusitania, the performance of tbe steamship
La Province of the French line, has
been overlooked, but that fine vessel
will almost certainly today break the
trans Atlantic record for the distance
between Havre and New York held by
herseir. According to advices received
from Siasconsett by Paul Vop;et, general manager in America of the French
line, La Province, which sailed from
Havre last Saturday, should have reached the ba. ,.ff Sandy Hook this morning
at 6.30. Bj the reckoning of the French
line management this. If done, will lower the time of the run between Havre
and New York by more than two hours.
The best previous record of La Province
was made in May, 190C, when she made
the trip In six days, three hours and
twenty-four minutes.
New York, Sept. 13.���The trans-Atlantic steamship record from Havre to
New York, which has been held by the
French line steamship La Province for
a year, was broken by that steamer today when she arrived at New York.
La Province completed the run across
the long course of 3,140 miles from
Havre today In six days, one hour and
twelve minutes. The previous record
for that course, held by ihe La Province,
was six days, two hours, fifteen minutes.
La Province's average speed for the
entire run ended today was 22,08 nautical miles per hour.
Plan to  Ssttle 500  Families on  Belt of
Irrigated Land Near Calgary���To
Grow Sugar Beets.
fien. Booth left England
This Morning
Thousands Gathered in London to
Take Leave of Veteran Evany.
list���Parting Message.
Calgary. Sept. 13.���father Vanakin,
Catholic priest In Helena, Montana, and
G. Vanakln, Ei'ope, arrived ln this city
tonighi for the purpose of establishing
a large Dutch colony on the C. P. R.
irrigated lands east of the city for the
purpose of raising sugar beets. They
have been in communication with the
company for some time concerning the
land, and have now come to look over
it. Should It prove as successful as
staled they will close the deal and
bring 500 families out. Father Vanakln
stated tbat he and bis brother were
chosen by the Christian Farmers'
Union of Holland, which has a member*
ship of 300,000 farmers, to travel the
continent over looking for a suitable
tract of land.
After visiting propositions In Color*
ado. Idaho, Utah and several ln Montana, they have found none suitable for
the purpose. They heard of the Irrigated belt here and beet growing in
the southern part of the province and
wrote to the C. P. R. Irrigation Colonization company, with the result that
they leave today to look over the tract
of land. He stated that if the laud was
at all suitable he would purchase In the
neighborhood of 50,000 acres and would
bring out 500 families to settle. It is
stated that the farmers are expert at
beet growing ln Holland but the land
had utterly worked out and they had
to move or starve.
London. Sept. 13.���For Uie second
time within twelve month- General
William Booth, the venerable head of
the Salvation Army, sailed for America
Canada, today. Last spring he crossed
the American continent in his course of
a circuit of the globe. His Journey was
a hurried one and he made few appearances. This time he expects to spend
two months in the United States and
Canada, during which time he will
travel about 8000 miles and speak at
public meetings in a large number of
the chief cities of the two countries.
His tour probably will carry him as far
as the Pacific coast, though the Itinerary will not be arranged until he
reaches the other side. Though at seventy-eight he I. one of the busiest men
In England General Booth apparently
retains a large measure of the vigor
and enthusiasm that characterized the
work of his earlier days, when in the
face of public ridicule and other discouraging conditions, he founded and
built up the great organization which
has since made Its Influence felt
throughout the civilized world.
Complain. That Hi. New York Property
I. Assessed  Too  High.
New York. Sept. 13.���Andrew Carnegie, through his counsel Robert L.
Cutting, has begun proceedings In the
supra'mo court for a reduction of assessment for Carnegie's residence In
Fifth Ave., on considerable adjacent
property, and on Carnegie Hall, The
assessments are those of 1905.
The Carnegie Hall property, which Is
on Seventh avenue, between Fifty-sixth
and Fifty-seventh streets, has been assessed fir 1906 and 1907 fur $l.r,Hi.line
Mr. Carnegie thinks that the site Is
worth about $030,000 and he believes
lhat the assessment should be little.
mora, than that tlgure because were lit-
property to be Hold Ihe buildings would
be mure of an incumbrance than ami
advantage, lt will be argued ln court by
Mr. Cutting that the building should bu
assessed at, a nominal figure, such as
The Carnegie residence property on
Fifth avenue and Ninety-First street,
and several nearby Iota have been assessed for the last three years at $2,300,-
000. Mr. Carnegie maintains that this
Is $424,800 too much. The property < r
other persons nearby, Mr. Carnegie
holds, has been assessed far leas.
Mr. Cutting explains that Mr. Carna--
Kla. has shown lhat he Is not parsimonious with his money, much ot which
g. es to the benefit of the city, as represented by the people, but that he ol>-
J cts to a man being Imposed upon.
London. Sept 13.���Men and Women
wearing uniforms of the Salvation Army
filled the Easton railroad station here
today, a large party having assembled
to bid farewell to General Booth, who
left for Liverpool, where he will embark
on the Allan steamer Virginian for
Quebec. In which city the veteran commander will begin a campaign which is
to extend over Canada and the United
States. Tha "seventy-eight year old
general" as he describes himself appeared to be as hearty as possible considering hiB age. From the railroad car he
handed the reporter a message as follows: "Once more, good bye, dear old
England. I leave your shores on what
I believe Is the Master's business. As
I contemplate the future I rely more
than ever on the old panacea for lessening the ruinous inequalities of the
world, namely the regeneration of the
Individual by the power of God." Before entering his car General Booth
presided at a prayer meeting In the
waiting room of the station which was
attended by the prominent officers of
the Salvation Army. Commissioner
Nlcol. Colonel Lawler and Brig, Cox accompanied General Booth to Canada.
Arrive,  at  Trom.oe   From  Spitsbergen
Homeward  Bound���Airship   Wa.
a  Failure.
Trondhjen, Norway. Sept. 13.���Walter
Wellman, the head of the Wellman
Chicago Record-Herald expedition, arrived at Tromsoe last evening onboard
the Frithjoy Irom Spttzbergen on his
way home. He announced that he had
definitely abandoned for this year, after
a disastrous trial of his airship, the
proposed attempt to reach the north
pole. The airship made an ascent on
September 2nd ln a strong northwest
wind which drove her southwards over
Ihe land. It was found necessary to cut
the balloon adrift from the other parts
of the airship but It was recovered after
two days' search.
Electricity  as  An.c.thetlc.
New York, Sept. 13.-~Prof. Stlphane
Leduc, of the school of medicine at
Nantes, has discovered a method of
causing electric slet p. Bays a Paris dispatch to the Times It is claimed for
the discovery that It will replace chloroform and other anesthetics ln all surgical operations. The discoverer proceeded form study of the effects of Intermittent currents and from the knowledge that skull and brain offer but
little resistance to the currents.
��� #'?,l?
*-'��� ���
1j! -1
,    1
f    \          ;          I     i
hi    i
:      ii:i ]     I
The Daily Canadian
Wm nn- DOW
opening tip a large
shipment Of
Limoges Elite China
These   goods   are    nssorted   so that   you   can   select  any   pieces   yoi
orefer and  make  up  tc  your taste.
Mlj{l-,-**"t Quality fit Lnwueit l^ricvij*.
A carload  of
has just arrived.    These  goods hav e advanced   slightly,  but  we   offer then
things he mi*:.it still have expressed re-
gret, but he could not have feigned surprise ;it the defection of former sup
porters of the Liberal cause. The
truth Is that there ts now no Liberal
i Ail the old Libera] principles
an* abandoned. Party loyalty to lead*
ers mlghl endure if the leaders were
BUCh as to Inspire it. But what old
New Brunawlck Liberal, for Instance,
will feel any enthusi-ism for the lead
era-hip of William PugaleyT Or what
old Ontario Liberal whose support waa
given ungrudgingly to Brown, Mac
Kenzii- and Blake, will Cheer very loudly for George Graham? Tbe Lil
party Is bankrupt In men as well .*������
In principles. The country is sit
prt Cessions Ignored and principle > bt
trayed. Laurler has had his opportunity
and abused it. Every Independent vote
Will now be trivon to Mr. Borden.
Berlin     Butcher     Imprisoned    for    Lese
Majeste  of Three Years Ago.
Imperial Ba.uk of Canada
Capital Authorized
Head Offict
rtest   . .
D. B. WILKIE. President.
. . .      4,830,000
HON. RObEKT-JAKFRAY, Yioo-Pn>��ident~~"
Capital   Paid   Up   ..
Branches in .'ritish Columbia:
VANOOUV1   1,    VIOlnRIA.
Interest  allowed  on   deposit,   from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
J��    iVI.    LAY,   Manager.
%-Bl.ltON   MW,\:VGM
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated   A.   D.   18G9.
Capital $3,900,000
Berlin. Sept. 12.���An extraordinary
case of "leaa majeste" has been engaging the attention of one of the Berlin
A butcher named Krucger was Indicted for insulting the Kaiser in language
us- d by him so long as three years ago.
At the trial it was proved that Kru gi
was drunk when he used the words.
He had no recollection of using them.
He believed that he took part in some
political discussion on the evening in
question, but that  is -.11 he remembers.
Krurger, it seeua, w as informed
agalnat by a man who three years ago
was his fiiend and has since become
his enemy.
The court sentenced the prisoner to
two months' imprisonment.        j
Kelson Land District. District of Weat Kootenay
Take notice ti.*.t h a *-. Smyth- "f fro- i i;
(',, occupation n:mu.-rnitn, Lol *-��*��� to - '��P-J I,,r
���tipecul Umber Ueenoe over the following de-
icrlbod Lands!
\ . | eommeming at a post planted neer the
northeast oornerpoatol Lot ���*.* ������*��� ������������ t. in"'.
Creek and markeu K. 8 P. 8h.yth southwest - >r
nerpoat No 1* iheno- Ml ohaini north i
t- -- c ��I*..nt mldwaj ot itn* -...uth boundary line
[lot nee No. '���-'-*.. thane*  w ��� - eaat,
lbenee 40 chain* aouth. 11�� ��� i. *      ��� i '���*'������
10 chains eon lb, ihei po so ��� ���������*���-������
mora or leu to tin.* southeast con   ���   da '
Loi   No IMS, thenoa to ohalna  north  i
chaini weat i" the poiatof comae.
! ,.;. J ��th July, )Su7. H   r*   I    M. < ���>
BenryKi '*   :"
Nelaon Land Di-irni. Dlatrli I ni Weal Kootenej
N.       .
I      il ties  thai J. K   K    91   ira   t. ol  I oiling-
m ood i >ni., oocunatloo  lum : *-**����� to
kpply tor  aapoclal  Umber  I   enc-   aver the (ol
I deaoi (bed lands;  Coi K ����� " ���' *���'
I abool 68 chams at>ui:. ami I ���   baini wesl
ol poal s.' *, tiurlit'it J   R   t   iu wart's ftl   I
ner poal  Lheni e aouth ISO ohali ��� ���   > - -: ��� '
. oa, thi nee north ISO - b . ,.- th- u�� ���   eaai ��
chalna to plaoa ol ooaunena mi     ��� ontelnlngeeli
i ������ - more ..r h m
July-Mth. 1S07. Jamk- R   t  Btswast,
Kelson Land District    DUti-l* tol *V< -  Kootenay.
Take DoUee that Henry Kelrbert  ui  Nelson, B.
��� ' . prospector, intend*- to aoply >oi   :- -I"
. t in v tu cut ami oarrc away tlmU- r from Ute folio* ing deacrlbed lam;*.:
No a CXttnmenefng at ��� poat planted near ths
-: corner poet of Tl .-.**., saw
nn-l   tuarked   Henry Relcherl uorlhweat  corner-
poai   N��'   6. thence  so  ehaiua   -���  ith, thunce SO
...;���.-   cftbl,   thenre  SU flia.tir-   BO rib, then  1   BO
chains vreal to pluf-* ol oouuni m i m ��nt.
Dated July isth, 1W7.
No 7   Conimanelng at a poat planted near the
,  north WL'st corner iHict oi Umbel    ��� ��� a b N       MSI
I ���*.���].' marked Uanry Baleberi      i  n corner t��pai
I No. 7. iheuce  1U> elinui- eaai   -   ���    ������    t-- - iiitinc
rjorth. n..'u<'f   ltio i-t,,ii;i-   ���<��� ���-��� ���      ���    ��� haina
-aouth to point of cummem-uu-ni.
Dated July -*iiu. 1'at;.
No s. loinmencinK at a *��� it | lanti d ������ Monument creak about W chain. oi ieaa from
where Monument oreek empi ��� into u-mon
creek ana marked Henri !. .rtbeaatoor*
nerpon No a IhSStMlSOcha ui - |th, thenooeO
c ains we*.,, thenee W0i ��� rth thenee co
rhauaa ea6t io place of cot;i:
:��at*id July ����th, l'AtT Uixa. KaicaaaT,
Forbes Robertson III.
New York. BcTpt. 12.���Theatre go. r**
are not to see either Mr. Forbes Rob-
��� it-on or his wife. Miss Gertrude Elliott, this season. The tour of the
English stars has been cancelled owing
to the 111 health of Mr. Robertson who.
it is said, may H'*t be able to apj>ear
��� w n in England,
Ladies' New Fall
and Winter Coats
We are showing our firs* importation of Ladies'
Coats. The very latest and nobbiest styles iu cloths
etc. Now is the time to make your selection when
stock is complete. No two coats alike, we invite iu-
,^yr-Jttpin*Bf7JTll        j., UJB.WIS
Kelson Land District   i 1st -V- al Kootenay
NoUoe i�� hereby given u it ���������- sftar dale
l intend loappiy to tin* ��� i .��� ��� .���mmii,��iom*r oi
Lauida and Works (tir permlaalou to CUt and
carr. n.\vn.y timber from ��� tlowlngdeseirtncd
No. 4 Tom me ni-In r at a [-ox t nmrked EL dt H
n w corner, SDohaJna easl I th< tt. B. *������ rner
of lot No 812, iH>ii marked k - s. k. sorni r.
thence east SO chains, *:.��� ��� ith **-j chelns,
thenoa weat SO ohaina, thence north HehaUU tu
place ot com men' ement con tainlng frto acrea.
No  o   ConunanclBg at the h  w.cornarofH
A B timlt-r claim No +. lh- qi ��� north BO chalna.
ihence eait 80chains.thence aonth ���*��� chains.
thenoa west 8u chttius t*' place of commcncviiieiu
at (ocaiion post Ko Lng SCO a  red
i  -.1   BcHBajtaaMoaM, Locator.
t��eo   Hu-croft, Agent.
Dated July sth. lair:
Holaon Land Dlatiiet.  District of Weat gooienay.
Taka notice that Geo k* lleaander.oj alaalo*
H  i- ,   lntandi   to  appl.   loi    i  -. limber
tloenee  oeer   itn-    tol low I dm   dew lanoe:
* ommcbolni sl �� Poet planted al thi ni ������ il
oorner of Bei'tion i-. ownal ip7i ���*��� "'��� ay dla*
irirt, beiD| aboul one*third of a mil- aouth of
the south bonndar*' tine oi the Indian reaei-re;
thenee - .u-i, ki��*ui SS chalua to the eaiteriy
hank o|  Kontenay  river; utterly
along  Kootj im\  n-.-r imnk  i I to
thi- aouth boundary ol Sec ion ll, township 7;
thence easterl] shout *ichain to ihe i."Mhwt*nt
corner of Lot .->!.    ��� ��� t.��� .   oortl   !-0 chains along
tii.'  weal  bounder-   ���������  Lot ���*'-'.  U i west so
chain" to the poini <���! i ��o m- noement. and oontalnlng  '"'II   I'     ���
Dated Juli I    ���
Nelaon land I  airioi    Dial It t of Wesi Kootenay.
Take noti'-c ths kf-aa '���'���< lcl)a*��d Fraser. of
K*-r uie it O-iCleik, i ' i la toappty for ��� ��i-*.*-'tal
in , int*  over thi - ��� ���       ���  ;Ibe i   lands:
Oommanclngai a   poal   planted abontarvan
mUas west of the Ko<  ��� ;>i -r. and about one
mile north of the tn ert-ati-.nal toon dan Una.
and abont one snd a-inerte: nortu-oaitarfj from
thi- nor h cast roi ��� tee Ka. 80 .t,
���oath **��� i ��� H i- tn< M* weal -*j chains.
ti.. d e north t i i ��� I 0   chains to
I".ftit i.( commenoi tn* ut, and eouiatuiug bii
acres, in ire oi U as,
Located l-tii, of June. 1907.
Datad thia nth ol July, 1W7.
f Went Kootenay
pie AC
ci.pl.   .i- i 0   . ���
ubermeti.   Int
loancs ovei tl
mmcnctni hi
Reserve   Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of atl   kinds of   Eanking   Business.
Savin-is Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on A*f .. c:it ;������ in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Pt-tj'.i-oel i*U'.:s;> e wvaS by tbe
Baker St..  Nelaon. B. L
SoDacrlption rates, 50 cents a month delivered
in tbe city, or I&JQ0 a r**ar if Rent hy mill, when
paid in aarauce.
Advertuiu*: rates on application.
All monie*. paid in settlaaent of The Daily
Canadian accounu, etthei   I
advertialne, must be reeelpt*-<l lor on tut- printed
forma ol the Company. Other r-.ce.pla are no.
Palma Out of Politics.
Havana. Sept. 12.���Former President
Palma of Cuba, In un interview given
on his estate at Riamo, stated that he
is keeping aloof from politics. He de-
clared that he was equally apart From
all parties and this !a considered, an
important statement as the conserva*
tires huve sent him salutations from all
of their meetings.
Friday.   September   13,   1907.
When Preaidenl ll. M. afowat i I
Ontario Qeueral Belorm Ajsaociation ex*
preaaed his regret at tbe tact that many
uf the newapapera upon which the paxtj
uaed to rely ior BUpport bad turu-ti Up
independent poaitiona. he may nut have
reflected on al] that is Lavolved in that
confession. Oi its truth, in the eastern
atld more populous halt of Canada,
there can be 00 doubt Nor is the
movement conQned tu the newspaper
press. There has always been-a small
but very influential body ui" independ' ui
public opinion in the eaat, which ha
never been amenable to party alscl
pi tie. its best known ami most dts-
tlngtiished champion is Professoi Qold
win Smith.
In early days that  Independent opinion  was generally round supporting Sit
John  Macdonald in his genera]  policy
of  national   development.  though   some
of Its exponents  were never convinced
on the question ui the tariff.   All-ti  th<
death of Sir John  Macdonald that support was given almost  unanimously to
the Liberals.   There were mans apparent reasons why it should be so    Ths
Conservatives hud  been  in  power, with
one short interruption, since Confedera
lion.    The  long  continued success  had
alii acted   a   host   of   most   unde*irabl<
camp followers.   Though they exercised
no influence on the pulley of the parts
they did affect its methods and in many
cuses   brought   U   into   disrepute.     He
sides,  although   the   i.iberal   tariff   had
come a patch work quilt, there was general confidence���and It has  proved  Qol
to   have   been   misplaced���that   Liberal
action would be wisei  than Liberal oratory, and  that  there would  be no  nidi
disturbance  of   national   Industrial  and
commercial   conditions,       Purtbei,   th<
Liberals seemed then to be fighting thfi
battle  for  provincial  rights, aud  for a
general national house cleaniMg. with
retrenchment of expenditure and ad-
rail Istrative reform, as Its objects.
This   body   of   independent    opinion,
which is to some extent in th<"- position
in the  unending  debate between ihe two parties, lias watched Sir
Wilfrid     Laurier's    wasting   of   eleven
of   power  and  opportunity,     lie-
has  fulfilled  the    g< neral    expectation
that in sj.ite ol silly rhetoric about the
iniquity  oi   projection  he     would  have
en  u -ii   to  leave  a   wiser  man's
tariff  alone.    In  all   other  respects he
has been s hopeless disappotntmenl  to
his  admirers.     Provincial     rights   have
been   f rgotten,  expenditure  has   more
than  trebled, instead   of administrative
reform there lias been a carnival of debauchery, and one  of the  tew   personally   eban   men     In     the   cabinet.   Mr.
-lyleswortb,  has frankly   declared   that
there   is   to   be   no    reform,   that   the
country must  make up ir^  mind to en*
dure a certain amount ol
tbe various  j ������ departm. a
The alienation of independ'
from the Liberal I Ontario
in  a  genera]  revo       . sett n-
tlfic corruption of tht* -
oessive Liberal adi      ��� i Elimin
ating   in   the   campaign    o<   lh*-    "dark
lantern  brigade" undet   ���";    W.  Ross.
The  full  significance of  their
in   Ontario  Is  apparently   not   y<���������   realized   by   the  Liberals.     It   came   a  l��-w
months   nfte-r   the   last   Dona : elec
tion  cam;'aign   in   which   t-'*
tlve    had  won s  small   d oi ihe
Ontario seats.    The overwheiming rout
suffered by (J. \Y. Ross and hit   U      *
i      can   on explained   by  a   wide
spread   revolt   of   men   who  had   never
voted Conservative before.
What has happened osce may i i
happen again. The corruption In Ou*
tatio under (J. W. Roes wag nothing to
what has gone on at Ottawa to the pub
nowledge. The members of tbe
Ross cabinet were not personally dishonest: their wrongdoing was al! for
the party. It Is not so with Sir Wilfrid
Laurier's colleagues. It was not by de-
,-Otlon to the party's Interest that Clifford Sifton acquired a fortune, nor has
devotion to th<- party interfered materially with tho enjoyment of life of sir
Fred, Borden. Charles Hyman or !l. H.
I.minerson. AjB Tor the rank nnd file
nt the part) the motives for their loyal ty are sufficiently obvious.
Had   Mr.   Mowat  reflected   on   theBe
$10 DOWN
We offer you best fruit lands;
best terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute     titles.       You
don't have to use all of your means
in paying for land. We want you
to put It into development. We
also have tracts of 5b to GOOD acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Frultvale you
miss the best ln D. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward  Street,  Nelson,  B. C.
Nelaon L��i.'i District   District ol West Kcctencv
rake tn-lie*.- sbAt I'aul Augi-i-t Paula-ii. ul Kit
- ht-ii'T, it. C, oei-upavtion luinln-'MiiAii. iiiu-.i'l**
to apply lor a. specie! timber IfocDCe OTCC tbe fol-
itt-ring described lands:   Cormmenelftg nt a imisi
plaLDtcd at the sou ib weat rcriicr of Sni^cycd i��>t
:-���_���.-'. i Uienoe south to the ooribern i��iui��lary
nf timber license No. 7018, ihence ivest to the
northwest eorper of said timber Ucencai, them-e
**ouih to the northern Umii'larv ul) .* *>i^, it -e
foUo-rlng acid buua-iary, ..(����ui lot wett to the
riuiit of-way nf the  Urlttah f'oluinl.a Booths!n
i.aiiwH>, thenoe f-���:!������ win-, iald rjafht-ol-way in a
M()rth-ea-.lerly   dtrCCtlOn   tn plni-i' nt i uiiinn n '���
ineot, aii'l t-oiitainint: i>*tl neiva.. more nr It*-*"1
Ds>tad Jnlrtnd, iwf.   Pavex aneosi hiuon.
Take notice thst O. C. Clara, ot Nelaon, B. c,
Mtiooo *.* ��� ;������ r, Intendi ta spj ly for s inajcjaJ ilra-
ber Uocnce over ths ��� rwing tea, rit--.i land:
Oommcnctna at a p        planted   on   Uornlog
Mmi-italii. K'.'"it one mile went of Smelter < reef,
an.l aij-jiitntiii* " e ciark'n PK*atlou fnr tout., r
licence Ko t. *��'l aimai one mile ���*��������*111< ol N<
ioni thanea west ���*" < h*.iua, tin-no.- H>nth t*L
chains, thenoa cast80 ehains. Lhcatica imriii ��
I'haina to place Ol .<������.:.unlng.
bated July huh, UW7 0   C   <urk,
luvtti Booth. \.������ ���..���
NeJaot- i^tui biatrk-t. Dlatrl
Take QOttOS that  Uonre. K
land, fciiii., ocenpatlon Im
apply tor ����� spaclaJ Umbat i
��� ���*��� nit itcm-ribetl  landa:    v,u
j tented on Moaqnlto creek,
��� rrn-v Uke. atlil about out- tialf tulle Weat, Ol Iha
���outhwaai tonar ol tintto-r limit No. *w*n", thanoa
- i M ��� halns, thanea weat SO ehalu*., thenee
north s,i chains, thenee aaal SO rhalna in (mint of
commencement- snd soaletalns Sal) acraa, nora
< t laaa
Dated lftth July, l9Cn.      M-miki, Kll-l-LB A Co
John K.t'-uiKi, a,, -,\
n   I.','   I'l-i.'li't      iM-trtrl i.l W -**t  Knot,  nay
Take  noUca   lhat  William    Andrew    Boaa,  of
Ii-rnie, B   C       hotal k��*,*[H-r   Inteiido to upplI foi
i. ��� ...:  tlmti   r Hrenee over tin   (OlU��Wlna   des
erlbcd   inmli:    OontBianCtni   al   a   poat    planted
t mllea weat of   the   Knntenajr   river, nn
i ore    reek,   lo the  District of Wagl  Knnieitay
and belos altout alx milen north ol the inU'i-
liMti iini bnuinlary line, ami ultuate at the
northeast corner of W,tltani Andrew koait' No
3 Hint), r cl-ilm, thenea* uorth   SO  rhalna,   theine
weatsechains, thancaj mniih Hit rhalna. theuce
Oast "*��� ��� hslOS, to th*- point of enmmetieement
Loeatetl July 2Brd, lfcr?
Dated ihe ��th of Aim   vxn
William ANUkiw Kosa
el��nu laAU'i District.  Inainctof Weal K��
Takenothe  that   1,8,   V,   Wgllaca,   "f
end lo apply for a
the    toIlowiiiK  d<
Take BAttCS lhat 1, Arthur  ali-x  Hltihi^ ,
ten.i m apply for permission to purcKK'ft
Inwlng -leM-rtbed Tau.l.;    Cominen^nVl .,'*
plante-1 at the N   K. eorner -f U. l,?ft*2tfif
edH. K.enrner,   thenee   north to ehaia ' ^1
wast ap chalna, thenee sooth *�� ohiSI 9
eaai �� ehains t.. point oi accMwasSatia
i-ontsluina. su acrea, more or |*-M, '��� ���*���
JuneT, Ifc/7. AkTiica Sua   l-m-sroaa
WILLIAM ALo*.*.MlUj,i5P"
tub untie,, thai I. William K.^UrTiTTia^i
IO Spplj for pern.t-.Mnu lo purrliaae the Mkt
in-c de-erlbed landt: Coiaroeiirlti*i .1 r^L
planted ,t the S   K .���..rri.-;,,! l^UfifiVaS
-������' ; 1:1
w***l  *��� thlJji,
f eut a cUim
P-dnt of MimB'Bt,
K0U0O la hereby -*i*ren that SO -it-y-i alter date 1
intend to apply to tha Hon.' hlaj Uonunjjraalonar
uf J Jill, l* and ������ork- for permi.*-ainn in pun haae
the following described Isnds* altuated in West
Ki..ii,-nay liiarr,. i . umin.-n- Inn ht n j- "-i murk -
ed by name aa lUitlai poal nf lhe *-*nUlh Potfe
branch, one hundred feet from the junction ol
Lout  ereek   wllh   the   r-outh   fork;    UieUi'--   one*
���inarter mile to the north waat eornei poat,theocs
one mile lo the uorttieai.t eorner i**��st, thenea
��� ���tie ''uarter mile tc thaaonthaaat eornei poat,
thenee one mile m the plaee of eomment. in. n:
June-TT, !�����". i^K-ated by V, u   i u.nsoLlv.
Nelson Land Dlatrlct.   Diatrict oi Waal Knnlenay
Take noUoa that Moon*, ttenpleA to., oi Garland,, Penn , neeupatlou luinU-rinen, Inieuda lo
apply tor a-ipeuai tiiutscr   licanou  Over   lhe   fol*
lowing deacrlbed landa:   Commeneinif st a poat
planted on Momjiuto ereek, ou the whst Hide of
Arrow lake, and attntii one half mile wesl nf the
���oothwestcornerof timuer limit Ko. <��77, tht-nos
nnrth HO chalna, then-e weal HO chains, thence
���OUth W ehalns, thence easl ��-> ohalns to point of
I'uuiui' net me-nl, und con lain Inn M0 acres, more
or let-1.
Daled lStbi July, 19OT.     Moohit, Kkiti.k A Co.
j<ihn a. t'* i.i.in*.. Agent.
Noli'-e   ll hereby given  that the andarslgnsd
have submitted 'o the Llantanant Qovcrnor-lo-
eoui. il n proponal under the pr-,vlalona of the
������Rivers and Strcama ActiM for eleirintt au<l re-
moving obatructions front Ooht Kiver and Mea-
l.iw I reek, In the Dlstrlctof Weat Kootenay. and
for making   the nine lit   for  nt fling   and   drlv
inn tbereoo logs, timber, lumber, ruts**nd oraita
mi  for erecting and malotginlng  boomi fnr
holding. aortitiK and d-diverlng logs and ilinU-r
(htdown said creek and river, and (prat*
ta.-binz   boomi   to the  shore of  aald   creek   and
rtvaai f-.r aald pnrpoaei
'ike  lands  t-- be aTe-ted   by aald work are:���
Lots 0X% SUFI, 1692, and sub lots 1, (I. 11   IS, U and
11 -.1 l>.t 4'^'  iiroup 1. Kootenay District.
Th** t-n-i prnpoH.it to he charted are inches.
- ,i beflxed by ihe Judge of the County Court
i ' Wesl Kontenay
list July, 1907.
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal in the city.
Take not lee lhat 3<J daya alter date I intend to
apply to the Hon the Chief ' omuiissioner ol
Laud*, ami Worki, Vi�� torla, for permlaalon to
cut and carry away timber fr-'ni the following
-Umnt-. d Land, In W��*at Knni -nay:
No. l. Commencing at h pom planted at the
���on th west eornei of nmnt-r lueuae 8.'>46, thence
weat B0 chalna.   than";   south   BO  ehains, theme
east St) Chains, then* e  north SO cnaina to place of
UaU-d May Bl, 1107.        J. T. BrKOKSS, Locator.
J   W   (loi hi-rk. Agent
Nn. 9    Ooauaanclng al a poat nl  nted at the
-.nutti'-asi oornsf ol application No.., thenoe easl
no .tin In*. (!.. i.. ������ non n ko . 'hains. thenre w< -t ���*���-
ohalna, thanea souih mo chains to puce of oom-
Datad -day 11, V.nfl.       J   T. BrROKas, Locator,
J   W. ColhI*RI*, Agent.
'lake notice thai John Unas, of Ferule. B 0.,
hoi. i keepei lotenda to apply for ��*peclal tim-
i,.-r Ifoaoca oval the [ollowtng daearihai lands:
1. Coiiiiiieii.il.-'  ata   post pluntcl   in the   his
trietnt wast ICooteoay, Nelaon Mining Dlvision,
on tba nortb fork of lii eoath fori* of Loot- reek,
about five miles up creek from where two toiki
meat and about lis milea north of the Interna
tfooal Boundary Llue and about twenty-eight
mibs weal Bl Kootenai Kiver, thenca east Bu
obaina, tbence north ���**- chainii thonce  wests
chains to hank ol said .reek, thence down stream
lo place nf < orimifi-iciiieut-
J. Boaa, I-a'Calnr,
2. CommonClDB Ht ��� poat tdanicu al the aouth-
wast oornei ol '. itnaa'a No. l location, tbence
weit SO chains, thenee  north sn ohalna, tbence
cast h-h hum*, more nr lesa to bank of aald i reek,
Iheileednwn sir. am m place "I emnmeneennnt,
J.  Ko---    [.'���'.������
8. Commencing at a post planted ator neat
lbs aonthwast oorner ol J. Koaa'aNn. l location
thsnoa   west an (halns. thenee  nouih so chalua
tbanee eael Hiutoiins, more or leaa. to said ��� -.., t
r hen so tjpetrcem lo plaoa of bsawning
f. Koaa, locator
���t. Oommenotng at a post planted at or atai
rha southwest oornor of J Koae'a no. 1 location,
tgeu e ea-i ho chains, thence eoutb so chains,
ihcnie west 80 ohslnai more or leaa, to bank ot
said ereek, thenee up atresrn to place of Qom-
J. Koss, Locator,
6.   Commencing st a poal   planted about two
mllea eoutb of tha southwest worne*- of J  )-..-   -
Nn I location, on the north for* ����f the .,.1,11,
fork   nf   L  st  creek,  and   about   four   mllei    Ip
���tream, from where the two forks meet, thence
rait80chains, thenoi north so chains, then >
weal BO Chains, more or leaa, to bank ol sail
creek, theuce dow net ream to plaee Of oommam >���
ment. ,   ���        ,
J. Koas. Locator.
fi.   Coinmencing at a post planted at, or near,
lhe southw-.'*! corner of J. Ko-a'a   No  f> location,
ou   Lost  trees,  ihence weai Web-tint*
nnrlh Wi ehalu*-,  thn. nee BU chain* '���">'.   mon   01
laaa. to bank <>i said ere k. tbence down
to place of commencement.
Located Join June, 1HU7. J. Koss. J-o.-ator.
All  Klods  nf  Heating  Plants  In   Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera House.      Tal. 181.
Time for advertising extended by tha AaaisUnt
Nelson Land lu��'.rict.   Piatrictol Weat atootoaay.
Take notice   that Thoa.  V    L   Dogafl   of   Boo
ncr'a Kerry. o--cupatlou painter to ���
ior a to-eei-ii timber lleaace over the  i
deanrloed lands: e'oinmenelng al a poal planted
ontheanu'h aide of iiouu-isry creek at^.iji 10
mile*. weM of the Km-tenay -Ivor, tbeuee ireal nn
c-hetna, ihence aoutb St) 'bains, theuce ��-mi Wi
cha<na. thence imrib SOchafns to \t,y poiatof
comiit-'iicemeni, aud coiilalnibg 0*> aurea, more
nr le-a,
JJat��u July 6th, 11W7. TMOJaAA li. L. lx-e*Yr*.
Umber  llcanaa] over
I. Commencing at a pn��t planted abont tour
miles west ot tha Kooteuay Avar and  ������!.'��� mile
north ol It"- tnlcrnattonal boundary line. tbOBCC
amithso ebalna, ihence east so ohalna, thence
north SO chaim,   tbence   went  S"  �� hains   tO   the
point .d oommenoament, ormtaming ISO a. raa,
more or leai.
Daled July jrtrd, 1907,
2- coipmen. nijiai a poal plaatsd ** Iha north
weat eorner of loemtiou No. 1. lhe-*oe l nth 80
chain*, thence west i*M chains, ihrie- north so
i balm*, Ihence east t*) chains t>' the |*-.int nf
commencement,  containing 01"  acre*,   mure  01
liated July 23rd, 1907.
. ' 'ommenclng at a poal planted at north
weat cornerof   location   MO.S,   Ihaaoa   n..*!:,   -
chalua, thenca w. ,i ���   cnaina, thei th 8
chain-, theace east 80 chains lo ihe point of
commeii.ifinent, enuUiuing 040 sarsa, BSOfS or
Oatad lolySsrd. i��'T.
4. Cnmraemdng at a po*t planted at the northwest corner of No. I  location, thsnoa north SO
. halua, thence eaat SO chains, thence BOQth �����>
i i.Kin-, lhein'9 w.st no chain*, t o the poiut of
. i.!i.mt:ueem��nt, containing tllO acrea. more or
l>ated fulv *Ord, l'J07
ft.    Comiio-nclng   al a post  planted   about   two
milea nonh and Umtia east of tha nori
corner of location   No. 1, thence south 80 chaina,
thenoa eaat so nhalna, thenee  north ������" chains,
thi n e west 80 abatne to the point of commencement, oontalnlng mo acri -. mora nr leaa.
Dated July r-lrd, 1807,
5. Commencing gt a poal planted at north-
-real  cornet nf looatlon  Ko I, thenoa aoul
chaina, thence weal no chalna. thenoa nortb ao
haiiic. -hence t-a*t no chains lo ihe polnl of cotn-
rient, containing oto acres more or laaa.
Dated July -(3rd. 1��J7.
7. I tonuaaaclng ai a pi>at planted at the north
reatcornsr of location Ho 8,thenoa north S
ensina, Inanca west 80 enalns, thence aouth 80
< iiiiius. thence .-a-t ���*���> chains t<�� the point of com-
m< ncetnant, oontslnlns f*+i ai !<���- more or .. -.
Dated July itrd vr,
a 'ommen. ing ai a post planted ai the northwest corner of location Ho 8, thenca nortb ���*���
chain--, thence ��� asi to ebalna, thenoa south no
chaina. tioti i .i it so chalna to the point of com
mencement, < .ntaintng sto acrea more or less.
Dated July Sr<    1*01
V.    Uommenting   at   a   post   planted    a!."i,i    2
mili.-wi.!. ;.   rthwcsl   initi'f   nf   lo-aiioti
No ���>. therjci aonth to ebalna, thenee aaat 80
chaini, tbenn north So ehains. thanea went ho
obaina i I Dommancemant, and oon
talnlog 64   -.. r. �� more or leaa.
Dan  1 July Mth, 1W7.
10. Commencing at a   poat   planted   at   the
seat corner of location Ho. *> Uu nca moth
no chalna, tbenoa east 80 chalna, theace ��
chaini   thenee weal 80 ehains to the point ol
tencemeut, containing out acrea, more or
Datad Juir 2-uh. pjon.
11     Coinmencing   at   a  [.oat planted   al-nut   1
��� of tht northwest i ornsr of looatlon
��� B snd abool   t mile eoath thereof, thenoa
���  -   ��� naini   thanea aaal 80 ohalna. 'in nn
north 80 chains, thenoa west   nn ohaina   to   in
jtoiiit of oommeneement, <'>iutaiuiug fito a.-rea,
nr Ihss.
Dated July Mth, UaTf
11. 'oirirni-ii'itn/ at a -in** t planted nt Do* north
weal corner of location No n, thence north 80
��� >.;n-, theaoaeaet no chain*. th*oca aoqtb ��u
ebalna.  thanea  weat SO  chalua to   the   polnl   ������'
'..iiiinetieenient, coiualniug Old aerea, more or
Daled July zllh, 11*07.
U ttogtmaacjog at n p��.-it plan tad at tha north-
wast corner of location Ha 11, that.ee north w
ebalna, thenos weal no chains, tbence tooth 80
cbalnsi thanoa east no cimina to tha point ol
commencement, containing t>W acrea, more or
Dated July Mth. 11*07
14. CommeneingBta poal plauted at the north-
west corner of location No. 11, thenoa amiii.no
chains, tbence weat so chains, thence north no
- i.Blri*.   theuce  east  no  'diaiiis   to  the   point  of
commeneatnant, containing Cio acr��*a, mon! oi
ii r-a
Dated July'Mlh. 1907.
IV ' omlnericlng at a post planted about two
miles north of north weal cornerof location of No.
II, Iheuce aouth W< chalna, thence east hh chalna.
thenca north su chain.*, tbenoa went no chatm
to the poiut  of I'nini'i'-i.et-uici't,  containing tAu
acrea, more or leaa.
Daton Juir -24th. 1*07,
10, Coinmencing at��post planted at the north-
waat oornar of Locntton Ho lb, tbenoa nortb 80
chaim, theuc.- aaal no ebaiae, thenca souih an
Chains, thence Waal no chaim to the point of
commencement, containing G4o am a, more or
Daud Juiy Mth, lva/7.
17.   OottingaaiBfata p-*"t planted a I the nnrth
weal  corner ofloatlonNo  Ifi,   thence   north sn
thenca waat 80 chains, then-e aootb no
kl    Ihence eaat S-p chains to  the   point   of
< ommeu-'ement, containing '.10 acrea, more Of
Dated July 'Mtb, 19W.
is   Com menclng ��t a   poat  planted  at  tha
iio-tbw.st e,,rn- r nlb-ca ion Mo   Hi. th	
1  HOehaina  thenee west SO chain-, t-*��nce north 80
. bams. th. nee aaal Wchslua to tbe r-olnt of e��m*
|::eueenu ��� ij i, i oiitalnlug >4i>i|o Jimie nf 1ch-|
l%t��d July24tb   lWff   H   F   Wircr.lJhior,
Joii> bso^ix, Ageut.
Nt i-oii Laud District.   District of Weat Kooteuay
lak.  notice that I. Kvan Kraner, of Ferule. B ��.'..
clerk. Intend to apply tor ����� Rtacla] ttuiU-r lloanaa
following dcaartnad lsnda;
1. Commencing at a p*>st planie<t at the N. K
corner arwiut l', miles north of the intcrnallon
al boondary   Hut- and attout ll miles   we-t ot the
lay river (aboul one mile north of the
north bonndarr ut r L No r*r,2) tbence Ni)
ehalns south, tin-net-no chaina weat, iheuce Su
chain** north, theie e no chains eaai lo the place
of b--i��inning.
Dated July -'lat, 190*7.
2. Commencing *t a post planted at tha N. K.
corner of location No 1. thenre aouth SO chalna.
thence east80 obaina, thence north no chains,
thanoa want SO chaina to ths piste of u-ginuiug.
Date.1 July gist) 19>/7.
8. Commencing at a post planted at ttie N. R.
comer of location No 1. thence north SO chalm,
tbeaea i a-t no chains, thence touth no chalua,
thanoa wast so ohalna to place of beginning.
Daud July .list. 1**7.
I. Commencing at the N. V. corner of location
No. 1.   Ihence   north   no  chalua,   thence   weat  HO
.nan-, thencs sonth 8h ebjtins, theuce eaat an
to tha llact* >f beginning.
Datad July ii��t. law.
fi t'litniin'tii'iiiit at a pt.it planted one mile
aaal "f the N. K. corner of 1..cation No "1. Ihenre
Miuth SO ebalna, thence went so cbadnn. Ihence
nortb 80chains, theln-e east NOcbalna to the pia< e
t.f beginning
Dated July Slat, t9(rT.
0     Conimeiieinw aj a po*t   planted  at the N. K.
oorner ol location v'-> . th not aaath so chaim,
thenoe east 80 rhalna, thamaa north so chains,
tbence west8D chains to th,- pla. a of b-ginning.
Dated Ju.y  ...t. U07.
7. Comit. being Bl a poal plant.-.' at the N I
cornel of .������ iiloti No 8, them ��� n ith W chaina,
tneii.-c ,->i -i rhiiiiit. tht-ti <��� -..nth ho ebalna,
thehec   �����-i -'��� chain*-to the- pi-toe of beclnnlng.
Dale    Jul>    1st, 19 "
I. ' 'nmeti itlg at a p ���*'. piant.-1 ��'. lhe N. K.
cornet   >f Incat.   ti N#>   '��, theui-e   b��j.ln SOchaina,
th��ac-i   waat So chains, thanoa sonth ao chains,
then, e   . n-t s   ��� lute- lo lh'    place of beginning.
Dated   FolyaOaUUtiri -    PhaaaBk XASS-lOa-
J'    tN  .   Civi **, Agent
  ,i ���  _ -*----������       ��� _    . u_
fl   northeast   ejj^jm^^^^^^^
thanes s.-'ith 40 attains.tha
thanea   north io chain* t.
ment, and eontalntng ISO	
June 7, liar; WiLt.ua Remsiuiaa
Wihi.ua Ai.nN/oMiLu.A|ent
Huty -Java after dale I intend to %pj.|* u> u.
Hon Chief commlasloner of Uttdi ��oJ ��.jrU
Victoria. B.C., to purch-UM* the blloVawC
acrlbed land, situated In ihv W<-il lamiii*,,^
trlct: Commencing at a pott ptUWdaisi
we*l aide of Kootenay lake, near BCtaaeag
ptiint, and marked J. MeKlniian'n *-��� E. ror-at
po*l, ihernc west (Si chain*, theuce rmrtj* (
chalna. thence eaat 80 chain* more or leai to atl I
shore, theuce along lake ihore Uj poictot -oa-
Dated April 4. 1907. Signed J X <���<,-
Nelsou I-and Dlatrlct. Dlatrlct nf Wr��i Kr^iui*,
Take notice that Edward i .,.*.���-... ,.Ll,
Montana, t - A , occupation *-.- . btipr tV
lenda lo apply for perintsston lu ������;.��� u��*--ii
following    '!> *- i .tr.'.{   land       '������:-::..:..: ,
pe��*t planted on   lhe west ahore of Tppeiw	
��� ban (i aribo*.) lako. ami at the t.nii.-ii: ���>[
of Lot *>l re thenee wesl JO chalna, thfu-tio-a
fiOchalna. theuce eaat ju i halni, lurnrt-ova ft
tin :n- thence eaat 40 chaini, more or ���������::&��
weat ahore of 1'pper Whatahan (('���ributjlitt,
thence northerly and ���*���-;���-:��� �����-.���:���-*.; |
ahore SO chalna, mire or leaa. to poin.of cse-
mencement, and  eoutaining S20 acm. nana J
Way rtth, 1907.
K; w,,.    i'ttiii.
Hlxiy daya arter date 1 intend to tBetyStg
TloU Chief ' ..i.i ri.-.*������;..v.- - of 1 .>��� 1* ��*������'W-m
fnr permtaalou to purchaae the tollcvIM a
acrlbed land in Weat Kooicuaj district: t*a-
meudng at a poal marked A. (,'. B'�� Boniaal
uoruer poal, running 40 chains ���.-������'< i>**f
ihe boundary tif Timber UeeCM No V**>.ism
���oiitberly 60 chalua, theuce westtrij #tUB.
Ihence liorlherly '*t chain* aloox tbe C Fl 1
track lu the place of commenci'ineut, roQUBIg |
two hundred acrea, m��re or leaa.
LocBtc-l IhU -KU day of May, l.��".
A c. Btitt. Uam.
Notice la neraby glren that W ���:**���* anirtisl 1
Intend loappiy to tbe Honorable ihe' tiefC-a i
mlaalouer of Landa  and   Work* fet foragM
to purehaae the following !���--;'���' <:: *���'�����*���
in   W>at   Kootenay   dlatrlct:   > .:.-... e *
poat plant'tl at tbe  weat boundary ri Watte*,
1  and about lu chalna a-mlh of thcMVyliitotEdaiT
of   the  right of way of the |i. i\8astainr��
way, and  marked   P.  A.  l"a soo'Im*'' "�������.
thenee weal Po chalna, thence norlli tjjtt'-a-tt
boundary of the rlght-of way of B t town
railway, tbence following said fjounlirr*"
riglu-of-waj in an eaaterly directtnn to:-***
boundary of Lot 3**0*il. then e aoulh top-ws I
conimenccmeut,  contatuliiK  100 acrea. rwit��� |
Dalt-d thla 14tb day nf 'ti**-. 1907.
1-AUi. Arutn Piruea
f Net*
Nelaon Land Dlatrni.   Dlatrlct uf Weat Kn.
Take notice that I, ��� .> ��� n. rti Kerguaon. i
t-on, British Columbia, oecupailon marri<_ _ .._
man, intend to apply for p-rralsston to purchaae
the tolli.wnig daWCIibad laud : Comment-itii, at a
poat planted 4l> ehalns west of the ���oiilhesst corner of section 22, Tow nshlp fit*. Koolenav, and
marked Ml F.'a N K corner." thence weat (hi
ehalns, thanoa south 40 chalna, ihence eait Hi
Cbaitta, theuce norlh 40 ebalna to the plan- ,,f
i oiamane-Rnent and containing :tju acres more
lftth JulV, A. D. 1*��07.    K 1.17*TITH PBBorUUf.
by W. A. Calder. ageut.
N-dst.ii Land D|*trc-i.    Dlatrlct of West KrKitcnay.
Take noUoa that I. Davt 1 0   Kurt-1, of   Ne.ann,
B ' ��� oecnpetlon merchant. Intend to apply for
permlaalon to purchase tha following daacribad
laiitt: < (iininent Iiik at a poal planted at the
���outbwcBt corner  of aectfon  im, townahip 88.
Kootenay, and marked "It. it. K.'s ti. W. corner,"
tbence north no ehalns, tbenoa t-ait 40 chalna,
lbenee south sn chains, tln-uce west 40 chalna
to in.* point ol commencement and containing
880 acres more or less.
l.Mh July, IU07. Davit-(��   Kustz,
W   A. (aider, agent.
I ake   lodiee that I. Thomas Harry Wilson, Intend lo apply for perinlaalnn lo puichaac lhe tul*
low ing deaonbed land i Commanelng at a po*i
pi a u i.d at the ti K. corner of lot 7688 and marked
.V i oomer, theuce south lu chains, thence
west 10chains,thenoa aouih io chaina, thence
west in chain*, thence hoiiOi pt chalna, thence
West I<> chains, then* e aouth Hi chains, thenct-
WBBtlO (bain*, thence north 40 chalna, thenee
��� ���-[ e> chains to point of eommelicemciil alltl
(.ni taming 100 acrea, more or lesa
June 7, 19D7 *     'I linMA-t BgVg-f Wn.��nK,
Wlliua AUiKSo Mni,-,  -Kent
KelSOtl Land District.   Dlatrlct of Weal Knnlenajr
lake notice that t. John Lang, of NcUoii, 11. <'.,
occupation   miner   luteud   to apply for   pirmis-
|lon   to pnr< hase the lolhiwlng ncaoiibed  landa:
Commenolngat a posl plsnted at the N  Kol
Lol STJV3   thence eaat 20 chains, thence lOQlb �����
ohalna, thanoa west BO chaini, thenee north *st
chains tn point of commencement, containing to
acres   more or less.
Auguat jnd, i'jo7, '���ni*. Laaa,
Noi ice Is hereby given that ��> <lays alter'late, I
intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
Of Lands and Works for permission to purchaae
the following described land In West Kootenay
district, on weat bIitc of LOWS! Arrow I*ake,
adjoining \a>i No IMS, ou the south : llegfnnlug
at a poat marked "Harry IteLeod'S N.K corner
pout tLiid limited on the ahnre of LoWSt Arrow
Lak -, at the southeast corner of Cn pi Foal und'a
14848, theme west 90 ehalim, thence south '20
'halns more or lean to the north boundary of It.
Kuliiimre'a P, it , ihence 2" chalna eaai aloiiK lhe
Kiibl boundary to lake, thciicc north along the
lak> ib ore 110 chalui, more or leaa to polut of
Hay indi iwn. j. d. Moora,
Agent for Marry McLeod.
t.   DlsMfftOl Weat Kooleuay.
come Kiifus Carter of llrdl
occupation, brldgetnan, Inlctida to apply for r-e
mi   em   to puronaae   the following  ocacrlbe
afslson I-and I'1-.trli
Take notice that G     ._.        mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^^
^^^^^^^^ .   _   ,  bad
land : Oomman< lug at post plantitd at thu northwest corner uf li. Boas* application to purchase,
maiked H. \V��� thctice north 40 chalna, thence
east   40   chains,   ttience  aouth     ���>  chalna   to   A.
Curry'i pre-empiiou, thenos west ���'" chains,
thence south 211 'halns, thence weit 80 chains to
idin a  0l   e^immt nci-uicnt   contaltilng   120  aerea
HgOUg ROTftf Cahtkk,
W. J. HcOTT, Agent,
1, lhe undersigned, alter (K) daya intuud to up
ply to the Hon. the Chief Commlaaloncr of UtpdJ
and Vtorks to purchase the following dcacrlbed
laud: Commencing al tin; N.K. C ol Lot 7f.:ty
(1. I., thanoa   weat 40 chains, thenco  north 20
chains,   them asl  4o chains,  the lie* aoulh 20
chiiltis lo point of commuiutcmout, containing HO
acrea more or leaa.
Locale*. Maich jnth, 1007. W. A. Mil.IS.
more or leaa.
Dated July 12, 1007.
HaaSSn Und Dlatrlct.   Diatrict uf Weal KuMH) I
Take notice lhat I'aul Augu.l 1'aulws,eJltt f
chener. H. C .   occupation   Iuml��erm*u. "*��� f
loapplr for permission to purchaae im *���*���
lug   deacrlbed   landa:     Commei ring ��> ��� I*
planted at   the aoutn  boundary of  th�� --t-*T
way   n|   the   Hrltiah   Columbia BJUtMr*��� *J
way and atmut 36 chaina wca'trl, C'"1-Bl:'S
62 on aald rsilwaT. thence aoolh *chs ��uas
eatt   2o   chain.. Ihence   south   9* ''���*������'''^
east CO chaiua. thenco nnrth to tt"1 ";Q"'"*K
ary of the right-of-way of lhe Bruu*- t**--*M
.-..���' -in   Railway,  thence, weiterir '
��� u\m O I
Id rightoLwayto pUre'iif .���.'tnmencemea'
>ated thla 2nd day ol	
August. UST.  ^^^ I
Nelaon Und District.  District of WartKsaaaj
Take   notice   that Oenrge Stuns. "I B"1*^
Montana.   U    H.   A., occupation, n
teuda   U��  apply   for   permlsah'ii "��� P[
following rlaaerlbed lsnd; i �����-�������.""Ttruv
poat plante.l on the weat ahore '>' ' ;l*If0ral
Ihan (1'artb.K.) lake, and at the "'������������'Vj^
of iotsi:i9. thence weal KO chal ia. thewmjj
�� chiiina. thenee eaat 20 chalna, thrnc^
chain* to (v.Hit ot commencement, anu
lug ��< seres' more or leaa. l;I()tulil*rl��--
May 2Wth. 1907. -"��WL-*
Nelsnn Und Dlatrlet.   District of *J8l WjJJ
Take nolice that  Walter   .'   Hsji^ai   ���
MuiiiaiiB.f ia..oetmpauoai> '"-^Mwiis
to apply for permission toparesssttw-jg
lug Aea-'rlbxd land : Comsu-uemK "'pSJcaS
at   the   northweat <,',rlT"   '���, cb-��
eat  KO rhali...  tn-'.""       ' , j,1BJ
a.120 t-hat..a,.hen^J..^*Jn|B|ll
lake, au
thence c -���MmMMMMMMMMMMMMMMaammmmm.
point   ol   cuma.rnieiiienl,
acrea, more or leaa.
Msy 2iHh, ian
after dste I A rtIit^r A"Dj^^.a*a|
.������ north "X^********* '
iilaa-e of .���ulilllli-tn'eina-lll
Aunu.tlsl. 1H0I.
       Ki��l��" I
Nelaon I-ii'l Dlalrl.-t.   DIWW����" "      . ,���ta I
T��Maottii-.t*AaeA**��iVl��a��w,'��l -���*���
Ulslrla'tOl * '���
Hill loi
utenala l
norlli *1 rhalns,  Ih
aoulh KHi-halns, 11
BsssruwskioiA"��^i'i*"a ">*<i"iw
��� NK V
Bl.-'"'   -
,��. B**jSS%��B
"Take notice th-t '''""",'���'". "li'i'''!'",,a,V
laaa aaa.. oooapaU0" !;'", .i, roll-Tisll I
lor ,.<T,���l.-lo.,,lo  n-J-SS,0, , poll I'1'  .'.'*
I'lialnslaa   Pja.'"   *>'..",*��� ..���..n��l4
rra's ol Uml. ,""r'',";,1!'n"i'a.R*i��,J,'*a..iil.
Daled 'Jard Au-^jJ'? a BU��W---*'" ���
The Daily Canadian
Who Want a Good Arcticlc Will Buy
The BACON We Sell
Ii Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and  Smoked.    Our Hams  Are
Excellent   Also.    All   Are Canadian
Goods;   Pure Lard in All Sizes.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
NELSON, B.��a>
ajtjaon land Plitrict. DutrtctoIWsai RMlcaa**
���   Patrick   -hcran. of   Nelaon.
(i , ,   ���   ���   ,   lapo. tor, ihtendi to apply
.     n.r chc   folltiwlng
asKrlbed   ind cnclngjU a post planted
i j.,,.1 ,d lotnsa. hcing Patrlok
I    ,  .in. '   poet    running   a-mili  no
I atna,   the-use   north so
.   , -   . jotiUK  to point id SOU-
\    . Ill    IWI I'ATBti K Ml KR A If,
K t-h-aAsm, Agent.
I .. : . rlctOl W,-i ko.��lciuiv
��� ��� thai  i etc* Land, of
I , occupation lumberman, intend*
I ,r a apeclal timber licence over the
I and       < ���oiinieuetng  at   a
I:.. eaaterli p.��at oi tot hi:
|a ol timber licence No ~uih
tbenoa ��*��at ��������� chalna.
i ns, tbence weai *w chalua
��� ment, and containing
, - ���
Iteimn Ua ' *    I'. trlct ol Weai Kootenay
;��� .*   that   Peter Lund, nl
d lumbernun, Intends
timber Lleenoa over the
suds:     < *o in luetic lug   at a
���     ndar] of lot aia, ha*
r 11*34 01 ������ 7011 ainl to chalna
-      .    -     n poat cl uin   Ko. I   Until .*   north
HO chalua,   thence aouth NO
reStlM)  'Ii..in.,   to   the   i-oiut   of
��cnn--��ceiiiciii, ati ! . oniaiuilig  olO acrea, more
jr  . ..
I .:>��� SUth, 1W7. I'KTBK Lino.
���elK.nUnd inatrlct.   Dlatrlct of Weajt Kt-o-enay
1 '���    I,  Take notion that Peter Lund, nf
l pat Ion luuiht-ruian, lutenda
i si licence over ihe fol-
(      ���   tea la     I ������muiem ing at a ptiat
uundary of lot Sla7SO chains
atl a poet claim No. r, tbenoa
 Lai   BO   chaina.   ihence
Ihenct   areal to chaina lo |*oint
1 wmmfiir, t',,-1,1,   and   -trntaltiing  8*0  acrea,
������>��������� ��� ���
lOaw if-foit lit, 1907. Pbtkk Lrun
I Ira P. Taylor, olertt, of Arrow-
to apply tor a special licence
-      Irom    l he     lollowiug    .ieaerlbed
SS ���                      Eng at a pool planted Tuchalna
| v   .tsrt-etlon   from   *"arlh<��n
I Ira F   Iaylor'a. \\    Parkiua'   I   w.
| ��� aouth  i-y I'. L No 7G��*.
���"��� a     72, thonce north ��)
H  I halua.  thence  aouth HU
ii N ohaina to poini ol wm.
J-   *
f ��� Sl I pOSl pleated HO* halns
I i-BPMterlydirecnon from Cariboo
p    ���* '    '-   I'arkinB',  iraK   Tayter'BB W,
���ii  tha weat hy T. L 7667,
stn hy ir* i-   Tarlor-a and  w   Parkins*T.L,
l        balDa,   theuce   eaat   PO
I     lialns,   theuce  weat IM)
Nelaon ".-tn-, Illalrlrt    Iilatrlct ol Weal Kooteuay
TefcS notice that "David   Henry Telford." Saa-
fcatnon. Baak,,oceuMtion  Lnmbennaa, lutenda
t<t apply fnr a special tlmht-r licence over the fol
low i ii k daaeribed landsi
No l Commencing Ht a post plauted about 8
chain* north of the north wt-M corner of Timber
Limit   HIM, weat branch of   Little Hlocan river.
... it Kootenay, thonce weat SO chalna, thenea
eontb n obaina, ihence eaat m chalna. thence
north *vo chaina Ui i*oini or eormneiiccment and
eoiitatnliig iMn acrea. more or lea-
Daled July yih, l<a/7     Iuvjh Hsnky Tbi ronu.
No. 2. I'omiiH'iK'im h posl planted on the eaat
bank nf Uongar creek, and on Iha north boundary of timl-.-r limn ***��� l +1. areat braneli of Little
Hlocan river, then.*.- north ifio ohalna, thence
eaat ad chalna. thenoa sooth i-w chain*, thenee
weat 40chain* to place of com ineiiccmeiit, and
 laming Mo acres, more or leat.
gated July UXh, iimx. Datu miksy tew-ord.
No | i ..iniiiencing at a poat planted on hank
ol Kiia-dc creek, aboul DO chaina aouth of the
aouth boundary of timber ltmil*M7. weat branch
of Little rtloean river, thenee weat Wi chalua,
tbenoa aonth to ehains, thencs eaat ��) <-haiiia,
tbence north ho ebalna to the j*oliit of commencement and c.iniaining 640 acrea, more or
Dated July Mth, 1907. DaviD IUnhv Tatford.
No 4. ('ommenrliiB at a poat planted about 3
chalna eaat from eaai bank of Kuaale ereek. and
on the wi-t boundary of limit 3, Ihence west so
chaina, thenee aouth 80 chalna, thenee eaat sn
chains, thenea nnrth ���*������ aneini to point of eom-
incticemeiit, and (-oiitalutufr Mo aerea, more or
I-ate-I July 11th, 1907. lUvU* Hkkky Tslpoiu*.
No. Lt. Commencing at a poat planted about
fiO chalua -aeat of ���..,������..��� Creek and about alx
mile*, from ita mouth at Hlocan Kiver, asltl poal
la aboui 40 chaina weal :������.:.. I> H Tetford'a tim-
ber application No. 11. thenee east 40 chalna to
Umber application No. It, thence njrth 160
chaina, thenee weal 40 chalua, thenee aouth ISO
. baina, to point nl commencement, ami contain
luir 'l" acrea, more or It-- -
Elated July nth, i*jo7. DutTia Bamv tei-fohd.
Nn 14 Commencing at a poat planted at the
aoulh weal corner of No. 13, tbence weat 40 chalna,
i hence nortb ISO chains, theure eaai *j chalna,
thenoa aouth Iftu ohalns to point of commencement, and containing 610 acrea, more or leaa
i ated July it: is, 1907   David He>kv iiLroso.
A   Milton, Agent.
Mot lee la hereby given lhat 60 tlaya after datel
Intend to apply io tbe IlouoraDle tbe Chief t'om-
tnlnaioner <>/ Lauda and Worka (or a apeclal
II. ense to ��� ut and carry away timber from the
following deacrlbed lsuda in west Kootenay dla-
,   triet:
No. l "Commencing at a poat marked William
Waliu-dey. planted al   Kokanee Cieek Siding on
the Procter asieaaton, on the weat aide of Lot
hniW, on the aouth fide of the Weal Arm of Kootenay lake, emnmani nig at die n   k corner {-oat
mnntttg BOUth KO chalua. weal SO i'haiu>   north SO
chalua, cast 80 ehainr. tn place of beginning.
Located .'rd June, l'J07.
William Waltsslby, lxH*ator,
Jahiui UraiiAKO aa Age��t.
[P Dutrlct. Dlstrk t of {Vest K<*otcnay
f -    ��� ������-. that ndayaafurdsia r
X. oi r,oi Nelson, B.C , Intend
���V lllaf   I 'ommlsaloncr of
T, ��    lfc.-n-c to cut and
t lhe following deiertbel
immli oreeh, in  tha Wesl
18 nt a poal   markel J   P. H'a
nrm r   post,   located   on
. reck   alaiut n-o mllea from
t Mining   south   ho  chaina,
10 chains, thence  rumitng
I   Weal H chaina,   ihenc-*
���    running eaai |0 chalua,
"   I bains,   thence eaat 10
pti   ofeoi ,m. uoameni
-W'-Moaihi    Ufa ,1a* nl Auiruat. 1907.
'OKI p. S*H KDBSae,   Locator.
I-r hh agent l'��it k McDo-*ai.i>
|. -  tt H i-.-t  marked J   P. H'a
t -ic���r���cr   ,.oM. loratold ull
| ��� reek, shout two milea from
I       l     ' ���"���   - inning aoutb to chains,
I  ��� ��� nsinB, thenee running
fcli,.,.;,"   ;ii-"e running waatNohaina
n' ' '���'l"' "'Ui dai of angnat, intn
JOHN p  BwCDBSao,  Uicator.
eni Paios UoDoaaxn,
^UfldDUtrlot,  Di.trlut of Weat Kootenay
lu'[nll'(:,',,u,r-l'tt-,F 8t��wart, ... OoUlng-
I ' '���Jt"��n lumberman, lutenda m
I -' Mniher   lucneeover   the   fol-
I i i ommenolni ai a poat
I'l'imiiH i/ r,''u" sbontone mile aouth
V*S,>����**[*li^t*&���������**��- wateranioran-
�� ���        ; !   .     : ������ ttt*wart��aN.��. Angle
J*-- then.-,. �� 'n'',.,,h��'"��. thence weat 40
| ''���lt' Ml bSinS,   theuce    weat   20
I: ;';'   '��� ehajga, ihence   eaat  80
EtOa!    ''     '"  '" 'hain*.,   thence   WCSt 20
h ommancement, coutaiuiuK
^ Und Dlitrict.  DiMrictofWeatKot.tenay
*'*C;:,'',;::t ���' k' ^,-wart.or cun,,,,.
���Mura M.,.     i   ""   ',im,,'*'"n-��u.   Intcndt   to
���iderwrlbldilnJPb*-J,MBso��s over the fol-
Bit*.:,,i, t|,      . ' ommenclng at a poat
1'" ������.,.;   ,���   ,'"  -t'il   Meadow mine, aboul   SO
rrr's r. m,'!;;    ",',r;'"k   -narked .t   n. v.
I^'-mim,  an 5h    '"���-,. tb.ucccaat Ut chaina,
t- Ml.  :i'.,'i        1"'    '""'''   WMtSO chaina.
|    north -, ,n��'""'  tbence weat Hi chalna,
Bina, ih, ii, c easl ho chain-,
lull.-. tO   pi,,*.-   of commence
ont HO.acrei mora or [eat.
*����� ��^^.!i,,tr-j? ��' *��* -to-*-��-��
"""'"'v '...,,..."V ""' 'ollowlnt .1.-
"'"���nil ���.,,.,.'!.', '"'Kin sii,��i pi,,,,,,.,, n
_S"����*J I >kn anal .. ','a "' U"r"' sl,"r" lllaa-
���""'Hrrill No Km-i ,a " ""''lia'aM ..nrniT
|'"""l. ��l chain. .51!���� ,v""1 "" akalU,
��� ''""'ll. SO chiln, ','"",'' ������-�� Wl ..halua,
]"i";;- ^r,'.,!n���0-.o0rS��?n~-
m7f -���"- -'''lowing deaoribed
' '���iiUniMicin >
"x:",11"- "..Mi', ,,*tL";k; ,)'""ii."i ai iu,. wn.
I;',""""" . .',', i;'"',"". tha.li..,. wus!
,",!'-'""I.'i ,',, ;""����. ti,,.,,,,,,.��,!
...r,','.""""i Im,     '"-"mini!, oonuinlng
ii'.",'',!1,,'"'" ''i"'",l,':r,'ri"r"'''' "���> �����.' b��a��
is.i i"'""'"���'��� airh i .   '���,k, ",b""l '""r mill's
I  ��!,''',"���   "'"""       a,'.^,'".''''"".'!'1""'"
oih..i"1'"1. ili.nio ��... ""'I"'!"", thtoo*
lsii.,1 ,, "iiiiuin i.iii ���er���s, ���,���r���
tf-i'i'li,!;:'- ���"" !'.".rn",.Lli",v1 ?? �������� -w-
l��'Jh-l?."'""1 "I"' In. M ',,""" '",'"' n,H"*
I "��� im J' ���'"""' nasi1 ft n,.0rf"*i l'"''"'"
is si'ui hi.    ,    '*    BU 'Im lis   In   ,haj
f���"'�����.��*..a. Z",l"KM"KH "'"
Ncl-.u I and I��t-tr'ci    Dlatrlct of Weal Kootenay
lake notloa that I'aul Auguat Haulaon, of Kit-
;   chener,   B. C., (M-eupalloli   lumhermsii,   lutenda
���   to apply for a a pea* lei timber lieeuee over the following daaortOOd lauda:    i inn menclng at a p*-:
plantetl at the aouthweat corner of aurveyea lot
i   .sil-ti.l. -hence eait 40 chalna, theure  north Nl
-   ei.aina, theiieeeaat lo tt eaotitheaal corner ot aald
lot, thence north to the northea-t corner uf aald
lot. thence aaat tc ihe weat boundary of pre-emption No. WW, thence aoutb to the north boundarv
of timta-r   licence  No. h&4&,  thenee weat along
aald north boundary to the northwest corner ot
-ail licence, thence south to the north boundary
tif timber licence No 7018  thence weat to a point
duo   aouth   ol   commencement,   tbence north to
polnl   >>t   commencement,   and  containing   i-io
SOU a,  more or leaa.
Dated July 2nd. Ififf.    PAOv Ai-ousr PSOUOM,
RelSOD Land District    Dlatrlct of Weal Kootcuay
Take notice that  Heury   Keichert, of  Nelaon,
B <:.. proapantor, [nteada to apply (or a apeelaJ
licence to cut and carry away Umber from the
following deacrlbed lands:
No. tf Commencing at a pofit planted near the
northeaat comer poat of liml-cr licence No. \r264
and near Henry Keichert ti. W. corner post of
tlmU-r location No. ", on main Lemon creek ami
marked Henrv Keichert aoutbeaat corner poat
No. y, ihence ho chains north, ihence 80 chalna
weat, ihence hm chain*, aoutb- thence 80 chalus
eaat to lhe polut of couiiuenoetuent.
Date.l July 27.19U7.
No 10 Commencing at a poet planted about "JO
chalna mere or leas aouth from the northwest   corner  of   lot   go.   Bel   on main   Lemon
creek and mused Henry Rclchert east corner
post HO   in. the ��� -t"   chaina norlh   more or leat*
to about midway Of thS aoutb boundary line of
timber licence No Bads, thence ISO chaina weat,
ihence  40 chains aoulh. theuce 1C0 chaina eaat
to notnt of oommanoamant.
Dated jui-r.mh.i90.
wo. 11 Commencing at a post planted on .Monument Creek, about TO Chains, more or  leaa, south
from where Monument creek) naptya Into Lemon creek, ami near Henry Keichert norlhcaHt.
coruer posl of timber location no 1, and marked
"Henry Keichert uorthweat corner noat No II,"
thence IM chalna  south,   thence to chaina eaat,
thenoe ISO ohalna north, thence 40 enalnl west
to the poini o' coiiiiiiemenieUt.
Dated July 87th, 1007.
llKNKY  KKiellKHT, locator.
Nelson I-aud Dlitrict.   Diatrict of Weal Kootenay
Take notice lhat 1, HaroM N- Kdgecoiabc, of
Fernie, H. C . clerk, intend to apply fnr a special
Umber licence over the following described
lauda: ,    ,
2. Cti.umenelng at a poat planted at the continence ��.f the north fork of Corn creek about
tWO in Ilea Irom its coiilluence with the Main
creek ihence south -it) chains, thenee west ifio
chalna, ihence north 40 chaina. thence east I.a��
chains to the place of beginning, containing 040
acres, more or leaa.
Located Auguat 17th. 1907.
!>. Commencing nt a post planted on lhe bank
of the north fork of Corn creek ahout two mllea
from ltHConiluenee with the .Main creek, thence
Hutit*: HO chains, lbenee weat HO < hains, theuco
north Ho chains, then.v eaat HO chains lo the
l.liiee of beginning, containing MO i-cres, mora
or less,
Looatod Auguat lTttt, 1907, .,���,..���!.
(, Conimeneiiig at a post planted on the nana
of lhe north fork of Corn creek aboul fourmlUa
from ila colli!uencc with the Main creek, thenc-
Booth |0 chnins, theuce eatt *> chains, thenco
norlh HO Ohalns. thence west K0 chains io Uo-
placc of beginning, eon tainlng MO acres, more or
Located Ann-list 17th, 1907. .
o   Comraenclng at a pott planted on the bank
of the nonh fork of (lorn creek about ii miles
from ita contluenco with the Main creek, tun. e
north 40 chains, thenee east   W ehatnt, tbsnoe
souih in chaint, thenoe west KK) chaina to tho
Place of beginning, conlainlng M0 acres, moro
or leas.
Dated Augnat 16th, 1D07.
(I Commencing at a poat plsnted on lj��c bank
nf the north fork   of  Corn   creek_ about aU JD   U
from us oonfluenoa with the Main creek, thsnos
MiuthHO chaiiiH, thenee east HO chains, thenra
north HO chnlua. thence west to SDS1BI 10 we
place til beginning, containing MO SOrSI, moro
Located August 16th, 1907.
7.    Commencing at u post |dsnte��l on ttasbadk
of lhe norlh fork of Oorn oreft abaut sla mHM
Irom lis OonillianCS with tht) Ksin creek,      t
south ho chains, thenc west 80'Ohalna, thence
north   90  ehHlns. ihence   east ��   chaUa t.   lh
piece of beginning. contAining 640 acres, more
or lesa.
'���"���"���"���" At-niO-l. K,,,,,,,,., Looator,
A. UiOkllTT, Ai/oul.
Girl    With   Ten   Distinct   Personalities
Puzzles  Medical   Men   of  Great
London, Bept 12.���"The girl wllh ten
poisunalitles," who haB confountlo.l
medical authorities throiighotit the
world and provided material for many
deeply inte-eHtiim pHpern by brain expert.*., has jtiHt been seen by Dr. Albert
wiit-on���who ban studied the case from
(he flrut���and he announces now that
r*he has settled down into what he de-
scrtbas as the "permanent staKe.*'
Uut how long this stage will lost no
one can tell. At any time another of
her ten personalities may manifest lt-
ai'lf. She may. in a second or so, be
transformed Into a babbling imbecile, or
creep about the house with the look of
a wild atifmal, grasping a stick, and
esKayiiiK to strike thuse about her unawares.
Tho girl was a perfectly ordinary
child until the age of thirteen, when she
conracted a severe form of influenza
In recovering from it her mind became
B blank, and before the eyes of Dr. Wilson she eveloped ten absolutely distinct
and clearly recognised personalities.
They alternated without any regular sequence, the patient hot ray Ing' ideas
characteristics, and accomplishments of
which in any other of the nine stages
she was entirely ignorant.
People she met in one "personality"
were complete strangers in any other,
and these changes were always accompanied by a completely altered facial
Ilelng taken to the seaside while in
one phase she was taught to swim, but
Nelson I-*nd District. Diatrict of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that we, Arehlti-aM Rremner and
'ieorge Young, both of the city of Nelaon, in the
l-rovlnce of British Colombia. lumtMTmeu, Intend to spply (or anccial tlmoer licensee over the
following ..eacrtijeu lands :
1 Commeuciui- at a post planted about -"���
yard* weaterly irom the junction of the north
and main forks ol Wiinimit creek, a ereek flowing
Into Kootenay river south of the ���outhern end o.
Kooteuay lake in the diatrict of Weat Kootenay,
which Junction is about IM or IM in ilea from the
mouth of IttOb creek, thence south 40 chalna,
thenee ea��l 16o chaina, thence north 40 chains,
thence weat 160 chains to the point nf commencement and coiitaiulng MO acres more or it-am
\ll'  li;��Al.l)  llKKIINEK.
Dated thla Tith dav of Auguat. linn.
2. Commencing   at a post   plantetl   ataiut   2*a)
J aula weaterly from the main and north forks of
inn:.in ereek, s creek flowing into Kootenay
rivi������ aouth of the southern end of Kootenay lake
in the dlatrlct of Weal Kootenay, Ihence aoutb 80
chalna, iheuee weat 4*r* chalna, thence aouth 40
chains, thenee weat 40 ehalns, thence north 80
chains, Iheuce  eaat   ������-  chaina, thonCO   north   4o
chaini. thence eaai ao ohaina to the point of com-
���ii. lid men r   and   containing   ������'"  acres   more or
leaa. itEORoa Yocng.
Dated this Mb. day of Augut-t, ]'.*���:.
*t Commencing at u poft planted about J��'> feet
north from the bank of tlio main Hummit creek,
and about 2 mllea weaterly ftom the Junction of
the uortn fork and the malu fork of such creek,
a creel Mowing into Koolenav river south, of the
aonthern end of Kootenay leki* In the district of
Weal Kootenay, theuce aoutn ho chains, thence
east 80 chaina Ihence north 80 chalua, theuce
great 80 ehatoa to the point of commencement
and containing 540 acrea more or lea*.
AHCHIBALD   r.l;...-..NF.h.
Dated tbia 5lh day of Auguat, I'AC.
4 CommencinR at a poat nlantci about '-' mllea
p an unnamed creek tlowlne into Summit
creek from the south at aoo'it U mllea Irom the
mouth of Bummil creek which latter la a creek
flowlUR iutn Kootenay river aouth of the southern end of Kootenay lake in the district of Weal
tfootenav. theuco north 80 cbains. thence eaat 80
ehains. thence aoutb no chaina. ihence west so
chains to the point ot commencement snd con
talniug 640 acrea more or leaa.
Dated this Mh day of Augu.it. liaJT.
"> Commencing at a poat planted two miles up
an unnamed creek flowing Into Summit creek
from the south at about Sl mllea from ihe mouth
of Summit creek, wiibh latter ts a creek Un-vim-
Into Kooleuay river south of tbe Mmlherti end
of Kooleuay lake In the Biatrial of West Kootenay, th'Mice south 8*. chaina, thence can 80
chains, iheuce norlli BO cnaina, lbenee wesl 80
chains lo the )Kdnt of eunmeueeiueut and containing OU! acres more or lens.
Alt. U1HAI.1.   Bkemnek.
Datcl this .Mh day of August, 1907.
6 Commencing al a pest planted about one
and a half miles up the mirth fork of Summit
creek, a creek flowing into Kootenay river aouth
of the southern end of Kooteuay lake In the dia-
tMel of Weal Ktwileiiny. thence east 80 chalus,
thence south 40 chaina, theuce east 40 chains,
tbeuee aoutb 40 chains, tbence wu-t 80 chalua,
thenee norlh 40 chains, thence west 40 chains,
theuce north 4<i chains to the point of commencement and eoutaining 'iM acree more or leas.
t'KOItUB  Vol **.,.
Dated this ttlh day of Auguat, 19o7.
7. Commencing Sl ft post planted about one
mile and a hall Up the norlli fork of Summit
creek, a creek flowing Into Kootenay river aouth
of the southern end of Kootenay lake, lu (he
district ol Weal Kootenay, tbence north 40 chains,
(beuco weat 40 chains, thence north 40 chains
Ihence esal 80 chains, thence south 40 chalus,
theuce east 40 chains, thenee south l:'chaina,
theuce weat 80 chaina to the point of commencement aud   coulatutiif. fi-|o acre-, more or less.
Dated tin*- (ith day of August. I*)"-
A l.i  MIMI ll  Mil KM *,!������������
8. Commencing at a post plauteil about a
quartet Of* mile westerly from the norlh fork
i.f Summit ereek, and about two mllea t.ud s
half up such north fork irom Its Junction with
the main Summit creek, a creek flowing into
Kooteuay river, aouth of the southern end of
Kooteuay lake ill the dlatrlct of Weal Kootenay,
theuce north 8t) -.hatus, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chaius, ihence west 80 chains lo
the point of commeu'.'tmcut, and containing 610
acres, more or leas
Dated Ibis 61b day of August,'1907.
'iEniu.K Yoi'NO.
9    Commencing   at   a  post   plantetl    about  a
imrtcr of a mile westerly from the north fork
of Summit creek and aboul ihruo miles up such
north fork from ft*, junction with thu malu Sum,
mtt creek, a creek Mowing into Kootenay river,
aouth of the southern end of Kootenuy liiko in
lhe district Wait Kooienay, Ihence west 80
chains, tbenoa north sii iIkiiim, thenee east 80
chains, thenee south 8|| chains to the point of
comim-iKctnent, nnd containing 040 acres, more
or less.
Dated thla Gib day of Auguat, 1907.
All. un; Ul' HliKMNKH
10. Commencing at a poat planted about, a
unarler of s. mile westerly from tho north fork
of Summit creek aud about three miles up Nuch
north fork from ita Junction with tho main Summit creek, a creek flowing Into Kooteuay river,
south oi the southern ond of sootunsv lake, lu
the district tif wesl Kootenay. than OS west 40
������halua. thenoa south 160 chains, tbence easl 40
chnins, thenee ninth 160 chains to the point of
commencement, and conlainlng 610 acres, more
or leas
Dated thla-.0th day of Auguat, torn.
ARcHtllrt?ff "BltFMNKK-
11 Commencing at a post plniited about half a
tulle easterly from lhe aouth fork of Summit
creek and about one mile soith of the malu
Summit creek, a creek [lowing Into Kootenav
river south of the southern end of Kootenay lake
In the district of West Koolenav, tlmncu eaut 80
chains, thenee south BO ehaius, thenee west 80
chains.   I lie ii cc   north 80 ehalllB   to lhe  point of
com nil nosraant and containing mo acres more
Or leSS. A Hi   IIIMU |,   HnKMNKIt.
Pitted this '.tut day of Auguat, 1907.
while revisiting the spot while in an-
othe condition she said she had never
a H n the sea before, and was terrified
at tho Idea of entering the water.
Dr. Wilson appeared a different person to her In each of her "personalities," and she wrote letters in completely diiferent handwritings, varying
from a babyish scrawl to the penmanship of the educated person. While in
one stage she could draw beautiful and
intricate figures, but in all the other
nine she was unaltle to trace even the
crudest outlines.
Dr. Wilson who still has the case under observation, has from minute records he made from time to time, compiled a list of the girl's ten personalities," which with their characteristics,
are given  below.
1.���A state of Intense expectancy and
fear. She shrank even from her parents, hiding her face when anyone approached her. She touched a fold in a
sheet and cried out thut it was a snake.
At times her body was quite rigid.
2.���She could not stand hut was more
intelligent, a "mind freak" impelling her
to nick-name people and objects in an
inexplicable way. She giggled when
spoken to. When Dr. Wilson asked
to walk she replied; "Walk? What dat?
What 'walk' mean? Cant do It!" She
declared black was white, and green
red. She called herself a "thing" and
said she  had  no  mouth.
3.���In this stage she was more educated, and showed an ability to read
and write although occasionally what
she described as "naughty man" took
possession of her mind, and she would
bite her clothes. She enjoyed thunderstorms, although she expressed terror
uf them at other times.
4.���She became a deaf mute and
talked on her fingers, being totally unconscious ot loud noises close to her
6.���She suddenly announced: "I have
only been here three days! I am only
three days old!" She said the flames
of the fire were black and tnat a fat
pug dog was very thin. She spelt all
her words backwards, but wrote forward.
6.���She had to be taught in this stage
to read and write. She denied having
ever seen Dr. Wilson before, and at
times she completely lost the use of her
7.���She referred to herself while in
this stage as Adjulce Uneza, and was
totally unfamiliar with Dr. Wilson's
house, which she had been in many
times. She remembered and described
however, an incident which had occurred   many   years   previously.
8.���For half an hour she lapsed into
stage three and prepared tea for the
family, but was completely unconscious
of having done so Immediately afterwards,
9.���She endeavored to hit people with
a strap, and was unable to walk properly, munoeuvering about  with a chair.
10.���She developed Into a blind Imbecile, and calling out "Picters," seized a piece of paper and drew many intricate figures, designs and fashion
plates. If a pencil line was drawn across her picture she detected It by touch
and rubbed it out. She knew nothing
about drawing in her normal state, nor
tn any of the other nine personalities.
Two letters which Dr. Albert Wilson
has carefully tabulated, are amazing
evidence of the completeness of the
changes in her character. For instance,
in one personality, which was that of
a simple, prattling child, she wrote: ���
"My own dear farser, Ou Is de versy
best darlint In all de weald dere Is no
oone  In do weald like ou is."
And again, as another character, she
wrote  to  Dr. Wilson, as follows: ���
"Dear Dr. Wilson,���I am writing to
say that I shall be able to keep appointment for next Monday, if you will write
me full particulars. Thanking you very
much  for all  your kindness."
Once during dinner she changed her
Personality very suddenly, and���In her
new character���stared at the food before her in astonishment, refusing to
eat lt; nnd yet, a few weeks later,
when she resumed the first personality again, she at once demanded the remainder of her meal. Imagining that
someone had taken it away from her.
nnd totally oblivious of any lapse of
Queen's Hotel
Bake. Street, NeHon. B. O,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
JSK. *""* (JomlorUbl* Bedroom, aud  Flnt-
��UJ   j|      - to0"1-   Bample Boom, lor Gommer-
MR8. 1. O.CLABKE. ProprletraM
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. EP.I0KSO!f, l'r .pnetor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tffcmont House
Bnropeen and amertcaB Plan
Meala aft eta.   Hoomi from V eta. to 11
Only White Help employed.
Bator St., Nelaon Proprietors
Ba*tlett   House
Best DoIlar-a-Day House in Nelson,
Tbe Ber la the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Jotepbine 8t.
Nelaon. B. O.
Royal Hotel
Bates tl and $1.60 a Day.
Special Bates to Regular Boarder*
Moat raamfortable quartera      Nelsou]
Only the beat ol Liquor, and cigars.
A Meeting for the Organization
of an association to be known as
"The Young Liberal Association of
Nelson" will be held
All young Liberals are cordially
invited to attend.
Rates to
The Coast
Greatest Chance of the Season.
See the Coast
at Its Best
Nel'onLsn-. Dlatriot. I) tat tint of Weat Kootensy
Tnko nntleo that 'nmea K-<t-tli,nf Spokane,
Waal. , '.������<���,.nation, miner, lutenda to apply (or a
apeeial tim b��r Hceno* orer tho following ��.e-
Batihett lainN: Crnnmenelnir sta punt about I:K
���<nla norlh ��if the center of tha north ahore line ol
���������miuitu'v i.iir.' mi I at the aouthea-'t eorner nf
Timber limit No 807*1, and marked Jamea
Koeth's fl. W. Cornerpoi-l, thenue north SO ehalna
thanea eaa* 80 ehslna. thenee aouth 80 chalna,
I',,ait,.i.    if���Li      Kit i'IiuIiiv  tn     I,,tint     rti    ��>..���>.��._�������
.ini.sr-,   .,.,  is, i-    ii >ii(i,    i**H r I  [IH 1II ** .
ttience weat   80 chain*) tn   point   of  Qommeuce-
tnaot. and '-nntiiiufn'* M0 acrea, mora or leaa.
July HO, lft.7. Jamb- Kiith,
Piano   and  Singing Lemons
Given   by   Mra.  Winter  Every  Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
ltoyal Academy for pianoforte playing
and Blnglng. Certlflcate from Trinity
Collcgu. London, Eng., for theory of music. Scholarship of Uie London Conservatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing.        Address Box 796. Nelaon.
Return  Tickets  $19.05.     On  eale   Sept.
20th to 24th.     Good until Oct. 3rd.
Flre, Accident, Life and Employers- Liability Insarance
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10.000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to -2,000 in one blocu.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson. B. C.
Return tickets $16.55.    On  sale Sept.
27th  to  Oct. 2nd.    Good   until   October   10th.
Tickets for Westminster Fair may be
destined Vancouver If desired.
For further  particulars call  of  write
AM. I*. A..Vancouver.
D.P.A.. Nelaon
In the matter of an "ppiteatton lor tho Issue nl
a duplicate of the >'.-rinicale c>' Title for lot Ti,
1. u.I the weat half of lot 21, block 61, lu the Town
of Nelson.
Notice la hereby given that tt la my Intention
1<> In*-ue at the expiration of one month after the
llrat publication hereof a duplicate of the certificate of title for the above landa, ln the name ol
l.ydla Hhlelda. which certificate la dated Ihe Ulat
day of December, 1900, and numbered 3991 K
"H   F\ MacLaoD."
Dlatrlct Keglatrar.
In the Matter of   the "Land    Registry
Act" and Amendments thereto,
In the matter of an application lor ihe laaue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title ior Loi��
SMl.Wa, and 2303,    t.roupl, Kooteuav   DlBtrlct.
Notice la hereby given that It la my Intention
to laaue at the expiration of one month from the
ft rat publication hereof a duplicate * Yrtitli ate ol
Title to tl , above deacrlbod landa, In thenkmeof
Jamea Koderlck Rohertaon which Certificate la
dated the 9tb day of Auguat, l&M, and Ib numbered ua.-k.
I And Meat,*, try Office, Nelunn, ti.C, .Hut of
Anguat, 1907. H. V. MACLaO.*,
I'lBli-l.-l Kegtatrai.
And the balance on Easy Terms willpurchase an  8-roomed    house    with    5
bedrooms, In a    good    location,close to  the car line.
PRICE $1900
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining WorK a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St.. NELSON, B. C.
In ilia' i.mtt.'r ol an appltrutloiifnr iho Is U6 o!
dnptla'ato ol tho willlli'atars ail Title Ior Lota ��, 7,
8, an.l 17, Itloelt 9, Inwn al! Kltoheca'r (va���pi;H8)
anil LOIS1A7. Qroup Oue, ln thoD p utra! Kootenay.
Notice Is herohy (;lven that It my Intention
lo Issue nt the expiration o! one mouth alter tbe
llrat publication Bereol. applleate. ol .Vrtlllcate,
a>! Till., ol tba. above lots lu lhe name i��l Joseph
Walker whli-h i-erttlloates arc atatoil 'J'Jnal alay of
.Inn,., LMIarja .nimbereal 'JI81 A anil 1M82A re-
I null KeKlslry 00*00, Kelsaap, B. (1 .Ktrii July,
"II   K. MAiI.anin.''
lllstrlcl Keiflstr*r.
F. C GREEN       F. P. BURDEN       A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers. Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Bo. 145   r-hor* 241 B.
In the matter of an application for tho laaue of
duplicates of the ".Vrlili.-a*- a of Title tn lota 11,
HI .iii.l 13, -trout' 1, Wuat Kooteuay Dlatrlct, alio
known as the ������Kooteuay Chief,'' '-Comfort" aud
"Lulu" mineral elaima respectively.
Notice la hereby itlven that lt la my intention
to ixaue at the expiration of one mouth aftfrthe
first publication hereof a duplicate of Certificate
of Title *>o. 0901a of an undivided 81-100tha iu
each of the ti'-ove lot**, Uaued ou the 17th day of
May, A 1). 188(1 lu the m-menf JohnC. Ainsworth,
Mini also a duplicate ol Certificate ot Tille No.
6ta>0t* of an undlvld-il I'.i-Hitha In each of the
Hbove lota. laMied on the 17th day ol May. A I>
1886,111 tho name nfi'eorge J. Alnaworth.
i and Hen la try otllee. n. ison. B. C, Auguat 8th'
"U. P. MAcl-son."
iMair.ct Ketflrtrar.
i "a
11 '
VM '.
: !';   j
f  \
I   Ml'ri
, i1 U
iu\ J;
The Daily Canadian
Le*s�� Yba ^forget {or Septcmber
Take a look in Patenaude's Window and see those H-it?
Sapphires. $2.00 to $45.00 each.
V��"atcfamak��r and Optician
manulaotared iron, 'be    in. .>-'
1     llriv .re.l aia.i root.     V lobacoo you
ought to t.y
17. <A. THURMAN,
fnbacc^ni-t.    Raker Street
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Fruit,
Foci & Poultry Co., Ltd.
IM. E. Co.. Baker   and   Ward   SU.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsciaik & �����
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar. Pitcl ,
Creosote, Oils for|
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builder* will titn. it. to their advantage t<i use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
I .imited.
5-Room House and 3 Lots, Observatory street. House
well plastered and iu good
shape. $1,000. Good
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stovee.  etc.
111 Eaet Baker 8t. Phone No. A114
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers iu staple nnd fnivy Grooeri ���
Butter, Krbb-
Oamp mid Miners' Bopplies.
Old (Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curloally Shop. A new
Hue of Japanese Goods now on sal"
Ml kinds of Dlnnerware In stock, Pat
Beit Located  Hotel in  Nelson
Under the management ol K K. Naabla
late ol Toronto, Ottaava an.l
F. A. A. While, ll. Fisher, New Den-
; C Marshall, S. Phlpps, ti. J. Booth.
x. Church ami wife, Vancouver; Mn
.;. u. Buchanan, Kaslo; ll. IJuck, Hamilton; It. K. Hedley, Nelson; H. Hal
Port William; O. Mahon, Mrs. Mahon.
I. ndon; C. Jennlng . Ion real; C. A
Rock, 1.. hr.ri.l..- . C. II. McCandy, t'ai-
jary; Mrs. Gilmore, Misses Gilxnore,
[ngei oil; W Wright, Torontp; Part of
Nat Ri :-- Carnival Co.; G. O. Buchanan,
Victoria; 11. F. Connell, A. D. Wheelei
and wlfi    --';. kane;  T. B, Bcott, Toron-
1;   \1    11.  Sullivan. Trail;   T.  H.   Eatel,
���jaj**-   J
w..a-.   V..r*nOr,    aaraaj   ".V'a.rcl   S.rasasts,
C.   F.   Caldwell.   S.   Sherman,   Kaslo:
R  Sumti n, Calgary; F. B. Griffiths, Shr-
u:>: K. B, Herron, New Liskeard; A. B
Wans.    Wattsburg;     C,   Lemmens,   A.
Carney, Kaslo: J. McCalliiin. Montreal;
K. .1. Smith, Winnipeg;   I-'. W. Mallett,
M ....-.- .law; H. Stevens, G. L.. Rei.l. Mrs
Kirby, Arrowhead; \v. O. Stevens,Koch
Siding;   .1. Gourlay, A. Nelson, II. Baste-
son, Vancouver;  A. E. Kirkpatrick, W.
ard,  Toronto;   J.   Kuiley   and
wife, G. W. Herron, .1   Swlnter, Calgary;
.1. Karaite, Part of Nal lt��-iss Carni*
���.al Co.,    W.  EL  Matthews    and    wife,
N. C. McLeod, Seattle: R. C. Hamilton, J. F. Saunders and wife, Spokane;
Mrs. Bain, Arrowhead; E. F. Crawford,
Q Iden; E. Mathfson, T. Snieyek W'in-
11 1 ��� g,  J.   I).   Irt.y.  Spokane.
W. A. Cochrane, V'aldess; .1. Qulnn,
Harrop; K. Taylor, Kansas; J. G. 8taw>
art, Kr.bson-. W. Laurie, Spokane: 11.
li -,: , Slocan; A. Abrahamaon., Pendleton; G. Taylor, Fernie; U. Pratt, C.
Smart, Moose Jaw; C. !���'.. Harrison. .1.
ii. smer, Ainsworth; It. i-\ ilarton. Trail
P, \ Foley, Edmonton; J. Krapon,
Marysvllle; L. Lurvllle, M. Johnston,
Wiiinipetr: K. Clark. Ayliiu r.
J. C. Balleny, Bonnlng to; I,. D. Ford,
Crawford   liny:   N.   Black,  G.   Crump,
1. i.n  City;   F. El,  Clement,  Victoria;
F.  B.  Cassel and  son,  Nantain.
B. Creswell, Worci iter; s. M Pi ic .
Plymi nth; S Miles, Black; I; II. Harper, Diiii'l. e.
C. v Power, Slocan; N. Rose, Plctou;
I). McDonald, A. Guard, Summit; Miss
Marie  Morris.  Miss  May   Morris, Kas'o:
A. P .Wilson, Bonnington; D. Parry and
aiiiihiren, Vancouver.
We  have   them  in   6tt>   and  8   th   Sizes.
Quotations   given on    any   Electrical
lleiting Device on the Market.
B. C
Band  Concert.
There will be a band concert at iha-
Ward st.eel band stand this evening,
wi athi r  permitting;.
Liberals   Organizing.
The young Liberals of Nelson will
meet tins evening in .V. Al. Johnson a
i.iiice ior the purpose oi organising an
association. All Liberals are ivi|Uesu-ai
lu attend.
University Club,
The regu.ar monthly meeting of tha1
University ciub will be held in the en.
hall tomuriuw evening al s o'clocK.
"The Present Phase oi the Soeialisu.
Movement" is the subject ut ilia- paper
in lie read by Uev. .1. f. Ferguson. The
usual  invitation to all Interested is ex
tell ileal.
.-'!"    A pr.|r   rt(   long, t.r.pavn   Klov.s.   bStWMO
VWtnriK and corner ol -w.il-. .nd Oerbonete
.tree!     Return uj Canadian once.
uoLb  CHAIN,  between   Homer anal   Vernon
Rtrea-ts      Hiiltnl.l.- r-aaanl  will   |���. |,���a,l for |t.
return.   M' Dermld .v MoHerd*,
Operation    Successful.
..liss Nellie Annabie, who has be�� r.
Buffering for ever a year from recurrent at.acks ol appendicitis, was op
erated on tins morning by Doctor-
Hall ami Hartin. Her many friends will
be glad io learn ihat the operation was
entirely successful and her Immediate
recovery  is expected.
A ro.'KI  I .HI.  K  cuntstulna a Signed cbMUt ,.f
.     i    and   Relief   Mllill.K   '.-rni.sua,   |.HVsl,li.
-,. <     C.   Wade, nn.! leti.Ts.    Finder   lalnillv
lea*. .1 Ko Place Iran,
KI ;LKT-v;,.anH Ka.llMH, BV.-ain h-sta-d
.     ... r��.r  l.r.l Hal. K   W   I'   blnak.
Delayed   Honor   Rolls.
Ptinclpa] Sullivan todaj presented th.
rolls   of   lli.UOI    tat   Ills   class   Wlllalr    #1  . '
awarded for Last term's work, as lul-
iows: Proficiency, Jamea Nichoil; regu
larity ami punctuality, Ueulab Wade;
deportment, Maud Simmons, James
Nichoil, w.io has left ihe city, win r.
,.ia. a.s.i the governor^eneral'smedal
as Uu- result ui the entrance examination iu June, lie was also entitled tai
ibe honor ro.l Ior regularity, not having
iiiis.-.-aj a single session of school during
ilia- year. Miss Heulah Wade was ab-
��eiat only one day.
Entertainment at  the   Fair.
Nut Reiss, manag. r ol the big carul-
cal company, is in the city today looking over the Fair grounds aud planning
ihe location aud arrangement of his
ahow which will form the chief outside
���attraction at iha- Nelson Fair this year.
Mr. Reiss expects that his whole company, of --fi members, will arrive iu the
city next Tuesday night by the Crow
boat. He has made arrangements tor a
special service and is conllaient that he
-.nil be here Tuesday night in time tu
.reel tents and make other arrange
meats that night. He will then remain
in Nelsou until the Fair Is over, and
personally supervise every event on the
C. It. Caldwell of Kaslo, was in the cit>
A. K. Watts, of Wattsburg, Is at tha-
A. Carney, limber inspector of East
K a.tenav, arrived from Kaslo last
H. Fisher, ol New Denver, is a goes!
���it the Strathcona.
It. R. Hedley arrived in lhe clly this
morning on the delayed train from the
...riM.    He Is at the Strathcona.
G. O Buchanan arrived from the
<��� last tliis morning. Mrs. Buchanan
came down from Kaslo last night.
A. D. Wheeler and Mrs. Wheeler returned this morning from a trip to Spokane.
Rev. .1. T. Ferguson will return from
Grand Forks tonight.
O. Ban-hart is In the city after spending a week visiting his properties in
Only Mistaken Identity.
Pine Bluff. Ark.. Sept. 13.���With the
Inquiry, "Is your name Alexaiul'T."
Louis Franklin, a negro, shot and killed
Deputy Constable C. H. Butler yesterday. The negro is being sa-archerl fnr
by a posse anil if apprehended will probably be lynched. Sunday a man named
Alexander Bhot and killed a negro anil
was exonerate.] anal yesta-ralay's killing
is probably the resull of lhat tragedy
li was a caBe of mistaken Identity how-
W.   Q.    OILLETT
CunlniLliir   nn��J
BoM HKPnt for the Porto Ki.-o Lumtx-r CO., Ltd..
retail ���thi-...* l.diircti *.n-l 'Irc-n-'i'l lumt-t-r, iurt:'*n
work iunl l.rit. k.-lM. ''t-aftt lath and ft Mint].-.*. *aah
atii. loort, <'������ii.elit. lirt'-k HM 11m*' lor fcalc
Aut'-mattf irrlll'lcr.
Y-'il an.l U< tory : Vernon Ht.. eaai of Hall
P. O. Box ai. Telephone 17H
The Store of Quality
A   J'Ain'Nt'R   aal.r.   SJ.OOaj  to    piira-lrrasa.  a   Iri.lt
rsii. li lnr.tr N. I . n    A Roo.l .peculation.   I'arl-
na*r nt>i-<l ln.l bo aallvarly a-ius|<i-.l on ,..11. li.
Fair i.rt.ri. ill...   applyl    ... I'ltui;'! Kit.
AT  IISI'K.      A BKLI.  BOY       Apply the  Hlrath-
TEAI'HI.K    ..'   M.-allows.     n;0  per   Dlontb.     W.
Spratley, SaraTilary, Erie, V O.
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We btake Our Reputation on
the (Quality and Reccommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
SOc per lb.
Green   and
Purple  Plums
at their best ncr\\\ Don't delay.
First class stock guaranteed.
K   W. C. Bloak . Phone 10
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
f��MOMK  1
of pitistandini; Interest  Ifi lhe
by  Uobt.  \V.  Chambers, author t��r   thi
"Fighting Chancs."    Price %\.\h
This novel also deals with modern
New York society, and la said ���<> excel
"The Kinhting Chance," which hus had
one <>f the biggest runs "r recent books,
and continues in stead j  demand.
By   R.ib.-rt  W.  Cbambers	
By Kathorino Cecil Thurston, au-
iln.r of "Tin. Masquerader" and
"The  Gamlaler." $1
By atftrgrei Presoot! Uontague.. .-*1
By  Marcra-i   I..   Woods,...
By B. M. Bower, author of
of the   FMnn   r,"	
Fiv Flora Annie Bteel	
By  Arthur  Hoi nl.'.-w	
By George Bronsoti Howard $1
WbOlOUla am)   Kt'iHll DckUtb Ui
Fresh and Salted Meats
OaiupH supplied on shortest notict* and
Unrest piioe. Nothing but Cresh and
wholesoiuij nieutKund --.upples kept iu hiot-k
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
*ls Remow/ied
.'-!'.' 'a-l --    _ ^a. -a. '
>V;'j(       '.TOR
TsBusiriEss Energy
We G. Thomson
^/?-Sggg" """   Nelson, B. C.
For Sale
25 ft. lot on Carbonate St *>175.00
fail  It   lot on I.atimer St.. fenced
ami cultivated 1400.00
Plums, per basket 35c
Peaches, per lb  15c
Pears, 2 lb. for 25c
Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for   25c
Telephone lfii.
rooms,   electric   llirht.
6% acres within one mile of city;  suitable for market garden.  Terms given.
F. B.  L.V-S
Real  Eitate  and  General Agent.
315  Baker  St.,  Nelson,  B. C.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cot
tages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom: hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600. $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 X 125. Apply to J. R. B., Daily
Why Not?
Haw York, Sejit. ID.���The sight of E.
11. Harriman and .1. J. Hill, the two
greatest rivals In the rallroud world,
walking down Plus Bt arm in arm.
���raj witnessed this week. The news,
which has just got around, caused much
wonder and talk in the financial world
It is learned ihat tha meeting wus purely accidental anal ihat. as a matter ol
fact, tba paraonal relations ur the ur.ru
railroad rivals have always been of the
lila-imanta-Hl   kind.
Victory for Allies.
Casaliln urn, Bept lav���(The nlll.d
Pranco-Bpanlst) army yesterday made a
���udden and luceewtal move on Tod-
dart where Hie Moors were In force.
The camp of the latter was destroyed
l,v bombardment ami the enemy wns put
lo flight, leaving many dead on the field
The French la,m ame man killed and
six wounded,
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Akti-ir fur 1 rnnruu IjimucIh"
���.���������I Petarboro c-hhm*!.
Fine-*- Lot of   Hi-at-i In K. 0,
K..I.I of Itm-| hiiif st.        Tel    Alt'
KoVcq t�� her. by *rl*r��n that ���iter tha sxpti tlioi
of*>ixt\  .in*.- from  ih<< Awttmoonol tt..- \ ���
Cumber f'otnp-iny, Mmlted, int.-n.'.*. i" pubmli to
th* HoDorkbieObtel Comtaiwtloamt ot i^nb iud
Worki ��  i ropoMd un.i.r Hi.* provlsloni "( tbe
"Kivi.   mil   ftri-mii" Ai-i" ati'i -\ineiiilniK AeU
rur Ili>- n.ht   ir-   lui-nivt'   Hi     **n i rtvi r fr..n.
theiniii    'Urn    ol   ��ni'l   '-firiiniiv   (tHUftta iiL.-.m
three mllei ttogy* tha luoctlotiol -*>���**. * ��� i Sim i
rtrer with >b�� Kootenay rlT*r.) to the mouth -if
ti,- i.iu;.��� si..(mi river.hi.'I in tmprore thi i ttii
Hlooavn n\er uml bi-anobe* thereof to the iiortb
em boundary o(euh-lot 2, lot TUO, rtiei ��uh loi i
let    Tl'.l      Kf'Hlp   'lli'*.    KlM*t-'.-*.y    rll-ttrlt'l,   lilil   l.n
Improre tbe irlbittarlee oj *-hi<i river--: m. ��� ...
irn-ve obetroetfoni fiom en.ui Hvori bh.i tribu
tarlaa,and tonaitothoaameflttor -invim: *'.ir
iiii'   wiirtlUK    llOO ' 11 j be   and ritlliiK 1"K��. iMi.t..r.
lumber, rnitt-, hh<| irnit-i: Mao for, the rlalii in
RO I. i 1 toll-. Uien. ill.
l be IhthU t.i be iti *tod nn* the followlna: (h)
I-oU Wo, W8B, MM, 5461, M.r. ���, M10, MW7, .le *M00
-      i    .it-JA,   -.iti-H), 4H\2, n\\ Hi <irony not    Rootenej
dlatriot! *!�����" Inmiii eov.re'i hy pre-emptloni
uumberod to, 109. U&, m, lit iMand .', Klao
lunde i'<ivi't'"' by-timber tloetta*-i unmbori i VftM
���-'. AH,S6eo.6oW,UST, mi'l 5B88] nl-.. landi of
the eniwn.
Dated thi--nth day of Joly, 1907.
bf lieeollottor. it. w. iia**mm,���:.,.����
Call at our large store rooms on
Raker Street, and see the largest stock
of Furniture, Carpets, Rugs, Linoleums,
nnd the celebrated Duck Stoves. Our
Fall stock is now opened up,
During Fare week we pay freight for
50 miles from Nelson.
Complete  House  Furnisher*-; and Undertakes.    Agents   Mason  &  Ricch  Pianos
AU  the authorized Text  Books for
Public and High Schools.
Mail orders promptly filled.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phone  81
������.  A.   ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON
j*V*i A C H1 IN ISTS
.|>"i'll'��    *��r*.U   .lilbl-llll.    ���.'M.-Ll'U'.l   With   ItWKpilt-.ll.      NhMt  Mat.
Work,  Mi.ilt-u ��*-<tl Mill Aliu-hliiwry.      LMitiiiifNWtut**ttrM?.f
Ore   Cmi-h,    l-f.    IV.    ���.iiiUr-iiwtut-H'    C'trn
Cornet of if *-. 1 -ni
Fronf HtreeU.
NRLSON,    B. C.
MANUFACTURERS    f  ~ajm*%u*��+     Cf-,:��%��v1^
AND DEALERS IN    ^tMIlDef.   diUllgleS-
Ltith, jVloulclines, Doors, Windows,
liiincd Work and Ilr.ickctM.
VHHNUN 8TRBI1T   -   -
Mail Onleri ppomptl* ntta-uiW a
���si:i.���*��>*��. ts. O.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
The --Bare" Wear Oof-
winilrl l.ta .miuukIi to recimliit'lidriurll"*-
lixikliiK nnd easy-fitting Stiiwi.butitan
Is u styllstini'SK aboul iti.-m and i tut-
liiu Hliiipelliiass Ihni Is making -Vn
vi'iy poptslar amons "men who tiio."
They are maile on lhe newest llstl.ts
the bi'st leathers, nnd conform to Its'
nioBt npiiraiveil BtyleM |a> men's loaitteu
VVc> are ra-ady to IH all feet, and it
prieaa that maka sim.-s lookUb>l>s
Wholesait, Provlailon-t,
(Jovnrniueut Crouiiinry OnoPouiirl Urn', a received weekly fre*h from U*
. huri.     For .-nl.' by nil laadiuK frrooeni.
Olllce nnd warehoose: Uonstou Block,    Phone 79,
Josephine Street.       -        -        -       Nelson, B- C
Our shipmeut of these has been delayed in transit but tut 9
them now, and in order to clear hefore the season is to"
far advanced we  arc  selling them at prices th*i
should place oue in every home.    Call and
be convinced and enjoy comfort.
J. H. Ashdown Hardvra*-
Company, Liinltetl. """"""""
There I. a lot of
and  other  articles  made  to ��'"
��� nd that's all.
There are tools nnil ��'���><���'
nindii lo sell nnd Hi*1'
by    their    weiirinK   <i,n> 11' ���'���*���
Hint's tho only kind we hM��-I��
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd*
Ret til


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