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The Nelson Canadian Jun 12, 1906

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 She kelson Cctnafcicm
Ll'MK  I.     No.  8.
Fifty Cknts a Month
slice Duffs Decision
In Wand Appeal
adian Consolidated Mines Fined
Dr Breaking Eight Hour Law-
Objections Technical.
]ilo> incni for wages Is Inducing
rsuudlng to work within the
���iu of the eight-hour law-. Such
��� decision of Mr. Juslloe Dnir in
.... of McGregor (mine Inspector)
t Hi" Canadian Consolidated
.', nnd Smelting Company, of
company  wan   lined   by  Police
m;ii,- \v. j. Nelson, and appeal
 n ii> A. ii. MacNelll on behalf
company, It. M. Macduniil.i rep*
innun ilie magistrate. The offence
lhe employment of an engineer
lore iIwn elghl hours In 24. Tho
ids ol' appeal were that no proof
lucement was offered, and that hy
!< i Interpretation of the statute
aw ilid not apply to tlie mine's of
|,<   magistrate's   finding  Ik   upheld
ll i��.ims.   Tin. judgmen! follows:
i" owing     questions    are   sub-
)i Whether employment for wages
eiloiii, duties which are lu viola*
"I Hie provisions of Hole 21 A, of
on 25 ,,r ihe Inspection of Metal-
ins Mines Act. mill, constitutes an
ring or persuading within tbe
im of itni. ai ii of said amended
Whether  tile  words,  "preceding
en.' in ihe third Hue of said Rule
apply to the matters referred to
nl''  ZI   A.
Whether Hie provisions   of said
-I   A  apply at nil unless both a
aciing, geared, or Indirect acting
inn  engine  exceeding fifty   horse-
i. .mil a stationary engine or elec-
niotur  (exceeding   lifiy   horse-pow-
operated in the same mine.
Im tn.i i wo questions are answerer*
]l   affirmative, and I think it is not
.  i ' add anything to what was
during ihe arguments on the points
��� l by (hem,
Be- rule referred    to In    the third
ptlon is as follows:
A    Every persun who. nffer tho
day of January, A. D. 1902. being
fi'.veil in ,>r uiioiit a metalliferous
in which  the machinery  herein-
li   mentioned shall  be operated  for
['   ihan l'ii hours In any 24. Ill op-
i a nay direct-acting, geared, or In
let aciing hoisting machine execo I-
1 liffy  horse-power, or   (21  operates
I stationary engine or electric motor
���ding fifty  horse-power, nnd shall
nn any such dunes for more (ban
hours lu any 24. shall  lie guilty
in offence under this uct."
h    construction  of   ihis   rule  pre'
*   difficulties.    The   rending    con-
���I lor by  Mr. MacNelll, however,
<���������>', thai  a eons Itueni element in
offence created by the rule Is that
the dlfferenl   kinds  of  machinery
"iied shall be in the mine In ques-
and lie operated for more than 20
i" liny 21, leads lo a result which
i~ii >  unlikely   the   legislature
"mplated: and although u possible
ruction, Is. I think, n less reason-
liew of ilie meaning of the words
lhal   conlonded for  by   Mr.  Mac
ild     it   is  diflleiilt   lo  believe, for
!'   wlthoul Imputing to the leg
are ilie desire to lie absurd, that
Intended Hint, as a condition lo
Hal ility  io  prose'tillon under tho
here iuimi   be  nl   one und     Uio
time, In one nnd tlie same mine,
(acting hoisting engine exceed-
horse-power, a geared hoisting
'���''���<>������   exi ding   fifty   horse-power,
Indirect-anting hoisting machine
'���Una fifty horse-power.    Hut Mr.
' ' i Is view, ir acted ti|>on, Inevlttv
conducts an lo lhal cone ualon.
is not necessary, In ordor to sup
Mr Mncdonald's contention, to Inline my   words   IntoJ  (be   section,
ichlnory     hereinafter    mentioned"
I think, be quite naturally read
1     the "niuelilne dencrlbed In
Ian: nage   hereinafter  appearing;"
wiili tills paraphrase ii  becomes
Ions   that   the   words  "hereinafter
"'<"��� d"   lmporl    the   distributive
j ini Hon "or," as applied in tho ln>-
*'tinls ot  the section, to the   de-
,|i"�� of (ho  olssies  of machinery
1 ' hi :i (lie IrglB Mure is dealing:
""'    'Vords, lhal  tho phrase, "ma-
i'iv hereinafter mentioned," means
the machinery hereinafter men
of atrial const ruction,    nn
applied to penal slaluies, has been
much modified In recent years:
"The rule of strict const rucl Ion,
however, whenever invoked, tomes at-
tended with qualifications and oih'-r
iiiles no less Important; and it is by
the ilghl ihat each contribute, thai tho
meaning must be determined. Among
them is the rule lhal that sense of the
words Is to be adopted which best harmonizes will. Hie context, and pro-
motes In the fullest manner Die policy
and object of lhe legislature. The
paramount object, In construing penal
as well as oiher statutes. Is to ascertain Ihe legislative intent; and tho
rule of strict const rucl ion Is not violated by permitting the words to havo
their full meaning, or the more extensive of two meanings, when beg I effectuating lhe Intention. They are. lie
deed, frequently taken in the wiliest
sense, sometimes even In a sense mora
wide than etymological ly .belongs to
or popularly attached to (hem in order
to carry oui effectually i���e legislative
intent, or, to use I.or.l Coke's words,
lo suppress Ihe mischief und advance
the remedy." .Maxwell on statutes pp.
412. 418.
Applying these principles, I come to
the conclusion that Mr. MacNelll'a con-
leiilion cannot be sustained. The
third question will be answered iu uc-
eordance with this opinion.
Great   Britain   and   the   United  State.
Secure  Exceptionally  Favoraole
Washington. June 12.���The post-
olllce department has given out Hie
following  statement:
"The universal postal congress, recently in convention at Rome, ordered
a substantia] reduction in letter postage by increasing lhe unit of weight,
effective on and after October 1. 1907.
from 15 to 20 grams, and providing
that while postage on the first 2(i
grams shall remain at 25 centimes
illve centsl. every nddltionnl 20 grams
shall be at (he rate of 15 centimes.
Great Ilrltnln and the United Slates
strongly urged that lhe unit of weight
for them should lie fixed at one ounce,
as it would be extremely difficult for
I hem to express nil equivalent weight
for 20 grams, not having adoptel the
metric system. Tills request was
granted, nnd will give the two countries exceptionally low tales for the
exchange of letters. Under lhe reduced rates a loiter to Oreal Britain
will cost live cents for the first ounce,
and three cents for the second ounce,
or eight cents for two ounces. In other words, when the new rales become
effective, a letter packet weighing six
ounces can be sent to Orent Britain
nt the rate now charged for a two-
ounce packet."
Drury Lane Theatre Packed from Floor
to Ceiling.
London. June 12.���Tho all-night vigil
of hundreds of admirers of Miss Ellen
Terry, anxious to get into Drury Lane
theatre and witness her jubilee matinee performance this afternoon, ended
in disappointment alter a 24 hours'
wait outside the pit and galleries.
When the doors were opened al 10:20
a. m. to admit the weary crowd, a
scene resembling a football lorinumtge
ensued. Soon came the word that Hie
house wus full, and the doors were
again closed When Ihe overture of
the remarkable program containing
lhe mime of practically every stage
slar now In London was started, Drury
Lane wns packed from floor lo ceiling.
Blgnora fuse, Mine, Jejune and the
two Coqueltna came over from Prance
10 participate, and Mine. Melbn and
Blgnor Cnrvoso were down for sings.
Tbe feature of the many-sided program was the cast of the flrsl act of
"Much Ado About Nothing," In which
12:1 members of Hie Terry family, headed by Kllen Terry herself, appeared.
8t. Michael and 8t. George.
London. Eng.. June 12.���The Ordor
of SI. Michael and St. George today
acquired a chapel of llieir own. .1 special recess in SI. Pnnl's cathedral having been dedicated to the service of
U. S. knights, who now for the first
time in the history of the order havo
11 sanctuary In which to deposit their
banners. The distinction or K. C. M.
a. (Knight Qrand Cross of SI. Michael
and St. George) has heretofore been
somewhat secondary, bul it la now
raised near on the level of the orders
of the Darter and the naih.
Kootenay  Student, at Toronto.
The Toronto  University    pass lialfl
contain several  names of  Interest     In
Nelson.   A. 11. Wallace and H. EL Wallace have  creditably completed   their
second years In lhe medical and an.
courses, respectively. The latter has
Liken all his work so far in Nelson
high school.
Leo Buchanan, son of t! O. Buchanan, of Kaslo, has finished his course,
and taken his B. A. degree with first-
class honors In political science. His
education was begun In Nelson public
schools. Mr. Buchanan is expected
home In a few days. In July he will
enter lhe office of Davis, Marshall &.
MacNelll, of Vancouver, and begin the
study of  law.
Further Reports Will be  Made to Foreign   Countries.
Chicago, June 12.���Foreign governments through Chicago consuls are to
take a bund in the Investigation of the
conditions of the packing housis al
tbe stockyards as Ihe resell of Ihe allegations in the reports submitted to
President Roosevelt By Messrs, Nelil
and Reynolds, it was learned today.
Alexander Finn, the consul al Chicago, has mad" n personal Investigation
of conditions in the   packing   house
plants, and will forward his report lo
London in a day or two. This reiwit
is said to lie generally favorable lo
the packers and in distinct contradiction to the Nelll ami Reynolds report.
Baron Schllppobach. Russian consul,
last night declined to reveal the nature of his rejiort.
Provost ICdmond B. James, of Ihe
University of Illinois, yesterday ac
cepted a position on the expert com
mission which Is to aid the Illinois
Manufacturers' Association, and probably the Chicago Commercial Association, in the investigation of Chicago
packing houses in the light of the
Neili-Reynolds report.
Carnegie Retirement Pensions.
New York June 12.���The Carnegie
foundation, organized in April last by
Andrew Carnegie to provide retirement, pensions for teachers in the universities, colleges and technical
schools of the United States Canada
and Newfoundland, and 10 which Mr.
Carnegie gave 110,000,000 In steel corporation bonds, lias made its first selection of men to receive this allow1
ance. About fifty professors and teachers will he retired at the end of Ihe
college year, the total amount to be
distributed to them being approximately 170,000 a year.
Will Send Fresh and Preserved Collec
tions to Winnipeg and Brandon���
J. E. Annable New Secretary.
Kootenay fruit growers will again
exhibit at the summer fairs In Winnipeg and Brandon, and will anticipate
possible dangers hy having a supply of
well preserved fruit in case the fresh
article is not available at the time.
J. E. Annable has accepted the secretaryship of the association in succession to J. Laing Stocks, and F. J.
Saminons will continue to act as ship
ping agent.
A meeting of tlie direcors was held
at 1 o'clock today in the office of .1.
Laing Stocks, secretary. Th re were
present James Johnstone, in the chair;
C. (i. Broadwood, .1. W. Ford, F. .1.
Summons. .1. llyslop, J. Tarry, J. Wil-
Hams. S. S. Fraser, II. Oliver and J. I..
stocks, secretary,
Mr. Stocks tendered his resignation
on the ground of too many oilier Interests. It was accepted, and J. 10. Annable was chosen, and accepted on being
C. (1. BroadwoOd staled' lhat excellent glasses for preserving fruit for
exhibition could now he obtained from
S. H. Seaney, and a good liquid lor the
purpose was prepared by the Canada
Drug and Book Company, lie also
drew attention to the fairs at Winnipeg and Brandon scheduled for July
15th and 2:ird, respectively. It wns
resolved that an exhibit of fresh an 1
preserved early fruits be sent lo both.
The new secretary was Instructed to
secure Tor the association 11 sufficient
number of glasses for exhibiting preserved fruit,
A letter from T. M. Sturgosa was
rend, and lhe secretary was Instructed
lo reply.
Dr. Brewer, of the St. Vincent Insi
tut inn nt St. LouIb, says:, "11 can be
asserted with great certainty that Ihe
boy who commences lo smoke cigarettes al ten will drink beer nm\ whiskey nt fourteen, lake morphia nl twenty-five, and spend the ie.;t of his life
alternating between cocaine, spirits
and opium." This may be nn extreme
statement, but ihere nre many sorry
Illustrations of the fnci Hint It Is nat
so very wide of the mark.
Decline to Offer Any
Peasants must Purchase Land Required or be Banished
to Siberia.
St. Pt'trrHbui-B. .lune 12.���Tho nobles'
congress now in se.^iio.. here lias pran-
tlcnlly endorsed (he givernm.nr's
agrarian program, having declared itself against the- weed expropriation
of land, and prop&png only two methods of relief for the peasants, namely,
purchases of land through the Peas-
nntH' Hank or transmigration to Siberia, especially commending the latter,
and recommending tlte granting of
free land in Siberia and exemption
from taxes for a certain period of
years. The congress also endorsed the
government's proposition for a dissolution of the community from anywhere
It Is desired. An Influential but small
minority, headed by Count UyarofT, of
Saratofl, protested Against the selfish
altitude of Ihe nobility, urging unavailing!)' that the large land ords, If
they wished to escape from Utter ruin,
must cede something to the peasantry,
and at least consent to th? expropriation of surplus estates. A s.r.-ui; effort is being made by the modi rate
llbera's to induce the empenr and
court to attempt ��> (���ompromise the
situation by supplementing tie Gore-
niykin ministry with a mixed cabinet
chosen from the October party, the
parly of democratic reforms and the
cnstltmi mil democrats, but there is
no evidence that bis majesty is ready
to try the experiment. On the contrary, the straws point In other directions.
Some of the provincial governors are
still openly Continuing the campaign
to diseredil parliament, nnd this morning the decoration or all the officers
of the Somtnovsky regiment who made
themselves haled alter the Moscow uprising was  announced.
St. Petersburg, .lune 12.���The lower
house of parliament today continued
ihe discussion of the agrarian question.
After reading motions lo interpellate
the ministers, including one asking the
minister of the Interior to give reasons
for the imprisonment of UjO peasants
of Boltava province, a motion to reduce to ten minutes the time allowance of speeches on the agrarian question was rejected, though the list of
speakers still contains 117 names, A
proposal by one member that no more
speeches be delivered, as the nation
was tired of them, was received with
cheers. Members, however, continued
to address the house at length, but
they failed  to excite Interest.
Although the crop reports from the
entire western provinces are excellent,
the latest reports from the Volga region indicate that Russia will not escape a famine. The harvest in that
corner of the empire this year, especially In Kaftan, Himblrsk and Samara.
threatens, owing to the took of rain,
to be a comp'ete failure, This Is the
region where the peasati) .'gUalion is
most  acute.
Ktttals, Trans-Cnucasla, .Tun-1 12.���M.
Stmrpktovsky, a marshal to the nobility, was waylaid and murdered by revolutionists   yesterday.
Former  Minister of Public Work. Succumb. After Only a Brief
Quebec, .luno 12.���Sir Hector Lnngo-
vln died nt 0:10 o'clock lasi night.
Sir Hoc lor linil been suffering fr in
11 severe nllaek of hioncho-pneumonin
since Thursday Insi Mo look it turn
for Ihe worse on Saturday evening,
nml on the advice of his physician the
la��l riles of the church were admlnls
tered.    Yesterday morning his, condi
tion   was   worse,  and   It  was  realized
that ho could not last many hours.
Sir Hector Louis Langevln was minister of public works In the Dominion
government from 1879-91. secretary of
state from 1807-69. He was a delegate
to the London co'onlal conference in
1860-G7 to atBlst In the completion of
the terms of the union of the B. N. A.
provinces. He was also leader of the
Conservatives In the province of Quebec, or lower Canada, and was solicitor-general for lower Canada before
the federation of the provinces.
Borden   Interrogate.   Minister   of   Justice on  Release of Brothier.
(Special  to  The  Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, June 12.���An Ottawa special to the Colonist says: "Hon. It.
L. Borden called attention to the re
lease of the notorious criminal, D. Brothler, from the New Westminster pen-
llentlary, an act which seemed to have
created intense indignation in British
Columbia. Hon. A. B. Aylesworth said
the release took place on the advice
of the late minister of justice. He
hoped to give fuller information an.
other day.
"Mr. Borden also referred to the alleged shanghaiing of sailors In British
Columbia at Vancouver, and asked
what steps the government were taking In regard to the matter. From rc-
ports In the press it seemed there was
a great deal of dissatisfaction with the
local investigation, and there was a
fear that It was merely a whitewashing
"The department, of customs has issued a notice stating that issues of the
newspaper entitled 'Appeal lo Reason,'
published since June 4th at Glrard,
Kansas, may be Imported into Canada,
The circulation of this publication
through the mails was stopped a few
weeks ago by the postmaster-general
on the ground that Its contents were
indecent, Illegal, seditious and treason-
able. Many protests were received by
the government against Mr. Ayle*
worth's action.
"The C. P. R. has acquired a large
quantity of acreage on Esquimau Har
bor. The rumor Is also current that
the big railway corporation has also
during recent weeks had survey parties In the Held locating lines for railway extension to points on the same
First Woman Admitted a* a Fellow in
New York Academy Died
New York, June 12���Dr. Mary Putnam Jacobs, who was the wife of Dr.
Abraham Jacobs, and was n distinguished specialist In children's and
nervous diseases, a writer of many
books on general and medical subjects
and at. one time an ardent woman suffragist, died on Sunday at her home In
East Forty-fifth street. Her illness extended over a period of four years.
Mrs. Jacobs married Dr. Jacobs In 1873.
At that time she was recognized
abroad, as well as In Ihis country, as
one of the most progressive and Intellectual women of her time, particularly In Maine. She was ihe first woman
to be admitted to the Ecole de Medicine, and the second to get a diploma
from that institution. She was a'so
Ihe first woman admitted as a fel'ow
to the New York Academy of Medicine.
She was horn In Ijondon In August,
1S-I2. Her father was George Palmer
Putnam, who established Ihe publishing house of that name.
Four   Companies   Found   Guilty���Sentence  Suspended.
Kansas City, May 12.���Armour &
Co., Swift & Co., Cudahy & Co. and
'the Nelson-Morris Pucking Company
were found guilty In the United States
district court here today of accepting
concessions from the Chicago, Burlington and Qulncy railroad on export
shipments on packing house produce.
Judge Smith McPherson, of Red Oak,
lowu, the presiding judge, slated that
sentence would nut he ass.ssed until
the case against the Burlington rail
way, which Is charged with granting
(he concessions to the packers, is con'
clurod. The Burlington's trinl will begin this afternoon. The law In tho
present case provides for a line only,
and not a jail sentence.
No Cholera In Russia.
Washington, Juno 12.���The treasury
department has sent a letter to the
slate deparlmont announcing lhat Ihe
department Is In receipt of information
from the surgeon general of the public
hoalth and marlno hospital service
lhat no cholera has been reported   in
Russia since December, j e5, and recommending that consular officers at
pons in Great Britain an.I continental
Europe, Including the consulate at
Riga, Russia, be informed that the detention and quarantine restrictions upon Russian immigrants embarking for
the United States have been revoked
for the present, but will be relmposed
should the appearance of cholera In
Russia render it necessary.
Epidemics In India.
Washington, June 12 ���The constant
ravages of epidemics in India is shown
in reports received by the public health
and marine hospital service, the latest
being for the week ended August 21st,
showing 17,853 cases and lS.lili:! deaths
from plague that week In India, 6,1 111
cases and 1,942 deaths from plague in
Bengal, and 126 deaths from cholera,
307 from plague and 99 from smallpox
in Calcutta.
Cholera Report from Manila.
Washington, June 12.���An official
summary of cholera In the Philippine
island from the outbreak last August
up to April 21st last shows a total of
4.093 cases and 3.113 deaths. During
that period there were 4,810 cases and
2.802 deaths from that cau>.e In the
provinces, and 252 deaths In the city
of Manila.
Frank Phillip. An.wer. Charge. Mads
in  Letter of Phillip Hart���Local
Men  Alway.   Preferred.
The issue raised by Phillip Hart's
letter to the Dally News on the subject of the relative honesty of labor In
British Columbia and elsewhere has
evoked some interest, and possibly a
little resentment, among the memoers
of labor organizations In Nelson.
Briefly stated, Mr. Harl's letter asked, and suggested a negative answer,
"Does jthe western workingman jcare
as much as the easterner about returning to his employer a fair equivalent
In labor for his dally wages?"
Special application of the question,
and its implied assertion, seemed to
be made to the union laborers of British Columbia. Frank Phillips, of Nelson, is the president of the British Columbian branch of the Western Federation of Miners, and as such probably
represents more organized union laborers than anyone else in the province. Mr. Phillips said last evening In
conversation with a represeatative of
The Dally Canadian:
"Yes, we certainly do care as much
as any other workingmen, in any part
of Canada or the United States, about
earning our wages honestly.
"I don't say that there are not a few
scrubs belonging to every union. It. Is
hard, perhaps, to detect them for a
while, and hard to keep them out. But
a general charge of shirking has never
before been made against British Columbia workingmen. We've had lots
of trouble with mine owners and managers about lots of different things, but
as far as I know they have never complained that the miners of this country
didn't do their work honestly and
"Not only have the employers never
made such a complaint, but they have
constantly shown by their actions that
they don't hold that opinion. It has
been true for years, and Is still true,
that a new-comer here from the States,
or from other parts of Canada, has a
hard time getting a job. If two men
are available, one nn outsider and the
other an old-timer In British Columbia,
Ihe old-timer gets It every time. It Is
only when there is more work than
men. nnd Ihe old-timers are all em
ployed, that a new man gels a chance.
"That doesn't look as If we had a
reputation lnMhis country for shirkiug
our work nnd trying to draw pay for
little or nothing. Surely no one kuows
better than the employers and mana
gets whether or not they're getting a
fair return for their payroll every
month. There Is no sentiment lu the
matter, either. Outsiders have been
tried In a good many cases, and the
employers have always been glad to
get the old men back again. It Is a
common-sense business policy. They
know that tho average British Coltirn
bia workingman Is able and willing to
do a fair day's work for his money,
and does It."
Heavy Late Frost..
Malone. N. Y., June 12.���There wns
a heavy frost throughout northern
New York last night, and much dam
age was done to vegetables and other
plants The ground was also slight y
frozen in some places.
A whale can remain under water for
an hour and a half.���Exchange. Yes,
and a man can stay in the bath tub
till uftcr the funeral If he likes.
Canadian Metal Company's Next Plans
Smelter at Pilot Boy to be abandoned���J. E. Harrington Speaks
of Frank Establishment.
The Canadian Metal Company Is out
of the lead Bmelting business definitely. The development of zinc production and treatment will be henceforth
Its chief object. As the company owns
several mines, one of which, the Blue
Bell, produces both lead and zinc, the
Pilot Bay concentrator will be kept In
use for the separation of lead and zinc
ores, but the rest of the Pilot Ba"
plant  will be permanently abandoned.
A new concentrator at the Blue Bell
mine Is now projected. When It Is
completed the Pilot Bay concentrator
will be used only for tlu separation of
custom ores.
J. E. Harrington, a local director of
the company, gave an interview this
morning to a representative of The
Dally Canadian, and spoke freely of
the company's present situation and
immediate plans.   He said:
"The Pilot Bay lead smelter is a
failure. We have given It up. Hereafter we shall use the concentrator
only for separation of lead and sine
ores. The zinc will be sent to Prank,
the lead to either Nelson or Trail.
"There Is nothing wrong or defective with the Frank plant. Some
changes have been made lately. A
stack ihat cost J15.000 wouldn't work,
and had to be replaced by four chimneys. We consider it now a model
plant, but think it has cost about 1100,-
000 more than necessary. The fact
that former defects were so few Is
largely due to Mr. Jones' disobedience
of orders. He has been made superintendent, and Is giving entire satisfaction.
"The present actual capacity is only
30 tons a day, but the roasting and gas-
producing facilities are equal to CO
tons, and the rest of the plant soon
will be. The smelter Is designed for
120 tons, and will be brought up to
that capacity probably by the end of
the year. We shall be treating 60 tons
a day within 40 days.
"Our supplies are coming now from
our own property, the Blue Bell, some
direct, some after concentration at
Pilot Bay, from the Kaslo separator���
Jackson and Ruth ore, 1 think���and
from (he Payne and other Sandon
"No, wo have not had. and do not
anticipate any trouble about freight
"I think there is no doubt that zinc
production in Kootenay will be sufficient to keep the Frank smelter in
steady and profitable operation, and to
warrant its completion to 120 tons capacity.
"A bounty? That is a question for
the mine owners rather than for us,
though, as owners of the Blue Bell, we
aro interested. It would probably
stimulate production of zinc. The
present price, however, is the highest
ever known.
"The company has suffered Bome
losses, but our troubles are over now,
we think, and our outlook for the future is bright.
"The Blue Bell is turning out to be
11 bigger and richer mine than we
know. Our plans for the immediate
future Include the building of u concentrator at the Blue Boll mine to
treat our own ores there, and save the
haul to Pilot Bay. Then the Pilot Bay
concentrator will be used only for separating lead and zinc in custom ores.
"Yes, wo are out on the Pilot Bay
Investment! We bought It outright,
as wo did all our other properties.
"The Frank smelter and the Blue
Bell mine are our chief assets, and we
have now no fault to find with either
of them. There are altogether 91 men
employed by the company at Frank,
with Mr. Jones In charge. Everything
is- now working t-moothly and ratiafac-
lorlly, ami we hope in time to make
good our losses."
Irish immigration has been dropping
off during the past two years, and, If
Ihe bill introduced last week In the
British house of commons by the Irish
scrotal')-, Mr. James Bryce, becomes
law, wc may look for further reduction. The measure authorizes a loan
of $22,500,000 to provide laborers' cottages for tho Irish peasantry. Mr.
John Redmond spoke favorably nt the
bill. The Daily Canadian, June i2, J 906
=== STORES ^===
Tents, Blankets,
Overalls, Boots,
Mackinaw Clothing.
Everything for the camper, prospector, hunter and
Published ilx days a week by tbe
Baker St., NeUnn, B. ('.
Subscription rates, 60 cents h month delivered
in the city, *>r (6.00 n year if sent by matt, when
pahi in advance
AiiviTiittiiiK rate*on application.
JUiNE   U.   .'><>(>.
" By out' word wi' nre Bomatitnce lodged to bo
wise and by one word Bonietimei fudged to be
foolUti.   1*1 nn therefore  be caretnl what we
say."���Ciimti a is.
The passing awaj of the Hon. Richard John Seddon, late premier uf the
colony of New Zealand, removes from
the Bphere of active colonial and i>oi.t-
leal life a remarkable, admirable and
lovable personality, In ilie prime years
ut a statesman's life, at the apex <>f
his career, and busily engaged In the
prosecution nt the designs which made
him so Important a factor in the unifying of colonial interests, tho sentence
quoted in our despatch of yesterday
gives ns the Key io his ambitions. An
Englishman by birth, lie never lacked
the slnceresl loyalty to the land of his
nativity, and tiiat her colonial possessions should foster this same spirit of
loyalty was ever his dream. Nor was
it an idle dream, for in so far as ho had
the opportunity or ability to do so, he
wrought his dreams Into practice, nnd
his lasi mission was one which tended
lu this end.
Less than fifteen yours ago Now
Zealand entered upon a now epoch in
its history. Before that time the Interests represented hy land and capital
had, on tho whole, ihe controlling voice
in thi' government of ihe colony. Now
it is labor ihat is the predominant partner. In the earlier years of iis history
the colony was busy with the practical
work of pioneer settlement, fighting
the Maori, constitution-making, con*
siructing roads, railways and bridges.
By tho year 18D0 these activities bad
practically ceased, the natiws were
pacified and ihe Btream of Immigration
was almost at an etui. A time of severe commercial depression followed;
lands, woods and wages had fallen in
Value, and the unemployed were c.am
orlng for broad. These conditions are
always the precursor and preparation
for a social change, one of the hisi
acts of ihe so-called "continuous ministry" had been lo place 'he electoral
franchise on a manhood basis, embody
Ing the principle of one man, one voto.
This resulted in Ihe capture of the legislative house by the progressive party,
or Socialist Radicals, as they really
were, and of which the late Hon. K. .1.
Seddon was a member. At the head of
this party was Mr. John Hallance, a
journalist who had had considerable
parliami ntary an 1 some ministerial
experience. Mr. John MacKonzle, another of tlie ministerial members, a
Scotsman by birth, an inveterate foe of
land monopolies und "dummy" speculators, while Mr. Seddon bad won rich
experiences of frontier life and pioneer
hardships in the gold diggings "f the
west coast, lie had sat for fourteen
consecutive sessions in the house, an 1
had, given repeated evidences of those
qualities of mind and heart which have
efnee made him to sutcessiul as a
leader of men.
The elevation of Mr. Seddon to the
premiership of the colony took place
In 1893. and" was consequent upon th
death of Mr. John Hal'anre. His ministry successfully weathered the storms
of three general elections, and as a te
suit of ihe last of these ihe old-time
political party received iis everlasting
In -in-' Important particular ih'' niin
istry ot .Mr. Seddon departed from lhe
policy of its predecessor as propounde I
b> Mr. Hallance The non-boi rowing
part of thai policy was abandoned, and
ihe public debt of the colony was Increased by some seven millions of do]
lars. The study of-the agrarian legislation of the colony, as a so its labor
laws, make interesting passages in
economic history; and while in these
features iis legislaiion Is perhaps
unique, it ikissoskcs many chaiacterlst-
Ics which are of extra colonial interest In the readjustment of all forms
of taxation, and in the general fiscal
policy of the colony. Mr. Seddon's
strong personality, keen Intellect an.l
unfaltering courage were repeatedly
marked. Now that he Jias gone from
earth, ids a satisfaction to know that
he lived long enough to guide the destiny of his adopted country far enough
on the way of its experimentation in
demonstrate that piogress. and even
radical advancement, is something
more than a frenzied dream.
Russia has certainly fallen on evil
times. The. recent resignation of
Count Wltte from the premiership of
ihe Doiuna. and the appointment of
Goremykin in his place, was a doubtful expediency, but probably forrui
upon tiie czar by political exigencies.
If the more recent rumors nre to be
credited, and Mr. Goremykin is to be
asked to retire from his portfolio, the
incident will nut tend to restore ihe
confidence of I he Russian people in
the sincerity of their emperor. Tie
stubbornness of the Douma and its determination to insist upon radical reforms may make Ihe office of this or
ihat minister a mere sinecure, ami il
they persist in their demands, it may
appear as of little moment to them
who is this or that. Having taken the
affairs of empire in their own hands,
ihey will neither he cajoled, threatened
or thwarted hy any tentative substitutions ihe czar may offer.
Tin- Cranbrook Herald of last week
points out thai then' is abundant good
Conservative material around dan
brook from which to select a big stick
iu bailer the imposition in the mxi
election, Ii mentions three or [our
persons, cither of whom would make
an efficient ami popular Conservative
member for that constltucuMy, But
when il comes to discuss the prospects
for the Liberals, only one name is submitted as among the possible candidates. Ur. King is a good fellow, but
the Conservatives won't do a thing-'o
him if he inns again for the local
Itostad. iu the Toronto Telegram,
has distinguished himself again as a
cartoonist in a recent representation
of Hon. A. B. Ayleswortb as minister
of labor. Clad in the proverbial hod-
carrier's garb, and with a dudeon in
his mouth, he naively asks, "Who says
1 ain't a working man, an' me a bench
or of lhe' Ontario Law Society, the
biggest  trades union on earth?"
In our news Items yesterday we Inadvertently placed the name of Rev.
Bishop Bompas under the caption,
"Two Roman Cath-jllc H'shops Dead."
Bishop Bompas wus a dignitary of the
English cHurch.
Abandoned   Tailings to   be   Worked  by
a  New  Process.
Dawson, June 11.--Tests just made
here by a company headed by T. ��!���
Wilson show thai the while channel
tailings and disintegrated white chan-
nel is charged With gold The miners
have been throwing this away for
years in the belief thai it waa worthless, but i' can be aavi d by cyanide
pro.ess, yielding ?l il ton and upwards,
outdoing Ih ��� Rand and other great
reefs, ll is claimed that this great
discovery should qu-tdrupla tho K'ou
(HI o's output and make it the greati st
camp in the world.
The Natal Trouble.
Though d stttrbances siiii cont'nue
with more or loss s rlous engagements
between the colonist troops an I natives, there are �����. id. noes thai th i rebelling blacks are l eglnnlng to lose
heari so w what, and II is fervently
hoped thai the worsi of Hi" trouble is
over. The staunch loyalty of some of
the native chiefs has been mosl gratifying, and lo thai fact is due tbe early
weakening of the rebel movement.
When the rebellion la suppressed a
commission on native administration
and legislation will be appointed to
go thoroughly Into the whole native
question with a view to the working
out of a satisfactory and equitable policy of dealing wiih the natives. It is a
difficult problem indeed, and one demanding the greatesl of wisdom and
prudence. In all probability It will be
approached In a spirit of conciliation
and moderation thai could hardly have
been expected a few months ago.
Among South Africa's many problems
thai one of the native and his status
looms very large.
To Insure
Is the title .'f .1 little l��H>k that
should be read by everyone.
No one can afford to do without these
Those who wish the highest success in
life will And in them that which will give
vigor ot holy, strength of mind and will,
power to control self nnd surrounding
cironmstances, and produce n personal
magnetism that will enable the possessor
in'i only to make friends, bnt to become a
leader among men.
Price 25 cts.
Wo G. Thomson
SStHP ""  Nelson, B. C.
I>l-.iit,u 34.
Soda  Fountain
in town at the
Hazlewood Parlor
Try our Doable Jersey
A Fine Assortment of Fraits,
Nuts and Confectionery.
Phone 206.
And Builder
Notice la hereby alven thai <���" da�� trow date I
Intend to apply t<i the BonojaM* the Chief Oom*
mlseioner ol Lands and Works, tor pennl "ton to
purchase the following detcrtbed lands, situate
at the month of BatenVon creek on the Arrow
Lakes in the West K-ootooay Dlstitm About 80
acres ot laud; commencing ��i �� poal marked
w. H. P. B.W, poit,thenoe ����. th40ehain*, thenee east 20 chains, thenoe south to chains, thenoe
west 20 ohalni tti point "i commencement.
Dated till." <Hli day of June 1900,
William Habrv Peters
Win.mi J. TovS, AflBNl
Notice is boraby riven that 00 days frora date I
Intend to apply to the Bonotabl the Chlol Com'
mlssloner ���>( Lands and Works, for permission tn
purchase 100 acres of land at Van Houteucreok
in the Arrow Lakes tn the Wesl Kootenay District. Btarting from a post marked A . L n tt.
post, thonco 10 ri.��i..�� eail, ihencn to HmIiis
son'h. thenco 40 chains went, thence lu chains
imriii t.. I'limi i i coinmonceueni
Dated tills 4th dsy of June IWW.
.viiiiiii: John Lonu
Wii i mm .i Toyk, Agent,
Notice U hereby m-tn iimi (todays aftci date
we intend to anoly m the Hneorablo ih,- chief
Commissioner of Lauds mil Works nt Victoria,
B c rnrix-'tui'sino to purchasi the following
daaorlbori lands, aitnato In West k'noienn) dli
met. ('onion nolug al �� post I'lunifi at rhomos
Jnrnme'fl s B. post, mid marked Peter Drsell
hinl A Onoqueito N W, Corner; thence'JO chains
i'hsi tbence M chains routh, thenco i^i ehalns
west, thenco 20 eh ilus north to the comment lug
post, containing t" acres inoro or less.
Hat -l May 25.
I'i li'i; lir-i ii
W. A. JfWia, Agent
Notice if hereby Blven thai,ul days a/b r dale I
intend to apply to the Honorable tin' Chief Com-
mlsslouer of Lands and Works for permls�� to
purchase tho following described lands, situated
in the district ol West Kootenay. adjoining im
700on tho Wosl arm of Kootenay Lake. bom*
men ink at an initial post placed nt the fouth-
west corner of Lot t>��; thence oorth no chains,
Uience wesl 10 chains, thence south no chains,
Uioiicn oast 10 chains to pointof nommenei ment.
Dated May 28, im��6.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after date
I intend tn apply to the Honorable the Cblel
Commissioner of Lands mid Works, Victoria. lor
pnrmiwlnn in purchase the following descrlbod
lands In West Kootenay. Commencing nt a post
markod KdgarW, i ynes sooth west earner near
toflarnet creek and about -i miles south of Mo*
i|Ulti> e eek and about \ miles wesl ol' i nlniiiliU
Klver: thfiiee north mi chains, Ihencc east w
chains, thenee sonth m�� chains, thence west in
chains lo place of commencement, containing
820 acre*) being the name more or less.
Dated J line 4, 1906.
Ki-.Ait W. UYNXS.
V. Dvsrs  Agent.
Notice J* hereby given thii 80 days after date I
Intend t�� apply lo tho'Honorable tho Chief
Commissioner oJ Lands and Works for permission to purchase the foUowing detcribed lands.
oittititfii in tdocan District. Commencing ai
north t-Hsi corner post of Lot 88 0, ib^nce running Rnnth 80 chains, thence < ��-i SOchalna,tbence
north 40 ehniiis, ilune ��� weni 30 chains to C. P. ti.
right-of-way, following same touth ��.-i io a
point inter, eptine unjth line of Lot Kt20, thenoe
eut to point of commencement, containing i.m
acres inure or less
May 80th 1008.
. I. i.
Notice in hereby given ihm 00 days after dau-1
intend to make application to "ho Honorable tbe
I'tii-d Commissioner of i aodsau i Works for permission to purchase Ibe following described
lauds: Commencing at a pn.-i placed on the east
-bore of Lower Arrow Luke, adjoining J. bates'
nre -em pi ion du the southwesl marked "T v .'*
N. W.o rnerp.iht." Tbence running mi ehuiiB
east; thence Bo chains south: thence BOcbaJns
more or less, west to the lake shore; tbence following lake shore lo point of commencement,
oontsinlng 640 aeres, more or less.
TltOS  KlNAHAff.
Hated lbi��7tli dav of June. 1S">'..
Notice ii hereby given thatfiOHayi aft* r date I
tn tend to make nppne��tion to ib. Honorablolhc
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works tar permission to pnrchase tbe following described
lauds: Commencing hi a post placed on the
northeast corner of T Klnanan'i Application to
Purchase, msrked "H. 't 's corner post " running
Mil bainseaat: thence 80 chains sooth; thence mi
chains w, st; thenee f dlowlng T Kinaban'seastern boundary t<�� point ol commencement, con
talnlng 040 acres, more or li*s��.
Dated this 7th day of June, lHtt.
Bole agent for the Porto RicoLamoer
Co., Ltd., retail yards,
Rough nnd dressed lumber, tnrned work
ami brackets, Coast lath and shtnglos,
rtu��}i and doors.
Cement, brick unci Ume for sale. Automatic grinder,
Notice Is hereby given that 00 dayi after date 1
Intend to make appi cation to tbe Honorable the
thief Commissioner ol Linda and Works for Per-
minion  to purchase  the following described
lands: Commencing at a postplaeed al the lute section of the east bo mdnry of J Bates' preemption and the north boundary olT Kinaban's
Application lo Purchase, marked "T.K.Jr'a - W.
id ner post " Th�� noe following .f. Hates' eastern
bunmiary, 10 Chains norlbi thenee 8<iehaf]i*e.a*t;
tbence  �� ehains to  the  00 Ihern bomi'lury ol
Hmitiah 'iTney's Applieation lo Purchase;
thence following tbe northerly bounda-y of enme
and northerly boundary of T. Kinaban's Application to Piinhafie, to poit t ol commencement,
eouiMiniiig 830acres, mote or lets.
T. KlN.UIAN, Jk.
Dated this Tih day of .luiif, !'."���.
Notice is lieihy given thai 1 Intend,60 ISTI
after date to apj-ly lo tbe Chief OommiSldouei of
Umds and Work* for iteriuiasioa to purchase i)j*-
fo lowing described latidH sittiale at rlre s alley,
Kootenay district. Commencing*at a post {marked George Young North west corner) placed at
the north weft corner of section w towrmhip f/j:
tbeneyeast Mfhatu* to th�� aorti east corner of
raid section 28] thenee soo'b 4�� chains, tbence
we��t m chains, thence north 40 ebainn to the
place  of bediming,  containing ;i/u  fteiea    and
being the northerly ball of said section SB, township W.
Hated at Nelson, B. ('. June 6th WA
Notice is herety given that I intend. 60 days
after date, to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Work* for perinl'-fon to pnrclm-e
tbe following described lands, fltnatu at Kirt
Valley, Kootenay Uistriet    Commendag at a
post (marked (ieorge Ynimg north oast corner)
placed at  tin-  north   east  corner of section  Bit,
township SO; tbence south B0 chaini la tbe south
east corner of said section 83; tbence wesl  W
��� bains, thence north B0 chains, and tbence east
Ui chains to lhe p'ace of beginn ug, containing
K0 acres, and being the easterly hair of said section B8, townhhtpii'.'.
Pated at NelSOtt, B. (', June 5th 1006.
QlOKOg  YoiNfi.
Notie** is hereby given thai I intend 00 days
afterdate to apply to lhei:hlef CominJanloiierof
lands and v'uiks for permission to pnrchase
the following ceacribed lands,situate at Klro
Valley, Kootenay 'Strict. Commencing at a
Post (marked I. Gallagher- south wesl corner)
placed at the sou lb weal corner of sectloo S3,
township60 theme north mi chains to the north
west corner ol ��ald section 88J tbCUCO east 1')
chains,   thenee   south  B0 Chains   to   lhe   Month
boundary of said section W, and thenoe west 40
��� IihIuh to Ihu plan- nf  hegillUltl|j   COIltllHllUg 820
acred, and being lhe westerly half of fab! hcc-
llon :i:i, lownshlpti'j.
Dated at Nelson, B 0. June fith lUai.
 ___^   J* QAU.A0HKR,
Notice Is hereby given ihat i intend, oo days
after dab- to apply lo ihe Chief Commissioner of
l aiids and Works for permission Ui pur, base the
following described lands and premises, situate
at Fire Valley. Kootenay Distriol Commencing
at a post (marked P. if. u'Uonnor north i ast cor
tier) placed ��t the north  east  <<>rucr ol   section
21, township 60; tbence south 40 ohalnst tboneo
west -iu ehains, tbence north 40 chains to the
northerly boundary of said sectloo 21; and then-
oe ea��i 40chains tr> the pi.-ec i f beginning, con.
talnlng I*oH,Ten, and being the norlh  east   one-
quarter of said section 21. townsblpoo.
Nelson. B. 0, June Mh 1006,
  Oko itog Yoino, Agent.
Yard and factory Vet mm. St.,
east of Hall.
P. (j Box aw.     XT f n   S*
Telephone 178.     iVif/50/2^ D* C#
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Fancy Dry Goods, Notions and Millinery.
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Notioo li hereby given that 00 dsyi from date
1 Intend t<. apply to tin- Honorable tin- Chtel
ConitnlM'onerof Umit.nn.1 Wotkt tot pi-rmin-
iton tojmrobiM the following described tsndi.
In the west Kootensy Djetrlet, eul hi.i.- ni rol-
nmbls BlTer.ibont fmllei north ol Burton city.
Comtneneing st a ppil nuni,..! Leoil whh.t'h
H W. corner, jit the N.W. corner ol k. ii. Huihjj'm
preemption elatm. thence north W cbslni mo �����
or ten to the loutn bonndarj ol Mlhn r����roll's
preemption elslm thenci t;tici *) chtini. thenco
loutn �� shslni more or leu to the North bound'
gn m K.H Rmith'i preempUou claim, thence
went m> chBiiiN tn jKiiiit of commencemt in; eon-
tiiititiiK W scrss mora or le��i��.
iiati ii thin ;rni day oi June, IWi
LKO M.  WlMKlt,
K11.H1 Slyk, Agent,
Mill hands, imshnion, yardman, engineers, milli'ight. fflgheal wages paid
if) competent men. Families wishing
to make permanent homes, will be supplied with materials tor homes and as
much land as they need for cultivation
free of charge. WATTS & CO..
Wattsburg, near Cranbrook, B. C.
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit,
Thorpe's nice cool drinks.      Lunches
put up a specialty.
W.J. Walker,
Nolirc U hereby given thai 1 intend,60 daya
tfter date, tn apply to tbe Chlol Commlulonei ul
1 uinis nnil Works ior permlMinn tn nnrrhaee the
follow Ins dworlbed lands, iltuate at Klro Valley,
Km, enaj Hisirii'i. Coramenelagal a |MHt(riiark
-"I P. II. U' Connor  kouDi cast corner) plarod at
the north east inriti-rof iccllon B2, lowimhlp 80;
thenco west40 chaini, thenco north 80 chaini,
rlience cast W chains, and lhen< 0 wuth B0 chaini
to tin- filar'.-of beginning, containing BlOicrei.
Dated at Nelson, B, C. Juno Stb 1000,
Ukorue Yot'KO, Agent.
Notice I- hereby given that 00 'Uy�� from dale I
Inn-nil in n |.ply in the Honorable the Cblel C -
inlMloncr nf luinti- ninl Wurkt for p(Tin<hHloli tn
pnrcfaan the following deierlbod landB, in the
".".I Kootenay metrl'-l. t-��ii(l Ih'iitol, in il,,.
ColumbiaaiverobouU mllci nnnh ot Murton
1 Ity; ail of said iNiami nhove iiiifh water, Ih-Iiik
in iicn s more ur Ion,
Pnt'il thin Int Pay nf June, 1000.
T C MakiwsoWi Agent.
Blxty dayn after date I Intend to app'y to tho
Comraliiinoer of Lamif uu.i Worki, victoria to
pnrchuelOO acrei of imid.  t ncing s   a
noil planted on Lhe ffe��l fchore of Arrow \lke a
the south etil cornerofJ .1 PbrlBtie'i purchaio
rnniituK nnrtii BOchilni, thenco ceil w ebalni
thence loulfa BOebalns, tbence wen ni. il((1,IH ,,;
place oi commencement.
Located May. Bth t'-wti.
. ,, a. Cassis,
I* Uai.uoiiss, Locator.
Notice if bo rah; given thai 00 dayi from dad I
Intend to anplj foUo llonoreble the Commit
���loner of Leodi ami Works f���r ,���.'.','','"' ,
pumhsas tho following described lan.u, hi iii ���
In the Weil Kootenay Dlilrht. tfUrtliw from ���
poll marked WiUhun Brneit Davi*Jn'ilVi , ,"t
i.iiki'-Uh-ik-i-iu('|,���|iiw Mh,ni,   (bence  In i!.���iim
waa^enco�� chain, north, thoncecaat to Mint
of oommencomont,couuinln| sboul WOsoSSr
Dsted this��th iIh> of June, toofl,
VftlLUM BSKStT Pavihun.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... ,18,800,000 KK8T |3,U0O,mi
D. li. WILKIK. Prwiilcnt. HON. ROBERT .lAFI'ItAV. Vic��Pn.sideiit
Branches in British Columbia:
Depostte reoalved and Interett allowed ��t onmnl r��U'�� bom data of ajwubi x-
rnunt hhiI areditod Imlf-yt'iirly.
J. M.  LAY, Milliliter.
P. Burns & Co.
Branch Haricots In   Rosabmd,   Tmil,   Nelson,  Knslo,   Hnnclnn, Thrci' Forks, New
U'uvor nnd Hloitnn Oity.
Onlem by mall u> hiiv liraiii t, will bSVO
our prompt ami btreful sttentlon.
HeidOffice: Nelson, B.C.
Starkey & Co.,
Kootenay Agents
R. A.Rogers & Co.
Limited, Winnipeg.
Whoiesnitt Provisions,
Dominion Government Oreaniory One-Poflnd Briata reoeived weekly fresh
from tbe cliuni.   For wili^ by all leading irroccm.
Offloeond warehonsei Hotuton HlnHt,   Phone 78.
Josephine Street. -       -       Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
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���<"'. Canada Drug and1
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JUNE 1st
Today we inaugurate our Cash System of doing
business, and below is a list of a few of the changes this
system will enable us to make. These are not Si'KciAi.
Imt regular prices:
DRUG Department
Old Price
Cash Price
cnnen's Talc  Powder 30
Beef   Iron aud Wine     '7c
.25  Wood  Alcohol, pts     .20
���.S"  Wood Alcohol, qts ,.    '4G
.40 Stccdnian's Teething Powders     ,ic
.40  Stedman's Teething Powders Vr
���IS  Williams' Shaving Stick... .      gc
.15     ....Williams' Barber's Bar 10
���75 Tanglefoot, case of  25 sheets, ^60
,25   Glycerine and Rose Water, 4 oz. bottles.,   .is
Stationery Department
    250 page Letter Books  50
 250 page Letter Books        $1.00
 250 page Letter Books   1.25
 500 page Letter Books	
 iopo page Letter Books	
ipeterie, containing 24 sheets paper, 1
(ruled,) 24 Envelopes, 1 penholder, l
[     1 Pen, 1 Piece Blotting  )
 Novels 15c, 2 for .25
and 35c Writing Tablets     .25
 Writing  Tablets  15
package, 2 for 25c, Envelopes        3 for .25
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y. Limited
MANUFACTURERS   T ^.^(..^    Cl.i*.��sf*��
AND DEALERS IN   l*W&VZtf  dlUllgleS,
IUath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
1 mod Work unci IlrncketH. Mnil Orders promptly attended to.
\ I :��.MI.\ 8TRBBT  ...   M'.I.SON, B. C.
To the Members
of the
20,000 Club.
Patronize the 6000 who iiro
bora now, und we will
be it long wiiy t<i-
wnrd our k<mi1.
Thorpe's Lithia
is equal in any aperient
mili rlKunuilir vat-
its bottled in
tbe United
If you use enough, of it we
can tnpporl another
fioiiily iiiNelwou.
& Co., Limited.
\cA Tip' for a
\Canadian Morning.**
Kootenay Coffee
NC 177. . BAKER SL
Cut sip cf litis
WlUlf.Jhcdmfimg spirits in delight
that tliu (Irlnkmorveil st our Bodn Fountain
liml tonic properties Ir'hIiIbb uln-liin^ "
We ii��e<uilyre��l frtiit nyrupi of tli*1 llnt-st
quality Fount titit, counter, kIu-m"- wri'l
rcre pi Helen  tire   kept   BcrupuloiDily clean.
linker Nlnrl, Nelsi.u. II. 0,
Gait Coal
Termi Hpot Cuh
Telephone IMS Baker Htrwt
A full lino of Crockery.
Chirm und Olimawnr*.
AI"o Hi'.'oii.l llrtinl Hooih nl Kvi'i'j- Dt'Ncrlp-
ItOll.     Wi- llllVI- rot I III- KntnlfULIliI Nl'll lit
l^��wi����t I'rlct-H lu Town.
Maker Ht,, next to ' >P.R Tiulcel Offlco,
The Dally Canadian, Jane il, 1906
Permanent   Provision   for   Illumination
���Title to   Foreshore  Secured���
Many   Important   Decisions.
PormantMil provision for the illumination of Baker street w.ih resolved
"i|ion by lhe clly council hist night after hearing representatives of the celebration committee nnd the fair director?. The city's initial expense will be
about |160, and annual additional expense about $50.
An Important question of the carty
future was touched, but -not derided���
the policy in regard to supply of power
to Industries after the completion of
the power plant.
Tlie negotiations for thi; new plant
were reported as still unfinished. Many
other questions, soraewhal of a routine
nature, but still important, kept the
council men busy for over two hours.
The council came to order promptly
at 8 o'clock, Mayor Qllletl In the chair,
and Aldermen Hutne, Annable, Irving,
Kirkpatrick and Hose present. The
minutes of the last meeting were read
and approved.
.1. (i. Killings, who was present for
the Vale-Columbia Lumber Company,
was invited to address the council. He
said that no screen fine enough to
prev nt (he escape of mill ashes would
allow the general ion of sufficient
Rteam. The company is now negotiate
ing wiih experts of the Pace company
ai Revelstoke, and hope to remedy the
defect. Mr. Hillings added that the
Company would do all in its power to
accommodate  the  city.
Alderman Kirkpatrick���Is there any
danger of fire?
.1. 0.   Billings���None whatever.
Alderman   Irving���Il  sells  the boats.
Alderman Kirkpatrick���We've come
to a pretty pass if we have to hamper
one of our few Industries for Ihe sake
of owners  of pleasure  boats.
W. .1. Astley was invited to speak on
behalf of the boatmen. He said that,
while they did not apprehend danger
from fire, the ashes seriously Interfered
with the business of boaimen and con
stituted a nuisance. He only asked
that if anything could be done it should
be done.
The mayor thought that Mr. Hillings'
undertaking to do everything p.siible
might be accepted.
W. Irvine and T. Morley appeared
for the celebration commiltee and fair
directors respectively, and were next
invited to speak.
Mr. Irvine referred to the annual expense for extra street lighting, and the
advantage of making permanent provision for it. He offered, if the city
would supply power and lamps and
siring wires to Baker street, the celebration committee and the fair direc
tors would bear the rest of ihe cost.
The offer was endorsed by Mr. Morley on behalf of the Agricultural So
ciety executive.
The offer was received with general
favor, but Mayor Gillett remarked that
the West Kootenay Power and Ught
Company had notified the city to use
the least possible amount of power, as
their other demands were grovvlug
A motion was offered by Alderman
Irving, seconded by Alderman Kose.
that  the  request   be  granted.
Alderman Annable advocated the
payment by the celebration committee
and fair directors of their respective
shares, $200 each, of the estimated
cost, and the Work he done under the
supervision of the city superintendent
of electric lights. The motion carried.
The finance committee reported, recommending a payroll for stieets and
sidewalks amounting to $214.86, nnd
an account of the Kootenay Engineering Works of $440.80, The report was
adopted and  payment  ordered.
A letter from Chief Denny pies-tiled
the report of the fire department for
May. He staled that there bail been
three  fires,   with  a  total   lows of $1.16,
fully covered by insurance. The equipment had been tested and found satisfactory. Inspections had been made of
many buildings and of schools, and
fire extinguishers had been placed In
the central school. Frequent drills of
the brigade had been held.
The report was referred to the fire,
water and Hghti committee.
A further report referred to two
horse collars ordered from Toronto
several months ago. and found unsatisfactory.    The reporl was filed.
Dr. K. 0. Arthur, clly medical health
officer, reported Inspection of dairies
and finding them siitl^faclory.
Another letter In regard to an account repudiated by a former council
was referred (o the city so.icilor.
A loiter from G. W. Taylor complained that a charge for water rates
and sewer rentalR had been made
against property formerly belonging to
EOmesI Mansfield, purchased hy liliu nt
a tax sale. The city clerk said that
he had notified the purchaser, or his
agent, of the arrears of collectable
(axes.   The letter was filed.
The City solicitor reported progress
In preparations for answering the appeal of the West Kootenny Power nnd
Light Company. Another referred lo
the   city   foreshore   title,   nnd   advised
tbat blue prints of the plan be made
before   registration.
A letter from B. A. Isaac, of the Nelson Iron Works, asked if the city Intended to order all users of city power
to take electric power, and if ho, when?
He asked  that ample notice he given.
The mayor explained that Mr. Isaac
purposed Immediate extension, and
warned leave to get extra power from
The question of the city's policy in
regard to power after the completion
of the power plant was then discussed,
bul no decision was r. ached.
In regard to Mr. Isaac's request, ll
was agreed that, the city could not furnish more water power. The mayor
was authorized to act.
A request from the tramway condue-
lors asked for the same increase as has
lately been granted to motormen. The
request was for an Increase from $2.1"
to %'.', a day and 40 per cent, of the cost
of a new uniform once a year, It was
resolved that) the /onductors receive
$2.7f> a day and lo per cent, of the coat
of  uniforms.
A letter from K. Crow Baker in reply to lhe mayor's telegram rejecting
the condition tbat the park he used
only as a park was read. Mr. Baker
stated thai lhe company could not
consent unless the city agreed, if iho
laud were given up aB a park, (hat (he
company might buy il back at the same
Tbe mayor stated that he had wired,
"Shall we return deed, and call he deal
off?" and bail received no reply.
The mayor also stated tbat the former tramway park was available for
tbe year on payment of $50 taxes.
The matter was left in the bands of
the mayor.
Bylaw No. 1C7, firearms and blasting
bylaw, was then reconsidered, finally
passed and adopted.
Alderman Rose again brought up the
question of extending the water ser-
vieo to the Eagles' plot in the cemetery. It. was referred to the n^xt meeting. Alderman Hose asked also for
an extension of water service to M.
Maglio's property on Kootenay street,
it was referred to the fire, water and
light committee.
Alderman Irving asked for a new
short sidewalk on Hall street, near
hoover. Referred to the board of
Alderman Rose asked about a sidewalk on Josephine street, above Mill.
The matter was referred to the board
of works.
The mayor suggesied that owners of
burned buildings be ordered to take
them down. Referred to the city solicitor.
The council then adjourned.
General Stoessei, lhe Russian general who surrendered Port Arthur to
the Japanese forces, has been sentenced to death by court-martial. It is
almcst inconceivable that the sentence
should be carried out, but they do
things in Russia that would be inconceivable elsewhere. General Nogi,
I. ader of tbe Japanese attacking forces,
has defended Stoessei in his surrender,
slating that insubordination among the
Russian officers made any other course
Nothing but  what has an end.
Not so; a ring has none, for   it   is
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars* Tobaccos*
Do You Know Tfaurman's Special Mixture?
SHALED TKNDEHS. marked. "Teu.UT fn* Timber Limit, Kuotwmy Dlstr el," will be ie-
rerseit by tlie underalgDed. up io noon of fntttr-
day, vie 80th day of June* UK��. from any person
di-siring to obtain �� special Umber Ueenso to em
Mint enrrv iiwav timber from I.-ot 7,221, Group 1,
Ktiotuimv 1'is'rlet, situtileil near UoNefUte'lHid-
1I1K on tiie Hue of the (row's Nest Pan Kuihvny
and containing ���H;{ " I'M more or less.
The person oiliinii: the highest cash bonus
wilt be entitled to a special liCQnae OOVetlUg tbe
said tol, renewable for twenty-one sueesstve
Bach t-onder must be accompanied by a eerit-
Qed cheque, made payable nt partn Victoria to
the umleratgnedi for ti.e amount. *u.r> no, o( tin-
Hist year's lees, for unci, speeial license, and the
amount of 'tie bonus Itli'lercil, anil titan Hcorlf-
lied cheque for $202,70 for oosl ot locating, adver-
Using and surveying or said lot.
Deptlty C mtUlOUer of Lands and Works,
Lands all I Works hoimrtinetil,
Victoria, "('.. Tin JnneJSOfl,
Nelson, B. 0, June'Hh( HO*.
SBALKD TENDERS will tn- received by tho
Warden of the I'rnrlticial gaol, Nulson, B.C.,
iinitl inmil .< one Wlh, for nut Wi'* 'or one Year,
from July 1st, 1008. lo June IlJth, HOT.     Meat,
bresdi groceries, nardware. boot* and shoes,
olotblngi drygoadsi tnel and drugs
Forms for render and BpeQiOoations can be Lad
at ihe Provincial gnnl. Nelson,
The lowest or nny tender not neeess-uily accepted. K   K I.KMON.
Thiity days afler date I Intend making applt*
������nit ii to ih.' Honorable Uiti Chief Coiummilouer
of 1 ends ami work", for a special lleense to cot
and Oarrj away timber from lhe following del-
< rlbed lands. Commencing at h post placed on
the southern boundary of Tun ho r license No
6875, and nbnut lu chniiib n rtii of Iho N. W. corner of lo* BiM��..�� w.-ht Koocnuy. running thence
we. t Hu ohalni. thence south so ehalns, thenee
east K i oh ft ns, llmnco tiorlh 8J chains to point ol
Mated l'Jth April IDOtt..
llANlEl. Tl OMKV.
Silver King Hotd
Best Dollar a day house in the
Rooms ar�� well Furnished.   T.ble .s good a. .nf
lu Ni'Imiii.    Bar supplied with good
llauors ami cigars.
W. E. McOANDUSH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European and American Plan
Meals 2ft eta.   Rooms from 2b eta. to 11
Only White Help Bmployed.
Baker St., Nelson Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best Dolbr-a-Day House io Nelson.
The Bar is tbe Pineal.
White Help Only Km ployed.
Josephine 8t.
Nelson. B. C.
The Big Schooner Dyj^* f A/*
Or "Half-aod-Half**   DCCl    1UC��
The only OIa0fl of Good Beer iu Nelson.
Hotel Accommodations second to
none iu British Columbia
Special Kuten to Monthly Boarderri.
The only Home Hotel in Nelson.
Lake Vie%>
Hall and Vernon Stj.
Two blocks from
Ratos 11.00 por Day
and up.
No Ohiuose Help employed.
Teloplwne 118. NELSON,  B, C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night.
Sample anil Bath Booms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
The Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oooil   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Rtrwt, Nelson. B. u.
Lighted by Electrioity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and CoralurUblo Bedrooms am! First*
elans uuilng Room. 8aid)i1o Rooms [or Commer*
clal Men.
MRS. X. C. CLARKE. Proprietress
West Transfci* Co.
Geueral TMnnsters and Dealers in
Goal and Woo I.   Express and
haKW-KO Transfer
��fe1  Office: Baker St.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese (loons now on sale. All
hinds of Dlnnorwaro In stock. Patterns.
Choice Frtiit
58 Acres and
50 Acres.
Both Pieces of Land Near Nelson
Clearing light and soil excellent.
Very easy toruis ou payment can be arranged.
Phouo 2-17.   Ollice next Canadian Bunk of Commerce.   P. O. Box 038.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale ou the Kootenay aud Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
insurance!   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business iu Kootenay.
Nelson. B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Froit Lands in this district.
Most of it situate on the West Arm and Main Lake.   See me before you deeide to locale.
S. M. BRYDGES, mpE^lAliK
A Speculation
300 Shares  INorthwest Coal
Stock for $7S.OO.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Froit Lands in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Wlmli'srih' mi'l Kt'liill Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
('amps Hiippliori nn shortest notice And
lowest price. Nothing but fresh mid
wholesome meats nnd supples kept in stock
Mnil orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
Thompson & Douglas
Slltn Writing a Spouiiilty.
Wall Paper and Burlnp.
Pirat Class Hunting Plnnla nnd Mudorii
Snuitary Applinucos.
Phone 181, Optra House Bit Box 401.
90 Day Round Trip
East...�� I
Winnipeg, Pt. Arthur,
Duluth, St. Paul.
Through Exoureion Rates
Toronto, Montreal,
Maritime Provinces,
New York, New England
on application.
Dittos of sale : June 4, 0, 7, 23, 25-
July 2, 3;   Aug. 7, 8, 9;    Sept. 8,' io.
Ticketi subject lo usual variations of
route and lucluilu meals and berth on
C. P. R. ateamers on Great Lakes.
Full particulars from
J. s. Carter,
D. P. Agent, Nelson, B. C. The Dally Canadian, Jene 12, 1906
In price from QOct^ in $:> .Mi each, and most of them nre new desifliiR.
In  Tins, BracelalBi Knives, Trays, Paper (hitters, ele , we have
nil the latest Canadian and Nelson Souvenirs.       If you urn
looking for o Souvenir we cannot fail to .suit you.
Mail orders receive prompt aud careful attention. Phone 898.
���        V*
���y.\\tfA v vW\
i    U-I vy   I MA
X    Another Import Order    X
X Jast to Hand. *
* Fine Ceylon Tea, 2olb.i
t Chest $4.50. X
��� Finest   Ceylon   English*
Breakfast, 2olb. Chest $6,511. ���
Our own Special Blends,*
: English Breakfast 35c, 3ibsX
! for $1.00, and 25c a pound. X
These Unas are fast gaining      *
preference over premium tens      J
at 60 crnts per pininil. ��
j      Bell
I Trading:
"The Store of Sweets."
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
Phone St. Baker St.
Two llotiBes mi I.like street, in good
repair, of B rooms and '���'��� rooms, for
cash, $876. Apply to M, Scully, Baker
Shacks for  Sale   Cheap.
Must hr moved ui once.   Apply Yule-
Columhln Lumber Company, city.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now  in n*e at this
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
Dissolution of Partnership
NOTICE Is lion by Rlvon ili.il the r-opsrlner-
slilii lioretuloro niulsllrui   lictwren  Ihe under-
KlKli.rt   as  '.i..i'1-iy   m. ni,mils  nM.r llif linn
nameol Toye .v   tit- IIci.bi  Kelson, B.C., tins
Itr-tn il.l- iIhj ilissnlruil by imn uonsont    .Ul
ilt-bts due lolhe bhHI p.rtnerahl)i nre In be niihl
toe.AM' .ii..|���i liisstore 'iter ul   osc|>li-
laeand 811 [cm st* Mill tmrtuershiti deb's lo
In. punI by him
II. A. Ill M.M. I
W, J.'I,.ii:
Notion, It. i' . .Inn.', Htli 1006.
I Encourage
The Children
To come in my grocery with
'mama's messages." Hero they
learn to gel the !>��� si and pur-
eat giimis nil the time,
li win moke them discriminating buyers when ihey grow
up, for buying Uie best is o
valuable experience
If ynii seal lhe little one ou
a message to ibis store, you
run depend on the Bamo attention in your wants us i1hiiil.Ii
you  came yourself.
Send  the children   for some
of the following!
DATE'S,  new end delicious,
1!  His.  fur 25c
HONEY UN COM ll. i rauare
for 2."ic
JTJ1CV ORANOES, 45c per dot,
English Fruit Drops. 15c per Ib,
JOY'S Cash Grocery
Oor.Jowpblasaod UlU B^i.     Phono 19
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Fines' in f'.e Land.
Cor. Varna i and Word str��wt.-.,
Vl.l.SOiN,   l��. O.
.!   FRED HOME, Proprietor.
.1 N Macdonald, wife and child, Mr
and Mrs. Fournler, Kaslo; Miss Dunn,
St. John; Charles 0 ark. Spokane; Q
E Fish, Portland; S It Miller, Vancouver; M Itiiss. Toronto; T It Drummond,
Mrs. It. Drummond, Greenwood; N
Wolverton, Brandon; A T Garland,
T II Oulmette, Rossland; T 11 Endl-
cott, Tacoma; (i O Buchanan, Kaslo;
A W Daly, Toronto; .1 Wilson, Vancouver.
II Hopper, It.'v. Istoke; VV M Harris,
VV Anderson, Lemon Creek; H t Mackenzie ami wife. Trail: It Bluo, Salmo;
Mr ami Mrs. Potrloqoln, Montreal; It
C Sbeedy, It Morris, Rossland.
ll Underbill, Frank Le Roy, Spokane; .1 T Siniili. Winlnw: .1 Gould,
Grand Forks; VV Soan, J II Harris,
Winuipeg; II Booth, Brandon; A Johnson, Alnsworth; Win Davidson, Sandon; C McDonald, It Dlck| Winnipeg;
.1 L Fraser, Bonnington,
.1 Collins, Tr    Lake;   W R Smith,
Poorman mine: John Longton, Boundary Falls;  ll Anderson, B< Ington.
Louise Cloutler, Holyoke; ll W Far
roll, Slocan; .1 V, Johnston, Grand
Forks; V. Hoope, Midway; A M Oliver,
VV Poole, Poplar; 1) Gray, Spokane;
A Mi-I Lid,, Grand  Forks.
ll N Clark, Cranbrook; a it Dickson,
A  Turner, F.  McCain-.  Creston;  .1     D
McSweyn, RosBland:   <>  Bngel,  Revelstoke;   W   Harris.  Slocan.
W   M   Birch,  Bpokano;   W  .1   Allan,
Westhy;  P Craig, Slocan.
it Trueftwell, A Woodward, Bonnington.
it  F Harding,    Bonnington;    M    E
Linns. Midway.
Complaints arc being made of vandals, young and old, carving and slash
itiK shade trees.
Mining   Records.
Two t.ills of sale an.I two certificates
ol assessment  work w  recorded  in
the Nelson mining office yesterday.
G. D. Boll, oi Salino. transferred the
silver King, situate on tho south fork
of Salmon river, to V. Adle, M. v.. Adle
and vv. J, white, Paul Bounst, of
Erie, transferred the Monte Carlo, on
the wi si fork of tbe Salmon, to J, B,
Unimex. Consideration In each case
was nominal,
Certificates ot work wen- granted to
the Active Gold Mining Company on
the Union .lack and the Queen.
Price of Metals.
New  York, .lune   12.���Silver, 04   li-S;
Copper,   IS   14 j      electrolytic     copper,
is ::-siii is n-s;  lead, J5.7B.
London, .tune l:.'.���Silver.  tl'.i  IS-lOd;
lend,   ��1(1 17s lid;  zinc,  .1:27 IBs.
The subscription and circulation lists
of The Dally Canadian are now being
compiled. The terms are 50 cents a
month delivered In the city, or $5 a
year when paid in advance. We shall
be glad to enroll your name. We are
here to stay.
The Bell Trading Company received
the flrsl local strawberries today from
c. G. Broadwood.
The name of the Chinese janitor
wiio was si ut to gaol for three months
is  Hing, nol  Llngv
Three mi raon, weighing <;i pounds,
Mere caughl by Joe. Edwards this
morning near Kaslo,
1 o a! cheirlei Ir in Bunker's ranch,
are now on the market. The crop is
reported excellent in quality nni quantity.
Thi re was on.lj one ease in tho po
lie court this morning, An Italian
paid ?-"> and costs for being an Inmate
of a disorderly house.
The regular meeting of the foung
People's" Society ot St. Paul's church
will l.r held in ilie church hall as ususul
this evening at 8 o'clock.
li is learned locally that D, M. Hobbs,
llle nbscondlng Dominion customs of
(leer, formerly served seven years in o
British prison for si uttllng a ship.
Fred Bosquol left Ihe Kootenay Lake
general  hospital    ihis    morning.     He
ihinks lhal tlie cutting process is over,
and expects lo walk wiihoui crutch or
slick   in  a  few  ilavs.
Work has already begun at the
Kaslo sawmill, A force of men was
put on iliis morning to clear the yards
and make preparations for the Installation of new machinery.
Lilliputians   Draw   Recoid     Crowd   for
Their Opening   Performance.
The Pollard Lilliputians presented
"A Runaway Girl" at Sherman's opera
house last iiIkIii to a bouse crowded
to the doors. The fame of the Juvenile
actors and actresses has Bpread round
the globe, and Nelson turned out en
The company displays a very nigh
standard of dramatic    talenl     There
was in every scene ample evld o of
perfect training, of confidence and
ease, and of genuine dramatic nppre-
cia.iion by ilie children.
While there are few exceptional
voices in the company,   all are "(,!|
All changes for advertisements nnisi
reach The Daily Canadian business
office not later than ii) o'clock In the
morning In order to insure Insertion
in the issue of that day.
Silver ami lead h,iti del Ined today,
lhe former three points on each metal
market, lead Iwo points in London
The English zinc quotation is the hii^li-
esi on record. Copper remains high
ami  linn.
The Chinese of Nelson aro taking
steps to slop the gambling games in
their ilisii'iei. 'I bey say that young
while men and boys have taller v become pniroiis of the Mines, and they
fear In.utile II is also a temptation
to dishonesty to Chinese servants.
Chief Jarvis receives many curious
Inquiries. Lasi. night he got a letter
from Minneapolis from n man who is
so passionately fond of his missing
wile that lie offers J20 for her discovery, provided that he does not have to
navel very far to discover her.
Al lhe meeting of the Nets.m Choral
Society last night il was resolved, on
account of tin- small attendance, to
abandon Ihe project for a midsumm r
production. ''The May Queen" will he
presented early iu the fall, iu time to
permit of ample time lor preparation
of an oratorio for the Christmas sen-
Tlie regular fortnightly meeting of
Hie executive committee of the 20.ni;fi
club will he held In the hoard of trade
rooms this evening ai 8:30. Many im-
portanl matters will come up for consideration, tnclnding lhe approaching
close of the popularity contest, the alteration of dale lor tile* promised excursion on ihe Kuskonook, tlie question
of   a   series   of   pavilion   ilances,     new
methods of advertising, and tin- letter
from ll. M. Palmer, secretary of the
provincial  bureau  of Information,    in
regard  to tin- I'ttiil   lands circular.
ntor hy the legislature of Delaware today, which met in joini session at
Steamship  Arrivals.
London, .tune 12.���The steamer
Mount Temple has arrived from Montreal.
Slasconsett, Mass.. June 12.���The
steamer Caronla, from Liverpool, was
iu wireless communication with tbe
station here ihis morning. She will
prpobably dock about 7:30 a. in. tomorrow.
Apoplexy the  Cause.
.New  York .inn.' 13.- General Ralph
llian.In-lit ilieil al Ills home In New-
i��nt. I.. I., yesterday from a stroke of
Tlie Canadian Pacll 0 railway lias In
hand Ihe greatest Irrigation soheme in
ilie  world.    Bj   ilie  end of the  next
three years  1,500, 1 acres of land  in
ilie vlolnltj of Calgary, Alber a. IH1I1
. no arid. will he divided into 80,000
farms, watered from Bow river This
Irrigation plan, "lien completed, will
1,,' 00 per cent larger than the nexl
largest on He- Ann rlc in 1 ontlnent,
which  is in Hie  I'ocie.  valley.   Arizona
Fresh  Dominion
Creamery Butter
30cts. pet pound
Telephone 181.
Teddie   McNamara  as  "Flipper."
trained and the choral effects excellent,
The scenery, costumes, lighting ami
general Btage management were absolutely   faultless.
Tonight tin' company will pri sent
"The Belle of New York." Their bill
for tbe weeb Includes six eventug performances and two matinees, all sure
in be well attended.
While encores are an undoubted eyi-
ih nee of appreciation, the aodlem e
slmuM remember thai they arc prolonging a nervous strain on children whose
average age in aboul ten years.
Another   Very     Costly     Fire     in     the
The Store of Quality
Specially- prepared
Is the
Comet Thing
to use on strawberries nml nil fresh I'ruitH.
Wo have it In lu ponnd sucks to
sell nt
$*.00 per Sack.
Have a wirk scut up with ymir next order
lor groceries'.
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. O. Block.    Phone Id.
New York, .lune  12.���About (B0(
yvorth of  property yvas destroy el
(Ire Inst night In East 14501 and I
148th streets, near  Brook  avenue.
the  Bronx.    The properties either
Btroyeil or damaged heavily tire the
tiny of the Btuyvesnnl Piano Cumin
totally  burned;    tbe   factory of
Wlieeliick   Piano Company,  almost
Btroyed, and the silk mills ot t'ln
pher ih eisieiii, heavily damaged.
I'mir-shory   cabinet   factory   of  t'lia
Reiner & Sun, makers o( hardwood
anil shop  fixtures,    was   totally
st royeil. /
WEEK of JUNE lltli
Pollard's Lilliputian
Opera Co.
"Belle of New York"
Seats on 8nlo at Kutlirlord'H.
An Announcement
I am retiring from the bus'.nesa heretofore conducted hy Toye <;��� Benedict,
ami take this opportunity of thanking
our many customers fur the valued
patronage they have extended to ns in
itie past, and sincerely hope that Mr.
Benedlcl will continue to receive the
liberal patronage thai has been extended lo ns in the inst��� (Signed)
Colonel MacKenzie Drives Africans
Out  of Ambush.
Durban, Natal, .tune 12.���Colonel
MacKensle's column yesterday attacked the rebel unlives who hail sought
shelter in the bush. The latter climbed trees, yvhetlce they hailed assagais
-ui ilie troops, inn bullets dropped
ihem out or ill" branches, Over forty
were thus killed, ami altogether over
Hill natives were sain.
Darkness ended tlie operations of the
troops, inn lhe rout of the rebels Is re
garden as practically oomplete.
United   States   Senator.
Dover.   Ilela.,  .li    18,���Col.   II.    A.
Dllponl   was elected  Dnlted  Stales sen-
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
* &, WHAI    lb   MOMt~^
Deliveries made dally throughout Nelson
nnd its suhurlis. Phone 1IH.
Fit-Reform Clothing
Bomo t'lollies look alright yvhen on sale or nn
"dress parade," but when put to the test
BhOW their weakness at Otioe.
Emorey & Walley
til aaoeMlty linm-ry well icKtiliit.". home. Our <l<H'kn,'nmbtiiebeaaiy
of tiisiKu wiih ibioluti accuruoj im tlnu-kopperi. W�� invito loipecttoD
��tf .>ur fhxks tl'i-v hii' Imti- tii rfivut vriri.-ty of stf Ica���frum 8-.|uy itrlke
mill alarm, nt *;i ui> i<> thi One imported emeu.     Wiuiihu tuvi tbon
lammm llllle iilitnti onei nl "tilv fl.fiO.   OOEM III (fiilay.
JUST   RliCIZlVl7.!)   CARLOAD   OP   THB ���
: Standard Futnitute Company j
f     y|i-iiii .y li -iii I
i surmoor" Ui
l.it.i' yy.inl  he   Hn.ll.  I'u-i-S C.��l  Mini IHlii <'   I'linni
Complete House Furnishers and Under hilars.
M.t.MTAI"1 I'lthllS of   111 K   I RAWFOE
Repairing and Jobbing a Specially
Sheet metal Work, CBSllllgB, Itnihli is' Materiiil anil Winiiifi mill Mill Mm lum-rj
i Iffloe nml Works Pool of Park St.
*h��ntu   304��
rs'uiMon, it. c.
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
S 01     I" It. RKISTKKKK ,t- CO.
Hr.wi.-M unit Hello rs ul M.lllil.clurrr. nl
Fine Lager Beer and Porter     I   Every Known Variety Soft Drinks
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer."
P. <>. lto.\ 211 *.
WH. GOSNELL, Manager
I. H, Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd.
We would invite yon to Imped our lurn" anil vurieU (took of
No need to luffer from heat If yon   TT   L   \\T      L\ T\ '   'L
wui om,e���. n ,��� ,e on, Hot Weather Requisites
StOTOOpeD from 7 a.m. U\ (t p.m. ovury day except bolldayi hihI Smirtnys
| Don't Forget we are SEMI - READY
IS-*���   Clothing
������Wing  .Mucliiiic-  \eiatlun jnc  ���>  DoMn.
Sawing Maohlna on ib^ .. ,���.. itottio.
Maohlna Balta ,\Ku aaoh.
Huve von seen the Antoinntlo Drop Ih nil New Home for sale al
fi.i.iiti.   It is ii marvel of nimpliciht    Perfeol lu ilaish.
Very lighi rannuigi
High-OllUM Tail
linker St..   Nelson, H. 0.
Wood = Vallance  Hardware
Company,  Llmltad.
Shelf and Heavy Hardwaref
Mine, Smelter and Mill Supplies, Stoves and
Ranges, Cutlery.
Near Sight
HIlKhlly nenrrlitlili-l trs.lssy.
Mnrr tomorrow.
PrograM nl ia-ur suht is tin' romnMJJfJ
el lillinliii'SK.    Tlm  llr��t��l|jii"l nrffira
�� Iillli.tl'i-lliKl.ili'.l      TCXAMINA" ,,
��� UK".        Our  OptlOll   tli'l'iulliMiil  l> "I
t" iiiiie in over? n-si'i'i't.
JBWKLLElt      and      01'1H:iaN


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