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* i
MR   2.      No.   91
Fifty Cents a Month
[Aylesworlh Retracts His
ih'.cr of  Justice   Still Defends
Corruption and Sneers at
below. kI at ement. He mlgbt bare gone
further wlthut the Bllghtcat breach of
decorum nnd bave asked the people
what they think of a lawyer, holding
the position of Minister of Justice,
who, Instead of enforcing the law
ngulnsl election crooks and grafters, la
the defender and protector of these
:���    The presenl polltl
I campaign bai  developed Into a liual
1:   I.   Ilorden an.l  lion.  A.   II.
ll   ..lirir ti..- honors so tar sn
I .1  has  had  tn  retract
,.r Mi. Borden.    It  was In
',. U   Dili 1 'li   that   the   un
. .1     There  the   Minis
1     desiring   to   dtsoredil
n tide  the   representation
|ti it iii.   Halifax   election   petition
...   uiai.   tin-   t'onserva-
leader would lie  disqualified   from
.:: ��� ri-      In other  words,
politician  alleged   that   Mr.   Bor-
t-ad been   guilt*   of   personal   cur
I'.iou.   Mr   Ilorden  promptly brought
.  ������!.  1..   haiok  for  this   lllM-l
has made a retraction
"xplaltm thut what he said was not
"If tht- rris.- were tried Mr. Borden
rere tried   Mr.   Mnrdi'li   would   be
M be   di*..|'j:.ltfi<-.l.'-   but     that  "If
^t wr-rp all.'K.'d were to be believed
sal   such   as   would   dls-
1.'..  ICr, Borden "
ipokxri '1... ���;  u.it  mend  mutta>rs
r i.   It only shows  lhat  Mr.   Ayles-
���1   his   speech   to   clrcu-
tris slanilor  nn   the   authority   of
anonymous    person,    instead   nf
Jdet tho full  responsibility for lt as
��anly man would do.    .Now that Mr.
n hu brougbt up the Halifax
��� D 'in-  truth  about  this af-
N^.ini.1. inia.re.tlng.    In  the eleo-
_  '.'"'I   Mr.   Unrden   was   one   of
ConurvaUTe  candidates   In   Hall-
I and his election was   regarded   aB
lin.   Tlir canvass Inallcateal hla re-
'��� by a handsome majority.    On the
before 1I1.- polling, however, u mlr-
... performed, and na-xt day wh.-n
���rote was counted, Mr. Borden was
M to be defeated.    Tbo means   by
p this   ra-snlt   was   obtained   were
fired Into, and   lt  was   found  that
|i><at had bean  bonght  with  money
''���I Iroin a traotora  nnil   persons
business   with   tho   Government.
I matter ..f mat th,. money hnd been
Jn by a circuitous   route  from  the
'<��� Treasury.   The election was nt
protested,   and   an   attempt   waa
P1 '" turn  the  fraudulent   members
|0' Parliament    After  much  lltlgn-
���ome evldenco  was  taken.     ThlB
0' surh a character that  Mr. Jus-
[Townseiid.  the election  Jiulgo. re-
Vnalod tli,.  I.uurler candidates  to
lbo scats  and  thus  avoid  tot*
.p. a-..-   ihu th.. governmeni oanis
I'"' 'ore in  uiih  crisis  with  tech
objections  whioh   resulted   in   n
|l��ni.m,.nt ot the trial  until a var-
, of points hnd   been   submitted   to
[Supremo Court.    From that day to
">e legal agents of tho Oltawa Gov-
P"iit hava. been employed in lnvent-
l*JecUon��  Im- the  purpose  of  pro-
pi th.. taking nf a.vldence.    A few
""*�� **�� case got back Into tho trial
���>��� nnd new objections were raised,
the result  thai   tor  the third  or
r"" tliiie lt wns sent to Ottawa for
e* argument    Tho  litigation has
P in  progress-   since  December  13,
���MM tho trial Is as far off aa ever.
[_ '* appeals niui arguments the Gov-
"nt of Ottawa   pays.   It  haa   cost
���H''mla "r dollars to dodgo enquiry.
wo dodgery Is thus  paid  for thnt
I ""'itim praoUces resorted to in or-
'" ncompiiHU   tho   defeat   of   Mr.
^ at tho last election may be hld-
wlillu the manoeuverlng to pro-
1,., ���"n wll�� hold the stolen seats
KJ"**�� "<ot the Minister of
Wan i " ���" ''""l""",11>1'> 'or all this
W ,,���''... ' '"'-"""'"Ke of his posl-
Ihfullv DttbU�� ��la,'�����> to say, un-
I Ibm.' '""' wlth��W wariiint, that II
-1   war, who is ,,,��� vlc0m of tho Qt_
hl.tlon'T* W0''" ""WeU pursued for
Bid I,,.',."' W'"'' ���**" ro""(l Kiillty nod
In | *��� '""���.'"'ll'lod. Mr. Borden did
r twenttng this brazen    and II-
Windlna up York Loan.
Toronto, Sept W.���"It will probably
take rill next summer to conclude the
la-gal proceedings necessary to wind up
the York County Loan company," was
the statement of W. T . White, manager
of the National Trust, made this niorn-
Ing In masting an appasl for a oontlnu
aius hearing of the caBe by official referee McLean, at Osgoode Hall. An adjournment was made till nexl Wednesday. In the mcautluii- the lawyi-rs con-
carned w-|ll enaleavor tai map out a plan
of proceeding At the present lliere are
ki'voii classi's but more may be necessary in t.nli'r lo Inclnds ull the creditors.
Referee    McLean    Intimated    thai he
might give alta-rnata. weeka to the hearing of the case until s,.tiled. During
the .jn.-stla.rj of precedence of Ihe vari-
..us claimants there can be no distribution of assets.
Standard Oil Company   of Indiana   Has
Profit of More Than One Thou.and
Per   Cent.
New York. Sept. 19.���Further efforts
in obtain the records of the liquidating
trustees of the Standard Oil Trust
which effected the dissolution of the
triiBl ami formed the present Standard
nil Co uf Ni-w Jersey, was made by
Frank II. Kellogg, who is conducting the
.....va-rnni.'ill's Milt against the company,
when th.' hearing before special Master
Karris was resumed today. Mr. Kellogg
issui-al a subpoa-nu six weeks ago for
these records, but so far has been un-
sblS to obtain them. By these records
Mr. Killogg exiR-cU. to show the formative process of the Standard Oil compuny of New Jersey and prove the
gravamen or the government's thurge
lhat Ihe compuny is an illegal corporation.
Profits of more than 1000 per cent,
per year are mads by lhe Standard Oil
oompany of Indiana, the corporation
���entenced to pay a line of 1*9,140.000
by Judge Landis or Chicago. The company's prollls for IBM were $10,016,082.
and In 1004 they were $8,753,410. a total
for two years' business of IIS.209,492.
Th.- Standard oil oompany of New
Jersey owns 9.990 shares of the Indiana
Company*! stock. The Indiana company
Is capitalized at $1,000,000. The dividends paid by tbe Indiana company
last year aggregated 14.495,000 or a
little more than $0,000,000 loss than the
pronts. The figures were presented today ln the federal proceedings uguinst
ihe Standard on Company of New
Jersey. The dividends and pronts of 10
other Biibsidary corporations were given.
Mr. Fay testified lhat between lo99 und
I'.niO the stock of Waters Price OU company did not appear upon the books of
tha. Standard OU company of New
Jersey us an asset. In 1899 the latter
..iniliiiny's blank sheet showed ownership of 2.747 shares of the Water Price
stock valued at $3,007,892.
Mr. Kay was questioned about certain
Central Trust company cerllllcutes held
by the Standurd Oil company between
1889 und 1904. A statement from the
company showed that stock of thoNn-
tlonal storage company wus sold In exchange for Lehigh Valley rullroud bonds
unit deposited with the Central Trust
Company which issued certificates In exchange, lu 1906 these Central Trust
,-,irtlfloatss were exchanged for $100,000
In cash anil the statement or the dlvl-
den.l and profits or 17 of lhe subsidiary
corporutlons of the Standard Oil company of New Jersey, wus presented ln
the federal proceedings in progress in
this city.
All Displays Now at Their Best-All Awards Made in Every Department--
Horse Racing and Rock Drilling Successful Features���Reiss Carnival
Company Leaves No Dull Moments.
White Plaojue Conference.
Vienna, So-it. ,19.���Moro than fifty
delegates from America were present
today ut the opening of the international Congress for the Study and Suppres
slon of Tuberculosis, which has already
decided to hold Its meeting next year
In Washington. The present congress
will remain In session uboul one week
Among the subjects considered will bo
tho UBe of tuberculosis museums, the Inheritance of tuberculosis, the cost or
sanatoria, tho propagation of Interest
In tho antituberculosis movement, recovery In advanced stages of the dis
ease, tuberculosis In the army and the
Hod Cross, and the tuberculosis cum
, pnlgn nnil the railway service.
The second day of the Kulr has been
a complete success, even more so than
the o]-ening day. The booths have a
more finished and couiihisi-iI appearance
and all arrangements are running a
little more s'moothly than al first. The
day haa been crowdeal frith SOTCalient
features and ull have attracted anal sustained   the  greatest  Interest.
It wus u httjipy thought of tlu> caim-
mitlee to have the rock drilling contest
take place in front or ihe grand stanal.
where all who Wished could get an uninterrupted view ot lhe whole contest.
It was a splendid spectacle and although���or perhaps because���the spectators cannot estimate very closely the
standing or the competitors. Interest
grows toward the end.
The victory ot Grand Forks district
ln the competition tor the Johnstone
and Sbaughnessy cuiis is a very popular
one, and will alo much to restore to
rnvor an event which. It must be admitted, suffered somewhat In popularity
by the regrettable dispute which followed the award last year.
HorBe racing is still one of the youngest of sports in Nelson; indeed lt Is
only within the last year and a hair
that there has been a track or any kind,
and the old sports on Vernon street,
much as they were enjoyed in early
duys. hardly deserved the name of horse
races. Hut the sport has achieved an
Instant popularity In Nelson which is
not diminished by the knowledge that
the race horses. If not actually bough*
tor the races, ure comparative strangers
and would probably not be here If there
were no races. Still a horse race ta a
horse race, and will have Its votaries
as long as the sporting instinct survives
in man.
The attendance has been much greater today than yesterday, partly because
the entire Bchool population was free
to attend immediately after noon, and
partly becuuse a large number of visitors arrived In the city last night. How
and where they are accommodated Is
rather a mystery as nearly every hotel
reported "tull house" last night.
The slight shower at noon did no
harm at all. and hardly even caused
any apprehension. Many favorable comments have been made ua to the arrangement and conduct of the attractions on
tho grounds. There have been no delays, no gaps In the programme. Horse
races, firemen's sports nnd rock-drilling
contests have all been handled promptly, and the Carnival company Is always
ready with alternative attractions for
those whose tastes do not run to trials
of strength or speed.
On the whole, the second day or the
Fair or 1907 must be recorded as one
or Ihe best days from every point of
view ln the history of the Nelson Agricultural and Industrial Society.
The morning wus spent In completing
the awards In the mineral und fruit departments. It W. Hrock and W. H.
lloyd deciding lhe first, and R. M. Palmer the second.
Mineral   Exhibit.
The mineral department has been one
of Ihe best innnnged and most success-
l'ul or ull this year under, the chairman:
Ship of T. O. Procter nnd the manage
ment of H. E. Wade. Even the lateness
or Ihe trains Tuesday night which
caused a delay in the arrival nnd mount
Ing of the exhibits, was a fortunate occurrence. There was no occasion to
appoint Judges yesterday und Ihe delu>
enabled the committee to secure the
services of Prof. R. W. Hrock and W.
II. Boyd, of the Dominion geological survey department. They arrived last nlghl,
readily consented to act as Judges ami
performed  their  task early  this  morn
Tho honors of the competition go to
Sllverton and no one can say lhat the.,
are not fully earned. The exhibit wus
prepared by W. H. Htandon and N. K
McNaught of Sllverton, and G. Aylard
of New Denver. It Includes specimens
of eight m Ines, the Fisher Maiden, Hewitt, Standard, Canadian Group, Mountain lloomer, Emily Edith, Alpha anil
Vancouver. The award of the Trail
smelter'B cun for the best district collection was a foregone conclusion.
A special award was made to tjjy? exhibit from the Hewitt mine, which is a
>i l.-inliil collection of specimens of dry
silver ore.
The first prize for free milling golal
ore was awarded to a collection from
the Poorman-Granlte mine, ojierated by
J. P. Swedberg.
Three ou|* were not awarded and will
be available for competition next year.
The cups offered by tba- Dominion Co|--
per company tor the best exhibit ot
Itiiundary ores was won by an exhibit
from its own properties and was at once
offered to the association for u similar
competition next year.
There were not enough entries for the
competitions for the Rossland and Nelson and Ymir districts, and the cups
ara- held for next year.
There were many Rplcndid exhibits
of ore not specially entered for any cup
competition, but prizes were awarded
to some ot them. Among the mines
making Buch entrleB were the Whitewater and the Elkhorn, the latter operated by W. McClurg, of Sandon.
There arc also excellent displays from
the Hroadview, In the Lardeau. from
the Hurrls Group, on White GrouBe
creek, from the Five Metals company,
ope rating near Crawford Bay. The latter company's display includes galena,
porphyritlc silver-lead, and gold copper.
The North Star at Klmberley. the La
Plata and the Blue Hell are represented
by splendid spectnv-ns ot silver-lead
The Canadian Consolidated company
has contributed a splendid display or
lead and lead products from the smelter
at Trail.
The fruit display, except In the matter of color, has been fully equal to
those of former years. Competition has
been very keen ln every class and subclass, and the exhibit, taken as a whole,
leaal of 79 points was too great to be
is an excellent representation of the products Of all the districts contiguous to
Nelson, and a very fair Indication of the
agricultural possibilities of Kootenay.
In the individual competitions the orchards of the West Arm were well rejv
resented among the prize winners. But
In the district competition the cups are
lost for a year at least.
There were 3 entries, from districts
No. 3. 4 and six. thnt Is the north shore
of lhe Arm. the South Shore and Grand
Forks, The hitherto unbeaten north
shore district was utterly vanquished,
standing only third. The south shore
guve the victorious Grand Forks exhibit
a fairly close run.
The merit marks awarded by Mr.
Palmer were: Grand Forks. 548; South
Shore, 530; North Shore. 411. The col
lections included tipples, pears, peaches,
plums, crab-apples, grapes, currants and
berries. Th e victory waB really decided by the superiority of the Boundnrv
exhibit of apples which scored 332
points to the Soulli Shore's 253. The
overcome. The victory ln the apple
competition carries wllh It the cup do
nate by Sir Thomas Sbaughnessy.
The fruit exhibit haa boon a mngnl
ficont personal triumph for Martin Bur
roll, of Grand Forks.. Mr. Bnrrell Is
the manager of. nnd chief contributor
to, the Grand Forks district exhibit. He-
sides he has won 19 firsts and ten
second prizes for individual entries In
the fruit department, and by so doing
wins the special prize awarded to thi'
exhibitor taking the greatest number of
prizes  for fruits.
Fire Chief. Convention.
The first annual convention of the
B. C. Association or Flre Chiefs and
Firemen, continued from the opening
day of the Fair, was brought to a con
elusion today, after the selection of
New Westmlnsti'i- as the next place ot
meeting and the election of officers for
the ensuing year. The meeting of the
association was very harmonious
throughout and the delegates sell led
down to work from the opening to thar
close of tho convention. Several In-
tereatlng and Instructive papers (vera
read und discussed and a great deal or
business transuded.    The following of
ficers were chosen for the term: President, Chler J. H. Watson, of New Westminster; vice-president. Chief A. E.
Savage, of Grand Forks; treasurer.
Chief J. P. Fink, Cranbrook; secretary.
Chief Thomas Deasy, Nelson. Executive
committee. Chiefs Knight or Chllliwack,
Foote or Revelstoke, and McKay of
Kami.i,��ps. Transportation committee,
Chiefs Joseph Martin, J. W. Nunn and
D. P. Kane. Finance committee. Chiefs
D. McDougall, A. Jeffs and E. Lathem.
Votes of thanks were tendered Mayor
Glllett and the city council; the daily
newspapers and the 20,000 club. The
C. P. R. and olber lines were also voted
thanks, and Chief Deasy was booked for
a vote or congratulation on the success
attending the work performed ln bringing the chiefs of the province together.
This arternoon the visitors are enjoying
a ride on a special car to the electrical
power houses at Bennington Falls.
The  R.is. Carnival.
When lt became known that the
directors proposed to engage the Nat
Reles Carnival company as Its principal
entertainment Instead of arranging for
lacrosse, football, or baseball games,
tbere was probably sauna- misgiving as
to the value of a carnival company at
a drawing card. Any misgiving there
may have been has now been thoroughly dispelled.
The company's shows are installed ln
nine tents, seven large exhibition tents
and two small ones. The company includes 225 men, women and children,
performers of various kinds, vocalists,
musicians, mechanics and attendants.
The appearance or the company's tents
racing the grand stand In a slightly Irregular line. Is suggestive at once ol
cleanness, neatness and order, and that
impression grows steadily as one visits
and inspects the various shows
The promptness with which every performance begins and ends, the mecunn-
cal perfection of details and the perfect
organization are as admirable as the
shows themselves are clean, clever end
Dixieland contains more negro musical, dramatic and dancing talent than
nine out of ten travelling minstrel
shows. SongB, Jokes and speech?s arc
clean, witty and, most of them, new lo
the majority of the audience.
The glass blowers' tent 1b a tieat.
There Is Instruction as well as pleasure
ln watching the rapid iransforma'ion of
sheets or tubes of glass Into beautiful
articles, toy ships, pipes and g'.obeB In
a moment. The performers a;? very
generous with their products an 1 no
child leaves the tent without a ghss
But while all the tents are worthy c(
a visit the most wonderful performs-ice
Ib that of Aga, a graceful young ���cmuo.
who. hypnotized by Prof. French and
under his control, apparently floats in
the air. There Is certainly nothing supporting her from below, no apparent
tie from above, and her body hung
poised In air, moved round above the
stnall stage, or rose and fell In evident
contempt for the alleged natural law of
gravitation. Prof. French ascribes It to
his art, others may susitect mechanical
Ingenuity, but certainly It Is a pretty
and startling spectacle.
Fair Notes.
8. 8. Moyle arrived at 11.45 with an
other full list of passengers for the Fair.
Lack of time and space prevents a re-
report of the rock-drilling contest and of
the horse races.
W. H. Pago, Flre Valley, Bent in an
excellent sample or yellow transparent
apples. They are for exhibition purposes only.
T. H. Wright, member of the Royal
Agricultural Society of England, wan
Judge of the vegetables and field produce and also gave valuable assistant''-
to R. M. Palmer ln Judging the rrult.
especially ln the competition tor tha'
Shaughnessy cup.
Torontonlan'. View of Anti-Oriental Ex-
cit.m.nt at th. Coa.t.
Toronto, Sept. 19.���"i have no hesitation In saying that the type or Oriental
In Vancouver is Infinitely preferable tn
many of tho foreigners who are settlln ;
on the lands in tho Northwest, and
certainly more iibo'iiI to the community
Ibnn the inhabitants of tho Himalayas,
of whom one sees so much on the nr-
rlvu of each Ship. I believe thnt to a
very large extent, If not wholly, tho
present troublo   arises    from the atti
tude of many of tbe British Columbia
politicians. If the Chinese and Japanese
had votes I think you would Bee a different state of affairs."
Mr. B. F. B. Johnston, K. C who has
Just returned from an extended trip to
the Pacific coast, thus sfzeB up his Impressions ln a press Interview. Labor
troubles, he believes, are at the bottom
of the present excitement. The labor
men object, according to Mr. Johnston,
to the Chinese and Japanese being engaged in any kind ul work, which position would mean that no work would be
done at all except at the dictation of
the unions.
"The cry &r '-.st the Orientals," he
says, "Ib iargei, *V.*n the working element, and the neuv '"ij --sltlon taken by
the provincial politic. **V '����� due to the
item of votes. The whok -���'j,,*nese and
Cbinese residents in Victo.'*:-*j. -at, together and set to work on va,' -n-
dertaklngs would not interfere fo.
hour with the privileges or the earn.,
power of the white man, who is willing
to work on a  reasonable basis."
Hundreds of Canadians. Mr. Johnston
declares, keeping house In Vancouver
and Victoria, would be glad to employ
female servants at $20 or $26 per month,
but they cannot get them. They are
forced to employ Chinese and Japanese
servants at more than double these
Cobalt, SepL 19.���O'Dlllion Lessard. a
Frenchman, from Montreal, aged about
25 years, tell rrom a bucket in the main
shaft of the Right-ef-Way mine yesterday and was instantly killed.
St. Thomas, Sept. 19.���Monday night's
electric storm, according to late reports,
destroyed s number of barns in the
counties of Lambtou and Kent. All of
this season's crops stored in them Is
alson destroyed. Mrs. David Thompson
of the River Road, Soutbwold, went Into the cellar when the storm was at tho
highest. A bolt went down the chimney
and she was severely stunned and unconscious for several hours and is still
suffering greatly from the shock.
Toronto. Sept. 19.���Robert Dunn, a
Scotchman, aged 28, was crushed to
death between the bucket of a coal elevator and beam while at work for tbe
C. P. R. in the yards yesterday.
Edmunston, N. B., Sept. 19.���A Baker
Lake farmer, who suddenly went Insane
yesterday, struck his four year old
daughter with a piece of wood, killin.r
her Instantly. His wife and two men
power the man. Later he was lodged
who were preBent were unable to over-
In a Jail and while there attacked and
nearly killed another prisoner.
Montreal Athletic Meet.
New York, Sept. 19.���Alarge delegation of athletic enthusiustlcs will leave
New York ln order to attend the Canadian championships at Montreal on Saturday. A team of twelve or the best
New York athletes has already lett tor
the contests. It is expected that the
best race of the meet will be between
Andrew Glarner, captain of the Olympic
club team of San Francisco, and Sheii-
perd of the Irish-American club in the
half mile event.
Lost Earth kuake.
New York, SopL 19.���A despatch received here from Porgesso, Mexico,
says: -'The entire Yucatan coast ten
miles seaward is strewn with dead fish,
presumably from submarine eruption."
No report of an earthquake anywhere
has lately been sent out from Washington, but it Is recalled here that tho
severe earthquake which affected all tho
Mexican borders of the Gulf of Mexico
on April 15 last, was accompanied by a
tidal wave and the killing of great
quantities of fish.
Rebel. Sentenced.
Riga, Sept. 19.���-Twenty-two or the
fifty-eight men who hnve been on trlul
by court martial here, ehurged with participation In the revolt ln the Baltic
provinces In 1905 by which control nf
this section wus wrested from the Russia- guva.-1'nincut for several months,
have been condemned to death. Several
hundred have heretofore beeu executed
for their connection with this uprising;
Folk Going to Jamestown.
St. Louis, Sept. 19.���The official pan;.-
which will represent the state at thn
celebration of Missouri Day at ths]
Jamestown exposition leaves St. Loot*
today for the east. The party is headed
by Governor Failk, who will baa ihe central figure at the celebration to be held
next Saturday. Oilier prominent Speak,
els, representatives of the stale, will
also be on the programme. The Ind'-
catlons ure thut a largi" number of ML-
ruiiirians will attend the celebration.
Significant Statement if
Marquis Ha
Insarg-erits Rcmnd Seoul Play Into
the Hands of Japan���Officials
Given Greater Powers.
Toklo, Sept. 19.���A new official organization oi the staff of the resident
general for Korea, was submitted to the
privy council this morning and passed.
It Is believed II will be promulgated on
Saturday. According to the organization, the office of deputy resident general has been established and It 1b-
nnderstood lhat Baron Sone, the late
minister of finance In the Katsura cabinet, will be appointed to the post. An-
other.feature of the organization is ihe
permission granted to Japanese vice
minister oof the Korean government
and others serving as Korean officials,
to regain their official standing in the
Japanese government.
Marquis Ito, the resident general of
Korea, will leave for Seoul on September 23rd and it is expectod that upon
his arrival there the new system of reform will then be" vigorously pushed
especially ln the matter of the Judiciary.
The possibility that Japan may have
to annex Korea has arisen. Marquis Ito
is quoted as saying that tt may be necessary* to alter Japan's policy owing to
the present situation; and that If the
Korean people persist in their attitude
of unfriendliness il will be the "last
day" taiE them.
Toklo pai-ers are receiving reports
that Insurgents are gathering from all
directions around th-? city of Seoul.
Tbeir number is unknown, but one bund
of eight hundred is reported. Roving
parties of Koreans under the leadership
ot ex-soldiers are killing Japanese officials and civilians and Koreans suspected of being pro-Japanese. These
parties take to the mountains upon the
approach of Japanese troops, but not
before suffering heavily.
Hon. W. Pateraon's Birthday.
William Patterson. Minister of Customs and for years prominent ln the
public affairs of Canada, was born
September 19, 1839, in Hamilton, Ontario. For thirty-five years he has been
a member f the House of Commons,
having In his first election defeated Sir
Francis Hlncks. He early gained a
reputation as an effective speaker, and
his speeches contributed not a little to
the landslide which brought the Liberal party Into power In the Dominion.
In the absence of Sir Wilfrid Laurler
Mr. Patterson has frequently led the
House In debute and, gifted with a
powerful voice, a flashing eye, and keen
sarcasm, his speeches were always lis-'
lencd to with closest attentln by tho
members of bill parties. In his ten
years of service as Minister his honesty
has never been questioned, and his ale-
votion to the routine of his offlco hus
become  proverbial.
Why Eight Years 7
New York, Sept. 18.���To have been n
nurse, bride and widow all within a
few hours Is the unusual experience of
Mrs. Alfred Adler of this city. Mr. Ad-
lor was a wealthy Broadway glove manufacturer. He was taken 111 with typhoid fever on his way back from a trfp
through Yellowstone Park with his fiance, who was Miss Johanna Hartting
of this city, and a party of friends.
On his being taken to Mount Sinai hospital. Miss Hartung, to whom he had
been engaged eight years, became his
nurse. He succumbed to the disease,
but before his death he and Miss Hartung were married. The wedding took
place at 0:30 In the morning and he expired at 10 o'clock. For three nights
previous to bis death Miss Hartung did
not leave his bedside.
Robbers Did Well.
Spokane. Sept. 19.���It was announced
last night thai $40,000. which had been
reported to have been shipped ry the
Commercial National bank of Chicago
to the Old National Bunk of Spokane,
wus taken from the Great Northern
train that was held up by robbers near
Rexfurd, Montana, on September lath.
\     :l.
\ im
! l
,    i
1  : j .:
m The Daily Canadian
i   :
.   *
Mi *
"Will close at 1 p. m. on the
Wednesday and Thursday, but
Imperial Bank of Canada
*��� -���. .    ^rr. nr a_
Head Office:   Toronto.
 $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up         4,830,000
Hest           4.830.000 __
D. R. WILKJE  President. HON'. ROBEKT*JAKFRAY, Vioe-Premdent
Capital Authorized
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest   allowed on   deposits  from date of deposit andcreditodquarterl)'.
'���vbi.so.-v branch -l��   .V-U   LAYf  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  18G9.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business,
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, In Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
done in this dopartment in Alberta than
waa transacted In the same department
for the whole of the NorffeA-reat Territories iliirins any previous similar
period, and while the population, which
is tt> a treat extent the basis of the
province's business capacity, is coosldi !
ably smaller than the population nf her
.sister province of Saskatchewan. 1
think I am rinht in savins that a greal
er volume of business has been done bj
thi-i department than was done by the
same department in Saskatchewan for
the corresponding period."
The revenue for the sixteen months
was $"_iM7y. compared with $17,1149 for
twenty previous months of the Northwest Territories.
The revenue collected for the sale of
marriage licenses amount)-, to $2,654;
this sum Is only $f-7i* less than collect-
ed in the whole of the territories for
the previous twenty months. While
the number of marriage licensee thus
issued is a very good indication of the
number of marriages that have taken
pjlace in the province, it cannt he ac*
cepted as covering all the marriages
solemnized, for many are without banns.
Altogether SJ- licenses were issued
during the sixteen months, of which
."���I... were issued in 11*06.
During the period 97 auctioneers' licenses were issued.
During the period 41 automobile lie-
enst-s were taken out under the automobile act. It may be added here there an
''4 automobiles in Calgary.
During the period mentioned High
River, I'tncher Creek, Vergres Uie, V-r
million. Didsbury, stettier. Camroseand
Leduc became towns.
During the sixteen months 1C1 companies were incorporated with a capitalization of $18,663,005, and SO foreign
companies registered representing an
aggregate capitalization of $52,405,000.
At the beginning of this year there were
:>i*l Joint stock companies doing business in Alberta.
Of the latter the registrar says: "This
does not by any means signify that
these are the only companies operating
in ihe province, for in very few cases
indeed is registration made voluntarily
by any company; and it is only by the
very closest vigilance on the part of the
department, and after, in most cases,
ths fine prescribed by the ordinance Is
threatened to be imposed that registration Is finally made. As a remedy T
thing that the appointment of an inspector is advisable.
For Sale
Nelson Land District. District of West Hoetamyf
Take npUos th.-.. K. ti. t. Bmnh, of irroeter. B.
C . do* upatlon luml-vrmiti, infuds tu apply fur
a special timber licence over Ihe foiioa inn* de-
���cnbsd las.la:
Nn. l ' ��� ii-. ��� ��� ������ k ata pout planted iu'nr the
Borthssst eornerpoKOl i-nt t*o OHM,on Lemon
Crssfc sad marked k h P. rimyth--ouihwcsi oor*
iii-rpon" No l. tiu*in *��� 40 chaina north mors or
,,-.. i,. sboat tui.twa-y of the -umtii bounds- v lias
or um->er licence No. SMS, thenos mchains easl,
���:���-,. t" "hslfii feouth, thsnos si whalas sast.
tiK'ii. ���* i"  chalna   south, theuee  no  chain* west,
in .������������ ..r u ����� tu Hu.- a,ouihea*l corner of aforesaid
!..*   S.i   SS4S.UMSWS   SB  chains   north, thence 40
cbalm weat lo the p>'int of coin ui em i-nn-m
1 ,-..-,! .*6th July, I* ' K. H. F. SMYTH,
Henry Relcbert. A��.nt
Kelson Land uutrtct. District oi West Kootenay
No S
Take notice that J. K. F Stewart, nf foiling*
wo-od, Out., occupation lumberman, Intends to
apply for a special limber licence over tbe following described lau.lt>: ' 'uinm- net it if at a p.ist
planted aUmt ;>"> ehalnt nuuili aud lo chains west
Ol post .No. 2, marked J. K V, Btswart'a N K. oor-
ner post, tbence annul. 160 ehalu*, tlieuce wost 40
chaini, theure north Ito chaina. thence taut 40
chains to place of Commence nieiil containing MO
si ���*������*��� more or lean.
July *4lh. 19U7. JUmk* I:. F. .-tkwakt.
Nelson Land District    DUtrfotol West Kootenay.
lake notice that Henry Keichert ot Nelaon, 11.
C , prospector, Intends to eaplr lot s ipaelal II-
.-( DCS tu i-ut and earn away timtier from the follow lute describe*! landa:
No b i umini'iirlug al a pott plsnted near the
northeast corner poat of T'.*n ber l.ieelice *-o '.*JWi
and marked Henry Keichert north**.--i corner-
poat No (3, tbeuee 80 chain. ������.':, ih.-nce -��)
cnalns eaat, thence SO chain*, uorth, thence HO
ehsias West to pla.t of eouimeneemtnl.
Pate-1 July 2blh. 19UT.
No. I Commencing at a ixiat planted near the
north weat corner }*uat of t ttn U-r licence No VJ66
and marked Henry Keb-neri a. -i ��� -t corner poal
No :. thence KM) i-hninn eaat, tbenoe 4o cbslns
north, theuce 160 chaina irsst. tba_OS40 cbalua
-.outh to t-oint of coiiitiiein emeiu.
Dstad July 26th, v*r,_
No. 8. t'emrncuciug at a posl planted oa Monument creel, about IQehslnj more or l*m Irom
when- Monument creek Bt-ptlos into l**mon
creek anil marketl lleurv K.���:, bcrl DortbS���Steor-
ner-xml No 8. thence 16��i i-tiamn wiuiti. tbence 40
chaini   weal, theuce   ISO Cbains DortlI, theure to
ihaiUH eaat to place of commencement.
Dated July -fcth. 1-.��.���: llssk-i kkh hkrt,
iaiij. PRICBaB IHil.D <)��- R TRADE
i-iiis and sTAPuaa
We vain ..xiiiiiu in our bIiow room on leeood tiiK.r. oomnaiieiiit Tn���ilii
n..��*t a rnagnlfloonl allHplay of Iti��|M,ri��-.i Trlinmed una! Pmiern Hi.ih. ItMhtdinfl
all Iha' v, r\ late.I l-'i.-ii.li anil Ns* Y..rk hivI.-h ami cr.-aliiina In l.ailli'tT htovd
wt-ar In  ni.-  leading   up-to-d_U  l__4i������
Wa' Invii'   ti..    ..!"���; to anil an.I liiHiM-ct niir liTinn'nHo  aH*iirtma.nt  nf  Kail
nnil Willi.r  11 r.t.-    Saw   Furs.   MunlliK.  Skirts nnil Fancy anil Staple Dry (JoaiilH
>>'_.   Hn.u   "Ntitliii-iif   <>f Mull OrdaraPrinnptiy
Quaatliinnhle Q-....llt\
AttaintJeU 'I <>
Nelaon la-n-1 Plalrlet ln*.i*nt of W.-.t Kooteaej.
Taks notice th_,t Qeerge Alexsndor. ol Kssloi
B <". lateacs to spply for ���* iporlaJ tlmbet
licence otit the loilowiuK deseribed Lands j
ComiucueluK* at a poat planted ai tba ponbwOSl
corner of f*e��-iiou l'_. r-wtmhlp 7, Kootenay district,   belnie   Sboat   fine third   of a mile ���.���mth of
the touth botm.is-.rr line oi tbe Indian roserrsj
thence a��uth aU>ut -Ut ebslna to ihi ���aiterly
bauk of Koot��-nay river; tbence snntbesslerlj
alone Kootenay river bank abont so chsins to
the aouth boundary "' Bectlon 12 I wntihlp 7;
theuce easteri* about BOcnaln* :������ iha north weat
corner of l-a u-M ; Ihenes north DO chains aloas
the we��t bonadmry nl Lol m-'. thenos weatw
chaim to the point ui commeneetnsat. and containing tito sores more ��r less
usoaei ai tiiniiki.
Nelaon I-and Platrict. I>l*trlcl nl Weat Kootenay
Take notice that Mo*.re, Kepple A Co . of <iar
laud, Penn., otvupatlou luniWriiien. Intend to
apply lor a apeclal timber lli-enie over the fo!
lowing desenhed landa: Commencing ��t i ixi-t
planted tin M o-u-| til to creek, Hi the >*.-*���; t-lde .ii
Arrow lake, and about one half mile went, of the
aouth weat comer of Umber limit No. -K77, tbence
a.in'h ao ihalna, thence west *"��� ehalno. theuee
north ho chalua. thence eaat NO chalua to point of
commencement, and coue���iniun _40acr--a, more
or lean.
Dated 15th July. 19.T.      Mo*.rs, K-tU - Co
John K. < ���*���.������ i-a. Attcnt.
HlUltlg M0 acre-   nn
Dated Julv 4. iwc
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manajfer^
Publlahed six daya s week by the
Baker Ht-   Nelson. B. C
lrt��DBcripllon ratea, 60 cents a month (lellvere 1
lu the city, or IVOO a year If aeut by mall, wbeu
paid In advance.
AdvertlalnK ratea on application. ���
All  mnnlea  paid   ln   settlement of   The bally  1
Cauadlau  accounts, either tor aubacnptloni' or
adverllKlng, muat be receipted for on lhe printed
(orma of   the t'umpauy.   Other receipt! are nut
Thursday. September 19, 1907.
Nelson's proverbial 1'ifk in tbe matter
of weather has nerer been better ex*
amplified than In Uie change From rain
to snnshlne Inst on the era ol the Pair,
Tin- Pair Itself is an entirety credit
able representation of thi- products ol
Kootenay and especially of ths Industries of Kelson. In all references o.
ihe oondittoQ of fruit vegetables, flow
ith snd other products of the soil i'
should no4 i��t- torgotten that thiH sum
mer has been altogether abnormal, M
han been stated by many risltors thai
the Nelson dlatrtei has suffered far leai
from tain ami cold than almost ail
githers in the western half of Canada,
tout lib- fart r.mains that fruit. vegS
i.ihlcH ami li*iid produce are rery late,
averaniiiK at least s Eortxtlght behind
their uHiiai degrees ol maturity ai this
time of year. Under the ctxettmstauoea
the general excellence of the exhibits tl
really  remarkable.
ThiK year'H programme of attractioni
iB rather in the nature of an experiment,
but ho far the experiment is a success
IlorKe-racing.   the   sport   of   kings,   always   has   been   and   will   be   populat
wherever   the   English   race   Is   found
Firemen's races have always been sue-
Oassful altractions in  Hritish Columbia
particularly in the younger cities��� and
Nelaon   Ib  only   17   years old���where   ;t
momentary  failure of the Bre brlgadi
may   mean   the   willing  out of  a town
Kock*dr!lling contests are Splendid test;
of strength, skill and endurance and wil!
never lose interest in a mining countr>
ttkOUgb ihey have now little connection
with   practical   mining.
The engagement of the Nat Relet
Carnival Company was a happy though
Kveryone is entertained by clean an4
clever   acrobatic   feats*,   which   are   li:
of  a   Fair in   Canada  and   the   United
One of the most pleasant  features of
the   Fair   has   been     the     visit   of   Mr,
Turner and Capt Tatlow and their good
tidings.   Mr. Turner baa done ho  much
in the past for Hritish Columbia In Uie
more conspicuous position of prime minister that the value of his present work
as agent-general Ih sometimes In danger
of being overlooked. It is tbe testimony
of   all     Hritish     Columbia     visitors   to
London that  Mr.  Turner has  firmly established  this province in the credit of
the people of Hritain.
Tho visit of the finance minister Is
alao an event of first imiiortance. Kven
the political opponents of the government: admit that Cant, Tatlow Is an admirable minister of finance, and a prurient and projurcKstve statesman, His as*
surance ul continued aid to the aKricul-
tural Interests is In Itself a valuable
Perhaps the most important state
ment of the two distinguished visitors'
several utterance-- was the finance minister's deli he rate announcement thai
the government was determined to st>
euro for the IMil. !i Columbia smellers,
amicably If possible, the fiulnlment of
the charter by which their 060(1* 0OB-
stitute the first claim on ths coke produced in Bast Kootenay,
2B ft. lot on Carbonate St $176.00
GO  ft. lot on Latimer St., fenced
and cultivated $450.00
Cottaco,  3  rooms,   electric   lipht,
water    $750.00
o%  acres within one mile of city;  suitable for market garden.  Terms Kiven.
Nelaon luu-! lumrlct. Dtstnet -���! West Kootenay
Notice in bercby given turn to ttnyi after date
I intend to apol) lo the Chief Ci.-umii-i-louer o|
l_nda mid Work* tor pennlsstoB (������*-*.( aud
curry away timber from tbe '..il'.wiug described
No. 4   Commencing  at n. p.-t   marked   H. _ ti
N. w  oorner, *mj chaiuc ��� ��>i ���>) the N. K. cerner
Ol i"t No Ua poat Hi-irK-I K -. N. E. corner.
thenee east ISO ebalna, thence aoutb HO chaius.
iheue-. west Mi chalna, tnenos north SU chaius to
place ul com mencement i <iiu.ii mug Mo acres.
No   5   Commencing at the   N   "* . corner of II
A ti   llmb-'r eUliii ISn   4. theuee north HU chaina,
theuee  eaat  SU ehaius. thenee  south  ttO  ebalna.
thanes west (so chalna to plat ��� of i-omraenet-ment
at loeation post So   f>. cuiitaiultig 64o acres
I    ti.   til MIRHIU.(iK>', l>K-ator.
���seo   Huaeroft, Agent
Dat*<i July 8th. Y*r.
Nelson Land District   District ot West       -������   *t
Take notn-e khat haul August 1'aulai li, ol K it
cbencr, B. C. of-'i.patinu iuniueruian, intends
to apply {or aur-eeiMi timber Uosnes over the lol-
lovving de-M-rlbed imidn: Commeix-lng at a post
planted at the SonUkW4Wl eorner ol aurteyed lot
._*_1-0.1 tbeuee aouth to the northern boun-lar*
of timber lleene.- No. ~.<>l*. ttieuee weail to lhe
nonhweat eorner of aald limber lleem-e, thenee
south to the northern boundary of lot til. thence
following aald boundary, of sstd lot we��t to tbe
right of-way of the Brlllnh Columbia Southern
Hallway, tin*in-e following said right-of-way In a
north-easterly directum to j.iac.- of eommeitee-
ment, and -..ntaliniii* &40 a--reb. more nr leas
Dated Julv -'nd. liSfi.    Pan Acotarr Pal*i_*-oh.
Nelson I and Dtstnel    1
Take notice Ibai   KTS
Fernie. H  c . clerk, int.
lie. in e    over     the    full'
tomntenclnji ut ��   i-
Isirli t of W- st Kfxiu-uay.
1   Mei I. Hand   Kraat-r. o(
ids tu apply for n IpSCUl
riug    ��������� - rlbed   Und-:
i\   planted about avven
mile* wesi o- the Koousnav rttsr, snd abont on.
mile north ol tbe ln ernsttonsl bounder* fine,
ami a I-out one and a quarter north Baaterff Irmn
the north eaat oorner oi timber liccm e Ho. tool.
thencs **"*i-.'i ���*���  ttia.Q-    Ihence   wesl sfi  i-lmlus,
thsu ������ north *o cbslns, thencs essi s-( chaina u*
->olnt   of  commeiieetneiit.    and   t.m   iliilug   &4u
acres, more or less.
UM-ated Uth, of June. 1W7.
K. an MiCt.ii.i.AK  Psaatn.
OstcM this Uth Ol July, 1SV7.
Real   Estate  and  General  Agent.
315   Baker  St.,  Nelson,   B. C.
Notice is hereby given that ������ days alter date 1
luteud tu apply to the Hou. Chief ������������....���.;--.��� ���:������ -
of frauds aud *"* orka (or j-enuissiou to punhaae
the following detcrlbod lands, situated in Weat
Koote nay district: Commencing al a post marked by name aa initial post of tbe c-outl. Fork
branch, one hundred feet from Ibe Junction of
boat creek with the south fork; tnenes one-
���luarter mile to the northwestcorner post, thencv
oue mile to the northeast corner post, theses
...ii. . .nft.-r mile to the southeast corner post,
ihence oue mile lo  the place of cniniiieuceineut
June', 1VUT. Located tif Wtt. OOSMUr.
Nelsou Land InMrlct.   District ol VftSt KiKttenay
Take uotice that   Moore,   Kepple A 1 o.. of Gar-
laud, Peas .occupation  i'.iii... 1 !..��� i..   intends to
apply lor a special timt>er   licence  over   tbe   following described landa:    Commeueltig at a post
planted ou Mosuulto creek, ou the west aide of
Arrow lake, and about one half mile weat ol tbe
southwest corner of tlmtM-r limit No. 4tf71, tbence
north HU chaina, theuce west SU chalna,  thenee
south WJ chalus, thence eaat **) chains to point of
commencement, and  coutainlug '���*>'��� acrea, more
or leas.
Dated .Mb. July. :-."������:.     Moons. Ksn-r.r. a Co.
Johi�� a. Calkins, Agent.
Take notice that c*. C. (lark, 01 Nelaon. B. C,
saloon aeeper, intends to apply for a ape-rial timber lle> DCS over the following described land :
' om in SOdas at n post pt��t n ic-l on M or ll IIJX
Mouiilaln. about ojfe mile a*, sl of Hmelter ��� rsikS,
��� nd a-ijotniug ''. C Clark's location (or timber
lloenos No 1. and at-oul one mile aoiith of Nel-
SOa. thence west HU chains, tbeloe snuth -si
chalna, thsnos east HU chalna. thenc�� north on
chains to p.ii'-*- of ���- k-intiing
Dated July 16lh, lwff. C. C. Clark.
Oavm Booth, Agent
Nelaon IJind District.   Diatrict ot Weat Kooteuay.
Take uotice   that  I, B.   T.  Wallace.  <��{   iernt.-
' a spe-
Provincial    Secretary's    Report    Shows
Increased Volume of Business
Public   and   Private.
Calgary. Sept, 19.-���The report of the
provincial secretary of the province of
Alberta which has Just been iHBuerl ih
a very Interesting one. Unfortunately
the report stopH at December 91, i9__>
Thin report lit the first one puhliKhi-Tl,
and deals with the sixteen mon ths of
government preceding the date mentioned.
In the report of Howard W. Riley,
the deputy minister to Hon. W. T.
Flnlny, provincial Hecretary, Interesting
corn jut riKoni* are made and BtatiHticH
"Wlille I have not been able to get
any   very    definite    atatlsticH."   report*-.
Mr. Kiiey, "sufficient baa been secured
010 DOWN
We offer you   beat   fruit lands;
host terms; best local Ion; beat
climate. Absolute    tltleH.       You
d<��n't have to use all of your means
In paying for land. We want you
to put It into development. We
also bave tractH or 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If   you   don't   sen   Fruit vale   you
miss the beat in B. c.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelaon, B. C.
^^^^^^^             __ to  warrant   the Btalement   that   an   In
ejmrably associated with tbe very Idea I flnutely   larger   volume   of  business   Is [
Hettfls i* hereby lives that the nndsrslfneO
have auhinllted to tin- Lieutenint O'tvernor-Hi-
Council h (jf.pot.Ml QOdST the |irneli*lona of the
"Klvefn arul Btrssmi An," f>r OJesrlBS an'1 re
mnvlnn obmrtietiotin horn'ioat KHer and Meadow OrSSSi In the lM>.trlet of Weit KiKiU-nay, and
lormakiiiK thSBS���isfll for raftlnv arid drlT
liiff thi"ruon log*, lliui-t-r, hitni/f r. raflat-nd crafta
aud for cn-ctitiK an<l inalntaitiltiK txK>ni*i for
hoMinit, '������������ ���:r.i- hi, i 'it-livi-ritifc l"K- atcl UflibSI
brought down ssid SrsSm sad rtr^r, and for at-
tac.hflis l.'.-.i'i- to the itaorSOt "aid creek mcj
rlTer for (���aid (.iir[K*a**a
The l-iiili. t" l>c a Tf-ftcd hy dnld work arc-
I-ot a *��'-, ftlKl, AMI, mil lah lot*. I,';. II \%, 14 and
lb of i-<jt 4ft-ri, Urcmp i, Kootsnar hixtri.-t.
The t'lUn j.r���.������-.-.-���l io bs ObarSM arc su''h an
rnav t>i* flsed hy the JgdgS of Ho < oniil.v QOUrt
of "Aeut Kootenay
hal-d Hl-l  I-ilv, IWJ7.
THS iMTBKhATIi'NAl. U'HHBK A M'.n AHTI1.B ' '��� ,
-Take notice that 30 dara alter date I Intend to
apply to the Hon. the Chief Comintmioner of
tsutol and Worka, Victoria, for j-croiiaaion t-i
cut and carry away timber from the following
.lc*cril��td land, in "A fit Kootenay :
No. 1. Coinu-ciMiii--- at a pest planted at lbs
aouthweat eoriu-r ol limber llceuae H-H6, then' e
weai mi chain*, tlieine south HO ebalni, thenee
eaat SO chain*, Uioaos uorth HO en aim* to place ot
Oate_ May Sl, 1907.       J. T   Hi'Sasas. LOSBtOT.
J. W. I'OLBIK**, A|[aiit.
No. 2 CnrnmenetnK al a poet planted at the
southeast corner ol application No. 1, thenee eaai
SO cnaliiK. thenee north Hu chalna, tbence we*l HO
chalna. theme aouth Ml ehalna Ut pla��e of c��un*
bated Ma>   :i. I'jS/7.       J  T. Bcaossa, Locator.
J. W. ' oi *���'������*���'���, Ageut.
Take nonce that John H*��as, of Fernie, B. 0���
hotel kespsi iDtanda to apply for a arn-r.-ial tim-
ber licence ov.-r the following described land*:
1. Comtnenciug ai a poat planted In the l>la
trli lof Wesl Kooicnay. Nelaon Mlulus hlvlaion,
on lbs norli. fork ol the aouth fork of I>��at( reek,
about five Bill * up ereek from where two foiku
iiieel ali'I about alx mllea north ol the Interna
tionnl Boundary Una and about twSBtr-elS/bl
im.*- we-i .,! Kooteasf Kiver, thence SSS1 -���
ohalns, tbeocs north m chains, tasaes weat so
chain* to nans of -aid creek, thente down itrSSJB
U) place of i-i.tiitio-iieeineut- .    ��� ,
r J, Koas. I/tcaior,
2. Commen. iiiK at a poal planted at the aouth
w.-at oornor ol '. Kims's No. i loeation, ibsnos
weatMi cbslns, thrao norlh m chain-., tbsnoe
aaStBS ' DSloi more or leaa to bank of aald Creek,
then, e .low ii -if. am to place of comme-icc-n. ���������
J. Koaa, I>aator
L ('���oinneiicltig at SBSSl planted ilnr DM|
lbs soul hwirat corner ol J. Iloss's No. 1 location,
ib.ice wastSO ehalna, thence sooth HO ohalns,
UWDOS e��-.t Ni lotiun, more or leas, to nald creek,
���hen.-e up ft renin to place of beslnnlnK
j, Hoaa, Locator
4. COSUataalas at a poal planted st or near
the Mrathwsol corner of J Koas'a HO. 1 loCStlOO,
then .- .aft ao chalua, theuce south SO chaina,
tbsnee west SO cbslas, more or MSI. to bank of
aald c-r-ek, thence up alreani to plaee of com-
mencement. _   _
J Rosa, Locator.
b. Oommsnolns at a post planted about two
mile*. -. uth ol the aouthweat corner of J. Koa*. -.
No 1 1 -cation, on the uorth fork of lhe wjiitft
fork of I. n .reek, and about lour mllea up
stream. from where the two forks meet, thenee
east sn ehains. thence north HO chalna, thenee
we*l Ho bbslas, more or leas, to bank of aald
creek, thence down stream tophftosoloomaisaes-
me,,t- J.Ross.Loe-tor
5. Commencing at a post planUwl at, or near,
Iht aoolhweat cornerof J. Rosas   No  6 loeation,
on Uist cress, ihence west sn chsins, thsnos
north *���*) chaina, tImin-e HOchalin eaat, more or
lean, lo bank of aald creek, thence  down   stream
to place ni.ommsaosw nt.
I^icated r.ih June. 1S07. J. Ro<w. "Locator.
Time for adverliaiug estended by the Aaalalant
Nelson I~nd DtftHst   hlairict ol West Kootenay.
Take notlff. that Thos. K. L. I-og��n,of Bon
ner* ferry, occupation painter, Inteuda bi apply
lor a special limber lleSttOS over the following
dei'TliH-d lands: ' ornineiieliig al a post planied
onlheaiu'h aids; of Boundary creek, about 10
nllss w.-st of the Kootenay ��� Ivor, tin me wc?at HO
chsins, thanes  b ���*�� ebalns, thencs cast ho
ehsltia,  tbefii-�� north   Miehalns   to lhe  polatol
���oMiinenc-meut, and contain Ing ���"���*��� acres,  more
uSSk Julf 6lh. 1W/7. THOMAS K. U IXWAS,
timber   licence    over    the    folfowiug   dei-crllvd
1. ''omini-nrlnr at a jv��st planted   about   lour
miles wast of ibe Kootenai rteai and one mile
north of the International boundary line, thenea
���OBtb >vi chains, Iheoee cast HO chaina. theiiet-
north M) ebalna. thenc- weat ������ chains to the
point of commencement, containing f-40 acre*.
more or leaa.
bate-1 July .Klrd. 1907,
2. Commencing at a posl plantetl at the north
WSBt eorner of location No 1, llifT-c south Ml
chains, theme west M) chains, theuee north Sn
chatua. thence east SO chalna to the point of
commencement, containing fitn acres. Bore 01
DsftSd July 23rd, 190*7.
t. Commencing at a post planted at nonh
weat cornerof location So. S, thenee nortb to
ehalna, thence we*t ���*-, mains, thenee south SO
chains, thence eaat an chains to the polut of
commencement, coutaluiug MO acres, more or
Dated Juiy ISrd. 190*i.
I. Commencing at a post planted at the northwest corner of No 1 1.nation, thenc-- north HO
chalna, thence east SO ehains. theme aonth *-
chalna, thenco weat HO chains t o the point of
coinnieuieuielit, containing trio acrea. more or
hated July Zlr<\, 1U07.
.*��- Commencing at a post planted about two
mllea north and '-_ mile eaat of the uorthweat
corner of location No. 1, thence so'ith M) chalua,
thence ea*l So chains, lbenee north mi chains,
ihence west SO chain- to the point of comuieiie,-
ment, containing Mo acres, more or leas.
hated July Klrd, 1W7.
6. Commencing ata poal planted at uorthweat eorner of location No. .*>, tbeme aouth so
chaina. thenoe weal m chalna, them-e north SO
chama, theoce eaat Ho chains to the point of com
meurement, containing M0 acrea more or less.
Daled July ��rd, lflCTI.
7. Oimrnenctng al a poat planted at the northwest corner of location No. 6, thence north SO
cnaina, tbence west so chains, ihei-ce south HO
chalna, thence east SO chalna to the point ol i om-
iiiencement. coutainlug M0 acres more or leaa.
hated July SBrd, 1907.
s     ' ..- i!ii.���)(��� at a poat plautc*) at the north
west corner of location No. V them, north *<
chalna. thence . a-t m chains, thenee aouth HO
chalna, tneuce wesi ho chains to the polntof commencement, 'oiiLaiumg M0 acres more ur leaa.
Dated July -3rd. 1807.
V. uommeii'ing at a poat planted at-ont 2
mlliawestof the northwest corner of lo< alior.
No fi, them, south SO chalna, thence eaat to
chains, th.-nee norlh So chains, thenee west Mj
chains to the point of commencement, and son
taming '-i i urea more or leas.
DaU-d July 24th. 1907.
Nelson I-n-l Matrlct.   District of West K-kiU-iiay
Take notice  that   William    Andrew     Ross,   of
reriitc.lt   C  .   hold keeper   Inteuda to appiv for
aspect*) tlmbsr licence over ��� * followim: des*
erlbod latoi*    Oonuasaelaf ai a post punted
about six mllea west of the Kootenay river, mi
cm creek. In the District of Wesl Kootenay
and be in ir about six mllea north of the inter
nati osl Im.undary line, and situate at the
Uortli.-asl i orner of William Andrew Ito*-' No
I limb' r ' .aim, theace north HO chains, theme
treat to cbSlBS, theme aoulh So chaina. theme
OSal H chains, to the point of commencement
1-.. ���-.-������! July _Srd. 19H7
Dated the -lh of Aug    1907
William Anurkw Roe*
N. t-.ni Lead Dlatrlct.   District of West Kooteuay
lake DOtioj that 1. Kvan Kraaer. of Kernle. Hi ..
clerk, tut. nd to apply (or a special im.bt-r l|cen*e
over ths (ol low int- deosHbsd landa;
1. Corn menclng at a post plantetl at the N K.
coru'-r about 1'- intiea north of the internathm
al boi n.iary line and ata,ut 11 milea west ot the
Kootenay river (about one mile north of LbS
uorth Ixmndary of T. L No Str7J) them-e HO
eb*l~f SOUUl, Ihesce wi chains wesl. thence m*
ehaiua north, thenca- an chains esat to lhe place
Ol t-eglnnl ti*.,
Dal.*,) July Jlst, 1907.
2. Commencing at a poat planted at the N K
corner of loratton No I, theuce goalh to ehaln*.
���:,. ...���..,*��� -* chains, thence north ���*������ chalua.
thence VSSl to ObslOJ to the place of   begltiuing.
I>at4**1 July -tlst. 190*;
3. Commencing at a post planted at the N K.
corner ol loostSoo Ho I. thence north sn - hains.
tbsnOS .a��t M) chains, thenre south so chains.
thence weal wi chain* to place of beginning.
Dead July _i��t. i*r7.
4. Commencing at the N K corner of location
No. I. ih.-m. north no chsins. them-e west HO
chains, thanes aouth *i chaina, thenco eaat SO
chaini to the rface I f beginning.
Dated July 2lat. 1907.
5 Commencing at a poit planted one mite
east of the *S. K corner of location No 'I. theme
south HO chain*, thence west SO chalna, theucf
north nehsins, theuce .�������: HO chains to ihe piac
of t..-ginning
Dated July _lat. iwr.
I    nniniasnelm a* a p.��st planted at the N  K.
corner of locatb.'i No    i, ilotn .- aoutb SO chains.
ih.tiM-.'s-i n-betas, the���ss north ho chains,
then. .- w.-at m rhslos lo lbs plae.- of '.egInning
Dab.--! 'my *.'.. i   r��'T.
7. Comno ���icin,; it a pOBl planted at the N. K
corner of ������ --.inui s i S, thencs n ���; ih so chains,
thenos ��� ���* 10 ci.ia.n-. iben*-s south *t ehains,
thsnos ��������-' eobainstotbs pi nee of hsalnnlng
Date l Julv  nit, :�����-:
���*>. ' ��� rnmen Ing at a pool pianiel at the V. K.
eorner oflOCaUloH No ... UtOOOB nn ".. an chains.
IbenO west Ml chains, thenee south HO chain*,
thenc    i*asi "v.. haina io the   place of beginning.
Dated  '"ly Bat, lSU. -'   fS-SSa, I^oeator.
Jr-n\   "novfn. Agent.
Take notice that F. Arthur Alex  *���-_,,���_,
tsml to apply for bermissum t,. poi_S '' ' S   I
lowing desrrlbed .ands     . oinineir-?*^**; I
piBnt.--l at the N. K. corner of Loun4.i_l?!
ei-   E. corner,   Iheuce north *w-L^-_2.
west_nchaln��, thence south *u S5_5 ^"*
ea*t_t) chains lo  point  of  -onini,���J .^
containing so acrea, more or k's*. ** ���*"
WtUUM Au.*:ioMn.ij..Arl7Wu
Taae DOttSS that I. WtUlSB H Jan ,~ZT.
to spot] for permission to pnrebssi u,-. (gj
ing dsssrtbsd lends     c.,mw,-i,1m�� .��� . _,
planted at the B. K corner ol Lour* and J? I
e.1 m.rlhea-t corner, theure awt �� ,,TZ' I
Ihence aouth 40 chsins. tbeseeeaii s) ._.,�� I
th-me north ��o chain, to p..fat ol ,*/-^_ I
ment. ami containing U,> acres mon .,* :-_p^ I
June". 1��H Wll.LUM RluiKAij-a.,,    '
^ William a:   x/o Mau. AfrnL
10 Commencing  at  a   post   planted    at   tb.
north wost sornsi ol loeation Wo. 9. thenee notih
an i halua, theuce east >**J chains, theme aouth m
chsins. 'hence west W chains to the point Ol
''oriiiii.ncemenl, c*intaliilng MO SSSSSi BlOfS or
I esa.
DstOd July 24th.  1907.
11 ( onimeni-lng at a post planted about I
U miles weat of the northwest corner of location
No y and about \^ mile south thereof, thenee
south Wl ehalns. tneuce east SO chalna. th.-nee
north M) chains, thence west Wl chains to the
polntof commencement, containing 640 �� re*.
mora or laaa.
haled July 24th, lis 17
It Cnrnm.-ncing ata post planted at In. north
west corner of lo-ation No it, thenee north ho
chains, tbence eaat HI chatua. thenoa Hontb BO
chains, thence weat SO chalus to the point of
'..mineuccmelit,  containing   C.l<i   acres,   more or
haled July Mth, 1907.
lit. Commcm lug ata p-'al planted al tin- northwest corner of locHllon aa 11, thei.ee north w\
chsins, thenee west SO chalus, thence souih WJ
rhalna, thence east so ehalna i<. the point of
commencement, containing  M0  acrea,   more   or
hated July 24th. 1907
14. Commencing ata post plsnted at I he uorthweat corner of location No. Hi Ihence aoulh so
chains, thence west so chains, thence north Mj
"halns. thence eaat HO chains to the point of
commencement, containing &4o acrea,   more or
hated July Nth, 1907,
16. Commencing at a post planted about two
miles north of uorth weat corner of location of No.
11, thence south Mo chalna, them-e ��� ��� i hh chains,
thence norlh Wl chain*, thence west bo chalna
to ths point ol commencement, coutaluiug t,Vi
acres, more or less.
Dated July 24lh, 19tf7.
16, Commencing at a poat planied at the north-
west corner OI location No. lb, thence north So
chains, thence east SO chains, thence aouth ho
chains, thence west wi chains to the point of
commencement, containing 640 KOTSS, more or
hated Jmy 241 h. 1907.
17. I'ominenclng nt a posl plSBtSd at theiiort'i-
west comer of lo. nilon No l.'i. thence north W)
chains, thenee west Wi chains, tlix-ticf aoulh -Ml
Ohalns, Ihence east Wi chalus to tho point of
commencement, containing MO acres, more or
listed July 24th, 1907.
IU Commencing Rt a post planted at the
norihwtat corner of iocn'ion No |&, 'henceaouth
Mi ehalna thctice ���..-.( wi chalna, ttastlOS norlh Ml
chains, thence easl SO chains lo the point of corn-
mcticcincut, coutainlug 640 acres more or leaa.
Dated July 24th   1907. H. K. Wn,lack  locator,
Johm iiiiw,./., Agtnt.
Nelson Load District.   Dlatiiet of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that I, Kllxabeth Kerguaou, of Nelaon, Hrlllsh   Columbia, occupation   married wo-
man, Intend to apply for permiaslou to purchase
the tollowlna ds�� liOSd land :   Comineucluc at a
poat plan ten 40 chaina west of the southeast cor
in-r  of   section   21, Township f*i.   Kootena).   and
marke-1 "K F'a  N. K   corner,*'theuce   weat   so
chains, thence   aouth  40  chalna, thence  eaat Wl
chalna.   thence   north  40 chalua to   the place  of
rommeic ��� ���   -    ��� snd  containing  ..JO acres more
Uth Julv, A   D. 19��7.    Kli-cattth Fssoium.
by W. A. Calder, ageut.
Nvl-.n laand District.    District of Weil Kootena".
Take uotice tbat I, David (i   Kurtz, of  Nelaou,
R, C, occupation merchaut, intend  to apply for
psrmlsslon to purchase tbe following deserlbod
laud Commcnc|ng at it isml planted at the
southwest corner of section 54, township *-9.
Kootenay. and marked ������D. B. K.'s ft, W. coruer,"
thenc* north w> chalua, thence east 4^�� chains,
tbsaos aouth Ho chalna, thenee west ��) chains
to me pointof . .������ , ���.,������!,.. ni.'ir! and conlainlng
-*< acres more or teas,
l.'-lh July, 11W7. Davii. 'i   KfSTX,
W. A. Calder, agent.
Take DOtlCS that I, Thomas Harry Wilson, Inland t" apply for i*erui1s,i|on to purchase the tol-
lo��iug described laud: Commencing at a post
planted et the I K. i-onvr of lot'l-w ami marked
H ��� Oomsfi thence srmth in chains, thence
v.��� -1 10 chains, thence aouth 10 chains, thence
weal   lu  chains, thenre south   ]<> chalna, thence
west  io chains, tbenoa aontb  ioebslas, thsnos
west 10  chalna, theuce   north   to  chains, thence
iai 40  chains   to   point   nf   commencement and
i onlaiiilug 100 acre
June 7. 1907
, mori
i.r I.
I'"'i'-   IIck'i   W|L"oS.
Wll.lUN KUOOOO Hil.l>, *geiil
Nelson Land District.   Dlatrlct of West Kootenay
Take notice that I. John Lang, of Nelson, B.C.,
oei upatlon   miner   lnternl   to apply for   per mi*
lion   to purchase the lollowiug descrtta-d lands:
in ���    ____
l^.t wwj tbsaa
chains, ilu-uco
chains lo point of i
SOres* more or leaa
August 2nd,  1907
po-l plahlct U| ibe N. K ...
ast 20 chains, ttience sinilh 20
est 20 chains, thence north 20
commencement, conliilnhig 40
John 1_no.
Notice la hereby given that (10 daya afterdate, I
Intend to apply to the Bon. Chief Commissioner
of hands and Worka for permission to purchase
the following described laud hi West Kootenay
dlatrtei, OO weal shire of Lotrsi Arrow 1-ake,
adjomlug '��� ������' No I'M- on the south ! Ilegtnnlng
at a post marked "Jiarry   lloLeod'a  N.K    ������orner
post and *��� lasted on tbe shore ot Lower Arrtiw
Lake, at lhe soulhcaat cornet of Capt Koalnnd'a
I.49IH. thence weat 20 chaina, theuce aonth 20
chains more or less lo the north boundary of R.
Fiillinorc's I'. R , thenee .'" chalna east along the
sub) boundary lo lake. Hence north along the
lake shore 2d chalna, more or leas to point of
May 2nd. 19U7. J. D. Moors,
Agent for Harry McLeod.
Nelson hand District. District of Wesl Kooleuay-
lake notice lhat th-orgo Kiifus Carter of HlnUr,
occupation, brldgeman, intends to apply for tier*
mission to purchase the ffillowlng described
.and : t omniem ing at post planted at the north-
west oorner of h. Boss*sppItosUon to purchase,
marked H. W��� thenee north 40 ehalna. tbence
mhsI 40 chains, thence south 'jo chalna to A.
Curry's pre empllon, thence West 20 ehalna.
thsnee south 20 chalna, thence west :-n chains to
Place of commencement containing 120 acres
more or less.
hate.| July 12, 1907.        flRoROB HCKCS CsHTaii,
W. J. 84.-OTT, Agent.
I, the undersigned, after 00 days intend to apply to the Hon. the Chief Comnilaalonei of l.no.i**
'    *    rka to purchase lhe following deserlla-d
���ommi ibclng   at   the   N.K. c. of   l-<it 7fi39
lenoa   wesl   40 chalna,   ihence  uorth   20
thence  cast  40 chains,   lbenee south 20
hatus to point of c^ommvueumsnt, coniatnlUK ho
ami w.
a, i.. 1
acres more or lesa.
hoi ato    March -Mb, 19U7,
Slaiy dara after date I intend Uisptxi u._ I
Hon Chief Commlasloner of Uns iu,i<t<��m
Victoria, B.C., to purchase the f-.;'n wi-i. wl
scrila-d land, siluatcd In ihe *A*.��t a...',u��u|
trlct: Commencing ai a posl pU_*-*-l tu
West side ����I Kootenay lake, near *������ ��� ,
point, and marked J. McKtnnoti'* *' L-tn-
l>0st. theme west W ehalai. thei-ea ntsa_i
< hains, thence east Wi chains more or If*. ���*,**
shore   thence  along lake thoreto-s ,
me u'-emeu t.
hat.d Aptll 4. 1907. r>tgnH J  M'K'ne
Nelson I And District.  Dlatiiet ol *. * v.   _._-
Take   notice  that   Edward Fraarr of kiW
Montana,   V.ti  A .  ocrtipalu---  wist] bnaiiX
tends to apply   for   iterttilssion  Ot p'jr_Wfc
following   'h*acriU*.f   land:    < e*tua*-_i'-!| g|
(inst plauteil  on   the west  shore of t"���*���>���-��� !_���
shan (Carlbran) lake, and at the so'ithtsK-^ns
of   Lot alW.  them e wesl J' . lialDi, '.:.*_f mS
AO chains, theme east 20 c halo*, tbcL'*- kniil
chain*, ihence eaat 40 ��� *���.���!���,��. ir,.���!���-..��� ^, >M
west shore   of   l'p|aer   W haUlun (i��r:.-   ���
tbsaos   northerly  and  weaterly aWc tt*L__
shore H0  chains,   more  or  i-ns. '���>��� y ::-' 1%, I
iiiencement.  and  <>>ntaluliig iAt ��rr��, aets I
May f9th. 1907 r-.--.tn.
s^^^^^^^^_ ..tytsat I
immlaaloner of '-��;.*���.;'. l'-at I
for permission to purchase the lo:kw:_| k-1
sen !��,��I land in West Kooteuay CUiri<i '��-1
menclng at a j*..-.: matked A (' a-:.-'-:f_ll
norner poat, running to chamt (*���'.-* - i-si I
the boundary of Timber 11evi_ce Nu ��*.!_"
sonlherly &0 chains, thence weatenj'Stfc.__
ttience northerly '-�� chaini aloof uu i. M I
track to the place of comment-emeu.ror._u-f I
two hundre.J sj'res, more or leas.
Located this 9ih day of May. l.'*"
A. C. BCfl.l
Notice la nervby giren *:.-.* ���������-���..*.
intend loappiy to the Honorable taea"**-
mlssiouer  of Lands  aud   Works for p
to purchaae the following rtesrrltsM'aBtO
In Wesl K.Hitcnar dUtrlct cmcairaritl Sl
poat planud at the weat ImnnAtry ef loi O:*,
aud aboul Hi chains south ol ibtm'Jt <*��� "'��J
of the right of way of the H * hoctbtn**
way. snd marked P. A fa aostiesB -.niL
thence weat lie chains, thence bo*^"**��J"S
boundary of the righi-of way of B ( so��w
railway, theuce following saM (-ms-ii^asa
right of-way iu au easterly .I;:.-* * "-"'*''���������
bouudarjrof l��t a��2tll. 'h-r-����������� -���>���� vim*
commeni-emtni,  oontalulng 100 ����*��**���
Daled this ltlhdajro! Juris IW.
1'j.i.. A com P*n��s
Nelson I_nd Diatrict. Dlitrict of Wwt to(*ss|
Take notice that Paul August Psuia-t. jf U
chener, B. G . oecupailon lumt-ermir. ram
to apply l��r permission u. purrhs** U���� *���*���-*-
ing described lands Commei-iw ��. MJ
planted at lhe south lamn-lsry of tb* ���"��*
���say ot the Briiuh coiuml-u tow->*T\m
way and about .16 chains -esterly ttm su-F
52 ou said railway, thence aouth/H'ta-aaUj
eaat 20 chaina. thence aonth JO rha..ii ��J
east (0 chalna. iheuce uorth to th�� *;���-" ���*-���
ary of lbs rlghl-of-wa* of the Iinu>a t*m
Hoolhem Railway, thance weaterly si *���
aald right-of-way lo place <>(. ,.mmeat��sw.
Dated thla 2nd day of AntasL l��r .
Pari. Awif ""^.l
Nelson Land District.   Diatrict of Went H*-**-' |
Take notice tbat t.eorge Sturm.
Monuna. V ti. A., occupation.( m��
lenda to apply for penulsal->D w P
following   described   laud :   < '���"���'-1'*     	
post planted on the weai shore "' ' "V^fl
shan (i -rtuon) lake, and at lhe ^V^'SI
Oli-OttUS, them-e west rO rhaini. 0 fVm
40 chnins. thence east 20 rh��1"*'!r?53H
chalna to point of ~immen-���*-�����- ��*-        |
Ing H0 acres' more or leaa.
ng hu seres' mo
May 29th. ian
Nelaou I-and Dlatrlct. DUtrlct ��f "����� ****
Take notice tha. Walter MeNfl ���'--JJ
Monuna. V.ti A. .a-cpaiio.. menkss .^
to apply for permlaalon lo pun nsaei
ing Isscrlbed land : I omuo n-.��M f^
sl".n the aresl ffiorsof t, i-   *  '��     , u-tt
lake, and   at   tbe   inot ,    .*
l,eii.e west -il. chains, Ihearv n<�������* gi
hence cast 2*> chain-, ihi-m �� ��'��� l ' WBia, 1
Mdut   of   commcurcineul.   *��*���   tnaw
acrea. more or b
Msy 29th, 1907	
HUty   days after   dab- I ���*''*''7,'
rauchtr. ol Burton Oil;, fOtSBd ':
oi lot aa
chief Commissioner ol I -so - *
ion,.   H   *: . to purchase th. [0 -
Lands sltoste easl ol H��'i"��   ' '  ,
post marked "A  a   B ;^' "-.V*
.Innlcdat the k   ��   poriicr       ' '
Fanning north Mobsins. tjesei
thsnoesouth tochsloa. tin-me 	
place of commencement      ._�����,,, a H',T* I
August 1st. 1907. A"T1M" ^jl
Nelson hand Dlatrlct.   :>latrict"l "'M (|W��
Take   BOttM   thai   Hugo   ' "-^
Maultoba.     farmer
..._nds i" ."ffiiiSI
���n1      i:i���nin,.|i|.lntf   *l  *  i-^-rrr-m
In.   >l  n.l'V*.
sa'aa-n mlla-s Iratm Hi. "" "    ,,   _,.,.1,.*tl0V_*i
sa..-l.��lll��. tha-ll.- ��''"', ".''",��� ,..ml """I
rhlllus.   tlia-li.'' ������! "�� "J" U'r...'
rn.no.iii.Bt, ''""l"1"1"",''1 ��S       ^H
D.u-1 win u.y i'i ���"��""'���,,;���,..��� rs-.J
 .  ~r��-...l Brail""!
Illsinrt ���>'"*"       ^
Nelson l.sn.l Ulslrl. '
Taka.    uolli'e  th*
Krstik   f;
d, I
M��nlla.l.��.   I."'-.   ���      ."���������.i��-"l
lornrrnlMlou  lo pur''1"��'   ',", ,,���i r1^'
ti.,. ...irth.aHi ��rn.i :';���;",;',,, \/..��i.i!aJ5
lln-TnlV.-* inun   lh'
mark...! OU �� ','
n.arlli IM i-liKlns,   Ihen
s.illlll Mil rhsllis. Ifi.'V.'-.,,,,,,
raimiiii.na'a'ma.nt. (,'r\'"'":,'."y.,fl
lialo.l BUI!, .lay ol August..   _..
.<:. H. N K porn.'
tlH.lll... SOIIll. H...I.B1I1
I'llsltlS t"   i'1"''1' '"
niT.-s..l lali-la.raof",
arri.si.l lalltl. Ll"'" "' Si   (*)I0I*1_"__��1
D.ioal'Jasi *-f2ft_JS_ H1-*""*"1'"^ The Daily Canadian
Who Want a Good Arcticle Will Buy
|The BACOIN We Sell
[I Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cared and Smoked.    Our Hams Are
Excellent   Also.    All   Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lard in All Sizes.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
, . d ! I'iltrlct.   I*l*trl  lot West KootcnaT
E .   thai   I'atri k   SheraB,  ot   Nelson,
; p naps tor, intends to apply
I .                                  ��� ���   ,..    .... r   tbS   fi.Ilov-ilig
I ���  l-      �� oiumi ii'ingal a post PUOted
f ,                ��� .   *' ol : it MM  i-.-iiik I'atrtck
1 ,. r   j....i     running    south   KO
j. it MO chaina,  ttience  uorth ho
, ai:i-   tc [.oint  o( com-
f tin : ��o7.       Psraica Baaa-v,
w EBICS Hlk*Mi, Agent.
���i.  District ol West K omens j
���   I - ������ r   I.und. of
, .    pation ininin riiiHo. Intends
tnbsr  tleenos over the
Joainc deacrlbed  landa:   Commenetnj| at a
L v. |   -i-.-t ������( loi BU
'.-   . . i.fiinit*er lleenosJNo 70U,
IDS,    Ihl nee   .�����*! lOflhSdnS,
��� ��� i -.*    thenoe  irsst Id chaina
ii t.  cm.-ni. and   coutainlug
01 .��� --.
|atej Jul; *���-��� I'stsk I-t-Kii.
mil Un<1 I-]*lrict    District of We*i K-mU-nrij
��� -    it,at   J'eter Lund, ot
li.n-lM-rman. lutenda
U .    -;- ��� .-,.'    lltttaSf   ilei-nee   over   the
I i landa:    I ���onatanefna ai a
I:, easl    boiindar)-   of lot Sl2, 100
��� ��� a< e J��ll and SI - halua
No   t. ihence   uorth
��� hsins,  theaos aootb au
��� ���   Seat to ebstns  to ths   i-oint  of
|iai*-t��.'m*-nl. ami coULaluing   '-to acrea. more
psms i-i!~).
���i Ui,'!:*.- l>lstrtei ol West Koo-aaay
| la-  v :   i    nntlre thai   Peter   Lund, ol
occupation iiimberman, lataradJ
| -   i- ��� Boa over lbs fol-
.iniiieui-lng at a post
indary o| lol Bu, BQ ebalna
-   posl   claim   No. n,  lbenee
���    - ..-t   ���   'halns.   thenee
h est 80  ' bams   to  point
��� '.'I   containing  M-'  acres.
No lOCommi-nclug ������ ��� ��� ���,.. planted about 20
chains mere or b-as south from tbe north-
ut���-t ctrner of !_*it Ko '2M'l on main Lemon
crock _id maraed Henry Kelchtirt eaat corner
post m 10, theme 4o chains north more or leaa
to ..I.������*. i midway ot the souih boundary line of
limb*--' licence no .��.'���.. thence Ito chains weat,
ihenc-  40 chains  aouth, tbence 160 chalua  eaat
to    :  '. M I   '   '   ' ' nrjlio-ll'-i'llielll
Dftttd July 27th. 11*07
Ko 11 Coinmencing at a post planted on Mono*
t- ��� u creek, about 70 chains, more or leaa, aonth
frou where Moutiinent < reek, t-inptyx into Lemon -reek, and near Henry Ketcbcrt northeast
OOtOOI p-oi-t ot tin-In r location Ho M, and msrkeil
���llcury Keichert uorlhweat --orner (*oai ko 11,"'
thanes 10O chain* aouth, Uunr.-tju chains eaat,
ttK-nce ltiO chalus north, thence *" chains weat
;.  the point i.r commencement.
Hated July .!7lh, 1**7
HkKBY   Ui .a ll IK i.  I.. ������ ator.
k ���   '.-'.. 1W7.
1'rrra I.ckd
ra ' . Taylor. eierS, of Arrow.
apply tor a ��pedal Ueoaes
-'  t'.aU'!  tron   thi     (oiloMing   deacrlbed
gAta poat plauteil 7u< baina
UMf'in mum'.     ������   direction   from   cariboo
iaylor'a, VT. I'arkins   H  W.
.   -o-jlh  by I". L   No   7666,
I:        ��� : o  ~<~2. LheneS   north HO
10   ' LlSlnS.  thence   aouth B
, Uii-nre  seal M chains to point  ol  com-
���    ���
ttirocuoa from Cariboo
;*���-.:   *   I'srklna*.   Ira K   Taylor's.-  W.
poat    bo tad* ]   on the weat by T. L. 7��">7.
i byJraF.   raylor'a   alio   W.   i'arkins' T. L.
. ihenee lortfa io chains, thenre eaai  if��
- halns.   thenoe   west lf-t.
mem asaeaj ______
:.   !'.*irt<t ol Weat Kootenay
that SB dara after date l,
B*  Iherg  miner, of Molson, B.C.. inw,r.id
|! 1 blot   c.inmisaloner of
ini] tVurki (oi *. ipedsl UottMS u�� cittand
from the lotlo.ving dracrit-ed
������,��-..!  ..-,  -riiiimlt  creek,   lu   the  West
1 <>nim**ti--ing at a post  marked J. P. Ha
af riQeaat oorner post, located on
I reek   mImm-i two m ilea from
'"""-it, ibenoa   running  south  no  chain*.
I'    -  QOlng weat SO chains. theaeS   ruuulng
o ��       ilna,  thsnoa   west 40 chains,  thenoa
' ' Lhenoa   ruining  east 10 chains,
lh 40  chains,   tto-uce eaat *0
fl 1      '        m< n-. ment.
wed on Lb, ��th dsi ol August. wn.
Ion*. P. BVBDBSSO.  I-Hitier.
per bla agent Pain Mc1Hj.n_.li'
fl log st " pool marked J P. 8'a
Tiimtt, nort!.��. ������ corner post, located on
l""�� el Summit cr.-k. aboul two miles from
ersak, thanoa running south 10 chain-*.
'"������"���'-' lialif. thence running
sickstat, thsoea running westHOchaius
��� tseocemont.
'���tMonthe KUli .:.*, of August, 1907.
Jons r   BtrShtSSas, Locator.
per hi* agent Paies McIMikald.
tUod DUtrlct  District of Weat Kootenay
���Sotloathal  .1. It. f. Stewart,  ol  Colling-
.vou, oceupattoa  lumlKtman. lutenda  10
tlmbei   11 cue.- over   lhe   lol*
m. "Mi*     Dos
��� '       * '1.-Kin  nl,.
���1  H : I
*  ll.-i
Mo   bssd watersof UraU-
I ""t  !    R   V   r-lcwarl'aN. K.  Aug.'
0 h-b..- north   bi chains, tbenoa   wet   to
B       Italna,   thciicc    west   ao
1       baina.   thence   east   HO
 liaiua.   ihence   weat JU
'J ��� ntnmi noement, containing
. jani*-- r v om*wm
jnUn-1 Dtitrtcl    DutrtOl 0! Weal Kootenay
B  1   stowart. "f coning
���n   Intitbermau.   hit. lids   to
n.b.-i   licence   over   lhe tol
������'    Oommeoelai at a pi.st
,, '       lh   kid)   01   -. Bmall   creek   due
1 tl Uesdow mine, about ��*
Ct'ss*?1 '""I,n1, "-.K marko.1 J. K K.
��F ��*-".��  ang .   post, tli. m.   , a-t to chains,
1 t tins, thsnos Went 90 chains,
baina, th< m a WMt hi ciiaius,
_,.,,,���. , ''halns, thencs en-*t m cnalns,
l<Mitiiiit,i. '.'"""���io plaes of commence
i, , ������ tMoacrei marsoi less.
JaMIO-   it     I*.  h-KSWART.
w *M Dlatrld    Ulatrict ol West Kooleimy
 Iu'.wl '��� slsxandsr  CHlleapta   ol
���rg, Intend to nnplv  (or a apeclal
over   the following  described
,ri,   "<    'ior.l.  lork nlCorn   ccek   with the
-I'l"   tl.,,      ' """,|  4U 0I--1OB, thence west
iiniiotK, *""��������� Wehataa, thsnoa seal
'������norsorisaa.0 '"''""""������- otmtalntng
'i[--'iv'i- nth wn
orth f^?'' ,\u ,,"'���l i'1""'*"- on ��he Imnk
""iill-i -..,'        "Pl F6*-" '������>',"��� '""! milea
,,;;"'���''��� Wllh the   Man, . nek.thence
���"""   wsal   wochHlns.   ihence
B   ciiki   to  chnlua lo   the
D&tslnin| MO  acres,  more
W'u" mora ���
1 AUruv, ifith, l��fl7.
A****AWDgROiLt*haTia, locator.
A. HacKKTT, Ageut.
i-tnoUd "!":M"' "-"trlct ul Woal Kootenay
'l"-ifc,i,*li;|IM'":',;ry Keichert, of Nelson,
"l' l,) ---n and ,. ,"'' "' "I'P'V f<T a special
*""!'lesprlhi..i uSJ "w,,y tnn*���r ��oai H��'
kL^P-ttmsnoin. -.."'_._	
PelMUi LSttd MstrlSt   I'latrlct of West Kootenay
Take notice lhat I. Harold N. Kdgecembe, of
lernie, ti ('., c|��rk. intend to apply lor a special
tim'-er .: ��� in. over the following described
_      .ommenclng at a j-oat planted   at   the   cou-
i nasi f the  north   lork  al Corn  creek   -.'������.. t
two mil*-" trom its continence with the Main
'���reek thence south 40 chains, tbehce west lf-0
ebalna, theuei- north 40 chaina, ihence etu-t ire
< ht. i n*. to the j.lace of beglUUIUg, conUinlllg 640
a*.-res, more or leaa.
Located Auguat 17th. 19(77,
ft. Commencing at a pOSl planted on the bank
of the north fork ol Corn creek aboul two milea
irom iu continence with the Main creek, then<-��
aouth SO chains, thenee uoat HOihalua, tbence
uorth s ehaius thenee vast HO chains to the
I'lac,* of beginning, containing (HO acrea, more
or leaa
Located Auguat lTth, 1W7.
'*. Commencing ai a poai planted on the bank
ol the north fork ol Corn creek about four mllea
from Ita cni! ui-riff with tbe Main creek, thence
south an chaina, thence eaat to chains, thenee
nor ��� h BO chain*., ihence weat 80 ebalna to the
ii. of beginning, containing MO acrea, more or
UM-ated Auguat 17th. 190*7.
6. Commencing at a poal planted on the bank
of the north fork of lorn creek about 6 milea
from ita confluence with tbe Main craa-k, thence
north 40 ehalns, thence east 160 chaina, thence
soiitb 40 chains, thenoe weat Inn ehalna lo tbe
pises oi beginulug, containing Mu acrea, more
or leas.
Dated Aiigoni lath, 1*7.
6. Commencing at a post planted on the bank
of the north fork of Corn creek about atx mllea
from its confluence with the Main creek, thence
-��� .1.-1. HU cbalua, thence eaat SO chains, thence
north ao chalna, thenoe west MO chains to the
plan* ol beginning,  containing  '-40 acrea,   more
or lesa
Lotaled August I6lh, i ���"*.
7. Commencing al a post planted on the bank
of tbe north fork ol Corn creek ahout six mllea
from Us eonflnence -a lib the Main ereek, ihence
aonth so chains, tbence weat MO cbalua, thence
north *�������� chalna. thenoe saat SO chalua lo tbe
place of beginutng, containing MO a. re-, more
or leaa
I ���  c-n'.fd August l'.tli.   I"*"7.
H   N. KnosooHBS. Ijocator.
A. HacasTT. Agent.
Welaon Land Diatrict. Diatrict of West Kootenay
Take notice that we. Archibald Bremner and
'tcorge Young, both ol the city uf Nelaou, in lhe
Pm-riiiee of Hritlab Colombia. lumbermen, intend to apply lorai-eclal timber tlcenaes over the
following deacrlbed landa:
1 CnmmeticiiiB at a poat planted al-out 2JM
yards westerly from the ]miction of ihe north
and main lork-* of Summit creek, a creek flowing
into Kootenay rirer wuib of the southern end of
Kooleuay lake In the dlatrlct of West Kootenay,
which junction la about IH or JO mllea Irom the
mouth of auch creek, thence aouth e> chains,
theoce east 160 cbains, theoce north 40 rhalna,
tbence went 100 chalna to the polntof '���ommenee-
tneui aud containing 6*0 acrea more or  ������-.-
Dated thla 5lh dav of Auguat, 1VQ7.
2. Commencing   at a poat   planied   about   2M>
Jards weaterly from the main Lint north forks ot
uuimlt creek, a creek flowlug into Kootenay
river aouth of the aonthern end of Kootenay lake
tn the district of Weal Kootenay, thenoe aouth HO
chaina, thence weat 48 cbalua. thence aouth 40
chalna, thence woal 40 chains, ihence north 80
chains, thence east -ui chalua, thence north 4u
chalua, ttience eaat i chalna to the point of oommeneement and containing 640 acrea more or
leas. tiSoses Yot'Nti.
Dated tbla Mb day of Auguat, 1SVT.
I c.nnmenrlng at a |<ost planted about j��i feet
north from the bank of the main Hummlt creek,
an-t about _ mllea westerly from the Junction of
the uorln fork and the main fork of aucb creek,
a creek flowing mlo Kootenav river south of the
aonthern end of Kootenay lake In the dlatrlct of
West Kootenay, thence south so chains, thence
���-aat HO chains, thence north HU chalna, lbenee
vtestHU chaina to the i-ntnl of commencement
��� ni containing M0 acres more or leaa
AHiHlHAl.n  HltKMffSS.
Dated this Mh day of August, 1V07.
4 Commencing at a post planted about 2 mllea
up an unuamed ereok (lowing into Hummlt
creek trom the south at ami'it 22 mllea from the
month of Hummlt creek which latter la a creek
Mowing Into Kooteuay river south of the aouth-
. i ii iml ot KOOBSaap lake lu the district ol Weal
Kootenay, ttience north HO chaina, thence eaat AO
Ohalns, theuce south 93 chalua, theme west Ho
chains to ihe potnt ot commeucemeui aud con
intulug i'l" acres more o- less.
i.t..ii'..> Yot'No.
Dated this Mh day of August, 1U07
A Commeuelug al a ]������������'. ������ >���������������'��� ���! Ian mllea nn
an niitiHiiK'i! creek flowing into Hummit creek
from the south at about 22 mllea from the mouth
of hummit creek, which latter is a creek flowing
Into Kootenav river south ot lhe southern end
of KootciiH) lake in the ai-urirt ol West Boole--
nay. tbence south HO chains, theuce eaat HO
ihains, iheuce north titt chains, ihence westHO
chains to tlie point of c'linmuuccmeiit and coutainlug bio acres more or leas.
Ale ItlBAl.D   BltgHNglt.
Dated ihls.'.lh Jh>- of Auguat, 11*17.
�� CornmencitiK al a posl blShtsd about one
and a hall miles up the north fork ol Hummlt
creek, a ereek flowing into Kooteuay river south
of lhe southern end of Kooteuay lake in the dlatrlct of Wept Kootenay, ttience nasi HO chains,
ttience south 40 chalna, thence east �������� chains,
theuce south -tOchallia. thet.ee wc*t HU chaina,
tti.-nee north Id chnlua, thence west 40 chains,
thenos north to chains to the point of coinmuuce
ment and containing ��***""- acroe more or leaa.
Dated this tub day of Auguat. 11W7.
7. Commencing at a post planted atiout oue
mile aid m halt up the north fork ot Hummlt
creek, a creek flowing into Kootenay river south
of the southern end of Kooleuay lake, in lhe
dlMrtel ot West Kooteuay,thence north 40 chatua,
ttience weal 40 chains, theuce north 40 chaina
thence eaat HO chains, theuce aouth 40 chalnr,
theuce cssi 40 chains, thence aonth 4o chalna,
tbSOOS west HO chaina lo the point of commulico-
uient and  oouttttulng 040 acres, more or lesa.
Dated thla ��th day ol Atigual. HOT.
A lu inn til t> BSRUNgR
8, Commencing  at  a  poat   plauted    sbntit a
���oartsi ol a nils irsstsrijr liosi ths north fork
of Hummlt creek, and about two miles Hud s
half up audi north lork Irom Its junction with
the main Hummit creek, a creek flowlug into
KOOtensy river, south of the southern end ot
Kooteuay lake ill the dlatrlct ot Weat Koolenav,
thenco north kii -hi.iiis, thence east H> chains,
thence SOUth 10 chains, thenee west BO chalna lo
the point of commeii-'eiiieut, iinrl colilalulug 610
aero*-, more or less
Dated ii,i-i.lh dav of AugiiHl,.1907.
uarter of a mile westerly from the north fork
of Hummlt creek and about three miles up auch
north fork from lu Junction with the main Hum,
mil creek, a creek flowing Inf. Kootenay river,
south of the 'Southern end ol Kooteuay lake in
tbe diatrict West Kootenay, tbence weat h0
chsins. tbence nortb B0 chslna, theuce east HO
chains, tbence south So chains in the point of
commencement, and containing MO acres, more
or leas.
Dated Ibis 0th day of Auguat, 1907.
Af.. mi:..; ii Bkemkbh.
10 Com in en a i n g at a post planted about a
--uarter of a mile weaterly from the north fork
of Hummlt ereek and about three miles up aucb
north fork from Its junction with the main Hummit creek, a creek flowing Into Kootenay river,
south oi the southern end of Sootenay lake, ln
the district ol Weat Kooteuay. thence west 10
ehalna. thence south 100 ���-halns. tbence ear.! 40
chains, thence north ISO chalus to the point of
.'o ni tn. in .-in e nt. and containing M0 acre*-, more
or less.
Dated this20th day of August. 1407.
11 Comm-suclm* at a poat plauted about half a
mile easterly from tbe south fork of Hummlt
creek and about one mile so ah of tbe main
Hummlt creek, a creek flowlug into Kootenay
river -ontli uf the southern end of Kooteuay lake
in ihe district of West sootenay, thence eaat B0
chains, thence aoutb Ho chains, thence west B0
chalna, tbence north SO chains to the point of
eommttucement and coutainlug M0 acres more
or lesa Abckikai n Ekkmnsb.
Dated this Hat day of Auguat, 1V07.
Certificate   of   Improvements
������Montreal snd "Quebec" Miners! Clalma situate In the Nelson Mlnlrg Division, of Weat
Kootenay   District.
Where lo< ated : West branch of north fork of
Halmon river, ou Craig Mountain, al-out nine
miles from Krle, B. C
Take uotice lhat I, Alfred Krneatt.ailupe, Free
Mluer's Certificate No BM9. Intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to i pply to the Mining
Heeor-ler for a Certlflcate ot Improvements, (or
tbepuri-oB- of obtaining Crown ''rant* of the
above claims
And further take notice that action, under
section JR. must \*t> commenced before the issuance of such Certlflcate ol Improvements.
Dat**d (his mil day of eeptem!>er, |y07.
Royal Hotel
raoral rraass.
Rate* |1 nnd * 1 50 s Day.
Special Ratea t.. Ketmlar Board���.
Queen's Hotel
H.a.r Htreet. Nelson. B. 0,
Lighted by Eleotrioitr and
Heated by Hot Air
Lara, aaal tlomloruble Bedroom) and  Klnl-
claMDInlng Room,    riample Rooms Inr l.'aammer-
"1*1    *-ii
MRS    K    CCLAKKK.   I'ti.i.rlelri-ss
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la ths Finest.
While Help Only Employed.
Josephine St.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly reuoratPd and reftir-
nl.hed. Hooms 60 cents upward. The
dining room Ib unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. KRICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 260.    Opposite Court House
and Po-toftlce. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
European .nd Amarloan Plan
Mw.lt tt. ota.   Room, Iron, as OU. to 11.
Oalr White Help Kmptored
Ba.er 81., Nelaon
In the malliT ol ��i. . ....Ilralion lor the issue ol
a -l.ipllp.1.. nl the (Vri.llpaui ail Title liar bat a,
an. the vaesl hall ol lol B, blopk 61. In Ihe Town
"'Nafl'l"". harsh) .tvi-n that it Is rrrl '"J*"1'""
laa l��ue >t the ri|.lr>tlou ..I one mi.lilh .Itei the
llrat publb-itliall lierea.l . alaiplla.le ol the .aertill-
. >te a,l title lor the .tare l.n.ls. In tha- Bamao
l.jall. Shiebl.. ��l,l.'b .ertlfla-.te Is rt��<*.;''h,-- ""
.l>y ol llopamWr. I����. *nd niinilaereil ml K.
"ll    r. Mai l.BOO,
District Kotilstrar,
Ml  Kinds nf Heating  Hunts In Stock
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera Hou.e.      Tel. 181,
F. C. GREER       F. P. BURDEN       A. H. GREEN
Gvil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
r. 0. Box 145    Phone 2.1 B.
In th. Matter of    th. "Land    Registry
Act" and Amendment, thereto,
0.   QtouMMUf   at   �� I-'"' Pl����*-'*   *bou' ��
In the msll.-r ot
>. .1 upbuilt., ol Iba1
��.11. -J-itrJ, au.l J'siri
Natlta... ts li.'i. I.a
to Issue *l lhe ex..
tirst piibllc��lb.n "
'I'ltla' taa the all....'.'
.i....... Rodarlo. R
,!at...l the'.Mil al��:
l���.r,.,l nil.'....
band   ajjlrtrj
Allgusl. 1��I7
an applltratlon lor thp Issue ol
t'ertttb-ate  ot  Title  l.��r   l>.t*
IJroupl. Kootell.y   Illstrta't,
aiveti tlial tl Is my  Intention
.,,, 11. >.��� ol one month Iraatti the
.ereot a .ttllalta'Bte CrtlBfat. ot
.leserttK'rt lands, In the li.meitt
tihertsun   whleh   t'odllla-Kta-  ts
.I August, Iiiwi,  ..n.l  is uuin-
Nelsou,   B.I'.,   Ills!
II. K  M ��.���I.s.ili,
lllslri, I Kesletrar
A   White   Woman     Made    a    Slave   by
Indians and  Rescued  by  Her
Quiet by the Hhoretiof Quinte lay the
I inimii village, Jee-yoh-Oay-hoon-wttW-
daw day. The mi-uhwh went bUHily
about their work, while the men lolled
in tbe huii, one carved a pipe bowl, another Hiuoking, white wtill a third told
of hi-- proweHH in war und in the chatte.
It vvun the lime Knpland had made
the i-nri-pH-t of Canada. Peace bad
been restored in the land, but tbe
settlera had not yet commenced their
migration to this new country. The
Indian- still wore at their belts tbe
dried Mcalp Jocks of their enemies-), and
In thevillage wan a slave whom they
had captured to the south of the great
lake���a white woman with unfamiliar
Now she waa toiling back and forth
between tbe village and the ahore,
carrying armfuis of driftwood for the
tires. Once Hbe was ordered on some
errand by the Hbrill voice and graphic
gesticulating of a squaw.
Then, when a few Hpare moments
���.Mine, she wandered down to the shore.
Leaning against a fallen tree she
watched the water as it caught tbe
gold rays of the setting sun. The ripples lapped her tired feet, gently car-
essii'g them.
Presently a canoe came round the
points, propelled by a solitary paddler.
As he drew nearer, the girl's heart
throbbed, for there was something
Mirungely familiar in his ligureaud the
swing of his paddle.
A liund fell on her shoulder, and as
��� he was roughly hurried away, she
beard the word "Yengese"���English���
j,-*-.*-- from mouth to muuth.
The canoe touched the shore. A man
in the garb of a huuler leaped out,
drawing it up after him. The Indians
buw that It was laden with bundles,
and they greeted him with friendly
The hunter answered them in their
own tongue, the while glaneing anxiously around. They led blm up to tbe
village and ollered him meat, tlsh, arid
a pipe of smoke.
He carried up one of his bundles
and threw it down near tin greatest of
tbe tires. The Indians, seeing this,
brought out from their bark houses
many fine furs.
"Where \* the white maiden who
stood by the shore as I came up |tbe
tiuinte*?" questioned the hunter, the
while undo tig lis bundle.
The 1 udians bestowed uncomprehending looks upon him. '"There is
no while squaw here. My brother's
eyes have lie.) to him," w id the Chief.
'���Mine eves tell me nothing but the
tiutb," the hunter answered ; "they
Haw a woman here whose skin is more
white tli:tn mine own."
"This is then perhaps the one whom
our brother saw?'1 They thrust forward a young girl, fairer than the
others, but still decidedly Indian.
"No," without hesitation, "this is
not the one."    The girl withdrew
The chief glanced at him reproachfully. "Perhaps my brother has some
illness?" he asked coi.cernedly.
Tbe bundle now lay open. In it were
bright cloth aud strings of beads winch
glistened in the fire-light. He banded
lhe u-.iiU to the chief as a present.
Then a brave stepped forward, a
mink --kin in his out*,-retched hand.
Hut the hunter spurned the fur from
"I want not furs," he said. "I_ook."
turning to the Chief, "all this I will
give thee for the white squaw who
stood by the shore."
The Chiefs eyes gleamed avariciously, but he shook his bead.
"Nay," said he, "'tis not enough."
The hunter carried another bundle
from bis canoe. In it were cloth, and
sharp knives and hatchets.
"Nay," said the Chief, "it is not
A Lnirii bundle was brought forward.
More bead*--, a brass-bright kettle, and
gilded ornaments were contained
"Vet not enough," said the chief.
The fourth bundle was carried up
and untied. Twisted, rope-like totmcci ,
some toots and a great black bottle
came to view.
Tbe Chief glanced at him reproachfully. "It will not do," hi.id he,
though he could OTOJtCO take his gaze
from the bottle.
The hunter straightened himself.
''There is no inoie." His voice came
near to breaking. "There Is no more.
It Is this or nothing."
The Chief leaned forward, his eyes
hining greedily.      "All  this," he said
"and the gun���snd the gun.     Then Is
the   white nquaw   yours, but  not  before."
The hunter banded him his rifle.
"It Is well," wiid the Chief.
"It Ifl good," replied the hunter.
They led the girl out to him.
"Come," said be, M he put his arm
gently round her. Then he helped her
Into tin.* canoe.
He paddled steadily out into the
night till the cmnp tires dwindled into
bright points, with only the new moon
hung in the west to light their way.
"Roger," she whispered, "I knew
that you would come."
The Little Boy That Died.
I uin nil alone in nay cbumber now,
And tin- midnight hour Is m-ar,
Tha fnitiit'-i Cl-Ok und the clock', dull
Arc the only houiiiIh I hear.
When o'er my loul In 111 Hollluile
I.one foaling* o( nmltici--. do glide,
For my heart nnil my eyes are full
When   I   think nf the  little buy thut
I   Khali   ml-.*  him   when   the   flowers
In the garden where he plnveil;
1 ralnill  iiiIhh hii ire by the  flrealtla'
When the tlnwern me ull deeaye.1.
I can see III. tiiysatitl hi* empty chair
Anil tbe bairi*.' he u-aetl to rial.-;
They ull dn .peak with u ��ilent npeech
OF the imie boy that died.
1 went one ,.i-*l,1 to my father"-* hoiiHe,
|       Went home In Ibe ileal ones all:
Rates to
The Coast
Greatest Chanc. of the Season.
See the Coast
at Its Best
Return  Ticket.  J19.05.    On uie   Sept.
20th to 24th.     Good until Oct. 3rd.
Return ticket. $16.55.    On uie Sept.
27th  to  Oct. 2nd.    Good  until   October   10th.
Tickets for Westminster Fair may be
destined Vancouver if desired.
For further particulars call of write
A.Q. P. A., Vancouver.
D. P.A.. Nelson
Sherman's Opera House
Wednesday and Thursday
SEPT. 18th and 19th
The Great Comedy Success
npp    The Brooklyn Bridge
\H H     at midnight.
*m*om9m\m~    The  rescue from  Drowning.
High   Class   Specialties   and   musical
numbers   between  acts.
Prlcea, 50c, 75c, $1.00.
Seats on sale at Rutherford's Monday
We have them In 6tb and 8 tb  Size*.
Quotations  given on    any  Electrical
Heating Device on the Market.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale ot Hire
Agent lor Truacott Launches
aud l-eterba.ro Canoes.
Finest Lot of Boata In B. 0,
Foot oUowphioeBt.       Tel. A18
Io the matter of an application lor the la-sue of
a duplicate Certificate ol Title for part (40 acres)
of Lot 812. Group one. in the Dlitrict of Kootenay.
Notice i�� hereof given that lt ia my intention
to i-.i-u at the expiration of one month from the
drat publication hereof a duplicate of the Certificate of 'i .tic for the above landi in the nimu
of Andrew Morrison, which Certlficat,.* nf Title
ii dated the Mh day of March, 1D0U, and numbered _t3��_C.
Land Kve-iitry Office. Meliou, B, C..September
1Mb. 1907.
���H    K. M'tLe-h-,'"
Dlitrict Kegutrar.
Iu tho niAtu-r of an application for the lwuc of
.lupllcateiuf the fcrtitlcattn of Title to loti 11,
12 and 13, Kroup 1, Weit Kootenay DUtrlct, *��'.-���>
known a* the "Kootenay Chief," "t torn fort" and
"Lulu" mineral claluii respectively.
Notice in hereby t-tven that It In my Intention
tn i.-mii* at thu expiriUlon of one month �� Hit the
lint publication hereof a duplicate of Ortttloiite
of Title r*o. 6��Ha of an undivided 8l-100thti in
eaeh of the a^ove lou, issued on the 17th day of
May, A. D.lSf<t> lu the uame of John C Ainsworth,
and also a duplicate of CertlPuate of Title No.
"*.��>*.in. of an undivided lU-UX)thi in each of thc
abuve lots, tit-wed on the 17th day of May, A. D
1886,111 the name of '.curve J. Aiusworth.
Land Kenistry Office, Nvlson, B. C.. August Oth
"H. F. MAcLbon,"
District Heglatrar.
rtoflly I opened the garden gate
And Hoftly the door of the hall.
My mother cituie out to meet  her hoii;
She ktascH- me and then she Highed;
Her  head   fell  on   my   neck   and she
Kor the little hoy thut died.
We thai. ��H   Ito   home   to our Father's
To our Kiither'iH house in the Hide*.
Where   the   hope of   our   souIh shall
know no Might,
Our love no hioken ties.
We  Hh.-tll rout11   on the  .shores   of  the
river of pMOB
And hatho in its blissful tide.
And on** <��l the |pynof our h.-av- n shall
Tbe liltlu hoy thut died.
Doors Locked to Keep Out the
Crowds   Attending   Our
Great $20,000 Sale.
The most ambitious trade movement ever attempted in British
Columbia brought to a successful
issue by
-J. A.	
We had a big day to-day but
we want each day to show increased business this week.
Remember, there's no alternative.
We must sell $20,000 in ten days,
no matter what the price.
All consideration of loss, cost,
profit, or result, thrown aside in the
wild rush to turn our
Stock Into Ready Cash
The first man to make a $25.00
purchase on Friday morning gets
a brand new $5.00 bill.
Be early. $5,00 will give you a
good time at the Fair, and we'll save
you another $10 on a $25 purchase.
Look for the big sign,
"$20,0OO WANTED"
Fire, Accident, Life and Employers' Liability Insurance
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
Choice Fruit
l Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Fruit Landa in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,<x>o in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson. B. C.
$1000 Cash and the bnlancc on OX
tended imynicntKwHl huy u six-
roomed hooTC and live lots; good
location,   price |8,500
$i.0'i c&9_ add tbe !..* lance on extended payments wi.i huy an eight-
roomed bouse nnd lot % biocl
from (be cur line, price.... $1,900.
ir.*"' cash and the balance monthly
paymeiU> will buy a six-numx-d
house and lot on Silica street,
price $1300.
$1*00 cash and $26 per month will
huy a seveu-roomi. (I honHe and lot
on Victoria street, pi ice... .$1S(��0.
i ,i-i
- it
I    ;
Piano  and Singing Lessons
Given  by  Mrs. Winter Every  Saturday
Mrs. Wlntor lioltlH eertiUcato from
Hoyul Academy fur pianoforte playing
and Bluglag. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, i'Jnp., fur theory of music. Scholarship of the London Consor.
vatolre of Music for singing and piano
playing. Addr.M Box 796. N.l.on.
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining Worn ��� Specialty.
Office:   Henley Hi... ling.    P. O. Ilox 434
Baker St., NELSON, B. C. i�� ! 1
ii) m
11 j
The Da3y Caiiatfian
TO    GET    UP
-. - :: t   ��...  _,*-. ��� *    -
i_rr-|_J fTtr^
-^r"**_ii    *-*;--*>��- ir.u
-CJ��      '���'iXtetUJ       *Wli- a\   :
-���*,'_._ *-*���* ��* .
.-/. c/?. THURMAN,
a .-- -.    **vt���y
-'i..   ' r i.- i     .'
.    , --.*   ...a  t
5 ' -. - '    >* -,.i '
> .��� -j*  '.*- .'   7    /     .
m, ran,.'. V   K. E-~*   -a*.   Me,
, ,.���      r.,_ Y';��*_r._i    ��������   ���.���..*������. ..-
��� ,. _   .->���������    _*j>   --n.-Tii
���a        ��� "i ��'     ��� ���      . ���
���   -    -
Green   and
Purple   Plums
We -on* Loc_l Dealers for tbe RenowTieti
*_.*   l_Ii'.     l*-���-*-   _������.,* -*,     :i
Fresh and Salted Mea:
*-.    ---...- -.���*--- :w    ; ���
-"      *    ".    -.Li.--    iVj   i    .
af >���    *r_*r�� rwu-rr-*   _-- *;    ,
Remm^too Tj^pewriter Compaxiy
Coal! Ice! Wood
Phcro�� 265
y_Iar,K/xA��*t__y   ���>-*,  P'-wrt,
Fwel  tfc P'sultry Co.. Ltd.
(_-,�����. rawwaj  ���>��-. w.rt sx,���*����-���
**.ra_tv.��*��. n. <_.
.'    ;.    l>-- ���: - i v ���?.     ' ~i.-   .��� . .
>   Itf-.Vv.   '    ':������-'���>-.���.���*'.     W    .'    i.
���:...-..':���*    ^-fjax-'j.      ""*    K-.*fi>rtM     ���    *
H    *aT^U_-��     W
'.    ',7/.*r *      V ��� v A       .*     '
���   .   -��� -   ,-.   '..t.-.jrr'.-vr. JC���, <-    X
/'. .r   Ba ��� ���-    -   H  Bs-M   "i   *���
���  .       It       'S.      ':'.*.'���'      ->sf- R
K> >������ ..-./���    'r-tr^x.
M    "    L���.  - ��� ��� ��� * *-t*l
J-  'a. ��� .-. /   Va*_f���,   y  -
:.urn i     w<   ���   -. .'        _Mae_M     H
���   . /   I   .*.'.-  Dan- >��� jr..
See Us
For Goad Fruit Land
;-, /-.- -.    Ufa IU   *'- SOO
A- .-���  '���.:���// ..
Bcdro. k Pi ��� ���
��� ���    .��� '���'' '
H L Ooadsdaile & _:
Km Dim m .'������*����������� ���-��� Ot���������������-.*->'��
Waterprrxif Paints
O,-,. T��r, ''atth,
Cr''.".*'      CHaal    lalff
(',-< Mrvfof '* '���"'-' -.
J''x,.',nj/  )';t. )i aii'i
��>A*l    li'.i^K-fS   ��,Ji   f,(./]   .1   V,  >..*���!,   >V-
T-l..^.    I/,    "...     '/'. /    J';*/.,
NeLvjn C-oke & Gas Co.
r, ''../, in   llnnt.i: iill'l   ',  I/.I*'., Ol>
���ervstory street. Hotue
will plMtered mkI in k'.<.. 1
���bftpc, .-J*.I,<><M>. Ckwd
...... .... ^
i 1 at..
iiakiii  ni
<j��n*r_-l Joti W'/fW, (.iitfnr.ry D��v��ep
Irty, <,��rp4��t C'*-*nlng, Plying anrl Clean
Iny   *ti-'**t,   ����'..
JA0K60N MADci.irrE,
1f1   leet   Bat-er   tt. PVione   N��.   MM
A. McDonald & Co.
li. ..I. tr in Mi.tpla. nnal fun' y i*.<s.aarl.a��
ItnlMar, Kutt.t
(lainp mill  Mln.ar.' Huppll.-.
K,   >    (J.        r*raa-_w*l     0    >*    I!-///,
>    Hfawl    '.    I    Una    la__��    j;
���   .     ��� .��� -a ft;.,  y  ;���     r *.v   * *
.. *v- . Baa   >.   li   '*js*r.   J t- fat,.
H ~  '.   .'.    fes��H    Hla.   >*.    ;>..    M �� f;
���   K  ".kt.x    1   -.   J>��r;    '.'    jw:
i/., v,  , i_*m   r.'j    ', >   .-..   .<.��
<>. ������: ��� .-./ ��� ��.--���" ���".'- -sTkaa >*r
>.   :���.��'.��,���/������:. <A*yAr,    v. ti  v. <s.z  ',
I'S**:.    '._.>���     -..^f      **    II    y'^sr    C   fVr :
A..-/va/>a��',      W    f.    Ki_../.-.    *fv;,..raj_
M>>...;, OBmUl
.  *    ���   C..-        .'   B   'A*',   ���fir.r:.    V,'   >'
v. .��.-....���. '. ;( few '������ a rm n ft
HtAmm   J   '.'-��r "*<i  �����*    'A'  ��  Ha.
��rf. 1st.' If H sWMWaa Jsl/-. i <,Unrr
H   '.   i .unr,     MaM   V.   V.    >,j���r,   'Ir*..
7 l'��*V// r        IV^a'.A'^: I*       /.      ii'*��MV*t.
y.ty.wn, W Tmamaa lj. Yr****:. J
ti. Ir*���*ft    li    If*--*!/.*-     ft>a*Mbi*nr*
.v.-/    a....'!    *>lf-r      V./yy/nv-f.       >.     id/Al-
.     -   '     A    '.*w>y
V   11   *��>/r,l*.)i|,    ���/-//;.,,  [t   M   ��'^l,n/k,
II   '/   ttmttOB Await
j   /.   '    Baaftag   ';r.*.j/,,, m.~ a
M ,������ :, i:..-*- H... J Aaat, r l.ri>,W.
yl.uututtut iitAttiu . y  y.titi^-i   <tvrtHt*..
', II l>v.aa//��� *;f,^l/rf,. W II i*.r,ari,,
fuv I,. i >..��������� * M>. HarsTIs*. Hiai Hia...I.
li/,*���a/f,. *i   ,*.'.',..-../,   WbUUn
A     'J     ilJaiii,-.     it     li./'r,'l;,la. .    ':rh,a
irwjt     M   \lt*\v,u.   X.a,,i.   .���.'    'I    W,/k
l,��i���    A     K...,liall,   1     II      Wl,r�� l.<��,_\    fj
il     M.K. r.   RsateMi    W    M   Tmwy   <:
<inik   ',    ktrwmrt,   w   h   Tor-;   W
lt.nrtitt.it. Kl,a,ll; B M Wa^lt/ury ';rn��v
f.��.| li��/, It J I//..K nii'l /.If-- Mi��- M
Hu-s���jft; (J iJr.ria, M A M|<-.-r, J Wil
��/,.,, UraaCja] II 'Jr.ia*../,, Hnttt\iiit, It
Ain.l.a, i.nil.  it   J    I��.I4��,   A    K   Wn.
���on, li   '>*!.. Mnrartaoj  R   R   '>nili<-.
(Ifi���ill*.;    I'     M*i/kl.itaa*li.   .1     Mfll.mnUl,
it.,i,r..i,ni'.ii, ':  I'  Blair,  fr'��f-r , K   H
l-'a'illa,..,     WttlY.lt kallltf .     W      li     II'111.-Ill
TIlRM'i'. I
Mrs <: HUrv.n i, Ml*. J Hu-w��rt, I'
Oawlar, Viiarr. y _4wanta,J H>..r,-..
I'.lr.a 11*11 . it I'.i.ryli.l. Trail . R J'talJJ>| ���.
.1 a:.....1.1�� Ji CI.... Ball; it Baikal bm
wif.r, Airi.wa/r.ii, u h Doraa, II. M
Knatipan,  Bratidno; It (Tiaffea, N'a.u
M     Htr'alit^ril,iir|/li,    ttAm-.l^-rry ,    A
Uatrkal, Uruawwoorl
t ��lcl CJurloMlty iSliop
If ymi wi.nl In l.��,v Of h.'II nnylliliiK
����� l>, Ilia. ui.I I'nil..rally iili.ii, A DM
lliin nf .lapiiiia... H.si.lh in.a nn "nl"
All Mlnrta of lilnii.arwar.a In MU.uk. I'M
JVIILHOIN,     -     li. C.
fi,  IN.  H.  WKpnm tJif.hed.
Wonmldbmw,   H*-f��t     LB      'Ih*      Orl'-ntHl
IJi(iM<m|   t,t\   i\\o     flym     Nnrlh-mi   wuh
��� lli/ln��1   luMf   nlghl   Iwi-niy   inlh-f. *nnl   of
h�� I*-       H'fMfi Im    (ell   of   1 wo   en ru   QOW
:,i< ii-iy deetxoyed hy fife    One pumd
,'���  l      |    WHtllilll,    MIIIM<-    llllh ll'iWn,    WIIM    III
lured    'iii<   Irttk tor u dlvtMtfe ol 7M
t< i-i  wiim Lofn  'i|�� uml  l w��-nl y foili  hoiii*-,
��lli ��-!ii|mi  before tbe rosd i�� wuly for
i riifn-       The   iii'iitiit v   Iomh   will   fi mon li I
tO    HlOlli-llh-lN   i,t    iloliui-t
i.'iMi a y*f "i long, bmre Ktereii betwMm
vieimiM end ttnrnwi ��i ��,.������ . Nl|l| fa-TrlooiU
itrotli    Hetora teuenulMi on.,,
ooi.ii   < MAIN,   ImIWMQ   llm-eai   ni��i   Vara on
> ���     HulUbli ri-wai.i win  |*�� ,,���i.i r���r na
ratarn,   HanensU �������� m. iftray,
a I'M . i ii",i.i   onnUtfitng aelai ad Rliatitiaof
< Mid  ������<������. r mh ���  i-imiinNi, ,,���;���i,i.
io fi   (    wn!-, Mini leuera.    n i-i.��   hi.,.nv
t-i v booaekeenatt :'*-i flei. k   w ��   i,
A I'ANM'H Willi chin) |n |Min-liBHi< a frnl
ruin li Mil Ni'lh.,1, A |004 ��|.-'i'iil'ii|iiii, l-ari-
���H i unit') imi( in- Hi'iiii'iv i-iiiikb'-'I "" reiidli.
y ���< i -r- *.i j i> i   ii i-niir'iKH
> *      -;j
mom *A  OfJVA-f   tm
.-    -      *���-���  '
_0MC   >*i -1   IX
���  *_������>
ui  - ..- :
O*-_*r ITS**
s ; fiee-M���_.
j.    -     -��.      i*      ���-���__.���
���-i *--.   -.jr   .* _-* *���
hflfcli ML��   m*\mno*- o* ***90jkf
��� ������- ..  - /   tr^.-^aa__*viiit]-faMi. *o��*i 1Mb.- *���     -
���   -.-rl   v> avxs**��4 n*MO*moh*\j oo
*vataBvn     Tu*  0   '*"  ."-
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y.  -.
f'-nfieil, -ttJbtM My Kr Kar.*. twi
���Mttry Ua\*mr/k% m V*****. ���**** mr* oirmmj*
V*+m***< v.  vjw, _i-*      Jf*, z;jjntfjr* 0% Ml
*    * .y . ���     -.t   ��� ... i     -   ��      --.        -     ������.
.���   ��.- -   *     <    -- * r���*?_!* ���>   v>   t/j*    >*m t**
������ v, .*   ' ���*���_--.���*    *.r.   -**t^aX.f   A ���_ir
ee_l er->-7  -7 .'.-.* Kj_��j��.
*���   "'-t*:  T ���**-��**���*.
7 ���>-*-������*   ��u   *   ���**.���- *��.z*h-:   iv. ��.���
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wlvsfc to ?*/-**- r*iu>*<j X ymu ot
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bmh *j*-*. p>   *> ..��� eg  tbe* noMtt**..    Tt*   \n
t>rwi��*J *)�����-*��< a-w-K-r *pj>__-av-1 Tiv- muxa
*/���>��*'> t��...  .<��� t*tOmo\omi *-*.** *-T*--_in:jBef
Vtattvi    ��� '    :.��hj it* \S*-iMtn -wfa/j irii.
t*_A   a.   ���>��-->   "/iti-rT***-!   </>   if** tmtrtmj*- 'A
l'*iu BtoaatM * ifM t/i u/*o ftu r*��v-����
;aj*-t j/ijw-*? **u i'n:**-   Kats-rt      It   �� -
���/j   *���/.��,���*���   dM   ai'Aiut   rjn/1* t*mi   if j Us***
���i,.:,'-rbi tmutXom *��� .'*l  ic< t*t kii_ t/**- rj/r-t */,
���tw -i ....-./.;' fop  .*���.,�� pleat    -,>n*iJilT
'   ..   'y/r/��>��t   *"**:rj ittf t. 'tt  th* iTT*/ut#i
with tjv* f>ri/>j1 'trunk VmjiIj
At.  O'farl/  Cr***.
7 j*.< BOMSMBl ���"'*_* l^*-��*-ri ff**-**!/ r/jftu*i'-
th/it Mtwfd-tfMattOg tJ'*/: --���'*('��� eiOWri
������j*t hi ���'; *h' 'i'*' nt t>-��v pt*-**-tit tori*-
T'-ry fi-nr 0MB ��/*-1/> U- MBS 90) th*- atr*-*-t-e
'.'.'I'f ��r*- |__A_M_M B-l Jy-'.'iT '>��* vii--
itor ffff/i 'jiritari-'* eBMPtfced tl-iAt be *--"-*l
v n r-j'/r*' n.-ri -Iroolc ;-.�� a t..J��v'- fxir In
tf.< -_-rt In on*- 'Iny lh*n h* h;-/J ***-**-rr. irj
ti-i*- *HH '���smtiitwm iti VetoO- ifrrf���g th'-
two 'lay* be bM bMfl i**ir*-.
Hon   f  H Tttfoet win i*;iv��- for K'i*.o
���hu ��� easing
J����',<���   f'i'irk   MM   'lown   from    K*_��Jo
i/��  VlMlf   tin    J
Hiv    H    0Mef#,  of OfWld   Korku. In  a
vlwltor   lo  OM  dt��
Mm   M'OmkK'"   '��r<'l  family, CrewfOT-l
City, ere vikiuhk tbe Kair
v i' Owm\Ao, i��rovirif*iai engineer. ;ir
rlv����J  from  lh'- roam  IhkI  digbl
.1    W    l��owi-r,  of  KhmIo, Im   in   for   tbe
liilr    with   i.in   wife   an��l   gWlgbtf,
K    I'ollok   uml   Mr*    KolloJ.,   formerly
of iiiU riiy, are gaeete oi tii<- Strati)
deo Towner, tbe pint
i-i-r   -lairy   man,
The Store of
Ram Lai Tea
Pecked in tlit Oardem Wlu.-rc
Il Ik Grown-Can He Hoii'-lit for
the S-iint* Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
tht- Quality and   kecconiincnd
It tO AU Tea  IhinkerH as Absolutely the Mist Value Offered.
50c per lb.
K. W. (J. IU...H . Pbona 10.
*   1- :
^-ax* it a /r.'        >   i ��.j. air
lA-tr-Wr.   __.   U   (/_.   I .!������
k~����   1*   aa,) j-   ot   a*-��
t*--~��*tr la dM *-iVs��. __��a ���>�� BaaaBa.
that ham awr-rft,  > -*r ����***���  !/j
���a     F  ��,E    DEC',-"*EO   CHINA    *.��
.-v. uv^attA     a*    a    aj-ii>afl at*
-s ���-������ "      i ���.������:���    ��� ....        ->.-.���   '
mfi*ELE*--';i ���/.'.���;���.
a  ����-���  ,. j -. 	
i>    i.a:
Pt-BIBBB .-. ���
���RR     A.SIj
1 rHOUC i'k .y
KH Ji/X/Rjl. Ib rte* a.-. Wad
BCi   * '-ja^l  ap*r*i-
ai.a. of .���*. It'.aA^.r
IF vou do prr-ooii'PH( .OR
��OC.O   6LRNIHG,   .. .antlu.
I -."  i  fall auawrtto*-*  -,! r:^i^f.<
-    ���
aa ha ��� i   0 ���   -.-..-���.   aa���*n ala
r*ra*_ I    '"���  ��� - ��� -.  ���   I  ���
^./.-i  .', a'*-' '-ofcjrra, Bi���ajbai   at,    ala
IN   BOOKS  ./ur   abfclv..   ar<-   a)     I
sal'l.   '.*,*;   >a-r>   1^ I r.a-1.   ar.a]   ra-
I '-li'.n    aj   w*li  at.  all  lh<-  UmUtik
���I������-   -   -     If >',*! ar��- a ixx.k lav, I
If   l>-art/,f-r   f:
ifialla.       l-i[��-.-        1-1/ ��-���        ��� '.        .,f    r|,a.
s. tan alar-1  Mfhefl      Tba)   ;.-.'.'- ar.  ��������_al
Z*-��t  I.a   ria'    aj, :iy|,-a   af   r
TIONERV w* hav-. t|,.- wairl'I farnwl
Bat/Mi ii'iribajt. Jlr...-��i���NulT autld
Wa Ga Thomson
gOOgJKLtJ-l na-I
l'l,....a  M
E_   C   TRA\"ES.   M_o_aif��.
Is Irtrww/iED
Business Energy
Plans, per >*_5ket
Peaches, per lb
Pears, 2 Ib. for	
Apples, 3 lb. for
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for
J. A. 1KVING & CO.
���TON  KL/X.-K
lu.'   Vital!
Iiaa  r. from ���  -i, r. a
*/,  M.a   '   ;,   ���
.iarr.a a   11     y    ....    f,,rmarly   l<a,mlrii'.r.
Bxpra ijuwj, arrlv'-d frow
Hi-  '.',ra   t la
W.   J     Klrn.r.ala.rf.   of   Bpok-lia,   SO-.
aultln�� loi    ir.any   ICoouma*
'���.���'.' I   ��� ...   tba   'Mr.iDtt t.n.t
Too Br../ 'Of Brbl. CI....
���.aw Va,.i,, H*i,t  i!t    joba i)  Etoaka-
tallur, Jr. will oaaaa in bt ia-n/]a.r t h,p
>.iriK   li>a-r, ��   I,,,,,,.     , |Mil,     ���f   ,.,,.   B.-Ia*t>>
A.' nn'   Hapn ��� . ��� ir, ii .,ti O-tobM  lal
II.. baa  raalcm rl   ,r,.|  l,l�� r.-alKliull��n lirri.
Ilt-fl,  lilt
Ir.'ri-iiMInn;   '!. i.'.r.r,'!      of
li'iaini-hs and f.i.i .,f ii raoarraooa a,f . .
Iraiilih  nr.   ir,,   t*t>_aaM (tlv.m  by him In
a  la-li. r   '.,  r\,    , ;:im
King   of  Basony   Injured.
Draadt r, :;, ,,r n, .King FrciJ.-rl.-li
Ain-imi.iK ���f Hitxuny waa Ihr'iwii from
liiu boraa In ri..- conrM of tb.- ���iatr���**tt-
vfit b.ra. ..���];,. ||,. inafaiaad I limn
i,. i .,! allid,! injuria, but wm. tbla to
fin.,..ni r,���,i  roauma co-tmsiul of tba
' ��� al  s.    in.   ., ...a.   )  s      .'*   ..
One of N*l.cn'�� Prtrtty Heme Col
taoe. of 2 bedroomau aattlng raoni, dining room, kitcnen, bathroom: hct and
cold water; large baaament. Nic. view
of lake. $1,600, 1900 down; balance on
easy t��'m��. Certainly a .nap. 1 lota
7*. x tZi. Apply to J. R. B. Daily
w.  a.   cjillett
C',nt i*n_l '.r    Hnd
Mi e-ra-rit Un th��- I'ort/, tt-| I m*oom ' *>., LML
r��r_ftll j*f'li. K-j.if I. eoti ^rieeei mm^r, it.r:.-���������:
wr-rk  atnrl braW*'"    I  MMl  '.mli. _____  ��I.   la-fl---, *a_iti
en<1  doora.     < ti,*., r.i,  brftok   *u'l   i.iu*   |Of   ��*:���
a'it/,mail/ trnjf.' ���
Yu\t'\ aufi ia- lery   Veteee M   *-��*t oi h �� .
prni mopi. i��. ��_-
P. 0   B<-z 2n. Telephone 1>
The Silver Grill hat opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The b*tt 35 cent
meal    r, the city.
M'-el ft-irnforlelfli; -,���;-������������ Ni-laon*-
Onijf ih*- beN <-/ Uenon eri-i -.iK-it^,
your kltcban Into a cb.ery dwelling hou.e by Installing
Thnt in a factor you muei keep in mind, end tbe new doner to iiiHIhJi
Oolumblu wnnin H Kt'ivc Hint huIii-v nil irfirpoeee, hurne any t\if\, brightens
tbe kitchen; makee oooklng eeey and eoonomtoal. ISaok'e Merit Kango,
the beei for ")i cooking or beating; tbe Mtroogeit, the bandleit, moil do*
pendablo and greatael Cuel-eaver,
Standard Furniture Co.
Complete Hou.e Furnl.her. and Undertaker..
Agent.  Ma.on  &  Rl.ch Piano.
Rerimrt-oo   Par-con  EVJaaon
��� ���>   ail   ccion   tat)   |_ j
all makes of IT->��--rrier1.
Re-mtico Paramo*-. R��* e_j
a__  Btiixtvj  Caj-baaa���tr   :
different   we_r_ta  -__��__   j
for ail ciajuer* of -arc
.Ml   Retntico Trpe*_sr__- |
Supplie- are kjso-��-a ��j
the   Higbetl   Grade
Good* Nlanut'act'a_rer_.
H_tfl Orders Pronipliy Altec���ed To.   Phooe 51
Canada Drug & Book Co.. Limiteu
a   A    ISAAC
BNOMBBM   AND  CO.nthactoi,'*        -
R.   W.   riS-'.s ���
<��r*->*-i"at   mr.<S ,l.,r*h.r.K .._.u.*d ���. Ith  [>M.r-*ta.H      s__���al *Wra j
.\.^-_.   .Mlrslrsal _r_J   -Mill   *>\*s ���r.lrM*r-> .       M*nut.vtu^nc        I
Or-*,   t�����t-B*   _T.   W.     ���1ontr���>ton.'   C*r_
NELSON,    13. C.
The Hall Mining and Smeltiflj|
Company. Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Qra.
A. G. LAMBERT <&C0.|
Lumber, Shingles.
l_nth, iVlouIcHnii��;��, Doors, Win.lows.
liiri-wU *.\*r,rl<r ..nil hi tickvlH.
Va-WD-I STRKUT   -   ���
alail Onlert t>roei?tT >3n_���� |
^i:i..���*< >->.. it. c
W'holt-Mailt-  ProvUlorut,
(>��v*Tnirient -Va_*M_r�� On" Pound Unci, rw-fivwl vrswklj f-���o ho��" ��*
ib-rn     F..r ���_!�� lay all luvltim irroc-BT..
OiHr* and wrsr-h....-���: Honaton Block,    Phon. TH.
Jos��phine Street. -       Nelson. B. C.
Wa. would Ilk., to .er all our imlriitis.'otiirortiilili. thli wlttf-r "n'1 ���' .
do bo wo hu... in atuqk th.- Im-.i aKHortcl line of haa tin ���*��������* :""' " I
stoV(*a  nnal   rntiK.-t.  nvoi   l.'-fora*  pr.-H.-nla-tl tO tlia- puUlla- In Kon'i'iia''
Wa. would  Ik. pleayad to Bhow  you    our Hu.- and b-lora Ba-J-al ���
aliu:-.'' klutlly bui' what we liavt- to offa-r.
J. H. Ashdown H&tdwm
Company, Limited. "-"I,n Br"*1 f
for All
lorlini'iil "r l
Wn Ciiiry uu Abboi
ICxLuiBivi'iusB mid Vi.i'K'i.v
Tools, Builders' Hare-wait.
Ranchers' Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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