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The Daily Canadian Sep 3, 1907

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Array Jtoilijj   CanaMtm
Fwtt Cents a Month
rs of Russia Blindly
Court Mutiny
Haul Displaced, Rank and File
Ar* Flouted���Poison at the Capital-Outrages in Country.
St Prtettburg, Sept a.���Tha KritUan
ItcamH �� Txarskoe  Bate have bMB
id ireail)  by  tha action of the
ktrau. ur detective pollea, in opening
 id ion I  ihein have n
Kd to wcepi any  lettara  that hare
...    ; . the polloe,    In fact, an
I aplrii il I" I"' ohnerveil In nearly
Ittareflmenti which fonti tha "pick"
it tbe i<u��>iuii army. Ih.it l��. regiments
lit. j itorloui |ia��t.
j TH I IdU is and polloa guarilliig the
I ol the Hull "I   Finland at  Peter-
lojhan- been aireiiKihi'iieil  very much
late, as leveral   revolutionary   aus-
xu have been apprehended   walking
wilt the park or In the outskirts with
tomtit ia their  posHi-sslon.       Some  i-f
peraunicfa were taken with bomb.
I thi- landing -stage   111  the   grounds
the palace, whither   tho   car   has
mi In the hahll ut  walking or drlv-
Pnnct l'u'ruklii Is In charge of the
|!\" : j : ��� li.iilaiius, many of whom
UkmeJ lo enter the palace bare-
The "Holj Mini'' has just bMO
|ppttni b] utothei rival. "Holy Pro
��� III llnd It a ililiieult tank
I lire 0[i to the great things which are
ilnH (or him In bollliaaa and wonder-
complaints are helng hoard
(we In millinry circles sb to the way
I which apiMiintnientH have Ihiii made
i the chief poaltloni In ""' Bn���Ian
my iloce the war with Japan, Thus,
i <��� 'intnnnd.-rs of the army corpH
(ily eight have taken part In the war.
e twenty-two have not been under
ot lh>- fifty-four leaders of dlvl-
s, sixteen have been under lire,
le thirty-eight have had no axperl
lace in actual warfare.
I As a matter .,t fact, tha offloara who
against Japan have been over-
aiked almost entirely in malting the
��lntmcnts of commanders of dlvl
Jons and brigades. ll reumlns to be
Wn whether the  ministry   of   war has
1 wisely in this respect.
| Military sympaihizers with the Duma
��S dearly lor their brief dream. Al
M 101 nldlera mutinied when the
la waa dissolved. Of these six have
*n Hntanoed to death and twelvo to
fprisonineiu tor life.
The HiiBsian government has enter-
���Inm lor seme time the Idoa of bring
"8 lhe Central Asia Hallway Into more
' oommunlcation with the Siberian
M��ay. ijoth rr.iin economlo and strute
Pal consideration..     The ministry of
��>'��or communication, bus just didd
| iu undertake the preliminary lurvw]
' 'he northern notion of a projected
"*>>' to rim almost   due  northwards
Bwnipalb Insk    to    Oh.    which Is
""" lhe hall    way     illation   between
Wluablnsk and Irkutsk, on  the  Slber-
����� railway
m decision has  been  nrrlved  nt   as
|* with regard to the projected rnii-
E south of 8emipalatln.lt, hut It Is
������������� ihm tu direction win be due
Oln��l>"ro    l���     ���,���     uelKhla.rhood     of
���"J"--  The projected railway cannot
10 oe ot lmmen-ia
lc��ally strategically
1 lladslevi
ItiiHslau land iiwihth have he,-u reduced
during the Iiihi year or two came to
llglll lu a very striking maimer a tew
duyH iign In tha government nf Tula,
one of    tho    central    government, of
Kilropr na  liurutiu.
A laiidowner named (iluehov. in lhe
Kashira district, has bean gradually re
dliced hi poverty. Nevertheless, lhe
more rabid spirits among the local peas-
autry  thought  thai  the  landowner must
be hiding in great waalth somewhere in
his countiy house; so, arming them
B'-lves with revolvers and daggers, they
"called on" M. flluehov. Whan they appeared al the door they yelled wildly,
"Hands up." Thorupnn M. Illuchov
quite lost his head, and instead of trying to withstand the mob, he invited
the pillagers to walk right In and take
all they could lay their hands on. The
poverty of the house was quickly found
out by the marauding hand, which Bonn
marie Its  way  to lhe front  rloor.
Then M (Iluehov addressed them:
"Please make me one of your number."
The moujlks saw that they would not
be altogether bntlnate, so they hung
their heads nnd ran away. (Iluehov Is
iih poor as the isKirest motijlk In the
neighbor hood
A Itusso-Japanese trading company
has Just beep sataCllahed in Tokio with
a capital of $.".31,250. with the object of
'lev. loping Japanese trade with the
Itusslan empire. The new company Intends to open trailing agencies and
warehouses with Hn'mplcp. of Japaneae
goods   In   St.   Petersburg.   Moscow   and
the  other lending towns in  Buropean
Russia, and eventualh In various parts
of Siberia Tin- company Intends also
to estahllsh a ItnsHo.Japanese hank In
tin- Interest of lhe mutual trade.
United   States     Attorney General     Will
Pursue 70 Subsidiary Oil
Peculiar Fruit Land Deal
Aired in Court
Statement of C��ts* From Plaintiff's
Side���Hearing May Last       I
Several Days.
Nel.on  Eleven Defeat. Grand  Fork. In
Well Conte.ted Match���Wade'.
Fine Innings.
New York. Sept. 3.���Before the smoke
of the recent legal battlo before .Judge
l.andis lu Chicago has cleared uwuy
the government has again taken up its
warfare on iho Standard Oil Company.
II. fore Judge Franklin Ferriss In this
city today the taking of testimony was
begun In the Government ouster suit
tiled In SI Units against the oil trust.
I'rotirinent olfleiahi mid raperesentatlves
of the Standard Oil Compuny are Included lu ttie Hat of witnesses and ft ta
expected that before the present hearing Is concluded John D. Rockefeller,
William Rockefeller, ll. ll lingers and
such other Standard Oil Magnates as
live In this Jurisdiction will lie called
to the Btand.
The suit W'us filed In St. Louis enrly
In t**e year, by older of Attoi-noyClen-
eral llonaparte. ll will he tried hefore
lhe Judges of the Circuit Court of Appeals Billing as a circuit court. The defense has questioned the Jurisdiction
uf lhe court and has demurred the hill.
hut was overruled in each case.
The defendants in the case are John
t). llockeroller. William Rockefeller H.
ll. Rogers. Henry M. Flagler, John II.
Archbold. Oliver 11. Payne. Charles M.
Pratt and Beveniy-one companies or
e.rrporations. including the Standard
on Company, the Watera-Plbroe oil
Compuny and the Republic Oil Company.
There Is a long array of attorneys in
the case. The attorney! for the Government are Attorney-General Charles J.
llonaparte and his assistant. Hilton 1>
rurily, of Washington; United Stales
District attorney Harry w. Blodg U i
St. boulB and Frank 11. Kellog of SI.
Paul, who conducted for the Government the Investigation In the llanlman
case laat winter; C. II. Morrison or Chicago, nnd 0. A. Severance of St. Paul
For the defense there are eighteen
attorneys of record. The principal at
torneys are Judge II. S Priest, John
1). Johnson and George W. Wlnsteiul of
St. Louis, John G. Johnson of Philadelphia, John tl. Mllburn, M. F. Billot Mar-
tln and W. 1. Lewis of New York; Greer
Minor and Miller of lleaumonl. Texas;
kenzieunil Weadock of Lima, Ohio;
Lucius M. Cllthherl.
Hawkins of
The case of Lindsey vs. Prydges the
hearing of which has been awaited wllh
Inter, st by all the fruit land agents of
Kl ol' nay. began this morning and will
probably continue for several days.
His Honor Judge Forln Is holding a
I < Hal Besion of the county court for
the hearing of two cases.
Keid vs. Argetllrr Mines was argued
this morning. S. S. Taylor. K. C. appearing for the claimant and R. M.
Macdonald for th" defendant company.
Judgment was ri served.
Lindsey vb, llrydges was then called,
8. S. Taylor appearing for the plaintiff
and   R.  S.   Lennie for the defendant.
Mr. Taylor.  In opening, outlined  the
case as it Is claimed by the plaintiff to
stand.     He staled  that  It   was  a claim
of R.   Kenneth   Lindsey  against   S.  M.
llrydges for $774. lhe balance of a commission   on   a sale  of  fruit   land.    Mr.
Taylor's  ace unit of tin-  transaction, on
behalf of the plaintiff, was as follows:
In April, 19011, after much  correspondence between the parties, Lindsey and
llrydges.   the   former   who  was  then   In
Winnipeg, sent V. C. Maddock, or that
city, to Nelson   with an  Introduction to
the defendant.    The result was the sale
of a block of land for $40,000.    llrydges
had  agreed   by letter to divide equally
with Lindsey the commission of $2,000
Iliyrlges     covenanted   with   Maddock
for a sulo at $1S  jier acre, but entered
$2f> as the price In a written agreement
Haddock then arranged through Llnd
sey for a resale lo the  Fisher-llamiltoi;
company at $2.", per acre.    It was agreed
that    Maddock.    Hamilton and Lindsey
ihould   go   out   and   inspect    the   land
llty.lges   then     refused    to   accompany
them,   bill   made  arrangements  to  have
them   conducted   by    W".   F.    Mawdsley.
Later ho  changed hia  mind  and  Joined
the     party    himself.      It     waa    agreed
among  Brydgea,  Maddock  and  Lindsey
that   the   real  price   of   $1S   should   h<
kept   secret   from   the   Fisher-Haiiilllon
company who were to pay $2f�� an acre
Brydgea then attempted to force from
Lindsey,   by    suggested     threat   of  dls
ch stir.'     to    Hamilton  of  the   facts,  a
promise  of a commission of  $2,000  foi
himself on   l.indsey's   reaale   from   Mad
dock   to   the   Fishei'-llanriltrm   company
llrydges alleges that Lindsey made sue!
a promise.    Lindsey denies It.
Brydgea theii revealed to Mr. Flshei
the private agreement Tor sale to Mad
dock at $1S an ncre. offered to Ignon
that agreement which bad been passed
from Maddock lo lhe FUhor-llamlltor
company, and sold ilireeT to them foi
$1S nn acre.
Hrydge-s. nevertheless, counterclaim*
from Undaey $8,000 which he allege'
Lindsey promised him as a commission
on the sale from Madtlock to Fisher
Such Is the account submitted by S
S. Taylor on behalf ot th.- plaintiff. Mr
Tnvlor then entered us evidence the
testimony of llrydges on examination
for discovery which look nn most of the
afternoon session. The hearing will he
continued tomorrow. As much of the
evidence has been taken by commission
and must he read In court, lhe ease for
lhe defence may not be opened hefore
Thin slay.
iky, chief or the detective
h,.,,, at 0'lt,8sa. 1'iiB tauen in with
'���� mtrhleiiness. The physicians
���1Mb believe It is a case of slow
Misruling ���n(1 ���mt
party   to
���,     of the official.
tal^r "'latl011H   "-th   him   has   been
'""son htm. ^^^^^^^
^trT0, r"n,1,R that ��f c��'*��>* Sher-
Cln'J",/""" vl-llu, some --car,
party wi���,.h "l7"'""'K lo '"�� N��"����'
"������"nun, .,,' "mny nneuooeaaful
*%S��E ���uTHtod ta ��*���������������
..'*"�� �� KlovPH while he w
!��.M In thjj15M,hL".��lov" with his
as making
...    -    - fur
���  me nppartmeiil   al
w���� exclrioT ,''':""IK'  """   ��"8 move.
Tin, r,.1.'"*:"  'OT the poisoned  ones
n call
coat I
"hlcli he
anil  ,n,|
what   had
soon   iitlei
^"MiHKliUu which lo many
Mac     ^	
Homy T. Rogers,
i). B. SaUif-tiid Horace n.
Denver, nnd W. .1.  McKie of CurHlenun.
The defendant! are phargod with huv-
inR Violated the Sherman anti-Trust  Act
ami with being a gigantic unlawful combination In restraint of trade. Alter the
wttnessee living in the tiie jurisdiction
of the court have been examined, oilier
districts in which defendants or wit-
nesHes reside will be Visited for the
same purpose. St. Louis, Chicago, Den
ver and Texas are among the localities
where Judge Ferri.su. who lias been appointed a special examiner in the case,
will take evidence.
i.atkr.���The hearing ol the salt of
the United States government vs. Standard Oil Company was postponed today
until next Thursday.
Earthquake   Somewhere.
Ottawa,   8ept,   ;,.���The    SeistnogtUph
at  the   Dominion  observatory  at   12.1f>.
p. in., yesterday recorded �� mure severe
earthquake movement than It did of (h
Jnmncla earthquake of laat year.
Girl Aeronaut's Escape.
Mlddloton. \\ Y��� Sept. 8.���Mra
Myrtle Uysdike, a seventeen year old
aeronut, narrowly escaped deatli in
making a balloon ascension in Hay Park
here. When three hundred feet In the
air, the balloon caught fire and the hot
Sir escaping, It fell rapidly to the ���*u
Several   thousand   persons   in   Ui
expeoted to see th
ed  to   pieces,   hut
the   thick   foliOg
What proved to he the most interest
ing game of cricket yet played this
season on the recreation grounds took
(dace yesterday between Grand Forks
and Nelson, resulting, after a hard
fought struggle, in a victory for the latter. Nelson has not lost a match this
season so far and has easily the best
team in the upper country. Despite the
bad weather there was a large crowd
down on the grounds for the greater
put of tbe day, between three and four
hundred people being drawn by curiosity or the love of the game. As the
points of cricket are getting to be better
understood it Is being more appreciated
locally. Moreover the players are improving, the batting is steadier and the
fielding far more praiseworthy. Cricket
hoe the great merit as against other
sports, of affording no scope for the
The team that Grand Forks brought
across was the best that has yet appeared on the Nelson ground, and it
was early seen that Nelson would have
a struggle to win. The visitors winning the toss put In themselves and
left the Nelson bowlers, short Ed.
Mason, to struggle with a wet and
greasy pitch on which it was impossible
to stand without slipping and sawdust
bad to be used In considerable quantities'. The Grand Forks players showed
themselves to be careful bats and endeavored to wear down the bowlers by
stonewalling. Huns came slowly and
only 36 were compiled in the hour and
a half before lunch. After lunch runs
were again slow in coming, and at the
end of another hour and a quarter the
Grand Forks team were dismissed for
69 of which Martin Durrell contributed
It looked a fair prospect for Nelson,
under  ordinary   upnetttions,   but   with   a
wet wteket the issue was doubtful and
when   within  the   first  twenty   minutes
Coppen  had  been   sent  away   for  two,
Tregillus and liourke for a duck apiece
and  J.   D.  Kerr  for   nine,   four   wickets
down  for 25 runs and H.  K,  Wade and
J.   Morris  left  to  sustain  the  honor  ot
.Nelson,   four  good   bats  gone   for  practically nothing, the silence in the grand
stand was expressive.    The partnership
proved  good, however, and  before Morris had   been  sent  away  for a  not in
glorious ten, the score had crept up to
50,    There were twenty  runs to get  tc
win  and   five   wickets   to  fall.     Would
Nelson do it? Wade was batting carefully  and   hitting   loose   howling  severely
but   Mahon   was   howling   a   nasty   left-
handed   leg   break.     Rolt   joined   Wade
but was sent away  for four and  Partington   almost   immediately   afterwards
for   five;    seven   wickets   down   for   62
and but three wickets left, two of which
were   for   men   who had   never  played
hefore on the eleven.    Nelson was still
anything  but  safe.    Elvery  then  came
to "the   hat   and   played  far   more   carefully  than usual.    There was little hitting done for an over or so but present
ly Elvery caught a loose ball and sent it
lor four and then Wade got a boundary
for two. topping the visitors' sco.-j. The
game was then over to all intents and
purposes as no second innings could be
played out in the time.    Wade went on
piling   up   his  score,   giving   a   chance
which  was  Imdly   missed  when 55 ami
finally   being   bowled   for   73,   the  best
score yet made this season by any bats
man, and heating the Grand Forks team
off his own hat.    Nelson was at the hat
for   an   hour   and   a   half  scoring   127.
while Grand Forks got 69 in three hours,
showing the freer character of the home
batting.    The detail of play  follows:
Grand Forks
Campbe'.l, c. ltourke, b. Ooppen 6
Beckett, c. Partington, b. Hourke 13
Fletcher, c. Partington, h. Coppen   rf
Bunt M  b. Coppen 19
Mahon, 1.  b.  w.( h.  Hourke   0
Fripp, run out   2
Smith,  not out    4
Grey, b. Coppen    5
Spier,  b.  Coppen    0
Norris, b. Coppen   0
Shadford, c. Kerr, b. Hourke 9
Queen Victoria Stops Ore
Declining Price of Copper and High
Cost of Labor Determines
Owners' Action.
musical and literary programme: solo,
Mr. Jervls, of Rotaon, "Out on the
Deep," rendered In tine baritone voice;
duett, Misses Ellis, "The WhlpperwIH";
duett, Mr. D. Jones and Mr. Shanks;
mandolin solo, Stanley Kendall; recitations, W. Walters, and Mr. Shanks.
The chape! at Robson is a neat Utile
building, erected by the Home Mission
Hoard. The tract of land on which lt
stands was donated ">v McDermid &
McHanly vho also * lid a splendid
Hlymiro bell, whlct ^r0 the tower
of the chapel. Too m^ ***Vy "annot
be Riven Mr. A. W. Dyt.. '"/ , *>a8
been acting  in the  double ^n    '
preacher a id cariienter during .. ^>
Chicago and Alton Case
The declining price of copper, the uncertainty of the smelter situation caused by the shortage of coke, and the
high rate of wages and scarcity of competent labor, are beginning to have an
injurious effect upon the mining industry generally, and a curtailment of operations is, in tbe opinion of many mining men, almost certain to occur within
tbe next few weeks.
A report that the Queen Victoria cop
per mines had closed down was in circulation in the city yesterday. A representative of The Canadian called on
N. J. Cavanaugh, resident director, to
ascertain the facts. Mr. Cavanaugh
"It Is not true that we are closing
down tbe mines. It is true, however,
that we have stopped shipping ore, ant.
have let three-fourths of our muckerc
go. We have six men and are going
ahead with development work. 1 can't
say how long it will be before shipments
are resumed.
"Yes, I can fell you the reason. It is
fairly simple and definite. With the
present cost of labor and the present
price of copper there fa very little profit
in mining. It is only worth while tc
mine the very best ore, and rejection ol
all the rest Involves a waste of labor
and of values. It Is sacrificing a prop
erty to operate under the circumstances.
The Queen Victoria has since tht
middle of last winter employed a force
varying from 20 to 25 men, and has-
been, with one brief intermission, a
steady shipper to the Trail smelter.
Other owners of copper mines have
recently declared that the high rate ol
wages which the industry could stand
when copper was selling at 25 cents a
pound or within a fraction of lt, cannot
reasonably be maintained with the price
of the metal below 18 cents. The most
hopeful feature of the situation is that
students of the world's copper markets
still maintain that there is no valh.
reason for the recent decline in price,
that the relation between the world';-*
visible supply amply justified the recen:
higlL prices and is bound soon to restore
the ui
Special Excursion Train Left Rail
Killed, 290 Injured.
Orangeville, Sept. 3.���A Canadian
Pacific Railway special train carrying
over 300 passengers bound for the Toronto exhibition, was wrecked today at
Horseshoe Falls, nine miles south of
here. Six persons, names as yet unknown, were killed and 250 Injured.
The train pulled Into Orangeville one
hour late. Half an hour later the locomotive Jumped the rails on the down
grade of the Horseshoe curve of the
Caledon mount. Five cars were piled
up on top of the locomotive. At Orangeville every seat was fiPed and people
were standing In the isles. All these
cars were jammed together In the fierce
shock. Of those on the train at least
250 were injured, many of them fatally,
and bIx were killed outright. The only
explanation of the disaster so far Is
that the engineers was trying to make
up time and took the Horseshoe curve
at a high speed.
Coke   Situation   Le..   Acuta   but   Still
Threatening and Outlook   i.
i Uncertain.
Judge Landis Grants Adjournment on
Request of Government Prosecutor���Issue Uncertain.
Dedicatory  Service,   Refre.hment.   and
Football   Match.
e  Park
youBg woman dusb-
stR' luckily  fi 11   Into
of   a   iroe.     She  ok
caped with a few scratches.
Only Half Are Innocent.
New York, Sept. 3.��� A new law milk-
insM posiii'e for a rJrofeBslonal thlatwhu
has baas cmvlrtcil more than once, t 1
ba arreated whan found loitering in a
nubile plane or rldlnu on a public vehicle ami who can be sentenced to sIn
months in prlaon, went into effect yes-
lerday l*��t u|L-"' ""' <'pnl,lU "fflr'
man who watched the atreet cars for
niokpooketJI were instructed to bring
in all the men they believed to be
thieve. Thirty of them were locked
������ at headqnartera. The police say
ttlev are mire they can prove that more
than half the number answered tho re
qnlromenlB of tho law.
Extras     6
Kerr,  b. Grey   ��
Coppen,   b.   Mahon   2
Tregillus, b. Mahon  2
Wade,   b. Mahon 73
Hourke, b. Mahon   0
Morris, b. Fletcher 10
Holt. b. Mahon   4
Partington, b. Fletcher   5
Elvery,  c. Grey.  b.  Mahon 10
Kerr, c. Spier, b. Mahon   5
Warren,  not out   1
Extras     8
Grand Forks���Second Innings
Smith, c. Kerr. b. liourke   II
Mahon, not out 10
Burrell, b. Coppen   2
Beckett,  not out   2
Extras     2
In spite of the heavy downpour of rain
yesterday morning over 30 Baptist
young people lined up at the station
for East Robuon on the opening of the
Baptist chapel there. Though the day
was showery yet all who attended tell
of a most enjoyable time. On arrival
at East ltnhson a dedicatory service cf
the new chapel was held, Pastor Shanks
preaching the sermon. A picnic luncheon was served by the Nelson young
people after which various sports were
indulged, not the least of which was a
football game that will long be remembered.   The line up was as follows:
Bobson���Goal, Vaughn; Fullback, S.
Miller, Russell; halfback, WIckham, H.
Miller; forward, Burfleld, Whitehouso,
Young,   Cookson.
Nelson���goal. Shanks; fullback, D.
Jones, Canning; halfback, F. Waters;
forward, Cameron, W. Waters, Hopkins,
J. Jones.
During the first half, though there
were many good plays, neither side was
able to score. Tn the second half Rob-
son led off with one goal, with which
they were forced to be content. Nelson
scored almost Immediately by a clever
pass from Hopkins to Cameron, en-
ultllng Canning to send the pigskin Hying through the goal. Just before time
was called Nelson scored a second goal,
making them victors of the day.
The ladles of Castlegar, Westley and
Robson entertained to a generous and
enjoyable dinner and are to be congratulated and praised in the highest degree.
A hearty vote of thanks was tendered
them by the visitors who  presented a
The coke situation in the Boundary
is still serious though not so acute as
lt was a fortnight ago. The Phoenix
Pioneer, which spoke quite hopefully
a week ago, gives the lollowiug as Its
latest summary:
"It may be stated this week that the
outlook for an Improved coke supply
for the district smelters is looking
somewhat better, though not, by any
means, all that lt should be yet. Still,
ten out of the fourieen blast furnaces
In Boundary's three smelters have been
In operation this week, and a little
more coke Is coming in than heretofore.
"At the urgent suggestion of the
boards of trade at Nelson and Kaslo.
the provincial governmen sent the
deputy minister of mines, R. F. Tolmie,
to investigate the cause of the coke
shortage. Last Sunday Mr. Tolmie
was In Grand Forks, and the next day
reached Greenwood. Then he came
to Phoenix, whence he went to Trail
and Nelson, and then on into East
Kootenay to the coal fields themselves,
to see the actual conditions and what
truth there is in the statement that coke
in considerable quantities had been exported when British Columbia smelters
were going without It. Mr. Tolmie.
naturally, had nothing to say till after
he had made his report to the government, but there Is every reason to be-
lieve that his investigation will result
in good.
"Taking it all in all, tire Investigation
should be productive of good results,
and the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co..
should be penalized the full $2 per ton,
as called for by Its charter, for exporting coke when provincial smelters are
running short.
"Although the Gran by smelter has
been running live furnaces this week.
It has been with the greatest difficulty
that the B. C. Copper Co. smelter was
able to keep two furnaces In blast, so
precarious was the coke supply. Indeed, last Sunday the entire battery
was banked, and It Is a hand to mouth
matter every day. Manager McAllister
states that things must Improve materially or the plant is likely to close for
some little time.
"At tho Dominion Copper Co.'s
smelter, the three furnaces have been
kept busy, but even then there is no
coke to spare, but they have to hust'e
lt along from Coleman as fast as possible, whence this supply comes. Manager Thomas is now paying special attention to this phiise of the matter."
Chicago, Sept. 3.���District Attorney
Sims will read to a federal grand jury
today the letter from the department of
justice telling of the immunity agreement entered into by the government
and tbe Chicago at Alton railroad. The
letter was written by Attorney General
Bonaparte and waa received ��t>y Mr.
Sims last week.
Further proceedings then will be optional with Judge Landis who called the
special grand jury for the prosecution.
Tbe attitude of the judge .till occasion,
uneasiness to the railroad official, aud
attorneys. He has received a communication similar in purport to tbe one In
the hand, of Attorney, but he haa given
its writer no hint of Its attitude, it la
deemed probable that he will acojalaaoa
in the position of the government and
dismiss the jury. But it ia alao Intimated that before he haa dl.ml.ac* the
case, he will read an arraignment of
the railroad method, and officials that
will be more scathing than the one
which preceded the fining of the Standard Oil Company in the same case. It
is possible that the Judge will refuse to
recognise the agreement and Instruct
.he district attorney Mr prtMsmd with the
case against tha Altaa coanpaay. la
which- all the evidence lor the inspection of the grand jury Is ready.
The federal attorneys, however, evidently do not anticipate such action as
Mr. Sims, chief counsel In the case, la
said to have made arrangements to
leave the city on a belated vacation
tonight. Assistant District Attorney
Wilkerson Is slso out of the city.
The grand jury investigation of the
charges against the Chicago and Alton
railroad In connection with rebates said
to have been granted to the Standard
Oil company, was postponed until September 24.
Llpton in a Squall.
London, Sept. 3.���Sir Thomas Ltptou
and a party of guests have arrived at
Southampton on the steam yacht Erin.
Lipton left Belfast last Thursday for
Dublin and his non-arrival at the latter
port has given rise to rumors that he
had.started for the United States. Sir
Thomas and his guests had a lively experience of Southsea. They had board-
ed the schooner yacht Ceylon and were
at luncheon when a storm arose which
caused the boat to heel dangerously.
Dishes, chairs, etc., wore thrown about
and smashed. The party returned to
the Erin as soon as the squall abated.
It was generally believed that when
court opened today a letter would be
presented from Attorney General Bonaparte, defining the action Intended by
the government against the Alton road.
The railroad company has made a claim
of Immunity, asserting that it was promised by former District Attorney Morrison, that if it aided the government
In good faith in the prosecution of the
Standard Oil company that It would be
exempt. No such letter, however, was
presented In court, either by Judge
Landis of by District Attorney Sims,
the successor of District Attorney Morrison.
When the court opened today District
Attorney Sims said: "I am here, if the
court please, in the matter of the grand
jury Investigation, and on that matter
I have to ask the court, or I wish to
make a motion, for a postponement. In
compliance with the suggestions of the
court made at the time of the convening of the present grand jury the facts
and circumstances In connection with
the matter under Investigation had
been submitted to the department, and
I had expected to be able to report to
the court this morning Its views and
findings. Very recently, however, a alt-
uation has arisen, which In my Judgment makes lt desirable that I have
time to submit to the department certain facts and circumstances In addition to those already submitted. For
these reasons 1 request that further action be postponed for three or four
weeks. I regret the necessity for asking the court for this postponement,
but it seems to me, in view of what I
know In connection with the case, to be
"Is the grand Jury present?" naked
judge Landis. "Not now, your honor.'
"How much time do yon want " "I
think not less than three weeks. It
seeinB to me highly desirable that when
the matter Is again called that we be
able to tako definite action on It. Three
weeks from today will be the 24th."
'You may Inform the grand Jury," said
Judge Landis. "that they arc at liberty
to take a recess until 10 o'clock nn the
morning  uf Sept.  24th."
i ���
.. i.
t 1
' |i;i
The Doily Canadian
We    are    now
opening npiilnrge
slinnnent ol
Limoges Elite China
These   goods   are   assorted   so that   you   can   select  any  pieces   )
prefer and  make  up to  your taste.
Hi|it-tw��t  Quality lit   Uowcst   l>riccK.
A carload  of
has just arrived.
These goods have advanced  sii
but  we   offer them
Influence* The protests tliat have been
uttered Crom end to end ot Canada by
non-political boilU-s against Uie corruption thai Ihis reigned unchecked tor tea
years years, at the polls and in the
govt mmenl departments, is suthVient
lusl iliiai inn for lhe emphasis I hut Mr.
Borden lias laid ou them.
It i.s quite true that Sir Wilfrid
Laurier made similar pledges in 1 ��SHG
and earlier. But it is a fact, that all
in.i\ Bee, thai Sir Wilfrid Laurier, durum eleven years of unlimited power,
baa made no effort to reform or mitt
gate the abuM, that he has knowingly
conspired 10 protect the criminals, aud
thai corruption In the administration is
win'..!' and more widespread new lhau
ever before in Canadian histoty. No
one pretends to doubt Mr. Borden's sincerity. No one pretends lo believe in Sir
Wilfrid   Laurier's.
Nullum Land District  IMatrict of Wait Kootenaj
Take notice   th-itK.W.   Hmlth,   Trunk    Imuh
���ail, and A. h. Rider, ol Spokane, Wash., oocupa
i luu ranchers, intend lo apply lor �� BP***1RJ
timber licence over the [oiJOWlng desi i ���'��������� ���'
land*.: Commencing at a post planted i:t the
���oothweel comer, ittimit eight mllee from Uie
Kootenai-   river,   OS   Die   Weal   Side,   Hini   ebnttl
Hum utiles north nf tin- international boundary
Una,on the west baas ol Bridg oreek.ou tbe
north fork, theuce north ��> chain*, i enm eaat
ho chain*, thence south 80 cbalm thenee weat BO
chains to puiut of oommeueemeni, so i contain
tug Mn acres, in(iif or less
���Gated July lwth. 11*07.
Kf*nk I';
w   BM1TB,
0 IN.
-  Ki aaa.
. lint'
��� ���asl.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized
Head Office
$10,000,000     Capital    Paid   Up           4,830.000
' rte.t           4.830.000 tff
D. B. WILKIE  President. HON. ROBERT; tAKl'HAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
TAKOOUV   I .    VIi'lOKlA.
Interest allowed on  daaoalts   from date of depoajlt and credited quarterly.
J.    VI.    LA^'.   Mttnajeer.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.   1889
...$3,900,000     Reserve  Fund.
.   $4,390,000
Some minor    Liberal    organs in    the
west, taking  their cue   from  the  liters-
ni'.   Issued by the Machine, keen harji-
Ing  un   lhe alleged exposure of George
E   F Bter.    What is Mr. Foster's crime7
AJ1  thai   A.  B.  Ayleaworth  oouU  nls-
corer,   by   the  concentration  of all   Ills
legal learning and ability on an utterly
unworthy  object,  was  that Mr.  Foster
specn at.'tl with trust  funds of the foresters, an specifically au-horized by the
, x. critive Ixidy of that order.    Kvnv sd
of his has been endorsed and ai'prored
by the order.    If his conduit was I'itn-
lnal.   so  is  the  conduct   of  lira.-i.'-illy
. v. ry   trustee  of   funds   in   the   Unal'i-
ion.    The  "dead  set     upon   Mr.  Foster
by the Libera] press. Inspired by A. B.
Ayleaworth  who knows  that it is  ilug-
rantly dishonest, is entirely duj to me
fear  of  Mr.  Foster  that   Liberals have
admitted  since  his first  entry  Into  the
field   of   Canadian   politics.     He is   the
ablest   finance   minister   Canada   has
ever  had.  and  he  is   by   far the   most
formidable man in debate in the House
of   Cjmmons   today,   lt  is   an   amazing
pertinence that the  party  which  Includes   Clifford   Sifton.   Fred.   Borden.
C   arlea   llyman  and   H. R.   Emmerson
should   dare  even   to   pretend   to   look
rlown  on  George  E. Foster.    The  four
together have not a tithe of his ability,
and even  the fault with which he has
been Caalely charged is as nothing to the
misdeeds of which they have been con-
i ieti rl
Nelson Land Dlatrlct, Dlstrlcl ol ��"' Kootam.
Tab. uuliei' that R. S. **. Smyth, ol li��i'i B
(' . oi-rupattoli luuibvrmi.li. lut-nds ti-sl'l'ly lor
a ipMlaJ UmlMir UauaM ora "������ (ollovUu aa.
M-rlbeil tatela :
,Nnl Commendim at. poal planted nfl.r tha
luirllieasl aanafpaalol Lot Ml 2W in L*mou
Cnak uuil marked K. s   P. srnyrli soutbweal oor-
ueri��oNt No i, iheno**0 I'liHin. neriii   more
Leas to hIk'iii tn til way ef tho soutli bound.)
mi ttiiii.fr Usaaa. Ko.uao, ib< noe BOclraiDi
LhenosM ilialus south, tbaaoe -li' ohaiiia aaat,
ttieiH'f an fbaliis wnth.th.Doe SO chalus west,
more or less to Uie sooiIh-rsi  in r ol ��r ireaatd
Lot  No. 9MS. tb.no. 40 i-halti.  north, tbeno. 4JJ
ciiaius we.t lo Ua. point ol nommanoemenl
1��U7 K  S   I'   -*v:H.
Ht-nry R< U-liert. Aai'Ut.
Nld.on Land District.  District ol Weal K'mlcuay
Take milieu that J. R. F Stewart.ol rolling-
wood, out., occupation lumberman. Intend! to
api'lv lor a special tirubiT LlreDa aver thi��� f��'l-
lo.riig described lands: Uommeoclni hi a p^at
plauled about 66 i-balus senili and 1 r b 1.111. west
,,[ post No '2, marked J. K V Btewart's N t. corner post, ihence south loo 1 tralrn-. n..ri,t- west 40
chains, thence nonh 160 cha ua, thence ea-t *o
Dh 11 ins to place ol corumi'iieenieiit conl.lntagSSB
acres more or lesa.
July Mlh, lfarj. J.���� R  T. Brew-Jar.
Iialed J6th July,
Ladies' New Fall
and Winter Coats
We are showing our first importation af Ladies'
Coats. The very latest aud uobbiest styles iu cloths
etc. Now is the tiuie to make your selectiou when
stock is complete. No two coats alike, we invite inspection.
litsmi 1 i>i v\ ,.r Coot-way.
..���nr^e Al. kSUdl r ������! kasln.
si-i.ly lor a suwtel liinbiT
lullnwln.   dear n-   1   lauoi
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all kinds of Banking  Business.
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large. Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published six d.y�� a wee. by the
Baker St..  Nelaon. B. C
Buoacrlpuon rales, ao cantl a mpi.ih ��������
ID lhe cltj. or .6.00 a year 11 i-eul by mail, wnaal
paid in advance.
t^r'iaefpVl^inVeVSS-o.   1-
���.dviirur-iiiii. mut��t be rscelptea [on
form.ot���  lieCumimiiy.    urn*.:  MCMtptl  m OOl
TfcUd. ^_____	
Tuesday.   September 3,  1907.
Nflsnn L-tuid m��trit-t DlJtrli I d.Wm< K.u>u.'u��y.
Ta-lcc notice tbat Hviirv Retcberl oi Nelaon, B.
r , procpector. intend*. u> hi \>^ (it h upecial 11-
U do* to cut and carry a����y Umbel Irom the (ol*
kiwing deacrlbed lands:
No 6, Commencing at e posl planted near the
norfbMstt corner pom of Tlmbei Lloenoa Po BH
and marked Henry Kin t.'-r: :i"��bwest coruer-
DOtt No 6, thence WJ clialtii* south, thence 10
ciialna eaat. theuce B0 chain* ii'-rth, thence HU
chalnh went to place of commencement,
imted July Mth. 1907.
No 7 Commencing h! h p m\ planted near the
nnrthweat corner |k��i <��( tlmbei UeancM No '.tA1"
hu<1 marked Henry Ken li--: - we��t corner MMt
No 1. theuce 160 ohaini eul ttunce 40 chaii^
north, thence 160 chain^ nvi, tlieace 40 chaiu.
south to point of commein t-oi*'i'.t.
Dated July :26th, 1907.
No. 8. Commencing at a poat planted on Monument creek about 70 chains' more or law troiu
where Monument creek emptiea tuto Lemon
creek and marked Henry Keichert uoribeaJtcor-
nerpoat No. 8 thence Iwj iiiaiu* aouth. thence -1"
chain* wen. thence 160 chaiup north-thence 4u
chalnf- eaat to place of commencement-
Hau-d July Ubth, UOl Hi.sk. Kkichiht,
Nelaon Land IMitrtet
Take notice   that   '
B  0 ,   Lntandi   I
llceuce   over   iht
CoiiinU'Ili'.UK ni a I��i-*l plant.-.! a! tbe DOriD*T��tt
coruer of Bectlon ii, 0WsMblp7, KnoteUft* ��11��-
irici. bfttng atfiit .hi. ihirl of�� mile iOOtli ol
the aooth bouodar] Una ol tp. Indian reoerre;
thcii'-e n'lHii about U cbalna to tbeefttterlj
bank cf Kooten*y rtvei heuw - utheuterlj
ahuiK Kootenay rWei iiank a-��"U ki cimini to
the aoutii boundary of He- Ion li loHuablp?:
tbenoa aaalai ������ about ���' ��� bain ��� ��� be i.onbwcat
comer ol Lot *61: ihenoe ii-.r.:. *��� ��� Lain* aloair
the wort boundary o\ Lol Ki;  tbenoa wi��i ho
chalna t���� the p.iiiit ��������� , .<nm-m-*-m* i.l. and cou-
talnlug f>in -.'*���. -   mon
Dated JulT 4. 1803 Gl����M .VlKXtH������,
KalaOS t*od I'iitriel.   Dtatrletol W��rt Ktmtenay
Take   notice   that   William    Andrew    Hum,   of
Fernle, B  C . hotel Itaopei  lntandi t" appiv lor
a ("(Mi'lal timber licence ov-i Mi e   follnwinr   dw
CrlDOd    laniU :     ( iui*iu��.ui Ing   at   a   poal    planted
abontali milea weat of tbe Kootenaj  rlvar, on
Cora crook,   in the  1'latrnt of Waal  Kootanay
I   and being   about ��tx   mllen   north   ���>!   lb)      Btel
,   national     l-own-tary    Hue,    und    lltuata   nt the
Uorlboaal corner of William   Aiidr'-w    Rom'   No
.s itiiitier claim, thence north ho chaioa, tbonoa
\s pm Nn rlitlui,   theuce   ��"iith Ho  '-ham-*.   tbanOfl
eaat H" chalua, to the p<.|ut of ouiliielievliieiii
Located Julv aim. 1&17
l��nt.-il the i-th d Ann    KJ07
Wl       i"i    \ ������ l-i' I   '   Hi**
From several    quarters    In    Canada
there have conic lately OOmplalnU ua to
the leadership of the Conserviui\���   partj
hy   K.  L.  Hordeu.    The    complainta ol
course purport to come from Conserva-
tire sources.    Some ol   them   an   madi
In the open, such as those or the Mon
treal  Star and the Toronto Worid. buf
the   majority   are   anonymous.     All   ol
course are accorded  a  hearty  velooxni
in the columns  of  the  Liberal   orgBOl
Assuming that all the c-riiic-ii ins t&a1
have   bet-u publisht-d an  Kentline mid s-in
cere, there Is no reason why OonaerVB
Uvea should reseiiT them     Th< J   ���
tute unimiK-achabb- erldenoe thai   Oon
servativcB BtUJ  retain that  suird%   Indi
p*iudence  of  opinion   which   had     beel
characteristic  of  the  party  Htncfl  partj
government   began  in  Canada,    in  thi
Liberal   ranks   iudividtiul   opinion   i
and was buried ten years ago. C  D
ativeB have always  claimed  antl
clsed the right oi tree opinion and Pit ���
apeech. and they  always  wil'  exerdx
it. at   whatever cost to party dlaclpllni
or  to   immediate   party  Interest,     Had
Conservativea,    like    their    opponent
been  actuated  metcly   by  lual   ol  offlct
and  opportunity   for spoil  the   Liberal
need not have won in iM'fi.    An boneat
difference   of opinion   on   the   morallt)
and   justice   of   the   Remedial   Hill   tot
Manitoba   then   divided   the   Coneerva
Uve party nnd caused its defeat.      Blnct
then the Liberals have executed a right
about-face on such quealons as the tai
Iff. expenditure, denominational aOhooh
and provincial riuhts, but no conviction-
In favor or their ancient principal" have
fceen strong enough    to    detach    mop
than one at a time from the party fold
The difference between the partus In
this reaped ia that every Conserv.u'x-
ia  a   free   man   with   his   political   con
science In his own keeping  :  the col-
lni v   Lfberal conscience has been de-
Dg  Of   Si:   Wilfrid
Laurler.   The advantage of party disci-
pi n-- i.- with the  Liberals,  but its cost
Failure  of  the leader to
Qtallty   in     his     whole
party to provide him with  .   cabinel
i;-, ���,-���_, '��� onst rvattve hai an undoubted
to   criticize   Mr.   Borden   and   hla
policy,  but  no    one,    Conservative    or
I.   .        | ���    maki   mis tat
in- m - anon   ���  ' It ha    lafc i;
v titer, who
ds to have  been a  Conservi
ilia'   Mi    Bordi n's i lection  t i the Lead
ol  the part}   waa manipulate d   n
by 1 her and
son.    It is also cbarg d  In other quarters that the Toppers are now seeking
and   have   inspired  the
.  ;  eriti< Ism of hla  polit f that  hae
red  in  the  Montr* <     -
it point  out  the ai-
ohai gee bt ���
ing true, and the extreme Improbability
of eltht r b L   a  matter of
fact,   Mr.   Borden    * a     i ilected   pai Ua-
mentary leader of th*  parts at :t w
<if the I' -naei vatlv<   mei eld aft* r
i . sled Ion of 1900, in which Sir
Charles Tuppei was di feated and retired i.vn-v Conaervativi
in Canada has Bind voted confidence
In his leadership repeatedly. So much
for hla title to lead* rship.
���i, his conduct ol the party's re pre-
.. i  ;   ion    a   pai iiament    during    the
yeara  ainoe  L90Q,  it  is  adn
by friend and toe that his course has al-
wayi been conalstenl with the beat tra-
dltl ns of the Conservative part\ He
a been a wise and enlightened critic,
but has never offered noi countenanced
any merelj factious opposition. During the last session he showed himself
more zealous tor the honor of parlia-
lii'-tit than the man who boasted himself
peculiarly tts guardian Sir Wilfrid
I .air ier.
Now. on the eve ot B Campaign, wiiich
may tie precipitated at any time, Mr.
i! irden has addressed Mi electora of
Canda with a declaration of Lh< polici
bt . d\ icates. There is nothing in that
po ley Lnconaistenrl with Conservatism
or with the National Policy bequeathed
to hla  parts   and country by  sir John
In the forefront of his programme Mr.
Borden baa placed two pledges, which
should  not    be  party  Issues    = ��� t   all���
purity  in  elections  and   the emanclps
lion of the civil service from partisan
G. G. S. Lindsey. general manager of
ihe Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company,
has made a length} statement to the
Fernle papers on the subject of the coke
Bhortage. in addition to some gra ui-
tously impertinent criticism of tha Nelson board of trade, and some not tjo ingenuous excuses on tbe subject of car
and labor shortage he says: "What I
think a reasonable business man would
try to do. and what in the early stages
of July we did try to do. was to <-ep!ace
the men at the ovens and keep all our
customers supplied with coke." Mr.
Lindsey utterly ignores in his reply, as
lie has done all along by his actions,
the fact that his company has a moral
and legal obligation to fulfil to the
smelters of British Columbia.
is'elaon Land Dfatrtpt Dlatnct of Weat Kootenay
Notice In hereby mveu tnat SO daya after date
I intend to appiv to the Chief Commiaaloner ot
Land* and WOT*! 'or permlaaton to cut and
carry away timber from the following described
No. i CommencluR at a po.t marked H. .v .
N. W corner, aw chainn eaot of tbe N K BC rner
of lot No 612, jxwt manted K B. N. K. corner.
thence eaat HOehalnh. thence aouth ��*0 chain-.,
thence weft ��� chains, thence north (*" i-halna t<<
place of commencement containing M0 acre*.
No  6   commencluK at the .^   W  oornerofB
iH   timber cUim >o   4. thence north W> ctiatn*.
thence eaat SO chains, theucw. aouth  mi chain-,
ihence weal 60 chain* to place of commeiicameut
at location poat No   I, conuininp M0 aeroi
1    G.   Ec-HKKMRHHOK>,  l^H'SUlf.
���**������      Buicroft, Atcent.
Dated July 8th. 1907.
Nelaon l^ud Diatrict Dlatrlct of Wast ^ooteaav
Take notice shat I'aul Auaut-t Paulai u. of Kitchener, B. C, occupation iumhei-itian. iuteiid*
to apply for a��pei:lH,l timWr licence over the following deaurihed iapilB: ("omuiencluK at a po*t
planted at the ���outhwuat pornoi of surveyed lot
7221-G.l tbemw aouth to the iierihi-rti t.oin.dary
uf limber licein-e No. 701h, theme weal lo the
noritiweat corner of said limber licence, tb'-nce
south to thf liortliern boundary (if Int H2. thcii'-e
foIiowltiK said boundary, of aalil lot we.t to the
right of-��ay of the British Coh.nit.la Botlthain
Railway, thence lollowiug nald nght-of way It) a
north-easterly direction to plsos of opnunenoo-
merit, and containing ���������" '���'"��� r more or leaa
Dated JulT 2nd. lao..    1'Afl- Arurrr PACUOK.
NeiBou i ate! i  - ��� t of Wort Kootaaay.
tako notice tha    Kvao  MeUlrtlsvd   Kraaer, of
Ferule   ll  ' '.���< ���������        "���     i-'��j applr'or a special
Uo��noe   OTOl    ��� tn| -   ribe-i    landi:
Comnieti>'to< at  k   poal   phtnted about itvaB
mUoi wort of tho Ko   mirrittr, and aboat one
mile norh "f the   la ������ D*t1   n*l     i   to I <����� r v   Lino,
and about <>ue an 1 a qnartor ihtHi t-a-terly froia
the uor'h * ��� -���    " ���������:.-���     ..::..   No.   WM,
tbenoc south 00 rba.ni   ta<   m w��rt SO ohrtoa,
tbenoi icrti. ���-.'��� jr��..a��. thoBoaoort au chains to
point   Ol   curnrm-ri'-etneut,   and   inutatulug   Mo
���Area* mora ��� i  ���
I,oca.ted Uth. of June. 1907.
-      . ���.   M    ���      - * *-    1 l .    I I:
Dated tins Kth "f July. 1W-.
Tin- notice that C. C. Clark, ot  Nelson, B. C,
Mtlooo koopei  mi. :.���'.- Hi applj tat n vpoejaJ dm-
tun   ortr tb�� (oUowins doocrlbod land;
( ommooeina   at   a   ; ,       ill  I     "n    M'-rnltje
Mountalti. abOUl Otlf in lie wei-t ol Bmi Iter | r"*-r,
and aa join ing c C Clark's tooatlon for timber
.. onoeHo 1. and about one mile ���onti) oi '������
���OU, tbence west ��o chain*, thence south hu
chain*. thonOB ca-l h" chains, thence north hU
chains to plain* of t--i-iuulug.
D��te��lJuiT Kith. lnWT. 0    C   (LARK,
PaVIIj B<-oTH. Agent
Ntlaon i-nti-i Disirict. Dlstrtotol West EDots&a)
Take DOtiOt that I, Kli/iil-ili t <-rK\i��,.u ><( Kflj
luu, hriu-h Columbia, occupation BtrrfMI IVO
man. intend to appiv f*>r peraalsstloo to ptttfihaM
tin iwlng dooBrlDod land:  CotaUDsaelas at a
poat planted -h chatoa woat of the southeaat cor-
ncr   of   vctioti   22. Township 6V,   Kootenay.   and
itiaikci h Ki N e corner.**thsnoa wert ***
chain-, tbenoa aouth 40 chalna, tbence ca��i ni
chains, tto-nce north ��i�� chains to the pla-*��� <i(
i Miiitm in emeiit arid (ontaining :t_*0 acres more
Iftti) JulT, A. 1>. 1��07.     EL1CATBTH KSBUl I OH.
by w". A   Calder, agent.
i. Land Dlstr.et.    District <>t Heat Koon-nay.
I nolice that I. David  li    Kurt/, of    N. .-.,.(.
iK-cijpallitli  merchant. Intend   loappiy for
purt-haae the   following doomibod
' i-nniictMing    at   a poal    planted    at   the
*-i   .������rtur   *if   Motion   ��*.   township   ����.
Ko-ttecay, and marked "D (.. K.'* ft, \\ . OOflMI  '
them-*'   north   **< chain*.,   thence  eaat   -fi thai in*.
thence ioat& ������   nbaUu. thetuo weat eu ehetft*
to the   point of  conimencement  and   cttutalulbg
HO sorsa no.re oi teea
1Mb July. 1V07. I'lvii.'i   Ki'RTt.
V>.   A   i all,-    agrDt.
Nelson Umd District.   Dletrtfltof Wojil -
Take notice that John I'IiUIm-m ,, r r"
Hrlllsh Columbl*, .KM-i.patio,, S,"/' *��-
jcuds 10 apply for .-'nrnJh,?u '* *��*'
lollowiug dewrlbed laud: ComnStSf
post planted on the north Uuk Umllj,'
.boot two and pa*--���������.  -
about two and MUctuarter mile, ea. crTv (
the Pin.lion of Uiat creek and BrtSSo ? '
he KeJslOn mud dlsUricl. UltIl,(. ���,��    '    ��
thence west AO
hainn   thence mvSrSH
.. or leas, to U��t creek. theuTua..    !U-
Htid cc-k topomi oi iiii.u,,,;; *2jwkf
tainingOHi acre-, more or U*m
Dated JuiieSlh. 1JoJ7.
John Fhiliuj !
N. !
I >
permlartoti to pi
[and    ��� onunen
Nelson Laud District.   District ot Wstl Knoteuay.
ntend to apply I
il   l .tinc.
'  a  -,*ei.'ial
fol Tow lni   described
Our old frl.-nd the Week��� a Victoria
wei kty���is nothing if not original.
"Status ante quo" is not I-atin but it is
novel   and   striking.
One of Nelson's Pretty Home Cottages of 2 bedrooms, sitting room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom; hot and
cold water; large basement. Nice view
of lake. $1,600, $900 down; balance on
ea��y terms. Certainly a snap. 3 lots
75 x 125. Apply to J. R. B.. Daily
Notice la hereby gjTen that flh days alter date I
intend to apply to the Hon. chief Commisaioner
of Landi and ���Voiks lor permission to pun.base
the following deacrlbed land*, situated in West
Kootenay diatrict: Commencing at a postmarked by name an initial post of tbe South fork
branch, one hundred feet from the Junction ol
Lost creek with the aouth fork; theuce one
quarter mile to the northwest corner poat, tbence
one mile to tbe northeaf t corner poat, thence
one-quarter mile to the southeast corner poet,
thence one mile to the place of coinmencemeu'.
June 27, 1907. Located by Wm. Comvollv.
Take ii
Hi'   hot*] keeper,
timber  Uu ��� doi    ��� ���- ������
i    i ommsaafas ���' ��� p-^' planted about tool1
tn lit"- ���*.���*-: oJ the K'     :*iiav   nvcr   an-1   DIM   mile
north of the tntornationaj bonndofj line, loanes
suiitti to ebaltu  "   i       aoal BO enalna, thenoe
north WJ  ciiaiii-.   thence   weal   ���*'  �� halns   Ui  the
point  of  eotnnieiicemeut.  citnlainlng MO  acres,
more or lesa.
Dated July ttrd- UOI,
2. Cominciicing at a poal planted at the northwest eoroei ol (oostlon Wo i, tbenoa aonthao
ehe-lna, thenee wool BDehaise, Uaenoa north SO
chain . thenoe oast H ehalni to tbe point ������(
commencement, oootaSalni OSQ acna* more <-r
Dated July 23id. 1U07.
I'oromcnciug   at   a   l-ost   planted at  north-
h to
���miug   at   a   twtst   planted at  nr
of   ligation   No. 3,   theic c   lni!
Notice ia bert hv given that 80 days after date 1
intend to make application to tbe Honorable tic
Chief Commissioner ol Lauds and Works, Victoria. B C . fir a special licence to cu. timber on
tbe following described landa in Weat kootenay
district: Commencing at a post allnated on
BlueU-rry creek, ubout four miles from It* mouth
and adjoining the N. w. corner of my application No I, theuce south 80 chalna. theuce west
80 chains, tbence north 80 chalna, thenue east 80
chains to point of comiueucemeut-
Dated May mh. li��07. K* ���* Koiiinbos.
��� rner <>( l-iealum   N<>   1, llo : ��� ��� -    ��� nam*-.
���   - noe aaal **-��� chainSi theuce north BO shaina.
ihence weft mi chains to the point ��*f oomasaaas
ment, containing 640 %t rea, noire or leaa.
Not oe 1, hereby t-tven that after the expiration
ofslxtv aayi from tho date hereof the Patrick
Lumber Company, Limited, in tends to submit to
the Honorable! 1.1**1 Commiaatonsr ot Landa and
Works a pri-pcihhl under tbe provisions of the
"Rivera and Htreams Act" and Amending Act*.
Pir the riifht in Improve the HoOSa river from
the mil! dam Of said company (situate about
three  miles   above  the   junction of  said Hlocan
river with the Kootenay river,) to th** month of
the Little Biooan river and to Improve tbe Little
Blocan river and branches thereof to the northern boundary of rob h-t 2, lot 7ieo. and sub-lot 1,
lol 71B1 gronp one, Kootenay district, and to
Improve the tributaries of said rivers; and remove obetruetlona from said rivers and tributaries, and to make the same fit for driving, stor-
Ing, sorting hooiiug and ratilng logs, timber,
Lumber, ruftr-, and crafts; also for the right to
co'leci tolls thereon.
Tiic landi to be affected are the following:   (a)
Lot! B08, 7880, MM), WW, 6463, 3��10. 6HW7, M4R, H6*��,
7BS8 7h6fi. BbSO, 4KI2, all in tiroupone, Kootenay
district; alio lands covered by pre-emptions
numbered 16, LOS, 116, 1S&, I4H. ifA and 670; also
Intidt* oovorad by timber licenses numbered f��86fi,
U68, 668^,6686.6686,6187, und r-ftSB; also lands of
the crown.
Datod thlsfUh day of July, 1907.
by its solicitor. K. W, Hanninotoh
Nelaon Land WjtriCt. Diatrict oi West Kootenay
Take notice that Moore, Kepple A v o., of Garland, Pons , occupation lumbermen. Intends to
apnlv tor a special timber licence over the following described >auds: Commencing at a post
planted on Mosquito creek, on the west side of
Arrow lake, and about one half mile wart of the
southwest corner of timber limit No 4��7. thenoe
uorih N chains, tbence weat 80 chains, them ���
south wi chains, thence eaat m chains to point of
commencement, and  containing frw acres, more
Dated l&th, July, 1907.      MOORV, K��t-l-I.F. 4: ' Q.
John B. Calsihh  Agent.
Take notice that 80 oaya after date i intend to
apply to the Hon the Chief Conuiilaaloiici uf
lindk aud Works, Victoria, for i-.-rmisai..,, ,,,
cut and carry away timber from the lollowlm;
dear-r.bt-d land, in Weal Koot-uav :
No 1. (.ommenclng at a post PlSOWd at tbe
southweat corner of timber license a.lfi, thence
went 80 chains, thenee south BD chains, th. tc ���
east 80 chains, theuce north 80 chains to place ol
commencement. _       .-      ,,
Dated May 31, 1907.       J. T. BUBSSBB, Locator.
J. W. t'OLBCRH, Agent
No. 2 Commeucing at a post planted at the
southeastcoriier of application No. 1, thenoeeasI
so cnalns, thsnoa north 80 chains, thancfl weal w
chalus, thence aouth 80 chains to place of commencement. _ ,
Dated May 31,1907.        .1   T. BUBOBaa. Locator,
J   W, CoLBraw, Agent
Nelaon Land District. District of West Kootenay
Take notice that Paul August Paulson, of Kit-
chener, B. C, occupation lumberman, Intends
to apply for a special timber licence over the fol
lowing described lands: I ommenclng at u poet
planted at the southwest corner ol suneytfl lot
7221-'i.l, thenoe east 40 chains, tbence north no
chains, thence east to t> e southeast con or ot naid
lot, tbence north to tbe northeast corner of sain
lot. thence east to the weat boundary ol preemption No. B92, thence ��outh to the north boundary
of timber licence No. t*o48, theuce west along
said north boundary to the northwest corner ol
..Hid licence, theuce loutbto the north boundary
of timber licence No TOM thence weal to a point
due south of commencement, thence north to
point of   commencement,   and  oontalnlng   040
acrea. more or leaa.  ,,
Dated July 2nd, 1907.   BMDi Atiat'fn I'aiijion.
w.   a.   OILLETT
Contractor   and
Hole agent for the Porto Kh-o Lumber Co., Ltdj
retail vards. Hough and drcsud lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coutst lath and shingles, sash
and doors. Cement, brick and lime for sale.
Automatic grinder. _  ,
Yard and factory: Vernon St.. eaat of Hall
P. O. Box 282, Telephone 171
Nelaon Land DIsTlct Dlatrlct of West Kootenay
Take notice that Moore, Kepple A Co . of Qar-
land, Ponu , ooannsttOD lumhcrmeii, Inn-iwl to
apply lor a special tlmltur licence over the following described lands: Commencing at a post
planted on Mosquito creek, *n the west side of
Arrow lake, and about one half mile west, of th.
southwest comer of timber limit Ifo.JSH, thenee
south HO chains, th-nce west W cbaltis. ihence
north 80 chsins. thenee east an chains to point of
commencement, and   eoniaininv ' 4�� acres, more
��rDaied lBtb July, 1007.     HOOSS, KiriM.g A Co.
John H Calkiks, Agent.
west corni
Ohalna,  thenoe  west KOenalii*,  th* toe s<oiib mo
chains, taasnoa aaal  ft     hatna  i" tha potnl ol
(oininciMvemeiit, containing t-4u acres, more or
Dat.-I Jniy 2.-;r��J. 1907
4     Coiniiieticliig at a post planted at the tmrth-
wesi corner oi No   1  looatlon, thanea oorthSO
chalus, thence   east Ml   chains,   ihence   K>ath   **
chains, theuce w-si 80 chains t o the point of
ei.iniueuc. ui-ut, ������*.ntaitiliiK iVtn acres, more or
I   ���
Dated Inly 23rd. IsOl
h.    Cominctieing   at a jK-st   planted   about  iwo
init-f north and *j mOc **ast of the aorthweat
ornof ol location No :
banoa cast BO chain*.
banes wart ho chaioi t<
in nt. containing 640 a'
I'aled .I,,ly 2-ird. 1907.
6. Commencing ata j-ost planted at north'
weat  corner  of   location   No. .'.. ihence sooth   Ml
chains, thonoa  west mi chains, thsnoa north ho
chains, thence east 80 chains to ihe point of Oom*
Ho b' ement, t oti tain ing 1.10 acres more or lcs*.
Dated July BBrd. 1*07.
7 CommenriiiK at a post planted a' the northwest coruer of location No .'i, thence tiortti w)
cnalns, then" WSBt80 chain-, theme aontb so
i i,Mitis. thanea east HO chains t*�� the point ��>f' oin-
m > uccuie nt. lalnlOB MO acres more or less.
liatedJuly BSrd   1907
h    Commencing al a posl pi�� n I ad *.t the north
west  corner of   h cation  No  6,   their.-   north   HO
chains, thence aaat BO ehalns, thanea south so
chalna, thenci weat 80 ohalna to the point ol com*
menoament, i oataioloft t'tu aona more or leas.
Dated Juij 23r-!, 1H07.
M. Uommenctni al a pOSt planted about 2
miles we,- ol ::i. northwest corner of location
No .V thenee south wi chains, thence east BO
chains, tbence north BO chains, thence west ao
chain- to the point of commencement, and oontalnlng Mn acres more or l.-s
Dab    July 24th, 11107.
LO, Commencing at a post planted at the
northweel eornei oi looatlon No. 9, thanea noitfa
so i hnilo thi Doa aaal mi . balna, thsnoa south m>
Dhaini, thenoe wart >*< chaini to tha i*-dnt ol
OOmmeueement.   containing  t-4ij  acres, mon*   or
Dated July 24th. lwrj
1 Ommanetag   at    a   poat jdatited    about   I
1 j miles no! of the northwest corner of location
Ho li mid atiout U mile south thereof- thsnoa
south 80 chains, tosnoa east Ho chains, thence
north M) chains, thenee west Si chums to the
point -if commencement, containing Hio acres,
more or loss.
Dated July Mtb. 1907
lit. Coinmiiuclngat a post planted at tn* north
weat corner of location No 11. thence north BG
chains, theme SSSt  HO  chains,   thenee   south   Mi
chains, thence wast 80 chains to the point of
Bommsnosnisttt, oontalnlng mo a< tc-. mure or
Dated July x-lth, 1907.
13. Oonunsnalng at a post planted ai ths northwest oorner of location No 11, thence north ��<>
ohalna,thenoe west n ohalna, tbenoa south no
Ohalna, theuce east h. chains to the p'Otit of
commetiRemeut, containing Wo acrea, more or
Dated July 24th. 1WH
14. Commencing at a post planted st the northwest corner of location No 11 , thence south HO
chains, thence west Mi chains. CaSneS north Mi
-ihalns, thence east 80 chains to the point of
commencement, containing Mo acres, more or
Dated Jolyttth, 1907
16. Commencing at a p..st planted about two
miles north ol northwest comer of location of No.
U, thence south i*. chains, thenoe Seel ** chalus,
tbenoc north 80ohalna* thence west -ui obaJos
to the point oft menoementi containing 04*.
acre*, more or less.
Dated July Mth, 19tf7.
it.,  OommenMDg nt a post plantsdat the north-
west eornei of locution   No    ir>,   tli-n'-e norlh BO
ohalna, thsnee cam h-i chains, thenee south bo
chains,   ihence   \-.-st   HO  chains   to the   point  of
oommenoament   ooatsinlng 040 ssrea, more or
Dated Juiy 24th, ltKH
17. Commeiicing at a post planted at the north-
West   corner   of lo a1 lou No   if,,   thenee   north Hd
(diafns thonce west hi1 chains, thence south ho
chains,   thciicc  east  fefl OhStoa  to   the   DOlOl   of
eommenoement! coniaintng 1.10 sorea. mon- or
I -tiled July 21th, 1907,
18     Commencing   Ht   a    poit    planted   at   the
northwest eornei ol locstloo No ifi. tbencneontb
Mi chains   thence west so chains, thenoe noi tn Mi
chains, thence east mi chains to the point of com
mencement, containing MO acrci more or less
Dated July 24th, 1907. M  V  WsiOaAGS, LooStOT.
Jomm Baown, Agent.
Take notloe that I. Thomaa Harry Wilson, intend to B-ppl)   f"i  iH-rii.is-u.il to purchase tbe lol-
lowing deacrlbed I aim    Commencing at a poet
planted at the b V. coruer ol Int 7Uh aiol market]
N. It eornei ihnm south lu rhaitm. tbeaoa
west 10 chains, tl,.nc*-   south   10   chains,   thonoa
weel  i" chain*, thenoe south io ohalna. fheaei
west   hi   chain*   the in I   south   In chains, them |
��� hakus   lioto ���'   north   40   'tmllis. theli.-e
ea-t 4*i ehalns to point oi oommenoament and
Doataatnlng tOOaorea, more <>r leaa
June 7, hsrr lamaua Hknby Wiu-ok,
William Alomo Mills, ��geut
Nelson  Land DtStCtl I-   District of West Kooteuay
Take notice that I, John lAiig. of Nelson, B. C,
'������������ ipatlon miner intend  to appl] los psenua
gton lo purr haw. the lollowiug d>-s<'rl lt.t.1 lauds;
Commcnciog at a jkmH planter] at the N I of
l,ot nvj   theuce eaat 20  chains, tlietiee   south  20
chains, thenoe aeel BD chains, thenee  nortl   BD
chains to potnl of commencement, containing 40
acres   niot*  or   ��� --
August Bad, 1M07, Johk Lako.
Notice is hereby given tbat OU days alter date, I
iHtcnd to apply to tbe Hon. Chief Coi.imiasloner
'��! l-sii'l" and Works for permission to purchase
tbe following described land In West Kooteuay
district, on west ah en Ol U.wer Arrow l.ake.
Ml joining U.t No 41HH. ou ' ��� south: lh ginning
", a post marked "i-iarr�� ,�� ���-<-'l ������ N K corner
.-���anl   i lanted   on th    ��...    nf   Lower   Arrow
t the ���ontheaat < airnei of - apt Kosinnd's
4V4B, theui-e west 20 chains, thence south 20
ci. iins more or less to the north boundary of K.
rulltnore's P. K . thence *��� chains east along the
said boundary to lake, tbence north along the
lake shore Jo chains, more or leaa to point of
May 2nd, 1007 J. D. Moors.
Agent (or Harry Mcleod,
.-at �� chains, thenoe ���outlT ��T ebaltu SI21
eoetS ch.nnsto point oi .���.���-,-m*"����lJ?**m
containtng MJ acres, more or ics.       ���"rtt irf
June 7, D0T, AKTHt-g ale*   I'm-tiMss
Willi*�� au^.Vu.Xa**"*
TeCS Dottee that 1, WUllaSJ K.ThijjrV
u> appl] for permiislou lo purei-a^. tJJ
ing descrllsed latPls Coiiimenfini si
piautcl at ths & E c��.riier ol Lol if, i, trt .9
ed northeast! corner, theuc* *.-.��� f LSS
thence south 40 ehalns. thence es.t gi ,���?.%*,
theOC, north 4*. cha-n- to polal el totSS
ment. and containing !6o acres inort ��r i��.
June 7, use fti-Li.it 'Itanitifi iTm
William au n/o Mills. Agnt
.Nolo*-is hereby given that Biitrrtantfure
I intend to apply to the Hon thief t'omBn-ail
��d Land,  and   Works lor perm issnm l�� i-ifi-i*���
the   f-illowing described tract *.f Igral *i;^
v\ eat Kootenay dlatrlct i    Commtnei&i iim
Slanted about one-half mile north Imir. i^ttk
timmit   creek,   marked   Jean   -..ameron'ifi C_
corner.   Iheiioe  eaat  40  chalus. thencs osrtliM
ohalna. thenaa weet 40 chains, tliea--* ��>i.u il
chains to plac��- ol commeueemeni.
28rd May. 1907 jjur Cikikv
W'ili.IA* Il*BHor��. A|��Bt
tfggsaa Land Distn. i    District of W*-.t |HSM
Take notice that Frank   MsDossbL *
Hrlti*-li Columbia, WM-upalioii mlDs*', u
apply for permission lo purchase Ik* I
rteacrlbed lands :    Co mm* to tn-g at s -��a
t.n the north bank of Lost  awl audi
mil'   easterly   from   the   Junction of U_
aic. Bolmos river, in   the   Nelson laml 4.
thoni ���-   north 00 chalua.   tbence east ���*  t
thence south 60 chains, thenee west e-rsi
point   ol   ' i.m-ncu'-eiueni.    aud   euDUlQiaj I
Mtrej, more or loss
Dated June 6th, 1007.
PaAHK ilcDofOi.
Rlxtr days afUT date 1 iutruO u>��ptirwts|
Hon   Chief Comuilaaiouer of Unl- *:.: *��ti,|
Victoria.    H  (' .   to  purchase the It
acrlbed land, situated In  the ��.:������ .;i-i:--ai��sB
trlct:    Cwmmencing  at   a   i*ost plsou-J t
weat   side  of   Kootenay   lake,  near Rhim
point,   and   marketl   J   McK lunon'i ������
po*:     thence  weat   00   chaius.   ttietwr n
chains, theuce east Wl chaius more ot 1m
shore, thenee along lake ibore to potntol
H.--TK t-ment
Dated April 4, 11107. Signed J McKB
Nelson Land District. Dlstiict of Weal Kootsnsjt
1 ake notii-e ti)at Qsaewe Kufu- i arter ���>[ f-inlar,
occupation, brnlgeman, intends to apply for per*
nlarton to purchase tbe following (.escribed
��� an'. ConitnehcliiE at post planted at tbe north
west corner of h. Ross' application to purchase,
marked H W��� thence north 40 chains, tbence
eeei iO ohalna, thenoe south 20 chains to a.
Carry'a   pre<��mptlon,   theuce   west  20   chains.
them ���  south 20 ilialus. thence west i��< chains tn
place   ,,f   nmuii, nosmenJ   coutalnlng   120  sstes
more or leaa. -
Dated July 12, iw<       (iKunox BOftsi < .-.aiEa,
W. J. BOOVT, Agent
Nelaon UuO, Diatclct.   Dlstrictuf West Kootenay'
if Blllini
1 S. A., occupation, merchant, in
pply 'or permission to purchase the
deacrihed   laud:    Commencing   at   a
Tug**   nottee   that   tieurge Htnrm,
Montana, c    s. a., oi'cupatton,
lends    to   ap
lollowiug   d.
post planted 00 the west abate ol Dppar wtmt-
-haii fi tirthoo) lake, and at the northwest OOrnei
..'.-.-   thence west B0onaJna,theneeaontta
M>chalna tboiioa eset80chains, thenoe uorth 40
chain- to point of commencement, ami containing M< acres' more or less.
May 0th, 1W7. < ��� ,.��� oca Mi-ew
Nelson laani. District. District of West Kootenay.
lake noltce that Walter McNeil, of Hillings,
Montana, V. H. A., occupation merchant. Intends
to appl) lor peniitssioii to purchase the following described land : Commencing at a po,.* plant
ed on tbe west shore of tpper \\ hatshan (Cariboo)
lake, anil at the northwest corner of Uit .MAIt,
thenoe weal BO chains, thsnee north mi ciiaius,
thence east 2" chains, theui c south Mi chains to
point of commencement, and containing 1H0
acres, more or less.
May 2-Jth, 1WI7 WaLTKa MCNKIL.
I, the inolcrslgiie'I. after tt) days intend to ap
ply to the Hon. the Chief Commissioner ot I-anils
and Works to purchase the following deacrlbed
land:   Commencing Ht the n. k. 1   <-r tot "mm*
C    I.,   theuce   west   -10  chains,   theuce   north   'st)
chains,   theuce  east   40 chains,   ihoiicc soma 90
chains to point of commencement, eoulklulug MO
acres more or leas.
Looamd March BBOl, ]"07. W. A. Mills.
_   -ftt I
��� to the Uoai, Chief (.ojumisaUiuvr
if Lands and Works for permission to purchase
apnlv I
and We
Notice Is hereby give^ tbat no -lays after date I
111 mis
._ to pu
the following dcacrlbed tract oi lead, Hituate iu
Weat Koiitonay dlatrlct: Comuienelng  ut a post
planted on l laccrcreeg, pea] its eottfluonoe with
-u mm it oveek- marked '-'>���.'.. ��� .��� 1 m. i .��� .-. ���
N   I   corner' thcinc houIIi tOchalus, rhulice went
Ml chalus. thence liurth   H'chains   thuiiee east KO
chains tu place of '-nimncticciucnt.
Snd May. li*07. Maki.ahxt frti Lao< hlah,
William hAinioi'H, Agent.
Nelson Land District District of Wesl Kootenay
Take notice that Kdward Peters of Ymlr, British Columbia, uooupstlon, miner, intends to apply for nermlssion lo purchase the following
described land : Commencing at a pout planted
on the north bank of |.o��.i creek, aliout three
miles easterly from the Junction of Lost creek
and Halmon river. In the Nelson lend district,
north 60 chHllis, thence west On chains,
south M�� chains, more or leas, to Lost
wa-iI following said truck to point
lie tit,   and   containing   -IHO   acres,
KllWAHD   Con 11-
or eel
ni oommeni
more or less
Dated June Mh, 11*07
Sixty -lays after 'late I Arthur Allen Hurloti.
ranch, r. of llurton City, intend to apply to the
t blol Gommlaalonero. lands and Works, vie
Vorla. 1) C , to nurehiisc the lollowiug dencrthed
land--Music fan! ot  Hurlon      Com iii.-neltig at a
p-.st marked --a   a   h southwest corner'1 mid
planted at then \v comer of lot Hi.42 <* 1, and
riiniilrv. north 60chelo|. thence east 40 chains.
tbe&ue south On chains, thence weal 40 chains lo
T-.ace of commeticenifut
August lit, 11*07. AgTHUS A. BUSTUK.
1 *���<: L
Nelson Laud District.   District of Weal I
Take   notice   that   Edward  Prater of
Montana,   C. H A , oeeupatlun *�����������   bi
tends to apply   for  perintsal.iD  to purr
following   described   h.uu      '. (inuneueini till
post plant.-d nn   the ��   -t   ��� '...re of t'pp-* 'hi-1
shan (t'arihoo) lake, a< 'I al n<e toutbsatie
of   \a>\ Hl��i*. thencp- wis; Ji: ��� ..��!��!*, theneen
ggSOSlne, theuce eaat vgJ chains, tlieDn-siil
chains, thence **a*v 40 chaius, norm. lest, li
weat shore  of   Cpper   Whatshan ft srlt->olaVl
tlonie   iiortberly   and   westerly  siuUi-Uwa
ahore HO  chalus,   more  or  lets, h |��iiUi��l��
men<eiiicut,   and   coutalnlliK :fAiiacrat,a
May mh. 1907. lutUM' ��
Hlxty days after date 1 luwud t�� ifplT"
Hon Chief Corauitaaioni-t- uf Uti'l.* ���n'l ��'
for iKTmlsnlon to purehJUM* the (oliesm*
scrltM-d land in Wgat KooU-usy district W
menclng at a pwet marked A C. ftaeaSBBJJ
noriier post, running 4*�� chains eastafh
lhe oouioIhiv ui Timber lh
southerly (Mi ckabif. thSBOi Megtetl
theuce northerly **�� ehalns shmK -
ttaea vo the place of rommencement, con*
|W0 hundred teres, more or less.
Located this Uth dav of May. 1W7.
A   C. Hi��lLb��U|
Notice is hereby glrou that Ml ^hI��i��I
intend to apply to the Hunoralwe the ' D1t-^*|l
missloner ni1 Landa and Werks IW P^SSSJ
to pur'has.. the fo'low tug oaecrlbed '-""''""Tl
in  Weel Kootenay (.\utrb't    Commceclfliaj
IHjst plant il at the west bounds ry ..f I;11*";
and about in chains aoulh ol theaoott t-"iBttl
of the rlgUl-ol way of the It 1 \ Nwior���!*]
way, an.* marked P. A. l"s ���'��u'ke��t ����*!
thunce west liw chat ns. theuce north if tn<"2|
boundary of tbe right-of-way -��f ������ ' ������
railway, lhem:e following said bouti'i'
right-of-way In an easterly direction WW
boundary or Lot WUKit.
commencement, cuutalntng Hti
Dated this 14U day ol June. IBDT.
p*ri Atrean Pas-ss
Nutkw IS hereby given   that   �� ^,\   I. r ���.���������
date i intend to apply to ih* h��i.c   "l^l
Commissioner of Latids and ^ Ai~ K��
slon to purchase the foUewlog deser Iiei 1 ���� ���
land. Situated lu West Kauwllt) disir^ ^|
���uencing at a poat gJniited ��;�� ^".^ JSI
about one half mtlv SOrtbWflt In.m f" �� bU|J,|
ed J.H. McL'sN k.<
thence south
thenoe uwth <
Wll.i.MU lUKwna, AK>"'_	
Tako   UdlU-o  that   Harry   ���}��'2i!^B
B   C. rau.'liur, lulfiirts  I" ��l'l">'    '  fCB|
M   pun-hiw-   lb. lollOWtBl  rli'S'lll'i11 a"
W,ral Kim. IvliaT (llslrlirl: ,, ���M|
luiuBliiliis al �� �����<>����� l'1" "';'"'i"���,���>"**l
' Lo' st ��� ���** ".. ..nil
.���, '.'-'I
��� .b-oaa, ib..�� ������������;.,*1'nih,'S|
.1   i-hallis 1��  Jilaivul ",nl���      ���
r,f 1^,1 six 1
��� HI
r.^1 >i���l .IglrlJ'-llv,.   IS��), '"""   ".  ���i 111"!
rllslrli-l, tllfllir utlilw'lily IJ      '"^ IM>.|
����t on.' Iniliclrml anil sixij (l��'l   "��   �����i*l
norlh iwnllty (Wl I'li.lua. lh*'l'V,'. p,lnlol "*il
luanaual  ami  nmlaiulm ����� " ��* "
liaUiil DM 1Mb ilay "I M��J- BJJg, Via"*!,
N en said rullw
usat  '*>  ilinllll. lllili"-
tr.Ht HI i-hallis. Hit'l	
arv of thi' rl��Iil-nl-w��:
Hoilllinni   K.llwsy,   ,,,"',",',i ,;,',iiinu'iin'
snlil rla-lilol-WB) lo l1'',".',,...,,, 1(07.   ....oo),
HaluJ tuis 'JuJ day ol SJK'XoMA '''
to   """""'.!. The Daily Canadian
Who Want a Good Arcticle Wil-1 Buy
The BACON We Sell
It Gives Satisiactiou, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and   Smoked.    Our  Hams   Are
Excellent   Also.    All   Are Canadian
Goods.   Pure Lard in All Sizes.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
NELSON, 13. G*
BoundleBB faith in General  Goodness of
American   People  Spite  of  All
Hi, I    Notl"   I-   lori'iiv    civi-ii    that  no days
uSaatal  nd to a.ply to th. Ohttl Own-
-tarno.I   ���l   l.arnl   and   horks.   lor  a   mfOt
.,,,1 ,nrrv tlinl-.-r Iruui tlia  lollow-
...    badlands   .Ituatsd on lb! autitlittsat
X"'"":.r    rt��.r,  ...   lb.    .Il.lrl.-l .,! Waal
',,.���'. ajaal nl I   Ual i'"*l marked "K. M.
 rn.r." Ihsac. �� ofaalai
.. ,   , �����i���. ...-I.  tliciicc SO chains
*,.,.   ,���.,���. ... .lour,, snail   u,   |ilace ol com-
Ol ..,.������. 1W7.
I.   M. Kkrvks, laoentor.
s        *,,     ,   |i  hereby  fives    that ao rtnys
..,..  -���..,    intend m ������.ppiy  to the Chief com*
,,:   Utldl  and  Works,   for  a  special
cut and earn timiK-r from the lollow-
tJM Jee-Tlbeil   lauds  ���ttuatc'l on   the  soothfast
ISfcol the NiliiO'ii river, in lite  dlstrlctof   Went
K.-oieuav i imenclng ai a iMwt pb8i'**<l abool
-Jjo rarU weat of II"** i*- ��f ���reek, marked "h M.
K��CTa*'* No. - s.iuthw��st corner.' CttUHM &"
clulu* Berth, IheneeSO ehalns eaat. thenee eu
ftiiin. Rmth, thenee H chains weat to place of
Locat*-: on the "nh day ol June, 1*77.
K. M. IUSvsb. IxMalor.
Ntia-Q Uiel DlltrlOt I'litrletot West KOOtS&Bjr
Tike nuiln liisi William Andrew Hoes, of
rerun. K * hotel keeper, intends to apply for
aiperi*. UniL-er iu:eiice iner Hu* following dca-
crtbed IsDds
Kb 1 -l .���ninii-11'tHK ai a post planted about
flTi-miie. w��i "! tlo* Kootenay river, ou (Jorn
enet, 10 Uu Plitiict of W.-i KootOOSTi and
t-tlQjj about iix mile-, north of the international
bonndarr litn . and about two miles weat ol tlin-
M IktB a Ho ��&t&, thence south BU chaius.
tbetHTtMi s" ebalna, theuce north au chaim.
lketine��e*t 10 ShalM to point ot commencement
���Notice Is hereby given that thirty days ufler
dale I 1 utend to apply tn tbe Hon tbeChlel <,,������
nilBsloner of l-aiid*. and Works for a hi*e<-lnl II
cue to enl and carry hvuiv Umber from the
following ilescrlhed la\ti<^ in West Knotcnu.v
dlstrfi: t'oinnieneinn ��i a poal planted on toe
IK rlh hank ol leli Mile crceL -t r����nt one mile
and a hul: fn.ni BoaM lake, niarkeu u. V. Pitts'
north Ment COttaSl piMt. thence cost IHu chains,
th. nee sotith *'< cliains, theuce west 160 chaliis,
thence north 40 ehsius to place ol commence,
listed this a>th day ol June, 1907.
H. 11. Pitts, I-oca tor,
A   V, . iXUSSSi A leant.
imleoDUiiitiiK 1*4" ���  res! more or h
bicawd lit li.'line. Iftfl.
KO  t--00BmaoelQj   at   a post   planted at the
���    �������������� i!  ���Vtlliam A   koas'No. ' claim,
tunwsoiitii m chains,   thence  west  ����  chains.
-      ;.n|iiM,   thenee east  mi chains
to the pom: of cniiim.-iiceiueul, and  couialulug
t-fc-'ictet BON Ot less.
uxafe* 1Mb J tine. llk)7.
Co 1 -CommciiciiiK at a post planted about
teooUoeewt of tbe northeast corner of Wil-
iiain Kou.s.i j elalm, tbenoa south ki  chama,
UtfSoeu-s>   CbalAl    tnciicc   north   m  chalna.
'.���'. eati - balm to (be point of commeuee
Droi. snd *-i>matuing Mo acrea, mure or leas.
Ucais-1 lilL JntM , 1UU7.
I afltteeelng at at a poat planted at
Ui north we-ii cor ne> t>! W'tiilani A . Koas* No. 8
tiaim, Un-Qi-e north so chains, .hence went*)
L'lUini UMBO! lOUth ni chanm. thence eaat ��t
cflilni lc tbe point Ol t umuienoeinent. eouialti-
IftC hOsrref. mure or leas.
Lxttol IJH, June, lgtrt.
tttomenclttjr at  a post   planted at the
tetttwan oorner ot WitUani A R.i���� No ��� elalm,
Ueatv (h-i-ilti m> , t,��iiis, thenOC v�� .-Nt l-U) chain**,
UeDwni.::! -'.i.i.i--. iioncc cast (fl) nhalns to
lifp-itii: nf cnrnmviieenient, aud eoulallilua old
! ��rt�� more or Iras.
Ucatr,! 1Mb Inn.'. ISO?,
Ho 4.-Commen- inK at a post planted about
fsujUen west of the northeast corner of W'il
il��mA BOM'N��i ���.'i��ini. thenee aouth WK-halus,
Ueiin-east suchaii.i, thetioe north SO chalus,
ui(D--t t-,^1 seenmiic i,, the |aitnt of commeuee-
m-nt, ami iiiiuniniiix M" acres, more or lea-.
i����ti*.i Lin. i in.- iwr:
rI,��:-',,,"��'��'��,'iir at a fMiet planted at the
MrthwMtrorii.-r ..[ William A. Roes' Mo.6fla.iii,
uenr* n.uti, sc chalna, tbanoe east w chains.
ueai.T..<mu, tn ebalna, th.mee weat aoefaeins to
["���saauBenw'iheui.   ��nd   eoutaining tttu
Uast d 1Mb JQna.un
������   ���   Donimenelng at a f*a*\ planted about
lLar.l,i,0,u-!.1 o( XUv   ""rlbweat corner of   W II-
h.L N" ���������aist.ttw north Bahama,
,  w aaetao ohalna, theuce south ���� ohalna,
^"'^���"'-'"���K'.n,, n, the point of comincticc
>    u-V ?";,;.,,lntr!!1 ����� ���� aotsa, more or lues.
1    tocst,.,] uth Jillie.W.
I elSii*!.~(:(1ln",l,'ll,""l'< Kl H 1**��"1 Planted about 40
1 fVaV0*1*1 .'th' no������waai oorner of WUllasi
HA' \Ui'-u'-   "'*���""'   aotttb   M   chains,
i       *V;* ';t"1!""   ihenoe north m chains.
K?  .t*,' h,,,|����'��sln tbepolli*   Of   fommeuce-
wsied lfttii Jane, \\nr,.
tw-'mVi-. r""mi"." '"^ *' ��� ��K,"t I'lalited alM>nt
ll-BiA i? Vv "' ll"" ��'��'theaal BOtDSi of WD>
u ,   1UN", " '���'��"��. *ben��-c south an chaius,
.;���������_������'��� helot, thsnoa north mi chains.
Notice t* hereby given that thirty -lays aftet
date I Intend to appiv lo lhe Honor able
Chief < oinmlsstoiH-r of lAiids and. Works at
VtOtorls. H.i-,., lor a ���peOlaJ llceitaf to cut and
carry away tlmbei (TOD the followlUf: (1 UBQrlllOll
lau<ls in West Kootenay district : l-oimjieiictiiK
atapusl planted on the west bank of bine Iter
c.ruei. about one m lie south of the i'lly of Nelson,
thence soum-Mi chains, menee weet M0 ebalus.
thanes north an chains, theuce east 80 chains to
plaee of commencement.
I>aUtl IhlK Uth dav of June, 1907.
'    I    i LJJUL Loeator.
I). Bi-hith. Atieni
Nelson ...ui'i DtttrfSb Idstricl of VN est Knot..nay
lake uotice that "David Henry Telford.' .->a-
katiHin. H��sk.. neenpatlon liimbormau. intends
to appl> lor a special timber licence over the fol
lowing deacrlbed lands:
No 1 Oomjnenirlng ata pout pint: ted about K
chains north of the northwest corner of 'limber
Limit s.144. weal branch Of I-iltle Hliwan river.
\Se��i KiKiU-nay, tbence west SO chains, thence
south SO chains, theuce east Mi chains, thenee
norlh H>i "halns lo point .,t commencement aud
i oiitaiuliiK M" acres, nora or less
I (a led July Mh, 1��U7      1>*vii> HCMiV TBI.sxikh.
No .', I oniiiieucing n poet planted on the east
hunk of *.'tiuit.r cr.-ek. and on the north hoiin 1-
Hi'v ��������� iiiniacr limit K144, went branch of Little
Slocan river, tbence north ll*) -'bains, thence
cast 40 chains, ihence south lot) chains, thence
ww��t tOchains l-> place of commencement, and
contalniu-; 1-40 acres, more or leas.
DavtSd July loth. 1*17. luvii- Hkwkv TSXSOSO.
No I t'ommencliiK at a i*.mi plantci ()u hank
of husnic r-r.-ck, about 20 chain** south of the
south boundary of titnl-cr ltmUK147. west branch
ol Little Blooan nver. KhttDoe areal ao chains.
theses s-'uth ni chains, thonoa easi ���**>' ohalna,
thenoe north Ni chains to the point of commencement and containing 1*40 acres, more or
i>aicd July ntli. Hhn. luvin iikm v 11,. 1..111,
I. t'oitimeiieuiR al a }��ost planted about S
is east from cam bank of Kumle creek, and
��� weal boundary of limit :i. IDODOB
n,   thence   south HI) chains.   thODOl
Uenc*? i
���Srsn'"" N'!'imu"i "'llu" J"'-"* oieommsaos
i*'''mI|!,.l!!r.U1,/'.,rIIIK at * T>,M,t Planted about
1 -aeavVn,u 1 ""���"""'���east corner of Will lam
lkeneveosi mi '. ll"' l,luIH'*; north ni chains,
ItaUl wv*. Z '!,'"'1"' theuce south MO chains,
1 "itQt ai.it,-,... '���*"'"'' '" 'he point of commence.
�� "".Wi/'.',',',','1!"''"''"? "' " l'""1 Wauti'd atinut
Ho..' So   in
���Soi'li"'.,';-' '.'���?' ~' ���"%u:-' f-i-o'uii <>i ������!���
kuV,","' ,    "'".J'l �����.,,rr,��,.,.r|l
lalm.   thclicc south Kit
halns. tb.no. norlh no
-'���M imi. j,,,,,:,, ���,������,'."
?"''ali'i.,<o'Hll'l,"o,'";',"K "' ". ���"'"' plaataaj al.out
"�����> A   ll.��.   ^    ""' "orthwoal oorMI ���( M'll-
'-''����. II,,,?,,.  i"    "'   ,'1"""'    ""'     B0����   N'
'*"�����' I    ������:,.,",:, "", ���*���>�����.   th.'l.cc so,,, I, B
"'����'ir.,.i, 1 ���,, ���J���' i.��...�� loth, poini oi cum
Ba u'lV::,",! ^wiawx"* """���*���'"���iu""''
WttAMM Aniir.w Ktwh.
U'm" 1'"B'1 "'""��������<���   l.lstrlcloltVcH, Koouumy
a^WoUttBiuJn��E*lJ; H,Um'"rl- '" (;""'"��-
W']' for a ��,,,.,'.,J "J   ", l"iuUirman, Inu-mla fo
,;wli.K ,le��i-nhi. 1   ., "."'.'..Iliuuiu. nvor  the   lol-
�����i ,n ��� ���,��� 1, '! '���* :    ' uiilliicliclUK ill a |.usl
?,"01|llnb,��� It.!.,., -l|.'".'. about one mil,, aouth
SlF"**. S����.d T '"' """" "-.iteisol I'ran
K ��."ll.'c * h , V H'"W��n's N. K. AllKlc
J*"" llianc,.��� ' ' ''l'"'"��. thence ���,.��! II.
J!" "'. Ilionc. �� 'V.   '',"'""��� ll'ulmo   weal 'Jll
J"""II..'11U,. ""'., ,'    '''"I'1".  I id'   MHrt  WJ
6,lu"l'i I.....C '' ��'"'ll��lu��. ll.cl.ee WMtiO
We"'���.iiii,r,.,,ri':'',,,mu"'.iiin��ilil, coutalninu
*'"��� fflnl, 11107    "w        ,
N,��������� . J*������ R. ��, Htiu akt.
No. 2     ""   ""'lot. lllslrlut ���( wost Ktmtutiiiy
��C':!S,'�� . ' Nlcw.rt, nl <:���!���,,��.
I��S.**?" "I'."l 'r1'""'��'���������. Ititen.ls to
Pa, '��,"""<''I1h-.    ���', ,'bv',.11"<'i"'" "vcr  the lol-
��'."*""" tin- .���,"",���, ' ummoiuil
"''.'!.'i'.'o""""" i'l'".'.','!',.1,",,,''1 "''' ".' I'ummuiiir.
"7 ^tth, nan       aotsi m.ra nr loss.
���lAllaa ll   r" HH.waHT.
��n.l,   .""lli'c   I ,,., ,....
Hull Jar
on the weal IwuicUry of limit :t.   theme   west uu
chains, thenee Math ho chains, thenoe east mo
ohalna. thsnee north lo ohalna to point ofeoo*
liieiox!Uient, and couiatialua   640  acres,   more or
Mtad July nth, 1907   i��a\ 11. ilicsKY lai.roan.
No. 1.1. (Commencing nt ���> (���(���*.t planted about
AO chains west ol c.oom 'reek and atiout six
miles from its month si >1ih*sii Kiver. said post
la about lo chains west from It H Tslforda timber application No 11. tbence east 4u chains to
limber application No H, theuce north UO
chaius, thsnee west 40 chains, thence south )6l)
chains, to <Miint of commencement, and coiimiii
ini' Mo acres. BBOre or le*>s
Iiau-d July 17th. l'J07.  Uavili HKNnr TaiMUti-.
No. 14 (ommeticitig at a post plunte 1 at lhe
sou th west comer of No   18, tben*tt nest 4c chalus,
thenee north ISO ohaina, the-nee anal tt objtlna,
thsnoa south ifs> ohalna to iwnut ol eommenee'
ment. ami OOnUdnlna 610 air**-   more or I  *.��
1 aled J til y 17ih. l��r7    H��\ln Hknry  i Ki.Koan.
A   MiLiow. AgeuL
Ntiticc is lierchy given hat fin .lays attSI date 1
intend to appiv to the Honoranlr the thief I om-
lnlssloiicr of Lands and Worka h*r a special
license to 1 ut and carry swio timber from th��
tolIowttiK debcrllw-d lauds in .\V��i Kootenay dlstrlcl :
No. 1 -- t'oinmcii'ing at a |Mtst marked William
Walinslcy, plauUrd at Kokauee t'teek Hidini: on
the Procter exiensloii, on the west side of Lot
WW.!, on tbe sonth st.le ol the Weal Ann tif Kool-
euav lake. commeiiciUK at the N K comer post
runiiiiig sotith M" chalus, west mo chains, north ao-
cbalna, eaat Ho chains lo place of bcninuing.
Located ;irtl June, 1907.
SelMili Unci htslrlct district of West Koote.oM.-r
Take notice that htmc*- Kccth.of Spokane.
Wash . occupation, miner, intends to apply torn
special timber liceue* over the following de-
aerlbcil laiuls: Commencing lit a poNt about 1^
rods north of the icuicr ol tho north shore line ol
Hontidarv l*a*e and al the southeast corner ol
Timber    Limit    No     H074,   and    marked   Junius
Kecth's h. w. Oornernoat, theuce north sn chains,
tbence  cast   m  chains. 1 hence   aouth  80 chalus.
thsnee west ho chain* u-  point  of oonunonoB
ment, and eoutaining MO acr��s. moru or l-jas.
July SO, U07. JaUlSB K'T"-u.
Nelson Land District LtUtrlOl t>! Went Kootenay
Take notice that Henry UeH'bert ol Nelson.
B C. prospector, Intend I to apply for 11 special
licence to cut aud carry away timbei friun the
following descrilaid lauds :
No. i* t'ominoitcihg bc*h post planted near the
northeast corner post of timber licence No. tijtit
mid ncai    Hcnrj  H-iehcrt   s. W .   corner   post   of
timber, location No. 7, on nrnm Lomon oisi k and
marked   lleurv   Keichert   southeast   corner  posl
No. V. thenoe en chains  north, theuce HO chains
west, theuce ni chain*'south, theuce HO   chains
east i" the point of commencement.
Dated July v!7.1W7.
No 10 Oommsnoins at a poal plsntsd about BO
chains more m U-*.** south from ihe north-
wcid corner ol I .>. Mo 9548 on main Lcuiou
creek an.I liiarKcd Henry Uelcherl eaai 001*001
posl No hi, ihence -in chain* north nunc or 1-*-
to about midway of the south boundary line of
timber   licence No   BMW, thenoe   100 chains went.
thsnee 40 chains south, thsnee ion ciiaius cast
to point of comiucncciueiit
Dated July 37|hi I'Jt"
No. 11 t'onmiencliiK at 11 post planted on Monument creek, about 70 chain**, more or less. ,**oulh
from where Monument i reek, empty*- into Lem-
011 creok, and near lleurv lUnhcrt northsset
corner post ot timher looatlon No B, and marked
"Heti'v Ueie,hert northwoal cornet post No 11,"
thence 1H0 chHl'is south,   ihence 40 chniiis eaat-,
thenoe ISO ohalna north. Ihenoe i" ohalna west
to thi* put ui or oommenoement
Dated JulvUnii, 1007,
iiknii\ kbichsrTi Locator.
('iiutitniiKiiii. n, v.. Btjpt .!.���Qorernor
iiuKh(;tj dellverad un addroa b��ra But-
urdiiy, touoblns un politios and soda]
condltlmiK in u general way. he BUld,
in part:
Tu wlia'cvci ii.|iaiiiii.|ii ol aciiviiy
w i urn, otter making all necessary ai-
LowaiUMs tor lgnoranee4 alilfUessiLess
and rtoe, we still Dnd Uiroughout the
country, dominant and pervaslvi . tne
note ol energy and resistiess ambition.
Tbe viiuiitv ui the people haa noi been
apped by prosperity. The Increase
al cniniuit hats not Impaired their virility. We are mill u hards peoph .
' uual to our tutik, and pressing forward
vigorous and deternilned In every direction to enlsrge the record nl achievement.
"It is eupy, looking at phases of our
life in an absolute way, for one who is
pessimistically inclined to gather sta-
Uetlos which superficially considered
are dihcoiiiaj.riiiK. Congestion in our
grejri cities, the widened opportunitiei
tax tiit piuy of selfishness and tbe In
croast? uf temptations following in t|,>
wake or prosperity give rise lo an appal Ing number and variety of private
and public wrongs, whose thousands ol
victims voice an unttyiug appeal of humanity and  pn*: ni u,in
"Hut one would frirm a very inaccurate judgment of our moral condition
bf considering these wrongs aio...'-*. They
must lie considered in their relation to
other phases of our Jilt-. We must -it
tail be take note of the increasing in
tensity of the desire to find remedies
aud the earnestness will, which all
forms of evil and Oppression are attacked.
"The ethical sentiment of our country
is not to be judged by statistics of
formal relations tu particular institu-
t'"tis. It must be determined l��y the
general ethical standards of the people
and their \i;i regard for sobriety.
virtue and hdtu -i: \ responsibility/. It
may largely In* judged, nut b\ what
they approve in conventional phrase
but what they sharply condemn and
refuse to tolerate In concrete cases.
"I believe thai the moral standards
of our people were never more sound
than they are today. Considering the
tremendous increase In the Opportunities for wrong-doing, the seductive and
refined temptations and the materialism
id commerce have made [Ktssible. 1 tie
lieve present mode of life, and the materia] comforts which invention and
commerce have made poaathle, 1 believe
that the manner in which the ethical
development of the people has kepi
pace With their progress in other directions may lairly be called extraoi
dtnary. lt is really because our ethical standards are m. high that we fall
more frequently lo take to account this
act. .
"In saying this I am not ut all un
mindful or how rar short we come of
an idea! state of society. On the OSjn
wary, existing evils are the more noticeable because they stand out in
strong contrast to the desiies and as
pirationo of the people We have had
disclosures of shocking infidelity to
trttsl and to public obligations, but mere
important than the evil was the attitude
of the people toward It.
"CyniOS have no audience in this
countrv. Devotion to duty and strict
discharge of honoi able obligation to
both individual and public are not hypo-
mitlcally preached, but are tho sincere
and     insistent     demand  of  the   people
Time for advertising extended bya ' An
Nelson Land PtStrlSt   I>i��trict ol Wast Kootenay.
Take  notice   that Thoa.   K.   L. Logan, of Bon
nerS Kerr*.. occupation painter intctidn to apply
torSapeolal ttml-er licence over tl.t lollowiug
.IcicrllMut lalid> . t'otitmcuciUK at k posl planted
ou the south Hide ot Honndarjf creek, about 10
mllef Weal of the Kootenay river, thence weal m
chains, thence south no chain-*, thence eaat nn
chain*', theuce north HO chalua to tbe point ol
commencement* and containing Ml) acres, more
or leefl.
Pated July fith, 1907. Tin.ma.- V   L. LOOAN.
���'*��.�� K.KTII.
NSUtOn Land Pinlricl. Hislricl of West kootcimy
Take notice tout Frank Fhiungtoi, A S. Klder,
and K. W. Smith, ol Spokane, Wash., occupation
ranOhera, Inlctid to apply (or a npecl-il UimIht
licence   over   the   lollowlnj     dcscrlhel    lamln:
Oommenoing nt a poai planted a' thi   loutbosat
comer, uhiiut *<l\ inilcs lonii the Kooleimy river,
on the west side, thence north R0 chains, thenee
weet SO ohalni, thenoe houtb HOohsina. thence
Mat ao ohalna to~ paint oi Dommenoemanli ami
oontalnlns aw aoraaj more or leas.
Dated July l8th,lW7. k��ank PuuueaMi
A   8. Ki.hkk,
K   W. SMITH. Ment (or Appli-atit-',
Nelson I ah. I PtHlrict.   luatnct of Weal Kootenay
Take notice that Krank Plansgan, a s Klder,
iunl K, W,   Smith,  Spokane.   Wanh.,  occupaltoii
ranohen, intend to apply 'or �� *i tn'  nsiner
licence over -he foPowlini dcscrlh-d latiils-
tlointnciicliiK ul " posl planted one mile north
and one mile aaat id punt No. 1, which DOBl IB
nhoiit BIS mllea Iroin the Kootcniiv river, on the
west Hide, thence norlh SOchaltm, thence wes W
chains, thence soulli SO ubalns, OtsapS aenau
chiilns to point of eoiiinieiieeiucut, nail t'ontalu-
tntr 010 in-rcs, more or lesa.
Paled .Inly IHth. 1901. Fuank .���i.akaiiaw,
K. W. Shits, Agent f n Applicanti.
lake notice that John ROBBi of Ferule. H C.,
hotel keeper, Intend!* to apply for a -peclai Umber licence over the lol lowing described lauds:
1 Commencing al a pom planted in the Pis
trlct ot Weet Kootenai. Nel*on  Mttilnn In vision,
on the north lurk of tin- aouth (ork of Loatcreek,
about live mile* up creek from where two fork*,
meet and ahoiit tux miles north of the luterna-
lloual   BoumUrv Line   and   about   twenty-eight
mllea weet of Kootenav Kiver. thciicc eaai M
Ohaina, thenee north ��o chums, thence aemw
chalua to hunk of said creek, thence down stream
lo plaev of commencement.
J. Kuan, Locator,
a. Oommenolns si �� RPat nlsntsd at ihe aotttb.
weal OOrner of '. Kos-'s No 1 locution, tbence
west HO chains. Ihence north HO chains, thence
eaat HO chains more or less to hunk ol *nld creek,
thenoe down stream to phice of coinmcnccment,
J. Uoss. Ua:ator.
8. Commencing at SJKMt planted ator near
the nonthwesi corner of ������ I'.osss No l location,
thence west Hti chains, theuce south HO chains,
theuce enst hiichuins. more or less lo said creek,
'henee up stream to plaoc of hcgiiitiiug.
.1. Kos>. Locator.
A. OOtnmenoinS at a poal planted nt or near
the southwcsl corner of J   Roti'l   No. 1  location,
then i' cast 80 chain-*, thence smith BO chains,
thence west BO chaius, more oricss, to hank of
Bald cruck, thence up nirctun to place of coin-
J. BOSBi Locator.
ft.   ('ommenclng at a post    planted  ahoiit two
bUIss sonth oi the eouthwee: conic ofJ. Boseli
No. 1 location, ou lhe north fork of the south
j,,rk  of   l.st   creek,   and   about    four   mllea   up
���tream, from Where tin* two forks meet, thenee
QMt SB chains, thenoe north so chains, thonce
west IM* chains, more or less, to hunk of aald
,-icck, BSeaOsdownatroSm loplsoa oi commencement.
.1. Iioss, Locator.
fi   Oesamenolng at s poal planted at, or near,
the miutli-wesi corner of J. Robb'b No. fi location,
��s>ti Lost creek, Ihence wcsl BO chaius, thence
imrlh HO chaiint, th��ii��-e Wi*haini eaat, more or
less, to hunk of siild ere >k. thence down stream
to nlacc of commencement.
Located iilh June. 1W17 J   Koas. Locator.
Take notice thai lni V. Taylor, clerk, of Arrow.
'head, H (', intends to apply for H ipeoial UtwnoS
to cut timber iroin tbe lollowiug described
No. 1. Cnmmcn.'ltig at a posl planted .Oebalim
���dlatancc In an easterly direction from Cariboo
lake marked "IruF l aylor's. W. l'ai kins' S \V.
.corner,'' bounded on the south hy I . L No 7IH��>,
-OS the weat hy i . L. o. 707J, theuce north Hi)
���chains, iheiu'c ens! MO chains, thciicc south HO
���chains, ihence Went HO chains to point ot coin-
No. 2,    I'ommcncing at a DOBl planted Hi Bhalm
. nslai and ill a easterly direction from Cariboo
;nkr marked "W    Parkins',   Ira V   Taylor's S   *A .
-corner post." bounded on the wosi by T, l 71107,
meiitli bv Ira F. 'laylor's and W l'ttrklns" T. L.
so. I.  thenee   north -in  chains,   thence  cast   b>0
.���boiIus, thenoe aouth 40 analua, theuce went um>
[ L '11111*- tO pulllt   Ol  ciMillnciii'CiOrh! .
from one t;nd of the land to the other.
Individual tfnortoomlngB are many, but
lhe moral judmnent of the eommunlty
la keen and severe. In this we llnd juet
cause for isaiiHlaf:tIon.
"Kor yearn there have been many
prophets of the civic right doing, who
have been preacliini; good Koverntnent
and innlHt.iiiB that the eitizeiiH Bhould
lak'- a more active Interest In public
uftaits. Today Lhe people are more ulive
to the Importance uf impartial and hon-
1 rable administration than ever before.
They do noi shindy discuss it. they demand It. While in many communities
udininiKtration Is controlled In the serf
Lateresl of a ftrw to the detriment of the
people, that which Lb mosl (maracteristic
of  our  pro sen I   political   life  \H  the  de*
termination thai  seinsh abuse of pt>v-
ernment   maehitieiy shall stop.
"Reason demands the facts. By the
requirements of publicity Ik not meant
s. r;>ppy sensations or distorted emphasis. H is the demand that public affairs
and business which Is Of a public nature
because of its relation to the public inter, hi. shall be conducted in the lipht of
nay and that the public shall have the
truth, and nothing but the truth, in regard to the matters that concern them.
The emotlonB. In proper control, supply
the power necessary to accomplish results, bul the judgment must not be displaced by passion.
"There Is the abuse of privileges received from the government itself���the
misuse of public franchises granted upon conditions that they shall be used to
benefit the public. It is the business of
a free government to secure the just
use of such franchises for the public
"There Is also the abuse of the system of government Itself by prostituting representative powers to self-advantage.
"To guard against these abuses and
put au end to them where they exist.
ii e people must he constantly alert.
lu ll -.. ;��� representation of the people
Is of tne essence of the matter. Democracy upon a large scale would in-
evttahly fail were not the people able
to act through their chotv n representatives, it is only upon simple and broad
propositions of policy that the people
OSa act directly. If is difficult to procure a complete understanding even by
those charged with its consideration of
any complicated measure,
"We have had too many men posing
as the people's choice who were simply
the representatives of particular business interests or the appointees of a
P .lineal leader put in office to do his
bidding. Party organization must find
its holtd of union in devotion to certain
common principles. There are relatively
few communities in which it cun no
longer hope to win public support if its
political power 1b devoted to the advancement of the selfish interests of
its members.
"We fhall always need political leadership. The work of analysis, of careful
study of existing problems, of devising
necessary remedies for admitted abuses.
of representing to the people the course
to be taketi for their protection must be
done. There must be organization in
ord.r that measures conceived to be in
the public interest may have proper
support. Hut leadership and organization to recommend themselves to the
public confidence must be purged of the
vice of self-service.
"I believe that with an increasing proportion of true representation, with increasing and discriminating public discussion, with tT;e patient appliotti m of
sound judgment to the c>nsider:i;i >n of
public measures and wlih the InflSXiblS
determination to end abuses and ��o
purify the administration of government
uf self-interest, we shall realize a greater prosperity and a wider diffusion of
the blessings of free government than
we have ever hitherto been able to enjoy."
Nelaon Lsnd lnntrict. Piitrici nf Went rootenay
Take notice that 1, Harold   N    Edgecombe,  ot
Fertile, B. t'.- clerk, intend to apply lor a --pedal
timhor   licence over    the   following   described
j.    fnmmencinic at a pout planted at   the con-
..-.������������'':.������  north   fork nf Corn   creek  about
two miles  from   Its confluence  with   tbe  Main
���reek    thence south 40 chains,   tbence  west 1*0
ehatui, thcti'-e  north 40 chains,   tbence east 160
oheini to the place of beginning, containing 640
acres, more or Un.
Located August 17th, 1907
9. Commencing at a post planted on the bank
of the north fork of Corn cruek about two mile*
from it*- conllucnce with the Main creek, tbence
���.our. so chains, tbence west 80 chains, tbence
norlh ho Chalna. thence eaiit 80 chains to the
i.'iacc of beginning, containing two teres, more
ur ;>���--
boasted Sagos*. i"th, i907.
B, ConunenelBg at a po<u planted on the bank
of the north fork of Corn creek about four iniie-
fr mi it*- oonftaense with the Main creek, tbence
���oath 80 chalna, theuce east ao cbaln&. thence
north an chains, theuce west 8n chains to the
plaoa of beginning, containing tvio acres more or
Located August nth. lwn.
6 Coiiini* iciiiK at a post planted on the nam;
of the nonh fork of Corn creek about 6 miles
from Un confluence with the Malu cruek, thence
north 10 ebalna, thence east 160 chains, thence
south 40 clialiix. fhfcuoe west 160 chains to tbe
nlaaa of hexiunitig. coiuaiuing 040 acres, more
or lest*..
Dated *Vngnsf latii, WOT,
6. Commencing at a post planted on the bank
of the north fork of Corn creek about six miles
(mm Ita conllucnce with tbe Maiu creek, thence
smith HO chains, ihence emit an chalus, thence
north 80 chains, ihence west 80 chains to tho
place of Iickiiiiiiiik, containing 010 acres, more
or teas
Located \ugnal lath, i.xn,
7. Commencing at a post planted ou the bank
of lhe north fork of Com creek about nix miles
from its continence with the Main creek, theuce
south 80 chillis theuce west 80 chains, thence
north He attains, thence east .*������> chains to the
plaee Of hogluning. containing MO acres, more
or less
LoOStSd Aiign-d Pith. l��i(7.
11, N. SMSOOaUUfe, Louatnr.
A   Uackrtt, Agont.
Nelson band District. District of Weet Kootenay
Take notice that I. Alexander Gillespie, of
Ferule, H <" , elork, inietid to apply far a special
timber licence over tbe following described
1 Commencing at a post planted at the conllucnce of the north fork of Corn creek with the
Mi.'ii creek, theuce north 40 chains, tbence wevt
itin chain*, thence south 40 chains, tbence east
ino chains u> tbe place of beginnlug, containing
64" acrea, more or lust.
Located August mh.lfw?.
4. Ootnmonelng at a post planted oo the hank
nf the north fork of Corn creek about four miles
from ith confluence with tho Main crt-ek, thenoe
south hoc tin in",   thence   weat   80 chain*,   theme
norlh 8n chains,   thence east 8��> chains to the
place of beginning,  containing 610 acres, more
or les*.
Located August 17th, 1907,
8. Commencing at a post planted on the bank
of the north fork uf Corn creek atiout lour miles
from li* continuum- with the Main creek, thence
north 80 "hoins, th*'nee \vunt tm chains, tbence
south 8i) ohaln|. thence cast 80 chains to the
jnaoa of beginning, containing 040 acres, more
or less.
Located August 16th   1907.
Ai.B.\ANi>KR tlit.t.Kst'iK, Locator.
A. Ua, ki i i, Agent.
Queen's Hotel
tUkor Street, Nelson. B. C.
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
Laarae and Comlortable Bedrooms .nd First*
Claaalllnlug Room.   Hample Rooms ior (Jommt-r-
clal   Mao.
MKH   K. C.CI.ARKE,  Proprletreas
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. J(,minis GO cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. BBIOK80K, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court House
and Postofflce. Nelson, B. C.
Tiecmont House
Saropean end AmerlCAB Plan
Me ,1a 2b eta.   Rooms lrom 'Jfi eta. to 11
Only Wblte Help Employed
Baker St.. Nelaon Proprietor.
Bartlett   House
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar la the Plneat.
White Help Only Employed.
Joeephlne St.
Nelson. B. 0
Royal Hotel
Bates 11 and 11.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Betrular Boarders.
Moat eomlortable quarters      Nelaon
Only the beat ol Llquora and ulgara.
IU Ku'. .��� or Heating Plants In Stock
Vlctorls St., Nr. Opera House.      Tel. 181.
in the matter of au api-Ilcatlon for the tFsue of
a (lupllcatu of the <:crtllif.atc of Title for lot l��2.
anil the west half of lot U. block 01. In the Town
of Nclnun.
Notice la hereby given that it 1b my ItitontloD
to is- n. u.t the expiration nf one month after the
flr*l publication hereof a duplicate of tbeeertitl-
v:ate of ti'l** for the above lamls. In the name of
Lydla Shields, which eertifleate ��b dttted the 21st
day of December, iv\>. and numbered :i991 K.
"H. V. MacLeod."
District Keiflatrar
Notice Is hereby civen that the tindcrnifrned
tiave submitted to the Lteutenant-Qovernor-lu-
Council a proposal under the provinions of the
-'Klven* and atreanih Act," for clearinK and removing obstructions from (Joat River and Meadow Creek, In the District of West Kootenay, and
for making the same tit for rafting and drtv
ing theruoo logs, timber, lumber, rafts end crafts
aud for erecting aud maintaining booms for
holding, sorting and d'llverlng logt- and timber
brought dowi* said creek and river, aud for at-
ia>*hlug it..niii- to the oh ore of said creek and
river for Mini purposes.
The lauds to be affected by said work are:���
Lots :;i'j. :,l*7. 459*2. and sub lots 1, U. 11 IS, 14 and
15 of Lot i.-'.'J. itroup 1, Kootenay Ulatrtct.
The tolls proposed to be charged un* such as
liiav bt* fixed by the Judge of the County Court
of West Kootenay.
Dated Slst July. HW7.
In the matter of an application ior the Issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title lor Lois
ifi and 17, Block SB, Town of Nelson.
Notice is hereby given that it Is my intention
to Issue at the expiration of one month after the
tlrst pulilication hereof a duplicate of the eertifleate of Title for the above Lots in the name of
Frances K. Day. which Certificate Is dated the
l'Kh September, laiw, aud numbered 23ftOK.
Laud Registry Office, Nelson, B.C.. lftth June,
1*17. H. F, MacLKOD,
District Registrar.
Take notice that an appliitattou has beeu made
to register Arthur Hamilton Buchimiin as
the owner In Fee simple, under a tax sale deed
from H.J. Btetison, Deputy Assessor aud Collect
.if the Slocan Assesoment District, to Arthur
Hamilton Buchanan, bearing date the 7tb of
November, A !>., KWti, ol all atid singular last
certain parcel, or tract, of laud, and premises,
situate: lying and being in the District of Kootenav, in th<* Province Ol British Columbia, more
particularly known and doslrlbed as:
la-ol number nine hundred and seventy (*70),
(.roup one (I) In the District of Kootenay, "Buu-
s.*t Mineral Claim.
You aud eaeh oi vou arc required to contest the
claim ot the tax purchaser within fourteen days
n nin the date of the service of this notice upon
vou, and In default of a caveat, or certificates of
lis pendens being filed within such period, you
will b�� forever estopped and debarred from setting up any dUm lo, or in respect of the said
bind, aud 1 iha.1 tafletr-r Arthur Hamilton
Buchanan us owner thereof.
Dated n' Land Registry Office, Nelson. Province of H, nub Columblu, i his .���.<th day of April,
A D��� 11107.
To Bkn.iamin K. Davib
n.c Snnasi onid
__ I'lin.v i.foreign).
tt. ��. MacLeod,
D 1st riot, Registrar.
ii   Silver   Mining   imu.
We have had placed in our hands one of the prettiest best paying
This in op for a ijnick sale cm account of owner's ill health. Call and gat
full particulars, if you have $11,000 we can make a good easy deal with you
for this property.
Brydges, Blakemore & Cameron, Ltd*
Fire. Accident, Life and Employers' Liability
Le.. us quote you rates in the best board companies.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frott Lands la
British Colnmbasu
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. CJ
The house contaius two bedrooms and hall upstairs, dining room, parlor, kitchen, pantry and hail downstairs, hot and cold water.   Electric light in all rooms.
Two lots iu a good position.
PRICE $1900.      Terms can be arranged.
H. & M. BIRD
$10 DOWN
���$10 PER MOrNTI-l
We offer you best fruit lands;
best termia; best location; best
climate. Absolute    titles.       You
don't have to use all of your means
In paying f��r land. We want you
to put it into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres.
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don"t see Frultvale you
miss the best in B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward S-rect. Nelson, B. C.
For Sale
COTTAGE���3 rooms, water and electric
light, woodshed, chicken houses, fruit
trees, % block from car line. For
quick  sale.     Terms given.     $750.00.
G% acres within mile of city. Suitable
for market garden.   Terms given.
LAND on Koolenuy and Arrow lakes,
Sin,';in, Kootenay and Salmon rivaS-8.
etc.    From $10 to $45 per acre.
Real   Estate and  General  Agent.
West Baker Street. NELSON. B. C.
A. M. Can. Bee. C. E.
Mining Work s Specialty.
Office:  Bealey Buildiug.    P. O. Box 434
Baker St.,  NEL80N,   B.  C
In the matter of a" appllOSttOU for tho Is ue of
dupUi'��tco( th.-.���.���it it-.--., u-ol Title foi Litis*;. 7,
8, ami 17, Block 3, Town of KltctuT.or (��aj>BSf]
ami Lot 6187, tiroup Oue, In tho i�� - ot of Kootenay.
Not lev is lierettj- (riven that it my intention
to laana at the expiration of oue month after the
lirsi pulitteation ht-rtjof. (Inplleatos of <'ort 111 eaten
of Title of the above lots in the name of Josopti
Walker which cert ideate* are dated '.Mnd day n'
JOBS. 1����8 ami numbered 2t��i A and :.'i**J,\ respectively.
Laud RugiBtry Office, Nelson, B. <-.,*Srd July,
*'H. F. MacLsod,"
iiihu un Kegutrar.
To Winnipeg and points St
Ontario, Qtwbcc, Maritime
Provinces, Central and Eastern States, Angost 8th, 9th
and 10th, September f *th.
12th and 13th.
Full particulars as to stop overs, etc.,
.n application.
Splendid Naw Soo.8pok.ne Sarvlc,
451/j Hour. Between St. Paul and Spokane. Catch the Flyer at Cranbrook for
AU Points East.
Daylight service between Nelson and
Spokane including 50 mllea on Koote-
liriy Lake in elegant new steamer Kus-
lanook. Fare $6.60. Return $12.46.
Uood for 30 days.
Scenery through Arrow Lakes and
Rocky Mountain resorts unexcelled In
the world.
A.��. P. A.. Vaiu'oii ver.
D. PA.. Nelson
Piano and Singing Lessons
Given by Mrs. Winter Every Saturday
Mrs. Winter holds certificate from
Koyal Academy for pianoforte playing
and singing. Certificate from Trinity
College, London, ling., for theory of music. Scholarship of the London Conser.
vatoire of Music for singing and piano
i.laying.        Addream Box 79S. Naiaaon.
in the matter of an application for the Issue of
duplicates of the CerttAcaUs of Title to lot* 11,
1.. aud 18, Kt-nup 1, Weet Kootenay district, also
known as tin* ' Kootenay Chief." "Comfort" sad
"Luiu" mineral clalma respectively.
Notice is hereby Klven that lt is my intention
to issue at the expiration of one month after the
!������������*.* publication hereof a duplicate o* CertiSeate
of Title m> 6aoia of an undivided ai lOtttku in
each of the a'ove lota, issued on the 17th day of
May. A 0.1886 in the name of John f:. Ainsworth,
iml alao a duplicate oi Certificate of Title Mo,
iuuua of an undivided ltt-iiiulu In eaeh of the
nbove lots, is ue t on the 17th day of May, A. D
!**������*'���. in th- ii- mm* of Ueorge J. Ainsworth.
* -noi Keglstry Oltice, Nelson,2. C, AugustSU,
"H. r.
DaStotot inWii.
���i��-i l-J
r: 'ii !���
:* 'i
:    ^".'.1* :'3te
���11'*!  -a
ii'j ��� ���
1���   ; i
The Daily Canadian
The   Birthstone
for    September
Lest You forget
Take a look iu Patenaude's Window  and see those Fine
Sapphires, $2.00 to $45.00 each.
Watchmaker and Optician
ia maniilai'Uire.l irom inc ��n���� ���^fi^/.i'll.1'"
ripened .ad dewrtweetoned     .1 �� mJ- '������<���"-
tlavured ami i-.iol    A iciliaico you
uiiKht 10 try
Tobacconist.   Baker Street.	
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait,
Foel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co,. Baker   and   Ward   St..
Sec Us
For Good Frait Land
10 Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
V0   A AiWak
Born  to the wife of R. T. Symms ol
stieet on  Sunday  night a son.
Real   Estate  Transfers.
There wore an unusually large number of real estate transfers during August     Several   city   properties   changed
Labor   Day.
Labor Day was celebrated iu several
cities on Monday. The principal celebrations were at Rossland, Cranbruuk
and Bandon.
Oor. Vs-M-non ��-��t-��-i vv-.t-d .Street.**,
iNBL-HOlN, O. *^-
E. H. Grasty, \V. !:. Poole, L. Fisher,
Spokane; J. S. Descharaps, F, B. Griffith. C. O. Hagen*, Rossland; A. A
Kinney, Castlegar; J. J. Threleed, 1-. P
Mason. Winnipeg; F. 0. Creed, Halifax;
Wm. Mans on, Manaimo; C. B. Watson,
M. B ml til, Vancouver Mr. and MrB. H.
Huston, W. A Samuel, London; A. i'.
Law, Ottawa; D. Dewar, T. Ludgate,
Patronized by Earl Grey and Nobility
Hotel Strathcona
fUest Located Hotel in Nelson
Apauim*nt$ Elegant     Outline Choicest
( iviliiy and Clean 11 near
Undi-T tin; niHtja^vmcut of  R   B, Noble,
lute of Toronto, Ottawa and
H. E. Croadsdaile & St
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils lor
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
5-R00111 Hoube and 3 Lots, Observatory street. House
well plastered and in good
shape. $1,000. Good
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clear
Ing  Stove.,  etc.
111 Eaat Baker 8t- Phone No. A11'
R. Kerrs, Montreal; C. E. E. Ashcr,
Winnipeg; L. A Vunderwood, C. P. C.
Hock, Lethbrtdge; Mrs. V. Nesblt,
Spokane; Mrs. .1. Rendlu. Los Angeles;
W. S. t'nnc, Toronto; Capt, McKeen
and wife, Vancouver; w. 11. Field, Rossland; J. \v. Ellis, Chicago.
C. Qeech, Grand Forks; G. \V. Stead,
Qoldhili;   It.  Alexander,  Kaslo;   D.  Mo
Intosh,  Beaton;     Q. S.  Noi-sby,  Meyers
Kails;  F, J. Summons, Procter.
A. Johnson, Troul Lake; C. Sanson, J.
McKirkllng, Gerrard; F. Winfrled, Windermere; J. Btevens, Howler; E, Smith.
Kaslo; F. E. Lorey, Harrop; J. W.
Wyatle ami wife, Ainsworth; II. Saun-
dera, Arrowhead; F. L. Orr, Procter; ll.
Walters, Rossland; F. B, Ellins, ll.
P.ckaid, Salmo; L, Cane, Vancouver;
.1. H. AUdnree, David City; .1. L. Eberly,
Kil!.o!mc: .J. Ki-'iiier'ker, wife and 1'ainily.
Ashland; T. 11. Page, Rcvelsloke.
II.  Latham,   Spokane;   S.  Lunde,  A.
Swason,  Sloeunj   J.  Aincs    and    wile,
Seattle;  H. Ketlin. W. {foster Winnipeg.
M.   Drlppin,   S.  Wales.   Vancouver;   C.
Gill, G. Kinerst.n, Dundee; .1. Melghan,
lU-Mile; D. Scillly.Scutland; W. Edwards, Vancouver.
II. Kerr, D. McKano, U. Harrison.
Vancouver; R. Chase, Slocajb Junction;
.1 Davis, .1. D. McGillis, Koch Siding;
H. Steffens, Goal Creek; G. Crossley,
Castlegar; A. Andrews, Revelstoke; L.
Marshall, Lardo; T. ll Harrison, Fern
Mine; G. Smith, I). Crosby, w. Pester,
Nakusp; G. Matthews, Salmo; W. ll.
Mi'Helh, Spokane; .1. Cascadden, Burton
Provincial   Police.
w. ii. Docksteader has been appointed I" tin' provincial polloe force and
will be stationed at Phoenix, B. C. W.
J. Uevitt, of Nelson. Installed the new
officer last week.
Labor  Day  Outings.
Several hundred Nelsonltes spent yesterday along the Arm or up the mountains, aimed with rod or gun according
to tasie. No record bags were reported
by   either  hunters  or  llsliermen.
Y.   M.   C.   A.   Proposed.
A meeting of those interested In the
organisation of a Y. C. C. A. branch in
Nelson will be held In the court house
tomorrow evening at 8.30. C. R. Bayers,
organiser and travelling secretary ol
tho international association, will be
present to confer with the local j.ro
Get  Coke   From  East.
Coke is coming in better at the Granby
smelter, five furnaces having been kept
in blast all last week. After Labor
Day Manager Hodges expects to blow-
in another furnace. An order has again
ben placed In the east for coke by the
Granby Co., to supplement the provincial supply.��� Phoenix Pioneer.
Hunting Accident.
while James Middle-ton. a boy about
14, was out shoot.uk yesterday he proceeded to examine his rifle while load-
ed. It went off accidentally, the bullet,
a 22, passing throimh the fleshy part of
his left thinh. He was taken to the
Home hospital and tended by Dr. Har-
:in. No hones were broken and no vital
organ touched, and his chances of early
recovery are excellent.
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal   in  the  city.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple aud fancy Groceri^-
Butter, Eggs.
Gamp and Miners' Supplies.
Mrs. Walker, of Cartinel House. Tun-
sta 1. Stall's. Kngiaiul, would l.e pleased
tj correspond with any person who
knows of Die wirei'i abouta of either
Edward Walker or bis frland, Hugh
MacKne. Mrs. Walker has mil heard of
Her Ben since last October.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on Bale.
All klnda of Dinnerware In stock. Tat-
teraa. .
i'ii I) chain,   between   Hooter  and  Vernon
Put table reward will  be paid fur it*
return.   McDonald <v McHardy.
* i ��� " KbTHOuK i'.uiiiiiiiint aHgned obequi oi
ibi Second Relief MintiiK Uoiopanv, puabla
i.. i . c. Wade, mill Letters, Finder klii<i)v
Iihvi- -t Nn Plane Ion
two FniKr-��:i.A^ ROOKS, ��',.hi*i heated
plv hniumk.-etK-r. 3r-l Hut. fe. W   i      ,...- ��
INE-LSOIN,     -     B. C
\  PAATNEB   with $3,000 u    purchase n truit
raneb near Nelaon   a food ipeculMloi)   Part*
ner need no) b�� active]) ^njrejeed on ranch,
Por partloulan apply X  Q. PROi 'J hi;
A liEI-L HOY     Apply the Bti-ath*
Coke  Exportation.
A citizen of Fernie who is engaged in
the lumber business and has no direct
interest in the coke situation, states
that during August the average shipment of coke from Fernie south across
the Boundary line was from 60 to SO
cars a day. The average contents of a
car of coke Is about 27 tons. It is not
at all certain that the Northport smelter and the Black Eagle smelter in
Montana are the only American customers for coke of the Crow's Nest
Pass Coal Company.
A Troublesome  Prisoner.
Constable McBeath returned from the
coast last evening, after accompanying
Kenneth Murray to the penitentiary. As
q matter of fact Murray has not yet
been taken in charge hy the penitentiary authorities. During the trip down
the prisoner caused no end of trouble
and it required the constant attention
of the two constables in charge to keep
him from committing self-destruction.
When he reached New Westminster he
certainly looked insane and the penitentiary authorities refused to take him
over, declaring that the asylum was the
proper place for him. The doctor at the
Insane asylum was telephoned for, and
while he believed that Murray was insane, he did not feel disposed to accept
him until the proper papers had been
made out. Thus, for five or six hours
Constable   McBeath  drove   around   Now
The Store of Quality
C A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine fits.
our   long   delayed   shipment   of
has come to hand and we can now supply anything you may require In either
books or supplies.
Wholesale ami  Hot-ill DurIlth in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Gamps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but  fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
Is Renow/ied
ts Business Energy
All  the authorized Text Books for
Public aud High Schools.
Mail orders promptly rilled.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD. Phone  81
B.   A.   ISAAC
R.   W.   HINTON
Ul'iiiiii-Imk  niHl  .I��� >I)I*> 11>��  vxvuutud ^ it h  I K-4p11lt.l1.    siiwi Malal
\V*'rk,  iMiiiinie mikJ   .Mill   .Mnchlnory.       IM111 uif.,..I iJt*fc_-,-M 0f
Ora   Ciii'h,   M.   V*.    Contructorn'   (Jki-m.
CnrntT nf Ha 1 and
Front Btreetta
NELSON,    B. C.
TtJlrphotst St
���" <>. Boi 10H
W* G. Thomson
SfflfioftS* *ni Nelson, B. C.
Phont 3-4.
Telephone 227A P. O. Box 155
We'stminst'T wlih liis prisoner, and
the latter was growing mure and
more troublesome all the time.
At last he communicated with
the provincial police department
at Victoria and received authority
to Incarcerate the prisoner in the pro-
vinelal gaol until Much time as an examination could lie made as to his insanity. Hefore leaving New Westminster the constable learned that two
doctors had examined Murray and expressed the opinion that he was perfectly sane, and that his trouble originated with an ungovernable temjier.
Plums, per basket 35c
Peaches, per lb  15c
Pears, 2 lb. for 25c
Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Crab Apples, 3 lb. for 25c
Telephone 161.
F. C. GREEN       F. F. BURDEN        A. H. GREEN
Qvil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
P. 0. Box US    lh";, .vi B.
Famine in Japan.
at unci:
WANi I I young rii-ii-.. n��ii,jobwitnfrail
larmer where be -hii thoroughly i^arn tha
bustueas \r prr - mi in W I impes l.ur would
oomeatoi     IdoreMh  D��� r>���t,yOanoolsn,
THA, 'III;   al   lleadowa     *i<>  per mouth.    W.
Upratlej, B   n larr . Kite, f 0
KllHSAI R    H.x in.,rn,
near    Mill        Model
Terms given.   Apply Mr
rillan,', Htanliry Hiri-et
Improvements.    Il.raip.
Ram Lai Tea
Packed in the Gardens Where
it Is Grown-Can Be Bought for
the Same Money as a Cheaper
We btake Our Reputation on
the Quality and Reccommend
It to All Tea Drinkers as Absolutely the Best Value Offered.
50c per lb.
Toklo, Sept. 3.���Thousands of peasants are starving In consequence of the
floods that have visited central Japan.
The price of rice Is higher than ever
before and the rice famine Is wlde-
sjiread. Flood reports continue to be received. A number of railway tunnels
have collapsed and many bridges have
been damaged. Several days must
elapse before traffic Is restored to n
normal condition. The route of Toklo's
food Bupply Is yet obstructed hy water
and the fish supply Is nlmoBt completely
stopped. The sanitary authorities of
the central government are already
busy In precautionary measures to prevent the outbreak of an epidemic of
cholera, dyHentry and fever In the in
undated districts which cover a verj
extensive area of central Japan.
Rowboats and Canoes
For Sale or Hire
Agent lor TriiM'olt Lniinrlies
tiuil I't'UTltoro ratioua.
Finest Lot of  Hoars In B. (I.
Foot ol Josephine St.        Tul.AlS
T, I.iulgatp, of Arrowhead, was a
guest at the Hume yesterday.
J. S. Descliainjis, lumberman, of Ross-
land, was In the city yesterday.
Alfred McMillan, superintendent of
the Northport smelter, who came over
yesterday to see the cricket match.
states thai operations were resumed at
Northporl Sunday morning.
Sister Winifred, late of the staff of
Uu ilr ...1 ,,f the sisters of St. Joseph,
leaves Tor Bellingham tonight by the
0.   P.  It.     Later she will go to Jersey
Kx-rhlef Sargent, of the Nelson lire
1 ri tade,   has   been    appointed    chief   of
Halleybury, Ont... Are department He
was recommended by Chief Ctraham or
W. Manson. of Nanaimo. ex-|irovin-
clal Nocreiary. was In Kelson yesterday,
Mr. Manson Is gathering slatisties for
the provincial government as to the
< urrent   rates  of  wages   in  the   various
districts of the province.
liOLI.  Till"   OFFIOK   DKSK   aud   Officii Cbalr.
Apply Pastor Hhauks.
K. W. 0. Blosk . Phone H.
Call at our large storeroomta on
Baker Street, and see the largest stock
of Furniture, Carpets, Rugs, Linoleums,
and the celebrated Buck Stoves. Our
Fall stock is now opened up.
During Fare week we pay freight for
50 miles from Nelson.
Complete  House  Furnishers and Undertakes.    Agents   Mason  &  Risch  Pianos
MANUFACTURERS    T   .._*...     Cl,i������lA.
AND DEALERS IN    LttUXltetf   MllllgleS,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows,
ruriii.-tl Work and Bruckets. Mail Orders promptly attended ta.
VERNON 8TKUIJT   ...    INIil.MOIN. l��. U.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Wholesale Provlalorm,
."Government dreamery One Pound Bricks receivod weekly fresh from H"
churn.    For wile by all loading (rrocers.
Office and warehouse: Houston Block,    Phone 79.
Josephine Street.        -        -        -   ,   Nelson, B. C.
Our shipment of these has been delayed in transit but*' Iiart
them now, and in order to clear before the season is loo
far advanced we are selling them at prices that
should place oue in every home.    Call and
be convinced and enjoy comfort.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
, Branch.
Guns and
If you are thinking of buyin** it Rillc or Gun this noi"1011 *'
anil inHpcrt our Htock.
We also carry nil the li���t umkon of Ammunition, ii"'1"
Dominion,     Eley,      Kynoch,      U.M.C
and Winchester.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Limited


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