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The Nelson Canadian Jun 19, 1906

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Array Stye llclson  Canadian
I.   No. 14.
NELSON, B.C., TUESDAY, JUNE *9, i 906.
FiftyCents a Month
juirements are Causing Trouble Locally
bants Complaining of  Short
i/eight - Growers Harassed
by Regulations.
is  more trouble  among    iho
>��� fruit growers.   This time It
a  private quarrel,   liul   general
'action  with the condllions cretin- l.omtnlon Fruit Marks Act
regulation! under it.
iumi   complaint   was  made    by
iis to T. Morley, former Hecro-
ilie  Kootenay  Fruit   drawers'
ion.  lhat   tlte  boxes of berries
Ier tlie  legal    weight   of    one
Mi.   Morley  explained    lo    a
ier representative that there is
..11 in  tbe new  act by which
,,n- allotted lo use the old ber-
..  on condition     that    they be
���In.11 weight,   Olher provisluns
tin- name and address of   the
t.�� lie plainly marked on every
It..ill these provisions, Mr. Mor-
informed,    are  being    violated.
are being shipped Into Nelson.
1  weight  und nol so descril.ed,
hearing  either no   name  or    the
,.l other than the grower,
Money points out that the pur.su
.1 sin li tactics may be productive
is,, results than Irritation among
mereiianls.   They  tuny bring dis-
011  Kootenay  fruit growcra    lu
besl   markets,   ihe   prairie   prov-
wlu re vigorous efTorts are being
to enforce the act.
ither difficulty In the act by which
rowers nre confronted  Is  the rein 111   ihat the new fruit cup must
in n lull quart us well as a pound.
J.  Summons, the Btiipping agent
��� association, Who supervises the
'.-rs at Kootenay Landing, could
��� s.-eu today, hut the reporter call-
'In- secretary, J. K. Annable, and
also ('. ti, Broadwood, one of thr
��� 1 shippers.
Annable staled that he had heard
��� complain! from 15. F. (iigot, man
uf  lhe Hudson's  Bay  Company's
that he hut! called nt the store
ecu several boxes weighed, ail of
i met tlie requirements. Mr. (li-
stated, however, that he frequently
boxes which were short
Mr.  Annable   had   alBo    con-
cd whit Mr. Summons, who stated
; in his opinion Ihero wus Utile, If
, ground for complaint.
. i',. Broadwood thought that onfall-
compliance with all the provisions
In- net was an impossibility, as the
r- authorised by the regulations are
lew. A visit to the Bell Trading
ll>,iny's store bore out the conten-
A liox bearing Mr. Broadwood's
r nnd address was seen. In which.
Ui l fie boxes were full, the berries
lid certainly be crushed, and Mr.
B'lwood salt! Hint unless they   were
Ihey would  nol  meet   the require-
ft  in  weight.
lie situation is a peculiar one. The
i Murks! Act, as an."tided to date,
s framed after consultation wllh
t growers front all parts of Canada.
II was hoped that II would he found
M.IK satisfactory. The nexf visit
Maxwell Smith, frull Inspector, will
died wiih interest,
tki   Recreations  in   High   Life and
Condemns Bridge.
wrong; the awakening of the conscience
hy bluntly painting sin lu Its true colors. H<) Is more likely, as a first Impression, to arouse mental resentment,
am! it strikes one sometimes Him he
deliberately alms nl that end. and then
with the manly plea urges a rlgln Intellectual altitude and the facing of
sternal problems In the light or fulure
consequences ami present duty.
Social sins, and Impurities are given
Sledge-hammer blows, and there Is no
mincing of words nor misunderstanding Ihe arraignments. The addresses
are forceful, logical, am! worked up to
a most effective climax. There Is no
palliation, no condoning, no extenuating circumstances. It Is a straight
charge, an honest, portrayal of conse-
quences, ns Understood by the speaker,
and a square, manly appeal to quit the
wrong ami tio the right.
Dr. Torrey repeated in Ottawa his attack on liriilge-wlilst, and said:
"I don't know hew It Is here: but I
know how H Is In England, and how it
Is getting lo he In the States���how il Is
becoming fhe fashion for 'respectable'
people lo turn their homes Into gambling hells; for women to become
adepts tit bridge and Invite young pro
fesslonal men for week-ends ami swindle them out of all Iheir money. There
bits been tragedy after tragedy in what
Is called 'high society' of unsuspecting
girls inveigled into bridge parties, sup
posing they are nol playing fur money,
ami when the nigh! is over they are
required to settle; aud there has been
more Ihnn one suicide, and more than
one ease, sadder, If possible, than suicide, as the result. I want to say lhal
any woman���I care not how hlg'i her
social position���who has card parties
for money In her home. Is running a
gambling den Just us low down In the
sight of (lod anil more dangerous than
the vilest gambling hell in any city,
and she is no better than a common,
low tiown thief."
Shipment of Concentrates
From Ymir Mine
Good Ore Coming From 1,000 Foot
Level���Gilman Brown Again
Reports Favorably.
Disaffection Said  to  be   Everywhere���
Parliament Likely to be
' ii'-it. June IB.���Interest in the
Mexnnder  meeting     Is Increns-
nightly. As religious nssetnl.les
nowadays, one expects to tlntl a very
k preponderance of women at
Ml and similar gatherings, und
11 could perhaps he no greater trill-
' I" Hie mnnllnoBs of Dr. Torrey's
('���nl" Ibuii Is afforded by tho large
klunce of men. Dr. Torrey U not
"'t'stitionallBt, hut he Is a hard bit-
I'inln Anglo-Saxon Is used to de-
luce modern weaknesses nnd tho
* which besot, nnd ns n climax there
1,1 appeal fo the Intelligence and thp
11,1 Instincts of humanity.   Dr. Tor-
1,118 nol yet been t,e���rt) |��� Ottawa
!"'>��� on the emotions with pathetic
"ad rtoath-bed scenes. He rather
t rang   condemnation    of
lines  to
8t. Petersburg, June 19^The massacre of Jews al Bialystok has shocked
the country anil added to the general
excitement, and the revelations which
Ihe commission of the lower house ot
parliament sent to investigate the outbreak at llialystok are expected to
make will only adil fuel lo the (lames.
Thus fur the censor at Bialystok has
evidently rcfusetl lo allow the press
correspondents to send anything ro-
Meeting on the authorities,
The Gclos. a newspaper edited by M.
lillanoff. n member of Ihe lower house
of parliament, containing an account
of the horrors and charging lhe authorities at BInlyslok with deliberately preparing the riot, was confiscated when
It appeared this morning. Despatches
from the Interior today bring the usual
reports of murder and robbery. Strikes
are reported at Kaluga, Krenicnt,
Chung. Zlelonda, Voisk and Ustlng
Veliki, bul the success of the attempt
to precipitate a general strike Is by
no means assured.
The Novoe Vremyn, however, reports
that Ihe engineers of Moscow railroads
have decldetl not to take Iheir locomotives tomorrow, The government has
made the most deliberate preparations
to meet Ihe strike movement. Military
trains are held In readiness nt all Iho
stations of si. Petersburg and mosoow,
The masons anil stonecutters Joined
the bakers In the strike today, and the
butchers will follow the example. The
prices of bread anil meals have been
doubled. The news from Crottstiuit
continues to be disquieting. The troops
sent lo the Island are camping outside
the clly.
SI. Petersburg, Juno IB.���In spite of
the government's left-handed denial
thai ii Intends io order a parliamentary
recess the itech todsy expressed the
four that a "coup d'etat" Is Imminent to
the country. To make lls voice heard
In fi.vt.r of iho dismissal of the minis-
try and prolongation of the cxlslonce
Of parliament, an Official denial bud
hem. given out for report thai members of the ministry participated In the
sessions of the Trepoff Star Chamber
at Poterhof. In which II is absolutely
decided lhal parliament must be gut-
leu rid of, and Is only hesitating In regard to the method, three ways are
opposed: First, to oppress parliament
for three months; second to dissolve
parliament nud order nominations
based on universal suffrage. In, the
hope that lite temper of the parliament
thus sleeted will be different from thai
of the present body; third, to declare
the council of empire, or upper house,
the representative body until n new
purllumcnt Is elected. There are two
features of iho situation which make
the court camaralla pause���the early
nocessity for more money und the tils-
may over Iho growing disaffection of
the troops.
The mill al the Ymir mine Is now in
operation with 'Ml stamps, ami concentrates are being shipped steadily lo the
Hull Alines smeller. The exact values
cannot be learned, but Manager E. M.
Hand is entirely satisfied, ami has sent
a very favorable cable report to the directors iu London.
Mr. Hand Is in the city today. Seen
al the Strathcona ibis afternoon, he
"Everything is in good shape now.
We are running ltd stamps am] shipping
concentrates to the smeller here. The
ore is coming mainly from the 1,000
foot level on the west side. 1 cannot
give you tbe values, but It Is good
ore, und 1 am well pleased with the
"We have now 71 men employed in
the mine and mill, and are making
good progress.
"We still have our troubles, of
course. There is a scarcity of goo I
men for work In lhe mints. And now
the supply of ore sacks seems to have
failed. We used to get them from Turner, Beeton & Co. They have none
now. and can'l get any. The shortage
is attributed lo the failure of Ihe crop
in India, from -*blch the material
"It makes a lot of difference with
concentrates. It means wasto in the
wagons and again in the ore tars.
"Mr. Oilman Brown's late visit and
his Inspection resulted In lhe confirmation of bis former report and recom-
mendalions, which we arc n,.w following."
the time for flllng proofs of loss to August 18th or furnish the commissioner
with their lists of policy bidders, have
rendered themselves liable to forfeiture
of their right to do business in the
stale or California: Agricultural Amor
lean of Boston, American of Philadelphia, Duchess, Eagle, (ierman'u. Globe
and Rutgers, Oermanla of Peoria. Ui
rard, New York of New York, Northwest Fire and Marine, National Union,
North German of New York, Spring
Garden, Security of Baltimore, Traders'
Union of Philadelphia, Westchester,
Western Underwriters. The commissioner Intends to proceed against these
companies without delay unlesB advised to the contrary by the attorney
general of the state.
Ho said yesterday: "It will be my
business to see that these companies
are compelled to meet their Just obligations. If nny retire without paying,
I shall ask that action be taken against
them by Ihe Insurance commissioner
of the slates under whose laws they are
Race Horse Retired.
Chicago. June 19.���A despatch lo the
Tribune from Seattle, Wash., says:
"W. B. Gates, the old campaigner in
the stable of K. R. Rice, the Arkansas
horseman, yesterday won his one hundredth race, and now he will get his
long promised retirement from, the
ring. A long time ago, when W. B.
Gates was approaching bis century victory, his owner, Mr. Rice, aunounced
that as soon as the horse made it an
even hundred he would be retired to a
life of ease. After his victory yesterday Mr. Rice said he would make good
the promise. Gates is a 9-year-old gelding by Prince Royal-Penelope, and has
raced on almost every track of importance in the country."
Caucasian Lawlessness is Said to be
Tiflisland. June 19.���Lawlessness in
the Caucasus Is growing in spite of
the patrols of soldiers and police, and
murder and robbery are unchecked in
this city. At noon today fifteen brigands, armed to the teeth, boarded a
car in lhe centre of the city and held
up and robbed the passengers, killing
three persons. No arrests were made.
The Inter-race war between the Armenians and  Tartars is spreatiing.
Absolute   Denial   is  Given on  Unques
tioned Authority to Fake
ANNUAL  EVENT OF  N. P.  A.  A.  0.
Foreign Architect Makes
Said to be Accountable For Serious Loss of Life By Fire
and Earthquake.
(Speclnl to lhe Daily Canadian.)
Victoria, June 19.���Tho political romancer Is actively at work again. A
report Is published lo lhe effect ahat
the action of the government In deciding lo hnve nn Invest Igat ion of the
charges In the Vancouver Wt.rltl against
the chief commissioner was the result
of pressure on the pari of alio lleuten-
ant-governor, and it Is intimated lhal
It Is only u mat Ier of a few days before
Ihe elder commissioner will be forced
lo resign.
The Colonist says II Is In n position
to state on authority of members of
the executive thai there Is absolute y
not one word of truth in the published
Statements which nre given to the
press simply to discredit lhe effect of
the announcement ��r tho proposed Investigation, The Initiative wns taken
by the Hon. Mr. Green himself Inline-
Stately upon his return from the Inie-
rlor, nnd the lleutenant-govi mor
neither directly nor Indirectly suggested such u course, nor was he In the re-
molest degree responsible for It being
followed. As lo the Eequel. it will be
fully demonstrated. The rumor iib:.ut
dismissal Is n contemptible fabrication.
Crews Coming  From  Victoria, Vancouver and Portland���Prospects of
Local Oarsmen.
The annual regatta of the N. P. A.
A. 0, will be held on the waters of
Nelson harbor on Friday nnd Saturday,
July 27lh audi 28th. The fixing of the
date has been announced to J. Teague,
secretary of Ihe Nelson Boat Club, by
O. H. Kent, of Vancouver, secretary of
the N. P. A. A. I... as tbe decision of
the executive committee.
The rowing clubs of Victoria, Vancouver and Portland will all be represented probablp each by senior and
junior crews. It is still undecided
whether Nelson will enter a senior
crew or not. There are none of the
present active members who are disqualified from rowing as juniors, and
it is not improbable tbat all the local
club's efforts will be concentrated on
an effort to win the junior champion
About five weeks remain for preparation by the local oarsmen, of which
lull advantage will be taken.
. i.e regatta means a great deal to
Nelson. It is probably the only city oi
the Interior with facilities for holding
such a water tournament. The visiting
crews will all be accompanied by
friends and the regatta days will be
busy ones.
The city will be Illuminated on the
evenings of the regatta ns during the
Dominion Day celebration, and the citizens generally will assist ihe local
club In entertaining their guests.
All arrangements for lhe tnces anil
rules t.f the course are In the hands
of the executive committee of the N. P
... A. 0., of which A. WhonlliT Is pies
San Francisco, June 19.���"Dishonest
mortar, corrupt conglomeration of sea
sand and lime was responsible for
nearly ail of the earthquake damage In
San Francisco," says Dr. T. Nakamura,
professor of architecture of the Impe.
rial University of Tokio and one of the
most distinguished members of the
committee sent to this city by the Japanese government to investigate the
effects of the trembler end the fire. After investigations covering a period of
several weeks, Dr, Nakamura has completed his labors, and will sail on tbe
Korea to report his conclusions to his
"I find," said Dr. Nakamura yesterday, "that much of tbe damage to San
Francisco from the earthquake was due
to poor mortar and faulty construction,
and the greater portion of the damage
to the class 'A' bul'dlngs by lire was
the result of a misguided use of hollow
tiling and so-called lire bricks instead
of concrete, it is an easy matter, I
have found, to design a building that
will be not only earthquake-proof, but
practically lire-proof. There has developed, as the result of the earthquake
In San Francisco, great prejudice
against brick buildings. However, tbey
are largely employed In Japan, where
earthquakes of greater severity than
the one experienced In this city are
not uncommon. The secret of their
success, however, lies in the fact| that
good mortar is used. The mortar
should either be composed of one part
cement to two parts of sand, or ot one
part cement, three of lime and five of
sand. The bricks should be thoroughly wet before being laid, and when the
mortar has Bet under these conditions
a wail becomes practically one stone."
operation,' said Mr. Gllllce, "it will be
the most modern and complete plant of
Its kind In British Columbia."
Disturbances at Bialystok Are Not Yet
Bialystok, June 19.���Tha night pass-
ed quietly, and the town Is resuming
its normal appearance. Some street
cars are running, and several factories
have resumed work. Fully half the
patrols have been withdrawn from the
streets here und In the suburbs.
The bodies of more than a hundred
Jews were burled during the day, but
tbe Imposing array of military forces
prevented a resumption uf the disorders. The correspondent of the Associated Press this evening saw dozens
of Christians of the lower classes with
sacks on their backs coming from the
desolated Jewish quarter to an examination by the soldiers and police. If
lhe sacks contained plunder, none of It
was seized.
General Bador, commander of the
garrison and acting governor-general,
Is In personal charge of the troops,
which are so disposed that a renewal
of the rioting is considered improbable.
The Jews, however, continue In a state
of panic. As the correspondent passed
through the streets strewn with wreckage, they could be seen hastily barricading what was left of their homes.
Many of them adopted the artifice of
placing ikons of crosses on their (loots
in order to avoid the attack of
Only Death Brought Relief.
Chicago. June 19���Frederick T. Power, 40 years old. stage director of the
Bush Temple theatre, whose tongue
was cut out last December in order to
check a cancerous growth, died yesterday, the operation having fallen to
check the progress of the disease.
Finds Clients In Good Circumstances���
Admires Nelson's System of
Fire Protection.
Shaft From 300 Foot
Level io Ottawa
Manager R. J. McPhee Speaks of
Preparations for Opening
New Ore Bodies.
Rumors of Plots to Assassinate Roose
velt  Revived.
Liable to Forfeit Right to Do Business
in California.
San Francisco, June 19.���The following Insurance companies, by reason of
Iheir falling lo comply with insurance
Commissioner Wolfe's demand that
Ihey either sign stipulations extending
Portland. Ore., Juno 19.���Stnfemen's
made by Walter S. Ehtszklwoz. former-
l> president t.f the Polish National Society, seem to confirm ui recent report
that this t-lly harbors an anarchistic
society which contemplates the ttssas
slnution of President Roosevelt, Elasz-
klwoz's statements wore being mudo to
the police yesterday while he was securing warrants for several members
of his society, whom he alleges at-
tucked and beat him on Sunday night
for objecting to an alleged misuse of
the society's funds. He says that thero
ute abttul 80 anarchists in the city, and
that they hold regular meetings at
places northeast of Portland.
Ohio Strike Settled.
Columbus, O., Juno 19.���Tho strike
of miners In Ohio wns settled today,
and Ihe men; have been ordered to go
back to work. The settlement Includes
Iho return of union men to tho mines
lu eastern Ohio.
J. O. Gllllce, of AllisChalmers-Bullock,
Tells of Big Order for Machinery foe Boundary.
The progressive and ambitious city
of Greenwood will soou be equipped
with a thoroughly modern plant capable of supplying its needs in respect
of light nnd power for many yenrs to
An order has been pluced with Aids-
Chnlmers-Uullock Company, through J
O. Gllllce. of Nelson, district representative, by the Greenwood City Waterworks Company, formerly Ihe Greenwood Electric Company. Mi. Gilllco
spent the latter half of last week in
Greenwood completing the negotiations
for the contract. Seen in his office today by a representative of The Daily
Canadian, he gave the details of tho
The i.lant will be of 125 kilowatt,
1,400 volt, 3 phase, CO cycle, with an
alternating current generator of the
water wheel type, directly connected
with a Doble water wheel of tho "Impulse" type. For the direct current
there will be nn 8-kdowutt exciter ns
a unit, which will be similarly con
necteil to a Doblo water wheel.
The new plant will furnish nil the
light required in Greenwood/ for dwell
lugs, streets, stores ami all other purposes, und power In small units for local Industries, but not sufficient for
the operation of mines or smellers. For
purposos of comparison of the capacity
of the projected plant. It will be to Ihe
Nelson power plant in the proportion
of 125 to 750, the Nelson plant being
of 750 kilowatts.
"When  the  Greenwood plant  Is    In
O. Ward; ��Ly^>ri^ffrft*-^w
the B. C. Permanent Loan and Savings
Society and the Pacific Coast Fire Insurance Company, is in the city. The
loan company was once Interested in
Nelson to the extent of $60,000, but
(hat sum has been greatly, reduced by-
regular payments by the borrowers,
many of whom now own their own
To The Daily Canadian's representative Mr. Ward said:
"We are interested ail over Canada
except In Ontario. We try to manage
the business for the benefit of both
shareholders and borrowers. A year
ago we reduced the rate of Interest to
borrowers, old and new, from 8 1-2 to 8
per cent. We havo always been fairly
lenient, too, to borrowers who are temporarily unable to meet their payments.
"So far on the present trip I have
visited Fernie, Cranbrook and Nelson,
and I find conditions generally satisfactory and rapidly Improving everywhere.
"In both my capacities I am Interested in fire protection. I visited your
fire hall this morning and found it admirably equipped. The system of fire
protection in Nelson Is remarkably efficient���easily the best of any town
of this size in the west.
"Nelson is fortunate In having secured the services of Chief Deasy. I
have known him for many years, and
know him to be a zealous and 'thoroughly competent head of a fire department."
After several years of hard, steady
and profitable work, during which shipments have been maintained and development work kept well ahead, the
management of the Ottawa mine are
about to take a long step forward.
Tbe present deep level Is 500 feet
down. Good ore has been found In all
the tipper levels, and steady prospecting has satisfied the owners that they
are still comparatively working on the
surface. Arrangements are' now about
completed for sinking from the present lowest level.
R. J. McPhee, manager of the mine.
Is in the city. In response to a request
for news he said:
"Well, we are going to put In a plant
for sinking, a complete compressor
plant. The machinery is already arriving, and it will be installed as fast
as possible. We are going to sink a
shaft from the 500 foot level.
"The plant will be complete In every
particular, with pumps, hoist and equipment for electric lighting.
"In the meantime we have only a
few men working; but as soon as the
machinery is installed, the force will
be restored to Its former proportions,
and work will go ahead as before."
The progress of the Ottawa mine
means -much directly to Slocan City,
ilAd Indirectly to Iks. .Sfcsos��* take ��� dls>
trlct, as the proving of the Ottawa ��t
Its lowest levels will greatly stimulate,
the sliver-lead Industry In the whole
Senior and Junior Matches  Arranged
as Kirmess Attractions.
Royal Ascot Races.
ixmdon, June 19.���The Royal Ascot,
England's great race, presented its
usual brilliant scene at the upenlng of
tho meeting today. The royal enclosure, where King Edward and his
guests assembled, was a carnival encounter, and Ihe stands were crowded
wiih the elite of the social world. The
king drove from Windsor with his
guests In carrlngos driven by four and
ridden by postillions through the great
park to Ascot. There was a great gathering of Americans nl the meeting, and
the royal party Included Congressman
and Mrs. I,ongworth, Ambassador Reld,
Mrs. Reld and Miss Reid, Mrs. Ogden
Mills and Mrs. Cornelius Vnnderbilt.
The weather, which had been threatening, cleared as the day wore on, and
crowds of well dressed people in auto-'
mobiles and conches on the rond to Ascot made a pretty scene.
The Seniors and Intermediates will
hold their flrst contest for the city
championship on Thursday afternoon,
the game to commence at 3:30 o'clock
at the recreation grounds.
The Seniors will line up as follows:
Goal, F. Greyerbelth; point, Alf. Jeffs;
cover point, Roy Sharp; first defence,
Fred Bell; secend' defence, H. Man-
hart; third defence, William Davison;
centre, Joseph Thompson; first home,
H. Bishop; second home, A. Perrler;
third home, A. Bishop; outside home,
E. Wallace; inside home, A. Jackson.
The Intermediates who will attempt
to wrest the banner from the Seniors
are: Goal, D. McCallum; point, 8. Car-
ley; cover point, B. Smithe; first defence, B. Edwards; second defence, B.
Crossett; third defence, B. Carroll;
centre, A. H. E. Beckett; first home,
L. Steel; second home, Bert Davison;
third home, W. Steed; outside home,
Ray Ball; Inside home, B. R. Bell.
On Friday afternoon the Reds and
Whites will contest for the junior
championship of the city. The Lacrosse
Association considered it advisable to
organize teams from the residents on
the east and west side of Josephine
street, and the first game of a series
will be held In tbe recreation grounds
commencing at 3 o'clock on Friday afternoon. Considerable rivalry exists
between the players, and it is expected
that a spirited gnmo will result The
Reds are: ,
L. McKermon, Claude Weir. Stewart
Newltt. Eric Weir, M. Newltt. W.
Laughton, D. Hardle, W. Parker, L.
Parker, H. Svoada, E. Matthews and
D. Cummins.
The WhiteB are: L. McCandllsh, J.
McCandlish, N. McLeod, J. Grant, R.
Miller, J. Ferguson, E. Scoley, W. Sec-
ley, H. Kinlhan, t. Stevens. F. Grant
and W. Newburn.
Colonial Marriages Bill.
London, June 19.���The colonial marriages bill passed its third rending
without comment in the house of lords
today. This bill provides for legislation in the United Kingdom of marriages wiih a deceased wife's slkter
legally contracted anywhere In British
Fred Bradley, formerly of Nelson, Is
now In the dry goods business in Calgary. His store Ib ono of the Inrgest
In that city.
Army Meat Inspection.
London, June 19���Lieutenant-Colonel
Percy Hobbs, chief Instructor of the
army service corps school of instruction at Aldershot, sailed from Liverpool
today from New York on the steamer
Carmella. He has been selected by
War Secretary Haldone to Inspect the
meat lntndea for use In the British
Argonauts Arrive.
Henley, June 19.���The Argonaut crew
of Toronto arrived here today, and began preparations to resume their practice, interrupted slnoe they left Canada, with the exception of using rowing machines on board ship. The Dally Canadian, Time 19, 1906
ffffff STORES ���
Tents, Blankets,
Overalls, Boots,
Mackinaw Clothing.
Everything for the camper, prospector, hunter and
Publtihod six 'lays a week by the
Baker fit., NpIboo, B.C.
8iii)H(!ripti()[i rates, SO uentia utii delivered
In llio city, or ffi.00 a year If sen I by mail, wli.n
paltl lu advance.
AdvLTtisintt rates on application.
All tnoDlei paid lo Bettlemenl of The Dally
CtLiiailiuii accounts, either foi subscriptions or
advertising, inust be reculpted fur on iin- printed
forma of the Company. Uther receipts are not
JU1NB  l<>,  1906.
"By one word we are sometimes ludgdd to be
Wile and by one wor i eoujuttlmes fudged f> be
fooiisii. iA't im therefore be careful what we
The city of Nelson enjoyed lust week
a succession of Interesting and praise
worthy exhibitions of the histrionic art,
the more fascinating as they were rendered by the Poliard Lilliputians, or
juvenile performers.
These little people, chiefly Australians, seem to have captured the affections of the theatre-loving populace In
a measure thai is scarcely accorded to
more mature actors on the operatic
and comic Btage. There is always
something wonderfully attractive aboul
cliiliihood, especially precocious childhood, and in ihis latter respeel the Pollards fill the bill. Children are naturally Imaginative, ami ihey an' hy nature
the original Imitators and perhaps the
truest interpreters of the Btrange paradoxes that perplex older an.I wiser
heads, after the world's ideas of wis
dom. Thai ihe Pollards are exceptionally clover is proven hy tlie fact that
on iheir second visit to Nelson thej
played to houses which increased in
numbers with each performance. This
is the more an advertisement lor them,
because the theatre-going people oi
Nelson are for the most pint, a ...scrini-
Inating people, ami nothing hut a clever
company could expeel to hold the
woards with the success which complimented  their  lust   visit.
The Pollards were originally one
family���a large one, indeed���hut their
numbers were depleted hy natural
causes till the opportunity, and even
the necessity, arose to replace the ah
sen tees wiih fresh blood. This gave
rise to ihe organization of ihe training
school trom which ihe presenl Pollard
company graduated.
Having said this much, there will he
some excuse if we linn to the consideration of another question���fine which
has been often raised in the minds nf
even those who have heartily applauded  and   unstinting!y  admired   lhe    per
furmances of these    clever   ohildren.
Thai question is uf the wisdom ur unwisdom of determining al so tender an
Bge the future of these juveniles. Apart
from the physiological effects uf a life
so strenuous as that on the stage, the
late   hours,   tho   long journeys, ami    a
score of other features which Impose
a superlative slrain  upon  the physical
stamina  of those who follow this life,
there is in the ease of children another
and perhaps a more serious question.
The constant association of so large a
number  its  those   who  make  up    lhe
company,   the   absence  of   such   discipline as is familiar even in  the mosl
carelessly governed home. Ihe extraordinary   development   of   the   naturally
precocious nature of tluse chiluren, all
combine  lo   surround   the  question  of
their  future with   n   seriousness    lhat
compel  a question as to how far Ihe
public Is justified in crowning their lour
with plaudits and enabling their mana
gers to make financial harvest otil   of
their talents.
Added to this/ is a still graver question. It is understood lhat their early
advent on tbe stage is a sort of preliminary ur preparatory experience to
qualify them for the theatrical life;
lhat as they mature in years ami qualification Ihey will he transplanted to
higher realms of the dramatic art. Has
society the right to encourage the consignment of these innocents���who, presumably, have no choice in the matter���to a life which iu after years may
he repugnant to them? We do not wish
to advert to the well understood dangers incident to life on the stage. Many
actors ami actresses���probably most of
ihem���attain their years of ripe age
without suffering moral deterioration,
and we believe lhe slagu has been very
greatly relieved of the seriousness ol
the many charges which were hurled
against il years ago. Still, it has its
temptations; and while those who enter
u|K)ii such a career its a matter ol
choice, fully prepared to take the con-
sequences of their course, may be outside the rights of criticism, the case is
different when, from any reason, children of tender years are made the subjects of such adventure. And yet again,
while older people may realize,' in the
interpretation of such pretty little plays
as "The Belle of New York" and "The
Gaiety Girl," that they nre only acting
a part, it is a fair question to ask what
suggestIvenesa will these things have
mi Hie minds of lhe utterly innocent,
who must in any case have an unwholesome curiosity regarding the relationships in society which they are trained
to represent
We do not raise these questions to
prejudice the case oi' the Pollards.
They are not Ihe only little people who
are on the road. We are only inclined
to ask how far is society justified���or
is it to he al all Justified���in the search
for amusement and recreation, In demanding a possible modern slaughter
uf the innocents We presume thai
few of those parents who enjoyed to
the full the clever work of the Pollards
or the Bostonians would consider for a
moment the proposition to consign one
of their own children to the disadvantages, If nothing else, that such a life
Inflicts   upon   the  innocents.
It van reported in our columns yos-
terday thai his honor Lieutenant-Governor Dunsmuir had left early last
week fur a prolonged holiday in the
northern waters of Hritish Columbia,
as Is his oustotn year hy year, li was
al.su reported lhat Hon II, K. Green,
chief commissioner of lands and works,
had lefi Victoria for Cariboo on his
annual visii to that district. These
reports coming to hand will readily explain the arrogant actions of the opposition press. Tlie exchanges are beginning to come lo hand, and ntf they
appear lo all take their cue from a cen-
tral office in Victoria, it is not surprising lhat their utterances should all carry the same |H>liiicn| brand and he easily Identified anywhere.
The political scavengers of the oppo-
silion press are indulging In Iheir filthy
work. The time Is opportune for lhe
concoction of further scandalous falsehoods, and they seize it with avidity.
It is strictly in accordance with their
disreputable methods. What they dare
not manfully assert they Insinuate,
hiding behind an "it Is said" nnd "It is
reported." Theso cowardly insinuations and slanderous rumors they send
forth from  their foul  lairs, and a  de
spondent and querulous press gladly
prints them in offensive head-lines and
display   type.
The chief commissioner might very
well treat these vaporings of a distorted mind with the silent contempt which
ihey deserve. He might justly rest his
reputation upon 'he record of his department, ami lhe work it has accomplished since he has had Its direction.
IJut he has chosen to act In a different
way. It is well known that he hitnse'f
asked for the investigation, and that it
was in compliance wiih his request
lhat 'the ordei>ln-councll granting it
was passed, Yet lhe little curs who
dare not even snap at his heels when
present, hark their loudest ns soon a��
his hack is turned.
The McBride government, in its departmental as well as in its executive
work, possesses the confidence of iho
electors of the province, and this confidence will nol he shaken hy lhe irresponsible vaporings of disappointed
press agents,
The musl Ihe Vlotoria Dally Times
ventured to assert respecting the decision of ihe Hun. It. F. Oreen to ask
fur a judicial Investigation, as compared with other opposition papers,
"ii is announced ihat the government has decided to appoint a commis
sion to investigate ihe SenTs Point
scandal. -Vow lhe public would like io
he informed npou two points: whether
the premier was forced to take action
on the matter by a high autho Ity, and
what the scope of the Investigation
will he."
ll. seems exceedingly Improbable that
there is any ground for the fake press
The attempt on the pari of Mr. It.
U. McPherson, member of parliament
for Burrard, to throw discredit on Sir
Charles Hibhert Tupper as he did In
his Interrogation of the minister of justice on the Brothler case, is another
specimen of the small calibre of certain political schools. The idea ihat
Sir Hlhhert. Tupper would have any
Influence wiih a grit minister of jus
tlce shows how far out of his way Mr.
McPherson was prepared to go in order
lo find something out of which to make
political capital.
William Davidson, of Sandon, independent labor member of lhe legislative assembly from Ihe Slocan district,
was a visitor in the city Saturday, shaking hands wiih the many old Slocan
boys now resident here. Mr. Davidson,
when asked about the probability of a
provincial election this year, said that
he did nut expect to see an appeal tu
the people at. present, und not before
Ihis legislature hail run out iis allotted
lime, which would bring il next year,���
Phoenix  Pioneer.
Hon. .John Burns never gave the labor men better advice in his life than
that he gave to litem the other day
when he warned them of the danger
of isolating themselves from Ihe sympathy and help of Ihose who are in a
position to render ihe most powerful
aid to the cause of labor.
The thermometer keeps chasing it[i
and down in its efforts to keep Irack
uf the weather.
"Did you ever catch your husband
flirting?" asked  Mrs. Newcomb.
"Yes, dear." replied her friend. "That
is the way I did catch him."
Hams and Bacon
J,Y. Griffin & Co.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealer, lu nl nplo nnd ttwey (I iwerios.
ButUir, EgKS.
Camp nnd Minor,' Supplies.
Notice li hereby riven thai w dayi (nun flats i
intend lo apply to tbellooojarl 'i<v Chief Com*
miuionsrof Und* and Worki. torpermi'siou to
purchase tbo following deicrlbert lands, sitimte
at the mouth ol Hntchi��on creek on thf Arrow
Lilies in the West Kootenay Dlitrlet. About W
Hcivfl of land; commencing m a poit imirkod
w. h. p. 8.W, poit.thonce no in wohalni,thenoe eait 20 chains, thence routli to cbalm, thenee
wt'st iii chiitiiN in no im of commencement.
Dated this itii day ot June 1906,
wn.i.iAM Harry pbtbrs,
William J. Toys a ohm:
Notice li hereby given that CO dayi from date i
Intend to apply to the Httaoiabl the < hlol Corn*
minionerol Landi and Work;, for permission lo
purchase 1W aorei of Und h< Van  iten creek
In th-.'Arrow uuei in the Weil Kootenay Dii��
triii. Starting from* pott mark'd A '��� I. n W.
post, tbence 40 ooiini oast, thenoe 10 cIhIdh
soa h, thenee <0 chaini west, tbence to HihIhs
north io point i [commencement
Dated tblHtb day of June 1906.
Artuiii John ioxo.
William J Tovi, Agent.
Notice in hereby firm thai 60dayi after date
ve Intend to aooiy t" tbe Honorable the Cblel
Conualuloner of bonds mi<l tvotkw at Victoria^
B. 0. for permlulon to purchase tbe miomihh
duorlbed lands, situate in Weil Kootenay dls*
irict. ('oimiiMirfiiK hi u pool planted al Thome'
Jerome's N K pout, ami ruarked Peter Desell
nm! A Ohoqnette N, w. Corner, tbence 20 chains
east thence B0 ohalni south, thence a> chains
west, thence80 elnins north to thooomnu di ing
post, containing 40acres more oi less.
J>at.-.i May 15.
PRTBB In-M'i i
W. A.JONft., Agent
Notice is hereby given that oo dayi aftei dato I
mt.'mt to apply io tbo iio-n.n.i.i. ihe Chief Com
mliilonerof Linda and Worki fir pormla<lon lo
purchase tbe following described lands, 11 mated
in thedlitrlotoi West Kootenay,adjoining lot
790 on the West arm ol Kootenay Lake. Coin-
monring at an Initial post placed m the ��>uto-
west corner ol Lot 790. thenco mirth 80 obalos,
thence west 10 cbalm, thonce south w chains,
tbence eait in ohalna to point ol commene ment.
Dated May 28, 1906.
Jaji. Frazbr
Not lee is hereby given thai sixty days afler date
I intend to apply to the Honorable the Chlel
Commttifooer ol Lands ami Woi Its, Victoria for
permission lopurcheiB the following described
lftiiiis iii Weit Kootenay.  Commeuclug hi a post
marked K-ltfar IV. i ynei south tree I coiner near
to Rarnet creek ami about i mile* south of Mosquito creek and al.oiit 4 miles well of < olnnibla
Klver; thenee north 80 chains, thenoe east io
chains, tnenec smith HO chains, (hence  west *i
chains in place of commencement, containing
820 acres, being tbe same mure or less.
Dated Junes, ihoh.
Kin,All \V.  D.NKN.
 V, Dvwia Agent.
Notice is hen by given thai 00 days after date I
intend to apt-iv to the Honorable the chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described lands,
situated in blocan District. Commencing at
north east coniT post of Lot 88.0, 'heme ruim-
log south :��) chains, tbence easl 90chains, thence
north 40 chains, tbence wesl 30 chaini to C. V. ti.
rfgbt-of-way, following same south west to a
point Intercepting north line of I. ii 8fl80, thenee
eui to point of commencement,containing i3n
aorei more or leil.
May 80th 1906,
 C. 1,. QAWtHBB
Notice is hereby given 'bftl W dayi after date I
Intend to make application to t.e Honorable the
Chlel Commissioner of I andsaa t Works for p^r-
m If sion to purchase the following described
lauds: Commencing at a posl placed on the east
shore of Lower Arrow Lake, adjoining J. Bates'
pre-emption on the sptUhwesi marked "T v.'m
N.W. e rnerpiM." Thence running so chains
east; theme B0 chains South; thence SOcbalni
more or leu, Wist [o the late simrc; thenee following lak. shore to point ot commencement)
confining Q40aorcit more or less
1 uos Kis.uian.
Dateil this 7th .lav of.I >ine, r.*-o.
Notice is hereby given that 00 dayi aft* r <U|c 1
in tend to make appilcatfOtLto the Honorable the
Chief Coramlssibner of LanOsand Works for permission to purchase the following described
lands: Commencing al a pest placed on the
northeast corner of r Ktnahan'j Application to
Purchase, marked "H, i s comer post." running
HO chains east: thenee B0 chains south; thence ho
ohalni weit; theme followingT Klnahan'ieul
em boundary to point of pooUneucement, ion
talnlng 640 acres, mort or less.
Hannah TlBRNIV,
Haled this 7th day of June, run.
Notice 1" hereby given lhat 60 daw alter date I
intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of L*ndj Md Works for per-
million  to purchase the following described
lands: Commencing at a post placed nl Ihe lute section of the east boundary of J. Hates' preemption aud the nortii boundary of T Klnahan's
Application to I unhn-e, marked "T. K. .Ir's sW,
oomer post" Th nee following .I.Uau-s'easiem
boundary, 10 chains north] thence hu chains cast:
tbence In ohalni to the no thc-ru boundary ol
Hannah ' I 'ruey'a Application lo Purehaie;
thenco following the northerlj boundary ol same
and northerly boundary of T. Klnahau'i Application to Purchase, to point of commencement,
containing 820 acres, more or leas.
Dated ihis Tib day of -lune, lfon.
Notice is herby given that I Intend, 60 days
after date to apply to lhe Chief Commission, r of
Lands ami Works for permlulon to purchase the
fo lowing d-scribed Ian Is situate al Fire  \ alley,
Kootenay district. Commencingata post (marked George Young North west corner) placed at
the north weit corner id section 'J* township ODi
thence east 80 chains lo the north eait corner of
said section 28; them ��� ioU*h -in chains, thenee
West SO Chains, thenee north 10 chllillN to the
place of beginning, containing BSD acres and
being the northerly liulf of Mild section i'��, township tin.
' atcd at Nelson, B. C. June iith 1906
 Gbobob Vooyq,
Notice is hereby given that 1 Intend.60 davi
afterdate, to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
i-niiiis mid Works for permlulon to purahBie
the following described lands, situate ,.t nre
Valley, Kootenay District    Commencing at a
post (marked    (ieorge Voinig uorih east corner)
placodat the north east corner of section ti.
township 60; thence south 80 chains lo tho south
cast corner of said notion 83; thence wi st lu
< bains, thence north B0enalni, and thence e ist
���iu chains io ihe p'acc of beginn'ng.containing
R20acres, ami being t*1- ���*--���- ��� ���������"�� ���
lion 83, tortiislili'ii
easterly half of
Dated at Nelioo, B, 0, June 6th 1996.
Obohub Voino,
Notice U hereby given that I Intend 60 dayi
after dale to apply totbeChlefCommlnlonerol
Lands ami *orki for nennu.sioii io purchaao
the following deicrlbed landi, situate al Klro
\ alley, Kootenay  I'UtrlOt.    'onmeiieing nl a
ppit{markea i. oallagher  nouth w
placed at ihe M)ii!h wui corner of
township eg thence north fcOoliitni i
weit comer of raid Motion :i;t; the)	
chains,   Ihem mt li  BO chains   io   the   south
boundary of said notion 88, and thenee wesl id
cnaini to the place of beginning oontaintiiB :ijn
aorea,and being tbo westerly Calf of laid notion 88, lownihlpos.
Haled at Nelson, B 0, June r.'h 1900,
  L Qallaoiibb,
��� north
Notice Is herein  given  lhal   I   Intend, 00  .lays
afterdate to apply to the Chief Commfnlonorof
iiindsand Wortl for permission lo purchase the
following described binds and premUei.situsle
at Fin- val'ey, Kootenay District Cominonefnu
ni a post (marked p. it. O'Connor noith eail corner) placed at the north east corner of section
31, township 60; thence south 40 ohafos, tbence
weit 40 chains, thence no th io <huius io ihe
nonlnrly boundary ofsahl section 21; and Ihen-
ce easl ii chains io the pi  if hcgliiiilni; con
taming IfQacrei, and being the north easl one.
qnarlor of said section 21, towuiblpflV.
Nelson, B C. June Mb 1900.
P. H. O'Coiwon,
 ��� Okohuk Yot'Mi, Agent.
Notice ii hereby given that 00 dayi from date
UUtend t.. apply t{, tbo Honorable tlie Chief
t ommlll oner of Lamia and Woiks (or Dermis'
sfoii to purchase the following described lands,
In lhe rtest Koolenay IHstrld, nasi side of f'o]!
umbia River,aboutlmlles north of Burton Ulty
Corameoolng at a ppsi marked L��oM WlotoA
H W, corner, at the N, W. eorner of R. H.Smlth'l
preemption claim, tbence north io ohalni mo-e
orlon to theiouth bonnflsrj of Kllei L'rtoII'i
preemption claim  thence uisl HI chatns, thenee
-oniii toehaim more or less to the North boundary of it ii Pmlth'i preemption claim, !<���,.,.).
west bo cbalm to polnl of, ,-v, neneementi con*
liiliiingHUaertN mor.) or km
Haled this 2nd day of June, 1900,
Llio M. Wintkii.
Rali'ji Hlyb, Agent,
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Notice is lierei.v given flint 1 IntrsndtOO <ihvs
Hfi.r date, in appl; to tbe Cblel Commissi r o!
i ends Hint Worlu for permission to purobsse the
following d Ibed lands, situate ��t Uro Valler,
Kootenay District. Commencing al �� i���>. tfnisrf;.
ed P. it. o' Connor -situih ,-itsi corner) placed at
tin' ruirtii e-H^t toroer of seotlon :ri, township W;
tbenee west tu tthalns, tbence nortb BO ehalns,
thence east40chatos, and thenee south 80 chain.
tn i)i��. place nf beginning, containing Ml acres.
Dnliil ut Nelson, B. 0. June  .11. l��si.
Gnoaai Y"imi, Agent.
Notiee is hereby given that DO days fr.un data f
Intend toapplv tn tbe Honorabletne Cblel Com*
mlasloner ol Lands and Work, fur permission to
purchase tbe following described land., in rim
West Kootenay DUtrtct.   Band Island, in tho
Columbia Klver about I miles  nnrlli  oi  Ulirmn
i ity; aft nf said M���ij.i above fiitrfi water, being
lOaore. Inure ur I, u.
Haled lilts 1st Hay ol June. 1006.
Fhank Nobtok
T. 0 Hskinsoh, Agent
PiXty days after .tale 1 Intend to apply tl) tlie
Commlaslnner Ol Liunls arm Wurks, Vl.lnrla. In
pu-eliase li'sr acre, of land,  i'ommonclng at a
00.1 planted nn the WClt sliere ol ArTOW Lake, af
ilie solid, easi oorner of J. J. Christie', pun base,
running north 80 chains, thon, asi ju ebaltis,
thence south 80ohajns, tbence west Bocbalna tn
plu.ee of commencement.
Located May, i'lli loon,
A. I'.liltlE,
I.. liAl.l.Aiiiieu. 1 ���t.,r.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days fr.un date I
Intend to apply to lhe Honorable tho Commie,
.loner ,d Lands anil Wnrks fur permission to
purobsse tbe lull.��� lnB deurlbed land., situate
111 the West Kniittriiiy Iri.stri, t. gtartfng from a
pnsl rnnrked w ItllHru Krnesr liaviHun's M. K rmsi
aboul twn milts east nf Ueer park on tho Arrow
Lakes thenco 40 chains south, thenco t'i eimins
west, thence 10 chains nortb, them ceest to point
of commencement, containing at.uut loo sores.
Dated tiiisKtii day ol June, vm.
William eunsst Davisoi,.
Notice is bereby given that (todays after dale I
Intend in apply to ti," Honorable the Chief Commissioner "1 Lands and Uurks fur permission lu
purchase the following described lands in the
We.l K.intellllV district! ruin Jj|. Urine 111 a )..,.!
.narked   "NStliaMel   Melnl vr.-V  8. �� Ooroer''
plained nn the west side ol the Columbia River,
"' i 'miles imrlli of Burton City, and 80 chain.
north "1 the south-wes rner of toi >78, nee
north 80 chains, thenco wesl 80 chains, thenoe
south 80 chain., thonce easl Bo chaini to point of
commencement, containing 040 acres.
Dared tl,!. nth day of June, 1904,
NvrileMKI, MffNTYIiK.
T. (.' M.ikins Agent.
Notice is bereby given tbat 00 days alter date I
Intci'd to apply idl 'able the chief Commissioner of binds and Wnrks fur la-rrnlsHlnrr tn
rllrel ' lhe fulluiniii; deserll.e.l lands: loin-
mcnclnf ui ,i posl pi I  lie north shoro of
iin- west ur in ut Kootenay Lake, at tin- umtt m
��� ���.irin-r   nt   Jul,li   Ptrattka'   pre .lapilnii,    ii���.	
West   111 ehaltis.  mom  ur  less,   In   ||���. l���.���Mi
corner of Ut No.7408, th.  nortl i,���n,,.
tl eaal in chain, more or less thi ncc norlb
in chains iu the polnl ol commence t
Hal d June ir,ih, IW0.
O  H. Aeil.Klus,
-Nnllee I, li.r.l.y given Hut sixty ftto) days aire,
��� I''"' 'uiiiini i ,   Und,  nnd   Wnrks  f���r
pennl-uu, ,,,p,,���|,���.,. ������.   keying   de.erll	
raot ol ludiaiiuaie at Queens' Bay on tbo wesl
���horeol Kootenay Uke In tho 1 istrn-i ol IVes
Kootenay, Prnvlni I  British  tfollimbla nml
ooi nlng by ml isurement itn ISO acre, be
the same more ur less, ni.i.h nannl may be
mure par leularly described as follows, .,,,,,.
i'"-,'i'��l,"f''"!"u1"'",V."" ""' w",s,,ll>' boundorj of
!:���' '���' "M K,""'enay l.lsirlei, being th,
south east cornor pi 1. wild. 1; thenco westerly
following the soulborly i rider) ,,( i, ckjiki ',
ner   uf
us nu
or le
ml,I   l.ut  0801  0.
u th
i; then
s n  in onam, more nr less tu the north:
erly linimdary   [ D, It. Balloch's  Api.lleaiiun    ���
Purohaso! thenee oastorly following the north"
prlyboundaryofsald I).It Balloch'sAppliSaiio,
p. Purchase asm chain, more nr inn t,
slinre Of lllleens' t'av; thenee (olloWIna sis. .1,,,,
OSltyof sal.lsliure III a nuril,  ,,,",, r|'   .11,. .'
lluii 71) ehalns inure nr less h, thosouth wns ,.,,.
ner ,,f sal I Lot 7080 ti. i; them e northerly oiloiv
liytl.ewi-sle.ly  hnu, y nf ,��� |,| J���,t  7,l��       .    ,
inohfc "  ' "' "'"""U'llee
llii'.erl June lfi, 11)00.
 .  ft. M. UPYIail-s,
Thirty.lays afler dale I liilen.l In ap.dy ,��� ,i���.
I'nuilillasluiier nf L0,nd. mid  Works   Viel..rlI.   SS
a special license to cii   am .,      ',,        ; '
rom  following des.nh.'.i "ffls Commouo.
Ing ai a pott morkod J. B, s��� g  V corner SSS?
I P Hi" wesl hank ol Oayou.0 Croat: wh'a? .,"hi
ereek IntomecU the eaal bou da ., n 7a.ii . V
n ng north 100 o] f. he-eorait wXfn1.
theme snnth 100 Chains, Ihe  �� ��� I  |,   ,,    ,    ', i
eoiillneiieeineiit l" POIUI ol
Jtlliu nth 1000,
J. K. An-naiiik.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:  Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP... ,(8,900,000 KEST |s,��Ki,t
D. K. WILKI1C, Pre��i.loiit. HON. KOBKKT JAKEBAY. Vic^Preadeoi
Branches in British Columbia:
DeptMitaineetred and Interail allowoej nt curr'nt mtos bom (lute of omit]
niiimt uml erwlit.-il Imlf-ywirly.
���J.   M.   LAY,  Manager.
rsi'.i.sei.x iimawh
P. BurriaS ��& Co.
Branch MarJcefe to  Roeslond,  Trail,   ETel#on, Kiwlo,  Bandon, Thrw Korku, >'n
Denver nml tSlocan Uity.
Ordan by mall to an; brunch will bare
"iir prompt timl inreful nttctiUon.
Heid Office: Nelson, B.C
Kootenay Agents
R. A. Rogers & Co.
Limited, Winnipeg.
Wholesale ProvlslonH,
Dominion QoTsrnnjent Oreamery ow> Poun.I liriokH reooired weeklj fn**
mini tin, ehurn.   Pot snio by nil iiwliug (frocim.
Ofllcfimrl warehotuei Hotutoa Blook,   Phono "fl.
Josephine Street. .       .       Nthm, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
Coal Tar, Waterproof Paints
Pitch, Creosote, Oils for PreservtoR Timber,
Roofing Pitch and Paints.
Boot BnUden will and it to their advantage to ore onr Pitch.
Nekon Coke and Gas Co., Lti ������*������������������������:������������������������������������������
(Canada Drtig and
I Book Co'y, Limited
JUNE 1st
Today we inaugurate our Cash System of doing
isiness, and below is a list of a few of the changes this
Istem will enable us to make. These are not Special
lit regular prices:
The Dally Canadian, Jane 19, 1906
DRUG Department
|d Price Cash Price
.25  Mcnnen's Talc Powder 20
���,00    Beef   Iron and Wine 75
.25  Wood Alcohol, pts 20
.150  Wood Alcohol, qts 40
.40 Steedraan's Teething Powders 35
.40  Stedinan's Teething Powders 35
.35   Williams' Shaving Stick. 25
,15       Williams' Barber's Bar 10
.75  Tanglefoot, case of  25 sheets, 60
.25 Glycerine and Rose Water, 4 oz. bottles     .15
Stationery Department
.75     250 page Letter Books 50 X
11.25    250 page Letter Books $1.00 ���
1.50    250 page Letter Books  1.25 ���
fc.oo    500 page Letter Books  1.50 ���
.50      1000 page Letter Books  2.00 ���
( Papeterie, containing 24 sheets paper, 1 ���
.25   <     (ruled,) 24 Envelopes, I penholder, >     .15 2
I      1 Pen, 1 Piece Blotting  ) ���
,25       Novels 15c, 2 for .25 A
.30 and 35c Writing Tablets 25 ���
.25     Writing  Tablets 15 ���
.15 package, 2 for 25c, Envelopes 3 for .25 A
>44444444444X *������������������������������������������
Canada Drug and
Book CoVt Limited
.'he Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
S|.ivKas.iH> To K. 'IKISTKItKII .ll CO.
i.l H.ittli.rs of
Manilffli'timTH of
jne Lager Beer and Porter        Every Known Variety Soft Drinks
And the Celebrated " Red Ribbon Beer."
il.lII'HONli   No.   24
WM. GOSNELL, Manager
To the Members
of the
20,000 Gab.
Patronize tin- .MHH) who nm
here now, uml wo will
bo a long way to*
wimi our Ko��l.
Thorpe's Lithia
li equal to any aperient
ami -rheumatic wut
en bottled in
tlm United
If von use QDOUgll of it WO
��� nu support another
family in NeUon.
&. Co., Limited.
For Everything Good
to Smoke.
pried and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
II" You Know Thontun's Special Mixture?
RAI.BI) TKNDKK9. marked, "TViuIit for Timber Limit, KooU'imy t'(strict," will be reived bjf tbe iititltTBigni'd, tip tu noon of Saturday, 0)6 Will ilny ol June, 1MB, from miy person
duirtns lool'taiu 11 *peelil timber license lor.it
and curry away timber (mm Lot 7,^1, liroiii* 1,
Koot-nay Dimrirt, Minuted near SleNelllleN Hid-
Iin;. oil tlie line of tbe Crow's Nest Pan Hallway
11 ml oonUIOlDI 111 UTM more itr lens.
Tlie pSTBOD offerlim tho highest CMb bonus
will In; entitled toil IpMilJ ll.ellse roverinR the
lAld   lot,   renewable   for   twenty-one   mieesMvo
Haeii tender must be ueeompaiii-'d hi a eertl-
flOd elieuiie, made payable at par iu \ ielorln to
Ihe UiiderMKiied, for tlie amount, fltt.OO, of Ihe
11 iM year'w teen fur mieh (.jH-eial lleense, and the
iimouutof 'beixiuus inn .'ii >i. Hii'i ���lioaoertl-
lied ehei|iie for |5tU.70 (of MM otlOOatlDfi adver-
ttelng and lonreylng ol said lut.
Deputy Cummisntuiier of Ijind* and Worki,
Undi ID J Works Itenurlmenl,
Victoria. H.c.,7th Jone, itton.
Nelson, B. tl, Juno tth, U06.
3EAI.KII  TKNIIKIW will W re.i'lve.l   by tlu'
Wanifii ni tin. Provincial gaol, Nelson, ����� o .
until iinmi June Mill, tor snniilli's lor ono ,csr,
in,in Juiv 1st. lis* to Jons Nth, 1907. Ml'Ht,
bread, iroeuiM, bsnlwsre boon bu.i hum,
.���lullilim, ilrj-Koo.ls. fiicl Hiiil.lriigs
Forms tor lender end speolflmtrons can be t.a.i
nt Iho l'rovlnrlal ��aol. Nelson,
lhe lowest or any lemior no neounttrtlj an.
loptoil. ��  K ^"Jffl...,.
Blair,   Sifton   and   Fltipatrick   Scuttle    Winnipeg   Labor  Day Committee  Will
)IU Curiosity Shop
l" you want to buy or sell anything,
I" Uio Old Curiosity Shop. A  now
"' "I Japanese CIooiIb now on sale. All
n��a nr  Dlnnerware In   alock.   Pat-
Oalt Coal
Terms Bpot Cub
Telephone 360
and  Forsake the Ship
The following paragraph, originally
appearing a8 an editorial In the Montreal Gazette, has been going fhe
rounds, and is worth repealing:
"In three years three strong men
have left the Laurior cabinet Mr.
Blair waa Ihe first of the trio. He had
aomo weaknesses. He tan tho Intercolonial railway like a comic opera,
and the country paid the price; bul he
was never in the manipulations ol constituencies and men, and where a government's record is not good this sort
of cleverness is what It needs. Next,
Mr. Sifton left. He Is In his way an exceedingly able man, anil outside the
government has done it better service
In defending its measures and its acts
than any of the ministers themselves
were able to render. Now, Mr. Fltz-
Patrick has gone. Ho may not have
been Mr. Blair's or Mr. Slfton's equal
in the art ofi winning elections In one
wuy If not in anolher; but he was their
superior in the house of commons, and
was there in many ways lhe most capable of all tbe cabinet. He had tile respect of men of both parlies, anil what
he said was given consideration, because of his personality as well as because of bis position. His retirement
lo take the chief justiceship of the supreme court will leave Sir Wilfrid Utu-
rier with not a tried and strong man
of thq first rank lo support him. Mr.
Fielding has been found out. He ia
losing hiB looks. Mr. Aylesworth, who
was brought in over the heads of all
tho old Ontario members, has yet to
prove what he is made of. The other
ministers run from men of moderate
ability to those of hardly any ability
at all. They are of little help to the
premier, nor is he of much help to
them. They drift through the sessions
of parliament, aad seemingly the business of the departments also drifts
along. If there was any strength in
them they would not have so many
charges of mismanagement to defend,
and they would proceed to the duty in
a way that would at least give the people the idea that they desired to do
right and lo punish those under them
who did wrong. As it is, they are acting as if they feared the light, and did
not know well how to keep it from
their doings. Their extravagance and
luck of foresight lias brought the country into a serious financial situation,
and at a time when it should be reduc
ing lis liabilities, will make it a heavy
borrower both to provide lor old liabilities and lo carry out new, ill-considered, unnecessary and costly works. It
docs not need a prophet lo see what the
eurl will be."
Invite  Him.
Winnipeg, June 18.���The Labor Day
committee of the trades and labor council held Its first meeting In the typographical rooms, Tribune block, on Saturday evening, when a program was
drawn up, grounds selected and other
matters pertaining to the celebration
of the day discussed. The committee
will try and arrange to have Keir Har-
die and other labor members of the
British house of commons here on Labor Day. Prominent Canadian trades
unionists who will attend the annual
meeting of the Dominion trades and labor congress In Victoria iu September
will be usked to make Winnipeg a stopping-over place on Labor Day.
The proposal that the labor members
of lhe British house of commons should
visit the colonies arose from amongst
themselves. The party forma a considerable and an influential body In the
British commons, and It was their desire to become belter acquainted with
the empire.
It Is expected thai Ihe parly will Include .1. R. Macdonald. Phillip Snow-
den, Will Crooks and olher very prominent labor men of Britain.
i ne more you think of some people,
the less you think of them.
And Builder
Solo agent for the Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Ltd., retail yards.
Rough and dressed lumber, tnrned work
and brackets, Const lath nnd shingles,
sash und doors.
Cement, brick and lime for sale. Auto-
nintic grinder.
Men Complain That the Agreement is
Not  Being Kept.
More trouble Is said to be probable
between the Street Railway Company
or" Winnipeg and its employees, and serious developments are feared. The
men are complaining that the agree-
ment which ended the strike is being
broken In some of its most important
particulars. The company is said to be
carrying on a vigorous campaign to get
rid of the union. One clause of the
agreement provides that runs and promotions shall depend on seniority and
merit, and another that as far as possible the runs shall be arranged so
that men shall not work more than ten
hours a day. One of the chief com
plaints of the men is lhat old and callable niotorinen and conductors who
were prominent in the strike negotiation are being put on undesirable i una
and are made to work thirteen hours a
day, bolng told when they complain
lhal they can be "done without. There
are also other grievances.
Yard and factory Vernon, St.,
east of Hall.
p'0tem Nelson, B.C.
Telephone 17S.
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Froit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Silver King Hotel
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelson
nud its suburbs. Phone 148.
The city of Winnipeg Is on the anxious seal aboul how the proposed Sunday obsorvunce will affect the running
of street cars In that city on Sunday,
Rev. Mr. Rochester, the newly appointed secretary of the L. D. A. for the
west, telegraphed to Rev. J. 0. Shearer
to know the worst that might bo feared. Mr. Shearer's reply was in substance that tho street railway company
and the citizens of Winnipeg need have
no rear on the subject, as the new bill
does not provide any legislation which
can interfere with Winnipeg. The only
way to stop street cars in that city is
by municipal ordinance. It would seem
that Ihe L. D. A. Is getting farther and
farther away from the objects which
they set out to achieve in their somewhat heavy undertaking to legislate Ihe
people of Canada into a atate of moral
regeneration. It Is a pity that llle spirit or commercial rapacity, love of
health and pleasure, with irrellgion,
should so materially conlrndlct the essential principles of a Sunday law. .
To Whom It May Concern:
NOTICB 13 HKRKnv GIVEN that application
win tie made to the presiding Juuku ol iho Bu.
promo I'ourt tn Chambers nt the Law Courts,
il,i-li..ii r'quiiR', VK'lorla, H. C. on Friday, Hie
���.inii day of June, W06, at lo.so o'elook in tho for..-
noon, for an order extending the time until the
lotii ilay of -Inly 11106, for registration umli-r the
"Companies A.-i amendment Act 11)061'of a rer-
tain Deed of Charge dated the loth .lay of May
111 6, made between tin- Halt Mining ami Smelting Company, I.iinttt'.i, of the one part, and Flint
Itairmay anil Krm-sl  Prior Ashley, ol till' oilier
rmrt. whereby tiiesniil Company declares that
Lits lOal. lli'Kl, iXII, W.1.>, Mil, i"��'. "n. nml. IBM,
S'j.'.r, H'-'oo, purl of 1/it St'.', part ot Lol S6D7i Uroup
I, rtootenay ni'triot, i.otsi to HI Inclusive, Block
'.17. l ot IS, ami 1-ots 1 to 1J inclusive, in Block %.
town of Nelson, U'ts II anil 10, Block It, Lots It
mi,I 11, Block A. Aililllton A Map .1111 !'��� In sal.l
Koolenay District, shalt alum! ctiaracil Willi tlie
payment of all principal monies ami iiiti-rssl.liio
or to beoomoduo in respect of debentures to lhe
tola! inn,, nl of ��*<0,00(i toned hy Die sulil loin
nun V In personncc of an lriitcnliiroilatoil thOglth
June, 1001, bctivesn the 'nil Mines; Limited, of
the llrfl purl, mill Allicrton Kilwnril Asliley. of
Ilie sccoil.t l.nrt. nm! Wlllliun I'nrlls tVaril nml
Willlnni Ueorgo Jeltoroys, "f Itie third part, nml
Ilie unlit Hull Milling nml Smelting i oinpany.
l.tinlteil ol flic fourth pari, anil James kolicrts
Brown ami KtlJil Itamsiiy, of tlie llflh part, l.ctiig
a Trusl t col lo secure tlie salil dotioultiren, anil
so lhat inch cha ge uliall tn- a lirst ooarge upon
llicMild property ^ WIIKAM.ERi
Solicitor for Mid Hall MinltiK-t Smoltlng
Compitny, unutpd.
Dftted at Kolron, B. V., this IBth tiny <>f June,
Best Dollar a day house in the
Rooms nre well furnished.   Table as good as any
In Scion.    Bar supplied with good
Honors sou clears.
W. B. McOANDLISH, Proprietor.
T*emont House
European and American Plto
Meali 26 oU.   Rooms from 36 cU. to P
Only White Help Employed.
Baker St., Netaon Proprietor!
Bartlett   House
Best DoIIar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Ber Is the Finest.
White Help Only Employed.
Josephine Br.
The Big Schooner n... <A_
Or "Half-and-Half"    DCCi    \ UL��
Tho only Glass of Good Beer in Nelson.
Hotel Accommodations second to
none in British Colnmbia.
.Special Bates to Monthly Boarders.
The only Home Hotel in Nelson.
Lake VieTD
Hall and Vernon Sts.
Two blncke from
Bates $1.00 per Day
and np.
No Chinese Help enmlnyi d.
UU5&      NELSON, B. C.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Centrally Located. Open Day end Night
Sample ari.l Bitti Booms Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward and Vernon Streets.
Th* Strathcona
Nelson, B.C.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Choice Froit
58 Acres and
50 Acres*
Both Pieces of Land Near Nelson
Olenring light nnd soil excellent;.
Very easy terms on payment enn be arranged.
Pbone 247.   Office next Canadian Bank of Commerce.   P. 0. Box 888.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call   It     J��      ftl|     OlIJ 1\
and examine our list.   JL J.*   GL/   lVi��   ssDA��SV*^
INSIJRANC&   Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business in Kootenay.
Nelson. B. C.
I have for Sale the Choicest
Frait Lands in this district.
Most of it situate on the West Arm and Main Lake,
fore yon decide to locate.
i me be-
S. M. BRYDGES, mK^tm-
We Will &1L
20 Marconi-Canadian for $60.oo.
McDermid & McHardy
Thirty tlRyirtftcr dste I intend making application to the Hoiioriiblc the Chief Coriiunsslonor
of I finds und worki, for n special lloeusu to cut
nnd rarry nwtij' timber from the following do*-
erflicd lands. Comineneing nt a post placed on
the southern bouiniHry of Timhtir I.ieonse No.
f.n;.'i, nml iboat lOobilni north of the N. W. corner of lot O'-'rH'. I. West Kooenay, ruiniliift thence
weit HO rhniiis, then co Miitii ki chalna, thence
i-n-1 m cha ii<4, lhcni'0 nortb H'j chains to poiut ot
Dated 19th April WOti.
Daniii. Tl'omky
SBtUED TBNDERfi marked " Tenders for Mining Sti��ek" will be received by the undersigned
up lo VI o'clock M of Thursday tlie Slit June Instant, for sale of .UHW sharefl in *he Boundary
Hlkhoni .Mining Company, Limited. This Com-
puny's property is mtuaicat >>ieonwood, fl. c,
and adjoins lhe iToviileiire, aud is high grade
property. It Is a Hblpp'.-v mnl development work
Is being curried on extensively. The highest or
nnv tender not necessarily accepted.
Dated atUrand Forks. B.C., the 18th June, lDUfl.
Official Administrator.
Qood    Sample    Rooms.
Queen's Hotel
Hiker HtK'ot, Nelson. B. 0.
Lighted by Electrioity and
Healed by Hot Air
l.nriji- tin] tfomlorUlile Ballrooms and First*
class litmus Room. SAtnplo Rooms for Commsr-
clal Men.
MRU. E. C, CLARKE. Proprietress
Tho well known
Our Beer Garden is
the Finest iu tho
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acra
of tbe
Choicest Ftott Lands in
British Colombia.
Cau sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. G.
Wholesale aud Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Damps supplied ou shortest notice anil
lowest pricu. Nothing but frenli and
wholesome meats nud supples kept iu btock
Mnil orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters and Dealers iu
Ciwl and Woo".   Express and
PaggnKO Transfer
Sf&iS Office: Baker St.
Thompson & Douglas
Sign WrltlnB n Spsclulty.
Wssll f><ip��r and Burlap.
90 Day Round Trip
��s<l>}l ������������
Winnipeg, Pt. Arthur,
Dulutb, St. Paul.
First Class Hunting Plants aud Modern
Sanitary Appliances.
Phone 181, Opera House Blk. Box 401
Through Excursion Rates
Toronto, Montreal,
Maritime Provinces,
New York, New England
on application.
Dates of sale : June 4, 6, 7, n, ti;
July 1, S;   Aug. 7, 8, 9;    Sept. I, l#.
Tickets subjeet to usual rarlatlons ot
route and Include meals and berth on
C. P. R. steamers on Great Lakes.
Full particulars from
O. P. Agent, Nelson, B. C.
1SSSSSI The Dally Canadian/fane i% *906
Our Souvenir Spoons arc the
Best You Can Find.
We have about 80 different kinds,
in Stirling and Kimnu'l, ranging
in price from OQota lo $8 CO eaoh, and most of them are new designs.
In Pins. Bracelets, Knives, Trays, Paper Gutters, etc., we hav
nil the latesl (Innadian nnd Nelson Souvenfrs.      It' you are
looking tor a Souvenir we cannot fail to suit you.
Mail orders reoeive prompt and careful attention.
lASl'K.w'ITWNfi JKH'Kl.I.KK.
��������������������������� ���������������������<��*������*�����������������
The Store of Sweets/
Fruits, Confediontry and
Ice Cream.
Wash Day    j
Labor Savers*
���.        :
���FELSNAPTHA - 3 Bars - 25c |
GOLDEN WEST ��� b Bars - 25c}
GOLDEN WEST  - 72 Bars $2.50 X
Phone Bff. Baker St
114 Bars   4.75 ���
We cum- a full stock of
everything needful for
washday. Every leading
line uf Soap or Soap
Powder will bo found at
our store.
Bell Trading j
Company        j
'<A "Tip" for a
' Canadian Morn ing.**
Kootenay Coffee
PHONE 177.
I Encourtijje
The Children
To come fo my grocery wiih
'mama's messages." Here ihey
learn in gel the ii si and pur-
eat goods nil flic time,
it will make Hem discriminating buyers when they grow
up, fur buying tbe besl is a
valuable experience
If you send the little one on
a message to this store, you
can depend on Ihe Bamo attention to your wants as though
you  oamo yourself.
Send the children for sun,'
of fhe following:
DATES,   n w  and  delicious,
2 His. for 25c
for 2~,c
JUICY ORANGES, l.",e per iloz.
EiiKllsli Frull Drops, 4f,c per Hi.
JOY'S Cash Grocery
Cor.JoNphlneand miii Bti.    Paoaa is
Ice Cream Sodas.
The Finest in the Land.
d>r. Vci-moii hiii! \\'ni-d  Strcuts,
.1   FRED HUME, Proprietor
Fred Robinson, Wlnlaw; J U Foley,
li .1 McPhee, Slocan; Q Ward, Vancoi'i-
hi; F M Slioilriilgc. Chicago; D Wilson. It K Lindsay, K I. Shaw, Winnipeg; T li Siark, .1 U McBride, wife ami
daughter, Cranbrook; John Arthur, Baker City; s K Tolmie, Victoria; C J
runway. Revelstoke; Ii Matheson,
Phoenix; F s Saunders, Frederlcton;
F .\i Stevenson, Midway.
Mr. and Mrs. E M Hand and daughter,
Ymir mine; t; 0 Buchanan, Kaslo: .1
i: Hillings. Nakusp; W Pickell, Vancouver; Mrs t) l.acliiniind, Chicago.
.) .) Campbell, Elnrick mine; Nap Itcmil-
laril. Wlnlaw; A Denswlck, C Sherman,
tins Sherman, A Wlngrew. R Mecbam,
Trout Lake; L Mecbam, Kansas; John
Ogg, Ymir; H (1 Urowu, Waneta; W
dull), Trail.
A Johnson, Alnsworth; James Travis,
nine Hell mine: tins Nelson, 11 Pearson, Spokane; \V Ilenott,, Salmo; .1 \v
Murphy, Bonnington; D Oraham, C ll
Heel;..  Slocan;   .1   J   McCarthy,  Sirdar,
C Peterson. Sratoy;- M Cohn, Calgary,
.1 \v, Connell, B Miller, Slocan Junction; .1 Williams. New York; VV lien-
mln anil wife, Sandon; George Hen
licit, SI. Paul; W Harris, Slocan; Mrs
I) I llandley, Ymir; Charles King,
Vani ouver.
H. Scott, Bonnington;  ti Matthews,
Ii Mason, Calgary;   II Moore, R Gilpin. Cranbrook;   J  Anderson,   Phoenix
W   Ja Bon   and   wife,   Glasgow:   1!
Ilaipsicn. Ponoka; A .1 Homer, Salmo;
Q Carlo. A I'ala. Blue Bell mine; A
Schwarzzenhauer, Deer Park; J Frizzed, Arrowhead; A Findley, Procter;
C 0 Vancamp, shields.
��� I   Haven,   Ymir;   A   Mllellcan,  Inver
less: A Brown, Proclcr; .1 Henry, Van
comer;   .1   Pearson.   Bonnington.
Sherman's Opera House
Monday, June 25th
Maharas' Mammoth Minstrel
Colored Stars-
Presenting the cleverest features of
Minstrelsy, Opera nml Vaudeville.
Maharas Challenge Bond nnd Orchestra,
Wnl h lor liig Street Parade,
Usual prices.   Senls on Sale nt Rutherford's Saturday.
Fresh  Dominion
Creamer}' Butter
30cts. per pound
Telephone Kit.
There wns no docket in tbe city police court this morning.
William K. Gosnell leaves ihis evening iur Princeton to tool, after hi* Interests at) Unit  point.
Tbe  price  or silver advanced    one
point on each market today, No change
is reported in copper, lead or zinc.
Dr. S. P, Tolmie, V. S., Dominion vet
erinary inspector of ihe province, is
in ihe city on one uf his regular trips
The executive commiltee of Hie B0V
ono club will hold its postponed meet
Ing fn ihi> board 'of trade rooms to
nlghl   at   8:30,
Mra. Arthur and her daughter, Margaret, returned last night from Ontario,
where tbey have been visiting relatives
during the past year.
Thamad KInahan, of the stair of ihe
Bank ol Montreal, in about to enjoy a
well-earned vacation, He will visit A,
ll. Itin hanan in Spokane.
D. (I. Kurtz, who has spent a wceb
in lhe Koolenay Lake general hospital
wiin an incipient attack of typhoid fever, lefl  ilie hospital  last night.
Parents are again reminded thut the
school trustees ami Principal Sullivan
wish  lo know Iiv  tomorrow afternoon
the number of new pupils who will on
ier in August
A. Carney, timber inspector, is in
the city today, lie will go to Salmo tomorrow io decide a dispute as io wheth
er cortnfn lands arc properly described
as  limber   land.
1*. B, Starkey, of Nelson, who was
here Wednesday, says 'he new daily in
that city, the Nelson Canadian, is taking well with Conservatives throughout
the Kootenays.���Phoenix   Pioneer.
W. A. Thurman is back from Winnipeg, whither he was called by his moth
er'a illness. lie reports the prairie
city still booming and expanding, and
real   estate   selling  at   stagger-inn    tig-
.1. <!. Hillings, of ihe Ynle-Cohimbia
Lumber Company, was in the city from
Nakusp last night, and returned this
morning. The lire is still smouldering
on tlie hillside, and the company's of"
fice has been frequently threatened,
There will be diess rehearsals in the
Agricultural hall tonighi of all the
drills, dances an.I choruses for Kirmess, including the opening grand
march of all participants. Everything
is in readiness for the beginning of
the three days' carnival tomorrow af
The attractions of Kootenay lake and
river were too great for Lord Aylmer
and his aide. Major Eaton, and their
trip to Fernie had lo be postponed for
a day. Major Eaton made ;i fine caUh
yesterday of a dozen trout, none weigh
ing less than a pound, which he sent to
lhe Kootenay   Lake genera] hospital.
The examination for entrance to
high schools will begin in the sen'or
division of the public school tomorrow
morning. Inspector Wilson has three
such examinations to conduct simultaneously in Nelson, Rossland and Grand
Forks. Miss Scanlan will take charge
in  Nelson.
The subscription and circulation
agent of The Daily Canadian is now
calling on lhe people of Nelson who
desire to be enrolled as regular receivers of this paper. "Gratifying success"
is the report which he brings to the
office each day. New subscribers not
receiving iheir papers regularly pleas'
ring up 324.
Have Changed Our Firm Name
But we haveu't changed ilie
T. & B. Brand of
Tea and Coffee.
'ihey oan't in' beat and the ns won't
hurt tlie goods.
Always ask fur T * I! Brand and yun 11
got iho best        Sold "iily bj
C. A Benedict
Corner Silloa nnd Josephine sis.
Hand Mirrors
In great variety, and  to suit
every taste.     We have them
at almost any price you
want to pay, from
25c to $3.
Our Heavy Bevelled Edge
3x5 for 25 cents
4x6 for 50 cents
Is a Leader.
Soda  Fountain
in town at the
Hazlewood Parlor
Try out Double Jersey
A Fine Assortment of Fruits,
Nats and Confectionery.
Phone 206.
W. G. Thomson
IgggSfg" "" Nelson, B, C.
Phorsa .14.
Mining  Records.
Four locations, on.' a placer claim,
13 certificates of assessmenl work and
one bill of sale were recorded In the
Nelson mining oflice today.
!���:. J. Blanchiird recorded the Ruby,
on Caribou creek, adjoining the Eureka,
located June   1st.
A. Long recorded the Copper King,
-m Toad mountain, located May 81st
S. L, Myers recorded the Emma, a
mile easl of Ihe north fork of the Salmon, located May 2!)rd.
Pete Peterson recorded a placer
claim on the Salmon river.
Certificates of work were issui-d to
H. B. Smith, agenl for \V. B. Town-
send, on lhe Bankers' Panic and Lucky
Bill; to I,. E. McFarlane. for himself
and J. R. Hunnex, on the Cornelia; to
T. H. Newltt, on the Caledonia; lo C.
\V. Anderson, on the Ida; to S. L. Myers, on the Lucky Hoy fractional, and.
as trustee, on the Little Lucy; to A.
Johnson, on the Maggie; to \V. Blair,
on the Arizona and Dominion, and to
O. E. Grobe, on the Commodore, Sunrise and Bonanza.
Pete Peterson transferred a pm -
quarter interest in one of his placer
claims on the Salmon to W. Nordlund
for ?:wo.
Price of Metals.
Xew York. June 19.���Silver, 05 3-4;
copper, 18 1-8;   lead, $5.75.
London, June 1!).���Silver, 30 3-8;
lead, .C10 15s; zinc, ��27 10s.
Hon Edgar Dewdney says that railway construclion In the Slmilkameen
and Nicola countries is being handicapped on account of tlie lack of labor.
Tlie (Ireal Northern would have lis
road constructed farther were there the
men available to do ihe work. The
same complaint was heard In connection wiih the Nicola branch from
Silence's Bridge, which is being built
for the C. P, II Od ihis work Mr.
Dewdney says he understood lhal labor
was almosl confined to Indian workers.
The Store of Quality
Boiled Ham
Sliced Thin.
Per pound 40o.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
Mahara's Minstrels Coming.
Headed by the Inimitable comedian.
Skinner Harris, Mahara's Minsfre's will
hold forlh In royal carnival In the opera house here next Monday night A
roster of 30 colored artists Introduced
In the best minstrel performance extant, specialties and Innovations galore
���In fact, everything c blned so as |���
make a clever performance of minstrelsy, opera and vaudeville. Traveling In
iheir own palace car, carrying a mag
nlfioenl equipmenl of scenery and
A full H110 ����f Cnickcry,
CliiMii mill < HfiM.-swiii-u.
AlroSocond HiiikI floodi o( Ererj Deicrlp-
Him.   W'a im v.' voy the gondi and tell nt
Lowe*l I'riiVH in Town
Baker8L,next lo "V.H TU kut OfflM.
mUfafieft dmfoiij/spirih mdcMt
fiat tin- <!riniWi,-'vprt atniirftiM.H Ptfuntaln
ini'i tonic propertlei bee'dei refresiiitiK'.'
We ire on'* real hull lyrapi ot the 0n��tl
nuHiity Fountain,counter, kIhhm-* hu.i
roceptaelN arm kept wrtipnloualy atean.
High Grade Chocolates, Gum,
Candies and Fruit.
Thorpe's nice cool drinks.       Lunches
I ut up a specialty,
W.J. Walker,
flood Marlin rifle for sale cheap. Apply af Athabasca Saloon.
One Pierce Launch, complete; two
horse power engine; boat house and
berth.   Apply to Fred  Irvine.
feels, dazzling costumes, a brass band
and orchestra, and giving a splendid
street parade, Frank Mahara seems 10
substantiate his claim lhat ho has a
minstrel aggregation ihat, if equalled
oannol lie excelled.
Mahara's famous challenge band and
orchestra win give a street parade
Monday at noon.
The subscription and circulation lists
of The Dally Canadian are now being
compiled. The terms are 50 cents a
month delivered in the city, or $5 a
year when paid in advance. We shall
be glad to enroll your name. We are
here to stay.
Fit-Reform Clothing
ko���>c t-Mi,,., io,,,;;,,,,,,,;, 1 ml     \
dross panda,  bni whei 1 to tbe teal      >
show iheir weakness atones I
.ffllglitiy Deartjgbted today
Mora tomorrows
JKW1SLLKH      and      OPTICIAN
Is 11 DSOMSlty 111 I'vrrjf well regulated homo.   OilrcJuel[s,>,,mbli���.u.
Of 'lenlgli ivllli ttlimltile Hi-i'iirHi-y hn tUne*KMptn.   We Invlt,-  ,,,,    ,ut>
���! out ClooHs   Iheysr,- here In *r���t variety ���f ���lylos-lr���i,i ��,���.";','!'��'
slid Hlnrisi. al M up f" Hie flue iinpnrtcl ones.     Wo ��|����� i,.,' ,,"���'' !
bSIOUl llllle nliirni ones nl nulv tl.60.   Cons la lodny " K
������������������������������������������������������������� H����H*MM��#HMHM4��(twJ
: Standard Futmtutz Company)
Complete House Furnishers and UnderUktrs,
ACltifN IN
Mason .t Kiseb Hlssos,
..I,,- wVim ifte Book Oasai I
i.l lull,,. Hiirnlltir,.
'    Repairing and Jobbing a Speciiitjl
Hheetmetal Work, Castings, Huililem' Mnteriiil nml Milium and Mill ItfriliW
Olllio nml Works Koot nf Pork St.
l��lion��   2111.
fXulaon, II. C.I
I E Ashdown Hardware Cov L|
We would invite yon to tnipoot nnr larire nnd vnried stock nf
No need to (offer from heal if yon
will only cull unit iuik lo we onr
Hot Weather Requisite
Store open from 7 n.m. to (1 p.m. evory day except holidays nml Sundays.
RaMlrlne sjrid slobblrw exscuutsxl with l>*ssnsstch.  MHest Msisll
\M��rk, .MIisIisk ,,,,,, .vim .vlsschlsmry.     MssssufnctururH of     (
Don't Forget we are SEMI-READY
HAiXUFACTURERS   T \L Ctn        i
AND DEALERS IN   l*UttLt)Ztj  OilingleS.
Loth, Mouldings, Doors, Window*
Turned Work and BraelCOtsl. Mnil Orders iiroinpllv iiit.u*'l��|
>'UMi\(��N NTRisirr - - - m;i.hi)n. il. c.
Ssswlnir  Mnuhlm   NuuUlua   jUv  ss  DOB*n.
Sawing Maohlnsj on mu 4 <>i. u.>tti��.
Mssuhlnu   ItultM  .IBs;  ussuli.
Hnve you seen tlie Atitonintie Drop Bead New Home for wile al
fift.iiu.   It ih 11 marvel of simplicity.   Perfect in finish.
Very light running,
High-Oltm Tailors
linker St., Nelmiu, B. 0.
WASHING Machines
if you Mish topnrohnso n Wringer thnf will n"'|
milidffielion in oyftry wny liny
We also linnille tlieir eiOehrniril BE-ACTING WASH^
These hnve the largest mile in CniiiiiliT
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y, ^ [
N13L.80N H"la"


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