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The Daily Canadian Dec 29, 1906

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Array -^toilu ��anaMan
���MK I.   No. 176.
Fifty Cents a Month
ipnivement in Nelson's
i ire Department
tadc Is Reorganized���New Substations Equipped���Bylaws and
Regulations Enforced.
ml i.r    the    year 1906, as anise- -I yesterday,   *��fll   a-*o   Nilson
well equipped  In  the  matter or
It ssn] i.s.w.-r.    The citizens will be
L.S-.1 to learn at the Haine lime that
lln   matter   of fire    protection lhe
not only in a far better |.<ssi11< .n
ver before, but Is In a better po-
ilissis any other city of Its size
lis-    ��������*.!.
lists   ills-  last   13  mouths  a com-
.-..r-'iiuixutlun ol the brigade has
L-lfected, s.lsl  equipment renewed
sss  equipment    added,    and tbe
nl Mis- chief of the department
: tinned by    amendments    to the
h  governing   buildings and  dis-
sis ..I  Inflammable  material,
changes    have    been   brought
gradually  and have  been noted
uiisi-  to   time   in   Chief   Deasy's
hlily reports to the council, bbt a
fji.itss ..I ills- changes and their cou-
nces will probably be of Interest.
- brigade now consists of a perns   lorce  of  four   men,   the   chief
three uihers,  and eight  call-men,
lins;  llle new  nsHlstunt chief.  Ar-
inii's. are made so that the meal
s-i  His-  chief and  his  assistant
1. ver rilct.
Hit- central station are Ahe hose-
ladder-truck and otber appliances.
��� its th>> regular fire team, and at
It, ssii-ii they are not otherwise em's], in. iissrBes of the city sanitary
ire Btabled there, to be avail-
when needed.
iisiisi  Improvements have  been
sl  nl  the central   station,  econ-
| introduced into Its lighting, a slg-
srranged  to give   warning  If  the
Is \-'l  of the  reservoir falls  bells- line or safety,    a system    for
g ansl  dropping  the  harness  by
opes Instead of ten. aud many al-
automatic devices    to    Insure a
bl>: turnout of the brigade,
equipment have been added
|fi-1 ut chemical hose and a chem-
srlukler   made   by   Chief  Deasy,
un roofs or ln cellars, and new
collars for the ln.rs.-s.
. are now three substations, No.
Jbservatory   street, where   one
r ssl   the   force   always sleeps;
in   Ihe  comer  of  l.allmer  and
Btreete,    lu    connection    with
|li ths- boys of the high school have
drilled und  trained as an emer-
smxllliiry   force,  and   No.  4, at
orner or Hall aud Front streets.
nr llle substations, Nos. 2 and 3,
Snipped with 500 feet ot hose;  at
ll Hi. re are 200 feet, an.l similar
"fli- in.-  available   from   lhe  Yale-
i lumber mill aud thc Nelson
J Woiks, making a total of COO feot
���mn a rire In thut locality.
P'* '*- 1'. K. company and the Hall
1 company are also In a position
1111 effective aid to the brigade
ii several localities.
p1' hydrants    throughout    the city
ins.    systematically   tesicd,  and
ample pressors everywhere, vary-
rnm su  pounds at    the    head of
")  sheet  to 100    on    the    water
li'an or campaign contemplates
' lentlon or a reserve at the cen-
ilation during a rire up the hilt
'In* outskirts, but th.' whole force
-hiss available at a moment's no-
|'" fight a fire In the business sec-
|c I Hi-asy's motto, nnd the motive
JI of his recommendations to tho
'" is dint prevention is better
euro. During the year ho has en-
" tlw by-laws governing arrange
*j "I stoves, rurnaces and pipes,
'"'"y In Chinatown, where all reg-
"is hnd hem ignored. Wherever
"Maws failed to Invest him with
|Bary authority, they have heen
'"'I by this year's council.
j1"" the year the pupils of both
and high schools have been
acted how to act In caso of flro,
" c,,|i_i nnd by frequent fire drills,
record during the nine months*
1   "l  orrice of Chief Deasy���the
only period for which full reports are
available���is a remarkable one. During that time there have been only
eight flics, none within the fire limits,
'lhe total loss by lire has been only
�����*���'&. practically all arising from two
llres, and more than half of it from
ine lire In the Sherbrooke hotel.
The, completion of the city power
plant will remove the last possible
source of danger by making available
ror rire protection the water now devoted to the old Cottonwood lighting
plant, and also that used for running
water motors.
The property owners and citizens
generally may rest assured that their
lives and goods are now as safe rrom
destruction by rire as prudence and
vigilance cau ever make them.
Dr.  Hall of Nelson Has Bold Out His
Practice to Enter Politics.
Dr. Hartlu leaves shortly for Nelson,
where he has formed a medical partnership with Dr. Rose, says the Kaslo
Ko.t nalan. We understand they
have bough, cut the business of Dr.
Hall, who Is giving up his medical
practice there to devote his time to
politics Tlie joint business Is a lucrative one, and while many will regret to learn or Dr. Hartln's departure
they will he pleased or his Increased
financial advantage. The doctor expects to have for his new field the
first week In January, or as soon as
he disposes of his practice here, for
which, we understand, negotiations are
pending with a Cranbrook physician.
Mrs. Hartln and Ihe boys will not
leave for a month or six weeks later.
Price of Mttala,
New York, Dec. 29.���Silver, 69 5-8c;
coppsr,  22 3-4c;  lead, $6.
Uindon, Dec. 29.���Sliver, 32 3-8d.
Northern Qold  Field  Again Attracting
Interest���Dull  Week on Stock
The week lu mining has been almost
devoid of Incident, but negotiations
are uow lu progress for arfectlng many
properties, with thc alluring Lardeau
again the centre of Interest. The
cheering reiiort of N. W. Emmens on
the results obtained at thc Hroadview,
and the progressive plan of campaign
mapped out by his company, have already had a most encouraging Influence.
The stock market for the past week
has been rather dull, due to the holiday season, and stocks changed but
slightly In prices. There was a perceptible decline of a few points ln
most of the shares offered. This condition was general on almost every
market, and is only what is expected
at this time of year.
Rambler-Cariboo sold more Ihan any
other stock ln this vicinity and was
In good demand at almost an unchanged figure all week, though It sold off
slightly during the last two days.
Dominion Copper held firm at the
higher quotations of last week's close,
and also sold freely on nearly every
exchange. Nicola Coal Mines broke
from 12c to 6c In two days, with largo
buying. This was due, so It Is reported, to the shorts covering up. Diamond Vale weakened again with very
few shares changing hands and no Interest displayed. Consolidated Smelters were Inactive, with only one or
two sales recorded nl fairly good
prices. Cariboo-McKinney declined on
the bid price, with none offered.
International Coal dropped a few-
cents, with every indication of going
u little lower, though but little change
ls expected for some time.
Oranby and II. C. Copper were Inactive anil changed very slightly from
last week's prices. Sullivan declined
a rew ctntB with no interest being taken in this slock.
Following are lhe approximate quotations for lhe week ending today:
Asked.        Mid.
Amerlcnn Hoy 03 .02
Alberta Coal BB -26
ll.   C.   Copper    MOO      12.00
Uelcher &���"' �����
H.  C.  Standard 20
MrecK.-L.und   Coal   ...      .05
Consol. Smehcrs  ..   -150.00   140.00
Can. Oold Fields 09 .07!_
California <" -<���
Ctiriboo-McKlnncy   .   ���      -06 .0J
Uenora Mines J; ���}}
Diamond Vale     _�������        �����
Dominion Copper..   ..    7.00      6.65
Uranby   �������     1*l*����
(Slant Jj ���"i14
International Coal  ...      -06        ��������>
La Plata *2 .20
Lardeau Mines "J ���������
North Star J�� *'��
Nicola Coal f        �������
Rambler-Cariboo <*���' ���*"
Bulllvan    ���������      ���"*! *"!
White l*ear(!Uic paid)      -��B .04
Western Oil IJ        ������**���
Greenwood's Unanimous
Choice Last Night
Delegates From All Parts oi Constituency Pledge Themselves to
Elect Popular Candidate.
(Special  to The  Dally Canadian,)
Greenwood, Dec. 29.���A convention
of the Conservatives of Greenwood
riding fur the selection of a candidate
to contest the constituency in the ensuing election was held here last eve*
Ding in the Imperial hotel. AU parts
of the district were represented in the
proportion allowed by the executive
committee of the Kootenay Concerva*
tive association, ahout :t(J delegates being present. .1. It. Jafkson of Midway,
Duncan Mcintosh, and E. f\. Warren
of Greenwood, were placed In nomina
When the vote was ballotted it was
found that E. G. Warren had practically a unanimous majority, and on motion of Messrs. Mcintosh aud Jackson
the formal motion to make the selec-
tion unanimous was enthusiastically
The meeting spent a few minutes in
open aud informal congratulations to
Mr. Warren and afterward got down
to business nnd completed the work of
thoroughly organizing the district. The
most cordial spirit prevailed and all
the delegates avowed their purpose to
work unremittingly from now till the
close of the polls on election day,
Mr. Warren, the candidate, is very
popular throughout the district. His
fitness for the position of member for
this constituency is conceded by Liberals aH well as by all Conservatives
and a large number of the former will
deposit their ballots in his favor, while
the Conservative vote will be a unit.
Mr. Warren is local manager of the
electric light company, and as such is
well  known throughout the district.
Resolutions were passed endorsing
the McUride administration and the
premier on his stand on the better
terms Issue. The prevailing confidence of the meeting and the district
Is that Warren ts a sure winner, but
no effort will be spared to insure his
election, as the Conservatives do not
propo.se to be beaten by over-confidence.
Will Be Celebrated In the Citadel Next
Tuesday Night.
Beside the usual Sunday meeting the
local Salvation Army corps will on
New Year's eve celebrate the old year
out and the new year In by having a
coffee, cake and sandwich social. An
elaborate program will be given in connection, consisting of six young ladies
and nine young men, all dressed in
white costumes, doing Indian club
swinging to the \stralns of the string
band. The barbell drills will be given
again, also. Hesldo this, there will be
a number of dialogues, recitations and
n lot of singing.
On Tuesday night there will be a
hallelujah wedding, the inside meeting
to Eftart at 8 o'clock sharp. The public
are urged to arrive early at each ol
these meetings.
Ensign and Mrs. Rose from Rosslnnd.
also Captains Moore and Davidson and
Lieutenant Costunn from Grand KorKs
wilt be present at both meetings, En*
sign Rose officiating at the wedding
Everybody will be made welcome.
Admission price for each service will
be nu:de public at the open-air and in
door services,
British Weather Changes.
London, Dec. 29.���A thaw has set
in here aud the weather conditions In
tho provinces are ameliorating. The
snowbound trains aro gradually being
dug out nnd thc railroad companies
hope that thc usual (raffle will be ro
sumed In the course of tho day. Several of the Scottish lines, after having
been blocked for two days, were reopened today.
Faithless  Yukon  Administrator.
Oltnwa,   Dec.   29.���Augustus    Power.
K.  O.i will  enquire  Into charges  pre
ferred against F. T. Cungdon, former
Yukon administrator, that he transferred to Mrs. Wiley certain mining
claims, the property of her deceased
husband. She claims the property
should have been transferred to her
aa guard'an of her daughter. Later
on, Congdon Icau.d the widow $2500
on the property, then the mortgage
was foreclosed, the property being sold
for  less than  $2500.
Wreck of Arbreath Train Now Cleared
Dundee, Scotland, Dec. 29.���The
wrecks of the two trains which were
in collision near Arbroath yesterday,
resulting in the death ���*...*��� 19 people and
seriously injuring over 30, have been
cleared away sufficiently to permit
traffic being resumed. No further
deaths have been rW***-. p.r. ens the
The firemaa <u ._._ T��',ye_ �����*������.*�����* -
died this morning ln the hospital at
Arbreath, where all the dead and injured were taken. His death was partially due to his lying in the snow,
pinned down under his cab for eight
hours. TWO ot the injured passengers
also succumbed today, as the result of
exposure before being succored, raising the total number of deaths to 19.
Wm. Black, the novelist nnd member
of the house of commons for Hanff-
shire, Scotland, who was among the
passengers severely injured, ls making
lair progress toward recovery. The
other injured persons include the ed*
ilor of the Scottish  Fa..'in.
Persia's Ruler Nearlng
His World Exit
Heads of   His   Troops Submit to Sultan's Representatives.
Tangier, Dec. 29.���The members of
the diplomatic corps are very much
gratified at the improvement in the
a.{.nation here. The success of War
Minister Gabbas has been badly shaken if not completely broken. Instead
of the sultan's troops deserting to Raisull, some of the latter's chiefs have
come In and made formal submission.
It is eveu stated that Bel Mansour,
Hatsuli's representative here, who was
detained as a prisoner by the minister
of war, assures the minister's success
not only us to a victory for the sultan but as a vindication of the Franco-
Spanish policy which compelled the
Moroccan authorities to take action ln
the matter.
Accepted by United States.
London, Dec. 29.���The formal acceptance by tlie United States of James
Bryco as British ambassador* at Washington In succession t�� Sir Mortimer
Durand, was received in a cable de
spatch which reached the foreign office here during the night. Thereupon
it was determined this morning that
Mr. B;yces' appointment shall be officially gabetted. This clears up an apparent official understanding. President Roosevelt's announcement tha^
Mr. Bryce has beeu accepted was received some time ago, but Great Britain has been waiting his foriual ac-
ceptace as the successor of Sir Mortimer Durand, which had not been received.
Colonel   Holmes    Explains Terms    on
Which It May Be Secured���Formal
Transfer of Stores.
Yesterday morning Colonel Holmes
of Victoria, D. O. C, formally transferred the military stores of No. 2
Company, R. M. EL, to the charge of
Lieutenant Lome Stewart, who will
forthwith be gazetted as captain.
Seen last evening, Colonel Holmes
expressed approval of lhe efforts being
mnde by the company to sercure suitable tllle ranges.   He snid:
"A militia force without facilities
ior practice with the rifle Is deprived
of opportunity for performing Its most
Important function. The. rifle Is the
essential or modern war.
"Whatever is to be do'ie In the matter must be initiated locally. The government will purchase suitable ground
If it can be obtained on reasonable
"I undersinnd that there Is a level
tract available near Nelson which
would be of little value for any other
purpose. An attempt should be made
to secure it at once.
"Yes; expropriation is possible, but
It Is vexatious and costly. Surely a
suitable range can be got without recourse lo thnt. But the government
will not pay city real estate prices for
a rifle range. The local men will receive every encouragement, but they
must have a definite and reasonable
proposal to submit to the militia de*
Colonel Holmes left for Kasln this
Interesting Biography of Monarch
Whose Reign Has Been Benign
���Foibles of Royalty
' .*%< _
v  ��� :**V
*i\>ierai:, PaiJa, Doe 29.���The shah
ie passing. He has heen lor several
hours ln a deep stupor, from which he
cannot be aroused. Physicians say he
will never awaken In this life and his
end ls hut a few hours off. Mohammed Al Mirza will succeed to the
Mazaffar-ed-dln, Shah of Persia, was
born March 25, 1853, and succeeded to
the throne on May 1, 18116, on the death
of his father , Nasr-ed-dlu, who was as-
sinated at Teheran by Malan lleza, a
Revolutionary fanatic of the Bali sect,
which had been for a long time agitating for reforms in the government. The
valiand, or heir-apparent of Mazaffar-
ed-dln, is his eldest son, Mohammed
All Mirza, who was born in 1872,
lt waB within the power of the Persian monarchs to alter or to overrule
the existing law of succeslon, and to
leave the crown with disregard tu the
natural heir, to any member of their
family, but preference is generally
given to a son whose mother was a-
kajur princess. The mother of Mo-
bammed All Mlrpa was not a Kajar
For a Persian, the late Shar ia said
to have bad the kindliest disposition,
and lo have been extremely generous.
He was a powerfully built man, fond
of outdoor spoils. Deeply versed ln
theology, he read and spoke French
better than his father did, and was fond
of reading Persian verse in Arabic. He
was a student of European politics.
Soon after ascending the throne he
Issued an edict which perpetually abolished all taxes and dues on bread and
meat. He also decreed that honors
should be conferred for merit only, and
not for pecuniary consideration.
Put wltb all this the Shah was a man
oi _t .sat peculiarities. . His visit to the
Paris exposition In 1900 will never be
ior_utten iu the French capital. While
there ti' purchased carloads of things
to be sen. to Teheran. Among his purchases were fur coats, costing thousands of dollars, which he bought for
his favorite wives,' also automobiles,
pianoB, statuary, cameras by the score,
bicycles and everything else that
caught his fancy. It is said that some
of the Paris merchants are still awaiting payment for the Shah's purchases.
Thc whole revenue of the oountry
being at their disposal, recent sovereigns of Persia were able to amass
large private fortunes, but that of
Muzuffar-ed-Din is reported to have
amounted to only JIO.000,000, most of It
represented by diamonds und other
precious stones. These Jewels were
kept In the famous treasure room of
the royal palace. An idea of the treasures stored In this room may be gained from a brief description of one of
them���a golden globe, on which all the
countries of Ihe world are represented
by in..sales of diamonds, turquoises,
rubles nnd pearls. Around the pedeslal
are pllefl or golden coins, of which not
a single one iB worlh less than $100.
II Is snid that the Shah kept his Jewels
In glass Jars, so that he could always
tell at a glance whether auy had
been stolen.
The royal family of Persia is very
numerous. There nre some thousands
or princes and princesses, but the official year book mentions only about,:!
hnndrei. It. sides the belr-upparent the
sons of the late shah nre Mlllk Misnsur
Mlrpa, Shtia as-Salaneh, born 1880;
Abu'l Fain Mirza, Snlnr ed Dowlch,
born 1881; Abu'l Fazl Mirza, Azud es-
Sultan, born 188:1, and Huseln Hull
Mirza, born 1894. There are also
twelve daughters.
The form of government of Persia Is
ln its most Important features similar
to that of Turkey. All the laws are
based on the precepts of the Koran,
snd though the power of ihe Shah Is
absolute, It Ib only In so far as It Is
not on|iosed to the accepted doctrines
of the Mohammedan religion, as laid
down In the sacred book of tho Prophet, his oral commentaries and sayings,  and  the    Interpretation   of the
same by his successors and the high
The country contains an area of 628,-
000 square miles and Ib divided Into
thirty-three provinces, which are governed by governors-general, who are
directly responsible to the central government. The population Is estimated
at about 9.600,000, of whom fewer than
1,500 are Europeans.
Many persons in the Kast have been
looking forward to a disruption of the
Persian empire on tbe death of Mu>af-
far-ed-Dln. For many years England
and Russia have been engaged ln a
diplomatic struggle, each striving to
make Its Influence paramount at Teheran. Of late Germany also has displayed a disposition to have a finger
In the pie. In the event of a dispute
over the succession to the throne or
olher internal disorders that might offer an excuse for Intervention, it Is
probable that a dissolution of the empire would ultimately result Persia ls
rich in natural resources and produces
great quantities of wheat, rice, barley,
fiu'ts, gums, drugs, wool, cotton, silk
Socialists Will Prove a
Serious Charge
Six Years Ago Applied for Membership in Nanimo Socialist Loot
but Unanimously Rejected.
Final  Meeting of Board    of    Trustees
for  1906.
A meeting of the board of school
trustees wub held In the secretary's office laBt night. Those present were
A. D. Emory, chairman; Dr, E. C. Arthur, R. J. Steel and F. \V. Swannell.
Miscellaneous accounts *or December were passed, the payroll having
been passed at a previous meeting *md
made available before Christmas.
Tbe secretary was instructed to arrange for Janitor service for the classroom In Fraternity hall.
It was resolved that all the classrooms of both high and public schools
should be fumigated before the reopening of School In January.
The board then adjourned for the
Thrilling Story of Eye Witness, Who
Escaped by Hiding    Under    Sidewalk���Horrible Indian Torture.
Bisbee, Ariz., Dec. 29.���Details received yesterday say that last Sunday
evening a Yaqul Indian band attacked
and burned the new town of Lancho,
on the Cananea, Yaqul River ft Pacific
railway southeast of Ouayamas, Sonora, Mexico. They murdered ten men,
women and children, fatally shot two
others and took three women away
captives to the hills. The Indians retired after nearly two hours of plunder,
riot and arson being frightened away
by a work train from Guyamas, which
doubtless they mistook for a relief
train. Soldiers from the fort, two?
miles east, entered the town 25 minutes later.
Lancho was a railway station with
a boxcar for a depot and the telegraph
office, surrounded by tents, occupied
by 50 Mexican laborers and their families. The only Americans ln the place
were the station-master, Thompson,
and his family, and two American
With the first alarm the well drillers fled to the fort and gave an alarm.
Thompson, his wife and their 5-year-
old boy crawled under a plank walk
that lay about 15 Inches above ground,
between two tents not 15 feet away,
which were looted and burned. The
Indians first made an attack on the
store ami canteen, run by an Italian
named Plaquetia. He made a fight but
to no purpose, b. ing soon overpowered
and while the Indians drank and plundered the place, they slowly tortured
him to death. His wife, a Mexican
woman, was mutilated and also tortured with fire. The Bister of this
woman was taken captive. The house
was then burned, tbe bodies along
with them.
The station agent and his family under the plank walk listened to the
shrieks of the tortured. Those inhabitants of the town who got away escaped Inlo the cactus thickets nearby,
and the Indians did not follow them,
but contented themselves with the
murder and torture of the prisoners
captured ln the first charge.
A woman and ber children lay flat
upon a boxcar which had been sidetracked there for temporary use as a
house and escaped observation. About
8 o'clock the whistle of a worktraln
gave Ihe wnming of Its approach and
the lnd'ans hastily left. Soldiers from
the fcrt arrived about two hours after
the firing of the first shot. General
Torres arrived at the scene of the
massacre the next day from Guayamas
and took charge of the organization of
a hunting expedition.
This band of Indians have a stronghold In the mountains a few miles to
the west of the station. They havo
often been seen to come near the railway and watch the trains pass, but
never offered any violence to American  property before.
Vancouver, B. C, Dec. 29.���THat W.
W. B. Mclnnis, the newly-chosen leader of the Liberals of British Columbia,
six years ago applied for admission to
the Socialist party at Nanaimo. is tne
declaration of Vancouver Socialists.
This exceedingly interesting side light
on tbe character of Mclnnis waa
brought Into the limelight here but
night at a gathering of Socialists.
Several members of the party, who
are now resident ln Vancouver, were
living in Nanaimo at the time Mclnnis
ts said to have experienced leanings
toward Socialism, lt was they who
mentioned tbe matter, and should Mclnnis decide to contest a Vancouver
seat, they promise to recall this period
of his past forcibly to his attention.
TM Socialists declare the only reason
.Hclnnis did not become a Socialist
was that his overtures were unanimously rejected.
It is stated that arrangements are
now being made to bring to Vanoouver
the proofs of the claim that the new
Liberal leader once wished to join
the Socialists. Socialists aver tbat
the Nanaimo episode shows in a most
brilliant manner the inconsistencies of
Mclnnis character, and his tendency to
become a "flopper." Anxiety that Mclnnis should run tn Vancouver is now
d.splayed by all Socialists ln tbe city.
They desire to have the opportunity of
paying their compliments to him.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, B. C, Dec. 29.���The local
Liberal party ia split fairly in twain
as the result of what occurred at laat
evening's meeting of tbe Victoria Lib.
eral association. It appears a section
of tbe party who have been sore for
some time because they did not get In
far enough on tbe graft, resented not
being consulted as to Inviting Mclnnis
to run in Victoria. Proominent amona
the dissentients are R. T. Elliott, one
of tbe leading barristers of the city;
Chrales V. Spratt, proprietor of tbe
large shipbuilding yard, and J. Murray, a prominent real estate agent
They have a large following and
have to be considered In party calculations. One of the first acts of the
dissentients this morning was tbe
sending of an Invitation to Joe Martin
to come to this city and run as an
Independent candidate.
A startling theory is advanced as a
reason for the unexpected intrusion of
Mclnnis into the political .arena, that
the Grand Trunk Pacific ls behind
that movement and the game is to
hand over to the railway company as
a quid pro quo for a big campaign fund
large land grants in order to secure
early construction in British Columbia
of the transcontinental enterprise. It
will be remembered that the Grand
Trunk Pacific tried ineffectually to
hold up the McBride government for
the same concession.
Death's Double Stroke.
Rome,   Dec.   29.���Cardinal   Cavagnia
and  Cardinal  Tripepl died this morning.    Both succumbed    to    strokes of
Gait, Ont., Dec. 29.���Edward Jones,
a shoe merchant, aged 70, was killed
by a passing train.
Madoc, Ont., Dec. 29.���Daniel Bird,
sawmill owner, was killed by a falling
Also on the Continent.
Paris, Dec. 29.���Tho Continent is
covered with the heaviest snow. The
rallwawy traffic in France, Spain,
Switzerland and Belgium Is seriously
Cadiz, Spain, Dec. 29.���A terrific
storm ls prevailing in tbe Straits of
Gibraltar and many ships have sought
shelter In various ports along t be
coast. Tbe Belgian steamer Heldrl-
b -ig. bound for Havana,' haa been loat.
Several of her crew were drowned.
ii __-___________���
���      -���>-:.*..
The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are now in  order.     Tliey will invite
pleasant dreaiiis of
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3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
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them In tbls city.
LUMBERMEN.���Pillows, Comforters, Gloves and Mitt, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clothing. Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and 8hoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best quality and prices surprisingly Low.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... ,*M,1500,000 REST **,rs00,000.
D. B. WILKIE, President. HON. ROBERT .TAKFRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia;
Deposits received aud. intereBt allowed current rates from date of opeuinR of
aooouut, and compounded half yearly.
NBLSON   BRANCH ��J��    -VI*    LAY,    _V-an__.f-gt-.l-_
The Royal Bank of Canada
Capital $3,734,310    Reserve $4,207,741
Total   Assets $41,860,353
Accounts of firms anil Individuals opened on the most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches in  llrltlsh  Columbia.
Special  attention   to out of tovni  business.
T. E. KENNY, Pres., Halifax.       E. I..  PEASE, General Manager, Montreal.
G. A. SPINK, Manager Nelson Branch.
Published ilx dayi ss wuck by ttit?
Baker SL. Nelsou, B. 0.
atii.Hi-npiioii rates, ftsi s-essiss ii inoiitii delivers]
111 lhe city, sir Ks.ixi h ysssr II Bent by mail, wlieu
pal.l in advance
Advertlssluii rales oss application.
All monies pabl lis st-lllemenl ssl The bally
Cauasllan SOOOUDtS, cllln-r lot BUbsCrlptloDI ot
aslrerllssine, must be receipted fur ssss llss- printed
lorms ol the Company.  Otber receipts are m.t
LJUUIiMUliR l'l. IWH..
" By one wonl we are sometimes JssslRsssl   to  bfl
wise ausl by one wonl sometimes jstslKCsl to be
looiisb.  i��i us therefore be careful wnut we
The opening meeting of tlu- Conservatives of Xelson called for this evening iu the hoard of trade rooms to
elect delegates who shall at some early
future date nominal.- the candidate for
tin- forthcoming provincial election
will be the first real opportunity the
Conservatives of the city have hati for
the exercise of their rights in dominating the choice of a candidate. The
me. ling should, therefore, be the mosl
largely attended, enthusiastic and rep-
it ntative gathering that can be collected in the eity, and will doubtless
luck III none of Ihese desirable Ton
The division of the politic-ill forOe8
ol tlie province Into straight party
contests has necesitateii the revision
or muny or the former methods of
campaign an.l nomination. Under ths*
coalition system there was every opportunity for a candidal.- posesse.l of
llrong personality or for some other
reason for commanding a popular majority dictating tlie method of his nomination, The object of ths- meeting
tssnight Is to give to every Conservative citizen a voice aud vote in the
choice of Ihe men who shall finally
iiave the say In tho selection of the
party candidate  for this constituency.
In the adoption of the method to be
followed tonight there is no departure
from file method agreed upon by the
Kootenay Conservative executive at a
meeting held In this city early in tho
jsies-its month. At that, meeting a
le.-.oltition was adopted speoilylng the
manner of choosing candidates and fix
ing th.- representation of the electorate on tin- nominating hoard. The
resolution provided that in the holding of district conventions for the election of delegates who shall nominate
a candidate tlie representation on the
electoral board shall he as follows:
"^'hat for each polling place where
ten votes were cast at the last provincial election, one delegate may be sent
and for each titty or fraction of fifty
votes, over the first fifty pollr.il nt
such election, an additional delegate
may be sent."
lt will he seen that this quota of representation will provide the electors
of the city of Nelson approximately
twenty delegates to whom shall be
committed the important duty of selecting and nominating ihe candidate
for the approaching contest. This
number win afford the election of a
widely distributed antl thoroughly representative board of nominators and
every effort shoulil be made at the
primary convention to secure such
complete representation of all cou-
conceineil, thai when thc candidate is
finally selected there need he no one
feel that the man ol his choice has
noi hud lair presentation of his claims
in the   nominating   convention.     The
Primary Convention'* method of select.ug a candidate has its faults, but
is lias as w.-li other teatures of advantage which If faithfully accepted uud
Used, speak volumes in its favor, lis
Chiel Weakness is lu Uie In.lllterellce
ofttn mauiiested at the convention
which elects llie primaries, if such
conventions are well attended aud
truly representative of the party and
tin situation at the primary convention, there is no reason why the whole
rank and file shoulil not feel bound
to support the selection of the delegates elected by such a convention,
lhe mutter Is one which will be more
eifectivsly determined by the enthusiasm of tonight's meeting than by any
amount of criticism aad faultllnding
before or afterward. The Conservatives of Nelson who have it vital interest In the personality of the candidate
tu be Beleoted should present themselves tonight and make their plea,
[.lining forth every honest effort to
curry their point and patriotically
agreeing to abide by the decision of
tht* nominating convention when Its
work is done.
It  would be  folly lo anticipate the
work of the convention tonight. Nelson, like many other constituencies,
has a goodly number of poliiical possibilities in the way or Conservative
candidates, and no doubt each or these
has his friends, who are prepared to
urge his claims to    the    nomination.
Tlie place to urge Ihese claims is at
tilt- meeting tonight, and. following the
plea, to nominate an.l elect such members of the convention as may be
trusted to stand loyally by their friend
and yield his claims to others only
when the niaturer and deliberate wisdom oi ihe nominators shall determine
Among the possible ami prospective
candidates we know of none who will
selli.-hly insist on any claim to preference, though we could name several
capable and worthy men who would do
honor to the constituency if elect.-si.
and who are nol unwilling I.. devote
time, talent and energy to tin- representation ol' the disiriei in Ihe legislative assembly.    The unseitishness ot*
these men should he the cue for tho
entire proceedings, anil electors who
have favorites should be governed ln
their actions and speech by tha spirit
of those whose cause they espouse.
Tbat such will be the spirit of the
conv.nl ion we feel assured, und we believe that from the meeting tonight
will result the unification ol' lhe Conservative forces of Nelson, the sinking of all factional differences bred
out of the circumstances of the past
and lhe enthusiastic aud loyal alignment ol' all true adherents of the party In sympathy with the nvowed principles of the historic characters whose
foresight, energy, heroism antl self-
sacrif.ee, together with the wisdom of
their political platforms, have made
Canada what it is today.
Uf one thing ail may feel assured
this evening, that at the meeting of
the Conservatives of Nelson all will
meet upon a common level ami all will
have lair play. That all should avail
themselves of this unique privilege
needs no  urging on our part.
It is now conceded, even by Liberals
themselves, that the Intrusion of Mr.
Mclnnis into the arena of llrltlsh Columbia politics is tlie device of tho
federal politicians who seem to have
decreed that If any means are available by which the province can he
brought under the control of the federal machine the means shall be used.
It is quite natural that Coast Liberals
should have invited Mclnnis into the
field, as their confidence in Macdonald
has effervesced by reason of the tit-
capacity manifested by him and his
wholly negative policy lacking the essential element of initiation and construction as It does. Even as late as
yesterday Mr. Macdonald defines his
opposition to ttie present government
as consisting in the alleged accusation thai they have nol done this, that
ami the other. The criticism may be
dismissed without comment.
On the other hand the constructive
elements iu the platform of the leader
of the Liberals is worthy of quotation
as showing the limit of initiative of
whicli he and his quondam party aro
capable. He says: "Our policy Is
. . . . the creation of a department of labor and immigration, subjects too important to be left as at
present without shape or provincial
guidance, to guartl us against undesirable immigrants,
"Full inquiry Into water records and
Irrigation, and while protecting prior
rights, providing lor a wider distribution of water available for Irrigation.
An atlequate system of forest protection; surveys of crown lands available
for settlement, and vfhere practicable,
parcelling them into small holdings us
part of Immigration policy; repeal of
school act and return to a system of
state education; revision or tile terms
ot placer and dredging leases anil lessening the danger or Inadvertent for-
"No alliance with those revolutionists wins would destroy our system of
governmenl and haul down our Hag,
but on the contrary, co-operation with
that greal body or labor which would
reform abuses In a constitutional way."
None or these proposals possesses
the element of virility. Not a single
constituency Is making an issue or
any one or them. And even If such
were the case thoy relate only to matters already dealt with by the present
government and in such a way that
amendment to the present acts is the
simplest prs.position Imaginable. Indeed, the salient features are already
embodied In proposed legislation.
Were these proposals all that the
present campaign Involves we can seo
no need for a strenuous conflict on
either side. The house might as well
go Into a coalition nt once. Hut tho
issues are not confined to these features. The matter has been taken out
of Mr. Macdonald's hands and the federal authorities have assumed the control or provincial arralrs in sn far as
the Liberals shall have their control
under their hand.
A Liberal triumph ut the forthcom
ing fleet ions will mean domination by
the Grand Trunk Pacific railway, lt
must not be forgotten thai when Sir
Wilfrid went tss tin- country with his
Grand Trunk Pacific scheme there was
no party government in British Columbia, The terms and details ol ihs*
charter were practically settled before
the advent or ibe McBride ministry.
No one could then know what would
be the attitude of this government i"
the expropriating and marauding policy ot that  Insatiable corporation.
Since Ihen there have been disclosures, and they have heen equally unsatisfactory to lbs' Orand Trunk Pacific and tn Sir Wlirrld. Sss that we
are to face a   campaign   engineered
from Ottawa, with thai prince of political charlatans, Mclnnis, in lead the
foraging rbroes, Thai they will glean
closely In the event of their triumph
may Ih- predicated front the undesirable record of their alliance so far.
it is well, therefore, for the electors
of the province lo count the cost to
the country in case a Liberal triumph
should result rrom the onslaught ot
Hit- attacking forces. It will cost fifteen thousand nc^es of public domain
for every tulle of railway line constructed within tho province, lt will
cost free sites for station, side track
uud other facilities. It will cost us a
free gilt of all timber and other materia! necessary to tlie construction of
the line aud its accessories. It will
mean the exemption from taxation for
thirty years of all railway property,
and it may mean the granting of other
franchises and tlie saddling of the
province with an incubus from which
lhe rising generation will bo unable
to   free   itself.
We do not seek to play tlie part of
an alarmist, but would arouse the
whole country to th.- peril which
threatens llrltlsh Columbia at the present time. The contest ls no mere battle to be waged by two political parties
between whom there is little to choose
but the name. It means in this case
tbe alienation of public domains and
their reversal of the very policy which
has made the McBride administration
a nightmare lo the public robbers wbo
have fattened at tlie Dominion crib,
anil whose chagrin is indescribable in
view of tlle rejection of overtures
made lor tlie control of a large slice ot
tbe Pacific province.
The McBride administration has
been tried and tested antl Its policy ls
well known. The same may he said of
Ottawa, and the electors will have the
privilege ot making choice between
these, but it will be too late to grieve
over disastrous consequences after the
fatal  mistake has heen committed.
Tbe Nelson Conservatives intend
passing a resolution of thanks at their
meeting this evening, and after having
it beautifully illuminated and framed
will present It to the morning paper
for Its wholesouled Interest in the
cause of peace and harmony among
the 'local government supporters. Of
course, the News ravors open nomination because that was tin. method
adopted hy the Grits a couple of
months ago, with the result tbat next
Wednesday the Liberals have to do
their work all over again. Conservatives of Nelson, however, are of tbe
opinion that the News has troubles
enough of Its own.
France Maintains Dignity.
Paris, Dec. 29���The senate has concluded tin- general debate on the new
cliurch patter ami the principle of the
bill was voted yesterday by 1ST ayes
and ss nays Only discussion or tho
detailed thevarious sections remained.
It is understood lhat mis will be completed  t orrow.    During iin- debate
.Minister t.t Education inland called
forth repeated applause ami guy assurances of the government's determination inn in sacrifice Its dignity by
abandoning th.- pt'.i|��iss-i] reforms, and
nut to accede to tin- Vatican's evident
desire for persecution. The isnate
has ordered thai M Briand's speech
io- placarded Ihroughoul Prance
A Modern Performance.
"We had a woman whistler and it
performer on tin- musical glasses at
our rhurch  last   Sunday."
"Any thing else?"
"Nothing save the usual monologue
isy ihs- parson."���Louisville Courier*
4>  ������ ___, i
X     C '    / HaV'ng purcha8<*'J a "mpi.te line ���i ���
���      ^t,��?/~f2l manufacturers' ..mni.,  ;_,.,..     'A
One of thc reasons why Macdonald
has had to take a back seat for Mclnnis is in the fact that the best Liberals, the old-time warhorses, will not
rally to the opposition or the Mclsridc
government. A careful perusal of tho
Liberal press shows It to abound with
such phrases as, "Mr.  . the strong
esi possible candidate the Liberals
could nominate, and one who could
carry the constituency against anyone,
positively declines to run." There ls
u reason anil the reason is that old-
timers are salislied with the present
government and will nol lend themselves to the disturbing politicians
Who seek a change. They are wlso
Governor Mclnnis returned to Ottawa from New York today. Recently
Premier McUride was In New York
and the opposition press urged that hi.
had gone there ror campaign funds.
Coupling this Insinuation with lhe visit
of Mclnnis, it is lair to Infer thnt the
Liberals know ol a modest gold mine
somewhere in Gotham.
Tho Liberals of Nelson will meet
next Wednesday evening to decide on
a "sure enough" candidate for the
coming fight. That Is, should thoy be
able to secure a quorum antl to bo
Canada ls to take over tho dockyards from Britain on New Year's
day. lly February 1 these yards will
probably belong either to Mackenzie &
Mann or 0. M. Hays.
Bisity -liiys after stale 1 Intend Iss apply to the
Chief I'ouilsslst.losses ssl Lands and Works I.s pur
chase IHsSasTi-s ssl lalsl. looated In L.wtsr Arrow
Lake. West Kootenav: CommeDOlns at a post
planted   at   the  "N.W.  corner ol Arrow  Uke
iuiiiats Reserve j theaeesontb BOohalnat thenoe
west 80 i-lialus; llieilct rtli 80 chains; tlseiicsi
s'asst Hll chains, to place of Isestlsinlun.
Ucatesl JCtls slssv sst December, Itwr.
('  Skwei.i..
���         Locator,
manufacturers* samples in Ladief Sill
Ties, 8harfs, Stocks, Belts, Fan, o 4
era Bag. and Shawls, We are m,'. I
them   at wholesale   prices whi
No two articles al.ke and ove
700 Ladles' Ties to select (rom.    W.  .
invite inspection. I
$ Special
i Bargains for
��� Christmas
Ta_^.__of Fine Eiderdown Quilts
From $6.00 to $35.00.
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Standard Furn_ta*e Company
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Undertakers,    Embalms
Mmnhii A KihiIi IVfl*"*
MHrjiliMll Hrttiilnr:
Many fl man who call., himseir conservative Is but n coward.
Notiee i*. hcreny given that mi day* hut date I
intend toappiy to the Honorable Lho Chief Oom*1
mlssloner uf Lands ami Wnrk*. It permission
to purchuM'flki acres of laud, Mtuni.-.u* the Utile
Mo j-it* river Hijoiit i mill* inim International
Boundary and abool 1 mile frum Spokane Inter*
nm toil til  Ry.l   Commencing  Kt  h  poll   nmrkol
i>. Cram'-*. -H K. cornet posi, tbenee wee. 40
otulm; Lbence nortii 40 chains; thence easi to
chains; thence north 'lo chain*-*; tbence eul go
chalus: thenee south 60 chlius to place of nmi-
meiiccmcni, conta'niug 'DUl ai-rcn of lain).
LocetedOet. :��jii_ hm.
Uaniki liKi.-n
Notice In hercoy niven that 6U .layr-* alter date I
Intend i<> apply to the llouorable Chief Dotomll-
Kloncr oF I... r i 1 - ami Wfrk-- for permlHAlnn to
purchase the loiiowing iiescrlb��<l lanilt*. In Vt'vat
"���ooteuay: Oomnenoins At a pom piantc! at
tlie northeast curiicr of toi 4396, (i. ]., merke-l K
Fletcher's nurthwesl corner, tlience soiiili hii
chain.-*: thence cast lo chains, more or lean, to
the tveBteru boundary of Lot 806, (J. 1.; thenco
north 80 chains to Kooteuay river; thence west
foUowiQK uld river to point ol commencement,
containing Hi) acres more ot leas.
'_eth October, 190C.
Kkank Fl-xti-hik.
Hiitj days after date 1 lnt***u.l toapply to the
Ron. Chief CommlMloner of I-au-ls and Work.-.
Victoria, to purchase ttt) acres of land, located on
the west sitlc of Amm l��*c, about Hv�� miles be-
low Hurton Iity, and described ai ("llown; Com
mencini; at a poet marked I* Q, It's lumtheasi
corner," an-i bei iik U Cbalni east of the north weel
corner oi LotOTlPj thence north M chains; thenoe
woit  i(' chains; theme south -to chains; thenoe
eaal Hi ebaloi to the place of beginning-
November Hth, 19u0. K. (i. Bxait,
per J. E. ANNABI.K.
ft'days after dHte I Intend loapply tn the Hon.
Chief Commissioner ol Lamls ami Works, Vlr-
toria, to pun-hMHt; MO acres of mmi ItH-ated In
Fire Vallev and beiriK a portion ol K'ctlons _:,
nml l't In 'lowiishlpC.ll and descrlbeil an follows:
i ommeneln| at a poel planted at the HOuthwcHt
corner ol lhe southeast tjuarter of inrelloti U
Township 09 and mark**.! J Q, R, k. corner,
them*'- north -Jn chain**; thenee we->l _J chains;
thence south -to chains: thenee east Mthains to
plaee of be-h'tnnuiK
ii.-H'H Gifisoy,
J. E, Annahlk, Aj(_nt.
Notice Ig hereby Riven tnat tfiiiays from date I
inteml to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works to purehase 640
acre-i of land described as follows: Coramencinj;
at a poFt planted on the north bank of thc Little
kfoyfe river, abonl '�����) vards from month, ami
marked "K. McLean's H, W. corner post,"
thenee east 8<l chain*-', thence north HO chains,
theliee west HO chaius. thenee souih HO chains, to
ptaeuol commencement, and eoutalnliiK &I0acres
more or Ic**.
Located mu day Oct, i��x.    hobt. mcLkax.
Sixty days after dale I Intend loapply to the
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol I_itidi ami Worki,
Victoria, to purchase -Hi acres of land, situated
on the west side of Arrow Uke, about tM miies
below Hurton, and described as follows: Com-
mencliiK al a post plauied at the northeast
corner ol Lot 7-70, and runniiiK north 90 chains;
thence west _u chains, tht uee south 20 chains,
thenee east Jn chains to place of bwlttnltUt.
Nov. Uth, I'J06. H   K. Pitt,
J. E ANN1BI.K, Agent.
���Sixty days after date I intend lo apply U) the
Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands ami
Works, Victoria, to pureliase lfloacres of iantl,
located in Fire Valley and described as follows;
CommenciiiK at a poel marked (J. H. McM's N.W.
corner, and plauteil at the southwest corner ol
Lot 781*-*, ami rurfniiiK south Ho chains, thence
cast 2n chains, thence north HO chalna, theuca
west *J0 chains lo place of beKlnulnK.
Nov. mh. iaoo. uko. b. McMillan,
J. K.AWNab_k, Agent.
Sixty days after dale r intend toapply io tho
Hon thenilcfCoinmlsstoiH-rofUtid-Hand -* orkB
tt) pureliase Jin acres of land: Cominencinff at a
post maiked "N.T H's noutheast corner post,"
paid post belni at the northeast eorner of lieo.
Hudson's pre-emption Claim, aboul iwo miles
southeast of Hurton I'ity. thenei' wesl 40 chains,
smith _0 chains, weel io chains, north-lo chains
east 80 chains, south 90 chains to plaoe Of commencement, containiiiK 940 acres.
Locaieo(rth dayof Nov, IW..   NrrriRT. Heart.
Jl_Uy 'lays alter date 1 intend to apply to lho
Hon. chief Oommtieloner ol Lendi and Works,
Victoria Io purehase UO acres of land located in
Fire valley, beioj part of Beotloni Thret; and
Four, Township flu, and described ns follows:
Commonolng at il |w>st planted at William
Williams' N. Vt. corner, and marked "H, E. W'-*
N. E. corner,"   and   ruiiDluK   -lu chains   west,
tbence 90 ehalni eouth, thenee 90chaini eait
thenee *io chains south, thence 90 chains east.
tbenoe flo chains north to place of beKliinliiK.
November98rd, iht.. hosk e whj.iamh,
i. K. A.vNABi.g. AkciiI,
Hixty days after date I intend lo apply to the
Honorable tbe 'hief Commissioner i>f 1-ands and
Works to purchase M0 acres of land, looated in
Eire Valley, Ob we l side of Arrow lake: Coin-
mencing ai a post planted 411 chains we-t of the
southwt-it corner of J. Kobluson's pre-emption
and marked J. W's S. K. corner, and lunnin*/
north M Ohalni, thence west 80 chains, thence
south m chains, thencu easl HU Ohalttl to place of
Nov. IHth, 1900. Jank Williams,
                   J. K. ANNAiti.il. Agent.
Stily days after dale t Intend to apply totho
Chluf Commissioner of Umls and Works lor
iiwrmisftlon to purchase the following duorlbed
lands In Kootenay District, about three .iiiarU-r*.
of mile from Thrnnt'l lldlQgl Coiiiiih-iicIiik at a
poit plaoed at the B.W. corner of L mm, group
.West Kootenay District; thenee westerly
foUowlng the nortb boundary of L 4MH, ��
ehains; thence north 10 eliains; thence ea��t 40
chains, moreor less, tothe N W corner of
_r ._iJIsllt,VJut'lH.,lth f,,!l,,wl"H '��'" wept boundary
of um.i   Hi chains, more or less, to place of com-
mMMmenti containing 40 acui( more or lew.
Dated this fiili ilay of December 1900,
H.II   1'iTTM, Locator.
Noiloo Is hereby given tlial On davs alter date I
ratend to anply to the Honorable tbe ohlef Com-
miss oner of Umls and Works for permission to
purchase the following deserlbed lands situate
"^.'^^'""''^"/"M'1" ,;u>'��* Ne'soii, on HJ
south  shore of  the Weat Arm of Kootenay lake
__*___?��____! ..l ,l po,t ,,lB"1.1 R,,,ml W-Win_
Sq mt?' ���������-VUiiUie-tuit coruerof ],ot 'iM*., marked
��B Thomas'-'/.. W corner." thenoe MDS Jt
chains, ihen.o east 80 chains, thence iiorth _o
Uatesl Ihu etli day ot Nov., 1*��.    8. Tnoms,
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co,, Lti
Notice is hereby -given that sixty days afler
date 1 Intend to applv tothe Hon, chief Couiiuls
sioner of Lands am. Work* for *.������ 11 *,*-������:���-*���. to
purebaae the followlni descritied lands, lu
U,.*i Kootenay District: Comtiiviiclnjf al an In
itial |h��-! planted at the southeast corner of McCoy's pre cuipiiou. theme _Wchain* west to east
boundary of Lol ffltt; ibenee foUowloi _aid
I-.innlary south to southeast corner of said lot;
ihenee lo chains west; thenee .'-o chains smith;
thenee *Ju chains easl; ihenee ."I chains north to
soulhwest cor,ier of I...: IBS; Ihcnce foltowtiiK
west boundary of I-ot ���/.'.' to initial post.
September 21, itol, v.i* woi.fk,
I��cr KbmkstW. Hobinson.
Notiee Is hereby given that fill days alter dale I
Intend i" apply to the Honorable llo* Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works. Victoria, li. C.,
lor permlulon to purchase the following' described land, situated lu the West KooteniU dlstricl,
ou Ml.- west side of I iiliano-l (or HU Mile) creek,
on nn ci side of wigoii road, al>out 2'j miles
fro ii West Arm of Kootenay lake: Oommenelng
at a |M>st marked Mrs llattic l'uek's "* I corner, tunning **o chains west; tlience 90 chtln-
south; thenee 40 chains east; theuce 'Ji chains
norlh, to the point of commencement, containing hu acres of laud, moreor leas.
Dated the l"th November 1908.
IIkh   Hattik Dreg,
John B. Taylou, Agent
Hlxty days nfter dale 1 intend toapply to the
Hon Chief Commissioner of I_uids and Works,
Victoria, Io purchase U0 acres of land abonl two
miles b��low Burton City. West Koolenay, copi-
iiieiiclUR at a post marked "J A. Irving's east
corner post." said i "**t being on lhe easterly end
of an islam! west of U.l ft-VIT.aud claiming all the
land contained In said Island, being about mn1
mile in an easterly and westerly direction and
about 90 chslns from nurth to south.
November llth, 1906. J. A, Irvinu,
 J E. AwruBLg. Agent.
Blxty days afterdate I Intend to applv to ihe
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 190 acres of land located
on the westsideof Arrow lake aiol Ivlng directly
north of Lot 797ti: Commencing al a poii- planted
ftt the N, K. corner of Lot TWO and marked ���'�����. B.
H. K corner," and running north 'Jn chains,
thence wesl 20 ehatns, thenee north 90 chains,
thence wcsl 20 chains, theuce south -lu chains,
thence east 40 chains, to place of U-gltiniiiK,
Nov. Nth, 1-06. Hkbtiia BKAI-I.KY,
J. I.. Annahlk. Agenl
district: ('ommenclng al a post marked Mrs. \
A. Wilson's corner posi, planted at the northeast
corner of Beetlon 17, Townsite 7, running south
40 chains, thenoe west io chnlna, Ihence north 40
chains, thence east MebftitU W place of commencement, coiitaliiluK 16o acres, moreor less
Dated Nov. 99, lUOfi. Mrs. V. A. Wilson,
J. WOI0W., Agent.
Hixty days nfier date I inteml to apply to the
Honorable the Chief t'omniis.ioiier of Land* and
Works, Victoria, to purchase ]��o acres of land,
located on the west Hide of Arrow Inke. adjoining
LotWU and deicrlbed as follows: Commencing
at a post planted on tlie wesi boundary of Lol
f��Sln, about 90 chains north of the B. V., corner of
said lot, thence wesl ,10 chain-, ihence south 60
chains, thence east IIO chains lo the western
boundary of pre-emption No. 37B, thence north
6u chains to plnee of beginning.
Located Oct. _,., ison. m k. wnjjrr,
K J. Ki.i.iott, Agent.
Hlxty days after date I intent] to apply lothe 1
Honorable the ChiefCouiiiiisMiui-j-re! Ud4i_*4 j
Works for permlMlon to pt*r*.i��N> thefoJlovm J
inscribed lands hi Kooleni) district: ��� -:. I
liieticlUKHl a post marled J 11. Amiable'in-ant J
east corner post, said poal N-tm: mi th-tutf 1
side of the Lower Arrow lake, alxml Iwo Rllaj
below   Hurton   Citv;   tbenee  'nuth *> rham'i
thenee weet 20 chains; tin-in* touUii-ctuiN; 1
tbenoe weet M ehalni; tbence nonh tt ttm \
and   20   links,   more or les*  *.-. ll,** IiIi-Umr; 3
thenoe easterly along lake l��i���ham*, moreotli^]
to the place of  beginning. r.>nuir-lii<IC&ioe, j
more or leas.
Hated tins 6th day of No. ember, IK*.
per K. I. BCUflT, Aivni
Notice is hereby given (list sixty ���.ijidig
date I intend to ���UecppHdtloil to tbe How-j
able Chlel Commissioner ol Undi aid Kuril III
Victoria. H. t ., for perinlui.m to |iiirchweikelr*l
lowing described land, lltoale in fin tiftj,|
Vit-n Kootenav district: < <-iiimeiiciii-rittM_l]
i luiii..] ai the mtbwMtcorner ol .>��tbuiRt.l
iu-i'ti's pre-empfloL, mai*.. ; !.   '   r. ���-* f '-nf I
poet, ihem-e 40 ehalni weal, rinnc #> chiiel
norlh. thence 40 chains easi ��� ������ ���., .l;-'l:s��*_. 1
northwest corner, thenoe aouth m ehalnilophN j
of commencement, eon Uiu no; li*i��rtti,m
Hated this 23rd day of Nov., 1*.��.
11. I. Kiiifoofi.
Honorablt ...      	
Works,  Victoria,  to pun-ha-.- *w arm of Ul
located arid deeerlheou lollowi: C(��nm*odill
at a post planted at tha stmiliwoi cernrrolll
Hobiiison's pre-umpiion In Plre Valley, m��wejm
Ave miles irom Kdward Landing, *otii_el
Arrow lake, and marked V O'i H K rnnnall
running weit 60 chains, tbeneeiontbM w
tbenoe eaal ao chains, then.* ��..m!i fflrhUijl
thenoe eaat 40 chains, thenre m.rth WchUMlf
place of beginning.
Not 18th, tm fei. i ciiW |
J. X. AgWABLg, Agent_
Snltce is hereby giv.-n tio.' ��� !hv�� MtcJ-i*! 1
intend to apnlv tO the Hon rhl.*M'oinml��loB��l
I-ni.n*. nod Works, Vlcliirla,(i*r (���������riiilMl''nWge,f
chase  the followtng deeerlbed  Und, *��u��1*��15|
the Weat Kootenaj distrhi. on tiie��i-iiwe|
Huhauicl (or Six Mile) ereek near wmodim
about three mites from Kootenay l����i*/!J
mencing el u poetmarbed "JameiJ.I>ur? '.B_Z;*1
post," tunning 20 chains eait ih ..�� ����*-����|
north, thence 20 cbains welt, tbenee ___
south, to thotwlntof oommenccmeoltnnH
ing 40 acres of land, innr.* or lei
Dtted Ittll November, IW.
-Located bj .lAMMJ-rro-
per John K   i a�� :.>h. A-jent^
llXt* days after date  1  lnt.nl l'>��PPlrt��uj \
Works for permission topnrchaieUw :>��"��; 1
descrlbeil land* in Koolenay dlitrtrt: (nwa* 1
 - -' -   post marked **.\   J. DlU _ *��__T
daya after date I int. nl to apply tatti
ible the Chief Comim-H-iier of U-adiiMl
60 days after dale I intend to applv fa) the Honorable the Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Worki,  tO purehaae :t70 acre!- of  laml:     Com-
menetngata ooal marked c.w.s N, Bv oornei
poet and planted on the wesi ihore of Arrow
lake adjolnliiK Lot :t7!l ou llie south side of said
Lot, then-e west ho chalus along the southern
boundary of l_it :t7;i; ihence souih 4ii W chains;
thenceeastsxi chains more or less to ink' shore;
ihcnce north along lake shore to place of begin
Dated-211th day of Nov. 1WJ.
OM. W.Htkici,,
J. K. A.nnaiu.k, Ageni.
Notice fs hereby given that 00 davs alter date I
Intend toapply to the Ifoiiorahh* the Cnlel Coni-
inissi-jnerof Lands nud Works for permlMlon to
purchase lhe following described lands: Com-
mt ne lug at n posi placed 90 chalim west of thc
southeast corner of Lot Mi'l, marked "K.A. Hell's
oorihwest oorner," thence *..uth ft] ohalni,
tiencceast 90 i hnlns, theuce norlh _0 chains,
uieuce wesi 90 chai tis lo polntof eommencemen 1,
coutaliiliiK -10 m-rcs, more or less
Located th la Ath dayof Nov., 1906.   ll.A.BlLt.
Hlxty davs nfier date I intend to apply to the
Hon I hief ( ommlssloner of Laud- and Works,
victoria, to purchase 4H0 acres of laud, In Fire
> alley. ."Mt Kooteiiuy: Commencing nt a post
Plantcil ft) chains west of lhe B. W. corner of J.
KObinaoii'ipre-emption, and marked w.W's N.
____��__!__*?* """'Ing west 00 chain., thence
sou ih m chains, thence east flo chaiua, thence
north W chalna U�� place of bvglmilng
Nov. Uth, 1906, Wii.lumViu.iams,
          -J- K. AnnaiH.k, Ageni.
n!.!,1.. ____! ..tu'r ,Utl'' mU'I|(I to apply t'�� the
"ui.thet hief Commissioner of Lands ami Works
N.pureh-ise p;n acres of land: I'onimeuclug at u
post planted on the Vest side of Six mile t .ecu,
from   Kootenay   lake,   and  marked   "Neil   Mc
B5__ n ' PHl rVn"'r _��lf'" thWOe eail 411
cam,    hence north �� .hains, tlicmv west 40
-located this 10th day of November, 1906,
Niii, McKkl-hnib.
Noiiee is hereby given Ih,,*'* *%'$$& \
I intend, to apply to the "o^'i.'SP
Commissioner of lands ami �������*��� ['-^fjjjj
Works for
ring at a  posl marke-i **.\   j. umsj��>��
corner posl," said  post Ir-iiik on ih"'in��""E j
erly shore ofthe Lower Arrow like ��?d*M
due eait, nn Ihe nortlieast . orn.r el ^��* l
uroupi; OwnoenorthMchiJniieaii*-��H j
south'40 chains,  more or  U.teUWJIIigi
tlience following snld "bore   Itl I *>*}���__m
direellon W chains   mon* or !��� s�� WthlWHI
beginning, containing 180 acr--. mere or ��
Hated 1Mb Bth day oi NoveiiU"T, UJ . yd
���perK I. ini vrr. Ab"*-L___
lirki ferry-- .
sion to inrchase  the'follown,, {mW4
Koolenay   district:     Commencing  ���*��m
narked "J- H  Wallace's N'Oihwe*!!';'"'"!^
saltl   post  being  on   UMCUterl]  sl<l-  ���"g\
Arrow   lake,   anil   at lhe  hsiU'Ii��'*m .j^^j^ I
Porter's pre-empt Um claim; Hn ii'--*essi '(.h|W 1
ihemesouth _o chnins, thena   v'*' Wf_uni!
ihem-e south 90 chains, thence      V.itin-1* (
mere or leetto the Arrow lakcthr "'w|
easterly direction tlochalns. w.oy er ""n* I
dace of beginning, containing 1 W Mm ���nm.j
Hated thla 99th dayof October, l W WAlMCt,
 8yh_tBf*ant,Kpt.tritJ  BojjfiS   - ,
���60 day. after date 1 iniend io appiv'" ^pj j
Chlof Commlnloner ol Undi and ""(Vi,".1^!
chase Ko mttm -'I and locaict i�� ����J" K-fl 1
liig pnrt ol Beotloni fl and h'  ' "w ,|M J. �� p_t j
ile.nl 1  n-  follows;    Comiiicm iiu. ���    ,'w j
mnrke.1 K- W.J.8. |i*^��5J ffi MriM
northwest corner of Win. niiim'1"' J, ri,*ln-ii ���*
thenee west -lo chains; thenee """''-"flH i
ihenco easl 10 f llRins;  thence souih W C"*
place of beginnlng-
Noyeiubcr'i.'lrd lUWi. .. rt* j-umO'i
 '"', / _,,n|. to"1* I
Hlxly days after dnte 1 liilcn *t "'"'J W_ ,
Hon. Chief Connnissloi.er of Ia 'JJ ��  ,���, ,|l
toporoheee IB7 acrei "f land, "/ piamted at
���II.'IDS "',
in piiri-niim- tn�� mun ...  nil nil"1 *
poit innrkvtl II. H's N. h .corner | ��a ���       n tbi
the N. W.co " - " w ��"���"''"'l'''     ***
no  >  ��    w'or^^'ftirn&oi
west side of Arrow lake, iiIkim iom ,,.,
  , ......I ill eHi in
HI'I   >IMI'  I'l      III""     ... is ���   ,  ������ ��� -        '< I||t[ir6 n""!
Hurton city, thence west 40 clmin*<. i   ���     oatei
4(l...'J ehnins, thence oasi ���"'|,h"      , ,.ialiiloiI,r
4tU>_ chalna to place of beglnnUO.* co,,t"
itcres, more or lesH. ���    -��� \nttm*
Haled 2011. dny of ^^^t^M
"sixty dava nffr dale U,l,rp'T'_|,,l,..crl"? u!.'
nation to the Hon. Chief I ��\"u\l*ZZ*t> the ��*
and Works for permission to P^'j-^itlBB
lowing described lauds: Comniinc ;}#tln!Jj
placed ahout half a mile wesi of ine \v -or*..f,
Wiiiilshau lake, maiked ��l>. '.Pni.���t(.ewri*>���
running thonco80Chalm���"" n:hl'',,"fl m o>'*2o
ensi; thenee HO chains north; ��.hV lln|nlOg ���*
wesl Ki point of coiiiineiieciiicnl.Him
���TiWVhJl-tifdeyol October, lW-piW.
+*-. The Dally Canadian
Notice to fonservatives
of Nelson Conservatives will be
held in Board of Trade Rooms, on
Saturday Evening, 29th December,
instant, at 8.30 o'clock
for the purpose of electing delegates to a nominating convention
to select a candidate in the Conservative interest at the forthcoming
Provincial campaign.
Dated December 27th, 1906.
President Conservative Club.
BUSCH.,.       Bttdweiser Beer
DISTILLERS, 12 and 20 years old.
R. P. RrfflET ft CO., IMTED
NELSON       �����"'��� _fSr_S,_?_?rtttah    VICTORIA
_ Burns __ Co.
r""'1, Mwkiitu In   Rowland,   Trail,   Nelaon, Kailo,   Sandon, Three Forks, New
Denver and Slooan Oity.
sssssll loany tsrsiii-h will have
I ��ts.l i-aretul sttsDtton.
He^d Office: Nelson, B. C.
plute of the Registration of An
ulra-ProvincUI Company.
"Companies Act, 1897."
' s ' KIITIFY Urns il The Llndaler
"s|s��ssy** bass thll Slav lieen registered
ra l ritvliKsial company under the
sn, 1897," in carry out or effeel all
*" sst.JeclH of tbe company tss wblch
tj ol tho U-gl.latureol British Col-
offlce of tbe company lis ssltuateat
'inland, m ihncounty of Mislliisi-
 ' capital of the companv  Is
"main]    do lati,    dlvlds-d    )ntn
lisiiiilrcsl shares ot leu slollars
nil',',',!'1 ',"';*',"' Use company In this province
miii . "���"���fi ftt Kdward A. Llndsley,
Ds-il .,,"""' ���'I'lresj Is Nelion. Is  llie St-
��/sssi in,, company,
i isiiils-r ,,ly hand and seal ol oftlcs- at
| '"i Pi-sslssei- nt llrltlsh Columbia, this Oth
1 siT      ���-���rriisc-r, une thousand nine bundrod
iS'Klstrar of Joint Block Compsnlsi
bm'im,j'V' ',"r w'll,*b the comisany has lieen
r iuiio.1 and rsglslwtd are:
" |,|l����s-*s- in and conduct any ami til
i Ilu,'> "c,"* ,or "'" sal-ianilmaniilai-
!.,.. VrB,l' '"r,'*t ITo'lsscts. ties, ptllns.
lo dssoh * ll"nl"*r- timber, wood, shinnies:
sum,;,, ". "uduetsny and all branches
I, �����'"',"��* '"to tbo niilMied priHluct ol
lyirnil HI'**' ��' '*-B 'onus, may enter
'ss is L", ' i toellKBgo tu, constsiet ami
ufss.s ', K'',l,''rl,, '"* common business of the
r.i,.,��� "V""'1"*' lu sll Its branches.
i... it,, Is'', " *V"' "onduct a general logging
���wi���. V Israuehea, and to purchase or
nil,.....*.      "'-  nml  deal   lu   stlimpage
I,,,,,,'��� erlpllon:
: ������,   ".    ulurL*' t'urcbase or othervvtae ae-
lisissi,,,'""','1'"'""' 'llspisse of. and deal In
��� ���i ',, ',""'""'l '"i'l I'i any and all their
Tn i,Ur,.,.ni ,lrI,11'ombfnalloni:
-si., ,,,���,, -*' ",r otbersvlsii acs|Ulre. sell or
 ,'.       ',''��� i"'1 'loal In raw materials
I     'H*�� of nny ninl all klmls:
��� ��� uli l . ",',' **** "'"'",'"' others lu the pur's*' sssi'.l ����� ."" "'"' lr,ffll* ol ��"'! tu *og��,
'tloui.nrt 2? '." *"T ,1"1 ��ll tlteir forms,
"'"'Mr,-1 '"""'liiallons, wh ther enisle or
loetiBs-! I "t,l('roommodttt����:
i'flsiiiii,,.,!,,, ' " "'!'' ''""'luet Ihu hlislnoss of a
���""'si'llii,,, |',r hire' '"���"���'iM. "od to store
iii' H's "oral moreliandlso business:
s!'.;.s"sr ."'Iwrwlso acquire, lease,
- unv ',"*'��� ""Id.operate onduclsud
! '."""'His i'iii, J ?",'"���" n��r 01 lumhor mills for
."'"*' an,",; "'���".'""���Is sod descriptions ol
.""����� '���sl,����� "",'' ���" ���'oc'". booms, piers,
J""' 'I' aatJ! , .!.'.'"���"��� n,m". 'Mlorles anil
"tn I kus.s...lcl ��*"��� structares and en
"-���us", ,.,,.'"���'���"���J'boroqulred.orlhat
is*.-*''��rwKt!f d������W�� lor anv of tbe
r"ore.u i....".'."1.!"." corporation ls tormed,
i��'l''ise"of" i liV.'".'.'."'''^" "���>'.o;'""���"/
'���sslresV:""" """��* "r '"r I""1 '"'"of,
J.'"'���'.���)'? Purchase, lease or
'sr olK?ii.p*"-% ���"'' SlBote ol by
���cuke   ,ii     ,'*,""'1 loOOnyG timber
'""*��� oil, �����,| sjphallimi lands ansl
deposit;, ansl lodes ansl veins of gold, silver Iron
copner. stone, an.l allothermlnerals.n I min ."isi
lansls farming and other lands, c'tvor town lots
\VJ,"Z\?t"'T "*-ft-*** "** P"v"c��.s in" o he,'
rights, privileges and properly, rea. or personal-
i,.��Ji" MSS!��� by P<"<:>>"*. Icaao or otherwise,
i .lecl* ,b,ull''.,oiH!raie, maintain, possess ��,,.
llspose of by sale, lease or otherwise, and tss con-
taL "."n^sf,"'*' I* "_"**��� 'ramways. stc.m
boats and all other boats, scows, barges and
vessel,;,���d t��� cr, freight ,���,l passengers on
any and all such transportation lines, ami to
charge and receive tolls and compensation Ihcrc-
..)',*. T" p."rc-f?0',CM*-' "r otherwise acnnlre,
a . toerect, build.operate, malutaln and possess
aud dispose ot by sale, lease, or olherwise, ami
to convey, machinery for the pmsluc
Hon or generation of steam or steam power, also.
trlclly, electric power, and any other power
known or hereafter to Ik, discovered, ami to use
sell, lease or otherwise dls|soso of, ami Iss s-ssnvev
sis.-li steam, '-Is-slMi-lly and power tor hcallug.
llgbllng or other psirpose,, ausl to erect and const llcl jMiles, wire, ansl suhwavs. ssr other necessary or proper means ami appliances lor tbe
i-isssdui-t of electricity or electric power lor any
ut the issirpssscH alssresahl: '
In. Tss subscribe lor. purehase or otherwise
ai'iniln-. own, bolsl, ikibbcss, soil or otherwise
illsposeot, sml toc.sisvey shares, stocks, bonds
or other securllles or assurances of Us own or
nny other company or corporation, anst lo guar-
ailli-e or ssllscra Is,-secure thc payment ol sllvl-
ils-ii.ls ou slures or stssclis of Its own or anv other
csiliipiiny or oorp ratlssu, anil the lnleresl or
prllulpal of hssnils of any company nr corpssra
Hon: '
l:t    Tss make   promissory  notes, tsills  of  es-
ehiuige ami other eviiieners of indebtedness; I.s
borrssw ssr tss Issan i ey mi l.onsls, delienliirs-s.
or otherwise; lu secure, lu such manner as In It
may ses-iu proper, lhe paymcul ot anv promissory notes, bonds, debentures, or olher evlilen-
cesssf Is-deliss'ilness ot tlie csstporallssn, and to
mortgage, pledge, or give or convey lu trust any
ssr all of lis property, reul personal or mixed, to
secure lhe payment of such promissory note*,
bonds, debentures or other evidences of the cssr.
poration: '
II. -Tobisy, purchase, own, hsslsl, acsisilrc, vend.
sell, barter, donate srlgagc, encumber, lease,
manage ansl sllspssss- ssf all kinds of real ami ja-r
sonsil psoiH-rly.
Ifl. Tss bull ', construct, maintain mill isperalc,
tss possess ami sswn by lesse, ugreolnent or ssther
wise, and  lis Ictisi- s,r ,llspisse ssf  lbs-  same by
tenement! sale or otherwise, all telegraph and
telephone tines all,I all otber means ol com-
liilinlealloli, and lis i-hssrgs-ami recs'lvs- Isslls ami
compi-nsat Issu for I be same:
III. The business of I es-orpisriitloiiorany portion thoreof, may be tralisaclesl In the states of
Oregon and Washington, or In either of said
states, or lu any other parts of tbe I'nited Stales
ot America, or jle<lcpemloncles,orlnany fssrs-ign
country or eouiilrles, or In any ssr all of Bucb
stales, slencnslencles or counts les:
17. To slss and perform any and all other matters and Ihlllgs necessary, proper ssr eolivonlenl
for tlie accomisllihliiunl of all or any ot the Ob-
lefts liereliitswtore spei-llled	
Old Curiosity Shop
J. Donald,   Injured at Erie LUt Wednesday, Will  Bring  Action  Against
G. N. R. Company.
James Donald, who was injured at
Krie on Wednesday left the Kootenay
Lake General hospital yesterday morn-
"Itfg. Seen later lu the day Air. Donald, who Is a native of Hampton, Eng.,
gave the following account of the accident:
"When about to board the Oreat
Northern train at the Erie station, he
was burdened with a suitcase and
blankets. He asked the bra-keman to
hold the train till he got on. lie had
one root ou the step of the car when
the train moved, and he fell on the
track in front of the following car. He
had the presenec of mind to move forward as well as he could in the same
direction as the moving train. The
wheel of the car passed over the great
toe of his left foot, cut his left hand
and caught the crown of his hat."
Mr. Donald gave as his reason for
leaving the hospital yesterday that the
doctors proposed to amputate and he
| He says there are three witnesses
at Erie who will swear that the acci-
flent was not due to any fault of his
0*ira, and  he  purposes    bringing    suit
a*. -Just the railway company.
I tr,  Donald  left    this    morning  for
Vmi**, Where he will go Into hospital
for ft lithe." treatment.
If you want to buy or s .11 any h) .
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A **���
lino of .Japanese GoodB now on saie. A.,
kinds   of   Dinnerware in   stock   '    >
terns. <*
Cert tfkate of Improvements
"Irapreds," "'CLlm**/' "Horseshoe," "t}-aeon,"
"I'nlon Jack," situated in Nelion Mining
I-wiitcd run  Poreun tu*"***lCree**'t*
Take No-tfee thai 1 Fr��nk Fletcher, agent for
the Active Oold Mini) - Company, Free Miner's
Certilicaiu No KxXibit j-, *_n_, 60 days from date
hereof, to i*pply to the ^**'n*nK Recorder for a
Certificate at Improvciucii *��� 'or tho PurP<���� of
obtaining a Crown (irant oi   ^e '���oov1-' elaims.
Ami fitrtlter take notice i 'l*t ��**'tl011- under
���Section 37, must ho f-ominenc. * befort' **������"��� **8BU-
anceoUncnCntltleateof im,,r_   W-enti.
Dated Nelson, lath Bea Sflfl
Certificate of Improves *****
"Hatlon" mineral claim, situated iii Die Ni*   'J0"
Milling Ditision of West Kfolenay diatrit*  .
Where louatod t���On Toad ino-jntain.
Take Notiee Hint ], John McLaU'hlc acting a* '
agent Ior deorrge A. UMnPbell- Frev Miner's Cer*
titleate No. IJ7077, intend, sixty days from the
date liereof, toapply to the Mining hecorder for
a Certificate, of Improvements, forthepurpose of
obtaining a Crown (Jrant of the above-claim.
And further take notice tiiat action, un cr
section 37, must be commenced before* the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated thla 17tli day of November, i'.HHi.
Certificate of Improvements
"Spyglaas'* and ������Globe" mineral elaims, sitnat*'
in Trout Lake- Mining Division.
Located OD Poplar creek.
Tade Notice that I. Bruce White, aciing as
agent for the Spyglass Mining ��� o.t Free Miners'
Certificate No ii._-._r*, intend, Cu days from ttu-
date hereof, to npplv to the Mtiling Kecorder for
a CertlflOatfl of Improvements for the purposo of
obtaining aCruwn (irant of thu above claims.
And furthur take notiee that action, under
���Section 37. ronst be commenced before the isau-
anco of such Certifloato of Improvements.
Dated -ffth Octotwr, 1906. Bhiik White
W.   a.   GILLETT
Contractor and
Hole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yun) s. Kough and drc-sad tumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath and shingles, rash
and doon. ('enieul, brlek and lime for sale
Automatic grinder.
Yard mid factory: Vorooti Bt.. east of Hall,
jNBLSON, b. g.
P. 0. BOX   -32. Telephone 178.
Gospel for   Tomorrow Is Narrative of
the    Virgin    Birth���Services    Announced in City Churches.
Tomorrow is the Sunday after Christ-
man day. Tuesday, January 1, Ib the
festival of the circumcision, the first
ln tile series of acts by which Christ
conformed with the special laws of tho
The gospel for the Sunday following
Christmas Is the simple narrative by
St. Matthew of the birth of Christ, and
the vision of Joseph, his earthly father.
St. Matthew's only comment ls the
one so frequently made by thc evangelists, that the event recorded was in
fulfillment of an early prophecy by a
ptophet of Israel.
The concept of tlie Virgin-birth upon which to some degree rests the doctrine of the incarnation, ts not peculiar
to Christianity. Not only ln ancient
religious, but even in the heroic tales
of the Greeks, In the sagas of the
Northmen, and In the British tales of
the demi-god, King Arthur, only miraculous birth could be adduced as explanation of the divine qualities. The
Creeks, indeed, were more logical than
the barbarians; the frailties of their
heroes were ascribed to tile Influence
of the mortal mother, their power and
wisdom to the divine father.
Hut it was only iu the case of the
Messiah that miraculous birth could be
believed by the Jews, and because the
wonder was wrought among lowly people, though of tiie ancient Jewish royal
line, disappointment of the hopes of
the race for restoration to material
and political power, made belief hard.
The following services are announced at the various churches for tomorrow:
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
cor. Ward and Silica streets; Sunday
after Christmas; holy communion, 8 a.
ni.; morning prayer and holy communion, 11 a. in.: Sunday school, 2:30 p,
m.; evensong, 7:30 p. m. Rev. F. H.
Craham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father Althoff, priest.
Preabyterlan cliurch���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m ; evening service, 7:30
p. <n.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev.
J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p ni. Rev. R N.
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. in; even
Ing service, 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. H. Shanks, pastor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
li. e; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
eseetlng at 8 p. m.
Strathcona Coming Home.
London, Dec. 29.-���Lord Strathcona,
high commissioner for Canada, left
here yesterday for Ottawa. Before
his departure he Bald he was sure all
Canadians were gratified at the satisfaction with which the appointment of
James Bryce as ambassador at Washington had been received in the United States, and that there was no disposition ln Canada to regard this appointment other than In a most favorablo
light. He thinks that some statements
In the press alleged to have emanated
from Canada should uot be taken too
seriously. He expected that although
important affairs demanded his presence in thei' Dominion, it has been
bis custom to go home every year.
This year the progress of the twelve
months In Canada was more gratifying than ever before, he said.
Russia  Colonuing  Siberia.
St. Petersburg, Dec. 29��� Taking advantage of the present and Increasing
famine  in   Ku__tln   the government  ls
milking great efforts to stimulate col-
imltatlon tu Siberia an a scale hitherto never attained.   The minister of fi-
, liiiHT. M. Koksovoff, after consultation
���  1th his colleagues,    has    decided to
,)h  ice $3,000,000 to be spent ln 1907 at
t]le     disposal  of the  colonization  officers.       Tbi* off'ce h����    200,000 home-
sleail     l0*-s 'n    readiness    for   settlers.
These    lols al*n t��ll'">te'l  largely In the
sparse l.v    settled  provinces  along    the
Amur   riv er-  where the government Is
eager u> ji'trengthen Its bold.
ftal>' Works for Peace.
Rome, Dec. 29.���Answering an Interrogation in ts'ie senate yesteiday regarding the fo reisn policy of Italy,
Foreign Miniate r "TitonI practically repeated (lie statement that he made ln
the chai titer of .deputies on December
18. Ho a tilled, hoover, that the Anglo-
French-Italian imnventlon concerning
Abyssinia, not onjy regulated tho rela-
tions of tlu?se three powers with regard to Ethiopia, but dispersed the
clouds ini the horl-son of Europe. The
foreign mtniHter's statement has confirmed and strengthened the admission
and iniipresalnn that Italy ta working
honest',}- for Vie maintenance ot peace.
Silver King Hotel
Best Dollar a. day hotue iu the Kootenays.
Rooma are well furnished    Table u good u any
ID Neliou.    Bar supplied with good
Ua uon aiia cteen.
W. E. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tremont House
Karopean and American Plan
Ueali 2S ota.   Boomi from K cti. to 11
Only White Help Km ployed.
riaker Ht.. Neliou Proprietor!
Bartlett   Hotise
But Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Ssr Is the finest.
White Help Onlr Employed.
Josephine 81.
Nelson, B. C.
Lake View Hotel
Corn'r HaU and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Ratea 11 00 per day and up.
Telephono 118. NELSON,   __.�� C,
Grand Central Hotel
J  A. EBIOKSON, Proprietor.
Centrslly Loested. Open Dsr snd NlgbL
Sample snd bitti Rooms free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward ui Vernon Sired!.
Th* Strathcona
Nelion, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Roonu.
Royal Hotel
Rates 11 and fl.BO a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarders.
Most cnmlortsble quarters In Nelson.
Only tbe best of Liquors and cigars.
Queen's Hotel
Bnker Street. Molson. B. G.
Lighted _r Eleotrioity and
Heated by Hot Air
Lane and Comfortable Bedrooms and First-
clsss Dining Boom.  Sample Kooms for Commercial Men
MRS. I. '-   CLARKE. Proprietress
NOTICE is hereby glren thai an application
will be made to tlit- Leg .illative Assembly of the
Province of British Columbia at Its next seislnn
for an acl authorising the Patrick Lnmber Company. Limited, to place, construct. ��� nd maintain,
a dam or dams, booms, piers, slides, snd other
works in and across thc Kootenay river at or
near Thrums Station (about opposite Sub-lot IV.
of Lot tfftt, (Iroup 1, Kootenay district): and ln
and across the Little Slooan river; and in and
across-the Slocan river at a point or points below the mouth of the I mlc Slocan river; for the
purpose of driving, rafting, sorting holding,and
manufacturing saw-logs and timber; to occupy
the surface of the said rivers where necensar*. for
the purposes aforesaid; to clear, improve, and
remove obstructions from the said rivers for log-
drlvliifi, refting. and booming purposes; to levy
tind collect tolls and dues on logs timber and
lumber of persons using or profiling by such
works, clearing or improvemenui; to enter upon
and expropriate lanus; and do all other things
necessary, Incidental or conducive to the exercise of suy of the above powers.
Dated the 10th day of December, 1900,
BoUcl-jor for the Applicant-
Tenders addressed to the undersigned, at his
office Iu Ue eourt house, ln the City nf Nelson,
will be received up till the hour of flo'clock in
the afternoon ofTliuradsy, January Uni, 1007, for
the purchase of fhe "(Irlxaiy Bear" mineral
claim. Lot No. lit.., which wa< -declared to be forfeited to th_ Crown at the tax snle held In the
City of Nelson on the 6th day of November, 1906
for delinquent taxes up till Juno 80th, 1906, and
The npsct frit:.- upon the said mineral claim,
which Include*-, the amount of delinquent taxett
and coats at the tlmo of forfeiture, with Interest,
taxes which have since iiecni' d, costs of advtr-
tislug, and fee for crown grant (|2fl.U0 ) Is I70.S,-).
which is thc least amount that will be considered
as a tender-
Each tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount of the tender,
parable to the order of the Deputy Commissioner
of Lands and Works, at par at Victoria, B C.
Datod at Nelson, H. 0., this HOth day of November, 1906.
 Government t___ _______ B. C
PRUNING AND ukaFTINii csretully attend-
ed to. Apply
surer King Hotel.
Building Lots for Sale.,...
H. & m7 bird.
���__��� T. G. PROCTER IS
Has every class of Real Estate and Buildings in Nelsuu
for sale, from Business Blocks and Warehouses
to Market Gardens. *
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frott Landi in
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one blocs.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores*
Toronto, Montreal, etc*
Last .Selling Dates
Monday, 31st December
Full   particulais   from   Local
Agent or write,
A.O.P.��..Va1iMin��er. D.f.A.. Nelson
IPES **^u
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.
Wholesale aud Retell Dealer* tn
Fresh and Salted Meats
Oiunps supplied on shortest notion and
lowest prion. Nothing bnt fresh nnd
wholesome meat*and stipples kept in btoclt
Mnil orders receive oarcfnl attention.
E. C. TRAVES,  Manager.
Excursions to
Eastern Canada
"___oiiro BY ***__
Q-HCtttal Limited
With through tonritta car
Chicago. *
To Toronto, Montreal
and points weat
KT $78.25
Correiponding low ratea
points eaat ot Montreal.
Tickets on sale Not. 14th
Dec. 31st. Oood tor three mon
with privilege of extending lit
Oolng via Sault Sis lla.s
stopovers allowed east of Bt
Paul and Duluth.
Oolng via Chicago stopovers
allowed eaat of Detroit and
Port Huron.
For further Information oft1
on or address
City Pu#eDg>ar Agent.
A U. 1*. A., Seattle.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Orooeri i
Camp arid Mtaera' Supplies.  *
General Job Work, Chimney ���weeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
Itl Beat laker St        Phone No. A114
A. M. Can. Soc. C. B.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Henley Building.   P. O. lln
Baker St, NELSON, B. C. am
._ *���
, u
The Daily Canadian
��� ���
Looking for Good N 2
Things for New Year ���   '
Oranges,   Sween   Navels    25c T
Malaga   Grapes    35c ���
Pears, 2   pounds  for 25c +
Bananas,   per   dozen    50c J
Nuts, per  Ib 25c ���
Layer  Figs   ,per   Ib 25c
Let us have your New Year's
order now and avoid Monday's
Bell Trading Co*
Coal and
Telephone 265
i Boy Yoor Christmas
Groceries from JOY '.
Uu tins
Grapes   Irom   Caliiornja... .25c tb.
Grapes   Irom   Spain    35c Ib. *
Table   Raisins   from    Spain..
 35c and'Oc lb
Chestnuts  from   Italy    30c Ib. j
Kootenay   Pears.  2   lbs.  for... 25c [
uples���Roman   Beauties, North-
���Spy.    A   good   assortment  of **
A Merry Christmas
to you all.
Joy will meet you at the door.
���Joy's Cash Grocery!
Cor Josephine and Mill Sts.      1'honc IM
W��  Hftvu  ti   *-��posjiiitlv
MulucluU stoek of
for   X in ft*-* Ti ml*.*.
Stoneware, Crocks, Bean Pots. Tea Po'.s, Etc.
Munroe & Nelson
Fancy Chocolates
Leave your order early for
your NeH>  Year
Choquette Bros*
I lb. box   -   50c
J-2 1b.box-   30c
Tboaogoodi ore lu flue u tbe moro oxpanilve
ktndi, tin- miiy difference tn tho peck&ge-
TRY a no X.
Phoni" S*i. Baker St.
Nisu P. Huron & Oo.
Cor. Vernon and Ward Streets,
INliUSOIN,   B. tf.
J. FRED HUME, Proprietor.
C. K Lyons and wife, Sandon; Captain 0. Paddon, Crawford  Bayi  T. F.
Brenton, Vancouver;   F. .1. Efrigtl, Spo
kane;  N*. F. McNaught, Silverton.
A. C. Flumerfelt and wife, Victoria;
G. C tinge, A. McQueen, Samuel Pe-
teisky, ,M. D., Vancouver; \V. H. Mc-
Millan, Winnipeg; .1. A. Navarre, Toledo; G. R. Poole, Nakusp.
Mrs. Harrison. H. tt*. Popin, Qrand
Forks; Mr. and Mrs. Sheppard, Gerrard; A. W. Hlokson, Arrowhead; F. P.
O'Neill, Spokane; R. Pearson, Calgary;
Mrs. I. Li. Kennedy, Kaslo; N. Darling.
Vancouver; T. .1. Graham, ll. Goildatd
and  wife,  Westley.
F. Curtis,  E. C. North, S. Osborne,
.1.  White, Arlington   mine;     E.    Lang-
lands, F. Fear, Second Relief; T. Walters,  Hunter V. mine.
F. W. Hates. Grangi-vllle; R. E. Lati-
yon, Spokane; M. 11. Neville, Orient;
s. l-;. Watson, Silverton.
S. Hell. Philadelphia.
H. Staltard, Winnipeg; W. O. Easton,
Edmonton; T.Merry, Cranbrook; E.
Johnson, W. MoKenzle, Kaslo; p. j.
Mullln ansl wife, H. Smith, Ymir; H.
Fraser, Atrowhead.
H.  Davey,   Fernie;   Miss  A.   Ureen,
Westley;    .1.  W.  Wilson,   Slocan;    L.
Faulkner,    Midway;    R.    Cunningham,
G. McClure, Okanagan, G. Matthews,
Salmo; o. Palk, Eholt; c. W. McGill,
K. Wagner. G. Wler, Creston.
Pure Ontario Honey
5 Pound Cans 90c
10 Pound Cans $1.75
New Navel
There  whh  no  docket
(ourt This morning,
Telephone 101.
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters and Dealers in
Coal and Woosi.   Expresa and
i isggHgi- Transfer
______l Office: Baker St.
Horn, on December 2(i. to the wife of
A. T. Noxon, Cedar Btreet, a son.
Application on behalf or A. Clayton
tor a speedy trial will be made to his
honor Judge  Forln on  Monday.
On Hint attar Dooombor lsst my boating Hint
plumbing builnoH will ise looated in my new
Missis, two iliinrs mint ol opera hOUH, on Vli-lorta
Tel. 181.     S. A. WYE
I.A lis.s: KIKE 1'KOOF HAKK -Statu main), slzo,
prls-t-    A. F  Hssllss-rlanil, Vanroiivt-r, 11. 0.
TIIK IIKT1IUN forthwith of all books borrowed
I.y ii^opli- sit Nclison from thc lltsrnry ot Walter
u* Hstssr. Canadian offloe	
WO KIItH't'-t-'bAHst ItossMS, iteam beetesl.   Apply lissusiekccpcr. 3rd Hat, K. W. U. block.
The Bubjecl tor iiiisrnlng meditation
at tin- Baptlat church tomorrow will
be, "Looking Maekward"; tin- evening
ih nn-,  "Angels  of  Prophecy."
���ih-- Conservatives of Nelson win
meet In lln- board of trade rooms Ibis
evening ni 8:;iu to arrange for tin* selection ssf ii candidate for the repreaen
union ot Nelson.
Manager Trethewey of the l.a Plata
mines bus arranged lor the treatment
ut the Trail smelter ur all the concentrates he now has ready for shipment,
ubout   17iii) tons.
Charles Scott, G. N. R. land agent,
bus received a telegram announcing
the sudds-n death at Rochester] N. Y.,
of his nephew, K. P. Kimwles, who is
well known in Nelson.
Nice red, ripe oues
25, 35, 40 and 50c
Per Dozen
C* A* Benedict
Corner Slllcn aud Josephlno Sts.
PHONI!  7.
Dou't forgot to send
that gift you
forgot to send before
The opening night at   ihe   skating
rink attracted a lurg-s- crowd. The ice
waa good und the music excellent. The
rink will be open every night while
tlie ice is in Rood condition.
dorge Keyes and Percy Gilchrist of
Fairvlew, who have been spending
Christmas at homo, return to the Okanagan in a day or two, where they are
employed 0:1 the building of the new
C. P. R. steamer.
Annual roll call and business meeting of the Baptist church will be held
nexj Wednesday evening in the church.
There will be also election of trustees,
deacons and other officers, and transaction of other business. Refreshments will be served.
Commencing December .'J1 the Morris &Douglas Theatrical Exchange will
have a company in the opera house
here every week, with a change of program weekly. Some of the best vaudeville talent on the American stage
has been engaged by this circuit,
which includes this city.
The militiamen's entertainment committee has now perfected arrangements for the New Year's concert and
dance. The Polmatler Sisters have a
continental reputation as instrumental
artistes. The arrangements for the
dance will be in the soldiers' usual
happy style. It has been decided to
arrange that tickets may be secured
at the door.
The annual Christmas treat of the
children of the Methodist Sunday
school was held in the church last
night, and was an unbounded success.
An excellent program was rendered by
the children, consisting of songs, recitations, dialogues and drills, the latter
especially being very effective against
the background of evergreen. The annual report showed a gain of 50 per
cent In Sunday school attendance
and nearly 100 per cent. In contributions.
The Store of Quality
Apples Today
at $1.50 per box
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to uho onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N.E. cor. Baker   and   Ward   Ste.
2 Diaries
while there is a good selection
to choose from.
W. G. Thomson
ROHKHkl.l.KK  ami
Phone ..4
Nelsou, B. C.
A. Carney, timber Inspector of South
east Kootenay, arrived, from Ksislo this
The ice at the CUriliig rink continues good and games are played every
aTtornoon and evening. Some of the
veterans are rapidly betting into bonspiel form.
In response to the solicitations of
many parents, Dr. T. C, Gibson has
consented to stand as candidate for
the board of school trustees. As A.
D. Emory and II. J. Steel are willing
to serve again, and Dr. Arthur and P.
\V. SwaniU'll have each another year,
the board will be complete without a
contest unless another candidate appears.
The Juvenile MostonlaiiH presented
"Dorothy" last night to the smallest
house that has greeted them this
week, the attractions of the skating
rink drawing many away. The play
was verey creditably produced. This
evening they will close their engagement with "Tbe Itajah of Pazala," and
will also sing many of the songs from
"Boo Loo." Hub.* Mason will sing by
request, "Why  Don't   You   Coax   Me?"
Wo have a nice variety of the
Fancy Goods
still left.
A shipment of NEW HOOKS
received today.
Office and Pocket Diaries
for 1907.
A. c. Flumerfelt, president of lha International Coal oompany, was in the
clly last night, lis- nml Mm. Flumerfelt are returning Ui Victoria (rom a
tilp to Montreal, and left Tor the
coast this morning. Mr. Flumerfelt Is
enthusiastic over Ills- prospects of Alberta anil ftrliish Columbia. He Is the
founder of Ihe Flumerfelt scholarship,
by which a student from llrlllsh Columbia Is maintained for four years at
a  Canadian   university.
Fifty Cent Hand Bags!
They are beauties at the price.
lulcphnnu ttt_3.
Canada Drug 8 Book Go's
....Cash Stores....
How   Ahout   Your*
duns und
We hnve Kley's, Kynock's, Winchester, uml Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winrhnstor and
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Ituntiiii; Knives, Wading, Helta,
Coats, Punts, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631       Nelson, B. C.
Sherman's Opera House
The Juvenile
TONIGHT���"The Rajah of Pazala"
Prices���00c, 75c, J1.00.
Plan now open at Rutherford's.
Monday, December 31
Tuesday, Jan.  1st.
Prices��� 75c, 50c,  25c.
Matinee, adults 50c, children  25
Plan at Rutherford's Saturday.
Trains and Boat..
Crow boat���Three honrB late.
Coast and Slocan train���On tlnn
Boundary train���On lime.
Rowland train���On time.
Aged Baroness III,
New Yoiii, Dee. 39.���A despatch
from Home says llaroneaa llnnlett.
Contts Is Buffering from acute bronchitis. Dr. Hut-low says here oonditlon Is grave.   She la 92 years of age.
All changes ror advertisements must
reach The Dally Canadian business
ofllco not later than 10 o'clock In the
morning In order to Insure Insertion
in tho issuo of that day.
Men's - $2.SO to *..._<)
Women's 2.2S to 3.SO
Misses'       -       -       ��� -     1.78
&Ce\ ����_* __** A&ent��
LO.*        R-A. Rogers �� Co.
^V**        Lfmtted.W*_uUpt-..
Wholesale Provisions,
Dominion (lovs-rntnent dreamery One Pound Bricks reei-ivs-il weekly frwth
fnnn the churn.   l**or sals- by all leading grocers.
Offloe find warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 79
Josephine Street.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Slsi-i-toietnl Work, Castings, Builders' Material and Mining and Mill Machinery
Offloe and Works Foot of Park Ht.
IMk.hu   a04�� MANAdlJM, INttlMon, H. C.
A Word to the Wise
Thi* year wc Imvo apprtH-iatcd the wantn nf ourco*
tomail and have |��i>m-(1 into Htock thfl
Good Cheer Art Base Burner
Thin stove im ailftjiU'd for hard coal only, ami isjjnar-
anteed to give wilisfaction.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Repairing nnd .Inhhlnu oxecutitsJ with Dvupislisls.   Hhvtft M*tal I
Work, Mlnlnir ond Mill Miiutiinury.     Munuliicturar* of
Or* Cum,  R.  R.   Contrnutora-  Cum.
eomwol Hall and       INEUSOIN,     B.C. XI*
UI.ITK and fling thnt   the   imijortationn nf
John T. Pierre art. tlie proper thing.
My last fall -shipment has just -arrived.   See
them and place your order early for XnUlNutl
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
Itu-Miii-cMM mwn,
'Working mtin,
Men In drcH.s iittlre,
Mpui'tlnii mtori.
M und mo nice m����n,
Mon th-at'M full uf flrw
All Sizes 35 to 44
������������ Now is this tion'
to Imv vour
Winter Overcoat
AU Prices from $10 to $30
AND DEALERS IN   L*UtXivet*  Sll-tlglCS*
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turn ��cl Work and Brackets. Mail Orders promptly utttniti to-
 VI2RNOIN .S I I.I   I ; I    .   .   .   IMIll.HOIN, B. O. ���
Christmas Presents
Look at Our
Baker St. Win_o*
For Suggest'0*05**
And many othlr ��ultable articles.
Wood, Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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