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The Daily Canadian Oct 18, 1907

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little better than  most mineral
waters, and  its  medicinal     properties
I effective.
��ije gfciltj Canobion
"VOLUMK  2.     NO.   I 16
Itatus of Mr. Lemleux
mi Mission
Lmmcnt _t Ottawa on Loss of Seat
| in Brockvllle���Machine Fears
to Work in Ontario.
Oi      18.    The  new   minimin
r,.-��� ived an awkward Intro
,,������,  to   till    ' .rirnillrill   public   111   lhe
llrockville lust week. The
.,"ir.   nl  linlariii  which
Ora-uu filled, will now  lie occupied
omau, ,r  Conservative,  who
Itj ol 325 over Mr. lirahanis
| This IB Uie in hi  Hini
a century thai  Brook
,    : votive to tlie leu
. | thi   majority Is the largest
i- wi.!     The   result   is  the
....  ..mi tin- more humiliating
minister, a�� he  led hla de
work     ami     went   riowil   tu
rn III.   ruiiipalgu. He
rj ni'li Ir.;.. ,i���-..  Mi.  Mclui), UM new
Ontario opposition,  who
��� QD  till      .irrri-    iiliitlorill    Willi   Mr.
��� id shares in tlie bitterness of
I .   I.- now, an  undercut
f inl .ui I Liberal* In Hie
.   litatium, I.ir lie   __-
...  mr   only  nbulidoueil
i lust a.-- provln  lal   l���SdrSl   but sacri*
 isUtuenov.    But  Uie
li went  In tlie case seems to
rn.   wlileli has been uc*
;r, n> elections ihroilgli-
bas a dark   record oi
Ifllon  rrauda    In     Hrockvllle,   Is   no
Ir. mi condition.   Tin* ltoB�� gov
rbld   protected tin' criminal*.
I ri" more, und  the Lou-
. ...    liar-   turuislied all
Lhe machinists.   How
rlrir- all'.;..I the ease, und bow far
��� '   tiir government  at Ot-
��� haracUr of the Whiun*.*
an    I-npouslblu   for the
fan   'iiiuiii  I.,- stated, but the fan
���ii  majority  of  ISO bus
; into a Conservative major*
���     i   ���   .in when  tbe  Parent
��� : in Quebec wan in danger,
II Wilfrid -.nil,, n, Hi,, rescue ami ap-
".��'''I iin  premier lo u feileral oAoe,
If* - tUed  Uie doiiiestlc  di-put-.
a  new   irouble   has   arisen
I ronago i   again Invoked, tine
f -     ministers who had to null
 " Ir.- iii-.ivl.leil for. Iiill  Hon.
provincial treasurer, baa bean
I" a.i.    kindly   way.     Sir
f made him  a judge,    tl   is
'���.-.  no  previous   vacancy,
ni'ii'.' ready to resign
f        Pisco wa   made available. This
contrasts sharply wllh
n     nl    Nma    S.-olia       Thai
f a dl) s, .mi a full supreme
( mi     linn    In   111.-   last   three
i"i a  long period i wo
; existed,   ami   appointments
i  i'i nn..I for a yeiir or two
I'i sis of llii'  Law Siii'ii-ly.
: "" chlel in in,.,  anil of snllors whoM
 nil irom  llnr.��� to time
"  " ""  ol   a   Quorum.     Nova   Seolln
I -*��VI    i    kepi     vaeanl    for 111.'
I'    " ���'Wn   Ural   III,.   QuatMC   seal   lias
' "Iv nil,mI.   Thai is lo suit a
"'" in.'    Ai present ther.' la
""'""'"' ol parliament with a promise
 -el   of  a   Nova   Booth*   Judge
11   Hi' baa been oarrytng li -round
' '" three sessions and will hold
11  ir- ram. ni. in   lu,   Hn' govern
I'"'1 *""."' Hi.' seat sueii a member
I   IthnetiU hone of offloe mora than be
I   ,  ""*'��� tors of bit county.
11 �� ten _aya postm tster-general Le-
"*""* '���'in let .mr ror Japan t. auade
I���'  toiUtdo-t   ���,v,.,,���,   .,���    ,���   k,.������   ,,,���
, J'"";������"��� "w-i rrom Canada,   u is bat
thiol * ''"'" sl'"''' ""' ���"..'.���'���iiiiiont- to
n|' | "' L.'ini.'iix belongs introduced
",l ihrougb th.' Commons ���
'hi' ,,',', ''"''"'"thiK Japanese to settle in
To Invite these ailaUos
'.. r,���    "" "l"1 " v in January and
I1"!   I��
n until
-"{them In October Is
���l   Ih   felt   thut   Mr.   l.e
knowH now, und how tm i.-trams who
wore dsslrabls last orlnUai i.-.ui-i bo oi>-
noxlou** Huh autumn.
Of eoiiiH.- the -jorenunsni uoojb that
when it offered homos In Canada for
settlors from Japan It did not think Lhoy
would come. Hut thla exru.se lends
imelf to the Oriental rebuke. "You
kindly offer uh tlie hospitality of your
eciuntiy." the Toklo diplomat;-* will nay,
"when you think that we do not wani il,
hut the moment wu aooepl you clem-
your dOOTS and tell uh we are nut wanted.*' lindouhtedly there waa an uhhui-
anOS brought from .Japan hy Mr. Fisher,
when he returned from hit- clieurlul noil.inn in that country aa au oxhihltioi.
commissioner, that Japan did not wish
io lose her Hon_s and would limit tho
numher of cmif-'rnnU-* irom each province. Yet mihnp|>ily it ia not now clear
how much of this comfortable Information ori^lnaied in Japan, and how much
la due to Mr. Fishers Orientalized imagination. Moreover Japan now cou-
tends that any restrictions she undertook to Impose under previous condition.** are mi longer binding, aa Canada
has hy ���ubseQUSnl treaty and hy legislation swept away all restrictions and
offered a fn-e welcome to all Japanese
who Choose  tO aeeept It.
These am the conditions which confront Mr. Lemieux. The best he can
ilo is to appear in Tokio with regret***
and apologies, it is absolutely Impossible for him to submit a demand or
au ultimatum     Last year he would have
b'-n tne io insist upon anything. This
year he masts a positive engagement of
Canada, .oni all he can do is to ask on
what rouditiona this sngagtment may
he broken.
lb has also to explain. If he can, that
his coll��-ague. Mr. Templeinan, who was
a minis.it last January and a party to
tlie bargain with Japan, is attending
antt-Japanese meetings iu Hritish Columbia, denouncing the very engagement
ihat he himself made aud declaring that
it must not be observed. It has been
the boast of the Hritish people that
ilw y do not enter lightly Into binding
engagements, bUl when they make a
contract to their hurt they stand hy lt
until the agreement runs out. Also It
has been a complaint against some eastern people that they are not true to
their national engagements, Japan has
0008 contrasted her own integrity with
Russian trickery, and Canada will noi
want to supply her with another ln-
ttanOS of western duplicity. Therefore
Mr 1-cmleux must present himself as a
suppliant for mercy and not as one demanding justice
London   Preparing   to   Welcome   King's
Imperial  Guest���City  Will  Present Address.
Fifty Cents a month
London. Oct. IS.���Tho visit of Km
ir.i'oi' William to England next month
Is fraught with lln- ������r.at.si interest.
both   |.. n-.mal and  political.    For   year*
iin-ri' lias bean a barrier of prejudloe
between lbs two countries, but this
lias bean oonalderably lowered by tbe
diploma-), of King Bdward and his ministers. It is hoped thai the harrier will
entirely disappear os a result of the
Doming visit of the Kmperor.
I linn their arrival the Kmperor and
Empress will proceed at once to Wind
sor. than they will stay during the
win.I,- of their sojourn exoopt tor a state
visit to London, where they will be of-
llcially woli'oni.'.l li> the Lord Mayor,
ll Is expected lhat the breakfast thnt
will In' ser veil on this occasion, together
wltli Hie street decorations, will cost not
i.-ss than *-' 1.000.
The duty of extending a welcome to
their Majesties will fall lo Sir John
It, 11. Who is soon to take iifllce as Lord
Minor of London Tbe address or welcome ������111 he I'.intalned In a costly gold
box,     Thi'  eer.'lnonv   will   take   place   111
a large pavilion to be erected In Guildhall vard. whleh will l��' Hanked hy gal
lories lor the accomodation of privileged   sp.'clntors.
The Kmperor will have al least Hire.'
days shooting In Windsor park, -oeotn-
pain, .i by King Bdward and the Prii	
of Wales,    a  inland theatrical per-
tor-nance  will lake  plaee in tlie Water-
loo chamber, while there will bs ���
sun.' concert, and also a sun.' banquel
in si George's ball. Tbe Bpartmanta al
Windsor Castle to be occupied hy tbe
Imperial Visitors have been lavishly
(I ,rated and renovated under personal
direction of tbe Ring.
-"'���in win ..   .   , '   ���������"���   "���'���  ���*"*���
explain ir1 "'" ���"���.������* I��-i- dlilleiili  to
"lIlllM.'i.   I      '"'"'   !""1   **������   "ll"   W.'.'k   "'.
In uri'ia, '"v" ' " dMigenlly sngagad
i���r,i,��� ""''"��� n  atatament   for  him to
"'"I" ll ..,.]"," ""' I'logramine Is eom-
"".�� wi,, ,'"' ll"nl "ir the delegates to
*'" Hie i!���. "' rwv*,ri___ni did not know
"���t-lilllluB   ur   ulU   j,.uur   wha(    ���
American Poet Dead.
charioiie. Oct is���.lobn Charles m.-
Nell, poet and nnont'iir. dl-d y.'slenlav
at his home in Scotland county, -_����" ;::
villi's,   lie was a graduate ..r Wakefor
.���sl College anrl  lor some time pasl hid
h ,   professor  of   BngUih  in  Uerosi
University al Macon, Georgia   in 10OE
Presldenl Roosevell personally prestnl
ed him wllh the I'alleison ineiriorliil cup
for the most gifted work of the yenr.
"Creep" In Old Mine.
Sydney.   N.   S.,   Oct.   18.���I'espalehes
(TOD-   Neweiislle      slllle      thill    a   serii.ns
"Creep" has ooourred In Um OW mlM
working- under the residential iiiirni.i-
of that city.   iiiiiliiinK" on an area ol le
acres are  an'eeled  and   lhe  toW  so
far Is uHliinated nl a half million  nis.
There hnve been no disunities A "line
creep Is B slow movement of roc* surrounding the excavations to replace that
taken out Tbe movsm-nl often .arises
a ehiiuKO of levels on tho surinco.
Preparation at St. Ms
for Big Event
British, French, German and American Aeronauts Who Will Enter
for Bennett Cup.
St. Louis. Mo., Oct. 18.���This clty
will be the scene next week of events
that are expected to mark an eiiocb in
the development and progress of aerial
navigation. Hailoonists representing
France, England, Germany and America will meet in competitions Intended
to demonstrate the recent forward
strides made In the conquest of air.
The occasion will be the second longdistance light for Hie International Aeronautic cup, offered hy James Gordon
Ileunett. The tirst contest for the cup
Uiok place in France lust year, and was
won by Lieutenant Frank B. Lahni, of
the United States Army, one of the representatives of the Aero Club of America, in order to wrest the honors from
America, if possible, tbe aeronautic
clubs or the three European countries
have sent representatives to take iwrt
in the competitions here next week.
The cup is valued at $2,500 and is emblematic of the li.ill.run Kacing championship of the world.
Nearly all of those who are to take
part have arrived on the ground und
are now eugaged lu making the necessary preparations for the Ulght. If the
atmospheric and otiier conditions are favorable the sturl will be made from this
city Monday. The men who will take
part lu tlie race, with the clubs they
represent are:
America���Aero Club of America, three
balloons; Alan It. llawley in balloon St.
Louis, 'J*;.in cubic metres capacity;
J. C. McCoy, balloon America, 2200 cubic metres capacity; Major Henry B.
Horsey, who takes the place of Lieutenant l.rrlirir. prevented from computing
because of sickness.
Germany���-Ueutscher Luftscblftei-Ver-
band. three balloons; Oscai Erbsloh in
the Poniiuorn. 2250 cubic metres capacity; Paul Mekel tn tho Teschudi, 1300
cubic metres capacity. Captain Hugo
Von Abercorn in the Uusseldorf. 225U
cubic metres capacity. Each of the German contestants Is a noted aeronaut.
Baron Hugo Von Abercorn has made
ninety trips and was in the International cop race last year. Oscar Erbsloh
also Is a veteran aeronaut and has
made many ascensions. Paul Meckel is
u silk uiunufaitiirer of Elberfeld. and
was the Hist balloon pilot to cross the
Krance���Aero Club of France, two balloons piloted by Alfred Lelllanc und
ltene Oansler.
England- Aero Club of the United
Kingdom, oue balloon; Griffith Brewer
In the Lotus 11., capacity 21S0 cubic
metres, the _____ balloon used by
Sanios-lluinoni In the international race
last year.
ln addition to the International event
in which only ordinary balloons will
compete, lbs St. Louis Aero Club haa
Ottered |C0O0 in other prizes to be competed ror by "heavier than air" machines. In which dirigible balloons, aero-
plains and gasolene Hying machines
Will tuke part. The grand prize ol $2.-.iio
Is Offered ror the dirigible balloon or any
Serial machine lhat uillkes the best
showing, provided it makes the six-mile
course, turning two goals. Within thirty
minutes. There Is also offered a prist
ol 11300 tor VJie dirigible balloon which
makes the best general showing, and
a similar ptlM for the auroplaue or an]
oilier style ol niai'lllne which gives the
best account or itscir In the competition
These contests are to take place Tuesday, the day following the International
event, and will bo under the general
supervision of Iho St. Louis Aero Club,
it Is in the long-distance International
race, however, that most public Interest
will canter, and It Is gflla to say that
the residents 0t all UM territory within a wide radlUI of St. Louis will be on
the lookout tot Hie great aerial flyers
that will take part, lt ls expected that
Hie general direction of the race will
he Inward the Ensl or Northeast as the
prevailing winds at Hits season are rrom
Um Wost and Southwest.    Tlie distance
Irom here to either oceuu is so great
that there is little apprehension on that
score, but lt ls not at all impossible,
should the winds blow steadily from the
South and Southwest, that some of the
aeronauts may And themselves very
close to the shores of the Great Lakes.
The greatest balloon flight for distance
that has ever taken place In America
was started many years ago from this
city, the aeronauts landing in the vicinity of Buffalo, N. Y.
The aeronauts who have arrived here,
both American and foreign, are loud in
their praise of the completeness of the
local arrangements. The start will be
made from a large park. In which has
been Installed the needful plant for inflating the bags. Pipes have been laid
to various parts of the grounds, with
taps at convenient points. The coal
gas will be pumped under pressure
through u main from a gasmeter holding 1,000,000 cubic feet of gas. Ample
provision has been made also for the
Inflation of the dirigible balloons with
hydrogen   gas.
Graphite Dissoluble.
New York, Oct. 18.���An announcement that he had successfully converted
artificial graphite, made from coal dust,
into such a condition that lt would pass
through the finest Altered paper and
that he had succeeded ln dissolving
artificial graphite in water, in other
words making lt colloidable. was made
by F. C. Acheson, the Wizard of Niagara
Falls," at the opening session of the
twelfth general meeting of the American Electro-Chemical Society, in the
Chemist Club last evening. Both of
these discoveries will have a wide application ln industry, it ls said, especially that of the dissolution of graphite in
water, for it can be used successfully
now as a lubricant, where heretofare
when dissolved In oil it has formed a
sediment at the bottom, resulting In
much waste.
Prairie  Fires  Threaten  Northern  Town
���Many Ranches Are
Saskatoon, Oct. IS.���Prairie fires to
the east of the city yesteday did considerable damage to property. The fires
started in the afternoon when a very
strong wind was blowing. Fire guards
were of no use as the wind carried cinders high in the air and many yards beyond any of the guards. The ranch of
Gordon and Sparling was one of those
to fall a victim to the devouring elements. As soon as the flres were noticed the employees on the ranch turned
out in full force to head It off, but they
found thut while fighting the fires at the
guard the (lames had oeen carried far
to their rear. There seemed nothing
for it but to make an effort to save the
animalt* and let the other things go. As
it was some of the cattle were singed
anil one of the men was scorched in his
efforts to free the last horse from the
stable. Everything else on the ranch
was lost except a shack.
Another fire occurred west of the city
nnd for some time threatened to invade
the corporation. Alarm wns felt at St.
Pauls hospital when about the middle of
the afternoon the flames came within a
few rods of the hospital. Every precaution was made to fight off the element in case it should come closer. Fortunately, however, its fury was spent
and the lire guurds were sufficient to act
as a check.
Moroccan  Rebels Determined and Men
acinp���Sultan's Authority Completely  Lost,
Mounted Police to Leave
the Provinces
Patrol From Ungava to Mackenzie's
Mouth���News of Canada From
Ocean to Ocean.
Ottawa, Oct. IS.���If the plans now in
contemplation are carried into effect the
Royal Northwest Mounted Police next
year will be drawn off from the older
settled parts of the western provinces
and sent northward for the establishment of a series of posts up to the
Arctic circle, embracing the districts of
MacKenzie and Keewatin and probably
Ungava. At present the police have
posts at the mouth of the MacKenzie
and at two points on the Hudson's Bay.
These will be connected up and brought
into touch with the rfest of the country.
It is intended to run a patrol next summer from Fullerton on Hudson's Bay to
MacKenzie river by way of Chesterfield
Inlet and the Great Slave lake. The
police are said to be tired of the service
they are now doing, and are most keen
for the smack of adventure the new
service will give them.
Brantford, Oct. IS.���Henry James, an
Englishman who died here a week ago.
left an estate of $45,00U. A little less
than half of tbe income from this is for
_il years to be paid to the hospital for
sick children, Toronto, and for the benefit of ten girl students at the institution
for the blind in this city. The balance
of the income is to accumulate for 21
years, and at the end of that time tUe
entire ost-.te goes to the sick children's
Toronto. Oct. IS.���Rev A. J. Brougham, rector of St. Stephen's Anglican
church, College street and Bellevue
avenue, this city, is today celebrating his
fiftieth anniversary In the ministry,
forty-six of which have beeu at his present church.
London, Oct. IS.���At the Liberal convention last night it was decided not to
place a candidate in the field for the
by-election to be held on October 2i).
The convention considered it would be
doing nn injustice to Mr. Hyman by
putting another candidate in the field
when the ex-minister of public works ex-
pri'ts himself to be a candidate at the
general elections.
Barrie, Oct. IS.���The crown authorities have decided to take proceedings
against Engineer EL J. Morris and Conductor Farrell, who are held responsible
lor the collision in Allandale yards a few
days ago, which resulted in the death of
Fireman Blackburn. The accused will
not be placed under arrest.
Quebec, Oct. 18.���A. Bouchere. 24]
years of age. was killed by the explosion
of a cartridge at the cartridge factory
here, yesterday afternoo:..
Tangier. Oct. IS.���Tidings received
here from Southern Morocco are anything hut reassuring for the "paciflca
tlon" of this distracted empire. It would
appear, from creditable native sources
of information, that the famous chief
tain. Aiifloos, "the Kalsull" of the south.
bus occupied Mogador, thrown Bargash.
the local governor representing Sultan
Abdol-Azlz into jail, und assuming con
trol of tbat important strategic point.
Two French waiHhlps have been hasti
ly despatched from Taugler to control
the situation u1 Mogador, but the best
Informed of the residents here, knowing
the character of Caid Anfloos, are convinced that he will resist Intervention.
and they dread a repetition of the Cusa
blanca bombardment.
Reports regarding the submission of
lighting tribes should be received with
suspicion, as they emlnate from political
and financial sources. The subserviency
of Ahd-el-Azlz to French control. Including his acceptance of the cross of tin-
Legion of Honor. Is increasing Mulat
Hand's power daily.
Caid Aulloos declared his nlloglancu
lo Mulai the luttur part of August.
Toronto, Oct. IS.���Two arrests were
made last night in connection with the
wholesale thefts of sugar from the
freight sheds of the Canadian Lake and
Ocean Navigation company, and were
followed by complete confessions hy the
men Involved. The men under arrest
are Herman Zarke, forman of the Navi
Batten company, and Michael Flanagan.
an express man. casually employed by
the company. Flanagan confessed, and
upwards of 2,000 pounds of sugar was
recovered from various private house*-*
and restaurants in the city by detectives
from parties to who it was sold by the
Hotel   Improvements.
Messrs. Malone & Tregillus are mak
Ing many Improvements on the lower
floor of the Tremont. One partition
has been torn down and Ihe bar will be
moved back. In the front the OfflOfl ami
sitting room will be considerably en
on the taird and fourth days there will
be discut-sfons of the just and practicable limit of restriction and regulation,
federal and state, of combinations in
transport ion, production, distribution
and lab The advisability of amend
ing the herman anti-trust act will bo
exhaustively discussed.
lS_��lT_��J_--Pri'T'itive   Hunting.
Some men require fire arms to kill
big game. Others ask only for such
weapons as King David used against
Goliath. George Ferguson belongs to
the latter class. He was up near Nakusp
yesterday when he encountered a wild
cat on the shore of the lake. The animal was not the aggressor. It was Mr.
Ferguson who cast the first stone. One
was enough for the beginning of a mortal combat. The wild cat turned and
made for his adversary. Luckily the
shore was covered with stones suitable
fur rapid firing and the unarmed hunter
kept up so rapid and effective a volley
that his four footed antagonist finally
succumbed without having won his way
to close quarters. The fight was very
exciting while it lasted and only fast
and straight firing saved George's life.
He has the skin of his quarry and will
have it dressed.
Texas Bank Bankrupt.
Houston, Texas, Oct. 18.���An involuntary petition in bankruptcy was filed in
the federal court here yesterday against
the T. W. House Bauk, following the
suspension of the institution yesterday.
The petition was presented by J. M.
Rockwell, J. J. Sweeney and T. J^. Ford,
creditors, the allegation being that in
filing the general assignment yesterday
Mr. House committed an act of bankruptcy. Mr. House filed an answer admitting that he had made the general
assignment and the matter being inferred he named W* D. Cleveland, .; t\
Rice and \V. B. Choates temporary1, --
celvers. These men were named as assignees   yesterday.
Open Switch.
Greensboro. N. C. Oct. 18.���Passenger
train No. 34 northbound on the Southern
Railway last night crashed into a freight
train at Rudd. near here. Three persons
are reported killed and nine others injured. Three bodies have been recovered from the debris and brought to this
city, but none of them bave been identified. Besides the conductor of the passenger train, the fireman of the freight
train is reported to have been killed
and the ��� iglmsor injured , -V-i - tr as
e.v���.,j be ascertained, the freU*'__ was
side tracked at the Rudd switch and .he
switch to the main line was left open.
Election of Senate of University of Saskatchewan���Convention on
Nov.   13th.
Ketriaa. Sask., Oct. IS.���The work of
counting ballots cast for the election of
the first senate of the University otr
Saskatchewan is completed and the following gentlemen declared elected*. P.
\V. G. Haultatn, ll. A., Uegina; Augustus
11. Hall, M. A., L. L. 11., Yorkton*. Hon.
Mr. Justice Prendergast, B. A., LL. B.,
Prince Albert; E. B. Hutcheson, M. A.,
Uegina, to serve until July. 1910; Right
Uev. J. Orisdale. D. D., O. C. L., bishop
of Qu Appelle. Indian Head; George M.
McCraney. H. A., LL. U., M. P. Rosthern:
J. W. Sifton, B. A.. Moose Jaw; A. H.
Smith. II. A., Moosomin. to serve until
July. 1909; Rov. E. A. Henry. B. A. Ge-
ginu; Douglas J. Thom, B. A.. Regina;
A. M. Fcnwick. M. A., Reglna; David
Low, It. D., C. M., Reglna. to serve until
July. 190S. in addition to these 12 men
elected by convocation, the following
are members of tho senale: The chancellor who was recently chosen by ac-
elnniation in the person of Chief Justice
Wetmore, the president of the university, the chairman of the education
council of tin' province, tlie principal of
of the provincial normal school, and the
commissioner of education. The total
number of voles cast for the elective
members of the senate was 2GE. The
convocation has been summoned to
meet nt Reglna on November 13th next
Interest in Trust Conference.
Chicago, Oct. 18.���Widespread interest is being manifested in the coiifot-
ence of industrial coinbluatious, lo be
held In this city next week, under the
aiisplcL's of the National Civic Federation. The attendance will include
ilfl.'r'.iH'K tunned by the governors of
every Slate and Territory of thuUnlon
anil representatives of national labor,
linancial, economic, agriciillui-iil. inniiu-
faciui'iiiK. trude and shippers' organizations, chambers of commerce nnd
boards  of  trade.
The first day of the conference will
be given over to a discussion of the
problems involved iu the _-_tr-*r_r_!e-
between State and Federul govern
tin-Ill. ios|iei*(illg Jurisdiction over inter*
state I'liiniiii'iT'i*. now pcndili1- in Minnesota. Missouri, Alabama. Arkansas and
North  Carolina.
The corporation wilt be tlie siilij.'i-
for consideration on tlie second day. and
Important Rate Cases.
lluffalo. N. Y.. Oct. IS.���Members of
the Interstate Oommeroe Commission
met here today to begin hearing ill live
important suits involving alleged ex-
o_Mlv_ rates and discriminations
against Individuals aud communities
brought under the Hepburn rallrouil
rale act. Three or the cases were
brought by tbe Wiisluirn-Crosby Milling
company aguiust the Erie, the Lehigh
Valley and the Pennsylvania ruilroad
companies, one by the llanner-Mlller
Milling Company against the New York
Central rnir! iriiiirli.'i* by the Thornton
and Chester Milling Compuny against
the Delaware. Lackawanna and West-
urn Rallrouil Company.
Shock Was Under Ocean.
Berkley, Cal..    Oct. 18.���Prof. A.  E.
Loeschnor,   of   the   observatory   of   the
How One Prince Albert
Elector Scored
Partizan Court of Revision Proceeds
to Court Defeated Attornty-
Geaeral Into Seat.
Prince Albert, Oct. 18.���Assuming that
neither party has supported votes which
are marked fo.* the opposition attorney-
general Turgeon has made a gain of
about forty votes as a result of the decisions rendered up to the present time
by the court of revision, in poll 484 a
big majority of tied up votes were Liberal and this gave a net gain of about
a do-en U) Turgeon. .Neither aide ls
sparing trouble or expense tc get Its
voters Into court and a supporter of Mr.
Bradshaw has twice driven lu from his
farm, -0 miles out, to prove his qualification to vote. In the first occasion
when he came in the court was adjourned, bu- a special sitting was held for bis
convenience and he succeeded ln making good his claim. Another man who
resided ln the country for three months
prior to the election was doubted by D.
W. Adam, acting for Bradshaw. lie stated he caxue to the city on June 1. He
was reluctant to say how he fixed the
date, but eventually called S. F. Kerr,
warden of the provincial jail, who
slated triat the voter ari-vod in
.ue hi; --x June! ^ .u-ns was not __t-
i���led, however, until K> - said the voter
was brought to the city tty the police
and lodged in jail for two months Ior
drunkenness. The vote was allow--.
Jas. Barr, a patriarch, who stated he had
been a resident of Prince Albert since
1869, was also called upon by the provincial rights party to prove his vote.
which he did successfully.
Winnipeg Coroner's Jury Justine. Killing of Oscar Cans.
Winnipeg, Oct. 18.���The verdict given
by the coroner's jury on the death of
Oscar Gans, a Hebrew who was shot
dead by Detective Smith, Is to the effect
that Oscar Gans came to hts death from
the result of a bullet wound delivered
Erom a revolver in the hands of George
Smith, between 10 and 11 o'clock on the
morniug of Tuesday, Oct. 15th, 1907, ln
the city of Winnipeg. We find that the
wound was inflicted while the deceased,
Oscar Gans, was attempting to evade arrest at the hands of the said George
Smith, a peace officer ln the city of
Winnipeg. We also find tbat the said
George Smith had good and reasonable
grounds for arresting the said Oscar
Guns on suspicion because of the fact
he was performing his duty as a peace
officer ln attempting to make this arrest. We are of the opinion that the
said Geo. Smith did not intentionally
shoot to kill the said Oscar Gans, but
merely attempted to Intimidate him sufficiently to retard his flight, so that he
might effect his capture."
lt came as a surprise that Detective
Smith refused to give evidence. There
was no evidence going to show that
Cans was a thief. His friends retained
counsel aud will enter a charge of manslaughter. Smith wiw sent to jail. The
names of Onus' relatives are Joe Gans,
Rue Varln, 97 Liege, Belguim; Joseph
Saliu, 507 Hyman Ave., Clnclnnatl.O.;
lleinrich Schrleder, builder, No. 43 Hudson Ave.. Chicago; Dr. J. Saliu, Adell-
town, Pa.
University of California, announced yesterday that the centre ol* tin* eartlniuaki*
disturbance felt    on    the   Paciiic coast
Wednesday, probably the same as registered on the seismograph at Washington, was about 1000 miles south ot Her
keley In mlde ocean, probably between
the Hawaiian Islands and the soiitlr
coust of Mexico. The shock Is known
to scientists us a sea quake and is usti-
alyy followed by a tidal wave. Report.���-
of the shuck will probably be brought
In by Incoming ships. According in
Prof. I.oesehiiei*. the force of the quake
far exoeedl that of the California, Kings-
ton. Valparaiso, and Mexican earthquakes.
Deutschlam* Ran Aground.
New York, Oct. 18.���The steamer
Deutschland, which arrived off her dock
in lloboken last night was unable to tie
up lor several hours because of a hard
tide and low water. When within a few
feet of the pier the Deutschland struck
a mud bank and tt took several tugs
nearly three hours to assist the big
steamer to her dock.
Swedish Prince Enthusiastic.
Stockholm. Oct. 18.���Prince Gustavtis
Adolphus, eldest son of the crown prince,
ls manifesting great Interest ln the proposed challenge for the America's cup
lu behalf of the Royal Swedish Yacht
Club The prince has declared his Intention to support the movement by
every means possible and his name appears among those who have signed the
appeal for subscriptions to the fund to
guarantee the expenses of building a
challenger and racing her In American
rp !'
'fife*"*' i ���-?
It The Daily Canadian
'   *
ii.- ���
,i h
Clothmg,    Gents9   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will he able to offer full Hues
in these goods, aud can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office?   Toronto.
Capital Authorized  $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   Up         4,830,000
Hest           4.830.000'i.'i   ,.
D. R. WILKIE. President.
HON. KOKEKTJJAr'KHAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
ARROWHEAD,       GOLD".:?*,       NELSON,      REVELSTOKE,        CRANBROOK,
Interest   allowed  on   deposits   from date of deposit andcredltodquarterly.
\Bi.yoN ntvANcu ��, U   -V I*    1----A. Y\   Alanatger.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated   A.  D.   1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of  Lanking  Business.
,C.1AL ATTENTION rj'l*-'et* to the
Savings Bank Department, and
interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
I'll 1,1 i-hc<1 BtXCLayi aweeK by thr
tfaker Si..  Nelsou, B. C
Hnnpcriptlou rates, .'���" MHU �� month delivered
In the ' tt y. ur |6.00 I y-ar i! Mill by mail, when
paid in tmvtMoe.
Advert-atng rate   mi appli-'atiou.
All monies pah In aettlemeni of The Daily
CHimiliiui ipooun'-*, ; i -������< aubacriptlona ot
Hii rerUslng, muel ��� - ��� ��� ;,���'* o" for on the printed
lurinii uf iiii* Company. Other receipt* an not
Tai id.
Friday, Oct. 18, 1907.
The Liberal press ol the province li
engaged Us clouding iho Issue a* fa.
as the federal government is concern
ed in regard iu tbe exclusion from Canada of Orientals.
it is granted that they were in favoi
of the passing ot the ad bringing Into
force in C anada the provisions ol i u
Imperial treaty, We have noi contend
ud otherwise al any time. Bul tvhal
we have I... u a.--' rting Is that the
House ol Commons was In this mati r
not kept advised b> the members the a
of from British Columbia ot ih*' trm
state "i things out here previoui i" I e
ps tage ol the said aei; thai In con ���-
������ii'iH*' it was enacted under a misapprehension- in i onseQui tn - of mi i
silence, the said ac1 was passed wlthi t
an adequati -mow ledge ol the i rui
��� i* feeling in this pro\ Ince, The tira
om objection tht reto made by Mr. k j
nedy ot New Westminster only served
to aeei-iiLuaic the silence ol Lh* othei
members from this pro-tin�� and to em
phasise their ot quiest i ace.
Um the chief contention ol the wesi
is this* thai the conditions under winch
tie* said act was pa. i sd ba i s aol bei a
lived up to by Japan; and thai In eon
sequence I tu set und fit* terms should
he disregarded by -Canada or pui as
end to with as little delay as possible
We all remember the solemn assurance,
given by the Minister ot Agriculture in
the Laurier Ctoyern_m_ml while the hill
was under discussion iti the House ol
Commons as to the limitation hy the
Government of Japan of the imntigra
tlon tn Canat-ja. and that the agreement
with th-. Japanese G-OV4 inim-nt which
Mr. Eftsher assured the lion ho had been
enlered into has heen treated hy .Japan
as a dead letter. tTnder mic-h elrcinn
stanceB, the agreement having heeu lg
���ored hy Japan, the contention of th*-
wesl is that, instead of dawdling with
this all Important issue \,y sending an
ambassador to Japan to neat with Its
government, the Laurler Government
should Ignore the treaty, obtained as it
was und.r representations which have
tan heen lived up to hy Japan, and ai
once bring into force tin* Natal Exclusion Act of last session which was reserved by the l.ieiit.-Oovernor for his
pleasure. Thai however would seem to
he too heroic treatment to expect from
the Laurler Government or from its
masters���-the Qrand Trunk Pacific p.o
pie, who openly advocate 'he wholesale
introduction into Canada of all and hiiii-
dry Orientals.
The issue is not, as our contemporary
would assert, did or did not Borden or
Foster vote for the bringing into Canada
of the provisions of the Imperial treaty
wiih Japan.    The eastern members of
parliament were not on that occasion
advised of the  true  conditions  existing
in the wesi i,v iiH. western members.
BlltJUU Japan lived up to the conditions
upon which that act was passed',' and if
noi. has the Laurier Government done
ii: dmy in Hie premises'.' We contend,
and   Hie opinion of the west  is. that "it
has   noi   dons  So.
nur morning contemporary reprints
an editorial from the Montreal .Star and
commends it to the attention of Conservatives. Thai is kind, hut noi specially
apt.    Conservatives have long  since  ap
predated ihe evils of corruption in public life, not only in the election campaigns inn in the administration of de-
partments ami in tha civil service* The
Conservative leader today has made purification of politics his tirst principle.
can as much he said ior the ministers?
Sir Wilfiid of course doesn't know lhat
there Is any corruption. Sir Richard
Cartwright admitted that a ballot thlel
and perjurer had heen guilty of an indis*
oration. Mr. Aylesworth and Mr. Field-
lag make no admissions. They think it
is sufficient defence to a substantiated
charge of corruption to say lhat it was
alleged (hat some Conservative did
equally dishonest, things any lime with
In the lawt thirty years. Incidentally
mir contemporary Ik mistaken in calling the star the chief Conservative organ of Canada. The Star Is no) a party
organ at all. It exprosse-* the views nf
Hugh   Graham,   who,   being  un   honest
aud intelligent  man is naturally a Conservative.
Paris   Dealers   Behind   an   Organization
of Robbers of Church.
Paris. Orf.   IS.���The   Matin  quotes   the
magistrate  at   Clermont-Ferrand,    who
conducted tin- examination of Antolne
Thomas, in custody there on the Charge
of stealing artistic treasures from
churches, ns saying that -the gang, of
which Thomas is a comparatively unimportant agent, is controlled hy seven
or eight Paris art dealers, some o\'
whose names have heen already ascer
talned. When the evidence Is complete
all the guilty parlies will he arrested,
and then* will he remarkable disclosures.
The gang has innumerable subordinates.
The case is one of the most important
that has occupied French justice for
years, and Ihe prosecutions will unmask
one of the most powerful organizations
In the history of modern crime. Nearly
every department In France is concerned. Kvery hour brings fresh details,
which suggest thnt the authorities are
getting* on tho track of even grenter
crimes than those already exposed.
London Market Easier.
London. Oct. 18.���The news cabled
yesterday morning regarding the copper
situation had a fairly good effect on the
markets by removing to some extent ihe
cloud which has heen hanging over certain sections. American rails openi ���!
a shade above the Xew York equivalent
(toppers improved fractionally, gaining
three-quarters of a pound in spite of the
reduction in the dividend. A rumor that
the discount rate of the Imperial Hank
of Germany had been raised depressed
consols early in the day. hut a contradiction of tin* report later resulted in a
recovery  of three-sixteenths.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone  265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit,
Foel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N.E. co.. Baker   and   Ward   St..
Now Is the Time
to prepare fnr comfort in the winter.
An Bloctrlo Radiator is cleanly,cheer
fni and labor saving.
Tall nn us fnr pri_e_ for these ami all
electi tea] de*Ices.
Notic u herebygiven turn ths undsrslcned
bave aubmitted in tin- Lieutenant Qovernor-ln-
' muic-l i. (ir-i-pH-u] under i in- prm-iatoiiH "/ Ihe
" Riven and Stream* Act." for cienririK and rt
moving obetruetlona from ��'nai Blvor snd Meadow Creek, In the Dlstrlot of Weai Kootenav, and
[or making thesameBi lor rafting; and rtriv
in-- thc-r*-o-�� in**--".*.ImI****, lumber, reft*and crafu
tin.i fur erecting and maintaining boomi for
 ""����� *�����*���!.ing and delivering logs end tuni-er
tiniiir-hl down aald   (Tc.-kc.tKl   river, and   for at
ih. loan boomi oi tin- ihoreo. mid .reek Hii.i
river (or laid purposes,
The landi in bo Hffe��-ted t��r mii-i work an
Lot! WL  iltet, 4698, and auo iota 1,8,11.18, H and
ii ol Lol i.���*'���_���, Group i, Kootenay Dlatriot,
rhe tolli propoeedu) be charged are mini a*-
may bt flxed by tbo Judge ol the County Court
01  W SSI  KixileliH*-.
Dated .tut July, vjtn.
KJtlA.NTJI._C  (JO,,
To   Contractors,    Builders,     Carpenters
and   House Agents.
ii having been brought to ths notloe
nf tbe Olty Council thai certain sections
of By-laws No's 74 ami 130 are not and
bave not been observed, i. e, sections 6,
6 and 7 nr By-law ti and sections
" and s of By-law 138 which provide
that permission or the Plre Wardens,
tha City Engineer and HuIIiIIhk ins ���
tor must Hist i btalned and plans deposited with the Building Inspector i><-
tore erectlnK new hiiiiiiiiiKH or additions
or repairing, altering or renovating existing buildings,
Therefore notice is now finally issuori
that on and after ilris date any person
or persons noi complying with tin. building By-laws or the City or Nelson, I. e.
By-laws No.'s 71 and 136 will be prose-
outad as provided therein. By Order.
W. E. WASSON, City Clerk.
Nelson, 11. C, October 12, 1807.
Certificate   of   Improvements
"Mnnllval ' anil "('rr.'lHir" Mlrr.'r rl rnin'i- -rni-
Htf  nr  iii,*  N,'tsi,ii  Mining  Divlii  "i Wesl
K.���i|.ir,iy Irislrli'l.
Wlurt'ln, ale.l:    Wi-hi Itrsni'li   nf iron n I'.rk n|
Balmon rin-r. on OnUg Mountain, sbout nine
in los Irom Kric, ri. <*.
T.iki' notice Hun i. aiir'J SmcstOsllupe, free
Minor*! I'criilU'ute Nn. Ili.lrl. inr.'rr.l. mm v dsjrs
Ir.'irr tin' .lull' bereof, In al'ply I" tho Mining
Recorder for h rortllli'iit'*. r,i [tmproTomi rii-. for
tho purpos' ,.f obtaining Crovrn Qrants oi the
above -liilrns.
An.i fnriji.T  i,ik,- notice I inn action,  ii-r
section B7, most he conunoiicctl bcl the tsan
ancc i.f sir.'h I'lrllfi.-nl. ol llonrovcmi nr-.
HiiiiM un. Uth day ol Sojilambor, 1007.
Nelson I.ati.1 iHnrUt.   Dlatri. i ">r Weat Ki.olcnny
Trtkt* notlod thai B~ B. e. Smyth, ol Proeier, B.
C uoatt,ni lumberman, lutenda toappiy (or
aBpeeia] timber lloanee over the follo**rlng de-
���ortbed landa:
No. i. Commencing ati i*---! planted noar the
uortheaal cornerpostoi  i "i Vo   iHMS.on I_omon
Creek and marbwl h. s p, Bmyth nouthwei	
nerpoet Ho l. thenoe 40 chalna north more or
leaa to about midway of the .routh boundary line
ol timlicr Uoenoe No. 9300, ihence -��p chalna eaat,
thence 40 .imin-. aoutb, thenco i" ehalni eaat,
theuoe40 ohaini lonth, thence BO chaini weit.
more or lt,'i*> i" the loutheail �� orni r "( afort s��iii
Iah no 3ft_S, thence 40 ohaina north, tbenoe 40
chain-* west u> tin- iM'iui ot common' ement.
Dated aoth July, 1907, it B. P -mvtu,
Henry Relehert, Aai-nt.
Ni-Ibou Land District. Dlitrietol neii Kootenay
Tak,- notice   that   fcUmon P.  *����� biffi I,   Ol NiiM*t,
Mahu. oooupation Inmbermau, intendi lo apply
f..r a ipeoiaj tim i.,-r licence over the lollowlng
deacrlbed lan-in; on tht* easl aide i I Prleil river .
r.,niiin'u-'int{ at a poal planted on the eait al le
of Prifst river, two and a half mil a north of the
international houmiary line, theoce north **������
chaina, thenoa eaat B0 chalna, thenoe south ao
cbatna, thenoe weatMchalna to point of com**
menoement, containing 840 ki ��� a, more or leaa
Dated Sept. Hth. 1907. BWOli I* --. RtlVBL,
K. W.BMITB, Agent.
Nelson Land Dlatriot   Diatnctol "Vest Kootenay
Take notloe that Clydi B McClure. of BliavfUe,
Waah . oooupatlon  ba li to apply for
u ipeclal tiiiiLH-r h  ������.;���������      ��� ��� ihe following ������������-
erlbed landa;  On ihe oJ  i'rlest river.
two :niil a half mile- nortb ol the intemntinrihl
ho':lolarv line :   Commencing at a poll  i tented
t ro and a half mllei north nl the international
iionn.ii.ry ltn.-. thence   easl 90 chalna,  I
���outh 80 chalna,  thence weatao chaini, thence
north 80 ohaini to the polnl ol oommenoament
an.l oontalnlng fi-0 acrei, more or ten.
Dated Sept. Hth, 1907.       <    ���.. B  KgClubb,
K   W. -Mint. Agent.
Nelson I-nn.I District    DiMriCI Ol VVe��'. Kootenay
Take notloe thai we, Archibald Bremner and
George Vou us, both of the city of Kelaon, tn the
prorince ol Mriu-h Colnmbia, Inmbermen, in*
teii i to apply for special umoerlleenaei over the
rollowln8 deai ribed landa
1 ('ommeneitiK it ��- ;* -' planted ahout 2f<
yarda preiterly from tlon of the nortb
eud main fork- ol .-  ��� el e creek flowing
into Kootenay river a outhern end ol
Kootena] lake m the dlitrict ol Weil Kootenay,
which junction ta aboul ISor 30milea irom the
mouth of inch cruek. thence south 4o ehalns.
thenoe ensl LOO ehalni, thence north 40 ehalni,
thence weit i��) chain- to thi polnl ol oomaaanoe-
ment ami oontalnlng MC icrea more .-i   en
Aai  Mil* \LU  ilKKMMth.
Dated this Bth dav of Annual, l'JU7.
2. Commencing at a poat planted alK>ut SO
yard!* weaterly from the miilii ami north forks of
Summit creek,*  creek   flowing   into   Kooientty
river lonth <���! the aouthern end of Kootenay lake
in the di��tn.-t of w,*m Kootenay, thena louth BQ
chalna, thenee weat4_) ohaini, thenee aonth 40
chalna, thence weat40 ehalna, thence uorih mi
chaina, tbenoe eaii to chain-, th mot north tn
ih H ins, theuce cant -in chains p- the polnl of 0Om ���
menoement nwt con-ainni*- 840 acrei more or
less. Qgoaoi Vorwo.
Dated thli >th day of Au��us(, 190*7.
:: Commencing ai h i>osi planted ah<tnt ino feet
north bom iin* l'ant of tha main Bummll ��� n ek.
an.l ahout 2 miles   -.*..���-i* ; 1]  from the   juncltoii of
the nortn fork and ihe main fork of aneb oreak,
ii creek tlowiint mto Kootenay river-.mth of the
southern end of Kootanay lake in tbe dlatrioi ol
West Kootenav. th, n. e soutn BO ohalna, thenee
eaat 80 ohaini thenoe north so ohalna, tbanee
weal 80 chaini to tbe point ol oommenoament
���nd containing (MO aarw mon oi Lew
Ah*'!IIBAt.�� llKKMNKR.
Dated this -Mh day of Au._u.-t. 1907.
t Commonelng at ��� poet plauted ahout 2 miles
up an unnamed creek iIowiuk into Bummll
.reek from th,* aoutb ai aoonl 23 mllei from the
mouth of Summit creek which tatter liacreek
HowjiiK into Kootenay river lonth of (he louthern end ol Kootenay lake in the dlntri-t of Went
K*o.-I.'li-i} , thenre north HO . imilis. thence   ch-1 ho
ohaina, tbenoe loutbSO chalna. tbenoe ireatS
cbaina to the point 01 TOmmenoemenl ami eon
l.tiiinii,' i,|ij *.ert.*s more or Ichs.
tlKntom Vnt'J'ti.
Date.l thli. hth day of Aukusi, 1997.
ft ('uniinenelUK at a post planted two miles un
an unnamed ereek [lowing into Bummll erect
from the -'-uili al aboul .������-' mlien from the mouth
of Summit creek. �� blob ialtrr ll a cr��-,k flowtiiK
Into Kootenay liver aouth of tbe aouthern end
of Kootenay fake In  thedlitrlotoJ   Waal  Koote
nay,    tbonoe    nouih    ���*.--   chains,   ihem-     .-nM   Hu
cbaina, tbenoe north 80 ohaini, tbanee weatBQ
chain*- to ih>- point of commencement and containing -.i'i acrea more "��� *��� ���
Dat.-d thli 5th day ol Auguat, I9U7.
6 Oommenolng  at a poal planted   abool  one
and a half   mi]��l Up the   north   fork of   Summit
cnek, a ereek floe ing Into Kootenav river eontb
Of the southern end Of gOOtenay lake in tlie dls
trlct ol   West   koot'-tuiy. th.-nee  east   -'  chain-.,
thenee south in chalna, thenoa <->t*i a��� a ehains,
tbence  aonth U ehalna, thence  weit80 ohalnij
Ihence north   I'i   CbalM, thettOI    ueatlh   chniUH,
ihence north In chalna to the polntof oommenoe
munt and .'oniaiiuiiK 040 aorei mora or leai
OaoKoi Votmo.
Dated tbla6th day nr An-m-d, iao7.
7.   Oommanelni atapoel planted ahout one
mile Htid a hiiif  up  the  north   fork   of Bummll
oreek, a oreek fin., uik into Kootenay river aoutb
of th.-  souili   -n   t nil ol Kooienay   lake,   in   the
dlitriol ol w.-.t k 1 i"ti nn v, 1 hence north -rnchalna,
tbanee wen t" chaina, tnenoe north 40 obaina
thenci.- east so ehalm-, thenee xou'li 4<> ohalna,
thenoe east io onalna, thonoa south 40 ebalni,
lbenee welt 80 ebalni to the point of oommenoe
ment and con uj-i j ni 840 acree, more or lo"
Dated thistith day of /..;������' -'. I **���'
|, Oommenolng ata l-'��- t planted nl-out n
,| no rt,* r of n mil.* westerly from the norHi f >rk
of Bummll oreek, and abonl iwo miien and i
IihM up auoh nortb fork irom ic junction with
th.- main Bummll ereek, a ereek MowiiiK Into
Kootenay liver, aoutb of thu foutio-rn end ol
Kootena) lake in the dlatriot ofweil Kootenay,
thenoe north so chaini, tbonoe eaai wi cin-ius,
thell'-e soulli HU ehalu-, ihence west an Chaina 10
the polnl of e.unmeii  ,in cut, and coil tn iii I Iik i.ld
aoroi, more or leaa
Dated thli Bth dH>- of aukusi^I-W.
CiKOHOK Vfit'Ku.
ti Oommenning at a pawl planted about a
uarter of a mile weaterly from the north fork
nf Hum in it creek and  ahoiit three  ���*. il. .*��� up aucb
Dorth huk [rom Iti Junction witb i te main Mum,
mltcraek. a cntek flowing Into Kotrtenay river,
touth of the sent hern end of kootenay lake in
the district Went Kooienay, theUOO west wt
Ohalna,   thenre   mulh Hn chain*,,   llo-ne.*  eaai h i
.���ii ui'-, thenee south nn chnins to tbe point ol
eommenoement, and coninfninj- mo acres, more
or less.
Dated this cih day of August, J��>7.
io Oommenoing at n post planted ahout ��
quarter of a mile weaterly from tbo north fork
oi summit cnek nml abonl three mllea upsnob
north fork from ith junction wllli the main Hum*
inr oreek. n oreek flowing Into kootenay rner,
south ni the southern end fif  aonit-n>-y   hike, ju
the dlitriol of Wait kootenayi tbenoe well K)
chains, thence south 160 chains. Ilicnee eul 10
chains, tbenOB nortb KM) chains  In the  point   of
oommeneement, and containing MO aon a, mon*
or lew,
Dated tbliSntb day of Auguit, iwn.
11 Oommenolng at a poil planted aboul imif a
mile eaaterlyfrom the smith f"rk of Bummll
oreak and aboul on.* mile aoitbnf tbe main
Summit oroek.ecreek flowing Into Kootena
river s-ouih of ih,. ftouthero end of Kootenay lege
In tbe dlatrlct of Weit Kootenay, thenee aaal 80
Ohaini, thenoe souih Hn chains, thenee west no
Ohaini,   Ihence   north BO chains   to the point ol
oommenoemenl nnd containing M0 acres more
or leas. ARCilMUl.l' HltKMNKK.
Dated this -.lit day of August, 1907.
I I'nion Vesta at 50 c. each.
Cl 1      \n' urn]   I'nilrrvi'SlM 25c.
I'lirMii'ii's Natural Dnder Di_wa__ 25c.
..We   h.-ive   a  splendid   stock   of   WjoI   Undergarments and Combinations which
we will sell on  FRIDAY  NEXT.
Black   Wool  Ti-'lrt*-. ail al���M  fin in 50c. up.
Vmi can buy a loacrc Fruit Ranch   in   the best   fruit-growing district
in Hritish  Columbia by paying   'io clown and *">io per   month.
Even as an investment this is worth consideration.
I-'ruit Laud has trebled in value within ou year.   What will it do next year?
NV_Ar-*M>   8TUI;I:
Ncliion l-Htnl hi-iri.-t. Dietrletof Weet Kooien��y.
Tak.' nolle.- tlmt Jny BOVM.OI Itlt/ville. Wtth ,
ocoopetlon boteher, intend', t" -tprh ("t n ipeeleJ
timber Uoenoe orer the rqllowing deeoribftd
lands; on the tmat ilde of rrleet F-Ten Commencing Rt k jx-rst planted one nnd h hull milei
n irlu   ot    internntloiiNl   tioundnrr  line,   thenoe
eeel to ahelng, thenre loath wt chelns, thenc,'
w.-i to ohelnm tbence nortb *������ ebelni to tbe
p-nnt of commeooementi oootelnlni ''*i" ner.--.
more 01 !���"���-.
Deted&ept  11tti. ltwr. Jay Hovkk,
K. W. Hhith, Af-ent-
.*��. I-mii Und lnntrlct.   Ptltliet ol WeOl Koot.-nny
Nbtlae i*- berebj* --ivcii thai 80 deyi alter date 1,
j oon P. Hwedbenti miner, ol Mi I on, '��� ' , intend
to apply to the Hon tha < tn-*r Commiulonerol
Utnd and Work! for e Dpeclal lloene*. tooutand
earn n*-ny Umber from the [ollon lni deeoribed
l.'ii- -nim'.-il   on   Summit   OTMk,   in   tin*   W'i-nI
Kootenuy Iiimrlet:
No. i. Oommenoing at e port merited J p. ���*���
timber limit, northeaal eornof poet, looatad on
ireal fork ol Bommll oreek iiixnii iwn mllet from
main oreek, thenee   tanning M>atb  *wi ebalni,
tin in e   niniiliit.: well .0 i Im i or**, thenci-   runiiiiit.
bortb 10 .-I.n.i;-. tbenoe weetwobalnii,  then i
north tt-ebaiaa. thenoe  rnnnlng eael wcbalne.
tbenoe ruiitnnu Routb40 ohalna, tbenoe eaai U
elmini to pU' .* ol oommettoemeni
Looatad on tbe ZBtb day ol Aogoat, UOT
John I'. BW-tOMKO,   l-.'nlor.
!'. l hi- iik'.nt I'ltli K  HODOMALD
No. j,   Commonolof at a pool marked t p. i
timber limit, aortb went corm r noei, kooab t on
treat fork of Summit oreek, abont tM ilea fi nn
malo oreek, tbenoe ranolni aoutb Bo ebalni
tbeuee running east 80 chaini tbence running
north80chains, tbenoa runntiiK weatWehalna
i.i place oi oommeneement.
I., oated "ii itn- .".nil da; ol August I9H7
.ii n*. F   Iwpd i '���'���   Looator,
per tit* n������.���iii ['uiiK Mci-oi.Ai.il.
rotloe l* hereby Kiven tlmt iw> dan Otter date I
intend lo npply in Un lion. �� hiei (:6mmlialoner
of LiuidH mid ** ork-i/or iH-rini��.-ilon to |, ,
the follnwlug described lends, situated in Weal
Kootenay dlstrloi: Commencing ut a i��-: ��� mark
ed by name n�� imtii I poal ol tht H...nii r..tk
brsnob, one Mindred feet from the lumtioi-of
i.oit oreek -Aiih the soutn rorki  tbenoe  ���-
quartet mile to thi northweat oornei poat, tbi ni a
one   mile    to   Uie.    nortlici.fi   (oilier   |.ow|, Iheiicn
one-ouarter mile to ihe lontheaai oornei poit,
Hi'    H e oil.' llille In    lhe JiUce of I oiu no lieiliu-ii 1
JU009T, l*)7. IxicHlted hy   Wm    (lONNlil.l.V.
cIiaIiii to  p<iint  of OOllUIHIIIKIOOIll. conlainlng
040 aerea
Kept- 7tli, IfflT. ritAHI.K-  MONSY   f.KARY,
Kelson l-aud Dh-tricl    Iit-ttrlctof Wis; Kootenay
Ink.-   m.tiee   tlmt    WfllhUO     Andrew     Kom.   of
Parole, B ��' . bote!-keeper Intends to applr for
a oiu ��� .ni timber llrenoe over the foiiouiiiv >i*������*���
erlbed lands: Commencing nt * j...-i o!hui..i
about ala mllos weat o| tbe Kootenay rfrer, ou
Corn creek, In tbe Dlstrloi of Weel Kootenay
end being abont sis miles north ol the In terns tl nnal DOUUdarv line, ntid nlin-.tr* Rt the
northeast oorner of William Andrew Haas1 Ko
��� timber claim, thence nortb *" obalns, thenoe
west 80 ohalns, theoce aoutb to ohalna, Ihenoa
easl n sbainsi to tba poim of oommeneemeni
Looatad Jul] ��rd, v.nn
Dated ihe Bth ol Aug   v.tos
Wil.UAH AMiRltW ItrMifl
Nelion l_nnd I'l-trni    DtttrlotolWOBI Ko"t.-nHy
fake ootles  thai Patrick ���beren, ol Nelaon,
B.C.. OOCUpatlon pri-p,ctor, Intend-, totipply
furanpeciHl   limner   ll< .'lice   over the   foll..��ilig
<i. scribed landi ��� Comuieoeltu ��t -> pool |.i*irit,*.l
wt the N.w oorner poet of lot toot, i��-ihk Vh tries
gheran'a N, B. corner f-oni running -.outh to
ohalnai tbence wast80chains, tbenoe north .ho
ohalna, thena easl n chalna to point ��t ooa-
thtled Auguat Slit, UOT- I'AThl. K BRBBAW,
KflirK HTKANli, AkciiI.
Inn.- BOtloS thht lr�� Y. Tuyloi, otOtO, Ol Arrow
h. mi, B.C . |nt��nda i.- *ppiy t*>r �� ipeclal i
to   . ut   iiiiil- r   from   tin-    foil.
No i. rominen.-iiiH nt ,* poal planted 70ohalna
dlatanoeln sneaaterly direction from Cariboo
lake marked ������Ira'F. Taylor's, W. Parkins' m w,
eorner,'   bounded ou Iho -moth by T. I. No ItM,
on the *A<--.t by P. u, f-o 7072, tbenoe north ho
obalns, thenoa eaai nn ohalns, tbenoa -.outh no
ebalna. tbenoe  wtsl ���> ehalna to polnl ui com-
un iiei-menl
No. - Oommenolnf ats imit plantod n ehalna
dlstanoa and m seasterlydlret tion /r.un Cariboo
laki marked "W Parkins'. Irs k Tuyior'n m. w,
oornei poat," bounded nn the west i-> T, I, inoi,
aouth by IraP, Tarlor-a nnd w. Parkins'T. L.
No. 1,   Hon...   north 40   clmin-i,   theUOS   em-l   IN)
nhalna, Ihenoe south 40 ohalns. tnenoa west 180
cll.ilUH to point   of   rollllIlelieiMlleli*
tt    Y OOltVIB,
Ika Y   I a \ um.
viiik  described
Nciion ijiii.i Dlstrlot: Dlstrlot ol Wesl Kootenay
'dike   bOtlOfl   tint-    We-dey    BOTOO. Ol    K|l/\|lle,
Wasb . oe.upiition butcher, Intendi to npply for
s apeclal timber lloenee over Un- following des-
i-rilied IhihIh: on   the eaai   ilde  ol   I'rienl   river:
Commsnclng nt n po-t piKiin-d one i.i"i m ii��if
inllcK nnrlh nf the Intern**llon-il  hoiiir-nry ttu.-.
thenoe weat80 obalns, thenoe wmih mo enainj
tbenoe east80 ohalns, lbenee nortb B0 obalns to
I'tilni of comiucucc-iiienl, ooiJtrtlulng 640 SOT0S,
mon- or less,
DatOd Hept. Mill, 11X17. WKHI.KY  lloVKS,
K. W.Sanftt, Agent
Nelaon i.mid Dlstrlot  Dlstnol of Wesl ECoOtenay
Taka notlos Mint Henry Relehert. of Nelaon,
ii ���-, proapeetor< Imend tn spply ior u apeclal
timber licence ever  tbo follow iiik   deiorlbed
No. i. -Commonolng ata posl plantod nsarH,
W. iiorthwiiHl corner post, loK No. 70H'i, mid
imtrked "Itenry Keichert Hoiit.hwc-d corner
pOSt,'' thence HO ehnliis north,   thenee   W) chalna
.ni, tbenoo BO ohalna aonth, thonoa M ohaini
wcmI to the point nf eoinmen  .-ment.
Dated Bept. th�� Mth, v.toi.
MKMtY itKiciiKin. Locator
Nelson Und Dlstrloi   Dlstrlot ol West Kootenay
Take notice that I, Lb arise Hidm-v Leary. nf
iiiirion city, h. c , oooupatlon farmer. Intend to
apply for permlaalon topurchuM- the following
doacrlbed landt Oommenolng ��' n poni planted
about Ave milea northwest from the mouth ol
MoH<jiiito creek and marked "('. ti. 1,'n nortbosst
eorner," ihoneu -muth mo Ohalns, thenc-. went mo
oh-tiua, theuce north 80 Ohaini,  tbence eaat ���*���"
Nelson Land Dlstnob Dlstrlot of Wosl Kootenay
Taka potloo that t. Bllsabeth Berguson, of Nw��
>on, Kiiti-h Oolumblai occupation married wo
inun. intend i.> apply ior p. rmlBsian to purehase
llo* IoIIowIiik d.      ��� !' i .1 land :   Comiiienelni. at a
po-it planted m ohalna wesl ��t the -.ontheasi corner of Heetion B.Township80, Kootenay, and
marked-'B k.'b n k oorner.''tbonoe went M
ebalna, thence  sonth -i" obalns, tbenoa oast 80
0hal08i   tbonoe   north   -tn chains to   the place   of
oommenoement and oontalutng mo acrei. moro
lr.lh Jul V. A. I>. 1907.     Kl.IZATKlll K-efut!J,(*N.
by w. A. ('aider, agent,
Nelnoii Land Dlfdnct.   Dlntrtcl <d Went Kootenay.
I .ike notice that I, l.avld U    Kurl/., of   Nel-inn,
K. c, oecupailon  men-hunt, In lend   to apply for
permission to purohan tba followlng deaorlbed
landi Commsnolbg hi a posl planted at tho
aputbweat oornor of neetiun M, township W,
Kooteuav, and marked "l>. (i. K 'a %, tt'. curiiLT,"
tbence north Mil chain-*, thence easl -iMelmliiH,
tbence -�����.���_ 11��� hu chain*), Ihence went -it) chain-1
to the point itt couihU'iici-mciil and cmiti'lnlng
:i_*0 ucrea more or leu-,.
1Mb July, 1*107. DavidQ Ktrnn-
W   A. Cnlder, agent,
Nelaon Land Dlatrlct.   Dlatrlct of Weat Kootenay
Take notice that I. John l.tuiK.'-f Nclann, H. C,
ootupatloil   miner   lni l   m apply for   pernua-
ilorj to purobase the f.-iii.wh-g deiorlbed hu.de-
LommonelngRt a poat planted at tbo N. K. of
Lot wcy., thenoe cum 90 duiiim, thence Ninith 90
chains, thenca weat -_n obalng, tbenoo north at
chalna to p<iint uf eoinmeiicotiieiit, euntalliliig 40
acrei. moic or leaa.
Auguat-Hid, 1907, John I__.hu.
Nelaon I_��nd District    Dn-trict ol We��l K.-oltnij
Take notice that  Angua  MrtHII. nl tfc.'���"*���*!
Nelaon. intnp��ti..n Bremen, Intaasi ti����*-piri��
pcriuiHMlon If* Jiur.li-HM' the fullnwliiK ilt**riM-
Unda: �� '..inui.-to ii,,- at a pn��l pl-JJlH tl_�����
N.  W,   OOrmr   1-    0.   Morrl��o.r��  r_.nrb. in rut
jailer, thi boo north foriy [_0J chnin-, im��
��ial fo-'v (Hi) chalua, tli.-inx' aouth f--rty (*���*
lontia, thence wesl lorty(io) rbalni Lip-mi'"!
.���mm. ueeincni, an.l eontalotag i*-* h".**-!""
nd afaty (180} aoros, more or Ism. _, . ,
Datod eeptojniMH no, iv��rr.    sm,r�� H.titu^
Nelaon l_and Dialrlet.   lu-lrlilel WMKaaM-J
Take notion thai Philip Brooltalwn-uolMa*
B C, oocnpatlon ranober, lntendi '������ apUr .���*
pvriiilaaloii lo pnrcha-M-thr (Ollewlni 'IwriUfl
la ml :    < otiimeneina   al  a   p"��t  JiliUt*"' ""> ���**
w. -.t shore ol i pper tthat-niati (t3_urtboo)iaasi
thefl K corn,if ..( lot n .-., thane arM^iWio,
thenos aoutb80 chaina. theuce i-a>t omm
ui'.ieor leaa,   to   the  ahore ofthe lake, lh**"*
northerly ai��ng tbe aaid ihora Bl ahaM **"
or Ii.mi, to p��iliil   ef coinmcnceinriii. niniiiaiw
180 acrea, mor.- or l>��a
Date.l lept, I.'lth, WOT.    PWUir lUuio-;mH*_
NclMiti Ixand Dlilrpl.   Diatrict of **����l *"" '"'/
lak.   noiiee that I'mil Aotwt i'anl-H.u. .   K"
chener, B.C. occiipain.ii iumbensse, lajesa
tunpitlr tor iK-rmlaalon io piirelmac lhl'"" ".
Ing described  lands:    Commstciog ��' �� 7
planied at   iheaoiith   h.mn-Uryol   H"' ����������'"
way  01   me   Hritiah  Columbia "oodisra^lj*
way and aUuil ,i-> 1 Haina weatarl] I"""1 ���'�� '
l.2ou aaid railway, IhsnoeaOUth -v'1ll*l,,p' '' "2
seal *��� ohalna, tnenoe aoutb to *to^��&
eaat fl) Chaina, tbvliee North tO tba MOW ���   "
ary ol the rigbt-oJ-war of tha nnu��n <^'in[T
Bouibern   KaUway, tbenoa areabstTj ai���� �����*
-������i'l rlKht of way lo place of. ..tntni-tic.-in- ni-
Dati-d thla 2nd day of/Mutual, Wff.   pmmti
Pail AiuriT fAriJw.
hixiy daya afler date I Arthur All. 11lB��jJgj
ran, lor. oi Hur.0.1 �� Ity   in 1. ������">�����'Jljj'i "V?
Chief Commlaaloner ol l ��ti,u au.l ��'���;*����� .,
toria.H G . to purobase lbs lollowlng ����JH
lauda annate eaat 01 Burton    * "'""^ , ?Tt>*i
pOSI  rn.iik.-d   -A    A    H    li\��r,l',\'lM'l W-l
planted at the 11   w  oornei ofioi ""'������., .������,,,
running north 80 obaina, thsi '**.;., J ,1..
thenee aouth en chalna, ihence weai tu.hamn-
place of coin in ell cemellt ,   ,,,, ��-,���.(,
'ri.usl 1st, l'JU7. IW-''-***!
Nols^n~l_^>^rh,'T"m,trl!*t "I �����'-' Ja****
T-Ot. null.'.. Ilrsl ll"." '���""':""' 2nl' W
Mai,mil',.,     tsriir.'r,      I","'"'1".   '"     "* .���'���|.-l
I ������  r ... I - - ��-- r,   Ii, pini'llSM' IIH'    (.ill.'HI' K , ,���!
Ihi.iI;   li.iirm Ink   ��l s   pojt   I'l'"''.",,,,
MV.B mll.'S Iroin lln. iriiinlh ���'( "j* " ,u,l
nl   iinrlli.ii.l    ii'ini'i'   ol III is    sl'l'l   ""'". ,',|,
rniuki'i -ii 0. a. E aoraw,"��**,K_2__��i
��.,il,��ll,.. 11,,'H.'.. l..'.l 800 Uh ��� ��'���_.
rll.ilrrs.   tli.'l.i'i' I'li.l (��OhjtlDl  I" I"'"" ��'
iii-niviiK'tii, I'linisirriiiK eioaetaa.
ll.U.,1 .mill .l��y-I aukiim. j"';,,,.,,,.,,,.
ABTIIl'l. A.BIBI.'N. A.i'H'
Ni'is.in 1.1111.1 DUtrlot. DUBrtotol*w***J*J?*"ri
Alton*,   Miiiiiii.i.n. broker, nn��   ,"���,',��� .n-.
Inr ,��.riillssl.in   In  ,...r. I...-*    '"*,,   ' '   |,,,l.'l *'
< rll.V I    I'nirrrrri'iii'li'K  ���� ��        , '������. ��|���.��l
lh llln*����l OOf-l.l 0|   ',",'"',,"V    '.ulll.i '""*
IIv.- mill's Inun   Ilm  innilll    1"   ���""" ,|���.���.,'
liliirk,'.! K  !���' H H. K.i'i.rni'i.    ��'��   '".".���.	
nnrlh HUl'linlris.   Ilii'in'i'  WJ'*,',   , ',   . ,��� iinlut"'
Hi.rrlli HU rh, ill,". I'"''"'*"''"'?;',
,',,l,l,l���.|,.','lli,l Illlllllll'lt   ���<"��' ���'"���
I.iili.rl mill, .Iny ol *****h*Ek , Bins".  ,
1.111., Mrlll., iil'i'lipsllnll I"'1"1','' "'
',. ,-w
I urn. Mnrr. n|i��nirli   "���"",,',,'.   f, ,11<>�� I UN '"'"
(cir pornilMioii  "'"'"'.,, ,,���,.i i'i�� ',
,',:',,.,i ii.ri'l:   ComtD.DOiu, ��l��l*��_lJii ���,.ii'i
I'lruik f. B.m.n'l 1 K. 1'iir  > '��� ��������..���_, Mil s-l.-sl"-;
"ir. ii. n. K.i'..nii)r,"��"n r" '",*,,���.,,��. norl��_5
lh,.���,',' smith Sir l*ll��ll'��.  ���;*��'"-'   ,',���,lr,l I ""
I'lrslris lo   Dla-- Ol   hi'Ul""""*'
iutus iii i��n ",r*',";,iu"";.,���N��i.ii's hsi'"""1*
u.1011 m,i AMggm^ %����&, uas.
V The Daily Canadian
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Inspection on every package, would   you trouble making it, particularly when it will Cost You Less.
have it   in all   sizes to suit   families,
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Wholesale Provlalona,
ilnviTiinii'iit Crnnniiry OiipPontirl Bricks recetvod weekly frnsh from the
fhurn.    For Hitlo by all leading grocers.
Office and warehouse: HonBton Block,
Josephine Street.
Phone 70.
Nelson, B. C.
nlnlirl.-il'in of Aj.pli tim llrnthern*   tract.    Improvi'minls  on every  block.
enders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
��� id-Ire.* to tht-  iiii��lcrilsni--l,  ���*<   in*
tiouH, Hi tht I'tty ol Nelson,
i p till ths boor olfto'cloeK, ln
 I Friday,   November  Ifttb.  ' ""��� ���
��� '. tio- 'Tr Mini III" MiniT.l
Dtim, Lut "��.-. (.roup l. KiMitciisy Dlstrli L-
fbii-n wu*:. lo I"* (orletU'd Ui tht  I rown
lai uli   !,. ! : in tin- City ol Notion, Oil tlie
1906,   lot   ileltli.-tieilt   Hxxvm up
Jut,'-  mth,   i>".   snd   oom.    The  upset
I  __ iio-rm   Claim,   whi.li   lit*
i * ' deHqoont  taxes  and  ooit
������ tint- >���(  I'-rl. uure,  with  inU-rwt.   tOJTtt
W ted, i-osi*.   of   a.lvei tlflu-f,
tail |pt* i,,r i * "H j,    .[MUl   Ilift.OO) in *��1 to, which
* .-1....i ��� >t thsi  will  be t-ounldered a�� s
[u. ir tender  unit  t-e  ���Ttimn.lrSnHfl    by  an
in. full aiiHiUtit ol the lea-
hr.payabli o thi ordsi or ths iM-puijr I'tun-
1 --u*. Works, at Vlet-irla. B. O,
"ll Ml
: Kel>..ii. ti ���' , tin** Hth dav of On . V> 7
'loveriinienl Aftt>nt.
Certificate   of Improvements.
PcndcrG Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
......I   (,,   the   uu.li'rulKne.l   at bin
' nuri llotiis, lu th.* City "I Nelson,
t Lhe   hour  of - ��V|in-k, Iu
 n lay, Nov. Ifttb,   ItOT, for Lbs
0]      .hi        Mineral   Claim,   Lol
. ( i.-tiny  l��i_irt.-t. wht-h  wss .do-
; ' ���''������ it. .I   lo   the  Grown i*i   lh"'   t- I
lbl  I  il\  ..f NtlSOn, oil the (ith .lav ot
,, loquonl  i*xv*  up ti i  June
' i ...   oi.-.-I    priee   Upon   U_t
;   rsli lalDi, whlota i.i.hi.ie- the ttnouot
'Hi U-.I*-* nu,I
of fo
Ht lh<* lino
w iii, ii  bars -ui.-.*
��� - I uIti t tlstng,.uul i'-*' toi On>n ii
". Hhii-h I*. tIn- l��Wt amount
udereq u �� bonder.
tnum    bS   ii.eoinpanU-.l     bf   hu
Iu�� foi lbs full   amount ol lln- ten
to ilia ������-���In oi  ihe  iu-imt>   Oon
"i.i Works.nl Vloiorls, B.U.,
I ""Mil NeUon, B.C. ILIsUthdH pi Oqt.lWT.
(���ov.'tniioul Ar. ni
fenders Wanted for the Piirclus- of a
Mineral Claim.
,1.1 rll
"seil '.��� rl," uriiliT'lKli."! ill lil-
'I   II..,,-". rn llnl'ilv ..I   N.ls.ili.
"I I -   bout iilr.ii'.'li.''��.   Ill
I I 'I.In., No. Uth, I'SI7. lor lh.
"Il.tlf.r" Mlii.rsl irisliii, l.i.l
.l.-ris,    lil.tni'i.   vlilili   ni '1.'
 i '" nr.' drown si iii" '" *
' iiv i.i Nation,
,'iullt   Ins
I I,"   up*,'! [,rl,'t>   11,'iirr   Hi"
which iiii'iu.l,'- iii,-1
nl i
'   tux,
up till
'  Mill"
:1""1 '!-���,"
'   IU) '
I'HSIS.I    III,- lllll
. ivliii'h  lis." una
t. mul  l"i' h.r I 'ruw
,i an, �� n iti r. ih,. Isjwl riiinmii
rl.ri 'i -1- ��� umd.r.
Illlsl r," ���"-,>i���|tiiril,<il hy h
101 th, full iiiuHiii,, ,,1 lln' 1,'ir
��� "It   nl   lln.   l',-|,uty   I',inr
"lr"ii-."..iMrir,i WhrksTil vi, i���ii���. n.
���' "I ��l Ni'l.,,,1, H.l'. u,|, I,,,, ,������,. ,,,,���.,
II AIII1V W'Ullill'l'.
Tllllll'lll  A>[,int.
t�� Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mtnrral Cbtm,
Durl   t  ,.
m ri   nu u
���ol Krhlst
l Hit.  i lh.
Wot  .lull
Ml lit*.
li'"'   ���
OdSTBlS 1   at   I)Im
'ho CJlv of Nelmiu.
ln-iir of S 0'Olooh lu
-. 15th,   t'H'T, lor Ihe
��� '/��� llnsrsl Olnlm. Col
f I'lhirlet. whi.li wu da
i to the down at lln. tux
,"' N"'H i  lhe (iih .lnv
1 'Mieiii tnnsi up mi Jans
��� ii" Upsei pru-e upon Inr
Whlfjl nolu-ftl th-amount
���imoMUsl Um  time of  for
,'" v' *    whleh   imve   Htiiee
M;;;"p*; sod [�����<��� (or I town
iii iimouul
IJyi"   leii.!,."\,,'"r;i,|1 Httiiei,,],.
r   ,.."'   '''''"'"'"""'���tt   hy    Af
fiill,.mount of Uie leu
1 r   of   lhe   ��� epitlv   Cnm
"rliM.ai Vlelorla, II,C
"1 Ul
' Nain
���- snd w
"l ��'.,ti
HARRV  Wltiiilir,
Uuvorunuint Agviit.
"I'ulon" Mineral Claim ultuale lu the Nilnon
Mining IMvlnlon, of the Wett Kootonsj DlHtrirt.
Where lia-altsl: -* in Toad Mouulalu two and a
halt mile** from Nt-if-on, B.C.
Take nolhe llial 1, W \ Msnlonsld, aetlne ��-
KKint lor HuKb Hnrh. riaii'l, Kree Miner'n Cer-
tiii.-��ie No 0102209, Inland t'4).la)�� from the date
hereof, to apply lo the Mining Keeorder for a
t'erlfib-ate of luiprovementi, lur the purp->ie of
nhtaluing a Crown  '.ratit of  the al-ove elalm.
Anil further take not lee that aetloti. uuder
m--etloii :n, mum be commenced before the 18-
��� uiitH f mu h ('erililcttte of ImprovemL-ule
I'M*.' 1 nn- r-TA .lay of -. j.r. o-1.. ��� i. A   l> . 19U*7
Certificate  of  Improvements.
'���IllK Hope Fraelloir' Mineral t'lalni. tilluate
in the Trout Lake MiiiUik I��lvlMon. ol Went
Koot.nay   lHnlriel,   l_tK*��t(.i   ou    I'oplur    ere.k.
Take notice tiiBt i. c. Pad lei Pras slinsr'i
OerUDOStS NO BWOU, intend iwidavi- from lhe
date her.-of loappiy to the Mining  Keeorder for
a ceriitiiio.* <>f Improromantf for ihe pnrpOM ��>f
obtaining n (row n '.rant of Ihe above Claim.
And further lake Uotlve lhat net ion under
���-*. i t mu m. mum Ik' eouum-nccd l-efore the
ISSttSnOS Ol Mi'h Certifies- ie of liuproveniemi.
1-Hte.l ll_.jp-. Mh .lay of Oi loher. IfOV,
0    I'ADLKY.
In the mailer of an api.llcntl..n for the liu-ue o[
a hipheiiie Ci-rtttlcate ol Tttls for pari (IU torn)
-.1 Lol MJ. (.roup one  lu the iMntrlcl ol Koote tut v.
Notice I" hereby |*1-.en that It In my Intention
to iniMie nt the es:plra'.lon of oue month from ths
-lent publication hereof a duplicate cf the Certificate of 1 uh- for lhe above lalKls lu lhe in.ni.
olAndrOW Morrison, Which Certificate ol Title
i- .Intel the Mli day of MHrili. 1UUO. and numbered 9O90K,
Und Ke-t lni ry ofll.-e, NeUon. B. C, .September
lath, imn.
���-H    K. MAt I.inn,"
DUtrlct Item lit rar.
lu the niHtler of nii appl i tat lou for the U-iue of
���lui'li'mi. *. ..i iti.* I ertlllcaliH of Title to lota 11.
It and lit. arouit 1. WcM Kooleimy HUtrlcl. aUo
known an ton "Kooteuay Chic I," "Comfort" and
������i.nln" mineral clatum rcpcclively.
Notice In loTchy kIv.-ii that It U my IlitelilloU
!o I-*. n>- hi lhe e\ pi ni i ion of one month after the
��� nl i-uh||cat)oii hereof a duplicate of Cerllll-uie
Ol I Ul. Mt MOlSOi an iiii.llvided H] hNithn In
each <<f lhe shove lot-, umii .1 on the 17lh day of
May, A I > U-m". In theuameof.lohtiC. A um worth,
Snd b1-o a di.plu ale of Ccrlllltale of TltlS No
HOOs of an undivided U> hut U* in ea'h of tin*
SDOri lot-. ISSOOd OB the IT I li day of May, A. I>
IHht>. in the name of QooiVS J. A lu-.worth.
I nni  RSfUtrT Olllee, NeUon, B.C.. AUgtlltBUl
II. K. Ma(I.eoi>,"
HUIrlul KeitUtrar.
in Inr Uu' ls.ni' nl
I Till,. I'll lni 10,
k ,11, 111  till'   1'lHVll
In tho niHlti'r 01 srr H|,nlirii
��.|ii|illi'Hlii.l Ilm I . rllll.'-'c
,,11't Eh. '"'-I li. " "I lni -'I, III
..I Wl	
N,,it, ,'H Ir.ri'liv Klv lull it   Ir. my lllti-iitlnir
in ts.il,' nt III,' I'Xlilm'.uin "I on. murilli sfli-r rlti-
Hr.t puhllostlon b.reols dupllo.Wol tbooartlll
ist.'ul   tli]i> Inr tin'Htiuvc iiili'lH. In tin-   iriirrri'nl
l.y.lln Bhl.lds, whloh i'itiiiIi'iiii' t�� rl.ii.il ths flat
"Inv ul I l.'.'.'.n li.T, irnsl, .111.1 liillilliil'i'il rttlMI K.
"II   K. M..i'l'i:ul,."
Hlr.lrli'1 Ki'itlslrnr.
In tho Mutter of    the "Land    ReglBtry
Act" and Amendment, thereto,
In tin. iiiiiin'r nl sn npplii'nliuii Inr Ilio Issue ol
n .lupl'mlo Ol   the  IVIlllli'iil.'   "I  till.  101   Lots
ami   'iti' mul j:hi:i.   tlrntip 1. Kootanay l)i*irii't-
Notlo.1.h.r.hyclr.n that Ull my talon-Ion
tn in.ui* nr lh. expiration t.l on. tnnntli Imin tin*
tlrr.1 pilhlli'rillnll In'r.'nl n .1.11.1 l.-H <.. irorllllinli'ul
Tl. I.- ... ill.- iitinvi' ili'ni'll'i'il liimls, tn Uie trnni
.Innii'. Itiiilerl.-k   ltnl.i'rl��un   .vlilili  1'vrlllli'i.l,'   Is
.Int. rl th. "lh 'Is)' nl Allans!,   IWW,  .mil   Is lilliti*
l"i',;i'n,!U��.-lslr)*   OfflO.,   Nel-nll.   ��V_.-..',"t   ��'
Aimiisl   IW'V. II. K. Mi.rl.KOll,
Aii-tiiai, lis". uutrlol B..l,tr.r.
Record of Thirty  Year, of In.ane  Embezzlement Without Any Adequate Motive,
Mm. CuBHle Chadwick, wIiobp tlonth In
the Ohio Kim.' prison Ib raporteiT, was
imu of tlm most rcinaikuble women that
Hi.* Iiihi Imir century has produced. That
her talentB were exerclaed wholly In
the llclils of crimp Ib an Incident for
which her HiirrotintlliiKH may have been
refpon-lble. Had Fate eaat her lines
otherwlHe, she would surely have he-
ooms celebrated, for she possessed
Courage, audacity, nerve, perseverance,
ami hair _ dozen oilier high qualities to
a remarkable extent, lt has been estimated that Mrs. Chadwick's HWlnd-
IIiikb ran Into ihe millions, and there
can be little doubt that many of her
victims have kept their losses to themselves, rather than become a public
laiiKhinB-stock. Of the whole remarkable
story, the flrst slgnlllcatnt feature is
that Mrs. Chadwick got the money without bearing heavily on her femininity.
In the common sense of the word, she
was not an adventuress. She was personally without physical charm.
Her own testimony on the subject being worthless, we may assume that Mrs.
Charlwiek's maiden name was Kllzabeth
Bigiey, and thai she was born at Appin,
Ont., 45 years ago, as her sister says.
Her parents were poor, and life on the
farm held no attractions for Elizabeth.
Her earliest attempt lo make a name for
herself waa executed on a cheque, and
waa attended by some Irregularity
which landed her In a police court. On
tlie plea of Insanity she escaped imprisonment, and soon left the country to
join her Bister In Cleveland. There, ln
U8S, she married Dr. W. 8. Springsteen,
who divorced her shortly. Next she appeared in Toledo, under the name of lie
Vere, and Biicceedlng iu fascinating several men. one of them being an express
agent named Lamb, whom she landed
in financial dilliculties, before she, herself, was Imprisoned for nine years, on
a charge of forgery. On her release she
went to Cleveland, calling herself Mrs.
Hoover, in affectionate memory of her
last husband. She obtained employment
as traveller for a millinery establishment, imd later on blossomed forth as
a clairvoyant and ma. teuse.    In the lat-
A. M. Can. Sue. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office*.   Henley Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St.. NELSON. B. C.
We offer you best fruit lands;
best terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't have to use all of your means
ln paying for land. We want you
to put It Into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Fruitvale you
miss the beat in B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelaon, B. C.
Geo. P. Player
Office   Room  No.  2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tuni.i-ni ii I.I:."-' 'I In the mnl.'iMi nni Rt hlK
oilier in the Court ROOM, in tbu ("Ity o|
Ni'Uoii. will bu rri-elrnl up till the
bom ol ."�� o'clock, in tlu* afternoon, of Krl
tiny. NovciuIht Int. UOT. for tlie purchaw of
tio* "Anne" Hlnt-ru ''.mm. Lot  ��� ;** , Group l,
KooIi-uh)' IHritrtrt, whirl) wtm ik-clare-l to be
f..ri. it.-.l to tlie Crown At the tax Rale ln-l.l ln the
Cltv ..( Nclr..>ii. on Itic illli <Ihv mi NovcmlKT. I'M!,,
for <K*litit'iienl ItXtt up till June 30th, !_*uft, ana
The iijw't price upon tlu* until mineral claim,
which incluilci" the Amount of <lclfn<iuent t�� hoa
Hint con in at lln- (Hue of forfeiture, with tntercxt,
tn\c*. which hnve fliuec aecrueil, rout of ailver-
tl-liiK. ami fee for ('rown QnutAaB 00.) lat.JB.7D.
which |h the lea-t Hinoiint tliAl will be eollNi-tero.l
I a t.-n.le
Kticli   tentlei
eptcl elie.'Ue
niiml In* AceompAiiicil hy an actor the lull Amount of the tender.
iirlerol the Depot} (*oininlAHiont)r
.. at pur.
ay nfHept
h��t.-t   ui   Nelson,   H.l.,   u. i- .'.Hi '1
(ioverlimelit A-*i*ut, Nwlnon, H
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
easy terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B., Dally
ter role she met Dr. L. E. Chadwick, a
wealthy Cleveland physician, whom she
so infatuated that he projK.sed marriage
and was accepted, the ceremony being
performed at Pittsburg.
It was ln Cleveland that her sensational career as a financier began. At
the outset we are puzzled io find a satisfactory motive for her colossal borrowings. Dr. Chadwick was a wealthy man,
and quite able to support his wife in
luxury; but this was not good enough
for Mrs. Chadwick. The tremendous
sums she fradulently obtained were put
to no logical purpose; probably half of
the huge total was given away. She
bought a dozen rings from a Toronto
jeweler, but gave them all away to
former Canadian acquaintances. She
spent several thousand dollars in equipping her domestic servants with silk
and fine linen, and sealskin sacques.
Her home In Cleveland was a huge bric-
a-brac shop. Costly pictures, famous
statues, and other most expensive articles of verue were scattered about with
almost maniacal profusion. On her
bauds were thousands of dollars worth
of gems. She lived in the most luxurious style. But to a rational approximation of ail this insane prodigality she
might have legitimately attained through
Dr. Chadwick's wealth.
Traced from its small and modest beginnings, Mrs. Chadwick's system of
borrowings is easily understood. For
uny reasonable amount she had good
security���the known fortune of her husband. Met* method was not new. She
would borrow a thousand dollars, and
when the note became due borrow
two thousand from someone else and
retire the first note. When the second
note expired, she could go back to borrower No. 1 for $3,000. and probably get
it on the strength of her promptness in
the matter of the first loan. This principle could be worked safely for any sum
up to $10,000, but when the woman desired greater advances some greater security than ber note of hand was necessary. After a few years of this sort of
Mnanclng, Mrs. Chadwick met C. T
Meckwith.   president     of     the   Citizens
Notice I* hereby -*l\cn. for the (information of
in iiliiii; -i ���['. i- ii u I other*, IhAl -.election him
huen ui.t.1.' of ihe :t.">.��'.uo.1 ni ret. o( lau.l Hltuatetl
tu Ihe Peace Kiver Yiiltcv. I'rovlnci* of Britmh
Colnuihia. Kfaiitctl to tlu- .>ouilulon Oovernnie'-t
iitnlcr lhe provision* of Svetlon 7 uf "Ar. Art
relating lfi (he iNlainl KaMwav, the ''ravin-*
[)oe It an.l Kallway I.aikIi- ofthe 1'iovlnci*," ami
ouch laiitl Ia not Open to entry under the lami
|a��. .'I the province.
The block MUeotsa In dM0rlbS-l Bl follows:
Ci.l.iiiieneiiiK at a point 88W mllei Nouth of the
I'eii'e Kiver on the l'-Mth Merl.llan, Uin*- the
laNlern houiulary of the province, thonee went
, . niii - ami ;-��� i*i iliiiii*-. theuce DOlthTt. mllen
POO B0.OH clntln*-, tlieuce east To inues snd -ih ill
ihaln-i, thsnof noulh lo the point of commencement followlUK the i.'.iii. McMillan nml contaln-
ln�� approximately it.Mki.OiO acren.
Not lew   ii   aim if I veil    that,    wllh  a  view   to
actliUittiiK    Hottlcmciil    in   the vmIIcvh oi   tho
Peace. I'-irNiilp ami  Pa< k   Klvem,   the   lollmvlliff
belt of  lain)   -10  in  i* -   in   hi lib  an.l   exlcmtli
JO iuUcn on eneh Mde of lhe  Peace, Par*nilp ar
pack Riven has been reserved for actual Mtueri
to be a.-.-iilrr.l hv  pre-emption  only    l.r   tho
I.aiul Act, !-ucli  land   not   being  open   for  wale,
leane, licence or other nlletiuilon utitler the (.aid
Ael cm. pi bv pre euiplhm :
OOnuneilOlnjI al the InterKectlonof ihe western
boundary of tni bloek of lami Hlebted i>y the
j omluloii (iovernment with lhe Peace river,
ihence tollowliiK lhe Peace Kiver ami Par-mlp
Kiver to their continence, wi'li the Pack Kiver
mul ihciic* followlUK the* Pack river to the
lut* where Mibl Paek Hlvcr leaves M0l*t
ke.Htiil cxIemlltiK for a illNtauceof -.ii miles
,m each ni'le of rslaflUVSn ami appro-clmatoly
170 miles in length.
All Uml" OUtilde the hounilariefi of the Dominion Uoveriunei t (iraut ami 'the reiiervo
SDOVe detOTlbed areoiHUi for location un.ler the
Inwn of the  Province.
Acting Chief ConinilAHioiierof Lsndl and Work!)
i .tii.i- .iti.l \Vor��N Iiepartiuout.
Vlelorla, MupU-mbor lath, ii��o7.
Notice of Meeting.
Cascade  Water  Power  and   Light  Company.  Limited.
Notice is hereby given that an extraordinary general meeting of the Cascade Water, Power and I.lght Company,
Limited, will be held at the offices of
the company on Saturday tho 2nd day
of November. 1907, at the hour of 2
o'clock in the afternoon, for the purpose of:
1. Authorizing the issue of ti series
of debentures, aggregating $375,000.00.
dated the 1st day of May, 1907, with interest at A% per cent, per annum, payable on the first day of May, 1940, witb
interest payable semi-annually on tbe
1st days of Muy and November lu each
2. Authorizing tho execution of the
draft Deed nf Trust, approved by the
parties, which will be submitted to the
meeting, and made between the oompany, of the First Parti the Royal Trust
Oompany of Montreal, of tho Second
Part, aud the West Kootenay Power mid
I.lght Company, l.Imlted, of tho  Third
.1. Passing the resolution recited tn
the said draft  Heed of Trust.
���1. Transacting such other business
as may properly coine before the meeting.
Hated (Ms 16th day of October, A. D.
Hy Order of tho Board.
Tremont House
Knrooesn tnd American Plan
���Ml. 36 tru.   Boom, from 3* ct_. to 11.
only >7talte Help JEmptoyed.
B,,er St., Nelson Froprlalon
Host comfortable quarters      Nelson]
Only the best of Liquors and Cigars,
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renoyated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled in the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. EEICKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 260.    Opposite Court House
and PoBtoffice, Nelson, B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Itreet, Nelson. B. c.
Lighted by Electriolty and
Heated by Hot Air
10-Acre Blocks For Sale
ample water;  rail-
In the Slocan Valley;  free from   stone;   level land;
way facilities;   good settlement; easy clearing.
Price: $50 to $85.    Term.: One-fifth   cash,   the   balance   one-fifth   each
year.. Interest 6 per cent. Itil'.Niii III    i. ' 1
H. & M. BIRD
Fire, Accident, Life and Employer:!' Liability Insorance
Let us quote you rates in the best board companies.
irtable  Bedroom
Sample Rooma for Commer-
Lmrge and  Comfortable  Bedroom*)  and   Ftrit*
clauDiDiDg Boom.
MR8.  K. C.CLARKE,  ProprletreH
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar li the Piaeat.       *
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine St
Nelson. B.C.
Royal Hotel
Bates |1 and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Reg-laiI Boarders
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal in the city.
7 rooms and bath, 50 ft. corner lot,
centrally located, one-half cash,
balance   on   terms $2100
5 rooms and bath���excellent repair,
electric light, water, sewer, 1 1-2	
lots, on  terms $2000
3 rooms, water, electric light, chicken house, woodshed; on terms..$ 750
5 rooms with two excellent lots in
Fairvlew;   water .* $1350
Victoria St.   (75 ft.   corner) $   500
Houston St.  (50 ft. corner) $ 375
Chatham St., Fairvlew  (30 ft.) $200
6 3-4 acres, easy of access by wagon
road, partially cultivated; suitable for
market garden.    Terms given
160 acres on Kootenay River, good
train service $3000
Real Estate Agent
-P. B. LYS
  315 Baker St,  Nelson. B. C.
MAMJFACTU-a-RS    T   *.:._,.!_. ;._     CL_ 1
AND DEALERS IN    J-**m De*,   -MllllgleS;
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows,
Turned Work and li rackets. Mail Orders promptly attended to.
Furniture, Clothing,
Stationery, _E__,tc
A. McDonald& Co.
Dealers iu staple and fancy Groceries,
Batter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
National Hank, of Oberltn, Ohio, a man
whom she completely deceived. To
Beckwith she gave promissory notes
umouni.ing to $250,000, sinsned "Andrew
Carnegie," the signatures being forgeries. She explained that she had sold
property to Carnegie, but that it was
"tied up" for the time being, and that
it could not be realized un by either of
them, but that Carnegie bad given the
notes so that she should not be pressed
for money.
UeckwUh, although a nwm reputed to
be a pleasing combination of Hetty
tJreen aud David llurum, was trustful
enough to band tiver $240,000 owned by
the bank and $100,U0U of his personal
������state on these pieces of paper. He
made some casual enquiries of a lawyer,
who pronounced the notes genuine, but
did not take the trouble of writing to
Mr. Carnegie, a course of action which
would have decided the mutter at the
cost of a couple of stamps. Mc entertained not the slightest doubt, but gave
up the bank's assets and his own fortune tn this woman uiupiesthiningly. This
he did in defiance of a stale law* which
forbids the loan of mure than a tenth
of the bank's paid-up capital to one person. To conceal thia fact from tbe auditor, Heck with and the cashier, a man
named Spear, also a dupe. rMOPtfed tO
all sorts of subterfuges aud doctorlngs
of books, Tbe grand exposure came,
dramatically, from the deathbed of William l.edorthn, au Oborlin lawyer, who
had been consulted by lteckwlth. Hedor
thu felt that the directors of the bank
should know how matters stood, and
Just before he died he told them the
story which shocked and amazed the
SATURDAY OCTOBER 12th.        7.30p.m.
A.G. P. A..Vant*oilvor.
D. P.A.. Nelson
F C. GREEN       F. F. BURPEB        A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineer*, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Box 145   Phone lfi B.
Old Curiosity Shop
NO. 310.
Certificate of the Registration of an Extra-Provincial   Company.
"COMPAMSS Alt, 1897.''
I hereby certify that the "Full-* ("reek Copper
Min'iiK Company, Limited," has iIiimI-v beeu
reentered Man Kxlra-l'rovlu.*tat Compauy ua-
!'T tin* "i .iinpiuii, - ..\.-i, 1897," to carry out or
tilled all or any of the objects of the Company
'.<��� wiin-li the !---*i-.liiiiv>- authority of the Legli-
lature of Rrltlxh Columbia extends
The head uftice of the Coin pan y Ik situate at
the City ol Sptikauu. state of Waihlugtou, U.S.A.
The umnuut nt the capital of the Company la
one million live huudrcil thoimaud dollars,
.llTliIcd Into one million five hundred thouaand
���.hare-- of one dollar each,
The head olllee of  the  Cou.p_.uy   lu   tliiH   1'ro-
v tn no ls bltuate at Nelson,  and Michael G   Mon-
������;:-. n. Miner, whotte address ls the same, is the
attorney of the Compauy
The time of the existence of the Company is
t'fty years from the 15th March, 1907.
Inv Company is specially limited under see-
��� ton 66 of the above Act.
'���iM'ii under my hand aud seal of oftlce at
Victoria, Province oi Urltish Columbia, this 1Mb
lay nf May, one thousand nine hundred and
IL. s.) 8. Y. WOOTTON,
l'i'*_i**HHr of Joint Stock Companies.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897.'
Notice Is hereby slven that Wilton A.
Miller, of the towu of Creston, lumberman, has been appointed the new at-
lorney of "Tho Kiuney-Mlller Cedar
I 'ompany."
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
Victoria, British Columbia. October 27,
Ml Kinds nf Boating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. One ra Houae.      Tel. 181.
To All  Point*  In  Kootenay*.
M-ONTREAL, ��46.10; OTTAWAJ44_*5;
HALIFAX,  156.40.
Correspondingly Low Rate* from and
to All  Intermediate Polnta.
I'lvp'ii.l passage arranged.    Reservations  secured, etc.  through  this  ulllce.
For further particulars call or write
! ���
I* J -
���U. ,1
5 ���������
",    I
��� i :
��� "��� W ��� ���'
��� t ���
ii   :
I   *
li *;ii
'���I     .'IS  II
The Daily Canadian
our stock for the New Jewelry antl other
floods we are opening up almosl every
d;iy. We are exhibiting Brooches, Necklets. Pendents. Bracelets, all in new designs. The new Enamel Jewelry Sn
Flowers, Birds and Buns Is most attractive.
O. Patenaude
And Belts
Fancy Chiffon and Silk
Collars with or without tabs
at, each, 50c, 75c, $1.00 to
New Elastic Beaded Belts.
New Leather and Silk
Belts in all colors.
h n-nnufpii-iinv't Irom tne Bnetl lobscco. lan-
rlpencd -ind d��M iweetenod.    it'i tnildj full-
tlHvorcii nnil cool,   -\ tobaoooyou
_ounlii to try
Tobacconist.    Baker Street.
See Us
For Good Fruit Land
10 Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & <��
Next Door lo H.uik of Commerce.
BUSH  & MATT HEW, Props.
Mi:Alll-pARTI'ltS   FOR   ALL
J     Phone   9. P.   O.   Box   672.      ]
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Bom BuUdert will iiud it to their nd-
.'.i.-ip'.' to use oor "Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Any man able and w iling to nurse
_-,*. p.ill p- < patients In case of need, is re
quested to apply to E. C. Arthur. M. O.
City medical health officer.
The ir.'si Hard Coal on t_e mar.
Bankhead fcirl-
Tl... Bail Domestic* Oos.1.
West Transfer Co.
Got-. Verr.'t'.     -r��ri Hard StrtietH,
J. T. Beattle, Mrs. and Mis.*! Beattle,
Kamloops; C. F. Got-ercllng, \V. J. Carpenter, Spokane; Mrs. II. M. Steve���son,
Ainsworth; J. S. Younp, L. L. Lewis. .1.
.1 McKenna, li. B. Co'cherton, W. II. P.
Clement, Qrand Porks; A. S. Hood.
Thrums; G. P. Tull, G. Castell, Calgary;
A. Carney, Kaslo;  li. J. Campbell, Cal-
sary;  D. <:. Skinner, 1 rlrm: C. Redlo-
II. H. Webb, Montreal; w. Jackson,
Medicine Hat; J. P. Vroom, Waneta; W,
A. Qalltber and wli'e, A. H. Morgan,
Best  Located  Hotel in Nelson
IT llrr irrtuiHRelllilit nl K. K.   Noltlp,
laic ol T-ront���, Ottawa ami
I". Tlnrrriirrn. Medicine Hat; W. ll.
Donaldson, Moose Jawj .Mis. VV. Parnell,
Ontario; G. [jowenbei-f*, Creston; K. S.
Uusbby, li. M. Bterton, Vancouver; il. l��.
Atkinson; Rossland; .1. Mritiis.ni and
wife, Montreal; Mrs. .1. \V. Smith, Alns-
worth; K. W I, Scotland; C. F. Hooper
C,   B,  Thompson, J.  A. Oaine, A. E.
Goodenough, ll.  M.  Neabltt,  Montreal;
���I.  E.  Finn nnd  wife.  Koch  Siding;   T,
I' is,  Reglna;   F.  Qulnn, Harrop;   .1.
Qadsen, Golden; .1. Gillespie, Lethbrldge
VV. Jackson, Medicine Hat; C. D. Howell
and wife, Strathcona; H. Pike an.l wlfi .
Macleod;   VV, .1.   Meacham,  Winnipeg;
.Miss    \     llilikins.   England;   11    I'.   Leob,
Trail; J. Amos, A. Amos, Revelstoke;
���I Arcbi r, Kaslo; .1. Bel], A. Prout, P
Hancock, Blrle.
K. li. Molr, Kaslo; Mis D.Crawford,
liln.' !;��� ii. Mrs .1. m. Benedem, Mis. .1.
K Tattersall, Slocan; Mrs. .1. Peachey,
I'i... i.i; ii, v. Father Lacombe, Plnchor
Creek; Rev. .1. Jodoln, Montreal.
W. li. Onrnlsh, Brie;  .1   C. Clark, .1.
Stowart, I'ilui Hay; C. Simpson, II. Met
.nil. . Pilot liny: ii. McDonald, Rossland
\   McDaniol, Westley;  .inn. McDonald
P.    Martin,   Beattle,   .1.   Lurk.   A.   Minis.
fYultvale;   M. Coleman, Spokane.
.1. Btrongholm, .1. Thomas, Lardo; .1.
Peters, Patron; .1. Lank. v. Sllverton;
W. Edwards, ll. Pavelon, Beasley; P.
Do von, Los Vegas; .1. Grafton, Calgary;
P. W. Chorley, W. Hans. Koch Siding;
F. Orange, Blue Bell; .1. Emmerson, W,
Burton, lli*wiii nilno.
c. II. Wother, Trail; T. L. McNab,
Creston; O. s. Pulton, Kaslo; ii. t.
Bmlth, Cranbrook; T. R. Woodslde,
Greenwood Greenwood; .1. Mould, l>. K.
Fall-oner. Newcastle; A. Mnars. Denver.
Sherman's Opera House
Friday. October   J 8
and  Saturday  Matinee.
Geo. D. Sweet present! the Bansatlona]
Comedy Drama
"A Messenger Boy
Saturday, Oct. 19th
"Mabel Heath, or a Fatal Marriage."
Band  and Orohestr*..
W'ati-li  lni* street, parade.
PRICES;   50c,   75c,  J1.00.
Matinee: Adults 50c, chidren 25c.
Sale   at   Rutherford's   Wednesday.
University Club.
The October meeting of tlu- dub will
in* helil in tbe city hall tomorrow evening al s (.'dock. Tbe paper will be road
bj A. [_. McKlllop on lln* principles of
The Theatre.
Tontghi tbo Bfeasenger Boy will be
seen ;u the opera house, ir the performance Is ui.t'half as entertaining as has
been promise il by the advance notices
it should be well worth Boeing,
Visiting   Creston.
Gold Commissioner Wright has been
visiting Creston the past few days. He
was looking over some work that the
department has in contemplation for
thai  pan of the Yjnir tiding.
Methodist  Concrt.
The concert in the Methodist church
last night was highly successful, n
was largely attended. Mr, Patrick made'
an admirable chairman, and the programme as announoed yesterday was admirably rendered.
Met   Borden.
It. S. Lennie and A. BI, Walts, now
making a hurried trip to Ottawa, by pre-
arrangement met Mr, Borden's party at
Moose Jaw ibis afternoon, and discussed
many matters of Interesl to tbe Conservative party in the west.
Sunday School  Convention.
A union conference on Sunday Schools
for Kontonay and Okanagan will beheld
in the Nelson Baptist church for three
days beginning Tuesday evening, Oct.
22nd. Mayor Qlilett and Rev. J. T.
Ferguson will welcome the visitors.
More  Settlers.
J. I-.. Annable disposed of three 15-
acre fruit ranches at Burton City last
evening. Tin- buyers are J, a. Fisher,
of Snake Lake, Wash.; Ernest Hardy
and John Shannon. They will move on
the land at once and make preparations
for fruit growing.
Eagles' Smoker.
Cutiss' orchestra has been engaged
tor the Eagles' smoker next Tuesday
Dight. The entertainment committee
will meet tonight to make final draft of
the programme. The Daily Canadian
acknowledges with thanks an invitation
to be present at  the smoker.
Owen Me Kirov died in the hospital
yesterday, lie was formerly lighthouse
keeper ai Pilot Hay. He has been ailing
with an aneurism for over six months.
during which time be has been In the
hospital. No one seems to know where
he came from originally. He was over
sixty years of age.
Home Again.
Gerald Ress left here over two
months ago, and since that time he has
travelled around the world, returning
home laat evening. During his absence
he visited China. .Japan. Frame, Egypt,
Italy. Germany, Switzerland, and finally
home to England. He enjoyed bis trip
immensely, and did a little missionary
work for Hritish Columbia on his travels
Church   Service  at   Fruitvale.
Rev, F. II. Graham held a service in a
private house at Fruitvale Wednesday
evening, Six months ago there was no
settlement, the service was attended by
34 worshippers, all hut a few of whom
are permanent settlers. They are already considering plans for the building
of a church. Fruitvale surrounds Beaver
towns!te, 13 miles south of Krio on the
Hue of the N. and F. S. railway.
Public School Closed.
Dr. K. C. Arthur, city medical health
oflleer, ordered the dosing of the public
schools tins morning for a period of two
weeks.     The   danger   of   the   spread   of
diphtheria is the reason. There are now
five cases, all of them of public school
pupils. Nunc have been traced to any
particular  source.       Dr.   Arthur   thinks
The Store of Quality
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
It Is Grown���Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We Stake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Rcccoinmcnd
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
Rob. M. Hood & Co.
K. W. C. Blo-k . Phone  1*.
W.    O.    OIULETT
Cuntrnctor   mm-I
Hole- agent for the Porta llti-o Lumber Co,, Ltd.,
retn.ll yitnlH.    HoiikIi ami <Ir------   ; IiiiiiIht, turn''*!
work nml braoksUi COMl In tli ii nd iblnjuos* torih
mul   dimi-H.     (Vim-til,   brisk   Mill   Ihm-   lor  Hiilo,
..iiloiiiiilii* -frf rider,
Yard Mini factory: Vernon HI.. SSSt ol Hall
rMa..*.or\,   13. ��.
J', O. Box -Mi. Telephone 178 **
3 ROLLS 25c.
Cornpr Silica and Josephine 8ts.
PHO.M.   *7
Holiday goofls are arriving and we
are showing some of the latest things
in Handbags, Purses, Cigar Cases, i tc
The productions In these goods are
richer and more beautiful than ever, ami
our stock makes a particularly attractive showing, it is not too late bo be
thinking ahout Christmas, ami making
a mental note ��� ������ whi re the fines, goods,
and the largest variety  are to be found.
W. G. Thomson
STATIONEK. _*l_l_0.
l-t-.or.tr. 34.
Nelson, B. C.
that a fortnight will giv�� tlm-- for any
other cases that may exist to develop
In the meantime all the rooms will be
thoroughly  fumigated.
Farmers'   Institute.
The autumn meetings of the West
Kootenay [Tanners' Institute have been
arranged as follows: Tarry's, Monday,
Oct, -s: Harrop's, oil West Arm. Tuesday. Oct 29, during the day, and in the
court-room. Nelson, at B p, in ; MaJcusp,
Nov, l'h. Mr. Dry doe attending; Blocan
City, Friday. \.-v. B, Miss Rose and Mr
Anderson attending. The speakers will
he; Miss Laura Rose, or Guelph, ont..
Thus, A. Brydon, and .1. It. And' rson.
deputy minister of agriculture of British
A Distinguished Visitor.
Rev. Father Lacombe, the aged missionary nf the Roman Catholic church,
iti   visiting   Rev,    Father   AlthofT.     The
reverend lath, r la known all over the
Continent, and his work on behalf of his
church ami the Indians of the west muni
occupy a prominent place in the history
of Western Canada. The aged father is
now approaching the four seme years,
if he has noi already done ho. and he
carries   with  him   wherever  be goes  the
good will not only of ids co-rellgionlats,
but all Protestants aa well, Tonight he
leaves for the coaal,
S. O. E.
The Bi
.rr Kim
II i'n
1-liK HAM
���0Od   l.rr-
r.'its.iirs r
K.r.l ll���.
n> inir Ut 1
Ss.   .'ham
Siting.    A
h Pay
���111 111
.���   for
ng Mm uik PI
i.i '.\.r> ova
rrirlil   iniui,
K. W.T., C_m
K 1
3 ten
LOBT���A I.ADV'H I MIII'Kl.t.A with Bold rlinnn*.!
limnlle lift hi K I*. Mall, on nu-l.t nl *-i:
Sept.    Plnder   plotat   return   to   I'arker'K  Hue
ployinenl Ayvnty Hii'l ri-rciw ri.*waru.
iiot.li chain, between Roorsr and Vernon
Street*. Bultable reward wilt bepald l-ir lu
return.   M. i Derm Id A noBsi-ly,
a HOOKEI BOOK oonUlnln* a Mfnad oheque ni
theBeeoud Iteiiei Mihiiik i'.omuH.oy, pnyebla
to <). 0, W'H.le. r.nd leltrrn. Fiinfer kimlly
losve nt No Place inn.
TWO FlKRT-Ci.AHH ROOKS, uteflm liRnnd     Apply hou-iikei:ner, 3rd Rut. K. W. (,'. bloek.
wiNm.   in- Uakeri   ths TlM ta bs Fir, Tnm.
track or Ptn_   win give ii twnti eaoh In the
htriiiLf,  nil   .'.   ,.;    Umber,      Apply    to .tom-pti
(ieiitli*. Cimoade,
WAN'I'KI' Sliiiiitinii by Yotiiif* Hefiiftniati (mnr
ried) wiliim- to tackle unvtliliiK. expurloiiced
Ugroeery, wine hikI uplrlt trrtde- Aiidni-m
It. V . t'Hily C-iiiii'litui Offloe.
A I'AK'INKK with |'2,0()0 to pureluihe n Irull
raneii near Nelson   a Rood ipeoulailon.  i'nrt-
lier Deed Mot >>e Hetlvi'iy filKHKed oil rnnrh.
For pertleulHrii Apply T tl. l'lioo'l Kit.
WANTKH KleetrleiKii. KtiKllsti. newly iirnve,),
WHtiti- ni tin-lion in in *��� I all nil on or r-iiullnr work,
A Idreu h. w  ��., iiaiiy Canadian,
WANII.h     KllKllHhliintl   26.   wntiU hlliiHl.uli   lol"
week "i Longer, K*��"t   Hthojui otoA  to oiiieu
roniitii-.    Ad'lrci-H  11. W. H    Iinily I'mmillii u.
WA INI KI)    o I'lirehHHe a Coon Coat, ChhIi Buyer
Apply J.H. M..I-HH- lliU otllce.
Whol.-hKli- and   Kt-tiill Dealer* in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oampi snpplied on shortest notloe and
lowest price.        Nothing but  fresh and
WholSSQUifl meats and tupplei kejit m BtOOk
Mnil onb*rs receivn careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
ANDi    j /
Pure Ontario Honey,
5 lb. Tins,
ITelophone Ull.
Cleared,    cultivated',    planted
with   So   trees  good   water,
first rate location, $700.
t_O.VllZ   AM)   Stil-.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sate or Hire
AKrnt for Triisr-oll L__nchea
Hlr-I I*. i.tIm.k. ('sn,,.'..
Kin. -r Lot .,! Bo-U l" B.i:.
PoetofJoMphln-8t     I.-)   ai-
���OClal   l|Ul   iV'llilir;   in   III.'   K.  of   P.   hull,
ii! i   I ri  ih,*   in, mi., in  .in-I   their
frti ti'is  bolng  irn.s.'iii.      A    good  pro-
:-- r*.. in lit. ��� wri'- pui .111 , ih dueling lilnls
riri'l s'iks hy .1. lllll. F. Parker, VV
Prior, B. \ Wye, W. Cutler, \ Hulbi rt,
J. siiiiiiiiiiiiIh. a. I**. Taylor and a \\*.
Dysr. Th- benefits i.f the aootety were
. tplalned bj Rey, !���'. ll. Qraham and i*
Starkey. Refi-ab'n-enta were aorvod and
the  HlimlnK .rf    the    National  Anthem
I lr-'hl   In   n   cli'Ni-   nni'   Of  the   Hini   .11
loyable evanlnsa the H. 0. B). baa ever
Mr*. Juatloe Clamenl anived from the
Boundary Inn! ul-^lit.
A. Carney, of Kaalo, limber Inapeotor,
''.'inic in m ihe olty inni night.
W, a. Galliher, M. P., and Mt_. Cain-
ber n inmi.-il to Out <:liy Ihhi night.
.Mrs. II. M. Stevenaoa oame down Froin
AiriKwniih yiKli'i'ilriy iih.J in ni the Hume.
.1.  i*. Vrnom,   euatomi    oolleotor al
Wriiii'tri, rum.. In  in the cilv  ihis morn
Ing. .j-jijf
.1. t. Beattle, formerly of tha Nalaon
branch of tha ihmk of Con-meroe, imw
manager al Qraanwood, (laaaed through
Un' olty in��i iiIkIh from Kamloopa, m-
oompaniad hy bin mother unit sister.
Piano  and  Singing Lessons
Given  by   Mrs.  Winter   Every  Saturday
Mm. Winter linliis ceillllenio frnm
lloyul Acnilirmy fur pliinufurle playing
ami KinKim*.    Oertlfloate  from  Trinity
Ciillegn, l.iiiiilon, Knx., for llieury of music. Scholarship of the London Omuar.
v.ilolre of Music 'or hIiikIiu? anil piano
ploying.        Address Box 796. Nslson.
Owing to nu Increasing business ,
tbe regular lines ..r Drugs and Stationery we must have more room, and will
liny.,  lo close out  several   of  ���,,,.  "H|,|n
lines."      We  commence  with china
WARE. Our new slock Is nil In fur the
Xrnns I nni... and li all noes In ni our
Clearing  Out  Prices..
a visii io this department win interest you.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR  BAKER  and  WARD.        Phone 81
R.   W.   HINTON
RaspSslf-ltlS .....I .lohhlns -rxvcul.d with I >__p���i (|_   Sh      . m_,.,
\N*..r-k.   .-V1I..I..K ...,U   -.1111   \*I.-rl,ln_lr-y.       I\,....i.,.._tt.e.r-...
0.-o   Ci.rsr,   IV.   IV.    fllMlll ���lll.llre*   V-i.rst. -    '
that Is fashionable and durable can b,
bought now at a price that ��� lurt t:
tempt you. Winter style, are bem,
shown. Come quick and get the pick.
Shirts, Collars and Cutis galore. Mti
ium and Heavy Weight Pajamai and
Night Shirts at proper price,.. Parti-*.
lar people will be pleased with our offer
Places to have your prescriptions filled.
But to have them properly and carefully
compounded    as    your    physician   prescribes, bring them    to the    Popular    Store.
Poole-Longhurst Co., Ltd.
Baker and Josephine Bti
We would like tO lee all OUT patroueconfortft-b.4. Hum wlnlf-r nml In onl*r to
do ho wp hnve In stock the best nut-tort ed line of hentliiR stoves uml CC-ttl
stoves unci   nof. j  f-ver before  proR<>nte<l to the public* In KiMilenay.
We would be pteeeed to show you   our line tad before niklof yotv p*
chase kindly see whnt we hnve to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, L'mtted. Nelson Bran*.
Yotl can always get what
you want in all kinds of House
Furnishings at the
Buck Stoves
and Ranges
Standard Fa_mittire Company
Complete House Furnishers and Undertakers.
Our Stock iu this li��c is
always complete ami Op*W
Mechanics' Tools a
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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