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The Daily Canadian Sep 29, 1906

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 _l)e -gtoiltj Ccmabftm
Volume I.   No. 101.
Fifty Cents a Month
Pacific Typhoon Horrors
Repeated in South
ilements Run  Riotously  to Des-
liuction of Human Life and
Damage to Property.
villa *i Xashvliie, whose tracks skirt-
ed the hay, are In had shape That
road laat eight hail 200 men on lm
lines, but the obstructions are so
great lhat lt will he hardly possible
to open lln1 lln.' inside of three days.
Time-Honored  Ceremony  Takes  Place
in World's Capital.
Mobile, Ala., Sept. 2D.���I let ween 75
..nil lull liven, fully two score vessels
driven aahora or wrecked In various
liarts of ills' (lull of Mexico, damage
animiiitlag to M .500,000 In the city of
.labile ami to several millions at out-
i le issiililss, Is llie record of lhe stisrin
which swepl over Mobile on  Wednes-
���   and   Thursday   niglila.    No   ai-esi
 silinate of the number of casualties ear yel bs' muds- and II is doubt
'i1 if il will he known for a week or
i   "!.'.    Crave   apprehension   is   being
rsuised al the situation in gulf jsorts,
where II   iss  tbougbl   many  lives  wero
Itepoiti from these points are otn,
sre   It is declared by municipal off!
clala thai no Uvea were lost in Mobile,
inn that the deaths occurred ln places
thin   a   radius   of   50   miles   of  this
The following ships were wrecked
��� driven ashore near .Mobile: Bark'
s'tiiss' schooner Pandl_ton of Pendle-
���11 lines., of New York; barkeulilies
' "i.su .-nisi CoiTiern1, steamer Joseph'
e, Bloop Minnow, shmp Alive, steam-
Dashqota, schooner King of Avon,
its 1'horlanil, revenue launch Alert
nl three tugs.
Planing smacks and small craft In
S'sit numbers were driven on Bhore
s mashed. Thine boats belonging
io the United Fruit company of liel-
��� na, the inspector, Oralor and Ihe Co-
i'linlius, have nol been heard from, but
li i.s believed tbat they have ridden
sssil the storm in safety. The storm
���ssstils' Its appearance In the ns*lghhor-
's'ns,i of Mobile on Tuesday afternoon,
when fitful winds began to blow and
he barometer began to fall.
The w'lnd rose steadily all through
Wednesday and between 2 and 6
o'clock in the afternoon lhat day blew
Ik miles an hour. At 7:20 on Thiire-
day morning  it  reached    lis    highest
 sl.  blowing  from  eastern  quarters
'��� miles an hour, the barometer fall-
iss: in 28. A few minute! after K
s" Issck on Thursday morning the wind
died down and tlu- barometer began
i i riss\ The total rainfall in Mobile
sliirlng lhe storm was 0.5R inches.
While the storm was at Its height the
water from lhe bay was driven in with
greal force on ihe clly, lhe waves
coming over fhe ends of the wharves
five feel deep. Three blocks Into the
���ity the flood was driven, filling ev-
e y basement and store ill lhat qua.'
i' r ssf the city.
While lhe slorm was at Its worst
is was Impossible lo do anything I"
iv.- lhe bonis, which were slowly
ilrlven ashore. Tugs were sent out In
number of Instances, hut ihey were
tssst able to accomplish much iinlli lho
storm abated somewhat The damage
in  Ihe city of  Mobile  proper Is  enor-
s is,    ii  is contended  by  some lhat
Ihore Is not u building lu Ihe clly
which has not been damaged. Some
uf the largest buildings Buffered severely, Christ Episcopalian cjiurrh
waa severely damaged, The spire of
SL Francis' Baptlsl church was blown
down and every other church building
in  lhs> city   snstnins'd  some Iobb.
Hotels suffered severely, the Bienville losing lis kitchen, which was
blown away, and Ihs' Cnswlhern losing
many windows, through which lbs' nilti
 ired, damaging carpets and draperies lo the extent of $4(100. The heav-
lesi loss will fall upon lhe merchants
.ili.ng lhe waler front, where. nliluuiKh
warned ol tlii' coming or th" tropical
'���'ini. Ihey made no effort lo remove
their goods. The dnmngc lo stocks
' estimated nt 1800,000, Reports of
damage to ilm bonis In lhe bay and In
lln gulf are uncertain. The llrlllsh
���sleamer DorlB is said to he high on
Dauphin Island. Thc fhrei'iniisled
schooner King of Avon is dismantled
nnd ashore. The ship I'horland has
boon driven ashore in ihe lower part
of the bay with all lnasls gone. The
Isilul boal Louise Harper was carried
four miles Inland.
Bcranton, Miss., ls snld to have suf-
[ered severely from lhe storm, Many
houses an? snld to have been levelled
���mil nil the trees in the place lire
down down. No lives nro reported
'"Jd. Al Blloxl all Ihe bouses nml
wliarveB arc damaged and much of I'.s
"'"' shell road Is destroyed, Tho
storm Is known lo have raged wllh
'<'"������" severity all along Hie north
coast i,i th,, -uifi ))U( reporlH from
"""  direction are lacking. Trains lire
""""'g on Ihe Mobile �� Ohio and on
""' Southern railway, but the Louis-
London, Sept. 29.���The various city
guilds and companies of London met
today in accordance with their time-
honored custom, to elect a new lord
mayor of the clly of London. The
guilds, or as tbey were called under
King Kilward III., "Livery Companies."
slate back to Saxon days. The oldest
is the Knights' guilds possessed or
privileges granted by King Kdgar for
services ia war. The steel yard and
ship yard merchants of Loudon then
formed a guild; later came the saddlers. Then came the goldsuiiihs,
whose charier came from Kdward I.
These guilds or companies have their
charters, and have accumulated Immense funds, so lhat they are a power
In tho land. Iu them is confided the
listing power and election of lord
mayor./while the aldermen are selected from among their number. An al-
slerniaii, on election, must aot or pay
a fine of ��500 sterling.
The salary of tbe lord mayor Is the
sums' as that of the president of the
United States. $50,000 a .year, and ho
has, besides, a residence al the Mansion house. Though elected on Michaelmas day, he is sworn into office on
November s. and the.next day, which
happens to be the king's birthday, he
proceeds in slats- lo the courts of law
to lie formally presented to the barons
of the exchequer. This Is always a
cr<a!  pageant and a civic holiday.
The new lord mayor, Sir William
Pnrdle Treloar, Kt., was born In London  in  ISI:l. nnd  Is a member of the
well-known  firm of Treloar -.��� Sons,
Ludgato mil.
Price ot Metals.
New York, Sept. 2D.���Silver, CS%c;
copper, 18%c:  laed. $5.75.
London. Sept. 29.���Silver, 3l%d;
zinc,   _27 10s.
Canadian   Order of  Foresters  Protects
Its  Reputation From Suspicions of
Wrongful  Manipulation.
Al tho regular mooting oT thc Xol-
non lodge <>f tho ('.nnullan Ordor ot
Korosiers, held Thursday evening, a
discussion arose an to tho oxpedioncy
of oxplttlnlng to the public that tho
financial methods of the order aro
sound. It wuh roared that the publi-
eati-tn of Hie resiu.B of t-.ventigution
of the ill-counts of other fraternal societies with similar names might
cause misunderstanding.
A committee consisting of Dr. Rose,
W. Irvtue and D. M, Macdonald, wan
appointed to prepare a statement on
tho subject. Thu committee has not
yet completed its work, but Mr. Macdonald hae furnished The Canadian
with  the following Information:
"The Canadian Order of Foresters
is purely national; it has no courts
outside of Canada; all its funds are
Invested In Canada and in government,
municipal and school board bonds, including Nelson debentures to the
amount of $10,82:..22. The revenue
from premiums and accrued InteroBt
on them is applied only to the payment of death claims.
Since 1870 the society has paK'
more than $4,000,000 to relations oi
deceased members. Its membership
on .Inly 81 last was over 62,000; its
reserve fund $2,14..522.22; Its death
rale for the preceding year 5.5 per
1000, leaving a far larger reserve for
each fiouo risk ihan is bold by any
other society of tbo kind iu Canada.
Makes Proclamation at Havana Today
Provisional Government Only to Last
Until Order and Peace Are
Restored in Cuba.
well as the ballot. Proposals for
choice by rotation or seniority were
A brief but vigorous discussion oc-
cui rod over ministers entering business. Two proposals were made for
legislation, one declaring that ministers should not engage in business that
will Interfere with their usefulness ln
tlie ministry, and the other that ministers shall not he memberB of tho
board of any trading company. Moth
were voted down and the church law
remains as at present, containing
merely a strong recommendation not
to engage in business.
His 74th Birthday.
Karl Roberts, tho most popular
fighting man of lOnglaud, was born In
Cawiiporo, India. September 20, 18.(2.
Ho came of military slock, his lather
having been (Jeneral Sir Abraham Roberts, while his mother wa�� the daughter of :ni Bogllsh army officer. Karl
Knl> 'its has seivetl continuously In
the army since 1861, and since ihat
time has risen from the rank of sec*,
ond lleutenani to the loftiest post in
the service and to the peerage of Ihe
realm. A few of his mllilary exploits
may lie summarised as follows: Mas
been couniiauder-lu-chlef In India;
Commander of lhe forces in Ireland;
served throughout the siege an capture of Delhi, throughout the opera-
lions connected wllh the relief of
I.ud.iimv and the battle of Cawnpore;
was present at lbe capture of the city
of Kabul; took part in lhe Abyssinian
expedition in 1S07; commander-in-chief
lu Sonth Attica; relieved Klinherley
In February, 1800- and took Commandant Cronje and his Doer army prisoners, for which he received Ihe thanks
oi' both houses of parliament, and was
made (wmraandeMn*ohftf of the itrit.
Ish army.
Restaurateur Dies  Abroad.
Si.   LoulB,   Mo.,   Sept.   29.���A   cablegram was received here yesterday announcing  lhal   Tony   Kaust,    Sr.,    had
died in Wiesbaden. Germany,
Havana, Sept. 29.���An American
provisional government assumed possession of Cuba today, when War Secretary Taft'b proclamation, declaring
hiuistVf provisional governor of the
Island, was formally Issued. The Gazette and thousands of copies of the
document were distributed In Havana
and elsewhere]. The terms of the
proclamation caused general satisfaction, especially on account of the moderate terms in which it was expressed,
its statements are that the provisional
government of Cuba Is undertaken only on account of the necessity of the
situation, and its promise that the
provisional government will he maintained purely for the purpose of restoring peace, order and public confidence uni il a permanent government
fs established.
No one appears Inclined to doubt
the good Intentions of President
Roosevelt and his representative, as
there Ih no apprehension of any serious trouble or resistance to the provisional government in any part of Cuba..
While Governor Taft has not yet taken i>osseKsioi. of the palace it ls only
because ox-President Palma will not
be ready to evacuate the residence until Monday and Mr. Taft desires to do
whatever he can to suit the ex-presl-
<l*M-t'ii   o-invi lllunoo.
No disturbance of any kind occurred
last night. Tho business Interests
here aro gratified at the change of
government. The fact that tho Cuban
flag has not been lowered is an evidence of this. This establishes a precedent In provisional governments and
Governor Taft's proclamation is as
fol lows-
"To the people of Cuba���
"The failure of congress to act on
the irrevocable resignation of the
president of the republic of Cuba or
to elect a successor leaves the country without a government. At a time
when groat disorder prevails It requires thai, pursuant to the request
of Mr. Palma. the necessary stops bo
taken iu tlie name of tho president of
tho United States to restore order and
protect life and property in the island
of Cuba, and ihe islands and keys adjacent thereto, and for this puriK.se
to establish therein a provisional government. The provisional government
hereby established will be maintained
only long enough to restore order,
peace and public confidence, hy direction and In the name of the president
of the United States, and then toNiold
such elections as may be necessary
to determine those persons upon
whom the government of the island devolves, fn so far -as is consistent with
tho nature of a provisional government, established under the authority
of the United States.
This will ho a Cuban government,
conforming wllh tho constitution of
Cuba. Tho Cuban flag will be hoisted
as usual over the government buildings of tbo Island, all tho executive
departments and provincial and municipal governments. Including thnt of
the city of Havana, will continue to be
administered as when under tho Cuban
republic. The courts will continue
their work administering Justice, and
all the laws not in their nature Inapplicable, by reason of the temporary
aud emergent character of the govern*
nn nt. will  bo enforced.
"President Itoosevelt has been anx-,
Ions to bring about peace under tho
constitutional government of Cuba,
and he made every endeavor to avoid
the present stop. Longer delay, however, would be dangerous In view or
lln* resignation of the cabinet. Until
further notloe the heads of all the departments of Iho central government
will report lo me for instructions, including General Alexandro Rodriguez,
in command of the rural guards, mud
other regular government forces, nnd
(J. neral Carlos Rooloff, treasurer of
the Cuban  government."
Exciting   Experience  of  Timber  Prospectors on North Fork.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Grand Forks, Sept. 29.���Ex-Mayor
M. D. White and Sam Horner, a local
contractor of this place, have just returned from a most sensational trip
to the Upper North Fork district. It
seems that they left here some ten
days ago with a view of locating some
timber claims iu the Upper North
Fork region, and alter they had secured the desired timber and while on
their homeward journey, just as they
were crossing a high lor bridge over
the Kettle river, just above tbe forks,
both Of their horses fell through the
bridge and hung suspended sume eight
feet above the water, hanging only by
their harness. As necessity was the
mother of invention in this case, they
at once determined to extricate the
horses by pulling out the poles of the
bridge one by oue, and letting the
horses drop into the water, which Uiey
did without injury. Later the same
day, after they had made camp, Mr.
Horner was confronted by a large cinnamon bear in a patch of small timber, and by the rapid approach of the
bear he was forced to seek refuge up
a large tamarack tree, and while some
16 feet from the ground he commenced
to fire on bruin with a small 22-cal-
ibre rifle. While not wounding the
bear fatally, he succeeded in driving
it away, when he made his way to
the camp, none the worse for his experience.
The substation for the West Kootenay Power k. Light company at Grand
Forks is now completed. It is 62x5&
feet, with a switch tower 50 feet high.
This substation building has cost $20,-
OOO tu  bulltl,  nnd  llie   mai'lilnoj >   to bo
installed will cost another $20,000. It
is at this substation that the power
will be reduced from 60,000 horsepower to 440 horsepower.
Foreman Miles Harrett of the Granby smelter, who was hadly burned In
an explosion at the smelter some
weeks ago, has resumed his duties at
the reduction works again.
lt is reported that the New York
syndicate that has recently bonded
the Wolfred group of claims in Wellington camp for a sura reputed to be
$55,000, will continue work all winter.
In addition to these two groups, fully
half a dozen other properties will be
steadily worked all winter within a
radius of six miles of Grand Forks,
confirming tho report that this city
Is surrounded by mines.
New  Tunnel  for  Highlander.
H. M. Stevenson today receiv-
a telegram from Maxwell Stevenson of Philadelphia, instructing
him to call for tenders for the
driving of a tunnel 1000 feet on
the Highlander mine at Alnsworth.
Mr. Stevenson explains that
the deep level tunnel is already
In 2G00 feet, and it Is Intended
to drive a crosscut 1000 feet Into
a new body of high-grade ore.
Kootenay Mining Outlook
Very Bright
General   Conference  News.
The Methodist conference on Tliurs-
day adopted legislation making thp recent Hillary legislation n ninral bill not
n legal obligation. There in now n
case in progress in which ��� miniate.
In Booking to colled such n claim. The
new legislation In nol  retroactive.
A chance haa lieen rauile In tho
church order of Bervice. The congro-
gation win hereafter stand at. iho close
of Ihe service.
The method of electing delegates to
the   general   conference   was amended
to  allow   layman   the   nominallisn  ui-
Promises Calgary It Will Become the
Greatest  Metropolis of  Empire.
Oalgary, Sept. 2'J.���Iluniar Greenwood, the Itritish M. 1\, waa tendered
luncheon hy the citizens of Calgary
this afternoon. Eighty people Were
present ut the banquet.
In response to a toast to his health,
which was proposed hy C. A. Stuart,
lhe newly-appointed Judge of Alberta,
li.* expressed the opinion that lhe progress of the West since lie hud seen
it three yi are ago wub the greatest
any country has made In ull time. He
expressed the opinion that Culgury
would some day become the greatest
lnetrn|Kills of the empire.
Itl speaking of the solid appearance
of the city, with its grey limestone,
he compared It with Aberdeen. Ho
expected that Calgary would outrun
Aberdeen, but thought Culgory should
he proud If It turned out tlie good men
that  Aberdeen   hod.
Ho wuh agiiln expressing himself as
imperialist, hut reserxed to himself
the definition of the word Imperialism.
Ills course, however, whatever It
might  be, would he for Cnnada.
September Bank Clearings.
Winnipeg, Man.. Sept. 29.���Winnipeg
bunk clearings for the moyith of September Ihis year shows a total of
$42,657,441!. an Increase of 06 |ier cent
compared with the same month last
year, when this total was $28,7:13,899.
Tho 11101 total was 120,415,666. Calgary clearing house totals for September were $4,18:1,600.
Immense Expansion in Development
and Output Fastens Attention
of Eastern Investors.
The general mining situation indicates strongly that Kootenay Is on the
eve of a boom, with far more justification for it than at any former period.
The steady progress of the big shipping properties, the reopening of
mines long inactive, the beginning of
development of high-grade properties,
and the active dealing in promising
proB|��cts, are all having their effects.
Rossland und the Boundary continue
establishing new high records weekly
and all plants are running at full capacity.
The Vmir offers better returns now
than even in its palmiest days of five
years ago.
The operations at the Last Chance
are giving new life to Sandon, and the
Slocan district generally Is the scene
of more real mining work than at any
other time since 1900.
Camborne and the Lardeau and
Sheep Creek valley are still tbe lands
of promise and the years of patient.
ps.'rsevertug work are now earning
their reward.
The request from New Zealand for
a Kootenay mineral exhibit at the exposition at "Christchurch shows how
far the fame of the district haa travelled.
B. Jacobs, of Victoria, who enjoys
exceptional opportunities for) acquiring information, estimates that the
mineral output ior 1-00 win far exceed that of last year.
An interesting event of the week
was the Bale of the Trea on Toad
mountain, adjoining the Exchequer,
which Indicates revival In an unexpected quarter.
The stock market for the week con-
tines to show great activity and large
profits are H-ing made by parties on
shares which were at one time thought
worthless. This activity and advance
is almost causing a boom tn British
Columbia stocks from East to West,
and is considered to be a forerunner
of conditions likely to ensue during
the coming months. Speculators are
taking advantage of this condition of
the market, and by watching the various prices aro making large profits.
Eastern' exchanges are demanding and
taking all British Columbia stocks offered, and at Spokane the various
stocks dealt In there are rising
Norlh Star continues its upward
course, and has more than doubled its
price in the last two weeks, with every prospect of a continued advance.
Sullivan weakened somewhat, but it la
probably only the reaction after Its
rapid rise. Rambler-Cariboo Is again
showing a downward tendency, but Is
expected to rally again within a few
Nicola Coal Mines advanced and
doubled Its price within a few days,
but is again showing a weakness. In
ternallonal Coal dropiied several
points in consequence of strike rumors. Should these reports be unfounded, a rapid advance Is predicted.
American Boy, Denora Mines, Monte
Crlsto, Cariboo McKlnney, Canadian
Gold Fields and La Plata remain firm
hut unchanged.
Following are the approximate quo
tations for the week ending today:
Bid. Asked
American Boy I    .02*. $    .02'4
B. C. Copper    10.25       10.75
Beatrice 20 .25.
Brock.-Lund   Coal   ..      .64 .66
California 04 .04V6
Can. Gold  Fields   ...      .06%        .07
Cariboo McKlnnoy   ..      .02 .03
Denora   Mines 06 .07 .
Diamond Vale 20 .22
Eureka Copiier  .22
111   Creek   Receipts..      .04 .06
Giant   (Rossland)   ..      .01 .02
Inter.  Coal 57 .69
Jumbo   illosBhindl    .      .16 .18
Ln Plata Mines 17%        .20
Monte Crlsto 02tf        .03
Nicola Coal 06 .08
Norlh Star 23 .27
PfUhflnder 02%      .04
Rambler-Cariboo 32 .34
Sullivan 08 .10
Virginia 04 .05
While Bear 09 .10
alleged violation of colonial laws in
embarking passengers without a permit.
This Ib the third yacht In these waters during the present summer suspected of this practice.
Statement of   Policy   Advocated as to
Chinese Labor.
At the meting of the Kootenay Fruit
Growers' association held yesterday
afternoon the president, James Johnstone, read as his contribution to the
debate on the subject of Chinese labor
and Its admission, a written statement
containing his views.
Unfortunately the hour at which the
meeting adjourned waa so late that It
was impossible to Include the letter in
yesterday's report of the proceedings.
It follows in fuU:
"The chief argument in favor of restricted Chinese labor in this province
and the reason which.leads me to support the reduction ot the $500 head
tax on the Chinese Is that we have
large areas of land along the lake
shores which are capable of producing
the finest apples ln the world, and
which will command the highest prices
in the London market, which prices
will net the growers $3 per box at bis
ranch. This fine fruit land, however,
will never be brought under cultivation at the present rate of wages, or
at a higher rate than others except
Chinamen would accept. After this
land has been brought under cultivation Chinese labor can be dispensed
with and British labor substituted.
When it is lawful to Impose a tax on
all Chinese entering Canada it Is also
lawful to prohibit their employment ln
manufactories, mines, mills and public works. It can also be made illegal
for them to lease or own land in British Columbia. This being the case,
the temporary employment of Chinese
for the purpose of clearing land which
otherwise would remain of benefit, to
no one can only work good to every
British Columbian."
Golden Fawn Located by
Nelson Men;
Smuggling Chinese.
Halifax, Sept. 29.���A St. Johns, Nfld.,
despatch says: "An American yacht,
claiming to hall from New York, len
Placentla Saturday, having on hoard
14 Chinamen, who, II ls supiwsed, she
Is trying to smuggle Into Canadian or
American portB.
The colonial cruiser Neptune has
beon despatched In quest of hor, nnd
has  been  Instructed  to  seise her  for
Another High Grade Property Discovered in Sheep Creek Valley
Rear Mother Lode.
Vice-President Carral of Mexico  Real
Power Behind lha Throw������k-t-k
of  Hit Career.
City of Mexico, Sept. 29.���To those
having an inside knowledge of public
affairs In Mexico It has become more
and more apparent during the past few
months that the burden of the presidency is being gradually but unmistakably shifted from tbe shoulders of
Porflrlo Dls- to those of Ramon Carral,
tbe titular vice-president of the republic. Diaz feels the weight of his
years and the duties of his high office
have become burdensome to him.
Moreover he has been unable to find
any permanent relief from the physical ailments from which ho has suffered for several years. An announcement of his resignation of the presidency at an early date would cause no
surprise to those fully acquainted with
the facts.
The constitutional amendments
adopted several years ago provide that
In the event of the death, disability or
absence from the republic of the president, the vice-president shall immediately assume the duties of the presidency without the necessity of taking
a new oath. This means that Ramon
Carral, who drafted the law creating
the vice-presidency, will be the next
president of Mexico. In official circles Carral ts alraedy recognised as
the real power and Diaz the shadow,
lt is now known that for nearly six
months past all the Important duties
of the presidency have been under the
direct and personal supervision ot the
Diaz and Carral have worked hand In
hand for years and it Is believed that
the accession of thc latter to the presidency would mean a continuation of
the enlightened and progressive policy
of his predecessor. Carral made public
announcement of this fact when, In accepting the vice-presidency, he said:
"I havo to declare that If the popular
vote shall favor me with election I
will have no other policy than that of
seconding that of President Diaz."
Among all tho public men of Mexico
Carral ls considered the best equipped by education, experience and temperament, to succeed the "Peace President." He Is a native of the state of
Sonora, whoro he wus born January 10,
1854, the son of an editor of an Insignificant newspaper. He was educated
In the public schools, and, at the age
of 20,'was himself actively engaged In
his father's profession. In 1875 he engaged In a successful revolution, the
same which made Diaz president, was
elected to tho legislature and made
socKitary of state for Sonora. He
made a good record; his ability as a
politician and administrator was demonstrated; he wns promoted to governor nnd continued to conduct the affairs of Sonora so wisely nnil ably that
In inon. when his term expired, Diaz
brought hlm to tho capital and made
him governor of tho federal district.
Having given him a thorough trial, he
took him Into tho cabinet as a minis-
tor of the Interior three years ago and
last December had hlm elected vice-
president and placed In the direct line
of succession to the presidency.
Another very rich strike la reported
from Sheep Creek district, the fortunate men on this occasion being F. P.
Drummond, C. Bennett, T. Gallon and
W. G. Burnham.
This afternoon they recorded the
Golden   Fawn,   their  latest  discovery.
It ls situated on the divide between
Sheep and Fawn creeks, near the
Mother Lode group. Its ore la of the
same character as (hat of the famous
mines of the district���high grade, free
milling gold ore, occurring Is fissure
veins. ~ .
Thc gold-bearing ledge Is more than
four feet wide, with a rich pay streak
two feet wide, which the discoverers
have uncovered for more than 200
The party arrived fn the city last
night after spending about a fortnight
proving the value of their discovery,
which was made on September IE.
The riches or Sheep Creek are well
known ln Tmlr, Salmo, Brie and aa
far as Spokane. Only a small proportion of those who are operating ln the
valley make Nelson their headquarters.
Many rich discoveries have been
made within the last two months. OT
the majority of then nothhaaj is v*.
ported In Nelson except the brief formal record ln the mining offloe.
It ls evident from the character and
relative location of the many ore bodies that Sheep Creek valley, like Poplar Creek valley, though possibly on a
smaller scale, is traversed by a zone
of mineral-bearing rock of unusually
high values..
The valley ls In an ideal situation
for the scene of a big mining camp.
It is easily reached by a good wagon
road from Salmo, where connection ls
made with the N. _ F. S. railway.
In the valley there are already many
well known shipping mines. Including
the Queen, Yellowstone, Kootenay
Belle, Mother Lode, Ore Hill and Nevada; one. the Yellowstone, being
equipped with a mill. There aie also
many mines of proved richness, operation of which Is only beginning. This
class includes the Columbian group,
the Golden Belle and many others.
Newspapers Treat Whitney.
Hon. J. P. Whitney Is a fighter of
the right stamp. He does not depend
merely on defensive measures. He
proposes to go aftor the Liberal press
which has been trying to discredit the
government and power commission by
baseless attacks. Speaking to an interviewer the  premier says:
"At a later period I may have something to say regarding tbe efforts
that are being made by means of let-
tei_ paid for as advertisements, but
with any Intimation as to their being
advertisements carefully suppressed,
which have appeared In a number of
newspapers. I wonder what the
people of this province will say, when
proofs aro laid before them, that newspapers which In their editorial columns denounce the Kovernment for alleged abandonment of Its policy In the
hit..rests of the power companies. In
another column publish statements
Ifor which they are paid), made In
the Interest of the electric companies,
denouncing tho government for exactly opinslte reasons fnnn those given
III the editorial columns.���Ottawa Citizen.
Mining Records.
Two transfers, two locatlona and
four certificates of assessment work
were recorded ln the Nelsgn mining
office today.
Audrew BnrgesB transferred to T.
Flynn, for nominal consideration, tho
Monarch, situated on the ridge between Barrett and Hall crooks.
Ovid Poulln transferred to T. Flynn,
fnr nominal consideration, the Empress of .Japan, also between Barrett
and Hall creeks.
W. G. Browne recorded the Robin
Hood, located September 27, three and
a half miles south of Nelson, V, mile
north of the N, & F. 8. railway track.
John Ryan and John Daly recorded
the Ryan, located September 11. on
the South Fork of Wild Horse creek.
Certificates of work were Issued to
J. R. Cranston on tho Harvey Joy and
Maggie; to H. Mason on the Cherry
and  Kathleen. ,'l
The Daily Canadian
��� STORES =
Cool nights are now iu order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
We have plenty nf them in red and blue.
31-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds, $7.50 per pair
4 Points, weighing about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are justly celebrated for their excellence. We alone carry
i bem iu this city.
LUMBERMEN.���PiPows. Comforters. Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clothing, Sweaters, Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers.. Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Best  quality and  prices  surprisingly Low.
Published nix slays, a sveelt hy the
Baker St.. Nelsson, B. C,
-UtMcrlptlon rate.. 5ss seats a month delivered
In Ihe tslty, s,r l.i.00 si year it sent by mail, when
isaisi in advance.
Advertl-ltiK rate., on application.
All mohis-ss paid ill settlement oi Tlte Daily
Canadian socounti, sssher f..s aubacrfpttoiui or
advertl.issg. moil l��s' receipted 1st sin lhe printed
forms of tlie Conipanv. Other receipt! are nut
SI-f-.TI.MBUR 2-. I<XH,.
" Br one word ITS are sssniell���es, judg.d lo he
wiBfc arid hv one word ss,_ell_ei fudged to he
foolish.   L.*'t u.  therefore   be earetul  what we
The question of tariff revision over
which the Liberal party has been
manifesting some concern and lor the
discussion of which an early session
of parliament was called, is proving
to be one of the most serious problems
lhat the Laurier ministry has had as
yet lo face. Acceding to power on
lhe cry of tariff for revenue only and
free trade as they have it in England,
both their friends and their political
opponents have been disappointed iu
the results of their election. ll is
true that ihey have made some slight
modifications of the tariff which was
expressive of the National Policy of
_ir John A. Macdsmald but they have
not ln any sense carried out the specious pledges made in their compalgn.
Now ihat the Manufacturer.1 asso-
eiail.in has expressed Itself so emphatically anil will press for a restoration of the former protective tariff,
the whole Liberal camp is in consternation. Xss Iss'tt-sr evidence of this
need be cited Ihan the remarks of the
Toronto Globe, that Ihunderer of the
Liberal aggregation in Canada. 'I'he
Ulolie hits been much perturbed of
late and, if Its editorial discussions
of the tariff Issues may be taken as
indicating Its frame ul mind, lt fears
lhal the very principles of Liberalism
are to be pul to the u.-st and are indeed in Imminent danger of being discarded,   ll says:
"lt is tin' declaration of ihe Manufacturers' association tlial ever since
their Halifax convention they have
been carrying on a campaign of education which In their opinion has
wrung ihe withers of old-time Liberalism and won support for high protection within ihe Innermost ranks of the
Liberal party. We believe that it is
an empty boast, it remains tn be seen
wins and how many uf those wins wero
Uberali by conviction have forsworn
Iheir principles Ami ii it be true thai
timing this decade of Liberal powei a
generation hns come tu the franchise
uninformed us to what  is distinctive
In Liberalism nml unpledged to Liberal principle, the niisinh.-. while ii
plays into tbe hands nf tin- advocates
of high  protection, is one toi   which
ihei iy yet be amendi.
i'nr Liberals m surrender their fundamental principle now and to accept in
Its place th.' expedient of high pr r>
lion would bs- t,s oourt the defeat they
would richly deserve anil from which
there OOUld be no escape."
From Ihese remarks and the campaign which It Is now conducting It
is apparent that The Globe fears the
Influence of the Manufacturers' association in the approaching parliamentary discussion of tariff Issues. That
Ihe Influence and power of tho manufacturers Is mighty need not he asserted as the fact Is patent. Thnt they
may force the adoption of protective
features In the new tariff Is altogether likely to be the case. Falling the
udopthm of their suggestions, they
hold sufficient control of the situation
to drive the Liberals from power. This
Is whal evidently Is worrying the
mouthpiece of the Laurler government.
Sir Wilfrid Is between two fires.
Either he must heed the dictation of
the manufacturers or be driven from
power. If he heeds them he must
abandon the high sounding generalities about freer trade which are the
stock arguments of his party ami hini-
sen. If he abandons all that Liberalism allegedly stands for, there is no
longer any excuse for its return to
The issue is clear and definite. The
Fanners' association has asked for
certain considerations. Shortsightedly
they ask for the abolition of certain
cusionis duties upon materials and
implements necessary to the cultivation of the soil. In olher words they
have asked Sir Wilfrid to make good
the promises under which the farming element elected him to power in
IS.6. These demands are strikingly
in opposition to the demand of the
manufacturers who have built up the
industries and have multiplied the industrial population of Canada, providing a home market for the produce of
ih,-   fnrmes.
The serious tone of The Globe in
its discussion of these conflicting issues shows clearly how much the manufacturer's influence in politics is
feared. That it is sufficiently great
to control the destiny of the Liberal
party goes without saying, at least if
it is in opposition to that party. On
the other hand, to alienate the farmers' vote will be lo run an equal risk
of defeat. It is no wonder therefore
that The Globe calls attention to the
principles of Liberalism and argues so
soundly that It is these that are on
trial. It is really so. The country
has had enough of compromise and
makeshift on tariff Issues and Is apparently about to ask what Liberalism
really stands for. The answer to that
ipiestion will have to be given soon,
without evasion, without equivocation
or reservation of any kind and ii[K>n
that answer and the distinct pledges
accompanying it the future of the Liberal party will be settled. We have
no fear as to the result of such a
straight anil clean-cut. demarkation of
party lines, a�� there Is no doubt whatever respecting the position of the
Conservative party on this or any other Issue.
Coincident with the seriousness of
Immigration problems In Canada
comes the announcement of the adoption of new laws In the Hulled Slates
governing the processes by which
silis'iis may become citizens of the
gnat republic. While ihe systems of
government In this country and that
differ materially in many respects,
the United Slates has had a long and
varied experience with Immigration
problem, ami the text of tho recently
enacted law win bear scrutiny us a
guide to what may be reasonably anticipated as wise safeguards In our
own laws.
Those who rend carefully the summary of the now law published In the
Canadian of Thursday evening will
have observed Ihnt strenuous efforts
have been made to protect the I'nited
Slates ngnlnsl fraudulent or Inefficient administration of Immigration
affairs. The material lengthening of
llie term between swearing out a declaration of Intention to naturalize and
the final hearing of the caBe, the removal of the authority to udmlnlstcr
oaths nnd otherwise perform the functions-of naturalizing ugents, from tho
lower lo the higher courts, the educational tests and other features of the
new law, nil go lo show how thoroughly In earnest Is Uncle Sam In his de
termination to be more select in the
character of the citizens he acquires
from abroad.
The law aB it now stands on the
other side is far in advance of the requirements of the Canadian law and
steps should be taken lo bring up the
qualifications of those who naturalize
iu this country to the same standard
as that required in the I'nited States.
Failure to do this will have but one
result. Tbe undesirables who have
hitherto found a welcome on American
shores, finding themselves debarred
fi-om the easy admission to citizenship
which was previously in vogue there,
will turn toward our shores and we
shall have coming into Canada, the
very class of aliens against which the
lulled States has wisely shut its
doors. Without desiring to be the
voice of one crying iu a wilderness
The Canadian desires to say that no
questiou requires more Immediate attention   from   our  legislators.
The Canadian has a rightoeus kick
which it desires to record. It Is in
the matter of the hour at which the
electric light current is turned on to
the circuit that illuminates The Canadian office. Apparently the time Is
regulated hy the calendar without respect tc the conditions of the atmosphere. Some days it is cloudy early
in the afternoon and work is accordingly hampered while on other days
sunshine lasts till long after the paper goes to press. It matters not,
sunshine or shadow, pay or no pay,
the light comes when It comes. We
are up against it.    What's the use?
The following telegram was received by The Canadian from the Kaslo
Fruit Growers' association on Wednesday:
"Please correct typo error 2"sth. Appropriation for expenses of district exhibit fifteen, not one hundred fifty-
five dollars."
It tells Its own tale and shows that
there are still a good many people in
Kaslo who are not utterly blinded by
their prejudices. The Kootenaian would
not run so fast if It removed a few of
those wheels from its head.
It really does not matter much hut
those who have carefully read The
Canadian nnd its references to the
Kaslo Fall fair and other matters pertaining to that queenly city will
ocaicei.. appreciate the rude jibe the
Kootenaian gives this paper. We feel
quite sure that the best minds in Kaslo will no more agree with the Kootenaian than the best people of Nelson
agree with some things that have been
done here.
For the second time In our brief
hut brilliant career we have risen to
Ihe dignity of being called "The Evening Paper."
Warned in Time.
Hongkong, Sept. 29.���A strong gale
raged throughout last night. The
shipping und the Inhabitants hnd been
warned of Its approach by a forecast
of the observatory.
take NOT-CB tiiHi an application bu teen
mn-le to ret-iMcr ll. Q, McLeod a* Ihe owner In
Fee fciinpl'*. under a Tax Bale Deed (rom It. J
Stenson. deputy at.nesi.or ami collector of the
.-If/can ANM.sFtit--.-nt   Distr'ct,  to K. 0. Mcl*n.l,
bearing date, the 26th -lay of Aumm. a. D, 1905,
of ail an<l singular ihat certain parcel or tract of
land an*. [.remises Mtiisle, lying and belli* in the
l.intricto! KootL-nay, in the I'rovinceof British
Columbia, more particularly known and described as all minerals, i-rccioii* and banc, (nave
coal and petroleum*, under Lot8880,Group 1-, In
the Din trie t of Kootenay, "Unmet" mineral
Yon and eaoh oj von arc required to contest
the claim of the tax purchaser within fourteen
daya from the date of the service o( this notice
uj.on you. ninl in default of a caveator certificate
of lln jienderiM belli* liled within such iHviod,
you will Im* forever estopped ami debarred from
letting up any Halm to or In respect of the mm id
land< ainl I lhal) register K. u. McLeod a* the
OWnei thereof.
Dated at Land ItcKlstry Ofllre. Nelson, 1'iov-
fnce of Krittsh Columbia, this 'ZttU dny of Fcbm-
ary, A. I). 1900,
If. K. MaiLKOI),
District ilcK|Ntrar.
To Richard Beemao.
Dndorand by virtue oi the powort of sale contained in a certain mortgage which will be produced at the time of Mile, there will be offered
for sale hy publle unction on Kuliirdav the nth
day of October. [906. Ht the hour of P2 o'clock
noon, nt ttn- Hotel limn--, corner of Wanl ami
Vernon streets. Nelson, B. <;., by Messrs.Charles
A . Waterman .v. Co., the following property, viz:
Lots numbers fifteen (18) and sixteen (bi). hotb
in block number ten (In), belli* j-ui t of the sub
dlvlidon of l��t nunitier ninety .-.In, Qronp one.
In the dlitrlel of Kootenay, Itritish Columbia,
and known U thfl 11 nine addition to NcIkoii,
B, C, acenrdinK to a tun*, fir plan deposited In
Lhe i-tmd i;.|i'H', office and numbered -m ft.
Unpn the said land is .-reeled a large snd com-
modloui dwelling bouse in flrst-olaii order, with
city water. Thin property in not far from the
i.ii-iin ��� ��� ]..ni nm of the city.
Terms and condition*-' made known at the time
of sale or In  tho meantime upvii Application to
Mortgagee's Solicitor,
Dated at Neltion the 17th day of Kept. 1'Ufl.
Notice la hereby elvon that sixty days after
date i Intend toapply to the Hon. Chief Commluloner of Winds ami Works lor* permission
to purohsn the following described lands situate in West Kootenay Distriet, Commencing
at a post marked "A. Hlrsch'l H. 1.. Corner"
planted at Uio B. W, comer ol l_,t 878. about 7
miles north oT Burton City snd about ������: ot a
mile west of the Columbia river, tlience norlh
ft) Ohalns; thOnOO weet-M chains    Ibenee  soutli
ho chains; thence cant -to ohaini t() point of commencement coiilainliii: 320 acres,
Dated this nth day of Bontember, IWI.
���      ��� A.  H1MH.-II,
IVritAi.cn Bt-Yi,Agent.
Slxtv ilavs Hfi-r date I intend to apply tn the
Hon. chiel Commissioner of l.amls ami V\ orki,
Victoria, to pun base -W aeivs of laml: Commencing at a post planted at true city id Nelson l
power plant lot B. K enrner post, 00 Kootenay
river, thence 30 chain- south, thence west -tl
hains. thenee north 'ki ehain... tbenee east 'JO
chains to point of cominencement.
Nelson, B.C.. Aug. 6, 1906. R.J.
Notiee is herebv given tbat 00 day* from date I
intend to apph to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Land* ami Works for permission
to purchase the following deser.bed lands situate iu Weat Kootenav District: Commencing
at a pott marked *' B. Stewart's N W. corner
post,''situated near the Junction of Lost creek
and South Kork of Balmon, Ihence smith 40
chains, more or less; tbeuce east 80 chains;
thenOj north 40 chains, more or less; theme
west unchains to point oi commenoement.
Salmo, August llth, IttjO.
T. H. Atkinson. Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 60 ilavs after .late 1
Intend toapply to 'he Honorable the Chief commissioner i'i Lands hu.] Works to purchase tbi*
following descril-d lands, JJM acres, more or less;
commencing at a post planted on the west bank
Of Coper Arrow lake at a p-dnt at-nut 7 mllei be-
low Hakuip,and marked O. a. H. it , N B-corner
post; thenee nj chains wot; lbence 10 chains
south; thenee 10chalnaeait, more or less to lake
shore; tbeuce along lake shore to point of beginning.
Paled thlsSthdaV of SeOt..l9W.   Q.A.B.HAU.
fiO days after date I Intend to applv tii tbe Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria. II ('.to pirehase '-in aires of
land situate west ol Arrow lake on the iresl Side
of Whatchau creek and joining the north bound ���
ary ul B. J. Annable uppli'-atlou to purehase.
Coinmeniing at s po-t marked K. .1. K U.K. corner and running wes' B0chains, tbence nortii to
chains; theuee easT EOebalnsi thence smith to
point of commencement.
September 2od IW*. K J. Ki.LtOT.
Notice is Hereby given that 00 dan after date I
intend to apply to tbe Honorale Chief commissioner of Landiand Works for permission top'tr-
chase the following described lands, situate in
the West Kootenay distriet; starting from a poel
planted st the N. E corner of P. W. Robinson's
Application to pnrrhsse, thence40chains east,
*'chains south, 20 hains west, 20 chains north,
10 ehains west,'JO i limns north, 00 chains i-ast, 40
chains north topoint of commencement.containing 160 acres.
Hated 18th day of August, 1906
D. c. E. Rohimsos,
per Jtamcffi w, RoafitsoR, Agent.
Not fee is hereby given that sixty days after
date 1 intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner ol 1-aiids and Work- for permission to pureha.-i. the following described
lau 1 on the west shore of uph-r Arrow Lake and
joining J. H. FeeniV- pre-emption:   Running
west M chains; then ������ north to ehains, thenee
east *! Chains, to"thc shore  of the  lake;   thence
south following the lake shore to point of com-
meneement, containing 820 acres more or less.
Dated August 19, 1906.
H  F. Ma'I.eoh
J. J. Kelly, Agent.
Notiee is hereby given that sixty days after
date 1 intend to spi-iv to the Honorable the
Chief Commiasioner of 1-ands and Works for permission to piircha- tbe following de.*-* ribed
land nn the west cide of Lower Arrow I-ake and
joining trie-outh Iin. <<t the Indian Reservation:
Running west _)0 eham-; thence south _0 chains;
thenee east'JO chain-, Lt the  -bore ..f  the  lake;
thenee north follow ng the lake shore to the
point of commencementi containing ifio acres
more or less.
Dated August 20, 1*906. W, R. ILiOJtOD
J. J, KlLLY, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 1 intend. 60 days
after date to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Oommlselonwot > ands and Work** for permission
to purchase the following descrlbea lands in
West Kooteuay district, aoout five miles south
of Burton City, commencing at a post planted on
theeas' bank of ira**i C. R-, and marked "W. H.
Hamilton's S. W. C. |-ost,"aud running north t*l
chaini, thence east 80 chains, thence south to
chains, them _ weel B0 ��� hains to place of begin-
nin?, containing --i-1 m ������������ of  laud, more or leis.
Dated thi. 22nd day of August, '.*��'���.
u  H Hamilton
Notiee ts hereby given that 80 days after date f
iniend toapply to tn- Honorable Chief Com ml*-
.louri    ot   L4-.o-.1b    Bil-l    -A.I.S    I..,-   j>.-,1I1FF1*JU    IO
puri'ba-e the following deeerlbed Landa situate
in West Rootenay district: Commeneing at a
post marked *B. Conkey's N.W. corner posi." iltuate near the N E. corner of land applied for by
R.K., thence south 4U chains, more or less; thenee
east-80Chains; thence north tu chains, more or
leu; thence weit 80chalm, to point of (-���oniinence-
Halmo, August 11, l'JOti. B. Conkey,
T. H. ATmysoy, Agent
Motlee is berby given that 60 dan after date 1
itend, to apply to Hie Honorable the Chief Coin-
in un io tier of Lands anil Works for permission to
purchase thi* following described lauds situate iu
West Kootenav district: Commencing ata pott
marked 'R. Roll's N. W corner post," Situate
near the N. BL corner of laud applied for by A.
Mcl>aii. thence south 40 chains, moreorless;
Ihenee east ho chains; theme north w chains,
more or less; thence west 80 chains to point of
Balmo, August 11. UQ6. R. Hogg,
T. H. Atkinson, A cent.
Notice is hereby given that Hlxty days after
date 1 Inteml to apply to the Honorable the
Cblel CotninisKlouer of Unds and Works for
permission to punba.se the following described
lands situate In West Kootenay district: Commencing ata post markpd "A. McLean's N W,
corner post,"situate near the N.K. corner of land
applied for by A. MeLaughlan, tlu-nce south W
chains,   more   or   Icbh;   thence  earn BO chaini]
thenee north -tu chains, moreor leu; tbenee west
W chains to point of commencement
Balmo, August 11,1906. a. MoLauf,
T. II. Atkinson. Agent
Notice Is hereby given lhat GO davi after date I
intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of Landa and Works for per-
mi-son to purchase the following deserlU"! lands,
situate In West Kootenay district: Commencing
at a post marked "A. McLaughlin's N. W eorner
posl," situate near the N K. corner oi land applied for by I* McArthur, theuce south -m chains,
moreorless; lbence east to chains; thence north
.uehaiiiH, more or lens; thenee west ni chains to
���im*.*. uf coiiimem-eineiit.
Halmo, August 11, 1906. A, McLai uiu AN,
             T. II. Atkinson, Agent.
Notice ls hereby given that 80 day* after date
I intend toapply to the Chief Commissioner of
I.n nd- and Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands, situate in Wist
Kootenay district! Commencing at a poet marked J. MeArthur's N, W.corner post," situate near
the N. K Corner Of land applied lor by A Turner,
tbenog south 40 chains, more nr h"s; thene. east
hu chains; thence north ."chains, more or less;
thence west HO chains to point of commenc-ment.
Halmo, August 11, 1900,
J. Mc.\inniK,
^__^______ T.H   ATKINSON, Agent.
Notice Is herebv  given that to days aftor date
I intend, to apply to tbe Honorable the (/hief
Commissioner of L���n-I- ami Works for ���permission in t un-hase the follow Ing di scribed lands,
situnle lu ihe West Kootenay district:  Com men-
elog at a poet markeii "A. Turner*! n. \v, eorner
post," situated at the N. K corner of 1,1,1,,],
nlled lor I.y B, Stewart, lbence -outh 40 chains,
more or less; then ast flo chains; thenee north
III cliHlm, more or bss;   thence west 80 chains lo
point of commenoement
Halmo, 6.0, August 11. 1W6. A. TrKM.11,
T II  Atkinson, Agent.
Nollco Is hereby given lhat 0U days after date I
llllelul t'i apply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
mfiistoiier of Lands am)  Works for permission to
purehase tbe following deeorlbed laud in West
Kootenav  Hisf let about seven miles souih of
iturton city: Commencing at a post planted on
the east banh of Trout creek ami marked Mrs,
W H. Hamilton's H. W. 0, Poit ami running
north Wi chains; ihenci- east to chains;  thenco
south 00 chains) tbenoe weet 80 chains to plaoe
of beginning. Oonwnlng BW aeres. more or li---.
Dated this jgtnd day of August, !:����..
Mhm, W. II. Hamilton
W, II, Hamilton, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that Ml days after date I
Intend to apply to thu Hon, the Chief c,minis-
slom-r of Lund* 11m) Worka for pcrmis-Hlon to
purchase the following described lauds lu Ihe
West Kootenay district*. Rcgliiulng at a post
msrkcd It. Hell's B. K. corner, about two miles
east of thc S1lmr.11 river, and half a mile from
llo* Tend d'Oreille river, them-e HO chains north,
10 ebalns west, HO chains south ami -in 1 h-iina cutil
lo place of beginning.
Hated 27th dayof.Tnly.rJOO. It. It. I1ki,i..
ftlxty days afterdate I intend to apply to tiie
CommfuloneFof Lamls and Works, victoria, to
purchase 100 acres of land. Commencing at n
post planted on the west ibprf of Arrow Lake, at
tht south east comer of J J Christie's pun base,
running north KO chains, thenee east _0 chains,
thenee south HO ehatns, thence west Hi) chains to
place ol commencement.
Located May, ��ih l'JOO,
A. Ca-unit.
L. (iALLiuiiiR, Locator.
For Unpaid Delinquent TaxM in the INt.l_.on Auea-ment District Pr
of British Columbia. '     "
I Hereby give notice that on Friday, the twelfth day ol October, A. lb, l'JOO, at the hour of twelve o'clock noon, at t|���> <������,,
B.C., I shall offer for lale by public auction thc lamls hereinafter net out of the persons iu Mid list hereinafter set out, lor the delinqtu       *'*���*��
by laid person*, a the thirty-first day of December, 1906, and (Or Interest, coete and expeoMe, Inolodlni est of ad-terUim**; b_I4 ���Se?" "^
amount doe li not nor paid: ^'t
chestnut, Kd
Carlson, ... II
Mallandalno, Kd 	
'(untie, ThOI 	
1 rnehorg, Belle 	
Jobneon, K. W
Benin*. 1.leu M	
Lefage, Loulea .
Bnnough. Uachcl m    	
Wright, Harrv
Wolf, ' "tired A IVvault, J. V.
sing, See	
KearU", Henry     ..
Anderson,  Oscar 	
Cadrat, < barb* 	
Bldorada Mines. Limited
American Kugb a, M. Co
McArthur. Wm
Eldorado Mine*, Limited	
Athabasca-Venus Co
HoBcroit, Geo  	
Qee. Arthur	
Diet. Arthur        	
chnuuan, J	
Kellv. A. H	
10 a reeln Block i��, Lot hi*, a. I	
lU-N-k 1, |,���t BUI. 'r, 1,, 111 acrei	
UloeklSfT,��, ��, I.otHI_, <i.l., ISO acrei	
|.liM!k.. UiWH.ii   1 . 2 acres	
Block KI, Lot Ml, 0. !., .Oacres	
Hioek II. Udtei, (1. 1., M.1I. aires	
Kbx k l'J, Lot tot, tl. I.. 40 acre*
HO acrei ln Sea B and 16, Ip. Ua,and Boo 11, Tn, lia. Uit rjw.d l
1 a.*re In Section B,Tp H, Lot 1*37, ��, I 	
W.W acres In Hcclun :w, Tp. ��A, l^t l_8H  <i. 1	
, H. re- in Section lti. Tp. .Wi, l^it laSH. ti. I 	
I HI acres In BeCtlOd7,Tp  1". Lot 1842,0. I 	
tt.1t aem in Section 27,38, H, M,T. 1", l^>t ih_, (i, 1	
!W.7'ia<*resinKccttoiir,,Tp. 17, Lot Pt42. (i. I	
- Dai rei InBeetlon ��,Tn 17. Lot 1343       	
0) -38 acres In -Section M. Tp M. Lot IMS, 0.1	
17 :toaircs in Kectioti W Tp 81, Lot IMS, Q   I 	
n.WaereelnSeetlonW,Tp U, Lot ISM, 0,1   	
W -20 aires In Section I'.'aiid :-0, Tp   *), IaH 1.11,1-1   I	
:ti U aires In Section tt, Tp 81, Lot .881,0 I., 	
78 acrei ln Lot 8W, O.l	
.���, a.Te- Ui I-ot .V.I,, ti   I 	
Block D, Lot id1.'. 0  l.,6 acrea      	
LotMW, G I , IHacru 	
I'arl LoifiBM.Q   I , W acres	
K) acre* in Lot .02, Q 1 	
Dated at Nelsou, B, C, this Bth day of Beptember, 1-W.
Collector, Nelson As��
Notice is hereby given that two months after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable Chief
CoinmiHsioiier ol !-��uds and Works for permission to purohaae 8W acres ol land, dew ribed u
followe: Commencing at a post  planteil  ai the
���on th weel of l. u Konleon'i ranch la  fire
Vallev. We*t   K.-oti-iiay ilistri t. marked "J. M.
Munro'*. north, a-1 corner jiost"; t hence HU chains
weet; thenee so ehaim south; thenoe 80 chaini
ea-t; thenee N ehalni north to the p,we uf eommenoement.
Dated nth dav of Bept mber, 1908,
j. b, KnmoB,
W. A. Caiukk, Agent.
Notice li hereb) given thai 80dan alter dato 1
intend tO apply to the Honorable the Chief Corn-
mlssloner of ].ands and Works for permission to
purchase the  following  described  lands In tht*
West Kootenay dletrtot, near Barton City;
mencing at tpblt planted at the southeast corner
"   >rge   Hu.' --_
'. post, an
running nuth 40 ihains, thenee west i' ehalni
of Weoru'e   Hudson's   preemption   claim,   and
markeii Harry Q. Tolliii|ton'i N. K. C. post, ami
thenee north 40 eliains, thence east 20 chains to
plaee of    ���.   *\,;o', containing HO acres uf land,
more or less.
Dated this iOth day of August. 19o6.
Haanv ��i. TOU���nmm.
ays alt
Intend to make application to Ihe Honorable the
Chief CommfB**ioner of Landsand Works for permission to purchase about Sou acre* of land situ
ated on tbe Salmon river, West Koolenay district,
oommenelng at a poal marked B K. Butter'a N K,
Corner, planted on the west hank ol the river,
about l\ miles uorth of the international boundary, thence west 60 chains, thence HO chains
lOUth, tbence east about ��� chains to the river,
thenee northerly along the river to place of commencement.
August IHtb, 1906. P. K, Bt TTKB,
T. II. Atkinson, Agent.
Notiee is hereby given that two month! after
ilale I inteml to apply tothe Honorable the Chief
Coin 1111>���.-toner ol Lands and Works for �� [.ease of
ail that html b-dng the foreshore adjoiuiul* *-ub-
iini-doiis 1, .1 ana I 01 Lot J0_, t>roup miefn
Kootenay, ami being on the south shore of the
West Arm of Koolenay lake, In the district of
Commencing at a post marked "A. K. Watu"
southeast corner pirst"; thence 60 chains west,
thenee30 ehalJU north; them-e fo ehains east;
thenee 'in chains south tothe place of to in meneement; thc aald land and foreshore to be be used
for sawmill purposes.
I'ated this ..lit day of August, lft*.
A. E. Watt*.
Noiiee is hereby given that 60 days after date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
purehaae the following described laud in Went
Kootenay IMstric* about seven miles south of
Burton ctty: Commencing at a post planted on
the east bank of Trout creek ana marked Alex
Cheyne'l K. W. C. Post ami running south KO
chaln��; theme east 80 chains; thence north 80
ehalns; theme west W chains to post of beginning, containing o40 acres of land, more or leas.
Dated this Sttnd day of August, lft��>
Ai.k_ Cnvra
W   H   li ami; I..-.. Agent.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days titer
'late 1 inteml to apply to the Honorable lhe
Chief Commissioner of Land* ami Works, for
i-erniisMion to purchase the following deeerlbed
lands 1 .,n, mi.-tii mg at a post marked ueorgB Toi-
llngton's N.K. ('.post, at the southeast corner
ot 7. o. KeOmdri pre-emption claim ami
running south -Ochaina to southwesi corner of
<ieo. Hudson's pre-emption claim; thence we.t kt
chains; theliee north 4n chains, tbence cast 2U
chaini to place of commencement, containing HO
acres of land more or lesi.
Dated this Bth -lay of August, 1W6.
tHani Tot.t inoton,
  A. a. Burton, Ageni.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after
dale I Inteml to applv to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Landl and Works forpcrmisslon to purchase ihe following dewribed landl situate in
West Kootenav district; Commencing at a posi
markeii J.H. \ anstone's H.K. comer posl, Hltuate
in the Balmon River Valley, at a point adjoining
J. Mecjcher'i land at western b derr, thenoe
west Hll ihains, thenc,- north IU chains, theme
east BO ebalns, ihence sontb Wi hains to point of
Juiyjiih.iaob. j.h, V-firoity.
T. H    Atkinson. Agent,
Sixty days after dale, j. Margrett  M.*-t.uarr|tn
Intend to epply to tbe Honorable the Oblef'Tom"
missioncrof Ijunls uml   Works, Victoria, II. c,
10 purohaae the following described land, Oommenelng at a posl marked M UoQueiTfe, on the
batik ol Lowef Arrow lake, lbence Io chains
wesl: theliee oil chains north; ihence lu chains
east; thenoo to  chains  lOUtb   to  place  of com-
meneement, eald to oon tain uo acres more or
Ion, Covering ground bold by *>. h. Andenon'i
Datod nds nth day of Peplomber, 1908,
HAMBtn Mh.iahiuk,
W, L, I'AVNR, Agent
Notice is hereby given tbat hIxty dan alter
dub-1 inteml toapply lo (lie Honorable ti.e Chief
commissioner of Land* ami Worki for perm Union
to purehase ihe following described lands situate
In Weit Kootenay dletrlel: I lommenelni ai a p..-t
planli-d at llobi-rt rqrlelt'l north east eorner
post ami marked A. Ms N.W, Comer Ihenco
east lu chains; tbence tin baliiH south, more or
less to lhe Koolenay river; theuce lu.-haliis west
along the Kootenay river; tnence 1" chain-,
north, more or less, to the plnee of commence
ment. eonlaliilng 100 acres more or id ���
Hept-mhcr Hth 1900,
Ankik llOOftli
William Moore as Agent.
Notiee is herehy given Hint r-ixly days after
dale I intend to apply lo the Honorable thc
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase the following described lauds situate lu the West Kootenay
district, starting /rom a poll planted on the
north bank of the North l'ork of Hog crock,
thence an chains west, Hi chains north, W chains
west. 111 chains north, 30 ehalni west, SOohalHl
north, 30 chains west, 30 ehains north, BO chains
east, aochaiiiM south. 30 ��� hums easi,   10 chains
Mouth, B0 ebalni eait, 40 nhiloi iouth to point of
commencement, containing Mn teres
Haled lath day ol Augusl, Bsm.
Notice is hereby given that 80 days after date I
Mi tend to make appl'Of tl On to the Honorable the
Chief < ommlssiolierol l.siidsatid Works for nor-
.1 hnet of \���j[ootenay, cpmmonclBg a( 1 post
pUn/ed on   be 100th side ol  boundary creek on
he iiitertiiitioniil boundary lino, ( and a half
nrles cast from the Salmon river, marked "Kllbu
K, Adams, southeast Comer," Iheiie. wist Hll
'���bum-, thenoe north 80 chains, lbence nil HO
chains, thence south U ohelni lo ntaie of eommeneement.
ki.iiii' B, Adam. Locator,
., ,   , RW B. If, Beeves, u Agent.
.. Dated tbis Oth day of July, im      "
��ixty days after dat-. I Inteml to apply lo the
Honorable the Chief < oininlniioner of Lands and
W'or*s, Victoria, to purchase '240 acres ol laml,
located ami ���b-��cril��*d as follows: Being the
northeast quarter of Section twenty-two, aud
the south half ��������� tlie northwest quarter ieettoO
twentv three. TownsbipHlxty-uine. Ami furthei
described as Pillows: Commeuelng Ht a post
marked J J. N.W corner, ami planted .u eliains
eastol the northwest eornex ol Beotlon twenty-
two and ninning cast 40. bains, thence south .���"
chains, them-e east Oi chains, thence toutb '20
chaius, thenee west wi ehains, thenoe north to
chains to place of beginning.
August tUt. '������������ Jahks Juhnrtom,
W. A. (aider, Agent.
Notice is herehy given that 10 days after date I
inteml to apply lo the Honorable the ('hief Commissioner 0/-Lands and Works for permiifci'ui
to purchase the following deeerlbed land, situate
In Tire Valley, in tbe Wool Kootenay district, ad
joining W. A. (alder - pre -emption, starting ai a
post markeii M. >lcguarrie's ���onthweel corner,
running ho chains ea-t. thenee 40chaini north,
thence BO chains weet thence 40 chains south to
point id commencement.
Datod this llth day of Jrk*ptcmber, Iflttl.
J. E. TATLOK, Agenl,
Notice is herehy given that fit) davs after dale 1
Intend to apply to the Hon. tlie Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for penmuloti to purchase the following deaorlbed :��*.���,���   m Weet
Kootonay dlitrlet, province ol BlitUh Cidumbia.
Commeiieing at a jaist markeii A A. Hurton's
B. W. corner, 00 the south side of Cariboo creek,
about tWO miles east of Iturton City lownslte,
ami at the northwest corner of William Meliev-
ttt's pre-emption claim, thenee east to 1 bains,
thence north >*> chains, theuce wesl 40ohaini,
thence south 60 ihains to the place of beginning,
containing '140 acres more or li*ss.
Dated this '-4th day of July. i<uft.
Notice is beroby given that 00 davs alter date I
inKf... ����M>pPjT ���*���  **h,r  MiomiBt.l.. < nicl Conilitls-
siomr of Land- and Works for permission to purchase the following descried lends, situate tn
ihe West Kootonay district, -starting from a poet
planted at the H W.cornerof Rrneil w.ltobluson's
Application to Pnrehaae, and on the north hank
of the North Kork of Pflf creek ; tbence 40 chains
went. Ho chains north, 10U 1 hahn east, 40 i-haius
south. 20 chains west, JtOcbalnKs.uith to intersection ol north llneof H. W. Boblnson'l Application
to Purchase, tbenee 4o chains west ami 'kl chains
south to I--mi of oommeneement, containing wo
Dated IHth ilay of August, U00.
k w Bostnov.
per Kiisi>T W. Kohis.son, Ageut.
Notice is hereby glvep lhat fill days after dale I
intend loapply to the Hon. tin 1 Chlel Commissioner of Landl ami Works for permlmlon to purchase   the   following   described   lands in   West
Kootenay district, province of British Columbia;
Commencing at a post marked "William Tolling-
Ion's northwest comer post,"  -.aid pool t>etiig
Slanted at the southwest corner of the "Uueeu
lueral Claim," and adjoining the east line ol
McPhails pre-emption, thence south twenty (211)
1 lou!.-   along   snld   line,   thence east for_y (40)
chains   along   said   Hoe.   thence east forty (+
chains, thanee north twenty [00) chaini, tfient
west forty (40) .halus moro or less, lo the place o.
Dated 1st d��y of August, 190*.
v. n.i.jam Totmofott.
By his agent J. K. Taylor.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days afler
datel intend toapply io the Bon. Chlof Commissioner of  l.amls and   Works  for permission  to
pnrehaae lbe following described lamls, In
Wat Kootenay District! Commencing at an initial poel planted at lhe Southeast comer of McCoy's preemption, Ihcme JU chains weM to east
boundary   of   I^.t  fil!��;   tbence   following   said
boundary south toeontneaat corner of said lot:
theuce 10 chaius west: them-e :<t chains south;
thence 00chains cast; them-e 3) chains north to
ioUthWMt comer of  Lo|  222; thence following
west boundary of ut BS to initial post.
Beptember it. 1WA. i\. n wm.rr,
per Krnrht W. K<uii).hon.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days after dale
I Inteml to apply to the Hon. Chief Commission
erof Lauds and Works for permission to purchase the loiiowing desoribed landa. uo hone,
commencing m �� p,,^ marked John Toye, plant-
ta OU thr east in,,. ,,f l>.wer Arrow lake, about
one mile north of Huiiahim- creek. Ihence tarty
chains caM, them-e forty chains south, thenee
forty chains west, thenee forty ebalns uorth
along lake shore to point of commencement.
Hated thi* btih day of September, 1WW.
Jon* Ton,
  HAhllY (illlHON, Agi-llt,
Notice la hereby ilyenUiat 00dan after date. 1
Inieml toapidv lo the Hon. chief ( ommlssloner
of l.amls ami Works for permission to purchase
the followlni deeerlbed traol ol laml Himaie in
West Kooteuay District: Coinnieiicing at tin-
southwest corner  of   Ut 7J0O;  ihence runlng
west ��l ehatns; Ibenee north 3D chains; ll 00
west   HI chains;   tlouce north 211 ebalns; Ihence
1 ��i chains;  thence south 40 chains to point
cmeiit.cmiiKining 24U acres, moreor
of 1 om n.
Dated 1
I Nelson, ll 0.i this Bird 'lay of July,
UasV hcani.an,
Jht P C, (ireen, Agent.
Node- Ik herehy given that flu days after dato I
tn cud I., apply to lln- Honorable the chief (��������,-
mlisfoner Of Umls ami Works for pi-rmiNNiou to
piirelmse the following deiorlbed Iambi Iltuate
in Went Kooleiiny Distriet: Coiumenciig ,n ,1
post marked "P McAiihur's N. W, corm-r post
iltuate near-the N. B. corner of land uplTod for
by H, McArthur thence south 10 chains, more  or
less; Ihcnce easi   m  chains;   theuce   north   lo
chains, more or less; thence wesl mi ehalns to
point of (ommem-cment.
Halmo, 11. C, August llth, 19(W.
P. MrARTiimt
 T. II. Atkinson, Agenl.
Hlxty days after date 1 inteml to uppty to tho
( oinmlssloner of Undi and Works, Victoria, lo
purchase IOC[acres of laud, situate and descrlbeil
as follows; Commencing ata post planted on the
west side of Arrow lake opposite Cariboo (-'Ity, at
or near the southwest corner of B. fiaig purchase, aiol markeii ������(.. M. A., H. K. corner?' and
running north 40 chains, ibenee west Hi Chains
loll. Annable 1 purchase, thence south HI chains
more or less to the lako shore, thence along tho
lake shore to place of beginning.
AugtlSt Mih, 19011. "0. M, ANNAHI.K.
Notiee Is hereby given that W days after date I
intend to apply to the Ilouorahbi the chief Com-
missioner of Lands and Works, Victoria, to purchase 00 leri-N of land, sltiiitle about one mile
cast of Hurton Clly on ihe easl side of Arrow
lake, and deacrlbed as follows : Commencing at *
Hit planted sl the northeast comer of Lot 6M0,
Ihmicc north at chaHm, thoueo west 10 chains,
thenee south 2(1 ehalns, lln-nceeast 4u chalus to
placoof beginning
August _2th, im. j. k, Hrorm,
Notice is hereby given that OD din ittel
nten.1 to applv to th. !b,,n,r.M(. th,0
(.ommisslouer Of Umls and Work-, tZ ����_
ston to purchase the f.dioHttiK dMcrltafS
mnated In theWesI,Koou_nsy dbtrl-.t,1H
( . L. Pearson's on the north, sbimi.iWi2____l
i|iiarter miles from the t'i-n-1 ���rcr-.-iii, rn��_i
manetng al a tto-.l mnrk.-.l i Y I'tliiw^'itM
corner  |aist.  the ��� m ,h��i���. ms-tULmH
chains west, thenee Bo 1 halm nulb, :���*���
chains east to place ol .oiNiiii-iKvm.ui 1
LoOOted lbe 1st day o| AngUSt, l'JOO. I
IfKfttitv Kt_rat(d
Notb-e Is hereby given thut ^'ilsvuitodl
iniend toapply to tbe H,,n.,-���i,|i. thi*('hiHM
mlssloner <>( undsand Works for iirnnuail
purchase tio* following described i-tiM tiki
KiKitenay District about sli miles loot* ofkl
ton City: eommenelng st �� post j>-.������������-i-.bl
east bank id Tronl erees und mark,-.i ;.iBl
it's N w. c. Pott ��nd running nctti *��i ��!
theme , a*l *i i haiiif;   tin ;,e,   n���rtli -   -^1
tbence west ���>< ��� t- =.:r ��� (., th.   pltttG. ��� ���������.-�����!
ment, Coiitaiulug ft#i aLr,-. mure er!_   "~"
Dated this Wml day of Augtifl, 19U6.
C Lino!
W. H  H��vi!ir;\,,\P*t t
Notice Is hereby given thai '�����) days ilttrm
Intend lo apply tothe Honor*.!,- thi.-('OhioJ
missioncrof Landl snd ^ ,-_:���.- ]-,���?��� .warn
purchase the following described Uti'liTflJI
meocioi at a poet narked "J w ; ��� '.I
ner," placed on the east rbore ol lota un
(..***..��� ai lbe northwest eormr 0! J 1 brutkiH
plication  to   Cut- l,n��f    ���,.'..'.', i     ;jl
eait; thenoe io chaini north. ".,������..���* .u��*
more or less, west lo the lak- ihoili tb'iwft
loWlFg  lakeshote   to   ;     :��� ���   of    -!.:.-...4l
containing :iK0 acres more or leM.
Dated the .'.ird day of July,   -��� .
rk- !i>r [���Tfflt-USll
rlbed laadt,M_u
.ki- Cobb*��4(W
AntiniDyi (nntk-l
t.  thenre t.r.iiA
��� ninin.nremrttll
Notice Is hereby given Uu
inlcnd to tpply to the H *.
mlKslonerof landsand Wi
puretiHse the following dew
ou tht, cant "Ide of Arrow ll
the northeast corner of A
tbenoe north forty chain
eliains, Mnu..- south fort
forty chains to pi.in- of
lain lug HSo sen-s, moreor]
Daied September L1M0,
Notice is hereby given lhat "..,'������ ���-��� vl|
Intend to apply (o thc Hon Chief lommW '
��� ���(.Lands and Works for permbd'ii ."FiRMl
the following  described lands, Miuitri.M
Koolenay district: Comm- in ���ing si (���.(csisff4
ad "HhW H. K. eorner." plstile-imi tbeital
Lowei   Arrow   lake,  attotil  otic mile moIiI
liordon creek (Johnston cri-li.) tti.nnwrtlB
Chains, thenee West au chat tit, ihenu'wiOll
chains, thenee east to chslns to p"im*f*
meneement, containing  Imi siren tmmtrM
ami comprising sbandoued pre - mptlooSsM
fltaked this Mtb day of Augu.t, lint.
It. ft. Woim��
A. N, WOLmnWiitjtm
Notice Is hereby given ihat 00 Ilsn ��i!����i
Intend tO apply to the Honorable chu*(c**"
sioner of Unds ami Work- lor |H-rintMlrae
chase the following deseni.. d lands, illllll
thc east side of Arrow lake, Comw-WM
postmarked   k. V SCleod'l liM-stinn (swi.i
���outh  forty eliains. following W. Toje'ie
boundary: thence east slxtv chain*-*. Knylll
of UaMbaldl Creek)  theme -.firili lortjrti"
Ihence east sixty ohelni la point el rom"
ment, contalnlne-W lorei, more or leaa
Dated Heptember 1,1906.       Attu M""-*!
Per N liKMni-.-tC'tii.
Noilce la hereby given that BOdlTi ��"".**���
intend loapply tothe HonorsblstheCM��
mlislonernf Undsand Wort- fnr NraH|
purchase the following descrll-cd luii-U."**^
from a pnit marked W. T's north aost p*^_*
south 40 chains, theme es��i sn .���haim.-ae
north 40 chains, them e wesl an 1 haliil tafjl
eommencemen', containing ttt *em,w^_L
less; adjoin- on the east of A. AulllODj !����� '|
Hon to purchase.
Datod this ifta day of August, ito.    Toli_
N. DlMIM, A|H_3
Notice is herehy given Hint slxtv daysi(W*
I Iniend to apply loihe Hon Chic ��1"��l,1,;i
erof Umls and  Works for fwrmloloa ��M
chase the following daierllw '''V?.;?!
starting Bl a |s��sl marked 1 'alio rim' i��Fj2|
planted on the eael ibore ol ,-'"Vr ^_.Vt,_ eSB
iiear Qladitone Oreek, ihen..* ttgg*T
Ibenee til chains north, till  ""*K"a
lake   shore.   Ih.-nce Wtlth   lloil|  W" il*��
[Hiint oj eommenoement. ,_���.
Maiiks s,SUM'S. Ag.Hl;
Nssll.'.' I. Iiits-I.V -IV.-II tll.l '-''I;'!- '!'!'',\'"*i
nii.ssi nsi Una.ind ����'����� '",'���.,,nttM\
isnnihtM Uss- 1 ��ii.k ilo��i; ���''   ,.,  j(|
So on>ui .ni...(*""�� i��v;,,,,:'' �� _
  -isisllsu, fll" nl **"'"",  '.I I.SI
ii.si,,.,....ssiii iweol,Hi"'"- '",' : '.!,"���ilt
twenty chains to point oi ��� "muh ���
tainlng 00 acre", inon* or less. st-oHtr
SHawMiWi.iM. iBBSSgl
  ,, ,s .sssv .uy.   ���
Ns.lls-is Iss >i.-..-l.y ifls.ss .In    ,'',;.,,,.i(���.rwS
iluliil nu. iiii isiamslyii'iis",  ,L.r;,. tnam*]
i:.iinnil��ali,lieri,l Uml.i ,,,,,,.s|,,i,|.,,l��
tss ,11,r.'hnau Ills- l.sllsisHlilt 'I' ���'' "' ' , ���|l,,lsil��|
(U'in ll"' Wui Koomriaj .iw"' ;;"",��� ', ���
Paul Aiiilri''. liri'sMsl'li'I.. r,,,,,���,,,.!�����.":
iniirkoil A J, l.i.iiK. V - ' "���'" '��� ", "talis- ��i*|
s,l i,,iws.r Arrow lika, m0'"  .|i,.],ssiii-i-*:
ili-ni.|. in cbalni norlh I '��� "'
n"'"1' ��� ,���   ,1,1. l_dtro|8-_B
liali'ilsilNi-liiiiii. U.C-s l|lls"" (jUsW.
Ut, UM
��������, ros.UBIs, .!��'��'��� JI
Noll,-, I ��.,y��lv.....n��; ��X !."l<��
iiilMliiiioroO*!"!"""'! �� '>"  ���, ,nj,,ill"��"j
|.l,r,.|iaH,slls���l,.ll..>slisss ���' , ���.,ri..l.il *
tn tun illatrll'l "I ��i'��l y ,,,Vlssl... "����S
7WI���nll,i,w|.��l.sriis'.l ly,       ",,il���. .is" [S
cl-I al Ills' Inl  I'"" I "   1' .   ,,|���lii>. fjj
���rn.r ���l Lot TOO. I "" '"      ScM """
w.-Hl 211 I'lialnss, ll,..,,.... '"',,,:���,.,. nl. ���,
dial ..li'lialm Hi |,sslnlssl S..IISIS' JiJlt, (R.i(._
Dali'd Aim. l-'slli. ''���"��� _i,rsl<l'1
ini..o,it,.���,s|.iyi..il';; i.n ''',,,������*;
ml.aloii,sr.,ll.isii;-. ," .'.Jrl|,,,,ll;iij'i(1;,.
parohuo tl..- <""""[',.'������!..' ��",%<*l
m-nalng at a ml " "., ,'���.i oorn-ror �� ^
our," islnnssl nl i   '" '  m rl" "' .11
rimnlna inii'liniii"'";["���,,'  iss)'.|��l��A
.l���.,,��. 5ni.li.lii"""";,"    ,1.111111- ���"'
polnl nl s'liiiiinisni'i'ii'ii'.
inoro or Ii'bh. ��,���iv 1D0S.     -,b,sUI
Datissl thu Mil 'In)' i'1 Ju"      J, A." '" 'rt.
The Dafly Canadian
Carry a complete stock of Foreign Wines, Beer, Mo norland   t.i<|in uih,   and   Canadian   Wlnea and  Whiskies
Von can buy ONK bottle Port, Sherry, Claret, Brandy, Oln, Bum, Bye, ScoUth,
AlcorHtoul.or any IncrcitKcd quantity you dwlro,     Kor faintly use try our
Tl.l.IiPHOINU _&o.
P. O. BOX I030
"Greatest of All Christ*! Miracles���Services Announced for the City
Churches Tomorrow.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offlce:   Toronto.
CAPITAL AUTHOBsEHD....16,000,000. CAPITAL PAID UP....*4,3KO,000
KEST H,2N0,00O.
D. li. WILKIK, President. HON. KOBKKT JAFKKAY, Vico-President
Branches in British Columbia:
IV|ssisitss received anil interest allowed at current rates from date of opening account und credited half-yearly.
in-JI-SOin branch J.   Wil*  LAY, Manauer.
P. Burns & Co.
the    Bixloeuth
No holy  days
Brand) Markets in   KohkIuihI,   Trnil,   Nelson, Kiwlo,   Sandon, Three Forks, New
Denver and Slocan City.
orders by mai. to miy branch win h��ve
iur i-i..i.iii* mill'���Kn-lui Kttt>tiilon.
Head Office: Nelson, B. C.
Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
Sole A��ontH In llrlt ImIi
Tomorrow will be
Sunday after Trinity,
occur during the week.
The gospel for the day la St. Luke's
brief and simple narrative of the ruis-
ini! from lhe dead of the wldow'B son
in the city of Naln.
None of the recorded acts of Christ's
ministry present so insoluble a problem to apologists of the rationalistic
school as Ihe two of Lazarus and the
wlilow's'son. who were brought back
[rom death to life at the Masters
Slnco the beginning of the record
of human thought Ihe one thing accepted as final and Irrevocable is the
extinction of thc vital spark. The
philosophers and scientists of the
middle ages strove In vain to find an
elixir which would defeat death and
win eternal life. They never dreamed
or nny means of revivifying the dead,
ln ci(nnectlon with this nairtative
none of the iiBiial agnostic explanations will avail. Commentators, transcribers or translators might vary the
meaoning with thc reading of some
texts, but none would interpolate an
account of any occurrences so contrary
to all human experience.
The raising of the dead is not the
act of man but of-God. There can bo
no alternative between accepting it as
proof of the Divinity of Christ, essentially different from the divine Inspiration of other great men, anil the rejection of the whole of the narratives
of* the four evangelists as false or utterly mistaken.
The following servrees are announced
for tomorrow in the churches of Nelson:
Church of England���St. Saviour's,
eor. Ward and Silica streets; sixteenth Sunday after Trinity; holy communion, 8 a. m.; morning praj'er and
holy communilon, 11 a. m.; children's
service, 2 30 p. m.; evensong, 7:30 p.
m.    Rev. F. H. Graham, rector.
Roman Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.
Rev. Father Althoff, priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, corner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 a. m.; Sunday
school, 2:30 p. m.; evening service, 7:30
p. ra.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m. Rev.
J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school. 2:30 p. m. Rev. R. N.
Powell, pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; even-
Ing service, 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school,
2:30 p. m. Rev. E. II. Shanks, pa-tor.
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. to.; holiness meeting, 11 a. m.l a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
days, Yom Klppur, tho day of atonement, the "day of fhe long fast, is
ushered In. It is the 10th day of the
month of Tishri and the end of the 10
penitential days, which are devoted to
repentenco and prayers. Yom Klppur
is held as a strict fast day by the orthodox Jew. "It begins, as do all the
fasls and festivals In the Jewish calendar, in the ovening, and continues
until the following evening. During
the twenty-four hdurs from sunset to
sunset no food or water passes the
lips of the devout Hebrews. Men and
women alike are required to fast, and
the only ones who are exempted from
this requirement are children, the very
aged, persons In ill health, and nurBing
Ileslde the long fast lhe day is devoted to prayers of forgiveness of sin
and In all the Jewish calendar there ls
no occasion which is so solemn and so
fraught with deep sentiment as at this
time. The services in llle orthodox
synagogues are practically continuous.
This evening lhe holiday is ushered
In with the Kol Nldro, observed by the
reformed and orthodox alike, although
under different circumstances. The
solemn ami Inspiring music has been
adapted to modem orchestras and Is
thus heard In the sanctuaries of the
reformed. In the synagogues of the
orthodox It Is chanted by the cantors.
The services of tomorrow are divided
into four sections krrown as Shacheras,
Mussaf, Mincha, and N'hila, but there
is no Intermission between the different sections, and the services continue
until sunset, when the Shofar is
sounded once only as an Indication
that the fast ls ended;
Best Dollar a day house in the Kootenays.
Roomi an well furniihed.   Table et good u any
Id Nelion.    Bar supplied with good
Ua uon ano clean.
W. K. McOANDLISH, Proprietor.
Tf emont Hotise
European and Amarlcn Flan
If gala 26 eta.   Rooma Iron V, eta. Ut 11
Oaly While Hair Employed.
We have Improved and Unimproved Ranches for
Sale on the Kootenay and Slocan Lakes, Slocan
Valley and Nelson District.
Before purchasing call
and examine our list.
H. & M. BIRD
laker St., Nelson
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day House in Nelson.
f    The Bar la the Pineal.
White Help Only Kmploro-.
Joaephlne St,
The  Daily  Blaze.
Los Angeles,    Cal., Sept.    29.���Fire
last night destroyed the business nor
tion of Itarstow, Cal.
Did you ever niltlce how a girl with
curly tresses lords It over her stralght-
haired sisters?
The Kg Schooner IV,-. \(\r
0r "Ralf-ud-Half   DCCl    ��VV��
The only Glass of Oood Beer in Nelson.
Hotel aworomoslattona aeeond to none In Brltlah Columbia. Ralesll.tKlperilay. Special ratea
to monthly boarslen,. Only home hotel lu Nelaon
l*lr�� and  Aculdant
Real Estate and Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business in Kootonay.
Nelson, B. C.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importer of Kin*
I-:i*��ICIImI.   Hood**.
Jno. T. Pierre
linker St.
NelHon, B. C
CKAl.KH T.NDJBS, properly Indorsed, will be
w   rt-c-.-1v.-il  Isv  Itsss unils-rsslKiinl is), tss anil   II-
' , Uss- tlft.-riilli October iii-xt. 1st
Ssssirt llsssuss' at
.lii'llltK Monday.
Use sTisl-tlssu ssss.l OomplOtlOD Hi sl
Nel II. 0,
iisssss ins;- ���jwolfl-atloni snd conditions ol ten.
-It's- sssssl ...siitrast mav   lss>  sss-ess at   Usl. 1 iitslli-
Works, BSglneer'i i.m��..,vi,.|..ria, B.C., ana at
tbe ofA-Bof tho Government Agent, Nelion, b.i...
.us an,i alier Hiss mis Beptember n.-xi.
Ku.-is tender mimi be a-oompanled wltn a
mnrlt.-.l Dheqne  In' tn W POT sessl. sif Hie illinium .sl Hiss tender for iin- inttisfiii portorman-e
and ipieiii.tiol ih.- work.
The-hutua nl -ns-eoo-i-jl tenderer! will be
returned to thorn an lhe exoQUtfan nl U-ocon-
Tlu- lowed! ssr any t Ier lisst li.M-.-HH.irUy ae-
'<'"""1' K, 0 tl.\M"l.K.
1'isiilis- Wssrkts Bngltle-r,
i.stsiitH ami Work* Department,
Vlel.irla. B 0��� -fil SoploinW, IMS,      	
Certificate of Improvements
QlgantlOs (itaiit,   Klrat isliuiis-e, rlsalsa'til.. ami
Tws-lily Mile Kras'ltssli mlm-rii! HalsssH, isltll-
nio in ihe Melton MintiiK DlvUlon ol Weil
Koolenay itlnlrti't
When, lsis.als.il: On Ihllisls-s. sis ii.ilii. lietweel,
wna Ms,i-.. mi.i Bear Croon,
Tako miller lhal I, J.sbll Met nlslsle, ssl the elty
..fNelH.sll, aelliiK ,,a aiii'lil fnr J..hi-I.Ii Stiiru.-on.
l'r.'e Minor'. Girtlflc-ta No. BUS, Intend.iluy
days from tbs dato hereof, to apply to the Mlntns
llssessrsler tor Oertl-catal ol linprnvemi'iHa, lor
ihe pnrpoH ol obtaining Drown Grants oi Uie
atssivs- s'laltiiH
Anil fin ihcr lake notleo tlial anion, under Motion nv, mum ise oommeno-a betore the luunnoe
.sfHtis'li Corifnoate sit improvomonta
Daleil llsi- SIM sissy i.I.liily. A. D, lKXi.
.Is.UN Msl.aii Ilia.
Tendon iftitronofl to theundenigned. ��t hti
oftli*-' In the CotlXt HOUM-   ill   i!i** ('lly ill Nelson,
will Ih3 rooelTw up till tbe hoot ol tivo o'clock in
lli<- Hflprnmin of   MihhUv, 0--tul.fr   l.'.lll, JW6, Ior
Hm- punhua ot tin* "Blue Ky��'*i Nellie" Minor*]
('Inim, UU k.m, which wan ih'i'laroil forfcttotl to
the Brown et tho Tex Bete lit'i.i In the city ot
Ni'lituti on thf (ith (lev of NovuiiiiK'r, ia��6, for de*
llnquont nixes mi till J him*- -''uii, iw'i. ninl coita.
The h)im-i price upon the mil'l   minimi   rl.iini,
which lliclii'lfs the amount of i]<>lttiqlleiil   tax.*-.
HtHHt tlie time of forfeiture, with tntereati
whleh hiivo ulnre iieenieil; hihI foe for
Orown i! i'i nt. |h i .2U;>, which ti the least Amount
Hint wfll Im- C-ui i Hide roil iih 11 toinler.
Kaeh tender muit be eoeompenled by an aiv
popted cheque, imyahle tu the orner ol tho l>_pu-
tv Ootmuundoner of Landa and  -v.uk-., ni jur m
Vieiorlii, ��. Cl, tor tiio tinmuot tendered,
Oovemment Amnt, KetioUi it. *'.
Pnii-liii Nelson, B. 0 , this l::ih
day nf Kpteinber, iwn;.
Ten  Daye of Penitence and  Religious
Ceremony for the Jew.
New York, Sept. 29.���When the first
star gleams in the heavens this evening the most solium., important and
strictly observed of all the Jewish holi-
Kotiee Is hereby flven that, thirty days after
���late. 1 Intend to apply to the Honorable the
Ghlet -'I'lnini.��� ii'iN-r of Lands ami Works for a
nix-Hal lieeiinetociit and carry away timber from
the followiiiK 'itMTih-,'1 Ikiids. Hituate in the
West Kootenay district:
No. 1.���Commeneing at a pout marked Ole
Obern'A southwest eorner poat, and plant> d on
the ru-t side of Hum hii riverand about six ni;1ea
nnrthcust of the west lork ol the Dunean riv**r;
thenee h:i ehalns east, thenee 80 ehalns north,
thence 80 ehalni went, thenee 80 chains south to
I-if nt of eommeneement
No. u.~Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg's .with west corner post -and planted on the
��� asi Mil*-* <���! uncan river and about seven mllei
northeast of the west fork ol the Duncan river;
thenre tt) chains east thence 80 chains nojth,
thence Mi chains west, thence 80 chains south to
point nl commencement.
No. 8.���Commencing at a post niarked Ole
Oberg's southeast eorner post, and planted on
the cast side of the Duncan river antl about six
miles from thc west lork of the uncan rlyer;
thence 40 chains west, thence 100 ehains north,
theuee 40 chains east, thence 1W chains south to
point of commencement.
No. 4 ���Commencing at a post niarked Ole
Oberg's southwest corner poBt, and planted on
the east side of Puncan river and about eight
miles northeast of the west fork of the Puncan
river; thence HO ehains east, thence 80 chains
north, thenee HO ehains west, thenee 80 chains
south to polut of eommeneement.
No. 6.���Omnic-iictng at a post marked Ole
Oberg's northwest nnrner post, and planted on
the east side of -���uncan river ami abont six miles
north of the wesl fork of thc Duncau river,
at the mouth of Hum creek; thenee 80 ehulns
east, thnece 80 chains south, tbence uu chains
west, thence 80 eliains norlh to point of commeti-
No. 8 ���Commencing at a post marked Ole
Oberg'i northwest eorner post, ami planted on
the east side of Duncan river and about live
miles north of the west fork of Duncan river;
thence -40 ehains eaat, thenee 80 chains south,
thence 80 ehalns west, thence HO chains north to
point of eomm ence ment.
No. 7.���Commencing at a post planted on the
cast ilde nl llie Duncan river, about four miles
north of thu west fork of said river, marked Ole
Oberg's northwest corner post, tlience 40 c.lialti"
cast, thence 80 ehains sonth, thence 80 chains
wesl, theuce 80 chains north, thenee -io chains
east to polul ot eo jimenccmeut.
Dated Qolden, B. C, August 'iOth, 1906.
Ol.B Ohki-o, I,o(-ator.
Lake View Hotel
Corii'-r Hall and Vernon,
two blocks from wharf.
Ratea 11.00 per day and up.
P. O. Box 151.
Tcliiptione IIS.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor.
Oe-irally Located. Open Dar and Ml(ht.
Bample aud Batls Rooma Free.
Choke Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Aem
of the
Choicest Pratt Landi in
British Columbia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
Opposite Court Hoose and Post Office.
Comer Wird ud Vcrmn Streets.
The Sttathcona
Nelson, B.O.
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The .Leading Hotel in the
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores*
Qood   Sample   Rooma.
Queen. Hotel
Baker Btreet, Kelion. B. 0.
Lighted by Bl-ctrtoit-/ and
Heated by Hot Air
Certificate of Improvements
"Kqllpie No. ���_," "Wviiy." "Huppy Mo-lium,"
"Inluiimtltiiml" ini��i "A ih PraoUoilai" mln-
i*ml fliiiiu-., siiiiutfil iii tlie Hlontii City Mliilnu
Dlvlxlim uf West Ki-uI--iii-,v ilUirii't.
WIhtc Wii-RU'ilv-NorMi of _wr-.lv. Mllo ctrvclt,
nl.imt lun milt-- up.
Tnl;-' nOtlCO llinl I, II. K. .I.-i-iukI, ut Sli.nm. ��.
<:., Vrw Mlnor'N irtHii-Hlu N��. B78900, IU*ft0nt
for L. A. OolO, Km- Mlnrr'HOrllfloKtu Nn. b-W.1I,
Intmitl, hlxty ilHvsfnun lh�� delo ln-ronf, tu nj��p y
In Mm MlniiiK l.tu-onltT for ii t'lTlillctUo of Im-
lirovutnuiitit, for thu purtHmrof oliltiliiltiK h I'rown
.inml nl Miiit mhii-riil (tlHltiiH
And fnrlliwr tiilce  itolltv Ihnt iictlon, nn'or
St'ctliin 87. in.isl Ihi r-onini'-ii-ud bt'foro thu Ishu-
iuii'i*- of t,iirh Curtlllrntc of Imiirovi'tiu'liW.
I liiloil HiIh Jiiili -hiy of Ku|>tt>iiihi<r, I'.NMI.
I'iuUt bii'I hy vlrtu�� ol the power of KHlf ron-
1,1111. .I in iiffituin iiidiiitimMii liortfftge, which
w 111 tu* i.i.i'liiiril nl lhe tliiit'ot hnU>, lUt-rt* will \ni
,,i,i..n Kridny, October r>th, mr>, ki t3oLclook
noon, by CloiH. A. Wut.-11111111 .v Co., Kin-Hi,mi'l-,
ut KtrntliroiiH Hotel, hi tin* elty of Nl-Inoii, In the
I'roUlICO Of Mi M ip-lt Coiun.lihi, |||��J following
Imul- nml pretniheH, iitiim-h :
\a<ti I, :!", 81. 21. mnl w, in Bloek S, Aililltlon
"A." In IheHiimllvlmoiiol OlsirU-ll^H UO.tiroUD
I, Went IMvi-~i.>ti ol the Koolenay IHshlel, luvonl-
I11K lo 11 limp or i-'i.n of llie khhI HiiIhIivIhImu tie-
por-in"I In thi> I.n n.i HcgiRiry DtWvo and tiittiihor-
e-l 849.
I.ol I In vm-uiil. Oil l.i>tn kt Hit theru lti mild to
he 11 two-xtory  Kramo DwcIMiik. hImo a Kriime
TerniK nml OOndtitOlll of null- will bu   inmle
known el the time <>f "iile.
Kor further pnrti.*nliirn apply to
Vetolor's SolleltorN, HiititiliRH St.,
Viilieouvor, B. ('.
Duled thi. lMh dny of HepK-inbur, l*��fi.
Large aod Comfortable Bedroomi end Firat-
laaa Dtniait Room. Bample Roomi for Commer*
lal Hen.
MRS. B. C. CtAREK, Proprtetreet
The well known
Our BwrG11r1l.il ia
the Finest in the
-  Proprietor
Royal Hotel
Ratea |l and 11.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Bcardera.
Old Curiosity Shop
B you want to buy or anil anything,
go to the Old Curloaity Shop. A new
line of Jnpnnese GoodB now on Bale. All
kinds   ot   Dlnnerware In   stock.   Pat-
Nssllsr Ih hori'liy glvssll thai Iho Atunuil ClsllPral
Uwttng isl Tho livi, 11.1I.I Mlnoa, LJiiiltnl. will Uo
Issslsl 111 ilusisllls'i. ill th-win. any, "������ w. i-Mnck,
n_1ki.ii, 11. _., 11" Tuojoay, trail (Miihor, iiiob, .1 :i
o'clook, p. m, liyorslisr,
w, I). iiayi.Y, -oisrotury.
The Musical Treat of the Season
The Chicago
Concert and
Orchestra Co*
October i 2th
Under the Auspices of Nelson's 20,000 Club
WholMtle and Retail Dcalerl In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Cnnipa supplied on slim-lint notice nnd
lowest price. Nothing hut fresh nud
wholesome meats nnd suppltvs kept iu stuck
Mail orders receivn cnrnfnl iittention.
E. C. TRAVES. Manager.
British Columbia
New Westminster
New Westminster or Vancouver
$ J 6.55
On sale September 28th October 3rd
inclusive.   Return Oct llth.
For full particulars and berth reservations apply to local agents or write
. .1. DOYLE, J.
D.P.A.. N.'l.ssn
Contrnctor and
Bolil ng'-nt fur tlu*- Porto Klt-o Lumber Co , Md..
retail yanln. KciiirIi ainl -trr-sml liiinli.-r, turnud
wnrk ami lirHckt-ls, Coiwt .nil. nml itlihiKluH.fash
hikI doors. Csmeot. brink and Hutu fur nalu.
Automatic grlmlor.
Yanl unit faoiitrv : Vt-rnnn Ht.. ('Hit of Hall,
NKLSON,  B. 6.
P. O. Box m Teh-piiono 178.
West Transfer Co.
General Teiiustera and Dealers in
Ooal and Woo .   Express and
Baggage Transfer
Kpihi._Vi- Office: Baker St.
A. McDonald &Co>
Dealers in staplo and fancy Groceriea.
Butter, Eggs.
Camp nnd Miners' Supplies.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co-y,
Spokane Interstate
September 24th to October 6th, J906
Going Sept. 34th, one day only,
return fare will be
Going September 28-2B-26-87-28-
29-80 and October 1-2-8 fare will be
All tickets limited to Oct. 7th.
Each ticket haa one admission
coupon to fair.
ProvlncUl   OCT. 2-6
Exhibition,   vw*
New Westminster $16.55
On sale September -Sth to October aud.   Limited Octolicr 11th.
Only one night on the road.
City Paut-uger Agent.
A H. P. A., Braille.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
Anil Oi
Baker Street.    -    NELSON.
For Erorythiug Good
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Oguf, TotaccM.
Di Tn law Tkaraua's Spcdal MVitml
BA__-RST. The Daily Canadian
Book Ahead For!
Preserving Pears:
The right kind nre soaroG.   Wc ���
#  havo a aloe lot of looil Bartletts ***
nnil Flemish J.i'iiuti-'s to arrive J
Lowest market prices guaranfe ed, j
Bell Trading*
Gait Coal
Termi spot i.'ath
Telephone 265
Baker Btreel
 i. :*��..%
&&& = m ^*m
(����;**Ss.v-^ri 3 ��� ���<���'���'
Jplg,,;: ��� ��� ���������
Cur. Varnon and W ss-sl S ..-��-'* t-*,
INBUSON,   B. c.
.1   FRED i:i ME, Propri tor.
F. Burnett, II. A. Hess, .1. II. Wil-
Bon, Toronto; ST. Haigh Smi llle, Pioc-
is-r: A. W Davis, Moyli : W. .1. Tnr-
ii<-i- smil wife, Vmir: I' C. Adams, Duluth; l', II. Burnhi i mil Forks;
:������   Davidson,  v    ���   Ri    , Vani .'is. ..
V   I.   Clark, s tane;  W.  A.  s.ii\s>.s;i
Victoria; !.' Scotl and wife, Winnipeg;
R. v. cl. nn in. Three Forks; C. B.
Kirk, Arrowhead; C. W. Whittler,
\V. E. Dalglli is. .-: ca i; I.. T.
Thurston, I arraan; li u -Cue, E. ll.
Pad a, Spokani ; 0. Iii rring, England;
W.  II.   McMullan,  Winnipeg;    A.    II.
[acNelll, Rossland; Hon, Adiini nnd
Miss. Beck, London; Mrs. Redpatb, K.
C. (Houston, Montreal; .1. II. Kent,
T   ii   :i    A   A. Sunderman, Montreal,
('  V   Tai iis, A. A. Gillis, Slocan; J.
Kiswan. Calgary; B. tl. Aiiplelou, Seven
Mi:..:   W.   E   li. in.  Ottawa;   .1.  Neon,
Moyle;  W. Whyte, Peterboro.
M. Smith,    li.    I', :: si
Creek;   .1.  Tredgold,    B.
Noi thport.
A.  Bradley,   l.  iti.M-
Gordon, Vancouver.
.1. P. Drummond, Salmo; II. Crown,
Greenwood; ���'��� Skinner, New York: .[,
Morrison, V. II. McCauley, Moyie; N.
MoDonfell, Grand Fsss-ks; K. Walker,
Ymir; li, Jackson, Ohio; N, Talt, Pass
Creel: Miss F. Bradley, Kiimluops;
Mis* II. Israelson, Golden; Mis. T.
Ualstrom, Spokane.
N.   ll.   Boddlngton,    Bllverton;    R,
Shields, Slocan;  A.  E.  Hall, Fernie.
,;   Seott, .1   Scott, Koch's Siding; M.
Kenny,  Creston;    G.    Patterson, New
Irunswiok;  W. 'I'. Loates, Nakusp.
i   BmaJlwood,   Beasley;   H   Martin,
Qerrard; C, \V. Boston, Charles Hlver.
K.    Mayor,
Moyie;  J.  il.
Cm m <j Iii'
yall  iii lit ii, tttmg spirits in dilight
itb, i!;y..itin..��;s-j)(i,iitm;i/}l:str.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch;
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch aud
Boat Bnildera will lind it tn their advantage to un- our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
\SOU\  i ___���> WAT Kit j
I>iu you KNOW
that llio-rink, .triad Mour-odi rottattln
...s    i.'Sii ��� pro] artlw la li-i    rclr-ihlngT
"i "'r ���'�����' Irull lyrupi ut tti.-ow
tain,'       ��� ���   i ��� iu. sssi'i
.. c,... le* ru- ktpt nrapulouil) i li in
Bftker.-ir. -t, Nelion, n, c.
00 Mi.w m
U) \V. K.
���irk in tin- wood a.
nil, Kiii-To.
I). STBHOCU-AI'UBit for \turiiuoi tn country
ood home witli umplt
ox W.,(*s,ilii'ii'iM ofllCC
aployer'i fiiniily.    Appl;
BUBHMKN.Mill ll-niiiMiiMll..iHKlii(j('(lnlrnt*l(ir.-.
iiImi l*.rfKiiii.'i-r U,ui*-I,iia' LutnU-r Co., ii.nr
( nuiliriiuk. H. C
HIRED HELP f..r hotlM on Oliscrvulory street.
KiiuiiiT of two; in> children; can tleep At boms
_ Itpreterreil   Appl) Mm jIurt.Queeni Hotel. ���
HOAitL* AMI UOdM for on,-or two.   Applv Iwo
doprx cm. oif'luii iiotcj.
I ptAMI' PHOTO*' nl (lie stem on Htmiley street,
' next lloyul lioti.1,  fr) ccittK per dozen.
l.;une\  t"ri 1,o>  went out to tho Gold'
.11   Belle   mine   ihis   morning   ��iili   a
of nun to begin operations.
A.  ll   Buchanan, formerly ofanaser
nt the \t*-.s.m branch of the Hank of
. . al, i*- in the ..ity from EJijjWtane,
SUvei  advanced two   points    today
in both the New  York    and    London
Othir metal quotations show
.. age.
Tin- collections at  the  Nelson  customs  bonse  for  September amounted
, ���;. Bllghtlj  i bb ihan those ur
lasi   Septi 1-:'" i
I, E. Annable will u-ave tomorrow
morning fi r an i itended trip to ihe
ina cities, wtiiri; win Include the
NeM   ftTi Btrafnster exposition
li.n. -Vdara !' .. 'i I.. \. for London, minister withoul portfolio in the
Ontario cabinet, is in the city  in  thu
course id' a imn- of tin* West
Tlie regular monthly meeting "f the
\Vti,']]< n's Hospital Aid society win be
held on Monday, October I, at :i
o'clock, in iho   Presbyterian    church
Mrs. W. Ross was taken lo the Kootenay Lake General hospital this morn-
iin:. Buffering from poison frnm toads-mils eaten hy mistake Tor mushrooms.    Her recovery is uncertain.
Tie* subjeel for morning meditation
ai ilie Baptist church tomorrow will
ho "Christ's Interpretation of Duty."
The evening theme will he "Love, thu
Fulfilling of the Law." Anl hem by
the choir.
The four Xew Art Bell pianos, made
in Canada, that formed tho big feature of D. J. Kobertson & Co.'s display at the fair, and won the association's diploma, have all been sold
since  the close of the fair.
A party started this morning to ridr
to tie* Silver King mine. They had
nei gone far when Miss II. Thoin. ono
of the party, was thrown from her
horse, sustaining a mt on the temple
and several bruises. Her injuries will
not   lie  serious.
The enrollment at the high school
fer September was 43. with an avernRo
attendance of 86.61; at the puhlle
school 378 and 343.64, a total for both
schools of .Dl pupils enrolled and
380.IE bvi rage attendance, the per
���   of regularity being r��o.
At th.* evening service in the Methodisl church tomorrow the subject will
be, "Is Leisure a Messing or Curse".
During tho service the choir will sfng
as an anthem, "lie Shall Reign." The
trio. "1 Will Hay Ue Down," will be
sung bv .Mrs. Christmas. Mr. Benedict
and   .Mr, Gorle.
The Nelson branch of the Auti-Tu*
berculosls -society was organized last
night at a meeting in the city ball at
which Jo persons were present, Dr.
B. C. Arthur was elected presldenl.
Dr. Hall, vice president; Mrs. Arthur,
���lecrelary, aud Mayor Gillett, Ireusu-
rer. Rev. R, X. Powell. Dr. Hawkey,
Captain MeMorriss, Mrs. McCulloch,
and Mrs. Matthew were appointed a
committee to draft a constitution.
They will meet on October 0, by which
time Dr. Arthur will have copies, of
the constitution of tho Victoria branch
aud report to a general meeting on October lL'. The society will pursue two
Objects: the raising of funds for a
provincial sanatorium, and education
of tbe public nn means of prevention
of tb.- dis tase.
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
In 'si-sIst toels-nr ont this Hue
��.��� i. redooisg tin. prloo i.s
ins1. W-. i.nlv havo i, limits il
quantity io don't delny ordering if yon wanl any,
K. W. C. Hioek . Phone 10.
Oae Week
Commencing Monday, Oct. i
Sutton _ Big Show
People 30
Hondm���"->,r WiiiMb A-nxmiics Way,,'
I'rli\>�� ar, Ws- ssn- 7J<C"tJi��iiif)ii uie -ililnl-y
MKutlw.-g.irr..     ..    ;iggp.   ,
German Dill, per quart 25c
Sweet Gherkins " 50c
Giant Olives, per pint 40c
Have just received a new shipment of Swiss Cheese anil
Cm A* Benedict
Cornir Silica ami Jos-phlne Sts.
We carry  in stock  a  large  number of
Technical and
Scientific Books
Fruit Growing, Etc.
If you can't call iu person drop us a
csrrd and we will be glad to send vou
a list.
We can seeiire for yen any hook not
in stock ai publisher's price plus eosl
et' Importing.
W_ G. Thomson
.-?$-&_   ""'  Nelson, 11. C.
IM.t.ii..  .1-4.
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Tulips .
Canada Drug & Book Go's
., last] Stores....
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Fruit, Fuel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
w-.ee FRESH
Cream    '
Put up in 21b. Tins
35 cents.
.- ���^;., ,s mom. '^h. BN
Delivsris- mad. dally tlirouulnmt Nelson
,111(1 ill- SUlslirtiH. PIlSllHs 14s.
Telephone 101.
TENDERS are invited up to noon
of Monday, Oct. 1st, for the printing
and binding complete of 10,000 or 20,-
000 copies of folder; half leans and
loiter press. Stock must ho enamelled
huok paper, SO lbs. to tho ream, and
enamelled covers of suitable weight
Workmanship must be first-class and
contract finished within six weeks
from delivery of copy and engravings
io tho coniractor. Engravings will be
furnished by the club* Dummy and
furthei* particulars may be obtained at
the office of the secretary of Nelson
20,000 club.
F.  Af.  nfADrtOURNE,  Secretary.
Nelson.   Bept  20th,  11)06.
Trains and Boats.
Crow  boat���Four hours' h'.te.
Slocan  train���On  lime.
Coast, Houndary and  RoBBland train
-Half hour late.
H�� iw   Ahoul   Your
Guns and
We have Kiev's, Kynock's, Winchester, and Cogswell &
Loaded Shot Shells
Kyuoek's, Wiuehefitor ami
i                     Dominion
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading', Hilts,
Coats, Pants, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
I Box 631       sNclnon, 1'.. C.
,*_^����.i*>?     '    -
Vlotorlf, ixt Ootobfri ino*).
I'itmiiis mtenilng to offer themiolVH hi tin-
examination) t<> be ii��i��t tbia full, inr Prorinelsl
Auayera, are reqaeatcd t�� imiify thfiuadenlgn<
od, nod in tin- even) "t aiufflcleat number offer*
inu, un examination win be nttniwd inr ni
nelaon, n. 0., bi well hh st Victoria, i��. c.
Deputy Minuter ol Milieu
Watches! Watches!
-t_��U_N    r8/orth^��t
an ���^^SSt_2: We
9 ' I elephon. AAA.
WANTED���Dining   room   girl  at once.
Apply .Tt  Silver  King  hotel.
Oar Piano Tomt.
Mr. James R. Muir,
Is in Town
I.KAVK illlIH lis ���T iiiiiim h, HDD80K-H BAY IIMlt'K,
Mason & Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Two Cottages on Mill street, completely famished,   Ton minutes postoflloe.
Price complete ��1800,
CottaKo ou Silica street, olnse in, all inodorn oonveiiiisucos.    Prion 1-00.00.
Easy terniH.
Coltii({e on Mill street, lino location.     Everything nbont tho placo is Btrictly
np:todate.   Fruit treat,   Ooal shed.   Price $1W0.   Oau give terms,
34 good city lots for snlo.    Price per lot $34.00.
Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Shcetuietal 'Vork, Castings, Biitlilers' Material and Mining mid Mill Hashing
OfflM and Works Foot of Park St.
���Minna   Jim.
IssIhssis,   IJ.
Kootenay Agents
R. A. Rogers & Co.
Limited, Winnipeg.
Whommiiu Prc>vi_ti<inw,
Pnitluce, -        Prult.
Dominion Qovernmenl Oreomery One-Pound Brisks raoeWad weekly fr.-t.li
from the eliorn.   Kor kii!.- Isy all li'.uliiii- grooets.
Dllsee and wnlvliouse: HOUtOD Blo6k.    PhOtieTB.
Josephine Street.
Nelson. B. C.
Don't Forget
It your furnace in shape to start the winter with?    If   not,  NOW
is the time to have it repaired,
]* H. Ashdown Hardware Co., Ltd
PLEASE NOTE���Wo will not be responsible for any fiirn.'iro not lns!iai>
by October 1st, 190C.
ll-liiK ...sil ,l,,hlslssu c..-,.iit.sl with lluNpnUli.    Sllcul Msstlll   V   G
.'..rk,  "li.il.iu ...s.1 .WIN .Miss.slilii_!t-v.     Mn.iuls.cturssrs. s.1 (   B
lire   _arH,   !..   U.   Contrnct.srj.'   C.irM. ?   .
NELSON,    B.  C
We Wai Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi. Canadian
1000 Yale-Kootenay ke
9 l-2c
McDermid & McHardy
Just Arrived!
A large consignment ��f
All SfoM nnd Lowest 1'riles
and dealers in Ltimbef, Shitigtes,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Turned >Vorlc and IlijicketM. Mail Orders pi 1>'.' nll'iidi'd '".
VliRNON STRB-JT  -  -  -   NBUSON. B. C .
Onr stock  nf HAND   SAWS is  very  complete,
tnotadtng prudes to But llll re<|iiireinentH.
If yon wish it low pricod snw wo OM supply yOB.   w"
nlso enrry tho best iniiilitiiiH niiido by
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co'y, Ltd


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