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The Daily Canadian Apr 29, 1907

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Array 5% $atly  ��anafrt
Ilumb I.   No. 276.
jerla Government Will
llement Hoped for by Tomorrow-
' Official Statement of Board
of Trade Hen.
���peolal to The Dally  Canadian.)
trills-, April 29.���It ls now thoughl
settlement will be reached ln this
let ttstnorrow.   The general opinion
mt thf Crow's Nest Pass Co. will
I wait  fur an  Investigation.      They
hsild a board meeting In the morn
ami then will decide.
iiklii'usl voted 126 agalnBt and 7 for
Ires-sumption ol work pending settle
1. \V. 11 Cushlng, who attended
inference at Fernie tn a dual ca-
. as a member of the Alberta govern, and us representing the Cal-
lusaril ssf trade, made two promises
at importance.
- first, which has already been Hold, was an undertaking that an Eight
bank to-tmnk" law would be
sssl at the next Besslon of the Alts, Itagi-Blatnre, a promise which was
r indorsed by Pnsmler Rutherford.
In. second promise whh of even great,
importance, and, If fulfilled, will con-
(It ute a new departure in government
tivlty in North America. He Btated
nt the government ssf Alberta would
ke iiiimesllnlss Kteps to open up and
spare for operation coal,seams in Al-
rta which would provide a oonstant
ttf conl against the recurrence
such emergencies as the present.
Tlu- following Is Ihe statement agreed
11 fssr publication by the represents-
s of tho boards of trade at Fernie:
us Use arrival of the delegates of thc
(���tit boards of trade at Kernle, rep-
ss.'.sl   i.y   Hon. W.   H. Cushlng, of
kit n>. F. A. Starkey, of Nelson and
ul. J  P. Fink and W. Reld, of Cran-
"k.   E   O   Kamm.   of   Moyle;   W.
��� r nf Orand Forks, and D. J. Mathe-
1. ssf Phoenix, It was found thBt the
nt cssnference of the operators and
ns rs called for the 23rd InBt. was to
a clsssisl meeting.    It was thought
t In the interests of all parties conned that if a speedy  settlement of
difficulty could  be effected In this
nner, It would be thc moBt satlsfac-
v plan s.f sis.isling with the whole mat-
consequently It wau resolved to Blm-
awali ils'velopmcnts.
In the meantime all possible Informs-
n was obtained  that   the  delegates
ilBhi be In a position to act If called
Howover, on Thursday morning the
11 fs rence dissolved without effecting
settlement und from all Information
tamable the fault lies with the ex-
Wive ssincers of the miners, thero be-
B a serious difficulty between certain
''misers Ihercof over the non-discrlm-
atlon elnttse In the agreement. Such
'Ing the npparont cause there was
'thing further that the delegates could
'1 In Ihe matter.
ll Is to Ito regretted that Inflammatory
Alices and misleading Information
mould be so glaringly published by n
11 of the press on occasions of
Is nature, and In this particular ln-
nnc-e such Blatomcnts as calling out
' "lilllla nnd assembling the mounted
lice were entirely uncalled for. The
��n ssf Fernie, whero perhaps thore are
We coal minors Idle at present than
nny other place affected, certainly
')��s no necessity of any auch action,
11 even ti10 services of the local po-
'���" were not required at any time dur-
x 'he slay of the delegates.
Another misleading statement Ib that
wage pay of a miner Is $1,600 per
intuitu This, on the face of It, should
'"�� linn reports are often Incorrect,
I'l'Wli In certain cnBes minors working
contract under favorable clrcum-
often  able to  earn   some
comparatively large amounts, lt
Pjinst  be remembered   that  this  work
\.",T not avera8e those sums during a
��� I lias been stated that the cause of
ie men leaving their work wsb that
notices wero posted at the mines to tho
' nect ihnt a reduction of wages would
ra ."'.,'u   ,lf""' 30 da>'B-   Ab a matter of
'����.  he notices were strictly legnl and
���tup led with the new act of concilia-
'��. but In the then strained relations,
wns nn error on tho part of the opera-
is, and It has since been learned that
It]m.r,t""se Intended���that of securing
��� meellng of the board of conciliations' i���      is" heen soured without thla
'���'"*;.   However, this could not have
ir wl v8���Mh._l0 Ca,,Be ot the wa,k ��Mt*
"""ad no notices leave their work?
Narrow Escape.
I Br21.R'-,'nO���SteVve,_l0n* who drlTes ��n *���*-
Ipre6' W��W��>. hud a narrow escape thla
morning. While driving along Front
street, near the Brackman-Ker building,
bis team stopped short and Stevenson
was thrown over on the pole. Before he
could recover himself the horses started
running, and for two blocks he was carried along ln that position. At last he
succeeded ln getting back Into the
wagon and there he remained until It
looked as If the team would run Into a
telegraph pole. Then be jumped out
und the horses kept on running until
they reached the drove hotel. Neither
tho teamster nor the team suffered any
serlouB Injury.
Another Manufacturer.
New York, April 29.���Another American corporation is about to enter the
Canadian manufacturing field bo as to
escape the Dominion tariff, thc Standard Chain Co., known as the "Chain
trust," having decided to build an extensive plant at Walkervllle, Ont. The
Standard Chain Co. of Canada, Ltd., will
operate the new works, which are to be
constructed at a cost of $200,000.
Historian and Diplomat.
Washington, April 29���Mr. Bryce, the
British ambassador, will deliver au address at the Jamestown Exposition on
May 13th, In commemoration of the
first permanent settlement of English-
speaking people on the American continent at Jamestown.
NELSON. B. C., MONDAY, APRIL 29, (907.
Fifty Cents a Mouth
Prices of Metals.
New York, April 29���Silver, 66ttc;
copper, 23%c; lead, JB.
London, April 29.���Silver, 30Hd.;
lead, ��19, 18s.; 9d.
Sixteen to One.
Odessa,    April    29.���Sixteen    bombs
were dropped yesterday In a villa which
Governor  Kaulbars had  rented   for  a
Bummer residence.
Work on V. V. 4 E. Is Discontinued-
Improvements at Daly Reduction Works.
This week sees things In full blast
around the above works ln Hedley.
There Is ample water to keep all machines humming and a corresponding
air of satisfaction Ib resected ln the
faces of manager and heads of departments.
The over-hauling which has been given to different parts Is having the desired effect In smoothness and Increased
A peep Into the enlarged and rearranged assay office affords a sample of
the Improvements effected. The new
addition in which the samples are prepared is laid out for much greater rapidity and accuracy. The floor Is of
cement with Iron sampling urea in the
���centre. Three grinders are at work, the
last ot which leaves the sample ground
to almost Impalpable fineness. Not a
speck of dust from this room gets into
either the furnace room or chemical
laboratories. The old bucking board,
now obBelete, and other antiquated
equipment used by Lamb in the furnace
room has been rebuilt and can be regulated to a nicety. Ample muffle room
ls provided to do a large volume of
The capacity of the whole office has
been Increased from about 30 or 40 samples to 400 samples per day, and the
cost to secure this Improvement looks
to be trifling ln proportion to the bene
fit derived.
Two assayers, Messrs. Oake and Williams are busy on a big pile of samples.
During the year Mr. Koss Intends keen-
Ing the assay office going to Its full
capacity, for he is determined to know
exactly what everything ls worth.
In last Issue, reference was made to
a rumor that Mllliken's gang of surveyors, who had been at work on the
V. V. & E. since last summer, had received orders to disband. This waB
confirmed when on Friday night the
gang appeared In Hedley on their way
to Midway.
It ls only a fortnight since Chief Engineer J. H. Kennedy wns through, and
at that time there was no Intimation
of any probability of a move of this
kind; for whllo it ls generally understood that Iheir work Is completed bo
far bb location of the route from Keremeos through Hedloy lo Princeton Ib
concerned, lt hns also been understood
that most of their work for the past
month or so has been that of marking
time until construction on this portion
of the route should begin, when there
would be abundance of work for them
In cross-sectioning nnd other engineer
Ing connected with construction.
The reason for the move Is not apparent, and so fnr as known, nothing
has boen given out ns lo where they
will be sent after reaching Midway.
The whole clrcumstnnce certainly
doesn't look good to dwellers In the
upper Simiikameen, some of whom Interpret the move ns Indefinite postponement of construction.
During the rallwny discussion In the
Commons In June, 1905, Ihe represen-
tnllons made as to the time within
which tho company woiils! have the road
completod through the Simiikameen,
certainly gave no Inkling ns to any
prohnblllty of bo Utile progress being
made at this length of lime, nnd those
who were led to make preparations as
the result of Ihe representations then
made, many of them found to their coBt.
that tliey had been far loo credulous-
Hetllcy Gazette.
Oliver Trapped by Third
Convicted Ballot Switchers Still In
Government'* Employ���Blander
In Subsidy Bill.
Ottawa, April 29.���TJle minister of
the Interior has been made the victim
of a cruel conspiracy. Mr. Oliver he-
came a minister when Mr. Sifton went
out two years ago. Before taking office
he held strong and Independent views
on Immigration. He tben declared that
the Russian Immigrant was a hindrance
and not a help to the country, He objected to the payment of bonuses to
steamship companies because they
brought bad Immigrants as cheerfully
as good ones. He protested against
the Inrtoduction of settlere having a
different civilization from our own, declaring that they would control our
civilization and abuse it. He asserted
that the Qalictans and the Doukhobors
could never be citizens ln the real
sense, and the Slav population would be
"a mill stone hung around our necks."
Such were Mr. Oliver's sentiments in
1901, 1902 and 1903 as repeatedly and
violently expressed with all the external
appearance of sincerity.
But Mr. Oliver, as minister, continues
to pay bonuses for European Immigrants. He has made what he calls a
"tacit" agreement to pay a price per head
for Europeans sent hither in the future,
He commended and continued, then
praised, and cancelled, and finally- commended the Norlh Atlantic Trading company deal. He is bringing In dalucluns
and other Russians and paying out of
the treasury for the privilege of obtaining them.
Now the third party In the House
feel the Bame as Oliver did three
years ago. They think that bonuses
ought to stop, that undesirable Immigrants should not be received. They
proposed to put these Ideas in the form
of a resolution and ask the government
to adopt it. Then they framed their
plot. They went to Oliver's speech
against bonuses and selected a passage
In which his views and theirs was expressed. This passage tliey transformed
Into a motion. Mr. Oliver had said that
the payment of bonuses was "a most
undesirable expenditure and I would
ask that It be not continued." He also
declared that "the payment of bonuses
and commissions had a tendency to
bring the less desirable rather than the
more desirable class of people." Mr.
Lavergne moved "That the payment ot
bonuses on Immigration has a tendency
to bring lu a less rather than a more
desirable class of people, that lt is a
most unwise policy and expenditure and
therefore should not be continued."
This was a clear case of theft. Not
only the sentiments but the very words
were those of Mr. Oliver. The plotters
had carefully selected them with deep
design. But Mr. Oliver did not recognize the vleWB nor the language. He
opened flre on Mr. Lavergne with great
sound and fury, calling him a Little
Canadian, a Sectionalism a narrow
minded person, charging him with
bigotry, Ignorance and smallness of
soul. It was beautiful the wild western
way the minister held the Nationalists
up to scorn and contumely and tore
their motion Into fragments. The loyal
outburst with which he closed was
worth many UmeB the price of admission.
Mr. J. E. Armstrong of East Lambton,
who has taken a great Interest In the
European markets for Canadian farm
products, has brought once more to the
attention of the House the fact that
Germany is getting the advantage In
Canada of the British preference. Germany has practically shut Canadian
goods out of her market because the
British preference was not also given
lo Germany. The result Is that while
Germany buys of farm products $48,-
000,000 from tho Argentine Republic,
$28,000,000 from Australia and Immensely larger quantities from the United
States, Canada sends thither only $1,-
000,000 worth and Is gradually losing
thnt trade. At the same time the Canadian agent at sLeeds reports to the government that Immense quantities of
German manufacturereB are sent free
Into Grent Britain whero they nro packed and shipped t*.. Canada us British
goods receiving preferential treatment.
The preference duty Is Just one-halt the
surtax rate, so that Germany Is regularly nhlpplng goods to Canada under
the most favored terms, while Germany
Imposes prohibitory duties on Canadian
grain, fruit, meat products and other
standard products. Mr. Armstrong insists tbat this condition should not be
allowed to exist a month longer, and
shows by conclusive evidence that the
government policy and administration
ls allowing this country to be Injured
as to Its export* and swindled as to Its
imports by Its blundering over commercial relations with Germany.
When Mr. Emmerson made his remarkable speech on resigning his offlce,
he stated that charges could
be made against Conservative
members and supported by evidence In possession of the House.
Having so spoken Mr. Emmerson left
the Chamber. The next day Mr. Borden
read the Btatement and demanded a
fuller explanation from tbe ea ���Ulster,
declaring that he himself waa ready to
assist an Inquiry Into any charge* Mr.
Emmerson might make. The opposition
leader promised to repeat his challenge
when Mr. Emmerson waa next In hla
seat. That was nearly three weeks
ago and Mr. Emmerson hats not been ln
the House since.
Mr. Hyman ls still missing. The government has a letter stating that he has
sent more resignation* tn the Speaker,
but at the time of writing the Speaker
has made no announcement. Meanwhile
Mr. Hyman was on hi* way to Canada,
but before reaching the border changed
hla mind and returned south. It I* said
that be is going to Europe, but lt Is
quite certain that even tf his health Is
restored, he will not return to offlce.
It ls also clearly understood that Sir
Fred. Borden has about finished bis
career as a minister. He may be made
High Commissioner or disappear ln
some other direction, but he will not
again be a -candidate In King's, Nova
Scotia. The political, climate ln that
country has become dangerous.
Confession of ballet box switching
was recently made by James Farr, a
deputy in the election ateal ot West
Huron of 1899. In December laat Farr
swore that at the last election he
switched thirteen ballot* marked for
McLean, placing in the box that number
for the government candidate. Farr
stated that on the day before the election W. L. Horton took him to the hotel
In Goderlch where Fan* was Introduced
to O'Gorman, now one of the accused In
the London conspiracy, and to another
person who turned out to be Prlchett,
the chief Instructor ln ballot-switching.
Horton gave the Introduction and Prlchett proceeded to put Farr through a
course of ballot-switching.
This incident was recalled In the commute of supply on Wednesday by Mr.
Bennett, who pointed out that Horton Is
now contractor with the government for
dredging at Goderlch harbor.
Mr. Aylesworth's blunder has made a
rather fine mess of tbe address to the
King respecting the Increase ln pro*
vlncial subsidies. The address as passed hy the house of commons and --sent
to the senate omits a clause adopted by
Ihe conference basing the annual payments to the western provinces on the
population determined by the last census. With this clause out the basis becomes the population of 1901 Instead of
1906. It makes a difference of half a
million dollars to Manitoba with proportionate losses to the province farther
west. The error was dlsovered by Senator Ferguson and now the whole work
has to be done over again.
Cloud-Bunt In Oklahoma.
Oklahoma City, April 29.���A cloudburst over Capitol Hill, a suburb ot this
city, just Bouth of the Canadian river,
flooded that place today. Seven persons are missing and are believed to
be drowned. Many persons encamped
on the low lands near the river were
caught unaware.-; and had but little time
to make their escape.
lack From Trial.
R. S. Lennie returned last night from
Victoria, where he has spent the last
several weeks at the trial before the
full court of the case of Star vs White.
He was joined at Vancouver by Mrs.
Lennie and their children who have also
returned to Nelson.
*** 8peedy Trial.
John Riley, charged with theft at
Nakusp, came up this morning In the
provincial court, and the prisoner elected for a speedy trial, which will be held
before Judge Forln on May 6th.
Charles Ganser, who a few days ago
was severely Injured through an explosion of dynamite, I* slowly recovering
at the General hospital. The burns were
very painful, and now that the healing
process has begun, the patient ls suffer
ing torture.
Gold by the Ton.
London, April 27. ���The British
sleamer, Armeda Lee Castle, which arrived at Southampton today from Cape
town, landed $5,303,200 In Cape gold,
the largest consignment ever brought In
a single shipment to England. The gold
was transferred to London.
Nearly a Flre.
Last Saturday evening while a resident ot Hoover street was burning some
rubbish, the flre spread and If lt
had not been for the aid of a fireman
who was passing nt tho time, a serious
conflagration would have resulted.
Speed by Conservative
Born, at the Home hospital, Saturday
morning.   April   27th,   to the wife of
llruoe White, a son.
Bos. D. Ferpuon Criticizes Cart-
wright's BUI as Aid to Oe
Wrong Class.
Senator Ferguson made a notable
contribution to the debate on Sir Richard Cartwrlght's annuity bill. A summary follows:
Mr. Ferguson said the principle ot
state Insurance was accepted by parliament ln 1896, when the Civil Servants' Insurance Act was passed. Sir
Richard Cartwrlght's draft bill proposed
to extend that principle by authorizing the aale of annuities by the government to the amount of $409 to any one
person. At the 31st of March, 1906, Ufe
and term annuities sold by the government ln Great Britain were outstanding
to tbe amount of $13,795,821. Although
the Canadian Insurance companies generally had authority to -sell annuities,
yet the reserve liability under that
heading at the end of the year 1905 waa
less than $3,000,000. He could see no
objection to the government selling annuities, but such sale would not to any
perceptible degree oover tbe ground
which would be cultlvatetd by a system
of old age pensions. He did not see
any great boon to por men In thiB annuity scheme. If the business were to
be done at cost, there would be a gain
to the annuitant But If the funds were
invested, as proposed, ln government securities the rate of interest would be
only 3 per -cent, while the insurance
companies were earning an average ot
4 1-2 per cent on their investments.
Fully 50 per cent, would require to be
added from the general revenue to
make tbe result aa good as that obtained by the companies. That contribution would not be a gift, although lt
would always appear as such in the public accounts.
The question of old age pensions was
engaging tbe attention of thoughtful
men all over the world. Germany, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand have
made the payment of such pensions the
law of these countries. Tbe question ls
being forced to the front on account of
tbe unequal distribution of wealth. In
the United States It ls alleged that 95
per cent, of the wealth I* held by about
5 per cent, of the population.
Tbe great fallacy of tbe American
Declaration of Independence���that all
men were born equal���was never more
apparent than today. Some had perverted moral natures. For these we
provide courts to establish their degree of guilt and build reformatories,
Jails and penitentiaries to discipline
tbem. Some are physically or mentally
weak, for them we provide Infirmaries,
hospitals and lunatic asylums. He did
not wait here to separate municipal or
federal obligations, but spoke of the
state generally. There were set apart
men to defend hearts and homes. These
were usually pensioned. Other men
were set apart to administer justice;
we provided ample retiring allowances
for them, even providing that they may
retire after a comparatively short period
of service and with their full salaries,
and without any contribution to any
fund. The principle that ministers of
thc crown should receive pensions, with-
out contributions to any fund, was aa
sented to by the present government, although since temporarily abandoned by
them. Long ago superannuation was
provided for the civil service, tbe Intention of the law being that such superannuation should be based on contribution. The act was abused by successive governments, and parliament repealed a good law, Instead of courageously removing the abuses. Most of our
banks pensioned their deserving servants when they were old. Some did
this entirely out of the funds of the
banks, others partly through contributions.
But the great bulk ot our population
did not come under any of these heads.
They were those that follow mainly
private pursuits, and did not engage
in the scramble for wealth. They were
found In every walk of life, and Included many of those who labored to extend human knowledge, alleviate human
suffering and promote the moral well-
being of their fellow-men.
"Far from the maddening crowd's Ignoble strife.
Their sober wishes never learned to
stray: ;
Along the cool, sequestered vale of life
They kept the noiseless tenor of their
To these soldiers of labor who become disabled in the battle of life there
should bo a provision when such disagreeable and Ill-matched visitors as
age and want knocked at thetr door.
Another class remains to be consid
ered. It Is composed of those who, being animated by an Inordinate love of
gain, devote their lives, almost wholly,
to the accumulation of money. Theae
accumulations are made mainly by watering stocks, cornering the market, by
unlawful combinations ln trade, or by
uncontrolled use of public utilities.
This is the class who should mainly
bear the burden of old age pension*. In
doing ao they would only be returning
to tbe poor and aged laborer a part of
his own-
Some objection had been offered to
the old age pension by Sir Richard
Cartwright The first was tbat thrift
would be discouraged. Wherever these
pensions were adopted tbe opposite effect was visible. The shipwrecked mariner, seeing tbe light an tbe shore,
dalibied bis efforts; and so tbe despairing eon of toll, having tbe light of hope
presented before him, finds hi* strength
and courage renewed.
Tben, again, Sir Richard says that
conditions In Canada are unlike those
of densely populated European countries, and that here a smaller nupriter
wonld require pensions In tbelr old
day*. If so, we have les excuse for refusing to act, as our task will be the simpler and easier. The man who seriously think* tbat the wage-earner of Canada on an average salary of lea* than
$300 a year can pay the cost of rent and
fuel, feed, clothe and educate his family,
and at the same time lay by sufflclent
money to maintain himself and hi* wife
in tbelr declining years, must hare a
method of arriving at his conclusions
which he (Mr. Ferguson) did not nnder
stand. The duty of the hour was
"To make a happy fireside clime
For weans and wife;
For that's the true pathos, and sublime,
Of buman life."
But many who had accomplished this
and .surviving their children, or being
neglected by them, have to pass the
close of their days In want That they
are allowed to do so Is a national disgrace.
A. O. Bell Predict* Early Craning of
Atlantic In 20 Hour*���Battleahlp*
Will Fly.
New York, April 29.���A London despatch to-the Tlmea quotes Dr. Alexander Bell, the Inventor of the telephone,
as saying last ulght that it waa only a
question ot a brief period when the
progress ot aerial navigation will make
lt possible to have dinner In America
and breakfast next morning in Europe, covering tbe dlatance acroaa the
Atlantic In considerbly lesa time than
20 hours.
"My expectation," said Dr. Bell, "is
tbat an airship will be perfected capable
of making 100 to 200 miles an hour. My
opinion, however, la that the next step
ln aerial Sight will make such Improve
ments as will make possible the creation of aerial battleahlp*.
"The actual problem ot navigation of
thc air ha* already been solved by tbe
Wright brothers. Naturally there will
be developments along commercial
lines, a feature of which will be a great
Increase in speed, but the moat attention will be paid to adapting airships
to tbe purposes of war. My belief ls
that America will be tbe flrat country
to perfect aerial battlehlps. This belief ls based on inside Information, and
from tbe same source I get reliable
statements on which I base my prediction of the early production of an air
ship of enormous speed.
"I hope to be able to add much to
what is known of aerial flight by experiments at Cape Breton Island this summer. My problem this year will be to
propel my kites with a specially constructed engine of 16 horse-power weighing 120 pounds. I hope to get a machine of tbe 'heavier than air' variety
that will support a man and the necessary equipment to operate it at low cost
and at high velocity. Laat December I
constructed a vehicle that supported Itself and a man ln a ten-mile breexe; I
now want to fly a machine carrying an
engine at 10 or 15 milea an hour.' It I
can accomplish this there ls hope that
the aviators, or the men who are trying
to solve flight on tbe bird plan will ba
able to avoid fatal accident* long
enough to learn how to fly. Even a bird
has to learn to fly and aa wltb the bird,
one of tbe first considerations Is safety, so man must learn to go slowly before he goes fast. I am confident that
lt will not he long before flying machines will be everywhere. The developments of the next few month* will be
unprecedented but the moat Interesting
point ls that only very few know how
near America Is right now to solving a
question which will revolutionize war
fare throughout the world, I mean the
construction ot a practical aerial battleship."
Dr. Bell Is tn London to receive hla
degree of doctor of science at Oxford
on May 2nd.
i-fS-i -'���  -      Board of Tra-de.
A special meeting of the board of
trade will be held In the board rooms
tomorrrow night at 8:30 to hear F.
Starkey's report on the mlsson to- Fer-
nie. Mr. Starker Is of opinion that
the visit of the board of trade delegates
to Fernie was not wasted effort.
Train* and Boat*.
Crow boat���Nine hours late.
*  Coast an Slocan train���One-half hour
Boundary train���On time.
Kossland train���On time.
Kaslo boat���On time,
Dr. Hall Saved City free
Member for Kelson Horn* from Csgl-
ttl���General Impressler*
of the Session
Dr. Hall, M. L. A., for Nelaon, returned from the capital last night and.
Is busy today shaking hands. Dr. Hall
has many political opponents but no
personal enemies.
Aaked aa to the result* of tbe session Dr. Hall aald he would not describe
It as barren, but be thought the government had attempted altogether too
much considering the very short time
allowed for preparation between the
elections and the opening of the house,
After the departure of Premier MoBrlde especially, the pressure of over
work became noticeable.
Aaked as to tbe circumstances of the
passing of tbe Municipal Clauses Act
amendments, in which Nelson is specially interested, Dr. Hall gave an explanation that throws a new light on the matter, and shows that the city owea a debt
of gratitude to ber member for preventing a year's delay in securing tbe ex-
tension of tbe borrowing powers necessary for the building of the new public
When be first saw Premier McBride
on the subject he was sbown a telegram
from Mayor Gillett to the aame purpose.
The premier assured him ihat be would
leave inatroctlona to cover the matter.
BM Immediately after the premier'*
departure, A. E. McPhlllips, chairman
of the municipal committee, was-alao
called away. From tbat time work. In
tbe committee accumuated to auch an
extent that Dr. Hall had reason to fear
that Nelson'* clauses would not be
reached thla session.
Finally, on the advice and with the
support of Messrs. Garden and Mac-
Gowan, he Introduced tbe clauses in the
bouse himself, the rule requiring notice
being suspended at hia request It was
read a tint time on Introduction, and a
special reference to the municipal committee reaulted ln the clauses becoming
law, though only on the laat day of the
session. Dr. Hall has enjoyed the
strenuous Ufe of a parliamentarian, a*
his appearance shows. He will remain
ln Nelaon during the summer and re*
sume hla practice.
[���"lOT/Th* Lat* John F. Bradley.
The Orangeville Banner of a recent
date contains the following mention of
the latet John F. Bradley, who died two
weeks ago at Orangeville, Ont. The deceased waa tbe father of W. W. Bradley of thla city: "The late John Bradley,
postmaster at Orangeville, was a familiar figure about town. Of a genial
disposition, he was a man who bad
many friends and made few enemies.
He waa an ardent devotee of the rod
and gun, and until recent years wa*
one of the town's most enthuslastlo
anglers and a hunter of more than
ordinary skill. He was a member ot the
Methodist church and a prominent society man, being identified wltb the
Orange Order, tbe Chosen Friends and
the Independent Order of Foresters."
Oddfellows at Church.
Yesterday morning 75 membera of
Kootenay Lodge No 16, I. O. O. F.,
under coniand of Noble Grand W. H.
Watklns and Marshall Fred Squire,
paraded to the Salvation Army citadel.
There they were addressed by a brother'
Odd Fellow, Captain Johnstone, on the
principle* ot the order) Friendship,
Love and Truth, and the benefits of
The order haa just celebrated lta 88th
anniversary. At.the close ot 1905 It
had 1,600,712 members, and during that
year It paid In benefits $4,680,387.74.
Kootenay Lodge bas 160 members.
While loading a stove on a boarding
car thla afternoon, Frank Dunbrack, employed with Knowler ft Macaulay, met
with a painful accident. The stove
slipped back and fell upon Dunbrack,
bruising his arm aud forehead. The attending doctor put four stitches In th*
wound and otherwise relieved the sufferer.
Joe Bradshaw, C. P. R. conductor,
will attend the convention of railway
conductors at Memphis, Tenn., and will
take hla departure for that point tomorrow morning. The Daily Canadian
8& Campers' Supplies
' and All    *       JJ_     =
Miners' and All
TENTS in all sizes and weights
UNDERWEAR at all prices
From 8 to 12 Pounds.
SOX.   MITTS,   etc..   etc.
Iu all these lines -.ve offer excellcut quality at very
reasonable prices.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAH! UP....$4,730,000 REST $4,780,000.
D. R. WILKIE, President. HOK. ROBERT JAFl'RAY, Vioe-President
Branches io British Columbia:
Deposits receivod and interest nllowesl at highest   current rate from date of
opening ol account, and compounded qnarterly
J.  M.  LAY, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Paid up Capital $3,900,000    Reserve Fund	
15 Branches in British Columbia.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received. Interest allowed thereon at highest current rate, and creilited qnarterly. Depositors are subject to no delay
whatever In the withdrawal of the whole or any part of their deposits.
 Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manage*.
Pulsllsbcs] hlx laj-i- a ss,.. . by tbe
Baker Bt., Nelion, B. C.
BDScrlptlon rates, 50 cent- a month delivered
the city, or ti.isi a year If seut by mall, wbeo
paid !��� advance.
AdvertlElDK rates on application.
All monies paid lis settlement of Tbe Dally
Canadian at-i'siunts, either Issr sssslsscriptlous or
advertising, insist be receipted for on tbe printed
forms of the Company. Other receipt! are not
APRIL. 39. I907.
We print today a statement liy O. T.
Blackstock as to the conduct and character of the average member uf parliament. No discrimination between
parties ls made. Coming immediately
after G. W. Fowler's charges, and H. K.
Emmerson's admissions and countercharges, they throw a very unpleasant
light on the rank aud file of Canada's
The defence offered by Mr. Fielding
to the atlacK. by Mr. Horden on the
wholesale corruption pratised In the Dominion elections, namely that it had always been so. and probably always will
be so, naturally recurs. An Impartial
analysis will lead any one to the conclusion that such a defence Is not only
unpardonable because of Its cynical
shamelessness but is absolutely withou;
warrant in fact.
The men of the last generations in
Britain and Canada might tolerate the
private failings of a Palmerston and a
Macdonald on account of their great abilities and their known devotion to tho
public welfare. Hut such defects never-
the less detract from the fami-- of great
men. When they are found in exaggerated form In men who havo no other
title to respect, either in ability or patriotic zeal, what defence can be urged
for them?
We boast that the standards of conduct In Canada are steadily rising, especially in respect of temperance and
of what Is specifically called morality.
The hard drinking and hard thinking
men of 30 and 40 years ago probably reflected fairly faithfully. the average of
conduct of their day, arid in respect of
Intelligence and honesty of purpose
they were the real leaders of the people. BUt now the Canadian House of
Commons seems to have gathered to lt-
��elf, with very few exceptions, the most
disreputable   from   each   constituency,
and the average of ability and of care
for the public Interest are lower than
ever before In Canadian history.
It has become the established usage
of democracies to credit to their rulers
every blessing and to blame upon their
rulers every III. The government that
accepts responsibility for bountiful harvests, for richness of mines and for expansion of trade and Industry, can hardly complain If the people who endorse
that claim Insist upon holding them responsible for all the Ills of the bodv
How fur Is the present administration
responsible for the deterioration of parliament?
The government of the day la the
guardian of the honor of parliament;
the prime minister Is especially the custodian of the honor of his cabinet. As
parliament is assumed to represent the
highest Intelligence and character of
the country, so the cabinet Is assumed
ta represent the highest Intelligence
and character of parliament.
The premier has therefore a grave re.
sponslblllty In choosing the members of
his cabinet council. They must be of
wisdom and ability to frame statesmanlike policies and, Individually, to ensure efficient administration of the departments of the public service. But
It is at least equally Important lha'
their character be such as to claim and
retain the respect of the parliament and
lhe country.
in Ihe second respect Sir Wilfrid
l.aurier has signally failed, and, doubtlessly in recognition of his failure, has
pursued the most dangerous course conceivable. The reputation of his cabinet
cannot be saved liy suppressing all attempts at Inquiry. Men, whom knowledge of the truth will Injure, have no
title to protection. It Is the present
urgent duty of Canadians of all parties
t" Insist that their national council shall
be filled with clean men.
The next few days will be a
period of suspense In regard to
the situation in the coal fields.
Tho men have' refused by overwhelming
majorities to return to work pending a
permanent settlement of the points at
Issue between them and the operators.
The only hope now of preventing tho
strike from becoming a test of endurance, Is with the conciliation board.
The chairman of that board, Sir William Mulock, Is expected to arrive In
Fernie tomorrow night.   Tbe board will
meet Tuesday night or Wednesday
morning. How long lt will take the
board to come to a decision can only be
matter of conjecture. But it must also
be remembered that the finding of lhat
board is not binding upon either party.
lt may yet fall to the lot of Mr. Lemieux
to devise alternative mentis for securing the operation of the mines, which
is urgently required by the whole of
Western Canadu.
The question of lhe extension of the
city limits to include the suburb of
Kairview will probably become a live
issue In a very few days especially
among the residents of Fairvlew, who
will be the chief beueflclarles. For
Ihem it may mean increased taxation
but it will certainly mean also Improved
flre and police protection. For the city
It will mean Increased assessed values
but for a few years at least the revenue
from them will certainly not suffice to
meet expenditures that will become necessary. Needless to say. It will not af.
feet the problem of school accommodation. The new building In Fairview is
not even now more than sufficient for
its needs.
Rev. W. M. Rochester, western secretary of the Dominion Lord's Day Alliance Is reported in an interview at Winnipeg, to have declared that the attorney general of British Columbia has exceeded his authority in announcing that
the Lord's Day Act will remain inoperative in British Columbia. ,\lr. Rochester was no doubt an eloquent preacher,
and is no doubt an efficient organizer,
but his presuming to dispute with the
attorney genera] the Interpretation of
a legal enactment can only be described
as impertinence.
G.  T.
Blackstock   Draws  Comparisons
With Earlier Period.
Toronto, April 29.���i stood in a hotel
Bome time ago whilst a lady was signing the register and at the sartle time I
heard a torrent of the foulest oaths I
ever had to listen to, oaths and blasphemies proceeding from some members of the House of Commons. So long
as we allow that to go on, so long will
we be on the greased skid of destruction." Mr. George Tate Blackstock.
K. C, made this remark in the course
of an address delivered before the Canadian Club ou "Some Tendencies."
"Democracy works better in Great
Britain than In any other country on the
earth because it Is au evolution and
the old grandee system which governed
at one time has been broadened out
and   has  become  democratic and you
(Timber Limit Ko. 2 )
Notice It hereby glren mat 60 days after date I
intend to applv to ihe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
license to mt aod carry away timber from tlie
following described land, situated ou Kooskanax
creek, in West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post plantei at the northwest corner of Timber Limit No 10247. and marked H, D. Lea's southwest corner post, thence
nortb HO chains, thence east SO chains, thence
soutli 80 chains, thence west 90 chains to point of
Located March 28,1007.      H. D. Lti, Locator.
(Timber Notiee No 8)
Commeaciog ata post planted at tbe southeast
corner of No. 2 limit, and at ihe nurth west coiner
of timber license No. 10246, thence norlh 160
chains, thence east 40 chains to west line of
timber license No 10245, following line of No.
10245 and 10214, 160 chains, thence following line
of timber license No. 10246 40 chains to point of
Located March 28,1907.      H. D. Lei, Locator.
(Timber Notice No. 4.)
Notice is hereby given that CO daya after date I
Intend toapply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and ''"orka for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following deicrlbed lands, situated on Kooskanax creek in
West Kootenay diMrlct, and about flre miles
from L'pper Arrow lake:
Commencing at s post p'antcd on the north
side of creek and about balf a mile from creek,
and marked H. D. Lea's southeast corner post,
thence north 80 ehains, thence west 80 chains,
thence south &> cbains, thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement
Located March 31,1907.      H D Lea. Locator.
(Timber Notice No. 5.)
Commencing at a post marked If D. Lea's
southwesi corner post, thence north 80 chains,
following the east line of No 4 location, thence
east S'l chains, tbence soutb 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to point nf eommencemen!.
isitmu-A March II, 1907.     H. i) Lea, Locator.
(Timber Limit No. 6.)
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after
date I Intend (o apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works fora
special license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described laud, situated about
six miles from tne L'pper Arrow lake on Kooakanax creak, in West Kootenay dls rict:
Commencing at a post planted and marked If.
D. Lea's northwest corner post, theuce east 80
ebalus, ti ence south 80 chains, tbenee west 8"
chains, thence north 80chains to polntof commencement.
Located March 81,1907.      tilt. Lu, Looator,
Commencing at a post planted and marked H.
IV Ixa's DOfthttat corner posl, thence south 80
chalus follmvlne the west line of Np.6 limit,
thence wet 80 chain*, thence north 80 chains,
htSM east 80 ohains to point of eommeneement.
Located March 81.10Q7.      H. P. L��a, Locator.
Notice Is hereby Kiven that 30 days after date I
Intend to apply to the non. Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following deeerlbed lands, situate*) on Corn Creek ig the
'mill creek division in Southwest Kootenay, R C.
"A"���Commencing at post "A" planted nbout
1A chains west from southeast corner of Mock
No 10W, and narked "W, L. Beekwlth by I J
Lucia, agent, northeaat corner post," about two
chains north of the stream, then west 160 chains,
then 40 chains south, than eaat 1*80 chains, then
40 chains north to post of commencement.
Dated Marcb oth, 1907. W. L. Beckwith,
bv L J. Ln ii, Agent,
"B"���Commencing at poat "B" planted on the
south fork of Corn creek, about 00 chains from
where the stream empties into the Main stream,
marked "W. L. Beekwlth by I ' Lucia, agent,
northeast corner post," about three cbains east
of stream, then 160 cbalm sonth, then 40 cbains
wast, then ICO chains north, tben 40 ehains east
to point of commencement.
Dated March 7th, 1907. W. L ftKEwith,
by I. J. Lucia, Agenl.'
"0M���commencing at post "C" planted 80
chalna south ol northwest corner of Block "H"
marked "W L Beekwlth by I.J. Lucia, agent,
northeast corner post." about ten chains wost of
stream northeast corner, then 160 chains soutb,
tben 4o cbains weat, then 160 cbaina north, tben
40 chains east to poat of commencement
Dated March 8th, 1907. W. L. Blciwith,
by I.J. Ivcu, Agent.
havi' an aristocratic .governing body,
while at the same time that body la ia
constant touch with the democracy*,"
Mr. Blackstoob went on and proceeded
to point out how the House of Lords,
although tiristocrntfc, was yet democratic, because the poorest boy might
by industry, perseverance and ability
rise to a seat in that high body, nnd
many had so risen.
"In l!>7;t the people of this country
rose in their might and hurled from
power the idol of iheir hearts because
they believed he had betrayed his
trust. Now what havo we today? There
sits In the House* of Commons a man
disqualified by seven judges, declared
tu have been guilty of almost every
electoral corruption; and on the other
side a man convicted and sentenced for
voting twice. The flrst parliament of
the Dominion contained such men as
Sir John Alexander Macdonald. Sir
George Cartier, lion. Alex. Mackenzie.
Hon. Edward Fllake and other great
men. When we compare that parliament
with today's We nre compelled to exclaim. 'How the mighty have fallen!'
"There are some men, such as Sir
Wilfrid Laurier and Mr. R. L. Borden,
who are absolutely above all thought of
wrong. They, however, are not thc
whole parliameut. Now, how are we
to wipe out this evil? By individual effort and by exercising our vote and our
influence for the return of men of honor
nnd uprightness." He concluded with
an earnest appeal for individual honor
and uprightness as the safety of this
young and prosperous country.
Blxty dayi after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chlet Commissioner of Landi and
Works, Victoria, B C-, to purchase 40 acres of
land: Commencing at a post planted at the City
of Nelson's B. K. corner post, oo Kootenav rlv-^r,
thenee 20 chains smith, tlience wet 20 chains,
thence north SO chains tbence east 20 cbains to
point of commencement.
Nelson, B. C, April 24, IW.        K. J. CriUAN.
Sixty days after uate I intend to apply to Hon.
tbe Chief Loramts-douer of Lands aud Works (or
permission to purchase thc following described
lauds in Koolenay dlitrlet! Commencing at a
pot-! mnrked Bruce White's N W. corner post,
situated at the northeast corner of P. K 30 about
a mile oa^t of Slocan river, thence south 20
chains, thence west ." chains, tiience south GO
cbains, thence east 40 chuius, tbeuce uorth 40
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence north 40
chains, thence west 60 chains to point of commencement, containing 440 acres, more or less.
Located March 18th. 1W7, lieice White.
I, the undersigned, alter 60 days intend to ap-
Ely to (he Honorable the Chief Commissioner of
a'ndH and Works for permission to purchase the
followlne land: Commenciug at a post niarked
S. K C. of Lot 1253, tbence west no Chains, thence
south 90 chains, thence west a0 chains, tbence
������outh 2U cbains, tlience west 40 chains, thence
south 40 chains, tbence east 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains to point of commencement.
Located March 27th, 1907. M- S. McNaoght,
N.F. McNai-oht, Agent.
I, tbe undersigned, after 60 davs intend to ap-
Ely to the Honorable the Chief t'ommlssloner of
ands aud Works to purchase the following described land: Commencing at a post marked
N. K. C , hltuate at the mouth ot Cove creek on
the west shore of Hloean lake, thence west -to
chains, ihence south 90 cliaina, thence west 20
chains, thence south ,' chains, tbence west 40
chnius, thence south !-��� chains, thence east 80
cha;:.*- Ihence north ."-> * Ji.M-.is to point of com-
m en cement
Located March 27th, 1907,      b. F. M< iNawmit,
Sixty days after date I purpose making application to the Honorable tbe Chief Commisaloner
of Lands and Works for permission to purvhasc
tbe following described land: Commencing at
a post placea nbout one and half miles e"H .-f
Silver Tip Point, on Whalshan Lake, near Chris
tie creek marked "F W.U.H's. U.E corner,"	
nlng tbence K chains west to join land located
by F. L, Hammond, as agent, thence 80 chains
north, thence 80 chains east, thence mi chains
south to point of commencement, containing
040 acres, more or less.
Dated the fib day of April, 1907.
F. w. G. Haul-tain,
     PerF. G. Faultier, Agent.
Blxty davs after date 1 purpose making application to toe Chief Commissioner of buda and
Works for permlsslpn to purchase tbc following
described fand: Commencing at a post pieced
at tlie southeast corner of F. VV O Hauluin's
application to purchase, marked "K. F'a.tt.W.
corner," running ihence 80 chalna nor li. tbence
80 chains east, theuce So cnalna south, thence 80
chains west to point of commencement, contain-
lag tin acres, more or leas
Li      -
ated tbc 9th day of April, 1907.
Per F. 0. Facjoik*-', Agent.
Sixty days afterdate i intend toapply to tbe
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, to ] Tchase th following described
lands adjoining the Arrow'akea iu West Kootenav: Commencing at a post planted at the
N. rf. corner of J. If. Porter's pre-emption, and
marked E. W's ri. W. corner post, thence20cnalna
north along Inke shore, tbence 20 cha'ns east,
tbeuce 'to cbHins south, tbence 20 cbains west to
place of beginning, containing 10 iicrcB, more or
April 18,1907. BvCTM _______
Notice Is hereby given that 60 dayB after date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief CommiMioner
of Lands and Works ior permission to purchase
tbe following described lands, altuate ln West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a post marked J. L. Porter's it. Vf. corner, thence south 80
chains, following tbe eastern boundary of H.
Selous' application to purchase; thence east 40
chains; tbence north 80chains; thence west 40
chaina to point of commencement, containing
320 acres more or less. s
Dated this Uth day of March, 1907.
J. L. Porter.
Sixty days afterdate 1 intend to apply tothe
Honorable the Chief Coram halo ner of Lauds and
Works for permission to purehaae the following
deaeribed lands ln Kootenay district: Commencing at a post marked J. B. Annable's northeast corner post, said post being on tbe soulb
side of the Lower Arrow lake, about two milei
below Hurton City; tbence south .'to ebalus;
tbence west 20 chains; thence south'20 chains;
thence west 20 chaiuB; thence north 32 eliains
and 10 links, more or less to-tbe lake shore;
tbence easterly aloug lako 40chalns, more or leai,
to the place of beginning, containing 106 acrea,
more or less.
Dated this 6tb day of November, 1906.
 per K. L. Burnet, Agjnt.
Notice ls hereby given that 60 days niter date I
intend toapply to the Honorable the ('hief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase nbout 175 acres of land, situate near
the Pend d'Oreille river. West Kooteuny district,
and described aa follows: Commencing at a
post marked U. K. 1 homson's N. W. corner post,
situated on the south boundary and 20 chains
from H. 'i'i post of Lot 71M, thence south abont70
chains, thence east about 'tb chillis to a point on
tlie wes' boundnry and 2o chains from H. W. post
of Loi .741, thenco north TO ehains and thence
west 26 chains to the place of beginning.
28th March, 1907. G. K. Thomson,
_  A. G. Lako, Agent.
Hon- Chief Commissioner of Lnnds and W'orks,
Victoria, B. C��� to purchase ".-to acres of land, ln
Fire Valley, described aa followa: Commencing
at a post planted 20 chalnawest of Walter Bull*1!
N. W. corner aud marked J. W Holmes' Jr. N. K.
corner p-st, and running south 40 chaina, thence
west 60 chains, ihcnce north 40 obalns, tbence
east 60 chains to place of beginning, and being a
portion of Section 36, Township''], West Kootenay.
March 6th, 1907. J. W. HoijtKs, Jr.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply te tbe
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landa and Worka
to purchase 320 acres of land in Flre Valley, West
Kootenay district and described af follows:
Commencing at n poxt marked J. K's H. E.
eorner, and running nortb 60 chains, theoce
weat 40 chains, tbence soutb 80 chalna, thence
cast 40 chains to place of beginning, nnd being
the west one-half of thc H. K. one-quarter and
tbe cast one-half of the S. W. one-uuarter, and
the west one half of the N. K. one-quarter, and
tbe east aue-half of tbe N. W. ona-quarter of
���Se -tion 81, Townabip Tl, Q. 1,
Maroh mh, 1907. Jour emvmt.
N-w Dress, Muslins, Ginghams and Ladies' Ready-to Wear
Skirts, Costumes -and Blouses.
We Are Still Selling Ladies' Undermosiins at Reduced Prices.
Fred Irvine & Co'
Notice ls hereby given that TO aays alter date I
Intend toapply to the Hon.Chief Commissloneriof
Landsand works, Victoria, for permission to purehase tbe following described laud I Commeneing
tit a pest planlcd ou thc west side of Hocau lake
and about two miles north of Kvans creek, and
marked (J. H. tr's southeast comer posl, thence
north following shore uf lake 120 chains, thence
west 60 cbains, thence south 120 chalus, tbunce
east 6o chains to point of commencement, 640
acres more or Ipss.
Located April 20, 1907.
GEO. B. GbUUUttT. Locator,
Wm, CLoroir, Agent.
Hlxty days after date 1 intend to apply to the
lion, the (.'blef Commissioner of Lands and
Works. Victoria, to purchMfl 040 acres of land ln
West Kootenay, deaeribed as follows: Commencing at a i***��t planted about eight miles up
MoBqitlto creek and joining K. Cross' application
to purchase, and markea C. M's 8. E. corner,
tbeuce north 80 chalus, tbence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence eaat so ehalni to
plaoaol beginning,
Kub. I6ib, 1907. c. Marshall,
J. E Annable,
Sixty days after date I Intend to apply to I
Hon.Chici Commiasioner of Landsand Works
purchase the following described land loratfd
in Flre valley district of West Kootenay: Commenciug at a post planted at the b. E. corner of
John Bangs' pie-ctupltou, thence south 80 chalus
iheuce west 40 chains, tbence north 80 chains,
tbence east 40 chains to place of beginning, oon-
tatning 3*0 acres.
I-ocated March 14th, 1907.
I). A, McPliEe, Locator.
J.J Kelly, Agent.
Take notlcu tbat 60 daya after dato 1 lutend to
apply tothe Hon. Cblef Commlaaioner of Lands
anil Works, for permission to pureliase tbe following described Unds: Commencing at the
southeast Oorner of lot 6306, tbeuce west lo
chains, tbence south HO chalna, tbence cnot 20
chains, tbence nortb 20 cbains, thence west lu
eliains tu point of commencement, containing
40 acres, more or Use.
1'atu'i April 10th, ia-7 P. J. BraDLEV,
W. W. Bbadliy, Agent.
1, the under-signed, after 60 days Intend toapply to the Hon. the Cblef Commissionerof I��ndB
and Works to purchase tbe lollowlng described
land: Commencing at the N. E. i;. of Lot 7689
U. 1., thence west 40 chains, tbence north 20
chains, tbeuce eaat 40 chalna, tbence south 20
chains to point of commencement, containing tu
acres more or less.
Located March 28tb, 1907. W. A. Mill*.
Take notice that sixty days after data
I intend to apply to the Honorable the Chiel
Commiasioner oi Lands and Worka for permission to purchase the following doscriUd laud
situated lu %ho Weat Koohenay dlatrlot: ('ommenclng at a poat planted at the aoutheast
eoruer of Lot ftl, on tbe aouth aide of tbe West
Arm of Kootenay lake, tbence M) cbaina weat to
southwest eorner of said lot. thence 20 chains
south, thence 80 chalna eait, tbence 20 chains
north to place of commencement, containing 160
April 2nd, 1907. Charlie Roijirthoh,
per Krneet W. Kobinson. Agent.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon- Chief Commissioner of Landa and Works,
Victoria, it. C, to purehaae tbc following de
scribed land, situated In ibe Weat Kootenay district: Commenciug at i poat planted on tho
west side of Kootenay lake, near Hhlnocoroa
point, and marked J. McKlnnou's 8. IC. comer
post, tbeuce west 80 chaiqi, thenco north 40
chnlni, thence <���::*; 80 ohaiui more or lesi to lake
shore, theuco along lake rhore to point of commencement.
Signed J M( Kinnon.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. tbe Chief Commlaalonor of Lands and
Worka, Victoria, for permission to purchase 100
acres, more or less, situated In West Kootenav
district: Commenclngat a poit planted midway
on the nortii boundary of Lot 7611 and adjoining
S.W corner of U��t 806.., theuce north 16 chains,
tbeuce west 40 chains, thence aouth 40 chaini,
thenc eeast 20 chains, thence north 24 chains,
tbence eaat 20 cbaina to point of eommeucement.
Located March 20th, 1907. 1. J. Scanlah.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Landa and
Works to purehaae the following described
lauda: Commencing at a post planted on the
eust side of Lemon Creek at the mouth ofthe flrat
north fork and marked "K. Cooper's loutbeast
corner," running 80 rim Ins west, north 40chains,
���eu-t 80 chains, and aouth 40chains to place of
Dated March 20th, 1907. R Cooper,
J. T, Tii'i'iNo, AgenL
Sixty days after date 1 ln<cnd to apply to the
Hon. thc Chief Commissioner of Landa and
Works to purchase the following described
lands: Commencing at a post marked "L A.
Tlpping's southwest corner post" and planted
nearH. D. Curtfs's land, about hnlf mllo from
Slocan City, running north 40 cbaiui, cast 20
chains, south 40 chaina, weat 20 chains to place
of commencement
Dated March 14th, 1007 L. A. Tipping,
J. T. Tipping, Ageut,
Sixty days alter date J intend to apply to the
Hon. thc Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works to purchase the following described land
located In Klr-3 Valley dlstrist of WMt Kootenav;
Commencing at a post planted at the S.W. corner
of John Baug' pie-atnptlou, thence 60 chaiua
sonth, tbeuce 40 chains west, tbence 60 cbains
north, tbence 40 chains east to placeof beginning.
KlCHARDKxrrK, Locator.
J.J. Kelly, Agtnt.
Notice is hereby given that 60 daya alter date I
Inteud to make application to tbe Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and W'orks, at Victoria for permlaalon to purchase the following
descilbedilanda: CommeneiiiK at a post planted
at the southeast corner of lot 89.., group 1, thenoe
south 26 chains, tbence east 60 chains, thence
north 20 chains, tbence west CO chains to point
of commencement, containing US neres, more oi
Nelson, March 27th, 1907. Annie L. Wade.
P. Wade, Agent.
Sixty days afterdate f Intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commlrsloner of Lands and
Works, Victoria to purcbaie the following described land: Commencing at a pos; marked
M H'sS W. corner, RDd planted near the northwest "orner of I ot 8813, about one mile west of
Slocan river, and running east 40 chains to Lot
381, theme norlh 40 chains, thence west 40 chains,
thpnee south 40 chains to place of beginning.
March 8tb, 1907. Milda II a dm.
PadlHapck, Agent,
Sixty daya after date I intend toappiy to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of L-andsand Works
Victoria, B. C , to purchase 120 acres ef laud
altuate In Fire Valley, West Kootenay, ana described as followa: Commenclngat the northeut
corner of Lot 7816. end running north 60 chains
theuco cast 20 chaius, thence ��outh CO chains,
thence west 20 chains to place of beginning
March 4th, 1907. *        w!\P. BgADLEf,
Sixty days after date 1 intond toapply to tbt
Hon. Chief Commiasioner of Lft&dl and Worka,
Victoria, to purchase NO acres of land lu Wari
Kootenay, described aa followi: Commencing
st a post piloted up Mosquito creek, about eight
miles from the mouth and marked K. Cross* s w.
corner, thence north 80 chains, theuce 40 cbaiui
eait. thence -So chains south, thence 40 cbalni
weat to place of beginning
Fob. iith, 1807. " E. Cross
Ii B- AMMAf li, Agent.
Fop Further Information Apply to
��� H. ft rl 1 10, NELSON, B.C
The Hall Mining and Smelt
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
Sixty dayi after date 1 Intond to apply to the
Honorable the Cblaf Commissioner of Unds nud
Worka, victoria, to pure ham* the following
described landa In West Kootenay district:
Commeuelng at a post planted ���t the S.E. comer
of Wm. Lovett's purchase Vnm) and maiked
"K. M.B'i N.E corner," and running south GO
chains, thencu west 40 chains, thence north 60
chalna, thence east 40 chains to place of beginning and containing 240 acrea. '
March 6lh. 1807. E. M. Hhaw,
. J.E. A NX a BLE, Agtnt.
BiEtv days after dat�� 1 intend to apply io lhe
Hon the ChiefCominissloiicroIUndsantl * orki
Victoria, lo purchase B40 acres of laud in West
Kootenay district: Commencing at a post
planted about 6 miles from tb* mouth of Hoa-
(]ulto creek and about one mile west of the said
creek nnd m^ked "H. II. R'a&W corner." and
running uorth SO chains, thence east 80 chaino.
thence south M ebalus, theuce west 80 chains to
place of beginning.
March 16th, 1907. l|   II   Hoas,
J. E, Annahlk, Agett.
6�� daya after date I intend to apply to tbe lion
Chief Commisaloner of Lund* and Works, Victoria, to purchase 240 acrea of laud located lu
Flre Valler and being a portion of F-cctioni 16
and I* In TowuahipBl* and described as follows:
Commencing at a post planted al the aouthweat
corner of the southeast quarter of section Ifl
Townsblp 09 and marked J. O. fl. h corner
thence north 40 chains; thence west 60 chains;
thence soutb 4�� ehalns; thence east 60 chalna to
place of beginning.
November 23rd 1906.
Joseph Gibbon,
 J. E. AKWABLE, Agent.
Sixty daya after date 1 intend toapply tothe
Houorahle tht- Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works, Victoria, to purehaae 640 acres of land,
situated on (he weat side of Arrow lake, and de
���ertbed as follows: Commencing at a po*t mark
ed J. H's N. E. corner and placed at the southwest corner of Lot TOW, Oroup I, West Kootenay,
and running west ho chaius, thence south SO
chaini, tbence eaat 80 ohains to thc lake sboto,
thence north aloug the hike to place of beginning
March Mlli. iw;. 3 Haiohe,
J. E. annaiii.k. Agent.
60 davs after date I Intond to apply lo tho Hon.
Chief Commluloner of Landa and W'orks, Vic
torla to purchase 160 acres of laud in Kim* Valley,
West Kootenay district, aud described as follows!
Commencing at a postmarked W ll Wright's
8. E. corner, and miming north BO chains, tbonce
west 20 chains, thence touth So chaius. thence
east 20 chains to place of beginning, and balni
the weat one-half of the N. K. oiiarler of BttUon
26, uml tho west half of lhe H. *C. one-quarter of
Section 85 in Township 71 G, I.
March 80tb. 1W7. W. H. Wrioiit.
Notice Is horebyglven thatsixty days after date
I Intend to apply to the Hon Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worka for tbe right lo purchase tho following described [anOil Com*
mencing at a post marked "M, J Cameron's
N W. corner post" planted at the S.W. coruerof
the K. and H. block, No. 8��3, running east UO
ehains: thence iou b 1,000 feel, moreor less to
the C.PB. lino, tbence west iai chains to thi
Arrow Lake; thenc- north 1000 feet following
tho shore of tbe Arrow Luke lo the point of com
Dated thla lllh day of Fehruary, 1907.
M, J. Cameron,
  J. M. CAMiroN, Agent.
to*ly days after dato I intend to apply to tho
Chief Commissioner of Unds and W -rks for
permiHslon to purehaae the following described
lands in Kootenay District, aboul three-ouarters
of mile from Thrum's aiding: Commencing at a
post placed at the S. W. corner ol L ttm, group
1. West Kootenay Dlsirlct; thenco westerly
following the north boundarv of L40M, ft
chains; thencu north 10 chains; thence east 40
fb��l��a. moreor less, lotbe N. W. corner of
UKOj thence south following the west boundary
oi LAiwu, io i'halns, more or less, to place of commencement, containing 4n acres, more or less
Dated this 6th day of December, YMK.
  H. H. Pitra, Locator.
Notice Is hereby glren tbat 60dajriL_
Intend toapply to the Hon. the ChWi
sion��r of Lands and Works,  Victoria,f
mission  to  purcbur   the   f.-il-wiij Ji
Und:   <'ommenclng at a poit at Ihs nm
ol the  ...nib   boundary of lot Bat, i
boundnr-j of  "Golden Queen"  mlnfil|
Ounce . n-r ]���>���.', chain*-, mor* or lm. wl
east rorhcr   poil of lot 62S3,   lbence I
chain*, more or leaa, to northeast corwr
lot S'tns, thence east 40 cbains to tbi I
corner pont of lot 2648, tbence south ��J
tbence west 60 chains, uon or less vf
boundary ot tba "Golden Queen"tnlneiil
thence along   eaat boundary "tioldeu
mineral   claim to point of roniuincci
chains, moreor lesa.
Nelson, B.C., Marcb 12. Yrt.
John ciuutos,
Per W*. touwotw.s
Sixty days aftor date 1 Intend touj
Honors ble the Chief Commissioner olu
W'orks. Victoria to purchase it) sera
in Waat Kootenay, and described u
Commencing at a post planted on tht I
(d Air.m Lake al the Mnnl*w*m c��rn*��i
and marked "J. A. K'a N W. coraw,'
cant 24 chains, thence south 40 thtm
tut so chalna, tlience south 20 cbaiui
helmer's pre-emption, thence west ��d
Fauquier s application topurtfba*e,tba
40chain- tbeuce west 20 chains to li
thence north along the lake shore u
March 19th,1907. J.A.I
Sixty davi after date 1 intend to|M
Hon. chief Commissioner of Landi *:
for permission to purehaae the foil"
scribed property at a poat urnr ant '��
corner, ' thonce 40 chains north, thenei
wosl, thence 40 chains south, thtstm
UK* tp point of commencement, ant
the abandoned pre emption 72�� of W*C.
aud m lhe east half of the uorthwttlf
and ihe west half of the northeast'
section 7, township 70. WMtXootenifl
tho west shore of the lower Arrow k1
tainiug 160 acres, more or less.
March 1st, 1907. OBorqk I_.    .
.       ti. R. McQi'a MllJ
Sixty daya after date I Intend w ��������
Hon. the Chief Commlaaioner of Iai
Works. Victoria, to purchase ��20 aorei ol
West Kootenay, deacrlbed as folio*!
incuting at a poit planted about 8 nf
Miifijuito Creek from tho mouth and \
"A. G." N W. corner, thenca iouth 8"
tbence east 40 chaloi, thence north t
thenc  '    '
nee +i chains weit to place ol beglnDU
���bruary 16th,lB07. a.Ou
J. JE. annable. AseM
Sixty days after da'e llntend to apt
Hou   -he Chief Commlssiouer of u
Works, Victoria, to purchase 640 arresoll
West Kootenay, describe!  ri follow:/
mencing at a poat marked "D. B." N.K. J
and being at the N.W. coruerof A.'
application to purchase which is ��hon
up Mosquito Creek from the mouth ��
nlng no ehaim aouth, tbence ��0 r1*-'
tbence W cbaina north, thonce 80 c
place of beginning.
February 16lh, 1907.,
Notice is herebv given that 60 days after date I
Intend toapply io the Hon, lhe Chill Commli-
sioner of l_andi and Works Victoria, H C    for
ff��rS,lH��n�� wto,Pi?r('1.,l,M tlH' f��11��>��'"'K described
lands in Went Kootenay district: Commencing
at a post planted at thc louthweet corner oflol
7701 group 1, ami runulny 30ohalni to the aonth'
east corner of lot TOO, group 1, then In an oaster-
kmKsRS S? rhl ni' ihen i,,,ri11 -*1 ch������a,
then west 20 chains lo point of com meneement
containing 40 acres more or Icsb.
Located February Uth, 1907.
i'h imp WUI, Locator.
Sixty daya after date 1 Intend to apply to tbo
Hon. MS! Commissioner of Undi and Works!
Victoria, to> purchase 480 acres of land, in Fhe
Valley, Weatfcoolcnay and desoribed U ol owl *
Commencing at a post planted at Waiter 1 u'l's
northweat comer and marked A. H'a fl B.corner
?Ed. ru����B* "o-th ,60 ehains, thence west ft
cbalni, thence soutli to cbafni thonn-a �����_������ an
TOM;"TimaMf"' orTu
J. K. AMUltl, Agent.
Slaty days after date 1 Intend to spH]
iloiioruble the Chief Commlaaloiierot **
Works, Victoria, to purehaae 00 sere"
locHtcd on the west side of Arrow I"*"
de-crlbtd aa follows: Commencing K
marked P. A's N. K.corner,and planted*'
north of the southwest corner of Lot 71*
1, West Koo'cnay, and running south *
thence west 20 chains, thence nortb ���
thence east 20 chains to place of bigl"Dj*
March llth, 1907 F.***
___      J. 1  AWABlj1/"d
Sixty dayi alter dato I Intend toil
Iloiioruble thi Chief Cominfsnloner of
Works for permission to purchase the I
deBcribed land lu Woit Kooteuay: WflL
at a post about one andaquartern)]li''ya
llavonno Lauding, and markedtBel'* rJI
8. K. corner, thenee north 90 chains, tm
20 chsini, theuce south -A) chains, tner
chains to point of commencement.
March mid, 19d7.     (Signed) BriXA H
 Kohrrt KoniNsi'V
Blxty days after date I intend to ��W
Honorable thi Chief Commissioner oil
W'orks for MrmlHlOD to pureliase UM J
duorlbed land in West Kootenav: <*��
at h post planted on the north ban"0m
creek, aboul three ou*rteri of a teV*FVi
of creek, and marked Kva CuM'i tM
thence north 20 cbalni, tlience W5I
tbence iouth 20 chalm. tbence eait#'t,p
point of commencement. ., v
March 22nd, 1907. (Signed) f
8lity days after date I lutend tO/HM
nil       lln-    I'hlnf    i'.-.i.-ii.-1-ludMiier    Ol    ���-.'.���..
Hon.  the Chief Commlisfoncr of
Ihe Mil
Works for permission to j urchasc M H"
described laud in Wait Kootenai J CMub
ata post planted on the aoutb baMSJ
I reolc, nhout < tie mile from mouth o'Tt
marked "K. Roblnaon'i N-W. WfPW. t
aouth oo chalna. thencecast mtbWg^
north 80 chaina, thence weit 40 chain" wr
(Hignad) JIOMW *^**
-. ...,��� mmW
The Daily Caaadian
Special for Camp and Hotel Use
Heavy Hams
.he Very Best of Canadian Goods
P. Burns & Co., Ltd*
Nelson, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
r�� notice that tblr'y days altar date I in-
luiu'i'ly to lbe lloa. Chief Commisaloner ol
��� and Works at Victoria, B. C, for s special
-.,-lo i-uiand carry away timber from the
* I* <IcM*rlbed lands In Alnsworth division:
-iiinriicina al a post markeii Chas. T. Walms*
aoothwSt P��A, thence nortii 80 chains,
, ,��� ,**-���,! ko chains, thence aouth 80 chaiUH,
,., wehiW'eliBlni to polntof commencement,
aid lund WIhk iltuated on the eaat aide of
-ole creek, about ;.'S milea aouth ot the I-ar-
���ated March 12th, 1907.
Chai. K W-.lmbi.ey, Locator.
1'. Uhcean, Agent.
Ciiiinii'iicliiK at a poit marked Chas. F
nsley'l northwest po*t, thence south 80
to. thence east *���*���" ehalns, thence norlb 80
pi'thenea wett so chains to point of com-
id nut, the said laud being iltuate on the
���Ida of Cueada creek, about V,_ miles aonth
nieau river,
atci March 12th, 1907.
Chas. F. W aUHLEV, locator,
Y. SiikhAN, Agent.
Cninmencinit at  a  post  marked Chai. t.
msley's  snutliwest   t��ost,  tbence aouth 80
thence east 80 chains, thenoo north 80
���in-* thence west 80 chalm to polntof com-
���������:.-���-nil land  being iltuato on the
:���   Wttdc cr-.-ek, about 4% miles IOU th
km river,
ted Manh i'ith.ltol.
CUAJ F. WaI.msi.iv. Locator,
Y. 8hiran, Agent.	
iilierebj given that thirty days after
t Intend e<�� apply lothe Hon. the Chief Com-
oner ot Unds mid Works, at Victoria,
*;><-c]n] llcenoa to cut and carry away ttm-
om the loiiowing deacrlbed landi in Weat
*i,m, ihat ts to iay: Commenciug at a
l-Untol 10 chalm eait of the nortbeajt
r ot block 81X, (post marked 812 K- BJ
e running east 80 cnains, thence aouth 80
i, thanoa west 80 cbaina. tbenee north 80
* lo location post No. 1, containing M0
of land, moreor leaa.
'ated at Creston, B.C., this 72nd day of March,
A. Ii ,YXn.
ilea, HiMRorr,
J. C. Bchehmeehobn.	
is liereby given tbat SO daya after date 1
lend to upply to the Hon (Thief i,om miu loner
I Unds aud Works, at Victoria for a ipecial
>c to cut ainl carry away'Iiuber from the
���intc deaeribed lands iu Won Kootenay:
kf..: 1 iik ulapoHt |ilauted ou the eait line
Lot 812,   two  milei south   of   Ihe  southern
undary of  my Timber Liceme No. lu. tbenoe
h-* >��� chains, north HO chains, weat 40 ebalna,
forth 80 chains, west 40 chains, aoutb 80 chalna,
kit I" chalm, south W ehalns to place of coin-
���ement. conttlniug M-j acres, more or leaa.
rii Sth, WW. ���      Y. l__
ii      1 ��� 1 n mm^-M���mm
Take notice tbat 80 dayi after date I intend to
apply lo the Hon the ObifJ Commisslouer of
Undi aud Work*, Victoria, for a special licence
to eut and carry away timber from the following
described laud, in West Koot' nay: Commencing
at a post planted at Kokanee Hiding, on Hand
Point, on lontb side Weat Arm of Kootonay
river about IS miles east of Nelion, B C . marked
"C-F Walmiley'i S.t. corner post," thenoe M>
chains soutb, thence 80 chains west, tbence 80
chains north, theno 80 chains to point of oommencement. containing f.40 acres, more or leaa.
Located March 16th, 1907.
CRAJ. F- Wai.M-.LEY,
F. Hheran, Agent.
Take notice thatl intend thirty days afterdate
to apply t ���> tbe Hon. tbe Cblef Commissioner of
Lands and Works fur a ipecial license to cut and
carry away limber (rum the following described
lands, situated east of Dog creek, ln the diitrict
of Weal Kootenay : Commencing at a post mark
ed "Tbo Bouudary LumberCompanyVnortfaweat
corner post " planted about a mile east of the
Columbia and Weitern railroad, and about three
miles aouth of the Big Tunnel, thence 40 chaloi
aouth, thence 60 chaini eait, tbence 40 chaina
aouth, thence 100 chatna east, thence 40 chalna
north, thence 80 chains west, thence 40 chalna
nortb, tbenco 80 ehaim weat to point of com*
Dated 4ih March, 1907. J oisilw,
Agent for The Boundary Lumber Co.
it Ice ls hereby given that 80 dari after date
tend toapply to the Honorable the Cblef
Ilominisiloiier of l/ands and Works, Victoria, for
\ -;���:'' :i * .���*������'��� i" '-ui and carry away timber
the followiiiK described plec ��� ol land ln
Kootenay district: Commencing ata poat
i-i 21) chains from the east stio e of Upper
1 inke and adjoining hlock WW on the aouth
narked "Chas. hbl'i" northwest corner,
e south W chains, then e cant *��� chains,
���c uortb 80 chains, thence west 80 chaini to
of eommeneement.
( bitU'il the 111. day of March, 1907.
Chai   Km.
I Kotlce i- hereby given lhal thirty daya after
it I Intend to make app!icatlou to the Honor
li* ('hlel ���"cinmiisioner of Lands and Worka at
etorla, B. ��� ., for a ipeclal llcemotocut and
rry awhv timber from the following described
"   'ii Wett Koolenay district:
mennrig at a post planted about two milea
.'���."> r up a southern tributary of the
blocau rlvei, on the creek commonly
1 as liouldercreck, and a i|Uarter of a mile
uiu llie Forks, aud marked A. L. .Stewart's
ilbweit corner post, thence north 80 chains,
neeeut **t ihalna thenee aoutb 8oehains,
iice -arit H>)chains to place 01 commencement.
Jated Ist day of April, IWI.
A. L. Htrwart, Locator.
fotloe li bareoy given that 80 daya alter dato 1
end io spply to the Honorable the Cnlei Com-
wlaucr of Uudi and Worki for a ipeclal
��e to cut Hnd carry away timber from the
lowing ilcncrlbed landi In West Kootenay dls-
'oiniiipiirttig at a poat planted aboul two aud
iiarter miles up a aouthern tributary of the
tie Hlix'nii   river,  on   the  creek  commonly
f ������������'���:, ai s -..!.[ creek, and about a quarter of
' "m the Forks, aud marked A.L Stewart's
pi iliea.it comer post, thenue aouth 100 chains,
west 40 chalnn, tbence north 160 cbaina,
���to: 10 eliains to place of commencement.
Dat-fd this 1st day of April, 19W.
       A. h Stewart, Locator.
j. Nmiee m hereby gifon that 80 days afler dato 1
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
niMlimer  of   Lands  and Worka for a special
���use in cut and carry limber from the tollow-
��� lescribed landa, iltuated in the valley of
; flhoep (reck, commencing t% miles north of
; International boundary line,   lolning  the
felNnn mui Fort Hheppard   Railway Company's
1 �������'I Kraut m the district of Weat Kootenay:
1   'in tic tug  ata .poat planted at the
iM corner of A. D. Christie's pre-emption,
Maiming 40 chalna south-long tho eait bound-
ir> el A. I). Chrlstio'a pre-emption, thenco eaat
jo chains, to Nelion and Fort Bboppnrd survey
���ine, tbenoa north bo chalna, theuco woal loo
J*��� na. llienee souih 40 chaius, thenco eait 40
,ffhums iii (mint of com.neiicemoiit.
listed March 23rd,INT.      J. P.Swkdrero.
1 No*2.-<'oinmcneiug at n post planted at the
"*��� eoruer of location No. Ion the eaat
like notlco tbat 1 lutend thirty days alter dato
to apply to the Hon the Cblef Commlaaioner of
Lands and Works for a special licenae to out and
carry awav timber from the following described
la-bda, iltuated on Dog creek, in West Kootenay
dlatrlet: Commencing at a post planted on ihe
eaat aide of the Columbia and Western railroad,
od or about ten chaini east, and marked "Tbo
Boundary Lumber company'! poit," and about
a mile and a half iouth of the Big Tunnel, the
mrthwest corner, tbence running -south 160
ctalni, thence east 40 chaini, thence north 160
chaina, thence weit 40 chaina to place of commence went.
Dated March 4th. 19W. J Omlle.
Take notice tbat I Intend, tblrtr daya after
date, to at ply tv tbe Hon. tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands and Worki foraspecial licenae toeut
an1*) carry away timber fiom the followlug deacrlbed lands, situated on Sandy creek, ln West
Kootenay dlitrlet: Commeneing at a post planted 00 the weat aide of fwndy creek and called
J. F. 8'i aouthweat corner poat, tbence ruuning
east 80 chalna. thence nortb 40 chalna, tbenee
weat 40 chains, tbenco uortb to chaloi, thence
weat 40 chaina, thenoe aouth 120 rbaiaa taplaco
of commencement.
Dated tbla 9tb day of March, 1907.
3. ��. Bwikdbbro, Locator.
A.   C.   Flumerfelt   Again   Stimulating
Study of Condition! and Meant
of Development.
Sir,���Some little time ago I took the
liberty of addressing to the presa a
letter in which I propounded a aeries of
questions and -solicited answers thereto,
the chief object being to Induce the
people of British Columbia to carefully
examine into and thoroughly acquaint
themselves with the vast resources and
magnificent possibilities of this province.
I was delighted to receive thirty-eight
repliei, all of wblch Indicated thought;
some gave evidence of wide knowledge,
while a few showed great care and research. The essay signed "Raglan"���
which recently appeared in the local
papers���was considered by the committee entitled to the prize, and the information contained in said essay ls, In
my opinion, so valuable that I am
distributing copies by the thousand all
over the English speaking world.
,   Feeling encouraged with the result of
""���"Kiary Hue of A. D, Chriatle'a pre-emption,
tiiiiiiiK im chains south aloug the unit bound
y Hue ol I, It Cranston's preemption, thonco
-flialn-4 eut. tn the Nolion and Fort Sheppard
'���"^y Hue, tlience 160 chalna, north, thence 40
���wins went to point of commencement.
��tad March _3rd, l��fl.
 J. .'. Swatuiiao, Locator
[ Take noiiee that thirty dayi after date I Intend
"VP'J hi the Hon. the Ohio. Comm iss inner of
"?ai ��nd Worki at Victoria, H. C, for a apeclal
_ ,"IM" to cut and carry away timber from tho
|""owing desoribed lands iu WeU Kootenay:
, ")nim,,'i��'inttat apoat planted 20 chains west
1 the northeut corner of lot 812, and at the
I '  corner  ol  Lot 7780,   thenco  eaat  SK)
F " 11s, thence nouth 40 chains, thencu oaat 40
Ih!     ' in��ooe north 40 chaina, thence ea��t (X)
r " na. llieneo north 40 chalna, thonco west 120
r��. Uwnoe iouth 40 chaini to place of oom-
"wicemem, containing 640 acrea more or leaa.
Dated March Oth, 1907, PltBI I UUP,
. . Locator
Notice ls hereby siren that no dayi alter oat�� 1
Intend to applr to the Honorable tne Cblef Commlsiioner of Landi and Works for a ipecial
lleenie to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands iltuated on tbe weal
���Ide of Big Sheep Creek Valley: Commencing
about three aud a half milea north of the inter-
national boundary Hue and about one and a
half milea weit of the Nelson and Kurt Sheppard
Railway company's land grant in the dlatrlet of
Weit Kootenay:
No. 1 ���Commencing at a poat planted  two
milei weat of Dig Hbeep creek, kuowa aa tbo
aouthweat eorner poat, Joining J. R. Cranston 'a
timber claim No. i, claiming HO chalna north,
tbence 80 chalm east, tht-nce 80 chalna aouth,
Ihence 80chaini weit to point of commencement-
Located March Jlst, 1907.
No 2-Commencing at a post planted at tbe
southwest corner of location No. 1, known aa tbe
north rest corner pobt of location No.'2, claiming
80 chains iouth, tbence 8U cbains eaat, then e bo
chains north, thonce 80 chains weat to point of
Located March 21at, 1907.
No. 3 ���Commencing at a poot placed half ��
mile weat of location No. 2, known as the loutheaat corner, claiming 80 chaina north, tbeuce 80
chains woat, thence 80 chains iouth, thence 80
chains eait to point of commenoement.
No. 4 ���Commeuelng at a post planted at thr
southcait corner of location No. 3, known na the
northeast corner, claiming 100 chains south,
thence 40 chaini west, tbenco 60 chains north,
tlience40 chains east to point of commencement.
Locoted March 21at,l!W7.
J. P. Bwanmao, Locator.
K. T. Enqilskjen, Agent-
Notice Is hereby given tbat J) daya from dato
I Intend to apply to tbe Hon. Cblef Commissioner
of Lands and Works for a ipeclal license to cut
and carry away timber from tbe following described lands In Weat Kootenay diitrict:
Commencing at a poit planted on the north
bank of 10-Mile creek, about one mile and a ball
from Hloean lake, marked K Strand'i northwest
corner poat. tbence eaat 160 cbalni, thence south
40 ebnini, tnence weat 160 chains, thenoe north
40 chalui to point of commencement.
Dated tbla 21at day of MarchjlW?.
K. BriuifP, Locator.
���1 Notice li hereby given that 30 daya after dato
a intend to apply to tho Hon. Chiel Commlsslon-
litililinVi1!,      I1   _"M__! *or a "Peclal license to
I desi
,-"]>; ��t the international boundary line, and
Shft��i 1nil(0umlle we��t of Hig Hheop creek in tho
""Wet of Weat v ootenay:
m, ��" .���,~0omm��nclni	
one mile west of iiur siM,,.p
Notlco la hereby given that 30 dari a ter date 1
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief t ommlaaioner of Landa and Worka, Victoria, for ���*
special license to cut and thnjr em t&NT
from the following deacrlbed land in Weit Koot-
enCommencing at a post planted about eight,
miles from tbe mouth of Coat creek, and where
It Hows into the Blocan river and about sir
chains from the creek upon the south bank, and
joining C. B. Hlttle'a location on the weat line
and marked F. Batio'a southeast corner.poat,
thence west 160 chains, theuce north 40 chains,
ihcnce east 160 chains, thence south 40 ohalna to
point of commencement.
���UM����- M.rch mh, IWI.       Bin fc
perC B. HlTTUt, Afent.
0 li Uorelsy Blvon fiist 30il��r�� ___*,*__**}
lo upisll* is' lists Hssusimblc the (hlel Cism-
S'ff Und. .usl Work-* Victor!., fo, t.
ISlls-ll.l IO
?M"'i\'\".cn��c'to''utuSmuSiW.j- timber from
tKlloilnn .le.crilx.,1 Und In Weit Koot��n.y:
Commffioa! ul I I Planted .bout "If"""
from the moulh o! (losst creek ond where It flow.
rn?8.e.n river, .0.1 .'out 16 eh.ln- from tho
creek, upon .Uie wrath ban* NlM��JT0 B.
Hltllc'ss loulheut corner poll, thoiu-c we.t lflo
"hi ni, tlscuro nortb 40 ch��lni, thence eMt 160
ihSln", Ihenee looth 40 ch.lni to point of com
D.fd M"rc" 28'"* ""(J, B. ttmlM, Locvsr.
I; ',"'""' >I�� timber Irom Use IoI1owi.sk
',,,".'' '.""'I" "llu.led on the we��t Mde o! Big
i,���!','' ',. Val'cy. commenclnf .bout 4'i miles
,r��s of the intern.iliinil bniinsl.ry Hue. .od
���<s 1-OommiHOlltI at . poet pl.nted .bout
sin,, ""L*��0Ht ol lllg Sheep ore��k,ino-��u.-l tho
,.',, ��,' -?r.���or I"'"'. cl.lmlng 80 eh.ln. wrath,
SSSSSS.."" *���"��� ""'nee M ch.ln, norm,
S��� S ��� cn��lni oust to point of commencement.
nn.ii....i^"""ncnclng nt . p0it pl.nted .t tho
���i,;?.',""""" *t locntion No 1. known su thc
l ,. *L,1''.'","" I"'", cl.lmlng N oh.lnn north,
SSSS��M_!l?_l ����"*���' i".cii'-e ��o ch.ln. .outh,
m.nooB ch.ln, west to ps.lnt of commencement.
iisiiils��;���,!*.m.?Bm!!'!'' ���' " P""1 Pl.nted ��t she
""s!!,!;"1'*'.1 ���rncr of loenllou No _ known ��> lho
'oruer post, cl.lmlng m ch.ln. north,
Ihcii��� ii'-i','..*."" ""''"' "iciee ��0 eh.ln. south,
hSkB tSBnB3i i����S0"" ��' c<"n��"!��c���cni-
���    '. _��� 8w��nB����o, lector,
K. T. ENaiu-tiig, Agent.
Notice Is. hereby given that>thirty ��__*S__��_
d.to i lutcnsi to ��ppiy io mjp-Jafflj
Commluloner of UdiIs and Works, .111; i "J.
ora "pe'lsil license .0 cot ������_��WnOT_XK
irom the following deserlbod lands ll ��s
Kooten.y, th.t Is to s.y: 'jmJJ"'JB ��
lluserssfts and Bchermcrhoru'i posl BO *
rt uiu i'thonce cast 80 chain., thence sou", 80
A.D.,1907. n|;o  HW��(fI,
J    [Ji ��CHK"llKaHOaN.
Notice ls hereby given that 80 days after date I
Intend to apply to tbe Hon. the Chief Commlsiioner of Lands and Works, at Victoria, for a
special licenae to cut and carry away Umber
from tba followlug described landa in Vale district:
No. 1,���Commencing at a poet planted about 10
cbains east of main Kettle river and about one
mile more or leaa nortb of C. P R. Block No.
36.T7, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'a B. K.
corner post No. 1, thence 80 chaini utMi. thenoe
80 cbaina weit, thence 89 chains aoutb, thence 80
cbalni east to the point of commenoement
Dated Mar. b 22nd, 1907.
No. 2.���''ommenclng at a poit planted about 10
chaini eait of main Kettle river about 80 chulni
north of Bonndary Lumber Co'i Location No. l,
and maraed Boundary Lumber Co'i S. K. corner
poit No. 2, tbence 80 cbalni nortb, tbence SO
chaini weat, thence 80 chaini aonth, thenue 80
cbalni east to tbe point of commencement
Dated 22nd March, 1907.
No. 8.���Commencing at a post planted about SO
cbains east of main Kettle river and abont 80
chains north ol Boundary Lumber Co's locntion
poit No 2, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'a
H. ��. eorner poat No, 3, tbence 80 chaina north,
thence 80 chains wew, thence 80 chains south,
tbence 80 cbaina eust to the point of oommencement.
Dated Marcb 22nd, 1907.
No. 4 -Commencing at a post planted about
10 chains east Of the main Kettle river and about
80 chains north of Boundary Lumber Co's location post hn. S, and marked Boundary Lumber
Co'i H. V. corner poit No 4, tbance 80 cbaina
nortb, thence 80 cbains weit, thence 80 chalna
aoutb, tbenoe 80 ehalns eait to tbe point of commencement.
Dated March 22nd, 1907.
No S.-Commencing at a poat planted about
18 chaini eaat of main Kettle rlvor and about
two miles north, more or less, of Boundary Lumber o'i Location No. 4, and marked Boundary
Lumber Co'a B E. oorner poat No b, thence 80
chains north, thenee 80 chalm west, thenee 80
cbains south, thenoe te ehaim eaat to the point
of commenoement
Dated Marcb *3rd, 1907.
No. 6.���Commencing at a poat planted about 25
cbains east of main Kettle river on C p. R.llne
bloca No. 27U, and about 80 chains north of
Boundary Lumber Co's location poat -No. 5, and
marked Boundarv Lumber Co's 8. W. corner poat
No. 6, thence 80 cbains north, following C. P E.
Una block No 2714, tbence 80ohalna weat, thence
80 chaini south, tbeuce 80 chalna eaat to the
point of commencement
Dated March *8rd, 1907.
No. 7.���Commencing at a post planted about
15 chain* weat of the main Kettle river on C CR,
line bl ck No 2714, and about 80 chalna north of
Boundary umber Co's location post vo. 6, and
mai ked Boundary Lumber Co's 8 E. corner p at
No. 7, thenee 160 cbaina north, following C. P. R.
Una block No. 2714, thence 40chalns west, thence
160 chains aouth, thenoe 40 chains eaat to the
point of commencement.
Dated March 23rd, 1907.
No. 8 -Commencing at a post planted about
20 chatm west from river bank ��na about 3 miles
aouth, more e*Jew of the laat east branch of ihe
earn fork of the main Kettle rlttt or about ll
ml'es north, more or less, of C. P. R. Block No.
���/lit, on eaat fork of Kettle river, marked Boundary Lumber Co'a N. W. corner post No 8. tlien-Te
80 chains east, thence 80 ehalna aouth, tbenee 8
cbalni west, tb* nee 80 chalna north to the point
of commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No. 9.-Commenclng at a poat planted about
20 chains weat from river bank, on tbe eaat fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chains aouth of
Boundary Lumber Co'a loca'lon poBt No 8, and
marked Boundary lumber CorB N.W. corner
poitNo 9, thence 80 chains east, thenc B0 chalna
���south, tbence 80 ehalni weit, thence 80 cbaina
north to the polut of commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
Nn. 10���Commencing at a post planted about
2U chaina west from river t**ank on the cast fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chains south of
Houndary LumberCo's location post No 9, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'a N. V.. corner
post No. 10, thence 80 chains east, tbence m
chalos south, thence 80 chaina weat, tbence 80
chalna nnrth to the polut of commencement
Pated March 25th, 1907.
No. ll.-Commenelng at a post planted about
15 chalna west from river bank on the eaat fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chains south of
Boundary Lumber Co'a location poat No-10, and
marked Boundary LumberCo'a N.W corner post
No 11, tbenee 80 chains east, tbence 80 chains
south, tnence 88 chains west, theoce 80 chains
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No. 12.���Commencing at a poit planted about 12
cbalm weit from river bank sn the east fork of
Ke tie river, and about 80 chains^ south of
Boundary Lumber Co'a location poat No. 11, and
maiked Boundary Lumber Co'a N. W. corner
no��t No. 12, thence 80 chaini east, theuce 80
chains muth, thenee 80 chains weat, thence 80
north to tbe point of commencement
Pated March 85th, 1*07.
No. 18,-Commencing al a poit planted about
12 chaius west from river bank on the eaat fork
of Kettle river, and about 80 ohains south of
Boundary Lumber Co's location poit No. It, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N W. corner
onst No. 18, thenco 80 chains eaat, thence 80
chains south, thence 80 cbaina weat, thence 80
ebalns nortb to the point of commencement.
Dated March 25th, 1907.
No. 14,���Oom mencing at a post planted about
10 chains w at from river bank on the eaat fort
nf fettle river, and about 80 chaini -south of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location post No-18< and
marked Boundary Lumbor Co'a N W. corner ppat
No 14, thence 80 chalna east, thence 80 chalna
south! thence 80 chains weat, thence 80 chalna
north to the point of commenoement
Pated March 25th, 1907.
No. 15.-Commennlog at a poat planted about
10 chains weat irom river bank on the SMjfOrt
of Kettle river, and abont 80 chains south of
Ponndary Lumbor Co'a post No 14, and marked
Boundary Lumber Co'a ft. W- corner post No. 15,
tbence 80 chaina eait, tbenee 8n chains south,
thenco 80 chains woat, thonco 80 chains north to
noint of commencement-
' Pated March 25th, 1907.
No. 16.-Onm mencing ata poat planted about
8 ehnina west from river bank on the east lork of
Kelt e rlvor, and about 80 chalna aouth of
Boundary Lumber Co's location poat vo. 16, and
marked Boundary I umberOo'erCw.cornerpoet
Notiee ia hereby |lmMj?QffifiB
ite 1 iniend to apply to <m^n!pOSBl
disionerol   Lamli   and _*�����.rk , at   VI u ne.
sst No    :'. tbenee
lluicro"'t".nd Ss-hormcrhorn's
nln��   iouth �� chain, to  *��"��� .,���,-   b
.e.HtSO ch.ln,, thenee "*'%'���',,,,,,'piJR, ���r
WUI 80 oh.ln., thenco��olitl ��ch"'u. wj
isommonccment post No. I, oom-iutu.
'"".led '.Tcrctou, B.O.; tlsl. *** ��** <" ��*re��*
A.D., 1907 ���-- Bvacaorr,
j o gcniaiKutoiii.
Nn'"ie"tbence 80' ch.ln, eul, thence 80 ch.ln.
iouth tbenee 8> ch.lni we��t. theuce 80 ch.lni
north to the poini ol commenceiiient.
D.te.l M.rch 25th, ttm.
, No 17.���Commencing >t �� p.nt pl.nted .bout
5 ch.lni we��t Irom river b.nk on the eMt fork
ol K.ttl. river, and about 10 cbalni .outh of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location -po.1 No. 16. and
so.rkesl ilnsinslnry Lumber Co*. W. W. cornser
Mil No >'��� ��>'m<-'e m ch*ln" e*"* '*_"'""' ��
Hsu iouth, thenco 80 ch.ln. weet, thonce 80
��� .Ins north to the point ol commencement.
Il.ted M.rch 'iith, 1907.
No. 18 -Commenclnt at a poit planted'about
5 ch.lni we��t of tbe river bank on the aaat.fork
of Kettle HI"*'* a'"1 *t*M) ���*��� ch*i"" "i"'ih ?,'
Boundary Lumber Co'a looatlon, posit No. 17
. niss-tesl Boundary nmberCo*. S.W. corner
SS llo. 18, thenco M chain, eait, thenee 90
ehalni issuth, thenee 80 chaini weit, thence 90
,.|,alui nisrth to tbe psslnto: commencement,
ll.te.l M.rch 2f.th, 1907. j.iiinu.li,
u.ieu ���� ��    ^        Bound.ry Lumbar Oo.
my former letter, I once more venture
to trespass upon your valuable space to
supplement what has already been done,
ln the hope that many more persons
will become actively and devoutly Interested In the below-referred to subjects, which affect us all and are, or
should be, the peculiar cure of every
British Columbian. Let me ask, Mr.
Editor, what one can do to emphasize
the fact that thiB Is a most important
and momentous period in the history of
Canada, more particularly ln respect to
British Columbia. From my viewpoint
there are now cast upon the residents
of this province burdenB and responsibilities greater perhaps than ever before have been borne by so small a
people numerically, and if we are to lay
the foundation wisely, broadly and In
strength, with a view hi permanency
and with a Justified hope of success,
great care should be exercised by the
government and people to secure these
objects so necessary to provincial progress, and which, if realized, will make
this the banner province of the great
Dominion of Canada. I believe the geographical position, the physical conditions and the varied resources all Indicate that this Is the ultimate destiny
of our province.
Who of us has a definite policy to propose and a definite plan for working It
out? Do we know and realize our country, or are we waiting, Mi-cawber-llke,
for "something to turn up"? Are we
alive to the Bltuation, or are we drifting
as strawn on a swiftly-flowing river?
Can we Bee the trend of events, or are
we unwilling to be alert, and do we refuse to know and see? Let us study
ourselves, analyze our alms and aspirations, but above all, let us one and all
know our country, and with a loyal unselfish fidelity to an unalterable fixedness of purpose, which will admit of no
modification until the result is achieved,
be instant In season and out of season
ln assisting and urging forward development of British Columbia for the enduring, never-ending benefit and welfare
of Its whole people.
I, for one, Mr. Editor, stand ready to
do all and whatever I can and earnestly
desire to see many others equally ready.
1 appeal to those interested In the mining and the timber industry, to financial
and business men, professional men and
manufacturers, labor men and capitalists, and in order to engage the attention of thoBe who possess valuable information which should be made public,
I outline below seven questions and offer a prixe to the value of $50 -each for
the most complete answers. The prizes
may be taken In money, a handsome
piece of silver suitably engraved, or
donated to any of the public charities,
at the option of the winner.
Mining and Smelting.���Give a description, by districts, of the various
coal and mineral areas; an account of
the work now proceeding; detail production for 1906; value of same; average number of hands engaged; practical suggestions for developing and Increasing this most Important Industry.
Timber.���State specifically the variety, quality and quantity; present cut;
where marketed; what economies can
be effected by the utilization of the byproducts; what plan to be adopted and
Isy whom, looking toward the conservation or renewal of our great forest
wealth for the use of future generations.
Fisheries.���Where and how are fish
taken; the kind and quality of labor employed; are our salmon being exterminated; can this Industry be materlaly increased, and can greater financial results be obtained by saving the por
tlons of fish now destroyed; to what ex-
lent has deep-sea fishing contributed to
the provincial wealth; what are the possibilities of development and extension,
and the probability of permanency.
Agriculture.���(Fruit Culture, Dairying
and poultry.) The acrea of arable land;
kind of products and value of same;
which Ib the most profitable; market
conditions; total imports for 1906, in
quantities and dollars; number of persons now deriving a livelihood from the
Manufacturing.���Can B. C. become a
manufacturing country; what goods and
articles can we readily manufacture;,
and to what markets can the same be
sucessfully shipped; kinds of value
and present production; number of persons employed; average compensation
Finance.���Official statistics show $54,-
760,000 produced within the province for
1906; tabulate the sources; what proportion remains in B. C. trade channels;
estimate the foreign and outside capital
Invested in the province, and Interest
and dividents paid on same. It the time
opportune ln respect of internal finance
to Introduce a plan similar to that presently obtaining In France.
Labor and Capital.���What practical
course can be adopted to harmonize
these Interests; is co-operation feasible;
if so, suggest a plan of application or
some other practical profit-sharing
scheme, bonuses or pensions based on
service or otherwise. Would a general
Insurance (life, accident or sickness, as
In Germany) be favorably received by
men and corporations; state the underlying cause for the great unrest and
strained relations now existing between
labor and capital, on Ihe American con-
tlntent. _*.���.'.
No paper should exceed 3,000 words,
and no one person should reply to more
than one question.
Communications must be signed or
accompanied by the card of the writer.
The competition will be open until the
1st of July next, and replies may be addressed to 'British Columbia,' P. 0.
Drawer 690, Victoria, B. C, with memo,
on face of envelop Indicating which
question the enclosure Is to answer.
It Is my Intention to secure the cooperation of one or more gentlemen familiar with the various subjects referred to ,to determine the winners and
award the prises.
Once more, Mr. Editor, I apologize
for trespassing upon your apace with a
communication of such length, but the
Importance of the subjects muBt be my
excuse. A. C. FLUMERFELT.
Victoria, B. C, 24th April, 1907.
T&* Stfathcona
Nelson, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   Sample    Roomi,
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Heleon. B. C.
Lighted hr Eleotrtoitr ������><
Bated br Hot Air
Lane sad Comfortable Bedroomi .nd Flrat-
imDiuln-i Room
Mample Roomi tor commt s
. C.CLAKKE, Proprtetre-w
Grand Central Hotel
TBU hotel hu been completely renovsted tnd
newly tarniihed with all modern equipment*.
Hot water heating throughout.
BATES : Room, fioc.  upwardi ; meali   the.:
���peclal ratei by the week.
J* A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 260.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
European aad Amerloan Plan
Masala a on.  Boob, from �� ote. to tl
Only Whlta Help Implored.
later 8t.. Keleon Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best DolUf-i-DiT Hook la Nelson.
The Bar la the Fliieet.
Whit* Balp Only Implored.
Josephine st
Nelaoa. B. 0.
Royal Hotd
Rates tl and |1.50 a Day.
Special Bate* to Reg-nlar Boarder*.
Moat comfortable qnartore In Nelion
Onl-f the beet ol Uquon and U����rf.
A. McDonald &Co.
Dealers in staple and fancy Groceriu-
Bntter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
Examination for Assayers for Licence to
Practice In British Colombia.
An Examination for Anayera will be held in
Victoria on the *J7ih May and following dayi.
Entrance for any examination unit be made
ln writing to tbi Secretary of the Board of Kx-
amlneri, at leut ten dayi before the date aet inr
beginning of examination, and muit be accompanied by tbe prescribed fee (116 )
Any additional information dsilred may be
obtained from Herb��rt Carmtchael, gecretary,
board of examiner*, Victoria
Minuter of Mlnci.
Department of Mlnea,
Victoria, B. C , iStb April, 11)7.
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Within 14 mil* of Earl Orty*t Ranch.
V* mil* lake frontage, tn* from reck.
Plenty water.   MS per acre, on term*.
Certificate of the Retbttattoa of An
Eitra-ProTincUl Cnmpuy.
"Companl** Act, 1S��7."
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If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Oood* now on sale.
AU Unds of Dlnnerware In stock. Patterns.
Notice ll hcrt-lsy given that the Watteburft
I.umber compuny hueppllesl to Hiss Honor this
Llotitenmt Oovornor In council, tinsler tho provisions! of thc "Ktvcr* 11ns] Htreatni Act," for the
right to Improve Hykertsi creek. In the slifltrtct of
Weit Kooteiiuy, BrltUh UollimbU, isy removing
the obstructions, therefrom suit ���trnlghtcnlng
the banks* Iheroof, and to construct slama, bos.ma,
���lldeaand chutw, and make-such other imp: ovss-
meat* aa may be necenary for tho driving and
rafting of losti and the flumlng ol timber thereon
Tbo landi to be affected are goverment landa and
Lota 351 and 262, Oroup 1, a ootenay dlatrlct, and
the tolla tbat are proposed to be charged, if any,
are auch aa mar bo 11 xod by a Judgo of the county
court of Weat Kootenay.
Dated thll ITth day of March, A, V. UOT.
I HEREBY CERTIFY that the "Krao Silver
Load Mining Company, Limited," hu thla day
been registered aa an Katra-frovlnclal Company
under the 'Compaaleal aet, UtJ," to carry out
or effect all or auy ol the objects of the company
to whleb the legislative authority of tha Legli-
latureot "rltiih Columbia extendi.
The head oOce of tbe oompany li iltuate at
Phoenix, Territory of Arlion-^ u. 8. A.
The amount of the capital ot the company la
three million dollan, divided into ilx hundred
thousand shares of five dollan -eaeh
The head office of the oompany ID thla province
Is situate at Kaalo. and W. E. Zwlcky, mining
engineer, whose address Is Kaalo, B C, li the at
toruey for the company. ...
The time of the existence ol, the company U
twenty-five yean from tbe eighteenth day of
October, 1IIM.    . .    ...
> he company ll limited.
(liven under my band and aeal otoBce, Victoria, Provlnoe of Brltlah Columbia, this Knd
my of March, one thousand nine hundred and
"ftji S. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock t'omnenies.
The purposes for whioh thll corporation is
firmed are to buy, hold, leata, aell, work, ex-
plore, develop and operate mlnea and mining
claims, and all klnda of mining property; to locate and procure pat. nu for mining elalma; to
buy, erect, construct, or otherwise acquire and
sell mills, smelten, concentrators or other reduction plants, and to run and operate the aame
In the reduction of ah kinds of ore. and the ex-
tractlon ol mlntral thereirom; to acquire I* any
manner all klnda of real estate nectasary for tbe
economical and expeditious operation of lta mining -and smelting and -reduction buaineaa, and
otber business incident thereto; to buy and aell
and otherwise acquire ebd dispose ol any and
all kind! of persona! property, machinery, tools
and merchandise, for tha convenient aod prao-
t eel operation ol lta builneia ln any branch
thereof; and to that end to establish and conduct
stores aud merchandising establishment!, for the
purohaae and sale of all kindi of >oodi and merchandise; to acquire In any lawful manner telephone and telegraph lines and rights ol way; to
operate and conduct such lines In any manner
necessary or convenient for the operation of tta
mining and smelting and reduction business or
any breach lucldcnt thereto; lo build, construct,
equip, operate and conduct railway aad tram
Unas whorevcr neceinry an i convenient, to tha
troper operation of ita said lines of business; to
ay and aell or otiierwise acquire and dispose of
the elock of other corporation! which may In ita
judgment contribute to the luccess ot Its operations, or which in ila Judgment may be Inr the
isoneflt of Ila alockholden, to acquire In any
manner ansl to dispose of water rights, dltckee,
Humes, pipe Itnee or other -tqti-Miieta, wbleh
may be necessary or convenient for supplying
water to tha various plants ot the company, and
to acquire in any manner and to eatanllah and
operate plant! ansl lluei lor operating, healing
or lighting the property or plants of Ihe com
pany, and to acquiro ln any lawful manner, and
Iss dlspssse of townsltes, or any portlou thereof,
and to hold, operate, aell, and dispose of water,
light aud boat for the purpoie of lighting, heating or furnishing water to said townalte or
lownBltee, and each and every portion thereof,
and generally to do auy and all thing! aud to acquire anil hiilsl and dispose ol als klssdi of property, and to manage, operate aud conduct any
ausl all kinds ol plant! and business which In the
opinion of tbe dlreotora and stockholder! may
bo necessary lor the conveniens c aud successful
operation of Its business aa a mining and amelt
Ing and reduction company.
Reduced Rates
Atlantic Seaboard
Kootenay Points
Effective for Trans-Atlantic passengers arriving on er subsequent te April
I have Just returned to Nelson and
hav* opsned up at the same old stand,
and now ready to do all klnda of
KAL8OMININ0. Shop rear of Bartlett
House. .
from points In Ontario, Quebec, Marl-
tlm* provinces, It. Paul, Chisago, and
United (states.
Scad For Yon Friends
Full particulars   on
local agent or write
��. J. OOYIJS,
A. H.P.A., Vancouver.
application to
D, P.A.. Neleon
ln the matter of an application for the Issue of
a duplicate ol Ihe Certificate of Title ot LotaSsnd
4, Block 23, Lot 9, Block IW ud Lot 12, Block JO,
Kelson Clly (Maps ttt and 2MA )
Notice ls hereby given that It Iff my Intention
to issue a duplicate ol the Certificate of Title for
thoabssve lotsalibeexplmtlouofonemonthafIer
the flrat publication hereol in the name of frani
Jaoobyansl Kmll I'ohll. which ( ertlltceteo!Title
Is dated the 4th day of Janmsr), 1907, and numbered 4**1 A.
11. F. MlcLROD,
Dlatrlct Registrar.
Ian* Registry Offlce. Nelion. B.C
4th, April, IWI.
w. a. aiui-ETT
Contr-aotor* and
Bole agent for the Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yarda. Rough and dresaed lumber, turned
work and brackets, Coaat lath and shingles, sash
and doors. Cement, brick and lime for aale.
Automatic grinder. ._. .,
Yard and factory. Vernon St.. eaat of Ball
P. O. Bos m Telephone 171
F. C. GREEN      F.r.lURDEH      A.B.GREOI
CMI Eugtoars, Dominion aai British
ColambU Land Surveyors
r.o.soiu. rtmtuta,
In the matter of an application lor Ihe Issues ot
a duplicate of tke Certificate ot Title lor aa ub-
divided Sj of lot 4��M. group t, In the dlatrlet et
Kootenay (except part lt.Saona thereof.)
Notice ta hereby Kiven that it la my Intention
to Issue at the expirsitlon of one month afler the
flrst publication hereuiadupiieeteotlhaCartll.
rate of Title for ttie above m-ntloaed budfljia
lie name ol Malcolm MoCormlek, wbleh -Cartlocate I. Hated the 19th (September, IM, sad *��m-
Uatlaeglsiry Oatee, Nf
mm The Dafly Canadian
Our Stock is Ccmplete
-Ier- are two 3oap Soecisils:
A. <*. Dnnaliue. *.**i usravffi-f; Miss Q.
Aademan, Tiiranto: tbs, S. W. \tkia-
non. Trail: V ainltjliuilm. Calgary; J.
IF. Lamjan. Chiuaqo.
25  31b.   3APS   HOMESTEAD   JJ.5C ��� |
T2 BAH3 GOLOEN WEST for 32.7*3 *J !
Bell Trading Co. \
a ammap^mmmmmmmmmmataa
Ornamented  Chocoiaic  ��.jgs.
Slue Bird  Egga.    Cuckoo  -Iggo.
Robins'   Egga.   Stuffed   SucKa   -and
Chicki ail sizes.
Make   your  selection's   while   the  stack
is complete.
S.   H.   SEA.NEY
Phone 206.
For Rent
5 Room Furnished House, on
Ward Street.   $25.00
per month.
5 Room  Unfurnished  House.
on Ward Street, 515.00
per  month.
H. L Croadsdaile & t
Next Door to Bank ef Cnmraeri.R.
��A.V1UEL  A.  WYE
All Kinds sif Hsiatlm? Plants in Stunk.
Victoria St. Nr, Onera Houm;.      Tel. 131.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Bnuilers will tind ir rr rlimr ad-
v.uira^R co aim onr Piuili.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work. Chimney Sweep.
Ing, Carpet C'eaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Stoves, etc.
121 ��ait 8aHer St. Phone No. A114
Three Show Cases
and Two Counters
fotaccmat lato Street
Cot-.   Vernon <*rn_ Wactf   _ttl*��eM_JS.
^KLSOIN.   B. C.
J. FR��D HUMS. Pram-ietor.
C \l. .Vhif" antl -.vifu. Deer Park:
H. A. Small, H. 9. Duthle. F. Fmnnli.
Vaiissouvor: ii. H. Conk, E. H. Smilny.
Bnneapolls; (.. 3. Kellawav. Calory:
J. Murahull. R.-i;ina. <;. ... Laurie. Cres-
ton. 1. Patrick antl family. W. E.
Walsh., Konrreal- .1. p Vroom. Wa-
nut.-.; W. a. BMklaith. Mlas A. Naglu.
Sjjokana; W. H. P. Clement. Gramt
Forka. j. A. dmith. Toronto.
J. Mclnnia. H. North and vita. Phoenix.   F   Dnwnes.  Adiley;   H. F.  Waller.
Vsini-onvs.r;   F.  Water, Glacier: J.  Mc-
Eroy. Ene.
W Johnson and wife. Wardner: E. L.
MflrriHlaw, C. E. Inch. Frederlcton:   B.
H. BearaB. R. V Blahop. 3pokane.
F.   Edwarda.   Waverly,   J.   Mcintosh.
Vaaoouvar;   .1. 0_s,  F. Funyoll,  Rob-s-
'int-y. R. Dnnaraiih. Revelstoke: T. Riiu-
jer, J. Laanrn. Arrowhead, H. E. Black-
more. RoBBland.
H.  Broadwood. Bunnimrton:   .1   Murphy. Hunter V.
H. A. Kempter, Aberiw-sn; M. E. Butler. Psirter;   g.  Lemieux,  Ssaaland:   Ss
MoKen;:ie. -jhieida    A. f;iaine. D. Corz,
How's $1450?
A neat 4-floom Cottaqe on Mill St..
with atone cellar. Verandah back and
front. Electric light. Two level lata
with 11 frait trees all Hearing, and
plenty of amall fruit.
Only $700 Cash
Balance at 6 per cent.
Brand New Art Beil Piano
John T. Pierre, Baker St.
Domicioa Dairy
CalbiiTlt it MoDomilil. proprietors of
he Dnmlniun Dnin*. hovlnu .liaBolved
.lartnership hy mutual agnt tlle hitai-
aeaa will in future he carried on lly
VV. Caltilck.
Thanking our patrona for paat favors
I hope to merit a nnnrluuance of their
.���not ice
FBITHIHn A.tD siSAOTlKr, i-arolutl*? aiund
.1 to. Apply
        s��l-pr tflnss ITniel.
I'lHHTCLA.-W ���.V.lITBKas-Applv'iUM.n'ss Ootid.
STOOff���HiiigI. m. WsiltmM, KB; ,it odbh.  ,'Sssisiis
I'siu^st man with atsss.l sii-flssa s-ijrparinmsf* ��wks sss
sissslsinn      Apply Hnr-slH. Volsop. 1. C.
to i_rr
TWO -13HT .Xa_h sts.s,.-���ri. stsaam beatad.   Ap.
pir hotuakanar. Int tat, I. v c. block.
Police Court.
One plum itnuik Defore the pollen
matjiatratu (hm [nurmng waa fined IG
and <JU8ta.
Liberal Leader Home.
J. A. Mu��dunutd, K.. C. M. L. A., re-
tuniuit irom ttie coast laat night and
went 'hrouh'h ru rtusalund.
Metal b.
Thu London imitation of lead haa
risen thn-H pointa since Friday dllvor
hnn alao advanced two points on hoth
Famous  Can  Recalled.
AmoijK rtiu ihroiu.h pa.saiMigera irom
'he cuuHt to the Eaal laat mtltit waa
Judge Rlehurditon. now of Toronto.
Judge Rh!hurd8��n is -i 1 years of age
ami hus been fin thi. retired Hat for
Heine years. In LSS5 he waa a memher
if ihe supreme court hench of the Nonh
West Territories, residing at Regina. He
presided at the trial of Luuia Rlel. for
High treaaon. and imported th�� sentence
if death on thu famuus rebel leader.
F*re in Fairview.
A cottage beiongina to Chria Creamer
tn Fairvit*w, and occupied by J. K..
jmith. warn burned to the ground gov
terduy morning. It was a one-atory
frame dwelling, and the whole struct
are waa in ashes within iiaif an hour
from the timu the Stat alarm wuh soimd-
ed. There being no hydrants in thai
diatrict ihero was ao possible chance oi
.jetting water on, the building, so Uie
neighbors lent a willing hand and
suvud a portion of the contents. But
*veu then Smith is a sufferer tu a con-
sideraule ��xteni, having no maui'ance.
It is supposed that the hre originated in
"he pipe which served aa a hue in the
3hould  Be Annexed.
The fire at the dmith resilience in
Fairview yesterday morning conclusively established the desirability uf thut
.iiilmrb seeking annexation with the city
at once. As the residents there are now
situated rhey are absolutely without tire
protection, and tixu whole district may
ai any time be wiped out, and nothing
can ue done to check the progress of a
conflagration.   Thia is not only a source
if constant langer ru the residents of
Fairview, but a menace to the city as
well, for a flre might start in Fairview
and gain so much headway that a could
not he cheeked before it swept ail over
the city.    En the Interests of all.  the
piestiun should be dealt with at once.
An Assumed Name.
The pectiUar circumstances surrounding thu death of Thomas May. have led
to the discovery that the name May was
au assumed one. Hia right aame was
Thomas Tlmms. It was only by accident tha.. hia identity was established
after death. It appears that May, or
Timma, dropped dead in a h otel in
Cornwall. England. Hu was a stranger
at the hotel, and immediate search waa
nude amongst hia papers for some letter or paper hy wnich he could he iden-
Ufled. The only thing was a letter,
which was signed by a woman at Rochdale.   The letter was signed, 'Yonr !ov
mg siatur.  'Then followed the box
mini-tor The police at Rochdale were
Kimraunicated with and they discovered
���he woman who wrote the lerTer. She
arrived In CornwaH the following day
and identilied the dead mun as her
brother. Then it waa that the discovery
was made that May's right name was
Tlmms. The name May was assumed
when the deceased joined the army, and
had been adhered to after he secured
hia discharge. A brother of John Miles,
of Miles' Ferry, lu a neighbor of May's
dster in Rochdale, and it was be who
communicated the death to John Milea
in .Velson.
The Store of Quality
Syrcp!  *
For Today Only
we are making a
Big Git in
Cora Sy tap
Have a look at the prices  in
our window display.
K. W. C. Bloak    Phona 10
I have received a consignment
of the famous
Pin-Money Pickles
These are very fine.
35c per Bottle
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica anil .rawptune its.
At laat the tlmo Iiuh sium-a wben tlm
s'.liildnm can sot nut sif itoors ro play,
anil shny want iiur.-sif-,|iiur toys tn play
with. Wsj havn thum in plenty anil in
GARDEN    SETS,    con-slating    at    Hoe.
flake and Shovel, 25c, 40c and 70c
SPAOES 10c  and  25c
$1.00 and up.
WHEEL   aARROWS.   95c.   $1.75.   $2.25
and $3.50.
BOATS 25c and up
SAIL   BOATS. .- 75c to $1.50
SAND PAILS 15c. 20c and 40c
W. G. Thomson
?T��S.Sa"��" Nelson, B.C.
Phssn# 3-4.
J_sepB Patrinlc unci family have arrived   from  Moncreai.
(Jeni-?8 3. Kallaway. formerly of Nel-
soa. tint now of Calgary, ta Imitk in the
'Sir-- *in a dllort vlait.
3am Thomaa ia ceisuvs^ring from a *ie-
���.���ere sittaitk sif rhe s^rippe and ia now
able to walk amnnd.
Harry Small, the well-known commercial traveller, cume in yetttertlay
anil ia rej^arered at the Hume.
Mrs. Nllann intenria to ipend a few
montha at Elmore. Iran., for which
sioint ahe will leave tomorrow morninjr.
Mra. Johnson .mil slaughter wili leave
for .Milwaukee in the morning, where
they will apend aeveral months viaiting
W. A. Macsltinalil. K. C returned Saturday evening from Vancouver where
he had been attending to profeuaiunai
Macdonald Ss Taylor, tile borae ileal,
era who brought in two cnrlouda sjf
boraea laat Fri.lay. will leave for Crys.
tal City. Man., in the morning.
Mr. Justice Clemenr. puaaeil through
tile city laat evening en route to Grand
Forks. He will return before Weiinea-
slay, in time to open tht, aaaize court.
W. H. Faulkner, a prominent real estate mun of Winnipeg, who haa been
in the city i'nr aeveral days, will leave
for the Prairie Capital tomorrow morn,
W. Spier, manager of the Eastern
Townships bank at Cransl Fsirks. uaaaesl
through the city Saturday evening, returning from attendance at the meeting of the board of trasle delegates at
Jamea McPhee haa returnesi from
Okanagan Landing, where he haa spent
the pnat three or four montha. Mr. McPhee hud charge of the work of installing the dynamo and wiring in the new
sts'simer built at. Okanagan  Landing.
Latimer, near Stanley, $ 325
Cedar,  near  9akat>,  300
Carbonate,  near  Paris.  175
Park, near Vsrnon,(2 lota)  525
Vancouver and Slocan, 16 lata for 460
Victoria, near Kootenay,  2.250
Cedar, near Victoria  3.000
Silica,   near Park  2,500
Mill 91,600 and 2.000
King Road, $800 cash and balance eaay
terms will purchase plot about seven
acres, part cultivated.
Near King Road, 50 acres, part cultivated.    Inspection invited.
Kootenay River, 160 acres, $16 per acre.
Also   land   on   ECootenay   lake,   near
Creston, Flre Valley and Burton City.
Wast Baker Street NELSON, 9. C.
'V,���.,--. in    .,iu   Hbtfcll DftftliTfl tn
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camptt snppiiwt on -tiitirti^st nont-H ami
mvst prico. Vitrmitf Imr trouli aud
vfinlHwmin iii*;ii.s uni -mpphw mut in iui<*
"Muil ordern rwrnivo uaXBful attention.
E. C. TRAVES.   Manager.
INELSOIN,    -    B. C.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yaie-Koottnay Ice, Froit.
Fuel a Poaitry Co.. Ltd.
H. E. sair. Baker  and  Ward  Stst
Fo* Sale
Near   Thrums,   a   ranch   of about   15
acres.    A  small clearing,    Eaay terms.
 Nelson. 9.  C..  Box 654.
A M. Can. Soc. C. S.
Mining Work a Specialty.
OOtoe: Bea-ley Building.   P. O. Om
������Iwr St, NELSON, 9. C.
The Assize Court.
There will be uniy one criminal case
tried In the a_alze court which opena
Wednesday before Mr. Justice Clement.
That Ih the caae of Mannarlno, chanred
with murderous aaeuuit on hla uncle a:
Sirdur. _as. A. Dale, charged with mur
sier. and 3am RoveM. on the smme
ssiiarge. will be tried at the Greenwood
asalzee on May Uth.
Senate  Tjnijrst,
This evening at i o'clock at the
Churchmen'-! Cttdl a debate will begin
on a subject that la engaging general
attention in Nelson, 'That lr. is in the
interest of tie city of Nelson to expend MU.ilUtl for a new public sirhsiol
building. * The aiflnnative will be taken
by Dr. E. C. Arthur and R. J. Clark, the
negative by J. Fraser and another Aid.
Selous was expected to take part as he
ia generally recognized sia the leusler of
the Deposition to the bylaw, but It Is
understood that he haa declined the
And  Not Satisfied Until  Thsy Achisvs
the  Hundred   Per Cent
The man who is anybody anil who
sloes anything la certainly going to be
criticized and abused. This Is part of
the penalty of success. No true man
resents fair criticism, (or it. helps some.
Adulation and candy language are
dangerous, for they don't promote constant striving towards something better.
One can understand and admire the
spirit of the man who gathers In the
ninety and nine and haa the same zest
for winning the hundredth. That Is tbe
Semi-reiuiy idea. More men were last
year made known to Seml-reusly tailoring than ever before, but the Setni-
���eady people have the same jaunty
spirit in going after the men who are
still sceptics. The booklets tbe -jeml-
reudy people publish each year grow
more expressive and descriptive of the
sileul wblch they claim to bave attained.
Seed Potatoes
We have unloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
]* A. IRVING & CO.
Telephone 161.
Sulphur and
An Excellent Spring Purifying Mixture
A specific for boils. Tonic for tbe liver and i vaii
medicine for indigestion and general debility from j
ordered stomach.    For sale by
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Lt
VVhol-eaain Provl-tlorm,
Products, - Fruit.
(Jovemmeut Omamery One-Pound Brinks received traatdj trmtt ttmi
'hnrn.   S* sr aula by ail leading gm-mn.
OfflcH sind warehonse. Htrasctin BlocJc,   Pbnne 79.
Josephine Street.
Nelaoa, B. C
New Spring Goods Arriving Daily|
A sMtnplets Une of up-to-date Soft and Hard Hats in Stock.
Alao a full range of Boots.and  Shoes.    "WALKOVBR" nur
 "   ""seee"
Spring Is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing itfa stock alii
requisites for the rancher, gardener or hous-alwlder. Spadi
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Prnners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attantion  paid to  latter ortMra.
J. H. Ashdown Hardw;
Company, Limited.
**������. A. ISAAC
"���"PSjf'lM* ��"��1 ,-Jototoir.* aucutisd with Daapatch.   SlnttM*
Wor*. Mlnlric antl .Mill MsiohlSMSW.      Ms.nulactur.rsol
-__.     v��""...�� wjtwwiwu .* nn sl;
Ylii.ln* antl  Mill Mus.hli.ar..      -ssusulacts
Orm  Cans,   K.   W.   Culilravtura'   Cara.
<-'orner itl U..I -sail
Prciat sitm����.
P.O. Boir
Spring Stock Just Opened Up]
C��rlo����.l I Jnoluunu nnd Carpets
From l.lnatKitw, iWutland.
Bw��t ��_Hmlltlu��t ttt Uuw IVl.��a.
Standard Futoitute Gwnpan)
Mnai.'ii Jt Kittvh Yhkuum,
'.'hi-*;rmiiur Miittr��iuH)��.
Complete House Foraishcrs
UadcrtUers,    Embalm<rs
JUtTOFACTURERS   f _._<____ C_L��       *
AND DEAIJ3S IN   mm-tSmZhtly  OUmgltS,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
1'urtiKtl Work, sand Brncitct*.
Mail Orduni promptly -stKn^l
>t!t__IOIN. B. C.
Launch and Boat
Wt alvsayt carry in atock and will ba pleaaad to isioo*''
wante In
Such ua
** lata Waaia
Mi-fusl Palnta
Bs.rry situs.' Ilssals Vsirniali
sits:.. .Ito.
Albany Uroasa
Anillo t'��P lifts*
Vaounin Mnrinsi Msi"-]
(ln one nailon 'tutt.1
Wood-Vaflance Hardware Co** ti
siwim wiwwwumi    hm '!������


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