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The Daily Canadian Apr 30, 1908

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The   monarch
same  all  the  tl
bottled  at
Volume 2.    No. 284
f he ��ailu
TH*  DAILY ��iSi*s. jtKR
Will be delivered    every evening    et
your door fer
Chicago Man Has Solved
R. VV. Hunter Declares He Is Ready
to Turn Out Yellow Metal at Rate
oi $100,000,000 a Year.
Chicago, April 20   The Record-Herald
toduj su>s thai nineteen months hence.
k vv. Hunter says be will be tusnufac-
luring   twenty-tour  carat   gold   al   Chi
..I   $100,000,000   annually.     Tran-
uiiiptlou   of  silver  and   baser   metals
.���id ih his secret ami be declares
he can produce ttie Oner metal in qual-
itj iu defy the government experts as to
��� iiinin and iu Quantity  to keep the
iii iphiu mini busy the year around
Mr.  Hunter la In Chloago attending
lu  the   liual   details  ol   getting   a  buge
n.i   ai   Philadelphia  Into   operation.
Ilchlnd   rock     wulls,    without   windows
und wlih a single door to the turreted
.ind feudal-like castle tn which be is to
house  a   hall   ml,Ihui   dull.us   worth  ol
delicate!) tuned machinery, this modern
nizard promises to revolutionise thi
I nld crop oi the world.
"We uie at the point ot putting Into
commercial    execution    the    reaull  ol
ais ut toil.    We are through tie   es
. < rillielltillg."     said      Ml.      Hunter   lasl
mglii. The hist demonatration has
���.���,���11 given thai Is neceasarj to prove
that my Invention is scientifically and
commercially correct and the oomph
um of the plain, which is to begin al
��� nice, will mark- the beginning ol s
in w epoch lu the commercial history
id the world.''
Mr. Hunter is an Inventor ami engineer ot standing In the solentlc world
His patents cover the troliej eoedull
snd electric accuuiulalor s> sit-in of trac
lion   now    In   use.
The Inventor came to CbtcogS, lie
mild, t.i suhinlt his building plans to a
select ooterle of Chicago business men,
two of whom nre bunk presidents, who
with   New   York   and   Philadelphia  tin
nanclers are furnishing the  ney for
the erection of the building and appars
his whlcii is to turn out Rood of gold
11110 the government mini al an original
cost of ten cents on ihe dollar.
Johnny   Summers    vs.    "Kid"   Sullivan
Baltimore, April SO. Johnnj sum
mors, Uu- 180 pound champion of th<
Irltlsh Isles, and "Kid" Sullivan ol
WashihgtOn are to clash in a fifteen
round battle tonlghl before AJ Hertord'i
Eureka club. Bummers recently won
much favorable attention lure bj bli
defeat of Boldlsr Burns. As be and sui
llvsa have priiciicully lhe same styli
of lighting their meeting is expected to
furnish �� fast ;|"d tatsresting contest.
No Traffic for Cars.
Chicago, April   80.���A   startling   ds
, lino   in   railroad   traffic     Ln   April     tl
sliuwll    111    the    biweekly    slalelnelll    ol
ear surplusage nnd shortage issued yes
leidiiy. The statement, whlcii is re
carded as an excellent business bar
umeter   portrays conditions up to April
IS uu 168 railroads of the lulled State*
and Canada    During the fortnight foi
owing April Isl the number ol Idli
cars suddenly mounted from B07.607 to
:t,r.,77n ths grsstssl totsl In the lus
tory of American railroads.
Christian Indians Hold Revival.
Pendleton, Ore., April 80.���Ths Indian
revival masting which opened todaj 00
the Umatilla reservation is the biggest
event of its kind ever held in the North
west. The affair was arranged by tht
Tutuilin Presbyterian mission, the sua
cesser of the Whitman mission. The
participants In the meeting include ovei
1 umi visitors from the Blackfeet, Mai
b'.ads Bannocks, wx ParqegSSpokane,
Yaklmas, Warm Springs und Cuhille
1 rlbes.
Etna   .11   Eruption.
Messina, April so.���Mount   Btoa   I
now In active eru lion. At night the
contrast between lhe Barnes from its
rone and the anov. flipped mountains ll
moat picturesque.
Prices  of Metals.
New "York, April  B0.    Silver. B2*VjC
London,  April  ::<i.-~Silver,  21  B-16d
lead,   ��13, Bs.
Opening of Copper Quotations.
(Bv McDermld *  McHardy.)
v���ms New   York,   April   BO,   1908.
ABked Hid
OTB-rfby    $95.00      $87.nii
Dominion   Copper...     1.87V4        If2'
ti. C. Copper     5.00 4.75
Many   Citizens   Knew   Famo.,��   Dancer,
Maud Allen,  When  She Was
a  Child.
The Ottawa Valley baa given to the
���tase more celebrated flanoera than any
pUoa in tbe world, nut excepting the
areal terpaioborean uiiistB of Moscow.
Beginning with tbe Gorman brothers,
of Ottawa, who tn the TO'a danced their
way intu Came and fortune, the list
down to the present time is a lung one.
Ward, ur Ward uud Healey, was burn at
a place called Sand Hill, twu ur three
mllea from tbe town of Smith's Falla.
Ward was taught the steps by his
ihui Ih-t, and so adept did he become
lhat be waa engaged to dance In the
Xew Vurk music halls at a big salary.
Prom New Vurk be went tu London
and be danced iu the principal music
halls oi the European capitals. Ucca-
���tonallj be returna to America and with
his partner makes a tour of tbe big
circuits, liis salarj is equal to that ol
a railroad  magnate,
A lew tnOQtbs ago there died In New
York a celebrated danaeuae, known to
tame an "Little Egypt." she amassed
weu.ih approximating seven figures,
ami when she died Pt Was discovered
she was born between Hrockville aud
Smith's Falls in the Ottawa Valley.
Now Maud Allen is electrifying London music hail... Some London report-
era became Inquisitive as to ber birth
and it waa reported tbat she was a sis
ter ol Durrani, the San Krunelseu murderer. Tins report is False, and the despatches today glVe denial to the Statement, und in doing SO reveal the Gaol
that Miss Allen was burn mar Mortfi
burg, t)n( , ami ihat her father now resides at Smith's Palls, tint. As a mat
ter 'it tact, Miss Allen wus born at
Winchester,  nut.,  and eveu  ut the age
or Bout years was noted for he tniml
table work as a dancer.
.1, K Anna I de remembers seeing her
dame at picnics when she was a little
tut, and bears tribute tO ber genius. She
received her Brat leaaona In the terpal-
Ohorean art from tieo. B. McMillan, who
recently left fur the northern country
Mrs. James Xicol, ol" Nelsou, remembers
her well, ami on many occasions played
the piano while little Maud Allen Indulged in  her favorite pastime.
Miss Allen inherited h���� genius foi
tripping the light fantastic" "ruin her
muiher's family, the St. Kves, near Winchester. 'Two uncles were more ur less
celebrated fur their "dug" dancing, ami
tin- mother was no mean performer.
Dan Allen was something of a eemediau.
ami before he took to .railroading, ln
company    with    the St.  Bve brothers.
gave shows through the Ottawa Valley
and Kastcru Canada. He became a rail
road conductor, and one day the en
gtne of his train ran over his foot rendering amputation necessary. A.bou1
litis time the daughter went to New
York, where she acquired fame and
afterwards married one nl the Prolnnan
family. She Is now the highest Salaried
artist on the stage, but she maintains
ber interest iii her early friends to the
extent of writing tu them regularly and
making them recipients of her latest
photographs, Mrs. Nicot of this city is
in possession of several of those pic
tines, irtth ilie autograph 'Minnie Maud
Quotations  on   Spokane   Exchange   and
New  York Curb.
"Iberia C. *  (' $
,18   *
it. c. Copper	
4 7 r.
i'him. Dlokens  	
i mi. Con.  smelters..
i topper Kins 	
Dominion Copper  ...
1.861 1
,01 u
ilor la   	
Internstlonsl C, & 0,
lllssouls Copper ���
Ooin   Paul   	
.0 1' ,
c ambler Cariboo ....
Sullivan bonds   	
Tamarack tt   Ches'pke
Fifty Cbnts a  month
Live Stock Men Meet.
Toronto, April 80.���The annual meeting of tho National Livestock and
Record hoard was hold thin morning
Kecelpts for Ilie year wore f I I.II6S and
expenditure $11,041.68. Total registration for the year of all classes was
Toronto Man on  Gladiator.
Toronto,   April   30 ��� C.  .1.   Hauls,   11
II,-unison Avenue, Toronto, fears Albert
Harris, 20 years old, bin brother la
among the drowned crew of iho Glad I
ntor which was sunk In collision with
the American liner St.  Paul.
Riflemen's Contests for
ire Day
Competitions  Arranged by  London
Dally Hail���No. 2 Company, R.
M. R. Taking Pa t.
So much interest ;.as been taken in
tiu* scheme for drawing closer the Jm
porial h'ind and Improving rille-shoot
iiiK throughout tin- Empire in ull pulie,'
of the King's Dominion's that tho BOOpe
of ih,- Daily Mail Umpire Day Rifle
Competition has heen considerably enlarged. The contest will he divided! into two secttoua:
1. open to lille clubs in any part ol
the British Empire out side the United
2. Open lo rifle clubs in the liritish
The Daily Mail has decided lo offer
a hundred-guinea eup, to be known sa
Uu- Daily Mail Empire Challenge Cup.
to the ride club which makes the best
score in the whole Empire, this cup i<��
be held for one year only, unless, ol
course, the same club should win i.
two years running. It is Interesting to
learn lhat (his imperial trophy Is believed lo be the largest silver cup evei
The Daily Mail Empire Cup will b.
offered under the following conditions:
1. The Intel Empire Challenge Cup,
to be competed for by rifle clubs in any
purt uf the British Empire, either al
Some or abroad, will be held for one
year by lhe president or captain ol th,
Winning association  or club.
2. Befure the Challenge Cup will be
dispatched lo the person entitled to
bold it, he wll be required lo give a
receipt for the same, and an undertak
ing to provide for its sale custody, and
io return il in as good condition at.
thut In which he received it, or lo be
answerable lor any cost to which the
Dally Mail may be put for its complete
3. Tlie Challenge Cup must be re
turned to the editor of the Dally Mail
Carmelite House. London. E. C, on or
before May nub ol the year follow
ing that  In  which it is won.
[furthermore, the Dally Mail Intends
annually to offer two fifty guinea challenge  cups to  be  won  outright:
1. To the winning team from any mil
itla. volunteer, police, or civilian rifle
club in the British Empire (or liritish
rille   club   in   a   foreign   country!
2. To the winning loam from any
militia, volunteer, police, or civilian rifle  club   In   the   British   Isles.
These cups will be won outright
each year, and will remain the property of the clubs  which  win  theni,
In addition each member of Ihe first
three learns In euch seel ion of the coin
petition will receive a silver medal:
each member of the fourth, lil'th and
sixth teams will receive a bronze mad
al. while a silver medal will be pre
seated   to   each   member   of   the   most
SUOeeSSfU]   ladles'   lille   team.
ll is further proposed to awaid ;i
solid silver spoon lo each niemlier ol
lhe mOSl successful leatll ill every sec-
lion of the Empire from which more
than live entries have been received
The following Is the list to dale or tbe
sections In which these prizes will be
Swarded; Canada: Alberla, liritish
Columbia, Manitoba. Nova Scotia, Ontario. Quebec. Saskatchewan; British
West Indies: India; Burma; Ceylon;
Soulh Africa: Cape Colony, Natal. Rhodesia; Australasia: New South Wales,
Queensland, South Australia, Victoria,
Western Australia.
In several Instances Individual see
tions of the Empire only require one
or two more entries to bring them into
ihis special prise list These are al
the time of writing: New Brunswick
141, Channel Islands (:tl llritish F"
Africa (3), Malay and Straits Settle
ments(S), New Zealand(4>, Tasmania
(8), Trsnsrssl  (3).
The following ls the list of the principal entries received for the Dsllj
Mail Empire Day Rifle Competition. In
addition to the following, 100 ent He-
from rifle clubs in In.? British Isle:
have hpen received; Channel Islands
I; Malta 4: Canada: Alberta 7, British
Columbia 11. Manitoba 14, New Brunswick 4, Nova Scotia tl, Ontario 10,
Prince Kdward bland 2, Quebec 7, Sup
kstoheWSn 0: New Fniiudlniid 1; Bermuda Ii British Wesi Indies 7; British
Honduras 1: British Guiana l: Egyptian Sudan 1; British East Africa and
onv IfclTgandu 3; South Africa: Cape
Colnnv IK, Nalal 19, Orange Klver Col
ony 2, Rhodesia 8, Transvaal 3. Zulu-
laud  2;   India,   Burma,  and  Ceylon   9;
Straits Settlements I; Federated Malay
States 2; liong Kong 1; Australia:
New South Wales 32, Queensland 14,
South Australia ll. Victoria 33, Western
Auslrullu 25; Tasmania 4; New Zealand 4; FIJI islands 1; Ladles' Rille
clubs  3.
Headers desiring further particulars
concerning the contest should write to
the editor. Overseas Dally Mall, Carmelite House, London, England.
The rifle competition Is fired under
the following conditions: Ranges, 200.
5oo and GOO yards. Rounds, one sighting shot at eacii range. Seven scoring
shots. Position, Bisley, standing, kneeling or prone. Team, eight hightost
scores on day of match to count us
team. Any number of men from out
unit may shoot.
i'i) All competitors to be bona-flde
members of the association under which
they shoot, and B!���iey rules for current
year governing (he conditions of the
match. The second and third class targets will be circular Instead of square.
The dimensions will be the same as lasi
(3) No member can shoot for more
than one  ride ciub.
14) The match to be shot under the
direction of an independent range officer (who is not a member of the competing association or club), who will
sign the score sheets, which must record the conditions of the Weather.
The range officer may be either an officer. Justice of the peace, clergyman,
civilian dignitary of the neighborhood,
or editor of the local paper.
(51 Each rifle club to forward cer-
tllled score sheets by mail to the Over-
Seas "Daily Mall," Carmelite House.
London. F.ngland.
(6) Each club to cable to the "Daily
Mail," London, the aggregate score im-
meditely after the shoot for publication
in lhe current week's Issue of the Over-
Seas "Daily  Mail."
(7) Empire Day fulling on Sunday.
I en ins may shoot on Saturday, May 23.
or   Monday.  25.
181 The competition to be confined
to one team from any mililia. volunteer,
is-dice. or civilian rifle association or
club In lhe British Empire (or British
rille club or association in foreign coun
(9) The word association must be
taken to mean a separate unit. or. in
other words, a self-contained club. That
is lo say���where a rifle club ts a part of
an "Association." that club must enter
its team entirely on Its own account.
110) ln case of any misunderstanding tlie matter shall be referred to tbe
National Rifle Association, whose decision shall  he final.
(11)    There will be no entrance fees
Explosion   in   Powder   Magazine Causes
Loss  of Ship and  Death of
Most of Crew.
Tokio, April 30���Admiral Yoshlmatsu.
commander of the training squadron,
reports that an explosion occurred in
the stock magazine of the cruiser
Matsuhlma at 4.08 o'clock this morning
while anchoring at Makanga, a harboi
on lhe Pescadores islands. The Mat
suhirna Immediately sank until only the
bridge was visible. Efforts at rescue
by boats from -the cruisers Hushaidate
snd ltsukiishluia continued until 9 a. m..
saving the lives of 42 men including
some otlieers. The majority of tlie officers were not saved. At the time of
the admiral's report, the cadets aboard
numbered 58 out of a complement of
300. It Ib feared all are lost. The sons
of Baron Chinda, vice minister of foreign affairs. Prince Oyaniajo. field mar
shall, are among the men. Captains
Y'ikiniori and Yasblro are also thought
to Ue lost. The cause of tbe explosion
is unknown.
The Pescadores Islands, the scene of
the catastrophe, are a low island group
between Formosa and China. The belonged lo China until 1895 when they
were ceded to .lapan. Tho Matsuhlma
is a protected cruiser. She was built
in 1900. Her displacement is 4.237 tons,
length 290 feel. She hns two decks
and twelve gun positions. Ter ama-
nu lit consisted of one 12.0 Inch gun, 20
quick tiring guns and six machine guns
She bad also four torpedo tubes. He
complement is given In the books ol
record as 860 men. The cruiser had
300 men on board at the time of the ne
eldeiii; 195 nun losi their lives. The
Matsuhlma took part in tlie Russo-Japanese war. She was instrumental in
November. 1904, In sending Russian tor
pedo bouts lb., were attempting to es-
Qapa from Porl Arthur to the bottom.
Accidents In Ihe Japanese navy have
been rare. There was an explosion of
powder on the battleship Kasliima last
September in which 27 men were killed,
nnd In September, 1905, the battleship
.vlikasa which was Admiral Togo's flag
ship In the Pusso.lapan war, waa partially destroyed by Are and the explosion
of her magazine at Sasebo. No men
lost lheir lives In this accident.
Cuban   Drought   Ended.
Havana, April  80.���The long drnfiihi
Which   has   seriously   affected   the  crop
Is broken with the rains, now becoming
genera) throughout the island.
Will Go to Tercentenary
Peculiar Attitude Taken by Militia
Department���Canada irom
Ocean to Ocean.
Toronto, April 30.���Unless the decision of the militia council to withhold
the annual pay of city corps attending
the Quebec tercentenary celebration is
Wholly witbdiawn or materlaily modi-
tied, tlie chances are that the city curps
of the Canudifcn militia will be conspicuous by their absence from Quebec iu
July. Tnis is said to be the ;. j.. n * ���
the Toronto officers, and ret, >1��i ��� o .
Hamilton, Loudon, St. Tb ,i. ,s. i
Catherines, Brantford and Ki I ���>: ai
the same. Commanding o ..... u.
willing to take their regiments to
Quebec without extra pay for the trip,
providing the annual pay Is forthcoming.
Toronto, April 30.���Lelghton Q. McCarthy, Liberal member of parliament
for Nortli Slnicoe, will not seek nomination again for the commons. He wll;
give reasons for his retirement from
politics at a convention to be called.
It is understood Mr. McCarthy's decision to retire is due solely to personal
and family reasons.
Toronto. April 30.���Rev. E. B. Silcox
has resigned the pastorate of Zion
Congregational church to become, It is
understood, superintendent of a Tor
onto Jewish mission.
Renfrew, April 30.���South Renfrew
Conservatives renominated T. W. Mc
Carry, M. P. P., for the legislature.
Winnipeg, April 30���J. Ernest Cyr.
M. P., for Provencher. has tendered Ids
resignation on tlie ground of ill-health,
aa a candidate for that constituency
in  the   forthcoming  elections.
Fort William, April 30.���Paul Pel
bauni, aged 22, a member of the crew
of the steamer Dundee was killed
today by falling down a hatch on UttSrd
that steamer.
Lethbridge, April 30.���The r bool
trustees of Pincher city v ire ii:u .1 J25
and costs for a prairie li:*e i u s.-.l by
a pupil emptying ashes coStS.ning live
Winnipeg, April 30.���At a meeting of
the provincial cabinet ministers yester
day. His Grace Archbishop Matheson.
of Rupert's Land was appointed Chan
cellor of the University of Manitoba.
Port Colbourne, Out., April 30.���
Reeve Fares of Huinberstone Township
died suddenly in his barn last night of
heart disease.
Regina, April 30.���A redistribution
bill to be introduced in the legislature
tomorrow will likely provide for a rei>-
resentative of Saskatoon city in the
legislature. The membership will probably be thirty-ttve In the new house.
Montreal, April 30.���The first ocean
boat of the season Is the Allan liner
Corslcnn, which arrived in porl this
morning followed shortly afterwards by
the Dominion liner Dominion. Thirty
live hundred Immigrants are now on
their way to Montreal on the Allan
liner,Corinthian, Dominion liner Ottawa
and Canadian Pacific liners Lake Erio.
and Montreal.
Kingston. April 30.���Queen's University trustees uie still debating the pro
posal for a change of constitution so
that professors can be eligible for the
Carnegie foundation fund. Those opposed declare the changes would un
doubledly separale Queen's from the
Presbyterian church in spite of assertions from members of the senate who
hold that the Influence of the church
would still remain. (
The trustees with practical unanimity
agree to send the proposal to the geul
eral assembly for advice in view of the
lact that they had ngreed at the request
nf the assembly "to maintain present
relations between church and university. 1
Opera   House.
There  was  a  fair   attendance  nt  Ibe
Opera   house   last     evening        Tonight
"FriendV will be presented.
Frederlcton, April 30.���The provincial
legislature was opened tljis afternoon
by Lieutenant-Governor Tweedle who
In his speech from the throne referred
to the great increase in exportB from
si John during the winter and the visit
of Earl Qrey to the province. Outlining
government legislation he ��sid pn ar'
would be Introduced providing for an
Independent audit aud complete Inves
rt~ntion of provincial railways, a new-
highway act and a workmen's romper.-
suuon act.
G. B. McMillan and R. Robinson Ready
to  Start from  Quesnel  for
Ingenika River. ,
I Special   Correspondence.)
Quesnel, B. C, April 25.���We arrived
here Wednesday at 7.50 p. in., being
three days on the road from Ashcroft.
The road from Ashcroft to 150-Mile
House was fine, but the rest of the way
was the worst 1 ever rode over. Everyone hus read of the Yale-Cariboo Wagon
Road, and when il is considered that it
is nearly fifty years old and that in late
years the traffic did not Justify great
expenditure for the purpose of maintenance it is not to be wondered that It ls
uot in a good state ot repair. Besides
tbe heavy rains have contributed towards ita present bad condition. Nevertheless, 1 am Informed tbat lu summer
time it is a beautiful drive, and its historic associations cetVAuily render it an
inLeresting one.
Quesne,, itself is not lacking In historic interest, at leusL to the gold seeker. It will be remembered that iu 1859
rich deposits ot gold were fouud on the
(quesnel river, it is claimed by old
timers thai the Quesnel was fully as
rich as auy part ol the Fraser. After
tbe discovery they followed up the north
folk of the yuesnel lo Keithley creek.
In the town itsell the visitor is still In
the utmospbere of tbe frontier mining
town. Tbe townspeople still look forward to the lime when it will again become the centre of a great mining excitement. The merchants seem to be
doing a good business and the residents
generally are of the prosperous class.
We bad no difficulty in securing the
material to bin'iii a boat and Robinson
and 1 are at work on its construction
and hope to have it completed in live or
six days.
We have been very fortunate here ln
meeting Louis Mero the real discoverer
of McConnell Creek, a tributary of the
Nigeniha and about 120 mllea trom the
mouth ot the latter river, or commonly
called the North Fork. Mero is au interesting person, and is a true type of
the French-Canadian gold-seeker. He
has travelled a great deal and his
stories are another proof of the old saying that truth Is stranger than fiction.
He has four men with him and they will
tuke in five tons of provisions. Mero
lias given us much valuable information
about his recent discoveries, and I can
only say that we are not sorry we started, aud we have reason to congratulate
ourselves on meeting him. He has built
two large dug-outs, and we will all leave
together on or about May 1st. He has
made the trip several times and informs us that the river ls easy and that
we can go straight to his cabin ln a
We would be ready to start even
sooner but we are waiting for the ice
in the Upper Fraser to come down.
It might be interesting for those on
the outside to learn that the excitement caused by the discoveries on the
Ingenika has reached Quesnel. Those
who can get away without great inconvenience will leave for the new fields
as soon as preparations can be made.
To the business man it means a great
deal in the way of Increased business.
We will write The Canadian again
from the first pjlnt we can mall a
R. S. Lennle returned from Spokane
last night.
W. S. Fisher arrived last night from
Louis Godbolt. of Montreal arrived in
the city last night.
11. G. Ntcholls and Mrs. Nlcholls, of
Ymir, nre at Ihe Hume.
II. G. Goodeve is home again, considerably Improved ln health.
C. O. Rodgers, lumberman, of Creston came In last night and is at the
S. Y. lirockman, formerly of Nelson.
Is in town from New Denver. He re-
. urns to the .Slocan tomorrow morning
On   Trial   for  Burglary.
Calgary. April 30���The trial of
Mason, one of the men accused of blowing open the safe at the Alberta laundry
on the night of April 5th, was continued
yesterday and evidence -was brought out
that the suit case was found by the
police in the C. P. R. check room and
owned by Curtis and the other man ac
cused. $10 15 in siver was found hidden
in an ice house and nearby was a parcel containing nitroglycerine fuses and
caps. A witness swore that he had seen
the prisoners at .several fall fairs last
year and also In town a month previous,
as' well as the day before, the robbery.
In the suit case were six watches, a
lady's fur coat, skeleton keys, fuses
and cips. and a coat and vest matching
the pants worn by one of the prisoners
and pants matching the coat and vest
wo*-n b*- him. The case w-as remanded
until tomorrow.
City Plant Is Again In
Service Was Resumed This Horning
���Whole Plait Now Declared To
Be in Good Order.
Nelson's electric light and power ser.
vice is again in commission, a little
earlier than waa exi,.   ted yesterday.
The emergency sup, ly of oil ordered
from Spokane arrived uuring the night
and waa delivered at the suoslution this
morning. .. . .^1
At the same time a telegram arrived
from Milwaukee authorizing A. H. C.
Jackson to Udte charge for the Allis-
Chalmers-Bullock company.
immediately, aa soon as the transformers were filled, the current was
turned on and gradually worked up to
full strength.
The plant ls now reported In good
working order, with all reconstruction
and improvement work complete, and
tbe company will probably offer It for
final test within a tew days.
The appearance of a faint light this
morning shortly after 11 o'clock was
hailed with delight as the succession of
nights with halt lit homes and wholly
unlit streets was becoming depressing
even to Nelsonites.
Now. all Is well, and after the second
unit is Installed, a beginning of which
will no doubt be made this year. Nelson's  light and  power will be secure.
First Speech to  Reform Club  Haa No
Mention of it.
London, April 30.���The Liberals held
a party love feast at tbe Reform Club
this morning to welcome their new
chief. Premier Asqulth, and gave him an
opportunity of publishing a declaration
of hia policy. Resolutions of loyalty
to Mr. Asquith were adopted by acclamations after which the premier proceeded to outline his programme. He
nailed to the mast tne irags of free
trade,' education, licensing and old age
pensions, but he fought shy of home
rule. This is considered as confirmation of the rumors following the defeat
of Winston Churchill in the northwest
division of Manchester that the premier
had notified him of hia disapproval of
Mr. ChiirchlU'B pledges to the Nationalists regarding home rule.
Receipts Declining.
Ottawa, April 30.���Customs receipts
for the Dominion for April totalled $3.-
449,947, a decrease of $1,018,440, as compared with April ot last year.
Roof of Tunnel Collapsed.
Toronto, April 30.���The roof of a portion of the water works tunnel being
constructed in the bay, collapsed today
and two men. Captain McMahon and a
unknown Bulgarian, were badly crushed. The accident took place at the la-
land end of the tunnel and the men had
to be carried across to the city.
Neither Plesd Nor Elect.
Toronto, April 30.���After five months'
of wandering over the world ..with detectives at his heels Captain Colin C.
Harbottle, former secretary of the Toronto Club, and at one time one of society's favorites, was before Police Magistrate Denlson today to auswer a
charge ofembezzlement. The principal
charge Is the embezzlement of $14,595
from the Toronto Club, but there are a
number of other counts against him
for smaller amounts. The absconding
secretary did not either elect or plead
and  was   remanded.
Harcourt   Retires.
Welland, April 30.���Thos, Marshall
has been nominated by Monck Liberals
in place of Hon. R. Harcourt, retired.
ln honor ot the sixth anniversary of
the publication of The Dally News, F.
J. Deane, editor and proprietor, entertained his employees at luncheon at
the Hume today.
Criminal Docket.
In addition to the civil cases onum-
erated in Tuesday's issue, the list for .
the spring assizes will include two crlni-
ii il counts: Michael E. Glsser, accused
of stealing at Creston an Dec. 9th last;
and John Jackson, accused ot assault
with Intent to murder a Chinaman
named Lee, on December 17th. R. a.
Lennle will appear for the crown. 4
1.3 Dafly Canadian
Important Notice to Newcomeri and Intending Settlers
The Hudson's Bay Stores
Ranchers', Miners', Prospectors',
Lumbermen's and Railroadmen's
Suppplies   and   the    Leading
We keep the best of everything, and the best only.
Our Immense business and practically unlimited capita! give us spedi
jid.autages In buying, so lhat we can   sell,   and    do   sell,    HIGH    CLASS
GOODS ai   prices generally charged  for INFERIOR  ARTICLES.
Flour. Bran, Shorts and Hay Always in Stock
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CaplUI Authorized $10,000,000    Capital   Paid   up	
Rest    $4,925,000
D. K   W1LKIE. President. HON   HUBERT JAFFKAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest  allowed  oa  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
nblson BkANCH ���*-*!���   1VI.   LAY,   TVlenoger.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.   1869.
Capital 13,000,000    Reserve Fund  ��4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kinds of Banking Business.
savings Bank Department, snd
merest credited Quarterly on
3avlngs Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
er Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
:-'.',...:.-: six  :..;���* s wees  t.�� t&s
vASAittAs ptrauaBora (jtmnsv, ltd
Baser St.. Kelson, B. C
Subscription rstei, &o cents s mon lb delivered
i.-.c Cllj. ui , MJ s yesr 11 sent bj mail, wl ;a
Sl-l lu s,i vance.
jLdTerli.itin rale, on application.
Ati momc, paid In settlement of Tne Unity
Canadian accounts, eltner lor ('inscriptions or
---. ..-.-.. , must be receipted for on the printed
form, of  tne Company.   Olner receipt,  are not
Thursday, April  30,   1908.
We bsTs referred to ths creation ol
tlie Kail* ay Comuralttsion as tne on,.-
��� reman ol the Lauiiertjovernli.i.iit
duntiy jt= j- >eara ol power. Most oi
acts nut,- of.cn inere Imitation
oi ���.:.- po Icy ol Uie Conservatives
v.b.>... _ ��� nit, tney bad cosdi ii.".
ed. Where the) have varied trom tnal
course bas been ou such measures at,
ilie  Baskatchewaa  sod  Alberts auton-
   oonstitute  a  flagrant
..i, .i  provincial  rights.    Hui in
,      , .   Q ....-..' ,i,. ni ill   ml.
**)      ,   . ilti], rtlid  a  la.,Lei   At
....     . ...   folios lite',
��� u     , 0   , I <> Ittt.
Uut tbs es abushmeni ..i in. railway
oomrolaston I an important and valu
able work. Tbs sort win eteadlij
grow in importance as railways multl
pi. throughout Hie Dominion. Nor it,
it denied tost in appointments to ihat
commission tbe government has hIiowh
��-*<> pUonal care in securing tbe best
talent STSjlsble, A. u. Blair and A. <;.
Kiiiam weit men oi  rare attainments,
and  Justice Mabel*,  while Ilia  record  is
Miii to i,e made, ban a high reputation
ub a JuriBi.
Uut uo far tlie commission has accomplished little. '1 he resignation of
M. Blair, and tlie sudden death of Mr.
Killam, twice disorganized tlie work
und made muoh of ilie effort expend) .1
futile. Uut an improvement is now
promised iu the organization of tlie
commission and ita methods ,by the
ci.airman himself,
Ou this subject and not at all in
a parlizan spirit, the Toronto News
Mr. MSbss, chairman of the federal
railw.'i.t commission, has announced
ihat the board will hold regular sittings
uu   tbe  first   Tuesday   uf  each  month
Auy application, of which the board has
had  ten  days   in,lice,  mat   be  beard  ai
these regular meetings, and special sit-
Unas of the board will be held al ui
taws and other places from time '<��
time a.-, occasion may ari.se. Under Mr
lilair and Mr. Killam there were no
regular fixed dates lor ibe hearing of
applications, and this lack of delay made
for delay and contusion. Mr. Mabi B B
announcement is a first step towards
a better organization of the board. Bvt n
regular monthly meetings will Kite
some certainty ol order ami some guarantee of despatch in the business ol ine
commission. in order, however, thai
the board may do its work with l.'h
cessary speed ami efBclency fortnigbtlj
or week;., meetings win be nee,.
Moreover, parliament should abandon
tbe proposal to create a deputy chairman, and should place a!] commissioners outside of the chairman on un equal
footing, each with power lo hear cases
and to report the evidence to the lull
board at Ottawa. This is tie principle
upon which Un- interstate commission
at Washington li now organised, and it
l;i become remarkable for the certainty
'if Us op. rations and Its ability to
handle a great volume of business, if
we require two nr three commissioners
to attend to each bearing and '" en
sldc-r as a lirst court nil tb. evidence
pn entod, it Is verj like sending out two
or three of the high court Judges of
Ontario lo take ibe county business al
each municipal o nn, snd means im
vltably waste of Ume, em.icy ami
money. The Ottawa commission bas
smpli powi is, ami win, proper organisation should be able io handle expedl
tlOUSiy   evil,    Ibe   glint    volume   of   WO,*k
which bas been laid upon Its   ihouldi i
Hiii   this can only  be done  when some
such organization us is here suggested
bus   been   til I r,. ,|   mil,  nml   when   ill.    :;, e
retarial machinery of the board has
been more active ami mon Immediatel;
responsive to the public demands.
Tile    date   of    the   nexl     llnllilriioll   Ken
eral elections will depend vert large.
ly on the degree of success met wilh
by the Liberals in the approaching
campaign In Ontario, ami a little, per
haps, by the general prospect of good
or bad harvests.    There Is no put, n.
To fieiirgt- W.  Beal-, luruienj of  Robson, B. u,
and "elson, B.U.
I hen-by Hive you uoili-e tlml unless y���u give
ii koimI and valid objection   thereto  it, writliin I
shall st the expiration of M days lrom lhe oTats
hereof proceed to llie reulslriiuoti of the title of
'lhe ('olumbla and Kootenay JlalJwiiy uinl Navl-
KHilou Compauy in fee simple in respect lu that
piece ol land known us Lot il In Hln.k ii.   Robson
I'owDslie, Group One, Kootenay bistrlct, sooord
ltisrao plan thereof, filed  ss NumberS20,not>
wlilisiancllnc,- the non-pro.', in tion ol tbe Certlfleate of TttlS thereof.
Hated at Nelson, B.C.,Ihls 81st dav of Heron, 190a,
II   F. .'I .. 1., ���....
Dlstrlot n. .ii-i-Hi
that the public welfare or the popular
will are ever considered as possible
determining factors. The one consideration Ib the party's chance of success.
Liberal organs seem still unable to
perceive that iu praising- the coinage
of Sir Wilfrid Laurier in appointing
an honest civil service commission
they are really accusing him of know-
ing ihe aciua' state of affairs as the
report ot ilie commission has revealed
Hon..I W.Bowser Will attend io Duncan Ross' cast in good tun.- Surely
our contemporar) doesn't expect the
attorney-genera] to neglect important
public busines and leave the capital to
th ny in cne particular place charges
which aobodj believes In .my event.
Hut it is Btrsnge, We admit, that a Con-
ai '..��� cabinet minister didn't attend
a Liberal nominating convention.
Not Like London Crowd.
Mew York. April 30,���The World today says Mrs. Norman Wells, the Knglish suffragist, has complained lo the
i'i.- ni...ii' the treatment she and a
companion .received in Harlem a night
nr two ago when they attempted to ad-
dress a Btreet crowd. Mrs Wells de-
i. ;in.I.- police protection at her next
Harlem meeting set for ihe coming
Monday night.
Political Disturbance.
Fort de Trance, Island of Martinqtip,
April 30.���Several persons were killed
and a number wounded in a political
disturbance bere yesterday afternoon.
On- of those killed was the .Mayor of
Fort de France.
Rates East
Winnipeg, Fort William, Sioux City,
Dululh, St. I'aul, $50.00
Chicago, $72.50; St. Louis, $07.50;
New York. $108.60; Toronto, 94.40;
Montreal, $108.60;  Ottawa, $108.60;  St.
.1. hn,  \.   ii.,  $127.60;   Halifax.   $136.60;
Sydney,   C.   B.,   $141.90.
Tickets on sab- May I, and IS, June
"., 6, 19 nn.I _'". Jnlj 6, 7, 22 and HIS,
August 0. 7. i'i and UJ, 1 HUS. First class
Hound trip. Ninety day limit.
ROUTES. Tickets are good via any
i. cognized routes in one or both directions. To destinations east of Chicago are good  via rhe Great Lake.-,.
For further Information as regards to
rates, etc., apply  to
0 K   McFHBBSOS",        J. MOB,
(i.KA.. Winuipee. I> F.A.. Nelson
c.p a . Nelson. B.0
All Kinds of Heating Plants ln Stock
Victoria St., Nr. ODera House.      Tel. 181.
Take notice that thirty days after
date, I. Harry Khymelj, intend to
nppiy to the License Commissioners of
Ymir district for a license to open an
hotel in Kitchener, II. C.
Dated this 26th tiny of March, 1908.
In lie- matter of an aprb. alto-i for a duplicate
< ��� mil i of Title of an undivided one quarter
......    in I."t ��'.. emup "in-, K-'iitenaj  lllstrlet,
ItnoWO    as  "U-t    Ifer Do   iiallanher'     Mineral
' bum
.Notice ts hereby Klven  thatlllsiny   intention
aft, I tbe expiration of ooe month   from (he first
publication bereof, to Issue a duplicate Oertlfl.
rate of title on the sbove assort bed one-quartsrr
en. rest In tin   num.. 01   loin, K. Stevens, vvlncji
CerUfloate of Title Is deled  ihe nth   April, moo,
and ounibered sn-tsK
i.,,mi  Begutryuflee, N,is B.O., M,,nh ;i,
H. F. Mai LKoi,,"
lllstn.-l iteslslrar
Take Notice thai I Intend to apply to
the Board of License Commissioners oi
ibe Cltj "i Ni Ison to transfer ihe saloon
license im ibe Manhattan Saloon, Joso-
plilne street, Nelson, B. C. this day as
signed ii, in, by II. II. Moore lo William
B   Jm t.nt of Nelson, II. C.
Dated Ihls 2sth day of April, A. D.
I. H h Moore, of Nelson, B. 0��� hereby give notice Hint I intend lo apply lo
the Board of License Commissioners oi
the City of Nelson, 11. C, at. ils nexl
regular sittings for a transfer of my
saloon license lor ibe Manhattan Saloon
on Josephine street, Nelson, 11. O, to
Mary S. .larrait, wife ���r William ED Jar
rail, of Nelson. II   I.'.
Dated at Nelson, ll. c��� this 2klh day
of ApriL A. D. 190S.
H. H. MOOKE, Licensee.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay Ice and Fuel Co.
N. E. CO,. Baker   and   Ward   Sts.
We have one English miliar, one
American Billiard and one  Pool Table.
We carry the best lines of Cigars and
Tremont House
Kuropefta aud   *������.������-���-  FIau
Mf��n  fi Otm,    Koout (roni  ii. CI*,  in  11,
oiii>- While Help  ��� '.'i      ��� ������ -
B��Kfr 8t., .'���--.-���.d FropriBlnrf
Most comforts!.le quarter.      Nelson
Only  the  best ofblqu..rs snd c IgaTsV
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upw-ard The
dining room is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J.  A. KK1CKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court  Houbs
and Postofflce. Nelson.  B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Street, Nelson. B c.
barge   sod   f.'omfnrtsble   Bedroom    and   Plrst
class Dining Koom.
MRS.  E. C. CLARKE,  Proprlatress.
Bartlett   House
Best DolIar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bat Ii tbe Flueat.
While Help Only Ktnployed
ioiephlne St.
Royal Hotel
RatflB *!  and 11.50 a Day.
Special Knot to Recrnlar Boarders
Notice it hereby Kivt-n thnt Wiili��ni Franklin
Teats*., "f in.* i uy ,,/ Victoria, him been eppoin
t< *i i i icmmtuloner for tin* parpote ol etfeotlos
an H'ljiif-Tiiifiif f(f tlii* fjutiiin nl i erirtfn >*f(riHt'��*r*-
in oooupetlon of Ihihii- enbrtUMd within tba
luni.'U ��� i- ��� o( tin1 reserve rittiiHti-'l on the Knm
t*nny ftlver in tbe vii-inity ot Creetoo. m the J>i--
tili t of Wvtti Kootenej. ami tliat Uih jlrnt neet
itiK, punaaol to tha hhuI .'onimlNnloii, win bw
hi.*I.l m tin- offlotfOfthe Co'intuble and I>>*piiiv
MiruiiK Beoorder at ''rcoton on ThottAoy, tbe
i'ir<l ilay of April, ,9(W,��l t��;n o'clock in the fori,
Provincial *4ecrt*t��ry
I'rnvhiiial Sccrelarv'- Office,
lUlh Aprtl, IWiM.
Certificate  of Improvements.
"April   Kool"   No.  2   Mineral    flulm.    njtnai..
in the '������ .'-nil "I in i 'it,- inmi'ii'ii Weitt Kootenav
Whera   hw-atoil:     Hetweun   Kagle   and   faii'Iy
oreeke, end about one bell milt* from the four*
man Ulll.
I akt- it itloe ' MM , IK ('. 'ireeu, airtlin/ an a��;cnt
for J. P. Bwedben. Kree illner'n Certlflcalc ��o.
B7475. inietwl, r-txiy defe froiu the date hereof,
to apply to ihe Mining KMordet for ft Certlfioate
of Improvementli for the purpose of el n,  a
frown (*iatit of I lie above Halm.
An i further take OOtlOe that aOtlOfl under
KOttJn 87, ttiuatbe commenced before the Ihbu-
aiii t- of Hiich rcrtltlcale of luiprovcineii ti
DutO'l thlf ttifti day of January, A. 1�� , IW17.
F. ft. (iHKEV,
Nnlxon. 11  0,
Tendera Wanted For the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Tenders addressed to tbe undersigned, at his office ln the Court I louse,
in the CHy of Nelson, will be rocelved
up till the hour of five o'clock Jn the
afl-rnoori of Monday, May -1th, 11*08.
lor' tbe purchase of the "Sitting Bull"
mineral claim, Lol li6.>0, Group 1, Kootenay District, which waa declared to be
forfeited to the Crown at the tax Hale
held ln the City of Nelaon on tlie 6tU
day of Norember,  L905, for delinquent
Fred   Irvine & Co.
Bargains in Every Line
Daring Week   of Sale
Bargains In Dry Goods, House Furnishings. Ladies' Ready-Made Suits.
Skirts, Shirt   Waists.  Hosiery.  Cloves,  etc.
Ladies'   Blouses  r>0   cents   each.
Ladies'   Dress   Skirts,   regular   price J6, at $3.50.
White   Duck   and  Linen   Skirts,   tegular  price  $1.50.  at  $1.
Children's White Muslm and Lawn Dresses, regular prices $1. $1.20 and
$1.50   for 75c,  $1   and  $1.15.
Ladies'  Large  Colored  Kitchen  Aprons 75c  for 50c.
Lace  Curtains,  regular price $1   for 75c, $1.50 for $1.25.
Spot  Swiss Curtain   Muslin   15c  per yard,  with frill  25c.
Large  White  Bed Spreads for $1.25 each.
Fred Irvine & Co.
taiea u-' til! June 30th, 11*05 awl costs.
The upset price upun th** sfiid mineral claim, which lucludeB the amount
of delinquent taxes and cosia at the
time of forfeiture with lnteresl. taxes
which have since accrued, costs of ad
vertlsing and fee for Crown Grant
I $25 Oo) is ($170,001 which ls the least
amount that will be considered as a
Kach tender must be accompanied
hy an accepted cheque for the full
amount of the tender payable to the
order of the Deputy Commissioner oi
Lands and Works, at Victoria, B. C,
at par.
Dated at Nelson, ti. C, this Cth dav
of April, 19U8.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson.   B.   C
Tenders Wanted For the  Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed lo lhe undersigned, al his office lu tlie Court House, in
the City of Nelson, will be received
up till the hour of live u'clock, iu the
alternoon of .Monday, May 4th, lDOb,
for the purchase of the "Yellow Jack '
mineral claim. Lot 2060, Group 1, Kootenay District, which was declared to
be forfeited to the Crown at the tax
sale held iu the City of Nelson on the
8th day of November 11)05, for delinquent taxes uu till J una iultt, 1905
and   costs.
The upset price upou the said miner
ai claim, which includes the amount of
delinquent laxes and costs at the lime
ol forfeiture Willi interest, laxes which
havo since accrued, costs of advertls
ing and fee for Crown Grant t$25.00)
is ($121.75) which is Hie least amount
ih,a  will   he  considered   aa  a tender.
Kach tender must be accompanied
by au accepted cheque fur the full
amount of tlie tender payable to the
order of the Deputy Commissioner ol
Lnuds and Works, at Victoria, B, C��� at
Dated at. Nelson, 11. C, this Gth day
of April, 11)08.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelsou,   11.   C
Tenders Wsnted For the Purchase of a
Mlnsrsl   Claim.
Tenders addressed to the undersign
od, at tils offico in the Court House, ln
tho City of Nelson, will be received up
tlil the hour of five o'clock In the afler
noon of Monday, May 4th, 190S, for the
purchase of Ihe "Sitting Hull Fraction"
mineral claim, Lot 20D3, Group 1, Kootenay District, which was declared to
be forfeited lo lhe Crown at the tax
sale held In the City of Nelson on the
6th day of November, lyoo, for delinquent taxes up till June 30ih, 1D05
and  costs.
The upset price upon the said mineral claim, which Includes the amount
of delinquent taxes and coBts at the
time of forfeiture with Interest, taxes
which have since accrued, costs of ad-
vei-ilsing and fee for Crown Grant
($25.00) is (*>54 4. ��� which Is the least
amount that vfII be considered as a
Kach tender must be accompanied
by au accepted cheque for tho full amount of lhe lender payable to the order of the Deputy Commissioner of
Lands and Works, at Victoria, 11. C
at  par.
Dated at, Nelsou, 11. C , this 6lh day
of April, 1Mb.
Gov't  At;, tn.  Nelson,  I).  ('
Tenders   Wanted for the   Purchase  of a
Mineral    Claim,
Tenders addressed lo the undirsi^n
ed, at bis Ofllce in the Court House, in
Jie Olty of Nelson, will be received up
till the hour ol live o'clock In lhe after
OOon of .Monday, May 4th, 11.01) Ior the
purchase of the "Yellow Jack Fraction"
mineral claim, l,ot 26D2, Group 1, Kootenay Dislrict, which was declared forfeited to the Crown at the tax sale-
held in lie- City of Nelson, ou the Gth
day of November, 1 'job, tin- delinquent
faxe* up tlil June 20th, L906 and costs.
Tbe upset pi ire upon the said mineral claim, which Includes the amount
of delinquent tuxes aud costs at the
time of the forfeiture with Interest,
taxes which have since accrued, cosis
of advertising nnd lee lor Crown Giant
($515.00) is ($:, l.loi which la lhe least
amount that will be considered us a
Kach tender must be accompanied
hy an accepted cheque for the full amount ot Hie tender payable to the order   oi   the   Deputy  Commias i    >.f
Lands und Works, at Victoria, I,. > .,
at  par.
Daled  at  Nelson,  II.  ���'.   this  lilll  day
of April, laoij.
Gov't  Agent,  Nelson,  B.  c.
Tenders  Wanted for the  Purchase of a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addn ss-d to the undersig
ed at his office In  Uie Court House, in
Uu- city oi Ne i  ��ui be received U|.
till ihe hour oi five o'clock in ihe after
noon of Monday, Ma) Ith, 1808, ior tbe
purchase of the "Bine .luck" Mineral
claim, Lot liiis.s. Group i, Kootenay Dls
trie!, which was declared lo be forfeited lo lhe Crown at lhe lax sale held In
the City oi Nelson on the Dili day ol
November, 180B, for delinquent laxes
up  nil   June   30th,   11)06   aud   costs.
The upsel price upon lhe said lulu
eral claim Which Includes (he amount
of delinquent luxes and costs al the
of forfeiture With Interest, taxes which
which have since accrued, cosis ot advertising and lee for Crown Gram
($2.,.(l()i Is ($168.66) which Is the least
amount thai will be considered as a
k.'acli tender must he accompanied
by au accepted cheque for the full amount of the tender payable io the or
der of ihe Deputy Commlaslonei of
Lands aud Works, Victoria, 11. C, at
Dated at Nelsou, U. C, thla (Kb day
of April, 11)08.
Gov't   Agent,   Nelson,   IJ.   0.
Tenders  anted   For  the   Purchase  of  a
Mineral   Claim.
Tenders addressed lo the undersign
ed, at his ollice in Ihe Court House,
In the City of Nelson, will be rocelved
up 111! Ihe hour of live o'clock in the afternoon of Monday, May 4tli, 11)08 lor
the purchase of the "Ulue Jack Fraction" mineral claim. Lot S091, Group
1. Kooteuay District, which was declar
ed  to   he  forfeited  to  Hie l'ro��D si
tax sale  held  In  the City of N'sljon <
the Gth day of November, IMS, for i
llnquent   taxes   up Ull Juno 3vth, IX
and  coats.
Th'- upset price upon tin- said aim
al calm which Includes the amciiais'
delinquent taxes and costs st the Bsl
or forfeiture with Interest, tales wstj
have since accrued, costs of s-ivsrtaj
Ing and fee for Crown Giant il-j'
ia ($48.76) which is the leant jmoa
that will  he considered as a tendtr
Kach tender must be arc-imi'anled I
an accepted cheque for the full amomj
of the tender payable to the order of
the Deputy Commissioner of Lands,
and Works, Victoria, H. C, at pf
1 fated at Nelson, 11. C, this tli i>|
of April. 11)08.
Gov't   Agent,  Nelson, B
Tenders  Wanted for the Purchase of I
Mineral    Claim.
Tenders addressed to the underslp
ed, at his office in thu Court House, I]
the City of Nelson, will be rectived W
till Ihe hour of dve o'clock in the tlttttl
noon of Monday, May 4th. 1KB, for l��1
purchase of tho "While Cloud'' nil���rJ
al claim, Ixit 2G87, Group 1, KooleUfJ
Dlstrlot, which was dec.ared lu in 1*1
feiled to the Crown st the ���" '''J
held in the City of Nelson on lbs )l��l
day of Norember 1808, for delfnqueMB
taxes up Ull June 10th UM and cosis-f
Tho upset price upon the said m>n>,rs
al claim which Includes the amount ore
delinquent Lixes and cosis at Urn um��l
of forfeiture with Inierest, laws "^l
have since accrued, cosis uf ��"'e:U*"l
Ing and Cue lor Crown Grant ($��"**"' I
|$IG0.1)6) which Is the least siui>-��*l
that  win   be  considered  as a t��w'f I
Kach  lender must   be iiituiii|i����'��*1 Ufl
.in aooepted cheque for tie- fan mM�� I
ol' lhe lender payable to Iho "���'rl,'l
the Deputy Commissioner of i-nnuss
and Worts, Victoria, B, C ��' }'": ,
Haled at Nelson, B. C, thla JU W
of April, 1908.
IIAItHY   WltlGilT.
Gov't  Age      Nelson, ��
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase ol ��|
Mineral Claim.
Tenders   uddressed  lo   (he  undersized,  at  his   office  lu   the  Court """"'ji
in  the City of Nelsou,  will  ho rt',   .,
up till lhe hour of live o'clock in w ���
ternoon of Monday, May -un. ���'F'. ��� I
tiie  purchase  of  ihe  "ilatiio Bro*��
u.ineral claim. Lot 1047, Group 1,  *'     ,
��� iay Dlstrlcl, which was doctoral in" |
' rfelted  to the Crown on tin-  ''" '  ���
of November,  11)04 for dellnqUM] '��*
up till June 30th,  11)04. and �����*���*-,.
The upset price upon (he ssld m'n ,
ol claim which Includes lhe **'"'""���(
delinquent laxes and costs ut I'"1 '.
of forfeiture with interest, (a*��< ����s
huve since accrued, COil "' '"[., nr))
Ing and lee for Crown Grant ll--���
Is ($12:1.951 which is the leant ��"'
that will  be  considered as a "now.,
Bach tender must be ��0OOBIP��nwe
nu accepted cheque for the full ��*"";,,
of ihe tender payable to ""' " , an,i��
tho   Deputy    Commissioner    of     '
and   Works,   Victoria.   B,   ''    ���''       w
Dated   Nelaon,   B,   C,   this   ""'
of April, 1908. ,   ,.,���,,,,,,���
HARKY   Will'.HK   n
Gov't  Agent,  tielwo. * The Daily Canadian
When You Buy Fruit Land
DON'T be attracted by cheaper,  Inferior or  Inaccessible  lauds  which exist ln the  Kootenay,  as elsewhere
���hut get Uie  best.    Take advantage of a double selection.
1     Our selection  was  ninde wilh  the  utmost care at a tllYic when we had the whole district to pick from.
2.    Your   selection -made   trom ours���thus you get the benefit of a double  and  cumulative selection.
FURTHERMORE,     remember that to be successful the following five qualities are absolutely essential:
11).    Title;   i").    Boll;   (3). Water;   (4). Accessibility;   (5). Transportation.
WE SELL OUR OWN LANDS.    We own over 20,000 acres, title perfect.
THE  SOIL  Is deep loam  with clay subsoil, free from stone.
THE  WATER on these lands  Is  pure  and  abundant  both  In   running streams and numerous Bprlngs.
THE   MARKET  for your product  is  right  at your door ou existing lines of  transportation.
BUT when you buy an orchard tra.'t you want  more than soil;  more than pure water; more than transpor-
tatlon;  you want A HOME���A place to live in���THAT IS WHAT WE HAVE  FOR  SALE.
Post   office   with   dally   mall service;   express trains, stores;  schools���A   home   every   few   steps.    You   got
the comforts of civilization combined  with the pleasure of a  profitable, healthful and beautiful rural home.
TERMS��� $10 Cash and $10 per Month    for 10 Acres, with liberal discount  for   larger  payments.
Write   or  call  for   Maps,   Photographs   and   all   information.
Kootenay Orchard Association
British Columbia
FISH      AND      SHELL      FISH      IN
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
NELSON, E3.C and elsewhere in B. C. and Alberta.
Land l>inru'i. Dtttnot <>. Want Kootanay
ll nitre  Hint   BlRl   Bird* Ol Nrlumi, OCQU
Ion   r����l   t'f.Hl<* wuiriii.   iulemlf  tit Hpply Ior
miaalon to parohaaa tna loUowtni aarcribad
il��:   ('oiniimi'inu  hu post planted  ��'  tba
thoaat   it.riHT  of   ; "    ���'>'...,   thonoa r nun ma
ill A) i-haltm,   thelNt*   west A)  -linUm,   ttirlKv
.i. jt> i-itMin��, note or laaa, to tba uortbavlf
n.Urj   <��t   L.t  01%  ti m  loUowtni   ii..nl.
iitUry   Uit  RI  tu   point ol  OOVLUnflAOnniVUt
taiuiiiK *" MM mora or Una.
atad rornary utb.lfOB.
llABHV   1*1 Kl��.
K, ('    tiKBEH. An.  lit
Melton Uu>d Pihiiiii. Dlatrlotol Waal Kootanay
raka nottot UiatFrod, JiBanunona, aajant [oi
't.'.i.j. Tmitu-r, ni Kalaon, oooupatlon watch
���inker, tntandi to apnlj <��>i parnlaatou to par*
f.-fe the following oaaOflbad landa:   Conman.*
1   iiik *t A ponl    flmiW'tl    ritn.ul   J1,   intU'H  eattt nl
v.Uonoraok, tbanoa -to i-hatn* m m aaatarh
IraotlODt   thence   20  ehnttiK    ttolilh,   ttieine   �����-.'
��� baina in a* waatarly atraeUoo, thanoa 80 onaini
north to tba pottil ii(.'oiiuiii'li'-euit*(ii, tnittitliitiiK
Kkkhhi. k   Iohn TaNnkii,
V. J   BUDtOaUt  AkviiI
Nelaon Und I'Utriei. Dlaunct oi Aaat ILootaaay
take DOtma  Hint   Kre*l .1    BamniOtta,   nm-nt iur
* a   mi limit. "I I'roetoi. occupation rancher,
iitencln to apply  for  permtHKltiti to pureliHPU ft\f
��� ��l low tag daaoHbad  landai    Conmnenclni hi k
i���"' i plHtitf't rthoiu i1.. mllaaaaal oi Wllaoo craak,
'in-11re BOUtbW)*1 2" 'IiaIik,  them r notihn.-t 90
hama, thanoa nortnaavat HO ohalna) toani - nouth
"���I At . J - to llir tin* point of roinmeiireinelil
tainti n tu a. ns., more or leaa.
1'HW.I Nov. -A'tli. 1W>7.
AK< IIIHAI.H    iMiKttN.i       KAl.l.AH).,
Agent  K   J    BtUtttOtll.
teiaon Uand DtMHol   Dlflnwloi Waal Kootanaj
I nke liotlci* thnt W. A. II ikIxhi, liinlx r> t iii>ri.
��f apolunoi Inokana county, Waahlngtoni ona
��� 'I 'he t itlttMl HlHtettttf Arnrrl.tt, Inland, ttt npply
���"( h ani'i'tnl Unbar Lloanaa otof tba foUowini
<������"<���> i ltst*ft lauda: Oonunonoint nt ti pi mi inaike.l
1 ���   l.plrtiiteil on ihe north bunk ol   Corn t nik.
< tin* lUnottOb of the tNntlti lurk of Corn ttook
with the uitiln utrrHtii, hPoui five mllea III it
v.e*,l(.��iv dtraotlon trom oonfluanoa of h��m Corn
creek with tba Koottnaj tint; thenre north 40
rbalna; thenre wr.-t   UO Obalba; theme rmnlh 40
��� balua; thenre cum it'-o ohat&i to point of ..mi
menoamant. containing 5ao aoraa mora or ion
^Ht-l   iHlnl   adJOtna liniher   iu,nt   No  V   nn  tin
���-eat aint tun bar Umit No. i on tba aontb, hh Io-
atad hy me.
Looatad Noveiiilter ", Itm".
Wit.ii..�� A   llriiHON, UtrHtor.
Wttiiometl by I'alrit'k t    .ihim*
Hot Ureil uu.'J ajanad hy tlie within banted w
*> Hud HO u nil /he '.I'.'lli <\ny ol Noveiiiher, A I),
IW7,   Itefore  iiih *t   0o nut.v'.   Bpokana   ��� oimtv.
^ Hth tug tun, oneui tn    lottad Btataaof Auetloa,
an riot,  ftatnoiol Weal Ito '���������>
Takenoueothat Uabt, I- Ptaa��J��^g
���ceo  atlnn married v,...*ihu. ""V1 V   v ' 1U lli
ior permiaaion to pot.i um the '��tI'"��,lI �� . '"
* ithe.i landai   Oommai num al �� poal. pUi    �������
iheinuraaotlon ol tb.   uortt ,""',"1,lirJtl0\ J//
���^iw*. aud   the  eaat   boUUdarj   pi   UO    t> '      ' , '
thenoa eant M pbalna, mora ot Leaa, to tin ,
aaat oorner ol TImbat ���-*fr.Jf\���K
north hu obalna, tbanoa waal W oJtuDi. " ' '
ie��a, tothaeajtaidi. ol Wnntthan lake, tben��
Hollowing Mine in a aontbart* ����� ��i waa n>
>vlitaction lOu chatiiH mora or laai to tt '
aoction with LotOan, thanoa W ohalna. more or
laii, lotlOWlni eaMirl) boundary ol-Witnani*
point of oommanoemant. i.,��u,k
hated llh   OfltObat.1907. tf.AHKI.IA  I IKK- IC,
K   ti. FAVitVIV*, -K"'"'
/'elHi.i, Lhii.i nt-imt.   hiaul.-loi vs.-i i �������>
Take nolloa  that   Alamandnr J Jg������* ?'
��� inir, b. 6.,oooupatiou olatk, intonda toin .  *
parmliBlon to putobaaa the tol^lufjBM;
u  d lud;   CowuicaciiiK ��< �� ^.".I.IIL.!
ub*C 'buutburu Bail
...uy riaht of way.  about  oue  Hint   h hair   mllen
weeteriy Ron the northweat cornet oflot ��tKi.
group 1, Kootenay, thenre foiHh NO ��� hum-
theme ea��t mo Bbalna. theure uorvh vi ohalna to
aouthern Umndary of hhM right of wa>, theuee
went Ki rhains hIouk natd noutheru iHmudary to
[Mitui ol roininelireineui, and DOntklnlna tHHi
Hrrr��, mnre nr Ir****
Dated Norambei ttb, ton
ALKXAMtKR J     M.ic,,:
Molapn I nirt DlatrlOt,   Dutnetol West Kootenay
Take nottoa thai f, v. bazdan, aotlng aa agent
for.i.n  iiiirii.ii, nr 1'oktitk. n,b., occupation
mechanic.   IntemlN  to  apply   for  permn-Hion   to
piirrimiM1 the ioHiumuh aeaorlbad landa: Oom-
mencing hi ��� post planted on the eaaterly ahora
ol Arrow lake and anoui 10 obalna north ol tha
N.K. rnrmr ol bit HUS... theme enut A) chatiiM.
theme north 40 rliHtn**, mon or less,  to the lake
abo a, thriir.* Boulhweatajrly along ihe Lakaabora
to tba point of i ommeiireiueiiL hu.i DontMulng
r*. aeree*. more or u��m.
.  J Hied NovemU-r 1Mb, 1W��7   JAJUBBB   Bi'KbBS,
K. F    Bt Kf-BK, Agent.
ETalaon Land Oiatriot Dlatrlct ol Weal Kootenav
Take imtlre thai John Jaunt. Cameron, of
l'Vru.e, British I'nlninhlti, oreupatinu rontrao-
tor, inteudn to apply lor perinf*niou to
purchaae the fnlinwtng <t< - rii.rl land: Com-
menolng at a pool pmnted un the aontharo
boundary ol tba i*: C. Bontnaen tlght-Otf-way
Hlxtut -40 rhalltN  wenlrrlv   from   theN.W   enrneV
ol lotgfleV, icroup l, Kootenay, thonoa nouth tw
ehattlH, thenre   eant   tu  eliHlln*.   theilt-��   north tin
��� ii.n'i- to tht- aonthern boundnry oi the **u\
right-nf ��ny, thenoa weat-erly along "Hid Nouth
��� ii, boundary nf right oi*>wny to the point
oommanoa ut, ami oontalning 240 aoraa, mure
nr lOM
Dated Noveiiiher >i|h, I90T,
.1. un Jinaa i'amrkon.
Nelaon Uand Piairlot. Durtrlot ot Weat iCootena]
Pake  notlaa that John Bblell.of rleadlaa, B.C.,
1.1 riinatton rancher, Intrndt* to apply for per
tntaeion to porehaaa tho tollowlng daaorlbad
land; Commanoini nt a po>t punted at the
tiortbweal   oornat ol   Uti tO/0, thenre went au
�� initio., thenee itonth 10 rlmim*,  Ihenre 0aatt|0
rualna, thanoa north BO >anaina in the point ol
. ummanoamant, hu.i rnnttiiutug 320 aoraa, mon
1.1 leaa.
1 Htr.i 18th October, i'-"^- .iambh suiki.i,,
K. ft. KAi'gt'tKH. Agent.
NrlHon J.aml DlHtrtet    iMntrlet nl Waal Kootenay
rake loe uiat Angua KoOtU, ol the city of
Nelnoii, niriipMlloti fire mail, intend-- ttt apply lor
permiaaion tapurobaaa the fnlinwtng daaorlbad
Undo:   Uommenoing at a pott planted hi tba
>. W.   eorner   1.    ft.   MorrtRou'f*   r��i:rb,   In   Kir
Htiey. tin "��'e north fnrty i-tti) obalna, thotu
Ht-i fn-iy (-nn obalna, thenoa lontn   mtj {*���
i lu , tnanoa weat forty (-tbj ohalna        otnt o
in ii..��� iii .in, ni,  mi.i containing one bundled
it alnti (Hip) aorea, more 01 leaa.
DtedBapte.nnar.tnd. HOT      Anona  UcGtit
Sri-.ii Land Dlatrtct,   Dlatrlotol West Kooleuay
Take not.ee that BugnCantabi,til Winnipeg,
MhII.    ttrriipatlou   publisher,   inten.it   to   apply
ior purmwlon lo pntohaaa tin* tollowing described Ihiiu:
t'oinim-neliifi;  at   a   pout planted on   the  west
on ndary of L 4Ht. ft. 1, (Hhmit B mllea from Arrow Lake, mi MoKunlto uraek) and 31 ohalna 70
Itukw nouth of the N. W. ('. of said lot, running
thenre WOBtSO OhalnB, tbetiee South BO ehtitiln,
tlienee eaai 80 chains, thenee uorth Ho ohalna to
place of roinmetieemeut, oontalnliiK 640 anus,
more or lepa.
Cu um- Mahpiiai.i,,
Avont   for   Hugo Oatatatlf,
Dated .'a Daoamber 1*17.
NelStill Lrtlld Ultttrjrl      Di.-li li I nl H es*t KoolrilHy.
rake notfee that Car 1 Oeorge Payne, or Needles,
, ft.. OOCUpetlOU   rancher, intendl   lo Hpply   for
irmbulon to parohaaa the following daaorlbad
nil a;   Commending hi a p..si  pinuted nimut i.>
niliis .vest nl \\ hMHlmn rleek Hlld *'1H Bll cIihIus
Hiiliol   (he boiithwrst   eorner of Lot No    31*43
inning thanoa north so ohalna. theneewaatflO
Him*i, thenoe aouth UlAfi chHiim, thanoeeaat
1 ,.t-i obalna, tben r nouth 67 Ma chalni, thenoa
miv��   i...in- east in point of commencement,
intHtiitiiif Wl acres, now atirveyed u* lot MlWi.
Dated Mb January, 1M*. Levi Uaoaea Fatnb.
Nrl-.ii Laud ln-.tr hi.   Uutrictol Wevt Kooleuay.
Take notice that Tina Bergman, ol Altona,
Man , OOOnpatioO wife ol ft. Bergmau, farmer,
AiiiniM Mull., Intends to upply for permi��biun to
purobaaa the followlug .t,--- ; iU<i laud :
Oommenolng at a pom planted at the N. K. t'.
Of Hugo I'arstein.' application to pure bane aud
running thenoe west ��0 ebainti theuee uorth 80
Ohalna, thenoe east -tu i inini*., thenee south tt
i hm in..: i   hults, thenee eaat 40 ci.ulns,   thence
Houtb 71 chaini, 76 links to point oi commencement, containing '���"'.' acren more or lens
t'HAKLIU  MaK-iHiI,,
Ageut   fur   I lua   Bergman.
Dated 23 l'eeember lyu7.
Weat Kootenay Land District. District ot Goat
Take notice tbat I, (..eorg. A. Hunt, ol Kit.
r he tier, oreupattou tltuuerinau, ltileud to
apply for peruiittslou to purchase the
tullowing described land* 4'oininenclug at a
[������'*-; plauted uhoul 40 rtRius, west ol Tbompsou
marked N. \\ . eoruer, ti.eure south 10.3t ehalna
Iheuee ��������-' ��.ti7 rhaiuii, thenre north OL40
rbaliiH, theuee west aloug B.C. Southern hallway lo plare of enmiueneeineui, cuutaiulug 98.1t->
Dated January tUU. 19UH.        Ueoruk H. Hunt
Nelson Laud Duttrh't. District of West Kooteuay
Tttte notice lhat 1, Kreilerirk Adtu. of Waneta,
It. t\, ncrupallon nierrbaut. Intend lo apply for
iteruus-slnu to purchaae tbe following described
laud : Coiumeuelug at a (>ost planted about 10
chains west of the N K. etunerof lot B023, thenee
nortli -V rhalUH, theuee east ta) uhalus, tbeure
south 90 chains, thenee west ��0 chains lo point
of coinuieucutneut, coulatuing 160 acres, more or
Dated January Slat, 1**J��.
Frederick AntK.
Nelaon Land District. Dislrict of Went Kooteuay
Take nollee tbat Marion Isabella Crease, of the
City of Nelsou, in tbe Province of British Columbia, oeeupallou spinster, iutends to apply for
peruilN.siou lo purchase lhe following described
laud: Comuieueiug at a post plauted at the
higu water mark of the Salmon river distant
about l* mile* in a southerly direetlou from
Halmo, B ft., tbence north 4U chaius, theuce east
!������ rhalns, thenoe soi^t *K> chaius, more or less,
to the hlgU water tmrlc of the rialuiou river,
theuee west 4U chaius, more or lees, aloug said
high watermark to the polut of commencement,
and containing MO acres, more or leaa.
Loomted ou the l��t day of February, 1908.
Dated 10th February. I i'>
Makion IhahelLa Creai>K,
Nelson Land District. District ot West Kootenay
1'ake ttOtloe that James \\ illlani tiallagher, of
the Clt> ot Nelson, in the Province of liritish
i nhunida, occupation merchant, intends to apply lor pi i in I'Mi'ii to purchase the lollowing
deseribed laud: Commencing at a post pianttu
al the high water mark ot the salmon river distant anout 19 miles In a southerly direction from
���salmo,   B    O., thenre    unrlb   40  chalus,   tbence
weat w ohalna. tbanoa aouth 40 ehams, more or
less, to the high waler mark Ol the Balmon river,
ihenre east 4(t rhaius, more or less, aloug the
said hiiih watat mark to the place ot beginning,
cntitaiiilng list, n. ir-, more or less.
i.at ni, -i DO tha 1st day of February, 1908.
Dated Hth February, 190��.
James William .. \.j a ,hkk.
Kuwaku Manlby Pkterb, Agent.
Nelson Land District.   District of West Kootena
Take uotlce that I John Arthur i-cotl, of Mono
Uentre, Out., ooonpatloo farmer, iuteud to apply for permtssiou lo purehase the following du
BOrlbed land at the mouth of .Summit creek :
Cniniuen. ing at a post planted at the southeast corner or lot *73t marked n. tt��� ttienoe
hiiiitli   10  chains, thence   wesl 90 chaius. theuee
nortn 40 rhaius, thenoe east A) chaius to place of
eommenoement oontalntng 80 acres.
John Arthur BOOK,
W. J. SOOtt, Agent.
Dated Fub. IHlh, 1WW
Nelson Laud District. I'tstrlct of Weal Kooteuay
Take notice that 1 Christie t*colt, of Mono
Canter, Oul .occupation marriedwomau, iutend
to apply for permission to purchaae the Billowing described iaud near Hummlt creek:
' niiiin.-ni'iiig   at  a post   plauted at   tbe southeast   OOmar ol   lot   S7S0 marked ti. W.,  theuce
north  '.ii chains, theuce eaat ~ii chains, tbeuce
aouth 20 chalus,  theuce   west'AJ ehalur lo place
of cummenuemeut coutalulug-to acres.
Christie Scott,
W  J.Scott, Ageut.
Dated I ri. IK, 1906.
Tuke notice that we will at the next
meeting of the Liceuse Commissioners
npply for a LiaiiKfer of the liquor li-
canna tor tue No PlaCG Inn ou Josephine street, Nelson, from Pollard and
Wade to H. H. Moore,
Uuted at Nelson, this 9th day of
March  1908.
Pilgrimage to  Rome.
Now York, April 30.-���Amid cheers
from a large crowd and much embracing and other tokens of farewell, the
Cunard steamship Slavonia, having on
board a large number of Catholic pilgrims bound for Some, sailed at noon
today. The delegation numbers several hundred, including many prominent priettS, laymen and women of the
faith, and is headed by Bishop Mt>
I>.-iineM of Brooklyn, who officiates as
the spiritual director of ihe pilgrimage. During the voyage mass will be
celebrated daily in a cabin specially
set aside  for  the  purpose.
The first stop will be at Gibraltar.
Krom there the pilgrims will proceed
to Naples. They will visit Pompeii,
Capri and Monte Casino before going
to Home. The party will be present
al the jubilee celebration of the Pope
and then it will disband. Some will
visit the Holy Land, while others will
go   to   Northern   Europe.
Russo Swedish Alliance.
St. Petersburg, April 30.���The preparations for the wedding next week
of Prince Wilhelm of Sweden and
Grand Uucvhess Maria Pavlona, daughter of Grand Duke Paul Alexandro-
vitch are practically complete. The
King of Sweden, who is coming to attend the wedding, is due to arrive tomorrow. He will be escorted by a
Swedish squadron from Stockholm. The
details of the programme are not published in Russia for fear they might
he used by the terrorists to make an
attempt on the lives of the Emperor
and his guests. The coincidence that
the marriage occurs at the same time
aa tlie centennial or the fall of Svea-
borg and the passing of Finland to
Russian control has been much commented upou. On the day of the wedding there will be a gathering at. Hal-
singfors to commemorate the surrender  of  Sveaborg.
Attell and Sullivan Ready.
San Francisco, April 30.���Not for a
long time has so much interest beeu
displayed in a pugilistic event here-
abottt.s as is manifested iu the bout between Abe Attell an 1 Brooklyn Tommy
Sullivan, which is to be decided in the
Coliseum tonight. Both lighters are reported today to be in the best of condition, a fact which gives promise of
the prettiest boxing seen in California
in many a day. This will be the third
time that Attell has defended his championship title against tlie Brooklyn
lighter. Un the occasion of their iirst
meet, which took place in St. Douls,
Sullivan knocked out Attell decisively.
being the only fighter who ever turned
the trick. I^ist summer the two fought
a draw at Alton. The agreement for
tlie present match calls for twenty
rounds at 123 pounds, a weight which
is much more favorable to the champion
than to Sullivan. A preliminary event
of Bfteen rounds is to be lurnished by
Fred  Landers and Johnny Frayne.
SEALED TENDERS, marked 'Tender," will be received until 12 o'clock
noon Monday, May 4th, 1908, for grading the public school grounds as per
plans prepared by the city engineer.
The surface soil to be piled and spread
over ground after gradimg In complete.
Tenders to state ta) price per yard;
(b)  lump sum.
Also separate tenders for removing
three rooms from present location to
corner of Stanley and Mill streets, and
closing any openings necessarily made.
Secretary School Board.
In tlie matter of an ���.pidleatlnn for tl;.' Irhuc ot
h duplicate Certificate ot Title for loU 4,6,0, 11,
19, '2b, and 32, of lot 891, Uroup One, lu the
Pintrtct of Kooteuay (Mapfigtn.
Notice lt> hereby givvii that it li my Intention
tn laana at the expiration of one mouth after i tn*
Brat publication hereof a duplicate (U the Cer-
utlrate ni l nle for the above mentioned loin iu
ihe name oi Kichard Raima, which Certificate of
l'llle 1�� dated the    J4th   day   of   November, MOB,
nil.I     in.ill lirlVit   SIOA.
Land B(WUt-��7 OOOS, NeUou, B. ('..January
17th, li****.
nirt-rffrt R*rt��t��af
ThisS   Is Your
Save   Money
Tapestry, Ingrain, Brussels, Velvet, Wilton  and Aixminster Rugs in all siz-
Portieres:  $4.50, $5.00, $6.00, $10.00, $15.00. .$16.50, $18.00, $20.00, $36.00, $75.00
up to $100.00.                                                 1
Odd Lace Curtains, 35 pairs at cost price.     ,
Holds Good Until May 1st
A   nice   line  of  Napkins  from  $6.00  to $10,000  per dozen.
The most complete tine of Towelling and Towels In  B. C. at ail prioe*.
350 Sheets ready made Twill, per pair           ., 2.M
Pillow Cases, all  ready for use, 3sizes, per  pair  from ��. .40c.  to       .7$
Circular Pillow Cotton, 40 in., 42  in., 44ln ,      .35       1
Complete House Furnishers, Funeral Directors
i a>
A good opportunity ls offered to Investors for n short time ft* purchase
stork at 10 cents p< r |1 share in ana
of the best, asbustos propositions on
the continent of North America. For
prospectus apply
BOX  987.  NELSON.   B.  C.
You can buy a 10-acre Fruit Ranch   In   the best  fruit  growing  district
in   British   Columbia  by   paying  $1 0 dollars down and $10 per month
IOven as an Investment tills is wor Ih consideration.
Fruit Land hus trebled in value wl thlu the year.    What will It do ut'\'t
WAHI) S��TJ��et3T
If yon want Good Land
McDermid & McHardy
We ar�� scents for most of the lots
In the above addition, being agents for
F. C. Innls, Coats & Co, and the Nelson
Electric Tramway Co.
l*or full particulars aa to prices,
terms, etc., apply to
M.   &   jW.   BIRD
Partly Ftqmlshed Modern
Residence aad Thtmt Lota
Situated on Hoover St., botween Stanley and  Ward.    Eight Rooms and
Basement  all  ready  for  furnace.    Now  rents for S35  per month.
PRICE: $4,000.00.   TERMS: One-Third Cash, Balance $BO0.00 per year at
7 per cent.      For   full   particulars   apply ���
MANUFACTURERS    f ^^-^1^,^     QUim*mela*
and dealers in JLtMnDe*f dtungies-j
Lath, A1oultllnK��*�� Doors, Windows.
Turnad Work and Hruukwta. Mail Order* promptly attended
VBRJSOIN MTRBBl    -   ���    -   INBUssOlN. B. O.  -_ .     . ��� ���>���
Tne .Daily Canadian
Not everyone can claim the diamond for a birtbstone, but anyone
may wear a diamond, and lf you are getting one you may as well get
tbe best, and in the best and most suitable setting. We keep only tbe
best stones, and as we manufacture all kinds of jewelry we are coniise-
tent to advise you as to settings. We have always on hand an attractive
stock of Rings and Pins of all kinds set with this most precious of gems,
the diamond, also a stock of loose  stones.
Watchmaker and Optician
Electric heating devices are be-
cumlntr more popular every day on
account of their cleanliness and
being  lahor savers.
The up-to-date house wife is al-
v,;, i - on the look-out fur something to improve the domestic service of her household.
The American Flat Irons which
we sell are made to stand work,
and so far have- got a record of
durability unequalled by any other
iron.    In 5 lt> and 7 tb sizes.
Phone 227A. P. O. Box 155.
10  Room House,  c'ose  in  three  blocks
from Post Office, all  modern, good
new foundation      and      verandah.
Good terms.
Building Sites
'2-jii ft. corner, short distance from
car   line $1,000
' ,5 ft. corner, ilanej excellent site
I  .- besstassstsl  tudii near centie
of city 11400
120  ft, corr.er. in  Fairview���near
lake and  cars���good soil... .t -800
Land for Market Gardens
a :-.'res a.thin one-half hour of Baker   st.
1, acres within mile of city( would
I j   i.v.dej
Real Estate Agent
SIS   Baker   St..   Nelson,   B    C.
The Best 2 for 25c Ggar on
the Market.   Fresh Picked.
���AT THE���
> Queen Cigar Store
J        BUSH A  MATT HEW, Props.
Another Lot of
Dairy   Butter
JUST   ARRIVED 3   LBS   FOR   $1.00.
For Sale at
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. .Josephine^ aud Mills Sts.
Phone   19.
Cur.    Vernon nnd  Wor-d   Strecstsi
.-Nlit.SO.'V.     B.C.
F. L Perry. Toronto; Mrs. Williams,
Xew Denver; L. Qodbolt, C. W. Mels-
-n,i Montreal; M. K. Wright, London;
O.  C.  McDonald,   f>   B.   Fotheringham
Spokane; J. .Marshall. Sand Point: E.
O. Rodgers. W. A. Miller, Creston: H.
It. Board, Westerham; H. Hincks, Silverton; W. S. Fisher. Mrs. Meehr. Miss
Mohr. Stratton. Winnipeg; T. Johnson,
Ilanff; J. E. Reid. Erie: S M Hamilton,
\V. Morris. Vancouver: G. A. Mulony,
Seattle: M. Sail. II. G. Nicholls and
wife, Ymir.
& il"").
Corner of Stanley and  Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
S.  Y.   Hrockman. New  Denver;   A.   B.
Head and  wife. Grand  Forks:  J.  Mc In
n B, Spokane;  W. H. Lseshman, Mrs. i,
V'ichry.   A.   Sorinl,   Toronto;    C.    Foot.
Creston;   M. Salt, London;   .Mrs   George
Vickry. A. riivirpi. Winnipeg.
B.   II.   Smith.   i:;-.Mile;    R.   II.   Town-
send.  Clulib  Landing:     J.   D.   Benni tt,
Creston:  J. P. Mcintosh. Hosmer;   .Mrs
��� i    VA'. Chittenden, Cascade.
.S. Ball, Mrs. DuBeck. Kaslo: .1. A
Muir. Revelstoke; .1. Rames. Lethbrid i
s Flatt, Alberta; C. W. Shaw, J. Leeon,
I'm- ton; F. Garner. Horrop; W. Peter,
c; Artnnan, A Johnson, Marcus; J Brand
VV. I ia gie, Phoenix.
I.   McCartney,    Pern     siding;   H.  .1.
Qualy,    Grand   Porks;     li   D.  1 ���
Back, Q  Menod, Goodwin; G. Lewis, w.
Lewis. Pomeroy; It. Barnes, F Spc
Green* I;   w. T. Kennedy. Fairvlew.
W. Smart, Spokane; It. J, Scrivens,
Vancouver; E. W. .Mm,re. Medicine Hal
A Argent, \v. Watson, Shields: A. Col
Ina, Grey's Creek; T. Zyler, E S,
Wooley,  Slocan.
F. Wheaton, Slocan; G   Willing, Rot
land;   T    Burbidge,   M    I.. kaw,   i,-.
Bi .  Hamilton;   R    I
Ainswoi id.
I can give a few first class stock or
bond salesmen contracts fur exclusive
ti it tory for one uf thi besl proposition,
in fore the public, prbereby a bust ei
en make rrom $100 to tgot) per week
Old life Insurance men preferred. Ad
in United Unci, ,a T.-l. Co., Van-
i-'llcr,   I:   C
Are You Insured?
Don't delay s. cn^- about having that
Fire Insurance placed on your property,
your limine cu- emu furniture. Perhaps
you are nil careful, bui your neigh
inn may um in . and remembi i you do
not net much warning when a Bra ��� I
The expense nf Insuring is verj small
when you consider the risk you run of
in.-iiiK evc-ryih.iig yuu have. Klny up
or cull on
General Agent for the Kootenays.
Pioneer Fire  Insurance Company.
P.   O.   Box   534.
Wall   Papers
Our new stock Is now ln.
Herders same as hangings.   Largeiit variety ever shown in Nelson. Sample
books sent to any part of the city   ou application.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Born iu Ntlson this morning to the
wife or William Wa.die, Carbonate St.,
a daughter.
Self Denial  Week.
The Salvation Army has declared its
annual sell denial week from May 4th
...   May   nth.
R.  M.  R.  Inspection.
Dot I. .;. Holmes, D. O. C. win er
rive i.mii Victoria tonight and will Inspect No. _��� company, K. M. li-. at the
armors  tomon on   night.
Little   Hope.
The friends of Georur W. Bughee
will regret to learn tha; no hopes are
elite: [aiiied    for    his       recover.*. His
death   is  probably  a  matter  of a  few
Ymir  Mines.
i revslopment work is still beint? prose-
cuted .tt depth in tin- Ymir mine, and
tba management are still as confident
aa ever of finding tlie second vein of
trhos. existence the indications are so
For   Saturday's   Trial.
A letter from Deputy Attorney General -McLean "has instructed K. M. Mac-
.]< aald to appear for He- crown against
the four men who are accused of house
breaking at Ymir. and who will come
��� fore His Honor Judge L.ruwn for
speedy trial on Saturday.
Watson-Ho tgreaves.
on Thursday, April 30th, 1908, at St.
Saviour's Church. Nelson. B. (*., by the
Rev. F. H. Graham, rector, Alexandei
James Watson, of Slocan City, B, C,
was married to .Miss Mamie (lolgreaves,
of Ehberrstou,  Yorkshire,  Kngland.
Metals  and   Stocks.
Silver's downward course was accelerated today, by a drop of six i>oints
on both markets. Today's quotation,
'���j'i cents. i.- the lowest for s��-\ ������. .i I
years, Lead, however, gained four
points on the London market. Granby
and Dominion Copper made small advances.
Welcome to  Spokane.
The secretary of the Spokane chaw
ber of commerce has written the secre
lary of the Nelson board of trade ex*
pressing th" chamber's pleasure at the
proposed visit uf Nelson business men.
'iii.* Spokane men are contemplating a
���.iii i" Calgary from .inly 1st to 5th.
vcursion from Nelsou to Spokane
�� ill be run dm Ing the first or second
week  in June.
Flower Competitions.
No intimation, has yet been received
by the secretary of the Agricultural
Society ot" any competitors for the spe-
ciaj prizes offered by C. W. Husk and
J. K. Langan, respectively for flower*
decorated windows and tor (lower gar
di i The contest dates from May 15th
and notice oi the names of competitors
must !"��� in th. secretary's hands on oj
before  that date.
Voluntary   Reduction.
The meeting of the executive corn-
ralttee of the Synod of the diocese ol
Kootenay, held in tlie parish hall, was
notabh roroni unusual proceeding. The
finance committee had declared a surplus and a subcommittee was appointed
Car Early Rose
Seed Potatoes
Send   us  your orders  early to   avoid
Telephone 181.
of groceries is what we want. You
can't do better than bring your list here.
Our stock is complete, fresh and
prices right, briug in your orders we
will  execute  them  properly.
Corner Silica and Josephine 8t>).
Nothing c-oiiiti I,,- brighter or cleverer than our aeric-s ,>r
The consist of Qlbson Gems .i miniatures from Collier's), Miniatures from
Life, Christy pictures reproduced in ,-x
act colors. Hand Puintc*d Motto Cards.
Illustrated Toasts, Pointed Paragraphs,
Ets., Etc.
Size   5x7,   each 25c.
Size   6!ix8|.i,  each 35c.
Size  8x10,   each 60c.
W. G. Thomson
l^ZVliS* "nd   Nelson, B. C.
M*-it>i-i��a ,,A.
to consider its disposition and make-
recommendations. The report was pre
sented yesterday, recommending that a
much smaller grant be asked for next
year From the Mission Society ot the
Canadian church, the regular sum lean
Ho- amount of this year's surplus. The
report was adopted. Other business
was largely routine. The committee
adjourned to meet again in Nelson on
Jnne toth. Ven. Archdeacon Beer presided, other members present being
Revs. P. II. Qranam, Nelson, H. Steel,
(irand Forks, K. A. St. ('.. Smyth, Trail,
and C. A. Procunler, Revelstoke, and
Messrs. I-'. Irvine, <;���-" Johnstone and
E. A. Crease, Nelson, A, !���'. Venablea,
Vernon, and c. a. Cock. Cranbrook.
Encouraging     Reports    Received    Fron
All Committees.
ill.- weekly meeting of the executive
committee or the hoard of trade appointed to look after the affairs of lhe
publicity bureau was held yesterda)
afternoon, the chairman, J. M. Lay. pre
Satisfactory progress in regard teethe-
collection oi the promised subscriptions
and donations was reported and in view
of the encouraging support which the
oommlttee has received various schemes
in regard lo advertising were consldei
ed. When ilie rost of the suggestions
made has been more lulls considered,
suitable literature will at once- !������ pre
pared. Quite a number of strangers
have already visited the rooms for the
purpose- of obtaining Information in regard to the country generally, and a
large number of communications from
oiiiside have- been  received.
The committee appointed for the pur
pose of soliciting subscriptions was unable t" see- some- of the nu��� rchanIs and
others ami u eras arranged yesterdsj
that those who have noi not been called
upon should be asked to subscribe nmi
ihui when the- canvass is complete a
list   e,f   ih,-  subscribers  shall   lie    pub
I.lcilte-nniel Cictve-ructr.
I'KOViNe E ei|   HHITI.-H e ccl.I'MBlA.
Bdsrard in.- Beventh, by n,e iirace- (,i (;(,.|, ot tue
llelle'cl K , njeleMei e,f e, j,-H 1 Hrilslle, Send t re-
iHlt'l. Mll<l Ha- tc r 11 ]s I, I leein I llleelis be'Vcliel III,-
��� is, KIiik,   Defender OJ   the   Keillli. Kropereer
cit India
I'o all le whom these presents shall come,���
VV. J. MowaBlc, Attorney i,filers!.
Wlieo-iis by s,-e-ile,ii 6 o| the "Oaiiif I'rolcectlou
Aet. Is/eh," llh re t'liai'll-el by KeeetleeU IS of tils
"Oeoue-  I'rue eeletii   A   I,  A ineiiilmenl   Art, ItuSi,"
ii is enacted tbel II ,iihu be lawful tor the Lieu
tunnel e, icniiiir in connnil, h�� Proouunatton to
tee leu Ml  bed III I wo slle-i essive issues ol tlie Brits
ish c'oiiiinhii, Qaaette, to desolareaoloae season
for sense lie any purl of the Province lor silt
teeTleeel oi lllin . senl
Whereas ou sale! l.ieutc-naiH Cioverunr. hy ani
with   'tie-  KeUle:,-  ,,l   his   Kac-c-ulive C-'oimc-ll, has
been pleased to diraot, by au order in Council
lee Ihiji behjsll, a e-lose seaseeii for Reese wltlelo
the County ol Keeeeleuay, until ane] lueluelliiR
the Hist clay 01 a iii/usl, eene theeiisaue] nine hurt
etreel aud eight.
Now Kneew ye llierpfore. thai in puTflUSaOa
thpreot, we do hereby prcee-la in   a '-lose season
torseeee within me Oooaty <ei Kocteies. rutn
and tne'ludltiK the Bist day eef August, einsi bou
sane] nine hiindieil slid elKht.
In tesltineeny wli. re-ief,   we   liavr    -silsr     these
our letters to be made patent and thee.., jtHesi
of the Provlnee to b-  bere-iuitce attlxed.
spttaeaa, His Honor James Oiinniiiiir Lleuu-o
am Qorumoi of our said Provlnee of Brillsli
���eelumlela. lu   our lily of  Victoria, 10 our sspl
Proviuc'u. this lytii dav of February, in the year
of Our Lord one thousand   niue hundred  and
eight, aud lu the eighth year ol our reign.
By e-eiuiuland,
Provincial Secretary. }
Snow in  Kentucky.
Lexington, Kv. April SO,���Because a
heavy snow wbich fell early today made
Uie- I rack iitifil for use-, today's races
here    wen- declared off
A. M   Can. So��. C. K
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office:   lioom   19,   K.-W. C.  Blk     P.   O
Box     434.
Baker St..   Nelson.  B.  C.
NOTICE 18 HKHKBV(,tVKN that in pnniunoi
ol ttH- notice thtntO hy the 0hfei Coniinfuloner
t,f I^Hiidi in,-; WirkHlHUil pnbliHhefi in lb�� Hni
lib jOolnmMa Onzetl> from Ih*- etfnd dny o' 'uut
iMtw to the Wrd (]��>��� <.f Jnuo U00, mm urraementi
for tba mhI*' of o ��wti land   lu Uih Town of Melwifi
nudcr wjifcii miy poymotxtt ol purobaaa money
wer�� oviTdiie and unpaid nn the ��njd ?2nd day ,,i
June WW, and an: -till <>vt-rduv nr uiij-Hhl, will U-
ranci-lli'd on the fli-t 'lay of June iytn nnlautbc
htlAUffh of purelini-e mouey mid luieresi due
thereon aie paid before that date.
It'lBT. A     REJeWJCK.
Deputy < ��� >ui iu - - j i ni.-r of J untie and W ork >,
LsiDdtx and WniJca jDeparluent
Victoria, B   ft, April 2blh, l*Vtt.
Wiioltriale aud   Retail DeaUn In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied ou shortest notice and
lowest price Nothing tmt  freHb and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Manages*.
Hollow Concrete
Blocks Fot Sale
All shapes and facing!*..
These blocks are abfolutaly ilie bf*st
material tu be had for building pur
poses, foundations, retaining walls, etc .
being cheaper than 6rlck or stoue.
Tenders given on ail kinds of buiidiug
work.    Stock on hand.
Head Office:   Baker Street. Nelson. B.C.
By virtue uf a  Warrant of Execution
issued out ui the County CuurL ut Baal
Kootena... hu.deu at Crmibiuuk. in an
actiuu wiiereoi A. G. iiuwuess is I'iain
tiff aud Al. J. Mo-Peak aud i-ouise B
.Mcl'eak are JJt feudants, I have Bttfaed
and takeu In execution all the right,
title, estate and interest of the aaiu
defendants, M. J. Mci'eaK and i.iiiii.>e
l��. McPeak, iu Uiat certain hotel build
iuu, aituaie iu the town of riirdar, li. C ,
and now in the OOOUpation ut tiie said
defendants, aud will offer tlie same for
sale by public aeutiou, at uiy office in
the City of Nelsou, Ii. C, uu UVdn*-.-,
day, the L'Jud day of April, li*oS. at the
hour of twelve o'clock m��on.
Terms of sale, eash.
Intending purchaaera will satisf>
themselves as tu interest and title ol
Lhe said  defendants.
Dated at Nelaon, B. C, Hth April.
1 :*os.
8. P. TUCK,
Sheriff of South  Kooleuay,
The above sale j.s postponed until
Friday, the first day ui   May.   UtuS.
CURED  .   .
When yon wish to purchaae, we can
supply you with any cut In our line,
Heef. l*ork. Mutton. Veal, Fish. Poultry,
Etc. Give us a chance at your trade
and we will cull for your order and
deliver to any part of tin. city. Mall
ordera  receive  prompt  attention.
Ir the County Court of West Kootenay.
holden at Nelson, between Bernard
A. Isaac, (carrying on business by
the style of the "Nelson Iron
Works";, Plaintiff; and the High
lander Mill and Mining Company,
To the Above Named Defendant:
TAKE NOTICE thai this acilcm wan
e-ouinii'ticc-d against you on th1' -7ih day
of April, i'.ie..-. and iiim the plain till
claims 1886.46 for principal and Jnie-re-si
clue on an accepted Hill of Exchange
i'ei <j.'::.h'i. eiaie-d December Btb, 1607,
drawn on yuu hy tin- plaintiff; or iu the
alternative, Vm so fcer noodn gold and
delivered, and work done.- lo tin- plain
HIT lor you.
A&d  lake- neelite- thai   ih,. court  haM le>
order made April 27th, 1608, authorised
the service of the hiimniuiis iu ihls ur
li.en upon you, ii.\ publication of this
notice ror three we-e-ki in the- .Nelson
"Dally Canadian" newspaper.
And further lake- notice ihat you are
required within e-lnlei days after such
lasi publication hereof, to enter a din
puti' note ill Huid action, ley yourself or
your solicitor, and  thai   in  default oi
your doing hu. Ilii' plaintiff may preee I
In said action, and Judgment may he
given against you in your absence.
Hated Ilie J8th day of April. 1908
I Seal   of   County   I 'eeurt )
T.   M.   BOWMAN,
Registrat ot Ota Court.
An  umbrella,   round   beaded  handle
with ��oid band, taken h> mistake trom
se^c-eenil   storey      e,l      Aliereleen    BlOOl    on
April L'kih     Finder will please   return
to ihi�� offloe,
VV.    O.    OIUL6TT
Ccintrnctor   cane
Heelr ei|te,Iil lor tli- fortes 111,-cj I ueellel-r Co., Ltd ,
relHI. veirils     Keeum, she) elrcsscd limileer, tumec,
work i.u.i braeksts, c ,���isi imi, i,mi shlnslss, wish
sue] -IcHirs.    Camsnt,  t.rlc-k  suit   limit  lot  asle
Ysrel sud futotyi Vernon Hi.. cjislortUll
IN*BU*401V,   l��. O.
V. O. Box 2��2 Telipaonii 17?
wh.n you are compelled to hold the newspaper "awn*. , *������ ,
youi  eye-slghl is -away ���it" and glasses should be ,.������ ,,-,',���,k"""'
sultaUons free.    SatlsfaoUon guaranteed l    "' ""l' i
Mail   ordera     receive     our     prompt   Hlteutlon.
J*  h   WALKER,  Jewele,
WIlieKcllli;   Prtivial
tloverutuent Oreamcry One PouncI linnks n-oelved woeklr IW> ��_
rhuru     For wUe by aU l.��i.liuK irrocc.rs ^1��> ���*��
Ottlce and Warehouse:  Honston Block,    Paone 79
Josephine Street.        -        -        .        Nelson. B.C.
that are just the thing for businessmen, are here in all sizes and indeiignt
and fabrics to suit all tastes.    These    suits are well cut and well made ind
we guarantee the fit as well as the  durability   of   every   garment, becauu [
they have   been   carefully   made   with thfdesign of pleasing   our cuitomen
and  holding   their permanent  trade.
This   Is   tlie  seit-een   of   the   year  when  you   devote your etteatten lots'
houa��� huid duly. We are prepared tee meet your requirements with s foil tiae<
Ready   Mixed   Paints,   all   colors. Varnishes,   Stains.   Ensmeli,
Alabattine,    Muralo.
Everything  necessary   for  the  renovation   of  your  house.
J. H, Ashdown Hardware
Company,   Limited. NelsorBrant
Notice la hert-by Blv��*n that tho fiov-
erniuoiit L<��t8 in tht- towoslt-a of il<m-
mer wilj bv oftefftd tor bak* by auction
at the Ix��ck up iu UCHUnmr al ten (("clock
In tho torOOOOOt railway Um-9, \\< 'In-
day.   April   l!.lfT,d.
Bldfl bciuw the upset price will not
be received.
TerniH. one-third cash, on*--third 1 >:
of November, 1908, and one-third Lit ol
Ma>,  i'Miu,  with   Intone,   rrom   ist   of
M;iy. 1908.    A (oo ot $10 uiil he char>ced
for each Crown Grant wl <t\ isKiied.
Assistant  Coniiiilrjsioiii'i   if Lands and
W-.rl.H for tin- Bontfaem PiviKion
of Kast Kootenay.
iVanhrook. .loth  March    i.tOK.
Jobbing prompt!]   attended  to.    I'lnns
and !���:, im, i'.
Apply 415  Hall 8t.
Box 888,
C. SKEEB       a. y. BUKllt^      a. ii.i m i N
C'vil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Hoi 145    Phonr 2*1 B.
From $10 to $25]
Old Curiosity_3g
Geo.  P. Player
ING   ft   SMKI.TINd  CO. I
Office  Room   No.  Z,  ELLIC-TBLOCKj
NKLSOM,     -     tl. C-
I       We  make  a  specialty of
( Hardware Suppto*
For  Ranchers
Bund   us  your  mail circJ<?r��.
Wood-Vallance Hardware


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