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The Daily Canadian Sep 19, 1906

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 ���_<*il# Canadian
I.   No, 92.
Fifty Cents a Month
|;!i Values in Silver in
Dunlea Mines
|w. Bartletl's Properties on Ten
���Mile Creek Prove Far Richer
Than Owner Thought.
I waa   mntlp   lu   yesterday's
Imiisin ssi iiis- iirograaa of work at
"liniili-ii    mines,    0,   W.   llarllclt'a
un Ten Mllis creek.
fc���ih uu ihe mines was begun in
ssl 1905 uml 1111 ii|i|ii-r tun-
���.a, .in.,;i iii ore or un average
,,i ist-tween $;i" nml $W u ton.
, proved lo In- nr un tiuusuully
, character for smelting, aa
fproportltin sil silica Is largo.
\tt )'in' u lower tunnel has beeu
iliacover the extent of the
1 These have been proved
I th; whole depth between the two
j fi-i-i. The property con-
��� In uf galena ore ,1U Inches
���it. while visiting the mine
- ilils-il to have assays made
swer tunnel ,aB he thought
, rted little. If nny, values.
week ago, ln the face or
tunnel, another strike was
in   that is evidently of high*
t-'ii  no ttRBiiy of It has been
I Richards, who ls ln charge of
1 - decided to have an assay
��� for isiis own satisfaction of the
thai vans being carelessly thrown
lie Random samples were collect-
' representing the genera] run of
liy .1.  Shnrplis and H.   liar-
us tv assayed yesterday by A.
KcKllln|i. and returned 187.4 ounces
(���llisa- isi ih,. ion. besides ahout  $2
ii'l'l mi.l about Ui per cent lead, a
' value or aboul  $135.
' whole run of the vein ls of that
Irusiir    where the ore differs ll
gvldenlly ssf higher grade.
discovery   win    undoubtedly
fcre of ureal Importance lo the dls-
fi Prospectors have heen watch-
'Is- progress on the Dunlea with
�����' Interest, as It Ib the rirst high
��!' property on Ten Mile creek
it has shown  substantial values  at
���facts about kaien island.
waimo Citizen  Writes  Letter to the
Free Presi.
(One hears a lol about Kaien island
days iiiiii there is much news
M's discussion of ilu- opportunities
'altlna sm,. there. Mr. Alex For
ib'i liaa received a letter trom ll
church which may shed some Hghi
- lhe situation al Kaien Islnnd. The
plowing extracts are published:
1 have looked Into the situation
Ire very closely and would advise
111 In kill lhal  Kaien Island bee thai
'i your bonnet.    Thai   man  ��� '
���ii' most cheerful liar 1 ever mel.
srjienters' wages all over those parts
'5 cs-nts per hour (top), nnd he does
'til to average three daya a week on
"'iniiii or ilu- rain. It rains two-
lima "I the time.
_ "nun-Mi.    _   ���f   Nanaimo   came
ll1 with nil- and Is working here al
' ' ill. which Is nol rooreil yet. He
���is sunn us he lias $60 coming
J1' "ill  llll   lhe  high   b|kiIs   [Or   below
Hi" only place to live is in tents and
:"'i is fffs per week iu ihe company's
sk tent.
111 my estimation this i�� only n
F" lo sell lots. The Islnnd Ih cov-
'"' ��'llh surveyors, nlioul 85 In all.
"' Hi" country Is so rough thai it
111 ho a year yet herore Ihe surveys
'" cumploto. There are only five or
P �� len shucks on  lhe  Island;   ull
' real of il,.- people live In tents.
i  'Outside ih,, mn,, one-horse mill be-
'"! iniiii here there is no money he-
lti" spent, except on surveys
''''"ri Simpson Is im Hint-ill village
*"li iiliiiul BO whiles. Hie real Slwaih-
"s and half-breeds,   The Hudson Bay
' inny control the business of the
'lace, p.,,., r_,sinKton Ib n little lurg-
jr. Ism is owned nnd colli rolled, body
���i sisiii. by the Cunninghams, At
F<*��eni there Is not even a aiiinll bust-
"18 oiilliiisk (or any outsider ln these
Anglo-French Amenltlea.
Aberdeen,   Sopt.   10.���The   work   of
Btuniotlng    friendly     liilercoiii-BO    be-
|!v i men  of  Huilt  ami   learning  In
I'!'1'"' iiilialn and France still goes on,
I 'I* time H Is a visit rrom u pnrly or
Pinlnguished Frenchmen who arrived
J!" Aberdeen this morning to attend
��� '" f'sinili anniversary meeting of tho
I..1'1" -Scottish Society.    At  noon  the
I'1'"1"'11 and Soil i lab branches or the
��� '"'*"'v assembled nl the town hall.
Iciri'i' "'"y Wl're >'fOotv..<l by the Karl
I     Mierdeen,  iiiiii    nfierwiirilB    enter-
I'!"."''1 :" o biumuei by the magistrates
��� ���"in lown council    The business of the
meeting will lerm|���ale ��� tl) d ,
the week, but the French guests wil
w_'in'" fHW Mni **��� c'm'��*
Z   ,*?.""'..",at ���*���** """** tt Sri*
mt at the Villi of fl,, k|���g m -^
n Aberdeen with the celebration of
the  quad-centenary ot the university.
Expresses Disappointment That Roosevelt Wae Uneuno,.
Hawk. Scotland, Bept IB. ���U>rd
lloseliery, speaking al the Jubilee dinner ot llie Hawk Archaeological sod-
"> lusl nlghl, of Which Dr, Murray,
editor of the Oxford new Kngllsh dictionary, is president, said, amid
laughter, thai he came specially to
hear Ur, .Murray's opinion of presldenl Roosevelt, and was disappointed
Hun nm a word bad been uttered on
Ilu- subject Lord Kimebery Ihen hu-
 ousiy referred to Presldenl Roosevelt's s|i"IIIiik reform, saying a blow
Struck at the recognized rules or the
spelling or the English language was
a blow ai morality liaeir. Conscientious and virtuous people, be said,
were hampered by spelling, bul ihu
unscrupulous and vicious spell ahead
Bcoordlng to phonetic rules of their
own. producing it-suits fully accepb
able to themselves and sometimes un-
del-stood by others. He was not nt
all sure thai the archaic rules of spelling laid down by tradition and stereotyped by the dictionary had nol filled
hair the lunatic asylums or the country.
The conscientious man got muddled, but the unscrupulous went ahead
and at the lust moment of his life
might be honored by the homage of
the president of the United Slates.
Manufacturers Elect Officers.
Winnipeg, Sept. 111.���The Mnuurac-
turerB' a-soclatlon in session today
elected the following officers: President, Harry Cockshutt; rirst vice president. K. 1). Holland, Montreal; vice
presidents, Boyd Harris, Brantford;
G. A. Vandry, Quebec, for Quebec; T.
M Cutler, Halifax, ror Nova Scotia;
.Iniiii llendrle for Hritish Columbia; 1..
('. Mclntyre for Manitoba; Chas. J.
Mendenhull. St. John, for New llrlius-
wick; A. E. Cross, Calgary, for Alberta; A. .1. BrookS, Regina, for Saskatchewan; Ceo. Booth, Toronto, treasurer. The convention seemed to favor Vancouver for the next meeting,
but ihe decision was left wllh Ihe executive.
Fourth Annual Exhibition of Nelson Agricultural and Industrial Society Formally Opened Today by R. M. Palmer-Mineral Exhibits Magnificent
List of  Steamers  Wrecked and  Damage Done by Furious Gaie���Of
Local Nature.
Hongkong. Sept. 19 ���The typhoon
which swept Ihia portion or the globe
yesterday, destroying a great number
of vesaels and causing great loaa ot
lire, waa of a local nature. It came
suddenly und Without warning. The
observatory predicted moderate winds.
The signal had been displayed that
the storm was at its height. II lusted
two hours. Mosi of ihe damage done
was wrought on the Dowlon peninsula.
The losses are estimated al several
million dollars. Over looo snuipuus
snid junks are missing from Hongkong
alone. They were swept away aud
houses collapsed. The military barracks are In ruins. The steamers Monteagle, l-'alshiin. lleiing Shank, Ming
Thai, Herinania, t'astellano, Tak Hijig.
Kiiiiua. l.uykena, San Rosarlo, Slava,
Pak Hong, Petrarch, Chum Lee. Su-
non. Chang Shu, Signal and Chllksl
are ashore. The American ship S. H.
Hitchcock wns also driven ashore, as
w.-re many of the launches that run
.about the harbor, The steamers
Kwong Chow, Snn Cheung. Sorsogon
and Kong l-mni wero sunk. The steamers Apenraile and Kiihiinue are partly
awash. The British sloop Phoenix nml
n small gunboat, the Gondola, nre
ashore. The iirliish torpedo boal destroyers Moorhen, Robt, I. and Taka
were damaged. The sleamer William
Jormole was sunk. The French lor-
p.-do boat destroyer Amine was
wrecked and the Francis due Is
The guns of the Amine were un-
damaged, bul three petty officers ami
one sailor lost their lives, ft Chinese
revenue cutter is ashore and several
Indii-Cblnii and Manila liners narrowly
escaped disaster.
Th" harbor Is strewn wllh wreckage
thrown upon the shore. Hundreds nf
Chinese boatmen and sailors were
saved by the bravery of the police and
civilians, hut severnt thousands of the
Chinese water dwellers have perished,
many within Bhorl distances of the
shore. *l'he losses In lives and property among tho Chinese nre appalling.
Today the police stations in Hongkong are surrounded hy Chinese Iden.
Ufylng their dead. The families of the
Hongkong iioaiinen are now homeless.
The Chinese take the disaster calmly
ami show no manifestations or grief;
om- launch thai capsized had 180 Chinese ou board und they were nil
drowned. ...
The river steamer Fiilsliiin drilled
Inlo collision wllh the French mail
Bteamer, The entire Chinese crew
climbed aboard the French slivimcr
ami left Captain Thomas, who was in-
lured   one  officer nnd   the   engineers
to navigate the Palshun to shelter, but
she wus blown nKhore.
The fourth animal fair, under the
auspices ol the Nelson Agricultural
and lndiiHtrlul society, is now in lull
swing. The city Ib rull ol visitors,
as a glance at the list of hotel arrivals
will show.
This morning, only directors, employes, exhibitors and Judges were ad-
mltted  lo  the building.    The  tusk  ol
the judges in the various departments
Is an exceptionally dirricult one this
year, owing to the number, variety
uml almost uniform excellence ol the
entries The directors are to be congratulated on securing coinnotenl and
thoroughly Impartial judges tor all departments.
The main building is a scene ot be-
wilds-ring beauty. The decorations of
the ceiling and galleries, performed
under lbe supervision of Chii-r Deasy.
assisted by Chairman T. Morley ol the
decoration commiltee. are elaborate
and tasteful. Signs of welcome are
conspicuous everywhere. Over Ihe entrance to the northern annex Is a- large
picture of his majesty the king, flanked on each side by quite regal looking
caribou heads, which are displayed ln
abundance, also In many other parts
of the building. Over the Vernon
street entrance la another greeting
and as large shield bearing the crest
of the Dominion of Canada. Round
the walls are shields with Ihe cresls
Of all the provinces. Tho flags of all
nations, and many of absolutely original design, hang from the ratters,
making a magniricent color effect,
with red, white and blue predominating.
The decorations are not confined to
the main building. The annex ls brll-
lantly clothed, and even on Vernon
street, Irom the corner or Hall, strings
of flags and streamers form arches
across the approach.
A walk around the main building
shows the booths superior In tasteful
arrangement and in the genual merit
of the displays to those of any former year.
Starling rrom the right of tr.e main
entrance nre, in order, the displays ot
the Kootenay Marble worka, the Golden West Soap company of Calgary,
both tasteful displays and with evidences ol fine work; then comes the
D. -I. Robertson & Co. display ot Canadian pianos, pianolas, organs and
other muslcail instruments. At the
east end ol Ihe south side. \V. J. Adams is exhibiting a Peterboro canoe,
nnd the shell of a fine launch
OppoBlte. In the northeast corner, ls
ihe 20,01111 club booth, In charge of the
secretary, V. M. Chadbourn. It is full
or views, pamphlets and general de
sorlptlve literature on the beauties
and attractions ot Nelson city mil district. Later It will he the scene of
numerous novel guessing contests.
Next, proceeding westward, is ine
booth of the Mountain l.iiiuli'vuiiu's
association, wllh a display ol lumber
In various stages of treatment, no: artistically beautiful, perhaps, but e-,i-
inently  interesting   and   Instructive.
From there to the entrance to the
annex the space Is occupied by the
Standard Furniture company, a beautifully furnished booth, the celling and
walls in dark red, the carpets green,
with many enticing easy chairs to
which visitors are made welcome. The
chief exhibits are the Mason-Rlacb
Between the annex and the northwest corner nre the booths of J. O.
l'atenaude. with a lieiiullfuil display
of jewelry. Including the prlv-e cups
of the mineral department, the Brack-
uiiin-Kei's company exhibit of Nemo,
.1. A. MoDonld * Co.'s candy display,
the Nelson Brewing1 company, and iho
Thorpe Soda Waler company, nil very
attractive and  Inviting.
Across the wesl end from norlh to
SOUth  lire  the booths of the  Kooteiiuy
Olgar company, chase �� Sanborn Coffee company, and McLaren's Baiting
Powder company.
The south side, trom,the west corner to the main entrance, nceomnio
dates the displays of tlie Nelaon Coke
H tins company. Ihe Kootenay Engineering works, the Nelson Iron works
and the Allla-Chalniers llulloek com
puny. The gas conipntiy's booth will
probably be the most popular of all.
There the ladles of the Hospital Aid
are offering light luncheons nnd at
ternoon tea.
The central splice Is occupied hy
rrnll and flowers, flunked by brend
and preserves, vegetables and minerals,
The mineral exhibit la a wonder.
The space at Mr. Dyer's disposal haa
been taxed to the limits. Some mine
owners, not content with specimens,
havo brought In tons of very rich ore.
in looking at II ono wonders why there
was ever any depression.
The galleries are filled wllh exhlh
its of art work and children's work.
In lhe nnuex. wllh-the big dial rlel
exhibits of Knslo and the nortii shore,
Ihe runner Including Then Adams' museum, is a display of souvenirs by the
siahl company of New Jersey. In
chnrge or A. 11. Williams,
The poultry nre cleanly nnd comfor
tably quartered In a separate building. The ekhlblt Ib bigger than ever
before and seems to Indlcute a marked improvement In local poultry stock.
At l:4r, p. m II. M. Palmer, secretary of the provincial bureau of Information, who has had charge of the
British Columbia exhibits In Winnipeg
and In London, formally opened the
fair. He was accompanied to the gallery by President Malone and .Managing Director Starkey. He had no notice of the Invitation and B|ioke very
briefly. He congratulated the society
on the splendid displays of fruit and
miners especially, and on the evidence
���In tbe cup given by Sir Thomas
Shiiughni'ssy���ot cordial relattonfl
maintained with the transportation
companies. He suggested that an ef-
rort should be made gradually to encourage the exhibition or fruit packed
In commercial  form.
The crowds lhat thronged the building then surged everywhere and are
atill gazing with delight on the various displays.
An nnfortunnto feature of today's
proceedings was the nonnrrivnl of the
Sml-Ix-tta trim p. They will he here
tonight and tomorrow's program will
be given in full as follows:
Second Day.
9 a-, m.���Cricket match; resumed.
1:80  p. m.���Balloon  ascension.
2 p. m.-���Sml-Letta Troup.
2:20 p. m.���Horse races, first heat
half mile, open race.
8 p. m.���Horse race open, second
3:15   p. m.���Lacrosse    match.Revei
stoke va. Nelson.
7:1(0 p. m.���Sml-Letta Troup.
8:15 p. m.���.Japanese Parasol Drill.
9 p. m:���Opera house���"Johnnie on
tho Spot."
The following are the prize winners
tn the mineral and poultry divisions���
resultB lu other departments will be
given as later aa  space  permits:
Judges, R. W. llrock and D. S. Lay.
HeBt display of Gold Milling Ores���
E. W. Wlddowson.
Best Display of Copper Ores���M. S.
Davys, Silver King.
Best Display of Dry Silver Ores���
M. S. Davys, Hewitt.
Best Cabinet Mineral Specimens���
G. W .Cornish.
Best Exhibit rrom any Individual
prospect, shown by bona fide owner���
Gold medal donated by Canadian Bank
or Commerce���O. McElroy.
Best District Display or Ores���Gold
medal donated by E. W. Wlddowson���
Alnsworth.    (Phoenix close.)
Best Display from any individual
mine In Boundary district���Silver cup
donated by Granby Mining & Smelting
Co.���G. W. Cornish.
Heat Display of Zinc Ores���Silver
cup donated by Canadian Metal Co.���
No entry.
Heat Display oi Copper Ores���Silver
cup donated by Canadian Smelling
Works���E. W. WiddowBon.
. Best Display ot Lead Ores���Silver
cup donated by Hall Mining & Smelt
Ing Co., Ltd.���H. M. Stevenson.
Judge, Mr. Dickson, Vancouver.
Brahma, dark, cockerel and pullet-
Mrs. J. W. Johnson.
llrnhnia, light, cock and hen���Mrs.
.1. W. Johnson.
Orplni'ton, cock nnd hen���Courtney
a.  Savage.
Plymouth Rook, cockerel nnd pullet���J. M. Fraser.
Plymouth Rook, white, cock and
hen���F. Deacon.
Plymouth Rock, white, cockerel and
pullet���F. Deacon.
Wyandotte, white, cock and hen���J.
P.  Winter, rirst;  C. Steed, second.
Wyandotte, white, cockerel and pullet���J. P. Winter, first: L. II. Hedge,
second;   G. Steed, third.
(lame cockerel and pullet���Nelson
Transfer Co
Game Pyle, cock and hen���Nelson
Transfer Co.
Game Pyle, cockerel and pullet���Q
Game Duckwlng. cockerel and pullet���Nelaon Transfer Co.
Game lndlnn, cock and hen���NelBon
Transfer Co.
Game Indian, cockerel and pullet���
Nelson Transfer Co.
Minorca, blaok, cock nnd lien���G. W.
Steele, fli-st; Mrs. .1. W. Johnson, second.
Minorca, black, cockerel and pullet
���J. Foote, first; Mrs. J. W. Johnson,
Leghorn, white, cockerel and pullet
���It. Hard, first; Mrs. J K. Salter, second.
Leghorn, brown, cockerel nnd pullet���Courtney & Savngo, first, R,
Bard, second.
Leghorn, rose comb, cockerel and
pullet���I,. II. Hodge, first; Mrs. A. W.
Dyer, second.
Hamburg, cock and hen���Mrs. J. W.
Poland, cock nnd hen���W. Rutherford.
Poland, cockerel nnd pullet���W.
Ducks, bred In 1906���Mrs J. W.
Johnson, first;   A. G. Shaw, second.
Guinea Fowl���O. B. Appleton.
Four best developed Chickens, any
breed, not less than three being pullets, each to compete In their own
class, viz.: American, Aaiallc and Mediterranean���J. M. FraBer. first; J. P.
Winter, second; F. Deacon, third.
Pair PlgeonB, any variety���R. Devlin.
Cage Birds.
Canary, green cock���J. H. Howarth,
first;   Mrs   8alter, second.
Canary, yellow cock���J. II. Howarth.
Canary, created  cock���J.11. Howarth.
Canary, splashed cock���J. H. Howarth. first, Mra. D. C. McMorrls, second;   Mrs.  Salter, third.
Collection of Canary Birds���J. H.
Howarth,  first, Mrs. Salter,  second.
Pair  Pheasants,  any  variety���O.  B.
V. Robinson. .,
To the exhibitor showing the largest
and best display of Poultry���W. Rutherford,  first, R.  Bard, second;   J.    P.
Winter, third.
Common    Rabbits���J.    P.    Winter,
first; J. Johnstone, second.
Hen's Eggs, fresh, one dozen, white,
heaviest���A. G. Shaw, first; Mrs. D.
W. Clark, second; G. W. Steele, third.
Hen's eggs, fresh, one dozen, brown,
heaviest���R. Bard, first; J. P. Winter,
Aggressive   Development  to   Begin  on
Volcanic Mountain.
Grand Forks, Sept. 19.���A persistent
rumor has been current here lately
that the Volcanic group of claims on
Volcanic mountain would very shortly
become the property of a strong company, who would start an aggressive
form of development this fall. In an
Interview last evening with your cor
respondent on this subject, R. A
Brown, the original owner, said::
"While nothing definite bas yet been
arranged regarding the matter there
is a strong likelihood that Volcanic
mountain will be working thiB winter
and that at least $20,000 will be ex
pended on this group in development
work before next spring. Where the
track of the Kettle Valley Line rail
way runs It is only about 500 yards
from the immense ore bodies ot the
Vulcanic property. At this point the
ore can literally be quarried out and
loaded on the cars al a trifling expense."
At a meting of the Grand Forks Athletic association held here a couple ot
evenings ago the matter of building a
covered skating rink wae discussed. It
was proposed to build a rink from 150
to 200 feet ln length by about 75 feet
wide. The location will likely be on
Spokane avenue, in the center of the
city. It is expected that work on this
.new rink will he stsrted early in October. Provision will also he made
for a curling rink under the same roof.
At this same- meeting the association
also decided to give a ball on the evening of Thanksgiving day.
Arthur Langford, an old English
prospector, hns just returned from
Franklin camp. He Bays that the big
zinc property known as the Spelter
King la provlug to be a veritable quar
rylng proposition. They nre now down
some 15 feet in the zinc ore, which
assays from 15 to 45 per cent in zinc,
besides carrying paying quantities In
gold nnil silver.
An Important meeting of the Path-
finding Mining company will be held
at Grand Forks on October 20. It Is
reported thai this win be an excep
tlonally interesting meeting, as the
matter of the taking up of the bond
of $110,000 by Ihe Grnnby company
will be made known at this meeting
The Grnnby company last spring
bonded the Pathfinder group for $110,-
000, and have spent In the neighbor
hood of $20,000 during the last six
months In developing the mine, the
ore now being visible In all the work
Aftermath  of Floods.
El Paso, Tex., Sopt. 19.���A Herald
despatch from Guadalajara yesterday
wired hy tho correspondent of the Ja-
blsco Times at Mazatlin is as follows:
"Fifty-one persons wero drowned In
tho recent floods In Santiago, Ixlsunt-
la nnd adjacent districts ln the territory of Teplc. Tho bodies. It is stated, wero taken from the river. During the flood mnny persons took refuge In trees, remaining there until
boats  were sent to their  rescue.    It
Is reported that SCO persons are homeless.
"Widespread damage has resulted
from the Inundation ln Btnal. Several
river towns have been partly destroyed, thousands of cattle drowned and
crops in many sections destroyed."
Canadian   Pacific   Railway   Extending
Spurs���New Stage Livery.
Greenwood, B C, Sept. 18.���The Association of Civil Engineers, nearly 70
strong, which ls making a tour of tbe
West, will visit Greenwood on Thurs
day. the 20th lust, and be entertained
by a -committee of 20 appointed by the
city council The visitors will be
shown the mines and smelters of the
camp and be dined at the imiierial
The Canadian Pacific Is putting Its
spur to the Athelslan and Jack Pot Into shape preparatory to reaumptlon ol
ore shipment from these properties by
Ihe Dominion Copper company.
W. L. Austin, a celebrated metal-
urglst and geologist of New York, haa
been in Greenwood the last two weeks
making a thorough examination of the
Mother Lode  mine.
J. F. Royer, who operates a line of
stages between the Boundary and SI
mllkaineen. Is arranging to open a
first-class livery business In Green
Although moBt of the copper bodies
In the district are in the nature of
great deposits, the Emma has devel
oped into a true fissure vein 33 feet
wide and a high class of ore.
Isthmian Canal Commission Open Tenders
Shipping Trade Paralyzed.
Manila, Sept. 19, 3 p. m��� Latest advices trom Hongkong state that 1000
lives were lost during the typhoon and
that damage to property, public and
private, will amount to millions ot
dollars. Twelve ships were sunk, 24
were stranded, seven were damaged,
and one-half the native craft ln port
were sunk. The shipping trade has
been paralyzed through lack of lighters.
General Nicolieff Murdered. -
Warsaw, Sept 19.���General Nicolieff
of the artillery was assassinated here
today. He was walking the Wlelka
stret when he was surrounded by five
revolutionists and shot dead. The
murderers escaped. General Nicolieff
was erroneously thought to be a member of the field court martial.
Trustees   of   Interior   Wilt   Consider
Their    Special    Interests��� Nelaen
Board's Regular Meeting.
The September meeting of the board
of school trustees was held in the secretary's office yesterday afternoon at
4 o'clock, there being present A. D.
Emory, in the chair; R. J. Steel, F. W.
Swannell ond Dr. Arthur. The minutes of the last meeting were approved.
Accounts     totalling     $40.76     were
United States Goes Back on Question
oi Chinese Labor and Will
Import Ten Thousand.
A request from Principal Fraser of
the high school for a map of Canada
showing the new provinces was granted, and it was resolved to secure such
a map for the public school, also.
It was decided to try coke as fuel
in both schools.
On account of the numprous school
holidays and the recent extension of
the Bummer holidays, it was decided
lhat the annual field day should be
held on Thanksgiving day, and the
hoard constituted Itself a committee
to assist the staff ln the management.
A letter from A. Robinson, superintendent of ecludation, suggested the
extension of the boundaries of the
city of Nelson district, to Include Addition A (which is evidently a mistake���Addition 182 being Intended).
Tne secretary was Instructed to reply
expressing the board's disapproval.
The Scientific American company is
supplying the Encyclopaedia' Americana for the high school library.
The matter of the convention of Interior trustees, to be held tn Nelson
on Friday, as a preliminary to the
meeting of the provincial Institute of
trustees to be held here next Easter,
wna then taken up. Replies from other boards suggested numerous subjects
of discussion nnd resolution In the Interest of Interior schools.
Among Ihe topics auggest��d are: A
request to the department for less frequent changes In curricula and text
books: an authoritative decision as to
'he date from which teachers beginning after midsummer should be paid:
the abolition of winter entrance examinations, and either the establishment
of a normal school In Kootenay or an
animal session In Kootenay of the
s-ra.R"nt institution.
The convention will be held In Rie
nubile school building Friday after
noon at 2 o'clock.
Australian Economics.
Melbourne, via, Victoria, Sept. 19.
���It ls stated that the government
proposes to purchase 1,000,000 acres
In the western district of Victoria for
closer settlement The house of representatives today passed a hill authorizing an amendment to the constitution for the payment of old age
iien-lonB from tho special customs
Washington, Sept. 19.���The Isthmian
Canal commission will tomorrow open
bids to furnish Chinese labor tor the
construction of the Panama canal. The
basis for bidding is for 2500 coolies.
If the experiment of Chinese labor
proves successful many thousands ot
coolies will be contracted for. With a
recollection of the troubles that have
arisen in South Africa, Australia and
elsewhere for the employment of Chinese coolies, this government ls taking
every precaution to safeguard the
selection of the coolies and to Insure
their proper treatment while working-
on the Isthmus.
Laborers are desired for the Southern provinces of China and such per
sons only will be accepted as have
been accustomed to the climatic and
physical conditions as nearly similar
as may be experienced on the Isthmus
of Panama. No laborer will be accepted who has been brought from any
part of the Hawaiian islands. The
laborers must be between twenty-one
and forty-two years old and in good
physical condition, accustomed to digging and earthwork. Foremen, to the
number of not less than one to each
one hundred men, one physician to
each 250 laborers and an interpreter
to each 500 laborers, together with the
necessary number ot cooks and barbers shall be furnished by the contractor. He shall also agree that
neither slavery nor Involuntary servitude shall be permitted with respect
to any ot the laborers and that they
shall at all times receive just and
humane treatment.
The Chinese laborers will be required to work ten hours each day.
Overtime will be paid In excess of ten
hours and for ail the work upon Sundays or holidays at the rate of time
and a half. Laborers coming under
this contract will be provided free of
charge with lodgings, fuel for cooking,
burial grounds, necessary surgical and
medical treatment. No wages will be
nald to any laborer, however, during
illness or absence from work. Families and children will he allowed to
accomnany tbe laborers In the proportion of 15 per cent of the total number
of Chinese employed at any time.
Saskatchewan Citizen    Make*    Sense-
tlonaf Bid for Notice.
Prince Albert, Sask.. Sept. 19.���Many
and varied are the resources of the
great north land ot Saskatchewan, as
seen by Mr. Alex McBeth of Colllston,
who has Just arrived home from a
long trip through It Mr. McBeth waa
through the northwest portion of the
province and left Prince Albert on
June 26 to count heads ln that section. From Edmonton he took stage
to Athabasca Landing, where he hired
a canoe and two men to take him to
Lake Athabasca. They ran all the
rapids on the river and eaw lots ot
game. Moose and bear are plentiful
and geese and wabten were just coming. So plentiful are geese the hunter neglects duck tor them and bags
of 160 to 200 birds a day are common.
From Fort Chipewyan the party
went across the lake to Fond du Lac
and were nearly swamped by a high
wind while returning The Mission
tug was taken by Mr. McBeth up the
river to Fort McMurray. To get the
steamer back to the Landing he had
to take a three-day walk across a portage, which Is estimated variously at
from 60 to 90 miles. For 100 milea of5'
so the Athabasca runs through asphalt There are actual mountains all
the way from Graud Rapids. 163 mile*
below the landing to Fort. Mackay. 33
miles below Fort McMurray, and there
Is a strong odor of the pitch, and in
places black rivulets of it can be seen
creeping down thc mountain sides.
There are Indications of petroleum
14 milea below Fort McMurray, and
boring ls going on. At Fort Mackay
there nre coal deposits which are being ntlliJied loeillv. Mr. McBeth mw
the gas well nt Pelican Ranlds. which
has heen hurnlne for eight years. The
noise of It can he heard half a mile
away. Through an 8 Inch nine the gaa
shoots un In a flame of 15 and 20 feet
and water comns boiling uo with It.
There Is n Ras amine below Grand
Bniilds where a kettle can he boil'd
s>aslly and Mr. McBeth found Bevei-al
other Indications of gas. At Salt
river. 17 miles from Fort Smith, salt
Is beln- mined and sold for 10 cents
a pound. There are oultr n number
nf settlers going into the Peace river
���J ti
S li
. ,
'��� ; The Daily Canadian
��� STORES   '
Cool nights are now iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We hftve plenl r of them ill red nml blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,    -    8.50 per pair
These blankets are justly celebrated for their excellence. We alone oarry
them in this city.
tUMBERMEN.���Pillows. Co-.-forte rs. Gloves and Mits, Socks. Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clotlvng. Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors* Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers,. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best  quality and  prices  surprisingly Low.
Published six dayi a weet hy the
Bilker Bl., Kelson, B.C.
fi u bsf rt pi um relet, 50 centi a montb delivered
In lhe city, or ti.Lu a year tf lent by mall, when
paid In adva-H'e.
ArlrertlHini. rates on application.
All  monies  put.l   In   settlement  ol   The Pally
t'amidiiin accounts, either nn iubeoriptloai or
advertiniiiL', muit be receipted fi>r en tin* printed
formi ol the Company.  Other receipt* are not
SEPTEMBIiR I*.*. I***,.
"By oue word we are sometinien Judged lo he
wlio ami ny one word sometimes judged lo he
foolish. Let us therefore he careful what we
The proposed readjustment or tariff
regulations and customs duties is not
unlikely to be the most serious problem the Laurier administration has
had to face since it came into power
in 1896. fVcceedtng to power ai the
turn of that tide lit the affairs of the
Dominion, which being taken at the
flood, has led to fortune, for so many
of the Canadian people, the Laurler
government has had little to do but
spend the peoples' money antl watch
Canada grow. The National Policy,
inaugurated by Sir John A. MacDonald
has been but slightly modified, nnd as
a result of its protective features a
large and Important manufacturing industry has grown up in Canada and so
strengthened itself thai it can meet
foreign competition in both its own
markets and abroad. A beneficent resuli of this policy luvs been the steady
increase In the urban population of
Canada and a consequent steady development for tbe home products of
the farm, the mine, the forest and the
stream. Thus by community of interests the whole of Canada has been
It might have been possible by decreasing the tariff, to import foreign
manufactures oi a lower rate than has
been necessitated by the protection of
Canadian industries, and thus to some
extent the farming population of the
older provinces might have saved
something on their purchases of the
implements indispensible in carrying
on their operations, but on the other
hand it is certain lhat no manufacturing industries would exist, no urban
population result, and as a consequence no borne market for home prod*
UCe, This would have forced the farmer to sell his produce in a foreign
market, against the competition of foreign countries antl over the top of high
tariff walls, thus reducing his profits
to a minimum, if indeed, existence
were possible.
The farmers of Ontario have been
slow to see this aud at a recent convention In Toronto they passed resolutions demanding a reduction in the
tariff schedules so as to obtain cheaper machinery than home manufacture,
They are Insistent in their demands,
while at the same time the manufacturing element in Canadian politics is
asking for it readjustment of the tariff
involving Increase in some details,
so that still further manufacturing industries may be established in Canada.
Both these contending parties are
numerous and the conflict between
their demands is not likely to be easy
of reconciliation by the tariff reformers. The farmers' vote is a large aud
influential one, while that of the manufacturer and the industrial classes is
equally powerful.
Little else can be expected in an
election than that the industrial classes will vote for the maintenance and
extension of the industries which provide their bread, butter and prosperity,
so that we may reasonably expect to
find lhe manufacturer and his employee voting the same ticket. The
captains of the ship of state have
steered her between Scylla and Char-
ybdls, with strong and contrary winds
abaft and abeam. That some pretence
at tariff amendment will be made we
have no doubt, but that there will be
any very radical departure from the
general principles of the National Policy we have no fear. While it Is an
awkward situation for the Liberal
party, It is of their own making because they started the propagation of
the heresy "Free Trade as they have
il In England" and deluded the electorate inlo expectations which cannot
be realized in Canada. It is not surprising therefore when the farming
classes, those who first bit at the
pleasing baits of false political doctrine, find they have been deluded,
.should be insistent in their demand
that pledges be kept, or else the affairs of the country be turned over to
those who keep political faith with
���the electorate.
It is much regretted that an erstwhile peaceful section of the populace
was again thrown Into consternation
yesterday by the announcement lhat
the approaching provincial elections
will probably be held in December.
Of course, a fresh incubation was
about due, as those who had given
some-attention to the natural processes
involved in hatching know, that from
the time the hen is set till she may
reasonably be expected to bring forth
her brood, a period of from twenty-one
to twenty-four days must elapse. Anything earlier than that is likely to bo
premature, while if the period is extended the result is apt to be odorous
and pugnent.
We are solemnly assured, however,
that Mr. McBride bas requested the
consent of His Honor the lieutenant
governor to a dissolution of the house
and an append to the country late this
year. The apparent fright of the op*
position at the very thought of an elec-
liui. the hysterical attitude of both
press and people, whenever such a
contingency occurs to them as among
ih-* remote possibilities, leads one to
wonder what would be their state if an
���election were really announced and the
elates fixed.
A succession of such frights, if continued for any length of time, must
result in very serious consequences to
thf nerves of those who are so constantly on the qui vive. Both hope
ami fear, when long deferred, make
lhe heart sick, and while we do not
suppose there is any law that can be
invoked to restrain the products of the
fecund imagination of the inventor of
ihese political thunderclaps, we would
respectfully point out that an army
frightened into hysterics too often,
when there is really no immediate
prospect of battle, Is apt to caught
unprepared for battle when the tocsin
of war is actually sounded. With the
Liberal organizers running here and
iher<* and the Liberal press shouting
warnings to the faithful to be ready,
aye ready, at any moment lest they be
taken���unawares���the situation has
its decidedly humorous features.
With the editor of the Cranbrook
Herald on the warpath , or perhaps
what is better for his party, on the
still hunt, and with the lea-der or the
opposition prospecting on Mr. Shat-
ford's preserves, and the repeated sensations in the way of announcements
thai an election is approaching, we can
only surmise that It takes an unusual
amount of dynamite to keep tin* Liberals sufficiently awake, so thnt it cap-
not truly be said Ihey will be 'caught
In tlie meantime there is apparently
no particular stir among the friends of
the government. Tin* members of the
cabinet are attending to iheir departmental duties, the premier Is going to
Ottawa lo meet lhe Dominion cabinet
and the premiers of The other -provinces to discuss ami arrange for better
terms iu the distribution of tlie Dominion expenditure within the province. The rank and file oi the party
aie busy with their vocations aud for
the mosl pari are sharing the general
prosperity of the country, consequent
upon the wise administration of Its affairs and llie generally rehabilitated
condition of the finances of ihe province.
Serene in the assurancw that the
governmenl has the confidence of
the electors, and lhat, when it appeals
finally to the Country for re-election
ii will have a matured policy on every
ipiestion of public Importance, there
is no cause for misgiving, and therefore there is none.
.lust what particular difference it can
make to the Liberals whether an election is projected now or later we cannot clearly see, as the results will bo
the same in either case We suspect,
however, thai ihe game that the opposition is playing Is not quite so deep
as our Liberal friends would have the
people think. Tbe fact is they would
give both body and soul to know when
the elections will take place and they
fancy that some juvenile journalist
will jump Into the yawning gulf or
their curiosity, make a break and put
them next. Nit. Not today, nor yet
next week.
The Daily Canadian yesterday answered between 20 and 3D Inquiries as
to the truth of the rumor that John
Houston had been murdered In Gold-
fields, Nevada. To all of these The
Canadian stated that it believed the
rumor was withoul foundation. The
popularity of .John Houston was testified by the anxiety of those inquiring.
While 'I'll.' Canadian is glad to know
that there was no foundation for the
rumor, those most distressed at Its
contradiction are responsible for its
initiation and there is considerable
curiosity as to why those who ought
to be in a position to give positive denial should have apparently so little
knowledge of the facts.
The telegraph Is a great institution
especially between Nelson and the office of the Colonist at Victoria. It is
a great pity that It is not more in use
at this end of the line.
Yes! Charlie Waterman's regalia
and mount were a dream and no pipe
dream, either.
Forced Out of Port.
Berlin, Sept. 19.���In a despatch
from Hamburg the correspondent of
the Xeue Nachsrichten says: "The
Hamburg Line steamer Meteor, which
was at present being used ror excursions, was forced a few days ago to
leave the harbor of Portsmouth, Eng.
where she had to put in because of
stress of weather.
tire Is herehy given that rtxtjrdayi after
I inteml toapply to the linn. Thief Combiner nf  1-n.iirls and  Works  for   t- rrni--:.iii
urchase lhe following descrlbea landi ��ii-
in Weit Kootenay District, Commencing
, posl marked "A. Hlrach'l 8. K. Corner'
te.i nt ilu B.W, corner of toi Ht, aboul 7
s north of Burton City and ai-.ut \ ol a
went nf tin- Cfiiumtijit river, thenee north
miu": thenee west ��� ehelni tbenee touta
talus; thence east _o chains to point of com-
cenienL cimtaifiing 3Jh acres*.
ted thi-* Hth dur of September. J**
A. HI���CH,
Per I-ALrH Bltx, Agent,
sixty days after date, I. Ifargretl MeQnerrie,
in tend to apply lo the Ibitiumhle the Chief rom-
mlssloner ol Lends and "Works! Victoria, B. C,
to piircha-p the following described land. Om-
meming hi a *po��.'. niarkeil  M. MeQuerrte, on the
Kant ol Lower Attorn lake, tbenee lo ebalni
west; thenoe80ebalns nortb; thenee m chain".
east; tbence B0 chain" -outh to place of com.
meneement- -md t" contain .r-> acre* more or
I .iv-ring ground held bj ���-. B. Anderson i
Dated this Hth day of Peptember. 10Ot.
Mai.*.Km HoQuabjui,
\\. I.. I'avsr. Agenl
Notice t�� hereby given that ttxtj day* afi*r
data 1 Intend l" appl) to the Honorable the Chief
Oommt*tloner of Landi and Worki [or permission
to porch-tee the foUowlng described lands iltuau
la west Kootonay district : Comue-netiig ��i a poat
planted at Sober,    oriett's north aaat eornei
\*.rt and marked a. Ms tt. W, Corner thenee
east *W chains; thenee 40 ebalni south, more or
ie#.* to the Kootonay river; thenee to ehaim we��t
along the Kootenay riier; them-e i*j chain-
north, moreor lca_ to tbe place of counoeni-e-
:;,������!.���. containing UV acres more or ue .
Bept luher J4lh 1W.
Akflftt UoOtOt,
Wiu-iam Moori! a* Agenl.
Notice ir* hereby given that sixty day* ajier
date I Intend to applv to the Honorable the
1,'hief Coinrnimouer ol I-andi ami Work-* for
permission to purchase the following de-
scribed land*- situate in the Wen Kootenay
distriet} starting from a post planted on the
north hank of tbe North Kork of bog creek
theme 20 chain* went. a...-hit In* north, w chain*
weat. 40 ehaliif north, 20 chalna we��t, 20 chain*
north. ����� chain* west, 'Si chaini* north. H) chalnn
cast. 20 chains Kiuth, 'Si chains east, 40 chains
south, 20 ehalns cast, 40 eh  Ins south to point of
commencement, cMntdining ov< acres.
Dated 1Mb dav ��,f August, 1MB,
-tamai w. Bornnon
Notice is hereby given lhat OO days Rft<��r date I
intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chlel ''oiuiiiissioner of bands and Works for per-
million   t"   purehaae r._o acres of lund In the
district of West Kootenay, commend ne nt a post
planted <m the south side of Boundary creek on
the International boundary line, one and a half
miles east from the Salmon river, marked "Slftiu
K.  Adams  southeast   * orner,"   thenee   went   to
chains, thence north wj chains, thence easl tw
chains, thence sonth m chain*- to place of com-
BUKO K. kPAklt, Locator,
per K. Sl. Reeres. at Agent.
Dated thi* 9th day of July, iwo.
BiXty davs afler dal, I ini. lid Lo apply to the
Hon. Chief Commluloner of Lands ami Works,
Victoria, io purehase io acrei of land: Commencing at a post planted at ae City of Nelson's
power plain lot y. K ooruor post, on Kooteiiuy
river, thenee 30 chalm iouth, theuce woal 2D
chains, thence nortii  SK) chains, Ihence easl ki
chains to point of coinine no ment,
Nelson, B.C., Aug. (i, 1006, B. J- QORBAM.
Notice ll herehv given thai mi dayi from 'late 1
Intend to apply to the Bonorable the Chief Com
tnluh r of \mu\- and Worki for permlaslon
to purehase the following described lands nl
iiate in Wesl Kootenay Dlitrlet: Commeuelng
ai a posi markeii ���' K. Btewart'i N W, corner
post,'situated near tbe Junction ot Lost creek
ami souih  Fork  of Salmon, ihonee south   to
chains,  more  nr   less;   thenee   easl   ����  'hains;
thenc,* nnrlh 40 chains, m -r less;   Ihcnce
wesi Bo chaini to point pi commencement.
Salmo, August llth, 11M'.
K. Stiwabt
T, II. Atkinson, Agent.
Noiice in hereby given that B0 dayi after date l
intend to applv lo the Honurablo the Chief Com-
mlsslonerof Und- and Works u, purchase the
following deserlbed lauds, Knacres, moreorless;
nommeneing al t posl planted on tlie west hank
o| Upper Arrow lake at a point aboul 7 mllei be
low Nakusp.and marked ii.AAl ll , N K. corner
post: Lbence 80 chaloi west] thence W chaini
iouth; Lhepce &0 ohaini eust, more nr lesi to Uke
ihore; thence along lake shore to point of be-
I'ated this'.th dav of Sent. I'.HHi.   ii. AB, II AM..
00 davs alter date 1 Intend to npplv to the Hoi:
prable the Chlel Commissions, ol Lands an
Works. Victoria, 11 C , to pirelianc ��~>u aeres i
land situate west of Arrow lake on the wesl ltd
of wiiatchan creek and Joining the north bound
arv of s. J, Aunahle application to purcbas.
Commencing al a post marked R. J, K. 8. B. coi
tier and running we*-' S" chains; thence north I
chains! thence east BO chaini; ihence south t
point of commencement
Beptember '-'nd laue. K, J. Ki.i.m.
Notloe is nereby given thai 00days after date
inteml to appiv tothe Honorale Chief ionium
sinner of Landsand Works for permlaslon to pm
chase the  following described   lands, situate i
the West Kootenay district. -tartmg from a po*
planted  at  the N. K   corm t of V- W. Robinson1
Application to purchase, thence 40 chains easl
Hi.) chains souih. 20 chains west, -.n chain- north
40 chains vest, 30 chains north, 20 chains east, t
chains north to point of commencement,contain
Ing 180 acres.
Dated Uth day Ol August. 1906
I). ('. B, ROBINSON,
per KKNKST W . ROHIMflOK, Agent.
Notice li hereby given lhat ilxty days alte
date I intend to applv to the Honorable Ho
Chief Commissioner ol html- mel Work- foi per
minion to purchase the following deserfnei
land on the west shore of upper Arrow Luke am
joining J. H- Kceuey's pre-emption: Kinirun-
west 40 chains; thence nonh K) chainsf thence
east 40ohalns, to the shore of the hike; thene-
south loiiowing the lake shore to point of com
meneement, containing w ����� tea own- or le���.
Daied August 19, 1906.
H. K. Ma. UUD
J. 3   Km v. Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thst ilxty dayi after
��� late  I   intend  to  applv   to  thu  Uonorahle  thc
Chlel Commissioner of Landi ind Works for per
mission   to purchase   the   following   descrloed
land on the west side ol Lower Arrow Lake and
joining the-outh line of the Indian Reservation:
Kimuinii west 20 chain-; thenfi south 80chains;
thence east _ chains, to the ihore of the lake;
thence north following ih- lake ihore to the
point of commencement) containing 100 sores
more or less.
I'ated August 20,1900. W   ll. M Ll i BOD
J. J. Kll.t-V, Agent.
Notice is herehv given thai ! Intend,60 days
after date to anply to the Honorable the Chfel
Commissioner oi .amis and Works for permission
to purchase the following descrlbea lands tn
West Kootenay district, SDOUt live miles south
of Burton 'ity, commencing at a post planted i.u
tbi east bank of tract C. R., ai i marked "W. H.
Hamilton'! 8. W. C. poit," and running north K)
chaiiiB, ihenee eaal ��t chalm thenee south *>
chains, theme west BO chains to plaee ol t-egin-
nitig. containing o_0 acres ot land, more or Ier*.
Hated this 22nd day of Auguit, IWO.
\\   H  Hamilton.
Notice ts hereby given ihat 00 days after date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable i hief Commls
sioner of Landi and Work- for permission to
purchase the following desi rlbed lands, situate
in We-t Rootenay dlstnci Commencing at a
post marked "B.Goukey'i S. W,eorner post," sit-
���ate near the N E. corner of land applied for liy
U.l.., thence south 40 chains, more 01 less; thene*
east80 chains; tlienoe north 40 chains, more or
less; tbenei west BOchalm I i point of commencement.
Balmo, August 11, 1'JOC. B. COVKBY,
T. H. Atkinson. Agent.
Notice is herby given tbat 80 davs after date 1
intend, to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Laud- mid Worn* fur permission to
purchase the following described laudB situate In
West Kootenav district: ''ommenclng ata post
marked "H. Ross'i N. W corner post,*' tdtnate
near the N. X. Corner Of laud applied for by A.
McL��au. thence south to chains, moreorless;
thpocc east -o chains; thenoe north 10 ehalns.
more or less;  thence w.st m (hains to point of
Salmo, August 11. !90fi R. ROM,
T. If. Atkinson, Aeeiit.
Notice is hereby glvuli that sixty days after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commls-ioner of l-ands and Works for
permission to pun-ha*-<- the following descrlWd
lands situate in Wesl Kootenay district: Commenolng ata posl marked "A. McLean's N W.
corner post,"situate near the N.E. corner of land
applied for by A. McUughUn, thence mint) io
chains, more or less; thence eait BO chains;
thenee north toi hains, moreor lets; thence wesl
BO chains to point of commencement
Salmo, August 11, 1908 A. McLKSX,
T. H, ATKlN-oN. Agent
Notice li hereby given lhat 60 dayi after dati I
intend to make application to the Honorable the
chief Commissioner of I-wnds and Worki for per-
mi---iiii to purchase the following described land*,
situate in West Kootenay district: Commencing
at a post marked "A. Md-augl-lln's N. W corner
poet," -iiuate near the N B. corner oi land ap-
phed for .<y P UcArthur, theme iouth-to chains,
more or ie_; thence sastBOchaln*; thence north
40 chains, more or leas; theme west to i hains to
point of commencement.
Salmo, August 11, 1908. A. KcLitKJRL-Uf,
                    T If. Atkin.-on, Agent.
Notice is hereby given thst w days after date
1 intend to apply to the Chief Com mlssloner of
Lands and Works for permission to purchase
the following dcscritied lands, situate tn West
Kootenay dlstricl i Commencing ai a p'-st mark-
ed -f McArthur'i N- w.corner post," iltuate near
the N- E corner of land applied forty A Turner,
���.I.- nee iouth 4*1 chains mon- or leu j then easi
BO ehalna; Ihenee nnrth *jo chain-, more or leai;
theocc wvtt Wchains to polntof couirio-ic .��� nt.
Salmo, August 11, )906.
J   M< ARTHi'h,
T. II   ATXOrgQW   Agi Bl
Kotlce is hereby given that go days alter date
1 intend, to apply to the Honorable lbe Chief
Commissioner of Land" arid Works for perm Is-
ilon to>nsehase the following described lands,
situate la 'he We*��l Koolena)' district: Commencing ��t n. po*-t market] "A, j uruer's N. W eornei
pout," situated st the K. K corner of land ap-
t.ll.-d  for Ity  K  Ht-wart,  Ihence south 4" chains,
mon- or less; thence east Bo chains; thenoe north
to chain-* more or lees; thenee weet SO ehalni to
point of commencement
RalmO, B.C . A'lgUM 11   HMi. A, Tt KNEK.
i H atkimsou, Agent.
Notiee i- hereby given that 80 days after date f
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Com'
mi-i|oii.-r of Lands and   Worki for permission to
purehase the lollowlng described land  I"  Weet
Kootenay Ulst'ict ubout seven mOei south of
hurton < ity:  Commencing at a post (dented on
the east bank of Trout creek and markea Mr-.
W H. Hamilton'i - W. C, post and running
north tt ehalns; tbence east m chaini; theme
MOth tt chslns; theme west 80 cha'ns to  place
of beginning, containing wo acre*, more or i< n
IfiUed this ��!ml dny of August, Pm.
Mes. W. II. HaMij.tos
  W   H. Haxii.v.n, Agent.
Notie,- i�� hereby given that 00dayi "fer date I
Intend to apply to the Bon. the Chief Commls-
���loDer Of L*ndl and Works for |n;rml��slon to
pnrehaae the following described lands In the
Wesl Kooteuay district: Ht-glnning at a posi
marked tt.Belt's B.B. corner, about t��o miles
cast of the Salmon river, and half a mile from
the Pond d'Orelll*- river, them-e HO chains norlh,
__.���>,_.<.,. ...,.Bt> Wj chains SOUth and (o i hains east
o place oi beginning.
IJate I Z7th day ol July, 1906.
ft. it. Bill,
_ - .���.'na to app'
Com mi*.*! "ner of Lands hiiu Works, vptoria, to
purchase 180 acres of land. < ommeOCipg at h
pOSi plauied on ih" we��t shore of A ��� row Lug, a I
lbs SOntb cast comer of J J Christie's purchase,
running north 80ehnins. thenoe east *J0 chains,
thettOe south ao chains, thene*' west ft l hains lo
plaee of commencement.
Located May, Irtb Pk*>.
A. CABblE.
),. <.a: ;.aoh��.i', Locator.
Wednesday, Thursday
Sept 19-20-21
The Fourth Annual Fall Fair of the Nelson Agricultural and Industrial Association will be
the largest ever attempted in South-
Easter British Columbia.   It
will be held at
On September 19th, 20th and 21st.
A fine programme of attractions is
now being arranged. Applications
for prize lists, space and full particulars should be made to the Secretary-
Office : stkkk't, Opposite Queens Hotel.
Sept. 19-20-2 If
���Sixty 'lay* alter date I intend to aptily to the
Honorshle the Chief Comittle.loner of Lands nnd
Wor�� c. Victoria, to purehase _M0 acre* of land,
located and dettrlbed a* follow**: Being the
northeast quarter ol .Section twenty-two, and
the iouth half of the northwest quarter Bectlon
twentv three. Township sixty-nine. And further
deierlbed as followi: CouimeticliiK at a poel
marked J J. N. W. corner, and planted .0 chain-
eeitol the northwest comer of Section twenty-
two nml rnnniriK 'act to i balm, theuce iouth H
chains, Ihence cant 40 chains, thenee ftotilh _v
ehalni, theme weft to chalox, tlience imrth 40
chains to place of ix-ginnlng,
AuKum -lint, 1-UG. James Johnstone,
W. A. CeMer. Agenl.
Notiee in herehy given that 60deyi irom dau-1
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chlel I'om-
tnluiooei o( Lands and Worki. for t��*rinl**Bloii to
purchase the following dcierlhed lamls, iltuate
En tne dlstricl or| Wen Kootenay. adjoining Lot
710 on the weat arm ol Kootenay lake, fommen-
cing at lhe initial   p"-t   placed at the Houthwi-��t
".no-r ol lot JW, tio nee north SO chnin-.. lbence
���-t jo chain-, thenee south i)chains,thence
east .lichHinv io polnl of oommeneement.
Dated Aug. Ifitb, 1906. James Fka*/.kh,
Notice is hereby given thai BO dayi alter'laic I
intend t��. apply t<p tbe Uonorahle the Chief Com*
tnlailonerol [��ends and Works for permlaslon to
purchase the loiiowing described lumls: Oommenelng nt h jiost markeii "J. a o fl" 0, W. eor-
ner," piaeed at the nortbessl corner of I^it rwt,I
running So chains northf thenceou chaini east!
tbeni eS)chains iouth] thence i*n chain* west to
pom' of commeeeementi oontainlng mo acrei
more or lesi.
Dat d lhe .1st day of July HWfi.
J. A. O'RlltXT.
Notice 1.1, .reby given that W dan afte; date
llntend  I-, apply  to  the   Honorable  the Chief
Commtslonero. Landi and Works for pcnnlssion
to j.urchas'* lhe ("llnuing described lands Iu the
West Kootenay Distriet: Commeuelng at a post
marked T. R. Krenche'i Lsmi H. B, corner placed
near C. (. Poynti B, w. eormr, ihence cast m
chains, thence north   10 chains, thence west hll
chains, thanee south 40 ehalns to place pi commencement.
Hated _��lh day of July HV,       T, It PlgBOK,
By ANPRKW AW��, Agent.
Kotiee is herehv given that 00 tXeyt ttXet date 1
intend iu applv to the Honorable tin- Chief Commissioner ol Undsand Work* for permission u,
pnrchsse the lollowlng deserlbed tamli in tbf
West Kootenav district, near Burton City; oom-
menelagatanosl planted at the loutheast corner
ol ��� eorge liudMin'*  pre-emption claim,  and
murked ilarry 0, Tollln_.toii'i N. K. i:. post, ntid
running souih 40 chains, thence we-t 20 chains,
tbence north tt ohslns, thenee east30 ebalni io
place of  Ifcgtnnlug,  containing SO acres of laud,
more or lite,
I'ated all Nth day of "Ugust, 1000.
Hahkv ��i. lOI.I.INOTO.V.
���Notice ll hereby given ihat ��t days after date I
Intend to make nppl[c>u|on to the ffomimtilc the
Chief Pommisstpner Of Landsand Works for per-
inI*slon to pnrohaee about .too acre* of land situ
Ssted on the Baluoo river, West Kootenaydtstiicti
ROmmeOetng Hi a post marked H H. Butler's N K.
Corner, planted of) the west bank of the river,
ahout P. miles north of the lntcrniii|.iii���| boundary, theme west M chains, thence wi cbalni
souih. ihence t;ast uboui DO chain*-to lhe river,
ihcnce northerly along the river to pUce ol oom-
August lllh, JU0G. u. R. BiTTKit,
T II, Atkinson, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that two nniuUn ufter
dale I inlcnd to app'y to lhe Honorable the Chief
CommlMloner of bands and Works ior li l^aie of
iill that laud being the foreshore u-ljolnlni! sub-
dlvi-.ons 1, H and I of lot :ttj, Oroup one (1)
Koolenay, and being on the south shore of thfl
West Ann of Koolenay  lake, In the district r>i
Commenolng at s post marked "A, JC. Welti'
southern!  eorner  p ill"!   thence 00 Chains Wast
thenoe30 rhalni north; thence 00 ��� idlin-eH��i:
theuce 2 lehalni south tothe plnee ol commencement; the said   taUd and foreshore lo be l*i UKu.
for sawmill puriioser..
Dated this -1st day of Augim, Pkt\.
A. E. Watii.
Notice li hereby given that ��0 days after date I
intend toapply to the Hon. the Chief Commls-
lloner of Land! and Works for permission lo nur
.base the following described lands in West
Kootenay dlitrlel, province of British Columbia;
Commenelni ai a post marked "Wflllam Toiling-
ton'l uortbwesl corner  |Kjst,"   Hid  poal   being
planted at the southwcit eorner ol the "Queen
Mineral Claim/1 and ad]-.iiiing theeaet line ol
Mcphail's pre-emption, thence lonlb twenty (Wl
chalm   along   said   line,   thence east lorty (W>
chains, thenee north twenty pO) ohalni, ihenoe
west forty (40) chalus more or less, to lhe place of
Hated 1st-lay of August, U08,
Wli.UAM  ToI.i.isotoN,
By bli agent J. E. Taylor.
Notiee is given that OOdayS after date I intend
to applv to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and   Worki  for  permission   (0
purchase the followlni described lands in the
West Kootenay District:   Commenolng at a posl
marked c. C. Toyota Land B. K. Corner piaeed
near lha i'end d'Oreille river at Boundary creek
easi side of salmon river, thenee eul M ehelni
along ihe international Boundary Line, thence
n .rth IU chains, Ihcnce   wesl   so chains, thence
south tt chains t<i place oi commencement.
Dated the aOtfa of July 100(1. C. 0. 1'oVNU.
By AVhREW Al'lE. Agent.
Noiiee Is hereby given thai two months afler
date I Intend to applv to lhe Honorable the
Chief CommlMloner  of   Lands  aiol   Works  for
permission to purchase tbs loiiowing deeerlbed
IftiidK situate on ihe west arm ol Kooleuiiv   Lake
iu the Disiriei ol West Koou-nay: Commencing
ai a post narked "William Buerby'i N.W. post;"
Ihcnce west twenty (���_-������) chains; Ihcnce south
twenty (Ji) chains; thenee easi twenty CM)
chain-; thence north twenty (kt) chains to the
point ol commencement, containing forty (Hi)
acres, more or leu.
Dated July 7, 190A. I. O. NKhsoN.
Kotiee is hereby given that OD dayi after date, I
intend toapply to the Hon. cblel commissioner
of Lands SJtd Works for permission |o purchase
the following deserlbed tract ol land sltnate in
West Koolenay District: Commencing at Uie
untkwest corner ol l.ot ;,.��tu; tbence runlng
Wesl fl chains; thenee north *JU chains; theliee
west  4(1 ehnllis;   Ihenee north 80 chain-; llieme
easi ho chains; thenoo south 40 chains to point
ol eommeneemenli containing MO acres, more or
Dated at Nelson, II C��� this Brd day of Julv,
l'ANi. M���II SaNI.aN,
per k c, Qreen, Agent.
Notice U hereby given thnl iiu i|��vs iiller ilale I
Intend toapply to tlie Honorable (In* chief commissioner of {.amis and Works for permission to
purchaie the following denrlbed liinds -Itnale
In West Kootenav Dlstricl: ("oltiinclieng at a
posi marked "f. MoArlhnr'i K. W, corner post
situate near (he N, ]-: eormr of land applied for
hy H. McArthur theme south 40 chains, more or
less; theuee east to chains; thence norlh 40
chains, more or less; thenee west BO chains to
point of commenoement.
Halmo, B.C., August llth, 1900.
I'. MrAitTjiiit
_ T, H. Atkinson, Agenl.
Ktxiy .lays  alter date I I ml to npplv to the
( iiliiuiisHloner of  Landl iiii.i  Works, Wt or hi, lo
purchase loo acrei ol land, iltuate ami doserlboa
a�� lollowi: Commencing au posi planted on the
west side of Arrow lake opposite Cariboo Olty, at
or near the lOIUhWei rner of H. Unlg purchase, und marked "O. M. A , S p. corner " ROd
niiinliig north 40 ebafm. tbenco wesl lo chnins
toll. Amiable'i purchase, llienee south lu chains
moreor less to the lake shore, thence along Ihu
lake ihore to place of beginning.
Auguit%th, ldun. (1. M. Annaih.K.
Notice li hereby given that (Hi dayi afler dale I
intend to apply to the Honorable the chief Commluloner of Lands ami Works, Victoria, to purchase H0 acres of  bind,  situate about one mile
easf of Barton City on the oul ilde of Arrow
lake, and described u* followi: Coni.nenciiig at S
poit planted al the northeast corm-r of Lol MM,
!!'��U!!  "n..,l.sL1,.1'h,H,1,H-  lhenc��  went l't chains,
thenee tooth K)ehalni, ihence easi 40 ohalni to
Not leu li hen by given thai
'i nict 'Wt I
e it. I'Ud
for peralt-
nonce ii nen oy given thai t*'oij.����� ���
Intend ri apply to the BonorHU the VUa
ComnKeelooer of Lendi and Worki tor p.mi>
���Ion to purchase tbe following ili'M*rlbc4 hth,
(Itiialcif in the Weit Kootenav "IinrlrI.������iJr.lB-H
rl.  Pearson's on the north, sbcul'iii'iii^w*
quarter tuOes from (heAnd d I'r.iin'rm-r.row ;
mencing -t a t.o*t markeii C f.CildwelllliB
corner [Kist.  tbciiet- to chains norlh, ihenreW .\
'���hains west,   thenre  HO chaloi south, tbtnir* '
lotins .bm to plaoe ol oommeneement
Located the 1st day of Auguit, km. -
Hkrman -UUrP.Af.ilj
Notice Is hereby given thai BO ��l��ya aderda��l i
intend to apply to ih.* [fonorabli the Chidr*s| (
mlulonqrol Landsand Worki foi persttntotl
nurehase the following described iitM m *-?l
Kootenay Dlsirlct abonl six mil.-soiitt. el Barton City :   commencing at s po-t pliNlt-i ���'!' <-"
eail bank of Trout creek nml mir ted ' t*-J_*_\
er's H  W  (?. Post and running wntb t" rhiw.
thenee east ft) chaftii; thence imrth rerhiw-l
tbence west m chains to the place ol rnmrarwe I
ment, eouiuliilug i'.io acres, more er k��" I
Dated llili i_nd dayol August, l'��
w ii HagitToMient.
place of beginning
Augmt 36th, iisiG.
J. It. HlTNTBIt,
Notice Is hereby given tbst BOdsn *tttTA*tJ
Intend to apply to The Honorable lhe <0Wtew
mlssi.incrof Lands nml \\ otk- f.-r is-niil*��l;"il��
Dttrchasolho following deserlls-d lind* ' "���
mcmlngat a post marked "J W H * * -\'��\
ner.''placed on lhe csst shorr of f'��**/"?J
Lake at the nortbweit eorner of ' lhf',"1.^
plication to Purchase, running thenee4n iB���
east! thenco Bo chaini north; tbence *��� rhii��
moreor leis, weil to tbe lake ilio-el lh��m '
lowing lake shore to point ol commeDeenrWi
coiiiainlng.'iKO acres more or lesi
Dated the Mid day ol July. IMO.     ff _ ^
Nolle ts hereby given thai Mdari ���''"J1^!
intend loapply tothe Honorable the UW"1"
mlssloner orUnds and VVorki for r**^HJH
purehaae lhe loll.,wing deicrlbed hui.ls.^
on the Bill side of Arrow like: commenrlDi\v
 lortheast corner of A. Anthony i fWiWJ
thenee north forty chaloi, *?nw11SSl,3
ohalns, thenee souih foriy chains,ihe""ew
forty   ebalns   to point ol  I���omi��'���"CMBM"' **
huiiing IWaeros, moreor lew y.fljmi,
Inundlo-ppirloTlio "���   ' ' ' '���.,���.,
..I umi. ..usl Wort, lot i'""1;1""; , ,.��im
llM'  I .WIUW  .l.'..STll*'.l Undi.  II ""JSibu..
KootanudlArlcli c_nn-nclV>'>J*"��(,|
.���sl "BR��'K. K. s'.srss.T." I I'"1",,   '.,���!, ,sl
l...av,.r   Arrow   like,   ssl 1   '!"!' ..,,,, 1, *
ii.srslsiii ore-k (Ji.lin.ii.il i;r.;k-) ' ., ,���,i,��
nh.lDl, thanoa m '" i-ii.ni>. ""��',,.-(,���-���
cfi.in. mem* eul s"i��;����;   V
ini-iis-s-liu-nl, .���niiliilnlliK IM "'"?, ' ,Nm'��
and a-.sinprli.lliK .l.��s�� '"I I"",' M,"'��
Bink.-sl ilsisi -Uii sissy ol A"K,l1"',i. woiv-kto-1.
A. N. Wisl.vKBTi'S. A.i-nl-   _.
Nsillce la hereby iTlvi-n Mini ���J**1C,iM_<_��
Intend in n|.|dy i" the Honpn '""',���,,, jmr-
.(tmerrai Unds. nml Work-lor pein' .. ������| ssss
ih��ne llss- roll-Win* diwrlls ,"" ,,;,.���rln|lll'
lho rum aide of ��rro�� lako. '  '' ,,,,i, ifss-iis��
iso.l nmrkeil   A. Msu'loo'l I ' �����" ,���, ,.,.-,s'sts-l'1'11
nililli f"rly i-lssiliiK. l..llo��iin< �����'''',,,1 kill
Isioinilsirv; Ihi-iss-s Il ilxty ''""', /s'.iv.-lsss���1
of s,���.,i,���i,ii Creekl the "",���,���rcomnieni*-
tlienooeMl ilxtj i-h��in> lo I"""'',,
mi-iil, i-stiiliiliilni-J-il ii''i>- m"V,j... M.ari.n'1'.
Iiatesl BopteraWf I, im^ ^a'^ A(.,.,lt.  __
Nol I. is.-r.l.y Klvi-is ,',",,,"Isl.-l"*
Intend lo apply Iss Hiss ll.ill.ssssl.l      "      |,.lsil "
m lu oner ol tana, and Worki  '    ,,, ,t.rtl��
purahtH iin- lollowjpsideiorl ����� ��' ;,���,, ��
fr a no.) intiiki-'l W. I .nortii.   . Ul,,sin's"
K...H1,   & .'hssllll.  llll '��� 0',"__, ,'.],,.t,i-1" e""",',r
north tn obalm, thenee wm *��.'"'!,,,. im*
i-olssssss-iis-s-iss    .-,.111111111118 J��,S..PPII*
le����lailjnlll�� h li.H>fA.Alllli'i"l
Hull to i-isi lisss-i- ,       ., ,,,,,i
Dated thU -JMli day "' Ann1"1' '���    ��-.Tovi,
N. JIRMKHK. Agent.
-'s- "i.Sifci-ir I
____________ The Drily Canadian
, ���,rv n si.sispis-ia- Moo. ol Forslfn wine., Beet i
������ i l.iquenri, and Canadian wine, ami \vi,
Bin, i-u.ji. Ky.-. H.S..1.-I,,
ror lisiiillv ssat; irv our
I.I  I MOM-  -"'"���	
little I'url.Hlieir)-, Claret, Hrau.lv
ins ri-ins-d s|isatnlty yso, ,l,.,]r,..'
P. o. uox nun
per iai Bank of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
.1 tHoaizBD,...a_ooo,o_o,       capital paid up
KK8T ��4,2SO.0OiJ.
K WII.KIi:. President.        HON. BOBKBT JAKKRAY, Vice-President
Branches io British Columbia:
���.,!. ri'-'-iviil mnl interest allowed nl eurrisM rates fnnn dato of opeuius no-
eredited lialf-yor-rly.
|a��i.si�� BRANOtf
J.   M.   LAY, Manager.
��. Burns & Co.
in   KiwkIuihI.   Tniil,   N.-Ihoii,  Kaslo,   Huiidou, Thrw Forks, New
Duuvcr find Slocan City.
mit liranrh will have
ireful nt tut itou.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Budweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
Editor Dully Canadian: ���
A few days ago I noticed In your
paper a communication from n corres-
imiident, signed "1'roKrens." on Ihe
courthouse question. 1 um iu accord
and lu full Hyinpalhy with his remarks
and H-KKeaiionB as to the use we
could make of the building, provided
the government win make It a gift to
our clly, and this appears to me a
foregone conclusion. I find In talking
the matter over with some of our citizens that there are strong grounds tor
believing tills will be done, and us a
reader of your valuable Journal 1 have
concluded that you will help us In
iiiim matter and tenure for our city a
public bull and library.
Your correspondent, "Progress," haH
put the question rulrly ami squarely
before your readers and ciiy fathers
but there is another part or the question that hus set my thinking powers
in motion and I ask the privilege ol
malting �� suggestion. Assuming that
the rumor ls true that we are to get
the old courthouse after the new one
is finished, and that His Worship the
Mayor anil his advisors are going to
move the old building, why not secure
a site now and place the building
where It may remain pennanelly and
tlius save both building and expense
of a second moving? This. I think,
should have the careful attention ot
our city council and I hope the question will be considered. 1 think the
ratepayers as a rule will support tho
city fathers in any effort they will
make In this direction. It may be
argued that It will be a long time yet
before the government Is dime with
the old building; that the new one Is
yet a long way ln the distance. That
iiuiy all be very true but In Ihe administrations! of civic affairs It ls well to
look ahead and prepare for the future.
There are olher civic problems coining
that we must face, and with your permission I may write again at some
future time, I appreciate your invitation to ubo Ihe columns of The Daily
Canadian tn discuss questions in con-
necilnn with civic life.   Yours,
Notli-e t�� hereby (riven that Ou darn alter date I
inteml to *pi ly to tlie Honorable tlie Chlel Cora-
mb-HUmer ur Until nnd Worku 0��r p..|-mlHKlo!i to
pun-haw th�� followiiiK "Vi"'rlbiMi laii'l la WmI
Koot.nay HlMtrle ultotlt MVW mile*, nouth of
Burton Clly*! ComnuenelUK Hi�� HMI pla��U)U ou
the aait bank Ol Trout ereek ami marked Alex
Cheyne'* N. W, <\ Poat and ruiiiitiif? wmth ��0
chaliiH*, thenre e��nt Ho ehalni; thenee north 80
i iniiii-; ih. tn ��������� .wr,t ni i intnix in pM-i of beginning, oontalnlni MH tOTM ul lund, more or Ickh.
Dated thin 22ud duy o( August, PJufi
W. H Hamilton, Agent.
Nutiec Ih herehy glvt-n HihI sixty daya after
dale I Intend to npp v to llie Hoiiorahle lhe
Clik-I Comuilhxldiier -.1 Land** and Worka, for
iiermlHHlon to purehaH" tba lol'nwtiin denerlhed
laudu cummeiielug al a poat marked tieorge Tolling Ion'*-> S. K. c, poat, at th" Houlheaal eorner
ot J- 0. UbQtoAo'i pre-fini'llon claim and
running lonth I'i chain* to rwUW-rwl corner ol
Qea Hudton'i preemption elaun; thenoe trait'JO
chalnn; thenoe iioith tt obalm, Ibenee vnrt 'k\
chains to place ol commencement, containing mi
ai-rei of laud more or lean.
Dated Hilt*. Mil day of Augu*l, IMA,
A. A. liiirtoii". Agent.
Silver King Hotel
Boat Dollar a day house in the Kootonays.
Rooms are well lurntuhed.   Table ai -good aa anf
In Notion.     Bar KiippUed wllh good
liauor�� and claan.
W. E. MeOANDLlHH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
European -nsl American Plan
Hssls 25 cu.   Roomi trom �� eta. to 11
Onlj White Halp Employed.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
aud examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
Baker Bt.. Nelaon Proprietor!
Blxty day* after date I Intend to apiuy to the
Chiel CommlMloner of l-ainlr. aud Worki nt
Vuii.riii. for permission topun'ha>eone hundred
and nlxty (MO) acres of land, located and dewrlh-
ed a- follow*-. Commencing at a post planted
eighty (HO) chains east of the a. W. corner of I).
Bulger's pre-emption and marked "C. E. C's N. w.
corner," and running east forty (#)) chains,
thence south forty (W) chains, thence west (��)
hains, tfaanw north forty (-Ml) chains lo place ot
July ", 1!
Notice In hereby given that Ot) daya alter date 1
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
iiij--lutit-r oi Lattdl Htnl Works for perinlsaioii to
purehaae the following dencrlbed landl situated
on the east side of Arrow lake; Commencing at
the nouth wesl corner of A. Anthony's purchase,
thenee south twenty chains, thence eaat twenty
chains, thence north twenty chains, theuce west
twenty chains to point of commencement, containing Hit acres, more or less.
Dated Heptcinber 1,1SK*6       Behhik M.Btcakt,
per N. I)F.MKKH, Agent.
lven that mviv davs  after
o apply tothe Honorable the Chief
ComtnlKaionerof Laudsan��l Works (or permlttsion
Notice Is herehy
date 1 iuicnd to
Jew Fall
joods Arriving
porter  of   I "lm-*
ItlfH-Mlt     (llMKlrt
Jno. T. Pierre
Hakar Ht*
NcI.moii, B. C
rKNlima, pwwrlj IndOfeed, will he
1 bj ihe Qudoriigncd ni1 toend in
"day, ihe nfteenih October nost. f"r
ll uml completion ol n Courl DOOM at
. M'celtlcatlons nnd eonilitioits 0( tell-
mtraei   may   la-   loan at   the  PobliC
ii r'�� offlce. victoria, B.C., and at.
Uie Iiu*, em men I Audit, NcImhi, B.C.,
'1  the MM, September IICXl
t'lef   iiiiinI   lie   m mpaule<l   wllh   a
"(He   f,.r   five   (,'.)   per   cent,   of thfl t*
iu tender for Uto faftifn) porformanoo
Hon of the work.
n-.ui-cen-.iul tenderer* will bo
in the ox sou Uon of thecon-
I   ttV
���M  i
nny tender not necessarily ac-
Public Works Bnglneer.
��� Department,
.Mh Heplemla-r, 1900,
,,11s,<> III III
avill l,a- r, ,
the islls-fti,
llss- islst.-lsi
rUlm, Lol
lln- i-rnwis
Ns-lsssii ssn Us
ddrtt-B. lis Hi.-
Courl Hsisssa-. ii
u.l 111. IIII
ii ol M���ml
iiiiili-rsliiiii-sl, nt lilss
lis,- ally isl Ni-Ihisii,
��� ' s-k In
lllls|ISs-llt IltXl!
'llss' ss|isss-l isrli-
aalsii-li Ittolnd-I
llll lln-Is
October l-t-,190-, l..r
K.vs-sl Nellie'1 Mini-till
, which aaiss awlared is>tis-ii.-ii m
is- Tax  Ssala-  lli-lsl   ill  Ills- Illy  ssl
ith iIhv Ol NoarinliiT, llisst',, fssr sit*
il{. till Jisin-HJlll, l-.10.-s. sassil s-ssss-s.
sspys-l lirla-s- sS),iils tils-  usilsl  inlui-nil l-liilm,
���     111,- Hill,slllil nl sli'lill,|iu-llt  Ihxi-is
.... .... time ot torfelture, ��tth Inlereiti
aalili-li Issaa-a. sltis-i- isi-i-riis-,1: awl   tM (ssr
crown kiss"'- '- *���'-vV'- wbldi i�� Hn- ii-"si tiiui'inii
s has aiill la- Utuldel-d n�� is Is-luli-t.
Kas-ls i,-ii,l,-r nsssst Is,- -ccomp-nled liy ssss suv
COtltetl s-h.-,111s'. tsssvnhls- In His- s'rsls-r isl Ills- |is-|sSS.
ty -tim-Unlo-or ot l-.-n.lw ami Worka. af par _|
\'is-l,irl,i, H. r . fist llss- Biiiniilitti'li'ls'rissl.
Ihsas-rlllili'llt Allt'lit. Ni'lassll, 11. t.
Is,ils',l al Ni'lassss. B.C , lllla Hth
day nl BeptembMs UKW.
Fight With Shark.
Tho Nanalmu paper- are running
tint following fish axory:
"A local flHhi'itiian had a de-iieratu
encounter with a shark which hu
caught in hi. net at Toba lulct on Sat-
tirday night. The shark at once showed fight anil in the melee the fisher
man's boat was capsized. The scene
that followed beggars description.
Shark, fisherman, nel and small boat
were mixed In the turmoil. The shark
fought dospai-tely, and the fisherman
In desperation struggled to get away.
He finally managed to reach the boal
and clambered on top of It, where he
was rescued with great difficulty by
his companion-. In the nnd the shark
was captured ami towed ashore, where,
on being measured, It was found to be
13 feet in length. That It meant business In Its attack on lhe fisherman,
the hitter's long rubber ItootH bear tes
llmony, the one boot being ripped to
shreds, and the other badly torn.
to purohaae the foUowlng il-arribed lamls, aitu-
all-in tilts Weht Krsiiti-nay illalfiisl, soul usIJsslnltiR
l'aul Ainln-'a preemption, starting at a |aist
markeii A.J. LssiiK, N -. corner, on tne weat shuns
sif l.ssws-r Arrsiw lake, llieoee 'Hi i-halus weat,
thenoe -It) s-lsalna smith, llienee .0 eliHlnseasi,
thence 40 s-lsalna north tn point ssl i-iunineiieiv
Isats-sl at Na-laaiii, It. C., tills Mil day til September. lsXll A. J. 1-ONai,
WM. l-its.[..slss,, Ageut.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar li the Fineit.
White Help Only Employed.
Melton. B. 0,
Notiee In hereby Riven that 60 davrs after date I
Intend to apply '<�� the Hon, the trhief Cominla*
iloner ol IjiixIk and WiirkKlorpt-rmiwilon tu nur-
cha��e the ft.llnwiiiK described landi in  w   '
Kooteimy distriet, provlnee of Hrltlili Columbia.
CinnmeneliiK at a post marked A. A. Uurton'i
8. W. eorner, on the south side of Cariboo ereek,
about two miler* east ol Burton City townsite,
and at the northwest eorner of William McDev-
Ut's pre-emption elaim, thenee east 40 ehain**,
thenee nortii 60 ehalni, thenee went 40 ehaluii,
thenee south 60 ehalns to the plaee of beginning,
rontalntng M0 aeres more or leas-
Dated this '24th day of July, 1906.       ���
A. A. Burton.
Notice Is hereby itlveii tbat do days atler date 1
intend toapply to thc HontrRble the Chief Commissioner of I-tnils aud Works fnr inTmisslon
to purchase the following dcicrlbea hmd. situate
in Fire Valley, In the West Kootenay district, adjoining W. A. Caldor'i i>n-einptioii. starting at a
pOlt marked M. M.-tiuarrie's Miuthwest corner,
running 80ehalni east, thenc- 4-'t ehains north,
thineeW) chains west   theuce 40 chains south to
point of commencement.
Dated this llth day of Beptember, 1906.
Mary Mciji-ahiuk,
J. K. Tayuib, Agent.
Notice is herehy giveh that sixty days after
date 1 Intend to applv tothe Hon. Chief Commissioner of Land*, and Works for permission to pureliuse thc d.IUmiiii: described lands situate ln
West Konletiay district; Commencing at a post
marked J. 11. \ austone's 8.K. corner post, situate
In the aSalnion Itiver Valley, at a point adjoining
J. Meecher's lund at western boundary, thence
wesl 80 chains, thence north 40 ehalns, Ihence
east 80 chains, theuee south 10 chains to point of
July 'i.th, l'Joll. J. H. Vans-tonk,
T. II. Atkinson. Ageut.
The Big Schooner Dd/>�� 1 f\r
ot "H_if-.iid.uif" DCCl  1\)\.*
The only Glass of Good Beer in Nelson.
Hotel areommoilatlons second to nsslie III Hritish Columbia. Bate, .lini ra'nluy. Bpeclal ratea
to monthly bisanlers. Only home hotel 10 Nelson
Lake View Hotel
Corner Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Kates |l 00 per day and up.
Rlr-i anil Acvldent
Real Estate and Mining
Manager ior thc Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest establishetl Resl Estate
BtuiinMw hi Kooteuny.
Nelson, B. C.
P.O.Box 151.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. KBICKBON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day and Night,
-ample and Batb Booms Free.
Opposite Court House ud Post Office.
Comer Wud and Vtroon Streets.
The Sttathcoaa
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frtrtt Lands to
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
'���Hll TKMiKlis, mirsorsss-rllss'sl "Ts'inli-r fssr
s'lissnl.riouBe," will in- received bj theunder-
���1 tip to lissoii isfriiurKsliiy tin- Bth Hi-iileiii-
l'"1'-. Issr this t-rt-i'tlssn nnil 1 uili-lliilt ot a
""in frisliis- sss-liiiol-liisniia' sit lliuiii'. Yinlr
"issl I'lHrli-t
im, -I's-cllli-istlsssi, s-saiilriu-l hihI (.sniiniil ten-
"> is,. ss-,.ii sn, ,u���i nu,,,. ti���. in, Beptsm-er,
'SI   lln-  oflt-Q  ssl   till'  lliivi-riltni'lll An.-nt,
"1. ninl su uu, Lumls, ,111,1 WssrltH Depart*
M"torla, ll.tl.
1s |iriii���,.n| Ullissl Ih' iii's-sasislsisnli'il lav I'slsalinr
1 ��� pud isssnk oheqno nr oertlHs-ssu- "I sIs-pssKit
' -i"ii'-r,',i isssssk ssi Oanada, mndo payabletD
 tSlgnOd In llsl'Hlllll ssl   Illlll, ivllll-ll  Hllftll
rii'tusd if iiis- party lendorlng deelitio tn
lllto 1 Irssi-l   atlia-tl i-illll'il ssjssstl In slss K.I.
"���li,cboqueaoroartldoatool sispssssii nl un-
-issi lendererawlil-o ronroetl lotben up-
" s-at-ssiilssn isltlici'iilitrili-t    1 In-nils'-s'sflllll
" i will in- required iss (siriilnli >s in.n.l. blm-
I'l'llwoinrettM In Un- sum .sl *1 ,:*��) wifh.
1 'I'is; Isilllliiiinl ���f llss' tvsark s-isiilms-lsssl fu-
' -ssllKlHi-lliui ..I Ilu- llssissirabli'I'lsli'f ' iim-
'"ti<-r. Up,!,, l|���. ..xi'i'iillisis ssl list' l.ssli.l llll'
itslmque ssr s-s'rlllli'ssl.' ssf ils'pn*ll ssf tilmvi'
"V'is'sl will be returned in tbe oontteotor,
"lirss will nm l���. i,,ii���lili.r,',l no lost nistslts
"i "is- l.sriini Itlbplloil nml hIhiiisiI Willi llsss
1   siiluri'iif lln, li'ii.ls'ser.
-nt or any  ta'iislisr mil lii'i't'sssultlly SO'
"s'lsuly r.,iiiiiiisst,,ii,.r nf Lands) stud WnrkH.
""'iss.sn.i Worka Donartment.
Vli'toriit, B. i:��� Slst Aiitiiit, 1H0U.
tiiiiis-rsiii.i isy viriui' ssl ilm powers contained
lis si is-rtsslll issntlllKKS'. aalsl.'ls will boprodnODd at
lln- Hint' iii Hn- sssiii', there will t.f .srf��T.'.t (sir aela
,j public asss-iis.ii i.y Mlchard . kvhiib at the
Opurl Hi' ��� I" Hi" Clttol ltu��ian,l, B t , nn
Mssii.lssv, Ills- Jills 'lay nf S,.pl,'iiil.,r. A IV, itmi,
,sl lln' fii.ssrssliiissni, ills' ssiuliy ssl rsils'iispllisii In
lh.il sls'.lral.ls' Ir.iil nl l.sss.l ssn llll' Iflw.-r Arrow
lako known aa Bier Park, snd i latin. otlW
sis-rs'ii,  more nr lOSSi mi'l   Hn'   miljist I'list ssf till'
For Inrtlii-r prtrtts'sslssrsi ssii'l  li'rln, mi'l s sslull-
Mort*-ti.t{iM?'s BollCllor,
Bank ��>t Montrt'iii Obunbart, Rowluia, B.O.
I)nti>.l nt KdksIhimI, 7th S^pt., IBM, 	
TAKK H0TIOB Usui n" sppllostlon hsabeon
sssiaii.- is. nulssis't Clarence HMtnan u; ineowner
lul-vi'Sliiii.li'. iiinii-rii Tax Bale Deed trem11. J,
Sl.'isassn. ili'isnlv snsiss-ssssssr anil I'l.lli'i'lssr nl  llss-
Hlniiii, Asiownent Dlatrict.tot laronooBern an,
lisssirlisi; iliilt' lilt' '-'Issl day s.1 July A D. wns. nf ill;
���i..l atnautar Dull certain parcol nf land ��ml
n',\,,,, Jir" iiii.-. I'li.K and Sclnglnthe Dlatrlet
_tK....i.'ii.iv,iii Uu' Province ol llnllah llolilin-
I'ln more particularly known ami deaeribed a��-
i.���> m, Oronp i, iiiniris-i sit Kootonay, "Henry
"voTa'-d'o&l nl ymi aris r..|t.<r<-.l In i's.lili's.1
the claim nl tho um BUWItseer within tourlepn
diva (rom the date ol theservlo-ol this notice
tinon you. and In default ul a'oavcat ur irrtltl-
natoolHapendenabeing nTed iiiil.Hi "fflMjjSj
la.il. yon win bo i.sti'vi'r i.��tu|.i.s',l ami deberred
Irnsss sii'llllllt sinillivi'ltstlll tussrlss reapOotOf Ilu'
ml- liui.l, and I -hull roglater plsronce Horman
"S|'i��l,'''l'iil I'stusi iti'iilsstrv Olllns Ns'lssssn, Provln-
.-,��� Mi HriiiHii iisiisiuiisiu, tlii" mil day of Annnsst,
*'" ���"���"*'��� l!..".M.t,'I.KUl.,
District Rcglstrsr.
To llf.irK"' II����vy ilitriiKin,
Wilbur A. llendryi.
Sot. them.   Hi>nr them, anil you will buy
no otlinr make.
Montelios Piano House, Limited,
tin ii,,.nuns- Btreet, Vancouver, B.C.
Kantusoturere dlat^butors.
D. J. Robertson & Company
The Leading Hotel in the
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores*
Oood   Sample    Room*.
Queen, Hotel
Baker Street. Nelson. B. C.
Lighted bv Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Large and Comfortable Bedrooms aod First*
claaa Dlutng Room. Bample Rooma for Commercial Hen.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprletresa
r��u�� ?1 Sille Fare
]. CROW,
'i'he well known
Our Beer Gordon is
the Finest in the
-   Proprietor
In Grand Forks.
A minister announced that he would
In lhe near future deliver a sei-nmn tin
"Hell, anil Who Will Ue There." Since
then he has reoelved letters from sev-
en lawyers, three bankers, eiRht real
estate men, five liarliers anil four
ilniKSists. threatening to withdraw
their support and BUe hlm for Blander
if he dares lo "mention my name ln
your  sermon."���Grand Porks Sun.
TAKE NOTU'KUml an ftpnltQfttion lia�� teen
..null' lo roniNti'r Tariff Mining Company u tlit*
owner in* *eo Biinplo, nnder two roverf.) lex
Hwlc IH'oiIh fnuii it .1, SlfiiHon, Di'i'Uly AmteNsmir
nml Qollootor oi ilu' Slocen Aum'HHiin'iit DUirici,
toTiirlff MililiiK CtHiM'iiiiy, lifiirttiK lift It-tli�� Will
ilnv of AiiKUHt,  A. 11. 1W!.., of nil ami Htiifgiilnr
.i perroll rr trmiH of Uuni und iiri'in-
lyliiK ftntl being In the mstrlol ol
lltisi- fi'tilll
Ihc-h���<Uiinti', .,...���
Kootenay. in the Province ol Brltlili ColuwbU,
inorti partli-ulnrty Icnuwn nml <U'ni'rlb��il ftn-l,ot��
M5 rrtii<l itti\, (Jrnup  L Dlstrlol of KMteney,
"HIlftflT" ftlUl '���llOllltlll" IllllUTftl filftllllH.
Vou and eaoh of yon uro required to oontoal
thucltilinor Hie tux iniri'lirtHor within fmirtcon
iIrjh from tin' date ol tin* icmooof tM*notice
Upon vou, nnd in drfinltof Rcnvuntor I'tTtlilcRto
of lis jit'litli'lis   l.i'ln,;   IllPtl   Willi in   -mil   period,
yon will bu fori'vi<r����loM��,-',l end dflmrrtid from
ICHing up iuiv cliilut to or in rt'sji-rt of tho laid
land, ami l xlinll reKliit��rTftrlfT Mining Company
amiwntT iliiTonf.
Dated at Und lt��'t(fiitr> Offloo Nelwn, Provlnoc
Ki'liisl. of Hnh-li I'oluiubln, HiIh 17lli dny of
AukiihI, A. 1>. MHN1.
PlVlrlia Hr,;i-ii'iir.
To Kontotiny Mining Oomptny (f.��v<��� i*; 11>
Himfur Uold ami silver Mining Comprmy
Notice i- lie-rehy given tlmt BD davH alter dale 1
Intend to apply to the Honorable i hlel Commli*
���ImiT ol Unds und Works (or pi-rmission to pur-
cheie the loUowing dwcrlhtu lands, sltnate In
tin- West Kootenav dWrlcl, starting frnm 11 post
plumed nt ilie B.w.eorfiero. iirm-si w.i.oiiinsou'H
ApplW'Klloti to 1'ui-i liii-f, and oti tbe north bank
ol the North Fork nf ug iTeek; the uee 40 ebalun
west, go i-ihiins north, l10 chains oasi, in ehalni
���outh, w chains west, tftchultissouth to tniemee.
tton of north line of K. \V. Kolduson'H Apttlteatlon
to I'liri'tiii-i*. thence -Id ehalns went and -_o ehalns
h VItii Ui pniut of euiiiiiietieeiuent, Contululnx 0t0
act es.
Dated IHtb day ol Anguit, lttoe.
per EbnRstW. Uouinson, Aneiit.
Royal Hotel
Rates (1 and tl.60 a Day.
Special Kates to Begnlar Boarders.
TAKK NOTK,K tjiut an appUeatiou bus been
niftde 10 ri'Klster It. ti.MeUod as thvowner In
Fee Btmnle, under a Te* Huto Dee��l from It. J.
Stenson, denuty assessor and collector of llie
Hloeuu Assesfttieiit Distr'ct, to It. Q. McLeod,
bearing dale the '25th d,i>* of AiiRust, A. 1). WW,
nl ull ami Ningular tlval eertuln imrccl or tract of
land and premises situate, 1> in.: nnd befiiK In the
Idstrlet nf Kooteiiuy, tu lbe l'mvincc oi Itritish
Columbia, more particularly known aud de-
scrllHHl as all niiiieriils.iireelousand base, (save
coal and petroleum) under Ud'-SHH, t-Jronp I. in
tho l.istrlcl id Koolenay, "liarnet" mineral
You and each of vmi are required to contest
thc elaim of the lax pureha-er within fourteen
days from tlie dale ol Ihe service of ihis notleo
upon you.und in default of u caveator perliflcute
of Us pendens beiUK Uli'd wilbhi sueb pu Ind,
y0U will lie forever estopped uud doluirrwl from
Hellion tut nny t'lalm lo or in respect ol the said
lund, uml 1 -hull register It. tl. UoUod as tbe
owner thereof.
hated at Land  ItcRistry Oflleo, Nelson, I'mv-
[nec of British I'oluuiola, tliis _Wlii day of Kchru-
ury, A. 1>. WW'*..
*' 11. F, MAH.KOI),
���District Kegistrar.
To Kiebunl Hi'eman.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothini; bnt fresh nnd
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
From Pentictoti, Calgary, Midway and
all Intermediate and Kootenay
On sale September 18, 19, 20.    Return 24th.
or Vancouver
On sale September 28th October 3rd
Inclusive.   Return Oct llth.
Por full particulars and berth reservations apply to local agents or write
A.O.I*.,.,Vancouver, D.P.A.. Nelnntt
E.' C TRAVES.   Manager.
Contractor and
Side BRcnt for the Porto Ulco Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail I'Krdfri. Rough and dro'tcd lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath und shinnies, fash
mnl doors. Cement, brick und linn* for sale
Automatic KrtndpT.
Yard and laetory: Vernon St,, cast of Hall,
NRL801N.   B. _ .
P O. Uox W8. Telephone 178.
West Transfer Co.
General '.esinisters anil Dealers iu
Coal and Woo .   Express and
t-nttuatte Trft-Bfsf
WiTm Office: Baker St.
A. McDonald &Co-
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Miuer��' Supplies.
Thorpe _ Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
Rottnd Trip
From all Points North
aad West of Marcos
Selling dates Sept. 18-19-
20. Limit Sept. 24.
City Pas-tenger Agent.
,1 U.P.A. Scattla.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
And DI_--IV._t.--D PHBB
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
telephonp: i.k
. .1
For EverytWug Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do Yon Know Tburman _ Special Mixture?
'M    :   1 "I
Precious Stones. If you want to make a good investment put your
money into a Diamond. Now is the time before the price gets higher.
Our selection of stones is the  best,
IBook Ahead For:
��� ���
j Preserving Pears:
��� ���
��� ��� ���
��� ���
��� Tlis- riitht kins', are ssurs-t'. Wfl ���
^ litivp a iii-t- lm nf local Harrietts ^
*f  ond Flemish Beanties to arrive.       *
| Bell Trading j
* *
Gait Coal
Termi Hj���� cuh
Telephone ttft Baker -?trprt
MALT and
75 cts. per Gallon]
We Want Fresh Ewsa.   Will give the��
llifthesi Miirkft Prici'.
! Joy's Cash Grocery J
Oor.JoMphlneend mui bir.    Phone w
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils fur
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch und
Boat Builder- will Hnd it to thetr advantage i-i us-t- onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
"The Store of Sweets/
, Confectionery ind
Ice Cream.
Phone 8B. Baker St.
Usr. Vorstuss un- WtsraJ Straset-,
NBUSON,  ti. c.
J. FHE I) HUME, Proprietor.
X. I-'. M.Naught anil wife, T. 11.
tt llaon and wife, a. H. Tuttle, Silver
ton; P, J. Gallagher, Summit; J. Stevens and wife. Vanoouver; Capt Had-
don, Crawford Day; B, .1. Ryan, Tu-
roiito: .1. V. Crosby. .1. 10. June, Stuart; .Mrs P. M. MlllB, Ferry; J. 11.
Go.f-ke nml wife, WaimieiH'tii. Ohio:
G, W. Hull, Toledo; J. Hardy, Phoe-
ni-;: C. Urady, Seattle; tt'. J. Uuke.
Montreal; tt'. B. Hlckaon, Brie; Mra.
Hiokey, Mra. Buekworth, Ymir: tt'. ll.
Smellle and wife, Procter; D. P, Kane,
Mr. anil Mrs. .1. \V. Cui-kle. Kaslo; tl.
10 Barker, .1. I.. Bell, Qolden; o. Ii.
Johnston, New Westminster: A. ll.
Hallett, 10. H. Dill ami wife, Qreenwood; A. Hemtling, DIddburg; II. JI.
Palmer ninl wife, Vlotorla; G. Maliorv
isnsi wit's-, Kaniloo|is; W. J. South and
wife, Chicago: M. Ilurrell. A. McQueen. Qrand Forks; c M. Hamilton,
J. 1.. Retallack, Knslo: Mr. anil Mrs.
Hallett, 18-Mile; G. Sllllwell. Sllvur-
tun; I,, Hhttt. F. J. Smith and wife,
Chicago; C. Olmaead, New York: J. 1,.
Melxell, Seattle; Mrs. Rosebao, Hon-
nlngton; li. w. Brock, Ottawa; F.
P-.tu.ul-r, Needles: C. J. Wilson.
Qreenwood; Mr. and Mrs tt'. L. Austin, New York: J, S. Clute, New Westminster.
H Oliver. Thrums: P. Cesar. Hon-
nlngton; J. Corttana, I.n Plain: V. J.
Summons. Procter.
J. Wood, Phoenix; tt'. Barbjour,
Qrand Forks.
A. Roblnaon, Cranbrook; W. llnrii
sou, Phoenix.
A. S. Dodds, II. Curry. Silver ton; F.
G Bills, Calgary; F. J. Smyth, Moyle;
J 10. Houghton mnl son. A. J. Watson,
i il Burden, Crawford Bas', M. Mo-
Clellan, N. n Creamte, Spokane; I..
(1. Palmer, Kaslo; F. tt'. Pitxe, B. Ge-
nolle, Cascade; T. Alrlil. I.. F. Mc-
Dougald, Nakusp; tt'. II. Court, Grand
Finks; J. V. Poaps nml wife, Ottawa.
II. Ilnvlilson. Kaslo: 10. G. Eason,
Bonnington; W. George, Slocau; J. C.
Honey, Sandon; A Q, Watson, Lardo;
\Y II. Sharp and wife, Pincher Creek;
J. Macdonald, Ymir;    C.   W.   Barrel,
J. 10. Werner, J. E. Carmichael; Pop-
Inr; J. Anderson. Trail: P. Cameron,
It. I-'. Poulton, Granite: Q. 10. Bot-
lini;. E. tt'ilsain, Procter; U. Kelley,
Pimonix: li E. Dye, Kokanee; 11.
Shrapnel, Thrums: tt'. U. Wilson. J.
J. Wilson, J. A. Ennls. Slocan; J. Austin, Moscow; P, M. McLandera, S|��
kane; J. 1'. Bell, Erie; T. I.. Bloomer,
Castlegar; ll. B. Qreen, Ymir.
Ii tt' Clark, J. ll Clark. Alnsworth;
i Jamieson, Cranbrook; A. McLennan, 'I', li. Robinson, Qrand Porks; F.
Edwards, Waverley; r. Roy, Slocan
r Paberson, Q. Johnson, Phoenix; it
Btowart, ,'.iiss M. McEaln, J. Niehol
bi 'i. Qreenwood; J A. Whitehead,
V. Lumen, Revel-
a McDonald, w. c.
p. Phillips, !��� j
C. J. Salvage, w.
Coykandahl;    A.
nolle;  A. I.iitiney
Mildren,    Ymir;
Keoghan, Spokane;
J   Courtenay,  Wlnlaw;  c. w.  Davey,
Fernie;  J. Bates,   Elko:    B. Robson,
Calitttry:  C. 10. Spence, Moyle.
September 19-20-21
The Daily Canadian
Born, in Nelaon this morning-, to thu
wil.' of P. B,  Wilson, a daughter.
Silver advanced :: point* on today**
metal marketa. Copper also gained
Lend and zinc are Htntionarv,
Tomorrow and Friday afternooiiH
the public and high uchools of the city
will be dosed to allow pupils to attend the fair.
The grotto lu thy centre ul' tlu* iuir
building Ih much admired. It i�� a very
fine piece of work nnd a mo-si ttttrftC*
tiv.. centre  piece.
The Hooligan band parad-sd -at noon
today. Their comedy, "HOollgflll'l
Troubles." will be presented ' fl( Jhu
opera hbUse tonight.
The eh il engineers who will arrive
on the eoasf train tonlghi win bt* accommodated mi lhe eteamfer Koi.^in-i-.
which will in* held al the c iv R
Tin1 convention nf police chiefs win
be held in ihis city tomorrtfw afier
noon. MobI or the rtaitorfl will ar
riv.* tonlghi ami arrangement-, for
time and place will then be made,
... Bruce of Creeton appeared for
preliminary hearing in the provincial
police oourt ibis morning, charged
witli the murder of Hugh Mct.arvey.
ll. was committed for trial by Magistrate Crease.
In the city police ennn thi* morn
in:: II. K. Rockforl was fined $_ and
ensts and ofdered in leave the city
within 21 hours. His offence was us-
Ing abusive and grossly indecent
language, although the charge pre
ferred was only one of assault.
There is trouble in the Nolson Heat
club. One of the single scull shells
was miasm-; all day yesterday. Last
nlghl it was returned by a member
who had been using it for towing
loads of fruit and vegetables for ex
hi bl tion at the fair from the north
to the city. The boat was not designed for such use, and the offend
ing member will  have to explain.
Price or Metals.
New York. Sept. 3.1.���Silver. 68c;
copper, is'i-c- lead. $r.,7".; electrolytic
copper sinck, 19c to  ri'sc
London. Sept. I.'..*���Silver, Bl%d;
lead,   Big 10s; zinc   627 las.
Trains and Boats
Crow   boat��� One  hour  late.
Slocan train���On time.
Coast,  l iouudary and Rossland  t rain
-On time.
At the Exposition
We want to explain to you why the
���"New Art'* Hells are the purest and
sweetest loued, the strongest built.
ami tlie most beautifully finished
piano ihat are made in Canada. Perhaps then you will understand why GO
of these pianos are built every week.
Ij. .1, Robertson & Co., local agents
Caught With Stolen Jewels,
Chicago, Sept. in.���a despatch from
Los Angeles. Cal.. to th" Hecord-ller-
aid says: "Detective VV. \v. Freeman,
yesierday. m Stockton, arrested Emma Howard, charging ihe theft or diamonds valued al nmre than $6000
frnm the dead body nf ilm wife nt
Henry Brigga of Pasadena. The robbery took place ou A.UgUSl SO, and up
tn tbi* time of the arrest was kept se
cret. The Howard woman, it is said,
had not succeeded in disposing of thu
Anothe,* Terrorist Arrest,
London. Sept. 19.���A despatch frnm
St. Petersburg to a news agency here
reports that Yazet. characterized as
the most dangerous of the terrorist
leuders and the author of many crimes,
was arrested on Tuesday ar Mitau. He
gave a false name, but it fs said there
is not the slightest doubt as tn his
identity, Vazet has been ordered over
to th" military authorities for trial by
drumhead court martial. The Greatest Importance is attached to his ar
The Store of Quality
to our out-of-town ctiHloniers. Come
uml   see   us  uni!   muke  our   store
your headquarter, during thu (air,
Heil lemonade for thf Indies nnil
youngaten and good niiturs for
the old  man.
C* A* Benedict
Corner Silica ami Josephine Sts.
"The   Storm   Centre   of   the   World's
Religious and  Literary  Debate."
tn Santo)
Cloth $1J5
<By Mail $1*35.
"l in* Saint is a Clnely-fitlrring, great-
ly-IUOVlng romance, and ii Is the interpretation also of a new crusade. It
is a vivid and varied story or Italian
lite and of ihat inlimaie ami tar ���reaching Influence which Rome, m the capital and centre of th-1 Catholic church,
exert;;   throughout     Christendom     over
ail mankind,
"The romance of the strange and
Btrenuons love between Benedetto ami
| Jeanne makes The Saint  a book to be
ad   twice."
You cannot spend a half hour more
pleasantly than    in looking   pver our
assortment   of
In Post Cards we earn one of the
finest assortments in British Columbia, Including View Cards. Comics and
Novelties, and we are receiving new
things almost daily.
IN SOUVENIRS, ion, nur assortment includes a beautiful selection of
dainty and useful articles in Shell,
China. Leather and Enamelled Bronze
ami  Sterling Silver.
W. G. Thomson
SiSsSf "n" Nelson, Ii. C.
I'M.hi.    ..4.
Received daily fr^tn tlie
Colt-Spring ranch on
Kooteuay lake.
201b. crates $1.25
Telephone 161.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Canada Drug fi- Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
(At HP t/ffliS
Wllbefo tin ifntfw spirits in ditight
I>ll>   VOL'   KNOW
lhat lln- drtnlUMSTtd atour Soda Fouralnl.i
lm 1 iimi. propartlM ).-.�����Me* ntmhlngf
wa nie OO'T rwd fruit ��yrupi ot the flneit
qutiii'y FmiQtRin. counter, fhvttm end
rei-vpla**lure   Mt   kepi   ainipulouijly clean.
Bikei But ri, baton.
Get  F0R Sept
Busy     First
Select Your Requirements early for Grouse
See Our Window
1^1  Nelson Hardware Co.
Deliver.*-, mad" dully throughout Nelson
and it- suburbr Phone 14S.
Wiinl iV t.i-i-insll prs-Ktsnt
Wednesday--"Holligan's Trouble;-."
Thursday---"Johnnie on the Spot."
FrHay---"A!phosse and Ga:ton,"
Prictu .tin-, 7."i, 11,00. St'itts im mln nt
Ktitlit.fortl'ti Momliiy -.oming.
Don't Forget
Fruit Jar
The prices are just the same as for
the ordinary  kind
Pints pet dozen $*i.OO
Quarts per dozen f.25
Half gal. per dozen   i .50
Hood & Teetzel
K. w. c. Block . Phone 10
frfi MKN, ul oiirc. f..r vtmk In tin- vomit.   Apply
lo W. B. Cooke, tmnnlll, K__��lo
LADY BTKNOGKAPBKH ', r position Incounwy.
flood homo wtih employer1! fnin-iiy. Appfv
<���������* W ,Canadianogiw
Bl sumK\. Mill HandiAndLMgl-ifOontt-u ton,
nlso  BugMMgr     Weittbortt  UllBIMf Co^ near
l raunruok, P.  (J.
��� herein (Wen thei the ionnal   enen
MeetlBR fif The hv* OoM Min<-^. Lfmlte .
���tv .1 .it *.iit i.rt.. ����� i.f tba mtmptmjr, K. W. U.block,
B < , on TemAmf* tnA October, UQ0, -MI
. -      i   p. m. By 0T<l(*-r.
w '   nivi'i. Bta misty.
Sportsmen'.! Headquarters,
PHOHB l.V       NELSON   B.C.
Old Curiosity Shop
If yon want to buy or wil anything,
go to the Old OurioHity Shop, a new
Hno nf Japanese Goods now on aale. All
kindH of Dfnuerware in stock. Patterns.
Visitors to the Fa.it*.**
Are invited to make appointments to meet
their Friends at MASON & RISCH
At.I. ai.i: WBUSOMB.
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
"li;:;,.,,!:'^��,....      nelson, b. c.
HlMi.l-rl l-'iitnil-i!
I   OR  tlAUU- W,-��r.-.,lt. tlni! I. ,:,'.,-ii .si.II litu,. Kmirli. f. mil... ,.Hai ���. v,..��� ,,     ,  ,
ss.ii.i.tliii; nl I's-.-r,-. ul Ui-flnai Imn inn.l on K.,���i..n_yj_ki-: �����'_i. ,,,,,; ;'���"��������� .�����>
uu.i doei nol contain .1, Inch . 11,1.1 wil   ;ivi frait 1 on !,.,�� i..n"".   n V,.Tny'
>.��...,I. : ..|..;.|,.iii-..-t- s.i .tr.wls.-rrj pl.nm; lirn. qu-nlltrnlSiallfrni_
,ood dwelling, 1,,,. reglaternl ����.. 1 rlgl.tol 10 in bi - ami f.n'l Snoi in  '
Uiorong- sIki.!.,! irrlriflou sl lanuq    itntootel rmclloi on
Uu I'1"    l-sl.-l.s.n'   Term.nt ���.|'. i,���i���������. ���, ,    ""
nl,'. \.t cent ssn,., .s
KKi.i'i LA*D8 iroBBAL_3JTA0_t
Watches! wScQj
We are   Ileailquarters  for tho 1,
American Wutchea nianufaeture.   tt"
are making every elturt to ml !'
requlreinenm of railroad meu e
J. J. WALKER, ���w�����*n_^
"'"    Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Shri-ttii'-inl Work, Outlagt, Duililem' Msiti-nssl mnl MinitiK nml Mill Mnl���.
OHiee nnil Wttrku Koot of Fnrk St.
Phona  2i*4.
At  \>A(il'k.
& Co., !_M
**-   +Mt        Limited. Winnipeg, J
WhOIM-IM  l>r��>vi��i��in��.
I 'roduc-i
Uiniiiniiin tliivrin nl (In-ninrry Oo_ Pontld Brit-ksa rerHviHl vt-tat-klr fn��a
from this nhurti.    l'"or __le by nil lrmliiiK jtrtK-erts.
Ullis-s- tititl wnri-liisiiHi-; Uon.-ston lllis<-k,   FtaOQATfl
Josephine Street.
Don't Forget
Is your furnace In ahape to atart the winter with?   If not, N||
la the time to have It repaired.
]* H. Ashdown Hardware Co., IA]
PLEASE NOTE���We will not tie responalbie for any furnace nut loitip
by October Int. 19UC.
R.   W.   HINTON
K_p..lrill|f  ..i.al  alohttltiK c-M.-a.nt v.I \A'lttl  I Iism|sis1 _ la.    Mlisvct M.tlll t
Work, Mlnl.tii mial .Mill Ma-thln-ary.     M..nula-lur��rit nl
Oi- Harm,   IV.  kt.   Oontri-satorf1   Ctir**.
We Wttl Sefl
500 International Coal
10 Marconi, Canadian
WOO Yale-Kootenay ke
.   $2M
- 9 m
McDermid & McHarcJy
*-'*^S$ WMstsem
I Just Arrived!
A large consignment of
All Bison "'til Lowott Prioei
STSffflS Umbef, Shingles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work nnd H.-iickttn. Mail Onlnrs iiniiiiptl)' atteniW     j
                    vbrnon STRBBT -  - -  MBUSON. I��- C
Our Htntsk nf HAINU   SAWW in  very ����H
inolading gradoe to ��uit nil caqo-reu 5, ���(
If you winli n low priood huw wu i-ii" WWW J1
nlHo t-nrry tltti belt iiunlitiisn liiiiiln liy
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co>^


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