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The Daily Canadian Dec 4, 1906

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Array ��anafottm
No. 154.
lau! Subjects For
8oa:_j of Trade
dim a swell waS encountered la wium
about iii n-i-i wnt, a riot paystraak 01
two ami ���,���-|���i|f fget. |.*r���,��� un, ,��� ,
mill.* over a weak, two men here taken
out. a car oi ore, Th,.- paysireak Is 1,1
iiini- quart* carrying free g_i_, ,��������� win
nt" up In ilu, hundreds of dollars lo
the ton.
IP-litioib to Governments From East
and West Sent to Nelson For
Th,- ncsi  mil-ling    of    the    Heleon
|l..:!.] si 1 sills-. 10 he held on Thursday,
lucci'inlisi   1:1, will hi- a very Importanl
A in, 1 ting of the council of the
��� tarsi I'-1*-   been   called   lor   Thursday
laltctiin, 1  thin week, to be held In
lit., boarsl  ni   iniile  rooms at 480, to
Inn.-in-s   11 1   iirepare  tbe   matters  to
|l_l:iil 1,1.nv iho general meeting in
In,.. .... 1  rollowlng.
Several ol Uu- matters are not 01
bcal, [irssvinclul or even merely West-
Ira inter' I, but lilted the whole Do
(1111- subject lhal   is cerlain    lo    be
|i     k'rtit I   iin' complaint of tlie set-
along lln-  Hhori-s    of  the  Arrow
I.,.. nt  Nakusp,  of  Ihe   (luiuy
pinl ins i'a;-, sl cost ot trips lo NelBon
-imssi|iis-iii iipisn the winter route ana
ue table "i ill,' ('. I'. It. company Ior
' cation lias been received
'mn iii. iiromoterfl or the Yukon-
mkan t-\|sosilion promised to be
tlii in Seattle next yar, asking (hat
resolution 1.,.' passed urging the gov
liinii' isi <i Itritish Columbia to par
Uilsiiis iii 1 is-- s'xpnsillon and give it
iam i.s: assistance.
Tlis- I'lanbrook board of trade asks
fooperatiun I.y  resolullon In securing
li    ill,-   provincial   government.
���iimiisiiil or other,    In hastening    tlte
joiiililiiisiii    ol    construction    of    the
i' iiual  railway.    A coiiy ot
1 Itiiii; lelti-r fiom  C.  llungeiTord-l-oi-
I ni the k. c. lt. oompany,
.lhe letter of    the    Cran
frosik board.
ill'' Vancouver board    of    trade  is
nn-    11 ilu- attention of the pro-
"'������ii n ii' iiiiuent,  In  the form ot a
fctition. to which the assent and sup-
i'n ssl ssli other boards are asked, the
fc-arili or labor, skilled and  unskilled,
|ssl iin ,11 s]iii,un eriects upon the mln-
lunib'-rlng and agrlciiliural Indus
i. mnl   upon  the   general   develop
''in oi Us..- province.
[A i-tniui!  I,, t|,c,  Dominion govern-
lisib  in.-n  adopted  by  the Asso-
lati-ii lluiiriis of   Trade   of    Western
H-iisi'in.  meeting recently   at   Kdmon-
n. iiskini; tur better postul lacllitics
r Hi.  w.s     ')-|le petition    is   being
|r.'iiiiuiii inim Winnipeg to the coast.
Iircanilsi.   poinis out  thnt the  ex-
P'""'l|' rapid sspenlng up nnd develop-
*"t ul tin- west    has    created    new
jtia* mist ���, u. routes. The government
slrongly urged lo make a much more
I'ir.iiis sn,,,, um,, heretofore lo keep
-e wiih tti.. growing reipilrcmeuls 01
' U|i sn tlii' matter of comuiunlcu-
*sis itl
petition and a resolution
""ui Hn- board of trade of Kings-
ll 1: Its-lug circulated from the
Mi iss in- cncirio. it 'is aooom-
1 li) elaborate tables of statistics
'- ''if cs'iii|iiiriit|vo cost of Irnns-
1 hi'  products of llie Wesl
; .-1. 1
nwronoe route unit b>* mi
i'l's'rnallve  routes, showing  the
("Ivamagos or the lor r.   The
mn in is urged, therefore, to so
* is'isl Improve the various ca-
'" "'o SI. Lawrence river route
I'.iiiis'iH ami other vessels ol the
1  rapacity   may   pass   from   the
I Win    Ca '" "('�� WB'er.
I 'Hii such an extensive nnil varied
''"*' I'-l-er Iho next meellng or the
" "' trade deserves a full attend-
Means Big Work.
1'rliiciton Do,0.    4.���Tho    Vermilion
s Mining company    have   entered
'" ;i ramtraol  with the Great North-
" railway  1,1  Hiipply   ihem  with   Mi
"I  coal  per day  as soon ns  thc
reach   Prlnoetott.    Preparations
"ut iniiile In got lhe properly In
'" s"l'|sl.v Ihis amount.
Strike on Mavis.
,:'  "wood, Dec. 4.���A rich body 01
"us encountered on tho Mavis thll
'     " 'Irll'l was commenced on the
couple of weeks ago al  a
fl'lh of al
-out  DO  foot,  and  lu  this
Phoenix Men Stretching Out Into New
Mining  Territory.
Phoenix, Dec. 4.���J. .1. Martin has returned from the Coeur d'Alenes, where
he has Interested the Greenoughs lu
Ihe Carney group, and while abseni
he organized lhe Carney Copper company, with a capital of $1,500,000 ln
JI dollar shares. Mr. Carson, who was
In charge or the Morning mine lor 11
years, will be lhe superintendent ot
llie new company.
The Carney group ls located lour
miles from Mullan, on Willow creek,
aud consists or eight hill claims ano
three fraciious, with favorable copper
showings, which have beeu declared
by experts to be some of the best
copper surface showings in the Coeur
d'Alenes, the outcrop running irom
3 10 20 per cent, copper. There a.e
two well defined ledges 150 feet apart,
one being 40 feet in width and the
olher 88 feel. No. 1 tunnel is in 3b
reel, all In ore. No. 2 tunnel was driven 86 reel, ajnl since Mr. Martin took
hold a crosscut was made from tnis
for about 100 reel, and ls now In good
copper ore.
Alberta Coal Company.
Fernie, Dec. 4.���Andrew Luldlaw* oi
Bpokane was at Pernio last week, and
lert Tor the east to put through ano! tier big coal deal, by whicli the Alberta
Coal company purchases a new prop
erly near l.undbreck.
Important Mining Deals on North Fork
of  Kettle  River���Grand Forks
News Items.
(Special  to The  Dally Canadian.)
(Irand Forks, Dec. 4.���Last Friday
evening Ihe local lodge I. O. O. F. hold
a meellng for the election of officers
lor lhe ensuing year, when the lollowlng were elected: Noble grand, George
Chappie; vice grand, W. Iladden; recording secretary, W. Dewdney; permanent secretary, A. Clements; treasurer. R. Frache. It is announced tnat
lhe initatory degree will be conferred
on the newly-elected members as ot-
fleers at next Thursday's lodge meeting.
Some exceptionally Important mining deals have been closed here during
Ihe last few days for Interests up the
Nortii Fork, among which was the purchase of a one-quarter Interest In uie
Union, Maple Leaf Fraction, Paper
Hollar and Gold Dollar claims, in
Franklin camp, by James McArdle, the
original owner being Mike McDonald.
Joe San Tanto acquired an undivided
one-quarter interest In the Noble five,
In Franklin camp, from It. 1'rybllsRi.
Mr. Gordon also bought a one-quarter
of thc Del Monie. a properly also m
Franklin camp, from .1. Holmes. II ls
reported today lhat the aggregate considerations for these interests exceed $10,000.
The commissioners of the old town-
site of Columbia, now known ns West
Grand Forks, have just purchased a
new 100-horsepower motor for the
West End rire slat lon. *Phe motor has
arrived and Is now being Installed.
Improving the Grade.
Mr. Mllllken has left an engineer In
charge of ihe Oreal Northern line, lays
lho Hedley Gazelle, lie will make a
low alterations In the plans between
here und Kereniens, and will spend llie
winter on the seciion between Ken*
moos antV Princeton. It Is understood
thai Mr. lllll ls nil Illo lime becoming
more particular about his road-bed and
will spare no expense in gelling It Jusl
as he wants it. For Ihis purpose Mr.
���Mllllken will ease out some or Ihe more
objectionable curves nnd flnttun the
grades, although lt Is difficult to see
where much improvement can be made
in grades where the maximum is now
only one-tenth of one per cent.
New University.
Calgary, Dec. 4.���A formidable deputation from al lho Presbyterian churches In Alberta will wait upon the provincial government on December �� to
impress upon the administration lhe
necessity of beginning at an onrly dale
the creation ol u provincial university,
Drugging of Lou Dillon.
New York, Dec. 4.���Horsemen arrlv-
ed horo In considerable numbers today
ror 'hn semiannual meeting or the
board of review of Iho Nutiounl Trot.
Ung association,   wlil-Jh  will  begin   lo-
Fifty Cbnts a Month
day. Borne or them are witnesses in
the Memphis Gold Cup case, Involving
tlie alleged drugging ol I.011 Dillon at
the meet In a Tennessee clly In uc-
tober, 11104. This case Is to be adjudi-
cated upon by the board. Others are
members or lhe board and or ihe assoclutlon.
California Trouble to Be Aired  Before
United States Courts.
New York, Dec. 4.���According to
Washington advices to the Herald
there is general disposition to let the
courts have an opportunity to pass
upon tho trouble between the United
States and Japan over the Japanese
demands with rereronce to their children's attendance to the schools lu
California. President Roosevelt is as
determined as ever that the treaties
shall be observed, but it is plain that
the exact extent of the eerms of the
Japanese in the premises must be determined by the Judiciary.
A search by Secretary ol State Koot
Into the decisions on this question led
him to the conclusion that the treaty
of 1894 regarding residence, travel, etc.,
did give rights ot an educational character. California, he says, would have
nu ground to stand upon iu a litigation
brought by the United Slates to enforce the treaty rights of Japan.
Cowardly  Murder Perpetrated  in
York Last Night.
New York, Dec. 4.���Julian Sal van ne.
115 years ot age, a saloon keeper, was
shot and killed in his own home in an
Kast Side tenement early today by un
unknown assassin. Salvatore, who hnd
closed his saloon late, was about to
retire with his wife and two chidlren,
when Ihe murderer, shooting through
a window, Inl'lcted a death wound. At
the distressed cries of the wire lhe
neighborhood was aroused, but the
search for the assassin was fruitless.
No explanation of the crime could be
given by Salvatore's relatives except
that he might have made an enemy lu
his business who was unknown to
The Broadview.
Trout Lake ,Dec. 4.���The Ohio Minos
Development Co., Ltd., sent Manager
Emmens Ihis week instructions to follow out iiis recommendations that another tunnel sliould be driven nt lhe
400-foot level. To this end a double
shift will be added to the force and
driving commenced at once. The development on lhe 300-foot level ts
showing up well. A body of ore lli
feet ln width, carrying values of $12
per ton, has been opened up. Cross-
cutting thc vein antl pushing lhe mam
drift to get under tho shaft constitutes the work on this level.
Cariboo, Camp McKinney.
Midway, Dec. 4.���Thc unwalerlng ot
the Cariboo Is proceeding fast, the
water In lhe shnrt being lowered six
or seven feet in tho 24 hours. Tenders are called for hauling wood to
tbe hoist.
Earthquake In Martinique.
Fort do France, Martinique, Dec. 4 ���
An earthquake shock was felt .hero
lust nlghl. No damage was caused.
I'he shock aated one miiiulo and a
half. The oscillations were rrom
north to Bouth.
Mining Locations.
A bill of snle, a notice or option,
eight locations nnd two certificates ot
assessment work wore recorded In lho
Nelson mining oirice today,
Annie Moore gnvo n 1)111 of sale lo
M. lOgnn on Ihe Orinoco Fractional lor
nominal conslderalliin.
M. Kgun gnvo nollco or nn option
given by hlm lo A. II. Kelly on ills' Orinoco, Uio Tlnlo, Queen Victoria Frac-
lion and Orinoco Fractional.
The following are the claims loomed: itlo Tlnlo, nl the head of Forty-
Nine creek, located November 25 by
Duncan Darough; Santa Clara, at lire
head of Forty-Nino creek, located November 25 by A. G. Lambert; tho J. M.,
nine miles weat of Nelson, a mllo and
a hair north of Rootenay river, located
November 24 by J. J. Malone; the
West Loop, a' mile nnd a half east ot
Kitchener, located November 17, hy
W. H. Itymnii; Popper Olnnce, North
Side, a mile and 11 half oast of Kllch
oner, located November 111 by It. M.
and K. K. Lnlh; Ihe Snow Flake, two
miles rrom Brie, n relocation or the
lied Hose, made November III by W.
Gratchfleld; the Ore Fono, on tne
north side of Coon creek, located November IS by W. II. DoWltt.
Certificates of work worn Issued to
A. McMillan on tho Slnigle. and lo D
Salgrun on the Diamond Hitch.
Large Ore Body Found on
Greyhound Mine
Now Bonded Locally by Manager L
H. Moffatt of  Rathraullen-
Good Showing^ Tunnel.
(Special  to The  Dally Canadian.)
Greenwood, Dec. 4.���The Greyhouna
claim, fn Deadwood c.m[), about one
and a half milea west of town, ik
showing up to great advantage. This
property was at one time under Uie
charge of the pyritic smelter people,
hut Uie management of the mine, like
thut of the smelter, resulted disastrously. When the crash came thc
Prices of Quebec retained their hold
on the Greyhound through mortgage.
Two years ago a-n Engllnh engineer
tried to secure the property for an
K_iglish and French syndicate, thinking he saw in it tbe earmarks of a
great mine. But after,.ie had returned lo England his J^-reenwood ageni
Tound difficulties at both ends of the
line and thc deal fell through.
Last year the Greyhound waB bonded for L, II. Moffatt of Itossland, manager of the Hath mui len group in Summit camp. Considerable work had lieen
done by a shaft on tbe property, but
the present holders left the shaft,
came down the hill a short listance
and started a tunnel cast.
The tunnel Is now in about 100 feet.
The lead has been encountered at a
vertical depth of about 50 feet from
the surface. The ore body is now over
ao feet wide and the .'astern wall is
not reached. A sacip!*- *aken from the
dump gave a-n assay value of $17.40,
yielding ;: per cent, in copper.
The former belief that the Greyhound was bound to be one of thc big
mines of the district iB now strengthened by the present development. 'I'he
big value that has always attached to
this property now appctus justified.
Dominion Copper Smelter.
Boundary Kalis, Dec. 4.���The new
giant Giroux hot blast furnace at tbe
Dominion Copper smelter is partly
set up, and with a couple of cars more
of machinery, soon expected to arrive,
it will be completed some time this
mouth. By the first of the new year
the new furnace will be In commission.
giving the works, with three furnaces,
a total capacity of from 1200 to 14UU
tons of ore per dny, or between 40,000
and 60,000 tons monthly.
City   Power   Plant   Almost  Certain  to
Be   in   Operation   Before   the
Fateful  21st.
���*I think bo," said Mayor Olllett thla
morning iu response to a question,
"Will we have light by December If."
Inquiry wns made also at the local
oirice of the Allis-Ciialmers-Bullock
company, with whoso engineers, J. Ne-
Baa and il. G, ilullia, rests the decision
oi tho question whether or not tne
use of candles on Christmas will iio
necessary.    No definite reply could  be
While all who know Lome A. Camji-
bell personally outertain uo doubt
doubt thai he will, If necessary, strain
u point lo accommodate tho citizens ot
Nelson, everyone would be better
ploiiBi'd If the city's plnnl wore In operation by that lime, so that no further appeal to Mr. Campbell's goner-
oslly would be necosanry. It Is wen
known that tlie West Koolouuy company has long had other and more per-
niaiicnt markets availahln for tho ikjw-
er now supplied lo Nelson, and that
it Is entirely due to Mr. Campbell's
desire not to put a whole community
to grave Inconvenience that tho sor-
tlco to the city has boon so long continued.
While Manager Clllice of the Allls-
t'lialmeiH-lliillnck company begged tu
bo excused from pledging tho company's engineers to a definite dnte Tor
lbe completion or the hydraulic and
electric Insinuations, he assurod his
Interviewer that all possible speed was
being  made;  the engineers and  their
stuffs are working double shifts and
every available means is being employed to bring the long task lo an
end as soon as possible. Mr. Ullllce,
while declining to make any positive
assurance, appears confident that the
people of Nolson will not have to
"walk in darkness" for even one night.
Atrocious Crime Planned by a Baptist
Minister  In Georgia.
Valdosta, Ga��� Dec. 4.���Tho crime ror
which J. H. llawlius aud Alfred Moore
were both hanged today presented
unusual features. Kawlings and W. Ii,
Carter were neighbors near here.
Both were Baptist ministers. Several
years ago a dispute arose as to the line
between their respective farms. Litigation and bad blood resulted. Car
Ier was wounded by a shot from ambush and had Kawlings arrested on the
charge of attempted murder. A few
days later, on June 13, 1903. a night
attack was made on the Carter home.
Two of the children, Willie and Carrie Carter, were shot just outside ot
the house, and shots were tired wun
out effect at Carter and his wife and
another daughter. The wounded boy
informed bis parents that Millon and
Jesse Kawlings had shot him. He
died the next day. After shooting the
children the attacking party attempted
lo set rlre to the house, but were Tired upon and driven off without further
Extraordinary Story  of  Relations   between  Washoington and  Berlin.
London, Dec. 4.���Both the foreign
sslTice and the American embassy here
bave expressed themselves as lieing
quite unable to imagine the reasons
lor the question which George Stewart
Bowles, Conservative, proposes to ask
in the house of commons on December 6. It asks ir Foreign Secretary
Sir Edward Grey ls aware of any convention or arrangement having been
made between the United States government and the German government
providing that in case Germany Is engaged in war tlie tir,n,����� >_.-,-_.,_,,i_
marine shall be taken under the United
States flag, and If his majesty's government has received any communication on the subject from the British
ambassador to the United States.
At the foreign office today it was
stated that officials there had never
hoard the slightest suggestion of such
an arrangement or anything which
could bave given .birth to such an
Urav:  Ministerial    Disturbances    Over
Present Spanish Crisis.
Madrid, Dec. 4.���The situation here
resulting from the extraordinary cabinet crisis Is regarded as grave. The
populace Is greatly excited and anticlerical manifestations continued
throughout the night. The police were
compelled to charge the crowds and
numbers of peoplo were injured.
Among the latter was the grand vicar
of Madrid, who was hit by a stone.
King Alfonso desires the Liberals to
continue In jiower, but he evidently
believes that Spain is not ready for
the violent anti-clerical program, or the
extremists. A middle course, however,
is almost impossible, owing to the
clash ot personal ambitions and the
jealouBios of the leaders ot the radical
and moderate groups, which give the
clericals opportunities to renew their
pressure on the king. About iltlUli
women or the aristocracy, lien,led uy
Diicliess Dednlien, have petitioned the
king against the law of associations
Severe Lake Weather.
I'lattsburg, N. V., Dec. 4.���The thermometer stood at 20 degrees below
zero at Lyon lake this morning.
Thirty canal boats are Icebound at
Houses Point, at the foot ot Lake
Chumplain, 114 miles from home.
Eastern Cold Snap.
Boston, Dec. 4.���Early today the
thermometer at the local weather bureau registered four degrees above
zero. The sky wns clear but a- brisk
west wind caused  much  discomfort.
Prices of Metals.
Now York, Dec. 4.���Silver, lid 1-sc;
copper, 'il 5-Hc;   lead, IH.75.
l.ondon. Dec. 4.���Silver, 31 15-Hd;
load,   U IH 10s.
Increasing tonnage.
Detroit,    Dec.    4.���A   special   from
Sault Ste. Mario says the government
traffic report issued yesterday shows
the movement or traffic for the season
to be 60,182,8:15 tons, through the canal, or nearly 6,000,000 tons greater
than for the corresponding period last
year. The November tonnage was
slightly under 6,000,000. lt Is expected the Deember tonnage will not be
much over 5,000,000.
Arrangements   Made   for   Services   to
Spokane and St. Paul.
Craubrook, Dec. 4.���E. J. Roberta,
general manager of tbe Corbin road,
and C. P. R. District Passenger Agent,
J. F. Carter, were ln the city last week
completing arrangements for the running of regular passenger trains between  Cranbrook aud Spokane.
Arrangements bave been completed,
such as are now In operation on an
C. P. K. branch roads, that No. & and
6 over the Crow line, between St. Paul
and Cranbrook, will be made up ot
two sections, two cars of the Spokane
international, the remainder C. P. K.
cars. All Spokane trains will be made
up at Cranbrook. The running time
between St. Paul and Spokane will be
about 45 hours. The Crow line has
been placed In excellent condition, so
tbat this special service train will average not less than 36 miles an hour.
New York Blizzard.
New York, Dec. 4.���New York had
Its rirst real touch of winter last nlghl
when the mercury dropped from 40 de-(
grees to 18 degrees In six hours. Hlgn
freezing winds were responsible ror
this unusual drop ln so short a time.
New Spanish Cabinet.
Madrid, Dec. 4.���King Alfonso has
approved of a new ministry under the
premiership of the Marquis Dearmljo,
in which General Weyler resumes bis
old post of minister of war.
Nelson Curlers Oppose Fixing of Bonspiel at Rossland���Skips Chosen
for Local Events.
The Nelson Curling club does not
take kindly to the idea of a permanent place for the bonspiel of tne
Kootenay Curling association, its delegates, F. A. Starkey and J. H. Fox,
will go to Kossland for the annual
meeting of the association tomorrow
definitely instructed to oppose the application of the Rossland Curling club
to hove the Golden City made the permanent home o/ the bonsplels, but
free to use their own discretion ln deciding where the bonspiel for 190/
shall be held. The only two applicants
so far are Rossland and Cranbrook.
A meeting of the Nelson Curling
club was held at the rink last night,
with President A. T. Walley In the
Ths letter from the Rossland club
asking Nelson's support In securing
the bonspiel for this and all succeeding seasons was read and filed. The delegates to the annual meeting were
then Instructed to oppose the second
part of Rossland's  request
The following skips were then elected for tho local competitions:
F. A. Starkey. A. T. Walley, K. W.
Drew, N. J. Cavanaugb, C. D. Blackwood, D. Booth. J. Bunyan, W. W.
Beer, W. H. Jones, J. H. Wallace, his
honor Judge Forln, J. A. Fox, L. li.
DeVeber, H. G, Goodeve, J. O'Shea, O.
P. Wells, W. O. Gllett, A. Carrie, Dr.
Hawkey, J. Holmes, W. Richardson, it.
K. Hedley, U. Nunn and H. Mclntyre.
A. H. Gracey. manager of the Eva
mine, arrived In the city from Camborne last night.
Henry llarshaw, an old time resident of Nelson, has returned from
lioldlielils. Nev. On his way here he
met John Houston in Carson and had
a long conversation with him. Mr.
Houston Is now preparing for publication a history of early days ln Car
The executive of the 20,000 club ib
meeting with a generally favorable response to tbe canvass for funds to
meet the expense of the new [elders.
The local branches of the banks, the
wholesalers and most of the real estate dealers pro| contributing very
A lone Italian, walking tho railway
track near J. Williams' ranch last
night about to o'clock, was lho cause
of considerable excitement. He bore
some resemblance to Cedio, anas
Paimblanc, who Is wanted at Grand
Forks for murder. Constable Young
was notified and apprehended tho Italian, but he proved to be an Innocent
United States President's
Talk te Congress
Lets His Views Be ThoroagUr Known
as to Hb Attitude on All Questions of the Day.
Washington, Dec. 4.���The president
of the United States communicated his
annual message to congress today.
Among the subjects of genera] interest dealt with are:
Corporation campaign contributions,
government right or appeal in criminal
cases, lynching, capital and labor, corporations, withdrawals of coal lands,
marriage, divorce, American shipping,
currency reforms, Philippine tariff, attitude toward Japanese, Cuba, the Klo
conference, fur seals, and the navy
and army.
The annual message occupied the
attention of the senate ill the day.
As soon as the opening preliminaries
were concluded, including tbe receipt
of a message from the house reciting
the deaths of several members, the
committee appointed to notify the president that congress was In session
made its report through Senator Hal*
of Maine.
The reading of the message began
at 12:21 o'clock. Many senators were
in their seats and the message received careful attention. Following tbe
reading or the Journal in the houae today the committee appointed by the
speaker yesterday to Join a like oommlttee from the senate to wait upon
Ihe president, reported that they haa
performed that, service and that he
would communicate ln writing to the
Train Robbers Secure   Over   ��100flOU
From Messenger'* Safe.
Chicago, Dec. 4.���A despatch from
Palestine, Tex., says lt was learned
yesterday that the train robbers who
probably fatally wounded the express
messenger of a Cotton Belt train on
Saturday night secured -110,000 from
the messenger's safe. The Pacific Kx-
press company of Nebraska refuse any
information, claiming it ls impossible
at present to state the amount taken.
A glance af the messenger's book,
however, would tell the amount stated above. About 180,000, it is learned,
was rrom tbe local treasury department of the cotton belt at Tyler and
consigned to General Treasurer S. C.
lohnson at St. Louis.
Frisco's Relief Fund.
San Francisco, Dec. 4.���The relief
corporation haB Just* published a report
on the condition of tbe relief fund, its
receipts and disbursements from April
i'i to November 17, 1906. The total
receipts were $6,213,279.28. The Items
show that the cost of administration
of the fund is less than 4 per cent. According to the subscription department
report the amount or $3,351,691.64 is
still outstanding, subject to the call ot
-he corporation, with the exception of
1150,000 rrom the state of New York,
$68,000 rrom Los Angeles, $20,000 from
nridgeport, Conn., and a few scattered.
A balance sheet shows $1,935,192.60
cash on hand.
Poplar Creek.
Interest in Poplar creek will revive
In the spring, says the Kaslo Kootenaian. The salvation of the camp lies
In the erection of small stamp mills,
and we understand that several will
be erected there next spring. They
will work on the small, rich veins ot
tree milling gold with which the district abounds, and possibly tho rich
showings nn the surface may lead to
something more substantial underneath.
A Lucky Strike.
Midway, Dec. 4.���A strike of rich ore
was recently made on the new Rock
Creek-McKlnney wagon road, the vein
being exposed while blasting out the
road bed. The extent of the find haa
not- yet been determined, a sample
gave an assay return ot 87 ounces In
gold, $17 fine. Messrs. J. S. McLean.
T. G. Murphy and A. Johnson are th*
fortunate owners.
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tmmmmummmmm ^mM
The Daily Canadian
V. <.��iM   lUK
llll*   now   III
will invite
We Iiiim' pi,m> bl Ihi'i" I" iv<l i��">l bhl*
31: Points, wetghtaj nbool 10 pounds. (7*50 per pita
4 Points. wdjWnj ikool -���' testis,
I%tM  UMkMi  IW  b*Uj   .Vel'iate.l fe. Ilvell
tliom In IAM Oil)
EuSO per pita
excellence   Wa aha*
I 01!
mi: anot-Mti i ks
l I'MIH  liMl  N        I*  !!.'����      I'.'
Un,1#n-l,'tfS'O0    Q I   .l.'tlsiifl
��� ni  *!....  an.l   Usst'l'rs.      QrOMfMl   >'>,!
*.., s)u��nt> ��nd pri.f�� wrprMr-gli La\
���VMI-l l!S MINERS. l*UOSrr.i.-TOR8 ��M-
>rt.r��. v.ll..*a nnd Mst*. S.vtsa. ��-"-<��� ��"'*���
.y.Alnt.   Min.r��-   and   prvsp. .t��>rs'    P.vtt
I   UM
i' v.
Imperial Bank of Canada
\\e*i Ottl.r:
OJUKtaVL PAID OP     ��<
It  K   WU.KIK. IVvw.ls-
REST .   ��i AWiW
J AV'KH.VY   Vi.v lV\��'..i,--.-.I
Ruvwhcs (ti British C.Inmbu:
OOtataKN       NKLSON       UKYK1.MVKK.      tROQT   l.AKK,
URAK BROOK,   \.v\roi VKli.   VWTOIUA
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muson iih��>cm ��� '.    Ma,    UAl .   .M.imiirttr.
Tlie %)y\*l 'Bank of Canada
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��� Bertha Hirach . N   - *. lod on
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^ ��� ���
New Styles in long Coats for Ladies    . i
= i
��� FRED IR VINE & Co.}
The Latest New York Shapes.        Ikst man-tailored
finish, in light tweeds and plain cloths.
Prices from $10 to $25 each
Snow is Here
iter A Speeder Sled of Cuttcj
Your Bov or
Ws Hflvui i it*��i.i nt ah -prlp-f _
Standard Ftirnittire Company
Complete House Fumishtis
Undertakers.    Embalmtrs
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(tOb�� _i*n��i. kr Rook Cues.
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Notice U herehy -given that sixty daya alter
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I- r F.a<(R��T W. BoBimoK.
B :�� hatah| RlTf n thai 60 -lay* ait-t-r date 1 i
intend tv .; . ��� It    ,-���',' UM "Mf-J r.itn*
M n lanla and Worku. Vlctotia, B ' .,
tee i*Ttntwii*n to pmrti*#e th* (nilowiug ���l*f*-rllf ���
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>-   t-.s   ot   vacofl  ro*.!.  About 'J1, ml'-M
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intend to apitlr to th*.  Hen  . , ./("SJHH
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Uke. about three mil ������ north o| ��� ; , V
rawanl tb. **i,; ut- ettA - r-..*,uult ___
the ***���! lake; thenee , ������ w^im^S
ea��t -10 i-balna, moreor i
thenee loUowiiik-
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10 -ponit o| cawnnenceni.Ri. u-tiuintmii
more or ten
By F. L iUioosi, .Ai.jl*
Notl.-e 1�� hereby ftren that Ada] ������   - *.>M|
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N��tee 1* hereby rt-rrn that ao-taj-a atf ������*.������
an*f-.i to tne Hon IhielOomiutwalonerol
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W-Mt    K.--!.*!,��i
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rhalna north; Ibeoer t>
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l>��-l*d lnh ��are_aber IO."
l_x��ted by Jim_��J. Vvcx.
 peti-owi E   ' . *.
^ : - :* hereby fit eo _bat fl daj * alter dote 1
intend to a-prij to the Bon. <'hlef��.-.-antiatooee
of Loods aai worki for t -fnTrrMn lTt|irrata*t
the tnlto��.Kf deeerlbed loads, ritnote tn Weat
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-Arthnr ��arTeo> ? W oorner. and planted oo
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tvo al>ia north of the narroan ,4 Whatahu
lake, aod at the > E cv>r��er of W ��ee��nhe*. ai-
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F L HaxooKii Afrat.
Dated II a ���
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to the i-eot of nimjoeorement. --QU^iif efl
���L ��� ���-** m
bawd the Uth day of a ofiai, 1M4
I'      Ibt, I
Per F ���- Famnri, AnL T
fiity lay* after date i toteo_ u> aKiy m_
Hooorohfl *Oe CUrftanamUMcotrc! Ue.ii_h
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���^ .in ����� n*wi�� -fm^i too- f-
-     :
o   ~��Jad*  oiv   O ootn Rr   -n���n.'-aaim  u jatrreboo
���i .at .**foarri��*<   i*.:.   a.1 -���;. m.mmma_j
. daante:     f-oaiwi up m  t t-h*.  m*.--.
-:t--"i*fO;   tatauilf-.'   -a .���--,.-
I   fwr��*r n   *JWSI--T1  r.  Tnarmila   .    ItOOll
..v CbOHi Mrtn. f rim*SXl* IJif3if�� anru O
���_-___* B olonfo r-au-mf_i��fi��en; r-mounim ���*
a ���s. win ir tan..
.'ItCTl     wu
.. !-.       '::!  .
I) -���      |   ���
���   ���      i    i.   mad       .-. -*.   <...-
:��� . ���       ' ���-    .    ���-.    .
��� ���*.   Mtitfttitrunf
�����hW.   I*   ip.*u- . i   ifrftMawuei
>',;     iuvo    i-tti-iita    ii.*.*oiii.       I    iiiinpf
ui    ii     ut.   u.iii.itc    f��til>]U   noz&n.
!ra-._/.   Ko     2-    .**��
Un  "    i. OaUaop.
totaard utatmrnYi
;             * -   : laaiojic-   n   ._ctJ- a_ii. *n��
tr ru iotm* r^~ t.-Tf- o   tared   (aooao^Mn.
���fa- *���*��� ��� ���   f     ���   1   romai iww; t-vinv *
1 v*    .,-. ,.      tam  ^i  U!,
��� ��� ���*   *   itai-   hiwmi   "..- mlto m>n*ii
JUvtoi  rtr. tlt*nw art**.: * atmUm
* -  aai  ���*    _���___���  baaam noru
*���*��__ .-Hum. la   mar- o   ii'_tun_a(   '*.ilita!i]tot 1<"
*m��t. otma-ir ken
].*.��_ aau .ta-,- a Hm    .eik    Jrv��jo" in^m^
-   1  *.*>;;���_____. Aspsu.
boon   O twrrt-iv pYMtx   UM.: & o*.vt mUR- omlo 1
int-nc b nt*--:* ru   _i    Bmimol
���none-  n   ..auis-**-  rani   w-rrta>  bt* paxaaaaUm   n
���purr-naa***-  tn-    loliow-tsv Qeit���ltr-N   '���kltU-   n   W��jn
*_T:   ]I.TEn*BM.S   .".!T*itf*   if    . O. -49fi      I 1
^*ft.��_.-������������ *������ ���
-bain- iiui:i>   naa   tr   i--as   i,
:: .   l   Man .
iii-irli b   fjaiin. u  Ki-tt9_w<   UW:  Uicnra   ��r<:'.
f-TTioramiif * ar-rv m.iTf it *boo
Ba. t*Cti-_e;  2��t
*tr_tvt   BSKTsnBb.
���      .I I "til   K   . tilt *
...-.,,..    V     ; -
-      -*     a. ���   (.    mm     i|   ���    ������
I N   > - a lawa
;... ::.  . :��� i    v
rm   ��� i: i.-.imi.   ii,.    ii,i. i-     V    V -t   *
-���  -  :    | .    .
���     N
V   ���.    V
���     I     ���  *
U _- ,    ... ���>.-���*���'
- Mam *r< 11
Milt  ���
i. ,..-*,
n   V rrti
m H bl - '   *
I - ���
���   !v
* i
----- I. ���;.
!-���* miif
Iteo   ;:*- - ..
���-���    J+  OCM
iv��k:   nrMTZ-ft. ***K
aositbtwa: n   l.::r:,������;
Lrtinit.   ItVf
���nai: tk   mams, aaafl
iaejtr__a��ii.   i-nnmniny. ite ^.crm.
-_Boa*B_*a tfl: o: hrr,.ieo\
���M.uiittB: nmc
. ���
rtHin.   *u>ou    nv
���.   tOaow aw* a,
-'*1   tbo: -ii  ni ���> aftlC  (la.i-1
���    *    ���: :  -" .-.
���v.uil    U   i.i TTtbOPH
i-*i   nam- ;i   :m   V        ,
��� *. *.. i.  i pn    -. v
*'   inall     tt.-:      t.l.l    Klour;   palt.   uni     i,],..
I.-. .   ���     ���   -\   V,   -���
ba I
-lilt   -^iirr"   ii   ,   ,
'���    ::  .am -*Hi*r** it-.-wnini   lt��  r-j,,,,
*     ���    ��� ���     ��� -
r t;   o   ���-minion���no;:       ti-'n���   v
���.    -     r too i<  ttri Mills
UillitTtf :t! airret- nun ,r .ft*,
Jaxtea. Uitolu Big _���__!       ���
...       ��   I  ta-'-au
i   "ni..
���  ���
IM  -
���'���*   "-**1 to*iii* na-n torn {2 j
,     ���     *..   ...
,   :, ...     ,.Ji;   i-w-wnm.       in. .     be plan, ��
��� ���
tfl n Atiriw. law.
v awa_rfkniiHMM.
I ��� kffl ��cra.i J E Tavior
K       -,
i   ��� i
������   ,     ,.i
���     - - met i��tM,!���.      g3J,S
*    i-Obtta i.i.d
id   '-   M.-rl.a-f  ���,!,, ,
.  *     '    *       vfc-lr*-   ���
��� ���
_Z--: .      '       ' -1"   I      Im nm -
���-'    U   * 1    ��� 'I **  Hi j    I    nr   -an
��-- nu   . r: too ""nnif *mv
��� l ';   '������ - -i -���!����� s. ATtimn.ilfl
__    :  I-laufl.
!���- -
* bi
re   ���
;-���   nn" i
ii.a_.t,*. tn
��� .   . i   i .
Uld -MfUOl
���trT*.  mow  to 'r-***-
IbaWL Mk��t .ia'   '
��� -T   .
[    .    um-mJI^''
, A|��6t ���Mi
ANHEUSER    -AND the original
BUSCH...    Bud weiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 aud 20 years old.
nelson     ���oW Aar,i,u,..,!.;..,.4r,t'-'  victoria
P. Burns & Co.
111   Rowland,   Trail,   Ni-Uoii,  Kiwlo,   Sitmlnii, Throe Porki, New
Denver sod Slocan City.
[Orileri     mail toanf briflOb will have
������   .  !  ���  "it'll!  - '-.-li- lull.
He_i Office: Nelson, B. C.
Flit] ������ ilate I parjNMMHUkfi.gM.pU'
\n\ ''hief roinmlnlboer of Latsdi
Bd Worka [ur iHTiniHlan to panntM tbfl toi-*
nt 1 ���!���    CommeacUyt nt �� pout
itbwenl r.irii.n.I J.HIik-Ji>ap-
��� lm..'. marki*.I - It. S'�� H K. cor-
*r.   runniiiK iluiiic ni i-tan 1*1-* mirth, thenee m
��� ��� ��� M ohaloi p'luth, thence ho
- : "���:n'..f coiniiH-in.cmi-iit, tiiiitalii-
��� . . mi leu.
laj -.1 October, ieor..
R. Hhiki.i.,
P*t J. Hhiki.i., Agent.
alu-i  in!.* I juirp���.-*���*������ making appli*
lion 'hii 1 Commlaalooar ol Landi
iB. Worki        ;   -nil-.i.n to perebiM ilie (ul-
I I .nn.;- :     l iiiiniirTK'lliu at tt pint
I -   ii irtbeaitcoiturofB Bbflll'i
|f, i "I'lmw-,  iiiHrk��>f1 "M. K -t-i'a H. K.
��� I he roe* mi ��� lini tin north to tbfl
toutti I..it, 1- 1 -if t. 1. MS. thenc* m dbaloi
���wwi -* 'halm auiiih. thojux SO chsini
* * iiiiin-lH-mciil, riiiilnlnliiK Wu
�� -
lath laj of October, VtOt.
par J KiuELi., Agent
ll      'In!.
I pnrpOM making appll-
ilur   -
IIhii tho Chidl Uonmlaalbner
Uii'l* a 11'i Murk* Iur '.'*riiii��*-lnn I . |mn*li*_>e lln-
'  bed    iiil'l*.     Cotninehehig  ut   a
l m| m.i- JunellOtl  of   Barne* hikI
> i    ami eail of K. J. Ki|]<.ii> hi-
I *   .-. marked "W. N l"a. .-. ...
Ill if-tSQobaJtti north; Ihence
��������������������� b mbntni ���oothj thene. ���*��
otni uf comnenoe-ment; eontatn-
��� 11  * on? or lew.
ol Ot h.Ut.IWG.
Par J. hhiki.i.. Agent,
'   ���   ��� neeSO 1 liaina weatt'topoint Of
it, "muiiiing 6t0 teres, more or
'   daj of Oetober, UBS.
i'er J. BhteUi Agent.
In reby alTen that Ge darn alter date I
application m tho ftonorablfltba
iiei -J I.Hiitlantnl Worki l..r per-
!    ' P 11    thfl   following   dflflOflbfld
ts.- at  a pomi  on tht*   uorth
"ni'larj ..| I   ���-��� 1 ,m.| alxiul J chalna flUt ol
running HI chain* eaat; tbflOOfl
tl m 11-.-tin lining mi: ���!..-ii. -��� i-i
;    inl   of  . mi men.'fluent, con-
'��� mnroortflSS.
Man -I -.::..;., 1   |3,IJ0_.
R) li- a_t r* t. KRNEfrr W. Koiiinhun
Bitty daya aft. 1 ,|llU* 1 pnrpOSS niHitlug appli-
���     fuomml-aiooaro" l-an-h
r mlulon to purchase thfl fol-
.  '    * :   laDd:   Comnieneltig ata pout
V\*i-<i\ N-H.ni   mo  vHr.U  <����|t ol  thfl  What ahull
1 ���' ibciui two mllen  iouth  of Whal
�����" Ink.*, mmi..',  "H.c.H'nN  E. corner port."
80 -chaini  aonth;  tnenre w
" Ni.iiaini north; thence W
���'""'- ' 1 1- -in 1 of ('onimi'iicfinetit; eontatn-
t-ik. '-+ni,i r,.,   .��� (|_ |t.M
1 daj of Oetober. UOB.
B.C. Hkinhm,
PflT It. BlHKI.L, AR-vlll.
1 r .lad; I Intend to Hpply to tiiv
blel 'ommlMinni'rnf Luii.In and
to pnri'liii*-*.*-* !���*.- n< n*i. nl hiinl.
' -I ifdeoi Arrow lake. n-ljetlniiiK
'rlbed an follow*:   < m* n mn
on tii.' weit boiniilnry of 1-ot
aim north of the H. Vt, corner of
"������at 30 chains, thence aoiilh BD
eaal   30 ehalim  lo  tbfl  weateni
0.378, tbenoe north
1906 M  K. WALUT.
K J. KI.I.IOTT, Agent
i..." '���'���.���  1 U.11 Uml titi.lnya after tlalo I
11,        "",k' "I'l-licHllon tu tbfl Honorabl.- tbfl
hi",,   ,u'li   ' ",' "' '-�����"'�� and Wurka for i-i-r-
I "hi,. y  "' 1 ���'-'���iniitlnn  No.!
Il___....i_; l''M,*nfooitoBli_|
MethM la hereby (rtfU tliat SO (layi nltrr date I
mi-rid to apply to the ll.-tior-.hle lbe Chief Com-
���iilaaiiiuiT of |..n,|. Kl���i Wnrks lor permission lo
purehaae the following dflflcrlbfld landa In lhe
Went   Koolenay -dl-Hrlcl:    lt.*Kllinln-f at a  [��>st
narked "Alexander fnuar. n. w. corner." and
j'ltinte.l   on   the   east   whore   of  the narrows of
Whatahan (cariboo) lake, at theH. B. corner of
ii rnbard  Hlrfloh'i  appUoatfon   to pnrohaflfll
thenre east vi chain*; tin-tii-e Hiiilh 8U chains;
Iheni-o west-tn ehalns, mon* or less, to the ahore
nf the narrows; (hence followiiiK the aald shore
lit a northerly direellon m chains, more or lean
lothe jioliit 0/ c<im��i-.ii*ein.-*iit, containing 3a)
aires, moreor lew.
Oet. ISth-lWH. ALKXiM.rB Fkakkk,
���������  !    I.. Hamm'iM), Agent.
Hlxty -lavs aftei .lute J purpose tnuking application to ihe Bon. I hlel Commluloner of Lends
and Works lor nermhsioii lo pureliase tbe following dflflCribfld lands: Cointneuelng at lhe
iiorthcaM comer of ti, i,  llaHnitigUin's appllia-
Uoo to pur-ibaae. marked "X.jLC'iB.X.oorner/'
iiinnliiK tbenrfl Mn-haius norlh, llu-nce m chains
weat.  thenoe Hn chaiua  souih. Ihence Wi chains
eul lo point ol 'Minmetn-rn-.nl, c.nitalnliig '�������
acres, inure or lesa.
l��at.*.| Hie Ifih .lay of lletoher, I90B.
R  A. OftliSBt
per J. Hiuit.1. Agent.
iT'hv given lhat r-sOdav-
o[ Lnu-U hikI Works for *.������ r x._i ��� in purchase
the .ollowinj dflflerlbsd landa in West Kootonay
Platriot;   it finning at a 1--1 marked, "Bern*
hanl Htrflehofl K. corner," an.l planted on the
east "hnn* of the narrow* of Whal-biui (I'liriUioj
Ink. : ihcnce n rth HO chain-'; Iheliec wesl IU
eliains more or l_M,_D tbfl ShOH Ol Whatshan
lake; theioe foilnwlng said shore In a geueraj
aoiitlierly ami en*. I erly direction I'-fi chains more
or leai* to point of commencement: containing
.tju acres, more or lesi.
Dated thi* nth ilay of Oct. 1906.
F. U II*vv-.Mi, Agent
Hixty day.'-after-lau* I purpose inakliii. application to t-e Hon. the Chief t'omtnlssrotier ol
1 rtH'i- and Work* for permission to pnrehaae the
follooitig deacrllied land: Commencing al a
post pla'-ed about half 11 mile west of Barnes
creek, and about one mile north of the mouth of
the same, marked '���J.H'h. H Vi. corner," running
thence wi chains north; tbence BO ehalna east;
th-nce no chains 1.011 (li to the norlh boundary of
W. N. I'oole'sappli.'atloj to purchase) theuce hO
chain*- west to point nf fommeiicemellt; colitaiU'
Dig ..ti) acres more or lesi-
Pated the 13th dav of October, 1908.
Hlxty dars aft'r dale I purpose making application lo lhe Hon. Cliief ('oiiiuiixHlcniTof Lamls
and Works tor permlnion to purchase the followlug described lamls: Commencing at a poat
plHcc'lahout hull a mile wcsl ofthe lower end of
.vhai-han lake, marked "D. D*s. H. W .eorner/1
ru tilling theuee hu chains-.on th; thenee w) chains
aast; thenee BO chains north; thenee HO ehalns
west to point uf eommeneement, containing (HU
acres, more or lesi
Dated the I-lh dayol October, 1MW.
Ii Doiio,
Per J. Siiiki.i., Agent.
H.xtv dayi after-late I pnrpoefl inakinir appll-
eatinu lo In* Hon Chief Commissioner of IaikIr
and Wo ks for iHrmisaioii lo purchase the following dflflOrlDfld lands: t ommeiieing at the
northwest oornerol K. A. Crease's application to
pttrChaae, marked "W. (J. ti's. H W. corner,"
running thenee HO ehalns north; thence HO
.-bains east; theliee HO chains south; Ihenee HO
haini west to point of commencement, coiilaln-
iliii Oln acres, more or I-
Dated tho 1-th
'"li; ib
��� haie the following described
��� jn ni*. hi a pKist piaeed nhout one
"hatafi|(i] creek Ulld abnilt three
" "' " lintaliHli lake, ru lining Unchains
��� ' ehalni Weet] thenee H'l eliains
* ��� Wl chains Mat) to pnini of coin*
1 ii'i.i'!," ' V",l,.'i'"*nB 'tl" acres inure 01 lo��S.
"i-J Ht uih ri:l. p.aa..
.,     . . I'KTKIl Mi N.M UllTtiS,
")  his agent, KKKWT Vi. KOBIOTQW
' li-ii.'i 1 '* '" "',,y Blron tlial 00 days from dttfl 1
"l I'., to ii,,. Honorable the Chief Com-
ri-iili    ".    ,,,"t,i "'"���   W,,rkK *�������� I'lireliaieWO
n i...!t . 1"' ',il,,''i M follows:   Coininciicllig
il'laniedon M,e norlh imuk of lhe Little
ir.,,i    .','/ ���*!'/"." ��� reidl from inoutli, and
pheV . , '���_, i'1""1'" s w* ,ll""'r J",M*"
��� 11. n. "J J��� ('"iiiis, tlu-nce norm -so chains.
I  . ���-"'li-ilns. theuee south HO chains, In
��� .      "����menoement, end containing MO aorei
"''  '   -"'bday (),.t , p����.        H0UT. McI.KAS.
W^'tiiuVi" ll"'r ,,,,,,' ' I'urpose making appli
I't-M ,'1 lM; """ C fCommlailoner of Landi
|-i,i���,   1     '"!  IJTmissiun tn punhHse the fob
P"Miiw,. " '"ii'is; Oontmeno'ni at the
���"it-iii,-.,. ,,"r_er.0' v* ''odd's appllritlon io
���""K ?__'m m^i ������,'*'-"'��N. K. corner," inn*
*rv"l    11 ^''Iinlli* south, thence 80 ihiilns
Vaii to 1 ' ,   ,[ '"I'mIiih north, thence HO ihains
���mm at n   ,,"1"1   ,,f commenofment, oontainlng
llan, I :1m.r.eorl_SS.
"-���^1 the Mih day 0| Ootdber, Ktt,
(' L. Hanninotok,
per J Hhiki.i.. Agent
���'���   ii ioVi,B���8u0r('ale ������JBttrpose making ��i-pii*
jut : u   ., ' '. H,l"��-hlef Commissioner of Unds
it, .   ,  ,or. permiiilon to purobsse the lol-
b-i  1;,',, V !| "'',  Isndsi    Commeuelng   at ��
A   ���'���Li.'. '"'   "(���rlhwum   comer   of "K.
'K.u-N s |-BPt> watlon in   pureha*e. marked
ii-i:    ... ""���"���'r," rtmiilng Ihenee HO chnin
tint, MaLna^aJri0*10'*01 W����i thoui-e 80 chain
> eusl lo point of cniniiicu
--"���tig l'It) aoroS more or lea*.
"' day ol October, lISiT.
K. ItiiBKltrsoN,
per J. ijiiiKix, Agent.
lay of October, IM.
W. (J.tiiu.rrr,
I'er J. Hhiki.i,, Agent.
Klxty davs after dale 1 purpose making application to lbe Hon. Chief Commlaaioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purcha.- the lollowlng deacrlbed lands: Commencing at the
northwest corner of D. Dodd'i application lo
purchaie, marked ".M K'a H. W. corner," running
thence Ho chains north; theuee HO chaini, more
or leas, to the weat shore ol Whatahan lake, lollowlng same HO chains south; thence 80 cbalm,
more or less, east lo the point of commeinemeiit.
containing litOaccs, more or less.
Dated the J_lli day of October, I'.MI.
M. l'-.i-s-i ii:h.
per J. HhikLI., Agent.
Notice ls bereby given thai ilxty dav* rafter
date I liileiid to npply to the Honorable Chief
Commissioner of Land* and  Works Inr permts-
���I pa re baae tbe lollowlng described lamls:
Commencing al a p --i placed ou Ih* northw. st
oornerol Albert KHioU's application to purchase,
running ho ehulns eaal along ibu northern
boundary "I sume; thenee BD chain* north;
Ihclice mi elm Ins wes ; th- uee Hoeualn* aouth, to
point of conimeiie, ineiil. colita'nlng MO acre*,
more or less.
Dated Oct. ia. nwfl. John BUiOTT,
Hy Iiis agent. BlUOlST W. RoltMSOH.
Notice is hereby given thai fill daya alter dnle I
mt. ml to apply to lhe Hon. Chief Commissioner
o| i.audM ani Works for permission In purchase
lhe following deicrlbw lands situalcd in tbe
IVi-al Kootrnay dlsirlct: Hegiiinlng at a post
narked " Herbert Warren's N. K. corner," and
idiuilcd on the w st ibore of Whatshan (Osjlboo)
lake ahoul one-quarter mile muth of tin* southern end ofthe lake I thenee west 80 chains; thence
���OOtb *") cluilns; thence east HO chains, more or
less, to Whiitslniii creek; ihcnce following
north along tbe creek nn-1 lake ahore 80 chains,
more or less, to point of commencement, containing 640 Here:., more or less
i,,te.l this f*th day of October. MM,
P. L. Hammond, Agent.
Notice is hereby given thnt flo days after date i
Inteml lo npplv to tlie Hon. Chief ComnilBsioner
I "nds ami Work- (or permission to nurohHe
he following dfticrlbO-  landl sltuiited 111 lbe
HI*-     ... .     ......      III..I.J..I.        II...alt,nil,it     ul      aa      n,,L-t
We-i Kootemiv DlltrlCtI Beginning hI a post
marked "Antoinette Kirch's N. E, comer," nud
nl&nted on the shore of Whalshan (Cariboo)
uke it lhe southeast corner of the said lake;
...nee south 40 eliains; thence west �� chains,
.i.,n. or less, to the shore of Whalshan creek:
1' , f��� .wing lhe shore line of said ereek and
i' c n. pcnenli northerly and easterly direr-
o   H<l cbiiin . more or less, to point of oom-
mftneemonttoonui k lw sor_s,morfl or lesa
Ool. IBthi        ��� ANTOINKTTK HIHHCll,
ity V. L. 1Ia.mm.N1), Agent.
The Daily Canadian
Homely   ComparHon ol  Conditions  oi
Society   Made   by    Socialist   Lecturer George  H. Goebel.
'I'll.* Bodallltl of Nelson hold wliut
may 1,0 considered as their first cam-
imtai meeting last ovening in Krater-
nliy hull, Impurling George II. Uoebel,
ex eariii'iiler ur New york, us their
���pealcer. There was 11 mir audience,
uli lha ai'ciiiiiniiidntion provide, being
in ken Up, unit llle s| eh of the evening was attentively listen*, to
ihriiiigiiiiui, iicing frequently punotu-
uieil hy applauae.
The lecturer started out by ottering
In-explanation or the reason why Socialism should volo thc sirulght licKct
and nol that of the Conservatives or
or the Liberals by telling a story ln
Illustration or a man tried ror stealing u hog who was AOQUlUed because
every one of the Jurymen hud had u
piece of the pork! 'i'he division between votei-B should be between clusa
and class and not of tlie same class.
Mr. Uoebel declared thut there was no
dirrerence between lhe political pur-
Ucb; ihey were ull ol the capitalism;
class. He had lost a dollar recently
for defying bis audience to define tbe
alleged difference, as a man rose anu
explained that lhe one skinned tbe
people down und the other up!
llererrlng to the Hindoo movement
the speuker salil he hud no doubt tbui
they came in obedience to the win 01
the capitalist That they arrived oi
Iheir own volition he was utterly incredulous. Capitalist! talked patriot
Ism when It suited theiir Interests, but
not when It cume to employing Inbor.
It was said that men could not rise
because they squandered their money.
The average earnings ln the United
Stales were fl.:',s dully, nnd men could
not well sspiundcr that pittance, tn-
der Socialism men would get the lull
product ol their labor. They used to
get. Iiii years ugo, nhout 87 iiftr cent,
ol   the   earnings,   hut   now   Ihey   only
Nollee Ifl hereby -^iv.-ti Oml  :ii.tnv�� *,|l,-i- -I*.!.*
I Intend to apply w tbe Chief Oomnuastoner
of IjukIm nnil worka (brnapeoUllloeneetooui
and carry away Umber Item the fallowlne deeerlbed tract* nr bind, Hllimteil un llie pend
oitieib-river in the (iiHtiictof Wesl Kootenay!
No. I���Oommonolng e! a poet pleosd on the
. n-i aide of E-Hsh creek, on i be south bank of tlie
I'end   OKU'lltt  liver,  nmrked   Fred  Aide -lr*K
oortbeaal corner; lbence H'-tJ clmln�� Houth.
tbenee 10obalns west- thenee UO ehnins norih.
thenoe-40 ehains cunt to jilace of oommenofl-
Uneted Nov.au, iooo.
Kiieii Ann:, Ja.
No. 2���Oommenotni nt n poet planted on tbe
cin,t -i.i i* ol' Fi-h i-reek, -hi iii" --lllll Iiii iik n! th.*
Tend OHlelle river,   murked  l-'red  Adle   lr'��
noTtbwesi oorner poat-j tbenoe 160 ebftinesouth.
Ihenee to chninK -oast, thenoo IN efanlne north,
thenee m chains met to place of commence'
Located Nov, as, mm.
Kkkh Ann., .lit.
No. e���Oommenolog at a posl pieced on ihe
nouth bunk of lhe I'end < > Hl-lk. op-jHtMhe
Twelve Mile creek, marked Fred AdloJr'nN.
H, corner poetj thenee l��l ehalna Sontb, thence
HichiiliiK wt'Kt, theuee 16*0ehalim north, thence
i-1 ctiiiin-. eust to place of commencement
Located Nov.ati, ine,
Kkkh Ai��ik, .lit
No. .���rommeneing at a |MWt pltuvd on the
Houth hunk of the Tend O'Blelle, OpjKMllte
Twelve .Mile creek, nmrked Fred Adle Jr'K N.
Vi. eorner jhwi; thence -Hle)uitiin south, theuce
l'lOchiiiiiH >*ii-t, iin in ciiniit- nurth,thenoe
it." chalim wesi to pluce orconinienccment.
I.t.e.ilcd NOV. _o, mis.
FllKO AlllK. .'It.
No. 8.���Oommenelng alenpsl plaoedon the
souih hunk ofthe I'endO'HIcllerlvt-r.iiboiiI on-
K-wlte Fifteen Mileerck. murked Fred Adle.Irs
. K. eorner posit ttieiice-lii chiilnii west, thenee
IOllcbiilns south, lbence M cluilns emit, thenct;
iso eimiim north to place of commenoement
Located Nov. as, 1000,
FltKI) AlMK, Jit.
No. fi��� Comnii'iii .nu ul n WHit pliiced on the
Houth Iniiii*. ofthe I'eml tl'Klellc river, nhout
opposite Fin.tii Mile creek, marked Fred Adle
Jr's N. Vi. corner jMist; thence ISO ehnllis south,
thenoe 40 chains enst* thenoe 100 chaini north,
Ihenee HI cbains Wflfll  to place of  coniliienee-
Located Nov. 90,190fi.
FltKll AlHK. Jit.
No. 7���( .tiiitnencinir nl n post planed on the
--..ulli hank or the ''end U Illelle river, nhout
a qiiarler of a mile west of Hu��>siiiii ereek,
marked Fred Adle Jr'h N. K.oorner pMt; Ihence
-til chnins West, thenee IU) cluilns south, thenee
-tt) chains cast, thence  l'-1- cluilns north lo place
of oommenoement.
Located Nov. 37, iisst.
FltKD AlllK, Jit,
No,8���Oommenotni at A pom on ihe souih
hunk ol the Pend O'Kielb- rlver.nhoiit n quarter
of a mile westof Rusalsn creek, marked Fred
Adle -lr"s n. \v corner p0flt( ihenci UO chains
Month, thence ID ehulns ensl. thenee 100 Chains
>riii tbenoe to ehatns sresl to place of com
got about 17 cents on the dollar, the
Rockefellers getting the remainder.
The speaker declared that free trade
or protection tlie silver or the gold
husis had nothing to do with prosper-
Ity. Various countries had either the
one or th. other of these systems, but
In all iiliko the niun with the piece ol
pork hud everything und the other
man wa* robbed, just the Bame. Public ownership was all right enough, but
lt also was of no avail unlens the gOV-
eniment was controlled by the work-
i rs, Hence men had to become Ho-
ciullsts und vote Socialist and thus
become themselves the men with lhe
piece of pork!
Looated Nov.
, 19
FitM> AlHK, Jit.
No, e���Oommenolne ate poel planed on tlte
south hank of the I'end U'Klelloriver,obotil a
quarter of a mile east of Russian ereek, maiked
Frcl Adie Jr"�� northwest eorner post; thenoe
ho cluilns east, theilOO Mi chnins souih, tin nee
80 ehalllH wesl. Ihence BO ehalim north lo place
of coinnif uceinelil.
Looated Nov, if, 1006,
FllKO AlHK, .Mt.
No. to���Oommenelng ai a post placed on the
north Intnk ot the I'end  H'lliellc river, uhoiil a
Quarter of a ni tie from tho mouth of Balmon
river, nmrked Fred Adle ,\r'n B, IV, corner
POSI; thenee HO cluilns east.  Ihclice SO ehnllis
norlh, ihence su chains west, tlienoe60 ehains
Honth to plaoe of oommenoement.
Located Nov. 37,WOO.
Fhki*. AniK Jr.
Nollee li hereby given that :��i daya niter data I
intend making appl lea tion to the Qonprable tbe
chief Commissioner of Landsand works for a
miccIhI license In cut and remove Umber from
the followiiiK deserlhed lands, situated ou the
Commencing about BD chains north nl Ihe
Hniitlieast corner of Lot**) Yalo district! tbence
running east forty (40) ehalns: south oue hundred
and ilxty OW) ehalntl west forty (40) ehalni)
norlh one hundred and sixty (iwi) CllftlUS, to
plrife of commencement.
Daied October 1Mb, 1006. D. H. Tki.vohii.
Thirty davs nfter dale 1 intend tn apply to tlie
Hon. Chlof Commissioner Of Lnnds and Works,
Victoria, for a special liceire to cut and curry
away limber from ibe following tract of land,
situated ou the N. & 8. rail way, in tbe West
Kootenay district: Coniineiiciiig at a post nl.nt-
ed near tbe N.  K corner Ol A. K. Fingland's
timber claim, thenoe nreituchalna, thence nortii
Sli chains, tbenee e st KUilialtiK. tlience south SU
chaini to polut of commencement*
NOV. 0th, IWO. F. J. (iA-UUUKR.
Frustration of an Attempt to Steal the
Semi-ready System.
A year ago the Semi-ready tailoring
encountered an experience which
might be likened to tho history of a
gold mine. Years of effoi't, and or
splendid energy had been -spent in
promoting the Bemi-ready system now
no generally accepted by gentle'nien.
One can recall Instances where years
of labor and thousands of dollars had
been spent ln developing many a gold
mine before the true vein or quartz is
uncovered ln all its richness���the rich
strike to be quickly followed by the
quarrels and law suttb which lollow
the quest of gold.
The Semi-ready tailoring, its phy
slque type measurement system, anu
its valuuble trade-mark passed
through the same stage of hot warfare
when some onlookers saw that the vein
or popular acceptance had been reached. An attempt to separate the workers who had carried it to success was
frustrated. Tbe Semi-ready Company
is today one of the most successful
industries in Canada. With finely
equipped shops, built expressly for
their tailoring, and with 60 Semi-ready
Wardrobes established throughout the
Dominion, their international trade emblem has been estimated to be worth
a million dollars. ,
Hut the gold mine allegory fs complete only when a gentleman realizes
ihat he can clean Up a five or ten dollar nugget every time he saves ihat
amount liy preferring a Semi-ready
suit or overcoat.
J. A. Ciilker, ihe pioneer merchant
ol Xelson, has secured the agency for
the incomparable Semi-ready tailoring.
Silver King Hotd
Best Dollar a -day honse in the Kootenays.
Chicago Group.
F. P. O'Neill has recommenced work
on the Chicago group, above Cody, says
the Kaslo Koolenaln. He informs us
lhat the property is looking elegant
ami that he will work it all winter.
Order Your
Fruit Cakes
We make them in all sizes
and designs
Choquette Bros*
On nnd rafter December 1st my heating and
l>lun.htiiK boslnen will i-.> IhchU-i) in my now
���siiop. two doors out ot opera boose, nu victoria
Tel. 181.     S. A. WYE
Koooib are well lurnlBhed.   Table ai good aa any
ln Nelaon.    Bar iiipplled with good
Uo norland clean.
W. E. "SicOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Knrr��i*au and Auis-tlisuii Plan
Ueala tt cu.   Rooma Irom 36 eta. to II
Onl; While Balls Implore.
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.    A free
smoking aud most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Io. Frait,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker and  Ward   Sts.
Baker St., Nalaon Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House io Nelson.
Tbe Ber la tbe PI neat.
Wblte Help Oulj Kinplsiye-.
Joeephlne Bt.
Lake View Hotel
c.irn-r Ball ami Vcrni-u,
two blocks from wharf.
Kaien fl 00 per day aud up.
Telophoue 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON. Proprietor.
'Yn*in.lly Located. open Daf aod Night.
Ham pie aud Btth HootnB Free.
Opposite Court House aod Post Office.
Comer Ward and Vernon Streets.
Tn�� Strathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Totnkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
$750 Gwh an4 $15 per Month
Witt Pureliase a Modern Honse
containing three bedrooms, Dining room, parlor, kitchen and
bathroom ; gas and electric light.     The house is in a
good position on Mill street and
must be sold.
Price $1300.00.
H. <& M. BIRD.
Oood   Sample    Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelaon. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
tMt.t and Comfortable Bodrooma and Flial-
sslaaa Tuning Room, .ample Rooma lor Commer-
olal Men
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Froprletreaa
Royal Hotel
Hiit.su tl and 11.60 a Day.
Rs- - inl Rates to Regular Bcardert*.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch aud
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co*
Coi-iti-nctot* untl
BoleigAnt for the Portp BIoo Lumber Co., Ltd..
M'ltnl ) an)-.. Rough tuul iliL*"iu<l limit,.*!*, tuniuil
work ana brackets, Cout latli mut MiIukIuh, mull
ami door*.   Content, bnutt snd limo for nalu.
Aiituiiiiiiii- Ki-iii.li-r.
VitnI tuul fuclory : Vituoii Ht.. cant of Mull,
INHL80N,   I _. Q,
P. U. Hoi '*KU. Ttilephuiiu 178.
WholMftle fatii-l Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
OtunpH Hiipplimi ou Hhortont notico mid
Lowest prico.       Nothing bat fresh nnd
whnloBoino mi'iiim mid mippli'H ki'pt in -stuck
Mail ordeni roceivo cAroful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.  Manager.
A. McDonald & Co.
DonlcrH in stnple ami fancy Urooorien.
Butter, Oggi,
Camp and Minors' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dlnnerware ln stock. Pit-
1IT <      ,1        ��T����  TO   TAKE OUT  AN	
NowisthelimeAcddent insurance Policy
I Represent The Railway Passengers' Company
Tht Oldest Company Doing Business In Thla Line.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Aem
oi the
Choicest Frtdt Lands hi
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The HaU Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lad, Copper and Dry Ores.
Winter Excursions
Nelson *"�� Montreal, Toronto
____=_____: And All Foinls Wot Thereof
la Ontario and Quebec.
Quebec, St. John Halifax, and Maritime Provinces rates on application.
Tickets on sale dally,
Round Trip, First-Oass, Three Months'
Limit. Old Coo .try Rates
$89.25 Return
Halifax or St. John.
Saloon, $95; Second, $76; Steerage, $54
And up, according to steamer.
For detailed information, sailing-,
ocean steamert*. first class or tourist
sleeper reservations, apply to local
agent or write
K. J. COYLE,    J. 8. GARTER,
A.Q.I\ A.. Vancouver. D. P. A.. Nelcnn
Certificate of Improvement*
"Hattdti" mineral claim, nltuitorl In tlir Neliuin
MitiitiK 1'niniiiii uf w,m Koolanaj dlstt-teb
Where lot'-ate-l: -On Toad mountain.
-nkr Notice lhat I, John Mt'Utehlc ai'lliiK ����
���Kent for Qwrn A. t'nm|ibell, Free Miner"* C'er-
tlilmii* No. a-Tii", Intend, i-i.xtv iIuvh from the
date hereof, to ai>|>iy to the Miiiinn Itecordcr for
a <Vrt in rate of lmprovemeiitai, for the pur|H>iie of
olil iii n I nit _ Otown (irnnt of the above claim.
And further t���kn notice Mint action, un er
Mcction 87, tntiRt be commenced before tho Issuance of such Certificate of Improve ments.
Dated this 17th day ot November, 1 .-.Ml.
John m-.-i.ati iiik.
Certificate of Improvements
"BpnljM" ��nd 'Ojabe" tnincral cIhIiiis, sltuute
In Trout Uke Mining Division.
I-ocatedon Poplar creek.
Tade Notice that I, Bruce White, acting as
agent for thc Knyglass Mining ' o., Pice Miner*.'
���iVriUlcHtv No It.\*4% Inland. fO dnys from the
date hereof, toapplT t�� lhe Mining Recorder n��r
a (VriifU-aic of linprovcinentft for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown   .r.nn of tint nbove claims.
And further tako notice that action, under
Hectinn :t7, musl be commenced before the Issuance ol such Certificate of Improvements.
Duled 26th October, 1-PMt. Bawl Wihtx.
t'RUNINtl AND liltAniMi i*��refiilly attended to. Apply
-Silver King Hotel.
Excursions to
Eastera Canada
Oriental Limited
With through tourlats car to
Chicago. ��� ��� ���.   .-
To Toronto, Montreal
and points west
?Sr* -.78.25
Correaponding low ratea to
polnta east of Montreal.
Tickets on sale Nov. 24th to
Dec. 31st. Good for three months
with privilege of extending limit
Going via Sault Ste Marie
stopovers allowed east of St
Paul and Duluth.
Going via Chicago stopovers
allowed eaat of Detroit and
Port Huron.
For  further   information call
on or address
City Passenger Agent.
A ll.l-. A., H.MII..
West Transfer Co.
Geueral Tenmsteni and Dealers in
Coal anil Woo .   Express and
baggage Transfer
E__S'i5 Office: Baker St.
Notice la herehy given that at a meeting of tbe
Bo-.nl of Lift-use t.oininlfiBlnners, to be lie d In
the Chief (..rastitle, ofllce, Nelson, on the ISth
Pee.-in ber, 1IK<6,1 Intend to apply fo- a Iransfer of
my license for thcOrove Hotel. Falrvhw, Nelson,
tot: P. Wnlmsley
Hated 15lh Nov., 190T.. J w t'ROW,
per Wm. tiOSNEI.L, Attorney.
No'lee Is hereby given that ata meeting of the
Board of License Com mini ouera, to be ncld ln
Chief Constable's office, at Nelion. on lath IVcein-
ber, IMNI, 1 Inieml to apply for a tnttu erof iur
lintel llrennefor the I'alaec hotel, at Ymir, to
All-bllMlsl At Havll
��ili Niiv.uiUir, imm.
H ���
The Daily Canadian
New Goods - - Just Opened
RINGS made in our own factory.
Another lot of  Pickard's  Hand Painted Ch
Our store will  be open every evening during December.
ina.      >
;New Xmas Fruits!
^Seeded Raisins. K..!i
Fine, clean. Juicy stock. A trial J
ord^r will oonvlnoe you thut thej
stock is the host. ay
Bell Trading Co. I
Coal and
Telephone 265
Some Wise Body
Has Said:
In   England*    they   raise   fine
bones.    In  Scotland  they  raise ]
tine mm.
Id England they fowl their oats
to horses. In Scotland they feed
tbelr oals to men.
rood founelvoa   and   children'
J. & K. Rolled Oats
end ihi'u wnti-h the results
B * K. Rolled Oats in Mb, 301b and '
���lolli Hiu-k-s fur aale at
[joy's Cash Grocery!
Oor JoM-phim-nrnl Mm Bu.     Phona iv
Wa   llnvu   II   Np__l,illy
������.���Otwl Stock ol
fol-  Xm��M TrfiU_>->
Stoneware. Crocb. Bean Pots. Tea Pots, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
Potter & Cummings
I lb. box   -   50c
J-2 lb. box-   30c
These goodi ssrc rs duo rs ilie moreexpensive
kin-Is. list- ssnly dllferenet Is tba pits lcaBe.
Phone 95, Baker St.
Next P. Bnrus & Oo.
Cor. Vsmon and Ward  Sti-tetH,
INIJI���SI)N,   fl. C
J. FRED HUME, Proorietor.
G. W. Gray, P. T. lllioy, C. W. Koss.
J*. M, Lindsay, Vancouver; J. 1'J. Kid
well, Walla Walla; 1). lt. Koss, Vlceo
riii; .1. A. Kinney, Uaetlegar; .1. M
Harris. Spokane; T. McN'eish, Sloean:
Mrs. a. Ueduc, Summerland; bl, L
Harden, Toronto; J. Ross and wire.
Edmonton; Mrs. J. McLeod, Ymir; H
WinHeld, Silverton; James Cronln
P. W. Cavers and wife, Rosslaiul;
P. N. Crosby, Ynilr; W. L. Austin.
N-w Ysirk; H. C. Hullls, E. C. Ulan
chard,   Bonnington;   li.   Irving,  Kaslo
(1. H. Uoehel, New York; Mrs. Mac
tlisnaltl. Kenora; Miss K. \V. Koss, .\
S. Koss. Rev. W. R. Ross and wife.
Grand Forks; Mrs. Fournler, Crawford
Hay;  s. Fagu, P. Smigaski, Vancouver
T. McCollum, Ynilr; J. Murphy, San
don*, '1*. Miller, Midway.
G. S. Coi-inan, Ymir;  G. Brown, Chi
cago;   M.   Hchuke,  T.  .1.   I.ulacl.   Spokane;   1..  Toliz. Lewis Siding;   S.  Sii
ver, Shis-lsls; G. Dean. R. J. Gray, Win
nlpeg; w. D. MoDougals, Grand Forks
Geo. Young, Salmo; J. B. Martin, E
bishop,  Slocan,
W.  Noble, .1. Kelsey, Sirdar;   W. .\.
Hartley,   w,  E.   Lash,  Marcus;   G.   VV.
Ciingilon.   Westley.
VV. .Iiilinston, Calgary;  T. L.  Uloom-
ir. li. Wi-rgin. Casllegar; P. W. Heme.
W. W. Griffiths, Bonnington; C. \V.
Beaton, Cbarlo; Mrs. M. Leland, ll. A.
McLeod, II. M. McLeod, A. Morrison,
I). Mcintosh, L, McDonald, Gerrard;
T. Beaton, Procter; A. McCasglll, w.
Howell, Westley; J. Donovan, Koss-
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Pound Cans     90c
10 Pound Cans $1.75
Telephone llll.
PORTER. - A Ki'sssl, ssssbssr, su-Riiy liinii fssr porls-r.
Apr-ly Kiss") Hs.1s.-I.
Wel-li, above ItnsHl Hank s.f 1'Riinsl,,.
fill MKN. Rl once, f���r isssrk In Use wssssslss. Apply
:,, tt*. K. r.ssski-. iissi-inlll, KrsIss.
1..MSY STKXOIIKAI-HKUIssr ps.isllloll ill Isounlry.
liosul lisssssi- Hills employer'l fsuuily. Apply
iss,, W , raliRsllRnnffis-e.
Bl'MIMKK, Mill IlislsslmisilLnrclisi; Contrasts,���,
rIssi Engineer WallabliiK Lumber Co., near
CiRisPrsmk. II. IS
COMI'KTKNT   M'h.si   lilKL.    Five   ctilldrcti.
Apply Uix B18.
TWO PIBST-CI/AM KOOMS, uli-sim liiiRted.
ply bou��ekttp��ir, 3rd llll, K  VV. C, Muck.
A new skating rink Is being huilt in
Grand Forks.
Ice making has only just started ln
the Phoenix rluks.
Tbe    Phoenix    Dramatic    club    bas
staged "The Deacon" successfully.
Born, on December 11, to the wile ot
B.  Manguall, Water street, a son.
Born, on December 4, lo the wife of
H. L. Genesi, Victoria street, a son.
G. W. Patterson, ,\1. L. A,, is being
selected as prospective mayor of Victoria  for 1UU7.
One hundred Bohemian families ot
South Dakola are about to domicile at
Ulayoquot, on  Vancouver island.
The only business of the city police
court this morning was the disposal
of several members of the periodically
fined class.
The value ot Granby shares has been
altered from f LO to $10U each, old scrip
being interchangeable with new at the
rate of ten to one.
At Grand Forks the enrollment ot
the public schools now number nya
scholars, and another division is to
be added alter the holidays.
James II. Scholleld of Trail, grand
master of A. F. & A. M. of British Co-
lumbla, is Visiting the Masonic lodges
iu the Boundary this week.
P. Burns & Co. are building a storage plant ln Phoenix, where will be
kept during the winter the whole oi
the supply of meat for the Boundary
This was a day of gains on the
metal markets. Silver recovered a
points in London and 4 in New York.
Copper advanced 1 polnl In New York
and lead 4 points iu  London.
The presentation of "Out ln Idaho
at Sherman's opera house last nlghl
drew a large attendance and the gen-
oral verdict was decidedly favorable.
Those who enjoy Western melodrama
had their tastes gratified.
A very successful rehearsal was held
last evening of the "Old Maid's Convention," the novel attraction of the
Cafe Chantant to be held in the opera
house Thursday and Friday afternoons
and evenings. Admission in the afternoons will be free; in the evening
there will be a small charge.
Mr. Justice Martin who has been delayed on his way to Nelson by a missed railway connectipn at Spokane, will
arrive in the city tonight, and presumably will open the civil sittings oi
the supreme court at 11 a. m tomorrow, although no cases have been set
down for trial, and no notice has been
given of any chamber motions.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���One hour late.
Coast and Slocan train���On time.
Boundary train���On time.
Kossland train���On time.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In order to clnnr out this lino
Wfl nro rodueing the pripfl to
40c. We only havo a limited
quantity ho don't delay ordering if you want auy.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10.
Ship Your Christmas Presents
by Dominion Express Company
Cheapest, safest and quickest means
of forwardfnK packages of merchandise, valuables and jewelry to all parte
of the world.
It is strongly recommended that
shipments be sent so as to arrive at
destination some days in advance,
thus avoiding the rush and ensuring
most careful handling. Arrangements
can bo made for delivery the day before Chrlstmans when desired,
Special attention given to shipments
for Great  Britain and Europe.
For further Information apply to
company's office on Raker street.
Phone 113.      0. E. FORD, Agent.
Don't Overlook
Tea Sets, Pudding Dishes, Butter
Dishes, Meat Forks, Pickle Crueis,
Knives, Forks, Simons, etc., all of tlie
best material possible to be bud. All
musl be sold by Xmas, so come early.
C* A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
How   About   Vnur
Guns tind
Ammunition ?
We have Kiev's, KyniK-k'ts. Win-
chesliT. uml Oogsweli &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winchester and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knivi-s, Wading, Belts,
Cunts, Punts, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631      Nelson, li. C. I
We are just checking them off and
can't give exact prices, but we have
them   ln   all   sizes,   siyles  and   prices,
At from about 75 cents to $3.00.
W. G. Thomson
���&?____* ""' Nelson, B. C.
Phone .14.
Sherman's Opera House
Saturday, Dec. 8th
Melo-Dramatic Success
A True Western Play.
Prices, 60c, 75c and 11.00.
Plan at llutherford's Friday.
who require auy special book
for Christmas should make
their selectious or
Place Their Order
in order to ensure delivery of books not in
stock before 'Xmas.
Are you oue of the wise ones
who have placed their order
with us?     If Not Get Bosy!
Canada Drug t. Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
AU changes for advertisements must
reach The Dally Canadian business
office not later than 10 o'clock In tho
morning in order to insure Insertion
ln the issue of that day.
Closing Oot Odds and Ends This Week
Before the Christmas Rush.
LADIES' READY TO WEAR WOOL SUITS���About 20 lu the lot*,
regular prices from $12.> to $15.00. A bargain at {3.50 tor
choice. We put this price to clear at once. We do not
want them.
SEPARATE SKIRTS���All odd ones; regular prices (5.00 to Jl-I.uu.
Cut to clear     S3.00 to ��8.0U
SILK SHIRT WAISTS���Odd lines and sizes; regular prices JS.lIll
to  $12.50;   bargain  prices lo clear   $3.50 and tb.uo
SILK REMNANTS���Siilliilili-for fancy work and blouses. Prices
cut to less than half the cost. Our regnlnr 75c Taffeta Silks
cut to clear       50c a  yard
than cosl.
ODD LINES OF LADIES' JACKETS���Bargains eul lo One-Half
the regular prices.
CHILDREN'S  COATS-Odd  lines cut lo half llle regular prices.
MILLINERY���Children's lloiiuots nt half price. Ladles* llnls nl bargain prices.
Every Odd Line in Stock Will Go
At a Bargain.
SJmpi'ly foet should not lx) ren-
florod dimmy liy ungainly, ill-fitting Klines. Vou 0AH i-ppeer to iio
bet,tcr iidvantiiKu than who., on-
cased in a pair of our decant fitting HlippGra.
Something    Nethersole Bracelets
For the Baby THE vERY lat^=
$1.00 Each
Telephone 333.
Starkey & Co.,
Kootenay Agents
R. A. Rogers & Co.
Limited, Winnipeg,
Dominion Government Creamery One Ponnd Bricks received weekly frmh
from lhe i-huru.   For sale by all leading grocers.
Offloe and warehouse: Houston Hlock,   Phone 7'.
Josephine Street.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specially
Sheiitmotnl Work, Costings, Builders' Mat-Tin! nnd Mining anil Mil Miuiiiueij
I'll,mo   3(14.
Onire nnd Works Koot of Park St.
INolMon, II. C.
A Word to the Wise
This year \vi> havo appn-ciated tho wniits of ourctfrl
tomen and havo piuwd into Mock tin1
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
This stove El adapted fnr hard coal only, mnl wgur-J
antoad to give satisfaction.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware!
Company, Limited.
Repairing and -.lohhiriu uxocuteU with I iMpateh.   Hhtct M��UI
Work, Mlningnnd Mill .. .Jictilriery.      Murtutauturt rm ut
Or*.   _-i-m,   iv.  U.   Cuntrnutora'  Cnr��.
Corner nt lt���H tod
Kront Strweta.
INEUSOIN,   B. c.        .',;:��
UN1TK and nin^ that   the   Importation! I
John T. Pierre are the iiro|n-r lliiuK-
My last fall shipment has just arrived. Sk
them nnd plaee your order early for Xinun"!
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Toilor
Hum In was niun.
Working men,
-Men In druMH uttlru,
Sporting men,
Mniutsiiniu men,
Men that'H toll of fire
All Sizes 35 to 44
Now is the time
to buy vour
WInfar Ovorcoal
AH Prices from $10 to $30
MANUFACTURERS   f ���* m_>4��       4   .
AND DEALERS IN   i^t-lt-De*.   _>Dl__gl-��Sf
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows, j
I ui-n.u Work and Brackets. Mail Orilors promplly att_4��dl
VBHNON gTRgBT   -   .   .   NUI.80N, O. -.	
Kootenay Ranges
Why do we handle the Fumout Kootenay Rangs*
Bccauio we cannot procure a better, taking ln,l>'c'  .
count design,  workmanship, cooking qualities and pn"   I
We will  be pleased to show you Its good points-       J
Wood-Vallance Hafctwate Co'y


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