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The Daily Canadian May 14, 1907

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 &lje $*%
IH I.   No. 289.
NELSON, B. C, TUESDAY, MAY 14, 1907.
Fwtt Cmjts a Month
^ary Task of Examining
Four Members of Jury Finally
I Accepted���Limited Reading
Betrayed by  Host.
ilie, Halm. May 14.���With 12 Jury-
In Ms,, box, four of whom hitvt.. lieen
,,l in cause by  liolh the prosecu-
I sinl ilu* defense, uitsl 7-4 talesman
alli'il, ibe Irlul of Wm. U. Hay-
| si with the murder of for-
(isss.siissi Steunenberg, opens to-
Iul 1" a. in. with every prospect of
lni|sl. le jury by the eml of the week.
, admitted, however, It Is dlfllcull to
s.sil sslsssi may be die outcome of
examination of the luli-Hinen siim-
|h] Isy lhe sheriff under the order
rial venire. The fact thnt 36
imber presented excuses yes-
i'l (but of those 24 were ox-
|ed isluciance lo serve on the
miller feature that may prolong
sil securing u jury Is the wide
s.-ii lo both sides In the exam
>t  ilie talesmen.    Seldom  has
Iir prosecution or defense heen |>er-
tt.il Is;, auy court to search so deep-
Iniss ili<* history or the present mental
Itiislt' of it prospective jiiiyiiiau- Tlie
-ctitlon bus In every case entleav-
���<1 isi bring uut the convicllon of tho
fsiiiitii since the murder of the former
sriinr. Wlien the tuleamen have been
|ns*sl ss\s-r to the attorneys for the dc-
i ihs. range of tho questioning has
liiissilil*.   widened.    E. F. Richardson,
si' far, bus conducted the exnmlna.
among   olher   things   Invariably
a Into Uu. relations of the talesmen
in i lamination with union labor and
ih whal Is known nt the Cltlsens' Alan  organization  of citizens  of
iss-. w liii-li  proposed  to  resist  when
IhnuRhl  that  the demunds of union
���sti* here were oppressive.   Prom this
would appear that the alliance Is not
lily known,   lt is evident that the de-
ce  proposed   to   lay   much   stress
isiiutiiiiit the case on  what  they al-
'* 1st have been  an  Interference on
��liaii sit President Roosevelt and Sec-
it    The line of questioning In
risiliiy Ktsea in  President Roosevelt's
tisl'-slralile citizens" letters nnd Into
��peech delivered by Secretary Taft
Pocatello and Hoise during the last
ibemaiorlal   election,   in   which   Mr.
iti supported lho governor and com-
d Ills attitude on what was then
own  as   the   "Moyer-Hnywood-Petti-
ino oaRi1."
P to the present no talesman has nil
i'ii Usui lln' expressions of the presl-
nm nf the country can have any  ef-
o Ills decision.    It Is made plain
in  range of reading of thc tales-
is insi  wide.    The  most of them
,k it* ur the other of the locnl pn
'I* ami iiilinlt thnt they have read all
"in 'Is.- case in the papers.   Some of
""ni say that Ihey have been Impressed
; ihese reading! to "a certain extern."
'"*! admit Unit thc cnse hns heen dis-
lss"'l Inside tholr own families or In
'** neighborhood, hut It Is evident that
Mil Uie 13 montha ihis discussion hus
*'*" admittedly limited.
Ilaywuod Is pei-linps the most Interims; person In lhe court room.    Thc
"mi. nim ssf lale yeiii-H hns been a done
&am factor In the Western federation
i Miners, apparently shows less Inten
uj "f iniers'sl In the proceedings than
*t around hlm.    Upwards of -III news-
i nnil are here to report the cuse.
Win nss are trained upon hlm from all
"Kiss and his every movement Is thus
"nl'*|I.  lull, except  fur tlle little red-
children beside hlm und his In-
alia wifs. or for his counsel, with now
'ml Hi, n ,1 glance nt _, talesman, llay-
wiil shows no Klgn lhal he realizes his
i   iiiini.   Mis youngest daughter sits boni and generally has ber arm on
*"' nig man's shoulder,   Now and then
Je turns to her and mullcs. She seems
slighted wllh the attention and In turn
ook at  her mother who occupies
��" Invalid  clmlr  und   laugh  oul right.
"'���''or twice the tension has been re-
"'���ss-sl by i, |augh from the elder girl.
��"" "Us beside lhe mother.    She has
'I'l'iilly Joined in the genoral nmuse-
11 'nt. caused by some ludicrous remark
"isiii a talesman or factious thrust of
inisi.   unci her laughter arises above
'������" subdued court, room*.
start, and guarantees to use 50 head of
cattle per day. A vote will be taken on
a bylaw whereby the city will take 1*20,-
unu worth of preference stock und grant
lux exemption of over 125,000.
Police  In
Varied  Tasks  of  N.  W.  M
Fartherst   North.
Ottawa, May 14���A strenuous summer's work has been mapped out for
several detachments of the Northwest
Mounted Police, and they are now being
sent out to ardnoiiB and oftentimes
perilous dulles on Ihe extreme fronliers
of northwest Canuda. One detachment
Is bound for exploration and police duty
at the mouth of the Mackenzie river
where It empties into the Arctic Ocean.
Another detachment will he employed
In cutting trails In northern llrlllsh Columbia, and n Ihlrd will resume exploration work along the wesl shores of Hud
Bon's Ilay and through lhe hinterland of
the North. On the tenth of this month
Inspector Jnrvls will leave Regina with
seven cr eight men lo make a 2.iiil0-mlle
trip to the Norlh by way of lhe Athabasca and Mackenzie rivers to llerschell
Island, to relieve Inspector Howard, who
has been there for several years with u
small party of police.
Cannery at Medicine Hat.
Medicine lint, May 14.���Medietas Hnl
�� K'l'iueil the loealion of the biggest
 ''���*' wlll<*'i will oporato ln tho Wost
'""uy years, lhe Western Canneries
"ivlng decided
lo locate In tho city. A
     ���,   l'l",<*l��isi.ii yesterday for $17,-
In sl-/     """ tour h'llhllUBS, 50x100 feel
I "L.h""* "'���<* to be erected nt once.
Kllllllllliy   W|||
employ 65 hands at the
Provincial   Minister's   Novel   Views   of
Responsibility for Low Tone
of Parliament.
Montreal, May 111 ��� A meeting which,
according to Mr. A. P. 1'lgeon, chairman
of the gathering, was the opening gun
In the provincial election campaign,
took place last evening ln St. Josoph's
Hall, St. Catherine street, under the
auspices of the St. l.smis Liberal club.
Hon. W. A. Wier, the principal speaker, denied the charge that Sir Wilfrid
(.Hurler was responsible for the lowered
tone ln parliament. This was due rather
to men like Fowler and Ames, who employed detectives to lind out how many
glasses of wine a minister drank, or
how many clgnrs ho sinulutd Ksnrls
conduct was unworthy of any iiarty and
should be reprobated by the people of
The minister also attacked Mr. T. S.
Blackstock. K. C, the eminent Toronto
lawyer, who in an address some days
ago deplored the lowered tone of parliament. Mr. Ulackstock had failed to
give the names of the members who
had been guilty of swearing In thc rotunda or a hotel In the presence of
ludies. A man who made a charge like
this, without giving names, branded
himself as a coward, declared Mr. Wler.
Was It because these men were Conservatives that Mr. Blackstock was
afraid to give their names?
Hon. Mr. Wler reviewed the record
of the Liberal government at Quebec,
saying they had done much for thc advancement of the province and would
do more moro for education, agriculture
and colonization.
Hon. H. J. Cloran followed with a
eulogy of Sir Wilfrid Laurler as the
greatest statesman in thc Imperial Conference, and then proceeded to defend
the senate. He declared himself the
special champion of the workingmen In
the Upper House. Before he got there
Ihey had few friends In that body, hut
they had not dared lo speak out until
he came and gave tho senate to understand that If they protected capital they
miiBt also protect labor. Referring to a
pamphlet by Mr. Oodfrol Langlols.
M. L. A., entitled "Down with the sen-
utes" thc speaker declared It was justified when written, but the Benate had
been reformed today. The senate, according to Hon. Oeorge W. Robs, was a
most useful institution. Todny the senate was Independent as shown hy the
wny 11 amended legislation adopted by
the commons on retpiest ot tho government.
Mr. R Hlckerdlke, M. P., admitted
Unit Ihe senate Interfered with government legislation, hut declared that was
whal the Upper House wnB paid for.
He too. had changed his opinions as to
lhe merits of the senate and now believed It a useful Institution.
Mr (lodfrol Langlols. M. L. A., for St.
Luuls. lhe aiilhor pt ths PUridM
���Down with (hi* Benate." disagreed wllh
lbe previous speakers, lt wns al vet
well to say lhat lhe senate was better
,��������,- ,h���n It had heen at the timehe
Conservatives got power, but if tho Con-
,. rviillvos got b<K* foi* flfloen yearn ihe
old ���".'millions would he restored and
bin uiimphlel would Rt til ftPP'y.
Tin li g to educational matters Mr.
taSSlSsdeSarad <>.'* i��������"
lucking In enterprise lr ftls res pec*.
While Biilaries and wage lad a* anced
in mi lines of endeavor, eve. ��*�� "ST
hers of parliament, Judges and minim
era had had their Indemnities raised,
ut  the  teachers  had been  ���g"���S
rogue today wub a torce. H ���������� ���^
turned "in that ths ,   ������,
were the greatest p ol     ' fl   ,
|t was more prncH,,nn,!����"��__ ,_
""".'"���^wa^tha m ��"'" tftke th0lr
St'nrSeWding of the country
with advantage.
British Opinion on Late
Laurler Exults in Victory Over "Too
Ardent" Advocates ��� English
Ministers' Stand Unpopular.
London, May 14.���Now that the Colonial Conference is over Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and the other milliliters express
tliemselvea on the whole well pleased.
They have, they say smilingly, won almost all along the line ab agalnBt tbe
too ardent Imperialists. They are now
completing their future arrangements.
Sir Wilfrid haB promised to visit Bristol to receive the freedom of that historic city, so closely associated with the
earliest American colonization. Hon.
W. S. Fielding aud Hon. Sydney Fisher
are expected to arrive ln London at tbe
end of the week, arter which Sir Wilfrid
proceeds direct to Switzerland to recuperate. Thence he goes to Italy, France
and elsewhere.
Hon. Mi. Asquith's promise that the
Hritish ministers would carefully reconsider the cattle question is accepted as
satisfactory, pending Mr. Fisher's arrival, but it ls not supposed that tbe
ministers will overthrow their minister
of agriculture and antagonize English
farming interests and set the Irish Nationalists Into revolt by admit ling competing Canadian store cattle.
It is hoped that Hon. Mr. Fielding's
presence  here  will assist the  further-
-lUlSC   or    ttlC   Uulj     prncticMl    o*��l_wn��o-of
me conference.
Three points are especially in mind
for closer co-operation between the Imperial and Colonial ministries.
Firstly, ln the creation of fast passenger and freight services so as to bring
Canada within four days ot England and
Australasia within 20 days via Canada.
Owing to the determined opposition of
Harold Cox, ex-secretary of the Cobden
Club, and other radical members of parliament, Hon. Mr. Lloyd-George was constrained to declare at the conference
that thc ministry opposed any general
system of subsidies to merchant shipping, but nevertheless It is expected
means will be found to secure adequate
Imperial, Canadian and Australasian
mail and admiralty subconventlons to
aid this form of Imperial road making.
The Hallfax-Blacksod scheme which
is still before parliament is not likely
to meet with acceptance, at all events In
Its present shaiie, the proposed ferry between England and Ireland being regarded as unsatisfactory for a fast
'route, nor Is the Newfoundland fast mall
route taken seriously.
Secondly, it Ib hoped the Imperial,
Canadian and Australasian governments
acting In co-operation wllljevise means
lo lower the cable tolls aB another effective substitute for that mutual pre!-
erence In tariffs, which the colonleB
unite In desiring, but Great Britain cannot now grant lower cable tolls especially desired to permit of Improved news
Bervices between England and the colonies, which Ib admittedly most unsatisfactory.
Thirdly. -Mr. Lloyd-George asks advice to help the Canadlun and other colonial ministers in Improving and systematizing commercial agency arrangements so as to greatly extend Inform i-
tlon available to manufacturers and
merchants hero and In the colonleB who
wish to push Inter-lmporlal trade. Mr.
Lloyd-George and other British ministers declare thnt by business-like co-operation along these practical lines more
can be done to encourage trade within
the Empire thnn Is possible by tnrlffs.
Nevertheless, most Englishmen nre al-
reudy writing Ihe word "failure" across
the conference or 1907. Sir Wilfrid
Laurler and his colleagues frankly admit that although Britain disclaims the
preference today, Mr. Balfour wub probably right when he declared In Albert
Hall, last week, thnt thc preference ls
bound to win and that soon.
The British ministers* refusal of col
onlal offers made a profound Impression
on tho public here. To them It seems
like slamming the mother's door In the
children's face. Sir Wilfrid's speech at
the conference yesterday, when In re-
sixinse to British appeals, he frankly
explained Canada's Intention to negotiate with foreign powers on the basts
of the intermediate tariff Is for Englishmen another powerful argument for mutual preference not only because the Intermediate tariff Immediately reduces
the margin of the British preference
under which alone Britain can hold her
own against foreigners In colonial markets, but also because foreign negotiations may easily and more or less permanently bar the way to closer commercial unity of the Empire on a reciprocal busts. ,
Wheat Soaring.
Chicago, May 14.���Wheat took a tremendous Jump at the opening ot tbe
hoard of trade today. Initial prices for
the leading options showing a gain of
11 cents since Friday. The latter advance was on the December delivery
which sold at $1.03.
Germans Ascribe   Recent Alliances  to
Fear of Japan.
Berlin, May 14.���For some reason special Interest seems to attach to a statement which the Vosslsche Zeltung
claims to have received from an official
source, that the United States and
Japan will begin negotiations for an
agreement protecting their mutual Interests In the Far East. The paper
editorially concludes tbat America's mo-
live, Uke Oreat Britain's and France's, is
fear of Japan's power. Predicting that
Japan will tear up the treaties as soon
as lt Biiits her purpose to do so, the
Zeltung remarks with satisfaction that
f Jermuny remains outside these combinations, and so long as she retains ber
present attitude towards disarmament
she need not regret It.
Prices of Metals.
New York, May 14.���Silver, 65&C;
copper, 24c;  lead, $6.
London, May 14.���Silver, 30%d.; lead,
��19, 16s.
Well  Dene, Sir Wilfrid.
London, Mr.y 14.���The Imperial i
| Conference at Its closing session to-1
, day adopted the motion of Sir Wil- _
' frld Laurier, in favor of an all-Brit- <
,' ish subsidized steamship route from "j
i the United Kingdom to Australia by j
1 way of Canada. A committee is to j
,' be appointed to inquire Into the cost ]
i of such a route and draw up a def-
' inite proposition on the subject
Tbe motion of Sir Wilfrid ls de-j
| signed to bring about a reduction In *j
, freight charges thus giving an indl-.
1 rect form of preference to the Brit-'
} ish Colonies reducing the time from j
> England to Australia to 20 Instead <
i and ln the end diverting*!
11 traffic going by way of i
I1m.II   vf  C-i UiquriHB   ��r   V-,*-_i-   r>-._
turbance in Turkey.
Vienna, May 14.���It is reported hero
from Sarayevo, Bosnia, that the Turkish
village of Mustajbasie, consisting of 30
bouses and situated* on a hill, was suddenly .ingulfed last Sunday night. Several of the Inhabitants of the village
perished, the remainder escaped by
Australian Navy-
London, May 14.���It is stated unofficially mat the government has acceded
to tbe wish of Australia to rescind her
annual contribution of ��200,000 towards a naval squadron for Australia.
The Commonwealth will equip and
maintain Us own navy.
Will Travel to Canada With Earl Grey
���Pressed To Prolong Visit and
Sail From Vancouver.
Ottawa, May 14.���Secretary of State
Hon. R. W. Scott has received a cablegram from Baron Komura, expressing
his thanks for the generous hospitality
which is to be extended to Prince Fu-
shlml upon his arrival In Canada, hut
the baron adds that it will be Impossible
for the prince to make his stay ln this
country any longer than haB already
been arranged for, because his presence
is required in Japan. The Canadian
government wanted the prince to wait
over In Canada until he was able to get
u steamer from Vancouver, so that he
might be able to accomplish his whole
Journey to and from Japan under the
British flag. The stay in Canada was
to bo Bpent In showing thc prince over
the country, ns It is said he will have to
sail from Seattle on June 14. His high-
uess will urrlve from England on June
7. Lord Grey will como by the Bame
Bteamer. It ls likely tho prince will
Bpend a day at Quebec, another day at
Montreal, a day and a half at Ottawa,
duy at Winnipeg, a couple of duys at
Bunff before reaching the Pacific coast.
Sea on Flre.
Lorlent, Fiance, May 14.���Several
trawlers came In here yesterday reporting the observance of an extraordinary
phenomenon at sea which would appear
to have been a submarine volcanic eruption. The occurrence took place at a
point 44 miles southwest of the Island
of Croix, and 60 miles west of Belle
Isle. The mon on board the trawlers
noticed bright flames and Intense smoke
arising from the sea. Believing that
some vessel wns on flre, the trawelr
Kernevey wo��ked hor way ln that direction for the purpose of rendering assistance. She could, however, discover
nothing on flre. The flre and smoke
from no apparent cause, continued
througout the night, and becoming more
violent toward morning, the Kernevel
steamed away to Insure her own saftey.
Irish aod English Alike
Prelates and Politicians Denounce It
���Haldane, Asquith and Grey
Blamed by AIL
Dublin May 14.���The active hostility
of the Roman Catholic church against
Mr. Birrell's Irish Bill renders specially
difficult John E. Redmond's task of securing its approval by the forthcoming
Nationalist convention. Cardinal Logue,
primate of all Ireland, haa now Joined
Archbishop Walsh and me bishops of
Limerick and Kildare in denouncing the
measure and tbe lead given by these
prelates ls particularly fateful, as practically every parish priest in Ireland
will be a delegate to the convention.
The Nationalist revolt is being assiduously stimulated by Timothy M. Healy,
William O'Brien and otber politicians.
Mr. Healy in an open letter declared
mat me "Introduction of me bill was
the worst day's work done for Ireland
in my time and to proceed with it would
be a crime against the Irish nation!"
He added: "The first draft of the bill
was better than the last, each fresb
draft grew steadily worse under tbe
shears of Roseberylsm," referring to
Foreign Secretary Grey, War Secretary
Haldane and Chancellor of the Excequer
Asquith, the followers of Lord Rosebery
wbo   are   members   ot   the   cabinet.
Neither the chief secretary of Ireland
nor   the   premier,   according   to   air.
Healy favored the introduction of the
"stunted bantling, who only saw the
light of day because of the pressure of
the Irish leaders."
Cardinal Logue goes so far as to say:
"I believe that any politician who will
try to secure the bill's acceptance by
me forthcoming convention will Incur
the gravest suspicion of endeavoring to
drive his countrymen in me interest ot
the ministry."
London, May 14.���The opinion in the
lobbies of me Houses of parliament on
me prospects of the Irish Council Bill,
which Is designed to meet the demands
for Irish Home Rule took a very pessimistic turn last night by me growing
belief that me Nationalistic convention,
which is to be held In Dublin on May
21 and 22, will not accept the bill.
In this case, In accordance with an
understanding between the Irish secretary, Mr. Birrell, and Jorn E. Redmond,
the Nationalist leader, reached during
me negotiations which proceeded the
drafting of the bill, tbe government will
make no further attempt to proceed
with the measure.
During the last few days the Irish
Catholic prelates have come out strongly in denunciation of me project. The
bishop of Limerick describes lt as a grotesque measure, while Archbishop
Walsh snys: "Tho bill seems so bad all
round that I will find difficulty in saying anything to Induce the convention
to approve of lt."
It is believed me effect of these utterances will be that the convention at the
most, will give a qualified sanction, the
condition being that me government
consent to certain amendments. It Is
believed Mr. Birrell is willing to amend
In the direction ot modifying the lord
lieutenant's power of veto and Increasing the government allowance from
$3,260,000 to $5,000,000. But It Is doubt,
fill If even these concessions will satisfy the convention.
Only Firecrackers.
Rome, May 14.���It Is officially denied
mat an attempt was made to explode
a bomb while the royal train stood in
me station at Pontelasc, Sunday. It Is
explained that some firecrackers wore
accidentally exploded before the train
arrived and that tho accident was of uo
significance. The denial followed the report that a bpnib supposed to bo used
In an attempt to kill the king had prematurely exploded, Injuring three child-
Bald: "All the union has done Is to get
all tbe young people to read me sporting pages of newspapers, wblch are considerably ln excess of the usual
Watching  Morrocco  Closely  but With
Great Patience.
Paris, May 13.���An official note issued tonight sets forth that the reply
of the Moorish government to France's
demands growing out of me murder of
Dr. Mouchamp of Morocco City, March
23rd, while showing a disposition to
give satisfaction, Is not acceptable, as it
only partly agrees to the French demands. The French troops, therefore,
will continue to occupy Oudja, but instructions bave been sent to the French
minister to accept any kind of fair offer looking for a settlement.
Tbe note announces that the complaints of France on the subject of agitation on the frontier of Morocco, wblch
have been aggravated by me recent receipt of ttie consignment of arms and
ammunition landed from the German
steamer Rosarlo and transshipped to
Chief Maclain at Cape Jubi, having received similar unsatisfactory response,
renewed representations will be forwarded to me Moorish government.
Negotiations   for   Right   of  Way   for
Transcontinental Through Manitoba Capital.
Winnipeg, May 14.���H. N. Ruttan,
city engineer, has reported on me application of the Grand Trunk Pacific to
enter me city, which will be heard before the railway commission tomorrow.
The city engineer reports that subways should be constructed at Pembina street and Pembina highway, and
one or two Intermediate crossings provided between intermediate points.
The city engineer suggests that the
crossing should be either In the nature
of viaducts or subways.
The city engineer also suggests that
the right of way should be conserved to
the city.
Colonel Rnttan reports tbat the proposed G. T. P. line Is so close to the
constructed. He" sureMts'tfilP&eTSlfll
should be built farther apart and two
subways built
The engineer suggests that provision
should be made for future crossings between Pembina highway and the city
limits, and said that he believed three
or four crossings should be provided for.
Otherwise the city engineer Bald he saw
no objection to me plan as filed.
The plsn submitted shows the O. T. P.
line running down Scotland and Woodward avenues as tar as Cambridge
Women  and  Children Tortured
and Murdered.
Polar Star Won.
London, May 14.���Polar 8tnr. 6 to 4,
won me great Jubilee handicap, 3,000
sovereigns, at Kempton Park. Lady
Villlklns, 10 to 1, was second; Dalkeith,
100 to 8, third.   Twelve started.
New Orleans, May 14.���Despatches
from Puerto Cortes, Honduras, yesterday, say: "Americans arriving here report mat the Guatemalan government
is committing unspeakable outrages.
Even women and children are not
spared. A family of ten was massacred
by soldiers near Guatemala City by
order of the government when Joae
Oliver, a wealthy planter, Incurred the
enmity of the government on account of
his political activity.
"When the soldiers went to arrest
him he showed fight and mey shot him
to death. Every member of his family
was men slain. Abitz Crecare, one of
Cabrera's political opponents, near Livingstone, was tied to a stake In the middle ot a hill of poisonous ants. His
clothing was stripped from his body and
the soldiers danced around hla writhing
form sb me insects stung him to death.
"The refugees report mat two Americans, C. L. Lullen, of Little Rock,*Ark.,
and Marshall Stamms, of Cincinnati,
Ohio, are in Jail In Guatemala City,
charged with alleged complicity ln the
conspiracy to assassinate President
Result of Coroner's loqoett lato
Trail Tragedy of Sunday Mfckt���
Accused Appears Tomorrow.
Defeat Their Purpose.
Denver, May 13.���Pelltlonoil by thc
Christian Citizenship Union of Denver
to prevent a prize fight between Harry
Lewis nnd Jimmy Gardner on May 21,
Governor Uuchtel yesterday announced
that there will be no Interference, the
city having amplu power.  The governor
No Near Prospect of Ssttlsment of
Longshoremen's Strike.
New York, May 14.���There is no
change for me better In the dock situation caused by me strike of longshoremen. Freight Is piling up at an enormous rate at all the docks and apparently the steamship companies have but
few men .to move It. The blockade Is
causing much Inconvenience to shippers
and merchants, transportation companies, and strikers are losing thousands
oi dollars dally. The loss to shipping
Interests alone Is Bald to aggregate $5.-
000,000 thus far, while the loss In wages
to the longshoremen also runs Into
seven figures. Neither side has thus far
shown any disposition to surrender, but
one side or the other must soon give
way as the strike Is paralysing the
ocean freight traffic ot the port, a condition that merchants cannot long permit to continue. According to the strike
leaders 3,000 stevedores are on strike
In Manhattan, Brooklyn and Hoboken.
and considering the number of men the
Btrlke is remarkable for the lack of disorder. Samuel Gompers, president of
the Federation of Labor, has been called
upon to endeavor to bring about a peace
(���pedal to The Dally Canadian.)
Trail, May 14.���The verdict of the
coroner's jury empanelled to Inquire
into me circumstances attending the
death there Sunday night of David Hos-
ker, was given at noon today. It is
"That David Hosker came to his death
as a result.of blows administered by
some person ln the BL Elmo hotel, at
Trail, Sunday night, May Uth."
The Jury was composed of: Foreman.
J. R. Randall; J. Slbbald, C. H. Otll, J.
Williamson, Col. A. Jenkins and L. B.
About 10:30 Sunday nlgbt, David Hosker, a machinist in the employ of me
smelter, was found dead with his neck
broken and bleeding profusely from
wounds about the face and head, at the
foot of the stairs in the at Elmo hotel,
and Guatave Bouchard is in jail here
charged with having tfaused his death.
From the evidence taken at the -coroner's Inquest yesterday -afternoon lt was
brought out mat Bouchard and Hosker.
who were both under- the influence ot
liquor, had an altercation in one of the
rooms upstairs where It ls all-aged
Bouchard beat Hosker and then dragged
the body down to me foot of the stain
where lt was found by one of the board- ���
ers In i the house. Bouchard after the
fracas went on a shift at the smelter
WVjTOI WWB&SSVR.'.<>Lhours later
Chapman. Coroner MacLean, of Ross-
Isnd, was notified and swore In a jury.
The jury heard part of tlie evidence
yesterday and adjourned to this morning, when the hearing was completed,
and a verdict returned as stated.
Bouchard will probably come up for
preliminary hearing tomorrow morning.
Blames   Public   Excitement   fer   Toa
Hasty Agreement.
G. G. 8. Llndsey  is   not too   well
pleased with the terms of settlement of   ,
me coal strike.   The following extract
from the Toronto Newa shows Mr. Llnd-
sey's view of the situation:
Mr. Q. 0. 8. Llndsey, general manager ���
of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., Ltd.,
and president of the Western Coal Operators' Association, returned from
Fernie last night. The settlement of the
strike, he said, In an Interview, Is not
pleasing to tbe operators, because mey
were unsuccessful In obtaining a uniform set of conditions and prices. He
expressed me opinion that the anxiety
with which me public impressed on the
miners the fact mat business was rendered stagnant was a hindrance to the
settlement*, me operators were obliged
to settle on less favorable terms man
they otherwise would have, and me public might yet have, to bear the burden of
the increased cost.
Mr. Llndsey thought me conciliation
bill had an influence in inducing the
men to make an agreement, but it was
a great pity tbat the statute should
have been rendered valueless by the re
fusal of the miners to obey Its obligations hy returning to work, while they
sought to take advantage of Its benefits-
Word bad reached Mr. Llndsey that
at Coal Creek 300 men returned to work
on Tuesday and 650 yesterday. At Michel, where 800 men are affected, mey
bad not returned to work yesterday.
Immigrants Number Nearly 10,000 for ,
Each Week.
Montreal, May 14.���Immigrant re
turns for the two days ending the present week show that upwards of 1,000
aettlers have reached Canadian porta
within mat Interval, bound for the fertile fields of Western Canada. The majority of these have already passed
through Montreal. But there are aeveral thousands yet to be sent forward
to their destination tomorrow. Such a
large Influx in two days has pnt a severe tax on the colonist accommodation,
but up to the presem no great difficulty
hns been experienced by the railway
authorities in handling the new comers.
Tho vessels that reached Montreal
and Quebec Friday and yesterday with
their complements of third-class passengers are as follows: Empress of Ireland, 700; Lake Manitoba, 1,800; Lake
Michigan, 1,000; Victorian, 600; Tunisian, 1,500; Kensington, 1,200; Parisian,
736;   Total 9,336. V The Daily Canadian
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in ali s-zes and weights
UNDERWEAR  at .ill prices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX.   MITTS,   etc..   e'.r.
HAV.   FLOUR and   FEED.
In aU these lines we offer  excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
you wish peace, prepare for war." It ls a
curt expression of Germany's views as to
her rights and duties. It is also a plain
indication that Germany has no thought
of reducing or even limiting her armament and resources for war.
Agricultural Operations on Prairies Are
Seriously    Oelayed.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....$4,710,
D R WILKJE, President.
I REST ^4,730,000.
Branches in British Columbia:
Winni|>ec. March U.���The very backward spring which has' greatly hampered agricultural operations throughout
Western Canada has been causing considerable anxiety In busLnss circles.
which are so vitally interested in the
With a view to ascertaining tl;- ��� UU I
condition the Free Press recetoed today,
LChes from a!! the leading points
; in tbe wheat areas of the three provinces and these, while not sanguine.
are certain'y even more encouraging
than was anticipated.
Summarized report* received indicate
that  in Manitoba  15   per cent,  of the
vbeat has beet) seeded and in Saskatch-
I ewan about 10 per cent.   No growth is
' rep:��rte<l from any point (with a single
exception)  but everywhere the ground
j is in splendid condition to receive the
t seed and there will be plenty of mols-
I ture to  carry it   well into  the  second
; week of June.   The area goWn to wheal
win be considerably less than that of
[ last year, instead of 15 per cent. ine.-*.*-. r.
] as it would have been had there been
time for the usual spring plowing.
There will be largely Increased acreage sown to barley and oats, and {ht
amount of flax wfJi probably be larger
than for some years.
Given fine warm weather from now
on there is nothing to prevent the Wesl
reaping splendid crops. Hut in the words
of one farmer. "There is not an hour to
lose." At present, on bright days, the
We��t is enjoying about 14 hours sunshine out of 24 and if lha wind but
move? to the south and stays there all
is no cause for despairing.���Manitoba
Free Press.
Deposits received Wid interest allowed at highest   current rate from date of
opening of account, and compounded quarterly
J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Paid up Cap.lal J3.90O.OO0    Reserve Fund	
15 Branches in British Columbia.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
.ci *, t.*.,,,-   n.-AAiV  IJf.f.-tKlMHNT
Deposits of IMI'I snd upwards received. Interest allowed thereon at highest currant rate, and credited quarterly. I>.|��)=itcirs are subject to no delay
whatever in the wltiiilrauul ,,( the whole or ai v part of their deposits.
 Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
PubllBtied  III tlAj,  ���  ss. , E   l.J lUe
Hms.T ,-t .  Nelion. H  s .
BUDtcrlptlon rate**, 50 oantl a month delivered
������ the clly, sir to.lX) a year II sen! Isy mail, when
-.all In advance
AdTertiilnv rales on ap| Illation.
All monies paid in sellls-sss. nt ol Tlie Pally
Canadian sooountf, elllser lol -     - nl'tloDi or
ad.ertisin., most be roeejpted ! ��� ��� printed
forma of the Compeny, other receipts ate not
MAV 14. 1907.
The Victoria board of trade has
adopted a resolution in favor of reducing the head tax on Chinese Immigrants.
It has met with little favor elsewhere in
the province. A few years ago It wns
said, and probably with truth, ilnit
every candidate for parllamenl or legislature appealing lo a llrltlsh Columbia
constituency was pledged to advocate
exclusion of tii- flilne.se. There Is no
reason yet to belters thnt the practical
unanimity on tin* subj-ac among British
Columbia workingmen. which furred
that pledge upon candidates, has iinil.i
gone any material change. Whether ll
be wisdom or mere prejudice th.- phrase
���white man's country" Is still dominant
It may be true that tree admlsalon ol
Chinese laborers would make Hritish
Columbia a less attractive Held foi
white laborers, and it Is while laborers
skilled and Industrious, that Urltlsh Columbia wains.
But It Is Idle to deny or Ignore Hit
fact that the labor situation lu this
province Is Berious, and that no Improvement Is In sight.
In common with the rest of Canada,
and to a greater degree than any other
part of Canada except Alberta and Sas
katchewan, llrltlsh Columbia Is enjoying a period of rapid miiu-rlal development If ihat development Is not to be
retarded or postponed an abundant sup
ply of labor, skilled and Unskilled, Is an
imperative need. Kor more than two
years mine and smelter managers and
mill owners have complained ihat It Is
Impossible to secure an adc-uual1: supply
of satisfactory' labor. Nor can It be said
that there Is any promise al present of
such an Influx as will even partially
meet the deficiency. In the clearing
and cultivating of the land lhe need is
even keener, and such operations have I
aires ly Iv-c-n greatly curtailed In consequence.
Under the circumstances there was
nothing surprising in the fact that employers of labor were irritated at a resolution adopted by labor organizations
at the coast declaring that there Is no
scarcity of labor In this province. Every-
oils- knows that such a statement is untrue. Hut the wisest way to answer It
Is not by an immediate appeal to permit
the unlimited entry of Chinese.
The question is one that merits and
requires earnest consideration from all
Classes. While labor is scarce ll must
| I course be highly paid, but Its scarcity Is also th.- chief cause of the very-
high cost of living which offsets the advantage of high wages.
British Columbia must secure labor
for Its development. No one wants
Chinese if Intelligent and industrious
while men can lie secured. It must not
be forgotten that nearly all the irami
grams entering Canada from the East
and Soutb are destined for the prairies
and will (et no farther. Not one per
cent, will come to British Columbia.
i'nr some r.-ason not published all the
efforts of the Dominion immigration department are still devoted to attracting
settlers to tbe plains. British Columbia
must do without Dominion aid and pn
-.id.- for her own necessities. Only the
governmenl can |s.rforin that lask, and
Inr its performance will require the cooperation of employers and employed,
of boards of trade and of labor organise.
Huns. Nothing can be gained, and only
harm can be done, by oratorical or editorial attack on either Interest.
The Week, a Victoria weekly, remarks that The Ually Canadian Is
"strong in history." Feeling kindly ills-
IKised we took a moment to glance
through the Week for an opportunity
to praise something. We found a personal notice of visitors passing through
Victoria "after spending the winter ln
California and San Diego." That is
quite as bad as "Canada and British
Columbja." Such expressions should be
impossible for any editor, even of the
Count von Wentlow's suggestion of
a motto for The Hague Conference, "If
yon wish war, prepare for peace," contains food for thought. As a maxim It
is at least as wise as Its -converse, "If
Has Kept  Smelter  in   Operation   Spite
of Coal Miners' Strike.
To the British Columbia Copper Co.
belongs the distinction of being able
to operate lis smelter and mines for
two weeks while all the otber largo
copper producers In the Boundary are
Idle for lack of coke. Tw-o furnai*.*-
have been operated steadily up to th'.-
present, getting excellent results, but
from the coke outlook it Is absolutely
certain that Manager McAllister musl
order ihe plant blown out y.eri* sh/.e,,,-
i o, i��s/ s*ee��s one of Ihe furnaces
has been fed by hand shovelling from
the coke stock pile, which Is a slow and
expensive process and w-ould not be
undertaken if but one furnace was in
commission, it not being economical
smelter practice.
Utile or no coke has been coming
in of late to this smelter, and the stocst
pile Is being rapidly depleted, it being
but a question of days until the I! ('
Copper Co's smelter and Mother Lode
mine Join the other temporarily Idle
concerns of the Boundary. It was
hoped the coal miners' strike���settled
this week���would terminate in time so
thai this smelter could tide over llll
fresh coke supplies began lo arrive.
But this may take three weeks, more
or less.���Phoenix  Pioneer.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Ofllce: Bealey Building    P. O. Uox .34
Baker St.. NEL8QN, B. C.
INELSOIN,    -    B. C.
Brand New Art Bell Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
Notice 1* hereby pee*, thai thirty dan after
dale I inten , to apply lo the Hoard of I.iceuce
t tn:.. - Modi ���* tor the Vmir dlatriut for a transfer nt the licence held by ine for the -Fort -hep-
psrd hotel to F. Adte.
(Signed) A   M. SjuiUrt
Wanda, B 0 . Mm) ;-, pojf.
For Immediate
Sale Only
Exceptional opportunity to acquire house situated on two of thinnest resldental lots In Nelson.
Kasy of access and on level grade
from business centre. Residence
contains hall, slttlns. dining and
bedrooms, baih and kitchen pantry.
Large coal and wood shed. Blectric
light, water and sewer.
Weit Biker Stmt        NELSON, 8, C.
sixtv tart utter date I intend to *��Pplj t.-the
Huii Chlel Commfstfoner of Mud-and W .>rks
for jhtikS-mi: to pumfaase Che fallowing de-
scribed ;aud in H*nst Kootenar district: Commencing at a. poit (narked A. V. U's northwest
norner po.t, >unu'nn to chain* easterly along
the boundary of Tiintur lleeaee No. mOt, Iheaee
M'utbtTlv 5*' chatm. ihem weeten) K) chalna,
theme northerly .*** ehalni along lha C. P. K.
tnwl In the place Ol liiinnifiiifintlit. cuniainlug
two bnn&rea ��*��� rati non or les*.
Ux-ateri thi�� tub day Oj Mny, UOT.
A fc. Bi>n. LoMtor<
-s\t\ d-amafti r data i purpoee malting application i" ine i hiei Commlaaioner ol Landiand
v. irss tor permission t" pur-chow
I land: Commeneinj -��i �� poal plaid
r.��� the northweat corner at loi ttthi i an i marked MF KcCaSK eorner poit." running thanoa
thi ttt chain* reat, thi ��� -
chainaaooth, thenoe to chains eait, ������� |> Intol
rommeut-enieu., containing Wo aereSi tton 01
Datod thi-8th daj of Mar. IW.
(Sin*;;  :, i'i rm vn toixoof,
per t��. A, Ui t'[ ii..,. it. A^ent.
Biitj dart altor date purpoae ui.tking tippn-
cation to tha Hon. Chlel Uimmtssloner o] Land*
and Worke, fer permltsjon to pun-lnae the following described land; Commencing at a win
blacod on the ffatl ih in ol Lover wtmuhrto
lake, about a U rail-,*- from tbe outlet of same,
and mnrked "It.   .Va.  S.e    COrQOI  poet,'    run-
Ding tbence 8d ohalna aresti thenee 80 ehaim
���onto, thenee91 ehaim east! ibenee80 chalnn
north  to p Int ^f eumm--nt'emoi. t-^ntAinliig
acrei non or le��j,
luted tht.- .i. . daj bl Hey, Ml
(Sltned) H Wi- kkn.
per F  ��-. Fitgt IBB. AK<mt.
Wnj laysaftojdata 1 pnrpose m-ikitiK application tothe Hon. :!..* t ti*-- f i'..ni*ail(**loner oi
Landi and "oorki tot pemiaaloq i*> purehase the
following deacjrtbed land] CHmunendna ��t a
poa] i-lar-ed at the northeaal r rnrr nf H 0-
nkinner'i application tu pnrohass mrirk.-d
"K S'l. N. Vi. corner po>: " thence following tlifc
eastern hotiodary of aaid nj>plicatlon-Su cb-ains
south, thenee runuiug *\ t hrtii'-* ea��t. thenee to
chalm north to thc wo thi rn bonndary ol K. \v.
Maunin-Kton'* applioaUon t.> pnrt basa, Un nee 80
ehHin* weti aioncaami topotntof oommattoo*
men! eootalnlngHOa rea, mora or les**
Duted Snd day of May. 1907.
(Signed) It.PmrL,
j��er F.G   PiDQTUn, Agent.
.-iity'lay--after date i intend to apply tothe
Honorable the Chief Comml��nli>ner ol Lendi and
Wo'k-s for permission to purehasu thefoilcwing
d��*��'**it��ed land* tu We.*t Kootanay district: torn*
meiiclnK at a posl planie'l mi tlie aonth shoreof
Kootanay take, and a'jnining 1 P. li block No.
IU, aiol marked "Tom Uordon- nortb\n>t eorner
post," tlience south 40 rhitim, tlience rait 10
cbains.  thence io*riii'Ju chain*,  more or tei��, t-i
i*tv BhorOj tnence west w ehains to point of
oom meneement
Dated thmJUtb of April. 1907.
Ton (toitijON.
Sixty days after date 1 Intend lo apply to the
Hon. the Chlel Commissioner of f.andi and
Worts, Victoria, H CL_ le purchase 4�� acres of
Uud: Comnanolng al l p��'at planted al the I'ity
of5el��on'i�� K. enrner poati on Kootenay river,
;_,enrc 10 ch ilns south, thence wc>t 'J" chains,
thence north tt chain*-, then.-e eft AJ chalna to
point of eomtncticemeiit
KelsOO, B  r, April U, IW7. K. J. COBBJUL
Sxty daya after uaie I intend to apply to Hon,
the Chief Commissioner nf 1-atidn and Works for
permission to purehaee the following deaorttttd
lands iu Kooteuay dl*tri<t: CuimitL-iiciug at a
postmarked Drue? Wblie'a N W. corner poat,
!��lMiatt-d at the northeait corner nf F. K :����� ai��otit
a mile east of Hocan ilver, thence south 20
��� halm, thencn west *' eliains. thence south 60
chains, thence eaat to chains, thence north -to
ehaim, thence east ti< chains, thenee north to
chains, thence weit 60 chains to point of <ou.-
meneement, containing t-U) acres, more or less.
Located March i&tfc. 1.9-W. Hkiuc WHin.
I. the underalgned, alter 80 'lays intend to apply to the Honorable the Chlel ' ommlssloner of
l_and.* and Works for permission to purchase the
following land: Commencing at a post marke*-!
ss. h C. of Lot 1258, thenc^wesl 80 Chajna, theuce
aonth 20Chains, th-ence wist 40 chains', thenee
tou*h 40 chain*, theuce cast bo chains, thence
north 80 chains to point oi coumiencemetit-
Located March STth.lWl.     M H. McN'iCCHT,
>'. F, MtNiH.HT, Agent.
I, the underalgned. slier GO <iays Intend to apply lo thc Honorable the Chief t nm minloner of
Lands and Work* to purchase the lollowlng de-
M-rlta.-*l land: (nnimeiKlug at a post marked
H. K C-, altuate at (he iin.uih ol Con creek on
tbe west shore of Blocan lake, thence weal A)
chains, ihenee eontb A) chains, tnenee west 2u
ctiaim, thence loath 80 chalus, thence we.it -to
chains, thenee south to chains, theuce ea>t Mi
i-baiui, ihenee noith to chaiua to point of co-m-
located March .Tth. 1901.      tt. F McNaWht.
^ixty days after date 1 intend lo appiv to the
Chief Commissioner of Landa and Works for
perinlsilou io purchase the following described
lands ln Kootenay District, about three-quarters
uf mile from Thrum's siding:   Commencing at s
r*tylsttnl at then W. corner cf L 6S*8, group
West Kootenay D|��trl*r*i; thence weiterly
followlug the north boundarv of L45H8, to
ehaim; thence north JO chains; thence eaet-10
ebalns, moreor less, tothe N. W. corner of
ls*W, thenct* )>outh following the west boundary
of I>W3, ]n chaiui, more or legs, to place of commencement, containing-to acrea, mor* or leas
Dated this 6th 'lay of December 1906,
H. H. Pirra. Locator.
Sixty dart afler dale I purpose making appli.
cation to the Cklel ('ommi&nioiier of Unda and
Works for permlaslon to purebaae the following
described land: Commencing at a pn>i placed
at thc southeast corner of �� W <> HauMalo'a
application to punliase, marked "K. Fn. S.W.
'.���rner." running tlience-So cbaina norh. thenee
ai chains east, thence nocnains south, tht-tice 80
chains wesi to |Kiiut of commencement, cont��in
lag Mo aims, more or leas.
Dated the 9th day of April, IW.
*.   ���  . r.       K* t*Htvrtm_
Per V, tt. Panqonr, Agent.
Sixty daya after dale 1 lnten.1 to apply to ttie
Honorable lhe Chief *omniissloner cl Lands and
Worki. Victoria, to purt-haae Ui acres of land
in West K'KJienay, and di-icritjed ai follows:
Commencing at a fftfit planted on the east side
ol Arrow Latke al the southwest corner of L70CH
aud marked "J A. K's N" v\. corner," theme
east .'f chains, thenc^ south 40 cliaina. theuce
ea*t SO chain*, tbeuce Sf.uth IW chains to Sfose
heimer's pre-empHon. tbeuce wist ..l shalni t.i
Faui-ik-r's application topurcha.-c, thenee imrth
-tor-bain* then'**- irsSI W chains lo lake shore.
thane* nortb along the lake ihore in place nf
Mar  li l,rh.l'.sff. J   A   Kxi.LV.
Sixty day* after date 1 purpose malting appl!
catb>n to the Honors' le fhfl �� hief Cnmmittalotter
of Londe and Works fr>r |iermlia|on to purt-haie
ihe following deMTit/ed laud: ('oinmeticing at
a |Mrtt plai-ed about fine and hall milea ea-t of
silcer lip Point, on Whai shun Uke, mar Christie creek marked "Y W.g.H'b, B.B corner," running theuce N, (hatus west to join laud located
by r L. Hammond, as agent, thenc.* K) eliaini
north, theme NO chalna cast, tbenoe ^ chains
south to point of eommeucement, containing
440 acres, more or less.
Dated thcVlh da) of April, 1907.
f. w. ti. Ramvranr,
.      Per F O  Kittit'iKa. Agent
BfJCtf dart after dute I intend toapply to tne
Hon thc'hicfCoinuiisMoiicrof Undriand Works
Vietoria. to purchase ��Wi acrea of land in Waal
Koolenay dlatrlet: Commencing at a pont
planted about fa mi es from the mouth of Mi,.*-.
i.ufto crer-k and abont one mile wesl of ihe sa_j]
creek and mnrked ' II. H. K's S.W coiner." and
running north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains
thence south 80 chains, theuce weat 80 chains to
place of beginning.
March 16th, IW. H. H Koss,
 J. E. AyjunLi. Ag��at.
Hlxt*) days after dute I Intend tc apply to the
Hon. cbh'f Commissioner of lands and Works
Victoria. B. C, to purchase K40 acres of land, In
Flre Valley, described as fol ows: Commencing
at a post planted A) chains wont of Waller Bull's
N. Vi. corner and marked J. W Holme |' Jr. N. E
confer p"Bt, and running muth 40 chalm, thenco
west 00 chains, tlience north 40 chains, thence
east 60 chains to plnee of beginning, and being a
portion of SeMlon 35, Townihlp 71, West Kootenay.
March Mh, 1907. J. W, HoUHCt, JB.
J. K. ANNiliLE. AO^MT.
Sixty days alter date 1 intend to apply io the
Hon. Chief Conirnfsiiorier of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to purchase 820 neres of land iu Weat
Kootenay. ibsiril-od h- follows: Commenclnr
ll a po��i - | n'ed up Moxjulto creek, about eight
miles rrnm lhe mouth ami marked K. Cross' H W
corner, thence nort- U chains, thence40chains
east, tlience ft) chains south, thence -to elm j tis
west to place ol beginning
Felf. Wth, 1W7. K.Ctoai.
J.K. Ajouk-Li, Ageut.
New Dress, Muslins, Ginghams and Ladles' Ready-to-Wear
Skirts, Costumes and Blouses.
We Are Still Selling Ladies' Undermusllns at Reduced Prices.
Fred Irvine <& Co'y
Notice is hereby mga that w uays atter date 1
Intend to applv to the Hon. Chief Commissioncrjol
Uiittaud Works, \'i. torla, forparmlasloQ to|mr-
chsM.* the following d-'scrlU'd laud : Commem lug
at a post planted on lhe west side ol S].>can lake
and about two miles north ol Kvans creek, and
marked ti. li ��,'.- muiibea.-; * orner r>st. tlu-nce
north following shore Ol iake 100 ihains, thanoa
waat tt ehatlns, thanoa sonth bo chains, thence
ea*-! 6o chains to point ol cumniiiicemc 11. 100
acres more or jess,
Located April iu,l^.1.
tiio  B 'IaKRITT, 1-ocator,
Wm, clovoii. Agent.
Blxty days after date 1 intend to Bppiy to th
Hon 'be Chief Commluloner of Lands an
Works, Victoria, to purehaae 640 acres ol land 1
N. at Kootenay. described as follows: Comma!
ring at a post planted about eight miles 11
Uoaqttlto creek and joining K. Crosa' applicallo
to purchase, and markea C M's H K come
thenoi north w chains, thenee west 8) chain
theme bouth ��o chains, thence east NJ chains ;
placeof beginning.
Feb. 16th, 19uT. C. Marshal! ,
J. E   ASN4BI.K.
Mity days alter uate 1 ititeuo to apply to the
Hon. Chief ''ommlssloner oi landsand Work* t.
pun base the following described land located
in Fire valley district of West Kootenay: I om<
mencing at a post plauteil at the H. K. corner ol
John Hangs'pe-emplion. tbeuce south 80 chains,
thence west 40 chains, theuee north 80 chains,
thenoe east 40 chaiui to place of U.-giunipg, containing SirO acres
Located March Mth, 190T.
D. A. McPiiie. Lo<*ator.
J.J Kklly, Agent.
Take notice that 60 da
apply to the Hon. Chief <
and Works, for periuiMi
lowing described Isnds:
southeast Oorner of lot
chains, thence south 20
chains, tbence north M fl
rhains to point of romi
40 acres, moreorless
Hated April 16th, 191*7
��� afterdate I intend to
Yiinmlssioner of Lund a
ion to purchase tbe (ol-
Commencing at the
ftktt, thence west IU
cnafns, thence east'JO
bains, thence west lo
encement, cnntalniug
Y   1- RiUbLiv.
liKii'i kv, Agent.
I, the uoderslgiied, after *0 days Intend to ap
ply to the Hon. tbe Chlel Commissioner of Lands
and Works to pureliase lbe lollowlng described
land: Commencing at the N. B. 0. of f>ot T5S9
O, I., theoee west 10 chalm, thence nortii M
chains, thenee east 4o chaius, thence south 3D
rhains tu point of comincnceinent, containing ���**
acres more or Uau.
Loeatad Manh ath, iwn. W. A. Milij
For Further Information Apply to
��� IL II. rl 1 10. NELSON, B.Cl
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
lake notice tbat sixty uaya after date
I Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chlet
Commissioner ol Lauds snd Worka for permis.
sion to purchase the following described land
situated In the West Kootenay di.,:rb.-t: Commencing at a poet plmutcd at lue eoutheast
"(irn��M.j I^i ffi. v*>   i-tt-o ��o��tb   ��Wc vl tue TTmSl
Arm of hook-nay lake, theuce eOchilns west to
southweit coiner of said lot, theuce JO chains
south, Iheuce M> ehains east, tbence 3D chains
north to place of commencement, conialniug I6u
April ind, 1907. I'lMRi.ia Roaaa-rsoti,
per hk.HEflT w   Kobinson. Agent.
��txtr days after date 1 intend toapply to the
Hon Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Victoria, H C., to purehaae the followlug de
scribed land, situated in it)e Weal Kooteuay district: Commencing at a post plauted ou the
west side of Kootenay lake, near Bhjnoeeroi
poiut, and marked J. MeK|nnon'e ri. K. corner
post, thence west so cbalaa. theuce north V)
chaini, tbence e*si tsu .hsun more or lesi to lake
���horn, iheuce along Inke ibore to point of com-
  Signed J McKitmo*.
Sixty dHys after date llntend to applv to the
uo_ the Chief Commlasiooer ol Undi sud
V*or%a, \ictorla, for pcrmisiion M> pQnhas* 100
acres, more or leet, iltuated in Wesi Kootenay
district: Commencing at a pnat planted midway
on the north boundary of Lot 1611 and adjoining
8. V. corner of l^.t KM, thence north 16 chaius.
theuce west 40chains, theme louth 40 'halui,
thenc eeast A) chains, thence norlh 24 ohalns,
thenoe east Wehaini to point of eonunenteaent
Looted March 'Mh, 19u7. 1   J. Wanlam.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. tbe Chief Commtailnner of Lands ami
Works to purchase tbe following descnbtfl
lands: Commencing at a post plantml on the
east side of Lemon ('reek at Oie mouth of the first
north fork am. marked "B.Cooper'l southeait
eorutr,' running 80 chains west, north IU ebalus,
east W chains, aud south 4<j ehalni lo place of
Dated March 2ulh. IW. R Coot-KR,
J. T, TifPiwi, Agent.
BUty days after date I ln'end to apply to the
Hon. the Chief i ommisMouer of Lauds aud
Works to purchase the following described
lands: Commenclngat a post matlted "L A.
Tipping 1 southwest corner post" and planted
near H 1). CttTtll'l land, about half mile from
HocanClty, running north 4u chnlni. east A)
cbains south 40 chains, west SO chains to place
of Bommenotmenl
Dated March Hth, IM L. A. Tiitiko,
J. T Tiri'iNu, Agent,
Sixty days alter date I intend to app v to the
Hon thc Cblef Commissioner of Lauds and
Works to purchase the following deaeribed land
located in Hrj Valley dlslrlst of \\.,m Kootenaf*
Commencing at a post planted ��l the H W. corner
of John   Bang' p c .oopiioii, theuco  fin  chains
south, thenoe to ahalni west, ihenoe BOchalm
north, t licin c io chains vsnt tc place ol beg I mil tig.
RieiuRn Kim Looator,
J. J. Kki.lv, Agent.
Notire is herebj given that 60 dayi aller data 1
intend to make application to lhe honorable the
< blef CommlMloner Oj Lands and Worki. at Victoria lor permission lo purchase tbe following
dcseibcdjninls: Commencing at 11 post planted
at ihe southeast corner of lot Sltt, group l, thence
south 'A, chains, thence east HO ehatns, thence
north H chains, thenee west fto chains to polnl
of" commencement, containing the acres, more 01
Nelson, March 27th, ISKIf. Ansin L. Wing
 ��__* ���*_���'������ Agent,
Sixty days afterdate I Intend to apply to I
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Unds a
Works. Victoria to pureba��o thc following de-
VTil?rm"m��l ('<""��"����ltig at a pOSI marked
M B'l & W. corner, and plsu<ed near Hie northwest corner ol Lot 8HIZ, about one mile west of
Slocan river, and running fimt 40 chains to Lot
Wl. IhcncenorlhlOchaltis. tnenee west tiichalns
thence south ff) chains to place ol beginning
March 9th. 1907. MILr��A lUrra
         PArLHiPCK, Agent.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores
 ������������_���_��������������.._. m ������^
W'hoiBMiil* Provisslonsi,
Product        ".        ���Fruit.
Government Crwimni-y One Pound Hncks rwselr-wl weekly tnah Iron is* I
ohorn.   For sulc bj- all lessding gtooem. |
OBlrc and wsrebnnse: Houston Block,   Phone IS.
Josephine Street.      .   ~ . Nthon, B. C.
11 ' ' S*ti *"'���'���" *1""* I iin*"-' iu ��pi.ir I'i Hu
��<siior��ble th,. CiWI (.'iimmUtloiKsr olXodl .ust
Work,, Vli-Iorla, I., t,isr,-lin��_ l|M. Is,l|,,win-
ilini-rlbert Uu.i. lis <\\.��� K,.,i..,���y"l ii.ici"
1 .iiniiioiiiliig.i _,��,., ,,|�����|,.,| ., ,__���_! _, ,,���,���,;
::,_w_"'_,*u"^1'" r��"I'siiH.   L1M   ai.,1 r���,r|i,.<l
,*,*.!        K     rS��r"s*r.      HII-I   MinDlDK SSSSIlllf.l
c s�� 11., 1,en��� mtai �� i-ii.in,, thnS ������n�����i
chalu, Ihi'lin. risi iss slsalisa li, pi.,.,. ���| |K..���,.
isliia ansl coOtalnUisMO acrcu. *
>farcb Mh, 19,17.                           K. M..,i.���-,
 J.E. AJOUSUt, AK,,nt.
Notice I, t-mn jlven lhal UO daj*. aller slaui 1
intcns! loapislr lo Ihe H.snnrable lhe nil,-! l"'m-
���mlumner ol Und. an.l Work, tor p,.rmla.ii>n
WDurohia.about raaonaal Uu.i., nsaicis,..
lb.lVll.1 .1 Oreille riv.r. �����1 K,k,1..���,v ,l", , ,
ansl .Icacrlbe.l a. folls.u.: Cs���nmcnclnii ��! a
p.s.1 inarkcl II. K. . hom.on*. N. W ,,������., ~ ,1
pIiu.ihI ..ii Uh ..,���ii, l������,n,i.r).   nil ai i.
'_�� *��� �� POSI Ol Lot Tiff lbence .,,,,11, ,1,,.," J
chalu. thence eassl about �� ch sin. l��� a |��,lui on
nll^X,'!"",',"''"> *'"' -'" OSsKl lioisi ti W, Ml
���_e..*l,   isi V'?. ""i'h 'O '���'�����'����� "Oil Iheuce
8 s. aS55iS" SUP* l''*''*-' ul l^-Blnnln-c.
-"lib .Marclt, lim. 1,. K 1-Hoa.os,
 t. tl- Lahu, Agent.
^,,L.^'",.,Vi"��!���;A'���.,'���":1 ��*ma 'he
tlsencect n'rh.m, XhSSTinlk WcbJi'u'
,hShTh,.2!,8S!"1"'"'" 'V'T_"_'.%'__[
, ..    .1. II..11
J. B. A^ahls, Afent.
.���Slt7, *?*/," ���"��1��'��l Inlcnsltoai.pi- t��� ,|���
lIon.Chle-riomnilMl,,,,,., ���, |.,���,,, ESTWuSa
to purehaae Mi a, re, ol ]��������� ,��� -.-,���. Vallev 1V__|
Kootcnor sllilrlct ansl dMcriM al toll___.
(loDimcnclug at a po,i m.,ke/l J K '*._���
corner, and rtumlns norlb m chalna law.*
weal VI chain., lbence iouth M _S JWP��
ea��t II) chain, lo Place ol l,e,lnnl���,,.u,,V f��
he weat onehall ���l Ihe UK. mlaiaS "'"t
ho .*��.. one-half of Ihe ). W SXSfflS *"'*'
the weat onehall ol Ibe N. E on,.,..,,1"* *""**
tho ea.l anchalt of the In* J'j"' ��"*l
8e.illon3l, Townihlp71, 5.1 "'--"foarler .,(
Slit, daya .Ik-, date 1 Intend u, apply to ilia
w",X"*v'l I**' hlet ,*������,���������|���������r ���,\'JJ, ,'JJ
.it ���.,,.'., 1!,"'���'" l':'"'ha.c Nil acrea ol land,
.Itllalld on the ws..t ��� _,, of Arrosv lake ansl de
isl J. Ha N.K DOrOsf aii'l placcl al lb,, .osssh
wc.l corner,.I Eel m__ Ure,,,,, I We.l K ���,!c a,
ansl running ���c.l mi chalu, lbence �����,,| ii
ban,., tbence ca.l Ml chalu lo lhe sake lis ���7
Ihcnce north al.si.g ihe lake lo pla, col beginning
March ath, IWI. j ���.,������
       _J ��� lAtUMIM, Agcsst
JB _*T_ ___*). -ll"'* I llllslld to apply 1��� ll���. I|���u
Ohijl lominlMloner Ol Land, fi\,f �����,-,, Vl.
or a lopiircha.,. IW ���������.�� ���, |������i,,.; g,r,. _"_,},!'
Weil koolenay ,ll��lrl,*t.ainl ,lc��� rllsed ����� followi
lolilinencln, at .  ���,s,k,,| ������   ���   ���."��������;
s. b s*ornir,���n,irii;,,iiugnortbDohaina Ibuea
,,:'", '".""���  "'.*'"' 'I'' ��� l*ll,,lll>. Ilscls.c
uu nest one hall ol (Is** N.K <iiinrt��-r uf Si-i'iinrt
taw 8**"< "��" "' ll��e H k.onv, inrVc tit
Beotlon N In Township 71 (j. I l      Ul w
^MsrrhflOth.lW?. W. U, tUmloux.
it!.!^ W*aff, ��fter dmo i intend to apply *,��� tL,
II nf hie Commlisioner o( l.an.U iitfwji'i"
Vloiorla, io t ���rohue th   followlna Z��?M*
in:'!"tt,,1.ioinin.K_.t.lieArr<,��' '����2nifSf^ a
Noil,..- is herebj gitcn that �� dari ���..
inieml to apnlv tn tho Hon. Chief' ouoia
ol Unds and (l'orka (or permi-tsl.'ii top"'
thc following described land In ^ -��t a
dlsirlct, fin west shire of Lower Am"
ad/oning Lot No. .V48, on the iniifh Ikt
at a ptwt marke*) "Hsnr Melcl'' NE i
poit and tlanied on the ihore nl Uttftt .
Lake, at tbe smitheaet cornei nl Capl Y<m_
UMB, thence west 30 chains, ib.-nec wi|
'liaini more or lean to the north l-o'iu-lirTq
Kullmorr'a p. it . thence *> chaini ����������! tha
"aid boundary to Uke, thenre nnr'h aloi
lake ihore 20 chalna, more or >" i" t
Mnyjiid, IW7. J   I' VuOrtLJ
Agent lor He~
BlXty deya alter date I Inland t.. applr"
Hon. the chef Commlsiioner nl laiw��J
Horka Vnuiria, lo purehaae it) a. rei ofliH
"lit Kootenay, descrtbetl as lolloal! ��
nn-nclng at  n   fetal planie<1    Six'.I  * m1*
Hnaoaito Oretk 1mm lhe mouth ainl n
"A 0." N w. comer, thencu iouth ��'
thenoe eul to chalna, thence m>riii ��(
thence : i!,nin. weit to placeof bcginalOj
Kebruaiy 16lh,H��". * ,'"*L-
J. K. Amnahu   w.'Ni
Hlxty ,mj> niter d��<c I Intend i�� ���PP'/J
Hon *hn ihief CommlMloner nf t*m��
Wfirki, Victoria, lo purehaae MO am- ������Man*
Weil Knolenay, describe 1 ai li.ll"��-��: ��
moneing at n |.,-|; marked "D It " -s ������ *������
an.l iK-ing  H|   th��.   N.W. coruerof   '
applleation to pnrahaM tfhtth i�� i
nn Uoaqulto CreeJt Horn ihe aoi
nine n iihalni iouth, thenee v
tbenee M chaini nonh, lh��tu�� ' , if
l'l���� n-cRlnnlug. ' '
Keliruaty I6ih, 1901.
"orki. Vm**�� ,elConiinl.��l.,ii,-r"l '"Ji
Ioiale.1 na >i,. .. lo purchaai' ssss ss-'f';1 '
-l��-.rlb.s" , ��*e��l lisle ol Arrow l��*{��
arsarked t. * followa: romms-nsisi^ _''___,
uc*m y a: N. K. comer, an.l plan e' ����5
I, 11V the nnilhweat corner nl ������"''Krt
dcK Kooenay, and running aonil, ��'���,
IV .seweil -ill ehalna, thence nnrili ��������"
in* eaat W chalu lo place of bs'�� '""'"5,01
March lllll, IWI
t. A����.
-_     _.  ....    ,,,..���      ins -s   .jj     n |  , r,    m
lommens-liiK ut a putt USSMa  i
corner of J, Fl. Porler*. pre ewwV
.sili,..    t.... t    al,....   L
m��!Ved"P'1��--,";��lll'''rl,-''r'""'r;'e��Vl1-" ' "">
��� V.s . . 8. * ''""tt, toad Us, uJ .ii, and
Z-X'T' *kl' "*">��� ihiucc V .-Uciiali,.
place of heilnntng, conlalmui, r    isaln. went Isi
April mm. ��crel, more or
~��� ���      Kvgi.vn �����,���.
Notice la herehy give-,,,-     ���'	
...*i!!ilu,|,flt"3__>' "at H4*1*��"**i* tut i
i'l Landa anil tn^l .on. rhief ioninn����,oner
the foll�����|w daaa-r- __>t iwrnilaalnii lo nurohSK
h.sssiena, diatrtek- .in-d lands,altnata In Wmi
"l J. L. forleaV* <*��i,���i,.*nciig .I i_��it nJiS!
rhalua. fouS? N. W, corns���, " ..,". . , h^I
hel.su. ,yY\r     "S the   .���.���,��� bounslisrv , f ||
3"l^  m^e'or ___?����""*��*"��� M��l
i Ihi. llll, dayol March, win.
 .... ' J. L. PORTgH
Jlarcl. aOth.IWI,
ton* cnm
*arfwml______,___X_.___a_ ����� "'""er Hn;
"I '"Ulr.s'n^.r-M*,..*?;;,**���"'" N �����>�����"..-..
chain,. _W____l"'_,.._,' "���I"".  'hi'nco aril mi
igoot -
Hlxly day, aller dale I Inieml I" "W''iJ3
Ilonnrable the Ohlel OomnUalonor s.1 W"J|,
Wssrka lor permlaalon to piiri-haas- lis-' i"' M
sleicrlbed lalld In Woat KolileilBys ' -'"'', m
al a pssssi abssiitoncandasiiiarternii '-1' ,',_��
Havonne Undlug. and marked.Bella BiaajB
K. K. comer, tbeni* norlb Hsichsslii-. ">"" ,,,U
ISI ehalna, Ihcnce aoulh JO chain". H""" ' P
s'lialu lo point ol commencement.    ���.,nLiT.l
Mnrch a-Jlld, 191.7.     (Hlgnc.ll Bail'"��'yL"'
lissiiiiii Bosmaos, Agim*
Hlaly day. atler date I Inteml I" ��l-l''{,!�����tf
llollssralsls* lbe rhief |-ssliil���l.vHl, I "' ' "  ,',|if
Works- fssr ps-rmlailon tojiurcbitM* lb'* " 'r^\
dcsscrllH-d land In Weil Kootonay: ' "*"1". ���e'
St a poat planted on the norih ������������� * *',,, ,������uiS
ereek, aboullhruc qiiartoraof a mil' !""',������,
ol sreek, nnd marked Kva Cull" ���-':*' hlm
tbciics. north Al ohalni, lbence w"',���,���!��
Hi, sub m chaiua, tnence can i"1""
point ssf svmuieueement. n|.o
Marsh ami, nan. (Hign-D  ��'"*
KoniST RtllllNHON  am ��'      I
Blslf data afler dale I Intnnd l",��l;'''L'?all
Ilssn lhe llhlcl llomnlaalolier "', '*', |,',nMl
Work. Isir peruilralnn to poreha'i- In ',D,,t<���
.l.'sscrlbesl land In Weat KoolciiH.v : ' "" _]|inn,|l I
al a iiiim planlcd on Ihe aouth '"in"','; _,���dsII
��� reelt.aloiil. lie mile from nionl's "l:'��� ,h,.vi*l
isssirkcd "ll. Hoblnaon'a N "' ''"f1"',' i|selll*l
eolith Sl) ehalna, lhenoee.il ���",,'1"" ,,,'��� Jills" I
norlh HO ehama, thonco weat-Bchalii'1 i
��"*-*���""��� tM*��iammi �������
JSSPer* Jpecial for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
'he Very Best of Canadian Goods
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelson, Kaslo, Rowland and Boundary.
The Daily Canadian
Feaeibilty and Economy of Single Track
Railways  Demonstrated  To
London Scientists.
ays  al
ilef a
notice that t
nMitv Uii he Hon. t'hlel ''oinmlaalmier nl
hihI Worki ai Victoria, ll, C., lor a f|""*lal
t,   .ut and enrry awav timber Irom tbe
i rlbed Und* in Alimw.irth div intuit:
IUK nl a p..-1 markeii (.hu. Y. WalmH'
*  poat, ihcnce  north at chalna,
* -��� i-iihIiim, thenee sotttb Mt chalnn,
>��, -i lOiliiin,. ��� i ; .iiiu nl ���������iiiiini*n'*i*in.*in,
: >-  iik- iltuated ou thf.ti-t ilde o|
i -n-k, about *S mllei aouth oi the Lar-
| March Uth. 1907
('iui. Y Walhhlxy, Locator.
I'. HHKHatf, Agf-nt.
.; nt a poel  marked  Chas. Y
viriliwewt   p4int,    thence   aoUlli   HO
.  east wi ehalns, theuee norih 80
e weat ho chain* lo poiut ol com-
- laid land belni iltuate on lhe
i um ade creek, about ���'���' t mllei mutb
���������'.*. n tatb. twi.
* lun I" WaiUDtaYi I-ocator,
]'. -Ihkiun, Axetit.
ii Iuk   at   a   ]��-t   tuaikcd Chsa, F
,    -    -mi;: ���-.. ������;    |M>at,   theuce   1011111   HO
i: eaal m ehalni, thence north 80
���   well ���** ehalna   Ut pnlllt ol cow-
is* *   il.i'iahl  land   MlDf   altuate on lhe
���iH-iida* creek, about I'j mile* aoutb
rm ��� imt,
! "arch 12th. 1*<7.
1 iiai  K. u Ai.Mti >:v, lAH-ator,
 _. khwun, Anenl.
reby given that 3. day** alter date I
. 1 -|>!\ to ih.* Hon Chlel ���-0inmli��loner
It i.i Vii.\: ���. at Victoria lor s a poe iai
in * t hihI carry away tluiber from tbc
-1'I..*.I landi lu vw.i Kootenay:
!i. ti.t ut a pout  planted  on the eaat line
* -in mllei aouth of tlie aouthern
iv ..I my 'I'imber Mcenae No. 10. tbence
Iih    ���    north 80 chains, <*eit 40 chain*,
ii   *it -1 IU chalus, aoulh Do chain*.
iouth W chalna to place of com-
"iiulniuK Oil acrea, more or len.
|r   hi    "���. f. LrwD.
n hr Klren that :�� data alter date 1
; !��� v ni the Honorable the OhleM'-om-
I .a iuIn and Works for a ii-t-del
nt ami carry away timber Irom the
i'l landi iltueled on lhe west
icep Creek Valley: Commencing
Join llir. ��� mnl a half mile* north of the Intrr-
��� ,-Ury  im,   and about one and a
liinii!--  ' ��� t ul ihe Neliou and Fori Hheppard
���Jllwi ; any'i laud grant in the district ul
pit Koolenay:
- ii-'ini!  at a poat planted   two
I                    lllg Sheep ereek,  known u  the
itliut**>i rurner poat, Joining J. K. Cranaton'a
So. 1, claiming Wl chain*  uortb,
tu east,  thenco M0 ehalna aoulh,
m       . ni weti to Mint 01 eoinmeneeuicnt.
Ifl Man h Jilt, ]*J07.
imencing ai a poat planted at the
rner "I location No. 1, known as tbe
������      nriier |w��stof location No. -. clalmlns
. h   tbenei 80 chalna eaat. then e HO
nim in.rth. ihenee 60 chains weit to point of
��� nt
ti Ztlt.lfOT.
.< in moneing. M a poet plaoed half a
!       .1*1..11 Nu-2, known as theaouih-
���  'iHlnilUK 80 chalna north, thence 80
tbenoe m chain* aonib, thence 80
Iiiim       ���" i* int o( conimeuoemeut.
1 intaenotng at a po*l  plauted at the
lln .'hit ,i| loeatiou No. a, known aa tbe
timt,  claiming  100  chains aoulh,
halna went, thence :<Kl chalm north,
it*!i.*,-tii. halm cant to point of commencement.
'      March Utt, 1907.
J. iv Hwintiiae, Locator.
K. T. Knoki."K.ir*v, Agent.
hereby Kiven thai -30 due* afte:
apply to the Hon. Chief Con
|oI l.hinl- nm. Worka for a special licenae to
���lmfry  away  Umber In.in  the following
��� I  landa sllualed on the weal ilde ol Hig
1 ti i-k . alley, commeneing aboul V _ mllei
..I the inlfrnatioiial boundary line, and
1'   mile weit of  Big Hbeep creek In the
I   * Weal footenay:
1 '.mmeneliig at a ik>��I planted about
Ih weil ol Bin Hheepereek, known sa the
(Mthi-a-t corner poii, claiming ao cbalm aouth,
pence ki chaina we��t. Ihence W cbalm norm,
pence ni 1 ,..,,, eait to point of commencement.
1 i>mrnenciug at a poal planted at tbe
iiiim corner of location No 1, known as thu
���outhw. .i inrner poat, claiming HO chalm north,
I.*"!" - Imtni east, thence 10 ehalni aoulh,
: alii* weat lo point of commencetnenl.
immenelng at a po*t planted al Die
* corner oi location No 'J, known ai the
1 corner poat, claiming HO 1 hsim uorth,
< hiilii* weat, thonce 80 t halm aouth,
��� iiHlnieaai to polntof commencement.
I April l.Uh.lwft.
J. P.HWKDBian, Locator,
K. T  Knosukiiw. Agenl.
(Timtwr Limit Cell)
1" <<��� hereby Riven that ��U daya allei date I
il '*��� apnlv to the llouorable tho Chlel Com-
"i��T i.f Undi and Worki for a ipeclal
1 in uit and carry away timber Irom tlie
: L* 'leicrlbed laud.Nlluatudou Kooakanax
i'i W.it Kootenay dlsirlct:
vi* at n posl plume' Ht the uorth
���nn i nl Timber Limit No U��i7,nnd mark-
I' lea'* aouthweat corner poit, tbence
- . iinlli*, tiiciK .*, enst 80 chain*, thence
- *iiHtua, thence west IW chains lo polntof
* 11 cement,
.   'i March ft, 1NTL      If. 1) LBA, Locator.
���"' '
ltnui,, -
nl N
j "I I..
en thai 30 dayi from dale
(Timber Notice No, ;i)
iiik atn pnat planted at the louiheaat
1 a limit, and attnenvrinwiitooiner
license No. 10240, thonce norih UO
'���hoc eail 40 cbains to weit Hue of
licenae No lOW. lollowlng line of No
nd ItUM, K�� chains, ihenco following Hue
'" ' llccliau No ln.'lii 40 ohalm I" polnl of
111 cilleiit.
led March 28,1807.       H.DI.RA, Loealor.
(Umber Notice No. 4.)
" i* hereby given thst tt dari after dale 1
I to npply to the Hon. Clmd Commlialoiier
ii- snd "orka for a ipeclal license 10 cut
miy away Umber from the following dc-
"'Hi...1 Unda, --limited mi Konskaliax creek in
"������������i Kontenay dbtrlcl, and about fivo in Ilea
"'tin 1 pper Arrow lake:
11'lnmencltiK at a (Hist p'anted ou the nortb
���Hi'id creek ami about hall a mile (mm creek,
���inl marked 11. 1). Ua'l vou theaat chrner poll,
ih ho chalna, iheuce weat au nhnfm,
"cm,- miiitli mi obflos, ihcnce eaat tf) ohalm to
l't'ltil nt Cniiiiiiciu-emeilt
wa-ated March hi, 1907,      II D Lea, Iaocutor.
(Ulnber Notice No. ft.)
'"'���in'liig at a poit marked II. D. Lea'i
**L| comer pnat, thence norlh HO chalm,
he eaat line ol No 4 location, ihenoe
'"", ""''"lu". lbence nouth m chalna, tbence
,'   Wl '''"ilu^io point of commencement.
ut -ated MarehJl, 1907       H.l) Laa, Locator.
_. (Timher Limit No. 0.)
hotiee ia hereby 8ivun lhat sixty days after
"rtsie i intend lu apply  to tho Houorablo tho
at.   .    ,!,.nm,Hloner of Landl and Works for a
it'',   '.�� "."I'1''' l" ''ut and  carry away timber
'in "'I'fii]inw|iiK described land, iltuated about
* miioi Irom  the Cppnr Arrow lake on Koos-
"|'iiivcni.k, in Won Kooienav dltcrlet:
I, I.''       U|.K M * l">iii planted and marked II
Bl'inin.   . "rillWl,*l cornor pont, theuce east tt
chaini' ii! -M "m,,h 80 oliajni, thenw weet tt
mencemont"08 Uorlh 80ch*l,�� to polntof com-
I��oate.| March 31, Vhll.      1!. D. Las, LoQfttOt,
(Timber Limit No. 7 )
Notice In herehy fi
I Intend u, ai.plv to ihe Hon Chief i lummissloner
ol Undaand Work* for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from tbc following de-
scrlltcd land* in Weat Koolenay diitrict:
Commencing at a poit plauted un the north
bank of 10-Mile creek, about one mile and a half
from Hloean lake, marked E Htraud'i uorthweit
corner poat, tbeuce nut 160 cbalm, Ihence iouth
4n chains, theuce weal lfio ehalni*, lbence north
40 chalna to point of commencement.
Datod this 'ilil day of March, 1907.
E. STaswn, Ixieator.
Notice ii hereby nlven that 80 dayi after date f
Intend toapply to the lion, the Chief (ommU-
���loncr of Unda and Works, al Victoria, for a
ipoclal lleenie to cut and carry a��sr tlmher
from the following described landa ln Vale district:
No. 1. 'Commencing at a poit plantcil about 10
chaiua east of main Kettle river and about une
mile more or leaa uorih of 0. P K Block No.
���>������;. and marked Boundary Lumber Co's 8. K.
corner poit No. 1, tbence Nl chains u rth, tbence
10 chains wesl, Ihence Hi chalu* south, ihence SO
chain* eaat lo tbe polnl of commencement.
Hated Mar h 22nd, 1WJ.
No, 2.���Pommenclng at a post planted about 10
chalm eaat ol main Keltic river ahout 10 cbaina
north ol Boundary Lumber Go's l<ocation No. 1F
and marled Houmlary Lumber Co'i s h corner
post So. 2, thence W) chains north, ihence SO
chains west, thenue 80 cbalni south, thence HO
< halm ea*t to the point of commencement.
Dated &H March, 1W7.
No- 3.--CommenclnK ai a post planted about IO
chains east of main K.-nf.* riverand abont *0
chains north id Houndarv Lumber Co's location
poit No 2, and marked Houndary Lumber Co'e
��. K. eorner [Milt No. 3, ihenee tt chalm nnrlh,
thence *��� chalna weat, thence m chains south,
tbence W ehalns eaat to the poim of commencement.
Haled March 22nd, Wrt.
No. 4. -Commencing at a poat planted about
10 chains ea*t of tbc main Kettle river and about
10 chains north of Boundarv Lumber Co'i location poal No .1. an.I marke.1 Houndary Loiiber
Co'a H.K. comer post No 4, thence 10 cbaina
north. Ihence tt chains wesl, lhetice 80 chslns
south, thence tt chslns east to lhe point of com-
Hand March 22nd, 1907.
No 6.���Commencing at a post planted about
U chains east of main Kettle river aud about
two milea uorth, more or leas, of Houndary Lumber o's Locstlou No. 4, and marked Boundary
Lumber Qo'l B K. corner post No .., tbence HO
chains north, thence tt obalns west, thence 80
chaina iouth. thence tt chain* eaat to the point
ol coin men cement.
Haled Marcb *3rd, IUH.
Nn. ti.���Commencing at a pont planted about 2b
chatna eait of main Kettle river on 0 V. H, line
blocs No. 2714, aud about tt chain* north of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. ft, and
marked Bouudary Lumber Co'* 8. K. corner post
No. 6, thenoe t*0 cbaina north, following C. F R.
line block No 2714, theoce Mi chains west, tbence
tt cbains south, thence t��o chains east to the
point ol commencement.
Haled March X3rd. 1907.
No. 7.-Commencing at a post planted about
16 chains wesl of the main Ketlle river on (J P.R.
Hue bl ck No. 2714, and aboul W chaini north of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No. 6, and
maiked Boundary Lumber Co'i 8. K. corner Met
No. 7, thence 160 chalm north, following C. P, R.
line block No, 2714, thence 40 dial us well, thence
780 fhslni south, thence 40 chaluieast to the
polul of commencement.
Dated March 23rd, 19W.
No. 8
ao chains .,-.=	
south, mure or less, of the last east branch ofthe
easl fork of tbe main Kettle river or about 18
miles north, more or less, of C. P. R. BlOM No.
2714, on east fork ol Keltic river, marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. W. comer poat No S. tbonce
Hi chains cast, thence Ho chains south, theuce tt
chain* west, th-nce W chain.- north to tbe point
of cani meneement.
Hated March 26th, 1907.
No.��.- Commencing ata post planted aboul
20 chaini west Irom river bank, on the east fork
of Kettle river, and about at chalna south of
Boundary Lumlier Co'a location posl No 8, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. W. eorner
post No. 9, thence 90 chains east, thenc tt chain*
south, thence tt chalm west, thence W chains
north lo the point of commencement.
Hated March iiith, 1W17.
No, 10 ���Commencing at a post planted about
tt chaini west Irom river bank on thc east fork
of Keltle river, and about at chains wuth of
Boundary Lumlier Co'a location poll No. 9, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. W. corner
post No. 10, tbenee tt chains east, tbenee *M>
'halm aouth, tbeuce HO chains west, tbeuce tt
chain* north to the aolntof commencement.
Haled March Sub. Itt7.
No. 11.-Commencing al a poat planted abowt
lfi chains west from rfver bitnl on the east for*.
of Kettle river, and about �� ohalna south at
Boundary Lumber Co's locution poil No. 10, and
marked Boundary LumberCo's N. W. corner poet
No It, thence W chalna cast, thenco to chains
south, theuce HI cbalm weal, thonce W chains
north lo the point ol commencement.
Dated March 2Mh. lVff,
No 12. Commencing at a post planted about 12
chaini weat from river hank in tbo east fnrk of
���fat.1 rlrer. and nbout at chains south of
Boundary Lumbar Co's location poij No. 11, and
na ked Boundary Lumber Co's N. V. cornet
Mat No 12 Ihenco K0 chaina east, thence ���*
ohalni inuth. lbence m chains west, theuce tt
north to the polnl of commencement.
Haled March fttil, 1*17.
So. W.-.Commenciug al a post planted abeot
12 chalus weat fnnn river bank oil the east ttrk
,,f Kettle river, and about tt-ehalus south of
llounduty Lumber Co'* location post No. 12, and
iark d Boundnry Lumber Co's N W. corner
BooTttiW M chains easl, thenr* W
Attalni south theuce m chains west, theneo 8C'
ehahia north to thi point of commencement.
i!;,7JMr::;nS'i;i1nT-...p.-' m_ m
in ,* ���' I w m I""" 'Ivor bank sin lho umi lork
nl sitUs rim ��'"' ��)��at�� oMlna awith oj
it,,mi, Irv EtraSs"Po'a GosM?" )"SS' N"*"��� *A.
, rikoil flssiiiistar)- MirnkTlVa rf W. oomsf l��"t
No II I sons- k's'I'siI"" ��Mfc llmii.*o��Uishaii��
.,, ,11 1 u. us* �� <*l>��ln�� tm, 'I'""��� �� o1"""
nortii lo "lis* |s"liil "I Atmrnatm.
10 ohalna ��o��t iron river bank	
ol   Kolllu   liver,
iMiiims-ns-tiSK ssl   a isoit plautrst about
. weat trom mor bank .uiiftboutSlnllea
issi'i about 80
.. lhe eaat fork
IissIiim anuth ol
",'"""'"1 fiffiff  ��'��    ti.1    �����.��."" -"lltb.
-..inr nl eonimenccuiclil.
Ml plnnted about
i (hoeasttorkof
Ht. llionco tt chalna
m ��n L
I'dllMni.a             "    '""I'*.  CO.   I   I Hdll 11-111 I 1      IJaa.a.-*-.      ���     ���                l    ... I'.,�����   f, .'
1^. I**H'*i   r  K Hl rt l'""1 Panted and mnrked II. Rm| marked liotinHaiy   '      '        Hl   ,
'���"Him i     i'uMt,Voriwr P��t, tbenoe aonth tt (),i No. 18, thenre fio  dialM �������
llionco i    ' J,""! l,e wV8t llne ot h3'�� ����u��    tluil'isiou h, tbence n     . ;������      -.,,
uencS,,; J'   'r1";1 lh?nw aorih w fib*ln��' ol.Hlu* north to the | ' '" '������      y liwt
ivM.l,  ,;.   chttult��P<>*����t of commencement. *      ' "~'h ,JlHl '"���'���
U uloa M��"h w. IWI.     H. D. Lu, Looator,
nolllt o( comnii,ni'''!,icid.
P nateil1 Mareh Mtb, IWI,
No. Ifl.-C'immenctng Map
H similar * GupBj Co*. &$*��$ **������ft JS
lloiiiislury,l'""V'"> '",KiVi N. W. rornor
m,r_c,i 1 ouiiiiii y 1.1111b ^ a
I"1"1. N" ",*���   IZZJm *"- ��*����� ib'*'"*'**'
Umilon. May 14.���The announcement
nf uiiiitlici- grual trlumiih of science, of
lierliaim eiioch making importance, was
maile thla eysnlni before a brilliant sh-
neiiibly Balliereil tonelher under the auB-
lilcea of the Royal Society. For more
than two houra the leaders of the Eng-
IIbIi Bclentlllc world listened to the ex-
lniHlllon of a well-known urinclple of
ini-isliaiilcH for the Aral time iiractlcally
applied, anil watched a marvelouH de-
inoiiHtralliin which m-i-ms-d to Bet the
lawn of uravltatlon at defiance. And
at the close they acclaimed its discoverer or Inventor an worthy of rank high
upon tlie roll of honor which bears the
iiaineH or Newton and Watts and Stephenson.
What they hiiw was this: A miniature
railway car or locomotive standing entirely above a single rail, with apparently nothing to balance it, ran about*
tlie hall, turned sharp corners at high
speed, crossed a single strand of wire
cable in lieu of a bridge and climbed
heavy inclines���all with perfect stability. It was sometimes loaded, sometimes empty. There was no attempt to
balance the lead; the vehicle Itself did
lhat Instantly and automatically. Every
attempt to unbalance tt resulted in a
paradox, if the load were piled all upon
one side lt seemed inevitable that the
vehicle would Bag, if indeed lt did not
topple over. But no, the overloaded side
automatically rose in proportion to the
burden aud the empty side was depressed. To the uninitiated the thing
wus uucanny, un Alice iu Wonderland
The creator of I his new Bystem of locomotive Ib I/juIb Urennan, C. II., the
well-known inventor of the Urennan torpedo. This invention, by the way, which
Ib controlled by the Hiliisli war department, Is the only device which has been
successfully kept a government secret
for auy length of time. Ho told his audience very briefly tonight something
aboul his long search for an Ideal method of traction. He began studying thc
problem In Australia nearly 30 years
ago. How to reduce friction was the
chief task. It is well known that only
about 12 per cent of the power generated by a locomotive Is actually used in
drawing a train. The friction to be
overcome is partly ln the machinery
and partly ln tlie oscillation of the ve-
hiclea and the grinding of the wheels
against the rails on either side. The
most perfect roadbed and rails with an
ordinary track will not reduce this beyond a certain point.
Mr. Urennan speedily realized, as
every railway man and mechanic haB
done, that the ideal condition would be
a train perfectly balanced upon a single rail. Given that, the possibilities
of great speed with economy of power
would be increased many fold. Until
tonight's demonstration was made the
practical attainment of that ideal would
have seemed outside the range of scientific obtalument to even the eminent
men who were included in the Royal
Society's audience. Very early in his
Investigations Mr. Urennan began experimenting with tho gyroscope���in
otk��r worda. he began to study the ordinary spinning top with which every
schutiOtiy la familiar. The principle of
the spinning top Is the Becret of the
aeemlng mlraclo which he Bhowed this
The Inventor's own description of the
result of his labors ts slniplo enough to
Anyone's comprehension.   He said:
"The characteristic feature of this
aystem of transport Is that each vehicle Is capable of malntalng Its balance
upon an ordinary rail laid upon sleepers
on tbe ground, whether It is standing
still or moving In either direction at
any rate of speed, notwithstanding that
the centre of gravity Is Beverul feet
above tlle rail, and that wind pressure,
shifting of load, centrifugal action or
any combination of these forces may
tend to i ipso I it,
"Automatic stability mechanism of extreme simplicity carried by the vehicle
Itsolf endows It with this power. The
mechanism consists essentially of two
fly-wheels rotated directly by electric
motors In opposite directions at a very
high velocity and mounted bo that their
Kyrostatlc action and storcd-up energy
can be utilized.    ThcBe fly-wheels are
mounted on high-class bearings, and are
placed ln exhausted cases, so that both
air and journal friction is reduced to a
minimum, and consequently ihe power
required to keep them in rapid motion
Ib very small.
"The stored-up energy In the flywheels, when revolving at full apeed,
is so great and the friction so small that
If the driving current is cut off altogether they will run at sufficient velocity to Impart Btahillty to the vehicle for
several hours, while lt will take from
two or three days before they come to
rest. The stability mechanism occupies
but little space, Is conveniently placed
in the cab at one end of the vehicle.
Its weight Is also small, about five per
cent, of the total load being considered
an ample allowance for the first vehicle.
"The road wheels are placed in a
Hingis, row beneath the centre of the
vehicles, instead of in two rows near
the BldeB. as usual, and are carried on
bogles or compound bogies, which are
not only pivoted to provide for horizontal curves on (he track, but for vertical ones also. By this means the
vehicles can run upon curves of even
less radius than than the lenrcth of the
vehicle Itself, or on crooked rails or
rails laid over uneven ground without
danger of derailment.
"The motive power may be either
steam, petrol, oil, gas or electricity, as
considered most suitable for local conditions. In the flrst instance, however,
lt has been decided to use a petrol electric generating set, carried by the vehicles Itself, for the supply of current to
the road wheel motors and to the stability mechanism. Such a vehicle will have
the great advantage of being always
ready for immediate use, the gyroscope
wheels being kept constantly running by current from a small accumulator while the engine ls at rest In
order that the vehicle may be able to
ascend steep Inclines the wheels are all
power driven and change gears are provided for use in hilly country. It is also
possible to run free wheel down hill at
great velocity, so that a good average
rate of speed can be attained.
"Everything points to great economy
resulting from making the vehicles
wider In proportion to their length than
on ordinary railways, and it haB therefore decided to make the experimental
wagon twelve feet wide, or one and a
half times as wide as usual. For civil
work in the colonies the vehicles will
probably be two or three times as wide,
if not more. Brakes capable of being
operated by pneumatic or manual power
are provided for all the wheels.	
Corporation oi the City ol Nelson
BY-LAW INo. 17*7
A by-law to raise $60,000.00 for the
construction of a Public School In the
City of Nelson, and the Improvement of
the grounds and appurtenances in connection therewith.
olKslll.' IHver.aiul,ah-
uk on tbo oaat fork
poBt No. 17
ao i
location  iso"
horl'n'a N.W. oornar
*   thonco no
thenoo Ho
pmed March ��th. w<^ ^9Ua^Tr Lumber Uo.
Notice Is herehy ittveu tn��t an days alter tlate 1
intern! lo apply In the -nhi. Chiel commissioner
of Lands ami Works for a speelnl lleenae to cut
mut carry awav timber from Ihe following described lands, rthiMul on Corn Creek 11 the
Uoat oreek division In Southwest Kootenay, B 0,
"A"���Commencing at post "A" plauted about
I'jOelmliiH west from southeast eorner of Block
No. 1008, nml marked " a , L. Beekwlth by I J
Lucia, agent, northeast corner post," about two
chains nortb of the stream, then west 160 chains,
then 40 chains sou'h, then east IW obnlns, tben
4A) ehains north to post of oommencement.
Dated March 6tb, 1907. VV. L. Bacswith,
bv I. J Lucu. Agent.
������R"~Coramencing at post "B" planted on the
aouth fork of Corn crock, about eO ehulns from
where tbe stream empties Into the Main atream,
nmrked "W.-L. Beck with br I ��� hucla, agent,
nortlieast eorner post," ubout three chains eaat
of stream, then 160 ehalna aouth, then 40 chalna
west, then lfio ehalna north, then 40 chains eaat
tu point of eommeneement.
llatwl Mareh 7th, 1W7. W. L. PacawtTB,
bjrt. J. Lucu, Agent.
"C" Commeneing at poit "C" plante.l 80
ehulns south of northwest corner of Block "ll"
mnrked "VV t. Beekwlth by l.J. I.ucla, agent.
northeast corner post," about ton chains west of
Htruam northeaat eoruer, then mo chains south,
then 40 chains west, tl.en 160 chalna north, then
-in eliains east to post of com meneement.
Pated March Hth, 1W7, W. L BacawitH,
by l.J. Lucia, Agent.
The Sttathcona
Nelion, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample   Roonu.
Qtseen's Hotel
���star Mnet, K-alaon. B. 0,
Lighted by Eeotrloity ud
Heated bj Hot Air
���ATM tl PI> DAT
Largs and Comfortable Bud-rooms -and first-
olaasululag ftoom.   sample JLooma tor Commercial  H>a
MBS. I. C.OLABKB. Proprtetraaa
Grand Central Hotel
Tula hotel has been completely renovated and
newly furnished with all modem equipments.
Hot water heating throughout.
KATE8 : Booms, 60c. upwards ; meala   25c. ;
apeclal ratee by the week.
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Houm
and Poitofflce. Nelson, B. G.
Tremont Hotise
���nil ��� eta.   Booma Irom ��� eta. to ��.
Onlj Wklte Hal�� Bmplored.
Biker St., Nalaon Proprtaton
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day Hotise in Kelson,
The Bar la the Finest.
White Help Only Implored.
Josephine 8t
Royal Hotel
We have for Sale one ofthe best
Residences in Nelson.    Close in
Call and see us for price and terms.
Brydges, Blakernore & Cameron, Ltd*
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With bearing orchard* and ruuning water on -eaoh property.    Theae properties can be purchased on reaaonuble terms it sold at once.
Whereas the Board ot Sehool Trustees of the
City of Nehon bas prepared and laid before the
Municipal Couuncll ot tbe City of Nels��on an v*-
tlraate showing that sueh Board require* 160,-
000.00 to meet au extraordinary expenditure for
the purpose of constructing a public school In
the City of Nelson and the improvement of thi*
grounds and appurtenancea In connection therewith.
And whereas sueh estimate has been duly eon
aldered and Anally approved of by the aald
And wbercaa fer thc pnrpoee aforesaid it will
tic necessary to borrow the aum of 960,000.00 md
io luue debentures ot the City of Nelaon for the
purpose of raising said amount
And whereaa the whole amount of the rateable
land ot the aald city, according to the laat revised Assessment roll, la one million two hundred
and slaty seven tbouaand acvea hundred aad
twenty Ave dollars if 1,2*7,7*6.)
And whereas It will be requisite to raise annually by rata tbe sum of Ave tbouaand two hundred
and thirty two dollars and sixty eents (I6.2U.I0)
tor paying the said debt and interest.
Now, therefore, the Municipal Council of the
Corporation ol the City ot Nelion enacts aa fol-
1. It shall and may be lawful tor the Mayor of
the Corporation of the city of Nelson to borrow
upon the credit of the said Corporation, by way
of the debentures hereinafter mentioned, from
any person or persons, body or bodies corporate.
wto may be willing to advance the aame aa a
loan, a sum of money not exceeding ln the whale
the sum of Sixty Thousand Dollara (���-a.ftft.oo,)
and to cause all such sums io raised or received
to be paid into the bands of the treasurer ol the
said Corporation for the purpoae and with the
object herein before recited.
2. It shall be lawful for ihe Mayor of the said
Corporation to cause any number of debentures
to be made, executed and Issued for auch sum or
sums as may be re ��� uirod for the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding. However, tbe sum
of Blxty Thousand Dollars ($40,ooo.0n) each of the
said debentures being ot the denomination ot
Oue Thousand Dol'ara (11,000), and sueh debentures shall be sealed with the seal of the Corporation and >i netl by the Mayor thereol.
:i The said debentures ahall bear date the
tint day of July, 1907, and shall be made payable
In twenty rears from the aald date, ln lawful
money of Canada, at the ofllce of the Bank of
Montreal in Nelson aforjraid, which auld place
ol payment shall do designated by the laid debentures, and shall bave attached to them cou-
runs for tho payment of Interest and the eigne-
nres to the Inlereat coupons may be either
written, stamped, print nl or lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall b>>ar Interest at
the rate of Ave per cent (5 per cent) from the
date thereol, which Interest shall be payable
semi-annually at Ihe said ofilce of the Hank ot
Montreal In Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money
of Canada on Ihe first day ot July and tbu llrst
day Jauuary respectively ln each year during
the currency thereof; ami it shall be expressed
in said debentures and coupons to be ao payable.
6. It ahall be lawful for the Mayor of the said
Corporation to negotiate anl sell the said debenture1 or any ot tbem for leaa than par, but In no
cue shall tne debentures or any one of tbem be
negotiated or sold (or less than ninety livelier-
centum (Vi per cent) of their value Including
the cunt ol negotiating and tale, brokerage and
all other incidental expenses
fl. There shall be raised and levied each year
during tho currency of snid debentures tbe sum
three thousand dollan (93,000) tor pa>ni.nl ot
Interest and the sum ot two thousand two hundred *nd thirty two dollara and alxty tents
(|2,283 W) fnr payment of the said debentures
by ra'e siiiilclent therefor on all the rateable
land In the said Municipality.
7. It ahall be lawful for the aald Municipal
Council to re-purohnae any of the said deben
lures upon such terms as may be agreed upon
with thu legal holder or holders thereof or any
pari thereof, cither al the time ot aale or" any
subsequent 11 no or times, and all debentures so
repurchased shall forthwith bo cancelled and
destroyed and no re-issue of debentxrea ao repurchased ahall bu made In consequence of auch
ru-re rebate.
8; This bylaw ahall takeeffect on, or after, the
1st day of June, 1W7
9. ThlsBvlaw may bo cited tor all purposes
a�� tbe "i ity of Nelson Public School l-oan Hylaw
Done and passed in Council assembled this
 ;...day of 1907.
Bates |1 and $1.60 a t>*vj.
Special Bates to Regular Boarden.
Hoit comfortable quarters ln NeUon
Only the belt of Liquor* anil cigar*.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealera In itaple and fancy Grooeries
Bntter, Eggs.
Oamp and Hinen' Soppliea.
Examination for Asuycrs for Licence to
Practice in British Colombia.
An Examination lor Auayen will ba bald In
Victoria on tbe Hib Hay and lollowlns dayi.
Entrance lor any examination muit be made
ln writing to till Secretary of the Hoars! of Kx-
amlnerH, at least tan slay, before the date let lor
beginning ol examination, and muit be accompanied by the preaerlbed fee (116)
Any additional Inlonnatlon centres! may be
obtained Irom Herbert Carmlchael, laoretary,
board of examlneri. Victoria
Hlniiterot Mlnea.
Department ol Mlnea,
Victoria, H. Ci 16th April, l 07.
Take notice that tha above la a true copy of
tbe proposed Hvlnw. upon which tbe vote of tbe
municipality wilt bo taken at the City of Nelaon,
on Monday the wth day of May. next, between
the hour* of ��� oVloek a.m. und 7 o'clock p.m.,
|r.r tbu But Ward, at the Council Chamber, at
the corner ol Vietoria and Joaephene Hireciw,
and for ihe Went Ward, at the Ho rd of Trade
Rooma, at the corner of Victoria and Kootuiuy
Nelaon B.C., May ihe 7th. 190*7. .
Wa-at WA8SON.
City Clerk.
Notice la hereby glyen that the Wattabunt
Lumber company haa applied to Hla Honor the
Lieutenant Governor ln council, under the pro-
vtalona of tbe "klvera and Streams Act," for the
right to improve Rykerta creek, in the dlatrlct of
Weat Kooteuay. British Columbia, by removing
the obatructiona therefrom and straightening
Ihe banks thereof, and to construct dams, booms,
Hlldea and chute*, and raakeiuch other improvc-
mentx im mny be necessary for the driving and
rafting of low and the Hum ing ol timber thereon
Tbe landi to be affected are goverment lands and
Lota 3B1 and 3&2, Uroup 1, Kootenay district, and
tbe tolls lhat are ptopeted to be charged, 11 any,
are auoh aa mar be filed by a judgj ol the county
conn of Weat Kootenay.
Dated tbla 27th day of Mareh, A, 1). 1007.
I have juat returned to Nelton and
hava opened up at the tame old ttand,
and now ready to do all klndt of
KALSOMINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acta
Choice* Frott Lands to
Bttttih Cofawibbu
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Bny now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
40 Actes First-class Frnit
Land on Kootenay Lake!
Within V* mil* of Earl Grey't Raneh.
i/i, mllo lake frontage. Free from rock.
Planty water.   $35 por acre, on terma.
Tenders Wanted for the rotchuc of a
Mineral Claim.
Tendan aslsiresmed to the und-srilgiied, at hu
ofllce ln the Court Houae, ln the City ol Nelaon,
will be reoelved up till tha hour ol 0*>e o'clock,
S the afternoon, ol Friday, May Kit, l��n, Ior
e purohaae ol the "Sliver Champion Mineral
Claim," lot -MM, Oroup 1, Kootenay Dlatrlct,
which waa declared to he lorloited to the Crown
at the tax aale held ID the City ol Nelaon, on Ibe
6ih d.sy of November. 1N6, (or delinquent taxee
up till June aoth, 1*906, and coeu
The upset price upon the aald mineral claim,
which Include, the amounl ol delinquent taxee
and coala at the time ol forfeiture, with Intereet,
taxes which have elnce accrued, cyeta ol ad;er-
tlalnr and fee for Crown Grant (125 00.) 1. W1.88,
wblch la the leaal amount that will be considered
as a tender.
Eacn tender -must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for tbe full amount ol the tender,
pavable to the order ol the Deputy Commiasioner
of land and Worka, at Victoria, B C, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B C, thi. nth day ol AprU,
Government Agent, Nelaon, B. C
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral dafan.
Tendera addraaaad to tke undaalf nad, at hla
ofllce ln the Court Houae, In the City of Nelson,
will be received up till the hour ol Ove o'clock la
tbe afternoon, ol Friday, May Slat, HOI, for tha
purehaae of the -'Bryan Mineral Claim," Lot
1699, Oroup 1, Kootenay Pistrict, whleb waa
sleclaied to he forfeited to the Crown at the tax
aale held in tbe City of Nelaon, on tbe tth dav
ol November, H06- for delinquent taxaa up till
June SOth, 1909, and coata
Tbe upaet price upon the aald mineral claim,
which includes the amount oi delinquent Uses
and costs at the time ol forfeiture, with Inlereat,
taxes which have since accrued, cost ot adver-
Using, and fee for Crown brant (F2S.0O,) la 103.31,
which U tbe least amount that will be considered
as a tender
Each lander must be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount ol tna tender,
payable to the order ol tbe Deputy Commisaloner
of Land, and Works, at Victoria, B. C, at par.
Dated at Nelaon, B.C., this aoth day ot April,
Government Agent, Nalaon. B. 0
Tourist Sleeper
St Paul, Dally.
Toronto, Sunday, Wednesday, Friday.
Montreal, Monday, Tuesday, Tburaday
Boston, Saturday.
Dally to Vancouver.
Dally to Seattle.
For berth reservations apply to
K. .t. OOYLK, J. 8. OAR.EB,
D.P.A.. Nalaon
Land Registry A-ct.
Take notice that an application has been made
to register Hugh Boas Llnklater aa tba owner ln
Fee Pimple, under a Tal Bale Deed Irom Robert
A. Menwlsk, Deputy Aaaeaaor ol tha Nalaon Ae-
sessment district, to Hugh Boa. Llnklater, boar-
lug slate Ihe 111, ilay ol August. A. D. ISO*, ol all
and stugular that certain parcel or tract ol land
aud premises situate, lying and being In the
Town ot balmo, In the Province ol Brltlah
Columbia, more particularly known and described aa Lot 11, Block "D", Town ol Salmo,
(Hap fill, being a aub-dlvislon ol lot Wa, Group
1, Kootenay dlatrlct. ��
You and each ol yon aie required to contest
the claim ol the Ul purchaser within fourteen
slays Irom the date of the service ol thla notleo
npon you, aisilindcfaultolaoaveatoroertlflca'e
of lis pendens being Aled within such period,
you wui be forever v.topiss-sl and debarred from
setting up auy claim to or In respect of the aald
land, and I shall rogl.ter Hugh Boas Llnklater
as owner thereof.
Dated at land registry offloe, Nelson, Province
ol British Columbia, this 31st day ol February,
A. D. 11107.
H. F. M.cLEOD,
District Registrar.
To Murdock A. Henderaon	
In the matter ol an application for .the iasue of
a duplicate ol tho Certificate ot Title of Lots 8 and
t, Block 33, Lots, Block ta and Lot U. Blocks),
Nelaon Clly (Maps IU and MA )
Notice is Hereby given tbat tt la my Intention
to lasue a duplicate ol tbe Cerillieale ol Title lor
the above lota It the expiration ol one month after
tho first publication hereol In the name ol Frans
Jaooby ansl hmll 1-ohll. which Orllncate of Title
Is dated lhe tth day ol January, IW, and numbered .307 A.
H. F, M.cl.KOD,
District Registrar.
Land Registry Offloe, Nelson, B.C
���Mb, April, H07.
w. a. aiL,i_,ETT
Contrnetor msid
Bole agent for tha Porto Bloo Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yarda. Rough and dressed lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coast lath and shingles, seen
-and doors. Cement, brick and Ume tor sale.
Automatic grinder.
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eaat ot Hall
P. o. Box m.      Telephone lit
F.C6REEH      F.r.BURDER      A.H.GM99I
(M Engineers, Dominion and British
Colombia Land Sarreyon
r.0.BoiU5   Ftae MIL
I n the matter of an application Ier Ihe laane ol
a duplicate ol the Certificate oi Tills lor aa ua-
divided i j ol lot ��SJ. (roup t, ln tke distriet ot
Kootenay (except part U.�� aorta thereof.)
Notice la herehy given that It ia my Intention
lo Issue at tha expiration of one month after the
flrat publication hereof a duplicate of the CertlO*
i ate ol Title for the above mentioned leads, la
the name of Malcolm MeCormlck, which Certificate la dated the lllh September, im, aad aura*
bered7MA. ,
Und Registry Offlce, Nelaon, B.C., April SM,
H. F. MlcLl0l>,
District Ragl.tri
Notice Is herebv given that I will apply at lha
next meeting ol the License Commlssloaera,
lor the Clly of Nelson, to have the liquor license
ol tbe Silver King Hotel transferred from myself to Robert Da'asel, oftlie City of Nelaon.
Dated tuts 7th day ol Ma], IWI.
��. M, McCANDLUB. ���W"
i    , ,:i
The Daily Canadian
Our Stock is Complete
Here are two Soap Spec'31-s:
2S  31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   J4.S:
72 BARS GOLDEN WEST -for J2.7:
J. C. Dufresce. Blue Rell mine: R  W
-   C.  I   \-Vhi;.:.   ���   i      - _���*  E. T.
Portland:    A. E. Watts,    Mi??
-   Watt-burs:    E.    D     McKenna
���   A   I     Smith. China:  F. H.
HiHman. Cranbrook:    H.    R.   Hellish.
Spokane:  C.  H. Neeljr, Toronto:  A. E
Holmes. Grand   Forks:   W.   K   Esiicg.
It -5 and.
IM Trading Co.!
HtUJIUNf AST) (BUmi ��� ...y aiteo'
*A ter. Apply
HARRY nruim,
��� Kiaa Hrtif..
Old Guriosit> Shop
If you want to buy or ���.-..'. .....ytiiing,
go to the Old Curiosi'y Bhop A new
Une of Japanese Goods now un saie
All klnda of Dinnerware In stock. Patterns.
on 2 lots. $350.00 cash. $500.00 on mortgage,  balance  $25.00  per  month.
WILL BUY 5-ROOM HOUSE on 3 lots.
$400.00 cash. $200.00 in six months, balance on mortgage. 3 years.
H. L froadsdaile & ��.
���   Next Door to Rank of Commerce.
All Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 18*.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to theu* advantage to use onr Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Cor. Vernon and Ward  Slrv-eU,
J. KKED HUME. Proprietor.
G. A   Qal    ,    T   Kolston. G   A. Mc-
Intyre.     *.'_r,s ,s;v..-; ;     \V.   Moore. J. H.
Thomson. Winnipeg;  K. Turner, R. iS
Pnit. Chicago; F. H. Nettleton. Salmo.
W. 0, Sbeppan!, Montreal; L. E. Be-ebe.
IS   'V   .Munbison. Vi. Home. Toronto;
J. E R' il. E,-ie; G. H. Cook. Mil) neap-oil Ciappiaon,  Hamilton;   J.  R.
'���''     :    n. Cranbrook; G. Kinns-;.   I; m
lansi: W. L. Hall. Cranbrook: J.Siring,
Bell. M. B. Gorman. Fernie; C. P.
Easiman. New Westminster.
K F Ptrie, E. Mannuel, Ethel Cook.
Giand Forks; J. W. lienneti, Ymir; J.
Tei di <S. W. Whiiaker. K. A. Fraser.
Phoenix; J. I'.. Wlnlaw, Wlnlaw; F.
Sion,-. |sr;.s]-n; Mrs R Him, Elko: S
J. Green, Kaslo: E. I.. Masterson and
family. Ethel Johnson. Trout Lake: J.
D. Knox. Rossland. H. S. Hastings.
���s P. Tsiylssr. w. Murphy, Cranbrook;
V. Wilson, Grand Forks; T. Miller.
Trout Lake.
11. T. Rainbow. Revelstoke; T.-Tyler.
:,*     I   W. English, Crescent Valley:
P. Hagan. Vi. H. Jones, Vancouver; S.
N'Ht. Lancaster.
. II. Stoning, W. .1. Scott, Sirdar; W.
A. Williams, J. F. I'ilsor.. R. Thomson,
Blair more; C. w Rath-well, Grand
Forks: F. B. Hall, Slocan: G. Holmes.
VS. Kinrade, Colville; IS. Darling. E. K.
Farnham. Montreal; R. S. Stewart. J.
A. Mitchell. Creston; Mrs. .1 K. Moore.
Kaslss; c. Rondeau, P. Wade, Poplar.
Grand Forks Ijcrosso team. 13 members; A. C. Goiililing, Toronto; E. .Vanillin, c. Brady, 11. Lovejoy, F. P. Holland. Northport.
Alberta Farm Land
160 acre   improved   farm   in  Alberta,
will   exchange   for   Nelson   residential
I  property or Kootenay fruit tand.
Baker St..  Nelson.
il   ',���.*'���-.;. BBHOU -AWYKR
jane, to expert.   Adslre
>e:sM,D, B c . or ssall at t
A M1 >: l: COOK lor a man _.vt (i'.vi wazesTto
Use rtahi man. Aj,pljr ll��.tliir< IB. i; > Syndl.
cate. NelPOD,
fxtra tint
he mill in .'.tl��oi.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stoves, etc.
IM East Baker St. Phone No. A11-4
COOK-Holol, Wl. Waltreu �����; stonss   Phone
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
Tobacconist*  Baker Street.
Xm��n wiih too*] offirc experience Meki a
vv...     Av\ 'v  V. y  'I-   .���.". ;..,.,.  H   ,
EI-HiKMMAK nn-l tt .-^tttr for mill tt Moyie
Apply it Mill, or out oflVe Nelion, Forto Kico
TWO FlfiST-OLAtf KuOMS, ��t*em he*t��vl    Ap
PiT hou��eki-ei*r.3r<l flit. K. W. C. block-
BDMCB   OK   Ut&    Return to ChAf. Unr-
BRASS OOJUCrr, Two Bb��nki b ���>:, . a. Witt
<;��-e.     For PriOB,   Apply M. J.  I>. Bai Uflfc
3 BETTERS, 8 IdfWmeiX, 3 Tallymen ��nd
'���.ruder**, 1 Portmiii. (tnjtht.) Circular ***wy��?r,
Dofiitrr-, Rag inters BtMuo-min, and mill betp r>f
nil km.i. Apply Geo. V. Weils, box Urn,
NelMU, B.C.
Silverton  Looking  Up.
N   K  McN'angtat is down from Silver-
ton today aad re^ns ptfttpMUl for the
.<������.���    ftl  * -,-*cially in mining.
Born At Procter.
Bora at  Proctor,  It. C, on Saturday,
Uftj  Uth. to the wife of William Wni-i-
Sraellie. a daughter.   Mother and child
i an.
New Studio.
Herbert G. Evans bas opened a studio
���    re   culture   and   pianoforte   on
Baker street, upstairs, near Thurman s
I ��� itors.
Funeral  Tomorrow.
..-..ii   of  the  late   Charles  S.
Raift.HU uriii ttkl   ,  9 morrow after
noon at 8:M to St Saviour's church and
thence to the cemetery.
Nelson Ahead.
Ks Th   Daily Canadian cms to preai
-    re  in   the   Nelson-Grand   Forks
BM match, * nd of first quarter, fs
_.�� in fuvur of Nelson-
New   Settlers.
Mr. and Mrs. J.  K.  More, of Aifdre,
Scotland, arrived    Siriday   at    Procter
- :���   ���':.���-}   propose  to settle DMU   Mr
Mores brother-in-law. \V,  Hais-Smellie.
New Verandah.
A new verandah is being constructed
in front of the city hall.    The old on^
had become shaky in many places
the new one was put up as a matter of
public safety.
Moyie Busy.
Charles Mackay came in from Moyie
last nicb;. He says that the St. Eugent-
is running a: full capacity, the sawmill
is operating steadily, and his own enterprises are progressing satisfactorily
On Tuesday, May Hth, at St. Saviour's church. Nelson. B. C. by th^ reo
'or. Rev. F. H. Graham. Frederick Her
bert Hillam. of Cranbrook, was married
to Miss Mabelle Isabelle Larson, of thi.-
Judgment  for  Plaintiff.
The spring assizes came to an end
at neon today with th* judgment in the
case of Campbell vs. Wail and Creel-
man. Judgment was given for the plain
tiff under the common law for 14,"""
Taylor & O'Shea appeared for the
claimant. Macdonald &. Hall for the defendants.   An appeal is not unlikely.
Baptist Ladies.
At the meeting of the Baptist Ladiea'
Aid held yesterday afternoon it was decided to hold a conversazione in tho
church on June 6th. A meeting will
It*- held at the home of the pastor. Rev
B. BL Shanks, on Saturday afternoon a'
1 o'clock. It is intended to have a musical programme of the best local talent
at the conversazione.
VVomen'i Auxiliary,
Tomorrow and Thursday ihe first annual meeting of the Kootenay Diocesan
branch of the W. A. wil be held in St
Saviour's mission. The day's proceedings will open with holy communion
and a sermc*. by Ven. Archdeacon Beer.
The  business meeting will convent at
2 p. m. Reports will be presented by
all committees. At tbe second meeting,
Thursday at 10 a. m.. election of officer*
and general business will fill the programme. A closing address will be delivered by Rev. F. H. Graham At 1
p. m. Thursday afternoon tea will be
served by the Nelson executive at which
it is hoped all members, junior and
senior will be present
The Store of Quality
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Crosse & Blackwell's
Pure Fruit Syrups
25 cts per Bottle
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An Easy Way....
To own a fine house. Instead of paying  rent and owning  nothing.
FINE 6-ROOM HOUSE on Stanley
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$1600, $250 Cash
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Wis,.-,-_��!? .ml R-ts.ll Dt-��ler�� In
Fresh and Salted Meats
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Per Package
Campy. ntppUfld on short��**t 110000 and
LoWMt price. Nothing but fret>h and
wholesome meate and tsupples kept in fst*pck
Mail artel receive careful attention.
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica ansl Josephine Sta.
At About Half Cost
E.  C.  TRAVES.   Manager.
Dominion Dairy
Calblck & McDonald, proprietors of
the Dominion Dairy, 'having dtuolred
partnership by mutual consent the business will in future be carried on by
W. Calblck.
Thanking our patrons for past favors
1 hope to merit a continuance of their
I atronage.
As vi innoanMd la-i leooii we decided to discontinue handling ham-
tnooks, and to close out our stock at
greatly reduced prices. We have still
a few left. We have made still greater
reductions in price to close them out.
��2.75  Hammocks  for $1.90
>3.75 Hammocks for   2.25 I
.$4.75   Hammocks  for    3.00 I
$6.00 Hammock, slightly damaged.
for      2.90
51-25  Hammocks for $ .90
J2.50   Hammocks for    1.45
$3.00   Hammocks for    1.75
33.75  Hammocks for    1.&0
W. G. Thomson
SffiBSg1"'  Nelson, B. C.
Phone .^4.
One of the Host Scenic Locations on
Kootenay Waters Is for Sale.
Corporation of the City of Ntlson
A man to do work for the Scavenging
deportment of the City uf Nelsou.
Application will be r-ceived by the undersigned ap uutil noon of the 15th inst.
May Sth, J907. City Clerk
The property comprises about 130
acrei of timber and fruit land, having
half -a mile of lake frontage directly
opposite Nelson.
The central portion of about 100
acres, with buildings, fruit trees, flower
garden an living springs thereon,
will be sold as a whole, leaving an extensive lake frontage to the north and
south which 1 will offtr in acre subdivisions. For price and terms apply
nt mv home.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N.E. cor. Baker  and  Ward   Sta.
Campbell-Eannermin   Extols  America--
Sneers At Balfour.
London. May 14.���Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman speaking at Manchester
said they should be thankful that Halfour had at last been brought into line
on the question of colonial preference,
but he might have refrained from collapsing in such a penitent form until
the guests of the nation had returned
home. His move to create discussions
i, rtween the government and tbe colonics had been defeated. To quote tourer that Kurope was living in an armed
ramp, he described the 3.000 miles of
frontier between the United States and
Canada, and continued, "What could be
finer than this high truce of God
f cheers) under which thfse two free sis
ter nations have resolved to live, within th<> lecnrtty of that defenceless barrier, to banish these symbols of strife,
piejudicf and suspicion on that high
way of frontier. <Ch��*ers. I The relationship so established was noi less noble
than those which published between the
nation- of the old world, nations which
still hug an ancient blasphemy thnt
armed force is the only title to respect,
the only guarantee of security.
'The new world hart shown us a moro
excellent way. Heaven h��lp these greal
confederations of free people to con-
tinne to prosper and to go on iu all thai
makes real sfrenirth to a stati-. to main
t tin In all its radiance their bright, ex-
ample.'1  (Cheers.)
Victoria Day.
Victoria Day will be obse-ved at New-
Denver by launch races, boat races,
hose reel contests, ball gam?, foot races,
children's sports and log chopping contests. The whole will conclude with a
grand ball in the evening.
Tribute to Wm. Hunter.
The poet of the Slocan Mining Review
thus sings the [.raise of William Hunter,
Conservative member for Slocan riding:
Heboid the glorious change of late.
See Wm. Hunter enthroned in state.
See Honesty in all her charms
Content and smiling fn his arms.
Great talents in this man are found,
A piercing wit, a judgment sound,
A scholar like tht- noonday bright
Dispersing   darkness   from ' the light.
Squire Hunter! that upright man
Who now rules Slocan'a silvery land.
His heart disdains a golden bribe,
His sou! disdains the Socialist tribe���
Who like a lot of Ignorant knaves
Would have us to be their slaves.
Hong may he live in peace and love
And happy be in realms above.
Hoor Davidson, 'Ub he that's dead
Bul Hunter now he rules instead.
Seed Potatoes
We have uuloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
)* k* IRVING & CO.
Telephone 161.
Men's $3.50 Shoes
Don't get the idea that all our
men�� fine ihoei are ��5.00 and
$6.00 a pair. We can supply
you with a genuine Gsodyear
Welt at $3.50. Smooth in-tolet
and pliable to the foot Made
in Vici Kid and Box Calf.
royal  R. Andrew & Co.
Our East End Branch Store Is
Pending Changes,  and Customers ofjh_t
Branch Will Be Attended to at Our
Store, K. W. C. Block.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Lti|
Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargains!)
Oor Fancy Vestings Most Be Sold
This  Month   Regardless   of  Cost.
You easi buy Wash Vestings for J1.00. worth $3.00.
Handsosssc Vests, double and single breasted, for $3.00. worth $7.00, |
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Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
New Spring Goods Arriving Daily |
A complete line of up-to-date Soft and Hard Hats in Stock.
Also a full range of Boots and  Shces.    "WALKOVER" our
Spring is Here
We bave prepared for this season by passing into stock all U
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder.  Spado,!
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Foiks, Tree Primers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to  letter ordere.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwai
Company, Limited.
M��p���lrls,_ ,,,,,, .1.,1,1,1,,u essocutcsi with Dm patch.   ��ho��t IM-atM
Work, Mining nnd Mill Mnuhln.rv.     Mnsnufacturarn ol     I
Orm d��i-i��.  R.  ��.   ContruutursB-  Cara.
-0,""J""""J     NELSON,    B. C. RSSSP
Spring Stock lust Opened Upl|
Cnrloud Uinoleuma onti Carpets
From Qlnsijow, Scotland.
Beat Qualities at Uow FHc-um.
Standard Furniture Company!
Octarmoof Mittftitp
Mamhfcll Hunnitry Mttirfmcu.
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakes,    Embalmers
MANUFACTURERS   T �� C_L��       f
AND DEALERS IN   l^tUJ-DZtf  ODlt\gl^S_
Uath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and Braekuta. Moil Ordcn promptly attrn*"
Launch and Boat
Wt alwayt carry In stock and will ba pleated to tupP1/ '*'
wanta In
Such as
White wasM
Mlu-1 l-alnu
ll.rry utoi.' Bout* Varnlah
Ms-., etc.
Allsmsy Hremo
Arclls- fupi;n;����
(lu ID|lpa Oil      .�����
v.sssis.iis BarlM ,'T
(tu ono issilss is vm'-M
Wood-VaHance Hardware Co., Lini
**"������ ����� * 'ini i���im ttm tw i >
���    -     :. "SOWs-rs���
.-_,,      *- -W'��   ,^��l .-~_-
mHIMStMtmm-.'���- ------s.
gar.*t:.,)J,l.;!'jBetaH8Sil! I'MisMSauw" '^smomi^immmtiiimrm


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