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The Nelson Canadian Jun 23, 1906

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 Jtelaon  Canadian
Ik I.   Nn. i.s.
| Outlook Growing
|Slock   Market   Active  and
Its Tirm--Quotations of
Shares For Week.
srnl im|in,violent in tbe min-
., grows more marked week
The   ore   shipim-uls  for   Ifioi;
to bcnl nil previous records
iy.  estimating only the sup-
In  regularly shipping mines.
i.��� i. valley is mill tbe land
Although   operations   in
tin. best  properties have been
io a Rtandstill by iinforitinnie
re     st ems     to  be   every
now of ii   settlement  nnd  re
activity.    The   attention    ol
.  capitalists   litis   been  drawn
and ample capital for de-
iiraciit-ally  assured.  Mln-
-1   long experience say    that
two Bquare miles in the vul-
Iban any illstricl ot lhe same
discovert d,
i..   week    the  Last Chance
 puny, of Sandon, tins been
ed ami    arrangements   made
iifttg  operations at  an   curly
th. week ending today business,
e.i bj local brokers, lias beet.
i, lie- leaders for the week
irltlsh Columbia    stocks have
nl.lei Caiiboo.  Sullivan,  NICOla
International Coal    and   Eureka
flu-   Bpokane   Hrokcrs"  Asso-
port  Copper    King,    Ilenton.
-��� and ibe above mentioned U. 0.
��� i   their leaders.
ii tie special fi attires for the
lienors Mines Is mentioned. The
Hun tin- ii. c. Copper Company
Kiireii an option on tliis valuable
1) has caused a big demand1 toi
res. Home excitement was
1 .i !--u days ago by n rumor eir
I bj outside brokers that a large
bdy   bad   been   discovered   ill     tile
ler-Cnriboo. The stock advanced
tl iKilnts. It is understood now.
< i. that, although conditions are
favorable ai the mine, no new
h.is v, i i.ecu made,
Plata mines has also been in good
n-i    W'itii their new concentrator,
oiiipniiy are saving more values
liny bail expected lo get. " The
ui Iur lie- slock lias been mostlj
lhe east, It is safe to say thai
a Plata mines is destined to be
f ilie largest producers In this
it, ami  will become a dlvidond-
in ih,- near fitiure.
following prices are approximate
ions for Ilie week ending today:
Asked. Bid.
can   llov 0114 .ul
Im 46 .1"
n.  Smeller 14B.00 140.00
loo-McKlnney    11:: .112',
non Copper 8.86 6.16
ui'l  Vale 21 .211
lind Hold nr,*;
intlonal  Coal    47 M\b
111  Mines HIV.
1   Coal   Mines OH .01
ni (Can.) 8J6 8.00
ni (Amor.) 60.00 65.00
udor tilt/, .01
eit'niiboo 21; it, .86
in 0:: .H2-V,
in Oil 17 .1:1
Fifty Cents a Month
i's   Minr.trels   'Parade   and   Performance   on   Monday.
11  will  ihe minstrel show grow
Judging   froni   iis  present   popu
es freshness will he  perennial.
ars of experience in the   njiti
I bnslnoss, Frank Mnlinru litis year
; "Iter pei-tiajis the mosl complete
iiiuatlon of experienced   Ingenuity
I nowlodge. of thenlrieal efTocts In
w'a.-. of minstrelsy lhal  was   over
i ibe road before.   Unlike   other
!,i organisations, Prank  Mnhara
tn have struck it happy thought
"fiing forth a performance that
"'il; could in- termed a ragtime op
1 nnd ihis, of course, Includes nil
later Innovations anil specialties ot
"list. Mahara's famous challenge
I nnd orchestra will give n slreot
'i" Monday noon.
""'" l-oiniwoi-lh and Mrs, Longworth
"ii iben- arrival l���.,e f,���m London
l.iciiicnnnt ('oininan.li i Howard Hie
American   naval attache,  representing
Hu- embassy at Berlin, mel  at ihe
station, They were driven to �� small
hotel   standing   in   the   yachl    dub
grounds nml overlooking the bay.
Outlook for a Good Harvest Seems Now
Winnipeg, June 22.���Robert Mulr &
Co., millers and grain merchants, yes-
let-da; received reports from 52 points
throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan
ami Alberta regarding ibe condition of
crops. They were almost uniformly of
ii favorable character, ami where damage was reported if in no ease went
ov,r :; per cent, nnd was about equally
divided between wind, too much rain
nnil cut worms.
Tho majority of reports stated thai
tile crops nre In splendid condition, and
nre from one to iwo weeks earlier than
last year, according lo each sic!ion
beard from. A few points in Alberta
reported fhe crop later than lasi  year.
Another Political Murder.
Ofa. Province of Russia, Juno 23.-���
Prince .Mativilotr. an extensive bind pro,
|ii b lor und army olllcer of the guards,
wits killed on the slreets here \esler-
day. Tbe crime Is BUpposed lo havo
been commuted for political reasons.
completion of a deal was announced
yesterday by whicli Ibe heirs of tho
late James A. Bailey sell Hie Fore-
paugh shows 10 lUngllnj Brothers.
'fills win probably end the circus war
which has raged fiercely through Ibis
section Hiis season, won extravagant
advertising and  price-cutting."
Norwegian Kino and Queen Not Tired
Week   Includes   St.   Peter's   Day���Services Announced for the Day
in  Nelson Churches.
Alice   in   Wonderland.
"'���   Cermany,   June    2:1.���Several
h"i persons assembled at the rail-
s,"llon today  to greet Congress-
Tomorrow Is the second Sunday af
tor Trinity, and also tbe festival of St.
John the Baptist, "The Voice Crying
in the Wilderness" has become fhe regular expression of description ot u
ptophet and reformer, especially of ono
preaching renunciation of worldly
Little Is told of St. John except tho
few yours of his ministry and the Hag
le story of his death. Ilul the austere
purity of his life, the fervor of his
preaching and ihe Immediate fulfill-
tnent of his prophecies of the coming
Messiah created a profound Impression
among the people ol Qalllee, and raised
.st. John iu their esteem 10 tin- company of 1 heir greatest prophets, Elijah
and Isaiah.
Next Friday, June 89th, is the festival
of St. Peter, first bishop of Home, und
the loading spirit of the earlier apostles. Simon Peter is mentioned fit the
gospels and in the Acts oftetior than
any other disciple because in any circumstances be was Ihe first to speak
ami to act. He was a man of strong
passions, of quick Impulse, often hasty
in word and deed���a mini of action and
of force, who would have been a leader
of men In any circumstances. His
character and career are among lhe
mosl striking of all lhe records of the
founders of Ibe church. Although at
first only a fisherman, he early showed
a powerful mind and n spirit of resolution, and perseverance lhat afterwards led tlie other apostles to await
his decisions, and made him the most
conspicuous among the organisers   of
ihe   church.
The following services nre announced
for tomorrow in Ihe churches of Nelson:
Church of England���St. Saviour's.
oorner Ward and Silica streets: Second
Sunday after Trinity; holy communion.
s n. in.: morning prayer, und litany,    11    n.    in.;    children's    service
2:80 p. 111.: evensong. 7:30 p. in. ltev.
v. 11. Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Oliurch of Mnry
Immaculate, oorner or Ward nnd Mill
si reels: Low muss. 8 a. m : logh
mass. tu:30a. m.l evening si nice. 7SI0
|i.   m.     Itev.   Father AllhofT.  pries!,
Presbyterian church-St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service. 11 a. in.; Sundny
school, 2:811 p. in.: evening service, 7:80
p. m.   Rev. ���!��� T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica nnd
Josephine streets: Morning service,
11 n. m.: evening service. 7:811 p. in.:
Sundny school, 2:811 11. 111. ltev. It. N-
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. tn ; evening service, 7:80 p. m.; Sunday school,
2:30 p. nt.   Rev. E. II. Shanks, piislor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, wesi of Josephine: Special
services for tomorrow. Knee drill.
ft 11. m.: holiness meeting, 11 a. in.: a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.l salvation
mooting fit * p. ni.
Trondhjem, Nuiway, June 23���King
Haakon ami queen Maud to,lay boid
their hrsl levee, commencing at 11
o'clock  ill  Ilie m,.riling, and the palace
was again tlte town & centre 01 interest.
All ihe special embassies, statesmen,
oniciais anil otla-r ptouiiuelil pel sous
attend ed.
Arrangements have Plcu made lor
tv.ug tiaakon 'o receive In audience the
Norwegian-American delegates to ins
coronation ou Monday, ur. Ltaae, oi
V ulcago, will on that occasion lie 4��res-
0111 und deliver a congratulatory address to his majesty, and the Norwegian consul at Chicago, F. (j. Cade, will
give tho king a portfolio containing
tnasie,   luteins  and drawings   iu  behalf
of tin- Norwegians of that city. The
delegates number about 1,000 persons.
The greui bulk of the Norwegians who
came from America did not come to
Trouilbjeni, bul scattered on fhoir arrival to their former homes tn various
parts of the country. The ctowd which
Came to see Ihe king ami queen crowned is already breaking up. but the site-
cial embassies will remain here until
Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.
1 no formal program ends Wednesday
w-ith an excursion around tbe fjord, but
the king and queen will remain here
until Dmperor William comes on July
Robbed and Was Captured.
Kiev. European Russia, June 28.���
Messengers from tbe southern railroads
who were carrying $160,000 were attacked yesterday by robbers, who killed one messenger and wounded two
and than drove away in a cab. Two
of the nteRsengers pursued Ibe robin rs
and wounded the robber carrying away
the money, which  wus recovered.
Bank Teller Short.
Medicine Mat, June 28--W. E. Comp-
ton. teller in the Union Bank of Canada here, has disappeared, nnd there ts
n shortage in bis books, but just the
amount cannot lie learned. He is n
young Englishinun. and had no relations in Canada. Compton has been
traced  10 Vancouver.
Even Circuses Fight.
Chicago, June 23.���A despatch to tbe
Tribune from Hock Island says:   "The
Snags to  be Removed  From  Kootenay
River���Indian   Orchards
Ottawn. June 23.���All estimates for
lhe coming fiscal year ate now before
parliament, and they reach the appalling total of {80,760,000, or $6,000)000
more than ihis year. Tlie supplementary estimates for fhe fiscal period of
nine months from July next iinlil March
31, 1907. were brought down tonight,
the total being 14,007,910. Added In
Ilie main estimates of J72.0ni.lil3.
brought down some weeks ago. tlie total is $77,272.3110 for nine months,
equivalent lo a twelve months' appropriation of $90,766,679 us compared wllh
$86,863,004 in lhe year just closing.
Hritish Columbia's items in the sup
plementaries Include Ihe following:
Nelson public building Improvements,
including  fittings,   e(c���  $1,400,
Amount for <-i .,. itng iiniinn or.
chards.  British Oolutnh.     $1,500.
Williainhead (Jtitli'.ttllin. station Im
provements, repairs, supplies, etc., $ln,-
Steamer for quo rant Inc. $85.lieu.
Fraser river, n vol of obstructions 10 navigation between Quesnel
nml Soda creek, $2,000.
Better Horse Flesh.
New York. June 23.���The gift of the
$.",0,11(10 thoroughbred stallion, llaliua.
by William K. Vamlerbilt to tlte Jockey
Club's bureau of breeding, founded for
Hie benefit of tbe farmers und, horse-
breeders of New York, was announced
yesterday, says Ihe Times.
Mayor Goes Abroad.
New York, June 23 ��� Mayor MiClel-
Inn sailed today on lhe steamer New-
York for two weeks' vacation In Bui-ope. During his absence President
McQowan, of ibe board of aldermen,
will be Ihe aciing iniiyor.
Trains and  Boats.
Crow boat���On time
Slocan train���On time,
('nasi, Boundary nnd  Itossland I ruin
���On lime.
C. P. Railway Plans New
The Distance Between  Lethbridge
and Macleod to be Materially Reduced,
Winnipeg, .lune 23.���it is believed
here to havo been practically dcciilcU
by tlte Camiftan PacttlO railway to enter at once upon the construction of u
tttoei bn.igo whtc 11 will be one ol Ine
v\uuiioi�� ui me world. Second Vioo-
i'icsiilijiu William Whyle, ui the U. 1'.
it., is at prejBiiu lu Montreal conierrlug
niln i'l'uuiueiu tiliawiuie-SKy regurUing
��� lie   Cltlerpritlu,   uu,i      it    is   linueisioou
mat the deciulou haa ueau virtually
leached to go on with the work during tue prcoeut seatsoa.
ine new hntlge will be about one
nine in leugtu, and will be UUtl teet in
..<..;,..��. ;ta compared wltU uuiui
ut nisob 01 mc .. und, me ui uuhiyu
unugu ib nut lunger, ami itj nut more
tiiaii uiie-aaii u& ii.$ju. i .iu v.��il-k;iu\vu
bridge ui tne i'yue in ninglaud, bum
by Robert Supnen.-)Uii liity years ago,
is about one-fl.iif us n.gh ami one-hall
as lung as the one proposed to be built
uy Hie C. K. H.
ilie new ateei structure oi the Canadian Pacilic W'lJ spun the Kelly river
al Leilibridge, Alberta. The purpo.se
ui ihu ooini***-V in building it is t to
straighten tne traek and shorten lhe
distance belween Lethhrhlge and Mc-
Leou. The grade on the new' proposed
line will also be much easier, and heavy
loads can be carried at very much less
cost The Iron mills an- exceedingly
busy ut the present time, und it is
thought ihat difficulty would he experienced in getting any of the required
material this year. The coiibi ruction
of the masonry work will, however, bo
gone on with immediately, and the Iron
girders will be hung during the season
of 181)7. As a result of the building of
the new structure, the track of the com-
pany will be diverted to the north side
of the Belly river.
The work of irack diversion in the
country between Macleod and Lethbridge is similar to that which has been
carried out by the company nt various
points in the west, as at Broadview,
and between Ihis city and Port William
at several places.
The plan of the new structure ts to
construct a double bridge, the railway
bridge being above, with a traffic bridge
below, as is the case of Stephenson's
bridge over the Tyne. It Is believed
lhat there Is no doubt regarding the
adoption of this plan. Tho cost of the
new bridge will be between $500,000
and $1,000,000.
Agamemnon Launched.
Glnspnv, .Tune 23.���Tho British battleship Agamemnon, of lfi.onu tons,
was successfully launched here today
and was christened by the Countess of
Aberdeen. The Agamemnon will have
;i speed of IS knots, and will carry four
U-mch and ten D.IMneh guns in her hat
Copper-Nickel Vein. 60 Feet Wide and
High Grade���E. Ferguson, of
Nelson, In the Deal.
E. Ferguson liitit received word from
lil�� mining partner nt Coltnlt, (1. riretn-
nor. formerly of Ynilr, that n bond litis
lit-en taken on a property In which they
tire Interested, which, if taken up���and
there seems to he no doubt of that���
will net alt the owners nlHiut $4,(inn
About two months ngo O. Bremner
nnd J. Phllberf left here for Cobalt to
prospect They joined a syndicate
formed by other prospectors, and stnrt-
eil a systematic snarch ou likely ground.
. They hndu't long to wait for success.
They located tl vein of copper-nickel,
(III feet In width near the surface, currying r. per cent, tn copper and 21 per
cent,  in  nickel.
As soon ns tho discovery became
known, If was sought by capitalists and
negotiations were begun.   Examination
by experls confirmed all lhe claims of
the owners, and a syndicate has taken
a bond for a large sum.
J. Phllberi will return to Kootenay
at onee. (J. Bremner will remain In
northern Ontario tbe remainder nf the
summer In the interesls of himself and
Mr. Ferguson.
Did   Mrs.   Stenton     Murder  Her   Own
New York, June 23.���Mrs. Louise
Stenton, the aged mother of Mis. Alice
I). Kiituu, who wits beaten lo death tit
her mother's home in the Bronx on June
>.- , wus the principal witness today
before Coroner MaclJonaitl, who is con-
ducting tho investigation Into Mrs. KI-
uan's death.
"Alice and I were silting In the
kitchen reading when the bell rang,'
said Mrs. Stenton. "Alice got up and
went to the door, while I remained
reading for some time. When she did
not return Immediately 1 wondered
what bad become of her. I did not hear
any screams. Finally I lighted a lamp
and went out on the veranda. I saw
Alice lying on Ihe end of the veranda
near the (lower |��t stand. 1 beni over
her to see what was the matter, and
saw blood on her head and on tne
boards. Then I went back to get some
cloth to bind np her wounds. When I
came out again the door closed niton
Mrs. Glay testified on the first dav
of the enquiry that she saw Mrs. Stenton al the door with a lamp immediately after she heard Mrs. Klnan's
The most dramatic scene since the
investigation began came when Ihe old
woman had been under cross-examination for two hours. Holding up the
blood-stained hammer which the investigating officers believe was used by
Mrs. Klnan's assailant. Coroner Mac-
Donald asked:
"Is this the hammer with which von
killed Alice?"
"How dare you suggest lhat I killed
my daughter?" cried the witness, her
body shaking with anger. "I k-iov.-
in lining abollt the hammer, and I don't
know how It came to be hidden in my
room.   I never saw It before."
Mrs. Stenton also denied that she
had ever seen the two daggers which
were found in a secret room in her
bouse. She hnd been through an unusually hard examination in the two
hours of questioning which preceded
lhe introduction of the hammer and the
battered portion of her daughter's
skull. She answered every question,
hut threw very little new light tt|ion
the case.
credit cannot be given to the ladles.
All worked well and ungrudgingly, and
Ihey fully deserve their reward.
A number of plates left over by the
ladies who assisted In serving the
Irish supper at the Kirmess are at the
house of Mrs. Dr. Rose, where they can
he recovered by the owners.
Refuse to Give Half  Performance and
Disappoint  Visitors���Echoes
of the Carnival.
Kirmess Is over, and the Nelson public library will benefit to the extent of
about Si.iiiiii. Complete returns are
nol yet available, but the profits of
some features are known. The theatre,
in spile of Its small seating capacity,
realised $100, The weigh scales' revenue wns $115. Of fhe booths, the
Knglisli, with Its village shop, was the
lending producer. The gross receipts
nre probably aboul $],r,00.
The people of Nelson genernlly will
learn with rcgreal that the project of
repeating the Ivlrniess program the
evenings of the Dominion Day celebration lias hail to be abandoned. The
scenery und decorations, it w-as found
today, could neither bo kept up nor
lully restored, nud the managers decline lu show to Visitors lo llle city a
maimed pertormanuj ut wuai in us
proper setting tuts been su creditable
to Nelson,
The lust evening probably attracted
lhe greatest crowd of nil, ami lhe per-
tormances, in spite ot Mis. Parry's illness during the day, went wiih a switii
ami grace not qttiie attulnud before.
The grand inarch evoked a new feature. As the Scotch regiment of the
brigade crossed tlie singe to the accompaniment of the pipes, all Scots in tite
hall raised a cheer. The Americans
similarly greeted the stars nnd stripes.
But these were nothing to the hurrah
Hint drowned "The Wearing of the
Green" as the girls In green nnd while
marched pnst.
A clever and most appropriate parody
of n couple of lines from "Flnrndorn"
was henrd during the evening. A young
lady til Inched lo the Gipsy booth was
heard humming: "I really must do
some one. and It might ns well he you."
The enterprise hns been n success beyond what hns nttended any similar
project In Nelson, and even beyond Its
promoters'    expectations.     Too   much
Resort to  Firearms, and  Fracas  Ends
in  Fatality.
Cincinnati, O., June 23.���Trouble has
broken out at the lumber camps at Tioga. Nicolas county, West Virginia.
Hostilities arose over the displacement
by foreigners of Americans holding
good positions. When lhe Americans
were ousted they resorted to firearms.
The fight which followed resulted in
the death of one foreigner and the fatal wounding of another. Several others were slightly hurt. The news
quickly spread throughout the mountain regions.
Camden learned of it first, and, having had similar experiences with the
foreign element, 100 men armed with
rides started across the mountains to
aid the Americans. The foreigners bad
Pickets watching, who, sighting the advance of the armed men, gave the
alarm, and the foreigners (led lo Edge-
wood, forty miles away. The mill own
ers have determined to assist the foreigners.
New Machinery Fw Kaslo
Movement on  Foot to   Secure   Inspection of All Meat Products
Offered for Sale.
Vancouver, June 28,-Meat Inspection
in Vancouver, a mere fiction at present,
will be enforced In earnest before
many months eitsjeey -Br.'' tfnderuTtt.
city medical health officer, admits that
citlsens are entitled to protection. If
his plans are carried out as he anticipates, tubercular pork, frescoed beef,
animated frankfurters and chemical
hams will never form a staple article
of diet In the community.
"The subject of meat Inspection has
occupied my attention for a long time."
said Dr. IJnderhltl yesterday. "However, there are many details yet to he
worked out. I hope to see a system of
methodical insiieclion inaugurated when
the abattoir and packing house of
Messrs. P. Burns St Co. goes into op
eration next January. With my numerous other official ditfies, I have not had
an opportunity In the past to devote to
meat inspection the attention It deserves. I hnve been obliged to content myself with an occasional visit to
butcher stalls and the microscopical
examination of samples of beef submitted to me by indignant citizens.
"All slaughter houses and packing
houses to be erected In the city will be
under the close supervision of myself
and nssistants. This department will
hnve authority to Inspect tbe livestock
before it is slaughtered as well as all
dressed mcaU. To carry out this work
will of course necessitate an increase
In my stall. At the Burns establish,
ment a representative of the clly will
be fully occupied all the time, as it will
be the principal slaughter house In the
city. Every carcass will be stamped,
thus insuring the quality of the meat
supply. The same system will be onr-
ried out with the other butchers. If any
of them locate outside tlte city limits.
I will Insist that the livestock, as well
as the dressed meat, shall be inspected
if It Is Intended for sale in Vancouver.
"It Is rather tinfoilunnte lhat all
the butchers could nol ngrcc to use
only one abattoir, Such a course would
have centralized and simplified Ihe
work of Inspection. However, since
they failed to come to terms. I will
recommend Hint not a pound of meat
front beyond the city limits shall he
sulci In the city until It has passed inspection."
Enquiry nt the locnl office of Messrs.
P. Burns & Co. elicits the Information
that that company Is not only anxious
for, but courting the fullest Inspection
of their meat output. They desire that
rigid Inspection be made not only at
Vancouver, but at nil their cold stor-
age plants. As Is weil known, they
supply practically all the meat that Is
consumed In the Interior of the province. Their cold storage plants at
Greenwood, Rossland, Nelson nnd Cranbrook could very well he supervised by
a single government official, nnd If this
work were efficiently done there would
never be any fear of contaminated
meat reaching the markets of the
Price of Metals.
New York, Juno 23.���Silver. 116 1-4;
copper.   18 1-8;   lead. |5.75.
I^ndon, June 23.���Sliver, 30 3-10d;
zinc,   C27 7s Od.
W. E. Cooke in Possession���Remodelling Begun���New Boiler
Ordered From Toronto.
The lumbering Industry of North
America is slowly hut steadily being
transferred westward and northward.
The acquisition of timber limits* In British Columbia by capitalists of Minnesota ami Dakota is being followed by
the dismantling of mills in the northern states, the transfer of machinery
to new plants and preparations for op
erations on a large scale in tbe timber
limits of this province.
The sale of the Kaslo sawmill and
the timber limits, owned by G. O. Buchanan, to W. E. Cooke, of Harvey, North
Dakota, has already been noticed by
The Daily Canadian, and an Interview
with Mr. Cooke has appeared In Its columns giving In outline his plans in respect of his purchase. Tbe transfer
has since been completed, and the task
of remodelling the plant has begun.
(I. O. Huchana, while In Nelson yesterday afternoon, Informed a representative of The Dally Canadian that on
the preceding day he formally gave
possession to Mr. Cooke's representative. Sebastian Collins, and the work
of cleaning up in preparation tor alterations and additions began at once.
Before the formal completion of the
transfer Mr. Cooke brought his chief
millwright from Harvey to examine the
plant of the Kaslo mill. As a result
of his inspection, it was decided to pur
chase a new boiler, and to bring other
machinery from the now dismantled
mill at Harvey.
Mr. Cooke is now in Toronto for the
purpose of purchasing a new boiler,
which will be shipped and Installed as
early as possible.
The remodelling of the mill will occupy some time, but it is hoped that all
will be completed before the end of the
summer, and the plant will be operating in the fall.
Mr. Cooke hns expressed entire satisfaction with the supply of Umber he
has secured, and thinks that wllh the
present market conditions, which seem
likely not only to last, bnt even to Improve, the outlook for lumber In Kootenay is decidedly attractive.
Nelson Beat Kaslo Juniors at Baseball
by 1B���16.
The Kaslo junior baseball team is In
town today, accompanied by H. Gleger-
ich, P. H. Walsh and the rest of Kuski,
to give the Nelson Juniors a return
The match began at 2 o'clock with
the following lineup:
Kasfo. Position. Nelson.
R. MeKlnley... catcher  R. Bard
E. Hembroff... pitcher  W. Ebbs
A. Brown first base ... .T. Stevens
H. Hnrton .. second base .. R. Swarts
0.  Carney  .. .shortstop.M. McCandllsh
H.  McDonald.third base B.   beet
C. Wnre  left field  ....S. Newitt
T. Carney  catcher  G. Gore
I,. Ware   right field ...W. Brown
Umpire. Napoleon Malette.
Nelson won out on the 9th Innings.
The score was 19 to 16.
Duke of Almodovar Dead.
Madrid, June 23.���The Duke of Almodovar. minister of foreign affairs.
who acted as president of the conference on Moroccan reforms hold at Al-
geciruB early In the present year, died
at 2:51) o'clock this afternoon. He waB
horn in 1854.
Retiring from Politics.
St. John, N. B., June 23.���Premier
Tweedie and Attorney-General Pugsley,
of fhe provincial government., are said
to be contemplating retiring from active politics.
Methodist Cnurch.
Service will he held as follows:
Morning service at 11. Subject, "The
Value of Soul Health."
Evening, 7:30: Subject, "Bequeathed to the Devil."
Sundny school and pastor's Bible
class at 2:30. Strangers and visitors
very heartily welcomed. R. Newton
Powell, pastor. The Dally Canadian, Jane 23, 1906
o> i
Tents, Blankets,
Overalls, Boots,
Mackinaw Clothing.
Everything- for the camper, prospector, hunter and
Published six days a week by Lite
B&kereH., Nelson, B, u,
BubBoriptioa rates, M non is a month delivered
in tho ally, <>r *.t.ou ii year i( sent by mall, when
paid in advance.
Advertising rates on application.
All monies paid in bo t tic me til of The Daily
Canadian accounts, cither foi BUbwjrlptfons or
advertising, musl be receipted for on the prlntod
titrnis of iin' Company, uther roceiptfl are nut
JUNE  3.5, 1906.
"Hy one ivord ffo are Bometlmei judged to be
vise aud by one word sometimes Judged to U>
[oollsb. I<el us therefore be rarcfiil wbal we
Bay."���Comti ii s.
Unhappy RiisbIh is apparently making little progress In tbe direction of
settling her Internfclno Btrife, civil ills-
quietude, racial conflict and proletarian
unrest, The mnssacri ot the Jews In
Bialystok during the pnsi week lias
been one of the moBl bloody pages in
Russia's history. The commission Benl
in Investigate the massacre and ascer
tain the cause, ii possible, would doubt
less have liked to fasten tlie responsibility nn the government, bul with
obliged i" content themselves witli tho
report ihat there was no evidence to
bring it home to tbe Immedlnte agents
ol ih*1 czar. The fact, however, has
been clearly demonstrated lhal (he im
porta] police were in active sympathy
with the murderous mobs, and thai Ihej
flred on the Innocents in many cases
after they bad Boughl Bhelter in Iheli
own bouses and stores,
One or several things inn si bo appfl
rent as on explanation of the continuance of these massacres Ellhei the
police are Beeking to detract iii" attention of tho nation from tho serious
deadlock between tlie Doumn and tho
court party, or els*' the I)loodthirsty
spirit is utterly uncontrollable in lhe
Muscovite empire. Whichever explanation is received, ihe Bltuation Is inon
grave than ever, and the prospect lor
peace in Russia is apparently as fsir dls
(ant as it was years ago,
���        *       v*        ���        ���        ���
During iho past week the education
bill hns been before the British house
of commons, and as a result of iho do
bate it would seem to be generally rcc
ognlzed that tho new governmenl is
honestly endeavoring to meoi the na
tinnni school crisis In a spirit of fair
neSB. The lit!] simply means that BtatC
aided schools are to be under slate con
trnl, and so ion;; as this control Is
purely secular, and not sectarian, m
ought to meet with 'li<' Bupporl ol all
(lasses. The established church, however, feels that the new bill will in
some places ami to some extern weaken
its hold upon thi- Bltuation, and is seek
ing to introduce obstructions wherevei
Nor are the non-ooniortnlsti all satis'
lied, for some of 'hem look llpi n tin
present as an opportune time to press
for ihe disestablishment of tlte church,
and they are consequently endeavoring
to make their own bay while the sun
shines, Altogether ii is another case
of "uneasy lies the head of him who
wears the crown," unless bis responsl
bfllty devolves upon constitutional min
* *****
The citizens of Nelson enjoyed lo tlu
full during three days of festivity an
Unqualifiedly successful entertainment
iu tbe Kirmess, which aggregation oi
play, music, sociability and exhibition
was given  in  aid of the Hinds  of  the
public library,   of the Kirmess itself
no words of praise can be loo extrava
gant We do ihu think il bas ever
been equalled In Hritish Columbia, if,
Indeed, In Canada. The furnishings
ami decorations of the various booths
aud the splendid characterizations pre
sented reminded one of a midway
plalsance at some carnival or International exposition, without, of course,
the objectionable features which so often mar one's appreciation of the hit
ter. The attendance must have been
gratifying to the promoters, ns well as
resulting In a substantial addition lo
the funds of the library board. Two
things were demonstrated by lhe affair; the first of them, that the people
of Nelson can do what they undertake
in the entertainment line us well or better than it is usually done In cities
twice the size. This probably because
there is abundant talent, and also because the work is done with a heartiness and an effort at co-operation ihat
must guarantee success. The olher is
that the Nelson people appreciate their
home talent, and are free from that
despicable characteristic of so many
small towns which pooh-pooh everything Lhal is done nl home lo the laudation of the "foreign." li is also commendable that the best features of tbe
Kirmess are to lie reproduced in connection with the Dominion Day celebrations.
A number of visitors from outs!do
points to the city this week expressed
them sel v< b as both surprised and disappointed thai tin' stores were closed
for a half-holiday on Thursday, it is
probably some inconvenience to those
who come from outlying places to discover too late lhat they musl go home
without making Ihe purchases intended,
or else wall over for another day. One
of the difficulties thai is always to be
met when an attempt is made to give
additional liberty to tho clerks and
workers in shops and stores is Ihe inconvenience to others, whose rights
are equally to bo respected, However,
a policy of mutual forbearance ami cooperation, together With an established
half-holiday more universal throughout
ihe land, will tend to bring aboul conditions which will sooner or biter con-
servo the rights of all.
���       *��*���*
King Haakon VII. and his Queen
Maud, or his "wife," as he called her
ai ihe coronation, have been successfully crowned ami the dignity of a kingdom again restored to tbe ancient
Northland, That the event was conducted without any demonstrations of
anarchism or discontent, such as the
throwing of bombs,    with  consequent
rioting, goes lo BhOW lhal Norway
meant whal she said when she separated from Sweden. The movement
must have been a popular one, or there
would have been some side-show oi protest. That the sume thing could nol
happen In Spain is a serious reflection
on the hot temper of the Castillan. as
well as showing what countries afford
Lhe mosl congenial resort for tbe bomb*
Hearl   .Hear!
Tlie release of tbe scoundrel Brothler
bj ihe department of justice or the Dominion government was a blot on the
good name of Canada. The member of
the Liberal party w.ho was guilty of
lhal act should be named and blamed,
and then osiraclscd from tbe party and
decenl people. The Herald believes In
placing the blame where II belongs for
any act of wrong, no mailer whether It
bo Liberal or Conservative, .hisilce
and right Is what we want In the coun
try, regardless of politics, and the man
who would bide a wrong act to save a
party or a politician is not safe to trust
in any capacity. Turn ihe scoundrels
out, no matter what political brand
they may wear. That is ihe way lo
make a clean country ami a hetier government���Cranbrook Herald  (Ul).).
We are glad lo see ihe Herald get on
lhe right side of lhe fence for once.
The eastern papers are going Into
con ni pi ions over tile Cingmars incident and pouring Hoods of odium on
Hon, A. It. Aylesworib. the minister o\'
Justice, because lie smiled audibly over
ib" farce onacted when that French-
Canadian gentleman was called before
ihe bar of die house, We think li is
equally farcical to make an incident
mil ot tins when such an act ns ihe release of ihe notorious Drothior is bo-
fore Hie country and unexplained up to
Hie present Tlie mnttor oi the honor
of a minister is something; the matter
ol tlie honor of :i member ol' lhe house
is Bomelhing, too, bul the honor or ibe
whole country and iis honorable admin isira I ion of justice is Ihe chief081
Tlie more a  man expects, tbe moro
be gels.    Modesty  begs ai   Ihe  door of
Hams and Bacon
J. Y, Griffin & Co.
I.mi i t :t >.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries,
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Minors' Supplies.
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Du Yon Enow Thiirman's Spi.Ti.il Mixture?
Tlie Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
GOODS cai.i i;ii FOR
And l )t :t.t\ tit^iil) PRBB
Baker Street.     -    NELSON.
r   t .it1 i% ���-
~>2 ��**���"  ."'���-+'' <���
CKAUED TKNIM-ll-, ���,���ik,,l.-T..,���i,.r f,,,- Tlm-
vl   m" Limit, h imv tlstrcl," will |.,. ���..
ulved liytlto uttilt-rsltitiml, up lo u ol Saturday, tfii- 30th ilny ol Juno, IDuo, front any person
dsslrlng Main u ipoi i-il tlmlwr llcania loom
nn,I i-.iny away lllnbor (ruin f..i 7 it" llimit, 1
Kootenay Iwrlrl, sltnaUxi near McJicllllo's M.l'
Ing, oo the Into ol tlte Crow's Nest Pass Railway
mui containing ii rosinoroor toss.
Tin- person offering the highest cash bonus
will beentltlad to��,] mi llcensoooverlog the
salt! inl, renewable fur tvw-ul) ooo sllccsslvfl
ffaolt lander must he Accompanied i,y u oertl-
Bod eheouo, nn. I, payable m |mr in \Vturln tn
too undersigned, f.ir ti o amount, (tlB.OO, ol tho
no-t year's firs lot molt spools] license,aud tin-
iiuiiiiiotiii ��� I,, homo, tenderod,and also a certl-
pad cheque for f-v.j-.i tot o t locating, advertising and surveying of said Int.
Deputy Commissioner nf Und, and Work,,
Liiini* and Works Department,
vii turfa. I'.t.-., ;ui Jane, >'.x*i,
Nelson, B.u.June'th, lsou
SHAIKH tkndkiw trill he recelvod by tho
Warden nf Hu. Provincial gaol, Nelson, it f,
until noon JuneBlth, f-�� supplies 'orouoywr
from July 1st, loco, t��� Juuo toth, wo-. Mont,
prena, grooorlM. hardware, boot, mui shoes.
Clothing, Ity gn..ls, fi.-i-l nllililiuits
Kiiiiiis fii:in,li.riin,lsii,.||ll,.,||������soiiiiliel.ii.l
nt the I'riit-liii-lnl gaol, Nelson,
'be lowest ur tiny lender mil   IioefHnnrl!v  uo-
reP'ed. K. K MSHON,
Notice li hereby given iimi uninvn (mm date I
Hllciltl To ��|i|��ly 1�� llit- UonoiHl I ��� III'1 t'lnWCoiil-
mlufonarol Landi and Works, foi permf sion tn
purcliwo Um' toUowing described lamia, iltuato
at the mouth of IfutcM'ou crock on the Arrow
Lakes in the Weit Kootenay District. About 80
hitch uf IhuiI; commencing at u j'"M marked
VV. H. P, H.w. post, tbonce no-th 40 ahalus, then*
ee east!I0chains, thenee mmiiIi io chains, thence
wosl jo .'tniiiin in iKiiiu of t'omnieufciiiunt.
Paled tills 4th day of Juno I1K��.
Wii.iiaji |Iaui:v PRTRRB,
Wm.i.ia.m J, To, i:  A0EN1
Ntitii'" h hereby given iimi 00 days f on date J
inu'inl to apply fa Lhe Uo'norabl the Chlel Com-
missloDor i'f LtiiuiN and Works, for permission to
purchase 100 aeres of imid hi Van Houten creek
in tli" Arrow LhUva in tin- Wesl Kootonftj District, Starting from a post mark'd >, '. L N VV.
post, Ihence In ohslna oast, Ihenco W chslnt
sou h, tlienco io chains west, thonce in chains
north io point t tcommouoemoni
Dated tills 4th dsy nf June 1905,
Aiinjiit John Lohq,
William .1 Toyk, Agent,
Notice Is horeby kiv-ii that 60 dayi artor date
we Intend to ,ii>nly to iho Honorable the Chlol
Commissi tr of bauds *w\ Worki at Victoria,
H r. for permiruijoti to purchase Lhe following
dasorlbod lands, slt'mto In Wosl Kootenay district i oiniii' nolug nt s posl plantcil al 'I iininn*
Jaromo's N k posj, nml marked Hctor Dosoll
n in I a ckoqnotte N. W. Oorner; thenco'JO chains
easl llionco 20 ohalni south, theuce iw chains
west. IheiiL'o 30 oh tlm uorih to the commcudug
post, containing 10 acres moro or toss.
Dated May 25.
I'KTKIt  IlI'M'l I
vv, a. Joma, Agoni
Notice ih hereby given thai 00 days afl#r daK i
Intend to apply to iho Honorable tho Chlof Com*
inlmlonor of fawdsaud Works for poriiils*loii to
purchase the following described lands, situated
in thodlstrletof Wi-m Kootenay,adjoining lot
790 on tho Weil arm of Ko.iioimy Lake, Com��
raenciugalan lultlat poBt placed m Hie south-
west oorner of Lot 79o; thenco nurtii W ehalns,
llieneo wesl 10 ohalus, Uience south HO chains,
tlienco east io chains to polnl of commono! ment,
Datod May 28, iww.
Jas. KllA/.KIl
Notice ih hereby given that sixty days afterdate
1 intend to apply to Lhe Honorable tho Chlel
Commissioner ol Lands nnd Works, Victoria, for
permission In purchase the following described
lands in Wesl Kootenay. Commencing at a post
iiinrke'i Kdgar W. : ynea soutii wesl eojner near
tonarnet oreok nnd about t mites Mmih of Mosquito eroak and about 4 miles west of Columbia
Klver; ihence north ��o chains, ihence east io
ohalni, tbence south 80 chains, tlienco wist 40
chains [o place of commencement, containing
B20 Keren, being the name more or lefis,
Dated June 4, l!K��.
Ki-i.U'. VV. DVHJO).
V. 13THM Agenb
Notice la here by Riven that 00 days after date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable ihe chief
Commissioner of Ijinds and Work.-, [nr permission to purchase the following described landi,
situated lu tflocan Dlsfrict. Commencing ut
north east corner post of Lol 8810, thence running south 30ohalni, thence oast sinclutins, thourv
north 40 chains, ih.mv tvest so chains to C. P, It.
rIght-of*way, Following same south weit to a
point intercepting uoith tineol Lot 88*), tbence
east t>> poim of commencement, containing 180
Hires more or less.
May 80th 1900.
c. I., 'JansNKU
Notice in hereby given lhat BO days uf ter date 1
intend to make application to iho Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase lhe following described
lands:  Commencing al n \>. it placed on tho easl
Shore of Lower Arrow Lake, adjoining .i. Bates'
pre-emption on tbe south weal marked "T tf.'s
N. VV. cornor post." Thonce running no ohalni
east: thenco 80 chains loulh; thence 80chains
more or le��s, wesl lo the lake shore; thenre following ink" shore to point of commencement,
oont-iiiing 5f0 aeres, more or less,
.. ' ���   TlOlb   Kisaiia.v,
Dated this 7th <Iav of June, 1906.
.Nntiee Is hereby given that \'*\ onys aft<-r dale I
<nu.-nd to make ajipiK'-.tlon to tho Hiniortildeiho
Chief commissioner of Lauds and Works for permission to purchase the following described
lands: Commencing at a post placed on the
no theastrorner of r Kinaban's Application lo
Purcbue.msrked "H. 'i s corner poit," running
tSO ohalus eait; thence 80 ehalns south: tbence 80
chains west; thence following T Klnahan'seaat-
orn bounda<7 lo point of commenoement, con-
lalnlng 640 aeres, more or less.
I1a��'ah TlghKtv,
Dated this 7th day of Jun6,l��0fl,
i thai 80 dayi after .into i
auonorahlo the
Notice li hereby glv
Intend to make appl cation to tin
Chief Commlaslonei oi Lends and Works for permission to purchase the following described
lands: Comiu uciDg al a post placed al the into section of tho easl boundary of J. Butts' preemption and tlie north boundary oJ T Kluahan'i
Application to Purchase, marked "T, K.Jr'a u vv.
coiner posl " Th*-nco following J. Bates'oastern
bunndnry, 10 chains north; IbeneoSochalnseait;
thonce lo chains to the no them boundary of
Hannah "Memey'i Appli'ation in Purchase;
thenco following the northerly bound a vol same
and northerly boundary of 'J'. Kinaban's Application to Purchase, lo point of commenoement,
containing 82U aeres, more or less.
T. KlNAlIAM, Jr.
Ihited this 7th day of .tune. Hum.
Notice is herby (fivi-n that I inleii'l, i'^i tiays
afier date to apply to tbe chief Commissioner of
Lands and Woiks for permission to pnrchas the
fo lowing described lauds situate at fire Valley,
Kootenay district. Commenolngataposl (marked George ronng -North west corner) placed at
tho liortll WCSl orner of sertlou 28 township 09;
thenee east wi i hains to the north east cornor <-.\
said section 28; thenee bou'Ii m ehalns, thence
west no chains, thence north 40 chaini to the
place of beginning, eoniaining 880 acres, and
being the northerly bailor said Section 88, township m.
I atcd at Nelson, II. C, June 6th 1000
 Qboboh Yotmo,
Notice is hereby given that I Intend, 00 days
afterdate, to apply to the Obief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for iierinhsloii to nunhiiM'
the following descrlbeil lands,situate at Plre
Valley, Kooteimv District CoinmenrlUff at a
posl (marked George Young north cast corner)
placed nl the north east corner ol socllon 32,
township Of); thence south B0 chains to Lhe south
east corner of said section 82] thenee west in
i ha ins, ihence north 80 ehalns, and thonce oasi
10 chains to tho place of begmn'ng, contalnlna
B20 acres, and being the easterly half or said socllon B3i township 00,
Puled at Nelson, B, C, June 6th 1006,
���  gaoHQH Yquko.
Notie Is hereby given the! I intend 00 days
after dale to apply to the Chief Commissioner 0f
Lands anil works for p.-unissinn to purebnso
be following described lauds,situate at Piro
Valley, Kootenay ' istriet. fonmencing ai a
post {marked I, QaPaghor- south west oorner)
pimeii at the sou th west corner of Mriion ;\{
township 09 thonce north M) chains to the uorih
west corner oi tatd sootion 88; ihem.  nasi  10
Chains,   thenee   south  ni chains   to   Ihe   SOIItll
boundary of said Notion 88, and ihence wmi m
chaini to theplaoeol beginning contain lug 820
seres, and being the westerly half of sum sec
Hon 88, towiishlpiiO.
Dated at Nelson, il 0. June r,-!, |onn,
Notice Is hereby given that J Intend, no days
alter dale to apply t.. the 0blei Commlull r of
amis ami * oris for pormisifon lo pnrohuso the
following described lands and premise., situato
i.iFire Valley, K on ay District   Oommonolns
nt a post tmarkod P. II. '.'Connor north t-aM cor-
ner) placed at the north oasi corner of seeiion
21, township Co; ihenco south to chains, thonco
west Hi ehalns, ihcnce north 40 chains to the
northerly boundiry of laid section 21; ami then
OeeSlt40Chains to thO piece d bcgirmlig con
-.inlng in. acros, and being the north lif .
quarier of said section 2L township no,
Nelson, B. C. Juno6th 1900.
 (.jy.ow.y. Yoi'no, Agent.
Nolttc | hereby given that 60 days from date
I intend o apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of hands ami Works for Dermis
ul'W '"/",1,L''lV,"' f,,ll'>wiog described lahds,
In the West Kootenay District east side ol toi-
ninbia River,about fmilos north of Burton I ii
Commonolng ataposl marked LeoM Wiutert
8 w. corner, at the N. vv. corner of It, ji, Bmith's
preemption claim, thence north w chains more
or less to Um south bounder) of Miles Carroll's
Pfwrnp Ion claim, thenee east *o chains, then""
south in chains more or less \��� the Nonh hr.iii.ri
vest W chains to point of commencement; con.
mining 80 aorss moro or loss.
Datod this 2nd day of Jane, isoo.
itai.i'ii 8i.vk, Agent,
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Blouse Waists from Ji.ooeachto $6.50 each,
Ladies' White Linen and
Duck Shirl Waisl Suits.
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styles, $2 each up lo ��52.
New Store with a
most complete new
stock of Staple and
Fancy Dry Goody,
Notions,   Millinery
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American market.
Siib-ctipthns laiceil lor Utlint-ator for Itrm of
3 moolh, 25c, one ycir $1.00.
Fred Irvine & Co'y
Notit-e is hereby given thai I intend. flQ days
afii-r i hue, to apply to the Chlol Coramissloner ni
lands ami Work- for peimission to purchase lhe
following described lands, situate at Plr�� Valley,
Kootenay District. Commencing at a post (mars*
ed P, H. h' Connor south easl corner) placed at
tne north easl iorner ol section B, township Ni
tbonce west n�� chains, thence north m chains,
thence Bast to chains, and them c south B0 chains
to the place of beginning, containing 8��0 acres,
Datod ��t Nelson, B. C. June Mli 1900.
qboroh VouhOj Agent,
Nntiec Is lien bj given llnit 110 days Irom 'lute I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner ot Lands uml Works (nr permission to
purchase the following described binds in ihe
West Kootenay District H.nid Island, in tin-
Columbia Klver about t miles north or iinrton
city; all of said Island nbove high water, being
10 acres more or loss.
limed this 1st Day of June, 1008.
fiias'k Norton
T. C Makinmin, Agout.
Fixtv days afterdate i Intend to >ii>pu to tin
Commissioner of Uml- and Works, victoria, to
purchase h" acres of land.   Commencing nt a
DOSl I'binted on lh<- WCSl Mien- of Arrow Ink.-, lit
the-on ib east cornor of J, J Christie's pun base,
running north SO chains, thenee east no chains,
thence sonth 80chains, thence west 80 chains le
place of commencement
facated May, 9th 1900,
A, Cafiant,
L li.ii.uf.jiKii, f^ocator.
Notice i�� bereby given lhat 00 days from date I
intend to apply to tlie Honombie the Commli
si.iner of i.nmiH uml Work- for permission to
pnrchase tho following described land*, nit'iaie
in the Wesl Koolenay DiMrii t. Httirting from s
post marked William Brnesl Davison's ��. K. posl
libont two miles easl of Deer park on iin- Arruw
Luke- tbence 40 chains south, the i lu chains
west, thenre to chains north, thenee easl to point
of commencement, containing about loo seres,
Haled tbfi Xih day ol June, 1006,
William brnbst Pavjsos.
Notice iw horeby glvon thai DO days after dale I
Intend tn apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner oi Lands and vv,,rks for f-Tmis-ion to
niirehase tho following dcscrlbod lands in the
vvi'-i Kootenay district; commencing ��t s p"-i
marked "Kathanlel Ucliityrc'i s I-; corner."
plantcil on the wast side of the Columbia River,
about7 miles north of ittirton City,aud Bo chains
north of tho south-west corner tn'l.oi B7S, Ihence
north 80 ehalns, thonce west B0 chnlus, thenee
south 80 chains, thence east B0 chains to polnl of
commencement, containing 010 aeres.
Dated this 12th day of Juno, 1906.
Nathaniel HcThtys*.
t. c. Maklnson, Agent.
Notice Is bereby given that OOdays after dale I
Intend loapplv lo the Honorable tho Chief Com
mlssinncrof Lands mid Works for permission to
i" retinas the following described lands: Com
mencing ni a in.-i placed on tin' north -hon- of
llio west arm of Kootenay Uke, al lhe northeast
cornor of John Ptranks1 pro-Bmntinn. ihene.-
west m chains, more nr loss, to tho untthcast
corner of Lol No.7406, thence north 10chains
thence cast io chains more or less, thenee north
10chains to the poini of commenecmeni
Dated June iMh.lOOfl.
O, 11, AlII.RTON.
Notice is hereby given lhat sixty (00) days after
da to I intend lo apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner nf Unds and Works (or
permission to purchase (ho following described
trael of land : situate al ',i ns' Bay on tho weal
shoroof Kootenay Lakofutho District of West
Kootonay, Province nf British  Columbia nml
containing by ��d nsnrcmcnl IW.lflfl nrrec be
tho same more or less, which parcel mnj bo
mor- par toiilarly descrlbeil as follows, torn,
monelnjral n point on the westerly boundarl nf
L. 7080 fl. i VVesi Kootonay District, buinir the
south,,,., eomei oft, 08��(a li thonce westerly
following tt, t|i,-rly bi da iv of L. Offll (J   f
Huciuiiiis more or less to ihe Moith wesl corner ol said Loi r.yii i;. i; thonce astronomic
south io chains j �� ,��� |oU to the northerly boundary ef D. lUBalloch's Appl Ira lion to
I'nrchasc; thenco easterly following the north
������My boundary ol .m.l D. It. Balloch's Application
io |iirehiu,e Xf.873 cballll more or lest. I., ihi>
���"preofQ >ns'Payi ihence f.dboving thesinn.
Mliy of lhe said shore in a north easterly dlrec
Hon ,tl ehalns more Or less In the south WOSt eor-
ner of Mil Ut 7080 G.lj thenco northerly f-,u,m
ngtho westerly boundary of said Ut 7080 o, i,
l.008ohaim more or loss to point of commence
Dated June is, woo.
Thirty days after date I intend io apply lothr
Coinminl i otJ*ndsand Works. Victoria, for
aspecla] lieena In cut ami oarry away timber
from tho following described lamln.  Ci none
���    ' a post marked J. I). A..H. W. oorner, nlaiil
"������ -*^l bank of Tayouse Crook whore (h
r ���. k lnif r���    tn ih   3asl I   nrictary of lol (iHl   ,>,i,|
riidniiig north 100 chains, thenee east 10 chains
thonce south 100 chains, thonco wosl to in,tut oi
'nne tllli 11X11!.
Ux(r days after date I intend to snidv to ihe
commlsslohor of Undi ami Works, victoria tn
T. .      ommenoing ���t ,, poii plan led ou
lie oaSt ihorfl nf Arrow Luke ormii-IK   Kdirnwn a
Landing ni  the souffa  west corner of SsSm
O'Biloy's pro-oinptlon ami marked P.I-  N vv
elmim  SSS SSim, /'1V,i,,K' U,6nCfl ������!h  ��
i naim,, thenee west 00 chains to tne lake >,h,
honoonorth along tbo inko AAS ,'..,.".
June 20th L900,
""�� "": 1,tk''  "bore  lo  pie ,f
,��� ��� ���'��� LaMONPi
vv, UAUiBR, Locator,
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID DP.,..18,000,000 BUST     fl-Hi*-
I). R, WII.KIH, Pn-Kiil,-iit. HON. BOBBBT .TAl'THAV, Vlos-Praldal
Branches in British Columbia:
���ii and tatartul nllowt-d m oatrsnl ratal frtn
NHI.HON BRANCH J.   M.   LAY,   MnniiKttr,
Di-IMisitB n-.-1-ivi-ii nml ���itrcri'Hl nllowt-tl it! current nitcH from tlutc of mvniu*
Btiunt mui t-ri-iiiii-ii bait-yearly.
Hotel Khl.   Apply in elm, iioici.   is.
J. Curruu.
P. Burns & Co.
limit, h Mnrkots in   RoMlantl,  Trail,   Nelson,  Ktwlo.  S,i,��  Thrw HWU M
Denvor and Sloonn Oily.
Orilirs f,y mall iitsnv brAtirh will ii,ivi-
"nr prompt ami i-srclul attotiiloa.
Held Office: Nelson, B.C
Starkey & Co.,
Kootenay Agents
Limited, Winnipeg.
VVholcwnlu-  PrOVlatQlT,
Produce, Hruit.
Dominion Qovernmont Owomory One-Ponnd BrIo��a reoaiTod wookly fra*
'""" ""' '''"in    Por wile by nil loading grows���.
oilli-i- mui witri-lioiisc- liouMiiii Blook,   Phono70.
Josephine Street.       - .       Nelson. B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils lor Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Pont liiiiltion, will liittl it to thrar advantage to uro our I'ilcli.
Nelson Coke and Gas Co., LtA *���*������������������������:������������������������������������+���
The Dally Canadian, June 23, (906
Canada Drug and
oofc Co'y> Limited
We haT>e a felv SloW Goods and Odd t
Lines of stock that we wish to move
out this 1t>eek. Cost does not come
into the prices "Yt>e are selling them at.
75c ���
SLAT HAMMOCKS, just the thing for a
shady nook, rain won't hurt them. Original price #2.25, clearing at .... each
I [JINCH BASKETS;  the regular 45c, 35c
and 251.- kinds, clearing at  each
BABY HAMMOCKS, regular price $1.50,
clearing at each
regular $7.50, clearing at   each$4.75
- LACROSSE STICKS, regular $2.00, clearing at           each $f .00
75 One Pound Packets (4^ quires) Cream Laid
Sni < Ictavo Notcpaper, worth 15c per quire.
Clearing at a packet    20c
Square or Oblong Envelopes to match, a packet      5c
1 Twelve Inch Hand Hag #3.00, for	
1 Fourteen Inch Hand Bag S3.50, lor          J.75
,kcu Inch Hand Bags $3.75, for    .,  2.oo
j Kightcen Inch I Lind Bags $4.25, for  2.to
.: Suit Cases $3.50 each, for  j.7o
2 Suit Cases ^4.25 each, for  2.oo
: Suit Case $5.00, for  2.25
$i.5o }
Canada Drug and
Book Co'y> Limited
>**���������������������������: >+������++����*<>++++
������W>A>����*>^����W ,
[The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
Suotnaaoas m It. lUUdTKBEB a <:o.
Hi. ,..,-,. and Battlers ol i stannMcturan ol
Fine Lager Beer and Porter     |   Every Known Variety Soft Drinks
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer."
Ko.I^gx3g��rtol a4< WM. GOSNELL, Manager
Recorded option to purchase an
undivided three-quarter interest in the Famous Mother
Lode Group of Seven
Mineral Claims.
(Until recently operated hy A. F. Dixon, M. 1).,) ou
I'eep Creek, near Queen mine, Salmo, B. C.
Returns from three carloads of ore from above prop-
ei'ly averaged #116.00 per ton.
Eor particulars apply to
'���ox 276
Promoted to Higher Classes��� Names of
Winners of Honor   Roils for
the Past Year.
Tho Hats tif pupil,: promoted In Iho
���event) (HvIbIhiih of Nelson public
ichool, nnil nt ih,. winners nf honor
rolli tor proficiency,    regularity    and
ih iiiirinii-ni, are a* follows:
Division   1���A.   Sullivan,   Principal.
Promotion! to IiIkIi school depend on
remit of entrance examination, which
win nol be known unUI near the end <if
Honor rolls���Proflolenoy, leader In
entrance examination, regularttp���
Edith Manson, Hazel MoArtiur, Myrtle
Deportment���Iaabelle Montgomery.
In the secnnii division list the names
of imvs appear Hi-ki, then tin- kIHh. All
lims are In alphabetical order���not or-
iii-r of merit:
Division 2���Miss K. Scanlan.
Promoted to fifth reader���Agnea Allan, Roland Brown, Brychan Oummina,
Beatrice Ebbs, oladman Holme, Lilian
Hlniic, Porclval Howard, Florence
.Jt.lniHt<sii(��. Wiiiifroiltt Kfii.-thiin, Jamas
Mi-nil. Leonard Pitts, Bertha Barker,
Naomi Dntcliari. iiuilti Campbell, Donald Currle, Joseph Doyle, Beatrice Bunnell, iiariiiii iii-imc. Dora Jordan, Steward Newltt, Mand Simmons, Gordon
Sniilti, Mabel Stock-, Charles Steele,
Bdward Scoley.
iiiinur rolls���Profloienoy, Agnes Al-
l.in; deportment, Dora .Ionian: regularity, Percy Howard, Jim Nlcoll,
Charles Steele. Lilian Hinile,
Division   3���Miss   M.   H.  Moody,   B.   A.
Promoted front senior third lo junior
-llll���llaltle llayiilun, Clara Crawfonl,
Marjorle Cummins, Mary Donaldson,
Qertrude Hyslop, Maggie McPhee, Flossie HcVtcar, Hazel Nowburn, Harry
I'itts. Albert l'ouiioi-L-, Helen Sloan,
Summit Waters, Brio Weir. Ha
Perfect nttenilunre���Alvin    Davison,
.Mary Donaldson, Utllle Hall, Mai-Kant
McPhee, Helen Bloan, Ina Bleed.
itolis of honor���-Deportment, Olara
Crawford; proficiency, Haael Newhurn.
Division 4���Miss E. S. DeBou.
Promoted from settlor 3rd fo junior
���Hii���Mabel Asih-y, olyde Bhnory, Hugh
Fletcher, Brma Ferguson, Julius Friedman, Harry Bibbs, Arthur (iilki-r, Margaret Hannah, Harold Hopkins, Idella
McLanchian, Anna PalmQulst, Charles
IVatcy. Mildred Sharp, Blna Taylor.
Honor rolls���Deportment, MUdred
Sharp; rrgitlarlly. Waller Newbttrtt;
tn-olU'li'iicy, Anna  1'aluitfiiisl.
Division 5���Miss L. Thomas,  B. A.
Promoted from senior Bad to Junior
:!ni���Minnie cVnderaon, Qertrude Annable, Kenneth Adams, Beatrtoe Anas,
Bernlce Cummins, Peroy Corry, George
Elliot, Cecil Qrisielle, Doth Ingram,
Jack Laiighton, Alfred Manson, lllailys
Macdonald, Edith Macdonald, Lulu Mc-
Vlcar, Donald MoQualTie, lb-Ion Mi-Arthur, itht McColm, Gordon McPhee, Ks-
sie Norrls, Almlda Palmquist, Winnie
Itiirltie, Clifford Steeper, Hninin Svo-
lioila. Beutah Thompson. Violet Watson.
Promoted front junior 2nd to senior
ind���Lawrence Amas, Esther Bard,
Hennlng Bergman, QwendoUn Cummins, Ellon Doyle, David Friedman,
Teddy Hopkins, May Manson, Roy Miller, George Nlooll, Norman Richardspn,
Eiiiih Ross, Frederics Starkey, Mary
Rolls of honor���Proficiency, Kenneth
Ailams; deportment, Maj Manson;
regularity, Edmund Traves.
Division  6���Miss M.   L.   Moffatt.
Promoted from senior 1st reader to
2inl reader���Donald Black, Thomas
Boyes, Oladys Gurney, Edna Hyslop,
Thelma Inaley, Mildred Irvine. Arthur
Maurer, Willie McVicar, Bruce McDonald,   Mlirdo McLeod,    Wilson     Newilt,
Helen Nolan, Hilda Palmquist, Willie
Itiitillffe. Ada Stewart, Charles Traves.
Esther  Williams. Agnes  Whltninre.
Promoted from junior to si-nlor first
reader���Alfred Bowles, Roderick Cameron, Finlay Campbell, James Davidson, George Ferguson, -foe Qreyerbtehl,
Irvine Hume. Dorothy Hlnde, Carl
Hamilton, Norman Hall, Edwin Leet,
Rebecca McDonald, Harold Mclnnes,
Hasel Newltt, Lillian Bpears, Nellie
Bprntley, Arthur Simons. George swan
noil. Bertie Whitehead, .lack Weir,
ilotis Walker,
Rolls of honor���I'rolli-lctiiy. Mildred
Irvine; regularity, Charles Trims and
Irvine Hume; deportment, Harold Mp-
Division 7���Miss A. O. Barber.
Promoted from first primer to first
realtor (leorge Aunts, Elmer Anderson, Eddie lloyi-r, Helen Boyd, Marjo-
rli- Black, Fay Browne, Robert Din-
woodie, Arllnir Donald. John Eaton.
Samuel Baton, Isabel Foots, Emma Go-
ben. Rachel Orant, Blvle Hall, Lillian
Hunter, Kathleen Irving, Bethel Lavitu-.
lliiiold Layfleld, Bessie Leadbeter, Alex Lidgate, Reta McLaughlin, union
Nagle, Lloyd Newhurn, Archie Nicall;
Samuel Ralelllte. .lean Rllcllii'. Violel
Ross, Isabel Thomson. Nelson Spralley.
Mary Wnldle, Ray Weir.
Rolls of honor���Deportment, Ester
l.iivltie; regularity, Lloyd Nowburnl
proliflency, Helen Iloyd.
Division 8���Miss E. S. Shrapnel.
Promoted front first to Second primer���Hilda Adams, Fred BurOhell, Ar-
Ihur Corry, Myrtle Daroitgb. .lean Forln, Isabel Forln. Fred Grant, Earl
Hannah, Clifton Hodge, Noel Irvine,
Maud Iveus. Ellen Johnston, Irene
UuightoA. John Lawsuit, Loilona Mc
Donald, Funny MnChlri, Eileen Maek.-n
zle, Gladys MoKeown, Hamilton Nee-
lands, Myrtle Piilimiulsl, Elsie Richard
son, Florence Roberts, Pauline Sloan,
(leorge Swedbnrg. Lottie Taylor. Beatrice Tinner, Alice Spratley.
Rolls of honor���Deportment, Eileen
Mackenzie; regularity, Ellen Johnston;
proficiency, Gladys MeKoown.
Division 9���Miss E. Thom.
Promoted from dims a to division k
���Alfridfl Bergman, Arthur Wilkinson.
Agnes Lawson. Clayton Walley, Oath*
erlne w'aiiach. Oathertne Demalne,
Donald Blackwood, Bllxabeth Robinson, Bar! Donalilson. Grace Maurer. Joy
Cummins, Keiih Drew, Lillius HoPher-
aon, l.lllle Develin. Marjory Ingram,
Richard Clare, Thelma Ghambera,
Promoted front Class II lo division
8���Bernloe Dewltt, Emem Macbln,
Frank Cryderman, Cordon Bradahaw,
Irene  Donaldson, .loo  Riley,  .lose  De
Frero, Rose Garde, Ronald Lidgate. Ruby Richardson, violet Garde, violet
Promoted to Class A���Angus Mcl.e-
od. Dim Jones, Earl Hall, Ernest Walk
er, Edith McPhee, Frances Whitehead,
Grace Wright, Gladys Dinwoodle, Harry
BuroheU, Jennie Doyle, Laura McEueh-
ern, Tony De Fero, Violet BoyeS.
Promoted to Class n���Bdlth Levlne,
Gladys Young, John Turner, Jessie Davidson,  May  RalclllTe. Willie llnrker.
Honor rolls���Proficiency, Richard
Clare; regularity, Aifrlda Bergman;
deportment, Thelma Chambers.
To the Members
of the
20,000 Club.
Patronize tlm 5000 who nre
hew now, and Wfl will
be 11 long way toward our ��onl-
Thorpe's Lithia
in equal to any aperient
imti-rhemnutie waters bottled in
the United
It' you aso ouoaffh of it we
can Min]K��rt another
lainiiy in Nelson.
& Co., Limited.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Foel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries irtnde daily throughout Nelson
nnd its Rulmrlw. Phone MH.
Gait Coal
Term* Bpol Cuh
TclfjihntiP **> Baker Hirnrt
To Whom It May Concern:
NOTICK H IIKKKKY GIVEN thut ftppHofttlan
will bo iniulo to th.' prentdJtiB Jrnlgg nf ilir Supremo ('<>uri in Chain ton nt the Law Cotirto,
ltn-tton Aitmroi VJetorlfl, it. t*. .���� Kri.inv, tho
HU. day of Junot tWB, nt 10,80 o'clock in th.- fore.
nmii.foraaorrioroxtaniUng the time nntll tho
Hull tlnv <>f JlllV I DUO, fni ivtiistr.il Inn iilid.'r tho
"CompAlltcH Ad   Aiininlm.-ilt   Ait  W��" of a OQT-
tain hoed at t'hargo datod UiolOlh day of Hay
I'.m-. nm.!.' between the Mnil Mining nn<i Smell
liiM C imiiv.I-ii ni. .1...I 11 ti.  |.nrl, mui Mint
it.uns.iv .ui.l Krnoiil Prior Athlcy, nf ihe other
inirt, wltereby Ihenald Company donlarej ,nit
LoU88fll,3iM, !��3l,35a.Vfa8fl, M89H, 8387.8118. :riVI,
B8Q0. Mfift.tHirtol Lot 819, pari of \a>\ iwa7,Oroup
i, Koolenay Dlitrlut, Loti I low Inclnilve, Itloek
'.17. I ot 18, nn.I Lots 1 In ID inclusive, in l��U-k 98.
town of Kelcoii, \a\\m D .mil 10, llloek 11. Lotfl !l
fUlii 11, Block A, Addition A Miip :!.<> II   In suhl
Kooteii.iy DIMrlet, -hull sintid ohatved with the
paytnontol all priietiml munlM mi.I inter��si.lne
o   tn bocomo (In.- In n IpCQl <>( di-licuturert lo Ih.'
total amotint oi csu.uoo tsMie.l byUie uldOom-
touiv m punuancoolan IndenttiriHhiteti ih. .",iii
June. I'tH. botwOflQ the Hall Mines, Limited, of
thQ III--1 [mil, mi.I .Mli,-rti.it Kdwiinl Axhli-y. of
the  Ri'foiid   hurt,  nutl Wlllliitn t'urtts Wtird and
William Qogrgo Jefferojn,Ql the third part, and
lhe --ii-1 Hull Mu-iii!' and Bmeltlng �� otupiiny.
I.tniited of the fourth ]>nrt, and James ftolx-vts
Hr.Mvn iin.l Flint Umnwiy, of the fifth part, heliiu
a Trust Doed la secure tho Mid d( heilturcs. niitl
no that such onanjo shall be a iirsi oharge upon
the wii.i property
Holfcil.>r fur said Mall Mliuim.v SineltiiiK
Company, Limited.
Dated nl  Nelson. II. <:., this 18th day of June.
Thirty dayi after dile I Intend nmklm; n|H>ll-
eatloti tn Ilie Honorable the ObtOf OommtsilOtur
of utnda and work*, tor aipooli] liecnue t<i em
and Darn away timber frnm   Ihe fttlliwiiiR del*
cribcd landi, CommonalOB iit a pott plnuod on
tbe lOUlhern boitn.larv of Timber Lfeense No.
iSSTO, nnd sbout le. I.hIiimi Hi; oi (he N. W. corner of lot ft'JKO'. I West Kooeiiny. runnhiR tlieiiec
w"i mi ehuliiK, iliciieu south ni chains, theme
east xi elm ti-. thenee nortii M) rlmlns to point of
Dated i-.nh April 1WH>.
Daniel Ti-ohkt.
Silver IQng Hotel
Best Dollar a day house in the
ROOmi Are w.-lf filrlifsfn-il.   Tntilr us |O0tl lis nliy
In Nelson.     Itar Hiinplfnit with n������,l
tluiiiirs ami lUtars.
W. K. MttOANDLiail, 1'roDrintor.
Ttemont House
European and American Finn
Meals ��'. cts.   Itooma from J5 eta. to II
Only White Help Kmployed.
Baker Ht., Nelson Proprletort
Bartlett   House
Crop rie lor
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Pineal.
White Help Only Employed-
JoaephlneBt. ���       -       - Nelaon, R. C.
The Big Sclioonef D/t/**,  f A-
Or "Hall-iDd-HiH"    DCCi    1 UC��
Tho only Uliuw of Good Beer in Nelson.
Hotel Accommodations second to
none in British Columbia
Specinl Hates to Monthly Boarders.
The only Home Hotel in Nelson.
COUIMil) OTANUBV nnu .silica.
Lake Vieto
Hall and Vernon Sts,
Two blcekH from
Bates f I (X) per Day
and np.
No Chinese Help etnuloyed.
Toil-phone its.       NELSON, B, C,
Grand Central Hotel
J   A. EK1CKSON, Proprietor.
t'entrally l.,,i-.it,.,l. Open Psy 1111.1 Nlglit
Bample nml Bsth Rooms Free.
Opposite Court Home and Post Office.
Corner Ward ind Vernon Streets.
T*���� Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood    Sttmplc    Rooms.
tueen s
Raker flin-ci, Neicou. B. 0.
Tiij-hlod by Eloctrioity aud
Hfuitod by Hot Air
ijut'c mui Uom for labia BadrooMi and Firat-
olaH pinlui Room. Bauple Sootua for commer-
i-lrti Men.
Mils. K. (1. fM-ARKK.  PrnprletrfBi
Tho well known
Out Boor(innU'it is
tho riiicst iu tho
J. CROW,  -   -  Proprietor
West Transfer Co.
tlenernl To-iiitsters ar.tl Dealers in
Coal nnd Wist .   Express nnil
htiKKitRe Traiisfer
Ro."!;r'.Mt  Office: Baker St.
Choice Fruit
58 Acres and
50 Acres,
Both Pieces of Land Near Nelson
COaaiing light nnd soil excellent.
Very t-nsy lenns on payiiinnt eau lie arranged.
Flume ai?.   Olllce next Oannilinn Hank of Cominorco.   1'. t). Box (12(1.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
insurance;!   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson, B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frwtt Lands in this district
Most of it siiuate on the West Arm and Main Lake,
fore you decide to locate.
See me be-
S. M. BRYBGES, ""Kgtf*"
We Will Sell
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDermid & McHardy
Choice Fruit
I Have i 0,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Froit Lands la
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Wholemle und Retail Detlen in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Ontnpa supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but fnwh nnd
wholesome moata mid supples kept in st. ��-k
Mnil Orders reneive earefnl nttentiou.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Thompson k Douglas
Slatn  Writing �� 8p��H:lnlty.
AVhII Pi.purniuf llurlnp.
tUK.""   -   NELSON
First UltisH HwtliiiR Pltiut�� lutd Modern
Sttuitai-y Ap|ilinnces.
90 Day Round Trip
JZsdsjl     ****
Winnipeg, Pt. Arthur,
Duluth, St. Paul.
Phone 181, Opera House Blk. Box 401
Tlirotifjh Kxcursiou Rates
Toronto, Montreal,
Maritime Provinces,
New York,  New England
ou application.
Datoa of sale : June 4, 6, 7, is, J6;
July 2, 3;   Aug. 7, i, ��;    Sept. 8,' lo'
TlckeU ���uliject to usual variations of
route ami Include meals and berth on
C. P. R. steamers on Great Lakes.
Full particulars from
D. P. Agent, Nelaon, B. c. The Dally Canadian, Jane 23, J 906
Our Souvenir Spoons arc the
Best You Can Find.
Wg hnve abont 30 different kinds,
in Stirliug aud Kniuiiel, rouging
lu prioo from ii'iets tn ��������' ."��ii aochi and moat of Lhem arc new designs
In Pins, Bracelets, Knives, Trays, Paper (hitters, etc., we hav
all the latest Canadian and Kelson Souvenirs.      It' you are
looking for a Souvenir we cannot tail to suit yon,
Mnil orders reoi fve prompt nud careful n tton tion.
��� i
I HI CBj>CEBjRS   ���
'The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confectionery and
Ice Cream.
| Wash Day
|  Lafco*. Savers*
FELS NAPTHA -   3 Bars - 25c
: GOLDEN WEST 6 Bars - 25c
���' GOLDEN WEST - 72 Bars $2.50
���GOLDEN WEST 144 Bars   -1.75
We oarry a full stock of
everything  uoodfnl  for
washdiiy. Every leading
line nf Soap or Soap
Powder will bo found nt
our su>re.
Bell T*aotingj
4,cA Tip" for a
" Canadian Morning.**
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177. -        BAKER ST.
Phono ���;.".. Baker Bt
NELSON. 11 0,
Mrs, F. M. Bartl returned Insi ovon
Ing Ir  ii trip hi Pennsylvania
.Miss Nellie Alllialili- l-ri tor Moobo
Jaw this morning to spond tho Bummer,
The Wliltos, vii-ims in yesterday's
lacrosse match, wore bannuetlcd Hii*
morning by C,  I rlutrat.
Today's melol qtialations show no
chniifjo from Ihoso nl yeslortlay. Lend
in nover quoted In l.ondon on Batnr
Annonnconioni is made lhal Ihe chl
nn Ion sol infill 'I in Iho French lioolh
ni Kirmess is won hy llckol No. 86,
and Iho chins plnte Ity llckol No  11.
Itri.-iili-ii romilts ni' Iho Toronto University examinations are now to hand,
slinvt thai It. It, Wnllnco, uf Nolson
lii^h school, in ihe lecond yenr cxainl
nations made drst-cliiss In genornl pro-
llclenoy, which in-mis nn average <��f
".'. |h-i- cent
ii M, Biirns, or Iho C I'. It mail
siTviiv. arrived from Calgnrv Insi nlghl
wllh hlB liriilr Thoy lenvo for Spo.
knne tomorrow morning. Mr, Rums is
:i sun of Principal lliirnr. of tho |n-o-
vlnclnl normal school, formerly Inspector nf fCoofenny.
[Jay's Cash Grocery!
14 Pound Boxes 2Sc per pound
28 Pound Boxes 27c per pound
JOY'S Cash Grocery
Cor.Jotephlnoaotl Mill his.     Phono III
c.i*. Vs>i*non nnd Ward Str^^tH,
.1 PBBD HUME, Proprietor
ii M Endlcott, .1 iiiinii-i-. Vancouver;
l-' .1 Lynch, Now Westminster; Mrs. w
il Marshall, K Twilling, Brooklyn; Mrs.
0 W Jones, Bookclltfa ranch; J A Grif-
flus. Trout Lake; (' A Molntyre, Trail;
A Carney, Kaslo; F liolilnsiiti, Wlnlaw,
Mr. and .Mrs. Buchanan, Kaslo; .1 I-;
Wilson, H Wilson. Colonel Holmes, Victoria; l. Pratt, Sandon; .1 T O'Reilly,
Rossland; J ll Labelle, Montreal; 11 Al
(Jules. .1 li Wlnlaw, Vancouver; (��� ll
Mon-is. Edmonton; it I. Burns and
wife, Calgary.
I) M Bollep and witi-. Winnipeg; W
Radley, New Denver; W ll Brownlee,
c P Conway, Revelstoke; M Phelps,
i Nesbltt, Moosi- Jaw.
(! Nelson, Spokane;  F Van Qerrard;
���l II Maokav, It Smith, Moose Jaw; Q
Schwlnke, Salmo.
C W Huycke, Michel; I. Smith, Molly
(liltson mine; .1 Thomson, Silverton; 11
���i i.aifiasii, New Denver; .1 Pemberton,
Alamo; It \' Chlsholm, Phoenix; M
Murphy, ti Larson, Kaslo; II It Cody,
Midge  Creek;   ('  Wright,   Kuskanook;
M  Barbara,   Rossi I;    s  W  Wolton,
(' O'Neill,  Blue Bell  mine;  I) Malm
ins Revelstoke; (' Smith, li I) Wilson.
.1  li Watson, Toronto]   A  Holme.  P
U'.-iti-ison.  Vancouver;    I) Henderson,
c   W  Bourke,   Kokanee;    0  Henry,
Vancouver; W Jewell, Eholt; .1 R Cook-
son, .1 C Clarke, W ll Qrahnnt, Shields.
f. While, ll r Bradshaw, Deer Park;
.1 Flndlay, Creston;  s McKlnnon, Moy-
Tin- membors or Nolson lodge No. 2.1,
A. I-'. ami A. M , an- requested to moel
a- lhe lodge room tomorrow evening
ai 7 o'clock io rorin if].- parade lo St,
Saviour's church, where tho nnnnnl sor
vlco will in- hold, visiting membors
are cordially Invltod.
Louis Pratt, ol Sandon, Becrotnry an.I
official  liquidator of the Lasi Chance
Mining C pnny, Is In the city   al the
Strathcona. Tho company has been
reorganised, and operation of iho mine
will In' resumed. W .1. Wilson and M
R. Davys, of Nelson, nre mi mbers of
the in w company.
The only case in the city police court
this morning was thai of A. u Vogle,
charged with vagrancy. He was fined
Jin and costs, or two months In gaol
in default. He has wealthy relatives
in Quebec who may pay his fine, Il<>
has pawnen everything bul his clothes
for liquor. Lately he tried an original
scheme io raise money, telegraphing,
in another name, thai he was dead.
There was no response.
A. II. Oraooy, manager of the Eva
mine nt Camborne, arrived In Hie city
Insi nlchi. ]|o reports Camborne nnlie
progressive. A subscription hns been
taken up, lo which llio response was
general, and Hi" Rtreels aro lielntr
denned and graded Th" provincial
tmvornmenl contributed |1Rfl and the
citizens S?-,n in miinnv ami altotll the
cant" value In work.
Sherman's Opera House
Monday, June 25th
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Finest in lhe Land.
Maharas' Mammoth Minstrel
2rt ��� Colored strips ��� 2��
Presenting tho olovorosl features of
Minstrelsy, Opera nnd Vandevillo.
Mallow's Challenge Band nnd Orchestra
Wai,-It lot- Big street Parade.
tlsnol prices,   Seats on Solo nt Kutlu-r-
ford's Saturday,
We havo jtmt received ll Bhlpmonl of
Shlrrlff'a .lolly Powder in tbo following
Wild Cherry
Pine Apple
Telephone 161,
For ono work onding .Inno L'Sth Kirmess Indies in costume can have Bit-
tings I'm- photographs free of charge,
Onolbiiil of iIn- siini realised from orders front those Biltlngfl will bo given
io iin- library fund.
Household Furniture
TUESDAY, JUNE 26th, at 2 P. m.
Acting under Instructions rrom Byron v.. Sharp, we win nn tlte nbove date
sell nt auction all of Ills valuable household furniture at his resilience mi Mill
street, between Hondryx ami Cedar,
Complete furniture fur a G-roomed
cottage. 2 bedrooms, drawing room,
dining  room ami  kitchen.
Goods (in view morning of the sain.
C A* Waterman & Co*
We have Just opened up a Btock "i
Princess   Enamelled   Ware
Imported Direct.
Wo have Ten aim Coffee PotB, Cream Pitchers, Cups, Saucers ami  Plnles In
nil fancy nnd delicate shades lhal resemble gontilno Chlnawnro.   Jusl
the thing for complng,    V7on'l   hreah
-HONB ��� *.
,\l ���!..%�� >N.  li. C
H.ive Changed Oar Firm Name
Hut  we huvt'ii't chimp'd  ihi>
Soda  Fountain
in town at the
is,i iH-iu-ssitv iii i-vi-ry tvi-li r.-itiiiiiti-'i in,nn,.  Our cloak, combine basm
,,t .i.-Miiii mill Biiii'iiiii- stwurMj u ii keepers,  w,. i���vll    ��� r
efiinr I'll,'lis    lli.-yuii- ll'T.: 111^0-1.1 vi.rli-ty i,tny|,.��    |, �� .|��� ��� .,'   "
���nil .iiiirtii, iii IS im li" 'im- niiinirii-i ones.    W�� slsn lisvo n..."
ttunous 111111- iifiirin .'iH-s .a ..ulv ��i DO,  Come in uhUv
��n<J ���:iN<i^AV|;K|
T. & B. Brand of
Tea and Coffee. Haziewood Parlor
'l hey can't be beni ami ilie name won't
iitirt ihe goods,
Always fish for T.A1 I. Bmnri and you 11
got tho best. Hold only by
C.A* Benedict
Cornor* Silica nnd Josephine sis.
Try oor Doable Jersey
A Fine Assortment of Fruits,
Nuts and Confectionery.
Phone 206.
Surrounded by Books
Helps mightily to pass vacation days
pleasantly,   it is easy to gel
by patronizing this store. The cream
of tbe new books as they come out arc
to be found on niir shelves.
We have just received t;uy Thome's
new book, "Made In His InintfP." Cloth.
$1.60. We will procure for you any
hook you   waul.
W. G. Thomson
ffigW" """ Nelst.ii, B. C.
Plume 34*
A full line Ol Cri.ckury,
ciiiii 1 and Olaaawara*
Alio Second Hand '��� Iiof Kti ry Deii rip-
Hon,  We have r*t tliofordf and nil at
Lowest I'rtcei in lnwn.
OOOD W'AKKHOUaa TOR btobaok.
BtkerBt., next to' P.B Ticket Offlte.
The Store of Quality
Pine Tar Soap
Foi* Mechanics
Ii It'tivos ti nice, pleasing odor, and is
healing and benedoial to the skin It
Is especially adapted for worker* In
foundries, iniirlilne Bliops, mines, ihIIIk,
oif. ii will Instantly remove paint,
tar, oil, axle grease, tab nml all stains
from tho hands or face, It'iivitiK then)
stiff mid white,
Hood & Teetzel
K. W. c. nioclt . Phone 10.
And Builder
Sole agent fnr tbe Porto Rico Lumber
tlo., Ltd., retail yards.
Bongh anil dressed lumber, tnrnod work
nml brackets, Oonsl luili and shingles,
sash mui doors.
Ci'tiH-nf, l��rirk nml limp fur sale Autu-
tiuilii- t-'t'iii'lit-.
Yard and factory Veinnn. St.,
east of J/all.
Teiepho��� m  Nelson, B. C.
Bvory man's legs belong to himself.
Length nf body docs nol always do-
note length nf lir.'id.
C/tt si/J cf lias
yiill/ji.ti, ilitdirtf mi/ spirits in ittliolit
BcptJtii, bin, c/i/n iMs-fit iiixth'/i/kA
l)U>   VOL'   KNOW
itiat thodrlnkiiervedatourflodaFountain
im 1 tonln propertloa bondei refreahlng?
Wo lite only real frmi syrupi ot Ihe tin -i
quality Konotalo. oounler, k''*'-'"^ nnd
rccdptaeiei art- k��*pt Kmpuloutly clean
linker Blreeti lielioai B 0,
Old Curiosity Shop
If yon wanl to buy or soil anything
go to the old Curiosity Shop, a new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds or Dinnerware in stock, I'tti-
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpe's nice <-ooi drinks.      Cmnohos
l>n 1 up a spoeuUly,
W.J. Walker,
Comfortable Shirts
Tbo man   whh   n comfortable Shlrl Is pretty suro to ba
comfortable all over. It doosn'l lake an expert to   ,' I when
l."".irl.J,a,Mmf"r""'1'' '"" '" '"^ ��> ��peri to make oZ
We Bell the comfortable kind.
If nu. wish ttoal and thoronghly
'"'" ,'": ���'":1" K.V Cslosses thai  ��- i,
mil lull of
Out Sta-Zon Will Suit You
JMWBW.BB     and     OI'TIOIAN
t   JUST   RBOEIVteD   CARLOAD   OP  thb|
I Standard FtiMiittire CompaDyl
M^n��Bm��** m Couiplclc House Furnishers and Uiukrlakm.
Qlobe-Vvernlolto Baoll fcflsss tlsiss and Offlusj l-'iiriiloir,-
������������������������ <,************************************.*tt,H
MAM'IMt -ll'ltl'lts (If TIIK  ( ItAWFtllll
AI-lll.M.  IflA.MrtAV
"'    Repairing and Jobbing a Sped
Slii'clini'lal Wiit-k, Castings, Itnililns' Mat. rial mid Minim; nnd Mill MisIumiI
1 Mllco ntnl Works Pool of Park St.
1*114.(IU     -'"It.
NlIh������, n.cJ
l E Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd!
We would invil,- you lo inspect our lnr(jc and varied itocll ol
Nn neod lo stiller fnnti li.-.-it if von   TT_i   \XT       i.f T�� '  '1
wlU only mil and ask to onr  HOl   Weather 1V6(JU1SIII
Store open from 7 n.tn. to ii p.m. t-vnry day except holidays and Sondsjl
^v��^^~wv B. A. ISAAC J. A. HONEYMAN^-^~^a^.
RvpnlHns snd sJobblnn ���xssoutad with I MSHMstah.  Shaal Ms-t��
Work, Mining imiJ Mill  Mi,tl,l���Brv.      MniHif(,tt,ircr> ol
tjrv; ears, iv. u.  Contractor*' Our*.
1NELSON,    B.  C.
f Don't Forget we are SEMI-READY
���'��� Headquarters
m For....
MANUFACTURERS   T 4 C4,       4
AND DEALERS IN   LeUfKiliZtf  dlUflglCSf
L,ath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
I it.-noU Work and Braok��U. Hall Ordawprmnptlj nttentolj
NBLSON, 1��.
hnve demonstrated to us, and if you will let us make you |
<iuc suit we'll convince you that iIn-doilies \vc
make arc superior to all olher makes i
in every detail of
II,..I, i -l...     'e..o.._.. T1* ...
Higb-Oloai Tailors,
lliiliei- SI ,  Ndsoii, II
Carpet Sweepers
Are  Aek,iowleUi;uU   to  l,u   Without   ..  I*'*'"1'
Wit Nun Tlium.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Cb'y, ^
Wh���,..���,B t, 1NE3USON ���������


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