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The Daily Canadian Dec 16, 1907

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 . I.   'I ll>_
What Will You
Have With It?
It t bottled at the Hprinj^s.
��� %
American Navy u^^fl
for Pacific
Starting of Battleships Occasion of
National Demonstration���No
Warlike Intentions.
Old Polnl Comfort, Va., ju*c. U.���-The
Ol i In-   UnttAd Bt-'*'H iwtvy. six
::   : claaa battleships under com
It-ai Admiral Etoblej  It   Bvaai
aaj for ihe 1'acitir ocean, a it,
crutaa  which   has  set  all   the
wurlJ   to   talking.     1'riKiili n'   Boon \ ��� til
-accompanied by a party ol gussta came
down  from   Washington   on   the  naval
.. Sowar.   The Mayflower amv
at 1 lid   lViint   Comfort   at   B.10   UUa
Lhe ani\ ai  being  announced
Ing   ni   tlie   naia.nal   saint**   ot
rrom   iin-   ili-t-i.     When  tlie  re
11 <>i i-uvsder bad niii-ii !torn
the   Mayllower   proceeded   in
I_s   v< i y   ei nt.-r ol  the   .ItuIi-
Tban  followed  a   brief   re*
::  Uiard,  the   Presi.l. lit  having
im:*itiai;e Ior lhe  Rear Aiiuitr
.   the   16   commanding   officers,
laidas the ships through Mag-
San   Y Tuhcsoo.
��� i naval   [Wf-nt.   the   re\iew   and
ni   tha  Ib't   today    was    the
Labia    iu    American     history,
ive bom several pus-MenUa1 re
tin-   Atlantic   lH-ei  during the
bteec   months   but  In these  bathe   treat   shiim   were  lying  at
ehaina   while     the     srevtewing
Bed up and down their lines.
lha licet was outwaid bound on
Miiicti, as  tli.-  president  him-
ressed it "no fleet of such size
:   ... fore undertaken."
Volume 2.    No. 165
���     S\
DEC 211907        ))
Will be delivered    every evening   at
your door for
Fifty Cbnts a month
*""""�� ���>>-' Buttering Dagi ..i the decora
i'-a Hlilns. the ,-ffc-c' being one of unexpected beauiy.
The Hist polnl at. which the Beet win
touch Ik Trinidad, which plaee, accord-
In.; to uch<-dul<* win be reached tha day
l�� fore (.'hrlatmns Tin* k.iI.hi-.|.i,.ih iiiii-
eraiy will Include U|��� .lan.*lr... Pnnta
Arenas, f-iilla., and Maedali-nn Bay
rrom which place the lata ol departure depend, upon the completion ..f tar-
" praotloe there, l-'i.r the ame r.a-
< the date of the arrival at San
Frandaco, the ultimate objective point,
has nol been determined Ai Manda-
lena Ba; the battleships will be lotned
by the eruisen and destroyers already
on  their  way  there.
Rucsian    Navy   to    Be    Rebuilt���Eighty
More Victims Wanted.
BI Petersburg, Dec. 1G.��� The parliamentary commute.* of national defense
lias begun its consideration of the battleship estimates and n proposition for the
reconstruction ,.r iin Russian licet win
be submitted to the liuma as soon an
possible. The members of the committee
generally are opposed to the pur. base
of ha'llcshlp plans from Ureal   llritain.
Sl. Petersburg. Dec. 1G.���The authorities have just completed th.'ir InTfrtga.
tlon of ihe daring terrorist robbery of
O.-U.I.. i IT, 1S06, and in addllion to the
tiiiri'-.-n nn-ii win. already have baata
ex.cut.,J in cimnection with this outrage. ..l-zhty others are lo be tried Cor
Annual   Meeting   of   University     Club���
Officer.   Elected���Discussion
of  Te aching  Profession.
Norfolk,  Va., Dec   Hi���With a "bnn
trom th. Prealdenl of the Un
I 3tl '���     and a salute from tin- deep
throated .ains of tin- Cape torts the six
jreal   battleships  or the  Atlantic
.. ed majestically out of Hampton
and  im*. the Atlantic this morn
lnt In   undertake   the   most   wonderful
teal in the history    uf    the    Ani.-ri. an
> ..     Three months win elapse before
Be. is   an.l   men   Of   I lie   lleet   will
s'.p on    American    soil, during
Ume   ���ay   will   have   rounded
1        li   in and completed a sea trip of
oeaily H.iioo miles
The  departure    of     the    battleships
i .:. graatait naval ���paetacl.-ever
-.i. It. re In tune.* ,.f  pea.-.      The no*.*.
.u navy was In lis Infancy when
ihe i,ri Haul International naval rondos
if 1893    was   held   In   Hampton
Road      Today   ihe  magnlflcenl     Beet,
i ���:���    command oi Bear   Umlral Rob
D   Brans, prt w nted ���   picture  ..i
Impreaalve Bghtlng strength notable In
'li.   haval annals of III.   world
American .i-ssois al naval jati-erlnga
ib i id have always been an attractive
centre ..r   Interest    bt   ��� i ���    ol    thj
i   linea  and    elean-cul    appear
unci     Today, ass, tabled    In    the   mn
��� : [th of ��� lighting ile.-i lhal Is the
equal ..i any in the wo. id. they made
aa Impression thai will live lonj In
'ii. memory of those who looked on,
while the President, as Commands! '"���
Chief, doffed his Inn In acknowledge.
mow ol .ach thunderous saints u the
'....iinri fortressea passed oui to s.-a.
The Prealdenl reviewed Ihe Beet from
th. deck of the trim little yacht cruller Mayflower, where the pesos plenl
i i ii.-i.-H of uiisi'iu and   Japan   mel
two year ago. in the Prealdent's party
��. I- Mrs. it...,:..-.. ii. Secratarj "I the
Navj an.l Mrs Mil,air. asalstanl Bee
retar) and Mrs. Newbatry, Rear a.dmlr
nl  I Mrs. Itrownson and Hoar Adiuli
��1 and Mrs. I'owles.
The Mayflower   reached   the   scene
'  Waahington early this   morning
The Prealdenl did nol go aboard any
1,1  the    battleships,  but    Immediately
after the yacht anchored Hear Admiral
Evans, the eo.iimaniler-In-chief of lhe
Beet, and the various flag offloeri went
aboard the Mayflower and paid their ro
peeti to th,. President Thej/were foi
lowed by tha commanding oflUTera of the
"hips. Immediately upon their return
in their respective vessels    the   ordei
was   given   for   the   Heel     tO   gel   illldd
way and siand om. preceded by the
Mayflower, which came to anchor In the
vicinity or the "tail or tha horseshoe,"
Hu-  Heel   meanwhile  passing  In  reviea
"Ull OUI  tO sea.
\.iinlrni Evans' flagship, the Connecticut, led the wnv. and as slu- passed
Hi- Mayflower, ".lose aboard," Ihe Hag
���hip boomed out the Hrsi guns of the
Presidential salute. The Connection!
was follow,-d by (he other vessels or the
"eei in the following prder: Kentuoky,
Kearsarge, Alabama, Louisiana, Kan*
iae, Vermont. (Seorglii. Virginia, New
Jersey, Rhode Island, Mlr-Besota, Ohio,
Maine.   Missouri   an.l   Illinois.
I'Saeh   vessel   lived   II   rOUnd   of   I Weill*
"tu- gun  ns  ii  passed the  Mayflower,
""Him the Slllllles to Ihe President. the
White tnilTa of powder smolie Honied
"way like tiny flecks of summer clouds
The annual meeting of the I'niversity
cluh wns held Baturday night, president
C. M. Fraser presiding, others present
being Mrs. Kraser. Mrs. Pear. *. Is. *
J. T. Ferguson, Dr. Arthur and R. J.
The following offlcets were elected Tor
the ensuing year: president, Kev. F. H.
Graham; secretary treasurer. R. .1
Clark; executive committee. Mrs.
Pearcy, Kev. .I. T. Ferguson and C If.
The I Intverslty committee was continued In office and ihe president and
secretary and Dr Arthur, were appointed a committee to lake charge of the
printing and circulation of tbe cle*,��'s
The treasurer reported a small cash
ImaiiiT on hand.
The minutes of the laat monthly
meeting   WSTI    then   read   and   adopted.
The chairman of the University committee reported tha panning of two resolutions on university endowment and
organisation as follows;
Thai whereas the u-v.iiii. from the
giant of tWO million ucres Of land made
to the provincial university, with values
or minerals and timber deducted, is sure
to prove totally inadequate to produce
the amouni ol endowment which win
be ie.nine,! in future tor such unlver
s.tv.  and
"Wheieas ihe experience of all other
provincial and itate universities haa
b. .11 thai He re Is an Inevitable, con
Hun..us and glowing demand lor more
buildings and equipment, and
-whereas nu* giant of land lor tic-
purpose of endowment would email far
I, ss Inlerf. n noe with the developmenl
i,���,i -eiiieineni of the province now
thru ai any future Ume, and, further,
might eaallj be made now wlthoul any
laaa to tbe annual revenues ol tha prov-
���Therefore the members of this Dni-
verslt) club reepeetfully urge the gov*
, mmenl ot British Oolumbls to malte
,���,,visio��� for additional endowmenl bj
iettlni aside a much larger gmui al the
next   session of the  le'.islall.te.
-This I nlvi rsli.v Hub respectfullJ
urgee the governman IritlahColum
l,ia to appoint at II" Bt ��1 session " the
leglslal.ire ��� hoard of governors ol Ibe
Provincial Onlveralty; such board ..i
governors  to have  power     to    lolec   ��
',,,., ���ident, wi,.. shall forthwith beoome
pieu.lie, oi the board: and to Inatruol
s.,.1, board of goveraore to draft a char-
,,.,. imd constitution for the university,
,,,,. ,.,,������. ,,, be submitted al tha session
nf igotj together with inch reeommi a
dauons'aa may seem to them wise u
,���, (h,,ici. oi site, seleotion o!  ands and
tlisl   faCUltlBl  I"  He organized.
resi.liilions.   With   the   address
Arthur, read at the  i*.'"-'"'1",;
1��V     III"   ,
.... ing. we- being printed In pamph
"'I forin and WOUld soon l>-' ������*�� f'"'
"l.;.|;::,;,,";::;���,lons were,milled and th,
n'fll^uii then read a paper on
..Th, Passing of Hi" Mul" Teacher.
.bowing   thai     the proportlp-
of     fe
SStottUmto the w'hole nuinbertad
��� ���    __ ,��� ������. [aMi    ,n year,    from
, i  in to nearly BO per cent,   in tti
. _,,���������,��� ,,f Canada lb- PWPWtlM
now nearly ��0 per cent., nnd siinll.ii
oondlUon? pwvall '",."- ^<':\*":Z
He saw no reason
check to the nioveiii"
It gave to hoys that formal study and
learning were for women only and beneath a man's Interest and attention.
He thought also lhal the discipline a
t.o> learned irom lady teachers waB of
a dlfl'eieut kind and less valuable to
boys over the age ol 10 or 12 than that
exerciacd by a master. Dr. Arthur
thought the causes could Im.* round iu
the inadequate salaries, ihe tedium and
monotony of the work and the prevalent
idea that a teacher Ib obsolete and useless after middle age. R. J. Clark
thought an early result of the movement would be an Impetus towards tlie
creation of private schools for be;, s.
taught by men. He believed that the
first cause w-aB the pioneer con iii .is
In both Canada and America where
men culd not be spared from the more
urgent work of clearing and cultivitlng
the land and developing industries. If
so the evil might he cured by the gradual manning of national. Intelligence,
but not at an early dale.
The programme committee was instructed to call on the new president.
Kev. F. 11. Graham, for a paper for the
January meeting and then to prepare
a draft prograo-me lor the year.
The club then adjourned to Jan. 11.
Clearing   House   Paper   Easily  Counterfeited���Thousands in Circulation.
r.ir hoping for Bnj
lent   though be eon
i,,ie".,i"ll's" e'lTecIs   on   Ihe   com.in I
"Hlev"1!   T   Ferguson.  Dr.   Allln,.' and
���       ciark took pari In the U*���__]
,a    followed.    Mr. Ferguson though!
, ,,:,������� of ihe tendency wholly unfortunate, especially ln the Impression
Seait'.e, Dec. 1G.���For some time past
rumors have been In circulation regarding tbe clearing house c. riilit-ates still
used as currency in the coast cities of
the United Stales, and it would seem
that there will l-e things doing when
the time comes for their redemption, i'
is not the real certificates that give
cause lor alarm, but the enormous number ul couulerleils that undoulitedl\
have heen put into circulation, lt is
well known that In San Francisco the
bogus certificates made their appear*
ante ihe day after the first Issue of the
genuine ones and before the public at
large was thoroughly familiar with the
new currency. For a while almosi any
old thing passed as a clearing house
certificate, but now tbe forgeries have
to he. and are cleverly executed, and
are quite Impossible of detection save
by students of handwriting thoroughly
fnmillar with the signatures imitated
In a'l olber resiiects the bogus certificates are exactly like the genuine, and
there is no difference to be detected.
Sculptor at Play.
N. w York. Dec. 16.���The Times today says: "Pierre Aityu. the French
sculptor, w-ho arrived on the Lorraine
yesterday, amused tbe passengers by
making clay models of Miss Sutherland
of Montreal, who was on board, aud had
to be strapped In position, owing to th.
rolling of the steamer, while he modelled her leaimes Alter It was complete.I
the model was disposed of for linn. 52".
ol' the money realized being given to th.
muslclani, tha remaining $���*> will i>,
paid for having tbe work bronzed here."
Charged with Assault.
Mcllcnry. Miss., Dec. 1G���News
reached here of the lynching last night
of Patrick Husband, alias Pal .legs, a
negro, about eight miles easi of here.
I In,1.and was charged with assaulting
two daughters or Daulton, a well known
plantar. Abonl 100 armed men captured the negro and shot him lo death
Important Discovery Reported from Aurora Mine near Moyie���Syndicate  Formed.
Fred, .i   Kmyth. editor ..r the Moyie
Leader. Is ill the "ily. Mi. Smyth is
pleased wilh ilie progress and prosperity or his town.  The i.ig payroll places
Moyie In the Usl of lhe few places in
ilie ...iiulrv Ibal are enjoying uninterrupted prosperity.
Another matter tor congratulation n>
tin- Moyie cltliens Is tho discovery las:
Satuidav or B big body Ol sled galena
On on 111" Annua. The Aurora Is under   bond   to ���   syndlciiie  composed   of
twenty-five business men of Moyie.   \
considerable am tl of money bus been
e\p.nd..i on the mine In linking a abaft
and tunnelling. The men have been
working there r.u- tome time, and on
Baturday morning their labors were rewarded by running Into a ledge ..i ateel
galefB The dteoovi ry caused a great
deal or excitement In Moyie, and naturally the stockholders feel highly ala
ted. W. I Felton, who has charge of
the properly, regards the discovery as
of gieal Importance to the Kootenays.
Guarantee Company Pay..
Toronto, Dec. 1 G.���The Crown  Hani
today won an action for 111,000 agalual
the   London   Guarantee     and     Accident
Company for sureties or $r,,iinti on Kd
ward Sl George llunwell, who stole
|40,360 i.r the bunk's money nnd |8,OO0
on Francis M. Mnnnell. clerk In lhe
bank. It cost the hank $10,1-46 to nr
rest llunwell ami reeoyer tbe inone*
and action was entered agalnsl the
gainantee coinenny. The guarantee
company contests'] the action <m the
ground thai it was through the negll-
genoe of Manual! thai Banwell was en-
Ibled lo Swindle the bank. Tbe court
however held the guarantee company re
Meteorological Expert on
Canada's Climate
Another Reproof for Kipling���General News of Canada From
Ocean to Ocean.
Ottawa, Dec its.���In an address before
the Canadian Club Saturday II. F. Stu-
part, director of the meteorological office. Toronto, gave a ,'jomprehensive
description of the climate of (Sanada. He
said that wh ile Euroiveans Ihs.ught Canada was a northerly country, Ottawa
was further south than Venice; Toronto
is ii5n miles south of London and Winnipeg about 100 miles south. All Canada Is favored with more sunshine than
any portion of Great llritain, Germany,
Holland or Northern France. The summer temperature of the Dominion Is
between -l and ffl while in soulhermost
l-Sugland this is generally between :SSJ
aad 16. The salient features of Canada's climate, Sttipart said, is not the
cold of winter, but tbe perfection of
summer and autumns.
St. Catherines, Dec. K,._Low pressure of natural gas was nearly responsible for the death of Dr. Klots, brother
ot the well known government astronomer, his wile and servant girl, yesterday.
St. Thomas. Dec. if,���The city council has decided to reduce tho price of
gas from $1.15 to ?1 per thousand feet,
commencing January 1. Tbe municipal
gas plant will show a hig surplus this
Toronto. Dec. 1G.���Shareholders of the
derunct Ontario Lank are reeling ex-
leedingly blue over the result ol the
meeting of Thursday. The conditions
are now that they may be called on for
fifty per cent of double liability of
shareholders, now-estimated at about
$860,000. This sum may be materially
decreased If the price of certain securities aud real estate should advance.
Varlyle, Dec. 1G.���Jonhn McVnin.
struck by a rrelgbt engine last week, is
dead, aged 73.
Toronto, Dec. 1G.���The exhibition this
year made $;uj.42i and spent $1(1,796,
leaving a surplus of $40.fiiG. or which
the citv will receive $Sir,.(HI0. The unemployed have decided not to hold a
parade on the ground that It would not
be wise to make such a public demon
Monl real. Dec. 16,��� Paola Casubs,
Austrian, employed by C. P. lt. engine
shops |s under,' i-,rrest charged w-lth
raising a pay Cheque trom ten to lorty
Montreal, Dec. 1G���Fred. Ileele. the
Wisconsin wonder, who for a time held
the heavy weight championship or
Amedlea. defeated Yankee Rogers last
night. Iteele won the match in two
straight falls, the first in thirty-one
minutes and the second in live minutes.
Ottawa. Deo. 16.���Ottawa's population
will be increased to "7.1100 by the an-
n, xatMiu oi the suburbs of Ottawa llasi.
Hlntonburg, Ottawa South und BJdoau*
Montreal, Dec 16.���The attorney-genera! of the Province of Quebec has ordered the closing up on Sunday of all
moving picture theatres. There will
he some lest  cases.
Montreal. Dec. 10.���Fire last night did
damage to the extent nt $16,000 io premises ..n Craig streei west, occupied by
the Dominion Radiator Cnmpnnv. Livingstone clothing Company, f l. Ben*
dick. Importer, and Lawson and Jones.
lithographers. Adjoining premises oc
..iiiiled by C. D. Ross and Thrndos and
Dennis, Sign Company were also dani-
aged i" souk* extent,
Halifax, Dec. ir,.���Reports from the
mainland Ibis morning Indicate thnt the
Thompson liner Kildonan. which struck
a rock off Cape Snhle Sunday morning.
broke "P in yesterday's storm.
Montreal Dec 16.���The stenmer Km
press of Britain sailed from Halifax at
1 a. in. Saturday with 1IS0SI passengers
Ol this number -IT7 were second class.
Toronto. Dec. 10.���UntbiirKt Metho
dlst church yesterday raised over $14.
noo to lirt the mortgage off the church
Glace Hay. Dec. Ki���David M. Bur
Chill, form, r superintendent of th.
stores of the Dominion Coal Company
and mayor of Glace Hay, wns commit
ted for trial on the charge of om}H'7._lc
resigned and has accepted the call to
St. Peter's Lutheran Church at Preston. Ont.
As a recompense for the city losing
the revenue from three or four liquor
licnses in the west end, Mr. J. R.
Booth will give the council J2.000 ir it
will not gram any licenses next year
for Uridge street.
Winnipeg, Dec. 10.���Hon. A. Bruce,
son of Earl F.lgin. with A. C. Deverlne.
secretary of tbe earl, are here today
and will" remain several days. He Ib
the grandson of the former governor-
general of Canada and tbe son of the
present Earl of Elgin, who was born
iu Canada.
rieausejour.Man., Dec. 1G.���Fire broke
out this morning in the Berger liolel
and made a clean sweep of the hotel
and llerger's livery barn and pool
rom. Vass' livery barn. Madden's general store and hardware.
Macleod, Dec. 1G.���The Jury in the
case of Fetterman suspected of muider,
were out for over two hours on Saturday and returned a verdict of guilty
against Mrs. Fetterman. charged with
shooting her husband with intent to kill.
Whltewood, Sask.. Dec. 16.���A Ead
feature of the discovery of the remains
ol the long missing man, Alex Calder,
was the death or his daughter toliowing the announcement of the discovery.
MiRs Calder was in precarious health
and after being informed of her father's
fate, Bhe sank rapidly and her death
was only a matter or some hours.
Calgary, Dec. 16.���After a lively discussion, occupying nearly the entire session ol Saturday afternoon, the -delegates at the convention of Alberta unions and tbe farmers' society decided
by a vote of 31 to 1 to adopt the name
and the platform of the socialist party
of Canada as their platform for the future.
Winnipeg. Dec. 1G.���The dates prob-
ablv to be submitted by the Wanderers'to the trustees for tbe Stanley Cup
matches with the Winnipeg* are Jan.
25 an.l 28. The dates suggested are conditional upon the Quebec club holding
over the scheduled match with_ the
champions at the Arena on Jan. 25.
Winnipeg. Dec. 16.���With scarcely an
exception, hats worn by the women attending Central Congregational church
were removed last evening, ln fact they
were taken off In many cases before
Rev. Mr. Gordon made the request just
prior to the sermon. There was a little
stir while the hat-pins were being re
moved by the people sitting In their
places but otherwise there was no confusion and apiiarently all present were
quite willing to comply with the sug
gestion. The church was crowded,
seats having to be improvised on the
gallery steps.
MacLeod Station, Dec. 16. ��� Fire
broke out ln a vacant building which
was partly burned last August, and was
horning at four o'clock this morning. It
was apparently Incendiary. The flames
spreBd to a Chinese laundry and total
Iv destroyed It. together with a build
ing occupied by some Chinamen aB a
St. John. N. R.. Dec. 16.���There is
evcrv Indication that the general pro
vlnrial elections will be held next Mon
day an.l that no session will be held
until  after  lhe  election.
Principal  Patrick Calls    Movement for
Church Union Greatest Event Since
Winn!...**-, Dec. 18.���?"If tho pr-'si-nt
npRotiutUms for chunh union conic to
a KurccHsrul ttTi.iin_.tinn the r��-Ulti
will In- farther ri-arhlns. I hi'llove, than
999*0 conft'deratlon. The 0,1*11.rtunity
that prt'sonb. Itftrlf to tba Presbyterian
church of Canada todny Is not one that
occurs once In a Reneratlon; but it Is
the srealest that has heen presented te
the church since the Reformat Ion '
Thll was the way Principal Patrick
summed up the church union move
m nl in an address at We-slrnin-i. .
church when he reviewed the whole
hUloiy or the agitation, lie pave a clear
Idea to the lar��e attendance of what
these changes would mean for Canaihi
will remain one week. If a place suitable cannot be purchased, a new house
will be built. The Sullivan & Considine
syndicate ia one of the wealthiest amusement organizations on the continent.
ExFire Chief Sentenced.
Sault Ste. Marie, Dec. 16,���George
Raymond, until recently fire chief of
Itland River, was on Saturday night
found guiHy of Incendiarism in connection with the fire at Campbell's hotel on
September 3rd and ^jatencui to seven
years in the peniteut_it.*��� 00 a forgory
charge, on ,\which he was convicted
Friday, having written a letter to himself signing the names of Oulette Bros.,
in which he offered himself $500 to set
flre to certain buildings. Raymond is
sentenced to seveu years on each
charge, sentences to run consecutively.
Agreement in Sight.
Ottawa, sDec. 16.���Prof. Shortt, chairman of the board of arbitration investigating the grievances of Grand Trunk
telegraphers, writes the labor department that general principles of settlement are agreed to, which leaves on-y
detLails to be cleared up with the representatives of the men before a settlement can be announced.
Fight For Centre York.
Toronto. Dec. 16.���Captain T. G. Wai
lace. Conservative, and Dr. McL-ean.
Liberal, were nominated for Centre
Yor k t his afternoon for the vacancy
in the commons caused by the appointment of Campbell to the senate.
Sage  of Skibo Picturesquely     Explains
Necessity  and  Benefits of
Financial Depression.
New York, Dec. if* The eighth annual .ueeting of the National Civic Fed-
���ftrat-teir was called to order today at the
Park avenue hotel with more than 150
men and women prominent in various
walks of life in attendance. First Vice-
President. Samuel Gompers called the
meeting to order and introduced Andrew Carnegie who said:
"Let us dismiss from our minds the
idea that there is any cure possible
for financial troubles and panics. These
have their root in human nature and are
as certain as the tides and the storms,
the warm stimulated sunshine of summer, succeeded bv the frozen winter.
and are just as esse-^tlal for the regulation, clearance and purification of
business, as these changes are for the
general health of human life. The point
that demands attention Is that our banking system is unlike that of other countries. I agree thoroughly with those.
however, who believe that the present
is no time to urge the complete change
we need."
20,000 Club Ball.
The second ball of the season under
20,000 club auspices will be held In the
roller skating rink tomorrow evening.
While one of the clnb's objects is to
raise funds for its work, the entertainment committee, which is In charge of
the dance, fully appreciate the fact that
patronage of a public dance in Nelson
depends far more on the expectation
of pleasure and enjoyment than on the
worthiness or the object. The rink in
which the dance will be given has been
improved since the last time it was used
fnr such purposes. The heating and ven
tilation have been greatly Improved aud
the supper room nr.irl.- more comfort
able. The music will be furnished by
Curtis' orchestra. The lady patron
esses are as follows: Mesdames \V. A.
Macdonald. T. G. Procter. G, P. Wells.
.1 M Lav. B. F. Glgot. .1. K. Tnvlot, A
L MeCniioch. R. J. Hawkey, .1. C. Gore,
W. J. Goepel and W. S. Hiblet.
Ottawa, Dec. 10.���Rat. C. Lucas, of
St. .Inhn's Germnn Lutheran Church.
Crelshton Street, New    Edinburgh, has
New Place of Amusement.
A  private  letter  has been     received
trom  a   gentleman   connected   with  the
Sullivan tSi Considiii" vaudeville cire-ii.
asking for Information as to what can
In*  dona In the way of securing prem
Ises   for   the   estnhll-sbment   of   one  or
their famous vaudeville houses in Nelson.     Already   the  company has  seemed   the   Columbia   theatre   nt   Spokane.
uml the object ls to bring their people
through here from  Minneapolis and St.
Paul by way of Winnipeg.    After playing  a  week  at Winnipeg, the  perform-
ecrs WOUld leuve Tor CnlgH. y and thence
to  NclBon.    The  probabilities  are  that
the   house   will  be   kept   open   at   least
two nights u week with ��� Saturday matinee.    It may be thai airan^ements can
be   made  for   the   laat   three   night*;  of
each WOO-.    Th" performers will be the
siune  us  appear In  the  lead in-; houses
or the circuit, and thev will leave here
I every Sunday for Spokane, where they
Jubilee Singers.
Williams' Jubilee Singers will appear
at the Presbyterian Church tomorrow
evelng. To those who delight In plan
tu.ion music this Is an Important announcement, The company cornea to
Nelson bighlv commended by tho newspapers    everywhere.    In    concluding a
lengthy notice or their performance at
Winnipeg, the Free Press or that city
says: "In every respect it was par excellence and calls to memory the Flsk
Jubilee Singers who proved bo popular
years ago. The programme wus composed of negro melodies, plantation
and jubilee songs and humorous selections. The company Is a most talented one throughout."
No Compromise Possible
With Modernists
Elocution Following Secret Consistory���Extols Loyalty and Zeal
of the Episcopate*
Prices of Mstarrs.
New     York.  Dec.  16/���Bllver,  54MiC.;
copper. 12HO.;  lead, $4.75.
London, Dec. 16.���Silver, 25%d.; load,
Opening  Copper  Quotations.
New York, Dec 16. 1907.
(By McDermld _  Mcllardy.)
Asked nid
Granhv *_0.0Q       $70.00
Dominion   Copper...       1,75 1.62%
B. C. Copper     4.25 4.00
Rome, Dec. 16.���Piua X. today held
a secret consistory in the Vatican in
which he created four new cardinals
and consecrated several bishops. The
Pope delivered an elocution in which he
made reference to the tenacious persecution of the Redeemer and said that
His church had been attacked from all
sides in a warfare o-pen or dissembled.
The rights and laws of the church had
been trampled on even by those who
should safeguard them and the impious
and vulgar press had fought her even
to the extent of disturbing the public.
The Pontiff cited the recent disorders
In Italy. To this must be adued, he
continued, the disastrous propaganda
in the bosom of Catholicism itself,
which is being carried on by modernists who disdain the Pontifical authority and desire that authority to sanction a new faith and a new compromise
with the modernists, who would otherwise enlist themselves frankly aiming
'he enemies of the church. This would
be a less evil. As it is. they proclaim
themselves Catholics, partake of the sacraments and celebrate mass.
The conclusion of the elocution read:
"The episcopacy has accepted the papal
directions with eagerness and- has applied them with zeal, but the modernists persevere In their rebellion and
give manifest proof of their attitude
even in the press. May God enlighten
these misled ones.*'
No Car Shortage.
Toronto. Dec. 16.���Officials at the
Union Depot report that the shortage
In freight cars, of which so much was
heard lately, has entirely disappeared,
as there are now lots of cars lying
indie in the yards. Even in refrigerators cars the supply Is apparently quite
equal to the demand, although there is
not the same surplus of rolling stock.
The anple crop, however, has now been
almost moved, and there will not be any
heavy demand until after the New Year.
Fighting in Algeria.
Lalla, Aleeria, Dec. 16. ��� The
Reni Mangouch tribesmen and a body
of French troops under the command of
Lieutenant-Colonel Felineauhave. had
an encounter in the vicinitv of Ains-
ra. The tribesmen were finally repulsed. The French, who had twelve m***n
wounded, including n lieutenant, are
bivouacked in the field.
Five Years for Embezzler.
Sherbrooke, Dec. IC.���A. H. Anderson, treasurer of the Quebec Central
railway, who last week admitted a
shortage of $85,000 In his accounts and
asked for a speedy trinl was sent for
five years to the penitentiary. A numerously signed netltion for leniency
was sent to the Judce.
Wreck A Mystery.
St. John, Dec 16.���Captain Roberts
and crew of Ihe wrecked Thompson
liner Kildonan arrived this morning on
the steamer I_oulsburg. The captain
and officers will not talk aB to the
cause of the accident which appears to
he a mvstery as the weather was fine
"hen the vessel struck and the sea
was not high.
Toronto's Unemployed.
Toronto. Dec. 16.���Tho total number
of registered men out of work In Toronto ls 2,740. This of courBO does not Include the great army of unemployed
who do not belong to lat*>r organizations. It Is also understood that at
l-'ftst 300 clerks in big stores have been
laid off.
Unknown Suicide.
Winnipeg,Dec. 16.���An unknown man
committed suicide yesterday morning
bv hanging in a barn at the rear of 824
Aberdeen avenue. No one in the vicinity was able to recogulze the victim.
Contest in Ottawa.
Ottawa. Dec. 16.���J. R. Caron, Liberal, and ex-Mayor W. D. Morris, Independent Conservative were nominated
this afternoon for tbe vacant seat In
the commons caused by the elevation of
Bel court to the senate.
Died in Harness.
Toronto, Dec 16--Thos. V illlev, one
of the oldest cfvll servants died this
morning practically of old age. He was
eighty yearB old and had been In the
government service, lie was formerly
a member of the Toronto police force.
Rowing Accident.
Sarnia. Dec. 16 ���Kdward Brown. 24
yenrs of ace, of Corunna, attempted to
t;ke off his overcoat In a ro*vboat while
crossing the river below Port Humn and
was thrown into the river and drowned.
s   ��� .1
.3  -ii ���
: *<l
1   >jj
L ���iii
t.**o uaily Canadia
Clothing.    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Batik of Canada
Head Offk . :   Toronto.
canlUI Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital Paid Up $4,860,000
r Rest    $4 860,000
D. R. WILKJ-E. President.
HOI*. K.OBKKT JAl'FBAY, Vice-President
Branches in I'-iitish Columbia s
Interest  allowed on   deposits  fi .m date of deposit andcreditedquarterly.
^!.   M.   LAY,   Manasser.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporat. d  A. D.  1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve  Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kind, of Banking  Business.
-.avings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manage*.
f%l   mm*tt\ f.i -:���-.���*��� a wf:-!  Of *.n-i
CA>ad:a>  11JBUK���DM 00-~_JfT, Ltl.
B_ifcr L'      Nt-.-v-n. B. C
(taoKTlption rater*. -^ onii a month ot
lo tht eb_r, '-r to j>. ��� you ll atut by iua_, wnen
pEi-i lo Mvaaee
Adter.it:lc :*.���-���:'��� an application.
a_ m       ���   . I The tikV.y
C*\*2tVdla\U    Ml Latl
-.lT-cr*..!-::^*   ::. .���:   -  :���   **.;
!   ��� -  -���'.   tmt Um|*t.uy.   utier receipt*  *:���
Tal id.
Monoay. December 16t*., 1907.
Tb* r.   m em :-.ng abisolut-
tuous alx-m th- ..
praos arid party I
iiaakfc capita] out ol Qu
tenia! tmn .*
-axpoaure oi Jaa ���
relations to it and
pciHiii'jii to :
Let .-
has do tie ail that il WOM s*kad to   I
wards sou lading i
Hindu,   -riii-
exoeptionaJ delicacy and diffii
JaspanoM ar<   ..- idmltted,   al-
mo i- iiivii'-d, I,.- a ti- --
ILaurlot gorammeni    James   Dui
was appointed to bis pi
obvious motives, b> tbi   Lam
ment and in removable    only    b)   thai
British   Columbia   Ik   represented   at
Ottawa  by a  Liberal  cabinet  mini '
two Liberal senators  and  seven  Llbei
al members.    The one Tory  represen
talive, Senator Macdonald, iy, uf course,
Ignored by a Liberal sgovi rnment.
Not one of those ten Liberal represen
tatives raised a single word of protest
against either of the acts that have
made the present situation possible.
While u. <:. Mcpherson, M. P . and hi
coUeagues declaim, and _i ?;. Liberal
Associations pass resolutions, in denun
elation ol the Lieutenant-Governor and
the Orientals, what i.s the one respoi
Hible  Liberal  voice in  Canada  saying'
The question Ih answered by the foi
lowing from the Mail and Empire;
"*i know my words will be reported
In liritish Columbia/ said Sir Wilfrid
Laurier ai the Ottawa nomination meet
Ing, imi i speak here the same lam.
uage that l would speak there, II -;
were my privilege tn h" there; bul I tel!
them, "Vou huve your views upofl thil
Question*- You arc hostile to tin- liniui
gration of Oriental races,   I do nol can
We know all them ia to know about
Watches and Jewels. So If you want
to buy any
or have any repairing done, we are the
people to come to. Our charges for expert repair work are most moderate.
We have many beautiful diamond rings,
pendants of pearls end diamonds, lockets, brooches, etc.
opinion of the style of our statement is
not even interesting. But it seems generic. "Makes up in crudity what It
lacks in comprehensiveness" Is as nearly English as "dirge of lament." "Exists
for the purpose of howling" still seems
to us quite comprehensive. It is also
apparently quite comprehensible even
to the World, which without shame, almost wiih pride, acknowledges the
truth. If the last sentence means anything it means that all papers that do
not exist for the purpose of howling are
under the suspicion of being gagged,
Therefore the World, which is In a class
by itself in Canada, must be the only
organ in the Dominion whose freedom
is certain. Our expressions of opinion
are under certain limitations from
which the World is quite free. They
are common sense, regard for the truth
and a conception of decency.
obialtis, tlietict1   ea*t  no   chain.*,   th>-mi'   south l*��
chalna, tiienea weat 80 ohslna to tin* piae-oibe
ginning,   oonalnlng *������" a- rat, more OI less.
Located November IHth, 1��<7.
CHAK..I-   JMTCHER,   I-*OC��tOr.
:.-���  b   ��� istaka.'    This  Is the
��� '  Sir Wilfrid to the appeals of
tbe   British    Columbians    against    the
Orientals in large numbers
lya: ��� I do
��� nib," it seems
to tx   a  n o!  Commodore Van
derbilts irk expressing
*   .Ic '���; irii".i.
��� Sir Wilfrid i.*- s blunder,   it . --��� to treat tbe views
* a great  community contemptuously,
- .":   riewi  aside, with The de-
-. -hat one 'dot M���" for the
ts of tha people, ts Intolerant
K tyran    or a man pos-
the only
��� ho would be guilty of <i     om
- End     Bi   Ida     11   may  be
;-���'���; e who aln  the sen
timents ao disrespectfully spoken of arc
right     C re Is an element of
;. e  in  the case
ii    Sir    Wilfrid
���    to n ad the report
���oin appointed by
the Oriental Influx.
The ' repoi ted thai  the Im*
I   ��� to   much   Oriental   labor
WOt I rn;.ii.  and   for   hu.-i
i to    make    this
atk rather  'torn  Canadian.
c< immlsalon   was
Wilfrid ought to attack that
d of i ast ing reflections upon
tbe people who barvi   -accepted the judg-
be tribunal as correct"
Thai publ c -stab tnenl oo the question
has   no'   It d   to   the   resignation  of  out
l.i' - ral cabinet minister, of either of our
Libera]   senators,  or  of  any    one    of
seven Libi ral members.   Mere is a brilliant  opportunity, the only one    available,   I'M    determining   whither   liritish
Columbia endorses sir Wilfrid Laurier's
postUon    if the Liberal representatives
of liritish Columbia are honest and sln-
oere in their public professions against
Oriental    Immigration,   their only con
ceivable course is to resign in a body
as   a   protest   against   the   attitude   of
Lhelr leader,
Bryce Not Retiring.
London. Dec. 16.���The Associated
Press is officially informed that the
rumor to the effect that James Bryce,
'he British Ambassador, is to leave the
Washington embassy, is absolutely un-
Corporation of tho City of Nelson.
Notice is hereby given that the flrsl
sitting of the Court of Revision for revising and correcting of the Voters' List
for the year 1908, will be held in the
Council Chamber, City Hall. Nelson. It.
C. on Saturday the -1st day of December, Inst., at the hour of 10 o'clock, a.
m. W   D.  WA8SON,
City Clerk.
Nelson. B. C,  Dec.  16th, 1'.���"?.	
Take notice that a Court oi Revision Of the Voters' List of ttie Git* of
Kaslo will sll on the alt-it da> of lleeein-
ber, 1907, Si eleven o'clock, a. in., (local tlmei. arid continue from day to day.
If requisite, at the Council Chambers of
the City of Kaslo. n. C.
Dated this 14th day of Deoember, 190T.
Clerk of the Municipality.
Nelson Land Diatrict. District oi West _oo--?ntiy
Take Optica that "oloinnii Wilkinson, of Nelson, B <.', ooonpatlon lumberman, Intend*- lo
apply tor a npi-.-ial timber licence over the Cul-
low.in- tleMTlU-l land*:
1. Comnient-tlift at a post planted on Ihe north
bank of Bnmmlt meeS about two and a half
mile-*- from Un mouth, tiu-n.-e north 40 chain**,
tbsnoe eael IH" i-haint*. thenee nouth 40 chaim,
thence went 16*.' i-hain*..
Iirtte-l adh November, 1907.
2. Oommanolng at a pont planted on an unnamed creek which down Into Summit creek
Inun the nouth at a point about two and a half
miles ea��t from the north fork oi r-umnitt eraak
bald im-: >���*-ni*.��� plaoad about three .niartuni mile
upnin'h uiniumed oxook and abcmt 800 feet to
the eant Ihereol, thenee eant 4i)eha|nri, thein-e
nouth lfio ehaliit., theuce Weat 4Uchaltin, tbSOM
mirth Imi chalna.
Dated 19th Novymoer, 1907.
:i. Oomnani���DC at a p<K.t plant-*d on an uti-
naincd creek whioh Mow* Into Summit crei-k
irom the nouth at a point about two ands halt
milea ernt frnni the uorth iork ol Summit creak
at a point about three i-uanen mile up nuch
Otm i. and about fiOU ft*��t to the eait Ihcreof,
thanoe aouth ic chains, thence went 40 chalni,
th-ui e north ttKi chalna, th-oce eait 40 chalni.
hated iwth horambor, lw-T.
4. t'tirnni'-neln-cat a pi*-t plan led on thenorl-i-
ea.it utile ot th<* north fork of Summit eraak
about four inllen irom the junction oi the north
f.-rk with the main Summit one������ thence -unit h
n chain*, then.-, woot Hoaatna, thence north W
i hai n k, the nee eait so chainn.
Dated 1-th, November, 19<7
Boi omom WlUttvaos,
b   iiEOROK YoiNo, Agent.
Nelnon I-jind Dintrict. Dlitrlct of Went Kootenar
Take notice that ('harlcn (�� Baadar, of Bj>o-
liaiie. in tbi Stat-- ..I Wa-hlnitton, 0 HA, financial ai*t'iit. Intend! to apply ior a --special timber licence o��er ihe lolJowirm denrrlbed landa.
(1) Commencim. at a pop' planted aboul 800
feet cant of tin* w. -t iurk ofMisnlon creek, one
halt mile north ol the international boundary
line, hIkmii ten milea eant of Kykeria. B O.
thence aouth 4o < haioi, to the international
boundary line. lh> nee went i"0 clialnn. thence
north 40 rhalis- tII-io-.* aaat li-o chalni to the
point of oommt-nieinent, and containliiK M0
acrea, mon* or Jew.
Located the -Wnd October, A D., 1907.
' ii ��� H,.r.* ',. Kkkdkh.
(2) Commeneiiii- at a no��t about half Hinllo
eant of the W09\ i-rk ol lti_r|on creek, aUuit one
nti.l a half mile- north nf the Internationa]
boundary line, about ten   miles eaat of Kyto-rti,
B ��: , thanoa wen W obalna- thence north mo
ehaini, tht-n-e .---tHO ihalnn, thence aoulh HO
chain* to the point of romiiieiicement, and containliiK mo n.-r. i   mort or l-tftn.
laorateil the 22uO day of OatObST, A.D. 19U7.
I'tlANLB- (4.   KKKI'KR.
(A) Commein-liiK at m potl on the inU-rnation
al bou mini y Inn- ODfl mile i-a. I of the eanl fork of
MlMlOII   Oral k   abOOl   IK   mllei  eant of   Kyk-Ttx.
H 0 , tbanos uat40 ohalns. thence north lAt
ohainf, tbanoo BO uhslni went, thenf-e *to chaim
���OUtb, thanee 40 ehaina eant, theuce MO chaltm
noutli lo Ihe pniiil rf cciiiiiiM-uccitieiit and con*
taiiiintc 640 ����� ft*t, more or lean
I.������.-.;.������I tin- /.inl ilny of October, A.D . 19<r7.
<  HAHi.K*. Q    ltKEl'KK
Tbe   Vancouver     Woild   <if   Dee.   liilh
contains the following:
"The Nelson  Canadian,  which   U  not
quite sure whether or not a  Lleuten
ant Governor Bhould enter Into secret
contracts for alien labor, says the Vancouver World exists for the purpose of
howling. The statement makes up in
crudity what it lacks in comprehensiveness. So far as It gOM, however, It Is
quite correct, Bul does it not occur to
the Canadian thai a paper which exists
toi    ihe   purpose   of howllriK   Is,   at.   all
event;-   not   gagged?"
The clause which Ih not quite Hure,
etc," in transparently unirue. ir n
came from any other source we Hhould
MAV      -duliba. ..,1,1-, *_!._ Tiua li'i.rl.l'a
Nelnon Land Dintrict. Dintrict of Went Kootenay
Take notice that I, Charlei Duicher, Intend
to apply for a npei-lal timber licence, to cut and
carry away timber Iiom Mn acren ol land I om-
monefng ai No. 1 po*t about 13 milen we*t ..I the
Kootenay river, on the north nide ol |Houndary
creek' and north, ami adjacent to timber UceniM
1A19H, and one mile north of the liileriiaitn'.ai
(Msuudary line: cornm.iiciiiK at a poal mark>-d
(.'harlei DtiUsher'n nouth went corner, tbanca W
chalni nortli, thence hu chaltm SSSt. thence wi
cliKitm nouth, thence HO chalu* went to tie- place
ol b4*t(lnnliiir. oontalnlni 6M aeren. more or lenn
Located November IHth. 1UC-7.
CHAhl.iBet DVfOSBB, UH���.(OT.
No. 2.    CommeuctUK at a pont marked  * liHrliri
Dutehur'a   noutheant   corner,  thence  *vi ihalnn
north,   ihence HO clialnn went, Iheiic.-li-
nouth, theuce Ho ciiain* eait to the Dlao
(tliiliiliK, and went and  uduscciit   to lilimb'-r o
Umber limit, and  conUilnlm* 00 aerei. more
boosted Hovambsr IMh, IMi
iHABl.tn DtncHKH. UoeSIOr.
No. 3.   Oonnantttug at a pont markad ObarioB
Dutcher'n northwent oornai and abonl IB mil****
weit Of tha Kootenay river on the norih alda Ol
Houndary creek and nortli and adjacent to timber llc-eu-c HiWVj, theuce aouth HO chatnn, theuce
eaifW) clialnn, thence north Hn f hainn, thence
weat HO chatnn to ttie place of bcthlnnlug, coli-
i.-.lniii,' '���!" aeren, more or lem.
Located November IHth, 1907.
' u*i   i   .iiTTCHitB, boeator.
No. 4. Ootsnsnetnf at a pont marked <"har!en
DiitiTher'n norlheaat i-onnr, thence nouth HO
chatnn, thence weat HO chain*, theuce north HO
ehainn. tlietice eant HO chain* to the place of be-
kIuuIiik.   ""in ; ni nt* ..i" in i ��� -. more or leia
i-.i'.it- -i November IHth, IWl.
f.ixAiixr.H DuitUssSS, taocator
No. fi. (.ommcneitiK at a po*t marked ('harlen
Duteber'*. *'iuthea*l corner, ihence tto chain*
north, theuce HO challin went, th-.nee ��0 chain*,
nouth. thunce He ehalli* eaat lo Ihe nlm���<��� ol In:
Ki un Iiik. eotitaluiliK 'UO acre*,  mom or leaa.
Local, -i November '-' ',   I9u7.
t ii mi  i - Don hkr. Locator.
No. A.   tJommencliiK ai a taut marked  'baric*
Nci-i.ii 1...:.���! DtBtrlOl i'.arti- t..( Weil Kooteuay.
Tarn; no-be liiat 1. W AHud*oii, dfHpokane,
Wuh , occupation Umber crolai-r Intend to apply for a *(**���. la| timber licence over the following daaoribad laoda:    Ckramamrins at a post
planted on tin- t.urtti bank ol summit tire-ik, and
m.rked W, a Badaon'i H. w. corner, tbanoa
north 40 chain*, theuce cant Ihtt chain*, thenee
nouth 4" ObalDI lli.-ti'e weKl IflOchalim to lhe
point ol (-..njiin DO. uient, conlalnlnic MO aerea,
more or le**
Dated Nov   2, IWl. W. A. Ht ones.
KSlSOn Laud lOnlrlct.   Di*irtet of Weil Kootenay.
Take   notice  that W   A. Hudnon*. of HimiIo.ii.,
Wh'Ii., OOOnpatlOO tl in In- r crulaer, Intenda t" apply lor a apaoial timbei lloanoa over the follow
Iiik d.-ncrlb. d land*: CommcncinK al a pont
lilaiitcd on the f-oiith bank of the norih fork ol
Horn creel, thene. noulh IM chain*, thence we*t
160Chalna, thence north 40 chain*, Ihence eant
ISO ohalna to tha point 0l commencement, con-
taluir.K 'Ho a.-ren. more or le*��.
DstSd Nov. .'.th, na/?. w, a. Hanaov,
Nelnon Land IMi-irlel.   DlStliOtOl Weal K.Mitcuay
'lake   notice   lhat W   A   Hudnon,   of  Hnokaiic,
W**ti -i-iipation timber erulner, tntenn* to up
ply Ior a np*.,-|al timber llcviice over the follow-
in-- doforibad  land*;   Commanoins nt a posi
pi-inted mi th'-caHi nlde of the _��outti fork of the
norih fork n| Corn ereek, thence nouth HO loiiim,
lheii-"e wet no chain*, thence north W) clialnn.
Ibanoa aaal ho chatnn to the point of commencement, foutnluliiK r>4D ti'-rei, mure or lu**
Dated Nov. suit isoT. w a. Boobon.
Nelaon land Dlatrtet, Dlstrlet oi West gootenay<
lake nolle-  that W.A.   Hudnon,  of Hpokam
We are now showing s aplendid stock of Men'i Silk Neckwear, Kid Glovea,
Silk Mufflers. Linen Handkerchiefs. Silk Handkerchiefs, Silk Umbrellas and
Fanck Art Embroidery tie racks, etc. These lines are all new a.'.d most up-
We invite inspection of our special selected stock of Fancy Drawn Linens.
Table   Cloths,   N.ipkins,   Side   Board   Covers, etc.
A  magnificent assortment  of  Ladiees* Belts and Neckwear.
uinencliiK   at   a   l-onl
i of the north fork n(
inn  described  Ian in
planted about r*ou led
Corn creek, thence aouth ho ehaini. thenea oa#t
HO chain*, theuce nortn HO chain*, thene** went to
clialnn to the point oi commencement, contain
UU MO acre*, mon- or lesi
Dated Nov. r.th. 1907. V* ��� A- llriiaoM.
Nelaon Land Diatrict-   Dlitrlct nl Went Koolenay
Take notice that w. a   Hudson, of Spokane,
Wuh., occupation timber crulaer. intend* toap
ply for a special Umber licence ovi r the bdlow-
ing dear rlbed land*: fomtncn.lng at a mul
planted about *%% leet north ot the north fork oi
Corn creek, tbeuce aoutb HO chalim. thence went
HO chain*, tlience north Ht) itinini, th_UM OOOt B
chain* to the point of commencement, contain
in.. 640 acre*, more or
Dated Nov. 6th, 1M07. Of, A.  llnnnoN.
Nelnon Land Dintrict.   Dintrict of West KeOU-SJ
Take notice that W A. Hudaon. of Hcmkane,
Wanli., oectipatton Umber erulner. intend* t" ap
ply tor a npecial timber li.euce over the following dear rlbed lands*: fommenciuK at a po-a
planted about .W) leet imrlh of the north fork of
Torn creek, then00 nouth **" chain*-*, then',- . a-t
HO chain*, theuce north nu rhalna. then, c went n.i
. halnn to the |*otut ol commencement, containing 640 .   s. -. more or le*a.
Dated Nov  ��th. 19>r7 W   A   BVOSOS
Nalaon Lend Diatrict.   Dintrict Ol Weat Vm.teuay
Take notice that W. A, Hudaon, of Hi-okaiie.
Waab. occupation timber crulaer, Intend* to apply lor a nrvccla! tlm tier licence over the follow
Ing deaeribed lauda: ('otumencliiR at a jai-vt
planted OS the nouth tank of the main (.orn
creek and adjoining tlinU;r licence No. ll'-T-B.
thence aouth 40chalnn. thence weat 1W chain*,
theuce north 40 ehainn, thence eait lfio chalni to
the point Of commencement, eonl-lnlng -Ot-u
acre*, more or leaa.
Dated Nov. 7th. 1907. W. A. P-gffMJtt,
.Notice I* hereby given that uti day* alter da e I
Intend to apply to the Hon. < hlel t.ommunt.ner
of Landa and w"orkn for permlnnlon to pan ha*e
the following dencrlbed landn. nltnaleU in Went
Kootenay dintrict: l ommcncintr at a p.-��. marked by name aa initial pont oi the SOUt_ I-oik
bran, h, one huiido d  loot   trout  the   lOOcUon of
Lnnt oriaak witii tba noirh totk;  tbenoa  ona*
quarter mile to tin* imrtliwcat .orn-*r jn.ni, thenoe
one mile to the norlheant corner font lhaono
one--juart��-r mile to the noutheant conn r past,
thenea "in* mile to the place of ennum nc mi m.
June 77, 1907 _M ated bv  Wm    OOtrKOULY.
W'l'iniLN/iic   I ��r<i\ IhIoun,
(iovi-rni'.ieiit Onamarj Ona>RKmd  HnckK reealVSd weokly frmh from tba
rhurn      Kor mile by all leiulniK **roo��,ra
Offloeaad WSrahonaa;  Houston Block,    Pnono 79.
Josephine Street.        -        -        -        Nelson* B. C
Nelnon Lend DtStliete   DlStrwt Of West Kooteuay
Take notice lhat If   William*. DOOUpaUon ran
cher; R B. HantiiiK!,. occupation electrl.mu; and
R H. P. Hmjlh, OOOOpaUOP liimt-erman; nil of
Proctor, B* t'.. intend Ut apply for �� npecial limber licence over the following dencribcl land-.
Commencing at a no*t about three mllea aaat of
W llion.'rcek on mm tb iliorc ul   KooU-ti--
thence nouth HO chatua. tlicucv civil bu ehaini
thanoaaoirb ho cnaint*, theuce wait SO ohaini
l��oint ol comm";nceii��etil.
more or leaa.
Heplember iftlh, 11107.
containing Mo ac
H Wii.i.o
K. H. Haiti**
H 8   I' km.
Nel*oti Land Dlitrlct. Dlitricl ol Weat Kootenay.
lake notice that 1. lohn Jam.,"* -atnerou, of
Tllle, H. <:.,   occupation   contractor,   intend I.
apply ior a npecjal Umber   ilcenn.
lowing dasetibed landsi
No. T     ''ommeiKlng at  a   Ri
throe   mile*  from   the  welt   I
over   thi
oupatlon liini-i
m,   of  Hook
r, lntci .In u
ply for a npecial tin bat licence over the follow
uu: daaCnbed landn: < -.iiiiii.-iH loi* at a {Mint
planied about .'-on feet north of lhe nor'.u
lork   of   Corn   creek      thenee  nouth   HO  ehainn.
thanoa went *i chain*, thence no-th ho
chain*, theuce eant ho chain* to the point of
coiiiineii. etueiil, comalulng 610 aerea, mure or
Dated Nov. 6th, HOT. W. A. BONO*.
MeUon Land Dintrict |DI*trict nl Went Kootenay
Take notice that W.A. Hudnon, of Hnokane,
Waah., occupation timber crulaer, Intend* to ap
lily lor a npecial timber licence over the lollowliiK d.-Ncrlla-d landa: Comincndug ��' a mint
pUnti-il about '���ih (eel north ol tho north fork ol
i om eraak, tbanoa north ho chain*  tbenoa woat
ao clialnn, theuce nouth HO chain*, theuce Ml t HO
chain* to ihi-point of commencement coui.tu*
I����������� tiio acre*-, more or leas.
Dated Nov  ��lh, lia/7. W. A. B01MOM.
Neinou Land Dintrict.  Dlitrlct oi Weat Koolenay
Tnke nolico that W. A. Hudaon, of Spokane,
Waih., occupation timber cruiser, lutenda to ap-
it planted abonl
n'outheru'Ry !'on*��'arroli creek, and tdjotnlni
A.J M h. W corner poit No l claim, marked
"J. J. ('. N. W. corner poal." then, e 00M\ ho
ehainn. Ihence louth HO chalua, thenrc went ho
ehainn. thence  uorth  80 chain* to   tba   plan- ol
commencement oonbrtnlng 64o aire*, more or
I'alcd October i'.th, 1807.
No. 2.  Oommonolnf ats pont planted about
two and a half rnilen 7rnm the Went loop ol the
B. 0, iontbern By onaninall Ktrcam - luptyln**
into Carroll Creek and marked "..J 0. H W,
corner pint," ihence nouth Ho ehainn, thein-e
eaat ho chain*, thence north HO i halnn, tbenoa
went HO chain* to tlm point of commencement,
Oontalnlni 640 acre*, more or leia.
Dated October '26th, 1007.
Nn !st. Commen.'lliK at afiOSl planted at tout
one hall mile from lot- went loop ol the H c.
Houthern Ry., on i.'arroll ereek marked "J. J. 0.
N. W. cornet poatLlheiK-c nouth HOi-halii-i, tliciiec
asat80chain*. tWrnce nottfa ho obalna; tbenoa
went H0  chain* to   the   place   ol  cuiiimet-.-cin. m
containliiK 640 acre*., more or lean.
bated October'2Hth, 1M17.
JOHN   I'M.     i   .-.-'i in.--, 1 ���..;���.'.,: .
V���..i ,-i.n liny a  10-eora Prnll  lliin.-h   In   the I.i-sl   frull  Rniwlni; dlarirl
In   Hritish   CiiiiiniMa   |,y   paying   110 tlollnrH down nnd J10 per imiinh.
ICv.-n as mi liiv.-sinu-ni  UiIh la worth Oonslderatttm.
Fruit Land ti;.s trebled In ralue wiil.in the y.*ur.   Whal will n toseit
wahii srwisirr
���>������������������������ **********************************************
Hint  l��'nt�� nny nil.��� ter- ���
Bade ,,f brooaded silk.
-iii��  jiuki'i*. wen,  ls.u���
-Sale Price only $6.1
j-nin we  huve over OftBSn I
Welmv.-twoStoekinir.It*''-- J
ete, Bias Ith uml -ID   Id'enst, inmln of lirm-aded silk, ronle-l SClgSS, apl'liilitl'v l^1   J
Imrrel huttonM.    Tlie  Kinoking  jackets WOTS   bOOC-l ilin'ct  from tic niunnfit* - a
turers,  ooal    laid
m Nelhon |11.78
Nelnon Land Dintrict.   Diilrlclof W��Bt Koolenay.
Take notice that 1, Alexander Joneph MoCool.
ol Kcrnlc, H <'., occupation, hotel-keeper, liilcml
to apply tor a npecial Umber licence over the
'oliowliiK dencribcl  landa:
Nu |. Commencing ata pont planted al-oul
three mile* from the 11 0. H.nUiern Rv. went
loop on Carroll creek, marked "A. .1 M. H. K.
corner pont," ihence north Ho ehainn, tbeuce
went HO chain*, thence noutli HO chain*, tie ii-c
cant HO chain* to the place -M commencement,
contiilnltiK 'I11 acren, more or lenn.
Dated Octoo, r'2Mb, l'Ju7,
No.'2 CoiiimencliiK al a p ml planted ntxiiil
one and a hall milt! from the went loop ol lhe
H. C, Houthern Ry. on a muall htream ruuiiliiK
Inlo Carroll ureSS and marked "A..I M N.W.
corner poat. theuce neulh HO chalim, Ihence eant
H�� chain* theuce nortli HO chalim, thunce went
ho chain* to the place ol commencement containliiK 610 aeren, more or le**.
Dated October '26lh. IWl.
No 'i CoinmeiiclUK nt a pont plHUted about
Iwo mile* from the weat loop or the M. <\ Houth-
crli Rt. on Carroll creek, marked "A. J. M U.K..
corner poal," thence went SO chain*, thenee
north Ho ehaina, thence eaat ho ehaini, thi-iico
noutli HO chalim containing 040 acrea,  more or
Dated October -28th, 1907.
******** *************************************** ********
���MA. Ctrl I INI STS
B.  A.   ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON
i**:i���.i, i,,u ...ni slobblna eaeained with iiupaiuh.  W"��' '*',
w���rk. .\u,.i,,u ,,,,,. .*%t.11 m..^ihtnary-    tvj..���t.f��.tiu.-.r-01
Oi-w   Crs,   IV.   I..   ColitruutorH'   Otaraa.
INELSOiN,    B. G.
New and Second Hand
Ih the plaee tor bargains. We do upholstering and oablnel work, and guarantee to please j*ou in prices, work, etc,
A irlnl will oonvlnoe you.
Turner Beeton Block, 606 Vernon Street.
Mia -5*-*0'*** . e____
Smoked Halibut
Joy's Cash Grocer)
��*_ , Miiia am.
Josephine and mih�� ���".
 ..... ���    ^my AHEAD OF CHRISTMASTIDF
This is fresh-killed poultry and  will give you
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P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Kaslo, Rossland  Bonndary
j Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
Coall Ice! Wood!
Pbone 265
Yale Kootenay  Ice, Frott,
Fuel tt Poultry Co., Ltd.
'��� t co.. Baker   and   Ward
- !.-.ml Dlitrlct, IMntrlct ol WsSt Koolenay
IfTaka notloa that Kre-1. J. tUuimonn, agent for
net* 1 I miner, of Nelaon, occupation walch-
::���� r inteiuin lo apply (or JHTmllllon to pur-
caaai tba (ollovrtllf 'leacribe.! land*: Commen-
*���I eta poet planted almut \M mile* eaat oI
'������> ��-.T! i r.-.'k, thence 40 cbaiui in an eaaterly
lion, il.fin .* -�� chalna aouth, thence *���-.)
rl-i��iti�� in a wetitiTly dtn-ettoo. thene-* an chalua
Borvh ���... i he p-f.int ofcousmencemeni.i'ontnininn
��� ��- * ��� . iimre or leaa
1'r.U-d Nov   'itith. \Wl.
rsauaics i<>hn ta*��i*--.k,
f. J. HamioNa. ABjSBi
Helton Land DlsttrtOt. Diatrict ol Went Kootenay
Take notice that Kred J. Kammoni. agent Mr
A A Mallard, o( Prwlor. in-, upatton rancher.
Inlet. '.- in apply for permlaaion to pur. li**.*.- Un*
i-s-liiiaiun .lencrtbe-i landi: CommencluK at a
(��>���* iinitc.i at-oni Usmileieaat ol v\ Uaon creek,
��� ���-.iiibwcnt 1o\ halnn. thetice norUi-*--.* ai
i baina, them ��� northc����t -A'chain*-. thene. nouth-
���i*' ��� s.ninn i.�� ihe ttie t��iiut of commencement
ci.titatiiiiiK to astes. more or lew.
hated NoT.Seth, iwi.
AHiHiRAi.n avnasso* Baixabo,
���       Aueltl  t   J    lAJOBOaS,
Nt-lm.n Und Diatrict.   Diatrict ot Went Kooteuay
��� ������*��� notloa ihat w. a. Dttdsea, Umbel i ratiar,
"' -|..knn.-, f-i��.kaue county. WaihliiKlou, one
���-f the I tiltc.l .-Matt-nut America, Ilitt-u-U to apply
l-r h .|N*.'ial llintn-r 1 let*line o*..-r tie* lollowliiK
.I*-* ribe-l landn QommenslagSl a pont marked
���*���<. ��. plaDUd on ihe north bank <.( lorn creek,
*l tht sun. tlon nl ihi- .Norih fork of Corn creek
���ni-i the inaiu itream. about five mile* in *
���e ���'��� i;s -ir.-eilou from eonilucliiv ol *.,,���! Corn
rrwi with ihe Km* ton ay rtv.r; theuce imrih *>
rbalni; thenee weat lfti clialnn; Hiencc n.uitb -Hi
���hnlnn; thence eaat IfiO ehainn lo jnUut of colli-
~. iieeiiiKiu, eontalnlu*- t\4u acre* more or len*.
r**ld land adjoin* tlinl-er limit No 7 na the
���*-*i Hud limber limit No. S on the nouth. aa 10-
r-et-ed by me.
uh ated Noreabw t, lan-
wiliiam A Honaoa,Locator
���>-..; t,y Patrick C  8 blue
Declared  and *l-*ned by the wUhln nam*-*.  W
a Hu.in.m on the wih day ol HoTembar, A i>
���tOl, before me at Npokati.*, Hp-ikauc �� ..untv,
������Mh iiii-toil, one of the Culled Mult!"'' America.
Passu * 0 taini.
Releon i.nnd Dlatriot. DUtrtet ol Weel Kooteuay
'-ike hotlco that Isabella I'l.rcc.   I���trSSBbOMi
00 married woman, tnb-iel** tO MM'-.*'
: l-ermtMinti to pun'lianc lhe following described lend*. Couimriietng nt a i>e*.I pUhle.l ..t
Ihi Internctlon ol Ihu north h*,niii<1��rjr of L-Ol
* W and the eant bouliiiary Ol l-ol No DSB,
'I ��� 'i' e eant .'-ft ehiln*. mote or lean, lo the north
������"i cornet of umber i.tmit   n����. mi, thenoa
north no i-halnn, theme waat -Ml chatnn, mor- <>r
'������*'. b> tlie eail llde of Whalnlian lake, thanoa
l->lh>wnig name in a "outherlv and **e��l�� rL>
direction Ukj chain*, mora or l.-��n to the Inter
���>" n.iii with lot tti-V.. thence :i.'i chain*, more nr
h��, following canter.y boundary o|U.ih|khh
point uf coiniiiencemoiit.
Datcdiui uctuber. IWl.       i*ahri.i.a I'irrck,
F    ��i. KAI'-jfUB. * guilt.
ilght-of wajr,  about  	
tlv Irom the northwiml corner of lot .ill*.',
Broup 1. Kooteuay, theuce noutli *' chalim.
li.. uce cant ho chatnn. thetice north HO chain* t"
t-'-iiUicrn boundary ut *etd right el wa.. thenee
w"*i Htit-hatn* along **ld nouttiern boundary to
l.llltll       ..��       .._.-.. .. ._.  .....I      i.i,,, I aa I I, 1 .1 LT      -Ull
III. nillllal    I.BIU    ...iinni.i    ����i. -��� ��    *-
���ommeneetnciil,   and  containing. B"u
-ir li--
- ..n, more or   ���
Diite-t  November Uth. 10H..
f-i'ia.in band Dlmrlcl.   D.*tnciol Went Koolenay
Wi notice that K. P, ' urden, acting a* SB_.nl
��� |*Otlll Of comillencelllelll,   rtlld   COtl
"" aorea, more or ten.
1 ated Novciui- i IKih, 1901. Jamki 11  Hcbokn.
_  K   P    IU'Muks,  Audit.
Notice is hereby ilvan thai a Court
���a| Revision ami appeal, under tbi pro*
vini<��nH of the AHHf-HHim-iit  Act, n'SiH-ct*
-"k iho ABsesamont Roll tor the yaw
,,,,MH.   -""r   the   NelHon   AHseHKiiient    Dls-
Wel  will ho held at the Qovernmanl
oniet-, NviHon, tin December 18th, 1907,
ttt io a. m.
R.   8.   LENNIE,
jjudge of court of Revision and Appeal.
Nelnon Land Dintrict. Dintrict of Went Kootenay
Take notice lhat John J amen Cameron, of
Ferule, -Hritmb Columbia, occupation contractor, intend* lo apply for permlnnlon to
I> ircim-" sti.- following densrlbed l-.nd: Com*
menclr.tr at a pont planted on the notithern
bonndsr? uf the B: <'. Snuthern right-of-way
abttnt 40 .-tiatun wetter It from thcN.W .������.rti'-r
of l��>tt9*W. group 1. Kooteuay, thence nouth f.0
chain*, th*:nee eaat tti ehainn. thene. north 60
chalus to the ���.outh* rn boundary of the *aid
right of way, thenee westerly along nald *Outb
. rn ix.uudary of right-of-way to the point i
eonimeiiceineiil, and containing XOt acren, more
or lean.
DfttelB November Uth, 1907.
  J"HM JjgBH CAltailtOtt.
Nelnon Lend Diatrict    I*t*trict ol Weil KiMttenay
Take notice that John   fthlcll, ol Needle*, B.C ,
occupation   ran. her.  Intend* to apply   for per-
min*ion   to   purchase   the following    described
land;   Commencing  at a   -pont   planted   at the
iiurlhwcnt   OOrnST   of   U)t  inr.,,   theuce  went  40
chain*, thence nouth Ho chain*,   thence eant 40
chalna, thence north Ho chalni  to  the point of
cumniou'em.-iit, and containing 3/o aeren, more
or Ic-n
1 ated iBlli October, 1907. Jamb* Hiukll,
F  <;   P-lUQUtSK. Agent.
Nelnon lAnd District.   Dintrict of West Koolenay
Take notice that Angus   HflOUL of the City of
Nelson, ooonpatlon fireman, inteud* to ajiply for
peraUsstoa t*�� pnrohsst the following deaorlbed
lauiln:    c.imtneuciiig at a  poat  planted   at  the
K, W.  eoruer  L   ('.   Morrison'-   ranch,   In   Fir
alley, th. rce north  forty   (4U)  ehaini,  thene
ast fo-ty (40) chalus,  thence   south    forty  Me
aim, theuce went forty (40)  chain* oint o
minencement, and coniatntng one hundred
d sixty f ;.-���) acre*, more or lem.
le.-l ���pie nher in''.  1907 AMir.   ______���
������j-HO DOWN
We offer you best fruit lands:
best terras; best location; best
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Ward  Street,   Nelson.  B. C.
The t>auy Canac.
Ferry. Waterloo. Columbia River.
li, s,-,-or.lsni-.-wllhl'llspU-rlH. R H.B.C..1KU7.
I ,-rrl,-. \.'l." Hi* '><>*< rnmrnl ol Brlti.t, Oil.im-
l,l��� invites ��p|.l|,*sll.��.s I..I. rlisrlrr lor s l��rrr
.���,,'>��� Itrlw,-,'!. Wat.-r...,, II I . s.i'l a ixtliil ....
lli.:���'|.|,.,.ll.. .Lie .-111"' ('i.Iiinil.ls Ulv.-r
A|.|.1I.��II..N�� wi" I"' r. .-.���iv.-.l I yll.v lion Iho
Ohl.l ('uminlaali.n.. nl> lo nu.l In.-In.Hub 11,0
Sl.l ,lsv ol l>,...,.nil,..r. 1W7.
The* Obartei   Will cover s |.erlo.l expiring on
ii���. *iih. Jan., i*�� ._, ���._,
The t.-rrv absll be o|.ersle.l whenever re.|,.lro,l
I.,.|_feil7a.m S..J7 p.m. rvory day cxeopl Suu-
iSilloationi ahsii ttf< s dwmlpilnn ol tho
,,-ow hi... rat.!.- Ii I" pn.poMf.l lo use.
Ap| ll'sll >��ll ��l��ie Iho t"ll�� H I" proposed
lo salt lorl
Ka.h a.liilt pa��....i|lor
Karl, ,-hll.l ll.ol I" an..) .....lor I.l years.
Karl, I., s.l ol.-sHle, horao. mill . or .lonkoy. ole
Ka.*h nil aiiovi.. loakoriwia.,.tj
Kseh vt-ht.lo. with on,, ho.s.. an.l .l-lv.-r.
Kai-h   ,-arl  or  spaggoa,   w-lll.   one horao a.i'l
' Vsrh  vehicle, with two l.orsos and drlvor, un-
'"kk'-I1.   vehli-le.  with    two   Horses   snd  drlv.r,
'"Ba'-'h1 par.-ol ol i. ll>�� . slid .."dor
. rclslil per fi* lha . slid o.uler, no., perl.hsl.'.o
""prelsht per l,��lll.�� an.l uadl r. .K-rlahablo go,���1��
The' ��...VriMiient  ol   llrlll.h   t'ol.lml.ls  Is not
ne,-ea.srlly hound lo a plan J .ppllosllou sub-
m"wl r. c. hamhi.k,
I'llhlle Work. KiiKlneer.
I an.la nnd Work. Ileparlmehl.
V|.".,rls% ��' . l..-,..inl.,.. Ihlh.lwn.	
f. C. GREEN       F. F. BURDtrl       A. H. GREEN
C'vll Enginetsrs, Dominion and British
Columbia Und Surveyors
Cruise of American Navy to Pacific Has
Nothing  to do with Japan���
Just   for   Exercise.
Washington, 0. C. Dec. 1G.���Tht long
crus-st* to tlie Pacific Ijegun by the bat-
tlcaitlim of the Atlantic lleet today ls regarded in naval circles here as iho
gnatest naval niancuvpra and paacatnl
teats In the history of the United States.
It is the first time that such an elaborate programme haa been atempted by
the American navy. Borne unintelligent observers huve endeavored to establish a connection between lhe Japanese Immigration question and the visit of the fleet to the Pacific coast. In
other words, they have sought to construe the sending of the big fleet to
lhi* Pacific as a menace toward Japan.
No well-informed person in Washington
entertains any such idea.
On reaching Magdakna Bay, the battleships which sailed today will engage
in target practice, a practice in which
it is expected there will be great rival
ry between the Atlantic and Pacific
fleeta, the latter having also been order*
* d to rendezvous at that place. When
the target practice, which will he unusually extensive, including battle practice with a rough sea and record practice in smooth water, has been concluded, the combined fleets will head northward for San Francisco and on the way
will engage in many maneuvers.
The practice will include a division
into two fleets, each containing eight
battleships, eight cruisers and a small
torpedo flotilla, destroyers, repair ships,
supply ships, etc. These will be pitted
against each other, and will work out
the complex problems which have been
devised by the general board, as well
as others which may be suggested by
the flag officers of the fleet. Again, a
division will be made Into four fleets.
each headed by four battleships, and
still other problems will be solved.
(}raai benefit is expected from the work
on so elaborate a scale.
It is a nntworthy feature of the programme that all this will be done without resorting to a navy yard, there being none in the vicinity, and any repairs which may be necessary will have
to be made by the repair ships which
will accompany the fieets nnd in tho
mahine shops on board the ships them-
setvts The capuriiy of lhe ships will
also ba tested by the problem of feeding the thousands of officers and men
who compose the crews of this great
fleet, numbering Upward of 2f..000. Of
course some fresh supplies will be obtained in South American markets, but
while in the Pacific there will be few
such opportunities until San Francisco
is reached.
Venezuela Wins in its Own Court.
Caracas, Venezuela. Dec. 12, via Willi mstad. Dec. HJ���The high federal
court of Venezuela has handed down its
Judgment In the the $10,000,000 damage
cuBe brought by Venezuela against the
French -Venezuelan Hail way company.
The judgment annuls the concessions
of the company and condemns it to pay
damages to be assessed by experts. The
government, on its side, must pay some
minute diimages lo the company.
ust Watch
Tin*   windows  of  the  Old  Cur
losily Stiop for
Fancy China
From the hand paints** down to the
common Bi-udi-s of China ware. N.-xt
weak we will have a sale of Cut Class.
Old Curiosity Shop
Notlco ls hereby given that at tho
next meetlnK Ot the Hoard of License
Commissioners for lhe Dlatriot of Ymir
to he held after lhe expiration of thirty
davs. I intend to apply for a transfer of
the  License   for   the   lirove   Motel   Irom
iny.eir to William Ooaaeli.
Krnest G. Horden,
ny his attorney, Wm. Ooeneil.
Dated this   l'Jth   day   of   November.
City of Nelson License District.
We, the undersigned, give notice thnt
at the next meeting of the Hoard of
License Commissioners we Intend to apply for a transfer of the license of the
No Place Inn from Win. Cosnell to
Nelson. Nov. 19,  1007.
Ion*��� Thin moral-i ou Banr ctr<-ct or r*mi-
i It*.)' ni'ftr n-sk-'r. a Bla.'k LeftthOl- Hand Big,
-���mit-4 tnttisv papi-ri and a Hum "I ni"Mi-v Finder
will plMM *Ot?t\t ��t Canada Drug mul Hook Co '���
\%T ANTF.D   'two Kxperb-nci'd Hales l.ndli'n lor
YY      UN tinlldrtva Fred trvlnn -V Vo
WANTK1'      Wttuivi
Apply Mannm-r
AComloriiilili* Home lor n Young I.ady, would
milt fltln r M'lmol tent her   or young lady In
Iui-im."s*. in   Uf .'Ity.      Addrens   K. C. Dally
Is now ready to execute  all
orders for Job Printing on
shortest notice.
The Job Department is up-to-
date in every respect and a
full line of stationery will be
kept in stock.
All orders entrusted to our
care will receive prompt and
careful attention.
314 Baker St.
Tel- 324-
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
Province of liritish Columbia.
No. 412.
This is to certify that "The Manitoba
and Western Canada hand Company.
Limited," 1 s authorised and licensed to carry on business within the Province of Hritish Columbia, and to carry out or effect all I
or any of the objects of the Company j
to wHch the legislative authority of
the Legislature of British Columbia extends.
The head office of the Company is situate at the Town of Altona, in the Province of  Manitoba.
The amount of tho capital of the
Company is sixty thousand dollars, divided Into six hundred shares of one
hundred dollars each.
The head offlce of the Company in
this Province Is situate at Nelson, and
W. A. Macdonald. Harrister-at-I^aw.
whose address is Nelson, U. C, is attorney for the Company.
Clven under my hand and seal of office at Victoria, Province of Hritish
Columbia, this sixteenth day of November,  one  thousand   nine  hundred    and
Registrar of .loint  Stock Companies.
The   objects  for which   this     Company has been established and licensed
are: ���
For the purpose and with the object
of buying or acquiring by grant, purchase or otherwise, and leasing, mortgaging or otherwise transferring or dealing with or disposing of real estate,
lands, tenements, hereditaments of
every description or nature, and any
and every right nnd interest therein;
developing, cultivating, forming, settling nnd otherwise improving and utilising the same, and of pledging, mortgaging, leasing, gelling and otlmrwlse
dealing with exchange or disposing of
tha same, and generally of carrying on
the biiHiness of a land nnd land Improvement company; and to carry on
the business of ranching, farming nnd
lumbering; of aiding an dassistlng by
advances of money or otherwise, with
or without security, settlers and in-
lending settlers upon any lands belonging tO the company or in tho neighborhood of such lands, and generally to
promote the settlements of land or acquiring, holding, selling, mortgaging.
pledging and otherwise dealing with
mortgages and charges in lands or any
nterest therein, and of agreements for
teres! therein, nnd of investing and
���umbering; of aiding and assisting by
with covenants for the security of
the pnrchaseand sale of land or any In-
lending money upon the security of real
and personal estate, goods and chattels,
stocks, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes or kinds of security as
an individual may; to tnke and receive
mortgage! on real or personal estate, or
other security nt such rates of interest
as may be agreed upon; to sell and to
assign such mortgages or mortgage the
same by any Instrument tn writing or
agreement, subject to conditions and
with covenants for the security of the
money advanced thereon; to execute
mortgages nn any Innds owned or pnr-
ehnsed by the company; to secure the
purchase price or any part thereof of
any lunds. tenements or hereditaments
purchased by the company or for any
other purpose whatsoever; to borrow
money at such rate of Interest as to
the company may seem advisable, and
Issue deposit receipts, bonds, mortgages or other documents to the lenders
thereof, and to give mortgages or securities upon all or any of the company's assets for repayment of all or
any of the money borrowed; and to sell,
assign, mortgage and hypothecate or
pledge  any  of  the ecurltles  or   assets
of moneys advanced thereon; to execute, sign, issue, negotiate, transfer,
give and take promissory notes, bills
of exchange, cheques, bonds, debentures and other negotiable instrument,
and chOBes in action and evidence of
Indebtedness of all kinds, and to pay,
charge., and collect interest thereon,
and to give and take chattel mortgages, bills of sale, and receipt notes, lien
notes, hire receipts, orders for goods,
chattels or money, warehouse certificates, bills of lading, warehouse receipts and other securities or chattels,
machinery, goods, wares or merchandise; to improve, cultivate, erect buildings and make other Improvements on,
or survey and subdivide any portion
of the company's lands; to lend money
and take mortgages on real and personal estate as security therefor and from
time to time to discharge the same; to
take and holt) real estate in trust or
otherwise as security for such loans.
and to take and hold collateral and
other security therefor or for debts
which may become due to the company;
to collect rents, manage estates and
buy and sell property on commission,
and to act as valuators, financial
agents, general and special agents, and
real estate brokers; to carry on the business of buying, selling, manufacturing.
making or otherwise acquiring or producing any or all kinds of material
used in construction, maintenance and
repairs of buildings or other structures, including lumber, stone, brick
and plumbers' supplies; to acquire, construct, equip, own, maintain and opern-e
warehouses, elevators, factories, mills,
saw-mills and flour-mills; of buying and
selling grains of any kind whatsoever;
of buying and selling implements, buggies, waggons, sleighs, machinery, and
engines of any kind whatsoever; of buying and selling goods and merchandise
of any kind whatsoever, and buying and
selling safes and vaults; to contract with
individuals or corporate bodies in regard to any undertaking and to sue
and be sued in the name of the company In respect of the same and. subject to the provisions of Section OS of
the Manitoba Joint Stock Companies Act
to unite and amalgamate in whole or
In part with or purchase* thi? business
of any other person, corporation or
private individual engaged In any of the
businesses aljove mentioned, and. if so
agreed, to issue therefor paid-up stock
in this company; of carrying on any
othor business which seems to tho company capable of being conveniently car-
tied on in connection with the above or
which may seem to the company calculated to directly or Indirectly enhance
the value of or render profitable any
of the company's properties or rights.
Notice is he* coy given that the undersigned have submitted to tho Lieu-
tonant-GovernoD-in-Council a proposal
under the Hlvers and Streams Act for
the clearing and removing obstructions
irom the Duhamel Creek (otherwise
known as Six-MUe Creek) in the District of West Kooteuay, Province of
Hritish Columbia, and for making the
said creek fit for rafting and driving
ihereon logs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining dams on
the said crook, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holding,
sorting and delivering logs and timber
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lake at tho mouth of said
The lands to bo affected by such
work are Lots 787, 788, 7601. 7773, 431.4,
8411 and 8413 all lu Group One, Kootenay District, and other lauds not Crown
Granted, occupied or Improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged aro
such as may be fixed by tho Judge of
the   County   Court   of   West   Kootenay.
Dated the 28th day of October, 1907.
We have ror rent an up-to-date bouse
In a ,-*oo4 position, containing three bedrooms, dinning room, parlor, kitchen,
pantry, bathroom and stone basement,
$25.00 per month.
H. & M. BIRD
A great many sales have been made of lota ln this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few best   lots are left
Don't Forget
That Flre Insurance you were going to put on this fall, or that
accident and health policy you Intended writing which covers
all accidents and 30 dlseasta.
Let ue quote you rates on the above.
McDermid A McHardy
C. P. R.
To Montreal, Toronto, and all points
west thereof In Ontario and Quebec.
Quebec, St. John, Halifax, Maritime Province rates on application.
Tickets on sale dally December 1st to
December 31st. Round trip First
class.   90 day limit.
Halifax, St. John or Portland and return
Salooon��� $10450. Second���$78.25.
Stoerage���$55.00,   and  up according to
For    detailed    information,    sailings
ocean  steamers,   first   class  or  tourist
sleeper   reservations   apply     to     local
agent or
A ..i.l-. *. .Vs.n-n.iTsr. D P.A.. Nslaot.
$150.00 Lot on Carbonate St.
$200.00 Two   Lots   on   Observatory   St.
cleared, fenced, small cabin.
1*325.00 Lot on Latimer. (Small cabin.)
$450.00 Two Lote on Latimer.   (Fenced
and cultivated.)
F*. B. LYS
Real Estate Agent
315 Baker St., Nelaon. B. C.
CAPITAL,   $25,000.00   In  25 000   slures
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Cro/Jcr W. Dourke.
OFFICE, No. 8.S1 linker St. (Croasdaile
& Co.)
SEE the cement blocks displayed ln Ihe
Standard   Furniture   Co.'s   window.
APPLICATIONS for stock aro  Invited.
PARTICULARS and forms of Application may be obtained at tho Company's office, or from H. A. Stewart,
Ttemont House
Beaaaes-s ana Aaa.rfa��a Plea
��� ���sis st st..  booh. Iraa �� eta. te O.
only wait* Hup ���asileyea.
Bst.r Bt.. Nalaon
Most comfortable qu.rters     Nelsoat
Only the best of Liquor, snd ..if sra.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 50 cents upward. Tbe
dining room ls unexcelled in the city.
House   heated   throughout   with   hot
J. A. ERIOKSON. Proprtetoe.
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court Houa.
and Postofflce. Nelaon. B. C.
Bwt.r BttMt, Nslson. B. I,
Luge  and  Comfortable   Bedroom, .nd Pint*
class Pint... Koom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Ba-tlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House In Helson.
Th. lu la tb. Plnsat.
Wblt. Help Only Kmplorsd
lo.ei.bln. Bt.
Royal Hotel
Rates $1 and $1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarder. -
All Kinds of Heating Plants in Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooera Houee.     Tel. 111.
W.   a*   OILLETT
Contriictor  t-n-iO"
Bnio .iK.-nt for the Porto Kiro Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yards*. RoukIi ami clre'twd lumber, turned
work it ml hrat'kt-iH. ('owit lath and Rhinites, *M_
and donre. ivmt-ni, brick end Ume (or tele.
A ii t ��� unatlr grinder.
Yerd end factory: Vernon Bt.. eeat ol Bell
 ratWianwi n ���
i ���:.
Queen's Hotel
��������� r.
I i
;  1
i ���
I ;
S^TI'i'- 1
ill     i
1       '
I m *
. H
,                 __
t _
i| i
rii I
1. j.
P ���
I :
-J If
t;i "ii '-1!
riw uaily Canadian
momwt ��� ���   , iJ__��-*���..���._������..
���syrv*.   *�����-    *��" w - **��� ������- ���r���.-���    ���        ���-      -       --
Silver Deposit Ware!
Oo not fail to   see    theae gooda.    They an among the newest
on the market, . ;" design and tiimsh.   The Une c-otn-
nrtaea Tea aeta, In white and Bllver,  and  dart   blue  and   Bllver     Salt
Cellars,  Sherbei ttles. Flasks, and Vaaea in cryatal and allver,
and colored sl ���-     ;' I  *
Ouralor. Is open until Chrl ti        every  evening  until  si  o'clock.
Watchmak.r and Optician
New Irish
New embroidered table
covers and centres. New
Chinese embroidered doylies and centre pieces.
These are all new goods
having just arrived this
Sec Us
For Goo*5 Fruit Lar d
soAi.t i,._cks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. CrcadsG-iile & _i
Next Door to Bank of Cr amr-rc-
��� AT THE���
Queen Cigar Store
Xiiih** meet i ti   for  everybody.    ��
Ooxne early ami avoid tbe rash.        ��
BUSH  _ MATT HEvV, Props.
\+ A****** -SA*^**V^.***SA*SA---%**AA V'
Buy Now
We have a Good Selection oi
Cheap Houses from $750 ti
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealerr*. In (-.tuple and fancy Groceries
Butter, Kkkh.
Ounip iiud M inert-' Supplies.
A  M. Csn. 8��c. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlce:  Bealoy HulldlnK.    P. O. Box 434
Saker St., NELSON, ���. C.
Tb. BcM Ham Coal on t-e mar-
llunkhend liri-
The  Bt-,t  l.ouu.'ie <'osl
West Transfer Co.
0   4lo*S^oT'
. tmz it - :i  i>
���������:.    \.
��� -
, -       ***-*;
Cor.    Vernon antl    Ward Stt-ea:t��
.-St-U SON. B.C.
C.   Sherman.   P.   L.  Taft.  Mrs.   I'    1.
Taft. Bp kane;   W   A     Turner.    Silver
Kinc:   Mr-   A   Airey, Kenora ranch;   S.
F    Toltnle,  Winnipeg;   11    S.   Simmons.
.v.ood:       P.    Brookbank,      Arrow
Lakes;  A   Macdonald, Roaaland;  Arch-
D    B er,    ECaalo;    P.   A.   Pa.ilson.
.!   PI. i-hn an. Vancouver; N.
'   1'.   I...I.   Detroit; O. 1.. Iloynton. Fer-
nie;   .!.   McGiaih   and   wife   Rob. !.-!���.
W. Clark and wife. Ymir':  N. Ilissinger.
l' rtland
Corner df Stanley and Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
nl . 1.. Phillips. Chi. :.
Mis  Fitrpatrick, Seat-
B   b   Beld,   Trail:   P.   Burns,
H    J.   Brown,   Toronto;
H. Olh    0,0 SMcBwen Co.;   K. Ray
and   wife   Hrandon.
ECelley,  Waneta;   Q    H.  Coledlck,
mess,   Tagluui;    W.
I      Anderson,    13*mile
.-    K\ in.:.  Q    Dickson,   Calgary;   A.
Verni. D.  Wa Iter, Whltewa
!". Q  Carally, v     J. w. Nlchol-
. Irte.
K. McKenzi.   and  wlf.    Whitewater;
I". .1 I. :   M   .1   Long, . res
1     -    Hawley,     Edmonton;     W.
B iltno.
B. Watson, Creeent;   A.  F.  Reed   I'
��� ���    Phoenix.  Q   Phil
alcagi        Dunn, WeeUey.
F. Cani .  Medicine  Hat;   J.  Mile,  il
J    Hawkins,  tl.  White,  Sil
���   I. i...	
Geo.  P    Player
Office   Root*   No.   -,   ELLIOT      BLOCK.
In Nelson this morning to ili-e wife
Al,    JeflS, a son.
Christmas   Tree.
The Christmas tree entertainmem
tha  Convenl  will  be held  -flTidaj  i ���..
Lng   ni \t      An excellent   pro_r_m_n
in   pit paraUon.
Glove Contest.
The K.-round glove contest in tht?
ospera boose tonight between Barney
Mul 11ii and Jscfc Fitzsimntons has at*
tracted more Interest than most events
of the kind in  Nelson.
Revision  of   Voters'   List.
The court of revision of the municipal
voters' lists will sit on Saturday, bee
21st- The court this year consists * it
Mayor Gillett and Aldermen ICcUorrls
and   Irving.
Council   Meeting.
The regular fortnightly meeting of
the city coundlt will be held in the
count-]  chamber  tonight  at  S    o'clock.
I'i- Mimably power plant matters wil
again form the chief subject of discus
Will Close for Holidays.
The kindergarten, boarding and ���'....
day school of Mrs. Frank J. Field. 620
Silica street. Nelson, will close for the
Christmas holidays on Friday next, and
will reopen Monday. Jan. *>th. for day
pupils,   and  Jan.  7th.   for  boarders.
���Filberts, AJmonfl-i, Walnuts,    Brazils,
' 'lnsi mils. Apple filler, Northern Spy
uppie:-. Baldwin Apples, Jap Oranges,
PlgS, targe layer, California Oranges
and Malaga crapes.
A   Large   um-iorl ment   of  Xmas  goods.
Wholesale and  retail prices   per quantity
S. H. Seaney
PhOflfl 20a. DO-81/. Uaker HI
NEL80N, B. C.
Police  Court.
In the city police court this morning
��� ��� case of the Japanese woman accused of robbery was dismissed. An Austrian, for creatine a disturbance by being drunk, was fined $5.00 .
Nearly   an   Accident.
A horse attached to a wagon hi
lag -o a Chinaman fell down this morning near Jisckowlcs's store at Fairview.
The driver fell from the wagon and was
stunned for a moment but soon recovered.
Election of Officers.
The annual meeting and election of
officers of the local lodge of Orangemen will be held in Fraternity Hall on
Thursday evening. Deoember linh, at S
p. m. Visiting brethren cordially invited.
Metals   and   Stocks.
Silver advanced a few points on today's marketa, three in New York and
two in London. Lead has declined 12
I- dnts in London since Friday and on
today's quotation is within & points of
the maximum bounty price. British Columbia copper stocks are unchanged.
Only one application was made before
Judge Forin in chambers this morning.
H. W. Hannlngton applied to have a default judgment in Humphrey vs. Urud
JU. set aside. W, H. Bullock-Webster
contra. The application was dismissed
with costs.
Ymir   District  Licences.
Commissioners Weir, Clarke and
Long are hearing applications this afternoon for licences for the Ymir district
hotels. The first application, that of W
B. Gosnell for the Grove Hotel in Fnii
view was opposed and the hearing \?
still in progress, H. S. Lennie appear
ing for the applicant, and W. H. Bullock-Webster  for  certain  complainants
New   Bank   of   B.   C.
Tbe ruw Hank of British Columbia
Coiuinbia which will have its headquarters in Vancouver, will have on its pro
visional board some of the most prom
Ull ru business men of Vancouver and
Victoria. Following is the list of mem
here: J. A. Mitchell, capitalist, Victoria; Fred W Jones, capitalist and lum
berman, Victoria; J. A. Harvey, barrister, Cranbrook; W. H. Malkin. wholesale merchant, Vancouver: K P. Mc-
L-ennan, merchant, Vancouver; H. T
Ceperley, broker, Vancouver. .Mr. Geo.
H. Cowan will be solicitor for the new-
Kaslo  in  the  Game.
A. .T. Curie, president Of the Kaslo
Fruit Growers' Association has received
a biter from Agent-OerersJ .! II Turn
er, congratulating the district on the
award of a silver Uanksian medal bj
ihe Royal Horticultural Society After
warmly praising tin- whole provincial
exhibit ami its management by Messrs
I'itm. i and Bnrrell, Mr. Turner says
"I had especial pleasure In it, as 1 bar]
so recently -seen it growing, ami particu
in?ly  tin* hi��ien.iid    Gravensteins  fron
Ka lo. which it seems olilv yestiidav
you were calling mv attention to, hang
ing on the trees Of vour beautiful town
when  yon so kindly    entertained   me
m   i1 '
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
DEC.   _tSth
Afternoon   of   Dec.   JUst.
I>ance  by  Kink   Company,   Dec.   U1st
Hand:    Monday, Thursday, and Sutur
day evenings.
Mornings,   afternoons   and    evenings
wlthoul   band, children   l&c  adults B6c
Including skates.
Kvenlugs with band, except Sulurda>
evenings. 40c, including skates.
Saturday evening, hand and sfocia
atlracMons, to 11 o'clock, &0c, m udlri.'
i-'kater*. (spectators 20c.
Full assortment of Tabic  Supplies appropriate for Xmas.
Order early and get best goods
and Service.
Corner Silica  and JoR-.phtne Sts
Beautiful Holiday
We   ar.-   sluiwim:    a   very    lam.-   an.l
;' ru]   ass.irtin.nt   ,.f   hi.lidav    boxed
.-.ery This year.
Y.i'i don'; ha-... to pay a l.i-; price for
it I llher.
We have a t.-.x wiih v, n pretty Hoi >
Dec ration, filled wrlth tabric finish Dote
and envelopes, ai 36c a imx.
\.'> have ..*li.-is in la,r^<. assortmens
at 45c. r,..r. 60c aad up to M 60 a box
W. G. Thomson
JBSggg" *nd    Nelson, B. C.
I'M....,   .14.
$1.00  per Box
Telephone 161.
there,   my   only   regret   being   thai
time there  was  so  limited."
.1 11. Bchofli Id, M. L. A. for Ymir, arrived from Trail today
Pat Burns arrived in the city last
night  from Calgary.
S. F. Tolmle, V. S.. f'-rin'-rly provin
Dial veierinui y i ri pector, arrived lasi
night from Winnipeg nnd is at the
Yen. Archdeacon Beer, of Kaslo, la in
the city. Mrs Beer is still at the Home
Mrs. B. K. Beestofl returned Satnnbr
from a visit to Vancouver nnd Victoria
Alexander Sharp, minim-; engineer, ;t*
rived ft iter day morning rrom Orienl
Chief of Pol ' ��� ''.'H roll bus mored In
to the briek cottage, <".ir. Victorls street
Opposite  ths Cil V   b.'i I.
NICKERSON. the Jewelery Manufacturer. Agent w\ r tell you goods from satn-
plep ai ss per cent lass than regular
pilots direct from tbe factories, in I
days from order. Kverythlng lu thi
line.   Order now.
Of electrical work Unisbed and charged
for  from  this shop  will  show you how
nquarelv ami honorably  we conduct our
Those who employ us need not worry
about our charges and as to workman
ship tiiey know it. Ib the best.
Repairs to machinery, telephones, etc,
promptly  attended   to.
'   0   llnx 166. 1'houe 22S  A.
*l***��*l-'*v��u      NELSON.
in attractive boxes makes a
very  acceptable  Xmas gift.
We   have ;i large range of   Xmas Stationery in all the
Correct Shapes and
If you buy ymir stationery from us there is no question about its
suitability. Prices Right���Quality the Best. Nelson's great
Christmas shopping headquarters.
Canada Drug & Book Store!
WboleMle aii'l   -rU.t--.ll I'-a:. r-  in
Fresh and Salted Meats
J "a:i;p- supplied on Hhort-e-M notice and
lowest price. Nothing hut   fn*h and
wholesome meat a and supple* kept in st*J*ck
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVELS.   Manags**.
Let Us "Sock" it to You
in   the  latest Full und Winter s-yi,.
Mea*S  fine  Hosiery   \\ ���
Dp   "a :   b    the   fin.    t   I! - .
Fortabls  and darahla in sssr o\
d.   In  appearance.    Ten win a
mire  the  a**  ���W*_iw   md
whieh   are   poalUvt  )   ptaariBfl   te   ;
i ��� ci and particular dresscn. A'.I fi
colors arid warranted to give wi-arii
and  wa hin_ satlufuction.
\\,. ��� .' '. ilk,, i *ae ��H >.ur |.alr,,n��romrnrtable thl�� winter and Inwl^i.
d.i ��o v.* haw in st,.*���!-< tti*. h.*st iiks rt i-d line of ht-atltiK stoves aisl cwi-lm
st. \<". :  ..'   :n..��. s  ,-v, r  b. f.r..  in���III If! to the public In Kootcn.jr.
Wi    .....ii.l  i���.  i.i.-iih.-.i lo  lasM  ><mi    ,.ur line and before making T*"" P"-
cbas*  K'ntl 1 ��>.��� what wm Lav.- to *ttH
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company. Limited.
Nelson Brine".
COMPLt l ii
Standaid Fumiiute Co.
Jobbing  promptly  attended  to.    Plai
and Dstlmatea.
Apply 415   H��ll St. Box  H
Xmas Cakes
We   lll.v,'   * ll, -IT.    ill    llll    _|7."'H    I.tl.l    will
have th. in dec,,inted to vuur own  ...  '.
Toilet Sets
Of Three
Mirror, brush anil comb, sterling silver, silver-
plated tr ehina-bsu ated, make most acceptable
gilt.-���useful, ornamental and pleasing. This season s newest designs, $6.00 tn $65.00.
R.  M.   EWERT
Ltimbef;* Shingles,
UatsH, A^<>l-llc^^I-lK:M, Doors, Windows.^
I'urnod *A'��.k ����r.cJ ltrnd.dH. Mail Orders pn-ml'lly rtlW*>
\-i tRMON
M:!-������>.'. l��- -^
Yotir Xmas List
is not complete anises yon have na M -������
oho oi -lijipi ts tor K���ns mem beg "t the
family Tns large*! and \*-*t ranae of
���.Uppers *���. b ba*( erer ihown an t"i fonr
Lnspeetkn ihi-, snsson (i*nUi
honsesUppnni Ln tinny leather! L-adtes
Dresi *!ip)xi--. Fell ftonuos and sbe^hoom
pllppers.     Ail kinds of rtflppMsfor < hii
Choquette Bros. The Royal
Phone 258
THE   Upto-Date   Bakers
R.    ANDREW   A   CO.   Proprietor..
Ti-113 ���siis-corso
20,000 CLUB
Tuesday. Dec. 17.1907
Roller Skating Rink
Corner of Baker and Fall. Street.,.
TIckelB can be. hud from any menili, r
of the executive or from the N.-erciury
of the 20,000 club.
Ladies or gentlemen (1.00. Refreshment.
For Miners, Lumbermen, Ranch-
ers,    Housekeepers.
Let ca  Soppy Yoor Nerds
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd-


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