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The Daily Canadian Dec 23, 1907

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Array ���II    ..II 11 -
What Will You
Have With It?
It t bottled al the Springs.
Volume 2.   No. 171
lireiy.il Trains Wrecked
Near Pincher
fciuse of Accident Urjknown���Another Erap'oyee Injured���Engines and Cars Demolished.
fwo freight trains collided yesterday
urnlng ^' ~> o'clock t,t Brocket, near
inchei Creek, kUUni one man and bad
Injurlnii three others. The dtsaatst
... be, 11 oanaed bj a mistake
t :..   Iifcl.ts. The trains Were ran
, posits  directions, and   whan
engines    met   the shock waa
1 terrific.    The aaiflnes ware
. ;  and piled  up on lop ol
A brakeujan of one of the
aba  was   InSiantly   killed   and   three
injured as a  result of lhe
ck.   Four cars were smashed, one o,
,. li contained  merchandise   and   au
, migrants'  effects.     Two nlhei
loaded   with  coal  and   logs
were wrecked beyond  repulr.    The
and   lii.-nieu   of  both   trains
alnjured.     The   Injured   men
��� i 1 back to the hospital al Mac
toi. ami ai   '��� o'clock in ,be afternoon
1 waa cleared of the  wreck.
information could Im* gleaned
1    li   In ai].punters here.   The
��� ..I the wreck is apparent!.
ductals   Btate  thai   so   far   as
know  there was only  one man, a
.-il,  and  one   Injured   b>
S*'inp Ir.*. 1. el  i.adly bruised.
..ii   the delayed   train   IS
having     heard     that   the   statlou
:nt ut  Pincher Creek  leii  lawn in.
, after ihe accident and could
lie Heated, but this cannot be veri-
dtrte ^ihj
Will be delivered    every evening    ��t
your door for
ingei   of    Disturbance    From   Pacific
Cruise  of  American   Fleet
Considered Over.
Net,   York.  Dec.   2:1.���A   few   monlh*-
ii  ..as   positively   declared  lhat  the
;. lure ..r ihe United    stales   fleet
"ii Hampton Roads would be Uie ii*
al r,.i  lapan to declare war.    The lleet
 1.    bin    apparenlly   Japan  re
* undisturbed. Indeed, on the
"i" .lay ihat aim..uncoil the depart
" of Hie ships under Admiral l-Svuns
1 'I..' I'aclfic, was a rei*ort from To-
I-, ihat ti,e Japanese Qurestsunaol  tn
- I'.ieitiK ainiamenls to the ex-
i;l ,.l 110,000,000 In the next sis years
;"l the ships sailed at the time when
ho ami -Japanese feeling in California
'* ;;' its height there mlghl hav,
en ;i,.iis trouble; Inn in Hie mean
��." diplomacy hns been aSaeUni all
Im war could hop,, lor, and din.' i*-
"ii to fear International eoni
Hcatloni because of the voyage ol the
'"��� 11' ;.i,  fleet.
'I"   plans  for the cruise  were  mad.
I -'   result   of  the  fear   thai   war  wilh
'linn might occur over the California
"mlile la  certain.    The   United  Suites
'"'���i.-niy  realised  iimt   it  was one of
'"��� largos! boldan of real estate on , I,.
Pacific, without   being a   real   Pacific
power,   it has no battleships thai am-
"""  io anything either  in  the   Pull
fl'1'"'" or at   Sun     Francisco.      Japan
"nl.I  huve  seized  Ihe   Islands and   de
Btroyed   the   coast   cities   in   California
'"tore the   American   nnvy    could   get
���nthln Ihousands of miles of the scene
"I iii-ilon; and then could have w-nyluld
[he Heel us ii approached the end of its
Jong journey.   With every confidence in
she amicable intentions of the Japanese
Povernmant,  the  ['resident  ..r the  I'ni
_*& Stales  fell   lhat   he could  nol   take
l"i" responsibility of (saving tbe Pacific
���jowl defenceless.   Hence the voyage ol
admiral Evans.
I     '..   Show   lhat   in   Ilie   event   or   vnr
If-yana would be nt an even greater die-
wantage than Hnjes, vensky. it Is only
;i""i!-niid   l.lu.-je.-k.-tB   nre   a ,rd,  and
... !'.',","'''," '*"""��� *~on�� them being
114 l'inch Ku,iH, An Interesting Item
that appears to have been generally
overlooked is lhe racl lhat u llolllla .if
six torpedo destroyers precedes tba
battleship*, it i�� supposed tbal the de
hlroveis will remain permanently In
1'aclllc waters.
It II.-11. of Snlmo. came in tu the city
last nlKht.
G.   O.   Iluchanai,   returned   to   Kaslo
this morning.
K. II. Until, n arrive,] last night from
Iltitton t'iiy and Is ai the Btrathoona.
William Hunter, M. L. A., of Slocan.
Ik down from Silverton and is al the
R. G. Drtnnan. formerly of the (row's
Nest IJasB Coal company, arrived in the
city la/st night irom Hosmer.
William Vule, well known In Nelson
as the clever comedian of the Harold
Nelson company, is in  lh\ eiiy.
W. K. Gosnell left by this morning's
boal Tor Btrathoona, Alia., where he will
pass the Christmas holidays wilh rela
C. Sluart Morgan Seft for Spokane last
nlgbt. He will upend Christmas with .1.
P. Graves before leaving for the East.
Mrs. M. Parry left for the coast lasi
night wiih her children. At a reception
at Mrs. II. 8. Lennlc's Saturday afler.
noon Mrs. Parry was presented with a
diamond bracelet on behalf of her man>
friends in Nelson as a token of appreciation and regard. Those UHWIIIl had
the privilege of hearing Mrs. 1'urry sing
many songs, unfortunately to be her
last in Nelson for some time.
Rescued in Mid-Ocean.
Liverpool,   nee.   :;:',. ��� The    BritiBh
--I'-am Miguel de 1-arrinaga. Captain
Thompson has arrived here with the
c:,plain and crew of seven men off the
American B.-hooner Gardiner IS. Reynolds, who had been rescued from their
sinking vessel In mid-Atlantic, The
sli-aiie-r was dismasted to n gale and became wateriogged. The crew worked
the pumps for several days but had
about given up hope when they were
taken, safe by lhe Miguel de 1-arrinaga
West   Indian Conference.
Bridgetown, fllilieiliisB. B, W. I.. Dec.
32.���The delegates from all lhe British
West Indian Islands will meet here on
January Uth to hold an agricultural
i-oiifeietice. Canada will send represen
tatlves to the oonPsroaos i" arrange for
reciprocal Irade will, the Islands. This
i. I- is preliminary to a closer union
between Canada  and  Ihe  West   Indies
Militant Nuns.
Mexico City. Dec. 23���ltiois at
Sihuailln a village near Guadalajara,
have resulted from the arrest of a priest
on a charge of lighting wilh a towns
man. The priests and nuns called upon
the townspeople to avenge ihls insult to
'he priest. Several hundred women and
boys, aimed wilh clubs and a few revolver-., attacked the town lockup and
released the prleat The priests have
lied lo the country tearing Uml ihey will
1, . punished The nuns, known as Sister.- ..! Mercia. took ii piomiiunt pari
In the disorder. The disturbance was
filially quelled.
Mauretania Runs Amuck.
New York. Dec. 23.���Tbe tnrhiner
Mauritania broke loose from he moor
inus at the foot of West Thirteenth
sliect during u light gale today and
crashed Into a smull Heel of barges,
scows nnd canal boats, one of which she
sunk. I-'oiil hawsers running Irom the
forward deck to the ulcr parted and the
big vessel's n..s.' ITWUng round lo the
north into ihe little .-ran. Ii happened
so quickly ihat It was Impossible for
ihe smaller boats to get out oi the way
lln- Mauretania was Bnallj drawn back
to her berth.
"sary to remark thai 11 will be May
���'"<' Hi" Atlnnlle II, el reports at Sn
''oil Is,,,,. The voyage Is one of 14,01.(1
iralles, on which only five slops wilt be
IS r"' ***** '"'-'"I- on ..r rresh supplies
I'1 coul and provisions; including n
I '" ni Hi'., sojourn at Magilaleiiii Hay ror
I'^rgel pructloe. The Heel consists ol' 11
s-o-wai and four auxiliaries. Fourteen
Burial of Kelvin.
London.  Dec.   M.���Under  the  shadow
of iiie monument to sir laaac Newton
and close to lhe choir in Wostmlstai
Abbey, tl,,- body of Lord Kelvin, lln
noted British scientist who died on Dec.
17, was buried at noon in the preseno
of ii great gathering or scientists rep
resenting American, conllnelllal and
British ���ocietlea. King Bdward und the
Prince of Wales and other members ol
lhe rovul family sent representatives.
Justice Harlan '      -brates. -._
New York, Dee. 2SI.��� "2  ice John M.
Harlan,  who  recently     <%. u-ulcd     the
thirtieth anniversary of \,  oon&rma*
Hon as a justice or ihe I \ -A Btatas
Supreme Court, is tt, be l 'Cj nest of
honor tonight at Ihe fourth ,.% il ban
quit of "The Kentuckiuns." S>. iclety
made up uf the nallves of i" ,llu0
Grass Stale now resident in th . .Uy.
The banquet will take place a he
Botal I'taza and prornlBes to be a most
brilliant affair.
Justice Harlan will be In distinguished
company, for among those expected to
be present are ex-President Grover
Cleveland, Chief Justloe Fuller, justice
Drawer and Justice White of ,he Supreme Court. Governor Wilson of Kentucky, QovernOT Hughes of New York.
Ambassador James Bryce. Chief Justice
Flizpatrlck of the Supreme Court of
Canada. Judge George Grav or Dela
wore. Joseph H. choate. Ahon II. Parker, and Senators t'ullom. Knox and
Nearly Another Disaster. ,
Pittsburg, Dec. 23.���lt been me known
io",a. tliat iitioul int. men were ln the
Schoelbcl'ger mine al Monongahela yes-
lerday when flre broke out, and that all
had narrow escapes from death. The
mine is burning fiercely.
Shah Accepts Constitution.
Teheran. Dec. 23.���The president of
ihe assembly today informed that body
of the details of the declaration sub
niltted to the assembly yesterday by the
Shah In which the ruler ol Perils ac
cepted the demands made upon him by
lhe constitutional leaders,
Still  Dreaming.
Si. Petersburg. Dec 23.���The Russian
war office hiiB ordered the formation of
a military automobile corps to be based
on the German model.
Only 30  Bodies so far  Recovered from
Darr mines���Rescuers Despair of
Finding   Majority.
Jacobs Creek, Pa., Dec. 23.���Seven
other bodies w.aje brought to the surface by noon. Ft is said these bodies
were practically blown to pieces. Perhaps fifty per cent, of the dead will
never be identified.
The unidentified dead were packed in
a large tent near the mine and from 1.
a. m. to SI p. ni. daily friends and relatives will be allowed to visit and view
the bodies in the hope that some wiil
be recognized.
Six more bodies were taken from the
Darr mines later today, making a total
of 30 to date. No mutilation wns evident. Rescuers state that a number ol
the men were found rm their knees,
showing 'hat they were praying when
the  black  damp caused death.
Conflicting Reports.
A private telephone message from
Phoenix this m >rr.iuc slated that a pro
;." nl to accept the Oranby company's
terms and rr'-nn lo work w-as drafted
in the mines' union there by a majority
of 47 A telephone enquiry late this
afternoon to the Phoenix Pioneer eli-
eilou the reply that no such information
was obtainable in Phoenix, and that so
far a.- tftunrn no vote hnd heeu taken or
was about lo be taken.
Infant's Trials Began Early.
N.w- York. Dec. 23.���The World today
���a/a: "Horn at sea off the west coast
of Africa. Ruth Lang. 13 days old. arrived here on tbe Mintrelania. Ber
mother and father were missionaries al
Nontun. Nigeria. A lew day's before
the baby's birth. Mrs. Lang sailed on
ihe Falatsa for Bristol, Kngiand. on her
way to her parent's home iu Canada
Half way to Bristol, Rtuli was born.
The mother died without seeing the
child. Another woman missionary on
hoard volunteered lo bring the child to
America. Since binding she has notified
ihe Utile ones grand parents In Toronto and looks to them to come lu
Many Still in Mine.
Pali-mount, w. Va.. Dec. 23��� riodies
are gradually being recovered trom the
..due. oi the Fairmoimt Coal company
ul Monongahela. lhe si-one ol the gloat
disaster of December 8th, and today the
total number recovered bad reached 140.
it Ib lhe general opinion here that 400
men. ir noi more", met death in the
Catch in Canadian Waters
for 1907
British Columbia Second in List of
Provinces���Canada From
Ocean to Ocean.
Ottawa, Dec. 23.���According to the an
nual report of the denarimeni of fisheries, the value of Ash caught in Canadian
waters during tbe season or 1906 was
o\er $26-ii��,G0O, which, with the exception of 19or>, was the largest year on
ji-coiU. Nova Scotia made the largest
haul of the provinces with British Columbia second.
Red Deer, Dec. 2...���Fire broke out
about ten o'clock Saturday evening in
the building owned by kev. Dr. Rice,
formerly principal ot ibe Indian school,
and occupied by A. 11. Hurdy as a furniture sture, and the Dominion Meat company. The lire originated in the furniture store and had gained considerable
headway before the nre alarm was
sounded. The stock of furniture is a
compietc; loss and the Dominion Meat
company suffered from water and smoke.
It Is understood that the insurance will
not cover the entire loss.
Winnipeg, Dec. 23.���The Manitoba
hockey league executive has excluded
the Map.e Leaf Hockey league from the
league _nd taken steps to prevent Joe
Hall and Harry Smith from playing in
i iy team in the league. Though the ac*
.ion of the league in expelling Hall and
Smith is not opposed hy any of the
club:., the admission of the Maple _eafs
as a club will be discussed at another
meeting of the executive called for
Christmas night after the hockey match
between thu Strathconas and Fort William.
Winnipeg, Dec. 23.���After brooding
for two years over the death of his
J-ather, John Grafton Herald, a young
mudlcal student of Queen's University,
Kingston, shot himself through the
head in a room in the Strathcona Saturday night and died a few hours later in
ihe general hospital. The deceased was
the only son of the late Dr. John Herald,
of Kingston University, and was a stu-
���!��'U, at the same institution. He had
Only one year more to study until he
Moored his degree or M. D.. but, broken
hearted al the lot^s of his father, he gave
up his studies and came to tne west in
the endeavor to forget  his troubles.
Dead From Wounds.
Xiw York. Dec, 13.- James H. Att-
plmiH. M&lor member of the stock ex-
Ch_04jf3 linn ul Jamee H- Olipiiant &
company, who was sboi lu his oflloe al
���Mi llmad street, Friday afternoon, by
Dr. Chas. A. Geiger oi Beaufort, 8. 0*,
a ruined ipeculator. died in -Hudson
sti'si't hospital.
Montreal _ Light Problem.
Montreal. Dec. 23.���The vexed question of Montreal's lighting supply is
again to the fore. In answer to the
city's call for tenders, two more wert
received, one from the present contractors, the Montreal Light. Heat and Power company, and the other Trom what Ll
known as tho Robert Syndicate. The
; uter, which derives power from the
Henuharnois canal, offers to provide
light much br-low present prices, offer-
UU to give arc lights for $r*r. and $r.7.r.0,
ami put their wireH underground. The
Power company does not make a defin-
iti* oiler, hut proposes that ihe matter
be referred to a committee of experts.
ci rred which must not he repeated, also
thai ;- letter has been received from the
Toro-.to firm which had published a picture post card showing a similar error
which department stores ln Winnipeg,
stating that they had Insturcted the
German printer to destroy the plate and
that such an error should not occur
again. A gentleman mailed the card to
the secretary, thus d-rawlng attention to
the error.
Regina. Dec. 23.���The decision of the
assessors in the matter of designs for
the new provincial legislative buildings. Is announced, the successful architects being K. and W. 8. Maxwell of
Montreal. Seven firms were allowed to
compete among which were included
Story and Van Kdinond of this city.
The plans call for a building to cost a
million and a quarter exclusive of furnishings. The buildings are planned with
a view to providing for the growth of
the province which may be looked for in
the next few years, provision being
made for a greatly increased legislature
and of the extension of the various public departments which will be housed
In the buildingt*^. It is anticipated that
the work of the excavation for the
buildings will commence early in the
spring. A member of the firm of successful architects is expected to arrive in the city shortly and confer with
tbe department of public works.
Saskatoon, Dec. 23.���Considerable interest has been aroused here over the
Vogan affair. Thomas Vogan disappeared from home two months ago.
Nothing was heard of him for three
weeks until his dead body was discovered one afternoon by a party of hunters. An inquest was ordered bul adjourned until the victim's stomach was
s< nt to Regina for analysis. It was
thought the man died in a fit. The report of the examination was received
last night and disclosed the fact that
strychnine was found. The coroner's
jury this afternoon assembled and returned a verdict that Vogan came to
his death by poison administered by a
party unknown. There is much speculation as to what the developments will
Montreal, Dec. 23.���A final dividend
of 4 3-4 cents on the doLar has been
declared by the liquidator of the de-
tuuci aiIm Loan Company ot Si inom-
us, waUui collapsed over lour years
ago. This makes the total amount re
anzed by eleven hundred depositors 4-u
���i*4 pei cent. The realization is much
belter than was expected.
Toronto, Dec. 23.���At a conference
Saturday night the board of governors
of ihe C. A. A. L. adopted resolutions
respecting the proposed arrangements
lor organization of a Canadian Olympic
committee, and that the interest in
healthy and honorable athletic sports
in the Empire, Canada should be represented at the world's Olympic games
to be held next year. "Patriotism and
common sense cails for the best Canadian representatives if any. We re
commend that the C. A. A. V. and A. A.
F. of Canada, affiliated bodies, work to
promote such representation to the be^
of their ability. So far as Olympic
games are concerned, they should
withdraw and abstain from all disquali
fications, rulings and penalties, against
any individual or organization upon any
difference between the two associations.'
Halifax, Dec. 2:1.���Argument in the
Steel-Conl appeal case closed and the
OO���rt has adjourned to next month
when a decision will be given.
Winnipeg, Dec. 23.���No additional
clues have been found as to who murdered Ernest Eraut, the former Winnipeg tinsmith, whose body was found
in the Rock Island freight yard Wednesday morning at Shawnee, Okla. Suspicion points to the stranger who was
seen with him Tuesday afternoon but
there is no evidence which would fasten
the guilt on him and his whereabouts
are still unknown. Tho inquest has
been put off in hopes of obtaining some
additional evidence and to give the sheriff time to work up the case. Coroner
Fleming of Shawnee stated that the In
quest would bo held as soon as the sher
Iff  is ready.
Medicine Hat, Dec. 23.���J. H. Spen
cer has just returned from a trip east to
inn! a shipment of superb blooded
stock imported from England for the
Improvement of the Drowning-Ford
Ranching Co. Four stallions which were
putchased in the old lands are bred in
ih.- purple, some of them having fifteen
crosses and tracing their pedigree back
to 1800. There Is said to be the bed
shire blood which has been brought into
the vest and results should be most
satisfactory. There are two yearlings,
a two year old. a five year old and a
four year old Canadian bred in the
bunch. The latter was purchased on
the trip west from the Atlantic sea
Edmonton, Dec. 23.���Complaints are
made in the city over the high insur
ance rates. Edmonton, with better
fire protection than Calgary pays $1 ga��
tate while the southern city payB 7C
cents gas rate. Uuslness men are complaining.
Winnipeg. Dec. 23.���With regard tn
the picture post card which showed th-
Canadlan T-tnnk of Commerce on Main
Street, Winnipeg, with three flags of the
U. S. flying above It, to which refer
ence was made at the last luncheon
of the Canadian Club, the secretarv de
sires It to be known that the firm which
handled this card had privately notified the publisher that a mistake had oc-
Lethbridge, Dec. 23.���According to
Charles Hartsch, the Calgary cattleman
who is in the city, the outlook for th-
rancher and the cattle buyer is not
very good. The tightness of money is
causing the working people to refrain
from buying meat. "It is not the rich
people who make the meat market."
says Mr. Hartsch, "but the workingman
who buys five or six pounds of boile*.
meat when the wealthy man buys a
teabone or a porterhouse."
suspicion, one a negro who is teaming for
Alex. Smith.
Winnipeg, Dec. 23.���At the annua'
meeting ol the Northwest Commercial
Travellers' Association, the following
officers were elected: President, C. Wilson, acclamation; vice-president, A. S.
Loey, acclamations; treasurer, L. C
Maclntyre, acclamation; secretary,'F. J
C. Cox, acclamation; vice-president fo:
Vancouver, L. D. Hirely, acclamation;
director for Kootenay, H. Wright, ac
clamation; vice-president for Victoria.
H. Erb, acclamation.
Lethbrldge. Dec. 23.���Geo. Salmon, n
fourteen year old hoy. was killed ai
Raymond yesterday. A horse he was
driving got angled in the harness and
in trying to release it the autmal fel
upon him and caused almost instan
leath. The mother of the boy left for
Utah  a few  days  ago.
Selkirk, Man., Dee, 23.���Last nigh',
fire was discovered in the two store:
frame store at (the corner of Main
street and Manitoba avenue occupies
by Charles Horwitz, a general merch
ant, and did about $5,000 worth oi
damage to the building and stock.
Winnipeg, bee. 23.���Complete returns
of the church census taken a month ago
are announced today. After carefully
examining the report the estimate ls
that the city will have figures similar
to the following on a basis of 100,000
population: Presbyterians.      18.000;
Church of England, 17,000; Roman
Catholic, 16,800; Methodists. 13T.U0;
Baptists, 5,000; Hebrew, 5,000; Evangelical Lutherans. 7,000; Congregatlon-
Sl_rtS, 3,200; Salvation Army, 1.000;
various denominations. 7.300; no preference of any kind.. 8.000.
Record of Marriages.
New York, Dec. 23.���.Martha Maria
Vann. the 14th wife of James Nicholas
Vann, of Mount Hope, Orange county.
Is dead and will lie laid beside the thirteen wives in the Vann family burial
ground at Mount Hope, according to the
Sun. James Nicholas Vann Is one of
the most remarkable characters in
Orange county. He was bom In Mount
Hope township on April 22, 1807, and ls
therefore 100 years old. Although he
is colored. Vann's fourteen wives have all
been white, and he expressed a distaste
for women of his own race. He has
been body servant to some of the most
prominent ment In Orange county. He
has preached, doclored and studied law,
but Is now getting bo feeble as to be
hardly able to get around. Many years
ago his biography was published and
had a large sale."
Important Judgment Delivered in Court
of  Equity  of  District of
Washington, D. C, Dec. 23.���Of far-
reaching importance to labor and business Interests throughout the country,
was a decision announced by Justice
Gould, of the Equity court of the District of Columbia, enjoining the American Federation of Labor with a
membership of 2,000,000 trom boycotting the Buck Range and Stove Company, and from printing in its official
organ the company's name as unfair
and "we don't patronize" lists, and
the occasion arraigns the action of the
Federatijon  as   an  illegal   conspiracy.
Tomorrow there will be an ar-gunient
before Judge Gould over a proposition
of counsel for the Federation that the
courts order putting the injunction decision into effect, limiting in express
terms, its application to the District of
Columbia. The counsel for the plaintiff company will oppose this. The injunction granted today, while of a
temporary character, was allowed in
a decision In which Judge Gould exhaustively reviewed the case, made
copious citations of authorities, quoted
precedents as to boycott definitions and
���-���aid there was no room for argument
as to the conspiracy alleged being in
': pi -ration.
Permanent injunctions will come up"
probably next spring, and which ever
side wins in the final settlement, the
case, it is believed, will' he taken to
ihe Supreme Court of the United States.
Judge Gould pointed out from the
bench today that he had not in his
decision taken up the question of inhibition of the boycott under the Sherman and anti-trust laws, or the Interstate  commerce   act.
Attorney J. F. Ralston, of the counsel
for the Federation, said tonight that
he had no opinion to express regarding
ihe decision, that the injunction was a
temporary one, and that In so far
as the question of the Sherman or the
Interstate Commerce Act which question liad been discussed in the proceedings, was concerned, he regarded the
de< ision as affecting the phase of the
case   for   the  defense.
Former Assistant Attorney Alfred J-
i;eck. for the plaintiff, regarded the
decision as a sweeping victory for the
opponents of the boycott. Judge Gould
also handed down two opinions granting permanent Injunctions in the case
of Bender against the Bakers' and Confectioners' Union, and Lawton against
the International Carriage and Wagon
Workers' Union, two local cases which
���he court decided alone the same lines
us the Buck Stove case.
Gretna, Man., Dec. 23.���A murder tool
place here this morning. Fred Leclaire
was found in the river with his head
split open and a sack was found on th-
river bank in which the murderer oi
murderers hauled the body down thr
bank. Appearances Indicate that there
were two or more nersons engaged in
the murder as the body was taken down
the bank sideways. -An axe. found at
the too of the hank covered with blood.
was the instrument used in killing the
i unfortunate man.   Two men are under
Prices of Meta-i-,
Berlin Opinion on Case
of Harden
Belief General That Editor Will Not
Be Able to Justify Statements
���Examination Secret.
ISerlin, Dec. 23.���Tbe hearing of the
Harden-Von Moltke case was resumed
In this city today  behind closed doors.
Prince Phillip Zu Kulenuurg and Frau
Elbe, divorced wife ol Count Von
Moltke. were examined. Hen Zolo, one
of the Count Von Moltke's lawyers, denies the report that negotiations u��- a
settlement of the case out of court are
proceeding. While it is ImpossiDle to
obtain authentic news of the proceedings, the impression is very strong today thut Harden'B case has practically
uroken Uu-vn.
American Book Trust Pays Dividend of
40 per Cent.
New York, Dec. 22.���Stockholders of
the American Book Company, sometimes called the "school book trust,"
hold a special meeting today to take
steps looking to a reorganization ot tlie
company. Tbe company was incorporated in 18SU under the laws of New Jersey, acquiring the property of the Van
Antwerp. Bragg Company, of Cincinnati, lvison, Blake &. Co., of New York,
and the school book business of D. Ap-
pleton & Co., Harper & Bros., and A.
S.  Barnes   &  Co.,  of  New  York.
As the headquarters of the company
are in New York and the uost of the
business done here it is proposed to
abandon the New Jersey charter under
which it has operated since its organisation and incorporate under the laws of
New York. The capital stock is td���be
$5,000,000, the same as under the old
company, and in addition $2,500,000 in
bonds will be Issued. The surplus of
the company last year amounted to
$2,700,000, so that this is simply converted into a bond, leaving the company
the use of the capital, but alao giving
stockholders the Immediate use of the
accrued profits of the company. The
b-..nds wilt bear G per cent. Of the issue bond**. $500,000 will be retained in
the treasury of the company, but the
rest will be distributed pro rata among
the stockholders. This, in effect, will
amount to a dividend of 40 per cent,
on   their  holdings.
New York, Dec. 2...���Silver, 6r,*Vic.*,
copper, 12%c;  lead, $4.75.
1-on.inn. nee. 23.���Silver. 24 -V&d.; U-ad,
��14, 12s., Gd.
Opening  Copper Quotations.
New York, Dec. 23, 1907.
(By McDermld & McHardy.)
Asked nid
Oranby    $80.00        $70.00
i'.ominlon   Copper....    1.S7-V4        1.G2V4
B. C. Copper      4.00 3.75
-Chrtstmast Feast on Bowery.
New York. Dec. 23.���At the famous
flowery Mission several thousand human derelicts will be fed on Christmas
day and as many more will be entertained at the city lodging houses. The
newsboys will be especially looked after
at the Newsboys' Club in Eeast Fourth
street. The Timothy D. Sullivan Association has arranged to give its customary dinner to the needy families residing along the Bowery and in the adjacent side streets. These Christmas
dinners have been given for many years,
hut that prepared for day afler tomorrow
promises to eclipse all others. "Big
Tim" Sullivan will be master of cere-
ni.nles and will be assisted by "Little
Tim." The hungry will be fed In relays of 600 at a time, this being all lhat
can be accommodated at the Sullivan
club. In addition to a bounteous dinner
the men probably will receive an additional present of pipes and tobacco as
In former years, though it ls rumored
that "Big Tim" Ib nursing a surprise lo
be sprung ln the way of these especial
little presents.
Starving lit German Capital-
Berlin, Dec. 23.���The municipality ls
face to face with a very serious problem in connection with the supply of
food for thousands of virtually starving children attending the primary
schools In Berlin, whose numbers have
been greatly augmented this year ln
consequence of. the Industrial Inactivity. In the first wee't of December sta-
tis'lcs from 245 out of 285 primary
schools, no fewer than 11,947 children
attended s'chocl without breakfast ami
ln all cases without the prospect of*
obtaining a mlt'.day  -neal at home.
French Scientist Dead.
Paris. Dec.   23.���Pierre  Jules Caesar
Jansen.th.*  celebrated French  scientist
and director of the Me.tbon observatory,
ls ded.   He was born in 1824.
Still Borrowing Gold.
New York, Dec. 23.���Lazard Freres
today announced the engagement of $1 ,-
000,000 for Import. This mnkes a total
of $108,350,000 for the present movement.
^      I
���I���mum i um iihiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiibiiii"!
J p-
T-.v natty Canadian*
**     im'   -4        ii ��� a*******
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
*���*��� *���"����� _r   r-vlXt       T" -h_.4-.-_.
Latest   Styles   at   Low   Prices.     From
$1.25 to $25.00.
It is worth your while to inspect them.
Head Offices   Toronto.
 ��10,000,000    Capital Paid Up $4,860,000
___p Rest    $4,860,000
D. B. WILKIE. President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Colombia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
NBLSON branch A*   IVI��   LAY,   Manager.
Capital Authorized
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A. D.  1868.
 $3,900,000     Reserve Fund	
JEWELER  A!Nt>  01^��T1CIA.!N
Iiu* with all the money spent on Christmas presents the fact remains that at
least 200,000 residents of the metropolis would have nu Christmas at all
wore it not for the charity organise*
tions, the church societies and Individ
ual philanthropists. It Is estimated that
at least this number will partake of the
bountiful Christmast fare provided in
the city hospitals and asylums, in missions and other benevolent tiist.it utions
snpported by private charity, and at the
annual distribution of dinners by the
Salvation Army, the Volunteers of
America and other organizations.
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
javlngs Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
-Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published iix a��7* a wee* by lhe
B-.X*;- -:      Nelson, B.C
mptlon rates, &u cent* a month de-ltrer-ed
tu ua*. cut, or t. ��� a r* -.* ii teat by mall, when
-*-.:���: in *���-.--...
.-Ld re rutins raster, on application.
All monies* paid in -���.���..-.., of Th* Dally
Canadian account*, either for subscriptions or
advertising, muat be. receipt***! lor on tht- printed
lonni of the Company, utner receipt* are not
Monday,   -December  23,   1907.
When despatches from Ottawa an
nounced that II. G. Mcl'herson. M. IV.
.Duncan Hoss, M. IV, and others, had
made a series or orations in the house
of commons on the Asiatic immigration
.question, we expressed the opinion that
the purpose of such proceedings wab
mere gallery play to the Asiatic Kxclu
slon League in liritish Columbia. That
auch opinion is the generally accepted
one in the east is clear from the follow
ing comment of the independent Mont
real  Star:
"The British Columbia Liberal mem
berts took up a day of the time of the
parliament to bol themselves right with
their constituents on the .Japanese immigration question. The could accom
plish little else, for It is plainly and
properly the policy of the government
to await the report of Hon. Mr. Lemieux
���before considering whether any further
action is necessary. It would, indeed,
be a most ungracious act for the Can
adian government Lu take any new departure on this question while the Mi
kado's government is negotiating with a
member of the Canadian government
sent to Tokio to deal with this ver>
Thus all that can be got out of a day's
debate now���or a week's debate���is politic*. The Hritish Columbia Liberal
members have come in for not a little
criticism at home because they permit
ted the new .Japanese treaty to pass
without Incorporating in it -ft definite
statement of the understanding between
the two governments regarding immigration; and they are naturally anxious
to show by a belated zeal that they are
quite as good friends of the Hritish Columbia workliigmi'ii as Premier Mcltrhli-
or any other Conservative.
"It is a  pity that bo delicate a ques
tlon should bo dragged into lhe turmoil
of party politic;-, at all. This is a matter
of our foreigu relationships; and If we
are to play a dignified part as a nation
among nations in the world, we must
learn to treat questions affecting our relations with other nations with more
restraint. They are not legitimate fields
for party attack or party defence. It is
inconceivable that a debate should be
precipitated in the Hritish Commons on
the relations, say, of llritain to Germany
at the very time when a special Hritish
envoy was in Herlio negotiating with
the Kaisers government on tbe precise
point at issue. .None but novices in
world politics would be guilty of such a
Such exhibitions as these are the most
crushing comment on our aspirations to
be called "a nation." We will not be
regarded by other nations as one of
theni until we grow up and learn to
bthave ourselves like an adult. Bo long
as ihe eagerness of a set of local
politicians to justify thmeselves before
their own constituents is held to override the rules that govern international
courtesy In our high court of parliament,
we can talk as big as we like, but those
who know the rigor of the game will
smile at our assumption. It is uot
enough to own half a continent und to
be six million strong to be at nation.
"It will probably be too much to expect the government to rebuke It., own
followers, lt has far more likely wink
ed at their indiscretion. Playing polities
is still the chief concern of tbe great as
well as the small at Ottawa. Hut It is
altogether likely that the attitude ol the
government will be quite correct so far
as its own utterances go; for that will
be the easiest reply to the questions
raised. They will simply ask parliament to await the report of Mr. Lemieux.
And parliament can do nothing less.
When that report is before us, then we
can deal finally aud with dignity with
llle whole question."
Boundary Labor Situation.
The labor situation in the Houndary,
so far as kr.r,wn. is practically In the
same conditio^ as it was a week ago.
While a number of cuui_ri.nceH have
been held between the management of
the Granby Consolidated and their former employees during the past week,
no news of a definite character has
been given out to the press or the public. It was stated by an officer of the
union las* high' lha' matters has progressed to such a stage that everybody
who wished to do so would lie i*b|e to
return to work within a week; but
whether or not the conditions upon
which the union men are willing to reenter the employ of thr Granby arp. acceptable to the company Is not known.
���Grand Forka Sttn. _________________
No. i,    Poit   marked    B    0.  Jagow   ix< r;:: *��-������-I
corner,    thene-'    eighty   chain*   i^uth,   theuce
eighty chain* eaat, them.*** eighty  chain*  north,
!:."!:������  eighty chain* weat to place of   beginning
|  con tain lug 640 acre**, more or leu.  and weat and
I   adlareut to timber licence No, I.W24.
i'-ti*-.1 November t_t, 1907.
B. 0. Jaihiw. locator,
A. HacKSTT. agent.
No. 3. Pott marked T. F. Jackman southeast
corner, thence eighty chain* north, theuce
eighty chatns west theuce eighty chalna aouth,
tbence eighty chain* eaat to the place of beginning, containing 640 acre**, more or lea*, aud
etui and adjacent to W. a. ���oaa No. 1 poal on
Corn creek.
Dated November -1 -1. 1907.
T  F. jackman, locator,
A. Hackktt. agent
No. 4.   Poit marked  Tom   Lavealle  southwest
corner pout theuce eighty chain*   uorth. thence
eighty chain* eaat, thence eighty chain* aoutb,
theuce eighty chain* weat to place of beginning,
containing HO acre*,   more or le*��, and weit and
adjacent t'�� timtier 111 SBOfl No UQM-,
Dated November '21st, IW,.
Tom I���.vjtALUt. locator.
A   _acxstt. a*ferit-
���tJelaon l-and District    Diairicto. Melt Kooteuay
' Take notice that 1, F
ply lor a special   Uceni  ^^^^^^^
timber from 610 acrea  of land:    Commencing at
Wf are Bhcs<wisag a splendid Stuck of Goods for Xmas
Presents including:
Ladies' and Cent's plain and fancy handkerchiefs.
Children's fancy handkerchiefs iu boxes from 25c. for
three handkerchiefs.
A very pretty lot of Ladies' ties, collars, stocks, silk
scarfs, lace ties, s.ilk belts, metal belts and fine cut steel
elastic belts.
Fine stock of Men's silk ties, scarfs, mufflers, silk and
linen handkerchiefs, kid  glove*.
Complete range of fine drawn linen, 5 o'clock hemstitched
linens, etc.
Fine art embroidered linen centres.
We invite inspection of our Stock and prices.
It Costs Money.
New York, Dec, 88.���Seventy-five million dollars is the estimated sum it
takes to provide Christmas cheer for
the 3,000,000 Inhabitants of 'Little Old
New York." The figure may be cut a
little this year on account of the financial stringency, but If such is the case
there Is no outward evidence of tin
fact. The streets aro congested with
shoppers, the stores are crowded, and
the suhwuy, elevated and surface ear*
iwickcd  With   bundle laden     passeu;;- i
That in every line of business neat stationery is absolutely necessary.
Is done Quickly and   in an
Up-to-date Style at
a post placed ou the northwest corner marked
F. A. Shaver. No. l, theuce eighty chains south,
thence eighty chalua east, thence eighty chain*
north, thene-' eighty chain* west to the place of
beginning, containing 640 acre*, more or
and about three mile* west ot th* Kooteuay
-.iver and about out- ml)e south ol Cofn creek
ami south and adjacent to tlmt>er licence U/727
aud ea��t and adjacent U> timber llcenc* UrJ21.
Local-id NoTemt-er 1>I��., 1907
1    a    ������ .-��� t . *��� it  locator,
A. RAOOSTi agent.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kooteuay
Take notice that I, L W Hhaver. intend to apply for a special licence to cut and rurry iwsy
limber from 64u acre-*, of land: Commencing at
.. i "-- irt'i*-" i L* -*��� Shaver, northwest corner
thenoe eighty chain* -south, thene** eighty
chain* eaat, thence eighty chain* north, tbeuce
c-ighty ehaina west to place of beginning, containing Mo acre*, more or less, and eaat aud adjacent to timber licence 15C24. and alao south
and adjacent to timber licence No :.���".'.. and alao
south and adjacent to F A. Shaver timber limit
No. 1.
Dated   November 21it, 1907.
L. W. -h .th:   locator,
A. IIa< kett, ageut
bank of Summit cr***** about two and a half
mile* Irom lis mouth, thene*** north 40 chain-
thence eaat lcti chains, ihence aoutb 40 ehaina,
thence weat 100 chain*.
Dated -A'th November, 1907.
2. Commencing al a poat planted on an unnamed creek which Hows into Summit creek
from the aouth at a spoint about twu aud a tialf
mllaa east from the north fork of tUMBllerooJ.
said past being placed about three (Jl__tOM mile
up iuch unnamed ereek and about 100 loot 10
the east thereof, theuce eaal 40 chalus. thence
south 160 chalna, theuce west 4uchaina. them***
north 160 chains.
Dated i -':.'��� Novemoer. 1907.
3. Commeuclng al a pott planted on au unnamed creek whleh flows tnu> Summit OSOOk
from the aouth at a  point  aimtit   two anda   half
"*" **��� ���*-������-��� "���. ������ n  Task
lln.    was*    *��],.    ,     ,        _ reOf.
ttfu.-v south itii ebalna,  thence   west 40 chain*,
tli'-ni v uofth lflu 'haln*. tbeuce eait 40 chain-*.
Dated lath Novemsber, 1907-
Conimeuclngat a post planted on the north-
j miles esst Iron, the uorlb fork ol -itmu.lt ''.
tal,  .-���.:.-.   aboul   i:,r. .     nan....   1,11,.    up   a.
f.rre��t   and   sboul 6UU   l.-rfi   ...   ill-   tssl   lame.
.1,9. A. Bh.rer.  Inl.ml to .,-��� J esst able o,  the  north  lorlt   ol Minnntl  <*ress
leencetoeut snd carry away  , .bout lour mllea from the Jun.'tlon ol tue nortb
.... ���, ,.__..   , ,    1 |or)l wlth ,h<. _-,���, aummit  ccnk.lhe,,,-" a.i.itl,
811 chains, thence weat SB shsiba, Ihencv north *,��
\\ Itt.icMi.iv  Provl��lt,n��,
bsuid lith, November,
��� vi-om,, v*. n._,>�������
b   liHHi Ysm'Sc  A.en,
slon of 0.1.* week within which to
ursnte.l. Hsrry Wright, Ass't- 0
er Qf i.-:. ��� and Work;.
Kxtcnalon of on.-   week   within
vertlae   .	
Nel-on l.��nil Uisttict    lnsl*)Ct ol Wesl Kootensy
vJ.lt'tt"!}'*1 U,-, '��� T'  L-  Wsu,  of Bonner.
ferr>, l.l.ho. occiii.s.lon palmer. Intend to .p.
_ *3_*-Ji_!*. "'.''" llt,*"<-'<-' ""r Ihololloi-
u.mT.?*',  l8u''":    Commencing �� s  poa,
;*.���  ' .v,   ,'*iu,   """*'���'*"���    corner   ol   Umber
,    .,    .   ',Mw'  ll"=h��' east 8.1 chsins,  Ihei.cc
?,,?,��,'"!'"*���  ��!****  �������" suehslna.  Usenet
south   *l   chalna   i���   polnl ���l oommeucen.cn,,
containliiK 'Ho ,.'���:., nit,,,, ���r leaa *u""!u'-'n'
I'ated November 21st. 1907. T. L  I.....--'.
 Col.s Hmitii, agent
Nelson l.sn.1 Ulslrlct.   Dlatnctof Wail Kooten.y
Take  liotlcc   ihsl   I, rharles   l.utclier. IS Und
to sopiy lor a npecial Umber licence, to cut snd
carry swsy timber ,10m ..I*, scrca o, Isnd     lam.
iiicnclng ��i No. 1 post sboul 1. mliea weat ol the
k���.,,e���.y river, on tl... north aid,, of IKoundsry
fOSf _��",' '""���'h.aii'ls.lJscenttotlm'Ar llcenaea
'.,^.'1..'.  ",'.'"   m"''   uorlh  "'  thctnter.i.llonal
Ismnl.ri   lUMi commencliiK  sl s post  marked
1 hsrlc��   l.iilcher'a  aouthwea. corner,   thenee WI
Chain,  north,  thence So chain, east, (hence m
chslin.ouil,, ihcnc- so chstus west u> the plsaic
ol MTnnlM, couuinlDK ����> seroa. more or leaa
L.jcale.| November ISth. 11W7.
1 '.iin.- I" 1- ll.K iJK'.loi.
No. '". ^omme.icn. s, s poal marked ..hsrlea
Uutcli.rs southeast corner, thence st) chains
north, tbence so chalna weat, thenoe HO ehaina
aouth, Ihenc- Ho chalus esal to the place of be-
gliiulus and went and adjacent tn number one
mlK-rllm**  *-     -   ���
,,..,. 1 110..-11I   1  r.���.i.. r*   Om I -'iin.'   Hri.'k--  r��-el,wl wnstkl.T  Ir'*.;. Irani tal
i.iiri.     fur sitla- t.y ull l��n.ti,.y srroosn
.��.;... antl -.M.r.'i-.iiusi'    Houston Rlcs*k,
)o_phine Street.        -
Pnono 19.
Nelson, B. C
Nelson Laud District.   District of West Koolenay
Take notice  that W. A    Hudaou,  of Hpokanc,
Wpahlngton, t' H.A., occupation   timber
 m   .. cruiser
l special timber llccnco over
Intend to apply for ^^^^^^^^^^^^
the followluf* uescrlbcd land*: CommeneiiiK at
11 -poHt planted on the north bank of ('orn creek,
at the, junction of the north fork of Corn ereek
with ine main ntream, about five mile*' In >i
westerly dlreciion from the confluence of aaid
Corn creek with the Kootenay river, thence
north 40 chslur* thence went 160 chains, thenee
Mouth 40 chain*, thence east 100 cuain* lo point
of commencement, containing M0 acrea. more or
Datod November 7th, 1907.
William a. Hunani*.
Take notice that I. B. C. Otis, intend u. apply
for a special liceutre >*o cut and carry away llm
ber from 640 a<*res of laud: Commencing al a
post planted about four mile* west of the Kooteuay river, on aamall creek flowing from the
nouth into Corn creek and about one and one
half mile- aouth of corn creek and weit aud
adjacent to timber licence No IW24; cum men
cing at No. I post marked K. C. Otln northeast
corner poat, thenoe elifhtychain* *outh, thence
elKhly ehaltia west, thence eighty chain* north,
lhenoe eighty chain* east io the place oi beginning, containing mo acre*, more or lasi.
i ��au;>l November 21,1907. B 0. Otii, locator,
A Hackstt, agent
.linn, and   containing W0 acrei, more or
Located November Uth, IU07
i niHi.K. uiiTCHXR. Locator.
No. 8. Commencing at a post markc<l Charlen
Uiiu-her's nortbwast corner and about l*^ mile*
weat uf tbe Kootenay river on the north *l<le oi
Houndary c;r��ek sum nortli itnd adjacent to timber Ucenvc 11,*'.(," tlieuot! aouth ��0 chains, theuce
east MO chain*, ibuunc north antbalua, theuce
we��t M0 chalus to lhe plauu af beginning, containing 84o acres, noM or lea*.
Located November IHth, IWl.
i'iiari.ki| Dutciixb, Locator.
No- 4. Commencing at a poit marked Charles
Dutcher'* northeast corner, theuce south HO
chalua, thenee weat IM) chain*, thence uorth HO
chalna. thence east HO ehainn f> lhe place of be-
glnnlug, containing M0 aeren, more or lea*
Located November IHth, 11*77.
C).arlkh Dutcher, Locator-
No. 6. (.ommencing at a post marked Charles
Dutcher's southeast corner, thence MO chains
north, thenee HO chains wesl, theuce M0 chains,
nouth, thenee M0 chalua eaal to the place of beginning, containing M40 acrei, more or leaa.
laovated November IMlh, 1WI7.
chahi.kn Dutcher, Leoator.
' " ' (.'ommencing at a spoil marked Charles
Da'Oher's aouthweit corner, th'-iico north W
chalun, tbence east HO chains, Ihence south BO
chain*, thence weat Mo chains to the place of beginning,   eonalnlng MO a res, more or lea*.
Located November IMlh, 1907.
QW-klMH Dt<T<.'HKK, I*ocator,
Nelson Laud District.   District ot Weit Koo'enay
Take notice that "-olomon Wilkinson, of Nelson, H i'.. occupation lumberman, intend** to
applv tura special timber licence over US following described lauds:
1.   i umiiH'iKiiiK ata post planted on thci orth
h<-;-,u Land Dlitricl     DUtrl  i ul *'-*.��� Kootenay.
Take untie*) that 1. W A Hudson, of Bpokane,
Waah , occupation timber cruiser, litem, to tn
ply lor a special timber licence over the fuU-m
ing described landa- Commeneing at a po*t
planted on the north bank ul - -i-n-m - . ��� . g_d
marked W, A. Hudsou's H. W- (ornci. th*uc,
north 40 chalni, thence eaal I6*icbaiii>, th< nc.
aotuh 40 chalni. thenee weit IOU chalna to the
point ot co*fnmeuofm��ni, -coQUltiiu-- M* ����� tot
more or leas
Dated Nov.'J. 1907. W.A. DOSKM
Nelaon Laud District. District of W��it Koouuay.
Take notice that W a Hudson, of H|n��k,in..
Wash., occupation limber cruiser. Intend* t'-ip-
ply for a apeclal timb��;i ttoma sWJ-I "'��� foll>>.
ing de*criiH*d landn: Commencing al n \n*>.
planted on the aouth ban* �����! the ncrih ton Ol
Corn creek, thence south 4* chain*-, tbS-IUM west
IGo chalua. thence norih 40 chains. Hn.it>*- sssl
160 chains to the -point of cmaw;o emeu: 0OQ
Utuicg 640 acres, n,.,:.. uf ..-���.
Dated Not ��*ti. I��/7. w, a   ID bsoM,
Nr��uon Laud Dlitricl.   District ol Vfott KootWMy
Take   nonce  lhal W   a. Hudson,  0l  IpOfcaOe,
Wish., occupation limber cruiser, tnieudi ii> np
ply (or a ��� pec lal timber IP'* new "vi'i th�� (oUow-
ing deacrlbed -an 1- CumueuctUg al a poat
pUapdd -.(. tht-eaai side of thu>outn fork ol the
north fork ot ('um creek, thence aontb no -haini.
theuce woat s*o chalni, thenoe north Mo ehaina.
Ihenc.- eaat Mo chains to tbe point of commence
ment, con-taiiiiUK Mo acrea, more or lets
Dated Nov. 6th, \Wi, W   A. HOMO*.
Nelaon Land Dlitricl. District of Weit Koou-nay.
lake notice that W.A. Hudaon, of took���B��,
W'aah-, tHseu-patioii Umber cruiser, Intel d* t', ap
ply for aineMal timber licence over the follow
lug deacrlbed landa | Com men dug ai a iH,��t
planted aboul buo feel north of the Hor'.ti
fork of Corn rreek. thence -south Mo chalus,
thence west **��� ehaina, iheuce noth HQ
chains, thence east Mu chains to the point nt
(-ommeueement, c'titalnlug '>*" acres, inun-or
Dated Nov. 6th, 1907. W.A. ID MOO
Nelaon Land Dlitrlct JDIitrlct ol Weat Kootenay
Take uotlce that W. A. Hudson, of BpOkM*,
Wash., occupation umber crulsei. inleudi to ��p
ply for a special tlmt>er licence over tlm billow-
im' deacrlbed land*: Commencing ai a post
planted, about 'if (pet nortli oi the n-.i i :. ton ol
Corn uceek, thenee uorlb HO chain* theuce west
MO chains, theiico south MO chalus, theueo eaat ho
chalna to the potnl of eoiumeuceui*nt eonlatn
i'tt* 's-i-i acre*, more or leaa.
Dated Nov  6th, 1907. W   A. Hvkson.
Neiaon Laud District. District of Weil Koolenay
lake notice lhat W.A. Hudson, of took���DO,
Wain., occupation timber crulier, intcii'isto
Ply for a aspeelal ilmWr licence over lhe foi hi
Dig deicrlbed lands: Commeneing sl a ���������.,-
plautc'i about r*O0 leet uqrtb of the north fork i
Corn creek, thufice *ot^tU vl phalus, thence eat
Mo "Ihuuh, tltencu uortn su chalna, theuce weat .���
' 'mlii. to the i,mul ui couuuenceuicul, eoutali
lug MU acres, more or leia.
Dated Nov. -iih, 1907. W. A. Hi*u*on.
Nelson Land Dlitrlct    Dlitrlct of Weil Koolenay
Yon run huy a  MNUHPe Fruit  Uanoh   ln   the  best   fruit   growing -iiatrftt
tn   Brit-tell   Colombia   l��*    P-7tof   %\h dollarH tluwn ami |l" pel wootJi
KvMi h.h an lnvi*-,tiiu'ut   thU in worth consltli-ratlon
Frutt  I-anii has fcn.-blvil tn value within tho year.   Wh.it vfll It *i m��
-J.   E.   AININABL-E,
Unit   bent* imt other l��r |
^ttir, *re  hnvr over offrreii
^^^^^^^^^^^     Wi* liuvo two Sn.olinu Jark-
i li    n��. Uh i.ii.l in lirvitst. nimlp of l.n��ail��l silk, .���<inl.-<l ��t|fw. spleu.ii.Hy Hne.1.
Uirrwl button**.    Tl,.*   s,���oki���K jm-kot^ \v��r.��  linutfht ,lin-<*t  fruu, the uiantiw-
turera,   r.��t     Inul    down
in Nelson $11.7.',
made of braottd#d silk,
king jackets were  l>oo..
Stile Rriceonly$6.|
lake notlco thai W. A Hudaon, of Spokane,
Wash-, occuspatton timber cruiser, un- n i to ap
ply for a special timber licence over the following de-scrlbed lands I Commeneing at a pom
planted about BOO fuel north of the norih fort of
Corn creek, thence south M0 chain*, thence wost
M0 chains, theuce north Mo chalna, lh��uee can Ho
chalua to the point of commencement, contain
in'* 640 acrei, more or leu.
Dated Nov. 6lh, 1907. W.A. Hunt-iON
Nelton Laud DlRtrlcl.   Dl*trlct of West Koolenay
Take notice that W A. Iludaon, of Himkaii*',
W'a*h., occupation tlmher cruiser, Inteiios to ap
Fily for a special timber ll-Leuce over the follow
ug described land*: (Jommenclug al it po*t
pltnite-i about au-i feet north of lhe nortb fork of
Corn creek, theuce aouth MO chain*, thenee eait
M0 chain*, thenee iiort.s- HO chain*, thenee weal ho
chat lis to, the point of commencement, contain-
lug 64o wm. mow or lem.
Kt��"[Kn��   6th,lUU7 W   A, Ht'iaioN.
NelRou I-aud DuUrtcl. District of We*t -"ootenay
Take notice that W. A, Hudaon, of MixikaiH-,
Wash, occupation timber cruiser, Intenda lo apply for a special tlml>er licence over the following described lands: CommcucltiK at n post
planted on the south bank of the main Corn
creek nnd adjoining timl-er licence No. Urrjct,
thence south 40 chain*., theuce west 160 chains,
thence north 40clialio., thenee earn IMI ehaina to
the point of comuiiiieeineut, containing 640
acre*, more or leaa.
Dat*d Nov. 7th, 1007. W. a. Hudson,
******** *.*^^*w******************************** ********
'*���'���'-'*���*'* S.  A.  ISAAC R.  W.  HINTON'
New and Second Hand
Is tli,- iiii.,-,- I'm- l,iti-Kui���H. \V��. ,|(. np-
hiiNli-iuit: uml ,-.,I��i,,,-, wi.rli. iin.l guar
ant,-,' li, plMue >i>ii In pri.i.'H, worl,, ���to,
A trlul will c.uvlncc y.,...
Turner line,on Block, 606 Vernon Street.
lNEI_SOIN,    -    B. C
A Union   of   High   0*-��des
and Low  Prices.
A���pls.Ha. H.00.4MS, 0*0,9***
box. r
Of_tM nt 2Gc. Uo 4W wd �������� P-
''",0"- r stent XiW"
Air,., a nlc aBHorlnu'iil of !*��"���
���toe-iir* and <'���,���i> s|or0
Sav,.   y.,���r OfdOt   ';>���"     ]"    '_������ from
wltli 11.,-hlK atneM sol.'.'iun lor
Joy's Cash Grocery
(���or. ���lo-oP""'"..':'.1,'1 "."tub COO-*
S VOU AT TUB 1 :  fcsSKii
Iturkeys and chickens
This is fresh-killed poultry and will give you
every satisfaction.    ORDER NOW.
More supplies arriving later.
P. Burns & Co.
IKasl,), Rossland
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
The Dany Canat m
'���   ���nn nr.ii.
A   Dr. Richardson, Aatrologist,  Predicts
Disasters for Pacific Coast and
General   III Luck.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale Kooteuay  Ice, Fi-utt,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N.E. co,. Baker   and   Ward   8U.
, Land ntslrlci. District ot West Kootenay
:i..in,* that Fred. J. Sam mon*. agent for
1 Aimer, ol Nelaon, occ-upallon watch-
mu ui- to apply lor permission t��* pur-
Lhe following -ie��<-rib**d lauds: t'omuieu-
i a posi planted about X1, miles eaat ot
i-reei it.euee 40 chains in an ea*,terlv
pii-'si-'i, thstBos -fl) chains aoulh, thenee 40
��� in a ���<*trrly directum, thence'-*) chalim
it:'. Ui Hi- point ol commencement, conl��� lninn
u ii rf-, mon- ur leaa
bated Sov���<_, \W1.
K. J. _m<oT-l, Agent
K*Ik��!i Land Idilrlct.   Dlitrlct o( Weit Kootenay
Tsa-   , in.   tha*.   Kre-lJ- Saminous. agent tor
Ballard, ol   Proctor, occupation   raueher.
���nu :...��� i..*[>|ii>   (or  permission to purchase the
Tollewiiiic   dascribod   lands;    Commenclnir al a
���mm iiai.ii'l about I', miles cast ol Wilton creek.
������ a-iuUiwetU'J>i chain*, thence uorthwest fl>
PlbaiDa,theuce northeast'^)chain**, thene* aoulh
*t �� > halni to the the i-otnt ol oommeuoement
MiiiatimiK 40 acrea, more or leas.
Dated Nov. ICth, IWl.
\ *. IIIIHAl 1.   AMtSlVON   BaLLASI),
Agent Y   J   mammons.
i Land District    District ol West K.votonay
Ian. ooUoa that W.A. Hudwiu, tlmher crulaer,
-;._.��:i(       . ..;�����*,,- ennui.. Washington, one
sltod tflalesof Amcrtea. intend* to apply
aspeelSl timber  11 reuse over  lhe lollowlng
scribed lauds:   Commcnclug at a sp-��t marked
warned on the uorth bank ol   Corn ereek,
���sua.' luiuilou ol  the .North lork ol torn cruek
^*llh in,   main   at team,  about   five   mite*  in a
���sealerl. direction from eonnueuc*,* ol said Corn
��� ""��� with lbs Koolenay river:   ihence norih 40
' -        thence weat  1&�� cbalus; Ibeuee aouth 40
thtaiiir.,   iIh<iic*i esat   160 chain* to polut ol com
i��'ii'.*iiicm, i-onlalniuR Mo acres more or lesa.
aald laml adjoins timber llmli  No "  on the
|**i��i an,) timber limit No. 8 on the aouth, aa lo-
���esied t.v me.
Located November 7, 1007.
William A. HvnaoN, I-ucator-
I ;- -    ���'. hy Patrick C. -Shine
Declared And nigurd by th�� within named W
. A  HuiiM.n  on   the 'it-lb day of November, A   D
'    before  tt.--  at  Spokane,   Spokane   CoUUlv,
|       .       .���..:���.��� .,��� ��� s,.- i  i,si. -s Males ol America.
Patrick c   shims.
[Nelaon l-and Duirlct.   Diatrict ol Woat Kootenay
Take notice thai Isabella Pierce,   t Btrasaburg,
kttOO married   woman.   Intends  to apply
IXriotMlOB   lo  purchase   the  following -lea-
si "ir.. i itndi:    Commencing at n post planted at
lUMmi-n-KHMloi. ol   the  norili   Uiundary ol 1*��>1
�����, and tbe  east   boundary   ol   Loi   No.   olh5,
th(suiueail56 rballia, more or leaa, to lhe north
Issai oornei of ituber Limit  No. 7671, thsnos
I north no chain*, thenee west A< ehalns, more or
"    to ihe east iide ol  Whaishan   lake,   theuce
| ������'.'"wiiii* tame in a fioidht'il. mh,i westerly
' Hon lew ohAlns, nrars or lea* lo the inter
���"Hon with Loi till*.'*. I In nee 19 chain*,, more ot
"���. ("llowlug  eaaterly   boundary   ol Lot ��18.'> l��>
[ ."������in. ni cniaineneeuieut-
"��ted7th Oclober.iyo.-        InahkU-a IMbbcs,
F   ��L KAr<ji'ian. *(*��nt.
| -V.���*,,,, Lend District.   Districtoi *v����i Kootensi
Tske  nollOO   that    Alexander   J     McCool.  of
f��ule, ll, c., oocupallou clerk, mienita to apply
''"��� i-nnimioii   to   purchase  the  followfi>k de��
"Ibetl land j    CotiiineucliiK at a |*ost planted on
ttae southern   boundary oi ll   0 Southern  Kelt-
**   right of way,  about one  and   a half  mllea
I westerly from   the   northwest   corner of lot ���������*<-,
-.���'".j.   I,   Knoteuay,    thenee   south   HO chain*,
I ll"-hci* east Bo chains, theuce   north BO chain** to
oihern iMitiuitary of aald  rlght-of-wa*,  theuce
"M k-i I'haiim alout* said soiiilieru iKtuudary to
j .-"lnt   of   cotnmeueeiiu-ul,   and coutalniuK floo
"������"a, uiiiru or less
���"I ted November Uth, UOT,
A-LRBANbBit -I   Mi root..
I Nela(ui I-anil District. D.atticl 01 Weil Kootenay
���Mae notice that F. I*. hurdeii, acting as agenI
'J H llnr-lcii, of 1'okiok. N. B., occupation
Bt-hsnio, intenda to applv lor permission to
"clumi. the iuHowIuk deh.rlliod lands: Cum*
''"liig at a jmihI plained on lhe easterly shore
���"���-in lake rtii.i about 10 chains north of the
orner ol lot ttlft-'t, thenee easi 'JO ehaina,
'''��� north 40 ehainn, muni ur l��as, to the htkc
', Ihence aoulhwcslet ly along the lake shore
point o|[commencement,  and coiiiHiniw.:
H. I..
, more or lesa.
���*led November IHth. YAH. JamkhH  HpabKN,
    K. g    Iti'HiosN, Agent-
Notloa  Ih hereby  Klvon  Hint  n  Court
of Revision tuiti Aiipoiii, undar iii" pro
*��lona or thi An��tam��nt Act, rafpeet-
���nj. thu Ahhohhuiciii EtOil for the your
{���p-Bi  Tor  (hu   NoIhoii  aVaMflimaoi   ui***-
''" Will bo held lit the QoV_l iwibdit
""le.., NoIhoii, on DoccMiihor IKIh, L-907-,
'" i" o. m.
, R.   8.   LENNIE,
"WJ of Court of IH-vlslon and Appeal.
Nvlion, Deoember and, J907.
Nelson Uml Dl*trlci. District of Weat Kooienav
Take (��� ..:���..-. that John Jamea Cameron, of
��rule, British rnlnmbia, ���,<������ -., pus .on contractor, intends to apply for permission to
purcbsaae Lhe following deH'Tlbesl land: Com*
iiii'i.ci'ii' .it a |>o*t piante-1 on the southern
boumlary of the B: 0. Southern right-of-way
about 40 <balns westerlv from the N. W corner
of lotllKi. group 1, Kootenay, thence south W
chains, theuce eaal 40 chalua, thence uorth on
chain* t" the aoutheru l>oundary ol the -*i I
right of way, thenee weislerly along aald south
eru boundary of right-of-way to ttie point t
commencement, and containing 240 acre*, mort*
or leaa.
Dated November *t0,1907.
| J"MW  JaMBH  CAM-yRO**--
Nelson Laud Dlstrlet. Diatrict of West Kooieuay
Take notice that John Shlell, of Needles, B.C ,
occupation rancher, Intenda to apply fo- permission i" purchase the followlui; descrlbe-d
land; Commencing at a post plauted at the
northwest corner of UM 7B03, tL-sic,- weal io
chalna, thenee louth ��> rhalua, theni*e east 4D
chains, then re north Bt) chain* to the point of
commencement, and contalulutc 8*0 acres, more
or tea*.
Dated lath October, 1907.              Jams* HK.EU-,
 F. O. FATjqpqts. Agent. 	
Nelaon Land District,. District of West Kootensy
Take notice that Augu* Mc-Ulll, of the City of
Nelaou, o<*eupittlon Hreman, Intend* to apply for
iTermliilon i- purcha**> tne following deacrlbed
landa: Commencing al a poat planted at the
N. W. corner L. C. Morrtaon'* ranch. In sKir
alley, th-^cce norih forty (40) chains, thene
ail :."'.- (40) chaim, thence aoulh forty (*������
alns, ihence wesl forty (40) chain* ointo
mmeucement,   and coutalniuK    one  hnudred
Calgary, Dec. 13*���Dr. Ulchnrdson,
fumed as an utrolofflst and psycholo*
gist, ami not unkiinwn in <'.* 111���.* i . . hits
pm-iaed thnniKh the city. Ho haB been
reBldiUK borne time in Hrltlab Columbia, where he haa been prospecting.
He was lu Cnlgary u few nioutbb ln
the year 11*01. and while here predicted
the death of President McKlnley just
a few days before the assassination in
that year. Tbe prediction appeared
first in this city.
He made a number of predictions
which bave been borne out by results.
His forecasts, he maintains, are merely BCientitlc and are not dreams or in
any   wuy   supernatural.
He Is not a professional predictor, but
has held important chairs in U. S.
He predicted a decade of unusual and
abnormal ocourrencea during Ihe first
ten years of the present century. With
floods like that of -Galveston, with panics such as some parts of the world are
passing through, with earthquakes
such as Valparaiso anil San Francisco
as well as in other parts of the world,
with wars such as we have seen, he
believes that the predictions have become true.
He predicted the disaster of the coasl
cities. Two cities, Valparaiso and San
F'rancisco have fallen. He believes that
thy time for others Is yet to come. He
maintains that Japan will probably be
the next to meet disaster and it will
come in the way of a tidal wave
which  will do great damage.
Dr. Uichardson uses his science in
the more minute details of business
life. He believes that the next period
is bad to start out In anything. He
would start no business of any kind
He would not get married during the
next fpw months, and it would be better that no children should be born dur
Ing that time.
Dr. Richardson left for the west and
will be in Vancouver during the next
few months.
tenipt   to   replace   union   miners   with
The law presupposes that a man ls
innocent until proved guilty, and
therefore the union miners of Goldfield
musi be considered as peaceful until
they show themselves to be otherwise,
but an ounce of p-revi mion Ib worth
a pound of cure���and at the present,
in Goldfield, under existing conditions,
a ton, and a log ton at that. Therefore the federal troops.���American
Mining   Kev lew.
Btopped by Water.
Operations at the Sullivan umelter,
Marysville, were seriously interfered
with lust week by flooding of the works
by melting snow.
Arbitration Court's  Award.
The court of arbitration that sat on
the appeal of the Movie Miners' Union
against a proposed reduction of the
wage scale at tlie St. Kugene mine, has
favored the Canadian with a copy of Its
award. The contention of the men for
equal wages for all men employed in
mines is rejected and an elaborate aeries of scales is arranged, specifying
what the court considers fair wages for
all classes of labor. Hut the principle
that the men are entitled to benefit from
lmpioviug conditions is conceded by the
recommendation ot three distinct scales,
one for normal, one for abnormally lav-
orable, and one for abnormally uniavor-
able conditions. Present conditions
are declared to be abnormally unfavorable, on account of certain specified
causes, chief of which are the low price
of metals, Uie uncertainties ol the metal
markets, and the expectation of further
declines. The lowest scale recommended Ib $'2.75 per day for common laborers
during abnormally unfavorable* periods.
The highest Is $4.80 for several occupations in Uie best periods. The margin
for each class between highest and lowest is 50 cents a day.
���a lT
d sixty   I'-" acres, mor-*- or leu
\ Sept.* jl ber 2nd. 18PT
Dted i
-** *,-*.*,--���   M , -111 :
Ferry, Waterloo,  Columbia River.
in accordance with Chapter 7��. H. 8. B. C.,1887,
"Kerries Act." tlie Oovernmcnt of Hriliah Columbia invite* application* for n charter for a ferry
to ply between Waterloo, it. ('., and a polnl on
the oppotdte side of the t^tumbia River
Application* will be reoeivexl by the Hon the
���Chlei t omuilfsMonei up to and including tbe
Usl day of December. 1W7.
The charter will cover a per imi expiring ou
the 30th, June, I'.**"'
The feny shall be operated whenever n.juired
between 1 am and 7 p.m. every day except Sunday!.
Applicatlona shall rIvc a description ol the*
���cow ami cable It Is propoNed to use.
Application* shall state the tolii it 1* proposed
to aik for:���
kach adult passenger
Kach child (uot lu armi) under IH yean.
Each head of cattle, home, mule or doukey, etc-
Kach call, sheep, goator awlne, etc
Kach vehicle, with one horse and driver.
bach cart or waggou, with one hone and
driver, loaded.
Kach vehicle, with two horses and driver, unloaded.
Kach vehicle, with two hones and driver,
Kach parcel of 25 lbn , and underfreight per luu Ibe , aud under, nou-periihabie
good a-
1 i. s -ii' per imi lbs. snd under, peri*hablo goodx
The government ol Hritish Columbia is uot
necessarily botisd to aeoepl any application sub-
F. C. ' iAMlU.1 ,
Public Work* Knglueer,
Ui i- and Works Department,
Vle-toria, B. 0  . December 10th. 1907.
Corporation of the City of Nelson.
Notice Is hereby given Ihat the fixst
silling of the Court of Kevlslon for revising und correcting of the Voters' I^lst
for the year LSOS, will bo held lu the
OOUIICII Chamber. Ctly Hull. Nelson.. IL
0.| on Saturday the -1st day of December. Inst., nt the hour of Id o'clock, a.
m. VV.   D,  WASSON.
City Cler k.
Nelson, It. C, Dec.  Kith. 11X17.
City of Nel.on Llcen.o District.
Wo, tho uiKlorslKHO'l, Klvc nollce thnl
nt the next meeting of lhe llonrtl of
IjleeiiHO Commissioner*, we Intend to apply lor n transfer of the license of the.
No Place Inn from Wm. Gosnell to
C.   B.  WAI-I'S.
Nelaon. Nov. 18,  1907.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897.'
of exchange, cheques, bonds, debentures a,nd other negotiable Instrument,
an.l choaes ln action and evidence of
indebtedness of all kinds, and to pay.
charge, and collect Interest thereon,
an 1 to give and take chattel rnortBa-
g*-Li, l.,lls of sale, and receipt notes, lien
notes, hire receipts, orders for goods,
chi.tli s or money, warehouse certificates, bills of lading, warehouse receipts aud other securities or chattels,
machinery, goods, wares or merchandise; to improve, cultivate, erect build-
lugs and make other lmprovementa on,
or survey and subdivide any portion
of the company's lands; to lend money
and take mortgages on real and personal estate as security therefor and from
time to time to d'schawe the same; to
take and hold real estate ln trust or
otherwlBe as security for such loans,
nnd to take .and hold collateral and
other security therefor or for debts
which may become due to the company;
to collect rents, manage eata'.es and
buy and sell property on commission,
and to act aa valuators, financial
agents, general and special agents, and
real estate brokers; to carry on the business of buying, selling, manufacturing,
making or otherwise acquiring or producing any or all kinds of material
used in construction, maintenance anil
repairs of buildings or other structures, Including lumber, stone, brick
and plumbers' supplies; to acquire, construct, equip, own, maintain and operate
warehouseu, elevators, factories, mills.
sawmills and flour-mills; of buying and
selling grains of any kind whatsoever;
of buying and selling Implements, buggies, waggons, sleighs, machinery, and
engines of any kind whatsoever; of buying and Belling goods and merchandise
of any kind whatsoever, and buying and
selling safes and vaults; to contract wlt-h
Individuals or corporate bodies in regard to any undertaking and to sue
and ho sued In the name of the company in respect of the same and. subject to the provisions of Section 6S of
the Manitoba Joint Stock Companies Act
to unite and amalgamate ln whole or
in part with or purchase the business
of any other person, corporation or
private Individual engaged In any of the
businesses above mentioned, and. If bo
agreed, to Issue therefor paid-up stock
In this company: of carrying on any
other business which seems to the company capable of being conveniently carried on ln connection with the above or
which may seem to the company calculated to directly or Indirectly enhance
the value of or render profitable any
of the company's properties or rlgnts.
We have for rent an up-to-date house
in a good position, containing three bedrooms, dinning room, parlor, kitchen,
pantry,  bathroom and stone  basement,
$25.00  per month.
H. _ M. BIRD
A great many sales have been made of lots ln this charming suburb
of Nelaon and only a few best   lots are left.
Don't Foyget
That Fire Insurance you were going to put on this fall, or that
accident aud health policy you intended writing which covers
all accidents and 30 diseases.
Let us c,uote you rates on the above.
American   Mining   Review  Approves  of
Federal Troops for Nevada.
In rcBponse to the request of Governor Sparks of Nevada. President
Roosevelt ordered troops to proceed to
Goldfield. and there aro now stationed
fn the outskirts of the famous gold
cvup about 400 regulars, ready for
any emergency, should any arise.
I: tome caustic criticism has been In*
dulfi"-��J tn by certain politicians and labor agitators, censuring the Governor
of Ne.iuia for requesting troops, an.l
the Proi-tlden. for sending them. These
critics have very truthfully pointed ou,
that there has boci* no disorder in
Goldtiuld. and IherefYwe no need of
Nevada is very strongly unionized
throughout. As a result, l��Ut*~ ar''
practically controlled by ota^aStM la
bor. As another and somewhat startling result. Nevada ls the only ******
tn the Union having no Stale UTIlIUsV
The sheriffs, of the several counties are
elected by the labor vote, and while
we believe that these officers would
do their duty in case of trouble, we also beliove that they would find themselves unable to preserve the peace
ln the -event that the "ball of trouble
were started rolling." Kxperience tn
San Juan county of Colorado, at l.eud-
vllle. Cripple Creek, Colorado, and in
the Coour d'Aleno. Idaho, have furnished Abundant evidence of the amount, and kind of trouble that may be
antictpnted  when  the mine  owners  at-
r. c. CRiiEN     r. r. burben     a. b. green
C'vll Engineers, Doitilrilon and British
ColamljU. Land Surveyors
r. 0. Box H5    Phone 2*1 B.
Tnke nolice that a Court of Ile-rfk- '���
Ion or tile Voters' List of the City of |
KmsIo will sit on the Silst day of Dectui
her, 19D7, nl eleven o'clock, n. m., nib- I
cal lime), and continue from day- to day.
If requisite, at the Council (SlianttieiM.or '
lhe City of Kaslo, II. C.
ii.ii.'il Ihls Hll, day of Deceniln*r. DBOT.
WII.I.IAM K.IIODDl'STl,      j
Clerk of the Municipality. I
Geo. P.  Player
Office   Room  No.   2,   ELJLIOT     BLOCK.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity   Shop
Province of Hritish Columbia.
No. 412.
This is to certify that "The Manitoba
and Western Canada Land Company,
Limited," 1 a authorised and licensed to carry on business within the Province of British Columbia, and to carry out or effect all
or any of the objects of the Company
to which the legislative authority of
the I/egislature of Urltlsli Columbia extends.
The head office of tho Company Is situate at the Town of Altona. in the Province of Manitoba.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is sixty thousand dollars, dl
vlded into six hundred shares of one
hundred dollars each.
The head office of the Company in
this Province Is situate at Nelson, and
W. A. Macdonald. Harrlster-at-Law,
whose address is Nelson. D. C, is attorney for the Company.
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria. Province of liritish
Columbia, this sixteenth day of Novem
ber, one thousand nine hundred and
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The  objects  for which   this    Company has been established and licensed
For the purpose and with the object
of  buying or acquiring  by  grant, purchase or otherwise, and leasing, mortgaging or otherwise transferring or dealing with or disposing   of   real   estate
lands,    tenements,    hereditaments    of
Ofery  description   or  nature,   and  any
and   every  right  and Interest  therein:
developing,  cultivating, forming,    settling nnd otherwise improving and utilising  the same, and of pledging, mortgaging   leasing,  selling   and   otherwise
dealing with exchange or disposing of
the same, nnd generally of carrying on
the business of a land   and   land    im-
nrovement  company;   and  to carry  on
the  business of ranching,  farming arid
lumberlug:   of aiding an  dasslstlng  by
advances of money or otherwise   with
or without    security,    settlers and    Intending settlers upon uny lands belonging to the company or in the neighborhood of  such   lands,   and  generally  to
promote the settlements of land or acquiring.   Holding,   selling    mortgaging,
pledging aud otherwise    dealing    wilh
mortgages and charges in lands or any
interest therein, and of agreements for
terest  therein,  and of    investing    and
lumbering; of   aiding and    assisting by
with   covenants    for    the    security of
the purchaseand aale of land or any In-
lending money upon the security of real
and personal estate, goods and chattels,
stocks,  bonds,   bills  of  exchange    pro-
mlssorv  notes  or kinds of security  as
nn Individual may; to take and receive
mortgages on ronl or personal estate, or
other security at such rates of interest
as may be agreed upon;  to sell and to
assign' such mortgages or mortgage the
same by any Instrument  in  writing or
agreement,   subject   to   conditions   ami
with covenants for the security of the
���nonsy   advanced   thereon;   to   execute
mortgages on any lands owned or purchased bv the company;  to Becuro tin-
purchase price or any  part thereof or
any lands   tenements or heredllaments
purchased by  the company or for any
other  purpose   whatsoever;   to   borrow
money  at  such  rate of  Interest  as  to
the company may seem advisable, nnd
Issue deposit   receipts,   bonds,   mortgages or eth"r documents to tho lenders
thereof,  and   to give  mortgages  or securities   upon   all   or   any  of the company's  assets  for repayment of all or
any of tho money borrowed; and to sell,
assign, mortgage and    hypothecate   or
pledge  nny   of the  ecurltles  or  assets
of the aald   company   for  tho   security
or  moneys   advanced   thereon;   to  exe-
cnio, sign.    Issue, negotiate,    transfer,
give and  take  promissory  notes,  bills
McDermid & McHardy
NEUSON, ss. G,
Nn 13. West fork. File cr�� -m*.
Nelson I_.m.i out net. i>i*-ti i i of West Kootenay
Tako initio- tliM 1, Josepb PtUrlek. of Neltoti,
B.C., occupation lums-bermao, intend to apply
for a special tlmt>er licence over the following
descrltie*. lands: Commendnj* at a post planted
aoout 6 miles np the weit fork 01 Fife creek,
and about 10 chains from the bank of aald weit
fork, aud marked Joteph Patrick's 8. X. corner,
tbence weat BO chains. tUienoe north 80 chains,
theuce east 80 chains, theuce south (W chains to
point of --oinmencement. conlainiug Mn acres,
more or lew. _
Dated December 5th. 1*17,    Joseph Pateick.
1. J. Lccu, agent.
No. 14     West fork, Fife creek.
Nel-son Land lilimot.   Dlmrictof West Kootenay
Take notice  that Joseph  Patrick, of  Nelaou,
B.C., occupation lumberman, intends to apply
for a special timber   licence oyer  the  following
described lauds:   Commencing at a post plauted
about two chains distant, and ln an easterly
direction   from    location   No.   13   aud  marked
Joseph   Patrick's N.h. corner, theuce south 80
chains,  thence west 80 chains, thenee north 8u
chain*., ihence eait 80 chains to polut of com
mein'tment, containing 610 acres, more or lew.
Dated Defjemter 5th. 1W7.      Joseph PaTEicit,
1. J. Lucia agent.
No. 15.   West fork. Fife creek.
Neb-on Land Dliuict.   District ol West Kootouay
Take uotice tbatl.Joieph  Patrick, of Neisou,
B. C ,  occupation lumberman, intend to apply
for a ipeclri timber   licence over the following
described landa:   Commenciug at a post plan-leu
about So chains   distant and iu a westerly ain't -
Uou from the west fork of Fife creek and about
S mile-1 from mouth of creek, aud marked Joseph
Patrick's 8. K. corner, theuce west 160 chaim,
tbeuce uorth 40 chalue, theuce esst lb" chalni*.
tbeuce south   in chains to point of commencement, containing 840 acres, more oi less.
Dated December6th. 11*07.     Joseph Patrick,
1. J. Locia, agent.
Mo. 16.   Stevens creek.
Nelson Land District.  District of West Kootenay
Take notice that I, Josepb   Patrick, ot Neisou,
U C, occupation lumberman,   luteud   -to apply
(or a special timber  licence over the following
described lands I   Commencing at a post planted
about ."���'���. miles up Utevens creek and lu a N. K.
directum   from   mouth   of   creek, and marked
Joseph  Patrick's N   K corner, thenee south ��u
.-tinuih.  theuce west 80 chsius.  tbence uorth ho
chains , tbeuce east 80 chalus to the polut of
commencement, contain lug 640 acrei, more or
Dated December-3rd, 1907.     Joseph Pateick,
1- J. Locia agent.
No. 17-   Stevens creek -
Neisou Laud District    District ot West Kootenay
Take notice   that 1, Joseph  Patrick, ol Neisou,
B. C , occupation   lumberman, intend to app y
To Montreal, Toronto, and all points
west thereof in Ontario and Quebec.
Quebec, St. John, Halifax, Maritime Province rates on application.
Tickets on sale dally December 1st to
December 31st. Round trip First
class.   90 day limit.
Halifax, St. John or Portland and return
Salooon���$104.50. Second���$78.25.
Steerage���$55.00,   and  up  according to
Tremont House
KuroM&n aad -_a��rto_n Haa
���Mlt 86 etc.   Rooms Iran X Ma. to I).
oniy White Hup __iployad,
Baker St.. Helaoa
for a special timber licence over the f.llowing
described Un-i-: Commeuclng at a post planted
asbout 1 mile in mi easterly  dlrcrtlou  from  the
tiitim it ol Htevens creek, where lt empties Into
Cariboo lake, aud marked Joseph Patriuk's 8. W.
corner, theuce uorth 80 chains, ihence cast 80
cbatus, ibenen soutb80 chains, tbence west 80
cbalus to point of commencement, containing
610 acres, more or less-
Dated December '-ind, 190*.       Josiph 1'a.trick,
I. J. Lucia, agebt.
No. 18.   SteveBi creek.
Neisou Laud District.  Distrlctof West Kootenay.
Take uotice that 1, Josepb  Patrick, of fieUou,
B. C., occupation  lumberman,   intend   to apply
lor a spucial limber llccuee over the  following
described lauds:   Commeuclug ata post plamud
iit��mt 5 miles up eteveus creek, aud about 40
chains soutu   from the bank of the creek, aud
marked Joseph   Patrick's  N.  K   corner,   theuce
south 80 chains,  tbence west 80 chalua, theuce
uorth So chalus, Ihence east 8-J chalus to -polut o(
commeucemeul, containing 640 acres,  more or
Dated Dct ember .'nd, ior.     Josiph Pateick,
1 J. Locia. agent
No. 19    Bievens creek
Nelson Land District    District of West Koolenay
Take notice that I, Joseph Patrick, of Nelson
For    detailed    Inform-Hon.    salliiigt-.
ocoan  steamers,  first  class   or   tourist
sleeper   reservations   apply     to     local
agent or
A.Q. P. *..Vancouver. D P.A., Nelson
ie qus
Only tbe best o I Liquors and olf.1..
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renorated and refurnished. Rooms CO cents upward. The
dining reon, is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
water. .  , 4
$150.00 Lot on Carbonate St.
$200.00 Two   Lota   on  Observatory   St.
cleared, fenced, small cabin.
$325.00 Lot on Latimer. (Small cabin.)
$450.00 Two Lote on Latimer.   (Fenced
and cultivated.)
J. A. ERIOKSON. Proprietor.
Telephone, $50.   Opposite Court Houa.
and Postofflce. Nelaon. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker antes, Halan. B. c. .
v '   |   Real Estate Agent
S15 Baker St., Nelson,
B. C. occupation lumberman, Lutend io appiy
ior a ipecial timber llceui-o over the followiUK
lescilbud lauds:   Commeuclng at a post planti-'i
about 6 miles up St-iveus creek and ndioiutUK
louat-iou No 18 un thu south and marked Josepb
Patrick's N. W.euruer, UMBO* east 80 ohalus,
theuce M.u Hi 80 ehaini, theuce west 80 chalus,
ihence nortli 80 cbalus to point of commence*
meni - containing oto acres, more or leas
Dated December 8r<i, 19U7.      Josii'ti Patrick,
1. J. Lucia, ageut.
No. 20.   West fork, Fife c.eek.
Nelson Laud l>t**ir.ei   District of West Kooten-tv
take uotleo lhat 1, Josepb  lalrlck, of Neisou,
B. C, occupation  lumberman, lutend to apply
for a specisl timber llceuue over the foUowmK
described lauds:   Commencing at a post planted
about 2 miles up the west fork ol Kile creek, and
���it-iuii .11 t'liuiii*-  eorth of the creek, and marked
Joseph   l'atilck's  N   l'.   corner. Uieuee  south 80
ebaius   thenee west 80 chains, tbenoe north 80
ouaius, thence east 80cuaius to point of coni-
uu-ureiuem, containing OU) acres, more or less.
Dated December fith, HM7.      Josii-h Pateick.,
1 J, Li'.ia, agent
No 21     West fork, of Kife croek.
Neisou 1-aud District     Dtslilciof Weat Kooteuay
'lake uotleo that i, Joseph   Patrick, ot .velsou,
B 0 , occupation tumbeimau,  iutuud to apply
for a special timber llccuee over  ttie   following
deLcribed lauds;  Commencing at a post plauted
about 4 miles up the west lork of Fife creek and
planted ou  Die   north   bauK o( the stream, and
marked Joseidi   l'strh k's   **,..'���   corner, theme
south 8U chains,  thence west 80 chains, thence
north 80 cnaiut-  'hence east 80   chalus  >o point
ol commeuuement, *ontaiuliii4 640 acres, more or
Dated Deoember 5th, 1907     Joseph Patrick,
1. J. Luo*���., agent.
���uge   md   Comfortable   Bedrooms sad lnt*
clan Dining Boom.
MR8. E. C. CLARKE. Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best Do���t-a-Dar House in Nelson.
The Bar la th. Ploe.t.
White Help onlj Employs*)
loserl.l.11 St.
Nalaon. B. 0.
CAPITAL,   $25,000.00  In   25,000   shares
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crozler W.  Uourke.
OFFICE, No. 3S!2 Halter St. (Croasdalle
& Co.)
SEE the cement blocks displayed ln the
Standard   Furniture   Co.'s   window.
APPLICATIONS for stock are invited.
PARTICULARS and forrjs of Application may be obtained at the Company's office, or from H. A. Stewart,
Solicitor, Nelson, B. C.
Royal Hotel
Rates tl and $1.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Ml Klnda of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Oner* House.     Tal. 181.
W.   Q.    OILLETT
Contrsotor ss.-..**
Bole agent for the Porto Rl,�� l.i.n.Kr Co., Ltd_.
retail vanla. Kou.l. antl tlre-astl liin-bar. turned
work and brarkeM. '"oasv .Ml. ami hhlnf Im, sash
.nd doors. Cement, brio, and lime tor sal..
Auu.matlonrln.ler. _.��.-a.���
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. e .t Of Hair
lNBI_l��ON.  ��. C.
I      I ^~sWt
', r
! .            i
[  :!���
IT !
. rl
1      .
[ i
if V
Our Diamond Rings
/ are   in   demand.     Why?     Because they are beautiful, well  made and of
J good quality..   We  manufacture  them   ourselves,   and   guarantee  them.
S We will take back any of your  diamonds  for 90 per  cent,  of their
> full  value   at any   time..   See   our   $25.00   rings.
Watchmaker and Optician
New Irish
New embroidered table
covers and centres. -New
Chinese embroidered doylies and centre pieces.
These are all new goods
having just arrived this
Sec Us
Few Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.]
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile &
Next Door to Hank of Commerce.
���AT THE���
Queen  Cigar  Store
Xmas presents for  everybody,
Oome i nrly and avoid the rash.
Btty Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries,
Butter, EkK_-
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
A. M. Can. Soe. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce: Bealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
Sak.r SL, NELSON, B. C.
l*A.INIvMI_;.*-VO    s-X>-\.l_
Tlie Ik-si ilHi.l Cos] on i*e mar-
I ....���:.;.*_-,>,i n,i
Thu Hs.1 DemssdoCosl.
West Transfer Co.
.  ������ *  ��s
< I*.  -, -a. .  HVJ~ - ^^       ,
y*j%-   J
Cor.    Vernon .,.**.,    War,, Streets
rstiUsoiN.. b.c,
F. P. Burton, Burton City; Mrs. A. E.
Knapp, Fire Valley: W. Hunter, Silver-
ton; W. McDougal, Vancouver; H. Hln-
ton, Okanagan; Y. s. Sbepard, H. Chapman. D. Brodle, Lethbrldge; H. Bell.
Salmo: K. Graham, Hilhins mine; C. E.
Legg, W. US. Vallance, Spokane; S. p.
Nelson, Toronto; II. ll. Thedlng, Win-
nipeg; It. ts. Drlnnan, Hosmer; G. P.
Hall, Fernie; M. Webb, Hamilton; J.
itii b&rdson,  Trail.
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
l-s. ii. Burden, Burton; ,i. iiili.ier.
Greenwood; s. Harris, Medicine Hat;
<S. QoBlan, San .loa...; O. V. Hooper. Spo-
Itani : .I. Oppenheimer and wife, Montreal; Mrs. I-'. B. Johnson, Miss M. Johnson.  Wai iin,-r.
E. Countryman, Brandon; A. s. F.lliott
Salmo; w. Strang, Minor Lake; v..
Jones, A. Nelson, Castlegar; T. Mereton
Revelstoke; I. Delton, Pincher Creek;
li. M.l..uh. rn, J. a. Massey, A. Prout,
A. Watson, Mrs Spencer, Erie; J. White-
bead, Calgary;  <.'.  Yeandle, Cranbrook.
P. 'i'li.-li.,   BSnderby;   G.   White,   Deer
Park;  L. Dooner, Seattle; W. II. Salmo,
J, ii  Luxton, ,i. Mi l.iish. Salmo; J. Mc
Lln   in, ii. Mundell, Murphy Creek; F.
Laudy, Fernie; J. Lowiad, Hosim-r.
L. Ii (inl,in.-, [ron River, Wis.; c,
Maxwell, J. McQueen, G. Arvtlson. Van
couver; T ll. Trethewey, J. A. Trethe*
���������������.. La Plata mine; W. I) Savlle, W
Chapman and wife, Creaton; J. W. Bennett, Fernie.
P. Starr, Blue Bell; .I   Lome, S. Whit
tingham, Kamloops; J. White, M. White,
is    Hawkins,  Silver   EClng;   J.  Dawson,
W. loins, Silverton; ll. Davis, Salmo,
A Park. Pettierton, mil.; J. White, .I
Coverty, Silverton; F. Young, Prultvale;
B. J. Royal. Spokane.     	
*""~r-������ a���       	
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
DEC.   :25th
Afternoon   of  Dec.   2lst.
Dance by Kink  Company, Dec.   31 Bt.
Band;   Monday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings,
Mornings, afternoons and evening,
without bund, children 15c adults a&c.
Including skates.
Bvenlngs with hand, except Saturday
evenings, 40c, Inclu.liriK skates.
Saturday evening, hand and special
attractions, to 11 o'clock, DOc, in i.tiding
skates, spectators 26c.
\      LOCAL AND GENERAL      \
Turkey Shoot.
There .-ill be a turkey shoot on the
c. P. it. Christmas morning at si o'clock.
I. w. w.
A meeting ol the I. w. W. will be
held in tli>' Miners' Union ball nun..now
evening ai 8 o'clock. EQleotlon of officers
takes place al this meeting.
Alice  Roller Rink.
The band will play ��.i the Alice roller
rink on tli.' aiii'i'iioiii, and livening of
iin- 26th. Fifteen per csat ,.r the pro-
ceedi of the dance on the .'list will be
devoted to charity.
Buys After Experience.
Alfred Hartford, late manager ol
Kiniiiniis ranch for P. M, black, has
purchased ��� ranch al Robson from Mc
Dermld mid MoHardy. Mr. Hartford ln-
tends building hot bouses for plants and
vegetables at once, and will ,-..> In for
scientific borne gardening.
Metals and Stocks.
Today's metal markets show considerable advances over last week's closing
quotations. Silver has risen to 63*1.
cents on the New York market, and
lead has gained is; points in London over
Friday's Quotation. The only change in
local copper stocks Is a decline Of one
point in  11. C. Copper,
County  Court.
The quarterly session of the count.*
court of West Kooteuay which opened
at 111 a. in. today was over before noon.
Per Hedlund, Q. M. Bacom, A A. Matthews, G. B. Matthews, N. Bergglnst, K.
Jones, G. B. White, Americana; J. Ogln-
skv, Russian; A. Johnson, Swede, were
naturalized as British subjects. The
case of OrnnRe vs. 0. P. K. was withdrawn with costs .iKainst th.- plaintiff.
All the other cases, five In number, were
enlarged to the next session of the
Tn* tfaily Cattadiftrt
t���saL. ssSa i��� a���Bs���l���l.    ���"���', '
Tlie   real   genuine English
Holly with lots of berries
All the trimmings for Xmas
Consular Office Withdrawn.
The U. S. consular depart ment has
decided to abandon its offices in Nelaon,
Roaaland and Fernie. No reason for
the decision has reached the local can-
sular agent. W. S. Klblet. The withdrawal of the service, if effected, will
cause serious delay and inconvenience.
The amount of business transacle.l
through lhe local office for the fiscal
year cndinK June Sloth. 1S107, was over
14,000,000. Any inliuence that can be
brought to hear should, and undoubtedly will, he exerted to secure the continuance of the service In Nelson at
Police Court.
Officer Ellis re-turned last night from
Rossland with E. li. Patman, who was
charged with embenlement 1>>' Dr Frank
Morrison. Patman was arrested at
Rossland hy Chief I-ong. and in this
connection Chief Carroll, of the Nelson
force, desires to thank Chief Long and
Officer I>ong for  the speedy  arrest  of
Patman. The Rossland official had I n
notified and In twenty minutes be ha.i
the man in custody. The prisoner was
arraigned in the police court this morning and pleaded guilty to one charge,
He was remanded for sentence till tomorrow at 10 o'clock, lt Is said that
there are several other charges against
W.   Sleeman's   Funeral.
The funeral of the late William Slee-
man took place this afternoon from D.
J. Robertson company's undertaking
parlors to St. Saviour's church, where
Rev. F. H. Graham read the l.urlal ser-
vici*. anil thence to the cemetery.    The
Comer Silica and  Josephine Sts.
PHOM!   *7
Standard Furniture Co.
$1.00 per Box
Telephone nil.*-
Beautiful Holiday
We are showing a very large and
beautiful assortment of holiday boxed
stationery this year.
You don't have to pav a hig price for
it cither.
We have a Ikjx with very pretty Holly
Decoration, filled will, fahric Ilnlsh note
and envelopes, at S!5c a box.
We have others in large assortment
at 45c. 50c, 60c and up to t2.M a box.
W- G. Thomson
gggggg*"*1- Nelson, B.C.
Phons .1*4.
member* of Nelson Itinera' Union attended in a body. The pall bearers were
William Langlands, William Smith, Kd.
Pierce, spaul Phillips, .lames White and
Patrick She ran. The deceased was a
native of Cornwall, Bug., and has b-*-*n
in Kootenay for many years. He was'
well liked by all who knew him for bli
geniality and Kindness, and will he *,n-
cerely mourned by the old timers wn >
have known  him.
An  Otd  Timer.
Next Wednesday .V Hoover, the well
known rancher, will eat his twenty-first
Cbiiatmaa dinner in Nelaon. .Mr. Hoover
came to what was then the townslte of
Nelson on the twenty-third day of December, 1887. He had been liviui* al
Colville, and the reports of mineral dl*
Oovertea in the vicinity of what Is now
the city of Nelson Induced bim to pack
tip his belonging! and come here. His
companion was Jim Fox, and they arrived ut one o'clock on the afternoon of
the li:ird. He had dinner with Arthur
Hunting and family on the banks of the
river. Hunting had two scow loads of
woods and was building a place to
house them for the winter. He was just
getting the roof on the house which was
Completed Christmas day. Mr. Hoover
and his companion started that afternoon for the mountain, but when a short
distance up In* lost a snowshoe and
could not proceed further. His friend
proceeded to the camp at Dandy, and
according to arrangement sent him down
some food and a pair of SHOWS���OSS. The
Messenger missed Mr. Hoover, but left
food and the pair of snowshoes on the
bank, where they were discovered next
morning. He was only a mile from the
Hall mines, ih* proceeded to camp, and
on Christmas day had dinner with
seventeen others.    There was plum duff
To the Big Show
Come early in order lo get the choice
of our celebrated Xmas Cakes,   see the
display in our window. Don't forgel
that wo handle the heat lines of funey
chocolates  In  Sooxei  and  In  hulk.
Choquette Bros,
Phone 258.
THE  Up-to-Date Bake, .
Jobbing   promptly   attended   to.     Plans
aud ICstlmateB.
Apply 415 Hall St.
Box 385.
IOHT-Thln iimniliiK -'ii Haiti i 1 tn i-l or H*aD-
i ley near Haker, w hIki k I/eathur Hand itag,
roiitainiti*- paper* and a sum ol mnnoy. Kln-ler
will plum*.- leave at Canada I'ruj* nun Hook Co.'s
ANTK1) -Two Kxperlence.1 H.lea I ...Hum lor
the linll'lsya  . r.-.l I rvln.- .^ .:.,
TO  LatT
TWO kikhii.-i.ahh uooMS.ai.sm i.��.t��i.   Apply boBMk��*p.r, Ird B.t. K, W. c, block
j, ii.'ri'-HTri**L*
Comic History of Enyland. I vols., 4*7.r,0
Comic History of Rome, 1 vol, .$3.50
A   History of Canada, by ,'lliulis  (i
l>  Roberta, i rol $2.25
History of the World, hy Victor
I��ur,iy. Illust rations anil colored
maps. 2 vols, cloth, gill  top..   $4.50
Illustrated History of the World.
lAll.-leill. M. iliai-vnl. Mo.l.rn.i
1!   vols,  Cloth,    $5.00
Green's Hi.tory of England, 4  vols .
cloth    $4.50
Hi.tory  of  Civilization   in   England,
by ll. T. Iluckle, 1 vol $2.00
Hi.tory of British India, Ceylon,
Straits Settlement., Borneo and
Hong   Kong. UM
Hi.tory of Scotland, UlUatM.**.,.    ��|.oo
Maculay's    History    of    England,  I
vols. India paper, run leather, $e.oo
Hi.tory  of the   Reformation   $1,75
History    of   the    Four   George.,  hy
Justin McCarthy, I vols. India
paper,  limp leather $2.00
Pari, in lis Splendor, |>, 1,1 ,i���, ly I].
liiHtrntid      and      luagniili-autly
Canada Drug & Book Store
WhoUsale anil   Kciall Pealen tn
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oampe supplied on ithort-'Ht notice and
lowest  prio*v Nothing but   fi*vnh  und
wholesome meats and supple.' kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful ntteution.
E.  C.   TRAVES.   IVUnager
Filberts, Almonds. Walnuts, llrazlls,
i"hestnutH. Apple Cider, Northern Sp>
apples. Haldwln Apples. .!ap Oranges,
Klgw, large layer, California Oranges
and Malaga Crapes.
A large assort ment of Xmas go-ids
Wholesale and retail prices   perqmuj.lt>
S. H. Seaney
Phone 2ua. r,uS***. l.uk< t  St
and other  eatables  to  remind   the   ban
Queiters of the- festive see���on.    k\ theI
time then- were only thre<* or four \u-o-
pie on the site on which Nelson is located      Dell Fry was gotd cornin
in  Deal   Rootuisy.    The  weath-i-  was
cold   but   dry.     It   was   expected   tlnti    i
big crowd would rush In the next spring.
and   this   turned   out   to   be   the   < as.
Among   the   ciibers   who   reached    her.
In   the  spring of   \xhH   whs   Dr    l.alta'i
Muring   the   vear   several   who   are   f��|
residents of Nelson arrived here.   Tlon
were   two  shaeks at   that   time  on   tb
bank of the river, hut they wen- rerun-,
ed   when   the   railroad   was   bulll   al-mr
tho water  front.
Link in Endless Chain.
Washington. Pec. **i:i.���The Ettpremi
court of the Cnltcd Htates todav denied
'lie petition for writs of eerllniaii bring.
Ing to (hat court the cases of Itcnjumln
I). Greene and John (iaynor.
A lady's fur was taken bv mistake
from the high school the evening of the
annual At Home, Friday, 20th lusl The
Under Is requested tO return tu i in
Hudson's May story and receive h'Town,
which was loft.
The sofa cushion raffled by Miss Maud
McCandllsh, will he drawn for at the
Victoria billiard rooms tomorrow night
at 8 o'clock.
English  Holly for Sale.
Gen. Joy has for sale a great qiiantliy
of English holly suitable for Christmas
decoration. ���
Turkey  Raffle.
There wilt  bo a Turkey  Raffle
Queens Hotel Chrlstmai-; Dye.
NICKERSON, the Jeweiery Tvlanufactur
er's Agent will sell you goods from Bam-
ples at 25 per cunt, less than regular
prices direct from the factories, In H
days from order. Everything In the
line.   Order now,
Let Us "Sock" it to Yon
In thi- latest Fall ami Winter itvlt, d
Men's l-'lni- ll.wi..,) w,. nr,- "���tacklas-
,ip wl'h th.' Ilu.st M-*k,* rv, r ImiH.ne.)
Comfortable and durtbls in ssar u<j
alegaal In sppearanoo. You ��iii ,j.
tnlr,. th.* n.-.v ili'Slgns anil pstfria
which an* iKislllvi'y pli-asinK to tli
��� nit ami particular Uroasers Ail [ul
oh.re, nnd warranted lo give wearlm
and  wash.���,; satisfaction.
Wo would like to see all our patronscomfortahle this winter snd la order to
do so we have In stock the best assorted lino of heating stoves and cookiof
Steves  and   nuigttl  eret  bed re  presented to the public In Kootenay.
We would he pleased to show you our line and before making your pur*
chn-e kindly see what we have lo ofTer.
J. FL Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited. Nelson Brink.
R. H
SS_3?S Lo-nfee*., Shingles,
L��th, Mouldings, Doors, Windows,
lurned Work. ,.>,-,tl Itrackuts. Mi.il Orders prompt'* **,MI"
Vi:HNI)N��,HI!l!T    ...    M!I.��I,1S. I*. C
Your Xmas List
is not complete   noiSBf  y��u h;ne  on   it a
ii.ni nt  ullnperi fnr mM member of the
t'ainilv. The largest and beSl rnnge ut
tdippera ws hays ever khovt d ere tot yont
Inepflottoa this stmsnii (Gentlemen*���
bonsssUppen in fancv Loothers, Ladies'
Dress hitpp.rK, Kilt Bomeosand bedroom
���Uppen, All lunds of slipsjM-rs tor ohU-
The Royal
R.   ANDREW   &   CO.   Proprietors.
We iuvite you to examine our st<*
before purchasing Christmas prcsen -
Cutlery in great variety.
Skates, Case Carvers.
Safety   Razors,   Carpet  Sweepers,
etc., etc.
Wood-Vallance  Ha*dwa*e Co'y
un.~t...,. ������~, mmassm Ktt**      *
|;_M   iN_L,_UIN_|I|_|


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