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The Daily Canadian Mar 23, 1907

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Array lOtUME I.     NO.   248.
|alian Kills Countryman
Near Landing
It bay, heavily armed
1 Reply Today to Wires to Kootenay
Landtag���Sequel Still Unkown
���Victim Rot Dead.
\,s further word haa so far come to
1 city rrom the seat of wur near
otenay Landing, where yesterday
i.-l Bullsrck-Webster, with two con-
lutsl.-H, and a few other citizens were
fining to arrest an Italian who had
ut his comrade.
Maura. Webster and Young left N'el-
yesterday    morning for Kootenay
Bndlng, and  it  wus  HUrmlaed  that  a
[111s- had been committed. No informa-
,11 came until the arrival of the Crow
at last night, and then many couttlct*
fy stssiics   were   told   by   tbe  pasBen-
moat ol whom had only hearsay
Iformnllon, iilcked  up at the landing.
I Such iniormatlon sifted out and con-
ised, amounted to thiB: Two Italians
I been shacking together.   One shot
otber with a rifle, got all the am-
inltlon he could .took up a position
tbe window of a lone shack  on a
re Muff, resisted  arrest  and  threat-
i-d ns kill Constable Joe Wilson If he
proached    his    stronghold.     Wilson
breupon wired Chief Bullock-Webster.
I':* ���  Italian who was Bhot was found
sis cabin and  was  taken to Cran-
si, hospital.   At last reports he was
(Constable! J- T. niack. of Ned Den-
unsl .1   A. Fraser, of Ymir, arrived
I (be city laat night.   Mr. niack la still
- but says his visit bas no connec.
wiih the shooting In East Koote-
nor with the chleg's absence.    Mr.
fraser rettirned to Ymir this morning.
phether his  arrival   and return   were
to Instructions  from his chief  is
ot  known.
All    attempta   to   get news by wire
um the Landing today have failed.
Rise in Copper.
The  law  requires aB a  pre-requlslte
location   a bona   Ilde   discovery   of
fmlneral-hearing rock in place," but It
los-s not iirt'Biime to say what tbe value
ft such rock shall be.   Some large and
loted mines show only low grade ore
Kt tbe surface���too low to be profitable
pder any conditions, but which develop
nio bonanzas In depth.    This Is  particularly tbe caae wltb some copper de-
Bits.    In  mines of the base metals,
uch aB copper, lead und zinc. Ihe mar-
el price of the metal is an Important
factor, for the copper mine which per-
iups was too low grade to ufford a pro-
live years ago, may today be a valuable property hy reason of the advance
pf thc  price of copper.    In   1902   the
highest price for Lake copper was ISS_
(cents, in February of that year.   Today
111 isworth 86 cents, or more per pound
���which makes n difference ln Ihe value
lol soma itrcat mines of millions ol dol-
Northwestern Total Loaa.
Seattle, March  23.���A despatch to the
ll'i'st Intelligence) from Valdez, Alaska,
���aays:     The steamer   Hortland arrived
��� here at midnight with tbe passengers
land mail from Ihe steamer Northewst-
lein, which was wrecked Tuesday morn-
��� Ing on a rock near IleatBonl wharf. La-
Itouche Island.   The vessel was leaving
��� the bay enroute to Valdez when a flurry
lof wind caught her and threw her over
Ion the rocks. She went on easily and
���Captain Tribrldge thought no damage
I was done, but as tlie tide lowered she
nettled mi the rockB, which pucnhed
tholes In the forward compartment. The
I forward bnlkyard, lhe engine room and
[forward compartment are still dry,
���though there ls 17 feet of waler In the
\ li.rwar ilhold. The officers or the steam-
dp Northwestern state that lt will cosl
[���Mi.ooo lo float tho vosBel from the
1 rocks, where she ls Imprisoned.
Gold In Mississippi Valley.
Oold Is known to occur ln a number
of HlnteB In the Mlsslppl valley In Minnesota, WlBconaln and Missouri. The
llllutk Hills of South Dakota In which
lore found great gold bearing veins.
I'orm an Isolated uplift aeveral hundred
��� miles ensl of tho Rocky mountains, bul
Fifty Cunts a Month
though not a part of the main mountain
cnaln,  were  doubtless  uplifted at  the
���hM. .I?"' �� -lht'    Rocl<y    �����untaln,
���* they geologically resemble.
Waldorf-Astoria Hard Hit
New York, March 2X_i��� the appel-
Inte division of Ihe Bupreme court yesterday u judgment convicting the Wal-
dorf-Astorlu Hotel Company of violating
Bectlon It of the Forest, Fish aud Game
laws, waB affirmed. The offence charged
was having English pheasants In Ihe
company'B possession contrary to the
statutes. It was conceded that tbe
pheasants were killed in the state of
New Jersey, bul the law specifies that
It shall apply lo any animal, bird or fish
coming from without the state, just the
Mme aB though taken within the state.
In Ihe trial before Justice Greenbaum
the company was fined $4.47.
New Terminal  Station  and   Hotel.
Plans for an hotel, costing from |1,-
250,000 to 11,500.000, and a terminal
station, costing from $260,000 to $300,-
000, to be erected in Ottawa by the
Grand Trunk railway , have been explained to the Ottawa civic finance committee by Mr. CharleB M. Hayes, general manager of the railway system.
The hotel will front on Rideau and the
station on Little Sussex street, extended somewhere near the site of the Nlco-
let House.
Jabez Balfour, Famous Embezzler, Haa
Written Account of His Life
aa a Convict.
Jabez Halfour. who recently completed a term of 14 years' imprisonment for
fraud in connection with the Liberator
Societies, has written a book, in which
he freely criticizes Ihe prison system.
Here are a few extracts:
The Hritish prison system would
seem, in many of its details, to have
been devised by some malignant genius,
actuated by the horrible ambition of
de Sade, "to leave the world a little
worse than he had found it," to crush
out of the heart of any unhappy criminal any lingering remnant of self-respect,
any feeble hope o' self-redemption,
which may have -survived his public
degredatlon in the criminal court.
On three separate occasions Mr.
Balfour was taken on long railway
journeys, clad In prison clothes and
handcuffed. "I bave found along my
route groups of curious sightseers,
who had evidently been apprised of my
movements ... On Cowes Pier waa
the Inevitable photographer, and quite
a throng of busybodiea, through whom I
had to elbow my way. At Southampton
there was a mob of very Ill-behaved females.*' The handcuffing, as be polnta
out, was a purely superflous degradation. On each occasion he waa accompanied by two armed wardera. What
occasion could there be to fetter an
elderly obese man so guarded and ao
As to the Bpedea of bodily search
known aa "the dry bath," of which Mr.
Halfour speaks In carefully-veiled
phrases, it was obviously an Indignity
which might have been resented by a
nigger in the days of chattel slavery���
"a degradation to the unhappy prisoner
and nn outrage on Ihe reluctant warder
���grossly revolting nnd Indecent."
The amount of power Invested In
warders and other petty officials is another blot on our prison system. Only
a man of high and humane nature���and
such men are Icbs rare phenomena than
mlghl be supposed��� could withstand lhe
Inflnate temptations to petty tyrany furnished by the discipline of such a prison
as Portland. Mr. Balfour was warned
by a kindly chaplain:���"Be very careful
of the warders. You are wholly In their
How wholly, such Incidents aa tbe fol.
lowing may serve to ahow:
"A well-conducted youth, who was
wBlklng Immediately before me, halted
and stooped down lo fasten his shoelace. He was Immediately pounced upon by Ihe warder, who shouted, 'You
arc not to atop: you are not to pick up
anything: you are not to stoop: you ure
not to look anywhere unless I give you
leave.' I myself waa twice reproved by
this ruffian for looking up at the sky!
"Once u prisoner, in passing me smiled . . The warder saw. and was
swift to shout Now, then. Halfour, smiling is not allowed here.' He need hardly havo lold us that."
Humor creeps Into everything���even
Into a prison. Here Is a quaint experience: "One morning I had heard a
tremendous disturbance in one of tha
cells above mine. I asked the warder
what tho disturbance was about, and be
ealmly replied, 'Oh, Its nothing; It Is
only a fellow who has done his lime and
doesn't want to go.'"
Brick Houaae Underground.
In the Homestake mine on the 1100
level, a large pump Ib Installed within
a large chamber cut out of the Bolld
rock, walled and arched wllh brick, In
fact, a complete brick house built more
than 1000 feet below the surface.
Farifl Changed tn Suit
Hyman's Firm
Outrageous Prices Paid Nova Scotia
Firm���Corruption in Etery
Dominion Department.
Oitawa. March 23.���On Tuesday Mr.
Fielding stated that be had no more
tariff changes to propose and tbe committee of ways and means handed In
what is now supposed to be its final
report. The finance minister announced
when the house mel that be expected
to have his tariff revision measure finished and done with before the Christmas vacation. He was a long way out
ln bia reckoning. But the delay baa
I), en all his own fault for the time has
been mostly occupied by the ministers
revising their own revision. After
Christmas the minister brought in
about a hundred amendments to his
own bill and since then he has made
numerous amendments to these amendments. It was only this week thst Mr.
Fielding himself knew all tbe details
of his final measure.
On the last da> of discussion a singular circumstance waa revealed. Mr.
Boyce, of Algoma, called attention to the
fact that some 80 boot and shoe manufacturers had asked for additions-] protection. When they began pressing for
these changes the Tanners' Association
worked with them, but ln the later
Biases the boot and shoe people were
left to fight It out alone. In tbe end
the tanners got an Increased duty on
all aole leather, though ln the flrat draft
of the tariff bill they were allowed
much less. The boot and aboe manufacturers got an Increase on certain
classes, but not on the bulk of their
product and they claim that tbe Increased duty on leather leaves them ln
a worBe position than they were before.
Now in the discussion there waa produced the combine agreement of the
Tannera' Association, which compe's all
purchasers, ln consideration of certain
rebates, to make a solemn declaration
that they will only buy from the tanners within the combine. On several
occaatons Dr. Sproule has produced this
evidence in the hotise, and lt ls shown
that formal representations had been
made to the government as required by
statute against combine and that the
government took no action.
It is shown that on aeveral occasions
while the tanners and the boot and
Bhoe makers were working together for
an Increase of duty, a prominent member of the 'Tanners' Combine referred
to the great Influence that their association had with tbe government by reason of the fact that one of their members was in Sir Wilfrid's cabinet. Of
the seven firms maintaining tbe tanners' combine that of C. S. Hyman &
Company was one of the largest, and
It now appears that this combine not
only escaped the law, but that its members have been specially favored In the
tariff revision. Mr. Borden pointed out
that the government took no nelion
against this illegal combination when
complaint was made. He added: "and
although tbe facts were admittedly
brought before the governor In council,
the governor in council took no anion
except the one action and that was to
take Into the cabinet, Into the privy
council, Into thla administration, a
member of this very combine against
whom this complaint has heen made."
The public account committee has
been struggling with the bill for 250
sub-target machines delivered to the
government, and about the same number now under contract. The cost ls
$250 for each machine which is an arrangement used for purposes of instruction in rifle shooting. It ls understood
some 2,000 of thes'i machines will be
furnished at a cost of half a million
dollars. Mr. Jewell, of Toronto, secured
the right for Canada. According to the
evidence of the manager, the contract
ing company paid Jewell $53,000 rash
aud $500,000 In stock for his right. This
stock, with only $4,500 paid up In cash,
Is the total capital of the company. The
Interesting feature of the case Is the
Tact that Mr. Jewell distributed the
$500,000 shares among various persons
In lots of $25,000 and $60,000. These
Included certain militia officers and politicians. Sharea also passed Into the
handB of officers In the militia depart
ment. And the holders of these shares
are among those who recommended the
purchase. An attempt was made by
members of the committee to find out
what waa paid for these shares and
what transfers took place. But when
the Inquiry In thla direction began tn
grow interesting, government Bupporters raised objections, the minister of
railways  leading  In  the enterprise of
suppressing ..the facts, and the chairman ruled out the questions. One of .
friend of the minister of i.illltla. It
came out that the cost of in inufactur-
ing the machines was $64 .aeh. and
the $25,000 stockholders, who haa
transferred hla shares, la Mr. Wickwlre,
ex-M. P. P., of Kentville, N. :}.. a close
tbe company baa alreacy ma *,e enough
to pay for the patent and all preliminary expenses as well aa for tlie cost of
production. Hereafter they will apparently have at least $150 profit on each
machine, and as they have farms-id out
the work of making them tliere is a
fine product ahead.
Government Oolng lta Beat to Restore
Ordt���Little Bloodshed.
Bucharest. Roumania, March 23.--
Tbe Roumania government ia doing
everything in Its power to restore quiet
in the districts of the Russian frontier.
One regiment of troops aws sent to this
section Thursday and two more yeaterday. The report tbat Roumanian troops
and policemen have been assisting the
riotous bandB of peasants are absolutely without loundation. lt is announced
here, that ln spite of the fact that the
military' endeavors, so far aa possible,
l-t avoid bloodshed, four persons have
been killed and wounded aa a result of
necessary acta.
Owing to the suddeness of the outbreak lt la announced that many foreigners have Buffered, but the government hopea, aa a result of the steps
taken, that order will be restored
An Explanation.
Early in March an article appeared
In the Cranbrook Herald containing a
report that Rev. Dr. Kilpatrlck, who is
well known throughout Kootenay, in addressing an audience in Toronto, had
referred to Cranbrook in very disparaging terms. The article waa mentioned
at the time tn The Daily Canadian, and
a friend of Dr. Kilpatrlck's -sent him a
marked copy. A reply haa now been
received from the doctor ln which he
denies having used any expressions offensive to Cranbrook, and stating that
on the contrary he enjoyed hie visit
there very much and haa kindly memories of hospitable entertainment. Dr.
Kilpatrlck haa also written Tlie Herald
to the aame efjoet.
Ex-Senator Dead.
New York, March 23���Michael J. Coffey, former state senator for many
years, and regular Democratic leader ol
the Red Hook dlatrlct of Brooklyn, died
last night at Long Island College hoa
pital, where he bad been under treatment for about live months. He was
born In Ireland In 1847. He was a
member of the aasembly In 1873, 76 and
1884-85, and Btate senator In 1894-1900
Secretary Taft and Party Starting for
Isthmus to Inaugurate Sweeping Reforms.
Charleston, S. C, March 23.���Secretary Taft and hla party are here to embark on the cruiser Columbia which will
convey them to Panama. Accompanying Secretary Taft are Senator Kltt-
redge of Sonth Dakota, the new head of
thc senate canal committee, and Representative Burton of Ohio and Dr. Ar-
mond of Missouri, of tho house canal
committee and, and F. W. Carpenter,
private secretary to Secretary Taft.
Also members of the party are three
distinguished civilian engineers, wbo
are going to the Isthmus by request of
tbe president on a apeclal mission They
are Alfred Nobel of the Pennsylvania
railroad, Frederick Stearns, the engineer of the Wachuset dam In Massachusetts, and John R. Freeman of Providence, an eminent authority on dams.
The chief work of the engineers is to
be the examination of the teat pits dug
on tbe site of the projected locks at
Oature, thereby giving Secretary Taft.
the benefit of their expert opinions ln
regard to the possibility of building a
suitable foundation for the locka.
After Secretry Taft completes his
business on the Isthmus he will go to
Cuba and Porto Rico in order personally to Btudy conditions in thoae Islands
with a view to making a special report
for the guidance of the president. He
expects to be back ln Washington in
about a month.
Id Mining Reviv
Spring   Work Beginning io Many
Camps���Stocks Are Recovering���
Week's Market Quotations.
Holy Week Servloea.
The services during Hoy Week>t St
Saviour's church will be aa follajn;
Monday���Festival of the Annunciation: holy communion, 10:30 a. m.;
evensong and atldreas, 6 p. m.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thnra-frMa-*-
Holy communion, 10:30 a. m.: ewuaong
and address, 5 p. m.      ,
Oood Friday���Matins, ante-communion and Bermon, 10:30 a. in.; children's
service, 3 p. m.; evensong and address.
8 p. m.
Easter Eve���Baptlalmal aervlce.
The week in mining has seen a revival of activity among some of the
prospectors whose claims bave become
accessible, and records of locations and
assessment work are again pouring in
to the mining offlce.
The one thing now dreaded by mine
and smelter managers ls a strike in the
coal fields of East Kootenay and Alberta, which would probably force a
general shut down.
Out side capital, mostly American, is
offering for development of properties
in Lardeau and Sheep Creek districts.
The stock market for the post week
has shown a slight improvement both
as regards activity and higher prices.
Eastern exchanges report business a
little more brisk, as does the Spokane
Alberta Coal recovered slightly, and
the bid price ia now higher than for
some weeks. American Boy, in the
face of another assessment being called,
remains firm andd changed hands to
quite an extent. Breckenridge & Lund
Coal Ib Inactive, with quotations almost
B. C. Copper, comparatively speaking, waa low and weak at the opening,
but each day's tradings strengthened,
and lt la now much firmer and In great
demand. Consolidated Smelters and
Canadian Cold Fields seeemd to attract
no attention whatever, and the bid
price ia very low. California la offered
freely with no buyers in evidence. Carl-
boo-MoKinney continues weak, but waa
traded ln slightly at low figures. Denora
Mines Is in no demand, la not offered
and la practically off the market. Diamond Vale Coal weakened aud ls now
lower than for aeveral months.
Dominion Copper, like otber curb securities, was quoted very low at the
opening, but advanced slightly and was
much stronger at the close. Giant was
in demand with but little atock offered
at tbe present low quotation. International Coal was very weak, with almost
no buBlness recorded. Nicola Coal
Mines In consequence of the lack of
business waa removed from the Spokane exchange, and attracted no attention whatever. Sullivan dropped a point
or ao, with no demand.
White Bear was perhaps the feature
of the week's trading, being the most
active and strongest of any of the
stocks on this market. This condition,
It is rumored, is due to the mine commencing shipments in the near future.
Following are the quotations for the
week ending yeBterday:
Bid       Asked
Alberta C �� C  $     .31    $     .35
American Boy 01%       M_
Breck. A Lund Coal .55 .68
Belcher 42 .45
It. C. Copper        8.12 8.25
California    04 .05 Vi
Con.  Smelters     130.00     140.00
Can. Gold Flda. (synl      COO 7.00
Cariboo-McKlnney .M_       .04
Denora Mines 10
Diamond Vale 27 .28 _t
Horn.  Copper        6.75        6.87j|
Forty-Nine   Creek   ..       .04 .06VJ
Giant 02M       .03
Granby     130.00     140.00
Inter. Coal 59 .83
La Plata Mines 18
Nicola Coal Mines ...       .04 .05
North Star 11
Rambler-Cariboo 28 .31
Sullivan    07tt       .09
Western Oil Con       1.65 1.80
White  Bear 06 .06H
Electrlct Blasting.
Blasts are fired by electricity in many
mlnea, but where timbers are neBcssar-
lly carried close to the bottom of the
shaft as sinking progresses, firing by
battery creates too great a concussion,
and aa a result timbers are torn out or
broken, which greatly Increases the expense of sinking. Numerous attempts
have made to manufacture an electric
fuse which would explode the shots In
aeries, but the sceme has, aa far as
known, proved unsatisfactory. Even lf
a "delay fuse" ub they, are called, be
found to act as deaired, the probability
or tile first shot cutting the wires of
these Intended to go later, would render
thiB scheme impracticable.
Burns Beats Neary.
Milwaukee, March 23.���Jimmy Burns,
of California, easily  defeated Charley
neary, of Milwaukee, in a 10-round bout
laat night. Burns had a big lead In
every round except the second when
Neary floored him with a right hook to
the Jaw for nine of the counts.
Will Stay  Away from   Parliament to
Avoid Friction.
London, March 23.���Wm. O'Brien, Nationalist member of the Houae of Con-**.-
mona for Cork, has announced his intention of absenting himself from the
preaent session of Parliament in order
to avoid further friction with the Irish
party, which bas now virtually accepted
the government's proposal for Iriah legislation. Thus there ia no longer any
serious divergence, Mr. O'Brien explains, between himself and the party.
It la understood further that Mr.
O'Brien and his friends have decided to
drop all pending litigation wltb tbe followers of John Redmond.
British Soldiers and Sailora Killed.
Mr. Haldane, Brltlah aecreUry for
war, has prepared a return of the number of soldiers and Bailors killed in "war
and warlike operations," during the six
yeara between 1898 and 1903. The empire engaged in no fewer than seventy-
three "wars, expeditions, and reconnaissances" in this period, including the
Bouth African war, and taking the two
services, naval and military, 8,267 officers and men were killed in action or
died of wounds and 23,773 were wounded.
Railway   Commiealon   Review   Freight
Queation-*���Ask Companies ta
Shew Cauae.
(Special to Th* Dally Canadian.)
Ottawa, March 23.���The board of
railway commissioners held a sitting today for the consideration of the queation of requiring the paaaenger rates
on the C. P. R. company and the G. T.
R. company in the provtncee of Ontario
and -Quebec to be reduced. Mr. Wain-
right, general aaaistant and -comptroller,
and Mr. Dnvls.Tllsenger traffic manager of the G. T. R. company, represented the latter company. Thla queation waa taken up with theae two railway companiea aome montha ago, sand
atatementa were promised to be furnished by the companiea Ior tke purpoae
of Justifying the ratea in force, but
theae statements have not been furnished. A short time ago the Kingston
board of trade laid before the board a
complaint respecting the -ratea on the
G. T. P. railway eaat of Toronto and
se-reral municipal corporations have
alao recently paaaed resolutions -condemning the paaaenger ratea on tbe
aame line. The matter haa been the
subject of correspondence between the
board and the railway companies and
no satisfactory answer haa, ln the
opinion of tbe board, been furnished to
the proposition that the ratea should
be reduced to three cents per mile.
After hearing the representatives of
tbe railway companiea lt waa decided
that the rate should be reduced to
three cents per mile. Aa the board had
previously received from the provinces
of Saskatchewan and Alberta complaint against the charging of paaaenger ratea in these provinces exceeding
the rate prevailing ln eaatern Canada,
it waa auggested that theae should be
considered at the same time with the
other applications and the reault haa
boen that the rates have been reduced
in theae provinces aa well to tbree
cents per mile on the line of the Canadian Pacific eaat of and including the
Calgary and Edmonton railway.
Sixty days have been allowed for
putting the new rates In forces aa considerable time must necessarily be
taken ln preparing, and printing the
new tariffs and distributing them to all
Ihe polnta effected. The board proposes
Immediately notifying the railroad companies of thla action and to requeat
them to Inform the board whether they
are willing to similarly reduce their
ratea, and If not to Inform the boards
of the grounds upon which they object
to doing so.
German Artist Loat.
New York, March 23.���The friends tn
this country and ln Germany of Albrecht Becker, a well-known painter
and a former lieutenant In the German
army, who haa been missing tor months,
have enlisted the aid of the American
police ln their search tor him. Mr. V.
O. Voelckerlng, of Dresden, a friend of
the missing artist, la now In thla country to personally oversee and Uke
charge of the search for the missing
man. Mr. Voelckerlng wllf make hla
headquarters at the German consulate
In Chicago, where any communications
which may lead to the treeing of Mr.
Becker can be addressed.
Fair Terms Resolution on
Progress on Bills Continued��� Premier Accepts Many Anwuhnf-flfr
From Opposition.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Victoria, March 22.���At today's sea.
alon Premier McBride gave notice tbat
he would introduce his resolution on
the proposed change in provincial sub-
sidles on Monday.
In reply to J. A. Macdonald the premier stated that while Rossland had no
legal claim on a portion of provincial
taxes, the government would consider
the advisability of affording special relief from the proceeds of the two per
cent, mineral tax.
Several bills were then taken np and
advanced a stage each. Hawthorih-
waite waa allowed to add a verbal
amendment to the Eight-Hour Smelter
bill, and J. A. Macdonld'a amendment
to the Workmen's Compensation Act
waa adopted, adding:
''Provided further, that whenever it
ls proved to the aatisfaction of th* committee or the arbitrator that the injury
in reaped to which the workman la entitled to compensation under thla act
la a permanent injury, the committee or
arbitrator, may, with the consent of the
workman award him a lump aum not exceeding the aum of (1,500 In full of tha
workman's claim to compensation under
th!a act"
The Eaater receaa will laat from
Thursday to Tueaday both Inclusive.
Fool With Revolver.
Carml, March 23,���Rehearsala of closing exercises at a country achool honae
near here yeaterday ended In a tragedy
and the artest ot a farmer for the mur
der of a m in wbo had been hla friend
and neighbor for yeara. George Nlchol.
aon aad lohn Kurd were seated to-
gether listening to, and criticising th*
recitations (Iven by the children. Both
had little daughters in the programme
and there waa no hint of trouble until
Nicholaon's little girl started to recite
when Kurd remarked on her nervousness, which Mlchelson resented, and ln
a moment both men were fighting. Nlch-
oleon drew a revolver and pressing lt
agalnat Kurd's head fired, killing him
Prieee af Metala.
New York, March 23.���Silver, ��6Hc;
copper, 25c; lead. 96.
London.    March    23.���Silver,    30%.
Champion Still Supreme.
ew York,  March 23.���Dr.    Emanuel
Laaker defeated Frank J. Marshall in
the 13th game ln their match tor tho
chess championship yeaterday.
That waa quite a clever remark of the
aged General Booth when he aald that
the work of the Salvation Army waa to
reacue the byproducts of mankind.
It la cheering newa that the price or
anthracite ooal will be reduced on April
lat. Thia will be followed by the announcement that the price of Ice will
go up on May 1st.
Wm. Chealey has returned to Nelaoa
after spending aeveral montha at hi*
old home In New Brunswick. Being a
good Conservative, Mr. Chealey very
much regrets that be could not possibly
get back in time to record hia vote la
the provincial election.
R. J. Elliot returned last week from
the Arrow lake dlatrlct, where he haa
apent the paat week looking over trait
landa. There la a growing Interest la
thla dlatrlct, ao much so tbat an excursion of prospective frult-growern
from Winnipeg is expected to reach
Nakusp next week.
H. Glegerich came down trom Kaslo
yeaterday with the expectation ot meeting hla wife and daughter, who hav*
been spending the winter at San Diego.
Cal. On hla arrival here he received a
telegram stating that ahe had been delayed at Sacramento by the floods, and
would not reach Nelaon tor a few daya.
!i   ;���
Two Cars of the Celebrated
A. B. C.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID OP  .. .14.7110,000 REST fl,700,000.
D R. WILKIli. President. HON. ROEERT jATFBAY, Vice-President
Branches tn British Columbia:
Deposits nveived and interest allowed current rates from date of opening of
account, and compounded quarterly.
nei-son HkA.\CH aJ��   W\9   L_c\Y^  Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Cap:.: Atl Rtse-M
���53, JOO.OOO      .
$8,290,000      .
Sfc-M-1-tl                                      Tit* Asset,
$12,000,000   .   .   $17,800,000
$32,400,000   .   .   $45,400,000
of Jl.tnj aod upwards recti
* Instead of genil-annually.
-hon Branch, G. A
red at highest current ratt
ite heretofore.
SPINK, Manager.
and interest
Published IU dayi a. wee* by the
-a     St..  ��������������:.. fi. C.
Siio^Ttptfoa met. AO cent* �� month delivered
m tne catr, or ��.W a year l( kQi by mail, when   j
pii'l to n-fvia-e
A'lver-i-inc rate* on application.
All raonit-d paid in   settlement ot  Tb* Daily
Caendli D aeeoonta, cither hit mbaTlpitoo* or
Im, mast be receipted for oo the printed
ompanr.   other receipt* tre not
MARCH 2*1. 1Q07.
A movement has been going on for j
S"me  time throughout  Canada and  in '
many of the northern states in  favor
cf improving the financial  position of
the teaching profession.
It was time. The average remuneration of teachers compared with that of
unskilled laboren was a disgrace to
any ;��e.p:<j protendlag to civilization.
The novetMDJ began in Ontario
v here eondttlons were worse than in
tbe Wt ������ There th* country school
1 er or nUetren worked for from $15
I- J.'.'. ;: moath. The hired man got at
lee*1   ��80 B  month  and IiIh board.
It ru absolutely necessary .unless
:he- lower positions in al! public schools
wire im become merely a haven <<r TtT-
og to :���!. Btrtnded, to mike thaoi a
i tii' more tttre* tive toy vta_ nd
rt mm of ftbll :-   am   ....
The movemenl hai ron i _,.��� ��� al cad
:t change for the better in t; king place
nearly everywhere
Hut it ie In danger of being over
li.ok��'d. that the mere paying of ullghtly
h gh"r salaries to uachers Is not nee
eeaarlly improving their lot even flnnn-
eially. The only real test Is Its pur-
obanlng power. Sow it i* acknowledged
that \h * coal of living is steadily In-
craaaln ft f* 'ine almost wholly to
Hm* steady rise iu wages of unskilled
laborers, it doesn't improve the labor-
���ers' lot tit all for as his wrtgee rise, so
do the prices of everything he Q}U81
iitiy. All other da-Mea keep pace niul
raiHe their salnrles or fees.
There are two slaaaaa that have no
power to do ho, the clergy and tench-
���frt. Only a -striking disparity to which
���public u'teiitlon Is repeatedly called
raises the stutUB of these two classes,
wlilcb  iue the worst  jiuld  In  Canada,
when the long and expensive preparation fs takf-n into consideration.
This conditions is an almost inevitable resul: of the exclusive devotion of
a whole tAople to the pursuit of material wealth. In Canada it is u.Knifie��?
by the nanit* of developing the country
But it is only vulgar greed become thc
national religion. Not until a jn?opIe
is old enough to place money in it*
true position as a humble means to welfare, and learned to prize learning, wisdom and art. is any respect paid :o call
ings not directly wealth producing
such as those of the minister and the
teacher. In fact, the statu-, nf elerej
and t*aehers in any country is a fair
criterion of its progres.- in tbe pati
of civilization.
So unnecessary delay should be per
mltt-d in passing a loan by-lay to raist
money for building a new public school
There will be no opposition at the coun
cil board and little, lf h.i>. from tbe
property owners The present rude
p:le of buildings, dignified by the nam*
nf the central school, if an eyesore In
the centre of the city. It is as unsani
tary as unsightly, and tbe cost of heat
ing in winter is excessivp on account ol
its construction. Three of the classes
arc now quartered in Isolated rooms
two of them utterly unsuited for th*
purpose and one without any play
ground for the children. Viewed mere
ly as a commercial undertaking a new
and modern school building will h<
worth many times the cost of construe
tion The settlers coming into the cltieF
of Kootenay are of the class that prizes
first among advantages adequate faclli
ties for the education of their cbildren
Mr. Helliwell, of Vancouver, hai
evolved a tchenie for meeting the pro
vinclal debt and relieving the annual
badge! or an expenditure of about |600,<
000. The suggestion bus not been welcomed with any enthusiasm by the fl
tmnce minister, Capt. Tatlow. Th. re
Ih no need for hysterics now about Hritish Columbia's finances. The annual
revenue Is now found equal to the burden of annual expenditure, interest on
the public debts, and the provision of
a sinking fund for their redemption
Tlie ordinary means of a sinking fund
bus generally been found sufficient pro
Vision by countries, provinces, cities
and towns, and fhe money lenders also
accept it as adequate, Ttuea In British Columbia  nr�� not oppressive.    No
. n.- f kit (Matt ftftcfept dtlMhg an i ler-
noti calftpaign The revenue ttC profit
ises to \groa fester than the need for
expenditure, and while no ocoti m presents Itsi if al preienj reqnir ig tbe
floating ot another loan, those now In
ejdstenct wV.\ tx redeemed tn due time
without any special effort, v- to Mr
Helliwell's Bpedflc suggestion, that
5.000 acres of suburban property ou
Point Gray be sold now on a M';tem of
deferred payments, strikes us :.�� peculi.
arly inept. With Vancou\e: growing
at its preaent rate, tbe lots in question
will be worth at \aaai tea times the
sum suggested in lea than M years. It
would be rery poor buaineaa policy to
sell so rich an asset at K wild a sacri-
ho���and for what purpoae? To make
sure that our ordinary sinking fund will
not disappear by some miracle and
leave us. Sti or W years hence, unable
to meet a trilling debt of 11 ,000.
The brief telegraphic report in yes-
terday's issue of the trial, conviction
and tt otence of the murderer ol William Whltely, is in striking contrast to
the interminable Thaw trial. In each
case the crime was murder, in each
case it was committed openly and the
murderer was apprehended at once. But
the English criminal has been tried and
sentenced within a fortnight of the committing of the crime, and will be
hanged within a month. The American
has already enjoyed the centre of the
national stage for many months, will
continue to do so for many months
more and is unlikely to ever pay any
penalty. British courts are not afflicted
with paranoia, brainstorm or any other
form of imbecility.
At Monday evening's meeting of the
council, it may be presumed, there wil!
be further reports on the street cars,
street lighting and tramway extensions.
The first two are certain to be reports
of progress. Since the last meeting tlie
car has been overhauled and much improved, and the street lighting has been
extended. The city engineer's report
oa the feasibility of constructing a belt
lin�� for the tramway will be received
with interest. Probably more than
three-fourth- of the residents of Nelson
rtside east of Stanley sir et. and receive little or no benefit fr< m the present rou;e. If a belt line can be constructed and operated without loss the
sooner it is begun the better.
the Dally Canadian
: i -��� ��,.- r- fcriitij ' ���x-
dlscfetloh. tJadoubtedli tbi ��� ���-
pollej1 of Rotiie in Its Imperial days waa
to interfere as little as possible with
thp religious and otber domOBtlc affairs
of their subject rac^. to preserve the
Pai Romans, and to guard the fron-
tiers. Had Pontius Pilate resisted the
Jews and caused an outbreak he would
probably have been ��� ; iinainled by his
How far the Jews wen actuated by
malice and how far by sincere bigotry.
is also Impossible to determine. The
majority of them probably regarded
Christ, ss tho Athenians four centuries
earlier, had regarded Socrates, as a
daageroua innovator corrupting the
youth by teaching strange doctrines.
But It is also true that they could nol
hav, vn regarded Him or His teaching
if their faith had not grown hard and
material, and away from the purity in
which they had recetred it from tbeli
great prophets.
Christ was born into a world at peace,
but it was the peace ��f decay and
death. Everywhere old faiths had lost
th��*ir meaning and men were drifting
The great mass was utterly Indifferent
and the blind, persistent few were
therefore all the more fiercely zealous
in adhering strictly to the forms and
symbols of a faith they no longer felt
The following services are announced
for tomorrow in the churches of N'el
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica streets;
Palm Sunday; holy communion 8
a. m.: morning prayer and holy communion. 11 a. m.; Sunday school. 2; 30
p. m.; even song. 7:S0 p. tn, Rev. F. H.
Graham,  rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Im
maculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low mass. B a. m.; high mass,
lb;30 a. ro : evening service, 7:M p. m
Rev. Father Althoff. priest.
Presbyterian church���St Paul's, cor
ner of Victoria ami Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:3" p. m ; evening service. 7:30
p. m.   Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica an<!
Josephine streets: Morning service. 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:80 p- nu; Sun
day school. 2:30 p m. Rev. R N
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley 3treet, near
Mill: Morning service. 11 a. m.; evening service. 7:30 p m.: Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E, H. Shanks, pastor
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, weat of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill.
9 a. m.; holiness meeting. 11 a. m.; a
prais" meeting at 3 p. m.: BalvailoD
meeting at S p. m.
Th premier's reply to J. A Macdonald's question as to special relief from
financial burdens is what should have
been expected, Roaatand has no legal
right to any share of the two per cent,
tax or any other provincial tax. But
Roaaland. la burdened with debt contracted by the folly and incapacity of
its early councils. The present popula-
t.on is paying for extravagances of
which the majority are guiltless, lt
would not be for the public good to allow a city to become incapable of maintaining its schools and other public institutions, and there will be no com-
i!_,int from any other city if special
��.ouaideration is shown to Rossland.
The idea is gaining ground that the
cities of British Columbia were all ill
advistd in following the cities of Washington in naming their associations
There is something cheap and vulgar
in the names. "20.000 club." "150.000
club" and so, 'Tourist association'
was not so bad. but still it seemed to
commit its members to ihe policy of
b a-- ul advertisement called boosting
S'ebtoc Improvement Association is perhaps not very euphonious, but it is definite and suggests a purpose which is
perfectly legitimate and not ridiculous
Ob��cure Circumstances of Christ's Trial
���Servces Announced tor Palm
Tomsirrow will iV thf Jaat Sunday be-
fi *' BuUr, commonly called I'alm Sunday. eoBUDemoratlng Christ's last entry
Into Jaruul-ani whm the people welcomed hlm with soniii and cheers and
Strewed his path with liranch'-s of palm.
The days of the week following com-
ini morats' in order the events of the
!ast dayi b-afora the Passion, the Last
Supper, the vigil in the garden ot Geth-
semane. the betrayal, the trial, and the
Monday is the Festival of the Annun
-station of the lllessed Virgin Mary. com.
manly called Ijtdy Day or Our Lady's
Tbe gospel for the day aniidpats-s the
evs'istss ol lln- wi'.k, ths- s-.snspiracy of
ths- riiarlss'i-s. the repent unci- and sill
clde of Juslas Isearlot, the trial and execution.
Apart from tbe sacred writings the
s'ory has been written more than a
tbouaand times from many points of
view. The bewilderment of Pontius
Pilate and his balf cynical, half timid,
yielding tn the bigotry of the people
of his province, have been bitterly as-
Balled, perhaps too bitterly. It is impossible afler this lapse of time to know
how far the governor of a minor Roman
Output of Iron.
During the last ten years no less than
HO,000.000 tons of iron ore hav,. ',. an
taken from the ranges adjacent to Lake
Superior and trahs[>orted to the fur-
naces of the Pktaturg district, the Ohio
vailey and elsewh.-r,.-.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office: Bealey Building.   P. O. Boi
Baker St., NELSON. B. C.
Old Curiosity Shop
If yon want to buy or sell anything.
go to the Old OrrioBity Shop. A new
line of Japane���e Goods now on pale
*11 kinds of Dlnnerware in stock. Patterns
Tske notire 1-^113-'for** nft?r due I Intend to
tpplT lothe Hon the Chief rommlcrtoner of
Landi and Wotkt, Virtnrl*. Ior a viteciml l|��f-nc<-
to cut and curry away timtH-r from the following
flcttr I" d land, in Weet Koot nav: Cnmuf nnnc
atap<-��i planted at K'ikaaee Atine, on >and
Point, on math *ide Weft Arm of Kootenav
river about U milei east ol Nelton, B C . marked
"('. F W��lmi!ev'�� S' B. corner poit," thenee so
rhalni (trmth. th��Bfe HO chain * watt, thenre Hf>
chain', north. thenr�� ��0 chains to point of pom-
me nre men*. e>.nt��]ninp 'to arret, mire or Uit.
Located March 16tb. IS*/:.
("was. K. Watupuv.
Y  Shrran. Agent.
BUty d��)t *fter date 1 intend to applj to the
Hon the Chief CommlMloner of I-andi arui
Work*, Vietoria to pim-h*��e the following te
"Tit**! land: Cnmmt-nrlOK *t a pot< nurkM
M Hi I W. corner, and pUn*e<l near the north-
��ett corner of I ot W12, atKitit .-ne mi;.- w. tt ..:
Siocan river, and running east 40 chain* to Lo*
:��1 thence nor1'* 40 cbalni tiieoct wi -tt 4'u-hafn*��
thenct iouth **) O.t.jr-J'to piece ot heginniiig
Man h9th, 1907. Milda HipeC,
Tivi Hirck. Agent.
Sixty dafi aft*r date* I intend to applr to tht
Honorah.e the **"hit*f Con; :���:��..,., .- of :�����.--,
Worki. victoria, fo purchaie tht /ollowlng
deacrlbed landi In ��en Ki-otenajr dlitrlet:
Com mencing at a poit planted at tut 6 E an ner
of Wm Lovett'. purchase L?<<�� and ma*kM
������e.U.lr'a N.K corner," and tunning tomb ����
chains, thence w��i 40 chains, thenct- non-b **
chains, tbenoe east 40 chains to pla<-�� of begin
nlng and containing 240 acrei.
March Mb. IW. F.. ftl Piuw,
J. E  a.knj.rI-1. Agent
Biitr dayx after date I .ptend to apply to the
Hon theChlefComir-iwioneroflandsand W'orki
Vietoria. to tiurchaie M0 acrei of laud in Weti
Koo'enaT dlitrlet: Commencing at a poM
planted about 6 mile* from tbe mouth of KOfr
���lUltocre*k and at��ont one mile weit of lhe sail
creek and ir.arked * II. H. B's SW corut ��� " in-i
running north tfO cbaina, tbence ea��t *.��� rhaim.
theflfe soutb �� chains, Bum west ��i cbaina to
[���lac- of l*[[innlng.
March 16th. 1SW7. If. ir  Rota,
J. E AVfAttLW, Agent.
Sixty dayi after d^te I intend to appty to the
Hon. the Chief Comm l*sloner of I*nd* an.l W0,-ks
Victoria. Be, lo purchai*: 1&> arret of land
���Ituateln Fire Vallef, West Kootenar, ann deacrlbed as follow-: Coil���aclttj ei lhe xnwtheatt
corner of uot 'BIS. and running north M chains,
tbence tait 2D chalnt, thenee touth UU hains,
thence welt _X) chaloi lo plac* of btRinninu
March 4th, 1W7. Vi W.JJuiiur,
J. I. AKlUBLE, Agent
9ix*f An* after dnte 1 intend to aj ply to the
Hoo. Chtat < ommtaa.oner ot lairls atxl Worki,
Victoria to purehase 320 tr-re* of land in Wen
Kuotenay, d-wrltje'l as followi: Commencing
��� t a *.-���-: i..-.-.��� *; up Moaqulto creek, ahout eiKht
miles from the mouth aod marked E. Croat' s W.
corner, thence nort* �� chatna, ihence 4*i -balm
eaat, thenct <������ chalm ���outh, thence e> ttstttt
Weat topla(yof begiriutng
Feb 16ib, 1SKI7. E ���'! ....
i.t. AjouiLi,Agent
New Spring
Dry Goods
We are now showing a splendid Stock of Advance Styles in L
med  Hats.    Now is the time to make selections while stock la nn��j        *"-��� I
orders for your EASTER  HAT8. U ����* or'�� Nj |
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A Fine assortment of Ladies'  Undermuslins,   Ladies'  Night  n
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Dress Materials in Wools. Organdies, Lawns, Prints, etc., to select fro' ""^
Fred Irvine <& Co'
Notiii  is beret*, given itiml  t��"  MOtttbl  "   '*:
data wa intend toapply to the Cblel ComtnJa-
aioner Of Undi ud ��'orki (OI a lease t>f all lhat
Und being the EorMbora ��d;oinlugtbe CanadiaD
Tacific Ball war Shipyard ou tha wait, part of
b't .ViA. group 1, ano balttfOD the south shore
of  the a-est arm of  Kootenay  Lake,  in  the  dii-
���iei -if EootaMi: Commaaaiai at the tout) ���
ii eorner of lot lm, *en*-up t; tfiout along the
Ktutn weau-riy ttoundary of lot .i*4 and  tht U
ten��lon thcr-of in a tn'r'tli weiterly direction, a
dlatance of 42t laat; thenot at right angles to
Mid boundary tna south westerly direction, a
di.-tan-�� of Jl.Wcet, mort or less, to the north
easterly boundarr ot the City Park, continued,
thenee'para.';.*; tdsald westerly boundary of lot
7064. fn a f.utb eaaterly direction, a <li*unoe ol
5a0 fe. t. more or Iom. to tbe northerly boaudarv
of lot HA: theni-eft.ll.iwlng the n-Ttherly boundary of lot -^-V in a n-nrth e**ierlj direction tothe
point of comnn-m-ement, lbe area U-iug &.M
acrea. more <ir ieaa.
Date-1 thla Tth dav of .'anuary, A.li., 190..
The Hall Mining and Smelt!
Company, Limited.
GO days after date I lutend to apply to the Hon-
orable'tbe Chief Commissioner of l^anda and
Works, to prm-hase 870 acrea of land: Commencing at a j-vst niirked G.w.8 N, E oornei
lxiai aud planted on tbe west shore of Arrow
fake adjidumif Lot ITI on tbe south ride of eald
Lot, then-e aefltB chain* along tbe aouthern
boundary ol I��t 373; tbence south 40 fit chaiua;
thence eait rs* < hams more or lew to Lake ahor��;
theuce uorih aiou^ lake ahore tu plac* of bt-glu-
Dated aim dav uf Nov. 1906.
0��0. v\  ^ti��l,
J. K  A SNA. BLI  AKeut
Sixty dayi aftei date 1 intend to appiv to tbe
Hou. Chief iV-inniM-ioner of I_aud-> aud W ark*,
Victoria to pnrehaae 1W acres of Una ii- *\, . in
Fire VaKt-y   being put ei BeeUoni Three aud
Four, Townihlp 6. aod dew ribed as followi:
Commem lug at a poat planted at William
William* N W.corner, and mnrked H t. a-%
N. K. cornt-r." and runniug 4�� chaina weit,
thence 3D i ki Bl M iih. tbence It'cliama east,
thence 4o ehalni soutb. thence 'it chains ��� n-i
tbt-nce w ' ts.a:ti- Doitb to placeof begiumng.
NoTemU-r iitd. l9ot Kosi K  H ILLiani,
J. K. A.n.mb:.!. ^rent.
Hath ������ ll herebv given that ��l .lavs alter date 1
Intend toapply to the Hon the Chief -t.'o-mnibv
a]ou--r of t-atid-* and Worki, Victoria, for wr
mission to puri-baa- tbe following deocribed
lau'i: ' <>ru_ni-ii( Ing at a po*t at ib? mterfactl<m
.ii Uu -"i.th boundary ol lot tis?,, and east
boundary oi "Golden wueeu" mineral claim,
thenct- east late chait'*, mor* or leaa, to southeast "rrjer post of lot US, tbence north 'St
chains, more or leu, to northeaat corner p..at of
.*- thenefl eaat 40 chatni to the southeaal
corner pott Ot lot 2b4H, thenee fouth 4o ebalni.
thenee west Oil cbaina. more crleai tn the ea*t
boundary "i the "Uold*>n yueen" mineral claim,
thence alo&a eait boundary 'Golden Vueen"
mineral claim to point of commencement, 10
chain*, more or lesa
Neiaou.B.t  .March 12. IWI.
John t H*��LtoK,
Per Wm   Toi li<����toj��, Airent.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
Special for Camp and Hotel uj
Heavy Hams
The Very Best of Canadian Goo
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Nelaon, Kaslo, Rossland and Boundary.
.'��� - ;- ;,-���:��� '������ ��� ,. . ��� is *: *��� ������ |a\t afler date 1
Intend to ���pply to the Hon. Chief ( ommlaaioner
of laud* aud Work* for i-enuiwiun to purebaae
the following described lands, situate in West
Kootenar distriet; Commencing at a po��t marked J. L. Porter's N W.corner, tiitni't -south *���
chains, following the aaitern boundarj o/ B
H   nppllration   to  purchase;   thente eaal 4<-
chains:   tbence north -��K)chaini; thence weat to
ekains to point ol commeu'-ement, containing
is*,i an re* more or lesa.
I>��ted this Uth day of March. 1907.
, JI.   pr>ITKR.
Bxtj  dajs after dat* 1 Int'tK. toappij to th*
Hon  '���-���:''!.:*.���:-.���.:.:.���'.; J^anda and  Works.
Victoria. B C, to purchas* ii   acraa of land, tn
I   Kire Valley, di scribed as 'ol owa:   Commencing
1 at a |-o��t plantvd Jt) chalnt weat of Walter Built
, N   W, OOnet ��t)d marked J. W   Holmea' Jr. N   ��..
corner p st and runmnf iouth ��u chains, tl.-i.j--
weit 60 chains. theu?e north �� cbains. theoce
eait 6u chalnt to place of beginning, aod b*lug a
portion of Section X>, Tuwuahlp.l, WM Koolenay.
March .th. l��r. J. w. IfoiJias. Ja.
J E Atmsms, ai.iitt.
i-'u:t dan after daw 1 Intend to apj.Jv io the
Hon I hi'-f i naiinli.-K.npr r.f lands iu Works
for perutiwloQ to pun-hn��e tba following dc
���c ibe i projerty at a |��*>-t mark����i ���'���> M -K
co-uer, ' thenefl ('"hain. north ttietio-41'chatns
W-.--1. ihenee��0 chnins toatb. tbi n<-e 40 chaiat
ea��.t i" po nt��f onam^ttoensent, a reloeattoa of
theahandoeed pre^mptloa nsof ff C Knapp
and 1* the ea*t half of the northweat quarter,
and ibe wesi half ol the northeaat quarter of
���section ', t/iwufbipTi' Weet ht��-icnar district, on
the weal >hor- of thehme> Arrow- lakes, con
Uiining 16��p acres, more or leaa.
March 1st, 19iT. GatHMI SlILTn^,
M   k  llcQOajna, Agent.
Notice is h( retiy gi vent bat ���) it v day? after date
I intend tn applv tothe Hon Chief Commiasioner of Land* and Works fur the right to pur
chase the following described lands: < oro-
mencing nt a post marked -*M. J Cameron'.*.
s vi eorner j��>si" tdanted at the RW. corner oi
ihe K- and b. bl'Ki. So Hll. running east 1��
uhainj; thenoe ton h l.ttO feet, moreor leai to
th�� c.l'R Une. thenoi veal i-fi rham* to tb*
Arrow Lake; ihenc north lt<00 feet following
the gbore of the Arrow I_ake tu iht p"iut of "-oni
Dated this llth day of February, 1907.
M J. tunno*!
J M- Caaaros. Agent.
.-iisty da\�� aft.-r datei intend ta sppir to t*ir
Chief ''otnmissioiier of lands and Works for
permission to purchase the following deacrlbed
land: H-uatcd on thf cast *id* of Arraw Uk*
in the West Kootenay district, about s milw
abore Burton t'tty, comneiMlng at a poat plant
ed at the northwest forn-vr i.f C Ba'her's t'Ur
chase, tbence eaM > chain*, theme u rtfa ��>
**bains, thenc* west '..1 chains, then**** toutb 4*'
'*ban�� t-�� point of M,nunen��TroeLt  and  eontaln
itijf 1 ����� rea Mo?e 01 len
January If. ]*rt.
Wi.i.Maa Fiiitia.
htit* dejrj alter date 1 Ui Mod to appiv to tbe
Hon the < b ef ( oiiitnlsiiu'"*r nf Lands an-',
worki \ I'tori-*, to pur- base ��>-a^res ollatd.in
Wflfli ki'oletiay. defrl-f-d at follow*: Com
m��-i*. :-i.|f at a pmt planted ab"t4t * miles up
Mmoiilic t reek fiom the mouth and marked
"A (��." .S W eorner, thenrw south K1 'hains.
tb- t, .,,.������ t" ��� '.*,!-.. (Ji. m . nortl fci ��� halm
tfaettOfl 4-irhaUih went to place of beginning.
February 16th. 1MT. A UkAtatt,
J. I. AKViBt.r. Agmt.
T-ixty days after da el intend to apply to th>
Hon "h�� Chief Commi��tioner of Lands ati'l
W'orks. Victoria, to pun hak*M0 acres of Und in
Wen  Kootana*. dfleerlbaj  as N>0owb:    Cf.m.
m��ri'*ing at a l^i*', mark. 1 - Ji R ������ wjj ,o-n*i
and t-ing at tb* S \\. ...rner of A. Graham's
arpi'i-a-ion to ponhaae which te abonl * miles
Dp Uo-qUlto Creek f--om the mouth and run
Mai:   ��-���   chain*   ���..'(!)..   Ihrm-e   *��l   .liaint   vrett
tbence aj��r aliu nor fa, uenea m ebaleieeetto
place id !*ir!iirili.g
htbruary 16th, mr. Q   PraToe
J. K. Annua tr. Agent'
But) daw after date 1 Intend to apply to the
H"n 'he thief ' ommistinnvr of Unds am)
Wo ks. \ ictoria. to puitbav 6* acres of land in
W-tK.Mitenay.daaerlbed as follows: ��.,.",���,'
rltie at a post planted about eight milea no
Moduli,, creek and Joining K. Cross1 application
to purchase, and mark��f c. M's H fc corner
tbehee north w cbains. thence vaMHcbaina
ihm.-e aonth W) chalm, thence eaal ft) chains ui
pa<e of beginning. w
Feb.16th.lSW7. CMaaaaau,
|      J. E akVami.
Slityrtays a;i.-r datelKim,] to appli ���-,!,.���
Works \ ictoria. B c., m mrvhaae Ho t<res ,,t
land  MtMatcd on the wett Md* of Arrow lake   it
Waa Kootanay, and deacribwl as (..Hows com
mencng at a post marked R h A. f.. corn-r and
Placed at the sou-hw.n w-rner of I_ot ��5roo��
L��ttd running north vt ehalns. thence W�� ��
chant th-n-e south ��.. chain,. thcn.T.as J
rl, stns to Ma'- of U-glnnlng. *
Marfblth.lSVJ. KovOsm
j.i Awmor, Agw,
f'lxty dayt after date I purpose making tppll-
cation to tbe Honorabl* th* Chief Commisaloner
of Landt and Works for permlMlon to pufrhai*
tbe following described land; Commencing at
a post placed at the f* W corner of I-ot OBOU and
marked *F 0, s".*B" K. W. corner, thenc* following tht- aouthern boundary Lot �����'���*��� v chalna
mnre or leaa eau to the weal boundary of Ixtt
���������''.. tb*nc�� following aame eontb �� cnaloa to
the oorth boundary of Lot WW: thene* abont TO
chalnt weat along aald boundary to tbe lake
shore; thence north 90 ( hains more or :���*-���*��� following the late shore w�� point of commenca-
ment, containing 317 acros more or last
Hated l>eoember 17th, IW7.
t. G Firyt ien.
fility dayt after date 1 intend to apply to the
Honorable the Chief Commtseloner <>f Un !��� and
Works for permission to purebaae th* following
d<*ecMt*d Undi io Kootenay district: Commencing at a post marked J B. Annabl**i aortb-
east comer poet, aald poat being on tbe eoutb
tide o( the Lower Arrow iake. aboot two miles
below Horton City; th*nr* aoutb 30 cbaina;
thenc* weit �� cbains; thence eoutb 33 cbalni;
thenc* weet Jf) chaini; thence nortb ��2 chaini
and % links, more or leaa to the lake shore;
thence eaiterlyaloDglakatOchalns. more orleea,
to the place of beginning, conialntna IM acrea
more or leaa
Dated Uli 6tfa day of NoT*mb��r, Itot
J. B, AKXal.K.
per K. L Bt axiT. Af.-nt.
Plxty days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief (ommlaaioner of Lands and Works for
pernilsilon to purehaae the folloalag dearrit^d
���andi lo Kooteuay Dlitrlot. about lbrM^uarten
of mil* from Tbrum'tudug-  Commencing al a
rlplar-ed at the I W corner of L ��M. .roup
��e_at kwi*ii4j DUtrk-t; tbeoc* weiterly
following th* north boundarr o| L At*, h,
rhaim; thene* north 10 cbalai; thaac* *��������! 49
ebalni, more or Ihu. to the i W H��rn*r of
I/-W, tbence seuth followint tbe vest boundary
of lAMt* lti chains, mot* or leaa, lo plaee ol com-
ntseoaeat, cynuining ��oaerea, moreor i**i
I��ated tkuttb dayofTte��vmbar \m
H. H   ftrn. lxwaior
Notice la hereby riven tut 1.T.J e$
date 1 intend to mate appiu*auutettta
t>y riren
make �� ; ;
able Chief Commlastcner of Uzssjtaita
Victoria. H ���    :  1 ;-*.....,..*,��� -,.-mm
lowiu* deacrlbed  laud, iltuattnRiifl
W'eit  V.������������'..t.v district:  ��� "amea|��ii
nlanted at tbe ���*������   ':- ������,.-���"���������:. Jata|
.:..-:��� pre-emption, marked tlllllt^
poat,  tbence 40 cbalni  aeit tmaid
north, thence flu cbainseast loJnuiU
northweat i-orner. tbence suuibecy
of commencement, containingliftcR
Dated this 28rd day of Sot.. ���'     ^__,
' ' Wl
at days after date J inieod to apply VU
Chief i ��� -1. m.'���:���'��� ' Landi aad ���
tor's to purchase 240 acrea of ad IT
Fire Valley and being a portion l(N
and 16 lo township**? and de-K-ribri a
C-ommeocjDg at a p-is; planted at W��
f-orner of the southeast q'larterof*-
Townshlp 69 and marked J title
then--e north 4*1 cha:n��: thMfll amtt
tbence a-uih tt Shttlttfl; lb< o�� eartitt
plaee of . ���>���*,!,   in,.'
Norember rird 1>��
Blxty  da vi after dat* 1 lawod ^**__\
Hott- Chtef Commlaaioner nf UMl ���*T
Victoria, to purchase Mteemel hM��
mllei b-low  Burton iuy, w>nK����
ti'.t-ii' ; ti a, at a post marked "J A W
corner poet." aakd .post belni ol-10**L--
of an island weat of LotMT.icfi rWaaiaj
land eontelned  In aald tsianrt bei��C��"l
mile in an easterly and ta*_ti
about .*��� < fisiti- from north t-MWiU
November lllh, IW*
J A.*
Hlxty dayi afterdate 1 intend MH
Hon Chief Commissioner of Lwaja
\ if t.-r.a.  to  p.jr-r.av.*  M arm ol CT
oa the weatstdeof Arrca lake and WJ
nortk of Lot 7VT6: Com ne tiring *}*f_9
at the N  K. corner of l-'l T/r-Ssal n��w
t.   K     -��.ri>er," and   running con*,��S
thenc* weat 20 chains, thenc* ttotv �����
tbenee weat   .*������ chains, thenc* _*__________
���hence ea��t 4���� chains, l. p:��1'"'"^^ii
amm   mash   )*..-. Wm _
Nov. Mtb, 1'.�����"���
Nolle* la neniby given that ft* davi after date I
Intend toapply to th*  Hon. th* < htef * ommle
noMi of Lull and Worka Vietoria, b.c . for
permiuuiii to purehaae th* following deerribed
iaul�� in w���*i Kootenay district: Commen'ing
st a poai plante-i at the southwest corner of lot
mil, group], aod runnln,'JOehaini to the eoutb-
*ait eorner of lot TJ��, gronp 1, then in an eaaterly direction hi rhaim, then north �� chalnt.
then west Behalttfl to point of commencemflnt.
oontalnlttl 4ti acret more or leM.
Located Ftbrfary llth. 1W7.
______ Pniut Watte, Locator.
uBL,7-s,1."P/."t*r '1*1*] ,nt*n's to ��pp" ��> "�����
Hon. Chief Commissioner ol lands and Worki,
v*,.|/,flVtr,.��urrh*** *" "i"S o( l**id. in Flre
raJiey, We,tK(K>Untr.tn(] described aa lollowii
' ommenclng at a pott planted at Walter Bulla
northweat corner and marked A hi I E. Of,roer
and running north 60 cbalm. tbence west ft)
-ba na, thene* aoutb 60 chains, ihenc* eaat M
ehaloi toJHMt at beginnlnit. and b.-tng port o)
^TJL^.V U fBd.W lD Township :i bai. {"ion
wSSSJ tifi1 ln To��n��bipV Qrea\X
M��rto i��th. 1907. , lim
J. t. Jlmiii, ^tent.
Koll(�� I. blt.tsj ,1,.,, ttm K (I1TI in,, ,1,1s- I
inuilonspr ol Uo_. ��a1 ttorn.hst miSduM
���oulb��4�� corn., .,l tsi **% io��rke,| -ha B.l"
ns.rthwMI   com.,,"   ,h,0('_    s-.ulls   ��s s-u.loi
sxs-ausulog *tl fccrt*. mure or leu.
UMUKltblillbilirolNoT.lWe.   R.a.Biu..
Nolls-, s. berfOT ��iis"n tbal n tl.j, .���,., _,��� |
Mat to.oplr lo & Hon rhl-. I('oi>iiil��loi.Vol
t*is-l..ns1 work,. Viciori. hrHMlSn ...Zi
���bom lbr�� mil., ,nm |��oo��n"r "."     t'lm'.
m.os; D,.l . p<��i -urRd "Jim., J l"',;^
K'JO������. TttUtt, A��,���i
wut s)���� .n't tata i laml�� _J
Hoos,r��hl.'lb. Cblrl s i,-T,nii*l";""'_r7if
V,,t,.. Vls-lotlfc lo ours-bM. Syffi|I
UtaMad on ths- ��,l H'S. ��l ""'-,1"___
ktiUhI .- lollos.,. f-..nnnriiriu����-.__
ft 1 H*. S. F. s-onsi-r .usl pU��J ��� I'���
wnt corn.t nl Ul -m. Ur.sssp 1 ""'"_,(
���nd runnln�� mtl �� ' b��IW' "*'�� .h*
num.. lli.nsi. mil ��' 'I'"1'" "'"'iwu��
Ibms-. norlh ��ls,n�� llss- I.t. '���'"���"JJ1
Mw*M.ail.     , ,, 1,,1.1(rn
Wily tat, .tut in. 11""1 '".I'fitfl
BpMTUriitliiCkWOmBSWM ",-,:���
Work.. Virion., lo pisrrb.s�� *M_Z.JS
Iocak-sI on lh�� "..I il'l-r "' "" ' ,i ������
d..crlb,'l u lollow,: r��n����__[.
m.rtcl I* A'.N. Snirn.'r.inil|'''"!.wi��
no-lb ol lb�� -Kssnhwoi ��>n,'fjSaMr
I. w>.i Hoo.n.-f. ins! rnnniniM"",
Ib.ui. ��..l Si cli.ln-. Ib.nff ___m_\
lb.ns* ��� ��-s 20 oh.ln. lo pi.'-* ���' "1! ,���M
s.rsb um. iw     } rit������a.ut*\
in ml
mm I
tn i)��t< AfuT tata i l��t��*AWlHBl
thiol I'ssiamlnlsssss'i >'l l��'��',,"i! Til
rhu. SM ��<-rr, ol .nJ kJ��J 'Jj.Jklp
In-c p.n ol 8��-ll<.ni.�� .';! I' [_"",ii .
sl4rVlt,H A" follow.. "���""'''���\��l,ri__\
mutMi r W.J.H K rorn,,.___V_M
nonbwMI eorn.r ol Mm  _t__l i���
lbe.,H'r..l��('h.liii: liss'iseex'"11'"'
pl.re ol befflnnliiif
NssvetnUsr 'Bti 7*'
I. I AK��
' 'Si
Notleo I. Isereby-rs-s-sii."'���'.mJi'SI"
len.l lo .[,-c.It lo lhe H"is    '''"l,^,{____.
i..nd..,;.! fts.rt.is..,i;n���r;,,iwfl
i- lollowhlf sl����rrsl"-sl  !��"''  ',-���1��1 _M
.irlrt:   I'otninem'liiKa\��� WiSTfam
WllMD'i es.rner pog, P*""! ;unnl��l!
isomer of Kectls'n if. J**!*"'__ _\aa__\
to eh.ln.. tbeni-. ����l ��"*>"���" _ ,,l,ttH
eh.ln., thenee .*..! *"_.a_'Z'*0*^
mememenl, e���ui��lnlu| 1*' ���"" 4 %0>.
Il.to.1 Nov. m, It*-       j J-JjaJ Al*>
ttmrttl, -He- ���""���! IT,,"'iirf[f||
Hon Chlell ssnsnsWIisiier '* '~B_,*is,'ll ,'J
B. |,sirns.��. IB *_M___7Sl ffS*
po.���n,rted ��. S*..��iV%S,. ,-l.l����J
.he N. W, s-oroe.
wen .isle ol Arrssw l_._ ""������*���;.���,. imu*";
Bssruin alts, lheni. ��*���:'*'*���,. IMgJL
��.S2 eh.In.. IhellltM'l <"'"'" ���,lll<ll��1
aer*.. more or le^. ._-   w,.,ssis in-
lilted Mh daj ol ***_ ,*5���,u, Af"
BC��l**tt ���
-J""J*'-- ��� r/'trr
___l'��B3t*:'-." ..-,..
Notice to Fuel Consumers
All orders now standing on W. P. Tierney s
or our books for any amount or description of
coal must be settled for, otherwise delivery will
not be made,
Dated February 18, 1907.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel and Poultry
Company, Limited.
Notloe Im hereby given tbal 30 dayi alter date I
Intend to appli to tbe Eton, tbe< ihlei ttrauulfl
einUtT of IjhhI- and Worka, Victoria, fnr per*
uiii-iitU to cut ami carry a-ay Umber fn��m tlie
inllimini; deaeribed laud* lu V-Vhu Kootenay;
I -CommettOlfll at m j.-.m planted abont eighty
cbalnfl weal of tlie mouth ol eureka creek, where
ii flo��> into Hani'*- <*ru*k, and on thc north
Unit ot Eureka creek, and marked '4. A.Lnurle'a
houtbeatii corner po��t, theuce weit elgh-y chalnt,
thenoe north eighty chalUH, thence eait eigbty
cbaina. thenc-) somiIi eigbty chalm lop-uni of
1 om menoement
I'ated Jau  -itb. I'H .     t,  a. UckIi, Locator.
���2. - ''ommenclng at a pont plained eaM of and
adjoining U A. Laurie'* location post No. 1, and
marked Q. A. Laurie's nuuthwcft eurner poit uf
No i looal ion. tlience eait eighty chatm, theuce
nuiii eighty chain's, then ��������� wm eighty chalnn,
tbence south eighty chum* to polut of coin men ���
UatedJan. I'uh.ivr..  0. a. LataiE, Locator.
Conunentdfll ut a poit Pleu ted about eighty
i-tinui* Mtttb of J-iurrka creek where it flown into
Barnes ereek, and marked U A. Laurie'i nouth-
wnt corner pint, nn location "mi ;i, tbence eaat
etgl tj cliattm, tlienco north eighty ehaim, lbence
real elf bUr chalnn, thence uoutfi eigbty chains
��� [mini of commencement.
Dated Jan. itt< 1WT.   0. A. Larai*. Locator.
��� '.'omiiiencing at a pont planted eouLfa ol
l���.��� tilNiitiingti A Laurie'i location No. :i, and
Dirked !���- A. ��� Hiine'- northwest eo'tier poet,
bence eait SO chains, thenre south Ho chains,
lbence weet W) .haiim, thence north to cbalm
* ('Mint of comrcfneemcnt.
Dated -'hu, i'lili, ltn-7,   Q. A. Lai me, locator.
iiiiimt'iiclng at a i��'M planted eighty
i:.��.:,- wet aad lorty chains south of location
pu So 4, and marked w H. Page's southwest
i iirnrr post of location No fi, tbeuce cast e gbty
Cbalm thence north eighty chaius, thence weil
tiftilj ''halui,   IbttOOfl   south eighty chains ti
J -nil. l*|l-'MVII)t  [it
he,'..   Jan  Ji'M,. 1'".'      W  H. I'aoi, Locator
< * ��� uimenrlnjt at a post planted south of
in 1 ��� ijotnluv lm-atlou Nn fi, and marked W. H.
Page's non hweit corner post of location No 6,
thenee ���u-i eigbty chains, thence south eighty
balm, tbeuce west eighty chains, thence north
ilgbtj cbaina t.> ["'[in ol commeucemcut.
bated Jan. aith, 11*07.      W  II. Paul, Ixwator.
Commencing at a post planted eighty
iisim eait and twenty chain* south ol location
poel No G, and niorkeo U. A. Laurie'i southwest
corner pott ol loeatiou No.". tbence eait eighty
ciiaim, theuce north eighty chains, thenc* weit
flighty ehaliib. thenoe aouth eiguty cbains to
point of com meneement.
I'ated Jau, lAith. 1IW7     U   A. UrRIX. Locator.
���*���* iVramenctng nt a post planted eighty
< liitlus east and eighty chaini south of location
post No 7, aud  marked ti. A  Laurie'i southwest
��� orner poit of location Ho. fl, tbence east
ciRhtv chaius, theoce uorth eighty chalui, tlience
Mint eighty cbains. thence south eighty chains
t��> ;������:.', of commencement.
:���'���'.: Jan. J6th, 1*17.   ti. A. LacrU, Locator.
l*    (ummeticing   at   a   posl   plauted    i ighty
��� * -.'.ii- eait and eighty chains soutb ol location
No g, and marked (i A. Laurie'i southwest
eorner of loeatiou No. w, thence east lfio chatm,
:..-!!... north 40 chains, tbence weit lfio chain*.
'In*nee Miiitht(>chalu��lo polut of commencement
Dated Jan   'ititli, 1W7.   Q. A. Lavaia. Locator.
)<>.���-CominemiiiK at a post planted about six
'mile* down Dnrtios creek Irom lbe mouth of
Kuieka creek where it Hows Into Barnes creek
in a ioutber��iterly direction, and marke.1 Q, A.
l^itirie's southwest corner post of location No
10, thence east eighty chalus, thence uorth eighty
ehalna, thence west eighty chains, thence soutb
eighty chalus to point of commencement.
Dated Jan. aith, 1907.   0, A. Lit'Rii, Locator.
11.���rommeneing at a post planted eighty
chnlni east of location No lu, and marked u.A.
1 anrle'l southwest corner post of location No 11.
theuce east eighty chains, thenee north eighty
ohalnii lbence west eighty cbalm, thence south
eighty chains to  point of commei.eeiuent.
Dated Jan. aith, 1W7.  ti. a. Lacrii, Locator.
Vt -Commencing al a (tost planted iouth of and
" ' luing loca'lou No. II, and marked Vi. H.
I'hkc's northwest corner post ol location No, 12,
thenee east eighty cnalm, thc net south f ighty
ohalni, thence west eighty chains, theuce north
' ighty chalus to poini ol commencement.
Dated Jau. _Nlb, 1U07.     ~, H. 1'aoI. Uo ator.
II Commencing ftt a posl planted eighty
' iiutus cast and elglrv chains south of location
No i.' ami marked 0, A. Uurie's northwest
corner (Hint of location Ko. L'l. theuce easl eighty
'halus, theuce nouth elehty chains, tb nee weit
eighty chkiiiit, theuce north eighty chalm lo
li'ltll oi commcuc^'ineiit
Dnted Jau _Wlh. 1WI7.   ti   A. LtfOUB, Uieatnr.
M.���f'oinuieticing al a post planted uorth of
and adjoining location No. IH, nml being marked
tl, A Lun n>- h southwest eorner posl of location
Ko 14. thence east eighty chaius, theuce north
elghly chalm, thence west eigbty chains, thence
south eighty chains to point oi commencement.
Dated Jan. Mtbi U*J7.   Ci. A. Laraig, Loealor.
j. i nmmt -Tw-uiy at a post planted eight j*
chains north ol locntion No. 14 and roamed V..
JI. Page's Noutbwoil corner poit oi location No
L'i. tIn-nee ea<t einhty cha'ns, theuce uorth
eighty chains, theuce weat eighty ihains, theuce
south eighty chains to point of cnuimtneemenl.
Dai..,! Jau. i-nii, 1*9(17.     W. H. Paul, Locator.
1*.--Commencing   m   a  post   planted   eighty
���'���i.iini. ea-Hi of locution No- lb, snd marked Q, A.
Laurie'i southwcit corner p��il of location No.
Hi,   thence  east  eighty   ohalni,  thence   north
���eighty chains, thonce west eighty chalna, thonce
aoutb eighty chains lo point of commencement.
Uieateil Jan. -iv, 1*907.     ti. A. I.ackik. Lnuatur.
17.���Cnmtneticlng at a  post plauied aouth ol
ami mi i  mn,a location No. lfi, and marked U. A.
���aurle's  iiorlhwett  corner post of location Mi,
17, theuce east  eighty   chains,   thence   south
��ighly chains, thence weal eighty chains, theuce
Bnrtb eighty chain* to point of commencement.
I'aled Jan. 2Htb, l!H)7.   U. A. l.Attiilg, Locator-
U<���Oamtninoing   at  a post  planted eighty
���elmili* south ol location  No 17, au (I marked Vt.
il   page's  northwest corner posl of location No.
IK. thenc* east eighty chains,  h ueesouth eighty
''halus, Uience west eighty chalm, theuce north
eighty chalm lo puiut of coin mun cement.
Located Jan. Stf, 1907.       W. 11. Paok, Locator-
19 -OonTiMOlng at a  post  planted  eighty
unalni aoutb 0( location No. Ill, and mar ked 0.
A. Laurlc'n northa��st comer poat of loeatlun No.
���9,   lhetice  east   elirhtv   chains   thuuee  autlth
highly chHlitM, theuce woit eighty chalna, thence
uortb flighty chains to polut of commencement.
Datod Jau J9ih, IWI,   Q. A  Lahkik, Locator-
fti.���CniiiiHciiring  hi   ii   poll   planted   about
���eighly Ohaini east ol the mouth of Klght Mile
���creak  where  it omptlea Into Inouoaklu oreek,
���na on the south bank of luimoukln creufc, and
marked (1. A  Lniirle'i northeait corner poatoi
locution No. uu, thencu aoutb iwi chains, theuce
weit 40 chains, thence north 100 chalm, thence
east 40 chalus lo point of commencement.
I'ated Feb. '2nd. 1907.    (J. A. Lat'Big, 1-ocetor.
21.-Commeuelng at a post planted forty
chains wesi and eighn chains aoutn of location
Wo. au, -ml marked W, H. Fage'l non hunt corner poat ol looatlon No- U, theuce weal eighty
chains, thence south eighty chalm, theuce eaai
eighty chains, thence north eighty chalm to
polntof commencement.
Uated Feb, 2nd, 11WJ.      W. H. I'aot, Locator.
2i.~Commenclngat a post planted eaat of and
adjoining location No. 20, and marked Q.A.
Laurie's northwest comer poat of location No.
'22 tbence iouth lfgi chalus, thence ea-1 40 chalm,
thence north lfiO chalm. theuce west 40 chains to
point ol commencement.
Dated Feb. 2nd, 1W7.    (i. A. L*fRi��, Locator.
2R.��� Commencing at a poat plauted forty chalm
east of location No. 22 and marked VV if i age's
northweal comer poat of loealion No. 23, theoce
south 16u chnlni-, tnence east forty chains, thence
north Imi chalus, tbeuce west forty cbalni lo
polntof commencement.
Daied Feb. *nd, \W>,      Vi. H. Paoi, Locator.
24 ���Commencing KtapoKiplaiited forty cbains
���Mt and eighty chains aoutn of location No. 28,
and niarked u a, Laurie'i northweat cot-icr
post of location No. 24, tlience south BlfLtr
chains ihence cast eighty chains, Ihence north
eighty chains, thence weat eighty chalna to point
of commencement.
Dated Feb. 4th  1901.    G. a. Lai'Bir, Locator.
25 ���Commencing al a poat planted eighty
chains cast of location No. 24, and marked '��� A.
I-Aiirie's northwest corner post of loeatiou No.
2-, thenc Kotith eighty chalna, tin-nee cnat
eighty, ibenee north eighty chains, thence west
eighty chalm to point of commencement.
Dated Feb. 4th, 1907.    Q. A. LAfflttt, Locator.
26.���Commencing at a pnst planted about four
and one-half miles down inonoakln creek, from
tbe month of Klght Mile creek where il flows into Inonoakln creek, and on thc easl bank of
luonoakln creek, and marked (i. A. Laurie's
northwest corner post, thence south elghtv
chalm. thenee east eighty chains, thence north
eighty chains, thence west eighty cbaina to point
of roiiuneiimiiient.
Dated Feb. -uh. 1907.     Q. A. Urate. Locator
Take notice that I inteud, thiry daya afler
date to apply to tbe Honorable tbe Chief Commissioner ol L*nil- and Works for a apeclal
licence to OUt and carry away timber from the
lollowlng deacrlbed landi, altuated on h-'andy
Creek, in Weat Kootenay district: Commencing
at ii post plautetl ou lhe weat aide, of aald creek,
and markel "J. P. H's" northweat oorner; thence
running south eigbty cbalm; tnence eaat eighty
chalm, ihence north eighty chalm; thenct. west
eighty chains Ut plaoe of commencement
i. P.Bwenaiao,
Dated this 19th day of February, 1907.
Notloe la bereby given tbat SO dan after date
I intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Worka, Victoria, for
a apeclal licence to cut aud carry away timber
irom tbe following described piece nt Uud lo
West Kootenay district: Commencing at a poat
planted 20 ehalns from the eaat ahD.e of I'pper
Arrow lake and adjolulug block 39B on the south
and marked *'(.'baa. hlil's" northwest corner,
tbence aouth 80 chalna, then- e eaat 80 chalna,
thence norih SO chalna, thence weat 80 chaini to
point of commencement.
Dated tbe 41L day of March, 1907.
(has  Kin..
Take notlco that thirty dayi after date I Intend
to apply to tbe Hon. tbe Chief Commlaaioner of
Lands and Worka at Victoria, H. C, for a aoeclal
licenae lo cut and carry awav timber from tbe
following described landa in We.t Kootenay:
Commencing ai a poat planted 20 cbalm weat
of the northeaat oorner of Lot 812, and at tbe
aoutheast eoruer of Lot 7786. thenoe east 30
chalna, theuce toutb 40 chains, tbence east 40
chains, thence north 40 chalna, thenct ea-t (10
chalna, thence north 40 chalna, theuce weat 120
chalna, thence aouth 40 chalui to plaoe of.commencement, containing 04o aorea more or leaa.
Dated March 9th, 1907, Petbb Lorn,
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
dale I Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief
Commlaaioner of Lauda aud Worka, Victoria, for
permiaslnu to cut ana carrv away timber from
the following described Unda in Weat Kooteuay
Limit No. I. Commencing at a poat ihree
ouarters of a mile up Nine Mile creek, on Kooteuay river, and marked William Walmaley's B. K.
coiner post, thence 100 chains weat, thence 46
chalus north, thence 100 ohalns eaal, theuce 40
chains to the point of beginning.
Located March Bib, 1907.
William Wai_mii.iv. Locator.
t. Human, Agent.
Limit No. t��� Commencing at a poal about
tbrci-sjinirtfri. if a mile up Nine Mile creek, on
the West Arm of Kooteuay river, and marked
William Waiinaley'a tt. h eoruer post, thence 180
chains weal, theuce 40 chalna aouth, thences 180
ehalns caul, and 40 chalus nnrth to polntof he-
Located March Sth, 1907
Win.iam Wai.mni.ey. Loealor.
P. Hkeram. Agent.
Take nntice that I intend, thirl' daya after
date, to apply to tbe Hon. the Chief Commissioner of lamls and Works for a special llceuae to cut
an*'curn away timber Loin tbe following de-
acrlhod landa, situated on Bandy creek, ln Weat
Kooteuay dlatrlet: Commenolng at a post planted on the west aide of Bandy oreek and called
J. P. H'a aouthwest corner post, thence running
easl ho rhaiua, thence north 40 chalna, thence
west 40 chains, theuce nortb ft) ehalna, thenee
west 40 chaiua, Ihcnce iouth 120 ohalna to place
of commencement.
Dated this Uth day of March, 1907
J. P. Hwikdhkso, Locator.
Taku notice thatl Inteud thirty daya afterdate
to apply t < the Hon. tbe Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Woika [or a special license to cut and
CUT? awav timber from the followlug described
lauda. iltuated east ol Dog creek, lu the dlatrlot
of West Koolenay : Commenciug at a post mark
tibubie* of an ktitu*. ,
tl Hefctas that the trouble of actteBBea
are cot confined to the pfatoral reproduction of their faces upon bodietf that
do not belong to them and fn pout urea
tbat are unbecoming. Miss Goftife
Millar Ineffectually appealed to an
English judge for a remedy against tbe
photographer who represented her us
creeping out of an eggshell, whereus
she had never In her life been In un
eggshell, and iherfore could never have
crawled out of one. Now Miss Edna
May comes to the front and says that
MIhs Mllar's troubles are nothing compared with her own. Miss May hus
seen a postcard representing her as
"n dreadful young person sitting on a
rock by the sea shore pulling on my
stockings! Worse, still, people used to
send these dreadful things to me and
ask me to sign them."
Lapsing ihen into the remlnscent
ni'" ri, Miss May goes on to speak of the
perplexities of the stage life. We all of
ue have our perplexities, but to be fallen
In love with, in season and out of season, must certainly be an embarrassment, almost as great as not to be
fallen In love with at all. Edna May's
particular apathy ls the man who threatens suicide as the appropriate remedy
for a broken heart. She says she gets
one of these about every two weeks.
and the duty of saving lives is a serious
burden upon her. She had a humorous
dreBser who used to Inform her that
there was "another suicide on the mat."
Hall Stmt. Near Silica.
Daughter aud pupil of Dr. Torrington. director
Toronto College of Music, dealrea a limited
number of pupils lu
Apply it residence or hy mail.      Box 11<W,
A collection of all the Latest
Shapes and Sizes.   A free
smoking and most satisfactory pipe.
Tobacconist.   Biker Street.
Notice ia hereby given tbat at a meetinr of the
Board of Llceuae Commlaalonera, to be held after
the expiration of so daya, I Intend to app y for a
tranefer of my hotel liuoenae lor the drove hotel,
at Fmlrvlow, to K. 0 Borden
"Companiea Act, 1897."
Interesting Facts htid Valuable Advice
Gleaned from  Experience of
Many Engineers.
ed "The Boundary Lumber Com paUT'a northweat
oorner poit" planted about a mile eaat of the
Columbia ami western nuiriiH'l, and ahout ihree
...Ilea aoulh ofthe Big Tunucl, theuce* chuiux
aouth, thence 60 cbttlua eeid, thence 40 chalna
smith, thence 100 chalna eaat, lhetice 40 chaiua
north, thence HO ehalni west, theuce 40 chalna
north, theuce 80 chalna weat to polut of com-
uicucemcul. . ,,
Dated 4th March, 1907, J uiksllb,
Agent for Tbe Boundary Lumber Co.
Take notice that 1 intend thirty daya alter data
to apply to the Hon the Chief <'ommlaaioner of
Landa and Worka (or a apeclal 11* SUM to cut and
carry awav timber from the following described
landa, altuated ou Dog creel, lu West Kootonay
dlatrlct: Commencing at a poat planted on the
eaat aide of thc Columbia and Western railroad,
ou or about len chalna eaat, and marked "TRW
Boundary Lumber company's poal, and about
a mile and a half aoulh of lhe HlgTunuel, the
northweat eoruer, thence running aouth juo
obaina, thenoe aaat 40 chain", thenoe north ltio
phnlti". ibenoe weal 40 nltalui to place of eora-
meuoament. f -_.���_,���_
1MUHI -mrwli 4th, mn, J ���SNSLLS.
The best way to prevent overwinding
In shafts ls to provide automatically
detached hooks, and to provide the skip
or cage with powerful clutches Lo prevent falling when released from the
cable. i
In ahaft sinking It Ib desirable, where
p'isnihie, to break sufficient ground in
each round of holes to penult putting
In u new set of timbers. Ordinarily
shaft sets measure five feet frnm center
to center.
Frozen nitro powder, though unsatisfactory as a blasting agent is dangerous. It should never be thawed by direct application to the heat of a flre,
but alwuyi ln a closed vesBel surrounded by warm water.
A poor prospect, no matter how disappointing, always justifies further development lf It shows improvement in
either sinking or drifting, for it may
soon improve to such an extent as to
make the mine valuable which was at
first considered worthless.
Pbov_t.ce of British Columbia, j
NO 878.
THIS IB TO CFRTIFY that the "Kakusp Fruit
Landa, Limit -d." la authorised and licenced to
���ts- ry on buaineaa with a tbe province of brltlah
Columbia, end to carry out ur effect all or auy of
the objeete of the comp <uy to which the lenlala-
tlve authority of the Leglfb&ture ot tritlih Columbia extenoa.
The head offlce of tbe company ia situate al the
City of Winnipeg, Province of Manitoba.
The amount ofthe capital of the company la Ave
hundred tbouaand oo lara, divided int.. two
thousand five hundred shares of ten per cent
preference stock of tbe par value of one hundred
dohara each, and twenty-five hundred shares of
common Block of the par value of one hundred
dohara eaoh.
The head offlce of tbe company ln this province
ls situate at tbe C ty of Nelaon, and Robert Wet-
uiore Hannington, barrister, who e address la
tbe same, la the attorney for the compauv.
(iiven  under my band aud seal of offlce, Victoria, Provlnoe of British Columbia, thla 16th
���iay of February, oue thousand nine hundred
and seven.
[L.S.] 8  Y.WUOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companiea.
The objects for whioh tbe company haa 'been
eatabllahed and licensed are:���
(a.) Buying, selling, leasing or dlspcilng of
ooal mlnea, coal and wood lands, farming, grazing
aud fruit lauds, and timber limits, and to work
aud develop the same;
(b.) To oarry on the business of immigration
and colonisation agents, make advauces to
aaaiat settleri* ou lands purchased from the
company aud to secure the repayment <>f Huch
advances with Interest on such terms and In
such manner by way of mortgage ur agreement
as may be mutually agreed upon.
(c.) To tarry on the buaineaa of ranching,
breeding, selling aud dealing lu cattle, hoiaes,
sheen and other livestock ;
(d.j To purchase, sell and deal In lumber,
wood, coal, minerals,grain, provisions,Clolhlug
and general supplies;
(e ) To oarry on trade as general merchant*
and forwarders;
(I.) To issue In payment of any property
acquired by the compauv, shares of the capital
atock of the company as fully paid up mid uon-
aaauaaable or otherwise:
(g.) To carry on thehu'lnesaof munufacturert
Bin! lien len- in power generators uud motors of
every description, to construct and operate all
cla-itea of vehicles, agricultural implements,
machinery. hoMts, ileamsrt, barges and ferrys
in wblch ilic|Nalil motor*-, are used; to eonntruct
and operate boat Hue" ��nd to carry on the busi-
neaa of carriers, cartage ninl parcel delivrlea,
to own uud operate OttulbtlB linos and vehicles
and bnata (or hire; lo -veil, lease and supply
eloctricity; t��owu and operate electrlo plants,
and generally to carry on any of the business
inolaeulal to the aforeaald purposes and objects
of the company;
(h.) To purchase, take on lease, exchange or
otherwise acquire ot dispose of auy real or
personnl property, and auy rights or privileges
which the company may consider ucci-Nttary
for the purpoaea of tbelr operations;
and to sell aud dlipoie of any lands or other real
estate aud personal property at auy time owned
oruontrolled by thc company or auy part thereof,
orany control therein,or claim thereon, and generally to do all such things ttsare incidental to
or couduclve to the carrying out of the objeota
of the company;
(1) To Decome shareholders in any existing or
proposed company, anu to promote aud assist in
promoting any company carrying on a business
pertaining to the objects for which this company
Is incorporated, aud which may prove useful to
this company, and to acquire, take over and operate the business of auy suoh company or companies, and to enter Into an agreement for sharing of profits, uuii/ti of Interests, reciprocal concessions or otherwise, with any person or company and take or otherwise acquire or bold
shares and securltfe-s of such company or companies;
(J) To acquire and bold landa by gift or purehase or as mortgagees or otherwise as fully and
freely aa private ludhiduala, aud lo eail, lease,
mor .gage or otherwise alienate the aame, and to
eaermae all thc powers set oul la tke several
i ale wes.
Large circular shafts were sunk In
France und Belgium fn the late sixties,
by means of a heavy drill having a
number of bits arranged so as to cut an
annular hole. These drills were caled
trepans, and weighed as much as fifteen
tons. The shafts were lined with Iron
tubing, as the sinking progres-sea.
Single engines, though frequently
used in operating hoists, are not nearly
as convenient or safe as double-cylinder
machines. The latter admit a more uniform application of power at every part
of the revolution, and do not "center,"
which is au extremely dangerous thing
sometimes occurring with single cylinder engines.
Many volcanic rocks contain gold and
silver ores as well as those of lead,
copper and zinc. The. most imjK>rtant
of these rocks are andeslte. rhyolite and
some other trachytic rucks. Basali Ib
seldom lf ever gold-bearing though in
the Cripple Crek district of Colorado
are a number of dark much altered
basic dikes commonly referred to there
as basalt.
The number of holes required io
break the full face of a drift depends
entirely on the hardness and general
character of the ground. Some hard
rock having abundant seams and jointing planes will break much more readily than softer ground having few such
Beams. The miner learns by experience
how many holes are required and where
to place them to best advantage.
Ore should be crushed no finer than
necessary to free the mineral contained,
whether It be gold or sulphides of tbe
base metals. Some ore slimes readily
and usually efforts are made to prevent
sliming as far as possible, but ln some
Instances slimes are purposely produced
In order that the extremely fine gold
may be recovered. Magnesian ores
slime more readily than the purely
quartzose ores. When concentration Is
to follow crushing sliming Is to be
avoided aB far as possible.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward  Sta.
Notice Is hereby glveu that I will apply at the
uwu meeting of tht Liceuce CoinmhUoneia (or
the City of Nolsun tv have the liquor licence nf lbe
Strathcona Hotel transferred from myself to
htwinald ticurgc Wrbh of the City of Nelaon.
Dated this Sth day of March, A.D., wrr
B. Tomtits
Certificate   of  Improvsmenta
Rio Teute, Orinoco, Queen Victoria fractional
aud Ornoco Fractional Mineral Claims, situate
in the Nelson Mining Division of West Koulener
Located on Queen Victoria Mountain, near
Beasley Siding.
Take Notloe that 1. Frank C Green, acting as
agent tor Michael Egan, Free Miner's Certificate
No. BM&.tntf nd, sixty days from the date hereof,
toapply to the Mining Recorder for Certificate!
of Improvements, for the purtxist of obtiiinlug
Crown Urants of the above claims.
And further take notice thai action, under
section 37, muat be commenced before the
Issuance of such Certlflcatea of improremuuts.
Dated this .Mill day of January, law
f c Ubkn, Nbuun,
B. C
Ne-ton, B fl .
Reg. Geo. Web'h, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood    Sample    Rooma.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btreet, Nelson. B. O,
Lighted by- Klectricitf aai
Heated by Hot Air
Large end Comfortable Badroomi and First*
OlaaaDmlng Boom,   cample li;m:u.- for Commei>
elal  Mma
MRB.  K. C.CLARKE,  Proprletren
Grand Central Hotel
Tuls hotel bas beeu completely renovated and
newly furnished with all modcru equipments.
Hot water hcatlug throughout.
RATE'S : Rooms,   50c.   upward? ; meals   25c. ;
special rates hy the week.
J. A. BEIOKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 250.   Opposite Court House
and Postoffice, Nelson. B. C.
Tremont House
European and American Flan
Meals tt cts.   Rooms from 26 eta. to tl-
Only White Help Employed,
Baker St., Neleon Proprietors
Bartlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar ls the Finest.
White Help Ouly Employed.
Josephine BL
Royal Hotel
Ratsee tl and $1.60 a Da;.
Special Bates to Regular Boardem.
Msssst comfortable quarters) Iss Nelion
Onl-f tbe best of Lis-ustrss stud . Igars.
March 29th to April 1st
Certificate oi Improvementi
"Ps>rtla,""��mM,*" "Kmi side S*.t" ud "Bet-
tiua Fraotlotul" tnluera] elalma, iltuated lu
lis- ilos-an t'lty Mloiui Dlrlalu of Woat Kss,st-
���nay Dletrlut
Where looated: At head ���( Hprlnges Creek, near
tbe Arlliiirtc.il mine.
Take Natltse tbat I, Frank C. Ureen, actus, aa
atent far the Arlington mine., Limited, Free
Miner's Certificate No. Be-Jotl, intend, .Iity daya
from tbe date hereof, to anpsy to the Mining Be
isorslcr far a Certificate of Improvementi, issr tbe
purpoae 01 obuinlui a Crown Orant of the abntc
And ( briber taka notloo that action, uu "ar
���Mtlon if, unit he eommoniM* before the Ihu
auoa of auch Ccrtlflcato ot luprovemanla.
DaKKt hlil��thdiyo>U^iber,l��i
F. L*. UnilN, KaUan, ��. 0.
Fare and One-Third
For the Round Trip
To and from all points.
Tickets on sale  March 27th tc April
1st.   Final return limit April 2nd.
For full particulars, rales tend fultlera
apply to
A.G.P.A.. Vancouver. I). P A., NelMtn
Wholesale mid KtiUil Dealers in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps Hupplieit on Bhorttst not.ioe and
loweet print). Nothing hut fro-sb aud
wholtwouit) lm'utK find bupplof kept in utoak
Mafl orders receive oiuvfal at tvntioii.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
Fw stiL rtiiit Lands
In every section of this district.
Large or small tracts.
S. Ul* BRYDGES, Imperial Bank Block
Fine Bidding Site
Chaapaat Buy
.-..In   Town
120 Feet x 120 Feet.
One-half block south from Baker St.
Only $4,000, on turns,
Choice Fruit i **~ ��������� *~��
ol the
Choicest Fredt Lands in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE;    -    Nelson, B. C.
For Sale at $40 per Acre, oa Terms
<60 Acrea on
Kootenay Rlvei* and
��� mllet from Nelwn. Good wagon
road running through tha property.
35 aorea cleared and. in. meadow;. 10
acrea partially cleared. 80 fruit trees,
out 2 yeara. Oood houae, two barne and
chicken houae. An Ideal fruit ranch.
Apply to
Jn the matter of an appli (ration for tht laaue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for au
undivided 1-8 of Lota 2, and I, Block Vi, To wo of
Notice lo beroby given th ��� lit la my Intention
to lBHue at the expiration of ou month from
the fl rat publication hereof a duplloate of the
Certificate of Title to the above landa In the
name of Florence M. Hodgina which Certificate
la daied the -Mtb da; of December, UM, ud
nunibured atiCIK..
h. t, Macleod,
Ptetrict Keg 1st rar.
i*nd Registry Offlce, Nalaon, B G
January 28th, 1907.
Certificate of Improvements.
������May," "B.C.," "Btr��throy," "Joy," "Joy Fractional," and "John 1>.Mahler" Mineral Claims.
ettuated in the Hlocan Citv Mining Division ol
the Wast Kootenay Dlatrlot.
Where located:���North ol Twelve Mile Creek
about one and a half miles np.
Take notie j that I, H. E. Jorand of Blocan fc.U.
Free Mluer'a cert Ifl uate No. B78300, as aao<ut for
Horace ti. Van Tuyl, Free Miner s -certificate No.
B4621, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
toapply to the Mining Reoorder for a Certiorate
of Improvements, for the purpose of oDUunlng a
Crown Grant of the aald mineral elalma.
And further take notice that action under
Section 87, must be commenced before the Issuance of such Certificates of Improvemenu.
Dated this Srd Day of January, 1907.
,  H. R. .10RAND.
Certificate of Improvement*
"Fmpress," "Climax," "Horseshoe," "Queen,"
"union Jack," situated in Nelson Mining
Located on Porcupine creek.
Take Notice thatl, Frank Fletcher, ageut for
the Active Gold Mining Company, Free Blluer'a
Certificate No BB22MI, Intend, M days from date
hereof, to apply to tbe Mining Reoorder *
Certificate of Improvements for the pun*
hereof, to apply to the Mining Reoorder for a
certificate of Improvemenu for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.
Aud further take notice that action, under
Section 87, muat be -commenced before the Issuance of such Certificate of Improvemente.
Datod Nelson, llth Pec., 19H.
Fbakk Fletthm.
Certificate of Improvements
"An."" mineral claim, situated in tbe Blocan
City   Mining   Division   of   West   Kootenay
Whare lo ated: On Bprlnger Creek near the
Arlingtoii Sawmill
Take Notice that I, Frank C, Green, acting as
Hsent for the Arlington Mines', Limited' Free
Miner's Certificate No. BMW, lntond, sixty davs
from dale hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvemenu, for tbe purpose of obtaining a Crawn Grant of the above
Aud further take notice that action, under
section 87, must be common ed before the
lKMitun't* of miih Certificate of Improvemeuu.
Dated this 19th nay of December, 1����.
F. C. Gaia*. Nelson, B. C.
Y. C. GREEN      r.r.BURDEH      A. H. GREEK
Gvil Engineers* Dominion and British
Columbia Und Sarreyors
r.0.Boi 145   ntmUlt*
PR0NINN AND a-KAkTIVO carefully attend-
ed to. Apply
���UvW King Motel.
"Companie* Act,  1897."
Province or British -Columbia. ,
So. 875.
THIB IS TO OKRTIFY that the "Columbia
valley Land Company," ts authorised and licensed to carry on business within the province of
Brltuh Columbia, and to carry out or effect all
or any ol the objecu of the Company to whioh
&_? 1\li��l"tlve authority of the Legislature of
Brltlah Columbia extends.
Tho head offlce of the Company is sltnate at
the City of Winnipeg, province of Manitoba
The amount of tbe capit*loi the said company
U one hundred thousand dollars, divided into
one thousand shares of one hundred dollars each
The head offloe of tbe company in tbla province is altuate at the City of Nelaon. and Robert
wetmore llannlngton, barrister, whose addreos
U Nelson. B. C, is ihe attorney for the company.
tilven under my band and aeal of office at
Victoria. Province of brltlah Columbia, this Sth
day of February, one thousand nine hundred
and seven.
|L ������] 8. V. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
The objecu for which this company haa bean
established aud licensed are: ^^
(a) Buying, selling, 1.using or dispoalna of
ooal mines, coal and wood tenth, farming, gracing and fruit lands aud timber limits, and to
work and develop the aame:
(b.) To carry on thn business ot emigration
and colonisation agenu, make advances to assist
settlers ou lands purchased from Ihe company,
and eeoure repayment of such advance*, with
interest, on auch terms and ln such manner by
way uf mortgage or agreement as may he mutually agreed upon
(c.) To carry on the business of ranching,
breeding and serin: aud dealing tn oattie,
horses, sheep and outer live stock;
(d.) To purchase, sell aud deal m lumber,
wood, ooal, mineral, grain, provision*, clutblnf
and general supplies:
(e.) To carry on the trade as general merchants and forwarders:
(t) To Issue lu payment of any property acquired by the company shares of the capital
atock ol the company a* fully paid up and nun
assessable or otherwise |
(1-) To carry on the hitainesn of manufacturers
and dealers in power generators and motors of
every description, to construct aud operate all
olaasos of vehicles, agricultural implements, machinery, boats, steamers, barges and fcrrtee ln
which tbe saw motors are ujed; to construct anal
operate boat lines, and to carry on the business
oi carriers, cartage and parcel delivery; to own
and operate omnibus lines and vehicles and
boats for hire; to sell, lease and supply cower,
and to generate and sell, lease, and nupply electricity; to own and operate electric plants and generally to carry un any huslnees incidental to tha
aforesaid purposes aud objects of the company:
(h.j To purchase, Uke or lease, exchange or
otherwise acquire and dispose of any real or
personal property and any rights aud privileges
which the oompany may consider nenossary for
the purposes of their operations, and to sell and
dispose of any lands or otner real entate and personal property at any time owned or controlled
by the company, or any part thereof, or any control therein or claims thereon, and generally to
do all such things as are Incidental or conducive
to the carrying out of the objects of the company:
(I.) To become shareholders m anv mfating
or proposed company and to promote and assist
lu promoting any company carrying on a bual*
ness pertaining to the objecU 'for which this
oompany is Incorporated aud which mar prove
useful to this company, and to acquire, Uke over
and operate the buslneMof anv nnub oompany
or companies, and to enter into engageuenta for
sharing proflU, union oi interesi, joint ad van ���
tureo, reciprocal concvasions or otnewise with
auy person or company, aod take or otherwise
acquire aod hold shares and securities of such
rom pan v or companies.
Notice ls hereby given that John McPherson
has made application under the provisions ol
the '-Liquor Licence Act, UOu/'foranoiatlicenoe
for th*�� jaokaon Motel, at Whitewater, and thnt a
meeting of the Board of Licence Commissioner!,
ol tha Alnsworth Ucenoa ��� utrlot, will ha hold
lo consider suoh application, at the Kaslo Hotel.
at KahIo, ob Tuesday, the 2nd Apili, i��tn, atUta
hour of eight o'clock In the afternoon.
MmaimmMijHJMm'mas'iaiiisMiui.imt ia.-;
We can show vols the newest styles   in   TRAVELLING   BAGS.   HAND
i       BACS and PURSES, and can sell them to you at most reasonable prices.
They are all first-class goods, and  it will pay you to h;:ve a look through
our stock  if you  require anything in this line.   . ,      .
*    ---, tmtml .-mr. wa-a  ��� *
Of the   diffarenes  there is      X
���i   1st', and tins, iu       T
Canned   Goods t
We i sirrv only *
FIRSTS       ���
Oue trial uf our ���
���Tartan   BrandJ
��� t
���*       -.*������!'.} oonvinee rrsu   that we       *
*        carrv a full stock *
��� Tobis   Fruit
J^ie    Hruit
Maple Syrup
; ��� I
���Samo  Price tin Inferior*
Uaoda J
Orra-^ientcc*  Chocolate  Eggs.
Blur Bird   Eggs.    Cuckoo  Eggs.
Rob*ns'   Eggs.   Stuffed   Duc*i   and
Chicks all sizes.
Make  your  selections   while   the  atock
is  complete.
S.   H.   SEANEY
Phone 205.
25 Feet Frontage
on Bnker Street
5 Roomed Building
Price $2,000.00
H. L Croadsdaile & <___
NU Itoir to Bank of Commerce.
BOOlaltot l����rty -oie'-t. .very Tr star
fsss-ullsg at At' ns . id t-sc xtssosv l'n!i,u Hall
All arts mvlsesj; sis sss niseis-'1 to tsfcl par-. ID
tb. itcL'air.   T as.-sis, Ssrrftsry
Cor. Vcrnun aits] >Vnrd 4��t rettta,
Mil.SON,   ti. C
J. FKED HUilE. Proprietor.
J. Henry. M. W. Garritson. Aiusworsh;
J. A Primer, Ymir; J. Schuilz, Gland
Forks; R. A. Machlin. Victoria; T. W.
Storey. J. M. Guun. C. E. Mellish, P. M.
Lindsay. W. W. C'urrie. Vancouver; H.
Geigerich, Kaslo; D. Arnot, .Slocan: K
J. Kilburn and wife. Deloraine; E. Mai
landaine. Creston; .M. Rosenbaum: Toronto; J. p.. Coffey, Winnipeg; is. v.
Colchester, Colchester. England; W. S.
Corn, Baks-r City; J. 1. Black. New
Denver; A. B. Catneron, Montreal.
J E. Borbin, Rossland; J. B. Weir,
Milwaukee: H, R. Chancer. Montreal:
F. C. Malpai;, wife and child, W. f
Gurd, A. Leitch and (laughter, Cran-
brook; A. Donahue, tin. Vl-ctor w. Od
lOO,  Miss  M.  E.  M.  k,--s  :-:>.   Vancou
ver; C   H. Smith. Spokane.
R. F. Waters. P.. Ciarke, Winnipeg:
M. T.bo. Ehsl*. J. 0. Hopper. Areola:
E. Parker. O Stephens, Calgtry; R. R.
Bweeay, Qnabec; J. 1! Wlnlaw, w Fur
-yth. J. Forsyth, A. Strang, Wiulaw; C
tleech. Kamloops
J. Carmlchael, G. White. A. Hill.
K. OrntobfleW, Salmis; R. P. Kerrey,
K McDonald. D. McLeod, J. McClnnlB,
Wtnhlpeg; N A McPhee, r Campbell,
St. John; A Liudley, Creston; G Ora
ham, Alnsworth.
E. G. Sirnmond-,. Winnipeg; Miss I.
Reynolds, ste;..-
A. Paimins: Bine Bell; W. Mitchell.
E. Woodside. Wlnlaw; E. Tillman. c,e-
rard: J. Tuniball. A. Sheppard. J. Git)
son. Spokane. T Wright, K. Way, Koch
Siding: H. D. Mcintosh, Greenwood: E
Srontenberg. Shields; F. Edwards. Est
reka;   F.  Day. Trail.
All Kinds of Heating Piants in Stock.
Victoria St.. Nr. Opera Houm.      Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Pmlslerfs will find it to their advantage to uit* our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
General Job Work. Chimney Sweeping. Carpet Ceaning, Fixing and Cleaning  Stoves,  etc.
121 East Baker St. Phone No. A114
For Hot Tomato
Tea aud Coffee.
Beef Tea.
Swiss Cream Sodas
Fresh from the
Telephone 161.
W.   a.   GILLETT
Ci.ntrm.toi*   and
Ml idem lot tbe f'ortn v.u/i Umber Co.. Ltd..
retail ya.tAt JLoAfh and dre<�����������<! lsml*r. turned
work and brisket*. CoMI i.nh ind Single*, rae).
and door*. <>nieDt. brlrk im lime iur asit
Autnmaili* jtrlnder.
Yard and (artory: Vernon f!    rati ot Hall
P. O. Boi 3M. TeVr.hnne }7t
Dealers in staple and fmyr Groceries
Butter, Ekjtb,
Camp and MinertT Supplier.
to take cbarge of lltt i-jrlrlnf thrMTMri nnd
awiM wi'b piniu needlework. "�������� s-ni prefer-
_^d_  _Apply NUdano* Utbb, Htr.itbronii iion-l
A POHITION' AS CLI* UK. by a book keeper wo
Ih quick mi'l tCOUrtte h* figure*.    Aildroi-B fc-.nl
_iiey_K  IIh^L box MH, Keg uw, 8a��k
WOMAN BKCONO OOOK, hum)   WaTtTftH *.T.. i.h��
AtOIlM     W. I'arktr.
TWO FlRBT-CLAfeS KOOM8, Meam healed    Ai.
lilv hmiw'koeDer. 8rd flat, li. W. C. Uook,
EOG6 eUPfJUKD from tbe Uadlng WfetlMOf
Fi'e Hit**,! Poultry, ffttaruteM true to nair .
A, ply J 0 ttlsou- Boi 17ii, Vancouver-tm**-.
���JltJLL'-_LvJ_n' �� iver, Poultry and P AnooUUoo,
TWU YoiJl 1ABI.EH and ona Combination Hll-
Hard win!   Pool Tabu.    Fvervthlng oomplota
.-��� -�� ��	
ponlll, Cruiilnouk, B. ('.
Ac ^eaak
The Daily Canadian
��� ���Jtn"
mm MMamaa
-"*"*-  iiim
Theiv ��a* no dook-U in Uiq    Ity |m>-
Uoe oourl tbbi ntornlnx
Qreenwood will have a new ti.. alarm
system. II ia l>dng installed r>r tho
city by t:. *J. tt'arreiL
April 18th has been choa r. -is tho
date for Uie production ol "".' i* 'rivato
Secretary" by the Nelson Dramatic 'rio-
a. Itaodonald i Co. are bulliing two
fine warehouses In tbe Northwest, one
at BaskfttOOn an i the o:hei at Leth-
brldj ������*
The latest assay from the Duncan
mine at Beaverdell gftri flOl an J $174
.1, Btiv-ar Thee* assays were from
heavy rinc ore.
James Lawrence, formerly of Nelson
and now managw ol Asndown'i retail
B| sl Winnipeg, has returned to the
Prairie Capital from California considerably 1qji roved in health.
His Honor Judge Forin heard au ap-
pUcatlon b) W. A. Macdoaald. K. C., for
a .stay of proceedings in the cause
c i re of Gabri"lle et al. vs. Cortiana
and Jackson mines.
All Englishmen. Irishmen and Scotchmen de-sious of forming a union dub in
Nelson are asked to meet at the Uartlet
House Monday evening, March lioth. at
fc o'c'ock. to discuss ways and means ol
Ed Maliandaiue, of the C. P. R- lands
department, came in last night and
anJ spent the day in the city, -Mr. Mai-
landaine reports an increasing demand
for C. P. R. lands throughout the
Nelson Encampment, I. O. O. F,, met
Ja^t evening and conferred the Royal
Patriarch, Golden Rule and Royal Pur
pie degrees.on candidates. Between the
Gold, :i Rule and Royal Purple degrees
light refreshments were served.
The Kasio Fair Association is already
making preitarations for the fair to be
held tneir neit September. . Among
other things will be a special priie of
S300 for a collection of fruits, competi-
!ior> tO be open to any district in the
The Kaslo Kootenaian is developing
into a first-class weekly puMication. It
is dohg good work for the cty in which
it ts publisi'd, ani it is io be hoped
that the citizens are doing their part
in rewarding their paper according to
its merit.
At a meeting of the Fruit Growers' As-
- -. ; d o. Kamloops a resolution was
unanimous!; peassad thai the government be requested to 'establish a fruit
tre^ Tumigation station at Revelstoke,
ai being the most central city for ail
the stock of -be Interior; and the delay
of the stock being sent for fumigation
to the coast would thereby be avoided."
Interviewed by a representative of
the Rossland Miner Thursday evening.
J. EL Carter declared that the influx of
people who will engage in fr.iit cultivation in the vicinity of Xelson and in
the Columbia river valley was only in
its infancy, and was d"stined to assume
very large proportions. Newcomers
were arriving from the East by every
Some of the employees of the Btreel
railway apppar to labor under a misap-
prehension as to their duties For in-
stancf*. it is not the duty of a conductor
to sit inside of tiie car leisurely reading the morning paper while patrons
are endeavoring *o signal thy car to
stop. No one objects to a street car
conductor, nr any other civic employee.
-��� ��� nding his leisure hours in literary
pursuits, as 'or* : as public convenfemce
fs not -sacrificed. It should be understood at one*- -ha' employment either
on the street cars or in any other
branch of ihe city's service is not provided io give any man a soft situation.
The public still has some rights, al-
���hough one of th"m does not appear to
bf- to catch the eye of a street car
conductor at the psychological moment.
The Store of Quality
If you like nice, clean, crisp
Biscuits we recfjmmend you to
try the
20th Century Package
Per Package
Graham  Wafera   10c
Lemon   Cream    10c
Vanilla  Wafera      *|0c
Society Tea  I0e
Nev�� England Ginger Snap 10c
Kriapo  Ginger Wafera    10c
Butter���Thin    10c
Milk   Toaat    I0c
Dainty  City Soda  (Salted) 15c
8aratoga  Flakes  (Salted)    15c
Put up In packagi'B and tbua
ever fresh. It seosls little to
give tht-in a trial, and they
prove themselves worth It.
K. W. 0. Block . Phon�� io
W. Baker St.
3   doz.  for
C* Am Benedict
Comer Silica and Josephine SU.
Talking Machine
We have just receivesi another consignment of the latest slisc records, both
Victors and Columbia*.
This lot contain-; t me nl the best
records we have eiYi  had.
10  inch  Reca.-ds
12   inch   Records
62c each
$1.25   each
W. G* Thomson
���88-SSS* "* Nelson, B. C.
Phon�� .1-4.
A carload of borsefl will arrive to
night for the Nelson Transfer Company
It will contain is horses, tfsfgfeing from
l,2ou to 1,600 poundi each, al! raised la
The comedy which comes to Shfr-
man's opera house has been highly
spoken of wherever it has been pro
duced. "My Wife's Family." has been
before the public for several years and
seenms to grow in popularity. Jt has
u well-defined plot, and was constructed
purely for laughing purposes.
Today's raining records include throe
certificates of work, to William Allen
on the Copper Guide and Hidden Tr**a
sure, and to J. Van Hook on the Last
Dollar: and a bill of sale, for uomina)
consideration, of the Galena, on Coon
Creek tribirary .o Sheep Creek, from J
Van Hook. Balmo, to G. G. Bltel, liln
Btubbs & Pitts, real estatp dealers,
today disposed of the Manhsrl ranch-
near Thrums, to Thomas Tompkins, of
Nesbitt, Manitoba. The price paid fo;
this property was $4,800 The Manhart
ranch is considered a choice piece of
property. There are already planted 45('
tiees. all bearing. Before purchasing
Mr. Tompkins si>ent several days going
over the property, and is highly pleased
with his purchase.
The Full Measure
Style and Value!
You bave a perf-SCl riiiht tit nisi-'
upon a perfect fit and perfect style
wfa-SD >"ii at, isas.ns from $15 to
t'So lor a suit.
20th Century Brand
will fulfill yssnr highest expectations
and your most nia-ntlng deniands.
They are the nearest approach to
perfection that we find in the tailor
ing world We can prove these
facts to you if you will bul give us
tbe opportunity.
1*16.00 Style and Value for ..$13.00
$20.00 Style and Value for . $15.00
Boys'   8ult��   at   $2,   $3.   $4   and $5
Important Sale of Men's
and Boys' Shoes
Men't   regj'ar  ii.CO   Box   Calf
Shoet   for     $3.00
Boys'  r.gular  $2.50   Box  Calf
Shoes   for   $2.00
Cita-ance S. le of Mens' Under-
iMtar  at  $1.   $1.50   and  $2  per   Suit.
Men's Cashmere and Wool Sockl
at 25c a pair or 5 pairs for $1.00.
Sherman's Opera House
Monday, March 25th,
A merry riot of fun and music headed by
Prices 5i*'c. T5c. $1.00.
I'll"! sit Kntberfisrsll Saturday.
Pei Cross Drug Store
for your Prescriptions.  Family  Recipes
Hair Tonics, and all kinds of
Note the Address:
Raker St., near Josephine. Nelson, B. C
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���On time.
Coast and Slocan train���Hour late"
Boundary train���On time,
tlossland train���On time.
Kaslo boat���Hosir Late.
We bave just received a most complete and
well selected stock of strictly fresh seeds.
Come early and get your supply. Prices rij^ht.
We have notice from our landlord to vacate our store by April Ist In
order to reduce our stock before moving we will sell goods now in stock
at greatly resluced prices. If you want bargains In Clothing and Ueut'x
Furnlsbings drop in anil S"e  for  yourself.
Fifty Cent Hand BagsJ
They are beauties at the price.
1 ���������phono  333.
Whoie��ai�� Provision,,
Produce, - Pruit.
Government Creamery One Pound Bncka received wwkly fresh (--,,.
chum.   Kor tale by All l-e*ding gro-oers. *
OfflM and warehouse: Houston Block,   Phone 78.
Josephine Street. Nelson, Re
3SQ doz. I.lnssn Collurst Tu I le Sold at
$1.50 per doz.
We an**
Jubt  iu Receipt of a Carload  of
Thw* are the fiiie-nt (rreAe of on* Sack* id the
market aud onr pnrt* are nj_rht If vou are in
need let Bfl bear frum jou.
J. H. Ashdown Hardw
  Company, Limited.
Pspalrlnf and Jobhltsl MsKUtsd with tllrpauh.   ShMttMi
Work. Milling -Mnil -Mill Msvhlnsry.      .Mswi-iulsw*-tur��rso'
Oneara, I*. It.   Uontrnctoi-v Cara.
INELSOIN,    13. C*
I's> ki*l
UNITE -snd sing tbat   the  lmporutia" I
John T. Pierre are the jiroper til*
My last fall shipment has Just imni 1
them aud plaoe jour order early for Is**
JOHN T. PIERRE, Artistic Tailor
Bualn*aa mtn,
Working mvrt,
M��n In dmaa ��ttlr*,
Sport liiit mmn*
Handtom* m��n,
M*n tt.at'M full of fir*
Spring Stock lust Opened Upl|
Ccrload Llnoicuma and Carpets
From OIukow, Scotland.
B����t Qualities at l_ow Price**
Standard Ftirnittife Compaflyl
Msuon A Rim's Pimssl
Oiurnsoor MsttnMM.
Usnhsll Hanltar-r Mstlrtuss.
Complete House Farnlshen
UnderUkers,    Efflbitoo*
KS Umbe*, Shingl��-
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*!
Turned Work and Bracket*. Mail Orders prom
 VBRIMOIN HTRBBT   .   .   .   NBt-ION, B. C
Galvanised Iron Woj
art unequslled in thc Kooten.ys. If you '**,", t\\i*>\
emake Stacks or special work of any kind **^*'__\(M
quotations SATISFACTION   QUAR*"
Wood-Vallancc Hardware Co..


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