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The Daily Canadian Jun 18, 1907

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Array ��J}e 5-cxUij  Canadian
No. 13.
lEinmerson Confident
id Defiant
|n( Evidence for Defence to
: Given by Night Clerk
of Albion Hotel.
11   X.   II.,   Juno   IS.���Great
] ehed  to  tho   K.nmcrson-
iiiiiial  libel case,  which  Ik
[1 iu] in  the  York circuit court
ii.niui-   before   Judge  Lnndrey.
|re in rslHtont runiors of a settle-
do'  oa.se,   but  all   Interested
|:u there is anything to it.    It Is
,.; that -"��� aililitlonal iietlt Julie In-, a summoned In addition to
lulnr panel of. Ul, making fiU iu
itli si.ie Is allowed four peremp-
I .- b,   but   It   Is   likely   that
II inh, 1   will be challenged  for
,1   ',111 be learned u grout inn-
11,.' grand jurors are resident*
1 : 11 kett, the defendant, left Sat-
veniug fur Montreal In connec
iii Ui.' case, hut returned this
g. His brother and counsel, O.
Iteti M P., wns in Ottawa last
hiking up evidence for the case.
Junior counsel for tile de-
1 lore iliis evening. Hon. H. R.
sun. tli<' compluiuant, nrrived
sjrriu'Bter last evening. Inter-
In 1 nl that he hud heard uoih-
iumpromise. in eouuee-
li tie ease. Ho Intimated that
nail) 10 tight the mutter to a
Hun. A. S. White. Knimenton's
arnved tills evening und liud a
ni. ��iili J. II. Hurry. K. C, the
iroB.-eutor. Hon. W'm. Pugsley,
��� luiisel for the prosecution, ar-'
'la St. John this morning. Judge
. who Is to preside over the
rrived lust evening.
I.  June   18.���A  clerk of the
el, named Parker, one of the
for tho defence in the Kmmer-
11  ease,  loft  for Kredertcton
;-   Parker was on duty ut the
��� night that Mr.  Emn.erson,
liner and Mrs. Allen reached
1 the St. l-uwrcnce hotel.    11
ted  thnt a second  man wus.
party und that Ills real name
i been developed.   While the
���.lister   dooB    not    bear    the
Ktijineisoii und the woman,
��� 'iii   to  be   an   entry   which
li lostify  wus  made  by  one
In-s Iii the party and thnt the
riling    to    handwriting   OX-
similur      to      that      Initio St. Lawrence Hull regis-
Beuthner.   The entries on
register about which Interest
���     Mrs.   Harding,   Peterbor-
I larding, "Jack" und E. Al-
l In- register shows thnt Mrs.
"nl ".luck"  wore assigned to
Miss Harding 150, while Allen
il in room 1.
I"" Synod at Ottawa Joins Forces
to Anti-Graft Crusade;
iwa, Juno 18.���It Ib becoming In
"Sly apparent that the public mind
'I'b stirred over the revelntlotiBof
at lhe last two sessions of purlin-
Iteierence was mnde to tho sub-
1 the Anglican Syuod last evening.
"alter wub brought up by Mr. 0.
"Hi, n delegate from Cornwall, on
'Ion of thu state of tho church.
""'""dud that a great need of to-
"'us that the clergy Bhould nsslst
' selection of candidates for both
I'luvlnolal and Dominion parlla-
h Ho elted the notion of the Pros-
'una at the General Assembly ln
'"nl. und thoroughly approved tho
'"eni made there that "graft, not
'iiineu, was Ihe curse of Canada."
'In' duty of the clergy to help
'he pnililcul and commercial at-
'���'king today, Mr. Smith sulci hov-
'""s men near Cornwall had lately
""'I nomination  for parliamentary
'',    "hen spoken lo they would
' would nol accept the nomlna-
L , Y,'!* "untied lo mo on u silver
with graft ���,���| other cnargeg he.
a   lie ucroBS tho Door of the House
f" > are now."
��� Smith said that matters hnd come
,,','���!'m'"' Wher" "'" "1��� *"�� wo''ld
make the mosl desirable candidates did
not care to outer polities.
The synod win be asked to pass n
resolution Impressing on the clergy of
the diocese the urgent necessity or showing a more direct Interest In this matter.
G. G. S.  Lindney  Says  Big Coal  Company Has Plana for Spending.
Toronto, Juno 18.���<). G. s, Lindsay.
feneial manager umi Mr, McBvoy, chief
engineer, of the Crow's Nest Pusb Coal
Co., arrived from the WeBl yesterday
and Wednesday, at u meeting of the directors, will submit plana for the ex-
tensive development of the company's
properties. Mr. I.lndaey did not feel disposed to discuss the mat tor or the programme under contemplation until it
lias been formally placed before the directors. The company has been somewhat handicapped through lack of men,
bul late)y they have been coming In
more freely.
Bank May Recover.
Toronto, June lfr-The Ontario Hunk
Issued a wtlt today against the former
president, George H. It. Cockburn, for
$8,17,0011 and Interest at the rate of 6
per cent, from March 31, 1902, Being
money received for the use of the plaintiff by the defendant; the following are
the particulars: March 31, 1903, to
amount wrongfully and Illegally placed
by the plaintiff to the credit of the defendant on this date, being the purchase
pr.ee of 278 Shane* of capital slock of
the plaintiff company, which defendant
aBsumcd to sell ami transfer to' plaintiff $:!7,699.60. The writ wus Issued by
J. lllcknell.
Big   Impetus   Promised   to   Mining   In
Sault Ste. Marie District���Road
for Development.
SnuitSto. Maris. June 18.���An Impetus
wus given the mining interest of Algo-
mu, In fuct, all northern Ontario, by an
iniiKii t.mi unnouncement made by the
directors of the Superior mine at the
(unclusion of their meeting here. The
directorate is composed largely of American cumpitulists from Cleveland and
Ihe Michigan "Soo." The mine Ib situated five tulies from the Ottawa Central,
wesl of the "Soo." The directors mnde
atrungoments lo let the contract for a
spur from the mine lo the Algouia Central, as soon as a right-ofway hus been
obtained from the government John
F. Wilde, of the Cnnndian "Soo," wus re-
mined to make the official survey and
to supply the necessary dutn as required
by the government. When this Is completed the cmupuiiy's attorney will start
to nbtalu tho government right-of-way
und the road wlil be commenced.
The Lake Superior Power company
has consented to supply till labor und
equipment, und to do nil the work under tho supervision of the directors for
a percentage of the cost of the road.
It is expected the rond will be completed mid In operation three months from
today, and will cost $75,000.
When the load Ib in operation shipments of heavy tonnage of ore, too rich
for concentration, will he shipped to a
snieltor to be decided upon later. This
o.e is very rich, containing no Impurities.
The directors further decided to let
the contract for a 400-ton concentrating
mill, to be erected at the Canadian
"Soo" upon the property of the Lake
Superior corporation us soon us bids
for machinery and construction have
been received und passed upon.
In nddltlon to the concentrating mill
u smelling plant will be built upon tho
aame location' to produce blister cop
per from the product of the concentrating mill. The directors desire lo nvoid
delnv In completing all the work under
taken. The erection of the plant will
produce nn Immediate outlet and market for all grades of copper ore, gold
and silver ores, or concentrates which
this district cun produce and will stimulate mining Interests throughout north
orn Ontario.       	
French Statesman Speaks of British and
Spanish Treaties.
Paris, Juno 18���Speaking yesterday
of the new French-Spanlsh-Brltlsh
trenty. the signature of which vlrtttnlly
crcate-i a now triple alliance, M. Plchon,
minister of foreign affairs, said: "Such
arrangements are lhe host guarantee of
peine that can be conceived. Our agree
niont with Spain is purely pacific, It ac
cords with the interests us well as the
b��mpatalei of both nations. The nego
nations for this safeguarding of the
common interests of the two t��<>n��M
have been going on Mr several months
"ml the Instrument now signed has been
mmuniculod to the other Powers with
explanations as to Its scope Its ton s
��rn nurely pacific, the object being to
��� |. status quo of that region
which c uld not bo altered without Inyo tho two cent,-aotlug �������"������";
a" dtl e security of the onnm.unlc. tlons
S the respective outlying letrltorlos
which Is especially Important In the
rnso of our possessions In Africa and
on boll, the Atlantic and Mediterranean
Mayor Threatens to Hold
Back Debentures
Council Resents Alleged Discourtesy
of Trustees���New Propositi of
Allis-Chalmers Co.
The chief feature or the three hours'
session of the city council last evening
was a discussion of the relations between tho council and the board of
school trustees, during which Mayor Gil-
letl intlniulod that until he was sutlsfied
with lhe conduct of the school board,
he might prevent the sale of the school
The council met shortly after 8 with
Mayor Gliktt ln the chair, and Aldermen Huraey Selous, McMorrls and Irving present. Al ierumn Hose dropped in
later. The minuses of tbe last meeting
were read and approved.
Rev. J. T. Ferguson, who was present
on behulf of the library, by permission,
Informed lhe council that there were
16.000 visitors to the library during the
last year, and 174 subscribers. He also
gave statistics of revenue aud expenditure for the year, showing that the library required some assistance, not spe-
clfied, for ihe balance of the year.
Alderman Selous warned to know how
many non-subscribers patronized the
Venning room und contributed the trifle,
$2.85, in Ihe offertory box. Mr. Ferguson replied "rather more than 600."
On motion of Alderman Selous a grant
of $3511 was passed for the current yeur.
The finance committee reiiorted recommending payment or sundry small accounts, and a payroll of $380.88, which
were passed and ordered paid.
A letter from tho 20,000 Club asked
payment of $200 promised towards cost
or "Glorious Kootenay" pamphlet. Tho
request wub granted.
A letter from It. II. Zavltz assured the
council that everything possible was being done by the Allls-Chalmers-Iiullock
company, and that the city plant would
us Boon as possible be equipped with a
new governor, and thnt the present do-
lay wns due to the high water and tho
siosonce of turbine gates or stop-logs.
The cumpnny usks thai the plant be
shut down Tor n period to permit of
their completion of the plant. They nlso
advised that arrangements be made at
once for the completion of the tnil-racca
to avoid further shut-downs.
An accompanying telegram from Milwaukee promised a larger and entirely
new governor.
The mayor reported having negotiated
with Mr. Zavltz. No payments have been
made. The turbine gates work with
great difficulty, and may be partly responsible for unsatisfactory working.
F. A. Smith replied to the mayor that
the Installation of a new governor could
be accomplished ln three dnys.
After some Informal discussion It was
resolved on motion of Alderman Selous thut the company be informed that
nny shut-down would be objectionable
to tho city, and that the prospect of
rurther delay was very unsatisfactory.
Discussion of the financial arrangements between the city and the cora-
pnny In connection with tbo operation
or tho plant showed that the company
was probably making a profit on the
A letter rrom F. A. Smith reported
that a transformer serving Fnlrvlew was
of wrong ratio and the lights were burning out too fast. He recommended a
change, which was authorised.
A letter from H. & M. Bird asked for
a change In terms of a lease, and offered
the lots on which the court house stands
ror $2,700 und gave an option for 20
days. The mayor wus authorized to negotiate.
A letter from Chief Deasy, of the fire
department, asked that the duties of
building Inspector be defined. The chief
pointed out an apparent conflict of
duties between such official and himself.
On motion of Alderman McMorrls the
city engineer was appointed building inspector.
A letlor from Dr. Arthur, secretary of
the board of school trustees, replying
to a letter written by the city clerk on
the direction of the mayor, was read.
First, the mayor explained the circumstances from lily point of view, and had
his lotter read. The mayor's letter
asked If the board purposely Ignored
the committee of the council In the
choice of plans. The board's reply
stated that there was no such intention
but that, the board being unanimous on
the choice of a plan, there was no ap-
pnienl reason for delay.
The mayor���I think this was n most
Important matter, and we have been unfairly treated.
Alderman Selo.iB���In tho oft repeated
wordB, "I told you bo."
Alderman Irving���The board told us
at tbe start thut they couldn't give us
a vote.
Alderman Hume���This should have
been arranged before the voting on the
The mayor���At the outset they
claimed that they could not give us a
After further discussion tbe mayor remarked :
"If Ihe board goes on as It has begun
I shall exercise my powers as mayor
to see that the city council Is not kept
In Ihe dark."
Alderman Hume���The opportunity Is
The mayor���In that ease, thny may
have no money to spend.
Alderman   McMorrls���We  can  Insist
on being treated with courtesy.
Aldermun   Rose���The council Is ob much
Interested  ln  the  new school as  the
board is.
Alderman Irving���The board was amicus to have us present when the
amount was fixed. Since then they have
not been anxious.
Alderman Selous���We may have a
siring on that $1,500 we voted, or on a
part of It. Have we any other? Are
the debentures sold?
The mayor���No, and they won't be,
till I am satisfied.
The mayor further stated that he had
r, eclved a letter from the city solicitor
asking for a copy of the bylnw. He had
also received four inquiries for the debentures. He had not answered nor advertised. He thought it unnecessary at
It was moved by Alderman McMorrls,
seconded by Alderman Rose that the
city clerk communicate with the school,
board and ask If it is the intention of
the board to ignore the special committee of the city council on all matters
connected with the erection of the new
Alderman McMorrls���Such a resolution will have more weight than an Individual expression of opinion.
The mayor���I am satisfied. My mind
Is made up.
Aldermun Selous���Are we resolved
that they shall get no money until they
toe the mark?
The mayor���That Is my intention.
The mayor further remarked that the
school as planned may cost more than
the estimate. The committee of the
council might prevent that.
The motion was then adopted unanimously.
James Harris, of the city water works
department, asked for an Increase of
salary, which was grunted, from $75 to
$90 a month.
In reply to Aldermun - Hume, F. A.
Smith staled that parcels were charged
for on the cars only if Ihey take up seat
or platform space.
Alderman Irving asked on behulf of
A. T. Walley and others for permission
to tap a water main. The request was
referred to the fire, water and light committee.
The mayor suggested employing a
man to direct the prisoners' work on the
recreation ground. He had been promised the use of the prisoners on such
condition, and had employed a man at
$80 per month. His action was approved.
Alderman Irving was told that the
corner of Hall find linker streets would
be repaired, and Alderman Rose that
Vernon street would be cleaned up.
The city clerk reported that he had
no reply to his request for a copy of
the Vancouver street sign bylaw. He
was asked to secure also copies of the
Vancouver and Revelstoke lot cleaning
The city engineer reported an Inspection, as building Inspector, of the Nelson hotel. He asked for an amendment
to the building bylaw to forbid exterior
or Interior alterations to wooden buildings within the fire limits. He was Informed that such a bylaw was already
in force, and he was authorized to summon offenders.
He also reported that the public portion of the cemetery was ln a dilapidated condition.
It was agreed that the council Bhould
contribute $10 a year to the cost of uniform of each tramway employee, in the
service for three months.
The city clerk was then instructed to
call the attention of the cemetery, caretaker to his duties as defined by bylaw.
The ordinary payrolls'for June were
then passed, and the council adjourned
to Wednesday, July 3rd.
American District Attorney Ordered to
Aid Japan*** In Fight for
Their  Right*.
Tokio, June 18.���There are strong Indications that Ambassador Aoki will be
recalled. There is an inclination to connect the rumor of his reported coming
recall with Premier Saionji's audience
with the Emperor this morning after the
cabinet council.
Sau Francisco, June 18.���United
States District Attorney Devlin yesterday received a letter from Attorney General Bonaparte in response to that
which he sent containing a report on the
riot through which a Japanese restaurant was wrecked. It Is reported, however, that he has been instructed to lend
whatever assistance he can to the Japanese, should either the Japanese gov.
ernment or the owners of tho reBtaurant
bring stilt against the city or the state
on account of damage done. In cither
case the suit would hove to be brought
In the federal court aathe plaintiffs
would be alien.
Text of Resolution of
Toronto Synod
Leaders Should Refuse Power Gained
by Corruption���All Must
Join in Crusade.
"That the report be referred back for
the purpose of Introducing apt words to
express the conviction of this synod
that a great purification of politics, of
financial, social and business methods
in this country is Imperatively demanded today, and that the church, her
bishops, ber clergy and laymen should
take a leading part in Immediately
changing the present deplorable state
of affairs."
The sbove resolution, moved by Mr.
N. F. Davidson, seconded by Hon. S.
H. Blake, was unanimously adopted at
the Anglican synod of Toronto.
Arising out of tbe report of the committee on the state of the church, the
question began in the form of an expressed desire to Improve the tone of
the church and to raise money to carry
on its work.
The remark was dropped that "if the
spiritual life is quickened, money and
other needs will come."
Canon Davidson, of Peterborough,
thought that the most important voice
of the church should be heard.
"We must look upon the political con'
dltlous," he said, "and set ourselves, not
only tbe church of England, but all our
fellows In the work, to purify and uplift our native land. Our first duty to
the community is to aid when she seems
downtrodden, as at the present is the
cane, ln some ways at least. We should
unite in a common effort to help the
po.ltlcal condition throughout Canada."
Mr. W. H. Hoyle, M.P.P., was the next
"No one will deny?' he said, "the very
intimate relation between the church
and the State, The average politician
would welcome the aid of the church
in clearing the political atmosphere. I
shall also say, regardless ot partisan-
ship, that the average politician of today compares very favorably with the
average man of the country, and probably a little better. (Applause.) We
are the outcome, the by-product, of tbe
community.* I trust that the day Is past
when the idea prevails that the church
should abstain from taking an active
part in the government of the State.
It is a false idea. (Applause.)
"I will say further, that the political
life of tbe Dominion of Canada will appreciate any effort of the church to
purify and uplift the state of our poll
tics. It Is the duty of tbe church to
Inculcate a higher appreciation of the
franchise."   (Applause.)
Mr. N. F. Davidson, the mover of the
motion, declared, ln speaking to the
Synod, that there was no set of leaders
in the land over whose eyes the wool
Is so eusily pulled as the clergy.
"Thank God!' 'he exclaimed, "they are
oftentimes a guileless set of people."
"I speak advisedly,' continued Mr,
Davidson in response.
"They do not know the condition of
political, moral or social life even
among the people of their own congregations, to whom they are from Sunday
to Sunday preaching.
"I agree with Mr. Hoyle that our politicians are as good as the general run
of the people. -t
"But evil Is creeping Into the country.
"Nobody called on business to Ottawa
returns without some idea of the Immense pressure that Is brought to bear
on your politicians of every class to do
that which will not stand the light of
"The time Is today, and it calls upon
churchmen to take the foremost stand
for purity and right.
"If we think our religion is only one
that begins Sunday morning and ends
Sunday evening," said Mr. Blake, rising
to second the motion, "then we better
not do anything with politics. But If
It begins on Monday and ends with Saturday then we should have very much
to do.'
Speaking of Mr. Hoyle's comparison
between the politician and the nvorage
man, Mr. Blake Bald:
"We all feel what a judgment Has
been passed on all non-politicians by Mr.
Hoyle's word. (Laughter.) It requires
strong shoulders to bear. But I want
to Bay that we must have strong shoulders. And too, I deem it right, that If
a single dollar be spent Illegally in the
next election campaign, to aid Mr.
Hoyle in obtaining his seat, he should
retire. (Hear! Hear!)
"If thnt were done In every case our
politics would soon bo clean."
Mr. Blake called attention to an Instance In tho United States where the
candidate declared that tf a single dollar were spent to enable him to gain
his seat, be would retire. No money was
spent ln that election. This was educating the public in the right way.
"If those placed in high positions,"
Mr. Blake resumed, "were to say, 'we
will not accept an election where fraud
and corruption Is used,' then the people
would Bay, 'neither will we make use of
it.' The whole thing might be evaded
In five years If we but had the men
strong enough to stand for truth and
right. Our greatest mistake Is too low
a standard in matters touching political
Mothers were to blame also he declared. "They have no time to look after
their children with their balls, golf
clubs and r> o'clock teas and their children go to the bad. Each person here
should enter the priesthood, not as a
priest or a clergyman, but as one conscious that we are not doing our duty."
The premier should say," continued
Mr. Blake, " I refuse to stand in this
position when I know my members have
used unlawful means to put me here.'
i "Let us. In God's name, be true honest and upright in every dealing. Let
us plead with our representatives not
to enter in where there is impropriety.
If it Ib to become a live issue In our
land, every layman should Bay: 'From
this day forth, it Is not a matter of success but of standing before my God and
my Judge as having dono what is
Forest Fires at Cobalt.
Cobalt, June-18.���Prospectors returning from TemagamI forest reserve report serious bush fires, causing loss of
tents, canoes and camp buildings. Jack
Munroe Is said to have lost two camps.
Big forest fires are burning near Hailey-
bury. The fire got uncomfortably close
to two magazines ot powder, but is now
out of the- danger zone. The townships of Smith and James on the Montreal river are almost burned over and
much valuable timber destroyed. Prospectors are pleased as they can now
easily get in their outfits.
Japanese Prince Enjoying th* West���
Admire* Physique of Black-
fe��t Brave*.
Calgary, June 18.���After 24 hours' run
since leaving Oakshela yesterday the
royal train Is now approaching Calgary.
Yesterday the same cordial reception
was given the prince at every place as
has been general throughout the West.
At Moose Jaw the prince was received
with cheers accompanied with the
strains of the Japanese national anthem
by a really fine band. A halt of an hour
was made for exercise at Ernfold, the
time being spent in rifle practice, gopher
snaring, etc. This morning tbe aspect
is somewhat changed. We have left the
wheat area, and the gently undulating
prairie which constitutes the great
ranching district ot the West Is ot special Interest. Great herds of cattle and
horses arc seen on either Bide ot the
line and occasionally prairie wolves, one
fine specimen running with the train for
some distance. The pretty little antelope is also numerous.
At Gleichen ,the prince met for the
first time the genuine Blackfoot Indian,
a large number of that tribe being
camped close to the station. They
gathered around the prince's car In all
the fancy dress peculiar to the tr'be.
The prince remarked that the scene was
very picturesque and commented on the
splendid physique of the men. Stepping
down from bis car he examined closely
the medals and decorations of the chief
and inquired as to the meaning of a wand
carried by the chief, which was presented to him by Sir John Macdonald
on the conclusion of a treaty.
Before leaving, the prince, through
Mr. Pope, presented the chief with $100
to be distributed as he saw fit among
his people. The weather continues very
Rumor That Mrs. Potter Palmer Will
Marry an Earl.
Chicago, June 18.���The Tribune last
night received advices from London telling of the engagement of Mrs. Potter
Palmer to Aubrey FltzCIarence, Earl of
Munster, and Baron Tewkesbury. The
engagement has not been announced officially, but the Tribune's correspondent
declares there was no doubt an understanding had been reached. The wedding will take place In London In the
fall. The report confirms rumors that
have been current for some time. The
peer who won the heart and fortune of
Chicago's social leader is a bachelor 45
years of age and not blessed with a
superabundance of this world's goods.
He Is said to be handsome, however, and
a man of charming manner. He has no
public career other than that of gentleman usher to King Edward. His London residence Is 79 Elisabeth street at
Eaton Square and he has a house at
Brimston. For the rejuvenation of the
earl's establishment, Mrs. Palmer will
bring an Income ot more than $450,000
a- year, derived entirely from the Chicago real estate and other properties
left by Mr. Palmer at his death In 1902.
Mrs. Palmer has proved a prudent administrator of the estate, which at that
time was estimated to ho worth $8,000,-
000 and which has steadily Increased in
Mrs. Ordnri, of Denver,
Orchard. Recalled. Swears That Haywood Induced Htm to Send Fatsc
.accounts of Movements.
Boise, June 18.���With Harry Orchard
recalled to the stand, first to be formally prepared by the defence for Impeach- '
ment, and then to be redlrectly examined, the state produced this morning
a number of letters written by Orchard,
and one by the prisoner, Haywood,
which was for the purpose of showing
that there had been a conspiracy to de-
deceive Mrs. Orchard, of Cripple Creek,
as to the whereabouts of Orchard in the
spring and summer of 1905.
The defence vigorously protested the
Introduction of the matter on redirect
examination, but the court ruled that If
It waa improper on redirect examination he would permit the state to reopen
its examination.
Orchard swore that .Haywood said In
the spring of 1905 that Mr*. Orchard
was repeatedly writing to him as to Orchard's whereabouts, and Haywood suggested- that he write her a series
ot letters and date them at San
Francisco and have them delivered
through agents of the Western Federation of Miners.- The two were thus written and the state produced them, securing their admission. Then one was written dated at Nome, Alaska, and given
to take to Alaska and mail. The state
produced the letter and over objections
secured its admission. Next the state
produced a letter written by Haywood
himself to Mr*. Orchard showing that
the prisoner had knowledge of the.
Alaskan story and this too was admitted
in evidence.
Orchard also testified that the replies
of Mrs. Orchard were sent to him
through Haywood. The impeaching
questions propounded by he defence all
indicated a purpose by tho defence to
show that at other times Orchard had
threatened to kill Steunenberg because
of a desire to be revenged for the loss ot
his interest in the Hercules mine.
N*w Flour Mill for Keewatin Will Qlv*
Company Plrtt Rank.
Winnipeg, June 18.���Robert Melghen,
president and managing director ot the
Lake of. the Woods Milling Co., and who
is also president ot the New Brunswick
railway, arrived ln the city Thursday
On his way west from Montreal Mr.
Melghen remained over one day at Keewatin. His object in arriving at Keewatin Thursday, June 13th, was to be
present when the start of the machinery
was made ln the new Lake of the Woods
mill, which they claim to be the largest
mill ln the British Empire, having a capacity ot 14,000 Backs per day, with machinery installed at present,, for an output of 10,000 sucks per day.
Their combined milling plant at Keewatin makes that little town the largest
milling centre ln the Dominion, their
A mill having au output of 8,000 sack*
per day, while their C mill has a dally
output of 10,000 sacks per day. At Portage la Prairie their B mill has an out'
put of 3,000 sacks dally.
When they Install the balance of their
machinery ln their C mill at Koewatin,
this will give them an output of 26,000
sacks per day. They will require 50,000
bushels of wheat per day to operate
their mills. They have a faint idea that
the output daily of th.slr combined mills
will exceed the output of any other mill
ing company in the British Empire.
Mr. Melghen, who is accompaned by
Mrs. Melghen, Is proceeding farther
West before returning to Montreal.
"As to the future of the wheat market," said Mr. Melghen, "we as a rule
decline to give an opinion. We are not
prophets and besides are poor gueuers.
We do not speculate in wheat. You
know we do not require a milling plant
to speculate in wheat. However, we believe that the report of crop damage In
Europe and In this continent has been
exaggerated. The future of th* wheat
market must be entirely problematical."
Mr. Melghen, by the way, make* a trip
annually to the West and looks over
the Lake of the Woods milling plant*.
He has met many of his old friends her*
since coming Thursday, and Is looking
remarkably well.
Price* *f Metal*.
New York, Juno 18���Silver, 6THc:
copper, 22',ie.; lead, $5.76.
London, June 18.���Silver, SI 1-1M:.
lead, ��10, 15s.   '
: i j)
| |
5 ;| .
life.- I
ll '
;j  j
____, kj
The Daily Canadicui
Just a Few
of  the  Man\-   Attractive Articles
We are Showing This Mouth
CARVING   SETS ����-����
SILVER   BAKE   DISHES    $10.00   and   $11.00
SMALL SILVER  TERN   POTS tcr table decoration, each $2.00
JEW lil.l.liM.-..
.���������*�����>��>���"���������������-������������� ���
- ���
Our Stock is Complete
Hera are t��o Booby Specials:
25  31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $-.SC
Bell Trading Co. j
X      Aii��r&<��D Id Jqdc. Jo>y ��o>. A:��:u��t   '   *
��� ���
X ^ ^ ^ ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� ��� 4A4Aa\s��.a\a*sA44444A4 A\
PRrKISw ANI> DRAFTING carefully attend
c to. nt-f
HilTpr Kin. ttotpl.
Old Curiosity Shop
If yon want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Grx��ls now on sale.
All kinds of Dlnnerware ln stock. Patterns.
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Croadsdaile & <��.
Next Door to Bonk of Commerce.
All Kinds of Heating Plants in Stock.
Vlctorls 8L, Nr. Ooera House.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to tbf-ir ad-
Tintatfe to nse our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweeping, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Cleaning Stoves, etc.
111 Cast Baker St.        Phone No. At 14
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
f otaaonist.   Baker Street.
Watchmaker and Optician
Socialist Pnrty eww ew*i Fr dav
.. -ciin. .t * t, o . lu ice Miners' Trjion Hall
���Ul an ;r.t:;,~i; any one allowed t* lake pan in
Ul. debates    1   -���.u.iin. *erreurr-
Cor. V.rnon end Ward Streets,
ME2LSO.N.   B. C
J. FKF.D HUME. ProDnetor.
O. L Spencer. W. F. Vance. Fernie:
T. it. Tt-nnent, Winnipeg; J C. Miller.
Cnabrook; J. Graviey. Vancouver; M.
W, Harris,.n. G. H. Taylor. Greenwood:
W. L Thomas. T. E. Hillman. Spokane:
T. JlcNeish. Slocan: W. J. Jalley, T.
Klleon, L. McPberson. Duluth: E. E.
t'hitman. Kaslo; J. H. Glass. London:
A. A. Dick. Mrs. G. Dick. Calgary: T.
Cro���on, G. Rutherford, J. C. Taylor.
G:an.l Forks: T. Johnston. Phoenix; A.
G. I-onp. Waneta; Mrs. H. Dion, Paxlon
The Strathcona
Finest Foomi    Choicest Cuisine
Gviiity aad Cleanliness
J. Miller and wife. Trail; E. T. Nich-
o'as, P. K. Lindsay. Winnipeg: H. A.
I'.ininere, J. B. Sasey and wife, A. F.
Webiier anil wife, J. Calwood and wife.
Vancouver;   Miss M.  H. Gilmour,  Miss
E. F. Gilmour, Victoria: W. H. Hutchinson, Northpnrt; J. Powell, London; F.
A. Whitihouse. Lethbrirlge; J. C. Du-
fresne and wife. Hlue Bell mine; W. R.
Allen. Kaslo; J. Jacob, Phoenix; F. S.
York, Arrowhead; C. J. Hooper, Spokane.
C. J. Dlgby. Miss Dlgby, T. H. White,
Ferule; A. G. Iilain, Cranbrook; J. J.
Loughtery. Park River; Mrs. F. G. Erb,
Silveiton: N. Winlaw. Winlaw; Miss
It Holmes, Hallburton: J. E. White.
Ilrockvllie; W. J   Armstrong. Toronto;
F. C. Elliot. Trout Lake; A. Clark,
Yniir;  S. J. Maybood, St. Louis.
W. Lindsay. Seattle; H. Beck, J. Miller. Slocau; Mrs. A. Ibotson. W. J.
Hughes. C. M. Williams. O. Lavell.
Ymir; W. Holmes, Cranbrook; S. R.
Hutton. Howser: J. Longford. Cape Breton: K. G. Mead. Kaslo; W. Calder.
Elgewood: J. Fraser, Bonnlngton; J.
Canning. K. West. Phoenix; J. Beaton.
Vancouver; s. E. McKee, Trail.
C. A. Mackay. West Roxbury;  A. E.
Colpitis, Crescent Valley; T. McMurray,
H.  Will.anis, J. Anderson, Vancouver:
J. S. Grant, Bonnluton Falls.
W.  Iyick.    W.  Barbour,    Kaslo;    J.
Ground. Slocan; T. Miller, Revelstoke;
1). Creswell, J. Wright. J. Chism, Argents; J. Nicol, Koch's Siding.
N\ MeCallutn. P. Garland. Bonnlngton.
Another Snap!
FINE 6ROOM HOUSE, all fu.-nished
neatly, electric light and city water. Two
good lots level. 15 fruit trees, splendid
garden and lawn. Large shed for chickens. $300 cash, balance (1300,at $25 per
month, 6 per c��nt,
VMS'. HAN with Twr. Ye��r��' Knowledge of
F'tm FaUsnlu*.-, U'tuu Work Imiiu-di*.*?*)-.
Reply Box 7M, Vitdeo.
IOOD >TE^AKU. immMwtely.   Apply 8��cred
lieart i'    ;���������*:. Greenwood, B. C.
HuCSKKKCPlVO  ROOM.* or Sm��vll Furnishe*)
H< u��<    W. W , r>iiiy CsnfiUs.
TWO sOfAJtt BOY8-f;te*dy work; good wage?.
Apply Me*��*engt-r OtRce.
COOK-Hotel.nO-   *T**,IHM,H*.| ll 11 IMS   Phone
rWO rUffC-UaUtsM hOOMd, Um bested    Ap-
plT hnniekeeMr. 3rd flat, K. W. C. block.
IUM CORNET, Two Bhatnka b snd i, With
< ����f      For Price,   Apply M. J. It. Box 110.1.
tti oiien HOt'SK, t loin with bearing fruit
trees, ObMrvato'-y 8lre��t, 2 ttooti from Kootensy. 'cot |l* i<< I-'! monih. Two <*ood Roomi
alniTfour nffli��, Jait the place for offlcca, rent
%\b no per month. Toye 4 Co., Baker Street,
B. O. T. Meeting Postponed.
Th* president of the board of trad-1
ha~ lwstponed the in-eting Cflllod for
T.iiirsday next owing lo the 80,000
Club's moonlight trip taking place on
that evening.
Canoes Races.
The Iniian canoe races on the l>t
should be an attractive feature of the
celebration. Already arrangements
have been made for numerous entriea
for the various events under this portion of the programme.
Died in Nelson.
Mr.-. Cam; b*U. wife of J. R. Campbell, dining car conductor on the Crow's
Nest branch of the C P. R.. died yesterday at the residence of R. S. Wright,
c rner Cedar and Victoria stress, life.
Campbell had be^n suffering from erysipelas for the last fortnight. She tu
in Xe.s.n visitinc Ure. Wright The
(uaeral will take place in Tacoraa.
Firemen's  Races.
Replies have been received from Kaslo aad Rossland hosereel teams. They
will be here on Dominion Day to participate ln the hosereel races. The
Rossland team will arrive on the Sunday evening preceding the 1st. Some
changes have been made in the conditions cf the races. The competing team
must not number more than 12, and the
races will be run on the first day, after-
n oon and evening.
Sports  Committee.
The Dominion Day sports commitee
met in G. P. Welis' office last night at
S o'clock. Those present were: \V. R.
McLean. R. G. Webb, G. P. Weils, W.
Irvine, J. L. Porter, H. Wright, T.
Deasy, E. C. T raves. H, Harper, \>\ H.
Swann. W. A. Ward. A. T. Waliey. A.
Thomas. Arrangements were reported
practically complete for fireworks, Caledonian sports, Indian canoe races,
lawn tennis and log-rolling.
Back From the Coast.
George Horsted and David Proud foot,
dtlegates to the Odd Fellows' convention at Xanaimo, have returned horn*-.
Fred Squire will get home in a few days.
The delegates speak highly of the arrangements of the Nanaimo brethren
(or their enteitaiument. A banquet was
given to the delegates to the grand
lodge by the members of the Nanaimo
lodge. Two hundred Odd Fellows assembled around the festive board, the
viands were the best obtainable, the
speech-making eloquent and humorous
and the evening was one of delight to
all of the participants. The Rebekahs
entertained the delegates and the Nanaimo Odd Fellows at a social. There
was dancing- music and refreshments.
During the evening the Rebekah degree
was exemplified in good style by the Re-
b.kah lodge. An excursion among the
islands around Nanaimo was another
feature which was much appreciated.
The hospitality of the people of Nanaimo was almost boundless and the visitors enjoyed themselves to the lop of
their bent.
Serious Accident.
Alleyne Wright met with an accident
yesterday for which he cannot account
in any way. In the afternoon he went
acres.-, to his cottage on the other side
of the lake. The weather was warm and
he fell asleep while lyine on his bed.
When he was aroused about 12 o'clock
it was discoverefj tliat his face was
bleeding and his nose badly bruised.
There was no blood any place in the
room, but after a search being made
outside this morning a spot was discovered where there was evidence of
blood. It must have been that .Mr.
Wright got up in his sleep and fell over
the v. randa on a stump. He was probably rendered insensible, but intuitively
made his way back to l>ed. although be
has no recollection of anything that may
have  happened.    Someon�� called   him
The Store of Quality
Made only  by the Maple  Tree   Pro-
durers' Association. Waterloo, Quebec.
Shipment just opened up and guaranteed the best ever brought Into Nelson.
K. W. C   BlrwK . Phnas 10
B. C.
F. C GREEH      f. f. BURDEN       A. H. GREEN
Civil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
r. 0. Box 145   rtxmr 2.1 B.
Gilford's Sauce
25c and 45c
WholeMle ��dJ Belall Dt-*Iert in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Cnmi* supplied ou sJwrtwt notice and
lowest price. N'uthui*,' but  fresh aud
wholesome meats nnd supples kept iu st'ics"
Mail orders receive careful attention.
No, Its not as good as Lea &  Per-    p     r     TRAVpc     |vTanapcf.
rtn/��, bat only one-huii the price. K"   c"    1KAVla    manager.
C A. Benedict
Corner 8ilica and Josephine 8ts.
Post Card
Those Ions looked for Albums have
arrived at last. Our full stock won't
be In till the fall, but those to hand
make up a good assortment, and by
making an early selection you will have
a good lange to choose from.
Albums   to   hold  200   cards.   40c.   50c,
and 75c.
Albums to hold 300 cards. 90c. $1.25.
J1.75 and $1.90.
Albums    to    hold    400   cards.   $1.50.
Albums   to    hold    500   cards.   $1.75.
W. G. Thomson
irSSrSg8 "nd  Nelson, B. C.
Phone ���*-��.
early in the evening, bu' received no reply, ami at 12 o'clock he was called
again, this time he v.;,.- aroused from
his slumbers. It was then that the
siarcli was made, although the blood
was not discovered unul this morning.
Mr. Wright had his wounds dressed this
morning and except for the ontsidi
bruises will be none the worse fur his
Narrow Escape.
There has been another na\row escape
from a fatality by the handling of dynamite. Two men. n::med-Kerr and (Irav,
have been engage,! for some time in
clearing land on J T. Campbell's ranch
up ihe lake. They have been using dy-
namite for blowing out the stumps, and
yesterday afternoon they were removing a box which contained five or six
sticks of the deadly stuff. In the box
(here was an unexpired cap. For some
cause still unexplained, the cap exploded two of the^sticks of dynamite. The
rwn men were^standing close to the box
at the moment the explosion took place
and for a minute were rendered insensible. When they came to it was discovered that Kerr was badly burned on the
face and arms, but without other serious injuries external or otherwise Gray
was hit in (he hack by fragments of the
box but escaped unharmed. The two
men started for the Kootenay I.ake gen-
'���neral hospital and reached then las!
evening. Their Injuries were attended
to and 'hey will be around again In a
few days. A great number of accidents
resulted from the use of dynamite the
:ast few years in the Kootenay.s. and it
:s the opinion of many that greater care
should he taken In handling this explosive.
Sheriff's Sale
By virtue of a Writ of Fieri Facias
Issued out of the Supreme Court of British c'niumbia in an action whereof
George B. McMillan, is Plaintiff and Al-
ir- i D, Wheeler and Jennie Sutton
Wheeler are Defendants, and to me directed apinst the goods aud chattels of
the Bald Plaintiff, George \\. McMillan. 1
have seized and taken in Kxecution all
(he right, title and interest of the said
George B. McMillan in the Mineral
claim known as and calied "Robinson"
situate in the Ainsworth Mining Divis
ion of the West Kootenay District and
recorded In the office of the Miniug Recorder at t&fl City of Kaslo, B, C, on
the Kith day of July, 1904; to recover
the sum of $7T-i.l5 and |3.50 for costs
���if execution, and also interest on $77;t ���
lo at five |K-r centum per annum from
the 2-Jrd day of May. 1907, until payment; and shall sell the said Mineral
claim, or so much thereof as will satisfy the judgment debt and costs, by pub
lie auction, at my office in the city of
Nelson B. C, on Saturday, the li-nd day
of June. 1907. at the hour of eleven
o'c'pek in the Forenoon.
Terra of sale, cash.
Intending     purchasers     will   satisfy
iheiuselves as to interest and title of
: the said Plaintiff.
Dated at Nelson, B.C.. 12th June, 1907
Sheriff of Smith Kootenay.
160 Acre pre-emption. 2 acres cleared
m trees and some small fruits planted
A 3-room dwelling,- houses and sheds
for lOti chickens 1350.
A pre-emption on Ueavcr Creek.
Little Slocan 1460.01
Geo. g. McLaren
Baker St.. Nelson.
Dispatchers in Session.
Brston, June IS.���Delegates from
every section of the country were prep-
SBt today at the opening of the 2'tih annual convention of the Train Dispatchers' Association of America An address
of welcome was made by President Lu-
dOfl Tuttle, of the Boston & Maine rail-
rend, to which .lames HoHereo and John
F. Hackle, respeothrtiy president and
secretary of the association, responded.
Women Tried to S^ve Boy.
Seatlle, June 1S.���Five people, two sis
terj, a brother, a mother and aunt per
fshed at Monohan in the waters or I.;<k.
Sammanlnh yesterday. The dead ftre;
Antony Myer, 11 years; Lizzie and [da
Myer. sisters, Mrs. Meyer, mother, and
Mrs. John llerter. sister of Mrs. Myers.
Th<- four women lost their lives in a
vain attempt to save the boy.
Fresh  Local
Telephone 161.
J A. Nunn, city clerk of Fernie Is In
the city.
Oeorg* Hunter was In Itoasland yesterday In connection with his insurance
W, A Davison will leave for the Coast
'his evening to spend a few weeks visiting friends and relative*,
I'red Lynch, at one time a resident of
NeUon, hut now living in New Westminister, Is in the city.
Arthur Pltrhford returned from the
Coast last evening While absent he
visited Vancouver. Victoria, feat tie and
Gold Commissioner Chlpman. of Kas-
0, came down last evening and Is talk-
tig over departmental matters with
POM Conimlsslon.r Wright today.
We have just received
a consiytimem of the
for which we are sole
agents for this city.
Ever try a pair?
"The Royal"
We Have a Large Variety of the T ste
Current Fiction. The Chenriest Kilitiou
in Which They Are Ptihlisherl Is Tficts.
each.     M��>    Titles    to   Select   from   nt
25c. Each.
Seaside Library of Standard Authors 15 9
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR BAKER and WARD.       Phone 81
* For a Stylish Suit
Built to Kit the Figure and Keep Its 8hnpo Not Only the Kirst
Week You  Wear It,  But All tho Time      Get   It  Ma/1.- by
TiTLOa & McgtAitttiK   the Reliable Tailors, of Kooteuav.
Absolute  satisfaction   guaranteed    or   money   refunded.
High Class Tailors, Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
Summer Clothing	
All Sizes.
$7.50 to $10
Spring Is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all the]
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Spades,
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Foiks, Tree Primers,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt sttsntlon  paid is letter orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
R.  W.   HINTON'
Rapali-lns? and JobblrSB executed �� It t, IHis.ps.tch.   ��!,�����* M.tal |
Work, Mining? nnti Mill Machln<M-r.     MV.nutncti,r��r*i "I
Or*. Cara,  H.  ft.   Cmitrn'ctara'  Car..
NELSON,    B. C.
���(���fihtlM ���* t
i V. at I
Spring Stock lust Opened Up J
Carload Linoleum** and Carpet**
From aictHgow, Scotland.
Best Qualities* t,t Low Prices*.
Standard Furniture Company
Muon \ Rlicr, I'Lnoa
Ostfrmoor Mattresses.
Msrsliall BSDjtsrf M.ttrt
Complete House Furnishers
Undertakers,    Embalmm
AND DEALERS IN   LUWh^tf  ShitkgltSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turnajd Work and Brackets. Mail Orders promptly n!tm��<��*|
VHRNON ���TRBBT   -   .   .   MII.WIN, B. C.
Summer Necessities
Door and Window Screens
Wood-Vallai.ee Hardware Co., U
��� i Wholes,!, INIiLsSON *'"'[*_,* I


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