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The Daily Canadian Oct 2, 1907

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Array |<l[.l-Ml*   2
5-ail*u   Canadian
Fiftt Cbnts a Month
jiiny Other Nations Will
taction of Duties on Wines and
ftl*. Imported From All Favored
Nations To Canada.
b- ,,��:i   tut.   1.���The     new     Franco
I tarlfl  in aty, just   drafted  in
will affect alB.) Canada's tariff
L : Imports from Jajian and from
fcr uttlona Included In the most fa-
l ri clause of Canadian  trade
1 I inl.-r  lhat irlause  nil   British
|| I      iniiia.   Austria llmmaiy.
I      . olumbta,    Korea.    Denmark,
llgerls and  the French Colon-
Japan,   Siberia,   Mi.i.ii.-i-ai.    l'ersin.
ifi... su.��� !��� ii.   Salvador   and   V. /.-
n . atltled, In reiurn for trade
tarlfl privileges grunted to Canada.
arid mr. granted these most fa-
fur  III.- new- a-r-reemetll
Prance are <>i ���0���raa not yet pub-
be tak���n for grantad
:1    . iilia-tssiiill.s   Kranta*ll
'i..:..- sll  a.n wini.s, c__mpa__w
i.-.l   lai   Canada.     These
nuw lay far  the  largeat  Item- In
s imporl  trada* with  France, ln
irr.rj.i Importad   French  silk and
[ fabrics valued    at   *4*K._4..     and
- !   rn    tl.nl'J.'CiS.
'.rn  Japan   last   year   Canada   inj-
led silks I.,  the  value  of  $471,500,
eln. tin-  i-liief  Item  itt  Japan<-sa>
to this    country.     Under    the
it:-  rHh  Japan,   any   tnriir  conces-
granted Franca on silks must be
���<i ;.. Japan    ConaeqnanU* it. win
a-'-n  that  Japanese silk   __pOf_H_
likily   profll   by   the   new   treaty
it'.-.i  -1.ii  Kr.in.-a-.    in   respect  to
���other chief    items    ot   tin'    tariff
p-:      hut affect tile tariff on wina-s
.: nr j.riirr,.-, Spain Ih the only other
kerned   in   tha-   Oauailian   trade.     It
at lirsi thought  that  Spain  would
|e under   the   moBt   favored   nation
��� but after further a-xamlnatinn liy
I       of the _x>ver_msnt ot the trade
fly ��uli Spain they were led to be-
tluil any tariff concessions grant-
' Prance n i not na-cesHarlly apply
1 '" Spain.    Tin- other countries In-
i"l in  ih.- above  list comiiete wltii
pa In bul law  articles exiieorted by
litter country to Canada and in nr-
ol export   which  do  not  coincide
- r.t   from  Frunce, the vol-
'��f trade Is so small at  pr_S_���t aH
p.' pracUcatly negUglbla in consider-
���   - Bi cl   ..I   Hi.,   new   treaty  on
la.la's tariff rates a-*ainst other conn-
llned tlie river front and occupied positions of vantage on ttasj wharf, ami on
ihe two gra.ut bridgai ipannlng the
Mississippi here.
it wan a dla-ngntihed aaiemblage
thnt groetad the presldem   when   ho
landed mar tlie root of Locust street.
liiciuiii.il among those presenl were the
gorsrnors of mora than twenty states,
members of Congress, the mayor and
oilier representatives ..i the City of St.
i...uls ami ii reception oommlttas or the
Business (ten's LAague, nrhloh had the
ueneral arranKi-menlH in charge.
Afi.T tie- e-change of oourtssles the
Prer.ldent and his  patty  were taken in
carriages to the Jai _Jal building where
In- d.-li\ i-r.-d an address. The route lay
throng- WashliiKton avenue. Twelftli
sin.it. Pine Street, Grand Avenue, Linda- boulevard and Other leading thoroughfares. Flags wire flying from
every staff In the downtown section,
and the city eras bright wllh bunting,
mature- of President Roosevelt greeted the eye al evary turn. Crowds lln-
a-il Iha- streets anxious for a glimpse at
the Chief Magistrate, and his appearance wns always the signal for tumultuous cheers.
Afta-r the exercises at the Jal AInl
building tile president was escorted to
the .la-ffersain Hotel where he was entertained at luncheon. Covers were
laid for lni) and amongst the giu-Hta
w.-re visiting Kova-rnors and nuiiia*niiiH
other persons of note. From the hotel
iIf.. Presidential party proceeded at
once to the wharf to re-embark on the
Mississippi. The departure was the signal for another gra-at river demonstration similar to that which had greeted
the President's arrival in tlie illuming.
Scores of tauats will accaimpany the
Pr.-sldent's boat down the river as far
na Cairo, which is to be the next sto**-
plng place and which will be raa���bad
according to schedule at 1�� o'clock to-
morra.w morning.
Preaching Treaaon.
Paris, Oct. 2.���The general federation
of tabor has caused to be distributed at
the residences of the conscripts who
have been summon..d to Join tha' colors
a manifesto vlola-utly attacklag the
army. Although this action do.'H not ap-
|M*ar to have had any effect, the governs
ment Intemls to prosecute the authors
of the manifesto.
Quebec Cabinet Shuffle���Young  Men to
Be Pensioned to Make  Room
for Others.
��vs.lhng Down Mississippi by Steamer
Roosevelt Studies Problem of
Water Carriage.
' -ouls, Mo, Oct. 2.���For lhe flrst
��� '.iiiiiii the memory or the present
���ratio, n Chief Executive of the Na-
1 '"'lay arrlva.,1 |��� the Maiund City by
ami-oat and departed trom the city in
ie manner. President Theodore
[P-evelt, on board the steamboat Mis-
WPl from Keokuk, reached St. Louis
P*"" after ii .,'clock this morning. Ac-
PPanying *,-m ������ ilm)Uu,r craft wuru
members of tho Inland Waterways
P>�� Presldenl found si. Louis await
'�������� arrival in gala attire.    Steam-
...    ,ln" "'"���'���>���   oraft   gayly   bedecked
' 'U,K* '��� I  Ihe  river.    Not since
"""ly days before tho war has St.
" ""'n s" many Btennilioats at one
They    crnme    from    Kvunsvllle.
I' <-��� Minn, Kansut. City, Keokuk and
r wwts  ������,i  brongbl  delegation-
a""1 sa   ""��   and   others   desirous
^"���"Wbi-;  ���|���,n  ltu,   |.,.psl(lcnt  and
"'inliers of the waterways cotninis-
, '"" ���'������l-*M'.iinco or th0 rlvor traf-
'iii' , JJrgen* necessity for Improve-
������,;'" ""' Mississippi nnd Its chief
' '"����� As the Presldenl'a boat
.,,,1,'      NlKl"   ll  W����     K��'<"<'d     Will.
'"�� Muieks rrom th,. .toamboai
CV, "" w'"'"   8oh'    "y   ...e
l��* thousands ot people who
Quebec, Oct. 2.���stumors are again being circulated concerning alleged
cbanKes in the cabinet at an early date.
No less than thro., ministers are mentioned in connection with tha* shuffle,
the lbm. Messrs. Turgeron Allan! and
Prevost being credited with the intention of reslgnelng.
The same rumor sends Mr. Turgeou
to take the place of the Hon. Mr. Hec-
to Fabre, as Canadian commissioner
lu Paris, the latter gentleman's services
entitling him to a pension, lt also gives
a Judgeship to Mr. Allard in the place of
a Montreal Judge who muy retire on
full pay when he wishes, and it makes
Mr. Prevost sheriff of Montreal, al
though there is not the sllghest reason
f..r Hi.- Hon. Mr. Tlillieda'au's resignation.
Tlie reasons given tot lhe alleged
changes are a desln* to QUisI certain
dissatisfied political tactions ami to comply with ihe oomplalnta or those who
think thnt a legislative councillor. Mr.
Allard. should not  retain a port folio.
Mr. Pliililppe Boy, speaker of the legislative assembly, is mentioned as a
coming minister, his entrance Into the
cabinet being considered important,
both on account or his personal value
nnd Influence, and ns being ih.. father-
in-law or Mr. Armand Lavi'igne. Mr.
Henri   Hoilrnssa's   flrst  lieutenant.
Giant Meteor.
New York, Oct. 2.���A meteor of ma-
Jectlc proportions swept lhe western sky
last night. Dispatches from Suffern, N.
Y., state that tho body had the appearance ot a huge sky rocket which rose to
a gri-ut height before It broke Into half
n diiza-u pieces. 	
Aged Emperor Is III.
Vienna, Oct. i.���Emperor Francis Joseph is confined to his apartments nt
Be-O-Ubrunn custle, sulToring from nn
attack of bronchial catarrh. Tho physicians in attendance declare his condition ls not dangerous but that the
patient needs a good rest
Vancouver Waa Easy.
Vancouver, Oct. 2.-ln lhe lacrosse
tournament nt New Westminster today
the Tecumseha of Toronto defeated lh.'
Vancouver club by a score of seventeen
to seven.
Japanese Need Not Have
Eridcntly Nothing To Be Done Till
Commissioner Reports���General
News of Canada.
Ottawa. Oct. 1.���Dr. Monrnp, the Can-
_uUan IimiifKiuii'jn AKont at Vancouver.
was asked yoKtf-relay as to his authority
tordcmandiiiK paH8*M>rts direct to Canada fmm Japan upon arrival there. A
tcdegram wuh received from him today
Riatlnn that It was formerly the custom
to do this and he was merely reverting to it. He tltt been asked to stop
as lt Is an infraction of the treaty. Japanese Consul Qe&era] Nosse waited on
the Government today and presented
claims for (SjUBOga** sustained by the
riot In Vancouver. The damages will
amount to between five and six thousand dollars. The cabinet will meet today and pass the amount, there will be
no quibbling over it. This "money will
be paid and the eity of Vancouver will
be asked to refund the amount.
Winnipeg. Oct. 1.���Today wai 'he last
day that harvesters could leave for the
weet and take advantage of tne cheap
rates. It is estimated that otny ten
thousand came from the east ti.it. Reason to work in the harvest lie! Is.
Winnipeg. Oct.  1. Dr. M cConnell.
M. P. P. for Morden ���* ly'ng Ctft-Oally
ill in aouthern Manitoba at his borne
Toronto, Oct. 2.���Mayor Coatsworth
announces himself as a candidate for a
third term.
St. Thomas. Oct. 2.���Mrs. Lewis Norton entered action for $10,000 damages
against the Wntsash railway for the
death of her husband. Lewis Norton, engineer, who was killed by explosion on
his engine at Simcoe, July 26th.
Toronto, Ort. 2.���Lee Johnson, structural Iron worker, is dead from injuries
sustained by falling oft a derrick at
John Inglis & Campany's foundry yesterday. He was 26 years of age and
only out from England recently.
Toronto, Oct. 2.���James Rigby. carpenter, wns killed by a fall from the roof
of a house on Avenue Road yesterday
afternoon. Robert Dawson, a fellow
workman was severely injured. Both
men are Scotchmen and only arrived
recently in this country.
Ottawa, Oct. 2.���Sir Wilfrid Laurier
has gone to Quebec where he will meet
Hon. Messrs. Fielding and Rrodeur, who
are expected to arrive on the Victorian
on Friday.
Toronto. Oct. 2.���A writ claiming $20,-
000 damages has been issued on behalf
of General McAlpin and Capt. McAlpine.
of New York, against the Windsor
Record for alleged libellous statements
regarding the McAlpine Tobacco Co.
Toronto, Oct. 2.���A military wedding
Of great beauty was celebrated In St.
James* cathedral this afternoon at half
past two when Lieutenant Uertram Noel
Davidson, of the King's Own Yorkshire
Light Infantry, and Miss Gladys May
Nordhelmer. daughter of Albert Nord-
helmer, were married by lltshop Dumou-
lin, of Niagara, assisted by Rev. Canaon
the Arctic regions, arrived here late yesterday. The Hradley landed Dr. F. IL
Cook, who Is in command of an exploration expedition at Smith's Sound, latitude I'J north. The expedition expects
to cross Kllsinereland early In the
spring, and will attempt to rea.ch the
pole by way of the Polar sea. The expedition Is provisioned for two years,
and fully equipped with dogs and sledges
for the trip. The party consists of Dr.
Cook, another white man and a number
of Hsqutmott. It Is wintering .10 miles
farther north than Peary two years ago.
American Churchmen  in Triennial Conference  and  Celebrating 300th
Ottawa, Oct. 2.���The government has
wired Dr. Munro, Immigration agent at
Vancouver, to withdraw his orders refusing entry to Japanese not provided
with passports. It Is likely the Canadian commissioner to Japan and China
to investigate the question of Asiatic
immigration to Canada will be a fellow
passenger of Hon. T. Nosse, Japanese
consul general at Ottawa, who sails for
Japan from Vancouver on Octoberv20th.
The Canadian commlsslone will likely
be one of the cabinet ministers. After
visiting Japan and China the commissioner will probably go to India.
Cook Expedition Landed.
North    Sydney,  N.  C,    Oct.  2.-���The
American auxiliary schooner yaeht.John
11. Bradley, which left here ln July for
Richmond, Va., Oct. 2.���An imposing
religious service marked the opening
this morning of the triennial council of
the Protestant Episcopal Church in the
United States. Within the walls of Holy
Trinity Church, the leading parish of
Virginia, were assembled the greatest
minds of the clergy and laity of this
powerful denomination. The bishops,
or fathers of the church, were there in
greater number than at any previous
council. The clergy were represented
by theologians or eminence and orators
of renown, the laity by financiers whose
Influence is international, lawyers than
whom there are none more able and
men of other professions who have
reached the top round of the ladder
of fame. It was a distinguished gathering of distinguished men, one eminently representative of the wealthiest religious body of the American continent.
Admission to the aervice was strictly by
ticket, and when the delegates had been
provided for little room remained for
the local representatives of the church,
although these would have been present in thousands had space permitted.
The service opened at 11 o'clock and
was preceded by a procession of several score of bishops, all robed in thier
canonicals. These occupied the chancel, within the railing of which not a
single priest or layman was permitted.
The service, which did not differ from
the regular morning service or the denomination, was fully choral and was
followed by the triennial sermon. This
afternoon the house of deputies was formally organized and preparations completed for taking up the regular business of the council.
Among the scores of notables who are
taking part in this convention three or
four st-and out conspicuously above the
rest. One of these is the venerable
Bishop T uttle of Missouri, the senior
bishop of the church and the presiding
officer at the triennial. The most prominent representative of the laity is J.
Plerpont Morgan, the great New York
financier, who never fails to attend the
conventions of the church. Two noted
visitors here from abroad, the Rev. Dr.
A. F. W. Ingraham, Bishop of London,
and the Right Rev. Edgar Jacob, Bishop of St. Albans.
The presence of the two noted representatives of the Church of England is
due primarily to the fact that the convention begun today commemorates the
300th anniversary of the founding of
the Episcopal Church In America. Most
of the early religious work in the colonies was done under the jurisdiction
of the diocese of London and St. Albans,
so that it is especially appropriate that
the present occupants of those sees
should attend the convention.
The Bishop of London will present a
Bible In behalf of the King of England
to the Burton Church, the first Anglican Church in America. This Bible
is a magnificent work of art, bound in
red Niger leather, with decorative treatment of interlaced lines tooled in gold.
On the front and back doublures are
the arms of the King and the United
States respectively, and on the back
are the arms of Virginia. This sumptuous Bible will rest on a lectern, symbolic of Internationalism, given by President Roosevelt.
Facing all the problems that have
have been discussed and passed over in
conventions gone by and a number of
new questions of great Importance, the
Protestant Episcopal church of the
United States assembled today for itu
forty-fifth triennial convention which tfl
expected to be one of the most interesting in the history of the church. The
Right Rev. A. F. Winnington Ingram,
bishop of London, was present and
preached tho sermon at the celebration
of the holy communion in Holy Trinity
church, his being the opening ceremony.
The only business of the convention
today was organisation, tho house of
bishops meeting at 3.30 p. m. In the
state capital, and the house of deputies
at tho same hour at St. Paul's church.
A welcome has been given the visiting
Death of Hosker Followed Drinking Bout
Grand Jury Retained To Consider
Case of McKian, W bo Wants
Early Hearing,
When the court resumed this morning
the hearing of the case against Weston
and Galligher was continued at 10.30,
after brief addresses counsel, the case
was given to the jury.
The case of the king vs. Bouchard
was at onco called, a plea of not guilty
was entered by S. S. Taylor. K. C,
counsel for the prisoner, and with very
few challenges from either side the following jury was empanelled: G. W.
Steele, P. W. Gordon, F. E. Morrison,
James Lilly, Anthony Turner, W. B.
Clayton, George Motion, Sr.. A. R.
Poole, A. P. Slade. W. J. Astley. Fred
Weir. C. J. Archibald. George Motion
was elected foreman.
W. A. Macdonald, K. C, opened for
the crown, recounting the story as it
will be presented tn the evidence. He
stated that it was his intention to prove
that David Hosker came to his death as
the result of an assault committed upon
him by the prisoner.
The witnesses examined this morning
were William C. Shields, William Joseph, Alexander Matheson and Herb
Robb. The latter two were dismissed
from the witness box because their
answers were inaudible. Mr. Taylor
urged his right to crpss-examlne Robb
who had giveu aome ��vidence, and after
the adjournment for luncheon he was
Herb Robb told of seeing both men,
Hosker and Bouchard, in the Victoria
hotel the night of Hosker's death. There
were several drunks and some of the
party were under the influence of
liquor. Including Bouchard who was
staggering. Hosker came In later. Witness saw him first in the little room off
the bar. He heard something fall but
did not know what it was. Later Hosker
came out and shook hands with one of
the party. Bouchard was there. A few
minutes later Bouchard accused Hosker
of taking his knife, caught him by the
shoulder and threw him on the floor.
He was stopped by Sandy Matheson,
and others then helped Hosker out.
Bouchard also went out. Later Bouchard
asked the witness to have a drink at
the St. Elmo hotel. There were several
others In the party. He tried to get
Bouchard to go fo work. It was then
just half past ten, and he was due on
shift at the smehor at 11. The shift
boss also urged him to go to work.
About 11 o'clock, either before or
after, he, with others saw a body at the
foot of the stairs in the St. Elmo. There
was a coat over his head. When the
coat was removed he saw that it was
Hosker. His face was covered with
blood, but he was living.
He had been In the hotel all the time
from the disappearance of Bouchard upstairs until Hosker's body was found,
and he heard no noise.
Robb told of trouble that occurred
early in the evening between Hosker
and Israel McIXmnld after which they
had shaken hands. He understood that
it was McDonald not Bouchard who
had give Hosker his first fall. He had
heard Chapman, the policeman, call to
Bouchard not to drag the man. Hosker
was a bigger man than Bouchard.
Similar evidence was given by A.
Matheson, J. Matheson aud J. McDonald.
At 3.15 the grand jury returned to the
court with true bills against Beckett,
charged with sending threatening let*
ters, and Maurice O'Connor, charged
with assault. The latter case is from
oTuid Forks and will probably cause
considerable interest during the trial.
The grand jury was not discharged. Two
other cases, and possibly three, mny
come before them for deliberation. The
flrst one may bo that of McKian, who
is charged with posting up a defamatory
libel. Then there Is the case of Bullock,
who whs 'committed last week for as-
BBU.1 on a man named Wallace. If the
men who have been charged with obtaining money under false pretences
a man named Mitchell are committed
for trlil, their case will be taken up
tomorrow  by  the grand jury.      ln the
case of McKian, Mr. Macdonald Is now
communicating with the attorney-general's department for instructions. Two
of the grand jurymen were anxious to
return to their homes, but His Lordship
has not yet decided to excuse them.
During the afternoon the jury in the
stealing case returned and through
Foreman W. Rutherford reported the
finding of Galligher not guilty and
Weston guilty, with a recommendation
to leniency.    Sentence was reserved.
A. McLaren, Mill Owner, Thinks British
Columbia Needs Japanese.
Ottawa, Oct. 2.���Albert McLaren, a
big owner at Buckingham, near here,
who has had considerable experience
with the Japanese in British Columbia
is of the opinion that the white residents of the far western provinces are
making a grave mistake in act-��mpting
to drive the Japanese and Hindus out of
the country or in preventing than, fri-m
landing. The James McLaren Lumoer
company, which has mills at Buckingham. Quebec, and Vancouver, il. C, ha3
employed many Japanese in the past
two years and Mr. McLaren statos that
the foreigners have always given the
best of satisfaction.
"British Columbia needs the Japanese?
to develop its wonderful resources," re-
marked Mr. McLaren to the Western
Associated Press. "White men are .."-referable certainly, but there are not
enough whites in British Columbia to
keep up with the tremedous pace that
the province has been going. We have
many Japanese in our mills out there,
although the white employes are iu the
majority. The Japanese have never
failed to do their work. There is no
danger of the Japanese preventing white
men from getting employment. There
is undoubtedly plenty of work In British
Columbia for all hands. Canada needs
these Japanese."
Success of Profession Leads to Reduction of General Practice.
London, Oct. 2.���The change the practice of medicine is undergoing was the
keynote of several addresses made by
leading London doctors at the opening
yesterday of the whater ^csctcn of medical schools connected with tbe London
hospitals. The speakers said the day
was coming when the doctor in private
practice would disappear and be replaced by the public health officer whose
work would He In the prevention more
than in the cure of disease. Dr. Ewart
told the students that the profession
was In the throes of a double crisis,
economical and professional. He declared that the growing success in reducing the prevalence of disease and the
growth of specialism had contracted the
field of general practice and the process
was bound to continue. He said that it
was inevitable that the profession should
become more and more the servant of
the state. Henceforth its members must
devote themselves to the culture of
health, preventing instead of curing disease. Other addresses of a similar nature were heard, one physician contending that things were moving toward the
unique consummation of a calling by
its own training and application destroying the very source upon which it de-
pende'd for its living.
Japan Celebrates at Jamestown.
Norfolk. Va., Oct. 2.���Japanese flags
and Japanese lanterns were much ln
evidence at the Jamestown exposition
today, for it was Japan Day on the calendar of the big fair. Exercises appropriate to the occasion were carried out
In the auditorium with an attendance
of prominent Japanese from many
cities of the east. The oration of the
day was delivered by Hllachl Yama, a
distinguished statesman of Japan.
Refer to British Court.
Montreal.'Oct. 2.���As was anticipated
by marine men it was decided that the
investigation into the recent co'lision
betwen the Mongolian and Hurona, in
the Straits of Belle Isle, should be removed from Canadian jurisdiction P.nd
held in Glasgow. Commander Spain.
representing the department of marine
has been in Montreal since Friday conferring with Messrs. Allan and the representatives of the Thompson line, and
by mutual consent the whole matter has
been transferred to the Britlst?. wreck
ing courts, although the collision probably occurred in Canadian waters.
Grant Taolet Unveiled.
Cincinnati, O.. Oct. 2��� At the old
Grnnt farm in Clermont county, east
of this city, a tablet was unveiled today
to mark the site of the log cabin In
which General U. S. Grant was born.
The ceremony was a feature of a reunion of the Grant family and was participated ln by Gen. Fred Grant and other
members of the family. Several prominent officers of the army, representatives of the State of Ohio and members
of the Grand Army, Loyal Legion and
other societies of veterans were in attendance.
Rich Discovery lo Queen
Important Result of  Development
Work���Find Made in Cross-Cat
At Depth of 150 Feet.
What may prove to be a verp Important strike waa made In the Queen
Victoria copper mines last night. Bruce
White was at the property at the time.
As announced some time ago the
Queen Victoria company discontinued
shipments but retained a working force
for development. The work undertaken
consisted chiefly of a cross-cut from the
main tunnel at a depth of about 150
feet. It is in that cross-cut and at that
depth that the latest discovery has been
Mr. White brought ln a specimen of the
new ore to the city, and it ls certainly
richer than any found ln the mine before. It has not been assayed, and lt
is too early yet to say what ia the extent of the new ore body.
If there should prove to be any considerable body of the ore the importance
of the strike can hardly be overestimated. The Queen Victoria la nearer
to Nelson, and just as directly tributary
to the city as the properties on Toad
and Morning mountains. The ore bodies
are known to be very extensive. If the
latest find, which though not yet assay,
ed is certainly very high grade, proves
to be a large one. it will probably lead
to more rapid development and to mining on a larger scale. Messrs. Cronin
and Cavanaugh and their associates are
to he congratulated on tifeir good fortune. ���    i
Blind  Trooper of South  African  Fame
Now a Graduate of Quean's���Seeks
Literary Prize.
Montreal, Oct. 2.���Among the passe--
gers on the Corinthian, sailing for Glasgow, Is La, W. R. Mulloy. who served
through the South African war as a
trooper in the Canadian contingent, and
lost his sight in the battle ot Rietfon-
tein. After taking a degree at Queen's
university he ls now on hiB way to take
up three years poBt graduate work at
the university of Oxford. He ts accompanied on the voyage by two friends,
Mr. Norman McDonell of Kingston, the
Queen's scholar at Oxford, and Mr. C.
Laldlaw of football fame, who Ib going
to pursue research work ln the hospitals
of London.
After returning from South Africa.
Mr. Mulloy took a course ln the arts
faculty at Queen's, graduating with his
B. A. degree a year ago. Since then
he has been at home on his farm at
Winchester, Ont. He managed to get
through his studies with remarkable
success, getting ov t the difficulties entailed by the lack of eye Bight by having
others read his work over with him and
also by the use of raised type. His
writing Is all done on a typewriting machine. The special subjects he Intends
taking up at Oxford are political science,
history and jurisprudence, ln which
fields he sees a promising opening with
a possible literary or professional position at the end of the course. When lt
became known that Mr. Mulloy wished
to pursue his studies at Oxford lt was
suggested lhat a portion of the balance
still remaining of the Canadian patriotic
fund, which was raised to aid persons
who were injured in the Boer war, could
very properly be applied toward defraying the cost of the three years post
graduate course he intends taking at
Oxford. This suggestion has met with
the hearty approval of a large number
of subscribers to the fund.
Bill Miner In Russia.
Odessa, Oct. 2.���A train having on
board more than 200 passengers was
held up last night by a band ot robbers
who opened the mull car by exploding
dynamite. The explosion set the car on
fire with the result that several women
and children were badly burned before
they could escape. While the robbers
were trying to blow open the safe In
the mail car, they were attacked by
gendarmes. Several on both sld.>s were
wounded, but the robbers escaped.
I'   d
': ��������-".
y.'V^ The Daily Canadian
r i
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!: *
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i Id
��� ���
ll l
'f* Mi
���''���'.& i
!��: - 1 i
ft*** *r
�� ' H_
i ii J) i
I    I
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full Hues
iu these goods, and can p.omise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay yon to await their   arrival
before purchasing elsewhere.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized
rtest   . .
D. E   WIL.KIH  President.
Head Office:   Toronto.
10.000    Capital   Paid   I
HON. KU! KKT..JAFFKAY, Vice-Pra-sid. nt
$10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up          4.830.000
Branches in British Col-aimfc:
merest  allowed  ou  deposits  from ilate of deposit and credited quarterly
*J.    ML    LAY,   Man
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.   18C9.
.J3.900.000      Re-serve   Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of  Banking   Business.
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large. Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six day* a wee* t.y the
Bt.-._r St.. Nelaou. B. 0
ttuuierlptlon rates, bo cent* a month delivered
id the eny, or Ib.oO a year 11 tent by mall, when
paid lu hi.vh.-i'*.
AilvertlBlm* rules un amplication.
All monlM paid iu MtU-sment ol The Dally
Cauadniu aoeounta, either toi autisertptlonB ot
aSfurti-dng. uium bv receipted for on tin; printed
form* ol the Company, Other receipt! are not
Tali <1.
Wednesday. October 2,  1907.
A Billy story trom Winnipeg lias been
published hy every machine Liberal organ between the prairie metropolis and
the Pacific Ocean, to the Bffecl that western Conservative's, heuiled by K. P.
Hoi-iin of Manitoba, are opposed to Mr.
Borden and Ids policy, and determined
to lend him no aid iu the next Domln
ion elections.
The absolute falsehood ol the story In
patent. The motive for it may not be
clear, it is an effort, utterly Irrational
and certain to be unavailing, to break
the force of the tremendous blow tiiat
Mr. Borden's campaign hits already
dealt to the power ot tlu- Liberal administration.
Mr. Borden's former tour ot thi we
had little Immediate result- At thai
time the weakness of the Laurier gov
eminent was not bo transparent aa it
is now, and its apologists were "til!
able to plead that tliey Intended to effect all the changes they had promised
in ISM but were merely avoiding tht
effect on the country uf too tftudd Q ac
tlon. The Liberals had not then cynically abandoned their whole pledge of
reform, it is true there were scandal
mis abuses already developed bul h waa
pleaded, with an appearauoe of truth,
that Sir Wilfrid Laurier was personaII;
innocent and Was getting rid ol thi
wrong doers as fast as be could.
No such plea can be entered now.
eleven years Is too long a fime to bi
spent In thinking over re forma. It i:
obvioua now to every Canrd.an elector
that the Liberal party has callously set
aside all Us pledges of amendment; il
has not only failed lo correct tbe
abuses that existed before, it has outdone them all, and it has by its actions
acknowledged the insincerity of its former appeal to the country.
Consequently Mr. Uorden is in a far
stronger position now than he was al
the time of his last visit. His position
haa been Lmmensi ly strengthened by
the demoralization of the government.
No administration can successfully
fl' ut a count * ���- it: Laurier govern*
ment has done. If Mr. Borden had no
constructive policy at all. he would still
be entitled to the confidence of the people of Canada as the leader of a party
promising to put an end \.o the unspeakable corruption practised by the Liberal
party, for the benefit of Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, with his knowledge and unit buked   by  him.
That is the explanation of the remarkable warmth of Mr. Borden's reception
in cvovy r-ity of Canada, and it is the
consciousness of the success of hla appeal thai prompts the Liberal organs
to manufacture stories of disaffection
and disunion in the Conservative ranks,
ii is so feeble an effort that it might be
safely Ingnored. Tb ������ Cotoservative
party and Its leaders everywhere are
united in the enthusiastic support of
Mr. Borden, and their support will
carry him  to victory
facturing at home, and the Asiatic trade
as well, as far at least as that is possible without permitting this Province
or any part of Canada to be "overrun by
Asiatic hordes?"
Incidentally we might remark that our
contemporary has travelled a long way
from the ideal of "Free Trade as the)
have it in Rn gland," and has evidently
discarded, if indeed it ever held, the
Imbecile view of an 'InlQultous system
i 't   pi <-U etion."
Law Violated in Respect of Importations
From Japan.
San FVandSOO, Oct. 2.���Accordinu to B
report six Indictments were found yes
tarda) by the federal grand jury against
the Pacific Mail Bteamship oompany. In
these Indictments the names of Edward
H. Harriman. J. J. Btubbs and H !'.
Schwerin, it is understood, are mentioned. The Indictments, it is said,sembrac ���
l*.'. counts and relate particularly to violations of the law on shipments from
the Orient through the port of San Francisco to Chicago.
The particular instances in which the
law is said to have been violated n   at
to shipments of matting from Kobe to
A special agent in the interstate commerce commission has been on the Pa-
citic coast for several months and also
in Japan investigating these shipments
and how the Pacific Mail and Southern
Pacific have been making rates tower
than the published tariff on them at
various times. It is the making of a
lower rate than the published tariff on
which the indictments have been based.
Southern Pacific officials are said to
have admitted last night that prior to
the enforcement of the new rate law
they had not been strictly living up to
the three-day notice provision of the Old
law because of the impossibility of doing so nnd retaining their share of tho
Oriental shipments In competition with
foreign lines. They insisted, however,
that since the new law lias gone into
effect they have not made any 1"wet-
rate than the published one. and have
not violated the law for two reasons.
A paragraph occurs in an editorial In
this morning's issue ol our esteemed
contemporary with which we can cordially agree, in a brief article on
"Trade with Asia," this paragraph oo-
"A tariff t!::.t could transfer t'.. man-
Ufai lure of --oods for tb'-* Canadian .imr-
'"' from tb- United States to Canada
would enli rge this country's home con-
Btltui ncy oi consumers and supply more
tustomera than Canadian Industry and
agriculture will ever find in China or
This is IndeeC one of the ideals of
the Conservative Party that the Canadian tariff would be km a; ranged that
a lame proportion of ti,. Imports from
'be United States shall lie manufactured in Canada, these Imports being on
articles which can well be, und which
should be, manufactured i:i our own
country, and not be Imported���as is
the .-'.so ;������ present���fiom abroad, to the
enrichment of all, employers and employed, ib- grain raiser, Uie fruit grower, the rancher, etc., without detriment
to the consumer. The -���< a ligation of
this is indeed more to be desired .ban
any trade we have now or will likely
ever have with China or Japan. Put
why not have both of them���the mauu-
We  have  them  in  6tb   and  8   tb   Sizes.
Quotations   given on    any   Electricat
Heating Device on the Market.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Al/l-tlt I". Trnsoott Laaitli'lil'S
and I'l'ta-rbaaro lanaaes.
Fin-rsl Lot ail  Boats ln B. 0.
Foot of Joaeuhlue Ht.        Tel. Alt*
411 Kinds  of Heating Plants ln Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. ODera Houie.      Tel. 181.
In tlu> mutter of an ���*�����<(.lI'-Hl-ori lor the ii-mc ot
a d it nib-ate ot the Crlift cat*.- Ol Title/or lot US,
mo-l tlie wen half of lot 21, block ill, in the Town
of Nelson.
Notfoa Is hereby Riven that it 1�� my l*-lciitlon
to ln,-ue at the ex pi ru tlon of one month after the
Brit publication hereof a duplicate of tlie eertill-
oateol title ior the above landa, ln the name of
(.villa Shields, which eerttfl.nU- Is daU-d  the -tilt
'lay u( December. 1900, aud numbered *'-Ul k.
"tl   Y. M*cl.w-n *'
Dlatriot Keiristrur
Notice Is hereby given, for the intformation of
tniendiug nuttier.- au'l others, that Selection turn
t��M11 made of the a,r)<*o,0-iO acrei! of land .situated
in tin- Pence Kiv-r Valley, i'rovlli'e of j-ril.sh
Columbia- granted to the Puruinioii tiovernme"t
under the piovlnioni- of Kvetlou 7 of "At Act
relating to the [aland H,,llw-iy, the Graving
Pock and Railway Landi of the Province," and
���uehlaniliHii.i op. n to entry under the land
law*' of the province
i lie blue It  MleCtod   II  dewerlbod   ai   follow*:--
Commeoolof at apolntSS^ mfloa "outh of the
Pea-e Kiyeron tne 120th Me ldnm, boin-* the
eastern b.Mindary t.f the province, thenee a ail
76 mile- and ft* 04 ebalni, theuee uo<tUT2 mile*
and BO 0* chaini, Utence east '.'. mile-*: and :in iii
chaini, thenee south to the point of commence-
" i following the laoih Meridian and contain-
lni- approximately 't.-'iOO.'j.rO aerea.
Rotioa l* ai-o ft-fen that, with a view to
[..(���lUtaUnjc setiletn.-iit in the valley** oi (li*;
iv-tee. Parrots and Pack Hivers, the following
belt of laini 4n mllei In wi-nti and ex'f-iidin--
20 milea on each -id- of the Peace. Parsnip and
Caek kiM-r*. ha* l>e-n reserved for aelual -ettlen
to beaaqnlred by pre-emption only   under the
I and Art, Jtueh iHnd nut hein*. open for attle,
letiM*. Ileeni- - or other alieiiatioa under the fcaid
Acl except hy pre fl-nptlon*
I imenofng at thi Inieraection of the western
boundary of the Wo k of bind lelected  by the
OmlUlon 'ioveriimeiit with the Peace liver,
���1,- nOC following the. Peace Kiver ami CarKnip
Kivurto their ooiillmiire wi'li the Pack Hiver
and tbenoa fii!l.*wiiiK tfae Pack river to the
point;Where nald Park Kiv4-r leaves McLeod
l_lke, and extending for a 'iintanee uf 20 mllea
nn each Side Of -Hid Mver�� and approximately
ITtm.ller- in lenath.
All lands ontalOQ the hoii!idarl"H of the Dominion itovernmiii- <'r��iil and 'the reserve
above described are Open lor loeaUou under tlie
laws of the*  1'rovNi. e.
W   .1    HOWHKK,
Acting Cbtsf Commissioner of Landi and Works
i.r.i     !-.;���,   ���   WorXB    '"'jmlllll'  III.
Victoria, hi pi,-:n her 13th. WH,
Nelaon I-and lJistrlct. District of West Kooleuay
Take notice that K. 8. f. Smyth, of 1 rooter, B.
i' . "i. upatuiu jumberinau, Int-udi. to appl] tor
a !-j.K*LiaI timber licence over tlie following described laud-;:
No. 1. Com mend tig at a post planted near the
ii-.riheaKt cumcrpo-ivol Loi."-o : i on Lemon
t'reek and marked K. S   P. -*ui\ tli loutbwesl < "i
oerpoel Mo l. theuce 4u chaini north   more  "i
lest i.' aU.ut midway of the iouih boundary line
oi tlmbei iicenee No. vjtin, thenoe "-**"����� 1:m.u.�� east,
theme 40  ehaitii  -outh, theuce  tv  chaini ca*n,
tbenoe 40 chain- wath. thence to ehalm treat-
more or leaa to the sou-.bead OOrQer ������������ ��I     ���   ->   I
Ln  No 2Ms, theuce 4u eiiaiti-. north  tbenos I"
etiaitiK west to the point of commencement.
Dated ���JUth July, JauT. k   -   1'  -vvth,
Henry Relehi ^- .^k�� ut.
Nelson l*and Intdrlct. D^tra [ ol VVeM Kui.teliay
No. 8
Take uotice tbat J. li. F. Btewart, of Colling
wood, ont., occupation lumberman, lutends i>.
app!> lor aepectal timber licence over the Sol
lowing deacrlbed lauds; Uomm* Udng nt a p st
planted about *�����"' chain*, soulli aud ' ������ nalttl West
..; [H.st ,\o. 2, marked J K P. Btewarl ^ N I" ��'"
lot  post, thenee soulli 100 elm in*-, thi DOS WBSl 10
chaiu--. tbeuee north ltio chaim, tbence enst 4u
i-ha in.-* to plaee of coiumeucemeiit < .niaiulng i^''
ci*r.> more or lesa.
July _!4lh, 1907. JaMK-   R   Y   SIKWAKI.
Nelson l_*.nd l>it*trict    District ol Weal Kootenay.
Take notice that Henry Uwloberi ������'  Nelson,B
��' . j'ro.-.[K'ct..r. mteudt. io a' pl> l"i h **i>ecial 11
ci nee to eut ami cai ry away limber from the following .lea-cubed lauds:
No t. (."oiuiueuclng at a pus! plaited near the
uortheus*. inruer puM of rimbei Ll' ��� '" B *-��� y_*)t>
and   mark_d   Henry Keichert uorth welt -nriier*
post  No   6, tbeuee iso ohaini  south, thenee 80
cnalns   eaat,   tbence  HOch-tius   norm, thenre  HO
chains west to place of oommenoemsnt.
Uatcd July _*vb, 1901.
No. 1 Commeuelug at a poll | ,lli;' d near the
north weat coruer |*oat of timber lueuee -Nu. y_ti6
and marked fcteury Relehert o. weit corner post
No 7. theuce 1W chains ,*a-*t, tbenoe 4ti ehaius
north, tbeuee lfio chaius welt, tbeaoe40 chaius
south to poiut uf coiumcueeuieut.
1'aled July aitii, Wr,.
No. a. Commeuelug at a post planted on Monument eleek about 70ciiatiis more or lexs from
where Monumeut creek ampUei luto l_4rmon
creek aud marked Heury Bel' lni: uortbaaatOOT-
nerjiost No ft tbeuee 1MI chalttl south, thence 40
ehaius wesi, theuee Ito chaini north, thenee 4u
i i...Lji*- east iu place of oommeneement.
l>ated July jtblh, I'AjT Ulm*.. Ii.hhirt,
Nelsou Laud Ulstrict. District Ol West Kooteuay
Notice is hereby given tdai HO '*a>s afti r date
i luteud in appl* to ihe < blel �� ominlssiouer ul
Livuds and Works foi perm Isslon to out aud
carry away timber from the following described
No. 4 Commencing at a |Kie1 marked H... K.
N. W corner, _!U0 chains .-n*-; ,���: the N. B, ccrner
of lot No M2, post UiaiKeLi K.--.N.E. uoruer,
thenos east (Ht cbains. thenc south tio ebaiuh,
tbence west M* chalua, theine norm ftu ehains to
place of (omiiieneeineut containtu*- t>4-< acres.
No    o    Cjiumeuclug at the   N. W, corner of II
���i B, timber claim No   4, theuee uorth ho  ctmius.
tbeuee   east   to euains, thetoe   sootb   HO   ciiailis.
tlieuce wefct fto chaius to place of commencement
at loeatlou pjBt No   *>, containing Wu acres.
I   U.  .-��� i: kii.M i:mi ul-*. LoeaUir.
oeo  tiuacroft, Ageut.
Dated July ftth. HW7
Nelson l_aiid I-i'triet    Di-tn.-i ..f West KooUuav
take notice abat Paul August Pauls-n, of Kit*
chener, B.C., oc*-upa.uon inmborman, ittteiids
to apply for a special timber UoaOOf over tlie lol*
low ma deseribe'l lands : ' urn un-initig at u jmst
planted al the lOUthweat eurio-r ol surveyed -ot
~.22i i. 1 lbenee sooth to the northern boundarv
of umber Lieenoe No. 1DIH, theuoe west to the
iiontiwtst corner of said Limber lieenee, thenee
south to the northern tjoundarj of lol --ii. theioe
following aald boundary, of laid  lol   wett to the
right ot*way of tne Wriiihi. u-oiumL-s tiouthetn
Uullway, thenee inllowitig --.aid ri**ht-of-way lu a
norih-easlerly   diree;iou   to place of eommeine
meut, and eoutaining fi-o aeres. more or leas
Dated Julv and. 1W7.    1'ai'L Ai-ut:��T Paulson.
Notice Is hereby given tbat ft' day. alter date 1
luteud to apply to ibe iioii. chief Cuinuilssluuer
of 1-Kt.ds and --urkh fur permission to purthase
ihe lollowiug described lands, situated in West
Kftuteuay uistrict: Comuieuciti1. at a j"<s: marked by uame an initial post of the -Snutli Fur*
bra at-b, one hundred fee: from the .iuuctiou ol
Lost ereek with tne aouth fork; theuce one
quarter mile to the northwest corner post, theuee
one mile to the uortbeast corner post, thence
oiit'-'| um,'ler mile to the southeast corner poat,
theuee oue mile to  the place of coiumeucemeu:
June 27, HO".        Located by Wm. Connolly.
Nelsou Laud District.   Dtstiict oi West Kooteuay
'lake uotice that  Moore,   Kepple <*_- i o . of <jar-
laDd, Penn , oecupiitiou  lumberuieu,   inteuda lo
apply ior a special umtur   licence  over   tbe   following described muds :    Commencing at a poat
plauted ou Mosijulto  creek, ou  tbe   wesl  side of
Arrow lake, and about oue half mile west of the
���Otttbweit cornerof tiuitier limit No. 4��77, tbeuee
north no chains, theuce  west  no chains,   tbeuee
south HO chalus. thence east ft" ehaius to polut of
commencement, and  coutaluiug �������� ' acrei. more
or less.
Dated 1Mb, July, 1WJ7.     Mookx, Ksiti.k i Co.
John B. Calkins, Agent.
Nelsou Land District.   District of Went Kooteuay.
Take uotice that Bran McClelland Fraser, of
Ferule, h C, clerk, intends tu apply for a special
licence   over   tiie   following    described    laud*-:
Commenein*. at a pout planted about seven
miles west of tne Kooteuay river, and about one
mile nortb of the international boundary Hue,
and about one and ai.uarter north-easterly from
the nonh east cornel of limber licence No. 8007,
thenoe south no chains, tbeuee west BO cbalua.
theuee north to chains, theuce east to chains to
point of commeiieemeiit, and coutaluiug 64o
acres, more or leos.
Located l_!th, of June, 1307.
Kvan McClellah Fkaseh.
Dated this ��th of July, I**j7.
lake uotice thut 0 C. Clark, of Nelson. 11. <'.,
saloon keeper, Intends to apply Ior a special umber licence over the following described laud:
Commencing al a post planted on Miirntii;-
Mountain. about one mile west ol Smelter * reek,
and adjuimug C. C Cla-*k's location for timber
tloenoe BO I. and ut-<iut i>ue mile South of Nel
sou, theme west 8o chalne, thenee south Hu
chaius. thenoe east SO cbalua, tbeuee Uorth to
chaliiB to pltw-e of begluuiug.
Date��l July H.lb, 1UU7 C. C. Cl-AHK,
Daviii BtKiTK, Agent.
Nelion J*nd DiStrlcL   District ot West Konleioty
'lake   notice   tha'   Weslev   Bovee. of   Kit/.*-'lie,
Waah , oocnpatlon botcher, intends to apply foi
a ipcHi.1 umber licence over tbe follow.nu des-
Olihed Lands; on the east side of Priest river:
l.iiiDini'iii'iiiK ata post planted one and a bait
miles north of the Inter- ational buiin 'ary line,
thenc. west t��i ebalna- thenoa south no chains,
tbenoe east00 chains, thenee north wj chains to
point of commencement- containing o-w acrea,
mure or leis.
Dated Sept. Mth. 1.-U7. WMJT Bovmm,
K   V  '-'kith, Ageut
Nelson .Land District.  District of West Kootenay
Take notice  that  Himou P. Hebiffel.   of Nailer,
Idaho. occupatloU lumberman. Intends lo apply
for a ipeclal  timber licence  over the following
rla.w,.r-l l.i.rl    l...a,l      ���    nd    ,1...    .... uf      air,,,    lit    l-rll'sft    ��f,..r-
Nelsou Land District District of West Kootenay
Take notice Mint Clyde K McClure, of BllSrllle,
Wanli , Oddlnation barber, Intends to apply for
n m i,il *in ,,.r li '.-nee over lhe following described lands; 'Mi the east aide of Prion river,
two and n half mUei north of the inti-rnallonal
boundary Hue:   Commenoii-f atapost idunted
twoimd a ha'f miles north of the liCcrnaMonal
boundarv line, tbunee *sst hu (hains, tbence
���outh BO ��� halm,   thence  westH'J chains,   thence
nortb 80 ebalni to the point oi oonunenoement
and 008 lain log MO acres, more or less
Dated Sept. 14th, iwn.        Cl vt��K K   M'Cr.rna,
K    W   matn, Agent.
Nelson Land District. Dlstrlctof West Koot. nay.
Take notice thai liur RovtA,ofBllarlllo, Weill ,
oaeupetii-n but'dicr, Im.-mis to apply lor a special
llm��fr Hi. lice ever the following jtlesi- llital
Imi'l' rn, it,.. ,���.t nbie of trtcat river: <:om*
menclng *i a posl planted one and a hah miles
iiorin oi inteinii'lofial hoiin'-arv line, themv
cast let chain*",  ibenee aiutl, ��'�� chains, thenos
WW I   NO   -IiiiHis.   tloeee   north   W'   chains   to lhe
point of ooamenoemeni. containing 040 acres.
mms "r le-s.
Dated H pt   1Kb, 11W7. **\\ Bovag,
li. W.Hmith, Agent
-Alk t>WI*_;ii_-, ItL'II.I) OL'R THADli
si��i !cla.__ti-3_i ANU STApt-sa
w.  ��ni -..-ii ai BpaolaJ H.iiKiiu Prloeo on  Ki-i.iny ull _--__��� of   OoaM
ri, in .-.i.H-k: eiiii.irrii    '-* < .ai,.,-t.-, r, (___ prtoM ji $!-.- .. -'
,l $2, Ian- BOe. TBo. *i  and $1.-8.
\\-_- Hava   iNotiiiiit.  >>f
Ou.Hti.ii-Kihiu Quality
Mull ��� >r_i_-r�� Pt-omatlv
  AtU-nUud   li.
Nelson Land l-lstn ���;    Dlstrtel   ���. W i ��� l ���'. ���   Lcnaj
1 ake uotice that i.e-irgi    i i * -
B  t' , intend*. Ui  iiim-Iv   tor i   - ������ ��� �� ���!  Umber
||   .:., .     , * . ,     ih*      Kill i��      .'       ���
Common* Ing at a poll   plaul   i ���*'���**
. orner uf HecUou It,    n �� usblp ' * '     ������.   dls
tn.'!, being aboul one-thli --!..(
tbe lontb boun larj  tine ol tb -errei
thenee aoutb   aboul eatterly
bank of Kootenay  river; ..easterly
alone Kootena.   rlvei   bonk oi to
tha south boundarj i I Beetlon li, fownahip .;
thencs nasterl] about BO* n us t. tht northweat
oorner of Lot s61;  ibem - north �� chalui along
tbe   we-t   boundarv   "I   Lol   - -    -    WestDU
��� i . -,   to ��� i.   poiut of co ment, and oon
talnlng C..i   p.' -i���-. '    >re or 1.-
Dated JulT 4. I ���"���
.UK! -.SIlRR.
Take nolle, t   u    ��� h I Intend to
appiv to the  Hon loner oi
Landi and Work-   \       -.       >i  peretlsston to
out and * n n ������ ��� s ��� i ��� tbefo towing
desei      d Lane ,iti Ww
Nn ) i osnmi net tig at i - p anted at tbe
ionthw< at onm     nf tlmt-er - 46, thenoa
west 80 ch   ii-    Lbenee soi       B oa, theuce
east 8ti   bains, thenc-  uorth HOenaius to pleoool
Oommenoi m< nl
i ai. d Mi.> .i, lyu*;.     i. 1 -  ' ooator.
J   \\   Couii an, A��eui.
Nn. . Commencing ai a posl Planted at the
koutheaat corner ol application o i. tbenoe easl
to chains, thenc*. bortn B0 chaini thenee wt -��� B0
ohalna then m aouth ��o Dhalni to plaos ol cumin, in .���ment
Dated May :��, P.W7. i   T. BtraOMI   I.--*-_tor,
J. W, OOLBUEM,  '-.���.
Nelson 1-and Dtslrlet.   District of Well Kootenaj
Take notioa thai em, Archibald Bremnersnd
i leorca - duuk, both nl the city ot N- Isoi
ProTinoe ol ftrin-n Ooltnnbla  lumtn rmen, intend to apply lor ipeolal tiiuuer Uoenses ������������ I tha
f")l<iwing ���!���'-.( ri'utd lauds:
1 Commetieint: at n posl  planted   ahe
> ur.i�� westerly Trom the junction of the north
and main forki of Bnmmlt ereek, a creek flowing
into Koolenav river smith Of tbe lOUtbttrU i nd (U
Kootcna\ lake in the d-Mriet ol Wesi Kootenay,
wbloh junction ls abool iii <>r BO mllei from the
m'uitn of  surii ereek,thanea   aouti -i   chalna.
tbeuee  east   H'-u chalus, thenee   iiorin    l��   rj-n.nn-,
thenee west if-c chain a to ihe point ol i pmmenoe-
meii' and oontalnlng 8-fl asrei mon ���     ������--
AV.I-llll'.Al.li   hllKMNKR.
Dated this .-ith dav of August, liV7
I I -mt.-enriuu at a peal planted about M0
yard- ar gel or li tsoxt the main and uortn forks of
Summit ereek. a ereek f low i UK Iti tti K.Miteimy
river sou.h of tlie loothern end uf Kootensy lake
in tlie distn.-i .���( West Kootenay, thenee aonth h-
chalus. thenee west48 ehalna. thenea wunh 40
ehains. thenoe waateO ohaina, tbeuee north M
ehains, tbenoe oast to ohaina, thenee north 40
ohalna- thenoa easl 4<- eUains to thspedntof oom-
manoemani aud eoutaining r>*w< aerea more or
its*- Uaoaoa *> oom.
Dated this '.tb day of AuK'ist, 1001.
:t Com nit neiue at u po-t planted about 300 feet
norlli (rum the hank ol the main Bommll i   set
snd about 2 miles   westerly from tlie  junction <>i
the uortn fork and tha ma_tn lork of such oroak,
ti era- a ti.iwiug into Kootenay rteer looth <���( the
Mouthern eud of   Kooteuay lake |U the dtetfil-t id
West Kootenay, thenee loutu ho ohalna. thenoi
east H0 ehains thenee Uf>rth bU ehuius. theuoe
west M't ehalns to the polntof coinmeu*. no -i ��� ���
aud contaiulug l>40 acres more or less
AHrnuiAT.o Bsnum.
Dated this 5tb day of August, 1907*
4 Commencing at a post t'lanled about l" mlli ��
up au unnamed creek tl owing Into smum.t
i reek Irom t tie couth at a no1 it 22 miles from the
mouth Ol summit ereek which latter la | oxtmk
(towliid luto Kooteuay river sotitli of tin- | mtb
em end of Kootenay lake ill the distil  t of   West
Kootenav. tbence uorth so .hai'is. thonoa easl 10
ehains, tio nee smith HO chains, th. in*, west ho
ehalu* tn the point ol eoiumeticeincul au-1 eon
ikiluiLg Me. acre- m.r. in  luai.
0*8oBQg Vouso.
Dated tbla 5tb day of Auguit, li-0T.
B <i>inmetieluK at I pus!  planted two   miles up
an unnamed creek [lowing   Into Bommll  creel
from tbe south at about 22 miles from i ta mouth
of Summit creek, w bleb hitter la a cree* [lowing
into Kooteuay river untilh of tbe lontbern end
of Kootenay lake in   the ninrlct oi   West   KOOte-
nay,   tbeuc��   iouih   ht.   chnins,   Lheii ���    ���    ������   to
cbaina, thenoa north 80 ohalns, tbenos west to
' Indus lo the polnl of  entuuieiieetu'-nt   and   ��� mi
tainlng 640 aoresmora or ie*s.
n ri' ,ii fi.* i.i
���.il."! this fdh day of August, IVC*
ti ( omuicucing ata post planltd about one
and m half miles up the u<irib foik ol Bummll
ereek, a creek flowing Into -tOOtanaj rlTOT south
uf thslsouthern end of aootenay take in the dls*
t ni of West Kootenay, thi uoe eaat ho ohalna,
theoce aootb   t*> ohatiMt ttumoe eaai  i" ehalns,
thenee       hi Mi 4Ucbntlis, tlieuee    We-t to   rhalns,
thAnce north 40 cbains. theuee wesl 10 eh aim,
tbence north 4*i chains to the pointof oommancs
mem mum oontaln ng 040 aoroa mon or leai
Sgaaaa zouno.
Dated tins 1th day of Auguit, 11WI.
7.   OoquBonotng atapoei planted aboul one
mile and a half up the north fork of Hummit
preek., a oreak fimviug Into Kootenai rtvi i soutk
of tbe southern end of Ko-tli-nay lake, in Uie
di-.trin of West Kootenayi tbenoe north 10chalna,
theuce Weai 4)o elialus lbenee linrlb I'-biiliis
ihemeeast  HO  ehaius,   theine  south 4<i  chalm,
tbenoa east 40 obaina, thonoa aoutb I chains,
thenee west ho ehalns to the pointof oommenoe
meot and oontalnlng 840 acres, more or less.
Dated this Oth day of August, WOT.
Ai.<'HiH-ij- Pittnria
H. Connnencliig at a post planted aboui a
quarter of a mils westerly Irom the north fork
L-tSummit ereik. and about iwc mllea and a
Imlf up wiicli ncirlh fork ttom its juoctlou wuh
tha uiHin Hummlt creek, u creek llnwtng into
Kootenay river,  south   of   the aouthern   end   uf
Kootenay lake iu the diatri-*t of weal Kootenay,
tbence north 80 ehaina, thenoa aaal 80 elutlns,
tbenoe aoutb 80 chalna, thenca weal 80 chalui to
tin- poiut of cnminon'-emeut, and containing C40
ac-en. more or less
Dated Ui la ut h day of August, itstr.
(.'KOIIUR Vocno.
U     Coinmeneliiir   at   a   post   planted    gbOOl   a
iniri'T of ii mi;, weaterly Irom tbenortb fort
of -fu-jimlt creek and about three muesupsnob
north fork from its luni-tl-m wit), the main Mum,
in i ereek a creek flowing Into Kootenav river
iouih of the aonthern and of Kootenay lake in
the district West KOOtOOay, theuce west an
chain*,   thenee   tioilh  Wl ehalu*-,   lbenee   east80
obaina. thenos south go ohaini to the polntof
commencement, and DOntolUlhg 640  lO'.rt*, more
or lesa.
Dated this r.th rtsy of Argusf, l��*'-7.
a a* n: i.. d BnmoiBii,
10    ' omutcm-ing at a   poll   planted  about a
Huarler of a mile wes'e-ly fimii 'b' Uorth firk
ot Hummit creek and gboal three mi'os UpSUttb
UOi il. h-rk from its Junction with tha main Hum-
ml' ereek. a creek flowing Into Kootenay river,
south oi the southern end nr Kooleuay   take, In
the district of West Kootenay- tbenoa west 40
ohaina.tbenoo south too oha'na. tbenoe eaai I
ohalna, tbonoe nortb 100 chains to the polnl ol
rom mencement, and eon tain Ing t.l I sen ��� ,   mora
' Dated thlaOOtb day of Ungust, wn.
A IU MIIIAl.l. BUI Mr-. Full Commenctiie ftt a post planted about hall a
mile   easterly from   the   aoutb   fnrk of   L-himmll
ereek     11IIO   llOOIlt     <HO-  Ml Hi-     Sm  |Mt  nf     lb,.     --Willi
Hum mil    .-reek, a cnn k   (lowing    Into    Kootenay
river south <d the soiiihvrn end uf Kootenay lake
lu tho dlatriot of West Kootenay, thenee nasi ho
chalm, theuee  luuth'ii ohaini, thouee treat 80
chalui, lbenee norlh HO i-helns (n tba polntof
eomrnuliceineiit ami coutuinliig (*4Q acre* more
or leil AkClllHAl.l- bHUHNSK.
Dated this 21it day of Auguit, IW~>,
n. inon i.hioI I'iK'rtit.  I'lMrn t of w, *t Kootenay
Tak-* BOttoa that  Moon. I., pp.    .    ' ���      of ('ar-
land, Penn., oooupatlon lumbermen, intend to
apply ior aspeoUl umber tloencc o-rer the toi*
luwing desi ribod Lands: Commencing a: a poet
planted on kCoaeuito creek, .n tha weet ildeol
a i row lake, and about one half miii- weat, < I tha
uth west cornerof Umber limit Ho I8T7, tbenoa
���outh 80 chains, tbonoe weal 80 ehalna, tbonoe
north 80 < halna, tbenos east so cbaina !<��� polnl ol
. ommenoement, and eonfcalnina 840 to us, more
or Leas.
I'nted 15th July. JWT7 MchiHK, Kciri r .'_ lo
J ucH k i Ai.KiHs. Agent
m Land Dlatiiet  i-istrietof West Xootonftj
Ink"   notlOO   that   William    Andrew     Koaa,   ������(
Fernie, H c . botel keeper Intends to appli tor
a speeiaJ timber ];������*.��� i over tha folio wing das-
lauds: ' nu-ni.u. nut at a post planted
k miles west of tb* Kootenay rtsai on
Corn in*, k. in the District ol Weal Kootena*r
aud ta ing at... nortb ol the Intel
nun   na!     boundary    tine,    and    situate   al   thS
as) oornei oiWUliun  Andrew  Hoes' Ko
I Umber claim* thenoe north m ehains. thenoa
wi ii He ebalna, tbanee aouth 80 chaius, theuce
���.nt -  ' bains, to in
Lea at- d Julv .3rd
I'.i    ! tha BU of Aug    !'.���_*.
WiLl.MM alMiKIW Kos*
.Ne|-,in Laud DlMNet.    Dij-tri-l ol WftBl Koolensv
lak. noUce that I. Kvan Prasi r .d Perntt ,B.C,
I to apply for a special umher Uoensa
���   ' * lowing d< aortbed land*:
I.     ' I'liiu  |Ug al ��� pool planted   at the N. It.
oorner about lt^ mllea nortb of tha IntarnaUon
ai boundary tins and aboul n mllei weat M the
I rex (about one mile north of the
nortb   boundary  al   i    i.   Ko   ���*���"���'/   thi i
nhalna south, tnenoe go 'halns wist, t bene., m-
i'fiebKlns  east  to the place
of beginnlni.
Dated July -.'lit. iwn.
B, * o-mmondng m a poal planted at the B k.
corner of loeaUon Mo I, thenee aouth 80 chalm,
theuoe east to ebalna thenea nortb 80 ehaina,
thenoe wesl go chain*, tn tf*p place of  l-oj-iuuiiig.
Daled July rlit, 1001.
8. Oommanclng at a post plaatad at the n y.
corner of loostion No t, thenee nnrth ho ei-aius,
thenoe east 8U rhslno, thenos iouUi H chaina,
thenoe weal BO i balm to piaei ol beginning
Daled July -.'let. I 107,
i Oommaneina i i the M B oornoi <���' looatlon
Ko. 1,  thenci   uurtb t' chains, thanoe west w
chaini, iii. i utbSnchains, thraoa -a��t so
cl i        ��� beginning.
j-..-. d /nly :>������    '
t (.inun in ing al ii pom planted one mile
eaet ol the i*. R corner ol lucatK-n -"-" I thence
scohi. an chains, thenee weal 10ebalni, tbenos
nprtb 80 Chains, thenoa east HU chains In the plaee
of be-; lni
July Jlst. liur.
'       ' ninii-i in int- al a  por-t   pltnted   at !lu   N    K.
epmer of loeaUon Ko. 5 thenoa aouth so ehaina.
tbenoe ensl   *���*�� cbatns,   tbeuee north   MO chains.
thenre w��st 80 ehalm to Hi*- plaoa Ol hfgluning.
Dated   I u. v Kin   1807.
t. Commencing al a pool plained at Um I I
eorner of loeaUon Mo I ai ��� nortb 80 ehalna,
tneure cast80 ehalna, ���.-������ n i tooth mo chain*,
thenoe weet 80 chains to the nlaoe of b--ginuim:
1'nt,   | J���|\ '.'1st, IUU7
I    ' "I'lii" ii* nu* ai a p-.M   plftnWI fit the W   K.
eorner of location No 5, thenoe m rti, w chains.
thenee  west 8U chains,  tbenoe-south mo chains,
tbence i-H��i wi-.iiain*. u. th��- plane of becinnlng.
Date<l July -'1st. ItW. g   rmZlUt, fy, ���*,,.
John Ha ����� n, Agent
ITeJaen Load Dlatriot. DlstHol of VTeol Kootonay
Take noUoa thai I. Bliaabeth Perguaon, ol Kei-
son brlUsb Columbia, oeeupaUon married woman, Intend to appl; for p nnissinn to purchase
the lollowlng dei rlbad Und - Commencing ��t a
jxist pUuied 40 ohaini ��e-: of the muihaail coruer of M-etlon 22, Township08, Kootenay. and
marked 'K   K'������   N    1.    eoraOJ "theuee    wesl   so
ohaini tbenoe smith -to ohalna, thenM .a-t n-
chains, thence north m < h-ius to Che plaos oj
oonunenoomentand eouiu.uiiiig 830 aoroa more
i.'.tii juir. a. D. wn.   klizatkth Fnocunr,
by W. A. (alder, agent.
Nelson Land Idstr.et.    Diatrict of West Kootensy.
Take liolli    "
, .-i.NIiik
.. ���r leas.
-Mb July, 1UU7. DAVibii   Kt'hT/,
W, a Calder, agent.
��� notlea that f, Thomas Harry Wilson intend to apply for permlaalon to purchase tbe lollowlng deacrlbed land : Commencing at a poal
d at the 8 r Oorner Of lol 7M_ and marked
s ��� < "rn. i. thenoa s.oith in chalna, tbenoe
weit 10ohaini, tbenoe aouth lu < hains. thence
wesi   ; r. -i , tbenoe aoutb  to obaina, thenoa
ureal 10 abalna, tbenoa aoutb 10 chains, theuoo
west lo chaina, thenoe north 40 chalna, tbenoe
seat40 .'nun* to point of oon noementand
coiiitiiniu*. um aoroa, mora nr ii *.-
Juna7, am 'jnhm.-i hkkrv Wittosr.
Wlt.I I IM Al.oi./,i. MlLLa,     genl.
Kelson 1-and District.   D|siri<-t of Weal KooU-nay
Take notioa ihat I, lohn [stag, of Kelson, B 0
oc  Upatlon   miner   Intend   to appiv foi   p  run-'
���Ion to purohaas tbe following deacrlbed lands
:omtocncl��gal a poal planted a1 ths N.K of
UotOOW tbenoa aaal 80 ehaina, tbenoa aoutb -jo
obaina, tbenoe neal *��> obaina, tbonoe nortb ko
eh alio- In pidnl of conuiielieenieii t, cm tin III Hv .0
acres   more or less.
August and, 11107, J..PN 1_am,.
NoUoe la hereby given that m davs allerdate  I
l-Btond tO  npldy to lhe Hon   Chief COI-imUMionet
nf Lend* nnd Work* for pcrmlsslun io nnrehase
lhe follow lug descnla-d land in U est RnnienuT
district,  mi    west   sliire   of   U.wer   Arrow   LAk.
ftiijoiun..: Loi no 4046, on the aoutb: iie-Mm-nig
ata post marked "riftrry McLeod'i n.k comer
p stand planted on the ahore of Lower Arrow
Livki-. a- th. aoutlieaal oornei of Capl losiun.r*
L48.8, thenoa weat 8u ohalna, tbenoa aouUi ao
ebalni more or lew, to the nprtb boundarj of it
rullmote'a P, it . thence * ohaini aai I along the
���in i boundary to lake, thenoe nor)b along the
lake ab ore so ehains, more or less to pointof
Mi.y Sod, IW7. J. ll   MoorK,
               Agent for Harry Mel,eod,
Nelson Land DtalrtOt.   DlStriotOf Wesl KoOtoUft*.
'"k" ""'I " tUeorge Kulitai arler of Hlrdiir,
occupation, brldgeman, inteuda m apply for nor-
""'���'���  purchase   ihe fol low lug   deasrlbed
"'"'1 ' i rumen-tug at post planted at the nnrlh
weit���oorn.-rof l". iioa*.' at.piieatimi to purchase,
mink.- 1    B   W.,   tlieuce    mull.    IU   elnilns. tneure
oasi   40 ohalna, tbenoe aoutb   80 chaius to a.
'  urry s    pre-empt Inn,    thenee    WSSl    EtO    ehalns.
thence south 90 nhalua, tbeoea weal HO chnins to
Pia a ni rtonuneuosmenl eoutuining iao aerea
more or less.
Datod July ia, iwn.     naoaoj m-n i Qftmnot,
W. J  HniTT, Agent.
i. the underalgnad. after on days int i ton
ply to the (Inn. the Chief CommlMitmer of Lands
and Wotlis lo purchaie the following daw ri bed
and: Commencing B,| u���. n. k. i77ol Loi 7&80
i,   l, theonu  we��i 40 ohalns, thciicc north go
hit us,  tbeuee east  in cbains,  tin ��� south tt
iiaiti.- to point m uommonoenunti oontftU-lng no
I ���  I   I ��� ���       111, a T   ,       ll,     I    .....
N.-l. ..1 I-.���l Illstrlct. lil.lrl..ioiwM,-:J
T��.a.   ���,������-,.  ,-.   ,, , 1 '*'"-'��l.���,.
Hurti.n Ilia . II   C    ���..- nr .r..,,. . !  **��'M��
���apply i... p-;.. ..���."',"    'v'';,"',iir,:,!-
.i.-.tii-.i i,���.i   ,.������������! :'''"*'���'^i* i*iio._.
��"��.|ini... k sra.l rn.rkt.i .'[��� "L V"   m"""r��
vssst ___r__;s_,_?jte1j��ssS_l
T1I..11W7. VH.HUL, B,M,r __,,      j
N��Uou I_u.l l>l,trlct   I'l��rlcr^Twiiui^nn '
N' '* -.p-UOB l.r.maali. im"n',|   ���,., ,"'��
1 ***"�� i-i -Ht ii..- !.,ii���.,���:'SSHs
B. W. a*���r..,., I. 1- Morris,,,,'. ,.n"h ,* ��*
\.iia-v. ii���i���., oon- tort, ,.���; ""J. '" "1"
aaat Ian, (��** , l..,,���. ���,'���.,. -,, * �� ���  *>J-
a-llralla��. tla.-ua-.. aa.-sl f.,riv r.... ....���.,"' **T
��� ..". .....I. .-I-,..,..    .���.!    ,V, ,. ���',   ���"���'  '��'."M-1_
-.1,1 al.l.rls,,, .,-,���.. m,,,,.",,^,'  ���"*�����".�����-
I..I.-.I S-pta-jiba-r-..na. Hsn.      -aimu. Ma-tu.
Hfm % ','Vt- *--".���*"" I im.HI to.ppi, i��� ti
I ,, ,L 1. a""","*""""-' "' Uu'-" ��d**<��U
\ n laarl*.   11. ....   u,   faurt'-iBj-e  Ilia- loll...... a
-��� r,.,.-., ,.���,,. .������.,.',, ,., Sttta\SSSi&
trla- :.,.���,������-,������... ., . ,,������ ���,.���,���,-�� ��
vr-.t .Sal.- ol Koa.u-n.y l��k-. ���,'.��� Rl,,,, "
1-.1..1. ...al  rn.rk.-d j. _��__���__!,P��Sm
',T.\;lhff"* WM" !? 'J"1"- "<"*' "��"i*
__-___��-" *""" '""' ^Of-PftaTS
itaua Apru ., imr*.       simirt j Mci:.--,
Ni-lsou Uants DUtrlct. KutrlcToTw-si iami_5
T.ka- MtfaM tl..l I'lillip Broa.k.l-uk.olStl-,
K ..- - .i|_lloti r.n. t,.-r. n,i..u.|, 1,, ,_.. to ,
permlMoa u, ,.ur. li.sa- tu. lollowtn, d��crM
Unal r   I���a���w-ni .I ��V7��t'.Unr-iTiM
ban ..I I pfstr .M..1SI..I, (r.ritsrsi)lu>.
Ibe a.  1.   eorner of lot **i;��, llirbee wutklckMia,
1    :.������ loothgO ehalns. th.-u-s-* rmt _o *._!_��
��� ���- M ibe .bore .,! ib- lafcft tt-ttm'
northerly along the laid shore UU chain- in
or iosa, u. [a.ini *f ������oiutneur>-__��-M. ruuu iiiai
100 son s. mure nr I.-m
l��ate<l lapl   lath, I1W7     fiiiLLti  It_uxiUs_n.
Silly days *��er date 1 intend la uaij togg
It rn.    Cbiel Coinmlaaloner of Uod- ��_���! Worti
for permission Lo purcbaw the fuiimritic d*-
seribed land in West KiH.teuay (llstrlrt torn-
menclng at a |��o*it marked A. V. Bi aor'tiaC
uoruer J>��>��-t, runuins ��0 ehalns esit-rir -lOBf
the l>mtiid��ry of Timber lb eUw No ��*. tOc-Dte
loutberly 50 ehalns, then.,. wt-_1tt.1T ��i r__i_i,
tlieiMe noriherly ht ehaius al��uit ta. f f L
tra< k to tlu- ids'-e of comioeUi-eioaut.t'uliuiBiif
two hundri-f aOTOB, more or leu.
laM-ated this Vlb day of Ua). 190-.
A f. hi u. lsawr.
NoUoa is i.ervny given tbat SO d��iut��_*al
int.-i.ai ui apply to tbe Honorable ti,*' hwf<'_������
uii-Mniier of Lauds and Work* la* ���rm.uawi
lo pumhaae the following deicrita-.Ua- nuiu
in West K.K.tenay district: Conim*-_(l_i tt 1
[��>st plant-.I ai tbe wsst bmitnlarj.ili.rta-i.il,
and ahout lu ehaina smith of 11,. -.-���.::. in1.ja.U7
of the ri|-hl-orwsy ol ths It t ���MiutUrrnnil-
way, and marked P. A. >"i lou'lit1.-" wnw.
west li-o chains, tbence north lath��*mitta
It-nindary of the rlgb'-of-wa) <���(  H I   raaloeri
ing ���_
right ..I w��j  tu an eaiu-rly dln-.-llniJ w��tl)f��_il
railway, tht
���aid touD.arrofui-
bouu<lary uf Lot 36a Ol. tbence south topUctO*
commencement,  eoutalnliiK  luu i'ia. mart or
Dated this Uth day of Inns, istr*.
I'aii. Arut-iT pjiruoa.
...��� ..���������������        ...II..,,       lll.tl.v      w .. v...
1*1.1 rl-rhl-i.t aa.y to J.la.*e of .-..inlJIB
!'..:.  I IMS 2nd <!.. of AUkUst. I-.1"
l-.fl.  AtSJl.T 1-.1_0I_
N.IS..11 Uml I.l.lrl.l l.l.lrl.-l..!*>..��_�������*l
T.k.- n-itii-o th��t 0��.nt. Blurro. "I Blllinj"-
M.nii.aii., r -a. A., ih-.-.i|..ii..ii. msra-li.rir. It
t.-i.-i- to atpplr 'or p-.rntlsslon la. plircD���*��� m.
I..lli.*-lll-r .Irsa'-rlofal U__: r.iuii!ia.lir*lli, ���' ���
post (.l.liu-.l on lb�� wtast sh.ita- a.l I |.|��r��lisi-
sl,hii (I '.rlt,....l Ink-, .n.l .1 Ilis tiorlLwa*!"'"1"
ol . ol M.lli,   llia-narv   waml  W ,-li.llis, tli.-li" "JJ
...  lllll lis.   I Ill-lira' a.Sl  A. .I..II1S. iMIla-! "��*��*
I'halus lo iKil.it til ,.tiiaiui-lia.*.-mi'lil. ��n.l a-aanu.*--
Ilik wi aara-s' inaare or lass ,     ���
fl��J Itlltli. 11AT7. U��OkOl�����_
Na-l.,,ii Lu. lilslrl-l    lilstrl. I ol ��'���-.! lasok-'-
T��ko nolloe tl.nl   Wi.ll.-r   M.-Nrll. <-' "*'"__��
Mom.,,.. I* H. A.....-.-i.1.nll..i. in.r.l.sul 1.1���*
10 ��ppl��   f���r   .-.TiiiUsloii 1. r.-i..��-I'"'   ';'.*'*
a*.l a.u Ilia- -a.-.tsliora-of l'|.|s-r �� lists!!."' I"<""'
l��k.-. ��i,.| ���t ii���- i,,.r|l,���,->i roriiiT"! -; ""'
llia-ii.... aar.i sn , I, sms. Ib.iira iia.rlli ���*��-**"
'I..-.I.-.-.-.SI -at .���l..li,s.Il..in. ...nil. �����*�����_" 3
point    of ori-ina-iit.    sti.l   ...liis'li
.a.m. in.... ur laj...
..... .ata; ' Mia.- I. -_StU, I Al,
W. A. Mil,*..
..,��� tn.-lii .in.nl.
ii-f.-s, mora- a,r lias.
M.) -Mill. 1-T7
W.I.T��� MCSHI-_
Mxlr  ,l���y, .ftaar  al.l. I Arllm" ��-__,!E_S
r.na-li.r. ���f Horioii CUT, nna-ii.l I" "I'l11 ''.'
I'l.l.-I   l-..lninlssl..liiT..f Ihii.I- .".'I   ""il'.|i��fl
......    la    a-      ................ ..... I..11... tnir'ia-'"..
n.rla. li  (,'., fo purobato tht loUo��Ullfm
la slliial.-.-,,,! a.l  llnrla.li     i*.....l.��*��" ,-!f JL"
posl   tniarka-al   "A    A    B   MUtbWWl   ''''
|.1N,||,-.1 at lh.< rs    .a    i-orli.r of lol s"
i.ilililliK naartli All i-halns.   tli.-l
'I., ir  .  soiitli la. a-llalns. tbenri
pis.-., of .-..in .-a.mt.Ul .   u,,rn].
Aiiansl 1st. IIW?. ABTlllia*  Birm*
N. Is..II I.hii.1 l.lstrl.l lll-lrli'lol ��.'"! ���*""'"''���'
T_k�� ....ll.-.- tbat BUM I'osl.-."- ������' * '""-r*
Manllol.ii. larin.r. Ilili-n.ls 1" " Laat
Ja.-rii, .N-.I..U la, -i,ir,.|.M>a lb.' fo".."His "!-**__.
|H��.a.    ��� ....      al   B
,a,-sl ... .-halDS Ua
l.ini : V-..i'���m.'ro;l..V" al s pojl !���'"''''"' ,"'"l,
s.-a.-n miles Irom tin. inniilb of Mais, "'"' '',J
,H   norllonsl    .-..ni.-r   of  Ibis    npl;   '���"'"' ���ulb
 ill.-.1-11   D   N. K  .-orni-r.'iaii.l ;l.'"'li  ,h|-)
��..l.iilns. tba-l  IV,'Sl BOohalu. II"'        , __.
1-linlliS.   Ili.-lioa- a-ais! K.li'bsltlS   to  |Hll"l" >"
in. in-i-i... nl, ronlaliiln* IHU B'-r.-s.
Uato.1 .allb da)- of Anitnst. ""'^ ,.,HT���,.
l_B_ra _^b*-*��mi. ��**
. u'.._( CflOtSSSl
Nelaon Land Dlitrici.   IMatrlct of WW ���*       _,,
Take     notice   lhat     Frank    K.   ^*\nVlf
Aitona,    Manitoba, broker   inlaw *'.,,- ,|.-
for pennlasioii to pui-ahaaa tn*     y ..,������(,.,i
l*r-ll-��   _.,
i-rll.s.l band. Oonuin-in-lii, '''���''';'."'.,',���> stsinl
tha .....Ibsiisl .-nrn.-i of Isir-l ,"l')""' ���,��� i-rar.
II.-.. Iilll.ialri.ln   tin'   lilo.Hb   Ol  'l'1* tlia-iir>*
marketl t t h h k ooi-��,">no "������""'**,.,<-->��� <-
llorll. mi .-bum-.   II..-."*""   "������*' "", '*RS ,,,'imUI"��
s h Wl.b.llls. tba a...,.sl *.'.. ball'* '" ���"
.-ii!oio.'iia-..ini..it. a-a.lilaliilii*: __*cr**'
linla-.l IKltb il.y of Aii.nsl. IWiV      HIK,,s,
N.lsoli I.I.111I I>lslrli-t    l)lslrl.*l Ol "''"' ?��j .,
T,ak.. iiotlr-,- that ir..rii..llns Rf*jB,ii"ft
    Mian.. o���..|i|.iillon larini.r. mi.���'     ���,, .,*��-
ior pannlHloo lo purab_-   '"*,'.   ���i,iiit*ii "!
,-rll,a-.l Inn.I :    loin nrliiK "" " ''    ,..,.! ins".-"
Crank K Im.io'i I. "��� oornor ��' ��� i,'-,. .-li-"'"-
- ���';;" iT'iisi";
and rnniilim *;.".'"...rlli ��!
H. N   I
tbanoa sontb *i ..bains. ...is! "Il '""'V.i.iiiiiin
.-bains  lo   pla. I   bifi-UI-O.'  ""
ai.rusol land, maara. o- bass.    ..������,,,,, usHiia*"'
l.nsl.ISC", l���''""����'���"'Mk The Daily Canadian
Who Want a Good Arclicle Will Buy
he BACON We Sell
It Gives Satii-iactiou, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cared and Smoked.    Our Hams Are
Excellent   Also.    All   Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lard in All Sizes.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Ie-al-UldDUtrlOt.  l-litrletol Went KOOU iiuv
.  !li(l, ,.H,rbi. Bberan, of Nelion.
,.;,,-, ,,���,.,..���! lor, intend! to apply
.��� ovei tbs ffii-iwius
m mi *t �� i��'-i td��iiU'��l
Mot MM   ... tog Vat rick
.  poii   running  sonth -**>
,     di    thi UOI   north to
- ...kin- to polnl of con.
PA-msc* inua,
1""'  '  ^    ' I MUl MtKASI., AffS&t,
���    b-jtrtoi nf Went Kootenay
- .. thai titter i.nnd.of
L ipation iumbeniii.li. Intends
Wm, f��r * -i-i'-mi tlmbei   Uosnss over the
&i CMWrrlbed   landi:    (..miiieui'lni*   ml   m
rti  .,,-������ Nv p-at ��n��> MS
'  ���
ul itmbei [loanea Ho TOIi,
si,  lbenee "-a-at to chain*.
di ���   weal i11 ohaini
��� . i.-iiieut, aud   contslntnic
IraedJuly nib, l��ff. 1'STBh Lewi..
Dlstrtrl of Went KiH.teiiajr
*,.���!��� .    Il.nl   Petei   1   .ii-l. Ol
ipation lumbernun, tniandi
cisl tlmbei tleenoe over the
isndi      rtiuimenctui*   at ��
(���all    !.<mi��d��-rv   ��if lol H12. IUO
lit Do. 70U Mid to chain*
|    . im   No. 1. tbeuee   north
��� ��� bains, thenee south to
��� , lu   tO   Un    i��dlit   of
ind oontalnlnc t'**n seres, more
iktlJulyKii!     ��� l*_rras Liki*.
I - _SS- Dirtl i -     'n-tm-t of Went KiM.-eto-y
��- Not Tun    :.*��� Hint   IVter  Ltiud.of
i N* ion .-.Hibernian, lntandi
��� - lors-pe- kal !nni.. i in i-io-e oral the lol-
i ununini iuk al �� i--��*-i
- indar] of lot su, to ehalni
posl   t-lnlui   No-.,   thenci-
t   ���*������    sasl   *���   elmttil.   thenee
a��si N ehains to p-dnt
.'.   Mild  coutalulUR  NO BOB *>.
__   r or It***.
[ ���   .nit 1st. 1W7. 1*BTEB I.fKIi
!_.- h   ',    ��� :.* Irs 1    Iny lor. cieri. Of Atmw-
ippl) inr *. teoola. Un ni i
f��.U.-wlin[   deacrlbed
- ai ��� pott pinut.-d 70ehalns
PiUtirr Id id ���__'.",*   LUrsetioO   f rum  ' arlboe
>    irli I   Taylor**, W. HarktuB*   I  W.
���  -u'ltii  by T. I.   Ni.    M
* o ti Ta, .  anos north to
P in cbaina, theine w.uih �����
I io i ham to jM.int oi oook*
hi   " *-_��� :,��� .to. **.t s |n��t planted _B_dUl_ll
Us   -:.'  i,..., .,  ., direotion from t'sriboo
em��rki-j"V\   [���-.rkltu',   Irs K   Taylor �� I  w.
i.n   : i,.' went by 'I    I.   7ftf.7.
in IrylnK. T��rlor*i  aud   W    Parklna'T. L.
-lh 40  Chalm.   tht-lliv   cot   1*4)
.   ' b-tlna.   thence  mmI I'm
im ii'-einen".
��tioD Utid IhStriet   I'iMrb [ of Weil Kootensy
. '   ��� ��� I. that ���*������ -lays after date 1.
r ��� i     i rner, ol Nelion. n.c . intend
�� Lb�� Chief I t.miniit*ioner of
_i_..!i w.-k* iu -, -[HMiKi linen os t�� ont ��ud
riTiwi] timber from ihe lollowlng deiM-nt-ed
_. mull   creek,   in   the   Waal
f'.-.fe'i.��> uu
l.-^OinmeiM me nt I pott   market J    I'.Hn
���bunt oomet i-unt.  loeatod on
��� ��� _  sboul two miles from
saw   running south to cbaiim,
I ruutnui* h. it (Oc-haiur-, tbence  runutng
f-   went h'chains, thonce
1    ��� cbslai tbence   rmniiuji ea��i 40 chain*.
.   ��� i sins, tb- bos east to
DI :.eineut.
M"w-- - ��������� -       i     ��� smruat, wn.
I'imi l', Hwki-hbbo, Ue-ator.
i- - ii- sgem faid McImjn*lu
. II ii i-.-t  marked J   F.B'i
BWUn't Bort| ���..M ,.,,.���,..   )M-l,    u-_���u-d on
- .us iii it ereek, _,b"iii two mllei from
���   running r*o,nh  im chain-..
n i sail - i balm, thenos running
*-'"-    tbsucs   ruuulug   went H'l cb��lu��
������ - ol oonnssnc-tment
���w-tal on in.   .ii.ii.> ���, Aiien-t. 1U07
-Ions I'  BwanaCBO,  l^.entor.
P�� hb igeni In mi- Mcia.aAi.u.
|��-*)-Ud-1 i.iitriet. Dlatriot ol WaM Kooteuay
Bttlth.?t-",,,,,M'--ti-ii   lunibfruisu. iuteudl   to
F- J,;*lV'1r- tui|,,er l-wnoeoTM the lol
I iresm sboul one mile  lOuth
| rib. head waters of Uran*
',';t"""-|J   H  i   Htewart'a M. �� Ancle
'   north   40 Cbslns,   tbeuee   wssteu
US   "!"" k -Oehalns, tbenoi  weed B
���btu i,".1'    *"""' ---ehalns. theuee easl ho
.        ,���""���*'    ""���"' ���'������ ebalna.   thenee   weit W
^ oommeneeiuent, e'>uiainiti��
IumJ^'l ���**���-> R* f htbwast
"Ji U���,i Dhtriot, Distrtei of n,,i Kooiciay
'"���','<'!!r;���:,'',,M,1   K,F*   ^"wart.of  OoUlhJ
pPljfor-   m,    ''"���, "'"   I'UnlH'rmaii.   Ititendl   lo
'��4 *!��,,.,'_'I1"      lllb,'r -I***-"  ��"-"   'he fol
li    ' ommi n. uik at a poal
���'��� ���-( u..- ��      .    F1,1.,'<" sMuaii creek due
���ouutaln  Kaadow mine, aiH.ut Ho
irt'i N   f   .,"'""'   -���*���������    msiked J    It   F.
^  ]f* miilli  *, * '' !""��� ""���'"e eaat ���-���<�� ebalni.
\ ...   .'.    "    ���;hii1ii_1 tlienee   Meat 'KI .Imlti-.
-'*  H.iril,   ���-"".-11"".   thenee   weal H i   cbalui,
1("'*"'iilli   _il    ' "V'1''' -henec   eaat Ml   ehaln-..
,��emu��ins> SSTi11* *�� |,UoB "��' oonunenos
J��iT-uir '^ ,'1" ��"���"��������� uoreorlea
.lAHKM   ll    K   HHS�����Hr.
K tlue^'n'1''1' "",,^"', "��� W""t K<H**o*V
?*0.fl C ollrk il'i ^���?Md-t! <-lHe��pie, ul
"r   ��0mS    !v_S^R.d IW-31?   '"ra-.pe.lal
...        u't   over   tbe (olfowlng dem'rihed
r"2oW&,��wj'��^ ��mi ���
""'"^   "i.i..    ,     ,V      ''r" *'nvk  wHh the
''"���ll". th.-t -.     ,r ' .���,l -rt-nina, them-e we--'.
''���'"'iiMoi ���.;, "    ,u; -u,'ll"">".   theme  eait
^W��'^',m',r��� or li, "f '"���""'""���K. oontalnlng
L-  iHmiK,tl7fcn."01
Iff.'WB'LfVt^Pl*!.! Ion thehmik
__��� 11 ,,*    '  '""i ''reek aboul f.uir mllea
S'" *' "'MU.ia ';     "���"���"   W Ohalns,    tl.ei.ee
."'""ns   ll���   , '"' *""'"  .'.'.-li. III.-	
,'  "'"".��-,,'.   "'*"   *""'1"""-.   Illi'Ha'a'
_"���  ^KUll, |,J      ,.,"!""   "" '  "��   I"   'li''
IC.; , "* "'"'tH.iin.i-. mi. sktu��. mm
���"���'1A..K.I., ,�����,. ,,Kr.
*���"-*-�����;�� 0*___nkui_.u��1
*  Ha. k-it, A���,.,,i.
West Kuutt-nay
>��"i."!:lr!'^ '"���""" s
'.���-"...ii,,.;;,".;"',; "���"*���-���*���<- w,.,i --_.�����-�����
.    '"'".I l..r, I���'!;;:,"\'   ""l.'lrorl.nl  N.lsn.i,
ilio��i���. P-'-n- ,���.,! '" "I'i'iy i.t . B|.i-ii��i
s���,      *lr""'|i liSJi   '"y ""lU-r ll"1" ""'
"'" . ���", i!"1"*' |....t"l r,1,"*:' I'1"1"*"! l��'��r Uie
'" ���'��� M. ','"'' -��� ohirt.'S*' l"*"""' N" ���-��"
-..tark.-.i   . ' '"'I N i -r H- " ���   "'"niiT   l.l.Sl  ail
__&��*��_ �� ��h*lUl   UnrlVW..^0--?'. ���':���"���
i w
JiT'-ii "ii'M,,,"'���'>��� Uteuee tw  cbslns
-u.j ���J7iW7umi"L'-iOetuuut.
Ni. io | itinmi-iolUK ll �� Mtt plitiited about _*���
cbaliiH more or lees hoii It. from the north-
west eornei Ol ��� ot Wo Ml on main Lemon
Break and inanod Henry Reieherl eaat e,truer
���miM bo 1". tlienii' 4*' clmlu. north more ..r U--
to about midway of the -������Mab l-ouudar* line of
tni.bi-r    licence Ho    S--'. ,   theliit*   H-> ebalna w.-at.
then.-.- in ebalni _outhtthenei iui ehaina ,-u-i
to  point i'l eommeio-euieiil
I'aud July ntb.iwn.
Ho. II OommenOlng ki h p.��-t planted ou Monument ere*-1. ateuit ,o ehaina, no.re or leal-. Mini b
from w here klonument ( reefc, einptyn InUt l_-m
.hi er.-ek.aiid near Henry Bab tori OOTthaasI
��� ..rio-r ;��.-t id tlmlK-r In. aliou Ho h, aud marked
"Henry Keichert uorthwuiil coruer poat so II,"
Uieio *��� Hm ehain-  louth,   thenee-in ehalni  eait,
tbonoe lop ehalna north, thenee to chalua weit
to Ihe  I-dlll '���' e.imiie  !H emellt
Dfttod July ir.tli. tSOl
Hknbv Kr.i'iiKHT, 1^-cator.
N. laon Land Iiji-lrbt.   UlRtnct -.f n,>*i fooleuay
lake u'.ti'-e ihat 1,  Harold   N.   Eda--combe.   of
i.tiiie.B 0a, clerk, itiietui to apply (orsspeetal
IiinI-t licence over the lollowlua dmeribed
2. ' iitniu.'iii ,n,- at s post plaatt-d at the con-
tl uenrw of the north fork nf torn creek about
i wo mi'i'i from It*, coutlueue. w lib tbe Main
ofs-ah   thi-nee loath40 ohalns, Ownoa weit lftu
eliaiui, tbence north 40 chain*, thenee east ItW)
< bain*- t... the plaee or be--iiinlii|[. eunuuiiili*' MU
ai-rea, more or leai.
;>������ at. ���'. ���..-.-���.-! nib. iiw7.
9. fit���moll ling at a --o��! plsnted on the bank
of the north fori ill' oru Break about two milea
from Its confluence with the Malu ereek. thenos
lout', hu eh-iini., ihcu-%- weit HU.hatu*, thenee
north to ebaiua tkuMMI eaat 80 cbalUt- to th*-
place of b-K'iiuiUK, ''outainlug (<4U rcrei, inure
ot  leaa
Looatad A UK ant fftfe, 1W7.
s. Commeiicln-t st a poat planted on the bank
of tbe north fork nl Corn i-reek about four mllei
from III confluence with Ibe Math ereek , thenee
-.outh no ehallia, tbeuee ea-t SU chaina. tbeuee
north an chatua. tin n< , we*l ��u ehalun to the
plmot "I tn-giuiituir, conlainlng l*4o acrea, more or
Loeated August i7in. iwrz.
b Cotiim- ileitis al a purl planted ou the bank
of the north fork of Corn creelc al-out (��� ni.len
Irom  ita coi.lluene*- Wllh   the Mum CfSjak. thaOOl
norttl to ehaiha, tin nee eaat I'e.h-.n. tbetic-
-e.iith 40 ehsiua, Ibeuoe well ISO chalna to the
place of begiltlilUR, <.m"..limit; ��,lo arte', more
or lens.
1'aU-d Augnal Uth, liVT.
Ci i "iiiin.-ui-int: at a pout planted on tbe bank
of the uorth fork of DOTO i reek about ��1- in lien
from iu confluene* win. the Maiu creek, theiu-e
niMitb ail ������halm. lb��-_i<t- ea��t to chaina, theine
nortb ho ehalun,   thence  weat HO  cbaina   to   the
l'.*. I ben nn*. nf.   coiitaiiiins   '-Mi   acres,   more
i.t li������.-
Un ated Auguat Udh, 1W7.
7. ComtuelielUK sl s poal planted on the bank
of ibe north lork of I'oru   creek   aboul nil   tullcl
from ita ooanuenee with the Mam ereek. theme
aouth so chain*., thenee weat to i-hainn, thenea
north   ao   chaim. thenre   eaat   B0  chaim to   the
plana tu beginuiug, eoniaiuing mo ��������������-. more
or leai
I--C*-le.1 All(Ult 16th,  lit?.
H. N    Kla.EC'MBS. I-TM'Stor.
A. HiiKtTT, A|_��*nl.
Time for adYCrtlnlng   extended by ths Anlntaut
Neliou I_alid DlnTi'-t.   IM-ariel ol Went KrMitcnsy
lake hoth*-* that Tb.**. K. I. U-nnU. of Hon*
uer'n Kerry, oeiupaiioti painter lata_MU t(- ������pply
lor a apeclal limber h-eu-c OVW the lollowins
deacrlbed landa : ('ommchetuic a I a poat plan ted
on the aoutb aide of Houndar> creel, about 10
mllei weal of tbe Kootensy liver, tlieuce weat H>i
Chains,   thenee  noutb   ho ebalun.   thence eaat HU
ehaina, tbanoa nortb nahalni bo the pointof
coiiiinencamcui, and coutaluiug G40 acrei. more
or I.-.V.
Hated July ''ih. 1UU7. Thomah K- I*. I/mah.
Nelaon Land IMatrlct 1'ialrlcl ol Went Koideuay
Take Uollee thai Henry Keichert. of Notion.
B ��� , pMSpeOtor. In lend to app.y for a apeclal
limber licence over the followma deacrlbed
No. 1 romiueticliitc ata p'-ai planted near II.
W. nurthwe��t corner pOK. b't No. Iui.'. and
marked "Metiry Kelehert aoutb west corner
poat," tbence ho chaina north, tbence Nl cbalua
uaat. tbeuee to cbatna ->oulii. thence HO cbalm
wont lo the poiut of eoiometKemciil.
Haled Sept. the 'Kith. 1W7.
ggnt BiW-B-rPTi lxicstor
Certificate   of   Improvements
'���Montresl ' snd -HftVObei " Mineiai Cialiaa altu*
ste iu ihe Nelaon MlulhK Htvmion, of Weat
K ...i, -.**.   Hlatrlet.
W here located : rtrat branch of north fork of
Halmon river, oo 'rati* Moiiutaiu, alne.it nine
mllea Iroin KliB, K   C
'Ilike notlcr tbat I, Alfred Krner-t QaUlUta. PtBI
Mlner'a ( ertilluitte No. BOW. intend. alXU daya
from the dale hereof, to apply IO the Milling
ttooorder for a certificate oj  improvements, for
the purpoBr* ol  obtalntui   (i"Wli   '-rahta of tlie
above -Intina
Aud further   take notice tin
Motion   in. inin-t l��* comiiK-n 1   .
anos of snob Obi ufteaic of Improramenti
Hated thla Uth day of rieplember, 1.-07.
nelion.   unde
Certificate  of Improvements*
������fnlon" Mineral  claim aituate in the Nelion
Mining Division, ot the Weil Kootenav niatrict.
Where located �� mi Toad Mountain two and a
hall itillci. trom   Nelaou. B   C.
'I'ake notice that I, w a Mm-donald, actins ai
iipellt lor HukIi HuiherUnd. I��� rec Miliet'aCer
ill oatl No _UB,SS9, intend Btidayi from the date
hcii-of, to apply   to  tbe   Mining   Kceordcr   for a
Oertinoateof Improvameota, for the bnrpoeaoj
Obtaining s Crown Grant of tlu above claim.
And further tafce notlea thai action, under
Motion -17.   muni   be   coiniiieiiecl    bofOTB   the   la*
auaiiee oi aueh Ccrinietite or improvement!
Haled thin-Ulrd day of September, A   H . 1HH
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tender-i addre.M d lo Hie nndcrileiied Bl hli*
tdlbe |u lhe OoUTt llimw, Ih tbe Clly ol
Nelion, will be received up till the
hour oi 6 o'clock, in the afternoon, of Fii
day. November lal, IWl". for lhe purchase of
Die "Anne" Mineral Claim. ��������������� '���'������. Hroiip I.
Kootenav I Ma trlct, which win decltirel to be
forfeited to the Crown r.t the lax nale held tn the
Cttv of NelNon. on Hie BUl diiv ot November, lilt:..
("r dailnquant lam up mi Huh- tiuth, <������>>���. and
I he ii pie t price   upon the   mild   tiiln.-rtil claim.
which include-' the amo  of delliuiiicnt  taxca
Hint BJOghj nt lhe lime of forfeiture, w lib liitercat,
Uuem which liavoalnoe accrued, com of a.lver-
tlilux, und fee for Crown Hranl (f-A-tXV) iHUjB.70.
which t.* the Letts! nmount lhat will be colialdercil
na ii tender
Kacb b-iider mii-.| be iiccoinpanled by an accept,..) oheqtie for lhe full iimoout of the tender,
piivabb' In Iheonlerof (he Deputy Coniiiilnaloncr
of l.Kiidn and Workn, nt V|ct,oln, B 0 , nl tmr.
Dated   at   Nelnon,   It  C.   Ihl��-*"lh  dayofHcpt.
(Joveruiiieut Agout, Nvliuu, o- C.
Has Discovered New Principle in Architecture  While Experimenting
With Aeroplanes.
��� Ottawa, Oct _f.���*t ���* nunc wuiiiu the
b'Miii'lB ur jMiHBlMlty that bufuru tbe
Jlruntford     mciiiurial  lo  Dr.   Aluxunder
Ofaham Ba_] iu oofflplatad the Ewantor
of   tin*   H-lt'phoru*   will  huvu i-arni'd   an-
oiio-r moiiiino-iit. in h d_JEar_tat Said of
���Clanca IXiwu ut llunin liri-iiKh, liiu
KUiiiinor homo In Nova St-otiu. the fam-
fitiK Inventor ls hard at work on IiIb
aeroplane*-;, hy means of which ho
bopM to solve Lhe iirolileiu of aerial
Mght, Aleiiidy he has achieved sonie
vcry satisfactory results.
The newspapers uf a few weeks ago
recorded the completion of a curious
tower, hnilt on the lienln MreuKh estate
for tlie purpose uf furlherinf; the aero-
plunc expeiinients; and in reading a
minute description uf this tower tttg
conclusion is inevitahle that it embodies
a most important discovery in modern
architecture. Kven ahould aeroplane
experimetils come to nothing, the time
and money ���past un them are likely to
yield rich returns from the architectural
wonders revealed in the tower. One is
forcibly reminded of Sir William Per-
kin's attempt to artificially create quinine, lu the course of which he acel-
dantatty JlaopvePod the coal tar dyes.
At present it looks as though the tetra-
liedr-.l unit may be applied with greater commercial success to architecture
than to Hying machines.
The building of the tower was a meatiH
to an end with Dr. Bell. He wished to
demonstrate with it that the principle
of tetrahedral unit construction, upon
which his aeroplanes are placed, is
sound, and applicable to general architecture. So he summoned a number of
laborers, laid in a stock of ordinary
inch gaspijie, cut It in four-feet lengths
and set the men to work lo assemhle
the lengths Into equilateral triangles.
The triangles were then joined together
in groups of four. The resulting pyramid of triangles, called the tetrahednt]
unit, has four faces; and the principle
that gives it remarkable strength is thut
Rates to
The Coast
Greatest Chance of the Season.
See the Coast
at Its Best
Return tickets {16.55.    On  sale Sept.
27th   to   Oct.  2nd.    Good   until   October   10th.
Tickets for Westminster Fair may be
destined Vancouver if desired.
23   to   OCT.   5.
Round trip only $8.80.    Tickets on sale
Dally  Sept. 23 to Oct. 2, Inclusive.
For one day only, Sept. 30,  Round Trip
for Single  Fare. $6.60.    Final  limit
of all  tickets Oct. 7th.
For further iiartlculurs call  or write
B. .1. OOYLK, J. MOE,
A.il.r. A..V.ua.kuvit.
1. P.A..Nelson
Not let-   la   lit-ri'liy Klvt-u   ttist  the utnltTMiyiii-d
hsvi- aiibiiiitied to  tin-  Lieutenant -.ovi-rm-r-lii-
round 1 ii it..in.Mil miller the provlxlotia of the
"Kiverit uml itreams Aot," for otearlni ud fs>
 -. * in- "i-M ri..'i ."'i-   Irom (Mist   Kiver   snd Mes-
>w (reek,In the liiatrictof Went Kootensy. snd
for B-akliig the -.sine- lit for rnftiiia and <lrlv
I UK tlu'ruiiM toga, timber, 1 urn tier, rsfla ana OflhftS
mnl   for   erei-tliiK and  iQHlntHlnliiR   hoomi  for
tiuldliiK. norliiiK and delivering !"���'��� and timber
i-i ..n,: lit down i-ald ereek aud river, and (or at-
lai-liiiiK tiooiua to the shore of nald ereek antl
river for Bald parpoMf
The landu to be iSMted bv aald work are:���
; .1 Xtt'2. b\Hl, 4 . >:��� and Mil. !.-!��� I, 11. II. I', 14 mid
I.', ot UH IMS, Uroap I. Kooleuay Itlatrlet-
The t"lla nropoaed to be i-hsfsed -tru audi an
inn v bellied by the Judge of the Couutj* Court
<| \\vnt Kootena-f.
Dated aiat July, iwn.
In th
VI nnd
Not Hi
to laaue
llrat pir
ot Title
eaeta <-f
Mav. A
Kiel slat
r.WHift of
abort i'
i-.hi. t n
,��� matter of an spplleatloii tor the Inane of
vtesoftttS i .nu,i ni. ��� ..I Title to lota II,
lit, srouti 1. Weal Kootenay IMatrlct, slno
nn tlie "Kootenay Chief." "(."oinfort" and
mineral elalma roapeetlvely.
i- in hereby slveli that It la my lilletltlon
hi tbe expiration ot one mouth after the
i.iunl Iiiii  heteof a d u 1>I le.H.U- itf i  i-i tilie-ite
ino. filS'la of   an  undivided  Mi-iuotlis  In
the a* i>ve loin, laaued   on tlie 17th day of
1). !""��� in tho name of John f. Alnaworth,
laduplleate  ol  <V it I Ilea to  ..( Title  No.
an   undivided 10 Kiltha in   eaeh of   the
tla, Ix-ttiel ou the   17th day of   May, A. 1>
tlu- loiiiHi of Oeorse .1, Alnaworth,
l:-'i;j'-it ���   lllll'*'*.  N. I'nn. II. Om  .AiikiiM l.lli
"11, F. MacLbod,"
PlitrlOt Kegiatrar.
We offer you beat fruit lands;
le-f-t terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute    titles.      You
don't bave to use all of your means
In paylnK for land. We want you
to put It into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to COM acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
tin st- lands and handle nothing on
If you don't Bee Fruitvale you
miss "the best In B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelson, B. C.
7-Rooms. AM Modern, on- Victoria St.
with two Shacks on rear renting (4
each. Houae good for $25 per
month.    Owner  going  to  Coast.
Only $1,800.      Good Terms.
which one sees In the diamond frame of
a bicycle.
The letrahc-da! units were then bolted
together until they formed u framework
about KO feet long and eight feet across.
This formed the first leg of tlie tower,
the second being similarly constructed
and joined at an acute angle to this, the
two forming a gigantic V. Heneath the
angle formed jackscrews were placed
and the framewurk raised to allow the
assembling underneath of the units that
formed the third leg of the tower. Aa
group after group was placed in position, the framework was nlowly raised,
until ut last he apex stood on it.-, three
legs like a photographer'.-- tripod. The
real marvel of the construction lies in
the fact that from beginning to end not
a workman left the ground, and not a
foot of scaffolding or false framework
was uecesBury.
That this tower will work a revolution
in certain branches of architecture is
the opinion of Gilbert (Jrosveiior. a son-
iu-law of Dr. Hell, who helped In the
building. He predicts that wherever
'.he eud desired is great height, coupled
with rigidity and lightness, the tetrahedral unit method will pis place all
others, because of cheapness and rigidity of construction. He says: "The
tower at Ileniu Ureagh weighs five tous.
and our engineer computed that a structure of equal height and strength in
any other form and built of any other
material would weigh more than twice
as much, while the cost of construction
would be from three to five times greater. The strength of the these tetrahedral
cells or units is astonishing; more so
in Its three dimensions than that exhibited by the bicycle frame form in
its two. A tetrahedral cell constructed
from any common wood, with bars half
the thirl-.ii. .���:- of a lead pencil���a frame
that to tlie eye would OO.ttlpM under the
weight of ten pounds���will easily sustain   two  hunditil   pounds."
The bearing upon uerinl flight of tlu-
letmhedral method of construction may
be briefly exp.ulned. Hitherto the great
problem in the airship has beeu to get
o framework for the wlngH strong
enough and light enough to -support the
engines and the weight of the oi>erator
The experimenters have been confront
ed with the law that may be Illustrated
in the followlu-; proposition: tisst It be
supposed that uu aeroplane with oue
square yard of supporting wing surface
can be held rigid and operated by a
framework and engine weighing one
pound- If the wing area la to be Increased to four pounds, and If the area
is Increased to four square yards, the
engine, etc.. will increase in weight to
H> pounds. The change thnt ihe tetrn-
hedral unit will make in this problem
Is likened by Or Hell to the fact thut a
thick of small hinl-" can each sustain u
weight far greater In proportion to Its
else than can a bird whose size equals
till oT them combined. The final test of
this principle wilt be made this rail
with a kite that  is now  building.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. (1,600, $900 down; balance on
eaay terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B., Dally
Ror Unpaid I )��.lln_jt-->nt Taxes in the Nelson As_��_-ment Di-ttrict, Provlnc
of l-.riti--.il Columbia.
I hereby give notice on Friday, th e Eleventh day of October, A. D. 1807, at the hour of twelve o'clock, noon, at
the Court Huuae, NelHon, H. C. I kIiuI! offer for aale by public auction the lands hereinafter Bet out of the persona
In aald Hat hereinafter net out. for the delinquent taxes unpaid by said patr-OSa at- ou the thirty-first day of December,
1906, and fur Interest, coats aud exj.un-i.-s, including cost of advertising aaid sale, if the total amount due la not sooner
J. T. Wilson, 13.85	
A. It! Wilson.  2!*4    ...'..'.
Robert Wood, 70	
John Kay, SO	
C. H. Duncan, 3H0	
P.   Grischell,   CI.21	
B. Mallandaine,   120	
M. McCarthy, 7	
Mrs. H. W. Hendren, 30	
It. Helm, 40	
L. B. Schuler, 4.29	
John Relth, 6.37	
N. Gagnon,  9��.20	
Mrs. L-. C. McDonald 35.40	
Lucky   Boy   Mining   and   Milling   Co.,
Ltd., 93.05	
Theodore Johnson, 99.91	
Hyan & Donelly	
Kroken Hill M. & D. Co., Ltd.,29.89	
Pilot Ymir Co., Ltd., 42.33	
H. L. Lindsay, 148. 20	
R.  L. Baron,  153	
McKelvey & Randall, 775.53	
Ah Wing,  1.09	
Description   of     Property.
Lots 2, t, and 8, B 98, O.l	
Lot  U14	
In lot 32C0	
Lot 5076	
Lot 5372   	
Bk.   15, lot  812	
Bk. 27,28, and 29, lot 812	
Bk.  5, lot 891	
Bk. 14,iot 891	
Bk.   20,   lot  891	
,InS  ec.   6,   Tp.   7 A	
In Sec. 2 and 3, Tp. 15, Lot 1237	
In Sec. I, 4. 9, and 10, Tp. 14, Lot 1237..
In Sec. 1, Tp. 15. Lot 1237	
In Sec. 23, 24, 26, Tp. 37, Lot 1238	
In Sec. 19, 20. 29, 30, Lot 1241	
In Sec. 36, Tp. 36, Lot 1238	
ln Sic. 25, Tp. 17, Lot 1242	
In Sec. 1, Tp 39, and Sec. 6,   Tp. 40, all.
In Lot 1241	
Iu Lot 4695	
In Lot 4598	
In  Sec.  7,  Tp.
17  Lot  1242.
a <
m a
Liated at Nelson, B. C, this 9th day of September, 1907.
Collector. Nelsou Assessment Diatrict.
Tremont House
Enropnan ao0 AmericAn I'tnn
Ucu-.il lb <:U.    Boomi from J< CU. to U-
Only White Help Knipioyeci.
B-LKt-r Ht.. Nelion Proprietor!
Host ...ir.li.Mnl.l.- .,.:..ri.-r-i      Nelson|
Only the bet of Llajuors and . lgi.ii.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
.T   A. KRIOKSOK, Proprietor.
Telephoue. 250.    Opposite Court House
and Po��toffIce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelson. B. O.
Lighted by Klootrtcity and
Heated by Hot Air
KATK-a  fi   I'KIl DAY
l.r.a-  .nd  Caimforleble  Ka-alraiums  tnd  Fll-st-
.:l_SSJllulU*[  K....I.1      S��];i|.n   UoOUlS (air '  ..nil... r
I.I     ������'�����.
MKH.   K.  <*.CLARKE.   'To-irletress
Bartlett   House
Y roprtetur.
Best DoIUr-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar U the Plneat-
Whtte   Help Only   Kniplr-f-'-l.
Jo-tephme Ht.
Nelion. B. CJ.
Royal Hotel
MKH   W 11.1.1 AM   KIIHKKTH,
Kittos fl and #1.50 a Day.
Specuil Kates to Kci/nlai- ll.avr.len
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. Ths best 35 cent
meal In the city.
$1000 Cash and the balance on extended payments will buy a six-
roomed house and five lots; good
location,   prlcy $2,500
$G00 cash and the bf> lance on extended payments will buy an eight-
roomed house and lot -���_- block
from the car line, price... .$1,900.
$500 cash and the balance monthly
payments will buy a six-roomed
house and lot on Silica street,
price $1300.
$600 cash and $25 per month will
buy a seven-roomed house and lot
on Victoria street, price $1800.
Fire, Accident, Life and Employe**' Liability I__-_-rance
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
Choice Fruit
I Hare S0.000 Acres
of the
Choicest Froit Lands ta
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
I   Nelson, B. C.
rooms und bath, 50 ft. corner lot,
centrally   located,  one! it If    cash,
balance   on   terms $2100
rooms und bath���excellent repair,
electric light, water, sewer, 1  1-2....
lots,  on   terms ' $2000
rooms, water, electric tight, chicken house, woodshed; on terms..$ 750
rooms with two excellent    lotB ii
Fairvlew;   water $1350
Victoria  St.   (75  ft.   corner) $   600
Houston St.   t50  ft.  corner) $ 375
Chatham St., Fairvlew  (30 ft.) $200
b 1-4 acres, easy of access by wagon
road, partially cultivated; suitable for
market garden.    Terms given
160 acres on Kootenay River, good
train service $3000
F. B.  LYS
Real  Estate Agent
315  Baker 8t.,  Ntlson.  B. C.
Iu Hn- uiHlli-r of hu iipi-lli'iilon for the If-Mit- ot
a ���liiplc'-.i.' <Yrt I tli-alt- ol Tit It- for i art (in * ii--.)
of Iaw M_. (.roup nu.1, in the Dintrlt-t nf Ki.otniiiy.
Notit-t- Ik ht-r-'t-v |*lv*'U that It U my Inti-iiUoii
In ism.' hi tin- i-xi-ir-illon of one mouth fiom tht
firm piilillratloii tu-reof ftdapllOttt 'f 'bS <Vr-
iiii-Hi. ol ni.' for Hi.' Mb |V�� '.nni- iu ii,- ���,.,.,,���
o( Amin-w Morrlviu, wlit.h t'��rt_flot-fl of Title
Ih iIhU'-I lh" BUl 'lay "f Man ti, 1900. mil nimi-
Wrtxl  >.t'.��lt.
I-atxl KeKt��try otlire, Nelaon, B. C.,8e|>tcmlier
Mlli, 1907.
"II. P. MacLsod,''
Plstrlct Kuglatrar.
Piano  and  Singing Lessons
Given  by  Mrs.  Winter  Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
ltoyal Academy for pianoforte playing
and sinking. Certificate from Trinity
College, Loudon, l.ng., for theory of music. Scholarship of the Loudon Conservatoire of Music for singing and piano
playing. Address Box 796. Nalson.
In the  Matter of    the "Land     Registry
Act" and Amendments thereto,
lu ths mntlerol an npplieatioii lor 'he Ins no of
it iluplli-ate ot lhe t VrtlllcHte of Title lor Lota
���2.401, 2.10-2, an-1 2M):\, Qroupl. Kootenay Ul-trlel.
lfntiri- In hereby (ilveu that It ta my Intention
lo laaue at the c-xolratlou of oue month from the
flrst piiblte-.Uon h��*i-eof a iluiiltrate Certtflcnteol
Title to tba ������',,.-��� ..���*.. i '!.<-l IhuiIh, In the liaitieof
.itimr. Rodmiok NobsruuB wbtob CsrUflssts la
ilaieil tlu* *.nh tint- ol August,  IB-Hi,  aud   la iiutu*
bS-r��*. HCft-k.
'...���' i    '''.-l-iiv   OSii-e,   Nalson,   B.l'.,   ��tat   of
A ii.-tiHl. ;*."-���,. il. P. \u�� I.MiD,
l>ihiri-i Ut'xlMrar.
I. E. Uaera of Electrical Sad Iron*
The City Council haa fixed a flat rate
or 60 cents per month for each Klectric
Iron iiaa-.l in private houses and *2.&0
per month for each Electric Iron used
tor commercial purposes,
And notice la hereby glren to all
those using Electric Irons to make application at the City Hall (if they have
not already done so) fo.' power roqulred.
ANYONE found using Electric Irons
or other heating device without first
making application for power will be
prosecuted without further notice.
By Order, W. E. WA8SON,
City Clerk.
Nelson, I). O, Sept. -5th, 1907.
-     a'    i       ll
ii mm
u      i
- *. ?   j.
> m i
' ���
The Daily Canadian
Our Alarms will never let you
oversleep! $1.50 and $3.50. The
very best.
The Hall Miming and Smelting
Company, Limited.;
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
1. im.n.if...-t..r.-.i iron, (no rm.-,' 'n1'""'";,,',, *
ripened -nd dew-ivroetened.    It'll mud, 1.11-
flavored and .-..ul    a tobao.
onfrhi to try'
Tobacconist.    Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit.
Foel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E.coi. Baker   and   Ward   Sta.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
10 Acre Blocks to Soo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & ___
Next Door to Bauk of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils ior
Preserving Timber,
Rooling Pitcli and
Boat Builders will tinil it t.. rh-ir ad-
viutage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep
ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing   Stoves,  etc.
If,   Eatt  Baker  St. Phonr   Nn.  A11a
A. McDonald k Co*
Dealers iu staple und fancy (trooerfc s,
Batter, E^pc
Gamp and Miner*-" SupplioH.
A. M. Can. Sec. C   K.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:  Ilcaley Building.    P. O. Box 431
Baker St., NELSON,   B. C.
13. C.
LJnraHl,,e___4 Anri*K
;��. -;il
_*or.   V,��rr.a��,-a    a...U   M'aaral   Straialts,
NEtt-SON. ��*��� U-
F. R. Macdonald, C. W. Austin, .1. D
Oray, Toronto; O. Payne, O. A. Thorpe.
N A. Baldwin, New York: I-'. Sheran
Beattle; B. Edwards, Revelstoke; A.
LucaB. Ka.-il.i: II. Kastnian. Kna-li .Siiliim
c 11. Low. Montreal; 11. H-worth, Lath-
bridge; Q. Wr.-ln and wife, Winnipeg;
it. Galbralth, Gort St. ele; J. Henry,
Alnaworth; A. E. Smith, Grand l"orks;
.1. A. Mctnnls, Armstrong; .Mrs. .1. A
l-'ias. 1. Ymir.
B^t  Located   Hotel  in  Nelson
er ll11-111111iHm1.11.r-r of   K   K. Naibla-
t_te ol r.ar..ni... ..llttwa an.I
il. Brown and wife, M.ss Brown, Ti*-
ronto; lt. S. Griflsel), Hastings; x. I.
Pan-snow, Deer I'arJ;; r. Yauiada,
Tokyo; G. J. Booth, Vancouver.
c. C-o-elsr, Gerrard; P. Birch, W. B.
Mi Vuley, Kaslo; F. J. Gadsden, .Mis. s.
Harris, V Harris, .1. Walker, W. Short,
X. Smith, T. Keller, Medicine Hat; E. A.
Reld, Cranbrook; .1 Dlnn, Harrop; O. P.
Appleton, *-.\!ila-; F. E. Hatch, Edmonton; .!. Houghton Boundary Falls; W.
Bmythe, Toronto; H Irwin. Golden; .1
It. Linton, Bnderby; S. s. Griswold,
Paulaon; P. Jennings, Balmo.
Miss C.  Brltton,   I2-M11. :   .1.  Wilson,
Creston;  A   X   Woulan, J.  B. Ryan, G.
McEaachern, Phoenix;   W.   I    Diamond,
Cranbrook; A, M. winlaw. Winlaw.
<;. Cromby, C. P Bbeppherd, Castle
gai: i'- Holmes, Ontario; 0. Frasei
Gerrard: W. McCosh, Cranbrook; J. T
UcVlttie, li'.rin;ii-.'i'iii. H. Coyle, Burton
City; II W. Price. Kaslo; 8. S. Ilus
band, Hayward; .1. Smith, Mrs, Bted
man, Spokane,
I-- Dtemal, Granite; It. Chase, w
ri.-. twood, s Dodd, Bloc m; ll Rai an,
'.\' Hooper, Gerrard; H. Thompson, Miss
B. Thompson, South Dakota; s 1.
Jones, Procti r; 1 F 1 ain Grand Forks;
c. Andrews, s 1 mo
r,   H.   Morli      Procter;     W.
". n   Arthur;     A    Lee,  Fernie;
'Inr.lni r. f'nlvill...
I'.. ���. ���
A.   II
FOR   8ALt
lit BA__. * Ut...0 <"ha-.-r F*___0,*
ra-r.-��lr     Apply W. A. Tl.iirmiiti
I.''-"I A .... rr ..r long t-r.ii-rr irlna-.., l.i-t.a ,.-ii
\'lei,.rl.i ....-I ,-;ant..r ut s-.aiil.-v sn-1 ll.rlioti-it..
���tree*..    I'..lnrri I 1 I'st.ti.il.ri dill'-.-.
Jill.I. IIIAIN, betwaan H....a-.-r and Va,rna.n
BtrMtf - -....;. r .....r.l aalll l.e p.il'l for lis
ra-lllrn.    M,l..rt.il.l ...- M.-ltar.ly.
A 1-in-K 1.1 in.  k .-..iiiHinina a surua-ai enaqnaol
111.-s, ,..:,,!   Ir.n.f   Minlnc  l-a.iiinalia,   |.hvh1.I..
i"        i'   w.,i,.. , ,,,,  *��t___    Fln.fi.-r   klii.lly
l.-sv,- ... S��� I-n.,-,. I������.
I.lV  liar'iai k.el.T.  ll'l  tla'    K
.-am h.-aitei*
*  <). hlavk
WANTED   SK11stl1.11 hv  Ya,iinK Bootaman ("mar
n-.ir a. iiliiti,. in taokli an-, ii.ir.,-, exptrlenced
III ra-.a. ry. aaliii-   ..n.l   spirit  ti.i.l,       A.l.lr.-.s
11. 1.   IHU-n.nadlan omoe.
WANTK'i    A   Reliable  Olrl   ur   Yiimijt  U,lyl���r
Qanaral HouMwork. Apply lie a 10, (Tranbrook,
A   l-AI'.'INKK    -_.il,   ,.',,...   ...    |..ir.-hss.-   a   fruit
rHlirlinai.rNa.lsa.il    A K.....1 sp.-.-nl..! |.-n.   l'Krt-
lla-r lu-.-.l nut 1.,- s.-lla-.-ly .-ti|r.iit.-.l r.i, r-uicli.
WOT r.srtli-iilHrs spi.lv 1    ti   PROOTXK.
WAVI'KI)- Klei-trlirian, Knallsh, newly arrla..|
waarils alliinil,,., in Irisral'atl.u. ..rslmll.r work.
A -dress B. W   K.. Dally (.'aria.llan.
WANlKli���Knalisliinsii 90. wiinu situation for
week ..r liana-, r -r.n..l s- 'la.lsr. llse-l ta, 4 (lice
routine.   Address b. W. s   llatly a .,,....;,,..
Fire Drill.
Tin- tirst   Bra drill  or the  team  was
held ai the public sclnml this morning
W.  A.
Members nt' tit.- Women1. Auxiliary
.11 si Saviour's Chur_i hit reminded
thai Un- Brat meeting of tin- organisa
ii..ii t,.r ill.- season win in- ii.-i��� t n. the
parish hall on Tli-.ir-a.l'-y aftercin n r't
3 o'clock.
Ai Si Saviour's Clnirch. Nelson, B.
0., nn Oct. 1st, 1907. by tlu* rector. Ilea-.
I*. H. Graham, Rupert Lewis Morris i'
Rook Creek, B. C. was married to Miss
Florence Gepp, of High Ens. *.-. di*-< v.
Valuable Mineral  Claims.
Thos. Russell ami  Phil  McDonald, of
Greenwood,  have  located  -l  claims at
Sturgeon Lake county, Ontario, These
rlaima arc said to lie rich hematite iron
iTii.y are situated about 200 miles north
of I'ort Arthur.
Band  Loses   Instructor.
Silas l.i-.l.-ll. who came hora* to assume the position of band master, was
arrested by the Nelson police ihis morn
Ing on the charge oi stealing a lady's
gold watch and chain in Rossland. Chief
Long will take him Lack tonight.
Complimented  by Court.
In his charge to the jury in the cases
of Weston ami Galligher, Mr. Justtae
Moirison warmly complimented Chief of
Police Long, of Rossland, on his very
capable handling of the case anil iln*
clever work in collecting his evidence
hoth before ami after the arrest.
Harvest Services
The Harvest Festival Service, o, St.
Saviour's Church will be held next Sunday. Donations of Bowers, fruit, vegetables, grain and whatever may he suli-
able for decoration, are requested. Buch
uifis should he in the church not later
than Saturday morning at 10 o'clock.
Midnight  Rainbows
A. Hoeppner of this city states
apropos uf i in* report of a rainbow si-en
at sea ai ntgbt, ihat he saw a similar
phenomenon at Brisbane,    Queensland,
Australia, about J" years BgO. Mr.
Hoeppner describes tlie lunar rainbow
.is only a little less bright than that
produced hy tin- rays of the sun.
Restored to  Health.
His many friends in Nelson have been
congratulating -Mr. Justice Morrison on
his complete restoration to health after
his holiday in tlie east. His Lordship
only returned last Friday, after an al��-
sence of two months. Chief Justice
Hunter is now on his way hack from
Ontario, and will reach New Westminster on October 7th, In time to lake the
assises at that place.
20.000  Club.
The adjourned meeting of the 20.000
club was held last night Those present
were: '1'. G, Procter, in tlie chair. Secretary Ebtnitt, ������:. W. Widdowson, A. W.
Dyer, E. K. Ileeston, J. I'. Langan, A.
Lean, G. E. Egg, j. l-;. Taylor, F, L.
Hammond, G. P. Wells, U. iMoor, .1 E.
Annable, W. II. Jones, lt was resolved
to carry on the club to the end of tlie
current y.-ar. The audited flnanclal
statement w-as presented showing re-
ceipts $268.14, szpedltnre M.I.. present
,iss. is $1,24 6.99, liabilities 11,189 ���':>.
A Citizen of Nelson.
The Rossland  .Miner of Tuesday con-
lains the following:    "jerry  Bonnesu.
formerly of Palace Candy store fame. Ib
now  in Nelson.  A  short tilna- sine.-  his
 in purchased tin- Btrsthcona hotel,
paying $.-.r..'"in for It, and being unable on
account of pressing business matters to
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Growu-Cau Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the (Quality and Reccouiuiend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely tlie Best Value Offered.
SOc per Ib.
Rob. M. Hood & Co.
K. W. C. Blosli     Phono   10.
Have you   ever tried them ?
15c. per package.
Also a fresh shipment of
Corner Silica and Josephine 8ts.
pmom; 7
A $2.00
FOR 90c.
This   offer   is   good   foi*   *a   few
days only.
Lowney's   Cook
by Maria Wei lett Howard, head of
the cool-in^ department of tlu*
most advanced women's college in
It is a complete, up-to-date guide
for the huiiM'k.-t'per.
Contains  1308  recipes.
There ar.* 72 simps. 122 entrea.
TC salads.  M chafing dish rules. &c.
Beautifully Illustrated with 80
colored  plates.
Clear enough for beginners,
complete   enough    fur   ambitious
We have secured a limited number of copies oT this work at a
bargain. Yon secure one NOW
while this ofTer holds good.
bookski.i.kk .na v_ic^��  n r<
stationer. JNelson, rs. C.
Pimm .14.
reach Nelson when the transaction was
closed, lie sent Jerry to Inke over tin
property. Mr. Bonnea���, Hince lie gave
up the care of the Palace Candy store,
haa travelled in atrange countries, anil
has been from San Diego to Dawson,
but saya there is no place like the
Boundary  Mines.
Aa far aa Ihe Phoenix Pioneer can
learn tliero ia no indication of an Intention ol si-i-ioiialy curtailing the pro
duction of copper ore at any of tiie large
mines or the Boundary or at the smelters In that direction, Other than the
blowing out ot two atnall furnacea at
Boundary Kails, to admit of enlargements to the reduction works. While
production baa been considerably a-ur-
lalli'i! at. Home of the great copper pro-
.i.i. ing plants in the United States,some
of the great copper producing plants
(���lining ii squarely in half, aa yei ii.itb-
Ing of ib.. kind Is anticipated In the
Boundary, though copper haa goii.-n
down around 16 oentf per pound.
II. Oalbralth, of Fort Steele, la a guest
ai Hi.. Hume.
A. BJ. .Smith, of Orand Porks, Is In lbo
clly to give evidence In tbe O'Connor
Dr. ('line, of Portland. Is In the clly
and will accompany .1. Fred 11 nine on a
bear hunt.
W   .1   Boyle, late of Toronto antl It.-
Wholi-nt-li' itm!   Hi-lull I.c-iliTd 111
Fresh and Salted Meats
Campi- supplied (ni shortest notice nnd
lowest price. Kothing hut   fre^h and
wholesome meats rind supples kt'pt in stoek
Wail orders roceivn (*areful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.    Wanas<*r.
Its Business Energy
Plums, per basket	
Peaches, per lb	
Pears, 2 lb. for	
Apples, 3 lb. for	
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for
Telephone 161.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything.
so to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
'Ine of Japanese Goo ; ��� now on Ra|..
A.1I kinds of Dinnerwar." In stock. Patterns.
VV.    C1.    GILLETT
Ciiiitnitl'ii'   anil
Solo R-R-ent for the I'orto tiO-o Lumhcr Co., Ltd.,
r-tRll jht'Ib.    Ko-.ikIi tunl ���Ir��'��s-/'l laxntwr. turm-ii
work an i braekats, ''oust loth too thlngitt, i-.*.-!j
Mi.l   il(K��rn.     Ctmont,  l-rU-lt   ami   lime  f..r  Kale
AiittiiiiHilc itrliulut.
Yard and f-u-iory: Vernon Ht.. eant of If all
mjuson, i*. -_.;.
P. O. Box '2X2. Titlophon-* 17>-
F. C. GREEN       F. P. BURDEN        A. H. GREEN
Civil  Engineers, Dominion  and  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
Y. 0. Box MS    Phonr 2b! B.
glna, haa taken charge *>r the Standard
Furniture Co/a undertaking department
A. Lucas, oi Kaalo, provincial ;iskcms
or. who has been granted three months
vacation on account of Illness, is al thi
Revenue Incre.Tsing.
Ottawa,   Oct.    2.���The    revenue    nf    I.,,.
Dominion for the tix montha ending
with September iy ihe greatest on record.   It Is $50,341,808 or Jual $13, .<	
more than for the whole nnanclaj year
of 1MI7, ten yearn ago, when Hon Mr.
Fielding    delivered    liiu    first    budgel
Hlteech. The eiirrent ftsoa] year will nee
the revenue reach the one hundred nil!
lion mark, nearly three time a what It
was wh(��n tho Liberal government took
nffloe in 18l��fi.
Transform your kitchen- Into a cheery dwelling house by installing
That Is a factor you must keep In inlml. anal tlie new runier In HrltlHh
Columbia wants a stovo that suits b 11 purposes, Burn, any fuel: brlonteni
tin. kitchen;  makes cooking easy anil economical.    Buck's  Merit Range,
Un- b.-sl for all eiinkliiB or lieatliiB;   the  strongest,  tlie  liaiiilliral,  most ile-
..(..i.l.il.l..    and    .ri-,,���li,.t    ' ' l> ���. SllVa-r.
i-iiilalila- anil (rreate��t fuel-sav
Standard Furniture Co.
Complete  House Furnishers and Undertakers.
Agents  Mason  6\ Rlach  Pianoa
We are Local Dealers for the Renowned
Mm....... Im.-il   \,y   ||,*-
Remington Typewriter Company
Remtico Paragon Ribbon.
��� in all colors and for
all makes of typewriter-.
Remtico Paragon, Red Sesl
and Billing Carbons���of
different weights suited
for all classes of work.
All Remtico Typewriter
Supplies are known as
the Highest Grade
Goods Manufactured.
Mail Orders Promptly Attended To.   Phone 81
Canada Drug & Book Co., Limited
(?**��������� -.....-.'.rt-ic.
si'j^   ��...__��
B    A.   I8AAC
R.   W.   HINTON ���
t.IN<lHNl.Iil--S    A "MO   CONTHACTOR8
IV��_-pfilrlt-K  ���������**-t ������* ��'������*!-1\�� dvccut-wU with   I mOOHfm l *. ') -    .Slucl Mctm (
Work.   .Mltnltiu;  tuisJ   Allll   i\lnQltltl������'>'���        Miimirh-liircr-iul
i "-.    Cm"*-.   Iv.   Iv.    __"��� ��i *t t-i-__ t < ..*��-���*   ktiurma
Corner oIBs I snd
Front Htr'-t-Ui-
The "Bare" Wear Only
would be '���noiifih to recommendourftie- j
hiokitiK nnd oaHy-flttinn Shoei. but 'Iwn I
Ih a Rtylinhnt-Ms about them ami a last-1
Ulg Hhnp-'llnfBs tbat Ih makin-; tben |
v-'iy popular amons "min who know." I
Thi'.v arc mad*�� on tho newest lists, of I
the h.-j-t leathers, and ronform to the f
tnoBt approved RtyleH tn moo's fot*rvp_r.
Wo are ready to tit all ttel ib. �����
prices that make Shoes look _te i g-'t.
HANUFACTUFERS    T   ..__. <__-,     Cti*. *vf__i
and dealers in -Lt<tnDe_rt ^nixigies,
Loth, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
ii-ni.-ir Work find Mr-iiLk.tH.
Mail Ordi.n. pnimptly alKa-W- |
NBUON. ���'��� **���
VV'hf.luMdltt  I 'i-..\ini.ini*,
OoTtirnuieiit Creoniory Ons Hnnncl Hncks rSOs-TS. weekly fresh from Ut
.ahnrn.    For ���__ l.y all I.-iuIiiik jrr<ic��ri*.
������__*���___ wnrphouBfi: Himmnn I'l.xik,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.        -        -        -        Nelson, B. C
Wu would Ilk., t.. im rill our |iiilrmn.a-(iiiirortnlilo this winter snd I" n: "J^
do so we havo in Hinck the h.'st B-SOrtsd  lino of hentlnK BtOTH ��ml c0"
rl.ivi-M nnil  rutm'.'s cut  birfuria prcHenlml til Ihi* public- In Koolensy.
Wi. would  lie plMMd to hIhiw  vim    inn lino nnil bstOI. BjrtW '"
illiiKi- kindly MS what  wo linve tn offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hatdvnxtt
Company, Limited.
Wo Onrry uu AHmirtinenl 01 >
Bxtanslvsn*-- and Vnri.'t.v
Tools, Builders' Hardware,
Ranchers' Supplies, Stoves,
Ranges, etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co,, Ltd.


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