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The Daily Canadian May 3, 1907

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Array ��Jje JlaUy
Lumr I.   No. 280.
NELSON, B. C., FRIDAY, MAY 3, *907.
leement Is Accepted
by Small Majority
Ut of Voting Known in Fernie,
jfboagh Official Returns Not
Yet Announced.
|pedal io Tho Dally Canadian.)
lie, May 3. ���'!: 00 11. ni.���It |3 now
that  this diBtrlct has approved
greement  by   a   small majority.
j Information which has leaked out
own there is now a majority ol
litis Coleman tu hear from.   Cole-
__lt s \-ssds-il to break about even,
ml will leave a majority and put
eu to work by Monday morning,
expects to leave for home short-
ss, Bervices are not now required.
/.If King is Jubilant over tbe relit- in,  on the case as a vic-
01 himself,
lie, May 3.���ln an Interview with
incaster, president of the Ferule
sist niglii, he stated thai although
'einlu ausl Coal Cteek ballots had
connted the retold would not be
public  untl) all   tlie votes   were
lit lo Ferule from nil tlie different
Is, where a recount will take place.
��� quite possible, according to this,
the whole vote will not be made
: until Sunday or Monday becuuse
lallols  which  ure being  taken in
nr camps, such as llankln-ud and
ure, may probably take until that
to  reach  here.      Mr.   Luncasler
-r slated the returns from Michel,
k anil uiher places which are belug
luted   here   are   unauthorized,   as
locate have Btrlct   instructions  tu
tiiese votes secret until the offl-
,* feeling lis Fernie among the men
at tlu- vote will go for the agree-
n this pluce, and that the total
from all over will go In favor
Immediate return to work. The
ustnn that Is drawn from the elr-
sn ssf those reports Is that the
**hlch is inimical to Sherman
is party have circulated them te
his cause, and no reliance Is
I upon Ihem.
i quite prssbuble that the total re-
Ill not be made known now until
y. The figures to date are:
i'ii. against 294, for 139, maporlly
S'li; Frank, ugulnst 77, for 60,
against 27; Lille, against 17,
majority for "C; Bellevue,
"st IS, for 35, majority fur 17;
sresl and Coleman, no figures, but
purl that they gave 100 majority tu
in lo work.
���mis- hus reliable Information that
lorlty will be fur a return to work.
' re is any assurance lo be placed
ise figures It would show that the
issves a majority of 18 to return
ork, wllh llankhead and Canmore
Fernie Bllll to hear from. The In-
received from Fernie ls nn
mpanled by any figures, but goes
wthat there Is a largo majority
'iiini lo work, nnd this should
mple lu offset Ihe possibility of nn
e vote from llankhead and Can-
where the vote polled will be very
II In either case. The members of
biiurtl ssf operator! who nro In town
'cry uptliuiHtlc and nntloljmte
iverythlng will bo favorable,
re are seven eoal compunlos ln
lea In the Wostcrn Conl Operators'
'��� Hi'* body that has thus fnr con-
po wllh the men known respectively
ollows: cr���WB Nes, PnRH coa| Oo,,
i. Pernio, n. c.; Canndalan-Amnrl-
> "al & Coke Co., Ltd., Frank. Alta.;
' ""ernailnnal Coal & Coke Co., Ltd.,
���iniiii, Alta,, Tho West Canadian
���erles, Ltd., Bellevue and Lille,
'���; "��' llieckenrldge & Lund Coal
,';"1. I.tinilbreck, Altn; Tho H. W.
*"IM ''onl Co., Ltd., Canmore, Alta.;
Purine Coal Co.,  Ltd., Bttndbead,
No Good to Thievee.
���ItUilmore,   May    3.���Bonds    to    the
 '"    of    $30,000, which were con-
""l i�� Town, Scott & Son.bnnkers and
N-* ur ihis C|ty f,om Switzerland,
'I wbleh were supposed to have boon
'���"" from lho mall In transit, turned
In n mysterious manner yesterday.
'* trackages containing tliem was ro-
lived by Towns, Scott & Son through
mall. Thoy had come from abroad
'' 'I'" package hnd been opened at tho
Moms house |n N(,w York.    The se-
���I lW'"ch werc chl0��y local In-
b","i^w"o .mailed In Switzerland,
��. 28th.  Their failure to reach here
7��l JsT"lii t0 th0 l'ollce ���� March
29th. The theory Is that they were returned because they were not negotiable
outside of Baltimore.
Sir Wilfrid Laurler Will Discuss Trade
Ottawa. May 2.���In regard to the
cabled repurl from Berlin that a trade
nrningnient Is about completed with
Oermany, It may be said that some Informal negotiations hnve taken place
between Canada and Gcrmny respecting better trade relatione, but nothing
has ever been accomplished. Tbe surtax remains In full force against Germany. Although complaining bitterly of
Canada's action Oermany never did
anything to remove the cause which
necessitated the surtax. It ls expected
that Sir Wilfrid Laurler will look over
the situation after the colonial conference ls over when he Intends visiting
the continent.
Sixty Square  Milea of Suburban Property Should  Have Reverted
80 Yean Ago,
London. May 3.���A romance of prop-
erty, unique In the history of land ownership and In Whose Issue the whole
nation Is interested, underlies the announcement that the attorney general
of Oreat Britain has decided to declare
the Page state escheat to the crown,
and that a select committee of the
House of Commons Is to be ut once ap-
pulnted to ascertain hew, by whom, and
during what period the nation has been
deprived of the proceeds of the property.
This decision means lhat property
worth millions of money in and near
London Is at stake.
The Page cstute Is an area of some
60 square miles, Including a third of the
county of Middlesex, whole suburbs of
London, and sections of rural Hertfordshire. Harrow is approximately Its
centre. Some of the finest residential
districts In the West End and a suburban area which is certain to be enormously developed lu the next few years,
as well as rich agricultural districts to-
wards the Ducks and Herts borders, are
part of the enormously valuubie Page
The hlotory of Ihe estate begins with
lhe suppression of the monasteries, in*
eluding Kllbourn Priory, by Henry VIII.
A local legend, It Is said, relates tbat
the ejected nuns foretold that those who
succeeded them ln the property would
reach tbe climax of their ambition and
then disappear. That, at any rate, ls
exactly  what happenod.
The Page family acquired the property from Henry VIII., and gradually
through centuries enlarged It Into Its
presenl vast dimensions. Then in 1829
the family died out. Five families of
tho Pages had owned land In various
parts of the present estate, but In the
end all fell into the hands of Henry
Page. He died in 1829, and left no
lii'lrs The/estate passed Into the hands
of trustees.
Under the old rules of feudal tenure
dating from ihe time when all land was
held from the crown, estates of Inheritance for want of an heir revert to the
crown. Under this law of escheat still
holding good, the crown's right to ownership of the Page estate is now declared. As the revenue of the crown
InndB now belong to the national exchequer, thiB declaration means that
the nation enters at last Into legal
ownership of the Page estate. Why the
claim has lain so long in abeyance will
no doubt appear during the select committee's Inquiry.
ln lhe Interval of nearly 80 years
since the death of tho last of the Pages
it Is not surprising that the question
of titles to various parts of the estate
has become exceedingly complicated.
Portions of Iho estate havo been constantly sold, ond In several caBes the
title of the vendors has boen challenged
���In one case at least, succssfully,
Stanmore Orange, which ls on the north
of the estate, being withdrawn from
sale aftor Its auction had boen announce*. .
The far-away confiscation of a nuns
priory in tho days of the Reformation
is thus still perplexing the holders of
property in the district. For instance,
tho Hev. John Clifford and Ihe West-
bourne Pnrk trustees, who recently acquired a plot of land���at full value���
for thu extension of their chapel, now
learn with amazement that It Is part
of tho Page estate.
In other cases, however, parties to
the salo have been well aware of the
difficulty of title, nnd It has been taken
Into cunBlderatlon of the price.
Five main lines of railway���the Midland, London & Northwestern. Metropolitan, Oreat Central and Great **.*-, ost-
orn���run through the Page ostntc. and
two of these, the London & Northwestern nnd the Metropolitan, have pad
large Bums Into courl. owing to their
distrust of the title acquired,'J&Jfig
the former company lodged tfWM
and mnny years later the hitter paid ln
��The0liast occasion on "''-"h""0'���'
crown rights were enforced In tha case
of a grent. estate was SO yearl ago,
when, after a tremendous legal.battle,
Bpplng Forest was secured for the
Oermany Oas Nothing to
Gain by War
Press Expresses Bitterness Ota Result of British  Diplomacy-
Must Keep Russia Aloof.
Berlin, May 3.���In the Reichstag today several' speakers suggested to
Chancellor Von Buelow that Oermany
should take no part ln the discussion
of the limitation of armaments at the
Hague peace conference.
Von Buelow, ln reply, said that Germany did not object to letting other
powers discuss the matter, but Germany would hold aloof. He referred to
the recommendation of the first peace
conference that the powers study tbe
question of limitation of armaments.
"Germany," he added, "has complied
with this recommendation, but has not
found a formula which takes Into consideration the great diversity ln the
geographical economy and military positions of the various states which
would be calculated to remove those
diversities and serve as a basis for a
The chancellor then remarked:
"Germany's abstention from the discussion of the question dues not mean
tbat she cherishes a secret desire for
war or that she ls actuated by military
ambition of otber selfish motives.
"Other powers feel the same way as
Germany regarding the limitation proposition and many friends of peace in
France, Great Britain, Italy und the United States think It would not serve the
cause of peace to give way to Illusions
and lose sight of realities. Germany
hitherto bas Becured peace by keeping
in readiness for war. This policy has
been proved to be a wise one. We
never once misused our military
strength and never will. Many persons
have advised us to take part in the discussion of the limitation of armaments
ln order to show Germany's good will,
since nothing can come of the matter
anyway. But Germany's peaceable policy has been a sufficient answer to all
the aspersions which may have been
made. Germany does not wish to prevent other powers from discussing the
limitation of armaments. If some practical result Is reached by such a discussion, Oermany will conscientiously examine whether lt harmonizes with the
protection of her peace, with her na*
tional interests and with her special sit
The chancellor called attention to the
fact that his position ln the matter
under discussion was endorsed by
speakers representing all the parties in
the house and added:
"Supported by this unanimity, Germany will show by her actual courBe
at The Hague that Bhe sincerely favors
all efforts calculated to practically promote peace, civilization and humanity."
Loud applause greeted the chancellor
when he concluded.
During the debate on Germany's foreign relations, Andrew Carnegie's recent reference to the decision between
war and peace being In the bands of
Emperor William was criticized and
classed as a distortion of facts.
Berlin, May 3.��� The Hamburger
Nachrichten, formerly the organ of
Prince Bismarck, and still representing
the views of ft large section of Junkers
and the military purty, has a bittor article complaining of the perslsteut efforts
of British diplomacy, assisted or inspired by King Edward, to Isolate Germany from the n-st of Europe and-to
draw a ring ot hostile powers around
Two powers, It says, must be considered bb having been In a special degree
Influenced by England against Oermany,
namely, Italy and Russia. With Italy,
Britain has been thoroughly successful,
and reliance can no longer bo placed on
her by Oermany in any conflict where
British Interests aro Involved, but with
Russia lt Is different, and there Ib still
time to prevent efforts being made ln
London to come to an understanding
with the Czar's government.
It Is absolutely necessary, says tlie
Bismarcklan organ, that German diplomacy does all tn lta power to hinder an
understanding between Britain and Russia, and It expresses the hope thnt
Prince Buelow Is now convinced of the
error ot his former belief that an understanding between these powers ls ln the
Interests of the German Empire.
At one time, says tho paper, Germany
wns nblo to rely on a rising in the British Mohammedan Empire should England got into trouble, but since tbe
Algeciras fiasco the Oriental nations
would seem to have lost confidence In
Germany, and would probably remain
quiet should war at any time break out
between Britain and Oermany. lf,
therefore, danger of a serious character
Is to be avoided, an understanding be-
tween Britain and Russia muat be prevented at all costs. There is no other
German Papers Think American Tour
Can't  Hurt  Prince.
Berlin, May 2.���The report that tbe
Kaiser's fifth son. Prince Oscar, la to
visit the United States, Is denied, but
lt is understood that hie fourth son,
Prince August Wllhelm, may tour ln
Tbe newspapers ai ��� divided as to the
desirability of sucli a tour. Tnd
Deutsche Tageszeltung declares that
the idea Is only ludicrous, because the
prince conld only be Influenced for evil
by coming In contact with rich parvenus ln "the land of machines and dollars." Tbe Berliner Tageblatt favors
the tour, and declares that wealthy parvenus will be no new experience to the
prince, for plenty of them are to be
found ln Oermany.
Cecil Bourke died ln the hospital
at Kaalo last night at 8 o'clock. Dr.
Robinson, of Kaslo, Dr. Oreen, of
Cranbrook, and Dr. La Bau, of Nelson, were all present, but could do
nothing to s��R�� nim. The shock
to hla whole system from the accident recorded yesterday waa too
great to permit or recovery.
Cecil McWilliam Bourke waa
born ln Pueblo, Colorado, on Oct
29th, 1885, and was therefore only
In his 22nd year. Two years ago
he came to Kootenay with hla
brother, Crozier W. Bourke, and
took up fruit land at Thirteen-Mile
Point, where hu since lived. He
was a frequent visitor to the city
and was universally liked and respected. He had lately taken hla
first degree ln the Masonic order,
Hopes of his recovery were entertained until about a quarter to
eight last night when lt became apparent that tbe sufferer waa sinking. He breathed hla last a few
minutes after eight.
The body will be brought to Nelson on tbe steamer Kokanee tonight. Tbe funeral will take place
tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock to
the Church of Mary Immaculate,
where the services will be read by
Rev. Father Althoff, thence to the
Roman Catholic cemetery.
Restriction Withdrawn.
Victoria, April  30.
Editor Dally Canadian,
Dear Sir:���In reference to my letter
ot the 24th Inst., addressed to you, it
haa been brought to my attention that
the limitation of 3,000 words will not
permit of the various subjects being
treated as fully as circumstances would
seem to demand, therefore, I would be
very much pleased If you will kindly
announce through your columns that
there ls no limitation as to length.
Faithfully yours.
Up-To-Date    French   Socialist    Want*
Title Deeds Burned���"No Army
and No Country."
Paris, May 3.���M. Herve, the leader
of the antl-Imperialists, wbo already
has been Imprisoned bere for his faith
of "no army and no country," has lately crossed swords With M. Jaures. He
finds fault with the Socialist leader for
not going far enough, and in his newspaper, La Guerre Soclale, gives us nn
Idea of Ideal which, to say the least,
is sufficiently disconcerting.
This teacher of antl-patrlotlsm declares that the commune will be child's
play to that which he promises us. If
the revolutionaries are masters of the
situation for only 2-4 hours, he says, all
the title deeds of property stored In the
offices of notaries, municipal and departmental, archives and private banks
will be burned.
How Is this happy state of things
to be brought about? By trade union-
Ism, replies M. Herve, by Intensifying
the antl-mtlltary propaganda, without
wblch, he adds, "our next Insurrection
and general strike will be doomed to
Volcano Again Active. ,
New York, May 3,���A Naples despatch says the volcano on Stromboll
Is fairly active and throwing up large
volumes of hot stones. Prolonged subterranean rumblings are frequently
heard. The lava Is now making Ita former course to tbe sea down the north
side of the mountain. Showers of
scoria began again yesterday morning
but the Inhabitants show no alarm.
noun India
Serious Riots Occur at
Hindoo Residents of Ponjab City
Attempt Rising���Suppressed
if Police and Cavalry.
Allahabad, British India, May 3.���
Serious anti-European riots have occurred at Rawalpindi, Punjab. A Hindu
mob burned two bungalows, pillaged
the mission church, looted the post offloe, burned a garage and all the motor
ears In lt, destroyed the plant of the
house and smashed the windows of the
residences of many Europeans. Armed
police eventually regained the upper
hand and dispersed the rioters. The
town is now patrolled by a squadron of
the Tenth Hussars. The outbreak ls attributed to the incendiary Influence of a
number of well-known agitators, who
bave been making speeches throughout
the Punjab, and who are also held responsible for tbe recent outbreak at Lahore.
Rawalpindi is ia a fortified town ot
tbe Punjab, capital of the Rawalpindi
division and district. It la altuated 47
milea from Attock, an important strategic point on the Indus, and haa a population of about 90,000.
C. P. R. Will Drive Curving Tunnels to
Avoid Heavy Grades.
Calgary, May 3.���By mean* of two
curving tunnels driven through the
mountains on each side of the Kicking
Horse river a abort distance to the east
of Field and the -construction of three
bridges, the C. P. R. intends to do away
with the "Big Hill" grade at a cost of
approximately $600,001). The work Is to
be commenced thla summer and rushed
to completion. Tenders have been received for the work, which la no mean
undertaking, and the contract will likely be awarded within the next two or
three weeks.
This grade, which has been a thorn
In the side of railway officials ever
since the road waa built through the
Rocky mountains, lies on the main line
between Field and Hector. The distance covered by the line between these
two points Is only seven miles, but the
grade averages over four and a half per
cent. So bard Is the uphill haul that
on heavy loads extra locomotives are
always used, and tbe evidence of the
strenuous pull lies ln the right-of-way
beside the track in the shape of cinders
several feet deep which have been shot
out of the stacks of countless locomotives as they have labored up the big
grade.. On the down grade engineers
are always extra careful.
Colonial   Office    Refuses    to   Reopen
Jamaica Trouble.
London, May 3.���In giving definite
final refusal to furnish the house with
further correspondence exchanged between the ex-governor of Jamaica, Sir
Alexander Swettenham, and the colonial office the under secretary for the
colonies, Mr. Churchill, stated ln the
House of Commons this afternoon that
the only point upon which fault was officially found with Sir Alexander was
in regard to the propriety of his letter
to Rear Admiral Davis.
The propriety of the governor's action ln dispensing with the Bervices of
tho American naval contingent was
never called Into question and therefore to set forth the governor's reasons
for bo doing would not serve any useful
purpose but rather the reverse.
Mr. Churchill was asked to publish
Rear Admiral Davis' letter to Rear Admiral Evans In regard to the Swetten-
hm Incident, which the questioners In-
tlmated, entirely exonerated Swettenham of the charge of having quarrelled
with Davis but the under secretary
pointed out that It obviously was not
within the province of the British government to publish letters exchanged
between officers of the United States
Deadly Oas Stove.
New York, May 3.���John McCracken,
aged 72 years, and his son William, 30
years old, were  found  dead  In their
apartment   ln   West 48th street last
night. Oas waa escaping from a store
ln their room and both apparently had
been asphyxiated. The younger man
waa a salesman in a Broadway departmental store and his father had been
for some time an Inmate of the Masonic
Home, Utlca.
Fatal Powder Explosion.
Hong Knng, May 3.���Great, destruction of life and property waa -caused at
Canton yesterday evening by the explosion of a gunpowder magazine.
Twenty-one bodies have already been
recovered from the ruins. Hundreds of.
persons were Injured.
Fifteen buildings were rased and over
100 others were wrecked. A section,
200 feet long, of tbe massive city wall
was thrown down. The historical
many-storeyed pagoda escaped with
slight injury. The officials and staffs
of the hospitals are doing their best to
succor the sufferers. In the Shammie
suburbs, where the foreigners live, a
terrific shock caused by the explosion
was felt but the residents were unharmed.
Labor Dispute Added to Trouble Over
Fuel Shortage���Other Newa
of Qrand Forks.
Orand Forks, May 2.���To hare hla
arm cut completely off Just above tha
elbow by a small circular saw of a wood
sawing machine about 3 o'clock yeaterday afternoon, waa the awful experience of James Stewart, a young man of
this place. It seems tbat the victim of
this accident by some mishap stumbled
and fell against the saw with the result
that ln an Instant hla arm waa severed.
He was at once taken to the Cottage
hospital for treatment. A peculiar
feature about thla accident 1s that the
Injured man does not seem to auffer
from the loss of the arm, the shock not
affecting his nervea In the least.
Yesterday the Oranby smelter blew
out all the furnaces and only'watchmen
are now employed at the big plant,
wblch a few hours ago was a veritable
hive of activity. It la unofficially stated
that whether the strike ia aettled or
not the plant will remain Idle (or at
least three weeks' time. There alao appears to be some difficulty between tbe
employees and the company, the men
wanting $3 a day for eight hours' work,
while it Is claimed that the oompany
will only pay S3 for a day of nine
hours, making just one hour's difference between them. While there la little doubt that the shortage of coke ls
tbe prime factor ln tbe plant closing
down, still the present difference between the men and the company cannot by any means be overlooked..It ta
alao reported that the Oranby company
ls most anxious to get rid of a few agitators among thetr employees who are
continually trying to create dissensions.
The work of track laying la now being carried on by the Kettle Valley Line
railway on ita North Fork extension
through the city; already the track ls
laid across Winnipeg avenue and will
be laid to the Kettle river by tomorrow.
Mining Accident
Johnstown, Pa., May 3.���Three men
were killed and six others badly Injured,
three fatally, yesterday ln an accident
in a mine at Rtddlesburg, Bedford county. The men were foreigners. A shifting crew placed a car on which the men
had been unloading ore on a trestle
while other cars were being placed. When
the train backed to the main track It
was struck and fell 30 feet to the creek
Lady Henry Retires.
London, May 3.���Lady Somerset, who
ls retiring from public life In order to
devote herself to private charities, made
her final appearance as a public speak-
er thla afternoon before a fashionable
audience ln the picture gallery of the
Earl of Ellemere'a residence, Bridge-
water House.
Net on Ruaalan Sell.
SL Petersburg May 3.���A secret congress of Socialists today was held In
Sweden at a place not designated.
About 300 delegates are present from
all parts of Russia, Including all the
Socialist membera of parliament. The
object of the meeting la to decide on
the future policy of the party ln parliament.
Treaty la Arranged.
SL Petersburg, May 3.���At a meeting
of Russian and Japanese delegates at
the foreign ministry yesterday ,the text
of a commercial treaty and a protocol
and diplomatic notes concerning mutual
concessions, were agreed to. Formal
signature of the papers Is expected
���old Hla Ranch.
Charles A. Sapondowskl, of Burton
City, has sold his iSO-acre ranch to a
Winnipeg syndicate. The land will be
subdivided and sold for sami! frait
Hm Umlks Gaol hr
Sensational Cooflktinj Evidence ia
Case of HcKflaan. Wheeler t
���Conspiracy Alk-fcl
The spring assizes took a sensational
tun thia morning just before the luncheon recess. A witness, John Paterson,
subpoenaed for the plaintiff but called
by the defence, admitted having disobeyed the court by remaining within
hearing of the evidence, was summarily
sentenced to three months' Imprisonment for the act of contempt
As on former daya of tbe now celebrated trial of McMillan vs. Wheeler,
tbe court room was crowded, the audience Including aeveral ladles.
When court resumed thia morning the
examination of O. W. McBride was re-
Mr. McBride stated that he had always understood that Wheeler wanted
1100,000 clear tor tha Krao, and that
neither McMillan, aw any one els*
could hare a commission on a sale for
that amount He remembered alao that
Wheeler waa explicit abont refusing to
tie up tbe property. He. McBride, expected no commission. He understood
that McMillan's Interest ended with tbe
failure of the deal he had tried to negotiate.
A. D. Wheeler was then called for the
defence. He outlined briefly the history of the Krao from 1884 to 1906.
When he struck rich ora UrJWPOt IMS
he made lt public ln Alnsworth and
Nelaon. He waa then approached personally and by letter by a great number of people who wanted to handle it.
Hia reply to all waa that he wanted
1100,000 clear, and would not tie lt up
for any period for leas than 1100 a day.
Ha met McMillan ln the Wood-Vallance
company'a store on Sept. 3rd. McMillan
waa sure he could aell tha Krao, and
wanted an option. After many propoa-
als and refusals witneaa finally promised that lt McMillan wired that be had
a buyer and waa starting for Alnsworth.
lt would be held for hlm. That waa the
nearest approach to an option he had
glren on It ���
After McDowell and Winchell had
met him In' the Strathcona and declined
to deal that night Wheeler waa -standing at the foot of the stairs, with one
foot on the stair about to ascend, Mc-
millan called to him. and aaked lf he
might understand that he, McMillan,
still bad the handling of the property.
Wheeler replied that he had not unleaa
he would pay (100 a day for tt. There
was no further conversation.
The nearest seat at the writing table,
to where he waa standing, from which
Stubbs said he beard him speak waa at
least 12 teet away.
On cross-examination Mr. Wheeler adhered to all his statements. He aald
that McMillan's statements were nearly all false. Mrs. Wheeler testified that
she knew nothing of any option given
to any one on the Krao.
John Paterson waa then called. He
stated tbat he had pretended to Join a
conspiracy with McMillan to manufacture evidence for the purpoae of thla
case, that he bad no dishonest Intention, and had In fact kept Wheeler's,
solicitors Informed.
To Mr. Taylor the witness admitted
that he had, after witnesses were excluded from the court, remained within
hearing on the stain.
The court Instructed the registrar to
summon the sheriff. He then required
his confession again, and said:
"The public must understand that an
order of the court muat be obeyed. I
commit you to the common gaol for a
period of three months."
After noon adjournment Paterson returned to the stand ln the custody ot
the sheriff.
The court observed: "Witness, I don't
want you to misunderstand. If you
choose to play private detective In the
manner you have described, I am not criticising you. It la solely on account of
the offence to which you pleaded guilty,
disobedience to an order of the court
that I have punlabed yon."
Paterson was again examined hy Mr.
Maedonald. He stated that In hla presence McMillan asked W. L. Spry to approach O. W. Steel and Intimate that It
would be worth $1,000 to him to hare
heard a certain conversation.
Frleaa er Metals.
New York, May 3.���Silver, *S_c;
copper, 23Ka; lead, $��.
London. May 3.���Silver, 30 6-16d.;
lead, ��1>, 17a��� Od.
* -t's. The Dafly Canadian
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in all sires and weights
UNDERWEAR   at  3lI  orices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX.   MITTS,   etc..   etc.
In all these lines we offer  excellent quality- at ver)*
reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
OAITTAL PAID UP....$4,r.*!'J,000 REST (1,730,000.
D. B. WILKIE, Praadent. HON. ROBERT JAFFKAY, Vice-Preeident
Branches in British Columbia:
Depoeite received and infero-st ruliwed at highest   current raw from dat<? of
-opening of -account, and compounded quarterly
J.   .VI.   LAV,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Palfl up Cap:-tal $3,900,000    Reserve Fund	
15 Branches in British Columbia.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits of $1.00 aud upwards received. Interest allowed thereon at highest current rate, and credited quarterly. Depositors are subject to no delay
���whatever in thp withdrawal of the whole or any part of their deposits.
 Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published hx dayt *. met by the
Bake* BU, Nelson. B. c.
thioMTiptioo rates, to tenn s month delivered
nr *A*>0 a yvftr il sent by mai., when  ���
1 n<n ��iif-
ptiniu-z rate* ou Application,
nun lee paid lu stttlemcm ol The Daily
dlan autountu, tlttier for rabwrlptloai M
auv*>rti*suie, in tint be POCelp-t-Od for on tht* printed
lorms of llie t'onipativ. OtMff r-MOtptl srr U"l
MAYA I907.
The C'-uIonfal Conference, now become the Imperial Conference, was not
expected to make any unanimous recommendations on the subject of trade
relations or niutuaj concessions in regard to them.
That hope, if ever entertained by any,
was precluded on this occasion by tbfl
circumstance of a Liberal "Free Wood"
government's being in power in the
mother country.
The tariff policy of a country is, and
must be, governed by expediency when
it is not Interfered with by prejudice
In the United Kingdom for the la*'.
60 years Free Trade, instead of being
.considered a matter of sober policy baa
become an article of faith. The protection policy of the Younger Pitt, and of
his pupils who succeeded him in tbfl
government of Hritain, the supremacy
of the Hritish navy which secured
for the country almost a monopoly
of the world's carrying trade.
and tbe undisputed niperority of
Hritish manufactures, all conspired
to give the I'nited Kingdom
such a start in the world's race, that
now, after (Jo years of unfair competition and discrimination, the lead is not
yet lost though Germany and the United States are drawing near, by virtue
of their freedom from economic super-
Btitions and their steady adherence to
a policy of protection.
The United Kingdom may yet for u
while retain its commercial and Industrial primacy in spite of its self-imposed
disadvantages. Hut for many of die col-
onles protective tariffs are a necessity.
In their long struggle for ofllce the
Canadian Liberals also exalted "Free
Trade as they have It In England" into
-an article of faith. Sir Wilfrid Laurler
declared "I will never rest until I have
wiped out the last vestige of the Iniquitous system of protection."   In spite
of bl< .-illy rhetoric Sir Wilfrid has for
eleven years been sane enough to leave
practically unchanged the wise trade
policy of Sir John Macdonald.
But the Industrial and commercial
conditions of all the colonies are not
the same. For some, the Transvaal for
instance, where many things must be
imported and where physical conditions
will save- home markets for the local
food producers, obviously the best system is free imports.
It was the weakness���the only weakness���of Joseph Chamberlain's Imperial
policy that he built his grand conception of a united empire on an utterly
materialistic basis. The sentiment of
kinship and loyalty is not created nor
even strengthened by financial advantage.
Canada stands committed by her
present rulers to the mistake of Joseph
Chamberlain. A preference was offered
to Hritish imports in Canadian markets,
and it is intimated that until the motherland reciprocates in some way, the
daughter cau do no more.
That is an utterly false position. A
tariff league of the Empire may be a
possibility of the future. At present It
is outside the sphere of practical
But what cannot be too much insisted
upon, is that the offer of a trifling preference does not absolve Canada from
other duties, or justify a passive attitude on such questions as Imperial de
At the deferred annual meeting of
the 20,000 Club, held a few weeks ago,
peal emphasis was laid by all speakers, and quite properly so, on the ne-
C aaity for improving and beautifying
the city as ranch as possible before tbe
tourist season begins this year. Tbe
Improvement of streets, painting of
buildings and clearing of the water
front are things that require both time
and money. Hut there Is one thing that
can be done at once and without expense. The streets may be kept decently clean. Their present condition is
a crying disgrace. We do not wish to
show Impatience In urging haste. We
concede that city servants are doing the
best possible with the facilities afforded them. But there are a few things
for which no excuse can be pleaded.
The bill board nuisance is bad enough
when It is confined to unused buildings
er fences on side streets. But within
tbe last few days an outrageous sign
board has been erected on Baker
street near the corner ot Kooteuay,
which is an offence against every taste.
Nelson can never be made clean or decent while every vandal is at liberty to
disfigure it.
The Right Hon. Winston Churchill.
M. P., under secretary of state for the
colonies, was recently sworn of the
Privy Council. Winston's mother was
an American lady and therefore he is
an object of Interest to readers of
American despatches. That circumstance has Inspired an American press
correspondent to advance the claim that
Winston has "brokun a record ' by being (be youngest commoner that ever
sat fn the Hritish privy council.'1 Several Canadian pftpflV have printed the
article. Of course it is ridiculously inaccurate. Mr. Churchill Is now in his
���_Uth year. William Pitt, the younger,
became premier of Great Hritain, and
therefore of course a member of the
privy council, at the age of 23. It is
not strange that an American writer?
enthusiasm for a young Hritish publicist
who is half American should lead him
Into error, but one Cs surprised that
the well-Informed editor of a Canadian
newspaper should not immediately perceive the mistake.
In a letter to the Times of recent
date, a writer remarked "Mr. Carnegie
will do well to endow a chair of contemporary history for his own instruction." A speaker in the German Reichstag more recently classifies Mr. Carnegie's remarks as distortion of tacts.
Mr. Carnegie, in his reported speeches
and published articles, has so far served
only to demonstrate the fact that ability
to accumulate money does not by any
means imply the possession of intelligence. His opinions on politics and society are of no more value than those
of any of his poor Homestead employees. Mr. Carnegie's dollars may be
useful; he, himself, Is a decided
Returned    Missionary    Says    Japanese
Are Devoted to Peace and
Quiet    Development.
Toronto. May ?..���"The attitude of the
people of Japan, and their papers as a
whole, is of the calmest and sanest.
They have no thought of preparation
for war w^th the United States. I am
surprised that newspaper editors should
be led into believing these stories."
Such was the statement of Rev. Daniel Norman, a missionary of the Methodist church, who is now home on furlough, in reference to the statements
lately appearing in newspapers as to
the feverish excitement of the people,
arsenals working overtime, etc. "Go
anywhere you will," said he, "in England and other countries, you'll find the
arsenals crowded with work and oj>-
erating night and    day.     The rumors
Latimer, near Stanley, $ 325
Cedar,  near  Baker,  300
Carbonate, near  Park,  175
Park, near Vernon.(2 lots)  525
Vancouver and Slocan, 16 lots for 450
Victoria, near Kootenay,  2,250
Cedar, near Victoria  3.000
Silica,  near Park  2,500
Mill $1,600 and 2,000
King Road, $500 cash and balance easy
terms will purchase plot about seven
acres, part cultivated,
Near King Road, 50 acres, part cultivated.    Inspection Invited.
Kootenay River, 160 acres, $16 per acre.
Also   land  on   Kootenay   lake,   near
Creston, Flre Valley and Hurton City.
Wett Baker Street. NELSON, B. C.
Dominion Dairy
Caibick & McDonald, proprietors of
the Dominion Dairy, having dissolved
partnership by mutual consent the business will jn future be carried on by
W. Calblck.
Thanking our patrons for past favors
I hope to merit a continuance of their
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dlnnerware ln -stock. Patterns.
that are afloat have no doubt been
started by some of the discontented meu
in Japan, who have been turned down
by the sorenimeat since the war. These
fabrications are fostered by alarmist
papers in Ute United States, but do not
deserve to be seriously considered.
They do not. 1 am*confident, represent
fairly the feeling of the people at
A significant Instance of progress was
mentioned by Mr. Norman, The mikado, at his last Xew Year's reception,
did not offer Iiis guests Intoxtoatktfli and
they had lo be content to refresh them-
Mires with lemonade, ooffee, chocolate
or cocoa. This was the first time that
the custom of oentnrtes has been departed from Tlie explanation is that tho
Emperor became s total abstainer two
years uo.
Sixty <l��rs rstt-eriUte 1 inti-nd to spnly to the
Honorable the rhietCummls��ii-acr of L��iicls nud
9* o*ka tot permi>sion lo purditw ttie foliowiun
d-p-wltx-M laud-sin wast Knot��;n*y 'listrict: 4'om*
ineuciDft st a pott plsand oa tbs south shore ot
Kooteuay* Uke, and t'Joints* UP K bloc* So,
10, -aii : tiiarkei. "Tom QoMlOn s north we-l corner
pott*" iht-ne-* south 40 chnins, thenct vast to
ehalns. thence n.irth "JO ebnini. more or le.'*, to
lake Bhorei tliencs west w olmin-s to point of
Dated this 30th of April, 1907.
Tom horms.
Blxty i'ay-5 after dale I lutend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commlisioner vt l-mult and
Works, Victoria, H C, to purchase *> acres of
laud : Couimencinjf at a post planted at the City
of .Nelson's S K. corner poit, oa Kootena; rirer,
tnence 30 chains soma, thence west 'At chains',
thence north io chains, thence east *20 chains to
point of Ciirnmencemenl.
Kelson, B. t_\, April M, UH.        E. J. Cl'KKAN.
Sixty days after nate J intend lo apply to Hon.
the Chief OommlMloPMol Land!* and Works for
penui8-.lon to purchase the following described
lands in Kootenay district: Comment-tog at a
post narked Bruce While's N W. OOrSSI POSt.
situated al the northesSt eoruer of i'. K 30 about
a mile '.'ast of r-iloeao liver, thence south A,
chains, theuce west 'A) chains, tlieoce south 60
chains, thence ea*t 40 rhatus, thence north -to
Chains, thence ea*t 40 chain*, tbence uorth 4"
ablins, thence west tie ehalus to poi ut of commencement, cor_taininy 440 acres, more or len.
Located March 18tb, 1907. BBOC1 Whiti.
I, tbe undersigned, at*r todays intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief I ommlssloner of
l*nds and -a 'irk** (ur permlMlon to purchase the
following Unit: Commencing at a poet marked
S. fc c. of Uit iibii, thence west to chains, thence
teeth KI 1-1.hins. thenct* west Deksins, Ihence
south A' chains thenee west 40 ciiains, theuce
souih 10 chain-., ihcnce ea��t N> chains, thence
north Nj chains to point of commencement.
Located March T.IO. 1P07.     M. 8. McVaronT,
S. F. Mi-Nad.ht, A^ent.
1. the u ode nigae-d, alter <"Aj days intent] toapply io the Honorable the Chief Commissioner uf
1-ands and Worki to iurt*lm."e the followiiiK described land: Commencing ai a poet -marked
N. K. C, 5iti*_��te at the mouth oi Cove creek on
the west shofe of blocan lake, theuce west J)
chains, thence south 'to chain*, thence west to
chains, theuce south vO chains, theuce we-t 40
chains, thence south 4" ebslnt, thence ear-i so
chains, ihence north (ft)chains to point of commencement
Located March 27th, Ittft.      tt. F McNatcht.
Sixtv tlays after date I inteml to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Laud- and Works for
permission to purehaae tbe following described
lands io Kootenty District, about three-quarters
of mile from Thrum a sldtag:   Commencing at a
rstplaced at ;ha 9, W. corner of L tow, group
. Weit Kootenay butrlct; thence westerly
following the nortb boundarv of L 4bW, 40
chains; thence north 10 chains; thence east 40
chains, moreor less, tothe N W corner of
LteW; theoce south following the went boundary
of L6ftsa 10 chain* ra"re or less, to place of commencement, containing 40 acres, murw or leM.
Dated this 6th day of December, 1��6.
H. H. Pttti. Locator.
Sixty days after'latv I pr.rpo**.- making application to the Chief i'ommi-��ioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase the following
deaeribed ��and; Commencing at a post placed
at the southeast corner of t.Vi tj Hatiltaio's
application to pun ha-e, marked *'K. fe, H,W
eorner," running thence w>chains norh. theme
��)chaios east, thenct **cnains south, thence nM
chain* wesl to point --v-'oinnieDeement, contain-
lag MO acres, more or less.
Dated the 9th day of April, 1907.
K fitrnjotaa.
Per F. O, Fi.Ct.riEf, Ageut.
Sixty days after date 1 intend to apply to tbe
Honorable the Chief Cnmmlsktouer of lands and
Works. Victoria to purchase 170 acres of land
in West Kootenty. and described a* follows:
Commencing at a f^^t planted on the east side
of Arrow Lake at the ���.-ijthwest corner of L7fioi
and mirkod "3. a. K's N W. corner," thence
east 'it chains, thence v>tith 40 chains, tnence
east 90 chains, tlience south '30 chains io Moee-
reimer's pre-emption, theuce wesl ?,i chains to
Fauquier s application to pnrchase, thence north
40chsins. thence west ��> chains to lake shore,
thence north along tht- lake shore to place of
com m e teem C a'.
March l/th.JSOT. J. A   KlXLT.
Sixu days after date J Intend to apply to the
Hon Cim-J i'omjuU."ioner of Lamls am{ troths
for perrol'slon to purchase the following de-
scribeJ property at a post lurked "G. If., S.K.
coroer, ' theme 40 chaius nortb. thence 40 chains
west, tbence *0 chalus south, thence 10 t-halns
"ast to point of comm<*h *ement, a relocation of
ihe abandoned pre-emption 728 of W c. Knapp
and is tbe east half of the northwest quarter,
and ihe west half of the northeast quarter of
e-t-rljon 7. It,wnihlp70 West Kootenay district, on
the west *hore ol the lower Arrow lakes, containing 16'acres, more or leas.
March 1st, Iiw7. tiioaoR Milton,
M. R. KoQQASStS, Agent.
Sixty dap after date 1 purpose making application to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works (Ar permission to purchase
ihe following described land: Commencing at
n post Pitted about i>lie and half miies SS-ftof
Silver Tip I'oint.on Whalshan Uke, nearChri*.
ti<- creek marked "p W.d. U'l. S ��� - "run
ning thence mi.-ehnins west ti join n.n-1 u** .''d
by F I. Hammond, as agenl, theme 10 Ohttta
north, tlience W chains ea.,t, thence *i chain-"
south  lo polnl of commencement,  containing
*'i4<i teres, moreor less.
Dsted the <Jth -isy of April, 1907.
F.  W. ti. HAri.TAIN,
I'er F ti. FACgriKR, Agent
Sixty den after date r tniend to applv to the
Hon. the Chief Commissionerof Undi ami W(trks
Victoria, to purchase Mo acres of land in Weal
Kootenay alstrtet: Ctunmeticlng at a pnit
planted about 6mlJfs from tbe mouth of Mm
'Cut" greek an t about at* mile west of thp said
creek and marked "H. 11. R's H.W corner," and
running nortii W) chains, thence ensl ho OqsJqi
thenc- t-outh h> -hains, theuce weat 80 chains to
plaff ot beginning.
March lfilh. JW7. H. H   Hcsa,
3. K. AKKARLS. Ageat.
HUtv days after date I Intend to apply to the
Hot.- Chief Commissionerof fluids and Works,
Victoria. B. C., to purchase HO acres of land, in
Fire Valley, described as foLows; Camniem-liig
at a post planted A) chains west of Walter Bull's
N. W . corner and mar-��c! J W Holmes' Jr. N. K.
eorn��r p st, and running--outb 10 chains, tlience
west fio < hains, ihence north 40 chains, thence
east ft) chains to place of beginning, and belli} a
portion ol H**rilun 85, Towufhip?!, West Kootenay.
March 5th, IW7. J. W. flout**, Ja.
J. B, A ���*.-.* ni r. AOKHT.
Slxtr days after date I Iniend to apply (��the
Hon. chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works
to purchase .tJO sere* *.f land lu Fire Valley, Wesl
Kooteuny district and de*Tlbcd af follows:
Commencing at s post mark-ed J. K's fl. E.
corner, and running north HO chains, ihence
west40cbatns, tbenoa iouth f*o chains, ihence
east 40 chains to plate <��f beginning, and being
the wc*t one-half of the ti. K. one-quarter and
the east one-hair of the H. W. one-ydarter, and
the west one-half of the N. E. one-quarter, and
the east aue-half of the W. W. one-quarter of
Be-'tlnn 31, Township 71, Q. 1,
March 90tb, 1W7. John Kvvux.
New Dress, Maslins, Ginghams and Ladies' Ready-to-Wear
Skirts, Costumes and Blouses.
We Are Still Selling Ladies' Undermuslins at Reduced Prices.
Fred Irvine <& Co'y
Notice || herebv given that 60 nays alter date I
Intend toappiy to the Hon. chief Comm tssiouenol
I-andsand Works, Victoria, for jtermlsiioti to put*
ehase the following described land: Commem lug
at a poit planted ou the weft side of Hloean lake
and about two miles norlh of Kvans creek, an.l
marked Q, ft. Wu onuiheast corner post, theoce
north following shore of lake 1A> chains, them-e
west 6o chaius, thence south IAI chains, theuce
east Go chains to point of commencement, (Ho
acres more or less.
Located April SI, 1901.
t;*o B. (iARRrrr, Locator,
Wm.Clocoh, Ageni
hlxty days after date 1 Intent! lo apply to the
Hon ihe Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works. Victoria, to purchase W0 acres of lend in
West Kooteuay,described as follows: Commencing at a post plained about eight miles up
Mosquito creek and Joining E. cross' application
tn purchase, and marked C, M's ti. 6. corner,
thence north 80 chains, thence west 80 chain-*,
thence spilth no chaltis, thenct cast ml chains lo
placeof begiuulng.
Feb. J6tb, 1907. C. Marshall,
J. E. Annahlk.
Sixty aays alter uate l intend to apply to the
Hon. Chief Commiasioner of Lands and Wurks to
purchase tbe following described land located
in Fire valley district of'^e^t Kootenay: Commencing at a post plauteil at the H. K. corner of
John hangs'pre-emption, thence south 80chains,
ihence west 40 chains, iheuce north 60 ebalns,
theuce SSSt 4d chains to plait- of begiuniug, con-
tnnl&sJM) acres,
located March Uth, UOT.
It. A  Mcl'me. Locator.
J.J Kelly, Agent.
Take notice that AO days after dato 1 lutend to
apply to the Hon, Chief commissioner of Unds
and Works, for permission to purchase tbe following described lauds: Commencing al the
southeast Oorner of lot 6305, ihenee west 10
chalu*, thence south �� chains, thence east BO
chains, theuce north fO chains, theoce west 10
������hain* to point of commencement, containing
40 acres, more or less
I'aled April 16lh, 1907 1'   J. BhaIilSY.
W. w. hr-wlkt, Agent.
I, the undersigned, after ��0 day* intend to ap
ply to the Hou. the Chief (Otamissionerof Lands
ami Works to purchase tbe lollowlng described
lend: Commencing it the K. E. t. of Lot 'w��
(r, I., thence   west 40 ehalns, ihenee north 30
chains, tbeuce east 4u chains, theuce south JJ
chain*- to point of commencement, containing bO
acres more or less.
Located March -Sth, 10u7. W, A. Mills.
Take notice that rixrt days after data
I inteud to apply to the Honorable the Cblel
Commiasioner of 1-anda and Works for permission to purchase the following described laud
situated in thu West Kootenav district: Commeuelng at a post plauted at the aoutheast
coruerof Lot m%% uu the south side of tbe West
Arm of Kooumay lake, thenee "��� ��� chains west to
so-ithwest corner ol said lot, iheuce 90 chains
south, thenee eO chaius ca��t, thence 'to chains
nortb to place of commencement, eontainiug 160
acres. .
April 2nd,  1*307. CHARLES  Ro��IRTSOI��,
per Knot! W. Hobin-son, Agent.
Blxty davs after date 1 intend toapply to the
Hou. Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works,
Victoria, B. C, to purchase the following described laml, situated in ihe West Kootenay district: Commencing at a post planted on tho
west side of Kootenay lake, near Rhinoceros
point, and marked J. McKlnnon's 8. E. corner
post, ihence west 80 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence east tio chains more or less to lake
shore. Ihenee along lake thore to point of commencement.
Blfned J McKinnon,
.Sixty days after date I Intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, for permissloh to purchase loo
acre-., more or less, situated in Weit Knolenay
district: Commencing at o pott nlanted midway
oa the north bttiiiidari of Lot 76il and adjoining
B.W coruerof UttlSl ihence north 16 chains,
thence vest 40 chuins, thence south 40 chalna,
:.'.*;��� eeast 20 chaius. thence north _'i chains,
tbence east 'JO chains to polntof commen-enient
LoOStSd March 20th, 19tff. 1* J. B04SLSX,
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to lhe
Hon. the ('hief Commissioner of I,amls snd
Works io purchase the following described
lauds: Commeuelng Ht a post planlcd on the
test ilde of Lemon Creek at the monthofthi first
north fork and marked "h. cooper's southeast
corner,'' ruoulog (JO chains wesi, north 40chains,
ea>t no cbaliiB. and south 4o chains to place of
Dated March 20th, 1907. R cootxr,
J. T. Timso, Agent.
Hixty days arter date I In lend to apply to the
Hon. lhe Chiel 'ommlssloner of i.ands aud
Works to purchase ihe following described
lends: Commenclngat a post maplted "L A.
Tipping'* soiilhwcst comer post" and nlanted
near H D. Curlis's land, ebont half mile from
Slocan City, running mirth 40 chains, east 'to
chains, south !������ chalus, west 'to chaius to place
of commence men i
Dale.! March Hth, Wl L. A. Tippiso,
3, T. Tippino, Agent.
Sixty days alter date I intend to nnp.y to the
Hon the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works to purchase the following describe! [and
located l�� Fin Valley dfotrlsl of W.tgt Kooienav:
Commencing at a post plautetl al lhe H W.corner
of John Hang' ptc-,<mp[|ou, tlu-i-.<< GO chains
souih, theme 40 chains we>t theiic( 60 ehalna
nortli.theucetochalmri.* U piau-ofbeginning.
Hi' iu i.i K nn , Locator.
J.J. KKLLY, Agent.
Notice is hereby given lhat 60 days alter date I
Intend to make application tothe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of J-am In tnd Works, at Victoria for permission to pureliase the following
dene Hied,Unds : Com mend iiir at a post planted
���it the southeast comer of lot fib, group I, thenue
south 2�� chains, thence etst no chains, theme
north'JA chains, thence west 60 chains lo point
of oommencement, containing IM acres, more ot
Nelson, March ftthj 1**7.        Asm* L, Wad*.
I". Want, Agent.
Klxty days afterdate I Intend toapply to ihe
Hon the Chief Commltstoner of Lamls aud
Works. Victoria to purchaie the following dr-
scrll*ed land: Commencing al a poaj markeii
M H's B W. cornet*, and pltn-cd near lhe northwest corner of I ot .������ttjU', abotit pup mile wist of
Hloean river, and ruiiamgfua *n chains ty Lot
asl thiimvnor'ti 40 chaltis, thence we^t io chains
thetice south 40 chains to place of beginning.
March 9th, 1*>7. Mil us DstNS
pArHUt'CK, Agent.
Sixty days tfter date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Umls and Works
Victoria, IML, In purchase UO acres ef land
situate In Kire Valley. West Koou-uay. ami described M follows: Commencing at the nortbeut
corner of Lot 7816, an 1 running north CO chains
ihence eut 20 chains, thence iouth Mchslns.
thence west 20ehtliis to place of beainiilii*
Marcb 4th, 1907.      f W tf, |��%R
3. K. ASSABtS, Agent.
��8Ixt/^*/.' *"" **w ��� ,n.t*n*�� 'c apply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works
Victoria, lOjmrebase ��0 acres of land in Watt
Kootenay. deserlbed a. follows:  Oommeneins.
at a post planted up Itoiqoilo creek, about slebl
miles from the month and marked I. Droit1 s w
corner, thence nort'. Hi chains, thence 40 chains'
east theuce So chains south, thence ��> cha n!
west to place of beginning m'
Feb.lfth.lW7. * Ento���
J K Akmbi.1, Agiui.
For Further Information Apply to
. n* rl 1 1 J* NELSON, B. C i
The HaU Mining and Smeltioj
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores,
Whoitgmn Provl��lon-��,
Produce, ��� Prult.
OoTemment Creamery Our Pound Iinr���� nwlved w-wkly tnat, from lbe
nliaru.   For Bale Isy all leading itmcen.
OfHt-oand warehoniw: Honston Block,
Josephine Street.
Pbone "9.
Nelson. B. C.
fllity dssv. tft-fr slate I Intend to apply to ihe
H,sns,r��ble the llltletl ommls��(,l(sner ol Ijin'lss and
nssrki, Victoria, to pstrsshane the followlisa
dissssTtbed s.s,,i, |D -,v���,t Kssssu-siay di.trlit*
t isrssmssns-lng ata posst plstnts-,1 at lis, ^ K s,,,,s, ,
0! WtO. I.,ss,ss*. pnrslin.o I'.tin and marks-]
**B. M.H*. N.K rtsriisr." and isinniisK sssssith fit)
ts sain,, tntsnre wesst W t-halsss tlssttss- ttort-s 6ts
chains, ttsent-f past 40 s-lsalnss tss plasv ol beeln-
uinu and t-ssutalnlna Ji   acrt-i
Mart**- '	
rt*h 51U. lvtn.
E. M.Btn.-.
J. K  ANNAHt.i, Annt,
Notlralss Itutubf given that Wday. atUTdalt- I
Intend toaptsl, to tbe Honorable the t'hts-l s ,,m-
mluloncr ol Land, an.l Work, for pcrmL.ltsti
to -nuOMN about 175 aire, ol land, ,ftiiaie tss-ar
thePensi d'Oreille riv, r, We.t Kssotenay dlitrlst,
and deaeribed al fssllow,: Couitsieiis-lisu at a
po��l usarke.1 si. I.Tbonuon'l N, W, soruer psut
���jhnatisslon she sssssith iKsunslarj- ausl ajshalu.
Irom 8. �� |so.t ssl l,,l 7HM, thenic .osslll al��stsfK)
chalna, thens-e ea��l about ���J.: ch.luis l��� a point on
the ��e;t Iwunslarr aissl ia rhalna Irssiu t> VV. u ,t
ul Uit,,41, thenre ns,rlh 70 i-bali�� ausl thenca
��<Bf'��_Sll��lU�� iss the place ol b��Inning
Mtt March, IWI. I. K Tison.oii,
 A. li. Lam,, Agent.
Hlxly 'layi alter dale I Inland lo apply lis ihi
llssns.ralile the fhlel (������-snnils..l,sncr s,| li,n,i, .,���!
Worka, \ Ictoria, lo pnrcha.e tVlts acre, ul lansl
allnalesi ou the *e��t >l,:e of Arrs.w lake, ami de
isTilss'd ass followi,: t'oniniciss ing at is po.'. mark
cslj. 11'iS. t corner and pluU al Ih-asssslh-
weit corner s.| Lol \ts>J, tlrouii I Weal KooUnil
and rsinislog ��tv,i 80 ckalnss, thcus-e ..ssslli Ad
champ, Ihence eail mi chains tss the lake sshote
th.tice north along thr lake to plac, ofMrtnnlni
Martsh Bth, imn. J lliion,,
J. K. AK.NaisLK. ArcSlt.
M slay, aller slate I Intend to apply to lha ll������.
t-hlel (.ommliKloner ssl Ij��n,|ss ansl Worki Vis-
lorla lo|surisha��e l��l acrei ttt lansl lu Pir,, Valley
��s.|i Koolenay dlnrlct.and .les., rlhs'sl a�� follon',:
(ornmrnclng at a po,l marked ��* II Wrlglil'a
b. I-., corner, am I rsiuulug nssrt h ao chain,, theme
���ratiJO s'haini, thence ���,nlh Bo chain,, lis. use
eait as iii,imi i, s.place ol lisglnnlng, and hem*
thevi-��l.,nchall,.l the X. K. ,|iiartcr ���1 Been,,,,
X. and the veil hall ol Ihe U. ���. olse-,|isarlet ���l
S.'s-tlots ��', ill Townihlp 71 U. |. '
March aoib. IDtn. W. a. Wmioiit.
ii."l,,y,.<,.*f!. *'"*',*'VC ��� >n>-n*i to ��l*piy to ibe
Hon. t hlel Commlaaloiiar ul Uml. ami Work.,
Victoria lo 1 srchsMo |h following dmcrlbcs-/
lands, ��il)oinlng the Arrow laks-s its We.t Kosst.
i-tlly: loiiinanrlng al a pssssl plantesl at the
N. VT. eorner ol J. II Porter*, preentpllssn. ami
rnarked B, WiH.IV corner Doit, Ihem c-.llcnalisi
north alssng lake ihore. Ibanoa ttishaitsi aaai
Ihence 1*0 clisillii soulll, thrncr .1) s-lsallsss w-.l So
nlatse ol beginning, containing III acrs-��, mora ssr
April 11, Ii��l7.
Kvil.vn Wa-ttsiN.
Nollee li hereby glren that no day, aller slate 1
Intend toaptsl, lo the Hon. flslcli ommlisioner
ul IaisiIh and Worki lor pannlaatOD Iss |,isreha���e
lhe following dcicrlbcsl lainlss, illuate In Waal
Knotcnar dutrlcl: Commeos log ssl a ps,s| markesl 1 I.. I'orler'i N. W.s-orncr. tlnnee ... m, wi
chaini, Issllowlng tho esulern bounslary ol II.
oclssui application   to pur.-has,,-;  thrntecail 111
'halm; theme norlh Ml chalnn the  w,-,t ��i
eaalm to point ol eotiiineiu, sus-iii, conlalnlisg
���1��) ssserri more ssr leu.
Uatad thll llth day of March, 1:117.
 __���__  J. L. PogTIB.
���9IIIr_1,T, *'"" d*"'' '"tend to apply to tho
non. Chief comnlMonar of Umln antl Worki,
\Ictoria, to punhaie -lao una ol land, In Kin!
\alley, Welt Koolenay. and det-orlbed 11. lollnwi:
oinincnclng at a poll plantesl ssl Waller Htill'a
northweit corner and markesl A.tCi H. _ cssrner.
��nsl running no-lh HI chalna, tlienco writ *i
cha ni. thenesi iouth Co ehelni, Ihcnce eait Ml
. tialiii Iss place nl beginning, ami being part uf
Seetlotsmlami __ |��� Towmblp 71 ami , porllon
of Beotloni 1 ausl 1 In Townihlp t��, ilroiin I
March sth, isii. a aim
J. X, ajsk.bi ��, Agent,
Notltr I, hereb, glren that ��0 day, aller at
Intend loapply to the Hon Ihe OhWlM
aloner ol l.uil, and Worki, Victorli. ,*__
mlnlssn 10 psirchtua the lollsswing 4e_t_l
land; Comtneni-lng at a poit at Ihe Interwrtl
01 the aonth bounslary oi lol SJts, in-*! ���
bossiiilary ssf -s.oldeo Queen" mleerll ttt
Ui, ns-e eail lu 6*, chalDi, more or lew, to mm
eaal sorner |>oit ol lot IJKS, thenco north
chalm. more or leai, 10 aorlhs-ait soruer p-*m
lot fiiw. theos-e eaat 40 chaini lo the WDIMI
eorner ptut nl lot AMU. ihence lostth ����� ����"
thence weit fo chaina, more orleii Osllii.lJ
Ison ndary 01 the "Holden ijneen" mineral MM
thens-e along eait boundary "liolilsis sjn*[
nslnerml elalm to polot ul MWBaBMM|*
chain... more or leaa
Naliua. B.C., March la. l��n.
Per W'n- ToLLl.voTO.i.AIMt
Slaty day. after date 1 loteod to applr vlj!
Hssn the rh ef c'ommlsilooer of I_.mli__
Worka, Viciorla, to purchaie M0 acrei ol WJ��
We.t Koolenay, deacrlbed ai followi: i��
msissing at a pet plaaied about sl sss si" 'I
Msiiqiin,, creek Irom Ihe mouth iss-i ttt.it.
"A fi." .N w. cs.rner. thenca isssslls hi <'���*������'
sis, sss-e eait W coaloi, Ihenee liorlli ��� sinus's
thetsse 1  1 s .1,1. wen to place ol bafUIBItV- ���
Kebruary Ifith,li��7. hvUMAMt
1. I. Aimaali. Agent-
flaly dayi alter da'e I Intend tss apply **-jJI
Hon -he chlel Commluloner ol Un*f_
Worki, Victoria, 10 purehaae fi*l acre, t/lin^1 !B
Weil Kooteuay, deicrlbei al lsslls\����: "
las'isslng al a poll marked "II. B." *-*��� '
ansl being at the N.W. oornerol A. iii"""'
Hpplliatlotl to purchaie Which Uals-ssl \ml_*
isis.M,,��,|ulto t'reek from tho moislli insi '���
nlng m ehaim iouth. Ihenee Ml ihalni �����,
Ihence Ml ehalna north, Ihence Ml cliaina eaal ��>
plas-e of beginning. ��    __
rebrnary 16th, tin. 0. Bran".
J. It. AKKMU, Agcul*
suty dayt after dans I lutend to apply ��*l
ll.slsssraule lhe Chlel Comiuliilnner nl I*-"*"-;!
W'orki, Vsclorla. lo purehaae Ml acre* it WJ
isss-atest on the weat ilde ol Arrssw ItMttasm.
'Ic s-rlt-d aa lollsiwi: t'ommetielot il ��J!S
marks-,1 P. A*i N. K. corner,and plained ��"'M'J*
n.s-tlsol 11 ,���,..!   on,,-, ���l UsITHM.i'MP
1, We.t Koolanay, and running 1011II1 WshaJ .
Ills DM weal asl cbalni, thence nssrth ,nt-taaJaia.
shs-nstseait Al chaini to place ssf beg 11111108 ,.
March lllh, Ilm. P.AM***
J. K AHNAisi.r. Agiol.  _
. eUlyslayi aller slate 1 Inieml to apply Je "J
llonoralile the Cblel Commlliloner of I"1"'"'!".:
Wotki Issr permlnion to purchaie Ihe louoj"!
sle.s-rlbesl land In Weil Kosnonay: Conim"'""?
at is piwt aiisissi ssiieauilasmarternills'il'1*)1"?'
Ilisn.inie Uiidliig, ami marked,Bella Bra-WJ
*��� tt.. cssrner, lli c mirth 2o cbalm. iheoiee-M;
SOobalDl, thence ... nils rochalni, 1 lictn-e eaii *-
, I ��� 10 polul olcolnmencemenl. _.
Mssreh Wild. 10n7.      (Slgns-il) BH.U KIAl'IJ1'
RisttlOT koetNIOK. Agi'lH _^_
BUly slayi aller date I intensl 10 apl'l)* M__\
llonssrable Hie chlel Cisminlnloncr s.1 _Vj___\
Worki fssr j.crinliilon Its ptirehaie Hie l"l'i'w'"_
slc..*rlls,-il lansl In Weil Koolenay: Ci'issisisns���
al a poii planted on the nortii bank ofSnmyo
ereek, alHint three <| m rlera nfa in lie from monia
ssl crcs-k, and markesl Kva Cull'i B. t '"i""_
ihen lorlh 20 chalm. thence meat ______
II e touth 110 ehalna, thonce eaat tn s-hliM"*
psslnttsf coinmenc,*ment. ���,.,,
Man-h 22mi, 1907. (Signed) fc�� V1"-1"   ,
Itt'iiniT RtstiiNioN. Agent^_
Hilly .layi aller dato I Intensl 10 aaplMlL1'-!
Hon. tho Chief CssmiuHilssner ol VuNMR
W.trki for pcrmlislssu l*s purobaM Use ss'll"" ;
sleicrlbcd laud tu Weit Kisulcnay: Comm""__
nt a poit plssnled on Iho lotilli bank ol.-ssssii'i"'
1 reek, nhout 1 ue mile liom inottth ttt_p_t___\__\
markeii "It. koltlnion'i N W. corner, If���J,
iouth Ml chains, thonce eait *l ehalni, ll'"",
liorlh Ml chaina, Ihenco writ-tils halm lo pnl"""
March and, 1W7. _ .,���_-
iWgned) Bonn K8��n,,w' at���am.
the Duly Canadian
3cial for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
Very Best of Canadian Goods
\. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
s thst thirty d��Tl Rtur ilale I into the H"u. Chief Cuminlasluner of
W\\ 'orki ��t Victor!*, H-Ou lor a special
1 carry Kway timber from tlie
<<il mull in Aiusirortli division:
H Mil mnrked Chas  F. W-UBt*
est poit, theoce  north 80 chains,
slimit *)
thenee south no eliains,
[mint of commencement,
��� iL.. .--.	
ulles south ol the Lsr-
i Imliis.
IWMllHillBlci,��� (
I Mux iltuated on Lhaaait itoj ol
larch l.'lh
Notice Is hereby Kiven thnt HO days rrom date
I Inli'ti'l to anply to thu Hon Chief Commissioner
of bainlH nnd VV orka for a spi-rial llceuse to cut
���nd carry sway timber from the following described lands In West Koutensy district:
Commencing it n pott planted ou the north
bunk of 10-Mile creek, about one mile and a half
from Hloean lake, marked K Hirand's northwest
corner poit, tbence cast 100 chalm. thence south
40 chains, theoce went 160 chains, theoce north
10 chaini to point ol commencement.
Dated this it at day of March, 1907.
K. htkani), Locator.
, 1M7.
..    F   WaLKSLEY, Locator.
i* -kkkan. Agent.
L      iik at a  poll   marked   Chai.  F
I iisirtlitvc**'   I"*-*,   lbence south  nv
iHNt n.i cbalni, thence north to
rut mi ciiHiiis to point of com-
mi.1 laud b.ing situate on the
nie creek, about Vy_ miles south
l.'lh. W07.
(has. V. WAUttUnr, Locator,
1'. KliBRiN, Agent.
feni in�� *l a poit msrk��d Char. F
���miniwc*11 poit, theuce south SO
,. <���-,*-1 *o chalm, thence north to
��� wcM riii chalui to polntof com-
lit-iald land being situate on the
... ���,],* i reek, about 41, mllei "outh
kruii 12tli. WOT.
Cius K. Walmiliy, Locator,
I* hhirak, Agent.
t,v sItsd that ft) dayi afterdate I
t.', *:!,.. Hon (.'hief commissioner
,v --.-, nt Victoria for a special
ind carry away 'Imber (rom the
(bed landl In West Kooteuay:
spoil planted no the east line
mllei iouth of the southern
v Timber License No. 10, theoce
it.rtii W chalus, west 40 chains,
w.-i i" i i.Fiin-, south WJ chains,
nulb --V) chains to place of com'
*...*.i*.i* * i ��� acres, more or less.
       Y. Lump.
���y Kivt-u that X) darn alter date 1
bnly in um- il.m.irable trie Chiel Com*
f( Land* nnd Works for a special
and carry away timber from the
���rili.-d landi iltuated uu the west
beep Crefk Valley: Commencing
id a hall nn,.- nurth of the luter-
idarv Uni' aud about one and a
it ul ihe Nelion and fort Sheppard
b;..*.������-���. i ��� - land grant In the 'llntrlct ol
Cuinini'iK-inK   at  a pont  planted   two
uf  I'Ik  Hheep  creek, known as   the
J corner   poll,  joining J. It. ('raUNtoo'*
bl in   Nu. 1, Olalmlflg  *���" chain*  nurth,
|tli ilim cant,  theuce 80 ehaim snutb,
ihIiii went to j-- -; m "f com meneement.
lurch _lit. 1907.
muiriicliiK at a ptut planted at the
orner uf localluu Nu. 1, knnvrii a* the
urncr puituf liH*at|uii Nu. 2, claiming
<nUi, thenca m dialim cast, then tW
Ui,  theuce Hu i-haiim went tu polnl of
Huron .iiit, 1907.
iiniiicnclng at a post  pieced  half s
t location Nu 3, known aa the south-
, cUtiniiiK wtclmln- nurth, thence 80
ti, tbenoe eo chain* iouth, thence no
:t to point of commencement.
ommanolttg at a po*t plauted at the
Urner of loeatlun No.,., known as Ihe
corner, claluiJng ino chains  south,
���Mun*. went, theuce 160 chaini uorth,
Uiiinea-t lo point of commencement.
March 21st. 1W7.
J. I'. Hu r.inr.\\u, Locator.
K  T. EwtfKLflKJiw. Agent-
Convicted    in    Mexico    of    Deliberate
Murder ae Part of Fraud on
Insurance Company.
D that 30 days alter date I
to the Hunorable the Chief Com-
f Uud
nl Works, Vlotorla.
. ' mui carry away timber
plowing described land In West Kout-
plnnled   about eight
|iliem*'uUi ..j ijoat creek, and where
(be blTHku   river and about six
i ilie creek upon the iouth bank, and
I. Hlttle's location on the west line
d F, Hsile'i  southeast corner post,
IW chains, theuco north 40 chains,
"KTlisiuf. tlience soutb 4o chains to
Icmiiit-iK inieiil.
March Btb( IW1.
J tvr. Batt, Locato��.
pert: B. Hittl*. Agent.
hereby given mat thirty days alter
i! tn make application to tbe Honor-
'inniUMMiiernf Lands and W'orks at
��� ' *. lor a special  license toeut and
Umber frum the following desoribed
III Kouienay duirlct:
ink ala poet planted about twomilea
rter up a iou the rn tributary of the
tn rlvei, on tlie treck commonly
iniildi.-rcreek, nnd �� quarter of a mllo
'oral, und marked A. L. Stewart's
i "rner i out, ihenoe north W) chains.
W chains tbence soutb *i chains,
i "���"< -liniiiHiopiHco oi commencement.
day of April, iixj*..
A. L. HTgWABT, Locator.
hereeygiten mat 30 day" alter date I
PPly tn the Hnuorabie the Cniel Com-
ol I iv. li snd Works for a special
arry away timber from the
I till III
escribed lands in West Kootenay dls-
Iuk itapott planted about two and
mici up a southern tributary of the
mi river, un the creek commonly
'ouldi i creek, and about a quarter of
i 'be lurks, and marked A L Stewart's
"mer (Kitit, tlience south IW chaini,
140 ebalni, tbence north IM. chains,
f"i ���loeiiHUmio place of commoncemont.
"day Ol April, IWI7.
a. L Htiwamt, locator.
I^l''* Unu thirty daya after date 1 intend
i' 'inn. the Cblef Commissioner of
'ki ni Victoria, B- 0.1 lor a ipeclal
���nd carry nway timber from the
���"'M landi lu W��et Koou-nay:
'���i a poit planted 'to chain* west
im enruer of l��t Hl'i, and at the
"�� of Lot 7786, theneo eaat ��>
��� ' ������Hi 40 chains, tbence eaat 40
0 imrth 40 eliains, Ihcnce ea* I W
""iiii 40 clinlni, thenre wost 120
'' -"i'ii m ebalm to plaee of com
'"��� containing 6tu acres more or less,
'���fell Bth, iwi, PlTIR ItlND,
__       Locator
' iieri-iiy Ku-en thai :�� duya after date*
" '"apply lu iho Ho,,. Chief Commlsalon-
f'">* and Works for a ipeolai lleenie m
���H^ry away timber Irom the following
F* i!",1' '"l>*"-''l on the weit side of Big
t|! ^ "Hey, commeneing am.ut4^ miles
f tne international houndary line, aud
Y'H* mile west of Itig Sheep creek in the
"West kootenay i
''"inmeiicing at a post planted about
west ot mg Hheep creek, known ai tba
1 corner post, olamtni 9�� chains south,
''"'iih we>t, ihenco BO chains nortnr
"ains eait to point ol commencement.
Commencing at a post planted at the
'"���corner o! location No, 1, kuown as tlm
e an Vir.""r ,'(l"t' "'aiming wl chalm norih,
ihi, i   i IH '���'KNt, l!:i,'"'e HO ohalna nouth,
������*�� < uains weal to point of commencement.
rut n!!V,!,ie'lc!,,m al ft PMt planted at the
mt ootnernf locution No 2 known as tho
"orner pnit, olatmlnft H ehalni north,
v J'J1' 9w"ba��ao, T^oetor,
a. T. KmiiuKiaM, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 80 dayi after date t
Intend to applv to the Hon. the < hief Commissioner of Landi and Works, at Victoria, for a
mi*<*Hii] license to cut and carry a-way timber
from the following described lands In tale district:
No. I.���Commeneing at a poit planted about 10
chains eait of main Kettle river and about one
mile more or leu north of <\ Y K. Block No.
'���iti.;;. and marked Boundary Lumber Co's 8. K.
corner post No. 1, thence SO chatm n rth. tbence
80 chains weit, thence tt chains iouth, thence 80
chaini east to the point of commencement.
Dated Mar li Wnd. i'jol
N * 2.���'ommenclng at a poit planted about 10
cbains cast of main Keltle river about 80 chains
north of Boundary LumberCo's Location No. I,
and maned Boundary Lumber Co's 8. K. eorner
-poit Nn. ���.:, thence M ehalni  north, thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains south, tbence 80
chains east to the point of commencement.
Dated 22nd March, 1907,
No. 8.��� Commencing at a poit planted about K>
chains eait of main Kettle riverand about 80
chains north ol Boundary Lumber Co's location
poit No 2, and  marked Boundary Lumber Co'i
tt. K. eorner post No. 8, thence 80 chains uortb,
thence 80 chaini west, tbenoe M chaini aoutb,
tbence 80 chains cut to tbe point of commence'
Dated March 22nd, 1W7.
No. 4���Commencing at a poit planted about
10 cbains eaat of the main Kettle river and about
80 chaina north of Boundarv Lumber Co'a location poat Nn. 8, and marke<) Boundary Lumber
Co's B. K. corner poit No 4, tbence 80 chalna
nortb, thence M chaina weit, tbence 80 chain*
���outb, thence 80 chains east tothe point of commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1B0T.
No 6.���Commencing at  a post planted about
i'i chains east of main Keltle river and about
two miles north, more or less, of Boundary Lum-
iwr   o's Location No. 4, and marked Houndary
Lumber Co's 8 K. corner poat No b, thence 80
ehalns north, theoce M chains weit, thence 80
cbains south, thence M cbains east to tbe point
uf commencement.
Hated March tfrd, 1907.
No. e.���Commencing at a post planted about _ft
chains eail of main Kettle river on C ?. ll. line
bloca No. 2714, and ahout M chains nortb of
Boundary Lumber Co's location poit Bo. 6, end
markeii Boundary Lumber Co'i B. K. eoruer poit
No. 6, ihence 80 chains north, following C. P B.
line block No 27i4. Ihence SOchaina weit, thence
80 chaini aouth. theuce 80 chains east to tbe
polntof commencement.
Dated March *8rd, 1907.
No. 7.-Commencing at a poit planted about
15 chains west of the main Kettle river on C P.R.
line hi tck No. TM, and about 80 chalm north of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poit No. 6, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i 8 E. corner pnst
No 7, thenee 160 chalm north, following C. P. K.
line block No. 2714, thence 40ch��lni weit, tbence
lw ehalus south, thence 40 cbains eait to tbe
point of commencement.
Dated Marcb 23rd, I9U7.
No. 8���Commencing at a post planted about
20rn*<ns weit from rlrer bank and about Smiles
south, more er less, of the last east branch of the
east fork of the main Ket'lc river or about 18
milei north, more or lew, of C, P. R- Bhmk No.
7714, on east fork of Kettle river, marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N. W. corner post No 8, thence
M chains east, thence 8U chaini sonth, ihence 80
chains weit, th.-nce M chains north to the point
of commencement.
Dated March 2Mh, 1907.
No. 9.-commencing at a post planted about
20 chaini west from river bank, on the east fork
of Kettle rtver, and about 80 chains south of
Boundary Lumber Co's loeatiou poit No 8, and
marked Boundary lumber Co's N. W. corner
post No 9, thence w chains east, thenc M chains
south, thenee 80 chains west, thenee 80 chains
norlh to the point of commencement.
Haled Manh 2filh, 1907.
No. io -Commeneing at a post planted about
���20 chains weit from river bank on the eait fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chaini wuth of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poit No 9, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'a N. W. comer
post No. 10, thence 80 ebalns east, thence 80
chains aouth, thence 80 chaini west, thence 80
chains north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 23th, 1907.
No. ll.-^Commcncingat a post planted about
U ehalna weit from mer bank on the east fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chaini iouth of
Boundary Lumber Co's loOaUpn poet No- 10, and
marked Boundary LumberCo's N.W corner post
No II, theuce 80 cbaina easl, iheuce HO chalna
iouth, trenco 88 chalus weal, ihcnce 80 chains
north to the polnl ol eommeneement.
Dated March 2Mb, lfeW,
No W.-Commonclug at a poit planted about 12
chains west from river bank sn the east fork of
Ke tie river, and about 80 ehaim south of
Houndarv Lumber Co's location post No. 11. aud
m��S3 Houndary Lumber Co's N. W*. eorner
po.t No. 12. thenee 80 chains east, tbence 80
chatna south, thence 80 chains west, thence 80
uorth to the point of eommeneement.
Daied March Bth, 1907.
No. 1.1.-Commenclng at a poit planted about
12 chains weit from river bank ou the east fork
nf Kettle river, and ahoul hi chaini south of
Boundary Lumber (V* location poit No. 12, and
marked Boundary Lumb r tvi N  *jwn��
trit "��.13. thenee 80 chaini eait, thence*
Mil" south, thence 80 chains west, theuce 80
chains north 10 the point <*f commencement.
in ..iialiia ����� .1 Itism river bank on tiio tiaat lork
,1��? ll. rl". -Sil "boat M thalM ���''*,""��
tattmliry r.,i... I..- r JTo". !�������. K.'" J"w ���r..r w"
tnarkssil Itoundary l.timbtsrCo'it "."������RB'H.K"'
Kill tlu*"'*" *l a-laaal-DB i*a��l. 'h��n��� S'"' I
ioiilh tlscnt-ss H0 slsalis. weal, thonce HO i'lialna
north lo the polnl s'l MHMMU
1(1 chalna ivoal irum river bank on lhe fa.l lork
of  Kettle  river, an.l abont �� chain, aonth,>{
Bounslary LmnbWOo'i po" >"' "���,���,BS f','
Bonti.lary Lumbar 00*1 ��, f ��>��     J   ' * *    *
tlsesim- 80 chalna eaat, liscns-c a.s'lsaln, "ts sin.
tfiJSSa iffchain, met,, IMIIM N chain, norlh lo
polntof commonsscincnl.
natesl March 2fslh,llKI7. _,.,���-,i .k������t
No. 16.-(Jommonelng at a yoal PU��"*J ������""���
8 ehalna sve.l Irom river bank 0* �������"'_'* ��)
Kottlo river, antl aboul 80 oh""*" ��_'"   "1
llssunsl.rv Lumber IV. loealion 1.0.1 '0. IJ. M��j
inarks.sl Aaiindarr Inmherl.'o'a N. vjijorne r PRJJ
N���   16, theneo 80 chain, eaal,   hence JJ JbaWJ
���onth, thenee 8' ohalna wait, thanee �� obaina
north lo tho polnl ol commencem.nl.
Detesl Maroli Uth, 1907 ���i.���ia_ about
No. n.-llommenelnii ata ,is,  plaOtM sos 1^
6,sh��ln. weal Irom river bank     tbe �������  '����
ssf  Kettle rlvor, and abonl 80 clsalni ���> "in vj
Bcin'ary Lninb',., Co*. IO��Uon p-J Nil-1��. ��J
arkesl llotiudary Lumber
Chihuahua, Mexico, May 3.���Unless
an appeal to President Diaz Is, productive of executive clemency, which Is regarded as Improbable, the city will be
the scene within the next two.weeks of
the execution of two Americans, C.T.
Klchardhon and William Mason. They
were convicted of murdering two mon
here for life Insurance money, Richardson being the Insurance uRcnt, and
Mnsiin, his brother-in-law, an assistant
agent. Hy order of the court they are
to be shot to death.
The case has occupied thc Mexican
courts for tlie past live years and is one
of the most extraordinary In the criminal annals of Ihe republic. The two
victims of the conspiracy were a man
named Devers, decoyed from El Passi,
and a man named Mitchell, said to be a
Iiulf-brother of Devers.
The prime mover in the plot was
Richardson, whose real name ls Hulbert.
He was a Rochester lawyer who ran
away to Rochester with seven indict-
ments hanging over his head for running  a  "divorce  mill."    Mitchell  was
(Timber Limit Bo. 1.)
Notice li hereby f Iven 'hat 00 daya alter date I
Intend to applv to the Honorable the Cblef Com.
mlaaloner of Landi and Worki (or a .pedal
lleenae to < sst and carry away timber Irom tha
followlna de.crlbed land, iltuated on Kooikanax
creek, ln Weat Kootenay dlatrlct:
Commencing at a poat plante-l at the north*
weit corner ofTimber Limit No 10247, and marked II D. Lea'a aouthweat corner poat, thence
norlh 80 cbaina, tbence eait M chalm, thence
iouth 80 chaini, tnence wen SO chaini to polntof
com silence ment.
Located March 28, IWI.     II. II. Lia, Locator.
(Timber Notloe No. S)
Commenelni atapo.t planlcd at tbe aeutbeaat
coruerof No. 2 limit, and at the north weat coi ner
of timber Ucenle No IW-HS. tbence norlh 160
cbalni. thence eaat to chaini to weit line of
timber lleenie No 1(121-), followlna line of No.
1021A and 10214, 160 chalna. thenoe followlna line
of timber licenae No. 10246 40 chaini to point of
Located March 28,1907.     II. II. Lu, Locator.
(Timber Notice No. 4.)
Notice ti hereby liven that 60 davi arter date I
Intend to apply to the Uon. Cblef Commlnloner
ol Lansl, and u'ork, for a ipeclal lleenie to cut
and carry away timber front lhe followlnr deaeribed lauda, iltuated on Kooakanax creek in
Weal Kootenay dlatrlct. and about Ave mllei
from Upper Arrow take:
Commencing at a poit p'anted on tha nortb
ilde ol creek and about ball a mile Irom creek,
and marked H. D. Lea'i loulheait corner poat,
thence north 80 ehalni, lbence wen SO chaini.
thenee iouth 80 chaini, thence eaat 80 chaini to
point of commencement.
Located March 31,1907.     H D Lu, Locator.
(Timber Notice No..',.)
Commencing at a poat marked II. D. Lea'i
aouthweal corner poit, thence north 80 ehalna,
following tbc eaat line of No. 4 location, tbenee
eait so chaina, tbence louth 80 cbaina, thence
weit 80 ebalni to point ol commencement.
Located March 11,1907.     II. 11 Laa, Locator.
(Timber Limit No.��.)
Notice la bereby given tbat alxty dayi after
date I Intend to apply to tbe Honorable the
Cblef Commlnloner of Landi and Worki for a
ipeclal lleenie to cut and carry away timber
from tbe following deicrlbed land, iltuated about
alx mile. From the L'pper Arrow lake on Kooikanax errek, In Weit Kooienav dla-rlct:
Commencing at a poit planted and marked II
D. Lea'i nortbweit rorner post, thence oaat 80
cbalni, ts ence lonth 80 cltalm. tbenee weit 80
chalna, tbence north 80 chaini to point of com-
meneement. _ .
Located March 31,1907.     H. D. Lu, Locator,
(Timber Limit No. 7 )
Commencing at a poat plantad and marked H.
D. Lea'i norths-ait corner poll, thenca iouth 80
chaini lolls.wine the weit line of No,6 limit,
tbence we��t 80 chain., ihence north 80 cbalni,
hence eait SO ohalna to point of commencement
Located March 31.1907.     H. D. Lu, Locator.
Take notice that I intend, thlrtv dayi after
data, to applv to the Hon tbe Chief Commtasisin-
er of Landi and Worka for a apeclal licenae to cut
.nil carry away timber fiom the following deicrlbed landi, altuated on Sandy creek, ln Wen
Kootenay dlitrlet: Commenolng at a poat plant-
ed on the weat aide' of Sandy creek and called
J. P. S'l aouthweat corner poat, thence running
eait 80 ehalni, thence nortb 40 chaini, thence
weit 40 chaiui, tbence nortb 80 chaini, thence
well 40 cbalni, tbenco aouth 1*20 chalui to place
of commencement.
Dated thll mis day of Marcb, 1907.
J. P. Bwunaxao, Locator.
Notiee ii hereby glveu that 80 slay, alter date 1
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Cblel Com*
tnliBltsner of Landi and Worki, Victoria, for a
special lls-enae to '*ut and carry away timber Irom
the following deacrlbesl land In Wen Kooteuay:
Commencing at a poat planted about aix mile,
from the month ot Ooat cre'-k and where lt flowa
into Sloean river, and av*out 16 ch.lni from the
creek, upon tbe iouth bank and maraed C B.
mills'', inutheait corner poit, thence wen ISO
chain*, ihence north -40 chalui, tbence east 160
chalm, thenee iouth 40 cbaina to point of com
Patesl March 28th. 1907.
c. H. HiT'i.i. Locator.
another Rochester lawyer who followed
him later. With the help of Dr. Harle,
of Chihuahua, they poisoned their victims with strychnine after having Insured their lives ln a New York com-
pany for (25,000.
After the murders the gang, except
Harle, moved to Texas. Suspicion was
aroused, and a detective was sent to
Texas. Posing as a lumber, merchant,
he worked Into intimacy with them. He
took part In another plot to steal $50,-
000 and had himself arrested with the
others. lleBldes the men there were
two women mixed up In tlle affair.
.The discovery of the Insurance plot
was quite accidental. In the fall of
1902, while looking over some Mexican
policies, the solicitor-general of tbe insurance company in New York noticed
a peculiar coincidence ln two Chihuahua claims. The claims came through
the same agent, Richardson, were certified by the sami! doctor, Harle, and in
both cases Dr. Harle bad been the examining physician. The men had both
died after short illnesses. One of them,
Harry Mitchell, Insured for $15,000, had
died on February 11. The other, James
Devers, who was Insured for $10,000
on February 22. Yet tbe Mitchell claim
was presented in February, and the
Devers' claim not until July. In both
cases the insured had no otber relative
than the beneficiary. In the first case
the beneficiary was Hulbert's wife; In
the second esse it was William Mitchell,
who posed aa Devers' half brother.
Upon Investigation it was shown that
the men had died and been buried aB
stated. It wasn't a case of "burying the
rocks on the company." Then tbe check
for the Devers claim came back to the
New York bank. It was endorsed by
C. T. Richardson, otherwise Hulbert.
The other bad been previously paid to
his wife, the murdered Harry Mitchell's
After the crowd had removed to Dai-
Ins, Texas, a detective named Grey was
sent to Dallas in the guise of a lumber
merchant. He succeeded In meeting
Hulbert and after the two had become
imitate Hulbert broached a scheme to
cheat the insurance company out of
$50,000. He said he had experience.
Detective Gray proposed that they insure Gray's brother-in-law for $50,000
as a beginning. A detective named
Evans was Imported by Gray as his
brother-in-law. When the scheme had
been thoroughly worked up and all the
preliminary steps taken the whole
crowd, including Gray, was arrested. A
fellow-detective of his had already overheard Mitchell and Hulbert scheming to
kill off Gray. By accident in the prison,
at El Paso, Mitchell discovered what
Gray really was. ,
Mitchell at once went into a sham
cataleptic fit that lasted two months.
Medical experts watched him, and declared that he was shamming. But all
the usual tests failed. He paid not the
slightest attention to needles stuck half
an inch into his foot He was dropped
Into a tank of cold water and sank to
the bottom stiff. His teeth were clenched and he was fed on milk Introduced
through his nose by a glass tube. Finally
the detectives hit upon the idea of mixing whiskey with the milk. The man
became drunk, jumped from his bed,
and cursed at everybody in sight.
Finally Dr. Harle, who was still in
Chihuahua, was induced to cross the
border and was arrested. He was
forced into a confession about his con.
nection with the two Chihuahua claims.
This was all the detectives needed. The
proceedings against Mitchell and Hulbert on the Dallas plot were dropped
snd all three were extradited to this
place and tried for murder. With
abundant money at their command the
conspirators fought the case step by
step, taking the case to the highest
courts of Mexico; With every twist and
turn known to the law exhausted there
now appears no hope of their escaping
death at the hands of the executioners.
Th* Stfathcona
Nelson, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
later Street, Heleon. B.O.
Lighted by Eeotricttj* ud
Heated by Hot Air
Large anl Comfortable Bad roomi sad Wrat-
cleoaoinlug Boom.   Sample boomi lor Commei*
elal  Un
HIS. I. O.OLAKKB, ProprUtteea
Grand Central Hotel
Tula hotel haa been completely renovated and
nawlr furnlibed with all modern equipment..
Hoi water heating throughout.
SATES : Roomi, 50c. upward! ; meals 25c. I
apeclal ratci by the week.
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor
txAt.'/K. *____L'v"i________
We have for Sale one of the best
Residences in Nelson.    Close in
Call and see us for price and terms.
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Ltd.
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With bearing orchards snd running water oo eaeh property.    These properties can be purchased on reasonable terms if sold at once.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Room
ud Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
luropean sad American Flan
���aall m its.  looma Irom �� ctl. to tl
Onlr Whlta Help Implored.
Baker St., Nalaon
Bartlett   House
Best Dokr-a-Day Hotise In Nelson.
Tin Bar li the Fluent.
Wbltt Btlp Only Employ*.
JoMpblot Bt
Notice ti hereby glveu that 90 der* tfter dete 1
iDteod to apply to tlie Honorable the Chief ('om-
mliiloner of Lsnda and Worki for s ipeclal
license to cut und carry limber from the following dewribud landi, iltuated in ihe valley of
liift Sheep Creek, com mend nn Sl* mllen nortb of
Die International boundary line, joining the
Nelion tOQ Fort Sheppard Railway Company"!
land grant In the diitrict of Weit Kooteiuy:
No. l.���Comineuclng ata poit planted at tbe
northeait corner of A. D. Chr little's preemption,
elalmlug 4U cbalni iouth "long tho eail ln>und-
iirv tif A 1'. I'hriMtle'M pre-empllon, tlience eaat
MU-hulni, to Nelion and Fort Sheppiird mrver
line, thenre north m chalm, theuco weit 100
cbalni, tlience iou*h io ohalns, theoce eait 40
ehalni to point of com nencement.
Lotted March Brd, IWi.       3. Y, 8WIDB1M.
No. 2,���Commencing at a post plnnted at tho
southwest corner ol location No. 1 on the east
boundary line of A. I>. Christie's pre-emption,
claiming lfio chain* iouth along the east boundary line of i. K Craniton's pre emption. thence
<o chains eaat. to the Nelson and Fort Hheppard
survey line, thence llio chains, north, thence 40
ehalni west to point nf commencement.
Located March 23rd, iWi.
3. I*. SwEDniio, Locator
Royal Hotel
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of tte
^aataDO-SCCflR Jttmmlm' mmm%*sm^*am% aX%
Dfttah -ConunMft*
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
40 Aem FifSt-cUss Fnrft
Land on Koolenay Lake!
Within Vt mil. *t Bsrl Orsy's Ranch.
V* mils Isks frontsg*. Fra. from rack.
Plenty water.   SIB par sera, sn terms.
Rates |1 tDA |1.B0 a Day.
Speoial Batea to Beg-olar Boarders.
Moat eonfortable quartan ln Nalaon
Only tha beat ol Llquora and cigar..
Notloe la horeby kivoii tbat all daya altor dato 1
itond to apply to the Hon. Chiel istsmmlaiioner
���l l.asisls, anil Ws,rX. lor a .peuial Hoonae to cut
 W. isomer
ohalna nssrtli to the point ol comineliieinei".
Hated Mars'li "i'slh, 1907. ,������,��,! ahosil
No IB I'ssinmssiii'lnn nt a poll l> ��">''' *___*
Se���,��ll,�� weat ol the river buses h. JJ -J0��
oIKolllo Klver and about l�� ��"���"" !""_,���. _.
Ilosmslssry I.smil.s'r (Va I"��� Vv, T*. eorn.r
henee 10'ehalni _____�������,������ *>
poat Nis. W, the
oIibIub .out i, thene
ohalna north to tbe point oi
Dated March *��th, W^ Bo___^_ml���t uo.
J. OKNlU.lt,
anil carry away timber from tbe following de-
ocrlbed landa, altuated on Corn Creek i*> the
Goat creek dlvlalon ln South weit Kootenay, B C.
"A'VCommenclnK at poat "A" planted about
IW ebalna west from aoutbeut corner of Block
No 1006, and marked "-A.L. Beekwlth by I J
I.ticla, ageut, northeaat corner poat," about two
ehalni norlh of the atream, then weat IbO cbaina,
then 40 chaiua aouth, than eMt 160 obalui, then
40 chaini north to poat of oommencement.
Dated March 0th, 1W7. VV. L. BSCIWIIH,
bv I. J. Lucia, Agent,
"It" -Commencing at poat"B" planted on the
���outh fork of Corn oroek, about 90 ehalna from
where the atream empties into the Main itream,
marked "W. L. Beekwlth by I J Lucia, agent,
imrt licnt.1 corner poat," about three chalnn east
ot itream, then 160 ehalna aouth, Ihen 40 chalna
weat, then loo chalm north, then 40 chains east
to point ot commencement.
Dated Marcb 7th, 1W7. W. L. flfCKwiTH,
by I.J. Lucu, Agent.
"C"-Commeucmg at poat "C" planted 80
chaius miiith of northweat corner of Block "B"
marked "W.I, Beekwlth by I.J. Lucia, agent.
northeast corner post," about ten chalui weat of
itream northeast corner, then 160 ehalna iouth,
then in chaini west, ti.tn 160 ebalna north, tben
40 chaiui eait lo post of commencement
Dated Mareh Sib, IW. VV. L. BWIWITH,
by I. J. Lucia, Agent.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
A* McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Certificate of the Registration of Aa
,   Extra-Prorindal Company.
"Company Act. 1M7."
I HIKEBY CIKTIPY that tht "Krfto ttlver
Lewi Mining Company, Umlt*J," haii thla day
been registered u an Ultra-H-ovlnc-lal Company
under the "CompeBlea'a Aet, 1H7," to eatry out
ur effect all or auy of the obiecU of the oompany
to which the legislative authority of tho Ufi*
lature ot brltlah Columbia extends.
The head oftce of tbo company _ annate at
Phoenix, Territory of Arlaona, O. ft. a.
Tbe amonnt of Ua capital of the company ia
three million dollars, divided into alx hundred
tbouaand aharea of Ave dollan eaeh
Tenders add reused to tbe undersigned, at hia
offlce in the Court House, In tbe City of Neleon,
will be received up till tbe hour of rive o'clock,
in tbe afternoon, of Friday, May Slat, 1101, for
thc purchase of the "SUrer Champion Mineral
Claim," Lot 3438, Group 1, Kootenay Dlatrlot,
which was declared to be forfeited to tbe Crown
at lbe lax sale held ln the City of Nelsou, on the
6tb day of November. 1W5, for delinquent taxee
up till June 30th, 190*5, and costs
Ihe upset price upon tbe iald mineral claim,
which includes tbe amount of delinquent taxei
and ccits at the time of forfeiture, with interest.
taxei which have since accrued, coata of advertising and fee for Crown Grant [HBWJ latSl.M.
w hli'li is tlte least amount that will be considered
ai a tender.
Eacn tender muit be accompanied by an ac-
rented cheque for the full amount of the tender,
payable to the ordor of the Deputy Commlisioner
of Land and Works, at Victoria, ft C , at par.
Dated at Nelaon, B  C, this SOth day of April,
Government Agent, Nelson, B. C
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to tbe undersigned, at his
office In the Court House, ln the City of Nelson,
will he reoelved up till the hour of Hveo'elock ln
*>.. ah.Mimi,, of Friday, Hay Hist, 1V07, for the
tbe "Bryan Mineral claim," Lot
purehaae ol tbe ������Bryan Mineral Claim," Lot
1099, Oroup 1. Kootenay Iistrlet, which was
declared to be forfeited to tbe Crown at the tax
sale held ln the City of Neleon, on the Sth day
of November, IMS' for delinquent taxes up till
June SOth, 1906, and coaU
Tbe upeet price upon the aald mineral claim,
which Includes the amount of delinquent taxes
nnd eoals at the time of forfeiture, with Interest,
taxes which have since accrued, cost of advertising, and tee for Crown '��� rant (ttt.oo.) la S9S.3I.
which ls the least amount that wilt be considered
as a tender
Each tender must bo accompanied hy an accepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commlaaioner
of Unds and Works, at Victoria, B, C, at par.
Dated at Nelaon, B C��� thu SOth day of April,
Government Agent, Nalaon, B. 0
Examination for Assayers for licence to
Practice in British Colombia*
An Examination for Assayers will be held la
Victoria on the 27th Hay and following days.
Entrance for any examination must be made
ln writing to tbs Secretary of the Board of Examine���, at least ten days before the date aet tor
beginning of examination, and must be accompanied by the prescribed fee (115 )
Any additional Information desired may be
obtained from Herbert Carmlchael, secretary,
board of examiners, Victoria
Minister of Mines.
Department of Mines,
Victoria, B. 0��� 15th April, 1W7.
The head offloe of tho company In this province
ia altuate at Kaalo, and W. K. Zwlcky, mining
engineer, whose address ls Kaalo. B* U.. lt tha at
Notice ls hereby given that the Wattabni-R
Lumber company has applied to His Honor tbe
Lieutenant Governor ln council, nnder the provisions of thc "Rivers and Streams Act," for the
right to improve Kykertn creek, in tbo district of
West Kootenay. British Columbia, by removlOR
the obstructions therefrom and straightening
tbe banks thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
slides and chutes, and make iueh other Improvementa as may be neceaaary for tbe driving and
rafting of Iocs and the flumlng of timber thereon
The lands to be affected are goverment lands and
Lota aftl and 352, Group 1, Kootenay district, and
the tolls that are proposed to be charged, lf any,
are auch aa may be fixed by a Judge of the county
court of West Kootenay. '    	
Dated this 27th day of March, A, 1). 1907.
torney lor the company.
Tbe time of the existence of the company is
twenty-five yeara from the eighteenth day of
October, 1906.
lhe company Is limited.
Given under my hand and seal of offlce, Victoria, Provlnoe of British Columbia, this Und
nay of March, one thousand nine hundred and
Registrar of Joint Stock companies.
The purpoies tor which this corporation is
formed are to buy, hold* leaie, self, work, ox-
Wore, develop and operate mines and mining
claims, and all kinds of mining property; to to*
cute and procure patents for mining claims; to
buy, erect, construct, or otherwise aoqulre and
self mills, smelters, concentrators or other reduction plants, and to run and operate tha eeme
in the reduction of ah kinds of oro, and tha extraction of mineral therefrom; to acquire In any
manner all klnda of real estate neotseary for the
economical and expedition operation of lta mining and smelting and reduction business, and
other business Incident thereto; to buy and aall
and otherwise acquire aisd dispoee of nny and
ali kinds of personal property, machinery, tools
and merchandise, for the convenient and practical operation of ita business In an/ branch
thereof, and to tbat end to establish and conduei
itores and merchandising establishments, for tbe
pnrchase and sale of all kinds of i oods and merchandise; to acquire in any lawful manner telephone and telegraph Unas and rights of way; to
operate and conduct suoh lines -n any manner
neceaaary or convenient for the operation of its
mining and smelting and reduction business or
any branch Incident thereto; to build, construct,
equip, operate aod conduct railway and tram
lines wherever necessary an i convenient, to the
proper operation of Us said lines of business; to
buy and sell or otherwise acquire and dispoee of
the stock of other corporations which may In Its
judgment contribute to the success of its operations, or which ln its Judgment may be for the
benefit ot IU stockholders, to aoqulre ln any
manner and to dispose of water rights, ditches,
Humes, pipe lines or other aqueducts, which
may be necessary or convenient for supplyiny
water to the various plants ot the oom pany, and
tn acquire In any manner and to establish and
operate plants and lines for operating, heating
or lighting the property or planta ol the company, and to acquire ln any lawful manner, and
to dispone of townaltcs, or any portion thereof,
and to bold, operate, sell, and dispose of water,
light and beat for the purpose of lighting, beating or furnlahlng water to aald townalte or
townsltes, and each and every portion thereof,
and generally to do aay and all things and to acquire and hold and dispose ot ali kinds of property, and to manage, operate aud conduct any
and all klndv of planta and business which ln the
opinion of the directors and stockholders may
be necessary for the convenience and successful
operation of its business as a mining an'I smelt
Ing andireductlon company.
Atlantic Seaboard
Kootenay Points
Effsctlvs. for Trans-Atlantic psss-sn-
gsrs arriving on or subss-qusnt ta April
from polnta in Ontario, Qusbsc, Marl-
time provinces, St. Paul, Chicago, and
United r
Send For Yo��r Friends
application to
Full particulars   ou
local agent or write
A.a.P.fc.V-anooaTsr. D.r.A.. Nalaon
I have Just returned to Nelson and
have opened up at th* same old stand,
and now ready to do all kinds of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
In tba matter of an application (or tbe laauo of
a duplicate of tho Cerillieale of Title of LoUSand
4, Block 38, Lot **>. Block S�� ansl Lot 111, Block 80,
Mellon CU)' (Mapa w and a��A )
Notice la tetiur Hi-fen tna; It la mr intention
to laauo a dupliale of the Certificate of TlUe for
the shot a lota at tha expiration of one month attar
the flrat publication hereof In the name of Krani
J-acoby ansl Km!) I'ohll which Certificate of Title
la detest the 4th day of January, IM, and numb-
ered-UBi.   ,
h. r, macleod,
Dlatrlct Beilatru.
Uni Reflatry offlce, Nalaon, B.C
4th, April, IWI.
w. a. aiuLETT
eantnetor aan-4k
Sola agent for tho Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yarda. Kousb -and dreaaad lumber, tamed
work and braekela. Coaat lath and ablnglee, raah
and doora. Cement, brick -and lima for aale.
Automatic srlnsler.
Yard and factory; Vernon St.. eaat of Hall
NBLSON, B. C    -
P. O. Boi BB.  Telephone IW
F.C6REOI      F.r.BURDBI      A.H.6MDI
(Ml EatinecH, Dominion and British
Colombia Lind Snrreyofs
r.O.��oxl45  n-MSMIB.
In the matter of au application lor the liana of
a duplicate ot the Cefulcate of Title lor an un-
dlTld'sl), of lot -WS. aroup 1, in the dlatrlot o'
Kootenay (except part U.9-urea thereof.)
Notice la hereby alven tbat It la fay intention
to luue at the expiration of one month attar tba
flrat publication horeul . duplicate of tba Certlfl ���
rate of Title for the aba*e mentioned landa, In
tbe naaie of Malcolm McCormlck, wblch Certificate la stated the 1Mb September, IttU and sum-
bered154A. _      . .
Und aeslatry Oflce, NeU,
H07. H.1
MsttMtot&bar ]
The Daily Canadian
We have just received a lot of NEW   PURSES  which  we are  selling
st tha following extremely low prices:
$2.00 $2.50 $3.00
SbwhEu^.?*0 Watchmaker and Optician
r.RpcE^iF.S   ���
;0ur Stock is Complete
Here are two Soap Specials: *
��� 2*  31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD  $4.5C ���
(72 BARS GOLDEN WEST for $2.75 J
> e
~ ���
t 5    *
Ornamented  Chocolate  Eggs.
Blue Bird  Eggs.    Cuckoo  Eggs.
Robins'   Eggs.   Stuffed   Ducks   and
Chicks all sizes.
Makt  your selections  while the  stock
la complete.
S.   H.   SEANEY
Phone 206.
For Rent
5 Room Furr.irhed House, on
Ward  Street,   $25.00
per month.
5 Room  Unfurnished  Kojse,
on Ward Street, S15.00
per  month.
H. E. Croadsdaile & <��
Next Door to Rank of Commerce.
All Klnda of Heating Plants lo Stock
Victor)* St, Nr. Opera Houae.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
��� Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Baildere will find it to tls-ir ii.-l-
vintage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stoves, ate.
111 Eaat Baker St. Phone No. A114
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
fotaaonist.  Baker Street.
Soot-ftltat Party nii-t-ls ever* Frssler
rv^isiod at H i. m . ln the Miners' I'nlon Half
All are Invite,); ens* ..su* sillowe'l Sss take [sari lis
lhe,lebatci.   T. Asisstlu, SesTetar-r.
F. W. Robertson, Montreal; Mrs. .Meredith. Winnipeg: G. H. Chapman, A. E.
Thostu, Cranbrook; A. F. Cornish, J. C.
Walters. St. John; T. McEown, S. H.
Smith. .1. H. Henry. J. J. Ritchie. Toronto; C. 11. I.. Dashwcod: Montreal; J.
C. Dnfreane, Blue Bell; W. E. Cooke.
Kaslo: \V. J. Trethewey, La Plata; G.
W. iiutyhes, Spsskane: H. Stell, Robin-
sun: E. R. ilirnie, Winnipeg; C. Wek-
ell. h. Miller. C. Fisher. Grand Forks:
E. H. Bsircley. Frederlcton: .1. Law and
family; L. Hugan and familv. Pincher
r*- j
Gor, Vmrnon anU Ward ttzpmmtm,
>._i.so!*, u. c.
J. FRED HUME. Proprietor.
T. Howard. F. Steunbttrk. Miller; R.
D. Samraons. A. Fraser. J. M. Hamilton.
J. W. Coilis. Vanrouver; A. Clarkson.
Ymir: J. L. ferry. G. H. Brain. E. Hoi-
fanin. Toronto; C. Garey, San Francis s*,; A. G. Creelman. \V. M. Douall.
Grand Forks; E. P. Ferday, Victoria;
P. Jeftrles, Xew York; M. Stevenson
and wife. Philadelphia: S. H. Bowman,
Minneapolis; S. E. Watson. Silverton;
R. J McPhee. Slocan; A. L. Phipps.
Mssst, r Mrs. McCarter and child. Revelstoke; 1;. F. Cohen, Quebec; C. R.
Brown, Spokane.
Trail baseball team: J. Nezas, Scran-
ton; J. F. Barnard, J. Mahon, Minneapolis: C. Shorman. P. Shields. Chic-
�� i; o. Nelson. E. h. Eiling, Bpokane;
*..* P. Hibbard. White Fish; E. T. Car-
ruth. Havre: W. D. Rhodes. Kalispeli;
D. S. Hosnvr. Grand Forks: A. N, Wlnlaw. Winlaw; F. C. Elliot. Revelstoke:
C. G. Gooch, Vancouver, J. D. Kay
C. Daniel, C. Ridpath, Salmo: J. II.
Bownton. Rossland.
G. Baker. J. Baster. Kaslo: H. Nells,
A. P. Garrett. A. Young, Spokane; L. H.
Holtl, J. E. Henderson, G. Mclver. Phoenix; L. A. Potsin, Creston; J. McDonald. Liverpool.
H. Lusk and wife, Cranbrook; B. T.
Ryan. Northport.
C. P. Henderson. Howser; S. Kosiar.
Shields; H. O. Wanon, Tepoa; C. Sal-
BOMon, T. Hines. J, Dixon, .1. Blaudet.
T. Taaney, G. Piatt, J. F. McKenzle.
Enderby: W. Clark. Westbridge; W.
Plagg, Spokane; D. Karazowskl, J. Ros-
��i. Csryi-it: ll. Fitzpatrick, G. Farr,
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
; yiwtT-cuut MAlwuas���Applr Qaata; Hotel
,  ,"'iK -��.,lel  l-��j   M-itr... H';.toisse.  I'hs.ne
Vnsj-R man with -sjfso,l ssffi'eeip.;rk-De* aeelii a
1.,.1'lnr.    Apr���y H���x HA, Selnsn. *. C.
T��o FIKlri._i.AflS noostii, lusam heatesj.   Ap-
PIT bosifcei-teeper. 3rd flat. K, W. 0. block.
A COiKEI! fPASIKI., Water Hpaalel or aimtler
I--''  1*   ; J*v     .:*...s IjllW. Pox t.t*_	
IKOEKMAK ansl > Setter tor sssiil at Moile
Appijr at .Mill, or our offi,-e 5el.on, forto Itlco
Lumber ��� o
B0KCB   OF   KE1S.    Return to f.ttu. Lona-
���J SLTT'KS, 3  Mje'inen.   3 Tallrmeu   and
r-srader-i, J  Kmenjiin   (isiaisl.) Clrs-tilar Sawyer,
Doggan, angliieen B.t,in ui.a, and mill heipoi
all   klrssli     Apply   oeo    f   Weill, fcox  1<T7,
Meeting Tonight,
The regular meeting of Court Kooti>-
aay Belle, No. T2;J, will be held in the
K. of P. hull tonight. A large attendance is requested.
The London quotation of lead suffered a further decline today of two
points. Silver advanced two points in
London but was stationary iu Sew
On Wednesday. May 2nd, 1907, at St.
Saviour's church. Xelson, B. C, hy the
Rev. Fred H. Graham, rector, Frank
Duehanne, of Ymir, H. C, was married
to Mrs   Kmelly Kesk. also of Ymir.
Closed for  Funeral.
The Xelson branch of the Wood-Val-
lance Hardware company is closed this
afternoon in respect for the late George
D. Wood, a member of the company,
whose funeral took place today at Hamilton, Ont.
The   Kaslo   Celebration.
It looks now as if the Victoria Day
celebration at Kaslo this year would
surpass all former events of that character in that city. There will be a
large number of visitors, as usual, on
this occasion.
John Emilie Dead.
Old-time Winni peggers now resident
In Xelson. will regret to learn of the
death of John Emslle. He waa secretary-treasurer of the J. H. Ashdown
Co. He died in the hospital at St
John, X. U.. returning from Bermuda.
Back to Canada.
Dr. L. Watson, formerly medical officer with the Northwest Mounted Police, but latterly of Chesaning. Mich-
arrived in the city with his family last
evening and will take up his residence
at Burton City. The doctor has purchased a ranch at that point from J. E.
Annable and will engage in fruit
United Service Club.
The Cnlted Service Club was formally organized at Vancouver Tuesday evening at a combined meeting of the members of the Veterans' Association, the
South African Campaigners' Associa
tion and the Liegon of Frontiersmen.
Members were received to a sufficient
number to assure a guaranteed fund of
approximately |5l>0.
First Arriva.'.
Emll Pferdner. G. K. R and S. of the
Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias, arrived In Nelson last evening from Victoria. He is the first official of the
grand lodge to arrive. Mr. Pferdner
states that the C. P. R. are putting a
special saloon car on the train from
Vancouver and Revelstoke for the use
of the delegates, the greater part of
whom are expected to arrive in Xelson
on Monday night. '
An   Enterprlsfng  Newspaper.
The Victoria Colonist has opened an
offlc* in London. England, at 90-9.'! Fleet
street, which is in the heart of tbe city
where visitors from British Colmbfa
may call and register, and will be furnished with all Information desired���
what to see, where to go and how to
get there. Copies of the Colonist will
be kept on file and wil also be on sale
in the office. The management of the
Colonist extends an invitation to all
British Columbians to make their headquarters at the Colonist offices and free
information bureau while in the city
of Landon.
The Store of Quality
Genuine Ripe Mango
for dessert,  75c per bcttle
Superior Mango Preserve
60c per bottle
Genuine Mango Pickle
40c per bottle
Something entirely  new  and
only a small stock left.
K. W. C. Block . Phono 10.
PKi.-MV. AND UKArTINO carefully itund
e-1 Us. "SMI J*
illrsr Klni Hotel.
I have received a consignment
of the famous
Pin-Money Pickles
These are very line.
35c per Bottle
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sta.
RUNNING WATER, by A. E. W. Maion,
author of Four Feathers, cloth $1.35
by   Kate   and  Virgil   D.   Boyles
Cloth $1.50
LITTLE ESSON, by S. R. Crockett,
Cloth $1.35
A   SOVEREIGN    REMEDY,   by   Flora
Annie  Steel, Cloth $1.35
CHIP  OF   THE   FLYING   U,   by   B.   M.
Bower,   cloth $1.35
LIGHT, by Norman Duncan,
author of Doctor Luke of the
Labrador, cloth $1.35
M.   Bower,   cloth $1.35
Chas.  Klein, cloth $1.50
by Geo. Bronson Howard.
Cloth $1.50 ;
W. G. Thomson
?T��A��T.B��S8"n<1  Nelson, B.C.
Phone 34*
Fred Moffatt, of the Dally News, has
returned from his triji to the coast.
John McLatchle came in yesterday on
a holiday after spending several weeks
up the lake surveying ranches.
John Devlin returned from Butte last
evening and speaks glowingly of the activity of the mining industry In ihat
Alex. Lucas, provincial assessor was
a passenger by this morning's boat from
Kaslo. He will leave for Cranbrook tomorrow morning.
Kred Elliot came down from Trout
lake this morning. He is interested in
an important case that will come up before the court at this sitting.
Alfred Bunker returned from the
coast last evening. He will settle up
his affairs today and leave again for
the coast tomorrow morning. From Victoria he will go to Prince Rupert.
T. P. Moran of Procter will leave for
the Kast tomorrow morning and will
be absent for several weeks. Mr. Moran
had a severe attack of grippe last
winter and has not yet fully recovered.
His visit Kast Is with the object of obtaining rest.
One  Can  Find   It Out  From   His  Exact
Height  and  Weight.
If a man tells you his heighi and his
weight, then his exact measurements
can he figured out. That is the algebra of physiology���and (his limp]&
science Is the basis of the physique
type of the Semi-ready tailoring. The
seven types of man are based on height
and weight and the variations from normal are met In the finishing by expert
tailors in every Semi-ready store.
Making  Money.
The Greenwood Irfdge saya a lettei
received from John Houston, who is
now engaged in the brokerage business
at Goldfleid, X'jvada, aays he Is In a
fair way to make a good ckan-up. after
which he will return to British Columbia and make things Interesting for his
political friends.
Trains and  Boats.
Crow boat���Four hours late.
Coast and Slocan train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Kossland train���On time.
Kaslo boal���On  time
Wholesale and Retail Healers lo
Fresh and Salted Meats
Campit rappliad ou shortest notice aud
lowest price. Nothing but fresh snd
win .1,-sums* incuts aud supple�� kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
B. C.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Foci & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward  SU.
For Sale...
Near  Thrumt,  a   ranch  of about   15
acres.    A small clearing.    Easy terms.
Nelson,   B.   C,   Box   654.
A. M. Cau. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offloe: Beaiey Building.   P. O. Bo>
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
How's $J450?
A neat 4-Room Cottage on Mill SL,
with stone cellar. Verandah back and
front. Electric light. Two level lots
with 11 fruit trees all bearing, and
plenty of small fruit.
Only $700 Cash
Balance at 6 per cent.
Seed Potatoes
We have unloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
Telephone 101.
Men's $3.50 Shoes
Don't get the idea tnat all our
mens fine shoes are $5,00 and
$6.00 a pair. We can supply
you with a genuine Goodyear
Welt at $3.50. Smooth insoles
and pliable to the foot. Made
In Vicl Kid and Box Calf.
royal R. Andrew & Co.
Sulphur and
Au Excellent Spriug Purifying Mixture
A specific for boils. Tonic for the liver andavala
medicine for indigestion and general debility fromai
ordered stomach.    For sale by
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Lt|
Will be the best if it is made  by the  High-ClMi
Tailors of the   Kootenays,
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
New Spring Goods Arriving Daily|
A complete line of up-to-date Soft and Hard Hats In Stock.
Also a full range of Boots and  Shoes.    "WALKOVER" our
I-tak���:*-*-> BrRHBTs NUl-SON.
Spring Is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock ill
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Spito
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pruoers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to  letter orders.
J.H. Ashdown Hardw;
Company, Limited.
Rapslrlna and .lobhlng usicuttd with Dupatch.   ��h��s��t*
Work, Mlnlns and Mill Muctilnarv.     Munulstluns**
Or-s�� Cars,   IV.  H.   Contrautora'  Cara.
Spring Stock lust Opened l|
Carload L.tnoteumct and Carpets
From OInmjjow , Scotland.
Bust Qualities at l-ow Prices.
Standard Furniture Company!
Mmou 4 HlM'h riciiiw.
"*-l<*rin..ur Mtttrfkbf*
Mftnhill i-*iiiur) Mturmiei,
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalm
and dealers in Lumber, ShingleSf
Uuth, Mouldings, Doors, WIndoW*|
Turned Wssrk and Brackvtd. Mnil Onion promptly atK"'
VERNON 8TRI1UT  .  .  .   M!l_DON, B. C.
Launch and Boat
We always carry In itock and will ba plaaied to tuppl/1*
wants in
Arc lie Cup us;"8
(ln om K'H'o" ���*���"""   '
Much ua
Mixed I'nlisli.
Kerry 'hiss..' BohU '. iisiiisli
K Us., etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Um


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