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The Daily Canadian Dec 12, 1907

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Array ��....a,nnasr.
What Will You
Have With It?
]i t Uiulod  at  tlie Spring*..
VoLUMK   2.      No.   l62
Sije Jkiilij CanaMatti
Cbnts a month
Negro Question Confronts
British South African Governor Says
Handling oi Black Population
Is Heaviest Task.
PI   :,.!��� Iphla, Dec. 12.���"Tlie gravity oT
. problem ti. 11.��1 ..-..iiiiu. ,1 I,. Hi.
���   . 1 Btatea,  1-Sni;ii.nd ia.-,-s u In  her
,1 1,1,-.    The whole world I..,, *. il. The
if the lilitirt- of th.- in,-.- is on,
ol iii.- create**! and |l-avaajl toiiin.niiiis
..on. '
Sir    .l..lm     Roger,     governor   of  the
'.   ;���! *',��ilhl colony. soutliwesl, in
(pressed th,*s��* views lasi night
al     lhe     I'resliylerlan
lea,"   he   aald,   "Nagroea   oin-
..i.n.-s in ihe proportion ..r
!. 11. one ItioiiKand. How lo
Ihem Ih aa grave a question
' is in America. The ..i.-ui
:.. Induce tlit-m to work wilh
.111 trade*. The hope of the
[ D'-sto ra..   .i.-k In manual lahor.
I bsvi   HI I Io  douhl   thai   Hie   SOtOrad
��� ;.<a  will  siK.n  realize  this,
I..     *      sally take lli.ir jilioes aiiu.ui:
1 .. . s  here "
Incrta.e  of   Passenger   Traffic   for  Year
���Lo..  in   Freight.
M.in 1 real.   IVc  111.���The     season    of
I li.....an..11 al   Uu*  |,orl  of  Montreal   Just
...i.liiii; lo |��->rt statistics, may
Its   : -Muled,  on   lhe   whole,  as  having
been -au-'iirtory, esi���-cially  in lhe  aat>
[asnger in.tllr  and  In   lhe customs   t.-\
11.11*. I...Hi of   which     show     large   In*
I . ��� 1   last   year.    For passenger
'.ralli,  ;i was ihe gtval.-st season In the
( 11,.    Si    1-awrence.    The   ('.
[' ll   Atlantic liners, had an iii'-i* as.   ot
. ��� ii'    and   lhe   Allan  Line Si.",   |*er
|'"     while Hi,-  Dominion l.lne v.-ssels
  more passengers lhan dnr.
1 1 ..11 of 11.IUS. but on lhe wlinle
III   Iiusiness   from   a   sl.-an.slii|.
1..    declined   lo    he   nol   so
���as     111.-     nievlous     season
|ll tli 'lie volume of mi flic was Inrger.
I 1 in ih.   opening ol mivlgalloii up to
-to   ii'imliel- o! seagoing vessels
��� iimiiil- Uie port totalled Tin. r.-pi. sell'
��� 1 nase .,r i...2i.47.">. as oompared
vessels and a Ionium,- of IJVrTS,
In a like period of   liiuf,. or   a de-
'this,   of S11   vessels   and   47.741   Ions
Jamestown  Exhibition Lost $2,500,000���
Hard Luck and Mismanagement.
He*  York. Dee    Ll     Creditor*, ol  the
Ill-omened  .lamesinwn   i--.xhii.liIon  have
H  1,1 Ihe curls for 11 i-ecelveishll,.
"���"I Hius   ls   public  ntlenlloii   called   lo
f Ul''   failure   of   un    ellleiprlse   of    which
much was cxpeclod      No  eM-osllion
"1  I."Id on IIiIh colli In.-nl   was ho well
luatlned  in  iheory. und  bo  nlt.-rly   ills
n-illleil  in pi-iicllc, . i.b  lhe .laineslowii
Tercentennial    The great World', Ni
1 Chicago wan th.  oomrai [notation ol ���'
"'���".   Importanl  even!  thu  the Mtah
llahmenl ,,r the drit English eoiiimiinliv
""Hii- continent: bul tie Chicago Mi
, M.orlmelit. mid had   to .-oli.pier
I'Siisiiin prejudice agalnel nlJ ihlims eon
"acted with ihe gieui western metropo
1      The  Jamestown     Exposition   was
"'lllil.-il   on   un     event     Hull      needH     llll
'"""i.ing to make 11 h irresistible appeal
'" Hi" Imagination of every Btagllati
' .1 inn person In North America. Yel
'"is expoKiiioii, on which mini.iiik of dollar, were spent, did nol attract  lhe I	
I1'.- like ii,,. Canadian National I��� r
Hie conoern Ib 11,600,000 In debt, 1*00,
'""' Of vhlch |��� owed tO llle Dnlted
ot&te, iSovernmenl.
A poal mortem on the .llillieslovvn Pali
"''ills lhe racl lhat Hb filial wound
����� received on llie opening dav. when
'lie uniting iligniinrles ami ti..* repre
tentative, <>r the nownpapen were so
'"si'iiiuieoiisly or Bluplilly handled. Bnt
"1 eoiiHitiiitl.iii and concepllon lhe el
I'lKlilon wiih iiiagnllleeiii. 11 covered
" iiii'.-B of ground und overlooked the
V"'.* place where lhe Montor aud Mor
I'1'11"'' foUgh*_ Tl11' aiehlleclllle ol thi
"���Hiding, and 111.* lanilBcape gardening
"fe sal.l to KiirpuHH anv oilier American
"*l��islilnn. Anchored' wllhln view of
'"" grtiunda were Bevprnl warships.
"'liiiKe business It. WM l" enieriftln nnd
"mil Uie vlKllnra. Many noted military
"rgunlKHIlims gave reullsllc sham lull
"*���. and performed oilier warlike man
"'"*."h. AIi'hIiIph Hulled and collnpseil
''''"lead; fanioiiH lllhleles conlen.l.-d
un truck and field; und, oil paper, there
. possiiiiiiiy of ihe public stay-
iTOn the utln.i-.ll,,us.
Hi    tram   tile   lllisii,a]ia,4.-lii.-iil
tlon day. ih.   exposition had
tnai   1 rortuni   ,,, complain about
" __S"oa.,  ''���''��� ""' Bavernmenl  loan
was ."���-*f"'/0c/        The work had lo be
done with ''.*-'��-'>,.        "   rials a,  a very
high  price.    A|   .   c*
piled ' he woret 1. ..
er.   and   lhe   tain,. 11
**?/*> ol June sup-
'in weatli
>nt piers,
ndvertiBe.1 as the crowning attraction
were not ready for dedication until the
second  week  11, Beptember.    To theHe
misfortunes wa,, add. .1 a low over Hell. aniiL-enieni of the ,mtai prise. Bevera]
gentlemen contended tor a 1 .,rt of dictatorship orer tbe exposition, tlm Una]
ina-i-1 turning up In a politician Th.
average day's atiendance win. from 1,000
'" S... im.  lhe Digged da*  was 60,1  and
the dally expenses $6,000.
London   Tradesmen's   Gifts   to   Servants
Declared to Be Corrupting
and   Illegal.
London, tJec. 12 --Tin- Christmas box
ban anas under the ban as a recall of
the antllipplng crusade (tint is si* ;td
11} p___ag headway tn Knglaud. Tin-
��� uM'iii. ul giving Chrisliiiah bOKSS ou
Um du> bsfors Cbrtstmss to ssrvaata
and oiheiB ia smoni the tlms baaorsd
in* 111 ui mn.- of the eouutry. Hut now
the very legality of the cuBtom has
bssn altackfd, and tliere lu no doubt
that tradssmaa in particular will run
contiiderabie risk in coutiiiuiug the prao-
lt all comes about under lhe new. i'le
ventiou uf Cur |M)ratum Aci. .\->v\ IsjpUan
thoritieu of Huch fiiiininct* as Sn Kd
waid   Kry   bSttOVS   Uiai   BIOS.   OhrlSttBM
boast giv.ii ii\ iiiidtsuieii in sorvants
are givun as InduceiueulH lo show favor io the tradesman. Su plainly is
11.is thought to be the case ihat those
iradesmen who hesitate tu niakt* ihes**-
presenlH are wont to declare ihat un*
fcSM they break the law they lose their
I     INtl Ull,
The I>ondon practice of giving Clui.-t
mas txjxeti is divided into two parti
In the  pooraf quarters  the  BhopfccMpST
itiaki-s a present proportionate io ttu
amount of the custom to the purchns. ���
heisel*'. This Is regarded as in the na-
tatre ot a i��mhim. snd is Uiorstors ajipar-
ently   not corrupt.
In. in the sn tm than districts wlu-r.
ih.' tradesmen deliv* r mmds to the
bOOSS of tln*ir customerR. it is the prac-
lu i  nian��   tO give lhe I mi li'i   or maid
servant a Christmas box. and this is
const ruably eortupt. l.ecause it is open
io th.- construction that it is made with
ttie   view   to  secure  the   servants  influ
snoe  for  the oontSnna&oe of orders.
KvidenU*J   the  Rhojlkeepers   are   plac. d
In a very difficult position in face of
the new law The itttonn \-g. neral has
i-iv.ii his opinion thai Christmas boxss
bOStOSrod   op.iily   and   hOOttsUV   as   such
eannol bs considered ill��_al under the
dm act r-ut the dtfUoolt) Is to de
tsnolss what  presents    are    honestl).
and what OOITUpt.y given. One authot
Ity  points out  that  the only sat.- emirs.
for the tradesman to pursue is to give
DO servant a present without notifying
his or her master.
The tradesmen chiefly oonoernA-d are
the BTOosrs, bakers, butchers, mils sellers snd  fl-sh  ead  wmltry  dealers.    It
is estimated that there STS some It,-
000 grocers and provision dealers1 ships
in ths London area and the amount distributed in Kirts hy them durinu the
Christmas  season   under  one  system  or
the other \�� computed at from tlOO.000
i*, $180*000
The gnicer-s are eery desirous of
puttlni sn end to this tax. If Uie) can.
and a penalty has been projbsed for
dim tin dlence to this injuneflon. The
hnkers who hsve ��� stronj sssoclsUon,
hnve alreadv taken fcetlon wiih ths 00-
i.-et   of induolnn   their    msmbers    to
abandon the custom of giving Christ
mas   li-oxes.
Prefer,  to Be   in   Oopo.itlon���Talks  of
Railing   "Rough   Hou.e"  In
Prince  Rupert.
Mr. John HOUItOB haa never forgiven
a minor Q T, P. ollleial for lojuslng to
parmll htm to s,-i up his priniing pren
in Prince Rupert The plain lay on the
wharf all summer in the mercy of the
���lament*. Falling to obtain redre��� In
higher quarter,, h* heihoughi  hhneell
of lhe happy espedlenl of turning 1'ios
peclor and lociillng a mineral claim
giving him undoubted lurfaoe right*.
Then his trouhlcK really hegan. Wlu-ii
he had assembled llle different pails of
the printing pre** he round thai  ru*l
had got In lis destructive work. The
. hi all refused to revolve lllilll Ihey had
heen fed all Hie machine oil In town,
besides absorbing all the kerosene Mr.
Hoiisinn could l.oriow from 1.1m neigh
hois Those who saw him lllllng the
rule of devil, olllce hoy, plllll. r. fore
man and pressman lhat trying day. say
il was a scene Ihey shall never forget,
���lhe editor Is nol regarded ns more pro
tan, than the average man. inn after
iwelve hours snuggle turning Hi.' ballty
handpiesK the atmosphere III und UOUnd
his shack emitted unmistakable odor,
of sulphur. Then an.l there he look a
solemn oath Unit vengeance would be
A few WM��� after the publication ot
the llisi issue ihe Urand Trunk l'ucilie
directors visited Ihe terminus, Senator
Oai ...is ...;.., uiiiy delegated by his
colleagues to p.n-il* il.. editor. Several
meeting, took place. Mr. Cox promised
everything tn sight, und Mr. Houston
smiled and preserved a discreet silence.
Nol one word of atiack did he make
RgalSBI the directors during llieir slay
In town. On returning to Vancouver,
Senator, overjoyed al his supposed diplomatic victory announced lhat all dllll-
OUlttes between Mr. Houston and the
company  had bee amicably selllod.
Hut Mr. Cox was apparently mistaken.
"1 can render mere service t_. the
country as a critic rather than as a
'booster,'*1 said Mr. Houston in describing his policy to a roeeu. visitor to
I'i nice Rupert. "After all every cor-
poiallon has its scores ot scyeop.mis
and servile followers, and 1 don'i Intend to join tht. procession, for 1 ain't
built lhal way. As a free lance 1 will
do the square thing. If the public don'i
-..i .i square denl up here next spring
count on old John for turning this burg
Into a rough house.
"As lhe provincial government has
given me a record for my mineral claim
all the power of the Grand Trunk l'u-
ctflc cannot oust me until the legal
points Involve** are adjudicated upon.
Of course, ihey will seek io prove that
lhe iocaiion is noi genuine in the senee
Hint it does not contain mineral In
place "
Then Mr. Houston- grew confidential.
"I don't think the l.ncky Hoy as I
have christened my claim, will ever be
a dividend payer except in so far an it
will answer my purposes. Between ourselves. It assays high in moss and hull-
pine wilh just a trace of silver," added
the editor with a w-ink and a laugh. In
the rear of the Kmpire's office, a plain
shack, is a ten-foot shaft which Mr.
Houston has sunk in his spare moments
jus! io comply wilh lhe Inw. and incidentally to strike a bonanss if one exists Leneath the stringer of Iron pyrites
that  traverses lhe surface of his claim.
Mohawk   Combination    Mill   Started   to
Work  Today���Strongly   Guarded
���No  Disturbances.
fSol.lfiold. Nev.. Dec. 12.���Fifty-six
men are at work at the Mill und under
ground in lhe Mohuwk Cnnildnailon
mine. More than one Uiousaud men
have signed the agreement required by
the mine owners' ussociaiion. but only
lirtyslx appeared nl 7 o'clock. There
was no molestation of the men, and the
pickets of the union are not strongly
In evidence. Xo other mines attempted
to reopen Ihi-. morning. One hundred
detectives as guards of lhe mine owners
are guarding ihe district around Combination Hill The majority of the men
a., al work above ground. Work will
close for llle dav in   "  p. m.
Most   of   Recoverable    Bodies   Already
Brought to Surface.
Fair-mount. \V V.. !>ec. 12.���Officials
,,r ihe I'aiiniouut (.'-.nl Oompany fell
hopeful thai lhe large force of rescuers
entering ilie mine*, tl Monongahela today will he the last necessary to Bend
inn, ihe working* io recover bodies ->i*
ih. victims ..I laai Friday'* explosion
Thirteen bodies were brought to th,
surface lasi night, making a mini of
2r,<; (uhei bodies were located and are
ready to i><- broughl out. Among the
latter is that of lhe mine engine,!,
flllls. Wiser, who entered mine No ''���
just before ill.- explosion lo Inspect the
workings he bad ordered. The bod) ol
John M. UoQraw, who v.as in charge of
mine No. S. was also found.
Manager  of  California   Trust   Company
Admit.   Fal.e   Entries.
San n-aadsoo, Doe. 12.���J. Daaell
Brown, ihe iiiunager of ihe California
safe Hoposti and Tumi Company, yes-
terday made a confession n. the bank
commission thai BctltioU* Bntrle, were
mad.-   ill   Hie   books  of  the   bank      The
confession oame after Brown hud been
silbjecled  lo a long sweating  process l.y
Hank Commissioners Qarroutt*. and
Finally, when Brown was cornered,
he said:'    "Yes. II   Is true, those entries
do noi  represent  real transaction*."
The entries related to two Items, each
of 1100,000, which appeared as assels
of the   bank.     These  Item*  us   recorded
on tin* hooks made it appear thai the
California Sale Deposit and Trust com
pany had on depostl  1100,000 each rrom
iwo New Yuri* banks.
More  Defalcations.
New York. Dec. 12.��� MtorneyOeneral
jackson today called tin* attention of
District Attorney Jerome to the nffairs
nf the Hamilton Hank. Inlerna'lonal
Trust oompany and Bbtcelllor Wre Insurance company, and declared thai act*
of a criminal nature appeared to have
been collilnllled lllei-ein. In the case of
ihe Hamilton Hank. Mr. Inrksnn sent to
Mr. Jerome a copy of the re-.tm-t of the
receiver of llle bunk In which he sel
forth certain overdraft* alleged to have
ho.-n made l.v Win. Montgomery, vice-
president, which Mr. Jackson said appear to be a violation of the penal code
From Exchequer Court's
Responsibility  for  Maintenance of
Indians���News   of  Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Toronto, Dec. 12.���The Ontario government ifi deliheraling on the question
of appealing the exchequer court decision awarding $:.80,U0u damages
against the province in the matter of
Indian claims. When ihe claims were
first made by the Uuminion government
ihey were tor $1.&00,uu0.
Toronto, Dec. 12.���Thirteen bakers
were fined in the police court yesterday
tor aelling light weight bread and bav-
ing no tables on it.
Winnipeg, Dec. 12.���At a cabinet council meeting held yesterday afternoon au
order-in -council was passed calling tht;
legislature for the despatch of business
ou   Thursday, Januury 2nd.
SaskaWKJU, Dec. 12.���Preparations art^
being made lor Lhe operation oi tne new
coal mines in the Eagle J_ake district.
ll is expected tne Urst coal will be
mined by February lai. Operations will
be carried on all wiuer. The mine is
a hundred miles west of here.
T-ornhiii, Man., 12.���There will be no
inteilerence in tne tfay ot executive
clemency in the case oi Lawrence Gow-
lund, who is to be hanged for murder
next Friday at Mordeu. Gowiand will
go to the galiows lor the murder of
Georgina Hrown near Killarney.
Winnipeg, Dec. 12.���Albert Fox har-
luw.y escaped floatn ut ttiu nanus oi a
di uiikeu gang at an early hour this
moruiug. He with Six outers, were in
a house of questionable repute on Austin street wneii a row started, in ttie
ensuing light Fox was thrown to the
tioor and badly kicked aboul Uie face
una head.
Winnipeg, Dec. 12.���Tom Fhillips, ol
Kenora, has signed to play wiih ihe
Wanderers of Montreal. He will get
|1._00 lor his season s work.
Kenora. Dec. 12.���Douglas Ormari, a
young man only lit years of age, was
killed last Saturday at a tie camp about
twenty-live miles out on the lake, Upper's. He was engaged iu building a
friable when a log robed Upon him with
ratal results. Ou October last a brothel
or Orman was murdered in Montana
and robbed of $��.u00. The parents had
only arrived borne a few days when
they received the distressing news ol
the young man.
Sault Ste Marie, Dec. 12.���Thou. Mac-
Farlane is on trial here on the charge
of murdering Win. Dickson at Iron
Bridge last night. The two men lived in
a .-.hack on a farm owned by MacFar-
lane. and the latter Is alleged to have
shot Dixon in the head. MacFarlano
says DUOC committed suicide hut the
1 v;dence of crown witnesses proved
thut Dixon could not have been killed
bv his own hands.
Cobalt. Dec. 12.  -The residence of W.
iievshi was destroyed by tire lust nlghi
and two little girls were sufTocated. Th"
parent* wen- away when the fire broke
Ottawa, Don. 12.���A conference of
representative.*, of the Hritish West Indies is being held at I in 1 bailees next
month for the discussion oT common
trade Interests, and it is said that at
this meeting propot-suls will be made for
Improved  tariff  relations   wilh   t'anadii
Nicole), Que.. Doc. 12.���Uberals this
afternoon nominated 1>r Turcotte for
the commons in place of Devlin, who re
signed to  enter  the  provincial Cabinet
Moorofleld, Ont., Dec. 12.���.lames
Woolener, an old inun who lived near
Drayton, was struck and killed by a
train on the public crossing near here
Pries*  sf Mar-tart.
New York. Dec. 12.���Silver, RG^c-.:
copper.  12-*^e.;   lead, $4.76.
London, Dec. 12.���Silver, 2r,*y4d.; lead,
��14. 7b.. Gd.
Opening   Copper   Quotation!.
New  York. Dec. 12. 1907.
(Ily McDermld &   Mcllardv.1
Asked Hid
(Tranbv *80.on        $70.00
Dominion   Copper���    1 P7\_       i.7G
B.   C.   Copper      4.25 4.00
and elaborate rites of the Greek church
the religious ceremony uniting in marriage Prince George of Greece, second
son of the king of Greece, and Princess
Marie Honuparte was performed at the
cathedial here lodav in the presence of
tbe knig and queen of Greece, a gathering of high state dignitaries and the
members of the diplomatic corps. The
civil marriage ceremony took place in
France, November 21. This was merely
a formality as the Greek church does
not recognize the validity of civil marriages.
Russian Professor Touring.
New York, Dec. 12.���Vladimir Svia-
towsky, professor of sociology in the
I'niversity of St. Petersburg, Russia,
arrived here today on the steamer
Oceanic to study labor conditions in the
United Slates and Canada. He leaves
tomorrow for Toronto and before returning to Russia will visit Hawaii, the
Fiji Islands, New Zealand and Australia.
Pretender Retiring.
Paris, Dec. 12.���In a despatch from
Casablanca, General Drude. the French
miitary commander in Morocco, gives
a report that Mulai Hafid. the Southern
Sultan, has withdrawn in the direction
of Morocco city and at the same tim*
ordered his forces near Mogador also
to retire.
Cashier Commits Suicide.
Chicago, Dec. 12.���A despatch to the
Inter Ocean from Kankake. 111., says P.
Easion, 4S years old, cashier of the state
bank of Merser, committed suicide In
his bank by shooting himself in the
head. When the recent call for the condition of all state banks in Illinois was
made, Eastern's bank made one of the
best reports that was sent out from this
section of the state.
Financiers  Differ as to   Probable  Duration of Present Period of
New York, Dec. 12.���In its special financial section the Evening Post publishes the views of various authorities
of repute in the United States and Europe as to the length of time during
which depression would continue to be
felt. AU agree thai restoration to normal conditions cannot occur soon, but
few venture so far as M. Leroy Beau-
lien, the eminent Parisian economic expert, who ventured the prophecy that "a
season of reaction is in store, not for a
few weeks or a few months, hut for several years. Chairman Miller of the Chicago. Milwaukee and St. Paul thinks
that business will not recover from this
reaction for several months, while Mr.
Stuyvesimt Fish would only commit
himself to the general statement that
the period of depression would last till
confidence was restored, and In his
opinion that restoration was dependent on bouse cleaning by corporations
in whose management the country had
lost  faith.
The Post quotes at more length the
diagnosis of Sir Felix Schuster, a member of the Council of India and a gov-
vernor of the Union of London and
Smith's Bank, "one ol the most far-seeing   of   London's   hankers."
Speaking last Wednesday, he said:
Americans have unbounded belief in
the future of their country, a belief
which its naiural resources fully justified. They had also a way of discount
ing the future somewhat too rapidly.
Leuitlmate enterprise was followed by
speculation and speculation based ou
Vast undertakings were embarked upon
In the expectation that cash In hiiv
Quantity was always at hand, and lenders were willing to provide It. ami
then suddenly It was discovered that
the strain had become too greal.
Sir Felix declared it to be a certainty
that "the United Stales, out of Its own
resources, would ultimately ovcrcom*
tli.' present, troubles," but ventured in
opinion as to what "ulltmutely" con
On the other hand Bryon W. Holt
writing in Ihls month's American Re
view of Reviews, adduces his reasom
for holding it probable that the pros
ent tinnncial and business depression lu
the United Stales "will end almost n<
sudden'y as it began, nnd that within
two months, ami possibly one. money
will be plentiful and cheap, slocks and
bonds will be rising rapldlv and that
within six months most of the men now
idle will he re-employed and industry
will again be on tin- uo grade." But
full vocoverv cannot be expected in 1JW
���a presidential election year.
Canada Imports From Japan More Than
She  Exports.
valued at $16;>,052, as compared with
$309,045 for the same period lSOfi, and
tea to the value of $427,829 compared
with $292,502 the previous year.
The rice crop will be ten per cent be-
ter than last year and the tea crop will
average alxtut the same, althougti the
government has prohibited the picking
of a fourth crop.
Be makes some interesting references
to Japanese business morality. He says
that the Japanese are commencing to
realize  that it  is l>etter to .'.irm  to
occidental ideas in doing I .mess with
people of this contine- . .Then; is a
noticeably less tendency now on the
part of Japanese t , repic-iate bargains
which do not promise to be profitable.
National Committee Meeting in the Capital to Decide Time and Place
for Convention.
Canada's Expenditure Is
Rapidly Rising
Washing-on. D. C. Dec. 12.���The assembling of the members of the Democratic national committee In thiB city
today marks the beginning of the Democratic presidential campaign of 1908.
the object of the mee'lng Ib to decide
upon the time and -1] .ce for holding
the national conventi, 'i that will name
the candidates for the president and
vice-president. Chicago, St^l-outs and
Denver are engaged in au active fight
for the honor of entertaining the delegates and the crowds of shouters and
visitors that go to make up a national
political convention. Several other cities
would like to have the convention,
among them Cincinnati. Milwaukee, St.
Paul, and Louisville. The chances of
most If not all of tbe cities last mentioned are rendered excedingly small
by their inability either to make good
with the necessary cash bonus or to
guarantee the hall and hotel accomodations necessary to a gathering of
such magnitude.
The convention of next year will he
the twentieth national assemblage of
the Democratic party. Among the veteran Democratic leaders ln the city today, some as members of the natianal
committee, others holding seats in
Congress, there has naturally been an
exchange of -recollections In regard to
the conventions that have gone by, In-
lermingled with speculation as to the
convention to come. There are many
leaders here who have attended a half
dozen of the Democratic national conventions.
The national delegate convention method of nominating candidates for president and vice-president did not come
Into vogue until 18S12. Previous tn that
date Ihe nominees were selected by
caucuses of im-rubers of Congress, by
Initiative of Stale legislatures or of
mass-meetings, or by a sort of tacit
The first Democratic national convention met in Baltimore In 18S12. and
concurred in the popular nomination of
Jackson for president nnd nominated
Martin Van Huron for vice-president.
The Maryland roetroimlls continued to
be the chief meeting place for the
Democratic national conventions iiniil
within a few years of the Civil War
Tlinugh lhe first convention met In 1832.
It was nol until 1840 that the first national platform was adopted by the
Democratic party. In ISIS the convention took steps to appoint the first national committee ever formed.
Senator G. W. Ross Will Hove to
Create Under-Secrrtarysliips���
General News of Ottawa.
C. P. R. 1SJXPAN01N0
Movement to Absorb Boaton and Maine
Railway���Regarded   Favorably
by Americana.
Montreal. Dec. 12.���Asked this morning If lie had anything lo suy r.-sardlng
iin- raporta* Ciina.iiiin i-iicific* Railway
move for controlling the stock ol tha
Boaton anil Maine Hallway, now In U! l.y
tin. New York. N.-w Haven and Hun
r.ird Railway, Sir Thomas Shaii-tlim-ssy
sal,I he had no statement  to make
New Haven. Conn.. Doc 12���The fad
Is confirmed here today lhat Ihe Ci.nn
Alan i-iicifli' Railway has made the otter
io buy the shares of the llosltin and
Maine Railroad Whioh are held l.v UM
New   York.   New   Haven  and   Hartford
Railway oompany, ll is uniiersto.nl alao
that Ih- rederal null ;i'ies at Washing
ton have been eOBItlltad with regard to
the iiintur. with favorable reply.
Orchard on the Stand.
Dl.lll**.Tfll1in. Dec. 12.���llurrv Orchard
Is still glvllm evidence. He told of the
killing of Heck und McCormack In the
Vindicator mine by a bomb, which he
and Hilly Alknian plnced there for the
purpose of  killing nonunion  men.
Ottawa. Dec. 12.���During the past
year 72 officials were superannuated or
retired, the annual charge on the fund
thereby being $43,830.
Among the Items for which the governor-general's warrant has been issued
since the last session of parliament were
the following: Expenses of entertaining Prince Fushimi, $2,114; purchase of
a herd of buffalo for Elk park. Alberta.
$4C,429; losses paid on account of the
anti-Japanese riots, Vancouver, $10,775.
The provisional directors of the Moat-
real, Ottawa and Georgian Bay canal are
applying for an extension of time.
Ottawa, Dec. 12.���Mr. Fielding laid
upon tbe table of Uie house yesterday
estimates for the fiscal year ending
March 31st, 1909, calling for a total appropriation of $110,237,091 of which $76,-
871,471 is chargeable to consolidated
fund. This is an increase of $13,1.00,000
over tlie main estimates presented at
the last session. Of this $4,000,000 Is
accounted for ln provincial subsidies
and Increased appropriations for the
transcontinental railway commission,
leaving an Increase of $9,500,000 over
last year's main estimates on other
public services of the country.
Ottawa, Dec. 12.���Liberal senators
and members of the house of commons
held a caucus this inorniii.. under the
presidency of Peter MscKensie, South
Bruce, for the discussion of the sessional programme.
Toronto. Dec. 12.���Claude MacDon-
nell, M. P., South Toronto. gSves notice
of a bill to amend the Dominion Elections act. It provides for compulsory
voting, making general election day a
put,lit- 'holiday and abolishing the $200
deposit required from candidates for
the house of commons.
Ottawa. Dec. 12.���While F. A. Gren-
dou has neglected to make any decisive
action in resigning his seat in the legislature to contest Labelle vacancy ln the
Liberal interests. Harry Cameron, Ottawa, has announced a definite puriK.se
of contesting the election as a Liberal.
He Is a well known Ottawa figure aud
has a strong personality.
Ottawa, Dec. 12.���Australia's persistency in excluding Canadian trade has
resulted in the dropping of a subsidy
vote of tlSOJMQ towards the Canadian-
Australian service between Vancouver
und the Antipodes from this year's estimates. For the year ending March
31st, 1907, export* to Australia amounted to $1,998,968 and imports $194,468.
Dr. J. C. Rutherford, veterinary director general, has been grauted a month's
leave of absence owing to 111 health.
Ottawa, Dec. 12.���Senator G. W. Hoss
has given notice of a motion declaring
that In the opinion of the senate the
time has come for supplementing the
executive government of Canada by the
appointment of under secretaries to the
more Important departments of the public serlve. with Buch duties and privileges tt, beta as may be similar to those
of corresponding officers In the parliament of Great Britain. Hon.. has also
given notice of a motion that the at-
tenilon of the Interior department lie
called to the Importance of directing
to Canada such a class of immigrants
only as will from hnblts and edm-nil-.n
b,. most likely lo promote good cltlxcn-
shlp and contribute towards the development of the resources of Canada.
Greece and France Allied.
Athens,  Dec. 12.���With the  splendid
Ottawa. Dec. 12.��� Alexander McLean
Canadian trade commissioner ut Tokio,
reports Canada's total ���sports* to Japan
for tho nine mouths ending September
30. were to the value of $114,377. II i.
mostly wheat products from Western
Canada, liming the sumo period .lapai.
sent Cunada raw silks and silk tissues
Pone Not In Politic.
Rome, Dec. 12.���The Pope received
today In private audience lion Carlos,
of Bourbon, the pretender to the Spanish throne. Don Carlos expressed the
hope thnt the pontiff would assist him
'n an iiltempt to gain the throne of
Spain, lull the Pope, although Buying
that his friendship was unulier..il in-
dt.-ntod plainly thut for political reasons
It would be liniiosslblo for him to
change his present attitude towards
King Alfonso. .���
Noted Bandit, Killed.
Sophia. Bulgaria. Dec. 12��� Boris Sar-
afoff, the most famous of all lhe leaders of the Bulgarian band,, In Macedonia, was shot dead at the threshold
of his home today by a Mneedonlin
who al the same time killed another
revolutionary chief named Garvanoff
while the latter was ln the act of bidding   Sarafoff farewell.
Congo Bill Modified.
Brussels. Dec. 12���Additions to the
bill for the ratification of the Congo
annexation treuty which have Just been
marde are mosl v..'. imlnous. They Include the reports of the Belgian representatives who negotiated the treaty
aud a mass of detailed Information
such as the text of the agreements between the Congo independent statu and
the American and othor development
corporations, logtil-er wilh the particulars of the Congo debt nnd other MM,
ters ben ring on the financial situation of
the free slate.
I 1    '��� I
��� -'.li
:     'i'i
-      :   ���'''
1       ''    'v' '
J il1
T *.*..-? uaily Canadiai
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
x      -   ==   - = I
Imperial Batik of Canada
Head Orflcse:   Toronto.
CaplUI Authorized    $10,000,003    Capital  Paid Up  $4,860,000
Rest    *-���* Sdo.ovO
D. R. WILKIE. President.
'**       Branches in British Columbia:
(XILDL**        NEL: i IN,      RKVELSTOKE,        CRANBROOK,
Interest  allowed on  deposits  fi"m date of deposit andcreditedquarterly.
,b,.8on branch .1.   M.    LAV.   -Manager.
We know all there is in know about
Watches and Jewels. So if you want
to buy any
or have any repairing done, we are the
people to come to. Our charges for export repair work are mosl mod,.rule
We have many beautiful diamond rings,
pendants of pearls and diamonds, lock-
els, brooches, etc.
��� ������������������������������������<������������������������������������������
The Royal Bank of Canada
IncorpuraU d  A.  D.   L869.
 $3,900,000    Reserve Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kind, of Banking  Busineaa.
Globe expect? That he should commll
thai is not a crime. Whal does lhe
suicide, or challenge the lieutenant- governor lo a duel? The only confusing
circumstance Is that our lieutenant-
governor, have so often refused assent
to similar bills on Insiruction, from Ottawa, that Premier McBride, his cabinet, and the whole province took for
granted that he was acting under Instructions  in  this  case.
SPECIAL   ATTENTION   given   to   the
.avings    B-ink    Department,    and
Interest    credited    Quarterly    on
8avlngs Bank Account,.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published in .lsja s wee. by the
Baker St..  Nelson. B. C
esMorlpttnu rsto., .->u MM, s monlh aellverea
in ibTTttj-. ... ��.uu s year li sei.1 by msil. when
psl'l lu atlvsnee.
Advertl.nis rsua. on ��j.pli,*s��lnn.
All  molile.  psl-l   lu   ulti.-m.iit ol   The Uslly
UTsrtStn,.musl be racelpud loronth. prim..
{""I ol ilie Compauy. oiher receipts are nol
T��lld. _______
Thursday. December 12, 1907.
Reports from .iiies east and waat tell
of armies of ule iii|.l.,ye.l who will have
to he tad, Clothe* and sheltered through
ih, coming winter and ol people nor
nnillv fairly well to do who are reduc
ed to comparative ooyettj by tin ...
iai.se of ii"- ���took market*.
Undoubtedly the probl. m ol the un
employed will be ��� m rlotu one In man)
parts ..I Canada and OVI ii ill I
Columbia. .Ml the yeai th. r�� baa been
aery for more tabor and it baa reauli
ed In a tteadll] Increasing movemenl
Into the province from the eaal and th.
south, with ilie failure ol the nu
and tin Impoaslbllity ..I raising loam
for muni, li... oi other private ent. i prl
���aa much "i the i icpacti .1 acUvlty is cui
lulled lit once.
Bin a still ii. iivie. blow is iii,    .i pen
slon of u.-tivin m the two chief Indui
tries of the province, mining and     i
berlng     The    0.   aatlon    of    *> ork     li;
inlnes.   sun Hers.   lawmlll,  and   logging
camp,  has  thrown  thousand,  ..f goo.
men out of work,    li   their labor cOul
I.,, ai one. dlvertad to clearing new lun.'
for cultivation  the  loaa  won d   nol   b<
fell. i,ui that eannol i��  done eaally, fbi
miner, will probably drift .... r the Iin.
and whan tba pi i lod ol revival oom.
th.. dearth ..r labor ma) be as great a
Hut   lhe   wave   of     d> pi. -    I'.n.      will.
spread   us   it   la,   has   not    y.l    affected
Nelson. The Queen city ol the Knot*
nays has aired-/ aurvtved many ihocki
that have retarded  the growth *.i  bei
Ilelghbon:.  nnd   'lie   will  go llir>>lii-.li   llii,
on.-  wilh less damage Hum nuv
Ii is true, probably, that there are ���
number of miner, in  and  around  thi
city   who  are  for   the  preienl   out   ol
work, bDl Ihey have Iin,I a good year
the prospect* for next spring art- bright.
and ih'-y can face the winter cheerful!..
That there is neither want nor apprehension of want among the people of
Nelson the beat evidence I.s the assur-
at,'. ,,t merchants that the Christmas
trade ha*, al -��i be. n better than It is
this year. Of course there is now a
large population aSong lhe Arm whose
natural market for Christmas goods is
Nelson, hill even making full allowance
tor that, the orders of the  residents of
the city Itself are euchasto Inspire merchants with confidence thai whatever
retrenchments may be necessary elsewhere Nelson's winter is not going to
be clou.1..1 wiih the fear of approach*
ing waul.
Picture Thieves.
Amiens, .'ranee. Dec. 12.���Five of the
moat valuable pictures, the works of
Fragearil. Boucher and Valee, have been
���tolen from the musee de Plcardle to*
geilier with a collection of coins and art
objects   valued   at  about   $5n.      The
thieves did their work so skillfully thai
the police are convinced they are members of nil international gang, which It
It is thought i* responsible for tin-
theft of Vandyke', mast��l piece, "Tin.
Kreciion of the Cross." from the etiiirrli
of Notre Dame at Courtrlu recently.
Jobbing   promptly   attended   to.     Plans
and Estimates.
Apply 415 Hall St.
Box  385.
Geo.  P.  Player
Office   Room   No.  2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
Ones again om contemporary has- <\
clustvfl inf'iiiii'iti-m. We published a despatch yesterday rrom Montreal stating
tht contenti '���(" j. cable from London,
in which ii was itated that Laurier*!
Al a ���oclatlon >>\ the government from
ih.- All-Red icheme had occasioned
I ������ tal surprise. The despatch certainly
tudlcatefl thai London's Inference
thai the Canadian governmenl Is un-
irllllng to gdvocati oi ev< d endorse the
enterprise. Thai wuh also our Infer*
��� - from Lhe report of ih��- premier's
answen to Questions oo the subject in
the house. But our. contemporary reads
Sir Wiiitiiis mind and declares thai he
ba ii"i weakened on the scheme, but
is ont) afraid to commll himself till
others have done the hard work of the
ii:si atagea of promotion.
our contemporary reprints an editorial from the Toronto Globe on tin; sub-
|ecl ol Lieutenant Governor Dunsmulr1!
connection with Japanese im min rat inn
and his rosfusal of bin assent to Mr.
11 rear's bill .*��� restrict all Oriental im
tlon The Qlobe has rashly followed the lead "i the Vancouver World
in trying to Incriminate Premier Mc
Bride with tin* Liberal Ueutenant-soV'
ernor, The gravamn of iih cat**- ih an
follows: "it is certain that Premier Mc
Brittle did not resign or do anything
���poctacular in reHentlrm lhe cm rue pur
nsed regarding in.- leglBlattoii and lieutenant governor Dunsmulr did nut inaki
it char whether be wan actuated by the
constitutional advice of tho premier, by
the dictum of the -Dominion government or by the exercise of bin own Le
kuI prerogative.' Thai the premier did
u-uUiJug spvciuuular 1�� true, hut aural}
City pf Nelaon License Diatrict.
We, the undersigned, give noi lee thai
at the next nit-eilnn of the Hoard ot
License Commissioners we Intend to ap
ply tor u transfer of Ihe Itc.-nsu of the
No Plaee Inn from Win. (losnell to
C. E.  WADE.
Nelson, Nov. 19, 1U07
Nelson Land Dlatriot. Dlatriot ��1 Wool Kootenay
Tok* doUoi thai I, Obetlea Dntcber- intend
to m>ply lor n special timber licence, to rut an-l
carrv away timber from 6tt acren of lHtl'1 Com-
mcncliiy at .No 1 poal about i2 miles wont ol the
KnuiHiH)' river, on the north sble ol |ltoun<l��ry
creek' and north, and BdjSOSOt to limber LlQBtim
IMOSi ami one mile north of the internatlontil
boundary   UOSI OOSUDenfilOg   Bt S pott   mark'd
Char leu Dntoher*! ���outbWMt ootn��r, tneocsBO
rhalrn north, llieiirc W) rhalnn east, thenee*)
Khalnu nouth, thenee bt) <:hainn went to the plaee
ol benlni'lni*.. eontulnniK tMU at run. more or le��H
t-9Wt*d novsmtwr istn, i��w7.
nun,!-  Ih'Tiihib, locator.
No. 2. ConuSSnoUtg at a pOU marked t,harlea
DDtObtr*! noulheaHt isomer, thetne *W chains
north, thence Wj chalni- went, thenee HU etiHinn
nouth, thi-i.c'* hn ehHlim eaut to tlie place of he-
Rllinllift. and went and adjaeeut to number one
tlmbar limit, and eontulniiik OtO acren, nion; Of
bOOBtad Nfivc-mber LStb, 1WO
No. 3. f-oniineiieliiK Ht a po��t inarki-d OhSrUl
Dutiher'H north went oorner and about 15 mUcra
weal of the Kootenay river on the north *lde <>J
Houndary ere*-it and north and arl'ttcent to Umber ;c t..i ,'.',<.'>. tbeiici- aouth HO ctialn-*, thetice
earn hO cbalim, thenee north hii ohal���I- UlBDOe
weatMO t-haiui to the plane of beKlnnlUK, (son*
talnltiK '���>' ������' '��� "��� ni-l-re or leaa.
Located November Ihtb, 1W07.
CliAHIK! DUfOaSS, IxH'Rtnr.
No. 4. Commeiu'liiK ��t �� pott marked OhBTlSI
Dntober'l nortbeaat corner, thenee nouth BO
cliHinn, thenee went 10 ebairm, theiK'e north N
clialnn. thenee cant ��*. ehalnn t-i the plat-e of be-
Klnnlng, contain I inr ft*10 arren, more or leaa
bOOSlM November lhlh, ISW7.
TTitiStas Ih'iiiikh, lyx-ator.
No. 6. t;om incur Ing at a potl marked Charlei*
IniLtsher'u aoutheanl corner, thence Hti clialni.
north, thence HUchaltit went, thene** HO rhalua,
���outh. the net* 80 chalna. eaat to tbe place of he-
uiunltiK. eontaluliiK MO acrea, muru or lean.
Located November IHth, l��r7,
i juiii.h* Ism mih, locator.
No. 0. Co m me nel Dg at a poat marked Charier
iHiuia-r'a  aouthwuKt corner, tbeuce  north  &)
We are now showing .1 splendid stock of Men's Silk Neckwear, Kid Glove��,
Silk Mufflers, Linen Handkerchiefs. Silk Handkerchiefs, Silk Umbrellas and
Fanck Art Embroidery tie racks, etc. These lines are all new and most up-
to date.
We invite inspection of our special selected stock of Fancy Drawn Linens.
Table   Cloths.   Napkins,   Side   Board   Covers, etc.
A   magnificent  assortment   of   Ladiees' Belts and Neckwear.
chtlnn, thenee cant   BO chain-*.  thBOOS  Mats H
chains, thenee ��i'*l ***i chninn to the plac , of be
ginning,   coualnlm* MO a ren, more or leaa.
Located November lS��h, 1��'7
tHAKLs- DtnoB_s, LooBtor.
Nelaon Laud EHtftrtot. District of Ueii _oo*.may
Take notiop that Holumon Wukinaon, of Nelnon, fit', occupation lumberman, lui-nds to
apply for a special timber licence over the fob
lowing described   landi:
1. Comineneing at a jKiat ;���;*,:,���<.������' on the north
bank of Summit tree* about two and u ball
milea from ita mouth, thence north 40 ilium*,
theuce east J��o elialus, tlu'iieu aouth 40 ehain*-,
tiu-nce went 160 ehaiui,
Dated aOth Nnvi in ber. l'Jol.
2. Couimenelnv at ��i [-out planted ou an un
in.infd ere*k whith QbwI into Summit creek
from the nouth at a ikiiiiI about two aud a half
miltneant from the  north  fork of  Summit cre-ek
salo post being splaced about three .,:imn. j - i
up such unnamed Croat! and about 800 feel to
the eaal Ibewof, thena .KM 4o chain-, iheii'c
-outh LSO  attains,   iheiii't*  weat tOehaiut., theiniL*
north ii" chalni..
Dated I9tb Noramovr, n*o7.
y. Commending at n iM>m nlantod on an unnamed ereek whleh Id.wn into Summit creek
from the south at a puna about two anda half
mllenerrit from the norih fork of Summit creak
��t a point about three --uarters mile UD Ittofa
creek and about 600 feet to the east then of.
thence south It" chain*, ilii-ui-e ��.-*.t 40- bains,
th-uce north l��o chains, tl-uee east 40 ehainn.
Dated piih hOTember, it** 7
i. Commeneing at a po**t planted on the northeast  side ot   tho   north   fork   of Summit  creek
about four miles from  the junction of the i h
fork wltb the main Hummit crei k, thanes south
SO ehaina. thence wesl HO chains, thence north 40
i bains, ih- oee ea*l 80 - halm
Dated lbth, Novcmbur, It* 7
V    (I8OB0B Yui Nil, Agent.
Nelion Land District. District ol Went Kootenay
Take notice that Charles Q, Reader, ol Spokane. i:i the State of VVashlngloii. U H. A . riii
anciai agent, intends to apply for a "[tectal timber licence over the following described landa.
(1) ('ommencing at a post planted aboul 30u
feet east of the west fork of Mission creek, one
half mile   north of  the   international   boundary
line, abonl ten mllea east of Rykerts, B o,
thence aouth -to chains, to the internatlnnal
boundary line, thence weat 1'0 chains, tbenoa
north 40tthalas, thence east Imj chains to the
point of oommencement, and containing Mb
acres, more or leas.
UXISted the 32nd Ocu.ber, A D., 1907.
(.'HARl.E*1'i. Kkeprh.
(_���) Commencing at n post about half a mile
t-exnt of the west fork of Mission ereek, about one
and a half miles north of the International
boundary Une, nbont ten miles east of Kva.-rts,
B 0 , thence west "0 chains, thence north hu
chains, thetne DaitfO ehulns, i��un.e n*nth ��)
clialnn to th< ,������-.' of ��� '.:r;i. i-iii rrnciii and containing MO scroa, more or Mat*.
bOGMed tbS ^ml day of October, A D    LWI.
iK-miJ' O, &SSDSS.
(;i)  Oommenolni ��i a pott on the Internatlo-
al boundarj line one mile ea*-t of the east fork of
M las tun oree! about It mllea eaat of kykerla.
B (.'., thenee east 40 chalna, Ihence north UO
chains, thence mi ehalnn weat, thence 40 ehaini
south, thence40 chains east, thence bo obalni
aouth to tha point of commencement and con
tainiin/ M0 acres, more or lena
Located th.--.:tril day of October. A.|i . 1807.
( HABl.Ra (i  IlKKui a
Nelson Land District    Dtatrlctof Weat Kooteuay.
Tbkb notice that I, W a. Hudson, ot Spokane,
Wash, occupation timber crulaer. Intend to aptly fOI n ���.!*" ml timber UptnO! over the following daeoribad lands: Commencing at a post
planted ou the north bank of Summit creek, and
marked W A Hudson's K. W. comer, thenee
north fi chains, theuce eaat lWiehains. thtnoa
south 4ii Cbalnti thence weal 16<l chains to lhe
p<iliit of commencement, containing Mo acrea,
more or less
Dated Kov, 2, IWl. W.A. Hi DBOV,
Nelson Land District. District of Wesl EootSDSf
Take nollce that W A.Hudson, or Spokane*
Was**h.. ooonpatlon ttmiwr rruiser. Intends to apply lor a ipeoJal timbei licence over the follow
ing described land*., t oinincnelng at a post
planted on the Honlh  bank of the   norih   fork oi
'om ereek, thanee south 4i chain-*, thanoa wMt
ISO obalna, thanoe north 40 chain*., thence Mat
100obatns to ths point Of commencement, con
tal ii li. k M0 acres, moru or less.
Dated Nov. 6th, I'.t-a. W. A. RtrMow,
Nelson Land District.   D���tT-fSt oi West Kootenay
Take   notice   that W   A   Hiulsoii,  of BpOkana,
wash., ooonpatlon timber cruiser, intends to apply for a special timber llcfciice ovet the following  described    lands;     r(lMimen''lug   ut   a  post
pi uited ou the east tide ol tbe>outh fork of the
Wc have a full stock of the
Lime-Solphcr-Salt   Winter Spray
In ,S"-1". iind i gal.  tins.
,ng     fa �����< :iU>d    ia
pianled about ti00 .���
Corn creek  thane* south��chains, theneeeaw
to chains   ihunce norm W chains, them
ebalna to the point ol oommanoamant, eontaiu-
\__ i j. aerea, more "r iesa
(VatiHl KoT.Mh, 190T. W, A   Bi '   OS
Nelaon Laud District    District of West -OOtBOBJ
Take  notice  lhat W. A   Bndaon,  *>f  Sjx.kaiie,
Waab., ooenpettoi
ruuer, int. nn-. toap
ply for a special timU-r   licence  ��w r tbe follow-
ing deeerfbed   Landa     Commeneln! ai a po��
planted about IBQ feet north ol Ihe north fork ol
Corn croak  thenee south SO ebalna, thena wott
HI) chains, theuce north wi < liain#.   th*-ie*e east an
ebalni to tha polnl "' oommensMsent, contain
in^ 040 ..I'll ���, more or laaa
Dated Nor. 4th, 1WT. ~   ��   Bnneos
N-alaon Land Dlttrt I   EMtUlet ..i "est Kih-;. oaj
Take notlot that W A Bndson, oi t^pokaw .
Waah., occupation timber* rulaar, Intenda toap
plv for a special timt.-r in ��� me over the f-diow-
ing   ties. riu*d   lands:      (ommencing   at   a   tn*at
planted abonl J" laat north ol ihe north fork of
Corn creek  thenee south SO obalna, thencoeaaj
ttu chains, then..- north HO. halna thenee west �����!
chains lo the (Kiini of eomiBenoasn-ni. conlalii-
ing fs-4��) acres, inoro or leaa.
Dated Nov 8th, IWJ W a. Keosoir.
Bi Ibob Land Dlatriot. District of West Sootanaj
Take notice thai   W.   A,   Hutsoli.   of  teokaoa,
wa-h. poenpalloa t.mia-r orulaar, unen<is to ap
ply for a spehial tittiU-r licence o.ei th, tOUow
iug deaotibed lauds; Commencing at a taisi
planted ou the south Lat.k ol the main < OTJ
creek and ad'cdnlng timber Itoanoe N" ltn-a.
I., to.- aouth 40 chain-, thence wist ISO Ohalna,
thenee north 40 chains, theuce east 160 chains t .
the point of commencement, contalulng Mo
acres, more or less.
Hated Nov, 7th, l-STL W. A. HPPBOB.
Notice ls hereby given thai oo ilayn alter date 1
intend to apply i*. the lion, t hief Oommlaalonai
of Landa and Works for permission to purchau
the following deacrlbed lands, situated lu vi-'Ht
KiKJtenay diatrict. Commencing at a poU mark
e.i bf name as Initial post of th* South h'-rk
branch, one hundred feet from the lunetion ol
I-^ist creek with the south fork; ihence one-
quarter mile to the north weat corner post, thene**
oi.e mile to the northeast comer poet, thenea
one quarter mile to the southeast OOTtiai past.
tbenoa one mile lo the piaO!  of commencement
June n, Hajc        Losstsdbr ftu i'onn-jliy.
The Brackman-Ker  Milling Co., Ltd.
Nelson l*��t\t\ ;ii��iri-yl.   Diairiel of West Kool
Taa�� noiic-B that II  Williams, ooonpatlon
rher; It B. llastinas.occupation electrician
R s. P   Smyth, ooonpatlon lumbermen; ��-
Pro-Tier. B- C , intend   to appl*.   Ior B sspoclal
ber Heen,*.- over lhe following   described   la
Commencing ata p-.��t about three mllea aa
wilson-'ietli on south shoreof Kootenay i
theme   nouth nj  chalus,   then if   ��� ���n-i ���***"   chn
thanpenortb ���)ohalna* theuce west, Huenati
.���omineiieemetit, cuutalning Mo a.
t 1 tall
st of
more or Leaa.
Heptemrr-ir 2Ktu. luur.
11   WlLLUMI
L h. B-ummM
It   H. I" nkiui
Nelaon Land District.   District ol W!!l Kootenay.
Take notice that L lohn Jame- Cameron, ol
Fc rule. S. t'..   OOQUpatlOO   conliaclor.   intend to
apply for a apaclal tlmbsf license orer tba foi
lowing described  lands:
No. 1.    Commencing at a  post   planted  about
thr.*.-   miles   from   the  west   b..ip ol   tba   H    <
.���oiithern Ity , on   Carroll ereek,   ami   ad'oiiilng
A.J   M    ri. W   comer post   No   l   claim,   marked
"J.J. 0, N   w.  corner   imibi,"  thanoa  aaal   U
ehaina. ihence south W) (lialna, th.nre west HO
chains, thence uorth Wich*iiisto tin- pin..- ,,f
eommeiicemeiil containing UO BOTOB, more or
Dalc-d October BftUt, WW
immeiiciug  at a   post   planied   a hi
. and a half miles (mm   -
Ton ran  buy a  Inarrr  Fruit  Rand)   ih   tho  li-wl   fruit   prowinc dlrtrtct
tn   British  Columbia  by   paying  $in dollar-*, down and fi<> i-��   :.������
Kvun  ns  an   Invent in* nt   tlti;-  Is   Wortb  (-(UiHld-'ratlon
Kniit  Land tuu trsblsfl m vs-tm vlthtn the yt-ar.   Wbst WlU K *��otot
\ ��� 11 ' l
.... ���������SW--MJ
iii.nl'' of br.a a��lc-c! silk,
kniK   jnckt'th were   l*f)ur...
Sale Price only $6.
thnt   hrftlit nny OtBSI \��
-min we  hnve
We ImvetuoSmokingJw* ,
etc, size .is and ID breiiHt, inocio of br.an.l-it silk, OOTdsd BdgSS, JplSDdW'T^J''
Uirrel buttoiiM.    Tlie   BBQtfnfl  Jwifcotl were   l-oairht direct  from the ui
turerx,   t'tmt     la'd    dnwu
in NoImui f| 1.70
north fork ot Corn creek, lliencfe south Hu .-halns,
thence wci-t mu .-halns, thenoe north W) chains.
I hen. e eaal M Ohalns to the point ol commence,
incut, containing i>4n acrea, mon- or let s
Dated Nov  (iih, 1��07. W   A.  StTMOS.
Nelson Land District.  District of Wesl Kootenay.
'lake notice ihat W.A. Hudaon, of Hi-okauc.
Wash., occupation timber cruiser, Intel On to ap
ply for a Special timber licence over lhe follow
lug described lands; Commencing at a post
planied aboul r-JKl feet norih of the nor*.a
lork of Corn creek, theiico south HO chalna.
thenee west HO ehulns, thenee ho*th HO
Chalna, tbenca eaat HO chalna to the polnl of
commencement, containing >������" -acres, more or
Dated Nov. fith, 11K/7. W. A. BOBSOS.
Nelson Lsnd District IDIatrlct c.f West Kooteuay
'fake notice that W, A. Hudson, of SpO���US,
Wath,, occupation limber crulaer. Intends lo aj��-
ply for iv snecial timber licence over the following detenbed landa: Commencing at a post
planted about .MX) feet north of the north fork of
Corn creek, thenee north 80 chains thence west
HO chains, thence *outh HU chalna, thence aaat Ml
ehaina to Ihe point of commencement contain.
Ing 010 acres, more or lets.
Dated Nov. (ith, IWl. W. A. Hci-min.
Nelson Lund District. Diatrict of Weat Koolenay
Take notice that W.A. Hudaon, of Hnokunu,
Wath .occupation limber 01 ulser, Intends to apply lor a special timber licence orer the folio
&.C.Southern Ky on a unaO stream emptying
Into ('arroll iVilt and inarU-d 'U.J t:.S W.
eorner    post,"   thence  moi,UU   �����'  chnins,   thene**
eastSOonalna, thanoa north ho chains, ihence
west HO chn;ns to the point of commencement,
contain tug Mu acres, more or less.
Dated October ^fith, IWT7.
Nc> .(. CommeiM-lug at a post pUnte.1 alxutt
one half mile from the west loop of lhe li c
Houthern Ky., on ��� arroll creek uihrkei) -'J J. 0,
N. V\. corner nosL-helice south Wi chains, thence
aaal W < buna, nPncc north ���*���> chain-, tbanoa
west au  ehulns to   Hie   place  of  coinrnenceinenl
containing MO BOMS,  more or leaa.
Datud October-Wlh, I'M.
Jmiin Jamk- Camkkon, bOOStOti
Nelson I���nd DlalrPt. DlltrlOtol West K.ioUuiay.
Take nollce that 1, Aleiander Joseph UoCool,
of Kernie, H 0., OOOUPBUnn, holel-geeper, Intend
lo Hpply for a special timber licence over the
ndlowlng described lands:
No I. Commencing ata post planted al-oul
three miles from the It C. Koulhern Itv. wost
loop on Carroll ereik, marked "A. J M. IJ, JE,
corner post," thence norih v, chains, thenee
weat HO c halna. theuce south 80 cdialus, thence
east HU chains lo the place of eoininencoment,
con la I ti Ing M0 acres, more or leas.
Dated Ootobtr 96th, I'JW.
No. 2. CominencDiK at a p st planted abfiiit
om-and n hull mile from tha west loop of lhe
H. (',. Hoitlhuru Ky. on a suiaii nt renin running
Into Carroll Creek and marked "A.J M N V\ .
corner poal, thence acutth HU chalna, thenee aatl
HO chains theuce north HO chains, thene.* west
HO chains to the plac:e of commencement contalulng clip acres., more or leas.
Dated Octosher 20th. 1907.
No 3. Commencing nt a post planted nbont
two miles from the weat loop of lhe M. <;. r-ouifi-
erh Kv. on Carroll creek, marked "A J. M 9AM,
corner poat." thence west Ho chains, thence
north Hu chains, thence east ho chalna, thence
south HO (halns  containing M0 acrea,  more or
Dated (h toner 28th, 1907.
���ts-aspss Jotaiii Mt-CooL, Locator,
��� ��������������������� *************************************** '
���i,.. ���-���^
^V-Ws^V^^-^*w t.   A.   ISAAC R.   W.   HINTON ~*^*-*~^*-~**-'
*F*OUrNI_>l2WS A1>IU
Usspi.lrlM--  snd dobbin. ���_�����_iiia��4.t with -l>aatsptstc-rt.    ��!!���__"a
work, Min Inn puna Mill Maaonln��ry-j     Msnumoturai~
l)r��   CniM,   IV.   I.*.    Cuiili'MLliirs'   Gteft*.
(orin-r ol Ha 1 and
Humi streets.
NELSON,    E3. C.
New and Second Hand
Ih tlm plana for bargain,.    \\'.. .1" np
holaterilui uml oablnel   work, ami i_T-
imi,... I,, |.I,.;ik,. ynii In piiOfll, wi.i'U. BtO,
\   I rial  will   .-'iiivliic..   you.
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
INeUSOIN,     -     B. G.
Smoked HaliH
Joy's Cash Grocery!
(Mr. JoioptilM ��nd ^'.'f.^V
BBtfT vou A The Dairy Canat
This is fresh-killed poultry and will give you
every satisfaction.    ORDER NOW.
More supplies arriving later.
P. Burns & Co.. Ltd.
Kaslo, Rossland
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale Kootenay  Ice, Fruit,
Fuel &. Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   Sta.
'-.:,. Dlatriot.   DtatrtOtSl Waal Kootenay
���>,..lr-t   JHammotia.  aacul   !-.r
...* J   Tanner, ol Nelson, eeeapattan wsu-h*
fa_i -       '���',:��� to apply   for   pt-rmluion Ui pur-
��� *ina *ie*M-rlti��*-l  lands:   ��'��tnmeu-
���    �����Iani-*'1   aU'iut  SU   uiH***.   e*_,i ol
.    theoee *o c-batna   in   an earner!y
.   ..-.���   JO chalo*   aoulh,  ihence so
etutni la a westert) <iir*-ction. thea-QB9ohetas
I-.nit ..fcouimencemeni. coul��lnlag
Oatti ot less
Da-4 N ������   -ft-ih, iWt.
Paanan k  (orn Tismbr,
f. j. lajoaasst, Arent.
<.. . '. iMttrtct.   District .1 ^e-l Kooleusy
tssseoUea thai   Fr-*d J. Sammona. a-��**nt lur
t k sal -.-i.  of   1'rocwir. occupation   raw ber.
.--.'���--.���.   appl) for permission to purchaat. the
rlbed   lands:     Couameucin-* at a
1 aboot I1, nnlra vest of wilsoo creek,
.���-���.j   ebalna, thence norihweat 20
northaaat _istoSiaa, thene. south
Mi   - - :������ ���;!.** lb.- ���-���nil ���-! ' oairuei.' emeu l
I      | KI a* rSBa more ur less.
.     t* ii  *>*th. iwt
ABCHiasLi) Af-i-aa**--*** Mit.i_��i-
AgeUt   F   i    bA-MUl-U.
���*-.*��� s Laad DtatTSM    MBtnol oi W.n K.M.tenay
i*. ;:,��i W. A. HudwD, iiralH-rt'rulser,
*'. -n-okaas    -pokaue c-ouuty. Waahluaion, uuc
ted **-*_te��of Amerir-*., in lend* to apply
!��'l-   ;��.   Umber   license  over   thr following
*l--*r;l-j*.l lauds:    Commencing at a J**-*! marked
led on lhe north bank of Corn creek.
���    . is ..f  ihe North lork ol Corn creek
�����;ta ibe main stream,  about   five   miles  in a
*#-*.t*rl? a tree tlon from confluence of said < orn
-t��i auii ihe Koolenay river;   then**** north to
thslni. thenee w***t   ��u chains; thenee aoulh 40
eha    - i i,.-.- eaat   IU rhaina lo point ol con.-
' ...nialntng Mc) acres more or lose.
-a      Ian !   ad Bins t.imWr   limit  No. .   on the
*-*t stud timber limit No. S on the south. a�� lo-
'��        | me.
Ls.- I v.w-mt-t-r 7, !��'���-
WlLliaa A. Ilvr-woff, Locator
������ sfatoafc i' bhtne
Darlsrad  abd signed by Uie wublo named W
' ��� ilie- Mx.it dsj ol November. A   U
IWi   befurr   ens  at  BpokS���a,   rtpokane   OoOStT,
���������ubliiglon. oneol the Unit***. ttMMO< Amerlc-a.
1'aTSH k  C    .-H1KS.
-   Q Land I'latncL   DtStttSl ol West Kootenay
Istr BOtlOS thai laabelle I'l.rce,   IStrassburg.
stioa raarrtsd woman, in tends lo apply
I ���' i- rniMlou  \o purebaae the   loUoaiug   U**s-
Landa:    (ommenciiig at a post planted at
lb- ;��� lerseeiloa of  the   out to  t��oui��<lary of  Lot
US  aid  itir past  boundary   ol   Loi   No.   MBf-.
i sast v. , bams, more or less, to lhe north
���sal cornei  ml   limt-er   Limit   .���"-*���   19T1*  Ibeoos
H   haloa, thenee west 'jo chalua, mora BJ
* -       ins aaat Bide of Whatahau lake,   theuce
a kg  same   in   a   *M-utherl��   and   westerlj
.halna. more or   less lotheinie;
���eith Lot aist. thanoa 99 Qhalm, toon oa
owing   eaaterly   boundary  of Lot til***.'- to
I- ll I ��� '    -.n.meucemenl.
Dsted 1th Oi-u.brr, IWl.        la*BEi-LA Prases,
P. <i, FAfyt'isa. -gent.
HaUonlaand lni.tr.ct. District ol Wesl KoStSS���J
Ttts aollOB thai Alexander J UcCoPl. of
fsrnie, fi i , ocenpatlou clerk, intends to apply
���or permission to purchase the following dea-
'  ��� "    land      lomiiieiiclng at a post p.*nl*-d on
��� rn boundary oi H  C Southern  Kail
wsy ti(*bt .,f way,  about   one   and   a half   mllea
Irena   the  norlhweot  c-oruer of lot *�����*��,
���''   | KaOtOOBT,     theuce   BOVth   ��J  chains,
��� ��-t m chslm , theuce   north acn bains to
��� ���'! i-"iudary of ��aid   right ..f wa   . iheoi-e
"���*: ��  halns along aald aoatharo booodarr to
I-'itii   o|   'omi���enoement.   and containing  t*-o
Mraa, Bora or leas.
Dated November Sib. \W,.
AkitiMna ���'   Mi- ool-
Kelson Land DSatrtBt, D*-iirici o| tVapt Kootenaj
Taks [...ii,,, uiat r. P. burden, acting aa ageni
'"��� '   H   Hurden, of  I'obiok.   N.H,  occupation
���senanic, intsMa to apply for parmtaalnn Is
I "������' is- the lolloHtUK deaorlbed lauds: I .'in-
wt'iieiiiK at a p.���.i planted on lhe easterly Shore
oi uroa mb an-i sImmiI 10 chains north of tha
���V K. comet of bit aitVl. thenee east 'A) chains.
tneDOB north 40 ohalna, more or less, to the lake
*���'" ��� - thsne-a south westerly along the lekeebora
'"   I "'I'll  ol ' Mliilnen.-eliieUt,    MM   COIltaiMlUK
"*-".-"', more ur les*-.
ifOvO November l��th. 1WI7. Jahei 11   lttansK,
K. f    BtiHOKN, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that at the
������'���vi meeting uf Uie Board of Ueen*-
Commiaalouera tor tba Dlstrid or Ymir
y l��L i" Id after the exr4r��_on ol thirty
ll:i>^. I Intend to apply tor a transfer ol
u-*' Mrt-nHf* for the Qrove Hotel from
myaeli to William OosnSil.
Krnuat G. Borden.
By hU attorney.  Win. QoaaalL
Dated thu   lath  day   or  November,
lottos ie hereby gHraa that a Oonrt
"J itevlslon and Appeal, under lhe pro*
viaiona of the Assoaame.it Act. reaped
���hi lhe AsHeHMinent Boll for the faai
[��08. fur the Nelson Assessment uis-
nm Wl!1 hfi hpl(i ttt tm' flovernment
Ufflce, N.-lHon, on December IHth, IM7,
at -0 a. m.
,   . R.   8.   LENNIE,
-ttJtS (jf Court of HevlBlon and Appeal.
-NiilBon, December 2nd, 1807.
Nelaon Land LMairlcl. I)i-.trlet .��f Wet KootensT
Take notice ihat John James Cameron, ot
rernle, BrMish - ohimbla, -vcupalion OB���tnu
tor, intends lo apply lor perroiiudon to
pun-ha-ae the followinn de**.rlbed land: Com
mi in-trig at a post punted on the MUtahet-
bi.nti.lary of the H *. r. SouUiern rtghtoLv��ay
aooiit w chains wejiterlv from tbeN.W eoroer
of lot sinss. Kroup l, Kootenay, thence south *��
chaius, thenee eaat ��J chalus. thence north 60
���halna to the southern boundsrv ol the ��aid
right id way, thence wetierly along said south
ern   taxiudary  of  runt of wav   io   the   point
I'ate-1 November 9th, llaTT.
J  ii*�� Ia
IF-a   '".vrpi-r
���Nelson Land Masnoi   instrict o: Woes -*"���*--rr-j
Take notice that John fhiell. of Needle*. B C .
OOeqpatto*J   rancher.   Intends   to  apply   for per
mission to purchase the followin* daaanbed
land; Commencing at a port planted at the
northwest corner of Lot .tm, thence west 10
chains, ihence south "v. chains, thence east to
cnains, thence north no chains to the point of
'omiaeti'eisuent, aud consuming !��i acres, more
or leas.
I-ted laih OVU'ber.l-W. Jajrt*-f-niau.,
 _i_JL_____*r ta*. Ak-^m
Nelson I_nd Mstrlct.   District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Angus Mcf-tll. ol the City of
Nelacn, occupation fireman, intends lo applv for
permission t*. purcsba��e the following d<s-rlbed
lands: Commencing at a post planted at the
N. W.  corner   1.    (',   Morrison'"  ranch,    in   Fir
alley, tht ice north lorty (40) c-baina. thenr
ast |o-.y (40) chsins, thence south fortv (so
alns, thiU'*e **fe-��t forty (40) chains olnt o
nimrniTm-nt.   snd coiiiaiulna   one hundred
d sixty {160* acres, more or leas.
Ptgd **er*t*- -nber 2nd. iwit       items MoOtU.
K> ACki^S
We offer you best fruit landa;
best terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute    titles.       You
di-n't have to use all of your means
ln paying for land. We want you
to put It into development. We
also hare tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these landa and handle nothing on
If you don't see Fruitvale you
miss the beat in B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson,  B. C.
ast Watch
The  windows of tbe Old Cur
loslty Shop for
Fancy China
From the hand-painted down to the
common grades of Chinaware. HoOLt
week  we  will bave a sale of Cut Glass
Old Curiosity Shop
Noll.-.-   Is   her.-l.*   ,n. u   thai   UM   un
d.-rKlK". d   pfOBl hnve   uia.it- n;\
ilun   under   ill,-   I'lfvidloa.   of the   "Liquor Uce_e ah.' 1*00, tor ik.L-1 i.i
oonoa, at Um i.iac.-R **i opposite nam
John Marsliall, Marshall Hotel, Kit
Kred Adle. Korl Shepp��rd Hotel.
Wan* ta.
(J.  T.   Snow.  Outlet Hotel.   Procter.
I'. K. UurgeBs, Kdna Hot. 1. PaUtvwtaa.
Archibald *- Uaviu, 1'aiacv Hotel.
.1. \V.  Mast.-rson.  Ymir Hotel. Ti ralr
K. M. Peters. St. Chi: les Hotel.
John Breau, Cosmopolitan Hotel.
Vmlr. ,   _.    ,
Q   S. Coleman. Waldorf Hotel. \ mir
Samuel  Miller. Miller  Hotel. Ymir.
taOtUM   Mil'.nk. Sirdar  Hol.-l.  Sirdar
Win. GoMiell. Grove  Hotel.  Fairvi.u
MaU-tte & Johnson. Kootenay Falls
liolel   Slocan Junction.
J   R    lliinnex.   Mersey   Hotel.   Erie.
B.   E.    McAithur.     Northern    Hotel.
Geo    Mead. Creston   Hotel,  Creston.
\lex   McKesson. Erie H.'tel. Erie
Joseph  Walker. Erlckson     Hotel.   Er*
Icl*. --'Ml
Kdlth Gille. Vancouver Hotel. Ymir.
Win   Gray. Salmo Hotel. Salmo
(���I*-.   Munro.  Munro  Hotel  Creston.
A meeting of the Hoard of Ucence
rvmun larionet-, will be held to consider
-KOb applications, at the Court Jiouw.
nr -Soli-on on Monday. Uie Ifith da>
Of Deeamber, 1907. at the hour of 2
o'clock In Uie afternoon-
Chief Licence Inajsoctor.
Nelaon, B. C, l&th November, 1301.
Review   of  Proaoects   of   Mainland   and
Island   Mineral   Deposits.
Mining in ihe coast dlatrlcta Ib steadily expanding nnd growing in taport-
anco, and quite recenlly aome valuable
finds of copper in large deposits and
averaging from 2 to 6 per cent . have
been found both along the mainland
coast and on several groups of islands
adjacent thereto, notably a deposit on
Morseby Island and others near Observatory Inlet, ln some cases shipments of ore have already been made
to local smelters, while in others development work is in progress. There
is also considerable more activity on
the west coast of Vancouver Island,
one property in particular at Sydney
Inlet showing up remarkably w��-H. while
the erection of another smelter ai tbe
head of Alberni Canal is und*r contemplation. Again eopsper properties on the
Qu**en Charlotte Island* are Iw-ginning
to attract a good deal of attention, several claims having been recently bonded   at   high figures  here.
The potentialities of the courrry
through which the line of tbe Grand
Trunk Pacific is projected are very enthusiastically regarded hy men who
have prospected in some of these northern districts, notably those of the
Skeena and Telkwa. Coal is distributed in widely separated localities in
the Skeena watershed, and is reported
to have been found on the lower reaches
of the Telkwa river and its tributaries;
the headwaters of the Morice river; Uie
Hulkley river; Driftwood Creek; the
Kitsequecla river; the Kispox and Tte-
satzakwa rivers; th** head of Copper
river and near the head of the Skeena
Ifett. Cnfortunately. however, none
of these coals appear to be coking,
which in view of tbe occirrene-*- in the
neighborhood of large bodies of refractory ores is a matter of some cone���*��� in.
although systematic prospecting in tbe
future may have a more successful issue. Minerals of economic Importance
have been discovered in various sections. These include deposits of galena and copper pyrites at the head of
Kitmat Arm; iron near Port Essington.
and copper ores in the Bulkley Valley
���arias. Many of these deposits are of
great extent, and while in most cases
little more than surface prospecting
has been done, promise exceedingly
well.���From Mines and Minerals for
Tired   of  Washington   Post���To   Resport
on Japanese Questions.
London. Dec. 12.���A letter has beea
posted addressed to James Hryce. riris
Ish ambassador. Washington, r*q
ing his presence in London. It is expected he will come early in the new
y, ar. for consultation ��ith the government authoii;|'_. principally in reference
io relations between the I'nited States
and Japan It is believed tbere ls little
likelihood he will return to tbe Wash
irmton spost. In case he does not. his
succ**ssor. It Is understood, will be Sir
Henry Howard, pre-sent minister to the
Netherlands, stationed at Uie Hapue.
It is said Ambassador Dryce never
contemplated a long residence at Wash
ington and named a year as tbe possible
���Vn important feature of the Japanese
side of Uie Question has not been :
tloned heretofore���the effect in China
of an agitation during Uie past few
months. The Japanese government
vi.iwi with mixed feelings the coming
of the American naval demonstrations
in tbe Pacific, not because of the doul>r
ful intentions af tbe American |U*��r_
ment. but becau-se of Uie fear of the
effect on V9M C-Maeaa mind. The Chinese are being imbued with the idea that
America Is moving in their behalf
against Japan.
Born in Hi leam, Dae. HU., to the wife
of F. Trotxo, of Phoenix, a son.
Pythian Sisters-
The  Nelson   lodge of  Pythian   Bk
will m.-e' in _M K. ������* P. ha'.: sttlltfll Bt
8 to nominate officers for the next term
F. O. E.
At     th-*     rvcular   meeting   of  NeftBQ-
\. tie, F. 0   K. held last alBfc! the foi*
1 rartftg aa_ei n were elccie-i for ihe next
'.���rm Prvsid-mt. J. A. Kricks-wn. vice-
pr*es.den\ J. E- Taylor; secretary. R. A.
Howe; tr-astirer. W. R. Maclean.
lain. .1 Kc&_3 1 Q . T. Smith; O. G..
W. Gilliver: physician. Vt. W O Rose:
truFteos. J H Ringrxise. H. Crosby and
E   Fer-guson
L. O. T. M.
The Ladies of the Maccabees met last
night and elected the following office.s
for next term: Lady commander. Mrs
Margaret Squires: L, C. Mrs. Martha
Wa'ker: R K.. Mrs. Sarah Schermerhorn
financial auditor. Mrs. Lucy Seaney;
sergeant. Mrs Sarah Phillips; M. at A..
Mrs. Fletcher; eentlnel. Mrs. Alice
Steeper: picket, Mrs. Mary Campbell:
chaplain. Mrs May Holm-*s; captain of
guard. Mrs? Mary McMorrls; physician.
Mrs. Anna Jonea.
Is now ready to execute   all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery -will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care "will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel. 324.
"COMPANIES   ACT,    107."
Province of Drttiah Colombia.
No.   412.
This ia to certify that "The Manitoba j
and   Western   Canada   Land   Company, j
Limited,"    i s authorti_*d      and    licensed      to      carry      on      business      within    Uie     Province    of      Briusb      Columbia,    and to carry' out    or effect all ���*
or  any  of the objects of the Company ���
to  which   Uie   legislaUve   authority   of
the  Legislature of British Columbia ex- j
The head office of Uie Company is situate at the Town of Altona. in The Province of Manitoba.
The amount of the capital of Uie
Company is sixty thousand dollars, divided into six hundred shares of one
hundred dollars each
The head office of Uie Company in
this Province is situate at Nelson, and
W A. Macdonald, Barrister-at-Law.
whose addr* - - N* 'son. B. C. is attorney for the Company-
Given under my hand and s-=_l of office at Victoria. Province o! British
Columbia, ih.s sixteenth day of Novem-
b*T. one thousand nine hundred and
ReeisTrar of Joint  Stock Companies
Tbr   objects  for which   this     Company ha* been established and licensed
are: ���
For the purpose and with the object
of buying or acquiring by grant, purchase-or otherwise, and leasing, mort-
pag.ng ar otherwise transferring M
ing with or disposing of rt�� Beta*
lands, tenements, hereditaments of
every" description or nature, and any
and every right and interest therein:
developing, cultivating, forming, settling snti otherwise improving and uUl-
isinc  the  same, and  of  pledging. I
Batttag and otherwise
-_- with exchange or disposing of
the same, and generally of carrying on
the business of a land and land im-
pr->vement company; and to car-
the business of ranching, farmiie aoi
lumbering: of aiding an da*
advances of money or otherwise, with
security, settlers and in
eni:ng eetUers upon any lands belong
the company or In the neighborhood of such lands, and generally to
pr-mote the settlements of land or ac-
quirtne. holding, selling, mortgaging
pl-r-dginse and otherwise dealing with
mortgages and charges In lands or any
interest th*��rtin. and of agreemer:'
tores: therein, and of investing aad
lumbering: of aiding and assistine by
with covenants for tbe aecurity of
the pisrchaseand ssale of land or any in
,endi.r,g money upon tho s* euiitr of real
and personal estate, goods and eh:.
���stocks,   boa ��� I   exchange,   mpa*
-y   r-rotes,   or kinds of  security   as
an individual may: to take and n
- ,.:ures on real or personal estate, or
ther I 'v at such rates of Intere--'
as may tw> acre*?d upon: to sell and 'n
assign such mortgages or mortgai:-
same by any Instrument in writing or
aeTe**ment, subject to oond.tbuis an I
with covenants for tho security i���'
money advanced thereon: to oxecu%
mortgages on any lands owned or purchased by Oke company: to s<��cure the
purchase price or any part thereof of
anv lands, ten*"ment-*" or het-editaroents
purchased by the company or for any
o'ber purpose whatsoever; tf> borrow
money at such rate of intf-rest as to
tho -company may seem advisable, and
issue deposit receipts, bonds, moriga
ges or other documents to the lenders
thereof, and to give mortgages or �����*���--
curities apaa all or any of the company's assets for repayment of all or
any of the money borrowed; and to -sell,
assign, mortgage and hypothecate or
pledre any of tho eeurit.es or assets
of the said company  for  Uie  security
of moneys advanced thereon; to execute, sisgn. issue, negotiate, transfer,
give and take promissory notes, bill.*
of exchange, cheques, bonds, debentures a_d other negotiable instrument,
and choses in action and evidence of
indebtedness of all kinds., and to pay,
charge*, and collect Interest thereon,
and to give and take chattel mortgages, bills of ssale, and receipt notes, lien
notes, hire receipts, orders for goods,
chattels or money, warehouse certificates, bills of .lading, warehouse receipt- and other seenrities or chattels,
machinery, goods, wares or merchan
dise; to improve, cultivate, erect buildings and make other improvements on.
or survey and subdivide any portion
of Uie company's lands; to lend money
and take mortgages on real and personal estate as security* therefor and from
Ume to time to discharge Uie same: to
take and hold real estate in tinst or
otherwise as security for such loans.
and to take and bold collateral and
o*h>r security therefor or for debts
which may become due to the company:
to collect rests, manage estates and
buy and sell property on commisssio_.
and to act as valuators, financial
ac-:.'_s. ce-neral and special agents, and
real estate brokers; to carry on t_e business of buying, selling, manufacturing,
making or otherwisse acquiring or producing anv or all kinds of materia!
used in construction, maintenance and
repairs of bsiildings or other structures. Including lumber, stone, brick
and plumbers" supplies: to acquire, construct, equip, own. maintain and opesra'.e
warehouss**. elevators, factories, mills
saw-mills and flour-mills: of buying and
-selling grains of any kind whatsoever:
of buying and selling implements, buggies, wagons, sleighs, machinery, and
engines cf any kind whatsoever; of buying and sa-ellir-g goods and merchandise
of any kind whatsoever, and buying and
z safes aiid vaults: to csontract wiih
individuals or corporate bodies In regard to any undertaking and to sue
and be sued in the name of the company in resp-t-ct of the same and. subject to the provisions of Section -S^ of
the Manitoba Joint Stock Companies Af
to unite and amalgamate in whole or
la part with or purchase the business
of any other person, corporation or
private Individual encaged in any of the
businesses? above mentioned, and. if so
agreed, to Issue therefor paid-up stock
In this company: of carrying on any
other business which seem* to the company capable of being oonreniently carried on tn connection with Uie above or
which may seern to the company calculated to directly or indirectly enhance
the value of or render proflta bio any
of the company*!* properties or richts.
Notice la hereoj gr.vea th��t the on-
dereigtie*. have submitted to lhe Ueu-
tenant-Governor-iD-Council a proposal
under the River, and Streams Act for
the clearing and removing obstructions
from the Dubamel Creek (otherwise
known as Six-Mile Creek i ln the SDis-
trte* of \V>-st Kootenay. FTorlnce of
British Co'umbia, and for making the
said creek fit for rafting and driving
Thereon logs, timber and lumber, an.l
for erecting and maintaining dams on
the aald creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holding,
sorting and delivering log, and Umber
thereon, and for attaching boom, on
Kootenay Lake at the mouth of said
The lands to be affected by *uch
work are L��t�� 787. 7S8. 7S01, 7773. ��394.
SC11 and Ml* a'.l ln Group One. Kootenay District, and other lands not Crown
Granted, occupied or Improred.
The tolls proposed to be charged are
such as may be fixed by the Judg*- of
the  County   Court  of   West   Koolenay.
Dated the JSth day of October. 1��07.
We have for sale six of tbe finest building lots   in  the   city,  situated at
the corner of Jos< phine and Hoover streets. These lots are cleared    and
fenced  and    command    a magnificent  view. Price, $2,000  for  the six ��r
will be sold separ. '   ly is desired.
FOR FUIJ. a��A��*.
H. & M. BIRD
A great many sales have been made of lot* in this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few best  lots are left.
Don't Forget
j���. ���
That Fire Insurance you were going to put on this fall, or that
accident and health policy you intended writing which covers
all accidents and 30 diseas��s. .-ni
Let us quote you rate, on the above.
McDermid & McHardy
isji^a   <_"*��-sj   wh    t-~. **
*s'El_SOI>J, B. C
To Montreal. Toronto, and all points
west thereof in Ontario and Quebec
Quebec. St. John. Halifax, Maritime Province rates on application.
Tickets on sale daily December 1st to
December 31s_ Round trip First
class.    90 day  limit.
Halifax. St. John or Portland and return
Sal-*-oon-~��l04.50. Second���478^5.
Steerage���$55.00.   and   up  according to
Tremont House
���Mia at ru.   ������ Iran ��� Ms. M ��.
ouy wan. n��:, aaafaaaat
MALOK��   *  TSBBO���laUS
Most f*n��1orl*U<r quarters      Xelaon]
Only th. bem of Liquors snd cLx&n.
Grand Central Hotel
For    detailed    information,    sailings
ocean  steamers,   first   class  or   tourist
sleeper   reservations   apply     to    local
agent or
ft. J. OOYXE, J. MOK.
iG  r  *..V��ni*oo��r. t> P.A-. Kclwo
1150.00 Lot on Carbonate St.
1200.00   Two   Lots   on   Observatory   St.
cleared, fenced, small cabin.
S32S.00 Lot on  Latimer.  (Small cabin.)
Vi-O.OO Two Lote on Latimer.   (Fenced
and  cultivated.)
.P. B. LYS
R.ai Estate Agent
115 Baker SU  Nelson. B. C.
CAPITAL. ��\25.000.00 in 25 000 share,
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crozler W. BourV^!
OFFICE. No 322 Baker St. (Croudaile
-ft Co.)
SEE the cement blocks displayed In the
Standard   Furniture  Co.'s   window.
APPLICATIONS for stock are  Invited.
PARTICULARS and forma of Application may be obtained at the Company's office, or from H. A. Stewart.
Solicitor, Nelson. B. C.
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Room* 50 cents upward. The
dining nom is unexcelled la the city.
House    heated    throughout    with    hot
J   A. ERICKSON. Viou,i*um
Telephone, *50.    Opposite Court I
aad Postoffice. Nelson. B. C
Queen's Hotel
���_ mi, lun. >. c
Lsnt.  sad  CooJortabl.   Bedroom, and Tuwl-
cIsm IHnlnc Koom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Battlett   House
obo. w. BABTurrr.
Best Do_r-i-���v House in Rclso���
Th. Ba r la lhe FlassA.
While H>lp Only Implored
looeoblDs 8c
S.IHl. B. O.
Royal Hotel
BAlee fl and fl.SO a Day.
Special Rate* to Reeular Hearn>���.
Alt Kinds of Baatiaa Plant* In Stock.
Victoria St, Nr. Ooera III���I.      Tat IM.
W.   O*    GILLETT
Contractor  *Bn*J
���*-..*- ifffnt lor Hi* forty. Hi-"-* U-lMr Co., Ltd.,
null vi'i'i Ri>ci-ffh uiii dn~*awd laaber, turaan
wt.rt *.!���������'. brs-ta-*k*'t��. t'?,f*M\ lt-Jt *.n<J ��h.E*jl--��. *a*j***
-nn-i 4-ior-t. <Vit*>ntr brtcfc *\nd Urns for Md*.
Au lotsftUc -��i*la-ler-
Yfcrd fkod Uiatunj: \.rncn iU    **_t of HfcU
I !   '-
1 !
... i
f iw uaily Canadian
is.���'- 'J��J	
Silver Deposit Ware!
Do not fail to see these goods. Tlu-y an- among the newesl
on tin- market and are equlslte In design ami mulsh. The line com*
iirisrs T.a seU in white and Bilver, and dark blue and silver. Salt
Cellars, Bherbel Sets, Bottles, Flasks, and Vases ln crystal ami silver.
and colored glass and silver, ���I
Our stun- la open until Christmas   ..very   evening   until   si   o'clock.
Watchmaker and Optician
at 35c
Wc were lucky enough to
secure io dozen ot these
goods. They are the odds
and ends of a wholes-ale
hosiery stock. Some are
worth 45c and some 50c the
pair. Your choice today
at 35c the pair.
3 Pair for $1.00
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
ro Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsd tile & _.
Next Door to ISank of Commerce.
for anything wanted in
and your  troubles will
go up in smoke.
;!     bush
BUSH  &  MATTHEW,  Prop.;. >
Bt*y Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500.     Let us show you
them.    Some extra snaps for
investment  or for a liome.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealum in Htaplc and fancy Orocorio-,
Butter, BggS.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
The Best Hani Coal on tbe market.
Bunkhead l_ri-
The  Best   Domestic Coal.
West Transfer Co.
(, 1        UllrflL
.-'W-'y^ ���
Cor.    V��rnor�� .,.,-,    Ward Streets
R. I. ECJrkwood, Slocan City; T. D.
Lloyd, Toronto; F. B. King and wife.
Cranbrook;   1. Henry, Ainsworth; A. G.
Creelman, Grand Forks: C. Paddon, 10-
Mile; W. O. Stevens, Kocli Siding.
st! >s*^<_" '*A *~ *
<Vt 1 S3
Corner of Stanley and Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks Irom Depot.
F. Dickson, \v. Manhart, Spokane; T.
Campbell, Cranbrook; T. Hemmlnge, P.
F. Mosher, Greenwood; John Hall, Vie*
to ... : II. S. II.nidge, E. H. Randell, G.
Cli '������ . .1. M. Turner. Grand Forks.
G. HOlton, Wheatland; .1. Davenport,
L. J. Mackenzie, I.. J. Dedrich, Castlegar
I'. A. las-i ly. ymir; F. Mart,n. Granite;
.1. Davles, B. Wilton. Crawford Bay; C.
W. (',..,k. New Denver; J. S. Cairns.
Carndnff; W. Laurie, E. Williams, W.
Wilson, Balmo; .1. B. Blackmore, Gould
City; I). Ilankin, S. Fraser, Phoenix;
Bars. J.   Hammond.  Prultvale.
A.  Cook, II.uiniiieion.   A. N.  Winlaw.
Winlaw;     W.  A.   Wilson,  .1.   Williams.
Cn   ton;    li.   Barker,  Toronto;   W.   H.
Dinsmore, Grand Fork...
I.. Praaer, W. Montgomery. Ferguson;
U McKinn.in. K. Young. W. Cloffy, Sal*
m .; J. Bull, Spokane; I. Craig and wife,
Qerrard; H. M. Fuller, Seattle; C. II.
i :ameron, Sandon.
W. Bosum and wile, Qem; V. Orde,
Boundarj ; J. White, P. W. Chai le].
Sll er King; W. Davis, Slocan; C.Scott,
F. Bcottj Balmo.
sir.-. A. li. Ow. n, Bpokane; A. Fraser,
il. Robb, Rossland; w. Beaumont, Oran*
in ; C. M Tripp, Willow l-ninl; A. Qulg*
so. A. Oeorge, Silverton; Mrs. J. T. Simmons. Uai'isL-aii-.
$ 1.00 per Gallon
Telephone 161,"
I OUT--Thla in'.rnli., nil Maker Strd't or S'an-
i ley m-ftr Hnk -r, a Ills.-k LSSUlBr llsn'l Mhk,
.-..nlHl.iltiK Dapwa i.ii.l a miin of mon,,. Hlii.lt-r
will pIUM leave at Oansd, llruu una Hook Co.'s
A. M. Can. S��e. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce:  Bealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
���aker ��t.,  N EL-SON, ��. C.
ro   Kxp(*r,i?ni!(_ _
the lioliilayi. RN Irvine-V Co
\trANTED-   Waltreni  Tor Hotel    Htralhcon
> >      Apply Mhiirk't.
11 f ANTED    Two   Bxpeiitnud Halei* LftdlM for
\<*om.ortntile Boms lor  �� VoilMK I-tidy, would
Hint eith'T m-hool  teacher, or   young  la'ly in
bUlUUMlQ    theelty.      AdtlrcM   B.  C. Dally
Ait'r yesterday's advance silver dropper again today to the low level ol
Tuesday. The New York quotation today is 55U cents.
Police   Court.
There were three drunks in rib' po
lice court this morning. One Otoe sji, ������:
lime in ssobef np, and another fined IB
and the third one remanded until -<-'
Moyie on Sunday.
The steamer Moyie will replace tht
Kuskanook on the run to Kootenaj
Landing on Sunday, for the day only,
while the Kuskanook's boiler goes to
the  laundry.
Mrs.   McDermid's   Mother   Dead.
The many friends of Mrs. F. B. Mc-
net mid will regret to learn thai she received this morning the sad Intelligence
of the death of her mother. Mrs. Cad*
dlngton, at  HartweH, Ohio.
Meeting Tonight.
The regular meeting of Court Kool
.nay Bell No. 723 C. O. P., will be held
in the K. of P. hall tonight. A full attendance is earnestly requested. Important business to attend to.
Burried  Today.
The funeral of the late Frank Elvery
took place this afternoon, the service
b*'ing read in St. Saviour's. The Dominion Express Co.'s office was closed
during   the  time   Of   the   funeral.
. .Alleged   Robbery.
A man said to have been under the
Influence oi liquor has laid an information against a Japanese woman, charg
ing her wiih robbery. The prelimlnao
bearing will lake place tomorrow morn
Board  of Trade.
The most important meeting of the
board ot trade tor the year will be held
iu the court house tins evening at fc.30.
Uf the 90 members ot the board mon
than half should he present to consider
the resolutions to go before the Associated Hoards.
Supreme  Court.
The case of Isaac vs. Miller again
took up the day in the supreme court
but will probably end this afternoon.
Judgment has not been given in I be
case of Huggard vs. North America
Land and Lumber company. Vesta vs.
Crow's Nest Pass Lumber company has
been settled out of court.
Bank of Commerce.
During the 12 months ending Nov.
30th, 1907, the Canadian Hank of Commerce's statement, to be presented at
the annual meeting, show* a net profit
of $1. lu2,2Vj.tu, in addition to $103,-
862.43   carried   forward   from   last  year.
Of the accrued profits  1800,1  will   be
paid in dividends. J.'IS'UM.O set aside for
pension fund and depreciation of premises, and S-'.T."..1*.;.'..'! will be carried forward.
Delayed   Contradiction.
Manitoba despatches of Nov. 27th contained a detailed and graphic account
of disorderly conduct on the Kamsack
Indian reserve. A letter to the Winnipeg Telegram of Dec. Uth from the Kam-
s-tck board of trade, accompanied by
affidavits from an Indian agent ami
others, shows that the report was gmss
ly exaggerated, that the trouble which
was limited to the drunkenness of three
young men, was easily suppressed, ami
lhat no  outrages  were committed.
20.000 Club Ball.
The entertainment committee of the
30,000 club, under whose auspices tin-
dance will be given In the Alllce roller
rink next Thursday evening, are determined to excel all former e/forts. Tho
dining room Is to receive special attention. It has heen papered and decorated and will present a thoroughly
home-like and comfortable Appearance
The heating arrangements of the hai'
have been greatly 1 in pro veil si no- lhe
date of ihe last dance and the dressing
rooms and gallery will be made perfectly comfortable without overheating the
dancing hall. Special care is also being
given to the music.
Slocan Star Case Appealed.
The Hymn N. White company, defendants in the famous lateral rights
rase of Siar vs. While, through their
solicitor. It. H. Lennie, have given no
tier of appeal from the Pull Court of
Hritish Columbia to the Supreme Court
of Canada.    S. S. Taylor, K. ('., .-solicitor
iW'��  KlRB-1-ji.ArtH  ..-������ <:���*.*-., *,:, tm m-hU��I     Ap*
I ly liouwkwiwi. 3rd Oat. K, W. C. block.
Of electrical work finished and charged
for from  this shop will  show  you  how
squarely and honorably we conduct our
Those who employ ns need not worry
about our charges and as to workmanship (hey know it is the best.
Repaint to machinery, telephones, etc.
promptly  attended   to.
P. O. Box 166. Phone 227 A.
New Dr*iecl
in   INo-vv
Don't delay ordering ingredients for Xmas Cakes and
Puddings, fresh stoek in.
Lemon, Orange, aud Citron
Peels, Raisins iu bulk and
packages,  Currants the same.
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
F��HO>E   7
We have just opened up i**'.. large
cases and we now have a mosl magnl*
Scent display of dressed dolls.
We want you to come in and see
them.    Tho  sight  will  repay   you.
We have little ones al '-'".- and 35c
M.-dium sized ones, veil and prettllj
dreBsed at 76c, *-""-. ,6c, $1.00, $1 26,
$1.40, $2.50  snd   }_ 76
Large ones, handsomely dressed al
$::.2o. S3.r,u, $4.50, $6.60, $���".'.'���"., $6.76,
$7.25 and  $15.00.
If you have to order your Xma-
things hy mail, entrust us wilh your
orders. \S'e will fill them promptly and
W. G. Thomson
B\0A0Tio!<'k,k,tK "nd    Nelson, B. C.
Phnna .14.
F. C OKIES       F. P. BURDEH       A. H. GREEN
Ovil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Boi 145   Pio-t 2*1 B.
for the respondents, has agreed wi:;i
Mr. Lennie as t.�� ih,- to; in ,.f the appeal
book which will he v-r: rolamlnou, ,i
wiil be so arranged thai it lllllller a-,
peal to the Privy Council is oonsldi ��� I
necessary by either party, i' will i���. nuf-
llcienl record. So far each side ha, .i
victory lo i's credit, and the four judge*
who have heard the case are equally
divided. Chi.l Justice lliinier and Mr.
Justice Morrison for the appellants .'.n.l
Justices Irving ami Martin f.>i ihe respondents,
Capt. Paddon is in (own from Crawford Ilay.
li. I. Kirkwood. of Slocan Clly. ram.
In laut nlglii  nnd 1h ai  the Hume.
A. C. Creelman arrived from Oram!
Forks last night and Is nt the Hume.
Lome A Stewart, late of the Hell
Trading company, has entered 'he .-.-r
vlce of ihe Horswell brothers In It. M.
Hood's old stand.
Mrs. A I) Kmory left this morning
for a visit lo her home In Western On
larlo. (in h.i- way home she will visit
in Toronto and Winnipeg.
Mr. and Mrs \\\ U'. Keer left (his
morning for :i three months trip lo the
'���usl Mis Beet will spend the time
Chiefly ai li. i .,;,I home In New llriins-
wick. Mr Beer has Importanl business
to  transact   in   New   York  and  Toronto
Lord Kelvin Seriously III.
London.   Dec.   12 -GraTO   anxiety   is
foil  h.re regarding    the    condition of
Lord Kelvin. Ihe famous scientist. Me
has heen III for some lime and lo.la.
he was reported to be - orse.
NICKERSON, lhe Jcwelery Manufactur
e.-'8 Agent will sell you goods from (am
pies  al   2.",   per  cent.  less  lhati   regular
pries dlrecl  rrom  the factories, in x
days fioni order. Everything 111 the
line    Order now.
20,000 CLUB
Tuesday, Dec. 17,1907
Roller Skating Rink
Corner of Baker and Falls Street..
Tickets can he hod from any member
of ihe exei-utive or from lhe m-cr. : ,ry
of tho 20,000 cluh.
Ladies or gentlemen $1.00. Refresh:     its
-*������"" ���>���*. ' ' " ��������*����������
Jl Calendar
of   &ieu)s
Of your own town or city, could you
imagine a nicer Holiday Gift to send
away to (ricntls in another city, or
across the border, or to the Old
Country ? s: :: s:
We have a varied assortment of these
pretty View Calendars, hut there will
be a big run on them, so please make
your selections early. :: :s
Canada Drug _ Book Co.,
COR   BAKER   and   WAPD.
Wholesale nii-l   Kt-Ull Dulffi In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Qftl���pl mppliad on shortest notict* am.
lowrwt price. NnthinK but   fro*-.h Bini
wholesome ment sand -.up]!.'-* kept in nt-ock
Mail orders receive ciirt-ful attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES.    Manager.
Standard Furniture Co.
Xmas Cakes
We hnve  them  In  all  sizes  and   will
have them decorated to your own lasts
Choquette Bros,
Phone  258. THE   Upto Date   Bakers
r*llheila, Almonds. VV'nlniils,    llru/.lls.
Chestnuts,  Apple cider. Northern  Bpj
apples.   Haldwlii   Apples,  Jap    Oranges,
Pigs,  large layer, California    Oranges
and Malaga (Si-apes.
A large assortment  of Xmas koo.Is
Wholesale and retail prices per quantit)
S. He. Seaney
Let Us "Sock" it to You
,u Uo- [Ated Kail an-] Winter style*<<
M> tt'i I :.i> HMtary. Wc arc ���'Rtwkin-*--'
iip wt'h Lhe Dm I Ham orer Import^
Comfort-bl**a and durante in ��t-*r tut
i-l-trant in |;., *. ararice. You will u*
mlrc the new design! and pattem,
which an* pn.,tttv.-ly plrasiog to iB
correct nnd i-uri< ui.-.r drcMtn ABM
c.dur**.. and uananted to give metnuj
and   washing Batlsfaction.
We would like to see nil our patrnnscomfortable this winter anil In order to
do so we hue In stock the hest ass rt ed Hue of heatlnc stores awl oooklnj
stoves and range, orer bet. re pr.  . m.-.l to the public in Kooietny.
We would be pleased t,. show you our line and before ntakln yoot pB-
cha*e k ndly Bee what we have to offer.
J. H. Asiidown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelion Bras,*.
WI-ioIo-hmic;  I'riivlMlonM,
Qommuaal nuiaiimj One-Found Brinks received weekly fresh from im
chnru.    Kor sale tr. all loiulitiK trroccrs
Oflloe and warehouse    Houston Block,    Pnone 7D.
Josephine Street.        - -        -        Nelson
���__fS Lamber, Shingles,
Ueith, "v\oulclins>-��, Doors, Window**.^
Turned Work m-i-J BriiLkutH. Mail Order, prouiiitly a**-"1
VBHNON HTKHUT   ...    rs't II.WIN. "��� a\
Your Xmas List
in not complete ntiloai you lmvc cm it s
paii. nf plippen for tome member >>f the
family Ths largest and t��-nt range of
���Uppers \v��- h.tvi' erer shown are foryonr
ins|M*ctiun tins season. Gentlemen _
boose dippers In fancy leathers, Lfadies1
Dresi dippers, Fell Borneo* nnd bedroom
dippers. All kinds ol dippers for children.
The  Royal
R.   ANDREW   A   CO.   Proprietors.
Phone _na.
508u Batter at.
For Miners, Lumbermen, Ranchers,    Housekeepers,
Let as  Sopp y Your Nerds
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd-
rs'lil .4*��<)IM


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